Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1856 Page 5
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fill parposes. Be Mid that of ttkoM owaiag propesty afjceeat to the Crystal Palace, ho oould Mag two ia Moor Of tko building rcsoaialeg to Ik* other side bringing on epposis to it. Bo protested agaiast tho tearing down of tho structure. It woo on ornament to tho oity, cad it toould bo oiohtcUooo before toother rook oClfloo would ho boitt to Now Totk. Mr. Dav? Basics followod ia mom reemike, which, with fee katesrupttoes, gave rise to quite o splay ooom. Ho Mid ho owood twenty-nine tote on Fortieth street, between feaFifth tad Sixth avenats, which wore bought from the etty tt the tiOM referred to by Mr. Ntoh. Be bought theec Into noderoUnding thot the groond tdJtlMt to the Manorvofr woe to bo made Into o park. Mr. Wiuia Then you mart here boon staptd. for the eMpolotion ti to thi* ground woe, thot it woe to be need hr o reservoir, or ony other publie ptrpoee to whieh it UliCMd. Mr. Beau?Don't believe t word Mr. White (tyi. Be io tho grootoet itring eeoondrel unhung, out of State WHire?Some of the present oonpony excepted. Mr. Inn I eon throeh you in fro minutes, or toy of jfif Midjatonk The Cuajbmam tolled the parties to order, tnd dedred Mr. Btnke to proceed with hie eUtement as to how hie property would be effected by tho oonttnuonee or removal of toe Cryetol Palace. Mr. Blahko, resuming, Mid thot hie lots on Fortieth rtreet were not worth hardly ae much oe they would be now, If the ground where the Oryetol Ptleoe stood hod boen eon verted into a pork. If that scoundrel there, he aewtineed, (pointing to Mr. White,) hod succeeded In getting the Crystal Palace made Into a ccltle market his ?ty would now, probably, have got to be worth little or nothing. Mr. B. referred at some length to the effjrts ef Mr. White to get c bill through the Legislature to con- I wart the Crystal Fnlaoe into Seattle market. Be charged Mr. White with being a wire puller, and ohmraeterised the whele proceeding an a sneaking and vidanooa ma Mr. Warm, interrupting, stated toot he had heard that ?erne parties wtehtd to remonstrate against the bill, and, therefore, though the bill bed gone through some of the aw requiring Ma passage, ha bed the mm referred , to g've each pcrtiee cn opportunity to be heerd. Mr, K i eu That's a downright white lie?an unblueh tog teleehi Mr. Ban -It in of a pieoe with Mr. White's whole I in nitUr. Mr. WmiB? I know whet 1 state. The Cn star sr cried "Order," but the trio not heeding, kept np their mutual charges of mendacity and vtllany for some time, to ike no email edification of the commit too aad others present At leegth the Chairman announced that it was four ?'clock, the bour (or tbe Supervisors to meet, and that they must adjourn. Messrs. Nash, Banks aad others asked that another meeting be held to bear further facte, which was finally eompUed with, and a week from that time specified as Ik# tin#. Mr. Werrr declared, before adjournment, lhat he knew efao action contemplated being taken by the Common Ceunsll as to the Orystal Pslaee until he kid been noti fied of this meeting. Be had advertised the Oryatal Palace for sale; bnt in view of the turn matters had tske i, ha should oonntarmaad this advertisement, and do all he could to secure a renewal of the lease of tbe Cryetol Palace. Supreme Court Before lion. Judge Roosevelt nrnvrnio c abb as to *hb custody of a child. MAY 8.-M iXt Gate qf Murphy vt Murphy?Judge Roose velt rendered A decision In this suit, which ym ki ap nUeat Ion for the cue tod; of u enild aged nine years, eon ef the litter oi th# respondent, end wlu:h the respondent ?hfa?. to h<^ ee en adopted child. Boobevilt, J The child whose en*tody is disputed In ease, is en interesting boy nine years of age, whose ite thus far has been spent wl\h an aunt and uncle, as hie adopted parents. Immediately on hi* birth?for he wae only eleven weeks old?im father, and what Is per hape more im porta ant, his motaer ''gave him" as is ad mitted, treely and for the best reasons, and with tj^e most commendable ot motives to those who had ever since, With more, if possible, than motcer's and father's solioi tade, watched over his infancy, and to whom the lad himself naturally now clings with more thin filial affec tion. The question is, shall they under these ctrcanr staaoes and at this late period, after so many years of approving acquiescence, be now rudely torn asunder. Nolaterest of the child demands the sacrifioe. On the contrary, hie education, his Inclination, his prospers in Ufa ay m far as can now be seen or foreseen, will be bert promoted by bis remaining with his adopted parents. Of their own once numerous tamily, all are dead ex cept a helpless daughter. Their means are atopic, and their deposition to apply them not disputed. They are not enly wUliug but anxious to rear and provide for this child, In all respsets as If he had sprang from their ownLlBi! Mne years of probation approbation have sufficiently established t>g{r sincerity ana their ft Hit. Have the natural parents, in such case paramount legal cla'ms ? It seems to me they have not. Toe Court /mtb Chancellor Kent, 2 Com 186) will investigate the oAeausUnces, and act actording to sound disire.ion, and will not always and of oourse take a ohlld, though ander fourteen years of age, from the poisesstoa of a third person, and deliver It over to the father, against the will ot the child. The Court will consult the inclination of the infant, If It be of sufficiently mature sgs to judge Ittr lu elf, and even control 1he right of the father to the ? ibQiiloD ind edoofttioD of bis ?hiid, when the netore or uSeate appears to warrant tt. The last Supreme Court (la 8 John son's Reports, 328) applied this rule to the oaae ef two children of the name cf, one of whom was 11. aid the other only 8 jesrs of age. In the present ease, besldsa the Interest and inclination of the ohlld, there b, In my view, something nearly approaching to a ri?bt on the part of the adopted parents. Toe child was liven to them by those who, or one of whom, had by Lw the right to make the gift. Tne statute of goar dJanshtp, (* R. 8.160,) delarea that every father of a o bUd under twentj-onnmny dwpo?e ot its custody and tuition daring its minority, or for any lees time, to apy person. Ordinarily a deed or will ti necessary for that purpose; bat do not nUe years ot undisputed possession on the one ,..1 and of uninterrupted ecqulesenoe onthe other eon stiku'c as good evidence of the understanding of the par ties as any written instrument 1 In ordinary contracts Tdetlrg to property, where the statute of frauds requires them to be in writing, It is still a principle of equity jurisprudence that pert performance creetee an exception to the general rule. In this ease there is not only part performance, but a mcit substantial part. Nlae rears, the earliest of the twenty-one, may btjestly considered ae more than half a child's ruin trity. Haying under the verbal gift performed a parent's duties for nine years, the uncle and aunt, especially when in accordance with the ehild's inter*ate and Inclinations, iiswliUsittptrsata rights. Those who have borne the cares of the ohlld a early intaicy should tnj< y the comforts of his matursr vears. Ordered that the demurrer to the return made to the writ of habeas corpus be overruled, and that the out tody of the child be adjudged to the defendants. Ant HEMEsTO ?By re'errlng to the usual directory, it win be observed that a grvat number of novelties are of fered for this evening's diversion at the various theatres and other places of amusement. Im Ornu.?The "Trovatore" is anoounoed at the Academy this evening, with Brignoli in the bnor part. | La Grtnge will assist. On Saturday, 'Her F.euohaU wrl 1 be given, In German. Comrt Csdendnr?This Day. ?rnm Comt?Olrcoit.?No#. 