Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7176. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. APTBBTISmOTS RfcMWED EFKKY DAI DRY GOODS, ?C. NIW LOT OK Point a l'aigutile, and Point applique aeta, Juat reoelvod by MILLBB A GRANT, 371 Broadwa^-^ [RLL'fl SPRING MANTLKH BRLL'8 SPUING MANTLKH 1 The largest and moei complete etock of rich Vaok al Ik nbawle and mantlet in the city, with every variety of etvle and trlmmlng-i, and at all prlcea Rich colored moire antique m:> ntlea Blch colored tllk do., tin most choice ?tj let. Alto, a very good aeeorUubnt of Real Outoure fine scarfs und mantles. Real Paris and Bruasela do. ^.BealCli oatUI y do ; an entirely new article made to supersede joe Guipure bice, welch is now so popular. It h well worthy the attention of ladles wlshm# a chanrs from Guipure, and oan only be found here In the United Suites. 63 Canal street. Black silks from auction. Very desirable for motru iup a-. 7e., worth 9a Also, one cace black and white do., at 5s., worth8a., at W JjlCKBON'B, Late Bartholomew's new mourning store, 861 Broadway, between Spring and Prince street*. COLUMBIA HALL FAILURK.? S. A M. K XOvVLIf A GO., 281> Hthest. On sale for beceSt of creditors Tremendous Bargains. Two hundred moire antique mantillas, at A3 60. Regular prtoe |H. G B. WILLIAMS. CHKNK SILKS?AT 76 CKNT8 PaR YnSJ. A. T. aTtCWAST A CO.. Broadway Chambers and Reade streets. COBS iCIfl, COR8KT8.?M S8. GAYNOR Ha8 NOW ready a magnificent assortment of all kinds of French, Bnglish. German and American coriete Also, a variety of elegant shape patent and whalebone skirts No 46 Third ave nne.near Tenth street, and No. 362 Sixth avenue, near Se venteenth street. TjlMBBOIDKRlKb, FROM PARIS, J2i Judt received, Consisting of collars and sleeves, rich cambric sets,'basque pieces, trom 910 to 920; also breakfast sets, from auotioti, very " M1LLMK A ORaNT, S71 Broadway. Eight dollar manttllir Iu rloh blsek mot re antique, A Stiukinolt Linr uM Garment. The more expensive styles prooortinnately cheap. BULPIN'o hoi It roadway. FIYB HUNDRED STKLLa SHAWLS AT SIX DOLLARS, In new and beautiful coloring^ Chaste and magnificent bordering*. A iBO, TWO HUNDRKD VKRT BUPKRB, AT S1UUT DOLLARS. Opened this day. at BliLPIN?8, 361 Broadway. j^tRKKCH_CLOTHS, /'AS6IW kRSH, FANCY BaRNSLBY ? drillings Ac., Ac , for men's and boys' summer wear, cut U> lengths to suit purchasers. a. f. sTKVaKT A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets. aIACTS ARE STUBBORN THING*.? . TOWLE A CO '8 FAILURE, 281 Grand Strict. Lace* and embroide'lee, Muslin and lace ourtaina. On aals Uits week. Without any regard to ooit G. B. WILLIAMS. tlTIVR HUNDRED PIECES SILKS U ON 8ALB THIS WEEK, At 6s., 6s , 7s and 8s. Twenty-five percent below regular prtoee. U. B. WILLI AMN A CO., Late Lead beater's, 347 Broadway. Great bargains in kar-gks.?a. t. strwart A OO will open on Monday, aprtl 21. 1,000 pieces of Paris Minted bareges purchs-ed at the recent auction*. lo fsctU fiate their sale, three tables will be set apart from their regular ?took, viz.:?Those on too first table, Is. per yard; second labia, l*.6d. per yard; third tsola, 2s. per yard. Broadway, Cham ber* and Read* streets. JAMKm a. hkarn has Manle'et* most recherche in style. Mourning mantelet*, children's munteleta. ' A rloh ant effective stockoT fashionable dry good*. At his ne w store, ... 776 Broadway, above Ninth street, T ACS CURTAINS, DRaPKRIKS JJ Union and worred lama*k?, mcreen, satin laine, broca tol, aad curtain materia-! generally. ALSO. RICH GILT CORNICES, In every vartetr of price and dtslgn, from 91 to 940 per pair, InoludJig "Paris Exhibition*" richer than ever before offered. ALSO. TRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADES, Scroll, gilt, Egyptian, Gothic, landscape, oriental. Ac., Ac.. fmm 10 ihillinAyfl in Sin nor na'e from 10?hidings to 910 per pa'r. LORD A TAYLOR, 265. 257, 269 and 261 Grand street. Magnificent dress bilks ? Rich Paris plaids, stripes, chenl. polka and jaepe raye poo de sole, brocades, moire antique. Ac., Ac. SOME DECIDED BARGAINS KROM AUCTION WU1 be offered on Monday, April 21, in BOTH RICH AND LOW PRICED MILKS, OC overydescription, most of tne styles being very choice. LORD A Taylor. JW, 257, 259 and 261 Grand street. "v??i w, mih ?n urrauu bwvui, And new No*. 47 and 49 Catherine street. XTAW CARPKTING8 AT OLD PRICES.? A? Haying Imported trom Rtirope, and also purchased large ly In this market previous to the recent IMPORTANT ADVANCE IN CARPETS, We are enabled and shall continue t > dispose of our present VERT EXTENSIVE AND DESIRABLE STOCK at the BARE PRICES AS LAN* SEASON, Without regard to the present s<ate of the miket, and notwith standing a further advance is soon expected. . PER LATE ARRIVALS We have received, direct from Vfes>ra. John Orosslav A Sons, and are now prepared to exhibit all their newest and MOST ATTRACTIVE SPRING PATTERNS. Imperial velvet, patent tapestry aad Brussels carpeting*. Mosaic rugs, Ac. AlSO. Three-ply. Ingrain aad every vartetr of low prioed car actings, ol'clothe, rugs, mats. China mattings, Ao , Ac. LOBP A TAYLOR, 266. 267.2M and Ml Grand street. "MTkW AND GHKAP KMBROlDKt'lK*. IN COLLARS, -A.Y sleeve*, basques, capes, embroidered skirt j, Ac., Ac., will be opened on Monday, April 21 ALso, needlework mus ing, for maklDg basques. A. T. STEWART A CO.. Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets. PLAIN BLACK BARBGk; ALSO BARKGE ROBES from auction, >5 CO, worth 98. Decided bargains, at W JACKSON'S, Late Bartholomew's, new mourning store, 661 Broadway, between Spring and Prince streets. EIOH DKFSS GOODS FBOM AUCTION? Purchased. at the ancticm sales or the week, m ich below ooet of Importation, and to be SOLD AT A VERT SMALL ADVANCE, Will be ready Monday, April 21. Home choice lots Rich Parle bareve robes with three flounces. illuminated balzorineh bareges, ohallies, etc. LORD A TAYLOR. 266, 267. 269 and 261 Orand street. And new Nos. 47 and 49 Catherine street. Rich i^ceb.-a suphrb assorpmbnt of bkal point a 1'afgutll* and Yalensiennee lace collars aad sleeves, in eeta, will be opened on Monday, AprU 21 _ A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway. Chambers and Reauu streets. E EHOVAL. - J. R. JAFFSAY A RONS Have removed trom 73 Broadway to 61 Barelay street sod 56 Part plaoe. Corner of College place. Where tbev have now on exhibition A large and choice assortment of s mbrolderlen. laces. White goods, hosiery and silk hardkerchieth. SPRING MANTILLAS AND SHAWLS ? An immense vanetr of nil the preeent leadl-ia' PAHIA STYLES MANTILLAS. Alio, n genera! naaortmont of fASBIONANLE SBAWTS PO? eCHlNO, , . Including new etYles Mali*. Uatoere, broche, embroidered ?<wt plain Canton Crape nha arle, Ac. 15 PER OUT BELOW RIWCLAR f "????? . , LORD A TAYLOR, 256. 257, 2ft# and 261 Grand street,^ And new Nos. 47 And 49 Catherine street. ILKS AND HHAWL8~PROM AUCTION.? LK BOUTILLIRR BROTHKRS haTO jnat rfoMred from Auction a great variety of sl'ka, Stella shawls and prlnte* grenadines, all ot whlsta they can eell About 2S per cent below &e on** importation.^ M ^ Haw.rt ,tr?et. S] s: 1IX DOLLAR MANTILLAS S In beautHul black Bilk, Pnarrr. Graceful aitd New. AH the richer good* at moderA^cc^ ^ ,PRINQ VtlLLINERY QpODH.?