Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1856 Page 3
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WIETHEIEtfra REJTCWEB IIT DALBS at auction. A NTHONY J. BLREOKEB AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL A |[ kucU q. oa the 23 .i^l* at the Mo.cbuU HxcMufs, JwT, four atorj ltri<*k house. ?"4 lata, 192 and 194 avouue 0; they real lor over $1,406. OTi at sale. mtHONY J. FLKF'KKR. AUOTIONEKB.-BXK !0 tor's sale of :?? pure'* of property a*. Yorkvilie, Hart em and Houston street?IVslhve aa'ai-Ar THONY J. BLBE'JK BR A oo. will p?1, this day, ApHI 2S, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' hlcfajnge. the following valutb'e and eneiilve Drooerty by otoe d executors, viz 10 lota on and next the northeast oornerol Ft/lb avenue and Ninety uixlb street: 4 fronting on the aenue and 7 on Nlon'r sixth street-No. 11 U a lore lot; 91 It* north side ot Klghtv seventh street, ocm m.*an| about 31 feet 1K rnch-e east of Fourth avenue; 11 lots on aid nexthe southe:tst corner of Fifth avenue and lil9th ?treet, 4 froettnpnthe avenue and 7 on 109th street; 4 iots on and next sort west corner of Fourth avenue and Forty-firm ?treet; 5 lots on roth side of Eighty fifth street, near 1 <>urth ?venue ;houie ad lot 602 Houston street, between Mercer and Green street, ihrhouse is three story and atile, brier, with large tea room ad library attached The whole of toe above property t* sold tee and clear of all Incumbrance. 70 net'cent of the purchase tonev can remain on bond and mortgage ror three or five yew. For maps and further particulars, apply at the ofiioe of th auctioneer, No. 7 Broad street. Estate ot 8amuel Csborn^eeeased. Albert h nicolay, auohonhbb.?spring household urulture sale*.?The uuJerdgned begs leave ?d Inform htn ntneroiui firtandi ard the public, thai ne cm ftlnues to five ill personal attention to tirat clajs furniture ?ales at h notional toe reaidance of faml'iei, ai he has done for """^aUUBTH. KIOOLAY, Anntloneer. No. 4 Broad st. 1 M. (J ft I.1*1. A K, aUCITONKKK-NO 23 BOWERY . WlU reUu Thursday, 24th Inst., at 10K o'clock, In sho v room the furnure of a tamlly breaking ud housekeeping, re moved for cirenlence of sale, oowdH'lng of rosewood end mahogany chan, oovered with hsiicioth; rockers, oovered with brccatelad p'.ush; sotss , do do ; tete a tetss,mahoganv and mart) e to dressing bureaus, French and cottage bed rorniln. marb'4?v waxbstaeds. centre tables, card tables, work tables Frenclpla'e mirrors, oil paintings, engraving*.clocks, do , he ; a'eo n e extension dining table Ail the above goods are from a 1*4 ciaae house, and are well end substantially made. A m. crbtalab, auctioneer?salesroom 23 A . Bowerv wl'l sell. on Monday, April 28, at 10% o>c.oek. the whole ente tragnlfieent furniture contained In five sto'T bouse No. 59f8ouston street, one door from Mercer street, contain tor lulont parlor one rosewood pianoforte, seven on tave. round crnrrs. made by Brown A Allen, rich lone; one ?Dlendid rose'rod suite, comprising sofa, six chairs, am do., ?swing do., crered with brocitel, cost $109; one set damask and lace wtnow curtains, cost! 13.9; Pastel and oil paintings, girandoles, Bueseis carpet, four papier marha arm chairs, in mid with pesl, ard tables to matoh; centre and card tables, two very hacdsoie side tables and mirrors, back parlor rosewood ?hairs, covrrd with crlmsop yelvet; marble top centre tab es, nous tele a Has. one most superb oak etegere, Brussels car ?et. mirror A variety of china tnan'el ornaments, oil paint as curtau, one oak extension dining table,Horty feet in length. Bc<ooms?containing coe excelsior mahogany and hardsomelrtarved bedstead, from the celebrated raanutaotory of Duicsn 4 Pbelff; rosewood bedstead', marble top wash stands, do.d dressing bureaus, ha1 r and spring mattresses and feather peds, looking giavse* engravings, oil pMnttags, Ac .:Ao. BU?containing a rosewood hat stand, and Oothlo chairs, andt large lot of oil cloth, all over the house. Base xnent?One plendid black walnut extension dining tables 3b teetln ler.go; Rest India china tea and dinner sets. allver plated waie and a large assert aent of kitchen utensils with which the sie w 1U commence. Catalogues ready on morning Of sale. AM CaSTALAR. AUCTIONEER. NO. 23 BOWERY' . will BU co Friday, 25th lest, at 10 o'clock, to pay ad vances. 49 told hunting watches, comprising 4 hnutlns full iewelled suk second chronometer balance rallwa* tlmekee i er 40 dwt 13 carat cases; 2 do. do., 8 do. do. chronometer balance lul jewelled open cock railway ''m^eeper .To^ Johnson, ( uich street Liverpool, 15 carat. 45 dwt, engraved cases; 7 do do. engine turn cases; 6 do. do.. Henry Ntuart, Liverpool, neine turp oa*es; 10 gold hunters; 4 pairs extras, Iewelled ii rubies, chropometer basice spring above. T, Dent, Hot n F xcViaoge, London, engine turned c ises; 4 do. do., E. L. Brsinrd Northampton, Loaoon. 4t) care'.)? carat cases; ft do. do. Brou of sale six months, .approved1 endorsed paper. All the tWe goods warranted as represented. A M. Ot 1ST ALAR, AUCTION EiCR-R SLE8ROOM23 J0L. Bowry-Will sell, on Thureday, 24th Inst, M 1Q>? o'clock, st ti8 avenue B, near Tenth street, balance of furni ture renal mg uurold, consisting of rosewood and mahogany Chairs; miners, covered with brocatel and plusb: solas, do. do., t*tea teles, mahogany and marble Iod dressing bureaus. French ad cottage bedsteads, marble top wasbstands. centre tab lea ard tables, work tables, French plate mirrors, oil pelntlng, engravings, mahogany dining Ubleaonk wardrobe, Br usee is and Ingrain carpelng. oL cloths, brocatc! window Ourtalnsrllver plated and glassware, beds and bedding, 4c., Ac. Sab positive. "a U.1UTTLE, AUCTIONRKR.-LABT AND CL08W0 JK . sat* of first class, warranted sablnet furniture, being the balancrlf stock of the old firm of Mess's. McGraw 4 Allendorph, at 465 Bnadway. A. 0. TUTTLE will sell os Thursday, at 10& o'clok. at the above warerooms, wlthsut reserve, to the highest Udder, the balance of elegant furniture of McGrawA Adlei.doph, who give up business on the 1st ot May. The ?lock coalsts of rosewood par.or suits ia brocade, brocatel and ?st'n; asnoires a glsce. secretaries and bookcases, etegeree, ?ideboads, oeitre tables, dressing bureaus, bedsteads, waah etands, fee.; also mahogany, oak and walnut parlor, ball, dl nlng am bedroom furniture-, also superior enamelled cottage chamber suits. The whole warranted of the first muss maoa fccture. and to be sold peremptorily. Terms, under *300, ?ash; ever $360. approved endorsed notes at four months. A BUTTBRFIKLD, AUCTIONBER. WlLLRRLL.ON j.. Thursda?, at lO1^ o'clock, all the furniture In the house cornet of Broadway end Oreet Jones street, oonslstlng of Brusmls and Wilton carpets, splendid mirrorx, Ac. Particu lars m the day of sale. A ST AUCTION -A. C. TUTTLB WILL SELL AT A.UC Uoa on Wednetday, 23d Anill, ruin or shine, at 11 A. M., ?ornrrot Third avenue and Ughty fburth JS2J: ?tock and fixtures ot a large grocery and feed store, together with the borne, wagons, Ac , Ac. The lease bas three years to run upon six lots. There urt> other buildings, which rent over the amount ot leate. Nobet'er location for business. For ?artUulars sea small bills, or apply on the premises, or to C. B. BOWBB A 0d>.. 84 Nasseu street. Auction notick?Parties having furniturr. car pea. Ac , to dispose of, wlU find our spacl'us sales rooms one of the best !n the cltv tor display and sale. All Mcounls settled promptly. Charges moderate RUS8ELL A DAY, Au -tloneers, 85 Nessau it. DC I ION NOTICE.?PBRBMPTORY CaTALOOUI sale of cabinet and enamelled furniture, pianofortes, Ac?Jonn h- ?us?oU, auctioneer, will sell, a; thejtores of RU88HIL A DAY, 85 Nassau stroet, two doors below Ful ton, to-m-rrrow. Wednesday, Aoril 23, at \0K o clock, a supe rior as?orimf nt of cablnrt furniture comprising several e_a bcrately earved rosewood purler suites lady s rosewood secrj lary, bureaus, rich decorated etam?lled stiltsi complete for hed reoms, asperlor sxtension dinirg tables, martle top bockessep, rosewood and mahogany dressing bureaus and wasbstands. wardrobes, French mahogany and rosewood bed Mtedshou'h America* hair mathre.mi, parior rocUngMui tnn rhftirA rosewood iod mabogftQ7 iotii iod sola bedsteads, marble top rosewood and mahog inv centre b'blei, hat slandt. Iron bMs'.euds. Also a quality ot second bsnd furntture, ?arnets Ac . emoved from bouse for convenience of sale. Altotwo second hand piancrories. Cataloguesewlr on mom ag of sale. Goods can remain tree of storage till l?t of May. A UOTIOW NOTICE.?J- BOOART, AUCTIONEF.R-BY A 8. B OaRT Friday, April 25. atlOH o clook,at No. 8 SrJtale street, household and barroom furniture, consisting of kedstends. leather beds end beading, washstands, looking glsro, bar fixtures, clock, Ac. "a UCTIONNOTIt IF.-SAMUEL Oe GOOD, AUCTION E RR A (office 86 Nspssu street.) will sell at the'large houseiHb Vrsrklln etreet, iietveen Broadway and Church street, on Frl SmT April f5 at lf-i A.M., the whole oi the turniture con tained In said honse, comprising parlor, dining room, hall, kitchen, ai d the fur mtu -e of about twenty be Irooms The whole wll' be peremptorily told, as the proprietor Is leaving the city. Terms cash. Auction notice.-stock of crockery, by w. W. SHIRLEY ?This day. (Wednesda*.) April ?3. at 10 o'rlrck. at N o. 98 Pearl atreet, (Btonebrldge's,) bslanoe of open stock. t?,H00 to $4,000, will be (old without reserve, on tour mnntbi' credit tor over $100. Those wanting bargains will fa well to attend Auction notice.?thos. bri.l, auctioneer, by BELL A BUSH. Thie day, at 10M o'clock, will be (old 24 beautiful t unary birds. In flue song. In the original p.iokages as Imported, the balance of the lot; aleo 15 genuine long breed Belgium do., in elegant cages, all of which were selected and Warmmed. Immediately alter will cs continued the aileof well assorted dry gocds, finer articles, olothing children's dresses, hosiery- table oloths. shirti, dn were, gloves, hundkei^ OP chiefs, at> ,-ard? cloth, r.isr-lmeres, vestlrFs, Ac ; 1 London ailver lever by Johnson; 1 pocket chronometer, do.; 1 gold watch and chain, by virtue of a judgment; ulso3 London guns. Thursday, lure sale of furrltnre In 'be unction rooms, carpets, matting. Ac Si'.urday, elegant furniture. at 54 Clark ion street. Mcnday, excellent household furniture, Ac,, at 407 Hndson atreot AUCTION HALE OF DESIRABLE HOUSEHOLD FUR eitii/e, in Br'.oklvn.?PETKR PARKS, auctioneer, by Savage A l'urka. On Thnreday, April 24, a*. 