Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1856 Page 1
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3110 ? THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7198. . MORNING EDITION?WEDNESDAY, ? MAY 14, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. umrosaam iuiwii imi nr. (MlOM. FUBT'S JAPAN BXPEDIT10N -D. APPLKTON I V * 00.. .345 ud M6 Broadway, wtli publish in a few /erraMre or the Expedition of an Amtricu Squadron to the China fJaaa and Japan, performed In the yearn IBM, 186S and 1854, by ardor of the government of the United States, nnder fee eommand of Oommodore K. O. Perry, U. 8. N. Compiled tonus ike original notes and journals of ttommodore Perry, at me requna, and nnder hie supervision. By Francis L. Hawks. J>. D. One volume, are. with two hundred Heel and wood en '^btareSuse'wlll hMS the asoot Interesting works ever I published. Ike new field of Interest which it opens to the pastor will net toil to prove attractive, especial y as the vo lume le Illustrated with nearly two hundred steal and wood ?ngrarhw, all from drawings made on the spot by the DhYdSMsav^S^Suehed Appletone* Cyclopedia ef Biography, embracing a series of erlglaal memotre or the mist disguised persons of all tlmee, written for the work by Sir Archibald Allison, D.C.L.; William Baird, M.D. FJjt.\Sir David Brewster. P.BUI.; James Bryoe, A.M. F.U.8.; John HU1 Barton. Professor Creasw, A.M.; Professor ladle. D.D.; IiL.D.; Professor Ferguaaa7A.M.{ProfessorGordon, F.R. 8. ?; Junes Hadderwtck, Jamas A. Heraud. Robert Jamleaon, P.D.; Charles Knight, James Menson, James KoCennaehy, Profeeeor NIchoi.LL.D.j Kllhu Bicb.Profeaaor Spa'dlng, M.A.; Professor Thomaon.JMLo. F.B.8.; Ralph N. Woman. Ame rican edition edHatfhwFrancis L. Hawks, D.D., LL.D., with 600 wood engravings. One volume, royal 8vo, l.OM pages. Price.Incloth^to; sheep Jfit DO; half moroeoo,Ifi; half oa!f, B^HOW TO DHTKOT COUNTKBFBTr BANK MOTHS.? ? Illustrated with splendid steel plates, engraved by Raw doe. Wright, Hatch A ndaqn, bank note engravers. By Geo. Peyton, exchange broker, Hew Turk. Price 812S. This treatise on the deteetton of counterfeit, altered end spu rious back notes, is now acknowledged to be the most perfect work on the subject that has ever appeared, end ens whioh will materially ohaek the hrafla la oountsrfWHng. Beyond question the best wark ef this kind that we hare over seen. No trader should he without It Its cost will he eared twenty tlmee over.?N. T. Herald. This Is a valuable work, based upon oorrect principles, end we ere confident. If every business man In the community bed n copy of It, counterfeiting would be a thing of the past.?Mer cantile Journal. A good idea, and will alee he useful to brokers and cashiers ef ooentry hacks?Nicola's Reporter. Single coptoe sent free to any put of the continent, on re ceipt ef the prioe. GEO. PKTTON, 418 Broadway. New York. SEW8PAPKR8. A TICKKT OF LEAVF.? A YOUNO AMERICA For this week, this day published, contains a splendid cari cature of THE BRITISH MINISTER KXPBLMD FROM SCHOOL, THB SHIRT MOVEMENT, Dedicated to the ladles. ANNIVKBSAHV WEEK SKETCHES, Besides "Brown Studies," "The Diary of a Society Man," Oongrewleaal oondensinge, and paragraphs a bent everything worth pamgrnphlng, profusely Illustrated. Only 6>4 oenta per number, or SB 50 per annum* For sale by all sews agents. Published by T. W. HTRONO, 98 Nassau street. THE EIRE ME fit. ~ AT A MEETINO OP LAFAYETTE HOOK AND LAD 4er Company No. 6, held at the truck house. Moedav evening, Mar It, 1856, the following resolutions were unani mously adopted:? Whereas, U is with unfeigned regret and surprise that we have been called upon to resolve the resignation of our worthy officer and much esteemed Foremen, Mr, 8. F. E, Klrbv, who, swier serving three yeera as Foreman, has endeared himself to the members of this Company, and of the New York Fire De partment In general: Therefore, be It Beeolved, That in aooepting the resignation of Mr. Klrby, as Foreman, we Mill take rreat dellghtln kno stag that he etui re tains his memhe rshlp: and although we have lost him as Fore man, that we still retain the men: that we by his counsel and advice may still continue, end bold our present position la the New York Fire Department. Beeolved. That the thanks of this Company be, and are hereby tendered to Mr. Klrby fbr the efficient, able, end im partial manner In which ha has discharged his duties while Foreman, and that he has our belt Wishes for his future suc cess in health, wealth, and prosperity. Resolved, That the foregoing resolutions be published hi the Sunday Mercury, New York Herald, and Dsilv Times, and be placed on the minutes. JOHN K. EVANS, Foreman. 0. Y. Anderson, Secretary. 8TMMER RESORTS. Tl> RIOHTON HOU81, PERTH AMBOY.?THR PROPRll jP tor of this well known establishment begs leave to Inform his Mas ds and the publle that it la now opened, and he la reedy to enter toto arrangements with parties who may wish rooms ?>!" the ensuing seaacn. For further Information inquire of ?OOTT, W1SAEK A 00.. 113 Pearl street. J. L. COMPTON. If 30 miles foam the eky; eeoy of eeoees several RfeHR In the day, by the railroad or steamboat, the house be lag eight minutes' walk from the depot or steamboat '?~s'-f 1 DANIEL J. SMITE CM OKI BP*' WH8T POINT HOTHU?THR PROPRIRTOR H tntonne toe pshMe tost hs to new prepared te make a reogemeats with ttotoHaa for permanent *5d tor fiha eosatog season. The hotel wfil open en Ike Mto of Mar. ' WM. B. OOHERRR. Pottages?jto. Oomane has tores furnished eottnges to let, oonesrntog watsh mm he Obtakmdaf A^FRBD PRLL, Esq., fifi Wall street. LMAKJI GNOROn?8UMMRR HOTEL.?THR UNITRD ?I, Btafoa eontetolng some eighty reosna, with 110 acies of liaSl adjoining, for sale or to let. If a rood tsnaatoffors and! rle desired, the house will be fnrnished by the owner. The pre mlees udgtt be anflnble tor a water anra eetnhtRM-yt, fo. ?to1 adjoining, ft* sale or to let. If a rood tenant offers and it to daslredTthehouao will be fnrnlahed by the mlees might be artOable tor a water tore voire otDORBMUS A NIXON. 31 Park pIseel^^^^^M P^RAVILION. MEW BRIGHTON.?THk PROPRIETOB or this establishment begs leave to Inform bis frfeoAt end the publio that ha to now ready to enter Into arrangements with parties who may wish to engage rooms permanently f r the ensuing season. The Pavilion will open on Saturday, May 17. The hotel has undergone several improvements end been newly deeoratsd by Jules Le Grand. F. BLANOARP. TMBN PATTEN HOUSE. NEWDORP, STATIN ISLAND. H will open for the reception ot permanent boarders for the /summer, on the first of June. Suit bathing at Cedar Grave, the beet on the Island. Stages leave Yanderblll'e landing four tones a day for the Hotel. For rojma. As, apply at Pabea'a Hotel, oorrer of Greenwich sad Warren atresia. New York. WILLIAM PATTBN. WATCHES, JKWKLHY, AC. CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS. EQUAL IN BBILLIANOl J eud kpMMoN to E>e real.?Gentleman's plna, 16 to llg< nan, $4 to (?>; nailing*. W to W6; ladies' ptna, K to 8?; studs, altera button*. An Any at the above arUnto* aaat by una to ur pert of the United Stated U t J. JACOBS, meaafeeturing jewellers, 407 Brand way. UT OHAINB, MANUFAOrUBID FROM OOKPOM Hon and gold.-Thee* ahAine are warranted nottoehang asfor, end will wear (he same aa solid gold, (bar art war raatad ai repraaaalad. ar A* money returned. 00 to 84. IbitMwal only by ua, L. 4 J. JACOBS, ?annlba taring lawallaaa, 407 Broadway XX] ATCHX8.