Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1856 Page 7
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ADmnSEMENTS RENEWED, UTKRY 1AY. BUAHDIHU A.\D )?uottIIK). BPO BROADWAY - FURMlBEigD OR UNFURNI8H ED f tJO m artmeot# mi let saigie, fecVeoatn; ih? boute bM th >ke Modern tmprovemopis. ?r A is pleasantly sUuatod. A OI BROOM! STREET, ONE BLOCK FROM BROAD *tZi I way.?Boaid, tor n tomflv and single gentlemen. All Re modern improvements ? sill bo found m toe boose. Terms moderate. Transient bowers taken, at $1 M) per da;. F/encb spoken OOO WHBT J OT/BTBtNTH STRBBT.-A SUIT OF iiV furnished ro ?1 on the second story, and one large treat room en the third story, msy be bad separately or to gether, with board, in a private family, where.* few boarders are Mhen. The ',?? of references required. 132 mHUDfi'jtt 8TRB1CT.-TO LET, WITH BOARD. A room re soeond floor, for ? gentleman and wile, or ?we stagle Mntlemen; also a single room; bouse dedraaly 'imlll. no's ht. John's park. Mcdern improvements. Be hHsteeubingsd. ___ 1171 VUAX B STREET.?DOWN TOW* BU81NE88 MEN 111 eao get good rooms and fall board at tbe Duane Park Betel. New* fnroisbed throughout. HI Pi EIGHTH STRkKT.?PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH 1 Or) board, may be bad opposite be Mercantile Library. | OQ CLINTON PLaCK, BETWKRN FIFTH AND B XTH luO avenue#.?A gentleman and bis wile, or a few single aeatlesnen ean be aocommodated wiib handsomely tonusnea rooms, with full or partial board. Hot and cold oaths and gas. References eichanged. LEXINGTON AVENUE?A BOIT OF ROOMS ON the second ttoor, furnished or unfurnished, to let. wKh _ Two or three Bng'e gentlemen ean also beaeeommo tnih tad km. LiomtKm bcauUful; can* and idagos cae gwt Beferencea ?ichaoied. PBIRCK 8TEEBT.-HANDS0H1LY FURNISHED apartments, with or wlthoa' board, suitable foe gee Bemee aaetbeir wives, or single genUemen, sen be obtained Ay tpftjmg aa above. If oat out first cJa? need apply. CO THIRD AVENUE?A FEW YOUNG MBN CAN BB Di/ aeeomicodated with good board and pleasant roomi. hem >3 26 to $6 per week; alto rooms to let to gentlemen and their wives, fan.11 bed or unfurnished, withand without board, where tbe comforts of a home can be enjoyed. Gas and baths la the house. OQ LEXINGTON AVBNUR. CORNER OF TWBltTY 00 revenih street?Furnished rooms, bath, gee. Ac., with fell attendance, toparttee wishing toprovtdehheirewn labia, heeatkm beantifui. References exchanged. Gira and stages within cue block. 01 HBNRY STFKKT.?A GENTLEMAN AND HI8 WIFE Ol can be accommodated with board and an excellent room ea the second story, unfurnished. flO SPRING STREET, FOUR DOORS FROM BROAD 4tJ way-To let, several handsomely furnished rooms, to stogie genlemen with attendance. The location is near all | he ttrst clam hotels. no WEST FOURTEENTH 8TRKET, CORNER OF SIXTH DO avseue.-Rooms to let, for families; also, tor single gen tlemen. ininlshed or unfurnished, and one suit of rooms on '.be tower floor, suitable for a physician's office. Dinner at sa o'clock. Private table if desired. PC WKST TWBNTY.THIRD 8TBBBT.?TWO HKLtCT DO families and two or three gentlemen of the lirst 1 espeo tobility, ean sow be accommodates with suits or single rooms, with board, m thai eligible brown stone building, which Is de Bgbtfullv located between Fifth and Sixth avenues. PQ BLKBOKER STREET.?TO LRt. WITH PARTIAL DO board, two comfortable moms, on tbe second floor, and ece on the thbd Apoly aa above. ?IQ GREAT J0NB8 BTBRBf.?A GENTLEMAN AND 00 wile, or two single gentlemen ean obtain an unfurnished seem (except msnpeiing). Also room on fourth floor, futnished. switabie lor MgQ gent.emen, with full or partial board. The honse r new, ana contains all ibe modern improvsmeu.s. OP OBF.BN 8TRRBT, NEAR CANAL.?A GKNTLBMaN Ztd and his wife, or a few single gentlemen, can be accoon ? edited with handsomely furnished rooms, with full or par tial hoard. Good table, gas, hot and cold baths, Terms mo derate. References exchanged. -|db CARROLL PLACE, BLBBCRER STREW. WEST OF 111 Broadway?A gentleman wad his wife and three or four single gentlemen, ean obtain very pleasant and handsomely tarnished rooms, with full or partial board. Dinner at C o'clock. References exchanged. 4 ABINGDON SQU ARE, (WE8T BIDE). SECOND HOUSE north ef Bank street.?To let, with board, alargeparlot, well furnished, suitable tor a gentleman and wife, or two sin* gle genUemen. Locality pleasant; convenlentto cars and stages. O OR TBRBB GBNTLBMBN CAN _BB ABCOMMf'PATHP Z wRh nicely furnished rooms, at 18 UepeaArd street. *a fm Baa lie exchanged. Mo moving in May. A M UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM-ON THE SECOND A floor, wttb board, to let to a gentiemaa and lady. In* qstre at 118 Allen street. A NEAT ROOM. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. TO let?To quiet respectable gentlemen, where there are no ehlldren in the house, with breakfast and tea, 1/ required. Fee particulars, inquire at 33 chambers street, corner of Centre, to the 'allor stsre. A SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN WISHES BOARD AND todglpg for ;be summer, in a quiet, retired family, with the ccmlcrte ol a borne. Location near Broadway. Terms must be moderate. Address Visiter, stating terms, Herald ogee A FEW 8BLROT BOARDERS WILL BB jTAKiCN to a private family; bou?e has all the modern conveni enses; is located in one of tbe leading avenues to the vicinity ef Bramercy Park. Addrers G. B. B., Herald office FEW DBilRABLE ROOMB. IN SUITS OR SINGLY' rewly furnished, to let. with bosrd, to families or gent e men. at 747 Broadway, opposite Astor plaoe; a very Une !?-i* lien for nersons spending'be summar ia ths city; house has gas, bath, Ac. Dinner at 6. Refcrencea exchanged. Targe front and rack room, well famished, to )e. with board, r* the first floor of a 1 brown stone English basement bonis, suitable for a famliy or neaflem en and their wives. Apply at 1U7 West TwmAhstrest, between Fiith and glxth avenues. References exchanged. FURNISHED ROOM IN HOBO KEN. NO. 83 GARDEN street, to let, with or without partlai board. GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN BE A03OMMODATKD with plfc%*hui daToiniehed rooms and board* Also, two gentlemen with partial board, at 2563? Tenth street. 8 PERSONS WISHING BOARDERS KNOW MY effiee, tbey rw apply, If they desire boarders. Sueb are directed fire. Being dir (listed with empty, vulgar putls. 1 wish sirange.'* only ;o know, as cluzens do that mv offi'to Is at712 Broadway. R. D. Goodwin. TTHE BOARDERB' EX- HANOE. 346 BROADWAY, No. 2 Appleton's Building, you can obtain desirable parries wbhlng ten ;< el a:cmmodation We charge for toe biarder actually obtained, oot monthly dues. Boeird seekers directed (gratuitcoslj; to ibemcet desirable boardingtousw^ ^ ^ ~A BACHELOR OF (JUIBT HABITS-WISHES A GOOD A room and p'Aln board, to the familv of a widow lad v, where be con.d enjov tbejeomfortsof above. Adpress. particuiars, K., Eerald office. The beet references rven and rcqujfd. "a FEW FIRST CLASS BOARDERS CAN BE ACCOM JOl modated with a private family, at 131 Hester street, a tew deora from Broad way. GENTLEMAN AND H1B WIFB CAN BE ACCOM modated with rooms, furnished or unrornlsbsd, with Ward, to a private family. I-ocauon near Bleecker and the Bowery. Address W. D , Herald offlee. Board-a gentleman and his wife, also tow single gentlemen, can be accommodated .wnh^boH^u Mad pleasant rooms, wrAia a few minutes walk of rera sito and Dfrietou avenue ferries, by applying at No. 9 Fourth ?Met, throe doors from Booth 9th street. Brooklyn, a. P. ARD.-TO LET. WITH BOARD, A FRONT ROOM, nntorniebed. with hall bedroom, separate or together, on aeeond floor, at 104 Pilnce street, near Broadway. Two or tone gentlemen ean be accommodated. IOARD. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY?AT 96 M AODopOAL I street, (St. Clement's pises), for a gentleman and wire, wtih p easant front innfurnisned) rooms. Terms moderate, aad miMmotory referee ca B BOaRD-OR PARTIAL BOARD AND LODGING (ON moderate terms), required by two gentlemen. Address t. H., room W) Levejoy's Hotel. Board wanted?in thk seventh ward, by a gentleman, where there are lew o~ do other boarders. Address P. B., Chatham square Poet offioe. Board, with single or double rooms, u, i* and $6. First class private house with modem improve meats. For addrese, j Jesse cad at 103 Franklin street, near the marble thnrch. OaBD in nineteenth street, near broad! way.?Two or three gentlemen, who are wll'.lne to pay ? lair price, may God a goto honrc and agreeable society "> a small family. References given and required. Address , bci IK4 Post rfflce. Board-two or three single gentlemen c %.