Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1856 Page 2
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i new institution in the united states. FALSE GODS (NOT POLITICAL) SET UP IN OUR MIDST. The Iuum Worshippers of California Prt?(ra(lDf Thewelvee before BmUMst IhrbMfl* Ceieotial Propagandists amongst the Out side Barbarians, Ac., Jtc., Ac. Omr Sm Fnuiclwo Correspondence. 8ur Huxcwo, April 21, 1866. Maaptiration if a Buddhist Temple?Arrival of Ching Mi?BotcripCion the Opening Ceremmiet?The /leut ?The Sacrifice!?Chinese Devcthm?Squibj ami Orackcrt ?General Blare-up in Honor of the Jose. After the gigantic efforts of miaaionary snff Bible eo S*?t>es to spread the beneficent influence of Christianity feroeghout heathenish tends, the people of Sen Francisco me witnesses of the inauguration of Buddhism on Amert enn rail, Attended with unusual pomp nnd magnificence, the Chinese pepntetion hnve st test, nfter amny disap pointments, imported n wooden god nnd nil the paraphar mite of their worahip, or the pnrpoeeof erecting them M pennnnent institutions in our midst. The/ have in nst yearn celebrated annually funeral feasts, visiting the a es of departed relations, to offer articles of food for bmr spirits to feast upon. This year the same obeer vancee were gone through the day before this deity was sited. The introduction of public Idolatry Into Call i is an event that may well claim the attention of the people of the United States, and, ae considerable dis play was made, a d< seriptlon of the ceremony and orna ments aged on the occasion may prove interesting to the sender* of the Hjduid. Before the dawn cf Christianity, Buddhism was seven nentaries in existence. , It fs more sncient than the reli gion sailing itself Catholic, and can count a greater num ber ef followers, and a larger extent of territory snbject to It, then United Christendom. Cakymouni is supposed bo be Us toonder. Be had in view the allena'doa of the condition or mankind, and endeavored to prove himself a benefactor to his race. He wan expelled as a here lie from Brabmanirm, but ultimately his doctrines were adopted and were soon iccognized as a distinct re.iglon. The festival, as it was called, commenced on the 4th instant, and continued to the 8th. occupying 8ve Juts. The arrival cf the statue of Chi rig Tai, ot Joss, a renown ed character in Chinese his'ery, deified by that people, famished the occasion. The edifice in which it was held was erected In 1853, and Is called the See-Yup Azylum. The builting. constructed cf brick, is situated on fine ?treet, ard is of a sirgular sty e of architecture, the en trance being through narrow and devious passages, hav ing <n each fide high walls. A general invitation was ex-eno'ed to oar citizens, through the press, to visit the building, and at least twen'y thousand men and women mast have taken advantage of the access freely accorded. The Inhabitants of the Flo wry Kingdom are practised in politeness, and all who visitea their temple were treated with extreme courtesy. Entering on the ground floor, over which is suspend ed two large colored ba'loon lamps, is a spacious re ception room tastetully furnished witn cushioned chairs and tables arranged on each side. The walls were oo vered with paintings of females and children, with round fall faces and exseeding'y fair. One represented Ching Tai the chosen patron or the See Yup, with features very unlike any celestial that has yet trade his app?sr ance here. This apartment was used as a snnper room, and visiters were accommodated with tea and tobacco. The principal ceremonies, and the installation ot the wooden deify, were enacted in the sec >nd story. A large room, occupying nearly the entire floor, was devoted for this object. It was gorgeously farnished in oriental otyle, and its appearance at first bad a most striking ef fect. From the ceiling was suspended small pieces of painted wood,"having sentences in praise of the Joes; and ecattered through the hall were boards wi h similar in ecrlptions. On a large table in the centre cf the room was placed a hog and ram ready fir cocking; a large xoast pig. with fowl, p'.ucked clean of their feathers, and | various kinds of flab, all decorated with small boqu-is of : artificial flowers and gold leaf. On otber tables were apples, ora-ges, bananas and tropical fruits, arranged m plates like piles of shot The Chinese cuitine was put v xter tribute to add to the display of luxuries, and as it lades dogs, u',batched chickens, rate, birds' re-la and ragouts, the uninitiated would hesitate before par t?kixg cf any part of the feast. IMminutivs human fit-ares of plaster, shewing skill and taste in design had places amia the tables, anu appeared to stand guard over the many good things set out. All this provender was au client g to the g. a. and though mucnot it disappeared before the termination of the festival, it is left a matter af doubt whether that diguiUry regaled bimse'i with them or they were consumed by the attendant d^votee In an alcove at the end of the room ere >81 a tbrofie, upon which is seated Lhe crowned idol, J->sa; ben were. covered with fantastic figures, wave on either side. The framewoTk which surrounds him is em posed of beak wood, aid elaborately covered with carved b-ass work; a g.-vsn-ilk curtain drawa apart displays to view the drmi god ia baroarfc splendor;* rea scarf, fringed Wi'.h jg p!iC?d on his head, and falls down to the weist.' The figure is 'i'e size. and richly adorned with ?o-tly ornament*. The broad face, colored bright brown, bas a mo#1, grotesque appearance. Two long locks of black hair hang from the upper lip m'ng ing wiih a beard wf the aame hue the right band is partly rire'ched fsrtt. ?he *humb and one finger pointing upwards; the feet ik encased with elif pers turned very much up at the tee, | and from the eyea procetd a stare indicative of rogai.ih j simplicity. It is a faL- specimen cl" Chines* wpyi sculp tw-e: bnt is entirely devoid of anything like spirituality The coarse and sensual predominates, and this crura; ?eristic is ob-ervable ia tbe adorsmen: over the entire building A triangular pile, reaembling a nutnbe- cf spears, "he points all di?e giog towards the apex, en twtred with gaudy feathers, are plated at tbe foot of the throre. and interfered some with tbe view from tbe front. Candles, wrapped in colored paper, were burning in front ef tie alecve, and yewler vessels, containing ling thin pieces ef sandal wood, were Ignited, and emitted a rioet mper-eeable imcke tbat pervaded every part of the bulidiig. Tbe religious sei vices were conducted by about a d z'u of the leaciagtren. It consisted merely of walking up and down tie rocm, baiting at certain placia to neel and bew to tbe Idol and to one another, Their dress cm ?htsd cf iorg flgursd silk robes, close at ths neck, and extending to he f?e', and fastened around ths waist by an embroidered belt, a Cipe worn over the shoulder-, with a cap having a red erown ard a *mU. brass ball at top, cup',-ted their official