Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1856 Page 2
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16 wounds' 42 m?n kll'ed u< 150 woundad. Fruuih law. SO ?i >o .nd 186 wcun'.sc. lti ? cl y lid not suflbr. 10 ?Allied ships stood in ?ery near to Saba-top?l, and I w-ootnrotictd tbebnirbur-iment. roe tire tu returned bf I ttt Huklxiu wi'h alTeci, and in the evening the ti-et *** : foreed to retire, much damaged. 23.?The Russians made a eor'ta from Scbastcpol and eep'ur?d a French nattery ot e even guns 25 ?Biim or Balakiava?General IJprandi, with 90 000 Ruffians made a deep*rate attack on tbe allied troops. In an attvmp' to turn ?h?ir right flank, *he Rus sians rtuted the Tuikiah eoUiersand touk two b\t?ai*s. Owing to an indiaereet order, l.ird Cardigan'* division if Krg'hh light eevs'ry chafed he Russian batteries, but were rou'ed with e lira of about 600men and horaee, tbe K)natron of 17th Unrers teing nearly totally ent off, 600 Britfih infantry weiealso killed, with many officer#, tbe Ro'riane auffeied e*rerel? from the besvy eava ry of the Erglish. bat miiatalned the betteriee they bad taken. 20?Eight thoneand Russians mads a sortie from Se ba>top<>i towards Ralakleva, hut were repulsed by the allies, with a loss of 1 000 men. MO FEMUR. St'HDeT, 3-B/Titl <? Inkkkmanx ? Karly In the mnrn Irg, curing a den re log, the Russian army, Increased by reinforcements fron the IHnufie, and animated by the pretence of the Grand Dukes Michael and Nicholas, at tacked tbe rignt of the Kng.fsh position before Sebeato pol. A terrlsle band to hand fight mined. In wh'eheaeh parly exfcibi ed prodigies of ralor. The c imbat continued until tear eight, when General Foray's division of the Freu-h army drove tbe RuMlans into the city, bnt. In an attampt to enter with them, the French were routed, with great Ices. lord Raglan reported the English oasn altles thus:? 43 officer* 32 sergeants, 4 drummers, 383 rank and file killed; 103 officers. 122 sergeants. 17 drma meis, 1,710 rank and file wounded, 1 officer, 6 ?? rgutnts, 191 rank and file missing. Killed. 462; wounded, 1.952; missing, 161. To'si. 2,612. General Csnrobert an nounced tbe French (oss as follows;?' The French army has suffered to the fx'ent of 1,726 killed or wounded. W? bars bitterly to regret tbe loes of General de Lour nasi, fines dead from bis wounds. It is my painfnl duty also to acquaint yon wtth the death of Gjlonel du Camas, ef tbe sixth Kegimmt ofths line, killed at the head of his troops." fne Russian /nuultic officially reported the Rnssitn loss to be 42 officers and 2.666 men killed, tnd 206 (fficsrs and 5,791 neo wounded, gtvirg the total of 6,008 killed and wonndel. Tbe number of prisoners taken by the allies not giv?n. Three English generals were killed and four severely wounded. 18 ? The fire ct the allies on Sebatrtopol was almost en tirely suspended. The Rusiians were reinforced by 20, ? 0C0 men. DECEMBER. Fttxray, 10.?All the English.Baltic fleet standing for borne. JANUARY?1855. 1.?Omer Pasha em narked at Varna for Rotatoria, in tbe Crimea, where a division of the Turkish army had already landed. 6 ?Active advance of the Russian troops in Asia. They had reached Topak Kalch. 9.?The Rnsstsna Invaded the Dcbrudrcha, end both Tultseha and Babedagh were taken. 30. ? -*rincc G< uriel of Ru>?ia, detested the Turks, with great lose, at Tehclok Bridge, in Asia. 31 ?From 15th to this day three dreadful sorties wers wade from Ssbaatopol. FEBRUARY. 17 ?Rn-sta declar-d war against Sardinia for An ad hesion to tbe Western A]!ianee....<;eneral iMt?u Sasken with f-rty thousand Ru.*ians, attache! the new.y arrived Tnrkiah cJvimod At Enpatoria, but Omer I'asha compelled tbea to ietire wi.h tire hundred taea Wi dt <.oviial "" Turks Jost one hundred And fifty men 28.?Two Russian redoubts before Sebastopol were stormed by the French, but owing to the Raglan fire SEL with *lcM of one kuadred men killed and three handled wounded. M.-Rae'Uii redoubt taken by the French, with much loss of lie on both sides. , MARCH. 1?Allied fire re opened on Sevastopol. ? ?.-Bt1t!.h war .hips, operating on the Asiatic eoast? o? tnarteilo tower and oarraeks of Djlmitera she'iUd ^ re?ntlT built. Sonjat Kale was COJiWHtEtci in Vienna formally opened. The plenipotentiaries present were:? ^ 11 For Austria Court Bnnl and Baron dlFrokerch Vm Os-j-n 1 For England. Lord John ttnseell and lKd wT.tmor??,l For F.?nce. Barou de B^ui-querey "?unore.aaj. Fee Turkey, Ant ktrendl ai.3 ttlza Ber. For Russia, friuee Gortschakoff and M. de Ti'off ?wm! AL8"8t' 1654> Austria, at mediator, proposed the following terms as a basis ol nrgotiatioo :? _ , *ue roffa ccarahtxes. in order more eiac tj to define the eeuee which the'r g ivern asen<s ana- b to each ot the pr' contained in the lour ar 2? ^_v?T?ewTto* !o u>?n?elves,as ihey hsve a'wave done * * ? ter "P?01*1 conditions as msv iu ?d' glontoifce leur ruarauteea be by them deemed ttMsn fJTJ'iiL .0' "nfopc. ana tor preventing the rc cojt6tc?o1 tbe present comp icationi, tte represecuiiirpt nt Ansirta. Fn.noe atd Great brl alndo dec Ire - -1 ? 1. 7 heir governments, telna ot accird that it Is rr.-imr. m ebolish the eic.urlre protec*ira:e exercised bv Rn e. ;i" Oayia W.'lacUa aEd Ferris. indln'V^ure u, oa?*,.2d" 1 co leertve gnarnntee of the five fovers tie rrivBesei m ! ,ed ?j !h* Cu ua' toons pr JvtncM. aa ce^Jcmc' w ?ve *i8r*td Iat-<1 do agree that no. e of the fir JJ ; i between Ru?ala and the Forte, bearing re'ere"". If. s"o.It1f<!.,'ro c ,n b? 1,1 force wh8n seioe>' conc'uaed t .i? ?'?angements to he nude in re*pr c'. to them sia'i ?' *** be such is to bti In fill and entire sec irdpn^ts with tie rights of the tuseraln p iwer, with thoas of tha three Fr.n .* e ?e::e,,,kl Interesieo' Karoos. ?u" order to g.?e to tee free navic ition of the Danube all fhichit la capable, it wou'.t be projer i^^.h (?\ r Carube, beginning in-m the point a* which it teeomes common to he tw i sts ei bordering on i lfb2L subiecied to the territorial jurisdiction which exists tn vir .e of the htrd artiefa of he tresTy o" *t? events the free navigation of the Uaunbe would net te secured unie s It shoj d t,e placed undar ths eoitro! of a ' syndlcai" author!u- Invested wlih t e nec^v 'or de?tro?!ug the obameles now existiig a: me a ?k or,'^cn. *' m4J suisequently be formed the.e. a U i ohjec. ot the revidon of ibetrestyct Jul7 n 1841 ehould be moie comnle'efy to a tach tne extt.escs of the' 'itr man empire to th) Kurr pew ba auce of power, and to pu" an end to (he preporferatee of Ruw'a n the Biack "a. rne rarvemects tobe m'de la this matter depend too imtnedia'e'T ot t.e ever is of the wt r far the'r bases to be settled at present. It u sufficient so have indicated the principle Rosiia. by letouneirg the preterei ,n t" exercise an offi proiectorat; over ihe Cbri iian suijucu. of the Sulnn who beit.nK to the Oriental church as a mvvr of c urae renounce' the revivification ' of anv of the c nditlcns of the firmer trea nee. and ol the treaty of Kona^jouk Barnard " (be error ecua lularptetauou "t which has beeu th? urincl ja" eaute of tbe present war. While assisting other worn Iks Ot.owan government of its own free will, tie conQ mauoc and obaerva< ce of the religions omilevea of ihe dilie*. em i bri.ban ccmsniail'ies, wi hout d stnifiio of seit, and whie tun uall.v rkirg advaniage in the Interest of the" .aid eomrnuni'les r,f t?e ge-.e^.u' Intentloia mar.ilnhH reipec.ig Jbsm by hi. Msjestj the SoRao th-y ('he Powers) wl i {Lit, ?he greatetl care to preserve tbe d'gnity of hta Highoers and tb? mm!?Pci<1*zicg cl his crown iut^ct. The P.u'sian propofiiiions were : ? e*ci,'1'!T? protectorate of Huasin ia Mo'da blf 5.. sli ' ^ ret imbed to these nrovia-e? Powers P'*ced under the guirau ei of the live ?J^hnT^ M '.b1 Patuhe, according to the print1 nits US ? f J fr"1, tbe Onngrwss of Vienna lntaearti.p wbieh weald irves vi-h ?he DecMP&rr oowes to JKBSKSSW* "?