-FINK GOLD AND SILVER WATCH BS. vf Ths largest and most splendid aasoitmant of watches In the city la to ba found at tbo subscriber's. Ha haa bean la bud uOMln Wall atreat for the last eighteen years, and n celling all descriptions of gold and direr watohea, jewelry and silverware at much laea than tba uaual price*. Beautttol gold lapis a watches, four holes jewelled 184 00 Pica gold detached lever*, full jewelled $23 00 Etna gold banting leplne four holes jewelled $86 00 <JoM banting case English patent levari $68 00 Fine gold hunting detached lever*, lull jewelled $40 00 ?font end enamel wetabee for lad lea $30 00 to (100 no Splendid gold pocket chronometers $128 00 to $300 00 ?>}?ld Independent second watches, for timing horses W0 00 to $230 00 tjold banting watohea, which run eight days.f125 00 to $160 00 >3otd magic watches, which change Into three different watchea (IK 00 to $200 00 < tola English patent levers, full jewelled,.... 046 00 to (180 00 Silver Ingllah patent lever 916 00 to $48 00 Silver detached levers, full Jewelled 916 00 to $64 00 1 lpe gold hunting caee railwav timekeeper*.1100 00 to 1176 00 fcllver leplnea. lour boles jewMtod 19 00 to 147 00 M J. Tobias. Harrison, RMnd O. Keeseley. T. F. Cooper, end all other celebrated maMt, for sale very low. All watches warranted to keep correct time. Watches and jewelry exchanged Watchea and jewelry repaired In the beat manner, aed much lea* than the uaual prices. Goods sent to all parts of tba United States sad Canada free of obarge. OROB OB C. ALLEN, Insnorterof watchea and Jewelry, wholesa'e and retail. No. 11 Wall street, aeoood floor, near Broadway. BOLIARDI. Avert fine second hand billiard tabls, oaly a short time In us* at a gentleman's residence, tor wale, with all tba apparatus, new and cur plate. Apply at O'CONNOR A OALLKND1RS' manufactory, 63 Ann atireeL A good bagatelle table e'ao for Mtle. X?IL1.I?RD8.- WK OFFER FOR SALE A 8 P LIN DID X) stock, with aur new Invented ctuhjoca, with slate sad in <rble beds; private bouise furnished; balls, cue* aad cue Up* for sa e. end orders by mall attended to. GRIFFITH A DECKER, 90 Ann street. IMPROVED BILLIARD TABI.EO-PATBNTER PK8R9 ary 10?the only lablqAeorraet In principle, aad so con ?trusted aa to secure matheAtleel correctness of angle*, aad 39 Hi amber* street, up slaliw. MICHAEL PHRLAN, Patentee. w > V OFFER FOR SALE A SPLENDID STOCK, WITH our new Invention. Private bouses furnished, and balls, otws, etoths and Frenah rue tips for sale. Order*, by note, at 'ended to. Two good secondhand table* for sale cheap. GRIFFITH A DRCKRR, 90 Ana street. OILS. KiRosztra oil.? NOT l*P1.0*!?a. SECURED BT PATENTS. Important to beads of dapartmento, trust*** of basaltata, ?aylama, arlaoe* aaboda. ooltoges, churches, railroad ma pantea. factories, ship owasra, ablpeunply men. owners of mnntry raaidaoca*, proprietors ef water ^ please, end heM *^rK*updmrigmed here ike heeov to mnnna*. that the Kara ?ne* Oil Company, br greet labodaod expense, have aaeaesd ?dlnentlrety removing Abe unpleasant odorttron* kerosene arssja-scajisssts.vm^ M. It wlU remain fluid, when the beet sperm oU bee eon dMfeiMw 4th He uartvnUed eeonJUy?$4 10 worth harasm* Ml giving. ee much Ogbl as 08 ef repassed ofl $U or ahals (76 47 ot sperm oil?or 879 of burning fluid. Inanrauee aompanlaa allow R te be need wltRnnt eddMonal premium. f be 1 arums burner. wNb rise and Itf wtaR. sen be hlaptad el e a Ight ex pease, to Ike meehanieeL eeieel. solar, astral. /0>IB on. enmpheen. end Webb's petont Runpe, ar taaor or*a sxs ?vs?^jsas."t5s <Jm amount of light to be obtained from mpaseed oil, at |1 ?a ^tSSmTuwJmg MU equal to fl^gttyjome beet spmm uimparn'are. Ttnaouoan aiao ne onrneu m au me ordinary mnebaolasd, solar and hand leases, taMudtag biwaprtt ead nigral l?n?er*a. and gtrm more Ugh* than sparerwhale or Si o?. _ __ AP*??V W#W aracuL MOTICJBS. ttattag raid Rote,paymeatbnvlRgbean^M?4. EXCURSIONS.?'THE UBOI 1W OOWOMOOI HMMT iMUIOikMktMMwlrHM"w isfr i*K2ns?s p^w/smws ?trot, corner of Jay. Extension of rmANLiir bteekt.-au> peebokb .?..t-_,_a ...a .......UnitoinlwrfMi of Fmnkkn street from Baxter str^ to>82^weryet Docer street wlU Ptoy f-ifW *t tlm oflo# of B. WIWB, m? 49 llott itiMi, this wwk, end sign a petition against the mid opcalag. GKKltlL NOTICE.?TO THJE ANCIENT OR DAB Ol Hibernians.?Every member Is hereby named-to aiiend !n renin tbe funeral of tkelr lata brother. Thomas McEtoraen, romhij lataroetdrarn 800Seventhavenue,between Tweoty nintli and TMrtlsth streets, 14th lot., all o'clock. Br order ?f Jambs Hudbor, Q. a" MIOflitL BHtRKlI, O. f. Mg ROAN TILE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION RBGULAE Nominations?At a meeting of members of this Avoeta tion the following ticket wis unanimously nominated aad or dered to be published:? _____ fob PRBamrirr. Jcba Crerar, wtth O. B. Raymond A Cj. ?OR TIC* rRKSIDBKT. Rowland R. T Imp eon, wtth Philip Rater A Co. FOR CORKBSrOHDIXO BBOBBtABT, Floyd Clarkroa, with Cornells A Willis. FOR RECORDING ?BOB XT ART, Joseph F. Hanferd, with Oreer, Tamer A Co. FOB TREASURER, . _ Wl Uam Henderson, with Coattaeatal Beak. FOB DIRECTORS. Tn. H. Wlckham, wlU U. 8. Mall BtaewsblpOo. Alex. F. Flake, with Jamas A Henry McBrlde. L. L. 8. Cleans en, with Btnrgee. Ofearesaa A Co. Jamea H. Holllster, with Bliss, Brtxss k Doujrtss. Alfred Lcckwood, with IdvingstomTWlird * Co, Charles T. Adee, with James WUds, Jr. Philip H. Bowse, with Wllleta A 0?. _ , b. REYNOLDS BCDD, Chalrmsa. Hewbt L. Piebsok, Jr., Secretary. NOTICB.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TH AT_TgK eoDartnerihlD Mereiofore exletln* bj the n>M# of WtllUm J. Thompson A Co. was dlmolved by He own ft* 1st of March, 1884. Henry Stevenson la antbojfoedto sotUe the 'oSiSfftiSP* w:o.?tct*S. Under <Snk' Han, corner ofbrand and OUnlon streets, on Wednesday evenlnx. May 14, at 7X o'?^p^- n ? . Charles RnjsrTBeo'y. B. O. DRIGB. Chairman. N. B?All public cartman are Invited to attend, aa business of Importance to alt will bo brouxbt before the meeting. OTICR?ALL PRBSON8 HOLDING CLAIMS AGAINST the property of the lata Alexander Boyd, deceased, are hereby notified to present the tame, egallv authenticated, at the residence of the exeeutois. No. SB8 Tenth avenue, between the hours of 10 A.M. end 6 P.M . on or before the first of June next; and all such aa do not present their claims as above stated shall be considered as lemed the property. OTIOIt.?ALL PBBSOBB HOLDINO OLAIHBAQ AINBT the estate of Jacob A- Westervelt, are hereby notified to present same, legally authenticated at the offloe at the As signees. No 11 douth William street, between Wehrara of )3 A.N. and 3 P.M., on or before the twenty-etxlh dap of.May tnst.; end nil such as do not present their obdmsaa above stated shall be eonsMered as having r^v^^a-dreWl ^ ? N*g?HRZttWtXtSBSlR zsasrszsgsisf- ?rs. Mr Philadbuhia, May 1.1886. PROPOSALS. WITH MODI I up to the 33d of May, for 1 tour oared race boat,by YM.r.jwvw'.'H tbe Metropolitan Regatta Club, Id Manor street. TO ALL WHOM IT MAT CONCURS.-* OTTOE IB hereby given that n company of Individuals have mend a quantity of Georgia pine timber on the beech aedto thesurf near Fire Island, supposed to have been wnriMdCramOM deck ot some vessel or sobo wcked veeeel ontho coast. 8aM timber oonslttt of 14 large sticks, wmtatntog about 14,180 fog StortKaa of*B^^^nfLtmg lslead. Also, an oldTapd ssifss raJLhitFisffctf ass? oonstgnee or agent can have tbe seme upoe the jpayment cf a salvage and all necessary expenses Incurred tn phe pieeerva dlspoeedof mnlawfolwa^ Bhortff. ^ BTkPHBN J. WILSON, Under Sheriff.. Bartlom, May 9.1886. rLE^fftSSw'SPS ff5S3UrK& purchaaee made on nceonnt of Iheenme. or tor a*y other pur pose whatever, without hie written enter, on end aBer this date. A. B. MILLXR, 7 Bee km an street. Mew York, May 13,1884 Te^S"^5?,tiSr,w. ?f ,?!EX& S."i"Uuid. _d i.hjbi mnts of that place, for the kindness shown them sHor thetr misfortune, and also particularly to Capt. John Roberta, of the schooner Trent, for bU kindness to us on the pasmge to this port. J- w- SMITH, Mmsier. ^ WM. B RHYBOLDB. Mats. M. ATKINS, Steward. THOB. MANAHAN KfSPFCTFULLY ntFORMB HIS frlei ds and the public that he baa opeeed a aaWm atJ70 Bowery. The beet liquors and segars eoastantiy on hand. Mu Mc furnished for military aad poUUeal purposes. It. B.