Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ; 1 1 , . . , ? ? ... ? ? ? ? i * ? ? ? ? WHOLE NO. T186. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, MAY 2, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE FIRE KING ABROAD. f&MBLE CONFLAGRATIONS AT PHILADELPHIA, Fifty Stores and Dwellings Destroyed. 9m Fhrmaa Rilled?-Another Mortally Stabbed. I Lm I?r? than ? HHUm ?f??Har? DESTRUCTIVE F1B1S IN NBW TORI. *0., Ac., %C (Trom the Philade-pht* Bulle'ie, May X j I?<it n:gfct, about 12 o'clock, * lira broke wit in the xiortbern ena of the large rug tn<l pa-i-r warehouse ot Messrs. Jew*up & Moore, on th- eauth ride of East North ?treat, below Sixth. The wind was blowing freihly from the northeast at the time. s.d the flames -ere carried through with fearful rap. dl.y'.o "he other rx.reiuily of She et-ne, en Commerce h rwt. Th. large etracture was speed Uv enveloped Inflames which ware c fried by the fcre* Of the wind against the building, adjoining, and Jfiey were ?ocn In a light biazs. To add to the disastrous .ff-ote ef the lite, the burning T?g? and paper wera vomited fo-t'u from the window* and carried on the wind In a southwesterly direction, where dhey fell In a fiery above-. Tie firemen were soon in terries, but it wai speedily rcunlfest that all the build ir gs west of the paper store to -ixth street and south to Market street, mint be ior.dred in destruction. The Rate Horse bell was ium* ively .track for a general sdarm, and Its constant et>k> s brought to the ground She entire Pepertinent ef the lty. The worst fears were soon realized. The buildings on tooth sides tf East North street, aed np->n ooth .ices ef Commerce street, were scon in a light blaze, the Market street stores extended beck to she la?t earned g reet, and ?he names were soon pouring out of the windows on to that avenue and to extend to Che<tuut atreet. B) two o'clock, the westero end of the block br uuded by market, North and Slx'h st-eets, -as in flames, and tka triad had carried the ba.oing finer into ihe oisck Imme diately west of the main body of the conflagration Back cf the wes ernai eot H'xth atreet, a large school Inure belonging to the society of Friends a ci-penter ?hop, and sovtrai small dve iings were in flames and burning furiously. The roofs of tiro large sterns on the lower side of Mar fcat street, below Sixth, to >k fire, and the roofs ot two touiMUngs on the west site of S'xth street, below Market, prere In flames by half-pas tur-e o'clock. , The seen, was now mos' f-ightful?the flames shot up toigb into the air, illuminving tue entire city, and threatening to destroy entire blanks to tfce windward. Commerce and North streets were la Sasm. aod Area mere raging upon both sides of Market and Sixth streets. She wind, which was increasing in strong.h. was carry ?*r a fiery shower to a giea. ai.tacce; all around the ?eene of aevastatiun persona ware hurrying away their IsuiiuM aud their goods to plaeeH of safety. The fireman, bewildered -ad distracted at tb* 'nsuffi ?enoy of the meane at their command, in somparison With the vastneee of the Arid of exsriioo before them, ?tmggled manfully with t e destroying element, and sa fe: the iudlalous command of their ufificers did the best they eonld. The fire continued to spread until after daylight, and fehen the sun ruse a sickening tc?ne of destruction was exhibited. Every building on the north sice cf Market street, from the unfinished Iron s true tors at No. 810 to Sixth street, was in ruins, and moat of th. house, on the east side of .Sixth street to North Btreet were down. The western pods of Kerth and Commsro. streets wera in rain*, while ugly gap* were made in the blocks south and west of the bounds described. Some forty buildings were destroyed, frany of them stones of great value. . i nflUii KlU-W. Mr. Jehu IV Groff,? member of the Pereeveranoe Hose Company, redding at No. 66JU?sstreet, while engaged at hbe fire was crushed by fal'mg walls and instantly kilefd. Mis body maesaea?an amfe lb* fernsa.r will held an in guest this afesnmoa. Mr. Groff was a returned volunteer, and had served in She Mexican war. He was not married. 2UX~ BTXIOD. During the program tf the fire a row eeourred In Sixth ?tract, above Market, bstvaen a nuxber of the adherents - Of tue of the flraoomjhirle-, and in its course a young ho an nanec James Bar 'ley, a member of the Franklin Hsm Company, was siabVd in the right breast, jut abort the nipple. He was eiov&yed ta the hospital, and JttSr sup paced that there it no hope of big recovery, tat raomtt ttftaotm. Below we Ornish a^llst of th< pioportj destroyed, so Tar as it cap.ha ascertained l? the ooafadam that exists, ofooursa, lmposalbe at this time to give hay Aefi oftoe losses, amount of laauraaoe, fee., Set it ?S SbCiL MHaMtad Uukt the lee* will exceed a million j No. 218 is an unfinished Iron irontsd storehoaae. This Building was greatly andangsred. butltesoapsd destruc No- 221?A three story brick store, occupied by Baga feey, Woodward fe Co., wholesale grocer* and dealers In mrodnee. This buil'ing was entirely destroyed; bat lit Cle of its contents was saved. No. 288?A handsome brown stone stare occupied by WUccok, Hrgers & Frelsy, dealers in straw goods. This ?tract nr. wu entirely destroyed, and most ot the eon Cents shared the same fate The building extern led through to Commerce street Ixvlrk. Kaisin A Co., dealers in shoe*, occupied the game fiuildirg. Their heavy stock was entirely destroyed. No. 225 was a new an-' apieoaii brown stone store, five ?tones in height, and excet ing through from Market do Commerce street. It was jus teased to Messrs. TruiU * Bro.'s. atd they had a'wut 816.000 worth of hardware In it. Th* building, which eras totally destroyed, was valued at 876,000. No. 229, W. W. Knight, hardware merchant, building ?r.d greater port!' n of stosk destroyed. No. 231, Edward tern Gossan & Co., clothing etc re. Totally destroyed. The northeast corner of Sixth and Market streets was ? vsry large five story building. It was occupied by a number of tenants, pmong whom were M. Walster A Son., manufacturer, of wire work. MAMMXt STRUCT?SOOTH 8H>H. No. 188. Eby, Convgham A Herr, grocers. No. 100. Conover k Brothers, shoe dealers The rook Cf these buildings were dssuryed. The dreg store at the eornerof Market and Delator ptreets took fin, but the flame, wen soon clacked ooxMgnca tmtmn Several build lag. are down In Commerce atreet. Some Cf them were the rear ends of Market street stores. Sup ple, peciirg box maker, ani John Moaner, gilder, were among the eoHsrers on this street. acxvH mm. The large building on to* northeast corner of Market and Sxth streets, extended up a consider* lie distsa'ce Cowards Cmmoree street. Above this structure came ths following, which were 4mwni>? Vo, ,. J. Ban Moore, haei <ry, &>. No. 9. R. C. Walbotn gen' 'emeu's farcithing store. No. 11. Bertram A Co., perfumers. No. 18. The Sixth S;ree- Rase. Mo. 16. Fiaher A Co. book! nod stationery Mo. 17. Southeast corner or Cammeree street, occupied .t?y ? number of perrons as offices Northeast corner of Commerce rtresi?.Penny packer k J~linn, grocers No. 21. Henry Tennent's tin and iron stare. No. 22. J. M. Kellj. tsllor. No. 26. S. B. Wtlliatcs n carver end filler. No. 27. Jobs B Autr, p ano store No. 