Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1856 Page 5
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I. S. ffttch'i ? Ms LtcMrct on ike Pw _k u4 Our* ?f Csnsumpttca, Aathun, Brooch:.n. Hear*. Okniewd tka Law* a Lao, with h Full sipmuloa ot Medi sa) hba'auoa "asew edition hanrtwerly bound in taenia, SMipo|*a, .forty engraving* and etna! portrait or the *':ihor; win b* tarnished In or lor to v. tine nt tweutfUve cms pe ?PT- ecbOntilellr n fill; will as rant or mil, bosUtfe. fit not cum. Apply by letter or peraoiuUly w 8. 6. FI fJH 8 00., ?M Broadway, S?w York. F? I* Ktiftn IutIIm Attention to the Vari ous depart aunt! cf hie uwmdm cMip end i'*en> >b?ue clots Uee-mMishaoni, comer bf Fmton and Nassau etreeia. 'f po ?he the Herald ofllte. Bin seek of ana'* clothing for the wim tscfudes onr tea thousand suits, of eery Tixiety of Wy e, reality lire end ainterlfo. Iu the boys' elo'fong depart new* efl <b? fork to** ef tbe reason for boys it e-erv nee, from Ave years old to seventeen. are Included. doth the whoesfoc end retail price* are 25 pet eent under the an arks', average, had but ene fries la naked or taken for nny nrjele In the wnre flnen Turtle.?A. Very Fine Turtle Served in dny. Soup ud steak* at nil bo-am at' the day and areolar. Swop elfin salt Hug* per quart, or three dollar* per gailoa, for warded to lamlllea. P M. a kYAKD, Caterer, Warhingtoa Restaurant, No 1 Broadway. 500 Ftiae Canlmere Boalneaa CesU, very Sightly dams gad, worth 412 ee lief at XVaMS' oo.hlag ware , 6e and 68 Falun street, at 45. Ladle*, the Spring Time of the Year hma eoaaa; aad If you with to promenade, yom win find at Hller'a, in Otnul street, beautiful gal er aad buttm boots, ?Uppers. French tie* end bneklna, with a tine assortment of beys', muses' and cntldran's boom and rhoe*. food article*, at moderate prices. J. B. MILoEB A 00., 134 Canal street. Lace and Manila Curtain* from A action.? ?pieadxi bargains. A great rush ii being male to Kdi.TY A FkKGt'SOVB No. 291 Broadway, to secure some of the lace and uusrta curtaias they are se Img at leas than rut of tmpor tattoo. Go early. Also, the largest stock ?f window shades in Hew York dty. Dm Malm, Bargains, at the Canal Street wyd nam.?ktch Brussels target, 8a. per yard; good three Sly, m per rard; all wool ingrain, da, Howie the Urns. Call Mem B. A. 'STfeSSOK A CO.. 76 Onnnl street. Carpets, Carpet*, Carpets.?.There In a per Let rush lor carrels, floor oiicietbn. A*., Ac., at Hyatt's carpet waiMSiiwis, M Bowery, opposite KkvlugVui street, tne best andsbeaoest p'nee In taedf. You will nad them the e'egant velvet and tapeatrr, Brussels, three plr supe'Une Ingrain ve nsSsa stair earpem. fleer oilcloth*. China matting, Ac., .to BY ATT, 210 Bowery, opposite JUvingum street. ?tenant Carpeting?Smith & Isoannhary, Is. <54 Broadway, are now prepared to exhibit their new spring (dries of rich reive*-, tapestry, Brussels three-ply and tegraia sarpetirg Among the aator'-mant wll be t'aunda large amsberof new detlgw* and *ty.e* never nefore offered; also, S large slosh of oilcloths et every eldth, and aU other goodscon 1 with the trade. Window Shades, White and Buff Holland, Sibne eoida. tassel*. As., at wbeleaale aad retail by WOO > >OBD A WSMPLR, manufacturer*, 88 Catharine street. If. Y. Oeactry mercbanm supplied at the lowest prices and oa the MM renewable M Mums Salamander Safes?Robert JB VAYHICK is the sole maautactursr hi the Called states of the shave celebrated safes aad patent powder proof defiance took* sad eroes bam Depot No. 1W Pearl street, owe door bale* Door Plates.?A Largs Assortment of Silver alatea, from $2 60 op wards; a visiting card plate and Sfty cards, 41 26; wedding aad business cards, very tew; band anas sign puttee, tor show windows, very cheap, 8. C. CLARK. engraver, &? Broadway. Clark's Spool Cotton? Tfie Genuine Article kmtte msne^of Wit. WBITKWAIGH? on every spool. 37 Batehvlor'e aalr Dye, W igs and Toupees hie superior to all other a Their new lmarorementi secure K*u ^Mnperior nmMMMnmnmBSHm kC com'I'rt to the wearer, nalut al e eganes anil durability. | and enlj hirm'.'Vis hair (lye Is applied In uveha | private rooms at B. TC'IlKLOH'd. 233 Broadway. WUakeis or Heustachea Forced to Grow Sgi week* bv my CBguent, which will not stain or Injure the Dm. ft a bottle; eent to hnr part of tbe country. B. G. ABABA*. 600K Broadway; Zelber. dd Booth Third street. fMalalphia; Briggq 37 dmte street. Albany. fhslon PRphlaa Lotion or Floral Bcaatlflsr Mr been Ifyrig the comp exian and removing Heckles, tan, ?mbsrsi, pimples, spots, borne, scalds, stings, cbapoed ttpe, ha armn and bands. For sale by PHLALOH, and all drug Crtstadoro'a Wigs, Hair Dye and TooptM smite admiration among all connoisseur* in art A salt of Mngaut private apartments for applying his Inimitable dye. At enly reliable article of lae kind extant. Wholesale and ?stall, at GBISTADOBO'S, No. 6 Astor House, dopy tbe ad A Voider, Truly? A gentleman np town. His said, Tried LYON'S powder before getting In bed. "Whet wae the reanlt?" Why next he found A bushei ot roaches on the ground. AB LYON'S medals tell the merit* of bis magnetic powder Mr ktlllrg Infects and hie pills for ram aad mioet Beware of Sbmterfeitera Depot, dM Broadway. Work. Work?Employment to tbe Indua. Mesa?1,000 agent, wanted to aanvaae for subscriber, far tbe new Improved edition of fCnglish ohotograph*. oomlog eat Sally b? John Bull. Fsq , 280 Broadway, for 41 and 92. Holy Yankees seed apply. ?ellowsy's Ointment.?Safety aad Cer talmty,?this putt external remedy doe* not sappresa tnllam nattna, but expel* tbe cause of It by excretion through the pares Bears lis radical euros of salt rheum, erysipelas, ring i aad other eruptive diseases. Dropsies on Cured fcy Brandretb's Dills.? This form ?f dIseaRe I* occasioned by the exhatent arteries tbe owing out a greater quantity ot fluid than the absorbent* take wp, Biaodreth's pills convey, by magic, as It were, an . impelse to tbe remote extremltter, arousing their absorbent* to neoaa, and. ta> ease of ewel tng or watery deposits there, awakening tbe sleeping energies of those vessels, which, like Ml'frrs of putaoi nt work, transmit the morbid fluid to the In Matinee and urinary passage*, effecting a reduction of tbe dropsical limbs, sometimes In a few hours, and thus attending a swiking Illustration at the sympathetic action of Brandreth'* sfila Thus In dropsies of the itoundh, and in all dropsies or assuaged enlargement* ot the Joints or Umts. there Is nothing Is the world to be compared to the eflbct Brandreth'* pills produce. In chronic oases, perseverance, with fall doses la required. 8cme of the best men in the Union ean be referred ?> ? , __ ? ?_ - ,?_cry? A?? 9_ ,j_ ? ?w ?w Ha 175 Fulton street, Brooklyn; b' T. W. Dyott A Son*, Phila delphia; aad by all reepeetable druggiata and medicine ven der* In the Unkm. Married. Ob Monday, April 21, by the Rev. M. Curran, St. An drews ("karch, J amis Bxaven. only son of William Beaven, Bah Wilis, England, to Anna Maria, youDgaat daughter ef the lata Luke Taylor, Esq., Draminldy ottage, Sklbe aaau, County Cork. Ireland. Bath Bristol and Cork papers plaaaa soar. On Wednesday, April 30, by tl.s Rev. Jlenj. L'rana, at tlM residence or the bride. No. 153 Prince street, Mr. John H. Bcsanx to Mlsa Elra S. Proch, both of this On Monday evening. April 27, by the Rev. J. B. Wake My, Mr. Frrd. G. Andhvon to Miss Mary Ann Hodlye, daughter of Andrew J. Nod toe, Esq., all of this city. On Sunday evening, April 27, at the tesidence of tba bride's father, by the Rev. Mr. Woodruff, Mr. Barnard Hickman, of this city, to Mis* Cornelia K. Colors, of Braeklyn. Philadelphia pavers please copy. On Thursday, January 24, by the Rev. R. M. Hatfield, ef the Methodist Epl?oopal Church, Ifr. H. HKtiNBOraau, formerly of Baltimore, lid., to Miss Era.yow H., eldest daughter of John Rodwell, Esq., of Brooklyn, I. I. in Brooklyn, on Wednesday evening, April 30, by the Rev. V. E. Smith, WAtrm S. Mkldkim to Eliza R., daugh ter of the late E. B. Clark, of raterson, N. J. Died. At Jersey City, on Thursday, May 1, after a abort but painful illness, Yaikmini Thomas Maid, aged 18 years and 4 months. The Mends and relatives of the ffawilly are respectfully invited to attend the funarak to-merrow morning, at tan o'clock, iron the residence of Ids lather, No. 28 Gregory street, Jersey City. His re stains will be interred in St. Peter's Cemetery. On Thursday afternoon, of oangestion of the longs, (k;dk\ Boffkan, Esq., In the 63d year of his age. The relatives and friends of the fcmlly are requested to ntted the funeral, without fur that invitation, at the Church of the Annunciation, in Fourteenth street, be tween Sixth and Seventh areeuen, to-morrow afternoon, nt four o'clock. On Tueeday morning, April 29, after a short illness, Mrs. Sarah B. Dipignac. The relatives aad friends of the family are reepeetfnlly Invited to attend her funeral, this morning, at eleven e'eleek, frtm her late residence, No. 115 Last Seven teenth street, without further Invitation. On Wednesday. April 30, of eonramptioa, Mrs. Ann J ami Pauw, in the stttb year of her age. Her funeral will take place this afternoon, at two o'clock, firom the residence of her father, Wllfiau MeCer, Mam street, Astcria. Her Menda and acqi.aiat aacea me respectfully invited to attend. wit' in - farther netire. also the inembers of Astoria No. 417, I. V. of O. }'. Ou r-iUfdUL morning, lday J. of lc.f* *\? brain, Jo? ann*F. TbOacv, ? on of John H. an J ihUarce Margret 2iMch?.j*M X year, 9 months and 1 day. The .