Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1856 Page 4
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THE PRESIDENTIAL QUESTION. Uortmer WIm, at Virginia, Mo? for Jmom ?wlnaan?Major Andrew J. Doaelaon grartnUlj Accepts Um HniladclpKla Aim* man No?Inatlan. oov. visa's lbtter. The following letter from the Hon H. A. Wine, determining the preferences and action of Virginia at the approaching National Democratic Convention, to be held at Cincinnati, addressed to the Corres ponding Secretary of the " General Buchanan Com mittee of the State of New York," has been handed to us by its Chairman and Recording Secretary, James Campbell, Esq., and C. D. Brown, Esq., M. D.:? Richmond, March 6, 1856. IVrar Sir?I received yours of the '.3d ult. to day and have no hesitation in giving a frank reply to the re solution of inquiry of which you are the medium. As to the prtsentatisn of my oenname tor nomination or ihs Presidency, 1 can only My that 1 have had no part n it, and will have none, further than to say that I wUl not withhold its use from my Meads, if they think that it ean be fairly made to serve the cause of the country and of ihe democracy. I was, at the last Convention, the avowed friend of Mr. Buchanan's nomination, and would have so declared now, bad I not expressly understood that ae would not be a candidate for the Presidency. I nnan not to say that I am not now fri.adly to his nomination, but that I am not committed to him or to any man. My main desire is thai the democracy shall be unitod on the best man with the beet chances of sucoeea. 1 erpeeialiy desire that the Virginia democracy shall mot be distracted, and I am committed only to their pre ference, whatever it be, within the range of legitimate se'eotion. I will go with the Virginia regiment into the battle, and remain with it through the light until death cr viotory. Penney.vaaia has always stood by Virginia, from the day. or o mon Snyder and Thos. Jefferson down to this day; she is one of the largest and oldest and best of the Did thirteen States, and she has claims to give a can didate, and she has a son worthy of a nomination, who la a representative, man and name, of his State's de m> cracy; and if Virginia again prefers him, as she did in 1852, 1 will go for his nominatloa might and main. Virginia offers no candidate an l will not iixely vote for any son of her own unless her sister Mates .nail call wpon her to present her preference to the Convention. II she presente no sou of her own In the first Instance, my belief is that on the first be.lutings in convention her vote will be cast for Mr. Buchanan with an earnest, ksiest desire to have bim n miuated If his name fails, thea Viiguia wi'l expect I'ennsylvsnia to g)t ong with her tor tier prelereme. And I say this without rejecting ether States or candidates, for whoever la nomineod ey the Convention at Cincinnati, on a Sound demrcra'ie platform. w>ll be supp ned by Virginia, and she desires to exc ude no candidate from having bis name prop <sed. She wl.l heartily go for Mr. Pieroe, Mr. Douglas, or any Other sound man of the North, anc sets up equal preten moDH only for a son of her ewn or the S >uth She would, doub'leas, looting to men alone, prefer one of her own sons?tor, exainpje. Mr. Hunter, of the Sena e, or some other; but the proposal of the name of one of her s)ns ahe wen d defer to her sister ? ates. and to none more ?specially Than to Pennsylvania. For myself I prefer that Mr Bashanan's name shall be presented to the National Convention?indeed, that trie field of seiecion shall be as large as possible -that the alaims of every good and great man who has a hild upon the masses of the pe pie with .ut regard to section, o? thought of and talriy considered, in referense to the po pular will, and not to the selfish interests of mere politi cians; and then every S ate regiment wi 1 be marched up to toe grand dem cia ic encampment, with high hopes of being tne banner corps and of glad'y and gloriously lsad hsg on to as signal moral as well as political victory. I pleioge yon that the ,l0 d Guard" of Virginia will tread '|wiih 'he tramp of the serried host," regularly la the hue against the fee, end do or die in any part of the field of oonthct where duty and order mav command. I am, ?ir, yours unly, HtN'KV A. WISE. KB. DONBLSOM S ACCkPTANCK. The following correspondence appears in the Rich mond Whig. It explains itself:-? Phicadbcpii!a, Feb. 36, 1846. to Ho*. Andmw Jackson Ponelson:? Sut- rbe National Convention in this city having una alnjousiy chosen yon as their candidate tor the Vice i're si doner ol the United Mates in the app.-oaching election, have appointed the undersigned a oommtttee to make known to yon, officially, this proceeding, and to ask your acceptance of the position they have assignee to yon. In discharge or this duty, the under-igned are happy to avail themselves ot the opportunity 1. affords them, to express their personal gratification in the cnoice made hy the Convention, and to congratulate yon upon a result no less honorable to yourself than auspicious to the wel tare ci the country. With the bigbest consideration, we hove the honor to he. very reepectfully, your ob't servants, ALKX. H. STUART, of Virginia. A-NIiRKW STEWART, of Peon ERAflTUS BROOKS, of New York. K. B BARfLETT, of Kentucky. WM. J. KAMES. of Mass. EPHRAIM MARSH, of New Jersey. TrurGrove, near NaehviUe, March 30, 1866. Gkntlexkn?I'id not receive until yesterday yonr of ?clal no' e of the 28ih of February last, in'ormlng me of I my nomination to the cilice of Vice President Dy the American party, and asking my acceptance ot the same. For the flatter in? terms in which you have communi cated this proceeding. 1 beg leave to offer you my sincere thanks. 1 accept the position assigned me by the Ameri can party with a just tense, I trust of the responsioiiity belonging to it. 1 attended the Convention with no ex pectation that sueh an honor awaited me: and it my own actings and wishes could have been consulted, it would have tailen upon some other member of the Americau party, in whoee ranks are so maoy distinguished lndivi duals, bet-er known to the country and bettir prepared by ex perif noe tor the high duties of the station, should the voiee of the people be in a coord with that of which yon are the organ on this occasion. Bat acting upon the maxim left us by the great men of the early (lays of our repub lic, that public office should be neither sought nor de clined, I yield to the judgment of tboee who have thought that my Dame might of service in advancing the im portant objects which cons'itnte the American party. Our leading idea is that the two old pities, democratic and whig, have ceased to exert their tormer beal.hful in floenoe in the management cf the pubiie intereet. and that, without the intervention of reforms whieh iheyoan never effect, the beloved oonstituti n and Union, be queathed to us by our forefathers, will not long be pre IWTWI. For the most of the evils with whloh we are threatened at the present period the administration of Preside"* Pierce is evidently responsible; but InsWad of finding b'-> party mgaged in the prrsecntion of measures to SVC the canger he has brought upon the land, we see it m "? active than ever in scattering the seeds ef sectional stri' and social anarchy. When Geoeral Jackson came into the Pre-idency be acknowledged in bis iaaugaral address the obligation ' t the Executive to restrain the patronage of the (ede at government, so that it rhould not bs brought into con flict with the freedom of elections. But modern demo cracy stands in direct antagonism to this obligation. Tlwre is scarosly an election precinct in the United States which has sot witnessed the most shameful iatertereu re with elections by the agents of the federal governm-nt aetlrg In the nam# of democracy. In former times, when parties were created by patri, ia and national sentiments, upon measures of