Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1856 Page 2
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A jPIITBEIWW imim ***** HI " AT AVCTMIl*. A 1BKRT H MCOuAf, AtJCTIO?SKR.-tJTO?K8 AND A bond* at au'tiaa. - Regular semi weekiysale.- ALBKRT H. MIOsjLAY w;i! M l this day, April 14, 1856, a; 12>? o'oock, at the Hereby at*1 1 xchange, to* Account of whom >' may cjo ?art: S3 0(10 Bradford ''oal Ard Iron Company, Is'm! bend? tftOO 7,000 Flashing Kavroad 1st mortgage bond? ...... 1,000 MWO FlMbinR R?l>o*d 2<1 mt r:*?ie 7 per rent bonds 800 ?.(*(> Sacramento City .Water Fund J 10 percent bonds 1,000 4,666 Hartford City 6 per 'em roods ? ???? .*<"0? lOJWO RUwHukle A Horicon RR 8 P?r c. term mort) bonds. 4000 Toledo A Illinois K R 2d mortgage 7 oer cent bond# 1 000 2,100 Sacramento ^lty (funded loan) i per rent bonds. 5,600 Great western (Illinois) RR 1st morgure beads. . 1,000 16,(00 New Fork A Hsr.'em RR 2d mortgage bonds 1 000 5 00(1 Ga'era and ' tucago I'nion R R. 1st ttor gage tois I OOO 14.0T0 Two oeitflc.:es or Jie Brvckeuddge 'annei <:1 Co. 7 Otk) 360 ?hs Kerosene das Light ( cm pan j (hypothecated) 2b 25 Obio lHuiuocd Goal tympany.., 25 .160 Jersey City Gas I hrht c 'ompaoy 20 50 Weils, Fargo A Ctt's Express It*) SO Reek man Ins uraoee Company ?, 35 Fox >nd Wiscenaln Improvement Company 100 00 Metropolitan Fire Insurauoe Company 100 ?40 Re'lei Fire Insurance Company 50 16 Rulgers Fire Insurance Company 25 ?JO New Amsterdam Fire Ingu.ancB Company 25 JO Kirelnor Kite Insurance Company ... 50 Terms ot iAle--ten per sent this day. and the balance before 2 o'clock to-mtrrow. The acc-ued late 'est on all the bands will be charged to the purchaser. Neat regular sale on Mon day, April 28. Albert H. Nlcolay holds bis regular serai weekly auction sales ?f stocks and bonds every Monday and Thursday, at the Mer akaota' Kicnange. also special sales of the same oa any other Mays wter required. At private sale?A great variety ot fit a! claim rallro, d, ity and Male bonds, tank, insurance and other stocks, of undo in ted abarwter tor investment. Important Notice?Interest allowed on all maecAs deposited Sa trust, and securries bought and sold at the Board of Brokers. A l.HKR I H. NIUOLAY, Au, tloneer and Banker, No. 4 Broad street. New York. O. TUTtLE. AUCTIONERB.-LAST AND C.081NG of first class, warranted subtest furnltnre, being the MaJMceiof stock 11 the old firm of Messrs MeUraw A Aileaoorph,1 sk455 Broadwar. A. C. TllTTLE will sell or Thursday. ?t o'clock, at the shove warerooma, wlihsut reserve, to he highest bidder, tbe balance of elegant tumlture of MeGraw ,t Auerdorph. who give up business on the 1st of May. Tbe ?lack consists of rosewood par or sulta in brocale. b roc ate 1 .nd Mt'n; armolres a glace, secretaries and bookcases. etegeres, skdeboards, ceitre tables, dressing bureaus, bedsteads, waah stands. Ac.; also mahogany, oak and walnut parlor, hall, di ning and tedroo-u furniture-, also sunetl >r enamel'ed cottage sasmber suns. I be whole warranted of the first class nanu ?wture. and u> be sold peremptorily. Terras, uodrr 5100, ?ash. over t Mi. approved endorsed notes a: four months. A M. CRIST ALAR, ACCTIONF.KR?8AI.F1S ROOM id JPL ? Bowery?Will sell, this day Thursday 24 th inst. a- 1(t'a ?'clock at lua avenue B near Tenth street, balance of furni ture rentals leg untold, crn?laungof roeewood and mahogany ?hairs, rockers, crvered with nroeatel and plush: solas. d>. do., tele a letes. mubegaay and marble t?D dress, ng ?u eaua. Trench aid cutage bedsteads, utarb e too waaDntauda. centre tables, card tables, work tables, French plate mirrors oil BfcUngs. engravings, m hogany dining tables, oak wardrobe, nsseis and ingrain carpedng, ol e o'hs, brocatel window ?urtalns illvtr plated aDd glassware, beds and bedding, Ac., Ac Sale peiidve. AM. CHISTALAR. AUCTIONEER. NO. 23 BOWERY, . will sell in Friday, 25th inet, at 10 o'clock, to p?y ad vaaces, s9 gold hurting wa'.thei, comptiflng 4 hut,': g t ill Jevselied Bunk tecrrd thronotretrr balance railwa? utnete i ?r. 40 dwt 18 carat oases; 2 do. do., 8 dr. do. ' hrorome'er balance tull jewel ed open cock railw*y timekeeper. Johnson. t but cS a-rest. Ijvc-pool, lj carat, 45 dwt . engrared eaaes. 7 do. do. engine turn oases, ti do. do.. Henry btuart, IJverpr. ,|, en a me :urn cares. 10 god hunters; 4 pairs extras, Celled in rubies, ehionometer baaice spring above. T. t. Royal Sxrhange, L^nd? n. engine turned '-mes; 1 dc. do., K. L. Brainard Northampton, London. 4o cara'. 18 carat cases; 5 do. do. Terms of saie six tronthA ipprived endorsed paper. AU the a 'ove gocds warranted as represented. A M. OBI8TALAR. ADCTION6.ES-SALF.3RCf)M 21 jt\ . Bowery wt I sell, on Monday April 28 at 11', o'e o:k. Rte whole entire magnificent lumiture contained hi live soy aouse No. 598 Bouston street, one door fr.,m Mercer sreel, eetitstticg iu front parlor one rosewood piUiufbite, seven oc save round corners, made by Brown A Allen, rich tone; one splendid roeewi od suite, nmprislng sofa, six chairs, arm do., sewing do., eoyared with hrocite'. cost $4t*'. one set damask ana lace window cortains, cost #155; Pattel and oil paictmes, (Prandnles, Srneseis carpet, lour papier mache arm cbaira. >u mta with pearl, ar<l ables m match centre and cvd tables, two very hatoeome side tables and mirrors, back parlor rosewood ?haurs. rorered with crimson velvet; marble top centre tables, aofae. tete a tea?. one most supe.rh oak etegere Brussels oar Gt, mirror, a variety ot china tnan'el ornaments, oil paint a. curtaiLs, one oak extension dining 'abls.Jtorly feet in length. containing oee sxcelsior muhogsuy and handsomely carved bedstead, from the celebrated manufactory eflynxcsnA Pheiff, roeewood bedsteads, marble top wssli etSDd?, do. da d -es?u,g bureaus, ha'r ard spring msure.v-cs and fea-her beds, looking giaewts. ecgravlngs, oil paintings Ae.,IAe. Bali?eonialmrg a rosewouid hat stand, and Gothic ahalrs, and a large let of oil cloth, all over the bouse. Base ?seat?One splendid black walnut exten-lon dining ttblts J6 ?set m ieagto; Kaat India china tea and dinner sets, rover plated ware and a large assert xent of kitchen utemua. with which the sale will commence. Catalogues ready on morning afsale. AS RICBARDN. ACCTIONRKR -AT THS STORE OF ? J. O'Connor 34 Third avenue, this day. Adi-1! 24, at 10 A. W., the entire stock of a large retail boot and shoe store, with teste, drawers and shelving, morocco and tioot trees, and awe tewing machine. Terms made known on the day of tale. BUTT MR FIELD. APCTIONEKB. WILL SELL TH S ? day, at 1U12 o'clock, at the corner of Broadway and Urs at Jones strret, tbe who e and entire turiuture contained in abo' e honee, consisting of Brussels, W:!ton and In grain -irpeur.i-, Trench p ate mirrors, rosewood pianoforte, syfas, pari' r chairs, centre tables, bookcases bureaus, rockers bedstead", beds ard bedding curtains, ni.e oth kitchen utensils, Ac Ac. Sale positive, rafn or shine. BDTTRBUKLD, AL'CTIONK^. tflLL TBLL I f 8 ? d.,y, at lC'j o'clock, ai the comer of Brosdwav d Great Junes s ?eel, two carriages, one two horse carriage a d see single carnage. Sale poa itive. CGTION NOTK'R.? SHATTUCK A I'ARKFIPRST Wl 1, rell on Friday, April 25 a'. II A. M.. at bonse IM Wast Thirty eighth street, rear klgh'b avenue aama.1 iot of well oe leetsd aid gr?'d mahogany lllwHw, oarpe'e, kitchen war*. Re. The above has been In use only s ace Decernfeer last The esrzer being 'n 'eebJe health, and anout leaving the city tverv artle'a will be posltlvelv sold srithen any redrietlon. Deposit reqnircd and the goods removed the same da*. a. A. FKRRY, A us 1 inear. cor ion noticr?Samuel ocoood acijtionerr (office 85 Narsan street, i will sell a: the large boose ?*> Track I in street, between Broadwav and Churcb street, on Fri day, April 75. at It ^ A. M., the whole ot ihe tnrnitare eoe tatred In said house, comprising parlar, dicing room, hall, kitchen, ai d ihstnrnitu-e of about twenty beirooras The -vbole still be peremptorily sold, as the proprietor Is .eav eg the aty. ? y cash. AUCTION NOTICE.?JOHN W. HOMERINDYKE AUC tioi.eer. Bale of dry goods advertised for this dev. It postponed o Monday next, April 58. at 10>? o'clock, at No 21) korth WfiHam street. 8 urther particu'&rs bereRAer. UCTION NOTICE-JOHN F RUSSELL. AUCrif) ? eer. store r6 Nassau street, will sell on Tneeda*. A' I 36. at the dwelling houre 113 Grand street earner of Merc. the whole of the household tumllure, r mcrising parlor, dtmog room, bedroom, bail, kitch?n, and other lumiture. Further particulars In to morrow's Herald uriion noticIT?j~ bogart, Antionk.-Tr v S. BrGART. Fnday, April 25 at in_ta o'clock, at Nc 3 Carlisle su-set, household and barroom furnit ire, consist'c* j feeds'eads, lea'her beds and bedding, washatands, lookfi J ?tees bar fixtures, c'o-k, Ac. Saturday, at tbeaue.lon room j ?surge sale of bcuteho.d furniture, oflio- desks. Ac., Ac. AUCTION notice.?thos. bkll. auctioneer. S BKLL A BUSH.?This day, a' 1111., o'clock, in our 9 rooms, 12 Norib IJitim street, will be sold tee entire ch ius fumrnreoi a Ismily removed trom Fourteenth gtrett r tn Srisiog a 1 be ar acgemens of kitchen oar o *, bedr cms all and basement carpets, oilcloth. matting, crockery, china, glassware. tine extension tables glance fire p'.ctui*?, plate and dressing bu eatig, m/rbie top tables and waths vwfs, and other superior articles ;n the housekeeping line, mi rn mere, us 10 sdvei tit e. Also the reman. mg stock' f ahirdv ir? aad furnishing sure, tabic cutlery, comers, carpenters' tvj.s. kettle r stoves, retrigerators plated ware spams, forks a quantity oi crcckery an<l numerous othe-goods; sale witblut reaerye a'gn a lot of dsmsged goods. Ou-numerous outdoor ?ales will apctar In detail :o morrow?C.arkson street, Hudson alrset, Broome st est. Bleec ker streer Ac. Friday, large sate ef fBrnlture, Ac., in tbe salero rcs Saturday tbe enure furai tare contained is tbs bouse 54 Clark.'