Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1856 Page 3
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iiyniminii trowm rau on. ? ?-? | ? m.W> A9 &VOT1M. A M. CBUTALAK. AUCTIONKKR. No. 23 BOWRRT, A. hawing Mkrget bis showroom ap auirt, U now read? Ip receive oonatenmcala of taroiiure, pisacturte*. at' pamt taga, dry good a, eloihlng. dlasMnds, watche* and jewelry, oa Waal adasanas aia aaada to m> unlimited amount. A. K. C. alaa solicits outdoor sale* of from famika* breaking op bousakeaptag, or merchants wishing their atook aaW eimar at their ptaaaa of boatneaa er at hla aaleorooaa. Persona desirous of procuring the largwet raturoa for their aaorchaadfio will do ao by patronising A. ?. C., aad Um du. ?asanas raiafWwi of actoatauaoaf who follow hla sales, ao Ao speaks the German, Polish. aad Kuaaiaa language*. A LUDLOW. AUCTIONKRR.?BBEBIFF'B 8AI.K xL< This dar. a*. 10 A. If., at 90 Barclay and 229 Washington DepmyB&erig. A UOTTON NOTICE?NBW AWD 8BCOWD HAND FUR A nllura?Continuation sale. PKTEK PARK*. auctioneer -by SAVAOB A PARKS?tola day, at 10 o>clojk, at th? sale*' room, 31* Broad way. a general oaeortmsat of now and second hand furniture of or or? daacrlptloa, being tha balanoa of stock oa hood. Bale paalttvu. Mr aaah. A UCWO* WOTXCt-W. a JOHBH, AUCTION EBB A. will aoU on Friday, Kay 2, at the etore, 904 Water atroet, a* contents or a grocery store consisting of s large ihowcue, two tolas did counters, boor pomp, two oil cana throe mole* ?aa aaoa. atandlr g oaaka, six barrel*, twenty four email bar rel*. obelvlng. croobory, Ac. A tfCttOK HOTIOR -K. DOUGHTY, AUCTIOHBtR. iV HIrgaal hontehrtd Ifnrnitura, mlrrora carpeta, Ac. U. Doughty will tell this day. Ma* 2. and Saturday 3d, each day of Wa o'clock, at the auction rooms, 27 ana 29 Centre street, ike elegant furniture of several families. Hi. -Hose noad chamber eu'ta complete, mahogany sofas and aofa bedstead Voltnlr rocking andfsari or chairs, mahogany wardrobea. book ca***.Ftaach aad eoitage beds'ends, beat home bsir mattroiaes large leather beds, bolsters and pillows, paHlaeter*. blankela, oomftxlabies. Ao , mahogany ttanboaidt, extension dtaiag and tea tablea soiiA rosewood centre and card tablet. Haw via chairs, mahogan* narbie too hureaoa and waahataooa. Ickioa and granho tot at aeta (apeatry three ply, ingrain ana Brussels oarpata solar any haU lamps. ha 1 stand* and tablea, aplaodtd oil paintings, English china crockery and glaaa ware, PWaAweaa. Hnry aut'ery, cooking aid other stnve?, withe large lot of kltcbao and b see meat farntt'iro, Ae. Goods to be tdtowHoame Aiy Bill dbporttt required. ii mill iiiiiiiniii mi in at 10>i o'eock. North the rale of furniture from fa matting, beds aad bedding, cooking atorea, seooed hand plane ^^^^^^^^^?ctnyotoe ot oboioe batter, eheeee. coffee, virtue ot a judgment. In oonOanatioa BILL, AUOTIONRBI?BY - We will commence on Mosday, at I0>4 i North William airee*. the entire fancy milliner* aad deairable goods of all de ^ A anettoneera, have removed to the apasiotia salesrooms No. 86 Naaaan street, near Fulton, superior accommodations for the sale of new furniture, and merehandtee generally. Don ^^???HPtodfr-omtbeir friends aad the public Regular WedaSedav and Friday ot aach week. First regular on Wednesday. May 7, when a stock or furniture superior toaayiattieoity willbeaold. Goods on Hew the day prerioua MUCTIOH MOIIGB.-J- BOOABT, AUCTION BBS -BY g8. BOGART.?Thla day. at I0X o'clock, at the auction Kranklortaod WlUlem s reels, large sale <l ^^^^???eholdlnnittare, from famlUat, removed for eon ^^^?ofaale.cqoalfttng of mahogny aofa bedateada. Ac., ^^^^??ppMtemlrrora gaa chandelier, oil palnunga, ^^^^^^^^^^Hgmw^mpaUlaaaaa, aolid black walnut ^^^^^^^^HRMHHBrnaaela, throe ply and Ingrain lounge bedateada. oot^ago autta, mahrganr tablea. look deika, Iron safes, counters. A! I bedateada, btueaug, Velvet, Brnaaela, three ply and lngraial mmh eahmig card table*, lounge bedateada. cot age autta, I ^^Hmarbi* tri sideboard, cradtee, mahiganr tablea. look-I ?Wtaiea, ahgfivtaCt. office desks, Iron safes, oounters, I I shelvnga tsro oonhleBwrel gnna, kitchen furniture. Ac.; all I I will be eold wtfiuwit reeerTc; a deposit required. The goods I mwat be rmnovod tbe seme day. A UCTIoN NOTICE.?J.JBOGAJlTjAUCT10iTKHR?BY 8. J3L BOO A**.?Saturday, at 10k o'clock, at auction rooms, nener of FraiOfiMK and Wtniiim atroets, mortgage saw ot boots eed sheos. coaatatlag of a large stock of rery superior city made gents' and kMMf-feattar beote, ladles' and mlmaa' moroo ooboots, ladles' prenoU*gaiters, satin gaiters, gents' c*:f and ^^^^^HamKqnaMy; men's and chlldren'a ? ten, men's aid ladlda'iltopera, Ao ; the whole oonatata of the ? entire stock of a Int emrs Broadway store. Oatalagum ? wlQ be ready cm the moralim of sale. I H. BIKK, Attorney tar Mortgagee. I tVSAXLti H. DKL^YaIT. AUOTIONBBR.?BtdIG ANT ? \J bouaehold furniture, peintings. engravings, mlrrora, Ao.? I Charles H. Deiavaa win aell atanstton, onrrisay, Xay2, at I 10 A. N , all m* aleaaut tnrnttnre costal eed in the large I dwelling Atuats No. 2t Baat Fourteenth street, between Fifth ????I Uutverptty place, conalsttag la pen of elagant oar blue and gold window curtains, mahogany bed ^^^^??oforW, elf fact mantel ornaments, mahogany ex ^?^?mbwa, e)egaat centre table, ooat 2J0?; elegant sodas, ? oil painltaga, cbaadaBere, buresns. bookcases, plated stair fcMfcM^MMreareeh; alao, one of Nott'a large haU novae, a superior artie'e; ottomans, chairs, Ae., Aa. ???????we new ready and ean be had on the premise*, aad ? tha gocdaace now ready fisr examination. Terms, eask, bsnk. ? able money. Deposit* required from all persona unknown to | Whanctteneer. fatepoKnvo,rain or ahlne. ^?uoiwiB. FBANkuN, AUOTIONBHSR-BY FRaNK ^kUK A NIQBOU.?Auction sale ef Imported French ^^?melodr and watch materials: watch makers, watch case engraver*', jewellers', chaser*', clock maker*' too a; mechanical lamp*, etore fixture*, abow ease*, drawers, Aa., Aa Oa Saturday. Kay A at W?U>'clook, at the store or P. A. BOB8ILOT, Esq.. importer, 206 William street, near Frank tbrt street, on nooouut of Ms reUnqufableg enatneaa, tea whale ef the stock ot superior French mental clocks, mechanical lamps, regulators, crock thadea, clock and watch materials, jamais, watch, clock and muatoai laatinmanta; springs, watch dgyatala, engraver*', ehasera', jewellers', wstchfaod clock ^>-Vva' lrstrumeots, and a generil and sxtaaatve aeaortment ?Femw^rAtre m the Una; all of which have been selected Irtth eaTe 3B* Charted by ifr. *. for ihe use of the tmde la ^^^?tw9L.TWeeA^jfaw aa opportunity to aU oonneetad ^^Mnteill^r? An* to supply toeniealvee on flsvoraWe ^^^?^ae ikAgrMe atock wlu poatttvdy be aold without T> Hf-UGHTOM. AUCTIORMR-BT THK MANHATTAH &srsuarur & hand ftUDttti t a. To oommsnse with, at II o'alock, a large aad rich UMrtMti at mew furniture, mada to order. Mult be hH Xp OOLTOg, ACOTIOKKBR.-LARGS STOCK OF ? J? ? clock ?<w?]MuieBt, at or err description. -F. Cotton wj l aei) this dey, Frlday/May 2. at 10*4 o'aiook. at Wo. 61 John ?tract, the en lire atodc at a lirge clock aaUhltebiaaat. constat-1 tog of every variety of marine, Gothic. t'tnn, eight day, mad every other kind usually found In a largo establishment Deal-1 arm, aa well aa others. will find tt to their advantage to attend] tots tale, aa every article will be sold to the highest bidder, to eloao the concern N. B.?They wl 1 be pot op tat lota to suit dealert. in large andamaU quantities, aad eale abiolate. I lit CJOLTOH. AUCTIONBIB ?LOOK TU14 WAT.-9^ r . load*, or leas. of furniture. from ae many different fami lies, will be disposed ot on Saturday, Mar 3. at 10K o'oloek, at Na 10 Bookman (treat, tower room. Including roee wood par lor, (U*lag rtom, bedroom and baaement furniture: a to. vel vet tapestry. three ply and Ingrain carpets; otleiothi, together with goods that woo d requ're a month to enumerate. N. B ? Some of the above good* are of the very beet end noma ot the I varyworri aid nomfctaka. parlor suite, to braoada. broeaiei, plush and hair cloth; etz roee wood aecretary beokoaeev. library do of rwewood and oak: chamber tulte of roee wood, mahogany, black walnut and enamelled; eantrt aide and ?oia tables; exteuilon dining ta btas, waahatanda, lounges, chain, mckari, boddeeda, bureau*, bell Meade, palllaeeae. mattreeeee. bolttera aad pillows, Mirer Mil o'otock.tour superior rotewoidpla notarise. rale positive, without regard to weather. Boxing aad tolpplng to the beet manner. Sabout flamtb at aoomow.?w. g. moilltaiw will aafl, tola day, at 10K o'oleck, at toa aaadatora (fa 7 a atreet. hardy, perpetual, mom and eUmbtoy rosea, ear nation*, boeeyaaauaa, Tinea verbenas, dahllaeTeo-, from P. Henderson. Jersey Clly7 Beacripttva ontalogmae. All plaata are aold at Private aale at enotian re tea. GO HOHTOW, AUCTION F. IB WILL 8BLL AT AUC . tlon. thla inf . (Frldav.) at 2 o>etcck P. at IS Sixth avenue, ba'ance of furniture on hand, without reaerre; alao two larve g'aas (bow cases. one platform aoale, carpeting, bed. dtog, mahogany chain, one painted cottage mutt, Ac. ri o HOBTOkj ABCliOfTBBB-WItA, SILL, AT TBI U. ee'e-room 84 Cedar atreet, oa Baturdav, May 3. at 1014 Block, by virtue of a mortgage, bouiehold furniture, car jet*, beddirg. eoppylog press, lot CM r iampwtok; alao ana iron safe, By O. Hwrtrg, maker. Grws. storp fixtttbm, fcrnitubb, mails, ac. Thla day, at 10>4 o'clock, at S7 Dey street, corner of Green wloh, porter, ale and eider to glass; soap, torn. coffees, loose, oa, segara, rat ale*, liquors, plcktes. street oil, knives aad lorks, pocket knives, boss, rakes, cloche, aierta, shirt collars, tea canister*, ell and molaries carta, cracker box, scales, ta blet, chairs W. A. CAKTBR, auctioneer. LblM. AUCriONKBJL-LA BO? BALI OF ? ap sac id household furniture, at 482 Broome street, con Mating at the entire parlor, dlnlsgram, chamber and horary mm intra of 'ha boose, which la of the beat description, aad has been to u?