general a tercet to the whole country, we never beard that a mea sure could be teclated democratic in sue place and not democratic in another, by learning men protesting to e long to this party. Yet we see this ensrmity exhibited daby by the party press in the pay ot the present Exseu tive. The necessary result ot aueh corruption, if not euccesstully opposed, must be to destroy all political mo rality, and to continue power in unfaithful and incompe tent hands by the mere influence of the moaey der.ved from the taxes which are paid by tbe people for far different purposee. It la undeniable that the antago nism now prevail!' g between the North and the .South ia mainly attributable to the political artifice which has enabled men holding directly opposite opinions on tbe power ot Congress over tbe institution of slavery in tbe Territories, but yet professing to belong to the same democratic party. The Nebraska-Kansas act is constantly e<U'el sy on# pcrtim of the demo erats a law which will prevent tbe extension of slavery to toe Territories, and by another portion a law which win enable tbe South to carry slavery to the Ter ritories By tbe same fallacy, secession, nalliflsedan, abolition, and ail other i?in" have found a shelter un'.er tbe Hag of democracy, explained as It is by modern Inter praters. In frrmer times, also, our best patriots, without die tinction of party, spoke i f tbe necessity of guarding tbe ballot. b 'X from tbe dangers of foreign influence, and of keeping separate ihe Church and State; and of ihe advan tage to be derived from a frequent recarrence to the ear Her advice of our falhere, wbiob Inculcated a reverence for tbe compacts of the constitution, and the abstinence from whatever tended to form geographical parties er ar ray one section of tbe Union qgainst another Now. however, the who'e power of tbe federal government is brought bo bear against eny individual who has the lode pendenee to declare bis attachment to those old fasrilon edsentiments. Whole classes of m?n stand proscrtoej and ostracised for no other effsnse than that o' joining an association which seeks only to correct tbe exieeaes of rriy spirit, and to restore the government to tbe purl* possessed when we received it from the hands of .ho ? i sages who founded and reformed it. Looking, gentlemen, npon the American party as 4e < i ned to eradica'e ihe evils to which I have thus briefly d verted,' am proud to be called one of its menbers, and an only regret 'hat, n selecting Its flag bearers, the otee or tbe Vice President had not fadea u cm one who could brirg to the cause higher guarantees for its uccess than can oe drawn trora the bumble serviees 1 bane heretofore rendered my country Thanking you again' or the kind manner! n which yon > e expressedf car personal gralification at the nomi on, subscribe myselC very respectfully, yonr osedi ervant A. J. D0NKL90N. Third Avenne Hal I rood. TO THK KPITOR OF THE QIRALD. The article in your paper of Wednesday states that this company have attempted to smuggle through the Brerd of Aldermen a project to charge the inhabitants of the upper part of Yorkville and llarlera fen cents firs. Tbe petition of tbe Third Avenue Railroad Company was heard before tbe Committee of the Board of Aldermen last fall, at three different public meetings. The inhabitants of Yorkville at tbe time it was before tbe Board of Al dermen, held a public meeting end appointed a com rait lee to enter with the President or the road and that com mute" called an afJoarnod meeting at Yorkvllla, on the b7th of February, where they reoommended tbe passage of tbe resolution now before the Board of Aldermen The inhabitants of Harlem held a pub Ic meeting on 'be 12th of January, and similar resolu'ions were ad >pted. ft is aadrely untrue that the acti n of the railroad is unknown, or that any underhanded attempt lias been made to obtain I hi- resolution ia the Board of Aldermen. TRUTH. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOI1T MARK BT. Friday, April 18?6 P. M. The market was .lightly duller to-day, with increased demand for money. As usual, everybody expecting an inflation on the strength of the peace new., stock, have rather gone the other way. To the trade of the city and the country at 'arge the symptom is a healthy one, as it indicate, that the merchants are niing in their busi ness the funds which have lately be*n employed in buoying up stocks, Solid dividend paying see arlties, like I'anama, Michigan Southern, Galena and Chicago, and Reading, have ggpwn slightly dearer since the news; hut all the bubbles of the day are lower from an eighth to a half per oent. No variation has taken place in the bond list. Chicago and Rock Island has been feverish since the corner calumniated; but it maintained itself to-day at ahont the same price it ccmmanded yesterday morning. At the second board the market was buoyant. Panama advanced ,1% per cent; Michigan Southern 1. In other stocks there was no change worth rejiorting. The impression la < ally becoming stronger and stronger that we are upon the tve of a very active speculation in the stock market. There is in the good sound stocks a margin for an im provement, and there is no donbt hat that margin will be t raduslly covered. A steady appreciation of a perma" ent eight and ten per oent dividend paying railroad stocks, must take place. The money market and the pnblic mind are in favor of such a movement, and it can" not be resisted. The George Law announces that the river boats on the ban Juan were laid up at Punta Arenas, the agent Scott being left without money or provisions. Be intended to discharge the men under his command and lay up the boats. The advices from the West in regard to the business on the railroads are very^eneouragtng. The Toledo Com mercial states that on Thursday, the 10th Inst., 1,760 passengers, in twelve passenger cars, were carried West on the Southern] Michigan road. The fares amounted in the aggregate to 810,660. The rewipts of the Cleve land and Toledo road for the first two weeks of April were 862,000, equal to about 8135 000 for the month, which is 815,000 beyond the estimate. The same two weeks last year, gave 852,000. The first week on the Michigan Southern road was 866,000?the largest re' eipt ever taken. Of this 844 030 was for passengers, and 821,000 for freight. The train on the Wisconsin Lake Shore road on Thursday last wan' into Milwaukee with nine full passenger cars. The earn ings tor April are estimated by the Superintendent at 825.000, which, for forty-five miles of road, is Urge. The Milwaukie and Mississippi and Milwaukle and La Crosse roads are doiag a very large business. The latter is now open to Beaver Dam, 61 miles from Milvuukie, and already twen y locomotives and three hundred freight ears have been provided fer doing the business offering itself. The following l'st of new banks wh'ch began business in this State, or contemplate beginning during the fiscal year, is given below:? iN'.niuSt or Banking Capitau Arm?, Location. Capital. Auburn Exchange Sank Auburn 8150,000 dank of Cannovla Ctzsnovia 120.000 Bask of Chenango* Norwich 120 000 Bank of Kent Ludingtonville.... 100 000 Bank of Not wich Norwich 125,000 Canastota Bank Canastota 110 000 Com. Bk. of Sar. Springs Saratoga Springs.. 126 000 Croton River Bank Brewster's Station. 100 800 Dairymen's Bankf Ne ? port 100 00j Hour City Bank Rochester 200 000 Importers' A Traders' Bank..New York City....I 000 000 Mer'le Bk. of PlattsburgJ.. ..Piattsburg 100 000 Mohawk River Back Fonda 100,000 National Bank of Albany Albany 600.000 Ontario Back6 1'tica 600,000 Oswego River Bank Fulton 126 000 Park Batk New York Oity....2 000,000 The above axe association#. The following are indivi dual:? Bask of Old Saratoga Scfcaylorvilfo _ Btigga' Bank of Clyde Clyde _ Cbtmurg County Bank Horseheads 50 000 Ontario County Bank Poalps.. ' Ptrrifi Back Rochestar tw\ Smith'i Bank of Perry P?rry.. 50 000 Tioga County Bank. "Warni#;...."" t?r txpfred.