^ 20 and 22 John street. Importer, manufacturer and jobber or Silk millinery goods. Straw goods. Bilk and faoey bonnets. Drew caps, French flowers. And all articles pertaining to the mUUaery trade. Prices ma derate, and aew goods recused daUy. rpo iWLK A 00.'S PAILURK? 281 GRAND 8TRBRT. Sm or Brocs fob Benefit or CRjtniTor.s. HALE or BTOCS rem o""" "? ???. i? 1.000 do, Merrtmac prints, 104.; regular price, la. M0 do. Irish Uneu, ut 2*.; regular price, 3a. And all the fancy stock At a much greater reduction. wn LUM? rpWTCNTT CASKS DRUM GOODS. J. ISO jaconet robea, at VS. worth 15. MX) dreeeee barege delaines. 3SS do. printed chaUles. All at 25 per cent below ooet V G. B. WILLIAMS A CO., Ijtte Leadbeater'e. 34T Broadway. MANTILBT OYLANTINR? Or shawl shaped mantilla, A garment of snrpasetng lorellsesA In Real Giupuke Lack. Black moire antique and trlsge Rich Black TArrrrr*. A beautiful rariety this week. BULPIN, 361 Broadway. rjtHK WHITE CANTON CRAPE SlAWLS.-tOO MAGNIFI cent shawls, rtcblr embroidered, will be offered on Mon day. April 21, at *46 and $50 each-lens than half the oOito Importation. A. T. 8TKWABT A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets. REMOVALS. Idrissnr^o/TTa soa'La RRSPfccTFULLY H tiotiflee bis friends and toe public that he has removed from the Metropolitan Hotel to 593 Broadway, up stairs. where Ka has fitted up a magnificent room. Tor the purpose of carry hi* no StthUr arming business In ail Its branches. He srill Si keep on hsnd all hinds ot perrumery and toilet arUolr l Orsteriil for past patronage he eollclta a oontinuance. T?MMOVaL-KVABS A CARMAN HAVK RKMDVM) I'D R toe sVNlchnlM Hotel buildings No* KM. 102 and 104 ftprlng street w=?AMnVAlZ^MRirK. *? HUBBARD A GO. WILL RK R*^nre to No. 7 Bond street April 23. Second opening of ?prlog millinery on ThutmUy, April wL Thr hanovkr bank is removkd TO NO. 37 nar SHU strfi*. Wt W ??CB 8PRUIO DHLLUrEKT, AC. AT 64 AND 66 JOHN STREET 8tnkVJKn*4 A flower*. M . . , , Plqueu, bud#, end Ma ten* la for llo/Uts, in every variety, for Straw towwi, received by the Baltic!''"'1' NETCHUM. IPABHIONS.?THE CRYSTAL PALACE FIRST PRIZE ?" ailver medal emporium ot ftehion* Madame DEMUREST. 375 liroadway, lnlorm# the public ibat her breech More, 79k I anal street, opposite Oreene, contains the moat elegaut ana nitpttr dedans of panares ever odered. under the superin tendence of Mme. GoocalL MILLINERY.? Mr*. BALLINGS, 396 Broadway and 67 Canal afreet, Has a rich assortment of fine Parisian silk bonnets; also neatly trin met straws. She solicits a call from the ladies. AjTADKMOISSLLR BABNSTT 111 Has opeand HSK raw SHOW BOOKS, With a varied eel PARIS MILLINlSRY. 7(U Broddway, Orp stairs J CAIIPETING8 AND UPHOLSTER*. 6 "TURK Ion~BOrT~RLEO ANT fWRINU U AC K piU leuUs, done neatly by a first rate workman, overed in green flowered lasting. Sold.privately from 620 to $26; cost $t6. Upholstery orders received at 16$ Mercer street, near Bleecker. AMAUBORGNR. FROM PARIS, UPHOLSTERER AMD ? ratilnitmaker, 166 Seventh avenue, near Twenty ttrat street, begs leave to Inform tarn tiles tha' ho undertakes to re Cair every kind ot turnllure, mattresses. An., Ac ; peper hang >g, poliahiHk" and varnishing, on place or In his shop, at wllL ECONOMY?FIFTY PER CENT SAVED IK CARPETS. Harrington's Improved carpet lining, a new and mar valuable inveutloa, consist# of two webs or durable material with a web of cotton skilfully woven between them, which, when laid down under carpets, will be found to add to theh eleanllueae, elasticity, comfort and durability. To be had at all carpet stores. _ WILD A JULIAN, Agents, 61 Oe*ar street. New York. English carpets, of tee best manufacture.? English tapestry, Bruaieli, at $1 per yard; do. royal vel vet, at Ml 37per yard; superfine ingrain, at 75 cent# per yard. _ . _a. tTSTKWaRT A CO.. Broadway, Chambers aud Rcade street#. SPRING IMPORTATIONS OF J PLAIN AND I1ECOBATIVE PAPEIt HANGINGS. Shades, Cornices, Ac., Ac. THOMAS JONES, ImDorter and Manufacturer. 391 Grand street, corner of Suffolk. DEW PUBLICATIONS. Mrs. hmntz'k great Work. COURTSHIP AND MaBRIAOR; OB, TUB JOVS AND BORROWS 01' AMERICAN UK, By Mrs. Oaroline Lea Hentz, I# this day published and tor sale oy all booksellers In New To-k and e sew here. Puhlhhelby T. B. PETERSON, No. 109 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. New book, stork.?the subscribers have just opened a stock of choice books, lately Imported from Eng land, ot old and sew works, in all departments of literature, wh ch th?y olfer for sale at low prtoes. Among them are the following, viz Tbste's British Autobiography, portraits, 3 v. ht mar., 4to. London $15 00 Skaftsbury's Characteristics; Barkwelieed., 3 v., Svo.c. neat 9 00 Chaloogrepbimanla; or, Portrait Collector and Print seller's Chronicle, 8vo.. calf gilt 2 00 Pcems of Catullus, by Nott, 1 vol. 8vo? calf, neat I 75 National Portrait Gallery, 6 vo . 4to., run., gut, London. 12 00 French Portraits ot Kmtient Characters, 2 v., r , 8vo. h. c 9 CO Works ot Monesqule 4 vols , 8vo., calf, gilt 6 60 Beloe's Anerdotes of Literature. 6 v., 8vo. calf, gilt 12 00 Cowper's Translations ot Homer, 4 v. ,8vo., calf, gilt.... 6 26 Aubrey's Lives of Eminent Men, 3 v.. h. 4 60 The Biographical Mirro-a of Ancient and Modern Eng llrh Portraits, 3 vols . ito , half calf, gilt. 12 00 ? - ? - slingulshed Physiognomical Portraits ot 100 Distinguished Charac acters, 2 vols. In 1. h. mor 6 00 Bsyle's Critical Dictionary, 10 v., fol., Lon. c. ed 40 00 Bryant's Ancient M'thotogy, 6 v., 8vo? rus. gilt 12 00 Kapin's Critical Works, 2 v., 6vo., call 2 Ot) hiatal oh's Morals, 5t.,8vo. caif, gilt 6 00 Thornton's Plautns, 6 v , 8vo., calf, neat 6 00 Grow's Antiquities of England and Wales, 4 v.,4to., c. nt 12 00 Bacon's Works, 10 voL.Svo , calf gilt 20 00 Dryden's Works, by Walter ScoU, 18 v., 8vo, ca'f, gilt.... 37 -00 Pope's Works, by Roscoe, 10 vols. 8vo., calf, gilt 20 00 Also, constantly receiving additions to their stock, suitable tor private libraries, to which the public are invited to call and examine. fUNISON A REEVE, 138 Fulton st-, np stairs, between Nassau and Broadway. UNITED STATES RAILROAD DIRECTORY, FOR 1866-Contaltlng the names of the officers of ail the rail roads In the United States, so far as the same oould be ascer tained; also the length and termini of the rinds. 1 voL 8vo, 216 page*. On receipt of money aud ^address, the Directory ..... be sent to any part ot tha United States, po*tage prepaid: In paper for one dollar, or lr muslin for $116 Just published and for sale at the offloe of the Bankers' Magazine, 162 Pearl Rtreet. B. HOMaNB. NEWSPAPERS. TBI PARIS CHRONICLE.?ON THE 1ST OF MAY next will be published a new fetnl monthly journal, to the ttugliab language, of fashion, literature, the fine arts, tudm t;, i.Bd commerce. Each number will be embellished by a beau'lful colored engraving of the tasblona The journal will contain a complete aooout t of everv new invention, whether In nrt, science or fashion, beiides the varied news and gossip of the capital or ihe olvtlized world Published by Charles Hartwlca. 