Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7191. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1356 PRICE TWO CENTS. WgEFgHMTS REIfEWKB KTEBT BIT, "too late fok classification. >999.500?iiiii 01 JsWKLXT, DU.KO.TM, AOn Ok Muokamdisk, ?feuxit*, Ac. PxwgsaoKxay TicKBii Books*. J. MAvOPPyy 4 OOn 3M Broadway. lift nnn T0 loan-in one bum oe in two llU.UW luiiu of SSOOO each on good Improved city jreperty worth twice the loan, and not too far up town. Rouses, lots, mortgages aid stocks tor na or exchange, at the Manhattan Lang office, 434 Fourth avenue. ??nn T0 LKT A FINB THERE STORY HOUiK,WITH 'Ul/V oourtyardU front, modernimprovements; pleaaant location, ui) town. Alio other desirable houses at low rents. Apply at the Manhattan Land oUice, <31 Fourth avenue. I OA FBANXLIN RTRKKT, CORNER OV VARICK IOU street?Pleasant front rooms, tarnished, to rent, without board, to gentlemen, or to gentlemen and their wires. References required. fir WIST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?TWO SELECT *JO families aed t ?o or three gentlemen of the flint respait ability can noa be act >mmo<Wted wt'n suits or ingle rooms, with board, tn thai eligible brown etoue but'.ding which is de Bglilfull j ,'ocaied beiween Kitth and Sixth avenues. A N- OEISTALAR, AUCTIONEER-SALESROOM NO. 1. 23 Bowery?Assignee's sale.?A. M 0. w'll sell, thU ay, Wednesday, the "th Inst., at lU.ti o'clock, the entire slock, fixtures, 4c, ot toe English silver plating establishment, 616 Broadway, agreeable to the order of the assignee, the stock, comprising every article wi tch can heifoundln any firit class manufactory, and Is warranted superior to the majority of Atner can plated ware, Bes'de* the stock, will be sold the fixtures or etore and the whole gold and sliver solutions, dins, acids, batteaea baths, Ac, In the plating department, otfertr.7 to manufacturer* and others a rare chance to supply themselves wi(h necessaries not to be found In any olaee ot the kind, save one like tbe above. The lease will he a >!d. If any manufscturer arranges for the fixtures of the Dieting depart meet By order ot OHACNOKY SHAFFER,] attorney tor designee. AM CBLSTALAB, AUCTIONEER-SALESROOM 23 ? Bowery.-Morgage sale ot thirty-one gold watches ?a. 1. OBISTaLaB wi'l sell Thursday, 8lh tn?t, at 10>J?'clock, ?tghteeu gold hurting aachora, full jewelled; six hantlng an chors, full jewelled, gold eases; three do. hunting, enamelled eases; two .pea face enamelled and gold caps, and two open thee It pines Ac., Ac. By otder of N. F. O'BRIEN. attorney for mortgagee M. CRIST ALAR, AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM 23 Bowery ? Pawnbroker's sa'e of watches and jswelry.? M C i?bi ALAlt will veil on Thursday. 8th tnst , at 11 o'clock a large at d valuable assortment, comprising tine gold pin*, rir jts, earrings, neck'aoes, bruseieta. guard, fob and vest Chains; ci&mood ifogs and pins, go.d and sliver anchors, le. Vine* and levers; stiver pln'ed ware, tools, guns and pistols Ac, Ac. By orser of H. A J. GOLDSTEIN, 188 Hester at rest Auction notice.?thomas bell, auctioneer.? By Belt A Bush. This day, at 10H o'clock, in the sale rcoms, No 12 North William street, vv 111 besoida large assort ment.of gnod household turntlore. of all descriptions. Also, parlor and brdrcom arrangements, 100 comforters, SO mat treases HO looking glasses, bureaus, wardrobe, bedsteads, so fits, Ac. Alio, four douth American birds. Auction nctice.-thomah bell, auctioneer.? By Boll A Bush. Thursday will oe continue 1 and closed, at 10K o'clook. in the salesrooms, No 12 North William street, the rale of the fine stock of dry goods, fancy articles, Ac., com tnenced on Met day. AUOIIO.V NOTICE.-T60MA8 BELL. AUCTION EES.? By Bell A Bush. Friday, at 10}? o'cioci, In tte aale rootna, ho. 12 North William it est, wt l be sold a superior va riety pt hcuset)0.d furniture. Al?o, a choice collection o: One paintings and engra vines, ot which pur oculars wl'.l be given. A. L T-A MkEIINU OF THE *O0NG MfffCB i) BM JO RATIO Bepnbkc.aGeneml Committee, he d at Tammany Hall.on Tuesday oral inc. Gui Inst., the following resolutions, offered by Stephen a Fvekf, Esq.. were ouanlmjuslv ednDted: Wberisr. It If deilrab!e to tecure union ana harmony In the Bat tonal C-sunsll3, by a free ana candid interchange or the gwUtieal views of the tmmedUte representatives or the de ?>8eeS?*d. That a delegation irona this comml'tee, to eonslst Of twenty two members ons trom eaoh ward of the city or New Yoik-be empowered to attend upon the Democratic ha tional Convention, which meets at Cincinnati onthe 2d Juce next, and use such efforts as, in their judgment, will best pr j mote democratic prtnotplee aed insure the triumph of the democratic party at the text Presidential election. Subsequently. a motion was adopted, calUtg a special meet ing ol this committee, to be held on Tuesday evening. 2)th Inst, at which the delegates from each ward are to report the names of the members chosen to act as delegates to the Uln e*t?^ot"n.e5m0mieetlng adiotirneduntil the 20hln*l., at half peat 7 o'ciocfc Su^UM'JM B. NUBLd, Chairman. Robert Qitojir, > r.t,,.,'., Ipw. Umpsjw, jheiretartes. ""A GKH1LEMAN AND HI8 WIFS OAN HAV? A NSAT JK w tur tutted room; alio, a lewstagie gentlemen may have large airy rooms, with good board, u a private American Sally, Shite seeking a qu'et permanent home preferred. Apply at 37 Hester street sear Norfolk. wir PvssnW HAVING A BOX AT THR POST Off ICR, for which he has co further use, wilt find a purchaser by ??dressing B F. a., N. Y. Tost offloe. s'-xtting price. A N A.?r**5TICE WAHMB-tO LSABH ?RB? A. making. Good, quick sewers preferred. Apply at 153 Spring st., between t) aud 3. GRADUATE Or OXFORD OR OAMBRIDQB, THO ji loughly competent and highly recommended es t# char acier. ma< hear of an advantageous situation as private tutor, by addressing M. A., Madison square Post oflicn. A" HAhTSOMP F PR N1?HUlTPARLOR AND BADROOK to If * with full or partial board. Apply at Ifo. 1 Garden ?ew, eorcer of k'.eventh street and bixth avenue. BULPIN'S SIX DOLLAR MANtII?LA8? MAUTf HTCttlAll*. Whtifi fntir?iy new. PARl/mTlLLA' Black moire antique mantillaR, AT ElUItT DOLLARS. Resliy beautiful garments. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT THIS DAT, At BULPIN'd. 331 Broadway. BOARD -A OEN1LBMAN AND HIS WIFE, OB Ml or t#o single gentlemen can obtain handsomely furnished roams, with full or partial board, and superior scwmtnodi dat ods la e?er? respect, by application at No. 72 west Four teenth street, References exchanged. B. VaLENIIKE bimbelf alone. ~ This (Wednesday) evening, la his Inimitable PARLOR RNTsRIAINMiNT, _ . At 663 Broadway, Academy Hall, opposite Bond street. PEBUAM'a Q;rr Tickets Admit Fopk Persons. D" BNTIFTRY.-DR. BF.NJAMIN F. AOAtU RIWPBOT fully intirma bis friends and the publlo that hs has re moved from 41 Berclay St. to 122 Chambers St., where he will oer-otm ait operations in the moat perfect manner, aud on very reasonable terms. Batistac ion warran ed. mm OF CHARGE.- TO UOARUKR9 SEEKING r rooms with or without board. AU necessary inform*, ttin wi htefereaces given. Pereons wishing hoarders ussy he muled aii my office with respeclab'e bosrdeis. An express atSiric ad with my cfflce lor the acoommoiatlon ot the puh hMmceced Proprlotor. Wo. 4 Astor plxce. is BALE-A BPliEKDIO NEWFOUNDLAND SLUT, nteetoea months old. well broke end a large size. Oan be , at 56 WeF Twenty-third street, In blacksmith sshop. tV.HT-ON THE KVEM NG OF MaY 6, BK1WKKN THE Ti ir>Ainr>7 ot kln.ic Broadway and Thlrteeoth street, and k? t'rm -teenti street a garnet bracelet, with a gold | E.d?~ A sffl? I 5A be given by burning the j mme to ho. 10 West Fourteenth street. XTEVf 8TILLA BRAWLS \ At DEDUCED PRICES. *" lbs Shawl season beiog advanced, nrrn sTTrtCK Is* UF.DUCKD TO COST. stock i- B\ji pls,s jg, Hro?dw*y. "Cut* beautiful mart ill as, X, kw AND ue ghawi and other shapes, r.. rt-fn, "e utd other lace, Ju rem GJptj. . lld mcire antique. Taffeta variety, at BbLPIN'8. A most sup en, J' n0. 361 ^roalway. 