'JP ?t.eorge Binder, h>ot and shoe s'or* Dr. T, Cook, medicine store. No. 31.?E. M. Hol ing*worth, stationery and paper. No. 33.?J. H. O ilers, tailor. No. 83.?Charles Shoemaker, tailor. N. 37.?J. 17. Williams, artists materials. At the corner of Keet North street? W R. Acton, tai lor. On Sixlfc street, below Marts'?Sni snder A PsschaH, batters, and a music store, adj ,:n(sg, No. 8. err. jauis sritaer. A German tavern, and a namfcer of small dwellings on St. James street, were destroyed. A large school honee sten tog bask from this street, belonging to the Society of Friends, was entirely des troyed. Other properties were more or ieea damaged. FURTHER PARTICrt/ABS. Oa the north side of Ootnmerss street the loss is verv heavy. No. 48 was occupied by C. 0 A Co. et a paper warehouse. The si ck was very heavy, and was valued at 840,000 There was as ins*rates "urn it ef 921,000. The building belonged te Mr. J.seph Peal. The destraotioo of the ballding aod gr> :? wae c;a:plots. Myers A Eunice, peeking box makers, w?re at No. 47. 'Their establishment was entirely destroyed. John O. Chrter, cooper sh p, was also upon this side of the street; it wae totally deetroyea. Adjoining was the hnttoe manufactory effamaei Croft. 'The dwelling oi this built tug was eccupiol by James Car .joeoter It was destroyed. On the south side of Commerce street several small dwellings were destroyed. J. Mocmey A- Co., who occupied t. portim if the build ing No. 49 Commerce street, estimated the Iks in their eatabHibmentat 85.0C0. Of this 81,000 be mgei te otter parties. Insured lor 8t 600. The bnilding in which the fire eomaeno*d was owned hy k Moore, it was baUt io 1863, at a cist of 923,000. It was 8ve stories In height, aal extended beck ?one hnndrvd feet la depth, ant covered two loir, Km, 24 and 86. The edifice wae of the most *nb,tnous' dsserip tioa, end was designed to be fli-e proof. The owners had a portion only of tbotr stcck in this store. The 8r*t floor .ofWo. 26 was ocenpiet by Feiaocr k .Vlxon, eapvr deal am. The Are Is believed to have commenced io their aounticg room. Jessap A Moor# had but 80,000 Insurance cpea their bnilding- Tbotr wtook was 1 stored for 828,000, hat the .ires will exceed that amount considerably. We learn thatfthe damtge to the stores Mo*. 261 and 286 Ckostnut strsot, below Tenth, by tb* see .ad fire this -rorslng, Is prinetpaUy to the upper eorti >n< of these building*. Ko. 266, eoeapted by Messrs John Kiebl A -f-OTi, in th# flrst story, nod Mrs MoulsenV millinery above, is owned by Messrs. Mi eh all A Btguard. No. 264 it occupied as a storo and dwelling by the owner, Mr. ( eorge Fryer. The occupants of these buildings bat ?*i ?"engaged, from the bwskfnf out of the Ma bet street >, la extbr-Uhlaf iaagmeran# syurtj whiU Ut alKEfeEfJStiMt r*tirad ftbomt 8 ***? th* The to th* bail Meg will probably mat $2,000 Most ef the go d?. both of Messrs. Kiecl an 1 Frysr **r? renroVed -before their houses caugbt, and th* iocs will \ ^ P**' They arg both fully ImurM. .?.JfK "L1*! <to'trejed uooa Sixth -ri 1 0,?r??,ho* d?1?r. '? , rMti Tk*t nn l?mai own-xl th* 'arge bul d tog at the northeast oeraer of Sixth and Market streets !?u ?1'? .th* buiidJ?g. betwe*. mat hod No. tl North oixtb, inclusive H* *>to owned No* 33, 36, c7 ud U? snd the property around tot sou'heest c irner of Nor ;h AistaU*.* *"k """ xui.. **?? ?oo??toa by Pooriypacker and Flinn b?. longed to th* Iter. Mr. Baker, of LaueasMr W h J!TrtZ "L"'* bn" ??*"- la Ess-. Nor h street, wan onmaged t* ihe rear. *??* **? of Mr. (a*He* 3hoe*"*sr V T * '""??ted by insurance. m t ?!? Williams, artist, was insured :or $8 000. Most o. bis goods were saved. &&*&!!!!**" *ot m09t of ht* E"011* oat safely. Had th* buildings on Hixth street *U bees provided with parapet walls, much of the d*-tm?tion.would hare ptexi prevent ea. The school house for Friends, that was destroyed in Si Jamrsetreet, was a-rery substantial building. It was owned, by the orthodox branch cftheecriaty A car h.J^0P which a'ljpined the echoolhouee. wmoccu p'edbv Messrs. Co per 4c Brck fr,&5fJ?^ht!!MirnfcS S- Raah? tt? President of the F i lend t hip Engine Company, waa caught by a falling wm limit)^ 3ear' flflt thought that he was killed, but he escaped with his life, although he was T'I7 bruised. No b >ces were broken. Mr. C.roff was killed while standing on tte roof >f a ?tore, on the north side of Commerce street. A waU fell over and crushed him. Fdward Nuttall, a compositor In the Ltdgrr office, and a member of Franklin Engine C unpauy, was crushed be ll'^ tti.? 3. " H,? flr? hat raved hie lt<e. He was badly although net <totigermuly bruised. Ee called upon us this morning to assure us that he was not killed as was currently reported. ' No. 223 Market street was a handsome brown stone store, oecupied by Wilooob, Rogers 4c Fralev, dealer* in straw gooas. Their stock was almost entirely destroyed lossheary. This building was also oaoupled by Lpvijk' B^lher, shoe dealer*; a portion of their stock was saved; they were frilly insured. Ibis bulldog was en tirely deitroyed: it was valued at abont $40 080 The entire loea at this building will not fall short of $900,000 "mS** ?%hZSiZ"1'-* wm About 2? o'clock this morning the roof of the building on the southeast corner of Walcut s tent and Raspberry nIjJ ?fU9:b'fir* fr?m the sparks scattered from th* lire *5L k .Til gtrM. bu' th? flames were extinguished before t&6 bufldipg was Bcrioaa'y iojurao. sAv? /Plendld *** "tore No. 2517 Market street, below ? X* C*te? 00P*" M **' finished within ?T ^ rt **? considered one of the finest ar chitectural ornaments of th* street. The Market street front wu of elaboratedly eerved brown stone, and the rear end upon Commerce street, was of ornamental brick work. This splendid structure was furtUhed with iron doors and shuttere, and for a leag time it resisted the fire. But the pet feet em of fiaos* that beat against it, upon three sides, finally worked into the bnilding, and ^"totally destroyed. The wal Is tell on* after acither *ith ^??roaad- Messrs. s??i u Brotb'r?. hardware merehante. had leased the building, and they were just moving into it. Their stock of goods that had been moved in was valued at $26,000. The buiioirg was worth about $40,0C0. Tho loss here WTeiKetom2c*le"a gf"Ur P4rt<>ntU On tho east side of Sixth street, from Market up to No. frU#?o^Z bnttotog wastotolly doetroyod. Hot. 3S, 36, Zt ? T^# Aldermsn Ju. B. Frsoman oceupled ho. 3D tor bu office and dwell: eg Most of tho buMbgo .long there had dwellings ic the upper portion Of thiir gotokTto" ?UN?"- 198 ui 190 cn U* soath tide of Vatkn street, took fire the destrustien of that Mock seemed Inevitable; but the firemen that conld be spared fje the serviee went at It with a will, andefaesked thewogiess of the flames in that quarter. The new No. 192, next (above the Messrs. Con over, was atotffi scorched. The paint on the enUfS front it blistered trom top to bottom by the tnfense heat. Its escape Is iron derfal. The market house was on firs esrsrif tftoes. Among the tenants in the lane building at the north 0t 489 ?tre?ta were R. C. ivrfght A Co., gentlemon's furnishicg goods. Mrs. War .JWrsrisss? "c- ^ ? Theituildto?along tho south side of Markst street tod^the west side cf&lxth street bear abundant evidtenoe to WiV^ ^^ ^roogh whleh tasy passed. The paint to hiia-eied, and in semst^Maete it has run in stream* "ff*,*8*. ^ adows. On Mar ked street th* metal rea*cf asm* of the store* melted and dropped upon the sidewalk. How theso buiidiage eseapei the rnin with which they wore threatened u a matter tor wonder. In Morris court, west of tho property attacked to the Friends school tor girls, was a boarding bouse, occupied by Henry Bains, and owned by Mr. tocmpeon. It was damaged considerably, as was the furniture contained in W t* 10 b*i-din$ &nd furniture about $2,000. The firtraen exerted themselves most nobly during