* bet a short time.?H. Leeds wilt sail an Friday, May X at ltiS oflock, the anttre rich aad easily fur ?Sera of toe above henaa. eonatoing at rich relret and tapes tsy eatpau ansactor rosewood ptarcior*, rosewood suit of parlor luralture, to rich mtoaaan and marooa brocade; French plate era! and pier gtaaea, roaewood bookcases, ootid carved reeewcod crohe. aJreend ptor tab's* large and coed y roar wood Megeraa, marble lop, wUh mirror daeie aad bask; eto gaat rosewood rseaptto chair* to rich broaade and tapeMry; rich lace wtodow ?attain* aad shades, bronze and ormolu clocks, costly Sevres and Dresden vases, rlto marble aad car ter ornammu Ac., wit# a cumber of Hoe oil pair ting* Dining room and chamber furniture? R legant oak eitmnton table, oak attain. ehtoa c Inner set, elegant geld bead and deeoratad chi na tee asd erffee sate rich ruby and crrmal em gtoaa ware, rich pearl and ahvar eotteey, oaks baskets. Ac. Superior oarvad rtweweed aad mahogany bedsteads, do do. bureaus and waahatarda to match, with warble lops: coativ deosrated chips toilet acta, beat balr mattresses, (bather beds and bed dtog, Kranch oval glaasea, mahogany lutta furniture, la hair clot a; eotmge and mahogany spriag scat chairs, atogaat lag Bah oilcloth. Mat? carpets, Ac. HI LIFTS. AUCT10HIBR.-BT W. H. LKETVB A CO. ? ? ?Batutdav. May 3. at I0Ji o'clock, at toe store 19 Naa sen street, elegant bonteboid furniture, eocalittof of mahogany aolaa, chair a. arm do>, rockers tn hair a loth and pluah; roae wrod and black walnut sofas, chairs and arm da , in broratel and velvet; marble top centra tables ride do . cornarrlegeres; rosewood erd mahogany marble top dressing bureaus, rose wor d marble top etegeree, black walnut aad mahogany book wea end wardrobes mahogany bedstead*, marble top wetb ateada; straw and hair matireaaes. bo'a>era and pi Iowa, chan dollars end br?ek?ta, Bmwala. ingrain and vslrgt carpets; sIM frame, p'er and mantel glaasea. and a genera) assortment it kitchen furniture A'so, abon flftv Mexlc sa flgurea ptaft>e"ea', reprveenttag the costumes of the dvltlted Indians a* Mevleo aed Its virlnlty, telling fruHa, vegetaVee. ehareoai. earthenware, Ac , water oarrtors, Ac., wade to Mexloo, wax ermpoamoo. HBBBT B. URBTS, JR., ADCTIONKU.?BLIGART houaebold inrnttnre - Oa Frldav, Mar A at IOX o'clock, at ?ieome street, between Greene and Mercer, Henry B. Jr., will eeUes above, toe entire balance of fu-ntture " aed to said house, comprising: to parlors, velvet carpets, ? ood and makogauy lotoe, chair*, ccuobea, dlvana, Ac., to broeatel. aatto. dknaa-k and hair olo?h; roee wood marble top canlre. (Ma and aototabtos; lace window onrtatae and com tree, chendellvta, extocatan dtotng tab's* ehtoa glaaa plated ware, nutfaiy. glea* war*; ail eetnttan, ctor g la ami. Ac. In second eiery bedroom#, rasewnod, mahogany and wn'aut bed Mends, herenna waaheunda, wardrobes. BruaeeU and Ingratocar peta, tea'her bed*, hair mod hnak matueasna beedug. toilet ?els. lookn a gleeaee, eotoa, oencbee. tirocatol ruin, Ae In totrJ mow clamtiera, a large aaaortmetit of bedroom Ittrnttnr* of evory dvcrtptton; ales lKehon uteatlU la-ge steam labia, ranges stores, gee flat urea, iron bedstead*. Ac., Ac. Tanas cash, elty f unds. Catotoguaa at aale. H"~~~ WIIXOB. AfTCnOMRBR.?MOItr)AT. MAT 3, AT . 10*1 o'c'ock, fttrattura carpets boots, tooes, Ae , at 91 Keek man street All kinds of goods (Men and ao'd oa com mlisten for ca?b. or no rierag* at the 1 ?weat rates Tu?adar, of May. at 10 o'otock SCO oases boot* ?;d shoes, at 49 Dey street, by A - D OALk, 94 Bgakmsn aU eel. TOHX I TABDkWATFH. AOOriONRIR?FORMABLT ?I Of Wo. It Mtodtto lane, baa taktn a leaan upon the Mere M hfaaaan Street between Maiden tare and .Tohn atr?et and wttl "* 'T.; ?7a;'y,v.yi5 rzsziu.. TMORMRTT A^OTIOKWM-WTIdL 8RltIi THIS DaT. ?t ?? o*fl'ncK. W17B nintham fqtMkte A Urf* nmmrimtmt * fnrntture, frtn famines remortog. >ed* maiti cares. mtrro*?. ai'snriou aad otnar tobMB, and aa ?| trf Tvtouautbar gooda. o At APCTTOW. SWB3fiSSS dj?i? hnobavT?qS at^ajction" IJGHN MVItoK, an-floorer, wtli sell. at the ipwliiii modern oU ssmUasA >7 talented American mod old*.- artist*, contlii'm rf oeautlful landscapes, American river rcfioery, fa-alt flower ?ndfigure placet, many original picture*, together with tome at'er Ibe lamoua old master*- Forming a betmltal and varied celled for, >11 in vary elaborate rich gU frame*. Bad* by the beat manufacturer*. p J. KgLLT WILL COMMENCE EKLLINO AT A0U _ . tioa thla day, at 10 o'clock, the entire stock o'forsica and d-mieaiic dry good* la etora No SI Catherine atreet. In Iota to ami purehaeera. N. B.?Cfce whole muat be eold at aay sacrifice betore the 7th of May. t)OT r will sell thla day, May J, at 10t{ o'clock, the en [tire splendid furniture oontalned la Me Ave alory dwelling Ha vtree^oomgiaia* the largest and moat ooetly variety offered at auction Uris ?eeeea. The hotue li re pfa^vt^ever^^WA^^da^hwee m^^^ord^. and la in fin* ooodlUon, having been uaed but* abort Ima Bale poaltlve, without regard to weather. Descriptive oata ktguaa are now ready, toe ftanltore oooatets. la pert, of two large and elegant Freaeh mantel mirror* seeBO; two Frenoh pier do , 26ifk, aithalaba and bracket*; rich damaafc and lac* eurtaine, aboai etx hundred yerde rich velvet and tnpeatrv jar pete; etnlr do., with all thengltsh oUeloU la the house; rait eofld carved reaewood parlor furniture, In crimson eatan; sofa, two large arm chain, gothte eheir end lour oval back parlor chain, with coven: one suit in maroon and gold, nine pteoea, aolld rosewood, with cover*; one do. In crimson end maroon, eight pieces, all of which are or the very beat description; su perb carved rosewood secretary fed bookcase; two carved rosewood alegars*. wWh itatuarymnarbie top* aad mirror fronts; reaewood centre end plerwRM; splendid rose wood eeven octave ptanofcrle, with ail 4b modern improvements? used five months; ooetly mantel rmer end ornaments, Parisian I cioek, rosewood reception chair* la tapestry end mequet; da* I ell painting*, elegantly framed, embracing rare and valana's aubjects, nmong which are " The Madonna'' by Hunttneford. ? Chamber, Dining Boom and Library Furniiure?Superb I rosewood wardrobe. with Frenoh mirror front; elegant rose wood bedateada with marble top dreaMeg bureau aad wath-1 Mauds to match, all mad* to order; salt rope wood fkrnttaiAltn cottage do. oimval haircloth, 9 pieoee; Turkish chain, 1 gbrisM^upwjo^^MB^trMMe^a^ed^^mryboMead In the boose; library bookoese, maboeaay aad oakVWHP eplerdld mahogany vsiisitiiin table, 16 feet, with a magnlleent aeeuriineat of rich silver ware; ehkm dlntng aad tea sets, 160 I pieces, cut glass and ruby ware to match throughout; stiver and lvorr cutlery, ho ; with a large variety of elegant cham ber turnlture, in rosewood and mahogany, of every dasorlp tlon, all of which will be mid without reserve, presenting to those who want e superior eieaa of household furniture for their own use Inducements seldom offered. 8*1* will com mence with oMan, crockery and basement furntmre. TMHOMAS VRIYCH, AVCTiONBBB.?