* be eomfortahlr accommodated with noard, by applying M 93 Clinton street, Brooklyn. References exchanged. Board -a gentlkman and wife, or two W thrse sic tie gentlemen. can be aacommodaied with plea sant rooms, with rail or partial bwrd, in a first clans bouse, mi'h ail the modern improvements?bath, gas, Ac. Term 1 moderate. App j at No. 76 We-t Twenty-third street, Refi > sires exchanged. BOARD.-l.ARUE FRONT ROOMS TO LET, WITH board; snl'able for a gentleman and bis wite. or two or three single gentlemen, who wonid like to room toge her. Ap pW at 84 White street. Board in Brooklyn.-pleasant rooms, run naked and r.ntnnnsbed, with board, for families and sin gle gendemten; board, without rooms, for gentlemen. $4 per Big IBUBXWW.Ui ovmi w',uvu? iwutn, W' iiwxiiiwiu, ex V" week. For full particulars, apply to THOMAS TOYNBK4, IVynbee's Hotel, Montague plaee, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn?a few okntlbmrn cj' be acocmmodtited with pleasant rooms nnd oar lal board} en reasonable terms, at No, 6 Bands street, Brooklyn. Board in brooklyn.-a privatr family, hav tng more room :uan they require, can accommodate two or three roans gentlemen with elegant, well kept rooms, and gcod partial hoard, en moderate terms. The house is sHuatod rc he best part of Henry street, and only three minutes' wa't trcm Wall street ferry. References exchanged. Address I F X . Herald office. ? Board in bbooklyn.-a gentleman and h b - " wife, or two single gentlemen can be accommodated w I heard aid pieaeaat roomx bv i pplvfng at 67 Henry street, fi 0 mlcnies' walk of Fn.ton or Wail street ferries. BOAhD WaNTF.D-BY a widow lady, in a re ryeetable, genteel family, where the enmforta of a home bit be enjoyed; will furnish tier own room. References giv en. Term's must he moderate. Address W. H. B., Herald BOaRP.-ON* ( K two OENTLKMIN CAN BR AO r(.mn,<oated with partial inarri. In a private family; lo flstioc rtsasam and convenient to cars and stages. Apply at 104 adds street, between Fourth and Bleeeker. JgCARPINO -A OBVTLBMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN he i-cromnodAted with permanent V transient board .and fcrnwhed rooms, on second or third tloers. at Hi and 84Kaat Twatty tb.rd street. Also, a few rooms for single gentlemen. Boarding?a gentleman and wife or three or lonr single gentlemen, csn have e targe fnm'shs. ?om and bedroom, wnfl pantry s iached, on the second floor, in a private tssai y. Apply at <W Kant Nineteenth street, three icon frcn Third avenue ears. Boarding at m warren ptrket-pleasant klcv rooms rwtab.e lor two gentlemen, single beds, tl 50 wf.4e .ch uer wee*. Also rootes su'table for a gentleman h.m rr i?*>. Vfiil # *<V?I??Y\f h .cril l.i A .mlwd w^.. r>.. and his wife, wttb excellent board aid a quiet borne. Day boarders i.ccrmm'y.a'ed. BOARD WANTED?PERMANENTLY. FDR A GENTLE mac waff, child and cures, in a rewpectaoie small family, tr smul h. are jig house, who lbs privilege of washing and In t top. Terms not to exceed 9.0 rer week. Reterencee of the hip best ctaracter given and required. Address box 3818 Ptwi nffise. BOaED WANT ED?PERMANENTLY FOR A OENTL I mar aid bis w.te. in a genteel private fareor a srna. J boar (liny bouse, a r.eauv tantiffced serci.d or tinrd story front roesa. wte arSt cloeele. Hew Hieeeaer street preferred Terms modenwr Referer.'es ijM-irernoimcie. Addrese box 2 818 Post rHire etetteR terms, Ac. BOaRU FA.?TIP.-(*? 'F TEE FIRST I'M F&P sore it the cdv ?vl.unpr'v a rkaor fbeta toevrnrt a pupil i.fxl nay pert Ui' board ard Jfelftog In a respectable o-*.,., af tinrno, y, (} i c M ?# i? ik AdvifWI J* 1*>? Bft I'ciri wnce. WAHOIHO AND LUDGIRe. Boarding down town.? permanent and tran. ileal boarders can be accommodeled la a pleasant loca l?n, at Mo. 8 Brcadway, opt* site tha Bewlfeg Green. Board wanted-by a sinolm gentleman. in a private taally or where there are bat few board are. A quiet loose with a good tab a. weal of Hroadvajr or on Brooh Ijo Heights. Address B. 0. Wtchol, boa 137, Herald office Board wanted?in the country, rant or ao oeaa to the city by railroad or si earner, with a private ia mlly, by a geal'emiaa, wife, two childrea and servaat. Unex ceptionable referaaofa given and required. Addreaa, stating particulars, box *13 New Tort Post office. Boarding.-a gentleman and wifb caw bb ac comaodawd with elegant room* aad board, at 276 Weal lwentv-seeo?d street, first house weat of Ninib avenue. All ibe modaaa improvements. Leeatlon pleasant. Dtnaer at 6X o'clock. References exchanged. Brooklyn heights-a pleasant room upon second boor, also on# upon third, at 62 Kronen (treat. The first la large aad handsomely furnished; both command a fine view ot the bay. A room upon iceond door, suitable I<-r a ?, will be vacated ebiut the 1st of Jane. Referenoee ex family changed. Brooklyn heights.-families oiying up hourekeeptogaad desirous of availing thmnartvaa of an opportunity of selecting suite of pleasant rooms, with transient or permanent beard, (Bret clem house.) oan do so by calling Id Montague place, south ride, second door eaat of Clinton street, Brooklyn. Dinner at 6 o'clock. f.VOUHTBY BOARD?AT ELISABETH, V. J., UKNTLK U men aad families wishing board dnrieg the summer months, when almost ovary comfort and hixnry nan bo aad at ta.r prioe, aan apply bt parson, er addrosa Lafeyette House, ?liutbeth N.J. ML B.?Splendid drives, good bones and car nages; beat af wines, liquors, at gar a Ae. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED-FOR A LADT, THRE1 children at d nurse, on or near the Bound, within two boors' rife of this eitv, but not In avl'lase; pleatv of fruit, vege tables aad miih required, and comfortable sleeping apart ments. Terms moderate. Address No. St Beach street. New York. FUBNISHKD APABTMBNTB.?8UITB OF ROOM8 FOR .'amtiles and alegle gontlemea, handsomely furnished at 12 Nelson place; the souse has been newly painted and oroa m< a ted throughout. IDUKNISURD ROOMS TO LET IN BROOKLYN?WITH I? or witeout partial board, to one er ur mwuii. jjwmh uvhu, w Vwi or two gentlemen, or to a gentleman and wife; the bouse baa ail the modern improve ments. and the situation convenient to the ferries. Address with reference JX. A., Herald offioe. ftIRTLEMRN CAN KB ACCOMMODATED WITH FUR \JT nlabed rooms in one of the pleaaanteet locations In the city, in the vicinity of Washington square, convenient to oars and several lines ol stages. Gas. and ail the modern improve Call ~ merle in fee bouse. Call, or add reus Harvey, at the offioe of Kinsley A Co., 72 Broadway. gANDKOMBLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN A jli first rate four story bouse, with gas, bath rooms. An , and in a (.mall private family, wih full beard, or breakfast and lev None need apply who cannot afford to pay a fair price for good rooms, well furnished, at No. 18 Walker aueel, west from Broadway. HOBOKRM.-PLKABaNT ROOMS CAN BB OBTAINED at 21 Hudsca terrace, first bleok from the ferries. Bath and gas In the house. ?^"0. 