the continuaaee of the eonflagration, aad tolled with almost superhuman endurance to check the fleam*. Their labors were attorned with the most imminent risk to life and limb, but they maintained their potts in the face of the Ser??1 brave fellows were badly hurt while tn the perfonnanoe of their dnty, but, with the single aad exoeption already named, we have beard of no lives being lost. .. scene about Sixth and Cheetnct streets since day light has been of tho most melancholy description, dm ail s.des walls were crumbling, or were being thown down by too fiiemen. The fiame*. although cnoeked, were burning b-NkIt among the ruins, when we went to preee flakes of fire were still Hying thieklt fr?m the ruins of the paper stores, but a rain that prevailed durieg th* forenoon quieted the apprehension of danger from this CkQ*9. fevers! fire companies from Germantowa aad Vic*town camr to the cfty aad went into eervtce. Taeir aid was needed. Ike wires c-f the fire alarm telegraph were broken at rdxita rvnd Market streets. The fellow who staeted Bartley is said to have been a member of the Moyamenr-mg Hose Company. Ho eacanad. tevorxl members or the last named company, it is alleged, made an attack cn the injured taaa at the time th* woutd was ioflictoa. The origin of tho fire is wrapped la mystery. No fire was used in th# spot where th* fl&tues originated. In the almost ehaotie oonfuarin that prevails, it is utterly Impossible to Co mora than make an approxi mate *ttitrate of the amount of the loes. Those who are ooropetent to judge are of opinion that it will reach a million of dollars, while others fix it at a mceh higher figure. We believe it will be inMd* of a Kiill jJk. ANOTHER FIRE THIS MOENIND. Be .ween 6 and 7 c "clock this morning th* Stat* Bouae beh struck for another fire, farther up town, this adding to the existing confusion. The Chief Fsgineer havtne arcertaiaed the location ot the fire to be Tenth and Chest nut streets, delegated a number of companies who pro ceeded to th* acec*. Thi< second fire was occasiosei by tbe flying sparks from sixth aad Market streeto Tne burning Hakes hal lit upon the roof ot the auk and toncy goods estatlliih ment tf Ueesrs. John Klehl kSDns, 266 Chestnut street, lelow Tenih, utting it on fire and destroying a quantity o-goods In the third aad fourth stories of the building. The clusk aad mantilla store of Mr. Geo g? Frve- N'o 2u4 Chestnut street, (next door below.) caught lire from in* roof of Messrs. Kiebls' establishment, and the upper (tones were much damaged. The firemen soon got tho flames under at both these bulluitgs, but tbe loss must be great, as the goods des 7 fir* an<1 wfttOT **??? fine and valuable. /-u . tcx0i* thTW buildings on Tenth street, between Cbeetnnt and George streets, also caught from the fire on Chestnut street, but tbey were extinguished by the oo curaats with bucket*. i or a time, owing to the rioleaee of tbo wind, this fire assumed a terrib.c aspect, but a cold raia coming up ma Mf-sfed the gallant flramcn, ana prevented tho rparki from carrring the fire to th* neighboring reofr. Fire* in New York. Hi SLIM AND NBW HATKK D? POT?LOSS ABOTT 960,000. At Ore o'e'ock on Thursday morning smoke *u observed ir'uing from the window* ot the engine room diteetly orer tbe boiler* situated nenr the middle of the block on Elm s'reet, end before (he firemen could apply water, the flames burst forth in grent volume from the window* m tbe second end third vtorie*. The fire *prMd with greet rapidity from window to window, until it reached tbe eorner of Freak Ua itreet, the current of eled esTjleg the brdr of it In thet direction. After e short time e le*s? number of firemen were in ettendnnoe, ecd. tinder the direction of their Chief eed assistants, e Urge vohirne of water we* kept pouring into the premise* At one time much tear we* entertained for the whole edtfim, the flames threatening to de?neli?h the entire f ork. The fire bed leereely hunted en hour, when tbe gi eater per lion of the outer well cm Flat street Nil to the ground. The fire extended te the corner of Elm tod Kranklia streets, and along Franklin *tr*et some thirty feet, where it stopped, leering nothing bat the here well*. the other end of the building, branded by Flm end White street*, the fire extended, bet not with so mach destruction, merely ratting it to tbe roof. The New Heren freight depot bed e large quantity of freight on hand, but luckily bet little we* damaged. It was moved to 'he end on Oentre street. Horse* were held in readi nee* to dreg tbe oar* on tbe traok, should the fire com pel them to leave. The boiler and machinery ware owned by Mr. E. An thony, and were eetioiatet to be worth *om* 916,0*10. They were used for the purpoee of furnishing motive power to the different tenant* throughout the building. LIBT Of OCCDFANTB BCKNT OCT. mrtuNCt on whtt* im rt* utium. H-ermd Moor.?We. Pack ham, spectacle maker end jeweller. Ljee ebout 610,000, he tnsuraooe. Same Floor.?8. C. Bishop, gutta percha faotorr. I/m* estimated at about 96,900; fill1/ covered by ia?Ul*hM (N0>V CV?^?Md| Sane floor?Robinson ft Richards, bxtioo wkin I<om ihnt 1400; no luvuot. Third floor?E. C. Erhraoa, machinist. Damage ?V at $200; ocvered by iMuranc*, In the Kk$u<m' end Mfrcii*nt'? Insurance Company, Palladelphls. fourth floor ? O. C Harrison, optician and tdesoope maker. Estimated Iom $4,00$; (wared in the Rnigeis nnd Fulton Companies. Heme Floor ?Mr. Pfcifs, Ivory tamer. Low ebout ?2 000; insured for 92,690 in th? Jefferson Insurenoe Company, ?anusn mi.?v op nxirsirr avd ex nmn. K Anlhmy, mtnufset-irer of daguerreen apparatus. Fstinutod Iom about 920,00$; Iom wid to be tally covered by insurance * " "" orance in rity compacts*. It I* Mid Mr. Anthony la the 'mm* ot the whole butldlcg, end sub-late to ell the tenants, and fun. lubes then with motive power. The boiler and #rglno are aa!d to be nearly a total loaa, estimated at 915 000. the damage <fo?e to the building wiii am tut probably bo about 91,00$?covered by ta auraoco. On franklin street the fire was cheeked and finally ?x tingnifhM in the premises oecuc'-e* by McBjadon ft Baker, manufactures of envelopes, Ac. ; th?lr damage (a osM ma'el at up ward a of 91,000, said to be covered by in turenw. j , FIRE IK THOMPSON' STKSKT. At one o'clock yesterday a arcing a fire broke on' in the fourth floor cf tie five story building, ho. 9$ Thompson occupied by Jota hover, cabin*! ban ker. The flemM apread from ttia floor to the fifth, oocq pied by Ernest Fretilin, deek maker. The alarm so Drought the firemen to the premUee, aai la aboat hour an.i a ha f tho fire vat. ex iog ?iah*d. The flrat S and basement ware occupied by Mr. Martin 3 Room*. A and blind maker. lutu-ed on stock 91,900 in tho Nor Ttiver Iojurates Company, damaged prosabljr 9100 ' by Dab watar. Second floor, occupied by Dot agar k Baler. Mb not makers, damaged by water. Third 9 ?r, oocupied f John Meyer and another cabinet maker, alee damaged I water. Fourth fiocr, ooeupied by J >hn Mayor, cab maker, the fire seeauto hava originated ta_tb shop. Loes on ?u>ck about 9600; partly To-tried. Fifth flo occupied by Erueat Franklin, desk maker. Ig$p about Insuranoe Csmjianiea fir 93,500. The erigia of is not yet known, but u auppieed ta have b?ea by the earetessceM of aome of the boys or werhoabn < ployed in the shop. max iv psarl btbjut. The alarm of fire in the Eighth dlatitat on Wodnwday nigbt, at about 19 o'clock, was earned by Are being die-' covered in the basement of the eeger store kept by n Spaniard named Macuei Miranda. The alarm soon brought assistance, and tto