Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1856 Page 6
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UVMBUm RfctfPWflD RTF. BY BIT. iUiLr w&a rino. "T BOT WANTED?AT 749 BROADWAY; OK* WHO A mb rvma well reoumuieuriM h a mm eaqualnt?nca wbh the c tty T MAJtlToBANCB.-AGEN18 WANTED. M. BELL J\_ reluable erne m cow tn family use In thii CRT end U" MMm; elx> one man. on mierv. a cert men cm makerrooi ?6 to^lO ttr day. No humbug; ni b- ok bu?ineaa Appy*' SgB^wey eomtrof Fulum *???? "7 HAN WANTED?TO KNU aGll IK A OKKTML. A lilW door business. the'. ? easily bo "Ado to p*r ?5 to S6 per day i ? capital of f 10 reaulrtd. This , i leeca a busts roe that wtli last ? itlotlwe Apply ismenwn/. *i No. & OiiU&rlno ?t , room No 9 up ?'?!?*?? a fliina WtWTtiv-Tt) H '?sJ-L MaP"* OF A hterth etd Central ^ tances. portraits, battle scenes TlfS ,Ii7 cSn ITtited Ha es Not?. Ao ; prioo>3> rN??7u make from WW 119 par coy. Apply to J. u??ea, it a?o?u d., up fUln. - AKKKKPKR WANTED. AT A SHALL SUMMER HO t^-Ayeuiif men obcu< 16 or 17>wM tatoo ^ aodt* gmaru'iy useful. Address W eauleld, Herold office. B^oy'waktko-to tikd omen. run of ere an us and make himself avflful; ni.l |l?e boot of references, bAva name knowiedse of occjanf and write o g'od bond; only Ameitcuie, end such as have the axive quo UlcaUons, need op ply nt P4 Wool t-. up r-Plro- from H to 1 P. M. /?too* WANTND-IN A FAMILY WHFR* THE OTHIE I / aerroB'a tntve oil remained from three to Ave yeor*. Rous but o Protootont, wtlh the beet recommendation i, need opply, 01 741N? 21* COOK WANTkD-A W( MAN. A PROTRSTANT TO cook woeb and trru. wonted for ? Scotch family ol New Brighton. Apply Qt 82 Bootot it.. up gtalra. g"tOOK YtiiTlKD-OKK WHO CaN WASH AND ISO* I ' wall. ? go o ebort distance lr the country. ApoD on Mon day. Itlh. ond Tuedloy, 29 U tostant, not loter thon 0 o o.oci In ttemorfllng. to Geo A. rioyt, 90 Brood way. oflloe ol the l'enEhytvoaioOool Compony. g^irvtv WANTED?A WOMAN WHO CNDBBSTANPS CjuSwIaa ODd to aerial In the waihing of o small fatnliy Apply o*286 Fifthovenne. fore Deed ooply except they can bring good recmcmecdodoni from their loit plooe. 00K WANTED.?WANT bP, A FIRST RVTROOOK. washer ocd lroner. for '.hree tn the fomlly. None need apply but tVooe who ho?e tbe beet rf city rete eaae oetooopo buuy OAlWtoroc'er. Apply to Mr*. Werner, 37 Dlrtdm at IJtKK WANTRn?IN A nETAlL HiRDW4RE AND house ftirnuhlpg a ore, up town. A young man. (nm lb to 18 Jdoroofooe. pieterred. Murhuvo thebeet of reeominen datlnv; atUory moderate. Addrree Q. H. Brxnay, 456 Third avenue'. AUADgRrriri AND COf-K WANTRD-A GOOD POAIN ouck., or^e W'O ia and Udy in her ki-ohet; alio a lautdre*# who urdemta d? tlu' ng Aooly on Soturloy, be tween U ond 2 o'c.ock, ot No, 18 host Twenty fifth a. TITTNttRH -WANTED, fwn" MII.r.TNSR8 NONE but ?ocd ocso need appl* immediately at No. 5 Bleacher afreet. ILLI N"EBf. MILt.lN'EBB ?tlOO ) MILL.I1 KR8, WHO want a ?i?t tate pitnat'or ard big wtgea will pleaee cull immediately ot L. Birt'p miri-ery. 401 Budron at. also, torn; Lret oioie mlllUif ro, to work at L. Blnn's new ature 186 Pth av "VURBR Wi StBl)?A RKSBE "TABLE PROThSrANT J^( wr-man PttgB?k or Oermtn from 25 ' >35 year? of age. who boa beer occ ft med to th- ch?rge o? ch Mreo capob e of the earn of an tufaut, and can give cnod cltv -elerence. Apply at 39 Weal 17th et . between 10 and 1 o'c.ock. XTU&iR AND BRAif-iRR?H. WA.NT4D. AN INTEfi X? ilgett Pretest ant wou on a- tur? and teanntrers to go Li the roun'rv rtur<tg the funtirer monUn apply at Nd 2 Corcord atreef, Brook!' n. oetIr "wantkd?a Swart. AtrrivK. steady sf: tn uDmarri?d mar. preierred. Apalv Immediately, 10 George Brodle. 51 Canal st. _ _______ ALMkAN WANTKD.-WA4T?D. BY a P VNCY '3ST good* und irllilnery hruts. >n New Haven. Conn., a young man ?? bdtd Kom ar>oiy bu^ thoroii^h lr poted 'n >h* above bu?tn?'a adirefa,-taBxg retereuces end eipece lona. Baward Maiey. Now r.aveu. SaiBturimlN WaNTKD-TWO YOCNO UADIfiS. TO ottecd a f*tc? alore: c ue t>? rxcf rlen-ed persons need o.tnlv A o a yourz Udr toreak* up 'ancvartlc es. K' A. HaTtl a WAY. 6R7 Broadway. rpo I?81 '8sMAK*RS.?WaNTfcD. AN EXI'KRIEN^ED i dteaan.ukar to rut -nrt Q for h fHs'aionable esttbl'.shmeut. Addiew B. bos No. 121 Herald ofiiee. XV' ANTED-A > 3KN IT WoMxN. A8 WWT NCRR8 Tv fur o el>: d thx< e n oclba old. Apply ot 31 Chotnbera sf, hi 11 o'clcca. 1*7 IT BCBS1B VYANTSD-AT THE NCRSKRY, 223 Tv flh tvei.'ie. cvrnei'c( 15 b at. Apply, writs recomnsn dattonA fi&m 11 'o 1 o'ojock d?ll?. VI'ANTf D- aT lVi> DKb.; tll< MUST BS A OOOD Tv pburv fewer, ond come wall rwtoirmended. App.y ot 41 W 10th ert , bttwer n 5tb ard nth av*. TI'ANIrl - A PTR6T RATS OPRBaTOR TO WORK YT oc Wbee'er A Wl'.ion'e ?ewing mvhlne*. Apply lmtne dla'ely a*, tbe correr of Barmupd ard Bolivar aw Brooklyn "!*? ET N CBSi WANTRDi?A TIDY .iKD HRal.THY PBO TT UKtxr.t w< n?iu la wonted. Any such parono wh > can give ui exceptionable refereecea, ma* apely ot 51 London ter race, ?5d gt between 9th ant 10th avenues. TroTAKT Vb?A Bki- Nl'RSK, WITH A FBF.3H 3BEART ff ofmik. Aprly a; 148 Jorokmon St., Brooklyn, from 10 to 12 o'clock. TV AST? D IsTmETH aYFi 1 ? A NLR3E AND SSAM TT strru. ucdsrvtanCa tte care of a young-baby; o tnidtl e hged viru preferred. Inquire ot 162 Lexington avenue irom9til; 3<>'eock. ? ahtbiT-a middle aged woman, as cook, in O amoll fomll -. and to ?o tba washing and lroolnc aha will ba required to ltve tn a nslgabortag state The best ms oommeeda t jta required. Apply on Saturday, between the hours at J2 wtd 1 o'clock, at the office or Henry Smith A Son, 127 Pearl aireet. WAf AhlH ?BY A 1.ADY. WHO BOABDT, A NEAT, TT tldr j -Xing gill, to chi-ge of a:i Dfar.t and do 6ew. trg: lit 1-3 a iood p'ain sewer. Wagea $6 per month. Good recomn ei catiou fro*' her last em plover reqnired. Apply be fcre IS o'c.i ck a ;44 I ta.i St., BmokDn.__ TITANT' r-n NB sT AND TIDY Ol RL. TO T * KB C ABE TT of cl i Pren s-d do np stslra work. One who can bring uneicfp ionsn e referenc*? se to character ana ability may <opp!y at 173. Oil Dumber, and 159. new numoer. Wwat 22d at. Tl ANTEP-A TOCNG WOMAN. TO BO GKNKBAL TT h'u'owrrl must be a good wa her. Ac ; g ol wage>; gcca relfrraoe required. Apply at 236 Budaon it. TA'ANTKIf-A OOOD PLAIN COOK, WASIIER AND TT Iri rrr: ore who wi'i make her.e'f generally usefu , and ciE cr*n? '-kftl lecomm^nde'i, to jo a ib">rt a't/an^a in the cx nziry. a Pro extant preferred C^tl at .r>35 Hudj-w aV, oor ntr of Ctar ?8 Bt . Let * een the hrurs ei a and 11 A- M. TVAFTH D^TPRKKPR^ T F?T A NT GIRLS. IN A P Ri ff v,te ttwtiy tor ox>k, chatnhermall, 5aa*n-stress ana wal-er. Pvch f s have good re;onn,endatlons and understand the: bu?inMB wel. may apply at 133 Westiithit. "YV ANTED?A STEADY.-,PBOT- START GIRL WHO 18 Vv a good ?e? tr ta Ukeeare of children and do lgbt work. Addrtae ( ? Brockljn P wt rfflje. WarMmoderate TA' ANTKI ?A BKBPROTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, TT (Rortch preferred) to do the bonmwork of a smvl fanl.y. A tldr, or.'ling girl wit! 6rd thta r. com'orta^la hoc e Wages S3 a aior h. App y at No 4 Jackson place, Downing street, top ttoor. T*TAN1ED-A 3F sMHTRRSS, WHO UNDERSTANDS TT jAd -e* lnt and m*-klrg hcya' c'o'hing; must be a Pro testant / pply at 46 o?gWX .tract Jersey city, this day and Monday b*t*ecn 2 and 7 o'clock P. M. ANTI-D A FIRST rate TAILORED. TO WORK ON t'-a teat of w*k;o> e who nndeistwda working oapsn.a, vest and coat* Couaant emplo men', toe year round, in oulre at 710 Wo inter at in the store, for three days. ANTED?A COOK. CHAMBERMAID AND 9EAM? tre-?. ei'har Germans or Americans, at 130 Madison are Its. Must bring god raffreaces. ?A - A NT KI'?AN AMERICAN OB GERMAN GIRL. IF T* ficra ar.. must aceak Eng ish in a ania l American tarai lv to do etrerai h""oewoi k must be e ean and tidy and a wood washer scd lroncNone oners need apply. Apply ? Mrs. C B. Hew a. 193 6th avennA war ANTED?A GOOD ( OCR WaPHKR AND IRONIB. TT She must t* capable, and rccoiamet.ded for honesty and ar-brletj C'6ll at 77 >'-h at. AJTED?A FARMER AND RIFE WITHOCT CEIL drec, she 'o manage the dsdry. Apply to Mr. Jonea -4 WlUiamst oflice thlre flor lr *NTVtl> A TKat'HER?A GENTLEMAN TOiTBACH VT five; chr dren tn MAaalsetpp! seaahora residence in funtmer M?st teack G,eek I.ailn ' "?cb r.'ano muse Mnat be mdtutrloua and trf fiokbed quohbusr Lima. Salary Tberal. Art..rasa H. O. rflaabman, Yarnon, Miss. _ _ vv- ANTED?A 8M sRT NICE LAD. NOT EXCEEDING TT ill as an aadstat.t waiteran 1 f,>otinan. A character fir hoceetv aud ready ooed.enca wlU be required. Apply at 111 Wee 11th at. wanted"- A YODNO BNMARRIKD.MaNIIS WANTKN Waac'erk in rim Ida, In a health, and pleasa t town: in,i?t undai s'tcd h-olrke?p}p4 and be wtlhig to make himseT fJSilSTMKl. None need apply nr.leas they can give good reierencea as tn character anrt-eapablltty. Addreai, with refe rercea box 65ff Tost office _____ wwrTwrieiv-A YODNO MAN TO KEEP A SET OF W\^ an 1 make bim?el' genera J usefu' la the building tine Address 8- b , bei 150 flemld offi a. v,f^in-TN A LAW YkB'S OFFICE, A BOY FR7M 14 'o 16 y *ar? o.d that writes a ?o-?d band. Apply at 10 Wall si, third floor. Tear office, from 9 to 12 o'clock, Tl* A MEDIAN PXPKRIENCRD CARPET HAI.E-7MAN. W App y. ivltfc referrr.oe. which mu?t be unexceptionable, at 111 Bowery between toe hours ef 6 and >* P. M. oniy. darted?a~y6dng^man7ig to I* YEARS old. who unrterawoda tbe budneas, ln_a fancy rt*A Also, a young woman to make bead .treeaea, Ac Call he'nre 10 A. M. R. Hedgwick. Jr., Proadway, corner 13th at. ?KTAS1W9-A COLORFI) MAN, AS WAITER, IN A Tv rinall prtva'e 'an It. must be sober and Uonei', and un derrtand bis buetneea tbcroughlj nol? others ueert apply. Ac ply at No. If West 23d gt. AKTKD-A MAN, TO A'T A8 ENTRY CLERK' must be a very rapid writer, quick and < orrert at figure* none other reed apply, a' Nta 18 and 17 Cortlandt ft. c*'"antfi>-a ufrmav balknmanT who can TT apeak good Kr.g.tah. must understAcd the drr gnida bit ?drees, and come we'l recommended; > or.e others need apply. < all at Geo Keysa' dry gooda st-,re, 343 nth avenue -?,? ajsttiv?a man tiTopkn oyiterh," hr Mt.xr Tv pertectiy understand bla h-urineae; none others need apply. Atao, a wader. Inquire at 609 Brcalway. ANTND-IN A CT.OTBTSO STORE, A YOUNG MAN. from 16 U> 19 yeara oi age: one baring some knoWedge Of the btMnem preferred, fal at No. 1 James slip. fKr/NTMD-TWO DRY GOODS HALRBMKN, AT D. Tv Tkowaaf, HI Spring, cornar of Wooater street; one for the haherAaabsrdepartment. None but those who undersia-d the bualnaas ited apply. TKTAWTFD?AT WILMS' DINING 8Ar/)ON, 48 GOLD Tv street, a good carver aid two waiters, aa dinner bands. Apply for tkree days. ANTED-A BOT. TO ATTEND A JfRFD 8TORB. Apply at OO East Fourteeath atreet, from 4 to 6 P. M. w 1(1 ACTIVE AGENTS WANTED TO OBTATW ORDERS IU In this Mly for an artlela to* which iha demand la un tlaaliad. The article la without comn> titlon, and ha* n*var beam Introduced. Apeata can oJear wtthout risk, from f U ti ?60 par wreft. Call between the hours of lo aad 3, at 280 Broadway, room 13. OCULIST AMD A THIS r. A RTIFIf ' A1 BYM, 11 ALL SI7.K.S SHAPES AND A colors, sarpaaalng to rty'e. ilurabf ity and mote-<al tiv>>e tmportrd. made under my own in'Dectlon, b> fit itaeh par lc i lareaar. In motiou and aopiamrioe ihey<-or,rorm eractlf to hi natural eye. can be tnrened wt hout pal*, aid mm wl'h or.t imeasiaeea. Artificial errs require rice judgement In ibelr aetee'lona eel adjustment to the aeneiUre r.rbl' inreleu lebieirjury inav be tntllotcd by the tDexoertenced. Tbe pro fcrag-a'upplled. Con* a I lot! on* as heretofore on el! (Harases c* the e.s so J ear from t u t ?'clock, dally, at Ml Broad Wig >' A MSB W, POWtU*. M, D-, Qcullgt, AtuUt, Ao. caPAJKTvanuuii> wuttohh CI I) linn - WANTKR, IK 0910400 lUU .Ul/U. I Uiiuu ? Aoo d eMail abed b intir in <'htcmn) wish#! * parser Mth >10,000 cam T-.ere arci*. parm u> -be tlrm now. The Business ranks tlrat rlasx. an baa been earned oe euocesNuU} for many years, toe kiutseia ^ ?*? ??"?* baa done a trusloessof orarMOP.nW for scvera. years. end from tha rapidity wld wbtch t.h.usgo baa grown, nod the immense L-ade the Norte TJT"?* lnto >? UpJ *>rm *w??oe beyond e doubt that the business a.lver Ised own be don >lat To any Avsirtms of entering Into the mercantile business ttur altorda an oppor unity seraum mat with. Reference given and re ?tostWlJ" ra*1 ulkma' K- *'? b?i 374 Chicago $10 000 ~*ANT1">. A* AtTlVU OR SPAUIAL .f1".'1 'ylo.peruiar. to succeed. la au winitiated Frecoh afT?* 400 buatneas, an ooportiuiltv la now otTared for a profitable investment and pleasant busir ea* to a oe.-aon with the above captial. Add; eaa imoortirg Merc ha it, Oaiii Tlmea office. Ail communlcattona confidential nnn -PAKTMSR WANTap, IN A RIKST CUa-m 9Q.UUU. city hotel clear ol all debt or Inc^mUnoi Wi" any kffids. no* doing caab business ol KyfiOO a >ear.gOne-ha i 'be an Id tor >T,HJ?) cash, and the balance In etx or two va monlba, to a genllrmaa who could Intl u?noe buaineaa to the house. Address C. W. GRKENLEAF. box 1,617, PhlidetohU Post office, for Urn days. ^ ^4. (WW) -WAMKO. AN ASSOCIATE. WITH TdiJ Amount, in a very pleaaant, getieel caab busL f-i-S" 7<ai,t' I* a heal hy and mat beautiful pat o! . B?a?* The business is periectly sale and aura, ana wi? net over >600 per week during June, July, August and Sep tember, and aocut >3)0 per week toe remainder of the year, "coe will be dealt with but a pxrtr ol the highest reapec ablll ty. Call on P. GARDNER, m Walker at, near Broidway. $2 000 "AN ^lJTIV?PAKTN(rRWASTib,TO r A*i , ,V 'b? place of ooe ra'lrtng, fn an established bus! nana in tbla city, paying frtm $5 000 to M.oOO par aantm. a boalnaea man daslricg a permaneot, aafa and relieve busl box* 146 H?r?ld office?' * "draMK. L AOo $1 R00 \Ot2BM.-TO DRCGOIrlTd.-A PARTNER If wanted, lu a 6ra> class retail drug ai re on tee of tLe principal up town thoroughfare! In the jliy with a om* capital of ekttoeu butdred dSilsrs, to ba lnew\Sdlto 'W ''T? hundred by one year from date, at the business aid rafrffj*!' ^ oommunicat'ooe must coaie with re si uen ? and ret fauces to meet an answer or do ice. An Arnvtcin preferred. Addrfta Chralctl, Herald office. $1 000 T? 81 PARTNER WAlflKD. IN A y a* g i very profitable and pleaaant dowa town iobbi r m*d^*!Ui!'C!iUrUl* bu'ineM, war re fd.Ouo per year, "can be Hovpph ^'tt. tor a bualceee man. Apply toC. B. HOWES A CX)., 84 Nassau Street. $1 (lOO pab,ps?b WAwmn, to kpoaos is a ?.ifi'V lucrative cash buidneaa just establlehel, ra &ssu^SffttSVTsssiSi rj&rs s Kl TO "?0. ?WANTKB, A MAN TO TRAVEL bTa,i??MSl!h 'he. ">!>?rtbar and take lhe moniy of a cafe brated exklblilon; to on? who wou'd like travelling thia U at fSf'to??*5>PriT1f<Slity> ro,,DtI"T Ard make monev. 4H Broadw-" " oflloe L>le *ew ft"Ten house, (^OPAS'P* KRSI1IP NOTICE.?'WB DAVE THIS l)iy ?V ,adcr'ilte^ *??? JoehuA t rane .ind Oeo. Jtorcuck Jr.' of hoBton. t . S. A , partners is our houae, and the nommtason busiuete will be continued under the asiue style and disk. Ausira'la, Nov. 1. l;hA?* *' TllAlN * C0, | I \lb8< LL'Tlthb OP PARTNHRRHIP.?NOTICE.?THE hr'renshiD existing under t a firm uf Kane A Baker t V i tbl* d%? b?en diseo ved by mutual i u C Baker u A-oce author 1/ad to seUie the biiBine-a o' habn ^ Haker. j jr a E? w JAuuiuseeito, April 15, ISM- A BAKES TkUBoLBliON OP i-OPARTNKitSH P.-THK BUHINafig <k f? ']Arr,e<1 on ?>? the subscribers, uider the llrsn L? A'.? BjSle* * L'm, iwd Bag ey, Houghton A < o . Is :bis s?y tfr iiVaH nv oobsen;?Mr AlbftU Big av retirm/ ; i """Jbton is alone authorized to usi tb:; firm name in liQutdAtion. A. O. BkGLnY New York, April 19, 18* (OorA'iTNEi.-siiir Notr tii). H. Houghton'baviug puMtewd f " A"k*" Ba*l6y lh? I'ook and manufactory of the atrove firm?, has asto^tatel with h'm Mr. Charles ? ?.twicn, and wi I coatiuue the &.at ut'acturii x and selliiiir of I gold pane, and gold and sliver ceac.l aud p^ r^ ^JS?a 1 ion V UDd4r lhe ^ ba^Tol HSH Ho^gh ? i V. -Maiden laoe. H. 0. HonGHToN LatodNxw'Vork. April 19.1856. OHaR P. NgWfO * .iZ ?r 8 ?old to Mr. H. H. Houghton the right to the exclusive use of my patents, tor the manufao'.urri of the e? ebrated e\ teastoc eases, togeier with all ihe ksowledge r^iis.te tor tha producion of nt Inimitable ptrs I wou d hasp's.', forth? rb^pLf^veS^^0'* be? Bliiwn to rae tor ? P _ ^n _ ^rn- a. a. BAOcsr. NO*!?* ^ HKREBY (JIVltiV, T3aX T3E PiRTiVPR 1?'^fp,h.a,;etr,f')r?eri',Vn8 between Oco-ge H Leversoa' o' trusru i IlCien a place, I.o.,don, fa Jmci M. Leversun o' i.iWIl lam street, >ow York, bae been this <lav dlmolradbv r,^,ia^t0on8tn.,i,' i ' ^sor?" 8-0 Levers in will attend to lbs Lquidationof the late torn, at bo VJ bt Helen's place iJm OKOROK H II LKvTrU)N Loypoy, March 7. 1858. M" LSVi"'td0N I>ART^ER WANTEt>?TO JOIN TnK ADVESTIUEr r v Hu a we'l*!t*'Jll l,ed flotir and feed business Poraonrooi umti ol' ? 000 f>? *0 toiM I, gj excaihsnt oppR rS? L'OPAmjUfRSHTP HARETOP03K BEfSriNO UN der the fum of JOSEPH LRK A OO. is thu day dfeo'ved S??"iu^LS?i?7lt' 1??*p* L,ea Alone is authorized to seule the business of Joseph Lee A Co. JodUPH LBm, New York, Peb 1,1.-56 OPOhOEHto^ri?1 ll?6 btiHOMs will t>6 coaUsued as formerly under the n&m? ?d&??/OMFH LM 4 co" soy Euudlng. J OK HP d LRg ANDREW V?RKA. AhO DRUQOISra-THK PROP&I hTcA ^,?f a beau tit ul drug store, iu a respecabe nrlghior hoed, wishes to make arrangements wltu the above, beta* tn want of ec me capita! to stck the store. To a nhnsirtsn i,? car. enstire gocd practice; the More having been established STt8ihn'vu rtD j?ne a ?ood btulne s. Inquire of 8. SOvL tRl>, 5C4 Qrsnd B'reet. corner of aherlff street. anted-a partner, with a small capitai' to lhT? in an oid, well ecUbliahed hotel, the proprte" B ease on said premises for eight years. It cm If'fl1 ? 'are? biI:lard "?"?? and bar. Wish irifurt Ji.nliWK0 ?.r tdbDin alleys, he desires to obialn e to Ju Tk b"slEe'" m*n to er. er In with hJm. Address box No. 10 Chatham equare Poft office H01TM1CSs HOOMB, WAffTKni $7 I'RR y i.EK wTll be paid for three ecu y..,. toebed rooms, .'modern tmprovsmeats.) wltn gas. lor a gentleman, wife, son and daughter; m';at be a large room with ^ad a?.ther . eepiog ?dd?? edsnis, llerasdoffiga. Ritferercee exchanged. A* I'JHlY AKfcPKCTABl.K LADY DKiIRgS 10 MEET ,i8 eert?' ' fA?llv, win would rent 'heir house to her ?nu lake J e rert-lt> board, with the privilege of a lew other bonders. Ad< rtss Mxdame Haml ttSt, C^on a^ Po't A ht7.