* ?f BWlk ?'Ch*nlkBK0 Fund), char t In placfc of Individual Dairymen's Bank. X In p'ace cf Individual Mtrean.lio Ban* of PletUburg it In place of Sa'eiy Fund Ontario Branch Bank, char ter expired. ' The folioricpare to day's transaction! at the Assistant Treasurer'! odiee:? Paid on Treaaury aoeount 8184 711 m Received on Tnasuxy account " "" 184 794 04 ?n account 8,906.'660 20 Pftid for A sway cffic? # ?.. 131 7fl?? 75 Paid on disbursing check* . 40,405 07 The pajmenta inc!ude $35,000 CaH'aruia draft!.' The receipt! icelude 850CO0 for tranefer draft on Bae tOD. The Washlngtcn, which sails to-morrow for Southamp ton and Bremen, will not take out a hundred thenar nd dollar! in ipeci*. wm We hare received th? report of the Minneeota Mining Company, from which we note that another dividend of 810 per share has been declared. Thie mine has divided 8580,000 among ita stockholders daring the laet four years. In connection with this the revival of the Minim: Board, ind the gpirited business thereat deeervee notice. Few new companies have been introduced as yet; but several old acquaintance#?among which the Gardiner Gold appears to have held its own as well as any-are daily dealt In. The Fort Wayne and MistlMippi Railroad have j-k. lished a report, in which they aay that on all the su' J scriptions a sum of only 850 22 has been collected. They have ccmmeneed work, however, by the construction of a few jards of grading near Fort Wayne. A new railroad, to be called the North, East and South west Alabama Railroad. Is about to be teaen In hand by a company in that State. It is to run from ChatUnoga Tennessee, to Marion, Mississippi. ' The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of foreign dry goods entered at this port for oonsump Uon, for warehouse, and the withdrawals from wars house, during the week ending and including Thursdav April 17, 1866:- T' Movmtnrrs in t ormk Drt Goods. Abirred for Contumptwn. Man ufiaeta rei of wool fSttrk z ?>\Ta '? 663 Z 386 296 708 oo. ot tlax 328 74 276 Miscellaneous 2j6 ,ot*1 8892,803 Withdrawn Jrom Warthmur. Manufactures ol woo. 74 w m so. ot cotton y>2 iotas *>? 132 Mite do. ot ilax jJ n in Miscellaneous 1>618 10J?| ToM 8*102^6 M WarehoutetL Mmufkcturfn of wool HI 118 22.127 do. of silk 86 40 j )i do. of Ilax 29 Miscellaneous pjg 826 903 7,198 41 245 ToU1 S02 8137,694 Felue Pu* on the market during the week 8195,749 The past wees nas witnessed Urge importations an 1 diminished rales by the jobbers to the trade, and larger quantities of goods have been sold at the auction rooms at lees satisfactory prices. Indeed, a smart dscUne has been submitted to, and should goods continue to arrive for some time longer, at the rates at,which they have bren Imported for the past few weeks, we may expect a break down In prleae. The jobbers buy sparingly and cautiously, yet this will not prevent our importations be ing forced off at auction. When importers slacken up foreign manufacturers may ship direct to foctors here with orders to seU-if not in the usual way-by auction. But such a state of trade, from its irregular and unheal thy nature, .oon works its own cure. Wnen good, oome to be sacrificed, those whojsupply them and stasd the losses will soon he forced to change their oourse or ios. their capital. Dry goods, like other branches of trade, are subject to fluctuations and chonges. We find that a few years has suffljed to ehange I-.s location in this city from the east to the west side o the town-there having been a sort of general mlgra Uon irom Pearl street to Broadwsy and the cross etreets leading from it to the North river, j The wholesale business is every year lnc-eaaieg at the principal Weaiern towns, such as Cincinnati, St. L-mls and Chicago, all of which did a larger wholesale last year than usual, and the time may arrive when they may lorm the principal points of distribution. The Southern cities are %l*o increasing in the wnclesale or distributing trade. Nevertheless, New Vork muet main tain her pre-eminence as the chief Importing emporium and instead of sending forward goods from broken cases end packages, she will send lh#cn on in their original i form, on an increase! scale, to other points of distnou Uon. Collectiois conUnus good, and the failures limited The chief racneta^ difficulties are experlsnsed in s?e lions o- country at the West, where the heavy decline in ' breadstafb and provisions baa baas m?at fait. At tha South and Southwst money ia re pre tented to ba a bin dnut, chiefly oeing to the greet rise in cotton; and con sequently, w* bear of few failuraa In that diraotion. The ex porta of cotton clotha from thia port from tha 1st of January to the 8th of April, I860, have amounted to 10,026 package*, against 6,589 tor tha aame period in 1866; and from Boston the export thia year haa reached 9,723 packages, againat 3,028 in 1856. In domestic goods we have to n< tice that brotra sheet jnge and ahlttinga hare been ateady; heavy sheetings were Arm at 7V?- a 8c., and light standard goods ateady at 6^e. a Tc. The demand was moderate tor all kinds. Drills ware in fair demand for export, at 7V?- a 80.; bleached sold at 8.K0., and bines at 9 Vs. Corset jeans were uncharged. Oanaboigs were in iacreaaed supply, especially of common grades, with a steady home trade. Denims were in fair demand, without change of moment in quotation*. Stripes and ticks were muck leaa active, abetter stock; while prioee were tolerably well sup. ported. Cotton duck continued in good demand, without char ge in prioes. to for there haa been no corresponding change in the value of manufactured cotton goods with the enhancement in the value of raw cotton. As respects foreign gtods, although the importers and obbers have done a fair businees, greater than that o' the same period last year, bat not what they expected, yet the heavy importations recently made have had a depressing influence cn the market, and prioes are gene rally lower, exoept In new and desirable styles of goods, which are in demand for the city and ooontry retail trade and have become marc or lesa scarce. French dress, and tancy silks, and ribbons, Ac , arc said also to favor purchasers. Stock Kwhinse. Fkout. April 18, 1818. $6000 Kent 6's h3 104 loo s-a fine KB.. bflO o7 6000 dol?yb.b3 113 3j0 do 6tJ< 2000 V rg nia fl'i... 1>S% 60 do s3 5i V 24000 Missouri 6's... 64% 60 do b30 fcbV 10000 do 84X 50 do b3'> 67 600 City 6's, '70... 97 60 do 63 6?% 1000 Her 2a m bd*.. 76V 60 do c 6>\ liOOErieCon Ods'71 8-*4 1160 Rtading KK...C 91% 2000 do 83 loo do 91% 3000 do 831, 100 do *30 9t% lOtC Erie Con bds '62 8o>,' 000 do btiO 91 >, 1000 HucRiv 3dmbds 71 100 do o3Q 92 ltOO 111 Oen HH bds. 88 300 do b60 92V 6000 do ...bit 88 290 do..... 060 92>, 15000 do ... btO 88 10 Wis Lake Shore. 73 10>10 do.... b60 88V 60 d> ... .o?0 73\ 6000 do.... s30 8:% 2C0 Harlem KB 19V 600 do ur% scyHqdspn River RR, 6' 000 do...b99 67* 245 Michigan Can ft. 0 95 26010 do c 87 46 do bl? 96V 6( OOCbiARIsidRRtds 96 60 do o30 9b% 600111 ATol2dm bs 66 5 Panama KR..... Ii4>, 30o0 Goshen Line be 66% 220 do., 104V 0 sbs Baus of N A. 107 V 100 do...... b30 104>? 45 Metropoiitan Bk. 110 V 150 III Csn RR si 91% 25 Bk of Ummerce. Ill 100 Clv&Puts R.s4in. 64 60 Ptnnboal Co. W0 101 % 6 Cltv, C ACln.... 1>1V 62! do 101 16 Galena A.Chi. RR 114 15 St Nicholas Bk... 96 V 60 do.'. b7*113 20 Park Bank 99 71 do ^13 % 100 Canton Co.... b60 23 V "O.Cer AooiR.pAj. 80V 100 DeiAUudCCo.seO 128 560 do...,..upg 80V t60 lumo L'l Co 23 1110 do....,.opg 81 100N J Zinc Co 2.V 200 do 616 81 82 NY Oen RR 92 200 dj 80 V ?-?0 00 91V TOO do...cp&s 80V 50 do s30 91V 200 do ?60 79 550 do b30 92 300 Chi ARI RR.bJO 94 60 do 160 92V 60 do c 94 280 do &60 91V 100 do 93V bO do c 91V 50 Mil A Miss K..sl0 85V : 50 do 91V ?0 do b60 80V 34^ Erie RR s3 66V 100 do 85V 100 do slO 66V 10 New Jersey RR.. 121 500 do ?60 56V 10 do 121V 50 do bo (J 56V 100 M!c So A N I R..c 98 560 do b3 56V 400 Nic Trans Co.... 14 200 do blO 66 V SECOND BOARD. 