313,1781, 1784 to 1787, 1701 to 1794 1798 to 1807. 1809 to 1825, 1828 to 1885, 1887 1890 to'1931.1934, 19fti to 1981. 1983 to 1996, 1997 to 2030, 2032, 2085 to 2064, 2120 to *160. Htpibior OocR ? Not. 262, 449, 460, 630, 647, 156, 87, 48^9 676 676, 677, 684, 686,'688, 863, 841, 890, 334, 8$f! 6li, 498, 229, 269, 496, 626, 626, 612, 613, 244, 588, 1?Nos. 168, 630. 631,638, 688. 888 ^72 673 674. 670. 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At hls hstnius i SPJ'iS,,!,1sfBroadway snd Fulten itrvet, hemanutacMires SSST?7?K?taSt3d most graceful bat. every exulblted. gbey are truly models ot beauty and flnirh. amhistviiee-liaige Slxe, wltb Cane, 80 MBtt. KIBO, 115 Bowery, lithe ^ly artist In the cttywho mm a larse sited amhrotypa. with oass, warranted not te ^^rM cepts. Becollwl KINO, 105 Bowery. The Annlwensuriee.?Persons Attending the Mrntetn Miw can spend a pleasant hour to M?ADfcBRO. n?i na> new galleries, 233 Broadway, four doors anore the Aster House. In examining their fine eol ecu on ot 1,003 pboto ' graphs of oelebrltlee. Views free to the poblki. Pinnae and Mtlodeons.?The Horace Wa ?no modern Improved pis trie and malodeona are ti be tannd at 333 Broadway. Plsnoa for rent, and reut a> lowed on wvebase or for sale on monthly permeate. 8eoond hand pi* rZTtZZ $30 to 1140. Hrlodeoos, from to 8135. Hutting's JKollcon?A New Mu^al Instru ment, oombTn'ng the advattagee of the, orgsa. meloifeeo and ptasotorte. The tene Is rich, mellow and powerlfur ShdaiDted tor church or oieratlc buhIc. It ?*? r&crif M vje highest teflUmcnlAls trom the proteeeioii, em%teure and ttt* irede throughout the UntUd Btatee, which o%n be yen lit the ntiaoforte wereroonji of the meuuikcturerfu Price trom W) 'oROVBSlKKlt a TBG6LOW, No. 505 Broadway, N. Tt- 1 Bmelnese Suits and Spring Clothing, at DBUMOOM) a PltOOH'8, No lit F.i teu riresl-a large Mid flpiecdtd Meoi tmcut. Prlcei modcrAte end e'l arlijlee guaranteed. Oath's Spool fTotton.?The Qesalse Article MB the neane. of Wit. WHITKWBIGHT sa every spooL ST qaaa attreei. Umbrellas.?Alport* Cmbiellae, the mfMt ?tarable. the cheapeat and geui'.rnwnly s.jle Impir'edby ska mjrrr.t* together with a vartetv of f.llk nmbrella*. tee agents, ?<> p. derby A (X)MPAN Y, ta Park pla*. Wsddlug and Vlaltlng Csrrts, Enrrl'tpes, ,v? luestatylra. tlonsu ar, notary, society and bus - with presses; silver door plates, 100 d'tf-rrnt pe* SSTtkmlottons, coats ot arms, ciphers, Ao , ons-me. toras, inscip" . averdbLI.. 803 Broad irav corr8r Duat.e street; cstabilsbeJ 1810. garueEle?a,?Taney" Gootlsi, Kxrlust vly.? - . aoapa, eitraote. pomades, la?trumrnts, Paris r. and toilet artttiles, andevety article sold br fens t^niie Im sorted and sod wholesale oy Ulff-UB fiS'A KO * ??" 86 NM**n 0pp0l?,l?* ?_ wtaoleeale and 4-ountry Drutiglsts? PARK, 804 Broadway, eo~ow of Doane street, rite the attention ol joobera and elese b uyera te y far ike largest as ow saairidsomrenf "^okitge, Joseu or U? gross. Lftera sol letted. Dm AtteMJH? PwttM VkUac *? Bend an iitotttlorwi M mIM to tot adverUaamaii *a *mx flflh pqi, entitled "oowMrtol." lav beaa BJtoV^loBjlotai and (Weaving freckles, laa, gs&srjsrv=&7&?? srartss Whlahawa o? MoiMm>ih jMwitoOtow Ua Mi weeks bv my onguent, wtoob will not stein or injur* the ton. (1 a bottle; sent toeay pajrt of the cynntry. B </. 'iitA jMMWMMtowadwa^Ity^i^r^Oj^We^^froo^^^ Wlp, Hair trye utd | ash* admiration among all aonnoianenrs to art tfagwl private a par* men te tor apply tog hla Inimitable dye. to* only reliable arttole of toe kind extant. Wholesale aid I totall,atOBIBIADOBCB, Bo.6 Astor House. Oopytoead ?atthelor'i it air Dye, Wig* wad Toupeea are suparlor to all others. Tbair nee improvements secure perfect oomtort to the wearer natural elegance and doraolilty. Bis unrivalled and only harmleee hair dye to applied to twelve private rooaos, at BAICHKLOK'H, 233 Broadway. Aitlfleltol Byei, Hade Under my Own In spection, at a day'a notice.- Tbey are now perieet to color and motion, inierted without pain aid worn without uoe lain ear. Consultations on eye and ear diseases, a* heretofore, fiom 9 to 4 o'clock. JaJHIH w. POWELL k. D., Oculist and Aurtot, 502 Broadway. Med leal Information for the People.?The SPECIALIST, tor May, con lain i plain, practical articles, bv Bra Hun tar and Melville, on diseases of the lungs, and their tokenism by medicated innalatioc; by Dr. Tucker, on dlaeuee ef the atomaeh and liver; by Dr. halter, on diseases of the eye and ear; and, by Dr. Jfewton, on diseases of the skin, Rvary person who values health will rend the Speetaltoi. SI a year; Stogie eepy 10 eenta, 8HKJRMAN A CO., Publisher*, No. 1 Veaey etreet, (Astor Hon**.) Hollow ay's Pills nnd Ointment.?Preju dice vanquished. Ibe dispensaries and hospitals of Raropa are now regularly supplied with them remedies. Thevare admitted to be Indispensable in dlssases of the exterior Integu ments and the secretive organ a. Bold at the manufactories. No. SO Maiden lane. New York, and No. 244 Strand, London; and by all druggie is, at 25 eenta, 62)4 sent* and 91 per box or pot. Pro Bono Publico?Pro Bono Publico.? 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Tbey purify the blood and renovate the entire system, hold at 35 eenta per box at the principal office. No. 43 Canal street, Brundreth Building; at Burn ton's book stores, bo. 296 Bowerv, and No 241 Hudson street; also, by Mrs. Mayes, No 176 Foltan street, Brooklyn: by T. W. Dyott A Baas, Pbfladelpbto, and by all respectable druggists and medtolnt venders to the Union. New School of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Isst unfolding of the art ot healing. Mrs. M J. M 4.BIN, M. ?.. 37 Lafa>eUe place, New York. Ofilcs hours from 10 A, M. lo IP. M.. exclusively tor ladles, and from 2 to 5 P. M., lor gentlemen, Wednesdays exeeptcd; all other hours by appoint ment. Persons applying by latter, must state the name sex and age o' the patient, together with the leading feature i of the ease. 1 erme? For first elimination and pre-enptino, 95 if the patient is present, and 910 If absent. All subasquentex am'uaiions. 96. feunday tcr the poor, without charge. Hostettcr.?Three Bottles of llostetter's Ve getal) a Stomach Bitters will ours the dyspepsia; one bottle sreates an appetite, foreea off the tmoure bile, purltiea the blood end invigorates tbe system; two bottles will cure ths worst farm of Hver complaint; one bottle will dissipate that weak sees at the pit ot the stomach, wl'l give color to (he countenance. Impart tone and strength to the system and lend cheerfumem to the mind. No article is so peculiarly adapted to the depress ing tnllnencee of spring weather. Kvesry family should nave It. Fold by all grocers, hotels and druggists. HOHTUTTk-t. BM1TH A CO , orifclnnaU. Barnes AFark, 364 Broadway, wholeaale agaata for New York. Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn. Lace and Muslin Curtains, from Auction ? Fplendld bargains.?A great rush is being made to KKLTY dc F VBOUBoN'8, 291 Broadway, to secure some of the laoe and muslin curtains they ere selling nt lesstban cost of im orta Uon. Go early. Also, the largest stock of window sondes In New York, cheap. Birth. On Wednesday, May 7, the wife of Isaac L. Pltrdt, of Tarrytown, N. Y., of a daughter. Marriott. On Tuesday, May 6. In Trinity Chape], by the Rev. John. Henry Hobart, Aw^dik L. Thorne t? Fannin 4.. daughter of Woe d Gibson. On Wednesday, May 7, after a abort illnets, John D. Bkobxb, aged 18 years. 