*N 4 N WI'K AMERICANS, WANT TO f? ^ urlutu shed mom, wi b a pantry attached Rtit AddrlftT u \?er, ?"r' whicb w,;l be paid monthly in advau-3 Address R. W sto mg location and rent. Reretce glvenT MAK^I'.rWANTEI>' A aof>M- SUITABLE POl b?ldirg the meeusgs of Ancient Chanter No 1. Apnly street ?r t0 aBO' 001),rBtY. 10 South WiUtLe baring wanted- about nineteen fee ga'e nciuded. of wire ral Irg; Hgb! pa'tern preferred Apply to James i ruikihank, 33 Btradway rererred. pAET of a hocsh wanted?by a family cf , 'hrse g own persons; the upper pan cf a modern buK nelgbborbocd, eonsidlng of th? se-jod aax etory. Aback or front basement, location above iTr .afkr&erfid^ a "r b# ^ b' "*'?2 pART OK A HOU?K WANTED-A 8I1TI.V 4 KO AT h.i,w r OD? or'wo.8i'drootns and p ntries, on second or third t i C?' w1" a, '1u ?' 'aftlly of three grown pentons In a "en're neltfhjfibord. a- d wh#?Te there I3 but one other l/unijf0 in th# hxure, situated wltote less than half a mile of t e cnrn?r o( ?nd.E'Sh h avenue. Rout not toexc-ed 815H. Apply at the ware stoss 217 Eigb h avenue. KOOkS W ANT> II?BT A KAMlt.Y OP ft] '.KB (ISO ?".V f fr,opg and ltttio gir1. 'hesecond fl'ior, with team im a t i'b co on lecond floor, snd ore room on tided Is tee ujtirr part otreven hcrlbiriecnth wsrdx, rear Grand s'rs,at. Atkfe-s nir'i islr-ffi square Postoffi'-e The beat of retcrencec ^INOC.R'8 SEWING MAO "JINKS.?# ANTftD, TO PUR AA^Lf'u'^ ?,r b7ej ^ ca?b. No objection if oil of order. Ac .fpga B 8 , iiera a rfllce, for tbree d",ys. I'O < A PIT A I.) 818.-W A nYs D TO LEASE FOR A TEP.N J. r,lT' al.yestorvbul'IUig covering ttvo Iot3. 25x100 I set Ji-'j}' 1 t ' *e. ' "l ?I. bdOt tor me -hr.t ha' purpoees, steam cn?l.,e. Ac. Any one disposed to erert such bul ding in the Vic nit-, ot B.oadway, either aide from Iteade to Canal street at s ta,r t er eer.tage on the amiunt itveted ample iecurl'v fix-"i^syy ,e3a D' M- L ?<aue ?flTtaoa 4 PSlnney, No 3D IV4N7?-A DWELLING HOUSE, SUITABLE FOR A ?? rrnall fama'y, wph all the modern Imp oveo?ar.di In th vlemlty of Issrxgton avenue. Bent not to exceed >800. Ad dren.i box 3.00? Po?t office. Uj ANTED-TO nfRH FOR fWi) OR THEKp" YK A ltd aitirnlsbtd houze, pleaeantly loe-ited and having a> m; 'torn conveniences; any parly glylrg up h juAokaeplng. wbe v bh to rent borne and furnl tire, and board where the cam ( rts of a h^me way be hud and where 'here are only a few .."'T,1 r'28:,Jo"'t-ao b"?r of an oppor unity by addres.ileg B /is* I Eera d office# TV ANTED-FOR THB K1K8T OK MAY. AND PUR " tn-'icen'ly, by a single gentlemtin, a 00m and bsdroum or a large room, unfumiilied. wl bout bottd. In a prtrate tomky, between Fourth snd Twellth (treats. In or neir BroMl wey^ Aft1 resa M. B . Broadway Pott office. At ANTRD-BY A LADY OF SMALL FAMILY. PAR"? ,cf.? b*'?* ?r spartmenu, between Bleeckar end 1 wen leth streets Refererres exchanged. Address or call upon Mrs. E^B.^10 St. Mark s place. ,r C*U VV ANTED?A SMALL ~ FURNISHED rOTTAjBK, ON TT gtaten Isiard. Bent murt be moderate Address Prori derre, Herald office. VA' ANTED?BY A FAMILY OF THREE, FOUR OR TT fire n oms, nnf umielied. Lower part of the boaae pre lerie.d. Baileiae'ory references and security, if rsqntred gtren. Adf ree# so New #t? up stairs, wl h parilculare, to W* WANTED- RY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, TWO LARGE rorms. unfurnished, with gas, in the upper part ol a trxTj^PoeufflT*^0' Alldra~- stMtog terms, Ac., I3J. G., CARPKTUIttg AJVD UPHOLSTEKY. PB?CK'rr SA vbd'iw oarpktrI liarnngtcn a Improved carpet lininr, % n^w and nvwt ffcjuah,# invcDuoa nmnmtn of two waba of durahU m2iJ52i Wi'h a web <J twilon skUhtlly woTe?^^eM^ffiS^iS22^ -2".,^^, "~l'f earpJu. wuT t^Sj toSS WILD A JULIAN, Agenda, 61 Cedar street. New York JJXTBAORDINARY ~ ? Jy , , I.ow prices f>r EngUih ca/peta ' rrsaley'a velvets ., , Giosiley'stapeMrtee Jj F,r^*f<L Flandsome ingrains ,, Superior Ingrains 6s. Floor ell e'ethe, from ll to 24 toet wide > elvet and Paris table covers Ac. H'NAM ANDHRSON, 99 Bower,. SPRING IMPORTATION, 1858. ? SOI/IMON A HART, No. 243 R'oadway, Opposite the Park, Are aow receiving from Fraise DNCORaTIVR PAPKRrt Or New a*i> Bice nasio*#, in i-aeel, gold, satin, veivet, and wrod imMeltoai with Hotders, As., to correspond. Also, f RAVBBR AND OTIINR PAPKRB If Evxar VAairrr or fFri.x *yn Pirrreiy. _,... _ Their st/?k of WINDOW PRa.-gfl OF THEIR OWN MANUNACTT'RI u ,.AuT,,??H' r"*T ?0ODH OURTAIN * MATb fk IAIJ' * Nl> FURNirURfc C >Vkl RINGS Of ike syiiog's Importetion. _ _ 7? e'eo full eed "?nple^ yv:, ?h nay offer wb. efg aod retell d^Nok prices en lo nn sent unusual inkucemen; to p trubasre. pneoeae to prj- | TBNAaT-s MOI9TBR. iW.^vKiiL&Y pla'cre to all m ? tmderc Uupn ratnrtta apple In ALKXAMKS M clAbO. No. 1 Uat-trer >UHt, ooruer of W?iL PER ANMJM-TO LET OK LKAbK TWO MILKS CUU from barlein and suposl'e a depot, a house c->morl.. I fog six nmu. uu- utling *i?*. prtne |5 par month, In advance. Adc ret* if* +e bx It*). aersld office A" PARTMKNTS -FOUR. KiOHt. TWUYKORaiXTKiN numi m se-ocn and third Ho n; *? tr, (u Ao , rent per nit, lb 111) to 116. Also, ot a ha f of a fir u elate two stars anil aide honor, with p< water. Ao ; reel ftiO hi $4U0. Anplv on tie premises. ho 8 Tenth otreet between Kttlh and Slith area. V LARGE FIRST CLASS HOCBK TO Lll-CONTAIN- . A log 21 rooma, ho. lit Wavertey place, near Washington equate; may be examined trcm 11 U> 3. Oomple'e with eh to i't- ier?, bet, oo Id aod chewse bat at, Ao. Fine velvet nerlorcar k?;?, tnoe Aug. Posaetsitta let Mar. b. W. RICHARDS M'f Broa^waj. A-FVRNlhUKl) bOOM. H-U400M AMD PANTRY, with prtri rsa ta oar or, to let for %i 60 per week, at 211 UhrvsU* street Boiuo kite bath andgaa. BPLKNItlb SUIT OK TWO OR THRU* RGCM4 TO let, Id tie Moflat HulMltg, 336 Broadway. Theee ru-um are on the second Oonr. fronting no Broadway, and arc hand acutely trweoed end fun ished In good ityia. I her arc subs ble f.r alnioet any bueineea. ? msrobam tailor would find tbsavtry desirable stand. Apply on the premises, room ho. 9. T~YOMKkRS?TO LET. A NKW TWO BTORY AND etue c-otlage hoove, with erery ooovemenre tor eloaete, pan tr lee. garden f.ult trees Ac. The house command* a beautiful View of the Hudson river Had Highlands for mlei: It tsulth'n five' walk of the Hudson River RaUroul depot. Irquiie of Tb (MAS WOOD, 16b Naasau street, New Tcrfc, o' of J. YOUMAN8, Yonkenx A PARI MKNTS. 61 ITABLE FOB A 8MAI.I., OKNTKEi. ?amliT oi grown perrons, to lei, ta booee Mo. 193 Wret Kuteeuth street?Two roc me on tba third floor, and two square cm the fonrih floor oe lar ro> m large yard, bath gas Ac ; rear hlyhth a vacua Bald old and the stage rouleau all parte of the city. ROADWAY BTORK TO LKT-F0R THC BALE OF ? gentlemen's lurnlahlag g ods only, part ot the stare 316 Broadway. To a eaUrtactory tenant Hbentl privileges will be given od reasonable terms. Apply to JOHN T. HENRY, 313 Broadway. XQADWAT 6TORKB -BOU8TON 8TRhF.T-T0 LET, ? email store and room ever 8'6 Broadway, lu neat order; a'ao the deairable premises ho. 618 Brand war suitable for fur ctture. pianoforte or lallorlog; alio large dwelling house No. RtT Ucuston street, four or live doors east of Broadway. Ap ply to JAMBS PRILK, 2H0 Hudacn street. Bond strikt, no. s bkoonddoor from broad way.?* oemi to let, furnished or utfurnlahed, alcgleor In >uKea. >. B.?A number ol re ma euitah.e for offloee. c D( BARROl M AND BKSTAUBaMT TO L8T. KUKNISHSl) ?The barroom and dining reloon 76 Midden lane, will be let with all the fixture* end furniture. One ot the beat oca boos down toern. Apply on the premises oral 36 Pack ellp. aKERY TO LRT OK LBAFK-AT517 NINTH aVHNUK, rear Forty second street: a firrt rata aland for an enter pricing man. i'oaeerefcu on the let of May. Apply to R. B1UQA&T, 619 Ninth avenue, over the drug store. COTTAGB TO LET OR FOR 8ALB?AT WINDSOR terrace. Fla-bush, L. I, o i Vardesblli street, fourth boufewestof the Cooey frlatd plank road. The euitsgetstn perfect orcer. aril the garden arout d containing Ms 'o'a, wiih s'ab e trail e> achbouse ihereoo. Apply to KUWA6G BKI.K nap, 02 Wall ?tr?et G~ OTTAOKTO LKT-Okl BTATfcN ISLAND, FUKNI8HKD or lutfurn'shed half a mile below Qutraailte dock; loot tior re'irtd and p easant. Apply to P. WOLF, house agent, ijusraeilr e, or nt 01 ' hambera street, tulrd tlODr. / ItaKAP RRNT-NO. 17 BROADWAY -AN ACL'h^^IUIJI ' lot: well Ugh ed oy six wludoww. win be let low for any Itgnt treini'aoiuMrg business nut ebjeetionable t) tae ottier tenents Persorje requiring plenty of light and room will do weiltora . The prenusae will he arranged to suit occupants. Aln aline rult cl room*, on the hist Ucor. c insisting of a room lBx'.O, one of 8x8, two a' 11x14, era ore of 12x20, a J con Dieted. Also tao good offlcea, on the third floor, one at $76, the oiler at fl2? per annum. Ail of the aoove will be let very low, if immediate application Is made P. N 8POFTORD, 17 Broadway. pOUNlRY REH1DSNCB TO LET AT HASTINOS,?A V co'tsgc contain it g ten ronms at d oellar, pleasantly elina ted on a lot of more than nn acre of ground, with a Use garden am: maiy cxceliert trull trees, twomtnu'ea* walk from the da pot i.pd boat atdlLg commanding an extensive view of the hudson. and renting for S3S.T, cu be bad by a respectable and gevteei fhimiy in coneldrrnUcn of the -nard of a gentleman, who wlil require two rooms. Inquire at toe house. TPKaPFST krnts in the city, in the KEW J I nl'dlnss corner of Broadway and Fifty seventh street f be Eighth i.venue cars go rear the plxca. and persosscan get down town iiuitc essl v, a:po, a splat did corner