flame* were extinguished by " Mi iroflBwebyth the firemen. Cpoa examination of the premises by tha lire Marshal and others, evidence was discovered which cave but little doubt of the Ore being the week of an lu eexdiary. Very r. trees cm ill at camphaaa or turpantiM* was evident in the spot where the flro occurred, the oc cupant of the store U insured fcr $1,000 ta the St. Math's Insurance Company. The damage will nit exceed $10$. Oflioer Donoho, of the Sixth ward polioe, took Mr. Ml read* into custody, on SMplcloa of aattiog tho promlsda on tire. Ho was conveyed to tho Sixth ward police sta tion, and detained by Justice Osboras for examination. FIBB IK SIXTH AVSKU1. Yesterday morning, shortly before 10 o'clock, the alarm of fire in the Fourth district was caused by a fire breaking out ta the tinsmith shop aftneted at No. 186 Sixth avenue, occupied by h. ft J. L. Boy lead. Tub building wes Irene, end damaged to tho amount of atodt 91 SO. l.csj altogether about 9S0C. A. Tillage If curly Destroyed by Fire. Datto.x, N. T., May 1,' lWfi. The village cf Cowunda.. la thfa county (Cattaraugus), was almost wholly destroysi by fits' teat night. A^oag the bulldiagx burned are Salem's furnace, Camp's fao torv. E. W. Henma'a atorehogep, the Thlmer block, tho, Welch block, the Msnsien House, tho old mil, As. bridge wea also destroyed. The Hard Shell*. MEETING OF THR DKLKOATM TO fflt NATftMfAl MtfMBAfIC EMaaiBWmaL CONTWTION'. ? I A meeting of the delegate* tad alternate* ippitfft# by the national drmoarscy of thie State te at tea* the Cincinnati Convention m held in the dfr of fljiaease, en lie 26th day of April, pursuant te the filll etng sell: A epecial meeting of (he Oelegetee eat alternate* emptm to represent the national democrat-* " thisKmtn. alike fee deotia: Nominating Convex Hon at the city cf fi) racusa oa Tneeder. at noon, for the purncseot change of opinion, -with a view to sdnee The Stat* Cotnatttee win prorate a i - At 12 o'el-tek, none, the eaeetirg tree caned te erdrt by CM. o*l Fowler Chairmen of the Democratic State Com mittre, and delegate from the Tenth C mgreee district open whose motion Judge George W. Clinton one of the delegates at large, was called to preside as temporary Chidxman. Gideon J. Tucker, d* legate from the Third Congress district, and Harmon S. Cutting, ene of the al ternates at large, were appointed Secretaries pro tan. The liet of delegates and alternate* was then called by he Secretaries, and a que rum iound to be present? mry Coiyrese district being represented. On motion, the meeting took a recess till two o'clock P. M. on re-ooavecing Eabmo.vS Corriot., alternate at large, offered the 'ollonmg resolution ? Resolved, That a committee ot three be appointed by tit* ("hair, to select oOlcer* of the deleft.!oa to ofticta'c at ih* meetings at Cinoran*-.!. Which was entalmoosly adopted. Th* Ctunt appointed, as members of such committee, . H. 8. Cutiieg, nt large Parti Hamilton, delegate from the fourteenth district; and Kttsha B. h mi ih, delegate from the Trents first district. Gea. pA*t:?t G. Hathaway, delegate from the Tnenty Bret district, offered the following resolution:? Resolved, That this delegation ooreiaUj afirma. ratiSeeand adopts the resolution* aduoted a*, th* Snilonal Democratic bta e Coiiventlon he.d at byracuse the 23d day o: August, 1868, aatoilow*:? " Resolved. TTat the national democratic part? of New York teres? reassert their adherence and devotion to the principle* o< the national democracy and ot the constitution ; that they ad I ere to and sonatojto tleery end pracuoe, the resolution* oi the Democte'te ('onver.tlon* of 1SS6 and 1862, as containing the cardinal p.-toctples ot the democratic party or tee Union, they readopt them with keartv geed will, believing (htt time and ex perienoe have demonstrated their purity awl soundness, nad the eeceeatt v Cor a strict adherence thereto. " Beiolved, Tret the leeiocs of the lathers of democracy teach frugality end economy In the administration of public stairs, and teat we -adhere to them as enduring articles of democratic faith. " * evolved, Ynat we insist, as an arilc'e of our creed, upoe the well e-tabliahed democratic doctrines cf State righto, of a strict ooestfuctlon of the constitution, and (be principle of nan (nterventian upen all domestic State question*; and that the peace and q-.det of the oonntry demand that It mould be left to the people of the Territories, as It pertain* to ibe people or th* Mates, to determine for them-elves all local questions, lnclod tag the subject ot a every, te the end that a subject so dtsture eg ta liena'ur* and Influence may b* whoi.r excluded trou the action oi the government of the Union ; and that, la further ance of there principle*. we give our unqualified adherence to ibe Kansas Nebraska bill, and oppose any effort te re establish the Mirsourt prohibition. "Resolved, That the national democracy is opposed to all secret po.ittcsl societies, aed that the first principles of a frne government 4e?*and open nad unrestricted discussion In all matter* of public concern , that the guarantees ot freedom of religions faith aao worship, contained In our BUUe and federal constitutions. lie et the foundation of onr national llnerttei and prosperity; that asv attempt to abridge the privileges now tr-anted to aliens, ot becoming citizens and owners of the aotl among us, or to affect the rights of adopted ctttoea* to a t ali and ?qn?l parUdpatkn la grrervmouial affairs, as defined by the constitution. ought to be resisted at antagonistic*! to the genlu* ot republican Tcstttutlons?and that we, as democrat*, rec >g tiro as evidence ot fidelity, or merit, no distinct m of birth or religious creeds; believing It ts the mission of the demoeracv to proclaim and maintain the great doctrines ot Cvti and religious liberty sad te uphold sad antoroe the constitution to Its su J lime principles of justice and eoaallty. "Resolved. That we regard the Prohibitory L'qnor art, I asset! by the Legislator* of this State nt IU Hast session, as not only a vto'atlon to th* eonstltut'on but also as subversive tc personal liberty as d the rights of privet* property; aad that its repeal is. to cur cpii.ten, imperatively demanded. ' besott ed. That all who agree la principle nponthe lead ing question* of the day, should art together, regardless of minor contttderaUons; that we oordlallv invite all whoagrae with us to the (tortrinse here enunciated, regardless of former associations, to utKe with us In engrafting them upon the policy of the country; but tt ts upon principle alone that we In vite s union. We denounce all coalition* of those holding bonds senuesents ea unprincipled and demoralixtoa." Resolved, That the signature of each member of the delega tion be hereto sfilisd. Which resolutions were unanimously agreed te. The committee to recommend permanent ofNoers for the delegation reported the following:? Chairman?8*mu?l Besrdeley. delegate at Urge. I'lee C'Viirw"?George W. Cllntos, dalegsse at large, aad 1 tomes B. Mitchell, delegate from the Ughieenth Congress oi?t? tel. Rsrrren-.Vw?John H Reynolds, de'egats from the Fourteenth C wrrert district, sad Tboaaa M. Howell, delegate from tbo rwecty sixth Congress district Th* question upon the report of the committee was pnt by on* of the Secretaries and agreed to, and tb? officers as rcccnimemdrd declared unanimously elected CoL FowtJU. deftgafe from the Tenth Cangresi distriet, moved th# appointment of an executive committee of five, to make general arraugemaats for the delegation, a htch was agreed to. TheCnxjlt appointed as inch committee:?'"smusl Fow ler, of the Tenth distriet: Khsha B. Smith, of the Twen