'A , *v. R. K19H, TllBATRI xroi ir*: 1 O THb. AT a 1''A?1 n stre Jt, three loorr iM cal wig msker. removed to 67 Irana- >n from Broaiway. end opp;ci:e Taylor's HSlfr. ? J KkI.LT, J UOrlWfcBR-WlLI. V!?^s?t?f . ??Ilicr, Ibtsdny, st to o'ctoek, at IN (Isthai .?>? ?nf??'?? Urge crQiitgiiuieQt ot ahawla aod a re?? gooda, ^laiponc. ^<li|p oresen' ior'jg and summer t-sde. Also the strok of a reta. "i conta'iing evsryiamg tn the dry goods line, in lots to suit pur chasers. PKRB.lM'd GIFT Tlt'KBTg . Aem.t fo'ir persons ihli 'Wednesday) evening, to I)R. FaLENIINK'8 I'AHUOK KN f IflKf A1N M at Academy Ha'. 6t>3 Brcsdwav, oppostie Boad star Plug'.e aimlssiom 26 oet.ia. Oominenc:ug at S o clock. ; T" UN IS MORRltLL, ALT I ION KKK.-8UFKRIOK 0 sBI ret furailu-e, Ac.?Will be sold this morning, at 10? ?"clock,at tts spacious saie.i'oom. no street, the st. ck c.ielsta of roeewood, black walnut uod mahogany pari rr fuxuUute; s'.io enamelled and other chamber, mnlng1"?*. hall.'eounting rocm, Ac., altojetlier from prlvae c >*tpairtr warerocm. a'so, 40 rich otl palnUngt, In gilt frame., ova" mlr ro'i ??con i bacii ptano'orte cl< cks, Ai ; a so. 20 pieces of Bog'lib velvet, and Brut tela carpeting, In ijnsnilries desired; Ingrain and stair carpeting, 40 h*"J,r. P*1811 h ack walnut and ImltAtlou rjeewood bediteads. at 12o clock, StTINmaau street, valuable and choice Invoice of go i. Jew elry waiebei, Ac equal to Broadway private stores. Ladlei can attend *:-d make their o?o le'ectlons; guarantee! given thai th? met a'.. Ac. is genuine. Solid gold chain*, diamonds ' and ornsrnenis. T"~TTi xiThTnoh for ihomm 00 >d city ok cjun trv or Br-okl'n property, eonie good flrvt mortgages, m semaflne lot *on a wide street u. exchange for w orove 1 mlg AWI'l the ilanhv.tan Land oliioe. 4:14 Fourth ?venae. ?no LIT?A COTTAGE HOU8K, COMPRISING NINE Trqqmi. ;vlth t>?tb, hoi and oo'.d wa er, g*? andrmnge, sltn ?tvdCCissberrv street. Broollvli; within five mlnu-e. walk ?TrSon Sr Wall street ferries, rent UTO. For paruc^ars .oqnlPe at 85 Fulton s?T*et, New York, or (4 Hlcxs ftreet, Brook l;n. mo LM-nr?FR FLOORS IN TDK BOWKRV, FIFE A roomn 27x96 test, suit able for a olothing or mlldnerv extab Uvbaent. or anv gen'eei business. Aim to lease. a fsrm qt ihtltv two acres at Mamsroneck, with genteel ho'ise, right by the depot. Inquire at 257 Bowery TO laxI-FIRST FLOOR ANI) BA8BMENT OF HOU8R III) Weal Brcsdwav; si or. 33 J ame 1 street, rent $10. To tat house 214 South Fourth s reet. East Brooklyn, eight rooms nsi marble mantels and rnnge; rent $250. Apply at 3 3 /tn'idwsr. New York. Aral floor, uj> stairs. gito Ln-FOURTLKA8ANT ROJM9 OU TRE fdlRD n llcer In a firat class house, on Thirteenth street, near m?ih avenue, wl'h gas, Ac ; rent $15 nsr month Apply to Br GILEff, iruyg'At, corner of Thirteenth street and Hixth ? ventte. SSrrirr^A VBRT NRAT THUICE STORT HOC9*. IN T"-J?lt??hie msal lorhood, conntntng evsrv \m Movement. * S agool teiant. Appl. to HENrV FIxANKLTN "1 v tThiity lUthstreet, near Bnndwsy. -fTTCv-huTrrior CANDIES, \ Gou Dnora, T.oz*Nurs, Rock Oaxdv, Ao , W' h a large aseorunemo^ oaKD,m . than the sawe quality can be lound elsewhere. At pries* ?ower man ute ?"HT4KWA'aT A BU38INO, by Wbo'eeals oor.fecttorera, IKW Pearl street i'efar'M'm thl. ty, ?"y ??d one hundred pound boxes. warluTBirliVXTaCF AND RWBBOtORRY BfOfE, WxViiP-is a lis to mak* 1 utiee e?d oh 1 J-L'skls ,?-ieI ;s?/e x aprou., Ac. Hose but flmi rUchmds ' VSfJSXto Taute. Madden. No. 6 Astor V *t TOO LAT? FOR claWWICAWO*. WILLIAM IBYIKO, BAMDSOllE housebo'd furniture.- Allans Ir.v!?* * PSL^SiiSi-iJ a action, e a Thursday. May 8, at 10U otoa "**,? at NaSPtoeatreet. Wilton, Brussels, tbi?a.,1?^ pets; stair carpets, suberp ault carved rose. j? IMlw furniture, covered in purple velvet, t Jf?-?4 IL sofas, 'wj? totca-totai and six chain; aait car-rev , ,7?* w?' ?*?u bu (.owi, ?n uarvpv _irt(l ?u ' oovered In red velve t, aula, arm chain and IK. .Vf!' Krrncfi Plato pier g'jtotea, brocatel and la x window ey,~f; TT rw r*W* f ?????! UiWtoWl BUUMIX WIBUOD Af marble top centre, plar and aide tablei; sofa tabtoi, ?? ??*' wood and mahogany; rosewood marb'e top etagerei, mv !, cy aid b>ack walnut exteoaion dining tables; mahogany am. * teta-a-tetes and ehairs ia hiir c'.oth; rosewood and maisogMy marble tap sideboards; rosewood seven ocave pianoforte; ma I bogHnv sideboard, carved rosewood French bedsteads, black I walnut do.; roeewood. mahogany and blaek walnut dressing I Lureaua and waabstanda, plain and marble topi; double and I single hair mattreaaes, feather beds, bo'alersand pillows, tol-e: I seta, lounges, rosewood amour ag aee, mahogany fx ; rose I vocdand mahogany wardrobes, ro?e wood and black walnut I b oktBtei and secretary, china, crockery and glassware; I r raw heda and palliasses, maple and black walnut bedroom tcrnlture. maple, black walnut ard rosewood, cane Mid Hi ? i rat cfasdra; < Ace ebaira, desks and stools. w ,'eNTBD-IMAOOl'IOn FacrOBY.IN rBKMSSiEE a boss carder. Address box 2,786 N. Y. Post office. ll/ANTRD-A YOUNG I.ADY, TO ATTEND A BAKEltY ?? and confectionery; reference required. Applvat 519 dm evwue. F. A. COLLINS. w /ANTETi-A OTBL, TO UO THE HOUSEWORK OF A (bmliy; must be a good waiher and ironer, and no' afraid of work rtteietee rork. A Oermaa girl preferred, and one with rood only need apply, after 10 A. M. at 49 Domlnlok at SPKCIAIs NOTICES. A'jfiBTCAN INSTITUTE.?AN ANNUAL Ki.BOTION lor truateea, managers and oommtuees of this institute, will be held at the rooms of the Institute 861 Broadway, on Thursday next, the 8tfc|of Mar. Tbe polls wi'i open at 3. and ? nail at " P M Itir anIm?> nt tVisa Isiia'nau s oee at 7 P. M, By order of the trustees. H E.N BY MKIUB, Beoording Secretary. AT THE ANNUAL MBF1ING OF T3E NEW YORK Law Institute held at their Library Boom, No. 45 Uaarn t mt street, on the first Mondar (itb) of May, 185S, the follow i g illlcers were unanimously elected:?President?Join An Use; 1st Vice President-James T. Brad;, 2d Vice Trepidant? William Curl is Moyea; 3d Vice President?William I agin; ~ ? - * ?Robert Treasurer?Charles O'Conor; Becordfrg Secretary hromtt; Corresponding Fecretory?Benjamin 0 SUllman; i ibrntian? cbarlee Tracy; Library Committee?Frederic* A. Tal msdge, C'. Ualnbrldge 6ml'h vtortnlagton Bomaixe, Hen ry A. (ram. Committee on Jurisptudeaco -William M. Kvartt; John W. Edmonds, Lorenzo B. e he oard. Ed win W. Sioughtou, Ferny H. Morange, Augustus W. Clasun. 0. Batnbrtdge h.inlth: Committee of Censorship?KrastusC. Benedict. Charles E Poulhmayd. John McKeon, Benjamin V Abbot., John l, Wende 1, Edmund Terry. Anthony B. Dyeti, Benjamin T. Kl>tam, Henry D. Sedgwick. a SPECIAL MEETING OF THE STOCKHOLDERS OF rV tbe Breckeptldge Cannel Coal Company will be held at ihedlioeot John ihnupaon, No. 2 Wall sireot, New York,on tr e ?5th Inst, at 3,: j o'clock P. M , for the purpose of coaslder ing a preposition for the purchase ot the iireckenridge Oil Company's property at Olover Port, Ky. Uj order, LootavtiXK, May 8,1866 J. M. BBoWN, Prealdeat. IitXThNFION OF FK AN KLIN uTRRBT, FROM B.iX !i tor, lateuranga, to the baad of Catherine street.?This meetlrg will take o'ace at 1 c'cloik, this, (Wednesday after i.oon, at the Counci!m?n's '"limbers, City Hall. The attend ance of ail carttea interested U requested. T he map in ready, at d will be there JOBN B. GOUOH WILL DELIVER THE ADDRESS AT the twentieth anniversary ot the American Temperanoe Union, at the Academy of Music in Fourteenth street, on Tburs day evening, May 8. at 7>? o'clock, flij great po vert, it is ex noted, wtl! ne drawn forth on this occasion. Doors op ex at i',yx o'clock. Tickets 26 rents TAKE ONTARIO, AUBURN AND NKW YOYK BAIL Li road.? Organization o; the New Company.? Motto# Is hereby given that a general meeting ot the suosertbers to the stock in the Lake Ontario, Auburn and New York Rat road, will be held at Stanford EU.l.ln the city of Auburn, on Friday, the 0th day of May next, at 3 s'ciook P H., for the nurpoae af transferring their namei to the articles ot association, and to sleet thirteen directors to serve for 'he term of one year pur ....... of N. snant to tbe net passed by tbe Leglsia'ure of tbe mate ot New York April 15, 1S54, obsp 281 ol tbe law of 1864 Tenner -out on the amount of stook subscribed will be required to be raid lu, in conformity wltb the act passed Anril 2. 