/ n str?et. UCT ION B a LI OF|KNTTRR FURNITUBK, OAS AJFT> bar fixtures, Ac.. Ac , of tie Da'evaa House ?8 a VfL. ( 1 ?OOD. inetlor.eer, Hire "5 Nassau streat, will ?el' this d- p (Tbo-aosy > April 2a at 10^ A. M., at ibe lleietan Boo , Fourth avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth gtreets. ? whole o'the (in" lursilure honae onrnorising toe us I furni'ure ft und tn a tirst bass hotei; a so the bar lixturet m ? ror?, r.U raintirgs, Ac , Ac. Full particulars in Catalogu' , which will be ready early, at ibe sale. Terms cash. Bale p | gmptorv. "VuCrlON 8ALB OF DMIBkBLB HOU8BHOLD FUR JA ritu'e. m Brooklyn.?PRTF.R PaRKK, auttlonee-, bv Heyaee A Parks t.n Tl urwday, AprU 24, a' l(Hi o'moek. a Bo. is; Henry street, near Jarolom n street, Brooklyn, '.ho entire furnitareof a taxnlly dec inlng bousekeeplng, roxcr: ttog Brusee's, Veretlan and other carpets: rosowjnd man ga ?j and b.ack w.ilnut parlor nd chamber furniture; basemen aad kltcben lurnlture: also one first clssa rosewood pianot >rte Tsrn-a cash. DcpoM'e required. No pos^xinement. Ua' lorues st tbe itore, 314 Broadway. "a BSIDNRiTbaLB, BY ACCTIOnToF FINrl OOLlTirNT) JCL silver watches. diamonds and gold |e wolry.?This day. at H ,'t o'clock ai f7 Nas'ftu gt , con ?isting. in part, of flue g ;i Brmuog chronometer Independent se~ord and fti 1 jewel lever watches English patsnt ieverand iadies'enamel ed huotivg watches, silver and gold plated watches, gi.d guards and ve attains pencils and pens, together with earrings, orooch"s Ac., wltbont reserve, lor cash K. R. aaRun, Auctioneer. I l'< TTCN BALK OF DF,SiaABLE HOUSEHOLD Ft ntVor* n Brooklyn.?B. I). FOflTKR auc loneer, Will1 A oa Thursday morning. April 24 at ;0o'clf*k,nt59 W1 iowstn A ?is entire bunseho d furniture consisting oi aspsstry, Brusaaie astd irgrain carpets; mahogany and rosewood par or and ^aeaber lurnlture; two rosewood pianofortes bans, be??lie, ablna, glass, basement and kitchen furniture, Ac. Term ? c i j CCTIO* ABB COMBIPSlflN. 17 J. TA1AMAX, AVO? tloneer?TAT.LMAN A CO., No. 33 Sixth avenue are prepay d lo rece've e iBsigrimenis ol new and second ban I fur niture aod goods ot all kitias lor auction and pr ,-a'e wile, and Ss trend at prtva<e bouse* oo reasonable arms. 'a COTTON BALB OF RIBKON-I Ac. WM TOPPtNO* JJl CO. 9 2 Brosdway wilt Ineinde In their ssie oi Fndiy, ^prtl 26. a large and vslutbid asarrtment of r ch bonne' ma and a full assor inent of seasonable 'idmm'sgs, t which and to otter desirable goods they invite the atleatloa ?f buyers. Catalogues ready on momltigof ssle yHedWARD Si.HRNCK, ACCTIONKKR~i77iVARb ?CHBNCK will sell at auction, 'bis day April [ at 10>4 o'clock, an Invoice of genuine imported"wines, or?u ?les. champagnes sardines. As., couRirising genuine Ch* BetdsK-k, OMttWba and other champagnes. B. O. P. Rennsl , o!dO , Plane', f turd and ooer brandies abou' 21U OiSve cU ret, B?. dull ten, Margaux and other brands, a.l Imported in the ssees. Tops/., Hngnani, Portilla and Amontlliad) she-row Pag* A Co., Beeswing. Forrester's and "'be -o m Footch ma it whiskey, Ma/zaietti s Irish do . Jatnalca rum Also, by order ol tbe underwriters, 20 ' . % Ns o! -W 1, (I - puy A On. brand?, vintage of 1M1S0 and id La 3ojie"t a'so a large selected in voice X genuine Ha . i;ia aod Uor'na. ??*<s. Bf RIIWAKD BCHBNCK, AtJCTiGlfERR.?L t R<IF B Af.F, of 143 fine oil palnt'an, ?I1 ruhif frerasd ?BdwacJ iMisecck will sell a> auction, si, Monday, the 2*'b Ins' , a 10', A. M . ai his 'alesr-irmn No. id Wall street, a rollectlon of 14; ftTV oil paintings br anolent and modern ma* ?es e-in?'*'ing of ccrtp ural hlsiorinal. par!: r. eaulnet aMgtilerv plolueet. One bundrrxl and twenty oflhetehavo ju?t agr veil from Ku iteie. Tbs srcitwit pic urw were coilecied by a soDnolewur, dnrtrg his travels there. Araing'hem are ?,m? choice piece . The snbjec's, and ail tbs rames of the artists, are too nu-re rows io mention he e; we give bttl a lew of them viz ? Bea> drUKiker Breughl, lie Hoon. Dens, Rodlg, Th*us, MuH, R .j Pilot, B ron, Morelse, Tou erevi Van r'.y -.ken, Van flclen Salree, Ae. the pcturrs are now or, view, aod cwiiogiei ready. __ ?( BtHV BnHBNf'K - FflWARD ' B'ThRN T ? sect* neer will sell, on kfopdiv And I 2- *t KPj o'cio * A- 4.. at 23 While s'reet, elegant bo iseb.-ld f iroltore cm Wood par'ec suttee, pier gic?ses brocate! ti tains, Ac., Ac. ?arlisulars in futetfe adrerusurrgpt. TIT mVABD W HiMli k, AL'OtTfiJI'.KR.-ltnirJfc I I> B' HUNI'K Wfl; ee.i. ai io ion. oa Wednesdiy AgBl 30, aAuv, o'eiocl st 42 Weet Twentrftiurth street, superb bouse hois t ir^yfie, Ps-dcuttrs hvaafter. B? ?*AHir~Bf7HBBri"K7 A0UIONRBR ?K.TWABD BriTKNf K wU! ssli, st suofion, on Tues?ia?, April ?>, ?< a'i ojcl'cit ai 50 Am i wenkrslx'h Street, magnlflceni UbiecolVituL. uf. At, |>rMcnj|ir?iji ?d??rti??aen:5 BAlJil AV lll'lWt h&OcJLaji, AluiivUB.A.Il f .K ArriliS, *< *o'Coch, A. M., rredsel'. at 3J7 Panfts, be w'raBuuiiJ Bond streets, spleidld roeewood pw, su?t rf "reword parlor inrnnore, wits a hi ndiome rosewood. mahogany. *a.^ nc room ?od sucbeu turulture, At 11 A M.. at 81 . rtt place, oomer of Court street, -an of sp.endid ro-c w rod par or furniture, 'tr 01 tmson brccatel, 7 P'??'?*> ?Jj a*-ortnuut of mahogany arid o her r&rlor chamber and ? it^n en furniture. At 1 o'clock P. M.. a' 48 Myrtle avenue. between Oar I and Jay streets, splendid rosewood piano, by Hal ett. I avis A Co., lb stun, with mahoganv parlor and "amber tur clture. eaten: Iron aim chairs, rar^ets and kitchen furniture. At i? o'clock P. M., at ihe central taJesrooms, coiner ot Pearl and Wlllooghby streets, Brooklyn, rei. i^wwkW s?le c.t household fttrnitare. to oommence with can*t? and cj cloths aid the beet furniture which mar be received in Bmt for -lue s...e, cata'oguee a. the salesrooms. Friday, April ?j, at abou, 3 o'clock P M., at ? Wlllougbby, corner of Jar strest, par lor. ehamber and kitchen furniture, In go id order. riHIKA. GLASS AND CROCKBRT SAt.E PO^TPOyRn 1 to Ibnndar, April 24, a; lOo'cock. J. J. WALPROM, auctioneer. Henry G. Kvant will sell, from the vhe.-es- in .ota to suit end country trade 50 crates wh.te grantta. ICe m.url pattern, blue dipt, china crockery ?nd ed?ed w?-e. French china tea .ete, vases. Ac.; glass ware. assoruH,Jen tre'S. Ac.. 4a. Sale positive, to c.oae invoices. Goods we.i parked tor shipping. 8. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER.-AIL THE II. content* of the private rwldence, No 60 Marray ?v*6* near ihe Clermont Hotet. will be 10 d unreservedly at nut .ic MlV to moreew"Vrldejl morcicg. at 10 o'clock precisely. This t^sn "Te leetVppo.tuiitty for pa-tles who wish to orv vide themeedvee with fundture, well and sniHiaatiauy metre. hi d In lirst ra'e order, and near.y new. . , plr ( r- Cue meat niaenltjcent br 11..nt toned toeewo a pu??STw?b two jeirs- wsrrsntre. two e.ognnt otogsrea, rosewood centre tables, with bl?k and gold vened and su tuarv marble tops , 'egaitroval tape-try veli e- carpet rofb uftu) u-y vratA two first r& 0 Bro&dvfty imwlo s li<i rwewrcd ?uiia, in cnwionard jrold and gi eenani gold French fatin troratel; a variety of tanrv easv chairs, tor parlo.-e, eie eaDi .y upbolttered; at uque Gothic tune tueces, rnn one year; "gsnt levrea p< reelaii vafes and bisque < rnaments gas httdeHers. with . ut elms shades; a numrer of exec, em o 1 palntttgs. also corner etegeres. corner standi, piano covei anu stool, pier and oval mirrors, s abs, Ac , D'nlnc room and hail?Ote iron hat rack, one mahogany do., two ha.: chairs one mahoganv extension dicing :tb eel do.; one silver eei vice. Ave pie-ts; one do , four pi d.nier 'el, in white andgnld, tea sets, in do , ee sets, dseora ud; Bohemian ctlored decanters, wines, lemonade*. Ac., e... gats go lets, tumblers, salts, Ac. slyer spoon-, dinne,.and demnforts, Ivors cuaaAlqaor cases andseta, rtver?li vers carters, pitcbera!^^^^n marblepi.-hers toe,5'? gany dir icg chairs, malic^ffyaofks. stutTed cba rs and ro-kers, ^Pedrruoms *K!egant Rrnsse's tapestry *l,0h^? do. hisbnow; rosearrnd and mahoganv bed-enis, bureaus, sash-.arils, commodes, fine pttre hair matresiee, blankets and oonnteroaBre. elegant rosewood eacretolre, alik' roiwood Htnor- du glace, massive mahogany wardrobe gilt mirrorw tol'et Seeollcloibs. S.iie will commence punctually at 10 | o'elcck, in back parlor. | l^rOENB R FRANKI.I.N AUFTIORKER.-By PK ANK li LIN A N1CBOI-S. On morning. April-o, at lb , o'dcek at ihe r'ivate dwe'Mng house 163 Rsr. Llihteemh si rest, between third aid Fourth avenues, will be raid lb. who e first elss* furniture in said boose, all of wh -ii was made 10 o der. and baa been but lit le used, and cormtsu of, 'upar - lors i pier clnsree. heavy French plate; cirta.ns, roaewood I sue. carpet" centre, card rpiarteite andjUncy tables;sewing, at m and'an?.? halv, mantel clock and ornaments, suoerii. rrsewt od planotorte and stool, Ae In dit .ng and d'Ugget. exteusiCB tab e, cegere, chairs, c.? I eon,tees cur alna, Ae. In UbrS'y -Secretary^bouke ve. sec retary bur-au, ten librarv book cv-es, chairs, carpe. looage AC; hail oilel th hslslar.d,, chair- Ac revera. bedrooms furnished oomp.ete wn.h c*rp8.-. Ved- tieads, burr an., wasbfjmds, mlrrorr, chairs, matwejwee, rsllla-ses, beddtrg, window rwnices. w?rdrobo?, -obet ware, Ae A so In dining room?China dinner. break.*st and tea -??? u.b'.e "u.lerr. liner, plated rpoons torlts and cas'ers; and in' -be klh-hen the utuai collection of hollow ware, kltcber irecstla Ac.; ace the ga- fixtures and chande tors throughout the hoirre We respec fully invite ihe attention of "Aoee in w%ni of good gnbtfiqUftl furni urc, to attend tag Bale. u UOCGHTGH, AUcriONEEB?WILL BILL, Fj . da?. Thursday, atli"! o'clock, a'- the .urge lour s.ory house ?17 Temh itreet. opposi'e Tompkins square, a arse and ex enstve assoriment of tirst c'ass furniture, mtdc to or'ler by the he t makers, die most of It in perfect order, as good as new consisting U part of ricn crim-on and purple, and D ue, gold and grten plurh pur'oi suits: one rose woo.! piano, fa ?"?en octave rose* oo.1 marble top cenre tables; one pair extra large mirrors, urd costly window curtails; bookcases oslntlrgs etegeres. wardrobes, solas ^Wns.o.a and other mirrors, elegant brocatel and hair cdoth easy^csa re. l,iccf backers, workstscdA, extenrion uble, kitchen cr ckeiy and glass ware, silver plated ware, bbick watau m rblfc lop bure. us nr.d wasbsh.nds, chairs, ''"'t Stands, b,dst*sds. hslr mauresses naldarse-, .estber buds I over Ac., Ac. 8%!e porltlve. wlibont reserve, rain o-shine. ' at. lngnr.s ready earlv In the morning, at 6f. Nassau street, and at the house. Eighth street stages pass the house. Le posits required. I~ JLEGA VT HOC?EHOLD FURNITURE, ^ 'j try rsrorte, mirrors, oil painting-. Am?WILLI aw u. ycLAUGHLIN, auc ioneer, will sell on, AprM 3Lat 10'. o'clock, A. M? at 127 West Th'rteenth mrett, MtwMs Sixih and Kevcnth avenues, the entire lurniture of a ifamily,de dining hour, kef ping eomprtsing rl-h rosewood chairs, so,-? snd iete a tetcs. In crimson yelve'; do. borkesse, do. marble ?op tables U per try. three p'y and 3 metran ^ mirrors; china and cut glass ware, rosewood and mah->gJ?iT roar b e top bureaus. French snd other bedstead*, hair mat tresses. feather beds, bedding. Ac. Ac. Ca.moruM ready on U,e nornlnc of sale. WM. G. MCLAUGHLIN, the morning ot sa c. AnEtjoneer offlce Ho. 170 Broad way. COLTON, aUCTIOMBBB.?ILEUaNT HOC8BHG1 D .furniture Eru? els. thiee ply and IngTaln earoew roe - wood parlor suites, mirrors, g?s rtxtnrea-F. LOLTOsf *? 