Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1856 Page 3
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tgvttiiHEMEBm Here web every bay. 3.800 ' FOR 8 ACE; ~ ~ tcnutir^'oi b?lm BiHxoHlKoiToiri ofthk vO.OUU. largest soda wrier and bottling establishments in the eity; bee five good routes, ten horses, live wagon j, ia> ehinery. Ae., e 1 to complete order. Oan bottle eight hundred do/en a day. Apply tor partioalars te C. B. UO WES, 84 has aau street at nnn WANTKD-OB loan, for one ybar. VT.UUU. A bonue of $500 will be given as security, on productive saleab'e and unincumbered real estate. Inquire fannedlately ot CORNING A BRITTON, No 4 11 road atreet, JEew lork. AC'RfcB OK VALUABLB PA RHINO AND TIM _ ber lauds, in Tennessee, for sale, .or would be exchanged lot watches, jewelry, pianofortes, or imported liquor*. Appl/ to C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau street. d?0 niin -FOR BALK, VERY CH?AP, A VERY DE fO.Vl'U . sir able lot ot ground on Th'rty seventh street, between Broadway and Beventk avenue; is tn a first class wetghborbood, and is s good building lot. $1,500 can remain Cor a term of 3 ear*. Address J. K. H., Hera'd oflloe, tor one week. io fUWt -FOR SALB, A RARK AND SPLENDID daguerrenn gallery on Broadway, doing the meet suooeeaful and profitable business of nny similar estab llabment In tbli country, and enjoys the highest end widest re putation tor superior (kill and general management; It ta clear ing a tot tune yearly. Sallsl'actory reason* given lor selling, ?pply At 85 Chamber j street, room 8. ^9 nnn IN cash Will pdbohase onr half ?p^ .UUV7 interest In n lumbering eusioess tn this city, that will psv tirm $11 000 to $6,000 yearly. The business is dons Btriotly tor cash, consequently without risk. Pa> tioulars will be furnished by V B. HOWkH A CO., 8i hassau atreet. ?1 Kfin ?yOR flALB. A COLOR FACTORY, WHICH vi.ooU. 1* delng the beat business In America. The proprietor is obliged to go t* California by the firs' of next month. Any one who baa $3,000 at his dlaposlal must make aWeast $4 000 to $5,000 a year. Th'sls really an opportunity heldom < tiered, and no numbug. The pnrchaeer can have re ference to the best bu-lneti men before haying. Inquire of JOBKPH FRL8, watchmaker, N?, 63 Walker street, near Broadwaj. SC.. i| TO $3.000.?FOR SALB OR EXCHANGE, FOB ?t/W\y a good boslneee tn this city, five years tease, a large icehouse and wharf, with 3JOO tons tee; will sell l*e, or whole together. Purohaser will ewn the building. Yard Ma tor whole rent. C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau sL ?1 A f WI ?FOR SALE, A HAT AND(CAP STORK, wli iGU. established 14 years, newly fitted up, and doing a business of $200 per week; no old stock; and wilt be sold be low cost, if sold tills in nth Also, a go id farm of 130 acres. Dearths cttr, $4,600 only $500 cvth requ'red. Wanted, $2,000 on mortgage. A. L. PDRDY A CO., 289Broadway. na(l ?FOITTaLK, A~~fTrST CLASS WEEKLY .lit/", literary newspaper, pubUshed In this city. , a profitable and long established huslnose; separately or together. Ill health the reason lor selling. At least $1,000 oaah required. Apply to 0. B. HCWK8 A CO., 64 Nassau nteeet. Btftnn ?FOB balk, thk stock and fixtures of iptJUUi a stationery and fancy itore, tn a go-id location, and the houre and store to let. The fixtures are handsome and the stock light and select. Inquire of HAZEN A THOMPSON, 386 Broadway, up sUtra. <fc?kllll WILL BUY fHH LEASE, STOCK AND qli'tju fixtures of a grocery and liquor ,store. established ten years an4 In one of the best neighborhoods In the olty, no w doing s gcod business; satisfactory reason for selling. For particulars inquire ot GRIFFIN A HATFIELD, Iprinters, No. 396 iiio idway. -TOR SALE, A SPLENDID OLD HSTAB gJOt/Uf lirfaed downtown easy cash business, suited to a young or old persrn, who may rely on e'earing his $3,500 cash net 3 early, ( oadderiny the Investment, abetter or more sure Dhanoe rarely offers In this city. Also, a superior grocery More Fast Kleventh street; grand locatim, and trade prloe $360. Apply at 85 Chambers Btreet, room 8. 1 C4 SEVENTH AVENUE.?THE ENTIRE FIXTURES Iut of a drug store will be sold at a sacrifice cN more than half the cost. Must be sold this week. Call at tha store, 154 Seventh avenue. Arabs chance.?for sale, a fiye ye ars> lease ot the hotel at Rockaway, known as the Ooean House, wtthtn a few mlnntee' walk of the beach, furnished, As., all ready to reoeive boarders, together with a splendid ice house, well filled, barn, etab'e, outhouses, Ac., with garden sufficient to ratio enough to supply the house. Apply at No. 41 University Dlace, from 7 to 12 o'clock in the forenoon, or af Isrnsoii tiom 3 to 9, at Bo. 9 West Eleventh street. ABAFB AND PROFITABLE INVESTMENT.?BBAL ?state In the consolidated city of Philadelphia will be sold at private sale. This property consists of thirty-one sores, all suitable tor building lots, and having thsreon a sufficiency of brick clay for an extensive briok business, and the lots can be let thereafter tor building purposes. This property Is part ot Ihe homestead of the late John Rhsiner, deceased, situated ou the Nloetown Lane and Reading and German town Railroads; Twenty-first Twenty-second, Twenty third and Twenty fonrth Streets, running through the same, near a number of building associations. It .will be sold in one lot. or In three separate parcels, to suit purchasers. Inquire of GEORGE CRAGER, residing on the premises. A TRANSIT THEODOLITE. ALMOST N?W, EOR SALE cheap. Apply to CHaS. LOEBKR. 46 Fulton street, New York. *A N ELEGANT HOUBE for sale, partly in ex JO. change tor a country residence,?The advertiser would aeB his elegantly located mansion, in this city, Including, if de sired, the furniture, recently made for the owner's use. A plaoe rear the eity, worth from $8,000 to $12,000, would be taken In part payment, balanee in caeh; 1 -cation on the Hud aon River Railroad preferred. Address, with full particulars, tor one week, box 705 Post ofilca, N. Y. HAT HOBE, PROMINENTLY LO lATKD ON BROAD way, with the stock, fixtures and lease, will be sold at a bargain, as the owner has other builness that prevents his at tending to it F reductive city property wonld be taken in ex eharge. The business is established, and affords an opportu nity ra>ely met with. Address box 2,316 Post office. BAIJTTKUL COUNTRY SEAT, WITH 52 AGBB8, FOR ?tie or exchange tor slty property, situated on the west s; CH of Gay use lake, eight mass irom Ithuae. N. Y. All kinds M tree* ou the plans; dwelling, outbuildings and fence all new. Price $9 000, oost $13,18)0 For further particulars In quire la paper a'ore 391 Grand street where plan ot tha plaoe ?aw be seen, or of THOMAS JONES, on the premises. UFFALO LOTS FOB SALE OR EXCHANGE ?SIXTF.IN lets in the city of Bofial > lor sale, on liberal terms, or ex changed lor l)t? in New York or Brooklyn, L. I. Apply to IRA P8KKQO. 61 Nassau slreet CtOAL YARD FOR SALE.?LE ASK AND FIXTURES, IN J one of the best locations In the city, on tin west side, ca pable of doing *n extensive and profitable business: jard75 by 100 toet, all floored with three Inch plank, and a fine new brick office. All at a low rent. Only need be seen to be ap preciated. Address Z , Hudson street Poet office. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOB SALE-NEAR MYRTLE una Division avenues, Brooklyn, within halt an hour's walk of Feck hip ferry, or fifteen minutes by stages, every five and tea mlnutee. The present owner h is a small boy who drives him to the leiry in the morning and meets him there in the even iig. Ihe house Is a well built two story brick house, with verandah and observatory, and tea room extension, con taining ten rooms, including ba ement. bath room, store and wash rooms besides a room eaoh for wood und coal; the lot is SO (set front by about 200 feet deep, with a fine arbor, grape vine and a great many fruit trees of various kinds, together with stable, coach house and hen houses. Price 96.500; half ?an rsmain on bond and mortgage The furniture, wl.h one horse, bai mi carriages, Ac . for sale, IT desired. Address J, K.. box ?.T68 Hew York Pott office. MABPftNTf R'S SHOP FOR BALK.-THE GOOD WILL. U benrbei, fixtures. Ac , of a carpenter's shop, doing a good run of business. Is ottered for sa e on account of the 111 health c Of the present owner; tbeshon Is below Canal street very near Broadway, and Ihe rent which t? moderate, can be paid In work; but a ima 1 amount or money required. An excellent opportubltv for one wishing elrher to commence or to carry on the caipentet's business. Inquire ot a. I<. 