1360, chap. 140 NATHAN C. PLAT f, PttjldenL John C Kataeb, Src'y, B. D P O AunuRX and New Fork, April 28.1866. ? LHVE POINTS MISSION, OLD BREWERY ?THE C Twelfth Anniversary o' the l adles' Home Missionary St cietr edl beheld at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Friday, the !?'h Inst. at 7^ P- M. Addiesaei will be de tve.-ed by Hon. H. W. Billiard, of Alabama, and Rev W. H Mliburn. tots Chaplain to ongrns. Rev. W. 0. Van Meter will relate aerera 1 Interest ing urctdmU connected with (hqchildren he has placed in i^o-4 homes. Waging aed other Interesting exercises by the cl ren of the 1 ive Points Mission. VTOIICE-ALL PES SONS HOLDING CLAIMS AGAINST IN the estate of Jacob a. Wsatortelt ate bsreby Utied to present same, lega'iy authanUcated, at tbe offite eg Assigners, No. 11 South Wl, between the honri ot 12 e . It. and 3 P. M.. cm or before the tweatv-elxth day of Hay tnet.; and all such as do not present thstr claims as above s ated shall he eonstde> ed as having waived same and released the estate. RuttERr CaBALEY, aLRX. M. LAVYBENCE. YtO PILOTS. CAPTAINS OP VESSELS, AND OTHBBS.? 1 Protect the telegraph cablet. Pto'a, mastere of reasele, fixliermen and others * lit confer a great favor upon the press and the public by avoiding, when possible, to drop their schorl in the range of the telegraph cables whlchjh've jnstbenn laid at Hail Oaie, nearly In aatraight line between tbe ferry slips - at tie Narrows, from a point just north of Port Hamilton. L. I . to the northerly aide of For i Richmond, on Staten Island; and at the Kills, between the steamboat docks at Bergen Point, N. J., tLd Port Richmond staten la and. Opposite each ot the po'nta above named la placed, upon each shore, a prominent sign- "Telegraph Cable Crossing " Shculd the cable be hooked up by anchors, masters ef vessels will confer a great favor by throwing it off with as little injury aa possih'o. rHK MF.MBKRH OP MERIDIAN LODGE, NO. 42, L O. of O F.. are requested to attend on fTecnesday erenlsg. May 7. as bustnaseof vital importance will coma up. By order, S55Sr/. rHE THIRTY-FIRST ANNIVERSARY OT THE AMERI can Tract Bcctety wlU be held this (1Yedae<d%y) onrnlug, at the Broadway tabernacle at ten o'clock The speakers an expected to take pert In the exorcises are Bev. Dr M. B. auderr'-n, ot Rochester; Rev. Dr. J. M. Stevenson New A.bauy, Ind ; Bev. Ml roc Wlnsiow. Mlsslooary to India; Rev. Mm. I. Budirgton. of Brooklyn, and Bev. J. Jenkins, of PbUa deph'a. The bustness meeting of the society, for the e'eotlon of of icers. wi'l be held at the Tract House, 150 Nassau street, at nine o'clcsk. nrANTED?CARPETING AND OILCLOTH3 IN EX Vt chsrtre for board, svtth a huntlsoinely furnished room. Apply at 339 Fourth avenue. 151 REWARDS. IT fifi"REWARD.-STOLEN, ? tin"BOX," FROM WO. $JLUU 40 Water street, containing bask notes, atd the fol lnwlrg promissory notes: -Peter Vooihles' no'e, da'el April 24,1866 3 months, for (600. endorsed Of John Smith and Was. Kan-ell: H. Roberta' to e in tavor of Robert Johnson, and en dorsed bv him, lor 9230: 8ami. Churchman's order on Cnurch man A hoberta, In favoi ot J. A. W. 0. Frost A Co., f r (ti.1v. a Ed other papers. For the recovery of said box and contenti tbi above reward will he paid, or 92.1 for the notes and papers. J. A W. O. FROST A CO., 40 Water street. dfcl A KKWaRD ?lost from ow board thk brio t]pj U Cleo, pier 21 Worth river, on the 4th Inst., one boat, b aek bottom, and brown and black streak on the top, light lead eolor lctide; some of the the&rls are no: painted Tho a -ova tewatd will be paid on bringing the boa' to the vestal, or leav Wig word at H M. ROBKBia', 46 West street. Mil REWARD.- STOLEN, FROM NO. 41 WdsT DXU T wentyslxth street, on May 6, the following allvsr : ? Rait s dozen silver table spoons, marked F., stamped Ba'l. Klact A Co.: half a dozen tea spoons, marked F., stamped Ball, ibacii A Co.; ba f a dozen tab.e forks, m irked F.,s a-nped Ba'l. B ack A Co.; ose silver mug. marked 8.1; one at ver mug, aged seven rears, marked V, r.; one dessert spoon, aged renn years; one fork, aged seven years; one grsvj ladle. Pawnbrokers are requested to slop the above If ofl'.-rel. REWARD-LOST, CM THURSDAY BVRMING. MAT 11 between 6 and 7 o'c'oak, while oomlng from the Jersey City ferry a small slut pup. whits, wlth| yello w sp >U; carrtai $5 PeV^ebet^8iveWu?SSat7ou wL? oauhetonnd. ?ball receive the above reward. . t ? RRWARn.?LOhT, MONDAY t-yf nbcut 5 o'c'oek. at I-or Ion's ovular saloon. Fit. on*?*" set. oi In passing through the market and up Fulton str^'.w Ibe lJr,iifd States hotel, a set upper double tee'-h, on po'd plat.. '? a 4,7 get o.' 'ower tee'h for one side with one tooth on the other ride Tts above reward will be paid on returning them to A A P DcKon, Fu'don market. J>0 REWARD WILL Br. PAID TO ?.MY PKHSON WBO ijPO will return two wht'e poodle dogs to the northwest ocr, er of Canal and Green streets, entrance la Green street. W ATC HES, JEWELRY, &C. W .\ Tt'HFB." FINE GOLD AMD flH.V*R WATCHS9,? i lie largest end most suletdld assortment of watches in the c j is to be found at the subscriber's He has been to busi ness n Wall street for the last eighteen rears, aid Is sel tng all descriptors of gold and stiver watches, jewelry and silverware at much ees than the usual prices Brnull til sold lepine watches, four holes jewelled (!4 no Fire gold detached levers, full jewelled (24 HI Fine go d bunting lepine four hole'jewelled (is DO Gold hunting case Hngllsh patent levers ... 918 00 Fine goid hunting detached levers, tulj jewelled (PI 00 Gold and enamel watehea for ladles (.10 t)0 to (too CO flplerdld go'd pocket chronometers (129 09to 9300 00 Gate independent second watches, for timing horses W0 00 to tt!iO 00 Gold bnntlng watches, which run eight days.1125 00 to (ISO 00 Gold m igle watches, which change Into three different watches (120 00 to (200 00 Gole Fngllah patent levers, fu'l Jewelled ?4S 00 lo 9180 00 hllver Fngllih patent lever 916 00 to 948 09 Hlver dear sen levers, full jewsl'ed 9(6 00 to 95S 00 Fine gold hunting case railway timekeepers.910) 00 to 1176 00 Htlver It pines, lour boles jeswked 99 00 to 947 Od M J. Tobias. Harrison, RjSod G Rseseley. T. F. Cooptr and all other celebrated mtkdfh, for sale very low. All watcb?a warrau'rd to keep correct time WatctM and jewelry exehaiged. Watehea and jewelry repaired in the beat manner, and much lesi than tbe usual prices. Goods sent to all pnrta of the United States and Canada free of charge .OltORGH O. AI.LEN. Imnorierof watehea and Jswelry, wholesale and retail, Mo. 11 Wall street, second floor, near Broadway. W~ ATOH MATERIALS AND GOLD PKNU.-WATCH makers and jewel era buying jobbing materia'*, torts or gold Dens, will do well by celling at Armitroag A Wil??'a. 393 FuJton avenue, Brooklyn. Tho advertiser la the manufacturer of the above, end under small exspcuees. and can sell for email profits. Peddlers supplied at wholesale prices ARM STRONG A W1I.RY, 39't Fulton avenue, near Cumherltad s'rest, Brooklyn, late of Blnnlngbam, Keg1 and. THE hi lit art. NF.W YORK TOLdNtliSiCA**^ to. Rssac* do la Pahna. The members of this sasoca Uon will meet at the Mercer Home, corner of Broome and Mercer rireets, on Thursday evening. May 8 at 8 o'clock, to celebrate the first battles of the Mexican war. QARKRT DY.'KMAM, President, MORTON FAIRCHILD, Vice President. Witi.tAw Pv,xi., Secretary. COAL. SyHnSy. PIOTOU Alt ll"Xl <t>AN 00 Kb MiNM. - O Hiatal* a large lock of fresh mined cost *> :hs *b.)*? named mines. The Llngan mine has been opened i-zm-jsi; tor the snpuly of coal for gas It has been tesied by several gas companies, and highly approved of. Persons wtehnr'o Im.KHt ?y??: can have credits opened by eppfyUf V, IV J P r.RD, Mo. 4 Bowtljg Ordri. THE GREAT TROT BETWEEN LANTERN AND BUZ, OVER THE UNION COURSE, L. L LANTEfltf THE W1NHEB, *o., ice., *0. Yesterday, the opening day of thw ?