1 sell, to morrow, ihis d.,y, April 24. at 10? i o'clock, at 58 We t thirty fllth street, near etxth avenue, ah the furnlureooi ? tained in fhe house, comprlalng rosewood pvrlor suits, Bru self, velvet, three ply and IngTain caryists, French p.ate m. rors mahogany becttesds, marble top dres-tng bureaus, c?. w sake lards. ba!r mattresees and paillasses, mihogany s a rosewood Vol aire and easv chairs, mahogany spring _?'? I chatrs, cottage do , maple hat stands, sofas and teve-n tete-, curtains and cornices, mahoganv and rosewood oentre, *? e and card tablea, music stands, crockery, glass ware. As.; a o chandeliers, gas fixtures, Ac., Ac Bale peremptory, logueson ihe rnornl' g of sale N. B.?There la also an ui right pianoforte, made In Philadelphia. fil COLTCN. At CTIONKBR.-GENTEIL HOU8RH01 P ' . furni ut6, rorewood and mohoifany parlor suit*. v?l 1* earpe:s, cur ta ne, mirrors Ac. Ac. -<n Friiay, April 35, at li >4 c'clork, at 39 Gonverneur street, near U.ullson, the entire house hold lumlture cf ite bouse, comprisirg In part one or two suite of narlor furniture, in rosewood and velvet; mahogany chairs and s< l,.s. French bedsteads and bureaus; t.ipsstry, three ply and Ingrain csrpe'-; ollc o-h-. mirrors, dtnlag and tea tab e-, marble top do., beds and mattresses, bedroom aud sssemru-t furniture, china and gl.iss wsre. Ac., Ac. Sale peremptory, without regard to w-atber. AIsc. at two o c tvk same dsy, * 1 the furniture In the house 307 l'earl street, nesu- herry. More particuiius to morrow. /v KORGE COOK, AUCTIONRFR.-BUPI-7RTOE HOU E \ 7 hotl furniture, at 51 West Thirty fifb street, bet ?? en Filth and Sixth avenues, this dsy. April ?4,atlOJ^oiJ ok, being the entire furniture of a gentimi^ deoKnlng bjinsek ep Ing The bouie bavtng been turnlabed throughout, m Dec ru ber last wtth new and elegant furniture, is now In fin- (r er, embracing me solid rosewood parlor suit, in three eolorea re- ( eatel cost8376. rrtmwm and maroon; one do. ? | green p'nsh; solid rosewovd centre, side snd sofa table*; 1 tension dlmng tables, etegeie. Mdebcard, dining chairs, n a woi d and maWgany bedroom suits eomplete, mattresses, t s 1 lasses, boaters and pillosrs, mlrrwrs. carptU snd otic. Of throughout the house, chandeliers, crockery, cutlery, sv. er wsre kitchen ware, Ac. I'atalognes atsais. Bale peremp'o J C- EOKGB f'OOK.fAUCTIOIfBER.?8TJPERIOR CUSTOM r made furnit ure. to morrow, at 442 Broadwxy. bet weer Howard ahd Grand streets, at lrtt, o'clock, emxraclug par or suits In brccatcl e, p ad and hair cloth; bedroom suits, dining room lumlture sol;.#, Ctairs, rockers, centre, side and sofa 1 tables: bedsteads, nnreaus. wasbstands. palliases, boaters, 1 pillows, bookcases, Ac. Kile positive. fi O. HOKTON. Al'ffTIO.VF.ER.-SALESROOM. "T. Cedar street, will sell this day. Thursday, at 10% o'ulo t?t to Worth street, the contents of a blacksmith or lockstn' I shop.[cor s sting or tools, an Tils, bellows, stock. Ac., Ac. ft ARDSIf PLAFTTS AT ACOTIOH.-W, 8. McILLYz ? IJ will aril, this day, at 10% o'clock, at the seed store lit 4 John street, hsr-dy, perpetual, mow and climbing rosea, e t " nations, honeyiurkiiss, "tnee, verbenas, dahltas, Ac , from J Henderson, Jersey City. Descriptive catalogues. All pis g are sr. Id at private sale at auction rates. C^RjCRRIKb CLOCKS, BOAP, I.ItfUORS, STORE FIX T tnrea ?Friday, April 25. at 10% o'clock atS7 Deyst e*", corner o? Greenwich. teaadraisln*, pleklev s weet oil, brand , fin. ruin tobacco, 1 pern, candles, b aekisg, aai s, knives a a fori* rakes hots viimn, scales and weights rhtrt collar , vest*, a*.re fixture*, furniture eight day clocks Ac. W. A. CARTER. Auctioneer. HWM H.lKfrs, Al'CTIORKRR.?BY H. H. I.EKIW.tC".': ? on Wednet-day. Thnrsday and Friday, April 2.1 '24 f d 25 . at 10% o'clock each (lay at the Clifford House Kos 23 > 4 26 l'ark place, arrl the buildings en Murray street Cllflotw Rouse tnrnxnire?alll the furntture contained In this extensive hots', runmnit throngh to Mnrrar street, 00m:>ri?lng abou' five large buLtflng*. viz. ?Velvet, Brussels three ply and ingrain '?srpets; large and vulnable mantel ana pier glasses; large and small roeew >od parlor suits, cvvrred with needlework tapes try. setts In plusb, silk, brccatel and hurr'.stb; window and lace curtains mantle cloaks and rases, 'errre tables with marble tops; drab and < rimrcm ?Uk -urtalns. orino u chande liers and bra. kete, sofa tables, extecsisn dining table, side brand, table ileen napkins, towels, knives, "asters, pla'ed war* glassw re cf a 1 kinds, tea sets, ehi'S Britannia acts, din nrr se's, French china pla'e warmers, and other table fnrnl are Bedreomr?Rub erery variety of am ores and fumfture, tn mahogany, roeewood and Mack walnut; splendid wardrobes, maizes-cs pillows ptllowrases. sheets, blankets, map e bed *te?ds. A'-., Ac . wph every variety of hotel furniture, tn quaa titles. A Iso, a sirperb annunciator, with 204 numbers, in ?er fret working order, rot able for any first c ase hotel, and out e slly l>e removed For further particu are, Inquire of the. auctioneers, Mo. 19 Massa . strwst. HmST H LEEDF, AUCTIONEER ?BT H7 B. LEEDS A . OO.?On Thursday. April 24. at 10% o'elo.'k, at the store 315 Br adwsy, opposl e 1'earl taree', Assignee's bale of magclfii ent dlamona ard ' mer jewelry watches, bracelets, Ac., ot the richest de.-cript.oe,' imported to order, being the entire gto k cf B. < brlai, bv order or V. A Spies, Assignee, ronslrtlng of tn pa-t ts toiiowr Magnificent diamond neck laces, bracelets, brooches and earrings singly and in sets; brorr bes, rings bracelets, earring* and pins set [n opal ruby, turquoises, emera ds and ame'hyst: gents'scarf puis studs, s eeve bullosa. Ac , in pearls diamond* and rubies; ladles' enamelled bunting case wa'chee. Inlaid writ d! imonds and pear!*; plain gold open bice do; gents' heavy 18 carat gold fi ntlDg vise pates.i and detached levers, duplex anvbur, le p<p.-, magie .-see ard double time do; mosaic inlaid cameo bro-clies. earrings bracelets studs and sleeve but'Ona, ladle* sea; f ard cuff pine,oeauUtu! eramelied and engraven and plain lockets of all varieties aid styles, heavy gold pencils watch kex*. eje g asses, card cases. Ac ; Isdles' eha'elains se. with precious stones, gsnts'fob, guard or vest efcaln* children's coral necklaces and an*lets; snuff uoxe*. p irtetnonnalea Ac. Also, al 'he fixture* ol the store, nom bring of 4 args hoe sil ver p at*d plite glass showcases, eonn'eni, desks, (soles oak ? hol s in g eeii reps; gilt frame mirrors gas chandelier*, bis'kets, .*c Also, one extr* large size Herring's patent fire p.-oo ?a stranrter safe, fitted with draverw lor jewelry. The ar.s *'7:11 of the 'rede as well as private hnrers, is particularly reunesisd to 'he ?a e. as It offers induoenoeots seld irn to he rrc w ch fw po-c.has'r.g a superior -Isesot'th* above go-.l* S he atmxe stovk - an u? examined every day previous to the HTI. LEEDS. ACl.riOMKFR-RV H. H. LEEDS A CO., I , oa Thursday, Acrii 24. 1866 at 10 o'c.ock e?ch day at tbe in 'e ho lit Ma ?> 1 c street, works of art, soan v 7. Ac. Big. n. n. I'sr.d Oi.nt's first spring sale of rich marble statu tryand wt.rls 01 ?rt to be -old without reserve as he re ires Iron hnsircss, and leaves tor Europe on the first dav of May. Real ..trit'iamrble statuary representing figures ot Wa? itngtoa, Krai k in, Jtflerron, original by DelMedioO; gco ip of I'lUslty Two 1 ancirtgUlrU. origins) by HantareUI, I he Shepherdess, by df'o group of Mix's mat f,ove Inrcencg. a nge's of Justice aril Peace He intra riuptd, F.ora Diana, Venus al er t'an ova snd four large figures for garnen and p'a// 1 A is., a loi ot fire ? it vei marble t>edestale foi the .hove statn fy. Also, alatsuits r riat leMes antl group*, under g'as-isnade.e, rear-went Ing the three Oi aoee, Apjllb, venns tn the shell, de-nirarda, I'sycfw at d flupisi. A I An and Hh;ik?ss[je >re. Hebe and other* of e.|tial value. f*rge carvrd rnstd) < wnd agate BordogIn, Slsnna, htrn*-an fiomaoans! Hebe vases, Irtwn 4 in'hes to9 feci Ugh carved In a'to and basso relievo, ctrd receiver* birds, vnces for Towers, I Jon atter Oanova, Ae Ac Als<i, a r;o 0v tee of bronze* from the Artistic Br snzs t'omptny "rnststing of clnoks, candela ras, grougis, figures, card re cetvers, Ac. Al*b a large I'd of silver p ated w*x, vl/ spoons, ki Ives, fiorks, ca*tern, cake taskets An,, china an t g's<s ware, dressing eases and other fAer ariicies This Is a arr. fnr those thai wsn' ts luopiy t.hsmsa|ye* with mar bis mi u'e.l err amenta, ,.* they mi?t he sold p'srively, without '. snve on ceonnut or Big. (f. B. PansiolliBi latvlng for Ru H. [H. LESffl At'ffTKiJfBKR -BY fi. It. f.TlKD- Am, on f tsusdaif, April 24, at o'clock, at 17 Ho*>ard street a general txasortmeet of ho'iaeho d furpf > j*. -?>? sxing rid raghc^sny eSiafrs, rM bwlsteaS mshogmr sWsVmti, tafeMl. bureau*, mahogaar wardrobes, iron oedsiead* f.eft, fltrsia -arpets. eurleahalr man rear aa mads to brd' th f?s her fiiuow*. black wefnut tieslateads. mahogany hat 'If. Cl4lfce find eight or ten r/rveett (W4 ?fdrr h ALKM AT ATCTIOW. aix- A L V/t IvJi* ftAtt. -HI ii. n. UJSt l>r * I ' J . on Frid?V. ha'.urday and Moada; .jAprlt ?#. X and 2h at 10 -a o c ock sach car, a >o. 251 Broadway, ooraer of Horror rrtet. super'.- sale of * Area mock of jewalrr plated wvc, aid ?t', has, Ac. Th?- well known eutasiubmen-., known ?? I fenny 'a," 'be enure stock, without any rroerve whatever, eon.imieir of gold ??u-be?. duplet, patent lever, double ilme. anchors. .eptnt, magic, iaduw> enamelled Ac., ei all kind* gidf m.dsliver -ard *?e% gold bracelet*. with watches; <,b and vtat shales, cha'e auwe, buckle*. diamond*, ?et in brovt pin*; cnrruiK*. bid.-i* puis, finger nog*, bracelet* Ac. - look ets, charms, goid pen-die and p'na. eye glasses ?r>ral 'v.-k c-meodo., lava *:one do., ao.der gild set*, pins vines. A j a gtnrra! a?snrtmeptof silver ware, apoona, ladles, napkin ring*, cup*, knives and fork*, Ac. Also, an taoitmenl of pu!ed ware, i*a sru>. wait ere, casters. una Ac; filagree work io 11 vrr and *<ud; fancy wortemonealee; eardcaaee, cake baekea. rilver snuff hoie*. niarole and ormolu clock* ease*, ohmde iitr*. r?? tatu.