-SHMirre 8ALB ? of Iron furniture, to., on Tumile y, April 18, at U A.M., I at 690 Broadway, eousiating of a general aeeortmeat of Iron 1 furnltura, bedsteads, hat Hands, chair*, stool*, lounges, spring matireaaee, waahaleeda, lab lea, he , he. And Immediately ar terward* at 6? Duane atreet. at the maaufhetory, a large let hf ftttifhdMi hiut w?nff1riThft<| foniftur*. Ae., Ac. The above sale la adjourned until Saturday, May 3, 1696. at the same time end placA "H. CROMAIE, Deputy sheriff. rFBOMAS VMITOH, A0CTIONKBB?8TOKB NO. U 1 Bpruce street-Sheriff's ? sals furniture, gas Urture*. I Ac., on Friday, May 3,1866, at 10 A. M.. at the salesroom, con Idatiog of a gcrceral aaaortaent of furniture, bedsteads, bu reaus, tables, sofas, ehalm. kttahao furniture, he. Also, office fun It or a desks, obairs, tables, Aa. he. JOBS WILSON, Deputy Sheriff. W^m a MBLLOR. AUCTIONEER.?BY HOUGHTON h ? ? MI5LLOB.?Friday, May 2 at W? o'clock at the retl deoce No. 76 South Third atreet, WflHamsburg, five minute*' I walk from either Peck slip or Orand atreet tarries. Magsdfl-I oaet household furniture?oO original oil painting*-one by Curp, valued al 61 000, A*gel appearing unto ihe Shepherds, purchased from Jerome Bonaparte's gallery; four landaoapeA uy Andrew Richardson, N. A , Kdinburg; View on the River Coo; Newark Castle ou the Oarrow; Boaos in Gleanevts, Looh leven, from JCpvererow. Also, painting* by 8. A.?loant, G. D. ?l?we?0t?, H, Be errs; Italian FrtOt Peddler, by Beam; Crucifixion, by Char*ci LebfUP; Cupid on hi* Minion of Lova by Boesnburg. and other eminent Artiste. Supertur toned rose wood pianoforte, made by Chlekaring, of Boston, And coat 1900; I tarniture, made by Meeks, of New York; rich French plow VUton carpets, ooet $3 60 par yard; brocatel and laoe window ourtalm- antique carved table* and bureau extension table, ooet ffoo, imported from London; two artistic bronze ormolu mounted mecnanical lamps, ooet Also each; Kgyptlaa end Freaeh vases, very valuable: oarvad oak furniture, eovered In mequet; two so'ld rosewood psrlor eul'CA with Blip coven, eovered In brocade and plum, with medal Ilea basks; solid roaewcod centre tab lee. with statuary marbe top*; oarvad oak hall tablA with marble too. cost S100. with onair* to mstcg; Bngliab oilcloth through the house; wardrobe, Frecoh and Gothic bedstead a, marble toe buveaaa and washsteods. pur* hair maltreat**, solid ailverware, out bott'e eastern, Miver cake laeketA French chine dinner and tea seta, lvorr helenoe han dle knives end fork a pure bair mattrweee*. bed* and bedding, table linen, together with a large variety of kitchen end base ment furniture, with which the eale will commence. Pur chasers are assured that the mle win be absolute, without re serve, and mutt fee removed from the premise* on dav of n't. Catalogue* will be Issued on Wednesday, end oan be obtained at our sates room, 113 Neman street. Alio, card* of admis sion can be bad on application a* above. A cash depoiit will be required. WHU. IBVrNG, AUCTION ERR.?WM. IRVING A CO. wilt tell at aucthm on Friday. May S, at 10>; o'clock, at No. 12 Math arenas, near Amity street, a general assortment of houtebold furniture? Broasels, three ply and Ingrain enr petA mabogaay sofa* sni chain A hair cloth, ottoman*, rock er a marble top centre end pier tables, mahogany French and cottage bedateada, blacz walnut cottage bedsteads, mahogany aad black wa'nut dressing bureaus, was Inlands, hair mat tretses, feather bade, bolster* and pillows, bedding, mahogany dining aad tea tablSA card tables, chin*, crockery and gist* were, kitchen furniture, Ac. M^RVINO^UOTIWIBKR^HANDSOM^OUaB ^^bo'd turnlture, pianos. ko.-WILU AM IRVING A OO. I wlU sell at auction on Saturday, Mayat hilf-ptat ten o'clock, at the salesrooms, 8 Floe street, a general assortment of roee woed, black walnut, mahrgany aad oak. parlor, dining room and bed mom tarniture; Brussels and three-ply cirpefa, Vene tian and Brussels alalr carpets, stiver plated stair rods, brass rede, of cloth, roaewcod and mahogany soraA la hair cloth, plush aad brocatel; arm aad parlor chairs to match, rockers, row wood and maboeany marble top pier and centre tables, work tables, quartette do., mantel clock and ornaments, pter I and mantel mirror*, mahogany aad rosewood bookc*aaa end secretary, wshoeanv and black waaiul dlntng and tea tables. eteeerea aad sideboardA mahognnr and romwood Preach beSiadA ?MHH, mahogany and rosewood marble top dressing bu reaus and washetanda, hair mattresses, feather beds, bolsters and pillow*, ohina. crockery and glass ware, kkcbtn furniture, Also. Isur roaawood aad mekegmv ptaoofor'eA row I wBoh, 6M octaves made by Tracer, Mewburc; rosewood fi% Octave*, uptight- Nunn's A On ; reaewood 6& octave* pfaoo fortA made by Mlileo: rosewood 6J, octave* pianoforte, made by Gilbert A Co.. Beaton. WHM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SILL ON FBI day, at Il?, o'clock, at lf>7 Canal street a 1 tb? gentee parlor, chamber end klicMa furniture of a tkmOr breeflng up poui ekeeping?snfas, rota bedstead*. rocking caay and apring ?cat chair*, centre, dining aed tee WK pier and oralmtr rora, tspestrffimad velvet carpets, oilsiotha. maboganr and walnut builaiJMs, hair mslMsmis, leather beda and bedding, drceritg bureaus and waahataitda, total acta, wardrobes, dining room and klielen furniture, ha TIT o. ALBUBTUS. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL ON II . Saturday. Nay It, at 10 o'clock, at 19 Court itreat, or pof He Ottj Hall. Brooklyn, a general aaaortment of rose rood, rrabofrany and black walnut furniture. French plate mirror*, Brussels and Ingrain carpet*, mattremae, beda and bedding. ""PW8. WOM. Oft, WAinm ckXll steam saw mill?wanted, thb rbqci 0 st'eefor the construction of such; al*o a *tcam flour mill, on the Media* river. Ban Antonio, Ten*. For further parti cular* apply to JAME8 CLARKE, 117 Fulton (treat, N. T. SMIORK WANTED?WITH DWELLING APARTMENTS ? attached, auitable for a reapectabte retail grooarr, either In New T( rk or Brooklyn. Add rem B. J., Herald office. mo BARBERS?WANTED TO PURCHASE, FOB CASH, L a well eatabUabcd stand. now doing a good business, with leaaa; down town, preferred. Call or address, for one week, H. Striker, 118 Cedar street. fPO BOOKHJNllikS.-WANTED, TO PURCHASE. A 1 job bleak bookbindery, or to become a partner of the above business. by a person who baa bean three years In add business. Address Bcokbiadtr, Herald office. TMO DAGUMBRIOTYPIST&-WANTED, A HALF SIZE ? Harrison camera, with bellows, box and bolder*. Any operator hating t No. 1 instrument to sell at a fair price, will nod a cash customer. Apply to K. it Brown, Artist, 407 Broadway. fllO CAPITALISTS.?WANTED, IN THB 01TT OB JL neighborhood of Raw York, a large factory, capable of ec commcdating 200 men. say IM teat front and are stories high, with steam power. The advertiser will lease such a o eliding for a term of years, or if the owner prefers, It would be re ceived aa an equivalent and rated as stock In a c-unpen* form ing to manufacture an Hrttcls In general u*e, upon an impor lamed last November. Addreca a. B? Carlton ^^^Blwai, New York. III IIIH II a HUM ERI 9 IIIII WilliWI? ^?boeseT situated between Fourth and Thirtieth streets, or fnrnitue complete for a genteel bouae. To any party glv try up bcusakeeplng, who wish to loan their furniture where t will be sartfully used, and board where all the comforts of a boms may be baa and where there will be only a few sn'aol boarders, this presents n rare opportunity. Address G. BL L? Herald office. ?fANTiiv-IHBEE ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR AND ontfon third, for a small, quiet family of three grown person ard one child. In a good neighborhood, not above Kieccker auwet. Bent not te exceed Sit per month. gilBmrs [given. Address B.M. J., Hemic office. WSSaNTED-A BEDROOM, SMALL BUTCLSAWLY, PC It ntabed, In a quiet house, by a studious young man, not I abrve Rtgheecn'h street nor be.ow Bleeeker, at about ft per wstk, la advance. Address, postpaid, Oupio, Herald office. wma am iiityffiwm. a CH'o^VtkLk'ctlfe^ 6t BftlBitiKS, lifADEIRAi, A ports, champagne and c'aret wtaas; brandies, Jamaica rum. Beheldsa schnapps, Holland and English cordial gin, old Motiongshela, Scotch and Irish whiskies, London and Dublta porter and Scotch ales, fori ale at UNDER HILL A MATTER SOU'S 430 Broome, corner of Crosby street. PHACKHABCBEB A BARLOW, AOENT8 FOR MESSRS. | Fliae, Fralqutn A Co.'*, Rhelms, champarnc wines, and Itnpcrteisof all wtaas and ltqaor*, hare removed tram 190 WU I >m street to 108 Water street. PHACKHABCSEB A BARLOW RESPECTFULLY CALL the attention of their friends and customers to their well asroried stock of brandies, cognacs, ooralali champ agues, e arets, bosk wtnes, Miidetra. sherry, pert wtnc, Havana se gars, Ac. which aeables tham to sadafv all demand*, and to aopoly private customer* at their residence*, delivered free of charge. Agents for Flare, Fralqnin A <lo's. Rhelma, cham pagnc wines. 106 Water street, near Wall street. B HOTELS. ROWS'h HOTEL. OPPOSITE *NE P ASBKWOER DM J pot. Meson. Ga. K. E. BROWR, Frepr.etor. B. F. 1 v.* sr. Superintendent Meals ready on the arrival ot every train. (VOZZHNH Wk8T FOIHT HOTEL -THE PROPRIETOR J informs the public that be la now prepared to mass a rengementa with families for pormaasnt hoard for the donna* m-on. IhahoUlwrnoprntontheiOth^kUy.