18 Rue Yivlerne Paris. -Terms of subscription : 6 mor.tbs. $4; 12 months, $8 Subscriptions to be received firtbe United Stalesby Messrs. B. WESTERMAIN A MHMBB ... _ CO., No. 2<J0 Broadway, New York. CH'GH PAID FOR OLD NEWSPAPERS OF ANY SIZB ? old panph'eta of any kind, o d writing papar, o'd vrltlng hooks, old tickets, cards, handbills, catalogues, or waste pa N. B.?I buy any thing that Is oM CHAUNCT STOCK WELL, perofall sorts and sizes. ~ C No. 26 Ann street, basement. SPECIAL NOTICES. A NNIVERSARY.-THB MARINERS' FAMILY INDUS xV tiisl Society will hold their twelfth anniversary In Ihe Marine; s' church, corner of Catharine and Madison streets, on Wednesday, April 23, at 7>? o'clock P. M. Addresses mnv be expected from lion. 0. O. Leigh, Rev. expected from Hon. 0. O. Leigh, Rev. T. L. Cujlor, anil Rev. C. W. Jones, pastor of the ehnrch. The public are Invited to attend. A coQectton will be taken up in aid of the funds of tha society. a NNUAL MEETING AND ELECTION OP OFFICERS O. of the Lover and Port Morris Marble Coinpsny will be held at their ofllee, 92 Warren street, on the 24th day of April, at 3% o'oloek P. M. By order, JOHN A. 8CHWAORR. Seo'r. CtAUTION.?THE PUBLIC ARB CAUTIONED AGAINST / Infringing on the patent of O. O Wilson's match stands and sa'cB. The genuine are stamped on the bottom, C. O. Wilson's Yankee Mutch Stacds and Safes, Phils , and are ranted to stand any climate. Bold wholesale, by R. H. Wat raough, so'.e agent for New York, No. 4 Murray street. C. O. WILSON, Phlladelpta. Mercantile library association.-? k an L-usl meeting of Ihe Mercantile Library Association win b held In the lecture room. Clinton Hall. Astor place, on Tuesday evening. May 13, at 8 o'clock. The election lor officers of the Association for the ensulrg year will be held In ihi libra ry building on Tuesday, May 20. The polls will bs open at 8 A. M.t and close at 9 P. M. By order of the Board. GEO. 8. PARTRIDGE, Jr , Reoordlng Secretary. \AECU AN ICE' INSTITUTE SCHOOL?THE HIGH" lvl teenth annual exhibition of this school will take olaoe at Ihe Broadway Tabernacle, on Wednesday evening, 23d Inst., ut 7 o'clock. Tickets 25 cents. For aile ut tha dcor. The en tire receipts vrlll be given to the Ladles' MlcsL a school, at the Five Points. M Y PP.BTORS ARK REQUESTED NOT TO PAY ANY prr-eon but myself. FRANCIS FIStlKR. "ATOTIOK.?ThE MEMBERS OF FORT GRK*N 03aP" J.Y ter, No. 04. O. U, A., arc requested to attend a meeting 01' me chapter, cn Wednesday evening, 23d Inst., at 8 o'clock. Punctual attendance is requested, as business of Importance will be brought betore the meeting. By order of the Sachem, AT Ol ICE.?A CONSTRUCTOR OK FLO ATI NO DRY AY docks, to eon tract for the eonstruotlon of one of first cast, Isrroded for which one can present himself, with go id re femnces and the pnfcrns ot some constrnctlons An architect ti also needed, tor bulldlzg a wooden house. To treat about this, sail at 98 Dttane street (Hotel de France), room No. 5 on Mandav, April 21, from U o'clock In the morning ttU 2 in the afternoon. Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, cn Tuesday, April 29, between the hours ot 1 and 4 P. H. And the annual meeting of the shareholders will be held on the same dav, and at the same place, at 12 H. GKOROK C. AWTHON, Secretary. NOTICR IS HEREBY OIVKN THAT AN ELECTION for a president and six directors to manage the business ot (he Accessory Transit C&mpany for the ensuing twelve months, will be field from 12 o'cicck noon nntll 2 o'clock P. ft*., on Monday, the BUi of May next, at the oOlre or the Comoany, No. 8 Bowling (Jrten. Jlv order. ISAAC 0. LKA, Sec'y. New Yokk, April 21. 1886. COMMENCE THffl TlAT T0 8WKVKUP ska. i Broad street. New York. NOTICB?I COMMENCE THIS 1 my green turt'e soup and steaks, THUS. DOWN I NO, Kos. 3 and 6 Brt 0F iFFICR OF THF KASTRRTON. SMITH A SINCLiAIR ' Btone Dressing Company, foot of Twenty ninth street, Fast river.?A apeetal meeting of the stockholders will be held ti the company's office, on Wednesday, the 23d Inst., for the election of seven trustees. Foil open from 9 to 10 o'clock A.M. By order. ALEXANDER MahTKRTON, Prea'U Nr.w Yoax, April IE. 1866. OFFICE OF THE SECOND A VENDFRAIL ROAD COM pany- New York, April 7,1856.?At an eleotlon hsld this day, In pursuance ot an amendment to the by laws, the follow ing cattlemen were elected directors ot this company for the ensuing vear:? Denton Pearsall, David M. Hughes. George Bell, Wm. L> Ynule, Waldo Uutchlns, Henry Hendrhks, Hloney Mason, Oornelus McCoon, Aiphar Pearsait, .lobn O'Brien, Edward Haight, A. B. Rapolye, Charles Miller. /1 a subsequent meeting of the directors, Denton rearsall was re-e oeied ^resident; David M. Hughes, Vice President; John O'Brien, Treasurer. By order. J. aTTWOOD, Acting Secretary. ST. ORORGR'8 SOCIETY OF NRW YORK ANNUAL Festival.?The St. George's Society will oelenrate Its seven tleth anniversary, by a dinner atithe Metropolitan Hotel, on Wednesday, April 23. Dinner will be served at C o'clock pre cisely. Tickets for the ooeaston may be had from the stewards: ?William M.Smith, No. 6South W Uinmstreet; Charles Coo per. 86 H!nhstreet; 8. Mlltord, 131 Pearl street; R. Balnbridge, 47 Cliff strret; also from anv of the officers ot the Society, at the Metropolitan Hotel, at the Society's office, 89 Greenwich id reel, and at ihe Albion office, 18 Heekman street. English aril colonial visiters to this city are particularly Invited to at tend. CIO Ala?WE ARB NOW DISOHAROINU FROM BOAT A J cargo of very superior red and white ash stove and egg ooai. which we win sell at the lowest market prices, for nasa. AMBLER k OOLLORD, 22 Elizabeth street, near Canal. COAL-I AM NOW dZlIVRRINQ FROM MY HKW yard, oorner Twenty seventh street and Ninth avenue the best quality of Peach Orchard red ssb coal, wall screened, ai the low price of $6 60.per ton. Weight warranted or forfeit ot.ol. JOHN MaODONALD. SYDNEY. PICTOIT AND LINGAN COAL MtfTKS^ Tbere Is a large stncjy i f frc ih mined ooal at the above ntmed mines The Luigao mine baa been opened expressly (br the supply of coal for gas. It bsa been tested by several gss mmpantee, and highly approved of. Pemoas wishing to IKS. ?**""" ?"?? ? SEVERE Rim RTOKI. Tremmdoiu Qtle.TrtM, Awnings, Chim neys, the Beet of Barton's Theatre Ir*jur eA?The Stem BUewhere. It stormed furiously all day jrenterday. One might ex e'aim that? Dashing ia big trope on the narrow pane. And making irournml mnalo tor the mind. While pIato hie Interlude the wixzard wind, I bear the ringing of the frequent rain. The city looked dismal enough, and no little damage was done to awniage, signs, blind* and other loose gee r that was expired to the aetion of the fieroe wind, which blew until a late hoar at night. This storm, nnpleasau a* It Is, will not be without its good effects, .it will d > something towards eleaniag our foul streets?dbet want it badly, by the way?and will also have en'excellent effect upon vegetation. Indeed, the trees In'ihe Park already have an extra dash of green upon them, and want but one hot day's sue to become gemmed with leafy blossoms. Scarcely a woman has been seen In the streets tor the last two davs, a circumstance their bus bands may eongratnlate themselves upon, as no doubt many a stocking has been overhauled,- and shirt