103a o'clock, at No. lb" Henry s'reet near Jarolomon etreet, Brooklyn, tho entire furniture of a family draining housekeeping, compri sing Brasse's. Venetian and other narpets; roeewiod mahrgi ny and black walnut parlor and chamber turniture; basemen arid kitchen turniture: also ono first claw rosewood pianoforte. Terms cash. DepoM'j required. No postponement. Cata logues at the store, 314 Broadway. A BSOLUTB SALE OF THE BEAUTIFUL TWO STORY JA. bouse and grounds, situated at West Flushing, near the t, a loosUon un railroad denot, a looation unsnrparsed, 45 minutes lbom New York, at the Merchants' Exchange, this day. April 23, at 12 o'clock M. B. BARKER, auctioneer, 14 Fine street. J. C. BANDERS, No. 3 Nassau street. Auction salr ofiknttre furniture, gab and bar fixture#, Ac., Ac., of the Delessn House?SAML. OS Ot tOD. auctioneer, office 85 Nassau street, will sell to morrow, (Thurwlav ) April 24. at 10J6 A. M.. at ths Delevan House, Fourth aveoue. between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, the whole ot the line furniture of said bouse comprising the usual furniture found In a first class hotei; also the bar fixtures, mir ror*, oil paintings, Ac . Ao. Full particulars In catalogues, which will be ready early, at the sale. Terms oush. Bale per emptory. AUCTICN SALE OP DESIRABLE HOUSEHOLD FUR nlture In Brooklyn.?E. D. FOSTER, auo lonaer, will ssll on Thursday morning, April24,at 10o'clock,at 59 Widowstreet, nltu ' " ~ ths entire household furniture, oonlisting ot tapestry, Brusee'e and trgrain carpets; onahoganv and rosewood parlor and chamber furniture; twwrqsawood pianofortes; beds, bedding, china, glara, basement au<*ltchen furniture, Ac. Terms osan. Auotion and commtssion.-j. j. tallman, auo tloneer ?TaLLMaN A CO.. No. 98 Sixth avenue, are prepartd to receive consignments of new and second hand fur niture and goods ot all Unas tor auction and private sale, and to attend sales st prtva,e houses on reaeonable terms. BY JOSEPH I1EGEMAN, AUCTIONEER?FURNITURE rales In Brooklyn.?Thursday, April 24, At 8o'clock A. M . at 184 Clin on street, corner ot Baltic, parlor, chamber, dining room end kitchen furniture; also, a few valuable oil paintings. At ID o'clock A. M . at No. 5 Host Warren street, between Court and Smith streets, parlor, chamber, dtnlnj room and kitchen furniture, tn good order. At 1 o'clock F. M? at 101 Clinton sure . between State sad Sobertnsrhorn streets, large sa e of han'ltomr parlor, chambsr, library, dining room aad kitchen ftirm ure. Catalogues of tie above at the sales rooms f By fdward schrnck, auctioneer.-edward SCHFNCK will set) at auctloa, this day. Wednesday, at half past ten o'clock, at his rslesroom. No. In Wall street, large sale ot hardy ever blooming rosea, comprising standard, dwarf, nose end running roses, large dwarf pear trees In bearing state, Chinese tree*, peonies, wisterias, splreas, and many other fine and new shrubs. Also, large white and black grapevines all grown by Mr. G. Mare, of Astoria. ?T FDWARD BOHRNCK, AUOTUiNRHK.-KLEOANT span of homes, barouche ar.d phaeton.?KDWARr* ^JKr'OK will sell at auc'lin this da?, at one o'clock, at hi* salesroom. 16 Wall street, a supanb open barouche, built by Messrs. Wood, Tomltnsoo t Oo, ai good sa pew, cost $"50; also a French phae'nn, shining top, by Hlntrr of FariJ. cos' 6600, hss Collins' msil patent axlea, and h )*n used but a few times; also doub'e hanie?s made Icy Tralnor, erst $125; also a span of mares lfljj hands high, sight years old; slso tn sleganl long tailed b'cou bay trsrn 1514 hands high, kicd std gentle In every way. la a superb Isdy's and parade horse was trained by Mr. T tekle of Ihlrteecth street, and be llevsd to hp ore ot the best raddle horses In the city. Ths above is the property ot' a gentleman who loaves for Kurop r cm Wffoerdar, and alll beso'rl without reserve; also a young bav horve 16 hands, stvltsh driver tn tingle or double harness nnd easy under tho saddle, Just off of a long journey, also wag on and harness. TOT VI.WARD BOnKNCK. AUCTIONEER.-EDWARD T>,?f BVN(K will sell, at auction, on ThnrWlay. 24'h tnsL. at I o'cl ck a' his sales room, 16 Wall Crest, a splendid long nil tell iron grav saddle p"ny. toxrteeu hands high, Ave years old warranted perfectly kind, round and gentle. fyt EDWARD SOBVFCK. AUCTIONEER.?FDWARD J) ge t kTK will sell a', atic'lnn. on Tuesday, April 29, at 11)14 c'cl- rv a. M , s' 69 Ka" Twcntv sixth street, elegant Ibtiehoid Rttnitare. Farticulbrt ia Iq'.ure adyerteemeu'.. ?AXiEft AT AtfTKm, B* EDWARD 80HHNOK, Alll'I iON r t it.-M aOMKI cent household rnrnltuie ps'li-irs, bronzes Ac ?Ml) WARD 8'iHKNOK *11 sell a'auutioa this day. at 10t? o'clock A M. . at No. 101 Amity At., betveeu Usury hud Hick* streets, Brooklyn, tie- turulture combined In mud house, omsnUn* or e'egant cniv .d roaewood suns. covered wuh crimson t>ro:i tel; tete-n tries, arm' bnlra, tewing do. elegant Frouc'i plate mantel K^aaMe an elegant eereu octave r me wood piano, oy Horace Waters; superb velvet nad Brussels rarpe a, oilcloths, Ac , elegant painting, some line bronzes. Partnn figures, at ver plated ware, rosewood bookcases marble too Hofa table, ex tension lab lee rosewood, mahogany aud oak bedroom eulti; wasbstand, dreaaing bureaus, Ac., hair and straw malueaaes, cbloa and glass ware. Catalogue') may be obtained at the office ot the auctioneer, ho. 16 VI all street. BY EDWARD SdHENOK, AUCTIONSKR? EDWARD St HEN I X wiJJ sell at auction, on Thursday, April 21, st 10tj o'clock, an Invoice of genuine imported wines, bran dies, champagnes, sardines, Ao., comprising genuine Cbas Tleidslck, Catawba and other champagnes. 8. 0. P. Benuait, o d ti , Planet, ( lard and other brandies: about 210 c?ses cla ret. Hi. .1 allien, Margaux and other brands, all Imoorted in the eases; Topaz, Bingham, Portilia and Amontillado sherries; Page A Co., lieeswlng, Forrester's and other ports; Crown Hcotoh malt whiskey, Mazzaretu's Irish do , Jamaica rum. Alao, by order of the underwriters, 20 'a caiks ot utard, Du puy A Co. brandy, vintage of 1800. and 10 % casks Roche lie; amo a Luge selected invoice if genuine Havana and Uermnn segars. BY EDWARD BCHENCK. AUCTIONEER-LARGE 8 aLK cf 143 fine oil paint'ngs, all richly framed.?Mward Schenck will sell at auction, on Monday, the 28ih Inst., at 101? A.M.. at his salesroom No. 16 Wall street, a oolieollon of lit line oil paintings, by ancient and modern mw ers oinlisting of Fcrip'ural historical, parlor, caolnet and gslier* picture), tine hundred and twenty of these have just arrived from Ku rope. The ancient pic urea were oollected by a eoonoUaeur, during his travels there. Among them are sine choice pieces. Ihe mbjec'H, and all tne names of the artfsta, are too nurae to mention here; we give but a few of them, viz Beel drmoker Breughl, DeHeen, Dens, Bedtg, Yhsus Muis, Buys, Pilot, Biron, Wurelse, lomeresu Van Ryckeo, Van Helen, Baires, Ac. Ihe pictures are now on view, and catalogues ready. Y EDWARD 8CHENOK. - EDWARD SCHHiN IK. auctlcneer. will sell, on Monday, April 28. st 10>s o'clock A. hi , st 23 White street, elegant household furniture, rose wood par'or suites, pier glssses. brurate, curtains. Ac., Ao. Particulars In iuture advertisement. Y EPWARD SCHRBCK, AUCTIONF.ER.-EDWaRI) SCBENCK will eel), at auction, on Wednesday. April 30, at 10W o'olork. at 42 Wet Twenty-fourth street, superb house bold furniture. Particulars hereafter. Books. Stationery- akd engravings, to bb eold at auction on Wednesday, April 21. at 11 o'clock. The nock of books, stationery and engravings in store 76 Nas*aii street, will be sold In consequence of rearing from business. Those wanting goods of this kind will do wed to attend, as there are some valuable books and engravings and other ar teles of llteiary value. C" iHaKLKB H. DELAVAN, AUOTUNKHRT-OnARLItS l H DELAVAK will sell, at auction, by order of the mort gagees and assignees of George M. I'erry and William Perry, late proprietors of the Collamore House, corner of Spi tag ?tieetand Broadway, on Thursday, April 24 commencing at 10 o'clock A. M., all the furniture of said house consisting iu psrt of elegant mirrors, one splendid piano, with n-oleon at tachment; alio beds, bedslng bureaus, damask and lsoe win dow curtains, royal Wilton and velvet tapestry carpets, gas fixtures, chandeliers, tnblea, chairs, crockery and glass ware, table outlery, Ac.. Ac. The sale wll be continued from day to day until nil the property is disposed of. Deposits will be re quired from all purchasers unknown to the auctioneer. Printed catalogue" will be ready, and all said furniture may be examined onjtbe premises on Wednesday. 2?d insL, the day before the sale. Catalogue* cau be obtained at the Collamore House and at the office oi the auctioneer, 119 and 121 Nas ssu street, Thos. b. Perry and E. R. Olcott, assignees (VHINA. OLASS~AND CROCKERY HALEPO.STPOXr.D J to Xhunda*. April 24, at 10 n'c ock. J. J. WALDRON, nuctlonesr. Henry G. Kvam will sell, from the sLelvos. In lota to suit city and country trade. 50 prates white granite. Mis start pattern, blue dipt, chins crockery mid edged wore, French china tea sets, vaser. Ac.; glass ware, assorted; tea tra*s. Ac., Ac. 8a!e positive, to c.ose fnvoioes. Goods well f ackfcd for shipping. C~ "ONSTABLE'S SALE.-JOHN REDDING. AOC tloneer, will sell, tills day, the 23d inst, at No. 1.100 Broadway. at 10 o'olook, the following:?One camera obscure and cue levelling instrument. B. J. CaKR, Lout table. CI S. FRENCH, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL AT ADC ). tfen this day, April 23, at It".; o'clock, at 804 Green wich street, all the furniture contained It the above dwelllug, constftlng of Ingrain and three ply carpets, oilcloths, mahoga ny softs. mahogany hair seat chairs, mahogany sola bed steads, mtrrois, bureads. black walnut bee steads, mahogany French bedsteads, hair mattresses, feather beds, sheets, com forts. coverlids, blankets, bedspreads, bolsters, pillows, maple cane seat chairs. Also a large collection of valuable books. 8. HOUGH. ADCTIONEFB.?THE CONTENTS OF . the elegantly fui nlshed residence No. 66 Murray street, near the Clermont Hotel, will be sold unreservedly at public sa'e this, Wednesday morniog. April 23. at 10 A. M. This la an excellent opportunity for parties who wish to pro vide themselves with furniture weL and substantially made, and In first rate order. Parlors ?Boynl velvet and Axmiaster carpet?, magnificent brilltani-toned rosewood seven octave pianoorte, with two years warranted; 2 e'egant etegeres; rosewood bookcase; elegant lace curtains, cornices and shades; slabs and brackets; 2 first rate Broadwav maae solid frame rosewood suits, in French brocatel: solid roae wood centre tables, with black aaC gold veined and statuary marble tops; also other fancy rosewood tables; a variety of fancv anc1 easy chain tor parlors, a egantlv upholstered; antique Gothic ume pieces, run one year; elegant Sevres porcelain vases, and bisque oroamonta; gss chandeliers, with cut glass shades; a number of excellent 011 paintings; alao, a beautiful variety of Chinese ornaments, comer etegeres, china flower pots, Ao. Dlxing room ? 