apparel. One who appeared to be of tigher dignity than the rest moved a'ong e*;b etde of tb-- table, frcea one end of the room tj the other, giving utterance to a low. mournful wail, followed by two ethers. The remaining nine were stationary, rauge 1 from the throne on both sides to the door. They ko-lt occasionally on eushi'<ns placed -m tbe floor, ben ting io adoration to the efligv till their heads touched tbe ground. It would be ciffi:ult to understand, much lets dee-ribe, ell 1he mioutisc of the fonu gent b ? igh. Tbe m >irt dainty articles of food were made ofi 1 to tbe god. This ws,? iterforraed in a prostrate state, by Urachitg he forehead with tbe eiiblee and then ple-iug ?hero at flis fret. A pariicipant in the ex?refaes wax stood at '.be left of the aleove gave dlresMons in a loud voir*, and p.obably acted as master of ceremonies A: certain times during Ihrir prrg-er-largs quautiti-sof fire crackers wer* lot eff in the yard below, and iu an adjoinlrg room fivemnslc-ans kept rp a hideous din with drums, gorg* and worsien trumpc i. These exerc ses prevail among the common people In China, and were re Cited during the festival. The poorer cla- ee, dre eed their best at.ire, (those of mode-ate means wore blue gowns reaching from the neck to toe feet,) were sileot ?peetators, and, as tneir women were entirely exrladed an opportunity was afforded to observe what effect th-y had on the meo. With a few exceptions, wb^re some v > tariee came and paid their adora'ion when tie room wis newly decorated, It cannot be Mid much reverence was displayed towards Ching Tai. Tnev employed their time In talking, siaoklrg ana drinking tea Tbe levi-f of thei beharior did not bet- ken much respect fot the objsct tb?y surrounded with so much magniflcsnee. It is <liffi ?ah to ccmprekecd bow a peoole so enlightened, so ad vanced in tbe mareb of civl'izatlon, can bow down to ?rteeks and etrnes. They are so given to prevarititl in and deceit that ft i* not easy to know p-- I ly what wm tbe meaniig of the entire p-i ??ediog Among outside berbarians miih contrariety nf opinion exists; but it is web known that the Calne-e hold wi h tbe g-eabkst teuaeitv to their faitb. and pr.vat* idolatry ha* been carried on si ace tneir arrival in this Bte'e. In the minds of mapy, this festival, It in thought. Is used as a feeier to try bow far ChrUtiani'y will tole rate tbe open worship cf Idols. Tbe-e are m?u in our eommamty who already feel alarmed, ana would advo cate the most string'-nt laws to ?xtlrpS a the w iole population, it it weie necessary, to be rid of so erer t an ?vil. We have fallen upon snob times tost fears ate entertained lest In a short rpa?? Baddh'sm migh gain frosetytes among 'be 1 ancaeian race. One tai- ?? shed the followers of Cniistiani'j receive I- ? -ots firtm tbe Chiieee. They will not depart ir-m ia ners an I customs. tbey disdain to learn or u-e on lan guage, and by these c,esns ar id aoy approximation vo car people, few Chinamen leave their country without a fixed dsrim to return and bring sacrificss to the tombs theirf a'uers. This respect for pre -edente is the key one of their whole sorfal system, and ev?n the few onverted 'o tbe purer faith cf the cross coal 1 no* b-' evailed upon to give it np. Ws attempt to establish ir religion in California, the ?t"mg raicn -be:r prtaencei a regarded whh may be tak-n an ndication of their iuteatioa io n-main. The nteilig-nt portion the v-ppos'.'ion which the ?pen p-actioe of their barbarous cavemotles wdl ex crmnter. They are out mistaken, and any farther SMtvanc In the -ame direction will be met by decisive hostility Our '-ommeroe with China Is very large and to what extent th s would be sflect'd in eas? the Cbioa rr?n wer?. by leg'-lallon, drivsu fro-n here, is a serious nr.k'ter fcr c u?l te:a'l"ti It is probable it would oe mot h> re'aliatlcn on ( nr citizenp tesidlng at .-ibSLglia* and other ports. Tb" F.mperi r sr -ght order all Acuericins ?nt of his demipions, and bs istifled bef're the world, wten like treatmsut had been givo his Miojeils on our territory. The Chinese question U suir.uudsd witn ntoeh diffienliy. OMmrjr. Coles#I JoHH Jloax, o! Wo 'iter, ' >bio died r n the 14th net , er hi# Terttfum. In J818. he w?? #1#; #'! toC'jn ffre##. ltd t nttiined to tbftt pool f ?r tix y?*rn. ?#rr"i ?rrfrtl of .u. Afe or Ohio; and *r'?rwerd? ?m eppn'nted L". S. Treeeu'er. which office he h#?a nnti' Pt?"-# c?me Into power H# en# en loifraete ?? *b1 ot H?rry ' ey, end we? ?e?r cm# of hi# moo; ?n th o- eiitc ?obo rt#;?. A'th# time cf bin be bed ? n'tw' 'he ripe eld tire of 78 yrere. Inttnatlng fi I CMTED 8TATB8 D1STEI0T CODBT?CHAM1 OF JUJDM mourn. [Fiom the Lexunpton (Kau-*#) Union, M?y 8 ] rbo I'm ed States District Cou.'i, tor the F.r-,t dim riot, K ah Km Terri-ory, began Its us-ioo m this city, on last Monday, at eleven o'olock, Judge l.-oompte presiding. We were present when the Judge charged the Grand Jury. His charge was full, forcible and explicit, cover ing the entire ground. It requires no little nerve on the part of a judge. In theee exciting times of oore, to imprest, upon the minds of the Grand Jury their responsible duties. Judge Leecmpte knew his du'j, and, as an sb'e, fear less and res rlute jurist, he discharged that duty. He called the attention of the Jury to the rebellious and treasonable spirit now prevalent in our Territory, and referred to the fool aseassinaUon of a public officer while in the discharge of his official functions. He spoke of the attempt on the part of men here to establish an Indepen dent government, in opposition to the present existing one? also to assume offioei of publie trust, wltnout due authority, and many other criminal offences committed in our midst. He toll them that it was their duty, as law-loving and law-abiding citizens, made imperative by a solemn cath. to arraign theee men before the recog nized tiibunals ot the country and make them suffer the just penalties of the law. He told them to summon evi dence In order to sustain them, and in all eases the sum mons should be executed, without regard to station, in tluenee, threats or menaces. He pleoged them that in any and all where such charges could be substanti ated the guilty person or persons should abids the dread consequence incurred by their own blind tolly and crime. He saiu the law of the land should be executed at all bazardr. Judge Lecompte's manner during the charge was firm, dignified and impressive. (>ceasionaliy, wmlet recurring to the many outrsges upon life and law, he grew warm and eloquent, which produced a deer> impression, not only U(.on the jury, hut all in attendance. Judge Le eoinpte la the man of the right stamp, both as a jurist and gentleman. Tbe Grand Jury have returned several bills of Indict ment, and it is rumored that the Marshal is now upon a visit to their Highnesses, Reeder and Robinson, but of oourse we cannot speak with certainty, as tbsee matters ere confined to the knowledge ot the court for a while. The Marshal and Deputies are out for something, and no