Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1856 Page 3
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mmsanm rltowi? vm\ bay ?ITiIWI iT IVOTIOI. A! HKR-! H. WirOI.AT, Ar<MIOW*"R -<fTO"K AND houUSH auction ? negn'-r semi- ?f kli ? ? -AblikBI I' hKvLAV wlllteli. this day, MaylS'h ai 12% o'oiock. at I he kf??hantt' I xrLtLge, f ir fount of whom I 'n*Toon>*ra 1-1 Otti t?cismenlo < I > (?a er loan) 10 le cent need. I ST." MitwsnHeand ortovn KaiHca" ('aim nv>.tg.?e' ood*. I'.ltHlO IIuloih Central 1 it road coast-vcti- "bitcdi, 9510 each. |*\W)0 Her tr-jd tlrjr 6_p#rcent bowds *1 Oh)each. I w run. ee Waterloo Woo len Shaw! Mh'urO V0 e&eh. |10 co. hew York and Virginia Hteamshlo Oo.. 1U0 " 110 do. Psc fic Mail Meam ntp Oomoc iT 100 " 100 cj. Porismi uih ' ry l'ock Ootunanv .111! " lU do. Knlckeri-icker Ufa insurar co C > IB " "40 00. Lerox Insurance < omcaev 25 " do. frenhanur lnsu>aice Compunv SO " 15 do. Metrop'lltajBank 100 " I Term* of sale- ten per seat this <>tv. atd the balance he lire 2 o e'oak to merrow. dbe accrued lutereet ou all banda lelli ne rb? rged to ue purchaser. Kext rofilar sale ou Moi dar Mat 19L ALl,hKl U. MCOLAV bold* hli regu'ar eeml weekly auc linn ralraof stocks ard Honda everv Monday ana Ihu *1 ijr, at I be Merchants' kxrtarge; also (pedal tale* of tbe fame ou any lilher taja when MUM, J At prtra'e ss'e, a great variety of first clus railroad, city lied t late botda. bank, lnsurai ce and other stocks, of aa |ionbUd character t<r mveeimeat. Important Notice?Interest allowed on all mone? s deposited lip triirt, and tecurltles bought and aold a', the Board of laroker-. aLBIRT H. MOOLaY, Aneltoneer and Banker, No. 4 tirnad strte', New York. I A LBkkT H. NI 10L AY, AUOTIOWKKR.?PKBBMP |a tury sale of a va'ttable twenty one year:' lease, of the Itprner of Broadway and Bo word street, 50x100 feet.?AL Itkh'f ii. h.OO(.A Y win sell, withnu reserve on Thursday, IHay 22, 1866. at 12% o'clock, at the Merchanla' Kiobauga, *orner of Bread way and Howard street, the very desirable nd valuable twenty-one 1 etra' lease of the live story fireproof pui'dlny, r.n the southwest corner of Broad way and toward itreet, rmcrly ktiosr as the City Hotel, having a front on droadwa> Of 88 feet, and Iff) 'eet on Howard street. No pro J'erty baa been offered in Broadway tor m??? yea-s which lifiern such inducements to" in urovement?being situated in Ihe Immediate vicinity of all the leading hotels and railroad llepota. The location, for butiness purposes. U unsnrpas'ed, Jrom >be fact that manv of our leading merohanta ave now ?loingbostnesa bathe neishboroood, and others contemplate I'uUdirg. Tbe opening of Canal street will alro greatly benefit Ibis prhrerty. and many o'her Improvements which are In eon lemplalioi. must largely ond rapidly Increase the value of all ?'Sal eats If surrounding this location For the Investment of lapbal. this sale oilers great inducements, and t?e attention tn ? .articular]) called of all persona seeking to make permanent over (meat*, and are re?p?c'fully rei tested to lnspeit tbe tremlaes. Tbe terms of the sale will be made unusua'ly lib tral, and possesion can be bad witbln thirty date from the lay of sale, or earlier if required. Ft lull particulars apply o aLBRKI H. > ICOI aY. No 4 Broad street. _ LU. C&I8TAI.AR, AUCTIONEER.?MoBTGAGE SALE. ? I?A. M. O. will sell, tbls day,' May 15, at 10% o'ulock . M., by virtue of several chattel mortgages, the wuole, eu tre find magnificent furniture of the St. James Hutel, on the heaa corner of Fourth avenue and fourteenth street, cos ng in part of one superior rcowood ptaaoforte. suits of taval, plush and haircloth parlor furniture, comprising so tete-a teles, arm nnd sewing chairs, carved rose wosdeto ss. marble top centre and pier tables, brooalel and lace rtndow ourUlns. In Yaienc'a trtmmlnzs; Frenoh piato mi* ora, rich cot plans ware and china, ton tapestry, Brussels ,nd lngratn oar pets, Bruuela stair oarpe's, oil paintings and ngra rings, mahogany doub'e and stngle bedsteads, d re Minx lareaug, with mantle tops; marble top wanhatandn, b ack wsl at bureaus, waaketandn and Bedateads, sets of oottaga fural are. rich stiver plated ware, eomprtstug forks, spoons, do ; pleodtd gas fixtures, gilt brackets and maroie slabs, feather <eds, bolsters end pillows, hair mattrefses, pallbuaes, Kar teillea qnllu. blarkets anil sbeete, Bngish oilcloth, extension Unixg-table. otUoefurniture. With a general assortment ot ho ni kitchen utentdls furniture, stoves, Ac , do., with wUoh the talc will commence. A ItCmCJf NOIIOK.-J BOQABT. AlTCTlo*KER-BY A 8. Bogart?Thin cay, May 15, at 11 o'oiock. at the auc 4on rouns, oorre" of Frankfort and Wi Ham it'eeta. Sheriff's id mor'gage rale of boom and shoes, com ,?ting of a large as irtment of iadlsk' aru men's morocco boo s, plain kip gaiters, oxed gaiter boots, p ain button gaiters, qntltsd all jpera, youtv.s' shoes, chlldren'r racks, over gaiters: ladies' and men's ibbers, embroidered sllpoers; men's gaiters; men's and iys' calfskin boots; gen's' Congress gaiters. N. B.?Sale iremptory. a deposit will be reqnbed frum all purohaaors A LOTION NOTICE.?M. POnOHlY, AnCflOlfS8R. XA. ?111 sell tk is day, at 10% o'clock, at tbe auction rooms, 27 and V9 Centre street, a large and general assortment of new land record band parlor, chamber and dining room furniture, tapestiy, Bmreels and three-ply carpets, beds, bedding, ualr mattresses, mirrors, china, crockery aid glass ware. LOJION NOTICE -PKREMPIORY SALE OK FURNI ture, gas chandeliers, Brttsae s and other earpe'a. do. S4MLEL OBOOOD A CO.. Auctioneers, will sell, this (Thurs day) morrlr g, May 16.10% o'clock at their salesrooms, No. 81 Nassau street, a large cailecion of househ ild 'urnltu-e. enm prfshig eight rosewood parlor suits, elaborately owed and ipbolsterM tn the very fines', manner, in green and gold, blue and go d, crimaoo and gold, crimson and mawxm. and ether >atln brocatel, mahogany wardrobes, sofas and sotk bedsteids, parlor chairs annand rocktcgcbairs rosewood and taahogauy lrestlrg bureaus, hair ard busk mattresses, Upeatry, Brus nels, stair and other carpets; mahogany marh e top etegeres, ecretsry. bookcases, lounges, hat and umbrella s ends, maho gany dining tables, oil paintings, couches In haircloth, gsa chandeliers, rich enamehed marble top chamber urits, eteje rei, book racks, msrbie top centre tables, te'e a te'es, quar .ette tab'es, secondkard fnrnitu-e, Ac, Every lot ofi'erea on ctialoEuc will be positively sold to close omHlgnmenta. Hood* purchased to leave the city, carefully packed on the remises. CCTICN NOTICE.-THIBT BE NTH RWCIAR HARD ware t rede sale.- JNO. K. Y AN ANTWRhP will sell this May 15, si 10 o'clock, at 216 Fearl street, on a credit of our months in lota to suit city aod countrv ccaiers, 250 lota .nd package* well ssi-orted hardware, cut's-;, b?avy goods nd American articles Ic. Also. English nnd Herman pattern ard* cf fine knives, acteaors. razors, tc. Also 400 dozen well snorted knives aid forks. For full particulars see oataloguM, rhirh are now ready. ALOTION NOTICE?THCS. BELL. AUC7IONBKR.-BT O. BkLL A BUbH, ills day, at. 10% o'c'ock. in the sales 00m 12 North William street, will be sold, wiibout reserve, >nd to clcse the stock of a watchmaker, jeweller and sliver mith uxdsr the direction of assignee and attorney for the 'ame, ccmcristng fitly go'd and silver wstchea. ny'tneers, ver ical 'ever* and chronometers; a large varia y of rlsa jewelry, of all descriptions: diamond rings, pins, bracelels, twenty gold mains and necklaces, sets of ornaments, silver and plated wire, spoons, forks, Ac. valuable gold Uunitngchro oometer. two bexuhtui watches for ladles, ana numerous other nods in the line. No articles admitted exceot belonging to the ock. Terms cash. Deposits required. By order of A. J. THOMPSON, Esq., Attorney. Tbos Wilusms, Arslgnee. A1 ?UCT1?;N bOTlng?THOB. BKTJ,. AUCTIONEER.?BY J1 HELL A BUbH, Fridxy. a> 10}i o'o'o?k. In our salesroom", large tale ot drv goods, embroideries, clothing, milUnerv, Ac. F-alurday. extensive sale of furniture, carpets, As. All our sales are free. UOTIOK BALK OF SECOND HAND FUR.VIfURR.? PfTER PARKS, auctioneer.?Br Ravage and Parks, Frldar, Mar 16, at 10H o'clock, on the corner "f Ninth avenue and For y-third street, ihe entire stock of a second hatid furot ?nre store, sold on account of the oremises being let, comprising furniture, caroets, gas fixtures, iron and tin ware and a gene' ral variety of dealers' stork. Also, clothing, hoeeiry. dry goods, Iron safe, Ac. This sale la worthy the attention of deal ers, being peremptory for cash. SAVAGE A PARKS, Auctioneers. 17 Wall street. p A. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER-ELEGANT HOUSE ,D. hold furniture at auction, on Thursday, May IS, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of P. A. H. Rensuld, F,sq., 269 State street, between Hoyt and Bond streets, Brooklyn.?OOLtC A CHILTON wtl sell, as above, the elegan; and costly rosewood and mahogany carved furniture, all made to order, by Weeks A Co. : large mirrors and consoles, rosewood cabinet piano, made by Benrl Herts- costly bronzes, ormolu and enamelled mantel clock, style of Louts XIV.; rich vases, same s. vie; ele gant picture*. velvet tapestry carpets, rich china and cut glassfware. rich damask curtains, figured lace drop do , carv ed roea wood bedsteads and bookcases together with a large railtty of costly bouddrar.d chanoer furniture contained In the residence of P. A. H. Renattld. Esq , wbolsabcnt leaving for France, the whole to be sold without reserve csnsis*lng la part ol the following:?Parlor Furniture-Velvet tapestry and Brussels carps to, elegant mantel and pier glasses, richly framed;marror andorimson sa'tn broeatel window curtains, rich under curtains do., carved cornices, elegantly carved and rosewcod parlor furniture, en suite; arm chain, rocking do , rosewood do., console*, secretaries, a'tistlc enamelled por celain, elegant earved etegerea, v&see, Persian figures, ar tistic ormolu clucks, stole Louis Xi V ; cabinet oiano. made by Henri Bertz; groups of figures. Imparted and selected by the oresent swnar In Paris; elegant framed engravings and oil natation, Ac . Ac. IMrlng Room- Elegant ex'enston rosewaod dining table, elaborately cut glaea ware, white French cluna tinner, breakfast d tea sets; plated ware, mahogany sofa, and do. chairs, Briinaels caruet, ,te . Ac. B?dr.sun?Ruse wood and uudu-gany French bedsteads. B-uasels carpets, spring mattresses, leather 'beds and bedding, rosewood arm -hairs damask curtains. lace drop do., mantei o'ock and can dleatloks, elegant toilet sets, rosewood wardrobes, mirror avona, together with a 'arge variety of useful household furni ture, lUua.rated and c her books, Beldsiek and other choice wines; also a fine variety of oopper ki'cheu utensils and other kitchen furniture. In excellent order, ta alngues can be had of the auctioneers, 46 Nassau street. New York, and at James Cole A Boss, 369 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 1 HENRY H. I,FEDS A CO ?NO. 23 if AP3AT7 ST RE ST. On Thursday, May 16, in front of tin store Wo 23 Nassau street, at It o'clock, one roan borse. about IV, bands high, stylish driyer, sound, kind and gentle 'mil harness; 8 years old; a very s ylieh sat tt'e horse, and has been used by a lady <ts suoh. Also. one rockuway, In |ood order. T JOSEPH HKGEMAN, A U OTION f ER.?FRIDAY, 1 May 16. at 10 o'c'ock A. M. precisely at the Central hales roomscorter of WlUouvhby and Pearl stre-'s, Brooklyn, regu lar weekly sale ol" furnltucomptlah.g a verv large and general assortment of *p endid rose wod parlor suits of furni ture. In brocatel of various oolors; do. In haircloth; m dnganv and walnut marble top chamber fnrnlture, painted aets, splen did bookcases, wardrobes. extension tables, mattresses, bed ding, window shades; Brussels, tapestry ant ingrain carpet*; oilcloth, matting, Ac . Ac. Many of these goods are enns'Iy as rood as new.havtag be?n ta use but, a short time. Also sp'en dld rosewood piano, by Gilbert, of Boston?cost 6660; and seve ral mahogany pianos. Assignee's sale of the stock fixtures and isaseof a jewelry store.?Monday. May 19, at 8 o'clotk A. W precisely, at the stere 163 Myrt e avenue, between Gold and Prince street*, Brooklyn, the entire stock, o'meriting a large a?d general assortment of goods ta the line?gold and silver watch "?. cb-lns, ptas, earrings, 1 octets, scuds, sleeve bat ons beys, goto and silver pencil*, rings, snaps, thtmb'e*; silver table, dessert and tea spoons; forks, nankin ring* plated ware, blocks, regulator, with a great variety of fancy goods. Also tn -.he store, fixtures, consisting of two large showcases. Herring's patent safe stove, desks, mirror Ac. The stock I* la firm ren du Ion. Thees'alogue containing over 1.200 lots.maybe ob tained at the sa'es-corns corner of Pear) and Willoughby streets, Brooklyn, on Friday. CROOK FRY AMD GLASS WARE AT AUCTION.?BY WM. W. BHIELBY.?This day, Thursday, at 10 o'slook In he lofts of store No 94 Beekman street, near Pearl. 40 orates opened crockery and ?0 p tokages glass ware, the whole a choice lUaortment. Sale absolute, f r J. A. W. 8tonebrl4ge: on Hine over >100. Those wanting bargains wlU do well to attend. Goods well paeked tor shipping. I" riDWARD 8f nRBCK. AUCTIONEER.-RDW.iojIKNCK J A CO.. Wo 33 Ni atan street ?This rUy, May '.I, at 10t* o'clock, special se e of wines, brandies, segars, sardines. 26 caree Renault Crgnsc; 25 do. old 2; 90do. Plant A Co.; 36 do. ?A O. P. ; 10 do. Vleux Coenac; 30 do. J B. Ooddard; 20 to. Brigbam's / raontllladn; 23 do. Portllla; 19 da Pbe p'g madel rt; 16 do. Forre ter pott Also, 3imaica rum, whlske* a, Ac ; sard toes In whole and 1 nlf boxes; 260 demijohns brandies and w ines; ."/0 000 segara. Every article offered will positively be is our store on morn Ins of sale. Bale poelllve, DWARD 8CHENOK, AUCTIONKFRn?EDW. 8CHEWCK A CO. will sell at unction, this day, at 1 o'clock, at their ?ales room. No 33 Nassau street, a brown h.irse, 7 years o'd, kind, snmd and gentle; a'so. a supwb coupe, made by Wood, 1 Tomllnsoa A Co ; several new road wain-n bv best makers; i.)*o, a second band rockaway; also a set ol double and single tarn ess. ijlDWARD 8CHENCK, AUOTIOWEER.?MAGNIFICENT TJ sale ot superb French plate mirrors, paintings, Ac Ed ward Bebenck A Co. will rf 11 at suction, on Monday. 19th Wav. B 28 and other sizes; also a targe variety ot other glasses, eor nfi'et, pier tables, Ac., all guarantee ! htrhtly first .pialHy I'roncb plates; also several superb oil paintings, by well kn<wa masters. The above offers Inducements seldom met wiih as the stock I* larr* ?rd must l.e positively xn'd. The above can he examined any day previous to sale, and every Information as regards s'zw, meMuremett and qnallty, will be given Catalogues may be obtained of the auctioneers, at S3 Nassau street, and at store 924 Broadway, between Twenty irst and Twenty second s'rr*ta. /"T ABDKN PLANTS AT AUCTION.?W. 8. McTI.LVAIW U wl? sstl, this day, at Wlk, o'slnck, at the seedstore, Na. 7 ? John street, hardv. perpetual rose* and jHmblai rosei. csjr y allots, honeysuckles, vines, vergbeuae, dahlias Ac , from P. fjenderxin, Jersey City. Descriptive catalogues. All plan ta 1 am sold at Private sato. at auction rates. gAUM At ATWWW / 1AKT&, WAGONS, HABNS.SM. <lT AUOtIIff.-F&r " day, to-morrow, at 1 'I o'e oek, si 5T D-d? street corner uf I'reeawleh, Doe* double kmi phaewna one squ?rs rocvawar, ot.e r reach ea'rahe coach. one lu.-ullure o*t ?, oae etprvw wcyrn. or.e g'g on# d'sdnx's one **rm cat B.'Id to P?t aavances, together With harness, whip*, ?lI WtUilJGTjS A Um'tK Audi'veer. EUOFJTB B. FRAKKUN. AUCTIONKKR.-BY FRAMt LIB A NICHOLS?To monow (Friill) niirrir.g * Id*jJ o'clock, at the aaleerooon. 85 B?^?u street, near FulVra. ptnnifUirr anteof new and second haid tint claw house od rurniiuia; Briusals ran eta i reach plate p'?*r Rlav^i a.d o\ a! mirrors, superior c II rntaMrua, fclojks, china dinner ? '1 lea seta, vises, mantel ornaments. fanoy good-., Ao Frank lln A Mchola will sell, en a ore, a large ana superior at ok ot flrat clara cabinet made furuPure, eon Driving roiid carved rote wood. mabcganv nd aralrnt p-.r'or suit*. cvveredtn r ch rit'n 1-rocatel, silk plu?U. and balrrloth; handtooie cai d, a .fa. c> aire and tar07 tables to match; roewo d and mabogury secieary aid library booacan t,, etegeres, oo a'; psror. aim rockier, twvliulrg sodfancr chairs; eorn"r stands, cock and music stands, extension dining tab ei, dining room cba'is; Are gi.t Freact rhlna dinner a d tea ?eta oilver u.a'ed wure, 'able cut'enr, Ac ; bedroom ra'ts of ?o id carved ? sk v <1 at amellrd, with mnrb'e tops; mahogany, rosewood and w* nut brdstevds. p ah. and dresrmg t U'eaus and wsabstHOdi, with and without marble too*; stone china, acd French gl e and ?e e rated china tol'et sets, hair uiat'reuses, paillas>ei, loungei; docks, mantel, pier and oval mirrors, oil paiotlng*, fa >cv goods, Ac. Also, a large stock of second band furniture with wl lch the aa'e will commence. Inter ding purchasers will do well tc attend this sale, as every article wilt vontively be g-ld, and the selection Is suoh aa la te'dom met wKh at auction aa es. Goods packed on the premises tor shipment. EH. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.?ASSIGN R1?B SALE ? of valuah e property, on avenue A, at auction ? K. H. LUDLOW A CO. will sell, at suction, on Tuesday, May 20 1856. ai 18 o'clock, 1! the Merchants' r xchange, by order of F. Falm, assignee.?Avenue A-the valuable three rtory brick front bouse and lot, oc the eru-t side of arenas a. 44 feet sou h from IFIrd street Lot 22 by 76 feet. Far lurther particulars, is of the terms c> sais and maps of the property, apply at the office of the auctioneers, 14 Pine street. XTT 8. MKLLOR. AUCTIONEER?BY HOUGH TON A TV . MRLLOK. Frklav, May 16, at li % o'clock, at No. 186 Eprlng street 1 ear Sullivan street, mortgage sale of new and srci nd hand cabinet furniture three ply and Brussels c fpets, rf"hly c?i ved haresua washntands, tnte a lete and plain sofa*, spring scat and gothlc chairs, etegeres, corner standi, rose wrod frui'e co'etxl inbrocstel, wardrobes, fancy table*, ntnuc racks, lose'her with a large assortment of record hand lurul ture, the who e of which wl 1 be sold positively, by order ot mi r'gsgee, and Is wot thy the attent on of the trade and house keepers. A cs>h deposit will be required from all purchasers. Cata ogiies cn mornlrg of sa'e. C^KOB'.E COOK AUOTIONEhK-HL&GANT FUBNI X frre. bring the stock of a Broadway dealer?Tbl.i <tav, Mar is, at fl't? o'clcck, George (took will sell, as above, at the ex'emive warerooms of James B. (look, *sq , No. CC4 B' cad way, near lived street, about tweuty par'or suits, vtr Boaewrcd rulls, covered In broosde, hro-a'el and pli-'b; upho'a'ered bsck chairs, rlchlr carved; mahogany suits, In plush and hair c'oth. so'ld trainee; rosewood, raa begeuy, o?k rrd walnut d'nlng room suit.'; tables, chairs, sliioroards Ac.; rosewood, m.eboganv and wa nut library and secretary beokesses. do. do. wardrobes, rosewood and maho gany centre ishSes, side and sofa do,, etegeres corner Biuidi, bell s ends chairs, r okers. easy chairs; alio flJty rose vord, mahogany, black wa'nut and Imitation bedstsads. of various psiteras; paillasses, mattresses, bolsters and oil-own, a -d every ar .cie uauVly foimd in a flrit olrsa Btoadwsv stock. 81, e pcaltlve. without regard to weather. Oata'ogues on the d*v prer ou? to sale. N ii.