^^ Cottegae ?Mr. Coxxana has three fn-ulshed outages to let, particular Information ouiosrBtng wnich mm ha obtained of ALFRED FELL, Esq., 86 Walt street. LBROY HOUHX, N*W ROCHBLLE, WRBTOHK8TBR oouat? ?This nellghtfu! summer residence, formerly oc cupied by Mr*, ltaddm, has been re furnished oy the present or crietor, sad will o yen on the 1st May, a* a flrri else* hotel. Pcrvona destrtng board wl I be onnctuallv aitendsd by leaving a/dress at the Aator House, or by addremtag Geo. Oabora proprietor. 1 All QBOROH?HUMMER HOTEL.-THE UNITED Li Plate*, containing some eighty rooms, with 110 acres of land ad riming, for sale or to Jet It a good tenant otfor* and it Udentred, the heme wlU be furnished by the owner. The pre mtres might be eyetUole '<>r a water cure establishment. In quire ot 1H) RAMUS A Park pl?oe. A8TBOLOe?i A WONDER?THE 01P91T OI1L, THE ONLY TRUR paimist In America. can be con suit wl on all events of lite, at M Bowery, upstair* N. B.?The (Hpsey ha* obtataed a sfcrwt, by g?f at evsensa. from the far fumed Enchantress, tbst VtlU enable ladkaand geotiemen to obtain the aaeettona ? i '.be opposite sex. t barge extra. niMHTOY A FC?.-MBR7rYMOUR, THE MOST OKLE V' bm'ed medteal and baMMM#;*trrey*ut In Amsrlba, lid Poring street, a few doers weal of Broadway All llassssa fleeavrred aid cored. If curab'e; the fate end wbereabouts sf ? ??n- friends ms<1? known; unerring edrioe Ok MM As, Ac, No sharp* trnWa* ?RMRi'li nmups RMHSTER. 77Ci B8(Tri>wrri|T^t^Cty7H'? >jpp<? HSF3? 4 I V T" ??-?t n* th| Hi Mnii iMm mifli fhe floor over the store ti aboutTDBmt deep. MA lotr eSE tng and well lighted: and ??? iMhM retail bad bwcM B woadwmjr.wodd be a very deawabte tooatlma tor ? mllltasr. itioesutsits, tailor ott J-mni?fiHtrr Apply to JaMKB HOB aUMI, la th?don! 44-7 WbOADWAY, OoBNKR OP LKONAEP STttKKT? I ?>1 | Osgunreotype roomz u? tot. lwo solendid lights, oos north, the other wot; atoe artteu1 rooms at oil kinds hav ing One oorthUghm; and 'room tar all ahktodaof ?1 fcLAWRHltCli A ^?STABLE TO LAT-AT f3 BAST SIXTEENTH STREET; a borne for sale or to tot at Tremont, at Upper Itorrisa J to. Thote wishing to too H cm call at 63 East Si iieeofo street fortoe key. Home 26 feet by 38; tot 34 feet b* 340: a too hottae end lot #3 East Sixteenth street; tot Ct feet front. 5i (eat deep, 30 la the rear. Inquire on the premises, of Mr. FLATF AIB. Am rark. ohanck fob a fir7t clash hoarding ? boose.?To let. a vary desirable house for the above pur POM, having all the modern Improwments, beautifully loca'ed to lemarUoe place, Weal Twer ty nlath street, hetwaen Righto areauea. Furniture for tela, If desired Apply to J W. MILLER, US West thirtieth rtreet, before 8 A. M. or after 6 P. It, or at the con er at White end Centra streeto. TJBOADWaY STORK TO LET, CHBaJP?A labor DBOiDWii STORK TO LET, CHBaP?A LABOB 13 basement atom, 78 Broadway, nearly level with the street, | 1 with auh-eellar, well adapted for the dry gooos or expteae butaneae or far atorafe. Apply at the office at O'BEILLY A OO., Hi Pearl atreet, op stairs. CHOaL TaBD TO LHASE-ALBBADY FITTED OP WITH ? offlee. chads, aealae. Ac., dates a food buateeas. Bant tow. Inquire og the promisee. oorear or Flushing and Cler mont avenue. Brooklyn, to THONaB FKAZTtKTJr. CHOTTAOB8 AT BOCKAWAT, L. I., TO LBT.?A LABOB ? aa<l beautlialiy Ireatod koiuw. with sixteen rooms, fully furnished and la pertoot ardar; stable, ice house, Ae. A too, one with ten roomi, near the Pavlliton. For particulars ad dress, or apply to W. B. BOLTON. BoeAaway, h. I. IKbT GOODS 8TOBB TO LBT?NO. IIS SPRING 8TBKBT, |/ near Broadway. Futures oompteto, wtlh Immediate pacecctarw A first rate Bead. Apply at Be. 187 Bprtnf atreet S?WELLING HOUBKS DOWN TOWN-IN OOOD ORDfR ? and at moeara'a rente; No. S Hubert street, *700; 6t ^?ts street, MOO. 88 Watts strata, *400; Ml Hudson atreet, : and a few pert* of honssa. Apply to JAMBS PRICE, ^?Hudson atreet | TYBHIRABLR THBBE BTy&Y DWELLING HOUSES TO 1J let?viz. 148 Wavsrley place, near Sixth avenue, rent I *1,000. Also, the similar bouse 111 Hammond street, rent *V0. Alio, houce 11 Laight street, directly opposite "tonal i tarsal, rent *800. Apply to B. L. Sl'YBAM, lflSWeverUy ptooe, near Sixth avenue. | PKbnUBKD HOUSE TO LBT, FOB BIX MONTHS. | The bouse la three xtorlea, sew, has all the modern lot- | proresionto It will be lot furnished to a private famtir. merely for the rent, which to very moderate. Apply a'. No. 118 Weat Fifteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. He ?"Ol'BB AND OAR DSN TO LBT-WBOT HIDE SIXTH avenue, near Fifty-fourth street, belay rneatred; hlfh and healthy ground; designed for one er two small foaalltoe; enai ate entrances, otght rooms. Beady 1st rf May. Beat for U *14 psrmrata. Apply to J. CONKutNO, 181 Green wloh at. OOTKL TO LET?IW THE LARGE FIVE STOBY BBIOK JUL building, hertega host of 181 feet, known as Hunt/a Botol. at the South firry, fronting the Battery. Beta river end Bev of Now York. Constant communication with all parte of HMOUSB TO LET.?A NEW TWO STOBY COTTAGE built bouse, on two lota of ground in Bighty third street, containing seven rooms, with court yard and voantobto garden. Stable nfttorear, kent *300. Apply to B. PABKHUBST. 83 Barkot street. HHHaND60MK FURNISHED HOUSE TO LBT OK FOB sale ?A very superior first class four story and base ment brlclc house, on East sixteenth street, near Stuvvesant square, ecd finishedr IT Inside In the most elegant manner, with ?old oak blinds, speaking tubee. be:ls. hot. oo.i and shower baths, heater, dumb waiter*, water eteeeta. range, bronxe thsBSA'tere In the sartore. with cut glees glome, breeze figures WMi ride lights, lower ball tiled. As., and is In perfoct order. The house is furnished In e superior manner, and includes furniture of the moat eost y dessriptfoa and la excellent mmmUUsb; In fact, the house Is ell lhat a gentleman of teste ben desire, as it Is prenounoed to be the most oonplete es tablishment In this city. Nearly sit the purehaae money may remain on bond and mortgage, and the title 1s unqubsttooA ble. First class railroad bonds wUI be taxes la exeaanga. If sot sold. It nlll be let to a responsible party for a term of years frcm May 1. Tor cards of admlaslon to view the pre mises, and full particulars, apply to aLBKBT H. N ICO LAY, go. 4 Broad street. S^HOUHE TO LBT -A THREE MTOBY BRICK H >rSE, ? in Twentv-sooond street, near 8lxih avenue: three rooms ?K; in exoellent order; gas. baihs, Ae. Rent 8839. Inquire of C. A. DaKA. Tribune office | Y OTH TO LKT-NINE LOTS OF OBOUND, CORNER OF JUL Oansevoort street and Thirteenth avenue, with bulkhead n front' a very desirable looa'ion for a lumber, stone or eoal yard Apclyt o JOHN OOX. Ma 8 Broad way. LMOFTS. Superior lofts. 98 and 97 Libert v Street, 33x110. To let from 1st July, On very liberal terms, the present oocupant retiring from For particulars apply on tbe premises. STUOMAN, BRITTAN A OO. VflTHINlBtS AND MANUFACTURERS.?8TEAM TOW XVI or to let Kith ua* cf toolr, including slatting machine, bolt tog. planing do, and rice* For sale, two fort' boras hertzoatal engines. a pplr at the offite, SS Wall street, up stairs, room A. 0HITICR8 TO LOT?IN PEOPLE'S BANK BUILDING, | eornarof Oaaal sdd Thompson streets. suitable tor age Tswlnnsl man, artfs, arohiteoSs and reel estate broker*. The eAeee are aerr superior. end rest low. Apply at the Beak. tog.96 Warren street, suitable ter'awyera or pcwtosmsnal nun. Rents low. Inquire of T. L BUXTON, Secretary. a". ^OTFICEfl AMD BOOKS TO LOT?IN HOUSB 81 ?A8 W^M aau street, fourth house below the 8uo oflloe. Two on 1 the accord door, and two on the third floor, cms fronting on the street, (large). Immediate possession. Apply to EUGMENS FRBB18. boot maker, 61 Nassau street. PHART OF A HOUS1 TO LOT -SECOND STOB1, BARE I ? meat, and oae roan In third a(nry, between Lexington and Fourth aaenuee. wtth modern Improvements. Inquire at i 88 Bar Twenty-fourth street. PART OF A HTORE TO LIT?IN BROADWAY, FOR embroidered collars and sacks, laces and laities' mourning sleeves, Usgenlee, Ac Bent low. Address tor one week A. K, Union square PoatoOoe. PART OF A HOU8E IN HOSOKBN TO LOT-NO. 18 Irving place Boboken, pleasantly Rtualed, ten minutes' walk from the ferry. Rent moderate. s IKBR'ft ISLAND - HOUBE AND 100 A0RK8OF LAND ?to tot, or to be culttvnted on shares. Apply at 18 Besk gTORE TO RENT-THAT LABOR AND COMMODIOUS store. Z&tfO, In the brown (tone building 440 Rlghth ave nue; an excellent stand for any business. Rent 8AM per year. Apply to JACOB PKCARX, 168 Heeler street. OCMNFB COUNTBT RESIDENCE -TO LOT, A HOUSE, I O with en acre ot ground, In the healthy village of Fordham, I IWeatobeater oountv, N. T , for the summer months or other-'' wise at a reasonable rata; within five minutes' walk of the depot end St. John's College. Apply et ROBERT CODDINO- I TdjC8 Street, Fordham, ef MICHAEL HHKRBY. SHTEADY 8TBAM POWKB. WITH BOOKS, IN TON ? Harlem and New Haven depot, corner of Elm an! Frank lin streets, one b'ock (Tom Broadway. For the Importance of the word steady, we reft* to our tenants. Inquire of THoMAfl BENNETT, on the premises. to the woods, making it a very desirable ????