7 months and 31 days. The friends and relatives, and also Company B of New York Hussars, are most respectfully Invited to attend the funerai, this afternoon, at two o'clooE, from his lata residence, No. 636 Brooms street. Ean Francisco papers please copy. On Tnesday, April 39, at No. 39 Clinton street, Mabua bxt, wife of Mr. Tuomas Duu.heath, a native of Dumfries, Scotland, aged 23 years. On Thursday morning. May 8, Catharine Morgan, eld est daughter of Nathaniel Ferris. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the realdenoe of her lather, No. 18 Pike street, without farther invitation, to morrow afternoon at two o'clock. On Thursday morning, May 8, Catharine Dixon, wife of Henry Fisher. The relatives and Mends of the family are reepeotfolly invited to attend the funeral services, this afternoon, at half-past three o'c.ock, at the residence of her son, John L- Fisher, No. 160 South Ninth street, Brooklyn E. D Her remains will be taken to Bye, Westchester oouuty, Ccr Interment. On Ihureday, May 1, of consumption, Elizabeth M. El drjdge, wife of Hon. John Snow, of Oneida, Madison county, N. Y., aged 34 years. On Thursday, May 8, Catherine, wife of Patrick Gurrey, aged 66 years, a native of the parish of Oarrey Kiodam, county foegtord, Ireland. The-friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, tomorrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from her late residence, No. 401 Seventh avenue, without furtter invitation. On Tuuisday, May 8, after a short but severe illness, Parcel M., youngest son of James and Julia A. Shaw, In the 18th year ot his age. His friends, and those of the family, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services, to morrow neon, at three o'clock, at the residence of hm father, No. ?6 Yanfiam street, wlthont further invitation. His re mains will be taken to Greenburg, Westchester ooonty, for interment, on Hundsy, May 11. On Wednesday morning, May 7, Bridget, wi'e of Robert Neville, in the 68th year of her age. The friends of me family are requested to attend the funeral, from her late residence. No. 71 Seventh street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Her remains will be interred fn Calvary. On Thursday morning, May 8, of scarlet fever, Thomas Galiachik, youngest son of John and Itoeina Wright, aged 2 j ears and 6 mot ths. The relatives and friends of the dually will please at tend the fnneral service, to-morrow morning, at nine o'clock, from the residence of hut parents, No 80 Forsyth ?trest, prior to his removal for Interment at Haverstraw, Weetchrster county. On Thuriday, May 8, after a protracted Illness, which ?he bote with Xhrisilan fortitude, Mrs. Sarah Drakh, wife of bamnel Seeeord, aged 66 years. The relatives and Mends of the ratnlly are invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 160 Tenth street, to morrow nnrnirg, at half-past eight o'clock. Her remains will be taken to hootch Plains, N. J. Blessed ate the dead that die in the Lord. Oa Wednesday, May 7, ITtter Kelly, aged 30 years. His luueial will take plaoe this attarnoon, at two o'clock, firom his late residence, No. 36(1 Ninth street. On Thursday evening, May 8, alter a short illness, Alexander, eon or William and Mary Jane Hsblrshaw, In the 20th year of his age. The relatives and friends ef the fami y are respeotfully Invited to attend the funeral, at Au Sa'.nts Church, to morrow afternoon, at four o'clock, without further invi tation. In Brooklyn, on Thursday evening, May 8, at half-past eight o'eloek. Elizabeth Martin, wl'e of Mr. Win. Bonnet, bookkeeper. New York, late of Kdinhurg, Scotland, and daughter of tbe late Mr. Alixarder Martin, of Brooklyn, and formerly of Cupar Fife, Scotland. A loving wife, a fond mother and a virtuous woman has gone to rest. a Cou'd you but tee that happy shore Where perfect bliss I And, You'd weep?not that I have gone before, But that you're left bshind. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday morning, May 7, after a protracted illness. Mrs. Sophia Jackson, widow of the late J. D. Jackson, aged 61 years and 11 montos. The t t lends of the fituiily aie invited to atUnd the fu Demi, this afternoon, at three o'clock.Aom the res-l denee of ber son, John Nix, N >. AM rnate street, war li< yt, without furtter notice. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for intersseat. In Brooklyn, on Wedusscay, May 7, Mrs. Anna Pilking ton, relict of Rot-art i'llkicgtoa, or Bury, Lancashire, England, in the 77th year of u?r age. The friends and re.s'ives of the family re ipeotfully invited to attend the funeral, this noon, at twelve o'clock, (rem No. 276 Atlantic street, oomer oi Smith. ' Philadelphia papers pleesw eopy. In Camt-ric'ge|K,rt. Mass , on Friday evening. May 2, Of inflsmmailon of the braio, Helen Amelia, daugh'er of Hubbaid V. and Olive l'ackard, in ths 4th yair of her age. w inunkuvn rimwed mam. THE TVKF< VRWYORK RACM-CPBIRO NEFTINCJ. TNI1U1 WKKR l\ in June, ISM over tbe Faablnn formerly Nsikmali It see tonne. Newtown L. 1. For Joekey Ulub purses sad states eae Bpirll of tbe Times. DEW ITT (IRfNNKIJ., Trees'r FsaNn Asa'oa. NPflltTIKI. B~~tiit waitvVd^Iny oToTSaVINO AN' AMWi rtcan t ear tor sale oan rtsd a ptirc'isesr by Inquiring at 91 Fraikltn street, Raw York. frtiji ilia i mrftirr*' ffffl'T iyauaw" or?y J hound. Apply at V-Grsai Jiaee street, between .; and *kr7m. Tliii LATE FOR C hAII1PICATIOM . <?10 IHIft 10 H-'I' -ANY PKKH.lN ha VI N.I MBi-3J .u' lU this amooat to Inrest. sod ? lahi.ig to emharfc in a pleatcnl and wen esiahlahed msBiitanturtnc Marine ?* can fisar ol an opua-'nr ?? ?r<i Milsfartory reference#, b<>7h ?s to the p. Us of Ike buwneae an the char ncter of the ?iit>errihe?\ by adi *?*lBg, ikt* day. was real r sine, 3. W , Deratd offloe. J MORIaRTY. aF(VM<?V.RHWlU.fcKi.l, una HAY. ? ai II o'elr.rb. at 173 t'kaiham -quar* a atge ms irtoiMit Of furniture, '?aryelr, (lurraJn Hrxaeeis, Wiinu). ante aatnrtaenl o'o'her g->ode; poap urd fo>m >e?<er,l|T. iu ooosr queeee of Iks storm. Ike sa.'e lo-eay wl.fp.-ujve'y be wKj out reesrve. Bmook fob itht husband and wttb.? rum iiuid woa^K'! FRIT AT* MRDIOAL COMPANION. _ By Dr. A. M. Maltose u. Profaetor of Hmm of WaHI One huadreth sdiUoe (600,000). ltea, pp. HO; on floe pMW, extra binding, U. kverj woman can Sara dtsanvar, bp enaa partog bar own symptoms w?b those rtneerlhad. iha nslnre ?barsctsr and mom sf bar eomplaist, and ba spared gnek id slaty and nttw'Jl. The wife about k I lining a mother baa ofUn need of Instruotlon and ad viae In respect to bar dta attee, which iha will bare find. This book tolla bar what la the mailt r, and tolla bar what to do for It, ta shppls but ihaaa worda. and inab aa aba tan imdaraiaivd. Those suffering from obstructions or trregnJeriiiaa peculiar to the ft mala arateaa. ar from prolapsus atari (thlttng of iba womb), or from flaw alfaaa, will aaab find In it a pages tba meana af prevention, imahan " rallaf. Extract of a letter from a gentleman la Day ton, Oblo.? , ? ? Barron. Mhy 1. 1847. Br. A. M. Kavnioao-Xp Daat Bfr: My alfa haa baaapar aaptlbly atnklr t for aoma thrae jaara or mora, la aoaaiaaaam af grant anguish and aaflbnat aoma moo tba befogs aad daring confinement; every smoeesteve one more debliMAed and proa tratad bar, putting her life In tmmtnant danger, and wbieb waa, on tba last oceaalon. despaired of. 1 auppoatd that thla I ataia af thlags waa lnerliable. and resigned myself to maat the worat. 1 heard vour book highly spoken of, aa containing rraoblng my oaaa. On lis reoefpt and paroaal, ? Hvuaal, T cADitti eiprCM to you tbm reltof it afforded my dttr>? A and, I and tba joy Ha pagaa Imparted to my wife on loan lag that the |"t: discover* or M M Deecmeaux provided snob a remedy. It pterin* td a proapaat to ma whteb I little aoooetvad waa possi ble. But for thla. era anothar year would have passed ould have my head. In all hnmitn probability, my wife In aer grave, and my children deft motherless. Pot aa a by t-TRl> lllk A TOW NHMN D, No >13 Broadway; Bhcimse A Co., Astor Room, No 7 Taaay street, Dewttt k Lavecporl, Tribune Building*. and at tba pabliahlag office, No. 129Libertyatrvet, New Tori; Joseph Talker. Mobile; also*. b. Peter ion, Ba 101 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. On the reeeipt of gt e eepy will be transmitted bv mall, tree of poat> age. to any part of the Ualted Males. All latter* moat be ad dressed, poMtpald. lo Bp. A. H. Mauris* au, office Na 198 Liberty street. New Tork, or to box Na l,724Mew York Poffi offinc. Gift book bale.