Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1856 Page 7
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iWBETOIMBrre RENEWED ?VERY DAY DHV bUUOS, AO. A TEW OF TliK BARGAINS Ixi dry ?<?'?d* ; > oe ib'a'ied at Tub bowsr* boViNos btorii lk> Bower*. ?to,000 ?orih nl dumett'c guolt, in no cue sVdat hlshsv MOimfac'.urer*' pncce. and la some tnsWooenab. ,0Ct"" "erjtrd-,b'1 800 Is wo1 MSI 'i'nj.h ?'/!; M-~?,n*Ur re'?l|,d M 9 ?<> "0 centa. l?^e 1 aofuto;ir osJ d>e ordinary Isumik napkin*, ve-y suoerior at ?1 26 per dozen, o t ? ? oib*. gocd at On., ye.rj line s it ?* 'n, j * "L lfc > K'neraijv a nd st 18(1 .J>lOOO?oithofdr.MKo,(tm, piijdpally Ooco aootioa. Fine new paitern delau e* at 10:. and 1* redan and ( belli o otha do , a Ire tod 2h Frrocti and hog. lab priineo ie*n?, at is. and ltd. 0'iotr.erj prlnta, 5e? tad sxol at Bo and 9j. _ MANT'LLAS AND VIMTES we ? at erect lire thoteg'Od., and sel tnem very lew. ?, (loons For nom" ind men's weak. A_ 1 fe*e a* bert asrortmeo, probib y, to any one store lo we country?many it> mpoeu 'a'ly our own. ... ? *U?MKR FLANNELS ST IS I ** 8rj0di> all ma-Scd at the lowea*. price. Oea era?old on favora ,le la.-m*. A lew good eilcrmen ran floi sifuVlon*. BXTKsOEOiIIAHV FrtOM ? UCIION. i7v4K?w brd whl<! "oulosl >1 ks. at WW. wcrtb to 60. btatit'fol goof a, tbis dsy, at W. JACKSON'S, , . l.a'e Birtbolomew's I'rlwwaurtm. ' ' Broid-??y. between end nCLDMBle Bali. failure V B. A M. K. TOWLB A 00.. _ , . ?81 Grand 8trl?>t. On sale mr benefit of crraltora ^ - j Tremendous Bargains f*o tuncred m'ire antique mantillas, at $3 so. aegu ar price. <8 o B WILL1AM8. ( )? 2ft a?' ' OHHs.fS.-Mna. GaYNOR HI* NOW *'n*'pi3fnl atsortment ot ail kinds of Freooa. y8rman. K,"l smerisan cirtete A!?o, a varietv of 2.T "hap? patent and whalebo-ie skirts So 4J Third ave. ?"oi5^b street! ,lr?eV '"id N?* *" SULh l"enoe' ?<ar 3e T\BSK<<M4K.NQ, AT GENIN'a BAZAaR, 513 RR')At> laMU^thTTo! tt lnoonvenkiioe has frequently Deed let Dv is Id Irs ?bo chance to haw their own drees materials to tnski w'"rf Y'.here ,beT can h?'c we'l and at ? *? loaat'y m*ae- Tl"t dre-smaliing depart mrnt complete y does away with tbis dlfflonlty. There laditti ^ ^ -Udi ol meMUip with D.-nmc t a tor.'ion and po.tle !..g. " !f' 'ders 8 eiecn'ed with (he utmost speed, id ?in 15? with (he atesf mode, azxJ under the supervi ?Ion rf ihe most experienced artists to be fotmd Eight doixah m antim. vs In rich black moire antique, t,? . * Strikinult Lady-eike Garment. rne more eipenstve styles propoiikioatelT cbesp. 1HU,-(N'B 3fi| Broadway. WIVK HuNDASH LLA SHAWLS * - . AT Slk D0LL.IRS, 1? nee and beautiful colorings, Gbaa.c and magnlfi ent bordering*. Alio, rwo mTNDREO VBRT SGPiSRB, _ .... . AT EIGHT DOELAKH. ('period this day, at BULPiN'8, 361 Broadway. UUCTB ARK BTURBORN THING-1.? B TOWT.K A CO.'8 FA1LCRS, ibl Grand Street. lares and rnbro ie-iea, Mti?l!n end lace curtains, Cneale this week, W'tbcutany regard to cod G. B. WILLIAMS. Jj^lT R IICNSRRl) PIE 1R8 HILK9 ON SALE THIS WEEK, e t 6s. 6* . "s aud 8s. ? * v do. % I ti~ a ? N reuu on a Twenty-five percent oe'ow reau'ar prioea. O. IL WILLI AtiH A CO., La e Leadbeale.-'f, :M7 Broadway. IPRRNCH EMBROIDICRKD KK.T8.-30 PKR CiSNT Bf r low importers' p-ices. Oltllls '8 Bazaar, 613 Broidway, RL Rieboias. IjWKNCH BKBROIBEBlKi] ~ At GREATSACRlriCK IN FRENCH WORKED CAMBRIC BANDS. *fl te ''pcr.(d tliia mernin,?. a Urge Invoica of Freath oanae, ^vDico FiU 0<r eo d 50 per ceat belo v lenporters' prices. OEnIN'8 Bazsa*. tit. Nlcoolai Hotel, 611 B.-oadway, GJ.RIAT BKHyOTION OF PKICKIS-LAdTe^DRKH8 I trimio Dg aid bonnet ribbons and millinery tools.?The 5"? "peed ? beautlfu1 variety ot these goods, con wn&tag Id Kl>Ief to the lateit Parisian fashion, and otlara them ?arket prices, being compelled to raise fuitfsfor eml tance lo Europe. M. a. LICHTEHSf ?in. Ribbon store, 90 Bowery, corner of Heeler it. G#* 2n?MJ'<?? rtfRNlSIIINUGCOU".-!. WOGDIIkAD ?iJl,ren itreeE have just riceived a oomplete ?aworttr ent ol gauze si k. gauze merino and gauze cotton shl-ts ,T.!f.?.P?r,.Td dr?'f8" 81 a" ?'*?'. from 28 to 42 Inches. The 32?marks' WM^ ma^e ?f which are unsurparsed by any In GALVAVIC H0CKABA'lK, At 16 cents per rard. An admirable ardole for BATH BOOM TOWRL8; TOR 9AEE AT TBK I.IN K.N 8TORE, 748 Broadway, above Astor p'nee. J. C. M1LUK8N k 00. JMrORlANr TO THE LADIKR. J Magnificent Goods at Half Price. we open this day, for lnscectton and sale, at our new eatab fiOmeDc the folowing extraordinary I ts, ja,t imoorted, and **M for cash, under peculiar circumstac ??, die whole of which tee been purchased oy our Mr. King, and will be sold wkbnu* njerve. Such an opportunltw seldom ociura. We Invite oar Xnetot. aid d.e adies In general, to 'die following lota, hither.o ?nprecedenledm price:? 8 Lot Mo 1?10 000 yards super Paris printed barege, all at ll. t,'?e?.,ar<; 7ortb 3* L*t Bo. 2 - 6,000 yards yard wide '?? ~wn? and jaconets a', is ; oust imoorting 25 cents. Lot QyI Msgnlti-ei.t .Ilka, In black and super dress geode. beau Wwl colors Lot No. 4?Rich tissues, sewing silk, ehlntz. mag aioeent robes, in bareges a"d other materials, at half their I? k^" ? -lO.Ot? needlework collar*, from three cents ?sail ten; bought at me average raieof twenty live centa on biautlful goods, at2a , 2s 6d., 3a and 4a: auoerb embroidered lace do. at 4a . 6s. and 6s , worth fl 26 to 81 50 aaeh; t getter with a slock of st-aw bonnetefrom 2s each, to Me verv clegsnt Enclirh Dunstable at $% u;u?!ly sold for SO. Also, dress goods, ribbons, shawls, Ac., Ac., in profusion. T vi MAMIt.LA DK.PAaiMK<IT. la. tbM exquisite ai-ticle of dress we challenge the trade, in S 2ZFS ,b* whole ol Broad wav and Oanai street. Upwards of 3.000 now open, from SI "5 to the eh rteest g oda preduced. We wmaleS, 94 Bowerye,kr'' C>1" to oar ??"i-loa8 and eligible ('OMMEBCIAL DllT GOODS EePoRICM, ?we doors from I.lcbtene'ela's ribbon stire, and opposite An dMca's carpet sir re. Mo. 99. D. L. JOHN 8. Received this morn trig, 600 Canton crape and alalia TMMRVSR KALE OP FRENCH RM BROIDERIES.? A Great mc. Ifice In embroidered csmbrie bands. A large revoke rf French worked cambric bar,ds will be opened this mora lug end sold at extraordinary low price*. uhNIl'B Bazaar, et. Mctolas Hotel 513 Broadway. Lace and muslin curtains TOILET AND MARSEILLES (JUII.T8 Window mua'tns, by the vard, Ae. ladles sboald exam'ne cur prlcez In the above good* before purchasing elsewhere C. Q. aOOg, 769 Broadway. llMS.DEMORKffl'S EMPORIUM OK FASHIONS, ANl) *1 irtatic. iccnralc, fasbhnible And firHt p rem lam dress makiDir e* tAbliKbmer t. 375 Broadway. Linings cut and b*Hte<l Ibr pla n WAi*ta, 37)*v cents; basque waists, 50 cents; children's /tolog* cut and bas ed at 26 cents. Dressmaking at propor* ttonanlj low prices. Waitit pattercs cut to (it the form at 181, DJUVTIL Jl J. R. J AFFRAY A RONS Have removed Iron 73 Broadway lo 61 Barclay autet and 38 Park plaos, Corner of College plaoe. Where thev hove now on exhibition A large and choice assortment of a mhrnideres, lucea. Watte goods, boater7 and silk hundkerchleti. Uix dollar raniili.ah? t-J In Mucl nl Mack silk, .... . . Pretty, G/iAO?rpi. and New. AD Ibe richer {ooda at modsra'e pri-es. ROLPIN'S, jjjjj Broadway. S^PRJNO MILLINERY Goods.? R. T. WILDB, 20 rod 22 John rr.reet. Importer. mumi'ac'or6r and jobber of 80k mii-lnery go ids Straw ff'iods, Silk and teocy bonnet i, Dread caps, P?'l?lelBg io ibe mllltMry tradi00 c "'eVmj. derate, and lew goods received dally. 1J1HI mj?T*LRT OYLAf TIRE? Or thawl shaped mantilla, A garment of surpassing loyeltaess. _ . In Rkai, 'Iiupohe Lace. Black moire act!que and fritge A beautiful sanely this week. R'CB B"CK rrETA* BCLPIK, 361 Broadway. rWL* A CO.'8 FAILURE? 281 OKARD STREET. HAi.e or Stock for Benefit of i'iisoitohs. 660 pieces of muslin, at 6d ; regn'ar price, 8d. 800 do. axira superior rnnslln, at 8d; regular prloe, 10d. AOOO do. Merrtmsr pnn't, lOd ; regular price, Is. aw f1. 'rt?hlh?en,at2*.; regular price, 3d. Ard aH the fancy stock At a much greater reduction. O. B. WILLI AMR. rRRIT OAP.Sd DR<CSS OOOD8. no jaconet robot, at 93, worth 96. 600 dresses barege delaines, do. printed chall'es. All at 26 per cent below noet. ?. B. WILLIAMS A OO., fAte Lead beater's 347 Broadway. T" >jro I BCTKL ARD Hei ITS USURPERS GENERALLY ? LINERS, LIRRNS The greatest bargslns ever offered In SheeiiDgs, bhlrtlsgs. Damasks, Napkins, T ., . ?. , Towellings, Ac ladles will do well to examine our stock In the shove goodi before purchasing elsewhere. O. O. HOOK, _ _ Jf? Broadway, setween Eighth and Ninth streets. W. B.- B eamboats and upholsterers snpplled. MATIUMONIA Tj. ATvl^J.^h.:0 t,ALI?*A?AMB MORROW, THR seventh daughter, has a natura gilt to teU past, present !r?2^,*snttMd *U lhe """ * even the v^y Lrwrn oi tMtoSjJgjiT ?P?*!' marriages, and show the like busoands and absent, and wiq tS rW ?. ?r* "?P?rated, who will enjoy the rrsatMt baopinees of matrimonial bliss. All who wish wood msse?theirbelief'that^Aa ^"fKl'ornfnrU Thomande have ex K Is the most wonderful iisirolngls. In the world, or that hue ever been known, though she pra" SKJce U^col MOsflid 78 recoacileable to philosophers No b8tW#en ?