Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1856 Page 3
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AUTEBTIHEMENTS KEllhWKI KTRRY DAY. HALKM AT AUCTION. ALBIRT H NICmLiV, aUCTI' >N BKR?BPRIN0 hot..'bo <1 furniture nil-'.? I ten derrg ed legs leave to inlorm his numerous frtcad. *nd he pnnMo hit he < on in.te* loft re his personal siteitUt n In first els ? 'urulture -ales ,?t suctlou, st the re> Hence* ot fautt ss as M bit dour tor many years aLHkKi H. MOULaT. AUCltueer, ho 4 Bro*d >t. AC. TUT1LB. ADCTXiiNKt-It?t FKI'F 91 UK 1DW4Y. ? Elegant r?*e*oon, mahtqtttay, owe* w.tinut and oak cabinet lurniture. without reserve A V Tii'tle wil ee 1 at auction on'lhuntdaT, 24 h at 11,% r org, at the v ireroomt, 150 Broadway, the baWnce or st s * t M-a-s Mcor.iw A vl lendorph, comprising ro???tnd parlor anlta In every variety, armoira, aecreiaric at-o b Sit I'll rs. unary. ball ??>? I ''furniture collage auits, Ac 1 be wli le, being of the best c as* and warranted, will be sold w a out e tervauoa to e.osc the 'business Knll paiUcuitrs In fut -re advertise cents. 4 UOTION NOTIt'K - HKitKMtM'OaV 3h.LR OF RICH A l'ans jewe.ry, dhtmonus Ac Ac GOFf iM It a lYlHJ- R Will sell the entire sto ?* ot the >?'?# firm ol Messrs Mart-hand, Oulllemot A Co , In Nqiildjition. (bite Ma ett Jair* ? mime) On Idksuat. Aran. At to o'clock, at the etnrt of Me- ra Merchtod tlullletnot A 'Oo., 1st Broad way, on tux mucins' jredH tor approved oodonad notes. 1 he entire stock of rich je-e!r>, diamonds, do. consl'tla# of oets din mends bracelets , nevklsee, earrings In <?he. half sets do., do ; earrings and Drone*; gold crosses set with diamonds, pearls and rubles; bracelet* uwi sec, Jte , set *tth di .mmd ai d pearl; breast pins dUmood nuek es Cltiwood sleeve buv krns and studs *d<i vest button* earrings ueodenia and drops, watches, watch books. Ac ALFRED HKaU), ACOTIuN<4EB.~A BIOL* OF good* at auction ?800 cire* ,if no ,ts, sii wis, orogaos. Ac will be sold at auction on l ua day. April 22, at 10 o'clock a. M, at the store of a Bragg A Co. 3b Uortlandt street, being a ' stock In good oi der. AUCTION NOTICE?At, A CARTER AC' TIONEKR, will sell this Batuiday, at 0 o'c -ox, "o M Oreeowlcli street, a valuable stest ot groceries, fruits, llqoors, teas, ?rices, Ac. Auction notice-j. Bi'OsRi, auctioneer, -by 6. Bogart ?Thlada', at 10% tPerck, at th? anc Ion rooms comer of Frankfort and William n ee-s, household furalture, oonelsUng ot solas, chairs tables, Krge mirrors bureaus nt bogany brdgie ids and bedding, Itru-sels and three ply ear pets, oilcloth, book oases, kitchen furniture, Ac. Auction noticr.-m. doughty auc honker this day, at half past ten e'e ook at the auction rooms 27 and 29 Centre street a large and general assortment of seooad band a?d new furniture, sofas asd sofa beds.sad*, rosewood and mahogany marble too bureaus at d * ash stands, elegaat French and cottage bedsteads best curat hair mattress*, '.oather beds, pillows and Joolste-g, dining card and centre tablee; mahogany par'or, easy and rocking chairs; curta'ns, bedding, Ae. A so, at 11 o'clock?Forty Brussels, threep.y, tapestry and ingrain carpets, Ac Worthy o attention AU0TION NOTICB.-THoB. BEi.L, AUCTIONEER.?BY BELL A BUbH. Tbls day, a 10% o'c nok, In ths wiles rorms 12 North William street, we "ilissll a choice lotof well nseoi ted dry goods, suitable tor families. Ac Also, a lot of children's and boys' clothing, ladle ' dreuses shawls, silks, boslery, Ac. Also, at 11 % o'clock, will be sold without reserve, a eupertor stack of watches and jewelrr. by virtue ot an as signment Also, by order of the Marshal, ten feather beds, boaters and pillows; five pieces l|nen. a ot o: lace goads, one hundred fine shirts, liny yards en alme-ea. ten table c otbn and other goods worthy attention. At 12 o'elack. two splendid watches, and three .London guns; three god chains, rings, pins, Ac., Ac. Auction bale of desirable hjubebold fur nltura?Peter Parks, auctioneer, by BaVaOK A PaBKS.?On Monday, April 21, at IDS o'clock, at 141) Greene street. near Houston, the eitlre furniture of a family declining housekeeping, comprising Brussels, Venetian and Ingram car peting, mahogany and black walnut parlor and chamber fur niture, beds, bedding, crockery, kitchen utensils, Ac. Term* cash. Deposits required. Auction BAL*.-BOU8itHi?LD furniurk, rose wrod planefnre, Ac. SAMUEL onUOOD, auc ioneer, office 80 Nessau street, will sell, at the dwelling house Mo 363 Broome street, on Mondav, Ac II 21. at 1U% o'olcok. all the furniture contained in said bouse comorlslng in part Brussels and other carpets, rosewocd psrlor suits. centre tables, tete-a tetes, sideboards, gas fixtures, lace a< d other window cur ains, bureaus, washstands, large mahogany wardrobe, dloing and bedroom furniture, Ac.; also one suDerl >r tared rosewood pianoforte, rloh ease; oo?t $460; In use about ten months. Cata logues on morning oj sale. Auction balk of fivb, two story and attic frame cottage houses on third avenue and Fourteenth street, and 3(1 choice lots on Fourteenth street and Fourth avenue. Bou'h Brooklyn, at toe Merchants' Exchange, by JaMES COLE A SON, on Tuesday, April 22, 1800. The streets are paved, and the Greenwood cars pass the houses. Terms asy. Auction bale of desirable h usrhold fur allure, books, choice paintings Ac.?PETER PaRK4, auctioneer?By BaVaGB A PARKS On Tuesday. April 22. at 10% o'clock, at 10 East Twentf fourth st-eet. near Mali son square, the entire contents of the house, comprising house hold furniture of ever' descrlpt on.mrs .lv made to order also, rich dinner and tea sets, original oil paintings carefully select ed, one high cost double ac'U n pianoforte, bedsteads, mat tresses and bedlng of superior quality. ?lso, nt about 3 o'clock P. M., In the library, a larg- and choice selection of books. Bale peremptory for cash. Deposits required. Cata logues at store. 314 Brradv away. ADMINISTRATOR'S 8aLE?A M. CRISTaLAR, AUC tloneer?sales rooms 23 Hower??will sell on Tuesday, 22d lest, at 108 avenue B. near ?euthstreet, at half past 10 o'clock, a tp'.endld lot ot household furniture, consisting of ma bogany sofas, chairs, card, c-i.tre and other tables; marble top asd other bureaus, looking g asses. Brussels and Ingrain car peting*, French mabeganj. bl*ck walnut and maple bed ?tends; beds and bedding, a large lot oi kitchen furniture, and various other articles tco numerous to mention. By order of D. Emanuel, administrator. BY EDWARD 8CHENCK AU WIONBEa?LARGE S ALB ot fruit trees, standard and dwarf roses, and a collection ot Chinese trees, peonies, grape vines, Mlc ilgan running roses, Ac.?EDWARD 8CHKNCK. wi 1 sel' at auction, this day, ?t 10% o'clock, at his saesroom, 16''Walt street a suoerb *?'? of etardard sod dwarf roees. Uhioese irers peonies, oleanders car ration pinks, douh.e dahlias, d wart pear, apple and cherry tree*; also. Cam ?ba chasseur ae Fontainbleau, Isabella and other grapevines lhe above were all grown by Mr. G. Marc of Astoria. a?d are warranted to be in fixe con dition, and all true to description. Sale positive, for casn. By EDWARD BCHENCg, aUCTIONEBR.?KDW*RD BCUENoK will sell at aurdlon this day, at one o'clock, a. bis laleirrom. No. 16 Wall street, a awlirh taP gray mare, fiPeen bands and s half high, seven years eld, warrantea pe* lectly kind, b mud and gent e In every way ai d can trot a mile laha" In three minutes and a half, with two In a wagon, alto, one trotting wagon, one single top phaeton and one line B-ougbam. BY JOSEPH HKGKMaN, AUCTIONEER.?MONDAY, April 21. at 8 o'clock a. M precisely, at No. 34 Jorale son street, opposite Wdlow pla?e Brooklyn. Large and gene ral aseortaxent of mahogany and imewood marble top parlor and cham< er furniture, two splendid pier glasses, rosewoxl piano, Iron bedsteads, hair mattrssaes. bedclng, Brussels, ta pes rt and lngratn carpets; ol'c'oths, mahogany extension ta ble. dinner and tea set*, handsome totiet sets, cut g'ass cutle ry. hall stove, with drums, with the gas fixtures and k Itch an furniture. Immediately after the above, at about 1% o'clock, at 177 Henry street, between Joraiemon and rtate s rests, par lor. chamber and kitchen furniture, with gas fixtures- Cata logue* at the salesroom. EUGENE B. FKaNKLIN, AUCTION(CBR ?BY FRaNK LIB A NIOHOLH.?To morrow, (Haturdav), at Ih)j o'clock, at the store. 79 Nasanu street, tear John, new ami eecocd hand furniture. French plate mirrors, best English Brussels tapestrv carpets, faac? goods, A':.. being the contents of a private dwellit g, removed for convenience of sale, con alsUngof rrseweod parlor suit, parlor carpets, bookcases, chairs, rockers .French plate mirrors, clocku. mantel oms i menta, enameled chambertults mahogany bedsteads, buret us and waabetanda. Also, tor nrcount at whom it amy o moern, the stock of u cabinet msk r. connljtlns o! several suite rose wood. m ah "gam and wa nut parlor furniture, richly carved, and covered with silk pluah. fane French satin brocatsl and hair cloth, and upholstered in the best manner, being made np for onatom trade, at private sate; also, parlor sofas, lounges, ottomans, chairs, armchairs, rockers, bookcases, sec retary bureaus, extension tables, eteg*res. wardrobes, solid oak furniture, bedsteads, marble lop and olalu bureaus and was hi tands, Ac., and a general Invoice of fanny goods, viz.: clocks, china and glass ware, oil paintings engravings, table cutlery, heavy nla'ed ware, mirrors, Ac Bale, and worthy the attention of the trade and housekeepers. HOUGHTON. AUCTION KER?BY TUS MANHaT . tan Company?will sell, this day at 10% o'clock, at the salesroom 66 Nassau street, 'hrnlture-lha M anhattan romps ny will fell al'le large stock of furnt'ureo-i hand, to give way for another lot coming In, and must oe sold without re serve: hlegant rosewood mahogany and b'ack walnut parlor furniture, richly covered; bureaus, washstands. bookcases, wardtobes, mirror, sofaz, cbatrs, mnrole top centre tables, fancy chairs and baskets, bedsteads, bockoases, ha'l stands, carpets one second hand piano ensme'led collage stilts, all Slices; mattresses, palliasses, extension tables, office desks, *o new fbe ororf safes. fio.000 segari, Ae. tales at private house# attended to lkgantTpan of horskb and barouche.?eg WaBD BcHKMIK wlli sell atauc'lon. cn Monday. April 21. at 1 o'e'ek. at his salesroom 16 Wall street, a superb open barouche built by Messrs Wo-d A Tom Union as good as new, cost $760; also a aouble barm ss. made by Trainer cost $2j; also a span of elegant mates, lft1, bands high, elgot vears old; also an e'egarl loDg tall blood barra?re,l."j Bands high, eight years old: kind and gentle In evtrywa*; is a superb ladles' aid parade hone; was trained by Mr ulnkle of Thirteenth street, and helieyed onerf the most elegant saddle horses In the city. The shove la the pi opertv of a gent eman who leaves for Kurope on Wednesday. To be S'.M without reserve. They can be seen an- time before the sale by applying at the olllce ?t the auct'oceer. 