*?**> m*y paUbrated by coa of the finest trotte^* *?e* that ?rer tc'ok place The race was between b. > Leo tern ard b. g Mile beets, beet three in fire, fa ba.aM1' for ton thousand dollars?being the largest stake ?v*?' trotted for in any country?and was woo by Lantern, owned by Co J. Jos. Hall, In capital style. Our U earned by a gentleman of Philadelphia, and wax matched in this race by Horace Jones. Lantern wee dtlren by Oeoegw .-picer. Buz by Hiram Woodroll. Gteat aa wax the eoncourse of people at the Union Course, it wculd hare been much larger had it not been generally known that Lantern was lauie. It appears that on Friday la it, while exorcising on a slippery tract, he fell lame in one or both of hU forelegi. It was feared that this mlshrtuoe wonJJ prevent bis trotting alto gether, and his backers felt anxioae about the funds they bad already invested Ot> Saturday he was very lame; on SoDday. sfill ltuie; on Monday, somewhat improred; eiid Mr. Hail exprexxed himself determined to start if there was a shadow of a chance of hli running. Yes terday monir.g he was driven sharply, and seemed to warm ont of his Umauexe, and his owner concluded to take the ebaocee?a fortunate determination on his part. The present match was made several months ago, and gave rise to much speculation. Bets to large amounts were t-jpeatediy tnfd during the winter, and up to the time of the aocident, the aunt total of which must, have retched a high figure. The match came very near being an abortion, however, during the winter, from the follow ing circumstance: The owner of Lantern wishing to leave New Yctk. and deeirou'of rolln>iuishlng his interest In tbe luif, o(Tared, we are told, the backets of B * 12,000 to permit him to draw lxinteza. This was refused, they claiming the whole forfeiture, $2,000. The owner of Lantern would not consent to pay the additional $500, but resolved to abide the iisue of the rise, confident of the ability of bis horse to win should he be compelled to ap pear en the turf. Af'er the above match had been made last summer, a match for $1,000 a s:de was made between these hortee, and illuatra'ee the precarious chances of winuicg waeu horses ate pret.y nearly matched. It will be remembered that on (hat osculon Isntvrn won tbe first heat in 2:32, and the sesond also; but on the third heat, having made a bad break at the bill mile polo, he was beaten to the score, and lost the heat. A cobixioa which on the second beat had caused a busk. In both horses, had contributed to excite Lan t?n, and make him unsteady. On the fourth heat, wbL'st leaning, and going at a rapid rate, a dog unluckily chanced to run at Lantern, frightened tiin, and he lost that heat also. By this time fcs bad become so unsteady that immediately after start ing on tbe fifth heat he broke up, and lost the race and rnocoy. His defeat in this race being looked upon as purely accidental by his friends, did not lower him in ibeir es'imation, and hence their willingness to book him in this great race. When the horses appeared en the track, they were Int er ediately surrounded by their atatrtra. Lantern's friends crowded around him, and canny ware the eager minima as to the probabilities ct tbanace. They knew be was lame?they aaw it tttmselvea?and they wanted to atceitam bow far it aSeeted htm, and whether he was capable of contending in so greit e struggle. fc>-faet, except being lease, be never appealed to grea'er advantage His tread was remarkably elastic, and Lis coat shone beautifully bright, while his eagle eye, as It glanoed around, seemed to inspire his backers with renewed confidence. 3>m? of his filatda we*e so sacguine as t) say that, barring hia lameness, h? was at that moment tha very bail gelding In America. Tha reposa enjoyed by Lantern since lait fall aeeawd to have invigorated him winderfuily, anl to have greatly inorea;ed bis ape-id. Previous to being withdrawn from tho turf last autumn he teeme-l to have J?ten " trotted out," m the phrase is, and it became rather difficult to induce him to exert himself beyond a crista rate of speed. He wanted rest, so neaeseary to recuperate tha vital aue.g'.es depressed by com tan', ex ?rttcn. Of the history cf Buz little is known. He U claimed as a Morgan? taken from Vermont to Ohio, thence to Phila delphia, where be went through all the phases of the fast life of a fashionable horse, and showed so mash speed on the read that hi* owner ooneluded to devote him exclu sively to the tuif. He was brought to this oity in eearoh of a match, found a Urge one, and was beatea. He has -jietd, but not bottom. He was handled with more judgment in tbs race yesterday than probebly ever before, and his defeat Is owing to co fault on the part of hU driver. Buz is a very stylish hor-e in appearance, with a quick and vigorous s'ep. hut when coatsndkg with such a horse as Lantern, the defects of lack of blood are evident. Lantern is a well bred horse, being sired by the famous Black Ba t-haw, has a long sLide, and a remarkably easy gait, there seems to be no tire about him?his fastest gait a*euis to be aietel/ exercise to him. In point of time, this race may be looked npoa as the quickest that ever tock p'ace so early in the season?2:35, 2:3?-4, 2:32:o7. The letting on the ground, owing to Lantern's lame ness, wjs one hundred to fif'y agstust him, and it con tinued so after he had won a heat. Alter the second h?at, the betting seemed to stop altoge.her, and no one appeared to have a dollar to invest on either side. The traok was in capital or lire, and the race was properly conducted throughout. Ins following is au account o! the race as it occurred;? t ^ aonsiderab'e seoiiagthey got off well gviter, Buz on ihe inside. Lantern took the lead as ?hvy wer t round on the upper turn, and got about a Leg h ahead. On reaching the half mile pole, Buz male a vrgnrcus effort to pas* him, but was unmocesaful. He got ap 'o hi* wheel, but could get uo farther. I,astern pursued the even to.uor of hie way, aud reached the score *bpt.t two lengths ahead, in 2:35. & I!tat ?Lantf m now had the inside. At the word the" went away I'ke rockets, the paoe being quicker than in the preceding beat Lantern led to the quarter pole, ? when Bor af er making a mighty effort, pissed him. He retained his advantage until they entered on the home stretch, whsn lantern increased his pace, tap ped him, and they cams to the stand together, ia 2:321J? a dead beat. Tfii-'f Heat ?This was a spirited and well contested best, and was doubtful almost up to the last moment. Lantern led eff aid at the quarter pole was about a toDgih al-id. Tney cootfnnid in this position, notwtth s'a'.ditg the repss'ed anil vigorous brushes of Buz to ,-bacge *>!aces, aud oaxe home, Lantern in front, in 2:32 H. tti-rtfi Heat ?Lantern had already won two heats ont cf thr?e, and seemed as frseL and vigorous after the tre mendous struggle cn the last heat as if he were just en torirg o the contest. His Lameness did* not appear to stTe-> t: m any more than at first, and appearance# were altogether iahie 'avor. They got off at the word well to gether, but aa they rounded toe upper turn Lantern ap peared in I rout. He increased his a is tones a couple of lengths, and there remained during the greater part of she race. Bur mads several fruitless efforts to up to him, but it wai as much as he could do to save his dis tance. Lantern came home an easy winner o! the heat HOC nunet .n 2:37. Tbe following In a summary:? Ti &spat, May 6?TrotMng match, $10,0d9, mile heats, beet three in five, in harness. G. opicer named b. g. Lantern 10 11 H. Woodruff darned b. g. Buz 2 0 2 2 Time, 2-?6-2:321;-2:32^?2:37. VIRGINIA, ILioad Rock, May 2.?A sweepstake for three year old colts an<l fillies, mile heats, 9300 entrance, $100 forfeit. Mejor Thos. Doswell's ch. f., by Revenue, dam Sa rah Washington 1 1