* - -oUvSat? 1 hevleu n o! the t.-esty of the 13th July, 1841, ti attach mire Sf^S?e^'.y .j,eo,v.min jtoptreto tbehawia of Europe. 1 do not refuse to conre to an unds.mandtns u! to-mal confereatu for peace, on the me tin sbl-h the three enrnts rear prooose to put ar end I? vhal they m!> th,nreD,'? rferowcr of Runia in the BM Seo, ?n *>?dMo?tbU i,,ZX,W Of thnee mime there he n? one of a nrUure to infrinae uvm tZ a a?su^"'7""' ""<""1 """t"-on hie men territXy. 4 A cjilecttve guar* .tee. ot the five Powers (sab.titu'si'ir fbe exc'uaivepairoiagc pi.iiHetd bl'he-to bv .7?e0 -tbei^ tor;he ronserratlori and observance ol the re'ivlinr^rtil. ?ffibe different commS-dWhSto^?' iwm cf worst Ip, oncctdltion that the reailra ios ofthesilemn pronti?s_ made la tne face of the wor dTby the g??u Chr^^ ?td conscientious worf, and thai the protection promised mall be efficacious and nit a vain w wtL mrl2r!f?J?ar*9 0ylh?/e^' h""r'T"'' th? Hmdail ;,>ni petent'arle' aoandorsd the first two of ibeiw poiats and adopted the original propositions ot Austria. ' 17.-Russian rifle pits be'ore Sebastipil taken by tbe ? ? : iv<!T*r? *et,on 1)41 *??n the Ruselaas aad Tarks at Eopatoria, acteoded with mu-h loss Tiree of ,F'ercb "tacksd the new Rusaian'ridoabta Lxil Uu"? W8r# r?pul*d? great many 23.-Russian- attacked"the entire allied line beftre ?k ?aetopol, but ee-e driven back with a Irs. er otr noa. Mad two hundred men. Tie Bri.ieh lost six hundred Mt, among whom were Bon. Cav.ndigh Browne, C.loael Kelly. Captain V icars and Lientenant Jordai. The French lABT. ThrCA hlinfrn,! nnA Alfa ? j l . Cl ? ? p J ueutenaut Jordai. The French loet three hand red and men. and had Colonels Dumas aad Barrow (distinguished offioerij killed. 26.?fehxth sestira of tbe Vienoa Conferenees, and aD aaoon was suspended, owing to difficulties arising on the eonsideration of ths tn rd point. ? ... .w APRIL. ?o?Ninth session of tbe Vienna Peaoe Con'erenee and an sojournment tine air yeted. as the plenipotentiaries eonld not agree oa the interpretation of tha third point p'we bnndred and thirty gnos, df tbe largest oad ?we, opMisd fire from he nlhed batteries on Sebastopil. ?rtlw Rrsaeb army at Bebastopoi, ani the ePtlr bv"^ w nrobfur' Ul4t tbef should enu. ths ei iM?r by tha <]oor or the window." mat. Russian.- had not a man or gun outflids ol Se ?Frcm 22d of March to this d?v tn. c?,_, ?r?S?SLS, ??-?, T^sa^ fowsweTe two hundrad thousau 1 men operating in the 23?French fought a battle with the Ru-siin, beforeB?tastopo!. Toe Russians had formed between tae ?aatial bastion and the sea a large place d'.rm, * wVe-e ttey proposed aesemblitg considerable foroes to make ?ortlas. In tbe night the French a leeVed th >ee work, wlich were defended by nearly the en'i-e garrisoe. Toi J?* .?""?? during nearly th? whole night. The i-rencb carried and ocenp ei half the wo-ks Thie French had 1,600 killed and wounded, aad the Rue^ elans wsre supposed to hare loet 6 0..0 men. SA?Krenon carried the te saining hag of tbe Russian pUce t/erms-e, near HebMtowol. after a fieree struggle in 0 * lost 2,600 men and tbe Freuah a bonk JUKE. K"m r-.wyw at Sebastopof eap twred by Kngnsb and French tr.iop*. Tae Freuck took r*n<1.?!!*r *?"r totxiKlr?I prisoners. Toe Ra? ?dans bad fonr tbrnisand three bjndred aad elx'y m.? ln\ Z I- Fr#Mh ta mean4 "?Q ifii J kc*)igd "dp bao^r#4 %q4 fir# ra?n tbiu" ailtd'"."'T' h'10':r"1 Ammt, mo M.^. n T ?k?JVoBie"r"' ,lj! '-Col-mel Sowaif JST (orri; Holler Fora T^U n'tey 7' , ltaWD4Bt< '??'??', Macs _r 14?Ports^ of Kerteli, A-abat beo'tchf. Batflan'k aifin^h^h /*"/!'' C" lh? 'h'>r" <{ l?te S-a of As iff all in 'be hand , tf the allies They h*| ?ia, uk-a Aaaja, mr>t impcrtan' fortrmti na thu c of Cir 0t 'be U wa ?r W'rlelj ?*t">y.4 by an 18?Al.ttfJ) ARMY ATTA'Kei) till Rehaw avp Maixrosw wrnke at .seb sVp- I fierce y, but ws-.^ya0 ^k bj the KueiUc.s with en is.nense I ss of ra -n aad cm -e-s 'M'iJ Pd;?w inf rme<f his government that the ' arh Joes w*i 37 offi^ s killed, 17 prisoners and ilj L aiuu.0'1"1"0" non cctnmfsslote' "fleers k.lhfj and mistirg, 1 644, gone to the ataba lences, 1,M4. In the Britiih of Common I Lord Pahnerstou declared tto KcgHeh I jm to to m follows:? "The whole number of too r/tn-ooamiaotoiMd officara end men killed ia 144,^ w wounded, 1058 ; Belief n totnl of non aoumissiocad (Hirers end men killed end wounded of 1.39*; the numtor of offiiera killed end wounded is 98^ making e totnl of 1 "95." Tne whole loe? of tue elUee, ia killed end wounded wee e little over 6 oOi) nen. Kv jTy one if the Fngltah commanders wtre killed, with t Prench Generals ?Me* ran end Brn net? distinguished man. The Russian General exoreaeed himself ea follr.wa cn thia point:? Our Unut daring the homberinunt and assault o' the 17ih end 18th Jane vw ?killed. 2 e'aperior office re end 78 mm; wounded, 4 ?? perior officers, 43 aubeitern (fficert, end 3,131 ageo. One Oenerel, 6 superior officers. 29 subaltern officers, end 815 men received stvere eon .uaiona, end 2(lenerala 12 *u e rlor officers, 57 aubeitern rthcera, end 879 men were 1 lightly wounded or oontuaed. 28.?Lord Rt glee died. JULY. The Rnssiana mods severe sorties from Seoeatrpol dar ing the month. AUGUST. 7.?Taikiah ermy besieged in Kera repulsed e Russian etiaek on lha city, killing three of their general offleera, end patting about six thousand men kiirt tie combat. 10.?Gertison tf Seseatopoi lost one thouaend (ire hun dred men this day. 11.?B mbardment of Sweeborgr by the allies. 16 ? Rattle of Traktir Briugk ? Generals Upreudi end Prince Cortsebakcff, with f r'y thouaatd Rusalana, attacked the allied liuee with greet impe'uoiicy, but were repnlaed after e bat'le if three hour a. G-naral **11 Peliaaier's report aald:?We hara eigh' superior office's wounded, nine subaltern* ki.led, end tt'ty-three wounded 17(2 non eommieeioned offieera and soldiers killed, 146 misting, end 1,163 wounded. The Russians have left 400 prisoners lx our hands. The number of (heir killed may be estimated at more than ?,000, end of tbeir wounded et more theu 6,000, of which nnmtor 1,628 men, and thir.y-iigbt officer* here bee a taken to onr ambulances. Anoog 'he alain fount Dy us are the hoc lea of two generals, whose unmet I bare not toea able to aicertain. General Simpson said:?The loss sus tained by tbe Russians is estimated et between 5,000 ecd 6,000 men, including 600 prisoners, while on the pert of the allies It does nrt amount to more than 1 000 men. Prince Gortssbakctf admitted great lo ass. He sail:? Amongst tbe deed ere Generela Read, Weimann, end Cyerwiky. Tbe Prince attributed the de'eat to the too great impetuosity cf the right columns of at'ack. SEPTEMBER. 5 ?Final bomba dment of the southern worka of 9e beatopoi commenced by the allied troops....From 10th of August to this day tbe loss of 'be Rustled garrison averaged 1,600 men a day, making's total of 30,600 in a little over tCrte weeks. 7.?First tleme? conflagration?aeen to break oat ia Sebeutopol. 8.?Fall or Sebastopol ?Generals Bwquet and Mr Mehon led on nearly 30,000 Frmch tro<ips egeinal tbe Malakcff u wer, whilst Gene-als Codrlrgtcn and Merkhem wiib a division cf British soldiers made a fierce?out un s nicest fa I?attack on the Keilan. Tbe French took tbe Malakcff in gallant style; but the Russians, finding thai thev mast give way, set tire to the town in runny pieces exploded the magazines, and earned their wer sbips io port. Paring tbe conflagration they marched to the north ride of the eity. crossing tbe river by e wooden bridge whioh Oorteehakoff bed erected in anticipation of such an event. On this day the losses ware immense on ail sides. An Interesting despatch of Marshal Pe lieaier repotted the precise loes of the French as fol low 1:? FRBFCIl Gtn's. Sup. Ojt'j. Sub'h?. Soldien. Total. Killed 6 24 116 1 489 1,634 Wounded.... 