16 Wall street Xji COLTON A U CT IONk E r^HOCHE lOLD FCRNI F ? lure, at No. 1? Jav street Thu day. iSutorday.) at No. U Harrison street, the entire furniture of the house, consisting In part of Brussels, three ply, and Ingrain carpets, oicloths. sofas, and mahogany chairs, |muhrgany French bedsteads, beds, matt/eases, mirrors, tab ea, chairs. crockery and glass ware; cooking stoves, chamber and kitchen furniture, die.. Ac. Also, ere very fine mahogany dining ex'enslnn table, about tweet' feet long Sale peremptory, and goods must be re moved same day. OOLION, AUCTIONKsR ?KLEUANT HI; Ud Ml OLD ? furniture, taosstry carpets, mirrors, Ac On Mon day. April 21, at 68 Ht Mark's place, near Second avenue, the entire furniture of the famllv. emaractsg rich rosewood and mahogan? parlor suits, tapestry, three ply and other car pets, tele a tetea sad sofas, mahogany urd marb e top furni ture, French plate mirrors, dining and extension tables, Frer ch snd cottage bedsteads, hair mattresses, feather beds and bed ding. couage suits, chins and glass ware, curtains and cornices, bookcases and wardrobes. Every description of bedroom fur niture. kitchen furniture, Ac., Ac- Catalogues tetdy early on Monday morning. ECTRN1TURK SALE8 -W. A. CARTER CONTINUED TO devoto his particular attention o sales of household furni ture. snd. li tendering hit serviaea as Auctioneer, respectfully refers to his numerous patrons, who during the last twelve year* have bouored him with their confidence, u is employer! may re)v on bavtog their business done carefully. thoroughly ana with prompt realization of same. WELLINGTON A CARTER, auctioneer, 67 Dev street, corner of Greenwich *t( GKOHOROOOK AUCTIONEER.-FURNITURE, THIS morning. at 10^ o'chok, at 442 Broadway, above Canal street, viz.Parlor, chambei and lining room suits, of vari ous snd elegant designs; bookcases wardrobes, paliasses. mattresses, ho'ater* and pillows, removed for convenience of eale, a* a to be sold without reserve. Boxing as usual on the prsmlaea. gThORTON, AITCTIicTtK R ?8*LE8ROOM NO. 84 ? t-edar street will sell on Wetnesday. sprll 23, all the elegant household furniture c ratalned In the Umee story boose. Bo. 77 Greenwich avenue, consisting In part ? rich parlor ami bedroom suits; also, a fins assort gaent ol kitchen furniture. Garden plants at auction.?w, b. moTllvaiw will sell, this day, at 10>? o'clock, at the seed store No. 7 John street, hardy, perpetual, moss and climbing roses, oar natuma. boneyjnekfoe. vlnaa, verbenas dahlias, Ac , from P Henderson, Jefsey City. Descriptive catalogues. All plants are sold at private sale st auction galea. HB. LKK08, AUCTIONKER.- BY h7h. LEEDS A CO. . on, April 21 lpfifi, at 10k o'clock, at 78 East Fifteenth street, anperh house eld furniture, all new and made lo order by Bandoretne and Kochfort, and Hketron, cou Mstlng of ve vet, Brussels and Ingrain carsets; rosewood French conches, chairs, Ac , covered In green velvet and green worsted: d .mask curt sins, rich carved cornices, ladles'ro is wood seeretary. lined wl?h satlnwoud; bronzes, brum chandel ers. very elegant msn'el glasses nnd Parian vises, Dining room - onk covered In reps, reps curtains oak buffet oak extension table, clock, engraving of Washington .crossing the Delaware Purler -velvet carpel*. curLilns. of rich orarge satin damask; 'nc# do , e eg.inl pier and man'el g asses, carved cornL-es. superb cunopr etegere, s.-ilfn lined; ' roseword pianoforte. by Nuois A Clarke, seven octave, new seal#, nnd round corners, per rely new; couch, r-overef In rrimton and traro">l? hrocatoi; chalra t match, arm rhair, mo /vero. womifd damask curtains, work table, chatdsllrrs, brrnze figures Brdrooms rr,ie??nod. colt age andmahogsny bedsteads, ma'tresses; bedding kuniss. drssso-a glasses. chl ra. rut glass, kitchen ware, Ae. Oaa be ezatr'aed ore Jay be ore 'he sale. SAI-KM AT AWTIOll. H" iTlKHW. Al/OflONC KR lit H M LKMOT A OO . oti ratiudAy. April l'.? a' l()?4 o'cck, atthe s.o-e II Nassau stree'. tooiieebn'dfnrol'ure r-itovee f -r --invents""" of*a'e, comprising line mrvM roai .nod ?n1 m?bo<aa ? parlor fnrnHure In brorMei, p inn id hslretnth ispntiy. Bruises. velvit end it-gram ra-p is st-tlr do., nut * Ac., enameled bedr nm suite*. c??m c : of cMlrs. b-d'tcid* bareau* nod watbriaiidi; also. m'iv? y, in-iew-md and hi irk walnut bedstead*, bureaus, washita-*-.' s utlrs 4'' . ha'r and straw or atlr?*'es, feslher bed*, bout , pi l?? ccd ?ht?(s, biooatrlaid lace air do a cuitetrsnu co- (?*??, Pn-urn plate, bier and ra'.niai glass**, cbaidd-leri gvs future*, and lot of kllcbec furniture. A to. at 18 o'clock, right mshnga-y irm oh in, curved Hon lead hlshlj linlabrd. uod brought to this com tr, ny .Jo'lut hi.*), aJ?o. ooe sof.i ot tte <aw atv ie. Ih>- arilc."s a e vera unique, nnd cocsidorei tvotrt ot art. A1.0, <<aa ro*e?<od p aeo, and two Gothic mecban cal limps Also. * arga ,md valuable co'lecUon ofuupeioi m.,ps, *ulU>. e lor Imirunce end other office*, among which wli' be fiu id h in.ip of New ark. New York city, largetlze; new hoik Sluic; Lotted States, large size; Umg Iilxod. newbu'g P mrson illiAnv. Iroy, Chicago. Albani lumber dlatr'ot, West Trow, Darnil. and sai drr m?ps ot the city or Buffalo, on nanvitae. bound la b>ok form, lor insurance offices. H E I.KHPS A CO . AUCTIONEERS ?ON d 4TU All S Y, . April 19, at half oast ten o'c.oclc ai the reatdenee No. I?0 Heat Broadway?Centre! houseli > d furniture cooelrtlag or rlrh carved roaewood end black wauut parlor furniture la (tilt e egant ornamental frame* for plate and pier gle wee. dainaak window curtains la (old and blue, a d crimson aud gold, beau ttul lace do nnd cornices ve ve'. oriiatela and In grain carpet a olio orbe Ac.; roue vood marble ton ceotrj and pier table*, raa cbandellere ana hrarkent, DstnUngs, rnsewwd, black walnut a< d mahogany beda-eaC?, bu-etu* wssbitand*. tablea hair and straw matiraaaet. feather bade bolster* end pillows, toilet crockery, giaaiware, Ae ; tract walnut exten sion dining taDle, e egant rosewood marble top necetsr . ete gere end engravings. Also, an elegant roeewovi Invalid cbair. made to order n* King A Hon. no t scve itv five dollar*, and one very fine lull sired billiard table, with all the aoour lenancea complete. Sale to commeice with the kitchen furni ture. Hh. lkeob. auctioneer-by h b lk?di a co! ? ? will aell bv auction ou Hondav, aprll 2'. at ll>)? o'clock, at the rvatdrnce 61 Lexington bet vera Twenty filth and twenty sixth eta , household furm'ure oooslstlng of ve'vet. Hruserl* and Ingrain carpets, stair do.; suit oa.vod ro ewood pallor furniture,Tn criaison and ut.ver t.rooa'e ; elegant rote wood stagers, do bookcase, carved rose w. od ma- nie top centra tables, do. ptertah es, rug.glit Name*. Preneh piate mantel and pier mirrors, checks bronzes, pain luge, Ac ; mahogany eofaa. lout gee and chair*. In haircloth; mahogany, rise wood and black walnut bedsteads, bureaus, washstands and chairs; oval mirrors, gilt frame mahogany and rosewood frame da ; hair and straw mattresses, stair carpet*, engravings, bolsters pillows. An. H. LKKL8, AUCtli-NrnR bYH H. LKElWACO , . on Monday. April 21, 1866. at l(i>? o'clock. In front of Orx's livery stable, coruerof Prince and Crosby streets, horses, carriages, wagons and harness, a large and vatuaVa cElec tion, belonging to e gen'lemaa leaving tor rurope. and sold at the above place tor convenience ot the parties, all the carriages made to order, consisting of a pair of fine match nay horses, about seven years o'd; a floe lorre! singe horse, about eight vears old: a long tailed brlghi sorrel mare, four years n|d last March; Is first rate in single or double harness aed under toe ssdd.e; e rockaway carriage, double, good size, built to order, by Hweenartnu, New York; can oe used open or oloaed; one double seat wagon, finished to order by the same, with top end two seats; one trained coat, wagon and haroeet; drives with bit like a horse; perec'Ty gentle, sound and kind; can be driven by a child; one pair fine lroc gray horse", twe ads doub'ehar re (, r.esr y new; two sets single harness, one pe r matched iroa grays, 16bands high, quick movers, one of them a suoe rior lady's or pent emu's aadde horse, smi l gray Spanish sla'lion, Imported by the owner three vaars since an-ialurien stock, can pace with great apted, 14 haxde hlgo, fine mover; has never covered, and la a verv superior antma ; large faml'y countrv carriage, seats for rix, in sxeellent repair hung low; ore light box wagon weight ab >ut 27ft pounds one light sty lish barouche, seats lor four persons, including driver. KNRY B. HURTS Jr. AUCTION ERR?BY HEMET B. IIKRT8, Ja. office Ma 6% Pine street -Household I furniture sales at residences of owners giving up houaekeep ' big this soring.- B. B. H. Jr. wth give ols personal aueotkm to sales of furniture at private resMenoes, and solicits a con tinuance ot tavors troas his friends and all in need of his ser vices. All aeeounta will be rendered and paid In jaah the day after sale. Reference*: Hon. John McKeon, D. S. lilitrtot Attorney; J as C. Wlllet, Esq.. Sheriff o city and xiunly of New York; fredk. L, Vulte, Fsq.. Under Hheriff; Uhu-lee A Baodolte. Esq., 476 Broadway; E. W. Hatchings, Esq., 476 Broadway. H~ HNRY~B. HERTS. Jr., AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO 5>? Pine street.?Rich and e'egant household furniture, horses, carriages, farming Implements. Ac. Oo Wedoeedvy, April 23. at 11 o'clock, at the residence o> Colon* R. C. Charles, atPelbam Bridge. Westebesler county, HhMBY B. H KKT.