Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1856 Page 5
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Mfvtar w*". attpsnfi duriig imnl mwrtto of tOmae. Moomow^^ ^on strict than he?nona more gwarn ton# who-j voa ot hlB on people *u rick or la distreee. Be ear txo-,e4fagly popular with hie eupli yes and kk Jatotw, made ,ije oiimptc, before had behind the ami tain, '^a Jolileat theatre In the olty. Br..V/tcha'?a domestic life was unhappy. The only blot or ,oD bia otheroiao Mr character waa hie alleged InBde' jity to his with. In hia latter year a he wan reduced ?1 mc at to poverty, and a benefit waa bring gotten up for bhr , mt the time of his dva'h. ' dr. Mitchell was a uai of decided ability, and hia * /ton may bo pardoned in view of the real merit he poe ' jested. we hare bad no New York manager more able, mere rigorous, mere capable ot eafiering to the public taste than William Mitchell. Court Calendar*?Til la Day. Bvnma Coujtr?Oreuit.?Noa. 101, 203, 324. 400, 401, 448, 448, jWl>4 . 482, 428. Hcrmwa Court -Nos. 262, 630, 166. 07, 4fi?, 649, 676, ?TO, (82 686, 688, 363, 321, 3(0, 338, 389. 614, 229, 496, 026, 620, (12, 613, 244, 690, >000, 194, 609, 178, 16, 222, 867, 364 6T2, '673, 674, 678, 679, 866, 3. Co*noa Pleas.?Part 1?Noa. 682, 683, 684, 694, 697, 698 699, HI, 624, 626. 626. 628, 629. 630, 631. Part 2? lies 670, 679, 133, 613, 134, 279, 616, 616, 617, 618, 019, ?20, 621, ?22, 628. Let Paris Yield lite Palm.? fuspenscheld Bam ec fpted .he whole trade in his spring style for 1866. Moulded trfCexquisite lat-te and still It brings out the beat expression - - ?.- diamond. of <he .'ace as a Ore set'lng Rives new lustre to the dad, mark I this auperb fobric costs onlv S3 60. SHPBNHCriRlI). 118 Nassau street Hade for HsJuy Weather, Bats for Pleaiant weataer. ha'a. ia tact, lor all kinds of weather; aadhala and bets; dress bats for 63, at WBITiC'S. fiMSir, 648 Fwlton street between Broadway and Nassau street. What a Bhscklng Bad Hat!?Tills Very popular e xpressbm tan never be anpiled to hats manufactured by the tnea imeb e and inimitable Kb OX whoso extensive warerounu are iooste.1 at 212 HrO'dwav, corner of Pulton street, f- at* produced from that establishment are famons for Belr dnrabllily. t'elasllclty and (general superiority of finish. Try cue of them. Youths' aad Children's Hat and Cap IB" tab Wbment. 745 Bread way.-Mrs. HON RYWBLl. (late oi leery A <]o.'s fancy bat department) lis opened rooms at the above cumber. Her Meeds, as well aa strangers, visiting the sltr are lr vt.ed to call Her siook ia large, well ae eoted aad ailing beta and caps in great varieties. Butting's JBeiicwi?A New* Musical Instru ment, combining the advantages of the or gas, meksieon aad plan otorte. The tone ia rirh. mellow and powerful, and la wall adapted for church or operauc mottle, it has received the highest testimonials trom the pro'eeaion, amateurs and ths Bade Uironghout the United Butes. which can be seen at the pianoforte warerooma of the manufacturers. Prioe Bom 160 ?KOVTE8TKEN A TRUBL0W, No. 605 Broadway, N. Y. Pianos and ateiodeons.?'The Horace Waters modern to proven piano* and mi-lor eons are to be found at Be 339 Broadway. Ptaroa for rem, and rent allowed on our ah BIS or for sale'on monthly paymen'a. Heoood band pianos, i (30 to 8140. Melof tons, from (40 to (135. Read Estate Sale.?We call the Attention of Oar reader* to the laige tale of valuable Yonkers prooertv, to be wade today. May 13 atl2o'cock, at the Merchants'Ex abaiige, bv Messrs. A.J. RI.KRCK Bit A OA, comprising 60 elegant villa sites, in or tesr the vlllaaa of Yonkers. These lets are in size from a half to two and a quarter acres each. A lerge oortlon of lbs property is tltnued on the banks ot the Hudbtm rl. eL and affords au exeustve view of the ?ur reunllir country. Tt is acnes 1 >1; several times dally hy rail read and R*eamb"ai. The location Is healthy and tbe neighbor hood vreeUrnt. All tends to make this an exceedingly desirab'e ?Sisterly tor gert'emen's coun'rt residences, or for these willi ng to make profitable Investments. Attention la Coiled t j tbe Male to be Made by aLBEBT H. NICOLaY, this day. at 12 o'e'ocx, at the Mer eiaBta> Exchange of two verv beautiful bul'dlng sties, each oecWotng about thirty eight acres, and commanding a magni ficent view of the Hudson river. This property is wail worthy Be attention ot gentlemen reeking a country residence, aa Bey ate *nnounded by the country tedU of some of our first merchants and others. Wolle'a Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps.? This medicinal beverage Is now prescribed by tbe medical te nsity In cases of gravel, gout, rheumatism, incipient dropsy, afeollc, dyspepsia. Sidney and bladder complain'#; also in fever and ague Put up in quart, and pint bott es with tbe prourie toc't name on the bott ee, ooik and label. For sale by all the druggists. ? Be Smithsonian honkC ?On tlie European plan Broadway, corner of Houston street. New York. Single rooms, 60 cents, 76 centa and (i per day. Parlors, with bed xoams, (150 to (3 per dev. Meals extra and as ordered. Tola new and large hotel Invites ths attention of travellers. .*?r, 1856.?riaaslinvrc Business Malta, Com plete, (10 (12,114 ard (16 Fashionable black cloth frock oostU, M 60. B5. (7. (8. (10. (12, (14 to(20. Fancy oamimere pints, S 60, (2. >2 50, t3 (4 and (6. Rich moire antique vesta, (3. Beautiful spring vesta (2. Ac., at KVaNH' clothing warehouse, K aad 68 Fulton atreet. Iatee and Muslin Curtains from Auction.? Oo early. Also, ike largest stock of window shades i Raw York, aheap. parte torn B Maw Y Paula Boots and ft hoe a.?Just Received from Be aelebratec mnnu'actorv of Melies, Paris, a large invoice of He celebrated parnt leather shoes, of all the various styles, by RUOIMR FkRKlS A HON, boot makers, 62 Nassau street. Clark'* 8 pool bottoii.-Thc Oenulns Article Be name of WM. WHITEWRfGHY as svery spook 37 streak Jet Ornaments.?Bracelets, Brooches, Ear* (tags, sleeve buttons, studs. Ac , Ac. Jet and gold brace'ets, brathes aad earrings, jei cro.s earrings and pina, tipped with B.1U; jet band bracelets, black fans, bags, purses, at Ok SoRNK. BOARDMaN A TO WNSKHD'S, 527 Broadway,cor ?er of Bpriag street ?Oil Paintings, Looking Glasses and Mir rors at auction.- Tbe last dav of ths great sale cf va'usble oil pais tin sb. splendid mirrors and pier mantels, at auction will ?e eoruouea this day (Tuesday), May 13, at 10>? < . . _ J4 o'clock, at 109 Tn]ton street Dealers hotel keepers and lamllleslwho may Uriah to tdorn their b iases, wl 1 And this the best opportunity Racrifiye-40 over offered, as tlie goods are selltDgat a great per cert be.ow coat?to wind up the business of an old eata llkbment Potlchom*nle.?The New and Beautiful Art mt decorating glass to resemble the finest chins. ? tew hears' tnterestlcg amusemest transforms a simple glasa Vessel into a splendid vhin*se or Sevres vase. Ail the materials for sale; ?bo, boxes cotalntng two vases, and every article required. Price (5. Full Ins.ructions to purchasers, free The trade sup plied. OONTbNT NEaRY A CO.. 602 Broadway. Jtnyen1! InodMou Preparation Inituitlf ?'MM kM gtovea without the sllgh eat smell Bab with a "ortnv ~ " piece ot flannel and the stains forthwith disappear. Can be worn immediate! v afterwards. One bottle la warranted to Prt " * fifty pair. Prt?? 80 cents. Areata wanted. CONTENT, MKARY A OO., 802 Broadway. Iron Gates of every Style and Design.?Ex per aire ant elaborate design ? ot wrought Iron and wire gates. plain and anbatantlal wrought Iron and sire fairs, larm gates, villa entrance gates, and every description or Iron gates, may be had at the warehouse tf the New York Wire Railing Com pany, 312 Bread way. J. B. WICKKR8HAM, Superintendent, Druggists' Fancy Goods, JBxeluslvely.? Brushes combs, soaps, extracts, pomades, instruments, Paris perfnmsry end tollst articles, and sverv article sold by drug gists,except drugs. Imported and sold whelesale by BUFuB 1 CO., 86 hams street, opposite the Post offloe. hoHaRU To Wholesale and Country Druggists.-* BARNES A PARK, 301 Broadway, corner of Duane street, Bew Toik. Invite the attent'onef Jobbers and c'oie buyers to tostr laments stock of patent medleloei, by far the largest as sartment in either bemtrphare, at and below manufacturers' priees, by tke package, dosen, or 100 gross. Orders solicited, ?od goods shipped, with ears, to any part of the world. BARMI8 A PARK, *. Y., Cincinnati and ban Franclsoo. Whiskers or Moustaches Arced to Grow In t weeks by my ongmsnt, which will not stain or Injure the skin, fil a bottle; sent to an? part of the oountry. R. Q. URA BAB.. ~ "" Zeiber flOOK Broadway; Hajs. 175 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 44 South Third street, Phllada'ph's. Fkalon Papblss Lotion oar Floral Beaudflgy Br beau tfyta? the complexion and removing freckles, tan, pimples, spots, burnt, scalds stings, chappedUpe, arms and hands. Far sale by PHAJiOJr, and all drug gfi? ?M wily loro's Wigs. Hair Dye and Toupees H admiration among au eonnelseenrs fat art. A suit of it private apar mcnte tor applying his inimitable dye. ly reliable article of tae Sinn extant. Wholesale ana 11, at CRISTADORO'H. Mo. 6 Astor House. Copy the ad Bat eh el ox's Hair Dye, Wlga and Toupees are superior to all o'faert. Their new Improvements secure perteet cnmiort to the wearer, natural esgance and durability. Bis onrivahed and only harmless hair dye is applied In twelve private rooms, at BATCHHLOR'8. 