Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1856, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1856 Page 9
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awertisements renewed every day. 1.000. Foa HAJLE. AnirA0BE8 or VALUABLE TEXAS LAND FOB uv/.UV/U (ale or ez hange; also a valaabie farm on Bla so Island, beautiiully located, having a Que view of the ia?, x>d la a very high stale of cultivation For particulars, ap ily t Id Wall atree'. to SYLVEBTilB LAY, attorney at luw, and nmmi.ali.Der of all the Htates. 07' part orTtooixhTT, PI I ,ut)U located eight ml ea from Joraey 1ft , on the lank road 10 Patterson, flour a-d saw mill, with residence, 'aler and dock privilege* Also twenty five aires cut tested tad woodland, and bouse, outhouses. orchard* and thl'fr ight acres beat land. 0. B. tlOWhB A CO , Ha Nasaaua reet. h/LmVn -,F0,R SALE, A COUNTRY BEAT, AT f , , M_, i? Yonkers, wb two acres of gronad attache 1, re I tbaded with ocunt, p engy of fruit, good gardeu. carriage, aidmrr'a and Ice bou.ra; near tbe depit: doable brick houae. pply 10 A. OblBaWDfclt, 187 Broadway. till (Win ? *011 BALE, OWE "or THE FINEST Jll/.UVvr. grist ard sawmills in the Stare of bew Jer sj, only asbott distance from ibis city, b? nllrotd; every Dig in console Border and paying band* rnelj; wl I nctuuge >r good productive real eiUte or merchandise, apply at 229 Iroadwu) ,i fflce 24 A. CAMPBELL A 00. !Q njlll-boBri LI >iK SX'lHvNtfs: FoT~OttO v>/,'7llu. eerie*, dry goodt, boots and tbors, hardware, lo fclng, first c>?ss jewe ry. or liquors to bond, a fi st casi anniry rei ldenoe wltht wo at re* of 'nml. sltu.te lo one of tbe :ost p ea-am and bea thy t >wns In Westara New York Tit e effect and ualneum-ered. For fun ne r particulars ad tress . H. HMl'IH, box fit Hroadway ttllce. iq 1 win -for Tale, a beautiful bwi Kj .VJ\I\J . dec re, wltn fourteen lots, situated in tbe mo*t mraoie naitof Jamaica, L. L; every cunvenlenoe and tn roveniet t. Also a gsod residence, with five acres of lend, nd a bouse and two lots, alt In Jamaica. Apply to O. B. IOW S.B A CO . 84 Nassau street ?y rjuiTrbL buy ttiK lkAfltt ANu nxrusTn 'O .t/f fv/ of a large and elegant h tuae. capaole of as nnmudallng01 e bnndrsd boarders suitable tor a clun bouse - restaurant, situ tied on e popular ai d thronged taoroueh re wbbln tour doors of broad way. Address ojz 2,661 New org Tost olUce. [O 11/W l -A HOTEL I* BOUTH 8TREEr~DOING lu,Uuu, a first rate business, having a lease of five mrs. Bonrecompetelf tnrnlrbedfor the ?usl ess, end one the mist deelrab'e s'ands la the 'oca t.v For fur'her parti Bars appiv to G. B. HOWBs A CO., B4 Nassau street. 10 Z 1/1(1 -hOK BALE?THV, GOOD WILL. L4A8* 10.UUU. llxtores. slock ou band and furniture of oie tbe o'dett established nnd best Pailng barrooms and lo<lg g bou?e?, in one o' the gre 1 test ibomngUtuies In thU cbv, mr <bea>res and other p acseof atnu-ement It must >0 wild, iiheowce; is going couth. Apply to A. BHrtiiKANr, id ra'l street. > 1 c .. 11 TO $1000 ?FOB BALE OR EX )H ANOE, FOB 11.UvU eg- od business In thlv city, five years 'esse, id a large Ic"house and wharf, with 3 500 'OH lss; willse'l e, o? whole together. Turcbaser will own the building. Yard /s for who. e rent. B. HOEM AGO, HI Nassau il >"| Hi 1(1 - FUR "BALK, BKVC.N YK.VI4.V LBaHis OF A UiUUU. large c Trier store, on one of the orlnclpal bu?l ma avenues, sni able for a grocery, liquor, lagerbier, auiUoa ore, or aay other bus ness. Oanoesu altered as to let nr ree the rent. 0. B. HOW KH A CO., "4 Nassau street. ?FOB BALK, THE STOCK, FIXTURES, 1 borse and wagon ol' a grocery store. It'vtattd id ?< UlJLbe b?t avenues for bostnesu Viflgrfa# d?er $1,1500 a bar.. ThAdwelllrg part of h -use lew for tear ths rent Owner ping Wut C. B. HOW AS A GO.. 84 Nassau street >7(1/1 FOR A ONE AND A HALF STORY FRAME I \J\t honse. b nemsnt, a eta e lor twobo.'scs. pig'bed and other outbuildings, rtth tw.i is of ground, with pltket f'eno* alt round, toe garden well *1 out aud paved, a g' Od cete-n of w.tter, situated at Kast gw do k, three tubes train Fulton or feck slip ferry. Con iMiDce by sieam cars or stages Inquire ot (J. ARM 'RONG, 393 Fulton avenue, near Cumberland St., llraok yo. 777/1~FOR 8 ALK, ~ITTsxTffi.1 a>1 itO IS lL ?JUU. tale olllce, dolcg an exiemtlve business. This lers a rare opporiuLity. It his a large amount of nropertv r sale, aid an extensive correspondence. Address oox l,i2o pw York Post olllce. Q7ri k - FOR WALK, A HPL?NDT(>. OLD EHTaB 'IsheC, down town, easy, cash bush ess. suited 10 kouog or old person, who may rely upon clearing Ills $3,500 Tab let'early. Cotsdertng tbe investment, a oeiter ebance Jreiy offer* In this city. A'so. to 'at, a superior furnished (use, having sll Improvements; Seventh .street, fine bou*e, Jtole rent $1250. Apply at 85 Chambers street, room No. 8. *7|k/| will buy tub Lease" a to :k ano OUU fixtuie* ot a lager bier and billiard saloon; daily laeipts average $12; must ne sold this week. For turther |rtlculars apply at 167 Canal street, New York cltv. <)/1.| -TO LaT, NKAlfBh,RGEN PulNT. A BMsLL ZiUU. cousge. wihonoac.eof land, preltllv arranged Its ornamental trees and shru is; has a view of the city, har Ir ind un rounding shore More laud If dsslred inquire on |in?ay of K. J. I.Kal K, No. 2 Church sueel, N. Y. I r 11 WILL PUBOHAS8 THE DIN/NO AND _ lfJU drlt king saloon comer Canal and Ore in wick sts., Iilcb erst $J00 tour months ago; ts be aold as the owner has 10 Fouth. OH -FOR BALR-THB STOCK AND FIXTURKB UK JDU. an old wtabllahed segar and liquor atore. The pre lit owner Is at out going West. Inquire at 13 Broome street NKaT THRKE 8TORY aND BABBMENT BKIcK bouse, built for comfort and ooovenienoe, having all the Ixlern lmprovemeitr. and pleasantly located,on West Thirty lb street. wl'I be sold at a low price It aold aoon. J. F. pLLlANS A 8 jN, 442 Mghtb avenue and 13 Wa:l street. Y*HV DEBIRABLK COTTAGE FUR BaLR-IN MON roe S'reet, brookiy n, between Yates iind 1 ewis avenue/; eestor* and basement Will be ofl'ered at prtv*te rale un ?april 28 It not then disposed of, it will be eold at public lotion. at the Menu-anta' h* change. C. R. BiLl.EK A CO., Auctioneers. 195 Broadway. _ VKRY "dTsIR*BLt BOUBK AND LOT FOR BALE RS '-wtelr built, 18 by 40 feet, two stories and basement, Eatrd In F.lghf---ihlrd street belaw First avenue having tbe vantages of city and country: stable on the rear of lot. Bdaveoue ears pass near by ever* ten minutes; Third ue every five. Price $3,100. Possession 1st of May. Ap on tbe premises. feAUTIFUL COUNTRY BBaT, WITH 52 aCRBS, FOR _ awe or ezebange for oltv property, situated on the west bt of Cayuga lake, sight mil's hrotn Ithaea. N. Y. All kinds ?rait trees on tbe plaoe; dwelling .outbuildings and fence all Wm. Price 90 000, om 1 $12,000 Foe further particulars In ?In paper s ore 30V Grand street, where plea ol the plaoe be sees, or of THuMAB JO* KB, on the premises. BCOELYnTrOi-ERTY.?FOR BALE OR EXCHANGE lor a small farm en Long Island, a two story frame houae 1 one or five 10 .a adjoining, on-tne corner of Graham aveaue _ McKlbben St.. a short olManoe f cm Flushing avenue rail |d. Apply at the drug (tore, corner of GoiZ and Proepest 1, Bfook'yn. ETTaGE FOB BALE AT AUCTION, ON ((TkTEN Island.?Tbe subscriber wW sell at public auction on day, A aril 26, at 9 o'cl< oc P. M , on tbe premise', a oot ooDtainlnk six rooms and basement, with a lot of laud at ed 50 feet wide by 159 deep The bouse is ue w and In per order, at d la but five minute*' walk from tbe steamboat _ teg lbs premises are (Hasted on Barker street. North ?re Btaten Island, a portion of tbe purchase money may sin secured on tbe p ace, if desired. Prevtoaa application 1 be made to the subscriber, at ihe Post oflloe, North uhore. J. J. CLUTK. JCHTRY RE8IDKNCE F">B SAL* OK TO LBT-aT Astoria, L. I, one and a-half mile from the village, oon is g ,uteen acres of land. commanding an extensive view ong island Ho and, Ac. Apply to H. N. OAOE, 80 Liberty >. jCJURlf SKaI FOB Bale at SING sing.-I will ?ell en the premise*. to the hlgbeet bidder. the bouse ead rads now occupied by me on urchaid street adjoining ine iston tf J"ht' e. Jones. Ksq., at 2 o'clock P. M., on Wed lav, 23d instant Terms very easy HkaBT SioRMH, real estate agent, 27 Fulton street. RUG STORE FOB 8 ALB A GREAT 8 AO Air ICE. neat and substantially fitted up: an old estaoOshment. ulre at the oflloeof HKbRY GUftRHBEY, M. D., 265 Kaet aowev, between the hours of 1 ana 4 P. M. RUG STORE FOB BALE?N8ATLY FITTED CP. well stocked, and doing a good business: will be *Vd at a tt sacrifice t. applied lor immediately. Will be sold by li - my, II uestred. Apply at 391 Elgb Jt avenue. uEGAHT oochtry"bjmioemok fob balb-witb fttrniturs, sarrlags Ac., and twenty sores of land, on the U of the Harlan. Hew Brunswick, M. J., oommandlng e nlfioent view. A photograph of the place wnton will be low. can be seen at the uflee oI ?. D'aRRVILLY. 18 benge plane. theY AMD BIBBOH STORE FOR BALE.