-rs, Ac. Can be examined any u'me before sale. HI.KEPB a CO.. AUCTIOVETfRB?LAROKBAUi OP . elegant and cost y bouaebold furniture, rich velvet ard wulon carpets, ."any French pla'e man el and pier mlrro-a. two *ui!a of rosewood parlor furniture, roeewood pianoforte, desirable oil painunga, pearl and silver cutlery, Ao At Ml Hroorne- street. near Broadway, on Ft iday, April 26 at piU o'clock, the entire furnitwa o; the above bon e, which is of the beat description, oonalat ng of large and eost'y pier and mantel mirrors, superior rosewood pianoforte, elegant rose wood suits of parlor lurnlturo, in rich c rim* in and maroon bro cade; one da in velvet; rosewcod oases solid earved rosewood centre, sofa and pier tables; large and cwt'y rosewood etegere*, marble u-pr, with mirror doors and barks* elegant rosewood reception chairs, io rich brocade and tapes, try; rosewood corner eiegerer, with mirror back; rich la-e wlr dow curtains and shades, bronze and marble clockst cosfy Ft vree and Dresden vaaee, bronze and parlor ornaments. Ac., with as umber ot fine oil lainUnge. Dining room and o? am rer farnlt uie?K-egsnt oak ei tension table, oak chairs, china dinner Eet*. rich goid bind and d^c^ritcd cbin& tea nod cotlee i I?e.!L#iSLra1l Vd cry?ul c,il *'ass ware, pearl and silver fbiakets, casters Ac : elegant earved roeewoM at a miDogaoy bedstead*, do, btireaoe and w%?hst-?ndj, wits ?"b'? ifPp'i d'?,8l;i?'"?* ??'8 best hail- maUreows ' ft-a.her b*de ami bfddiig, French o\al mirrors, mahfgaov toll* furniture in b.iir doth, rosewood and mahogany chairs olic.oih, italr carpeu, Ac. HF*?Y }I- f'BEBB.ADCTIONEER-BY H. H. LEEDS A CO.. saleroom 19 Nassau street, between Pine and ' vfTiLreata, 'late ot Wa'l street.) on Friday, April 25. at 10J4 ! o c ook, at No. 104 West lleventh street, genteel household furniture, consisting ol Bruaeels and Ingrain carpeta, maboga- 1 oy couches, in hair cloth; par'or chairs, do.; pier g'asaee, pier tables 1 uikey red curtains, bookcases, plate glass doors, carved centre 'able*. ma-b!e top card tables, embroidered mu?.In curta'ns, extension tables, g'aes and china ware. Bed. rooms- mahogsnv bedstead*. dressing b ores us. wardrobes, ciueaus, matlreisea, balr cloth chairs, couches, bronze brack ets, mantel ornaments, sewing chairs, oilcloth, kitchen WATft, sic., SCe j Hn. I-BEDS, AUCTIONEER.?BY H. H. LEEDS A . Oo. cn Friday, April 25. at ]()>.' o'clock, at 97 Had eeventeet'h street, genteel household furniture, consisting of Brussels carpets, mahogany sol is, chairs, centre tables, ma*. JLe,j?p' /'!"l*ood e'*8erei P'er glaa**s, with ooroices to match; ?> fa tab.s, marble top: broeze da do, marb'e ton. chaideler* paa trackets, several beautiful plaster tlguro*' I large earved Maltese vases, cl'ciotha, clock*, hat racks, Ac Bedroom*-Mah.ig.ny bedsteads. Iran do., chairs, Bruwie's *n< ingrau. cat peta. bureaus, drcBsing glasses, wardrobes, fair and *traw maiireesee, Ac , Ac. H( I FURNITURE AT AUCTION.?SO3HRT P. ffAI'SON, auctioneer, will sell oo Thursday, April 24, at IPo'clock at house 177 West Thirty sixth street, near * ish'li avu.iie. all the household furniture ard effects contained in the avove h"ii?e. Pule :o begin wiih kitchen utenstlg. Ac. HKFRY B (1ERT9. JR., AtJCTIONHKB. -SHERIFF' I sale of brandie*. butter, raisire, Ae., Ac . on Fitdav, April 95, at 10ta o'cb ck, at he Buleruoui*, No. 5}? Pioe street c nsialirg ot six otee'ghth casks brandy, two* one-quart'r csk* do .a large 'ot ot butter, dried apples, raisin*, Ac., Ac. Terms rath. By order of JAB. 0. WIlIeT1. Short ft HfNRY B. HhRTfi, Jb . AUCTIONEER.?BY HiNRY B. Hh RTS, Jk . office Na 6'i Pine street,-Q-meebn'd turn Jure sales at residences of owners givt-g up honsekeeo ing this sprit g. H, B. H. Jr , will give his personal attentioi to st es ot fnrriture at private residences, and solicits a ocn ttnuance o Uvo. a from his friends and all In need of hi* rer v'ces. All accounts ?111 be rendered and paid in vash the dsy af er eale Refertrces ?Hon, John McKeon, U. 8. I>lstnu wia'Vi -? Sheriff cf city and county of New York, Fredk. L. Volte, Brq., Under Bherltf; Hfcarles A. | yrJgdr^? Kt,l- 4'5 Broadway; E. W. Hutchlngs, Ksq, if5 HAPDWAFK AUCTION NOTICE-J. F. VAg ANT WF RP. will sell this dav at 10 o'clock at 216 Pearl street tiirminsbam, bheflie'd American and i.'e-msn hardware cwt lerv. Ac. In lo's to suit purchasers, at four months' credit; also for cash, io casks wrought nalis, damaged on the voyage. J?B*> v an dew at erT Alfcrrio N EI^TwTu.Te'Z this dav Thursday, April 24 at one o'clock, at the sales roiom, No. 12 Maiden lane, a largo and wel! aseorted collection ot standara dwart. stanCatd perpetual and moss roees; a'so, ? greenboase and other plants, comprising came iss, japanioaa. deutzUa. hyacinths, corn aliens, gerartume, verbenas, dth'ias AC. a 11 Warranted true to name, and selected with the great est care by D. Boll, florist, corner of Rroadway and Fiftie-h street. Also a large variety of tree peonies. T0Bh r'- vandewater. auctionrer-will SKur,. r,ld5y. April 25, at I0? o'clock at No. 85 Bleecker ?treet, rich ard elegant hon^eliold furniture, to be sold on a) ccunt of thei parties leaving for Europe. Parlor suits, bed room suit*, dining room and library furniture. 1 his sale com prises the beet assortment ol houv.hold turnbure ever ottered tothe public. Parlor furniture coasistsot richly ca'ved roee wcod suit*, In crimson, blue and gold satin, broctde; English. Brusse s t-d tapestry carpet*; rich oval pier g'asse*, c'cck*. sliibnater do.; rich oil paintings, bv the old masters; ro'ewoud lutbles. e'egeres, buffet, richly carved loo tables, ladles' Bewing chairs, rich velvet rugs, f'blna and ard Bcbemii Vises; Ba*<iuet and Parian figures, c-mdeiebras fJI' .'rmsc<^ rec?"11'? wi-h a general aseovment ol par,<r furniture Bedro-m furniture-Mahogany and walnut bedstrad*, marble top bureau*, washstands and commode* corner s'atr s, mahogsnv Voltaire rockers in H. f; engnivlnc1 vipfii, candlesticks, clocks, toilet setk, h%lr maUrasees, straw do . feather bo.iters and ptl'ows, tugrainaod threeply cirpet*. rugs minor*, and farcy ornaments. Dining room ? Const*'* of .xtenHon t..,ble, chair*, tn hair cloth, armchair'- bookcase ol palnffpg* two piv carpet*, English oilcloths, 'and a!l ti e v^?i. J "I? cm tains d in the above house. Cat.Llog.iea can be had on the day before the ta'e, at 12 Maiden lat e. , ?.P,NJ' VANDEWATER. AUCTIONEER, WIT,L8K Tl thia day, Thursday, April 24, at 10*; o'c octi at No 44 I ii. petard at,, near Broadway. - Household furniture?Eieg' r.t C;VT"! rJ"?wood auit. In crimion and mart on brooatelle. c 11 arm chair reclining, in French moroc n.-Torki.* ft111 M,Un S"1 Elaine; torewood marble top centre loiter .p 'A''?8; Brerch plate pier glasses; one mahoganv ^ Ahh^ v1!lve Browning, London; one da made rlt. iSSi'i?' ' B''188?!" < arpets. stair carpet, stair rJr*- h?iLi "J*3"' ^'?dow cur,alns. Brussels lace, rieh gilt cor ??TaLy x' 'ATPCa, mahogany bedsteads, bn warf'?ta'd=, 'hatrs ouanetle tables. Dining room fn* ard sr^mv ^.l' Mde aILd P'e vi'*b'e?; Brglish ollc'oths, hair KifPJ / mattresiee. rich china vasea. cloeks. patndug*. house?8- tpSravings. and all tbe kitchen furniture in said .1 h. ^ANnEWATKR, AUCTIONEER. W ? .Vim n-?.,TrqT*^UT,Mld BrW?.v. April 24 10 o-cw" u,? rjf. r ,Il.' rt05 hou8eh?ld furniture, being the en t o the above house, ooatafnlng seme forty rooms. Par or t urniture cr of rosewood tete-a tete sofas, tete &? ume..L0^ t? cb8lr. 8l"ff?d back parlor ?h?s ^ d ^ . ^ A0*1 maroon plnshea, rone 0 j 0f,8V ; r'cb china decorative va*e*. Pa n elaboi-ate French and orrnnm clocka, - <s L*T,"' eW" onfmea'a, Frenoh p'ate mirror^ rose tef^oa2w? h r*DCj meda'lion satins and brocv m corner etands, candelabras. piano stool, oov. *.f tn needlework; rich velvet tapestry carpet Brn'seig- t.<w bTvJ!5Enm? I2#w 1 i' 1 debmnd, Woodvllle and otb^rs tiimu, \r wortment of pirlop f*n>itiire hedromi fur ? ro#ewoo<Jt mahogany and walnnt b^dau-^i marble top Kpryaoi, waFhttanas, oommodea, pier table* centre do., neb Brmfeln carpeto, clocks, va>es, corner mmds' v?a? rtsmhi?bw ,vd 1?an,el mirror* oure hair ma-' feather bo sters and olllows. Dinirr L2X fl1011 l1^"/ 'Ah14". d">of> "alter, tsk . plnsh, sofa, divan* shade chin* tea, cof aSim fitnou wMt^'er J314""1 7"- "I'cloth. clocke. with kttcheu^urnlture^ ? cbiDA, and a genera] a^rknemo' JOHN L YAMDEWATRR, AUCTIONEER. WILL SB h on Frldav, April 25 elegant household furnituie. at li>>a o'clock, at t;n3 Houston street, between Oi eeo ar.d Mercer, so a in con?e<i ueDce of the owner leaving die city; the funltn-e in all in good order and ma.e by Butchens Parlor furniture ? Rojal Wliion oerpeW. At Rant cart ed rosewood parlor mite, covered in crimson rat in da meek brscaiel. viz 2 iete a isles. 4 parlor arm and 1 Gothic chair; rosewood carved etegere. satin damask, moreen and laoe window curta'ns; p't-r table, 7octave rosewood pianoforte, made by Gilbert; French twenty-one day masiel 'c ock, Parisian cbina vases and oriam?nts, paintings, Ac. Lining and librarv room?Rosewood suit, oovered In heir cloth: tete aiete arm. Gothic and 4 oarlir chairs; roysl Wilton oarpsts, rosewood se '.reta?y, library bookcase, lounge, mahogany extension table, Cinner, tea and dessert sets; crista cut glass ware, marb'e lop buffet, otl paintings, in rich gilt frames; Parisian cbina vases, msntel ornaments, Ac. Bedroom furniture, made by Hutched?Mahogany marble top dressing bsreans, do. wnshstvnda to matcb mahogany bedsteads,spring and hair mattresses, oalll?sse?, mirrors, lirusee s carpets, ma hrgsny spring se-.tca.ilra. in haircloth, eolas. lounges, easy chairs, window curtains, etsgeres, toi'et gets, pointings, en grarings, va'cr ornaments. Ac , logether with a general as sortment of barement and kitchenfurrlturs. JOHN L. YAMDEWATKR AUOTIONMBR-WILL HELL on Friday, Apr;! 25. at 10& n'click, at Delminioo's Hotel, corner Bmadwav and Morris street, on account of R. V. Kemp, of the ilrm of J". A. Vrede A Co , Fltrpatritk. John Smith. Beits Bobbin. Fink A Ramon, formerly with John Wallace being lbs ba'ance ol the furniture of the above hots', pur chss^d by these part es and rot called for; con ristlog r f rose word suits, covered in piu'b. rosewood suits, ctvered in bro caiel; riekly carved rosewood suits covered In haircloth; dtTlrg tables oak and black walnut dlnJcr chairs, bronze gas ? bsndeliers. ess brackets flee Hrusse's. three ply and Ingrain rarpeis: gilt frame mirrors, mantel glasses, lace window cur tails, engravings, paintings. Ac ; oral rosewood marble top ceplre tab'e ni'c.oths, rosewood marble top bureaus, do wast Hard" to rnaicb; toilet eeta, water bottles, rosewovl doubie and single bedsteads, pal,iaeses, hair mattreeeet fea theT beds, white ooueierpanes, Ac , double and single mattres ses, maple and black walnut bedsteads. Ac. JOHN LLOYD. ACCTIONEF.R.