10 20 224 4 259 4,613 Miii all g 0 2 8 1.400 1,410 Tote) 16 46 348 7,14$ 7,667 KHGI.JSB Officers. Segfs. Drummers. Soliiers. Total. Killed 29 26 * 6 314 385 Wounded.... 124 142 12 1,608 1,886 Misting 1 12 0 168 176 Tote) 144 190 18 2 090 2,447 The allied loes, therefore, amonnted in the aggregate to 10 064?the number killed having been 2,019; wounded, 6,399: misting, 1 t86. The Involute Itusse said :?Tbe to lei lots of the garrison cf Sebastopol 011 the 8.h of September, was? Staff Officers. Officers. Soldiers. Killed 4 '65 2,625 Wounded 26 206 6,826 Contused 9 38 1,138 Missing ? 24 1,739 Hots de combat 39 323 11,328 The lots cf artillery i? not comprised-in this table. Itwiilbeieen from this the. as many as twocty-ooe thonFsnd rix bundrtd and "tventy-'our men were elber killed or horribly mutiietad ia a few house, at the cloae o' e siege which had endured fir three hundred end for ty nine days. 29.? fhi:ty thousand allied troops debenobed frim F.upatoriy and occupied the vil ages _n the Russian left fla-k . Tbiee frigates of he auied Baltic fleet burned t*n Rns-ian rhips at the month rf the Sails t:ver. 29.?Cavalry contest at Koughiil, five leagues nortta east uf Kupitoiia. in which the Russian civelrv, com msncea by G?ceral Korf, were de ested by the French cava rv. uider General Allcnvlle. Fifty of th'? Russitns wtre killed; am ng tbem was Co on"! Androwakv; of the French, six were killed end twerty-teven won-del.... Batre of Kars ?The RusfUns eU?ckel the town, but we;e defeated by the Teres after a light of ssveu hours duration At one time the P-U'siaos futcee'ed It taking two batteries; but tbe Tu ks rushed upon tue-n with such v'gor as ;o regain p'ss-srion of the batteries snl de cide the fcrtone of the day The Rns-ians fell back tin their cfBiaesp. wto w-re thrown into floatation. ihe Turks then rushed out of ths fortren, ar.d <at? ec.-ed an fnorirous Dumber. An a?jonnt ? a'fd that though a large 1 ntnve' 1 f killed and wounded Russian* were re nrV'd 4,f( 0 were left f?ad under tbe wills. two hua drtd were tnten prisoner0, and some pieces o? ordua oe captured. Several Russian cffic.e-a of ti^h raak we.-e kil ?d cr wcunced eer y In ths action. OCTOBER. 17 ? Kinbujn, cn the Dcieipcr, taken by the allies. The Rut-Ian cociira;>6ers eapitulated, tiguty P.ussUns ware killed snd forty wt unt'ed. 31.?Maxixopt 1 bonb&idcd by the allies. KOVEJf BER. 3.?Gsn. Ccdi;ng'.on took command of the British Cri mean army rel'eviag Gee. tllwp on 6. ?fbner Ptfha, with the TurkLb array, forowd the passage ? f th" river ur in Asia. and defeated sixteen thousand Rustier*, with great loss to thsm. 28.? Kars war rirrsnrtei to the Russians. 30.?Blockade of White bet raised. DECEMBER. 7. ? P.cmors conurenc-d to spread in Taris to the efTeit that pf?:t propcslutns were about to oe made fro bone qi arte. s. 16?Connt Es'.e.-haay left Vienna for St, with important espatches confining propositions for a peace in Europe. 26.?Ccont Esterbszy roadbed St. Peterabn*g 27.? Count Esterha/y submitted his peace p-opoat jous to the Russian Cabinet. 28.?Count 3u 1 o .mmanlca'ed to Triaee GorwichatofT at Vienna, tte term* on wbich tho Western Powers wou'd assent to peace, and slated that those terms we * ap proved by Austria... .Tne Ccar ha 1 already? 22d tin ..? is-ntd a circular on h- peace 'iU's ion. wiii-.h ran ta.i<1:? The Emperor consents that the third point shall be ooivsd (retolu) by the wicg ccmblnadone:? 1. The closing of tte Straits. 1 No tr I itary U?g whatever stall float in the B'a:k Hen -vlb tke exception of Um if the I trees watch Kama and me i'orte era common corses i tear desm it uecoesa-y to mun'.uu there. 3. The amour; of ihese fo-css sh ill be flitd bT adtrec agree ment be ween 'he two masting Powers, wlthoitany osteisib'e pantctpa'Pn of tlie other Powers. 29? Barm Seebacd?Saxon peace envoy?arrived in I St Petersburg. JANCART?1856. 3 ?P.nrsian War Council, which hid h*en sitting for | some time in St. Petersburg, was dissotv-d. 6 ?battle be'ween the Turk- and Has lias, neir Zug dlni. Six te'taltcns surprised a bat'a'i-c ot Turku The Tu ks retreated, leaving ten gens and all their oaggags, and the Russians burned the Pasha's p.lace and several vi'ltgs*. 8 ?Piioce Gortschakoff removed from the command of the Russian army in the Crimea, and General l.udera was apprinted in his stead. 10.?Ai isd War Ciuncii opened in Paris, Napoleon pre siding. The council was composed of the Emperor, tie Prtnee Jerome Napoleon, the Hoke of Cambridge, Prinoe Napoleon, I.oro Covley, Sir Edmund Lyons, Admiral Prin ces. Sir Richard Airsy, Sir Harry Jones, General La Mar mora, Marshal Valllaut, Count VTale ?akf, General Canro bert, Gensra) Bosquet, G.-neral Nle, General Uartlm quay. Admiral Hemel.n. Admiial Jailer de la Gravlere, and Adwiral Peuaut. 12.?In Vietna, Prlnee Gortechskoff handed to Count Buol the KussLan reply to the E-terhszy proposals ha; as it did not contain an aooeptaoee, pu-e and ilmple, of the propositions, Austria eonld make no raply without the coceurrenoe of P rance and England. The Ambasea sadors of those Posers aocordlsg.y sent to Paris and London, and received for rsply that tb? Western Powsrs bad no motive ti give up a dec'sion waich had already been oapefuliy eonsidertd; snJ further, that if by Jin ttarv ]Btb. Russia did not accept the ultimatum Connt Feternazy and the Austrian I^ga'irm would leave St. Pe tersburg. and Austria woull immediately M?*k to obM<n the armed co-operation of the Germanic Ide, agalast eosela. 17 ? Tmrrense sxel'smcnt In T/mdon and Parle, owleg to the anouoEoement made (rrm Vienna (first; as fol lows ? F i.ssi* aocepn the aided prop.ial'ioua uooendlujaal'y. This it autnenoe Ths siftct was wonderful. Toe opening prloei of eon sols In I/iii'i'iu, we? 871, for money, and 87'f for the account. A demand for stork soon oocame observabls, ard uprn the publication of the second sdcimof the Pi'wiss, announcing the cneonditionat soosptance by Rus sia cl the Aus proposals, a sudden rige oeoorred, amid the most extraordinary agitation, to 88X for mo tey, whenee there was soon a furtbe* movmneu: to 90J^, whlie for the ?cv?nnt bargain* were en-e-ej luto at 90\, the market btirg supported st this p>rlod by Intel! t genee of a rise of more thaD Lur pier cnt on th* Paris Botme. Subsequently the phrase used in the tehgf-aphle aecenctsfrrm Vienna, that the propc m'.ions have been ac-eptei as a "basis'' of negotiations, crested a feeling of diatrnst. snd a reaction toon plaoe t>89,<4. tee latest general transse'lons, however, were s'. 89 to yt for irriey, anJ R&Tj? to 90', for the 7tb of February. At the peace witb i ranoe in 1861 there was an 1 mprovsment f'om f9X to fi?, and shortly afterwards to TO. After the treaty ot Airierr, in 1802, the m vemint was fr.- m 70v* to 7t?. On the res ?oration r f the R lurbons, in 1314, it was from 11 *4 to 7f \i% and aftor the battle of Ws?e-loo L was fiom IZJi to 69>4. 19 ?Russian governtneot issuer! a eirrular annoono irg its oceeptsnre "pure and stmple," of the pea*? p-rs positions. It said? This '* not the place to inqvlre if th?se pronovt'ima unite the sorrtliHWs recsunry fiiv insur 1 g the repose #f the Etst nt.l tL# sec rlty nl Furore rather tbno (hose of toe hu ??ian g>v err-out. It is snfllcfent here to **tahii/h 'he potsi; Ujsi at las'. a<. sgr.waent '.a* Is en awnally arrived st on msny of ihe 'os rlaaiei "i, bares rf pescs. rem rsgsrd hetrg bad to this agre?m*n'., to -he wl.ho* maul ierted r,y ,he whole of Fnrope and 10 the eiice ice of a oovi Ur it Of tctderry cf which was evrrv dav ti as.ume iarg?r proportions, ard rc^sklertrg the sarstfioeo Which a pr i raction of the war oirow ?pno Russia, the hmtltl go-ei numl hai tmo'f drsoawiens.? to kto heartfelt itemed ft t * desy a#t to May. by work the mriw of wbtak would It has. to cooeequrnoe, juit given tia ? dhegion to the prooo ?li o-.e irHiMutix-a by 'he tuttrhn government u e project of preliminaries tor nego'intoD* for peoee. Hy mm energy of lie a-made tn the fee* of ? formidable cov hike Ruwia bee given o trees ure of tee raortle.s wbtch ehe t? prepared 'o mote to dslerd hrr honor nod dignity: b> tote not ot Moderation the imperial government gives at the MM vm a new proof of it* e'noere deelre to arreet toe effusion of blood o eonc'ude a strugge to grtovotis to clrttxsdou and bomaol'y. and to reetore to Russia and to fturope the blesstogs of peace. ft bae a right to expect that the opinion of all eirilUed nation* will appreciate the act. 21.? Council of War in Pari* citeolvsd. 