*nn'n A YOUNO LADY, RECENTLY KKOM THE SOUTH kavlng no male acquaintances In this city, wishes to firm the acquaintance of some resp. ctable young gentle-nan iuK the view to matrimony; must not he overt we'rTflv?Th'?; must ke klrd# and affstXLi '.AdV,^ Veronica, B. oadway Post office, for one week. ' MATMMOlfTAL.?M'LLB. CBLISfR LA HaLLR auto grapher, de Paris, will send, npon the recel it of nr,L,n cents, the full delffieatfon of a personnel,aracterT habits d?3 destlay; a'go, the one thev love or will marry. Addrem. wiih return postage, flPlle. Celoste LaSalU), Poet nlTloe^New York WAHTKP.-A YOUR O GENTLEMAN, ABOUT N years CI age. be og trwr of tingle life, la anxious to fsrmamatrlnionlal al'larce wbh some vonu^ lady of a kin." and gentle disposition; she must he well educated iod prhahsd In bar manre-s. The advertiser Is In n noil'lo-i t.o maintain a til/e In any rw sToab e manner and hujea fiat, none will ao mr rosees s'rlctly sincere In her Intentions. Cndoifited refer rasssean he given, and ail eonmnmcs.?? wis will ne c iiuhlersd skj^ct'y c >p"<le?tig|, plfgge sdlreAU are nee Morgue", Herald fin JLntTI AU 1999.500 'l? JkWF.LKY. D lAMONLW, 40 , EODCIIT. "W J MA i?UC.' A JO. 390 UmvJw.y. Itillll -MONEY TO LOAN, ON WeTVdWI. tUUU.UUU. diamonds jewelry, !???, drv goods, ?d all k'nds ol permrnal property, of ?'jijai. |.od *jLth icIm bonds laor'iiBg^! HU).'ki *c n?gotU& ea. No. il>4 jK .mnSSrntt roer ol Ati, wu)rd floor roomtHo 2 %od 2J*. 1 BOMP8UN A OO , Brokers aodl jmmfl n Merrbua-s *r "H AA|I TO LOAN ON W?nl!KBfiltl AMONDP, ?007.UUU jewelwv, Ac., or Bought tor o?*n by JOd. It 13aa0, U ilh-im.era street. iiMfiufDl oHica* Hujiuom ^ Vd?n.l. from 9 n'l ft. Old rnldand silver P. B No trans antod r.n Saturdays. (..JO - liltll TO LOAN?OW WAT0HK8, D1A SOOO.OUU moods. jewe ry aid p?rsmal proper^ generally, ;U the TOf'Ufy office ftlO rtrovd way. op st.trn. M el bnolLww paper nefolUttd. All BusioMii ^i^od wlU ptrtecl tecurlty and strictly confidential. . n.\ ?*'?? description bought and sold. (.'Hire hours from 9 to 12 and J to 5 P M. *w\r niwi XO LOAN?ON UNINCUMBERED 1(4 $19O.000 proved real estate to tbi. city. lo sux... ?tilt, five $7 000 bruits fur S")e, In Brooklm; fl.OOOotfh my rr ,u-rfd. Fitly vacant lots for aile. chesp do ev ad vatoed on coeds cf every aeicripUoa, ^jid^BESO ^A CO. ?THE HOWARD LOAN AND uSTATE ipI I ?). 4 OU. agency continue to mate adv?n-? oo (or hoy I .r rase) every description ot valuable propert y su-hi as dl mrrde, p ate, watchea, segars. silks. carriage*. earmr, Ac ; pmnipt and iberal. Office o 41 How^r J AUre-- ?J??'1' dcoi from Broadway. PRO. RAPHAEL, M . >g*r. *1 Hl\ A4\41 TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WA - .iHitc. 11)17 U .UUU fewery. segars, dry goods, and all * - uab.d property, at easy raiea, or bought f <r cash iraiea neaetiated. Bueiteee prompt and confidential. Otfioe feursfrcm 9 to 6. at tha old office of BttAIHTHD * 00., 3d J( bn street, room No 3. second floor. ?rtktuu\ io to Aft -in bVMs or $ on im $25.UUU proved city propertv. Also ?3,< 00. $2 A)', $1,800 and 91,000. Apply toB. 8. HIKKH, 160Nassauaree.. (*,. .rr AAtl TO LOA*7lN~JKR8BY CITY, IN SMALL tfoZO.UUU ?uma, to business tren i - mechanics to be repa'd by iritalmODta, aa ma; he arreed upon. atanng real nsmo, occupa'lon and ro-idrncc, DOk 300 Jersey City Poet office. j).B.?Oopv the address. OpTsilllfl (U 000, $7,too. flh not), $5 000, fli.fthO, ?? (WO ablO.UUU to loan on boud a d mortga.Be on approved city propeitv. Apply to K. H. LCOLoW A OJ., No 14 Pue atrer L mill JO loan-on bono and M.)itro\Oo. 16 I .UUU on Improve! property In tbs cl.y of New Yor*. in one or mere sums. It mtiat be a t'urat mortgage. Apply to r. Al'EHBAOd, No. 1 rehire atreet, or 127 Rivicgton st. III 111 C 48H-WANT H D?$3.000 GUAB VNTKHD ?4r.UUU.the lirat yeai, to a partner In a hotel, in a beau, iiful part of title State It draws to It mulOtudeaor the meet isfblorable pleaeure purtlen from all party ot the UnlteilStatee. lbe Hinertiser la en arging Mb hutlddtgs whlih O the r??st? of want'nv cash. Please call on Mr. (.ARDNBK, M Wakei ?trett, i,e?r Broadwty. N. B. | No lettera anawerel. nYTmOU.T OF MONEY TO LO vN-ON Dl a ilO.VBB, ' V, Hiehfs. p'a'e, j.welry, merchandise and va'uabtai per eor a' property, or oooght l'nr caah ptioea- "u , ?p u ton rtteet, te Olid llcor, front room, from 8 A. M. 'o a r. M. r>NUT TO LOAN?ON DIAMONDS. WATOaEfl, airy, plant*, dry gootlH. aegara and every deaorlpiton ? vs'uih e picperty, or ooogLt for eaah. dtneka, r.onda, nob* tnc/'gages. An otlated. Wotoheu and jeweLy tor aa e. & Tl-.. V J ft, 33 -adwav. rooms Noa 1 and 2, aicntw story. r.jTi'NEY -OaBH LIBRKALLY AXVTAHOKD BY TfW )>' mbecrtbars at their new office. 3M rt.-.iedway.oornei^ iA.snc etreat room No. 9 <nct room U)), whsre thev have re moved to. Parties having deposited gemds with them at 4 Hov arc vtreel can obtain the O^NNIt^ CTIOR Til CONTRACTORS AND O A PIT ALrBTB.-BAll Kruocisco and Sacramento Hait.-uad. - Pealed propoeaa will be re eived b? the unde?'hrncu in Naw horkclty, froer April 10 to Maj 10, 1886, for the construction and equlpmeid entire ot the San Frnncieoo and Saoraicento hallroad. Call tonus, from the t ity o< Sacramento to the elty of Benema, t distance of 68 inilea. This railroad Is upon thomatn trnnkHim tr. m Ban Frar.. lseo to the Interior, over which passes three four h? of the. entire inland trwle and travel M Call o-nia. aav Inp thirty mile* in t lstanco over the present route, rednclngthi :Iris from 8}i to V,~ Liurs, and pataing thro.ign the fertt e jaadi ot Solas o and Tills counties, the riehest agrtcu tuial eounUes u Ihe State. It connects at 8a .aoroenu) with the bam-amento Va, ?ty Rot road, now built and running, and te the key to Sat Fraicisco lor all Ilnea from Northern and kastern (UHfora.u Mars' profiles and specifications can be aaen and every tutor oibtton obtained upon appllcatiog to the ttoderslgned, room Ja 7 Metro '0 ltan Bank Building, corner of Broadwav and Plif streete. New York. THEODORE D. JtJDAH, Chief Engineer and Ccmmtssloner, 8. F. A 8. R. R NNy^YoKK, April, lfcftfl. llrYORK FLOATING DRY DOCK COMPANY Ihe Prealdeutatod Directors have this day dechirod ? ulvidend of six per cent from the earnings for the current ax months, payable on and alter tba 1st day o. May im^t. lbs trar.afer Looks wUl be olwed until the daj.of pameuU Nkw Yobk, April 19, 18A6. H. N. M48QN. Becretary. VTOTICB.?THE FIRST MORTGIGE |BONDHOLDERS JN of the Cleveland. ZaneavlUe and < tnclnnatl (former y Akron br.mcb) Railroad Comnjany are requested to me .tat ?he a?tor Bouse In the city of New York, on Moniav, the 2SHi InaU a' 7 o'c'ock in the alternoon. Business of importan e ,111 te submitted to the meeUng^ pBRKIN8j Preal(1,nU Nxw Youk, Apiil 23, lHdti. I FFIOK OF THE NEW YOBK GAS LT-GHT COMPANY, April 14,18ftfi ?The President and Directors have this dav declared a dividend ol five pjr cent <m tbo ?aoiy ktoek of thaenmpanr. tor he ?<x month a ending ltt Febroarr last, payable tothe stockholders on and afte*ttur?dar, 1st of May I ?iVtobe^rkwmb'! i commence burines in their banking room., rueet, oproeiie the Park, on Monday, March 31,18S?, to wkloh we invite the attention of nOcla..* o^bmtom-man^^^ Crtxnus A. Mact. Cashier. COPAHTBgRBHIP NOTICKS. ?l7wifin -PARTNER WANTED, IN CHICAGO, ip 1 U.UUU. I llnoia?Ano'dertabllsbed housein' htoagn Illinois, wlrhes a partner with $10,000 cash. Tiere are two parties in be firm now. The business ranks first class, and has beet carried on sucoestfully for many years; the kustnew" ?ccitmutatof no bad stock; the house has done a business ti over $11)0,0(10 for several yejuw. and trora the r*pddltv wit 11 which Chicago has grown, and (he Immense trale the North weft la now pouring Into ber lap. gives .issurairee bevond a dcubttbat Ute business advertised can be doubled desirous of entering Into the mercantile business, this affords an opportunity seldom met with. Rererouce given r? qulredT Address, with real name, K. Y., box 374 Chloago Post office. fl?Q fkfU\ -PARTNER WANTED, WITH A CASH So.UUU. capital of from $8,000 to $15,000. In at an exc'uslve cash business. The above amount will be se cured by real estate, and can easily b" doubled within fou months. Address i B., 239 Her.ild offloe, and whereto be seen. mo fWUL -AN ACTIVE PARTNER WANT ED,TOT AKK ?Z.UUU. the place of one re'lrtng, in tin established busi ness In this city, paving frtm $6,000 to M,MX) per annum, A business man aertriog * permanent safe and reltabe busl tiess will flr,d It worhy of Invtattlgatloo, Address E. L. A Oo, box 14ft Herald office. G f cnn to $1,600 woulo be invested in bomb ipOUu safe business that can b? shrwn to pay well. Com muntcatkns, sialics business and amount required, treaf?J confidentially. Address box 130 Herald office. ?qrf\ -A PARTNER WANT KB, TO TAKE A~ vOJU. equal Interest In a down town real esUte and commission broker's office of a retiring partner. The office bas at least $260,000" ot property to sell. This Is an exoellc I chance to engage in the above. Apply to 0. B. HOWK.H A OO. 81 Xseaau itreet. conn-A"partner wanted in a light and JJOUl/ genteel m.mutacturlog hns'ness, whtoh pays a large prelit, and Is done 'or cash. The manufac'ory. and office are town town. The man is wanted to take ch.irge of the offi'e and finances of the concern. Apply to C. B, IIO WEB A CO., 84 t assau street. -PAKTnKR WANl"Kn7T?r A D >WN TOWN ?OUU. talnon. ooicg a gcod bustaws; will par twomei hatdsomelv. and requires the aatlve atteat'on ot two. Loca tiinone otbestdnwa town. For par.'cn ars apply to C. B BOWK3 A CO , 81 Nassau street. &Q/tf \ ?A-PARTNER WANTED. IN AN OLD EST l CO I "? b Isbed real estate,auction upd general commission hns'ness. Ih6 money Is ecmjaratively merely nominal. Wants a person to be constant y on hand and take an InteresL and money can le made. Inquire a'. 