-elatJvee f&>i- ol the family a-e reejbeetfeliy icv ted tc *rvaa*ni? funeral, ibis aftcmooo. at *jL-er> o'clock, * on th< rveidenr* ai hj> parents, No. 70 Jiff sweat. Eir remains wi be taken x t-tv; viM j? .-e tor? fcr interment. Ja iht-'sday. itaj 3, Mrs. / ?- wr 14,1-0 (+. yearr. atd v" The nlativei axel Mr ads art re?pertfr l y ierltee to at tend the funeral, fionc the i-eedeai* of Let Km-ln-iaw, fienry t anted. No. IT Catherine slip, on Ecu lay next, at two o'clock P. M. IV remains will ae taken ?o Oyprsi Bills for >r termenl. On Thursday. May 1. Nawct Viarcs, widow of the late Robert \ irtue, in the T8U1 year of her ago. The Meads aad acquaintances, also the fomlMe* of John Virtue and Jane lrvtn, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her son-ln law, Robert Mulligan, No. 56 ?liver street, on Sunday next, at two o'clock. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood for interment. On Wednesday evening, AprtI 30. of consumption, Jaion Bi**H late of Newry, Ireland, agsd . 0 y?r?. The trlendscf the family are re?pectiuily Invited to attend the funeral, from his ate rnsidenee, No. 323 Hud sen street, coiner ei Vanuam, to mavrew afternoon, at 4w? o'clock, precisely. On Thursday morning, May t. Must E. Biai tklt, only daughter, of the Into Tlmothv I.. Blanvelt, aged 13 years, TO months and 18 day*. The Mends and relatives are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this morning, at sight o'clock, rom the residence of her mother, No. .02 71 est Thirtieth street, wtthent ferther aotiee. Her rsnuko- ? ni le? taken to New Roehelle tor tntermsnt. In Brooklyn, en Tuesday, April 29, at No. 10 Xari street, ef pnlmonary tMiuuft-m, ?1 rvzwife of Mlchsel t. Keshan, Keq., of Creeutnao, iviags ountv, Ireland. Deeeaeed was graad-n<ec* to Uight Be?, r*. CSbaufhnsasy, late R. G. Bishop diocese ^ lUalos- niece to Dtnn O'Shaughnesry, P. I'., late of Kants, eeuntv Clare, and tint cousin to Profeseor fm. B. 0 rhaogh netsy M. D., of (lalcntU. Superintendent ot all Irish tele graphs belonging to the bogil?b government. Yew York and Irish papers pie**# copy. Near ttvasaeb, on Satarday, April 2'., Gkjiu s Mmots Wanor, of Bath, I/ong island, in the 01st year of his **lhe Msnds of the family are Invited to attend the fu neral on Burdsy. May 4. at two o'clock, at his late resi denrs Bath L. 1- His remains will be taken U> the Mar V# Cemeii:'?, in 8?"raT New Yt-rk, f>r Inter MmTEHBKTS KEREWEV &TEET DAT. B OXING GLC1YE8, ATTENTION.?BU8INSBS 18BIST. AlJfUtO. INFORMATION WaKTaD BY TWO ?MfBAa, OF Jnme. W Jron, who left, parish of Foge, ttootlntd about the 'ear 1832. and wersed an a earpeater w.lh *i>e Pollock, la .New Vork. aion; ike yaar 1833- Shortly there after be kepi a froeerv near Centre mart at, and wTite his friend, from Orange stiee', New York, about eighteen years a Co. Should ihu cone under hi. own or any other person's ?nOea who cangive any inionnatlnn of him, ther will c >sfer a ^rest ot> tpUon by addressing John Bailey, Troy Iron Works, Ir M*f?, OLOWE8, FORMERLY MBS. WILSON, LaTKLY reridreg at No 19l Prince .treat. In thu citv, will aall uoon bar brother, r*aidisg coruer tweu'.v f urth ? ire it and Third aver tie. the * 11 receive talnabie information re'at've to pro aerty, which ebe would do well to give her immediate atten tion to She will aUo ree her Itule boy. M. Ml A. C.-PLRAFB BIND ADDRESS OF BOTE WISH and ring, aa the bjok la loit. J. C. J. ARINBB WILL PLBA8B WRITB TO HOC8B, AND call on the eighth. TH? LADY WHO LBFT WITH TUN SDBBOR1BBA, ON the 3d ef April, an tilthsi, or any person interested is the seme, Is requested to communicate immediately. GEORGE A .TON, 1'jJ Avenue C. ~ raKLECTOREHEABU.M. LBCTTTBBB on TBlT PROGRRS8 OF? TUB PAPAL Fearer.?At the request ot aa aaaoeiatkre of gentlemen In the neper part of the eity, the Rev. JOHN LORD will de liver a course of Ave lectures on the " Progress of the Papal Power," at the ball of the Nodical College, corner of Twenty, third street aad Fourth avenue. First lectors on Monday even tag Mays, at8P.M. Subsequent lectures oa the following Thursdays and Mondays May 8?b, 12th 16th sod 19th. Tickets Cor the course. 91; single admlcston 80 easts. For talc at the prtaeipel bock ana drug store, in the neighborhood ana at the Hall on the evenings of he lecture. Mrs. m. linfurd, founder of thi christian Home Cor female servants, will deliver a lac ure. in Hooe Chanel, on Friday evening. May 2, subject: " The evils Cowing from the sbuaee of the divine institution of marries; the total ettec's on huabaade aad wives, sons and daughter., Innocent sad unconscious children the church and the world; the mar ried sta e represented as God intended it and -he world re quires It." the objeot and workings of the Christian Home will be explained at the close Doom open at 7 o'clock-, lecture to commence at 8. Tickets 25 cents, for the benefit of the lnstitu tloa, to be had at the door. PHRRNOiDGY AT TER BLETHER BUILDIWG.-PROP. FOWLBB gives a course of fbtir lecture, at the Bleeeker building, corner of Bleeeker and Morton .trees, cnmmenotng Tuesday evening, April 29, and continuing every evening sue! net lively. First lecture tree; subsequent ones 123* casts. Professional examinations daily, at 308 Broadway. U88IA AND CONSTANTINOPLE? CLINTON BULL. Attor p'ace. By request, Mr. WILLIAM G. DIX will lecture at tilinton Ball, as tor place, on Friday evening. Mar 2. upon the present re'atiin of Russia to Constantinople. Tickets twentv-flve centa each. For sale at 'he d?r. Lecture to begin at eight o'clock. iPIRE U half ?FACIAL BUnOBBi Bank of mobil^-gaumon?abstracted from package ihlppel per steamer Crescent Cl'.y to the Bank ft Ml bile at Moole, which steamer was loit off the Bahamas, a lew ausigned impress! ma of too Bank of Mobile notes, of de mon mat'one 920, 980 sud >100. Some three or (bur of these notes, with forged signatures, made their appearance U circulation. Parties are advised to scrutinize carefully the sig ? natures and filling up ot'all nates o.' the above denominations. CTAUTIOM.?OFFIO* OF TROWS CITY DIRECTORY, J compiled by 11 Wl'eon, 379 Broadway, Mav 1, I860.?To gnard against aay imposition which may be attempted on the oublic, the canvassers emoloyed on this directory for the year ending Mav 1, 1386, are furnished with a certificate of autho rity signed by H. WILSON, Gamp Her. OKPARTMENT.-IHE UNDERSIGNED. ON BK half of the hew York Fire Department, return their sin cere thanks to Mr. Wil tam Ntblo, for the free urn of Nlblo's Garden, and to the Ravel Family for thet.