3 h?Quran Victoria, on opeaiof the IngUsh Parlia ment, said:? Tie natral *id military preparation* for the ensuing year have neceraari y occupied my eetrkxu attention; but white fle trrm'ned to ointt n; aff-rt welch could pre rigor t> the overs done of the war, 1 b#e deemed M mv duty not to doeltne any o-.etturee which mitat raa onahiy affrd a prospect of a eare and honorable pence. A -oordicgly, when the of Ane ttU lately oflered to mv self aid to my auguat ally, the Emperor it tbe Fiench, to etLplov hie good officer with the Kmoeror of Rcraia, wl h a view to eadravor to bring about an am'cable ad in- met t of the matters at twne teleeea the contending Pow er*, I, in concert with my allies, speed to eeespt the offer Urn* made and I bare the aattafaeuon to iiform you thai certa'n r< ncltJona bare teen agreed upon, which 1 hope mar prove 'bo irundatkn ?f a general treaty of peace, llegotiailoaa for Bach a reaty will ahortl] be t ptned at Parts. FEBRUARY. 1.?In Vienna the ptotoool formally establishing the Russian a ceptance of the Austrian propetition* vu I igntd. It rtad thu*:-? In eotutrqnerce of lie aoMptance by U sir respective Court* of tbe. fire proposition* contained In the coca sent hereon > annexed, urdet the tide of Draft ot Preliminaries, the uadir Bigned. after having psrapbaied it eonformably toanihor xatioa received to that efleot have (greed that their government* *ban taeh nominate pleiipotcntiarlee. who, fnrntohed with the full power* neeeeeary for preeeedlrg to the lignature of formal pre Imtnarlra of pease, (hall oonolude an armUtlbe and a de tinitlve treaty ol net's. The aeld plet-lootenttarire will have to arrems'e at Paria within tho term of three weeka, dating finm this day, or tenner if 1'- can be dine. Dene at Vienna, thi* 1st day of February, IBM. 3.?Pru'sia officially demanded a eeat in the coming Peace Conferences. 16.?Pka< k Co*seeks at Opkhid if Pajub?The PDnioo ientiaxte* held their firs* meeting at tbe Hotel of Foreign Affairs. There were pie1 cut Count* Hunt, Habner, W? lewnki, Orloff, devour, ViUamariiuac, Bar-n Brunow, Lord Clai endon and AH Mahomet. Count Walewiki pre sided. Tbe session lasted three and a half boors, and was opened by an introductory speech from Cjuet Wa le wrkl. Credenial* were then exchanged, and a written guarantee rfgred not to divulge the proceeding-* nnlil the whole waa concluded. A uiaousslon toik ptaee on th? armistice, and it was re tilt d that it abonld lest until the end of March, but without affeetirgthe blockade, the Austi ian propositions were formally paraphrased as tbe basis of rrgi.tiat oxs, and the meeting then a^jmreed. 29? At a conference he'd at Traktir Br.dg-*, in ihe Ci.mee, between the chiefs cf the staff of tbe allied ar mies and Genera', Tutahimeff, de'egated by the om mint et in chief o' lhe Russian army, it was de. ned that there skculd be a oomp'ete sueptncion of hostlii.iee nnlil 31st cf March. MARCH. 14?The Peace Oonfeience In Parle having Invi'ed Prussia, an the tiyner cf the treaty of the 13tucfJaly, 1841, to FtDd Pltnlpo'entla-ies, the King ot Prussia ap pointed Baron do Manttuffet and Cmnt de Ua'xtWd. 18 ?Tei th meeting of the Peeee Conference, whan the Prussian repie-entatives took their teata. 22.?Peace was looked on ae certain. No meeting of the Conference took pace. The protocol arts ready fir signature. The foil, wit g is a oopy of the answer and propositions whleb formed the Denis of the delibera tions:? I. dandbian PBiifciPAimra. Complete abo litoo or the Ruts an protectorate. The Dam bian Principalities shall receive an organizatiinodeuarinaoie to their etsbet, tn their wants, to 'heir Interests, and this ne* orpailzation, respec ing which the popolatloi Itself will be em suiter*, sha'l be rveognlxed by the contraclng Powers and sanctioned by the * ultan ae fmanattrg from bis severing Itl riatlve. ho 8 ate shall b.i able under any pretext whatever, under any form nt protect/.ra'e, to Interfere in the question of ihe internal administiation of the Principalities; they snail adopt adelii luve perr.a* et system d-mam ed or tnelrgeo * grapb'csl posftkn. and no impediment can be made to their for 'tfjlcg. Is the interest of tU'lr safety. In such mamer as tber may deem sdytseble, their territory against foreign ag grersirn In exchange for tbe sir ng plates and terrltoriee occupied by the allied armies, Rutsia consents to a rettlfloatlon of her hornier with lorkey Id fcurope. it would commence La the victory of Cborq m, lo low ihe line of the men /tains, which ex tend In a louthcasierv direction, and teminate at l.aae Ha?lk The lire (trace) shall be definitively regulated by tbe general treaty, and the conceded territory wiuld return to the Princl pa lilies and to the suzerainty of die Porte. II. TUE PAN I BE The freedom ot tbe Durube and ot Its months shall be efflit ckttslv assured bv European Ins.Pultons, to wb'ch the con trac'lrg Powers shall be vqna'lv represented, except the par ticular positions of the 'ords of tbe soil on tbe 3ankst<&? river ainr) which shall be rtgatated upon the Drlnoiples esta dished bv the act of ths Cot cress cf Vienna as regards the navies t.< n tf rivers. F.cch ol the ccntractirg Powers shall bare the right tnk?rp ore or two small vesse s slatlcued at tbe mouths if he rive', des*<n<d to nsrore the ex.cuii.n of the regulations re ative to tbe frttdnrn of the f ai urn hi. hectuaupation or the black sea Thia sea shall be opent> merchant vesae s-closed to wa> rav'e> (marinr? mihtairt>); con?einent j no naval military ar senals ?ha 1 t e created r r ms lnttmed there. Th? pro'ectt m of the commercial aid maritime tn'er'sts of all nations shall be arsursd to the respective parts cf the Black Rea by the esta'j ltsbmentoi t. siitnttons conlormr ile V> towsatlooa. law, andtn the customs atnctiortd to such mattcra. Ihe two Powers wb'ch bold tbe coast irgsge tbem.elvsa to maintain only the nombex of light vtitels, cl a fiied force, necetrar. r>r thei' coast serv ce. This convention cone ode J saparate y oetwetu there two powera. rhall form part na ?n annex of tie gene'Hi treaty, after receiving the aDurova' ofthe e-iutraoitpp paroe, Tbta separate convention caonn be annulled or modftied with rut'be nritnt oi ibssUcatari.s of tbe general trea'v. ibe cb'slxg ot tbe : tr. lir will admit t'ie exev'too a to (cable to the staiionar.- veare s mer. ioned In tie preerdutg ardcle. iv christian frBjLrre or the pobti I Tbe Immunlttes of the Kayah subjects cl tbe P.vr'e shall be i religiously preserved, without tn'rixgtirert on the lodepeo de ice sua dignity of the bu'at's crow i. As detf<eratirns are taking plrce between Austria, France. G-c?t Britain atd tbe Fu iliroe Ptrto to a/sure to the Tbr^t an subjects of the Sit'fan their religious and po I leal r'gh's. Russia shall be lovitel, ? hen peace Is made, to associate herse.1 thereto. v. The belligerent Powers re e-vc l"< thetniielvek the right which appertain to Ibem of producing lo a tu < pean Interest spe:Al coi diitoti ovtr Hnd a ove the iou- gtt traE'ees. 30.?Tkeatt of Peace signed in Paris, and announce! oftieially th-.s: ? Peace waa signed to day, at 1 o'clock, at the Minlarry of To rlgn Aira'rs. 1 be Plentpotf ntlarles of France, cf Austria of Great Britain, of Pitiisia. ot Bur-si*. ol Fvaln'a. aid of TurVes aflixed their ilgnsinrra io the treaty which puts an end to ihs preseit war atd which, is leulug ihe Casters qiierbou, places the peace of aurope uprn a firm and durar'o bacla. PlKTdl, Prefect if Police. The event was annnuao'd in Parts and London by Fa'vcs of artillery. Parts was illuminated, and In Knglenl tbe ihu.