289 Broadway, room 42 r ARTNBR W ANTED?IN AN EXHIBITION, WHIOd is creating a great sensation In the el'-y now; he must be sole to appropriate about $1,600 Applyat A P. HlOOiyb' plaroforte store, 300 Hrnadwav, between 10 and 12 A X. ^SOLUTION OF PARTiTRR8HIP.-NOTIOE.-THE copartnership existing under t -e firm of Kahn A Baker, dea'era In dry goods, has this dav been diseolved by mutu*l ~ < sect A. Baker is alone authorized to settle the business of I ? n A Baker. J. KAHN. A'tLUAHSBrnu, April 16, I860. A. BAKER U1TA~PFRCHA?WANTED. A PERSON WBO UB. rerzfandsand has the machinery and conveniences f ir manuiac nring gutta perchm and India rubber goods, to join the advertiser In the manufacture of anew article, by which a lurgp lortune can be made. Address a note to H. A., at the ttere 690 broad way, or call after 7 P. X. ARTNRR WANTED?TO INVERT A SMALL CAPITA!/ la the manufacture of a patented article, which will yle d an immense profit. Apply at 212 Broadway, room 13. ARTNERSHIP.-A LADY OF EXTENSIVE 03NNKX ion desires In associate herself tor the summer wi h one havligatowa and cnuntrv house. 8be would attend to t^e town business, help to furnish and make It mutually profitable Address R. S., Union square Post office. cT I'RINTRRB.-THE BUBBCRIBKR, A PRACTICAL printer, familiar with the trade In ibis city, having a cash capita] ol $?C0. Is desirous of investing thai amount and ba ocmiing an aitlve partner in an established job office, where In creased facilities would lead to a larger and more lncra'lvn hngtness. Please ad tress, for three days, Printer, box 117 Herald office. Tee coparte brbhtp heretofore existing ok der the firm of JOSEPH LEH A OO. Is this day disno'ved by mutual consent- Joseph ttee alone Is authorized to settle the business of Joseph T-ce A Co. JOtiKPH LEH, ANDREW V. REA, Raw York. Fab. 1,1886 GEORGE HIGH AM. The business will be < ostinued as formerly, under tho name rnd firm of JOBBPn LHg A CO., at No. 169 Broadway, Gil aey Building. JOSEPH LEE. ANDREW V. REA. Take notice?teat ihb copartnership which heretofore eits'ed between Burn'on A Newkirk has title da< been dissolved by mutual consent, and that the bust* ness of bookbinding wi 1 he carried on by John P. Buriton, solely on blB-own account. ____ WAR TFD?AO Of) DM AN, WITH $800 OR $1.00<), TO join the advertiser, as equal partner, In a light menu factoring business, that will pay $8,000 per year, i ha udve User has an equal amonnt, and a good business connection. Address, wlih real name, L. Y., Herell office. CJsOTHCTO, AC. fcK nnn WORTH of new AND CART OFF (TLOiB ?pO.UUlJ lag wanted.-THOMAS D. CONROY, licensed to buy clothing of every description. Gentlemen having large or small lota to dtipoee of will receive the highest price pitW for them, by calling at the store, or addressthg Thomas 0. use roy, ftl Pearl street CO Ann WORTH OF CABT OFF CLOTHING WANT VAivUU ed.?The hlghegt price given and cash paid in current money. GeitUenteo having goad left oft'or superfluous p. othing to dispose of een obtain liberal p'tcss by sending thetr address to, or oaBIng on, JAKES MOJRONSY, 122 Walker sreet, near Centre. CTLOTHING.?LADIES OR OKNTLHMHE HAVING ANY J to dlspcse of, can reeetve a talr ca?h price. by sending to the store. 12 Laurer s street near Canal, or 62 West Broadway, or letter by pest. Ladles attended by Mrs. Cohen, B. COHEN. LOTHINO AND KURNIT3RH ?L t DIRS OR <U S. I.E men having any to rttsprwc ot nan reo-lve a fair ousti price for the same by set, ding to MB. COHEN. 101 Chvh-.m St. date 66 E m), t arty and fane/ dresses bnight. Ladles i?t tfthdf d to by Mrs. t> G' RRAT bTkO ANIB IN CLOTHING, TO CL1BB THE I bnstnesn, 26 per cent be.nw cost, wrgieor snail lots, a Ns. 7 Bowiry. N. B.?Next Tuesday at aucrl TO, TBMAHT* It(6CUSTER* Q.?>7 HHOa llW at.?ZD Lt.T, J-KKiANE^fLiT, A OZ I basdiowe iron. rar'ur and bedroom adjoining, with, en third Hour of * falM kiwe; lln, MlMOMlMr. consisting of tfcre* room* acd -tin' atd a large room on lirvt floor. Inquire In the Heraldry office at 327 Broadway. *>K1| -TO LRT, TO A 8M\' J, GENTEEL KaMII.V the upper pari ol ihe mrgo three story brick borne bo. t>8 King stiee . Hue ev?rv ooDvetvtenee d'etre >let nod u> in excellent order. Pvneieioo on Slay 1. Address o apply to R. V. MCONr.Y, No. oil Q.een#t:k street. 11(1 WAVERLIY PLAC1 10 i.HT? WITH ALL Til * J. I ?./ midtrn ImprovrmeMs. Apply to ALEXaNKR M. Uhb' <i, no. J Hanover vtreet, corner of Wall. A1 7 rONKBRS T ) LET, A NBW TWO bTOSY AND ?. attic milage bou'e. wl b garden, frtti'. trees. Ac. fhe hone* command* a beau'f'ul view of the H udacn river aud Bigl. am s lor mi ea; in within live minu'eti' walk of the Hui fOu hiver Ral road depot. Inquire of > BOM AB WOOD, 15b j alreet, Mew York, or ol J. Yaomans. Yonkeri. APHL1TY IMOBD FLOOR, NOW VACANT, BKAUTI full? treated In tae beet part of Uiooklvn to let. A par lcr (papered) eating room, and two bedrooms. a.l eommual csttna: pantries, gas, c*l ar, ? are. water, Ao. No. 120 Van derbtlt avenue, a short wa'k or ride ny Myrtle avenue care to theftrrlrs. keollow. Apply as above. AI'ARIMKNTB.?KOUB, EIGHT, TWEI.YK OR SIXTEEN roema oa eetond and third floor*; wa'er, gas. Ao ^rent per month $10 to 116. Alan, ena half of a first riass two steryand a'tlc bottie, with gas water. Ae ; real 9VO to $100. Apply on the prrroives, No 8 Tenth street between KU'hand Bixth ares. AL/.ROR FOUR RTOBY HCDAH TO LET-FURNISH ed or onfurnlrhed, with the modern improvements eou tlatingof twelve rooms, with pantries, gas. chandeliers, baths, Ac., to a i mall prlva'e amlly. Rent $1 500, with everything * - ? t m .i u w vi.miuna h* ?v., tu o r luntt |fri* n o auihj. ncu? gti^wv, "n" lor I our* keeping. Inquire of B. W. RICHARDS, No. 307 Broadway. AKIKST CLASH HOUSE TO LFT-IN TWENTY-FIFTH sheet, eotvetlent to the Stxh and Eighth avenue cire; new tilled with first elans boarders. A p.irt or whole of the furniture may be purchased on reasjuaole terms. A porbun of tbe money down only required. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. AHOUBH TO LET-THE FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY hDgtiHh btsement brown Btone house 143 West Firiv stcond street, one block west of Broad* ay, haying every mv di to Improvement, hot air furnace, range, speaking tube* A" . Ao . with hot and cold wa'er and gas throughout. Rent $800. Apply on the prem'ses, or to THOB. McCLUNE A CO , 47 Brosiway. AVTRY SUPERIOR ROOM FOR A TAILOR, DRKS4 miter, mil ner or shirtmaker, on second story of C 15 Breadway, Rent $600. Apply on the premises. BROADWAY STORE TO LET?FOR THE SAL 4 OK geot'emen's lurr.tahing goods onlv, part of ibe store DA Broadway. T o a satisfactory tenant liberal privileges will he given on reasonable terms. Apply to JOHN T. HrJN'RY, 311 Broadway. Broadway stores -bov-ton street ?to lkt, rma'l etore and room ovc-ti 6 Broadway. 10 ueu order; atoi desirable premises N a'118 Broad wav su'tablo for Li te. pianofor*? or tsllnrlag; also large dwelling house No (Li tension street, four or live doors east of Broadway. Ap ply >o JAMES PRICK, 2H0 Hud*' n itreet. BI \D BTRkET, NO. 3, SttOOND DOOR FROM BROAD way.?Rooms to let, furnished or unfurnished, single or ij lull's. N. B.?A number ol ro ms sultab.e lorolBues. Broadway stork and house to lf.t,-thr d< s rahle stom No. 761 HroMway, Dear Nlntli str-ei; r-u,'. only T1,EC0. Also, the dwe.ltrg uort'no of the bouse, with ->-u ? rnenf ard ki'chen; rent cnlv $1.2 K). Apply to MIDLER v MORRIS, marble bullJing, No. 11 Pine street. Brooklyn briohib.-houbks to let, corner of ?'oLrn.bia ,icd Poplar etrse's three mum'rs' w lite fro* Fniton ferry, prospect betutlfu1, excellent ct lar andeub-cel'ar RentffiUO Well calculated lor a good boarding house. Stibli In the rear may be had It required. CIHRaP RKNT on BROADWAY.-TO Li'lT. TWO > hsndsome rooms, suitable for a dressmaker, tulUiii -,r, or any l'sht btiBioess. Rent $26 iter moinb Inquire of l)r PaPK, 412 Breadway. CTOTTAOR TO T.KT?ON HTaIKN IdLAND, HaLK a J mile from Castleton landing, c <ntaini'.g live rooms, with kitchen aitoebcd: go-.d o<.l>ar and ha'f an a?.re of ground, wit sn abundance of rhi.lce fruit. Rent 1175 per annum, or $1 :j fir ihe reoeon loqu're of Mr. HENRY CORNELL, Port Richmond, cr of G. W. LOSS, 70 and 72 Fulton street, Ne ? York. /30TTAGE TO LET.?TO LET, FROM THE 1ST OF Mi* \.l a nsat two story brick co'?age, with seven rooms, gas. Oroton water, Oarp?t>, oliclb'hs, Ac., for sale Inquire after 10 o'clock, at 26 Horatio street, near Hudson. / 1BEAP RRNT-NO, 17 BROADWAY.