-i, Jr., will sell ea above the enure eleeant fumltu-e of said house, comprising velvet taper trv, Brussels and Ingra n oar pets: rose wood furniture Inbrocatel*; mahogany aid cottage bedroom fuMliure. a fine gallery or oil paintings and engraving*, to qetherwl th a genera! assortment of first class household utensils; also one pair fine carriage horses.bright bar, 16 hand* high: one csleebe carriage; one light carriage Also, light wagons, farm wagons, carts, (arming implemen's. rich sliver mounted and oiberharness. Also, slot of rose trees shrubs. Ac. Term* cash; catalogues at sale Person* wishing to attend the sa'e baa leave by tbe Bar em Railroad a: 7. 8 and 9 o'clock fir WUllama "Bridge, where stages will be In readlnes* to take them to the house. | N THK hUPKRIOR C.hURT t)K THE I'ltY OK NESV i. York ?George B. Hunt against Klisha Bloomer and Fran ce* bis wife and others.? In pursnaore of the judgment made In this notion, will be so'd at public auitlon, at .he Merohsota' hxebange, la the city ot New York, u'.ther tbe diremon ot tbe subscriber ss releree, by WILLIAM UU MON T A uctiooeer. on the 2d day ot May, 1866, at 12 o'clo k, no n of that dav, all that certain lot piece or parsei of land sltua'e Ivbgand be log on tbe northerly side of Ashlaod plane (ate Perry street), tr ihe N In tli ward ot tbe cllv of New York and oounded as fol lows, to y*lt:?Beginning at a poitt distant twenty two feet and eleven inches easterly from tbe northeasterly corner of Warer ie> place (late Factoiy street) snd Ashland place (late Perry street), and rui ning thence northerly In a a'ralght line sod nearly parallel with Waverley place (late Factory street), eisbty six fret cine a point distant twenty fiurreet five Inches easteilj from Waverley place (late Factory street); thence easterly, on a line parallel witn *sk and place,twenty three tf-et six liches; thence southerly, in a straight line, near ly lerellel with Waverley nlacs(la'e Factory etrret) eight' six leet nine Inches to tbe nottherly side cf Ashland place (late Perry street) and ibence westerly along the norther.y side of Ash'aed place (latePerry street), twexty tmfeet eigbtinchna to the piece of beginning; said lot being row known as number thirteen Asblsnd place. D. HoBART, Keteree. R. K. Mo I'm Jr., Attorney. JO?N L. VANDKWATKR. aUOTfONEKK.-FARrlES havlr g purchased goods at the sa'eitf Deimon'co'a Ho tel. comer of Broadway aid Morris street, ore requested to red tbi? day. settle their bills, and remsve their goods, or the same will be sold In thels Dime, and on their account, to p.iy charges, commission. Ac. OHNL VaNDHlWATES. AUCTION HER?WILL 88LL this day, (Saturday.) aprtl 19. at 1 o'clock, at the sales room. No. 12 Maiden lane, standard and other ro<es. of every variety, adanted to our climate and all preoared with the greatest care, by D. Boil, florist, corner of Broadway and Fiftieth street. Also, a variety of tree peonies. OBN iTTaNDFWATKR. At'OTION'BBK?WILL BELL. this day. (Baturdav )st 10>2 o'clock, at 97 Mercer street, genteel household turnlture, constating of mahogany oar or suites, In haircloth; mahogany and Iron bedsteads, hair mat trestes. feather beds, bolsters and pillows. Ingrain oarpets, together witb a general assortment of household furniture. OfcN L. VANDKWAtRR. AUOTIOMIRB, WILL SELL this day (Baturdav). April 19. at 10>f o'clock, at Lafayette avenue, between Portland and Oxford, second door from Port laid avenue? Rich household furniture?Med&i don suits, In hair cloth; pianoforte and oval mirrors, parlor clock, very costly Parisian rases, rosewood etegeref. etegsi e ornaments, Wiiton carpets, line oil paintings, original, on canvass ana un der glass Bedroom furniture?Mahogany bureaus, bedsteads and warhstsnds, mattresses and pall asses, tables, chairs, mir rors engravings. Brussels and Ingrain caroets. Basement furniture-Extension tables, dinner set and drstert. bookcase, full nl books; tab'es and chairs Ball furniture -Carved rose word hat stand, chairs ol'c'oths. stair Carpet, rods. Ac. At 97 Mercer street, genteel houieho'd turnlture. cinsisting of ma boganv and iron bedsteads, balr mattresses feather beds, straw beds. Ingrain carpets, together with a general assort mei.t of household furniture. OHN L. VANDRWaTRR, AUCTIONEER, WILL SEI.L on Monday. April 21. at 93 East Twentv slx'h stnest, hrnsebod furniture, parlor furniture, bedroom turcl tu?e. fkltcben and library do., Ac. Tbe parlor constata of rosewood tete a tele sofas armchairs, s'.utfrd back parlor chairs aDd sewing do . mirrors, French 21 day clocks, velvet lapeetrv carpe s, rugs vases. paintings, engravings, walnut tete a te'es. arm chair and parlor chairs. In satin broca tel; also centre tables, Egyptian marble top aids talle. fanov do., corner stands and fancy Parisian ornaments. Bedroom turnlture consists of mabegany and walnut bedsteads, bit reaue, washstanda, commodes, soring seat chairs, arm chairs, roct era, Brussels and It grain caroets Pining room consists of extension table chairs, oilcloth, sideboard, china tinner tea and coffee sets, desert set, silver plated tea and coffee *?'. casters, trays. Ac , with a general assortment or kitchen | riture. JAMES COLE, AUCTIONEER. VsLUABLB BROOK lrn property to be sold.?JAMBS COLE A SON will sell, on Saturday, April 19. at 12 o'clock, at the Commercial Exchange. 3ti9 Fulton street, oppoaite Cttv Hal', Brooklyn, large bouse, viable end two lots, on Carroll ?tree'., near Powers; two three story brick houses on Carroll street, near Third avenue; house and lot No 17 Milt street; huuseand lot on Math street, near Smith street; ten valuable lots on Clermont and Atlantic avenues For terms, maps, Ac., apply to the auctioneer, I Fulton street, Brooklyn OllN F. RUSSELL. AUCTIONEER.?STANDARD AND dwart standard roses, hot and greenhouse plants. As. hUhSRLL A DaY, will sell at their salesrooms 85 Nassau street, this (hiv. (Saturday.) Aprtl 19, at 10 o'clock, a large and w 11 assorted collection of standard, dwarf standard, ueroetu u. and moss roses; also, greenhouse and other plants, com oris Ing camellas, japonic**. deutzlas, hyacinths, carnations gera niums, verbenas, dahlias, Ac , all fresh and in fine order, from the well known nuriery of Mr. William Wilson, tllorlst, 43 West Fourteenth street and Astoria, Long Island. ~TOHN W. SOMPRINDYKE, A LOTIONBER, 8ff)RK ?9 No 20 North William s reet-Sale of handsome household fur 5 it are on Mondar. April 21, at 10 vj o'click at No 14 Puane street, near William, consisting of mahogany sofas, chairs, tables marble top bureaus, eurtalns ana eorntees, window abades. mirrors, carpets, ol'clotha, gas chandeliers, wash standi and crockery, Iron bedsteads, with spring mat trasses. blankets, oounteipanea, sheets, Ao-,Ac. Catalogues on the morning ot sale. BOGART. AUCTIONEER.?BY 8- BOGART.-THIR ? day. at 10)? o'clock, at the auction rooms, corner of Frankfort and Wl llam streets By order of an execution. Office furniture?One large Iron safe. (fOaylor maker,) walnut and mahogany writing desks, letter press, offlse eiork. oil cloth, door made look In gg asses Also, at 11 o'clock, by virtue of a warrant, one anchor, chain and cable LOUIS H. VI7LTER, Const tble. JMORIaKTY. AUCTIONBBR, WILL BELL THIS DAY, ? at 10 o'clock, at 173 (.'hatham square, a large assortment of furniture, carpets, oilcloths, feather beds, mirrors, clocks, grocery, cutlery, and various other gcodg, from (amflies re moving. Sale poeldve. WHAT, AUCTIONEER.?HABDWABK 8TOCK AT ? auction, this day, April 19. at 10 o'.iloek at 224 Di vision street, comprising a genera' assortment of hardware, cutlery, Ac., tn lota to suit puichasers. Sale positive. Depos its required. URRAY BILL FOR SALE?ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23. at the Merchants' Exchange. A. J. BLRKCKER, auctioneer, the crownlig lota ol the hill, the centre ot ths block, between Madison and Fifth avenues, south side of Thirty-eighth street. 910,(00 may remain on mortgage. ARTITION BALR OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT auction.?Will be sold at public auction, at the house of Jesse Howell, at Bempstoad Branch, L. I., on Tuesday, April 22. at It o'clock, noon, all that well known aad valuable home stead and farm, of 'and belonging to the esta e, and late the residence or. I-ott Vandewa sr. deceased. Said farm la situat ed in the town ot North Hempstead, Queens cnuntv. about a mile east of the depot at Hempstead Brunch, and adjoining the long Island Railroad. S% miles from the village of Hemr stesd. and about 20 miles from New York city. Tbe tarm contains about 100 acres of exce leal garden land, all In the highest state of cultivation, suitably divided Into delds. well fenced snd tn good repair. On the premises are a good d well ing house, several barns, carriage nouse. granary and nume rous outhouses. >m excellent well ot never failing * nter. and a ih-lfty young orchard of choice tnilt trees. Sale positive and without reserve to the highest bidder. Title lndlsou'.aole. Terms cash? tea per cent on the dsy o' sale. In evh or ap proved paper, and the balance when tbe deed is ready. Also, at tbe seme time and place, and belonging ti tae same estate, will be told abnu M) actor of 'and. ftvs mlnu'es' walk eu?i turn Hempstead Branch, loen'ed In the town of Hempstead, rear the ral'voad. about one third undor cultivation, and well fetcrd. of good quality, and handsomelv situated fbr bul'dlng lots. Also about 4'j in res of wot rt and. In North Hempstead, in Broad Hollow woods. By order ot < ourt SAMUEL BROWN, Attorney for heirs of estate of I/*tt Vardewster deceasd. SkOARB AT AUCTION.-O. C'HUKKS, 31 BROADWAY iu) stairs, has several large invito ?? of Havana domestic and German avgars, which must i s sold to pay advances. Hargalr.s can be had before ths ftiat of Mav, at pri-atssale. Attn that date what remains will he closed out at auction. DAI.KO VI" AlVTlUd. 0 IIA a K KB, AUCTION KEB PUKNIIURB BALK-TN ? i u-i-ohi, April 2>, at li ^ a. M. oo lie premlm at th ? oo-net nt r ir.*b*thaiu Her er streets itieeui;.>e fural'ureo h urge I'OoiUluK bousr occK'tt t g of titot #n furaitire c ir 1 < V, lirdn .ifid .etidirg rh?i<? Ltoler burem* Ac . An i\IH.i be sold atUK.ul reserve. For oaL.lngue- Ac., uppl y to .be aucUttneer, II Pice ? reel. O HARKh-4. AI'(!ILIN?Kh F.ltH,' IJLAii ruisf O. ture hi. eon "lUiir-di-. Aorll 21 Rt IOt< o'c-t. ct, A M ui Uepiriiirea 'MJ We.t 'I wcuty He <n.d h'.-ob?the 'uml a e of ? 'Mail? removing to I be countr.. c "?Hinting la i>4rt .if nlig ua lane*try carpeu is grate carpets, to'?? mvu i cbsus, oiuirs t?ber. engravlrgs. red.ifttMls e<? n d be-dlug bareaxs, broke tee nenr-too table, mauler oruaaieAA, atnurr ano tea ?"