1 silver service (5 pieces) for tea or coffee; I do., 4 pieces; China dinner set every piece peifett, 260 pieces; tea sets, plain and decorated; Bobeinim colored deosnters, coffees, wines, lemonades. Ac : cut glass gob!ea, tumblers, salts, Ac ; silver spoons, dinner, dearer', ana tea; fork*, dinner nod dess ert,wltk knives to match; Ivory balance handle cutlery; tele a-teto sets, liquor esses and sels. allvet salvers, castors, saltB. pl'chers, Ac.; Partan marb'e pitchers, ot great value; solid mahogany extension table, oost $100; mahogany dining and tea tables; at bo card and other tables; fine mahogany din ing chairs: mahogany solas, stuffed chain and rockers, e isy chairs, rfdeboard, Ac. Bee rooms?E'egant Brussels tspextry carpets; also Ingrain dc. both almost new: rosvwood and mahogany bureaus/wash stands, commodes; elegantly carved rose wood and mahogany bedsteads fine pure hair; Markets a> d ounter psnea; roaewcod escritoir; rosewood amour de glace; masdve mahogany wardrore, gilt mirrors, tot'etseti; English oUoloths: mahogmuv and iron fcatstands. engravings, Ac , Ac. bale will commence punctually, in the back parlor. Terms cash, city funds. IiTUOKNE P. FAANKLIN. AUCTIONEER?BY FRANK li LIS A Mr HOI.8?On Wednesday morning. 23d list., at salesrooms, 70 Mhfmiu street, near John, peremptory gale o second hund furniture,carpets, mirrors, plated ware, oil paint logs, Ac., Ac. Alto, a large stock of superior made cabinet furniture, which must se sola previous to removing to our ?ew sore. 811 Nassau street. The catalogue of this sale wlU contain a'feneral assortment of second hand parlor, chamber, dining room, library ana hall furniture, constslirg ct roeewcod and mahrgany sofas, chairs, lounges, teteatetes, arm chairs, rockery, Brussels tapestry and Ingrain carpets, gas ohanda Hers, 'china, Iglass acd earthen ware, French plate mirrors; centre, card and sofa tables; bedsteads, dressing bureaus with marble tons, plain bureaus and withstands, extension dhilng tab>. toak etegere, cane seat oak arm chairs, table cutlery, p sied spoons, torks. tea seta, paintings, engravings, Ac. Also, sevei al cons gnmenta of superior ne ? cabinet msde furniture, whirh must he sold previous to 1st Ms y, consisting of roee wood, mahogany and black wa'nut parlor subs, richly carved and covered with costly and taiblonabie French satin brocade and silk plngh; library and secretary Ibookcares, .sideboards, eitension tables, parlor solas, chairs, arm chairs, rookers, cen tre tables, with plain and fancy toos. solid oak chamber auita bedsteads, eramelled furniture, hair mattresses, psUlaasea, Ac.' UGF.NK B FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER.-BY FRANK' 1,1 N A NICHOLS. On Friday morning. April 25, at 10% o'clock, at the private dwelling house 103 Rast Eighteenth r-treet. between Third aid Fourth avenues, will be sold the who o first class furnitsre In said house, all of which wss mads to order, and has been but llt'le used, and consists of, (in par - lots.) pier glasses, heavy French piste; curtains, rosewood suit, carpe*s. certre. card, quartette and (fancy tables; sewing, arm ana faney chairs; mantel clock and oi n tments, superiir rosewrod pianoiorte and stool, Ac. In dining roon? Carpet snd drugget, extension tab'e, etegere, chairs, clock, window conlceg. curtains, Ac. In library?Secretary bookcase, sec retary bureau, t yo Ubrar* book case*, chairs, carpet, table, lounge, Ac ; ball oilcloth, hat stahd, barometer, table, chairs. Ac several bedrooms furnished complete with oarpets, bedsteads, bureaus, wasbsiands, mirrors, chairs, mattresses, pslltanes, bedding, window cornices, wardrobes, toiletware, Ac A'so In dining room?China dluner, breakust and tsa sets table outlerv, llneo, plated epoons. forks and casters; and in the kitchen the usual collection of hollow ware, kltchnu utensils, Ar.; and the gaa fixtures and chandeliers throughout the house. We reeperfuliy invite the attention of those in want of good substantial furnl.ure, to attend this sale. BHLCGHTON. AUCTIONEER?BYTHK MANHATTAN . Company?will sell this dav, at 10,o'clock, at 60 Nassau street, the entire s'ock of fnrnitnre la store. Large and per pmptory rale; dealers and housekeepers will do well to be oa banc. Rosewood, mahogany and black walnut parlor suits, bncaiel. bslr cloth, plush. Ac; mamle top tables, bureaus, wtshptsnds mirrors, extension tables, sofas, chairs, bookcases, wardiober, n smelled suits, bookraeks, hall stands, bedsteads, mattresses, and other gcods too numerous to mention; two lire prool safes, segsrs, Ac. House sales attended to with prompt test". IjT"ponOHTO!irAUCTIONllKRTfie NA38AD HTRKFT? 11. Mill sell, on Thursday, April 2?, at 10>ji o'c cck. at the lsrge ft ur story h"use, 317 East Tenth street, opposite Tomp kins equsre. a large and extensive assortment of first class fur niture, the most of it In perleet order, as good or better than new, crnalatlng In part of rich crimson and purplt. and blue and gold and crimson brccatel parlor suits; one rosewool pi ano, rosewood marble top centre tables, one pair large mir rors with extenston window curtains. Brasse s carpets, rose wood bookcases, wardrobes, sofas, chairs, oval mirrors, bed steeds. mattresses, washstands, stoves, beds and beading, kl'chen furniture, Ac., Ac More to morrow. ldLivOANT HOCh K a OL I)F C KMT CRE,VRI,V KT TAP ES JCi try esroets, mirrors, oil paintings, Ac.-WILLIAM O Mi LAUOHLIN, auc loneer, will sell on Thursday, April 24, at 1I>K o'clock, A. M., at 127 West Th'rteenth street, betwsea Blxfh snd Seventh avenues, the entire furniture of a family de cllrlng housekeeping, ooreprising rich rosewood chairs, sofas and tete-a teles. In crimson velvet; do. bookcase, do. marble top tables-tapestry, three p'y and Venetian carpets; Trench mirrors; china and cut glass ware, rosewood and mahogany roarb e top bureaus, French and other bedsteads, hair mat tresses feather beds, bedding, Ac., Ac. Ca aloruea ready on the morning of sale. WM G. MCLAUGHLIN. Auctioneer, office No. 170 Broadway. COLTON. AUOIIOMKHR.?LABOR BALE O* HOUBK . hold furnitsre. carpet*, oilcloths, crockerv, glass ware. Ac ? F. COLTON will sell, this day, Wednesday, at 10% o'clock, at 101 Chrystle street, near Grand all the furniture cot talned In ihc large boarding house, about twenty rooms, comprising bedsteads, mattresses, beds and bedding, sofas, bureaus, lounges, mirrors, work tables, dining snd extension tellies, washsUnda. crockery, glass ware, Ae? Ac ; kitchen fur nlture. Ac., Ac. Bale peremptory, and goods must be removed Immediately alter the sale. Deposits required. COLTON, A UUTIONKBR.?RLRO ANT HOUSEHOLD . furniture Brusi ell. three ply end Ingrain caroets, roes wood parlor suites, mirrors, gaa fixtures?F. COLTON will sell, to-morrow, Thursday, April 24, at 10% o'clock, at 58 West Thirty-fifth street, near Sixth avenue, all the furniture con tained in the house, comprising rosewood psrlor suits, Brus sels, velvet, three ply and lngTaln carpets, French plate mir rors mahogany becstesds, marble top dreertng bureaus, do. wsakstards. hair mattresses snd paillasses, mahogany snd rrsewood Vol aire and easy chairs, mahogany spring seat chairs, cottage do , maple hat stands, sofas and tete-a tetes, curtains nod cornices, mahogany ana rosewood centre, side and card tables, musk; stands, crockery, glass ware. Ao.; a'ao chandeliers, gaa fixtures, Ac., Ac. Sale peremptory. Cata logues on the morning of sale. Families declining housekeeping will be terved at 81 Nassau street, with terms of an auctioneer to their full satisfaction as the prrprletor has bad extensive ex pt rtenee and will give every attention (hlmseU) to all sales fa vored with promptly. TtROBGK COOK AUCTIONEER.?ELEGANT CABINET VX furniture at auction, this day. April 23, at 10% o'c'ock, at fiM Broadway, near Bond street, being the entire superior stock of A. L. jlobrmun Esq., msde expresslv for private B-osdwny Fair*, embracing parlor suit* In broeada arid bro ratcl of two or Ihn e coir re. In eolld rrsewood frames; mtho gsnvdo. In plush and haircloth: ro?ewood etegeres, mirror frrnts eon bscks, ball [.lands of roaewocd oak and mahogany sideboards, do,; extension dining tablea, do ; side and centre tahiss, do.; rrscwrod, mahonany. snd enamelled cha-nber suits. Also, sofas, chairs, rockers, bedsteads, bureaus, wash elands, lounges, palliates, mattresees, bolsters, pillows, Ac. Sa'e peremptory frrcash. as the store la let, and muatbe aur rerde'ed Immedlatelv sftsrthe sale. A daposite will be re quired from each purchaser. Storage furnished tree until Mav,'( required. APDFN Pi.ANTfl AT AUCTION.?W, 8. McILLVATW I I will sail, this day, ai IDS o'clock, at the sand store No. T John r.treet hsol?, perpetual, moss snd climbing roses, car neiione. b>,rrysiirkiee, vine*. verbena* dahlia*. Ac , firoim P. HenJer nr. Jersey City. liesortpltve catalogue*. All planks gie sold ai priyate oais aiaaqhna tataa. V HAiJIH AT ATCTIOII, | i uoh, Alii iiuAAr.ft atf bjiiuft jjiibsf. U bo d fcrtiture, at 61 Ve?t Thirty Attn street, betwesn hittb ard Milh iiwiifi. ob Thursday, April 74, at IDY. o'clock, tielug (be fulir* lu-tu'.ui* oft pwnii?if.?n dor'in tux biuwskeep tug. Ibe boure bevlng been turnlabed throughout, Id Deoem b?*r last with now ?iOdeli'Kantlurniiure, in n jw In fin> order, embracing roe solid rosewood parlor tall, in tbree colored bro ratel cort (376, one do , Is crimson and maroon; one do , la green p.uah; solid rosewoxt cent w, ride and tola tablet; ex touH'oo dining tablee, etegete wJ aboard. dining ehalrm, row word a ml mahogany bedroom suits complete, mattresses, pa - Hater*, bomtota ai.d pitiowr, mirrors, oarpela and otldoth throughout the hnuer, chandelier*, crockery, cutlery, silver ware Catalogue* ataale. Hale peremptory GO. HORTUN, AUC1 IONKKR?HALKBKOOM NO- HI . Cedar street- Will sell, this day. Wednesday, at U)K o'c'oct, LBe (urnffure contained la house Ho. 77 Greeowtch avenue oonristlng ot rosewood and mahogany parlor aulte, la si k, dsmaek and plush; cue doe old English piano, handaoma rbsmber suI'h, kilcbeu furniture, Ac. CI O. bC'RTON, AUCTIONEER?HALHHBOOIf NO. 04 J. t edar street- Will sell ou Thursday, April 24, allfty o'c ork, the rot'Sib of a loci smith or blacksmith's shop, con aisilrg ot tool* anvils, vices, bedews, Ac. GHOCKESKH at AUC1IO*.?THIS WHO!J1. UF THE emrk of groceries contained in the store 175 Grand street, near fclxth, WUliiuneburg, wtu be sold at public auction, oa Wednesday, April 73; sale to commenoe at 10 o'clock, ooa pristng a general assortment ot goods, such aa teas, sugar?, coffee, ctgeah, raisins, soap, sperm and tallow candles, hams, shr aiders, smoked beef, butter, cheese, lard and tlour, scales and weights, Ac ; one platform scale, one grocer's cart, one wagon, Ac. HH. I.KBDH A CO.. AUCTIONEERS.?HENRY H. . LRKDB will tell by auction, on Tuesday and Wednes day, April 122 and 23. at halt-past ten o'olock. at tbe store Mo. 19 H srsau street, big O. B. Pandolflnl'H tirri spriuir sale of rlob marble satuary ard works ot art. to be sold wfih)ut re serve. at be retires Irom buslneai and leaves tor Kurope on tbe 1st day of Way?Comprising real Carrara marble statuary, representing (Inures of Washington, Franklin Jefferson, origi nal. by Del Medico. Group of Fidelity, two dancing girls, ort finsl, by bantarellt; tbe fibepard, by do ; group of Istva and nnoser.oe; Angels of Justice and l'eace; reclining Onpld, Fiura, Llgna Venice, alter Caxova, and tour large figures toe gardens aud plarza. s Mo, a lot of floe carved mu-ble pedes tals, for ths above statuary, also, elaborate riatuettes and croups, under glass shades, representing