-AN AOOE88IHL < \ ' 1 .ft. well llgb ed by six windows, will be let lo sr. for anv light manufacturing t>urines* not sbjectioaable to the otlnr teusnta Pertons requiring p'er.ty ot dght and room will d > welltocaU. The premises will be arranged to suit oocupente. Abo a One suit of rooms, on the tint tlror, onalstlog of a r ? n 18x70,_ one of 8x8, two of 12x14, and on^ of 12x20, a 1 con niclsd. Also two good offices, on the thlrj floor, ons at $75, the other at $125 per annum. All of the aoove will be let very low, If immediate application Is made P. N. 8POFF9RD, 17 Broadway. CACUNVRY RESIDENCE TO LET AT HASTINGS,? \ ) roltage containing ten room* axd cellar, pleasauUy situ a ted on a lot of more than ;>n acre of ground, with ? fine garden and many excelled fruit trees, twomlnu'es* walk from the de pot end boat landing, commanding an extensive view of tbe Hudson, end renting lor $355, can be bad by a respectable and genteel family in consideration of the hoard of a gentleman, who will reqnire two rooms. Inquire at the house. DWRLLINO HOUSKS TO LET-NO. 200 IIUOSON street, (except office first floor,) eight rooms, $450; No. 202 Hudson street, nine rooms, $625; Ne. 3 Laight street, eleven or twelve rooms, $700; 62 Watts street, six rooms, $31)0; No M Waits street, (except basement J seven rooms, $300. Possession ot all before May. Apply to JaMEB PRICK, 200 Hudson st. (DURN1SHED ROOM8, IN BROOKLYN.?THKEEROOM-). J communicating, on tbe second floor, genteel furnished; rent$16 per month; within ten minutes' walk of Fulton ferry. Inquire at 104 Prospect street, Brooklyn, FURNI8HED HOUSE TO LET- IN YONKBB8; LOOA tion unsurpassed; elegantly furnished; all the convents ices of a city boose, to let for two years. Kent, to a good tenant, $1,300, Address box 3,861, Post office, New York. Furnished house to let. for six months.?the bouse is three stories, new; has all the modern improve ments; it Is situated In Fllteenth street, near Sixth avenue; it wilt ba let to a private family only. Address Is B? box 3,068 Post office. Furnished rooms ito lbt-from the first ok May; u parlor, wltb a bedroom and psntry attached, g??, Ac., in a private family, wtthont boar L Apply at 168 Bowery, In the drag store. Furnished house to let-in west twentieth street, near Slahth avenue, on very liberal terms, by a party teclintng housekeeping. The dwelling ia brick, three story and basement, and replete with ever* convenience, gar, bath, Ac. Will be let for a term of three years. To parties preferring, the furniture wonld be sold. Rent $1,200. For particulars, inquire at 182 and 184 Greenwteh street. Handsome furnished house to let or for sale?A very superior first class four story and basement brick house on East Sixteenth street, near Stnyve'ast square, and finished off Inside In the most elegast manner, with solid oak Mines, speaking tubes, bells, hot, eold and shower baths heater, dumb waiter, waterolosets, range, bronze chandelier* In the parlors, with cut glass globes; bronze figures with side ligtfs, lower hall tiled, Ac., Ac., and Is In perfect order. The hruse Is furnished tn a superior manner, and inelules lurni tore of the most costly description aod tn excellent oondiUmi: in fsct, the bonse Is ell that a gentleman of taste can desire, es it Is pronounced to be the most complete establishment In thl? city. Nearly all the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage, and the title is unquestlona >le. First elass railroad brnds will be taken In exchange. If not sold It will be let to a respor stole party for a term of years from May 1st. Far card* of admission to view the premlvet, and full particulars, ap i to ALBERT H. NICOLAY, No. 4 Broad street. M 0' HOUSE 10 LET-NO. 31 SUMMIT STREET, SOUTH Brooklyn five minutes' walk from Hamilton hvbhi lerry a three atorv brick bouse, wt'h all the mviero impr we mentB.aas complete. Inquire at No. 29, next door, or ni MA MSB A CO., No. 2)? Maiden lane. New York. EOCSRS TO LKT.--ONE OR TWO VERY DRHIRAB'.Y arranged and beaut'fnlly finished new honaei, eontainlcr IS rooms, wt'-htn one hnndrsa fettof the Sixth nvenue mUrm on the nor'herl.r side of Forty fourth "treet, between Fifth an i'lxtb aver uee, can be bad bra reapeotable tenant tor this yeur for the low enm of fire honored dollars, with a further lease of two years at a rery reasonable rent. Any person wanting ? bouse for a private residence will do well t* look at this pm party. Inquire <*t the premises, or ol GEO. R. HOWELL. 9.' West Twenty-second street. OURE, WiTH MODRRN CONVRNI ItNtlgH, AND FUn nlture, In Brooklyn to let or for sale, situated betweet Feury and Clinton streets, fire minutes' wa'k from I ho Sou ' ferry. Address box 1,741, Poet office. OURE TO LET.?THE THREE 8T0RY AND BAS? m?nt house Fo. 41 While dreet; rent to a good tenor $800 per annum Apply on the premises, or ol SCITf.KSI a GKR A AhDBESON, 63 Pine street, or of P. H. Holt, Front rtreet 0T>I, TO LET-IN BR>< Kt/YN, WITHIN TIRl doorsot E.imlltm avenue ferry; bat been kept t he U fonr sears by R. Losee, and furniture for sale very low; cvi rf relilng is In consequence of t'l health. Inquire on the p -e mlses, ho. S Hamilton avenue. L~5fT8 TO LKT.-THRKE GOOD LOFTS, KLIGIHI,r for any kind of business. Apply fir particulars at r." Luane street. AROE BANKING ROOM AKI) SUITES OF OFFIO-C to let, in the new marble front building. No. 67 and 5 Wll'iam street, mar Pine. The banktng room has front re ?? and centre llgn'. Apply to 8. B. 8CHIKFFKLIN, 170 Wll liaro street. ORRIS A NIA-?TO RENT, THR UPPER PART OF t genteel home, front room, with balcony, backroom nn< three bedrooms, large yard, Ac., to a small family wllbo i children. Rent $400 per year. Inquire of the flagman, a Melrose depot. >HTCE8 TO LNT?IN PEOPLE'S BANK BOOJHNt _ comer of Canal and Thompson streets, suitable for sr. has tonal man, artleis, architects and real estate brokers. rb? iffiees are very superior, and rent low. Apply at the Bank. FFICK8 TO CRT?IN IRYINO SAVINGS BANK building, 96 Warren street, one door from Green n lc u Apply lo V. L. BUXTON, Secretary. Rente low. OFFICES TO LET-ON SECOND FLOOR, TWO FIN* ofllcee, at No 7 Broad street, third door from Wall; w l be let together or separately. Suitable for lawyers or bust ?ess men. Inquire on the premises. 0~FFioB TO L?T-IN~Tmt LAFARGB BUILDING 2S' Broadway, corner Reade street: suitable for professluoe men, or a light business. Apply on the premises, room 1. *? cot d floor. ROBINSON A HAPPY. ART OF A IIOUHK TO~17rT-WITH A PRIY4T ? fomtlv, in a pleasant location, consisting of two rooms, wl r> panfPes, folding d .ore communicating, oh second floor, wiu use of bath. Rent $160-per annum. Apply at 691 Hudor street. between Fourteenth and Fifteenth. Reference re quired. ART OF A HOUSR TO LET?PLEASANTLY KITUATitl In Oxlord street, Brooklyn; parlor, two Ijmlrxsns a d flrrnt basemert Rent$140. Inquire of P, A. KELLER, 17i front street, New York. Flea baVt~rkrTd rnce at iastoria.-to let o u lease for a term of years, that well known, healthy tn-l pleasant residence, known aslhorburn's Garden, but has not been used for business purposes the last five years, fs situ ?' ed on f unswlck terrace, overlooking the river. No chills an fever known there. There are tine shade trees, just r.e .r enough the house, snd on the grounds choice specimens - some of the most rare trees to be fourd tn any garden on lb continent- No detail nsoeesary, as the pMce is oien to viev Inquiry mav be. made on the premises, or of J. M. THOR BURN, IS John street. OOM8TO LET.- A AmALL GENTEEL FAMILY, IIA V Ing more room Uian they wish to aeonpv, would let i%rg * ooms on second ana third floors, furnished or unfurnished ? Ithout board; convenient to stage and railroad routes. Ri t< rences exchanged. For parNcu are apply at No. 8 First s: COM8 TO LET-IN HOBOKEnTTN WASH (NO TO."I street, on the second floor, with or without breakfast, to two or three single gent'emen, or ? gentleman and wtfa; gae In the house ar,d pleasant yard. Inquire of STURMWALO, 1.8 W Ullam street, up Mlalrs, New York. NT $176 PER ANNUM-TO A family. To fat, in Williamsburg, a pretty brick cottage Rent $176 per annum-to a small genteel family. To fat, In Williamsburg, a pretty brick cottage 7 xcms. beautiiuTy papered, tron balcony, marble mante , gsrf en, pump, Ac.. In exsel'ent seder; oppmfle from the fern . - tagi s i>?es the donr^hnrohes, IQRMs. markets, Ae. Inqtfre at 46? Grand street, wunamsburg. k SB to i.wr and rixffuRH rem *aAl