- valuable services, given gratuitously, on the occasion of the benefit for the fflliw and Orphan Fund of the Fire Department, on tbe26ihof April, lhe C'.mmittee also express the deep obligation ot the Department to the Ravel Family few the beaut itul tableau got up expresxtv for the oocasion. and free of expense tons, representing the (nidationarddischarge certificate* of the Fire men, and which was re universally admired We also make known our grateiul acknowledgment, to Mr. W. Oorbyn. and to Mr. Wll lain A. Moore, for the courtesy sod kiodnesi shown to us In making and aarrying out the arrangements tor the be netlt. w hioh will nlace a cons derable sum in our treasury. Our thunka are also given to all persona oonoecte 1 with the Garden, for their good will and assistance, and especially to Messrs Wl - hsm Hall and Son who anted us very much. To the newspa pers generally, by whose kind notices, and liberality extended to us by them and by others, we also return our thanks ZDPIIAK MILLS, i Committee ALBERT J DKLATOVB, > of the ADAM P. PRNTZ, ) Trustees. New York, 1st May, 1866. IRE, FIRM, FIRH.? New York, May 1,1856. The Editor of the Herald?Through mistake, the morning pa Sera of the otty have reported ns ae burnt out In lhe fire which its morning consumed a portion of the New Baven and Bar lem Railroad depot We are hapoy to announce to our patrons and ue public at large, that our printing establishment was uninjured by the fire, and that we are prepared to prosecute our business without any lhtei i-uollon whatever. MILLER A HOLM AN, dormer of Centre and White streets. FA J. DUGaN, slate and MBTAL rooters, rm ? moved from Broome street to 742 Mulberry, near Grand. We have a large stock of slates on hand. Builders and other* will find it to their interest to give ns a call. AND AND INDUSTRIAL CONGRESS.?DELEGATES from Pennsylvania, among whom are General J. Sidney Jones and wife, formerly Fannie Lee Townsend, of Mass, will meet their friends this evening, at Stebbins', 28 Oortlandt street, at 73i o'clock. OTICB 18 HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN ELECTION for a president end six directors to manage the business of the Accessory Transit Company tar the ensuing twelve months, will be held from 12 o'oKck noon until 2 o'clock P. M? on Monday, the 5th of May next, at the oBce of the Company, No. 5 Bowling Green. By order. ISAAC 0. LRA, Sec'y. New Tore, April 21. 1886. VTOT1CK.-VINCENT H. FOX, BOLT MANUFACTURER, AN has this day made aa assignment or all his property to the undersigned. All debts must be paid to the undersigned or kis order. JOH i CaMERON, No. 3 Ollfi street. N. T. New York. April 29,1886. Notice.?thr creditors of texas are in iormed that copies of the prospectus for the proposed supplementary settlement of the public debt or Texas, have been transmitted to Messrs. Scion H. Broraer A Co., New York, for distribution among them. The meeting of the eredi ? tors of Texas, at Washington, Is postponed to Monday, the 26th oi May next. J, HAMILTON. Savannah, April 26, 1886. Notice.?all pkrhonb, in this or any other Btate, bavins claim* against tbe subscriber, either by note, open aroonet o* otherwise, are hereby n otitic f to present tbe tew e tor payment without delay; otherwise tbl* notice will be plead In bar of tbelr recovery: and thoee Indebted to the subscriber, by note, openaooonnt or otherwise, are a'so here by requested to come forward and make aettlement without delay, by payment or renewal of notes. nODORS GALLOP. Powitz's Poivt, Corrltuck county, V. 0., Feb. 8, 1886. A1LBOAD MOTICM.-TH* ?OCK HOLD JIB1 OF THS Long Braneb and Sandy Hook Railroad Company, wS meet at tfie hoase of Captain James Oreen,Lone Branch, as Thursday, May 15th, next, at two o'clock. P. M., far the pur pose ofelesttrg seven directors of said company. By ordm of Commissioners. FR1D. H. KBJflfKDY, Ses'y. Bsaxch, April 19.1816. Tribute to thk memory of robirt keclt - At a meet ng ot the Board of Trusteen of the United Sta'es Trust Company, of New York, hold on the 1st day of Msy. 1886. on motion of Edwin D. Morgan. Esq , seconded by John J. Phelps, Esq.. tbe following resolutions were nnsnl mously adopted to wit:? Resolved That this board in the death of tbelr late associate, Robert Kelly rineerely deplores the loss of one of their most efltcient aad valuable members. Ore of the original founders ol this Corpc ration, sod from t's origin s member of the Board of Trustees and ef die K\ecutive committee, hi* mature and comprehensive commercial knowledge, his sound and en ligh'eaed judgment, and lii? steady attention to the business of this board, had won our confidence and regard. In his ofli sial connection eith us. he exhibited thoee attract!re and vain . la personal qualities which have caused regrets so profound at the loss oi one fixed so strongly in private attention and per sonal honor. Reso.ved, That we offer oar deep and sincere sympathy with the bereaved family, whose toes, wld.e we can do tittle to relieve, we tuay lie permitted In unison to deolore. Resolved, 'Ilisi these resolutions, signed by the President and Secretary, be communicated to the tamfly of the deoeasei' and be published in the dally pauerr. JOSKl'R LAURENCE, President. .InHJf A. BMW.UK, Secretary. T"urtlkT6up~every i?ay this week, at cur ? LKN'8, corner ot Broadway and Nlntn sk-eot; also, free lurch every day. The members of the third mechanic*' build tng asd Mutual Loan Astoci oion are requested to at'ead a speoial meetirg of the association, at ICS Bowery, on Tuesday evening, May C, at 8 o'clock P. M. Bv order of J. H. HAYRE. President. John W. Bosrsm-, Secretary pre tern. AKftFTRLD.-THE MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION are berebv notified that the p>iroha>hi>.' trustee will be at 163 Bowery. each Krtdav evening, until tbe 1st of .Tune, ti de liver deeds to scon as are entitled to them. After that date (irt of Jane; tines wftl be en "breed arslr.r these who are not paid i p. C'lP-fRLIURA. 130TZR. Puretaabig Trt.rtw. U A.THMOI W, *MXVKLMY, MO. / ?A.'Jty JhULa DXAMOMM- BtdUAL '* lMn.U t.fV1 V and a -Hawass- u< the-mo? (Hmdsmeur i ;ca. If to t.f; nogs to to t*j- arrvai to a Mr leuiee' ; ba. bb :c $M. t-aua. alas ve bestow, he. mju wbr at* vr tv- ciee ernibj mad it any past td .he . sumd tomes. _. A 1. JAt ant, iii-si iswf.'.ew, st'> 1-n scsn-T i-ascr fuui?r mI'Wpactt'Rbd nr(? cU*Tt?. V Uon sad r -'d Tbsst ilstii an. warranted jo", ia ouys aolor.and will w?a> Xtsu mi silk gjU R*r at* war ranted ss rep risen tea, tm ifc* awt rstioaed 1 -*wr. MM ; to. Msan.-'eiured only tj ?v 1. AJAf 3IIC. aw' v.tosa ".w.'isg.sweJers Ml Ursa-."*it 3BL,: HfTN. A* A IT; LYME WA 11111. Tbe lasgsw ee? wet* rrieenld asaartasml at i Fine sold hsadag lepbteTW Mas jtwaSed fit to HoM baattng case jsaglNh patent levsts fto Of OeM hvsfiat wastoss. wWebruasight dan. .Ml MteflM to JBetd masV wstshss. wbtsb shsngs late Ares HdHTsreai watehea. .. to* Mm MM M ?tor toptaaa. tnr be en ;?w?U?d,.. M. .1. Team*. ? amain. K sad G Reese sr. V r. ? all stoareslabrm'sd makers, far sals rsry Us to X *????? ?. AJ.l KN. ta? server ?f wstshss me 'swstry, wbelasels sad retail. Me. 11 WaS strait, i - CO Ala, Stdnet. rrctou and ltygan oc>a?. minrs. There Is a large stork of trash mined snai at tse seevs named alnss TbslJngan mine baa bssn "yssaad axpresuy for the supply of ooa! ft* gas. li hss ttsea tsstaf bv nava?a| gss sompaulss, and highly approrataf. Penmnt wlshtngw tin port coal nan haws eredlta epsaadWr stoma ? lis aCRR Ma. RowHasflrsea. MINCEliLAKldnii toin' reward.-I/WT. MTRAYMD OR FTOLEN-B* C?1U twren Rrmwlck and Hudsna. In C-nal skes". k brfadle wwnlvr pup, three mnatlM old Win ' tall wltbsu Mle >ly, ???> i? ?i#nda*ewm ? m. .Vv 'j. f/' tard hss, wut resetrs the ab^vareward. 5KW PUBLICATIONS. IN PRESS A DUODECIMO EDITION OF THE COM 1 plete WOU9 or CBAU.ES DICKERS, " BuZ ? No library ean be complete without a let of these work*. PKlaHBoN'B la the only complete end uutforn edition of f'b*riee? Dickens' works publish ad In America; they ere re prilled fiom the origtaal Londoe editions, end ere now the on!) edition publuned la this ooontrr. No library, either publk or private, een be oomolets without beviuK tn It e com plete set of the works ol this the yreatest of all living author?. Every lit mil) shsuld poeeess e set ot one of tse editions. 1 hey ere puulisbed in various styles, at different prices, to es to suit ell teste* end ell pockets. rUIE ILLDSWATEO KDITION IK TWBSTY-rOL'K VOLUMES. This edition will be prin'ed on ver y thick and fine white pe Kr. sod sill be profusely illustrated, with all the original 11 uratkms by Cruiktbenk, Crowquill, Phiz, Ac , from the ori ginal London edition", each work will be contained tn two volumes and may be had la complete sets, beautifully bouod tn e otb, for 924 a set, or any one will be sold separately; prtee lie voum Peterson has already printed, an octavo edition, in a variety of lorms. to salt ike teste of thepnalic; but there bee iou been wanted an edition which ihaireombine the advantage* of porta ble size, readeb.e type, sad uniformity with other standard English authors, and he has no v In vewabeaaUfol 12<no. edition set In sew, large type, leaded, and will make o .* of the most beaut.i'ul rets of w rks ever pnbiHhnd In thiloountry. Sard Opperbe d and Pickwiek Papers will be published la a few days, and the who e of the otfiera will appear In reguiar succession. Bockaeliera will please tend in thalr orders at once, address ed to the Publisher. T. B. PtcriCUSON. 