ty-first district; Elijah Ward, of the Seventh distriet; IteuTy W. Rogers, ot tbs Thirty-second district; Gileoo J. Tueker, of the Third district. Th* reeolations, as offered by Gen. Hathaway, and passed by the meeting, having been engresxed and pre pared (or signature, a recess was then taken, and they were signed by every delegate and alternate present. On th# meeting coming to order again. (Jen. Waro. of the Seventh C mgreee district, moved to adjourn to meet at the Burnett House in tb* city of Cincinnati, on the Sa'urday preceding the first Monday ot June aex', at 12 o'vlnek, noen, In tae parloes engaged for the delegation by the State Committee, which was agreed to, and the meeting then adjourned. A rsgular masting ot th* Democratic Republican Gene ral Committee was held at htny vesant institute last even, tag. The chair was occupied by Horace F. Crnrk, and there was a pretty fall attendance of members, not with standing th* rain. Col. Mead, from the Fifteenth ward, read the report of th* Committee on By-Laws, which was adopted with a single amendment?cbanmng toe time of meeting cf th* Committed from the Thursday to the first Wedne-day of eash m nth. Without transacting any further traduce* ta*Committee a<IJturned to the first WttloeeCnj t?;iR*. HnUb| or the OhHttar Vamxf UWfc The aaaial meeting of the Chamber was he'dyerti - day it 1 P. M., Pelattah Perth &q-. ta th* ohkir The death of Robert Kelly, ? roember of the Chamber, wa* adverted to by the aheirmaa, ?*?"?? ee ru appelated to draft reeotattana expreeeiye <* the Chamber, at bU suggeeUM. Ciim Baanow called attention to the yreeeot condition ot the usury reform igitatioo, and eotoaittod the follow ing report, which was adopted:-* The Committee upoa Usury law Reform bet leare to re pert, that tocy here toltotuUj aat cerawUy foUoyed up ha ettonot tbe preceding oonmitt*e, by lending forth many muaauta of argumentative trace sad other brief oemmnaga on, bearing upoa that :opie They hare alee (real Ilea In rerojung that la the -tonate -the onl v bymaeb of toe 14 ?Mature In which the bill tor reform omm up-ocr ceum oual anle acd aidant advocate* from many of foe tuorttonaj ?dmamber*of thai body, including all the member* tromtmt Vfctony, end rereral Irom other secUan* of tee tftot*. a bill war sBrrr uab y tnirrdu *d late the Senate, by the unastmrjur raactloa of tie .ommHtee "O ''ommcree and up t1 almost the vary Urt of the cession. toe raccemtn- paaadgc et thamearure was deemed nearly certmn ' If* were, haaerer, alter all, eutoteied to tha deep mart:# caUcc if AiAiuarfe fifehb bctt* our tale la the Senate, no useful rajult cou d eaenefrom ceiling up any tew hill la the /Juemb ly at the "imtf oommtttae. however, In this how of pi-oaont dloceml drlire no mnali degree of eac? urKftuntut from too fret fkek labor* hare not been altogether? loet fhe o'ianbed ~ of the Chamber ha* unr been continued for thl* reform noe^1 web* acdon haa ah?* c Itae'f br elicit ug comment* (a the 8cwspa?er* o: a!moat erery Ktee tn the '^heee"c*mment*!be v!ri?een followed b, ahecUve Uberelizlug ?ii.? is tha Htatseof I, 'Ulalana, Georgia rod Miasour!, rwwivlng what we were al-etog at on thie ride of ue Atlaa it la regwu to current* reformT?he British Perilamsut took n tbomr> act with the Intelligent promptitude which genera ly ^sanlmlin* their fiaaac'ai meaiurea. and swept away, by a i*wi 'rr'"" rote, every vestige of gwernmsatai dm?t<otos rale of laleieet All restrainf ueoc commercial paper uudar twelvemottos to run, had. ae i* well ktowc. teen removed In ?y^iae wimroer o/lXt toev followed up the grid wort by reltoylig 6Vori c^ncelvafc'e buslneift docuowut or cwifucl State the attention of pra-tloei hHslnaati wtan hftV, Wittlill U20 ptB? tWu OrUl'rt^ vCVi btlAA mer* and more awakened to the evils 'if tola law h Us' j"**"?1 toua. and the eipceasion* in lavor of tadre re pea or es?ecta MIaibIiw ire comlzg in from olmofit erw) Byiion^Os i|to ?uue whilst not cue weed cf remcuMrmnoc afijoBt tfcn cfcABKt is keanl trom ant quar-er wfcatover, ejoopt frpnsjs fair active men arou&i Uis immsdiHte vicmitv of tha Capitol at ^iSw 'etmmlttee do not deem It worth while to occupy the thne rf the Chamber with any argument* new relative n re law*" are emphatically cott demued ty full o'ue Wo the oftftetod other bi?tnoe*comtruc'.tte* lhav afffAirn thaoa in U10 pwiact couftdfacs thai thaJLr uttar eipnasioo from our siatuta hcok, (ureter th*n allowing tte pra ?to> Uami raie to stand whan no baraatn had bean made wen d 25J^u|^ the wverity o! dm tn^nei pressures Ukcideotai that t r*ry effirt ?houtd bc conuTuml to awaken the attecttoo c.f ttc trading and manufa* turtng, and o'her c aaae* in the inte.-et". to the great need of ^"rl ?mfaryTiwSf0Uurn the trading perUoca ot nil cities in a aMtfcm to tomm ate err jr la dtaccial affalra much soouar ihsaaiuto itoatfi be shown In the couuuy To zcuderBB, ard la all free cou drlea, ju-ga cldea are ^(J atjUt up and sustained by n together of the ageaU sad taetora *ad gene the great agricultural, man'.ifhau.rtng and irttmeentirewTOn* ntereet* of the Interior. . So tag from being, to *ome regard u?, a v**t oligarch} of cotmtiaaa wealth, acMtubled here todiapanee car ,oaai> t? hum el* asplliact*. ma are, to a oartain exioat, a m?c ***eash:age of bwrower*. borrrwl*g from all toe world, and, at the *?n? ' time dMhiaing the wluian influencea 11 cucb borrowing over every 4eld and fcreat andarenue of the ecuntr) ? fJU m? for teMasca, 1* cot a part of tha groat poHdeal ftaawweek of tbe State. Whan tola simple fait i? br ingkt Ui efew with nil Ua legitimate bearltga. cur ftter.da htthe tn|*rO" will me mors and mere p aliily what a aclcidal course It la to cninle ear of tha elaatio totce* of their own gieat trading San WnSsn they *ee that our caah movement* at tre hangs and uaury qnibble* with aurh " mnai occasion tmpracUcaU* to ow t-a"',-ry t^.t M woiUag againit u* In to as* parte * ^ ^Saatof wSGprtwt that a moat earnwit I SUJUuiwLr^STeff JajetfgS'to; op^og^y ttxt mmpn nil atitif RSvVnt ftbd KU&is oounUts* *>ro rldSdaneh ^MSaMeglalallondae*not etitwe caea aaid to the man ef New York, br a grrot atatoe man^?* ? cannot etcape me rabpooalotuay. wtlch c? JJJSilSS* lire throw* u yon ua: ton wei miutHvewnd act ouJ talrat like to. ^^wmtMSTtHW br Rr. Webiter, alaaoet twenty Tears is. im wwhf valua of toeae lnjunctltmv grow, wltb fciSS'w"j.s sssisr.2{ saa 3S?g,SSa'?6?ajwa aaawerall HaresponjlbfiUee Mr. Rir-iAM) Bn-tsw cffeied a reeoluUon, eommendlap | Hon. Guy R. Veltoa for his aurocacy of a ataan revenue cutter iu New Tort harbor. Geo. W. BiritT thought the principle of the bill Mr 1 el ten introduced might be extended to other senport*. Gur commercial ateaui marine was vary Inaafficfant, auii C1The 'rtsolnUon^howerer, pa.?J without ameadtnent, as it was thr ught the bill might fall l overlon'.ed. A Vra iSR eUted that several vessels were now load-n? for the linliic In nntieipetion of the mumntion ot on tha conclusion of peace. Ha wished t<> Vunw whether the gorarumeut ahould not be addraaaed to know thair action as to the propriety ot American vessels paying tb# E?R?!BflA WWW remarked that this question of Pouudduea bad originally teen Introduced to juoUc uotlco by tua Cnamhor: hut he teavd that ft would not bei pia^len^t to .u. m* Rany anything about this matioi now, while ue Jotiaricn* wire penning. The question was a oeUcata en#, 8?