bosom rendered presentable, that in fine weather would have remained unrepaired. By our telegraphic despatches it will be seen that this storm extends over a Urge snr'ace of oountry; indeed, there is reason to suppose that had it occurred during the winter It would have proved to be a dreadful snow storm, similar t> those we were favored with during the month of January. The rain, accompanied by heavy agnails from the northeast, continued during the entire day nntff night fall. A number of accidents happened daring the day The roof of Barton's theatre was carried completely away, and lands 1 in the Park. A beautiful willow tree, wfcieh stood betwtea the Hall of Retards and the City Hall, was proetratsd to the earth, while a large elm. which adorned the Hospital grounds for many years, was shivered to splinters, and landed on the roof of the eclored department. In Washington, Tompkins and Hadison squires the trees suffered more or less from the effects of the storm. Many hairbreadth escapes occurred in consequence of the falling signboards; but no limbs were broken, at |*ast to far as wa could ascertain. Towards midnight the storm abated, and the sky ap peared somewhat clear. The damage to the shipping, particularly along the coast, must be considerable. Freshets in the interior may be expeeted, as the storm seems to have perraded a very extensive tract of oountry. About four o'elock in theater noon, the chimney of the braes ehop, at llr. Delamater'a foundry, fiot of West Thirteenth stneet, was blovn down by .a gust of wind. It fell on the roof of the brass ehop and crashed it in. Fortunately, Mr. Robert Yates, the brass founder, had just gone out, or hewould undoubtedly have met with a severe aecldent. The well known rendezvous of the Baltic Baae Ball Club, asd where other congenial epirits meet, how lays a ruin in bricks and morter on the sidewalk, the effects of the storm. The Pacific mall steamship George Law, which was to have called yesterday, at 2 P. M,, for As pin wall, did not go outside, on aceonnt of the inclemency of the wea'her; and, accordingly, came to anchor jia the North river. . A violent e'.orm of wind end rain, from the northeast, prevailed at the time, and unless it should abate the G. L. would undoubtedly remain at her anchorage till dajlight this morning.) The steamers for Norwich, Stonington and Fall River were also compelled, by the eame circumstance, to wait beyond their time, 6 P. M. They would leeve, however, et any hour of the night on which the weather might prove more iavorable. The North river steamers for Albany were expected to go ont, as usual. THK BTOBM IN BROOKLYN. The severe storm yesterday did considerable damage. Borne houses were unroofed, church spires were blown down end signs end ewninge were scattered about the streets, making it hazardous to walk along the sidewalks. 1Te drivers of the city cars state that it Mew so hard at r.mes as to make it diffieutt for the homes to face It. There were some narrow escapes, but as far as heard from no personal injury ensued. The following are as miny of the parti enters of the damage as eonld be obtained:? The top of one of the spires on the Clinton avenue Con gressional church, on the eeraer of Lafayette ate?Q, | which has recently been built and is the finest structure of the kind in the city, was blown off, and falling upon the roof, store it in, causing damage to the amount of probably >1,000 or more. v4 A large shed for sheltering the care of the City Reload Company, on the corner of Myrtle and Marcy avenues, was prostrated. Borne six or seven pairs of hord were In at the time; but, fortunately, they sustained no injury. The cross and ball on the spire of St. James church in Jay street, came down upon the pavement, and strnek in frcnt of a woman, who narrowly escaped with her life. A painter's sign, six by twenty-firs feet, was blown fiom the top of a building in Fulton avenue, and landed in front of a car, nearly falling npon the horses. The bulk window of a porterhouse in Fulton avenue was blown oat into the street. A dwelling la Bridgs street was unroofed, one part falling in the street, and the other in a neighboring yard. The ball us trade In front of three booses in Wtllwnghby street, near Jay, was blown into the street, and caused the inmates to think the house was coining doArn over I their heads. ! An old wooden building near the Gowanfi* fenny Bri Age, known as Doty and Fort's lane mill, .was blown down. The circus tent, erected ona vacant lot la Qourt street, corner of State, colapred In consequence #f the wind, and the performances were postponed until such time as the weather may permit. A toy factory in Pacific street was unroofed. A tree in Clark street, near Deary, fell against the opposite house of Mr. Shelton, breaking windows and smashing the stoop. Gowanns Bay was strewn with wrecks of small boats, scows, As.; and fences, boards, Ac., blown from ths land, were scattered all about. The awnings about Are city were torn Into shreds. THE STORM IN WILLIAMSBURG. The storm passed over Williamsburg yesterday after noon with considerable violence, and did more or less damsge. The roof of a building oorner of Stagg street and Graham avenue was carried away, and also ths roof of tbs saw mill] on Leonard^street, near Bohols street. The flag staff on TbeaU's Buildings, in Grand street, was blown down, and a portion of the roof was torn up. The awnings and show-windows also suffered to a consider able extent. THE STORM IN JERSEY CITY. No serious damage was done in Jersey City yesterday

by the storm. A number of trees were uprooted and . fences prostrated, and the roofings of bulfdlngs were In two or three instances damaged. THE WEATHER THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. Albany, April 21, 1856. The weather Is oold; the river is rising and there are indications of a freshet. Boston, April 21, 18S6. A severe northeast gale and heavy rain has prevailed all day, but as yet no marine disasters are reported, most of th> vessels along the coast probably being warned in time to obtain good offings. Despatches from Eastport, Calais, Bangor and Portland report the storm as very severe, blowing from the north east, with heavy rain. Pwmwcnrowif, April 21, J866. A heavy noutbeast gale and rain prevails here. Many vessels have A tagged afoul of each other, but mo serious disasters are reported. Drxnmv, Mass., April21, 1866. A brig, name unknown, lies off this place, dismasted, and ia a dargeroni position among ths breakers. Hhe la of about 400 toes burthen. PHiLADKurnA, April 21, 1866. Ths weather to-day has been very on pleasant, owing to the prevalence of a violent storm from Northeast, ac companied with continual heavy rain. Washington, April 21,1866. It has been raining heavily here all day. fit avail Intelligence. A draft of seamen, intended for the stoop-of-war Ports month, arrived here on Thursday, in the steamship Ro anoke, from New York. At his own request. Com. Mefluny has been permitted to leave, and Com. E. A. > . I avallette has been ordered to sneceed him In command of the Gosrort Navy Yard.? WM*n(4,4rUUx f Tot Rucmrow or Mb. Buchanan.?The committee o< the Boitd of