233 Broadway. Removal.?Thompson's Hair Dye and Ar gentineans factory removed to 18 Maiden lane. Private rooms fibrhalr dyeing, hair cutting, wig making, shampooing, shav ing, Ac. Hair dye wholesale and retail. - ? *g?? tnvtnlb e wig* and toupees are the admiration of all wearers and the envy of would be imitators. They sell a better article < Bar $10 than the Broadway stores for $26. Brakls, bands, eurls, As. i e*Be praised by others, or uaknew# remain, Then give to LYON the crown of fame. Does be not with powae.- and pill In hand, Exterminate rats and Insects from ou' the land? The magnetic powder destroy* all insects though potsonle to mortals; pills all! rats and mice. Depot 424 Broadway. Every Freeman has the Right to Think tad act for himself - In the last twsatvone years I have sold fifteen millions ofboxes of BRaBDRKTH'8 vegetable unlverul ?ills, a feci which needs no Illustration further to show the {taxation la which they are held by a large portion of the mtnking and lntelllfar.t public. 8tep by step. aad year by year, bis their sale Increased. Tliey prevent organlo diseases; VP invaluable in all deiargaaxenu of the liver, stomach ani bowels, kidneys, Ac. They polity the blood and renovate the I entire system. Hold at 26 cents tier box at the principal ottos. 43 Canal street, Braodreth's Building: at Bnrn'on's book stores, 296 Bowery_and241 Hudson street; alsobj MraHayer, 176 Fuiton Street, Brooklyn; br f. W. Dyott Aifons, Pkiladal* ?phla; and by all rsapectable druggists and medictue venders lis the Union. Caution.?All plus purporting to be Bran preth's pills, with "Bo. 241 Broadway" on the side label, are socnterutl. Metllcal Inhalation, with Constitutional remedies.?Dr. S. B. FITCH may be consul led at his offioe.714 Broadway, (now one of the eetabHehed Institutions of the city,) tor diseases of the lungs and throat, heart diseases, liver oom plaint, female diseases, end chronic diseases geoerally. Office nours from# A. M. to ?JP. M daily, Sundays exoepted. Oon snttatiou ftee. Bew School of Sledlclne and Pharmacy,? The last unfolding of the a-t of healing.?My dally practice proves that I cure eonsun ptlon, In all Its varied lorms, as rea dily as auy other disease therefore I desire to trest all con uump lives. but particuLirly those who have tried all other phy sicians, without relief. Mrs. M. J. MAItIN, M. D., No. 37 La lav ette plsoe, first street east of Broadway, between Fourth ami Eighth streets. Mew York. Offloe bonrs: From 10 A. l P. M.. exclusively for ladies; ?nd from 2 to 6 P. M. tor gentlemen, Wednesdays exoepted. All other hours by appointment. flolloway's Ointment and PlUs?Provided with'hose remedies, a person of the moat delleate physique may brave any climate. Ibey comprehend wlthJu the circle of their eurative laflueuoe all internal diseases, not organic, and all the varieties o' outward inflammation Hold at the masufkotories, Ma H) Maiden lane, New York, and No. 244 Strand, Iiondon; and by all druggists, at 26c.. 62>,o.. and 21 ? pot or box. Cnnsul tat inns on Eye and Ear Diseases? From 9 to 4 c'stock daily. Iastructious o medical practitioners so the operatlflnv, theresultot twenty years.' exeertense. and i the uie ef valuable Ustruments, procured during mv late no )o urn m Europe. Artlfl?lnl eves Inserted J A MSB W. .'oWKLL, M. I> . oculist, aurlst, <to.. No. 602 Broadway. A Favorite Remedy.?We BeBeve no Medt ntaie has ever slvsn stronger proof of Its efficacy than the oxr unrated hitters. Is oeses of dyspepsia ud general debility SJe fiHed.<*W' ?*RrfulW' ***? ^ hi rvun Mt ^^MOwiUI Bhl. ?wiiiraigmi toitio tmuwjm mown *o tub umu world i diet e ytnk, infinitely nfxrlor In dalkmcy end rteenaee of Bitot to any Holland or other English gin. Ilia egret effea*od through Ma aganer lie iurjrlaing, una tt? ordtnirj aae ia i ?Ore inarutee against preva'eat complaints of the Nttao Meaaerger1! London cordial gin la a delicious attmniant, with kcnte, oluret e and lavlaoratlng propaitlea. It cannot lntoxl eate when taken In moderation, Mug a oontpoond'of the son osntrated essences ot the beat and purest tonlea known to mo del n pharmacy, together with the fioeet qaaltr of Italian Juntper berry, alt alsUlled with the grain, ttraa bestowing an eiqnlatte and unrivaled aroma. Dnltte other alcoholic beverages, Messenger's London cor dial sin ia a practical advocate ol temperance, as ao aoe ei pertracing tbe beneficial effects of Its gentle stimulation and wholesale tcnlo qualities can he addtuted to Indulgence In vte and deleterlona spirituous m'zturea, whose evil oonae qnencea render their consumption a curse upon society and order. Over a thousand mediea) eerttfleatea testify to lie efflcacv tn curlrg gout, rheumatism, debility aid obitruclous of tbe urinary organs, dyspepsia and fever and ague Besides, it le a certain preventive against maladies generated from using bad water. Messenger's London cordial gin la put up In pint and quart bottles, with labels hearing our signatures, without which none can be genuine. ? H. K. MESSENGER A CO.. Bele Importers, Mo. 68 Fulton street. New York Tbe Tew Style Lamyratypei, for a# end BO occis, taken only at 289 Brotdway, by HOLME8' patent ma sblne, taktn ( one thousand daily. On Wednesday evenicg, April 30, by the Rev. Father Nobija, of St. Joseph's Cnuich. P. M. SracitPom, ol Brook lyn, to Miss Elba Jons, of this city. On Sunday evtiili g. May 11, by the Rev. Joeeph B. Waheley. fotrrnv S. Parramobe of Aecomae oounty, Vir ginia, to Nellie W., daughter of John Young, Isq., of thia 41 fa Brooklyn, on Saturday, May 10, at Grace Church, hy the Rev. It F.agg, Mr. Jambs E. Weir, of this city, to Miss Ellen Macaclit, ol Brooklyn. Tlpre Bis On Monday morning, May 12, In the fifty-seventh year of his age, William Mitch em., late manager of the Jlym pio theatre, in this city. Bis friends, and the theatrical profession generally, are respeitfully invited to attend his luosral, trom the resi dence of his widow, 860 Brtadway, this afternoon, at three o'clock. On Sunday morning, May 11, afer a protracted illness, Mrs. Air chaw, of Perthsnire, Scotland, relict of the late John Oraw, in the 8'2d year of her age. The relativM and friends, and those of her eons, Alex ander and John Craw, are reepeetfully invited to attend her funeral, from her late residenoe, No. 182 Forsyth street, this afternoon, at two o'clock, without fur ther invitation. On Sunday, May 11, William Bryce, eldest son ef Wil liam B. and,Co. the line E. Rockwell, aged 4 years, 4 months and 11 days. The relatives and friends of the family art respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, from the residenoe of his parents, No. 163 East Fiftieth street, this day, at 1 o'clock P. M., without further invitation. On Moncay, May 12, after a short illness, Andrew Jo seph Dillon, youngest son of Patrick and Mary Dillon, aged 1 year, 7 months and 12 days. The relatives and friends of tbe family are reepeetfully invited to a* tend the luneral, from the residenoe of the parents, No. 43 Oliver street, this afternoon, at two o'c.ock.'wi hcut further notioe. On Monday morning, May 12, of dropsy of the eheet, James A. McGorie, aged 14 years. Tbe relatives aud lriends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from the residence of his mother, No. Ill Greene street, this afternoon, at one o'clock. On Monday, May 12, John Lewis, only son of Gilbert L. and Bannah M. E<|is, aged 1 year and 9 months. The friends ef the family are respectfully invited to at tend his funeral from the residence of his parents, No. 87 First s reet, this afternoon, at 6 o'eloek. Suddenly, Michael SrmvAN, a native of Cahiel, ooun y ' perary, Ireland, aged 34 years. [is friends and acquaintances are respectfally invited to attend bis buiia), to morrow aitirnoon, at two o'clock, from his laie residenoe, No. 197 East Thirteenth street. On Monday. May 12, Eleanor Oliver, daughter of Otho and Catheilna Oiiver, aged 1 year 1, month aud 21 days. The friends of the family are requested tc attend her funeral, from the residence ot her parents, No. 61 &? drk'ge street, to-morrow mornlog. at ten o'clock. In Brooklyn, on Monday, May 12, at 8 o'clock A. II., of oonsamptlc n Ellen, sister to Dennis and John Fnrren. The friends of the family are respec.folly invited to at tead the tuaeral, which will take place this afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of her brother, John I'arren, No. 130 Mmith street. In Brotkhn, Eastern district, on Sunday, May 11, Leonard R. Rhode*, foreman of Engine Company No. 10, aged 36 years and 6 months. - The friends of the family and the members of tbe Fire Department of Brooklyn arc invited to attend the fune ral, from the Nonh Fifth street Methodist Episcopal Church, this day, at one o'eloek P. II. In Williamsburg, on Sunday afternoon, May 11. after a Lingering Illness, Alice Kihdor, eldest daughter of Louis F. aud Selina D. Mtnard, aged six years. Tbe relatives and friends or the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents, corner of South Tenth and Third streets, this after noon, at two o'clock, without further notioe. Bar re mains will be taken to Greenwood for Interment. In Jersey City, on Sunday morning. May 11, after a short illness, William B. Parkinson, M. D., aged 46 years 7 months and 4 days. The relatives and friends of the ihmily are respectfully invited to attend the funeral sermon, at his late resi dence, No. 142 Grove street, Jersey City, this morning, at nine o'clock precis sly, after which his remains will be taken to East Chester for interment. At Pike Wyoming county, N. Y? on Friday, May 2, Mrs. Eli7Ai<etb Besancon, aged 7 7 years. In Philadelphia, on Sunday, May 11, Mr. Benjamin Hess, sged 70 years. The funeral will take-place on Friday, May 16, at tea o'clock, trom his late residence, No. 9 Lombard street, Philadelphia. Un March 6. at Bathurst hospital, Charles E Dixiet, of this city, late mate of schooner H. N. Gambritl. At sea, cn board ship Thomas Watson, from San Fran cisco, March 30, Mr. Julian Livingston, of consumption, aged 26 years. San Francisco papers please copy. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERYDAY. PBR80NAL' CI nnn-shall bk THESE, BAME TIMS and ?P?,UUU piace; Monday, and the 14th. FIRST FIDDLES. ANY PERSON WISHING TO COMMUNICATE WITH Mra. A M Wocdwcrth, ean do bo by addressing a note to her, at the Broadway Post offloe, stating when ana where an interview ean be had, which will meet with attention for one month. A ?A INFORMATION WANTED?OF ROBERT, A LOST BOY, son ot Aaron and Lydla Mills. Can see hts mother at 417 heTenth avenue, N.Y. IF REWARD B. TOWN SEN I), FORMERLY OF WBST ern New York, afterwards ul California, ani in 1803. enga ged in manufacturing wtrseord In the cliv of MewYoik. wilt send his present sddress by poet to Messrs Whiteheid k Mitts, y>), Newark, New Jersey, he will hear of some thing to his advantage. 1_FJOHN WINCH, LATE OF LL ANELLY, SOTTTH WALES, and who war In New York and afterwards in New Jersey, In the employment ot the Bev. Mr. 8klnk, or some similar name, a few ye&M ago. will apply to W, a W., St. David's Hall, >42 Walker street, he will hear of something to his ad vantage. JOHN H*YK8. A NATIVE OF TIPFRRARY COUNTY, Ireland, landed in America in July, 1881. Han sandy hair, long features, and la about 5 feet 8 lcohea high. Any Inform v Uon concerning him will be thankfully reoelved by h4e rela tives Adaress Thomas P.alloran, Dover, Morris Oo., N, J. D. WILL FIND ANOTHER LETTER. THI8 MORN . Ing, flom PRMDKRICK. rpo AN NIX I*. AS DIRECTED, FROM H. X. THE TURF. aaocLftTioN stake oh the fashion course? A sweepstake, mile heats, is open to be run en the I9 h ef Jnne, 1R66, by eolts and Allies three yeare old. sabscrlption 9300, forleit 9100. Three or more to mtke a race; 9300 added by the association, to name and close on the 20th day of May. Subscription directed to the subscriber, care of the Spirit of ths Tines. DE WITT C. GRINNILL, Treasurer Fashion Ass. "MEW YORK RACW?SPRING MEETING THIRD WEEK J.T in June, 1880, over the Fashion (formerly National) Race Course. Newtown. L. I. For Jockey Club purses and stakes see Spirit of the Times. DB WITT C. OR INN ELL, Treas'r Fashion Aits'oa. 8 PORTING, DCO LOST-A LARGE BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND dog; has white on breast, Up of tall and each paw: had chain on neck. Whoever will return hiss shall be suitably re warded. K. N. MK88HNUkB k oo, 84 Fulton street. ? l/IOR 8ALK-A PURE BREED NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, r handsome, and possesatng all the qualtfteiUona that can be deslrtble. Would esahange tor a w? eh, or a second hand road w.gontn good order. Apply to tha boose weet side of Bond street, between Bergen and Wyckoff streets, Brooklyn. TftOB BALE?THR CELEBRATED BAT KILLER, F "Jack." of Astoria; Is a flee bred blsbk and taa English terrier: prloe 980. Apply to PETER THOMPSON, 42 Seek man street. Tj?OR HALE-A SPLENDID BLOODHOUND, JUST IM JT ported from Ireland. Pries 930. Can be seen at Mr DUFFY'S, 260 avenue A, oorner of Seven tees th street. 'OR 8ALH-A SPLENDID BLOODhOUND, JUST fM ported from Ireland. Priee 930. Can ba sen <4 Mr. Duffy's, No. SfO avenue A, corner of Seventeenth street Mocking bird.- for sale, a splendid mooring btrd. This bird Is not to he excelled by any in the city. Any lady or gentleman wanting a One bird, may sgply at 476 Fourth street. T~he choicest ASSORTMENT OF DOGS in thb world, at 29 Fulton street, both for tale and atook. BUT LER'S warranted Infallible mange oure and flet extermiua ting Unement, 60 tents per bottle. Butler's Dogography, te oond edition, 26 cents. TOAVKIXBHA' GUIDE. ?OR~ PO'KBEPSIE I) aily?landing at oozzens, J; Weet Point, Co'd Pprtng, Cornwall, Newburr, New Ham burg end Milton. The favorite steamer BKRO, Capt a. hmtth, leaves the foot of Robinson street every aOnrnooi, J Sundays eicepted ) at 8>i o'olock, arriving by Calook. teturtJng. leaves Po'heepste at 6 A. M. < St'MMMt ARRANGEMENT FOR PRIMPS DOCK White moos, Glea Clove, Manhaseett Dect sad Glen Wood.- fie steamer CRoTON, Captain Wm. M. Weed, wul leave Mew York dally. (Sundays gxeeptedj on and arer Saturday afteraoen, Hay 10. lffe at 4 o'clock P.M., for Prime's Dock. White Stone. Glen Gove. Manhaase* Poet, and Olen wsod. Hetnrnlpg, will leave " leave Glenwocd every morning, (Sundayseioepted.)at6.W; Msshsseet?|Dnek,6.48. 'SenCove, 7; White Sums, 7.80; Prime's Pook 8. Stasee will he In rea diness Ui eouvey passengers at the different landJnea, as usual' TTPATIONB WAJfTMP. A DRESSMAKER WISHES A 8IT17ATISN, IN A RE spectahle fsmtlr, as seamstress and dreesmaker; under stands ker business thoroughly; also, a voting Woman wisnesa *,lustier., as plain sewer; understands oamhrlo embroidering; 19 willing to at**' b free If genwsuy nepftil. Cull m ? flester it RTUATIOHS WUITBD. J^TK AMERICAN TOO HO LADY WANTS A BITUA ? to attend a bakerr or e infeet'ooery. CUv re given Cell at or addiew 191 12th it., between l-.t and 2d avs., Meind floor. A Tiara*wl'/haVi,* 48 COOK in P'l'WeaiiDUv B?*?nldo bouse work' ^ &&?,?"???couri ATOUNO GIRL WI8HN8 TO OBTAIN A SITUATION, k? plain seamstress; baa do objections to lght chamoer work. In a priva e tam'ly. The beat ier*renee (Iron Apply ?v,?l '? '?? '/? 1IW UOSI. I C'OIVUOO |ITW A|/is*y at 83 living plaoe, where she can be seen, at ber prevent am pleyer'a, for two da;a. AYUUaO WrMAN WANTo A SITUATION AS OHAM bermaid and waiter, or to do cbamberwork and plain aewlng, or take charge of oblid-eo in a private family. No ob jection to go m the conn try. Good reference given. Pleaae aall tor two day a at MO 6th avenue, bookat/re. ?A u nnriVaJd^^JJJ?"8* A ?B9PHCfABLB OIRL, ta. Tke bait of cliv nf?MnM ttnaald and ae*m <Bsar- ??sa^^Wci??s ATOUNO LADY, CAPABLE of IMPaRTIHQ THS crctnarr branehea of an Kngt'ah education, French (ac <i uired in France) and mmlr, deifies to find a aitua'iin, aa teacher in a aehool or family. References given aa to compe teacy, Ac Would have ne objection to go to the oounlry. Addieaa Mlaa D., Union iqoare Poat offloe. ? A RESPECTABLE YOU?Q (1IRI. WISHES a situ a lion, aa aeemitreaa. In a genteel family, or to do cbam berwork and aew. Can be aeen for two i aya at 06 Water te,, Brooklyn. , AH LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUATION FOB I a young perron, who she ean recommend highly aa an exprrlenoed aeamatreaa and nurae; ibe la well quaiiSed, and eaj able at taking charge of an Infest; the would like a equa tion aa lady'a maid, to travel; la a native of Pbi adelphla. I'leaee call at hei prevent place, on Tnaeday end Wednesday, between 10 and 4 o'clock, 133 West 11th at.. ntar 6th av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BITUA lion, aa chambermaid or to do plain rewing, or la capable ol taking eare of chi'dien. Tke beat of city reference# given. Can be aeen :or two day a, el 66 16th at, la the rear, near 6th avenue. ARBSPBCTABLB PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, wanta a alt nation, aa MMmatreaa; under atari d* enttlig and fitting Jadtea' and children's dreaaea; baa no objection to aaatat in the care of children; would go to tbeoonntry, If dealred. City relerenee given. Can be aeen at 116 Hudson avenue, Brooklyn. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 81TUA Hon. as cook; ahe understand* her bush ess oer.'ectly; would go Into the ouuntxy; beat of city relerenoe. Canbeteen for tn o day a, at 78 k nrray at. A respectable young woman wishes a sit uallon, aa cook In e private family; uoderataadj her buamaaa perfceUy;good re'erenoe. Pleaae oeliat the orner of Power* end Ber en at., Brooklyn, In the store. A respectable woman wishes to engage a few gentleman or ladle*' waahlng; ell kind* ot fluting and ambrtldet tea done at the ihottest notice. Can gfvejrec unmen datkiDB from flrat olaaa ladlea In the city. Pleaae calx or ad dreaa to E. G., No. 12 Amity plaoe, 4th floor, bask roam. A MIDDLE AGED COLORED WOMAN WANTS ? ?ltuauoa, aa cook; baa been e cook In large boarding bouiee and ho,ela lor the laat eight years, and 1* a good wa'ter; has no objection to go to the country. Can give the beat of city references. Call at No. 10 Jertey at., back of Nlblo'a, third floor, room 36. A SITUATION WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE jourg woman, aa chambermaid and plain aewer, or to aatlai in taktig care of children, or would do One washing and iroalsg; prefer* np town, baa no objection to thaoountrv; haa the beat of city reference Irom ber last piace. where see has lived three yeers. l'leaae call at 866 33d ut., between 9th and 10th avenues, for two daja. Arubpkotablk young gibl wants a situa* Hon?Is he Is e good plain oook, waaher and ironer and an eisalient biker. Haa good city reference. Can be aeen for three daja et 4317th avenue, between 86th end 37th ate. A WIDOW LADY OF MIDDLE AGE AND CAPABLE IN everything appertaining to housekeeping wishes a situa tion a* housekeeper. A note addressed to Mrs. Romain, Broad way Poat office, will be attended to. a SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A8 A. Hrrt rate laundresa; has no objecuon to do chaunerworg The vary best of oity reference trom her lest p ace, for tea years. Inquire at No. 1 Con kiln* alley, Brooklyn, third floor, where ahe can be aeen fer three deya ARfcSPRt TABLE WOMAN WANTS TO TAKE IN waihing and Ironing, or would go out bv the day to wash or do house cleaning, Ac She has no family. Uea be well recommended. Pleaae call at 364 West 19th street, be tween 9th and 10th avenues, second floor, baek room, during the week. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, AS CHAM ber maid, or to Mailt in floe waahlng and ironing, or to take care of ohildres; best of dtv aefercnce. Can be seen lor two days at 146 3d av., between 32d sad 33d its. PROTESTANT CHAMRBRMAID AMD SEAMSTRESS A wishes a situation; she has the beat otiy recommendation. Can be aeen for two deye at room 167 Astor Bouse. A REhPBOTa BLR YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tion, as piofesaed cook; understands all kinds of gam* and aoop, baking, pastry and deaeert; beat of city relerenoe. Pieaee tall et 137 Best 11th at, . between let avenue end are nue A. a RESPECTABLE PKOIKSTAMT GIBL WISHES A is. situation, aa nurae and plain aewer; ean be aeen at ber laat plaoe, tor two days; good oity relerenee. Apply at 67 Amity at. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation, at chambermaid and waiter, or to do chamber work and to take cire ol children. Can be seen at her present employer'*, where ahe haa lived 20 months. Pleaae oall at 37>i Front at., Brooklyn. ^ RESPECTABLE YOUNG GiRL WANTS A SITUA tlon aa oook, washer and ironer; can have the best of city reference from her laat place. Apply at 118 East 20th at, Brat floor, front room. ^ MIDDLE AGED FEMALE WANTS A SITUATION, In a Drive's family, aa plain acamatraas; would be willing to make fierseir generally useful, and would aaaiat in the Bur aery; Is e Protestant; the heat ot city reference given. Applv et *0.17 Union court, near 12th it. hntienee In University place. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WI8HB8 TO OB tele e situation aa ehlld'i nurae; ahe understands the care of e baby; works well with ber needle; la vary neat In her paraon; has no objection to live in tbe country; belongs to the English Church. Can be aeen at 299 14th at., between eve. A end B. A SEAMSTRESS WISHES TO GO OUT BT THE DAY or week; understands all kinds of family sewing perfect It. Please call at 321 lit av., between 19th and 20th ate., over the dry goods store. A RESPECTABLE TROTEeT ant GIRL WISHES A BIT uatlcn to do general boutework In a (mall private family; la a fli at rate waaher aed Ironer and a good plain aewer. Baa no nbjecfon to go In the country. Can i? aeen until suited at No. 7 2d avenue, between Houston and lit ate., first floor, hack room. M RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A PROTESTANT. Ol * ants a situation la a verv good plain cook, an ezceliant waaher and ironer, and would go aa laundreis. Baa good re ferences. Can he aeen tor two days et 229 Sullivan at, in the rest. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS first rate cook aid to aaaiat In the WMhlng; la a good bt ker. Baa good eiiy relerctces from her lait place Please call for two days at 134 West 13th at., between 7-a end 8th a vs., in the rear. AY6UNG ENGLISH WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as cbsmbermaD; wou.d aaaiat la dotng plaki ut wt *g In quire at 61>4 Orchard at., three doort trom Grand, for Emily. an EDUCATED engli-h LADY? WHO HaBTAUoHT A In good fhmliles In Engiaid leqnlrlng a auuerlor educa tion with accomplishments,will take an engagement tor a few hours del y. Address M. O., Brooklyn Poet office. A respectable gikl, of seventeen years of age. wishes a alt nation *s chambermaid and to do plain aewlug; haa the beat of city reference from her laat place Can he set u for two day I, at 66 Neat Broadway place. Inquire In tbe atore. irom 9 A. M. till 4 P.M. Haa no objections to go a short die anea In the country. Arvbpbctablr young woman wants a situ a lien, aa oook, washer end krone -, or to do general hinae work. In a private tami<>. Can be aeen for two days, at 26 Dtan at., Brooklyn. Beat of city reference. a GIRL WARTS A SITUATION, TO DO OHAVHflB \ work, or general housework in a small private family. Baa cool recommendations. Tleaae call at No. 2 flleecker st Can be reen fur two da;a A SITUATION WAN TAD?BY A R OIRL, with unexoepUonanle city references as waiter la a first class family. Can Se seen for two dajs at 144 East 21st at, as oond floor, front room. ABRSPBOTaBIE GIRL V?IBBKS|A situation, to do general housework in a small family, or to take oire of children; good city refersnoe given. (Jan he seen tor two day* at her present situation. No. 266 Bleecker si. , RhSPRCTABLK YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tion. as cook, washer and lroner; good city ret crease given. Call at 101 Monroe St. COOK WANTS A SITUATION. IV A PUBLIC HOUHN. The best of dty reference given. Omll nt 109 Klngst., third floor. Actuation wanted-by ahkhpejtabl* gibl, to ot-ok. wash and iron, or to do chamberwork and wait lng; the best clt* reference given. Call at 129 7th avenue, ae coed floor, tront room. a SITUATION WANTED BY TWO RESPECT ABLE EL young women, one as cook; has no objection to assist in the waahlig; the other as chambermaid and wafer, or to aaelst ha the warning;good elty reference given. Have no objectim to go a short oUtance In the country lor the summer month*. Call at 62 West 21st st, (or two days. srru ation wanted-by a rrspbota bi.e young womsn, ss chambermaid and seamstress, and Is willing to attend children; one whs can give city refe-ecos. dan he seen for two days at 6S Greenwich street, third floor. ? SITUATION WANTfcD-BY A RESPflCYABLI middle sged woman ef eiperienee. as ehl d's nurse; ta fully competent to take the entire charge of an Intact from the bir b; beet recemmeedattoBi given. Caa be seen for twodayi, at TBI 3d evenne, between 16IA and 17th ste. SITUATION WAWTSD-BY A RESPSCf ABLE young girl, se eonk, waeher and lroner in a private ftnsl ly. or to do general boueeworh; ha* good reference from het last emp orer. Can be seen for two days, Please call at or address 81 King st RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN W1HHK* A SIT ua'tou as plain cook, washer and lroner, or would assist In the washing: good cltv reference. Apply at 1A7 West 26th at., between Tib snrt Rib avennee, lhl-d flonr. back mom. A YOUNG OIBI, WHO IS FULLY COMPETENT, wishes a situation na nnise and seamstreae; references frrm her last emp.oyer. Can be seen for two days at 36 Weal )3th st., between 6th andCth avenue* first floor, back roem Situation wantkd-by a respectable young woman; she la a good oeok, washer and lroner; has lived In a Spanish rasnlly for the last six months; ? dty reference given, a pply for two days at 81 Wtst 30th St.. between 6th and 7 th are. ARKSPRCTAHLK YOUNG WOMAN WANTS a SIfUA Hon, In s small private ftmUy; is a good plain cook. good washer ar.d Irocer; has good reference (rem her last places. (Jail tor two days a. 261 hast 18th st, 1st floor, back roosn. RhSPKCTABLE WOMAN WANTS TO TAKB IN washing ar.d Ironing; small pleees, three shillings; large pieces, four abtl lugs. Apply for two days in the Mn store, 232 liolumMa. netwten hmlth and Carrol s-s., Brooklyn. YOUNG GUI. WlhllBtT A BITUATfON AH SRAM" stress and chambermaid, or nurse and seam stress, usder. stands ter business perfectly: the country preferrwl; beet ?' r,by reference given. Apply at 102 12th si., between 6th and Clh avs Can be seen for two days. YOUNcTwOMAN WANTS A SITUATION. AS SKAM sfrcss. In a private famlir; Is a good dressmaker capable of rultlrg and fitting ladles' and children's Cothint; embrnide ry and hi Ir dressing- no objection to go In the country or to trave'; best of re erenoe given. Call at 93 hast SJd st, be tween "d and Lexington sva. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUaTliN, IN a respectable private ftmllv, as laundress or chsmoer maid; Is a good rlain sewer; no objection to a short tlstsnoe In the country during the snmtner mnntb*. The oeit of dty re terence from her last place, where efae lived three years. Can te seen at 82 30th st? near 6th avenue, (bird floor, bick room, fcr two daya. A SITUATIONS WASTED. Arkspictablk colored oirl wants a situ a tton.ea a child aone or mdy's mvd. (Ml for lalormv ttcn at 89 Thompson it A BRSPEOTx BLR YOUNG WOMAN DKSIRBR A 8ITU ? anon as nurie and seamstress; can entaod lit children's clothes; aiao, understands drtasmiklng. Oao oome well reoom met dad from nor last psoe; has so objection to go a abort dis tance in the c-iunlry. Can be aoec rortwodaya at 193 10th av.,