102 eheatnnt street, Philadelphia. OHM BROUQHAH'B NEW BOOK, NOW READY. THE BUN8BY PAPERS; or miSB schoes. Br Joh* Brougham, Anibor of "A Basket ot Chips," with deeigna by McLenan. Oae neat 12mo. Price 91. roKTCNM. Dan DuiTa Wish and what The Earning Dream. ertae ot it. The Fortune rellcr. The Blarney Stone. The Fairs Circle. The Go pal Charm. O'Brien's Luck. 1 he Test of Blood. The Tlpperary Venus. DERBY A J ACKBuN, publishers, New York. Alee far tale by bookseller* everywhere. J~~ US* PUHLI8HED-A REM ARK ABLE BOOK: "FACTS FOB THE FEEBLE." or Prolemtonkl Notes ofthemist curious medical cor sulfations, relating to peculiar derange menta of the nervous and parental systems, such as are not seen la ordinary practice, being the result of many years' spe cial attention to such difficulties. By Dr.| F. Hollies, the well known author end lecturer. With platan showing the mlcro seoolcal examination of the vital principle in a csae of debility, and the polarity of the nervous and parental centres. Price n cmta. Sent by mail, post paid, en receipt of the price, by T. W. STRONG, publisher, 98 Nassau street. New York. LD VI KG I MA.? Ihe elegantly written historical romance, entitled THEYOUTB OF THE OLD DOMINIUM, Is now completed end ready tor sale. Mo one can read this most grapblo picture or the early days of Virginia, without feel lng that Capt. John Bmlib, and nit party, were made of stern t'ufl ; end else that the son* and daughters of the forest with whom they came in contact among whom were Powhtttan, Pocahantv, Optchascaooigh. and many others of great cele brity, were no mean repreoentaifoiia of the red men. To the student ot history the early days of the infant republic wl 1 ever be day* of marked Interest; and when ti the staple de tails of historical facts are added the flowing drapery with whisk the elegant and clasrlc dlotim of Mr. Hopkins na* in vested them, history become* as fosdnatlng ae the moot bril liant romance. Published in one elegant 12mo. volume, price SI. br JOHN P. JmWEcT k OO., 117 Washington street, Boston. For sale by ell bookae'lera. kfick^of iRow'iTcrnr directory, h. wilson, oomrliar, 379 Broadway.?Notice.?The public are res pectful y 'ntarmed that the canvass for this work will be cam menoed on the 2d of May. Persons doing business do <vn town and residing la the upper part ot the city, are eolicitad to leave fuU Information reload ing their bmlness. and placet of busluest. the street aad num ber ftf residents of this city, Brooklyn, Wtlliamsborg, or Jereev City) of their residence. where several lncinrfnal* occupy one office, a list should be made out with tull particulars as above, aad left for the can vasser. By these means the annoyance of repeated coll* far informa tion, and the greater one, arising both to the compiler and the public, from error* and omissions, may be in a great msasurs avoided. Ihe oanvasrers employed on this work are famished with written authority. They are authorized to receive money for the insertion of names in capital letters, and for extra tinea to be Inserted In connection with ihe name, bat for no otnmr pur pose whatever. Tbev are instructed to leave receipts, with which they are furnished, for ail amounts, however small, re eelved by them. Payment for the book to be made on Us delivery; for adver tlaemcnts tn tront or back, or colored leaves, after publicst'tm, aad on presentation of the agreement signed by the advertiser. JOHN F. TROW, publisher. ^^^H?UW8PAPRH8.^^^H A^HNGLO SAXON?PUBLISHED IN BOSTON IN TIKR to arrive m New York on Saturday morning. Bnbecrip tlon, 92 per annnm. received by the agenta, Wtlimer A Rogers, 12 Nassau street. Agen: for Brooklyn, T. Richardson, is High street, near Fulton, who will also receive advertisements. Wholesale agents, DEXTER BROTHERS, Ana street. THHB~PABmTCHRONICLE.?ON * THE 1ST OF MAT next will be published a new semi-monthly journal, In the English language, of fashion, literature, the fine arts, Indus try and commerce. Bach number will be embellished by a beautiful colored engraving of the AuWoma. The journal will oontaln a complete aoooui. t sf every new Invention, whether lu art, science or foahton, be tides the varied news and goestp of the capital ot ihe civilized world Published by Cnarles HartwtcA, 18 Roe Vlvtecne. Parts. TEnna of subscription : 0 months, 91; 12 months, 98. Subscriptions u> be received for the United Htateeby Messrs. B. WE8TERMAEM A OO., No. 290 Broadway, New York. THHE FIRST NUMBER OF THE LETTER BURET PRICE ? CURRENT, in Spanish, will be published on Ihnrvdsy, the 1st of May next, at 9 o'clock A. M? and will continue to be regularly Issued henceforth every Thursday, at the same hour. Office No. 146 Pearl street. N^HKWSPAPKR FOR BALE-IN AN ADJOINING CITY. ? Said paper It in a flourishing condition, and pos:os*es au extensive advertising patronage. For particulars address C, T. H? Herald office. POLUnCAL. 18' >TH WARD.?AT A MEETING OF THE DRMOCRATIO > Republican Com ml-lee of the Righteenth ward, held for the purpote of expressing tbe eeectmem* ot ibe member* In rela'.ioo to tbe death of their mill loved assort,de, ibe Bon. Robert Kelly, tbe following testimonial of regret wet Inscribed on the mtnues: ? 1 be democracy of tbe Eighteenth ward bare beard with pe culiarly paintol emotion* the and intelligence that Robert Kel ly in no more. W hi let they oondo e with their democratie brethren tbronghout the city on the Irreparable lots all have iiuitatned, they cherish, with an unlading ner-ow tbe memory ol their co laborer in tbe democratic oauee, whom wine coun aele had alwaja been their safeguard, whose animating hope iolnets bad often cheered their detpondent momenta, and whcae bright example bad been a beacon light to guide them saiel* through tbe troubled (tor-ma of political warfare. Tber feel deeply that wbi e the friends of education, the edvoeetea ef democratic principle* and tbe admirer* of virtue, probity aid maaiv excellence, have each and alt c&ute to lament bis untimely demlw. tbe democracy or the Eighteenth ward bare an especial reason for mourning over this unlocked tor de privation. They cannot but realize tha\ w the death of Ro bert Kell v. tbey have revered the dee that pound them to one who, by bis unstained character, hie parity ot life, bis exalted patriotism, end his distinguished abilities bad been alike the pr ide ot his associates and an honor to his party. In token, therefore, of ihetr respect tor the memory of tlmir lamented friend and brother, be it Resolved. That the members of this Committee wear the usual hedge of mourning fer thirty days, end ihat their com mlttee room be clothed tn mourning. Resolved, That a eopv of these resolution*, duly attested bv the officers of the committee, be uaosmit'en to the family of the deceased. JAMES COOPRB, Chairman. AsdrewJ Matthews.)... . Deiderk-ii Ki.eik, ) "?catenee. TUB TUHF. VTEW YORK RACES-8PR1NG MRETI1SG JTHIRD Win av to Jane, 1866, ever tbe Faahlon (formerly National) Race Course, Newtown L. I. For Jockey Club purses and etaka* m bpirltot the Timet. D1 WITT 0. GRINNNLL. Trees'r Feshltm Am'am. T'NION COIRRB, L. I.?TROTTING.?TUESDAIf, MAY L t. et S P. M., the greet trottog match, for *10,000. mile heats, best three In live, to harness. Mr. VVoodrutt names b. >. Ruiz; Mr. Geo. Splcer n..mez b. g. Lantern. The above raee has created more exstiement than any ever nude to the cttv of New York. Both horses are to exrnilent condi tion. end are to be handled by two of tbe best driver* to the world. Tbe public can rest assured of witnessing one of the linest trots that ever toek place. The course Is In excelleut condition, and tbe stands have undergone a thorough Improve ment. There will be no season ticke* lssue-l this year, to eonsequcnoe of the dissatisfaction It rives to match makers tbe ears will leave South ferry, Brooklyn, tor tie cotrse at 1 o'clock precisely, and return as soon as the sport Is over. Fare, going and returning, flftv cents. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COURiK. L I.?TROTTING. -ON TUESDAY, May 6, at 2 o'clock, P. M.. e match tor $10 000. MUe beat-, beet 3 In 8, to harness ft. Woodruff eemes b. g. Buzz; Geo. Splcer names h. g. Lantern. Cars will leave the Booth ferry. Brooklyn, tor tbe Course, at I o'sloek, and return as soon as tbe apart Is ever. Fere to go end return 50 oents. PBAW , A WHITE, Proprietors. FREKCH AOYERTUKIUHTf. (y W Tt?A*AND?-CMK NOtTRRICB FHANCAliB. DANE 1 meMMaepartlouIl^rek FsdsMHtr tc lb. 1M WMts w.. Bv?ok)jx, 1VFIILI?IA(I UKTHBR German, s mi a.? :r?h ece ante nat oerbtalned at t JRR1B OOHNZET A JO s. Jf7 Broadway, vrssro Rttdc efree ; a'sj farmers, laborer* A-.,at csr sr He new oJUne, )S6 R"Wv.iwiji s.