91000 Missouri 6's... 84* 60 sbs Erie RR. ..sSO 66^, ms r (Lfsgt, i 3^?SSS Sg ?niVVr*nl(K 3d 91 V 100 do W ^36 Chi ft K Isld KB.. 9?S *00 72" 160 Erie KH 67 60 Wis LakenhoreKR 72/t 300 do 60?* MINING BOARD* 100shsWCkl..b70 46 lOO^BGardGold M 9100 58 88*58 &::? "s aos<^?::?,% CscA.iiu >: MOO 1 00 100 CO C 160 CINCINNATI BTOCE PALES. By Kirk <? Chtvtrjvr the Wetk 2nd\ng Apnl 15, I860. bonds. nr Little Miami RR 6'?, Mortgage Bands..... Ccy ft Lex RR Co, 2d Mortgage, 7'a. Bonds..?????? ?? Ohio ft Miss RR Co, 2dMort, 7'?, Bonds, (t*st Dry) 45 Marietta ft Cin RR Jo. 7's, 1st Mortgage Bands.... 65 IndiarapolU & Cin RR Co, 2d Mort. 7 s, Bands.... Hillsboro' ft Cin RR Co. 7's, 1stMort Bonds........ 50 Cin, Ham & Day ten RR Co, 2d Mort, 7's. Bonds.... 85 Cin, Wilm & Zanes RR Co, 2o Mort, 7 s Binds Cot k Lax RR Co. 10's, Income Bcnos ?? Indianapolis k Cin Diridtnd Bones.? ? STOCKS. -- an, Hamilton ft Da/ton RR J? Colombn* ft Xeola KR.. Cin k Chicago RR Central Ohio RR......... 15 On. Wlim ft ZunesvilleRR ? Cot ft Ijcx -|g Dsyton ft Western RR ? Eaten ft Hamilton RR 4ft Indiana Central RR .. Indianapolis ft Cin RR . ? Little Miami RR.. .... ? ? ? Mad RItot ft Lake Erie RR 4 , ; Marietta & Cin RR.... ? ' Ohio ft Mississippi RR- * | Hillsboro'ft On RR.... Pern ft Inaianopohs RR Fanners' Bank of Kentucky Firemen's Insurance Co Stock rn Bedefontaine ft Indiana RR. ..._ Cm, Harrison and Indianapolis RR 4MB CITY OOMHEROIAL, H-KPtm#? Hud at, April 18?6 P. M, Abbeb.?Sales of about 75 bbls. pots weremsda. Imp*r **ir M.i S6 62^. P*arU w?r? nominal at ?8 m. tne supply of both sorts was very limited, which restricted Four?The market was firm, and in suae cases tale' were made at a slight advance, embrac. d 7,000 a 8,000 bbls., inducing comm-m to.stra ght State end Western at 96 12H a 96 25, ?and 96 25 ? 9i < fcr good medium and low gradwofextraWestera.Kxtr. Genesee and St. Louis were quiet at 97 a 99. Tne m*rke. C0Md firm, bat somewhat leas animai^i than at sht> onenirg. Canadian was In moderate demand, wi h sale? oHtO a 500 bbls. at 96 50 a 98 50, and ch dss extra, ln .msil lots^were at 99. Southern was uocbanged. ihe ^.brVeed 1.200 a 1,600 bbls., at 97 a 99 50 for mixed to pood choice lots, and 97 (52X a J8 ?2>,tor fan cvano exira brands. Wheat?The market was quie? a^d prices ?cha.,g.d. Sales, in small rea were mace at $1 70, and Southern whitei at 91 81 lor Ulr ciuaiity. Interior qualities were nsg1 sd Kve was in moderate request; 2 500 bushels I'er nsylvania were sold et 91c.; Northern was at 91o. a t5c asked. Com?The sales were oonflned to abnu. 15 500 a 20 000 bushels, incladiag sousd mixed at 63c. a?'d at 66c! a66c. lor prim, white and yellow. OaU were without cfcange in quorauons. Corn?.?rne market was unchanged. The sa es em braced about 500 a 6o0 bags Rio, atllXc.allXc , 50 do. e mmon, at lO^c., and 200 mats Java, at R\c Tne market oontinued firm, with sales cl about 2,000 a 2.6C0 bales, baaed on ml^JilDg uplands at 11Fkki."to.-There was a slight reaction in rates.To 1 ivernool 1 000 bbls. flour were engaged at Is. 3d., 3,out) KKKfii *t4*d., ?n baps; and l.OOO baslwls^rn at priyate terms; 120 boxes baetm, at 17s. 6d.. and .00 a 30(1 bales compressed eotton at id. To L ,idon bbls. turpen'lne were engaged at os., and 5) at 25s. To Glasgow 300 packages beoon were eogegei at 26s To Harrre cotton was at He a J?c Ratss to san K'tnciseo were at 30c per foot measurement. Hat war lower. The sales within a day or two have embraced from 1,000 a 2,COO bales, for shipment, at 75c. a ^UojTwafquiet, at 935 a 937 per ton for Scotch pig. Mmjufm ?400 a 60C bbls. New Orleans were sd-1 at "s :;M?2Vscy-su. .,?. 'WiKRSi'fc-. ules embraced about 700 bbls., including mess at 917 50 a *17 68H at the olose holders deoaande l 917 75; prime sold ar 916 75. Beef was heayy, and prices feyorei pur chasers. About 150 bbis. were sold, inducing country mtoe at $7 62H a 98, and 98 26 a 9l0 tor mess do.- 910 S a 913 for repacked Western; and 913 25 a $14 %K for entra mess. Beef hams uncbaDgsd. Cut_ meats were s eadr with wl'h sales of 120 packages at ,c. a 7Hr snould'ers and 8?i?. a Kc. for hams. Bieon was urn asfffl of 400 tsjxes ihurt bone in mlddlss 19)<C , to arrtee 100 do. do. at 9H? ? A"11 100 do ?ard was somewhat firmer, with sales of 300 a, 400 boUe Lte'J a 10c Butter was at 14c ? 18c. or Ohio, and 17s a 26e. tor State. Cheese dull ati c. a 10c. p. iHTATK.?House MO lot 95 West Toirty ninth ?trset 26 by 98, 94,800, house and lot on Forty-fourth Street, ? J. jg bT too, 97,400; house and lot Sf&fSEKSK'w-w^7BroJlw?y, li be 100 95,800: yj:' vlx.v dxtli street, near Eighth avenue. 26 by 100, ? "to Ib.Ninetieth street, near F.fth aveuus. '26Joy h.u ihe block 9496 each , 1 lot on Fourth avenue, near JEh sSswt * by 100, 9675, 1 lot adjjlnimr. 26 or "o 9575 house and lot Mo. 5 Mercer street 26 by 100, *19 C50 4 lots on FTf'y-fourth street, near First, ?rh 26 brliO 92,500 each; 6 lots on Forty-litth street, Tear -Uh avenue together 150 by 80, $22,760; 2 lots ad h ldni each 26 by 100. with gore.rn rear, t-griber, 94,-00 house and lot, 132 West Twelfth street, '25 by 103, '"ih'K The market was firm with sales of 100 casks at Sslee of about 860 begs ptmente were made at lie and 100bsg? African ginger at 6H?- P? lb. and 16 ?^lo active and firm. The to 1 800Cuba ronscovada at 7c. a with som# b ? t .imp i - ?r - 400 do. f'orto Rlc ? at about 7Ji?' a 8c., and P., lo tt7Mo a 9v. wl'h small lots New Or'sans at prl terirs as * 162 hbd*., 24 tierces and 10 obis Berne rar" or refining st private term v. Rome ef the refiners, r W's d have sold ahead, and are Uklng orders for qurery at future priced. Refined sug%r* war* flnn,>Ibu t uotatu ns (or the present war* considered somewhat Tobacco.?The demand for the article ia food, bat the deficient supplied prevent traneactioneof note. Sale* of 67 bhde. Virginia and Kentucky at 9c. a 13c.; 64 belee Havana at We. a 32c ; 100 ba'ae Yarn at p. C; 12 caeae eeedteaf at 7H<>- a 18c.; 61 do. Florida at 16c. a 22c. Wool.?The market baa been void of animation ainoe oar laet. Purchasers war* unanimous in tb* belief that price* bare seen their highest, Still there ia not much reason to apprehend a decline, while the supply le so light?hardly sufficient to keep the {notorial in qparation till eheartig time, fall two " " I two month* hene*. WiiiHKnr.?finie* of 160 a >00 bhis. State Prison were made at 26M?* Tkas? Per Konaoon, he. Terms six months. Hyson? 39 half chests at 40>f c.; 40 do. 36){& ; 66 do. Sic. Young Hyson?187 half ehesta at 46 He.; 182 do. 4&Ho.; 88 do. 4SKc.; 100 to. 40H?. ;26 do. 36He.; 170 do. 36c.; 580 do. 33c.; 43 do. 27o.; 111 do. 26c. s 107 do. 24 Ho.: 140 d). 24c.; 170 do. 23He-; 179 do. 22c.; 21 do. 20c.; 20 do. 19c.; 44 do. 18Ho-; 66 do. 18e.; 7 do. 17o.; 60 do. 15He.; 37 do. 10c. Imperial?71 half cheat* at 02Ho. Hyson Skin ? l**U at 21 he. Hyson Twankar?67 half cheat* at 26 chests i 32c ; 11 do. 26 He.; ? do. 26c. Oolong Pouohoog?22 chests at 40c.; 20 do. 41 He.; 41 do. 40c.: 63 half do. 40Hc. OMong Souchong?62 half chest* at 10o. Sonchong 410 chests at 17 c.; 300 half do. 28c.: 100 do. 19Hc.;418do. 19c : 118 do. 17 He.; 661 do. 17a.; 436 do. 16 He. Oolong? f 07 half chests at 48a ; 160 do. 30He.j 260 do. 29c.; 202 do. 28Hc.; 200 do. 20He.; 238 do. 26e.; 76 do. 26H0-; 1121 do. 26c.; 608 do. 24He-; 279 do. 24).; 816 do. 23He-; 148 boxes do. 68H?.; do. 87He.; 80 do. 48c ; 112 do. 46c.; 203 do. 46*c.; 60 do. 42H?.; 60 do. 42c ; 28 do. 41c.; 384 do. 40Ho. FAMILY BAMKBTMa. RETAIL PRIORS OF FARM PRO DOCK IN WASHINGTON MARKET. Heat exhibits a slight dscline this week, and butchers eay the prices tend downward. Poultry and game are getting much dearer than they were, as was to be expect ed. This is the breeding season ot birds aad game, and he is a poor, mean, inhuman sportsman that would hant and shoot until the "lores of the birds" are consum mated. Fish is getting cheaper, and as will he seen by our