fourth floor, between 23d and 23d >Ul A YOUNG WOMAN. A PROTESTANT. WI8HB8 A eq uation. In a respectable family, aa aeamatreaa; baring a thorough under*'audio* of the baaiaeae; would not object to help taking eare ot children, or to do light ?r ? ?. ~ ... ur <u uu n*ut chamber work. Can be aeon for two day a at 23 k Johnaon at., Brooklya. Beat of city relerenoe given If required. . S1TUA1IUN WANTED?BY A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, i- to oook wash and iron lor a small family; la a good bread baker, and Is willing and ob lgirg. Oan be eeen at bar pre aem employer's, 84 West 32d at., for two days Am RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BITU atlon In a private family, aa a good plain cook and exosl lent waiter ana Ironer; good ol'y reference. Can be teen for wo dare ot 16 26th at, between Lexington end 3d ava. A KR8PROTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlon, aa oook, waiber end ironer in a email nrlvate famf ar would do general homework; good city reference. Oan he lean for two day* at 54 Wooater at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BRtPftOfABLK WO man, aa chambermaid and to assist In washing atd Iran &'.H*? . aMn lor lwo day* at her present employer"!, 17 Wnt 17tXi at. A^hn EXCELLENT. trustworthy oirl wishk? a situation as cook) la not afraid to work; la a go id baker; unaerstandeher bualneee; no objection to washing and Iron ,uw uu uvjocwuu mi viiuu iuu iruu lng; tee the beet of city referenee. Oan be eeen lor two daye Jt her preeeet employer'!, 811 Bridge St., Brooklyn, between Myrtle avenue and Wlboughby at. A YOUNG GIRL WI8RR8 A 81 CITATION TO DO UP fx atalre work end plain aewlng,or to take oare of oh It 4nM ? hdMit Af nllw ne/M...w *?l _ -T 11 .a at IV. .4 nut A ~ - ~ : ;? ~ r"??* BO,,ulBiw| w?io v? nun ---xjbeet of city reference. Plane call at 67 West Rlthst., third floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa nuree and eeamitreei, or to do light chamberwork; no objection to go to the country; good eltv re faience given. Cache isen for two daye at 26 Bast 19th au, the flrtt bouse emit of ^roadway, leoond floor, fraat room ARkSPBCTABLR PRCTRBTAMT GIRL WISHR8 A i tuationaa nuree and seamatreae; oan be well reoom minded from her lest plioe. Can be seen for two daye at 231 7th avenue, between 26th and 2Cth ate. A BISPICTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, TO do general homework; I* a good eook, washer and lron Tf ~ er; can give gcod city reference, Tf required. Cm be lean for two cays at No. 44 Pearl at., near P.ymoutb it, Urook lyn. ABS8PECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITU atlon, aa chambermaid asd to aaeiat la the wMbing, or to lake caie of cbl.dran; has do objection to go to the country tor tbe summer; goed reference rrom her last place, she lived three years. Call at 223 Yarick at, third (I xw, oacx room A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION. AH UN der stewardess or chambermaid In one of tbe Hte&mshipi to end from Liverpool or eliewhjre Apply to day, at 12b Baxter sb, second floor, front room. ABITUA1ION WaNTEDABY i RESPECTABLE PRO te.stant girl, a? nuree and seamstress, or as chambermaid and welter; le capable of fulfllit* a either; neat ot cl v re'Venre. Can be eeen for two day* at 604 Houston at, second tlo >r, 1 ont room. ARitfePKCTABLE PBOTbST ANT YOUNG WOMAN wenta a altuatlon, as chambermaid and to aanlet in the warhirg and lrontng, or as chambermaid aad waiter; has neat ofreference ftom her former employer, where ebe hie 'lved over one j ear; no objection! to go in the country. Call at 36 King at, in the rear. A SITUATION WANT1 D?BY A REHPEOTABi.R GIRL, aa oook, in a private I wanly; she U a first rate cock, waahar and lioaer; good el'v reference can be had. Please apply at222West 26th sb, third floor, front room, between 8th ana 9ih avenue*. A YOUNG FRENCH WOMAN WANT8 A SITUATION, with a family gelog to Europe, aa ladles' maid or child's nurie; good reference glren. Address 8. Philip iteary, 833 Broadway; ARFSPESTABLE WOMAN. WITH GOOD REFERENCE withes a fituatlon; abe la a good plain c ;ok and an ex cellar t waiher and Ironer; she Is honest and obliging. Plesso call ct 123 Vt eat 33d it,, near 7th avenue. AMAKRlhD WOMAN WOULD TAKE C3AR04 OF A boure for ibe summer or keeo bouse for one ir t?ii gen turner, ae ber huabar.d will sleep thtre; they would board tbimrelvei; thev are Americans. Best cl'? referecce lor boneaty and reipec'.ability given. Apply at 92 West 17'.b at. A PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, a* chaniberma'd, and to do One washing and ironing. If rot suited, hag no ooj?otl in to do gewa niuss v irk '? a ?mall femllly. Good reference from bar last place If required. Please call at 15 Elm street, from 9 In the morning ti 1 4 o'clock in the afiernoon. ^ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RVSPfC TABLE feet , , ... charge of a kueMflfbuM a> the best ot city reference. C in be young womsn^asmx k, washer and iroca ; has a per fect knowledge of l^Wry hbU bakii a; cir take the entire " "dtMMW. ila* ti ~ ' wen for two days, at 27 Prince at, thl d g'o.-y. front room. A respectable young lady Wishes a situ a. tlon as seamstress. In a priwe famiiv; understands all kmd* of family sewing and embroidery. Call for two days, at 388th av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKSPR JTABLE young woman at cbam lermaid, and to asai it In washing and ironing, crto t?ke care of chiUien. Pleue call at 13 Ltv inre on place, between 16tb and 17th ste. Relers to last tm ploy ere. AN AMERICAN BOY WANTS A SITUATION, IN A store ornfflce, or to run of errand*, or to learn some light mechanical business. P'ease call at ?r tddress 182 av. A., J. Kenny, second floor, front room. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A S11GATI >N TO RON A fx. engine oraaflieman ur porter; aeitizrnof New Yo-k. The best or reference if required Call for three days at 643 Pearl street. In the allev war, second floor, third bouse. AS 8AL1BMAN IN A BOOT] AND SHOE STORE, A young man. wltn e'gbt years' experience In tbe trade; would have do o jeetion to engage for a small aa ary, to leara tbe euttlng. Address Wm. Tucker, 212 Spring street. A SITUATION WaNTBD-BY A MARRIED MAN, TO go In the country, as coachman; understands the car* and craning of borses parleot y, having fourteen years' expe rlenye: baa a good idea of gardebtng, and understands firming In all Its branches- ran produce raferenoe as to capability, In dustry and sobriety; pay not so much an object, a home pre ferred Please call or address James Kusselb 79 West 28th at, between 6th asd 7th avs Ca? be seen tor two days AS COACHMAN.!-A STEADY PROTESTANT M AN who thoroughly understands the care of horses, harness and carriages, and Is a good, careful driver, wl the ? a situation as above lb a private family, Ibe best of re'ernnce3 cm be si van aa le character and capability, and no ohject'on 11 go In tbe onuntry. Please call at, or address Thomas, a'. Mr. Walket's saddler- store, 718 Broadway near 8th sb ARkbPBCT ABL8 PKOTKSTAM YOUNG MaN WANTS ailtUKtl.iD, as ooscfaman; U well acquainted with the cltr; baa the be*t of city reference. Pleaie call at No. 6 West 2Sth ?t, from II to 3 o'cloak. YOUNG MANWHO UNDER8TaND3 OOPPERPLAT8 printing may sail at 36 Maiden lane. YOUNR MAN WANT8 A SITUATION, A8 OOAOH man, one who understands the care and maiMgement of borpOA in every respect. and lived eight rears In or e place and ore rear In bis laat place, lias the uest nit* reference. Haa no'bje?tlOB to go a short distance in the country. 'bill at or addreis D. Camel, 60 4th ar , between stfc and 9th eta a 81TCATTCN~WAN TRtS? BYTkKbUKOfABLB PRO tl teetart voting man, aa coachman, groom or wa!'e?, in n private family; Wuiv cn nee tent in the above capacitiea; hu served in ihe first tstrlleM in the cltv; hae the best of city ref# rer.eea. acd la willing (o devote his time to fcelc'.eratU of his employers. where capability and integrity are ap.irec'a'ert; no objection to the cjuntry. Please call, or address M. W. 8,, 124 Weat 19th it., comer 7th av., for t?o days. YUUNG MAN, 18_YKASfi OF "itillj, WINHK8 A "IT call >n, In ?ome respectable huelre"?. its sblpplug clerk, or any o'ber capMCtt'i writes a good bond, and Is willing to work; can procuce Ihe beat of rtcommendidons. Fieass ud drees Shipper, Elerald office. A TGUNO~MAN, 18YKAR8 Or A OB, WISHKS A SITU a. alion, to learn Ibe dry goods Address F. M, brx 200 Eerald office Bt OKKEEPFR^?A YCH7NG M AN, HAVING A FEW hours dally to spam, would like to obtain a set o' bookr, or alher office work; it fully competent. Address F. 8, V? box 200 Herald office. OCK^WANTED. A SITUATION, RY A PHOTRSTANT woman, as o-ok; understands her Builnes* .n all lta branches, and Is an excel'en' baker. The best of recommen dations. Aolty plaoepreferred Can be seen for two diva at Mtai Moore's, 444 4 h it, bet wean 1st and 3d avenues. In the rear. / 1ALIFORNI A.?AN aMRRICaN WOMAN WISH KB TO a 1 return to Ca'l'nrnla, wltbalady, as companion or as sistant companion. She bra been there hetore for 4 rears. A ddre?sM.W., Broad way Post office which will he attended to. (TOPYING WANTED?BY A LADY ATUKR RbHfDiNrii, J or would give Instruction In penmanahlp to individuals or a class. Address hvangallne. Herald offloe. (~>OAOBMANd3 SITUATION WANT4D?BY A RE J spectable I,young man; understands hi* business well; la a good groom and driver; can take oare of a flower garden wall;can mill if required; wouid com shott dist-inoe in the conntry. The best of olty reierenoe. Address O. H.. Herald offlcs, for two dara. (1 OA OH MAN'S SITUATION WANTKD-BYA 8INGL8 / rrotestant man who thoroughlv understands the care and meflsgementof hortei; is sober, kind and obliging, aada careful drlter; has the best o'city reference from hUVast em plover; ro objection to the oountry for the summer, ('.all or address M. W, 17 baet 11th at., between 3d ana 4ta avs. | VOACBMAW.?AN KII'ERIBNCKD COAOBMAN. WHO ' > baa lived seven vears In h's leat p'w, and can bring un qualified recommendations, want* a situation. Inquire at 1.39 yd avenue. DHKBfcKAKING.? A PKRHON OF 1X)NG BXPEBIBNCK, and oapable of cuK'ng. fining and making tressee in (lie moat finbhed s'yle of bunion and elegance, would like to en gage with a few families to make their drosses, at their own houses. Address Dressmaker, II M-rt e av., Brooklyn. ARDWARB.