-A FAHCT sdc ribbon store In e very destrable location; the s ore been established fourteen years, and has done a good and itabie trade. The stock will be sold low, and the bulidinr id if deetred. The reason for >elii? g Is, the owner 1s en id In o her business For parucukurs Inquire of B. A V., Cham oars stret t. up stairs. tKM FuiTllALR CREaP-AT posiptoh plains, Morris cctinty. Hew Jersey, c mtolntog 44 acres, ail In ood state oi cultivation, all the neosaarv buildings, In i order. Fries $4,000. Apply to H. Y. MEAD, 187 west nty first str ee t. |RM of" 12# ACRR8 rOR BALE-BEAPTIFtlLLY LO ceted. five minutes from Summit depot of the Morris and ix railroad, one hour from Hew York; two bouses and all tradings, with evuy convenience for a country residence, ej be divided lute two parts, with a good house to each, rf said before the 23d proximo, will be offered at the Mer it,' Exchange For terms and full particular, apply to M. tbF 84)4 Pine street, room No. 2. t iKBALB? $12000 -TWO KXCKdLKNT MILL drRK&M* at Mtltou. Delaware Upon toe upper, watch emptier the other. Is a oark mtll, running one set ot stones, with cracker, Ac . and a first rate saw mtli, fitted with the latest weed castings, power for rolling up logs Ac ; will cut 1.000 9t lumber per dev. The lower stream baa a large grist with three run of stone, two bolting cl'.ttas, smut machine, wusber Ac Everything la In first rate order. Timber can (Ought low; at from three to five miles from toe mil a. as easy. Address C. R. Payntor, Drawbridge, Busses ty, Delaware. B bA LB?TH K HE A UTITTTT, OOTT AO H HO CHE, 8T A. ble and grounds *o. 241 West 1 wen ty-third street, be ? Eighth end Ninth avenues. For parucnlars. Inquire oa remises, or of O. J. LoWREY, No. 57 Fulton street. Urn. bTaLE -OB TO KXOHAHOR FOR GOOD CITf OA quntrv property, two three story brick bouses, with stores *st floor, situate on east aide of Teeth avenue, between r second end Forty tolrd streets; #0 feet front. Apply to ILLIaM 8TUY vbHANT, Jr., #6 William street. r sale the five "yearn lkare, txiktheb with the fixtures and fu-nliure, without stock, of ooe o. est pu-Uc houses In the lower part ot the dlty. It ha, oncunl'd the last f.raiteen years by the lato proprietor. Is cow deceased lo a responsible pereou toe whole wltl id on easy terms Applv on the premises 23 Chatham t, rr to P. O a ttRICK, Hlxth Ward Hotel, c irner Duane [le.itre street i. R BALE?A OTOOK OF GROCERIES AND LE ABE if store and dwel Ing hou-e; all In geod order, and will be on re won* hie term*. Cause ror sellng toe owner leiv le eliy. apply lor three or fonr davsat 209 Fulton street R ~ bTi K-T oat VERY DHhIRABLF. PROPERTY lo 9 I'eabroases stree'. consisting of (on the front) a t wo , attic and barement brick bonse. stale roof, and a two house on the rear oflot. ?'our years' lease of lot with ent, aid vears' lease of 'ot. wtto covenant for ral. Rents for It.Otgl. Will be sold at a great bargain erms made easy. Applyto A. SERGE ANT. 16 Wall si. R HALtf-AT HfhPHRN PINfc-8 STABLE, NO. 63 Fast Twenty fourih sireet, one black horse. 9 years old. unled to trot a mtle tn 2:60 to a wagon; a very preuy gray i 7 years old, can trot In three minutes; a sorrel horse, ?as trot In toree minutes to a road wagon; a buy horse, csn trot tn 8:10; elio. a veiv handsome sorrel mare, lfl'( , high, can tret in 2:60. All toe above horees ate war d sound and kit d. , R HALF.-THE HTOCK AND FlXTl RK.H or a NF.aT r fitted no Mquor store, wltli back room attached. Apply i strife, 1131merry strest^near Catharine. R SAl E?THE STOCK, FIXTCRHH AND LEASE OF boot ard ahoe store tn Brooklyn. In a good bustoeas and now doing a guod bnalnew. Good reasons tor sell d Inquire at QUACK aNBUHH A CO ??, Ho. 62 Dey H. Y. t H * LE?TWO HaNDHuME LARUE makii.h p counters end two show cases. Inquire at No. 163 le s'reet. t EALB-ALOT OFGBOOED. B1AOTIFOLLY8ITO ?sd on Kro>kl?n Heights. Momagun place. For terras, to ftORHN BROS. A COFfKY 69 South street. F FOR HALB. qVor >ALR- THE FOOK 8TORY BROWN StONRMO r Itsh blMBNl house 40 WMt Thirty sixth street, between Fifth tod Sixth avenues; hou?? IS ieet8 Inched wide by 42 feet dee?; la bol t In the very beat manner, end la in eveay respect eflmcl-re-tWn-^ g HaW8 Can%, ^ Under lite People'a Beak. OB NALB-A BARB CHANCE.?A Me* HaVi.NJ about >1,000. Apply at 11 White ball atr?t. F~6b BALE?TWO LOTS, IK WILLI AMS SURG, WORT T about (I OttOeacb; tbare l-i a mortgage on the two for >1 000. Nuance taken In cath, or a sloip. schooner or yacht, Address W. 1/. C., bax 84 Yooarra Poet office. FOB BALE?A PLEASANT COUNTRY NK8ir?*NUK, Iff Jamai ia village, of nearly two aeiea, bandaomely laid ou<; fruit and shrubbery ol all klndt, ?1 h nice shade treea around the oouae, on a quiet street, In the p lessen test part of the vlilaae; good bare, welt. Ac. , place In exre lent order, and Toaaeeeion can be bad Immediately. Five mtnutea' walk from the depct, and near the railroad. Apply to 8. J. JOHNBO.N, 208 Broadway, room 5. |j!OR BALK?A NEAT UOTTaGK HOUSE. aT 1091B " street. bet ween Mnth and Tenth avenues. Will be sold for >130 catta. If sopited for ipunedlatelv, as the owner Is leav ing^ For to formation apply on the premises. jjiOlTBALK - A BKaTtTfDL FARM, UF TlOX AORmB, r In Bergen county, New Jersey, t wo miles above Baekee aaek, wMh a river iront and dock tine building, good orchard p ecty of Umber, and well watered; oo<nmaod<uf a splendid view of the surrounding eountrv Inquire of JOHN UOCKK, at Few JUdord, *. J., or of J. J. Talknan, 212 Broad way, room 11. OR HALR-TRB LKeHE AND FURNITURE OK HOUSE No. 486 Broome street. Apply on the premhet, from 8 tc UA. M. EiOR BALK- 500 BARRKLB DAMAGED FLOUR, IN LOTS 11 to lull pur sharers. Apply to VALRNTINR MOTf, No.6l Rutgers slip For balk?a oboiur farm, of sixty wOrrs, one miletrotn tbe nourishing vl lose of Mlddle'-own. Orange countv. Price >4 500. A'so n her trult and dairy 'armr. trim 400 'o S00 acres. Wanted, a first c'ase dwelling In New York. In exchange O. H. OLIVER, Bijtb avenue, corner Fortieth street. 10 to 12. OR BALB?LrAHN and GOOD W.LL OF T?d W?L'. known first class boarding hnu?e 127 and 129 H-eecker street Wood he disposed of upon favorab'e term*, with or with, ut the furniture. CHAUNUKY BARNARD. 98 Broad vay. OR BALE?THEI,KABE, 81 OCX A ND FIX tU dBd OK afeoffee, cake and ovsttr salo in. now doing a good bust nen Satisfactory reasons given, apply In tbe base mint. 49 Bowery. 0. D. PRICE OSOR BALK?THE GOOD WILL AN1> FIXTURES OF A C dnnklcg saloon; this house Is sltna'cd la West street; the piece can be booglt cheat. lba reason tor retting can be as certained by calling at tbe corner ot uaumood and <Jreon wich s'reete. In tbe ?? eat shop. For hale- at a bacrifiir. a substantial dwellirg banre. biura and outbuildings, wi'n over two acrea of grod lai d, hLh y Improved with a great variety ot fruits aad Mowers situated two and a naif mi es from New Market depot, Middlesex Ci uoty. New Jersey. The owoer Is ot l'ged to lor jo the sa e lo order to cimolste a cintrant for a put chase at the West, the property, though worth from >3,600 to >3000, will be sold for >1600. Apply to N. WILLIaM BTUk VS8ANI, Jr ,66 Wil'iam street. tticb Sale?bix first clabs four story J' brown s'oLe houses, rl.nated, viz: two with dm I tab base ments, Nos. 119 and 113 East r eventeeoth street, south aide, ard lunr wtib h-gh ba?emen'fl, on Rutherford n'sce, opposite Htuyvesant square. These he,lives c >ntaln all tbe molsrn im provements, and ware built by toe dap's work: a person will he touod on tbe piemisei to show and give all particular* t < par les caltog. For sale unul the 26tb (Apri) last., If not then sold wll> be ren ed to desirable tenant*. H'OR Balk-A LIQUOR MORE, WllH FiXTuMKH. IN good bmlness order; average receipts trom eight to ten dollars per day. Will be sold cheao if taken at onse, as the uwter hss taken a dining saloon, and cannot attend to the d qu ir store. For particulars, apply to K. LEIKD, 115 First avenue, from 7 to 9, and 4 to 7 o'clock. F~OK SAI>?A~N KaTTNG AND T> rllNKINO HeLOJN fitted up In tbe best maneer, on tbe thoro ight'are of Befkman street. It needs but to be seen t ? aitlsfv a m n th it It 1s a gocd stand. Inquire on tbe premises, 123 Beekmio street. FIR8ALB? H008B 27 JaMKH STftftitT. TOtliCfHa I n iih tnnrb e top counter, bowling alley, gas fixture-), #o . to be removed from said premises, in consequence o. th? extension of the Bowery. Also an eating saloon cheap. Ap ply to K 11. FLUNK, 32 Qrand street, N. If. {FOR SaLK-TBK WKLL KNOWN 1 I)aGUKRRHaN " guile'y, 369 Broadway, the above galore, together with all the fixtnrrs, will be to d at a great sacrifice, as the present owner l* obliged to leave the city on the 1st of Nay. Inquire of P. OAIGE, on the premises. H\OR SsLR^AfTlCAYINlJ A?D DRINKING 8 A LOON, titled up in the he*t manner, on the rreat thorough'are of West street; It needs but to be seen to satisfy a man that It Is YcarUs? 