store. This is oco cf the best >tsrds in that part or the city. Orotoa wst?? and everjthlrg comp.eta. Apply at corner Broadway and Flftv seventh street / 1LIFTON, BTATKN ISLAND ?TO LKT <JR"lKASSTa V J louse, be*utUn!iy situated rear the water, with an exten stve view cf the bat; eleven rooms, be.lf es btiat-menf, suitable lor a private family or boarding houre: plank wa'k ell the way to lardlrg. Bent ?350. Inquire ot R. T. KKHR A CO., 451 Ortenwlcn street or at E. M'nKAh'S store. New York ave nue. Ftaten Island. /10CNTRY 8BAT, PURN18HRD OR UNFURNISHED, to let?situated on the Harlem Railroad, of easy access, about 24) minutae' ride tiom New York cltv. Looa'ien healdiy; lesuti'nl prospec': groutda beautifully laid out. and stocked with a rtea-' varlrtv of truit and ornamertal trees, Ac. Every requirlte lor a detiraole country rejldaoce. Address A., Uereld office. RY OOOD6 STORE TO LET-NO. 136BPKINO STREET, cear Broadway. Fixtures complete, with Immediate possession. A first rata ?tand. Apply at No. 197 Spring street. Dwelling houshs-to lrt-wo. 200 hudsom sir ret, (except office first floor.) eight rooms, $460; No 202 Hudson rtreei, nine rooms. $625; he. 3 Latgbt street, s even or twelve rooms. $700; 62 Watts street, six rooms, S3o0; ?o 53 Waits street (except basement J seven rooms, $300. Po^esjion ot ail before May. Apply to J&ME8 PRICK, 200 Hudson st. aOLBl.R COTTAGB, AND KIOHT LOTS ON, CORNER ' of Fifty-seventh sL-eet and First avtnue to rent low. to a go'd tenart. Apply to JOHN B. MURRAY, 44 Wall street, over Bank ot North Amer ca. AM1LY PRIVATE, PARLORS ON FIRST FLOOR, UN lurnlsled; rooms on bath room floor, tarnished entire; use of r.vcge srd privilege In kilchenand cellar, toafainllv wlthouUhiidren; all the modern Improvements In the bourn; ko* ion Dear Orace church and Bread war; ears and stages fsss the door; leferecces given aid required. Apply at 96 ourth avenue, opposite Eleventh street. fJUiKNISHBD HOD8K TO LET- IN YONKRRS; LOBA X tion unsurpassed; elegantly furnished; all the con venla toes of a city boure, to let for two years. Rent, to a good tenant, $1,300. Address box 3.861, Poet office. New York. UBMbHhD HOC8H.-A FOUR HtORY AND ATTIO brown stone basement h< use to let. in Twenty-third street n-esoced sod gl ded parlors, three rooms deep; complete!vand e egsndy turnlsbed in the most cost It manner. Rent $2,500. Or wl>l be let. with carpets and chandeliers. Apply to H. CLARK. 36 Yesey street, up stairs. F~ L ItNISBKD PAKLOR8 TO rFnT-TO SIn?i7k GEE litmeu. attached or separate, or would rent them to a imall family, with dining room and kitchen. Apply at 20 White street. jj.CRNISHED BOUSE TO LET-FOB THE SUMMER. TO P a i ma 11, careful tamily. Rent low. Inquire at 41 West Twenty-fourth street. aRDKNKR8.-SIXTEEN ACRE)- OF LAHtT IF) lease, for a term ot years, at $225 yearly rent. The land is only three mPcs from Jersey C!ti, and Is ore cf the best pie tea In the virility 0y hew York for raising early vegetables Ad drers .Terrey, Herald cfflce. H anETeOMK FURNlSnED HcUSK TO LKT OR FUR sole?A very sjipei lor first cla*s four story and buemeat brii k hoi.te on Fast street near Stuy ve-aat square, and liniHbed ett Inside In tbe most elegax t manner, with solid ook loin. s. (l eaking tubes, bells, hoi, eo.'d and shower baths. Les'er, dumb waiter waierrlcsels, range, bronze cbandelier* In the par ors. with cut glaae globe; bronze figures with si-Is Itgh's, lower ball tiled, Ac.. Ac , and Is in perfact order. The botiac is tujn'ehed In a superior mauDer, and Includes furnl tureof the uiostoostiydescriptirnand In excellent dominion; In frrt.thc bouse Is sll that a gentleman of taste can desire, as It Is pro- ourced to be the west romplete establishment in this chy. Nearly all the p urchate money may remstn on bond aud m jrtgsge srd the title is u:quesilona >!e. First class railroad lends v t > be taken In exebanse. If not sold It wid be let to a rese t sliie pa/ty for a tern: of >e*rsfrom May 1st. Foroardr of sdtsls'ton to view tbe prendre i, and lull particulars, mp!y w Al hfh.RT H. NICOLAY. No. 4 Broad street. ANDSOME BOOMS TO LET?UNI- URNJ3HUr? BaT I aid gas in the houre. Addrsss M. A., box 1,339 Post (?fflee. tiUPKS TO LET.?ONE OR TWO VERY DESIRABLY arrange/1 and beaut'fully finished new houses, ?onlalntnx 16 rooms, v itbm one bnndrsd fectct tie Sixth avenue railroad nn ths r.orherly side of Forty fourth street, bstwssn Fifth oaf s'x'li nveuurs.can be lad bv s respectable teuaut for this year 'or the low r-tim pf five honored dollars, with a further tease of two je?r? at a very reasonable rent. Any person war tlog a I ouse Itr a private rea'dence will do well ts look nt this pro oerv. Inquire on the premises, or ot OEO.R. EOWRLL, 95 Wert Twenty rerond street. OUSE, 'WITH MODERN OONVENIRNORS, AND FUR niiure. in BrcoHvo to letrr for sale, situated be'ween I Perry and Clinton stree's, five minutes' sal from the Sou h I fstrv. Atidrtsa hox 1,741. Post office. 0L8K NO. 100 THIRTY FIRST RTRkET TO LKT? tbtee story, bsicincnt and countar cellar: ca-. hot and I co d water, lath tub and water eloset Ac. Inquire at 147 TMrt.eth street. Olrh Ttt LKT.?THE FINE THREE STORY IioUAE 219 F est Tiveuiy ?ev>nth (treet. betueeo Eighth anti Nlntb bvk ues. Possession riven oo ths l?t of .May. >p;,lyti FAIKLlLO A FCHEVF.RR1A, 117 Pearl street, Hanover square tTcrifT TO LET- THE THRPF. firORY MGDBRN II to'iss, 22) West Twenty second street. Itetwcen Klgltv tnd Nlrtbavrrues; (? good cordlUon and well titus'ed. Sirs nf bouse 21x44 feet. Eeot TOO Apply to B. F. SMITH | 234 West Twentv tecondstite', or c/iner of Tenth avenue end Mretb*mh street. LUBE TO I.KT?IN BROOKLYN. TEN MINUTES' wa'k fr'-m Pulton. Wall street, or South ferry, 35 Hoyt Ktrre' nssr At'ari'lc three story, brick, and has gas and Al lures throughout; fire jnrd, 'ree?, bearing f to a gooiH ct Hovt tr.d Atlantic st'sets, or to C J Murphy, 133 Pearl s'/tet New Y(gk, or 177 Hecry stree', Brooklyn, OUSE TO LET?CONilBTTNO OF FOUR BOOMS, with pantries Croton and wnste pipes, with every conve nience, ?n? ore ot tbe best locations In the city. Root app.lrd for Immediately. Also, a basement, a good stand ror light busintaa Apply at ooraer of Fourth avenue and Thtr 'e*titk s'rest. .v arric. lorce si.'ry, onci, tou oas gas ana lix ti.n); firs >ard, grape vine, ps-icb and ebnrry r fruit. Hou-e wllf be putJa orrmple'e order, and d tenant, $'<50. Apply to Mr. MK.LFORD c-irner Ht.LRR AND GARtBN TO LET-WENT HIDE SIXTH avenue, near Fifty-fourth street, being rep aired- high sed hsal by ground; designed tor cue or two smell families separate entrances, e'ght rooroa. Ready 1st of May. Rem for alt $14 permosiLh. Apply to J. C0NKI.1NO, lei Greenwtobst. OCBW, Tl'RMBHKD AND LNFUR(4|hTi"ei>, TO LET one, lurnlsbed, cn Fourth avenue, part of rent taken In loan!, end another, fnrtilsbed. In Thompson stre t, nsar B>ecker, to a email family, w.tboul ohlldreo; red IL109 Alto. s> vsral unfurnished. Apply, betwsen 11 and 3 o'clock' to WW.DEMAREHT, 2SI Thompson, near Amity street. Hotel to let at glen ooye-tbe triton Houte, beautifully M oated, at the steamboat landing e'ose to the water side. Tho bouse Is in good repair; has twen ty four chambers, wt'h detsohed bar, sleeplrg rooms over > rd stehlsa Possession Immediately. Apply to W. E. AL'R 3ON, theatre. Chumbers street. Hotel near broadwat to lkt.-the large flvestoiy bolldhig, on the eorner of Broor.e and Elm -'rests. Tbe premises lave recently been painted and repair id throughout, witkatl the mxtern Improvecueo'a p.assession n.mcc lately Apply to R. L. PL YDaM, ISO Wsverley plaos. IAROECOTTAO* AT NEW ROOHEI.LE, frUITARI.E j for s bearding hoese or echo >1, with three aorea blfhlv ttilf rteci, fo. rsnh Apply to JOHN H. MURRAY, No. 44 Wail .trdst over the Rank of North Amerlds. TOW RENT-A NEAT THREE BTORY HOUSE IN I J West Thirtieth street, on the line of railroads and stagm In m tee ferries. Will mit one or two genteel 'amities Rent fp n. Apply at 143 Nlstb street, before 9 A. M. or after 5 1' M. or at 167 Fotith street, from 10 tod. I f 18 TO LET?NINE I.OTE OF OROUND, OORNRl OF 1 i Gsnw v-oit etreet w4 Thirteenth svenne. wt h bulkhead to "-U. ?'?n desirable location foe a lumbsr, itou i cw am' jsrd Arp y lo JOHN L^X, Mo. 6 Broadway. I'llirlAFW UMCHUmUi, Lofts to LRliuiu good lofts,TRTioible for any kutd of mistoesa. Apply for particulars at 191 1 t.i.uc rl-t-ef. LOU 10 LKT?A FlhST LOFT W(U. ADAI'iltUFok 'he sstaft any daae-ipUno o' tnnry g<oit. Appl7 on the liitolni Xj 6?Jrhn srtet up r*~'? MCKRIBaMa ? TO KKNT, THA HPPaS part ok a gmto?,l hvu a front room. with balonny, backroom tbreehtwmmis, ivrge yard. Ac., to a amall tain I y wthout ?-bitdrvu Kant hb4> net ynar Pour moulds from <ep-L

