Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW TOM HERALD. WHOLE NO. 719T. .MORNING EDITION?TUESDAy, MAT 13, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. iimnSHEKTS &EVKW11 ITBI BIT. flOlt PERRY'S JAPAN RXPBDIYION.?D. APPLBTON V * 00.. 3tf and MS Broadway. will publish la a (aw _RarraSve of Out Expedition of an American Squadron to the <Mm Sena and Japan, performed In the yeara 1#62, 1865 nod ISM, by order of the government of Uia United States, under tke nnwaaaiil nf Oommodore K. 0. Perry, U. 8. N. Compiled from the original aotm and journal! or Oommodore Perry, at tUs requas, end under his suoervliIon. By Prnnela L. Hawks. D. D. One volume, 8re, with two hundred aleel nod wood en ?raasrtswam? the moat Interesting worka erer published. Ike new field or letereit which it opens to the reader will adl fell to prove attractive, eapealal y aa the vo lume la Uluatrated with nearly two hundred steel and wood engravings. all from drawings made on the spot by tke draftsmen of the expedition. D. A. Ada. have just published Appletons' Cyclopaedia o Biography, embracing a series of original memoirs of the moat ?rfl^mmrimd persona of all times, written for the work by Sir ^^^?jUllaea, D.O.L.; William Balrd, M.D. F.L.S.t Mr ^^^^^kwsler. P.K.B.; James Bryoe, A.M. F.U.&; John ProfemerOreasy, A.M.; Pro lessor Kadle, D.D.; ^^^^^Hseeor Ferguson, A M.tProfeisor Gordon,F.B 8,11.; ????HMderwIok, James A Heraud, Robert J am let oo, I D.D.; Charles Knight, Jsmes Mansoc, Jamas MeOonneehy, Professor Nlohol,Ll..D.; K'lhu Rich,Professor Spa ding. M. A,; Profremc Thomson, flfLn. F.n.B.; Ralph M. Wornum. Ame rican edition edited!by Praneis L. Hawks. D.D., LL.D., with 300 wood engravings. One volume, royal 8vo. 1,036 pages. Price, 5doth. M; sheep,1*1 30; half moroeao, 16; half ca!f, 83; nal entf, j>. H^HOW to DRTEOT OOUNTBRPRIt BANK NOTES.? Illustrated with splendid s'eel plates, engraved bv Raw dan, Wright, Batch A Rdaon, bank note engravers. By Qeo. Peyton, eichange broker. New York. Price $1 23. Ala treatise on the detection of ooonterteit, altered and spu rious bank notes, la now acknow'edged to be lbs most perfect work on the euhjaet that has ever appeared, and one which will materially check the traffic In counterfeiting. Beyond a a cation the best work of this kind that we have ever eeen. No (radar should be with ->ut It Its coat will be saved twenty times over.?N. Y. Herald. This la a valuable work, based upon oorreet principles, and we are confldeat. If every business man In the community bad aoopyot It, counterfeiting would be a thing ot the past?Mer cantile Journal. A good idea, and will alee be useful to brokers and cashiers of oonntry banks.?Nloola's Reporter. Single oopiee sent free to any part of the continent, on re oetpt of the price. GEO. PEYTON, 418 Broadway, New York. RBWBPAPEHB, THB LONDON JOURNAL ?NO. 384 OF T1IB LONDON Journal, and the aix buck numbers, which commence a new volume and a new romance, oau be obtained at the office sf the London Journal, CO Nassau St.. N. Y. Price two cents. billiards. Avert fine second hand billiard table, only a short time in use at a gentleman's rootleoce, fbr sale, with all the apparatus, new and complete. Apply at O'CONNOR A OALL.RN DKBS' manufactory, 53 Ana street. A goad bagatelle table a'so for sale. ILLIARDS.-WE OPFKR FOR 8 ALB A SPLENDID stock, with stir new invented cushions, with slate and marble beds; private bouses furnished; balls, cues and cue hps fbr M e, and orders bv malt attended to. ORIFF11H A DECKER, 90 Ann street. IMPROVED BILLIARD TABLRS?PATENTED FNBRV. cry 19?the only tables correct la principle, and so can ?trusted as to secure mathematical correctness of angles, and pissssilsg the requisite elasticity In all seasons. Balasiow 39 Chambers street, op stairs. MICHAEL PHHLAN, Patentee. ASTROLOGY. A? WONDER.?THE 01P8EY GIRL-IF YOU WISH TO know all the secrets of your past and future Ufe, the I knowledge of which may save you years of sorrow and care, . dent tall to consult the above named palmist. Charge SO cents. The Gtpeer has alio on hand a secret which will enable any lady or gertleman to win or obtain (he affections of the oppo | site sex. 'Charge extra. 30 Bowery, up stairs. A SEROLOGY, CHI ROM ANT I.?MRS. FLBURY, FROM A Paris, whom relation prophesied Nspoleon L, gives true information on all events of life. Questions about butlasM, love, marrisge, Ac., are answered by magxetlsm, at 263 Brooms sticet i 1LAJR VOYANCR.?MAS. 8RTMOUR, 110 SPRING \J street. a few doors west of Broadway, the most celebrated medical and buriueee clairvoyant la America. All lUaeaaea discovered aed eared, ff curable; the fate end whereeboute at absent friends made known; unerring advice on business, An, and ue ehaege unlesa satisfied. MBIIBBHHHH CLAIRVOYANT street, between without exoeDthm, the boat teeing medical and buelnew clairvoyant In the United danM Diseases soon eured. Satlsflaetory examinations gi ven smber.) or no cb,r**0' CTOR HiYRt, Electric tan. VTADAMK MORROW TELLS PAST, PRESENT AND FU lVL tare events so true that the astonishes all that visit her. BheAoweth* likenew of the iatesded husband, aad onuses apeedy marriage* who will all so Joy the great at happtnese and good luck. No charge U not ssaaflad T< Broome street, near Cuonoa. TOO LATE FiMl CLASSIFICATION. Arn itnn-io loan, in bums to suit appli iPtlU.UUU cants, on bord and mortgage on real estate in this cty. Also. 810.000.86 000 $4,000, 83 000, $2.300,81,000 $1,660, $',000. Also 820 000 to loan on Brooklyn property, la sume of $1000 and upwards, Also 830.000 to lnvari In the porcha e of bonds and mortgages. Apply te A. HBttGEANT, IS Wall sueet. m-| Ann ?PARTFRB, WITH THIS AMOUNT OF ^I.UUU. capital, to join in a very good engine si tog an l architectural business It h is een established two v ears, an 1 being without muob eompetlHon. a handsome profit Is realised Every sautfsotlou gtv?r. Address, with real name, G. B. H., box 3VS office, Butfao. N. Y. Aorn -partner wanted, in a business done JOiIU , stretly for cash, srd where there is no risk, fa branch of which Is without competition,.) and with tha aid of an energetic mas mar be en.arged: has a store and office down town. Inclose a stamp oi apply to 0. B. HOWLS A CO., 84 Nassau street. n uction sale?this day, mat is, atu o'clock, A TattersaU's. enrrer Sixth avenue and Thirty ninth street, 10 good horses, for carriages, wagons or carts; new and se cond hand carriages and wagons, harness; new and second hat d lute a eheets, roller?, batters, Ac GEO. CLKMONS, auctioneer and proprietcr. A. LARGE STORK, 23 BY 100~FEET, IN THE LAFAEGE . Hotel. No. 676 Broadway, to lease f r five years, without exception the most promflsnt location In the cltv. for a carpet, dry gocda or faooy store: the fixtures will be sold reasonable. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. ClORt-ElS.?FRBNOH, URRMAN, ENGLISH, AND > American, ? railroad, se'.f adjusting, nursing, misses', shoulder braces, Ac The largest stock In the Unltsd States. AIM patent and whalebone skirts, tew and Improved shapes, at half Brsadwey prices. Mrs GAYNO A, 43 Third avenue, sear Tenth at rest, and 262 Sixth avenue, near Seventeenth street. ITtOR LIVKRPOOL.-UNItBD STATES MAIL STEAM r ship ATLANTIC. Commander Oliver Rldridge. wtllde Sri with the United States mails for Europe, posltlvalv.ton tun ay. May 24, at 12 M., from ker berth loot of Canal streat. The ehlps of this line have improved water tight compart meets an' to avotd danger from iceumrill not cross the Banks north ct 41 degrees, until alter them at of AugniL For freight or passage, having unequal eft aocommolaUoni, apply to EDWARD K CuLLIhS 56 Wall street. All letters most pass through the Pest office, any ethsr* wfil be returned. Passengers will please be On board at U o'clock A. M. The Baltic. Captain Oomstock, will succeed the Atlantic, and sail Saturday, June 7 For suit on consumption. ac. Jos? published, 60 pages. price one dime, CONSUMPTION AND 80R0FULA; A popu'er treatise on the recent tmpor.ant discoveries relative to their aause, nature and oertaln core, Br J. J. Fopstir, M. D. In every portion of the learned Doctor's book aonnd practical sense aed great medical know edge Is displayed, and it Is not in likely 'hat a considerable revolution la the treatment of con sumption and scrofnla will be ?(Tented by tta publication. Every family should be In possession of this valuable work, wh'cn, by its extreme cheapness, is made accessible to everr one. Fer sale at all bookstores or will be mailed, on rnesiot of ten cents, poet paid, by BR I DOM AN A CO., 158 Urand street, New York, to any part of the country. R8. A. M. THOEMM RENPKCTFULI.Y INVI TBS THE attentisn of the ladies and gentlemen of New York to her Mlabitabmaet, et 510 1 roadway, where tire is prepared to rSMlve orders (or shirts and collars, got up in the most artistic manner. Also robes de eh imbre children's suits and ladles' dressmaking Parties furnishing their own material waited upon at i hort notice. Having secured the servioea of some of t) s ablest artistes in each of 'he above branches, she feels con Idtnt ins she ctn offer induct ments to the public not met with elsewhere. Mrs. E. C. Beman superlitendrnt of the shirt depaPmant. ABIB?LADIR8 COM I NO TO PARIS WILL FIND chez Ms dame BDTTINO, Anctenne Mai ton Ouerin, Fau bourg Saint Horoie, No. ITS ( hamps Blyseea the newest pat terns fer dresses, on ths most ressonable terms. Expeditiona 1'stranger DbTTc HALL TO RKNT-FOR ONB OB MORB EVEN tegs In ths week; a commodious and handsomely far* nished room on 'be sec >? d floor of Oilnion Ha'l, am.:r place. .mecteily adapted to ltlererv, Ac. Apply to S. O jEcoaMiCK, Jr., 162 Fatten sireei. SHERIFF'S BALE OF FURNITURE, IN IIB rOKLYN. ? W C aLBUKTUB, auc'lnneer, will sell oa Wednesday, May 14, at 10 o'clock. P. M.. No. 19 Court street, opposite Ol'.y Hall, Brooklyn, rosewr.od parlor furniture, in piuih, Jrcsslng bureaus, centre taUes, extension do., sideboards, eteieiea secretary bookcaaes, tables, chairs, At ; also Bras seis ar.d t.-gratn carpets, bedsteads, brds and beddlog. E. LOTt. late sheriff. STABf.E TO tST-22 AND 24 WR8T-ThYbTEEIfTH street heiweeu Flfthazd Sixth avenues, with about forty stells, nten'y of carriage roota, Ac , all agove ground, aad In gooaorver. Ihls is a rare cppoitunltv for a llverv and sales Stables, and Is now nearly tul of first class boarding horses. I'omrM on Immediately In,pi ire of A. H. BEAR, 83 Pearl street TO I.HT?COTTAGE FtJ RN IBHKD, CONTAINING TEN ror ms. stable, outhouses and about three ac rsa of land; it is deijghtulli situated in thetownshlp ot Younbeta, oa the portion ot land, between it and the Harlem Railroad, about three quarter of a mils fiom the rat read station. SDdamost desliable etimmer reslretce. It being out about 1 an hour's csrtiage drive to the city. Inquire of A II. BRAN, 88 Pee'l greet. r LET-ON S.IOHTY KOTIRTH 81RltKT,Y O R K V11, L H, a teat two story basement house, with all the modern Im provement*. would be let, to a small family, without children, Rrr $200 per annum inquire on the premises, of Mra. Fisher. Eghty foufh street between Third and Fourth avee. TO LEASE?THB MODERN BUILT, I.T^hT^AND beaut,It: fear etory store No 51 Te?ey s'reet newly fitted up, with all the modern Improvements; suitable for drv goods, stlbor larry gocds bur Iness. and one of the best locations In theritr. Apoly to JOHN LLOYD A BONR, 15 Nassau street or to C B. VOBRInON, 53 West Twenty-seenrd street ORTHT THE ATTENTION OF LADIK8.-TH1 RHJW" ?K mi of Mrs Rogers new open, with a choice oillec tion of tofU'uery. alike distinguished fer neatness, elegance and ?i"iabi.?T. Stock constantly replenished Oocd milliners, ir'mmei*. and experienced saleswomen wanted Immediately. Mrs. ROGh KB 151 Tight avenue, west s'rta. rtT~tr iLBUBTUfl. AUCfioNKKR.WIi.L HKUI,, ON TT . Wednesday, May 14, at 12o'clcck noon, at Mon'agns iiall, Comt stieed. ooaosttvtmy Hall. Brook're. one loiof SmmI aboard on New York avenue betwweu Unlet aad TregdoalatrteU, Brooklyn. Bale poeltlve, Teftm ogeti. JgXODRm?a-THE LA BOB AMD OOMMO] AMERICAtaibeen newly Mtednp,end JZ&dbe^^222ZJ5.?K}!* T"** to.^fbr OOMMODIOUE "ti now . _ ?m, mumrim wim parties wishing to hire for sacur stoni; the accommodations on this boot we equal If not an porter to any other boataflsat Far farther partner parttoalsna Inquire on boerd the boet or of HMM&T TAW VMLSOR, lSSWeit street, corner of Jay. E~ XTENBION OF HAMLIN BTEIKT.?ALL PERSONS Intereated end opposed to the extension of PrenkUa street from Baxter street to the Bewety nt Doner street, will please call at the (dice of B. WEBK8, No. 49 Molt street, this week, end sign a petition sgainst the said opening. B. J. A. O. SONS OF MALTA.?A MBETIKO OF THB . "Bond" will be heldJUIa (Tuesday) evening at their ro?mi, 148 Fulfon street, Brooklyn, at eight o'eloek. Punctual attend ance is requested, as buafneee of Importance will be brought before the meeting. By order. a. H. KBLSBY, Grand Commander. JOHN CBOBB, Grand Oondnotor. M. W. Bonus, Grand Secretary, RyTEROAMTIIdl LIBBABT ABSOOIATIOK.