Ca vln Green's b. e., by Gleneoe, dam Darkness, by Wsgner 2 2 .'aa. Tai'y'e on. c., by Tally Ho, dam Betsey White. 3 3 Wm H Gibbout' c. e., by Tally-Ho, dam An dre w?s'ra pd. ft. O I'. Hare'* Is e., by Cbiide Harold, dam Marchio ness. by Itowton. pd ft, Tiiae, 1:55-1:52*. .Saoosd Rat v.?Ci ..Zeus' purse of $200, mile heate, best tbi'e iu five James Tally's g. h, Fhginer, 4 years old, by X>>?0'ie, tism AodrevstU 3 2 111 Bov ?? A Ttoll's g h. Union 4 rears old, fcv o-nfr,tor, dam Lilly 2 3 3 3 3 f s 'a's br. in Augmste, 5 years vnderb/, dam rna>s*a Anns, 1 l 2 flr I .me; ? :t>2?1:34?1 W^-l V TIM Famine in U? c?pe de Verde*. tm TH* 8VTn*B8?M,185 1LU1DT ootr T.i n id roBTuMm ooxhvl'i AND ABTOk BOOSI. A meeting of the Portuguese Meldenw.' thie iity Wi hi Id yesterday afternoon, at the office of thl foctagueee Consul, Mr. Figaulere, for the purpose of devising tome means of relieving the natlvee of the Cape de Verde Islands, who are at present suffering all the horrors o famine. Mr. Figaulere wae oalled to the chair end Mr. J. 8. M. Carriers appointed Secretary. On taking tht chair the President explained the objeeta (or which the meetli g hed been convened:-** C?Tirax-?-lt being notorious that the destitution Z^V " fh* Cape de Verde Ulaade affects bund, ode, U not thoueandi.of oar countrymen, I come, ee e 1 ortagaeee subject (throwing eride my official posi ?? 7?A0 1 vl ?" Cortugaese now preeent on behalf of thoee Anfcrtuhate Inhabitants Though the ?wnherof our ocuntrva$n in the United Statu, and ee wecialiy in thi 3 city, is limited, 1 believe, not withstand l?gi *?'*'Ne, anitaa together, era do mesh In lavor of those destitute inhabitants; and thru we will pay, though far frrm J**' ccuntry, a teibnta to our aetlongb y, aad msueitest u* most ncbla aantiment of the heart. I propose, theiVoro, gentlemen, that a subscription be tHkeu in flavor of tod Inhabitants of the Oepe do Ver*de islands; aod, as it hs* to be spontaneous, I rely for tb> good result of my proposal, upon tbe well knows gsner cstty'ot the Portuguese. I likewise propose that a commit tee oempcfod of five members bo appointed to carry into effect tbe object of th'j meeting, and that the result of eur effort* and good will may be transmitted to our government. I conclude, gentlemen, by assuring you that indepen dent of toy anal! individual ontrlbucion, T am author ised by the partners of thn ooeomeroial house ot which I em a member, to effsr free of frtsght or auy other oiiarge, a vessel to convey to those islands the prooted* of oar suksoriptiOD, and of any other that may be ob tained, arising from the proverbial generoeity of tbe American people. Allow me, gentlemen, to thank you beforehand, as the , representative ot the Portuguese government, ia the name of those sufferer#, for the geeerous assistance or my friends and countrymen now present. 1 shall address the Vtoe Coeeuls in the other States, in order that ther may obtain similar subscriptions, tie result of whioh I will transmit to the committee thet you mey appoint Toe following committee was then appointed:?0. El. S. de la Figaulere, M 13. 0. Rris, De Uourea Leal. F. J. de Almeida. J. 8. M. Ferreixn. Among the very tow Portuguese present the sitn of two thousand one hundred and eigaty five dollars win Immediately subscribed. Tbe.e ware not e dozen persona altogether lu attendance. there are many Portuguese residents who will doubt !e?e contribute when they learn that a beginning has al leody been made, and the Consul himself told us that he expected the amount would be doubted. MiETUSO AT THE A8TOR H0U3K. A preliminary meeting was hold last evening at the AMor House, in aocordanoe with the call of Mr. Haokett, who has taken an a stive Interest In the matter, and who was one of tbe first to direct ilia public atteatlou to the ?offering* ot the unfortunate inhabitants of the Cape de Verde*. Mr. Hackett. it will be remembered, contributed the aid of tis profeasisnal ehiii'.iee somewhat over a year ego lor the rel'ef of the poor in this city, and with greet suecesf?about five thousand dollars having beeti realized by tbe performance la which he "appeared. He now comes forward again, contributes one hundrey dollars, and effete bis valuable services to any theetrioal man ager who is willina to give up his houre for one Light to this noble object. Taa meeting last night wae merely frelimlnery, aid no dsfinl'o ac ton was therefore taken, ut another will be hold in a lew days, at which it is ex pected there will be a large attendance. TfcejPjrtuguese Consul wa? present, and stated what had been done at tbe meellig held in his office, and df which we havs giv en a report above. Af er some conversation, it was de cided to await the aciion of the Chamber of Commerce, which has signified lis intention to hold s masting ai soon as It received am account of the sufferings at the Cape de Yeidea from official authority. As the state ment cf the Portugese C.nsul must he regarded at offi cial, we trust it will be he'd without farther delay. Every day lost how adds to the sufferings o! the famine strick en (slanders, end may be attended with the sacrifice of hundreds of itrw. This ii a metier ia whiah the charity of our ptople must be prompt and immedia'e, to be ef fective. We trust all who can, therefore, will be present it the next meeting, of vhieh we will give timely no tiof YOUNG MEN'S DfMOCBATIC (SOFT SHELL) COM MITTEE. The approach of the period tor the meeting of the Na tional Convention is arousing the cDy politicians to ac tivity once wore. The young soft sheila met last night at Tammany Hall, and had a large and enthusiastic meet ing. Hon. Solomon B. Noble ocoupicd the chair, and Messrs. Grant and Timpson acted aa secretaries. A some o( '.he delrga'e* Irom eertein wards were remiss ia their attends nee, Doug's* Taylor, of the Twenty-first ward, moved that a committee of one from each ward be appointed to fill delegations, and have a lull ommitte* Kr electioneer it g purprsea an;tug the coming campaign; cald committee to report cn the gO'.h of the present month. This motion was carried, and the committee ap pointed. Stephen II. Keeks, of ihe Thirteenth ward, moved that a committee of 22?one from each ward?he appointed to proceed to Cincinnati, and do what thsy oculd to promote the union of the democratic party. This was carried, when the committee adjourned to meet again ou the 20th inst. New York Historical Society. The regular monthly meeting of this Society was held last evening in the New York Unlversi'y Chapel, Hon. Luther Bradleh. President iu the chair. Lieut. Strain, U. 8. N., announced to read a paper on the "History .and Prospects of Inter-Oceanic Comm jnicatlon by the American Isthmus," It was stated was prevented from being present by indisposition. The President aeknnw'ecged the ressp'ion from Gen. t'. H. Sumner, of Boston, of a variety of old and Interest ing historical documents re.'ertiug to the early history of ihe cruntry, which he transferred to the seelstj. The rame were ordered to be placed in the archives. Frederick I)e l'eyster, Esq , on nehalf of Mr. W. A. Clinton, son of De Witt Clinton, presented two original Jet'era of Geceral Washington. Cue of the letters was the letter written the day following the discovery of Ar nold's treason, and was In allusion to that subject. It was stated that Mr. Canton would toliow this pre sentation with a donation of a Urge and valuaale collec tion of original letters and other .historical documents, as soon as he had completed the biography of hia father, upon which he wee mgaged. Tne Secretary, Rev. Dr. Osgood, presented e report, embodying some account ot Motley, the historian, of Lamartlre end his present pecuniary disabilities, and the Maiylsnd Historical Society. Reference wa* also made to the large number of manuscripts in the British Muse um rwiwung w caloplal hlslorv of the United States, and recommending Tfial Sotoft efforts sliould be nude tQ obtain possession of the same. After some unimportant miscellaneous bus.nMJ tile meeting adjourned. Bonrd or Ten Governors. The Board met] at the usual time?Simeon Draper in the chair. The PnraiDDif Milled the attention