O XI* grocery and liquor store, r.tffifr of Nlidn avenue an UgrTuflret street; store 44 ffiefdeep. an fee-wi ? all sqna-c, wfh Resiled gflsall rnmplete, suitable inr a line groscy an i , rnvitfcm stone, with basements and imbiee, K re-jutred Ap ply ci ire r rem1 tee. wctiAJtTr mcai STABLrrO LET-NOB. 21 AND 34 WEST THIRTEENTH street. Between Fifth and Bulb avenooa It baa .Lirty Mae i tails on tt>? loor, ?|i above ji oitH, fl> a carriage ro >in, all to ?ood order arid a rare crDOrtunttv Tor wales und a general very huelness. Hvd: t1,-00. A. II. ME 4. N, 83 Pearl St. SkOB>5 1(1 LET. 'IN BIXTil ATM Mr-THE BTUlitK 167 Birth avenue, one doc* from T-velfuh strse'. la to rent, for iwoieara, from May uexi. The sitaailon i one 'f the beet In this city for dry and fkD"y goods, for which il iv beautifully lined up. Apply as afco le. I^TOKK TO-LET?HO. 167 GR-:F.NWICH STREET, A O gocd location tor any retail trade. W.ll be rented low to k rerpoDtlble tenant. Apply to J. II. V ANDKNBKROH, 133 liberty street, from 10 to 12c'c'oet. | OTOAIS TO LBT-189 UREKhWieH STREET, FRGM O Is*, of May next, or earlier if desired. Inquire of NOBLK A MROKI.h'M, 193 Greenwich street. STORE 10 1KT-AT 631 HUD8CN STREET. WITH OR without bsremeit; a (cod ?or a eor fectljnery or fancy e'ore. Apply to J. MaTHIWSON, agem, 647 Hud ten rtreet. or OKU TO LET. OH EIGHTH AVKNCE?A LARGE O commodious store and basement, together or separate. No. Ail. between Twentieth and Twenty that streets, to one of the best locslioite on tee avenue: tt hue been occupied as a mrnliuie looking glass and picture frame store suitable fir any large xeu'tel basins am. immediate inisomslnn ran be had* Apply on Ihepremlies, to A. IRVblN, SlORkS AND DWELLINGS ETC-TO LRT, THN STORK and dwelling No. 237 Paial sireet; ren'.$650. Stores and dwelling bos. 483 and 491 Washington etree.t; rent $600. Good locations lor any business, being clone to lhe matket, Hudson Hirer Hal road depot, Uo 11ns steamship dxk. Ac. Apwiy to JaMRB PRICK, 200 Hudson street. SHOP TO LBT-A NEW PIR8T CLASH THREE HTOKV building. 25 by#0. in rear of 29 Kin* street, suitable tor any meohardcalor other business Inquire on the piemlsse. or to A. RAYMOND, 51 Chathsm street. KOOND FLOOR TO LET-OP A HOUSE; HAS POUR rooms, two closets, Croton and wnste p pea: can be seen between 11 A M. and 3P. M. Al o, two basemen's and one ?hop to let; lormer sni able lor '.U;ht manufacturing business, atter for a v beelwrtght. blacksmith < r iron works. Apply t > C. KNAPP, 68 East Thirteenth street, comer ol Fourth ave. SkCOND FLOOR"OF A TWO STORY~HOU8rT~NEAR Penal street, north side, to let. to a small family or single gent'emen. furnished or unfurnished, Inquire at 16). Dua'.e s'reet. tax office. WUMMHR HOTEL TO LRT, FOR ONE OR MOllB O years, and the furniture for na'e. ?The new and elegantly burnished hotel known as the Sea View House, which was opened last summer as a first class hotel, situated on the Shrewsbury river, at the Highlands of Neverslnk, New Jer sey. It haa all tho advantages of river and surf bathing, fish ing, aailirg and riding, together with the many pleasant resorts fin the woods, making It a very desirable place far a first oIahs tenant, to whom it will be let on reasonable terms. Apply to A. P. J A RYIB. 89 Prinee street. CTATBM ISLAND?TO LET, THE CALEDONIAN ?j hotel, sltuu ed at Vanderbilt's landitg, established lour years, snd now doing a good business; contain a 17 cad rooms, two purlors, barrncm and large saloon attached, suitable for a dirisg faloon; the klicheu being fitted up with large oven, cooking ranges, Ac. Ihelotel fronts the buy. and being along side the terry Is a first rale opening for a business mar; will be let tor one ur more years, a< may be agreed on, for ttia low sum of $000. Inquire of DAVID FLEMING, Vanderbilt's landing. TO LET THR LOFTS OF NO. 1 PINE STREET, ONH dcor from Broaaway. Inquire on the premises. TO LRT?THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE NO. 77 OK chard street, consisting of four rooms and baek basemen'. Inquire at 249 Ilroome street. TO LKT-THBJBDOND FLOOR AND BASEMENT OF A first e'ass bo^MNo. 349 Fourth street, three doors east of Broadway; gai aWnrongh the hmse: rent $<60. To be seen from 4 to 6 o'clock P. M. Apply to J AME3 AR 1)1.10,125 O, oibv street. TIO LBT, NEAR BROADWAY, EAST SIDE?T1IE I.A RCA house No. 30 Reade street, containing twenty five rooms, is particularly well adapted lor hotil or lodging home, a< d situslcd most convenieatly to all bnsiners parts ot the city. Immediate possets Ion will be given. For further particuia-s apply at No. 32, next door. LET-PART OF A 1IOURE, CONRISlINO-OF Tffi) parlors, front basement, and two or three rooms 00 the third floor. The house has gas. hot and oold water, bath, A', and is situatfd In Thirty first street, near Lexington avenum Apply h K. B. KIH SlIIMRR, 319 Fourth aveaue. ritO LET-IN THE NEWLY BUILT STORE, THE LOFTS X 63 Ann street, near the corner of WUllam street. Posses sion given the let of May. Also, two spacious lofis on the first s'ory, with skylighti, 163 Wtlilsm street, in connection wi s 1 he left 63 Ann Btree'. Apply at 48 John ??., to D. M. PEYSER, from 12 to 3 o'clock, or to John Lloyd, 15 Nassau street, cor ner of Pine. TO LKT?THE PAB8AQK OFFICE, NO. 67 GREENWICH street, long established; also, apartments In 38 Ro de i.m Rtreet, near College place, to be put In goad order; and to sy Warren street, rooms sod bedrooms. Apply at No. 10 State street near tbe Battery. rfMi ijit-a Vhrer 8TORy~ house in fiftt thirl X street, between Fourth and FUth avenues: rent, to a good tenant, >300. Apply to O. A R. POILLON, 224 South st TO LRT?A DESIRABLE SK1HE, NO. 586 EIGHTH avenue, beirg 10 feet front by 80 feet deep, aed 13 feet celling, with a large skylight in the raar; part built for the dry goods trade; would be a geod location for a boot and sh 'P, hardware or furniture store; also, the basement, 80 by 24 few well lighted. Inquire of J. 0. B ANSON, 89 West Broad wa | mo LET-HALF OF A TWO STORY AND AT(IO HOUSb X 91 Wll'ow street, bebveen Wall street and Fulton terries, to a small fhmtly, from the 1st of May. fflO LBT-JARDINK A SON'S LATE ORGAN FACTORY X 548 Pearl street, between Broadway and Kim. well lighted, and will be rented low. Jardlne A Son having removed to their new factory, corner of White and Centre. TO LET-IN CANAL STREET. TWO STORES, TWO basements and second.' third and fourth it tries all for baste ess purposes, and sear the corxer of Broadway; two rooms, entrance cm Broadway; rent $200 to 9400. Apply at 144 Chambers street or 127 Greene street. ) LKT?TBE FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMSNT home Ne. 148 West Thirty ninth street, between Seventh and kighth avenues, and near Broadway; Is well finished, and has all the latest improvements; will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply to ABNKB OBBORN, 194 Greenwich street. fTIO LBT-AT 8TATEN ISLAND, WITHIN TWENTY X mlnntee' drive from Vanderbilt Landing, a modern bul'.t house, with bathroom, hot sad oold water. Ac-, ooachhouse, ?table aid thirty acres of land, divided Into garden, lawn, pas ture and mowing grounds, and commanding beautiful inland and ocean views. Apply to A. J. HAMILTON, 18 Exehange place. LET-TWO 8PLENDID UNFURNISHED PARLORS, en first floor, to one or two single gentlemen, with or without breakfast. Also, the front parlor, with bedroom at tached, oa second floor, furnished or unfurnished. In a private house, containing all the madorn Improvements. Apply atNo. 100 Prinee afreet, near Broadway. LKT?THE STORE BJX CHATHAM STREET. WITH cr wltbont the second story, suitable for a dining or kIL Herd saloon, being over 1 inety feet In depth. Inquire el Mrs SPRNOER, 65 Ludlow street T|K> LFT-TWO THREE BTORT AND ATTIC BRICK J. houses. 378 and 284 Spring street; also, two story brick bouse, 368 Spring streek Will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply to B. NKwHOUBK. 275 Hudson streak LET?THE NEW FOUR STORY ENGLISH BARE mem boose. 34 Ktath street, between Fifth and Blxth avenues. The bouse baa all the modern Improvement*. Ap ply to JOHN W. A. STRICKLAND, at A. T. Stewart A Co.'a. between 9 and 10 o'clock. TO LET?THE HOTIL AND RESTAURANT IN TI1E large Ave story brick building, having a front of 151 Tank known as Bunt's Hotel, at the Bouth ferry, fronting the Ba< tery, East river and Bay of New York. The position and advaiit?res for above business are too well known to need lurtber dercrlpllon. The premises wilt be let separately or 'ogether. Constant txsnmunicatlon with all parts of the city 'rom the omnibus stands in front of the hotel. Apply at the ofDoeof W. W. TOWNS END, on the premises; entrance on South street. TO LKT?LABOR AND LOFTY LOFTS, IN TUB NEW building corner of Dnane and 11m streets, beaatitnil* lighted, consisting ot eleven windows to eaoh lloor. Inquire of B. McKEMNa, 32 Centre street. LET?STORK BACK ROOM AND LIQUOR ROOM, store well calculated tor clothing or wholesale and re'-al; grocery and liquor bus'ness. Also, a sloop of 60 tons regis' sr. Also a butcher's spring cart and harness for sals. Inquire of JAMES POOH. 344 Water streek rLBT-noWlTTOWN, A HANDSOMS FURNISHED frcnt rmm, cn the second floor of the d veiling No. 83 Murray street, without board. Apply as above. TV l LKT-A TWO STORY, AN D BASEMENT FRAM M l houie. No. 5 Mill rtreet, near Smith st., about two hue drrd feet from'he Hamilton and Fulton ferry railroads, Sou'h Brooklyn. Rent $144. Onn be seen by inquiring at No. 8, n-v door. For further particulars. Inquire of P. McCUKN, 115 Ply mouth streek TO LET-THE WBOLE OR PARlToF~THE~NEW~Fiair class three story btick bouse. 241 Devi street, Brooklyn, with all the modern Improvement; gas fixtures and clamle Iters will be left In the house. Wl'l be let low to a good tenant Inquire on the premises. T^LRMHK FOUR STORY "kVOLISH-BASEMENT house, wttn all the modern Improvements, northeast oor nsr of Fecund avenue and Twelfth street- also, the house ad joing, being 192 and 194 Second avenue. Inquire on the otrner, where the owner can be seen, Tuesday, Thursday ami So lurdar, from IS to 1 o'clock. TO LIT-THE THREE STORY HOUSE AND STORE, with extension, 149 Fourth avenue, first house bslow Fourteenth street, eart side. Has been used for saloon pur poses, and is suitable for any business. Apply to JAMES P. HYATT, 61 Wall street, room No. 3. 