80 EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR UNION _ . square.?A highly respectable French family have va cancies for single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives, (uo children), pleasant rooms; culelae Frangatse. None but per sona of uuqoeationable respectability need apply. An exeal lent opportunity to learn French. "\TEAR THE CITY HALL, BROOKLYN.?TO LET, AND J.N furniture for sale, the convenient two story attic and ousement brick house 62 Court street. Brooklyn; will be let lew, and part of lurniture can be bought on very moderate terms if applied for soon. Possession 1st of June. PRIVATE HOARD?AT 02 HIGH STREET, BROOK lyn, five minutes' walk from Fulton ferry, in a pleasant locafpn. References exchanged. PBIVaTE BOARD-AT A FARMHOU8B. WITHIN HALF an hour's distance of the Newark and H'.oomfield Railroal. Any family seeking for a retired and healthy place for summer will find this a welcome chance. Please address J. T., box 2,731 Poat office. Rooms?single, or in suites, furnished or unfurnished, to let, whh bath, gas, Ac., at No. 2 Amity street, corner of Broadway. The first floor, fronting on Broad way, with private apartments, is specially well adaptel for a milliner. Apply oe the premises. Room and board-wantbd by a young man, in the neighborhood of Grand street, east tide, in a quiet, respectable tamlly. where there are few or no boarders. Will be permanent if suited, and a liberal prios paid. Address, stating particulars, A. B., Herald office. Rooms to let-to two or tiireb single gen lie men, with ooard, at No. 7 College place. Ketereiees required. CU1TE8 OF FURNISHED ROOMS OAN BE OBTAINED, O npont mmedtate application in the house northeast eor aer of Broadway and Ninth street. The looatioa will be found convenient, agreeable aad ltvelv, and everything will be done to make the bouse attractive and desirable. TO LET-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR SINGLE gentlemen, nt 33d Pearl street, Franklin square, oppcsite harper'a To lkt-nubnisred rooms, for SINGLE GENTLE men. without board, In a private fcmlly, in Seoond ave rue. seeoudhoufe from First street, new building, with al modern improvements. References required. Inquire in the store, 38 John street, TO LET?WITH BOARD, IN HOUSE No. 6 VaNDAM street, the front parlor, room, with bedroom and p?.ntry. connecting, on the second Door, with gaa and use of bath. A'so board for a few single gentlemen. Wanted?a gehtlrman. to take the place of one retii ing from bachelor's hall, ocoupted by ons gentleman; part oi a handsome home; central locution To'al expense, including washing, S10 per week. Strictest refer ences, as regards Integrity and respectability, required. Ad' dress Bachelor, Herald office. WANTED? BY A GKNTLBMAN. CITHER IN TIffl W etty or Brooklyn, a small asartment. with ereakfast, in a family whare there are few, if any boarders. Terms must be moderate and location quiet. Address, stating terms, Ac., Artist, Herald office. Ut/ANTMD?]BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, A PLAINLY TV furnished room, on the first or second floor (first floor preferred), witb breakfast and tea, full board on Sunday. Location between Division and Broome streets, Bowery and Orchard. Address, with terms, which must be moderate. M. P.. box 162 Herald office. WANTED-FOR A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FOE mabed ro m Id the vicinity of Bond street and Broad way. Address J. B. Hubbard, Herald office. INSTRUCTION. 1QK7 ?BOOKKEEPING, WRITING AND ARITHWR lOu I ? tic.? DOLBhAR'S Academy, ?09 Broadway, pos sesses unusual facilities for qualifying gentlemen as bead bookkeepers, assistants or entry clerks. The te.icher being a prartloal bookkeeper, explains tbe routine of re?l bif'tess, and carries itudeais through a prac.leal cburse, instead u. text book theories. 1856. Ci -WRITING, BOOKKEEPING, ARITHMETIC.? _ 0. Mr. PaINE has removed bia writing aad book keeping academies to 62 Bowery, corner Canal street, N. Y , and 283 Fulton street (late Brotrn'a writing aeademv). Brook lyn. These rooms are large, and conveniently arranged for private or c aas lessons for both ladies and gentlemen. Open every day and evening. ? C -FRENCH, SPANISH AND GERNAM-MR. DO'/ ipy . BEAR, (09 Broadway .offers great inducements to 'aeies aad gedtlemen wishing to learn these languages, as he has se cured tbe servi ce si the most accomplished native teachers, who advance their pupils with wonderful rapidity. Terms, 16 for ten practical lessons. 1ST OF MAT, IMA?OUTBR B. GOLDSMITH'S WHIT A ing ud borbleeping academy, 362 Broadway, open day and evening, for ela*i or private instruction. Mew pupils re celved daily and full success guaranteed to all. [From tbe Borne Journal, J nee 25, 1863. | In every profession there is a recognized lending man?one whose preeminence is so decided that robody calls it In ques tion. Among those who teach tbe art of writing, Oliver a. Goldsmith ia just fhwt iarhrputabl; pre eminent person, and recognized head of the proiesaion. B TUTOR OB TEACHHR. IN CITY OB COUNTRY^?A young geni|eman, who haa travelled in Europe as pri vate tutor, and haa taught in a college in thle oonntrr, wisbss an engagement. A p easant home more a conaklerntion then a ralarr. Address, for three days, J. A, B., 427 Broome su, Mew York. Boorkrrpimo, arithmetic, wbiting, ao.-mr. RENVILLE, tor tbe past eight years at 289 Broa-wnr, has re Boved to the spacious and elegant rooms 862 Broadway, corner of Franklin street Btudenta received day and even tng. and thoroughly fitted for the coanliogroom upon very fhvorable terms OOKKEKP1NQ.-THE UNDERSIGNED OONTf NUES to give instruction in accountantship, at hla roofs 247 Broadway. The oourae of instruction may be best appreciated by Inquiry among men of business, or by consulting '? Jones's Booh keep try and Accountantship, Elementary and Pra-.tioal," sent ires by mail, oo remrttanoe of 22, or with blanks R3. THOMA8 JONHB. MR. M. HAMILTON'S FRENCH AND ENGLISH DaT reboot for yonng ladies, 108 Wast Thirty-sixth street, be tween Broadway and Seventh avenue. O~PARKNTB.?A LITERARY GENTLEMAN, KXPRRI enoed in teaching, desires to form an arrangement wiih a respectable family in New York cr vicinity, by which he oou'd Stve tuition in tin higher English branches, and Latin, French panish. Ac., as part payment for board for htmeelt and wifa. Beet references given. Address for oae week, M. a., t'-oad wny Poet oOlce. ~~ COAL. AGENCY," M BRAVER STREET, NEW YORK -FAR randsviile Oompenv.-The undersigned, sgent lor be sale oithe celebrated coal of the above company, la now prepared to make eon tracts with gas companies steamboat proprietor* and Iron manufacturers, for any amount of coal to ben. vered at any pomt in the Untied Htales, at reaeoeable rates, To dee cribetbesdvantages this coal possesses over all rrher i.g- the above nses would be superfluous here?the annexed oert'fl catee speak for ihemselvee. New Tokk Gas Works, April 2,1866 Ten pounds e< the above coal was iried by Mr. Cnrtwright to-day; ft yielded thirty seven cubic feet ofgaeln tarty minutes, and nearly eight pounds of coke gas, and ooke ot fiae quality. Jonrr Mowton. Howard Iron Works, Centre Co.. line. 21,ltVift We have used from oae to two hundred tons of tot, ,m your mine. We consider it ot superior niialltv, pooseseinv great strength, and carrying a good flame. For the generntfn of steam and like purpoeea, should sonsider it unneualiy goo 1 Tours, truly, John Irvin, Jr. A Co Monitor Iron Works, Dec. >7, l?". To the Fnrrandsviltei'ompanv We have used ihe bituminous enal delivered to u?by the r randsvllle Oomnany In our puddling furnaces, and ha-e mads ore groan ton tf pudded bar wlih fifteen cwte. of said c >a . and we think we can make a ton of bar wi h fourteen cwta. ,>al, and the furnaces can run six heats with it as easily us thcr ran run five heats with tneamhrnelte coal. Toe usual quantity of anthracite roal used in puddling here is one ton Ave cwt. per ton of puddled bar. Very respectfully yours, J. P. A J. Grove*. Besides numerous other certificates from the Btngbaropioo and Elmira Gas works, Ac. HENRY F. FALLON. Agent of Ihe Farraedsvfile "sal Company, May I. IMC, (lOAL.-I DO IN RKAI.Tty " SELL THE BEST"uCalJ. J tv of red ash stove or grate size ooal at a lessprlce anv other dealer la this eltv, but for eaNh only, namely, at 26 2r> per Ion. screened and delivered dr?, la the best order, er 24 75 fo cart,men and denier*. The best dealings In the city g,in**r, teed to grower* and hotel keeper* tr.-im the old established yards, coraer ol King and Greenwlce streets, unit Goerck and Rivington. Weight oi each lead warranted or fortelt ooal, MAT. CLINTON. YD.NRY. P1CTOU "abiT LI8GAN GOAL MTNErT I here Is a large lock of fresh mined noal at the abcu e The Llngan mine haa been opened ex pre* <ly tor the sspply of oca! for gas. It has been tested by seve-ol gas companies, and highly approved of. Psraoas wishing "> import coat can have eredi's opeisd by applying to E. Cil NaRD, No. 4 Fowling Green. FURKJITUKK. "pECtlNING 1HA IR?, XV Wheel chairs, < bam her cfutlrs. Library rht-lrs, Of every varf. y, Mar r?