-*- ?"uvtsnsbHH vTBAM POWRB.?FOlTB BOOMS, 28 BY 78 FOTT, AND three rooms, 3d by 44 feet, all new, light, oonventout, Me., Inquire on the premises, 117 Prlnee with or without powe?. street, or at 288 Broadway, room No. 6& RAM POWER. ?EHOP8 TO LOT. WITS OB WITH TH<0 LBT-TWO FLOOR*, BACH 26X1V0 FEET, IN THE ? six story building, 888 Broadway; are well adapted for lodge rooms. Apply to WILLIAM TAYLOR, la the building. r^m LET-HOUSE NO. 180 WHAT FIFTIETH STBKBT, ? with *V the modern Improvements; convenient to E ghth a venae eers or Broadway stages; rent 8400. Apply to BL I MRBRIT'i No ty tbird avcaue. LOT-A BaKRBY, NkWOYRN AND VAULT. i^AB# meets with Cioton water. In e row of new hnsisse fo Seventh avenue,between Thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth (U ? ?"? ^let to American families. Bants s story o? four poems n $7 to $10, end six rooms team 18 to 813 per month. In quire on the ptemtoes. r LOT?THE PARLOB AND NEXT 8TOBIK8 AND front basement of e first class brick house, with all the quire at 88 Thirty-filth street, first houss west of Broadway. ?8400. TiO LKT-THE THREE STORT BRIGK HOU8B, LB (trend, corner of Croeby street. Aim, to let, the three story brick boese, It Crosby street. Apply sa the premises, or at382 Broome street. T <) LIT?NO. 20 WOTf TWENTY-NINTH STRICT, A A new four story English baeeme* t house, just finished, with private stairs and aU mod am eoaveoianoes, Bloated between

Broadway aad Fifth avenue. mo LOT?FART OF A MODERN THREE STORY HOUSE, 1 in the taw on West Thirty-ninth street,, near to Eighth avenue. Croton, gas, baibs, Ac . to a small family ot grawn persons. Rent 8W0 For further particular*, apply at 164 same row, or 206 Frost! attest. Beierer.ce exchanged. rLET (RROAi?WAY> At OOMFABATIYH LOW rent, desirable store and offices, fronting the Taheraao a Apply to PARTRIDGE A Bill ft/ N. Do. 3*2 Broadway. TO LET A LARGE Ft RBI8IIRD FIRhT CLASRnOUdi, with 'he modern laprrvemen's; wou'dberenttd low for r'x monthi or ooq rear to a private family Pcsmstoa imite distelr. sisolo let 'he house and efore 131 Ridge street, wsh MAble tor three taorev* Boot 8200 per annum. A'ao rorirs to lat at 37 Crosby ttreet. Inquire on the premises at 111 Waverley rlsce. rpo LET?A_fJBONT 0*TIC8,.OE THE 8EOOND FLOOR jl ct store 29 Old v'tp, ?ult*nls for a cummlsslou or shipping mer-h: nt. I.oeated within three (loos* of South street. Ap ply la the B'oie. TO Ltf-TH* LWhlLTltQ PaRT OF BOUSE NO. 188 R'ghth srenue between eighteenth aad Nineteenthstreets; a capital ircsuoa for the millinery or dree* making omlnsm; rent iow 10 a good tenant. Apply In the s ore. no LET?BROOKLYN HEI0HT8?THE HOUSE AT 1 the comer cf Columbia and Poplar streets. three minutes' ra>k trotn Fulton ferry: prospect beautiful; excellent cellars rd eub cellar a Kent MfiO It we] calculated for s bnaid ng hours. Applv to J. SUCH, 80 East Fifteenth street. A table in the rear may be had. TO l.ET-PART OF A HOUSE. OON8IBTINGOF FRONT and beck partes*, with s dark bedroom between, on ?send floor, with are'lar kitchen, wtth Croton water ts bass meet and t? o attic rooms, or three If wanted. Apply et 187 Ore. tie < tree! mo LOT-FOUR PLEASANT MOOM? I floor cf s first c'sse bouse. In West IMr eeetb street, fnrnlrhed with grates. gee. Ae. Rent fliSamon h Inquire at WX. GILES' drug store, corner of Thirteenth eireet aad With avenue. > LW-TBK UFPkB PART OF THE BOU8R NO. M0 West Thirty ttath street, cootatnlne all the modern ten; ff dtstxed.the front Or back bsmme^ Apply on the premlsea, (* of V, B. BOWER A CO., 84 srati ttreet. niiT WIin tMMEtlATF F' 84F88ION?THE FIRST cists four storv ?nd baaemeot house 286 F niih avenue, a d on above Iwsnueth ?trset Tie h-uive is to excellent er bee t?s end Cratcn water, a fine yard, and Is very deal , r asa private residence ef fit* cites boarding bonse. To sponsible tessat? will be eentyd oa re?soq.ible terms, ply oa the premises. ufiir imuiwji. r~f,KI ?f.K hI fKWbN EKIOnTrt NX a. It TU- PK.aB?, ? tweflcefciutes, oaeri otnmbttt route; pur* nr t?< ?? i?r. vie * u?'ur.jiC Ml, churches bod aebcoU Uo-u. Kvl Itnr. Apply si <be 'tboou U>? l>alty T?legr?vl> 5r* Monigo ?B>ry street. J artey City. rBB LKT?INTBR BtOW.N HI ONE FBOAT HOUMI1 440 h'shlh twun, ? tiiH of tpftrtoiwu, cspatottog o* two parlom three bedrooms ftcd kitchen, with < rntoo wftter In d, eomswietrg the entire eeoood fleer Real ft*. Apply t? JACOB FKCAKk. Ita um fllO LET-AT A LOW RUNT IN THE WHITS MAEBLR A ^hoiMlBk W Bttwerr. the flret. second and pari of the thirdJolt, e*oh xfi feet by 9t A flret ciaee business elftoil for Hty kind of wholesale, retail, or manufacturing bottoms. In quire next door, to the ru>bon store. M- H. UORTBMETEIN. W Bowery. TO. let-at bath, l. l. ih?i riasr ol tw ?A honjee, treating on the water, complete la erery respect; do Apply to AROH'D toONU. ltd Broadway,New To?k.arMra. WftNZtE. at Beth, L. I 1*1?IB* DWELLING PART OT SLOVAK BOOTH wad owner Twenty seooad etreet and Fourth avenue, 7 all the modern Improvements; tfti. bftth ftad'Crotoo -? To ft enliable leoait the reetwfll be moderate. 1 of PREDBRIok BELLOW*, AST Breedwy. |0 LET-WIYH BOaRD, TO QEMTLKMBN, OR GBN ind wile, ? floe euH et rooms, on eeeeni floor, with _ _?, marble mantels and two pantiles Ales, stogie AjwaiwtU <e moderate, but good reteteeoe matt n# a; wl'h an American family ot three persons. within three waj* of fsur terries. OeU er addreae Mrs. Brosks.fl i erect, fbnrlh floor from c TWO THRBl STORY AMD ATTIC BRICK Nob- 179 and M Spring strset Will be rented lew ?a good tenant. Apply to B.BKWHOPBB, 275 Hudson et LBT-IN BOUSB 1.2SS BROADWAY. THE STORE, bcek room, bedroom and back hammeat kitchen. with two ?do., with gas and gas fixture* and Orotoa water. ~t BMP pet annum. Inqnlreealhepriiiili**. LET?BAB BOOM AND DOflNQ SALOPN. FlfR DWMd.?Ibe bar room and dining saloon. No. 7f MMdea ? wJUhe JW. with all the furaltnre, flxturea, Ac.; one ot Jjw* ijwid* flown to we. Apply oa the premises, er at Ne. } fMft ?lip. LRT-BRaUTIPTTL APARTMENTS, SUITABLE FOB one or two reap eatable famines, oontainine tea rooms, *wih rooms, din tag ream, water oloeet, sad gea mutual, r. two bedrooms aed kitobea, oe the right; ansae on the Bent WTO App y to J. KaBTOM, 680 Bu4?m street. L BALOOK. -TO t*T?TWO LARGE PAR by ML with fa good cellar and aa easy en well adapted tor a bear aatoan. Pluto* up ead rural etcd neoeseer y done by the owner, will be let to a jlffi? Ti */55LmT r*?t" Apply "195 B,T#r ITtO LET?A SMALL, OOXVEBISXT HOUSE NO. AS X West Thirteenth streri, near the Sixth arenas, ft rrl'l bs tot to s good tenant for $475 per annum. Inquire of B. P. OOOPSPkE P. corner of NineteenIh street and Pltth avenue. TO LBT?WITHOUT BOARD, A HANDSOME PUB X ahhed room, down town, tor two gentlemen. Also, a Ragle room. Apply si 66 Hurray Wrest TO LIT?TBBKB 8TORT HIGB BASEMENT HOUSE, A Ko. M Whet Twenty seventh street, la complete order, with modern improvements, aad flee ens flxturea la the house. Also, Bo. 80. snae street, will be rented lew to a suitable party. Apply on the prsmtoss to J. K POND. ITK) LET-PABT OP THE HOUSE 37(i GRAND ?TREET, X eeertsUi v of the bsokkltohso. front parlor and f?ur rooms fa the third floor, teaemaUflkmUy. The rent will be low. In igm Ire oa the premises TO I-** IK BROOKLYN-KEPT $?5-A TWO STORY X and basement cottage house. Bo. 130 Yaaderbtlt arenue. lew doors from Myrtle Can be seen at any time. Apply at a > Warren street, hew York. ?riO LET IN BROOKLYN?WITH OR WITHOUT TURKU A ture, the three etoryaiaetto front hen*. STflPaetfle sweet, Rrocklya, a tow dsors above Bond street. Thu house la to ex OeUect order, andta supplied with gas ftxtnias, range. As. t5* leoaUty ti one of the mart doMreoto to Brooklyn. The hoy mar he obtained at No. 37S Paelflt street, next door. Par terms, iSwTrt.10 A' *' BUKK0^Ul * *' Nw" 7 Broad*J*^ Sio LET IN BtOOKLTN-A THREE STORY BRICK . basement house, with all the modern improvements, situ strd to a very desirable location, at 82 Adams street. Bent " 9w to a rood teuant. Inquire on toe premises, or of BOBS A iBYINo, 48 Eighth avenue, N. Y. LIT. AT KINOBBBIDQB?A OOTBIC 0OTTA0R. fitted up to modem sty to marble mto tela and gralea. and ^IO ?????? HHI . good 1 one mi'e from the depot. Inquire at 08 EaM thirty flret street. Bow Tosh. TO LPT. OR POB SALE?IV JBRSRY CITY, A PEW X well built brick houses, wtih all the modern lmproramanUi, handsomely located, and rente tow; also, cottages, at Bergen, with gerdaea, cart lege booses, Ac. Apply to JOHN G. MC LAUGHLIN. comer ot Grove aad York streets, Jersey City. TO LET OB POR SALE?WITHIN TBBEB QUARTERS X of a mOa ot Tnolahoe depot oa the Bar lam Railroad, SO acres of land, on which there to a two story dwelling aad kitchen, a carriage bourn, bam and shed; the tor.d to well watered aid productive: baa about 10 acne to orchard, a ss a variety of cherry, peach aad pear tree* enrranto. raspberry w s wiius A j ? |f^mvts uwta |rtme en wvu, esses a ^eaa^w, a pspvui s J and grape vines, roeereelopjmsy be had lmmedlslely. Also for sale, fiO act es of land near bv, together or topsreals. to rucbasere. Icqulra of It LI AM OUSeNBERBY, lflfl street, or of CHARLES DU8PBBSBBY, near the TO LET OR POR SALE?MKAR THE PERRY ON STATE* X Island, highland Grove, a beautiful, alevaied aai healthy situation: the bonie contains twelve rooms, finished hi modem Style, with stable aad several acres of shads trees In the lawn. ftortvjrjgBMdemle. Inquire of BARRETT A BRIRSMABB, TO LET OR POB 8ALE-A COUNTRY RMIDSNJK IN 1 Fairssent. near Upper Horrisaala, Weetohertw oonaty, beautifully situated, commanding a view of the North and East rivers; fine garden, grafted trait, grapes, currants. As.; un surpassed for health. Terms low. Apply to S. B. SMITH. 