Aldermen end ConncUmen who war* ap pointed to arrange the city hospitalities whiah ere to be tendered to Hon. JemM Buchanan on bU return from bit mission ei United State* Minister et the Court of St James, London, net yesterday, when Aldermen Ely wee elected Chairmen. Meyor Wood wee also present. Alder men Uy end Councilman rmith, Chairman of the Board of Councilman Oommttee, were directed to engage suita ble accommodations for Mr. Buchanan et the Everett House, in Union square, and to escort him, on the arrive of the steamship Are 50, to the hotel; when the/ ascer tain the wishes of the distinguished guest, the committee will be again convened for the purpose at making further arrangements for a banquet. On motion, the committee were empowered to hire a suitable equipage lor Mr. Buchanan, and a sufficient number of carriages for the committee, to be in readiness et the dock on the steamer being telegraphed. The Mayor was requested to notify each member of the eemulttoe, through the police tele graph, of the arrival of the Arage In the hay. On motion of Alderman Herri ok, a copy of the preamble and resolu tions whish passed both boards, was ordered to he hand somely engraved and presented to Mr. Buohnnan. Ad journed. Trvai hj? and ExHuirriofM.?The great pressure of news and advertisements obliges u? to ourtail our theatzisai and other amusement notices to the following epitome of the attiactlons offered at tbe different estahliehmants this evening:?Broadway?Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams iu ihe "Fairy Circle," "Yankee Courtship," and "Lime s' lv Boy." Nlblo's? The IUve's in the "Red Gnome" and the "Cor script," and M'lle Robert in the now "Fes tival Dansant." Bowery?The new historical drama, the "Daik Days of the Revolution," aud Mr. Rienn as Sleek in the "Serious Family." Burtou's?"Grist to ths Mill," "John Jones" and the "Barber's Plot"?Mr. Bur ten pisys two of his mcst laughable characters. Wal lack's?Mr. Wallaok gives his fine personation of "the Stranger," followed by "U.ed Up." Laura Keeoo's? The very popular drama of 'Camille," with the great oiiginal cast, for the last time, and the "Swiss Cottage." llrcadway Varieties?Tae womierlol little juveniles m the "Golden Farmer" and the "Maid of Munster." Wood's Minstrels?Comic and sentimental melodies, dances, and the burlesque of "NicaraguaState Secrets." Hope Chapel?Readings from Shaitspere and other illus trious poet#, by Miss Mary Agnes Cameron, assisted by Mr. Fairclough. Brooklyu Athena-urn?Grand vocal and iesti omental concert, by Miss Brainerd, assisted by a Dumber of eminent artists. SilAKSFKRSAV KnTK&TAINMKM' AT HoPk C'lAPEI..?Mtss cameron, who is known to the public by the nomme da ti tatre of Mary Agues, announces for this evening at H jpe C'bapel, a reading from Shakspere, assisted by Mr. Booth royd Fairclough, a young gentleman of marked histrionic talent. We fsel confident that those who go to Hope Chapel this evening will enjoy a rich lnteUeetual treat. Miss Mama Bra;.vimd will giva a concert at the Brook lyn Athena-tun this evening Misa Brainerd is one of the best of our resident vocalists. City Policies. ELECTION O# SACHEMS AT TAMMANT HALL?TBE ^lEROK PABTY VICTORIOUS. There was considerable excitement in and about the old wigwam lent night, in consequence of the election of sachems being announced In several of the morning pa peri. As was anticipated, there was a great struggle be tween the Pierce and Buchanan men, resulting in the de feat of the latter by a large majority. There were three separate ti:kots in the field, oue headed by Elijah K Purfy, another by John Kelly, and the third by Daniel Ward, as follows:? for Sachemt? Elijah F. Purdy, Isaac V Fowler, James Conner, William D. Kennedy, Thomas Dunlap, Ue<rge H. Parser. John Kelly, Daniel F.. Dalavan, Rlcoard B. Con nolly, John Cochrane, Andre Froment, Thomas W. Adams, Joseph Rose, Jr. for Treasurer?Wilson Small. fbr Secretary?Stephen C. Duryea. ftr Sarjamtrrt? Charles Mills. Fbr Wvlrmkie? Klehard D. Letter. fkr Sachems?John Kelly, Fernando Wood, John R. Brlggs, D. C. Fenti, S. I. Tildeu, 1. V. Fowler, Thomas Charlock, Is C. Montgomery, Daniel Ward, John Coch lane, Richard B. Connolly, James Conaer, Joseph Cor nell. fbr Treasurer?Wilson Small. fhr Secretary?Stephen C. Duryea. lor Bagamore? Charles Mil's. Jtr Wiekinkie?Richard D. Letter. Mr flalusi Ptslil Ward, Thomas Charlock, John H. Bowie, Anthony J. Bleeoker, Joseph D. KsJdyin, Elijah F. Purdy, Robert B. Boyd. Casper C. CbAe, Richard B. Connolly, James Conner, Stepaen C. Feekfi, Charles Meeks, Jr., Charles Oenike. u for Treasurer?Wilson Small. * for Secretary?Stephen C. Duryea. for Sagamore?Charles Mills. Fbr Witkinkie?Riohard D. Letter. Of these tiokats the first mentioned one, consisting principally of Pierce men, was elected over tha other two by a majority of ovtr 4?. The second ticket, headed John KeQy, was made up of Buehanan men ; while the third, headed Daniel Ward, was a barnburner ticket. There was great rejoicing among the office holders ?hen it was announced that their ticket had met with complete sue sees. Police Intelligences Charge or False Prktewcks?Petor U. Bradburn, a merchant doing business in Canaan, Columbia countj, K. V., was taken into custody yesterday on charge of defrauding Isaac B. Smith, of No. 36 Peck slip, out of ?363 worth of merchandise, by means of lklse pretences and fraudulent representation. The accused, it Is alleged, represented that he was the owner of a house and lot in Canaan, and was every way a responsible man. These representations, it is charged, were false, inasmuch as the County Clerk of the above county certifies that there is no record of defendant's having a house and lot in the town aforesaid. The aecused was brought before Justice Osborne, at the Mayor's ouloe, where he was held to bail to answer the charge preferred against him. Arrest or ax Alleged House Turin.? Jthn H. Voorhls, an allged boarding house thief, wss arrested yesterday on charge of entering the house of Mrs. McFadden, at No. 14 Bowery. The accuse 1, It is alleged, stole a carpet bag, containing a gold watch aad other articles of jewelry, valued at $320, the property of John McOriffert, a boarder in the house of Mrs. McFadden. Several other charges have been preferred against the accused, showing conclusively that his inten tions towards other people's property were very donbtlul. The aecused, who is the son of a clergyman, was commit ted for trial by Justice Connolly, ot the Lower Police Court, Srxnav Ami rrmenth.?On Snnday afternoon a party of up town rowdies entered the honse of an old German, in seventy-thlrdstreet, near Seventh avenue, named Walter Bartman, and amused themselves by beating and kick leg the poor old man until they left him insensible. Oflioer Sebastian, of the Twenty-second Ward police, on being informed of the occurrence, went in search of the rascals, when he succeeded in arresting one of them, named Peter McDonald. The prisoner was taken Wore Justice Bogart, at the Fourth District Police Court, where he was committed to prison. A doctor was called In to attend to Hartman, who pronounced his injuries dargerous. The French Exiles. A M. LE