-AJ ways at boms. REGATTAS. MBTROPOLITAN RFOA1TA CLUB.?A 8PBOIAL meeting ot the Metrspolltnn Begatta Club wld beheld on Ihuzeday evening. 18th tool. Mem Bars am partlealarly no tified to attend, aa Important business will be tatd before the club. By order of the President. LOST AND FOUND. Lost?on fbidat night, m wbv.n going from Twentieth street to the Academy of Music, two opera tickets, Issued to L. 8. Suarez, lor bale my seats No*. W and 169. As tbey can be of ns use to aavoaebnttheowner, tbe finder wUl be liberally rewarded by leering tbe same at F. Harmony's, Nephews A Co.. 81 Greenwich street. 06T.-S6 BF.WARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RBOO very of an operm glass, lost In one of the Broadway stages oa Saturday evening. Apply mt 119 Brand street, treat office. LOST-ON SATURDAY, 10TH INBT.. IN THB BOWBRT, between Bayard and Grand stieets, a mosaic breastpin, with gold atone Tbe finder will be liberally rewarded on lesvlsg tbe nbove at 16 Jefferson street. LCST- ON SATURDAY TBE 10TH INBT.. ON THE way between Tajlor's Batoonand South Bergen N J., a plain gold erase, narked P. B. Morris Tbe finder will be li berally rawer* ed on returning It to Morris A Ctrmmlngs, Oo luwbta Foundry, Uuaoesueet, New York. 08T?93 EEWARD.?A SMALL, WHITE POODLE DOG. slate oolor mark ..on one eye. Answers to the name of Fairy. JAMBB TUCKER, 387 Broadway. LOST?ON MONDAY, 1MB INST.. A FLAT ENGRAVED gold bracelet. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It with Bulliud A Co., 14 Ferry etree'. OBT-ON MONDAY. 13TH IRBT.. IN OOINO FROM Fitter nth timet to Fourth avenue Twentt -sixth street to Third avenue, a mourning breaitpfn The finder will be re warded by lraylng It at No. 8 Fltteenth etreet. OBT-ON MONDAY. 12TH, BETWEEN WBBT TBIB ty eeeond etreet. Fifth avezue and Twenty-flret street, a tllver handle ehavlng brueh. A liberal reward will be paid on i'a return to Messrs. Clark A Hegeman, drngglaU, No. 278 Broadway. Lost ob stolbn-in wall btrbbt, a bank book and pension ce> tifloate. belongtng to a lady. A re ward of IS wtl be paid U the aetne la returned to 260 Fourth avenue, but nothing will be paid unlet* the certificate la re turned. BGPARTY SCPP06KD TO BB STOLRN-TWO HOB8BK one e white mere, and raodJe; and onadtay home 16 hande hiph, with fbundered tore leg*, end raddle; have been bought In the latter pert of laat week, end can be aeee at the aorner of Color and Bou'h Fourth street, Jeraey City. REWARDS. AOC REWARD.?LOST OR 8TOLBN FROM THB subscriber. May 11, a note of William D. Rnarell. to bia own order, at four month*, and dated April IB, 19M. for $6(0; also a rbeek of his for rsme amount, on the Park Bank, dated May IS, to my order, and a memorandum book o on tain Ing the same The payment of the mid obeck and note haa been stopped, and all perrens are forbidden to reostye or ne gotlete the seme The above reward will, be paid for the re turn of either to the subscriber, or to Townsend, Dyett A Ray mond, 140 proadney. WM. A. PRATT. d>l C REWARD.?I.OBT OB TUESDAY AFTBBHORN, fltJ Hay IS, tn going from Chambers etreet to Liberty, la Broadway, a porketoook containing $40 or $46. mostly fiver and threes on the Bevenih Ward Bank, New York. By re turning the same to t>. L Combs, SI John street, corner of Becrau the above reward will be paid. ?1 A REWARD.?DOG LOST, ON MONDAY WIGHT. iflU May 12, between the boors of It and 1 o'clock, a wbl e Italian greyhound slut, ears tinged with cream color and pierced;had on a red oollar, much worn. The above reward will be paid for bar return, or for any inform* Ion that will an ? sure her recovery. O. W. COOK, 78 Orchard street. d?1 A REWARD.- LOST. OM MONDAY KV1N1NO. 1ST8 ?T I " Inst, at or near 547 Sixth avenue, a poekathock. con taining a check and about $40 or $42 In bank bills, if the finder will return It to the person who lost it, at the above number, in the teed store, he will receive the reward aad the thanks of the lorer, who le not the owser. REWARD?LOST, OR MONDAY, 12TH INST, either In some store, or on the street, oomtng from If'nth , through Broadway, to the Carlton House, a case con talnlng the daguerieotype of e young man. now deoeaaed. Th , I finder will receive the above reward, with the thanks o< th < owner, by leaving It at the tfflee of the Carl ten House. RRWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAT EYRTINO. IN 9U passing throngh Waverley plaoe aad Broadway, to th ? Academy of Music, In Fourteenth Meet, e cameo brace 1st. The above reward will be paid at 36 Waverley place. ? r rrward.-lost, in walker strrrt, bb Cu tweeo renirs street and the Bowery, on Mooday, May 12. a detached lever watch. The finder will please return tt te Henry Poppe. No 38 Cbrystle street. fr REWARD -LOST, ON SATURDAY, MAY 10 A t > sold linked daguerreotype bracelet, either on the Hedsoa ver Rallrcad 6 o'clock express train from Albany, or In Oa aal street, between Washington sad Greenwich. The finder will receive the above reward by leaving it at No. 374 Bleacher etreet. New York. SO RRWABD?WILL BB PAID POR THR RETURN of a small black and taw terrier dog: aaawers to the name of Dandy; waa lost on SundV}, the 11th last., tn Sixteenth street, near Sixth avtnue. The reward will be paid by ap plyWg at 81 Sixth avenue, In the plumber'x atore. ONB HUNDRRD DOLLARS WILL BR PAID, AND NO questions asked. If the gold watch nsd chain, mada by Cconer, London, received en this Union course, Lang Ialand, oa Tuesday the 6th of Mar, to be recovered aaahsat Ne. 3T Wooeter street, la brtmgbt to 1(2 William s-reot, in the base Si Wt store. $5 i street, pmmwbhtial movements. j lfr* Buchanan fw WmMm|o(i I"* ?tB rnsrve^oadtuoe of the Philadelphia Fennsylvaalaa 1 lhe ?u? Ygkk. Pa., May 12, vtii. stm* ??ii ' aIam AM gethorod hire It ihouuBde to ? ft.'1#ft &?????? iw ?fCSLTu 23 "* ? .AoanmttAe 01 thirty Welti ?* Uaoaotor depot, ui owo^ed up in -it v./^T pyvldod. An immense ooaeonrse of neo Re. ?ifnhTi !? -th,ir dtaH?f*??hed foJoT KTi^ hif.faexU, At the Washfaston House. "l "?* wetoek. wtth numerous friends, he eroeeedthe gsjmsstss 2?tirsin hAAdMWO^La ??Uo the York county committee, rVy.Siyn *? Morris, Esq., who wefeoAMd him u? hleef ?2r?2K?L~ ,an?Buncln?thot thepeo ^ilTULL^L? 1,1 ,h* borough of VorhtJ gwwy Mm, ?? which Mr. B. responded in his-happiest ^ ^?wjMAHta ti? fceiiS^r to mITaSST ! hrmgd acoordixo to nrqevamino, ??Ml^ v! U-onrt House, heerfed #lbAnd.ofr pelade ^ *"? (onpAlly WAAlved, om behalf of the ss* 4. ss; ass :?? rsavsaf s UAwhSdfl^ISS1?4, 10 ^?m **' B?chanan U apeak !?g-~t M.jor R.M, Magraw, ofgjti ? SiSTi H** *htob SAHh BuehSSk ^^?Jff#J"90r*,e<Lwtt^ th7it?r a parried dewcetedI with th/itar spangled JXTiTy ????<Hr?- The Houee of Ismoastor Mt^BiXtaeee m" ?*> rfTwi over to eftweiiA w^ '*"0e, at the Maryland line, thij . 4L ^L'? ih* Bolt i more Sua, Mey la 1 Pnmh^i rAMhod the line dividing Maryland end 3Sf5^!^S^p5'5&r?r?S! ?oa-to am ho, and assuring him a' hearty welcome in the CUmt eta . ? ?UrxaMMatBM Jt WMJt no.rnniA^ hw ? _ Mx. > oar f rApAAtMaehebiw^^vf.iM?' I? 0,1 were frequent esWtte ble }? ^ orowd After as Jgyf ""H*. Prepared to receive him, and in SS^^*^bfrat55Cit',Hlt-? where avJ,t ?