*nMuryd bv W V9 KJFO A pf n oW JByctflwsy gpd iVSMfW rtr?et, New York, ISOK8BM, CAKRIAGEH, AC. A "AST VERMONT MARE FOR BALK -WITH BUGGY ud harness. sixteen bands high; can trot In 2 SO, is kind ?nd senile, and & beautiful lady's aandie bone; warranted to every particular. lr quire J. ARTHUR'S stable, No. II Bergen street, Brooklyn. Take the Greenwood ears at Fniton BAROUCHE FOR BALI.?A FAMILY BAROOCHR FOR one or t*o burses, in first rate order, will be Mid low or exchanged lor good furniture or groceries. Can e seen at Mr. D. SCuDlikK'8 carriage warebuiiae. Wo. 7 Myrt-e avenue, Brooklyn. UOR BALA?A BIAPTIPDL STUD HORbB POR 8 ALB T lor $236, coat (be present owner 1400. ran be seen at Ketcb em's stables, la Lose Lane, on tbe Heights, between Hicks and Henry streets, near Pierrepont, Brooklyn. HtOB 8 A LB OR FXOHANGE-A MF.AKHGKR MARK, wltb foal by a Morgan bene; m sound and kind, and s good travel er Can be seen st tbe ateblesoi Mr. Tbos. Wort is, lib Clinton plane, Eighth sureoL OR BAI.E-AND CAN BK BRKN AT WOOD A OLl ver'n stab lee. No. S08 Twenty seventh sweet, between Beven'h and Eighth avenues, n pair of mated bey carriage horses ana a oatr of bay mares, fine action, very test and per fectly matched. Also, a sorrel horse, that can go inside of three minutes, belong tog ton gentleman who has no further use for tbem, and will seu them at a bargain, if applied for lmmedi ately. POR 6ALB?BEVEN GOOD HORBBS; ONE PAIR OP browns, two fine express sr doctor's homes, one saddle pony, one carriage burse, one fine bay mare (tee1), all jutt worn tbe ernatry. Will be sold vtry low, a* the owner wants to leave tor heme. Call at tbe corner ot Grand aad Mercer streets, at OUST KB A MASON'S livery stable. TjtOR BALE-A GRAY HORSE, SIX YRAR8 OLD. IS r hands high, long tall. Can be seen at Wilson's stables, Crosby and Btcecber streets. For balb-a handsome trustee mark, six years oid; will be told at a bargain, as the owner la about to leave the city. Apply cn Monday, May 6, to Mr. FERRIS, 17J Metcer street. OR 8ALE?A DARK BAY MARK, FROM THE COCfl' try, about 1S>? hands high; seven yean' old; sonnd and kind. Price $176. Sufficient reason given for selling. Ad dress H., box 342 Post office, ?. Y. For ralr ? twbwty new express wagowh, large and small. Inquire 37 Canal street, at Studlsy's Express office. H~ ORHM FOR SALE?A HANDSOMK DARK GRAY' about 16'a hands high, a good family or physician's horse, sound, kind, and gentle. In tingle er double hareesr, and a gocd tandle and parade horse. Can oe seen at f KR NII RE'8 ilvery stable, corner of blxtb avenne and Twenty sixth street OR8R FOR BALE?A FINS FAMILY BOBSK. PONV butlt, sonnd and gentle in ail harness, handsome and stylish driver. To be seen at Wade's mable, oornsr of llicks aad Pacific streets, Brooklyn. OBSB FoFIaIkT lOW. AS THE OWNRRlcAfl Fo use tor it.?A black mare, short switch tai', nearly sixteen hands high, sonnd and kind in all harness; a verv fast and stylish traveller. A pply at 179 South street, on Monday, 6tu. OB8&8, OABRIAGKS AND HARNESS.?A SPAN OF well matched bay bones, about 9 rears old, gentle and good travelers, having been nsed ss family burses the ml three years; sleo, a light rockaway carriage, patent axles, made to order by a Broadway firm, suitable for summer or winter use, but little uHed ard in good order, together with harness, pole and tbafis; the owner will sell the whole fer $600. having no further use tor them. Apply at NODINE'S etablea, Pierre pont, near Fulton street, Brooklyn. Lady'8 saddle horse wanted?rditahlh k.iR an invalid lady. The gait must be an ainble.tnvck or pace, and the horse must be sound, kind and gentle In every par tic>1 nr. Address box 264. Mew York Poet office. STAUE8.?8EVERAL BBCOND HAND STAGES FOR ?ale by J. W. VAIL A CO., 13 Pearl street. ANTED?TWO SADDLE HORSR.8 (BACKERS, pscers or amblers only), ot all colors, except white, from live to seven years oid. good action; price not to exceed flat) each. Address box 1,848 Post oflloe. FINANCIAL.. -MOWBY to loaw, on watches. (PUl/U.UUU, diamonds, jewelry, segars, dry goods, and nil kinds of personal properiv, or bought and sold ici cash; soles, bonds,mortgages, stocks. Ac , negotiated. No. 101 Nassau street, corner of Ann, second Boor, rooms No. 2 2>?. THOMPSON A CO., Brokers and Commission Mer cheats. Eon Ann TO INVEST IN PURCHASING BONDS (POU.uUU and mortgages for small amounts or to lo..u in moderate imms, witb ample security, by R. G. PIERCc, No. 19 William street. Any amoupt of money to loan-on diamond* watches, plate, jewelry, merobaadtee and valuable pur aonal property, ot bought for eaab prices. R. WOOD, 69 Fr, ten street, second floor, front room, from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. Any amount of money can always be ut talned on securities, valuable merchandise, Ac. Un doubted business paper and property of known value bought for cash at sight. All transactions strictly confidential and ?ate. at the old established and respectab e Pacific Loan and Financial Offiae, 114 Grand street, corner Broadway, N. Y. ?c ?a.-a5?te SlS^^ws ol.MjMl? ?t Moolte, whuh steamer wu o?t off the Bahama* SS^vHS^^^^?S?s aaturss and filltn* up ot all netee ot the above denominations. 1fik.y, dock company, new jbrskt.?votii'it is fortkoOboo.k"hw1u b?, "peu for ewbscriptions for 1.110,(100, tbc rituiue of ihe oMttel flock of " Tli? ry,nB "" Company," chattered by the Legislature of New ,Ici^ S^all street' we J*v Tor4'"id hr* R^'oad Onmpan* tS.V. il . ?? York, on Wednesday, the 28th dnv <!f May, instant, from twelve to one o'clock ot cald ilar By order of the Directors, J. Lanuk ZabrIS.?, Sfy^M8I>KLL' Dated May 1, i860. A^gjm^Xvib^mad^M S?P yS* Ed\>le Vf"0NEY TO LOAN?ON DIAMONDS, WaTCHK8 JEW reo./hf/' pui110"' dry ?00d*! "?*?". anJ every (iesc'iouoo .? trainable property, or bought for each. Stocks, bonds uolr TnJ?rit\^^nkl'<l- Watches ard je-efcv for AT V J THAYr.R, 33d Broadway, rooms Set. I and 2 serend story. MONEY to LOAN?ON ALL KIND3 OK PERSONAL property, or bought for cash. Basinetsprompt,ud cor! I BARM ?Jm'm!?*!!s?oe* for "w purpose. By B H. uH MAJtR gold and silver retlner. at Ktj Bowfrr ml j ho "gtS?0?* BMt 10 ,be Cltl7ec*' Bank- & B.-Oold and silver NOTICE.-TBEBOLDKRR OP T3M THIRD MJK 0 A I*?* bonds of the Celnmbna. Pinna and Indiana Ran I ajLawsa v** hw ^ **&*??*??*? Cleveland. Columbus and ClneinnsU Asi'road Coinnaov ui* SiuSfM: M2 vBSFb*toB ?allSSd ^StSSTwd ? I UM^Slm PAl2b??.Sf"ro- Ccm^a '? afehirehr m orcu mat, at a meeting held pome ant to nottee ttihA A?t/t? "aM,oMbe^hi?l!2?h,^fWtllChoT*rUlf* kundired thousand r7(im?t".iu1Hh,m- "iUn*the ?atonot of bonis held by sath SSSStS^-? to 'kleuotiee Will promote the Interna. "SaTYos., April 16. l?SfMUEL J' MAL8? WAT THE ANNUA, Hoboken Land and L* e office of the oompiknr t of B?r a eat, at \ 1 ?'?ettaddireeuirs By ore A B. CwOVIB, Treasurer. capital stock ok the prsrton mm?K&r?^^ttss^,sf?S general meeting ot the subscrtbem to <Sd cap^m^stock ?? I be Tuid1avtb,CLh iSMP* "2'? IS HroaSvray, roon '03 ?Km^Jr a#? J ?f n,xt? at four o'clock P tot ?cocHi5b '"tol^w"P'6 incorporation of aaid ocu.vany ROBERT O.OLOVBR, . . DAVID P. VOQRHKBW, j Commissioners N*7i.T?RK,rSAI l' ,85?-?IHK FKK81DKKT a?D i fcu?^SCS2f ^JS?ery Bbd^ hive declared a dividend ?LP?r per.cent, payable on and after the 10th in*. Thr transfer books will be closed oalU the 9th, Ino naive. _Per order. N. Q. BRADFORD, Cashier. OWIcFoF TBK ACCRWORT TRANSIT OOMP, ,1 vraJ^.in'ko ' 'W? ?The transfer boiks of foh I i? S ,on Tuesday, the S9tb instant, and r I main closed until Thursday, the 8th of Mat neat. By order. I ISAAC C. LEA. Peers**-y. TO MINING OR MANUFACTURING COM PAN ISN Ren tie man of considerable experience and snccessiove ?m* up and mansgtnr oompanlee would take a n?,i,w? w?-* . B URfptJlt CapiU1 c*uld kemade available. Ad.'-cs .... kkmovalm. A C. OOODMaN A Od.HAVK RBlfOVgf) TBHIU IvA^dvI^1 72 Jobn "rwt 10119 Fulh- " 'iX^s^Tg,-. n^oau8^^ ^ N?M?I?s^/2i,DRT FRENCH BAK-fc J'?* t?3 Fourth HTIDT10, takes fhisor>pnrtnn'tv wh#>r chABm their rertdimeoi, to inform i'e pubho ' unaU T^5 an*?;iMK^r*?fo^to de"? lyw 7 ' n 1111 ^ ^'e 'ltf and Bm,k HlT** * CD HAVE RMWOV ?jy ed from the eerner ot Maiden lane and Wlillam street u ihe enraer of Park place and Church etreei. OBMOVAL. " ?IV WOLF*. DASH A PI8HKR, (Pnecessofs to Wolie, Gillespie A bo.,) mroarkn* or u*jtnw*ke, etc ,?m r, Bave removed from 188 Pearl street to 38 Wsrres street. RZ^gro^gp^f^"V''i> ht? P*> B, .COHN IMPORTER AND JOBIIEH ' - sueefto47 vlSi^-"' ,00<1,,? Ac- h" r?mt"e<5 trom 10?) Y R*busTn?Ls'7miLaKf*aDC.NW IUB KHMOViD HI? ard OrchaiJ Th2d?ni-?b7 lhe of belan "m fw s^!srdIn* house. ^ 01 ho??