doubt they each have bench warrants In their pockets. A lew days will explain all. We ebali attempt to (keep our friends posted, as this ie an important court upon tbe present crisis ofaffirirs. REEDKB THREATENS THE MABSHAL'S LIFE?IN , FLAMMATOKY SPEECHES. News has just reached us of a very Important charac ter. The c< art, day before yesterday, issued a subpoena for A. H. Reeder, to appear before the Grand Jury. The Deputy Marshall was directed to serve the process, and immeaiatsly proceeded to Itcumseh, where Reeder was then attending the tesiion of the committee, and served the summons. Reeder told the Marshal. em phaUcaily, that he would not at.end. Upon sucn re turn being mace, Judge Lecompte issued an attachment; the cflictr proceeded on yesterday to Lawrence to serve it. He lound It-tiler in tbe oommlttee room and inform ed him of tbe attachment he had against him, whereupin Reeder told bitr. Hi he laid his hands upon him it would be at the peril ot his life." He said he would not obey tie summi n?, be old net recognize its legality, and that he was exempt 'rota any arrest. "btlrg a delegate to Congress Item Kansas Territory," and r-peated again, vf toe Marshal attempted to execute the attachment, hs should do it at the peril of his life. Duriig the remarks of Reeder, he was seven! times applauded by the crowd gathered in tbe room aud around the house at tbe doors and windows. Upon Reciter's taking his seat, Sherman, one of the commitiee, in a very animated and warm mancer sustained Reeder in his en tiie position, acknowiecging him a delegate from tbe Ter ritory of Kansas, and that no "little Territorial Court" had the potter to interrupt Mr. Reeder, or that body, by the arrest ot Mr. Reeder. He was sacred from the touch of any tuch attachments. He said that they (the com mittee) had the power and sufficient ground) to have every member of the Grand Jury and the Court arrested and sent to Washington. He said many other tilings of a similar character that inflamed the crowd to frequent outbursts ot applause for Sherman aud exprensiom of re s'stacce to the laws. Immediately after Sherman con cluded. Howard, the other abolition member, arose and sustained both Reeder and Sherman. Hie remarks were passi nate aud itflamatory, and were received by the crowd in tbe same manner as Reader's and Sherman's. Mr. Oliver several times requested the oommlttee not to say or do anythirg in the matter, 'fwas a matter on which they had no au'hoiity to aet, that Reeder was not a part of them, and that his presence and privileges were only allowed through courtesy. He nor Mr. Whitfield had no right to demand tf them any privilege^ tat they were forcid to obey farther than courtesy c impelled them. He said this was a point sprurg and unanimously consented to in the beginning of tbe investigation, and That he was surprised to ste gentlemen pursuing the course they had up n this occasion. Mr. Oliver said that he. as a com mitteeman, fsellrg he had no right or authority to act la the matter, world do nothing Messrs. Ur?srd and Sier m&n still persisted in their course. The Marshal return ed without making any arres s, aud so tbe matter stanls up to this time. These are the facte just eimtnunicated to us by these grntJemen, present during tbs praceel Mge, and if we hid time shoal: take their affidavits to the statement. Atter the lemuike of Mr. OUt-t, Heeder Tery Indig nantly hlg jcsuitirg'y Mid Mr. Oliver that no wan wao atknt elec'g'd bimte.f a lawyer would dissent from the opin'ons of Meters. Howard and Fherman, that he was pivilsgtd from arrest as a Territorial delegate, and re jea ea "tr atif the Marshal ia?d bis hands upon him, u at he would do it at the peril ol h'.s US." WL?^ *e had time to make tome comments, hut, as we ttat?d 111 the bapiDdog, we stopped the press to g ve thete t'ene?but this w* will gay, and time will bear us out in tne assertion, that th's act of Howard and Sher man has d'ne more to create c'vil commotion ia Kansas, then any pieeering ten dore in our midst. Thi? un called for unauthorized interference 011 ibe ptrt of the committee wd!t no doubt, involve Kan as >n war. We ?tc-< d by sod i aw cut wort'1" fellow citizen shot down in the attempt io execute the !< ws. We tow see am the* one threa'eced if he s .temp's, and that Tiros" countenanced and sustained by a committee s n by C Dgiess, prcDsnng to restore peace ana ami'v ia our mnch 'iisturbed Territory. These men came ami r get ts and press to enter into an impartial irveiti gratlcn ot our disturbances, but grossly libel the' urn declaration by count.ntnclug re-istance to law. auiib facing the populace to open rebellion. These aie that shou.d go forth to the ration. Messrs. Howard sni Sbeimas. this day we aseert. thah you hare declar war in Kansas. Ycu h*ve allied yoarselvss with this partr, who ie-!8t the law?, and by so doing have sent forth to the nation the declaration of war. -' ??<. yon have disg-acfd your commission, you hav iced your honor, and stand accused of a foul eriu ? pjfora your country. Let the nation pronounce your sea eoc< PROCLAMATION TO THE PEOPLE OF * 12*318 TERR TORY. Wbe:e*s. certain judicial writs of arrest have hen di rected to me by the First District Court of the lTntt?! states, Aw , to be exernted in the county of Dougiar auo whereas, an attempt to execute them by the United . ?tes Deputy Marsha! was violently resisted sy a large n<< nber of the citizens of lawrence, and as there Is everr -ason to believe that any attempt to ex-cute these wrt " he zesistedby a large body of aimed men. now, th? re, the law abiding citizens of the Territory are cauu> ? .led to Ve ?nd appear at lecomp'on as scon as praetic.' and in numbers sufficient for the proper execution of t.r>< iaw. 0 ren under my band, this lllh day of May, 1856. I. B. DON AMOS', f'nltel S'atss Marshal for Kansas Territory. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MO.IKV JSARKBT. Monday, May 19?6 P. M. There was rather a blue market at the opening this morning. About the usual emount of business was transacted, but in every stcek low.' prices ruled. At the first board Missouri 6'a fell off >? per cent: Illinois Central bonds, Hi Canton Company, 34; Pennsylvania Ccal Company, >4; New Ycrk Central Roilroad, >4; Erie, >4; Bnd'on Railroad, 34; Galena and Chicago, 34, Head ing, >4; Michigan Southern, >4; I'atama, }%; Illinois Central Railroad, >4; Cleveland and Toledo, 34: Michigan Central, >i; Cleveland and Pittsburg. >4; Chicago and Rock Island, >4. There was a pretty active market, and the bears were large buyers. The market gradnaily fell off from the opening, and closed with a downward tendetcr. After the acjournment of the board the following sales of bonds an J stock were male at auction by A. H. Nieo lay *3,COO la Crosse and Milwaukle mort. &'*..and int. 78 10,000 New York City 6's do... 97 GO she. En. Railroad 55)4 82do. Rutgers Insurant# C.iropeny 98), 20 do. Lafarge Insurance Com (spy ti'i 10 do. Irving Bank 100>4 Mr. S. Draper's semi-weekly sale of stocks and bonds will take place to-morrow (Tuesday), at the Merchants' hxchaoge, at 12 o'clock. At the second board lower prior" ruled all round. Tne d ?