^^W-U7too^el^d ,gain h0B#wd "-^h AUmU^*V,^*b? ?u01' San,u*1 Ho?a<?? And ' K,9 ? "7 whom he wm conducted to toe SSL"-,"-*of th# 00an?11 ?om -M wZ^Lm Jaa?f Mullen, Eeq., the chair boflJiUHy?^ ^,?ur tendered him the dtT- Th? Hon. Wm. F. Giles, the 2^ th0n, introduced, and in a speech ?a?ninendationi of ac ouTWeS^S^ J1" .B?ttoBi Hie cabinet, and one^f ttrZSEfi couf1' ^A"1 him ?? wac UatAMi towfu> ornaments. This addrew U6u!?e2iwt. Attention, and warmly applauded ^K^Aa then responded, as ioUows: r^^-^^Lh.r,?,!7^?,U !? the ? .r~-7. ? . " ' ?to ever roil a deep Interest in the iffliTi T ""T- "Ha origioeted In my ftuaa thew.?!; L ^or A In Franklin county, fTl-T* >?*aati of Maryland; and the trade and It& JKSrtLe#T^,r WMveiU,flj ^H" Baltimore. " "? V2? CL^ L OTer, ^AM. I shall never fQwmgt tkm ~ ? w , D?new- 1 ?*ali never fitttK+LJEESZSiSL H A^fcde nIK)on me when a bay tZ JTTTA*^^-. ccmplstlng the study of iCTrn- to PntofAA ?y pro'essioi In BMttaeiA- S?H . P???Ae my profession In aSSrS^AW^Ah the moment arrived to abandon my gtSSJg*,1 V> b? impossible. I have never, 11Ay'l Attachment to Baltimore. S?n?rous hoepitality and of gattRMftrt*- Tb? ??ATgy, enterpriseandpub. o?JMS?Jl2t ^*a"uro ^A" And admired thro^jb ijf^Sr"T> dehnders in 1814, at Norlh "- . mGlthij, over a British army and HuiU with patriotic pride and Jfcr ^>a Aver thus, .no may the soU of P*A the grave or its invaders, it wiU i P* am. Union shall endure and whilst L^!^0 ar? MadJ *? rual? *? repel the r AhHAd oomnMm flag of our oouatry. ""zW^^^S^a nomo of Baltimore is a name ~?nvt , HB_t? ?Wl a?> iA.lg'ous liberty. The charter ^^HfeMUMfaAdfrom tbi British orownmeiw AOfiMlzed the right of the people I ?nbjeeta * ^ **** granted by a sovereign to his imi M??f-he ^'? frAedem whiolfis 3TJ * Tf PAeplc i The Christian religion is a reli S? *ni brotl>AriF l0^A The golden T7^" ? founder prercribed to ell mankind :C?f TT .r, ,'?rr S?.7!0Y,d "ilu,d do unt0 IW III ..AAWlliaMlst this in junction from heaven Smt^CS h*,t f0I ""A"* ?Anturie. "'"'? -J. AAtween the Creator and his crea .iT?t.w*Sl-TWy Ad to present acd future punlahmeo". - ? yA.*f, ? whatever denomination, who dared to a? !!S!??r ^er*nt from themselves. ^ bigotry and intoieranoe Lord .AA? lh* flret legislator who proelaimed the rigfcf of ecnscience and establuhsd for the flMMaJla A#w, : AAasva nnubOliroeg ror ire -??n11i 1 I i*7 principle, sot merely of jTlTiI . Port*ct religious freedom and equaUty ?u! ,? l? Chriatiaui. He was in advance of _ it beeem# th? m Asnnm> j_*_ W- -- m--a . U? WM ID ftQTIQM or TVSL l? beeome the pieoursor of a principle '' *** y'1 m but little progreso among . " . ."f.AAi tbo limits of oor own lavored land nS in M.ta.n ?i . ? ?STZ?:?" "n?" or oor own favored land, *^hHi f PI throughout Christen! HsT-. im7. t rVW.of ?ar own great historian, "re -Is "Arty obtained a home, its only home in the SZ;.V.a"n^b" HJjAfo whlch lKirTtlie iiaine sSj?" . a gjpry which belongs to Marv (T-~TT?riili <Bstlirguish her throughout all future ^5* !*aB Mi me were 1 to attempt to gDeak of "h?" iyw-arsi. ,n tto history of former ages. -Hw s^.i^ ,:1"1 APProdote its aovaatagee ove/all Oltlr n^rthTuw? T,D m?,t AAtuolly witness the eon ftef. ^A"** in ?Hier countries. a ?niy oounlry on earth where a freeman |?eis preudly ecBsaleus that he is equal to his follow ??i ~Aith, diotineUcn and polili'. mJt I .S t 7 ?P*n, to all. It li the d.iiv2nJ7relSv? ^D!",t abor U respected as It nne7lLt!i?r ^?*! *?, ab adequate reward. It is to the ??yt!&^OBAad the On,en jhat we are indebted for all fcAOAgt" we enjoy over every p^, ?!L-?**y_jy.A*n-. Hoa bese, then, would be the F.^*tnBg**Mo?--faow unworthy of their noble tetMm22L2?f totrsnsmit ihis precious legacy tL K22.S ^!I! * P?!*lble. which I do not in nthutljJSEff^^ ' Hioy would blast (he hopes of thoee Sl8T?A.My^j who ardently expect their own lAdWsfl'SZa 0m effe::t of our example, "i 1.^? t^bopma rACe to centuries of dospotism A- Wo Should never betray this saored trust afl mnsSSjidt " 7 for o?' ?wn benefit, hut that of J"T Abiding faith, nothing abroad \be r8!**1*1 And confident pre iiJ.".T~ ? mo repeaieu and confident pre A* fc?*4g? journals that our Union was on the fwus ehUMd^ta'^is A7 %n*T, d,a7 and week After week was ebilged b read these ?ltliter pretietions. They - T-? . ~ *???> sisiiier preclotions. They ^ in consequence of the wild and "?'."I? ateeuente contained in some of our own journal*. Whoa the now* reached Europe that after a Cd Ye?522el2^f|'tei,etrU/Sle ' a black republlean ? tins sPAaker of the House of Repreienta lUt^' ^""wt thauits P^?r* to be the knell of our Cn'on. nnlii!Hi it kaawn to the American people that th?M SS5S?S2w'*SZ'S" welivrit hSH !^?.. ?h.4 II!rybo,d7' Abroad as o^en a!d2S^? ?rLth*V>*ur ,tTet'g'b oonsists la nnieu, and that tf divided each fragment would become power!***. Power la always respected among nation*. Th* belief la th* Enropeaa world that onr Union la not stable?that It la exposed asp moment to dissolution?ha* in some degree deprived na of that glorious character, th* great eat, frsert, meat hajrpy and proepsrons people that ever txieted are entitled to enjoy. Among the despotic gov ernment* of Bttepe the wish may be father to th* thought, because ear existence 1* a constant reproach to them, aid oar example Inepiree them with terror. There ere, however, mar 7, very many, wis* and good men in every foreign land who view our Dnion a* the lone star ef hap* in a benighted world, acd would regard its dis solution as a fetal catastrophe to hnmsn liberty. ? Disunion la a word which onght not to be breathed amongst as, even fa a whlf per. The word ought to be oensMoied ea* of ditafnl omen, and our children should be tanght that It Is sacrilege to pronounce it. Int th< time ever arrive when faction or fanaticism shall drlv? th* people of eay State 1e the brink of the precipice?lei them have a fell tdew of the yawning gulf beneath, and they will recoil with Instinctive horror from th* abyss.

Ia regard to th* fatnr* destiny of my country, I con fess I em aa optlmfet; and I bav* an abiding faith that a majority of the State* and of the people will always even tually redress every wrong which may ba ommittel sgalast aay portion of the country. Strange as it may sosm, my mfth was never stronger In this belief than a', the present moment. We have already reached and a!meet peessd the eangerons crisis on the eabjset of do meetic slavery. The volcano ia nearly exhausted. Th ? mats rial tor eMttnned agitation no long** exists. And why t BeeaasaI hold H to ho quite Impossible that any ooaaMerebte^ettlea of our people oan long continue to ooateet the elementary republican principles recognized le th* tetiMoilai legislation of Congress. This I*.nothing mbre than lb* power possessed by th* peep!* *(every no* Stat* sinoo th* world began. It is the feandatfen?the elementary principle of a democratic repahUe- without a obeerfal submission to the will of the emigiltj ao -demooretl* government oan exist. We have thne .reached th* end, or to nse an t-xpreeeive Amerleawiem, the finality of onr legislation oo tils sub ject. What man la the United Ptates who values his char ester wlB rise smswg hie fellow citizens and s?rlonsly wrga th* repeal ef a law declaring that the majority shall ewvcswf Now*?not on*. I repeat, w* have renehed the dealltv o' the question. We have arrived at th* eieemadaay principle, of freeddm that the nnjority aheJU govern.