-bark chance fob book boy. era? kvsna & tla'a greet gift book sale, open day and (vexing, at 409 Broadway. Tbe moat liberal Inducements are offered to ensure a rat id aa'e of books. Tie have, aid shah continue to sell, A b< ok and a gold w i rh for oee dollar. A bock and a stiver watch, for one dollar. A bcok and a gold locket, for one dollar. A book and a go'd pencil, for one dollar. A bo?k and a gold breiatptn, for one dollar. 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Jack Adams a tailor and mutineer. steads reoordad In the ni val titutor v ?f a ng and an the founder of e ChrtsPan c.iloav a bilhCT-o i of bnlfkrredB on a bittiovo uninhabited lu tbe se'ltude of tbe South t ea. The whole rf the btatory of the crew ot iha Bounty la one of moat painful import; hut them It as Intensity of interest lr every porbu of the story which equals that oou ntotdu w l'h the doings of Robinson Crusoe te whose adventures the most judicious blendli g of fact as J fan-y isstid to etlst. Cs plain Cham I er has treated the farts with tnuch foroeand soccers; Bud the reiathn of the outward voyage of the B iuntv, the oreruilons ol ilie crew at irtahelte, tbe o immenoenent. progress and outbreak of the muliuy, and the vo?age of the expelled cap lata and his faithfol fr ends, In a frail opau boat, nearly four and mi'er across the Tndlvn Ocean, ere given w lib a power that enchains the atteoUon of tbe reader. The wavering practices of the mutineers alter the somp'etloi of tbecrlme. ard the secaratlon of the gull'v sailors into two parlies, wuh tbe on est of the (itahelau portion, end suhse quent wreak of the Pandora frigate, are choice specimens of composition. "Jack Adams" li a delig'uiiu' work, and 1n s'aroeaof powerful writing are frequent in lta pages ?[Bur ten's Centlemaii's Magaz us Copies sent, free of postnge, on reeeipt of price, addressed io ihe publisher, T. B. FMTfitlSuN, 1C2 Chestnut street, Phi adelphla. A: HICWgPAmiM. $1 finn TBa *iw>' Wi.UUU! EH0B1TI!?0S III SO. 23 or FRANK LttBLlR'S ILLUSTRATED NKWBPAPICB To be luiied next Faturday morning, will eo>t over one thout&nd doll*r? to p-oduoe. Ihla will ne the moetmaguil cent paper ever issued la this country. It will eontaln HOBT PAQJTH or ORIGINAL KNUKAVINUS. Illustrating Oen Walker's movements in Motragoa, the Battle of Alvas. the Detention of Pasaeugera at Oeettllo Marble, ktassAore of Americana at the Panama luilwav depot. 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Price four rents For ?ale by all news agent* in New York and vlslniiy, and throughout the country, and at the pub Ilia Hon otllce, No. 9 flprucc, si rest, second story. THK LONDON JOURNAL.--NO 5B4 OF TBK LONDON Journal, for this wiek. and the six back number*, which commence a new volume and a new romance. can be ob tained at the cfllce of the London Journal, 60 Nassau street. New York, l'rlce two cents each, single oojlet PERSONAL. BOY MI88IN O.- FRANCES RAILLY, AGED FUORTK1N years, left his home oa the 22d of April to go to scheot; he had on a black jacket and pacts, and black cloth cap; has sot since been beard from. Any Information In /elation to Mm will be thanktui!r rt reived by his afflicted parents, at 2-tD West Twenty-fourth street PR1VER RAILLY. XING GLOVIB.-THE KIDS ARB IMPROVING fSrt. JOWLS. B R. F. WILL FIND A NOTE AT THE MBTROPOLI tan l'osl office. I NFOBMATION'V ANTED-OAPT.RICHARD NEWMAN, L toe ccmmaudlcg the brig Maria, of Plymouth, left home, 8f8 Front street, on the Wtk ol Aprfl. He is about 3d year* old, dirk ccniplexion. 5 teet 10 inches high; wore a black brook cent, velvet vest brown panto, and boots, on his persoa he had a silver watch, go d case, go'd pencil and atods, and a small inmunt ol money, MO or MO. Information leading to his dis covery will be rewarded by his distressed wife, by sailing on tier at 384 Cherry rkeet. ANN NRWMAN, 384 Cherry street. INFORMATION "WANTEO?Or MARY UIN9EY AND 1 Catherine Bcurke. Wbcn last heard of ther were residing In Newark, N. J. Any Information oosoerning them wlllbe 0.ack'tuly teoeived by Gilbert Demureuu, 89 Nassau street, np stairs. rrintTFAMILY WHO OCCUPIED ROOM 19, NO. 9 1 Crosby street, In January last, will publish in the Herald where '.hey sow reside, a friend will ca 1 on them. IF HKNK1 WILL CaI.L AT THR STORE TO DAY, ON Mr. W., Le will confer a great favor on him. IF MR. 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avenue. Cfoleage, Illinuii; or if in tie city uf Ne* fork, to oall on Mr. I.tvlngilon. 12 Mtirrav street. t'DY?PEGilRT THAT ~BU8INE8B WILL PREVENT my reeiog you. J. DESTIiTRT. ARTIFICIAL TFK7II -KFNNHDY A HEtKIHfMAN, surgical and meohanlcal dentists, 120 Canal st., would hi I form tbclr Irtendi and the public that they have located to em selves at the abov address, where they lave mu te vitonaive eiransenmru for the monilfaoiiire of artittctol teeth, and lb?y I would respectful, v In,-lie the siientlm of the public to the spe rlmens of their work at thair ofl'ioe, whioh they *-? oontldevt will bear eompartsnn with any otuar an. I at m .ich tower pi-toer. LEH1L litTELLIflEM;!'. IN PPRHPANCK OF AN ORDER OF THE BUBF.OilATE of the wtun'v of New York, notice li bsrubv given to a I persons having claims against Then as Price, la'e of the atty ?f New York, .leeeasej, ;n present the ?em?, with vourhew th reot. to the subscriber, at her residence ?? Dlvlslce street, to toe city o( New York, on or bofore I'.e ?9 h dayo; May next. ANN PRICES, Administratrix. Jfa'rd New York, toe 17th day of November, 1HAJ. HITCATIOJtS WAJrnBD. A OOLORSD rnuiJ WANTS A SITUATION. AS JL tody'ssMld or child'sivh, or would wllllmgly mow P"I?Wl or ramlly gmsg to Oalitornla. Please itow Khaa Abb* Jcaaa, care of Peter A Parlor, 170 West 29th ml A M?MCf AMJ YOUNG WOMAN WISH JUj A SITUA uBdantoada aH kinds of game aod deeserts, boot of retoranee. Call A tion, as prefreaad aook. rirj^js?rry*ad Am YMEY RESPECTAB LB TOUNG GIRL WIHH1H A ebambannald aad iaandrsss, la a MnaatoUa 7r?ato frailly; has ao objection to mill herself uNTfrat ally rcfarcncc. Pieuc ea'lat 19613Ui at, near 2d avenue. ?? SITUATION WANTED? BY A COMrRTBN* GIRL, . as ehemberma'd and waiter, or would take charge at a illd. Oaa give good testimonials aa to capacity. Clan hot | two days at bar p roseaI employer's, 368 West Bdit w AI YOUNG LADY. AOOUBTOMRD TO THK FIRST J1*'!