'n'u'je on "1? Premlsss, ill West street, earner GTOB BALK?A FIRST BATE, OLD ESTABLISHED P grocery stand situated on the corner of Seventh avenue and Twenty fifth street, wl.h a 'ease of store, or VMiole house, ?lth a wed selected stoik of groceries. The re as in for selling la. the owner is getting advanced In ' ears, and wishes to live private. Call Immediately, as above. G10K SALE TWO Nl<,W. FIRST OLA88 FOUR 6F0BV r brown stone houses, finely located In Tweuty-ulnth street, between Fourth and Madison avenues, finished In the most tnbslan la) manner, with all the modern improvements. In qufre of WiLLIaM BY KB, or JOHN W. FlaLDaK.on the premises. HHjB SaLK?A MILK ROUND. AND DHPoT OF AfiOUT 360 quarts per day, with horse, wagon .and fin arts. In quire at 609 Greenwich street. HVOR BALB?ANEAT, BKOWN STONE FRONT HOU8K. and lot, situated in I exlng'on avenue, second do >r from Twenty pleth street, west side, No 134, and contains all the modern tmorovemeats. House new, and has never been oc cupied. Terms easy. Inquire of R. KNOX, 176 East Nine teenth street. mor hai.k at hobokkn or will bs rkutrd n with the privilege of buying on or belore the 1st of Fe >ru try, 1867, a first class three s orj and basement tramebcuse filled In with brick; bouse 31x44, located o? ten lots ot ground, on Palisade avenue, with fruit and shade trees; bath, range ?nd turaacr. win every convenience; srltnln twenty minutes of lerry. Applv to M. EGOLF, 34% Pine street. fflOR SALETa* 181 IP. I,. I -AW ELEGANT COUNTRY n seat ot ten acres, beautifully laid out In garden and lawn, fine fruit, shrubbery, Ac The buildings are new, fine modern votfatc cottage, large barn, carriage, lee house, Ac. In excellent order AH bufit by the present owner, wfih great regard to comfort and regard ess of expense. Ike situation, in point of neighborhood and fa-hionablc society, stands unrivalled. Ap ply to K. A. JOHBbON, 3* Broadway. Oh. BALK. AT I8LIP, SOUTH 81 DM L. I -A 8PLKN did farm ot 270 seres, being one half of the Crura farm, Ivlrgon the roulh road which divides It, giving two trontao 660 feet, w.ll shaded wbb forest trees. Also se 'arttl fine sites ot ten acres each; with fine marine view, good fishing and shooitrg, shell fish In abundance. Apply to K. A. JOHNSON. 36 Broadway. HtOR HALE AT A UAKGaIR-TWO HQUSRS ON THE north side ol Twenty sixth street. ea?t of Lexington avenue; also two bou?ea on the south side of Twenty elgbta street, be tween Fourth and Madison avenues For particulars, Inquire at No 8 Wall street, pf C. 8. 8LAU80N, room 37. FOB DISPOSAL?an established and luobatifk business, with stock, fixtures. ntensl s and g>od will; will be so d for a little money. A good concern for any industrious young man with small means. No agents need apply. For particulars, address Western, Herald office. OB HAL* AT A BABGaIN?POSSESSION 28TH IT. stant?A first olass three storv brick house, with high basement and counter cellar, Philadelphia front, ga>, baths, rat ge. Ac . all in complete order; lot 21 6 by 100 yard flagged; on Oxford street, Brooklyn, near the late residence of Bev. Dr. Cox. The owner, having removed West, u determined to otfer Inducements that will oomtnuad a ready purchaser Sixty per cent ot n remain. This property only needs to be seen to be sold. Inquire near the premises, of A. B Oavenport, corner of f-xfordstreet aid Fulton avenue, or address Owner, box 682 New York Pott < ffloe H'OR BALK, CHHaP?A GkNTKKL AND WKLL BUILT bouse, nearly new, with handsome garden. Ac., on one of the finest avenues fr Brooklyn, p easani walking distance to the ferries. Price $4,000; no tncumbrsnce. $2,600 caa remsln on mortgage Some furniture may be had at half price. In qube of O E. FKOSr, corner of Front and Fulton streets, near the terry, or of Foster A Lopcr, No. 4 Saads street, Brooklyn. Fob sale cheap a fibst class brown stone bouse, No. 70 Bast Thirty first stree', three doors west of Lexington avenue, containing a'l the modern ImproremsnU, built In th? best manner by da* work. Houss 22 bv 60 feet; lot halt tba block; bouse three story high, basement and uudnr cellar. Part of the purchase money can remain for a term of years. Iaquire of P. C. HARKS, on the premises. (FOR BALB CHEAP?ONE LARGS COPPER GKNitiR r tor, made bv Mathews, suitaole for any one eommencti J the soda water business, or for filling fountains. Also, adout' 5 -' son and bottling machine. Inquire of J. M. TUT HILL, 1 3 v> arren street u-t'B SaLE CHEAP.?A LARGE, HANDSOME UUu | tcr showcase. but ltttle used. Price $16. Call at 30u Greenwich, wrner of Reads street Tur rale CHHAP FOR CaSFi-TIIB stock, fix tores and ease of the Railroad Ho ei, earner Forty thlid -"-et and Sixth avenue, right oppodtethe railroad depot; It ??mini twenty five lodging rooms, all tud. No agents need apply. Inquire on the premises. For halr, low-on k nkw, brown stonk rn l llsh basement bouse, four story and sellar, 129 Lexington a-entii; home cannot be surpassed for durability and style, with ail tie modern lmorovementa. For particuars Inquire oti the premises. Tetms easy. Ol )R SALE OR TO LKT?TnE FOUR STORY HRtiv T stone front house, situated In Thirty-third street no, s re. between Broadway and Fifth avenue. The h juse Is t,c J In the |very best manner, with every modern Improvem end la open for Inspects n at all times. Teims easy. Ap, . tr vVM. N. MclNTYRK, 80 Sixth avenue, or 82 John street. OR SALE OR TO LRT-THK LABOR MODERN TH fl | _ story brick house, with attic and undereellar, No. 26 Was?. big ton piece, dellgfattul y located, near the square all the m-- r dern Improvements; terms easy: a large amount of the pr I chase money can ierna*n on bond and mortgage for a term I yean. Apply to WOODWARD A PHARCK, corner of Me fc cer and Fourth streets. IFOR BALK OB TO LET?A GOOD, SUBSTANTIAL U two story and attic frame house, brtcx basement, eo, talnlng twelve rooms In thoroush repair, about ten minute,' walk from bridge street or Fallon terries, 141 Nanusu sire-' Brooklyn. For particulars apply on the premises, or too. BKNNKR. 71 WaU street, N. Y. r)R 8sLK OR TO LKT.-THK UPPER PART OF THE brick boose. 606 Pearl street, corner ot' Rim, with all fit tores and turnlrare, Ac., suitable for a German boardln/ bouse; a so, to ,et. the <op door of house 6441 Pearl street, tor manufacturers. Inqtiue on toe premises. FVOR Ha LKOR TO LRT-THK TBRER HT IRV a" H 1 atUc brick house No. 90 Amos street, second door fro . Fourth street In perfect order, with all the modern, morove mentssml gan fixtures; a deslrab'e house and location. Apn'v on the premises, ar to K. MALTBY A HON, No. 14 Barclay street. (FOR BALK OR TO I.RT?FURNISH BO IN OOffTLY P stvle. a superior c rantry re-ldeice a*. Bridgeport, OL, one half mile from the depot The bonne Is new. and supplied with hot and cold water isthroom and all modern Improvement-, with rlre acres oi land, fine grounds, fruit, fish pond, icehouse, and convenient out >ulldlngH. Oo-t At#,000; price <10 000; or wl l be raited one tear for only $1 000. Inquire of GBO A W11,1,8, on the premises or of Blram Williamson, 164 Wast street; or of 8. Sterling. St. Nicholas BnteL OR BALK fiR,T(> LRT?TWO OR THRU R HOUSES g , Thirty sixth street, east of Kigbth avenue, with hot end F - - cvld water, bath tub, gas pipes ana fixtures Ae . cheap W. wrniNk or J. M 1> CaRN wl I be in the prennses. from 1(1 o'olook A. M. to 4 P. M? to show the houses. Fort Hamilton, l i.-oottage for salr, about five minifies' walk from the steamboat landing; a neat new cottage, built by days' work, containing seven rooms, and sub cellar; lot 62x162 feet, planted wtih fruit and shade trees; nice kitchen garden; also a barn, containing carriage room, coal bin, Ac. Price $3,600; hall Ihe purchase money msv remain on bond and mortgage It desired. Por particulars in quire at the ofllre ot I>. FaMHHAW, 36. Ann street, or of W. r. H, u on the premise*. ? HOCPF Tfl BF.LL OR BRNT-NO 18 NKCUND PLAOR. Broi kfrn, very large. 34 feet vrid?, entfrelv new, ban t'v finHhed, wbli all the modern Im irovements. Applv -? 77 Mcichaits1 Fichsnge. New Y'.rk. entrance on Hanover stret i rtoJuIlN BRaINARD, Wall street ferry, Brooklyn, H FOK HALE. HTwELFOR BALE OR TU~0?BAM HOtJai, on ahrewabury river, having been grest'y enlarged, I? ottered for ?*le or to let to a responsible law at by THuM *8 V, WAY, 21 ISashitg on Maiket. Tbdwarr k<<r baLis -b took and KrxrottRH or hardware store are ottered tor sals at a bargain, present proprte'ors having other business that demand then- undivided atteu'lon. To oue wishing to Invest ui itga business. s-tld establishment oilers a aosd eb-moe, having done a good business for several years. a ddre -a. with real name and place ot lateiview, U T , Herald office. H~ CTRL FOR BALK-THE PLYMuUrH HUU8M. OOB ner of Broadway and Ho ward street, being flfty tset on Broadway and one hundred feet on Uos-ard street, oootalotng 112 Edging rooms: turilabed en lre with new furniture Ao : complete with all the modern lmmovements; with a lease of twenty one j ears from May 1, 1856. For further particulars lr quire ot OROAOE W. liARPKL, propilelor. nODSR AND FURNITUREIN JERSEY CITY FOR sale or to let ?The modern butlt brick house 111 Grand street; water, gas. hot air, Ac. apply on tho premises, or to C. P. ROGERS, 164 Maiden lane, second story. UUBB FOR BALK.-A ME*T~aND WMILL> BUlLf two story cottage house, with the whole or part of a plot ot ground. 