<{.' si.Ion to sell was stropger, and the sales were unu sually large tor the afternoon board. Nicaragua fell off per cent; Chicago and Rock Island, 3<; Catena and t hi *go, 3, ; New York Central, X; Michigan Central, 34i M eh iran "Southern, >4; Cleveland and Toledo, >4; Erie, X; Reading, X After the board there was no pariieu ar change In prices. The ieellng to day in Wall s rest ?.m< n *d to nsar'y a panic. The news from Wellington Is the only canes for this absurd excitement. The only difficulty! s the mirerable management of the government of the T'niied rta'.es of its foreign relations. In less than orty-eignt oour- after the dixmlasal of Mr. Oampton lb. affair will tm forgotten, and the second sober thought i of he public mind will return but so long a? the matter is left in doub" so lot,g as those dispo ed can give cir culation to the m .at absurd statements, regarding the cs .?e and sfleet, so long will the puWi# p ilse rema'n in a feverish e'ate, and the community continue excited by wars and rumors of wsr. This < ?a jton aff ? 'r is a great card for the bears, snd they should play th ? game as strong as po sible, for It is not likely to last long. It is In reality the most absurd thing In the world to ta k about war Tetw*e> this wintry end Great B-ltaln, and "ve y ? u sibis m?n on sides of the Atlantic i? of the -an., opinion. It amounts a!moi t to an ItniioseibHIty. There art so many ways to avoid actual hostilities, that it is, in fact, utterly out of the ques'i .n. Ote wot d think from the nirvements #f a few itock speculators of Wall ? .rest, rs f whom ere, In fact, hardly able to comprehend tie h?s-:u<s of anv important <1 ilea?that in le-? than thirty days we should have an I'jg'i-1 fleet bom vrdlog the afy. Wii'le these oiliow ,?ock speju.'ators s?e prsdlc'.ing ad Sor'l of dangers ?ad damage*, we tind the merchant* engage 1 ia oar foreign trad* quietly and confidently pursuing -heir legitimate bu* ne?*. We fled ia our Cuitom H me* .** turn* the clearance* of Teaiel* for the moot distant porta of the world, and their owner* do aot seem to have the slightest doubt bat that they will pursue their voy" ages peaceably and harmleeaiy. No one appear* to be frightened bat holder* of railroad rtoeki, whieb.asven in the event of a war, would not be materially injured, while the owner* of teaeel* engaged in distant voy<tgee> who wonld be ruined by a war with England, calmly and coolly attend to their legitimate line of badness with the most perfect confidence in the future, danger* of th* sea only excepted. Our insorunoe companies, in their blind ignorance (for we can call it nothing else) of the danger* surrounding their interests, have not [even inserted th* war clause la their policies, and their stockholder* do not appoar to nave the slightest idea of the ruin that is, according to the stock jobber*' cod*, Inevitable. It is moat extraordinary that only a few stock speculators in Wall street should roperly comprehend the actual position of public st abs. The great body of the community appear to be pursuing their usual course of basintss without a thought of war. They do not dream of a raptors with Great Britain, am' it would bo oxoeodiogly difficult to make them believe that the return of Mr. Craapton eon by any possibility endanger th* poaoeful relations of the two countries. We must go into Wall street lor news. It is on'y at the board of broker* that we can find a eorreet barometer of the public pulse. The msr eantile classes must be a blind, stupid est of ignora muses not to see that it is utterly impossible to avoid a wsr. It is our opinion that all the fighting will bo eon fined to Wall street and the menagerie attached to the board of brokers. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as follow*:? Paid on treasury account $264,877 Received do. 117,551 51 Balance do. 10,008,007 07 Paid for Asray office 6,338 34 Paid on disbursing checks 80,699 17 The payments to-day include $64,500 on California drafts. The warrants entered at the Treasury Itepartment, Wasbirgton, 16th list., were as follows:? Fir ihe redemption of stocks $5,913 73 For the Treasury Department 3,819 36 For the Interior Department 63 938 86 For Customs ? 10,262 16 Wsr warrants received and entered 84,327 32 On account of the Navy 23,876 00 Kepai merit on account of the Navy . 22 50 From' miseel'ar.eous sources 65,920 CO From Customs 1,358 76 it# cirouiar of Pe Coppet & Co., prepared for tran u isaion abrrad by the steamship America, from Boston, on Weduei da j, gives the following review of the bond and siotk market In State stocks there have been a few transaction* in Missouri e'e, and Virginia fi's, at >4 decline, and Indiana 5's at \ decline ana in Tennessee o'e at % per cent ad vance. City and country bonds continue very quiet; we hear of no transactions worth mentunlng. Railrcac bonds, at private sale and at the Stock Ex change, have both been inactive, with the exception of of Illinois Central Court., in wliioh the business has been to a fair amount, witn a decline of ). per cent at the close. in railrosd stocks the decline lias been general and important. There Lai been activity in Erie, Heading and [ New York Central. Michigan Central and Southern have been done in moderate quantities. Harlem Prefer red, for a ltng time neglected, begins to find again a I more regular msiket. Panama has been ..uiteac ive: this st. ck fiad scarcely recovered from a recent fall, wh>n the news ti an accident o sea stoned by a train running off the track, has again brought a considerable declice on This stick. Males of some importance of Pennsylvania Coal Com pany have been made at iast week's priees. .Money is a little lees inquired for?even per cent for loans on call; eight and ten per cent lbr busicess paper, according to length. Exchange on Europe In less demand, without material charges in tales; London, 109,^ 1109Je. Paris, S.ld'* a6.17.K. At a meeti/g of the stockholders of the Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad it was decided to accept the acts of the Legislature of Vermont and Maeeachuseits autho rizing the issue of $1,100,000 of six per cent bends to par off old bonds cow overdue. It was also vote! to autho rize the directors to du pose of these bonds in the best manner, to pay oil' the debts of the read. A large' portion oftheotd bonds will be given for the new issue, the bolters of $776 0C0 out of $050,000 hiving signed to that effect. The Common Council of the city of Watsi'own. Wi'con tin, tare voted a loan of $7.00,000 to the Water town and Lis.'ifcr Railroad Company. The contract is to be el. --d at once for the speedy completion of tbe road. We are informed that the apringhts opened very mildly and favorably throughout Ohio, Indiana and Illinois; ve getation is very forward, snd the growing crops never gave better er finer promise for a fall bit vest than at the prerent