-IOHN LLOYD A BOMS will sell. Hi 225 Mast Tenth street, near Beoond avenue, o i Monday, April 2b. at 10), o'clock, the entire household furni lure. conGstirg of tapwtry aad Ingrain earpets. suite of rue wood pur lor fnrclture, in crlmsan and gald; mahogany tete a tete. sr-fas chHira, dressing bureau, marble tnp wjtre table, waahnand, Frerch bedsieads. pillows mattresses and bed ding. pier glasses, otl pals tinge, engravings, Ac. JOHN BOYD, AtJrTIOWRER-RALK 0? HOUSEHOLD furniture.?JOHN BtiYD will sell on Friday. April 25 at lO1^ o'clock, at 120 Chureh street, ;>ll the furniture onuln ed therein, consisting ol roiewood narlor rurnlture: also, ma hogsny bedsteads, bureaus, wast stands, chairs, carpels, ail cloth and kitchen furni ure. TOHW LLOYD ADC HON EM.-JOHN LLOYD k 8058 ej will sell on Fa'urday. April 2fi .it ic?; o'c!o-k sll (he eou lerts of house t?9 Vsndsm street, consisting ot black wa nu' I edstead end bedding, mahofany sideboard. tables, chairs waihstands. Ingrain carpet engravings, bigether with a gene ral assortment of kitchen utensils. MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER?WILL NELL THIS _ . day at 10X o'clock, at 173 Chatham square. s large and gri art I assortment ot furniture of every description, from fa m"ies removing; als' Brusse.'s and ingrain i arpsbs, feathe* l eds, hair mattresses A large totot ollc oths mirrsri gtr in do cs clocks end various other goods. Most valuable rkw, rrtatr and wharf fro perty?In the cily ot Richmond Vs., to he so d at r. is tlon, en the premies Tuesday, Mav All. I Mho The so wirl bers survlvirg executors ot the epa'e oi Lew's Ludlam. da ceased. frr the pnrpore of mixing distribution amnng the heirs of said estate, Will sell, st pobli) auction, st 12 oVlork, oa Tuesday, May 13, D-fl, on tne premises the valuable real es ice at d wharf proper'* lying Ir the city of Richmond, and known heretofore ss Lud em's wharves era irsc eg some of the mrVf-valuahle but ding g?es In sa,d city, being adapted lo th* erection of msmu'aetorles oi sll kladt, stid presenting s

m- st ailvsn'sgeous site for s large steam Hour alii, ,nto which %?e u orniid he received from issae.s. and trom which ilour ctrald be sh'pped, a most free o' eipense?haviog a water front of nearly live hundred fee', oe J .mes river, where the sic im itsps Koenoke and Jame?!iwn have her st dors loaded, arid where it Is expected vest els of he Urgest size rmn F>ad In the c urs^ r fs yearfortwo theUnlted S'aies goverament being en gsgrdtn 'hefmprevrment of this river, and bevingaireadv suc r-ei-ed In deepening ihechannei very r ,n?tder oly. Opposite 'o this property ere the termial nf U.e HI >.k Fleath and other ooal m nee. s?d ruel rf 'he beel tuanly can be oh;*.nod at a eh tip raee. The property em-irwri a large brick warchcure ami is oii.ev irsl dleg* anA *h?da and wt?hlQ s few psslhss rrnfed frr five'honssnd do' ir* per snuum, nod is now produ'leg a good rent it wl't bp ?o'd in rme entire par rr , son i egedlt of are t*so ar.d three years given rrp >n three lo irtbsof the pnrrhese money ?f desired, bexring i ilerest at Je ram <i! fl per ear: peg acanra; m,e fourtn wl i be reoired * h ar Ha eriBlvaletil JAMIf hL OARDWFR, HFNRYTniLAM, Surviving Eic? -'frsoi rita'tg* fct?ki hud am. dee'd. J. ?Aides a* iwnoa, rMOKlARTY. ADCTTONEBH, Wlt.L oCVsi day, Apr! 2A at o'clock, At \<ji Chatham siree--. -.Its rorn.tuie contutaed loereu., eonsUt eg it liirtol chau-s, table* "lrr?,?' ?ctf mgrata .-arcetc, bsdBteals. leather tula, ollc.o h, crockery, Ac MAOmWfliM AlfP COETLY FURNITURE, ROSE *ocd plans:cr;e, Ac.?A;-lion notice - 8 tKL OB ouOD. auailoneer office S5 Nas-sau street, will isl] <m Mor <?/? April 28, at 10'a A. M.. at No Jut, Fourth at.-eei, opposite Washington Parage Ground, the whole of the magnificent bnutefto.d furniture, c mprlstog rich msewood parlor form ture, JiDicg rrom, Horary, chamber, hail, kitchen, and other furniture. r nr t her pu/Uculara in to morrow'a paper. PHILIP B. WIIKIV8, APITIONKSR.?HJL'SHHOLD ??>! ?? auction, on '?iiLtiif?. "t,0 0 *''? Htipenard at., ny order of the a?ruii iiitrb orH, ih? entire iurnitu/e contained in g&fd koute. ronataung, in part, of mahogany, partor aud bedroo* furnltuie, Bru*aeis and Ingrain carpeta, oileiotha, Ac. Cuts loguea on morning of rale. ' ?0L?,' ADtTJONESRS-STORK i43~FPLTOI( a ' Brooklrn--Hand?ome household furniture?On ?nu*fdaf?. April ~4, at 10 o clock, at No. 1 Washington place, South tilth street, between Third and Fourth, Wiifiam*burg consoling of roeewood and mahogany parlor furniture eie gmnt French plate pier glasses. tapestry carpeta, rosewood and mahogany bedstead* and draining bureau*, chtna and glaraware, English ollclotha, leather bed*, hair mattresses hl'chen fnrnltnre, Ae. R WALTERS, ACCTTOftEER^M CAFFRAY A WAL. ? THR8 wi 1 aell on Friday, 26th, at lo>i o'cloak, at 4 S3 Brcome itreet corner of Mercer, to pay advance*, the eutire eonlentsof e*tablltbm*nts. contiatlng of aeveraliulta of bine and red damaak, rosewood fornltttre; severalpiano* oH nstn' tog* and prints; mahogany bedstead*, marble top tables bureaus and waehstamTa, sofas, rockers, chairs, desks, Ac baie positive and without reservation. Aiea, a new light w?- 1 gon with shifting top. , t^YLVkSTRR 8TOVHR, AUCTIONKKR.-LAROK 8ALE t? of rich homehbld lurnitnre, at 87 West Twenty sixth | atreet, near Blxth avinue, cooaiatlng of the entire parlor, dining I room, chamber and library furniture ot the house, which is or the best descilptiou. and has been in use but a abort time rf. I Stover will sell, cn Friday, April 23, at I0?i o'clock, the rich and costly furniture of the above house, com fitting of rich vel vet and Brussels carpets, superior resewood pianoforte, rore woca sulta of parlor furniture, in rich crimson and maroan brocade; French plate oval and pier rslrrora. rosewood book cas?, solid carved roeewood centre, sofh and pier tsblee; large and ecstly resewood etegeres, marble tops, with mirror doors atd back; elegant rosewood reception chairs, in t loh brocad* ' and tapestry; rich lace window curtains and shades, bronze sad ormolu clocks, costly Bevres and Dresden vases, rich mar I ble and parlor on amenta, Ac. Iwltb a number of 8ne oil paint '.rJ!',.^ngJc<Lw.Md ^mber furniture-Elegant atkextea- ; sion table, oak chair*, china dinner eet, elegant go'd band anl decorated cblna tea and cotfee sets, rich ruby and crystal cut glass ware, elegant pearl and silver cutlery, cake baskets, casters, Ac.; superior carved roaewood and mahogany beff steads, do, do. bureaus and wathstandn to Imatch, wt h marb'.e tops; cojtiv decorated china toUet seU, best hato* feather ted* and bedding, French oval minora, iults furniture. In hair oo'A; cottage and mahogany spring setit chain, elegant English oi'clothTstair carpeta, Ae. c BARKEK, AUCTI0NEEB.-FIR8T OLA8S FL'RNI 1 C". tuze sale, on Thursday, April 24, at 10)4 o'clock A. *. on .he premises, .07 West Twenty-iecmd street-The furniture of a ramilv removing to the country, consisting in part of Eng e*rpeU<', ihgriln cat pets, sofas, divaos, chair*, centre tables, engravings, bedsteads, beds aud bedding, bu reans, hockcare. extension table, mantel ornaments, dinner >1 2^ferr' kitchfn lui'nltnre, Ac , Ac. Also, five splendid chanda'iers. and other ga* fixtures. The furniture 1* 7 ^ ortw last spring, and will be sold with Flne sUeet.' catalogues, Ac., apply to the auotloneer, 14 SALR OP COLLAMOBE HOUSE FURNITURE, .V03. 5'.0 834 Broadway.?:Bj virtne of two chattel mort giiges to the undersigned, dated November 3.1K.16, anddu'v ot ^ tl,y of few York, we wiU sell at public auction, a the premise*, on the il'h iustant at In o'clock, aU the lurnlture of said hawe, conflatog of carpeta beds, bedddtng, bureaus, curtains, taoles, chairs, crockery, gas fixtures, Ac., tc. Printed catalogues will be ready on dav of sale. New York, April 19, ltjsc JAMEB KBTOBAM. JAilFB K. A JONATHAN MABBRTT t Mortgagees Thomison A Wifks, Atl'ja Mortgagees. CfcOAPS AT AUCTION.?O. CHEEKS, NO. 31 BROAD hAM "vera! large Invoices of Havana, do mesttc aid German segars that will be disposed of very cbeao to pay advances; U notdiapesed of at private sale before the '.st of ? U) be oleared out at^auctkm. Great bargains can be hid SAI-E OF WAT' HUS AND JEWELRY.-X M. ORIS *u,ctior?erJ wm ??" at 23 Bowery, on Friday aprli is, Ibeo a large and valuable naaortment of gold and si ver watches of every description, diamond and other earrlnvs, pins and rlsgs, shalns, biace e a and pencil cases, a'st sUver and plstf d ware, gnns, pistols, opera glseses, Ac. By order of John J. Levy, pawnbroker, 45Flxth avenue. HOMAjs LESLIE. AUCTIONEER, io^11!1 't.U' Merchants' Exchange, N. Y., commencing at 12 o'cloek. on Thursday next, 24th April, ' rnLeiJ!!Ffl>or *Ilck ,aw*ll n* hou?v Mo-13 Tower, street, containing the modern Improvements; tot 26x100. ?nljS.'?wnJ5?ee b2nK"; one whh a store, on the son(b|en*i lot?il00. Water streets; agojd business location; Three brick dwelling kotves on the west side of Hudson avenue, between Johnson and Tlllary streets The leacsbold into-est in two frame dweiUsg houses, knowr S^Ut^e^uii-ytisS.^6" = ?f 13 ,6Rr8 acd 10 monUl8 m Qraod avenue, between Bergen and Wyckofi For maps, Ac., apply to the r.uodpnaer. Mo. 8 Tlllary gtree' Brooklyn or ? o 3 Nsssau street, *. Y. THOB. yillCH. AUCTIONEER. STORE 16 SPRUCE ?Sheriff's tale of artificial fljwet s, Adiei' hm* prads, Ac., on Thursday, April 24, 1858, at 10 A. M., st the auction room*, consisting or ladies'straw hats, artificial Bow ers straw biald, Ae. JAMBS C, WILLET, Sheriff VKITCH. AUCTIONEER, 8TORK 16 SPRUCE SMlS^lrJiSbUfc'^ TH08. VEITCH. AUOIIONKKR. STORE lti SRRUIE stitet- Sheriff s sale of toe fixtures and mac bine *v ot b^Xrit0lf toShk^sT^??^d?^eiC-' W^'her *it" Jambs c. vyillet, seerttr TV1 u MOKRELL aUCTIOMKKR?NEW SVYLES OP AKrgllUi velvet and Bruese s carpeting, will be sold this kHA i5 street. Tbe present pritu^rns c*n only be bad this day. Pieces from thirty to fjrty five yards warranted perfect and equal to any retailed. *. /).?Silea at Louses attended to promptly, rrUNIS MORRBLL, AUCTIONEER?AT 509 BROOME J street, between Lanrens and Thompson, this morning at i* ? ('? T't ? luimiiure of pariois chambers,kitchen, ia. usual variety, in good order, lor genteel bouseteeofrur Ad varces required delivered same d.r Stoz bpar o' ete a teles, Ac.; bedding, Ac ; china. Ac. 1 0 fTMRRRMCE BOYLE, AUCTIONEER?STORE 4<i CRNTRR wr?ttr^kJTj}I^ltU5e' lM* d4T-.i,t 10? ?'olo< k ?' 33 Mark >1 Jtrett, com*)rising eofas. tete a-t?te9v miboganv cb&irs, tav?J?8 ?VP*U' ?ulr d?