-eh tells were pealed. 31.?On this ilav (new style) 'he Al'xander Is*n?d an tmpe-irl mamfrkto, annuurctng the onctosiun of peaee to hts suhjects. In St. Petersburg ihe Keaation produced was ore of popu'ar jiy and great public ex citement. APRIL. 1.?The French andK-giah fjnds stool as foliowa at 1 o'c rck P. M. this day:? The Bark of France having towered I s r?te of dlacmnt from *6 to A per rcD', seme exaec atloa prevailed thu the bauk ol Krg'aid mav modify Its rates. The Krg uh funds to day opened firmly at tbe c'oeing prises of j eeteiday. aLd are no v a ibace bstter. Cut sols for mon sy U3 c ; arcount, 8" , :o . ; c nsol rcilp, S'0 to '4 premlnm; India t?ids. Us. to 6s d renin': ex-hoqurr ollls, 1 disoour.t ?o I Dremlt.m: exchequer bonds, exchequer scrip 3 to M premium Haix-Past Two O'CLOCK Conic s ire not so fl?m; die qurta'l ins are 83 io %, and 83' j to '4 and tbe 'endency jit t onw Is downwa>da lurkL'h hrcdsarc M'Mk The o'ceat prlres II 101's lo ?4 lor the six per cents, and 102to fir tbe four pier emu. 5. The allied g-ivernment* s?nt oxdirs ti raise all mea sures of blockade which kept Russian vessels in neutral ports. The Russian Minister of Finance notified that the merchant vessels of the Western l'oweri would be admit ted to Russian ports.

16. CufiiKi Frmso? twen*y-first?of the Paris Peaoe Congress bald at the hotel of the Minister nt Foreign Affairs. After the signing of the tieaty. the Plenipoten tiaries had still tootcupy themselves wl>h dlfferentquss , tions of a nature to oomolldate and complete tbe work of j peaoe. The PnEATT or Peace.? The T-ond-n Daily Xcim succeeded la obtaining a cipy ofthe text of tn'c peace document, which Is crnsl.ered authentio. It contains thirty f< ur articles :? 1.-Restores pe.toental friendship between Great Brttalo, Fare tola, Turkey. France and Russia. 2- ah territories conquered or occupied during the war shall be rec*prrca )y evsenaied as anon as possible 3 ?Russia restores to Turkey Kail and other parte of tbe Ottoman territory. 4 ? Ibe a lies restore to Ru?rla the towns and porta of 8e baetnpo'. Halaklava, Kamiseci. Knpstorlaaod Kenscn. f Attl'ies ft. 6 7 *rd H are wanttog ] 9.?1 he. Sa tan romm'tnlcUes to the Powera bis firman grant ing equa-f y to Uk'UUans, which tbe coutractiog parties must approve or. but alveat themselves of nil rlj hi t ier?b; to Inter fere la the internal admlaiitreilnn of the government of ths Ottoman Umpire 10 ?The Convention of 13th Jnly, 1841, closing the Boephoru ana 1 ardaaellei, to re.Mrmea. 11 ?The B'ark Sea is net/trtJIzM. and forsvar forblddea to all ships o war of every Power, adj fining or distant, with tha exceptions specified in articles 14 and la, 12 ?Tnde shall be tree In tne waters mid ports of the Black Sea sutoect ro'.v tn po.tce regnlAtlons, Riusda and Tark?f ad mlftog ('onsnls to a>l pe-ta on Its ehtres. 1.3 ?Ihe Black Pea befirg neu ral-red. strong holds benomi ueeiem ot neequeotly Turkey and Russia agree neither lo rot, si root nor prteerve any miliary marliime arsena.s on tha OOMt. 14.- The Convention regulatli g the (tree of ships for eoaet I service la eoneiuded individually Between Turkty and Rus sia. hut to > ppesdsd to Ihlt treaty, and rsnnut be a tared with en* geteral sevent 14.?The vet of tbe Congrew of Vienna re'ailve lo river sa I vtgailra to applied tu the Danube end I s mou fit, and Its free dom lee mes a part of the 'aw of the empire. ^6?To carry into effect artlc'e 1ft, Prates, Austria. Great italn. Prussia. Russia and Turkey appoint eseh a deagate to put the river In a nsvlyaVe state from Isetehi to fr? 17 ? Austota. Havarta. turkey aad Wuriemhurg aid each a delegate ,o the CommirsiRi ofthe PrlnclnalKfeJ lo forma | ycrmarer.t c-mrrls-ln fr tbr, purpore of keeping the river navigable and '0 tuyerto ei d In police I 18.- The General ( ometssloB win he dissolved In two year*, and the P'vmsnent (tomw'eai n late Its place 19.- Hach of the contracting Posers may ? t ttloa two small ehtra at Ihe month ol the Danube. 20 - Russia assents lo ike rect'fleatlor or the Beemrabtea frrntler. Ihe new frontier starU from the Bl??k Hea one mile east of Lake IV urna Pola to the Akermann road, along whloh IteKtradato the valley of Trajan, paswng w nth of He grade aid re arcrndlng the river Ya par' t,- Fav.'slka and >?rml ?afeaat k'armart, oa the hirer Pru'h. Klsawhere It to ua ebt-nged Z1 ?The ceded territory ti annexed to Moldavia. 22.?Mo da via and Wal'echta continue unoer the sovsrefgnkr of 1 urkey. wHb ihe guarantee of al' the eoctraettog Powers that so Power ehall eiaim the Indivldn*: r'gh nt iatorte'eo'e. 7n.-The Pore gtiAxatlees to the veld Prtnc^pall ler iheeos t'r.uanea f f the freedom ot relgWmanl eunireree. Ths cos ?reeting Powers *rp? Irf a commission to meet lotmedtotal - at Knrhsrest to report on the preseat condidoa ax I wants of fits PrlnefpaJMnb 24.-The lorlewtil Immedlatelv oonvukAa nivau to each PrltrUallt* P> lesfn tbe wiu.ei ol ihe ptople ai to their deft nit* "rgstixnllos /ft - Mbire.rstl-e-eof sha'1 be sent to Patlt, wbrrethe ooa sttn.'kto shall be framed, whtoh the Porte shu pr eaulgate it. Tbe Pdodpallllee thai maintain a mill a, and mat ono srroet sorks of de'enre aopr ?red by the PoHe 17 - If ike itkernal tratqpi tty ot the Prio;,oall.ioi bs dlt tnrbsil. lie Potie tnust eotis'ilt the cnn'racflng Pueerr, and carrot rmplcy armed IstervenUon srMuat rbet' oonveut. V - PervU oontlnoes a dependency of the Porte, ui.der the gtiarantee of the Powers, and re'Alr.s I'a national admitietra U/n, sod 'reer m of religion and tea fa ?A ? The right of gairto-s Is PervU is ra?er-. eil to tkt Po-te hrt no si-med Htlerrestlon to permitted wmc.iit theemseu. of ihe Powers. 36,-Burele ard Turkey retain their rnisawloa hi Aria pre cisely aa before the war, bat tkelr froeUm are to ba narked eat by survey. SI.?Ike evecaetknef Turkey by the allied and Aoohrlaa foreee rkall take phee aa aoo? aa eooraaleiil The tine and manner of rush free nation thai) be tke auujeet oi private ar restment let ween eaeb of the Powers ana Turkey. SI?Until new arret (entente ?bal] be mate, trade rkall go on aa before the war. ? S3?A oravaDttoa (contents aaerat) concluded between Tret ee, tog and and Bueria, respecting the Aland Inlet, ahall be rppenfrd u> tble treaty 34.?The ratHlnailonr thall be exchanged at Paris within four weeks. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOIII HABKB*. Fbidat, May 8?6 P. H. There wan not much activity to-day tn the itoek mar bet, and the tendency of prloea war downward. It ap pear* difficult to depreea prices as to Inflate them. Tbsrs is a (isposition to hold lor dividend*, aid 'or an im provrment in market value, in ibe face of any phase ia the money market. The bearesannot make mueh headeay against the ability or holders to carry and tha gaoaral productiveness of the stock a in the market. Tae superior charac'er of the stacks operated in must prevent any of there serious fluctuations and depressions which in for mer }ears ware so frequent and so fatal. Nearly every stock now on the market is a permanent dividend Invest ment, and thore who have the capital to hold ei'l aot submit to any great sacrifice upon any sudden contrac tion (t the money market. The bear interest has nntll very lately been the sa'est and most profitable side for speculators. At the time when the market was filled with wrrihlcss fancy atrckr, which aevrr earned and never paid a cent of dlvldands, whtn the interest account was in tavor of tellers, with nothlsg to offset It, then the beer* made all the m ney and the halls were almost in variably lceers. At that time railroad stoeks which had never paid a dividend ranged aa high in the market as those pa) leg regularly eight and ten p?r cent per anonm now do. It is not at all strange that sudden paniesnsel to overtake speenVorstn the midst of their babbles, and spread terror far and wide. A vary different state of things eilate at tha present time. Non dividend earning stocks role at such reduced figures that there is little margin Wit for depreciation, while these earning and payixg dividends regularly, rule at prices, as a general thing, witfcln their intrinsic value as permanent Investments. Taere are just abont fluctuations enough, and to a sufflneat ez.ent, to give cash cites of stock speculators small profits and a lair amcunt of business. Speculators in stocis do not nov make and lose fortunes as rapidly as ia times put, but they go on gradually accumulating or gradually losing, and spreading over a period of yeare what in former times waa tke work of a few months. The change is de cidedly for the bettor. It gives more permanency to the stock business, and more value to money in the minds o opera'ors. At the first hoard to day Erie was the most active and the steadiest stock. Reading was well sustained, with Bales to come extsn*. Western railroad stocks were compa ratively qniet, and closed at lawer prices. Micaigsn Cen tral declined \ per cent; Michigan B inthern, Pana ma, >?; Galena and Chicago, >?. Virginia O's aavence i >4 per cent. Railroad bonds do not vary much In mar ket value. The sale* are not large, and those made are at fall prices. Cumberland and Nicaragua ore doll and depressed. These are the lowest faec es on tbe list, and speculation is completely dead in both. The best stork on tbe mark) t for a rise, beyond all question, is Erie Railroad. When the reoelpts for this month ars summed up we look for an active oat Fide demand that will pat tbe stock considerably above eurrent prices. At the second board the market was a little weak. The transactions were small. New York Central Railroad fed off yi per cent; Readlog, Erie, %; Hudson River Rail road, >?. AU other stocks closed without change in prices At tbe cloce oar qaotatiens were barely sustained. Tbe Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as follows:? Paid on Treasury aoocunt $319,8-54 10 Received do. 101,328 20 Balance do. 9,414,593 43 Paid fcr Assay office 34 414 14 Paid on disbursing checks 95,5bI 61 The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 7th Inst., were as follows :? For tbe redemption of stocks $22,441 48 For the Treasury Department 23,070 41 For the Interior Department 4,710 71 For Customs. 21, Ml " War warrants received and entered 10 547 From Customs 1,903,101 Frcm mboel aneoub sources.. 1,07 8 00 On account of the Navy 93 639 t& Ibc receipts of the Mtlwaukle and Mississippi Rallroid O mp iny lor the month of April, 1856, were hi follows: - Passengers $17,619 62 Freghs, &c 17,810 63 Total $35,420 ~ Tec rec?ipts fcr the first lour msr/hs ot this yesr and latt cmpaic as follows: ? 1856. 1856. January $53,247 CO $35,58) 0 letruary 2o.8C8 00 28 5:1 64 kfoich 30,466 25 30,603 90 April 33 008 83 85,430 :6 Total $123,620 08 $111,111 77 Increase In I860 $7,694 63 The samlrgs of the Ia Crosse and Milwaukis Rtilroad Company for April last, foot up as follows: ? Passenger Income $15,978 16 - ----- ? 16.012 72 I BncCU^tl suvvwv, t ? ? I . Freight Injome 16,012 Transportation United S.ntes mails 187 85 Total $32,138 72 Thii for a road, np to the 24th of April, only fifty seven miles in length, and after that period only eii'y. oremlks lorg, shows extremely well. The Ifaliohdl InUlligmctr, of the 8.hinst., quo'es laud warrants aa follow*:? Buying. S'V.inu 160 acre warrants, per acre $1 oR)4 1 09)4 80 " " 1 08X 1 09)4 120 ?? " 1 03)4 1 60 " ?? 1 03)4 1 04)4 40 ?? ?' 1 14 1 10 hizi warrants have declined 2 cents per acre sin re our last report. They were steady yesterday at the ahovs quotatu ns. Tbe sudden fell in pries* noticed last we*k was ro doubt oaased, in part, by the false rumors which agitated the streets, of extensive forgeries In warrant". It o append an cfliclal statement, of tb? business of the Per.floe Office for the month of April, 1866. Number cf applications for bounty lands received 3.600; do. examined or re-examined, 24,616; warrants or certificate* irsued, 14,150. To sa'isfy the warrants issued last month will require 1,709,380 acres of land, as follows:? 3,8(0 warrants for 160 acres each $522,400 6,734 '? 120 " 808 030 3,438 " 80 " 275.040 17 " 60 ? 1.020 71 " 40 " 2 840 To'?' $1,799,880 Total number ol application? received, 245 700; Co. examined or re examined, 234 732; warrant? or certifi cate Issued, 126,644. To sati/fy these warrants will require 14,885,360 asses, aa f< llowa :? 24,129 warrarta of 160 acrts each 3,861 640 70 383 ?? 120 " 8,43 > 900 82.007 " 80 ?? 2 660,660 216 ?? 60 ? 12,610 265 " 40 ?? 10 200 4 " 10 " 40 116 944 lifts,,360 The (0 acre warrant? are issued to soldier? of tl evo lu; ion, or their widow*, who hare heretolore reset? 4 100 aere?, and the warrants fir 10 acre? to those wl,> re ceived 150 aere? under the resolution? of Cong* ? of September, 1776. The a here shows an increase o' Issues for April of nearly half a million of aere? We understand, howev? ? that the Pension Offlee will no*, hereafter Issue more than one half the present number per day. The shipments of coal from Richmond, Pa., dating the week ending 26h nit., were 22,899 tons, Including 186 to Norfolk, and 177 tons to Richmond, Va. The to to e*> ports for the season, thus far, are 141,978 tons lee* than those of the oor responding period of last jeAr. The earnings cf tha Illinois Csntral Railroad Company. In eaeb, for the first four months of the present aad past year, have been aa follows 1 LuyoiH Cevthat. Kjtifstoit), 1866. 16*6 January - 867.088 10 $134,o,4 70 February 69 824 40 118,907 10 Marrb 92,622 66 137,400 00 April 118,444 00 190,241 00 Total $322,479 06 8680,692 8d These figures show an increase of 9-288,113 76?oquel to eighty per een'?In the first four month? of I860, ov_r the lame time in 1866. The land sales of the Illinois Central Retlroad Com pany in the month of April, 1856, amounted to 8207, 714 17, mahiog an eggr?gato thla year, from January 1 to May 1, ot $789,069 26, ag*tn?t $388,631 80 for tie corn spending period laet year. This shove an Incroase of more than one honlred per eent in the sales ot land. A more favorable result than thta could not well be- de sired. The very mom ent the net earning? of the railroad will pay tie interest en the company's bond? and tit* taxes on Its landed estate, every aere should be hqsband ed, so that the fnll prospective valae may he rea ir.eei. Thete lands are increasing so rapidly in value that pur chasers get almost 'he whole of It. Oy keeping the ehrioe lands out of the market a few years, it add quad ruple their valae, which the company wool4 have the full ter.eflt of. Now, most of it goes to reUler*. The funded d?bts cf the elty of Pittsburg and eonnty of All'gheryr, Pennsylvania, are as follows: - , ?/obseHpttoott) Ohio ?i P#?n. Railroad ??? 4? to Pttto. *nd OooMllivliU R. R. 100,000 " to Pit'*, and Sieubenville H. R. 600,000 .? to Allegheny Valley Railroad... 460,000 ?' to Cha-ilers Valley Railroad.... 180,000 City debt for eilj pmrpoee# 1,800,000 ToUl $3,000,000 ^Eifbeeristion to Pennsylvania Railroad $1 000,000 " to Pitt*, end StoubenviU* R. R. 600,000 ?? to Allegheny Valley Railroad... 760.000 ii lo Cleveland end Pittsburg R. R. 140,000 ?< to Pitt*, end Connellevtlle R. R. 760,000 i< to Chertiei* Valley Reilroed.... 