-sc. gear Ceiar. A Frrneb t^S'titu ae? a F rant' ?* t a-e net ? walun g :c.? rt tutuer*. OTA:.*TC:a-AT NO. C^AIT RAOaD WAY, PlfaTTI '? core re fer isidy work, one boy to lew tse <*?>?*>.-'* ut ' ,*adr, two pt.'S* for stems, mru f.v g.-oaery and dry go?)f norea. mas. far steamers ami railroads, barkers* re, Ac.; t-Jrjr keeper* tad ehamhermsJde Cr? rgc* modem A Gil. LBN A 00., ? WANTED-IMMEDIATELY, AT 7t*> BROADWAY. bl* waiters, two barkeepers, three ctwks, are chamber tneida, four colored watte* s and four nnlornd gtrls. Hi nations are precurea for m'semen, eterfcs, porters, roecfamen bo?s for trades aad stores, housekeepers, Ae. uOCtS KAUFMAN, A gene A SITUATIONS WAITED. OKNTkRl, VOCHO FERhON. Of GOOD Al>DREaK srtsbeeeaiiuatlen as lady 's maid: sli? understands heir diemiug. dressmaking aad dotag tip muslta. see-ks English at,d German: wou^ prefer a tonal1 v going to Wr.rops. High testtmonlnla ftem her last esap'. iyer. AdsoMS H. Hsra d ofoce. A SITUATION WANTED?IN ~~K PRIVATE FAMILY by a respectable gtr', as conk: would be willing to ends IE the warding, or would do rhamberwarfc; would goasbor distance in -he man ry: be* 'Ived 'our year* in iter Inst piece Ilrat s ca.l :or 'wo day* nt M vmtty tn.. South Rrook-yn. A LADY ifi DRFIROt 8 OF FORMING AN ENGAGE meat s? geamueas In e private ntiady. The* would uot ob.set wco hoi. h. Vor partlgitiar- address K. B., Herald effiee. n RITt'ATIO.V WANTED-BV A REAPROTABLE Oth J , Ol to docbamberwork or watting, or tine waahfng end iron lee; hnn Ave yeari1 (dt.r refereaoe 4 s.T ?* Better*.. seoed brick house from Bond si, south side. Brook y*. for two day*. Al! W1 * T A RLE ? HEALTHY MARRIED WOMAN, wishes to jret a altuettoa ts ?et aura* tn a reepartaM* pr, v*'#tsmily. 1 he best ct refoja-oe cert be glvea. Pleeseoa:! 'it 4f> 3d avenue, between Itnh and 11'h sm. S YOUNG WOMAN WANT* A BITUATION AS OOilK. ?L laundress ane eteellent t.?ker;oan produae the best rlty reference. Pleaee can at No. *> Renwick st.. hrst tloor. ARIEPEcTablr married to'MiN wt"nn a fdtuaUeo, to go nut aswei nurse; she has lately lost her baby; good city retereneegiven. C*i", e' No 364 ;th a.enue, near B2d at. A RERPECTaBI.F. YOUNG WOMAN WHHf TO meet with a lady going U Europe; would ?o as nems; Is k good plain sewer; ts wti inr tn gn without *vm t)>? ?n* V*i b*?r< * wtti J. i'.chstr - d tj *, % . oi, lei, gh.tor ihreefeja WTPAIWW WAWM. AW ?MOIJlJHL4DT-VnT5 RRFBRXNCK8 TH ? MOW satisfactory from the Dob titty, wishes to Met with to ??

gagemen to go Mo the oouetry for the summer Mocha Her plea oi tent' notion hae been highly approved of. Adcress A. it., box 3.334 Poet ofllce. RB8PECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WAHT8 A 8ITC A tkm ee cook, washer tai lroner. Refers to her present eropisyer, 198 West Met st. ABhfaPKCTABLE YOt'NG WOMAN WISHES A SITU alion. te e private family, ae seamatrew; a?der*.ands dreswakiof. The beat of city reference. Oan ee seen for tare day a at 687 Greenwich H. ARK8P EOTABLE YOUNgTWOM AW WIS H B8 A XI TO tfoo, to do lioo wMhuuf and viliini, or eham*30rwork and waiting. In a private family; eaa give taree yeara and six month*' reference. Caa he teen tor two days at 308 Mow n., aear Bleecker, second floor, front room. AW KXCILLBMT PLAIN^BkWSB, WHO WILL ASSIST la abamberwort or tine washing, and haa goad city refer eoce, is dealt ona of a situation. Caa be aeen tor two day a at 246 Bleeekcr at., west of Carmine. ARASPKCTABL3C~GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS seamstress and chambermaid, in a private family", under ?tands all ktada of family aawlng and the caro of iMIaran. Has the beet of dtp re srenee. Pleeea call at 3d 13th it., between 6th and 6th avenues. SITUATION WANTBD?BY A BtfriSofABLB jifb widow woman, as bonoekoeper, or i f ml# oi a family of children. Reference tram the first families hT Um city. Call at 70 Union place, on Wednaedayr and Thursday. ARhSPEOTABi-E WOMAN WANT8 A BITUATIOV ?? rook, and to take charge of housekeeping. Bhe uo derstacda French, Germat. ana KngUsh oookin* perfectly. Beet references. App y at 228 Mercer at. AVODIO WOMAN WIBHE8 A SITUATION, aB cook; understands baking In all ite branches, frosting tee cream; la a good waaher and lroner. Four yearn reference from her last place. Oan be seen at IT7 21 h at., between la at d Id avenues, up stairs, third floor, front room. lai twenty-fiveyear a of age; goad reference. Call at 175 Kavt 16'b at., first fllor. AVHBTMAKBB WISHES TO RNOAOK WITH 80WA one who has a machine to work, by the week; can make all kinds of vesta. Call at 161 Hudson street, for two day s. LADY BREARING CP EtOCHEKKkPINO AND leaving town, desires to ootaln a situation for her seams tress, who is Intelligent, akilfnl and willing to make hereon gen erally aaetul. apply at 53 9th st., tor two days* MtDDLBAG KDWOM AN WANTS A SITUATION, AS chambermaid. Use washer and lroner; is a good sewer, neat and capable; can read and write; no objeetlon to the country; hns good re'erence. Can be seen at No. 61 Wed 18th at., between 6U>snd 6th avee,, rear house, for two days. COMPETENT Y 'UNO WOMAN WISdKd A Hll'UA don, as waiter: the boat of city reference caa be given. Please cadi at Mo. 98 12th st., near 3d avenue, front ou?e ment. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION, IN A FIRST class laoe and embroider* or thccy store; the thorough!' understands the basinets, and ean speak the Spanish tan guege; has ouezoeotlonable city references. Inquire at J Mam-field's, No. 166 Broadway, between the hours of 1 and t P.M. BBSPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AH chambermaid and waiter; Is a neat sewer. Can give good city reference trom her last place. Apply for two dni? at 128 Atlantic St., corner of Henry. Brooklyn, room No. U, up stair*. FBENCJ PROTECTANT INSTR1JOTUB89 WIBdlts to find a p'aoe In a private family. For fur her inform", ti n apply at Mr. L. J. Deeoombe's pianoforte wmrerooms, 76't Broadway. A COMPETENT PASTRY COUK WI8HCS A SITUi - xx tion in a private family or a reaper ab.e bearding hous> good reterenoe oan be given. Can be seen tor three days, if not engaged, at 366 Bowery, bookstore. S COOK?A MIDDLE AGED, RESPECTABLE W< - man. Of sober and steady hnoiis, wishes a situation, cook, in a highly respectable family; she understands her bu?i ?ess thorough'y in all its branches. No common boa-dim; house keepers need apply. The beat or city reference can bo given as to sobriety and capability- Call any day tor a week, at 134 8th st, near 6th avenne, in the cocajt store. a RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION Ch. to cook, wash and iron for a small private family; no ol> jection to go in the country; a recommendation for three ye*r?' service in last pi ace Can be seen lor two days at 470 6th av., between 28th and 29th sta. PROTESTANT GIRLWISHEB TO ENGAGE WITH a lady or lamlly going to Caiiiornia; can answer as an-* or waiter; is a good plain sewer; is willing to pay a part ot her pass ass. Good reference. Can be seen until engaged, at is) JMig St., two doors out of Hudson A R8SPKCTABLS MARRIED WOMAN WIBUR8 A BIT a uatloe as wet nurse; lately lost her baby. Good city re ferenee can be given. No objection to travel, or go in the oountrv. call at 86 22d st, East, fourth iicor. front room. ARE8P1CTABLE MARRIED WOMAN. WHO HAS la'ely lost her babv. wishes to take a baby to wet nurse At her own residence, 224 East i4tb st. Apply for two days. top, front room. A WAITER'S SITUATION WANTED -BY A SMART active Protestant man, who Is fully capable of his business and has no objection to town or oountrv. Has both city are counts y references. Would prefer solng to Newport. Oan be seen or beard or by addressing M. C. W.., 40 Canal it, near , Broadway, lor two day a ' CHEMIST, OF PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE IW THH manutscure ot soda, saltpetre, tin, zinc preparation chloride of lime, caustic alcalies, Ac., and in every kind n' analytical iuvesrgatleiM i* desirous of obtaining a situation Please address v. B., 20Howard st. (3 ALITOR HI A.?A PROTESTANT WOMAW 18 DK J alroua of golrg with a gentleman's family to OaUforru. either as ekambemsld. eook or a lady's comoaaton; will aw with the family while there. Plaase call at 223 Sullivan it t'ALlFOBWIA.?A YOU NO MAN, AGED 22, IS DB9IR > oux of engaging with a family going to California, as wa't er; understands his business perfectly, and is now steward ? a fount town hotel. Advertiser