BEDACTEPRDU NEW YOKE HERALD. Nrw York, 20 Avril 1866. Dans ce temps oil des fa its mal representee ssrvent ds materiaux au vnlgalre pour elever un piclestal a un criminal heureux, les homines eonservant una f. i intact* dans les prlnclpes seuls ne reclament poor le moment que le modeste privilege de vtvre d Pcoart. I* general Cavagnae, plus que tout autre peut-etrc, ne devralt pas etre cboill pour Mrvlr de vrkicuU u des opinions qui, s'll les protsssait roellement, deahonoreralent n jamais son caractcre d'homme et de citoyen. Ces opinions ne lul sont attribut es eans doute que pour dreeser on plugs a eenx qui pourraient passer condemnation sur un erime nl exple ni si-pare, et accepter de Napoleon III one am nistie que la vietime ne doit jamais reoevolr de son hour rsan. I* general Cavaignac n'a doao pas pronoaoe les Kroles que voire correspondence de Pans en date <lu 24 irs, et insert-# dans votre nnmiro d'anjonrd'hnl 20 Avril. lui attribne. Nous proteatons contre una parsllle assertion au nom des prinr.ipes. Cast une manoeuvre qui peut passer pour habile, male elle ne reossira ni de vent le bon sens, qui ne verra jamais que de la fentesma gone dans I'oeuvre bonapartiste, nl devant la raison rclalrf-e, qui refuser* toujour* a la tyraanie la faculte de falie du bien. Agreez, Monsieur le redacteur, mes salu tations distingue#*. J. 80UVY, Anclen redacteur du RipMicain et du Progrtt. BrowUjrn CUy Uewe. Fraxklix Engine Co. No. 3.?The members of No. $, of the Western district, brought home their engine from the painter's last week, and on Saturday had a trial of her capacity, In front or their honse, In Henry street, be fore a large number oi Interested spectators. They played from suction, with fifty feet of hose, open butt, of 3?f inohes, into the gutter of the City Armory, a height of 36 fee*, mi1 f>2 on Ihe level. Wtth the seme hose, ineh nrrele. (bethT?w 161 frM with thrse streams, \ inch uric threw 11" 'est ho; ' Tai. Thr ta^iae ')?U la swvn* evRit fotu ;#??? MUNICIPAL AFFAIiS. BOARD OF ALDERMEN. The Board met last evening, the I'leeident in the chair. The minutes were reed end approved. M1SCUXANSOD8 IUimi3. The report to coo firm the contract to balld a houea for Engine Co. No. 16. to fence recant lots to Trent}-fourth ?treet, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, a'no in Wert Thirty-sixth street; la Twenty-third street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. To fill sunken Iota north side of Thirty-ninth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. To confirm the ton assistant Engineers elected by the Fire Department. To confirm the award of contract ?or extending and rebuilding pier foot of Fifth street, East river. To raise the salary of the messenger and as. stotant messenger; the former to $860, and the latter to #760 per annum. To repair pier No 21, North river. The ordinance In relation to the Brick churoh pro perty, which was ordered to be printed, was fovorablr rt ported by the committee. It provides that the claim of the city he rescinded, provided the church assent to the sale and allow at least $226 000 to accrue to too city. bOMINAtlONB?JA3. UtVTNO. The communication irou the Olty Inxpee'or, Dominat ing Jos. S. Monell as Registrar of Records, was con firmed. Aiderman Clajucn called for the aotton of the Board of Couaaiimen respecting the appointment of Mr. Irving as Superintendent ef I'uSltc Buildings. The appointment of Mr. Irving, as made by Mr. Selah, Commissioner of Re pairs and Hupplies, was then read. Aiderman Cijutcv moved the confirmation. Alderman Voorius moved that it be reierrod to the Committee cn Offices and {Salaries. Alderman Tuckkx opposed the nomination, and thought it ar insult to this Board that the Commissioner should send the nrmination bsck for the third time. He hid had a conversation with the Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies, aid had told bim that he believed Mr. Ir virg was a very good butcher?tbat he could kill and slay as well as any man (laughter,) but that he would not bo fit for tois office. Be (Aid. T.) opposed tbe nomination, be cause he Knew the public interest would suffer, eot lrora dishonesty, but front ignorance. Alderman Voorhls' motion to refer, was lost by a vote of 11 to 11. Ayes?Aldermen Corwio, Fox, Tucker, Voorhls, Biiggs, The President, Fulmer, Ely and Valentine. Nay s?Aldermen Brown, ilea ley, HofTmire, Clancy, Griffith* (whig sad Know Nothing,) Steers, Jackson, Moceghan, Derrick, MoKonckey and Varian. The motion to confirm tbe appointment was thon moved. Aiderman Fuurb wished it ti bo understood, and he hoped tbe reporters would notice it, that the whig party hid been sold. He considered that the man who voted for the present nominee was highly culpable, and that Mr. Selah insulted the Board in making toe nomination. He hoped tbe responsibility would fall where It ought; and though be knew they were sold out, and tbat the appointment would be confirmed, uo matter what he should say, still be would vote against it. Aiderman Cla.nct defended the caaiaoterof Mr. Irving, and considered him in every way qualified for toe posi tion to whleb he bad been nominated. Alderman Voowns opposed the nomination, and de clared that Aldermen Griffith and Jackson had voted twice against tbe confirmation, and had both given him (Alderman V.) their word that tbey never would vote tor Mr. Irving. He was sure that toose gentlemen would not employ Irving to build a hoilse for themselves, and from their former opinions he aid no think they would vote for bis confirmation. Alderman Jacksok, for about the first time in his life, was about to change his vote. It appears tbat the Al oerrren in majority voted against Mr. Irving merely be came he was ? batcher, and not a practical builder and he (Alderman J.) voted with them; but in * few nights after (hat they turned round and voted for an incompe tent man as Hnperlntendentof Roads. He (Alderman J.) would vote for the confirmation of Mr. Irving. After some remarks from Alderman Voorhis, Alderman Fox movad that the Board kdjonrn, which waB lost by a rote of 8 to 12. Alderman Unities was sorry to hear his democratic friend, Alderman Jackson, say that he wss ready to do wrong because others, and whig members, had done wrong. Alderman G aurora said he wanted to explain his vote; be was sent here by the American party, and when the nomination of Mr. Irving was last up before the Biard, he voted against him because tie was told that he was an Englishman. Now he (Alderman Griffith) never would vote for an Englishmen, (laughter and applause in the lobby,) but he had since learned that Mr. Irving was an American born, and as snch ho would vote tor the confirmation of his appointment. The confirmation was then put and carried by a vote of 11 to 9. Ayes?Aldermen Brown, Healey, Hoffmire, Clanov, Grif fiths, Steers, Jackson, Monaghan, Herrick, MsConkey, Vaiian. Kays?Aldermen Coruin, Fox, Tucker. Voorhis, Brlggs, the President, Fulmer, Ely and Valentine. Tbe Board soon alter wards adjourned to Wednesday next, at 6 o'clock. There was a large attendance of lebby members, pond ing tbe confirmation of James Irving'* appointment. BOARD OP COUNCILMEN. This Board