-Also vesy elegantly oarved Bom bay chairs, of rich anil beautiful dee grm. Ht. LEKD8 AUCTIONEER -OHNTKEL HOD8KHOLO ? furnltvre, plow/ore, French plate cler g'a-sea. oil 8*t).?irgsr tapestry, velvet caraets. Ac. Friday. a(av 16 at IVJ o'c'ork, at the re- iaence No. 462 rtroome street, will sell as at ove the en'ire furniture ot a tamtty reil- <iul3hi> g houje keet-Uig, oonststirg in part of a superior rosewood pianoforte, In perfect order, rosewood par .or suits In French broaatat, rose e cod etegeres, marble top centre, sofls and pier tables: card, quartet e and other fancy tables; French reoretaire and music cabiret. fine oil palot'ugs, French nlate o'er glasses, ? >ryi^" ?' ' ' elesant re-ret carpets, three ply and Ingrain 1' HsUot'cMh, stair caipes. halt stand and chair* to a made extension dining table, dlnlngroom chal , -nab. gauy sofa*, do. lounges mahogany s <. said m " " lich sliver plat par or chairs, tockers, lich silver plat ,17 : tea ai d o-ltee service, salre's, l-rks, tea and uv.ons; 9-eta.le etriery, cut g a?s and china ware, Ac. '"irtture? rosewood and mebovanr bedsteads, marr.l-- tun di-ussl-g bu reaus and washsiands, hair mahressee, p ases. beds and bedding, toilet set*, cottage chains, gilt li . ne minora. As.; also, s large variety of kitchen article*, with which the sale will commence. Catal. gussoo the mornlrg of sale. HRFRY B. HFRT8, JR., AUCTIONBKR,?OB FRIDAY, May 16. at 10}? o'clock at store No 5)( Plnestreel, house hold furniture, removed tor convenience of sale, comprising elegaut suites In crimson brocatel, mih.vany snd blaik wa cut bedsteads, bureaus ard wrshstands; rosewood centre, side and tola tables; mthogany hor-kca- os, maheganv sofas, In hair c'o'h; mahogany oha'rs, 1 ckera. couches, lounges, cane seat cbsirs, retrlgeratora, oilcloth, carpets, Ac.; silver plated wnre. oil pointing*, fancy goads, Ac. JOB If L. VANDEWATKR. AUUTIONKER WILT, 8 ELL, this day, Thursday. Boy 16. at lotj o'clock, at the sales room 66 Nassau street, between Maiden lane and John stre-it, secondhand household turn! lu?e. removed for oouventence of sa'e. conhlstlng of Wilton, Brussels, ingrain and three ply car pel*, stair-rods, solid carved rosewood suits, oovered in bruca tel, damask. Ac.; easv chairs, tetc-a-tetea, parlcr ohalrs, rose wood lounges oovered in p'uah; rosewood etegere, with plate glass door and bank; patn'lngs and mantel ornament*, rose wcod and mahogany secretary and library bookcases; oak, black walnut and mahogany extension dining tables, oak din ing chutrs. silver plated ware, china dinner and lea seta, cut lery. Ac, Bedroom furniture?Rosewood and mahogany mar ble top drtssini bureaus, do. wasbstandg, toilet set*, ward robes and loutge*, roftu, lace and damask window oiirtain* ard shades rosewood, mahogany and black walnut aid double bedstb?d*. best cur'ed nalr mattressea palliasser. mir rors. Ac ; together with a general assortment ot basement and kitchen furniture. ? PJ. KELLY, AUCTIONEER-WILL COMMENCE ? sellltg tUir da*. ml"o'clock, at 31 Catherine street, a targe crps'gnment of uhaw 8 ard dreg* goods, Imported fir the present enflrg ?ad summer trade, * iso the stoo* of u reul'er, rortalnlug everything in the dry goods Une In lota to suit par lis sets. 1JUSSFLL W. WPSTOOTT, AUOIIONEKR ?MilNIfl IV cert household furniture At auction, on Friday, May 16, at lo.'j o'nock, belrg the entire costly and e'egant lurniture, rich rhai dollars, sptsrdld mantel and pier mirror*. rosewood < ar'or suits, bronzes, statuary, paintings. Ac . contained In the Ave storr dwelling No. 162 West Twenty first street This stls will be found worthy ot special attention for the sanero quail ty of the furniture, and the quantity to bs sold as the home Is splendidly tumbled throughout, all In lira order, having been nsrd but a short time; the who'e of which is to be sold without reserve, rain or shins i/escrlptiveca'alngues can be obtained at the express office 168 ii road way, near Maiden lane, or at the house 1 he furniture consists in part of splendid rosewood, pearl in'aid, seven octave pianoforte, with all the modera improve ments; two e fgant French mantel mirrors, in costlvfiremen; twoFretch p'er do., 2hx'0O, with s'abrs and brackets; rich damask and lace curtains, about 60C yards of rich English, velvet and tapestry carpets, stair t!o., with all the supers English oilcloth in the bouse; suit sold rosewood parlor furniture. In crimson satin, so'a, two large arm cbairs. Qolhtc chair and four oval back parlor chairs, with covers; suit In maroon and gold; nise pieces odd rosewood, with cavers; also. In crimson and marcom; ten pieces, wi h covers. All ot these suits are of tbe most elegant descrip tion, made to order, and In perfect cordltlon. Superb carved totewood reoretarv bookcase; three rich carved r-sewood ete rerre, with marble tops a'd ml-ror fronts; rosewood centre std pier tab'es costly marble vares and parlor ornaments, bsri't?n c'ock; rosewood reception chairs, In moquet and tapestry; flue oil paintings, elegantly trained, embracing rare and valuable f objects. Oh&mber. l ining Room and Library?Splendid rosewood wardiohe, French mirror iront; suit of rosewood fttrnlture, r ine pieces, in hair cloth; elegant rosewood bedsteads, with rosewood dressing bureaus, waahstands and oommodes?a'i to match; Turkish and French cottage chairs, cbeval glasses. 22 elegsut balr roattrerees, line beds and bedding, library book c??e. mahogany buffet; solendld m?hogany extension table, opers 16 feet; with a me t nlficent assortment ofcutg ass and rich (blua, amor g which are one dinrer set of 19C pieces, rich stlver WMie, rut y, amber, Ac.; ivory and sliver cutlery; with a large v.ulety of elegant chamber fur iture. in rosewood and maho gt'.nv. of vvery description" all of which will he acid, with tut re ?rve?preientlBg to those who wsnt a suner'or clam of fur t ture, as opportunity setdom olfered. Sale to commence with basement fnrnlUire. SPECIAL f ALE OF BOOTS AND 8HOE.H-ALFRED BRaGG, auctioneer, will sell at auction, at the sa'es rocmnof A. Rragr A On., No. 33 Oortlatdt street, on F'ridav, Way 16, at 10>< A.M.. 460 enres b-ots. rboe*. Ac.. which must be fold, by rrder of those whom ft concerns. The goods are all prime, in good order ur.d well suited to the summer trade. TWOS. TEITCH. AUCTIONEER?STORE HO. 16 SPEU02 street ?f-her^Ps ra'eot greenhouse plan's. Ac . on Thurs riav. May 16. lbfiti at 10 A. M , at Thirty ninth street, between Lexington and Madlron avenue*, ccnslsdng of a large assort msnt pi ornamental trees ard rhrubs, 'emon and orange tree*, rote bushes o&melias, heliotropes, verbenas, cactas, gera niums, Ac., Ac. A. B. ROLLINS, Deputy Sheriff. TI.OS. VtlTCH. AUCTIORE1 R, STORE NO. 16 HPRUrtC street -bberUV's sale of a earn] boat, Ac . on Friday. May 16, at )0< o'clock, A. M.. at the lost of Ituaue street, tbe canal b a* called the Putna Vlita, and ail her tackle, apparel and lurniture. Ac., Ac. THOS VKITOH, AUCTIONEER.?STORE 16 SPRUCE street.?Mortgage sa'e of furniture. Ac , on Wednesday, Mat 14,1866, at 10 A. If. at the i "lee room, consisting ot so fas rceewrod chairs, bedsteads, bedding Ac., bedroom furni ture, oilcloths, Brussels and ingrain carpettngv plerg'assew, iv irrora. mahogany dressing bureaus, crockery, kitchen furni ture, Ac. The above sale is adjourned until Friday, May 16, 1866, at the same lime and place. JOS, CORNELL. Attorney for Mortgagee. fltUNlB MOB RELL, AUCTIONEER -DRHIRABLE COL J lection of fninltute Ac.?Will be sold Ibis morning, at I0VJ o'clock, at "9 Nassau street.?Dealers and housekeepers will attend promntly, as this Is a gredal and earnest effort, consist lug, in part, ot tele a teles, easy and parlor chairs; centre and com tables, mvhogany tons; oak and mahogany extension din lug tables, locking and other chairs, drees and plain bureau*; octtage, Greman and Oo'hic bedsteads; corner and b-ok eta id", lour ges ar d lounge bedeteada, solid oak sideboards, black wal nut ehalra, hall stands, balr and other mattresses, A". Aire rich English velvet and Brmreia carpeting, Ingrafn stair carpels, with a large variety of oil puin'ingt. Paris boxes, desks, counting house desks, sa'es Ac. Also, real invoice of go'd jewelry sliver watches, Ac., Ac. A notion notice.?Consignments solicited for sales at above re tab iehment, to which the most earnest attention will ne gives. N. B.?BUls rett ed daily after three, when the sales v 111 be ready. Sales dally, which gives oocstanoy and meets public wants. w TLLIAM IRVING. AUCTIONEER.?HCJUSKHOLD furniture, carpets, Ac. WUiiam Irving A Co. will sell at auctlor, on Thursday, May 16, at 10), o'clock, at the sa'as m ms. No. 8 Pine street, a large and general assortment of Wtltcn, Brunei*, three pit and Ingrain carpets; hulls of rose wood and mahogany par'or furniture, covered In velvet and haircloth; window curtains and shades, all elegant; ormolu mantel clock, marb'e top centre tables, of rosewood and mabo ftanv' rosewood and mahogany marble top etegeres and side boHrds, black walnut end meaoganv extension dining tables, mahoganv sofhs at d chairi, in haircloth; maboganv sideboard, rose toed and mahogany amour de glace; French and cottage bedsteads of black walnut, mahogany and rose wood; plain and marhle top dressing bureaus to match, double and sfsgle hair mtkttretses,feather beds,bolsters and pillows,toilet bo's lounges, Ac.; rote wood aud mahogany wardrobes, mahogany and black walnut bookcases and secretary,ehtna, crockery and glass ware, straw beds and paHlmes maplejand black walnut bed toom furniture; maple, black walnut and rosewood caue and flag seat chairs; office chairs, desks sad stools. WB MRLLOR. AUCTION Eh R.?BY HOUGHTON A . MPf.T/OR, This day. May 16. at 10X o'olook. itJllS Na?au street, assignee's sale or superior custom made row and record hand turnltnre. 'firming be richestooltection offered this spring, part of which is of the manufacture of Messrs. " ' "ifort A * *? Mseks, Rocbfort A Hkarren, and other celebrated makers, been In use but s few mouths, and presents an opportunity ee'dem offered, to which we call the attention of ladles and geotlemen who are furn'shlrg their nrivate residences. Catalogues, con taining a lull description, will bs lssnso|ew1y on mornlngof sale, lor the accommodation of purchasers from the city. We have m ?