?, crockery, kitcbea lurnilure Ac., A a A en, 6 sp undid chandelier- uuo oher gra fixtures. The furniture is m uli) Dew i made to order ant ,'price and will . e ,o d without re serve bor catalogues, Ac., apply to the auououior, Mr 11 Pine street. SEO RB. B SO ARB, SIQaR*.? TURK MOBSMUL, ? ocuoceer, wtthoui axy re erve, ?erarn direct troea t u* t m House, (oreoea itt time ot nair for <lw ti.Wij D'tlers wtU be early on band, this mortili g, at 10 o'c ock wheu the' will be old hi lota desired?nil to one buyer, it p Muddle ad equal good cbimce It baa not been my fortune to oiler. iibOMAH j t? auohunk-v pi^kmi'rTTtit ua e- In > ur~uasce ot a iudgtneut of the supreme Court, under the direction ot J'hilo T Kugg e?, rotrree, vautcte water right aud front on the Kaat river, at B-ooklya. la.e Wit lsmrburg. one block trom trend and Hourt>n ?ree 'errl-i. MILLER A MOBRlh wtll sell at au-itpwi, on Wndoetdar, April 23 1866, at 12 o'clock at the Kino County Hote , Hrooxl. n ('ale Williamsburg);?All that certain plot ot ground no the weiterlj ?lee of tie Two Bod read, near the aouthwer'ery Intersection of Bou'h klrtt street and the (wo Rod rtosd, hating a front of 7b feet on the Kaat river by '.IB leet 4 lionet In depth OB the southerly lice, end lib lee 6 tunnel on tbe northerly linn, with the water right la front on the k.ast' ver ot 76 feet bv 190 feet on both etdee Sate pos tlve Por ma is and turtfeer particulars, apply at tbe office of the autU insert, marble but ding. *o 11 Pine street. ADimoVKEBrFUttM 110 viC, A 1 . tbla morning, at 10% o'clock, at 81 Ma aaust'eet, (irntnd rataogue), kngltab nod Brueaela cameling", au tu if parlor and chamber furniture, te<e-a tetee. easy cbalra, rrckers, rosewood oarlor suite, tete a tete, large obair a- d tut cbatia. b'aek walcu' suite, eight nrtlclea ol oak aud mabogMf, ?rtenel'n dining tables, soft: centra, work. <a <cy aid muse ?a lea; corner and bookstands; dre-sisg bureaus and wxh stands, nutrblB tops; me wood library bookcase: emoting, stsoblng and sitting desk, lounges, rofa and lounge bedrteads, oil pal sting a, orai and square frame*, el* dozen faact pa-tor sbalrs, oval mirrors, second band r 'sewo td ptaoofurle, h ack walnut and mahogany sofas, suite of nine ormmented furni ture. msttrewee, beds, bedstead', (d|Sereot kinds)'es and cribs, superior aalamarder sate, elgb*. nlaefc wslnni sofa ta bles, marble tops: alarm and mititel cloo*s. Ac . Ac ; atsp'e ard fancy ware, from Irstclaw warerooosa. and will be <old to pay advances, Ac. Full confidence may be placed In 'his sa e. N. B.?Storage flee unfit 1st ot May. Cartage and box lng furnished. n,' fTMKLLOB, AUCTIORFER.?BT H.)UOHTON A *y . MELLOB, Monday, aprll 31. at 10ii o'-lock at no. 7 Lud o w plac 9, Houston street, near Maodougal eegant hmse hold furptture. 'be pcopert' of a gentleman going ti Ruroos on account of 111 health andoonststs of roya Wtf'ou carpets English cllcHh, real lace window cur alns, solid rnsswovd etogete cost >736; one superior toned rosewood 7 V octave pianoforte, with heavy carved legs, and flnlched all rou id. msoeby William l.lndeman A son, of hew York, and cist 1660. together with richly car?ed stool and embroidered ever; original oil pain tinge, one of which Is valued at 6300 rich gold mounted I framed engravings of kigb cost, real Sevres bisque, Ohlaesa and r-etch vases; gold mounted framed French plate oval mirror*, centre tables, csblnels. one solid rosewood parlor suit, covered in crimson and maroon broea tel; sola, four psrlor cbairn, arm and lady's chair, coat $300; ottomans dlvnna. Ac. Chamber furniture -Boaewood beo stead, richly carved rose wood bureau. wadt'Und, c >csmoie Ac. to match; batr bo'stera asd pillows, beddlDg, A*..; alas, mahogany aid walnu: chamber furniture, tdl?t sets, ohande Isbras, gold gilt gtrand > a, Ac; baaemeot solid oat eiensl >a dining table, oak beau'at, o?k dining room obalrs. mirror, one elegant china dinner se'., '56 pieces, and cost $'60: Preach china tea sets, richly deoorated; cu-lery, silver tork* and sdoodf, rich out glass ware, napkin rings, together wt h the usual varietr of a well furnished oouse the whole t which Is nearlv tew having been In me only a few mortlw. Ota lrgues row ready, and tbe goods read" for exhibition. Also, all tbe rich gas chandeliers through tbe house. 8. MELLOB, AUCTIONEER.?Bit HuUfKON Ih * MKLLOR, on Wednesday. Aorll 23. at tn>J o'clock, at the residwioe No 122 East Twenthstreet, near 8*ood avenue, magnificent house bo d furniture, rare aul va u\h e books, original oli paintings, gold mounted cante, and oter mtrr rs. cost$300 each, furDhbed by Weston ot Broadway; elegant psrlor suits, medallion backs, covered In brocade satin, otmh and moquet; brocade latin window curtatDs. with h<?avr ta?ael-, cost $10oper window, real 'aoe under cur atn?. rich wtodow ?batten: one magnifloently carved rosewood prize 7l? ooAve pianoforte, made by Descombs, of New York, and c >st $850 with ricb embossed cover; solid rosewood mnstc cabinet wi'h embossed Iron's: richly carved eiegeres. m rror t-ontH, carve* centra tables, antique tables and llowers, eta uary, brackets, ard 600 rich ornaments, viz: real Dresden. Chtmee aud Fraueh vases of the most costly deaertptlon; ourtorittea. Parian figures, In aid boxes, writing cabinets, sta'uettes. busts; royal wUton carjiets, tapestry, and three ply do.; real Rng i'h ol'clo h ihrr ugh the bouse; chambers are furnished with mar -qe top f tuts in great variety; pure hair mattresses; leather beds, bol ? Fters end pillows; all the bedding, lit.en sheets, Marseilles ontujteiparea, eomfortets, Ac.; b'ocstel and lace curtains tn the chambers; rich tel et ware; basement extension dining table, cost $176; cbalra; rich cut glass and Bohemian ware; heavy si ver ware; balanee handle cutlery: rich French china dinner and tea sets, castors. Ac Also, all the table linen, together with an endless varte'y of rich arilc'es not enumerated. Also, all the kitchen an<i lanndrv furniture, wi'h w> leh tbe sale will commence. Catalogues of the sale will be ready on Tueeday, when the goods may be viewed. M. W1TTER3, AUCTIONEER WILL BELT, ON Thursday, the 24th of spri), at 1(1}i o'clook, at 401 Bread way, tour btlnard tables, one with tnarb'e bed; oar and bar fixtures, fire cut glass ware, Ao.. two large French p'a e mir rors, Ice box. four settees, four chandeliers, gas turners, large b on safe, beer pump, threelptstols, one rlns, one iron target, one chest of joiner's tools, Croton pines, Ac., chairs, tables, baLs. cues, and everything else connected with the business. "TaTm."WITTERS, AUirrfoNRRR. WILL BRLL ON VV Hnturday, at 10K o'c'ock at 187 Canal street, tbe entire genteel household farnlture of a three atorv bouse, consisting of parlor su'te, bookcase, pier and oval mirrors oil pal itlng*. mabegany solas, cbalra oen re tables, elegant tapestry and ? ther carpets, hall ollclotes. china, glass and plated ware at sir reds and c?rpets, rosewood pianoforte stool and cover; ma hogany and wa nut bedsteads, hair and o her tn citron-tea. bsda and bedding, Marseilles aullta, marble top dr*?sing bureau* and washaiands, toilet sets, mahogany wardrobe, dining room and k l'cben furniture. Ae ; cooking stove. H'M C. HIGGIN8, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, TOTS VI day. at 10K o'c oak. at 464 Eighth avcue near Thlrtv fiftb sbeet parlor, bedroom and kitchen furniture viz: Fifteen Itrusse's a*d other carpe'a, bu'eaus. hair ma>treaaes, feather bed*, marble top and other tables, chairs; crockery and glass w*re .mantel, Ac Also, one breeding cage, 5 fee htgb. contalnlt g rlne fine singing birds. All goads to be re moved beiere 3 o'clook on Mondav. HE WARDS. $50 CCA REWARD -LOST, APRIL 17. 1356. IN COMING ? uU from Somervllle to 104 Went street, New York, be tween <i and 9 o'clock, A. M. one thousand doilara, In etomer Net ("aunty Bank bills. of different denominations The above reward will be paid the finder upon returning the same to VOUnG, BON NELL A BUTPHIN, 104 West street New York. REWABD.-L08T, ON THE PHILADELPHIA Railroad, u tew miles lroa Trenton, s mahrguny eox, cor tali log watch materials. Anykne returning the same to Messrs. hlrhardscn A Batnes No. 12 Maiden lane, will receive the above rewarJ, and no questions ssked. (Oil REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RECOVERY ot a ladj's go'd Watch, number 29,289, Moullnle. maker, Geneva, lost on the evening of the 15th No questions asked. Apply to 8TRBBIN8 A CO, 264 Broadway. f|>9|l RkWARD.-RAN AWAY KBOM THE 8UB9CRI muZj V ber. on the 12th Instant, an Indentured apprentice to the silver plating business, named Henry Btbbet. sged nine teen years, tall, and light complexion, any perron harb >rlag or trustlt g blm will be dea t with according to taw. I he above reward will be pa'd for his acprebenrl n and all ex pens m psl<*. If lodged in any jail In the United States, and Information given to John Morgan, corner ot Fourth and cooper streets, t sirtfen, N. J. REWaRD?LOST. A LARGE BUCK AND WHITS IPLAj spotted dog, white or wallsd e?es M unt St, Bernard breed; at ewer log the name i f Marsh. Whoever will return the same to 141 Liberty street, will receive $26 reward. * Ifl RkWAKD.-LOaT, ON TUESDAY. APRIL lb, A vlU large, black Newtoundland dog, small while star on chest very curly hair; had on a red, white andbiue leather covered eollnr, with padlock and ring. Any one returning the s ibis to U. C. Contan, 42 Cedar street, will receive the above reward. * dblfk REWARD -LOUT, ON TUESDAY, TBK 16TH ?1U Inst., In Manhsttanvtlle, or In going theme down K comtngdsle road to Elm park, thence acrots to fifth avenue dov p to peveotv-fltth street, a pocketbonk, containing 198 in bar a bills. Tae above reward will be paid to any person who will return the same to i rotor Brewsrr, B9 Chrystie street. flfcl IIIABWARD.?STRAYED, PROM LUDLOW STREET, IpiU sear .tester, u black Newfoundland dog. white breast aad forefeet. Any person leaving htm at 1*4 obftthnm street, up stairs, will receive the above reward of a. W. Ban.ess. it Ilk REWARD.?LOST, 0* THURSDAY MOANING ?P 11/ a large Newtoundland dog. entirely blacr; curlv hair; answers to the name of Hector. The Order wH rsortve t?e above reward on re timing htm to 19 Bast Seventeenth street, or to A, HKKLXx, 78 I>e i street AC REWARD.?LOST, FROM HOBOKEN, A LARGE 9 U black Newfoundland dog; answers to the name of Major. The above reward wlit be paid to whoever will bring htm to Thomas Qoudlrg, 134 Washington street, Hoboten.or to B. A J. Moulting, 18 John street, New York. 4>C R1WARD.