160,000 County debt for oounty purpose* 600,000 ToUl $3,800,000 Add oify debt 3,000,000 Tbfal dty end oounty $6,800,000 The Chicago Drmocral of the 6'h lost., says:? Ftcm ell eooount*, we should judge thet the town of Fulton I* growing fester then eny other In the SUte. The opening of we Gslene end Chicago AU Line Reilroed be* given en impetus to building end to business of every kind. I' is the lenninetirn of the shortest reilroed route between this elty end the Mississippi river, being only 134 miles distant from Leke Miebigen, while the next shortest is 181. There ie no reeeon why Fulton City should not grow, but evsry ronton why It should, end soon leke e position alongside, if not in ndvenee of the Hlislsslppi town#. The roed west, through Iowa, W# ere told, is pre greeting satisfactorily. A specie! meeting of the stockholders of the Vermont sad Msiseehusstts Reilroed Compeny wes held In Boston Wednesday forenoon?Thome* Whlttemore, the President in the ebeir. There wes n good attendenoe. The Presi dent ?xplalned it wes necessary to raise money to pey ofT the old bonds, now overdo*, end ths metner proposed was to accept ths act) of th* Legislatures of Vermont rod Massachusetts authorizing the issue of $1,-100,000 of tlx per cent bonis. The acts were unanimously accepted by the meeting. It was voted to authorise the directors to dispose of these bonds in the beet manner to phy olT the debts of tte roed. A large portion of the old bonds will be given for the new issue, the holders of $776,000 out of $966,0C0 having signed to that effect. The trus tees under the now mortgege ere John H. Wilkiue, Jebez C. Howe, end William Mfnot, Jr. Tb# business for which the meeting wee celled having been transected, it. wee dissolved. At en eleotlon for directors of the New York end Liver pool United State* Mall 8teemship Company, th# follow iog gentlemen were eleeted for the ensuing yeer:?James Brown, E. K. Collins, Stewart Brown, Jemes M. Brown sod George F. Allen. At a meeting of the directors on the 7ih Inst., James Brown wes re-elicted President, and Wm. L. Yonle, Secretary. We understand that Chancellor Poland, or Vermont, has vacated 'he decree by which the Vermont and Canada corporation hts for some time past held possession of and mansged ihe affairs of the Vermont Central Riil road, and ihat he has restored the-control of both oor poratlcns to the three trustees of the first mortgage bonds?Messrs. Smith, Eldridge and Brainerd. The last named gentleman has been choeen to fill the vacancy In the Beard tf rrnitees earned by the reoent resignation of William Raymond Lee, Esq. The Rockland Mining Company of Lake Superior has issued its annual report for the year ending May 1. The wbcle quantity of mineral raised from the mine since last report to February 1, 1856, was 137 tons, of which more than two-thirds wss mass copper, and the balance In barrel work. No product had been real'zed from the stamps, which have since been put la operation, and are now stamping from 200 to 300 tons of rock per month. The product of the year sxseeded the estimates of the directors 37 per cent. Th# gross vnlne of ihis mineral is estimated at $63,128. Tne expenditures siuo* last report have been $66,200 00. By the Treasurer's statement, the receipts of the year, loelnding $26,000 In assess ment', amounted to $65,666 67, and the disbursements $45,072 21, leaving a balance on hand of bills receivable and' eash of $20,184 ?6. The total indebtedness of the mine is $29,000, leaving only about $8,400 to be provided for from ths proceeds of m'neral on hand at the mine, which is estimate! at eighty tons May 1. Toe net value ef this would he about $s8,000. The mine is described as looking in every respect favorable. Masses of good size are met with as ground is opened, end the veins arc rich. The cirectora express a strong belief la au increased measure of success for the present year. The following Philadelphia banks have declaied aemi acnnal dividends in the pes! two and a hslf /ears, ai annexed:? ? PiiiLADHLPnu Bask PivrDB.vt?9. , 1854?, ,?1866?, 1856 Ranks. CopxtaL May. Nov May. Nik. May. Fsr. end Mech..$l,'.60,000 7 6 jj Gitsid 1,560,<00 3 3 8 Philadelphia.... 1,160 000 7 5 7 Commercial .... l,0C0,0f0 ^55 Mechanic 800 000 6 0 6 We? ?rn tOO.OOO 6 10 6 7 6 rt CJ u. ...... . . a e N. liberties.... 6(0,000 6 6 6 6 5 Van andMech's ' 00,000 4 4 6 6 5 R uthwa-k 460,000 6 6 6 6 5 Kecsirgtm 250,(00 9 6 6 9 6 Bank Commerce. 250,000 6 6 5 5 10 DUDK VWJU'IVH, ?J? ? ~ ~ _ . r Pern Townthlp. 226,(00 5 6 5 5 . Trtd smen'e.... 160 000 4 5 5 6 5 Ci y Bunk 600,000 C.neolidatlcn... 250,0(0 71 "0 69 71 72 The banks, it will be seen, bavs mate In this aggregate rather larger dividends than at any time within ths last two and a half years. The two new banks have not re ported dividends as yet that we hare *? heard it stated one of them had earned a dividend, and would probably declare it. The whole amount of money eomlng on th j market from these dividends is $409,760. Tbe whole amount put in clrcula'ion the present week in Philadelphia from Tarionn compatn?? will prooaoiy ex ceed half a mlllim, aid ought. In the nature of thing ',to have a favorable influence on both stocks and credit. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of foreign dry goods entered at this port for oonsomp lion, for warehouse, and also the withdrawal# from ware house, during the week ending and inelndlng Thursday, May 8, 185G:? Movements is Foreign Dry Goods. Consumption. Quantity. Fa' ?*.. Manufactures ot wool 782 $210,434 qo. ot cotton 856 176,113 do. of snk 369 267,703 do. ol lltx,,, 464 117,031 Miscellaneous 246 117.800 Total .2.707 $927,611 Withdrawn jrom WarchouM. Manufactures oi wcot 40 $16,711 do. ot eotton '14 9,166 . do. ot elik 114 86,907 do. ot ilax 18 3,101 Tot*)..? 236 $64,944 Warehauied. Manufactures of wool 228 $74.7*2 do. of eotton 114 27,708 do. et (ilk 83 24.8 6 do. ot flax 32 6,331 Miscellaneous 30 6,077 tot*l 487 $138,109 Valoe pnt on the market daring the wtek..,. $902,686 The epring everywhere has been remarkably backward, and the dry goods trade of the season has extended to a later period than usnal. Navigation en tke canals hat bien backward and prodnce In transit for the city de. lajed in its arrival. Owlcg to canal ommnnieation be tween Philadelphia and the West being earlier opened, end railroad travel leei obstructed by March anow-d'i'ti in the monnteins, the dry goods trede opened earlier in Philadelphia than in this oity, from which advantage i onr sister city reeped a good harvest. The May baalnsss in New York, considering the loeel interruptions of mov ing day and religions anniversaries, has ben good. Easts in and Wistern buyers have lingered in the market putting up assortment* demanded by the wants of the trade. The eity retail business bee been unusually active, end a good trade baa been done in fancy gooda, end especla'ly In ladies' faehlorab'e lency dress silks end other goods' The collections from the interior have been ia the mala good; while the failures have not been more than usnal at the same season ot |the year, the huUprruUnt to tbe contrary, notwithstanding. Tbe Importations have been large. The orders now going out are said to be on a re duced reals. The increesed demand for sterling bills and demand for specie shipments, will likely have the effect cf checking further large importations far e Me son, et least. There oontinuss to be e good export de en and foi oottcn domestic cloths; for the week eollog the 29lh April, there were shipped frem this port 727 packager, valued at $338 497. The total shipment* f r this jear, from January 1. amoun ed to 12,216 packages. The heaviest shipments were made to Cbtil, Australia ar.d Brazil. Tke packages snipped from Bcatm for the same perlcd amounted to 1,663. packages. Total sins* January 1, 1866, 16,208 packages. The market for brovn shootings and shirtings ruled dim, with a be ter export deinanf. Heavy sheetlogs were steady at 8c., and 8J<e. a 8>fe. for ?tandsid. l.'ght goods were sold at 7Jis. a 7,?