the graces, Apollo, Venice, Hhakspere, Helen, and others of equal value Large curved mahogany and aga'e BardlgUo and tlebe vaaea, yellow of Hlenca, etrurcan sod Roman, from lour Indies to nine feet high, curved In alto and basso relievo. Card reoeivers, birds, vsees for (lowers, lion, afier Canovs, Ao. Also, a large invoice of bionics from lbs Artiatto Bronze Company, couristingoi cloaks, csndelabras, groups, figures, card receiver*, Ao ; also, a large lot of silver ware, plated sco ms. knlver. forks, castor*, cuke baskets. Ac ; china and glass ware, dressing cases, odor cares, and other tsnc? article*. Also, a splendid oil painting, ecce homo, valued at 92,000. The aale will be without raaerve, to olese an Invoice. Henry h. lefds, auotiohkhb - by hmnry h. LKKD8 A CO . on Wednesday, April 23, at halt past ten o'clcok, at the residence of Mr Poirler, No. L5 West Aeven tcenih street.?Mjtgclfistnl honseholii fhmitnre, all made to order by Baudotne A Deseotr, and imported to order; superb oil paintings, ot great merit; elegant statuary (silver), ot the rtccest patterns; bronze cartlsges and homes, being the entire establishment ot the above gentleman, who it removing to Paris: consisting of viz: parlor turniture?Royal velvet and rnefalllou carpe's, elegant mantel and ptor glosses, extra large size, and superbly framed: heavy maroon aud crimson sa in brocatel curtalrs, line? with silk and wadded; rich under lace curtains, carved cornices, e'egautlv caived rosewood parlor furniture eu suite, style Louts XIV, In two colored brocatel; cot soi* j ard inters and secretaries, In maniuetrie; Buhl and ar tistic euamaeh porcelain, inhdd centre tables In rosewood, with statuary marble tops; two elegant ctrveu etc gores. (Ihtness vases, Parian figures, two elegant artistic onuu<u ohaudellnrs tor caodlea, coat 2800 lo Import; two sets ot artistic bronze and orrau u clocks and cacde.ahrts. suijocU: The Thres Agea ard Hope; cornea lo match; elenn; seven octave mahogany Eracd plscolorie, by Krard. exhibited at tbe World's Fair In endon and New York; do. rosewood square piano, by Pane. Of Paris: groups sad figures, bv l'hai-e A Fralti. imported and sriecltdby the preneut owns:- in patls; five supers plecei of statusrv. viz Ihr I'rcauon, by Santarelli; Dlanna, the Flute Pln<ers, Kvh and lnri.cencr, all original; also, twenty ex quisite oil paintings, of great merit, bv tbe old and modern matters Dlult g room, i'uook. eu salt)?Plegant extension bible, m teen feet; do carved buffet, twelve chairs and two arm do,, covered In green velvet: enclosed bullet, in oak fir glass end silver; a most valuable aviortment ot elaborately cut Frerch glassware, of great ro9t. and made to order tor the present owner in Paris; porcelain dinner, break'aat aud tea ee s: Chinese punch oowla, silver aeis madetoorder ot sterling value; forks, spoons, ladles, salvers, Ac.; plated ware, verv heavy, made to order and elegantly chased; ptroelalu sets, au fait in every respect; slik velvet curtains and lace under do.. Fratln bronze orrsmeutu, artistic btonze chandelier and bracke's Bedrooms?AU in solid rosewood, made oy liessoir; bedsteads, armour, double, arm chairs, in brocatel; open etegere bureau, richly carved; artistic bronze clock and side pieces to tnaich ; carved centre tables, shaving stand, work tables, damask curtains, Chinese ornaments. bureau, serre'ary, Wllion and velvet carpets, boudolie plane, by Mrrcln; roeewood furniture. In crimson plush, three bronzes of different subjects, French enclosed black walnut, all of tbe richest descriptions. Billiard room? Elegant French mahogany billiard table, with cues, mares and t alls complete; mahogany chairs hi crimto t brocatel; do, tables and sideboard, inlaid clock and candelabraa. bronze csDdelabrs and chnrdelier. Stables?line pair of gray horses. seven years old, sound and kind and perfectly gentle, 1.1 K " " 15y, bands high, perfectly sound bands high; oce black horse and kind, very fa?t, British ard gentle, and matches the above psit; one large close par Del led carriage, lined with crimson sUk, quite new. but three ilmes used, oy Wood. Tomltnson A Co.; one Frerch coupe. imDcrud. In perfect order, lined and trimmed in blue satin; one shitting seat EugUsh box road wa got), patent sxlesfcsnd gear, by Wood, TomTirson A Co , with po'e ane shafts; one open top road wagon, by Wood, Tomltn son A Co , patent axles, nearly new; one sleigb, four Heats, ltr.ed in red plush, by Wood Tomlinnon A Co.; Uire. "U sil ver plated anc mounted double harness, city made, m ties or der; two single do., one French saddle; also sheets, biankots, rets. Ac., Ac.?all of which will positively oo bo id without re serve. Tbey will be ready for exhibition ou Tuesday, the 23d. the dav before the sale. Card* or admission can be obta'ned cf H. n. Leeds A Co., No. 19 Nassau street. HH. 1 KKES. AUCTION F.KR.-BY H. H. LEF.DS A CO.. ? on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 23, 24 and 25 . at tot* o'clock each day. at the CJfford House Nos 23 and 76 Park place, and the bui'olngt on Murray street Clifford House furniture?ali| the turniture contained In tfaU extensive hotel, running throngh to Muiray street, combrislng about five large buildings, viz.:?Velvet, Bruseels, three ply and Ingrain carpets; large and valuable mantel and pier glaraes: large sod cms 11 rorew >od parlor suits, covered with needlework tapes try; eitils in plush, silk, brocatel and haircloth; window and luce cmtalna. mantle clrelcs and vases, centre tables, with marble tops; drab and erlmpon silk curtains, ormo a chande liers and brackets, sofa tables, extension dining table, alde b?ard. table linen, napkins, towels, knives, casters, pitted ware, glassware of all kinds, tea sets, ohlra Britannia seta, din ner sets, French china plate warmers, and other table furnl tare Bedraomi?W lib every variety of articles and furniture, lu mahogany, rosewocd and black walnut: splendid wardrobes, mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets, map e bed s-eads, Ac., Ac., with every variety of hotil turniture. In quan tities. Also, a superb acnunclator, with 201 numbers, in per fect workirgorder suitable for any first class hotel, and con airily be removed For further particu'&rs, Inquire of the. auctioneers, No. 19 Nassau streat. HB. L&FDS. AUCTIONKKK?3Y H. H. LKRDfl A CO ? ?On Wednesday. April 23, at 10% o'clock, at 98 Math (tract, near UDiversity plaoc, hanssome housebo d furniture, cnocisUBg of velvet amd Brussels carpets, rich silk hrocatal curtains, crimson and gold w ith heavy tassels; pier g asses, psrior sultsol roscwocd. covered with purple piusb; carved centre tables, lace curtails, bronze and ormolu clocks, figures, rich vases, painted china, extension dining table, china and glass, rosewood pianoforte and stool. Bedrooms?Mahogany beisteads, dressing bureaus, wardrobe, cabinet wadiatand, mattresses chairs, curtains, palliasses. Ingrain carpets, oil cloths, hat rack, and other furniture, alt in good order, the pro perty of a gentleman removlug to the country. HI. LEEDR, AUCTIONEER-BY H. H. LEEDS A CO. ? ?On Wednesday, April23, at 10% o'oiock, at 287 West 1 wtnty first s'reet. near Ninth avenue, genteel household fur niture, consisting of velvet carpets, parlor sui'sol'carved rose wood, covered in crimson plush, viz : sofa, oouchea. arm, par lor and sewing chairs; do. suit covered in blue plush: pier p astes, gilt pier vase, rosewood centre table, elegant P M. table, Inlaid with pearl: rosewood pianoforte, painted vase, chant pliers and brackets, brocatel curtains, ormolu clock, bronze figures, Parian do., mahogany bedsteads, dressing bu reaus, cabinets, Ac : chairs, mattresses, enamelled cottage suit, elegant carvid black walnut extenwon table, sofa table, marble top; lace curtains, oilcloths, rosewood entry table, marble tor; china and glass, kitchen ware. Ac. HB. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER ? BY H. H. Lit EDS A . CO.-On Thursday, April 24, at 10% o'clock, at the Wore. 815 Broadway, opposite Pearl street, Assignee's sale of magnificent dtamono ar.d doer jewelry, watches, bracelets, Ac., ot Ibe richest dercrlption. imported to order, being the entire stotk rf B. Christ, by order ot F. A fipten, Assignee, consisting ol in partes to,lows: Magnificent diamond neck biors, bracelets, brooches and earrings, aiuglv and in sets; brotchea, rings, brace lets, earrings ana pins set in opal, ruby, turquoises, emeralds and ame'livet; gents' eoart' ptns, studs, s'eeve buttons, Ac , iu pearls, diamonds and rubles; ladles' enamelled hunting case watches, inlaid with diamonds mid pearls; plain gold open bice do; gems' heavy 18 carat gold hunting case patent and detached levers; duplex anoh tr, le ptpe, magic case ard double ttme do; neogala inlaid cameo brooches "earrings bracelets, studs and sleeve buttons; ladles' seer! and cull pins,beeutltu! enamelled and engraveu and plain locket* of all varieties and styles; heavy gold pencils, watch keys, ej e glasses, card cases. Ac ; ladies'ehatelalro se' with precious ytones; gsnts'lob, guard or vest chains; children's ooral neck sees ana aimiets; snuff boxes, portemonnules. Ac. Also, allibe fixtures of the store, compiling of 4 large floe sil ver plated plate glass (towcaaes. counters, desks, tables, oak choirs In gieen reps; gilt frame mirrors, gas chandeliers, brackets, Ac Also, one extra targe size Herring's potent fire picoisalamander sale, fitted with drawers lor jewelry. The attention of the trade, as well as private bu7en. is particularly requested to this sale, as It offers Inducements seldom to be met wbh tor purchasing a superior class of the above goods. The above stock can be examined every day previous to the gale. HH. LFKDB, AUCTIONEER.?BY 0. If. LEEDS A CO.. . 00 Thursday, April 24,1866, at 10% o'c ock each day, at the store IV Nansau street. Works r.f art, statuary, Ao.? Nig if B. Pandolfini'a first spring sale of rich marble statuary a d works of art. to be sold without reserve, as be retires from bestows, and leaves fcr Europe on the first day of Ma7. Real Carrara marble etatuar*. representing figures of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, original by Del Medico, grouo or Fidelity, Two Dancing Olrls original by Santarelli; The Shsobardes*, by ditto; grctip 01 Matern Love, Innocence, Angels of Justice and Peace. Reclining Cupid Flera, Diana, Venus after Ca aova. andftur large figures for gsrden und ptaz.i. Also, a lot of fine carveo marble pedestals tor the above statuary. Also, a'abaster statuettes and groups under glass shades, represent ing the Three < traces Apollo, Venus In the Shell, Semlrarda, Psyche nnd Cupid, Milton and Shakspere, Hebe, and others or equal value. Large carved marble and agate Hardlglio. Sien na. F.truaran, Roman and Hebe vases, from four Inches to nine feet high, carved In alto and basso relievo; curd receivers, birds, vases ot flowers, Lion after Can ova Ac . Ac Also, a large Invoice of bronzes from the Artistic Bronze Company, oenststiag of olocaa: caodelabras. groups, figures, card re ceivers, Ac. Also, a large lot ot silver plaird ware, viz: spoons, knives forks, eastern. cake oaakets, Ac ; chine and glass ware, dressing cases end other taocv articles. ihU la a rare otuaee (or those that went to supply themselves with marble mantel ornaments, as tl?v must be eoid positively without reserve, on nocount of Big. O. B. Pandolflnl leaving for Europe. HI. LEFEB, AUCTIONEER -BY H. H. LEEDS A CO. J , on Thursday, April24, at 10% o'clook. at 17 Howara street, e general assortment or household furniture, consisting of mahogany chairs, sola bedstead, mahogany sideboard, tables, bureaus, mahogany wardrobes, iron bedsteads, beds, tor-win carpels, curled hair mattresses made to order, (feather piiiuws. block walnut bedsteads, mahogany hat stand, oil cloths, and eight or ten stoves in good order. HI LKEDfl, AUCTIONEER.-BY H. H. LKID8 A CO. . onfrtday. Saturday end Monda. .(April 25, 26 and 28, at 10% o'c 00k each day, ai No. 251 Broadway, comer of Murray ??rest, huperb sale of a large stock of jewelry, plated ware, ar.d watch se, Ac. The well known establishment, known as "Tennp's," the entire stock, a tthout any reserve whatever, eonsistinE of gold watches, duplex, patent lever, double Urns, anchors, lepine, magic, ladies' enamelled Ac.,otall kinds; gold and silver card cases, gold bracelets, with watches; fob