> ^ Crosby street RBMOVfcp.- HRPBY F. LKKD8 4 CO AUCTIOWHF~|'"k oq1?? ^ Wall street, have removed to 'he HDAci iv* >b0Ve tbf'r laaf location, 5r po PLANO MAKRRfl AFD CAHIWEPM AKRRV^ki. aid thjTrllhtu Vfk bf ncb6t mmk?r- noOflee hiafrterrtf SsJwra ^rKsr&w?car sr ?crew, always on band, and made to order. A. BUCK, B Attorney street T^JtV'to ??Br2.A/-?,tMSy*IlHM AMBROTTPK Oa". yiWB? AND LIQUORS. A ' h,<,.H R. 8EI -1CTION OF pH? RRI^ liXfiilfRAP 'r.'.f:sr.'?/S0",b "" f"??cat t" NO IRH717 A^!A rr i U tv? b <30 Hicme, com* oI Cro?h, eN??^ MATTER SHIPPING. Eft UVftRPOOL.?DHJTftD BTATBS MAIL STKAM sblp EHICaBON. Uaptaln Lowber. Ttil? iiim>i> will rt with ibe tailed States malls for Karoos positively ou Bawiar, May it, ai 12 o'aiock M , bom bar tertb at the tool of (tonal ilneL ma ship bss Improved water tight bulkhead*. For freight or ruati, having uncgimhss mccbbMUcm far atagaaoe or ecmlort, apply to EE WARD K. COLLINS. M Walt street. Paseeetere ere requested io bo oa board at 11 A. M. Ail letters must pass through the Pest otEce, any o-ber will be returned. The ataaaiibip AUocUo will succeed the It umbo. aad aal ? steemere of tbbt Una, to avoid any danger from loo, wtl not oroaa (be Beaks ot Mawfotrndjand nor A of(2 degress, ouQ after the lat of August. f|*Bft MEW YORK AMD LIVERPOOL UNITKDKf ATKN A M#U steamer*?The ah lie eouipiftung Uao Una ere:? The ATLANTIC, Capt. Oliver bidridga. Is SHra&gr&Mft Tbaaa ihlp* having bean built by contrast e> preset v for the foveacauaai mrvfcx, (every care hto wen taaoc In their oca rtructtoo, ae also la iheu engines, to to sure strength and flPMd* and their aeeoaawodaltooa for paaaaagera are unsquaued for elcgar ae toa USe; ia aaooiad ^e, fit. Bxeluttve aae of extra mte elate aa bom few Trrk to Liverpool, tn Oral oabtm roc ma, 9S7A From Ijvtrpool to Now fork, 30 and 20 foi Aa aaparleaced surgeon attached to eaih aotg. Mo bertha ran bo teenred until paid for. The ahipe have Improved water tight bulk heade. and to avoid danger from tee wil not aroea the Banks north of 12 degrees, until af ???tfp?BED DATRH OP BAILING. fbom amw vvua. rmoa uvkri oou Saturday Apia K 18fi6. Wedaaaday May 14,1806. Paitrduy May 111, iMti. Wedaaaday Jda< 28,1386.

haturday May 24 866. Wednesday .June 11,1306. Saturday Jane 7, 1356. Wednesday... June26,1*56. Saturday Jane 21 1606. Wednesday . Juiy 9 1806. Saturday July 5,1306. Wednesday.. July 28.1306 Saturday July 19.1356. Waoneaduy Aug. A 1306. Saturday Aug. 2 1366. Wednesday auk. 20. UKxt. Saturday Aug. 16,1866. Wedueedav Cert. 3,1866 Saturday Aug, 8'j, 1306. Wednesday . Pept. 17,1356. Saturday Sept 13,1356. Wedueede' (cl 1,1866. Saturday.. Sept. 17, 1836. Wednexlay Oct. 16 1806 Saturday Oct. 11,1306. Wednesday Oct. 2B, 18ti6. Saturday Oat. 20,1856. Weilne-day Nov 12. )86t Saturday Nov. 8.1306. Wednesday Nov. ?, 1866 Saturday Nov. 22.1806. Wecuteeday Pec. 10, 18'6 Saturday Deo. 6 1806. Wciineuuay.....Dec. 24,I860 Saturday Dec. 20. 18(6. For lr right or passage, appiy to IS WARD K. ColLiNrJNo. 66 Wan street. M. T. BROWN, BHIPLIY A00 'Liverpool. STBPBBN KENNaBD A CO. 27 Auaun Friar*, Londeo. B. G. WAINWRIGHT A OO., Pari*. The owners of tbeae ship* wilt not be accountable lor gold ,tdi ver, cull ton, specie, jewelry, Drecloua stones or me-ala. ur lees bills of lading Are signed therefor, end the value thereof expreaaed therein ? ST1AM TO LIVERPOOL FOR 930.?TH.B SFLfSfGD and powerful new steamship CUT CK HALT!M lit? Capt Leitoh, will a;,11 on the 15th of Mir Oabtn fare, $?>?, 665 and 105, according to accommodation' steerage fire 910. taetn dirg proVsicna. Apply to BABBL A UGxtTlfl, 177 Broad way. The vandebbtlt European bteamebip usi Tht: steamship NORTH STAR will leave few York on Saturday, May 10, fbr Southampton, Havre aud Bremen. For paaaage or frdght, apply io D. TOJtRANCK, Ho. 6 Bewlhig Green. Notice to passenokrh and importers.?thf ateamrhtp CITY OF BALflMoHS. 2,464 tons, 560 horve Kiwer, Captain Robert lultok, at intended to -eaume the atn ? g frcm Liverpool to Philadelphia on Wednesday. the 23d of AprO. The Liverpool and PliilkdelpbiaHteamahipl.tomp.iov intend sailing their favorite atenmahlpt? CITY OF Baltimore, 2 464 tone, Oapt. Robert Leitch. CITY CF WASHINGTON, 2.3H) toca, Caut. Wm Wylle. CITY CF MANCHB8TF.R,2.109 tone, ( apL P. 0. Petrie. KANGAROO, 1,974 Iocs, Oapt. R. Bwlug. PKOM UVturOOL City cf Bal'imore Wedneeday, 23d Aorti CUy of Baltimore Wedneeday, 4th June mom 1'Uu.aiieu'UIA. City of Baltimore .Tbumday, I5'.h May City of Baltimore Thursday, 26lh June HATEH OP PASkASE. Balocn, 990. 965 and L\y, acaorcmg 10 vtate rooms. A itmited oumner ot third claas pameogeru will be taken trim Pblladeiphta and Liverpool, and I ootid ,u provision a. From Phiiadetpliia 930 | Prom Liverpool.... : 94!> These >t?Mnablpa are conatrueted with improved water tigh ?ompartmeote, acd each vessel carrier an experienced surgeon. P&rtiee wishing to bring out their friends can obtain eertte eaten of passage and drahacn Liverpool in sums of ?1 sterling and upwards. war da. Apply to JOHN G. DaLE,agent, 17 Wa'nnt street, Phi's., t BABBL A OORT1B, 177 Broadway, New York. VJ OTIC*.-FIRST PACKET. FOR LIVNRFOOL.tPACKttT -Lv 5th vf May. T'be splendid packet ship SaMDKL M FOX, AiDkwortn.wUl positively sail on this day. precisely at 12 o'clock. Room lor a few more cabin, second cabin and steer age pawengers. Rurly application to secure berths, should be made on board, pier 11 J*, a. foot of Carh&e street, or to TaPSCOTT A 00., 36 South street. O'lICE.?FIRPT PACKET FOR LIVERPOOU-TnK srleroid and fast millug packet ship rtOBMRT KELLY, Captain fiaratcw, n-B) positively rail to-morrow, having an surpastcd accommodations for cabin, reoond cabin and steer age passengers, larly app.icauon should oe mode on board pier 6 North river, or to TBO8. H. O'BRIKN, 1)3 Southstrtc!', TKAM 1BETWBKN NEW 'YORK AND (ILABGOW.? ED1NBURG, 2 500 tons, Cupt, Wm.Cumming. NhW YORK, 2,160 " 'Tapt. Root. Craig. GLASGOW, 1,932 " Capt John Duncan. The Oisfgow and New York etteamshfo Comoany in'ecd sailing the'r new ntd powerful steamer ED'.NBURG, from New York for Glasgow direct, on Saturday, May 17. at twelve t.'clock, nr on. Bate* of passage-First elkts, 975; third clam, found with ocokeu previsions, 930. An experienced surgeon attached to each steamer. For tre,ghi or puwage appl v to JOHN MuSYMON, 17 Broadway. New York oRv bills or cu.d <mir ?vt?ivcd rnr passage. FOR BREMEN, VIA SHUT Ha MP ION .-THIS UNITKD States mail steamship HKRMaNN. R. ll'ggtng, eon mar.dsr, w 111 eail lor Promt n, touching at Southampton to land the mai s and passengers for s.nglad and France on Ha'ur day, Mat 17, at 12 o'clock M.. from rter37 Norh river ruins OF passage riion srw york to soorBAMi'TOH OR mum In first cabin, main saloon $130 Infirst cabin, icwer mood 11 ? In fCO'nd ratio (ill ad excrtenced surgeon .s attached to each s'camer opera delivered id Havre or London. All letters moat pass throngh lie Feat office. For passage or 'rtigttr appir tj C. H. SaM), Aser.t. 11 Bomb V?l!?am street The ateamer Washington wlij succeed toe Hermann, and aail June 14 EM IMHES AND V?J*KZrKl.A STaaMSHIF com l. any. fjr xAg.iayra and Pnerto Cabelio. stopping at St I hem an and "or o Rieo, carrying the United states m til The splendid new (teenier TunmsskkE, (1,100 tot.