-SPHOIAL 1VL xotloe.?Tbe anatml masting of ths Mercantile Library Association wtllbe held in the lecture room, Clinton Hall, As ter plase, on Tuesday evsslsg. May IS, at 8 o'clock. Ths an nual election for ofllcers of the as*oolaUoo for the enaabw year will be held in the Library built lag, on Tusadav, May 19. The polls will open at 8 o'clock A. M. and close el 9 o*slock F. M. By order of the Board. QBOBOM B. PARTRIDGE, Jr., BeoordlnHBec'y. MAY 12, 1886.?ELECTION OF OFF1CBB8 FOR THM year 18?6-'57, by the American Dramatic Fund Associ ation, this dayJames T Brady. President; W. P. Chapman, J. bolbrook, J. P. Hall, Junius T. Stagy, Jahn Brougham, Trustees, T. H. Hadaway. treasurer; F.C. Wsmyss, Boore tnry; A. B. Clark, D. La Manna, J. Byrne. W. B. Blake, C. Baas. G. Jordan, G. Christy, W. Corhyo, C. W, Taylor, D. IThittog. O. Hertter, J. Belt's, J. Moore, H. B. Phillips, C. W..Taylor, Dlrectoia. VfOTlCB.?NOTICTB 18 HEREBY GIVHM THAT THB 1> copartnership heretofore existing by the ram a of William J. Thompson A Co. was dissolved by its own 1 imitation on the let of March, 1868. Henry Stevenson la authorised to settle the elaims due and against aald form. W. J. THOMPSON, Dated May 1,1886. W. 0. 8TKVHH80N, NOTICE TO CARTMEN. -THB PUBLIC CARTMEN ASH hereby no I fled that an adjourned meeting will be held at Underdonk's Hall, eomer of Grand and Clinton streets, on Wrdneaday evening, May 14, at 7>? o'clock. CiuBLES Kiljct, Bec'y. B. O. DBIGB. Chairman. N. B.?All public cartmen are Invited to attend, as business of Importance to all will be brought before the meeting. VTOTICH?ALLPBBSONB HOLDING CLAIMS AOA1NBT ly the property cf the late Alexander Boyd, daoesaed, are hereby notified to present the same, 'egmllv authenticated, at the residence or the exeentors. No. 969 Tenth avenue, between tie hours of 10 A.M. and 0 P.M , on or before ths first of June next; nod all surh ss do not present their claims as above stated shaB be considered as having waved the same and re lented the property. JOSEPH GARDENER. EZEKIEL D. BOYD. Notice.?all pbksows holding claims against the estate of Jacob A. Westervelt, are hereby notified to present same, legally authenticated at the office of the As signees. No 11 South William street, between the hou-a of 12 A. M. and 3 P. M., on or before the twenty sixth day of May Id at.; sad all such as do not present their claims as above stated shall be oonsldered as having received ssme and re'easad the estate. ROBERT OARNLBY, ALEX. M. LAWRENCE. OU. A. E PLUBIBUB'I UNUM. CHAPTER NO. 43 ? . The members of this chapter are treanes'ed to attend the regular meeting held this evening, at No. 267 Bowery. Punctual atAndanoe without fall. CLEMENT M. SEAMAN, C. of the G. "*'W^fo8y*fforta5yby g?i?ta? to a'few * "?"?bl? room In a proper looation wffi be pubfl^ffi"* U" BeUca of ,be ***** ?' t,lI<fon. Ac., WWT AND FOUND. T a * Beekman Mreet" .vasst AM MM rVLillls B>Cl^D;:^"wWFl!iUBAY I, iktf.A LARGE BLACK r hewfoundland dog. with white streak on the forehead, tail tipped with white, white feet and breast. The owner oae have him by applying at the Second ward station house, 49 Beck man street. LOOT?ON FRIDAY NlGHT, 9MH IMT., IN GOING from Tsrsededr street to the I aademj of Mates, tone opera Uckata, Issued to L. 8. Buarer, tor balcony seats Hoe. 157 and 189. As they can be of no use to aav oae but the owner, the flsder will be literally rewarded by leasing the same at P. Harmory's, Nephews A Co.. 81 Greenwich street. OBT-ON SUNDAY, THB 11TH, PROM 188 LAURBNS street, an English terrier slut, with block face, light tan colored body, and ears cut abort: answers to the name or Hons. Any oce returning the same will be Liberally rewarded. 06T.-96 BBWA&D WILL BE PAID POBTHE RBCO very of an opera glass, lost In one or the Broadway stages oi Saturday evening. Apply at 119 Broad street, treat office. Lost-on bunday evening, in fourteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, a lady's gold hunting case watch, link chain, with buneh of ooana* attaohed, roEtlausg of a heart, 1 jckrt, with a gentleman's llkene* seal. Spanish piece, OaUtornla quarter dollar, a gold shell locket with a departed retail re's hair. Whoever will return the i ame at Vo. 24 St. Mark's plaee wtllbe liberally rewarded. The number ot the watch ia 3,45?. OST?ON SATURDAY, 10TH INST , IN THE BOWERY, between Bay aid and Grand meets, a mosaic breastpin, with gold btrne the finder will be liberally rewarded on 'eavlrg tbe above at 16 Jefferson street. OST- ON SATURDAY. THE 10TH INST., ON THH way between Taylor's Saloon and South Bergen N. J., a plain gold cross, narked P. B. Morris. The flatter will be 11 beially rewarded on returning it to Morris A Ctitnmlngs, Co lnmbia Kourdry, Duane atieet, New York. LCBT.-?6_REWARD^aT 8MALL BUCKSKIN POUCH, costuming two gold esglee. Ihe Mnder mil receive the above rewaid by leaving the same at 73 Maiden lane. LOBT-1N WILLIAM BTREKT, ON THE 12TH INST., A small acocunt book, owned by A blon P. Chapman. The person finding tae came will receive 96 re sard by leaving It at Stanley's Express, 88 William etreet. Oft*?IN AN OMNIBUS OF THB BBOADWAY AND Fourth avenue line on Monday, a brown figured parasol. The finder wl 1 be ssdtsbly rewarded by returning it to the owner at 141 Chambers street. LOBT-A FIREMAN'S BADGE, NO. 1,791 T3K FINDER will eonfer a flavor and rsoeive tbe thanks of tbe owner, by leaving it at 247 Hudson street. EFT AT J. W. HIOKBY'B CABINET AND UPHOL ctery establishment, 81)3 Broadway, corner of Eleventh street, handi one rose word bedstead, marble top; dressing bu reau and wathatand. The above articles have been bat a short time In use, and will be sold cheap. Also, an oak exten sion dining table, second hand. Inquire as above. Small itore to let, ? o. 3 went Eleventh street $50 REWARDS. ? K|l REWARD WILL Bg PAID FOR THE RBOOVRRY *)t)U of a fU carat diamond pin, it ilen trim Mo. 10 Oort landt a'reet. lne above reward will be paid for It* return, and no question* asked RAW ARD.-STOLEN, ON THE 7*H INSTANT. A sorrel borne, about lirteen hard* Ugh, si ver mane ?nd tall, white ipct on forehead, mane heavy, also heavy Hag tail. Ike above hone wa* let, under the saddle. to go to Wlf 11*mitbor*, to a man, apparently a German, about Ave feet ret en 'ccbea high, dark complexion, with very dark or black moustache. $26 wlil bepald for the recovery of the horae, and f?5 for the tblef, or information that will lead to hla detection. N. K1NU8LRY A SON, 106 Franklin street, New York. (J?QC REWABD.-LOST OR STOLEN FROM THE *ViUO subscriber, May 11, a note of William D. RuasaU, to bta own order, at lour months, and dated Apiil 19, 1868. for lift); also a check of hi* tor *ame amount, on the Park Bank, dated May 16, to my order, and a memorandum book contain ing the mine. Ibe payment of the said check and note has been atoaped, and all periOna are forbidden to receive or ne gctlete the mate. The above reward will be paid for the re turn of either to the eubecrtber, or to Towneend, Dyott A Ray. it oiid, 140 Broad* ay. WM. A. PRATT. ? I i| RAW A RD.-STRAYED FROM THE STABLE NO. Ciu 6 Weat 96th at reel, on Saturday afternoon, a red oow, with a tarred rope and leather strap tied round her born*. Any person returning said cow. or giving Information whloh will lead to ber recovery, will receive the above reward. It*WARD.?LOST. ON FRIDAY. 