and vest efcalcs, cba'elaincs, buckles, diamonds, set in bre est pins; earrings, single nlns, finger rings, bracelets, Ac ; lok els, charms, gold pencils and pins, eye glasses, coral work, do , lava stone do.; toldrr gold arts ptna rings. A;., a ?11,1, 1 insr rtmentof silver ware, spoons, ladles, nankin rings. eu;s knlvea aid forks, Ac Also, an assortment of plated ware en set*, waiters, 1 asters, urns Ac; filagree work. In st ver and grid; fancy nortemonnalos, card cases, rske basks'*, silver snuff bnie?, marble and ormolu clocks coses, ohonda brre, gss futures. Ar Csn be examined any time before sale. HGUBFHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION.?ROBERT r Y ALTON auflftcneer, will sell on Thursday, April 74, at 10% o'clock, at bouse 177 West Thirty sixth street, ncas V IgHh svsnue.all the household turniture and effects contained (r- the sSnre hnuse. hale io begin with kitchen tuensils, Ac. HIUtRY B HF.hTB JR., AUCTIONS). R. RHF.RIFF'8 salo of brai die- butter, raisins, As, Ac, on Frldav, April 15. at 101-. o'c'cclt. at he salerooms, No. 6% Pine street, c. pair ling rt MX ore eighth casks brandy, two one quarter oasis do * large 'ot o' /titter, dried spplee, raistn* Ac , Ac, Tern 1 flab By order of J AS. 0. WILLS!, Sheriff. SiUCS AT ATvnOW. HgMlY B Hfc.K18.jH , AUOnOHUKK?OFFI"F KO 5S l'n.<- B'/ML- k ot V..: t-cgani both.ehotl furniture, burro carrtsg-us, fanning uapleirieoia, Ac. Or. Wednesday. Apm .'3. et U o'clock, at faeter-druceof (l-Jime S. 0 obarirs, at J tlbsm Bridge, Wn-tekesfcr o->unty, HiWBY b BkuTri, Jr., * U) aril an aoove Ice entire assent turnlture of said bouse, cvao-firing velvet tapestry, BritxaeUacd lngr*'u oarpeiairove vui] form lure hi txocatoir: mahogany ad cottage Mdroou fu-iiture. a di e gellerr of oil paintings and engravings. to uts) er with a general esMH-tmrn: of drstctum b"tn>ebold utensils; al'O one pair lioe carriage horses. bright bar, 16 haad> hl?'ii one cadecue oarrug e; one ligr t carriage- Alee, light wagons, farm wagons oarte. far a. tug uaplewnts, rich silver mounted and otter harness. Aioo, a lot ot roee trees shrub*, Ac. Tonne cash; catalogues at gale. Persona wishing to attend the tale ban leave by the Bar'em Kaihoad at 7, 8 and 9 o'clock fir If llllsma'bridge, where stages will be In readtnea' to take them to the boom Shou d t>>e weather prove storms, the above sale will be postponed until Monday, tSjth la si., at same tune and plaea. IMMfcbSK BAI.R OP FRENCH KMBR0IDKRTK3 ? Oreat saoitllce tn embroidered cambrts bands A large invoice ri French worked cambric bands will be opened this morning and sold at extraordinary low price* OfcN'lR'8 Bazaar, hi. Nicholas Hotel. 613 Broadway. OHN L- VAKDEWATKR, AUClloNRKR^ WILI, SELL on Thursday, April 24 at one o'olock, at the sales room, No. 12 Maiden lane, a large and well assorted collection or standard dwert, etancaid perpetual and moss rosea. also, greenhouse and otuer plants comprising came'iaa, japanlrte, deutzias, hyacinths, carnations, geraaluma, verbenas, dabuae, Ac. All warrapted true to name, and selected with the g>eat eet care bv D. Boll, 11 or tat, corner of Broadway and FUtteth rtreet. Also a large varle -j of tree peonies. OWN L. VANBKWATaH, aUOTIONKEK-WILL BHLL. this day, Wedresday, April 23, at Itlo'clock. at 291 West 1 wenty tteound street, rich household uirnKure; rtoh vel vet tapestry carpe s, Brussels iaoe window curtains, rose wood piano. rosewood parlor suit, In crtmrnn velvet plttst, comlnrltbles, dlvars, ottomans In French worsted delaine, rosewood centre 'abler, pier and tancy tables. rich gilt cornl oes. ilob oil painting*, rugs, vases, clocks and fancy French sod Parian ornaments. Bedroom furniture?Rosewood, ma hog any, and walnut bedsteads, bureaus with m?rbla ton; waehstands. towel racks, velvet Brussels and Ingrain o u-pe'a; chairs, arm cbair* divans, rockers, engravings, vases lc. DLlpg room?liter sloe table, lullet, armchairs, chloa din ner, tea and cofl'ee seta, rich sliver plated ware, consisting t casters. b?rkets, tea ard coffee sets, butter dishes, ice bawls, spoon holders, trays, Ac., with a genet al assortment of house hold end kitchen furniture. OHN L. VeNDhWAlKR. AUUflONKKR. WILL HRI L, this day. Wednesday, April 23, at 1*X o'c ook, at 172 West Twenty -eighth sueet, near eighth avenue, sold In ojoaequeure of the parties brekklrg up housekeeping, rich and elegant roeewocd. mahogany sod walnut par.or, dining room, bedroom and library turrlfure. Parlorfurnltnre?Oonsbteof rosewood, meda Hon back tete a tele sofas; tote a-teto Voltaire arm obalrs; stuffed back parlor cbair*. and ladle*' sowing chairs; roeewcod etegeres, rosewood pianofortes, French plate pier 8lessee, English velvet tapestry carpets, Brussels and t-gnsln o., rosewood marble top centre, side and pier tables: rose wood bookcases, etegeres. reception ta des, oil painting*. Pa rfxlan and marble statues, eatln celalne window ourtaloa oor nloes, e&sies, twenty-ore day hrnuze and ormolu clocks, en gravings, Ao , Ac. Bedroom furniture - Oon.-ist* of mahogany and wait ut bedsteads, bureau*, wa*hs'ands toils* sets French recks, shades, window curtains, cortices, ingrain rsrneta, Ac , Ac- Brawler room?Consist* of mahogany extension tables, mahogany hair seat chairs, buffet, marble toa side tible. ma hogany sofa hair cloth: oilcloths, clocks, silver ware, china dlnxer, lea and dessert sets, together with a general a snort met t cf kitchen uteoi lis. JOHN 1.: VAN DRW ATKR. A D Ot ION KK R, WILL SELL ibis day, (Wednesday) April 23. si 10X o'clock, at too salesroom cf 0. Weeks A ?'o., No. 40o Broauwav- near the New Haven Railroad depot, elegant and rich household furniture, consisting of roeewuod parlor suits, chamoer suite, library and dlnii g room furniture Kosewrod parlor suits Ac . constating of large .tete a tete sofa*, large arm chairs, ladies' sewing chairs, snd Hutted back parlor chairs, in crimson and maroon satin brocade, green and gold.b u? and gold brocatolt. French tapestry, medallion sets, rosewood etegeres, bookcase*, bed steads, bureau* with marble top*, washstsnds, oummolsa, centre, side and pier tables. Illmcg room furniture?rich and elaborately carved <?k auffot. oak extension table*, oak tele a teie sotns, aim chairs, small chairs, in green velvet pushes: pure hair mattresses, straw paillasses; rich no a elegaut oval French platepler glasses; mahogany ladi to' back chairs, ewesp back, do .Voltaire armchairs, sewing chairs, rockers, card ta bles, common etegeres; rich and eirgar.i 21 day bronze and ormolu French clocks. 8 day do. do. bronzs groups of the In dian warrior, dogs, stags, matcfa holders, Ac , Ac. Parties about furnishing would do well to exsm'te this sux-k of goods, as it isal i insde for the city retail trade, end fully warranted in ever*' respect, catalogues can be had by application at the wareromns of Messrs. Weeks A Co., or of John L. Van Is water, at tbo salesroom, bo. 12 Maiden lane, the day before sale BOO ART, AUCTIONKF.R-BY & BOO ART - . Ihurrdsy. el 1()>3 o'clock, nl the amnion rooms, corner of Prank'ort ard William streets, household furniture of every deicription, sofas, tables, chairs, carpets, mirrors, oil paint ings. kitchen furniture, Ac ; also, a lot ol groce- ies, butter, cheese, spices, coffee, tea, Ac. The sale will commence In the basement. LUCIUS hMlTH AUCTIONEERS-WEDNESDAY, ? April 23, at llltj < 'clock, all the contents ot bouse No 43 Noi th Moore street consisting of rosewood parlor furniture, pisno'orte, Brussels carpets, sofas, bureaur, bedsteads, ehalrs, tablCH, lialr msttrssscs oilcloths, stair csrpets, Olrcks mirror*, oil t sittings, beds and bedding, kitchen utensils, Ac. Sale positive, f amily removing to :he West. A cash deposit re quired irom all purchasers. JOHN : >vTirhl?0YKK, AUOTIONKriK?STORE NO. yn ' ill am slreeL-Mortgage sale thisday. at the suet .mi at lu>4 o'clock, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, bant. , j etutniiure, consisting of mahof any, parlor and arm chats: rosewordeasr chairs, marble lop oureatm and wash stands, msfogany French bedrteads, mahogany so a and card, oak arm chairs, looking glasses carpets, As. JOHN W. 80MF.RINDYKK, Attorney for Mortgagee. Also by virtue of an execution, a large-coo of ollof aimoods. JOHN R. FARR1MQTO.N. Constable. JOHN LLOYD. AUCTIONRER ?JOHN LLOYD A SOt 8 will sell, at 228 Ka*t Tenth street, near Beoond avenue, on Mondav, April 28, at 10>^ o'clock, the entire household furni ture, ccnalstmg ot tapestry and Ingrain carpets, suite of rise wood parlor furniture, tn crimson and gold; mahogany tete a tete. sofas, chairs, dressing bureau, marble top centre table, weabBtand, French bedsteads, pillows, mattresses and bed dtpg, pier glasses, oil paintings, engravings, Ac. T IQUOR STORK AT AUCTION.?THIS BAY. AT 10,li Jj o'c'.osk, at 114 Bowery, Ike entire stock, comptfalng dark and palebrardles, Holland gin. champagne, port, claret, or dials segars. stand ca?ks Ac ; also two quarier sod two eighth casks snd one half pipe Julius Rohblns' c jgnso. W. A. CARTER, Auetloueer. ORTGaQE SALE OF DRY GOODS ^JOHN W. ROMRR INDYKK. auctioneer, will sell tomorrow, at the store bo. 20 North William street,at 10>, o'clock, by virtnooleevera mortgagee, a lot of fencv dry goods, cot slsttug of ribbons laces, embroideries. Insertions, gloves, chemisette! and col lars; trimmings and sundry millinery goods, Ac.. Ac. JcHN W. SOMKRINIIYKB, Attorney lor Mortgagee. MB. BOWYER. AUCTIONEER. WILL BELL Tlllf . day, at 2 o'clock, at No. 121 Sixth avenue, furniture w dealers deo lnlng business, consisting or bureaur, wardrobes, oeitre tables,wisksiands. tables, bedsteads, walnut, mahogany and oak lounges; chairs crockery, Ac Also, one superior , rosewood bcokcaae. made by Butohlngs; work benches, cramps, tools, Ac., Ac. Also, one spring hand cart. HILIP R. WILKINS, AUCTIONEER.?VALUABLE oil paintings and water colors. PHILIP B. WILKINS will sell, at auction, on Wednesday, April 23 1866, at No. 15 West Thirtieth street, a very choice and beautiful cnlleattonof cil paintings, being copies IVom Van Dyck, orisfnals by Ho garui, Bouffon, Kystrnck and Hephe. The paintings wt'l be told Immediately after the sale of the parlor furniture Catalogues can be had at tha offloe of the auctioneer, No. 11 Wall street HILIP 1L WILKINS, AUCTIONEER.?RLKO ART rosewood and mahogany furniture, pianoforte, buhl oabl tet, paintings, Ac. at auction- PHILIP R, WILKINS will reU at auction, on Wednesday, April 23,1866, at 10 W o'clock, at No. 16 West Thirtieth street, elegant rosewood and mahoga ny turnlttue, moat of which was made to order oy Baudulne A Merks, consisting in part of sulfa of parlor turniture, covered with velvet; rosewood chair* and divans, umorolfered buhl cabinet, pianoforte, pier glasses, brocatel and lace curtains, One cut glass ware, French china, tapestry, Bruuela, Ingrain and three plv carpel.