Inqutre of thr flagman, at Mehoee de rob NkW YORK BTORAOle WaRRROOMS, 84 AND~ R6 Mererrstreet Furnl.are, carriages. Ao , cored by the ? eek or month at the lowrat rates, and suawn'eed from la jury. Is. B.-The largest ard beat atorahouta in theotty. OFFK'Ro TO LIT?IN PltUFLlf'B HANK BUfLDDXl, oorner of Oasal and Thoenpeon streets, euitab'e for pro Wcnal men, artfa e, arokiteots and real aetata broken She sffloes are very superior, and rem low. Apply at the Bank. OFKiri* TO LkT-IN IRVINO SAVflGS BANK bui'dtug. 96 Warren street. one door from Greenwich. Apply to V. L BUXTON, Secretary. Santa low. O1 1FFICK8 TO L)T- *OW INCOMPLETE ORDER, T* ' tha pram tea IS William atreeb nett door to the Com Kx ctargeliatik. lte drat II.or la aultable for Insurance rati rc?d. ai d ree' entile offices. The tipper rooms are wall lo cated tor brokers or lawyer*. By K. O. PIERCE, IS William street 1>AICT OF aIiOL'BK WaNTED BKfWhSN PRINUIt JL Hid Fcur'eeuth atreeta east of Broadway ors'arred, br a desirable amail family of three -the advertlaar. with and child. Genteel apartme?ts. rrot about ((00. Address Tenant. Herald office, or Broadway Post office. KM' ?t;s PhB ANNUM -TO A SMALL GENTEEL teuu'y. To let, in ftllllamaburg a pre'ty brick co lege 7 rooms, l ly papered. Iron baioony. ma>ble mantel, garden, pi mo, Ac., In exorl'ent crder, onaml'e from the ferry, t-tagesjioo* the door; churches achoois. markets, Ac. Inquire at fS2 Grand street, Williamsburg. KNT f 78-TOLctTTHE blCOIflPFLOOR OF A TWO story attic and baaemebt bou e. In Revest* eighth sweat, crrnar of Fourth avenue. The front room has a morale mantel, with grate end cornice around the celling. More room can be bad if required Inquire aa above, or of the owner, J. MACARTHUU, 99 Fulton street, STORE TO LRT?AT^rnUDsTNTifBKRT. WITH OR wttbou' baeemet t; a good chacoa far a confectionery or finer atore. App'y to J. MATH SWSON, agent, 047 Hud. ran street. OTORkB AND DWH.LTNOS FTC -TO LKT. TBNRTORK O snd dwelling No 837 Canal street; rent 1640 ft/tres and dwelling Not. 483 and 491 Washington street; rent (500. Good looaiioos tor any business. being c'oee to the ma-ket, Hudson Rtver Bai'road depot, Co Una steamship dock, Ac. Apply to JAMES PRICK, ado Hudson atraet. SECOND BTORY TO LKT?CONSISTING OF FIVE 0 roorrs, with Cn ton water on the floor; one other family In the house. Tbe premises can ba aeea at any hour during the day. Apply at 198 Weet Nineteenth street, two doors east of Eighth avenue. IK) LET, NEAR BROADWAY, K ART 8TDE~THK I. bROK heme No. 30 Rcade street, twenty Are rooms, is partteu'arly well adapted tor hotel or lodging home, acd situated moat corv nienily to at! bos1ne?s parte of the city, Immediate possesion will be given. For further particulars apply at No. 38. next doer. f(K) LET- IN THE NRWLY BUILT STORE. THK I.OKTS X 63 Atn street, near the co.-uei of William street. Posses sion given tbe lit of May. Also, spacious lofts on the flrst s'ory. wi'h ek: lights, 103 WiUiatn stree'.. In connection with the K it t>3 Acn stree'. Apply at 43 John St., to D. M. PEYSER, fi cm )2lo 3 o'clock, or to John Lloyd, IS Nassau stre31, oor cer of Pice. rpo LhT-LAKOK. AND LOFTY LOFTS, IV TUB NBW 1 building corner o! Duane and htm slice's, beanfltullv lighted, c- n.bting of eleven windows to eaoh floor. Inquire of D. McKKNNa, 32 Centre street. TO LtT-TRE FOUR STOP.Y ENGLISH BASEMENT borne, witr all the modern improvements, northeast cor uerof teo-vid avecne and Twelfth street also. the house ad joing, beiog 192 and 194 Second avenue Inqulieou the corner, where tbe owner can be seen, Tue. day, Thursday and 3a turday, Gem 18 to 1 o'clock. TO LKT?THE TERSE GTOBY HOUSE AND STORK with extortion. 149 Fourth avenue, first house below Fnurteenib street, ea?t aide, lias been used for aa'.oou pur po?es at d Is suitable f.u any bualneta, Apply to JAMAS P. clYatT, 61 Wnll Greet, room No. 3. TO I.FT?A LARUR AND 3COMMODIOB8 STORE. WIT3 the basement, In the best part of tbe E'ghth aveuus; the dwelling part may be bed if required, c insisting of eighteen rooms, acd well calculated for a boarding fionae Inyulre at Dr.L A. Roaenmiller'e drug more, 172 Kigbth avenue TO LET?THK MANSION "HOUSE. OUTBUILDINGS and trottrds, with tea or twenty acres of land, in the vil lage of Jrmaics, now occupied by lob Jackson, Kiq. Will be retted to a aood tenant. Poesetrdcn given on the let of May. Inquire of LaI'RKNS Rl-taVK, Jamtica, L. I. fio LRT? A PAIR OF SMALL NEATLY FUBNI9IISD X partore. aultable for a dentist or tf-je'or. Rent very mo deite. Irwiulre at 234 Fulton street, Brooklyn, one door from the comer ef Clark. O LET.?TWO PARLORS, TIIR1K BEDROOMS, KlfOH en, cellar and yard prlvflegea. In a new three atory brick bouse, In Ryerron street, Brooklyn, four doors from Myrtle avenue. Bent to a small American family, (290. Inquire a'. 249 Waablrgton street. New York. ?? O LET ?A FURMSH8D HOUSE, NO 3 WEST WASH Irgtcn place, In trill view of parade gronr.d. Rent (1,HOO a year. Apply to PARK BENJAMIN, 47 Seventh avenue, corner J unmet ih street, no LET-NO. 49 WaLKEK-6TRKET, A FEW DOORS ? west of Broadway ;al?o tbe upper cart of 92t Bruadwav; also, tbe grocery stern. 299 Mow street Possession of the above immediately. Apply to W. 8. JaRVIS, 2'r Elm street. 0 LKT?THK SECOND FLOOR AND BASEMENT A modern tbrte story high stoop bouse In therowonWa.t Twrcty-fifth street, between Seventh and klgbth avanuei, re p cm with a'l the mcdorn convenlercea; gas, hot and cud water, and heater, to a gentleman acd h's wrue. or to two gen tlemen. with partial board. Apply at No. 10 Commerce itrcet, or No. ffb Broadway, up stairs. rpo LET-FROM FIRST OF MAY, A SPACIOUS 8TA X ble. No Pe Mercer street, iear of 653 Brsadwsy, well adapted for manufacturibg purpoaea, as well as aUb.lng. In quire ol J. P. HUN, 663 Brradwsy. O LET- UOUShj NOP. 1 AND3 AND 21 WEST BkLTI I street, near CXuit street. South Rrooklyn, in excelleut rpo 1 \v T toy air, whh gas. bath acd Lot air fixtures; rent cheap to a good terant. Inquire oo the premlsea. or of M. HTEPH K VS JN, 1:17 Kan Fourteenth s'reet, between First acd tecond arenuea, ?. y. O LET?IiTbRUOKLYN. THKNIC* TWO STO tYAN?) basement brick bonae N'o. 1 Wyckotl street, next to the corner of Conrt; rent $300. Apply to FRANCIS BLANCHET, 290 Sixth avenue, before 10 A. M. or after 4 P. M. 0 LKT-IN BROOKLYN. THE HOUSE NO. 16 TdMP kins place, between Harrison and flegraw atreeta- a very deslrab e location lor a private residence; the bonae will be nut in perfect order. Apply to FRANCIS BLANCHET, 290 Sixth avenue, belore 10 A. M. or aPer 4 P. M. LaT?AT K0RT~HAM1LTON, L. I , A FINK LARGE 1 in use, the property of Roctnr J. Ratoas, U. S. A., fronting on tbe water; communication with the city by itsgeaanditoam brats. Apply to J. CROCKER, Fort Hamilton, at the Post office. O LVT-A PLEASANT RESIDENCE FOR A SMALL family, conrlsuag of the second story kitchen and caUar, with two bedrooms In the aUic, of tne house 368 Hudson street, next door to King; rent (300; possession Immediately. Apply 0 DANIKL FRENCH, at bta coal office, 22 Fourth street, or at bta residence, No. 1 < harlea street fTlO LET?FOR A PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE, THR FRONT X basement of No. 99 Sprtag street, next door to the Preacott House. Broadway: alae a few tarnished rooms, without aoerd, A". References given and required. Apply at 49 White street till 1st of Miay. TO LET?THE STORE ON THE CORNER OF HUDSON acd Jare streets, satiable for ?lm ist any retail trade. Apply to NICHOLAS VRKELAND, 627 Hudson street, or to W. C. Lemon, 122 Broadway. O LET-THREE STORY HIGH BASBMkNT HOUSE No 96 West Twenty-seventh street, in complete order with modern Improvements, acd tine gas fixtures in thy house Also. No. HO, same street, wl l be rented low to a suitable party Apply on the premises to J. K. POND. fTO 1ET-TBE 'CTPER PART OK HOUSE 50 EAST X Broadway. Can be seen Irons 2 to 4 o'clock P. M. Inquire at 8tioak street. Good refeienee required. ItO LET?THE FOUR STORY DWELLING HOUSE No. 176 Eart Sevctueetta strevt, three p triors deep, with gaa. bath, watercJosels, wash'.uos an4 beaters, In good repair, near Stuyveaatit park, and convenient to stages and car*. For rent snd key ol house inquire of WM. C. AMERMAN, 1C3 Worster street, corner of Hotfkton. TtO LKT?THE FOUR STORY HuCSK IN TfllRTY . third street near I^xlrgton avexue. with all ihe modern Imptoiemtnts, in good order. Also, tbe 6rst acd second sto ries, with basement, the upper part being occupied by a re sectable widow lady, with brr servant, with a.) the modern lirptovemintr; a deslrab'e bouee for a small family Apply ai 109 East Thirty third stree'., near Lexington avenue 6 LKT?A BASEMENT, OPPOSITE JEFFERSON MAR ket. In one of the beet locations In New York for a huckster In produce or dealer in wood and willow ware, Ac.; rent very moderate. Anp'v to bENRY U. TYSON, corner of Ninth street ard Sixth avenue. TO L>T-2fi) SIXTH AVENUE. TO A SMALL FAMILY, tie third tii-or of a four autrv house, containing three icorns ard lotu' pantries; gita Croton water, and the useo bath. To be rein from 2 to 4 o'clock. Kent $lbO. Personi requiring It for a busincts need not apply. TK> TeT ON BROOKLYN HEiGlITS -FIRST CLAPS houss 92 Columbia street, next to oner of Piaeapple. bent (700. Apply fo O. H. MOORE. 