8COVILL A CO., 304 Broadway, ccrner ot Dunne street. RUG STORK FOR SALE-NhATLY FITTED UP; light rent; has been established a number of j ears. Good aaa sufilcient reasons given Cor sealing. Apply at the atore, 261 Monroe street. RUG STORE FOR SALE, 107 NINTH AVSNUR-I9 fitted up in modern style with stock and lease at a low rent. Wi.l be told at auction on Monday, 28th Inst,, at lOfi A. M , If not disposed of before. LhOANI COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR BALE?WITH furniture, carriage, Ac., atd twenty acres of land, on the henkaof the Raritan, New Brunswick, N. J? commanding a ?aagniicen'. view. A photograph of the place, which will be ?old low. can 'oe seen at the office ce F. D'HHItVlLnY, Ho. 13 Bxehange place. Farm fob balk ohf.ap-at pomptoh plains, Morris county, Hew Jersey, c retaining 44 acres, all in a good state ot eultiration; all the ne-teesarv buildings, In goad order. Prtoa 94,005. Apply to H. V. READ, 187 west Twenty -first str eet. _ SALE?912,000?TWO RXCBLLEHT MILL STREAMS atMtltcn. Delaware Upon the upper, which empties r?i Mo the other, la a bark mill, running one set ot stones, with hark cracker, Ac , and a first rate saw mill, fitted with the latest improved ewtings, power tor rolling up logs, Ac ; will cnt 2,000 Mat ot lumber per day. The lower stream has a large grist ruin, with three run of stone, two bolting cloths, smut machine, ?Ob ernsber As Everything is In first rate order. Timber em be bough; low; at from three to five miles from ibe mills. Terms essy Address 0. R. Paynter, Drawbridge, Bass ax Monty, Delaware. VOR 8 A Lit?A BARGAIN?STOCK AND F.XTURB3 OF an old es'abllahsd wooden ware, basket and fancy goods ?tore. Apply at 250 Washington street. TjtOR BALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES, TOOLS AMI) MA .1! chines of kn old established cap fsct .ry in this city; is doing k sate and profitable business and has a good set of customers. For partiru'ars apply nt 151 Water s'reat. up stairs. OR BALK?THF. POKIER HOUSE, NEWLY FITTED np and in complete order, corner of tlm end Duane sts.; is in a food location, and doing a fine, healthy business; will he sola cheap, if applied for sood, as the owner le going West. Apply on the premises. OB 8ALK?A RARE CHANCE.?A MAN HAVING aboil* 91 f 00 In cash, can purchase a grocery, doing a gocd business in one of the upper wards of this citv, with no other grocery on either corner. Anyone bevlng the above amount. ran apply at 11 Whitehall street. ibtOR BALE-A STAND IN WASHINGTON MARKET, JP gocd lor poultry, park or batter. Inquire of J. a. OROOCK, at Croock'a dining seioeu, 185 Washington street, before 1 o'clock. OR BALE-A VALUABLE BRICK YARD AND FIX turee. all In gord order, for the munufaetnre of brick, and is very ccovensnt for shipping, as a vessel can lav alongside of the kiln and load. Also, water tola, sultsble far the (lagging ?lore or Ice burinew. This ia a rare chsnce. as all the property will be eo!d very low, and one-half ot the purchase money trav ifdesirtd. remain on mortgige. F tr further pkiticulsrs x 4 drewi ov call on the undersigned, on the premises. j5hn k barney. Ricur.imir, Ulster Co., April 23, 1-56. RllAL'-AN EATINQ AND DAIRYING SALOON fitted up in the best manaer. en the thoroughfare of man street. It needs bat to be seen t* satlaTya man that H la a good stand. Inquire oa the press Mas, 119 Bookman TjH>B BALE?1HRKK THREN 8T)RY COTTAGE J houses. No*. 48. AO and 52 First street. <'olonade row, Brookljn, K. D . nsar Peck all? ferry, between Sou'h Eighth and South Mnth s'reels. The boners are we'l built and In k Aesirable location, being 23x50 teet rack; tote 115 fee*. If not ?eld on oi fce'ore the 28th of April, they will be offered at the Merchants' f(change ntl2o'eioe(. Tbev will be sold at a bar rn II ear'y application be made to JOHN LLOYD A BOMB, Nntsau street, or 179 Eighth street. FOR~8ALE ?VALUABLE FARMS IN VARIOUS PARTS ol ibe country; also, fine coal and mineral lands In Kea tnrfcv. We have a'so several large btiTdlng plat*, otferieg a rare chance for capitalists, also, a vaslety of personal proper to for exchange. Cnll and see. HALL A ALDKN, ,'W5 Broadway, np stairs. FOR BALK?THE BEAUTIFUL MAMMOTH PANORA ns ol CaUfortln, painted in 1855 and '56, everything com plete far exblblilon; will be sold at a bargain, as the owners ?annot attend to it. Apply at the Troy Steamboat Offlcs, pier 45 North river. For bai k-tbf, lease, furniture and bar fix tare* of a small tavern, on Third avenue; furniture new last spring; shed, garden, Ac. It t* siluited en ths pleaianteat pert of Ire avenue, opposite Jones' Wools. Will be sold cheap, on eroount of I'l health of the proprietor. Apply on the premlt e? ccrner Seventy first attest and third avenue, or Of Mr. rPTON^243 Wll'l im street. OR SsLF-A BKAUTIFUI. COUNTRY BEAT \ND farm of 25 acres of choice land, situated in Passalo v* ley, Within a quarter of a mile of the village of New Provldmte ?rd within two miles of Ike Huxmltdenot on the M'>rrt* and Essex Railroad The build Ire* are all new and In good ol-r, Apply to J. BONNRL, No '''M FOR HAXK. BpOR SALK-200 BARRELS DAM AG ED FLOUR. IN LOTS r to tuli purohaser*. Apply to VALENTINE llOir. No. 61 Rutgers slip. li-tOB bale-in a thickly ropulatbd loualitt F a tea, c llee and genet ;tl grocery atore, doing a good pay ingraah business, and to any ode ha ring trum $1,000 to (1,600 a rare oppo rt unity tow oilem iltolf. Reason tor selling la on account of the proprietors ha ring a larger business to attend to. Addre^a L. M., Herald ofllce. Fob salk?thk hew and well established restaurant oyster una lager bier saloon, 31 and 361-i Chat ham street, corner of Try on row, certainly in the.hast otulness locality of the city oi New York, is fir sale. on account o1 the 1 h am ot the owner and hU departure for derm.toy. T>OB SaLE-A SODA WaTKR APPARATUS7 FOR TIN! J making of BOda wa'er. fountains, all oomplete and In good Oider. Price $160. Inquire of ALFRED THOMPSON, $0 Clinton street. Brooklyn. For bale?the haw thbkr story brick ditku, lug bouse on the north aide of Tenth street. No. 187 be t seen Second and Third avenues. The location la pleasant and detlrabla for a business man, and the house ts built In the beat manner, with all the modern improvements. A portion of the purchase money oan remain on bond and mortgage. Posses sion given Immediately. Apply to THUS. MAOF AKL AN, ISO Tenth street, or to James L. Killer A Co., 34 and 36 Elizabeth street OR SALK?FIVE CHOICE BUILDING LOTS, ON highly seventh street, south aide, oommanetng 160 test west ot Fourth avenue. Inquire at W. L. TOWNSEND'S reh Itera tor factory. 356 Washing en street. New York, or in Spenoer street, between Fnrknnd Flushing avenue, East Brooklyn. tftOR bale.?the lease andfurniture of house r No. 466 Broome street. Apply en the premises, from 8 to 11 A. K. OB 8ALR-AN EATING AND DBINKINO SALOON, fitted up In the beat manner, on the great thorought'a-e of West street It needs but ts be seen to satisfy a man th*t it Is a good aland. Inquire on the premises, No. 60 West street, corner of Carlisle street. OR SALE.?TEE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LKABM OF the crockery stony 166 Canal street, neatly fitted up. In quire on the premises. The store would be let without the stock IpOR SALE?THE ENTIRE STOCK, FIXTURES AND r good will of an old established jewelry atore, located In n pleasant village, within two hours' ride of the city. For parti culars Inquire o: H. OIKMKL, 40 Maiden lane, up statrs. IjiOR SALE?A LOT, WITH FRONT AND REAR HO?8E; r the front house two storiea and basement, the rear one twj at- rlcs. Inquire on the premises, 121 East Baltic si., Brooklyn. Fior sale?tbk"lrask, good will, stock and fixtures of the o'd establlshtd oyster sa'oon. No. 363 Hudson street, coiner of King, now doing a first rats bttslsess. For particulars inquire on the premises. L30R 8ALB-A STEAM RNOINR AND BOILER. OF SIX X1 horse power, Btirdon'a m ike. together or separate, with pumps, pipes and heater; also one of thiee boose, attached to boiler; a so a portable forge and a five fed planer. Apply at BOBT. MfNIK'S machine shop, 374Pearl street, rear. FflOB BALK?THE STCCK AND FIXTURES OF A HARD 1 ware and house (urniakiog store. Stock light and reason? ab'e. Sai'siactory reasons given lor selling. Inquire at No. 240 South street, N. Y , between 12 and 3 o'clock. For salb, at yonkers-thk late judge Vark's residence, containing six acres of grouud on Broai way. This is one of the most oonvenlent and beautiful re slt'encss In Tankers. 1 he grounds are filled with shade, fruit and ornamental trees, shrubbery, Ac, Also, two houses to let. Inquire of R. W. CANDKK, No. 8 Wall street DIOR SALE, AT FORT HAMILTON, L. l.-A N8W I? house snd lot, three minutes' wa'k from the ferry. The house contains IT rooms, and is In complete order; lot 50 by 233 feel; carriage house, barn, Ac I'rlce $4.