list, many new raiieties are in market. Shad is abundant, but connoisseurs say it does nIH taste so well this ysar, as usual. Soft shall crabs, terripln, he., are in and much ?ought after. ' Butter and cheese maintain the same rates, but eggs are eheeper, 8 a 9 being given for a shilling. The vegetable market begins to look welL Spring truck, mostly from the South, is coming In abundantly. Green peas, string beans, and tomatoes are among the rest. But for particulars the reader had better consul* i mt list, which will se found to be correct. The follow jsp art the prioes:? MEATS. Beet?tiuioui, roast, per lb 13 R 0 16 Bib, roast, prime ? a 0 12 Kib, chuck ? a 0 11 Sirloin steaks ? * 0 18 Porterhouse steaks 20 a 0 26 Bump cloaks 13 a 0 16 Plates and navels, corned 0 10 a 0 12 Mutton, per lb 0 10 a 0 13 per carcase, per lb 0 09 a 0 10 Lamb? " " 08 a 0 10 per lb ? a 0 12 Yeal? " 0 10 a 0 14 Veal, fare quarters, per lb 0 07 a 0 10 Hind quarters " 0 10 a 0 13 7eal cutlets " 0 20 a 0 26 Young pig, each 2 60 a 3 uO ? per lb 0 09 a 0 19 Pork, fresh, per lb ? a 0 12 Hams, smoked, per lb 0 IS a 0 14 Shoulders " " ? a 0 10 Sides " " ? a 0 14 Sides, pickled " ? a 0 12 Jowls " ? a 010 Smoked beet M ? a 012 0 76 Beer tongues, pieoe Sausages " ? a o 12 Bologna sausages " ? a 0 26 Tripe " 007 a 008 Lard " ? a ? U FOOT.TRY AMD GAMR. Wild turkiea, each 2 60 a 600 Turkeys, per lb ? a 0 20 Geese, " 0 11 a 0 13 Ducks, tame, per pair 1 76 a 2 00 Widgeon, per pair -.. 0 62H a Chickens, per fb ? a 018 Spring chickens, per pair 100 a 1 37 H Fowls, pair 100 a 160 Guinea do., " 0 76 a 1 00 Pigeons, stall fed, perdos 1 76 a 2 60 Quail. ? a 2 00 Partridges, pair 0 83 a ? Rabbits, " 0 80 a ? Black duck, ? ? a 0 75 Hares, per pair ? a 0 76 Broad bill duck ? a 0 76 Brant, per pair, 160 a ? Venison, per lb 10 a 0 18 Ganraes back duck, per pair 160 a ? Squirrels, per pair 0 12H a 0 26 OapoBS, per lb 0 26 a ? Grouse, per pair 1 00 a ? FRUITS. Apples, Newtown pippins, per bU 4 OS a 4 60 " greenings, " ? a 3 00 " russets. " ? a 3 26 " Bpitzenberg, " ? a 3 60 << GiUiflower, " 2 00 a 2 60 <* all sorts, half peek 0 26 a 0 30 Cranberries, per bbl ? a 20 00 " per quart 20 a 9 26 Shad, each M o 37 H Tanipln, each a 0 87* Brook trout, per lb ? ? 40 Smelts. 44 ... ? a 0 12 Pike, " a 0 16 PickerelL 44 Baas, 4 a 0 12

a ? 14 Suckers, " a 0 08 Sunfish, 44 ... ? a 0 08 Codttsh, 44 a 0 07 Eels, 44 a 0 13 Kroetfish " a 0 10 tieeo, " a 0 10 1'erch, " a 0 10 l'orgtes, " a 0 09 Flounders, " a 0 08 Bull headd 44 a e os Haddock. 44 ,-r a 0 06 Halibut, " a 0 12 Fresh mackerel, " a _. Salt mackerel, " a ? 1? Salt shad, ? mm (hooked halibut, 44 ? _ Do. mackerel, " Sounds and tongues, per lb A mm a mm Smoked shad " a mm Soused sahnoa, perean a mm Smoked aahsoa, per lb ? m Dry oodfish, " a 0 08 SHELLFISH. Oysters?Prinese bay, per 100 1 N Virginia 44 a 1 M Clams?Shrewsbury, per 100 a 0 75 little Neck, 44 a 1 60 Lobsters, per lb a 0 08 Crabs, per do sen a 0 18 VEGETABLES. Potatoes, meroer, per bbl . . . ? a 2 28 14 Carter's 44 a 2 00 44 western reds, 44 a 1 75 44 per half-peck a 16 3 4 06 Sweet, per bbl a 4' 44 half peck a 0 20 dquaahe*, per dos a 1 00 Bed onions, per bushel a 1 00 White onions, 44 a 1 20 Cabbages?new, each a 0 08 Cabbages?red, each a 0 10 Savov cabbage a 0 08 Beets, per bushel ? a 0 50 Carrots, dos a 0 12 Salad, each a 0 10 Garlick, per hunch a 0 18 Lettuce, per head a 0 04 Leeks, bunch a _ Turnips, white, per half peok a 0 12 Uma Deans, soaaed, per quart a 0 12 Parsley, ouaeh CMery, bunch a o or a 0 12 Green peat, per quart a 0 12 Parsnips, per dot a 0 15 Droncale, eaeh a 0 08 Tomatoes, box a 1 08 Spinach, half peck ? 0 16 Cauliflower, eacb a 0 12 BUTTER, 0H1ESM, ETO. Butter?State, per lb a 0 ib Orange, 44 a ? ?hio, - a 0 31 Cheese, per lb ... 0 10 a 0 12 English, per lb a 0 21 Pin'-apple, each a 18* Sspeago, per lb a Iters ft a 0 IV* 0 26 Beney, strained, per lb ... o 18 a FURNITURE. fR* SPLENDID LABOR BOBRWOOD BEDSTEAD ) ? clonk for dale, and hair mattress. App.y at ISO u f| Thlr y tilth threat. Alao, workshop to let. |jvOrR^IlURR, FUBMTfTRE -BIOHVRT HASH PRItia r paid for household furniture of every description, carpets ellelmh leather beds, watahea, jewelry, flrearmi, aarr-i-tal musical and nautical Instruments. Parties promptly w ?iie* on by dropping a line or calling on McOAPFRAT A WaL TUBS, auction and commission merohaota, Bo. H Oatbertns street, or Vi'i Broome street, eorner of Mercer |j CRNI?CR1 for" BALE? UN)?paRI.OR. KITCHEN P and chamber, nearlv new. Will be aold cbaap. A rare cbarceforany young folks commencing hours aa there la cveryth'ns required. For particulars address Americur, Hetaldrfllse. CtCRNlTUBK FOR BALK.?A BMALL FAMILY, ABOUT I* rcrovtnr from the cKy, would sell their parlor chamoer and kitchen furniture, at low prices. The articles have been need but lltt'e, and are aa good aa new. Those In want are in riled to examine. Address Htuart, Herald office. |j*OR BaLiToHRaP?AN M.EUANT LOT OF IRON FL'R r allure eonaiating of marble top tables, bedsteads hat stands, towel rucks umbrella stands, china, g ass and fancy articles; together with the store fixtures, at AM Broadway; or will be exchanged for real eetate In this city. Two good pack era wanted. OLD STAND FOB CHEAP F0RNTT1TBE. FEATHER beds, mattrerses and pillows; furniture renalrel var nished and upholstered ; eaalrs seated. Iron and sofa bed Heads, sl'o large walnut bookcase, tor sale. Old furniture bougot or exchanged; mttreeses mide over. Q. W. HNEDF.Nfl, 383 Bowery, between Houston and Btanton strests. OPOUW A WD At RIM r. a^FHTHaLMlC Iwffitfitk. AO 7 A8TOB FLstJM (II,IR \ y tor, HaH?*. M- RLLfOTT, M D., Informs his friends ard ths ptibtle that be has returned rrom Europe, and estahllsned an initltnte for diseases of the eye, with all the modern im provements In ophthalmle medietas and surgery. Office hear* Visit II) to I. imPTOB. |j'OE UVKRFOOL.-UNITED IT ATM MAIL STEAM r ship BALTIC, Captain J. J. Oomstock.?This steamship will depart with the Untied Rtales made for Europe, positively, on Ra'unlay. April X, at U o'clock M., from barberth at the foot 01 Uasel street This ship ha Improved water tt|ht bulkheads For freight or passage, having unequalled aoovmmodaUons for elegaooe and eomtort apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, M Wall street Passengers are requested to be on board at 11 A. M. Bhtppera will please tike notloe that the ships of this line cannot carry any goods oontrabaad of war. All letters must pase through thafpoat office; any other! wOl be returned. The stoaasfcte ??will euoceed the Baltic, and sail Ma* la The steamers of this Una, to avoid any danger from lee, will not cross the Banks of Newfoundland north of 42 degrees until after the 1st sf August f|>BI BMW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATU steamers.?Ths ships eom posing this Mae are the bl low teg:? ATLaN ATLANTIC, Oapt West PACITIC, Cant MXridga. ? Baltic. OaptOcostseh. Adriatic, Oapt . ? These ships nave been built by eootraot, siprsssly for gev ^^xUBAusMteiiUUUte . Every sere 1 tiosi, aa also In Ihefr engines, to secure strength and speed. thsir aeeosnmodattoaa for psssengm s are nneqnaUad for cim gaaes ana eotniort Priee of psimge from New fork to liver poo , tat drat eteas sabte, flN; hi sssond do., 970; ssahufve use of extra size staterooms. NX; from Liverpool to New York,30 and X guineas. An tipsrlanoed surgeon attaohadtesashshfp. He harm assured sndlpatd for. PRUP0RRDBATB8 OF BAILING. moM www tobe. srnon uvsaroM. Saturday, Tab. 10 1800 Wednesday, Feb. X 18M Saturday, Mar. 1 ltoi We lnesday, Mar. 0 1806 Saturday. Mar. 1* .1800 Wednesday, Mar. 19 1806 Saturday, Mar. X 1850 Wednesday, Ao'l 2 1000 Saturday, Ap'l 12 1806 Wednesday, Ap't 16 1806 Saturday, Ap'l X 1806 Wednesday, Ap'l X 1806 Saturday, May 10 1806 Wednesday. May 14 1806 Saturday, May X....I...18G6 Wednesday, May 28 1866 Wednesday, June 11 IBM For freight or passage apply to kBWT) JC. COLLINn, X Wan street N. T. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. 8T?PBBN KENNARD A CO., 27 Austin Friars, London. B. G. WAIN WBIQHT A CO., Paris. Ibe owners of these ships will not be accountable for gold, sllvlr. bullion, speete, jewelry, precious stones or meta'a, un less bills or lading are signed taerefor, sod the value thereof therein expressed! Shippers please take nottee that tee ships of this line cannot carry any goods contraband of war. Awattsra moat paas through tee Posfoffice; any other will be returned. Noncx.?The day aT departure of this line from Mew Task for 1800 will be Salinrday, eom manning Jan. 6, and every alter nate Saturday; and from Liverpool. Wednesday, commencing Jan. X. and every alternate Wednesday. OTICB.-FOR LIVERPOOL.?OLD AND FAVORITE line ?The splendid clipper packet ship OITT OP BROOKLYN will (all for the above port on Monday, the 21st ef April Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. For passage, which la st the lowsst rates, apply on board, at pier 40 Bast ylver; or to TH08. H. O'BRIEN, 163 South street. VTOl ICR.- FOR LIVERPOOL.?CLIPPER SHIP E8 1M Octtl will positively sail this day, at 12 o'clock, at which nour passengers are requested to be on board. Room tor a few mere, npolv on beard, pier 8, North river, or to IiHMAREhT A JuhER, ho. 40 South street, and 36 Old slip. FOB LIVERPOOL ?TAPSCOTT'S LINK?WITH IMKS dl&te despatch ?The fast sailing first class New York built packet ship HAM. M. FOX, 1,2U0 tons regl?'er, At Atnsworth mauler, will be despatched punctually, at above. For freight or passage, apply to the captain, on board, at pier No. 11 North river, or 10 To F8UOTT A CO., 86 South street. gi'OR LiVKKPuOL-TO SAIL PusTfiVKLY ON THE F 21st of April.?Toe tavorlte packetahlp CALHOUN, ('apt. Truman, will sail as above, without delay. This we 1 known packet has superior state room aoeommodatlons loFcabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Aoply on board, pier 6 North river, or to H. 0. A. TEN KYCK, 67 Bouih street. LOR LIVERPOOL.?THE FAVORITE PACKET SHIP r ARCTIC, Captain Eerega, will positively sail on We Ines day, April 26. ber accommodations for all classes of pas sengers are uisnrpasved. For passage apply on board, pier 14, cast ilver, or to HABttL A COR rib, ifj Broadway. FiOR LIVERPOOL ?8T. GEORGE'S USE OF CL PPER ships. The celebrated dipper ship DREADNOUGHT, Captain Hamdels.will sail on Wednesday, April 23. For passage, in cabin, second cabin or steerage, having superior ac .ommo dationa, apply on bourd, pier 8 North river, or to DEMARE8T A JONES, 40 Sou'h street and 36 Old slip. (DOR HAVRE, DIRROT?THR FRENCH HORN* r steamship ALMS, 2,200 tons burthen, will leave tor Mis above port on Saturday, May 3, at 2 o'oloek precleely; priee el KTffifo flM IBeoondcstiin fi( We *eg to call the attention of Shippers to the differences el duties fat France on foreign produce per French Tassels. Fes freight or passage apply to the agents. KM A ED. FOIKIHB A CO., 17 William St. The Barcelona will suooeed the Alma, and sail Tuesday, JoneS. STEAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. KDINBUBGH, 2500 tons, Oapt. Wm Cummins, NEW YORK, 2160 " Capt Robt. Craig. GLAIGOW, 1,962 " Capt. John Duncan. The Glasgow and New York Steamship Company Intend sailing their new and powerful steamer EDINBURGH, from New York for Glasgow direst, on Baturdav, May 17. at twelve o'clock mon. Rates of passage?First class, 976; third olaaa, ked provisions, 980. An experienced surgeon found with cooked . __ _ attached to each steamer. For freight or passage apoly to JOHN HoHYMONj7 Broadway. F?? New York city bills or gold only received for passage. >R SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.?THR UNITED States mall steamer ARAGO, D. Lines, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mails and passengers on Saturday, May S, sit 12 o'clock, from vim No. 37 Bora river, foot of Reach street. fbiob or rsaSAQB. First cabin 91M Beeond sab In 71 This ship has five water tight comportments, enclosing the en gine, so that i nthe event of oolliskm or stranding tee water could not reach them, and the pumps being free to work, the safety 01 the vessel and passengers would be secured. Bag gage not wanted during the voyage should be sent on board the day be lore salting, marked "below." No freight will be taken after Thursday, May 1. For freight or passage apply to . MOB1IMKB LIVINGflTC N, agent. 63 Broadway. N. IB.?The steamer Fallon will succeed the Arago, andjml) the 8|st of May. rBOM NEW YORK TO BREMEN VIA SOUTH AM PTO0 and Havre.?The United Stales mail steamship WASH. INQTON, K. Oavendy, commander, will sail for Bremen, touching at Southampton to land the mails and passengers for lDglano and Fran as, on Saturday, April 19, at 12 o'clock M., from pier No. 37. North river. rates or passage rnon new took to soot ham-to* on nanus*. In flrnt eabta, main sale on 91* In brat cabin, lower saloon Ill In seeosd cabin X An experienced surgeon Is attached to each steamer. Bpeeie delivered In Havre or London. No parcels received on the day of sailing. AU letters must pase through the Post office. For paamge or freight apply to C. H. SaND. agent, 11 South street. The steamer Hermann will suooeed the Washington, and sal May 17. Nl 'OTICK TO PA88ENGEBS AND IMPORrBRS.-THfi steamship CITY or BALTIMORE* 2,464 tons, 800 hoses powar, 0*3laic Robert Lelteh, 1* Intended to reroute the Bal ing from Liverpool to PbUene.ptsie oa Wednesday. the 23d at April. The Liverpool end Philadelphia Steamship Oompaap Intend tailing their favorite steamship#? CITY OFB sLTIMORK, 2,464 tone. Oapk Robert Leitch. CITY Or WASHINGTON, 2.380 tone, Oapt. Wm. WrUe. CITY OF MANCHESTER 2.109 tone, Capk P. a Pstrle. KANGAROO, 1,974 tone, Capt. B. Bwtng. not uvenrooL. City of Baltimore Wednesday. 23d Aprfi. City of Baltimore Wedneaday, 4th Joae. not rHtLADBLraiA. City of Baltimore Thursday, 13th Kay. City ot Baltimore Thursday, 26th June. bath or raMaoa. Saloon, 990, 966 and 966 aeoorllng to itate room*. A limited number of third elaea passengers will be tafcea from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in provlakma. From Philadelphia 930 From Liverpool. 941 There steamships ere oonatructed with Improved wv.tet tight compartments, and each veaaei oarriea an axperianeet surgeon. Parties wishing to bring out their frienda caa obtain oerttg eateaof paaaage and draft* on Liverpool In rams of ?1 sterling and upward*. Apply to JOHN G. D ALB, Agk, 17 Walnut sk.Phila., or SaBEL A OOBTIb, 177 Broadway. Raw York. WEST IN91E8 AND VENEZUELA STEAMSHIP COM paav, for Laguayr* and Puerto Cahei'o. stopping at dk Thorn?s una Porto Rloo, currying the United dtuiesmall. The ? p enald new steamer TENN KdHKR. (1200 ton* burthen), O M. Webber. Commander, will leave for the above porta on Wedncsuuy, Key 7. at 12 o'clock precisely. This steamer will arrive is time at St. Thomas for ptmengers to take the British mall steamer* to Gundaloups, Granada, Trinidad, Marti* Iqut Barbaooes, St. Bart*, fit Croix, St. Martin, Dsmerara, Antigua, St Kttts, bt Martha, Aeplnwail,. d San Juan, Nicaragua, and the West India Islands. ruler. or passaoe. Frcm New York to St. 1 homaa, or Porto Rloo 970 To Lsgua- ra, or Porto Cabelio 83 Steerage passage 26 All letter* must pass through the Post ofllce. No bill of lading will be signed ei those furnished by the company. For freight or passage apply to - ISDA, 6. DE aGKHDA. JOVE A CO., 47 South street. 50 pounds baggage free?u>centsper pound oe excess?Four hours from ooesn to ooean, by Panama Hal)road. Through tor California via Panama Railroad. The United States Mall steamship Company win dispatch for At ?lo wall, on Monday, April H. at jf o'oloek P. 4.. preotsely, from pier foot of Warren street, North river, the well known and faat steamship GEORGE LaW, Capt. Wm. L. Herndon, U. 9. N. Passengers and malls will be forwarded by Panama Railroad, and connect at Panama with the Pacific Mail Steam shin Company's magnificent steaw ship GOLDEN AGE, J. T. Wstklns. commander, which will be in readiness and leave immediately for Sao Franolaoo. The public are Informed that the Pacific Mall Steamship Company have always one or mors extra steamers lying et Panama ready for sea. to avoid any pomio e detention of passenger* or mails For paaaage e? ly to I. W. RAYMOND, it the only offloe of the companies West street, corner Warren. $ Sinus ? tu o umrAiun iiiss ru* ban fki ctaco, mlling regularly and poaltlvely on or before the d advertlwd.