9th IH8T.. IN A Broadway and Twenty third atreet stage, a small black travelling bag. The finder w U receive the above reward on returning the beg and ordinal content* to 64 and 66Broadway. THOS. P. QglNMRLU. REWARD.?LCST, IN ONB OF THR BROADWAY and Fnlton ferrv stnge* a small bundle of silk. Thj trier will rrctlve the above reward, by leavtng it at 32 Bur lire ailp, N. Y. $2 lSiriet R FVRNITVRR. <lOfTAOR FURNITURE. -TWO COMPLETE SETS (BUFF J ard claret). In perfect order, looking glasses to Bureaus, Ac. Price WS each. Inquire at 13 Oo.diTreet, up stairs BU'RNITURR.-A VARIETY OF FINK ROSEWOOD AND mahogany parlor, dining and bedroom furr iture selling rff at reduced prices, to olos* a concern. Parties In want of the shove will find It to their advantage to oall at the store 373 Hudson atreet. EtLININO CHAIRS, ~~ Wheel chairs. Chamber chairs, Library chairs. Ot every variety, Manufactured by V. W. KINO A SON, 468 Broedwav and 109 Mercer street. New York. WIKHfi AND I,IQ.UORH. A CHOICE SBLKCriON OFSFIBR RIR8. M ADBIRAS, ports, champagnes and claret wines, brandies. Jamaioa rum, Schiedam schnapps, Holland aad English co,-dial gia, old Monongabcla, Sonioh and Irish wbl'kles, London aud Dublin porter and Scotch alee, for aaie at UNDERBILL A MATTER SON'S. 4.'!0 Broome street, corner of Crosby. ME MEAN BRANDY?IN t,'. STaND y, PI PES: OIN' It* England rum. Monrugabala and rectified whiskey' pure spirits, blgh and low grade, In barrel* and hogsheads' These goods arc superior to any la market, and we Invite the trade to pismire them before making their purchases. C. WAR* A CO., 110 Murray tfreet. Agents lor the diatl'lera. OI,LAND OIN- M PIERS, V1RY ~8UPBRfOR, OF the double swan brand, jnst received and tor sale low a bead, by SIMPSON BROS., hj Beaver street. JAMs ICA RUM~26 PUNOhVoNH, HI 4H FLAVOBBD, Just received and lor taic from bond, by 6IMPHON BROS., lit Beaver street. LO*>DON~OORDlAL OIN.-A EERY SDPERfOB LOT cf Booth A Sedwtok's London enrdial gin just received (tor sale. In eaaka aad raeea, by the sole agent* lor the United States. SIMPSON BROTHERS, 19 Hsaverstreet. RCOBII LR BBANDfVR.-lM B ALTER. "quARTERR aid octaves. v*i2 btsli lavnred, pale and dark, of tint oelebratsd brand of Roche, e vlue.ard uruuip ort, tar sal* low. ftom wharf or hoc Sed *areb"'?e. ovbiMRsun A dfl''fi ll Beaver street. ~ UTIIC AND DANCING. ~i?eFLMbiD "oe ANft1 thkWSMtAL tfSSW&BK A . H?U?" _ VmhI ??tk li IB in ?I A^fc*5?pwdlM?g5whiwle rcapeol felly ?oH>'"~' VwtrMiu ?to Bowery, Fosirth ?M?t. - BUPIKIOE NEW BltVlN OUTAYR PIANO CAN BE tad ntAberRnln. lag, ?cofinil floor, >?lww Bleao$er ana Hbnstom wrests FINE TOHBP tWSBWOON PI4.IIO;.BY 0H1C8*? ..S' of Broadway. K EXTENSIVE ABbOBTMBNT OF Z*AAW>NOBMjS far hM or aftle. ?! WALKEBtfl pltee tod Blghth ?tr?ei,Hpriceswring froiisllBto WO. DAKE?u> boat bid la lhe city. Ticket lor gentleman and todtoa-$2. IJIOR BUI OHMAP-A ROSEWOOD ' aetaves. Prtoa 160. Apply at 43 Am afreet, cr JOHN 01D, Auctioneer. FOB sale?a oood second hand ?x .octave piano, Maady A FnlhVok, maker a. Prion $110. To base* at 118 Llvrngatoa street. Brooklyn. n KIAI BABOA11&-UO PIANOS TO SELL, IN THB It oonraa of a month, on account of alteration! In boMnees, All warranted, and ""it? for olty trade, with metaiLlo frame, f?a superior quality of tone, trom tlCO to $600. Oall and ex* r~t-? loo: A H. BARMO^R'B, 348 Bieecker street. VTBW MUSIC.-JU8T PUBUBHHp. BY HOBAOBI^W^ JM TKH8, No. 333 Broadway, agent for eale of Boaton and Maw York plait og and melcdeons; ten popular pieces of music. WUall MeeUfraln in theMornln*' MiSu^-flappvHaldee," 38 cento; f'Little Old Oottiw, ?'Spare the Old^ome of my Childhood,"'' Blrd'a OomplJai.^ "Wind Orphan Boy," "Rltohen Fire," 'Popular , ?' Castle in the Air," 23 cent* each; "Bote or Mtodsitopl Waltz," 38 cento. Will be published in a few dya? Court tng In Connecticut," by 8. Mark Bteln, author of Sparking Sunday Elgnt-" Teacnerawlll reoetve thirteen plecae lor$2. ?piAJtOS AT GREAT BARGAINER SBOfWDHAND ? C$7b,?ow$?5. ??. deana for >10, $36, and $46. 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' Tke feature of the news by this antral is the official publication of the treaty of peaoe. Attached to the treaty there are three separate conventions, and nlso n declaration respecting maritime law and the oourse to be pursued with respect to neutrals daring a time of war that is to aay, to pat an end to privateering. Copies of all the protooels of the sittings of the Congress of Paris hare been laid before Parliament. The official text of the treaty is the aame aa that alrea dy publlahed, hut the missing articles, 5, 8, 7 and 8, are now added. Artieies Bth and 6th provide tor a general amnesty and exahange of prisoners; while artieies 7th and 8th admit Tarkey to the public law and poUUoal sys tem of Europe, secure her independence and territorial integrity, and engage each contracting Power, in the event of any aarious mianndei standing with tho Porte, not to proceed to force till they hare given the other Powers an opportunity of mediation. Peaon was formally proclaimed at London on Tuesday, the 29th, with the medieval pageantry of heralda, 4a. A Parliamentary " bine book" of some 300 foUo pages has Just been lamed, containing the documents on the Central American question. It contains 189 despatches, extending from 17th September, 1840, to the 31st 18M. A lasge proportion of the documents here already appeared in the American papers. Queen Victoria held a drawing room on the 29th ult, at which were presented, by Mrs. Dalles, Miss Rebecca Derby Smith, a young lady of Philadelphia, and Miss a"iTfia Dallas, daughter of the Minister of the United States. hy order el the Emperor Napoleon the Pi inoe Imperial has bean pwt an the muter roll dt the 1st Regiment of the Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard, as enfant it troupe. .. 