77 Tonal street. CO LET OR TOR 8AI.R?A THRMB STORY AMD BABC ? went biick bouse In Seventieth street between Thi-d and I Fourth itwm, with mod?rn traorovemeuta, wllh thie# lou ? ?joliiirg. commanding a fine view of the ot'.y and surrounding | e.-.untry. Tsrms mutter-ate. Apply to 0. B. HOW 18 A CO., 84 Fasten street. | (TO LIT OB TO LEASE?THE THBKt STORY HOUSE, X with bMMWt im inb collar. No. ?T Warren street. Ap ply to HOBKR MORGAN. No. 3 Pine street. | T? LET OR LEASE?FRONT STORE. BACK ROOM and liquor room, suitable lor a olothisg or proceryaad liquor store. Also sloop, 60 tors register, the MRjeetto, iei one dock shore Catherine market, far sale. Also, butcher's spring eart and hnrr em; also light road wagon and harness, for sale, rtty made. *or psrtteulaxs Inquire of JAMRd P0UH, 344 Water street. | mO LET OR LEASE?THE HOUSE AND STORK NO 84 X Oread street, Williamsburg, known as the Brooklyn Oar oeos. The shore plaoe Is situated la one of the best thorough lares la WH!tamsburg.'and near the Grand and Houston street terries, and has been oeeupled for the shore business for the last fire years, the place is too well known to need f urther description. The place is now in successful operation, sod has all the conveniences generally attached to a place M thea-ove description such as lee bouse, ovens. Ac. For further par Ueulars. apply to MONROE A PAIN*. No 18 South Seventh atreet Williamsburg, or to HENRY L. YOUNO, from II ttll S P. M.. o iffee saloon. Mo. 1 Fulton market, on (loath street, New York. | ITIO LEASE, FOR A TPRM OF YE AB8.?THE FATORA X My sltna'ed Ore story brick bulldler. 81 West strSht, eatire, or the store, oeller and lofts, each separate. Inquire oe the premlies, third floor, rear office. | mo IJtABE?FROM ONE TO FIVB TEARS, THR BEAO 1 tlful basement. fl? by 60 laet, adjoining the Paetflo Insu rance Company, 100 feet west from Bread war, No. Ul Grand street; fliet rata place lor any kind el business, rent rery cheap: r lib aa excellent cellar. Apply on the premises | LNASE-A FINE MANSION IIOU8B AND SIX ACRE* ^?or lawn and garden, situated oa Maapetb avenue, tare and a half miles from Grand street ferry, Williamsburg, For a convenient country residence or first clam hotel, It being on the main road to the Fashion late National Course, renders It en opportunity seldom met with. Apply to N. L. McCRBDY, 36 South street, New York. | rmm KENT?AT CLIFTON, STAT UN ISLAND, 4 FUR ^?nisfced house, wl'b stable end carriage boose; a fine gar den, with a great abundance of obotoe fruit; a bathing bouse* Ac., and situated immediately on the Narrows, with e water ?lew us surpassed In the neighborhood of New To*. Also, a email rottat*. unfurnished, wt'h a fine view of the bar end city or New York, oootainlng two small 'parlors, kitchen and six bedrroma; also, a stable and carriage bouaa. Immediate posaemion given. Inquire at 387 Broadway, corner of Reads sweet, up etaira. | fpO~BENT?THI COMMODIOUS TWO STORY BRICK X hours No. 29 Hubert street, (key at No. 97), In the vMnltr ot St. Johr 'a park. For a ge-d tenant, on a lease, will be put lu complete repair. Kent, SSCO. App y between 12 and 1 o'c'ock. et 1. HirtnKR'8, 57 Stone street or at 133 Flfih avo nie. of B.WILLI AMBON, betore 10 A.M. | K~IiNT-A SUITE OF ROOMS. FURNISHED OR UN ^?furnished Pleasantly situated, two doora west of Broad 130 Pto'b street. In a private Ihmlly. i TO HFNT FIVB LOFTS. ENTIRELY NEW, AND WELL lighted. Id by 66 fset deep: also, a lew rooms. Apply at 84 and 86 Ful'oe sbeei. Oak Hall. TO RENT?LOWBR PART Or A NRaT HOUSE, AND furniture far sale (Are rooms ) Rent of house 618 SO par montn. A11 newly furulahed. Will give time fir tie Daymen I ot the furniture. House in Prince street, near Broadway. Ad cress O. A ll , 96 Warren street. TO GROCERS AND OTHERS?A RARE CHANCE. - Tn let. e new three atorv bouse, store pert 30 by 46, asms sirs of ce'lar, with comfortable dwellings up stairs, m the centre part of the city of Hudson, fbrmsriv called Bergen, New Jersey, only about one end e half miles frsm Jersey City or Robakea; a large population in the neighborhood, besides a large inrrsase >ms vuar; auitnhts for a first olam srnoary, dry goods hardware, Ac ; rent reasonable. Inquire ai the eoal yard, South Sixth street, near Grove. Jersey City. r MECHANICS AND OTT1KRH.?THE GREAT!FT chance ' et oflhred. Part or the whole of basement No. 120 Cherry etruat, ota door tram Catherine, opposite the mar ket, suitable for almost saw business, particular y a blacksmith or gunsmith, plumber, turner, general job oar, hardware Ac ; an old Mend, good run afoattom: cheap rent; plan y room; two Nor gee, lathe tram-bine and cutting, press, grind tone, drlUirg machine, vfer, benches an 1 sundry toils to numerous so imention. Possesion immediately. M. B ? III health the cense for selling. For particulars apply es above, of WM. Mrf.ARTT. TO I'RUGOISTB?A BABE CHANCE FOR A YOUNG ebifls mam -An MA expsrtsooed physician, having a store S"d fixt ores, is setlroui ot retting the seme for a term of years, vrhh the privilege Of all the preemption buelnraa. Apjly at Ihe corner ef Grand and Eleventh atresia, East Brooklyn. r YOUNG PHYKIOIANB?AN EXCELLENT CHANCE ot locating Im a beautiful oountry plaoe, which the present Incumbent is mbont leaving. Reasons, terms, Ac, made known bv inquiring at fee drug store, 446 Sixth avenue, next rfor to Twenty-seventh sUasl. TXTOBK8HOPS TO LNT?BUTT ABLE FOR ANT PARTY WILLIAMBBURG.?TO RENT. THE UPPER PART OF Ike bouse 08 Booth Sixth street, pleasantly situated. And esnvealsnt to the fhniea. WUl be rented low, to a assail, re spectable feaafly. Apply on the premises. I IHi ill) iUIIHII LMOOT-IN ON* OF THE FIFTH ^vSu^tN^ ? Broadway stages, between 6 and 7 o'clock, a lady's coral m t of pin and earrings, with case. The finder will be reward ed by having it with Freeman A Bennett, jeweller*,*# Rroad wsy. | OPT?ON THUKBDAT, 1ST I NET., 646 I* GOLD, SUP" L peeed hi one of the Beat Broadway end Dry Bonk stage*. I 11? finderwill be liberally rewarded tyTeevtorlt ?iNo. 1 t-ty etrrrt N. POLLOCK. T OST-ONl TUBSDAY BYEBINO, BBTWBBN THB BY. I j Nicholas and the Post offioe.a black leather poekMbook, I m t laiaing two letters end a note foe 6150. utterly valueless ex en t h> the owner. The finder will confer e great thror. and w suitably rewarded. ?m return tag the same to W. Bennett, vc Btcndwny. ? M gt OB NTOLNN?BANE BOOK NO. M7?, OF AN* Indeemtel flerimm Bank. Th? T r?T OR NTOLNN?BANK BOOK NO. 1 I j steUlgsn, hi the ^stgremi IndemrieJ Sew fti d*r witf planed Ifihvt the mm *t (h? I rtCtiW s. won. BMjLn. ^u^&KS^xztSHsm B3.00n. -gg? ffiY* h^""AN? lot nr i l???n ob ?^5? * f Mr. UiJUtU, 48j Broadmsy.* ? ' "> ** rr"iH?lM. $3,000.-22? MA"?f aohtiuko BI8I by American in^KtJ^iiy J*.??. ???V-l>ramlmn awarded for ??lUpf. the partiea bare other business STsttend ufTT lnt*,Prtoft'b0X 191 Herald offloe. 1?o $2,800 "SL-StP* WO??LAWN HOT8L, TO out and ahattad^ttT frSt hotiM Aut 4>i hammapvaui ^ tnsie. oirriiit ' aaisiraHI.'r^S". *r : J1 800 -l!?*9*LB. A* OLD HtiJttiBIO BIT , i? Bou to 0. B. HOWMB * ?" 0,1 ttaa- APP^ $1 800 ,m*i AT MEW lOQUU. A TWtl *??^3?o?5i: ti To* W&S J!] 500 ~~TOB BALK, A TALPABf.M I.glagl Jjfn (t-amMntM? ,^'f?u ?r2*dw*y. nextto thecorner ot rJr SSSHH5 wTJS5,^eL,,ouw Mkwl- AppUt?c. b. aowssTco^ 1500 ^Lt,tS?0T7IIX 8K,L A Frasr clasTpa. tow^^itiS5&25"de?^'? bu. ftoMlfOnerceV W^Utai^cSertSi drem a.. box m, Beretd office! e uua ta P*"- Ad jfcl (1ft -W* Wtl. THBLKABK, STttCK 1KP rtx JKSSKtii'KKS SU'asat^;fb,rg aLgg_~ A BKADTIrm, COUNTRY BEAT. WITH r I FT y Tarn can b? inc. < A C^DRTEY SKAT IN THIS CUT?ON 125? H HTRERT loUtert^S ?hBMS?0^ii !toe?od^^^,Ulc^ S^^^^aS??Ss 2SSZ,.,^n<?K ^roy^t tba same. now a number of feoUdiag SS&g&'^ftdE^ bv,iz's CH3AP-C0W waija?^iii22feMMMl<48J?BP6'Vi^fleti Apply0 to"*?s; WALL. Architect, 80 Beatau street. between 1? andi2 o*cl?? sat ?