36 West Eighteenth st. To 7KT-A SMALL HOUSE, BARN~A.ND~GARDEN, X two miles frrm Jersey f ltv, on the Bergen Pcint plank rt sd. kltusted Is a good neighborhood, high ground, overlooc Irg New To;kbay. Brook 1 in.and tbe surrounding country. I'm session irthh dlately, at a low rent, (200. More land cut be had if desired. Inquire of JOB. B. WILKINSON, with Bar tetts A Sbsller, 3? Mnmy street, between 12 acd 1 o'clock, or uu rnirg and afternoon at 37 Mon'gomery itreet, Jeriey City. IO I KT? TBE FOLLOWING DESIRABLE DWELLINO, which will be put in good order and repair:?141 W'averley p ace, near Sixth avenue, (l.iJUO; 126 Hamront s'reet, ft 50; II I.eigM street, opposite Canal, (800; 383 bfxti street, near avenue D, (450. Apply to R, L. SUTDAM, 1st Wuverley place. rLKT-TBE LOTH AND BUILDINGS, 97 AND~99 Siith avenue neur Jeflerson market, for many years pas. (tempted bv Peter, end known as the Greenwich marble works. Apply to R. L. SL'YDAM, 1S8 Waverley blare. LET-ON SIOHTY SIXTH STRRRT, YORKVILLtc nesr Fourth avenue, a de?lrable and beautiful location two ol the row cf convenient end handioese dweLIng bouses PUeetlOOfevt wtde, h'gh ground and healthy. Rents (goo App y to kILLECK A BUCK, Eighty sixth street, near the s love. ff O LKT - THA1IVBRY PERFECT THRKKHTORY BRICK X tsiiuie, bow window In front, ?8 Ksst Thirtieth street; wss gas?nd wax r. speaking tines ami bells, two batii rooms, all In perfect order throughout Can be seen st anytime, in quire on the premises, or ol H. W. If AFBROUCK, 65 Llber.y street. I Er?THK FLOOR AND RASKMRNT Or HOUSE 96 Seventh street. Inquire et 97. second door east O LET-IN CARMAH8VILLE, A HANDSOME COT tage. wltb mernls mantels, kl'chenyange, Ac., garden and stable. Wll be 1st cheap to a small respeotable family. Ap ply to JOHN D. CHKVALTKR, :?0 llrnadway. TO LET?No"?0 WEST TWENTY NINTH STRICT, A new four s'ory English fcarrmert houss, just 6nlshed, with private stairs snd all modern conveniences, sltaated between llrnadway aid Fifth avenue. mo LF.T-AT E1.1ZA BETHT0WN, N. J., A SMALL TWO 1 story double dwelling houre, containing 12 rODms; with I arse garden; In Wa er street, fltst door east of Methodist rhurrb; paved walks lo and within five minutes' walk of depot sod Seven oburobes; best of schools; 10 to IS ears to city dally. Rent (2oO. Mav be seen et eU houre by apply in* lur key at Mr. PedeTo shoe, opimelle the church, or to W. WlHtams, et Life RuuniM-e Company, 111 I'medway. A LIT?AT HTAPLRtON, STATE* ISLAND, FIVE n tnutei' walk from the larding, aenftege, eomalnlng flva rorms, small garden, with a guod wen of wm er. A leas - wl'l be given to a good tenkut fur three sears, at (100 per annum. Also a two starj Game house, with rlne r suns, ktu hsn and with a good well of water. A lease will be gtvsr. from three to five years, to a good tenant, st (ISO per acnu-n Anpij for Gree <tave at Po ?42 Fourth avuntte, to F. li. Don .llgox: Of el No. It6 Nln'h strtet. New York, a CAf A.ft'XW UBUIVI EK. ?fc I.FT~TH* llifAJ'?IKlX KIflUKWC KrNOT'l I.QN ! floe terrace, corner nf iwen > third Greet and Truth ave rue. lire louse in t9fe*t id width nudbZ fcetd-eo, wi'h her \< ti d. ww or Curb Hour tc trout, over-nraft- g the lawn. watch tn X.0 fret lorg, extending to Ninth avenue nod 1*14 out into walks. with trees trd rttruavery fr the exclusive usa ot the occupants rf Ike ton see It will l>e rented low tow good tenuu. App'v it 19/ hrttdv.ey, frtie It to 12 o'clock, or el 93 dost Twenty sever tt street, cf FhTKR A- H. jAuKSON. rpo I.JT-*HK TH?K? STORY I1RICK nOtXK T5 J Beckett street, Biroklm. Held house Is to complete order, sod ?t l be let et s moderate rent to a (.oca tenant. Apply to Mr. JACKSON, Hamilton terry. Brook yn. VfK> LET?A STORE AMI HM1K ROJM IN TllB N IC W 1 brute bo. 7H West Thirty third rtreet, near Birth avenue, suitable far ths groce'f or so* other quiet business. apoij to WM. K. W'KSTRKFIKLD, 1.092 Broadway, crrasr of Thtr.y tesOLd strati. 1H> LKT-TO A SMALL RHBPECTABLH FAMILY, rOdR" rooms on ssoond floor and two on third floor, with b?wo men t. Is the nearly flnlsbed1 house UBS Madlscn strset. Gas, C rot op, Ac. Inquue on Ube pteml?. rpo LET?ONE OK TBK OLDEST AND BERT KdTAB X liehed c'othlng stores In the rtty, No. 63 Cortlondt "tree; corner of Waehlrgon, first crrner shove Jersey Oliy ferry Beat location In the ofty. Apply to H. MILL ICR, up stairs. TO LRT-IN TaRBYTOWH, A COTTaOBr WITHIN tenmlnntea' walk of ibedepo*. an aire of ground a'taoh ed, wHh flue fruit, and Is a eery desirable Dies*. Bent 1290 per annsm. Address, or apply In person, to Mrs. E. Meoerols Terry town. LRT-A riEfrT CLASS FURNISHED HOURS, IT Twenty third strest. In oomplele order, newly pvu-.?d and Irescoed. ffcr a year or longer, to a pitvate family only. Addrets box 1,661 > ew York Poet office. rLRT?A THBkE STORY BRICKIiOUHB, IN SOUTH Brooklyn, with all the modern lacproremeu's. sueb as gas, bat aid cold baths, in a good nelghbosaood and less than Ave minutes' walk firm Hamilton arrnne terry, South Brent lyn. Bent reasonable. Inquire at 39 Summit Greet, Snath Brooklyn or ot OkO. CAI.DWKLL, No. 2% Maiden Una, New York, at Marsh A Go 's. " aH) LET-A GOOD HBIOK STABLE, %1TH FOES stalls and u good hay loit. Inquire at SOvsast Twentieth street, year First avenue. TO LRT-THE 1HBEI LOFTS OF THlrVffiWtK, ?17 W ater street, near Peck s ip. The lofta are veWlght and well (tilled for manuiscluriiig purposes. There Is a plea sant office on the second floor. Will be rented low to a gsod tenant. Apply to WHITNRY A MORRIS. fpO LRT?A DESIRABLE SrOBE, NO. 666 KIOH'H X avenue, boh g 20 feet tront by 80 fleet deep, aid IS feet eeiltng, with a large skylight tn the rear; part built for the dry goods trade; would be a good location for a boot and sh e, hardware or lornltuie s ore; also, the tasemeut, 80 by 2t feet, well lighted. Inquire of J. G. B ANSON, BV West Broadway. LKT, FURNITURE FOB 8ALK-A UENTKKLHOU4H, on Staten Island, oocUlnlng thirteen rooms, with large stable, and twenty seres of land attached, situated one mil* touth ot Castleton landing: rent ftf>0. Inquire of O. K. LKK, 77 Ninth street, or of Mr. Kingaford'a gardener, oppoil'e Use premises. TO LRT?TWO THRKK STORY AND ATTIC BRICK bouses Noa 278 and 284 Spring street Wtil be rented or t i a gocd tenant. Apply to B. NKWiiOURE, 275 Hudson at. rpo LKT?HOUSES NU8. Ill AND 120WNaT TWELFTH X street, between Fifth and Sixth aeesues, brown stone front end Engish basements. Bent (1,200 per annum. Inquire of J. P. JAMES A CO., 36 Wall etreet. rpo lei-five- rooms on sbcond floor, with X btck basement, at ZI6 Stanton street. Rent rn.derato. In quire of A. M. FANNING, 432 Bouston street. T~ O LKT-DPPdR PART OF HOU8R NO. 21 BLRKCKAii itreet constating of eccci d aud thlid floors, wt>b bock basement. T~ O I.KT-THR SECOND STORY OF A MOMIRN rHRf.E story brick house, cvniletlng of two large rooms, thrua Ivdrcome, ard baihro.m. n'nated inns be* thy a location ae Here ts to the city. Possession 1st May. Inquire at 101 Slot Twenty fourth street. mo-LET-FLOORS THROUGH. IN A NNW BRICK X bouse. 472 Ninth avenue, one doer above Thirty nln'h street, Bach floor cunidrts of six rooms, four with fireplaces; ( rotm water, do. Kent of first floor with back busemeutau i t wo bedrorma. (160; secud, (110; third, (100. Inquire al 211 Thirty-rlnth street, one door weat of Ninth avenue. r~0 LKT?A M0D8RN BUILT, TWO STORY ft situated on Third avenue and 106th street, furnished. with range. Or.ton water, bath end large yard. Also, a three story btloklbnuse, with store and stable, situated on Third avenue ?rd 104th street, furnished, with all the modern Improve ments. Inquire of 8. B. McGOF. N, Third avenue and 103th street. f(io LIT?FURNISHED, A HANDBOMR ENOLIsn X basement house, rep'ete with every eonvenlence and a1! rrodein latptcvements; elegantly turnished; situated In Went Twenty second street, No. 179>j- House and furniture ore new and will be let low. Apply to HOMkR MORGAN, Pine street. TO LKT.?A BASEMENT FOR A LAGER BIER 1 saloon; It is the best situation In Broadway. 2 billiard tables, fixtures, Ac., for sale. Apply at 483 Broadway. rO LRT-THE DESIRABLE fiTORR. 761 BROADWAY. ? Rant (1 COO; also, the dwelling portion of the hott'e, with basement and kitchen- rent only (1,200; also, a beautiful brown stone house, on West Nineteenth street, In perfec t or der; also. 93 8l Mark's place, with dining room oxteudon. and all the fmpravemens. Kent low. Apply to MILLER A MORRIS, 11 Pine aUeet. TO LRT?ON REAR OF LOT NO. 233 WEST TWENTY sixth street, a three story building, suitable for any facturli g builners, Alroforsale, a steam ccokixg apparatus, In good order, suitable for a bote! or restaurant. Apply as above. TO LKT-THE TWO STORY, BASEMENT ANt> ATTIC boure, 38 Columbia St., new y painted. Gas, Crotou, rarge. large yard, grant Tires, Ac. HentffOO. Apply et the boute. T" O LET-A VERY DESIRABLE DWELLING P\RT over store, on Fonrtb avenue, eonslttlng of twelve rooms, with bath, g*>, bot and cold water, Ac ana large ye-d: ?fl! adapiel for a boarding house or private family. Rent fill). K. B. KINbHIMER, 319 Fourth avenue. TO LF.T?RENT (300 A NICE THRRE STORY FRAME hrt.te on Forty third strest. near Broadway, twelve rooms; also a thi ee story brick basement house, on Fourth avenue, with gas, bath, Ae ; rent (066. K. 8. KINBHIMER, 319 Fcurh avenue. TO LRT-THE LOWER PART OF THE THREE STORY brick house No. 90 First street, front and back basement, with range, two parlors oc first floor, the whole oftnird story; all tLe modem br prevent eats, gas, Croton water, bath room. Ac. Apply on the premises, or to GEO. H. WALKER, 117 Chrjstle street. rO LKT?'IHE DWELLING PART OF THE FOUR story brown stone front building, G81 Sixth avenue, com plete wita all the modern improvements, suits He for a board ing bbo&e. Apply to W. H. RAYNOR, Broadway, corner ot Thirty fifth stre?L r<> LRT? FOR A SHORT TERM, A~FIRST CLASS louse, turnished situated in Twentieth street, near Broad way. Apply to MATH'L JARVIS, Jr., 13 City HalL 'fO LKT?TWO NRAT COTTAGES, WITH STABLER, 1 hiluate a few rods trom the Centrevllle race course; wi 1 bo let cheep to good tenants. Apply to Mr. ABRAHAMS, toll arte ke? per. Jstna'ca, South plank road, ono utile east of Jcbn 1. Snediker's hotel. O LKT? AT FLUSHING, A VERY NEAT COTTAGE, rear ly new, contain log ten rooms It !? pleasantly lo liated, one quarter of a mile only from tee railroad depot. The hourc will be put In perfect order, pnlcted. gra'ned. Ac. For particular* npply to E. F. TRBADWKLl, 1M Broadway. LKT?TWO NICE COITAGES. FROM FIRST OF MAY next, north tide cf Fifty -fourth street, a little etsl of tenth avenue. Haw York; rent (ISO and C50 per year. Apply to Mrs. TRAYEBB, on the premises. rO LET?A FURNISHED BOOM, WITHOUT B3 ARB, to let cheap, in a respectable private house, 164 Cham bers street, suitable for one or two single gentleman. Rent (6 p?r month. TO LKT?bEIWKKN LEXINGTON AND TH'RD AVE niies, part of a house, basement, parlors und third floor, to a (mad family without children. Apply at 202 Fulton aireet. O LB*-PART OF A SMALL HOUSE IN WEST THIR teenth street, near Sixth avenue consisting of front base ment, two rooms on the second and one on the third floor; bith io?