0 LRT?PART OF A NEW BROWN STONE FRONT bourc la Forty-third st, between Seventh and Eighth avenues sou h side; convenient to ears and stages; rooms c quisling of the entire seoond floor, with cloeets, tli-oton water, wardrobe, drawers, chandeliers, Ac.; ens room on third Hour and from barement, with other prtvt'sgss, to a small respectable family. Bent moderate and porseasion Immediately. House very pica sant and good neighborhood. TO I.KT?A LARGE AND COMMODIOfS STORK, WITH the basement, In the best part of the Eighth avenue ; the dwelling part may be had If required, c insisting of eighteen moms, and well calculated for a boarding Dense. In piire at Dr. L A. Bosenmiller's drug store, 172 Eighth avenue. TO LET-ON ST. MARK'S PLACRT A~~F0UR STORY bon'e. In good order; modern Improvements; house 50 feet deep, contain Ire 16 or 18 rooms. Ben'8750?u banal o. Alio other hourea. E. B. KIHSBIMEB, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7. O LRT?THE M ANfllON IIOl'SK, ~OUTBITILIIINOS and (rounds, with ten or twenty acres of land, tn the vll Isge of Jamaioa, now occnpled by Job Jackson, K?q. Will he rented to a good tenant. Possess! m given on the lstot May Inquire of LAURENS REEVE, Jamaica, L. I. rL2T-THE BA IK PART OF STORK lUB HRO,\t . way, in the beat location. 60 feet long and well lighted; would make n splendid show room; admirably suited for a pic t urs gallery or ptano'orte warernoms. Rem moderate. Apply on the prexilses. O I.FT?THR IJlWEiT PART OF |THE~ HOUSE K6 Ihon pson street, Depnn place, near B'eecker street, front basement, kitchen, with range, (Iroton water and sewer; three tooms on the first floor and two on the third. Rent mo derate The furniture of theprosent octupaut for sale, In f>ilreon the prtml es.or of TfloMAS JOHNSTON, New ork and New Haven Railroad depot, 85 Canal streek T~0 LRT?A PAIR OF SMALL NEATLY FBRNISHgD parlors, suitable lor a dentist or doctor. Rent very mo derte. Inquire a* 234 Fu ton street, Brooklyn, one door from the corner ?f Clark. sO I.KT - AT FORDHAM, A VERY nEflfRAMIE TWO slory, atUc and bvscment dwelling, wltli noe-third ot an sere of giound, eligibly situated About Ave mlnntea' walk from the depot of the Harlem Rallrrsd alio-ding an ex'enslve view of the t urroundlng counfry. Apply to K. SAMPSON, 13 Ptne si I eft, or JOHN CROMWELL. Fnrdhum. TO LbT?RENT 8600 TO A OOOD FAMILYThOCSE 113 East Ihlrfv nlnth s reel, between Lexington and Thlrdave miss ftrar stories and bailment; all the improviftnents. Pos if?Ion Imirci la elv. s< the present ten in's are moving Us day. Inqul e of P.. OlBiLoNR, 172 West Forlleth st-ert, near Eighth areata. TO LIFT?MILLINERY SHOW ROOMS. TWELVE VK\R? crt.iblUbtd; the advenlser giving no on account of I'l health Apply M 300 Fourth street, near Broadway. TO LKT-1TW, STORE" 17 WALL STREET, A VALU ab e s)tiia?kin tar banking or Insurance rflloes, opposite the Cnrfom House, aridfcetr Bread street. Apply on the, premises *cond siorj, fror.t rcdm. PAVIB O. (WPMNvfON. TKMA.VIS' MJKUIMTKH. 70 LRT?THE PA RL0R~AH f>~ NEX r""~F TORI W AVD ff Itlwtta >f ? t lw? ' rl-b hnn?e Milllft " the mo ifn, imnu.vt toenis, ?ocb e? bam, ? *ih ro im< *??.. to ? small genteel family. Avoir a: 6b Inir.T fttih fire- . Urkldjor West of Broadway. Rent $400. To let "kithfi part tlree'- MMt-'utlivao. The keened li'i>r ba? iw i targe ; .r krs with fo dit'K doors. pa u.r fee, Ac . ba'e my in fruit; wmcb nr'ors wl,I be lei with the ba*cni?s.t 'lhe .poerpar* e in i.n ii large parier, Bedroom and kv.cbea. 1 w i tainlliss ooly ?all! c icatv the Loure Reef ic.-rcn.Me. ^loaly to W. F. T. L'fc APM* If, Rey'sle, ?? otlice, Park, or on lbs premises. TO LP.Tv~iH~grUTH BROOKLYN !' A RT OF A TWO ? cry kd<1 alUc nnuae, Willi ba??meui and sub ce.lar; hard w?i'h and ins-ile mantelpiece; any person hiring be fore tlif, Ut of May can have their choice of ap ir'.meota; Irv-* hon f: n* enfant to the lerriee. For particulars apply to W. BHEWKR, No.O Hamilton stree'. N. Y 0~ LKT-THP SMALL FRAME OWK illlftl IMH-<F. and hi chen is the rear. bo. 7 IVuninlek etreet; rent $290 ptr annum. Inquire ol HKAMAN LOIA KRRH, .107 Spring *U TO LPT?IN BROOKLYN. TWO KIKST t'LABi UOI RBS and two good bouses, at very low Mot*. A"p 1 v at 146 So nth Ninth sure, Brooklyn, Eastern D strict, or 193 Front etreet. New Ycrk. mo LET-FOrTA PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE, THR FROM* 1 basement of No. 99 tip risk etreet. next door to the freer ou Ilonee, Broadway; alio a few furnished rooms. without board, A'. Beferenceag'ven and required. Apply at 49 White street, till let of May. ffib LRT-THE LOWER PART OF 140 EAST TWENTY - JL first ttreet, consisting ol' two parlore with marble man tels: two basements and two rooms on the tblrd floor. Apply on the premlct a. AImj part of a bouse In Sixth avenue, near Seventeenth etreet. rjpOLKT-A NEAT COTTAGE. WITH URGE 3R0UND8 J. and one large bonne, containing 18 room*, at Stauleton. Ftaten Island; a ?o, a p easant cottage and coach houtte on the Fingerboard road, well calculated f >r ft gentleman') residence; and tour furniabed bonus at Clifton. Apply to 0. BlRT LhlT, N6 Bruadway. O LET?IN EIGHTH AVKNLX VICINITY OF Cryaiat Pa'aee, part ol a house, cinslsUng ol five room-, with all the modern Improvementa, Croton wr.iter. gas, A". Will be lei low to a good tenant Inquire eu the premises. a. bus Eighth avenue Care and itage* ansa every few mlnut??. TO^LRT-IN BROOKLYN. THE VERY nKSlRAAI/C three atory and basement houae 46 Joralemnn atree*. thiee m'nuteii' walk irom Wall or South fe.rilea Apply t? .1. II. PI ENTICE A CO., 166 Water atreet, N. Y. Reat IflOO per tit. am TO LET?FOR SIX MONTHS OR LONGER, FROM THE latofHay the entire furritureol a median sired throe atory bouse. The Itirnltnre, though not new. la lu gTid order rid will be let on the meet tartrate teruta. Address box ".173 Post office. TO LET-A TWO STORY AND ATTIC COTTAG 4 bouse, three room a deep, with m-idrrri Improvements, 47 Went Twenty sixth rtreet, between Broadway and Sixth ave nue. Can be aecn from 10 till 2 H. M. T0LKT-A~H0USK ON STA1R.V ISLAND. PORT RICH motd, about three minnten' walk fro n Port Richmond ferry, two story attic and baaement; also, u pact of aho'ias Inquire cn tha premises. TO LET?TI1E HOU8R NO. 799 WASHINGTON STREET, corner of Horatio atreet; three sU.rfea. basement and attlo, marble maniela ar.d Croton water. It U one hill of the hniul litg. of 25 by .16 feet, but haa a seDsrste nlftutfit,nod la en' tUely or connected with the other halt. Rent $350. Apply to HkNKY A. N Kl.SON, seooDtl floor of 139 Front atreet, from 12 A. R. lo 2 P. M. TO I.F.T-TBK BEAUTIFUL RESIT)RNl'E, NO. 1 LO Y. don terrace, comer of Twenty third ttreet and Tenth ave nue. The houae is 211 feet lu width and ti2 feet d-teo, with bay wli d" w? on each lleor In Iront. over.ooklog the lawn, which Ii COO feet lnrg, extending to Ninth avenue and laid out Into walks, with trees nud ihrubberv for the exclnelve use of the occtirartnof the tin ace. It will be rented low to a good tensn'. App'y at 1UJ Hr> adway, from 11 to 12 o'clock, or a' 03 Sas* Twenty seventh till eel, of PKTRR A- H. JalKSON. fTO LET-I n"TiIu9KY CITY, I' A RToVTiFe QOC8R~2!).T l Sou h Fecord Btreet, within llfleen m'nute,' walk from the ferry; Jerriy aveatiesuiaes piss every tan minutes Upp?r pu i t c< Deists of the cerond lloor through, ten room, aid kit-then oil fiom ball on lirsf. lloor. with cellar u tderneatb and square room and bedroom a rove, making seven rouma and cellar, for $150, wa'er rent Ire uded TO " I.KT?THE" THREB STORY~BRICK HOUSE 70 Sackett atreet, Brroklyn. Said house la In complete order and ? i'l he let at a moderate rent to a good tenant. Apply to Mr. JACKSON, Hamilton ferry. Brook yn. TO LET-A LARGE STORE ANI) APARTMENTS. NO. ?If2 West Twentr-nlath street near the Eleventh avenue. Good fnr groceries or dry goods Whl be let low. Inquire of O. l.OYD, in the rear houae, third Iloir. LET-Two LARGE ROOM* IN THE NEW HAVEN depot, corner cf Canal and Centre etreeta, 116 leet long. The rooms thre on Canal atreet. They can be used tor me et anical purposes, with or wlthoui steam power. Inquire ou the premises. I.K'I ?THE LCWKR PART OF THE THRKK BTOBY home 219 Tentli street, writhin two blocks of St Mark's chnrch?the parlors, c'oaetsin hall, two bndroomt In third aiory, Irani baeeizant, use of under cellar, Ac. Neightxr hood geiteel. fflO LET-A STORK AND BACK ROOM IN THE NEW X house No. 78 West Thirty third itreet. near Sixth avenue, fultable for the gtoce?T or any other quiet butlneaa. Apply to YIM. E. WKSIKRFIELD, 1,092 Broadway, oner of Thirty second street. O LET?THREE STORY HIGH BASBMBNT HOUSE, No. 90 West Twenty aeventh street. In complete order, with modern Improvements, and fine gas futures in the house. Also, No. 80. same atreet, will be rented low to aaultaole party. Apply on the premises to J. K. PON1). TO LET-A FIRST CLASS ENGT,I8H BASEMENT bouse, containing twelve rooms, with all the modern im Jmovements, fan be seen by apylvlng at 98 WeatTwenty ourth street, and tor further particulars, of F. BTOUVKN ICL>, 213 Centre street. TO LET?TO ASM ALL RK8P KCTABL K FAMILY,"FOUR rooms on seaond floor and two on third floor, with base ment, In Ihe newly finished' house 286 Madlaon itreet. Gas, Croton, Ac. Inquire on the premises. O LET?IN BROOKLYN, A THREE STORY BRICK boure in Atlantic street, between Powers ttreet and Fourth avenue, two miles from Wall street; ears and stages to the ferry. Rent $'<60. Applytto W. J. HOPP1N, 64 Wall street. O LET-ONE OF THE OLDEST AND BK8T K8TAB Urbed clothing stores In the city, No. 63 Cortlandt stres ? corner of Washing on. first oorner above Jersey Olty ferry Best location In the d>y. Apply to H. MII.LRR, up stain. TO LRT?THE FRONT AND BACK BA8KMKHT. FRONT and back parlors, and two bedrooms In the third story or house 43 Orchard street. Croton water and gaa in the bouse. Sent $100. Apply on the premises, or lo JAMES CONNER A SDh'B. 29 Beekman street. O LRT, 412 BROADWAY?THB THIRD FLOOR, CON taming three rcoms. Rent $740. Apply In the aegar store* TO LET-PART OF THE MODERN THRKK STORY high b.