not last evening at the omul hour. Presi dent Piackney in the obalr. Petitions being in order, the following were presented:?From merohanU w Brekman etreet, for the extension ofjthnt street across the Park to Park place. Referred to Committee on Streets. From Stephen H. Branch, for remuneration for services renter td and money spent in the Mutsell investigation. To Committee on Police. Councilman Boole offered a resolution that ten ad ditional policemen be allowed lo the Eleventh ward. Re fired to Committee on Police. Councilman Cuvtok called up the resolution relative to bills of members tor carriage hire. After some diaous sion the Comptroller was auihorised[to draw his warrant for the payment of all bills, as rendered, up to the pre sent time; and a resolution was adopted, restricting all future bills for carriage hire of members to the sura of $200 per annum. Ihe Board tojk up tbe report of the Committee on Streete in favor of widening Reude street twenty-three ftet. Several amendments were proposed, reducing the width, all ol which were lost. The motion to adopt the report wea also lost for want 01 a constitutional vote. A>cs 26, nays 10, The whole subject wet then laid on the tab.e. The Bjard then took up the report of the Committee on Salaries and Offices in favor ot the appointment .of 116 Commissioners of Deeds for the City and County "of New Tork. The report anl resolution, with tbe names of Commissioners attached, was adopted by a votc of 86 to 0. A1 jo tuned to Wednesday evening next. NEW YORK PASSENGER AND BAGGAGE LINE. The Connoilmen Committee on Ordinances held an adjourned meeting yesterday afternoon, to hear farther arguments for or against the incorporation of a New York Passenger and Baggage Line. There was a large attend ance of hotel proprietors, hack proprietors and others in terested in the matter. Mr. J. Wiiaard first appeared beiore the committee In opposition to the Incorporation of the line asked for. He urged that it would prove a very serious detriment to stage and coaeh proprietors, and that by the incorpora tion of such a company a large number would be thrown out of employment. Mr. Ws. Ijwton followed with arguments for the es tablishment of the new line. Ha claimed that the com pany would om'y come in competition with hackmen and others. It did not aek their witbdrawai nor desire it. The design of the company was not to eonvey ottlsens about the city, but it was intended to convey passengers to and trom the hotels, railroads and steamboats. Mr. Colemsx, of the Astor House, spoke in opposition to the charter of the company. It was got up and in tended as a stock concern to make money for a few to the detriment of many. Mr. Jawhi Clark said he would give $26,000 for the charter aiked for, and guarantee to carry passengers for eighteen cents, and would make money at it at tlMtt figure. Mr. W. W. Lelavp explained at length the nature of the organization proposed to be established. He dwelt with emphasis upon its not being designed as a monopoly, snu quoted the fine effects ot the system in Western ? tifS, Mr. Joror Ha.vro.v stated that Mr. I .eland told him he desired to make a stock company of It, and that onoe get the thing agoing they could charge what they pleased. Mr. Jon> E. IncvKi ijf made a lengthy argument against the company. He stated that $1,000,000 was In vet ted in hacks end horses, divided among 1,500 haokmen. His main argument wis the loss that would he entailed up on these parties by the lormation of the company asked lor. Remark* ensued by several others, pro and am. The committee announced that this would he the final meet ing forbearing arguments, and that they wonld prepare their report upon the subject for speedy presentation to the Board. COMMITTEE ON RAILROADS. This Committee of the Councllmen, Mr. Van Riper, Chairman, met at 4 P. M. yesterday. They made an ex amination of the model of Mr. Mahon, submitted to the previous Board, ot an apparatus to be attached to the wheels of city cars to prevent accidents from persons be ing run over. The patent has been described in the Hxrald. It was stated that on the different city railroads during the past year thirty-five casualties occurred. In cluding fifteen person* killed. SEALERS IN SECOND IIAND FURNITURE. The Committee on Ordlnnneee of tk* Board of Alder en,Mr. Ely Chairman, met yesterday, at 3 p. M., and anrd several parties upon a petition for sundry amend, sets to the present ordinance regarding dealers in isond hand articles. The principal grievances com lalned of are, that by the present laws they are com- , tiled to keep all good* one month after purchase, before 1 Tertng them for sate; that they cannot pnrehase from 4 is person in one day, at private sate, any article or arti- I ?s ? \ree- 'ng the veins of titty dollars, and that they 0 t iskr ?fi the .lU'y papers, to <** if toy stolen go ids 1 admu?4, m4 it Uw ??t ?boutt oImage to b*r$ eonu into their possession, to report the suae soeedilv w under pone ft/ of two hundred deUan i.**- James Morgan, Wra. MeOar ,r othersappeared More the oommlttes, end urged the isjustioe of the leading provision. of the preeeat or jMk?d for e dteefe of the same. Hergenad of Junk Shop., gar. it a*hi. view, that ordlttS^^ute10 ^ ***** b/ * 0hM** ** _ Hcilee. FBOK VKKA C'KUZ TO TBI OAnTAL? MICW CHUITn. Mat* or thx Hnrvntic or Mkxreo-Kirw ant-no*. l're.ident of th* Hepab wh! ^v!T? bMa pUMed to add,eM to *e eitirea Sihoiothe following degree: T1!!? S.?^L.IU8iACI0 ?0l,O?W?*, fUOTWiONAX 1 ?? or Itrxioo, to ,tc L-?iiAiirrijsTs> ArutolZa%fc?^7r"AwW?Vh* ptA? ?? atoned ?t I I " Aonpuloo grant. t3 me i hare to deeree what follows Arueie 1. In order that with the ereatmit nmn?M tude a railroad may be built Xrn'Z^To tKl tel, bp ??; of Lou 1Mb3a do Apainand i'uebia a board 1) kestabliahsd, compoMd of aenoren &S^8WeS?& ssr-"14" * v?' i ????? &, cr 1 raiUoadi'tr^m^v*41'^8" Br*rt#<1 f01 ^ conatruotiooTaf ralboedotrem \ era Cruz to Mexico and Aoapuloo orftw toniini tlforming, within or without the republic, a MexietTard^Vera Cru * ,mmedUtely ?? W *? ?* Bcard of Diroctore .hail Uke, at a valna fr, export., the track of railroad oonetrncted frtniteraCTnizteaan Juan, together with aZhth. ?dT tent material* and the object, which have boon oraajsJ i" E"0p?; }h* *"<*** 'e^ultrng from euchtie^rSj Utrt, r*a- G"md*"|P# ih-U be delivered up to the Min istry, m eharee, on the sain* term, and cm. a . publi0 rt>MlTtM them. ^ lhe government hypothecates th. ?-??? -? he d atie< established by the tariff known a. the tariff ?f material tmprovemer t?, for the payment j early on the capital woich shall be lali out tn matenate fiZhXfZZ Wi,,k f0/ tbe comtructio^^? J5TS2 laiting cf tbe railroad?thin fund being mortgage 1 ium tit tins object?oo toat be abstracted, under whatever pre ext. from thUum? ?s necessary for lulflUitg tuts obligation. ^ Ait. 6. the .aid capital, .hall have the benefit of this I ,be d*J ">ey ?*? fold out, in tbe buying u nr trlltfc *cd.tte ^"^ruction of>urks, until the Wok I or tracks produce 6 per cent. erni?r6t I. c?ntr*?ted by th. supreme gov the two feregoing articles ia to be under, ** in the eenne thet it b.? to make up the revenue of hit percent yearly, In caw that the producTofth* railroad h not eufho'ent; no that if for example, bhe >aek rlnt itf! w aie constructed Ao yioid bS tw < per cent, the government .ball only iurniah four per oeat andi ehaU continue in ihi. way ?ucceMivei7 untii .