<le ample arrangements for packing on the ovemloea by eiper leor* d packers. Among the stork wilt he tound ten rlchlv carved rcrewnod, mahogany, walnut and oak library aed secretary bookcases, roKewo>d armours, French plate doors; beau'erts, oscTototre, rosewood and oik'etegerre, wl h mirrors attached; ladles' cabinet snd wrftii g failles, lined with satlu wnrd; rosewood work tables wardrobes, floe superior made walnut, otk and mahoganv 14 feet extension dining table* sit curved rnsewrod parlor suites, covered in French satin hrnca tel. crimson plush and hair cloh. Ac.; ten elegant nee wood, nrel.oseny aril wa'not clmmhersuges. coir.plrre; centre tables, in i'T?st vsrlety; iitrlc.r and reception ehal s. In fancv covering; sofa bedslre ds, font ges and lot age hi de. ride nod mrner ets gervs; together with an endless variety of tnadlum mass luntl tors, null as ts usually found In a ilrst c>s* wavernom, Als?, to rav tnlvaDica, several Mouth American h'<-ae mat ties?re, eight Ere?eh plains, oval and mantel mirrors, two thick Frerch pl.ilss, pier do.; logetiier with IHrse rceewood 7 rciave plscofoite# fnllv warranted Also, a'%rge Inlof ssmoe hat il bousshoid fumiiurs, worthy the attention of the trsJo. ?iliKi AT iVCTItffll, / 1 SOUNl) PAINT AT AUOriON.-fiAM'L OSGOOD A kJT CO., suctd-acrs, atll self, kith. tr store. ill Iiuu k rre, on 6atcidxj, Any 17. at IkFi A.M., about two hoot Jd krgs blue. if fa and ya-lo* frcuj-d palut, t> orcer uftko t acjitur. 1e id. n<u>b. spkciaITnotices. AMPi.l^AN Gh( URaPEiCaL AM> SfATIhTIOAL SO clKr? A r*per *iU bo renl bsCrre <Uo American Geo ?ri.ilncalendfUfstcalHrcieiy, ll..? evening, at e o'clock by iirtbtf L If.. wiihiklJiik, Foq., ? poa 'The barber of .New Ycrk and tie irrptovcet u'i oece ssry for tee accommodation ot i'? c< tnnirrre Tin public are tu-ttsd to attend CIaUTION.?A NtxTF. DK,\Wl? BT CLAUOH PABQUIKR, ) U bii o?? utitr. caled New York, February 14. 18M, ?t 8month*, for ?'>5 78 pa??Me st tie ofllr* of Lawrrrjuce. Clspp A Co., and oiurd ai New Orb-ens oa lie Idth of Marcs "set n??xst?c lest h?i re '-cAJnt-1 All perv-ns irt c* lt-' -ood agauiV nojo t'attiig t aid tole, pa; rnsot txuvtiis r oou topped. DCANR SIKEKT?ALL PFttSONS OPPOSID TO TfffE w'.dr uu n at & extending of thin stieM, ere rcqus- ad to el tend e, aretitg, to be 1 eld. in *.ne Council chamber, CtyHall, he'otetbeCcamittrnoa :-.tre?t? on Friday, ltitb larimt at 8 I 11 Pen on i tinners i.g-lc; t th? .ihcvc widening ind exu-ol u ?R SV be tout, r-r yigi.a urn a: J l) Hull A Son's, i(H) CIS stxeet; Tienlni s? eex. '?, fi> (bathsm ureef; end Jamas .Bo teidufc', corner ot Centra and boons stieeta TjlXTKNFIOX OK FRANLIN bTKhFf?aLL PKKHON8 Pi latere ted et d opposed to tbe exteuMon of Franklin -tree from Baxter street to tie Oowety at Dryer (tree., will please call t-t tbe cfllre or 8. WKK KB, No. 40 Matt street, bis wenk, end sign a petition s gainst tbe sold opeoleg. /"tOVKRWMBNT MAP |< F NICARAGUA.?PUBLtSHIf I> U this day, br special supolamenL bee large advertise meat A. H. JOCftluYN. MFRCANTILK L1H&AHY ABFOCIATION RKGULAR Nominations ?sin meeting of members of this A socda tlou the following ticket was unauiinnusly nominated aud or dertd U> be pnbiidbed: rOR PRESIDKNT. Jilxn Orerar, with C. B Hsmond A ?j. k'OK TtCB PIfKSIXIfcITT, Rowland Et. 11mpHon. with Philip Dater A Co. run cottuSM onniNO skckktaky. Iloyd Clerk O'i. with Cornelia A Willis, rou itoroBDiNd (hcuktakt, Joseph P. Haxxlurd, with Oreer, Turner A Co. rOK TRKASURKU. W1 llnm Hondeiacn, with Cont'nentbl Beak. rOR niRRCTOItS Vm. H. Wtckhem, wltb U b. Mall Fteamshlp (Jo. Alex. P. Pltke, with Jemes A Henry McBnde I.. L. S. C'earu ee, ?lib bturgns, cfeitrman A Co. Jsmee H Ilulllsitr, wl h Hike, Brigre A Doag'as. Alfred Lrckwmd, with I.irtrgftcn, Bolisrd A Co. Chorlen T. Adee, with James Wilde, Jr. Philip H. Ilowoe, with Willets A Co *D. RRYhOLDd BCrtD. Chairman. Him L. PicitsoN, Jr , hecretery. VTOTICB TO CARTMKH.-THM PUBMO 0* BTMEN ARB AN hereby no (bed that an adj larnnd mne'tas will be held at underdonk'k Hall, ejrner of Grand and Clinton streets, on Wednesday errntiig, May it, at7>i o'bIwk. fur us Rnxr. Seo'y. K. C.I'RIGS. Chairman. N. H ?All public carmen pre Inrtt. d to attend. *e business of hnt'or avee to alt will be brouxht before the meeting. NGTICP -ALLPkRBONB HOLDING CT.AIM1 AGAINST tbe proprrty a' the lets Alexander Boyd, deceased, are hereby notified to present Ibe tame .egall* cuthentlcated, at the rtsidtnrr of the exitoutors. No. 269 tenth atrenue, between tie hours of 10 A.M. and CFN.oti or before ths first ot June next; and ell eurh as do nol present their claims as above stated ehs'l be eorsldered as having waved the same and re leased the property. JOShPH GAHllfCNKR. BZKK.IHL D. BL YD. NOTICK! ?ALL PKKoOi.8 HOLDING CLaIMS AQAIWRf the estate of Jacob A. Anetervelt, are hereby rtoUtled to pieatn'. tsnte, legally su'beD'.loHtcd at theollioe at tne At sltrees. bo 11 Fou h William street, betweec the hours of 12 A M. sr.* 1 P. M., on or beiore tbe twenty sixthdny of Msv icst end all eucli as do rot prrsentlheir olatmsas above*<ated ebsl! be oru.sldr.i td ss having recttved ?arae and re eassil ibe eats!*. BOBBRT OAKNLKT, ALKX. M. LaWRBNCN. ?vroiics;-THbaKUf'ft.NK INSURtNCR company, IN of t'hPai elnhta has tbts dav closed branch ollice in tbe city or New York, ell pcrwM-s Indebted to the aunpsuy for Pi ? mlunr.s un pc icl. s Irsutd at -aid office are requested to make immsdiKfe pit' meat to H.Wells Keuvon. who Is alms autborlz'.d to cull or I the same. P. M. MOKIARTY, Prea't. pBiLsnFU-niA Way I. iFOft. PBlPOBALS. WITH MJDNL8. WxT.L Bk BLCK1YRD; up to the 72d of lt.ay, tor the fHlldtug ot a thlrtr-ilve foo1 tcur cared race boat, by WJf. F RtfsSKGUIfi, PrcB dcat of the Metropolitan Regatta Clnb, 16 Mercer street. PHILCLRXIAN 80 IK.TY, BUROAM, 1802 -THK HB cor d annual cmtes' for prize* In orstorv, debate end ermj oelilan win be held in tbe chapel of Cclam its College, oa Friday ever lr?, May 16, st half pa?i reven o'clock. The i.iends ot the society, ar.d the public gererally. are Invited to attend. LEWIS L. IiRLaFIsLD, President. JOHN F. Walton, Vice President MaTcrijf L._Celafxeu>, } ^ W. T. Van Bicfr, :? O iizmlttee. Cbahler N. Clark, ) SPECIAL NOT1CR.-THK WA6H1NQION GAROFN loot ol Division avetue, Wil'.lamsburx, will open cn Men day, May 19. A. F. KRACIv. Piopretor. Thus, manahan rrspkctpully infokms his triexds and the publ'c that be has op3red a saloon at 270 Bowexy. The best Hquors and reran consta,itly on hand. Mu sic furridied for military and podtlenl purposes. N. B.?Al ways at home. WP, WHOFR NAMKS ABR HMRBtTNTO aTTACHED, being paeeenrerR on board t'e ship Wil'lam Stetson, J. Ti. Jmdan, commander, which sailed from Liverpool for New York on hatord y, a pull 6, with between live aud six hundred soils cn board, eorslaer It our bouxxden duty to return to the said ( spUiu Jordan our most sincere thanks for his kiudnees. civility and general attention to >-ur safety during tbe whole ox lie voyage, and under the most trying circumstances, being t< tally dUiEssted tn Ba urday tbe 3d lm-tant, and again on the following kor day night, when every eti'oh of c*nvaas was car rled away wlloh could have been erecod on the temporarr masts, duricif which time, we expected every moment to tor mina's nur existence. We also wIsh so speak In vary favornhla terme of the klndrt as and confuot of Mr. William i?va?. snr gevr , for bis attention to tbe health of (lie passengers genera' ly, aid hlastrenous exertions to save our lives the ship. Ttib seormd mate, Mr. Fdward Head, we a to wKh to i peak of tn ver' fcvoreble terms tor hts general oivUlty and assistance on the >vi asdrrfon. We cannot pass over with out exnress tng rl I jpuld not object\<i'ce?e thauls to M<*. fhos. White, thir"* ul been several limes ahrtam.-- azask^ssiceauaau?'uauet and t' I Address M. 8., Union square Post office, 831 Broadway, A RESPECTABLE GIRL, WHO CAW GIVR GOCTT?_ reference, wishes for a situation In a private (Emily, a', chambermaid. or to do chambarwork and plain sewing. Call, . for two da?a, at 79 Monroa itreat. a RHBPECTaBLB YOUNG WO MAX WANTS A 8ITUA a. tion u cbambarmaid and waiter. The beat of referenoe from bar last pace. Can be aeen, tor two dnyi, at 23 Kiaax at* a SITUATION WANTBD-BY A REBPBCTABLR GIRL, fl.r * " ' " " " " - u. aa flrat class cook. In a reapectable private tamllv. ar nrl vate boarding houae. Can be aeen for two day a. Call at 135 Amity at, In the rear houae, baaement. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation, in a ama'l family, ai plain cook, waaher and lroaer; baa no objection to go a short dlatanoe In the country - Can be well recommended from her last attention. Call lor two daya at 19s Mulberry street, between Spring and Broome, second floor, room No. 1 RBSPRCTABLB YOUNG WOMAN. WHO HAS lately come from England, wishes a situation to do chatn " orchen" berwork and plain sewing. or cnamberwork and waiting, in a ?mall private family; she (a a food plain sewer: has no obtee* piucan f/n irmo iwinuj , duo a* m ?wuu yimiu nowm . unn uu uu|w> tion to go a f hort distance In the country. Can be seen for two daya at73 Dsane street, third floor, back room. A COACHMAN AND WIFE, HAYING NO FAMILY, now disengaged, (Baalish ) wishes to engage with a family going to ihe country tor the anmmer months: having lived m moat reapectable families together, hefaacoachman;baa aper feU knowledge of the care anl management of horses carrta, gee. barseasc; Is a careful city driver: hla wife, ee aeamatreea; can cut and make ladles' and children's dresses, and do all . kit da of family aewing,|aiao hair dressing. Both ean have the Chighest recommendations from last and former places. The ? ' lieit *?*? can be seen at the Laurence ooeeh factory, 354 Broad John 1 wing,-; the woman at Iher tesldeace, 108 Greene si, beween "at d Pc'if ace and Spring, ot address Z. Y? as above. Herry McEt Balbert Mel yoUNG MAN?BIGHTEHN YEARS OF AON, WANTS o ei PL '!r to ''am the dry goods buMneee, or would attend a shoe P"4,ck,y,;<*e. aa he pertectly understands the trade.and can speak 'Wtman. Reference from last employer. Please address Owen Rredbn W. Roeenberger, Herald oflloe. . James Men ?: ? ratt Maim* smart, active rot is desirous op or Barthnlomdl ? situation in a liquor atom. Can be highly reesq . I u . ps/lqfofc,' John litnloby bla late emp oyer. Apply at the store, 1 Aettvt 'ed ic ?, WAITER OR COACHMAN?WAlb" SteuS" cocs'inned > lion, by a respectable yousg l&JTden so provl dent'aliy re??