# ta Maw York, would like to mike an eogace charge of a dreaa cap and milUnor? establishment to California, or Any of the Weatern el Urn. Refereooea ei snangaf. Addrcos for one week. W. L., Herald offien. HAVING OMR OF ROBINSON'S IMPROVED HH, aa11>ta machines, wlehaa to procure work trout ?owe "wEoleealerfalrtorclothing homo. Addreaa Mrs. L? lsaFul ton at., Brooklyn, or Harald offlee. AMY I.ADT WHO WAMTS A GOO1) GIRL. AH OOOK washer, lroeer or walling maid, will please address Mar garet. H Latayetic avsnuc, Brooklyn. YOUNG WOMAN, WHO IS AN KXCSU.KNT PLAIN cook, wniber and ironer, deslret a respectable altuaUon; .? Akle.G a..a ? * .... kaa mo objccUo* to go a thott wmy low the oouitrr; the best re tormea given. Apply at 171 6ih tt, oelow avenue B, 3d 1 1 floor, *f?8T CLASS GERMAN OOOK WANTS A B1TUA tion to a genteel tamly. to go to Newport or any other waAWuigpUce. bhe alto wcu'd go under the nupeiinlandeaee ARKSPKCTABLH YOUNG WOMAN WAN 18 A SITU A tloe, aa eook,er to do the general boutework to a email pri vate frmlly; the la a coed wa.ber and kroner. Can be aeeu tor two daya at 92 Smith it,, near Dean at, Brooklyn. Good rttorenee given. A SITUATION WANTED?A? HOU8RKKRPKR. BY A Mo.9Ba8e^blaea.?m<la" c"y reference given. Oallat A TOUNG GIRL WANTS A HI IUA1 ION, AS CHAM Ol berwsid and waiter, or to do chamber work and plala sew tog ta a private tamllr. Can be teen for two daya. at her pre sent employer's, to whom ihe now refers, at 11 Atolon plaoe, ID 4th Ite A SITUATION, AS OOOK. IS WANTED, BY A PRO lestsnt woman, who understands ooiktoe thorough 'y to all ita tranche.; nai lived for aeveral yeara wiih aome of the Boat raapeetable families to the city; can give the beat of re ference. Call at 118 Wooater at, second floor. A YOUNG LADY WI8HBS TO MHET WITH AN BN fagemont. where her endeavors to prove herielf a use ful and agreeable companion vonld be conitdered aa equl va lent tor the eomlorta of a home. She ta atao fnlly competent to give Inatruction to Preneh. II req aired. Releranoaa ex changed. Addreaa Home, Brooklyn Poet offioe. A situation wanted? as waiter, in a pri vate frmlly, by a tingle young man, who aan re'or to hie preset tenr ployer for bin oompetencv and general charao ARKBPhCTABLl YOUNG BOY WISHES TO LEARN some respectable trade-a ship joiner or plumber. Ad dreaa O B., box 126 Herald offise, for one day. YOUNG HAN OF BfEADY HABITS WANTS A SITU atlon ae barkeeper, or por er In a store. To be seen at hla laat employer'a, No. 208 Cherry at., eorner of Pike atlp. A CbOOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE* J highly reoommended woman, who perfect'y understands her du&ea; la willing and reaaectful: would not object t > the country; baa served tor yean In first class families. Apply at til Bowery. HOUSEKEEPKR.-A (LADY, FULLY COHPHTKNT would like to et gage aa houiekeaper for a widower or haeselor. or would lake charge of a house to the absenoe of the frailly, to city cr .country. Please addreaa 8. T. A., Union equate Post offioe. SITUATION WANTSD?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO. teitapt young women, aa good plain cook; understands her business In all Ite braches; understands washing and Iron b g; good ctty referenoo given. Pleaae call at No. 88 Mulberry at, third floor, to the rear. SITUATION WANTID-BY A MOST RBRPSOTABLE O Protestant young woman, to cook, wash and iron, in a pri vate frmlly; can produce the bfetof testimonials. Csn be seen for two day A If not engaged, at 160 Bast 31st at, between tot and 2d avenues, to the basement. OI1UATION WANTED-A8 A COACAMAN OR OAR Cderer, by a German rt good education,who ta wellacqualn ted ? 8b burses and gardening: the besi.ot relerences given To be seen at J eg el's Hotel, 47 Barclay street, from 9 in 12 A. If., basement. TWO EXPERIENCED SISTERS WI8H TO OBTAIN situational one aa good plain eook, and la an excellent wx.ber and Doner, and the otter aa chambermaid and fine washer and Ironer. can give tbe beet of testimony as o cfca rsctat end ability from their iset place, where tbey lived, one six yeara and tbe other three years. Would go to tbe country, or would go ont to the West Pleaae call at 191 E. 17th at. top Dorr, front room. rno MERCHANTS.?A YOUNG SCOTCHMAN, WHO HAS A ju?t arrived In this oiuntrv, aid who has been engaged for tee laat six vaars-in a first class wholesale grocery and pro v!>k>n store, wishes to obtain a similar situation In this country, rrsny sitnaiton In which be could make himse f useful; can give the best of testimonials. Please address Bootonman, He raid offioe. PLAWYSR8-A TALENTED YOUNG LAWTBR wants a ilteatlon to a good offioe, that he raa? do attor rey snd clerk buvtoest. Can give the beet of reference. Ad dram G., Herald effloo. TAl ANTED?A SITUATION, AS GOYKRN18S. BT A m ladv who Is competent tj tench the usual branches of an Isgllth edueaiton. with Fieneb. Aeverttrer Is aecustomed to tul lou, snd wou d have so objection to tbe -ooustry. Address, stating terms, diss J. B., Herald office. w ANTBD-A HI] U AT ION, AS OOOK. WASHER AND ironer to a private lanlly, by a respectable young wo man, who thoroughly understands ovoktog to all Its brvtehta Beet of city reference, Can be seen for two davs at 124 Green lane, between Proepoet and Yerk its., Brooklyn. WANTRD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPHCfAB1 young woman, a* waiter or chambermaid and walk can be wen tor two days, M not engaged, at 14 9th avenue, I twee* S4lh and Jftl n sta Btet of elty reference given. w Oood refereeee^giwsn? ??* wo? ?t1 KB/ ANTED-A SITUATION, AS CHILD'S NURBS AND vI srsmetrera. by a reepeeMble woman, who oaa fbrnlsh unexreptlonable rrfervnoe; she would also assist to chamber work. Appiy ai 117 2d avenue or 1G6 PultonsL AA/ AKTRD SITUATIONS, BY T?WO RE8PSCTABLR Vv ProievUnt gtrlv; ore a* chambermaid and seamstrevp, snd 'he o-heres chambermaid aid t-> assist In washing and iiosisg. Own be seen, mill suited, at .121 West 28th at, be twevn imi. end U'b avsnuea Good re erenoe, U required. W?NTH|i?A SITUATION, AS STEWA.RDKAB, IN A ?teairibo. t, b? abuacirfa wom> n who speaks French a- d Fxglbh fluepttT; has irrvsd In that csptoitv in one of ihe R N. 8. P. C. Bonthampt n Best of refe-ence given as re g-rd respectability and capacity. Apply for Ave daya at 338 Met' It WANTVD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, a* chambermaid ard to do floe washing and ironing; ra? no cibjasflmw lo go to the country. Dan produce referenoo for the past three tear* flroa one famtl'y. Oaa be soon for two dajsat ISSavenre B. WANTED?HTU At IONS, BY TWO COMPETENT PER eons: one as chl'd's enree; uaderatands the care of an Irfknt fr>in Its birth; or w aid g > ss iidt's amid; understands hairdretflng; the other wou d go at chambermaid and seam strew, or imi'iI with the floe wa-hlng and Ironing. Plena oaM a: 49 Bank si, between Bleecxer aad 4th, for t vo da-f. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A SCOTCH PROTB8 tant young woman, aa w*l'*r and chambermrld or as chtin erxald and 'eemaireaa. Ileal cl y telerencea, and a per ioral Interview. If detlrrd with her present employer. Call for two days, at 14 West Utb at., near 3th avenue. yy ANTKO-A SITUATION, BT A RKHPKCrARLB t? voung weman; ?h? la a competent cook: aha under nar da cocking In all lta brancoea; the unlerttoadi ooozing ell klnde of poultry and (axe; ehe ht? lived two ? ears la her laal plaoe; Pte baa l*e real o c'tv reference. Call at 291 Elizabeth at. tlrot door from Biearaer (*/ Aa TED BY AN aMKRIUAN. A SITUATION A8 TT Durretur the atek, obi dren'a nurse, or housekeeper, ">t a lerj'ooiabla middle aged widow, who undara'anda bar buaf rera UxroHghlv. The heat of etty reference If required. Pleare oall at Ml Norfolk at, drat WaNTTIVA SITUATION, NT A RKdPgtfa.iI.K girl, to do general horaeeork In a nnall pnra'e family; la a good plain cook, a first rate waaber and Ironer. and baa gtod city refarence can be earn for two daya, at 109 11th at, nrtaeen let and 2d avenuea. WANTltl) A BK8P8CTARL.8 GIRb, TO Tlt.V.i A cjuf-eilootrj alare. Algblean or tw.uly reara o.' ego Apply at 204 Canal at. WANTtD?A SITUATION, BY A KRrtPRCr* dL? Protectant y omg woman, aa aeamatresa and to amis-. in .bun bar work, or to take earenr growing cat dree, do objec tion 10 go In the ocunlry Apply for two day a at ail Wealllkhat ANTID-A BtTUATION. BY A R'SPICfAHLS your a woman, m oook, wacbar and ironer. Ra* the bod of city tefere* o# Lota oer last p'aoe. Pirate nail at 217 7 th area no, for two day*. W' WAKTBD-A SIIUA1ION, BT A RRRPICTAB1.K Wo man, aa nook In a prlaaie tauiily. the !>??'