(00. Inquire of PET ER MURPHY, comer of Church and State streets, Fort Hamilton, or A. GUT1MBZ, 846 Water street, New YotlL H'OR SALE ON 8 rATBNISL AN I)-A FARM OF ABOUT r -to acres of land, situated about 2>.j miles from tie Port Richmond lerry. with a stream of water running through the same, will be sold In part or the whole, to gtut the purchaser. Inquire of MaTQ1A8 WOOD, corner ot Bcerum and Dean stree's, Brooklyn, or of Frederic Orochoo. Port Richmond. T7iOR SAL K~CHKAP?A HOUS R ANdToT WORTH$700 I* for $650, title warranted, location beal by and good for a mechanic, within 200 feet of the Roman Catholic church at As toria, Lcng Island. Inquire ot Mrs. TEMPLE, No. 9 State St., N. Y. All cash wanted. OR SALE VERY CHEAP?A VERY BEAUTIFUL pair ot large black carriage horses; also, a four and atx seat rcckaway carriage. Can be seen at s>able 159 Monroe street, or inquire at BROWN'S, 44 Vvsey street. IjiOR SALE CHEAP-THE NEW TWO STORY COTTAGE . house and lot No. 288 West Thirty first street, near Ninth avenue, with fine grape arbor and flower garden front, sewer, Croton witter, and every convenience. $1,200 oan remain on bond and mortgage. Possession immediately. The key is at 286, next door. For nartlculars apply at Manhattan Gas Light Co , of B. K. PARMBLEK. IPOR SALE, OB WOULD EXCHANGE FOB GOOD r jewelry?a three story English basement brisk house in Brooklyn, well located. Address M. N. O., Herald office. OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?AT FAIRFIELD, CT., ON the Sound, two hnura distant, a modern double house, lo cated opposite the pubio square, in the very centre of the vil lage, Which Is noted for health and beauty, fine roads and un surpassed sea bathing, For a private residence or first class boarding bouse It Is rarely equalled; no hotel there and much wan ed. WU1 exchanie lor good propertv in the city or Brooklyn, of same oifgreater value. Price $7,NO; $6(/Won mortgage at 6 per oent. Apply to F. ?f. KNAPP, 34 Broad way. For sale or to let-a desirable country resMence in the village of Passaic, New Jersey, opposite Erie Railroad depot, a two story bouse, containing sine rooms, with three acres of ground, fruit and shade trees, grapevine, As. For particulars Inquire ot B. N. CLEVELAND, near the premises, or to the subscriber. 8. PYE, No. 684 High street, Newark, N.J. JiiOR BALK OB TO LET?A SPLENDID ENGLISH r basement house, 110 Second place, near Court street, B: ookly n. fclze ot house 19 teet tront and rear by 50 teet deep. It will be let cheap to a good tenant, lhe house is new, and in perfect older. Inquire at the office of B. F. GOOD3PBEP, corner o.'Fifth avenue and Nineteenth st, N. Y. Ij OB SALK OR TO LHT?TWO BEAUTIFUL COT P tagea on Broadway, North Shore Staten Island, each con taining eleven rooms. Apply to J. J. CLUTE. North Shore Post oiboe. rCR BALE OK TO LET-TWO SPLENDID BR iffK slice houses in Second place, Brooklyn, between Clintoi and Court streets, Brooklyn, wlih all the modern improve ments. Inquire oi C. 8. SL aUSON, No. 8 Wall street, roost37. For hai k. or to lkt?the first class English basement brown stone house, on the north aids of Ibtrty tifth street, No 71- It will be sold cheap and on easy terms Apply to LUSH A MOON, 296 Fourth avenue, or George Lin fora, on the premises. OR SALE OR TO LET-A NEW FIR8T CLASS ENG It'h busement hou- e and lot, on the west side ot Second avenue, No. 299, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth Btroet*. Lot>2t xlOO; house, 26x54. ftur story and basement, finished wltn all modern Improvements. Inquire on the premises, from 8 to 111 A. M. and 2 to 4 P. M. J. M. DENNIS. TjH.R SALE OR TO LET?A NF.WLY AND SPLENDID J1 ly furnished first olass brown stone house; perfect, cemple'e and e'egant In all respects. Wt:h or without all or pan of furniture. Terms accommodating to responsible par ties. Those about buying, tutd who wish to live in comfort and style, will do well to apply oa the premises, 139 East Eighteenth street, or to T. B. VOORHRKB, 341 Broadway. OR SALK OR TO LET-OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR real estate in city or country, a neat hotel, completely furnished throughout. Locution within four minutes'walk of lhe city; there Ts a splendid billiard room attached. Value, $116000. Apply at 133 Fourth street, Williamsburg, or address Oil, Herald office. F~ OR SALE OR TO LF.T, OR EXCHANGED FOR CITY property?a summer boarding house, furnished or tin furtlrbeo, on the east side of Orange Lake, near Newburg, ('large county, N, Y., with 20 acres of land, barn, sheds, Ice house, batting bouse, row beats ard sail boat. Andre's S. W. Fullerton. Newburg, or James Henderson 96 Varrick street, New York. L'OK SALE OR TO LET?THE LAROE MODKRIT r tbres story brick house, wl h utile and under cellar, No. 28 WseblngU n place, delightfully located, near the square; all tbe modern Improvemeita; terns easy; a large amount of the purchase money can remain ou bond and mortgage App y >o WOODWARD A PEABCK, oorner of Mercer nod Fourth Btreets. OD8K FOR SAIEOR TO LET?WITH fOUR LOTS of iround, situatedcn Second avenue, near Pecor d street, in the village of Ulinvllle, Westchester county. The house is two story, with basement, well built aid In perfect order. The gat den contain! a variety of good fruit. Ac , an excellent well cf water; within five mlnutea' walkof William's Bridge depot, rearersion given inmedistely. Apply to P. LavIN, Mr. Pehieflelln'a farm, Eastebester. KT1F.R BOX FOR SALE.-APPLY TO FRElT. KAPP, notary public, S3 Liberty street. OOK AT THIS?WHAT A CHANCE.-FOR SALE. A new and well built two story and basement house, with 1, acre cl ground enolosed, with a well of good water, in Mount Veri on, 13 mllea from New York, on the Mew Haver Rail road. may remain on mortgage at 7 per cent, and the balanoe paid in instalments to suit the pnrchaaer, quarterly, inquire oj W. R. DKMAREST, 113 West Eleventh street, from 7 ti l 9 A. M , or at 308 Weit Thirty second street, f cm ti to7 P. M. INTH BTRBRT -FOR SALE, HOUSE NO. Ill NINTH street, with all the modern conveniences and In perfect repair. Apply to HABIOBT A PARISH, 80 Beaver street. N~EWPOBT, R. i.-FOR 8ALE.-THH SUBSCRIBER'S home, recently bnllt. In Ball street, and lately osoupied by Mrs. Origin, It Is constructed of tbe best materials, aod In tbe most thorough manaer, and has all the modem Improve ments. N. M. CHAFES. O" XL FACTORY FOR SALK-CONBIbTINU OF KRT tles, presses, Ac , together with two years' leaaa of the premises, 136Lndlowatreet. A goad chance for any ons wishing to commence the lard oil bustne'e. Apply te RICH ARD BULLWINKLE, at the Ume yard, foot of Riving ton at., Rust river. N. B.?The building Is 28x100 feet, four stories high, with good cellar, and would be let for any other business. If required. Possession immediately. OHTRR AND LODGING HODSB.?STOCK AND FIX tures for aale; eight years' laaae five story bouse, ample room to accommodate forty to SRy lodgers per night; the sub scriber having other business u> attend to. Apply en the pre mises, 817 Pearl street, Hew York. ESTAUBANT ANDHOTKL FOR SALE ?T JR REST AIT rant and hotel, ao long and favorably known as Oould'a, !?oa Id and 12 Fulton street It contains 100 bedrooms, three large dining saloons, and a vary large barroom Is in successful operation. Apply to PORTER A ABBOTT, 293 Broadway, room No. 6. Apply Immediately. L Rare chance.?for bale, the leash, stock sad fixtures of a am class retail grocery, handsomely Med ap, and in one of the best neighbor hoods to tbe city, and dclae a good business. Apply to CORNELL A HOUOf? AL LIBtt, fld Washington attest, STORE FIXTURES FOR BALE-TWO COUNTIES, M feet 1' tig. glass easing, drawers and shelving. Will be so'd cheap, it applied for at ones, at 63 Sixth avenue ) PORK BUTCHEB8. - FOB BALK, A FIRST CLASS stall and business In Washington market. Alao, to rent, 'be slaughterhouse, stable, wo Is, Ac. Particular reasons given for serine. Rone but a cash customer need apply to MOBTI MRB TUNISON, 98 Veaey street. rrto BUTOHRRR?FOB SALE, THH GOOD WILL. FIX X tures, tools, Ac., and a corner stall, In the new Fulton market, corner Fulton acd Concord streets, Brooklyn. doing an extensive and profitable cash business. Alar, butcher's cart. harne*s, Ac., nearly new. This Is a first rate chance for a man to enter into business App y in the market, or to W. J. LILLY, 103 Bouth street, New York. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND OTHERS.?FOR BALE the entire stock of clothing contained in the store. No. 8; Cortlandt street. It censistn of a general assortment of sprtn ( stock; will be sold cheap to close on the 1st of May; terms a !? c nrmodiittng. Apply as ahovs. BUIT.nicis-six LOTH OF OROUND IN NINE teenth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue, f> feet by half the block. Tbe whole amount will be loll on m>rt gtigct li Improved, and in a iciponslble party will lend siat money, Apply to E. H. LUDLOW, 14 Pine street. O HARDWARE DB AI.ER8 ?FOR SALE, THE BTO JK of hardware of the late Oeorye Ruese'l, In ihe store ear ner r,f Rlghteenth street art! Nln h avenue, with thestiretp let; n good rtaLit I'nr an enterprising per* >n. Irqulreon tie i remises, or to R. RUSSELL. Admltiatrator, 127 West If ? ?y flllh street. ?? "Vr A t 'HT FOR BAI.kT?THE REMARK ABLE FAST 8 M1, 1 tug v act Firing Ciood, of Philadelphia, built at Putladei K" la tbres years since, Bo fe?t c.n deck, 22 Ions register, lr, per t order art) well (bund In every rtxpmt. Wt 1 bs so'J lew It app'led for soon. AJitrcf tj?I PT5 nBadd phta P<j?l rMcg rtm 8A.LE. VALOaBLH COAL L'.rW KOE HALk^Tw WroSlHO VslJev, Luzerne Conc'-v, I'eenjjlvam ?'The su incePter tus hteu appointed by he ><<>ckeKTl(lt-ra 0f lbs "North r*:m*yl vatU. Coal ( ompany," and i? fully empower ad to make sale of at tterlejo( nldc(Dip^ay Hti ftro * dulr isr'irpi mied company. ard tbefr chatter, as wall a* thei'r Unda and persMMUproperty, ottered lor rata Their ai: it 1 consist ot alo' l 6t#t ecrvi-. situate tni'es northeast from the tows of Wilkeabxrve, extending from tlkj Suaquotamia river on the wss' to S.ill creak on the mat, onr-el by the nor L hraaoh of the Ppnsylvanls canal, by tire pAuk road from Witkeabarre to Tttbtor, and by the route t f a cha-tered railroad axoectei to be aooo built. Lrocn fnruitoa to tbe It&nUooke dam, 9 aulas below Wi keabarre. 