200 feet front by 84 and M deep; tne house being rew and in go id repair; lbs ground well stocked with trail and p eaeanily situated oa the Dorihstde of Eighty fourth street, between avenues A and B, near East river; Is a desirable orl vate residence Inquire on the premises after 4 P. M . or at any hour on Saturday; or of A. H. ROLLER, Esq., 38 Wall street. UlJSR AND LOT FOR SALE NO 646 HOOSrO* street, a bargain. If apn led for soon; In the very best or der. with the modern tmorovemema, gas Axtnres with rteh or ?emertgattached, oilc oihs to At hall, basement and kitchen In eluded. Possession as soon aa required. Very ll*?:e mone- Is wauled, the balance on mortgage. The owner would rather sell than let Good location and will neon become valuable, inquire on the premises. HOUSM FOR SALE ON MURRAY HILL?HIT(1 ATE0 en Lexington avsnoe between Thlrtv Utth and Th'rtv tlxth streets The bouse Is new, marble fr >n\ three stories and basement Anlsbed with an the modern lmprovemen a and is one of the mod beautiful locations In the city For further particulars Inquire of 0 M. LiVlMtiSTON, 30 WUliam st. H0U6E8 FOB SALE OR~TO LET?THE SUPERIOR built rtone (font house, 14 Bust Twentv -eighth street, ne tr Flf'h avenue. Lot full size; hou?e 26 <eet h/ (14 deeo. three stories tront and foar rear; haB all the modern Imorivemeats and every convenience that eai be required. Inuu're of HO MER MOBOAH, NO. 2 Pine street, or of Dr. BLOIS, Mo. 320 Fourth street. OTKL LEASE FOR SALB.-ANY PKRSO.4 WH ) H Art $4 000 or 36,000 cash or propertr to dispose of at its cadi value, may purchase the lease and lurnl'ure of a valuab e bete), in the lower p*rt of the ci'y, now tilled with gueats, and take possesion immediate y. Ill hea th the cause of disposing ot it. Addro'i Pudson, berald offlcs T OT~FOR SALE OHRaP ON ADElPHI STRKEf' U about 160 feet from Pulton avenue; alxe tOilOu; prtoe $860. Apply to J. DAVBNPOBT, corner of Fulton avenue and Oxiotd street, Brooklyn. ECnANlCst" BOaRDING HOUSE FOR 8a E-HaV Ing twelve steady hoarders. Lease of house for Ave tears can be had If wanted, hmry May 1. Applrat 286 Watt Thirty-sixth stieet. PARI OF 8UTOHBR SHOP"for"K a1,K tiHKA"? WIrU seven rears' lease; Ax'urer complete. Including ho.*ae, can nr d wagon. Inquire at 3dl FoorJt avenue. JOHN MASON. K ARB CHANCE.?FOR 8<LK. TBS LEASE, "sTOOK and Axtnres of a first class latait grosery. haidsomely ti ;ed up, and Id one of the r.em netghoo' hoods in the city, aod doing a good r>u> Iness. apply to CORNELL A HUUOBIaL LING, if4 Washington street. ARiT CHANCK a FARM OF 76 ACRES, FIVE OF wood, ro'd?*rlrg on lb? Nrw Brunswick and Millstone kail road, and a plea# ant village near New Brunswlc, N J ilree minutes' walk trom depot. 1>4 hours from New York; house large ard subst*"tlal, old ntvle in good repair- hiru aud ou-houses nearly new and riienglon; elav loam, Ane appleo cnard variety of fruits,weil watered, well feneed; church, school, blacksmith abrp. Ac Beautiful prospect. Three trains to and from Ne" York a day. Stock. Ac., at a sacriAce, if required < wr er obliged to go West. Apply to A. CtMMaNN, 90 Water street Brldgewater Co., on Mondays. Tuesdays aid Ihursdayr. at Bourabrook, N. J. remainder of tne we*k. S~ helvino"for sale cheap.-a large lot op s elvlng, new last year. Apply to D.G. HaMMJND. 61 Barclay s reet, up stairs CELhOT LCT8-IN THE ' O HID; right on the southeast corner of Fifth avenne and Thirty elghiE street; seven on northwest corner ot same; six on sontbwst corner of same; southwest oorrer of Ihlrtv sec and ilreet and Fifth avenue; northeast corner of same, ISO leet deep. By R. G. PiivRJe, 16 W111am st-eet PRINTEBS.?FOR SALE. A DRUM CYLINDER press, 34 x 60; three revolution fast press, 33|x .10; fas double cylinder, nearly new, 26 x 31; double cylinder, old style, 62 x 71. all In use, of Hoe's manutiaoture. Slx-borse engine, boiler, oonnectlons, Ac. Applv to Mr GEORGE MAIMER, No. 81 Cllit street, or to J. W. BUB ARCS, Tribune offioe, New York. T" ~0 HARDWARE DR ALBR8.?FOR 8ALE, TdH BTOTK of hardware ct the late George Russell. In the store oorner of Eighteenth street an 1 Ninth arcane, with the store to let; a good stand lor an enterprising person. Enquire on the pre mines, or to B. RLS8ELL, Administrator, 127 West Tweuly tltth street tlHK STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A~*EJAR SCORE i tor sine cheap, on account ot the owner leaving the city. Is quire at 377 Bleeder street. Take nltiob.-for, the stall andstand No 4 Brooklj n market, with marble slab; eost $120. Will be sold cheap lor cash Inquire of 1. DESMOND, on the prsmtseA MECHANICS I?D BPRCCLATORS. -ON EXHXBI tton and sals, (tate rights of a new horse power, which deAes compel tlon; est $6", and will drive saw or grain mil s, with two horses, with perfect ease; one h?r?e is equal to four Ihcrse power in drlvitg any machinery. Call at 208 Broadway, roctn Mo. 6, or Ray State Mote1, Fulton street. VILLA ON TH* HUDSON FOR SALK-AT YONKKRT, a few minutes' wa k from the depot containing thirteen rooms, gas. water, bath Ac., large garden, with caaloe fruits grape arbors, Ac.; a delightful surburban residence. Price $6,060. Terms easy, W. J. BBUNORKD A CO. 16 Nassau street, Commonwealth Buildings. TTALUABLB BROOKLYN PROPSRl Y FO R 8 ALE.?T WO V threw story brows stone front English basement houses, on weatklde of Clermont avenue, north of Larayetle area ue, Bro< kiyn, now being finished in the best manner by days' work, wmh marble mantels througbotr, grates, rang as, hatha, gee, speaking tubes. aad all modern Improvements. The 1o cation Is one of the finest In halt Brooklyn; the new church on the eoner of Clinton avenue, and others, are In the imme diate Tialnity. These bouses are worthy the attention of any one wan Jog a weil built, handsomely finished end convenient house, at a moderate price Also, one three story brick Kog Usk basement house on tbe east side ot Washington avenue, north of Gates avenue, Brooklyn, well outit, neauy finished, suitable tor a small family Also, two two story frame oot tat es snd four iota on the southwest corner of Franklin ave nue and Quins? street, Brooklyn, vary convenient aid hand somely finished, and moderate priced. One two story (Tame bouse, with two lots ot ground, on Atlantis avenue, east of Classen avenue, within two blocks of Fu'ton Avenue Rail road. One three story frame bouse with under cellar, on ? - - Terms i street. reaa. tine inree siory trams noose wun under cent Bedford avenue, east aide, near Lafayet-e avenue, 1 easy. Apply io ALFRED M. TREDWKLL, 23 Fulton I Mew York. VALUABLE HOTEL PROPERTY AT WHITE PLAI'KB for sale.?Ihehouae lately oeospled by James Crawford, deceased, and five acre4of land, for sale The houseIs situate* near the Court House. In the village of White Plains, Westches ter county, asd is well adapted for a public house. Tbe hoo ?? has been recently built; outbuildings upon the pre ml tea i-i (ood condition. Apply to PHKBK CRAWFORD, on tbe premises. COPAKTEER8HIP NOTICE! ?. fcQ nnn -PARTNER wamted?to take half PO.UUU, Interest in an invention patented this d?y, in > borse power machine, adapted to all horse power purposes. Has been approved by all scientific and mechanical me i With a proper party easy arrangements will be made. C. B. HOWIB A CO., 84 Nassau street. IH ?partfer wanted.-a party with shove amount can find an oopirtunltv to engage aa partner in a branch of the iron business, established, and paying*6 000 per annum. This is no speculation. Addres' Kingston, box 132 Herald office, with name, <to. |1 I \fW\?PARTNER WANTED, TO TAKS AN EQO ? iJiA.V/Ul/. Interest of a retiring partner In branch of 'tuu t sr business, with a responsible party?naylng from (4,0n0' 16,000 per year?done strictly ior cash. Apply io C. H. BOW KB A CO.. H4 8 asssu street. IMIlk CASH, aTlT PROBPkCr OF tfoRR H? AAJU .vUvf by.?The advertiser, an Amerloan, would like to Invest, with bis servloea, In some respectable oalng easi ness. either In tbe city or country. Pe'sors replMng. wuh real name, and Btating the business and amount required will be answered, personally or by leer, wl'bln a week. Agents need not reply. Address Uncas, Herald office. J>T A A|| ?WANTED, A PARTNER WITH THiS "? amount, to take charge of a store tn Broadway, rear Caral street, for tbe sale of an article whlsh will realise a large torture In a short time. Pleat e oall on Mr. Gardner. 34 Walker street, near Broadway. ?lflll -WAMTRD. A Man AB EQUAL PARTNER IN JI1UU, a cash enterprise every way safe as an investment, and will pay tmm <301 > (40 per week; the partner will be r* quired to give his services. Inquire ior EVERI i'T, 228 Grand street. ?Cf| ?WA*TKD, A Man TO kNGAOK IN A BU8I PtB'i newt that will pay (400 a month. Also, a partner, wiih (800 capital, to engage in a business that will pay (6,000 s year. Inquire at tbe Darcy House. Jersey City, from 9 A. M to 3 o'clock P. M., tor Quick. OOD CHANCE FOR A PRINTER-A PRACTICAL printer, fsmlliar wltb newspaper atd job work, and In sited sunming with the craft. Is wanted to purchase an lnt? est #800) tn a job office located tn Fulton street, asd serve as foreman. Address Franklin. Herald office. PART NitR WANTED.?AN ACTIVE OR HPdClAj. partner wanted, with (1,300 or (2,000 tn a well establish ed straw hat manufacturing and millinery bnslness, nowdolna a gsod trade. The advertiser will give the mom satlsfaetor reference as to character and value of the business. Address Basset box 106 Herald offloe. PARTMkR.