. of re'eremw can be given. Can be aean in bar l/?at plaoe, at 21 .vh avenue 41/ A KMSPKt TARi,* U1 Rl,, ASITU aTlOM, I V aa chambermaid and to do plain aewln( or to urc c i-a ? ? "W? >?waaawei >uwau aieta aea au |>aaui wie ?? mi f?arj v*'? oi a baby and lo do p?ln a* wing, Can oe ten lor two daya at 171 Be?t l"ih at, third flo r, ban ro-wn. WANTID?A SITUATION, BY A UtNOTiBU WO womau a? oook and to assist in the washing and leaning; good city reference. (Jan be aeen tor two dayi at 127 36tb near 7'h avenue w ABTND-A B1TDAIIPN, AH OOOI, BY A RRWICPr able Grrman won en| la an eireilent oook; understands corkhii In all lta h-M0hec, oanbe h'ghty racoanaendad by bar laat envployar; rpeaki ingllsh. Call at the confoj.l >oery store, corner of #Jt venue and 4 th at. llTAATVn -A BITV'AtloN. BT A CD* PR TIC NT YOUNG TV Rlri, of neat and tl<l, habl'a, aa os-k and lo do the wattl ing and Ironing of a private famllv; nnderatinda all kind* of nsnata poultry, baking and plain pastry; wogaa from V7 to Id, Can give excellent city relrrence. Call at 21 u i i bait 23d at. WANTRO-BY A RTSPftf'T.tBTK MARRIED WOMAN, with afresh breavt of inl'k, a situation as w?t nuiae Oan produce the beat ol'city re'ereuce. Please call for two daya at more No. 10 Wnablngioo ct. 'X '-NT,? a SITUATION. B? A HIPM7MU V? girl, as (uantbemiald a?d wal er H a sma'l private 'amllv; bs< no objection to go a ahcrt diataroe In the country, or to <lo general bousework In * rtna'l f-unl.y Beat el-v re li recne. Can be aeon for two daya at 107 16th it, between Is" and 2d ava . lint floor, back room. r AN VKD?A H1TIJATION, A8 l.AUNDRK^R AND ,. chambermaid, uii(tersiand? washti g In a l it* bratuAes, and Krarnh flntlrg The beat of reference from bar present emplojei, Oeli at IIS 12th at , neat 2d availib WJ WANTRD-A HITUATION, BY A RKRI'g traltl.R young wi.trvji. as waltsr, er ctaambennt'd and waiter. Can be seen for two daya. If not eng >?ed, al 401 fl.b av., over the plumher'a, between Slih snd ."Atbau Bast <f clt> -e'er <t ce *;ven. VI ANTED-BY A Y.iUNG W-^VIAN. \ SITUATION, AH TT ebsmbermaH, and la wl1 Ing lo assiu i - tn.- w t- ing i, d Inning If require-!, lha beatmoh' r-tererrs fron liar laat P'aoe, rnlua cn 'pi ee -eara in it. < on a?en for t vo J.tra. 0*11 at 18 7th avenue, beta-eon IBtb and l?th ate. VI; ANTRD? A ?ITUA:I ?N, Al B IKKCIMI ,)R ft kalctmiD, by a iridd e a.fed (rvrmati, w'an c. a a -eaY Sng'lrh aad Trench OtHmtly, arc t*n give tbeberof i efr encea. Addieaa 216 3"i'i at,, between H h and 9h avenuea. ?ituATIOBI WAJETKD. W ANTED-A situation, bta _ * . * ? wunta, __ , ?SS&SyTSf <?Le"Jd: thSe? SSX^.&iaoST ?wnaJTliw,,* W1ITPAT10N. AH HAi.?ntjt oi TO PareoB^fbo ?T? SMSfe C^eSss???*'iss; ANTBD?BY A YOOHG MAM, A BITffATTOW as ?Uy nluwt. Pie.- .dd^. O. M.Kx*171HeAw offll* THE TRADES. r1'?"!! WAKTBP.-A FIRST BATE HOUSE OAR. V P?* "' ? food workman, may find oonitMU amDlovnani >7 apply lsg to N. A. BUBB A (X)., IPX Ollffiu P T^A0^*?t*AN. OP*BATO* AND ARTIST IN PASTEL i-Q f? J"10", of first slasa, wonted. Address Palmer No. dlnWy60 * 07 ^ between 7 end 9 A. ML, bUm+ a???:~WaNTED AN EXPCKIlNfED OAB V d?*?f. *0? oan tint well recommended. AddIv it No s Appleton'e Bui dfcg. 346 Broadway. -*PP'y at no. 3 "i?**, ,W ANTED.?A FIBST EATS OILDtR 18 ?2iS?. V ^ APP'Jja w Bchaua, print sailer, biSlrnW^ply."1' U>0,e "to ^ U ^ STATION WANTED.-A TKBT ABLE MACHINIST V ?*^1 dready had charge ol a large engine, and know-' rylf'^.wlthta *b? braoeh of naaehlaery, de cither u mtchlniin or aofiueer; referenoe llwr, frSfei?1 ftv<ln- In<lulr** 314 H?w?ry, fourth aps?, Ka^w TO^WSf5?5SSi^',>-,?<>?ara rpo IJkUfBBK MlKKHfl.^A SUPERIOR WO El KM A If a One fsmllisr wiih brm r?v1 tin work and ?.... Otetory. One fully quaUflai wortmro. Apply at IDS *** U 15T,D-i GOOD CASK BAKEB. ONE WHO thoroughly understands bis bnalaeaa. Apt.vatlhecw aer of a Uat, tfcaad Clinton ata.. BrooSriT P'r * W A?b5^ii2-^IT^l,AOTOBY Iw TK ?*????' Poet offlcl w*av"r- Addreaa bo* 2 788, ^""l^TCIvSaey N? SHBBT I8?* W0*"M. WANT1D?A ORBMAlf GARDENER; ONE THO roughly acquainted with the business, and capable of Kv&sgzr**? Appiy 10 j- b- oobi^u ? \VA2SD~T" 0 ???D CPHOL8TBE9SK8; NONR BUT t^f ^dTOteT,PPlr " *?' 66 b?" mteujgesce offices. GFRR AN, ENGLISH, SCOTCH AND IBI8H SERVANTS. JTiTwhrT<*n b? obtained at MORRIS A CO.'8, tBJ BroadWay, oornsr of Rsada atrost ima' ??&m?n' "arntara. laborers Ac,, at khla or at the new office, 126 Greenwich, near Cedar etreeta. - n#w ANTED-AT NO. 6 EAST BROADWAY A PRO tenant man and wife, to take char re of a hrm..?. Trenton, N J ; wages S2U per moo" liSKiaS 1^2 SET ?srLe'h?1eoWon we*T?ra; pares are procured for e'erka Dor m?n on steamers ana railroads, bora to Ichmi traded, asd ea oodh, coachmen and ffardflnam hi!,!? igeni! chw?bermalda. Apply !0 UILLEH A ^So!, SPECIAL. NOTICES. " C0^?^1 C0MS ka'iIyTI"chabgi and a of ,he b"Sle riDf? cheerily out. V?J""/J'ly' come rally! one elfort to save a lh?Il???nd a home for tke brare oi Do^d tn?b?Ht^r^,,g 01 ??'?????? OT repablloanlem, and p? ,r S." ^ and to mid and enoom-af e then. u*sling patriot Ihe meettog-?8 CmiEW" "P^8? wU1 ?>e present and addreaa fi? tthsa,-* 2on" ??g sisss bZ ^ l?is?' A*x o\orn^ Hon* Robert Tomoa, Hon. A. a. Phiilin^ nZ n?f w Srelier- Col 0eo. W sliiDdore, So? wGeCi Pe8k- Mhjot Helas, ft??' ft,-4;, Capt. Jotoah rfyniero, ?3'.uSXS5?iw ??v" ?? o... o. , '?* r,-A*w. ? K Kpnxppt Robiwbon, 5 Heoreiaj s. L^."R*1iI;r'i.LL "HSONS OPPOBKD TO TUB widening and eztondica of this direct are ranuMtwi to ?.* bShr!! lSsb6 bcI^f ,'10 <JOiaM!tl ohamber, Ottr aall, bwore the Oommittoe on streets, cn F rid^y, 9tb it at., at 3 P if heotonatoanrcn aatatnat the above wldemoi and exuwdl'ni" SSw tS!o! J* "* HuU * 8w''- lOBCdff streM; FJi?, ..Jp1"8 RIBSIOH, OLD BBBWERr.-fHK Twelfth Anniversary 01 the Ladlea1 Home MlasimarvH. nintv nil..., Add*eases will be de lve-od by Hon. H W Milliard, of Alabama, and Bev. W. H MUburn. Ate ChaDlaln to !? ,8ev W.?- Tan Meter wdii rolato eevenn tnterawb ?fnne(?e<1 r^tb the children he hat placed la good MAT^lIOvN?,TIO?~,,IHa BEM8EHS OF EHBEK4 ,.L^#eVN.0' ^^'bejurudtcj. n of St. John's Hand joiugeof F. A a. M. of the Btate of New York, aro h:r?bv anmmourd to at'eid a speelsl meeting, this day. at their i<xLr? r om. Military Hall, 193 Brwery, at 11 o'clock A. M ureds^uv araa ttrrswi ll?rtiintoSjSreByllmd??.,n t00i ,UU,ding' ?" re,pec f(l", W-. J FoS.oRn.8e,reUfl4LHON WIN0HEJT1R. ^ *? *B?'AN1U.K L'BAABT LEOTUBE BOOM? MUNDAT . cenlng, May 12-Graad 11 erary and mnaloal enterialn n?at. t or partlculara sea amusement eolsmna. 11 bbaky ASSjOIATION.-SPB ;ial toOoe?Theannual mettlnr of tae Mercaatlla blrrarv Ataoctatlon wlllbe be d in the lecture ro->m, Clinton HhII, as tor place, on 1 ueadav e.veslog. May '3. at 8 o'c'ook The in. 1 'nl'v i1^0,or ??C8" ?r 'bo as'odatlon for the envai-^ year wUibe beld in the Library bull tog, on In?da% tUy ? 1l' ly orter??toVB^d A'^anl clM8 ? 9 P." QaOROa g. Partridge, Jr., BecomingSeo'y. Notice?notice is hrbkbv given that thk l!2S2f?nJ ^roto'oro dzttUnr by the turne or Zl'XSST&fr S*" dl?o!v"d b>' ,lto o*n limitation on the Ut or Mil oh, 1846, Henry S-evenaon l? antnorlzsd to settle tiki nStad^^?S^1,t *^d Unn- 2- J- THOMP80N. Dated May 1, 1846. C- gTEVEAS )lf. 8Y"EMATIC HENHFICKNCkIHO A clety will hold a publle meeting, at the Broadway taberntT R?V n, mSI22,0' ?' 2 ,?'8lo?k- Addreesea will be made bv Pf.T* J1),r-.8t?v8?,2.D' ?r Indiana; Oct. H Stuart, kso of Pbl adelph a; and Rev Thro. L Cuyler, of this city. ' THJf abbivebsabt meeting OF THE UNIVKRS iT, 1st Snndar sctools of New York and vlolalty will like o'atw r m5 , .C ^U 7 ?"lT?TMUlat church f?ev. Mr. Chimin's? to Friday, the 9th Instant, at 2W P. M. Addrasses k. lt.j t(7 8bonldr'ih?