time. The surplus products of the West w! j be largely increased. ? The I.a Crosse (Wis.) Sentinel gives the following infer mation relative to the route of the contemplate! Wiscon sin and Minnesota Railroad:? Btavting frcm Beaver Pam. where It will interse 7 > 7 a CroiEe Railroad, about seventy miles of which la to* built and etocsed, it gees to F<x lake, thence on to Ktigetcn ltd Montello, In Marquette counts, where it w'll cross the Fox jiver, end finally, either by-t'* tn's 1'oint or some more more southern route, will a on through Wiacorrin to St. Paul, in Minnesota. ) 'fcr ence to the map it will he s?en that this is a vt i-ec. and feasible route, and by making a little ctlcuiu . .11 can readi'y tee that it must prove a very profitable r iy irg read. Coutxlng, as it does, tie rleh fanntnc Uuts lying along its tine, tapping the tanber region 0. the Wisconsin liver, reaching en to tho head waters of the mighty Mississippi, it must prcvo a channel tor the im mense emigre,'ion as well as trade of that region, which alcne would prove a burden to the most of roads, ami which is dvs'ined ere long to require an immense amount cf fsclilties in order to accomruoda'e it. Bat its impor ts nee to this place, as well as all places along the line of the eastern division of the la Crosse road, cannot well bo ovtr estimafec, placing us and them, as it does, in dire;: eonree'lon wi-.h these important points, and opening to us fsalftles for business and market for our surplus pro ducts which is ck cuia'el to prove ot greater advantage to us in every poin: of view than lbs wiliest imari'.v ticn wculd be apt to coneeive. Toe fsasibUi'.v 01 tbe p-o j'ctcoinot be questiored. Its interest to the Lx C.-oe e read Is not to be overlooked. The long, Intelligent head of By in Kufci urn anfl others connected with that pro ject have discovered its Importance, and ar? taeretore auxPus for ite suaves. lbe idea seems to be to malts tbe I.aCrostea grand trunk road, which, with ite tri butaries, tuch as tbe Horlcon and Berlio. Wisconsin and Minnesota, B.aver Data and Bar shoo, and others which will unloubtedly be constructed, is destined to make it tar tbe roost important road in this State. We tru ! tbeie will be a geneial turn out to the me e'.lngv which are now to be held to advance this scheme, and thvt burners and otheis will consult (heir own interests by subs:ribing liberally to ft The annexed statsment exhibits the average daily movement in ih? Wdlng departments of the banks of this city during the wiek preceding Saturday morning. May 17, 1866:? New York Citt Banks. Loans. ,%ecu. Circulatum Dtj> New York $3,72:1,762 481 966 270,815 3,149 (29 Manhattan 4 682,360 412.94* 367,714 3 391 find Merchants' 4,195,798 1,260,944 199.12 : 5 526,911 Mecbsnics' 4.453,102 912 261 399,917 4 306,262 L'nion 2,689.795 311.845 198,757 2.847.553 Anoejlca 4.987,071 1,788,233 47,979 6.245.642 Pheiix 2,321,673 420,467 132 834 2,321450 City 1,789 215 137,697 41,0.38 1,441820 Ncrth River#... 1.006 656 74,909 172,531 792,699 Tradermen--'... 1 42t,972 145,362 305 391 902 648 Fultvn 1,756,907 160,819 132,622 1,484,100 Cbetrfcal 1,638,321 253,311 263 839 1,315'>88 Merchants' Ex.. 2 698,089 208,661 123,724 1,892 436 National 1,686,722 265.226 208 961 1,16 08 Butchers' 1,479,246 91,169 97,889 1 065,261 Merit's k Tr's.. 760,238 52,262 129 592 513,872 Gievnwiib 631087 29 165 34 7f8 640,805 Imatter 1,978,157 175,64 s 262,965 1,58.7,348 Seventh iVara.. .1,229,436 159,688 269,926 711 199 Si ate 3,564,14.3 318.726 610 332 2,962 646 An.. I xebange .. 5 906,873 616,1(1 312,866 $,9 r 891 Arerciatiun 1,177,734 74 591 219,'251 s 4; Commerce 8,215,503 1,044,241 2.095 8,7;.8 s.(i Bowery 1 081,889 58 214 175 59-2 858,763 Bread way 1.489,093 1 04,485 229,968 1,269 089 ? wean 1 592 842 1(J4. U04 141, 20; 1,125 736 Metcsnliie 2,287.744 145,781 104 S70 J 5'si 178 Pacific 926,643 62 791 119,225 860 206 Republic 3,166 12T 550 416 SO 635 3.766,079 ? hatham 700 685 36,007 126 418 476,868 Peoples' 724,192 VS '01 151.101 506,176 N. America 1,668,646 106,4. 5 85 392 1.351 082 Hanover 1,316,701 74 752 102,650 747,005 living.. 676 840 63,312 1.0.424 536,087 Metropolitan....4,673 362 610 428 211,196 4,660,989 Citizens' 690.145 39 678 196(06 668,031 <;.-oc??' 667 458 122,292 89 633 6?1 679 Nassau 1,362 634 62,706 116 347 991,746 Lac t River 469,909 43,818 94 070 397,948 Market 1,472,W8 64.689 123.522 1.264.305 St Nicholas 700,982 59,176 93,363 494,688 Sbce and let 174,. 07 112,366 10-2 032 736,187 Corn Exchange.. 1,377,755 128 909 69,039 1,866,901 Continental 2 837,896 208,361 84.542 2,139,146 Oinmonwealth ..1 271,576 108 3.0 9t,465 1,237,294 (Mental 549.402 33,404 116 270 325.260 Malice 810 714 f,7 2> 7 9" 10'" 669 315 Atlantic- 540 872 44,861 96,27" 326 804 linpcrters' 1,713 608 109 306 M4 271 1,179,619 I'lsnc Cl'y 461.f56 69.022 69,881 281,9 3 Ivy pock 423,898 21 666 81 898 84,301 N. Y. 1 vi-hsnge.. 217,783 10 516 126.807 175,826 Bull s Head 302,466 26.598 11. 868 209,641 N. 5' County.... 334.597 11 4-1 90 692 170,090 ?Rark 2,009,651 1(8.0)9 87,619 990,094 Total 103,002,320 12,796,541 8 488 152 88,720.416 ?Capital paid In, $1,627,800. ClFARIX; Hoi fg TraWI'SH. Clearings for week enc Ing May 12, 1856 $147,7 1,077 CieatiTg* for week ending May 19, 1856 148 889,421 Pa'sores fer wsek en'log May 12, I860 7,621,22'' Balances for w-ek ending Msy 17, I860 ?,866 67 1 The umM statement exhibits * comparison of Vha leading departs en ta of the banks of thia city for aoreral wSka. Www Ton an Sana. loons. Spec*. Cira&n. Ommtk. July 1, 87,86-.491 18,481 098 7,74.3j0e9 *5,647,2|f July 14, '66.. 98.416,432 16,663,766 7 615,724 8<,816.0Ci July 21, '66.. 90,029,147 16,918.999 7.407,080 82.079.M8 July 88, '66.. 88,08:),799 16,920,8,0 7,409,408 81,026.788 Aug. 4, '66.. 100.118,669 16,298,368 7.642,908 83,279,908 Aug. 11,'56.. 100,774,209 16,280,089 7,714,401 83,141,82 Aug. 18,'66..101.164,060 14,649,240 7,61U,??t 81,948.071 4DC. 36,'60.. 100,604,604 13,320,378 7,682,096 81,178.560 Sept'r 1,'66.. 100.436.970 12.862.823 7,020,178 81,067,?a. Sept'r 8,'56.. 100.273,733 12.006,?26 7,861,143 80,442,478 Beyt. 16,'66.. 99.397,009 12,213,240 7 721,826 80,610.308 Sept. 22,'66.. 98,681,734 11,656,391 7,716,492 80,106.147 Sept. 29,'66.. 97,886,226 9,919,124 7,724,970 70,818,109 Oct. 6, '66.. 96,816,021 11,110,687 7,863,217 77,582,028 Oct. 13, '66.. 96,069,420 11,138,878 7,840,114 76,616,807 Oct. 20, '66.. 86,103,376 12,461,728 7,888,104 77 862,681 Oct. 27, '66.. 94.216.372 11,163.621 7,828,488 76,974.860 Not. 3, '66.. 93,369,079 11,100,298 8,071,608 77,787.670 Not. 10,'66.. 92,464,290 10,855,526 8,088,008 76,762,408 Not. 17,'66.. 92,029,920 11,302,917 7,941,879 7A323 361 Not. 24,'66.. 92,312,408 11,716.239 7,779,607 74,676,164 Deo. V 66 - 92,626,921 11,227,134 7,841,664 79,047 988 Dec. 8, '66.. 93,180,806 11.844,625 7,861,741 78,060,210 Dec. 16, '66.. 93,800,038 11,584,075 7,701,052 76 820,5V Dec. 22.'66.. 94,380,487 12,088,369 7,778.803 77,241,008 Dec. 29, '66.. 96.114,060 10.783,099 7,841s946 80,438,627 Jan. 6, '56.. 