-_----: i? ?jagy, psower Mm with hot and oo!d ygSBT'CSSEftSffSft; *t~^WB&h??n&'Sg' r s&SS? ???s?.",ai,ffi sa ?ten^ *?? ? Pr(rat* On (ho river, aboonda la fe^swsaf s sk ? vssssjpis C?a?^J F?R 8ALK OR TO L9T-AT \-/ -A 1'orU. Loog IsLicd, one ftod t half m(ln? from lh? mi lago. ccnlAlBlnf rlxtoen acrea ol land, stocked with all kinds ot fmlt t?eaa; a modern brnlt cotlace hotwa contalnln* tan rSnJJ ?piKSIfiAB. M IOUMT&Y SKAT.?FOB 8ALB^KTme I ?-'^,bof8-- -hon?*- naarlr Mw htn^omeVl^ Lweea tarougbout; nrdener'a cottars atabl* aoMM J!. i y?m'nr*irt^ff.^uL*3r^if? oomplele fcr a MBlleman's ' Pi^??o iw> .^!i 12 J? !# aoreij water on three aides. llim10 QKO- W* McLKAK, Ho. t?LkOABT COOKTBT BUtDRNCK FOB SALK-WtTH tewasr&ttsTK.-sr.-^S rtew. a photopa?h onK'obS: VlLLY18 K.^ntT^ ?ffloe ^ F" D'^ F?? ^A^J1 A BBaOTIFDL OOUHTRT SB AT AlfD hns ot B a ores of cboleo land, situated In Fa>saia vaUer rip7&?35iWs.'SS?1;i^'HS C0OM 8 A LA?A NKW Al?l? ?TaVHVH BUILT BABOB. SlL Si3jf3r."i^5 iflfitttS&itHi Baltimore. Greens on., "t ^ ^ *?" If?5 SALJA-BABK CUAKCK.?A OROCKKY ANI> if 4?ota ailuated on one of the best ttunnew coraar, An^?? li b^p aluf* * ,arR? cash bnalneaa will be told olieap. Apply to F? WAUL, flufiitf Of Ailw gtreehi. f<1??Mpi8ALI^'~HARI)WARE 8HKLT1NO, PH\STBR8 d'alel^at^^f^JL'1^ " *pP,1<mUcn b? m*d? lams L OB BaLK-A LABQK DOUBLB OBABKD l.iTHr Ibont?^6' 9 eM bT 36 f?e* long. Apply at tbs Phoenix Il'Oft 8 ALE?TDK LKAPK, STOCK AN1) FIXTURES OF r a stationery, newspaper end as gar More, eitsblshci four ?rare, now ao'vgau ex'enalve and profitable business. Any person with a capital of WOO will find thia a good opportunity ft* lt>vestment. Apply at 3S8 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. | rHOK SaLTPtHK HOUSE AND AMD LOTlat FIFTH avenue. For sale or to let, house and lot on Thirty Dxth street., between Lexingtona?d Fourth avenues To rent, stu dio fQ Fast Thirteenth street, eorner of Broad way. AJeo office In builritrg *8 Broadway. Apply to R. H. LUDLOW A CO., 14 P>ne street. | UtOK 8ALB-THR F1YH YEARS' LEaHE, FIXTURES P and good will of the old established grooery store, situated In cne ot the best localities in the city, being on the corner of Houston and Sheriff *'reels, opposite Union market Will be sold cheap, as the owner wishes to retire from business. For further partteuiars inquire on the premises, or ot OH AS. K. LOEW, Seal Estate and House Agent, No. 91 avenue C? from 7 to 10 A. M , and 6 to 9 P. M. fj'OK 8ALB-THH FIRHt CLASS BKOWN STOMK FRONT P hours No. 14 hast Mxteenth street, with the mo lens Un I prevements, with eoaeh hoeee sed liable and three low of ground. To let, very low, two houses ntOnrtuaosviile. In first rate or ler. also, for sale soma 400 Vo a. well situated for gen | Urmen's raddenaes sear the depot of the Hudson River Rail road. Inquire ofR. F. CAJUtAN, 1.088 Broadway. TjtOK BALK?THE LEASE AND FUBNITURH OF HOUSE JD 486 Broome street. Apply oe tbe premises, fTOm 8 to 11 A. M, eeah ten feet long, with lnrge tinea. Imulre at PIRK A SONS, No. #18 Broad war, oppoMte ?L Nicholas Hotel I Hi OR 8AL^Tn^O^TIU>8^PLKAAAN^^OL!Hh1 ? soltsge* no Hanover p'aee, Frookljn. The court yards Sie Urge and filled with vines and shrubberv. Fu ton ave nue rallr red ears n few step* (Torn the house. Prioe and terms to salt Apply to JOHN BRaIWKRD. Well at terrr, Brooklyn. tjtOR 8ALB-A WILL AND LOhO iWTABLIbllitO r men's ana children's clothing busit eas. In cne of the best thoroughfares In Ibeo'ty. Stock select: ran' low. Reason for telling. the owner Is retiring. For further pert'culnra apply te A. RICH A BBO., 61 Maiden lane. iALE.-$10.0"0 - A ORB AT BARGAIN.?FOR ^?snle, in the town of Hew Utrecht L. (hlrty five acres of land, in the higbeet state of cultive'ton, and in good 'ho e, on fee plank road to Uosey Island, about four miles fr m Hamil ton tarry. Title good, and terms easy. THOMAS WKL WOOD, *8 Namau street. New York. PH0R~iALi>-A OOTTAOl, SIZR ? BT 30; FOUR LOTS ? ? by 100. eoetoeed with a geod picket fnoca; Buejerfep cm tbe German plan, situated at John?onrille, one m'le from Bdbokcn ferry. Tor fall particular* apply te BIRDS ALL A BOW, 334 Broedyay, room LA FHHOR 8AI.K.?TDK LBtBK, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF ? a hotel to be disposed of, nov ddog a good business, rooms more tb*E pay the rent. Terms easy. Apply to W.J' HOWhLI., Rainbow Coffee House, Bee Em an ?t,, r> ew Turk* Fmmo* Rai.K- fiiK lBABB ot a fuhnibhad hotel, | with barroom and billiard saloon. the billiard table near v new; warm and cold baths, large cedar, floe yard, nil la good order; between Canal erd Chambers street*, near Broadway. Can be had cheap. Address Wo. ? Worth Wnltam street, base meat. rM>R SALE-FOUR YEARS' LEASE?THE BAR FIX ^?tures par or and kitchen turnitur?, (which la new), ol a small tavern, on Third, opposic Jones' Woods, now doing a good buelneee; will be so d a bargain, la conrejuence of lllneee ot the proprietor. Shed and garden attached. Ap ply on the promisee, corner of Serenty-ttm street and Third avenue. Beat, SB00 per year. FR BALR-A PORK PACKING A WD SLAUGHTER tng maabkahwieni, with all tha necessary flx urse fordoing an extensive business; location unsurpassed, with * go id water front, together with a brag lease of the premises. Apply io C. B- BOWkB A CO., M Nassau street. rB SALE?A SPLENDID NTATIONKRY STORK. If Division street, en excel lent boot and shoe shoo, a floe millinery establishment, tor ha f their vslne. Aim, ba t Into rest In n profitable established nash business on B-o?dwar. for $100; Is a sure fortune lor a smart nun. Apply lmraedla;ely toO. T. LB FORT A CO., 3#7 Broedwny, office (to. 7. (DOR SAIB, CHEAP?A SLOOP. THAT WILL CARRY P lOOtoos, or light draft o' wa'er and in ipod en I sing ovil-r, won Id be good for a market boat, or to rue Fast or on tha river Rebuilt about tour rears ago. Inquire of B. BENNETT, 104 West street, near fiprfng. WOR BALI OW NTATRW TNI, AND-A FARM OF ABOUT JP 40 serfs of lend, Dtoatod about miles from tie Port Rtsbesnad ferry, with a stream of water running through the same, will be enid in pert, or fee whole, to suit the parobwser. Inquire of MaTTTIAN WOOD, eorner <*. Rrenmsaod Dean stoWte, RropfcUo, Otvf Frederic <Jrs#en, P,rt Rfehpfed. FOR (f AXiH. P l>owar. Mid six bollofii^iliom*4 to IS llo<M BoWer* ftm! 3u(si?rou uaot tuaot,bran or boametal, el foeFull? two W'cika toot of C berry atreet, Kant rlrer PEASE * UOBFBT F>h SAL*. TO tUIB DBlMMEKfiOft HABBUB&.-FOR wric. a hair dxehilng saloon, doing ? (Odd bnaiasae At Kdmntvar. I^OK HaI.K? A TRRIK STORY AMD B ih KM It NT BEtWK WO KmUmH airaet. be'weee Soufe ? lioioe, with tub cellar , pnoe $3 300 1600 lMt than *ML Inquire an the premiss-. Eighth eureet, be'wees South flat M t onth Become streets Williamsburg. Term* easy. IriOR BALE OHKAP-THRKR BPLKND1D 8TORB OO0M r ten. rtxtoan feat long ut one tailor*! looking g Inn. sB raw nod la good ahape. Inquire of NATUAM BlDTSU? Mo. 176 Kant i watt Uet? at reek IVOR BALK LOW OK TO LET?ONE THREE HTOBT ? and basement ooonlar cellar bow, high ileop. m bM fruit and 40 deep, on fifty wird streak between Ptaand and Third evetioai; modern tmurjamaeate, price it,Mi raat $4N). Inquire on the promise*. or of D. SOBINST US Lan Ingloa avenue. Cheap: terms easy. iftOR RAI.K OE EXCHANGE FOB WI8TEBN P The feat Bailing aloop Magletaa; in (rod order, eaaadea ? SMITH.*Jtyach/ wmMr- ^ 10 OioEoFC FHOB 8ALB OR KXCHAhQK FOR CITY PROPIRTT?A | steam as w mill. In first rate working order, capablem rearing ten thousand defer* n rear; ao d to eloae aeoatafe SI*.*!.*"" ?? ?" toterrtew. App'ytoTHOR. E.PBA OCCK, 39 wn lam (treat, roam 13. rH>E SALB OB TO LET.?THE SPLENDID BBMW ^?atnne front houaa 176 Waat Fourteenth street for aeleerto let. Inquire of g. P. TOWEBKMD, S3 Me stairs, Bear Toe*. Ij'OB SALE OB TO LET ?A FOUR STORY AND X meal brtok bonae. suitable for an hotel or wfceleaaJto The Ore floor la ninety feet deep. It la withtaoaaMuHiff yard* of the Oraod atreet terry, ami In one of Uw keat bmA- I naaa looailona In Brooklyn. Apply to WB. RKI.L1NUKR, am tha premliea, 70 Orand.atreet, Brooklyn, K. D. IK BALE, OB TO LET. FURNISHBD?AM ELBOAOT RBcUab baaeoMBt keuae, 197 Waal Thirty aeooad atreat, ta a moat reapectable locality. If rented inrniibed, rest Mr. | Apply on the promise. or to HOMES HOBO AM, 3 PtaeeL I F?i tn|KtaaHKl^TOONTR^RKH^ICWO^O^WAjrdfc J? exchange?Situate at Clifton, State* I aland, on nance, hevlsx a. flue rlew ol the bay, within eight mtofliV | wa k cd ue ferry, oommunioaUng hourly with the city. MB ?err* ?