of the Board to the fact that many of the idlotie and diseased ohlliren under their charge might find employment and care if sent out in the country; and he deemed it a matter of sufficient importance to attract the attention cf the Board. A committee was appointed in accordance with the suggestion. FARE OF PACPER.S w ia MKRUTIOB. A debate arose as to the quantity of brandy and spirits used by the physicians, when a curious state of affairs cams to light. Governor Draper said that within a few years, the ex pun-en of the physlolans bad increased from 91,000 to 87,000 per year, and he wished to know how it ec CUT ltd. Oih?r Governors ceuld not see the neceeti'y for the use of brandy at all, even in entering the fever wards. Washirotor Smith Bald that when he was Alderman in 1846-7, the doctors 1b BeUevue, ordered spirits by the pipe, and had as much as they wanted. Da.v. F. Tieman said that when he was Alderman In 38H7-8, he was chairman of the Committee on Bellerue, and thee no such power was given the doctors; this stowed how corrupt the city government was getting to be Mr. Smith called the attention of the Board to the fare prescribed by one of the doctors to a female patient in ward 27, Believus Hospital:?"White bread, o,b. lib ; one egg. one bottle porter; four onaces brandy; one pint of uai.k; one-quarter pound ot ban; two pints of tea." Upon this the re was some laughter among the mem bers, and cries of "name the dootor," "name him," which Mr. Smith refined t./do. The Committee on BeUevue was instructed to isquire into the matter, and it wss made the special order for next week. The Board soon after adjoornef, to meet at Bei'evue next week Reports from Warden- -'jm up as follows ? Number remaining Apr:. ->i, 1856 (1,066 Admitted 1,052 Total .7,113 Diet d Discharged * 1,082 Be a t to Penitentiary 30 1,117 Re reining 0,0j1 Decrease since last week 65 NawFOtrnnLAND Heal Fishery. We have news frcm 8t, John's, N. t\, to the 10th ultimo The seal fishery had so far been pretty good. About forty vessels (ece 'onrth of the whole fleet,) bad arrive I w"U ab>nt 100,000 seals. It. was fearsd. however, that the urna'n jj?r bad not mat with Uke saucesi. Pmito* amuuigmmt* L0T1, MUBDBB AMD 8UICID1. About ? o'clock oa Monday night, tho inmates of No. M Leonard street (colored people) were thrown into o gmt otuto of exoltement and alarm, in coueeqaenoe of load ortee of "murder," "murder," proceeding from the room of one of the oecupents, named Baker, who wae eadeaToriog to kill hi a wifo, and out hie own throat with a raaor. Information of the affair wae aent to the Fifth ward atatioa home, whoa officers True and Wee eott repaired to the acene of the demeatia tragedy, where thfwfpmtd Baker bleeding profusely from the throat, flia wife wai alro severely cut about the armr and foee, end aa aoon aa the policemen made their appearance she charred her hoebend with luring faflteted the wounda. The buaband waa found lying on tbe floor with a raaor If tag alongside of him. Medical aid was promptly ob tained, ana the injured partial were properly taken care of. Baker waa taken to the ToUAm yesterday morning, whore he waa attended by Dr. Cortl, af the eity priaoa. He will be held to anawor the charge of attempting to take bin wife'* life; and should he reeorer, he will be tried for the offence. The woman eaya that her hue band baa beta eoty jealoua of La'e, and aba thinks it wai the " greau eyed monster" alone that prompted him to the comutsyun of such a deed. All partita are In a fair way ot recovery. Shooting Amur-Onk Maw Dangseoc-c-t Wog.vdbd ? About 9 o'clock on Monday night, a man namad Owen Deraa, reaiding at No. 248 Ninth street, war taken into custody by Captain Hart, of the Baresteenth ward police, en charge cf feitniotuly assaulting T. R. Jauett with a putol, and severely wounding hlu in the breast and shoulder. It appears from the report uieds to the Chief of Police, yeetsrdey nornicg in relation to tbe affair, by Captain Halt, tnat the prisOMr and coainlainant bare residbd together or souie time past in the above men tioned housr, thaf about nine o'<ro k on the ererrisg in question, as Bur as was splitting some wood in the cellar, Janett descended the steps with a loeded horse pistol in bis bands, as if to make an nltaac upon Bunts. Tne lat'er, it is alleged, grappled with his foe, aid in the ecuBle the pistol went off, inflicting a dangerous wound upon the person of Jauett. Dr. bheppaid, ol tbe medi ral etalT, was reon on the spot end rendered what aid he c aid. Pour slugs were extracted from the body of the it jured uian and bit were diessed. Tne com plaluaul uow 1ms in a critical condition, but will in the opiidcu it the physician tu attcucanze, recover f'.oai tue effects of tie waucds. Burns, ou being taksa before Jus tiee at the Esses Market Police Court, said that be acted transit de'eace, eud that if he hut not shot tbe oonpUirant be might have lost his owu lite. The origin of the quarrel is onkuowu. Ally Intelligence. PuoertuiTY ok TmJKMUra Lines ? We learn that the prci-fat season far exceeds all previous years In the ainiunt of business transac;ei by tbe various telegraph lines out of this city, and the profits ot the company are comepoadingly large. Tbe net income of one of the Eoutbern lines, with a paid up caih eapiisl of less than one hundred thousand dollars, has, we understand, reached as high as Ave dollars par month. It would thus appear that there is an ample held for a new line to the Booth, and we are gratified to learn that the public will socn be favored with greatly inciernd tele graphic 'acilities at a large reduction from the present exorbitant rates of tariff b'tween tlis ci.y and Washing ton. The three heavy English cables destined for tna new Southern line, which has been in course of construe tion tor aix months past between this city aoi Philadel phia. were taid down successfully yesterday?2ret at the Narrows, from a point just north of Fort Hamilton, Long Island, to a point on the northerly s:de ot Port Richmond, od Siateii Island eecond at H<ll Gate, between the ferry etipa; and the third at the Kills, between the ei'mnsoat wba. f at Beigea Point, New Jersey, to Port 11 chmond, S at i n If laud? thus feouriog a oireot oounectlon t>?>wean this city, Aetoria, WUliamaburg, Brooxlyo, Fun Htmll tin. S>at?n Island, Jersey City, and thence by Elisabeth town. Dcyies.own and N orris town to Philadelphia. Toe new lice will te opened about the middle of the pre rent month, and will be worked under the Hi-ghee patent, which is believed to possess extraordinary a vantages oyer all otber telrgrapnio iuveationa, piloting the met sages unci rugly correct and in plain Roman capitals, and capable ot transmitting tnUliiganoe at the rate ot stout 5 COO words per hour ore: one ?i:e or 2 600 words hom each end and at tho same ins ant of time Jodbnevwkn House Paintkrs.?'Toe operative house printers held a meeting in Military Hall, last nigat, to totxaaa oiganlzatku for their better pi ot so vim again. tbe cupidity el tie<r employers. They complain that they are not paid tbe proper wages, and that a.! :he? want D a proper otgrnizAticn. A comti :utionand by .aws ware adopted, and over 70 names enrolled as members of the ??New York House Printers' Protective Union," an ihej term tberofrives. It is purposed to or^acize :na trade thonugh'y. The filfuwicg naaie:gsnt'emea wrra elected offlceia fcr t&e jear:-George Stewart, I'reeilent; Ralph b'alrbrether, Vi:a Prf?td?nt; George S on*, T.