>w, ltyleh Wld <^laoin Th" BUh'le are ln\-|tsdi tM?bi ioTloT P"7* sto,tn7'11 wiJ b? Poatocr.od unUl _ TJIK LECTURE 8KA8O.V. JOHN B OOCOU WILL PPCAK FOR THE LAST TIME thl? aearon in New York and vicinity, In the Hroidway labemacle tomorrow (laturday) evening. at h .lf-past re ren. Rev. J. L t'uyler will preaite. ana mike Mr. Gougn a parting acdreae. Tlcke a28 oetiU.fc RCTUR1 ROOM, HOPK CHAPBL, BROADWAY ? AN tnierekileg and Instructive leotnre v.i'1 be delivered by Mr. Baeves on Haturdav evening t< o lOti tnrt- Subject?.vtne.vah nndlheliaat A dm'* don 50 vent*. Tickets to he had atihe Clarendon Ho'el or a', the leotnre room on the evening of the lecture. Doors open at 7K; lecture commence! at 8 o'aloak. P" "HRKNOLOOY AT THF. HTCYVFWANT INSTITUTE.? Hie last itcture of Protesaor Fowler'a tree uourae wi'l be iiven this evening Subject, "Intellectual Onltur.t." Pro it * clonal examinations dally ai 908 Broadway. REWARDS. #on REWARD.- LOST, THIS MOANfNO. BSfWSE.Y *>ZtU tfce onrcer of Second avenae and Ktghth street, and Broadway ard Seven b atreet, a lady'a gird bu&Uog watch, wl'k gold chain and seal, with a iille go d (Upper attached. The finder will receive the above rewaid by leering it at SO William t treet, or 33 11. Mark's place. fill rkwaRh.-stglun, prom ibr room op rl" the subaorloer. a braided hair ehaln. mounted ?lib go'd. The above reward will be pal J f? the reoovary <?' lb. chair, and live dollars fee the deiactlon and oonvlo'.ton a' tfce th'.et. iK'M BaBkUIAjW Oentral Stlear awna, WlUoeahhy aireet, oorner of Pearl, Brooklyn, A C KKWARD-Ff-R TBB RKTURN OF A PACKArjic d 'J of papers. In a gntta percha enval pe. loat In a Third aveuue car. about d P. M . nth teat, below Twenty-ieurth atreet, foir.g np. Addrows box 190 Hera.d offloe. MIST AM) FOCND. ijtODM) A POtiKh.1 B )UK. (HAH f ? I a I .?t J A 8I'M OP P money, which the owner aan have by proving property and p.tvlag charge*. Aptly to N. S. Kl?er, on board of the .teamt oat Thomas Itulae, loot o. Jay aire*, betireaa 3 and 4 o'clock la *eafwnmm Ij-OUNP-A ITRfF OOVTATNING A FI?.W DOLLAR* f The owner ana have It by oalUng at 74 WeatTweaty lb ml suit I. ard d>rcj;otng aame and MWlk OST- A Bk*K BOOK" NO. IWJM, ON TBB BAWK OS J Navfcga. BKN.I aMIN P. WII.LllTA LOST?A CALFSKIN WALLItv, CONTAINING NClTM ta, afro uwi eieapi te the owner, pas maw t of then having been slopped, lho finder anil oa rewarded br leav ing It with A. B. Kveretl, No. 6 > ar.a tweet, np suaies. LOST-OH WIDNHSDAY, A I.ARUN BLaOK AND whl<e Newfoundland dog liavlng a white atretic dawn ! hla lace, a large bushy tall, Up**] with white: v.aawers te the named Jack adv parsoa Hiding ths mm wl'IrenetveW rawartl by leaving him at 474 Broadway. PIKRCI MALL9RY. LCHT.-A ROLL OF PArKR, on thcrs?at korn" log a toll ol manuscript, wrapped in browa papea; waa , kitt In one nt tee Hamilton ferry bnam. * * u n*o he d so t-e : to ana tcram but ihe owner, it la honed tha finder will leave ? it vt l?P theferrv, or ?' M Wondhull siret* rirooaiyn where he will be suitably reward ad. UhT- YRhTRRDAY AFI KB NOON, HirrNKSN J AND i .1 o'clock Mb In bills on vartou' oonat? hackc,-npoveed I to have bceu loat between Wall a reel and roet ofgac (tae | fourth the amount will he 'heeKnltr glvae w the tmoec ea re turrjrp time to the lo?er, a: l.W Pearl wreet, seioad ilaer, "l.c?. Lost or "Stolen?bktwenn tin Depor of nhw listen acd Few York, on tha 7 o'c'ock A. B. tram, on the *ih mat., a wallst, eoctslnivg abo tt thirty fire dolia-t Is hil'a; two checks p.ijabe to the order of the wlnla Ohu'oWl Mennfarrturlng OOtnpaoy, not endorse I; a not* I c about o,e thancand dollar a Cgiw.l1 y Aaahsm Pierpoat, NewIIiven, a no'e of the Oonur?iniu 8t^?m Ilea tor t o-rpaity. for lour hnndrad dollars, pttysi. e to the orde.' ft W.ltm lumper aid etd.iric.1 bt him; aivl aupegsed 11 ooctalo odicr otie>. talna b'e'i?iv to Ilia owner Whoever will reMrn "ltd W.'let. with Ilia dralte nntl papers, to ti? *in*crlhe*. at Vow Hsvm or leave. It at the United hta'es Hotal, In th's oily, miy retain the it,or"W a IViM, on*WI. FOUND 1H1 ihNrLN* AN WHO 1,'iar IF. i> a! 1 wvhiris en Tceaday r Ighi. Mtv rt. will hqai-e St l*) Howard Prrwi.oreer Biiwidivay and MAtdtn lane, New tork. Am aooB plain oook. wiihu and ibonb* M ??Mi w ? wea* ? who can de afl Mads ef haw, wk. Man be acai (Ad aettve. Apply fnlfeWT b1 TV ? Ee?h Third let. WtHfemabarg, ami iSfgSffefiitt Aw appmntici wanted-to leak* dbw ?I making.Good. qalak aawara preferred. Apply at M? Nprtag at. betweea 9 aad 3. AW IVIMI OOVBBII EES.-A PEOT?PACT m m wauled. lo take charge ui 'hree ?children wfeare a^^^M maid la kept: aha will ba required to teach the Orat of the teg Hah la agoege. Anv oae Aued ft* Ihe above aageeL ty will Maat with a permanent boma by applying alMQ Bfoai> way. ADEUO CLERK WANTED?ONE WHO VNDM" ataada the retail and paaaaaIpttoat bnataaaa Inquire tar ibiea daja at tao drag atora >4810th at. aorqar of lat araaaajl A BOY, FROM 14 To 16 TBARW OFIAGB, TO ATTESD a grocery atora. One acquainted with the bnaiaeaa pid tarred. Apply to Mr. Murray, 47 Lewie at. AOKBHAN BOT. F1FTBKN OB SIXTEEN TEAM or age, wen ted. to a tend a hardware and atora atora; a? who aan apeak KagUah fluently. None need apply bat thoae who aan bring good reoom mend at lona from their liat employ er*. Joseph DOD1N, 180 aranaa B. A BABE CBANCE.-AOKNTE wanted, to SELL D. Brother Jonathan'a furniture polish, the beat article aaw la nee; alao. One e Saoa'a metallic paate. Smart men aan make from $6 to $10 per day: one man on aa'ary. Apply at SIS Broadway, corner of Fulton at, room 22, from 9 tfflg o'clock. BBAB1E A HUBBARD. A??r*IP W??tB'*rTO SELL MAPS OF NICARAGUA. Korth ud Untral Amtrloi confining population. 41s teaeaa, Portraits, battle aeenea namea of yeaaela of wTrie the United Stales Nary, Ac.: price 26 oenta. Smart agent* aa makehrom 16 to $10 per day. Apply to J. Haven, lfr Naman ?tract, op stairs. OT WANTED?IN AN ARCHITECT'S CFFICB; ON* that can write a good hanl and haa a taa'e for iliawhia may addreaa Arohltect, Herald office; la own handwriting. COLORED WAITER WANTED-WHO UNDERSTANDS bla bnatneae perfectly, la aober, boo eat aad Indnrtrloua. One with good tcatlmocla'a (Mm let place may dad a altaatloo by calling at SI Weat 14th at, from a io 12 A.M. and 4 to 6 F. M. "ILRRK WANTBD-A YO0NG MAN OF AOTITR HA U bite. id go of 'oat cC potted. a UrBBA WAniau?A. tuuau MAN OF ACTIVE HA V bita. Mutt write a good free haed. baring nue knowl. edge of bookkeeptrg, with good refereuoet. Addreaa box 1JMD Poet tfflee. In handwriting of applloaat, stating aalary ex D .BY GOODS 8AL18MHN WANTED.?EXPERIENCED hands may apply at 380 Brcadway. PUB SEAL P10KER4 WANTEO.-THB HIOH44T price given. Apply lo J. U WaUama. 219 Fulton street. Brooklyn, or at the (notary,corner of hue trend avenue aad WU longbby at. B30UK GOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED-AT NO. 10 1 last 18th at Apply for two days. GOYBBNESS W.AlfTBD~?WANTRD, IN A PBIYATR fcmUr, a lady aa dally gnveraeea. Ona who la capable of leaching the primary branches of aa Bngbah ednoaUon may apply at 16S Bleacher street. a: ?LP ALWAht WANTED? AT THE BBO.1Kl.YN IK* atttnte, 206 Futon street, corner of Pineapple, aad 132 . . tie street Rrook'rn. FamE'es requiring really gjoi ser vants can be supplied without daley. Thtaa only w to have good refareaaaa entered on oar bookn. Girls aapplled with altnatloss within three day* from Uma of registering their VTILLINIBB WANTED.?THREE FIR8T CLASS MIL* JxL Hi era wanted, at Mrs. Bates' millinery. S17 3d ay. High cat wagta paid. None but the beat need apply. Nl URBE WANTED-A RESPECTABLE PR0TK8TANT _ womsn, competent to take care o f l wo chldren and to do Slain aewtng. y be beat of reference required. Apply nunc lately at 73 Clark a'., Brooklyn. Nurse wanted-to go to lenox, mas*.. six bours from New York: muai be a good plain sewer, ioa us urious, capable, wMlttg and o <me wall recommended. Nona others need apply, at 94 10th at. SOAP SALESMAN WANTED.?WANTED, A