-LOST, IN GOING FROM GRAND TO qp?J Bare ay streets, on 1 huraday evening last, bet seen 8 and 9 o'clock, a gold wntih key, topaz on one side and blood stone on ibe ofcer. Any one finding the same and returning It to J. McDougall, at Lor a A Taylor's, Grand street, wlJ receive the above reward and thanks of the owner. d?C REWARD-LO?T, FROM THE BATTERY. ON spO Tuesday. 18th lnst. a 17 feet row boat, painted white in side; seatnard bottom boards grained; outside straw color; green water line, with a fcloe stripe and g'alned gunwales. Apply to 1 HOB. R Kb BIT, No. 8 Battery p. ace. BILLIARDS. Billiard tables?removed.?w. j. sharp has removed to I4S Fulton street, over While's celebra'ed hat establishment, and will open this (lav for inspection. Gent e men ot taste wanting aomethlng of that kind neat and dtshy are Invited to give blm an eariy call. W.J BHaRP billiard table maker, 148 Fulton street, between Broadway and Nas sau street. r)R SALE?A MILLIARD TABLE, IN OOMPLBT order, W loanl's eushlons, with all the Qxtores; also a ws$ nut extension dining table, and a six octave Ohlekeriag piano. Apply, immediately, at 132 Madison avenue. f|V) BILLLABD PLAYERS ?I AGAIN CAUTION TBI A public against parties who are advertising and offlsrtng fag sale a miserable and worthless Imitation of my model bUnerd tables and oombtnstlon onahloaa. All genuine tables as cushions of my Improvements will have aa engraved plate, With my name and date of patent, February II, UK. MICHAEL PBKLaM. 88 Ohamfcarsst. upstalre. MATRIMONIAL. Astonishing to all-hadamn morrow, the seventh daughter, has a natural gift to tell past, present and future events, sad an the coaearas of Its, even the vary thoughts, and will cause speedy marriages, and show the like nesses of the Intended husbands aad absent friends, and wtll bring together those whs are separated, who wfll enjoy the greatest happiness of matrimonial bliss. All who wish good lock mar oaJl soon for relief and oomftirt Thousands have ex pressed their belief that she is the most wonderful astrologist in the world, or that has ever been known, though she prao lass

nothing but what Is reoonclleable to philosophers No charge if not satisfied. 76 Broome street, between Cannon and Ooltua bin. Oenbemen not admitted. Matrimonial.?! will upon th* receipt of six cents, seid to any perron aftill delineation of their char actcr, by their handwriting (address siifflctentl. Direct M'lls Hsrtenss I? Roy, Broadway P?t office. New fork. HOTELS, I fri TENTH 8TRKKT, ONE BLOCK FROM BROAD Ar'A war.?This bouse having been repaired, re painted, and newly furnhhed throughout, is now open for the reception o'boarders. It contains faths, gas and all the modera Im provements. There are still unncciiiited two large par'o>s, wt h bedrooms and Ooton water attached; also, smaller apart ments. single or double NoeTpeu.o bas beer, or wl'l be soared to rendrr itm comfortsuis and pleaeani a retldpnct M oonli be desired. Dinner at (1 o'clock. FINAHCUI.. $999.600555 Ok Jmum. At. Ov llUHitlHia ala.AiUl 4/ lit'kxnt iv>o^ki J MaCU<'PF k fti, 3W WiaCM *7,n, . .din in <>*??-.c -oa*. At res v i York |i.d AkU M'klc Ageoc>. "W Rnatr .-*5, corner ?( Downs street. UnrJ Ouur wOiob I> no# m ruJ-opereu.D, <audog dat.y not ? -'wc 'pdooe ol persoua.' prooeity ? .toner <1 <un<md? kuM, ouxiiuro* oi -to-., a??i '*Y4*nrv p stating*. go. a!! transact '??onobdemshy ooo'luoUd, lu pr'TKte oflh-ra JOBe (aKKKJAN Fropnct.* _ Traill) III III -mount TO LOAM OK 8, JHJUU diamonds, jewelry , eesarh. cry good *rxi at iu,d? ol' personal ompenr. * bougni (or own kui aso lor eele steep Nn-rw W da, asortguges, sto-its. Ac , org Hated. bo. ma Nassau street, rooms no. 2 and 2 J*. oar n?r at Us TaUMPSOP k 0 broken and commwstn merchants <JU7^ r.7r: -thk howamuToan and kihaTb *S> i I O.sJ I ?J? Agere? is now preoared to advance on or bny tor cosh wr y uesartpUoa at re aeo.e property ui turns to anil If lament, a, plates, watches. see w?, ec , for sale, at the ?Bice. 41 Uoweic street, second door from liroadwsy (4KO. B.,FHAUl,, Managei. 417(1 (Win io loT>T77v niAMON iS trAit-HK# VA I " .l/wUjawsri. segars dr' goods, sod all re liable property at easy raise or bought f r cash hoe. and mort fates nrgnlaied Butlt ass prompt ana confident!* uflier curs Irom 9 to 6 at tb* o.d offlee of UUAlorUD A iX).. 35 J. tin street room No 3. eeoona floor UjQ Onil WAoTKD?ON BOKO AN IT MOBTG tOK OS Ct-tiVUtf city propeiti wiwta three tunes tbe emnaof, 'or whioe s?ven per cent interest will be give* for ibrs jyeara Nocniovsrlui wl 1 -eai'mres. Apply to WM. B. MoKlMM, corner Bleecker and Carmine streets. WANTKD ON BOND ANDMORTOAGS on a bouse sod lot iu Warren street. Brooklyn, worth T .udO. a good commission wfJ be paid. Address box 19311-os pace. O |.f |f\-WAKTKD, A LOAN OF 82.ftu0, FOB ONE Al>< 'UU. or two years, for wblrh gad secu'l'.y trill be ^Henud1 flee*1 wU' ** P1^ Address K. *L. oox $3,000 A <fe1 Hi Ilk WANTFP TO INVKST IN THE MANUFud qP-L.vUv/ tn-e of an article wbtcb will pay a protiiof 100 per oenv Inquire at 212 Broadway, room 13 ?o~n ?wsnted, thiTsum"rodhixtY days, AAl' 'Vr ? on bond and uso'tguge on unincumbered real es late wor* five times the amout.t. to part par an inre fne it, or a partner taken In tnveejnenl. with >' .000 secured. Tit e Sartor' Fair bonus given. Apply to 0. B. HOWKfl k CO., I Nassau wrest. ?11QI Ad | ?A LOAN OF fbO 18 Wanted BY a Lady B^oU. in advaiioe for board, (watch will be tow) tor a gaotleman and lady or single gent'eman In a first class hou e up town wbh security if required, on furniture, worth mauv Pat's that sum. Address Mrs, J. Russell, Brosdway Foil office. American olasm silvkrinq company, -new Yo>k Man-It 19, 1858.?Notice is hereby given *o the ?lockbolderf o fheAnieiicsn Glass Silvering Company that the a erd of Lirec'ors have thta day martesn as-esemetit of Uve dollars a share op each share ot ore bmd-ed dollars ot the capital stuck of Mil company pay ao'.e on tbe 30th ? av of aprfl rext at tbe rfllce of the company. 44 l>u?ne siroet. New Vork. The transfer book will be closed until Mar 1, i8V>. Fhir B. 8. CYPaKBB, Secretary. NY AMOUNT OF MONKY TO LOAN ON BOOBY terms, and purchase at cash prices diamonds, watches, its. rich jewe ry and vaiust e oereunal propero generally -. WOOD, 69 Fpitoo street, eecor d floor, front room, 9 A. M. to 5 f. N. a tew aapertor oil patotlnge tar sale at a bargain, or exchanged for merchandise ALSDY WI9HEH HIK LOAN OF A HUNOKEf< UOL tar. (?1(* t i-e'ore tbe first of Mar. tecuriky giveu. Ad diewt f lnnnclal, 1 rum square Poat uflice. Monet cash abyancbd by thu suhccHbars at their new office, 304 Broadway, oorner ol Duane street room No. 9 (art room 10), Where hey hare re moved to. Parties having deposited goods with ui?m at if Howard street one ebtaln the same at iseir new office. MOLOlIQHUN A (FNMills. Monet to loan-on b amonds. Watchum. ,ia? elry. pianos, dry goods segarsaad evert description of valuab e property, or noaght for oaah storks, -made, notes mortgages, Ac., negotiated. Watches and jewelry for aa'a. K. THaY KM, 334 Broadwai. rooms Noa 1 and 2, socmd story. Notice to contractors and capitai.wt9.-ban Francisco and Sacramento Bail road - Heveo propoeahi will be re elved b? the undersigned in New fork city, from Aprfi io to May 10,1806, far the construction and equipment entire of the Ban Franciioo and bacnunento Railroad, Call taenia, from the city of Sacramento to the eity of Beneoia, a distance of 58 miles. This railroad Is upon toe mala punk (toe fir m Sen Francisco to the Interior over walch pusses three four ha of the entire Inland trade and travel of Call o inn. sav tog thirty miles to distance over the present route reducing the UnefromSK to 3)? houre, and passing throuvh the fsrtl e asds of rolaaoand Yoleeouctlee, tbe rtohest asrtcu tuia) counties ie the State. It oonoeots at Sa su-mento arlth toe Hacramento Vai ley Rat.rcad, now bulU and running, and Is toe key to San Francisco for all lines from Northern and Eastern California. Maps' profiles and sneclflcatl mi oar be seen and every infor mation ontalned upon appllealtog to the undersigned, room Na. 7 Metro to ltan Bank Building, corner of Broadway and Pins streets, New York THKODOBK D. JUDAH, Chief Bngtneer and Commissioner, S. F. k 8. R. K. Niw Yobs, Apnl, 1856. NOTICE-THE HOLDERS CF THE THIRD MORT gage i onds o'the Oo'umbus, Fiq.a end Indiana Rail road Company, which bonds > ear the endorsement of the ClereliiDO. C lurab'is and OslaaaU KaLroad Company, toe Indianapolis end Helleftmtatne It abroad Company and ike Belletontslie and lie tans Kaltroad Company are hereby no titles,(hat at a meeting bed pursuant to notice at ths nstor Hruie, thl< afternoon, at which oyer three hundred thousand dollarsot the aaove bonds were represented, the undersigned was requested to Invttr all tho<e who were n t preae t to com munlcate with htm, stating the amount of bonds held by each Prompt attention to this notice wilt promote the Interest of all concerned. SAMUEL J. BEALB, Chairman. New 1 ohk, April 16, 1866. rfHK PARK BANK.- CAPITAL $2 000 000, WITH PR. A tliege to Increase the same to $10,000 000. ?This bank wi) eommence bnsinesa In their banking rooms, head of Beekmar street, opposite the Part, on Monday, March 31, '866. to whiok we invite the attentlen of nil classes of nusfneas men. R&UBKN W. lOWH. PreatteaL Omamjm A. Msor. Cashier. Third avenue railroad stock bought and sold tor cash on cimmisslon. by JaUDON BKO l'tlKKfl, 54 Wall street TO BANKERS AND BROKERS ?*100 060 TO LOAN AT 7 per cent, for circa atlon In the West and South Address, appoint!) g confidential trterview, box 4 677 Post office. MUSICAL AND DANCING. on NHW PIANOFORTES AT OOST.