^' . PriTmte kwUy-. *?'at he considers he has not done mote'tlfan in duty bound, both to then and his em p'osers in endeavoring to rave'heir lives and the ship: he at the name time feels sensibly that t heir ati enuius exertions in carr< ley out bis wishes, on that occ.islou. contributed in no small degree to their safety unit that of cargo, for which, lie slso return*Ms sincere thanks and his having secured their good opinion shad always be remembered as one or die even's oi hie life. Mr. Wm. Dyas ile -'rts ma to nay that he feels frateful for your good opinion of him, avd'ba' it will al stars e his ituly lo add to the comfort and happiness of those lie may be placed among lYour discern met t or the conduct ot my second mate, Mr. Bead, and also that of mr thl d, Mr. Whits, is quite it accordance with what I feal on the occasion, parti cularly the lat'er, who well met its all you have raid of him HILUNBIIT, diC. 64 ?EOMIR A KKTCHPM?<56. oAr Straw goods. Frenoh Dover*, Millinery arUelss, An., At low prior* tar cash at * ?. 64 and 66 John street, eerier William. A. T A. A N GPKMNO OF 8PMMKR RONNKTH.?MADAM R R. A. HaFRISA SON beg 'o call the attention oi tbeirnuroer cns friend- und strangers to their laat Importation of French bonnrt*. consisting if crape, chip, lace, fancy straw a. An..an4 many other novelties, at Madame R. HARuIS A SON'S, 871 Brondw ay. T O. BPTilr A CO '8, NO. S OATHWRINFllTREicT. . flnr drew allk bonnets, S3 to $8; richly irtmnie-i straws. At tof4; elvgant lawn bonnets, )0s to 12s. I?. ?.?Basque walet and mantilla patterns cnt In the 'ateat style. ats. hats, hais-at ktn/.ky's ohrap-lack and embroidery store, 800 l,t_.ts' chip has, at 6 cents; rich laca hat*, 1* 6d ; 2,000. extra at 2a; a>l from auction thin day. at KINZKT'B, 211 Kighth arenaa, between Twenty-Ant and Twenty second etreef. Mrsi)amrs mullbr a bachrl?ii will, open their new show room of Paris millinery an Tuesday, May 13, at 871 Broadway. Aral floor, and respectfully call the par dealar attention of ladles to ihalr splendid assortment of sum mer bonneta. remarkable for taste and beautr, which were ?arcfolly eeleated bv Madame RACHKLLK In Parly. W. B ? the I r?t ch, Krgilen, Italian and German langaagee spoken at their eataMWhwrait. MADAM! BRIGOB 1TA8 OPBKED 1TK.R NYW SHOW, room with a choice selection of Paris ml llnery, 391 Fcurih ayrnne, between Twenty eighth and Twenty ninth fttreetr, In oloie proximity to Madison and Tilth av. nuta. An. baRNITT Has opened

ana new snow room, . ^701 Broadway, (up stairs, I With ? rarted (election of PARIS MIUJBhRT. MMDaMKS MtTI.LtR A BAOHELLK HAVR OPKNtfn their n* w showroom, at 871 Broadway, flrat floor, with a cbrlce selection of Parts millinery. The French, Kngltsh, itadan and German languages spoken at their esLnbllshoa.-nt. _ billiaiidhT AVERT FIN B SECOND HAND BILLIARD T A 111,R, only aahort time in me at a gentleman's residence, tor sa'e, with a'l tie apparatus, new and complete. Applrat O'CONNOR A OALLKNDbRS' monufrotory, 83 Ann street. A good hegateOn table a'sofor sale. IMPROVK.D BII.LTAKD TABLES^. ATANTED FKBRP ary 19?The only tables norreot in principle, and no cor., strutted sate aocme m?themi\tle*l correctness or ang'es and p> rrry'rg the req-d?lte nlwtlc.ty id all rearms. Sales. ? * me it'J Chambers street, np states. WClABi PHRI.Alf, Fatentes. W M. 7 SHARP. BlLtl ABD T ABLE M ANUFAOTTT??**, would Inform foe le vers of the gome of billiards that he has recently tided op the tnrpe new room, 122 Fit toa ?treet, Few Yoi k, rvhft'e alt whosre derbmity of aimieeraent are re .Tpectlnlly ir.rttnl to r.tll. Good liquor* and rrt*rs oonstanfy on bard. B. R Terrors who wish In purchase tables ore invited to call athis mooutuc'ory, its Fulton street, sodenv roln# for tbdmtrlres. TT M BOAfUHNG A!\!> LOTNitMO. 7 CO BlOA D? ^ r.- II rf A * f APARtV-fcNTi, FUR I JO risked jr SLfurnh.W, ia * hrtt clsss t ou?.\ contut ag ? U tit miaifirn cotvtilenro' kn pw'itc* ocJet find 'y-i-'iiuly situated in BittJwi', oaf d<.01 be u* CUxua plo ?? 71 Q BROABWAV 6TKR ?&!,' KR'rt tf ALLOA ?PAR t? Icrv ar.4 bedrconji lo let furalafeed, to seat swrn. 048 BROADWAT PaRLOBS AM' ?-ID 0? fiNWMii Uiir? floors, uitPtisry f'lr t-'ntid, si) be bad 0) i.Lu. - It' or net i lemon. with or wtUs-.t in 1 cr partial boitro, also ?ie?t?abi:i rerrns tot sir-gle * pot 1l4 msr ;* h use has all modem .xtprovsueuta. Transient boeid err ?croxmcdsX). I'tii) AMD fM BHOADVT ir-aRlNKtLI. H< IfaB.?A Umw rarior an J by t: om ntd separate bedroom to let. BROADWAY, OPPrgjTa TBI BY. hlC . Ol.Afl ? Botsl - To let several bacdnoneiy larnkhkd rooms, twr-on the flret floor, ultobls tor married or wt.alr per-ons Price font 111 to k> per week. A good resiav.rst.tia baremsnt. 512 A (11 Hr UPTON BTRFFT?A PLNA8ANT HOUM. FCR Tvl ntsfced cr urlurnJsted, to let without board. Pletue lct;aue on the premies. OOO NIXtH A VKhCE, TWO DO,./US ABOYF. MUROH rif/jLj rt the Bol> Commuuirn.- Ilne Mcglish basem-nt bouse: gas tela, 4c. Rooirs. with hoard; geol e uaa and w to, ?7 to $1?; 'irgle gentlemen. t? 60 to If; a eo. 1 board. Kit uer at ti o'cloofc. WI.S1 1*K*TT S'Ot-XO BTUlfKT A Fr.W ?t\)vJ reotlsmen niaj ootato p.ea<an* rooms, Wlhpattl*! brn>e. 1 be house bas all the modern improvements. For particulars Inquire as above, or at 17 \Vat>r at. KUC STWH, CURB KB OF t-PRINQ - A GE ? t anna sua hit wife, or a lew R*Dc'e gent emeu. oso be accommodated with handsome!* furnished room* wt*h 'uU or peru ,1 boare. Good table. Gaa and Proton through the octtse. Two bloods trem Broadway. I'.oterencM ?tc usnred 1QO FLBVCKFR BT. POP fHKR*Ffl8 A\D TRtF 1 t'AJ blent boardm deslri'tu of obtaluiug boa'<1 during tun smiim?r months ess Bad excellent Hcoommodat. ?rs at the at eve BistclaM house. Stafei pass lie door every five min uter. 1 till HBBBT WBBar.?A PuFARaNT Ri/OM. OH HIE J.OU eeoncd floor. lo let, turoUhed or uu'urr.hea, wUd board. La e private fatally, audiences exchanged mi iCTSONFTRFFT. FTTRNISHED ROOMS ON SF 1 eond and third U' or*. to let, with board, to oartlsa ol vent), iius, cr gent emeu ard tbeir wives; bouse with modern lmpmemenis, ulearantly located and t.esr St. John's park, hefersrees riotianged. I err Bl.mCKHK STRRBT, ObFONlIE DKPaU RdW 1</ I 1 wo hard*' rue pallors to let. to gen Inner and their Wires, ailh board; alto tuvomm rfatiouj for two s'ng'n gent e mm House first class, cntaiolng all the modem improva met m. Mo or cl.t dreu tnksn. 1/1 P\ Bt/DBON HTRl-J?!, KBtWTIMl ST. JOgr\'8 i i 1/ niuaie?A front room, oottslnlng all modern tm prcvtmsi Is, to let. References exobenged. AMG1TH 8TRKKT, OBPObiTK TBK MKKUA.N Ubrary.?Beveral pleasant rooms, with board, may be bed. BINTH 4TBEBT, TKTRT> DOOR I AST OP BR0A3 vrny.? PunuRted rooms, la suiU or ??p*.-ately. to tea tsemen. will, hreekflssl If required, riret eleee ht.uae, wVh ell ?e modem hnptovesMota. 141 1 Of* MACDOUOAL STBFKT.-SKVERAt. PLSAStttT lerU ro< us to lei to eicgle centlemea. furn'sfeed or un'ur ) ltl ed, with or Without paiUftlbOsrd; alio, hauls mailt! fur dressmaking. 1q/\ FRAKKMN BtBFBT, CORPS R OF VARH1K OU ntreet?Pleasant audi call) fu nUhed rer uns witbout boLrd. f:>r gentlemeu, or geut.emen and their wives. Refer eucee r?qiiTri d. m P. A NT TWF.MTFIKBT BTRKkT. - A SUIT Or rcoirs, also a targe pa/lor, fui-nlshed or uutv.rnlshHl, tor aismCj ot Htua'egeuUemra V)ith*able equal to auy pri vate h< u/e, ai d a refined bunt e. can be had for liberal piloen, to c good, quiet summer location, ota door f. m Otamsrci pfk. ~|l)t| W vVKrtt.Mf PLACB.-tWO SH1C.ECT FaRILiES XLttJ and two or three gcnt'ivoter, can be aocr -niuods'.'d viltii hulto or rlnglo rooms, whh boaid, in thm fire story huuin, located between Fifth and Hlxl'u av. uurv. IT O PRINCE 8TBKPT, YPST OF BItOADW.iY ?ONP lJOnt two geuticmeu ci.n be o ensaitty ncB.-muiodutrd w;h ntcrly fumbbrd ;cnms aid i/.jttai boar!. Dii.nir ,,n Sua da) 3. lir>i >e with m.atrc improvements l,oc ,tlon p'.eaeaut one crnveii.rt. 1||Q BAOASWAT -bUlTB OF ROC'MS. FURNISHED ID?I cr uxuuini-atd, ?lth Inard lor tamUie-. alto very pltaust sixgle rooms. Hie hott-o has all the modem ion proveruente. Felcenren exchmgod. 1 AO PR tMUN STRKPT, WbSC ? F BRO.ADW > Y.? lUt) Good board and rooms, ft. A", and Fti. P'lrst c'nas bou. e' bath and gas; good table, aud comiortecfhome. a tine parlct haiidtf.moly tttri ishrd to ret t Ol PRINCE NTRKRT, FOUR DOOR! WF,?T OF RRO * D ill may.?A handsomely lurni?bed ard very pleaiant parlor btdio- m. v? lib large alc-e'e, or second lloor, with board. ,il?o, a Ndroc m, tor a al-'g'e gentleman. HUH Dill if*AM. wtta ntcdern ecnvtnlencee. 7Q SPRI50 STREET, FOUR BOORS FRO if B&OAD I u way ?To let, several haodsome'v furnished rooms to fr. g'f f,t'n"etren, witn ailendanse. 1 he location Is ties- nil rti jt p {it u on uu. p tbe firrt clsse hotels. AO CMNTON PLaOE?ROOMS, WITH BOARD, TO T:0 let tor gentlemen and wives or elag'e gentlemeu; ftir Diebed in good sty'e. Diunsr at 6 o'clock. A r 47. AND 49 EABT BROADWAY FOR FcM'URB ill and Blngle reutletren; also, trsnetent boarders, by the day or week, from $1 to fl to per day. Q|t JORfeS STKEKT, TWO DOORS FROM B'.KW'.'KNR OU street?Furnirhed rooms to let, with board, su'tai'e for families end eingle gentleman; gas, bath, Ac, in the house. Relet en ces exchanged. S?7 BOND NTRPPiT.?b,I.EUANT aPARTMRNTS, FUR su I nlsl.ed or unfurr.lyfced, wl-h board, kuitshle for gentle men and their wives or slogie gentlemen, mav be oMainel ny lmn ed'ate application. Also an cfllce, with laboratory, tor a dentist, and an office for a pbvsieian. Call for two days. nr GRBRN 8TBEFT. REAR CAN.A! .?9H.VFRAf, aSO bacdecme'y famished rooms. In sr.ita or separately, oa the secord or 'hlrd floor, with full or partial beard The home Is finely located, ar d bits all iho modern imrrovements. Good igKb'<1' 1,0 very plearart attic References exrhanged. UNIVERSITY PLACE.?1 HANDSOMELY FUK niched Hultol room*, on second lioor, to let to single irn. without hrard Those wishing oorn'ortable privets pleare call at the Above number. The house contains rodent improvements; the locaMon Is very dastraile. VI tO *TON PLACE, BTUYV KS A h T P A K It - LO V f. |t trammer location m f ?w Vork House Orel cir-a', -ar.d cold wster th) ocghmf. Kl?gant rooms, with or Vudrast end lea, furnished or anluralshsd. Finet Tv ds In the city In front of the nianrhn. her mferj.BLKY PLACR.?HF.VKR aL DEH R vBt.R ( " he had. with or without partial board; uair "^yASvnoeUf the New York Hotel. jeettop to aiAPANT ROOMS. A QUIET HOME A NO ence from in desirable localltv, wlte'n two mmu'es veara Call haths. Apply at No 9 Poplar street, aethsta WANTED-X. WITHOUT CHILDREN. RPSID firl. as ehaP*mpnl house, will let, wi>h board reference Inquire1"' room, on the 'it floor. Alao on Beat lJth St. back room; on 'he ceeond aud thiri -?o par orc and bwtrcoms. snitable T1/ ANTED?A n a-d their wives. Appls at 107 fv younr wmneen Fifth and Sixth avenues. Re do light chamber* >. rence gtvrn. Pleae cond floor, back rooOT'Isa FaMTi.Y ARE IIBSIH -?ee rooms, c snlortthlr luriddied. WANTED?A ?ua'.ity, to rea jcc'?l)> 1 art'si; ro young wosnarticu'ara Inquire at 194 Madison Ironing; would re? Apply'at No! 13^ IN EITHTH STREET, FKtR i out. permarently, a parlor and bed WANTBD?? tw-i single rooms, ti one or tw.i g*n tlon, In. House nan all the modern couve st'nds all b lumlilibd. No children or boarders. .Ad lroner; bene, W , l?n 59 Post oflice. ' "ot rocmT wTth^oa^dTfor a~ue7. TI7"Alf w Ife; alro a sing e room for a gentleman, in a TV .