- essential to liberty, and ss nn "^STfesMlpialM passed away It requires some e( th* ocean be subside; eo after the ?Citation in ike public Bind tor many jesrs oa the WW; queetian, it will require some tine before thU shall cease. That it will 4? no, exoept among those fo ontlen who are governed bf m higher low (boo the con stitution, I fool oa abiding caafideoe*. Aid in it not Ugh time thaf the agitation on this quas tioo should subside, and the inieUeev and energy of the American people he directed 4* other obj??U' Our foreign relations demand their iWrlou* attention Our mercantile aaarine ie now the largest in the world, and ?r ma re bant Tassels oovar svory epat but where iwthe dotj to protect thenar To be aure what we have la compoeod of the bestfc end I bravest materials; but wa hare too little of It, although reqake anything like so largo a own as that ot Oieat Britain er t rance. Ths first commercial peo.ela in the world, we are bat a third or fourth rate nav.xl power. Nona hare 1 been so eonrtnced as during my ^?*1 abroad of the wisdom of the masinref the Father of his Chantry, that the beat jncde of prusenil^t peaae la to he prepared for war. I beg te return to the gentleman who addressed mroo the pert o? the Caaaeils, and to yourself, Judge Grim, my stncete thanks for the manner in which you haw respectively patformed the duties entrusted to you; and and I nead aet aay hew gratified I am at the reception which has bran extended to me by the people of all par tita in this beautiful oky?a city which, in addition to the recollections I hare already alluded to, ie endeared' to me by the fact that the first political speech I erer made In my Hfia was made in appealing to my fellow oltiiaos at knane to raiao volunteers to defend it against the fore'gn invader, which I followed by enrolling my name In the list of those who oCbred to march-to Its defence, and with them I came hare to offer my ham Me am vloea. Now aa to Maryland and Pennsylvania. They are both rapidly Mat flag out Masoa and Axon's lire. The enter prise of year sens baa penetrated our State in erery direction, aad you are reaping the rich fruita of that enterprise from the valleys and the mountains of the Keystone Btnte. We rejoice in your prosperity. The day haa paaaad when any jealousy should exist between us? a jealousy always injurieus to both parties. I once men return to you and to the citizens of Balti more my sincere thanks for your generous welcome. Whatever may happen to me in the futuro, I shall always esteem thin one of the proudest days of my life. ie almost impossible to convey the Impression pro duced by the delivery of the above speech by Mr. Bu ck anew. Bis venerable appearance, his fine athletic form, the clear, ringing tones ol his voioe, which were hoard by the immense audience that listened to him, rendorsd the scene a most imposing one. Ho was ire quently interrupted by cheers, and when he oloeed hun dreds rutbed forward to take him by the band. Last evening, in company with the City Council, hn at tended thn opern, where he was saluted with the most rapturous applause. At midnight he was ssrenaded at his quarters by the band oi the Independent Bines. Between the hours of 11 and 2 o'olock to-day he will re ceive our eitlzena at the hall of the Maryland Institute, after whieh he will dine with the city authorities?and at 6)4 o'clock will leave for Washington in a special train, the eemmittee on the part of the Councils accom panying bias to that place. This will terminate a recep tion and entertainment of which not only our distinguish ed guest bnt our fhlr city may justly feel proud. Col. date Clemens on the Presidential Can didates. Hvktsville, April 29, 1854. Your latter of ths 26th last, reached ma to-day. i am in the midst of hurried preparations for a long journey, and hsvs not the time to answer it as I wish. I am Oto Missouri and Illinois, and from thsooe to New and Washington; from one of ths last named p.'aoee 1will write you at length. In the meantime I ilncerely hope you will not commit yourself against the American party. I thought the nominations nt Philadelphia premature, and have not been aarprised at the expressions of dissatisfaction it has oellsd forth; still I do not see how a remedy ean bs applied that will not ke worse than the evil. I try to lack at It practically. The three prominent oandtdates of tha anil - AmerisaB s are Bush* nan, Douglas and Pierce. Buchanan is more deeply attaehed to the protective prin ciple thsn KM mere. Douglas is fully oommltted to ths river, harbor aad road appropriations, and Picree is com mitted to everything, and will prove true to nothing. Nei ther at the three ootneH up to my standard of what a demo crat ought to be. ..Ncitner ean be trusted tby the South, an heur after they have secured our votes. AU at them will be oertala to favor measures from which the North will reap the benefits while we pay the taxes, and aQ of them will he oertaln to atab us while pro'ess l hostile to the lnstitutlin of slavery. The foreign hack driver, drayman, dltaher or hod carrier has no de aba taaompete for his wages with the negro. Kven the fciA lwkfc tjwifc JfplMMty ifiB at cut ef negro gtrla in aur Newts, note is a wide an a'most universal?repugnancy to a domesti^Metiou which thay cannot foil to see reduces so matefflfflyThelr own chances of employment; and It is bare, at the base of acciaty, whsraa wise politician ought to look for the seeds ot principles whieh. sooner or later, control the destinies of a nation. Great events work their way up? not down. All revolutions Iwgin among ths masses. WllherfoTce himielf only gave voice to a sentiment whieh existed befoie his birth. Ths Parliament of England would have aboTubed slavery if ha had nevar lived, fbe Lai an goes of a demagogue are barm less if there is no prrjudlee for him to direct?no sentiment in the hearts of the laborirg classes wh oh responds to his appeals. With none but an American people to ap peal to, who do not look upon the slave as a rival whose labor Interferes with the suatenenoe of theii own fami lies, all the political preachers and oratory ia ths land could never get up a slave agitation to a dangerous height. It is as a Southern man, born upon the soil ot the South, linked to it by a thousand ties, attached to slavery as a domestic relation, and believing in my soul that it is beat for both Taoea, that I cherish most aident ly tha American cause. Whatever best pr xnotes that canse will be certain to receive my support. I cannot bope to have everything exactly as I wish, and as a prac tical man I mean to take the best I can get. At lshll% celphla, as at all other conventions, things were done of which I do not approve, but 1 piedict tha Cincinnati Con vention will do much vorse In regard to n platform, and that the nominee* will he a hundred lold more objection able. Oliver Cromwell was wont to say "aits will be lice," aid a vile set of traffickers for foreign votes must of necessity give us a trafficker Hke themselves for a candidate. J ERE. ClEUKNN. Anniversary of the VnlTemllit Ruday Schools. Tie anniversary meeting of tbe Sunday school' con nected with the various UnlveraaliHt churches in New York and vicinity, we* held yesterday afternoon, at Rev. S. H. Cbapin'e church, Broadway, hawing been postponed from Friday last, on account of the stormy weather. The occasion was one of mueb Interest, and the weather be ing Sne, there was a large turn out of juveniles, wlio, with their badges and banners, rosy cheeks and smiling faces, presented a cheerirg spectacle. Eight robeols were represented on tbe oecaeion, vis : Four from New York, one from Williamsburg, one from Brooklyn, and two from Newark; numbering, in all, about 1,200 children, and accompanied by 200 teachers. A large majiilty of the scholars wo noticed were girls. The body of the obnrch was appropriated to tbe schools, and the young sters seemed delighted to see their papas and mammas tor once crowded out