-eajurer; Crfgory Foley. Reeordirg Secretaiy ; Arch'J Ro'l. Fiasn cial Peentaiy; Robert Stewprt and J hn McKsma, Trustees Till Lb DC VI RIAL CONGRHM?MBRINO OF THE EiS "JTIVE Committee.?A meetiag of the Executive Committee of tie Industrial Congress waa held at Fratk'.in Hail, Pailar delpbia, on Monday last. Mr. Shedioa waa elected Chairman, and Mr. Draldwood, Sieretary. Mr. ahe&ion submitted a draft of a call for lha Eleventh Industrial CoDgiess to assemble at New York, Wednesday, June 4, 196b. was unanimously adopted, and ordered to be printed. Const of General Seutsns. Before Recorder Smith. Mat 0 ?At the opening of the Court thu morning the Clerk cnlied the roll of Grand Jurors, when the following gentlemen answered to their names and ware duly sworn:? GRAND JURY. G. M. Cearmto, Foremen. James G.JYfoflat'y, Beiij Archer, Ebeneier Peck, John W. Bivinton. W iuiam Pel an Abraham M. Bmnioger. Edward Bell, Duncan K Curry, Michael Cliryetal, Wiliiarr Forbei, Thomas Christy, Uneit Henry, Wi.liam Gale, Calvin W.Howe, Robert G. HentorJ, Wiliam H. Haignt, George Sterr, George T Jack/on, Elliott Walker. The recorder's charge to the Grand Jury wet re y btiei. He raid the duty devolved upon them of inquiring into all complaint/, of crimes, of every grade, committed with n the city and county of Near York. We have eight police magiAtraUs In the city, whose duty it is to take complaints and send them to the Grand Jury for tlieir action. It has b/cn the custom in some instances?t cus tom which is entirely improper, and should not he t dera ted? to piesent complainte, in the first instance, to the Gratd Jury, cr the Dlatrlet Attorney, or the Recorder or Ciij Judge. In euch oaeee the person complained of has no cpportnni'y to be heard, and it frequently happens that an imJiptipeut J4 Ihtld.loicd npon an ex r-xrt< hear irf, Which cat not be sustained up;n the trial, sud the time of the C:urt Is wasted to no purpose. Tboigh I thiik the end. of justice would lo e nothing by hating til complaints hr.ardln the first instance before a trate, so that the persrn actused may have an opportu nity to present bis defence, in complainte oi fotse pre tescee, vhloh are bReomh g quite eotnmon, yiu had oet ter in s'.l c?-;e? consult 1lm District Attorney, who tho rorijity fitderstandi the law applicable to s'uch cases, and whore advise mRy be beneficial in saving your own t(Bi and that of the Court. Such complaints are always made under the influence of strong feeling, as well as in terest. on the part of the complainant, and should be cautiously investigate-!. And in all cased, before finding an isdiatmeet, you should be satisfied that the evidence is euch ?s, if uncontradicted, will be sufficient to ccnvlct the pariy before a jury. No indictment should be found by you la a cage where, if you were sitting as a petit fu ry at the trial, ycu wou'd not convict tne party. Vou -he jid require the 1 aire evidence to warrant an indict ment aa vou would if you wereiittlrg as jurors on the trial. Toe Recorder then bristly called their attention to the election Jans, the law agala-t lotteries, the u'ury laws, the law relatiog to extortion by public < Misers, and the Prohibitory Liquor law. With regard to the latter be would esy that It had received such a construe ion by the Court of Appeals as rendered It unnecessary for h'm to cbaige the jury upon it. It was merely a mifde rmacoi. and as such aid not ocme within the jurisdiction of the Court. The Recorder having concluded his remarks, the jury retired to charge of an officer. A young mas oy the tame of P.ufield was then put upon trial under an indict ment for receiving stolen goods, but the evidence for the prosecution proved insufficient to sustain the indittment, and the charge was di missed without going to the ju<~/? thus affordingau lmme<iiate illustrationot the Recorder's remarks to toe Grand Jury relative to the evidence ne ee-savy to warrant indictments. The Court then ad journed to Wedneeday morning at 11 o'clock. Personal Intelligence. Hon Edward Everett. In reply to an invitation to de liver his letenre on the character of Washington, in Charleston, S. C-, eeys:?If my health permits, and no unforeseen circumstance occurs to prevtnt It, I propose, next autumn and winter, to make a som> what extensivi tour South and West, and should it then be desired t shall have much pleasure in repeating my discourse at Charleston. G?n bam Houston was in Louii villi on the 2d :nst., i? route for heme, having temporarily vacated his seat ia the Senate. Another person, made celebrated by th? Texan war of independence, was alio in the city oa th? same day, being no lees a person than the daring Ocm matdeT Moore, who was the head and froht of the navy of the intant repnb'ic of tns lone s'ar. TUs accidental ineetlig of Moon snd Houston, at the Ualt House, wh -r*? bc'h n lopped, coo Id not have been suggestive of very ujtat-aut ttBinilCtlOM to either genttemsn. Thsy have mfg been bitter enemies, Houston having, during hU Presidency, proclaimed Moore and tbe men sailing under him pirate s. ARRIVALS. Fnm Savacuf.h, in (be steamship Knoxville?W L Clark, James Smith, I> B:ed>r. J R^jenbscd, H M Balcbetlerand i-vi dreo Wise P iae, Mha Travwva O Weunore Renben <J H, Wm Dai ey. Mr rlvpoat, R O Bryan. L Woodman, J U Bo ween. Wm Bailey, u t Bad, H Mansfield, Geo Ilrtgga, Jas rtflkssn.C Austin, Miss Rurt, Mfsa Jotlyn. Jee Buckuar. M Bi ckier, J B DoDeoa. Mien B L VI'deo Mle* S I, s.iec er Mrs Voter Miss Wood. .130 Wood aid lady, Hue McKiMaok aud 19? to if? rnrr> THE WAlJ0? AID *OVE*K]IT. _ ? . tTT* ta Mew Twk-Aman* Preliminary Meeting nemoMt,Bttee?V intnta for ? BbM * , w*ik*r and af a ?^ 4i . . . . 0 -OQcrti yvAiiir 101 or A ineellrg of the friend* of u . . those who syn pa'hize with hf? nan. "*. * 'J| held last eranlrg, In the St. Char'.ee Saa. ^7** pursuant to the fo.lowicg ca'l, which wah the bullet n during the cay :? TO IBB FBI1KD3 OF 8TKUU0LINO BSPUBLIC AMtSW Uf MCABAGUA. A prel'.BtlneiT meeting will he held at thia piece ca Tuesday treeing, 8m iu.-tant, to make arrangements for a public expieoiin ot rvinpathy for the oaueeof iVa-kor and liberty to iCe tpj-rr-aed !" anl In denunelatioa c* British oppression and serret inteiferenoe on thui oonta nent. At about eight o'ciork P. M. over fifty g?at>nea had assembled. Alderman Clancy. ot the Six' a ward, took the ehakr, and Alexander Robinson F-q , acted as Secretary. Af er a few btlef bet remarka on the euir ,ect alluded to in the placard, a reeolution wa* peaeed u? he effect that a maaa meeting of Central American mjrm pathixera be held next i'rii'^y evening in Nati jaal HaS* Canal stteet, at eight o'clock . A committee of arrangement* wa* appointed, in or&er to carry out the object c? the reeo'u'ion, anl the meeting! adjourned. Enthuiletllr Meeting at New Orlrai <~lp<edk bI Hon. Pieirc .Vome an<> col. #rebcn, die. [From the N? w Orleans Picayune, April 2*. J Laat night, a* it wae previously understood by pub lic notice, lfee Hon Pierre Soulo met a number ot bin fellow citizen* at the St. Louie Hotel in order to lay be fore Ihem hie views on < 'antral American atfatre An immense crowd assembled. Their never war before a> large a tneeiitg in the rotunda ot the hotel and gallery The pa'misat dayr of old whiggery asd democracy owtr crllected on that old 'stamping ground" each a eim of the ''huite ar.d birew of the land." We regret teat our account of the affair ia obl.gvd to be brief. In the (irat plate there wae a mintage. It wae tlivnfkt by some (ant properly) w be an informal meeting f? tan end invitations who root oat to vwiior e geat.eauai tobepienent. On the other hand, and on the ccutracp tnonnard-t a. aembled at the tit. Louie acd filled it frone the t< p to the lower llwr Some seventy &"e or owe hundred persons were invited to be present. When the crowd anaembWd in the lower rotunda?the bar room? :b?y were told that the meeting (for a tew) waa to be in the gentleman'* parlor. Theu there wae a rush of boa dtece up the suire, aod in a momen' tint aptruueut wne tilled to overflowing at lea-.t a dozen tinor "Such ? gettln' up etaire I never etil see " It wae evident Mr Soufe expected no susa a gathering. He waa Furiounord hy a clamorous crowl. OnesaM this, acd another said that. He wae indeed iv-r jocao? eiabarra<wud? hy the "uoise and eonfustrn" about him. a morion wae b? '.? that the multitude repair to the ro tvtda below Acclamation cirried the motion, no t after tbe vast crowd had reached the rotunda Mr. Sou!" spoke far a lotg time, hut what i' waa ha sal.1 (from toe pavi lion we occupied tu the meefirg.) we could not he*:. and therefore cannot report. We presume, him--, that hi* Bjieech must have been in hi* usual a train of elo ir.eate. a? Lin remarks were ire-juently inUrruptwl hp the l-udeat ctmcnn'ra'ion* of applause. Af er awhile, it t* true, we founa on*, that the etc queot genrlen am was in favor of Niraragv^ and Oan Walker. Lie advUec 'he merchant to It-o-l hi- rnrney be tbe cause raid that the present a niggle by Walker and tla brave men would remit In their favor, ai l that the .United Mateo would reaci'y and gladly ann-x the inrrt tury , nnd it would come under rhe protection of our In we act our oorstituilou. We do not?indeed, we cannot?pretend to say that we have given the crator'* .'angrier*. But w* do i*y that Uf the brave heart* of tbe multitude, with their > trong arms acd ?tout heart*, present at tbe St. i.nis laat tight, ware cow wi'h the gallant Wa ker, in the eaune af liberty, there would be oi mere Schleeu/ger diegruee (u! deitats, nor any more ma'oacree ot Amancand is any pail of l antral Ami-lies After Mr. Sou1!