95,863,390 11,687,209 7,903,660 83.634.8W Jan. 12, 'M.. 96,145,408 11,777,711 7,612,607 77,981,408 Jan. 19,'66.. 96,382.968 13,385.260 7,462.700 82,062.828 Jan. 26,'6ft.. 9ft,887,221 12,733,069 7,406,98ft 78,918,316 Feb. 2, '56.. 97,970,611 13,6*0,437 7,622,827 82,260,061 Feb 9, >66.. 98.344 077 14,233,329 7,819,122 82,838,162 Feb. 1ft. '66.. 99,401,316 16,678,736 7,693,441 88,066,944 Feb. 23,'50.. 100,746,447 16,836,874 7,664,688 87,680 478 March 1,'66.. 102,682,286 16,640,686 7,764,392 88,604,377 Marob 8.'66?103.909.688 16,170,946 7.888.176 88,740,626 Meh. 16.'66.. 104,628,298 14.046,024 7,863 148 88.621.176 Mcb. 22,'56.. 104,633.570 14,369,650 7,912 581 89,390,201 Mcb. 29,'56.. 104.745 307 14.216,841 7 943,263 88.186,648 April 6,'66. .106,962 018 13.381.464 8,847,408 91 008,408 April 12,'66..107,840,435 11,626,094 8,281,526 91,081.975 April 19,'5ft..106.766.085 12 968,132 8,221,518 90,875,737 April26,'Oft.. 106,638 864 13,102.857, 8,246,120 89,627,280 ' May 3, '6ft..105,326.962 12 850.227 8,715,163 92 816.063 May 10, 'flfl.. 103.803,783 13,317,366 8.062,485 89,476.202 May 17, '6ft. .103,002,320 12,796,641 8,488.162 88 720,416 the laat reiums, compared with those of the yev.ous week, ahow? Loans and discounts, a decrease of $801,473 Specie, a decrease of, 620 824 Circulation, a decrease of. 174,833 Deposits, a decrease of (nominally) 766,847 Deposits, an increase of (actually) 61,084 These variations are not of great importance. In the operations ftr a week the difference in the aggregates is cot large. The changes a.-e all towards contraction. This Is about the wisest and safest policy just now. The business season is oro, and the he t? iest payments made. The demand upon the banks ia leas from the mercantile cissies, and likely to be more limited as the summer ap proaches. The Irneof discounts cannot, however, run much be'.ow present limits. The banks must hod employment for thtir capital, either by lending on business paper or stock ,-ecurrties. They must eke oat dividends in some way, even it they enter the stock market as speculators. The L indcn Spectator of April 26 contains the fol io wing The report of the Committee of Investigation of the Rotal iteiish Railway supports the accuracy of former s atementa of the ovensme of shares and ooliga'lcn-i of John Sadlier. There is no desire to repudiate the doao mrnta issued by blm, so far us they fall iritbin the aggre gate amount authorized by the statutes; but there are 20 010 forged shares that trill be rejected, the money ob tained upon th*m was not applied to the company's use. Stuck Exchange. Monday, May 19.1856. $8COOVir State 6's.. 93',' 400 she Erie RK..b60 50

1CCOO Mo SrateO's... 84 10 do 55'J 66CO T?nnState6's'90 94 k 2oO do b3 55 k 500 TndianaStateo's 84 500 do 55k 13(00 ErleRKCBds '71 83 k 500 do c 66?, 2CC0 do.,. '62 87,'i lUOHud River RR..C 33*,' 5C00 m Cen RR Bds. 86k 200 *> s:i ""k 38000 do 86 k 100 do s30 33 % 600 0 do bfO 86 % 200 do S3>4 2000) Erie RK Bds' 75 9? k 10 Har RR. prePd.. 64 3C00 K Y On RR 6's 8b '4 124 <4al & Chic RR... 110 2600 do 80 1150 Readiag Rtt.. M 87k 10 she Union bank.. 11714 650 do o 67?, 72 do 117 (00 do 87k 30 Bk Stale of N Y. 104 500 do b?0 88 30 Ocean Bank 93 200 do sflO 87'4 16 American Ex Bk. 116 100 do sSO 87 >4 42 Bk if Commerce. 108 150 M E & N la it *30 93 k 125 Canton Co....... 22 160 do 94 60 do s3 21 ,Y 100 do ?30 93 k 100 do b30 22 8 Ranama RK 98k 2( CNfc Transit Co.. c 12k 200 do b60 99',' 370 1'ennCcal Co.... B7k 50 Ills Central KR .. 99 10O cumb Coal Co... 21'4 500 Clev & Tol KR.W 73k 1C0 do 160 21>4 140 do 73k SCO do sOO 21k' doO do s30 73;, t79NYC?uKK 8?k 500 do blO 7o.k 30 do b!5 89k 150 do s30 73k ?210 do b3 89k 103 do b3 73k 150 do 130 89 k 4C0 do c 71k 14C0 Erie Rrt 61% 160 do b'i 73k ftO do bo 56% 2t0 Mich Ccz RR.560 94k 150 to s30 55k 50 dc s3 94 1C0 do s60 56 k 460 do blO 91 2(0 do blO 66k 100 CI & Pitts R..b60 62 ICO do b30 56 10o Ch & R I RR..bl0 89k 1C0 dc b30 56200 dp 89k ISO d? bJO 56k SECOND BOARD. $100(0 Vir .stn.e ?> s. 93 k 110 ? -hsM-f.' IaRRb30 91 15(0 III LenRP. Bds 86 1C0 Cieve k. 1 oi RR.. 73 k 10 ?bs Park Bank... 97 70 do. .......c 7 * 160 Peon C.el 'So.. 97 X 600 do. ?2k 100 Canton Co 21k 100Erie RR. 56 1C0 Nic Tiantit Co. c l* V 150 do. if u5 1C0 do b3 12', 190 do. 54 k 6 Chi k Reek Is RK 89 k 200 do. 55 20 do 89 "90 54 k 40 Gel it Chi RR.... 109 \ 200 do. 54 4 26 N Y Cential RR. 89k 600 do. bt ? CO do t?0 89 200 do. 55 60 do 89 100 do. e3G 54 , 89 k .50 54 k 1(0 do b7 88 k 360 do. ?>4.k 160 do b3 88 k 200 do. o4 k 100 Yicb Central RR. 93k 93 200 Readirg RR. .b!5 87 .'if 0 Mich Bo f.N laRR 100 do. 87 200 qo b(0 93k 100 do. 86 Ja me ttblie gjutbern at $1 o^.R a *i ?u; common to iair i hsrti red, at $1 40 to $1 50; Western red w'n?er eat at $1 52k; ?Southern mixed, at $1 50 a $1 62k: d included in the sales ttere 4,COO bushels unsouu l C11Y COMJUBRCUh HKPORT, MonpaT, May 19?6 P. M. A.?hr= ?Sales of 25 bbls. pots were made at $6. BBEADeTtFt's Flour?The market for common br. ids wss raiber dull, while medium and prime qualities were firm at previous quotations. There was more activity in the trade, and the eales embraced about 8,000 a 9,000 bbls., at about the following quotations:? Common to good State .....$6 62k ? W "9 Common to goed Michigan 6 00 a 6 7 6 Extra Stat* 6 00 a 6 '*5 Common to good Ohio 6 00 a 6 37 k Extra Ohio 8 31k ? J 62f? Extra Geneeee 7 00 a 8 00 Southern mixed to good brands 6 25 a 7 00 Do. fancy and extra 7 56 a 8 25 Canadian rapertine and extra 5 75 a 8 25 Choloe extra Georgetown, Richmond, City Mills end St. Louis 7 OO a 10 00 Included in the above sn'es were 1.2C0 a 1,500 bbls. Cju? dian, at the prices given in the above tab e. Southern Hour was firm, especially to; g"od to'pnme brands. Tos salts embraced about 1,200 bbls., at the full quo cations given above. Wh?at dispiavea greater activity, and lac sales footed up about 30,000 bushels, including fair to prime white Southern at $1 62,k a $1 80; common to fair BCtI~"A "* 11 Ar' 1A Ivrt? Wauturn ff'ntA? wheat and li Cans clan white, at tl 48. Corn was in fair request, with sales of 30 000 a 40.000 bushels, Included in which wer* 12,000 a 15,000 bushels old mixed, at 68c., with unsound and dlsttUlrg lots at 47c. a 52c., and (Southern mixed at 54:. a 66c., and prime yellow at 58:.: '. holes white was 6( c. a 61c. asked. Rye?Sale* of 3,000 bushels prime Northern were made at 83c. Cats were heavy; sal's of Western were made at 38c. Col fix.?The market was quiet about 150 bag1- f.a guaj ra were sold at 11c. a Ilk"., and 12 bbls. Jamaica, at 11c." Tram-actions in Rio weie checked by the ss'e to ceme off to morrow, at auction. Cotton ? There was a bet'er feellrg In the marie*, and the rales reached about 2,000 a 2.500 balea, a t of which was in transitu. Prloes closed at about It . . fur middling upland*. Frkoiits.?Rates were scarcely so active to ; ? ;e 'n Great Hi HaiD, white engagements of grain for I-\ :p'> I amounted to about 50,100 buahe's, mostly corn, " h scree lots of wheat, but ehiefly corn, at 5d. a o bulk and bagf: 2.0(0 a 3,000 bbls. flour, at 2s. id. a 2s. 4<j, ? and ore small lot was rsported at 2s.. probably to fill up; 450 bbls. pork at 2?. td.; 40 hbds. hvm? a*. 