<d p'eaeant locakm, a few doors from Union ?RJttt Eerenteenth st.-eet IN7LFMAN AND Hi8 WIPE CAN RE A0C08M0 tl*' <?ted with imcm. wlih or without boom, furnished or ?iitifurt tehfd, rr two ringle gent omen with same prlvllegr, in a |iriv*'e tsmlly, at ho. 7 I aet Kiev nth street. APRiVAYK FAMILY, OCCUPYING A NEW Fin-T elasf house, with ell the modern Improreroe.its In a olea part location rear i r Tyng's church. wish Mr aceoooni'date partes ateking a permsnen home, with rooms la oo >na atnl thud glories; private table if desired, w th Immediate pjj. session, by addressing Domicile, Union square Pout APBIVATF, FAMILY WOULD DT8PO8K OF A PAR lor srd bedroom, or, the second floor, to a gentleman rod hlh a Ife. or single gentlemen, with brard. The home contain* gas. bath, Ac. Apply at lJii West Twentv-sec >ud street, be twcrn Sixth and Fever th avenue*. Reference requited ANICILT FURNISHED FRONT BOOM, ON 8R01ND lloor, wlih partial board, tor 1 >vo gent e.neo at *4 Sit each; boose rear St. T.nki's place on the rnite of the Eighth sventte earn; family private, quiet and pleaaaut Adder si Mrs. F. ?., Eerald oBce. A WIDOW l.APY. LIVIItG BNTTRKI.T ALONE, IN the upper part of the city, wishes to let two aut'ea of rooms op third floor furnished, a? sitting room and bedroom, wit* c'osota and modem Improvement*; terms, per week, "-lib partial board, lor two gentlemen, from ten to twelve aolUn. 'tars and stage* within half a block. Please apply at. 113 Thirty third street. Board?at Murray hill, near the pa'.A' B, Nee. 673 to 679 Sixth avenue; location beatthv p easant, llketbe ct ontrv, more convenleut and cheaper; bouse with extra baths wide hal's. 'arge yards and ex ended brlcmies; U emphatically a summer house. Dinner at 6 o'c ook. Oars ever-, ''tree minute*. Bt tDD.?A LARGK FRONT ROOM, ON KB ton I) llcor, with gas and grate, to let, to two young gnut'etnea, whh or without partial board. In a genteel private h note. In Varlck street, tear Canal. Please Inquire at 100 Varlrk street. BOABD-LF TUB BUST DRBCRIPrToN, WiTH ALL the ccmlorts of a private home, and on moderate terms, ma? be obtained In the Arat class bouse 36 Mast Jtrth si rout. References given and required. 0BORG2 W. BU8TSkD. Board.-a widow lady, residing up town, in a pleasant location, wishes to take t ladv and gsnt'cuaq to board. A note sddre?aed to G. W? Ustnn square Post of Ace. will be ptomptly attended to. Board tor the lade only if prefsmd. B OARD.-A LADY, LIVING VfcRY AKriKKD. I< A very cret'y bouse, pre tily flirt l.thed, lu a very quiet part cl l.e city, up town. Is desirous of leTng a room to a dt who wishes to live equa'lv retrod. The object Is jOiinglsl _ ...... _ more tor coral ai lonsnlp than for necnnlsry benefit. Addrem L. M., berald office. Board-a privatf family would let ro v gsn'leman ai d hit wife, or two -Ingle gsn lemau, ( hs lat ter rieforrsd.) a neatly lurthhel trout ps.rtor with for* het stead, cr tops rate bedroom It desired together with part -1 t os n ?e ved in their own room. Terms moderate Ioca''o,i In Rtiillven street, between Bprtrg and Prince, Add re s Pel bera Uera'd office. Board.-ofnilhmkn and thrir wive*. and single rrnticmee, can be acc >mmod?ted w|,h rooms, fur nished cr urturnlsiied; eas and bsth In the house; Fpanlab, Frrrrh. and Portuguese languages spoken. No 3 8 Houstna s test. t?o blocks from Broadway BOAHD FOR A LADY AND SMALL ONI .0 IN A quiet family, where there are no other b rardera. B -ard from *3 to |10 per week. In advance. No questions risked. Not* hut tl<ee living quietly teed answer this. Address A. H., Herald office. Board in what Washington pi, ace.-a fiast c'ass. aeiect bearding boose, of modern style, syith oath, i sa Ac . hst jttst been opened at No. 7 West Washington place. Kt.oms suitable f r families and single gentlemen wit! he let furnished or unfurnished, with board. Dinner at 8 o'clock. Board in twenty-thiko struct.?a hk-ilk mrnsrdwlfe cr two cr three ?lng'e getit'emcu nan he ncccn mi datcil with pleasant rooms on second or third floo , wl h full or partial board. 1n a fir it class house With sll the nt > rte-n Impr-v metis; bs'h. gas, Ae. Apply at No. 78 Wast Ten ty-tolrdstreet Reference eichangcd. BOARD >t< THK SEVENTH WARD-A D'SIR A BI,E sr lot re t.s consisting of the entire reread floor, with bath -o m, h Tend cold water, was, Ac. may be had. lu a pri va*e lanihy. by a gentleman snd hi* wills, or a small fsmllv witheut children. Location Is p'ea?ant snd coevenlestto the Hast Broadway stages. Address, for one week, II., Herat 1 office. ?OA iftrtCMCi Arsn bonas****. BOaF.B ill BtOOUU^IUilUI MOIM bOI* si- e I *? tan..' M an* ? rgla ansa. V able c.argiu. G<*< 1' e i>jccaunla-in l.-.tua .1 ?M w.ueoal roots* or lootra wtb- u1 'ivrd A ff-tV. Jh'jXii J jJ> ? *?>.* T. yntee'* Hotel, h wlsgua plnoe b. mux BOa? D IN LB0CKL7N -OFo CIt TWi) flfKOLM fc: u'. ? Clr.L *L6 Ik *-t SOlai. (U(1 111* W1I * CM) ?,* SCO 1 it It ?'tr w;ib tlii' Ci psr.tal board ; room i >nr abed '/? uifj til-tarn, ix> * ftticable lrcaUor. '.tl (? (t vcir-eieruM. Ap pll W ! KaJsau street -i.-rer ?>l .ley site <?', ib -okiiu. Board is rkcck! im ?a uvkti khaa and win-:. o.- iro ting e s?t? -trex. can oe'vn i '?* it beard In A private tawny by applying ?A i*7 Jay *r?et, *e?r Myrtle treat'a, BOARD IB BNt.Oh.L7N-kUKhh HA*Dsi >Hit ROOMS to l?t, oc ''.iii'f *tc*>, IVr-itbed or iui' .ir Dated, aul'etla ?or <ln a sect fir..i o. g-mtinriiba au& llt'ir wivee. la % Brut da. a bt urn. taiivdb ec< l# rn-uU. *td W* 1 ilprj. far/tee. Dinar at 6 o'c'wk. Apply itt Sal Usury otraav, te.xaea Corg.e-a ?i ,1 Arti''T ?tr??-t*. BOA? D IN BACCKLSN-rUBB'TBICO KOOMB. ?rnil rr Witont board, id k fan'l private ternl'v, can t-? obieln u) ut Kl> Una treat oi? d, or turn Bo-.d eouve n-ot t ? Ful tor ?i- ut c?>f and A1. *u'-e aLeel stage*. itetetxmoes re quieJ. Board is >,koott?,t5.-??*BD?< mh.t furnishd rot our % lot to *104 a rent-mea, with or without board, JU rewMtufcb'e Utraja at Mr* Mii-x'.t. IK? Taai'iagtsa a'raat, -ira-OtrEal! Board in " a pbivati family, , abate but l< w hrm-deia are J?-ol, within ihree minuter ' t Hid r'.'drt ferry. Alter aid saiclletnan ran ba ea rn mm o?e>ed ?ub f*ot t rr-AS ass bedroom on socord iloor, hr. n'tb'd or ut fu.-t/'-bnd Alao tan ?uur* xwulnincn, <rtth rUaaait rroir* rnmt moderala. Itebutn.-At atBbangad. Pantonlnns by aiilre amg kit t Ur Po?; otllce. 6a?D U BBOoKicTa.- Af IB6UI ROOM BOVAbZ* frra yrury tubd; aDo a '??*? alzt double room, both trmfcrab r 0:r* 'obec with ga* and uat of bathroom, can l<e liod upin .? eaatint'. e leruui, with f Ui or p.vrtla loard. Apply at f6 e anion ? tree 1. c rue rot Adami. DOito Bt oip iiiooirriPwiisn~1thrrb l> mloulee' atlk of HamtitoD tarr?. FicuDM and no fu> tii??er rooms to let, aTth or a-i'hotr boaid. I<f*enilei9?a r'd tieir-wlie ?, or rirul* aentlAuitn Taiuu moderate. Ad d:at3 8. F or apply a" JIT Backet' rtraet. OaRD AT BtApITr N_bTaTiTa iHLAt(0.?FIVt oi alj pern t man t an !?? aeoommntfattd with broaktaat and ten, wlik d!i nt.-ou Tuudaia, la a ton a Hiluttod. coc mat fig a Qoe vie<r .if the ba . aud within a few minute j' w? I- of the landing *\-r further parUcn'nr* apoly at 101 Be rt: a ari r ue, or on lb- prenun'n, cort er of Uay and Gire ft *r<?. xtauletr*. Fet.- ranee* requirad. BO Air If ~W AB T iD? P-T-A~GENTLKM a (f, WIKS a If D mrvnrt; a la'pe fro..t room on teoo il, bat *eea h 'phib * d Kourteetbh at<re<a, n.ud rot noro 'baa one bloos from -roadway. AdJ/ot* W. F B , b>i: 4,522 Port otllca, for lao dat i. B" O' I tTvABIRD-FOB A fUTNTIiUBAM \ND WIFE, m a 'tna') private fit 11? : terta tr u?t be m'darats. Ad diet* bamerlately h.<~ W , Ferald otiire. B~ OABD WaMKlr-' Y A TOUNQ FK:1TDKMAw7 A furlthfd rront at ?* partial onntj with a rt'epoiUyle pri vate lHECrly and in a boone * ttb icotln n iu ptovrm '.it, <>h>ue be ei ti'tl enjoy all tte roatforlaot al omanoil tkn mt n viieir. Teitrnmunt be tntttera-e Reteeei no? ex-bunged. Aildre a with fuJl particaltra, B. W , kozOhd Postotllee. OAPr> wani kp -py a rTKNiTTsirA ji axi) vtIfr A large 1, on and oedrootn, or a Lwpa room and oai tri?A b a bcnre with tnodeti .ir.prcv?men'?, loantfd between rfou* too ard Iwen'ib'h at'"i te. Ppst o' reference given and re qt 'red. Late dlt nor t-relerr-tl Ad.'rew. n't'lng tarmt, wluob murt ba reapuoabia, R K., box 552 PoetOdlca. OABD WANTED?KT X"VHOOTT'lA OT, WITH AN tu fnmlrhet! rrrsn. Id a private f&tnUv t:.d ?3nieel nelgh borbotd, beiweei ril'oertb satt Hlaetkt.r iitreeta. i eemt not to evoeed 15 per or t ek. Adilreie M. B.L, Uarald offlcs, for Uitve da;- a. OA BP Was KL -IN UKbOKliYiv, i? A FotRNCH family, by ? uitgle gent roian. Plsu e addty-w B. H-, Btra d t tlirr. Oj Kii WtMKU-21 A Vi-UhH L VP Y, IN A RK ut fetibletan i'v rr ptiv?te l.oarr ing home. A'deif. for ore wet It, A.M. rial en iquara Po?t olllra, ulating terms, vbirb i?n?t te m-ileruto OAPDib O.