411 U M*3r> appointed as a day of thanksgiving for the restoration of peaoe, in Ingland. Parhaeeevt would ad j sua from Friday, the Pth, to the 101 h May. ' ^ Tha "churching" of the Impress Eugeoie took place on the 30th, and she would make her a rat appearance In public at tha Odeoa theatre. The Court of Rome is seduloos'y endeavoring to obtain from the government of Tuscany a conoordat similar to thoeo lately granted by Austria. The Prussian fleet Is to take a cruise in the Black Sea era it he closed. The British Crimean inquiry oommlsslou draws ton olose. Colonel Tullcch has summed up, and Lord Luoan baa made bis reply. Count Cavour has returned to Turin, from the Paris Congress. Lord Palmarstcn and Earl Fortesoue are to have the two vacant orders ef the English Garter. Trade In Alexandria, Egypt, is very dull; the only commereiai transactions being contracts tor wheat de liverable in August or September, and h:me sales of oot tcn which 1. brought down on camels' backs. Aooounts of the 20th of April state that eaormoue losses in corn had recently taken place In that city, and many failures are expeeted. The aubscrtplton of forty-Ave millions tor cutting through the Isthmus of Suez had, nevertheless, been flUed up In three days. Said I'aoha had subscribed tor two miSioza in the name of his army and his guard The exeeulione af tho ffbel Bedouins still eontlnned. Etfaami, son of Abbes Pacha, haselaimed twenty millions from the Viceroy as his paternal inherlanoe, and also the property of the railway. Arbitrators have been appoint ed, tha Vioeroy having chosen tour Consuls and Ethami four natives. A serious disturbance has taken place at Nsplou> in Syria. Rev. Mr. Lydo, English missionary' was leaving Naplon, when a half witted Arab' looked upon by the natives as a hoJy man, demand ed alms, and seized Mr. Lyda's gun, which was barging before him on the saddle. Unfortunately, the piece ixplcded and killed the man. The Arab population immediately roee, plundered the houae of the Ergllsh Consul, English school, and n Brack church, tore down .the French and English flags, and ended by killing the father ef the Prussian] Consul, who was at tempting to defend the property of the English. Mr. I.ydetook refuge in the Governor's house, and was brought to Jerusalem by an escort of oavalry sent for him by the Pashn. The north of Syria is In a very dis turb* d s'ale. In and about the mountains there are S0.CC0 men, all oarrylrg arms, and the Turkish govern ment would be powerless against any rising of the people. The British goveinmsnt lately presented to Mr. Henry Grinnsll a silver vase, a allver tea setvioe and salver for Dr. Kane, gold medals for Dr. Kane and the other officers, and silver medals tor the erew, the whole of the article# bearing suitable inscriptions. The foUowlrg letter from Mr. Grinnell, in acknowledg ment of the present, has been forwarded by her Majesty's Minister at tfashlrgtcn to her Ms jerky's Secretary or Btate for Fcrelgn Affairs in London:? ?nw York. March 18,1866. PtR-I hare already acknowledged the receipt of your letter of the 8th tnet I hare now to arknowlsdga the receipt or a magnificent su rer rase, which her Britannia Majesty's government has seen at to bestow on me, as a memorial ot its e? timaikm of my acts . my acts relating to the Arctic search for Btr John Franklin and his party. You will please to communicate to your government my ac ceptance of the rase- and that I highly appreciate it. I shall hold 11, not only lor the object blended, but aa a tnstlmoaUl of the magnanimous spirit of your great and glorious country. With greet consideration, I am, sir, truly your friend. Us WHY GRINffELL. John F. Crsmftok, ??q. The Monileur publishes the returns of the principal merchandise imported Into Francs durirg the first quar ter of 1886, and oi the customs lerisd thereon, which amounted to 38,(48,100f. As compared with 1866, there Is an increase of 189,472f., aed of 8,431.997f. oyer the corresponding period of 1864. Tf.e receipts cf the month of Match were 14.382.224f., or 067,447f. let* than in March, 1866. The salt tax produced 7,061,217f. during the first quarter ot 1866. The English Board of Trade return* for the month end !ng the Slat ef March were lasted on the morning of 28th oat., but owing to the eirenmstaoce tfeg the period of 1866, with which they ere contrasted} Comprises only from the 6th to the 81st of March, they do not afford the ordinary means of eomparieon. The new system of msklDg np the icturni to the end, instead of to the 6th of rack me nth, came at that time into operation, and henceforth the dates of the tab'ee will again each month correspond with thcae of the preaeciag year, la the pre sent return sxporta are shown to have amounted to I ?9.448,670, against ?7,811,306 duriag 26 days ef March, I 1866; and, if allowance be made for Bra days wanting, the latter total will he raised to ?8^717,896. The actual Increase on the corresponding month of last year may tbersfote be estimated at ?781,244. Quotations of cotton at Liverpool were celled on Tues day erenirg, the 29th: Middling Cristas, fi 5-lfid, Mo bile, 0 3-166.; uplands. 8*i?l. The market for breed staff* bed slightly Improved, wheat having advanced Id. a 2d. per bushel. Flour, Is., nod Indian or* Oj. p? quarter dearer; Votteru (f-ial flour, 29s. a 82s.: Ohio, 74s. Cd. e 86s. 6d.; whits corn, 29s. 6<1. a . 0s. *h?U flip**! 4A t?uaufh?t, to U>* uio-q ?; busUiMs on Wednesday, the SO h of April, m i vported quiet at a dvclleeot >?d. par lb. laths lower e i nw' ** American, and at prieee re'her In favor of buyers for ,*thar quali ties. Sales for the four days, 27,000 bales, 'ocludlng 3,ECO tn speculation and for export. Manchester ^uiat, without ahaage in prions. In thapronaicn market bter remained dull Bsc an mo **d freely as larded. The market was about bars of pork. Holt ere of lard demanded 65s. a f>tw., but the admass checked business. Common rosin was in demand at 4s. 8J. a 4s. 101. per ewt. Spirits ot turpentine quiet at 34s. per owt. THE COKFEBEHCE DOCUMENTS. The documents presented to the British Parliament consist of? i 1st. The general treat/ and three oonreuUjna an nexed thereto. 2d. A declaration respecting maritime law, signed by th? Plenipotentiaries. 3d. The Protoools of the Conferences. Of tleee we new present to our readers? 1st. the Treaty, with the articles which were omitted in the Cnt abstract To aorta It may appear a work of supeterojation to reprint what has already appeared in our eolnmae, but we have judged It desirable that our readers shonld have the whole of a doemnent of suoh historical Important* under their eyes at onee. 2d. The three Conventions. 3d. The d operation respecting maritime law, slgeed by the 1'ienipotentlaries. 