_, ?nk rods; lacs wtudow curtains r a "f4 crocker7 ware. Te-ms of sale, cash and city fuid*. Calalogues will be ready cm the morr g BPTI;,o-.i^Sr,I/)^RR-WILT' OK FRU? ? April 25 at lt'Jj o clock, at 41 Bowery, all the houfebu mrnlture con;aired In the above bou?* MORBELL. AUCriONBRB^ANDSOMKHOt ~ JtnrJS? tar"oir?' f 1' 5111 ** ,o:d wlthout reserve, ,l? , 10;? 0 cl"fk; at Mo 609 Broome street, near I81, .ct rich solid i-oaewocd oert e m top;.i5"'7 yardsof superior three ply carp,. Bwbl? a*"1 bracket*, tete a t# e? rockers, sofa, chairs, centre and work tarlee, mahoganv f?ih^rh!13J top WMk?t*?d?. bair mattress.-, i?l. ?ht. C8' ,mn,P"' mantel crnamenta, oil put ? {!?' . i co"b*' crockery, cutters first rate cooking stovr Lace wfxdow curtains, cornices, shades. Ac.; glass K e seat chairs, ielrigeraior, sideboard, dining tabl. anu ? ktlvee, Ac ; oilcloths, betlrrom carpet bedding, iron ware, ?? "VTALUARLE REAL Rfil'ATK AT AUCTION.?BY OR pt, der of Owen McCabe and Daniel N. Dugan, execut''rflot Pfter ,*? Patterson, deceased. AN'ITIONY J. BLkEJK?r chiLu' A?rU 1Pfl6- at 12 o'clock, at the Mer W MF^?^Bth^arTI<,iZ555_BT 1R?UGHTON~ a iJrKLLOR.?Ibis day, Thursday, at 10M o'c'.rk at rr.l?2i!5iT,5 f1'*?'? ?:e?ant canloeffarnltore' 20 Dl^r mT^o^ rn' P,*nofo't*?. P'ench pla'e mantel and ? I Partings, hair mauresses, china dinner n A U iikP. tork? and spoon t. Ac mii. a* above, to pay advance* aid c'oee ouvgn above n.imed goods, to wM-h we trade, *. every lot t tiered w 1 put rem7*'J, taJognes ready on m-rnrig Firlrr turnl ur??folld roeewood and mihuraiv nil j brocade, uttln plurft, hair com and deS roi d tohhl aDi wa'nnt oentrc. Dier norl tHWes^etegeree, Ac.; chamber fnrnltnre, m grea" v?c;ei, ,f, ,i rrSch0<^iiiSV'oBi5o?,8oyJi waiout and eiamelled i'u'i * o match, plain and with marble tops; hair mattreipr* Ac ? no *. of 60 in richtftD??<>ke*tM>*' fainting* will consi t or so. to rich fTame?; mirrorsol (he first nualltv vir ? mint* pler aiHl oval tulable foreitv trade Alio, a iot o'w-' d^iL 5?i^UTiltur"-i ^ whleh ,h? "tie Will (toSSenre s ? ?'b?aTT P'ated tea and dessert forks and sooen* n irav?d'toStuf Ul,mi ^ ?aters; llquear stands, with rich | graved bottles, solid sl vcr toast racks, 10 rlcbiv chaswi J and coffee eets, of the latest and most flashienable styles. a whole tor absolute sa'e by order or mortgagee Sold in i, ? tosultae trade snd hotel kee^ Tw'rf-rfrow^.^ i d mskrgaay pianofortes, new and second haxd, of the followl mskei?Q rovestein. Tan Winkle. Bar more* and Tholme W "mktjer R>t HOUOUT7 J k 1 bis day, Thursday, at 10 o'clock.i. | o 7 p U* sliver ware, viz; -Te, sets, c - I*fF, cste baiketF, .Iqnor seta, ftilvern. bu'ter duhM mr ? SPiUJV?* Also 16 rosewood and mahogany pi* 5 auiStinn?S olt Tre*of *??? fbpibt'lon, and wsll worthy^ If mSgofmfe. *nd ho'",e<-talor.eson ^ WT fi. M?LI.OR, AUf'TIONRKB.?BY HOUUHT. H YY . MKLI/OH. April 25. at 10o'tlock. M 67 ?'.<? t stieet, near Broadway, liousehold furniture. being 'be ?* e eonteDt* of tbe large dwelling hou?e, and confining lr M^ui rosewood parlor t urnlture, tapestry, Brussels, three ,^*ad lr grain carpet*. o*l clots*, stair carpet*, curtain*, mirror* pnlntliga. dlnltg table*, centre do., mnhogaty mra?, chit- I du ?n*, easy ana rocking chair*, parlor and dining room di < | bedstead*, bureau*, waahstand*. pure hair mattntaae*. 'rather bolster* and pillow*, toilet ware, bedding, linen table cloth*, napkin*, blanket*, ibeets. comforter*, calna dinner and tea war*, cnt gl*?* ware, * liver plated ditto, with a general assort ment ot kitchen furnltnre, with which the sale will commence: the whole formlig a denlrable asuortment for the trad* n"d houiekeeperti, a* the furniture 1* all In good order. Oataloi "I on the morning of na'e. A depo*lt required t-om*l pure, j sera. and the good* must he removed on the dag of fa e. WSFnJJAM IB TIM, AUCTIONEER.?HAN HBO J* bciimhold furniture.?WTI.I.I AH IRVINO A CO. i sell at auction, on Thursday, April 24. at 103, o'clock, at u* Fourth avenue, handsome household furniture. rosewood p'anotorte, Aj.?Ihe entire furniture of the above house, coo stsUng In part of tapestry Bru***l* carpet*, carved mahogany sofas, l*tea tete?, rooker*, nrm and parlor ehUra, in hair cloth; mahogany marble top pier and centre (Able*, mahogany card table*, heavy French plate pier mantel mirror*, lace win dow curliins; e'egantcarved rosewood octave pianoforte, made by Wake, Meyer A Henriik. fine oil paintings and en graving*, bronze and marble mantel clocks and ornament*, ftnr .lgnt gas chandelier*, mabogaav bookcase aad serrntarT, r isewood hall table *nd stands, mahogany French bedsth.-iw, black walsnt cottage be<l*teada. rosewood warble lop dreecmg bnreens. mahogany marble top do., marble top washsuni*, rosewood lounges In brocatel. hair mattrssses, fea'her beds, bolaUr* and pillow*, bedding, ingratn oarpet*. oilcloth, giran dole*, ehlia vs*es, Ac.; mahogany dining and l?a table*, ,,rm nbalrs, china, erockary and glass ware. Ac. together with kitchen furnltnre, with wbloh the sale will commence. Wrr.r.iAM irvino, a"' rioNKHR. hoi tiEiior.n furniture.-WIIXI AM IRVINO A Of), will sell at aoc tlon. on Ihurllay. April 24, at 10', o'clock, at No. 3 Ninth ?'rest, near Hn'h arc ue bou?ehold!ii-nliore, a general assort ns*nt, consisting In part of Brussels aud ingrain carpet*, mlr ror*. marble clock* ar d ornament*. ro??wooil and mahogany psrlor lumitnre. in broeatel and haircloth; marble lop centre and tier table* *ard und quartette tab e?, window ciiruiitlaand sbsdes, mabogani dining raom furniture, china dinner and tea rets, trlawware. Ac., rosewood, h.sck nalmit and rnahoy >n> French bedstead*, ooFage d'Ho. marble and plain top dressing bnreau*. wa?h*t*n(ki war%nt>*?, bonkc.i** end secretary, hanr maUrwe*. feather bed*, boig'er* and pillow* bedding, china toilet ?et?, Hruseel* stair <arpe'?, Kngltsh i/lc^A broaze aid ormolu < kandellar* an* brackets, together with a general a**ortm?nt o4 kttehrn farniture ? o AI.R RTF*, AT'CTIOlfBll'. Wli.t, MI.L oa . . Fr'dsv. April X, at 2o'clock P. M.. a' No. !*t Degraw, rear fleluinhia street, Froth Brook, m a rsoeral a* ormeat of key*fnntfture, sarpt's, bfl* bwi<Fn*. w. BALED AT AVCnon. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER-WILL 8KLL 01 FRT da*, at 10'j o'clock, at lis Kirn avenue, the furniture of s fan-i.'y breaking up housekeeping, -onsistiag of solrock ing nd par.'or chairs, caroets, wlrrora, ebaifiber ? iba, wuli marble topa; beds and bedding dining room and kitchen fur niture, Ac. W M. WITTERf, AUOTIONKRRr~ WILL 8KLL ON Thursday. the 24ih of April, ai 10>< o'clock, at 401 Broad way, lour btllWrd tab lee. one with marble bed; bar. and bar dxturee, fine cut glaaa ware, Ac.. two large French plate mir rors, loe box, four settees, four onacdellera. |u burner*, large Iron rate, beer pump, ihreetplatols, one rifle, one iron target, oae -heiil of jotnerg loo la, Croton pipe*. As., chairs. lab lee, halls. euaa. and everrlhlng elae conaeetad with the business. illlam Trying, a u ofion bkr- a7>minis rrT tor'a vale of bouaehold Inrulture.?WM. IRYINO ACO. will tell at auction oa Friday. April dS, at 10J? o'clock, at 39 Fifth street, Brussels and Ingrain carpets, mahogany sofa*. In hair cloth; parlor and arm oh-drs, rockers, pier gla?aea man tel ornaments Kngliah ci'cloth, bookcase and secretary, cane ar.d flag shalrs, mahogany dirlngand tea tables, china dinner and teasels, Rrisaels rair carpets, mahogany and ma ple bedsteads, bureaus and waahstands, hair ma Urease i, leather beda, bolsters and pillows, together with a general assortment of kitchen furniture. O. ALBURTU8. AUCTIONEER?WILL BELL. ON ? Friday, April 26th, at 10,'i o'clock, corner Hoyt and Pacific atreeta, Brooklyn, a general assortment of parlor, bed room, dialog room una kilchen furniture; also sp'endld French piste pier abuses, Braaaela and Ingrain carpets, superior hair mattremes. feather beds and bedding. KIIICEU^NEOCR. ANKFFICAClduSCURB FOR CDRN8. BUNIONS, OAL loslues, nails growing Into the flesh, and every disorder of the feet, by a new and peculiar me'hod, without cutting, or without causing the slightest pain. ?Monsieur LEVI, of No. 50 Bis Rue de Klvoll, Paris, and No. S Conduit street, Regent street, Londoa, Burgeon Chiropodist patronized by the Rmperor of Fratce and the royal family of England, may be consulted dally, Sundays excep'cd, from 10 till 4 o'clock, at bis office, 91 West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avennes. conns or testimonials. [Prom his Imperial Majesty Napoleon III., Emperor of Prance.] Je eeitlfle que X. Levi enleve lot eon avec tine extreme ho Ulete. Loots Napoleon Bonapabtk. iTrom James Baler, Esq.] I certify that Dr. Levi has cured me some moatha ago of se vere troublesome bunions, without the laaat pain, and which have annoyed me for many years. I walk at present with Bent comfort, and cheerfully recommend Dr Levi to my enda and public. James Baker, 22 East Seventeenth street. New York, March 24,1865. [From Robert Ferguson, Krn., M. P., Physician In Ordinary to her Ma lest v of Great Britain. ] Mr. Levi has most skllfnTy extracted two oorna from my feet, without giving me the slightest pain. Roar. Ferguson. M. D? Wo. 9 Queen street. May Pair, London, March 2,1838. [From H. J. Feltus, Esq.] Unsolicited by Mr. Levi, I beg leave to testify to his success ful skill In having perfectly removed a large bunion of long standing, without causing any pain. H.J. Feltus, Philadelphia, July 27,1862. No. 4 Boston row. In addition to the above authenticated testimonials, many thousands more in his possession (among which are several from ladies of tie highest rank) can be seen by favoring him with a call at his office. 91 West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, New York. N. B.?Ne professional connection with any person, ARTHUR'S OELK1IRATKD PATENT SELF SEALING cans and jars, for preserving fresh fruit, Ac.?These cans differ from]all others, and are'the only reliable cans yet 1 itro duccd. Nearly two hundred thousand were used last < ear by families and hotel keepers, with the most complete success. Let -hose that filled wlm other cans try only Arthur's for the future. The sizes, one pint, one quart, two quarts and one fta'lon. ana nest snugly. Insuring a great aavlng In treigbf The trade supplied bv E. P. TURKEY, the manu'acturer's agent, No. 6 Piatt street, New York. Brushes or ktery dhscription?at the brush fke'ory. 337 fearl street, Franklin square. All artioles sold at the lowest factory prices. Paml brushes of a superior quality constantly on hand, Machine brushes made to order. JOHN K. HOPPKL, c HARCOAL SELF BEATING SMOOTHING IRONS. Prtccs reduced, and all restrictions which haye. tended to _ wi iowiiuuii, nwi lavs, lenueu to prevent the subscribers Ir. m selling In small quantities, have been eatirely removed, and they are now prepared to sell either In large or small quantities. This la the greatest Im provement ot the age. It cods but two cents per day to heat these irons. 