-Clipper of Saturday, l?th of April Inst T magnificent A 1 first elam oHpper ship PAMPIRO is reoelvl BUTTON A CO '8 DISPATCH LINE FOR 9AM FRAI I .-n '? ? * i day -The 1 , .jreartvfiM her cargo, at pier 10 East river, and will positively mil as above. The passage of thie favnrtte e lpper in IDA days has not been equalled by any veasel now loading for San Franelaoo. Her capacity bang small, she wiUluadoubtedly finish loading sonalderanlT before her day. BUTTON A CO., 68 South street, eornarof Wa'l. N. B.?Tiie ships ot this line take no freight after their adver tised day. preventing ell delay to those deetroaa of landing their cargo In Ban Francisco without detention. SUTTON A CO'H DARl'ATOH LINE FOR SAN FRAN cipco, suiting reguliirly and poiltively on or before tte d?y ndverttsrd. Ninety three duys. The superior A 1 first class clipper ship JohN GILPIN, Ring, muster, ts completing her loafing ?t pier 10, Eset rtver, and will positively Sail on or be fore Tueeday, 29th April tpet. This fiivorlte clipper hut mode the voyage to Ban Francisco n tlnetv three days, a passage unequalled by any vessel now loading tor Han Francisco. 8UTTfIN A f'ti.. 38 Sou'h street, corner Will streak ? N. B.?The ships cf this line kike notrelght after fiielr adver Used day. AUSTRAL1A.-PIONERR L1NF./OF MONTHLY PACK eta, carrying the United States malls. The new aid splendid A 1 clipper ship SPORTSMAN, Thompson, master, now loedlsg at pier No 7 Rest river for Melbourne and Syd ney, has three fourths of her cargo engaged, and wtU positively he despatched about 53th April. Her aoeommodatiins lor first and seoond eabln passengers are unsurpassed. For passage or balance of freight, apply, early, on board or at the office of R. W. CAMERON, Mo. 6 Bowling Green. L OR NEW ORLEANS AND HAVANA-?THE UNITED r States mall steamship HAHAWBA, J. D. Bulloch, com tnander, will eminence receiving freight oe Thursday, April 24. and sail for the above ports on Monday, April 2-, at 2 P. M precisely, from pier No. 27 North river.toot or Koitnson street. LIVINGSTON, CROOHBRON A (X)., Agents, No. 12 Park place. No bills of Indirg rig tied after the steamer sail*. Freight for ?k UiuIs goes through by this line In since a day*. T.TOK SAVANNAH AND FI/'RIHA.-UNITED BTATKS r mall line The new and elegant steamer AUGUSTA, f'sptatn Thoe. Lvon, wIN leave on Saturday, April 19 from pier No 4 North river, at 4 o'clock P M. Bills of Tailing signed onboard. For freight or paesag* apply to 8. L. MIT 041LL 13 Broadway. For Florida, through ticket* from New York to Jacksonville, 131; to Pllatka. *33. Large and c mtmodlou* steamers leave Savannah for FlortdaaJthrne times a w-ek con necting with the steamers fram New York on Tuesdays and a turdaya. mtffiw. F* OR HAVANA AND MUBlLi-ON THURSDAY, MAY 1st, from her pier 44 north river, foot of Spring meet, the favorite United mate. mail steamer QUaK.BR CITT, S, W. Shuieldt, oommsoder. Freight Liken lor New Orleans end forwarded from Mobile free o' commissions The companv'a bill* ladlne con be procured no beard and at the office of the agent*. No others signed For freight or Damage applg to BM1TH A PATRICK, AgenU. 61 Wall gtreel FOB CHARLESTON AMD FLORIDA?SEMI-WWRKlrif United Stales mall line.?The rplendtd that going steam ship JAM KS Alio KB 8. C. Turner, commander, will leave Sier No. 4 North tlver, on Saturday, April 19. at 4 o'clock P. : precisely For freight apply on board, where all blBa ad lading will be signed; and for passage at the office of 8P0F KORD, TTLE8/ON A 00 ,39 Broadway. The Southsmer will succeed, and leave on Wednesday, April 23- The favorite steamer Carolina makes regular tripe to the various landing* on the St John* river, Florida, connecting with the steamers trom New York, and leaving Charleston every Tuesday, at 2 o'clock P. M. Through tickets to Jacksonville, 931; to Mat ka, 933. _____ Fob nobfolk and bichxond.-thi united Plates mall steamship J AMS8TOWN, GapL Fairish, win leave for the above obese oa Saturday, 19th Instant, at 4, o'clock P. Mm from pier IS North river. She will arrive at Norfolk oa Sunday afternoon, and at Blchmond on Monday morning. Passengers tor the South will proceed without de lay by the great mall line to Charleston, Augusta, Savannah, da Travellers will find this the cheapest, pleasantsst and most expeditious route. Peesage and fare. Including state room, to Norfolk. 98; to Petersburg, an* Rithosond, 919 Steerage half prion. Apply to LUDLAM A PLEASANTS 32 Broadway. maouunovft dfcor nnn~w?JiT""-WITH? biitt DATS, ir JlZO.UuU the New Hat Company, 146 and 148 Neman street, In sums of 9> each, secured by a perfect fit of a moat beautiful bat, equal to any 94 hat In the city. ICS CANAL STREET, NEAR VARICK.-W. A K. YAM lut) NOTK have a large aascrtment of the bleat pattern* of grate*, fenders, kitchen range,sumaaer ranges and stoves, for sale on ressenable terms. Orates and ranges eat, lined and repaired; stoves lined; jewelers' and brass founders' fur naces built aad rep a trad; furnace doors Ibed with soap stone. a NEFFICACIOUS CUBE FOB CORNS, BUNIONS, OAL A loeltlea, Dal s growing into the flesh, and every disorder of the feet, by a new and peculiar me'hod, without cutting, or without causing the slightest pain. Monsieur LEVI. o' No SO Bis Rue de Bivoli, Paris, aad No. S Conduit street, Regent street, London, Burgeon Ch'ropodlst, patronized by the hmperorof Fracoe and the royal family or KDgland. may be consulted daily. Sundays excepted, from 10 till 4 o'clock, at his office, 91 west Eleventh stiW, between Filth and Sixth avenues. COPIES or TESTIMONIALS. [From bis Imperial Majesty Napoleon III., Bmperor of France.] Je ceitifie que M. Levi enleve lo* core nvec una extreme ho tllete. Louis Napoleon Bonapabtb. fFrom James Baker, Esq.] I certify that Dr. Levi has cured me some months ago of se vere troublesome bunions, without the least pain, and which have annoyed me lor maov years. I walk at present with great comfort, and cheerfully recommend Dr Levi to my friends and public. James Babes, 22 Kaet Seventeenth street. New York, March 24,1806 [From Robert rerguson. Esq., M. D., Phvgicbn hi Ordinary to her Malesty airCroat Britain.] Mr I evi has most ekiitn ly extracted two corna from ny feet, without giving me the slightest pain. ? .. , BflM. MUMMAN. M. D;, No. 9 Queen street. May Fair, London. March 2,1888. [From H. J Feltus, Esq ] Unsolicited by Mr. Levi, I beg leave to testify to his success (ul skill in having perfect!v removed a large bunion of long stardlbg, wl houtosuslng any pain. H. J. Fbltus, 1'bLade'phla, Ju.y 27, 1802 No. 4 Boston row. In addition to the above authenticate! testimonials, many thousands more In his possession (among which are several from ladle* of tie highest rank) can be seen by favoring him with a call at his offlt-n, 91 West eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, New York N. B ?No professional eouneotlon with any person, BRIDGKWATEB PAINT -THE BEST ARTICLE KNOWN for roofs of bouses, decks and oottomsof vessels, and ontside work general.v, being a perfect protection against the action of the atmosphere. For sale at the company's depot, 90 Water street. Belles of new yo?k.