1 hey are choice and oarelully se'ected coal and farm lands A shall has been sunk on the bank of the cart', about 90 fret deep, through three veins of excellent txial, end u new and powerful engine erected, which is now In eucceeatul oberatlon. The sui hice of tbe lands is In a high state ot cultivation and there are numerous dwelling houses, barns, outbuildings orchards, he.. The property la lu a condi tion for an Immediate coal burtueas and presents several other points for sinking shaft* and working the coal vatna th\t under lay tiie whole of It. Tbe canal now In use and the contem plated railroad a 1th its ronnec'iooa. will alford outlets to all the markets ot the country. He personal property consists of borrts, mules, wagons, carts, mining implement*, he. A more attractive, valuable and advantageously located body of coal lands, of equal size, cannot be found in Wyoming Valley and has never been offered In market. The subscriber Invites the aUenticn of IndW'duals or companies, wishing to Invest in ooal lands, to this property, wh'ch he will be prepared to ex hibit to ?11 inquirer*. and be requests proposals of on -abase, either of the whole or anv part of the lands, with or without the personal property and the oharter of incorporation. Inquirlaa and proposals mar be addreased to him, at Yi ilkesbarre, or to John D. Taylor, Esq., No 9 South Water street. Philadelphia. STANLEY WOODWARD, Wilkesbarra. Pa. _ HOHSHS, CAKH1AGBS, &C, ~ AHORSE, WAGON, AND HARNESS POR BALE-TO gether or separate. Can be seen at (he corner ot Bed lard and Leroy streets New York. For particulars Inquire at 31 Morton street, of J. C. BLOAT. OR BALE?A PAIR OP CAS8IUS M. CLAY, THO rough bred. Long Island raised bars as. vary fast Ap ply at WILSON OAkIkY'9 stables, 81 Twenty fourth street. fjtOB BALK-A MKi UTIFCL BLAiCK HHETLAND PONT A1 seven hands high, seven years o'd; warranted sound snd kind. Can be seen at 34 and 3d Canal street. Iaqulre at 77 Franklin street. OR BALK?A CARRIAGE, PEARLY NEW. MADS IN the best style and manner, has been In use only three months. Is in perfect order, and Is offered tor sale as the owner has no further use for M. Can be teen at Mr. Johnson's sta hies. Pearl street. For price, Ac., inquire of Mr. WILLIAMS, No. 2 State street. Sr~salf?-a pair OF CARRIAGE HOBBSB, HAR neas and carriage. A handsome turn out Also a pair of mares, very fast, and beautifully matched, oerrtage never driven out but twice. Can be seen at private stable, 209 Keet Ninth BtreeL IflOR SALE?A PAIR OF HANDSOME, STYLISH MATCH 1? ed horses, rix and seven years old, 16 hands high. Warranted sound and kind. Will be sold at a bargain. Apply at F. J. Hotline's Exchange tables, Plerrepont street, near Fulton, Brooklyn. OR ' SALE?AN -BXOELLKNT HALF BRED CAVA dltu bay horse and new lop wagon, with front part for cliilc ren. Price $400. A turn out of less value or other propeity will be taken In part pajment. Address S M, box 3.274, Post oOlce. or" BAIK-A FABT TK.AM, BOUND. KIND, WFLL mated and very hrndsome; can trot together In 2:16; one has trotted In 2:36, the other In 2:36. Can be aeeu at Id A AC WOODRUFF'S, near Union Course, L. 1. OR BALK-A BAY HOKAE, 16^ HANDS HIGH, 7 years old, warranted sound and kind in double and single larneea Stj liah and fast traveler. 1o be seeu at 202 1 Aht Fifteenth street. FOR 8AI.E?A BLAuTlFUL BLACK HAWK M ARE', rix yrain old; also a flea M umbrae 0 mare, eight years old' both very fait, just from the country. Warranted in every partic ular. For partlcu'ars Inquire of Mr. BROWN, at Clever Si Macon's Bt, oorner o' Mercer ard Grand streete. 1HOR 8AT.K-A TOP BU011Y WAOON : HAS BEEN BU T little used. Price $129. Inquire at Cooper's stables, 103 Charles street. JjlOR BALE-A SUPERIOR SADDLE IIOU8K. gUIT I? able lor a 'sdy or gentleman; will drive double or angle, acd warran'ed sound and kind in everyway: sold only tor wattofuse. Apply toS.S BTARRKTT, No. 57 Maiden lane, up stalls. CiOR BALK-A CARRIAGE, NEARLY NEW, MADE IN V tbe best style and manner; ha< been In use only three months; is in perfect order, acd 1* ottered for ssle. as the owner has no further use lor it. Can be seen at Mr Johnson's stables, lo, 16 Pearl street For price, Ac., Inquire of Mr. WIL LIAMS, No. 2 State street. OR BALE-A HANDSOME BROWN HORSE. 7 YEARS m- old. 16 bands high, scur.d and kind in all harnew; also, a llgLt bngry wagon and harness, together or separate, inquire at 24 Hammond street, betore 9 o'clock, A. M. OB BALK?A OEAY MASK. 16 HANDS HIGH, SIX years old; also a brown horse. 8 years old; both suita ble lor a physician, express wagon, or other business; also three light wagots, one shilling top, and two without tops. Apply at the feed stcre, No. 10 Second avenue. FOB 8ABE-60 WEST BROADWAY, IN THE BASE ment, dogs of all kinds; one extra pointer dog, well broke on all kinds ot game. Be will be sola on trial. F trays, sixteen bands nigh, seven years old, fine style and ao Box: one pair bays, six years old, 16 >? hands high, pony built, good style snd sctlor; also, tour very fine single horses, and one lady's tadd.'e horse, bright sorrel, seven years old, very stylish and kind in bar nets. To seen at Brewster's stable, 402 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Horses.?tbe advert isfr has just returned from Vermont with another lot ot superior young Morgan horses. Gentlemen wishing fine large road or utmiiy horses, at very moderate prices, will please call at theofilce. No. 7 Boernm street, third door from Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. Also an elegant new eity made barouche. CRBE WANTED?STOUT AND STRONG, ABOUT 16 hands high, sound, for cart use, bard work. Also, alight carriage horse, about 16 hands high, sound and gentle. Apply at 2(16 Front s reet. ORPK, WAOON AND HARNESS FOR SALE?3 EPA rate if requlrtd. Apptv at 16 King afreet, N. Y. H ROCKAWAY.-A SECOND HAND ROCK a WAY FOB rale, in good order, suitable for ode or two horses; will answer tor city or country; made to order; sold obea>. To be ssen at the Empire stables, 437 Fourth street, near Second avenue. BNKDKKKR. YTfANTRD-A SOUND UNTRAINED HORSE, THAT TT can show three minutes to ? wugon; must bsover 16, and not more than e'ght years old. No truck horse or lugger wanted. Inquire at 160 Pear! street. _ INSTRUCTION. 1 QPCl WRITING, BOOKKKRPIKG. ARITHMETIO. ICi) I Mr. rOLBEAR, 6C9 Broadway, receives pupUa day snd evening, snd makes elegant wrl'ers and practical bookkeepers in the sbortet posalole lime. Mr. D. teaches pen tranship in person, and by his new system of hand training removes a'l stiffness and tremblldg. lQKff -OLIVER B. SOLI)SMITH'S WRITING AND lCtlUi bookkeeping aeademy, 362 Broadway, open day and evening, for class or private Instruction. New pupils re ceived daily, and fu 1 success guaranteed to all. [From the Home Journal, June 26,1*53. | In every profession there Is a recognized leading man?one whose pre eminence la so decided that nobody oalis It Is ques tion. Among those who teach tbe art of writing Oliver B. Goldsmith is just that indisputably pre eminent person and re cognized bead of the proleaaion. 1 Q&d ?WRITING, BO' KKEKPINO, ARITHMETIC.? ICtJU. Mr. PAINE, 2*3 Grand street, corner of Bowery; Mil 1G6 Fulton street, Brooklyn, guarantees an easy, flowing, ard what Is more important, a legible handwriting, and a tkorough knowledge of bookkeeping by dounle or single entry. Pupils taught privately or in classes at any time suiting th?r ccn variance. 