* bnrtlien) C. J*. Webber, commander, will leave fir toe above porta oo Saturday. Nav 10, at 12 o'cioek precisely. Thia s-earner wil: arrive in lime at 8t. Themui for pt-sseagers to lake toe British mat' ncamera to Ouada'oupe, Oranada, Trinidad, Martinique, Berbadsga, Ft. darts. St Cr< ix, Ft. Martin, Demerara, A align., St. Kitta, PL Martha, dsptnwal), and San Juan, Nicaragua, and tbe Went Indfo Islands. truer, of rtssACR. From New Tork to fit. Thomas, or Porto K ee 170 ToLaguayra, or Pnerto tlacello R'. Steerage passage 25 All inters most pars through the Post olllee. No biil o .... _ r lading will be a'gnei except those furnished by tbe company. Fcr freight or patsage apply to 8. I)K AUKeDA, JOVR A CO.. 47 South atreet aH POUNDSBAGGAGE FRKE?IP CENTS PBRPOUND t'V on exceae- Four boore tram ocean to ocean by Panama Railroad?1 hrongb "or falhornla via Panama Railroad.?Tbe United States Matt Aieamantp Company will despatch for As ptnwall cu Monday. Mav ft, at 2 o'oioek P. M., precisely. freer pier foot of Warren atreet. North river, the well known And flaat ateamahiD ILLINOIS, Cant Chan. H. Hoggs, U. *. *. Pasaenge rs and mal.'a will be forwarded bv f'auama Rat" read, and connect at Panama with the Pacific Mail Steamship Company 'a magnificent ateamabip Sonera, R. Whiting, coin mander, which wul be in readtneaa, and leave tmmedia-elv tor Ban Francisco. Tbe ouollc are Informed that the Pacific Mail Steamship Company always have one or more extra * team era lying at Tacama ready lor sea, to avoid any passim* detention of passengers cr mails. For passage apply lo I. W RAYMOND, at tbe only office of the companies, No. 177 Wen. street, comer of Warren. SUTTOM A CO '8 DISPATCH LINK FOR SAN FRAN i too.? Bailing regniarly and positively on cr before tbe day advertised?Clipper ot doer day, (ith May?Tbe a 1 firs, olaac eimper ship ONWARD, Luce, master, la receiving bar cargo at pier 10 Baat river, and will positively sat] aa stove The small capacity of this Ikvorlte clipper, ber superior sac for qualities, ualform good delivery of cargo, with ber err: y at.! positive day for aaUkpg. present unequalled Inducements. SUTTON A CO-, S8 (tenth atreet, earner of Wall. N. B.?The ships of thia line take no freight after their adver Used day. preventing anv detay to ablppera denroru of landing goods In Ban Francisco with (Nit detention. Australia?independent link.-first shil and guaranteed to aail before any veaeel now np. The magnificent A 1 clipper ship QUIRK OF THa! KE AS, Wm B. i'obb commander, will be despatched a', an early day for Me' hoiirae. The above vessel la an extreme c toper, and supeno to any ship now on the berth for Australia; her eccrxnmod. Hons for passengers are unequalled, being all on deck, and fitted up'equal to any steamship. Passengers Intending to take passage ara particularly requested to examine her before eo gag'ng elsewhere. One ball her cargo la now on board, and shippers are requested to complete their engagements at one ?. For balance of freight, or paseage in first or second cabins, at low raica, apphrion board, at pier 12 kaat river; or to OOOD RVN, ARKHLL A RLLIOT, KB Pearl at. a UBVRALI A.?PIONEER LINK, CARRYING THE .1 Uolted States mail. Tbe beantlful A 1 clipper ship MONSOON, 1,360 tons bnrtben, for Melbourne and will ul?o receive freight for Syoney. N. 8. W., la now at ber berth, pier ? K. R.: baa a large portion of ber cargo already engagui. and will be deapat bed early in June. Haaap'endld aootm mentations for passengers la first and second cubing, and wl .l carry freight at lowest rates. Shippers and intending paaaen gers will do well before engaging elsewhere, to apply on board, or in K. W. CaMKRON, No. 6 Bowling Green idgr Melbourne, Australia?taking freight r for Sydney. and Adelaide.?Mritual Line?Posi tively tbe first and the fastest ship in the berth?Tbe superb A 1 dipper ship BOSTON LIGHT, Orowell, master, tiwving a large y art of ber cargo engaged, wBi have prompt despatch, an rsrly day will be namrd on which she will postttvely sail. A limited amount of freight will be lakao at aoderaie rales, ir applied for at once. This ship Is aa exweme clipper and 1ms never been beaten In her passage#. Fog freight or passage, having fee sccommedstlons, applv on board, at pier 10, Kaas river, or to * AlBLHR. LORD A QUIRHaU, 108 Wall street Rogers Wsrf.eld. Lord A Do.. Agents m Melbourne. F~~6b "-'ANJUAN DB NICARAGUA.-THE NEW AND splendid siesmsatp ORIZABA, B. L. Tiokiepongn, cum nissder, will leave New York for San Juan de Nlearagna, no .Saturday. Msy 10. at 3 o'elosk P. M , from pier loot of Reach itHSt, horili river. N. II.?Bhon'.d the steamer Sierra Neva <a ot si Ban Juan del Bur in time to oonnedt with the above, the tst?s of passage from that port to Pan Francisco will nni ex iced. In frsi cabin. #100; second cshln, 17b; atoerate, #5b. Trssslt over the Istfcmusat ibe expense of paesengers Fo' ijo'iht slid paseage apply to CHAH. A, WHIrNKYNoi. 2 Baw "py ureen. utOR~NEW OBLRANS AND IaVANaT^-ThK VSITKD P Stales mail steamship BLACK WARRIOR. J. W. funtth. orBimander. wtD commence reoeivfog freight on Thursday *sy b, and sail for the above ports on Monday, May 12, at 2 P. M. rrec saiy, firom t ier No. 27, N?rt? river, tcot of Robtneon -trMt L1TINRSTON, CROCHKRON A CO.. Agenta. No. 12 Park p'see. No hills of lading signed after die eails . tor St. Louis roes through by this line in sixteen days. EKR SAVANKAH AND FLORIDA ?UN IT Nil 7t* TKS Mall line.?The new and e egurt steamer ArGUwra I'ipl. Iboe. Lynn, will ieave on Wednradar Mav 7?from oier No 4 North river, at 4 o'clock P. M. Bn a of .sding signnd or. ? osrd. For freight or passage app'y io 8, L. MUCHlnL .Vo. 'i eroadway. For Florida uironsh tickets loom New Tork n ,l?eki( nvtile #31; to l'llatks. IKS. Large and cotomodiotn ?leamsrs ;e?ve Savarr.ab for Florida three times a week, coe nss'irg with the steamers from New York in Ti.eecWvg ar.d ??q?c.vt, . OR NORFOLK AND PRTgRFBURaTTHt"tUTITBD ^ biales Mall steamship BOANOKK, I'sot. Thomas Fain ?,er, will Irave for the above piasee. -d Wednesday *th mit. at 4 o'"lcck P. M., firom r,ei IS Nerih river bbe wl'.I arrive ?? a' lli.kihe next arernrcr. audi.: Petersburg the following morning. Paseer ger" for the South will prrwesd rii-ecl r <x h t <e giest Fouiberi ma.! one lo Char'eetoi a tgnsta. B?vv;. i,u, fe 1 hiee lur Richmond will arrive a' thro os*;ir.avi .? i v ? ildsy ncurrsng. T-sve'>rs willf.rd ihle 'he rboaoei is ?#i i lost ard moet nifpTUub rruie Fhtwgr and b^e ?u ts.unsriii >o Norfolk, Jb ?" Peut-rburs atKt Kichmott I it' Alfi J fo LGDLAM A 1 LKaSaN"B Brotsdwey. AMl'SEMENTt*. ki JBlO'h OAMDKM - XV Door* opoD i>l ,, 4 e. miilw at 8. M*is ntr tenia Moblat Kteaido, May 6 I8M. THE WONDERFUL BaVkL FaMILY. M'LLE ROBKRT. TBK BaLUEY COMPANY. First n.ght ot me grard comic rtnvkl, MaZULJS, Tlilt NIGHT OWL. PrticipB. cLaracttra oy Auloir.?, Kricc lit led Jerome. THE CONSCRIPT. Frameci* Tba Conaertpt *?? *?W'! The VirmodMve NKW FESTIVAL DANS ANT. by Vile Robert ud the Bal.ti Company. UaZL'Lm ever* night. VL/ A1 LaCK'H THFATRK ?? Monday evening, Mays Knowlea' play of TBE WIFit. Ju tan St. Pierre, Mr. Wallace, l.eonardo G nonage, K>, Lester; Antonio Mr. I'yott. Perrardn, Mr. Norton; Lorvox i, Mr. Hie" art. Dai-lolo. Mr. Holland, Mariana, Mr*. Hoej; KIj rib*!, Mlse ibempton With poor pilmcoddy John Peter PUlleoddy, Mr. Holland. Capt. O'Reuttle, Mr. Norton; harsh B unt. Mra Htepheua; Mrs. Pil.lcoddy, Mr?. Corover, Mrs. O'flC'tUle, Mrs Svivrster. TneMaj- TBE WIFE, and POOR PLLUCfiDDY LAURA KERNES VARIKTIlt-. Doors open at6^?: performance* oommenee at Z% pre alaelY. Monoay avenlna. May A? this marble heart. The Sculptor ..Mr. O. Jordan Dtrgenea, the Philosopher Mr. U. K. Dlcttnaoc Gurgiae... .Mr. T. B. Jt button I Aicibtadea Mr. Howard Astasia Mtaa lAura Keens Tbea Miss Kate Reigooldi To conclude ?itb the burlesque burletta of NORMA. Polite Mis* Roialte Durand Norma Mr. H. lall Adagwa Mr. T. B. Johnston Academy OF MUSIC ? Ailmission, onm dollar. Seeond circle St' 50 I Amphitheatre 10 It Secured tea is. SO cents extra, at Hail A Son's, No. 239 Bread way, and at 'he Acsdernj Doors open s'. 7K o'clock; commencing at 8 o'clock. Verdi's grand opera, in (cur acta, of ERNaNI will, by special request, be presented, for the Last TIMk, ON MONDAY, MaT 6. 1M6. Elvira Madame Pe I.a Grunge F.rnant Sign or Botcloni Carlo Quinto hlgnor Badialt Don St va Stgnor Cmetti Max Mareuec Director and Conductor Ii'Mr.'ith hall, * 196 broaihmaT. Trio doors ;,bcve the Metropolitan HoieL TRIUMPH OF ART. LOUIS KVLLER reapeotlully tnnntinces to the publie that be baa .eased he above place, which has been appropriately I expressly tor the purpose of prjaentiug Dued up nnd deccavrd t hie second series of grand tableaux soirees. Exhibiting all 'hat is famous anil refined to tbe arte of PAINTING AN ? SCULPTURE, Ritber sacred, moral, mythological or historical, logetbar with national subject* of m< re re-ept Interest. forming at once ore of the most beautiful and intellectual enter.alnmenta tor the approval of an enlightened pttop e. Mr Keleraiso intimates, ,h,it in order to render the effect ?t bis pictnres more perfect by the aid of music and decora tions. independently of the enormous expenditure of bis own ti otipe of TWENTY-SEVEN ARTISTS, Be h?Hengaged talented persons in '.he various department* of scenery, machinery, Ac., including a lull axul bCPtcRioa OKtinkiiTRA, Ccrdncied by Mr. Orflle The first performance will take p.ace ON MONDAY EVENING, MATS. And be continued every evening during the week. PROGRAMME. PART I. Overture by the Orchestra, ''Fra Diavolo" Auber FIRST TABLEAU. The (Marit t of tbe Stan Music. Life's Pulse Wall/." runner SECOND TABLEAU Ariadne and Bacchus (.'