-itement house 117 Laurens, near Prince street, with use of bath, range, Ac., consisting o' four rooms on ae eend floor, three rooms on third floor, and either front or back basement together or separately. Inquire of Mr. W. WIT IE RH, 187 Canal street. f| O LET-IN TARRYTOWN, A COTTAGE, WITHIN 1 ten minutes'walk of ihe depot, an aire of ground attach ed. with fine fruit, and Is a very desirable plase. Rent (260 per annum. Address, or apply In person, to Mrs. E. Meserole, Tarry town. TO LRT-A STRICTLY FIRST OLABS BROWN STONE front house. In a line location, near Broadway, with every modern In provement gas fixtures, mirrors, oi'cloihs. Ac, with or without carpets; also a number of houses ana pars ol houses In good locitlons, at moderate rents. For further par tlculart apply to BAYLE4 A ROWE. 48 Fourth avenue. O LRT?THE UPPER PART OF THE FINE BRICK house, 76 City Hall place consisting of front and back parlors on the second floor and three rooms on the third floor. h en $179. fan be seen between 10 and 12 A. M., and 2 and 3 P.M. Inquire on the premises. n o LKT-THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 237 WR8T J Thirtieth street; has ga?, Croton water. Ac.; will be rest ed cheap to a small respectable family. To be seen beAreeu tbe hours ol 11 and 3 o'clock. TO LBT-TNII THREE STOKT AND BASEMENT BRICK dwelling bonne, 291 Went Thirty sixth street, betwean Ninth and Tenth avenues, convenient to the Flgh'h avenue cars and teveral lints of stages. Will be painted and put In )oo<l order, and rented to a good tenant, a> $J7f> per annn-n. t quite or J. X. HATCH, 376 ninth avenue, or ofBanti., lotf Cr.nal street. 0 LET?THE SECOND BTORY, COh,SIS TING OK TWO perlors atid two bedrooms and a part ol the tliird e'ory, wl'h modern improvements, at l.'i'.t Second sired, to a small lumliy. Irquire at 1-13 Seco.d street. | O LET?TUB HOUSE NO. 120 C20AR STREET, BR 1 tween Green a Ich and Washington. The lower part is notable for a groc"rv or othtr business. Apply between 1 nt d 3 o'clock, at til Wall itreet, fourth story, t > TH A rCHER 1 PAYNE O LET?A FIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSE, IH Twenty third street, tn comp'ete order, newly palnlel st d frescoed, for a year or longer, to a ptivato fam'ly only. Ar drei s box 1.551 Bew York Post office. rro LET?A 8U1TOF PARLORS, ON FIRST FLOOR, A for t.ffloe* or some genteel business, at *o. 40 Howaru meet, first door from the comer ot Broadway, eait side. Other ret me may be hud. oTf.T?THE 8TORE OR THE CORNElftOF HUDSON and Jane streets, suitable for almost any retail trade. Ai ply to NICHOLAS VBEELANO, 627 Hudson street, or to W. C. Lemon, 122 Broadway. f| O LET-LOWER PART OF HOUSE 137 ELIZABETH i street, near Brooms, front and back uarlors, with folding <'< crs, and pantries, back basement and store room, and an a; ? ttc room. Rent $228. Apply at 126 Pecond street. | O LET-TWO SMALL HOUSES, IN BROOKLYN, BU i tween Fulton and Wall street femes, No. 47 Cranberry sit eet. nine rooms, with bath, range, hot and co'd water and Kit: rent $450. No 49, fine rooms; rent $200. Inquire nt M Hicks street, Brooklyn, or at 85 Fnltoo street. New York. ri O 1 ItT-THK FOUR STORY BASEMENT HOUSE, NO. A 266 Fonrth avenue, n pleasant and desirable location for a rrspec able private tamllv, or a phyetdin, situated a lew <k crs shove Twentieth street. It has gss, Oroton wa'er, bath, walert losete. fine < pen rear, good vard, Ac, W1U be lPttoa gnod, responsible tennnt at a fair rent. Apply on the pre mises. . O LET?A THREE STORY BEICK BOUSB, INSOUrU ) Brooklyn, with alt the modern Improvements, such ae ess, hot ard co'd baths, in a good neighborhood and less than Ave minutes' walk from Hamilton avenue ferrv, South Brooa ltn. Rent reasonable. Inquire at 39 Summit street, South Brooklyn or ot QKO. CAT.DWELL, No. Maiden lane. New York, at Marsh A Co.'s. T~~~OLBE^-A GOOD BRICK STABLE, WITH FOB* stalls and n good hay loll. Inquire at 202 F.ast Twentieth street, tear First avenue. o'lET- DOWN TOWN, A PLEASANT FURNISHED rrrm, for one or two gentlemen, without botird. Apply at No. 86 Mm ray itrae*. TO LRT-THE THREE LOFTS OF THE STORE, 147 Wa'er street, near Peck ? Ip. The lofts are very ight and well suited for mantusrturlt* purnoses. There Is a tr ead office on the second lloor. W11. be rented low to a g md tenant Apply to WHITNEY A MORRIS. TO LET-TT1K UPPER PART OF THVBRf >W N STONE house, 191 West Twentv eevenm s'.ieei, with all the mo dem luprovements. to a small genteel tamllv. Rent f,t si rr o let?at"jurToirrs. i., onthf. hhorf, a labor I and good brick house, replete with all the medern Im Erovementa, ten minutes'walk from Vanderbiit's landlsg. a irge garden Is a tached to the prooetty. Prosper! magelti cent and location unsnrpamed. Address Mr Boron, SLilen ' f land ferry, foot ofWhltehail street M~0 LET, I* BKOORI,TB-THR"tHREM STORY BRI?)K A dwelling house, 28x60 feet, northwest corner of Clinton and Keltic streets;Is within eight mtnues' walk of South ferry; the hi nee Is three rooms deep, has gas. (fixtures belong lo house.) furrnse, bath, Ac , ai.d Is suitable for a largs family, flan he ten alter 10 A. M. For terms apply to R. UPJOHN A CO., 77 Tilnlty Building, 111 Broadway. If. Y. TO LET FOR A TERM OF TEARS?THE LARGE AND ccmmodlcus boarding house bnown as Nog. 19T and 1M Bleeder a" ree', $0 feet tront bv It* feet deep. This h use was hut* txptessly for a flrrt class bo. sdlrg house: has every oon vtrlttce and aooouimodatl'Ki required fur wich an esHnllab m*nl. CWitrn water g:u . baths, a.d a beau'lful suit of par lore, end one of tbe largest clatng rooms aad most eonvauleat kVth? r.s 6> 1 e fbuud In tbe oBv. Abo None hundred boarders ran be iroommodated oqp.fnrti?b y. Ki n:. ).c50t) per uinum For ttrflfs apply lo BANKS, GOvLD A00., No, 114 Nassau VIM ANTS KSQU T) LET, ATABTORIA-A 't-ntly Icotied on Ramseo atreet overlooking He'lgato si <1 ib? ) ait river, finished In comolste strle, w lb about MA 'OOM. garden or * fourth aura Heut HM. Alao, a ocltagq , pleasantly iltualedun the ' T home, on nurtwlck terrace, sud wllbln ISO 3 nils > I the steam o?t landing. with eight ten rooms, gn.?, Ac btabla and; an acre ol lend attached. Bent 1460 AopH to Mr. TBAFFORD, A uteris, or to H. 8. hiKKB, 50 ? iwtu street, Hew York TpT, LEtTS BROOKLYN - TWO HOCBltHHKACT1FULL* I Ireatsd on Cirltun ivem.e In Lost of Washington perk, cntaiiilng nine room" nod o her convenors**, ir -n m fig. tore* end chande'ier* oompVie Apply on the*, 14ft Carlum avenue till fee. Mouth of Myrtle avenue. Bent >320, 'P< I 1,iTt aBDPoSk?B10F IMMEDIATELY- THELaRON A tiveslor) bnllalrg on the oorrier of Broome ua itin sirteta, and i ear rroadwsy, a capital location for a targe board tg bou?t or hotel The pren Uen are to flrit rate order and repaid Apply lo R L. BC YDAM, L'8 Waverley place. ) LlT IB BROOKLYN?WITH OR WITHOUT FPRNI ture, the three atnry niae'ic front house. 375 Pacific illee% Brooklyn. a few di or* bove Bond itrent. This house ie tn tl cellent order, and is rupplted with gas fixtures, range, AO. Th? locality 1< one of the in mt dealr.Dlein Brooklyn. The key mew be oo'alotd at No. 37.H Pacific itrtet, next door. Far termdh Ac., applv to A. J BLEK.CKKR A SONH, No. 7 Bread street, hew tork. TO LET IN BROOKLYN?A THREE 8T0RY BRICK besen ?nt hout e. No. IhS Dean street, between Uood and Nevln* street*, with all the modern Improvement*, arched par lor*. thrre room* deep, gas and fixture*. Aunty to 0 jG8 WE' I, A ANi FRHON. No. 9 Court street. Brook I v or to if. B. I Weston, 2r9 Bicadway, ap stairs, room No. 6)4- Rent B2&. ~ O LhTJFlFRNn urTfor balk-a genteel hou-e; on Stattn Island. oor taming thirteen rormn, with tarn* atable, and twenty scree of land attach d, situated one mil? Ioulb ot t'aitleton landing; rent >750 Inquire of O. K. LkB, 77 Ninth street, or of Mr. Klngaford'a gardener, opposite ihS premises. TO LEY FOB THE 8UMMBR HKA80N-A COTTAGHl containing two piror* four Bedrooms, tea room, on. kitchen, bsrn, stablee. ooaoh ho-tee and other outbuildings, to gether with garden, and about fonr acre* of pasture. To? gi< d tanam. the whole *01 be rented very low. Addrcas O08l Uge, box 136 Herald ofllce. TO LKT OK FOR~iALE-THR MODERN BUILT THLR KB story brick house No. S Morrti street, Jersey (NTy, wltil lot adjolnlpg '1 he bouse Is within a few minute* from the ferrv, ted pleasantly located. Apply on the premilea, orQg O. J. MILL KB, 181 Washington street. How York. fpo LET OR FOR RAI E-NEW BROWN STONE POUR 1 i lory Kegltsh basetnent houses, very bands meljr finished, wlib every modern Improvement, south aide ol Thirty fourth street ti5 feet weat from Br ad way; rent very reasonable ta latlstartory tenanta. Inquire on the premlaes, between 11 and 12 A. M. rpti LET .OB LRABhi-THR WHOL1 OR FART OF A A five story building. 