( ground, flue ahade treee, abundauoe of ehotoe lkuk? good water and vegetab'e garden, carriage houae. alalia t^H three buruea; houM fitted us with furanoe, walerolceet, dST amnp'eie ftr aumaaar aad wtaier restdenee; turnttere neaedw new, and b> tha beat maker*. A Ural elaaa olty reatdeoem or red railroad stocks or boeda taken at their lull value to cw ohanrre. Will be let furnlabed. If not eaid. Apply le <L A. h Ml Til A LE BOT.? WUlleaa ebeet GHU1TA PKKCHA BMBOBBIMO PEKB8 FOB 8AEB KogBah ? anuferture, and supposed to b* the aoly qa*|fe. la the Hates, *t the (erne make. A very auperlor | worked b? hand, for eraboaalrg gutta per aha. ord ? Alan a roiUsg mill (Ecg)tan tnahe capable ef baton 1 by Rteem. Apply to hOBBAM A DANIELS. dtoSfe land atreat. Mew Tore. \riWTh STBNHT -FOB SALE. HOU8K MO. Ill EIW XR atreat, with all the modern oanvonUneaa and repair. Apply to HABIChT A PARISH. DO fewtr^^^J COl A WATKB APPABATUB-OME OP GEE B. LB O aire, copper machlnee, la perfect order and ready for mediate use; moat be told aoon, aa the owner la about lean ing the city: will be ao'd e greet bargain. Apply to J. ?? PAY * BOR.IM Pearl atreet where Ween be eean.^^^H CTKAM EMGJNE FOB BALE CHEAP?ME ABLY RWW. O 8 boree power, wttb 16 boree boiler, en In (nod running order, at the corner of Myrtle areaue and Steutoa at, Brook lyn. fl OEAHaM. SAIL BOAT MYRTKBY FOB SALE-TWENTY FBBT long, jib aad mslnaail. In oomolate order, reir faat; hae woo aereaal regabaa and prlyate enriches. Price, 9130. Ad* draw My alary, herald oflloe. rM H ABbWARE ORALKBE-POR SALB, THB BTOOK ? ot hardware of the late George Sunt 1, la the store mm ner of Eighteenth atreet end Mln.b avenue, wttb the atvre H feL ? geodataad far an Mrierprlalng peraun. Inquire on Rw premlrea, or to B. BUSS ILL. AdmLuakntor, 127 Weal Twen ty-fifth atreet. rHAlRDRia&FBg.-FOB BALE, AM OLD M8TAB livhed talrdrr wing aalcon. Will be told cheap for cadk. For perticeiara applr at 64 Bowarn atreet. THO CORFEOTIONRBS.?A l.OZUMGK MAMUFAOTVB* I III bualcear, having be-n carried on for 2ij yearn, la ef-| tared for sale. Forterma and further particulars tnquhnaf I J. BAT-LIB. 40 Nassau ttreet. or at 170 tfittt, bet avenues B and C. rm GROCERS.?A RARE CHANCE. -FOR 8AI E ABB ^?<o lease, the alcrk and fixtures of an o d estAbltahed gro cery aad Iliyn'W store; one or the beat stands In the Bighteawtk ward, now dntag a good cash bnatneas; bad bealtb botog tha caufe of the owner te'Ung out Inquire on lb# |i i ainlmn. not tbeaat corner of Twenty third atreet end Seeaad avenua OOFABrnUUHDF mi A TO?. 4>/i nnn -WAKTRD. a PARTNER, IB A HOTflL $T.UUU . la the middle ot tbu state. It baa aupetoor Mvantogaa to any other hotel tat the United States te make money, and la visited by 'he moat fiuihiouabls pleasure parka from a'l part* of the world. For full particulars apply te #. B. HOWKB A CO., 84 Neaaau atreet. CO AAA -partner wanted, in am t^.UUUi liabed buvlnata In this city, paving $6,000 per annum. To an active btuLeaa man real estate aecurttr wdll be given fi r the money. The buidneaa la permanent i Adaretn feecuiity, box 140 Heruld oflloe, With name. to $600, to take an tnterert la a real estate, auction I aad oommbaiun buatneaa; eatablivhed a number n veare. Tw Isure trouble, no one rod apply butthove In a noattlan to aaakn an immediate arrangement caU at 289 Broadway, room 4E CQAA ?A PARTNER WANTED, TO PURkHABB 80UU. thegutereai of the retiring partner, In an oldaatab 1 hiked bualtieaa, where from W.0C0 to $6,000 per annum oan he made without anv risk wbataver. aa the business la enkrahr ocmirlaalOB. This la agreat chance. Apply to ORE EN m CO., 846 Broadway. (&OAA ?WARTEIf. A MAN. AS HQL'AI- PAEfMRR. ipxl/U, to travel and receive tha money of a re ebraiad aaB wen eatobjltbad cash enterprise; this I* a oartaln china*te make txatfly and aee the oonntry. Inquire of Mr. Gilbert, A the efflee cfthe New Ha ran House, 414 Broadway. PAKTMkB WANTRD?WITH A CASH CAPITAL Opf EH 000 to $6 000, in a first class tailoring ertebtfcfe- 1 n en' In Broad way. M n?t be a buvinev maa oa oablaot Itohg the entire cbargaoftba book* ana finanoeaof tha ooncern. Ap ply to B. W. BICBARRS. 307 Broadway. A CARD.?THE UNDERSIGNED WILL DISCO NTflMR* (about 10th May) tha manufacture of candy, which will to fat lira ha canted on by Ridley A Co., at the corner of Cham beri and Hudson atreata. The parUaa oomponiog the Mir tone bare all bten emDk><ed in tbia branch of tha establliliuiwd from eighteen to Ibttv two yearn, and tor a tew rear*peat bMh bad tlmoti the exclusive management of thla department ofoV buataeaa. R. L. A a. STUART. New tobk, Kay 1,1846 roPABTJIKBSaiP. The anbacribara bare entered into copartnership. under ths Arm il RIdIJS* A CO . Ibr the porpoaa at manafactartagf caody, Ac . at the corner nf f hambers eed Hadaon atreata N. K KOBHR1 A.BHlLBY, JOHN W. LIKRTftD, WM. A. HAOuH'lOb, JOHN P. PJLLOCK. WM. KENNEDY. WM. A. FRITZ, WM. FORCE. C"U'PARTNERSHIP NOT1CR.?TH* L NDKRBIONR* ) bavlrg formed a copartnership ondar the firm of Hougtto Une, Hutcntrsob A Turner, will ouuinae the maaufsaturtog of cat tobacco, annA' ar.d segars, at tha Haw Turk tobasoa worka, MB Oreenwteh street, formerly ocnduotad by Palmast Butobieaon A Inner. J. B. BOlIdHlAlJItO, P. H. HUTCHINSON, A. W. TURNER. Dissolution.-TH? ooparthkrshtp hkrhto fore evWlnr between the nndervtgned, under the nana of A. L. Hyatt A Co., ta thl? dnv dissolved b? ltmHat'on Ktthor party ta autberiaea to nae the name of the Arm In ilqutdaton. A. L. HTaTT. Niw Youk. May 1.1FSA. JOHN P. 8COTP. Ibe undersigned wt.l con tin tie the gentlemen's farnlMdag buainen at tha old stand, 1 Talton atreel. JOHN P. SCOTT. fi-ftOLUl ION.?THE FIRM OF ADAM^A M (TAKEN la thla day dtswriveA The outatanding bualoaas will be settled by lt.Muri.ea. J. B. A 9 A. MR, D. MURK EN. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN," THAT THE COPAWT eerrhlp heretofore exlatlrg between Edward Vrwe'aad ard Robert H. liegeman order tbe style of Vreyland A Hagn man. Is this da? dissolved by mutual agreement The buat ueas will be ctatducted hereafter by said Edward Vraelaad. KDWARD TrtKgLAN*. Itr.w YOBS, April 12,1RM. ROHRRT H. HEOKMlaJT. NC T1CV..-1II1 PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE KXBT tna between HENRY ZOLLVKR and FRRiMAN P. LthCKkR, u no. 57 Crrtlanat atree', rettnumot and dining ?alrcn buslners has been this day dissolved by mntual sen tient. Tbe debt* of the Arm will he paid by Freeman 0 Decker, who iMiirnM tbe payment thereof, and the buslneis continued bp him nnd Jacob Zodver. TDK COPARTNERSHIP BERBTOEOBB EXISTING UN der tbe Arm of Joseph I-ee A Oo , la thin day dissolved hp mutual consent Joeeph Lea la alone authorized to aetata ths biislneea ot Joseph Lee A tin, JOSEPH L*l, ANDREW V. BRA, New Yoaa, Feb. 1, ISA!. GHOROE Hid 3 AM. The buplroea will be continued *? formerly, under tbe name and Arm ofJoaepb Ua A Co., at 169 Broadway, Ullaer Build In?. Joseph lrk, ANDREW V. BRA. HE COPARTNERSHIP BEBETOPORR EXISTING _ under tbe Arm at A. R.Packard A On , ta this day dissolved by mutual consent. O. Sbepard la alone authorized to setttn tha bus. neea of A. R. Packard A Oo. A. K. P aOK aRO, Nkw Yoaa. Ray 1,1866. . G. SHRPARD. Ibe buateeaa will be continued as formerly, under the name d Arm of O. Sbepard, 017 and 919 Broad wny. T ard ^^^^?KXPRR9SM.^^^^H ?rIRMAN A CO S NXPBHH FOR CALIFORNIA. I Oregon. Sandwich Islands, China, and PaoUte coast at loutb Amcnoa via Panama, will be daapaiehed per Uoited , P to tea mall steamer Illinois on Monday, Mar B, at t o'eMtad ? P. M All freight must be in water proof oonditiea, end rbould be delivered to its prior to day of sailing, or at the >*'??t by 10o'e or* on Monday, Mb hist, and mine deehmd. Small parcels and letter* taken until 1 o'clock. FREEMAN A CO., 69 Broadway. NOXIAKOS. ?MILLIARD TABLES?OF SUPERIOR STYLE AND TD ? beat materials, oak, rosewood and wahoganfflHth gtau, slate marble and wood beds, and evetrtking rnUhC teMU Hard., to bs bad at O'CObNOR A OOU.NNbunTmaM*?. lory, W Ann street Three aeoond band tables far sale lew. Hhavino LEARNED TH?T WORTHLESS imitation* I of my oombtaatloo cnaldona are oOtnred Ibr sale, I oan U.m tbe public that an my cushions have an engraved piMa, "sswasMffis.-w Z . yrto HOTEL KKkPNBR?FOB SALE, A HANDSOME BBw 1 Hard table, nearly sew, with marble bed, and Ait urea oana blete. The above will be artd reasonable, and can be seam at Hie Union Heal, earner of FuEao avanue and Huntar and, Brooklyn. W^HF. OFFER FOR SALE A HPLBNBID STOCK. WIT* ? cur new Invented cushion.. Rti good Meoad hand Ma li <>. for sale shaap; Preocb cue ckkha. balls, cues and aMRa to Mue. Orders by mail attended to. GRIFFITH k DECKER, mnUMOtHAL AMHTONIBHINO TO ALL-MADAM* MORROW, ?^nevnth daughter, baa a natnral gift to teU past, PrM and future events, and all the ooaoerna et Ufa. even the map thoughts, and will cause speedy mai linen., and shew Ike NBA neeaea of tbe Intended busbanda and absent frtanda. and tn* bring together ihcee who are aeaarnied, wCv graaieea napetnem of matrimonial bllaa. AM i bla, Gentlemeo not admitted. OEhTLKMAN WISHTNO lOJUlRTlglgl OON Hrerrowlenee with ladles Hluated 1R# hhnaelN-Vtx., w Am socially and peruniarUv. Addreaa, ta one weak, M.