.imposed bv Mad. Keller. Music, "Peplta Polka" M. Grille THIRD TABLEAU Famine Composed by M KeEer. Music trom "Lucrezia Borgia" Donlzetu fourth tableau. The Fhower of Geld Composed by line. Keller. PA AT II. Overture, "Le Msoon" Auber PIRST TABLEAU. lb* Mast ar re of the Innocent* Music, "Mttsen Quadrille" Strauss> tableau. I.'Eiperanza After Paul Delaroche. Music, Lorley Melodies" Strausa THIRD TABLEAU. True G'ory Composed by M. Keller. Music,' Rationale" FINALE. The Great Nadona' tableau. THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, Alter Turnout]. MnsV '. "llall Columbia." Tbe programme will be changed weekly. Tbe repertoire of Mr. Keller consist* of upwards of 3 000 pictures, thus enabling him to present an ever varying source of interest and at'.rac Boo. Boors open at 7 o'clock. Overiore will begin at 8 o'clock. Tickets 60 cents. Private .-wives, $5. Arrangements can be m de for tbe admlsdon of acbools and societies, by application at tbe Hall, between the hours of 10 and 4. Eighth grand sacred concert, this (Sunday) EVKN1NG, May 4. AT THK CITY ASSEMBLY roOM8.NO. 446 BROADWAY. Tbe celebrated CHORAL SOCIETY ARlUN, together mhh tbe Grand Cr. hestra, wilt assist. FROORAMlCEi? 1. Binfcnie Trtamphale, Op 9. (llrst time iu Aiue rlcs) Hugo Ulrtch 2. Prisonera' Chorus, from the onera "Fldello" Beethoven Performed by the arion and Orchestra. 3. Gram) Overture, "Atballa." firm time Mendelssohn 4. Adnvio. for tour French Horns C. M. Voa. Weber i'eiiormeo by Messrs. h. Sshmttz, U. Echmitz, La Croix and Prahl. 6. Soldiers' Chorus, from the opera, "Les deux Jour nee*" Cherubin) l'erlornifd by the Arion and Grebes'ra. fi. Grand Overture, "Robespierre" .hltiol! Cundnctcr Carl Bergmanii Leader Theodore Thomas lies eta, 60 cents. Iiocrs open at 7; to commence at 8 o'clock. E 3XTRA ADVI-.RTI8RMENT,-MONDAY, MAY 5. THIRD ' weak of a great moral drama. The marhlk Iieart. Beautiful effects. powerful acting. Production oi a new burletque? NORMA, slightly renewed. BOWKRY THEATRE-SPECIAL noticr.-ladik8 and gen' f-DBfn. of acknowledged Ui'eat wishing engage melius, will pieate make immediate application to <?'. H. GRIFFITHS, Acting Manager. N. B.?A good prompter wanted; also, a tint rate property man. BIRD PIANOFORTE SOIREE.-LAST BUT ON 1 rank in Kasaford anil I.ouiaa Payne, assisted by Utue Ada. the wondertul infant prodigy, only tour tea-a o.d and Mr. Cendido Bertl, st Pod worth's Aeaiemy, adjoining <trace church, cn Tuesday evening. May 6. Tickets, % ; extra lady's, SO cents; to be had at the music stores and at the door on the evening or the tioncert. GENERAL TOM THUMB. This world repawned man in miniature will hold two of hie levees st the BROOKLYN ATHRNA5UM, To morrow (Moida > alternoon, at 3 o'clock, and evening, at a quarter betcre 8 o'c'ock, when he will be assisted by MISS CHARLOTTE COOK and DR. VALENTINE. Admission. 36 cents; children under ten years, half price. Ibe General will appear at the Odd Fellows' Hall, Patereen. on Inesdav afternoon and evening, for one night only and ai he Library Hall, Newark, on Wednesday ana Thursday, af ternoon and evening. Temple of the musks, 31c broadway, will ciose on Saturday, May lb.?Grand closing scenes?Two performances each day, commencing at 3 and 8 o'clock, by Madams Warton's Troupe of Model Artists (77 in nitnner) Noihe.?On Monday Madame War ton will open a. 177 Grand street, one door from Brosdway. AMI ATT AN DRAMATIC CLUB.-A REHEARSAL win be held at the usual time and place. Any lady or gantleman wishing to join this association ean do so by apply ing to the Secretary. 181 Canal street, late Walker Next per formimce-WIFK FACTORY GIRL, and MORNING UsLL. Brooklyn museum.-on Monday, may~6Tbewe? fit of Mlsa Louie Elmire, a now three act play, written by Miss Lonite Elmcre, entlted LOUISE, THE FORSaKEn. and THERhhK, THE ORPHAN OF G F.N RV A-Miss Louise E more ae Louise and Therese; Mr. G. F. Lovell as Carwin. HE NEXT PRIVATE CONCERT OF THE PUPILS OF M'lle Rllza Vaentlm will take nlaee on the 1st of June. Tickets tbr sale oak at her rooms, 623 Broadway, second door. Her latest camfBHtion, "The Bouquet de Ball," Kng.'thbal lad for soprano and mezzo-soprano, price 36 cents, from 11 till 6 o'clock every day. ERBAM'B FOURTH GIFT ENTERPRISE.?A MARS meeting of the share bolder* will be held at GEORGETOWN, P. C., ON THURSDAY, MAT 8. to appoint a eommlitee and arrange tor the distribution of the .'100,600 gifts Ksch share ?r ticket represented at the meeting will be entitled to one vote. VTOTtCE TO ill EAT RIOAt.H.-W. R. FT8H, THRATRI - IN eal wig maker, removed to 67 Frank fin street, three doors Mom Broadway, and opposite Taylor's Saloon. MATRIMONIAL. Astonishing to aLl-madaMe morrow, thr sever tb daughter, lias a natmral gltt to tell past, present and fninre events, and all the concerns of life, eves the very thoughts, and will cause speedy marriages, and show the like nesses (f the intendeo husbands and absent friends, and wtK bring together these who are separated, who will enjoy the peaicas happiness of matrimonial bliss. All who wish good lurk may call sOpd for roller and comfort. Thousands have ex pressed their belief that she is the mow wonderful astralogltt in he word, or that has evsr been known, though aha practises Duiblng but what is reoonctlsable to philosophers. No efaarge U not sahsted 76 Broome street, between Cannon aad Colum bia. Gent Is men not admitted. AtRIMONIAL.?M'LLE. OEMtSTB LA SALLE. AUTO? grsptier de Paris, will send, upon the reoeipt of titteee ren's. the fnll dellceetion ot a person's ehancier. habits, sua ceissad destiny; a'so the one they love or will marr>. Ad dress. with return postage, M'lie. Celeste la Salle, Post office, Few York. ~ 1XPRE88E8. Il RMCMAN a CO '8 KXPRJC8S FOR CALIFORNIA. F Oregon. Sandwich Islands, China, and Pacific coast of South A merles vis Panama, will be despatched per United Stated mail steamer Illinois, on Monday, Mar 6. st 2 o'clsok P. M. All freight must be in water proof condition, ana should be delivered to us prior to day of sailing, or at the latest by 10 o'e'ork os Monday, 6th insL, and value declared. Small parcels and letters taken until 1 o'clock. FRF.RMAN A CO., 60 Broadway. AOIFto EXPRESS COMPANY. 124 BROADWAY ?WE will forward our next express to California and the Pa cific octet via Panama, per steamer Illinois, on Monday, May 5 Freight reoetved until 10, and email parcels ana letter* until 1 o'clock. WM. H. BALL. Agent. WKI.lJt, FARGO A CO.. 82 BROADWAY, WILL SEND their express to California, Oregon, Sandwich Island*, and the Pacific coast et Booth America on Monday next Mav l,r? UnWd States Mall steamer Illinois, via Panama, le*v ii f a' 2 o'clock P. M. Freight sentai the reduced rates. Ts een-ie fbtf-ment. I: ebou d be delivered to ua before 10 A. M rgi iw day of saibng. Small parcel* received until 12 M. All tMtjet be very Hreegly peeked, and made water proof. i? B - To enab'e us to Droperly clear goods at ensttms, shir pers trust furnisi us s memorandum of the oonvmu and rsirerl their pstktges. WKLL8, FARGO A (X). SHIPPING. v r CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA^SRMl WEEKLY I . 8. Mall Mne-The Meamship hut'TH Kh.MBK, Tbos. '???.( mn.acder, will leave Pier No. 4 N. R.. oe wednes e?- Mm 7, at 4 o'clock. P. M. precisely. For freight apply on hoair. * here all bills of lading will be sigred, and Tor passage ?.?'(? cffeeolSPCEFf RP. TILRFTON A CO.. ? Bmadwar. 1 Tb< rf? end magnificentsteamship Ns?hvii!e. Oapt M. Berrv, ? In iced. a?d esve on Rainrmv, Mav 10. The favorite 1 ar . ira makes regular trips to the various landings I f?> bt It. .Iffct.'s river, ricruls. (oetervir.g with the steamer* 1 '-nn *?? Yezk and leavtiu 'Tterlesten ?c*ry Tuesday, ?; i r? k I u. Thr.ugb tickets to dMkaot- vue, *81 torn ia. ; W3. AMUHKMK.\T8. T^BOADWAT- THRATRR.-B. A. M AUHALLTBOua J> I awes; W. A. Blnka. Stage Kumr. Doora m>? u MRPHIHTUPHILK8. **???? Mr B. Wn luu Losnlsgt B, NUDUM BAT* KaaKms Y. " ?*? KJM B- W.llaine <????'' Mra. B. Haul#??????? , .MIm Prioe WItOW BKl??