(1 iright to war. Tli? Bubjeot wm bare dropped. The aduti*) aiaction for cfboei* was than proceeded with, and the following named gentlemen elected ofllceri for the enauicg year:? R*y*amielp* Vice l'rasidtct. a a iJwe .s*vi ^ Fr<*id*?i. J J nSElrV.'.V. Treasurer. va c Rooert Secretary. I Mr. Van axpresi^ hie thank* 'or bring e!acted U> h.? present position. The oate of the cbartvr of tihet Cham be'- run as tor hack a* 1770, and was siinad fcy George III. The SUte of flew York afterward* confirma'l th* charier Ithaa been a staU tf active owrahon mr mm ? even year* only excepted?between 1806 and 1811. Mr. 1; ail uded to the great good of the institattoo, aad urged the | tormation of a club tor th# diacuRsfon *f matters ta.erast ing to merebanta. . The Cham bar soon after adjourned. Police Intelligence. Ax Aujxn> ftean nw* Justice.?Yesterday, cfficor Mi.sterson, of the Chiefs office, arrested e drover from Ohio, nemtd FJlja Brown, on charge of having de'randed n number of persons In the Western cmntry to the ex tent of about 912,000. Pro en ha* b"?a <n California fcr Nome time past, and was sbo it te'uruicg to Sen Fran cisco, where he has a family residing, when he was ar ieetad on a requisition fremthe Governor of Ohio. The accused was taken back to Cincinnati yosten'uy after noon. Avotb?.?A man named James Henderson was arret'et! yesterday, cn a requisition issued by the G rerncr of Connecticut, wherein it is alleged that he committed a burglary upon the premises of a dry goVs de-tier in Pa nee, a Tillage situated In the above fi-ate. The priper:y said to have been stolen from the store in ion has been reooversd, through the aid of ex-poiic?mea Gamp bell. Henderson was sent back for trial. CHAScr or Crash'-vvt.?Fr?dorika .loess was taken into custody, by officer McHanua, of the l.ovor Police Court, on charge of siealleg a watch and caain, valued ?t 916, from tue possession of Louisa B'ackUeU, of fro. 6 City dull place. The prisoner was eommictea for ex ami nation, by Justice Osborne. Mo line Court, Before Hon. Judge rbompeon. A MINING COMPANY TOAT KMLSCTd TO PAY ITS ram. Aran. 28.?At-mfiwy vs. take and Fake ? Tee pltlutiff was hired by the defendants,' In this city, to w ?k In cer tain mines in Herkimer county, in this t-tete, Inst &p t? trier, at $40 per month. He eommrnced his service on the 12th of September, and continued till the Win of Its oember, when he was obliged t? leave tor the sea*oo, as be could obtain no money from his employers. Tue de fend ants proved that the mines were owned nod worked by individuals styling themselves "The New York Stock MinlDg Cimpaqy," of which J. 8. Fake, out of the de fendants. was President; that the other defendant had nothing to 4o wi?h the cincern. Various attempts were mede by plaintiff u> obtain ids money from the Treasurer of the company, Mr. Blocker, hat wi hint sueosss, he only ha ring received, in nil, 980. The directors of the company were Ool. Pake, one of the de'eodaets, several otber persons or the same name, Levi 8. Chatfleki. and others. The Conrt held that the hiring of plaintiff was bv the defendants, and that they nlcne were responsible, end gave judgment again<. them for 9116 and ooeU. tnltrd mates Dletrlrt Court. Before Hon. Judge Had. Mat 1.?The Vniint Sla>et tt t\re Fife, Fiftm Itm* h>adt and VtfUm Qr- Catl.t rf Wine, C'-aimtdlry Womlho ?? tf On., Claimant*.?1The wines In this cn-e were Impored by the claimants from Bieily and consigned to Ron Ji Ic hens, and marked as Woodhouse L. F (London particu lar). The invoice set out the w'.ue witb the charge' ad ded; the Custom Appraisers raised the price act the claimants refused to pay the increased duties and the winee w*re ?eiied,as ha nog been imported wiih intent to defraud the revenua of the t nt r i S'atew. The ja-y found for ths claimants, with a eerti cars of protabW cause. Oonnael tor ' nlted States Mr. MeKeoa ana Hi. ^choklsM; o^lffibttU, to. Vriifftti. Tk? Ili-ftM Ship John Katl>tg( LUt ? tka P>m>giu i and Crew. Aanexed ere the eeaea of the passengers and erew of the Liverpool and Nov Tork packet dug J jhn Rntledg*, Whlah wae k?t on the 20th of February last, by striking against an loo berg off Nswfouadlani, and one hundred end forty-Ire persons perished. The only person eared tree Thomas Wye, o esoaiaw, who wae picked up in an open boat eight days after, by the peeket ship Got mania. Twelve persons, including fire fema ee, in the boat with Nye, perished with hanger and exposure. The following la the list.? Alexander Kelly, Coaa'r, Ana Speceer, steward ee-, 8am'1 Ai'Ohfooe, 1st oSeer, AJexancer Hebse. Albert Bork, 2d ettoer, M Lserompt, oeok. aSLK ?"??? wm Ryan, fhta. Nye, aared, Henry Bason. Goeino Wl.-es, James Jsjneon, Henrlek Miohasl, Henry McDonald, James Banks, John Dougherty, Hsnry R gaa, J >hn ThimtMn, Jaaob Stoaklc, Jobn hill, William Bean. OBD1SA3Y SUkKSN. John Dai*, Wuliam Patan, CharleoBlta. i:m 0? pahmagmm rukaqr. [The paeaengew wete neatly ail liieh, with a few Germans] Ay. Ay Thoenaa lee.... 21 forth Ryan 2'. Win. Gull.............. 2a Margaret Uo re In M'a. Cull 10 Jamei Baliey........... S-i C. H. Erelwtgb 38 Ge -rge Martin. 17 John Banks 31 David Johnson 20 Joe. Manniek. 28 fumy G son 33 Autbony Kendall 21 Ann Gr?-n 2 ?> Joaesh Roberta 29 Hoory Hal'T 10 Hugh Dally 31 Fldsard Smith 21 Jamas Mr ore 19 Edward Ual >ney 22 Stacy Gru'dy 37 John Brooks 3P l ydla Grocdy 14 Wm.B-oocs 28 Susan Grundy 7 John Radford 28 Klcbard Grundy 5 Jul.a Keegaa 22 Beoj. Grnndy infant Ma garet Johnson 18 Jehn Mouahan 27 Caster Lewi* 51 Wm. Walker ? Juila In wis 49 M. G rdan 20 Bridget Picker 18 Frank G-oodhal 22 Charles lonaack 20 Amos Booth 40 Mleliael Curley 20 Jamee Coalman 18 John Horton 2b Henry Mitchell. 26 James Cheetham 21 Sarah Bhertidaa 20 l'huuas Dwjer 28 Jamee Kilkenny 30 Caih M'Carty 10 <a ah Kilkernr 23 Jane Black 36 1 lathi on Kilkenny 60 yam.isl B>a?k lb Mary Simyeon 21 Betty B ack 7 fansvel NUcor. 26 I)kLle Bmn 24 Wa; Jltccerson 26 lyac.. 21 Margaret Hende-son.. 16 John Roach 16 Kot.ert Eencerion 14 Margaret Kelly 18 Margaret Henderson.... 11 James Kelly,... lt> Mary J. Hoii'terios,...'. 7 J "ha Gcdftey 21 James Henderson 6 Bridget Cucningbaa... 27 Eliza Henderson 3 Jobn Kilkellv 20 Wm. 5hiel 23 Oriy Kilkefly 16 Qui I.cgan..... 21 Mary O'Mrieo" 24 Robt. Oowae 21 Cbas. Brftlley 26 Elizabeth Henderson.... 82 Andrew Taylor 36 Tbos. Newhsn 30 Henry Dorgau 36 Margaret Newhan 32 Nell KoOnjker 24 Ge.rgeNewhaa 4 James MeCann S4 Mary Newhan 30 H<>nora Madden 26 Jan Walfenden 28 Mary Casridy 28 Joeae tfltlen 22 John O'Brien 22 Thcuas Johnson. CO John O'Csrcoian 18 Jr inee JohuMn 29 KHen Magso 80 Wm. Johnson 28 Edward Gavin 20 Margaret Reed 46 Fanny Wheian 24 Catharine Began, 17 Margaret Lambert 14 Andrew Kelly SO Jcho Lambert 12 Robert Sampson 60 Wm. taaridy 24 Mary Sampson 60 Path Cuddy 14 Bamnal Sampson 28 Martah I.? Maud 16 Robert Sampion.. 21 MUtln La Maud 17 Thceoaa Snrtpacn....... 19 Win. Btezelizyuke 25 Matfcew Sampson 17 Gaworkili Stezeiiayuke. 45 David Safopaoh 14 Felix Rombtskl. 42 James . ? Geo. Wotkcock 26 Wm. Steazy Kewfcy.... ?5 John Jackron 22 Waa Dnrasa 28 Ma. JackAcn 20 Cabin passenger. C. J, Gale. Whole numbs.