-A YOUNG Man* KIGIIIBKN YEARS of age, wants n situation in a wholesale or retail hard ware store; has some knowledge of the business. Goodrw'e renee|glven. Address B. F. M. Herald office. AN AND WIFB WANT TO GO*IN TIIE-!NTRY with a farmer- Ihe man understand* farming and garden ing. acd Is willing to mate himself useful; the wife can do general boutawork and cooking, dan give Ihe besiclty refer ence. Address, or call at Sfl Greenwich at, Man and" wtfn, without"ohii.dr*n, want a siiuatlcn; be 1* en excellent waiter, and haa the beat of city reference; can drive, if required; she la a gxxl cook acd a first rate laundress Both bare the beat of cltv reference. Have no objection lo the oountry. Can be aeen for two day*, at Unionceairt, University place, between 11th and lilli ste. PR(<FKB?ED OOCK WANTS A SITUATION IN A PHI yate family; understands her business perfectly, French nnc r-ng ien uiwrn-j !,m 'Jin imr! Cf m.' .'?-TJOCO. Address 8. P., 71 west 13th ?t. between 6th and Oth av*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A OIRL, AB OOOK, LAUN* dress or general house-worker, la a small fltmily: prefers living where one girl is kept; references given at to character Rud capacity. Inquire at 167 Adams st., Brooklyn. SITUATION WA D?AS BOOKKkEPEFToR flkI.BH mar, In a lumber yard; has been engaged In aa extensive lumber business in both ths above capacities; la a good pen man and quick and correct at figures; a so understands the sorting and piling af lumber. Best of reference from former rntploj er. Address Lumberman, Chatham square Post ofll w. SITUATION WANTNIk?BY Hkr" PRN8RNT F,Kl'LOY. era for ore of the very beet o? ffirla, a* far as regards honeety, neatness, even (ll*poelilon and thorough knrrw edge at lo how work abouid be done. Anv iad? wishing a girl to do lltht work, or lo oversee Ihe work of oihers, eou'rt not do bet - ler than to Improve this opportunity. Apply at 00 Weal llaltlo it , louth Brooklyn. TWO RR8FKOT.VBI.1E wa?her and lron*r. the both wish to live together. (tall at 10 Marlon St.. In the baaament. near Centre market. The beat of city reference given, fan ba sees for two tiavs. SITUATION WANT KD~BY A HIGHLY RKBPgOfABLN I' /merlc?n woman, ae oonk; understands hivr bu*lnaea thorough y; la capable lo assist In the duties of housekeeping. No object feiio go In the oountry. Apply at 76 tRprlng?(., fir wo days. SITUATION 8 WANTED?BY ' Co young girls. one as good cook, other aa chambermaid and waiter; b' nrvAinn Wixm. QITUATIOR WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE TOWO KJ wcnnan, m moot plain cook. excel eat washer and lroaer; bi verj kind to children Hm the beet of city reCaraooe. be see* for two d?j? either present employer's, 423 Gtb avenue, between 2Mb end 2Cth eta. SITUATION WANTED?BY A NEAT, TIDT OIBL, Al chambermaid end eon met rees; would be wtlUag lend H competent to asaia'in washing >-ud Ironing. Unexoeetii neble relerei.ce liven. Inquire at 173 Adams street Brooklyn, for two days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A NEAT, STEADY OIBL, to do eookini, washing eed lronin|. or general house work in s smell femlly, or ight okemherwork. Best of refer ences frost her Inst piece. App'y et 37 Wtlloufbby st, Brook lyn. OITUATION WANTED?BY A RB8P EOT ABLE YOUMG p women; is en exoellest cook, superior washer end ironar; sea no otyeenun to teke e lean, rest' situation in e private fhmlly. Good reference. Apply et 286 let avenue, second ioor, for two deys SITUATION WANTED?BY A VERY HIGHLY RE-tPEO table glr , to ooek, srnsh end Iron, or w.rn d do geaerel housework fore sseeil prlTete fagUy,; beat of city retereace from her present employer. (mil, for three deys. et No. 2 Oerden st, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIRL, TO DO light ehestbsrwark In e private i)tmliy; wou'd hnve no ob jections totskeonre cf e baby, wait nt a table. or do pltln ?e ? tag. Best elty referenoe given. Cell, or address, at 191 Peerl st, Brooklyn, 2d floor, trout room. S highly recom^dedrt^u COMPBrgvr AND "w washer and Doner JSs V sioe lent plain conk amsT ? prtynle faaS,; K<,,*ouid hkeEeneJaTboS?w,?kPta ?*PPly et 271 Bowery. toutd "Wwonhy enHbi^J? ITUATION WANTED BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, as ensse; has had good experience, ead la perfectly etoa ble of taking oberge of en lufaat from its birth; Is e neat plain ?ewer, esc has the oest of city reference Cell et i . 214 Nleecker ?Deet, ta the tnncy store. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A YOUNO OIRL, TO TAKE cere of children and eew; would do cbsmherwork; would wait on e lads wbo boards. Has no objeouous u> the ouuntry. Re'erenoe moat unexceuHonabie. l'leaee cell for two deys et 208 7th st., between avenues B ead C. Situation Wanted?bi a respectable too no girl to do chamber work and walling, has nr oojection to srelet In the weihlng end Ironing. No object! >u to go In the eonotr*. City retereace. Can be seen for twd daj e et 464 3d avenue, corner of 3?th it., second door, back room. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE sDIs one as cook, wsaher and lroner, ibe other as chsm bermald and to assist in the flue washing and ironing; bo b, if poaslblo, would wish to get In one house Reference, as to ca pability. can bo obi.lneo from laat employer. Have no oajsc tlcn to go a short distance In the oouoDy. " pply at 134 8tb St., near Cth ay., in the corset store, for two ds;s The undersigned bkob lk*yk to inform the public tbst the Is aooutto start a nursery, for Infants from one week to five jeers o d; she is perfectly capable of taking tbe entire charge nt children, as she Is a mouisr herself, sp p y al No. 2 Oemmeroe street, corner of aleecker. Terms moderate. Mrs. UaILY. TO HOTEL KfCkPrRS ?W xNTRD. A SITUATION, AT bookkeeper or cashier, by a young mac, having been em ployed la the above canasity for ibe 1st' five years; best otclly re'erecce as to abUty. Ac. Would make an e'gegement for the summer, s ddrers H. B. K.. Herald office, tor tliree days TO RIDING MA8TERN AND O 1'HKh.K ? WA N lED. BY a married man, whole thoroughly experienced in the m% nayemett of borees. a sh uati >n to take charge of a riding school or first class livery siayle. Address kqtnsirlan, box 130 He? i hid office. IiO WROI.F8A1 K AND IRTAIL FAMILY GA'it'KitH.? Wnrted. bv a reeuectable voting man. a misatisn, In tbe above line; has a pet feet Knowledge of ihj business lu ail its nranokes Can give sa'lsf ict Tj reference as ty oapabl It and business habits 'rem tfco firm In which he has last .lone busi ness. Please addre's W. 0., 24 White at., lor two dev.-, pc DRUGGISTS - WASTKD. A8ITU sTION IN A DRUG More, t v a voung man from the country, the sen nt a rhy s'rlan; bus bad experience In the preparation of metl'clne; lsa nraoua'e. Rtteretoe given. Address Do;Lor, Dey Street House. rO FARMER? - TWO YOUNG MEN .I^BT FROM E G* land, having beer aocus'omed to broeling fsn :y s'oak or ill kit de, wi,h for similar situations. Apply to Mr. Keid, 808 Broadway. WaN'IRD?BY A YwUNG GtKL, a HITUATiOn, AH nursesnd plain sewer, or as nun-card cnambe-roaid; would go In the couuDv; cao come well r-commend-wl from tier let t place. OaL lor one day at 78 West 24th st, do it room, ?trat floor. Wanted?by two ke-pkctablh: young womb sanations, one sb 2rst rate ccok wa-ter and Doner, w inderstsnda hsklog ard pssiry; tne o'her as cba-noermi snd Isucdrest; hare tbe lest oi city reL-ren<e from 1 iu? nuiiurrB,, ui.o ,uc i eat 01 ci'y xcicren'e irom I ) aces, ran be iter. for two days at id r.,ji lith street, ne ith wvenue. No objection to t->e country. Wanted-by a keppkotablw young woman, a iltratloo, lo do ebainberwoik and to aaj'.st 11 the waah rg fthd ironing, or would co the work of a small rrlva e fa mily Can give tbe best ot cl'y re'e-etv:e; wishes to get* ;ome. t'au be seen for two dais at 94 West 3th si. WJ aNIED- -BY a RK-PEiTaBLF proiestant tv youpg vomsn, a iltuatbn, to do chain he'W?rk and vaihlrg, 1* e good plain sewer; or to do cba-nberwork and waiting. Has no ohjeotion t > go with a f*m'ly to me country. sr. be seen until engaged, at 122 19th sL City references given. U7ANTRD -BY A PROISSTANT YuUKG WOMAN A "? situation as > urse and seam Dess; can do at) kinds of embroidery. Has De rest ot re'srenoe from hsr la-t p'tice Oal' ox address t2 West 21st at, corner of bth avenuj, thDd floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Y -UNO WOMAN, A sliuallon, aa chambermaid at d waitsr, or to do gen "i.i hourework, In a private femlD; good c'ty rel t-?nc?s f-otn her lastema'oyers. Apply for Ellen Moore. 