22?. fld., and 200 a 3C0 bales of cotton, at 7-32d. ro H emen 500' bbls. rosla were ?ngsg#d at p. t. To IUv e n??es were steady, end quotations unchanged. A vessel of 1 3C0 tors was chartered to load with deals at St. .' >ho?, for IJvsrpcoL at 76s. To Cailiornia ratew vari *o from 26e. a 3Cc.. with rather more offering. Fitrrr was quiet. Bales of .500 hall hexes M. R. raising, cc. tr.mon, were made at tl 59. Hat was steady at 75c. a 80c. Ikon The market was steady lor Fcotch pig 532 a f.'<J 50, 6 mrnthe. Link ?The market was quiet at 90c. for co' fbo rnV n, to tl 26 for inmp, at wbieb the las' ? "era trade. , Molac-sB.?Pale* of 160 bMs. Texas at46e.; ?>?> (. ids. V< rto Rico at :.8c ; 50 do. C.tba muscovado at 36c., and 1C0 bbls. New Orleans at 47<i. Ka\ m Prowta,?Sales of 1,000 bbls. common rosin were ros< eat II 67k. and 100 bbls. spirits turpentine at 41 ?. (jjj. The stock of Unseen w?e very light, and prices were at 83c. Whale and sperm were wi-.hont change of importance. iB.ivifiors?Pork?The market was heavy, and sales cor.tined to from 250 a 300 bbls. mess at $19 with morris email lets reported at $19 25. The market closed, how I eve- at the first ouotatlon. Prime was at $16 e $15 25. end prime mes- at $16 50 a $16 75. Beer was steady, with rales of 150 a 2C0 bbls. conntry mess and prime a* urcbaege I prices. Repacked Western was at $8 50 a $12 ai d prime mess at $14 a $17. Bsef bams were quiet a* 14c a 17c. hut meats were firm, with sales of abcut 1(0 bc xer, including sh( ulders at 7^0. ft 7^0., and bams ??9>4c a 10c. Lerd was less buoyant, and tales of 200 a 290 bhia. were reported at 10c. a 10'40. JYeah spring Mate but'er was selling at 18c. a 20c., with a better de mand. Cheese was in fair demand at Pke. a 10s. Rut ?The matket Saturday and to day was teMve, ard the sales reached 1,2(0 casks, part for export, at She. a 4:'?c. Gn the fair and good grades an advance of J. bas oeen obtained. .-k.arf - "ales of 300 bhds. molado were male for re fining af p. t.; 00 do. Co fa. part et 7s. e 7,?4c , and part at 6%s. for refluing, end 40 do. prime at 8c., and 100 do * *m*--^l' v?r was nhnJnal at Pk? a lOe, V p ? rr ? of 2(0 bbls. ph.ou -vert raad* at 28? UfEBTlKElEKTB SEIEWF1 EVERY DAY. TK9AJm* lUfiUlSTHUk. 77yfS?LOj[>WAY.-fo Lft, ink 'jpflr"part of II O ttie tnl.d'ng, total? occupied by the Varhti.ten Olnb; me preileee era yen large and n-oniy; the fli t: toft being abcu. 90 feet deep, with high ceiling. and is a all adapted 'or business purposes a? It ii loo. ea on one ot the beat bl-x-k-i for jotall trade In Broadway. Apply to Mr. Jx-a&g HUM A L.D SON, In the ah re, who will ihow the vremlaee. (C'^nn .-STORE TO LET.?A LA Hit* STORK. uN <*5*J\J\J . Newark avenue, /erser Oitv.hatutsoueiy fitted up tor a dry good*or e "thing (tore; has two lar^e maguiticsmtb'iw windows, and an ample doorway, situated centra ly. la a line business neighborhood: fixtures painted In eaica gloss and decorated wnb gold; four large eouu'ara on the prem.sis. Possession immediately. Apply upon the premi'es, 145 New. ark avenue. Jersey City. A DESIRABLE STORE TO LET?NO. 586 EIGHTH avenue, being Ml by 80 teet deep, 13 feet railing, having two large abow windows, with a large skylight, built for the dry goooe trade; a good location for a boot ana shoe, furniture or hardware more. AJao. the basement, 24 by 80 feet, wed lighted. Inquire ot J. O. RANSOM, 89 Went Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE TO LET OR FOR SALE? the who'e or part, tarnished or untarnished, a lovely place, one mile from Grand street terry, Williamsburg. I consist* of an elegant cupola frame dwelling, chandeliers, gas, Ac., surrounded with a large garden, the choicest fruit trees, and carriage bouse. Inquire at 456 Grand street, Williams burg. N OPPORTUNITY TO DO A GOOD BURIMK88 AT A low rent.?To grocers, tea merchant*, d>-y goods or ba ker* A fine stand In a respectable rutin street. The store Is 86 Met deep. Broedwav style, chandeliers, elegant fixtures, Ac., situated In Grand street, Williamsburg; would do well a< an ice cream and confectionery saloon. Inquire at 463 Grand ?t, Wtlliatnaburg. A FRONT AND BaOK PARLOR, ON FIRST FLOOR, O. suitable lor offices, or residence for lady and gent'eman, also a small sleeping room ou second floor, situated at 106 Leonard street, a tew doors east of Broadway, wfil be let. separate or together, on moderate terms, to a good tenant. Apply as above, or at S06 Broadway. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET -WITH tarnltute, tar one or three vears.?A Gothic cottage, at Bobb's Ferry Wes*obesier county, twenty miles Iron New York, containing eleven rooms, well furnished, a barn, car riage, ice and green bouse. garden and crapery, (rait In va ries, and fourteen acres of land situated within ten minuter', walk ot (he Bndeon River Baliroad depot, fronting on the Hud. son river This la one of the most beautiful places la that vlci. nlty. Apply to J. L. TIFFANY, S4 Liberty St., second floor. UENTXKL HOUSE AND PAST OF A HOUdK TO let, in West Thirtieth street, convenient to stage routes from the ferries; neatly finished, with folding doors, marble mantels grates, Ac Rent low. Apply at 143 Ninth street, at 9 or af er 5, or at 167 Bouth street, from 10 to 4. FURNISHED THREE STORY HOUSRTO LET, NEAR Eighth aver ue, sn'table for a genteel family, with every thing for housekeeping, nlee carpets, chandeliers, hot. cold and shower baths, range, Ac. Yearlv rem $800. wi b imtnediats possi-Fsion For permits to view the premises apply to B. W. RICH AKDS , 307 Broadway. An ice house, pn west twenty-second street nsar 8i*th avenue, to let -16 r toons, wlin par.trles, closet*. dumb waiters, rhande'lers. hot. eo'd and no-vsr baths, laun try. range, Ac Rent 3900. Furniture, Irom 3500 to 380(1, tor sale. Several good boarders will rein Cn. B. W. RTCH AKD8, 3C7 Broadway. A Flit ST CLA88 HCU8S TO LET?I N~W AVKRL RY place, but a short distance west ot Broadway, ccutaining 21 rooms, corop'elely furnished, with everything good and u? (evrary for housekeeping. mirrors, .-bandoliers, hot. cold and /tower baths. brolon water, range, Ac. Apply to Si. W. RKTIARDR, 307 Broadway. ()CU8TRY BRKDENCK TO LRT-IN FAIRMOONT" twelve miles from Mew Vork. near Upper Min-baal* coinmsadug a view ot the North and aastilvers; lot 100 ny '100 <eet; fire gsreen, grafted fruit, grapes Ao.; very heiltoyja tew minutes' walk from the depot. Inquire of 8. B. SMIiH, 77 Canal street. ROADWAY.?TO L.'