-MUBT B? SOLD jU\) by the 1st of May as one of the partners retires a) supe-'nr instruments, by celebrated makers, fully warranted: Price* from $1(0 to $256. Oraud French action, Ac. No. 60 Wa ter street tour doors west of Broad vay. W. OS BORN A CO. A8KVF.N OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO FOB 8ALK Blrhly finished ail around, with moulding, modern legs, beautiful rich tone, made by a celebrated city maker, with unexpired warrar'ee for two years from October last It can be tested by the Purchaser. Ilaa been prived and're commended by Mr. Gotechslk Also, one upright standing tine rosewood piano, seven octaves, of me odeon tone and in good order. Both planoe will be sold on very rea oasb e 'erncg if for cask. Addresi Adele B., 301 ulton street, Br: ok ly n, at the kagle office. GOOD bICOND HAND BIX OCTAVE PIANO AND a git frame looking gla- s for tale at 236 Spring St. Cat after 5 o'clock P. M. ALaDY TEACHER OF THE PIANO HAVING A FEW hours nt preseat disengaged, wishes a few more pupils bor particulars, apply nt427 iitwme at. be'ween the home of Hard 10A. M . nuu 4and 6 P. M. Reference* ot ine Highest order, Terms aodenite. LADT EMINENTLY~QUALIFIED TO TEACH THE pianoforte, and who has bad much experience In teaco tng. wishes s few young pupils. Terms $1* per quarter, li qulr* may be made of city reference. Address oox 1,513, Postrfflce, !>? Y. CCORDKON, ACCORDION?A NKW AND VALUA b e discovery.?Those who admtra the acc orison, and csn npprerlate haimony. ere inrited to ca 1 and examine our un pioved H-olian clartonetlnas. which produce tonos superior in sweetness to those of any other Instrument ever invented. OHIGiNaL JaCuBS, 102 Chatham gu-eet. aNJh, BaN.IO, BANJO?TaUuHT 75"8IX KaSY lessons, by a tew and Improved method, by O .Taiobs, the ' beet" maker ard teaeher or the bat jo in .toe UnltedSiaiee. liar joe $1 23 to $50; sccordeoos $1 50 to $35 ORIGINAL L. J AOi'Bri, 102 Obatham street. IjlLi/.A VALS.NIIN1 WI8JE4 A SITUATION A8FIRST J soprano la it Protestant church, where a liberal salary can be given. MKKMlN'H Sl'PKttlOR BOSTON PIaNOS.-HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway, agent. The pub io is invited ui eall ?' <! examine the above pianos, tbev being among the best of J aim mat ufkc'ure. Ike celebrated Horaoe Waters pianos and pianos of other manufacture at leas prices than elsewhere in the etiy. Superior pianos to rent, and rent allosr ed on purchase. |ji METER (LATH PRINCIPAL BARITONE OF THE U ? Engll?li Opera) will give Instruction in singing and guitar; he will also be happy to accept au engagement in a caurch. Please address 134 Franklin street. C3BAND DIAGONAL 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO X forte, in elegant case; oo.t $450; made by the best maker, nnd warranted; with metallic frame; bus been used a few n oaths; will be sold for $260. Can he seen at No. 124 West Twenty-seoond street, trom lOJtoS o'c.ock. ARP FOBTbaLE.? ONLY $150 WILL PURCHASE"! double action 6% octave karo, In perfect order. New nix e months sines. Address, tor three days, jtraatus Hooper, H? raid office. UBIC BOLDER.?IVES' PATENT BPBING BINDER and miurtc ho'der, HORACE WATERS, agent, No. 333 Broadway.?"1 he patent ipring binder," says the New York Tribune, "owing to its metallic spring back, holds sheet music as well as if it were bound, and this is a desideratum tor every SoMed?$2 50 Mnst*ar0^ mutio-" Mod* plain, $2; gilt em RW MUBIO,?THE BOUQUET DK BALL, 1NGLIBH romnnce, for sopriino nnd mezzo soprano; a puthe' c cantnblle, ending in a brilliant Air of do fc*. Music by KM/, a VALRN1 INI. with her portrait. Price 35 cents. For sale at her roams, 522 Broadway, second floor, from 11 till 3. she gives a single lesson on her own songs. EW MU8IG?FROM THE PRESS OF HORACE WA ten. 333 Broadway, publisher and agent for the sale of planoe and melodeons. "Old Borne of My Childhood," song and chorus by 8. M. Grannla. 25c.; "Bappy Haldee, or Dream on To-night," song and chorus by Marshall 8 Pike, author of " borne Again" and " Indian Warrior's Grave," 35c.; also six ballads tor the pltnoferte, without words, by the ponular oom piaer, Oscar Comettant, (with a special view to the Iraorove ment of the musical tsue of pupils), sailed "Mjodav," "Tue* cay," Ac., alter the six days ot toe week, 30c. ana 25c. The eight pieces for $1 60, mailed nree. F" UNO* AND MELODKON8.-JL W. LaDD A OO.'B Paris premium pianos, Oarhart A Medhurst's melodeons, ser<n octave full Iron frame planoe for $260, 6.'* do lor $215; grand and boudoir pianos; pianos to rent or for sale, on monthly lnatalmeaU. at JU08ON A MUNUKR'fi, 619 Broad way, St. Nicholas Hots'. IANOH.- FOUR NEW BBVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTES (two with carved legs), fine tone and finish, made of good material, and warranted in every particular, wliJ be sold low. ? DAVID SMITH, 15 sixth avenue. PIANOFORTES. ?WM. MILLER. MANUFACTURER OF the cel?bratedj"modero improvrdjpianofortes." invite* all lovers of music to call and test the quality of hts Instruments, which have become so ce'ebrated, and the demand so great, that he has enlarged his facilities tor manufiie tiring, and will keen on hand and for Sale, at the lowest tsotorv pr'co* toe most heauttftil as well as durable pianos ever manufactured In the United States Fully warranto! Iir the manufacturer. Noe. 156 and 158 RaoI Twenty first street, New Tork. SOPRANO SINGER.?A FIRBf RATH SOPRANO BHflf. er wishes a situation, as singer in church; Is seuuatnted with the Episcopal service. Address Music, box 1,812 Post oft or. T GILBERT A OO.'S PIANOFORTE WaRKROOMri ? aie on the corner of Broadway and (Anal street (up stairs) A splendid assortment on hand to let or for sale, by paying monthly instalments. Excellent molodnon* 419 Hrned Wky.ot'Tner ofCapul street. H. E, MATHEWS, HO.MUM Mi AND MHN1IKO. "?)AH * tutdf BiKRsT ? BJ\KI> U"ffR -T I lawn. Bo>?r<l wri udgitg JCIMloW, board wi -fc out ixig'rg g> per wee* Lodging by the w.*ek VI A'. u> l>i ItT. 1WU.FT8 HTKt-kT NKaR rifCOOKD aVknUiC ? T' / I (*>as nn Ibe second tmor f out. with board -ingle gent fwen or a gen- fn>an and wt)e < so (tad r???oa*b ? *e <? nit id U?rK peasant ro'rov; .cruia'.ent bos-cere tak"a. yierwt'e ? r ir i-ect.* ?t try p a<?? -v.; xef-rn-ces inu'u* , ^e*ai Iv private tew noaiders takao. modern lmprjvemeals, mad lcce'twi r'evaot. NI hTH 8TKFT THIRD l>OOR KANT OF BROAD wwt. h ttrnlebed n?*n? u, null' o. sepa-stair, U? rat - erne- wl v break la 4 tf r-qulred Finn olaes Uiium with a 1 Uia mi dntv IropMiram-'i a. i41 1?JA HO 1U falRakl.-8UI18 <K K<tOHa, wira ??' Lo..rd, at 135 KigLlh t street opposite the Merer nuie Library. "|l<i wk? iwi-niy arcoftit or^Rpr. kut d< or Jl" 'O'herburrh bet ween Mnii icd ravanth iirenuet?A gnjt.rire.n and wife, T a p > "ly o' single gectemeo, can ob iila ver> de lrnb e 'urtorhee front room,nathe aeona floor nnd ouch ex etndiHi tonw>. no the Ann if or; nil the modern tmorove mei t>; aco the ooailoruof a home may be secured; referencet exuLenged. C?7 PRINCE bTRKKT, HKCOND DOuK Wk-T OK 0| Broad way.-Ope bvnduxne al-gle room, with board; house Crs Clara, containing all tbe modern improvement* ktlei at nee uncharged Q"| KA8T TWENTY THIRD BTRKFT ?HAND'OMELT OX fund abed apartments, abb board, may be "Mained ipti Taie mote. 1'desired ) on tirat and third Door. Apply aa above BPAIKO BTRRHf FOUR D?okB Cm)* IIKOaD wa< to et several han-taome y furnished rooma to all gle gHutjemen, with attendance, tbe location ti near all the Oral c anr hotels. 79 rj A KA?>T TWPNTY THIRD st3?kt-onr or two I T lamll'.ee ran e acconamcxlatel with board ana line reins, baodanme y furnbhed on second and third floor*. The hou.e pleasantly located between Fourth and Lexington ave nues FKaNKLTK BTRKKT, FIRST BeiUSF. WKST OF I 1" B-oadwjiy a floe large tront "ootE, bsdroou and pan r> at ached, on the second floor to let to one or two gent e n>en Bieaktart nerved, if required. Also, single and double rooma ell neatly furnished Inquire Si aoove f\A WK8T FOUhTakNTR STRRKl'?BKTWRHN FirfH v) i a< d Hlxib aveonss Qentlemen and 'heir wlvra.and aln geienilvmen can he accn nmola ed with board In a b m s with a 1 the modern Improvements: also a back parlor on the first floor Lorat'on UDvurossaed Stages pa-s tbe ooor th-ee 38 10 mix titer' walk of Broadway ana one of the cars. Refereuoea exebsnged. A (1 MLkKAT STKKkT FI'KaIHIIKO ROuRS, TO j tJ let, without board, with Croton water, bafha, gas, Ac. Ltca ion aecopd b.cck from Broadway, oppoalu City Ball. A(J OR. HARD BTRKKT.?BOARi> in an amkrioav ti' family, for a gentleman and wife; aim. 'wo or three sti g e rooma fnr single gent etnen No moving In May. gy OHKKNWIOH AVBPUK.-TO LKT. A HANDBOOK ww back rarlor aDd extrnslcn room on the fl -?t floor, .u. I iloirbec. with board Also a suit ot rtvima furnished, on he aecond floor Several rooms on the third and fmrth floors, ike nouie la in good order, with all the modem Improve ments. GRKAT JORKB bTRKBT ?THK KNTIRK KBCOFD floor (unl'urnisbed, excepi carpeilnai ran l>e had oa rrsrotmile teims, with boeid. If immediate application be made,aao, (wo rooms suitable for geuteme>. The bouse oidualns all the modern improvementa. 38 Ureal Jones street, near Lafayeete piaoe. | Jl NFS BTRKKT, TWO DO< R8 FROM BL.Kh()KF.B? O'r A eult of haadaomelv turnlshed rooms on second floor, troct. to let. with board; gas Ip ibe rooms; convenient to stages and cara. References exchanged. nil WS8T TWKNTY'RIU3TH BTRKKT. GOhSKR OF ZdU Hroadw.ty ?dett omep, Willi tlielr wive*, also ?lng.e geutlexDon may obtain eleg .nt rooms, with or without oo:ird, m a delightful .oration. I AKROLL FLSOR BbKKCKKR BTRKKT, FOOE blocss west of Broadway. Large end Daodsnmely for niahed iooipb. wiih bedrooms a * pastries a'tveaed, if d-sired, nuiiebla f r tamilles or single gentlemen, on aecond end third floors, fron* or back also a very pleasant and handsomely tur nUbed attic room, lilnner at 6 o'ciock. References ex chanped. ho movii g In May. A aBINOOON BQOARK, WKST BIDK, BBOORTl BOUBR X north of Bank street, a desirable location (or the summer. Apartments, with boara. oo.itrenientfor families or slngie gen demett. Betarenoes erohanged. O aBHL&ND rLaCK, TWO POORS FROM UR*KN t) wit h avenue ?Rooms In suits or single, ratv now be en giigrd, permaneutlv, tor the senson. In the unnve tint olase hou-?. furnished with .. lfne modem lmomvement*. wlhfull r partial Imanl. Fi.mtly private. Reterenses exchanced. scoess bv Bli'h avenue cms, and Amity street and other unes of stages. v UKSPLKMaN ARlt WirK, OK TWO 81?OLK UsW nt tlrmen can he accommodated with a p eesant mom, with or without board. In a prlva'e family, where there ere no other boarders. The house Is new and In comp ece order, con isilh all the modern lmprovemects, and is contiguous to aeve ra bees ot atagee endears Applv at 145 West Tnlrty eighth strtet, between Beventh sail Eighth avenues. Referenoes ex changed . 