-m, Croton water and gas throughout. Rent (226. Apply tc WM. M. GILES, apothecary, 189 Sixth avenue. ItO LET-PART OF A 11 UNK, VERY LOVY. I-'iRiT class ba'hs ard gas. r.ii e rooms, suit*He for a ci-n'ee family. In complete repair; good ocauin, 033 Hudson street near Abingdon square Furniture to rent alio, 1'required F!?sse apply to LINDHLKY A MUDSILL, 78 Kigh'h a.e jUC. '|!G LKT?Tils. 8KCONl(~ RTOHll,F H<.USE NO. 11 X 1 bird street, together wi h one room In the attic, to a small tamlly, without children. This Is a i-eslrsb e Ire;* ion, being central, lu a quiet, genteel neighborhood, inquire on the premises, between the hours ot lu aid 4. TO LET-THE FOUR SToRY BASEMENT HOUSE, M bouith avenue, a few dcois abyve Twen leth creet P'cusnnt location f, r a re-psctable priva e family, having gas, Cio od, good yatfl, Ao.. and would be a good location lor n physician. Appty on the premises. O LKT?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO UJFCRNIKHKD parlors, tvl.h lolding doors and pautrles between, baicoay and ureot bath, to one or two persons, with or without partis! beard. Ariplv or address 691 Hudson street, between Four until i-nd 15ih sireea A deslreaole situation. Fourteen'h i.trtet line cf stages pass the door. rO LKT-THE LOWER PART OF THE THREE STORY bcttfe 289 Tenth street, within two blocks of SL Mark's i bin cb. the parlors, cloteta In hall, two bedrooms In third t'.try, frintbiuemeut, use of tinder-cellar, Ac. Neighborhood genteel. TO LRT^TO A SMALL FAMILY ONLY. THE ELEGANT four dory Rnglbh basement bouse. No 91>? West Tweity siitb stieet, in per feet order: has all modem improveaentaand ir gord neighbornood. Rent (800. Inquire of BARKER A J'UNCCMB, No. 14 Fne strest. OLTt-IIIE LOW 1ft PA BT O F^AT Wo"iTO R Y AND ottlc house, pleasantly situated tn Laurens street, ne*r Hctislnn, consisting ot bsnaroms front and bark parlors, piazza, Ire-nt haM-irent. one or two bedr -oms, closets, large yard, with gossnd bath, Ac. For particulars mqulto at 91 Thompson street, Bent (260. LIT?IN 8IXTY FIFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIRST stid Eeccnd avenues, a neat two story cottage, linlshed in tirst cats sty!e. with garden well stocked with shrubbery: stable on rear of lot. l-'or particulars inquire of Mr. JOSEFH I1ARI), on the premises. 'I-O I.ET?THE PRINCIPAL FLOOR OF 17 WALL X street, a first rate location for banking, Insurance offices, or any other kind of business. P issessloa 1st May next Apply up stairs, secotd story, front office, 17 Wall street, to DAVID S t'ODDINOTON. rLFT (BROADWAY)-AT COMPARATIVE LOW t em, desirable store and offices, fronting the Tabernac e. Apply to PARTRIDGE A BHUTAN, No. 342 Broadway. rpO LET?THE FOUR STORY R80WN STONE FROMT X house 133 West Twenty-aecoad street, re jlete with alt the nofern improvements, and chandeliers, Ac.; rent 9764. Also, 280 West T wentleth street, three story and h'gh baoement, with modem Improvements; rent (700. Also, M7 West Twenty first street, brown stone house, modem lmproreaente; ran' (800. Also the three story brick house 26 Ninth sveane, rent f 110. Also, die three rorr hish basement brick house, with gas. baths, Ac., rent (ChO, 171 west hlghteanth street. Also. 106 Weet Twenty fifth street, with gas, baths, Ac ; rent (a j0 Alio, 246 West thirteenth street, with gas, baths Ac ; rent (64 0. J. A W. DENHAM, Eighth avenue, comer Sixteenth sta TO LKT?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION," A VERY desirable two story and attic bouse and s able on Fifty seventh street, with about sixteen lots laid out In garden, with fruit trees, grape vlnai Ac., sulfa vie for a raapec'aMe favfly: easy oomm unlcation day and night br the Second and Third avenue railroads. Inquire of Dr. SCHMIDT, No. 6 East Twelflb street, near Filth avenue, at 9 A. M., or 3)6 P. M. LRT?AT HCNTSBRIDGB, WESTCHESTER COUN ty, a cottsge and bam, with two acres at ground, situated within five minutes' walk or the Harlem Railroad depot ami fifteen from the New Haven. Bent ?20O. Inquire of M. RA PF.tTI, 41 Weal Twenty fonrth sircet. fpO Ll.T THB PRETTY TWO RTORY AND AlHlTO 1 bikk house,663 Greenwich street In nerfeet order, having water and gas; has nine rooms and kitchen, van t and fine yard. In a highly respectable neigh borbo -d. will be let to two rirali famll'ee, who will tale the house at the same time.'eepaeathednor everyflve minutes. Inquire of A. e. LEVY, sttoraf y at law, 19 Wall street, or at l?f Hamnuid Fiec*. o LKT?THE SPLENDID HOUSE. 12 B*. QMOIOI place. Tsirteealh (treel, between First and Pecoed ave nut;. Inquire at 108 Liberty sires', up s-airs, vy 343 Ninth til ?t, till 80'ctocx A. Mokui 1 U>9 P< TV n?l&nlN fML-eliM KVft.. T~ O LFT-IN A Hot rkViVtl ALL. Tai' MCDkBNTtT prove tar* to, no office. suitable tor a ph/nclae, or deetlst. Abie, ether pleasant sosrtmeato w'th or without bctrf. Hours occupied 0) a itoaII private KmCy, Cera kill elago i p.toi the door. Apply u 174 elxth avenue. 'I'O 1LT I 1'aHT OF A. noilafcTcJrfriHTlA<1 * of two nsrlorn tnd t?? ruos, on second floor; two -aims co third, and litre* aids room* with b .ek basement nod (Tier. <??? m ioom*. Appir at 17 < Ix'fa avenue, near Amltr street. 1' urriture for rale, tf dew red. fltC LKl-TIiE UPPER PORT OK HOUoK 601 HoUaTOW I street second bock from Broadway, cort-lttirg of t?a rooms, 00 the second, trlrd, i.nd attic Ho .re, wt'h bath and ex tension ro-ms. g.m, Ac. Bent moderate to a good tenant. '?"".JE"!?'1?*0 ?** lbe premises and tor'erm*. spplv to (K 1 hl r.? DAIL. 46 Llspenard street, from S to S 0*0101 k P.M. LKT?TO A OKATEHL FAMILY, DKHIftABLB ipartmento; four room* on second floor, two rooms, tare large bedro-tuts, tour part- a, Uroton water atd washroom. Inquire on Ihe premises, 121 Port * eighth hu ret, fiulinon toe-i d aid 1 bird avtnuen. So LET?PAb T oFt'Ih" UOUceTm K ASf flfKHfT X first sheet, consisting of two par'ore en the drat floor, twe bavemtnls and two hedn ooth on the third floor. Apply, on like premises. rpo lFtF1Tk7xjii> fia>ob~in hmall houak bo. m X Hast Thiriy-fl'st street, near Mac Ken avenue newly painted inside and out. Cor tains bath and C'roton, hot and cold. Kent mcdeiata. ritO LET?IN BROOKLYN, A NEW FIRST CLAS3 X brick home In Oxtoid street near Myrt'e avenue, fitted up with frns. bathing room. wtlli hot and co d water. This Is A choice loeaKtre for a p'lvate residence. Bent 6500. Apply at 91 Washington street, or btt Pike slip, New York. O LET?FOB DRY 0001)9, FURNITURE, BROS, OK other htulnesM. tha wet) finished store and llgh'ed base ment of house, with Iron bsloony, 408 Atlantic street, Biork lyn. rent 920 per mot th. or lex* to a good tenant. Apply at 46 Third avenue, three doors above Tenth a',reel. New York. TO LET-A TWO~6TOBY "bASKME.vFaND ATTIC house, hi Yorkvllle. wttb under rel'ar, bath r.xom Orotoa water and range in the kitchen. Apply at the carpet stars 111 Broadway. v rpo LIT FOB A TERM OF YEARS?THE LaROX AMD X commodious hoarding house known as No*. 19f and 179 Bleecker a'reet, 6(1 feet Iroct by 100 fret deep. This house <11 built expressly for n first class boarding house; has every 000 vc ultnoe snd accommodation required (or each an establish ment. Crotoc water gas, haihs. and a beautiful autt of par* lots, and cae of the largest dining 100ms and mod eonveulsot hens to bs fouud In the el'y. About one hundred can be accommodated ronrfrrtab'y. R*-nt 93,600 per annum. For terms apply to BANKS, GOULD A CO., No. 144 Naemn street. r~ LBT IK BROOKLYN?WITH OB WITHOUT FURNI* tore, the three story mastic front bcuse. 376 Paciflo ? treat, Brooklyn, a few drors above Bond street. This bouse is In rellart order, and is supplied with ras fliturea, range. Ac. The locality li one of fits most desirable In Brooklyn. The kev map be obtained at No. 373 Pacini street, next door. Fer terms, Ac., apply to A. J. BLEi.UK.fc B A BUNS, No. 7 Broad street. New York. TO LET IN BROOKLYN?A THREE STORY BRICK basement home. Mo. 186 Dean street, between Bond ami Kevins streets, wllh all the modem improvements, arobedpar lors. three rooms deep, gas and fixtures. Apply WO JOS WET L A AMI KRSON, No. 9 Court street. Brookly. or to M. B. t Weston, 2.