- of passengers, 123. Moving Duy. | llie hrst of Hi; la generally looked upon, and with I git at justice, us the meat unpleasant day la the year. We have to'Maya, patriotic and social, all of which hare their pleasant associations and reminiscences, but the ftrst of May has absolutely none. AU lis recollections and etuer.unCingt are of disoomfort, disaster and pain. Homes that have bees endeared and sanctified to us by family joys and ecmforts?by the marriage of thoee to whom we are bound by ties of blood?by the birth o( children, and, perhaps, alas 1 by death, are forsaken and become the abode of stranger*, nerer to be onre again: while we submit to the annoyance and inconveniences attestant upon occupying strange anc as yet comfortless apartments, under the delusion that they are better thaa oar old home, or, perhaps, because they are eheapsr. Then pecuniarily moving is a gieat loss to the poor, j There Is a proverb extant in this city, which runs? " Three removals are as bad as a fire," which is as near the truth as proverbs usually are. Furniiure is frac tured, glass broken, crockery smashed, and utensils that cost money to procure, are mislaid and lost. Then there is scrnobing, papering, painting and repairing, ail of which oosts money, and of course bring* no return. Poring day is, certainly, a great nuisance and as yes terday was coll and raw, lor the season, it was particu larly unpleasant. The first of May was formerly rewarded as the advent of summer, and was hailed with rejoicing, as ushering in the season of flowsrs and pleasant fruiis and food? but w?, to oar shame be it said, have no such beautiful rites, bat devote the day to the most Bosnia' noes. There is a pleasant custom extant in New England of prevent ing "May baskets'' to friends on May morning. Tuey are made of colored tissue paper, and decerated with nb bons and flower*. Some are very beautiful. These are bung on the door secretly, being early in the tnorciog, with a net* cr the name of the fortunate owner attached Seme c-nta.a valuable presents. We have beard ola young New England minister who had a set of silver pre sentee to him In this way on the occasion of his mar rltge: but we frar it would bo hardly safe to leave silver oo the outside of any door in Now York. T: ere teemed le be quit* as many people as usual mowing yesterday. The lower part of the city, always crowded, was a perfect wilderness of carte and wagons, p'.lec mountain high with all manner of extraordinary dmnrstle utensils-, much cf which excited a very jnstili ab'o curiosity as it was oeitalnly an astonishing exhibi tion of the mysteries and miseries of New York ia the way of debilitated and eccentric furniture. it was observed that there was not so many fnmili?s is n'nal moving ont of the city this year; a fast due, no doubt, to the increa?e of rents in Williamsburg and Brooklyn, and to the extension of the city railroads in this cl:y, whieh give greater facilities for those living up town in gettlrg to tfcelr business. City Intelligence. AfmPEsi on Harlfm Raoroad?Fobtcnatk Foc.vpf cv thf PawstiGHcs ?A ser'ous accident occurred at Pardye's statlcn cn the Harlem Rairoad on Wednesday, that well nigh terminated fatally to over a hundred men, women and children. It appears that the axte of the hind track ct U e taggsge ear, cwiug to a de'ect in the iron broke short iIT, and the truck struck the back of the first ear. and so continued until the wt eels, trucks and flooring A the first cars were all broken off short and shoved up to the coiling cf the third car. Fort una ely no on* was se riously irjnred. A Qi icesb Horn to Boxroa.?A meeting of the New York stockholders of the New Haren and New London rail road was beld,on Wednesday evening at Biaceharu s Hotel, corner of Broadway and Twelfth street, t ? ooosider the po licy of constructing a branch cf tbs New Haven and N'sw London Rairoad from New London to Stoning to a. There was but a slim atten lance, and on this account it was voted ?o sail another meeting n.-xt tVednew-ay to take definite action upou the matter. Several speeches were, however, made nrgirg^the feasibility of constructing the new branch under deration. The main argument in its favor was that the time to Boston would be shortened over an hoar. Svatxrax, Yriaow Ftvxr a?n? M*a-u*?Bmalioox or m tones to be developed among the emigrant passen ger* who ware landed at Qua rant Las ftoos the Empire Htate. Twenty new eases have made their appearance since the passengers were landed, and many mors arc la bo rug under what sec ass to be paomonltory symptoms. The ship Is being thoroughly cleansed, ventilated and fu migated, under the direction of the Health Officer. The brig Franklin, from P<mee, T". R., arrived at Quarantine on the 1st Inst., having lost her captain of vallow fever, caring the voyage. The mate reports that the fever and smallpox are prevailing at Ponoa and St. Thomas, The ship Saratoga, from Havre, Ospt. Trash, arrived at Qna sot.oe on the 1st lust. During the passage she burled at sea fourteen persons, most or whom died of measles of (he most malignant type. Several or her seaman wars cent ou shoro to the Seamen's Retreat hospital. Rcmua aim OouBrainrwom ?Mr. William 0. IHx, by in vi'stion of President King, Hon. W. F. Havemeysr, (baneellor Ferris, Peter Cooper, Esq., and other eminent citic*ne, will lecture at Ciintim Hall. Astor Plaee, this aveulng, (Friday) on Russia and Constantinople. Jereey city Hwwn. Arnvrn at Shoovtwj.?A man named William Smith, em New York, was brought before Recorder Cutter yee rrday. charged with presenting a loaded pistol, without ro vocation, at tbs breast of an inoffensive person who as sitting to the IbM-oy Hons#, on Wednesday evening, ad attempting to shoot htm. The pistol missad ftra. mitb was ccssmitted to jail to egaii the ficttva of Mm ntfUv/t AKXIYAl OF THE TIMIWttl. NEWS FROM HAYTI AND VENEZUELA* Ac., Ac., Ac. The a'eaiuhip .enn ***ee, from Veoezuela Apr ! Iff, ar rived yesterday, after slopping for'.?? dor* at ft Tbnmna ?a) out at Fort* Riio. Tha vaasel ii in ftaa order, aad gar* mud >ali <lacUua to a large number of paaaMffM Our ?il?ica? frw Pert as Prine* ara to April It, 'Ml fro? St. to tb ? 19th of April, ant ara ioteuatimg a* regards Ui pro-ptct of affair* between Hsytt aal Dominica. VenerucU continue to erjoy the tlauinp of yaaai Tha telegraph bataaan Lijuayia atdOaraca* wiff mm commence operation*, to th* ver* great delight of tha to taDfgent portion of tha cotumuclty. Congress waa at? sitting. Tha laat teaJUg to ha great raUroat ffgat had haaa given fa tha Eou*e, aid tbara it ava/r leaoem to ball era that bafora the n><u:on coma* to aa ead it a? ba a lav of tha republic Tha Fatah question ha* baec amicably aattlad, aad grant p raise ia dae to tba foreign ministers for that" exertions la bringing this unpleasant affair to a iflitf aad toff tarmiaatton. on POST AC FKINCB COKBCSPOKDIKOK. Poar ii Parses, Aertl 14, IIM. Government Rule to Gaytx Rmieue&~7ht Stare ReeeMim and it/ t$T<ctt?Su*ct*ii*g Pruidents?Incop'im of late War Against Dominion? Hrtglun and French Oftr rial Advice to the Bmporor?Their Hostility to the Dmtat States Power on the Island?liliow truer?the Of* C op?Opening of Congress. At crauiderehle interest vaa manifMted la tha Pallid State* in tha lata military movement-* in thia II map no*, ba ox interesting to many if the readers at ttoa Hinttn to be made more fuliy acquainted with th? pav *ent condition of these par pie, an! fin cam** at tha m tinned disturbance* that occur hero. Thit i*lacd, a* it very generally known kef ore tba ilirft aacomglbhed th?lr freedom, was owaed andgn Tarasd, the aaat am part, embracing about twa third* at it, by Spain; and the wentare tblri, bat by tot tha anal popoitu*,by Fianoe. TheSpaacac.language instill apafcav in the ear*, or what u now called Dominica. aad tba Freneh the language spoken by tha westetn ar Eaytlec part. The slave* cf the who's Uland united t? achieve thab <r#t.icm; and froa tba time *f l'tveitura aad hi* aaaaaa sort, Dassalloa and Potior to the deposition of Bayar, la IBM, was governed by theee ruler;- at Pcrtau Prince Buyer bad been Pri?id?