11 saves money and It saves labor. WM. CRUf TBNDRN A CO., sole agents. 229 Broadway, up stairs. CAUTION.-THE PUBLltf ARE OAUTIONED AGAINST Infringing on ibe patent of C. 0. Wilson's match stands and Ba'ea. She genuine are stamped on the bottom, C. O. Wilton's Yankee Mutch Stands and Safes, Phils , and are war ranted to stand any climate. Sold wholesale, by R. B. Wat mongh, sole agent for New York, No. 4 Murrav street. C. O. WIU30N. Philadelpla. HICOIY.-50 SMALL CASKS GROUND CHICORYrOF good quality, for sale. In lots to salt purchasers; will be aoldal a reduced price; must be remove! before this 1st of May. Apply to LINN A DECKER. 244 Washington street 1 TAUTCH BULBOUS ROOTS.-10 CASKS SUPERIOR AS JJ sorted for mle by E, FRANCIS BWEETSER, 81 Pine street, near Water. ARL'B BUPF.RIOR OIL PASTE AMERICAN POLISH blacking; It is equal to any In the world for polishing or preserving leather. B. S. TAILOR A SONS, wholesale and retail agents, 80 Vesey street, near Washington market W EARL, manufacturer, at wholesale and retail, 104 Sixth ' street, N. Y. A J. DUOAN. 8LATE AND METAL ROOFERS, RE . moved from Broome street to 142 Mulberry, near Oraad We bay* a large stock of slates on hand. Builders and otheri will Ond it to their interest to give us a call. UNB, RLFLkS, REVOLVERS, Ac.. WHOLESALE AND retail? Country dealers, sportsmen, seacaptains and eml grants going West would do well to nail at F. REYNOLDS', 4f Chatham street and No. 6 City Hall square, New York, and examine his large slock ot double and angle guns, rides, sis tols, muskets, Ac., before buying elsewhere. RATIb.?BEAUTY: HOW TO GET AND HOW TO PRH serve it; by Dr. T. G. HUTCHINGS, author of "The Modi ( cal Pilot " Ac., Ac. Post free, en receiptor one postage stamp Address Dr. T. G. Hutch tugs, 483 Broadway. Ageuts Waaler 1 for "The Medical Pilot" AS FIXTURM AND FITTING.?GHAMDKLIBR8 aNB brackets from the manufactories of Cornella? A Bakes i and others, of ths latest designs. BROWN A BNLMS. 68 East Thirteenth street, oae door west of Broad wag AS FITTING AND FIXTURES.?PIPES PUT IN. AL leratIons atd extensions made; metres put up and gas fixtures furnished. Prices moderate. A. A. TRAIN -iR, Eighth street and Fourth avenue, Bible House. IMPORTANT.?THeT UNDERSIGNED WISHES TO 1 .V fortn all ihoee us*n* Walker's furnaces, that having left tff attending to the hot air business oi the la e oontern ot Geo. Wa'ker. be has made arrangements to fulfil all orders entrust ? ed to him in said business, in inch a manner, as regards work manship and safet*. and at auch ra'es. that he leels warranted In defying competlUoi. Relying on his lorg practical expe rlenee. bis extensive reputation, and the high opln,on in which he was beld by bis late emplovei-a, he hopes for a commensu rate share of public patronage. In the c.eaning and repairing department of the business, behatnnade such arrangement-!, and leeured the services ot the best workmen, by which, with his personal attention, he hopes to give unqualified satisfac lion. H. McMULLKN. Reference,?Thomas Neamlth, Esq., 71 Broadway; E. 0. Benedict. Esq., 67 West Twenty second letreet; D. P. Racos, Esq.. 228 Fourth street; Wm Bradford, Esq., 21 Washington place; Rev. 8. A. Oarry, Fifthavenne. N. H - Gentlemen addressing their orders to 230 Bowery will receive prompt attention. IYORY.-l.OOO LB8. 8CRIVILL08 IYORY, SUIT A BLB for martingale rings, cane heads, Ac., and 50,000 Frenat cue tips, for sale in lots, to salt purchaser*, by WM. M. WKL LING, 430 Broome street,ccrner Crosby. HAVE JUST RECEIYKD A LARGE LOT OF DUTCH efcrere tor the Passover holidays. which I offer for sale at 132 (uatham street, apposite 'he National theatre, at the store of Me-rrs. W. P. Mcodj A Co.. where It can be seen, also the certificate of the Rao ct Holland. B. M. DAVIS. KEROBRN1 OIL. Not explosive. Secured by patent* Lnbrlca'lng oil, equal to sperm ofL Binnacle on. for ships' oae, Not affected by the coldest weather. The new and improved Kerosene lamps, AU8TEN8, A gen's ef the Kerosene OH Oompaey, No. 60 beaver street, Now York. T Kttll) OI.L'E-A NKW AND VERY SUPERIOR AR .Li ttc'e, warranted no', to evaporate or sotir; always raedv for ue. nrd admirably suited to "he wants of every hott'chold. Manutartured and for sale by LFGGETT A MAHCUH, 2U Pearl s'rett, hew York. vm?style op hair dreseino,?un acriat, la, ii dint'hair dr^nier, U m iDufeeturlng a new stylo ol In visible wigs, totipeeB, cnris ar.d braids. Particular at'eitlon to chiidrcn'r ban- cntlltig. Has also a line aseortinenl of French pnriumeries. No. ti'Jd Brood way. WK'WlV^UI LDINGE OOVURKD WITH TIN. OR other metal orpecially neir the salt water, or-where t*ev ccme In corta-t with the fares, r?<[Ulr? protection. We have aa article expr' afliy adapted lor every requirement, and his proved i self snOic.ent to ail esses. It stops all lea ;< of o'd or new rents, one coa' being -,<i(TI?'>>nt for "en years II answe-s as well for roots, and will make them durable us tin. Apply to R. RUN AM. 107 dread street. New York, TO MERCHANTS AND OPTICIANS. T. B. Mtcock A Co, OBticia.vs. Pool square, Bheffleld. England, Mai ufactnrerssf ships' teleroojea of every description. Taper telescopes, from 12 to 36 in , with signal* and belt. Pilots', jachtlsg, deerstalking and military telescopes. Portable telescopes, with astronomical and sun eye pieces Mngle ard doable opera glasses. Baclne glasses and common pocket telescopes. In cases. Proepecuves, Ac. hpeclaclce, microscopes, linen proven, eyeglasses, reeling glasses Ac.. Ac. All kinds of machine and hand ground lenses, spectacles, eves. Ac. HANOVER BANK IS REMOVRD TO NO. S7 NAf sao street opnoalte the Post offlca. Th? TM O FARMERS AND AGRICULTURISTS.-TEN TONS of Imposed sulphate of ammonia, for manuring purposes, tor sale cheap by PHILLIPS A LKE, 177 William street. THR NRW YORK FOUNDRY? Iron railing and furnitni e works, furnish all kinds of cut and wrought Iron work for building. A greater vatletjr of pa terns for iron railing than my other estat; itslimei t In New York, and the hirgest manufactory of Iron furnhtire in <he United States. HANDFORD A LARB, 57 Greene street. NRHHEimEirpLKfWEsTlofi WEST HROADWaY (?onsis'fng of dra>s and frock coats caaslmere and lam pamtaksms; silk satin and Marseilles vests, at atir'on price i \~ARNIfiIIINO AND POLISHING irOUBBHOLD EUR nlturo, maliogany and rosewood doors, pianos, s'alr rails bedsteads, bureaus, solas, chairs, Ac , Ac.,done at the shorten' notice, by MARTIN BERLITZ, 142 weoster street ASTROLOGY. PIROl.OGY^-l IlF iiELKRRATNb MRS. FLEURY. from Paris, whose relation bos been constantly consulted by Napoleon I . gives true Information on ad events of life Qt cations about business, maniage, Ac , are ansae rod hy Din power of magnetism, at vflfl Hroome street. Ad I, AIK VO Y Xwr R^M rh7b KY MOtfno sr BiNiTitr \J a tew doors west of Broadway, tie moat successful raedl eal and bnslnem tflairvmant to America. Asthma. Uvssr ocnt plaint Ifcver and ague, srrofnls, debility. Ac., cured, If ettra t ie. L'nemng advice on botlneM, absent triends, Aa. Hatlo faction gnaranteed, or no pay. I 'LAIRVOY ANOK.--LARIKS,^'K8. HAYEH, 17? GRAND \J streef, between Broadway and Bowery, is the most snr re# sful medic.,i and business clairvoyant yon nun converse with In America, reenacttng your health, absent friends, busi ness. Ac. Rbe Is dally saving tick persons from the grave. fl? Ustactlon given, remember, or no nay taken. / 1ARD ?MADAME l'RIIWBTRR RETURNS THANHS TO I J her friends and patrons, and begs to say that alter the thousands, bo h In this etty uttd Philadelphia, who Ivive oon suited her with entire sail,faction, she fee la eoofl<lent that In the oueetlon* ot aotrology, ,ove ?nd low matter a. and books or orseles aa relied on constantly by Naoplecn she has do so,ml. bhe will tail the numeol the fdfcire hWbaad, and sHo the name of her vtaltors. 76 Madison street Hpeedy end sure osrh of piles soil soma by a remedy of her o?$n. Madame ibaralla, thm most wonderful as urologist be the world wood inform her friends ard .he public of New York thst the has returned from the flouBi where she has been snnsuMrd hy thou ends cc past, pres t i ai d fn'tigp eranip Gsnbeneen fcr a ?hrA' lm? dei ee. 270 GraTW street, tNrd story, hsct room. IPECIAL lOnCKB. A P. A.-NO SURRENDER" LODGE, NO. 19, A? ? ? ? has! removed trcm the corner of Second avenue and Twentieth itree'. to the corner of Twentieth s'reet end Third avenue. Meeta every Friday evening, at 8 o'eloch. The mem here are reque.ted to meet to-morrow evening. JOSEPH M Alt'HEWS, R.8. LIQUOR DEALERS' MEETING.?A 81'KCIAI. MEETING (M the New York Liquor Dealere' Society will be held at National Hall, Canal street, on Thurad&y evening, April 24, 1866, at tt o'clock. Punctual oUeadasoe ii respectfully rw quested, as businis* of Importance will be presented. By oa der, R. C. MONTGOMERY, Westdeut. AliKX. M. MATHEWS, Vice PresMent. Gcsrxvrs A. Ratz, Recording Secretary. M. B. Members wl 1 take notice that their cards of membeid ship are not transfer rable, and thalMio person will be admitted without them. NOTICE.?THE COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO RB celve and tender the hospitalities of the eity to the Itmm Mr. Buchanan, would Inform the citizens that Mr. Buchanan will receive the calls of citizens and others at the Governor'* mm Cltv Hall, on Thursday, the 24th Inst., from 12 to 2 o'clock. There will be a sufficient police force in attendance to Insure eafetv and protection to ladles and children. COMMlTTtlK or AMrEBMEg. OOMMITTKB Or CO UX OILMEN, II athan C. Ely, Henry Smith, Charles Fox, John u. Noyes. Peter Palmer. Charles Whitlook, Anson Herrick, J. W. T. Van Riper, Josiah W. Brow r. Hensy A. Car gill. Notice.?the annual election for fifteen Trustees of the New York Society Library will ha held at the new Library BuOdlng, In University plane, betweea Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, on Tuesday, April 29, between the hours of 1 and 4 P. M. And the annual meeting of the shareholders will be held on the same day, and at the tmna place, at 12M. GEORGE 0. AKTHON, SeeretaryT^ Notice ib hereby given that an rleotion tor a president and six dtrec'ors to manage the business ot the Accessory Transit Company tor the ensuing tweivq months, will be held from 12 o'otcck noon until 2 o'clock P. M., on Monday, the Mb of May next, at the office or the Comoany. No. 6 Bowling OrceD. Bvorder. ISAAC C. LEA, Sec'y. New York, April 21, 1866. Notice ir hereby givbn-that the annual meeting t f the stockholders of the Hoboken Land and Im provement Company will be held at the office of the company. In uoboken. N. ,1 , on Monlay, the 5th day ot May next, at II o'clock A. M., for the purpose of electing directors. By order of the Board. R. B. OONOVF.R, Treasurer. NEW YORK P YK INFIRMARY.