- FIA Af-A^r FRO' T ROOMH. UNFffR pit-bed may be lisd. for a utn?il family ot'aduita. or twa i-Attlec--a and thr ir wiver 01 nu.Jem'.e lerjnn at 95 Mao 0' uyal ftieet, bt. OltataLt'e piaoe. Prlvuta tamliy. Modem iniM-oft mocte. V>t7iTR< :!ta - twocr fnK"F boom~6n BircTirb l) fiik r, to let, wi'b hf-srd, t' gelber rr separate, iiittaMe ft* a ' ^ml'y er sir* e gai-t'emen, rooms fn-ul-hwl or ucfurntakad. Apply at 92 Weei Twenty fdlh exeat, near reveatli aveuue. Rt'r?Tercertqui ad. OA*RnT5IO.--A OKft'ff.aM ATf A.ND RIB WIF15 CAS be aocomir A'aied >vdb good board, end a iaere furnished rorm. bed-ooin and pai tries flatbed, on tau eaouad floor, la a pr'?i?t? lanuly, In a genteel aelgMmrh itMl Apply at 99 ICaal Pit eteri.tb Afreet. >bieedoora fro.u IblrJ avauuso&ra. BOAR1HJIIJ.-A FROM ROOJf Off TTK 8RT0ND flt-or. with ibe hall rtv-m adjo'nlng. at d fuvrtlah?d with gas. wetei clc'sf Ac , rvil be 'at to two perwnna, with or wtthom biwrd. lb-- honat Is N-c, -veil verLi'atod we 1 furnfahad, and will out tibilaien cr famtlT to intrrlere with Itf comfurt* Icqabe at So. B Ft Mrrk'a place, third door Iron Third tvetu". B~ OA RJUNG. ?71 HAMMolTn 8TURK T. BtCTWBBlf BDfoker and Fon-'b - Prvcrul plea??nt furnitled rtgont to let, aitb in 1 or par 1*1 board, to families, or siup'e gentla men or Indira oi reioertabTH*. at reamnable price*. The houre ia pleasantly situated, wbhgaa. Droiot water, uatn Ac. OiBrif G ?A 1-AEGK. PLRASANT BOGM, On~?HR roc-nd floor, with nnntrlev, *n let?wtth board, to -1 gnntle mas and bia wife or two single gentlemen. Terms very roe unable to a permanent par.y. Apply at 1*7 Canal street, near Vaclck. O/RI'INW?A GRMILKMAN ARD HIB WIFbT^R two or thrre single gertlenen, can be ace-unmodated wl'h board at d plenraut loooav on tecrmd floor, fnntshed or nnfun.Dt et'. by applylrg at 59 Vadium atreet. The honsa baa gas, bathe, Ac. BOARDING-TWO OB lUttKh UKNTLRMFN CAN BR sccommodsted with single rromj:; also, a large room, with full or partial board Baih. dr. Mrs. M*PHUR"T, SU Houston street BOABDIHG.- PL,FA8aNT FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH full or partial board, mar be bad at No. S Vandam street Also, a large room on second floor, trout, unfurnished. BlARt'IAG.?TWOGkNTLISMK.* A If O rTIRTK WIVES or a fsw single gar.tinmen can obtain board, with nleasant rooms, o-i sec Dd ti tor. neatly fnn. ehed, in a respsctaile fa milv, where the? will h ;ve the tiis ot parlors and all the com forts ore hrme br apply'ng at 103 Twelfth street, helwesn Filth srd b'nth aver ties. BOARDERS' VXOHAbGF.. NO. 2 APPLRTON'4 BUILD lrg, ::?fi Hrradwa-.?Full par Iculars of the moai genteel boarding hi-uses or families, in every desirable part of the city or ei unlry, given ?ntul'ouslv, to bos rd seekers. Thiee wish ing. can cbtein resteel boarders, by Immediate application to G. H. SMITH A CO. (tOCNTKY FOARD.~ONE LARGE F AMIT.Y, OR A FRtV J eirg'e gentlemen, or 'our gentlemen and their wives ore be acacmmodatcd In a very desirable Vcition, In HHk Briogeviiie, l-ctwsen McOomb's Dam and High B-ldga. We have every accommodation that is requirrd. Fir particulars apply to .Tames Devae, High Brtdgevt le. 'lood fishing sailing and batbiug. ClGl'NTRY BOARD AT FORT HA MIT TON.?If. ORFf N, ) formerly of die Hamlltrn Houbo, baa 'ater and lltied uo ?he two c-n rrodlous hous?s immediate to the steamboat land ing, at Tort Hamilton, for summer hoarier a. /1GUJHRY WARD WANTBD-BY A GRtTLKMAM, \J wtf - cll'd, 15 months old, and aervart, for the summer mrn'fce. In a place near the city, Plsace address, stating iocs Hon, tertra, J - , D. Q , box 758 Post office. /YGUNTRY BOARD-MAY BR HAD AT A DESIRABLE \J re idetce, seven mi'es from Frooklvti: fine bon-e, exten sive lawn w'lih shads trees, p ent' of Irult, vegetables end in. k, wilhtr one mile of salt water, fishing, Ac.; caav accers by Long Ialard *a!'p~ad Inquire at "4 K.iwtt Twenty third atreut. pOUNTRY BOARD WANTlfl>-IN A' FARM TtOIJ3iC, \J tor the summer, bT a gentleman, w.fa and child not far db'sr-t i r-m the cllv, near the water Term* not lo ex ceir* eight dollars per week. Address A. B, box ill Herald office. pt 1,11>B fit TEL. M>0?" OF OA Rail strkrt. front KJ lrg tt.p river wuh a full view- W11 let to families enita, gar'rra or sire's rooms, on m-.'t rea'orab'a terms Tlie 1*4 tlon for a - uuiiner hou. e 1h nsriiualled and convenient to all parls of the i ty. TaLI.MA'M A MaPMB, Proprietors. pBTLPRFN?A FEW W( PT,0 BR TAKEN TO HOARD \J In a rsspee'eb'e privsie family residing In a healthful lo cality on Ftetew Inland r ear the terry. Good schools In the v'cinit-v A re at bedroom to let, with use of pat lor. Please ad rtr-raMrs K. B., North t-hore Posloflije, Btaten Is'and. IjM.KGANT APARTMENTS TO I,RT? FTTRWIScfl), TO J faruillra or gen'lemeti. In ths first c a?e house770 Br >nd way. Newly painted throughout Contains every cddvc nleece for parties wishing to keep house with mt the care and expetipecf housekeeping. ctrBMABTtp room wantkd-by a young map. P without board; 'ocatlm lo be retween Fo irth aire.t and Caral, ni d between 'he Bowery r-nd Six h avet ne; the room mutt cot tain Croton water, gas, Ac. Addiem J. 11. K.,box 37 Broadway Post rfllce. FILL OH PARTIAL BOaRD-WITH OENTKELLY FPU i Ishfd rroma. may be obtained la the house No. H West Twenty teroud street, near Fifth avenue. bU'RMSID.n Rot (Mb TO IET-TO OKNYLRMBR, v without board, In the dedrable and beautlfully located house 99 I prii ? next, nex' to the Present Tlo iv. Tve h-u e Is newlv luml-hed, and cor'slcs all the modern I m ogive ? metis." CT:rxc"Ptloi,able re gtven and r? iuire<C Ag. ply at the above address, 99 bp rim attest. liHjRNISHh.P BOO MB TO LET.?B ST,MONT HOC'R. P bos. A'5 and 507 Brow its a*; a frw handsomely fumtshsj roams' ft r f.-mllies and rent'emen, in suites MM single iMMi , location central and very desirable. is-'URNIFHRD ROOMB.?A PRIVATE FAMILY, WHO v have leased a first cla<a bouse, near St John's paik. | which is larger than they require, prooose rsutlrg a parlor s id one or two bedrooms, comfortably furnished, to gent lam -n, I without bosrd, wlih n.e of bath and privi egeol park. The lo- l catirn Is very ple-sant, ai d Is oocyenient to the cars sr?d i rtagrs, being within a few m ments' wa'kof B- tadwar. Re ierertes exchanged Arply at 18 Variak atteet. from 7 ts 8 ! o'cltck A. V. snd 6 to7 o'cb ck P. M. IiTRNtKHFD PARLORS, WITH BfDRtXTMd COMMIT ' r lCKtli g. to lei. in soils mr singly, to tami'tas or single get tlemcii. with all the modern conveniences; private bn-n bst I' rei|iiiied. Apply at 234 Fourtli aveaue, ni*ar Twentieth street. Fl'RNDTIFO BOOMS TO LRT?WITH TVK UHB 'IF AN e egrnt parlor, in a first class bou?e, wim board, or (be ure of a kiicheii. a only at 1-3 St Mark's pine. Eighth g'rt?t, hue ten Peoond atd 1h(rd|avenno? tsHRMftHMD 'JKIiROuM lO CUT ?VV T'J OR WITH HIT r iiov-'., lenus mcdera-e: also two yi nug ladles can obton hoard by applying at 67 West Twentieth s'.reel, neireixih r venue. Call all this week. ECRNIHHD ROOM TO LRT?WITH GAS. RKFKR- ? eicegtten at.d required. Apply at 581 Hroo.mestreet, I near Hm-scn. GH BN18HXD OR UNFURNISHRD FRONT AMD It.A' K a1 parlors, onfiritt and second floors, to let, with or ?*itb nt board, also bsdroonoa in an s merlcan fa n ly. wh- re nn nslut are spared to make boarders m mfirtablo. Term- moderate Apply to Mis. Pnimtir, 66 oulllvau stinei, between dpring and Brcoire. fiUJANIPHh D RCOMS, K(?R OK88T,-AIF.w WlflMHT 1 board, In the fuvt <<la>a T rown st -tie b'mae 3ti H-wa; .1 uk-s street; two parlors, with small rooms adjoining, and twoiingle rooms. Terms vnry rcasonab e. pitRTKKL FITIMBHRD APARTMKNTB TO ?,KT TO "T gsnt rmen.?Parlors and hedrooms. wt'h oaUnag reomy st'sthrd and alsoa-1 othtr modern Inprovciionls. Imi ire st: 29 Olfnton plat e. HANIiMOMILY FVBMlBBin ROOMfl TO f. " T'?, wl h or wfiho'it psrilal I-?r-l it No .<> vf ? t Twelnh Mrest, near RiMh avenue, convsmnnt to -i igc ? Hobokrn.- to i,ft. with partial boaRj rw > spacious ar.-i c ec?n' ro-ms on the first siorv. c \ um ui'. cut pg with sliding doors. Full view ot 'he s'vpr. "nlnear the lerry For nartlcu ars addtc ? box 116 Herald oflloe. I APART INf PARK.?A OIRTT.KMAN AMI) ITtM J wife, or two or three slnr'e men ran obtain pl-swirt r- i-ms. wilhtood b -ard. In a pr vuts family, on reagona - s terms Tlou-c hss all the nv dem taipcvemsr's. ard lota'lon dee rah'n. opposite T.smartins park Appiy al 178Weat Twon. tr eighth street, one door below Klgbih avetug, Roonuiiir Of itRfufRliilitda 1 *? ** H? ?(?1> A* Wwlsrw* \.'0 1? WEST KLEVC.V7U eTEi.Sr.-TUI KPTIM 1* ?<!.? 1 lie r to be repl -d. rnrnnani >r i'.n(ur.-.?h?4. ?! aer ic. be o. ,ntwr sap crate ?oi'ei, >. n r?tm <?? u* ttlru g*n'lf-tret, eoly. w. b or '? 'h .ut (.<-eax"*?t and tea. ?(b* hou^r w ii r<- rrwdy ioi occups-ion to * la# acj? E-xw et cm evcbai g(<L 0 10 FAfcT FIFTB>"NTH STPitET. WEAR UNION _ "lUi.e ? A highly re*pectatla rrrnch i?mlly hive ?? cat e'e : . ?..? !e gsntlempo, < r gen* emco tag their wtvae (no cb'ld'er); o ream' room*, co'iHnr Fransats*; aoae but per ?ch oi ? .otctloiAble rtwpeciaoldly need apply, an excalLat oppcri , it? to iea/n Trench. N (Y NK OK 1WO UK TLF-MKl* CAN BR AOCOWMO <J*if<l w Hfc a rple*didly ?nml?v?d room, without boars, cr brert'art, II derlrvd Apply at IOJ t2tt> at. between Firm at J free .1 tveeuea, nine aoore I rem oeoond avenue. SR OB 7WO, OK A P~.kiV~or~GICNTLEIfbN. OAJT fct vc latOacme'T fu/uUbed room, with part|a' board, la h nou f brauUfully spumed np town, contain ng ail thaiae dvru Iworrvunett , at 17a haat T wenty turd atraa'- Termm nrtdtrale. RIVATK POARD-a ilKNILhM A5 AND \V4F? OK two atu|> gentlemen ran obuiu & large front room. w?fe i artr'.n. heri-oinaiy luri.labtd; houre baa all tba modaru loa prcvtnii rte Locator No. Eft! Wavrrlcv place. SvTfh: BOARD.?A Oh.NTI.KMAM AND WIPE, OK two ?lng'.