10.000 A FRENCH TEACHER WHO CAN MAKE HIMaE V easily ur derate, d in Engllih, woud give lentous In French, in exchange for ci.:ive'Batir,n|in English: lessons given by il e sane, day and evenicg. WrHe or apply, after 4 o'clock P. M . on FABRF.YCU, 78 Franklin street, ofiice of Coorrler des Ftate Unis. lUoMFIELD ACADEMY - BOARDING AMD DAY school, for bo h sexes, pleasattly and healthily situs ted, corner of BleemiieM tin il First streets Hohoken. N. JN wt'l c ntmenre its summer session May 1. Number o( scholar* limited. Circulars at Westertn in's, 290 Broadway, New York, or by KDW FEi.ilN KB, Principal. b'BF.NCH LANGUaGK.?PRC F. 1). LkCltoTx, NO. 289 Broadwny, ecnlinues to receive new pupils tor thirough Instruction in the French language, imparting to them, by an easy and rfllrient method, a practical knowledge of it By a new tiler il e conjugaiturf verba are so slmpUUed as to be resdUy uprsrstcod aid acquired. ADIK8 AND OEN1 T.KMEN'S CTlkAP AMD VALOA ble wrltlrg cissies or en day and evening, at 347 Broad way, by K C. KGWK, teacher of penman'btp, bookkeeping and arlilui nic kchols and private fsmiies attended as usual. Weddirg, visiting cards nod ornamental writing (to geiher with a set ot self iittr uclive copy booksi executed to orrer. Spanish lafquage.- prof. oorrin continues as heretofore his irsiruction In tbe above language, either at tlie punirs or at his cwn residence, also s furnlrned room to let. with pariial board, tn s'ngle gentlemen, at the Profes sor's residence, No. 134 Klghih street, adjoining (he Merman tile Library. ,TBH SUMMER TERM OF MaDaMK BKRUIER'S X bonrdfng and dny school tor young ladles will commenee rn the 1st ot ISay, at No. 132 Madison avenue, between Thlrty flr?t 'nd Thirty -second street* A stage is attached to the es tablishment for pupils at a distance. WISB8 AND LIQUORS. DOZ. CI.ARBT WINK, 12 2fiPER DOZ ;ALE and porter 4s. and tic. per doz ; choice brandies, wines, Ac , In bottles, from SO cents to 91 per bottle; brandies. Ac., on draught, 20 per cent below price* at PIERHON'8, 18 Blee ker street, corner B.lzabeth. a MhBICAN BRANDY IN i, AND ? PIPES?GIN, A New England rum, monongahela and recti lied whiskey, pure (spirits, high acd low proof, in barrels and hogsheadsk OIIt and country dealer ? are requested to examine our stock, which we effer lower tnan any house in the trade. C. WARD A Co., 110 Murray street, agents for the distillers. A~ Y.KB.-TllFf^EST ALH AND FOBTErTfOUR CENTS per glass; the clio'eest purs brandies, wines, gin schnapps, whiskey, Ac , Ac., six cents per glass, cheese and crackers in cluded; havanaiegsrs four for la' at PIERHON'8, 18 Beeck er street, between Broacway and Bowery. UBIO08 OLD PORT WINB.-I HATE IN BTORl some vary choice port wine, of an old Importation and rare qnaltty. Connoisseurs are invited to call and teat sam ples at the old wins vault, No. 18 Wall street Q. M. MESDUH. /"1HAMPAONK.?AN H4YOICK OF 200 BASKETS ORAM \J psgne, at 96 per basket, anil able for the Weslern market; also 200 000 low priced Havana and Oernan segara. tor sate byPMHH, WA1BON A RK8TOBF, 40 Beaveretrset _ Holland oin, rocrhllr and ooonac bran dies, Bordeaux white and red wines, Jamaloa nan, all ta bend; can be shipped la bond or delivered !duty paid. Fat eaia, on reasonable tenia, by SIMPSON BROTHKRSJMo. IS Heaver street. TULK8 ROBIN BRANDY I* BOND, I* USUAL AB eJ sorted packages Port, sherry, Madeira, champagne, hock and claret wines; Scotch ale and London porter: sardines; Havana. German and domestic began,. Llghand low grades. Greet inducements to cash and short time buyers C. WARD A CO., Importers and Jobbers, 110 Murray street. OLD BOURBOK WHISKEY.?A VERY OBOIOB IN voice ot this well known Kentucky whiskey just reoetved acd for sale by O. R. MKNDUM, 18 Wall street. COAL. ~~~ ~~ (lOAL, PRICE REDUCED.?THE flUBBCRIBRK n*B J reduoed the price ot his red and white ash cosla, of which he is now recetvtag fresh snnplles, and will furnish the same tn the best order reecreened from yard or direct from the boats

at the usual reduction jrom the psrd price. HUBBY BEET K, coreer of Canal and Centre streets, anileorntr of Jane and West streets. SYDNEY, PIOTOU AND LINQAN COAL M1NKfT? There Is a large stock of fresh mined coal at the ah ive ntmef mines The Ltogan mine has been opened expresalv for the supply of ooal for gae. It has been fasted by several gas companies, and highly approved ef. Persons wtettng te ?an have oredM* opened by apply tag to E, DU HLRD, Bo, 4 Bowluig Groon, I .... SHlppi^et P r?n^' 'k UVh?' rtTh'lV" toot oi Can*/ ?f?eet o^ock M . &oui hor bertb. ^ th? F? JrI!P?h.M ,I,lllroved ?*?? 'j/h? hakbesdi OsstitsSs^ ? n *w? ^ -P.of.hi.itn. bo reti't^d P'- trough l'^? Offloo any other wfll TbS "aoc??<, ,kc Belt!" ood ?U1 Mat 10. n? art* b the Il&i ku of r!f? Vt ,.*?? d?a?er (r un tea. win after the It! Ol AiuiuA. north of 44 degree* imOl T^&sx^0 eoyal Chief cabin pareEJe" "TW ,0b* t0 u',?,t?x>L. Second cahla pamage. "3# Old ef cabin pin!?** "to""" *<> uvattroou 7fl ? ^ ?hlif $1 Id p^u itw,<rnj??so0 *?" ^^kiiux' * ArTbitC&'jfSSL C%?} F?* AUk, Ctjx. ?q ???, * ' iXtpt Wkkoto. ANMICA/Capt a^fpp- Shi^&A\ ??P? Kyrlo Tones ToaneW earr; a c'ear ?hfi ^2iTA' ^?Pl- '? krt'eh bow; p^t bow "** *' f??" OnmbrK Brownlei?*'?" u,\Jort' Wedn??id<.r. April 10. IdSO. AWok.eC" * ? vy-V S^De^,iT ? April ?; " Arabia. Stone, - Srjf^f^ JEf!n**J*y? *Pnl 3a> " J?la.Judktoa ? S^L M?r "I " Canada, Lang, ?? W"dn??d*j, May 14, - Bartlwnoir^mtKlunttl^i^. Wedn?*<u' M*? ^ " TUTSSSS^SS. Mlver. bullion. ipeetT jfJroSrT^n'10'' b* ??'?ble for gaid, b?a bills of W or motal-T an tboreia expressed ^ ikareforand the value thereof Orea.*""*"* PMM?a W ?? ?. OUW ARD, No 4 B mile* F0Pa4IJF;blpm^ri^p?AT,UHi)AYi Al'BIL 20TH Packet fhlp PLYMOUTH BCkS 2?ttl APril, second cal.ln, $18 ateeraae llRu^ T .? ?" ay>OTe at"pa. plyio ThOh. cllooSyh'feaStS*.18*- Fo' ??????. ?? Saturdnv M ivia fnrB/V otab will leave New York ou ?" w APP'y <? iT^obranuk.11No."Vbow toj (SiSSpsss ^^r?ni^ni^iSaaS5^ N?V^Li?^r?FS? 0F ^itkrpool pack lug Clipper b' n HAM'I m ItVy rVeCi414 now aud fan full ^l lvXL?i ^al^e? ,V"Ptoto Auuworth, will u, cabin M?7r,tin.J ,7 applicwiopg to hociuo bertha Serll AJSthrt.1- S i "leerage rbou.'d be m?ds on beard I CO | ic Bouth Caf 01 to TAPdOurT F^hinV1 ViPi?P09t"8aT a*^ROR',=l LINK OF CLIPPER i bbips. 1 he celebrated ciipper Ktip LRjCADN'iL tifir *T?r:iKr tvy*?? dj"ed? L?sln* seen i.tlecLd to Uilg Vor^'ia-'Jo ait?lyXor^BM1 ?%Jm?oAor to DK^A&E8t7 j<S^b.??M; bSSSStSStI: SS5SK?'a'.s~ ?bore por! on Bauudv. May S, at 2 o otok p^Ty?pM PiretoaMiSt Siwmdoabln WJJ ? *y* b?f[to 0*11 tan atteaUon of i^ppere to 't'h'ad'lifnrnn'n.n 5 duttea toTmnoe on foretoe produce paT rretch vweto^S freight or paaeaM applpto the agenta Teiwaia. rce The fU^t "L,*1 750 PCiaiKB 4 CO . 17 WtlUam at. JomS "wooed the Aim*, and aall Tueeday, STBAM BITWKEN WRW YOBK AND QLASrinw g^BUROH, 2.600 ton* (Lt WmG^S. rjJfcWYC/RK# 7 1/50 Caot RohL Ornlir OLaFGOW, i.%2^? oTpt jI SL. -SSSr2SFBW *n^ 0I* Steamahip Company inland ssfttrs?s^^i."sss^sf.?f?'?aS o clock noon. Raten ol paas&go?First claae. S75* thini Aiana ???? rti, >ra.? F?BUto?SmU^toS2 AR^OO ^AYRE -fHR UITITKD toore tor'Ha^J 12 cfeto^ Yfratoabtn. fl"CH 0r ?"A0$. Second WM fre'aS^y"^ FaJton wlllauoeetwl ^ A^tl'Lt CITY 0^^Ara%(O^^l)f2,^t^??*, Cl5tL Leitoh. I KANGAROO. 1,974 tona, Oapt. R. Kwln* ' nt- *r n.ui. rK0* LfTIBTOOU ?&SiS2^::::::;::::::;:::;;::;. ou, of Baltimore....'B.?M..""'""'"'"^nreday 15th ma, or, ot Baltimore ::;:;:::::;;;.&?SS? ^ ^ ??inn. uk< u, ?i? or raasioa A^n2^t?H^!'..!^J?i*S; AooofMogto Mate rooms. Amp*ii22i??iP^?TftW eMM Paaeeng^re will betaken |5S? PWtoSafihta UTeS?>lt.,uto ,<ron? ,n ProvlakMu. Thnnn _ *S0. *r0B? Liverpool in uAt^SnSSS^ET SS ??atruotod with improved water agnwtooipartmeQta, and aaeb rasaal oarrtaa an ezperionoel Jtortlea wlabtag to bring ont their friends oaa obtain csrtU STtw App 1 yto1 00 Uv,erp0011,1 ,u?? oT ?l aterlint Walnut at, Phlla., tar BABUL a OOBTIB. 177 Br mdway, New York, L OR NEW 0RLEAN8 AND HAVANA THE UNITED merrw"-^11 g>*?mAiP OAHAWBA. J. D. Butioch. coei^ ?S^Lnj iJTi. cr?tooence raceiving freight on Thursday, April ?Lftad sail for the above porUi on Mondav. April 2H. at d p M preolael,, from pier Wo. 27 North river, fwt o?Ro5^mT.Li2l LXVINOBTON, cdoCHKRONAOO No bill, of lading,lined after AltoSnM*' fl iw>c? through by this line In sixteen days. FOB HAVANA AND MOBILE?ON THURSDAY, HAT 1st, trom her pier. 44 North river, foot of Spring utreet, the favorite.United Slates mall steamer QUAKER CITY, B. W. Shuieldt, commander. Freight taken tor New Orleans and forwarded from Mobile (Vee ot oommiaslona. Thecompanv't hills lading can be procured on board and at the office ot the agents. No others signed For freight or postage apply to WITH A PATiHOK, Agents, 61 Will street SUITON A CO.'S DRBl'ATCH LINK FOB BAN FRAN eisco. sailing regularly and positively on or before the day advertised. Ninety-three days. The superior A 1 first cluis clipper ship JOHN Oil,PIN, King, master, Is completing her loading at pier 10. Fast river, ane wl 1 positively sail on or be fore Titfifda", 29th April Inst. This favorite clipper has made the vryagefoBan Franelscoi n ninety three days, a passage u??u nailed bv any vessel now loading tor that por' BUTTON A CO., 58 Booth street, t ~ , corner Wall street. N. B.?lhe ships of this line take no freight alter their adver ti ed day. A UbTRALIA INDEPENDENT LINK.?THE MAGNTFI* A. cent A 1 clipper ship QBhKN OF THK 8MAS, will have despatch tor Melbourne in May. The above vessel la one of the fastest ships afloat, and ant i extreme eilpper. Her aocom mentations I or" passengers are superior to any vessel that ever sailed for Andralla: her c&blnsare all on dtck, and fitted up cgual to any steamship. Parties Intondlrc to take passage are requested to examine her before engaging e so where. Far or passage, jd tow_rates,^apj)l^ on ^ board, _atpler 11 Km?rlvsr, or to GOODKVK. AKKKU, A ELLIOT, 88 Pearl st AUSTKAiIA.?PA88AOKTO HYDNEY D1RK0T.?ONLY vewel for that port?The A 1 clipper bark J. GODFREY, will be dtepatobed on the MMh April She oan accommodate a tew passergera. Apply early to GOODBYE, ARKKLL k A CBTRALLA.?PIONEER LINK OF MONTHLY PACK A eta, carrying the United Rtates mall a The new and ltfia, * ?? beautiful A 1 clipper ship SPORTSMAN, Menpson, master, for Melbourne ana Sydney. three parts loaded, will positively be despatched on or about the 2Mh ot April. Baa room for a entail quantity of Height and six more passengers. Her ac commodations tor passage are unsnrpacsed. Early applica tion lor balance of freight or passage on board or to B. W. CAMERON, No 6 BowUng Green, M. Y. Fob savannah and i-lobida.