into 1he galleries, while they were al lowed to hob up and down, and move about ad libitum In tbe front reata. It mnstbe admitted, however, that they did not abnse their privi'ege, but behaved with proper decorum, and were very attentive after the services com menced. After a voluntary on the organ and a hymn by the ct.oir, the meeting was opened by prayer from Rev. Mr. Moore. This was lollowed by a few fntroductiry re marks by Rev. Dr. Sawyer, and an appropriate address to the children, by Rev. R. H. Nye; another hymn followed, and a brief address by Rev. W. L. Belch. An original hymn by Mrs. Sawyer, was then sung; and just as the audience was expecting a fulfilment and completion of tbe programme by an address from Dr. Cbapin, a loose jointed individual hobbled up into the pulpit, and was Introduced as Horace Oreeley. The venerable and grand sire-like appearance of Horace comaegmted the re spect of the ehildren, and they showed thBXbod breed ing by listening with beoomirg attention ItvHat, if they bad not been told it was practical, they would have con sidered a prosy speech. After Horace had ooacluded. Dr. Cbapin closed the exercises by a brief and eloquent ad dress, in which ha spoka of the fastness oftbeagein which we live, and lta different phases of philanthropy and folly. Ha said there were plenty of unprincipled men, who were ready to speak around swery where and on all occasions. No one in tbe audience supposed be in tended any allusion to the previous speaker, although a mischievous mind might have given the remark euob a ornstruetitn. He concluded by urging the importance std the gord efTeots of tbe Sunday school system, and tbongbt the idea of en annuel gathering of the various f chords worthy of all commendation. Benediction was then pronounced, and tha scholars, in cimpany with their teachers and friends, returned to their homes, highly pleased with the anniversary. Police Intelligence, Waylaid and Dakoerot'SLT l!trriua>.?About two o'clock yesterday morning, ae a man named Francis Mnrphy, re siding at tbe corner of Elm and Orand streets, was re turning to his home,' he was attacked in Avenue C and btdly beaten, and stabbed by two men tobim unknown. The injured man was found in an insensible condition by one of tbe Seventeenth ward police, who oonveyed him to tbe station house. Mnrphy thinks that be wu beaten by some persons wko were jealous of his attentions to wards a young woman lately separated from her husband, and Is ct opinion that they Intended to ascaaslnato him. Tbere is no immediate danger to be apprehended by the wounded man's relative*, for it is the opinion of the phy sician In attendance that he will recover speedily. No ar rest baa yet been mede, and as the oowardly assailants weia wail cloaked and ma filed when they attacked Mnr phy, it is not very probable that they well ever be taken into custody. fitooTiso Amur.?Yesterday morning akont two o'clock, two men named August Meyers and Samuel Mnr phy, became engaged in a broil at the corner of the Bowery and Hester street, when the former, it is alleged, discharged ? loaded pistol at the per*in of his adversary, wounding him fh the arm. Meyer was taken Into eusto dy by one of the Sixth ward police, and belog brought before Justice Connolly, at 'the lower polio# court, wan <k rrimitted ;tor trial. Murphy's .wound Is nat a Severe cue. Th# nrtgla of the quarrel U aot clearly established. Tike Cm* or Chief B.^glneer Ctnon. We bin reoeived a loaf oommut. 'Cation trom Kr. Car son, Chief Engineer of the Fire Depai <?ont, relative to the recent aiaault made upon him by .Mr. Leverioh, hi* brother-in-law. In juatioe to Mr. C., we g.'v* a portion or hie statement. In the published aoct tin's of the affray th * following appeared from Mr. Leverich .? C arson be* been la the habit of oomiag to my" house freqneatly. My wife caid to me, "I do not wan i I "'arson toecme here;"' bnt as there was some feeling bet ween Canon and myself, I did not core about speaking to .^1?? a boot it. On Friday, flu 2d of May, mothsr went o? ?r to Jersey City to prepare n house, tie.; my wife ac-* c< mpanled her to help to clean the honse, and Carson went oyer, too, under pretence of as silting thorn, and made bto<-elf very familiar. My wife had intended to remain there all night, I hut when mother went out to get supper for them, and while she wee out, Carson seiz ed my wife, tbrewj her down on the bed, got tie mouth down to here, and attempted forcibly to violate her. she screamed, end in her straggle got between the par tition and the bed1; when mother came in Ceraoo ar ranged bis dress and my wife Mined a shawl and ran out; it was nearly two miles from the ferry, and in the mud, dust and wet she same home at midnight; she did not tell me then about it, fearing there would be some diffi culty between as, and it was only by my almost premis ing that I would mot do anyifolag to Carson that she told me; it was on Wednesday she told me; the day be fcie I notice 4>sbe was erytngr an* weeping, and I osmid net tell whet was the matter; on Thursday I looked (be Caisou, but oould not find him out ot the office, and I did rot wish to mutilate him befbre his clerks. In reply to this, Mr. Carson produces the toUowing affidavit:? I, Md Maria Wvchoff, hereby depeee that my own daughter Fiances b the wife ot Alfred Carson; the Chief Engineer of the Fire Department; that on the 1st of May, 1850, I moved to Jersey Chy; that Mary Leverich is the wife - of my own sod, John 11. leverich, of the eity of Now York ; that Marr Leverion, his wife, accompanied me to my resi lience in Jersey City, a few days after 1 moved there, which is the only time she has been to my honse sine* I moved to Jersey on, the first of May, 1860; that my son in-law. Alfred Carson, eame, at my request, to my resi dsnoe in Jersey City last week, and found myself and Mrs. Iieveiich there; that no other persons were In my house except Mr. Carson, myself and Mrs. Leverioh; that I dkl uot loss light of Mr. Carson from the moment ho entered my houM until he left it to- return to Now York; that while Mr. Carson wan in my house, he took no undue liberties with Mrs. Leverioh, ner did anything improper trannpire while he was there; Mis. leverioh expressed a desire to havt hiin accompany her to Near York; that I urgently requested her to remain all night at uiy house; that she replied that she preferred to return to New York; that she left my house in the company of Mr. Carson; and further this deponent eaith not. ANN M. WYCKOFF. Swoi a before me this ninth day of May, I860. 0. W. WnvKLkK, Commissioner of Deeds. , City Intelligence. Mbtuwioj' Inhtitutr.?At ? general eleotwu for officer* and directors, held at the new rooms of the Institute, No. 20 Fourth arena#, opposite the Cooper Institute, last evening, the following officers and directors were unani mously elected:? For President.?Wll'lum MUer, leather manufacturer; first Vice Prealdent?Oliver Hojt, leather manufacturer, second do. do. George W. Pratt, leather manufacturer; third do do. Janes Rogers, telegraph apparatus; Cones ponding SsoreUry?Charles H.Wan auoUoneer and com. merchant; Treasurer?Geo. W. Glare, manufacturer; Recording Semmtary-James McDonald, piantforte manufacturer. Direotor?? F. ijab F. Fturdy. rrfflident of the Blxpeony Seringa Bank, h. B. rei laws Secretary Rutgers Insurance Company; I.lbby, hotel: John ? Brant, mason; hohier John Martin, merohant; Robert J.Jb. irrmnh operator; Thomas Little, architect; John Meltossald, nlsnoforte manufacturer; Wll/lamD. Murphy, sailmaker; ^l.