* ?loved hie speech, enbecriptions ia aid cf tie c*u?e of Nicaragnan freedom were opened; hub h:w much money wai subscribed we cannot say. But we team a good amouut wa* put down. Mr. Paiker H Frenrh wa* iubiequently ca'led and re'ptnded elrq>-uriy *ud happily, fie npoke in g: i"ing le: m* of praii e < t Cieueral Walker, N'ictragtia and their fu ore dehtiuin*. Af'rr the meeti- g in the rotunda had dl?p?r*ed, tha "ilfiled '*w" ?djmrned up *t*li* to the epaciou* bail nf tbe gen'iem*n'< dining room, where Mr. Gamble h*4 prepared n eellatton tor them. Herr, a* la usual on enafe occa>-iice there we:e ail eo'.t* ot patriotic nod political loaii* and *ecticient* prop-end. Bat the most keuntLr abl* end slguiffcant cf ttaae wa* by Mr. Sen?tor Hynom, of thi* city. Tie hcnoiabte gent'eman said, on rising in reason** te a rati, that in wnat ne waa ibout to utter be spoke irr* si.ectire r! party acd wiihtd not to wcund auy rocUe tren'a teel:Dga. He bad t?o plank* which he suonlh !? e!?t oc beizg Icc >;pi ra'ed in any Arrwiican platf.?ra* that waeto receive lit* up port Hehopediranybonorabl?| ' lem.a present *hru 1 atteud the Clacinnati Concern in June, that he weald insist on having these two-plauk.o placed in the democratic platform. There p'eoev of ta ker were, fir*', "Nicaragua and her icdenendet?a:" tad, iirecd, - Iideruniticatl-.n in acil and territory f?r Ameri can bleed shed at Panama!" This rentluenk caused thagreatest app'.aiae < >ur a;*c3 foctlc* u* giviug a more extemieU report af then# iaterreUug proceed.rga. [From the New Origins Crescent, April SO ] There was a greet m?et>tg on Mend*/ tfeniwta tear Hot. P. Scale on the Nicaragua question. The folio wing hi hut no imperfect sketch of his a^eecU:? Mr. 3. being introduced to the mooting. detailed tbe c'rcutrstoLOes under which he had been induced to give publicity to hii opinions, and stated that the meeting bid a piaatical object in view He then proceeded, la his fnvtd, emphatic style, to thow the a J vantages pas eesied by Nicaragua. In a qergraphical point of new, and the advantage that would aocrue to this country and to'he South, icd to Loulsinca In particular upw the success of thr pireent movement ncder Walker aal Sri vas. The tecrut events in Nicaragua wtie descanted op ? n; the difeat ct SchleiriLger's detachment by the Costa Kioto?, he ahowrd, so tar firm being a blow t> Walkee'a prog tsi, was only an Ircident that would ne:7? him to moie aeiloo, if puraible. and tender triumph certain. Still there wrrs clrcutnnsiCM militating egataat h'm. There was no want of energy, capacity, ocr of strung arm- and Irate hearts to narry him through the struggle in triumph; but there was an evil indueaoo operawig against htm at the headquarters of the United States government. The speaker took occasion to ob ffrve thai be did not consider tbe Executive personally responsible for the policy of the government to ward Nicaragua; the fault lay with tha lofln ecces by which he waa surrounded and con trolled. flavlcg ehown up the question la all its aspects, the agteaker cams to tha praytioal part of h'.s tdircas, whiih was, that Walker wm in a crttcal eituaticu In reference to pecuniary matters, and needed money xherewith to prosecute hU war with the Ccsta Pleats. He had plenty of men at his coal men; all he wanted was money to purchase arms, mnni tlccs and other seta.series, wl.hoat which a war oou'd net be prosecuted, The sum aeeend was $'200,000 nr $?;0,0CO, and wi;h this sum, the speaker proceeded te ?rgua, wutt mart ?or'^ wd lucidity, tpat the w?; c >uid te term sated, by the cohquesi ci Costa, la a vaty short spaced time?po-ubly a faw weeks Tea money was not a> lied as a gilt, hut aa a loan, the profitable re sults cf which would bs beyr nd a doubt. Tae na'iooal Jr'ci (f Nicaragua was stated 'rom good autboriiy, to te leas than tour millions, and b?r availab'e resource# thlrty-lve millions. The virtual aoknowledguient of tee new gcvtrtinunt bv the I'nlUd StAtes, through its Mini' ter, and the formal recognition that would of aacaasity take p'ace upon tha success of the present move neat, were urged as circumstances which would confirm tbe respousibUitr of Nicaragua in repaying the mo any new sAed for. ihe speaker stated that he bad the beet ea thority for saying that so soon as the present struggle sbcnlu end m Walker's favor, Honduras and Kan Salva dor would join with Nicaragua aad Costa Rica, atd tte four Sta'e* wrnid form a confederation that would in time, under American ene.-gy and industry, be come the eeat of empire of the commerce ot the world. doecantiiig upon the advantages that would follow to this count rv, and to the South, and to New Orleans? not to mention Nicaragua herself, and the world at large?upon Waiter's success, and upon the shame that ft would bs to let hint fail for want ot the pecuniae? aid now aaked, the speaker concluded hie address by call ing for paper and Uk, and opening a aubnoripUoa list am the spot. Numerouh gentlemen thereupon stepped for ward and put down their nanus for various amounts. Whilst this wu going on, Colonel I'arkkr H French was Introduced to the meeting. He made an address, biiet and to the point, shewing up the history of Ntea rtgna slice its emancipation from the Spanish yoke, lie distracted and decaying condition prior to the invitation of Walker into the country; the patriotism, eourage and noble aspirations of Walker; his present position, end his need of pecuniary assistance. As a citizen and ae e reprcsen'ativn and igent ot the new republic, he re [ turned his thanks to tha citizens of New Orleans for tte lively sympathy manifested by them at present, as well ss bereUfyt*. Both Mr. Fouls acd Colonel French were listened to with the profouidest attention, aud cheered iustfly at interval#. Before the meeting adjourned, the following geatiemea were appointed a committee to soiioit subset lotions la bebalf of Nicaregra. and to make the needful explama tlone:?Cel. Slat ter, Col. Jaeqaets, Co! Christy, Meter*. 11. M. Hyauu, ? Webster and It. C. Jsaiuas. The Alleges Russian Privateer A few we. is since the papers teemed with acooonts of an oat rage committed by British mcu-of war upon the a reamer Au-erina, fn the hat ber c f Rio Janeiro, dhe was charged wrh hefrg a Russian privateer, and the captaia eape rteeced great difficulty In preventing his vessel from being detained, and navicg her oargu discharged to dad the cannon and ammunition, said to he going out to tte Rt.*> intra In the Pacific. The cause for sueneoting tte America has jest leaked out. It seems that Mr. Barclay, tbe British Ccteul at New York, was led to inspect this vessel as belt g intended for a privateer, and at ouoe seat circulars to *11 Britf'h cooculs and sfa'ps-of-war on tte bcuth American r ,Mt to overhaul and make a prise <jf her. There now appears to bsve brnn no oauaa for tte C- oeui's suspicion. It will be reeo'lectod that about * year ago, aa Ac::-an ehip bound 'or CYia wm itoprnwt no as u.'.lsr c.n-p'.r Jt o' V..- B* ,'.?p -p TS.Jmx ftur