-united states mall tee.?The new and elegant steamer ALABAMA, Oeptaln Oeo. It. Bchei ck, will leave on Saturday, April 2n, trom pier No. 4 North river, at 1 o'clock P. M Bills of lading signed on board. For Height or passage, apply to B. L. MITt IIIII,, 13 Broadway. For Florida, through tickets from New York to Jacksonville. (111, to Pllatka, $33. Large and cmurodh-us steamers leave Savannah for Florida three times a week., concerting with the steatitebs from New York on Tues days and Saturday*. FOR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA.?8 EMI WKRKLY United Stales mail line. The new, magnificent and very fsst going steamship NASHVILLE, M. Berry, commander, *111 leave pier No. 4 North river, on Salarday, April 38. at 4 o'e'rek P. M. precisely. For freight, apply on hoard, where all bills of lading will be signed, snd for passage, having su ps ilo* accommodations, st the odlce of spOFFoltD, TILR8 TON A CO., 29 Broadway. The splendid stoamthipMARION, Oapt. W. Foster, will snocasd, and leave on Wednesday, April .''0. The favorite steamer CAROLINA makes|regular trips to (lie various landing! on the st John's river, Florida, connecting with steamship from New York, and leaving Char leeton every Tue?day, ?t 2o'c'ock P. M. Through tickets to Jacksonville, $31; to Pllatka, $33 LIOR NORFOLK AND BIC9MOND.?THE UNITED P States mall steamship JAMESTOWN, Oapt. Parrish, will leave for the above places on Saturday, 28th Instant, at 4 o'c'cck, P. M.. from pier 13 North river. She will arrive at Nulo k on Purday afternoon, and at Richmond on Monday met Ling. Passengers (or the South will proeeed without de ley by tne great mall line to Charleston, Augusta, Savannah. Ac. Trave'lcs will And this the cheapest, pleasuntest and rncot expeditious route. Passage and fare, including state room, to Norfo'k. $8; to Petersburg, and Richmond, $10. Steerage, half price. Apply to LUDuAM A PLEA8ANT8, :? Broadway. THK MILITARY. a T A MEETTNO OF THK WM. A BRU8LEA GUARDS, Ol held at their armory, April 22, 1866, lhe following resslu tlona werejtmanlmously adopted: - Whereas, it has pleaded an all wise Provldeaoe to remove by reath from oUr mld-t our late worthy and much belove: Caftato. Patrick J Crowley;therefore He. olved, that In the death of our late captain a void has be 'u mafe which time cnlv oan fill. Taken from amongst us prematurely, and In the prime of life, one beloved by all who knew him, as a young man of generous disposition and poa seeking a heart always open to the feelings of humanity?a t ind snd affectionate brother snd true irirnd Rrnolved, that we deeply ayropathine with his brother and relatives in their greet here.a Yemeni, and that the mem'iers of this company wear the usual badge ol mourning for thirty davs. Resolved, That a cony or there resolutions ha seut to the bro'her and relatives ol Ite deceased JAMR8 GRADY. > WILLIAM BISHOP,} i\jumlttM. JOHN rIbLET, i jiitfd Riw. ?wtUw. AjBUMttM* MM NKL'-H intwc - tpro at )t BS ? lo j1 uutMlurM i- H nVOJ? ' * ' . . .MA? 'BOUL Itilii ?''DAT Vfinifu ? i ill 24 LOtr tUH WMfti-KUHIl. RaV-LI WL'.P ROIIKRr F"i[?|r?i4tfn? Marvatll night'; ratlei bet. ire the ou* fc? ii ?? lt|( uuesrq-t snd the Vivir.dlTr Aiooice i? the White Wirnar M*IS4tii** ? th? Ked JoOUl i. THE < ONhCKH'T. NEW FESTIVAL DANBAlTtF T IE RhD GNl'Mlv ?NU WillTB WARRIOR 1-ftlUJil*)? Benefit III Aid 01 tte WiIOVV AllI> UKI'UaN KUM) Oh THE b KW YORK FlhK LKPaKIMENT. VAT AI LACE'S Till AIKK - ? I Thursday evening. April 14. I?ic, will b# pr*?-utod 1 Shakapwn'g MERCHANT OK VENICE fibylacfc. Mr Wahack, RkomiMo. Mr Leat?r; OntUana, Mr. I Antonio. Mr llyott; t-alarino, Mr. Siuwart Laanoe lot (Jobun, Mr. Hollaed; Duke of Vroice, Mr. Norton. Okl ! (Jo?'d>o, Mr., Btcddart , Forlis, Mr- Bmt j Neriss* Mm. ! SteobecA Jessica, Mrs Oonover. l o conclude with a come- ! dlttt*. called LOVE AND CHARITT. Edward Amor, Mr. Lever*. John. Mr. Patera, Miss Wither*. : Mr* Vernon, Susan. Mm. Slephena; Julie Amur, Miss Louisa | Howard; l'ho'be Pop. Visa Louiaa Howard ; Moos Louts I bertrand, M. .-> L :u:sa Ho aard Friday?Tobtn's fine comedy a' IIIK HONEYMOON. And. eeeotd time, LOVE AND CHARITY Laura kkknk's variktikm. Doom open at 64-1, performances oummeoae at 7>h pre aUely. This evening. April 24? THE MARBLE HEART. The Pcelptor Mr. O. Jordan Dicgects, the Fbl wopber Mr. O. K. Dickinson Utrgects, the Phi oiopfaer Mr. O. K. Dlckinaoa Goiioa*?Mr. T. It. Jdimton | AlrlbladeH Mr. Howard Aspaaia Mlea leturm Keeoe Thea Mlee Kale Retgnalda Music Orchestra THE SWISS CU1TAOM. Liretle Mlea Roaahe Duraad Nate liefc Mr. T. B. Jrftmstsa US8ION, ONH DOI J.AR. ? rnphUheatre .tv 2f l Hall A Sou's, Ma 239 Broad Acadkmy op music.?admission, one dollar. beormd circle 90 60 | Amp" Seoured aeate, CO oente erlra, at ] War, and at the Academy. Doors otien at 7o'clock - oommenoitur at 3 o'clock. ON FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1*0, Roaalut'a grand ope in. in tour ncta, WILLIAM TELL, w lih all ihe arlleta In the c ut. EXTRA NIOHT?QKRMAN OPERA SATURDAY, April 26- Will be prcenAl. tor the FIRST TIME. Flotow'a German opera in three acta, MARTHA. with Mme. ANNA DELA GRANuHIn th? principal role Mai Msretzek Director and Ooodwotor. NIBLO'S UARBKN. BKsnriT or THE WIDOW AND ORPHAN FUND Of tub Nkw Yokk Fikb UtrAiirsun. BY THK WONDERFUL RaVEL PaMILY, Baickday Kvbmnu, Ai'Uil >0 Tickets F'.ftg ennta (Except Orohentra and Private Bases.) Ticketnto be had of the nttluera of the Plre Department, and at tee Cblet Krgiueer's cllioe, 21 Kllithelh street; William Hail A Son's, 239 Broadway .and at the Garden ou Saturday, during die da; and evening. ZOPDAR MILLS, ) Committee A J. DM.ATuUR, > or the A. P. PKNTZ, S Trusters. TU ALLACK'S THEATRE.?F.XIRA ADVERTISEMENT, V* PlIOGItAMUE FOR TUB WklK. TLurrdav evening, April 24, will be presented by ual veroal demaDd, THE MFRCHANT OP VENICE. Rhylcck Mr. WalUok Barnauio Mr. I eiter Grahkt0 Mr. Waioot Mr. Dyott Gobbo Mr Ho land Poma .Mrs. Heey With, Qrst tune, a minodieita, entitled LOVk AND t RARITY, in which Hire Loniia Howard will bus lain three characters. Iriuay?'third time ot TUB HONKYMOON, aid LOVK AND CHARITY Saturday- In cancrqueccs ot the oontlaued demand 'or eealrt, the una play ot THE STRANGER. The S'jwrger Mr. Wallaek Bkicn btemfort Mr. Dyou Prsscis Mr. Stewart Solomon Mr. G. Holland Count Wmterteu Mr. lAvere Peter Mr. Peters Mrs. L aller Mrs. Hoe v Couulvc.* Wlnlai aen Mrs Conors* Charlotte Mia. Stephens A noet'e, with the song, "I have a silent sorrow here" Mist Gaunoa With, tiitid tune this season, the ehatming petite conudy ol USED UP. Fir Chares Coldstream Mr. Lester Iedy Cltittcrbuck Mrs. Brougham LAURA KSKNE'd VARIETIES.?T. B. JOHNSTON'S heneiii. I nun ruse attractions. The greatest bill of the ieason. Saturday evening, April 26, JS66. Box book now or en. Grand amateur concert At hi. tTr.cuF.N's CuuKcn, f.iqhtii Sciieit, (Rev. Dr Oummings.) ON YHURSDaY, APRIL 24, 1856. COMMITTEB. Mme Atocfaa, Mrs.Banker, Mr. F. Mage. Mme. DeMontholon, Mrs. McHvaaey, Mr. T. Donnelly, Mme. Iseltn, Mrs. Byron, Mr. J. E. Develtn, Mm*. Bracdegee, Wis. Adamron. Mr. G k. Bany, Mme. Lamontagne, Mrs. Biodorick, Mr. J. Motogh. Mme. d'Homerique, Mm. Her rick, Mr. G. J Tliahanl, Mme. Avezxsna, Mrs. Teres. Mr. F. Ingoldsby, Mme. Lslitns, Mr*. Van Bureo, Mr C. Uard, Mis. Eantoid, Mr. C. M. Connol- MojorSelden, Mr*. Seoor, ly. W. < I'Brian, IDs Glover, Mr F. Gilbert, J. O'Brien. L. 1 elmonico, Delmonico's DenU Jullm hU Denis; Hotel; J. C. & J. Wheeler, Union Co eman A Sletecn, Astor Place; House; Keener A B'reh, Clarendon; Trexdaeil, Acker A Co., St. Havvlev D Clapp, Everett; Nichola?: H.J. Orocker.OtamerryPerV; Simeon 1 eland. Metropolian; M. L A A. W. Uordwell, Ban It irsm Cranston, lew Fuck; croft. Cot cert teKira ato'clock P M. Proceeds to pay debt on thenrcan. Tloketato be had of thu committee. AdmUaion ore dollar. Brooklyn athenaium - THK OHIUINAL GIN KRAI- TOM THUMB Havmg received many presting invltattons t? apnesr before a Biook'yn audienee, has conaente-i to give one of hi* beauti ful enter talnmei la at the above h&'l cn tlila, Tiidrsdat Kvt.rrmo, aphii. 