*; bureaus bedsteads, bedding, Ac Al*n, palnUngs, from vsndyke, by Hogarth, Bouffow, and other eminent artiste, and a ep'endtd wafer color bv Hephe. Cata logues cn Tuesday, at the office of the auctioneer, No, 11 Wall street. FJ. KELT Y, AUC7I0WKKR?WlbL SELL, THIS DAY, . :it 10 o'clock, at 31 Catharine street. a large couaignmen' ot (hawla and dresa gooda, Importedfcr the present aprfcg and summer trade; alao, the stock of a retal er, containing every, thing In the dry goods line for cash in leta to auit purchasers, FlllLlP B. WinKTnSh AXTsTIOJNKKR.?HOU3BHOLD furnltni e at auction. P. R. Wi'kiua will pell at auction, on Friday, April 25 at 10% o'clock, at 16 U>penatd at., bv order of the administrators, the entire turnituie contained in said home, consisting, iu part, of mahogany, parlor and bedroon furnltuie, Brussels and ingrain carpets, ol,cloths, Ac. Cata logues on morning of sale. eFd~A COLE, ADCTIONRERtFH^FFTwFFlnFoW street. Brooklyn?Handsome household furniture?jOn Thursday, April 24, at 10 o'clock, at No 1 Washington plaoe, Mouth Mxth street, between Third and l-'our'n, Williamsburg, const.ting of rose wo, xl and mahogaty potior i'nrnltnre ele gant French p ate pier glasses, taoeatry carpota, row wood and maboganv bedsteads nnd dressing btuenus, cltina and v'spswsre, English oilcloths, feather beds, hair mattresses, fcl rhen furniture, Ac. BARKER,^ADCTI0ilKM.-HR8T CL?M ITUR*! , ture sale, on Ibursday. April 24, at 10>j o'clock. A. M., on the premiers :'07 West Twenty-secsnd street?The furniture otafamhv lemovlng to the country, cossirtlog In part of Eng lish tapestry carpeu, ingrttln caipcta sofas, divans, chairs, centre tables, engravings, bedsteads, beds and betiding, bu reaus. borkcare. extension table, mantel ornaments, dinner and tea set, crockery, kitchen furniture, Ac , Ac. Also, Ave splendid chtt.dt'lera and other gas fixtures. The furniture Is mo<t'r sew; made to order last spring, and will be sold with ?'t reserve. For catalogues, Ac., apply to the auotioneer, 14 Piue street. SauToF COLLAMORE HOUBE FURNITURE, N09 810 832 and 834 Broadway ? By virtue of (?o chattel mort Kges to the undersigned, dated November 3,1888. and duly >4 In the Reglsier'aoflice ot the city of New York, we win sell st public auction, a. the premise), oa the 24th instant, at 10 o'clock, alt the inrniture of said battse, consisting of mirrors, carpets beds, be Adding, bureaus, curtains, tables, chairs, crockery, gas fixtures, Ac., Ao. Printed cataloguea will be ready on da? of sale. Nmv Yoax, April 19,1886 JaMEB KKTOBaM. JAMF-8 K. A JONATHAN MABBMT, J ?or,?*r>e? Thomic'O.x A Wesks. Atl'js Mortgagees. S~~ U.K rtY AUCTION.- BY_JOflKpS HEOKMAN, AUG tloneer, at shout 2 o'clock P. M? on Wednesday, Aurtl 23. at 90 President street, Brooklyn, between Hicks and Columbia sir nets, parlor, chamber and kitchen turalture, ee meriting tnsbnsary chairs, sofas, easy rbalrs, tables, cart eta, oilcloths, bedsteads, bedding, buresus, curtains, extern-Ion table, Ac., Ac. ZxTnitLKBY. H ARB KB8 WHIP8, Fc., Ac., AT AUC C iton.?MINTURN A PaRTRIDUE will sell, this dav, at *t, re No. 690 Broadway, (late'y occupied by O. V. Rvereon) whatever may be the sta'e of the weather, b-y order of assig nee, the entire st ck remalnitg In said store, consisting of sac rlery harness, whips, blankets, robes, bits, spurs, Ac., Ao. Terpr s cash, bankable money. SEGA BR AT AUCTION.?O. CHEEKS, NO. 31 BROAD: way, up stairs, has several large Invnlcee of Havana, do Diealli' and German segars that will be disposed of very cheap to psy advances; If not disposed of at private sale before the ist of Nay. * ill be cleared out at auction. Great bargains can be had SPLENDID HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION. .7. W. HsVEN will sell on Wednesday, April 23, at 10% o'covk A. M., at No. 62 South Tenth street, near Fourth s'reet, rnnslsilng of new Brussels and Ingrain carpets, plush nl k nofas and chairs, black walnut chairs, maple do., marble top tables, mahogany do., bureaus, lounges, oilcloth, clock, crockery and glass (ware. J. W. llAVKN, Auctioneer. Sale of watches and jewklry.-a. v. crib taLAR. auciloreer, will sell at 23 Bowery, on Friday, April 28, 1886 a large and valuaole assortment of gold and sl - yer wn'el.ea ot every description, diamond and other earrlnga, p-na and rirgs, shalns. brace eta and pencil cases, a'sr silver *rd plated ware, guns, pistols, opera glasses. Ac. By order of John J. 1?vy, pawnbroker, 48 Plxth avenue. T HON AH LESLIE. AUCTIONEER, will Fell, at the Merchants' Exchange. N. T? commencing at 12 o'rtosk, on Thursday next, 24th AprlL l>e superior brick dwell'rg house. No. 13 Powrra street, cootjilr-lng the modern Improvements; lot 28x100. The IWO frani- bouses one with a store, on the so<ilh|nant con er o4 Bridge and Water streets; a good business location; lot NilOO Three btlck dwelling houres on the west side of Hudson avenue between Johnson and 'tlllary streets. Tie tfsseb'ld lnte-e?l In two Irene dwe'llsg houses, known n? ft os. 88 an 11 87 A-.'am street,lease of ISyears and 10 months, fn m 1ft February, 1688. ?irlota on Grand avenue, between Bergen and WyckolT ,^*irsps. Ac., apply to the auctioneer, No 8 Tlllary street. Brooki) t, or ? o 3 Nf saau street, t. ?ALCH AT AUOCmn. T0RI8 kOB&KLL, AlOflONKFR ?'TOOK OF A ' C.tblr.^i make', declining 6u?Ui??, wtll he woKl, at HI Km *?u aire# tbu m mu>e 11)1. o'clock eonmitue ol solas, rock era, chaJ-s centre, vo'%, c-od, exfocatoo <md fancy tabieif eieaaog -tod p au bnreams valum of eaamsl ed furc'in acres 01 parlor f'jrutture, arty bedsteads louugvi, a-ka aud loUDhO bedsteads, ettgorcu. comer and book sumd-, easy and moling chairs cradle- ct*o*. aototge bedsteads, curled hau ai*i Px'em tniUretaes, blanfc^wfoni.t sjjtax. m urole top fancy WbU-s. hall stands. Iron IWsteada, otl ptunungs, mtrror*. clock*. Ac. TUNIS Mii&Rkl.L, AOCTlONP.iCR.-KIfliHH VMI.VNT and Brussels carpaling will be and at HI Nassau strset th1* mourns, UK u'cock, newpatterns, oot excelled In Broad way, crivaie s* en rocms for quality, aad a. d at Miction ;tn qaiauUm dewed. riifcRRFNOK 1107LK, AUCliONF-KR, SIOBd WO *6 J Oem-a street, will sell on Ttur-day. 24th uiat, at 10K o'clock, at No. 33 Market atreei, all the furniture la said house, Muerisipg sofas. tote a fetes, mahogany chairs label, bod stt-ada, carpets, stair do nod rode lace window rurban- a\d shade*. cblaa plar?. and crockeryware Ac, Ac Term* of Hile, caah acd city lands. Catalogues wil. be ready on tbe morning oi aale. TflOS VMTCH, AUOTIONKF.R, SToRB 16 8FRU0R street.?Large aale ot boarding home furniture, Ac., on, Aprl 23. at 10 A. M., at 7" Bower , coaii?ung ot bedateada aad hair aril straw maoreases, leath" r beds plllo h* and bolster*, bureaus chairs carpets, table*. bedding. i!?i ware, tinware. Ironware crootery, solas, kitchen turn!turn. Also, me range, with all tba fixtures comp.ete, Ac. VALUABLE KRAI. K81ATK AT Alfo'rlON ItY OR dsror Owen MoCabe and Daniel N Dug an. ereoutrs of Peter K. Patteraoo, deceased. AN'illoNV BI.KK )KKR will tell, on Thuraday. April 24, 1160. at li o'clock, at Uie Her cbanla' Fxcbaxge, the valuable pretnaea 16 Baxter ( ate Or antra) atreet. lot 2Sxil6 feet, frame building, two etudes hurh; rru'i for about Sl.lXlb. For particulars apply to JAMKoW. WHITA, Wo. 61 LlWrty atreei. B kkLLOR, AUOTIOWRKR.-BY HOUGHTON A . . . IfRLLOS, this day Wednesday April3. at 10 ofohvk, at tba rewdenoe Wo. 122 Paat Twelfthatreet, near Hnc tnd avenue, magnificent houetho-d furniture, rare and va uable books, original oil pelnnnfn, gold moimled mantel and pier rcl.-r> ra, Mb, furnished " . - . cost $300 each, furnished by Weeloo ot Broadway; elegant parlor suits, medallion been, eevered le bmcade aavln, plush and sooquet. brocade satin window curtatnu, with heavy tassel", cost tlSti per srindow, real laoe under curtalcr, rich window shades: one magnificently carved rosewood prise 714 octave pianoforte, made by Descombe, of New York, and cost AHNl. with rich embossed oover, solid rosewood music cabinet, with emlmescd fron's; rtobly carved efogeres, inrrrr trouts: carved centre table*, antique tables and tldwers, ataiuary, brack its, and MX) neb ornaments, vir. raalTkwfltJge, Chlueen and French vases of the incst ooeliy desenptmesnnoAUna. Panan figures, Inlaid boxes, writing cabinet* xtaiuettes, busts, royal wtltoa carpels, tapeetry, and three ply do., real Kngliib oiloivh tbmudh the house; chambers are furnished with marole lop suits is great variety; pure hair mat's eases; leather beds, bol sters and pillows; aK the bedding, Ihen shrew, Marseilles counterpanes, comforter a, Ac.; brocatel and lace ouctaios in tbe chambers; rich tc l et ware: basement extettslou dlntug table, ooa' $116; chairs; rich cut gloss sod Robeiruan ware; bcavv silver ware; balance handle cutlery; nch French coins dinner and tea sets, castors, Ac. Also, all tho table linen, toge'har with an endless variety of nch articles not enumerated. Also, all the kitchen and laundrv fornltore with -vbivh tlte sa'e will commence. Catalogues of the sale will be ready on Tuesday, when I he goods may be viewed. W8. MKLI.OR, AFOiroMhKK-BY RnUtiHTON A ? MF.I.I.OB ?To morrow Thursday, ai ll)'i o'e'o:k. a. ihe saleprtiem. 11.3 Nassau street, e'egant caotnet furniture! 20 rcaewcrxl aud muliogany pianolottss French p'ait- m-tutel and pier mirrors, fo nil painting-, ba!"* maUrersee. china dinner pes silver and sliver piated tea sets, forks aud spoons. Ac II. A M- ?'"Ill sell at above, to pay advancu a id close r m-t.pi ? ments, a Isrge variety oi the above u.imeo gowig, to which we Invile the dt> and country trade, us every lot cUered w< 1 pnsl live y be sold, without reserve Catalogues ready on morning of Bale Par'rr turnl tire?r-obd rosewood and mancgany tuie covered In brocade, satin piush, hair o'oln and dnbtine" solid rovewcod, makogan? and walnut cenhre nl-r aud side tables, ptegerea, Ac.; chamber furniture, in great variety; -otrd rosrweed, oak, mahogany, walnut and e-aainlled suits to match, plain ard with marble lops; hair niattre-e-s, Ac ; libra rv end .ecreiarv brokcases, otlice desks; paintings w'll consul cf SO, In rich frame-; mtrrcrsol the flrst qualiiv, vir. : mantel, pier aud nval suitable for cit> trade. Also, a largo lol of ra cord hand lurnnure with which tho sale will comment*) 2S6 dr /en heavy silver plated lea ,nd dumert locks aud sooons; 4U besvyjilaled cut bottle casters; liqueur stands, wlihrlcheu gravrd boitles; solid si ver toast racks. 