-9 Broadway, up stairs, room Mo. 6,V Rant 9426. TO LET. IN BROOKLYN TWO NEAT TWO SYORT and attic cottage houses, sltna'e on the em'hwest lorner ef Frt-nklin and WUlcugbhy nvenues. w'thin one block from Mvr tle avenue cars. Wtli be let cheap Apply t> 8. W. BI7RTI8, 119 MytUe avepue, comer cf Duifie'.d siieet. 0 LET. IN FORDHAM?A NEW TWO BTORY IIOUSR, wt'h stable, barn nod tbree quarters of an acre of ground, rear lbs Fordhaui depot, one hour's ride from (My HalL Kent 9726. Porsessirn given l?rr.tdl?taly. Inquire or R KJ? A CO., 49 Ain n't rot. os VDWaKU BAAGK, UJ Fulten a rret, aid F. BA ACK, Pordbam. O LET OB FOR SALE.?THE BEAUTIFUL DWICLL ing house 139 Wtst thirty f .orUt streut, four stortM high, brown sione front, English ba cement, Ac., Ac. Ibe ?ttnUiou Is one of the finest on that street. Apply to EDWARD BKLK cr.p, 62 Wall street. rjTo LET OB FOR BALE-NEW BROWN RTONR FOOR X rtory KiglLoh baeement boueea, very hands tmely flotshed, with every modern Improvement, south side ot Tfclr'y tourta streei, 65 feet weetfinm Brmdway; rent very reasonable to tatlBfactory tenants. Inquire cn the premises, betwaiw U and 12 A. M. TK) LET OR FOR SALE?TWO COT>AOEB AND OIR dens, with fruit trees, vinos, shrubbery, Ac , In Eighty fourth street, between Ninth ard Tenth avenues. Rents 9300 and 9276. Access by Hudstn hiver Railroad or Bloomtngdale states, from Thirty second street snd Broadway. Apply on the premises, or to BTkVKNfl A HuXIK, No, 28 Baekman street. I.KT OR FOB BALE?A COUNTRY PLACE ON BA4T cbepter creek, ut the landing and near the village; prettily ? Hooted; t vo story farm house and out buildings, about nine teen acrtB, lnoludirg sa t meadows exoel eat garden, besides orchard snd fruits gexerally: s suoerior well, never dry; goid sail'pg and fishing. Pocsesslon immediately. Apply to E, H. BROWN, 71 Wall street, from 1 to 3 i*. M. 0 LET OR FOR BALE?THREE STORY AND BA8I irent brick bouse In 8event!o h street, between Third anil Fourth avenues, modern Improvements, with thrie lots ad jofi ing, commsodtng a fine view of tbe city and surrounding roiimrv. Rent mocerate to a good tenant. Apply to 0. B. HOWE8 A CO., 84 Nassau street. IKT OB LEASE?THH WHOLE OR PART OP A five story building. 127 Grand street, near Broadway; the roans ore 26 by 80 teet deep, with two ante-rooms on OMR floor, suitable fer analetv er mercantile purposes- Also, the ower part of the bouse adjoining. Apply on the premises. 110 LET OB LKASK-TOi NEW AND ENGLISH BASE ment three story house tSJ Weal Twenty-sixth street, near Blxlh avenue Rent 9000' Has. bsth and all the modern improvements. Apply to A. ELLY, gsaeral agent, 31 Plan street. O I.ET OR LEA8K-HALL 1104 BROADWAY, WEIA adapted tor bil'Urfa, or lodges and sscis'les; also, a base ment on the corner ot Thirty first street and Broadway, an ex cellent stand for saddlery and trunk making or ihoamrklog limine a. Inquirn ot W r.BTKRVKLT. Bloomingd-ile Ravings' Bank, corner of Thlrtj-eecond street and Broadway. x O LF.T OR LEASE, FOR A~"TERM OF YEARS, OR ( Murray HUl?Tbe Oral ctxss three etory aul blgh base men' boure 63 Forieth stnet. between fourth and Livings* ton avenues, with all the moderntmprovemm'a Rent iTUOto a good tensnt Inquire ol THOMAS BUTLER, 139 Weal street, corner of Vesey. O LET OR LEASE-FRONT 8TORK, BACK ROOM aid liquor room, well ealculrted lore clothing or gro cery and liquor store. Alio, sloop for s?le. 60 tons reg star. WK1 be sola ut auctlr n, Tuesday. April '-'9, by Mr. OER iRD, corner Front and Wall stree's. If not rold before. For par* tie 11 tare, Inquire ot JAMF8 PUGH, 344 Water street. TO LIABE?A COAL YARD, IN THK FIFTH WARD, within one blook ct the river. Inquire at 334 Washington street. street; firerriite'piace lorany ktVd rt business; reat very cieap; a ttb an excellent eel sr. Apply on the premises. RUNT?PART OF A STORE; A .TkWF.Li.KR OR uierchant tailor preferred. Apply at 413 Bread way, TO RKMT IN HOBOKEM?PART CF A BRICK HOUSE, corslstlngot two psrlors, two baretnem room*, kitchen ar.dbcdrccm. The house Is fica'y located, not far from the firry; rent RT1G. Inquire at 212 Btoadway, ioom 13, N.Y., or at 190 Waabtngton itreet, Bohoken. TO RENT IN JERSEY CITY?THE FIRST AND SECOND story of bouse 22 8useex sireet. five minutes' walk 'remthe ferry, wt'h five 100ms anda large kitchen, together with two attic bedroom-'; Pas-ate water In the hiuse. Rent 9U<0. Aditreaa Passaic, Herald office. T~ O DRY GOODS, GROCERS AND MERCHANTS.?-A new. elegant, Hfi ieet store tj let, with four rooms attached. In Giand street, Wllltamaourg. The favorite Metropolitan cores will do a large business by euterprlalng men, having done a Is rge business as a tea store: beautifully fitted up. In* quire at 462 Grand street, Williamsburg. niO LET IN WILLIAMSBURG?TO A NT" 3, R ESP NOT A 1 bie family, the second floor of a three storr brtok houaa, consist log of tlree rooms, In North Fifth street near the cor ner cf Tnlrd. Will be let tow to those who suit and posssaatea given immediately. Inquire ut toe blacksmith shop, on tlia ?? ot Tblrd aid North I'd h strcc'H T1IK LCWKR PAFT OF A LAHCK HOUM N UK, 1 cor.aist'xg of twnpur 01s, one ex'ei>ston room two bed* rooms, flu tig room, kiu ieu aud wasarom, vt bCro'.ru water. Rent reduced925 from las' tour The prrmiies are nevly PAirtMl. irquire at 361 8'xih avenue Tb (! AhlirNXRK?TO LET, HOUSE, BARN, AND SIX L a;.-t* CBideu laud, on along It u-se. two mltai from New Yoik; low rent the first veer, or on ot-ires; the prooi lctjr will 'urrtih pome ?re<l, menme and a t-a-u. if ileiilred. to a goid n ar. Inquire of B.ure"? A Sbafi'sr, 34 Mtirra- street between 2ai d 1 o'clock, or at 37 Mm'gomery a'reet .ler-cv City. ,I-)SKP?1 ? Wli.KI .'SO*. TO T Fa Cll ihE A8.?a" GOOD f-TJKE F AC CORY, / with 76 b'riesteem suKlne, attua e directly on lelxrg Is.aid Haircad. seven mlleilroiu Bro.klrn. will bo let tery cheap; 'be bulldlrg is very auba'enttat acil may be a aided to any busliea* where-team powe^j* required. Ap "'y li DA Ms L COHLKIQH, Pcataiaator., Woodbkven, L, I., . ear Hie ratlicsd a alter. 130 PRCGOI8TS-A BARB CHANCE FOR A YOUNG . Dngle man.?An o'd, experienced physician, having a store and fixtures li desirous ofle tlrg the same fjr a term of yearr, wllh ths pilvl'ege of all the prerrlpttun business. Apply at the corner of Gratd and Eleventh s roe's, East Brooklyn. TO A SMALL FAMILY?ONE OF TROSE HNUO COT tsges on Twenty-fourth street, In rear of London terrace, la unexpectedly vacated and will be let to a go d tenant da airing to ouy carpets, ias fixtures, Ac. The bouse la la perfect order and has every convenience. Rent 9fl 0. Neighborhood geuieeJ. Apply to A. F. BIGGINS, No, 90 Wall street, ha tbe basement. ASTROLOGY. ABTHOLOOY.?THE CELEBRATED MRS. FLKURY, frrm Paris, whose relation has been c instantly consulted by Naimieon I., gives true Information on all eveata of life. Questions about business, marriage Ac . are anawered by the power of magnetism, at 263 Broome street. C3LaTrVOYANOR-MRS. HAYKR. ITC GRAND STREET J between Broadway and tbe Iiowerv, la the moat success* ful medical and final ties* clairvoyant In America. Aaiiuiaa, bronchitis, dyspepsia, liver and kidney complaints, scrofula, debt ity are cured, if curnble. Satisfactory examination* given, remember, or no pay taken. Doctor H a YES, psy chologist and eleclrlcisn. DK. ROBACK IN OINCINNATI.-THB NEWSPAPERS of the West are hill of the wonders performed by the oele biated astrologer and magician, Dr.C. W. ROBACK. Disease* sr* cured, roblieilea are discovered, predictions verified, mar riages brought nbout, law suite settled and every epeclaa of busiest* patT.tactortly arranged through bis agency. Tbe moat tieredntous sdmlt bis propbeKc powat?. Nativities arecsat by Dr. Rohack, at $3 for lames and 96 for gentlemen Akdroa* Dr. C. W Robaok, 171 8ycams re (treat. Cincinnall, Ohio. Tbo Astrological Almanac for 1866 forwarded gratia to any part of the United Stales. Matrimonial.-i will, upon the receipt ok ten cents aadl a sample or their har dwritlng, send any pert on a lull delineation of Ihelr charaeter, to vers, Ac. A4 dtnse M'Ue Hoi tense Lo Roy, Broadway Post office, N. Y. Madame mf.thre will remove on the first ot Ma*, ft cm Fo. 6 Leroy place, to No 67 Bleecker s'reet, wbete In cousequence of the greater number ol apartmentm rbe baa still urengagtd rooms for gentlemen and w,vet. and rore-is for sire'e gentlemen. Breakfast from 8 to 10 o clock, dinner at 6. Fren-h and Engdih spoken. Inquire at No. ? Len.y place, UM lit of May. Matrimonial ?i will, upon the receipt of ten cento, aend to any person a full delineation oc Ihelr cnsracter by their handwriting, (address sufflctenD. Addrese, Ne w'yi r? Amy Leroy, B rose way Poet offlee, THE GIPB1Y OIRL-1F YOU WISH TO KNOW ALL the secrete ol vourpastsad future Ills, the knowledge el wnlcb may save you year* of sorrow and cars, doa't fall la oonmlt tbf above named palmlat. fiki ii a trna Qidmt. audi rre of the greatest wonder* ol the age. Fee 60 cento. No. 60 Bowery, up stair a N POUTING. EOR BALE-A SPLENDID FRENCH POINTER DOG, 0! t>? best quality, 7 months old; also a very haadsota* nlsck ard Ian terrier dog, English bteed. 14 months elt, and - ? ? awxTsl cheap If applied for won, al mscs arc ran terrier dog, R'rdisttir. Both he '.tm Mtllif trofli Fow a iwtnu?, Waahlog'tm aller