24, Wlun he will be aeahted by the celeSraled DR VALENTINE, In liia com'c pti'lor entertainment. Admis'ton 25 cents. Children hall price. Doora open at 7. Performances com mence at7>?. TaR CELEBRATED EGYPTIAN MUBKIJM?NUMBER In? u;> wants or eleven hundred oty rota. with several ra sent additions, is the moat popular exhibition in the 9U7. Opoo day and evening, at the Stuyveaaut Institute. 6W Broadway. Admlmim 26 cents. aj/?/Wk -A FIRST CLASS RELIGIOUS EXHIBITION. tpUUU. which also commands a general tn erest. can be pmchased to M above amount. It uotvmi novelty. re spectability, ai.d Is entirely perfect It Involves but very little expentefn travel, ai d will secure on extensive patronage. a 1 plv to Mr. JaMRS CLARKE, 11* Fulton sheet. No agency not d epply. ?pULYTKOHMOI.VSTITUTE,?BROOKLYN.-Tuibj'ftVlN X log, Thuipdar. April 24, Mr. PRAZBB, principal te.tor of tbe tegula ard Iblllan onera companies, wilhave the honor to give his popular bal ad entertainment. Tlcltes 25 cents; to be had at tbe usual places aud at the door. WILL CLOSE? ' W RATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. The thirty first annua! exhibition of original works, by living artists, now open daily, at MS Broadway, will close on Satur nism, May 10. By order of the Council, T. ADDISON RICHARDS. Cor. Seo'y N. A. ITER HON.?THE OITIZEhlB OF BROOKLYN ARK respectfully Informed that a very Interesting diorama of the Baltle of Bunker Bill will be open at the Cltr Central llall, corner o( Fuitcn nventie and him place, on Wednesday evening, April 73, and c Dlinue open a abort perlxl, every evening in tbe week, except rabhath evening. Doors open at 7 lj o'ccci ; per formance (0 commence at 8. THEATRICAL NOTICF.- managers wishing the lervtcesofO. L. AIKKN. either as ac or or dramatist, will p ea>c add. er.s Crcol's Hotel, Chatham street. MEDICAL. jbTfin RJCWARP.?DR. JEFFRIES ANTIDOTE IBTjkl qpsJUU inr-.-it nfieotua! preparation sold, andaslt nenthe-crfr ates naunea nor oil and* the palate, and renders unneroesary any deviation In diet or tbteqruptfon to naual puremts, sound sleep, or healthy digestion, the nuisance Is thus removed at speedily as is consistent with ths production of a thorough anc permanent cms. Tts tngne-llaiita are entirely vegetable, and no Injurious effect either eonsutunonely or locally, tan be tainted by Its uee. Price (I per bottle. Bole agent tor the alt y 0. H. RING, 19* Broadway, Burner of John a HgDIfEHI HAS BKRN DIflCOVERBD.-DR. HAIG~H~ J\ lws discovered a vegetable oompound which la oorbig at kinds at oolda, Boughs, asthma, bronchitis aad consumption. This is provetl dally by hundreds who are cured. There le M medicine equal to U. OQlce US Bowery, N. Y. Nr.w York. Jan. 19, 1846. Dr. Hslgbt:?Deer Blr?The bottle of medfntne I pruehaaed ef you fbr a illsli selling tough, eared me Ike mesne. Truly yours, W>. A. lixsearT, 114 Bowery, N. Y. Dr Height:?Dear Sto?Having aaed yeur vegetable Bum pdSid, was oared of a severe en ugh and pais In the cheat. Yours, Ac., Wat Baowa, eoruer Fulton and West its., N. Y. Dr. Hal ah' r?Dear Bfr?-Snllbrlng from a distressing e tint, he., less than one bottle of your oompound eared me. Re speHfuil v yours, B. R. Smith, M Stanton street, N. Y. Offlee 203 Bowery, New York. CHONBULTATIONB ON ALL DISEASES OP THE EYE :tnd ear, as heretofore, front 9 lo 4 o'clock, daily, at 507 Brosdwar. Private lastrurtlons. the result yf twenty years experience, given to medical practitioners on the operations sndibiMUcal tiealmeot of these delicate organs. Including tbe cpenitinr% tor removing cataract wl'h Jacob's needles, with out pain or danger, and on the use of many other Invaluable In stroineuta procured during mv late sojourn In Europe; the rplhn'marcope ar.d new specula for ascertaining the exsct coa dittos la disease and health of the interior of tne e e sad oar. Ac . Ac. My Ties lee on the Eye can be procured el tbe 1 fhce. Also superior artificial eyes, which move and look ex actly like tbe natural eye. JAMES W. POWELL, M D., Oculist. Aurift, AO. Diseases of the throat and lc*<m.-or. ro RKBT HUNTER devotes Ids attention eiolustvelf tetbs Wvalment of diseases ot the throat and lungs. Residence and offlee. 828 Broad wan. DR. RALPH, AUTHOR OP TH* "PRACTICAL PRI vale Treeilsu," he , offices 64.3 Houston street, neat Wheatsr; hours from 9 te 12 A. M.. and 6 to 9 P. M., (Sunday excepted ) Thus# who apply In Um early Mages will be sur priaed at the rapidity and litre lnconveulenee spending thidi core. In stridors, from Ma Brat at incipient te Ms mist art veered end distressing stages he ceo guarantee a rapid, na-j ard radical care, which be has ground tar stating, can b* ?Named from no ether souroe In America. Consultations strictly confidential. Private seats for walling. DR. WARD'S UNPORTUNATE'B FRIEND. AND OTHHR unrivalled remedlea?The sure cure of certain dlscaaen. qutak and oomplete. The (Alined who would obtain a per rr.anmt and speedy sure should oome Immadlately to ma. I cure hundreds monthly. Offlee arranged so Ihst patients do not meet, Effectual and unletting medical aid rendered. My Untortnnete'e Friend eurea always In a week; often In two days; recent eases In Iwalya hours Offloe M) Ganai street, corner of Broadway. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES.?DISEASES OF FEMALE4 exclusively treated bj Dr. DUBOIS. Remedies for female ill iiifpingMls, from il to K. Re'lefguarantied in all c? t'ouiultalh ns ana letters strictly confidential Patients from 1 distance provided with board, nursing, ard exclusive alien arce. Medicine end advice sent Immedlaelv by msll. A1 dreee, care of A Ewartz, Hsu., Chatham square Post odl 'j, until the re opening of the Hector's nfflre PILES! PILES' PILESt-BIMPSON'HVtOETABLE8 V. elfle, after a test of many years, has proved liaelf sup -rloi to the nameless nostrums which huve from lime to lime been fcrred upon the pnbllc as ran he shown from a numb -r of certificates lr<gn medical men. Principal olhce, RLS Br nro? street. N.Y. Fold by all druggists. The orfat female mrdioine-dr. power's pr. riodio pills, tl per hex, Bold by Dr Poirqra, QQ Q trial ??tot, *nm hf Broadway. AJM V SR TTCTTB. TjFCArwAT^raiiSiie^fr L Marshall. sow J ) r?.-sce\ W K. Blake, fctage Manager D?W op<? a? f ivc'-rc?. [?r(.iTOMei to oommaooe at 7M PncMl. Ma ? aprd -4_the ^axRT CIRCLE. nun, <vr?.oUu Mr. Barney WiftUam Moicsbee... Mr., Barney WlUtamu lid to Mat * Mrs. InkM IN ABU OUT or PLACE. Letty Mr* Bwwy Wllla? BARNEY, IHK BARON. Htiirojr 0*Tix>le Mr. Barnay WttM? Augustus Btumeuthal Mr. Orosvaoar Lad) Matltd* Mr*. H?J>i BOWERY TIIKATKR. -PROPRIETOR AND MAN ACME* r. P. W?1ilroo; A cling Manager Mr. Q. H. OiHlUa - Boar* (high at (S1.. commence at 7}%- ThuntdAX, April 14? MtK fcLRUEON OF P ARIS. Tbe Burgeon of Parlr Mr. J. J.ffBV THE REBEL'S DsUQHTBK. Oenernl Marion Mr. Prior I Kate Bay nee Mra. Prior Beckty Biaatc If Burton's. CHaMHKKE htrkkt. li<ci<*iMr-1ht> two great ootnto fsvirties. TDK EEKIOUS FAMILY AND TUK TOODLES. Sleek ardToodie by Mr. Bat Lady Creaml) hod Mr* To. din Mra. Hag Tomorrow, Fnday-FORTUEIO, tHAT BLKB8RO Ba atd a tarre. On Monday?The new comedy of THE EVIL GBNTUH. Broadway varieties, mo. 471 reoadwa*? (Tauo Mechanics' Uall, betwer*) Grand awl F B. Wood Leaaaa and BuMoe R. *. Manli Hum M ADMISSION. TWENTY FIVE 0ENT8T Monday kviMj.0, and Dtmutu tua Warn, (La oelebrated WOOD A MARSH JUVENILES, flaoond week of THE GOLDEN FARMER. Jemmy TwReker Master Q. W. Also, THE MAID OF MUNBTER. Doom op an at eoaunanoaa at 7M o'clock; and eoa at 10 oViUiok. CI HO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S M1NRTRKI4, I AM Broadway, balow Grand street. OPEN EVERT EVEN IRQ. Bneisna* tmaoaoted by Stage Manager Geo. THIS WEEK: NICARAGUA STATE BIURETS. Adolph SWcli, tailor Geo. Node*..? the certain will rise at 7J& nrnoUnlj Admiwum BmE ROADWAyTmKATKE.-HXTRA NOTIOR. ~~ FRIDAY, APRIL V. BENEFIT t.F MS. bARNKY WILLIAMS. TnilEF KXCF.LLtaT 1'IECKh ? DRAMA. COMEDY AMD FARCB. ROSY O'MORB. Rot Mr. B. WIIHssa 1 K?W een Mrs. B. WUUMii Yatsce cotuedy by Wolrjtt. CUbTOMS OF THB COUNTRY; OR, Y A.NKKK IlKIJ". Melisoe Mrs, B. ' Lurlrg tb? e\et h g, tbe tallowing songs and dances by I and Mih Wt ? il?m?:? "M> buv Ann," "Bobbins Around," "Fairy Boy," "I ker in the Jug," 'Tonnybrook Jig." 'He Roiky Road In lluHlr ' To 0.delude with BRIAN CLYNN. Urisr. Mr. WlUtaaM blctitb bcCrle Mrs Wlllunu box bock open. D-OCRT EKNTH~PIANOFORTE SOIREE! C AMI LAST OUT TWO Or TUK SKA.40R, I. M. OOTTflCHA' K, A. nil led by Mis r o BOBI W1CH and Mr. CANDIDO BBS 11, si PoC w 1 -tit's Rooms, adjoining Or .ca church. ON ILlRi DAV hVENlNli, APRIL 24, 1664. riiOGItAMHR?TAUT 1. I. ((a) I.a Jola A rsgooeaa Gottaohilfc Undo Gown Oottschalk. 2 Hcct.a ed A '.ft. " Tu del mio Carlo in seno," from ihe opera ol " I Mshnaoierl" "rkbarT Mre tt. O. Bottwicx. 