wou'd be glad to make a pre vioui permanent engagement Can give references as t? char aster and competency lor the last three years. A llns ad dressed to Charles Spurting, East Pearl street House, wli. meet with Immediate attention, tor one week. HOUSBKRKPBR'S SITUATION WANtBD-BY A NRV? Iceland lady. The superintendence of a widower1! or bachelor's establishment preferred, u she I* I'ully oompeten and withes lo here the entire toe Urol of her department. Ad dress Housekeeper. Msdisoa sqnai e Post office. SKAB8TRE86' SITUATION WAKTKD-BY A 8TK4D1 women; cen out end fit Indies' dresses, end do e'l kinds o fiuiillv sewing; no objection to fo In the ountrr Good eit' reierenees. Apply et 76 Spring st.. neer Bioedwey, In the leocr store. SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN AMeRlOAfToIRb, Aw led; 's metd end seamstress; best ot reference a given O* be seeo et her present employers, 128Congress st , Brooklyn SITUATION WASTED?BY A8TR4DY R~"8PE<TA8L' women, es cook: onderstends her business perfectly 1 ell i's bran- he-: would teke the cherge of e house during the absex ce of the thmily for the summer months, lies the best ot reference from e iedy with whom she hav lived In .hst ca?edi> for three years. Cen be seen et *9 West 11th at. QITUATIONB WASTED-BY TWO NKK OIRIA; ONs O es competent crok. under vends tttn ell lie branches; lb* other es chambermaid ece welter, or nuree end ses-nsi re?*. both wopidbe found willing en1 oillglrg, end comDetejt t tnlfil their strnettens. Bevs the be?t oitv reference where tliev here lived t-gather; no objection to the oo mt'y f?r Hie summer. If both tn one notise. Ceo be seen et 194 Rest 17th st. tip floor, beck ream, until suited. SITUATION W ANTED.?A TOlTNO MsN, A NA?IY. of Sweden who uodersteads the grocery and flour bos: rees, and speaks el' the Northern languages of Vnrope, It eluding German, Is deelrons of procuring a situation where his peculiar capacities would be appreciated fits servtow would be useful in tranaaeiing business or dealing with for eigners end omlcraaw. The advertiser ran be seen or ad dressed et Mrs. Johnson's boarding house. No. 8 Carlisle st., between Washington and Greenwich, up stairs. mo HOTKL KRKPKB8.?A Bit AD WAITER W ANTS ? X attention in el'y #r country; Is a good carver, and his the best of testimonials from bis former emnlover*. liners ad dressed I. B. If., No. US Sullivan st,, wilt meet prompt etten tlon. TO PtUMBBRS AND OTHERS.?A TOUNO VAN wishes a situation, at soma mechanical business; has * genera] knowledge of thi plumbing builuen. no obio.-fiou t ? so to an* pert of the couuirv. goodrelermu-e given, a line ad dressed to G 11. D., box 109 Serald office, for three dais wilt be attended to. XnTRD?WY A YuVNG Glut,. A SITUsTtuN, A chambermaid and waitress, or has no injection to flar washirg and trontng; can give the beet refrrenoe from her lent place. Can be seen lor two days at No. 3 White's place. West 18th at. AlfTED^A ~8lfU AT I ON. BY A RHBPB0T4.BL.K young woman as a goad cook; is an exoellent waabe and Irorer at d good baker; ts wiring and obliging; has the be* el y reference. Can be seen for two days atJBo. 46 Hnm-mltv su, tn the resr. WANTRD-A SITUATION, AS COOK, BY A RESPRCT able Protest it t woman, who understands cooking in a" Its branches; has lived tor several years with corns sf the moil respectable families In the cltv; can produce the beat of re ference. Please call at No. 143 Prions si. room No. 11. WANTED-A NUTATION BY A RMPBCrABUB "f Protostau* girl, to do general bweewurk la a s(nail private tami'y. Please cali nr. No. 289 West 17th st. In the rear w ?VANTrTD-A SITUATION. BY A RE*.PKCr A TUU ?" lontf wemat, as ihaa-VnEvId it waiter, or as -ant be-muuAno lauhress. A v-lllr a -t ob'lting and node ?uade to* . usfsesA. Br? -.:y re:S: p ewe osli fo- two lata at tpj Nest Nltl'. !*? 5rje:ctw .o i" ' IIWoMfhjVtti ratnae-. ?a; a??>- a fiimr-.rrow,' ri * rr;p-. tart r vf Pra?er4?t?T , n a rma - p-ts?e 'amiiv ? dr. .h* |saera. bontwif, Apply a: lie ;r. t-v.. .'.-cm 10 4. V. to ? vv TJtf ANTBic?BY ?. RRf.rt Jta M-K Pit,71!'TAB* WO TT ma, as- ua?-r, as look, easbr- vtd '*< as: do ob ec'jcr. tc gu :c Jtr*. Bi.trw ?? gees -epjcwit fanoesssa or twu d.yn at JOG Mjust, bctwear Ev.aaw.c Bleeeker,; ?cg reou. frs- firrs-, a akxed-bt a bests irabh w ;* a *. a a rr a vt inmas a Jie: s varab e of taku., o^rea.' a la; j t u. birth; eas dr p'a n sewjig ,-w assjt In cr-.o.-ers* wk. i nr gh* the best of c ty refierr ice f ail a;U.7 tdavett.e. ANTBD-A SlTfiTiCN. BY A BKI'ETTABl.T woman, as snse; >s a- sab'e of r?k ng charge sf sa ir fant. acd wouldassts tn cham'je.-work; has no oijectsn to (} a rhor' distance in ibc rounds The beet ot ei<y rsferac-w. ran be seen for two days a. hT 39th ?i? be.weon Broad way and .lit arrsuc. i/ ANT*I>?A MTVAnO* TIT A miYAf* 1f/MObf > hv a respectable girl, as ohambermakl and * ai-e- or to take rare of '-hUdrsa: Is wll fn* to make bersolf yencra'lr use tul; so objection to go ; short distance lk the ooustry. Please ca I at 39 Amity itrcct, South Brooklyn, for two days. IVANTND-A SITUATION. AS SRAMSTRKBP, IN A *? Nmllv; Is iwpab'.eof cntilng jed lining ladles'and ehll ?bet's dreises; ns oh.iec Ion to the country. Call at 68 Great Jones street. Can be seeu for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY ? RMPEOTABLI young woman, as cook, washer and traner, ur la do rhumberwoik and su 1st In wavhlns and Ironing. Maybe seen .'or two day*, at 7113th St.. near Wh avenue. \jFTNT*D-A WtrUATION. BY A RKBI'Rtrr ABLR " ytting woman as laundrou: tan give the beet or reds rmcr. < tan be seen for two lays, at 99 Taw st, bet stem ikh ?cd Tift avenues. WANTED?A ilTUATION. BY A RtSPSGTARf.R voting girl, as ehambcrmald and waiter. Ne ni,?>i)nn 'otbeeorttrv or travelling. Call at Tier ,ire?eut employer's, ??) West lWhsi. WANTED?A SIT I ATI ON. AS COOK. WABTIRB AND ?" Ironer. hv s re pnetah e sumao lo aprivate fhtnll*; mi oh et tion tn Ihe eount-y; ^ refernnoe I mm her set place. App y at IS Rose St., front room 1st tloor. u7 / NTin-dtY a Hinnu* agio wow*n.a situ a * chaiuoerniald and aurse. In a private fsmllv. ortn fn i'hambcrwOf% Ins private boardtrg houna she can privii ce mo?t uu<|ue*ikiiiat..c cltv re'ere-ca Call it SO War r?n *1.. or a rote addrened J. H. H , Herald office, will be pioo ptly attended to. WANT KB-A StTUATION, HYA YOUNG vTlMa N. sH ehambeneaM ?ml to assist in the w. am s.?t *? ? ,in . .? pssws ?-?? -f?--c? , ? ,v.., -t eBlAi court, between Utn and lAa ste. HTOAIWHI WAIfTBfl. ^miam a respmutable middle-aged ? ? Wit, ft sltuaiou m housekeeper in ft widower's fr"{ly. or where Ui? teds is an invftiid; the is particu arlj toad af children; would iakft charge al an infant; ska in el?ft and ardnriy hi ht/ habits sad person ; sn ftxosilent cook, sad wry ?est plain ?war; no objection to tra al with s family return Jigtolfifind; lam* AiDjrct to keniticlotai; or would taka Charge ot a gentiemai.'s -luring Ms shac nop Unexcep tionable relet ence* ?* to character ami ability. Addrow, for ?e week, Route, net aiu (Mime. WANTRD-BY1UO OHRVAN GIRLH. SITUATION6, with a fanny going to t AlSorstft: 'he\ are w ding to pay parte' their passage Please address a sole fi Art. Smith, at the Post office corner of Amoa and Hudson streets. WAhTBD BY A BEhP*UT?BLM XIUNG WOMlN, A situation ? chambermaid and se*mstree? in a private family; iflhlervtands all kinds of fstallv seslug and walling. Wad the heat ot city reference baa to objection to a shot diKiakae ffaihWcountry. apply at 175 W. 29tk ?u. between "th ? nlortr Onn be seen for two days, if no' engaged. I AinKi^-A*BITl-AT10ir~ BY ~AT~BKSPBCTABLil tan as eook; is a lirst rate pie btfter, bread Bo obiecton to a boarding bouse or hotel, fads?. Bu no osjftction to aaafai in the washing f m-Wfcrlvate family. Oau give the be> t city reier SwBmd St., two noe~ doors worn ooruer of Amos at. 117 AKlP.Q-i SITUATION, by a respectiblh M y( urg-woumn, as fire washer sad Ironer and laundress, oris tfaanibennaia. Apply at her present place of employ wet U 122 Madison avenue, where she will be well roc am mended. WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAIf, A situation as a ilrat rate p aink*x k.ond is wi ling id awls In ?'arh-ng at d ironic*, if required; has good city ana seuatry reference, having lived liar three sears sod eight months in her last place. Gall for two oaj a at No !if! West 13lhst, 2d floor. XVJ AMRD?