*t acme twenty-Avw year*, and feeling hlnnelf parn?a?atly eatabUtoai In his edict, became lamewhaf dictatorial ha hi* qcvcrnmant, &cd twice tent back to his constituent* ia tna southwest part of th* isiaad, an elected uiumb*i of their House of Representative*, who had oppaeed Ma wishes, which ctuf-ed a atrcng opposition against Bayar is that port of the i*Iaud; when General Riviere, brather of lbs rejected mamter, ireeased at tli* uojustUlahto eiercUe of power, collected tha iLiaafreoti J around Ma* and thus commence I a revolution agaiust Prealffsat Royer, which, after serious disasters, was finally tul. Be waa driven from the Island. and Blviera hlmaek elected President. it was at thia time that the perpla of the aaatern part revolted, ucdsr the soaaMefation that thay war* af nsistd bpaatah olcod, their faith iu and their oka wane* of tba lite* and ceremoules a! the Caih -Uc Church mora axala hire than their weetem neighbors, the colored pasttaw of whom era mixed with Freaah blood. Gen. Riviere attempted the subjugation of the Daasd cleans, was unsu :ca*sful, deposed by hi* usrn paapl* aad banished the Island. Riviere was tuoceeded by Ger. Guarrirr, who, being am oilman, the excitement of place and ex:?? of fctoag caused his death in about a year afte- hi* aUctloa Fresidect Gaarrier wru suoevded bp Gen. Pierre* whoee only claim tc favor was his hslng tha oldest gaaa ral. Ha bad taea on hi; farm near C*p* Hay'Ian, tor mote than twauty years; and befog without elucattaa, and haricg no knowledge?(what bad been passing in tba world dunog that time, was totally unfit to oocupy tba Presidential e*uur; ami in let.i than a year after hi* auc tion, was allowed to retire to hi* farm agsiu. Pierrot wes succeeded ty Gen. Piety, another vary old man, who, for tha year that he lived aft*: hie elec tion, aucoeecei well, by calling the bast informed maw aronnd him a* tie couaM'iors. Exceesiv* living, how ever. carried him cfF also. Before hie interment, ami while lying io state at the palace, the Senate was nallal together which mtde choice o< Gen. Souluuque for PraM deut, who was at the time general of tha President's Quart. In a little mere than a year after hi* aiaoUan, ba was declared Em carer by the people, which was Imme diately confirmed bv the Senate, and ba* Since regno! in this capacity, under tba title ct Fsustin I. lu IB?, and a short time befcre La was created Footer or, he wan jeeiedtbe plan at lutdv'ng to bis rule what ha aocaidam hi* revol ed province cf D m.nie*. After si nmlilMg ?oma iifteeuto twenty thonsaad 'roups, h? piawd hlsaaeCr at their bead, and arrived Within a short distance of the city of S\ Pomicf i. VarliCn clrcusoKtanoee prevented bia ji^ceecir? further, and without a battle be retaraad to hi* aapital. He attempted another movement about twa years afterward*, but was eiToegly op ;oied by tn* tog Wb and French gorermrants, in which the Failed .balm joined fc-r a Gee. and then witbd aw th'ir inflcenca. The camuaign recent y tarmiaatad wee uodertakms without* long coBsloerauca cf tha mattar. Tb* Bm parnr, who governs thee* poop's wht g>:<i jedgmam* (Fecre'ion, and even krndnans, and wha ha* never exar ci*ad hi* power In a vludicuvs mar-ntr, nor enfuroad ttoa utmost r-g.-ra of the Jf.w exospt too (reason an! felemy, had urdonttodly been d?c;Ived by iut ir-.natton rec*4vae frrm tb* Dominican; who were di*afleetad toward tf own rulers, that if he would then march sgaiaat eastern part, he would iff g'a lty w< icomad ty a maj 'f the D.-mltlcsu pe pi*. It having aiwty.t besn a ava vailing wish of the Kmperor to r?ign ovar tha wnala Island, he eubraced tbn apparently favorable opportu nity for *ucte*a. The eveot, towaver, preved that ba wa.i wrcrgiy lntormel and badly advised. With an acmjr it twenty 6va thcuaacd n so, well prepared and provi stored, he cr.arcns-1 to the eastern part, an! on the first encounter with a port ca of the Dcminican army, tha Daytlec illvUion that was eogsged war* detaatad?acme were killed and otbar* fled. Paris cf the armies met at two other tin.**: lighting ensued and in the Whole eema five hundred to a thousand Baytiea* wa.a killed ar wcucdtd. The Emperor telrg now convicted of tba ?hlsity of the inforroiti >n he bad resaivid, withdrew Ma army fiom tba eae era part, mad* a visit himself to Cape Baytivo, aad about two mcnth* since returned to his c*pl:al, where all i* a* quiet and peaceful aa babta the march The** mld'ary movement* gsv* a larinn* check t? oom martial operation*, the eifact ci which Is still bit. BoM va?t h< werer, i* gradually impr; There Is a fleet now in tt's vir*or cf foreign men *f war ccnsistingofone Frglish at ', threekrecc* ^teaman. A Spatieh steamer which broegbt ths f.paniih Consul, lef t the port a few lays store. Hpaln '.as not lctg had a C-ocsnl rvsidirv here, aad she has no jommeiea with tMa island wha.ever There ?> tc dcubt that me'*h aad French gov era menis are u-irg their test in'iueace to iuduee tuv Fm per ir 1o rscrgajss the (udapat-d =uee of the P vuluieaaa, r to i abiuit 'o a thirty years armi -tfca. whisb thue tor, he Las d.eiCadly declined. Possibly, ir these ehipe www withdrawn, anc! a deputation arrived h*ra from tha city cf H'.Dcicitgj, an arrareemen*. nigh' be made to baaabt hctb parties. But the Emperor I* not ana to ba coaraad into measures hy foretgn Pf wers who have n* legal right o latsriere with the iaterral affairs cf the island. Par haps ihe grvatsvt inters**, the** Power* have la tb* mat er I* *o to arrange the settlemaat that tha United Sta'es shall be prvcluded from sb'aimag any, ovau a torn porarv, poeitioa la the blend. The yellow lever still prevails and aarrtee off from a quarter to a half of all *'ranger* who visit this piaeo, ia the curse of ten cr fifteen day* after their arrival. This fever hai not eened to be active tor the last tear year*, and it i* an equal hazard of Liia to foreigner* wba arrive here. The last year's crop of coffee ba* b**n very HgM, ami ?be receipt* ebon' flnl*bed Part of what was grown baa last year was lost fcr wart of laborer*, most of tba mam ?sting taken from that- farm*, to join tha army, at bar* vest rime. The growing crop tf coffee is considered mam Msa'ly favorable, end toe harvest will realise more tha fifty mi'Mca* of round*, logwood 1* abundant, ead a eighty dollar* currency. The Raytl*n Congress was rpeaad on the Mb laat. by the Emperor, with considerable tireuaataaae aad show, both military aad etvil. Ha delivered his mam age to the two bouses, in which nothing wv< alluded to out of hie immediate dominion, except that ba wa* on term* dI friendship with all foreign power* reprmaatod la Hajrti. or* ban Dowsao corbbbtomtekcs. Saw lk)npmo, April 8, 1M4 TTonnrt fnm f*paim to San/ana?TV Anuria*I Treaty i tififi?Itt Prmiyicns art.} Ttmu?Ex-Pruidtnf England, franc and Official ln(rigua. 1 bad forgotten to mention to yon in my pranoma lot tor that is February Urt honor Sagoria, tka Charge <3'Affairs soar this rapablic, wrote to Pi Hantaan at Area, whore ha waaat that tlma, as General In-Chief of the army, inviting him to eome hart in erOm to receive personalty on tba 27th of the aama month tha anniversary of tha Dominican independence?tha orcoa of f'afrl la Oatbolioa, which ha (Segovia) had brought Own Madrid to present him, ia tha namaof hia Qn*en, laatgi II. To thin tha pura danaocrat?tha Una at Dajhi answered moat poeitivsly that ha aouM not abandon 1 vital interests of hia country to ga to to atatingat tba aama time that right in g'Tiog it to tha 1 wonid receive It afterwards, that day, aaeompanying I flhfttdagtK r"*"*'