^ R.Ta?b, engraVer; Joel W. M>?mt cfcalrtnaher; Clinton Roserelt, inventor; ^?thM N ?"bltt, atteeney, Mathew Basket, publisher; Joseph Hardcok, ; J.invs A. OvlBgton, merchant; Wm- H. Adams, builder, John M. Trimble, builder; Semi. P. Ayres, After the election, appropriate speeches were <Ml?"* by Charles H. Itelavan and JamesRodgers, Esqrm, urging the mdtabers to use their exertions In promoting the In teresta of the Institute. ANOTHER F-meute.?On Monday evening, Mr. Thos. J. Monday and Mr. Theodore 8. Mma met at Keefe a, in Broadway, and had quite a little time. Mr. Munday"* dveoeed Mr. Mtase, when Mr. N. appliedto ? ' some hard names, and that ha oould lick hlsa. The ma - ter here ended for the present, hut they eubeequently met, when Monday struck Niass on the moush. Nima then drew a pistol, and threatened to palt a baU hroush Mundav's heart. They were, howeyer, separated. Mr. Nims Is under the impression Tine'ch^ mritir in th? action ot Oouncilmnn John van Tine, chair &n ^Th^ prelal committee JfrSJiL of of the oommlttee on streeU, relative, to the widening of Reade street. Accident in Nashac Street.?Michael O'Brien, a stone mason, while at work at the new marble buildings, oor ner of Nassau a?d Cedar streets, was seriously injured h. the fall of a large stone, which struek him on the i beck, producing frightful contusions. He was taken to the Cttj Hospital tor treatment. , ' Widening Laurens Street ?The Committee on S'rests of the CouncUmen?Mr. Van Riper chsirmnn-met on Mon day, and heard various parties for and against the widen ing'of Laurens street twenty, five feet on the west fide, from Canal street to Washington square. This is under stood to be an inceptive step to have a wide and direct thoroughfare from the Batterj through * lf? Harlem liver. To effect this, it is proposed to ]have Len rftns street, alter being widened, extended through Washington Parana ground to Fifth avenue, *o*n *wn?,W placs Is tO through Barclay and othsr streets to the Battery. The City Roads.?The Co unci linen's Committee on Reads took an lnspscting tour ia carriages on Monday, over seme of the rosds of the city-thai Is, the streets above Fortieth street, those streets still bearing the primitive name of roads. Th?y went part^ularW m look ifter the grades of 120th and 131st stree s, applications for the altering of whioh were referred to them. Wise noticeable feature of the tour that It tookthree to eonvey the committee, and a party of nine to bear them oompany. Miutakv Visit.?The Columbia Rifle Corpe, Csptain Mfl<ean, of Philadelphia, arrived in this city yesterday morning frcm Newark, and were received at the pier by the New York Rifle Corps, Captain Johnson, aoeosa psnied by Dodsworth's Band. The Columbians, with their escort, msrehed through the lower part of the city and eventually took up their quarters at Tammany Hall Last evening they visited Laura K?g?'s Varieties. The Jackson Gnat#, Captain Rltterich, " are also in the city, and paraded yesterday with the New York company. Both companies Intend returning home to morrow they have bee. wsdl toeatodI In thiscBy, and will no doubt carry back to more ssany pleasant souvenirs ot their visit to this city. Parade ok the First Brigade.?East New ork was the scene of a grand brigade drill and revte* on Monday. The Seventh, Eighth, 81*1 y "loth regiments and Garde Infsyette, comprising the First Brigade or New York State Militia, were on the ground in fatigue dress, and went through a number of company, regimental and brigade movements. The feature of the day, however, was the firing, of which a great deal was done. The Na tional Guard excelled themselves In firing by wteg, by flsnk, by company and regiment. There wae an immense number of outsiders on the ground. who took a lively terest in what transpired. Ths brVde returaed toU to the evening, fatigued, hut pleased with their day s ooeu pation, which was both amusing and profitable. The Seventy-first Regiment had a regimental dril at Hamilton square, also, yesterday. Btn.Niid. ok Unoccupied Frame Buddings.?About 3 o'clock on Monday morning, a fire broke out In the large unoccupied frame building situated at the toot o_ Fifty fifth street, Fast river, formerly oeonpied by the New York Juvenile Asylum Society. The i***5 unoccupied since the 1st ot May. The from the main building te several out houses, they were 2i destrered The fire is supposed to be the work of un facet diary The property wTowned by Mr French^ hut whether injured we were unable to learn. The buildtuge srs said to have been worth $2,000 or $3,000. Burning ok a ?tabi.e.?Between 1 end 2 o'clock cm Tuesday morning a fire broke out In the hay loft of a sta ble In the rear of No. 189 Hester street. There ware four horses in the stable, which were all taken out In sefato; three of these belonged to Mr. Martin Spellman, and the other to Mr. H. Potter. The firemen vsrv soonexUa gulebed the flames. Ifamsge estimated at about $26. Tm: Horse Suoeiw.?The members of the Horaeshoers' Protective Onion paraded on Monday, accompanied by Manshtn's Baud, to celebrate the anniversary of the organisation of the .ociety. The h^rseshosrs sre a stuidy, hard, body of men, Mid made a ered'tolJ^'P peaiuoc*. will th?ir showy banters and handsome wk galia. it* day was flue, atd everything transpired to lerder the occasion a pleasant ocs. ? Suit of Freedom.?A suit, which excited coa fidereW. Uican^erest, was brought to a ? <7 ? ^ day evening, in Chesterfield Circuit Uurt, Judge Nask nresiciwr The style of Ihe esse was Betty et al vs. An derecn'^Fxeeutore. It wm a claim on ths part of car i tela negroes. Betty and her descendants, to <>? "V.rtoe mret pa-eot love*. Mtlol and the most -iaborate argument of oounsel. It [ ^ ' j i_x in fmvor of tbe coBuplfctniotii. Thoi? WW? r^MtlusXtr their freedom, and th.y had tXUe ^ld 'n Vlr behalf, notwl'-hrtondln. toe SE'SM ;xurJ:vo^n^nu to I IS adWningcenn'y, and slaps are in proyrens to bung thewfa?.". in I tki manner before th. proper tribunal. 1 _ Wfcfcmond *?y U. Ac* a *t ? Mu-ic ? SmtnuiiiDa?JJwjt-r oi V?'TiU ? KojCay ???aio< ?m mrktd by thi rvvivwlof fbwlil'v "SstnlrwmHv " ?od by the reappearance on the W#W York At.*. nfiilgaoriM telisita Veatvel!. The oporm war pi even IH it each ibe mm manner no during the winter hut #ith a noitt powerful Mat. The tlitittetlw ?f cceren*?>- aclucvd Badiali as Amur, vioe Morolll, die" abled by iowmmm. auo Coletti m Oroe, rim Oaaparerd. Vestvuli portotm?l 'he role of Araeee, which wee iaet season i-mlwf b y n en tier Dtdiee. Madame L* Grange sustain* ; th? ci>?j?cUr of Semirnmia, and, although ap parent!? 'c?? than on aome previousoccasion*, gave bnn otuMiir * iiairwMon, which reunited in to qu<ot buret* oi applause and numerous bouquets. 9g norioe Veefail received with mneh enthuiieam. She looked ??? ?im ?i at numbly aa to pro** that the eeaa a teniati.m* ?? jpookaoualy bestowed upon her are net m.hpdai'-d. Tbs other parte were satisfactorily (iron, thai of auMi* fotioextly no, ea the applanne testified. We iron Id remark, by *uy M parenthesis, that H the ap plau?e* rould bo 0 tittle more disswimisatiugly Lieu to and, it woultp >dord ? pertioo of the audience, at lew it, mwah nor* rrwHheatiow. Howertr high aa admit at ion we may vatvrtnio tar a; trust, it i# extremely amnap to u?? Mr saluted with the everlasting bra a* of > is- .-Aloeophers in the vety mkAt of a or osotalc. The ertttatama which are oean aioiaUr b/ lo^ieiihtaUi who hare appropriated somebody'? *W an, obirlap-thiir exit, and the exit itseu, ?r- other prr(iito: aoirrwsn- of annoyance. The opera announced 'or tn-ei.jfet la " Lucre-da Borgia," with Vestwiii a* II aAi.> 'trtiuai Laos* <??