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A 8ITUATION AS Tr chambermaid or waitress, or to take care ot children, er to dp plain sewing, Piease call at ISO 1st avenue. Id floor. TV'AMED-A SITUATION, AS LADY'S MAID. BY A *' young Preach woman; aha understands dross making and hair dressing well and getting up One linen; U good teon pared and olUging; she reiars to her present employ*-. Ap ply st 23 fith avenue. WANTBD--A BI1UATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid, and to doplainsewing. Apply attheeor net- ot 43d st. and 11th aveuue, first floor, up stairs, front rcom. t an be seen tor three days. WAhTED -BY A GERMAN LADY, PRIVATE IN struetloes in It palish, tor a couple ol hours every even Ing. In the vicinity of Grand at. and Broadway. Address M. 0., Broadway Poet office. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIBL. A atloalkra, as chambermaid, in a respectable family. Can be reen two days at 63 West 20th st. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as oook; is willing to aubi in the waahing ami 'rotting: good reference. A pply at SO?, King st. bet sreea Hud son and Vartek sis. (T/aDTED A 611U AT ION. BY A REhPKCTABLK. Vy woman, as first rate cook: underst-inds bar business thoroughly; has lived eight years in one pla.-e; good reterener. jtppU st 369 4tb st, oomer of Grease, can be seea for two days. Can assist in the washing. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, Af! waiter, in a respectable family; has lived In the above ca pacity; Is obliging and willing to make herself useful Beet city reTeieree. apply at 147 Wert 22d st, between7th and 3th avenues, seeond floor, front mam. WANTBD-A SITUATION, AS SEAMSTRESS, AND would assist with children, by a respectable Protestant young woman. Can out and make children's clothes, or wouht do light chamberwork. Good city reference apply at 17'J ssth avenus, between l'.ith and 20th ate, for ;w.? days. WANTED-BY A PROFESSED OOOK, A SITUATION In a respectable family. No onjectnm to the country. Apply at 66 4tn avence, between 9 b and 1OU1 sts. WANTED-BY A BESPHOTABL1 YOUNG WOMA If. A situation as chambermaid aud waiter, or to assist with the wasting. Good citv reierenoe. a so, a rutmg gtrl wishes a situation to assist with children, and to do light chamoer werk or waiting. Good reierenoe. Both can be seen for two days, by calling at 162 Wesi 23th st. WANTED-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. AN KXPBRI eueed Protestant woman, as child's nurse. One who t? willing to go South and can produce good ci'y reference, mav apply at 33 East 16th street, this day, oetweeathe hours of 11 and 3 o'clock. Wanted?a situation, pt a respectable young woman, as chambermaid: would assist in waiting ou table; best city reference from her las; placs. Cau bo seen for two days at 70 North Mr ore st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AG EG WO* suae, a widow, a situation, as child uur.e and seamstress; is fuBy competent to take charge ot an iaiaat from its birth; n<> objeotion to the country for the summer. Best of city refer ence. Call at 46 3d avenue, between 19th and Iltb ate. WAN TED?A SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID. BY a respectable young 8?rt/-h girl, recently arrived; would assist in washing atd lronu g if tequlred. L'sn be seeu, until engsged, st 419 6tb avenue, near 26th si., fourth floor, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation, as rbsmbermatd and to assist in lite warhintr atd iror n*. or as plain seams: ess. Beit of cty reference from her fast place, where the lived four years. Call at 191 Fast 14th St.. lor two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE married woman as wet nurse, with s fresh breast of ani'k Please call st 294 Columbia st., South Brooklyn, for three days. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMA?, ss chambermaid, er as chambermaid and t-> do nslnt, good city reference given. Apply at No 6 West Illh at., for two days. WANTFD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN.TO do the or ok ins. wuihlng and ironing of a private faratW; would in housewoi a tor a small family The beat of city re commendation* can he riven. Can be seen for two day* at 221 West 10th at., between 8tti and 9th avenues. antT:d-a situation, by a rispectablk wo man. a* wet wine. Good recommendations given. Ap ply at TlTWashlnyUin ?t,, la the rear, for two dry s. U young woman, as good oook, and to assist in washtn: and Ironing; 1* capable of takings laundtww' p'ace- nool, jrctlon to Tlva In New York, has good retereni c from he' last place. Pleaae call for three daye. at No. 137 nmlth el South Brooklyn. ANTttD-A SITUATION, BY A~YOUNG GLRU OF steady habits to do chambervrork and sewing. or ohsrn benrork and waiting, iteat city reterenoe *rom her last place. Please call at 3tl west Mih st.. tcr two days. ANTKD-A PROTUtJIANT 01111.7*8 CHAMBER maid and nursa. who ta also a rood seamstress In s email family with one child Apply between tht hours o('3 and 7 at 127 Columbia ?t , Hrnok.yD.oa he Height*. WANTBD?BY A BKSPKCtXbiIk YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as good coos- would assist 'vitii the washing srd ironing atsmall respectable taml'J. No oti tctlon to go a short distance In the oouulrv Be?t of cl.y reference can i>e gives. Please call for two daya at 896 6th .,ve., be'.w een 24th and us. A5TED-BY A BMIPKtTABUE YOUNG GIRD, A situation to take car* o: thibren; would make hersaii geseralM u>?ful. No objection logj in he rot miry. Piea-e call at 168 1st ave., tor two <lays. 11/ANTED-B* A ilKrPKUTAFLE MARRIED YOUNG Tv wr.mnn, with afre?b. fall breast ci nillk, a situation at wat uursa. Host city reference given P'anse call at 41 Frank fort St. TV ANTED?HY A RMPKfT ABLE T. "NO WOMAN. A TT situation a* seanrs'tess is a oiirate :amily, and wcnld have no objection u> take eate ol children. Can be seen lor three days at 136 12th si. between 1* avl 2d are , rnird door, frost room. ANTED?A bltUAYIONT'BY" A BEKl'llffAHUM vouog woman, a* ours* acd ?toAtnatrets; she under stands her business perfectly well, sod ice iie hem oi' refer ence from her last p soe. Please tatl ai hit) Hast ijih st, be tween Broadws v and 4lb ?v ANTBD-8IH AT1DN6, BT TWO'E'.,rABI.K young women, not as chambermaid and waiter; tie other as plain cook; ts an esnellent washer and Irooer. Both will make themselves genera 11 ?? itee'u'. llest ofei y reference ran be ;.lven from their last plana Can be seen for two days at22U23d si, third tloor, bark room. W_ ANTED?BV Ark A rT TIDY YOU KG WOMaN~A riluatlen as oh?m> ere aid and waiter or to sadsi n waaMng and 1 roc tog; wil nek" aertei generally useful. Can be eaen tor two <la> s ai 22D Hod si . third 'loor. back mom. WAN1BD-RY A ?REFPBCtARLI YtiYNO~GIBL, A situation to at'end a bakery or sscy etorc. Can be seen for two oaysat 147 M av.. corner of 21 st st. 'AHTED-Ta SITUATION. BY A PROTE8 ANY GIBU. WJ w w t< do chamterwork and traKlug: wtuld 03sUt In the warklDgasd Ironing. Good city reference glreo. A;ip!y st 33 fart llth street, between 2d and 3d avemusa. for two days. 11ANTED?A blTUAMOR, BY A BMP* TABulPKO teetant yonrg women, as good plain eonk, waihei and Doner; has soo\iecl rat to go to the eeuuU-r with a ttmlly tor the summer. Has the beet city and eouatty reference. P'euae call at A2 Mo't street second tloor. ;rout rown, tor two deve. ANTED-BY ASIgfECTaBlK M ARRIBD WOMAN, the washing and tror tag at a tamltv to do at her own house; ?he to ab to to do up shirta in ibe hast stvle. and Iran viae lady'a fine things. Please call at 122 20th street, betw een 2d and 3d avenues. ' ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A CtlHPEYBNT YOUNG ' woman. In u private family, as ehnmberm?'d and wafer. Gool city reference eae be given tram her las. place, where she has lived for Bve veers. Please call at 24! 3d ate nue. Bra; Loor, back room, for two days. TV 4 HTKD-A YOIBBO WOMAN. TO DO OEMBnTx, ?T ho laewoek, lea small i Ywe lately, w,jis aid ?roi well **< be k'nd vt eh lirnr.; a German preferred, aid eo-d ??g**ps.'<d. > i rly ss 2T4 a aiitk si,lituokfys. ANtKD-HT _AN AM RBI IN VJI.'BG W1MA.B. 4L sllseilou ac ikacnbprma'd ; , -jure jw r* ci ldreo. cr ai plat, sewing, tine wsaiisr an! rmtag. a-K* wal'.'ag. Tl r.f niy reto-ecce. gisei. toil a- .'33 TT-la j r.., Broei lya, in toe rear. "~7ir*D? bt~7 RBA ~PT?Ttn,E R it. ffiosf.g, a t .tiatloi ae firm, riant rjtk. ,n?fe-s saJa - In a.I '* Om Jse. tcuys, jtllles. .ce trvarr.s ac; tlen*maere. .