4th. The important protoool of the* sitting cf the 8tb last. Tra TREATY OP PE^iCE. General Treaty between her Majesty, the Emperor of Austria, the Emperor of the Trench, the King of FTnssia, the Emperor of Russia, the King or Sardinia, and the Bo Ran. (turned at I'aris, Marsh 80, 1888. Ratifications exohanged at Parle, April 2T.) In the name ef Almighty God ! Their Majesties the Quean of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Bmperor of the t rench, the Emperor of all the Russia*, the King of Sardinia, and the Emperor of the Ottomans, animated by th - desire of puttihg an end to the calamities of war, and wishing to prevent the return of thfroomplication* which occasioned it, resolved to come to an understanding with his Majesty the Empercr ot Austria as to tha bases on which peaoe might be re-established and consolidated, by securing, through effectual and reciprocal guarantees, the indepen dence and integrity ot the Ottoman empire. For this purpose their said Majesties namod as their Plenipotentiaries, that la to say:? Her Majesty the Queen of the United Ktrgdors of Great Britala and Ireland, tha Right Hon. George William Frede rick, Eerl of Clarendon, Baron Hyde of Uiadon, a Peer of the United Klngdtm, a member of her Britannic Majesty's Most Hon. Privy Conneil, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Knight Grand Cross of tha Moet Hon. Order of tha Bath, her Majesty's Principal Secretary of 8tate for Foreign Affairs; and the Right Hon.Henry Rlehard Charles, Baron Oowley, a Peer of the United Kingdom, a member of her Majesty's Most Hon. Privy Conneii, Knight Grand Cross of the Most Hon. Order of tha Bath, her Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to his Majeaty the Emperor ot tha Franoh. His Majesty the Emperor of Austria, the Sienr Charles Ferdinand, Count of Buol-Bohauenstein, Grand Cress of the Imperial Order of Leopold of Austria, and Knight of the Order ef the Iron Crown of the First Class, Grand Croia of the Imperial Order of the Legion of Honor, Knight of tha Orders of the Black Eagle and of tha Bed Eagle of Prussia, Grand Croas of tha Imperial Order* of Alexander Nevaki, In diamonds, and of the WhI a Eagle of Russia, Grand Cross of the Order of /St John of Jerusalem, decorated with the Imperial Order of the Medjldle of the Flret Class, he., his Chamber lain and actual Privy Councillor, his Minister of the House and of Foreign Affairs, President of the Conlbrenoe ot Ministers; end the Sienr Joseph Alex ander Baron da Buhner, Grand Qroaa of tha Imperial Order of the Iron Crown, Grand Officer of the Imperial Order of the Legion of Honor, his actual Privy Councillor, and his Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to tha Court of France. His Ms jesty the Emperor of tha French, the Sieur Alex, ander Count Colonna Walewiki, a Senator of tha Empire, Grand Officer ot tha Imperial Order of the Ugien of Ho nor, Knight Grand Creee et the Equestrian Order of the Seraphim, Grand Orosa of tha Order ot St. Mauriee and St. LizAruP. deooiated with the haperial Order of tbe Jfodjt die, ot the flret olaea. &o., his Minister and Secretary cf S ate for Foreign Affairs; and tha Sieur Francis Adolphus Baron fe Bourqueney, Gr?nd Cross of the Imperial Order of the Legion of Honor and of tha Order of I*op old of Austria, decorated with the portrait cf tha Sultan in diamonds, Ac., his Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Ma Majesty the Emperor ot all the Russia*, the Sieur Alexis, Count Orloff, his tide-de-camp, general and gene ral cf cavalry, commander of the head quarters of his lis jesty, a member of the council of the empire and of the committee of ministers, decorated with two portraits in diamonds of their majesties, the late Emperor Nicholas and the Emperor Alex ander II., Knight of the Order of St. Andrew, in diamonds, and of tha Ordets of Russia, Grand Cross of the Order cf St. Btepben of Austria of the first class, of the Black Eagle of Prussia in diamonds, ef the An nunciation of Sardinia, and of several othet foreign or ders; and tha Sieur Philip, Baron de Brunow, hisPrivv Councillor, bis Enviy Extraordinary and Minister Plenl DOtemtlary to tbe Cermanic Confederation and to the Grand Piue of Hes.e, Knight of the Order of St. Vladi mir of the First C ass, of St. Alexander NewakI, enriched with diamonds, of tha White Eagle, of St. Anne or the First Class, of St. Stanislaus ot the First Glare, Grand Cress cf the Order of tha Red Eagle cf Prussia of the First Class, Commander of the Order ot St. Stephen of Austria, and several other foreign orders. ... His Majesty the King of Sardinia, the Sieur Camilla Benso, Ccunt of Cevour, Grand Cross ot the Order of St. Manrice and St. Iazarus, Knight of the Order of Civil Merit of Savoy, Grand Ocas of the Imperial Order of the Ieglcn o' Honor, decorated with the Imperial Order of the Medjtdie of the First Class, Grand Cross of several other foreign orders, l*raiident of the Council of Ministers, and bis Minister Secretary of State for the Finances; and tha Sieur Salvetor, Marquis da VtUamarina, Grand Cross of the Order of St. Maurfoe and St. Lazarus. Grand Officer of the Imperial Order cf the I-egjon of Honor, As., his Envoy Extraordinary and Mlnlater Plenipotentiary to tha Court of France. _ ... ?u _ ? And his Msjeaty the Emperor of the Ottomans, Mon hammed Emm Aeii Paeha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Entire, decorated with tha imperial orders ef the Medjl dle end of Merit of the flret elass. Grand Cross of the Im perial Order of tha legion of Honor, of 8k Stephen of Austria, of the Red Eag/e of Prussia, of St. Anne of Rue sla, cf St. Maurice and St. I user us ot Sardinia, of tha Poiar Star of Sweden, and ?? several other foreign order#: aid Mebemmrd Djemil Bey, deeoreted with the Imperial Order of the Mec jtdie of the second claw, and Grind Grose of tbe Order of St. Manrice and 3t Uzarus, his Ambu Ftdor Extreorc Inary and Plenipotentiary to his Majesty the Emperor or the French, acciedttel in the same cha ise er to his Mejesty the King cf Sardinia. Which Plenipotentiaries assembled In Congress at P*An understanding havirg beem happily established between them, their Majeeiiee 11*Oueen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, tha Emperor of Austria, tbe Emperor cf the French, the Emperor of ail the Rnestas, the Kirg of Sardinia, and the Emperor of the Ottomans, considering that in the interest of Europe, bis Mslesty the Kitg of Prussia, a signing party to the Con vention of r lie 13th of July, 1841, shonld bs Invited to participate isnthe new arrergemsnts 10 be adopted, and appreciating Are value that tbe concurrence of Ills said Meieaty would add to a work of general pacification, in vited him to send Ptenipoteutiariee to the Congress. In consequence, his Mejesty the King of Pruwta named as his Plenipotentiaries, that is to ?ay:?