-WANTED. A PARTNER INTHK WHOLE sale dry goods business, with a capl'al of from (3.nnn to (4 000, at least, lhe business wlll(brlng In from (10 000to (40.000 per vear. Letters addressed to J. O., Box 24 Herald office, will be attended to. UTANTEP-A PARTNER IN THK MRRCHAN f T AIL0K TV Ing buslress which bts been estmoil?hed anumier of reart: a capital of only (700 to (1,000 required. A talior pro rev red. Address Merchant Tailor, Herald office. EXPRESSES. EXPRKBH NOTICE.?WBLI?8, FAROO AOa.M BROAB war, will send forward ili'lr eipresa to Oa Uornla Ore Jon, Sandwich is at.da and Pacific coast of South Amerlcx, on londar next, April 21. per t'nlted Stales mail steamer Onorgt Law, In charge of snedal messenger. Freight, must be <fe tvered to us before 10 A. M. on day of sailing. It must h* strongly packed and waterproof. Small parcels received unt 12 M. N. B. To enable ns to properly c ear goods at customs 'btpprrs must furnish us with memorandum of the orient' and value of their packages. WELLS. FAROo A (!(?. (DRBAT REDUCTION IN CALIFORNIA KXPRR& P rates ? Freeman A Co 'a express 'or Oa t'oi-nta, O'eg >n Sandwich Islands and Pacific Coast of South emeries vis Panama, will be respatcbed per United Slates mall stesm-r QftOKQC LAW, on Monday. April,!', at So'o'nck P. M. Al relghi should be In water prr-ot co dl'loo. and he delivered to us. If possinle. prior to the dav ot sailing, or a. latest by ti o'clock on Monday. Pmal' parcels, letters Ac . recslved uutl 1 P..M. 1 *Rs.M AN A CO.. 8ft Broadway. FK PACIFIC "XPRRftfl COMPANY 124 BROADWAY will torWnrd their next exorees to Cn Iternlu un.1 the Pa effic rrtiiit, per ste.uuer George Law. on Monday, April 21 (reisbtat rctuced rates, received until 10 o'clock. Letters an* parcels until 1 o'clock. WM H. H ALL, Agent. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE, Hudson river railroad.-from april ji. 1866, the trains will learn Chamber* street station as fol lows:? Kxprrsa, 6 A. M. and B P. M ; mall, 0 A. M ; th- mgh W*y lratoUM.; emigrant. 7 P.M.; fer Po'keende, LA M and I P. M ; tor Sing Mng.10.30 A. M. and 4 P. M.: f#Htitson. 3:30 P. M ; for PeekakUl, 6-.30 P. M. The Pougbkeepale, Sing Sing and Peekaklll tralna atop at the way stations Paaeenrsra take n at Chamber*, Oanal, Chris opher and Thirty first atr'eta. Tralna tor New York leave Troy at 4:38. 7 and 10:48 A. M. snd 4:48 P. M., and Bast Albany at8, 7:39 and II . 18 A. M. and 3 15 P. M. M. L. 8YKKH, Jr., Sup't, HOKSKU, CAHRIAOEIt, ?feC. ?4 9^ -'OB8AL1. FOR 018H ONLY, A HOfftjK, ?T c*rt, harness, Ac , with interest U> work at Btagg A (Jo '? salt ?uw; horae Is worth |2U0 Hpricg trade j lit com ? c cart, baroevi, Ac , with Interact In votk at 8Ugg

. i?*w; borae ta worth $2u<) Hpricg trade j ut c: menrtag Inquire ot K. FekBiB. L86 Washington street. a T PRIVATE SALE, A* T0^^~UAzZjii7sr^*O^ ?Q. etreet? a chestnut sorrel horse, a superior aaddle beaat. trots and canters, very kind, of good action; the property of a private gentlea an, who aella for want of urn. ARKIAGR8 FOR 8AL1.-A VjfRIKTY OF SHWND hand carrbiges, lnciodln{ light wagona, with and without topi: two rent wag n*. rockawata, Ac. Alan aone borae feed wagon, suitable tor > grocer Ar feed mire, and a gpod grocer*' wa?on, Ac , Ac , at fc8 lldrtdge atreet. between Broome and Grand. EXPR ?8H WKI'iH.-i LIGHT WAGON, ^RRANTED, we 1 made and of good auterbi'i. Also, a good sea-ma band onach and light four sent r eta way, with po'e and shifts. In perfect repair. Inquire at 88 Leonard street. cHAKLga swift. Fab* trotting hokbe fur balr-has no supk nor on this Island; has and ean trot in the thirties; war ranted pea faetly sound a- d tree from fault: la a stylish driver and of great endurance; he la in fine condition and will ault any gentleman desiring a horae of his description. He will he sold for f1,000 and no leas, or a good road horse would be "^r* in eicnange. Address chant-on. box 175 Herald offlne. For bali?a horse and furniture cart;alho an extra tea set or rllver plate, new. and of modern style, 2S 'Jl'l E.*9,1V^n*e.for ? K?od hor?? and aarrtage. Inquire of J. W. HAWKS. t9Bowery, hew lork. OBJaLB-A PAIR OF YOUNG, DaRK BAYS, BPLSN didly matched and meet atyltah carriage horses; also one ?ere. Black hawk oolt, ^ vears old, kind under saddle and In harness To he aeen at 188 Ninth street, between Second and third avennee. B BALR-A LOT OF FIRST RAT ft COUNTRY lw?^; ">e pair of iron grays, 16>i hands high, seven years old suitable for ooaeh. carriage or draft horses; one vary doe family horae, ant good cart horses. The best of satis fac tkm given in relation to tneir aoundnect, ktodnett im. Ac. Can be Been at tiie liable ooroer of Kliiabeth end Be vnrd st*. HiOR B ale-a handborb bat mark, six YBARS old ihla spring, warranted sound and kind in double or sing'e harness suitable lor any gentleman In want ot a good family or read horae. Can be seen at 220 Thompson street. t'OR SALE-A COUPE ROCK A WAY. MADE BY WOOO, A lomllison A ' o , with pole and ahatta; Is but little worn, and will be sold for half the prloe of a new one. Annlr at Rjerson A Howard's stable, oorner of Uulreraity place and Thirteenth street. OR SALE?A LsRGK DRaUGHT HORHK. CaN BE seen at 221 West Seventeenth street. Price $215. F For bale-a gray bobbe, is hardb, very sty llsb, suitable for a famtlv or physician also, a cheap sad dle horse, genile and easy for a lady, and kind In barce-w; ale*, an Abdullah, aired ov bt Lawrence; ean trot Inside of Ibrre mmuies; will be sold low. Apply at Trustee stablee. Oresepoint, near Tenth street ferry. [DOR HeLfc-THK VKRYHTYLlyfl HJB8E~ WELL P known as Adams A Co.'a Gray Dick. Can he seen at Thompson's stables, thirteenth street, between Third and Fourth avenues. USOB SALK-AT~THR LIVERY STaBI.K CORNER OF P Giatd and Mercer stree a eleven horses, two well mn'cb ad pairs, several extra stvlhh road horses, three gpod express tiories one bay riding pony, cue white riding mare, b >ttx geu t'o and kind to drive. They are jnst from The country. All bit btate horses. JOB HALE A RAY BORbE, FIFtEHN H vNDi HIGH. P eight y art old, a stylish driver; perlectly kind, and a fine saddle horse. Price $125. Also, two rockaway wag ma, for one or tw o horses. Price $125 each. Inquire at THOMP SON 'b slab le, 110 b ast Thirteenth atreet. FOR BALE/-A PONY, IOURTRKN AND A H?LF hands blgb, of Andahistan breed; a beautlml bav, wi h long mane and tall; as Ore a Badd'e horse for a lady as can be torn d In the Hlaie. and can trot in 3:15 to a wagon Be Is six yesrs old. and periectlr sound nod kind. App.y at THuMP iON 'a ttab.e, 110 ISast Ihlrieentli street. [DO R *ALK ~A BEAU TIFUL GRAY HO SHE, ABOUT r hands high, 5 years old. warranted sound urd ktod, suitable for a doctor, butcher, milkman or grocer. Apply to P COY Lb, 293 We?t Twenty-seventh street, between Ninth md Tenth avenues. FiOR^BALK-A~TWO BEAT ROCKAWAY, IN GOOC order, suitable for one or two horses, made to order; has been used but Uttle. Would answer for the city or country. Apply at the Empire stables, 137 Fourth street, near Bee md avenue Cheap fur cask. M HNKfMKtiK. IDOR 8 A LE?wYgO NH~Yo R BUTCHERS AdftPoRO E cers; cam and oarriages, st 119 Wyckotf street, between Kwen and Graham avenues, Williamsburg, by J. ROUS. ?DUR BALBOA ONE lORBB WAOOE, WITH BHIFf INI C tip, is In good order for any service. Can be had rea -os ibly. Also, a gcod roan horse. Apply to T. ROE, No. 6 University pluce. [dor bale?a pair of Carriage hobser. har C" ness and carriage. A bandsone turnout. Also a patrol mares, very test, and beautifully ms'cb*d; carriage never drven out but twloe. Can be seen at private stsble, 200 aast Ninth street. F"~OK STYLISH FRkK DRIVING ROAN horse fifteen hands high, Ave year* old, sound kind and genile. Also, ton wagon and harness. Bold lor want of use. apply at Lamarttoe stables, 157 West Twsnty-eigh'h street. (DOB BaLE?A BANDSOJfK AND BtYLIBH SOUTH r Amerlcsn pony, about twelve hands high, four year* old. sound and kind; i* a very floe saldie horae; t* very strong. Can be seen corner of Remsen sweet and Busbwlck avenue. Bu bwick. J rice $100. OR BALK?ORE IRON GRAY HOR8K, HIXTBUN bands high, sound and gemto. Price $200. Inquire at No. 4 front su eet. ID OR BALE CH1AP-A BAY MARK, FIFTHSN HANDS r high, sdxc yea's old, sound and kind In harness; ean trot a mile inThiwe minutes and a halt. To be seen at 328 Bowery. For bale cheap?a beautiful stud horrr, which eo<t the present owner $400 on 1st or January law Can be seen at KRT.ihUM'h stables. In Love lane, on Brooklyn Height*, not far irom Montague ferry. (HAST TEAM FOR SALE.?A FAIR OF MARE9. 15'i P hands high, young, sound, kind and very handsome; can trot, trgether. In 2:50. Can bo seen at ISAAC WOODRUFF'S, near Union Oourse, L. I. w w w Hobs is.?one pair blood bats, six vicars old. sixteen huncs high, verv stylish. one pair dapple Cjs, sixteen bends high, seven tears old, fine style and ac : one pair bays, six years old, lij* hands high, pony built, toed style end aciloi ; a so. tour very fine single hordes, and one lady's tsdd'e borse, bright sorrel, seven years old, verv stylish and kind In harness. To seen at Brewster's stable, 102 Atlantic sir*et, Brooklyn. Hordes for balk.