127 Grand at'eet. near Broadway, tha roome are 26 by 80 feet deep, with two aute rooms en eacn Poor, suitable for society or mercantile purposes. Alao, lb? lower part of the bouse adjoining. Apply on the premises. O LBT OK LRaSK?IN BROOKLYN, A THRU STORY h< use, on the corner of Hickory and Tompkins avenues, a garden ol five lot*, uloely laid out with pet oh, currants, gooseberry and grapes, also a oarrtige house and stables For further partlou are Inquire on the premises. IlO 1.1.T I>B LFaHK-THE THREE HTORY 3 A8FMENT and counter cellar house on 'he north side or Fifty third a tee', hetwern Fecund end Third avenuea, with Crotott water, Lsih BDd ratine Bent $450. Apply to GEO. VT. WIL LI A.M8, 194 East Twentieth street. tr,0 LET T)k LRAPK FIVE LOFTH. ENTIRELY NEW, A ar.d well lighted, 18 bv 65 Inches also a few roimv, low. Irqn re at Oak Hall 81 and 86 Fulton street, Mew York. TO LKA8K-A~COAL YARD, IN THK F!?1H WARB, 1 w ithln one block of the river. Inquire at 364 Washington street. T'orent?tbb UPPER PART OF A OOOD HOUflF, IM Wro,ter street, between Kleecker and Amity rireets, io a ijniil! quiet thmtly. Apply to WM. H. 8TODT, 523 Broadwiy (I^J KEN 1?1 HE urPER~PART <JhrjToOOb H0U8B, IN A Wojstor strec', between B'eecker and Amity ifreete to? emAll qulei tatnily. Apply to WM. H. STOUT. 523 Broadway. o rent-a basement and cellar, 24 fret (wide by 73 deep. In a desirable location, 69 Liberty street, ? few dorrs east ofBroadwa- : the basement Is woll lighted and flttrd up, hae new shelvtrg, Cro on water, gas. and every con ven roce for buiines* purposes. Will be rented no tmoderate iii'Uia by apply lug on the premlies. Immediate puaaesato? glveo. rit<) RENT-T~NEW FIRST ULaSA BRICK House, IN A Oxferd street. Biooklvn. near Myrtle avenue. Thlsbouea la lilted up Id a superior manner throughout, having c Hiking rnngfi, bathing rmm. with hot and c ilit water, Horary. Aa, anil maible man .els of 'he ti ret qo ility. The Is:?choire Icct llr.n icr a resldenre, be'ng within (wo or th-ee mtnn ee' walk of the Fort Greene park, hen $500. Apply a' 92 Washirgloa street, Brooklyn, or 88 Pike slip, New Yorr. 0~ BSNT-0NE VaLF OF AN KLK0ANT DOCBLN cottage, containing eight rouns; a more de'igett'ul or healthy ocatkm catnot be desired; riazza running the entire length of the front; also a larse spare of ground In front, tasto Itillv laid outand planted with Dowers; a so tali grown toad? trres. with large garden In the rear and stable; fifTeen minutes* wa:k fioni Barclay street ferry. Stages running constantly la the door. Kent very low to a go.'d tenant. Address O. H., Herald office. TO DhY GOODS. GROi'KRS AND MERCHANTS.?A new. elegant, 85 teet store I j let, with four rooms attached. In Grand stieet, Williamsburg. The favorite Me'.ropollta? stores will do a large business by euterprlslng men, having done a large business as a lea store: beautifully fitted op. Ilk* quire at 452 Grand street, Williamsburg. T" O I RtTn ^WnXlAM8BURO-TO A NICE, RE8PF.CTA bie family, the second floor of a three itary brick house, cos slating of three rooms, In North Fifth street near ibe cor ner of Third. Will be let low to thoee who tuit and possession givtn immediately. Inquire at tn* blacksmith abep, on tha corner ot Third at d North Fif'h ttreela iro POLITICAL PARTIK-.?TO LET, THE BROAOWA* A Bouse Committee Room, known for the last quarter of m century as the " Beaduuarlera of the whig party." Apply ta JiHN HOOPE, 462 Broad way. ?R, DESIRABLE HOU8F? TO LET?WELL LCOA ted. A Une house on Amoa street; rent WOO. One on Weal Twenty eighth atreet; rent 1660. One on Baal Twentieth street; rent 1660. One on Twenty eighth street; rent 1625. One on Twentv ninth street; rent 8800. One on Lextnglon avenue; rent 8850. One on Fourth avenue; rant F650. And several gen teel parte of honees. E R KINSIIIMtIR, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 P. it. A SPRING MILLINERY, AC T SIMMONS', 964 Broadway, Just recelred, By steamer Baltic, A large lot of Parts Millinery and Children's hats and caps. At W. SIMMONS', 964 Broadway. A LARGE STOCK OK 1MPOATKI?>BENCH BONNETN. at Madame R. HARRIS A SON'S, 971 Broadway, con sisting cf chip, lace, crape. taney straws. Ac For eiqulstta taste asd beauty ot design they have never hail their equal la this etty. Country milliners will do well by ealliog and select ing pattern hats. B1ASBION8.?THE CRYSTAL PALAOI FIRST PRIZB JT silver medal emporium ot fashions. Madame DEMORK8T. 379 Broadway, informs the pnblic ihat her branch store, 79)a Canal street, opposite Oreene, contains the most elegant ana artistic deMgns of patterrs ever offered, under the superin tendence of Him. Uoocall. Lock to ycur interest-c. beil a co , no. 3 Catherine street, are < iferlng to the ladies floe dresa tllk bonnets, 13 to $4; rlchl' ttlmmed straw da, 93 90 to $4; lawn bottle's, 10s. to 912s N, B.?Ladies' and children's basque waist and mantll.a patterns cnttn the latest stjie. ILLIN1RY.? Mrs. RALUNGS, 399 Broadway and i>7 Cunal st-eet. Baa s rich assortment of tine Parisian silk bonnets; also teaBJ trim metl atruws. She solid Is a call from the ladles. ADAMK MsLBKRFR7_Mi! BKIADWAY, DIREOTL* eppost e lite St. Nicholas Hotsi, wilt open several cases ot Parte millinery. Thursday. April 24,1896. ADRMOI8ELLB BABNRXT Has opened KBR !tcw SHOW HOOKS, 701 Broadway, (op stairs J With a varied selection of PARIS MILLINERY. STKaW coons, MILLINERY, MANTILLAS, TALMAS. llowers, ribbons, embroideries, trimmings, Ac., very cheap, (?cods low to who'esale buyers. ' l*adies, c?me and see," at the Bee hive 327 Grand street neae Orchard and at 194 Uannl street, near Puldvan, New York. 8. D. HAWKINS. Ul'MMKR MILLINERY.-TnE_MIB'tR8 BOWKERR, 141 O tl' and street, will open their summer mil inery, on Mon day, A pill 28. CAKFKTINGS AND UPHOL8TEHY. A MAP OF NKW YORK-THE BEAUTIFUL MAP ON the city, published by HIRAM ANDEKtON, 99 Bower-, Is still distributed tree of charge to all persons applying *,r II at tkt stoic. NOT HER ARRIvXt. or CEOSSMY A sows sdcsbh wrnALtjos vtt.vnr, WILTON, TArKSTRY. HIIUSSBLK, TIIREC-I'LT, AND IIEAUTtrUL INUKAIN OABPBT8. HIRAM ANDbRSOn. 99 BOWERY, Is offering h's extensive stock of choice goods At the mos' extraordinary low rRtccs. Oilcloths from 3 to 24 test wide. EOOMOMY-F1FTY PER CENT SAVED IE CARPET!.? Harrington's improved carpet lining a new and atM valuable invention, consists ot two webs er darable metnrlnl wi'h a web of cotton skilfully woven between thena, wh'-\ when laid down under car pete, will be found to add to p .1# cleanliness, elssticlty, oomfort sad durability. To be bad sg all oarnet stores. wTl,D A JULIAN, Agents. M Cedar sfeeet. New Yc ? SPRING IMPORTATIONS OF ri-AiN and nr.oosATtvK rarsn nxwoiNus. Shades, Cornices, Ac., Ac. TB0MA8 JOMR8. Importer snd Manufacturer. 391 Grand street, wrier of NnfMk. SPRING IMPORTATION, 1896. SOLOMON A HART, No. 243 Btoadway, Opposite the Park, Are now receiving from France DECORATIVE papers Or Nkw Attn Ricrt narrows, In panel, gold, satin, velvet, and wood Imitations, with Boiders, Ac., to oorraapood. Also, CHAMRKR AND OTHER PAPERS, In Evcrk VAsritTY or Htvi.f and PATTsnw. Their stook of WINDOW SHADES OF TIIEIR OWN MANUFACTURE, AndUPTIULHrKRY OOODR, CURTAIN MATKRIAT 8 AND FURNITURE O JVCRINGB, Of the spring's importation, Is also ftrll and oomp'ete, Whlah they offer whelem'e and retail at snob prises as to prg. sent unusual inducement to purchase a _____ , 0OLMN8 HOTEL, FOOT OF CANAL RTREET?WILfc let to fsrnl lee parlors, suites or single rooms, on reaanwa b'e terms. For a summer house the location Is SMqua'VA having a full vlaw of the Hudson River and Jersey ahum TaI.LMaN A MAdBB, Proprietors. CI LOBE HOTEL.-VIIN ABOVE HOTEL 18 81TUATED HI J a most convenient locality. corner ot Frankfort and WB liara streets. New York. It Is completely renovated, and W eon ducted on the European plan. Rooms can be PuraHthed by hs day or whek, at 29 snd eena par day. Meals served at m hours. Porters In attendance all tqmrs nI the night. Rorios Cor fsmlitee. J. G. FRENCH, BfLMAHDI. Having i.earti ru th i t worthless imwattons jif n v combination curfiloaa ars olTHFM Its- sale, I eau H. n tl* j nolle i Vital my cushions have an engraved plate, wlfli ha ti.'.tne srd dole of uUdtd. v uj^aFi. i nfl.Alft 39 (lhamhers at, up sUM* Wj E OFFER FOR SALE. A FINE 8TOGK. Wrffc JLATB, VV mar H o nod wood beds, with our IMWly InvCWed esito Iocs Private houses and slab r. cms fiiintshed. Bis good aw>