3. ( (a) last Hope Gottsefaalk f (u N cUeso J'E sir, a Tolje Volersu. HaneeB Gottsobalk. 4. TtieBtj'ien Sr.rg, "Awake, hweet Treasure of My Love" EciMert Mrs. K U. Bostslck. 5. Elude W. lUllS tiotuebslk. PART II 0 Atdante c u Yarlstlonl, foi two Pitnos R. BchamnB Golisoha k and Ber'.i. 7. Tie Peres ada Schubert Mis. h. O. Boetwlck. S. ferniec*. and Benediction, de la Bvmpbonle da Bentventuo CtlllLi Bertisc Trateciibed by IdnE Oottscbalk. Tii kets. W; ladles' Uokew, 00 coins llor rsopen at 7 o'clock; Concert to cornnience at 8 o'clock. NeAtsmny be secured at Wm. Hall A B-an's piano(orte and mualo store. 2,H<J Broadway, snd at C. Breustng's, 701 Bread w ay. No extra charge for reserved seau. The gi?nd Pianofortes u*e<l en UUs.occsslon ars from the w:i r t rccms cf Chi ok erlog, llrcadway 4>poslte the St. Nlobnsan Hmel. N. Y. T~ hFlAST THRKR DAYS OF JOHN R SMITH'S ORAHD TOUR OF EUROPE and SIKGK OF SEBASrOPUL. Have you seeu 1U?the most splendid exhibition In the UadUd States?at EMPIRE HALL. 596 BROADWAY. Every evinb g, at "S o'olock; Wednetday, the lad oar, at t. Wednesday nlgbt, being the fi<r the benefit ot the Treaaurer, on which ueoastoa the Jersey tV.y Glee Club bans kiLdly voliinteertd to tirg. AcXprmy HALL. No. G6H Broadway. THE ORIQINAL GENERAL TOM TBUMB will continue his eiitertalnn.ents at lie above ball every after Dtoti and evening (except this evening, when ta will perforas al 'he Bicoklvu Athemcuni). The Oeteral will beastlstedbr il e ce'etraUd Hr VALENTINK. in hU comic nhrlw eatar isimr.cnt* Ailmiarlon 25 cents; children half price. Perform atcek foamtuci? AtYvmoon, at 11 o'e'eck; evening, at 7K. OateralTrm Thumb's mlniatnre equipage will promenade kc a iceta. and can fa seen In lrrnt of the nail at tha eonola non of cstb dst 'a levetL LA. BENJAMIN'S GRAND CONCaRT, < F VOCAL . and i 3'iunieuta! music, at the Broadway Tsseroscle, Tliiitdav and f tidav evenings. April24 and 25. by bis classns, , o: a a'L g rt tevecit but drcQ joue;: alngera, arslsted by hia uniivalltd orche?ti? ol young mti'lcl.ins. The exercises wtE tutor ice a variet> rf p csatog single and douYe choruses. < nets, ao'oa and rounds. Interaperitd with aer nmentsl pleooa. Tttkcls, y&ctits To ccmqettce at ;>jti'ciock. SMfAKbPk RE ANSI CIATION.-A EKW MORK MRM 3 beta will be received in this association, by early appUoa i.-n. >rp y atfbO Broadway, between6 atu J o'clock r. M. Purc'.ual 1< rtquestrd of the members on SaturdaF cvenit g *e\t, as the eemt annual election of officers takes oiaee. By otdcr ot B. FRANKLIN, Prertdant. BUCKLEY'S FERENAPERS?WHO ARK HOW OH A mic loui through the Wont, will re open their nsw Hr.t heaui'ful bull, *K> Broadway. oppoai e Nlblo's Hardee, alxut the first tf august. The'r suoeeaa through the Wt* is i nbourdt J. and can only be equalled by that extended to theoa by the F ew York public. RMPLEOF THE MU8K8. 3lcliROAI)WAY ? KTMT a'.tatrorn and night, by Madame Wa'ton's troupe ef Model A rib tee, who will appear la a magnificent selection of h viz ft picture a. with other euiertalnmenta. The trjupe con sists ot 27 arrintos, and comprises soma of the finest f ormed tea men in ihewcrld. N. it ?Alter May Madame Wartjo'e ooam pant will remove to the Franklin Museum, 127 Grand street* near Broafway. HKaTRICsL NOTICE-NATIONAL THEATRE, BOB tou.?Poring ibe rece?w the stockholders will eomaletekr renovate the house and restore the ott Ladles and gentlemen ot ackrowlodged talent, ladiee for ballet, and " stars' wishing engagements for the nest season, commenting In August, WW please address tbe subscriber. Revere House, Bostjo. HENRY WILLARD, Leasee. ItANn OPENING BALL AT THK APOLLONBA. 79 Bleeder etreet, corner ol Broadway.?1'rolesanr BA RACCO theonly accomplished teacher in America. ot the eee dMn dance*. will open bis new and splendid rooms on Tues day, A prb 211 Tickets, inclndti g supper, admitting one gen leman std ladles K>. DODWORTH'8 DANCING ACAPKMY 806 BUOAB . way. l esions tor gentlemen on Wednesday oily off this week; after this week en Wednesday and Saturday even ings until the 1st of Jure. fitl ??l/l -TO DRAMATIC AUTHORS.-JOSEPH PROO *JD 1 ,t)l'U . TOR, lb-> ti'sgcdlan, wimiM rail the attentton at dratratlc authors to the fol owing offers, viz.: ?11,000 fern tew irsprdy, In five acts, and SAOOier ? new drama. In three or four sets, of original and eflertlve construction, that ah;tHba approved by three appointed judger?ose from New York, one irom Ihtladeuh'a, aco one tri m Boston. Competitors tor the prizes will torward their manuscripts to the core of M. 9. heaver. Veq., SP6 Commercial sreet, Boston. Maes., before the i>st Monday in October next, wt htn thtrtv days of which Rase Hie ueridons will he male. Those who may wish to communi cate with Vr. Proctor on the selection of subject, Ac , wM pltlfo acdress h'.m at ha residence in BomerviHe, Mass. TVAMKD?A WELL gUAI.TFIKI) COMIC SI NORM ? ? can u ppi with au engagement. Inquire at 210 William street, at tlie bar. MEDICAL. DR. JOHN8CN, 1C PLANE HTKEKT. MAY BE OOH snlted wlthconfidpnco on all diseases requiring seoruay. Ills great* xpeiience nt twenty seven years in the above ni riailtv enables htm to warrant a cure In everv ease naAar takeii. Iltstrpsiment is the same as tbnt of the great Ricar^ of Psris. Strictures trea'ed by a process which gives no pain. Th- victims rf m'splaeed confidence oan call on Dr. J. whh the certainty ol being redi jaily cured. If. B ?See his dlpV In bis '?filer ss a member of thoHew York University. Ch vers moderate. DR. LARMOira PARIS and lomdom mmdi< I ?? adviser and mntsri Qsilde; twentieth edition, 409 lOOelectrotyped lnnetraBonat^MMamMMM^M twentieth edition, 400 panes, 91. II gives foe advwSed remedies, aftl show* the eupertoHty of hemhcpi Pehmi rtlssasss, alee London treatment or loeal end gmarai. from hours 11 A M. to 9 P. N. iC Reads diseases, sine nar eons dettMRy, end huflsemflon, Ao. QBea street, oornar 290 Broad I way. Now York. We reoommeod Pr. Larstont to the afflicted, 'z? dee Elats Dale. glasSa Tefosan. MaUoanl Dsmoowu PRIVATE CONSULT ATIOWR.?DR. WAWOM ATTENDS A exclusively lo diseases of sserWlnolaas, In which he hen enred a vast number of eaaes. In a long ooureeof preeMaau The rtmez las are mild, and UMrels no interrupttoefinmhwia nasn or ahenge tot diet Br. Watana earnestly rwcosaaaeWhi a? early oell altar the Oral appearaaoea, aa delay or the mB of nostrums, specifies, drops, Ao., and other cnaaUfnl treat ment make the snbsgaMt euro lam speedy. W. WATSON. |M. n., formerly snrgni to the IM Hospital; ofBee to WaJhsr Broadway, A too, eonsultatisaa Nf street, fourth door what tf Br otter. RIOOBIVB PHAOTICH.?PR C I>. HAMMOND, rtMR marly a pupil wtth Rieord, of Parts, and with leak brated surgei tis of this city, lira. MoU and (iarnoetao, lallu ? the public that ha may be conauited for the cure of an bsswi aet class ot ctseaaes, and for those of the throat and limm, ai hie coovssilf ntly located rooms, 616 Broadway, oppoaiie M K Nicholas Hotel Office hours from 9 to 1, and from 6 te 8. Trrmunent also by Mler. end remedies adapted Is the SMO sent. Consultattoos en Prancaia. C. P. HAMMONB, M. B4 Physician. Consulting and Operaave Surgeon. rTtRTFBRMAJI?THE GREAT EUROPEAN DI9COVER*5| J Protected by royal leUerspatent of England, and saenred by il? reals ot the Kcole de Pharmacie de Parts, and the Iaa. perlal College ot Medicine, Yleina. TnirrXMAR No. 1?Is the remedy for general debility. Tho (utfrn would sot become impair* d, even in the decline of Rfo, If Ti lesemar Ho. 1 were universally adopted; all physical tna> peimimts v.-mlsh like magic before Its Influence, that remT Ins its use Invaluable to these entering the marriage state. Tnir.SE ma it Ho. 2-Completely eradicates all thoae diaor which ropavia and cnbebs have so long been thought ao i d<ee tor, to tlie ruin of tbe health of a vast portion orour i IttlCTL Thierfmar No. S?7s the [rreat European remedy for thai clns.. of disorders which, unfortunately, the English phyatriaae trr its with nceroury. to the Inevitable destrtiotion of the pa tient's couxtitu Ion, which all the aaraaparlll* In the world can not remove. Thiksbmar Hos. L 2 and 3 are alike devoid of taaieor mdL and all nauseating iinalltlea. They may Ue on the toilet tabfol wiihcut their use bring detected. t-n d in tin cases at 13. or tour oases In one for 89, whidk saves *t. and in 927 cases, whereby there Is a saving of 89; di vided Into separate doses, aa administered by Yalpaau, Lalla rnar.d. B"ui, A:. Wholesale and retail, and forwarded te my pai tot the world, by H. A. BARROW, M.O (rapmsentalivweff the patentee ha Amertea), 31 Greene street, near Canal, Hew York. Attendance dally, Irom 11 A. H till 9 P.JM_ and km 4 to g P. M. (Sundays exsepted), unlosa by previous anastnt nr.nt. ?o 31 Greene street, near Canal. Boidaleohy w. B. /.leber, bev-k store, 44 South Third atraet, Ph'ladelphin. Tks above ariiciee can oaly he h*4 direct treat UiO hhvye i 9 I'AhUWweoU,