811 IT ( F WK1.L FDRNIBHKD BOOMS.-TWO OR O. three gentlemen, or a gentleman and wile, can obtain verv deelrable auits of rooms, or single rooms with partial hoard fl required. In a tint class bouse, with all the mo dern Improv-meats, convenient to ears and stages. Inquire at. 1 West Fourteenth street, first house west of tilxth avenae. Agkniluman and wife. or TWO 8INULB gkn tietnen c>n be ac wmmodated with hoard at the modern built and beau tin ly located houae. 150 West Meveuth street, near bfxth avenue 1 his Is ons of the most convenient and de sirable residences In the city. Any parties wishing a anod hi me will find this ar opportunity seldom afforded. Pries reasonable. Unexceptionable reterencee given and req I required. A FINK SUIT OF ROOMS TO LBT?FROM FIR-iT OF Mny. with toard If required. In a private family, at No. 52 last Sixteenth g reet, or the eutlre second and third fliora would be let taa getdeel party aud cooking and a'tendance lurnlrhed. House con'oins ah the modern improvements. m CaRDTO GENTLEMEN.?AbTRICTLY PRIVATE FA d mll.v, occupyInr a handsome j furnished modern built bouse, location Twe-tv-filth street and Madtma Park, having more room than they require, would let the ssme to a party of gentlemen, or a 'anvly of grown persons, with or without partial board Positively out ene party would be received The apartments ovsltt oi four r tonus, all com municating, with one or more richly furnl- bed tar ors on the first lb or I cseined, with the ute of olano. Terms moderate to a desirable party. A note addressed it. IT., Union square Post offl -e. slating where au Interview oan be had, will meet with prompt attention A large well furnished room having oas supplied with water aud bath ro-un, Ac., adjoulug; also, two single rooms, to let In the new and priva e residence so. 17 West Thirteenth street between 5th and 6th avenues. Breelitast If required. Only persons of h<gh respectability need apply. ADhFIRABLK HOME FjR a SINGLE GENTLEMAN, and a geet.eman and hli wife. In a small orlva e tamlly, <rhha hardgonirly furnished room, with the adjoining parior, or ibe privilege, at mcdera'e terms. Convenient to stages and cars, apply at 15 Bed'ord street. GENTLEMAN WOULD LIKE TO FURNISH A FINN bouse, in splendid s'ylc. and take his pay i> board; or. beard wanted, In a private tamlly, near Madison square, where "" ' ~ " self, no o.hrr brardrrs would l>e taken. Family, self, wife and servar t A ddress box 1.525 Pout office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR SINGLE GENTLE men, can be accommodated with plsusaot rooms, fur xlr-bsd or unfurnished, with board. In a em.ill'e fimlly. and no rhl dren. fcl'ualltD and rooms pleasant. No. 185 llud sot street, tear St. John's park. A SUITE OF PARLORS, ON FIRST FLOOR, KLKG ANT 1? turnlshed, to rent to geutlemen; also sl< gle tvom, up stairs. Apply at 891'rlnce street. A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY WILL LBT. TO ONE f\ or two gentlemen, a front room, with or without partitl board; hot Bid MM baths In the house; iBMtftl destr.ib'.e. sri'iv at 65 Mardotiga! street, between houaton aud Bleecker strie's. BUAKl)-PERSOhS WL38INO BOARD IN A PRIV ATE family, with unfurnished room or rooms can be accommo caied in a p e as ant location 277 West Nineteenth street: the rooms may be seen between the hcurs of I and 7 o'clock P. M. Board.?a few gentlemen can ftno hand some furnished rooms at No. 20 Stanton street, near be Bowery. Those who wish a permanent home will find this a desirable loc-tion. BOsRD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OA* UK Ac commodated with a large furnished room in a genteel private fnm'l-, whe-e there are no other boarders, situated In * hi ftlthv nud delightful part of Rrookbr ore block trum Ful ton avenue ears. Acdress A. B. R.. Heraul office BOaRD- WITH A Large BaOK Par .ok uN FIRST floor, ar d room and bedroom on third lloor. wPh ga? and water, mar he had at 71 Hammond street, between Fourth and Bleecker I ocatlon plea ant and convenient to cars and stages. Terms mcHtets e. apply as stove. XJOaRD -PLEASaNT ROOMb MaY BB OBTAINK? AT D No. 3 Albion place (Fourth street), by gentlemen ar d Ueir families, and single gentlemen; rooms fural?hrd or nniurulshea This situation Is very de-irable, being cinve n'en . to Breed way. ? owery and 8eoond avenue cars and stsgts. Referctces exchanged. Board -gentlemen and thfjr wives and a lew slrRle gentlemen, can And pleasant rooms, in a go-id ocatlon. Gas, baths, and the modem improvements and con venlent to cars and s?ge* bouse in Abingdon square. For particulars. Inquire at 62 Hudron street, near Chambers. BOaRD.-TWO SINGLE OFNTLRMKN CA" BE AC cemmodated with partial hoard, in a strictly private fami ly, where there are do boarders, In s first class house, with all the m< dera Improvements, located In West Thirty-fourth strret, (100 fret strci >. between Broadway and Seventh avenue. Tbe neighbors od Is unsurpassed. Stages and cars pass every lew minutes w ithin a short distance of the house. References glvsn and required. Address O. B., Herald office. Board- at no. 2 albiof flace, <no. ?os fourth street) furnished or unfurnished rooms, with full board. T be house Is first oass, has all the mod am Improvements, and <s convenient to cars and stages. References required. Board-four gentlemen wishing two large 1 rooms In a first class house, situated In Nineteenth street, between Bronx way and Fourth avenue, oan have the same by addressing K., Herald office. Terms 99 s room. Board in a private family.-two or three single gentlemen ess be accommodated with partial board at he. 20 Cottage place, between Houston and Bleecker streets. None but single gaattlemen naed apply. Board in a private family, in broomk street, near Broad war ?Several gentlemen may obtain rooms, furnished, and partial board, or ertthout board, with nee of bath nod gas, by addressing J. 8., Herald offioa, BOaRD IN BROOKLYN-A GENTLEMAN AND wile or two alng'emen can fled pleasant rooms on second floor, with full or parilal board, at 50 Pacific street, oorner of Henry street. Brooklyn, near South and Wall street ferries. Board in Brooklyn -very drsirablr rooms, tor single gentlemen, ean be obtained In a new house, pleasantly shoaled and oonvenient to Wall s reet or South ferry, heferenoae exchanged. Parties wishing to secure rooms befors let of May will please apply at 80 Slate streak, Brooklyn BHOARD IN BROOKLYN ?HANDSOMELY FURNTSH ? ed rooms to let, to single gentlemen, with or wlthou board, on reasonable^terms, at Mrs. Mokris, MS Washington street, near City Hall. Board on Brooklyn heights.-a gentleman and his wife, or two single gentlemen, onn be pleasantly accommodated In a small private family, by applying at 73 Cranberry street, five minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Board in brooklyn-a gentleman and wife nnd three single gentlenr Mm re 'am nommodatek with large and small rooms and pn< nlairh- aiRJ modem houen within five minutes' wslk of --d your fadv Applv ?t it* Henry street, corner of Oongrvogr, rJjgB ?srerence re ntilrAil. ? - vJ v, J qn'red. er V Board in brooklyn.-t *?gc;, o' 0 gentle men, or agent'emae and wi ?P m ft .and com fortable hrme with full board for v .f, ??} o destralile location, of easv access by Wall st *?i r> we a, wall find every reqnlil'e on application si No. ,turden street Roomspteaaant end convenient; first Cass references required. J^OARD IN EBCOKLYN.-A GKNTLFMAN AND HH wife, or two single gentlemen, ran be aecommodatrd wi'n boiard and pl?a??nt rooms, by applying at 67 Henry s'reet, five minutes' walk from Fulton and Wall street ferries. Board te upooklyn ?a gentleman and wife or three single gentlemen, can be sospmmodated ?Ith a large and email roots, on the second Hooray apply to j at 123 P?nd? street. UOARD WANTKD?TO PRIYaTK FAM JJ tiding oo Murray Bill, near or on exfugteo log mm ronm than 'hay require tor their own ui soutmnu Awn umano. WTAYfTiTBKlKiKl.Yn. A PHIVat?TkaMILT Btflfe If Iff It ? bM-?rr p srs, hou'h Hruok >n. All) Uke twoar three nu g e grutiewen wt n peril* b mid where U??v wt I ex pend ce ui con for t of a (maw. Ketercuoee ichangod At drees h A F , Hem.ii otboe Bo* Ri> 11? i w? a i?-sy y>iit ntkk;<t7nkab t*ii*ri ?v?iue ? A deaijaote Iron room, on tirat tlsur, suit-ble Inra swyer, d"Ctnr or c?n; mti. n# a rwimd staid? tan, old*: d -ireh.e to air,in a r?w h?is?, having Urn modern isa pr>vru.en!a Apply tl ltd Wet Nineteenth timet BOABD at CLiPfOB IsTATilTlsi.AHD -A LABOl ard vor? oeeu ifully sl'uated bouse bevtnr atablaa, ba a hnwe Ac., attached near ?ha ferry, <a now being arranged tin br af<cnimoda.*l"n ol 'sniffles or air go ??i Unsra. A if party derirtrt board Is 'bit 'aceiiou own o Mia fa I p <r'tcui * b; app jlng at No 1 Great Jonea alraot. comer o B-oadwvv GAbi??in wn,UA*i" ur^wTthin thAii nitr ote.' wall of l'eck tilp 'a'ry, and a vary la-treble aatgh borboi<i. A pi 'vete family wfa take a lew genteel hcardem. At'drett Carpenter, herald office BO A R1) I (T~POKT-R10HM0N D, STaTR* MLAND. 1 be new bonrdlrgb >oarao' Mts-es K. and U Diteoew >r, agrreaDo aitiui'rd on Port KUbinoud park, it now readf or the lecrpilon ol bonders Sariy application desires e Aft r, fo' d'lectloui, to the Collectora of the Maw Brighton and Pari Richmond boats Boa RIl AT A COOaTRY BRAY ON TUB BAST river.? A b'lr ita ltmlly. i ecuix* Ing h huge airy country bouta. iteltrbttuUy located, on the river haying extanalva weH sfsded grouida, vate'enla girden b.ttldiou-e Ac *tak te make t ernncot airaogeinenti to board a family of griwn prrmci or a faw gent emen >? table end carriage room aaag pa bad and paries prrvlde for tbelr hor aa If preferred (Ma ilt man doing hntn e-s a I I tiud 'hi* a vary c tuvaoiant and 4a suable tummer refinance bring only all milet from tbaitty Hall, npd Mocassin e at ail hours by Hecood. Th'rd and Fourth avenue cars. Addrna* Country Sea', box fay Herald office. [CARD WANTKIY-TO PRIVaTK FAMtLTbB RK avenoa, hnv ?a. a pkysMan U f estrous of obtaining apartments tuitab e tor an offioa- wMb ar without board in the above locality Tb we baring or thee* who will have inch eceominodation this enuting Hay, bear of a permanent oncaoant by add rawing, for oaa bp relator. Urlou square Post office Unexceptionable raff en-e given end required. OARirWANIKIt?MY A ? VNTI.BMAN AND WIFH; A pernuren* loyiifton dectrad on woderate terms Add L , Her dd office, with location of lootna and tar ma. Board wantkd-pi?r a fahIEt or twaly*, where there are no other boardert, within tipeao mvtaa cf the city, ebber In Wtaiehaater couuiv or on famg Itlawd aound. a poly to l.Ufill A MikjN. S9ii Fourth aveuue, cornar of Twenty thud i-tract. Board want*d-by a i.itkrary^I;hmti.khah, 'd a reapecteblr private family. In New York or|B-onklyo, wbrre there are ro other noafier* and wh-re an educated lady would be willing to gtva occArional aaa'ataote In eopykag hte niaDuwrlpta No boaiding house keeper need apply Ad drea? M R.