<c. Bleached fheeiirgs and itirttoga were scaroe and 6rm, especially % go >ds; standard qualit'es were more freely purchased, Drills were Arm, Willi an upward tendency In prices; bleichtd sold at 8,'fe. a 8)40., and bine at WH?- Const jews weti ,n f*lr dermnd, at 9j. Oina bnrgs ernlinued firm and eearee, with a tendency to hig>er pilees. Denims ware In good demand, at foil prices. Htrlprs siM ticks were Arm. Cotton duck, owing po the advtnce of the raw materia', was Aim, with a f?ir 2(maad. Uvu were atui; and in fair Nqsui Gii|i bams steady. Th# imi? lor mouaelin* de Um wee about orer, while prices ressalned about the same. Gktha were Aim, with a (air supply offering. CMsimera* and jet as were dul>. Be'.ineta we e dm. Iinieya wen to lerably active. Flat celt were dm at the il'ght adranoe obtained last week and maintained. Blanket* of good stylee were in (lair demand, in foreign good* a hear/ ?bare of buiinese hae been done at the auction reoai, and in many easee at a reduction in pricee eompared t? thoie current ear ier In the Mason. But the auction tetson is aiao drawing 'oraids a pause and the hoariest part of it will be orer before the let of June. Stock Hxehaage. Friday, Har 9, 1999* $2000 Tenn 6's. '90.. 96 100 aha Brie BR.. sM 66% 16100 Virginia 6's.. s3 93% 600 do b?0 6(0 do 91 100 do bao 12000 Missouri 6's... 84% 900 do MO 1(00 do 86 100 do *10 1000 City 6's, '98... 96 60 Hud Rir RR...S8 6000 Er Cn bs '71 MO 83% 60 do M0 8000 Etie bdsot'76 . 90% 10 NH& Bartf KR. 80(0 Bud Br 2d m be 8f% 6 WlsL8hRR..bl6 3(00 Har 1st o.'g bs bl 40 New Jersey BR.. 19000 111 Cn RR be *90 87 1600 ReeeingRR.. .0 89V 17000 do 87% 400 it 89V 6000 1U Fr bs wh prr 81% 800 do slO 89 V 10000 N York Ccn 7'* 103% 700 do M0 90V 3000 N York Cen 6's 80% 390 do. *8 89V 600 do 80% 809 Mioh Can RR.*90 94% 2000 do 8> % 300 do M0 96 V 16 she Bank ?f C m. 108 V 800 do s3 94V 6 Bk oi N America. 106 200 do M0 96V 8 do 104X 26 M 8} 8tN la K M0 96% 20 Am Ex Rink .... 116 '60 do bSO 96V 10 Rait Rirer Bank. 100 800 do 96 V 42 Nassau Bank.... 103V 36 do a J96V SO Ooean Bark 9i% 60 do sSO 96V 30 Del & Bud Can Co 129 100 . do *80 96V lOONie Iran Co..b60 18% 100 PanamaRR...,e 103V 20 do 18% 200 Clr & Pitta R.M0 04 V 100 dt 12% 8 Close, C&Cln... 102 100 Tenn Coal Co. b60 99% 60 Ga & CM UK. b30 111 V 100 Cum Coal Co..s3 21% 14 do 110 V 200 N Y Cen RR a4m 91 200 Clr &Tol KR.. .e 74V 91% 360 do s3 74% 91% 300 do b30 76% 91% 100 do M0 76V 91% 100 do 74% 91% 11 Chi * Rk Isl RR. 81% 9 i 6 do.. 91V 67% 60 do b30 92 67 8XOONV BOARD. $6800 Kentucky 6's.. 101 200 shsRead RR..S60 89% 2000 Ohio 6's '60...s3 10<% 100 do b60 80% KOOEiiebdsof'76.. 91 300 do 89% 6000 IUCen RR bs sCO 87% 100 Cler & Tol RR... 74% 6600 do 87% 600 Erie RR 66% 30(0 do 87% 100 do s30 68% 60 shs Mich Cen RR 94% 60 do bOO 67% 60 N Y Cen RK.tlO 91% 60 do s60 66% 100 do 91 1C0 do 66% 100 do b3 91% 100 Harlem RR 17 100 do b60 9i% 100 Hudtton Riv RR.. 31% 200 Reading RR....0 89% MININO BOARS. 60 ehs WdC4LnCobl6 46% 200 shs N Carol'a b30 136 60 de blO 46% 300 GardGold C>.b30 116 100 do c 46 200 do bl6 110 ?00 Flo k Key Jt.bSO 20c. 800 do blO 110 200 do... e 60 do... 1C0 do... 60 do... 200 do... 200 to... 150 Erie RR... 2050 do... Cotton Crude. The circular of T. J. Stewart & Co.. issued for ^ mission abroad by the h teem,hip Erioaaon, giyei the fol lowing review of the cotton market for the past two weekc? r u Our last circular was issued on the 26th ult. nu Bd tic. On the iolipwiog ruehday morning the Persia *.r" ??*5n? vh.d,ktM to 19lh ult. reporting a batlnui^f 126,000 bales, and an atvince of nearly a fa, thing hnt closing wlih ieps spirit. Trade was goo* at hUidLh? and an absence of stocks, and with the sing "ms-TaW or mcney difficult ?'o procure to early forSSJSPS2S ?u ?"Jf' droumsunoes were tovorahle to miuSi higher puces being s ion obtained. It was exoectedtbZ? sncn accounts would bring forward hn??r. .? ki u prices, but the amount on sale Being Increased th^d closed at lower retees with a hear? feell^.hiVt i?. continued without intermission up to Thunder of th? preseat week. H.iders in the me^Ume ^^io^! to reeiize on a psrt of sticks, abe'edta* end the accepted decline ameunted to fal'y Up_ OB .?* and *o on the toss saleable description,^ ^hedaflr' I, OJI tt.rt.t nconM ^c. ?f j,, JuftEfta Ae two days ol 6,000 batos; but as the sTpplV u tTtonded ?l qU?t# ' 8,m mmrket ??*" ?? The receipts do not fall eff fast enough to India*!* ? 1?4P :r'"S d#lfv"?d cr,?P ?"> exceed 8,600,000 Wei. m here U more cotton la the Interior then there wis than theif m? ?duC6me?Vi to bitng it to market. Atth% ?arne dSi?.r^n(,?me d"*?PPoin^ent at th? eontinoad '&rge delivery noir aovised of from tills side th? okecnM of stocks should cauti n spinners agtlnst allowing the .r1!! ??<b*toto & Cd.of.S^ orsi to hold for the ope, tog of the chapter of aocdtonL tW t?i? croP- ?n thi, p< ink, we hare merely to say S '1!?1'""" for1 plentlog 1, said to hare b?e* tote' *rom New Orleans, in a letrer imt kvi... S'A " r,c,'b?s." "> LIVERPOOL CLASSIFICATION. Ordinary to good.. 9 9l?a<l?L 9*a*9*v Middling even lot. ? WU? ? li _ _ 2V" ~ ~ iiL~" Fair to good lair.. 11^ a ?>] None.4 Nwe AoSi COM HKllCIAL. REPORT, Asms.-The market was qu'etf^7' 9-8 P' M ?{ ? h*tra State".... 2^6 a 6 60 Common to good Ohlo.7.7.7. aw ? i Extra Ohio "... . ? ? 4 6 25 Extra Genesee. 0 io a 8 00 ? g I ?8 :S5t Tha ?-?.wlT ur ihe latter elosed Arm. Wheat? above the *!??*" Ps.?' and Pr'm8 lots scarce, an 1 held bushels fair red the "*'?* 'Poinded about 8,000 prime offering w*s Hmisf? f flr"f. Fnd the dieted ; about ?0 ooo . ' ,a*2l ??? ?'?? N sold at 60c a 6? c. ft r T-ts? ? ?**? rnd tound ai d wood ?riin? . t. f? Scntharn mined. Mc. Rje 80WcUfT,^^ ?^ *rn was nominal. Oa', .ewi hi.l. ^b*rn' BUib, and 41c. a 48c forVXm 7'" 37?" 4 ^ ferrtTto, ca^ne'Tj'ff'to'day^'and8!?f RJa' *?* common, and 11 Ue for tn'a fkit fil foT tb* Ueuayr; w.,.7&V?h.?mVtl^ fi S4 \'?2 <?' CorroN.-The sales kmbr^ aW 1 Mol i 1 npon ttldd fcg uplands at ID^'n . n ' were disposed to await the reoeiot or t?a a i rate let'ere. reoeipt ot tne America's prl FHKGiTO.?EngsgsNisnls were light and rates m?h.n. dsal freigbtsfat low rates CkiirarniV sLf?J^ d?mand tor ? ?? - -57^ 8 CW boxesof'uysr^ wwTl^'^s ^ina- ^ '>?r-? ?? "? -1 T0c. e 80c. ,MI ?*kln?, tor shipping, at ioZSirii w biSTSiSii, ihip.?Pg i saasav *-? ttac*. iDciuding mefM r^rt i a*J* war# s< me lots at $lf snd PCfl bv? ^7 * with 117 frim. 17,' eady, with sales of 160 bkli. at ^ '"entry mess end nitre*. pH_ , prl?*f tor 819, and beef bams at fid a dir rw Q?'*t ?t 916 a 10 llfcds. dry sa'ted hare sold It aZ nMU flr" a?d 100 boxes boielers short i?dH X *M fl*", was firm, wlih sales <f MOamn rm"oI1 &9*?- ^ utter and che.,? were tnUt,9^^;4 10>? *M*e. srSsssfflr*"""" I??" iLto store. The market wea ani^T* a 0"lered to go ?bent 800 hhe's. Cnha biuu^tIT. ? /' w,tb ?lw of 7>te..8c.; and ?C0 b^^Jay.n*1 fl'?7 4 "d e ?<?. ??Ten?, part brown, at 7e. at tec. alJo^7 fllID' P*1** 01 160 bbl#' Ohlj and pri,M wllilrg te^rtl m'wV at'aTirlhZ V?' W,th '** hoM*? cur market I. liwer I '? * ? rn irarke's. Tlie re?*i?'? .^"P0*1100 'han the Sonth tave only been rewind slnoasi. i45^ f*Uin* ?"- There ?h ILe csmind hL " ??d 'V,1'1 inst- n3 ?<*?: tort, the ,tock hsre L. L.L^te' 4?d P""/ for ex r alee to day were 2f 0 ? ? no ? n,nc'1 r*l?ced. The lor ordrnary. op te <c , Auff-' "P0'4' ?t3? Toi-AntiLntW* qn%V' Pri^?'t0Pr,'n*- s u are still tiLse'lied ,,j k' 7??? f,,f crop tobeooo H Lhcs Ksnsf.At Z. VlS. 'f114- Tb? ??'?? lnelnded tart lor exp n n V' Sn ?10O> *fiK? V?? b^? Harana. dc. Florida, 16c. a 20c. ",#d ,#4f' 6^c- 4 1<Jo ' * kstrfcf'lM.A.m.?3i*r4'e bn"inM* I" b?lng done in the nmr Se-fre . are 0Ch;.'"<3 PllT't?4'4 ?*??*? M? w h^n thl f.l S. Aeugufne of a e nslderable decline