>:'? VA#nia&.?"Diane," a tranelation eg "Dili*' >' l.y/,' ? trams ir 6vw acta, waa produced Iaet llaaday wining, ca's crowded Diana (Wee ?ecne.i ha* aa.i* > marriage of convenience with the Cetnl dv la Val Mr-Dickinson)*. There la no lore iaet between th* ill aasorked pair?the lady ha ring sought a naatn in th* alllaooe, Aa gentleman havinj married the lady lor bar wooay. fbe CounteM accidentally eainte Pawl Aubrr (Jordao), an artist, with whom aha baa n platomc dirtatioc. at*r husband lakes her on alon? tour in th? Fast. >,n rtmlt aha It. overtaken by [>anlt and b?* ? violent airuqgio between her passion for hint and bar duty to oar heehamd. Th>-latter triumphs. Paul raturo* to.Paris, and after two years here elapsed is about t? oontrao' ? marriage, thinking she has tor gotten tam Hut sba returns on the dny that the oew tract la to m <igo*4; risitsJPaul's etudtx 8he aanounoaa thai sn? m * aloow; but the Conat unexpectedly ap pearv i? tba .itudlo baeiop*. feigned d mth, to watch bin wis. tho Count tiro* at Paul, but Plane receiree An shot and dto* In the arma of her lorer. The >lar i? not so effective aa the "-/fam* attr Corne lia!, ' ?r "J.*.- All" " Mo Ore," bat in % moral painted rlew It la batter tbao sither of these product loss. It teaches ? Ivosoo to women who think they may safety derinso trom the strict line at duty in heart, but not In deed. Th* jUjt i? too quiet lor the modern teste, bnt sevmoi to tuba s strong hold upon the sympathise of the amlteUM. Tb* interest centres almost entirely in Ae chsiuat.r >( IHsos, which was admirably acted by Mien Keroe. Tb* *arrin< vhnseo of the character of aa In jured, bigh-br*d. spirited, loring woman could not hare bseo tiuirv iicaly oonceired or effeetireiy rendered. Mies Keen* re* oiled several time*.luring the ceuaae of tlm play, a ui ?t ths fa'l of the euvtela the applanee wee hearty ssi ieoeral. She was well supported by Msaere. Jordan, Diokiwwoo. l.oae.'ey, MeDoubll, and MUwes Rete nolds *od W*)U. "IHsos1 -and "My wife's Mfcrior" tUa evening. V ijnii'.* ?; v, _ 0* Monday evening A.John gler wees bia .1r?t .epp?urane? us America. A. is an srtiat ou to# tight rope, and is really quite aa i of, so artiai m H ha played in classic tragedies, and played wall. Ha baa fbe powtr of maiatalnin* hla equilibiioa Witb lesa spAareat eddrt than any other gyaenaat we Ave e?er **?*. .So<??thnas one- feels afraid.that a tight rope lancer w*y nseet with some distressing aecidemt, hut Mr. Ueegier put.* the audience entirely at ite ease. On* would i s feel sarpnaad to MS him take hie hreeh. fbat io tba rove 9* will doubtless prove a groat card f?jj N'iblo. Tba Ksval* inallnub their] Bk.u:iv ?? tHyuix?Mr. and Mrs. Bbrney WIIHaaM ate in th* ofh week e( t /ery successful the Sriifwij. theafra. On Monday the capital "bia U Our down. ' *w presented (or tha Bret tfaan this aaaaoe. it U * < v>l pieee, and was well aoted. It will roe to roogb tb* #?*. Mr*. Jui.* ftvi.v Hum has arrived In town from An South, eod sill iapart tor Cabforoia on the 20th.lnstaad. She is <o bave a ic.upllmvetsiy teetimnnial at MiMo'eGar dea iw Satnroey. Tba bill inoludee "C'amllle" (a new traosiaiivn if *b? /*? >??' avr Cornell*,) and "A Kerning Call. ' Itr*. H?ye? wlit .10 doubt bave a real benefit. Mix*. Biciiii ur . Dkijoat* Situation.?We tnuUt* the etinjeioed frum the Corresjxmdaitc* Particm lirf h Pfe-tur, ."iHn, April 22:? M'le rUcaal 1* la * aoit interesting position. 8hs le ei> mouth* pr-gnset. You probably suspected this when alter aar ret am trana Ametiea she retired te a Ht tle couolry iouM in Normandy, end refused ell the odM from the (tees-die I rmo<.eise. But the pablie would have kuo-i ao'hiag Bed sot curiosity pushed M'Ue Rachel to Otteui the reeaot p?rfor manses of M'me Rlstiri. Oa the ( cession o: h?r ?tnit abe w??, of course, eeen sad recce, cited, eat her tradition ess so apparent that it oeukd not b? M'etekee. M'lle P.erbei arrival o few York le August, 1866. The le-.nauar. ear* particular to tell Ul that sh? VII aceesapa?ial b? her "ether, her brother and her sinters, but rhe <bov? paragraph would nee in to show that the presence of en important person?bsr kuabaad *M pease 1 i *m oy the joHrosliate. Wbwwashef The rerrenpondeet jf /-* Xord (April 28) says:?Mis Rachel is weeing repoae at the chateau of M. Delahente, after th" stiguea and disappointment* of her tlllSill? Wur. Her p leithrn arill prevent her tjrom appear!nc Ma the etege 4aric(,wr?nl rnoothn. She has two sons, who aishrougoi op io the Catholic religion, and who ' recently uori i m*J br the Archbishop of Paris. At saote time M'lle P.ashel adheres to the Jewish fktth. It). s?eaeHie K? . r. ??eou Drowmic at Ska.?Captata Beides. it'aeh.Moer w. K Griftia, arrirsd yesterday froos Ba-.aooa. makea the following report:?On the 8th iaet.. Waiting* lets el hearing V. S. K., distant thirty miles, at midnight . v>lot?d wa nee came crawling on hoard aver the how Is a very my?iari?u< manner. He eould speak very little V'.ogltah, end sheo interrogated the tollowiog wse gather-d:?That bo Ml overboard on Sunday the 41ti It .tent, .'mm the meieboom of a Spanish brig (nssso unknown) Ten Trinidad, bound to Barcelona, tts crsw of etiinn no nereeivlog him throw him a plank, with whins ne .uruv-ied % reaping himself above water during 'be remainder ?( the day and night, and until the afternoon of th- Jtb io?t. When he saw the W. A. Grif fin be ini i miaieiy rtinioBemjed swimming for hsr and succeed?) is is hoard at midnight. Ha U about twssty <ive year' of egs. and bad nothing oa whoa reach leg the W. a. Crlitiu but his pantaloons, having thrown away bi? skirt previously. He had been in the water one lav < ad s bslf. ? ?sis of Tra Governors. TaW rvi.rd ?ei yeeteidsr afternoon, at Bellevoe Hos pital. ?re-eat. vioveionr Draper (Chairman), and a full board, vmeemlug Ki.-roor Taylor. The Medical Board of Bsltovse Ho-nitsi (Dr. Kransis, President) were prsosat, la pu reus ere >! e reseat resolution requiring their atteadsnoe to -.plain the cause of eo many "extras" hMlg eeataiso is thsir requisitions. Givereor e'sted that the requisitions of thm BsUevuo Department for '?extras" had iaciaasod in foaryesre rom tl.OOJ to 87,000. Among therequiet liess* <f last tprii ho .perilled, as enumerated, 44(8 ahlcbese. 421 pounds a" ham, at 16 eent* a pound; 4,104 oysters. Hit) mutton c.inps, 2,0C0 eggs, 200 pounds of bullet. 37 gall Tie hrsodv. :5 bottlss of Madeira, 1,201 bottle, if porter, and l'-'i gallons of ale. Those articles, he ib-?r v?,i, oil came indor the head of "ex tra.." 7h? iJrtvernprs war# dfsiroas of being la id wed s aether the patients need the articles named. It wee etsted by the Medio*! Hoard that the meroaee of tho extra- speoiled waa ueialr caused by the addittoaal nussber it eurfiosl oeeee ?t the hospital, with the great lasree-e i? the cumber of patients. It was urged thab many .?* rv iuireit food different from the ordinary diet, eud thet 'he mme was furnished taem. Tbew asked, however, ? full -Tsminatloa of the matter, and it was finally desided to tna'.e such examination. The weekly asmmsry .bowed remaining at the iostltu tioee iiooer charge it (be Ge 'eroors, at the efcissof the wree -cdlei Uey 10. HAS. 4 VrlO. Thw was a decrease of 140 id the pr.vtAti. wvek. During the week there he* died, '.V; di.-heigei, l.ileO; tent to the Peoitmtlary, 84. rowvt I'elvndsiMniii Oayr. Noa908, 334, 401, 443, 300K' I 480, 441, ?o4. til. ?M. ' Brrwuus Coo ST. ? Nse. 262 363, 321, 300. 330. 300, 220. 400, 825, K4, 412. ??3 244. 600. 104, 608, 173,10, l3" 440, 6?0, 347, 341, 474 470. ZU, 3.4?,478, 408. 001, 0*ll 604, 90f, Wd, il)?, 4?i, ii J ill, fit? * Co?i i.^ivc,- Put 1?431, ?32 to 046. I fort 2?ST*. 138 01A, d'4, SH 117, 480, <121, 022, 0M, 040, 04T. Mo! 000 661. * rf. .w. Dee,, r CorwT.?loO. 8. I. 2, 11 to 14.