111 richly cbasad tea acd coflre rets, of tbe lateet and most fashionable styles Tbe whole tor absolute sa'e, bv order of mortgages. Sold in lot to suit tfe trade end hotel keepers. Tvcr'.j 'rosewood and mafi gany pianofortes, new and second liatd, of the following maker*:?Qrovestein, Van Winkle. Batmo*o and Thorns TV 11X1 AM IRVING. AUdTTOFKR.-V.I.F'l ANT fiOUHrl 11 hold furniture ?WUUam Irving A Uo ivtll cell at auc tion on Wednesday, April 23, at 10K o'o'ock. at 147 West Thirty fourth street, near Seventh avenue, elegant household furniture, all made fo order by A. J. Olse-.. and been In use about right months, the property ot a gentleman about leaving lor hiirope. Parlor furniture?Royal Wllfoa carpsfa, suit elegaut carved rosewood parlor furniture, covered in crim son and grid hrocale), eight pieces: suits of e'ngant broiale! siid 'see cm fairs fo match furniture; elegant carved rose wood titi geies, with glars doors, back and m-rble top: ele gant ormolu four llgh; glass chandeliers, broom and Parian mar tel and elegere oruamecta. Dining room -tinperb carved black walnut extension table e'egant black walnut sideboa-d fo match, black walnut arm chairs, carved rosewood eota arri arm chairs in satin de lalne, e'egant wiadow on-"sins to match; china dinner and tea sets, cut glass warn, nntlerv. ta ble linen. *c Bedrooms? Klegaot suits carved ro?ewo~.d bed room lurni'.ure, Fresco bedsteads, amour a glace d-easlng bureaus, dressing tables; work table and crib, cotnole'e suits mahogany bedroom furniture, hair maltreavvs, teathad beds. bolsters and pillows, rosewood arm chairs In in irocoo, together with a general Msor.ment of kitchen furniture. WII.LIAM IRVING, AUtfTIONKER-RANnSDMR household furniture.?'WlLM aM lltVIgG A 00. wl'l sell at auction, onThtnrvdav. April 24, at 11"., o'clock, at 119 Fourth avenue, handsome hausehold furniture rosewood p'ai oforte. Ai.?T ho entire furniture of the above bouse, con sisting in part cf tapestry Brusaela carpets, ra-ved mahogany solas, teto a te ea, rockers, arm and parc.r chilis in htir olo'h; mahagany marble top pier and centre t n'.e-, mah igeny card tables,heavy French plate pier man'el minors, lace win dow curlsln?;e eeantcarved roiewood 6?i octave pianoforte, made by Wake, Meyer A Henrtck; fine oil pfinings and en gravings, broo/e ard marble mantel clocks and ornaments, four igntgas chandeliers, mahoganv bookcase aad secretary, r a-ewcod hall table nnd etands, mabosany Fr?nch heilste.-d-, black walnut cottage bedsteads rosewood marble too dressing bureaus, mahogany marble fop do , marble op waa*stanna, rorewced lounges in brocatel. hair mattresses, feainer beds, holsters and pillows, bedding, ingrain cupels obolo'h. giran doles, chit a vares, Ac.; mahogany dining and tea tables, irm rbalrs, china, crockery ard glass ware, Ac . together with kitchen furniture, with which the rale will commence. lAiaLIAM IRVING, AliCTIONRBR.?IIODHKHOt-D vv furniture.? WIlXI aM IRVING A OO. will sell at auc tion, on Thursday. April 24, at 10>i o'olock, at Nr. 3 Ninth s'reet, nearHlith ave?ue hou-eholdfurniture, a general astort mmt, contiatlng in part of Brussels and ingrain carpets, mir rors, marble clocks and ornaments, rosewood and aaabrganr psrlor lurnlture, in brocatel and haircloth; marble ton centre and pier tables card and quartette tables window curtalnsand shades, mako|any dining raora lurnlture, china dinner and tea ? eta. c last ware, Ac.; rosewood, black wali.ut and mahoguny French bedsGads, cottage ditto, marble and nlatn fop dressing bureaus, washsfnnds. wardrobes, bookcase and secretary, hair mattesaes, featberbeds, bolsters and pillows, bedding, chlca toilet sets, Brussels stair carpe's, F.ngllsh oilclotli, bron/e and ormolu chandeliers ant brackets, together with a general Dsvortmeoi ot kltrhvn furniture. fV'M. WITTKB9. ADCTIONRRB, WILL 8KLL, ON WF!> YT nesday, at 10K o'clock, at 187 Oanat aireet, a very large assortment oil gocd second haul furniture, consisting ot solas, rocking easv and parlor chairs; marble top centre tables, pier .'i J ovul mirrors, cil paintings, window cur alns andahs.fos. v:ises. gm chandeliers, mahogany bookcase, chlua. glass and plated ware; eutlerv, elegant velvet, tapestry and three nly carpets, oUr'otha. stair carpets and rods; mahogany Gothic and French and cottage beoateads; hair and other mattresses, feaiher beJs and bedclng. marble fop dressing bureaus and wash standi, toilet sets, wardrobes, dinlngroom and kitchen tumitnre; also one 65,' octave pianoforte N B.?The lease ind Itumiiiirs of a house for sale. Inquire of WM, WITTERS, 187 Canal street TV' 1LLIAMSBDB8 AUCTION NOTICE.-8. D. BARR AS f T auctioneer, will fell on Wednesday, April 23, nt o'clock A. II., the contents of grocery store No. 1TB 8rand street, near sixth, consisting ol leas, sugars, cotl'ees. barns,fish, e indies. so?p, flour, Indian and oatmeal, starch spines, lard, butter, thee.e, Ac.. Ac.: fixtures of the store, scales, weights and measures N. B.?One platform sca'e, one grocer* wagon and on* oart Sale positive. Terms cash Tat*. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL 8M.T, ON 11 Thursday, the 24th of April, at 10# o'clock, at 401 Broad way, tour billiard tables, one with marble bed; bar. and bar flxtnree. fire cut glass ware, Jto.. two Urge French plate mir rors, Ice box, four settees, four chandeliers, cu tmrners, large lion safe, beer pump, threejolatols, one rida, oce Iron target, ooe chest of joiner'* tools, Croton pipes, Ac., shalrs. tables, balls, enas. and evervthins else ooananted with the buatnesa. O. ALBURTU8, AUCTI ON E RR- WI IdT887.1,. ON . Friday, April 25th, at 10' J o'clock, corner Hoyt aud Pacific streets, Brooklyn, a genera f assortment of parlor, bed room, dining room and kitchen furniture; also sp'endld French plate pier gWsos, Bruaw's and Ingrain carpets, superior hair mattresses, feather beds and bedding. MUSICAL AND DANCING. O/TNRW ROSEWOOD PIAMOFORTEB AT C08T ZjU Must be so'd by the 1st of May, as one of the partners retires. All superior Instruments, by celebrated makers, fully warrscted. Prices from $150 to $250 Grand French action, Ac. No. 60 Walker street, four doors west ot Broadway. W. OS BORN A CO. 7GCTAVR PIANOFORTES, NKW AND SECOND band, and others, to let, at $2. $H, $4, $5 aud $6 a month, trfor sale at $19, $.'5, SCO, $75, $150 and ext-a carved $300. Pianos tuned and musle taught by Professor DUMflD.vY, 22.3 Orsnd street DODWOKTH'8 DANCING AOADKMY. 80i? BROAD ? way. Lessons for gentlemen on Wednesday ooly of this week; after this week on Wodnesdsy and Saturday even Ings until the 1st of June. BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD THRhK STRING PiTn<). with all modern Improvements, French grand actiou, best city make; cost $350; la but little used, and will be sold at a sacrifice. No objection to rent it. To be seen trum 8 to 12 A. M , at 70 Crosby street IjlOR HA LB? A GOOD NEW OBOaN, WITH POUR 1 stops, swell, and a v?ry fine owe of black walnut, in Gothic style, suitable for a parlor or lodge room, and sufficiently now erful tor a small oburoh. Inquire ol FRANOIH H. KNURL PR1BD, organbullder, ISSChrystle street, third Door. CAOB HA LB?A UANPSOME 8KVEN OCTAVE ROHK X1 wood pbtno. n splendid toned.Instrument, Prise ?3en. T > a good party, $160 rush, ai d the balance to be paid In six rorntbs, In equal monthly payments. Also ibr sate, a band some stilt of rosewood brocatel parlor furniture, cheap , fir nirh. Apply to JOSEPH HKGRMAN. saleroom corner ot Wlllcughny and Peart streets, Brooklyn, nenrtbe City Ball. ("~T RAND OPENING BALL AT THE APOLLONKA, 73 T Hleccker street, corner of Broadway.?Protessor Sa. NaCs'O, the only aeoompllshed teacher In America, ot the mo dern dances, will open nls new and splendid rooms on Tues day. April 29- Tickets, inclndltg supper, admitting one gen lemaa and ladles. $3. PIANOFORTES.?WM. MILLER, MANUFACTURER OF the celebratedj^modern Improvrdfuninofortss." Invites ak losers of mnsle to call and teei the quality of his Instruments which have become so celebrated, and the demand so great, that bo has enlarged his facilities tor manufacturing, and will keep on band, and Cor sale, at the lowest taetorv prices, ma most beautiful as well as durable pltr.os ever manufactured In the United States. Fully warranto! by the manu&oturer. Nos. 156 and IBS East Twenty-firm street, New York. VsIANO WANTFD?GOOD STYI.R, TONE AND FINIKB .1 second hand, If not Injured; a bargain la expected. At dress with description, price and whore to be seen, 8. P.. bo* 1,444 Post office. COAL. CIOAU-I AM NOW DELIVERING FROM MY NEW i ysrd oonter Twenty-seventh atrest and Ntcthsvenne the bust quality ot Peach Orchard red ash coai well screened, at tie low price of $6 50,per ton. Weight warranted or inrfelt crnL JOHN MaODONALD. SYDNEY. PICTOU AND LING AN COAL Ml NEW.? There's a large s'ock of fresh mined coal at the a>>va osmed mines lbs i Ir.gan thine has heen opened express]v for thesuppl' ot c- at forge;. It hue been tested bv sev rsl ess companies, and highly approved of. Porsorr wt?htng t> Import coal win heve credlta open?d by applying to K. ''(J. NARD. Ne. 4 TViwtlng Green. DrsOlANUK. IMPORTERS AND TRADFRP' FIRE INSURANCE COM I psny - Onbrlel Mead, J/werh Watktr, and Charles V>e? tethv are appointed t'omm'ssi- nera to receive ssthsorioiiaas to the rapltal itock ot th's o-mpsto, from It) to So'eocg a ?l>e Cflire olGAURtKl, Mh AD. U 1* oe street, New TlHk. FTHAWOTAf tfiifl Ann -money to oh watchihl, * '""."Ul". diamond* jswr !rj. sogers, dry r>?*a I at ail Linda ot personal property, or bought and end tar > fa; auk*, bonds mortgages, mocks, ?c negutlaed. No IW 1 ? iulu at. >* c roer of AIM, second floor. roima No Stmt . TUgMI'aON A CO , Brokers and Commissi w Merchasls fc/fi W j Hi HI ~m7>NKY TO LOa* oh DfUfMM J>Ul7U.V/Ul/? watches. jewelary, segari. <Jrr geoda. pianui'M-co and alt k tfada of merchandise tu'l perional prooertyg Cr bougbl \ji ca-fc votes Hooks. bonds and inoi tgages, do negotiated Aj>pi/at 76 and 77 Nassau airea'.rjom No. 4. tear nuildlag. . tRW finn TO LOA* OH WATOKICS.aoiAMOMMb NPOr) I .Ul/U jewelery, Ac., or bought for cosh by JOA. E. ISAAC, U Chambers street. basement o ill re Buuasm prompt aud confidential, from 9 fall 6 Old gold aad Mirer bought. *. It No business Iransanted on Saturday* <2>y Vr. /Witt TO LOAN?ON WATCH** Old ?ipOiJU.V/UU mood a, jewery ?ad personal property fell roily. at the money office 610 Broa/ way, up at tin. Find Ci-iso business paper nngolUled. All buslces? transacted tvEfc perfect r< curtty ami stri-ily con&dsBtl.'U. J'ropertr of eramr description bought and wild. Office hour* From 9 to U aad ? to 6P M. 4il 71 HIHIt *0 IrOAN ON DIAMONDS. WATChS) ?D-l I " .