PERSON whose exoerlanoe lrt this bnatsess wou'd qualify blm lor making the aalaa of an exten-lve m?nu victory; liberal Induce menta will be olfbred to a competent man; no other need ap ply. Addmaa Inquirer, Bera d office. SERVANT WaVTKD A Mil*OLE AGED WOMAN wanted, to do the work of a small family. A pply this day to Mrs. Bueeell, 164 Ganal st. mUAVSLLING AQENT8 ON COMMISSION.?AE* X rangemente wl'l be made with anr respectable party, to take orders on commission tor Hollo way's pills and OMtment, Which will well remunerate those who have a connection. Apply, tor tanker partleu.ars, at HOLLOWaY'S, 80 Mtuaea lane, New York. ANTED- A FRENCH OB GERMAN PERSON. TO DO the general homework of a ama'l fbmlly, of two per sons; abe must be a very rood oook and washer. None but those haying grod raferot cea a- to mpablldy need apply. Address, by letter, P. L-,Herald offine ANTB 11-A GOOD OOOK, WABHEE AND IRONKB; cne who will make herself generally uset'u'. Inquire at 64 Monroe st W ANTKD^A WET a UR8B, YOUNG, HEALTHY AND basing t.ursrd from two to *lr months, and being able tog I ye good relerenoe. Applr at No. 4 Wait 16th at, from 13 to 2 o'eloek. ET NURSE WANT ill) A OT.4LTHY YOUNG WO man with a fresh breast of ml'k. and the has' of refer enea aa to charar er, may hear M a good tltuulon by Immediate application at 64 8L Mark's o arc AETkD?A GERM AN GH rt. L. 'OOO A 4HORT Dis tance m the aonntry. during the imiier months: fry must be h good oook, e saber and tmcer and be willing lo do some housework. God wages wll be.given. Inquire or Mrs. kscbur, 31 Uxioo square, aorsrr of 16lh at. aad Broad way. WAN I ED?HAN DP, ON WIST RR rO ATS. TO APPLT trrm 8 ti l 2 o'clock every day this week, at Bernheanlr Bro's, 199 Hrocdway. TbfANTFF?AN AMERICAN Yt,U>G LADY, TO AT vr teid a corfectlonery store Cr.e havt-g ?xpert*nee In the buslrers prrlerred. Good city rn'ere. oe required. Ap ply at 92c Broadway, between 9and 12 A. M. ANTED?100 GOOD CO?T mTRgRS 60 GOOD VB8F aiakers and 100 good partalooe makers, immediately, at the Dblri: clothing wsrehnuse do *0 4th avenue. Nona need apply without references from tbetr former employ era. aL; EN A DaLAND. WANTED?TO GO A PH &T THSTANCB IN TBK wuatry, ac Intelligent fro?e?.*nt woman She mutt bo well acquainted with ibe duile- nfh-ir -oe-Dng and alao be able 10 saatst Id the family se?ln| fesee apply at No. 5 KMC 16th at., between the lioure of 12 and 2. for two daya. ANT 1111?A GIRO TO (.< To THe. COUNTRY: MUST be a food nook washer and Ironer ard bring reoommen dadon from ter lait pUo?. vtaa?a S6 per mosta. Apply at 67 Verey at., from 9 u'oleck till 2. rrANTKP?A~STRADY. CgCpItRNT GIRI., TO DO TT frreral honaeaork In a amal) family; must be a good plain rook, washer and ironer ard understand baking; mint Mao be kind to children ard we 1 renommei ded Aoply at 210 WasHcg'on at , between Verey ?ud 'arciay. G. W. BKCK. VX/ANTED-A WOMAN," AS 00 AM3KBRAID AN [J TT Insndrvca, with good reoommeodatiens. App y at 11 Xadfcon rqnare. north a'de tlTANTBD-TO go" A an "ST ItrSTAN^S! 1* TUB TT country and return wiih the tsntUy In the fall, a Pro teafant woman, to cetk, a ?sb and iron, rity referenoe r aary. App y, be ore f o'clock to fay at 81 West 13tbat. ANTNH- A "WKAT. ACT1VB WOMAN, TO OOOK ltd as; 1st In tbe washing and Ironing of a private haul y; a'to, a girl as - > reisasfl waiter. Colored perauta prj'tr rtd. Apply at 1HS West 14th at AMTXD?A BrYpB'ITABI.B YOUNG WOMAN, A* iramatresa ard chembeimsid To save troudU, noni bnt armait. wl ling girl, wl'h fl'st rate references; need apply a' 121 West 13th at, between and 7th avenues, WANTFD-SIX WATTHR GltLH ANDON* CABYIB. TT Brat of city ret' required a only at the Hen aid Clkkena corner of Broadway and Fulton it Af>TBP^A01Rl,rTO OO rsTtSe nOfTNTAY, TO 00 general houso work, In a small family, thirty miles trom fkitm il ia elty. In hew Jrrrev fail at *2 Wiltfamst, in tha basement. before tweive o'clock. A German Protectant or colorid girl preferred. ANTED-A GOf?D POA IN C OK WAfiHKR AND* lrcner. City references required, and a Protestant pre ferred. A poly at 178 Mmt at. TVANTKII?AN AMPRI'TaN nIKT,. TO GO A SHORT vT dls'anceup the fiu'aon river 'o work In a menu'erlory; prlretpal work patnllrg In water O"Inm; will rndde with the family, a iiply Irom 3 to 5 P. M.. In the patent shirt depot. No. 1 Barclay at.-cet. AbTTD-A 8TKA t?Y GIRT, OR WOMAN, TO DO general hon-eivork In a private family; moat under stands plaincooking, waah'ngane Ironing. One hiving good may app'y for two days at 258 Bart Broadway. ANTED?A OOOI) 1'RA^TICAL SliIRT CUTTER. Reference required. Apply to Welsh A Wile, 101 Wil liam at., basement. \\T*ntTd?a giriTto no thc housework or a *T fkmlly; must be a good washer and Ironer. A German girl who speaks Kngllsb pre'erred. Oniv those having good reference need apply, at 49 Dunrniekst . after 10 A. M. W? AN TkD-^AT~17fT8PR IBG STRKkT, FlVS FntHT rate drewmakera; a'ae. young 'adiea to leant dreee miking. Kor e but good sewers need apply. TV A NT* D 1MMEnIATRT.Y-InTn AMERICAN rAMI TT ly, a Gorman or Irish girl, to do general housework. Must wire well recommended, and be a rend washer and lroeor. Wsgea $d to 27 per moo'h. Oall at MB Bleeckerat WANTRn-TWO~YOUNO, GS.NTKHL OUUA WHO understand their bnaineM. to wait In a restaurant. A'ao, two young ladles, to slug evenings. Apply at 9 o'clock A.M., at 033 Broadway, In the basement. WANTBD-AB NURSE. a RRSPBCTARUI AND IX perlenced German, Hootch or Hngllah woman, to take care of s child ten months old. Apnlr a' the northern ocrnsy of C'Inton fit. and Montague place. Brooklyn, before II A. X. TV ANTKB-FCCR MNN, TO WORK IN A GARDEN; T T me permanently, ar.d three tar a short time, by tbe day. Apply at 1? Baekman street. Alao. a man, aa waiter. TXTANl KB?A TjOOD TMARTBOYr FROM "id TO IT f T sears of age, to lend In a grocery gtore, om with good city reference. Apply at 400 2d are. WANTED?A BOY, ABOUT 13 YKARB OF A OK, FOB an rflloe. Thoee w ho can ootne well rvnom mended may apply to J. A G. H. Walker, IS) tad lsi Centre street. WANTED-A COACHMAN; MUST FT!I,LY UNDBR stand tbe care ot hrraaa; o> e that knows something a Ton gardening preferred. Call at 74 Nearer at., ro.m No. 2, be twecn 4 and 5 o'ckiok. U' ANTKD?A FIRST RATk B1TOUBH WAIT NR. AD TT dreaa A. J., box 404 Poet office. TVANTKD-AN EXPERIENCE? HALKBMAN FOR THN TT dry goods buaineea; one who oaa speak German pre ferred. Apply Immediately at IKt Atlantlo at, Brook yo ARTID?A MAR TO TAKB CARB OF A HORSR and carriage, on Btsten Island He mnst be a and experienced driver. Be will alao be required to make him salt generally useful about tbe place. Inquire et 104 Wall at., second a lory. TTTANTRP?A BOyT FROM FIFTKKN TO sixTBiw TT years of aae. M a o'otblog store Good refereaoa re quired. Apply loO. M. Church, 78 Cbstbam at. ANTPD TWO BAI.K8MRN, FOR THE DRM8 GOODS deparlmeet. Apply this mornlsg. U)ltn A TaYI.OH, 47 and 49 Calhtrtne atrial TXrANTBD-TOCNO MEN, TO KNGAGN IN A GKNTbS, TT in d.Hir bualnraa that para from R to W per day Thle Is a chance to loam a light bush ess that can be done In your own renin, and will be as good In ten years sanow. Apply at No. 6 Catherine at, room No. 9. up stairs. rtranted?A smart. AcfTyilioir. as waItbr, ix TT a dlniog saloon, and to make himself generally useful. Apply, Wlih grtud recommendations for hsnesty and aobrlaty. at the Miades Hotel, corner of Thames street and Trinity nlaea! Icfore 11 o'cloek hta day. W1IVKN AND Udl'ORS. 4 CnOIClil BBIiKCTION OF finmRIKS. :,f ? f)4i f ti XT ports, ihamnagres and olaret wtnr.i,. r-r. lies I' mica' rum, Hoblcdam scbna?ipa BoUatd and Fngliab 0 .nils' da o d Monongaheln, Bcoich snd Irl?h wbl-klea. I.-m ton ard i.osiin porierand"oolph ales for aaleatCNnKRHf.,!, t MaTTKit SON'P, 4.w Brocme a-reffi, wnwJt Cmaby