-THS2 IMAUGURA. tton of the new cd.fioe on the corner of Second avsnucf and Thirteen h street will take place on Friday evening, April 25. at 7Nj o'clock. Addresses will be delivered by Dr. Delafield and the Rev. Dr. Rethune. The medl.-al profession and the public are respectfully Invited toaltend. U. A.-CONTINENTAL CHAPTER, NO. Id, WILL ? give their Seventh Anniversary thi? (Thursday) evening, April 24, at 8 o'clock. Members of the chanter and the Ordar in general, are t esnectfully Invited to attend. Eminent speak ers are engaged. By order. James Ienvck, C. of the C. L. L. PARKER, Sachem. AILBOAD NOTICE.?THE 8TOCKHOLDBRS OF THE Long Branch ard Sandy Hook Railroad Company, will meet at the house of Captain Jaines Green, Long Branch, on Thursday, May 15th. next, -at two o'n'ock, P. M., for the pur pose of electing seven directors of sail company. By order of Commissiot era. FRKD. H. KRNNEDY, Sec'y. Bbaxch, April 19.18f(L SB CORNER" STONE OF~TllB MKff METHODIST Episcopal church, lu Dekalb avenue, between Frankliw and Kent avenues wi'l be laid on Thursday, 24th instant at 3 o'clock P. M. Addresses will be delivered or Rev. J. S. Ins klp ttod Rev. J. M. Bead CKTLK feOUP EVERY DAY THIS WEEK?AT CUL" LKN'H restaurant, corner Uroadwy and Ninth street" Also, free lunoh every da) at 11 o'clock. To day, clam chow" der. AKEFIKLD.-THE MEMBERS OF THE A9800IA tion are hereby notified thatjthe purchasing trustee will be at 168 Bowery each Friday evening until the 1st ot June, to de'iver deeds to tuch as are edit ed to them. After that date (1st cf Jure) fires will be enforced ngainst those who are not paid up OOBNEuIUH A. COOPER. Purchasing Trustee. HOUSES, BOOMS, AC., WATTED. ' Furnished house wantep.-a gentleman, with a small family without childien, wishes to rent, fioni first ot May, for six months or a year, a small furnished bouse, in Brooklyn or suburbs, on a Cage or car line. Terms mod* rate. AC dress K. O. O., Herald office. OUt-E WANTED-A MODERN TWO STORY HOUSE, with attic and basement, supplied with tiro ton and gas, sitnuted between Brotme and Amity streets, we it of and near to Broadway. Address, sUttDg particulars, E. Franklin, He rald effiee. asonic?wanted, a room, buitablb for holding the meetlzgs of Anoieat Chaoter No. 1. Apply personally or by letter to GRO. GODFREY, 16 South Willlanj street. Sailboat wanted-seoond hanil about 30 feet long by 10 in width, drawing, when deep loaded, only JO inches; centre board and last sailer, (a cabin preferred) and In good order tor servioa. Apply to PllIuIF N. 8EARLB, 45 New street TO LAWYEBS.-AN attorney, thoroughly fa miliar with practice, having a small business of hlf own, desires to obtain desk room in a respectable law offioo, where his services will be taken In compensation for the pri vl'egejor, If more desirable, he will affile his business with that ot the office. Best of references given. Address B. H. W., Herald cflice, with rea' name. The lower part of a house wanted-con slating of ore or both basements, psrlor, one room on se cond or third floor, snd one or two In auic. House to contain modern Improvements Any person having such will meet with a responsible teuant by addressing Cooper, Heraldfoffioa, Family consists of the advertiser, wife, child and servant. Rent not to exceed 8350. U~ NFURRI8H ED~ ROOMS.?WANTED, FROM MAY U three rooms, on sisoid or third floor, with, kitchen, ta a respectable locality, not higher than Twenty fiiib street, by a tsmlly of four; no children. Rent not to exceed $18 a tnontla Address M. O.. Herald offloe. WANTED-A HOUSE. IN BROOKLYN, IN MAT, August or November 1st; modern built, three story, 8m, furnace, rar ge and baths; rent $800, or leased for five ?r ?n years: located between State and Pineapple streets, and west of Court street. References satisfactory. Address H. J., box 2.612 Post office Tit ANTED TO RRNT-A 8 MALL HOCBB UPTOWN, II with modern Improvements In It, PosBessioo Immedh stely. Address A. Z.. Herald office. ANTFD-A SMsLL HOUSE, TO RENT, BY A SMALL family ol three persons, with all modern Improvements; rent not to exceed $350. ar.d must be between Twenty-flAh aaa Cortlandt street.-. Address box 3 773 Po)t office. TAT ANTED?HALF A HOUSE, WITH ANOTHER SMALL TT family like ourselves, only three In number altogether ?with only one child; In a good neighborhood, and bouse wlih all modern Improvements. Address, stating particulars, hex 3.773, Poet office. W" ANTED?BY TWO LADIES, TWO OR THREE UN furclthed rooms, without beard, In a house with s plain private fbmlly. Such a family, having more room than theg wish to occupy, will hear of a desirable tenant by addressing Ladies. Union tquare 'Port office. Rent must he moderate. Re erences given and required. ANTED?AN UNFURNISHED FLOOR, OR TWO rooms and attic room of a pleasant houte, in a private family, without beard; location near Broadway, Union, or Wsftington squares; rent $200, for which an unexceptiona ble tenant, a single lenlleman, mi v be had. Address a Dote, srith iarticulars, to Mr. A. H. P., 349Fourth street. All ANTED?A LEASE ~OF~~TWO OR MORE LARGE TT 'ofts, well lighted, srith steam power. Inquire of P. PUFKEE A CO.. a' the Broadway Me?m Lansdry, No. 418 Broad nav. corner of Osnal street. WANT ED-A DWELLING HOUHE, SUITABLE FOR A small family, wl'h all the modern improvements in the vicinity ot Lex rgicn avenue. Rent not to exceed $800. Ad dress box 3,066 Post office. A NTRD?A FURNISHED ROOM. BY A LADY; rent must be moderate. Address Mrs. 8. Foot, Broad way Post office. WANTED?A KM ALL GENTEEL OOTT AO R, IN OB near the eity with Urge yard, garden, shrubbery and the usual conveniences of a first class dwelling. Rent from $300 to $60(1. A ddress box 1,386 Post office. ANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, PART ot a gen'eel bruse, with mo'ern Improvements, In a good neighborly od; upper part, wlta basement, preferred, (all ss or address Allen, 334 Braadwny, room No. 7, stating location terms, Ac., Ao. ANT'K.1>-Th?"s"boT>ND AND THIRD FLOORS OF A touve, with the Oroton water and zss. by a family of fcur perrons, between Fourteenth snd Fjrtlothstreets,Second snd bigbtb avenues; fix or seven rooms Rent not to exceed $300 per annum. C'a'l at, or addre s A. J. F., 112 Fulton street, for fucr dsys. Tjf'ANThri-A"SMALL HOUSE, WITH AIL THE MO IT dern Improvements, for a family ot three grown per sons; careful tenant, and satisfactory reference. Address 9, S. B., box 1 S2c Pest office, stating rent and loeaiion. ANt3tTtO RENT-THEUPPRR?pART OF A TWO or three story bourn, fur a small genteel family wtthm children. Rent moderate; location above Bleecker street. Address X. L., Herald office. munrvHi. C1ARPE? WAhTED?ASY PERSON SAVING A OOO0 ) secondhand Rrcssels carpet, containing from 36to 40 yards, to dispose of, may hear of a cuh customer by addrewlng R. ft.. Herald office, tor three day a CRNITDRR, FURRITUR R.-H IQHEKT CASH PRIOR paid for household furniture of every description, carpet#, oilcloth, leather beds, wa'ches, jewelry, firearm*, surgical, musical and nautloal liMrumenta, Partiee promptly waited on by dropping a line or oalltog on McOAFFRaY A VFAL TKR8, anotlon and rommlseloo merchant#, No 26 Catherine street, or *62 Broome street, corner of Mercer. "CTORMTURE.?A FAMILY, ABOl'F TO (IIVSI UP J? hcuiekeeping. are desirous of parting wl;h their furni ture, by privet* contract. A favorable opportunity Is thus of lered to nry small family to furnish at an unusually easy rate, the furniture Is In very good condlitc(57carpet# new wltninths year. Kor particulars and to view, address, or call npoo C. P., 162 West Twenty-second street, N. T., on Thursday, 24th, or Friday, 26th Apt II. KCLINING CHAIRP, Wheel chairs. Chamber chairs. Library chairs, Of every variety Manufactured by W. W. KINO A ROW. *68 Broadway and 109 Mereer stree'. New York. TJUVKLLMI' CdDli FOR'~ PriUOllKKEPP'lR-TOUCH INO AT COZZgNl? dick, Weal Point; Co'd Spring, Cornwall Newbur*, New Hamburg aid lliltrn the last sailing steamer II tiltO, Oaotaio Annlrg Smith will leave the looter Robloson street dally, aft 3H o'clock P. M Retnrnlrg, w 11 leave Po ighkeepsle at 0 o'clock A.M.. ecmmesclng April 26. Fare75emu. Jumuw H'VRtt BAILKOAD.?FROM APRIL H, 1866, ike trains sill leave Chambers street station as fol lows:? Kxpiees, 6 A.M. and 6 P. M ; mull, 9 A ? ; through way train 12 M.; emigrant, 7 P.M.; lor iVkaenale, J A.M. and 1 P. M ; (or king Pti.g WLAO A. M. and 4 P. M.; for Hudson, 3:30 I'. M : far l'reksklU. 6:30 P. M. The Ponghkeepele, Hag King and Peckskt 1 trairs slop at the way stations. PaasengeM taken at Chambers, Gasnl, Chris opksr and Thirty first streets* Trains ror New Turk leave Troy at 4:36, 7 and 10:46 A. M. a ml ?4:4ft P. M.. awl gitat Albany a!6, 7 *1 and 11:16 A. U. and8:16 P- M. if. L. flTKKH. Jr.. Rapt. New akba mi km **t -Ao*x>MMon atjoiT linn? For Horwajk, landfng at New Roohelle and Rocky NeeM The sfesmer NOK WALK OapL Qsorgr T. Rodman,'on aad alter 7 neetlay, April n. 1866, wfll have pier cast Aide of Om Uterine slip, Fast rivar. dahy. ffiur,da??airepted,>af7'; o'ela* P M. Rotnrnlr.g. will lsave Peck's doek, Bou'h whrwak. 4aHy. I*av# Posth Nor walk at 7 o'oloclr A. M., fare BO cental leaves R*>ekr Nedk at 8*5 A- M., flue 38 cents; leaves Nj# R' chel'e st 9|A. M., fare 26 nats. Freight taken st i seauuaim rales, and forwarded to place of deetliiaAon, promptly payable on dsklvsry ef tfla goods. All uersovs are forbid trnsttagwr perton or persons on aooount er said boat and owterr. wiBom a wi fitsn order IWm the agent. H KEMOVAU. ffA;R DRKflSHR.-G. LA SCALA "RMPRCYpfiLT w> dies his friends and the public fca* he tin removed from 'he Mctropol'.'aa Hctel to MR llroadway, up s'alrs where he has fleet up a mtarlflornt room, for tke purpose of carry Ing i n the hair dressing burlaase In all lla branches. HswUI siet k? n on bend allllnds of psrftamerr asd tflllt arNcmk, <*r#?4?> 'or past ps'roaire, bs ?**? tg afbufkimtise.