* gentlemen, nan obtain a par'or and bade i? w ltfc pat.trie* attached, handsomely fturctahed. In a a house, with all tba mir rorementa, located at No. 3 ?treat, between Efllh ana Auth aveooe*. PRIVATE FAMILY -THE ADYKRTIRKB HAYING A larye r cm on recond floor, wt b ru, hot and oold water, Ac., w ould let the tame, with or without board, furntihad or uriurr abed, 'o one or two genllatxen of rood reoommendaHe. Aptly at residence, 42 Veatry *t i.ear Hudaou. coNfl io let-eubhiehKit, wiru ob without pertlal Ir.ard, a*. 29 Firth (Utet, near fith avenue. First elate bOBM, hrtne. Ac. STAThN 1SKAM).- ROARD M?T RK HAD. FOB TW? or three families in a pieaaatt neighborhood: salt water batfaipg. boaarg au,l irblng oonvenlent. For further partloa lam apply to Mr J Ack'and, 77 Barelay atreet. T'UIETA FT FLO- R ( T ivj HOU8R NO .'CIS PuURfB atreet. re?r Ltuuren- place, tv let, wlib or without hoard; rrrt ?uttahle frr a ihyelctan. Alto, a parlor, with bad roam Htterbed r n cecond floor end alsglo rooma, for gant'omnat; baib. see. Ac. Applv aa above. TWO OB THRKd HAFD80?~K~BjL)0MA TO t.RT, FUB itlahed. together or aeperala, wt'h or without part at boaid. In a rew brute. wITh a pH- e'e tauiiiy. Ho tea coVilni gaa, b?!b Ac . and ia wit!In a few mlcufr*' wa'b of >-<urh or Wall B'leet ft ilea For par'loulare ir.qnl'e a'. IS Uarram nbeet, between Oburtand Clinton ft-u'h Ilrooklyn. CAHFRTINCiS AND I'PHOLiiTEKP. A^CPEFIOB STOCK il OF UKAl IliUI, KN1T.I8R CARPSIS. At er'iwi'Mtr.ary Inw piioer. Superb Tetrrta. 11a r?r>ard E leg art Bruaee'e 7? hd. per yard. BeauPlul i'gra<D? "h fd per yard. Eupericr irgraLia. Cs. pe< yard. Ill 1 AM AFDFHBOM 99 Rowtwy. ClaBl'llB.? J DOrOKTY A BBO 711 T>jt>.u.' ?a> oopesi e thu Park, Tmiyortera atil dea'era Ir, every deicrist1~.e a( CaBj'ETIKIEH. OlbO. OTH8, Ar We are coc.a'aatly rarelrinr from hcr.-pa and the wiotwui ealea ail the ia'.mt and m(?t dealraole ntytaa ot' eerpetugu. width we offer at Ibr leweat market rat** ?T> 'FI LaJE TBA UK IV Cb&rjEXB. E.nglUb velvet, Bnueo'a, Taoeetr*. "Three-ply erd etiperflne lojrrwia, Ac., Ac , Ac ,*t oldprtawK notwIibBtanilii g u.e re??-i.i a<lv<vuc6 A. '1. 8TFWAHT A CO. B*cedway. Cbeiobera and f.ewde etreote, VJFBtNG Wf.KTATliS OF O Plain and ducoratl?0 |>apei'han*1age. Khadro, coruicea Ac., Ac THOMAS JOE 18. itnpiehrnad munaiastapw, h91 <T.-aro a'-eet. ooruar of outPMk. OlM?E K OEKMMU. V.Tofl O. A Tb RI.I T Wft.iL OPEN tew atvleaof tntli'nerv gootla tor autrmar, at 39Ciat?u Ihttradar, Way 15. mo"?,FbKKFPlB ltiT?VicLvr r. Ki#~ and NT JL print.e oarpete and China tnatti.-.a for aa'aat reitmad ttrlcea CVrpeta and mnttlng laid down iu a-.iy part o' tho dir. P< BK*HS k MXOH. No. 21 l'ark p.*00. MUM1C AND IJAiVCI.VCK a'^'c^bEi'TiVij HANb PlXSoSr^KOflRWCOD ANN "J tDKhctanr, at great barga'a*. IT taken iht< waok; rr'cee lr' w. $70 to S'30 hew platire. from $145 to BrO. 1 de n<- f t tn 82n to E7C. A'ao, fbr aa'o cheap, a lot ot 'ngraiu and Brtiioe.a cerpe's, at 1U2 Tweuty-eiih ?'.re*'. nea* dlath avenue B. GONZALEZ. "T MBI.1CB A CO.b. NHW AMD BUPERIOB SBVK.F OO A ta>e planoe warranted perfect and guarantee givou. Prlcei S'i'U anc $v?5. / call before porchttattg eltewbem ia reaper fully solicited. Wererooma .'158 Howery. near Fourth iwa*. E'lNEI TOb'EI) R08FW04I0 IT AEO, BV 1TI0KKB Ing, in good order, fbu* veers old; eve: $400. will oe anM for *1?."-. A;ply to V. GI.IEH09/1, 162 E ultoP vtinet, cinr?r of Bioadway. N BXTEN81VK AR-GRTNPVT Of pTaHOFOBTBS for hire or aa e atWAiKf.B'8 wa.erootoa Va 6 Aator place u>d i tghth etriat prlceavar'lng Ir tn 950 to 1150 Alan, a large atosb ct r.ew piano* of superior >|ua'ity by tba btrt Few Yo k r.nd B?v?tcn maker* txalurlvely foraa'e. SPLENDID OKAKD OIAGuNAL PIvN" KOBTB, T octave, tn an elegnnt ro?ewood o**e. with m.-'aillo franaa. made by tie teat maker and warran'ed; coet 8410; will bo t-old for t!6fl. Can be * sen at 141 * It. h street, from 10 tv 2 o'e'ock. Been uaed a few months Muat oe sola; the owner leaveitbe city. AN J Ob. BAN JOB.?oD It CELEMRATF.D STAITbAN jo*. ?I'B walnut bardies and inapie rim* ere dally re ceiving the approba leu ot amaieuio for their unrivalled tone and eicrllewt finish. Prl~e ?K Jacoha' 95 cat jo* are all the go. All n aple banjo* from 810 to $&n HABRY JACOBS. Chatham atieat. AFJO, BAFJO.?THIS l'LK vrTnoTpOPI LAB ANN charaetei-i*ilc inatrumrnt taught by mv Improved aad ea*r metbrd in alx lemon*. Term<90 lin advance. Leaaoua given dav and evenleg Star banjos our own make. 9k to 8f-0 banjoa alwava on hand. HABRY J. JACOBS, 92>? Chatham (treat FOR BA1JS CJTBAP-A ROSEWOOD PIANOFOBTB. Gt? octaves. Price 960. Apply at 42 Ann street, of JOTLH BOYD, Auctioneer. IOB BALE?A GOOD 9KCOND HAED HLX OCTAYN piano, Hundy A Pe'htck, evakera Price 9110. To be seem a* 116 Myingaioe atreet, Brooklyn. CMC.?A YOD!?G~LADY, EXPERIRNOED IU OIY ing ln*tru3tlon on plvno. hu v?-?.inc.lea for two mire pupils, at 92 50 per month, with privt ere of practice Pujile attended at tbeir i w*ld?ncee, ten Io twelve Collar* per month. Apply at 144 Nineteenth street, between Seven b and Eighth avenue*. IA NOB.?FOUR BRATIFCL BKVK.N OCT A YE PIANO, fortes; two with carved legs; superior tote and fln'*h; made of gcod material, ael wat ranted la every earticaier. Will beeold low. DaVID SMITH, 16 81xtb avenue. OFDFBFUL BAROATNa.-OFB WEEK MORE.-BIT perlor planofortee, bv the lirat makers. In beautiful rose wood; variety of styles, all new fullvrwarrantod; prloes troaa 9iA0 to82C0. lor Instrument* worth 9300 ?<? 1180, to c Iocs the concern. Ihe building to to rent; 60 Walker street, near Broad war. W. OSBORNE A CO. w INSTRUCTION. 1 QW -BOOKEIFPINO, WRITING, ARITHMETIC.? XO'i I ? Mr. DOI.HRaR. 609 Brradway being *? 'l?t*d toy an ac-ompil*ted prec'.lenl liooikeer, will qua ity gtitleman to Oil any *1 un'ion, u h-acl book hi rpsis aaalht&ats or awtry clerk* Mr. It. irwhm pemaar-.lti ia pervon, and itnorM ell Bfiffress acd Ucctb.iav from every kind APKOFKPW.-R OF THE SPANISH, PRKFT'H, II'ALI Alt ecd Erg l*h Irngimea, ihec a* I"", natural cclenoes. bonk, treeing scd several other brancbe* ot a liberal adulation, w!*bea to make airtingt reacts * ttn a private fhmily, (In ft- city or courtrv.) who would glveroomaand boarl till kl iieelt My and cbllil, in i-xcluupe frr h's nervliM ai bout" tutor. Belrt re ference* g'ven. ACflrfgs Graduate, care oc M. Ijoison, New Tor k Pom > dice a LAD1 or VERY RliPc.mOH CAPABILITIES AND /X rrficrmrrt, ?r.d v lu rci?r* to perarai* of airtiato t"kf a far youne ladle* Into her family, to ? duiae and > limited abb home u fluem-aa and oimfor.^, Appiliatimi to be mi-de at brr re?trience, 110 West rifne. ih ?t. BOOKKEEPING ROOMS OF C. C. VAR.HH 34* RROA0 way.- For *.i>, the folio air g popular works, last editions, printed u or.,or* : ? Mairb'i Course ot Double Entry, with an original diagram. T7* pp. octavo $1 ZS 'limit work la Epaulih 1 25 Marth'a (iour?e cl Mrgle Frtry. 130 pp 75 .Viarsb't acts of Blank Hooks, ill to the tt>t 75 1 hese work* *re e ell adapted f?r ae i Instruction, *nd tkoee wbo catu.ot avail thcuu-elvea of a course of practice with the author, cannot do be'ter than to procure them. Jaemttted per until 20 recta additional. BGOKKKtPlNG ARIIBMK1 TO. WRITING-. AO ?MR. R sNVII I.E. fop the pa*t right year* at 289 [(roadway< has removed to tbe apac'ous and elsgan' room* .".02 Broadway, porter of Fmrdrltn street. Students received dav and evening, and thoroughly til.ed for tkeuouBPng room, upon very Inyora ble trnna. jyj R8. M. HAMILTON'8 FRf^FH AMD H?OI.IoH DAT lM scliosl for young ladle*. IDS Weat ThrtyalitC street be tween Broadw ay and Seventh avenue QVASiSS LANGUAGE? PBOFtflSOB GOrtRIM COM O tlr us* bl" Iretrucilon In the above larguage Also, s fur clabed room to let. wl'b partial board, tr sligle gent'erasn. Apply to the afnr*'aa;d, at No. 1.34 klghthstreet, adjoining the Meresatlle Library. Tl/ RlflNt* AWU V *.R(JH ANTS'AGOO0NT8.?B. F. FOB Vv I EH and HI R A Y D1 XON.'glve leaaoca as u<ual tn writing, Iwokkeeplnr. *e Boom No. I anpleton Pntldtng. 344 Broad ?*y. where yruih* ai d adult* are qualified for taeroautlle pureed* in an stpedltious and superior manner. Terms As, so applloatfoc. WINES AND LI%tURS. A ME lit! 1N BRaNuY-IN id, ? AND ,'iPIP?; GUT. hew fnsland rum Monongabels ana rectlflsd wnlakey, p.ue aolrl'a. nigh and low grace, In barrel* and hogshead a. Ihese y axle are aupertor to any In market, and we Invite the trade to examn.e them before making their purobaeee. C. WaR1> A CO., 110 Murray street, * gents tor the dlstblere. / 11.A R t- T ! CLaBBH CLARKT 1?$2 2A FBR DOZMN, DE V Itvervu In tbe rltT tree of expense. Krai dies, wine*. 4c , guaranteed as repr-eectcl. at wcolcea'e prl jee. Ale, owter. Ac,lor family use at Pi PHIOH'S medicinal stores, iHBleeckar etrret, One hick west Ifo-n H iwery, ami 621 Hudson atree', corner of Jane. Holland gin-w pifkh. very superior, of ike Ictib'e awar brand, just received and lor sale low Trow bee', by t-IMP WIN BROS., 19 Reaver street. T AM ? IDA RUM- 2* PUNCH KONS. HI ?H FLAVORED, el lust received and lor tale from bond, by SIMPsBN BROS., 19 Beaver Fireet London gordtal oin.-a very superior iajt of Booth A Bed wick's London cordial gin just received fbr sale. In cask* and raeea, by the sole agents tor the United Hta-es. SIMPSON BROTHERS, 19 Bearer street BOCffRIL* BRANDIES.?100 HALVES. QUARTERS ' s-d octaves, very high flavored, pale and dark, of the oelehrated brand of Bochelle vineyard propletnra, fbr sale low. from what! or beaded warehouse, bj UMRSON A 3ROB.. 19 Beaveratreet TKAVKLLER8' GLIDE. 1,'OR PO KKKFBIH DAILY?LANDING AT doKZKNE, r West Poto', Cold Spring, Cornwall, Newbnrg, Mew Hatc bitrg sad MUion. The Otvbrlte a'earner HERO, Oapt. A. hmlth. leaves the foot of Kntitnaon stioet every abereone, ('-tnndsye exoejoyd ) at pi/ n'n'ork, arriving by 8Ke'olook. Ketnrofr g, ieivves Po'kf/opaleat (> a. M. _ NSW ARR ANG5MNNT.- ACCOMMODATION LWJMOII Notwa'k and Rocky Npck.-The ateantcr NoRw ALK. Ospt George T. Rodman, will leave pier cast side of Catherine allp, Vast river, dallv, (Sundays extMP ed), atlloc'nekP M.; leaving NmUi Norwslk 7 o'rl-ck A. M -fare. N>cents, leaving itccky NeeA WS-farsy 38 <-este. Freight taken at reasonably ratee, and frirwarded to destlnaicn; a noun, payable on de livery of the gooi*. A'l rer?or.s are forbid trn'tlug any or persona ou ^o^uul ot said boat and her uwrmra.^ Wfffi