* a te ai t jttwheaj ptMHry baker, oj >hje-.i .c oa bite" or rw *peoto?le boardng locne. Please ?a to- i?jJayr sit.;, tea at Wmm ANTBD- 67TUATIONS, Bt" TWO ?SddK lTABkB tr.nnp women., oee a? nuree and ?estritreks; no t\tc use .? do llgk' cfeameerwork. ur.dencaads -he e/nw cf r vc ng baby. The ether to i> Aambe,w.trk and One wsso'ngand ir' r.rrt, or would do ko iaawork for a smalt private CstntTy; ts a > cry c>/4 plain ooAasd eicellesi washer and inmev; ero make f -eJen: bread; lo ob;actiuu to go In the eotin'ry. Can gtre ity retkrenoe -rum their kut plaws. Imintfeat 176 4'b m,. tear 6th avenue, :ot two day. WANTKD?BTTOSTIONB. BY A MAN AND WIFB the maa ee wetter or driver; his wife aa lanudreaa or chambermaid; la thoroughly acquainted with the daisy Gorxi recemmendaiiwm given from ihetr lent employer. No obiec i|.,n to ibe country. Apply at 11 Union court, between llth ?MUM 12o>et md Vv and 12th eto., alter 12 o'clock. TjfbA NT ED? BY A TOUWO MAN. A HtTl'ATION AS TT bartender. The bestot reference giren lor napahl'hi and htneety. Inqntre tor three days at 613 3d ave. STTaNTRD-PY A TOUNG POT. AOI D 17. TO f,*ARN TT some rmrnclahle trad* ? ? K-ersmitb ?v beck -'Mer ?*?? ferrtd. Good raterenee. AM,eae Gaierga, V>i '\Vi, flerals office, tor two daya TV ANTED.?A BOY 'WOUI.D I.IKE A V..VK IV 1FU TT eountry tolaoruairade; kc ts au Unert-au aitd if* res- ectab's fiwllv. sndatesd*; egsd t; ail frw.n the crurfry. Avplv oraddtrss. Boy, ,*c. r " Test 24* *?. Hsu i'rk. U'ABMD-A MfT/ATIt V NT A "young MAN. A? TT entry shlppitg c etra or jks .-r- ur,ie-?tac<l* rt'hor ous r> 'r, and WS bring 12 toon lis "eoon-.mewda e?* trrrm bee last fruployer. A4drss# P., bo* . Hera.1 wlc>. "H7.aMV.i-a sill A7ir,?, i,Y T AT? ADV MAS TT as 'srm-c; ? ue vbo ir^ercart'is '.ts 'mimese. /juB? eintllar wtin Igtreee srdcieo a ai ? Jtds of k .ruaes; go-,, cin ? tfertnees trr 'oa'toty and boreety. Avp v at thesoruer o' Marten sod West s*s jver 'bt icuor su-s ot Mr. Brantinn. Vl AN'FkD-A bit raltHlT Hk A Ytil NO MAN, AI' TT ibe plain and ts, ci cslie in s*'ess hn seen tei 'pgr., ? ' be tmelness. Address .ft hn M Baast >r-l, T amma?i?JTha. W? nTBD?BY A fOUNti jJOY. A??VD 17, EaRn seme reaper ab e tvedet a 'Pvere-o ?*, - - tog" t#, I ,1 A?/vi t ? .t jr ,, 1|ki , otboe. tor lew oey*. A mm colobezT man and his wifm wakted-at m Dnan* put, ib? nu to wait el table wht 1* the .amdv H id the city. and take charge of a pair of hmm wti ? in ikn country; ike who to cook ud da gaeerel hoctewar*. Small family. AH bari CHANCB.-AQRNTB WASTED TO IBA Brother Jonethaa'n oremium rurnHare puUab. the beet hTJc'e new la u?e; also Uncle dam'* metal.M pad*. (Dart men can make tram M to 110 per day; oue man oa salary. A? plv a: 212 Broadway, corner of Futtoo at, New Yerx room St. tram 9 ud 4. BWaBYX A Ifl'BdABP. A mm BOY TO OPEN OTSTiRB WANTED. AXAO A dOT TO tend a billiard room. Apply at 131 9th at, soraar of Broadway. GKMT8 WANTED?TO SILL MAPS OF NICARAGUA. North and Central Amarioa, ooouuntng population, dim tanoea. pertraUa, bauie scenes, b?id cf vessels of war la it United states Navy. Ac ; price IS cant*. Em art WW* aa make tram 16 to BIO per dam Apply to J. Haven, 117 Naemn at. up atatra * Ah PftOTBfcTAHT WAITkB WaWlKD IMMEDIATELY? A rousg man, ceuipeoeut. of good moral character, aad with '.ha baat of city?afbrsnc* oan lutye a good aliuadea ha a first class private family, also two Pie* itaet yciag gVla, for cftsmbsrwork aad plain aewtig. Apply at 1M 7th MHk ?aar^ld (L Boy wanted?ah amkaican, about j team eld, to learn the candle making ur da, aad make kkwaeif generally oaeTul. Apply at Water at, treea $ Ml 12 OYWANTBD-IN A WHOLhMAT.B DttO BTOUL Apply at 196 Greenwich at. alter four o'eloee. (-tniNA, OaOOKBEY AND COT GLASS WAJkB OLDY E? or aalnamao wasted ??.no thoroughly coet prices, and a good manager, can inquire at the new 297 Bow try. Three lotts to let Inquire as ahere. BY GOODS SALE* MAN WANTED?IN A FTEST ciaes jabbing bou>e;mu*t command a geodelusWtnktd, aad be well qualified fbr the business Aa Ohln mee pre ferred. Addreae. with real name, box 1142 feet lin, ~1>TBYOL'?5k'tVANTKD^IK A HARDWARE! BTOKB. I Mart write rapidly, and be quick at figures. Oaa aere lamed to the business p-ofe-rod. Addreae, la handwriting of applies*!, box 1 232 Port <lllca. IjtKfLOYMKMT KOK HtMALIW.?TWO YOUNG LA It dlee can obtain good munitions, where eleven ether* bare been steadily employed oyer two year*, by applying at Gaaltng'a restauraat, 309 Broadway, between itark aad Dnaaeata. IBL8 WANTED.- GOOD GIRL?, WkLL ERCOMMBXD ed. can now he ropplled with that rate Mtoattue. at yari oua kin da, la the ctt> or country. We reqnire ICO erMIe every day. High wages ?nd Immediate empleneH KM he bad in aay department of aw vice; also men and eeye wanted. Apply at 14 ninth avenue or at'45 Bowery. C. KARON. \f ILMNBBS WANTKD. FIFTY JflLLINERB WANTED iu Immediately at 2tb!,'i Bowery. The highest wages |hd to good baoda. ANTKD-1N A PRIVATE FAMILT. A FRBWRH seamstress; oue who cua cut and At drawee, aad So all kitida ol fantiy sewing and enn arrange ladles'hair. Vena bet those who apeak Fremih correctly need npply. Oall at 24 West 17th at., between 5th and tl h avs. W ANTBD- THERE GOOD PLAIN~B*WBBS, WHO VH deratand chain stitching; and two naka rlahcna fOMtta makers can have employment at 91 White it. ANTED?A BkfiPECTABLE GIRL, TO DO CKAJA nerwork and ptaln rawing. Call atThOaMphla Eetal, eornerof Wealth and Battery pUoe, between the hewaarl and 3. ANTED?TWO "PROTESTANT GIRLS, A NUMB aad raamatraaa, aad cook and Uundreaa. Apply at 469 Hudasa at. i ANTHD?A GOOD COOK, WHO UNDERSTANDS washing and ironing. App,y nt 100 First plase, aecesd bonae ttom Smilh at., Brooklyn. A NT KD?A.F I RHT^TL ASH MILLIVKR: A FOEBWO man, who la a drat class niwmsr and maker, can hear ef a good eltuatlon by applying at 30 Voaey ?L, Crom 9 A. W. tjd WAN TKD?A CHAM It KRM AII>. Al'ROTRBTANT, WHO Iboroufhly understanda line washing aad h-eamg, Ap ply between 9 and 12 o'clock, at 31 W xhingtoo eqaare. Ant be use tram Wave-ley plaae. ANTBD-BT A KAM!LY~iYUO LIVB IN TEB COPM try during the aummcr, a I'roteaiaul wom-oa aa aurce; w w w one aecuatored to children neat, tidy, and cbltgiag, i ply before 12 o'clock, at Mo. 12 West list at. TlTAMTkD-A SCOTCH OR ENGLISH PROTESTANT v T girl, aa nurse and cham>i?rttiald, who hi witling to go la the country (or four month* dnrtr.g the summer; good rectm mf Dilations required. Apply nt 134 Donne at., between Say and Bond, sta,. Brroklyn. AVTED-A BOBUflT. TIDY, MIDDlTi aGkl) WOMAN la wanted to take the care ore geat.emao-'s apartaeu e, do the waahtns, lirea. Ac.; must Bod her own tnsals. Addreae T , Hadbon square Font office. WANTED-AN AMERICAN TaDT, OF GOOD EDI cation, from 39 to 40 yean of age, to take che-te ef a borne and family of cblidten. To tush a one a good wmvAca la ell'ered. Asdrem J., box 100 Herald offioe. T|7ANtTD?A FIRflT-ftXTlTwEf NUBBE, WHO OAK TV speak French. Call nt 340 Broadway. Jlift If EITRN, rerun 27. VI' ANTFD 1XKBDIATChY-AT 182 Ci.I*TON PP. TV South Brooklvn. an sctiye. cleanly and experisaced wig man, to do general Imu.eworh ofa private lamUy of nine per sons. W?gcito. Betercncei required. ANTED?A WOMAN, AS NUB6K ANDdBEAllBTItfSB, nun underaund cutting and auing ebJdraa's cv-ri. Apply at 293 Waihlugt-m it. TaTaNTRD~A~GRRMAjTrKAMHTRHM, WHO 18 AL* ? TV wlllhtr to t ake evre ot nh'ldreau Apply at 01 10A street, beta sen 6th acd Mb s venue a ANTKD-A 01KL7T.I GO TO A HEALTHY OOUN - try place, lo cook, sruah aad Iran, bake bread. As , la a respectable private amlly. Apply at No. 7# Weet 36lh at, bn tweondth avenue and Broadway. ANTED?i*M?DIAMLY, A YOtTRG WOKAK, WHO understands making up ladles' aad cklidrea'e draas caps and children's tancy artleies. Apply at 233 lit avmae, la the store. Must bring good city remreaoeo. WANT*D-A GERMAN. SCOTCH OB ENGLIE8 PKO tcetant girl, to de the general homework ef a small fa mily; must understand washing and Ironing well ud do plain oo*ling. Call for three days nt 900 Broome et. ANTED?A GIBL TO DO GENERAL HODYEWOBK; ? net be a good ooek, weaker ud traner. Alee, ud seamitreea. to go In the country. Th *a bavtag gud re'e rence may apply at 298 Weat 19th eh, near 9thayUtHt Wage* M > neh per month. w WANTED- AT MRS. P. HaiIARTI'A HILLIKKIT atorr, Ho. 1 >{ Catherine it., four ftrat c'mi ^eaweavo. To ?ave trouble. Bare irti apply bat ihoee who perteUf ua deralnnd the bniine-n. Wngee do objeot. T\,r ANTVTV-TWO^YOr*f'} HDTH8 TO T5HTE', WJfl TV a theatric*'ootnpar.v thrnugb the Wamrra ciui . y. Ad droaa H. H. L., Ilreadwny 1'ont office. ANTKP-A WIDOW,~AB HonHHKEBpi3.,"-?"? A> ? entire charge. foae bat n martoana need ap > y. QhU Bt 137 43d ?t., bit we/ii 9 and 13 o'clock. 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