-twelyk young stylish eountry horses; three of them can trot dose to 2:60 several others of them are very promising travellers, sottab.e or doctors or road we; and some good work horses, a!' of which wtl' be *old on moderate terms and warranted ss repre sented. Apply at 23 Boer am street Brooklyn. OR8E TOR SALE-AX EXOhLLKNT FAMILY herse; handsome, stylish driver :tound and gentle In all harness. P-'ce $200. To be seen at WADE'S slab e, corner of Hicks and Pacific streets, Brooklyn. OR8F, AND WAG<?N WANTED?SUITABLE FOR ibe grocery business. Price not to exceed $160 or $176. Apply at 117 John s reet, third floor, room No. 3. Road horse wanted-he mu*t be nut Laos than 163i hands high, nor over 16 heads; color, bay, roan or giay. and trot In S?, be a free traveller, sound, kind Ac. on; psrton having such a horse may addreas Road Horse, Herald office, stating price, age and where he may he seen. AN TEtfTo trade' ThTTkll very cheap, a new rond wagoc. ciiy make, and never been tun, for a good work borse, 18 bands high or over. Addrem C. B. O., Herald office i A?TKI> TO PURCHaHK-A BET OF LIGHT DOUBLE harness. Address, stating prise, Lightning, Herald ifllce. a HONS?FIT FOR EVERY KIND OF BU6INE88, constantly on hand, or mads to order, such as grosers'. makers', plumbers', express, butchers', mineral, brewers' feed, milk, and every style, made In the best manner. You will And this n>aoe es favorable ss asy In the eltv. 61KWART'S wagon factory, Fifty third it, near Broadway. IKHLL Bit SOLD LOW, AH TBB OWNER 18 ABOUT TO fy leave the cl'y? a pair of bay geldings, 16^ hands high, well matched and spirited, prom it drivers, with easv and gsn le cart lege; are bu* 7 years oh), and wltEmt fault, a rare ibance for any gentleman wishing a genteel and safe pair of tarrlsge horses. Ma- be seen 'er (our days at the stable. No. 140 West Thirtieth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. HOL'BKS, iukOMN, SiWANTED. T PA rVmeNTS W A NT ED- CON8ISTI NO OP FIVE TL rooms, tor man, wife, three children and servant, wlthla Ifteen minutes' walk of City Hall; rent not to exceed $M0 per innum References given and required. Apply to OKO. a. ..hWlB, 260 Broad wsy. A derrick wanted?suitable for a stonr nuarr?. for which cash will oe paid, by applying tmmedi ileij to D. F.L8TON, 38 Bsoadway. APAR1MENTS WANTE D? 8Y A SMALL FaMII.Y OF fonr persons In a hou?e whe'e there Is oaly one family ?he arsrinicnit to consist of second and third floors, (or part >f third floor). West sire of the city, above Fifteenth street, preferred. Address 0. H. W.. Herald office. OOMMISeD>NER OF~ DEEDS.-ANT PBRSO* DKtif rous of the "Irfive office, may oommunlcite with 0.0. M., box 316 Herald office. Engine wanted?of 76 to ioo horse powka, with boilers. Address N. C. T., box 1,318 Post offioe, or ail at 2$ William street, room 14. L1EBNIBHED HODfllfwitH STABLE WANlRD-FOR " Ave months from 1st Jane, by >i family ot twelve, wl'hln Ifleen wiles it the city, on long Island "ouad Apply to .ush A Moon, 296 Fourth avenue, corner T wenty third sL OUBES.-TWO GOOD TENANT HOUSES WANTED; part cash and other good property will be pa'd In ex barge. Most be In a good neighborhood, sag d not toohsavUy mortgaged. Apply to B. J., 229 Broadway, room No. 18. OliSK WANTED Tl> RKNT-BY A PRIVATE FAM'? 1}, In a good neighborhood, furnished jr unfurnished, or win rent >be bcuee and purchase the furniture Kent from ?600 to$700per year. Apply or addrem to U. B. HOWES A 3U? 84 Nassau street PART OF A HOl'SE WaNTED?BY A RKHPECTABL* ' quiet famllv, of three adults; the seond, and part of th? ?I'd floor, with basement or kitchen, of a modern built bntte l.ove Twelfth street. Kent abeut $300. a desirable tenant nay be had by addressing A F. G , Herald office. PATENT~RIOHT WANTED.?THE ADVERTISER WIuL ptircbase. at a very low figure, a good patent, of recent tale. It must, however, be a genuine Invention, and no! a oere clap-trap, pilfered irom some honest Inventor's brain xddrrns, with full parttcnluis, Walton, box 86 Broadway Post ifllce. J TORE IN BROADWAY W ANTED?OR HOME OTHER rr prominent strret, suitable for a line china and glass past ers; one srtlli shelvlnr. counters, Ac preferred. Address A. i. G , box 673 Pest office, ststing prise, location, Ac. 'F.WINO MACBINEsT-WANTED ONlToF WHEELER ' A Wilson's sewing machines. In perfect order, ami has .ot been abused. Any one wlahlDg to sell at a low figure may pply at tee agency, No. 41 Howard street, second door from ?i oat) wsv. iV' AM It) FOR A~8MALL FAMILY Of'gROV'N PR 4 "I sens, part of a a house with the modern Improvements, floated betwesn Fourth end Twenty-second streets and Fifth nd Seventh avenues. Will require first floor, front base ner', r.eeof kitchen and three bedroonson the third floor, or which a good price will be paid. Address Tenant, Herald ?fflce. WANTED?A N*W SMALL HOUSE, WITH ALL THE modern Improvement*. Rent not to exceed MX), and ot too higo up town; or a fine part of house, v th tia? of Itcben era basement. Addreas F. B., Hera'd office, stating jrlce ana location. (IT ANTED?A SMALL FARM, NEAR NEW YORK. A ?T gentleman wishes to huv a sm ill term. of from thirty t> fly ncrea. near New York cllv; price not to exceed *;,(>*>; tatnice not to exceed twenty psPee, unless on a railroad. Ad ress a M. P., I nlnn squire l'cst office WANTED TO RENT A PLEASANT FURNHHEI room, to ore or two gent'emen, where eve'v *tt*ntl >i wilt he pnld to their comfort netl o invenlenne Apo'v over tfci ?uM'nerv es'abltshireat. No 2 Put street, c irncr of Grand. fir ANTED -TO SELLOUT, THE INTEREST IN AN OLI '? and wel1 est,, Muled feed husfness, to go In the coon '7 by the 1st ofMsy, on account ot health. Inquire of SI A ,f> ON A GALLUP, lumber dea ere, corner of West and Lerm treet*. ' AMCMKMESTS. nioiPWAT niATM-(. 4. vIAhiiiL. nil -D tame*; W. B. Blake, Stage Manager. Donre open ? f o'alnok; performance vo onmmenoe at 7): preataely. Till* evening, April lk? BHAVDT MAGCIRE. Shandy Marufc-e Ms. B. Wlriam* Dr. Caatweil Mr. H'*igee I Mary Mm. Muck tan 1 Om Cantwel' Kyto g- I El ea Mrs. Nagle Lieut. Joise Mr. Karr^v^Mrj^ Cant well Mm Hear) ' Sophia Heertwall Mr*. B. Williams RkOUI.L&ClXOfiH or CPLANglGAM AND Tine FalKlKg. Fhellm O'Tlarnlgan Mr. Barney William* BOWERY THMaTRM. PKoTbIKTOR AMD MANAGES, I. P. Weldron; * cling Manager. Mr. O. H. (Arlffliha Loor* open at 6J,; commence at 7>47 Haturday, April Ik? ttOuKWuDD. Bradley.? Mr. Prlur | Lady Bookwoad...Mr* Denril Barbara Ml? Alford BAMBOOZLING. Capt. Bamboozle Mr. O. H. GrtOIha URIOMi^ UHAMBhBfe BTBRBT. baturdat?The new American comedy of Mew York life, 'ID ILL PLATING WITH ftlxlED TOOLH, reoeirrd with every token ol approbation. Col. tioldle, * Wall street banker, Mr. Barton; Mr. Brown, M> Moore; Artnar Leelle, Mr. d. Perry; John, Mr. Betcbell; Mr*. Uoldle. Mr*, a Parker; Ella, Mrs. 0. Howard. Attd tae universal favorite extravaganza, In two acta, of POBTDNIO, AND BI8 HKVKN OIFTKD HERVANTS. Fortunlo. with songs Mrs. C. Howard "DBOADWaI VAR1BTIE8, MO. Ill BROADWAY X> (Late Mechanics' Hall, eelween Grand and Broowe ate.) H. Wood Lessee and Bnaineea Miusgm B. ?. Marsh Stage Msnigw ADMISSION, TWENTY FITM CMNfir Monday 1 vising, and Dosing tux Wkck, the celebrated WOOD t MARSH JUVXNILK8 will present TUB OOLDBN FARMBB. Jemmv Twilder Master G. W. Marsh Also, THE LOAM OF A LOVF.R, Gertrude Little Marj Hoots open at 6K; sommenees ai 734 o'etoek; and eoneisoet at 10 o'alosk. G BO. CHBI8TY A WOOD'B MIMSTREL8, MBW HALL " roadway, below Grand street. OFKM KVKBY EVENING. Bnsbrees trenaaoted by Henry Woo* Stage Manager *. Geo. Ohrtati THIB WEEK: Friday and Saturday? lTIK HAPPY MAM. Notice.?The curtain will rise at 734 precisely. Admission SIXTH GRAND SACRED CONCERT-SUNDAY, APRIL 20. AT THE CITY ASSEMBLY itOOMB. MO, 446 BROADWAY. Mt*s HKNRIKTl'E BBHRKND, Soprano; and Mlm LK BhKCilr, Pianist, will assist, The Grand Orchestra will perform, among ether classical merceaoz. Meudelarobn's BympUony In a minor; Overture*? Corlnlan, Beethoven; and Merry Wlveaof Windsor, Nicola'. t'ouductor Carl Bergmann Leader 'i'heo. Thomas M IBS MARIA 8 BRAINERD'S GRAND CONCERT, AT TDK ItUOOKLTN AT11KNADM. ON IUKbDaY KVaHINu, APRIL 22. ASSISTED Br MR. J. K. BKUTLKH, Tenure, .MR. aPTOMMaH. Harpist, MUN8. JULES HKX8, Violinist, and MR. i LaKB W. BKaMJSB, Con. durtor aHbe Piano. licfce s fit) cents, to be had at the music stores. Brookly*; at the book store 142 Atlantic street; llall A Bon's, Broadway; ah# at the coor. Doors open at 7; to commence at 8 o'clock. MCUBIOAL SOIREES.?MASON AND BERG MANN'S 1x1 eond Soiree will Uke place at Dodworth's Academy, on Tuesday evening, April 22, with he assistance nt Mrs. Clara M. Bill kerholl" A quartette, oy Schumann; and Beethoven's grand trio. In B Uat. will be given, m addition to vocal and pianoforte piece*. Tickets, tor gentemen, $1; for bullet, AO cents. For sale at the music s ores ard at ice dorr. Soiree commences at 8 o' clock. Door* open at 7 o'clock. JIM MJtlB&B' GBj^'FJHuWyIN BRUOKLYN-FOR ,T!jmPat *1"1 WkdhwuaV. April 21. 22 end 23. _ n??r?P*lotor- has great Betialac Ion In announcing that after of?eitLi'h?r( .V ^expenditure of a trast amount vf.rr^'? . t length enabled topreaentto the public .AnG UVMNA8TIC PMRFORtl aNCE8, tondnwlor a ^TRSSSSSK/*^ **** ^ pM" Ob, The Little Oliss Slipper, l,,fve tever betore been wlmessed in this country in anr trevelllng exhlollkm > be beautiful 1 m *?7 nXlrVhuH tPJUZ?0 ^ilion of bxhibition, n?