-all of tN? xf# town ladies buv their 1 oklng glasses and picture frames, of the most elegant sty le, ol our worthy and handsome friend BRaLLEY, oi 104 Wl Hem street, oorner of Ann. Pier, man tel and oval looking glatses: also cornices and bases, cheap. N<?RaVING and PRIMING, at half price.? Wedding, at home card*, visiting, address and autograph cards, brlda' envelopes, card cases. Ac., business eards, bill heacs, maps, drafts, notes, checks. Ac., at KELLY'S, 61 Ful ton street, N. Y. For sale, very ohssp, some copperplate and lithographic presses and materials. foURK KINDLRR.?THE AMERICAN PATENT FIRE V ktndler lights your flrnqulokly and surely. Ne litter o( shavings, no buroiDf up of the half read newspapers, no tak ing tut of the coal after the Are is once bulft,bnt a quick, ready fire. It lights charcoal, eannel coal, eoke, or coarse klndilug|wood, and its cost is nominal. Three email blocks, costing one and a half cents, wl J boll two quarts of water; benee it is also oonvenWit and economical for summer use. For sale at all lamlly groceries, or at the manulhetary, 268; 270, aDd 272 West Thirty ? xth street. RATI8.?BEAUTY ; HOW TO GET AND HOW TO PRE ?ervett: by Dr. T G. RUTCBINGS, author of "The Medi cal Pilot," Ac , Ac. Poet free, on raselnt of onepoaUge stamp. Address Dr T. G. Hr.tehlngs. 483 Broadway. Agents wants* for "The Medical Pilot." UNS, RIFI >8, REVOLVERS, Ac.. WHOLEBaLK AND* retail.-Country dealers, rportamen. aaanaptalna and emi grants going West wou'd do well to eall at F. REYNOLDS', *jw Chatham street and No. 0 Olty Bali square, Nsw York, and examine his large stock ot doable and single guns, rifles. Dia log, muskets, Ac., before buying elsewhere. OU8RKREPKR8 CO*TRACTS FOR BUTTER.?NOW Is the time to contract for Lice table butter, made to your older lor use next tall and winter. By a Utile forecast you can make a great saving Walt un ll next tall, or the begin - ning ol winter, and you will have to pay from Sic. to 30o. tor batter; contract lor It now and your suppl* will coatj on not over arc. a pound, delivered at your door, if ordered of the subscriber. Orders for fall and winter supplies, (warranted to ?nit.) mav be left at the oflloe ot the Express Messenger, 162 Fulton street, two doors west o' Broadway, or at the Farmers' strre, No 3 Broadway. Bowilng Green. A. L. 6TIN60N, dsn- men's age it N. B ?Cash orders for tm me Hate supply of choice table butter, at 24c. a 25c. per pouu*, wilt be satis factoriiy executed, if lor not less than twenty pounda AYANA SEGAR8. REGALIA DEL RRYS, CORONAS Acurtos, Conchas, Florteta, Doe Famaa, Operas, Dm Qulxotte. gift a. Ac. for sale In lou to suit purchasers and at low orlcea Buyers wou'd do well tj eall before pumhastng lse where. E. P. BOG a KB, 164 Maiden lane, aeeond story. EROSENB OIL, Not explosive. Secured by paten ta. Lubricating oil, equal to sperm oU. Blnnaeie ofi. for skips' use, Not affected by the ooldeat weather. The new and improved Kerosene lamps, AUBTKN8, Agents of the Kerosene Oil Company, No. 60 Beaver street. New York. H NOTICB TO OA PI T A L18T8.?A FIFTH INTRRB8T II offered to a person located In New York, of rood bostaeee habits ana Integrity, who can command from gsoO to 81,900, tat the sale of Jere F. Hall's cs'e'rated wormwood cardial. D baa been extensively hi trod need In nearly every dty at the Union. The best rerereraea can be given as regards Its efflaasy for the prevenfon of fever and ague, tor the promotion at the appetite. Ac., Ac.; also a fifth Interest will be sold to a rod dent of Philadelphia; a fifth to a i ~ ~ ... .resident la Mew Orleans; a fifth to a resident ta ? hioago. The subscriber will loeala him self In Boston, his native place, and establish there the prtact aal depot tor toe manufacture of the oordtaL Far further par ticulars address Jere. F. Ball, 261 Front street, Mew York. OOL8 FOB 8ALR CHKAP-TWO FOOT LATH88. BIT of blscksml h's Pols. lnc'udtnc betlows and anvil, eight vioes. nearly new, end one pair of shear* for catting metal, at' 226 Greenwich street, up stairs. MACH1NI8T87BLACK81HTH8, AO.-I HAYS OPBR ed the store 176 Centre street with a general assortment at Iron and ateel. and trill cut from the bar any length required. Bar, rod. hoop and sheet iron; east, Oerman and shear steel. JAtCM BOOTY. TO ENGRAVERS AND CABD M AKKRA.?COPPER AND steel p'ates. all sizes made, and always a large stack on hand, both for engraving ard polshln* cards, with hardened steel plates, wh'cn give n superior po'lsh, at the lowest prises. Orders from all parts fl led with Dmmptneas. as tisnal, at the old siacd, 2d and 26 P att street, corner of Gold, New York, by JOHN BRUCE. TO PARTIES ABOUT FURMIHHIRG ICR CREAM 8A. locus, bsr rooms. Ac. *n aseortmnnt of miirble top ta. bles, new and of varlone nations. also china and glass ware will be sold cbenp for cash, or exchanged for city railroad stock. Address A. H. G , box 673 Post office. VERY SUPERIOR CANDIR8. Oris Dhoi-s, Loeenoes, Bock Caxdt, Ac , With a large assortment of FA*CY CANDIES. At prices lower than the tine quality can be found elsewhere, by LTRWaRT A BU88INQ Wholesale Conloctlore rs, 396 Pearl street. N. B.? Assorted candies, known to be snoerlor In quality (and keep in a warm c Imatelto an- o-ber, at the lowest market price, In thirty, fifty and one hundred pennd boxes. WEIGHER'S IMPLEMENTS FOR 8ALK-CONSI8TING of four fraises, four oeams. one double bottom, one (In gle <*o . alx pair ease books, poises, balaness. Ac. Can be seen at Jamrs H. Bs dwlo's cooper shop, I" Furman street, near Fulton terry, Brooklyn. CLOTHING, AC. ??<} nnn WORTH of oabt oef clothing wajtt ed. The blgheit price given and caAbpaM la current money. Gentlemen having good left off or superfluous slothing to dispose of can obtain liberal drices by sending their address to, or calling on, JAJfBS MORONEY, 121 Walker street, near Centre. UNREDEEMED PLEDGES JUST RRCEtVRD-OONV sistlog of blsckand blue f-ock coats, easstmere pants and fancy Jvests wlta a variety or white linen coats, pants and vesta, lib West Broadway. mI WISE* ARD UUUUH8. A*""~SKI ECT AMOBTWRirr op PORT, 8HRBRY MAORI I a. champagne and claret wtnea, brandler, Jamaica rum' Holland gin, Bcnledam schnapps, Bootes, Irish, Monongahele sr.d Bourbon whiskies; syrups, cordials, Ac.; London and Dublin poier, and Beaten ales, for sals at TTMDRBUKjL A MAT! s BBOM'8, A'O Broome, oorner of Crosby St. Holland gin, rocrvlt.k and cognac bran diss Bordeaux white and red wines, Jamaica mm, all Is bond; canbeshipi ed In bond or delivered Muty Daid. For ?ale. on ressonable terms, by 8IMPBOM HROTHBRSjNo. 19' Heaver street ANTHOLOGY. Astrology and magic-the grrat swrdish msslclan and philosopher, Dr. C W. ROBAOK. formerly of New York. Philadelphia ard Boston, is now producing an Immense sensation In the W??t, by his discoveries of hidden < treasures, detection of robberies, recovery o( stolen goods, conned in love affairs lawsuits speculations, Ac Nativities calctested ladles83 gent' $6 Lor particulars see As tro rglcal Almanac, forwarded gratis to any part of tbw Union. Address, post paid, Ilr. C. W. lto jack, 171 Sycamore street, Cincinnati, Ohio. /3LAIRVOYANCJE.?MRS. SEYMOUR, 110 SPRING BT., \ J a lew doors west of Broadway, the most snoosssful medi cal and business elalrvoyant In America. Asthma, liver com plaint, fever and agne, ssrofnia, dehlllty, Ac., oared. If sura ble. Unerring advice on business. absent friends, A?. Satis faction guaranteed, or no pay. CLAIRVOTANCR.?LADIES MRU. HAYRB, I7???BAND street. New York. Is tie best medical elalrvoyant In Ame rica. Mrs Hayeslwdaily cuiiig dieesaes that have thr ag*e bslllfd the ikiilfof the learned. Unerrlt g advlcs given rssaeet ln? business, absent fnet d*. Ac. Satisfaction guaranteed, re mfmber, orro pay taken. /IARD.-MADAME PKKWHTER R8TURN8 TIIAWKB to her fr'epds and pa'rons, and begs to s?y that, after the tbouiands both In this city and Philadelphia who have non suited ber with entire satisfaction, she teels confident that In the questions of astrology, love and law matters, and books orrrscls', as relied on constantly by Napoleon, she has tvi equal, Fhe ?111 tell the name of the fntnre husband and atwo die t sme el her visiters. 76 tfadl-on street. Speedy and sure cure ol piles end con s by a remedy of her own.