- , The Sienr Otbo Theodore Baron it Manteuffel, 1 reei dent of his Cornell, and his Minister for Foreign Affaire, Knight of the Red Elegle of Prussia of the flret claw, with oakleaves, crown and soeptre. Grand Commander of the Order of Hohenzolletn, Knight of the Order of St. John of Prussia, Grand Ctom of the Order of St.:Slepban ol Hungary. Knight of tb# Order of St. Alexander New eki, Giand Cio?s of the Order of St. Maurice and St. I a sarns. and of iba Order of tha Nlchan- fUber of Turkey, Ac ? end the Sieur Maximilian Frederick Charles Francis. Crust cf HetzlWdt Wildenbnrg-Sohcen stein, Ms'actual Privy Councillor, bis Envoy Ex traordinary Md plater Plenipotentiary to the Court of Eranee, Knight of the Order of the Red Eagle of Prussia ofthe wooudoless, with oakleaves ?nd badge, Knight of tlie Cross of Honor of Hdhenzolleru of tbe first elaso, Ac. Tlie Plenl potential lee, after having exchanged their full powers, found in good apd doe form, bare agreed upon the following articles:? A an cut I. From the day of the exchange of the ratification!! of the prceent treaty there ahall be peaee and frlendahip betaeen her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Biitain and Ireland, his Majesty the Emperor of the Frtneb. bis Majesty the King ot Sardinia, bin Impe rial Majesty the Sultan, on the one part, and hlaMajesty the Emperor of all the Hussies on Ut? other part, as well as between their heirs and successors), their respective dominie n? and suhjeets In perpetuity. Amrt'Li II. I'eeca being happily re-e?tab.1shed between their said Majesties, the territories conquered or occapied by tlieir armies durlrg the war shall be ledprooaily evanuited. Special arrangemants shall regulate the mode of the eracuathn, which shall be as prompt aa possible Armour III. Hts Majesty the Emperor of all tha Russiaa engages to restore to bis Majesty the Saltan tho town and erradal of Kers, aa well as tba other parts of the Ottoman territory ol which the Husolan trr.nv* are in poasseatnu. Ainu n IV. Their Mejollf* "he tjiieeacf the United Kingdom of Gttel Britain and ltelaud, the ".nrparor of the French, tbe Kir| cf Sardinia, and the Sultan, engage to teetore to hie Majesty foe Empsecr of all the Russisa the towns irtitrwb " ~ and pcrta ct Sebautopol. Ba.ak'ava, Kamlesch. Fupatoria, Kertch, Vroi'sale, Klnbuin, as well as alt other tarrito ti?a Mtuj led by the allied troops. Anrd* V. Their Me jestlea the Qnnu of the United Kingdom of Grent Tfrt'.sin and Ireland, the Ijnprrr of the Frenoh, the Fir -.e rt cfall the Kuasias, us King of St'diaia, and theVultaw < 'set afu 1 snd sn-.ire amcesty to thnne of Ve't lUJtflt who nay ka<e btea oospromiand kg any pe/ti ;ip*U< u whatsoever Id th* event* of hfl# ?m ta fc' vor cf xte ctiiM 01 th# enemy. It U ? xpreaelv ondereiood lhat ??oh amnesty shall ex? tend to in# aubjreta ol tub of til* belligerent part.e# %tt* "|*j have continued during the war to M employed 4fo the leitit# of oil# it ihe other belligerents. Prisoner# of war shall te immediately give* up ear' either ?n,e. Article VII. Her fceyrst * tb? (juien of the I nltefi Klngdetaof flreet it* Iielend. tl? Majesty the Emperor of Austria, We He ear* _ ^ p __ _ jeety the Emperor o'f lite Ereaeh'hls Meiret; the King *( . juaata, hi* MeJeaty the Kmperor oral! the Keaetee, mm ' hi'* Mrjertj rhe Kioir of Sara tale, declare the Stihltme Ports ?r'Bitu d to pirtlc'oete r? tee edTenUpee of the public .tir ami system (enwcerl) of Europe. Their Mejea tle# eii.rjje, each en lis part, toreepeot the fodependent# and the fcrrltoria* mttgiity tf the (Stomas empire, pes rantee in common the strut observance of that ?a#gw ment; and will in eeuaeouenee. consider any eat Madras to It* violaCwn a# a iy#?wti(n cf .general interact. AnrciJi TOIL II there shoal 1 atiae bttwerir th* Sublime Phrte aa# oae or more of the other h.gawff Poweri |*ey maunder standing which might rn-*iigar tte maintenance of thata reiatloaa, the Sublime Ifru and each of each Power*, before harfsg recourse to tee nae cf feroe, dhli afford the# other contracting parties the opportunity of prertotiaf ?uch aa extremity by mean* of their lwedlaUos. AiruMX. Hia Imperial Majesty the Sultan having) In hbeceeataad soliettwde for the welfare of bin subjects. issued a firman' whleh, while ameliorating their eooditicn with oat dle tinetion of religion or af race record* hia veneroo. lntea tioaa toward* the Ghriatlasi population of ina empire, ant wishing to give a further prcof of hi* (entiasnta In that raepest, hae reeolred to communicate to the eontraottaf parties the aaid firman, amanating spontaneously trnoa hi* sovereign will. The oontraotiog .tower s reangni** tha high raloe of tbi* oommoaieation. It f* claaely under - ?tooil that It caaaot, in anyoase, giro to the scad Power" the right to interfere, either collectively or aepaeaUip, I the relation* of hf* Majesty the Sultan with hi* aabjeeta, nor in the Inter**] administration of h.* empire. empire. ARiitxyX. The eonrentioa of the 13th of July, 184), which taia* the anci* nt rale of the Ottoman bbnpir* retauv* to' the cloning of the Straits of the BosphoriJi and the Dar danelles, ha# beer, revhed by co-nmon connect. The aah concluded for that purpose, and in conformity with that principle, between the high contracting par lie*, i* anfi i emair a annexed te the present treaty, and ah all h* ra the same foroe and validity as if It forme^au integral part thereof. Amarus XI. The Blach Be* la neutralized; its waters and i'e porta, thrown cpen to the mercantile marine ot every nation, are formally and in perpetuity interdicted to the flag of war, either of th* Powers possessing i its eoasta or of aay other Power, with the exceptions mentioned in artidto 14 aid 10 of .he present treajr. Aswiclb XII. Free from aay impediment, the commerce in the porta and water* of the Black Sea shall be subject only to regu lations of health, customs, and polioe, framed in a apuit favorable to the developement of oommeicial transaotknm. In order to afford to the commercial and maritime inte rest* of every nation the security which ia desired, Ruaato1 and the .Sublime Porte will admit Consul* into their porta sltnated npen the coast of the Black Sea, in oouformlhf with the piinolplee ot International law. Aktu'qi XDI. The Black Sea being tea trail red aocoriitag to the term* - of Article 11, the maintenance or establishment upon tta coast of military-maritime arsenals become* alike unne cessary and purpoeelee; inconsequence, Ph Majesty Use Emperor oi All the Rusetas and ills Imperial Majesty the Sultan engage not to establish or to maintain upon that coaat any military-maritime arsenal. Anm-i:v XIV. Their Majesties the Emperor ot All th* Ruiaiaa and the Sultan having cone lined a convention for the pnrpoee ot' seti ling the force and the number of light veeaeU neceaaa, 2 for tta# seivioe of their coasts, which they reserve ta em as Ives to mnlntnin in the Block Ssa. that oonvwnttom is annexed to th* pieMnc trendy, and ahtll hove th* earn* foioe and vwlMlky aa if it formed an Integral part there**. It cannot te either annulled or modifiid witheut ttw awent of the Powers signing the preeent treaty. Arohclk XV. The set of the Congreas of Vienna having estnblishntt the prlaelplea intended to regulate the navigation of' river* which separate or traverse different States, tfen contracting Powers stipulate among themselves that1 those principles shall In future be equally applied to ttw Danube and Ita mouths. They deelare that thda ar rangement