- ? . ? pertoimanoea will take place, Is entirely *Lroc ??Btfr noted lor the aooommodatlon of tour (bourse d persons. Brilliantly Illuminated with Drtunmond Light, and ere led at the corner of "uuu*w """ "rtunmona COURT sad SlATI STREETS. Two entertainments will be gives dally. Afternoon com meticltigai 2k; evening, oommenctng at 7k. a Ji??'ou.1 door P*?e*nl I 'he Car of Beanty I win t.8 h moving platrorm, mounted upon chariot wheels, 11'hrciugh the streets by twenty superbly capari roped horror, driven by the accomplished reinaman, Mr Ass I ?WiH?rmor,u*a?11 he exhibited the <Hn I Mr etktnmee <^?' t,reillJ toux hi number,InfuU char Win .i ,?HF, GMND PBOCHBHON will it*rt at >l o clock from the corner of Court And Rtata streets, prcoeed to Power street thence through Gold to Front hltnfn' J"?nt 10 ?n,ton< "P Pulton to f'avlllon of Kxh? bttirn. when ibedoers will be Immediately onened cw^"?imdoirC,,0n8CUered WlU M rePr*B8n'ed the elegant . . _ CINDERELLA; _ "*i "he Fair? aaij the Little Class Supper. Got up in a most magnificent style by Mr. Jamas Mxon in. traducing s troupe of twenty four chtllren, with all the magtc tbanges, metamorphoses, court costumes, music, dances pro. cessions, properties, Ac , Incidental to the pteee; a full des:rtp. itonot which will beloond mother bills. In addition toibemag lfleent Ciucos Troupe, the manager h*p ergaged Mr. DaVT8 KU'HAHDB, the Wizard Horseman, who-estrspge, darlrg and recaless feats of riding, without seddle or prfcUe, are |?sf lively without a parallel in tie history ?'Jh?hrena. Mr. hiebards, among other Incredible teats bJii. ? IUZ'"1 ?a,e' while standinc uoon km anyoSer rWer1"*6'* p orm*ace "ever even attsmpted oy i . W JJ* MYEM, THB CLOWN, :rilWet?.MrwnA,"1PO'*1 | Besides the above will appear the celebrated German Acro bats, known as the _ . BROTHERS BIEGBIST, Universally allowed to be the greatest gymnasia living. MR. W. W. BIC110Ll?, The greatee1. backward and rommsrsrt rider In the world. _. , MISS Let) IS a WRLLB, The yotmg, beautiful aad Intrepid equestrienne, In all her elegant ioc net of eunliauon. THE MXON ARTISTS. Bdcbard ' S4"1,?r ??or*e, Master William, and Master The tiiiLbed and arils1c dslineationa of classic statuary and ancient groupings. Mrs 0. L NIXON, The accomplished mattress# de i'eoo'e du manege And her aupeib horse riretly, tboadwA'theatre^"* to "UerM' ^ tiunt0r" * ?? ris t THOS. WTATT, rhe fPfat icenlc and pantomimic rider. Together with Ibe superb nets and scenes bv HZ"!??*''. Bob0rU- L ante Is, Thiers, Ac., ormicg Altogether one of the largest And moot talented cir cuiI companies that was ever organized, ibis oompunv will also exotbit in the roUowtag places: Jamaica, on Thursday April 24. w Newark, ou Friday, April 26. Nonh Orange, on raturday. April 26. Peterson. on Mondav, April 28 Jersey City, on Tuesday, April 29 Hobokeo, on Wednesday. April SU. Biaplcton, 8.1., ou'l huisday. May 1. Port hickmono, & I., on Friday, M?v 2. I rra? celebbatbd mgyptian museum-number. f, h'*..J?PwaT,JL?r eieven hundred oMeete. with several re sent addlthma, is the most nopaiar exhibition in the city. Open a&^e?S?* '1-tt-4a ?i*Wr. pKMfLN OF THB MC8K8. 316 BROADWaY.-PICB Jr. ??"waneee every Hiternoon at.?, and ever lug at 8, oy Madame Wartou'e full troueeof Model ArUriee (twenty seven in ni mber), who will appear In a selec Jon of magnlfloenl living plciures. Tiie company comprises some ofthe llumt termed women in the wi rid AGBANp~cbMPLIMKNTABY SOfRKK, QIVBtt BY the cltirenc of Brooklyn to Miss LOUISA PaYNB, will 'sxeplaoeon MondHj evening. April 21. attho Brooklyn Athe? ?BS- tSJ^wV?**; , irving, t HAB. DK J aNON, and other artiste of merit Tlsketo, fifty cents-may be bud at >tan oid'e mm'c store, 23 Court street. Brooklyn: Van Ordsn A Ktog. 46 Wall street; and at the Athe "??^"'^hb'e programmes may be teen, bee dally papers r THEATRICAL MANAOBRH.-MIR8 MARY ANN and her brother, GkO. C CHaRLUS, delineators of YAMKKE AM) IRI8H CHAKACTRR8, are now prepared to negotiate with managers for engage tnente. Address ImmedLttely. oBO. C.OH.vRLKS, 186 Grand trcet, New York. CHAK8PBRK ASSOCIATION.?A RKGITLAR MKRriNG O of this asioclatt n will he held at the (Hub house. No. 480 Broad us v. on batiuday evening, April W. Punotiuil attend once la requested, aa buslnea* of imparlance will be brought before the meeting. B? order of Mr. B. FRANKLIN, Pres't. 0810 FOR TBB PKuPLK. " OONOfcKT HALL, PHILAOKLPHIA. r iJU, , la'vAdrnMefcM, ? ^.S18. "?ready angered the subscrlbsr in or mi the public that he fas effected an engagement with the jUHi/jr 00161 r&tea BROTHRRS MOLLINHAURR. whose aaets on the have exebed such admiration In the grra. continental cities, Ac lh?y will appear every nlgbl, in eight of fHKHK POPULAR CuNCRRTB, 1 to be glvm at the above named Hall, under the direction of rroi CR >UCH The set ice will commenoe on MONDAY, April 21, and GODilUQ RIGHT SCCCtSfllVl NIOHT8. Doors open at 7 o'? ock. to commence at 8. Lessee and Business Manager J. B. Tbometif DU88KI.DORF GALI.KKYrNO 497 BROADW*Y.?THIS ip lend Id gallerr eonlains neatly two hundred ofthe Unci paintings ever put upon exhibition. It ctLdlengas oouioariH.iu with any oollestlon or pair tin r* on this continent. Single ad mlcslon, 26 cebts; eeneon liokets, for sixty dare, 60 eeotc. MEDICAL.. P"T?3STpilkf. piles-r wrLL gparantrrto corn the wortt cases of piles In me Untied atates. either exter nalcr Internal. Mv rrmedlas ncvenevei failed. Only M cents per box. Dr. LU"HIa. 76 Rsssau street For sale by druggists. No false oertlflratessh'iwn. ont the best city refer ence glvt n. >IL*S. PILR8. PlLfcK.-SIMPSON'S VROtTABLF. 8PE _ elfin, alter a lest of many rears has proved Itself superior to 'be nameiees nostrums which have been forced upon the psblle from tlnf u> time, as can be shown from a number of certificates from medical men, at the principal lefiloe nut , B/orme s reet. New York. TVl ablrM Alt-T?y (XINAT klTBoPRAN ?IBCOVitBiT rroleeled by ro'ri letters patent of Hustead. and smms by the seals of the teole de fmm-maote 4s Paris, mid the Im parial College of Medtetne. Vienna. we um TairaRMAB bo. 1?Is the ramedv fcr generaPMebfllty. Tks ywem would not Beersne impaired, even hi ?? dectlne of lite * Trirseirar No 1 were untveraallv adopted; all phvatcartia pediments vanish Hke magic beftire Its hdhamiee thus reader kilts use In valuable to tknee entering the marriam etam ?k ntsu No. 8?HI jla-? or dk orders wMoft, rvsL with mercury, to deni'. emetltnttnn, WDro' remove Tan saw ak Boa. 1.1 aad I are atits devoid of taaleor ? Sis .liTSTXat-S"' ?s<hpZSi dlvVer. ksfb separate dnsea. aa adnxhkeered by "ntoeau. Lai lemsn'', Ron*, As. WMeaale aad retail, tad torwariWt ts ?y peritrf. he werld, by H. A. RiBBGI?. tatlve (f ibe patentee In AmerioaG fi ^Jreenestreet.near ?'jw Vnrk. AMendanae dajpy, from II A. If. gu 9 ' * ^^2 4 *? *?' steep ted) unless by KSJlrr* ?urofruneot. No. SI Greene street, near canal. mLdwlpMa. ' ^ ,Mr* 44 *>? street AMU8KMKNTH. NIBU>>8 GARDEN Own open at '4 oefore 7; to oummanee at X hi ?#8l Tick*** Wftr est is. 1 hla (Saturday) evening?The Philharmonic t'-oncert. jfoauav Kvemimo, Aran 21, 1866, Kezt performance of THK WONDERFUL RkVhLL M'LLE ROBERT Aff rt THE BaIXET COMPANY. Ok at success ol Use comic pantomime, T11K HKt ORoMK aND WairK WARRIOR. While Warrior Anloiue Red Cuomo <Lri>tti 1 Hh NaW FERiIVaL DaNEAMT. ThK t ONSCKIPt. The Conscript F-ar eola IV AlLaCK'I THEATRE.?APRIL 18. *f Tt> MIGHT;? THE MBhCHANT OF VENICE. Bbylock, Mr WaDaek; Hassan lo Mr. Lester; Grattsno. M? Walcot; iAiince ot Mr. O. Holland; Antonio. Mr. DjoU; Mil* rtno, Mr. Stewart; Old Oobbo, Mr. Bled dart; Portia, MrA* Hoey; Nerlsaa. Mra 8 e.pher.g. Wttii 0 aF aB a P08T, in which Mr. G. Uollard and Miaa Mary Gannon will appear. Monday?Fir it time tola aeaaon of THK HONEYMOON, in which Mr. WALI.aOK and the who e strength of the CD n pany will appear. And OCT rOR A HOLIDAY. AURA KICK.NF.'H VARIETUR Doom open atflM; perfornuuirea commence at 7)4 pro eisely. 11m evening. Aarti 18? lleaetlt of Mr. H. Hall. FAINT HEART MKVKR WON FAIR LADY. King Charles II Mtaa Hmna HaU (Her firs' appearance In America.) Duchem de Torreneueva Miaa Lanra Yocmo Ruy Gomez.. Mr. Loveday HT. MAHY'H EVE. Madeline Mias Laura Kaane if I a. I'N FINISH hD GKN TLKMJCN. Bl<l Downey (with a song) Mr. L>onel Gatdamtd Chintz Miaa Rata CADRMY OK MUBIC.?ADMISSION. ONM DOLLAR.? Beeond circle 90 SO | Amphitheatre .90 29 Beetn ed teats, SO centa extra, at HaU A Bon's, Ma 236Broad way, and at the academy. Doors open at 7W o'clock; commencing at 8 o'clock. Verdi's grand opera, in four acta. BAN AMI, will, by special request, and In ooedlence to the general de mand of those who witnessed its first representation, be re peated. for the only time, ON M iNDAY, APRIL 21, with the same great cast: - Eivira Mme. Anna Da La Orange K. nanl Bignor Bolekml Onto Quinto ffignor MoraUl Don 811 via Max Maretzek Director and O COD AND LanT Which OF JOHM K.8MIT H'BOK AND TOUR OF EUROPE and 8IKGB OF BCBABTOPOL. Have you seen iti?the most splendid exhibition In fist United Btatea?at EMPIRE Hall, 606 BROADWAY. Every evening at 7)4 o'clock, and every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, at 3. The music by Mr. Aiwyn Field, ef London. 