^ Kmd produce, theaaid Income" ,lw Art. 7. The object. (,ousulcuirt) delivered up bv tie uZZTV-J? C0Dt^J ""b the three preceding a, Iliif'i be covered by the company in ?hiuwLirtu.h .hall receive the corre.ponding dividend, in the until* w?y.? the otter rtmreholder.* tii-i'i, 01 flwotore of railroad. ahaQ give ne It iw. . ei**rE.m,BDt of ti? formation of the oompaaw. ShilS,.!?OI"ltoLltBv-p,?. an<1 the track or t?2i prop reed to be conjtructed, and in what tim. ttey being at liberty to form, with th. knowledge an/ fr^Ih^k^0' government, one or more r-nim tcr the whoie ot the railroad or for .ingle track.. ,h?!Lkm '' h ot dirM|tor. .hall be Uke via. under the obligation to orJor the survey ot the road from M?wi Plans drawn 00 ft **** "?**' to hmT# th" corresponding plans drawn, and to employ a portion of th. oapiled 2 instruction of . oarruge way from MnicVU A?S innrf?'r>r<fV. ? bj>^*d ?t directors ahe>l rceeiva from the , fund, of tlio Minl*tfy ot lomenro, every ?ix monthn the I hecees.ry tun:, to to oover the income of the capital, an j it is establlfhcQ in the 6ih and 6th article., n r r.i, ,i5 u.COn,I>iny h*'0* on9? t}rmed, the Seno re D. Grvgoilo Biter y Teran, D. Hermengildo da Viva r 9j*10'D- rehlo Martinez del Rio, ehal] not be aDow fd to be removed without the consent ot the ? * be arc of shareholders. g?e?l . rh? .t?uU tn to the mlniitrv nvarw .Ix mcnlhs a copy or It. accounts, with the vouchersef the employment of ite funj*. " or th? ^-Ua' Ti,t **id out to th*"* works, as well aa the road., ^material., lands, and the revenue itself aretfca St{ob ,b*C?,op"y and of *aoh otthe Greeted tartie. to his oorrtsponding share, aud taet shall net whateverwm!* ^P'^cdlfthem'orto be^tU^ Art. 14. If, in the course of time, anr doubt or di.n..i. in reference to this decree arise, it shall he decided JurtU'^e 7 arbitration or by ths Sup: erne Court of Justice, without foreigters belonging to the eomnaav thtir r?sin an? carB or under protest, to makfuN nounoe. " re^Derf'' *hich iht-y cxprusily wtilre ri!?.o.? 1 older this to be printed, publfohed. clrcnlattd and executed In due manner. oueaea, t-'.vrn in the h.iionel i'alco. cf Mexico, Feb. 1,18M. IGNACIO COMQMFtlRT. City Intelligence. Ni-.u \ okk Joi RsrruxN House PAmiBU.?An adjourned meeting of the New York journeymen house painter* wia held last evening at Convention Hall, Wooater strvet Mr. Joseph Elder waa chosen to preside, and Mr. A. Mar tin t mclated aa Mcretary, The oommlttee appointed at ?,ettnff to draft oonrtitutlon and by-laww OTfanization to be oalted the "Practical&SS Punier. Protective Union," submitted a ojoautucten. B '??tureidistinguUhlBg it from the promt association were, doirg awav with the system of benefits tn Mnn' the oowoty entirely protective, fae eoneM tutlon ^ was ^ received with general approval by those e?wpl*?Jon of tbe organization and formal enrolment of names, after considerable debate was how ^ 10 h* Gil tbe general sentiment wae learned of house painters outside tbe preseut assoou Joa , , uinonnced that an early meeiiog would be held* wbeu decisive action would be taken. Matrimo.nt at th. Crrr Haix^-Yesterday'* storm of drenching rain, it seems, could not abate the flame, of love. In the afternoou, a youthful aud good lookw oouple, named Edward Manlook and Anna Zoci^ from Prussia, am to the City HaU, and desired to be j oined Ald/rm"n was called, and officiated in the discharge of this interesting duty, and the ?-?? >^**5 v00?', liberal sum ot fifty cents w*n bended to the Aldermen, when tbe neviy-autde biide greom and bride teak their leave, their aim ing joyous wd *pbmmaX oontTMt prevalent smn. Aiakm or Fmx is Vmmr Strius.?Between 0 and 1? o clock last night tba a'arm or fire in tbe Eighth district * was oauhed by some ehareoal burning in the area, uoutt 81xtb dlrtri#t. for? part of tho even fog, we. canted from a chimney on fire. Coroner*' Inqnest*. THE LATE SHOOTING AFPKAT IN ELM STREET?AC QUITTAL OF THE ACCUSED. Coroner Connery ?u engaged yesterday afternoon la holding an inqneat npon the body of Antonia Moodail, the Italian who was killed in a late affray at No. 41 Ehr street. The prisoner, GnJdo Kenan!*, was present during the investigation, and was attended by connsel and a number of friends. Tbe srldenoe taken before the Coro ner did not elicit any new facts, other than thoee pub lished In theHKiuij> of the lBlh inst Two women, Catha rine McCormack and Catherine Henry, testified that thQp saw tbe scuffle between deceased and the prisoner, and witnessed the shootiBg affray, but they wuld not swsnr who it was that fired off the weapon. They saw deciassi falling upoa the landing, and saw the prisoner making bis escape down stairs, but they could not gire any satis factory account of the shooting occurrence. The depom tion of the dying man was read to the jury, as follows: Antonia Monaell, being duly sworn, deposed and said: We lived together one year; to-day, about 12)4 o'clock, Mr. Fassuia removed bis things from the honse, In the removal of which a dispute nro.e respecting the stove in our room; we walked up stairs together at abont 6 o'eloek. Mr. Fassuia kept a |Mtol in his trunk; the dla pate about the stove arose as to who should have tfco stove, or what amount of money should be paid for the possession of it: 1 told Fassuia that he could not haw ? the stove lor nothing: I told him il he wanted the stow < he could have it for 83; we had a dispute npon this and oommenoed quarrelling; we grappled, and then the pistol went off, ana we both fell down stairs together; we never before had a contention, mere than a few warm words; I identify Guido Fassuia, now present aa the man who fired the pistol at ms. ANTONIO MONDELL (bis mark). Taksn before me, this 18 th of April, 1866, Itowano 0. Co.mvmt, Coroner. It was stated by some persons that the pistol used on the occasion was the property of the prisoner, but this supposition was rebntted by tbe testimony of one of the witnesses, who deposed that the pistol belonged to de ceased ; that he offered it for sale a few days previous to the casualty, and at that time said he had bought it from the prisoner, and had paid him $6 for It. Trie medical testimony of Or. Hoffman, houee surgeon of tbe New York Hospital, was also rand to the Jury, when tho Coroner summed up, and then rested the ease. The jury, after due deliberation, rendered the following ver dict?"That deceased, Antonio Mondell, came to hi* death by a wound from a pistol discharged accidentally during a scuffle with Gnido Fassnla." The piUoww, bowsver, was held to hall in the sn en of 6600 to answer any charges that might be preferred against him growing, out of tha above affray. Coart a? Oyer snd Terminer. Before Hon. Judge Clerk*. April 21.-764 Hater trial again put qf.?Th* court was opened, and adjourn#d tin Thursday nstt, whoa Jndg" *tronr will preside to-omplete th* aw pi.?o q otu s Jury in the ???* of LouU Bpkst, ehanf*-' ?ill i>4 homicide uf 1'coie.