377 1st avenus, o ? to Mrs. Young 103 East Broadway. IA/AMED-A BIIUAllUN, BY A YuUNG GIKI^TO TT assist In chamber*ork and take cnarg of ehUd-esi, or lo assist with sewing. Cub at 380 lotn st, near avenue C. 41/ ANTND?BY A BKRPE0T4BLE YOUNG WoMVN vv with afresh breast of mlik a silnaiton, as wet nursv bert of citv rel'erenoe. Call at 122 a "antic et , Brooklyn, firs', florr, fh nt rot m. Call for two days. rkt ANTED-BY A Raf-I'kCTABLK WOMAN. A FAMILY TV washing, or a lew gentismen'r; has washed lor ttiemxt reepeoiablo fsml les m the city; has tbe best of city referenoe. Cad st 222 28th St., between Cth and 9th avenues. WANTED-BY A YOUNG PhOTKfalART AMERICAN girl, a situation, as waiter und to do light chamberwor'i; wages 16 per month; none buta gen esl family need apply, at 29b 7th avenue, ionrth floor, front room, fop two days. W~aN?eD-TmTUAT10N~BY"a REhipUT ABLE PRO. testant girl, is ennmberma'd ami wai-s*. cr to ?wist In the washing ano Donirg.liHS good refi.-en-s; has so cbjectloB to go a short distance tn tns eounDy. Ca 1 at 21 l homes st., first floor, room 4, for two dai s. WANTED-A SITUATION, by an amerioAN GIRL, to dochamberwork and plain sewing, or to lake -are of children. Apply at No. 9 Vandewst?r tt., lor two days. WAN1ED-BA A RKSPBtTABLft YbUNfl WOltaN, A lituatlon, aa p a(n co ik, wa-her and lroner; co objection lo do genera) honvework; the best of city re erecce given. Ap ply at 680 Houston at, roam 4. w W' w WANTBP?A SITUATION, BY A RB3PR0TABLK young woman an ebaroberiuatd and nurse, or tn d > plain sewing; is willing to make bene'f useful; th? oe>' of city rife retoe Riven, t'aa be seen frr two da>a ut No. 247 avenue H, relween, 14th and 1Mb tu , third lloor. fmat ru m ANT11D-A BltPAlION, BY A RIWPMOT ABLE young woman, to do housework in a private family; hat good cttr i efarencc from her last p'ace, where she baa uvea three yearn, ( ail tor two days at 376 Hudson avenue, Brooklyw. fANTED?BY A PROTE.-TaNTfOUNfl-\YOM\n7a ' situation In a small private family, to do general house work, or ch.imberwork, warning and Iroiiiof, beat ot city refa renee given, ( an be seen lor two days at No 13 Korayth ?t., room ho. 5. ' ANTAD?A SITUATION. ~BY A RTpP^TABfJI mindle nged woman as nurse in a gent emit'i farol'j; I* capable of nursing a baby Irum Is rdrth; po>d city refe rence gtveu. Can be seen for two days at Wo 44 York ft, Brook yn *?/ aKTBP?A SITUATION, BY A KKSPKOrABLE T> y lung nomas, aa cook, washer and looser lr. a email private family; Is a first rate oook, washer aed ironey; la wll Hag and obliging; baa the best of city refa ern e. Can be seen for two days. Please call at No. 28G Greenwich at., near Chambers st, ANTKD-BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, SITUATION'S, one as good plain cook and baker, and ttrsl rate wasber ard 'roner; lie other aa chambermaid and waiter: they both livrd together for the last three years erst wou.d like 'o get in thee ue house again; would bave no objection t ? g> a short dn tnnce In the country; bave tha best ot city referenes. Please cab for two days at 2% West 25th at, fourth floor, back room. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY^X"YOUNG WOMAN, aa setmatress and chambermatl or to do chamberwork and fine washing: she understands Cot eg np fine mus Ins and French llutlrg. Can be seen for two day* at 175 West &4lh ak, cornor of 8'b avenue. ANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A R ?CdPEl'TABlJlC yourg woman, aa cook, washer and Ironer, In a small private family; toed cttv reference cen be given. Please oill l r two deya at JS7 3d aveette. tir anteW-a buTtatton, in a gTTkm an import vv log honre, as clerk, by a resently arrived man, who un deratanda mercantile buslneae Id hla own e.unirHe will ;lve all his attention to hla busineea and make bitnse'.f generally ittofu'. Wages cot an object. inquire a*. CI Ridge stree', tkonl room, t.p stairs. X\TANTED- A SITUATION. BY A IOCNG CfRI,, AS TV cook, wasber and Ironer; good reference, App.v a: lid Warren si., Brooklyn, between hmlth and Iloyl. Can be (sen for two days. ANTtD-BY TWO KErPACIABLP., 0 ifO.-t 'tirftbS' at;.-.aUo;.s, one aa flisi rate aook. t*i?tsrs<ardr c.nk !ng In all Its branchsa; the other as chsicb-rn aid and Cue wacber. or as chambermaid aad waller. Ibe very best o' cltv referer ce can be given. Pteaaeeall or adtr>-w at 197 Ninth street, between id and ,'id avenues, for two nays ANTRD?BY A RF.8P8CTABl.K VnU|T(T(Tntr,, A atfnation as ehameermatd ard plain eewer. P.eaae oall at 17 Lisoenard street, where she has been crer three years, and oan oe seen for two days ANTED?A SITUATION, AS COOKIiTa PRIVATE family, by a con poterl woman, ?'o unden'auda a1! sorts 0' cooking. Can give the beet cf ettv reference. Apply at HDD 2d avenue, third floor back room. ? WANTED-T 8TTCAT TON, BY A* YOUNG WOMAN. AS cook: understands bretd ahd oaetrv baking; 1< a first rale washer and Ironer; has no objection to go a r.h-r* dtA'Anoe in the country Can be eeen for two dayaal 108 Mott gt,; rear building, top floor. TI.'ANTgll?A STTCATION, BY A MORT TITOHT.T RK TV oommended woman, of long experience, as roaklna private tamtly; onderflaaxta aH acre of meat and poultry cowing, and aouos. .tallies, baklr.gand paster, seldom enanges her situation; will nssist in thg washing. Ixoeller.t city refer cooes. Wages trom 9 to $10. Oall at 97 Past 16th at ANTED?A SITUATION, A8 COACBMAN, OR TO assist In garden; la a good groom. Can be seen for two days at 5;6 Hudson st,, et?ranee u Ames cu IVANTED- A BITIA1K ?, AS EIRbf 7 LASH TOOK, ft by a respectable middle aged parson, who f'dly under stands noupe. made <U>hea, t wry, creams and jollies ant van give the beet Of city retercnoe. Can be bear I ot at 131 East lb hat, VirANTED?A SITUATION. BT A "jft$?PECTABUl TV young woman, to do he cooking, washing auci lr. niacin h respectable family, o-Tobomb*- work: good cil yjreioronoe 1 rom her last place. Apply at No. Elizabeth jt. XTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO TV do genera! liouaowork, or to cook, wwtlt andlr/n; lias no < V, lection to go a short diets uee In 'he eountrv; has the best of < 1'y reference. luvjulre tor two days, at It! yd it., |B the basemen'. WANTED- A SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID AND TV n amstress. or as nitrs" and sr suictretw by a ant young wmuun, wbu has b<- n filling - situation ot theaame ktrd fur two years. Oan Be .?eu for two daya atber laat situ ation, 126 Teat 19th *k_ \*' ANTED -BITI ATI0N8 BY TWO RRRPR( T AIll.E vv vr nng women: one a? firat rate cook and bsker, also a first rate wathor nrd lron?r. the other m rhambcrrnald and waiter: in objection u> assist in the washing and troslng. Oan give ihc bet' of ctl/ relereneaa. The two wlsb to be in the one li'diie. Oall for one day at 66 83d st., near 8th it. TIT" ANTED?BY At BMP KOI 4 BLR PBOTBAT A NT W fMBf wnaaan, a ahuMm, to do afcamMrwork iti plain sewing or a* Bono ud to do plots sewing eg watutg. la I private family. Boat of eW? reference given from Mr laei ploeo Plenee enll for two dayeat 182?hei., bgtwaen 34 and Sd or WJ WANTED BY TWO VOCWO MEN, JOBT ABBITBD from Philadelphia. situations; one oa Mrkaapor, the other o? oarver in at mo Ant elaaa hotol or eating aalooa. Boa: of refereooe p Ivon. Address D. A K.. Herald offlea, stating whore on latorrtew con bo hod. WANTED?A 8ITU ATIOlf, BT A TOUNG GIRL, AB oook; la o good baker, a tabor and lronor. Can bo aoam untu aagagsd, at A'fl Hot/ at., Brooklyn- N one bui Asnartoan famllloa need apply. rANTlD-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE ronsf girl, a* dreanaaker; eon do all kind? of fatally tewing; eon do up cape aad lodirt' muslins Can bo aooa lor two daj a ai her present employer'a, "1 K at 2i tb *? "aNtTd?8ITUATICNh7bY IWcTyOCNO WOMEN: one u oook, woahtr and tr-ner and would do general houaework In a small ramily; tbe other oa ehambaimaid aad ioamalrera Good elty referenda given. Addreaa A. B , box 111 Herald rfllee. Waul bTi?Ft a it kbpm tThi-k gi bl. a bitu a no*. aa seamstress; la a good thlrtmaler; underaianda cuttla* and fitting children'* dreaaea. Hauefactory rnfereaoer ran bo glvrn, 1 eaaa ea'.i ?194 Went 3td at, between 6th aaa 7ibaye nuet. Can baieaa ISr two days aa; antkd-a HircATioN, ar ~a rrbpectable AT young woman, a* cirau. tier .caM end aeamsraar or to do Ate wothind. Can I e e-eu a' tier ureeent employer's, tor two dayi, al SO union square. corner of 1Mb a. IT BtTBBE.^fclIUA TICN WANTED, BT A REgPtC tab e mar tad woman a* net nute In a reepe-Mable family Call for two da a at ,'r Bulwn Brootiyn. Good cltj referCuCf. ANTKH-HY TWO KK4PWT* uLB PROTEST*NT glrli, ritnatloca; one aa oook, waaMr and iraor the ruler ts nurae and aeamst-e i Ctiba aoen frrtvodtra at 331 Wast 28tk it, between ltKh and 11th ava Good reterenye, f required. TA/ANTID-BY TWO R * fPBCTABLE TO7KO W )kl*, VV ittuatlna: uoe an chaw >f-in -li *.id waiter; ibe other as ncrie. ho objection to travel wahaiodr. Please apply at 176 B IT'.h at, In tbe rear, for two days. WANTED" A 811U AT 'ON BT ~ A~RKflP8Cr IBUE Prevalent girl, ?n nur-e, and chambermaid. :iod to do I'ain rew'r.g Call at lllb Wert 10 h su-tei between 7lb urd Mb avenues. TjUANT&D-A BITUAlIO BY A \i?CNG WOKAN, TV as learnt tress; ran cut a.