henceforth tot ma apart of th* public law e( Europe, and take it under their guarantee. The navi gation of tha Dannbe cannot be subjected te any Impn fitment or charge not expressly provided for by thn stipulations oontained In the following articles ; in n? sequence, there shall not be leriid any toll founded ?o'eJy upon the (act of th* navigation of the river, an' any dan upon the goods whleh may be on heard of fM sels. The regulations of polioe and of quarantine to h established lor the safety of th* State* separated ? traversed by that river shall be so framed aa to fhetlitato as much as pcsalble, tba pasiage of veaaela. With th exception of such regu'ation*, no obstacle whateve sball be apposed to free navigation. Article XVI. With the view to carry out the arrangements of the pretedirg article, a oommiaeioo, ia which Great Britain. Aastria, France, Pruin'a, Russia, Saidinla, and Tnrkap shall each be represent! d by on* delegate, shall bin charged to frsignate and e*u>e to be executed the wertaa neocesary below Isatcha, to olear the month* of th* Danube, aa well as the neighboring part* of the as*, frees tha rands and other Impedimenta which obsttool tham, hn oider to put that part of 'he liver and th* said parts of the sea in the beat poesib'e state for navigation. Ia order tooo vcrthe expenses of inch works, aa well aa of the establish ments intended to secure and to faoiUtat* the nsvigi i, of a soil at the mouths cf the Danube, fixed duties, of a suitable late, settled by the cimnussion by a majority of votes, may be levies, on the express condition that in thin respect, cs In every other, the flags of all nations be tioaten on the tooting of perlbet equality. Article XVII. A commlf aion shall be established, and shall ba < posed of delegates of Austria, Bavaria, th* Sublime Porta and Wurtemberg (oce for each of those Powera), to " Dann wbom shall be added commissions from the three bian Principalities, whose nomination shall hav* approved by the Porte. This commission, which a hall hM peimacent:?1st. Sball prepare regulations of narigattenr and river police. 2d. Shall remove the Impedimenta, off whatever ntauie thsy may be, which still prevent M application t* the Danube of the arrangements of ttw Treaty of Vienna. 3d. Shall order and eauie to be exe cuted the necessary woiks throughout the whole course *t the river. And 4. Shall after the dlaeolution of ttw European Commhaion, lee to maintaining the mouths off the Danube and the neighboring parts of the a** In a nav* gable state. Article XVIII. It is understood that the Europeen Commission shnB have completed lta task, and that the River Cora mission shall have finished the work* described in the p"*nf article, nnder Noa. 1 and 2, within th* period of ton veers. The signing Powers assembled In oonlhrenee, haw ing been informed of that fact, shall, after having ptaeet it cn reecrd, proooncce the dlaeolution of ttw European Commission, end frcm that time th* permanent Rlvex (Vmmiasicn shall enjoy the tame powera aa thoea with which the European Commission snail have until then been Invested. Articli XIX. In order to insure the exeoutlon of the regulatfoma which shall tore bee* established by common agreement, In conformity with the principles above declared, each of the contracting Powers shall hav* the right to atatwai at all times two light vessel* at th* months ot the Danube. Articlb XX. In exchange for the town*, porta and territories emu merated in artlel* 4 of the preeent treaty, and in order more fully to seenre th* freedom of the navigation of the Danube, bia Majesty the Emperor of All the Roaaiaa corn rent* to the rectification of his frontier lu Bessarabia. Tbe new frontier sball begin from the Black Sea, one kiloiretie to tbe seat of Lake Bourn* Sola, a ball run per ptndfcu'arlj to th* Akerman road, shall follow that rend to the Vsl de Trajan, pass to tha south of Bolrrad, aaoamd the course of tbe river Yalpuek to tbe height of Harat sfka, and terminate at Ratamorl, on th* Pralh. Ahevw that point th* old frontier between the two empire* ebmll net undergo any modification. Delegate* of the contract ing Powers shall fix, in its details, the line of the new frontier. Articli XXL The territory ceded bj Russia shall be annexed to the Principality or Moldavia under the susemlnty of the Sab line Poets. The inhabitant* of that territory shall enjoy ' the right* end privilege* eeonred to the PrtnoipeUtiee; end during the epaee ot three year* they thill he per mltted to transfer their domicile eliewhere, dUpoetag freely of thtlr property. ARTiriJS XXII. The Principalities of WaUaehla and Itoldaria shall eoa tlnne to enjoy, under the snserainty of the Porte and un der the guarantee of the contracting Powers, the privi lege* ana immunities of which they are in possession. No exclusive protection shall bo exerched over then hg any of the guaranteeing Powers. There shall be no wpuate^ right of interfereaee in their internal affair*. Asm i k XXIII. The Sublime Porte engages to preeotvo to the said Prin cipal it lea an independent and national administration , tm well as full liberty of worship, ot legislation, of oomrr ere* and of navigation. The law* end statute* at prese nt la force shall be revised. In order to establish a oor apieta agreement in regard to such revision, a special c< , on mis sion, an to the composition ef which the high <*>?' .resting Powers will ocme to an understanding among thr/msetvee, shaB assemble without deley at Bucharest-togf ther with a ageaanissitiner cf the Sublime I'orte. The ousiusee at thfii ocmmiHslon shall be to investigate the p resent siatw of the Principalities, and to propose bases of their future organisation. Asm li XXIV. His llsjesty the Sultan promises to gonroke Imme diately in cash of the two provinces a IP .van ad hoc, eon posed in such e manner as to reptase at moat clonal/ the Id Wrests of all c'asses of socloiy. * here divans shall bm callen open to express the wiahec a'i the people in iwgarB to the deflnitiaro organisation of cho PilncipaHtioa. Am instruction fiom the Congress s'^all regulate the rolattom between the commission and '^sse divans. ARTin A XXV. Tsklig into considemUo the opinion expressed by thm two Hivsns, tbe commie Aou eball transmit without delay to ibe present seat cf ecnte.enoe* the rosult ol ill www labors. The final s greenest wi'h the sueeraiu Power shall be recorded a ? oouventloa to be eonoludedat Ihula between tbe hi-^n contracting parties; and a hntttsheeir. In otnformiiy with the stipulations of the eowweehee! shall eonst'.cote refinitively the organ betiea of thoaa jrovfno#', placed thenceforward under the eoneottvw gtiara'.tee of all th# signing Powsta. Arttcir XXVI. ** ft Is igreed thai there shall he ie the Prtnaipnhtteu %