\J\7\J jewelry, segora. dry goods, and all valuable property, at rosy rates, or bought fir oaah Notoe aad morC goges negotiated. Business prompt aad ooafkdentteL OtHeo hours from 9 to 6. at the old mil re of UB AldTHD A OO.. St Jr bo street, mum No. 3. aooood door. <l4>n (Will wanted?at haven per cent pbb vPi?U,UuU annum. aa a Bret Incumbrance on real estalm worth mere thau double lie amount. Apply to L?!" MOTTMZ 6UTBERLAND, 273 Broadway, oroadway Bock. Building. 90 iUUi WANTED-ON BOND AND MiTetQAOH ON gyO.V/V/' / elxy property worth three tlinee the ameuML for which e-vrtn per ceat interest will be glvmi fur three yean. No couinfMiti will be allowed. Apply to WM. E. MoKIMML corner Bloecker and Carmine streets. t/f/WI/l ' ASH~WANTIII>^?3 tXW GUARANTH tP r.* Ft" '.the tiret yea>, to a partner in a hotel. In a hi Ululpart ofthiisu.e. It draw* to it multitudee of the meat laebionable pleasure parties from all parti ot the b olted males. The alter it *tr is en argtnf hie buildings. which li the reaaaa of waiii'ugcash. Please call oa Mr. (lAltDNKB. 64 Walker street, near Broadwty. N. U. | No lelters answered. $999,500 On Jkwelby, Diamonds, Ac, OA AKHCIIAMlUB. HkUAHS, AC. I'awn brokers' Turku Bouuirt. J. MkCltOFP A CU . 39C Broadway. WDMlKE Tilt LOAN OP nam tjil'tU. hundred dollars, tor whloh good board will ha given, at a moderate price or seourlty on Prnntiire, nod loier est allowed. Good retere-ce given. Adlreaa Mrm. liakt. Broa (.way Poet effieev NT" / MCU?t1jF MONKY TO L(1aN-ON DIAMOwM^ watches, plate, jswelry, mere handles and valuable per toual piupei ty, or bought for cash piiaaa. E. WOOD, <19 Pet M 0/rn.y to loan- on diamonds, watcher, jew elry. uUnor, dry goods, segore and every desert prion of valnab.e pii'uwy, or Doaght for cash SLttCc. bonds, notes, mortgages, A.-i ce^orated. Watehos and jawt'ry far sale. ? THaYAH, 331 BroaJ war. rooms Hoe. I and 11, second story. Al< 1ONET.?CASK LIBKBALLT ADVANCED BV TOM IRWMraMM at their t.fw office, 30-1 Broadway, corner at Doaoc street rooBi No. U(qcA room 10), where die/ have ep moved to. Parties huvuur deposited g-ieds wuh thain kt 44 Hn-??rd street can obtain the same at tneir now office. MilLiIUUULlN A tVNBIUU. VT0TR1K TO OON1B ArtXNia AND CAPIT.U>frtT3. PriDCiacc acd ,V'i raiueufo Eatlmad.?Seale' yroy vr. tie rwetved bv the undvridgned. in New York cuy, Iran April 10 to May 10. 1-.V1. for me cimiruclton and ciuiptnem t-crt of tii-. 8ait Kraficaoo aud Sacramento Bail road, dfaE 'orrlH. from tho cl'yof bAcramen'o to the eitv oa Beneela, a dytAooe ot' M miles. Tins ratiroad Is upon thn mala trunk dae fr 'to Pre Fmnoiitoo by lite tutsrtar, over which pusses (israe four ha of the eofirc irtlaud trade and travel of Oalirmni*. sar in g thirty aitias In cistauoe over the present riute, redu.nngtka Jo.eb'-o:to 0', hours, aud paving throuvh 'be f-irtlietante ot holasoaitd 'Solvcoiin'.'e v, the richest agrvut tiua! sonnUenai the btste H eo it rets ut Ba with the l-tauramento Vmt ley BAl icntJ, now built and running, and Is Ihe key to IMti Proricnco l ir all lines from Northern and Raavara OaUtorsd*. Malts' protites act specificatious cau be aeeu aul every tatoe m-utiur: obtained upon appooatiog to the underhlvned, room NgL 7 Mrtro.o t'a;i Back Building, corner of Brooitwur and I*hsa ssreebt. Ne? York THEOOOBK D. . TTDaH. Chief Engineer aud Oomatastouer, &.T- k 8. eTe. New York. Atinl, iSfifi. r>* yok.k "Floating dry dohk compa?y - T lie pfcMdeu: and Directors have this day dec lured a uivldend of six [?, cent from the earnings for Uie current m nionilis. payable on and alter the 1st day of May uext. The truosfVv hooks will be ciorei until the day of payment. Nnw York, April 19,1366. Q. N. MASON. Hcrretagf. 1 IE I'AKK BANK~?CAPITAL 42 COU OutTwiTH PEI vi ege to Increite the same to 810 001) Out) ?'Thii bonk wil commence busIness iu their banking r.?m?,bead of Beetcnssa sueet. ODTOslte the Park, on Monday. March 31, 1866, In which we uivtts the attention of ail classes of bcameos mer. RatiBBN W. aOWKn. PresidekL CtiAittES A. Maot. Cashier. Hums, KOOMB, WAWmtO. PamuF* aousK wanted?wot^TlbovITfoo* teenth ?L-e*<, bv a steal] family, of grown persons, most consist ot six or seven rooms, with all the modern Impiow mente. Apply to C. B. HOWKS A CO., 84 Nassau street. ART OF A BOUSE WANTED?BY A FAMILY Cr three grown persons; the upper oart of a modern halt bouse iu a' geed neighborhood, consisting ol the reond aad part of the thi d store aback or front hasemei.t, location above T wilf h street. a desirable tenant may be had by adi A. 1'. U , at Berald ofllce. y\ PHYSIflAh'ss OFFICE WaNTK,D-N*AR BROADWAY, between Fourth and Fourteenth streets. Address R , Ma c,742, Post cfllce. OTA TEN ISLaND.-WANTKD, PART Oi' i HOllIflh O vrturuisl.ed. consisting of twe or three rooms and kitcosa S.tuation must be health)-, addresn F. 1,.. Herald oll'u e. TDK LOWKR part OF A HOUSE WANTKD?Con taining both or one basemen1, ua.-lt-s.t wj bearoonat am second cr third floors, with one room in attic. Uu, Ac , Aug peison having tush to dispose of. will meet with a respondbte tenant by addressing Cooper, Herald ofllce. Rent not to m ce?d 8360. TT NFURMtiHH) KOOMb ?WANTED, FRCM MAT I. U three i (s:ms. on sscosd or third fb or. with kitchen. In a respectable locality, not higher than Twontr-flf h rreet by a tstntly of tour; no children. Rent not to exceed 818 a month. Address M Q.. Herald ottlce. "lVANTMf?ON 231) OK I'oIB MONTH, A COMFORTA ?* blv fu-niehtd trrnt room. ?u first tloor, either In the via nit.v of any ot the ferries In Brooklyn, or the Battery, Hew York. Adlreea H. W , Herald ofllce. ter two days. / ANTED-I'aRT OF A HOlKk. WITH FRONT OR hack basement, with modern imtrcvements preferred, weft ol Broadway and not above Twenty ninth street, ter a sn ail American lamllv. or would be willing to join a parte, and take a house at a fair rent Address Broker, care of H. .Tohntcn -t Co., 218 kuitot street, under Ocean Bank, New York. TIL AN I Rlf? A FURM8HKD BRDROOM WITHOUT f? board, In tee vicinity ol the Union Ciub. Fifth a venae. Font moderate. References exchanged. Address S. L. A., Union rquate Post ofllce. AA1 ANTKD?A HtlUbh, IN BROOKLYN. IN MAT, VI Angus' or November 1st: modern built, three stjry, gas, furrace. rnr gn ard baths; rent8800, or leased for five er ten years; located between Bute and Pineapple streets, and. west ot Court street, References satisfactory. Address H. J bo* 8.612 Postcfllee. 1* ANTKir. BY A WIDOW LAI)*. TO HIRN-THBM "I or four unfurnished rooirs. (<ocattnu must be south at' Twenty third street and West ot Broadway. Address, -*-"-y terms which must be low, M. A., Herald office. W'AbTkD-Iir A GKNTLKMAN AND WIFK A RDlT ft ot furnished room*, or part of a honse, In a private fa mily, with use ol lil'cheo or private table. location to M above Houston street. Apply at the ofllce of the N. Y. Ber lin Iron Work*, 51 Urecne street, trom 12 to 3. TV ANTFD-A rORTABLK BATH HEATER. ANY O'ND f v having such an i.rtlcle lor sale cheat), can hear of a pnr rhscer by addressing B. B. H.. Herald ofllse, stating waere te be seen. Ml ANTED TO BK"T-A 8MALT. IJOCStT DP TOWN, ft with modern improvements la It, Possession ImmsdS am y. Address A Z.. Beta d olDw ANTHD-aNY FKRhoN HAVING A(f AUSTIN'S cutting machine in perfect order, (second hind), wU hear ot a customer, ty anpllng to K. p. htephensoa, book binder snd paper ru er. 47 Ann street. VI/ AN*FIT-TO BUY AT A RKA80NAHLK PRIOR, A. fw gocd fouee and lot, with modern > onvenlencea. between Fight h end Hlxih avsnuea and Fourth and thirty fourth streets, or a boute. lot and store In Canal. Spring or Hudson streets, or Rigb h ana bHPli nvenuea. Address H. I, W.. stating oca doe. desc'luiiou and terms, Herald ofllce, which will be attended to. U'AM bD-A SMaLL BOUBlT 10 RENT, BY A SMALL ** family ol throe persona, with all modern Improvements: rent not to exceed 8360. ard must be between Twenty fifth aad Cctlandt streets. Address box 3 773 Post < fllce TV ANTED-HaLF A HOUSE, WITH ANOTHER SMALL ft family like ourselves, only three Incumber altogether ?with only one child. In a good neighborhood, and boua* wtdk all modern Improvements. Address, stating particulars, bom 3.773, Postc lftee. $20 KBWAKDCk RF.WARa-l,6sf. ?)N SATURDAY EVENING. 7 April 19, by the subscriber, la going lrom 201 Christie street to Newtown, L. I.. Butchers' A Drovers1 and Bowmgy deposit or d cheek hooks, note hook, bllle payable ami receiva ble. and other papete and books, of no use to any ana but lha subscriber. Any one returning them to the subscriber, at XL Ch: teue afreet, will receive the above reward OKU. W. EDWARDS. Sift REWARD.-INFORMATION WANTED.?WHJCR* ?1 v" as Thomas Strangeway has mlsterioualv dlsuppeoroL from Ms rosidenco and place of business, since Saturday, the iflth day of spi ll 1866 any tnformsUoa respecung him will k? Uuukiuily received at 347 Greenwich street. PtstKR PKIDQFOK. Rf.WARB.-L<)BT, ON MONDAY EVMNINO, 218* iplU ttiet. In Twenty seventh street, between the Fourth nnd hlghth ..ver.uea. a gold bracelet, with n garnet stone. Tbe finder will receive the above reward on returning the bracelet to I.enltH. Morris Ad o.. 114 Front street, between the eoara. ot OA. M. nndSP M. KKWARD.?UObT. BKTWBRN 73 GOLD STRUT dpO und 34 Spruce street, en Saturday, 30?h tost, a pocket btrk. containing 818 In money, also a number of pledge tick ets. The finder will receive the above reward and no quae- * tlons asked, by leaving the tickets at 73 Gold street. C RKWAKD.-I.OST, IN GOING FROM GRAND If U Barclay street, an Thursday evening lsat. between ? aud 9 o'c ock, a gold watch key, topaz on one side aad blooc stone oa the other. Any one finding the same and returning f to J. MeDougall, at I?rd A Taylor's, Grand street, will reoehfe iho above reward and thaths of the owner. rkw ard.-htobkn. frobTmt DOOR. ON MOD ?PO day night, a large silver plated name plate, with the words John B. Rich, Dentist, engraved upon It. Whoever wti return the p ate uninjured will receive tbe above reward ssMI the thanks ol the subscriber. JOHN B. RICH, Dentist, 111 Tenth 0>O RKWARD -POST, ON SATURDAY, APRIL 19, A CO the corner of Warren and West Broadway, a pointer line, white and liver color; answers to the name of Tatoo. The tinier will receive the above reward by returning him te 931 Broadway. AJm I~Ofif_RADOK 933 OF THE FIR! DeVXrTITIINT. j Tu finder will pleeee return it to the Onief Engtneer'e cfliee. PAYMRNT RTOPPFD.-LOflT OB MISLAID, h? ourselves or Shoe and Leather Beak, a promissory njiearawn by A. B. Sands, lor *790. dated March 15.1866, m ton- months to the order ot Latham A Brothers, aad iiiiSmsud by l?jn Payment being stopped, the holder Is requested I retuifl the Mune to lAlham A Brcthera, 81T " RKMOV AI.N , BEKCVAlT-FVANS A CARMAN HAVl'RRMOYRD T? < the St. Nicholas Hotel bnildlngs, Boa 190. 102 aad 18* h "Ing street. R~ kk ()V A I, - MR8. K M. HUBhIkD^A CO. WILL CM i move to Ho. 7 Bond street April 23. .seoonl opening a( ?print millinery oo Thureday. April Sa Thk ITSNDYFR bank is"BlkfOYRDTJ SuTtnuii WU ilrfft, oppoMtt ???