[l>,, Foit office Board wantkp in bro'?ki.yn two totitg gentlemes, with a large, well ftirnMird room wtfk par tin! board, ou Brook).nH etghM. within three mfautei' wa g e Putton If rry; t?nna moderate. Add rem' box 4,194 PtMi ofllowf MAlinctrrma, locality and other particulars ( INI A RD WA N1EDIN BrlO< K YN.-TWOYOON G~(7kN JJ ttemen dealre part's' board wlihln tlve minute*' wait of Hall ntrret or Fu ton ferrlea. The artvertieer* wirh to eeciire a p'a aant home whe-o he- nan enjov g od aocletr. kerma moit he mcderata, Addrew, itat ng terms, Ac , C. and R., He rald office H'ARDINfy?* PHIVATK PR''Tg8TANT~'AT'LT, would let a handsome furnished thnnt par'or and bad riom, with partifl hoard, to two gee t'em en; ocotlon tvlghtk ward, near Bp'ing street In are?P?ctab a eeighborhnod. Ad drna Mechanic, Broadway Post office. B?OARDINO -A PRIVATE FAMILY WoUOD LTT IB gentleman, or gentleman and wife, a large iinfurntahad bock ronm ou'be second floor, witb hreaktavt and tsa Lota tton. fa Kaat Kighteeith treat one block above Union "quere. between broaaway and Fl'tb aveuue, conyenlant to ears ami etas en. GaMIING?Ft.R FIRST t'L SS KaMII.IFS IN TUB ccuntrv. about US miles from the city. In a beau Ifu and health? neighborhood, between Glen Cove and the bong laiaaB haUroad kvwry accommodation that Is dell rave. Referee res exchanged. For particulars inquire of John Baas fag Greetwlcli street, ur of Mrs. Hall, on the premises, Jeriahu, hoi g Irland. OARDINQ?A PRIVATK ~FAMIl.Y, OCCUFYIAG A (t'st c'nm house have accountoVi'tons. with board, for a gentleman and wtta, also twoor three *tngle gentmmea. WUl not mo7# 1st May Gall at new No. 170 West Twenty saooad street near e'evertb avenue. B BGaKH SKKK CRM-YOUR aTI KNTtON lb ISO LICIT ? ed io the icl'owing advantages of the Boarders' Kx' clange:?Full particulars terms location, rooms Ac. ?f tha iros' desliahle houses and genteel private amtllse (taking baarderat g ven graitiitonelv, tluia *avirg i?u tone, trouble and perplexity. U. H. 8Ik ITH A CO., 1VM Broadway, ?a t Appleton'a Building. BrookJ.TP.-two single grntlrmbn m at hrah of good rooms, with part's) board, in a orivate bouse, oaa venlent to Futon and Wall street ferrlea, by add raising J. D, L., Brooklyn Post office, Re'erenoe required. OUNTRY BTARD.-A OKNTLR.mTn AND II18 WIFS, or two sirgle gentlemen, can he accommodated with hoard, In a private lamtl-. in Hnrr'aania. two minutav' walk irom the depot. Apply at (13 Second street. New York. CiOUNTRY BOARD CAN HE^ORtTiniKD IN A Hs ALTHY J and pleasant 'oration wthln .3U miles of the Harlem sad New baven Railroad at White Plains A note left tor Mrs., 81 Rait Twentv eighth street will he attended to, or Pout office at Hhite Plains. TermsS&. Children and servantihsli price. References exchanged. CI1. DTRTZ80H, FOBMF.RI,Y OF THK G(CRMAN CLUB, rf pyccttullT lctorms his fx lends the' from the let of Map he has Liken tne two fli.e houres No*. 1 and 4 Leroy plaoa, Bleecker street, with flne auitea or rooms for faced tea and aia le gentleu en. Be intends to keep a flrst rate private house, if e Gertrnn style, l. Inner at 6 o'clock. I?I,ROA?lT.Y FPRNI8BRD ROOMS-NKA? BKOAD j wav. will be let to two slng'e gentlemen, wrh or with out hreakfnst The apsrtmenta caunot be rurpaased In eoa ?eDlei re. locution, comfort and quietude The (ami y is pri vate; no hoarders. The bouse ts new. with nil the modern Improvements. Terms reasonable. Inquire at 73 East Tweiith street. e FUB'ISHKD ROOMS TO LKT-WlTH PART 111. board If desired to two or three stogie gentlemen, or a gentlemen nod wite. In a private tamtly, In Brooklyn. The house has all'he modern Improvements, avd the situation Is very desirable, beirg convenient to the ferries, and the ova past close by. Address, with reference, L. Ht-r.ld offlc*. IftrRKISHRD OR UNFURNISHED?TO I.ET, PERMA P rently. a front parlor and bedroom ad.joinlng, on the se cond floor, to a single gentleman, without board The boos* has gss. and will be cocnpled by a small private family wife out children Reference Indispensable. Apolv on the premi ses 132 Thompson street, between Prince and Houston. J-URhlBHRP PARLOR TO LRT, IN A Pit I VAT* family, to a lady and gentleman. li-ard tor lady only. Alto tront room, on seoond floor, ho other boarders t ' Address A. C,, Broadway Poet ofllce, for two days. HOTFL I.ODGIbGP.?f INGLE ROOMS WELL PT7R olshed for sleeping apartments, Cim be obtained, for i? t emen. at the Globe hotel, eorrer ot Frankfort and William streets, at 25 rents per night. Some rooms 37'? oents. X] 0. 10 WAVBBLEY PLACE - VFRT DRSIRABLR PAR i.1 lors aDd sins'e rooms, with or without pmt'al board, near f roadway, ami opposite the New York Hotel, and on very rea sonable terms. PERSONS LOOKING FOR BOARD, OR DEMROUR OP charging the'r boarding places th's spring, are tntbrm-4 hat hy railing at our ofllce they can procure a list of the best biases and private fami'trs receiving hoarders, both in *-?d out of the city, tree qi charge Ba\ i.,KS A ROWtC, 43 Fourth avenue PRIVATE BOARDING IN BROOKLYN. -R< OMB itiroltbrd or uulurnlsned ? A gentleman and wite audi one or two sing e gentlemen can be accommodated with board and a eemfortab e home, on applying at 198 Bridge, near Con cord street No moving at Mar. PRIVATE BOARDING.?BOU?R MODERN. RaTif. gas. CrotOD, do. A parior, unfurnished. 41?; furnished, ?>5; fnlid strrv rocm, uefurn'shed, $8; furtlehed. $10 Wla let to fsmi'les or single gent emen. Delightful location. Mtsgea and cars t > every part ot (he city, apnly at 332 Sixth ave nue. nesr Twer.tieth strert. Dinner at 6o'clock Rooms-wtth partial board, for gkntlemk and tbelr wives, also for single gentlemen, pleasantly situated between Houston and Fourteenth streets, near Broadway. There are but a few boarders and evcrylhtny borne like. Address 8. P. B? Broadway Po? office. Rooms, with board?thrrr rodmr on s^CD** story, cow vaoanr suitable tor a small far'Jv; also, front and back room, on the third floor, rtvmv and p'easact torn gentleman and his wlf?; modern house, wl'h gss. bath, he. i or terms. Ac. apply at 16 Jane street, near Eighth avenue. Rooms to let-on vhe second and thiein > floors, with board, nt 81 East Fourteenth street, near Irving p'ace STaTFN IBIjANI).?FIVE OR HIX MEN OA* be arooromcdated with turn Is lied rwmi. with or withent board id a private famllv at Stapleton Btateu Island Inquire ?fU. A. W aVKR. Richmond road, near Grocer C. N EYRE. S'PLKNLID FURNI8HXD PARLOR AND I! NO ROOM to let, to one or two single gen letnen; also a single i men. In a private bouse, with all the modem Improvements, wife board, in a French family 655 Houston street, a few demn from Broadway STATE* IRLAND.?BOARD MAT BE WAD FOR TWO or three families. In a pleasant and healthv neighborhood, sslt water bathing and boating convenient For further par ticulars inquire of Mr Ackland 77 Barclay street. SUMMER BOARD.?ON* OB TWO FAMILIES OA* have every accommodation, at a it feasant oountrr village, near the city: arge rooms, shade, fruitofall kinds ml k, vege tables. Ac. Inquire of Mr. NKWSON, 167 Canal street. CUMMER BOARD - INSTRUCTION FOR CHILDREN, O at the pleasent and healthy village of f ? ? r .. New Durham 3>i miles br the Hackensaek plank road from Hobnken; floe shade, extensive ground, good table, motherly care, kind Instructor, planofot ?. Ac. Apply on the premlme. H. F. PERRY. rLRT-A SMALL FAMILY BAVING MORE ROOM than they drstre. are disposed to let a pleasant furnished room, on the first floor ot the house, to a gentleman, wither without board; the location in the Ninth ward pisaeaetaa* accessible to the cart. Terms moderate. Address R. in 2,568 Post ofllce. -p> TWO FUBNTRHRD PARI.OBR?ONE ON THE FIRST floor and one on the seoond. Two or three gentlemen eats be accommodated with rooms and board In a private (amlly. where there are few boarders. Located near Broadway. All ply at 181 Mulberry street, first house from Broome. TV"ANTED?ON THE J1RT INHT., BT AMAN AND WITB, h psrlor and two nleely furnished sleeping rooms, wife closets, storeroom for <runks. Ac., Ae.. wl h privilege of pri vate table for lady, who Is aot in good health. Dinner only i a Sundays for man. Addreaa, stating terms and location, Au vertiser. Herald office. WANTED-BY A LADY. BOABDIBO, A PBOTR8ANT German. Reotch. English or Amerioan gtrl, for ourae and reamstress; must be a neat sewer, nad kind to ehildiWM alio a good washer and Ironer. Call at .196 Henry st, Bi ?*?; lyn- rfe/ alTANTED-A HOME. ON MAY 1. BY A ORNTLFMA* TT bis wife and one single gentleman, la a small geaieat prlva'e ramify, with no other boarders Breakfast and tea. wltb dinner on Bunds' s Situation below Eighteenth strew, end oonllguons to Broadway, A Wo 1 reference given and required. Address Books, Jr., >7 Dey street. Tk, ILLlRhSBl'BG BOABP-FOR A OENTI.RM AM AIJ TT wile; most pleasant part of the Hit; small famllv. hmuJTr yard and premises unequalled; three minutes' walk'tmm toy of the ferries, rooms furrtsbed or biot. Best reference gtvem and required. Communications addressed X. Y? Wtl iama burg. or Union square Poet office. H.LIAMPBURG BOARDING.?TWO OB THREE 81*. gle grnt emen or gentlemen end their wives nan he ec commrdated with board and rooms in a privatefsiatly. Pea sant h rati, n within five minutes' walS o' tour terries Apply at '.ik Fifth stieet, between South Second and South Third, Wfi Hamaburg. UTELLI6B1ICI OFFICII9. WANTED-AT NO 4 EAST BROADWAY, (BAdRM INT., meat fotfef earner* and railroads porters eo cbmrnt, bar - keepers, boys to learn trades, tao dry go sis clerks, m? fee grocery stores, gardeners ami waiters, housekeeper*. seatn etressns and chambermaids. Rules ot my agar ay to be seee, end ihpy arestrioUr observfA ED, OU^uUt