-.d At rbUdren'a dre.e-w and Itdlrs'innrninggowB4; cai< to for render?; would un light chamber*, ik; prod reference, apply at ldh Tib av., between 20tlr and 21at eta. Th/ANTED-BY~A MoHt C. H-K1ENT Yl'Ufxl CI I., Tv a altuatloL a- nurte aad (f?nn-j*nn, or to do <urM ; irn birwork arid new; la a Ar t. ra'e fewer and quick wrh tbe bttdlf; la milllt.g and obllglnj aid very fi nd of c'mlreo; would go la the ciuntrv, or travel with a ladv to aty ptr, baa the bf?t rfeli* reference irom b<r art place. Ple.iue coll at or aodress 2d4 l.b n., tear avenue A tor two days ta/~a7TteTi?a siii'ATH.N by a re3P*ctablr TV nosrar aa plain cock, washer and lron?r. Oocd fer al ee Irom her lan place Apply at i'22 '2'at at, between AU> and tub arenuee, necor d floor. hack routn for two Caya. APIkl> BY A .HIGHLY 11K8PEC TABLE YOUNG woman, a iliua'.lon, aa waiter or rhambermald and wat er. Hrr' ot elty reference. Can be seen lor two da7s, at No. 12 Union & urt. teeot d floor ANTKD-A KITUATl'"N, BY A UOMPBTBNT ToUNG girl, oa chambermaid aud ae.matreM In a small private family; g<? d city rarer*no?? can oe given. If required Please rail at ho. it) Wen I9'b rt.. third floor back r.xim lor two days. u ahted^a" sTtuai ID v?BT A KBiPBCTABI.B vf youtig woman, to do reueral houaework, for a em ill family, (r ola'n oook log, waaalrig and Iromng; la a good raker; bae good city reference. Inquire a- 87 34th it, top floor, haak room. ANTh I)?A SITUATION BY A RB4PECTABLE w iron, rh good plalu cook wnaher and inner; good oily rerertno?i cnu be given. Inquire at No. 124 Butler (L, Brooklyn. Can be men for two rata ANTKD?aTbIIUATlOb BT A PROTKUTANT WO man, a< first class erv-k; lu dfrftands eooklng In all its brsnchcr; has the bent ol eltv rerere- oe Cat be aeau tlU en caged, at 3i7 10ih rt, between avarnea A and R. ANTKD A 8ITUAVIOn7 l?a A Y UNI WOMa*. as p'ulu cotrk, washer and ironar; unde-etonds bakxg udpaalr<; la wl ling to fake a lauodrma' n'ars; good city re'erence from her'aal p'aoa. a?d v ai 141 lrthst., pet veen 7th ardtitii a vs., In the rear. VJ7 ANThD-*BY A KV BVkC4'T}tu7 YOUNG WO d AN, A VV eltuatl'jn, as ano ?e?m?irn?n; ntuvrrtards all kinds of faml y tewing ?..d watting ha? llvel two /ears trd rli months In her last piac; baa 'ae o?st of ci'y re'creuce; ha* no obioetirn to go a rbort dutir.oe lu the countrv, Pleaie ??all at 1 '4 West ID li at., betwte i 6 h and 7th ava. Lout room, 'or two day*. AAtTiD-bT A EESPBUTaSlK YtiUNO TP (J d\W. A rltuatlon, aa gcd pla In conk ar d flr 4 rate w tjher aid irntier. Can g've tbe I sat o.'olM 'efrrenoe; has ao objertioa to the country. Can be ree^ or two days at 81 22dat, b? tweec I ei'nyton hi d Third aver 'er fj'ANT EI>-1>Y A K11 BP*Ct"a UI H. YOUNGWlkftN, A VV iltusilr p lu ft renpec'ahin nrlra e family, to do eharC<er work arm to astlxt In waablrg ai'd l-onirg or pUln ae *log. ?'an give two yeara and three mot tb-' g od ctl reference from her lent place. Can be seec t-r two da> a. Please call at 270 Sd avenue, between 22d and V:;d sts , Arst floor, irtnt room. ?\\7ANT?n-A snrAtKtFT-by a y6it*o oirlTtH VV dr, r.bsmberwork nnd sewlrp. or rbarabrrwork or w?'t Ing. Fat the beat of tr un h r last place Pleat* cail at 89 West 24th at, between Alt and 7th avenues, for two day a. ANIkD?A alTUATKM, HV A RHBPfCTA BI.B Pioteatant woman, as cl ainberm*ld and waiter. Good city re.erei.cea. Inquire a' 133 Brace at. Can tr re?n lor two days. AMSIt-A hlTl*aT.OSt BY A KtiHPHOr a SLR girl, aa cook; aha ful v uudersta- da her bua neay Is a first rale washer at d lronnr: is a rcoc cater Can give the neat ot cltv relet ence. Csn be aern for two days at 97 West ldir at., between 6th ana 7th ares ue?. ANThD?A BITL'ATIuN, BT A RS?PK -TABLE woman, aa cbambrrmald and waiter, in a private fami ly. Good etty referereea ran bo given If required. Inquire at 384 Weat 2Sd at-. In her Isst p'are O/ ANTED?BT A GIRL 15 YK Rd OLD, A fllTCA *V lion, to take eare ofaabt d. or to do Ugh', housework, and would he wit trig to make herself genera ly usefnl; wages not to much an object aa a grod homs. Please call at 8ti 3d av., for two cay a. w WANTED?A BIlUATIt.*, BY A BR8PECTABUI ynnag wrman. aa good wa?her. troner, plr.ln cook and v rd baker. Best ol uty rcterence can be given. Apply at 173 Uelaneey at. * \V ANT1D-A BITUATIyN, BY A TOONG KNGLI8H VV man, 'o learu the machinist bualceas; ha* acme know ledge ot tbe business, or can drive a coaeb; no objoeti id to gi to the country. Call at 248 "th av . In die oyster suoon. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RtttSPgCTABLB young woman, as chambermaid and waiter; has no ob jection to assist in warhicg and tr using lleat of city refer ences liven. Call for two days at IIA Wait lUth at, belwtem 9'h and 7th ava. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN GIRL, A8 cook or tc do general honsework, in a private Amert-ac family. Osn give good rrleret.eei Call at or addreir Char.oue Mick, 44 Kircx st, In the basemen!. TifAMKD-A siiujlTTFT-byTiTknglish young f? woman, is 'id>'i rna'd, to go travelling. or si house keeper for u s.nglc gent w ?n. 1%*: ot nilsreuoer c m be Kit to rr>m her lsit attention. Call ai II Kaet 'ltd it, sear 3d av. Can be seen lor four d..yi. \k AVTRP-BY A liKEl'Rt TABLE PROTECTANT W0 T* man is'initio: m nurxe, .e take'he entire care of a baby fr m itsbirlli slIoth make teiaelf uaefnl otherwise, If required; has good rftereioc Iron .,er present employer, wbeie the will le.mam until engagtd. Ill)."Aareaua WANThn?BY A KRRFH.CTA BLR Yc.UNO WOMAM, A ait'tetlou. as chambermaid or to a<;Ut in washing and iroetDK ha* lved twelve month* la ker nst place. Ujoa city Call at ITS Grand at., lor two day*. TV A Mi 1)~BY A COUi'ltTKNT PfttSOV, A HTrUA TT tirii, as neamatreM tea f od dtee?maker; ran cut and 111 dreiset. otil lias ro objuc lun to go o, the cowry. None bu' ib ae n ho want a perm.~.ri*r t nicit-wi need apply. Can give good references. Cal' at '91 Graml -t. W ANTElV-BY A AF SrE^laWLE YOUNG UTR', A situation a* chambermaid ?r. * alter or woa'dBt cham berwtuk aed sewing; to ebjeetior too a thTt d'atcncc u the country; bed ot oil/ i?l*r? noe /Oven Cau he ?een Co-two data. 11 no', tngagtd. ath" West lTJt at, between 6th end 7th av?nuei. ABYtr-BY A RR8PKTT ABLE AllRlT T HTTCA t'on aa chambermaid aail wwUr, it a* d and sewer tr I . lake '??re of eld dr^n and ecw; can em broider; ettv reference gtver. can he a*en tor two days at 222 17th *L, between rth and 9th 'be rear ANTED- A ^fiCATitiK* HY~A~YOUN<J W.'MAN, aR cook, wa"hor and lrorer, cr to 6- general housework in a tmali private tamlij, go dclty re.trtnce. Apply IbrTwo days at No 11 Essex stn f t. third Iloor. "TV A NTk5?A IITVATTOK, BY A RKSFRC7ABLM vv woman, lo do the housework ot a small private taeiUy good city reference. Inquire at 131 Wrr. lii.h iu. fln* floor. 11 ANTID?BY A nkBl'KCTABLE" PRO TKtTANT TV young nomau, wl b the beat eitr refrrenne, a *1 uvtlw. aa cbanberipaitl and assmsuev*. or waiter Cau be seen at No. 431 3d Aventte, aear 31al si , In it s store. TV ANTKI - aThIIf AT 10I*. BY A >Wtl'KtTAHL* WO TT man, as p'ain oo <k and good waaher and Inner; has no objection 'oro In the country; good refarnnce g'.ven, If re. . I tilted. C? 1 at No. 67 Ring s< , between Hudson and vartok. sNThll?A filtt AllOH, AB IOHILIVH NCRBK AMD eh'tnbrrmaWl andtodo plain .ewlng; hta nooyie:tloa to theecuntry: good retorenee /Iven. ?an t.e seen at No. 84 lit St., between Ronih (lib and 7ih sla , Williamsburg. or ad cress A 6'.. box !OtJ Herald ofire. I/ANTRP-A ?Tir*Tkf>N, "hY A RYSPET aBLB v young weman. aa abamrenuald w walt'r tr a*..slant laondrcav : the beat of rbv ?etere. \er tan be gite". Can be veen for three days at 217 West 17th at, beiwesn 8tb and xh avenndt. W~ ~ANTRI>-A UTT'aTlON, BY AN AMERl' AfTWfV man, to take charge of a gent', wttu's b mas du.-lof the ttnmer seeaon; also her daughter,'Ihlrtton yr.rgof age, wants apiece to unit on a 'r.d> sr.d do light wo?k. Wools 1 ave no objection to go la tho ectut'rv Beg' of rc'eraoce pive.n ( a, at 1(1" YVtver'ey place, iti the rear. T?F>NTltn?BY A YOFNO WOMAlT A BlfT'TfON IN TV a frlvato family, todochamberwork. ?r.d to owls' in the v ashing md Irot 'rg ((oodcity teferetce given. Can he seen fcriwodavsat 137 ['??rajtli sited. w Wantkp-by a rnr.'rctablk woman, a srrtr atlon aetead ccok a ? b??ei o- dlLlti* m'oi . she tin i ersiatd* tor basivtw ocrfectlr v-e!l. Oooi referercs 3?n be given. Apply at No. Kb Am: t urnadiwv. TV ANTH)- A BT1 I A'1 ION BT ~A RR8P< 'TaBLW vv yntt g srot'tan a? rarer and eetma'reei, or vhsmber lii.Id and vtan' -trers I* a tint rate chamhirmald; Is willing tt trave' wt'k a lndj : has the hlgeea: city le'erente fir two years Can be veer, at her pieaout emptier'i, Ma 60 Bast 21st St. Tl'ANTKP-A RITCATTON, BY t YOCNQ WOMAN. AS TT cook, wacher and lroaer: can give the heit of cltl rete rercc frrnt her last p'ge* On be'feu for two day, from 9 to 5 o'clock, at 1K2 wee' 13th aL XI' AMeF?BY A yT.IN< 1 WOMAN. A 8ITTTATION,TO Ti do cier.ibereork at d walbrg, or wou'd do general housework In a prlvi.'.e lkmilv, Vaa two years' refef-DCe. Call at LlJiMcaty-'hat., near 7lb a--. T\' AFTKP-A SiroIrioMrBYAlI AMIRTO ANTOUMO vv girl, as waller In a small family, ucterstan la the dntlea c waiter tnrireuyhly. giod relcreticee cau be glvnn. call at 170 ltlth sb, be: ween 7? and ?'h ?r? Tv anttp-a bnuTfioM. bFanm^prrt.y froyes. tv tcstant wotniin, a* eonk: tor who 'hnromthlr uader rlnnds her huslDcva; hae no - uieciloo t? jo a short ilataaoe la the country Can be seen for two dayeat 213 Oanai?t., flrgt ft r back room. 'WAVf "P?A SITUATIOM. BY A RWSCTABLB TV lag Ci r >1, in a imall private family, aa ptain cook, waalier a?t .oiir r, cr aa chain net rtialri and to aaslat In waab tpg and irorlnr: Is ateadv. and will render her beat servtoea lb"lite bvrelit of hrromploysrs: heal of city -eierenoea from hsr leal place. Cab tor iwo days at 111 WeM 2tst at., between 8th and 9th art. Situations. H'ip, Ac., See Sixth Piffi*