>Tr. mumrrwm Mr*. H. Williams Jib ( rajav i wkihw^ OWKRY TURaTR*. -PROP tlKTOR .KUNAIAQU, I. P. WeMrrm; aetlsg Manager Mr U. H. OrtRihs. Door ? open nl dLj oomnenee at 7 V M"nday. Mat a? TbK LAST DaYS UK POMP?II. Arbaoee Mr J.J. P-In Glaueu*. Mr JonesJNydta Mra. Prior , , ? . THE PHRbKCVTAD DUTCHMAN. John Hekmldt Mr. B. W. Oleus III RlOK'fi. r IlAMBKItS KTKKKT AJ Mordat?Ituee new piecea ol m> rit. and '.he tint ap pearaaee of .a. , MK" l,05*L QOLDHMID, the capital eon.ic eelLneaior and vooalst .Jf.r?Jii'k,i,h 1ew ?"Dlc PA"- Mra. C. HOWARD n iwo new parta. The first nUki of -H,h W r. ? A F>'>C* FOB aK HHUH. vw How;rd> Ml*" M"'> Know >a. Mr. Set-hell, Aa. ment eaTed""1 Peasant Blghia' Entertain ABON HABPAN; OR THK DPAf) AT 1 Vs* with Mr. t urine, Mr. Ramfoid. Mr. Holmau, Mra 0 iflowarJ Ac. And 'be first Una here of iha mule piece of* * urn r\- S UB?IRlNHKD OFNTLsMaN. ^lod"ml, ?i'h tie eccnnino aoog of taUons lotrodorin* many ludicrous and capital 1ml UoLH,FonKIV"^a,KI,IDP' mfwtd?"" vl,=K of recent produe T> BOADWAY VARIRmsT"NO 47 2 BROADWAY^ n uj' Mechanics' Hall, set ween Grand and Broome ala> M. Wwd... 1+rHee and Business Manager R. O, Marsh alXMISr ION, TWKhTY FIVE CENJN Mojwt Riehing, ijid During the Week, Ihe celebrated -,111 *2?^ * *arkh juveniles will prreent, on Mocdav. May 5. DAY AFTkK IIfF WEDDING. D??<* and s- Bl.aOK KYkDSDHA*. ^ ?H!? uPKI',XARMIeK *td KKIOHHOR'8 WIKK. I KGllrffts^RFl ANU rUK liKASr,tod WANDRR. blS^Vkd^L"EART i,hvek wo" kaib laDY Friday- MoBB, THK OUTLAW; COURIN JOB Saturday?BLsCK KYKDbUSaN. NSW KOOTMAN at 10o^lcclrn *' oemmenem a. 75* o'clock; and eoneludeg "If1 Y M1 bbtrkls, nkw hall, 4m Broadway, below Orand sir?et ? , OPKN BVKRY KVAMINO. BudireNR trarmiod by Henry Word ...anscao, concluding with, on Mond;,v, 111K DO! Bl",K BKDDRD ROOM. On luet da j -1 h e; M C At M V On Weoneeday-THK HaPPY M 4 V. On Thiuntay?RoliKKT Mat All 11 On Fridny?BIHARAOUA STATr. SK' RKTH On Baturday?BLAOK BLl.'NDKhS. Notice.?ihe curialn will rise at Hpreowely. Admlaakm ..26cenN W AH',i.( K'S THKATRR.- KXI Ra ADVKKTIHKMENT. fT Tmrtj-ieventh appear&ccn fit Mn. Wai.L\^K, Whose perlep ol p?riorm%i c?h arc drawing to aeWwe. OwtDf Ui tiir pte%t ?ppUuh#?, ar?o in acc irdaoce with ihe 10 rreMirg oenuini for teat* to wttn?-MR Kr.owjen' irren dia* of THK WIPE, 1 it frBl b? r*p<?a*??d, MOt DAY, MAY 5, AND 1UKRDAY, MAY fl, Willi tta mignttlcei.t acetery. ooelumeH, and the following no , ? equalled raatt? Julian Ft Pierre ur w.n.,^ Leonardo Gonzata ". . . V " Mr LwItJ KZ'V?" Mr. Norton Antonio u. Dvctt Hfint^0' ^ HdvWli,e ot Ro?8 .'.".'iir. Stewart ?i?.C Holland Count Flork Mr.Leyero J^T: Mr. Fetera COKBCO u. leffri-a hlrttl m'i"1? 01 Ma"lu? '? '? '?'.'.? - Mr."DeWalden Mr b am hod t>6lLArftO......,, Mr Knrkfl hugo. guardian to Martitna ".'..... ".Mr Bernard Mr. Oliver Mm. Hoey rloribel ? Mis* Tboapaoa r- ih. < ltll*n.,i kn1?hM, no: lee, guard*. Ao. BCtServ w *** Pi?c?, toe toWowlrg new and beautifol ^Ce Yr""^Jare.?^ MEDtua? Chtmb?r In the pantor^ houne. ?Cf U'"" # ?? ?'U8,*C<J t^e duenl pklaee htract In Manttui ?hzterjor or the palaoe. aud gmud hail and veetiotUe rirlJJ 01 the room in the palace ?Grand ball In the ducal p&laoe. -An,? '0?" 'e?d ng to the Duobess1 chamber A mansion oi Ferrardo Gonzaga. *ci V.?Orand tent ot Leonardo with distant riew of camp. _ , Men st arms, knights in armor, Jo , Ao. Concluding each night wlih the excellent larce of ? POOR PILLICODDY. John Peter f II lleoddy Mr. Holland B?H5X *b?amr-ww>i?rbday, May 7. lawn Benefit of Mr. 8. W. GLKKN. The entertainmeoKi ta ?.cJ?une?e" wl'.h. ROBIMA Mr.ADOWb-Ro.slnA, Mra J.J, J J' *v? ?11, Pong, "The lost baby," by iv/i nTvVfi* lVi? beautiful p ay called HBLP ,m2i i i 'MR BUND VIOLlNIaf-Hartman,aa h^l ifi,mf? Hvhf"* aMr- Ql?,in; Tl dli m'W! m- Song, K^n i ??- blsbop. To conclude writ .1 aOR NHaP fAHn lank, Mrr J. P. Breutord; Menue/, Mr. (Ilenn be cere your nsats. Box hook row open. ' mad. anna i>e la uranium tHrtt 1 jlma Donna ol iha Acetlemy ol Music, N. Y.J and assisted br 1 KARL WRLB. Pianist; mi , v. mollunhauek BROTURRB, 10 Juhien's Mtin- ter Concerto,) will give a(jRaND CuNOrRy, at Library Hall, Newark. ?. 00 '^KBDa Y evening, Ma i ti, 1S36. inJaJU^T?01 dtsapcotnttnent In obtaining Feat*, a diagram of if }'r'P*r*<b "nd, stau mtv be secured fn aovaoce. sUem. ?karge, at Dr. Mereer's dr ug store. No. 234 Broad Doors open at 7; Concert rommecres at 8 tbedocV# re*?rf#a 8eal" *U1 b? "did alter the opening of MMB. ANN a JIB LA URANtIK and L. M. UOTXBCHALK, assisted by KaRI. WKLS, will give A grand oonckrt, the Athenu'um, Brooklyn, ON THURSDAY aVKJtlKU. U\Y (j, KM. c , ^ Tickets, One Dollar. vXH HI?,*! be **c"r*d ln advance at the Aihentcnm. and at ? u L Son's music store. No. 2? Broadway, N. Y. _N. B.? No extra charge for itemed seals. "DUCKl RY'8 SKRKNaPRBS-WHO ARB NOW ON A fnt?JuUIiH"2i1" J ei"^w'11 0,,fn lh"r new and beautl Ln.i ai S*?*<lw'?y. opptol'eNlblo'e about the Drat of Aa dramatic atitbora to the foliowtng otTers. viz -$1,000 for a 'rHwy, Is five ictt, and $t(M) lor a new drama, in threw or floor acta, oftuigioal add etluedve donstrneuon, that shad ba SSSI?nCuil '.hV appointed judges- one from New York, Ma trom Philadelphia, and one f, cm Boston. CompetHora for the prizes will forward their mamuerlpis to the care of *. F r. V^r' ?"?; ** Oommerolal street. Hoswa, Mam , before tl e .'U s . . y w1UUd ^'y days of Which Uu tbe deelrtops wlU be made. Tboae wac may wish to eoasmu nfoate with Mr..Proctor on toe selection of snbieet, As.. wU please address him at his rericence In Momervllle, Mam. IfiflO ~^,faIJ,MT O^ABI! RPLIOIOC8 KXHIBmOir, WMI vV. which also commands a general Boerem, can ba purchased for ihe abt.Te aa< oat. It nnmrssea novekv ra speetoblltvy, and Is entirely perfect It involves but very Uttle exprore for will secure on extensive patronage. ^ app * CLARKB, 117 Fulfou streaC ivSgmv U 8BKL D J RF ~Q A I.LK bT! ? * 4fC Broadway. Admittance 28 cents. ?DOWKRY THBATRK TO LhT-FOR SUNDAY LW 2P. M ' ' ' WALDfc,'N. fro? 11 A. M to MEDICAL. RRWARD.? -CRottoM A N's" 8PKCIF7C Hi \. m..i . a remedies yet discovered this to iKT-iyAim>H and permanent otire.wltotnrt tn drink or exposure.or rhaage In an sfss saiRusf ?: SrVdSSsSfSLS>?!????..... AMBDlClMa BAB HBEN D18COYKRBD.?DR. HAif f has dI*cover*d a vegetable oompoucd whioh Is surfo. . j srnds of oolds. congbe, asthma, bronehi to and ronaumpi ? . Tb'*!^P'OT'<1 d*"y hyhuodreds who are cured. There is io medlstoe equal to It. Offloe 203 Bowery, S. T. J?w Y?*k, Jan. ?, 18M. w,> "* ' rrf?LB*WjZI),,u" botOe of medietae I porehased of yon for a dtotitsalag cruigb, otired am like mngto. Truly a. Hlf?$ulferlBg from a diMrtffflof wowrn ha, laaafean one bottle sf your oompoaad eared me. fie Met fork"""' M 8,ta'n* W* Y ARC?LA'B PBOTNCTOR?an INFALMBLB PRRYRW. nf Vfo^TT* i.fjr^hl CHARLK8 PKRRtAU r Broadway Biatoe. Room SO, Bloomer Bui dmga, ;. i D1 xR. RALPH, AUTHOR OP THM "PRACTICAL P t . I vato Treatise," Ae . offices 843 Houston street, > - Wooster; boars from 9 to 12 A. M., and fist P. M.,f8nt< v excepted.) Those who apply In the early stages will be sur prised at ike rar Idltv and dttle inoonvenience attending tbrlr cure. In sttlcture. fr<m its first or Incipient to Its most ad vanced and distressing stages, he can guarantee e rapid, soy and radteal cure, which, be has ground for stating, can be ob tained from no omrr source In Atnenca. Consul moons strletir rontldsnttal. Private seats for waiting R. LARMONT'H PARIH AND LONBOR MBDIOAL Advlsersnd Marriage Guide, twentieth edldon, gOOpages, HO flrctrotvpert Illustrations; eloth fl It gives the adver tised remecfes sod shows the superiority of the author's Parie and Ixmdon treatment of certain dl-eaies, also nervous debili ty, local and general from exeessessnd Indiscretion, As ; aor ncrBprlngand Mercer streem entrance In Mcrser, opponne St. Nicholas Hotel, New York, from 10 A. M to 9 In the ev - Ing We recommend Dr. larmout to the affitoted.?Courier ?* Rto'.s I'nls. btnats ZeitiiDg. iTlTDR_CORB 1 TT~18 CONBULTKD PRIYATKLT. AT bis office. 98 Mtddagb street, nearlv opposite Bands street, srrd tourth door from Fulton street, Brooklyn, from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. PRO BONO PUBLICO ? Of all ihe drink ther talk about, STRINF KLD'8 cordial's the best out. In curing power. It'a worth all price; And what's stUl mere It's deuced nice. 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