1BK DEPAR1MKNT. By the 61 owing correspctdecce it wi'I be seen that the Fire iJepar ment Fund is to have a oenetit at Mlbio's Garden, on Saturday evening, xbthlnat New York, April IS, 1864 Mr. Willixh Ninui: - Dear Sir-On ben* f of the New York Fire Department, we respeotfu ly so >oie a benefit at your establishment, for our widow and oruhu. tund. 'the demands on our charitable tund the oaat winter have been verv large, in re evtcg he sick and disabled dremen. Bid In aiolrg the widows aid orphans of our deceased brothers. Cur expenditures the past year were nearly twenty-flee thousand dollars, asjou wihseebr the reports of the trus tees and treasurer hrrewiih. We doubt not that with the w nderful Ravel family, now at your estab l-hm nt. recoi.dltg your efforts, a large amount would be niaced in our trea-ury We therefore hope for a favorable decision on this applica tion. Kelying on your known genernai'.y. we are respeaUul ly jour obedient set van's, ZOPuaR MILLS. A J DKLATOUB, A. P. PBNTZ, Committee to Fo lctt Benefits and Donations, of the Trustees New York Fire Department Fund Niblo's Garden, April 17,1866. To Messrs. Mills, Delatovr and PkHtz, Committee of the New York Fire Deparmeni:? Gentlemen?In the absence of Mr. Ntblo, who la now In Europe. 1 pontlrter It m< duty to express to you the good will 1 am sure be enterislr s towards the Fire Department ef this cly, and to tender to you In his name, the use of this estab lishment on the tvenlLg of oaiurcay, the 26th InsL, free of all rent, tor a beuefi o your noble land Messrs. antoine. Fran cois sno Jerome Ravel also voluntarily offer their valuable aid in the good cause, without any charge whatever, and will useeverv means in their power to lrsure a satisfactory enter taliment Ihe only expenses, therefore, you will be subject to, will be those we ac naily have to par- Wishing every suo cess to your laucable efforts, and assuring you or the happy and cheerlnl eo operation cf every member of this establish ment, I subscribe myself, gentlemen, yours, very respectfully, HAND PATRIOTIC AND BENEVOLENT CONCERT on Moni>at Kvehisg, Aran. 28, At the CIl'Y aBcEMBLY ROoMB, 466 Broadway. BENBriT or MR. AND MKB. SIMPSON. (Mr. 8. was engaged in the War of 1812. under Commodore McDonougn. Mra. s was seriously Injured while returning tr*m an excursion to Bridgeport. Conn., last summer ) T he committee have engaged the following eminent artists: ? Mrs JaMaHON and Miss M. B. HAWLKY. ( Favorite vooallsta ot this city.) Mr. J. J. FHaZKR, (Late l'tlma Tenor ef the Beguln and Thlllnn Opera companies.) Mr. J. W Alden, or tne Harmonic Society, And Mr. G. W. MORGAN (Organist of Oraoe Church), who will conduct and preside at the pianoforte. 'tickets 60 ctuu. a Unwed number of reserved seats ean be obtained, without extra charge, on immediate application to JOHN H. 1RIPLKR, chairman of committee, at the Mechan ics' bhlrt Store. 396 Utand street. H. B ?For further particulars see small bills. This evenino?the "third drawing room en trktainment will be given, at HOPE CHaPkl, by MR. AND MR8. W. M FLEMING. Slendid selections ot poetry and music. Commencing at 8 dr. Tickets Twenty Ave Oants Look out fob thh locomotive when thb hell ring*. 8PALL1NG A BOO ICRS' NEW RAILROAD CCBC08, WlTA NlNK I* Iff PaNGLKD OAftB Of THEIR OWE, built cxpteasly tor tbe transportation of tbe company End Its belongings, and Ingeniously constructed so as, with their coo tCDtf, To BB HUB DULY FROM TOE TRACK TO THB BXH1BIT10R OROCTHD, doing away with the vke.eton horaea rlcaetiy wagons, dilapi dated harntss, tarolabed trappings, tagged out ring horses and tired pet tonne re ol the old fashioned wagon circus, WDJ. BE HWITCBEB OTr TOR ONE DAT, AT RurUsgtop, Monday, Apnl 28 E irabethto ?n, Thurs., Kay 1 Trentou Tue-day, A^rll 29 Newark. Friday, May 2 New Brunswick. Aed.,April bO Jersey City. Saturday, May 3 And thereafter into Rhode Island, Massachcsxtts. New Hampshire and Maine, with ALL THE WINWBH8 OF ALL XHB PRIZE J at the recei t greet oo-g-osa of equeatrUttu at Washlngtm, where the equeitilana gjmtasta ciowas. Ac., of not* In the country comer did with each other In trials of skill. '1 beie champion wearers ot the be t for this year. In their re RDeattredepartments, will appear at every performance of this great show, and are as follows:? JAMnB ROBIrBuN, OF MOUTH CAROLINA, Who was leclded to be the best equeumn on a single horse. 1HK LkTATkR LLk TaoUPK, OK PaKIH aNDLONBOW. Mid. Levator t ee, M. Levator Lee, Mile. Augusta loo, Young John Lee, MUe. boss Lee, Young Starr Lee, the best pan omlmuts and posture, a IT bo HOMNHK, OF KENTUCKY, the beet ta king c.own. The American Br >iher?? BKRl ULK8 LIBBY, of Ohio, HKNHi umaK ot Virginia, CHahLBh NOYEB, ot texas, JOHN caVawPOET, ot Tennrssss, Who won the palm aa the be t generm gymnasts. eiTaKK i/SR, at London Who won the parse as the test pauto nine clown. Kr>WARI> KENDALL, aid KbNDALL'd BRASS BAND, or New hnglard, who won the prize aa the bed bugler and brass band. LE JHUNK BRUTE, of Paris, (by adoption, of Md.) as tae be't ha-d e racer. JIM BunT, ef Maryland, Aa the best trick clown. hour. WHITE, of New York, Aa Ibe best mal're <te clruue and horse trainer. JObLPH 11 A/,or,i i of Massachusetts, As the best gvmnastic equestrian (man monkey.) And a hlSioOK and BIO THUNDaK, as the best trick hcrses In addition to ibe 'oregotng geniuses, the folio wb-g we'l known equestrians, gymnasts, Ac., are attached to the corn P*n*ASDAMM BOBT. WHIT*. JOHN DaVRNPORT, JAMKS ROBINSON, MESSIEURS J. O AY LOR. F. TdoMAS, C. STEVENSON. F. DOR-tEY. Altcgetber, In ibesplepdor ot the eoulpmeata and the won derful ikill of the performers. It will n-ugura'e a new era amongst tiavelllrg stows, and furnish to the people of New hi gland, for a hte.b stuude it Is more especially projected, s <i amueementot this klndcf a higher grade than is usually at ported ot Clretuee. lawathaT hiaWatha i - Immense ErocEss?Fitteknth Rscitation. Mlnnsbsha, Laughing Water, Handaomett of all tke women, at Pope Chapel, b, ^ KrMBIRLY, On Mondav svenino, trtu SI. OHAKBPRBh DRAMATIC ABB MIIATION. P?RHO >R ih deslrons of jotnlig thl. long ertabltsred aaaorlatloe can apply to tbe Prerloett, personally or bv latter, at 480 Brood way; if persona ly, at the bjut of 8 P M There la a vacancy lor one lady. B. FRANKLIN, Preddeat. OLO BINDERS AN 1) INHTRl'MBNTAL PERFORMER^, of sureri'ir ability, wishing engagements will address ut< dot Velio, 96 Barker street, Philadelphia. Also, a good teste IEKDICALm 4Xnn *iWA>D.-I*R. J KFrBIES anttdotwTsthv ful'v moat effectual preparation cold, and ash neitW cre ates nausea nor attends the pslels. and randan anneceasarr any deviation In diet or interruption to noasl paraatta, sound sieeo. cr healthy digestion, the nolaanee In tens removed aa speedily as la oonststent with the production of a teorough and permanent cure. I? Ingredients are snttreiv vegetable, sod ?o Injur tons effect either sonaHtnttnnallv or tocnLy. can be seoeedtn Its use. Price gl uer bottle. Sole agent ter tee att* | |C. H. RING, 181 Broadway eoanar ad Johnsire*. DBHR LARMONT'HI'AIM Ajri) IdjMDOE MBNIOAL ? adviser and Mmrrteat Gtodn; twentieth sdlMon, 400 pane : HK) electmtyped UhistraUneet etoth, gt. It gtves tee adrnrSs < emedlea, and shows tbe aapertorlty of the aathor*i Part* m 4 I <m<lor tree hp etn of eerteb ihsassss. also nervosa dshUjp t heal and g-oeraJ from sxeessea and Wlscr-eMm, Ao. OHtn hours 11 A.M. to9PM ? Rsade *ttt!VHHi way, NewYogk Wo reonounsnd Dr Lenstont to the afflicted, ?Courier dm mats Unis.BmmgdWtenm^BteHhAMmmta DR WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S FEIIND, AJTDOTHE unrivalled remedies.?Tbe save cure of certain diaeaer J qnleh and complete. 1 he afflicted who would obtaln.apes u anvrt and speedy cure should come Immediately to me. 1B| cuie hundreds monMy. (idles arranged ao thai pattonie C not meet Effectual and unfailing medical aid rendered. J Uniortnaato'a Friend cures always In a week; often In A days; recent esses in twelve hours. OBoe W Oanal tlrt I ooiDsrof Broadway. _ COOPER, 14 DIANE STREET MA* BE CONFf dentially oonsu ted on aertaln diseases. Twenty slx year sin bis present spvetalH*. and at bis present offloe, are sore guarantees of reeelvltg honorable treatmaet Charges moderate, and a cuts guarsiteed tn all r* DISEASEB of THE THROAT AND LUNG* -Dffl, RO BERT HUNTER devotes his attention exelusfnly tollf treatment of dtaoaeea oi the throat and lunga. Btislilli ai 4 office, 828 Broad ea?. F~~ blVAT r C(>?8U I.T AT10NR. - DR. WATROR AT TEND exc'ustvelv to diseases of a certain olasa, tn whteh he he J fired a vast number ot eases In a long nonien 0( practise. Ibe rrmer lea are mild sad mere Is no interruption (ran beet, nesa or change "of diet. Dr. Water* earnestly >woo?araea< ? a- early rail alter the flrst apnearerose. aa delay Ot the e ? of m sirutae, spMiffee. drops. Ac., and other nnaall'nl treat mvnt make 'he subsennem fire leas speedy. W. WaTBON, V D , formerly surge <n to the l<ook Ilesoltol; offloe do Walker s?> -et. fourth door neat 'it Broadway, alao, ooaaullattoM by ?iter.