.'T, Af REDUCED RENTS, TWO small stores on Broadway, suitable tor an t light business; have gas, water, Ac : also, the cpsciOUg building 618 Broad way, suitable tor pianoforte or cabinet wareioyuts, Ac. Ap ply to JaMES PRION, 200 budsou street. POCSTRY HOUtfR TO LET?IN THE VILLAGE O" V/lHddtatOWn, Orange county. New York, pleasantly situated, having fourteen rooms, two kitchens and cellar*; also, a barn on the premises. There is half an acre of ground with cu - rents, cherries, plum* and grapes. The hon?e has been uaint ed and repaired, Insido and out, and just finished. Plenty of water Is on the main street, acdwi'l be let tn a go id tenant for two hundred dollars per rear. It is upon the Erie Railroad, and can he reached from this cH-< In lets than three hours. Apply to B.OROWhLL, 104 hast Fourteenth street. COUNTRY 8F.AT TO~LET-ONLY^TW^MILKB FROU Hoboken, consisting of * tare two story and basemeut house, marble mantel* throughout, with fine pfible attached end three acre< of isnd. wel- storked wl'h fruit trees ot all kinds, and rented only on accent t of the owner's departure for Europe, hoc ftuther particular* inqui.-e of KtsssUttR a CoURVOISIBR, 30 Corflandt str eet, or ot John Hague, West Bokoken ttC'TTAGE TO LKT-aT FLUSHING, L. I ; BIGHT ) apartrrects, cellar, outhouses, garden, Ac.; the most de sirable position on Broadwav, oosvenieot to raiiwav and steamboat. Building new and in goo-1 order. App'y to P. r. Skill 11, Liberty street, near Main, Flushing. CtCUNTRY RFKiDENOK TO LF.7-AT NYAOK, NEAR ) ike steamboat landing: a net two stoiv Go.bic cottaee, with three lots, e:-aw berry beds, truit trees, Ac Apply at 162 West street, or to W. jc. WHIT;', Nyeck, N. Y. RILL ROOMS *NI) LODGE ROOMS IN THE 17 TH ward to let, ?t 367 Bowery. 1 he rooms are $1x96; large ;t rocms In tbe Mcwery, Also to let a farm of 32 acres, wi h m d?rn ctnntrT bouse, at Mamarrnck depot, and a co s .ry house at Peekskill to let. Inquire at 257 Bowery. f'UKNIFHKD HOUSE TO LET, OR FOR bU.E, AT Stamford, Ccoc.?A double two story and attic house mo dern built, ai d in cotrp!et* order; twelve rooms, hall through the centre: garden ar.d grounds hardsorae'y isl 1 in', and wed nooitd with small fruit shade snd ornamental Ires*. Sitrated on Henry stre.t, rei.riy opposite the Stamford Female Semina ry ore fit the ws: desirah1* locations in 'he vl.lsge tor a pel vate rtsicetoe, five muu'.ea'wa'k irrm ihed p ,l. Ala/ for ?s.e, a beautiful cottage, on ibe same street; hasthlr'.ren norus, yrijd garden., commands ac extensive view of the round; will bcTnta a bargain and little money required. Im. ne<\ia e pen ?e??lcn given. Inquire ct if. L. BCOFIELD, at Railroad De pot. Sitmfcrd. JiU'HNlSWKI) ID,USE 103 CLINTON ST.iKKT, 3R00K V lyn.toltt. KcntpaM to part by boarding the occupvtt, DR. tiuINii. L CI SDH"? AM) "FACTORY BUILDING* TO LN*?125 JT feet front, cn Fix'h avenue lour stories high; bui'dlng unliable for ic m-incArmrii.g pnrpo*e. Alio, a found, y, SOxlGO feet, on Forty sevc-th street, to 'he rear. Will be let on reasmabie terms. Apply lo FR081 k FORRKsT, 146 Pearl street. 07RL TO LPT-ON THR CORNRR OF SOUtH AND Wh/chill streets, curtaining about 75 raoes, well adapted to be kept e n 'be American o- Knropean plan. Ap ply at the 'Blue of W. W. TOWN ?KND, on the premises. *n trance In South street. I" I PCX. LA TO HI AN JHU'STON STR1.KT8.-Te l.KT, at reduced rente, the desirable dwelling bouses No 2 0 and 202 Bttd<on street; No. 3 Latch: street, and No. 5S7 ton street; all In capital locations for private dwellings. board It c honess or business purposes. Apply to JaMK3 PRICE, AID Hudion s'reet. OTbL To LKT.-TBK MaSfKTH HOTEL FOR 8*L8 or to let ? Ike Maspeth Hotel, In the village of Newtown, County cf yueers, L 1., two allies from the city ol tVilllar.i 1 org via Newtown plirk road. It Is most advanugouatlv situated at the .uuc^on of five roads, viz: nr.e lending to Bro/* 1' n through Flusblrg avenue; one to Wllliamrbnrg; one to Astoria; one 10 Newtown; and one to Calvarv Cemetery. Ttie heure .'a in pood repair witb nuthouses two ten pin alleys, and about one ar./e of ground. For further parvcn!a-s Inquire of PATRK K Bl'KKK, FlrBt street, corner of North Sixth, Wil liamsburg, L. 1. H~cfsv: IN BROOKLYN TO LET OK 8FLI., WITn OR without fu-nlture. which Is good ecdpKin. House 33 tot: street, stcond house sou b of At'sntto p easant and gou teel; gas ard chandeliers In. every room, regls'er stove, v itch en r arse, largo gratevine, Ac. Wilt be ren'.ed low. Family going to Hurope. VTOTlUBTO Hlf.rTNhRN ANI) PHDCAR8. -8TCR8 TO J.* let.?Stock ai d fixtures Icr ta e of the miilmerv stoie No. 71 Third avenue; or the stock will be sold wi'hou. fixtures, if required. 1 bey must be rolo thio week. Will be sold ai auc tion prfre Reason forfeiting out. ill beal'.b, the lady oeuig uuable to attend to it. Apply in the store. VTOTIC* TO MILI.JNiRS ?A FINK SHOWROOM, IN It a g'sid location on Broad*ay to 'et low to a hood 'enan'. a'*o, rot me, lurntshed or unlurnisheJ, w 'it or wiihiut ho* rg, rewly pa-nied s-d papered, with ?*s. bath, Ac.. In the notiF.-i Apply to 8. F. IB kdan I), 84 and rfi Merotr street. Oh rwisTlO LET?IN ~NO. 7 NEW RTRfiFT, DNRIRA tlq for lawyers, brokers, brents, Ac. dust painted and In rood order, Third dtx rfrtm Wall, and within a few sters of Brcsdway. Bert low. Inquire at the law office of LOYSLL A CBaSK. Bo 6 N#w street. FVICfcP 1 (> LET - FOUKfiPLKNDID OFFICES OK T?IK ?ecrrd floor of 2.33 Broadway, two doe's below Brovl way Bstk; lease for four years. Fu'table for lawyer*. brokers or dealers in ace gotde, buttons, Ac Apply to MKADK BHD TBHB8, 233 Broadway. l?hNT f.l."0 PKK ANNrM.-TO LET OR FOR 8AI.R, IN J\ Williamsburg, a sew and elegant brick cot'age house, seven rooms. ve.ry per teel, one mile from Orana s'-rc ;t ferry. Terms ol sale, f-2fiO down. *1.600 on mortgage for fire or seven yesrrt. a: 7 per crpt. Stages pass the door. Inquire at 462 Orard street. Williamsburg. OtflRK ID LKT-NO 16 ANN 8IRBKT, NEAfTvioAD. O way. A very desirable loeatp>a for any kind of bus ness Bect low, to a good 'enact. Apply on the premises CK'HK TO I.bT IN HKJHTH AV't-.NUiPrfFST I.AROR (O and convenient store, in tbe brown stone building. No. 140 ktghtli avenue: to a reapet /able tenant the rent will be mode ra-e. App.y to JACOB PhCABK, 1C3 Hester street. CTaBLE 10 LKT?f7)K ~thk~summkr, o* lonokr, O to" urlvate use, part or whole nt a first class prlvste stable, near Ettos square, furnished wltb gag, water and every con venience Adores" box 3.1W?Po?t office. f|>4> I.h T.?A CO TTA0R, CON 'I AININ < 1 NINK FINi >HBI> rcoms, kitchen. cellar and attic, between Fordham deoot and hugsbridpe, next to the Butch Refsrmed church, with one acre of groouoplanted w"Ji vege'ablea, with fruit and grape vires; delightfully situated on high r?ourd and heathy. Good fitbtng r.ear tbe above loqnlre at B8 Ka*t Thirty-first street. TO I.hT-TfiK r,OWKR PART OF A HOUSK, WITH BKO roc m attached, wttb tai and ba'h; pleasnntty located, In quire at 43 Recond arerue. TOIET-IHKRTORK ANI) BAdtMKNT 90 *1. MAM sireet, tear Maiden lane, furnished with eve'y ' rove menoe having ciunlere. shelves, gas fixture*, water oloaets, Ac. Apply, between 10 and 11o'clock, to8. B. HUTCHING*, 36 John street. O 1.B.I-K1 RN18HRI) OR NOT. TO A PR1VATK family, on lie shore ol Clifton, a brick house, reple'.t wlib the no derv firprovsmm ts, the location ts most healthy, and the v*w csnrot be surj eased,? large garden Is al'Ar.bed tothepro i?rty, Ipqnlreon t>epr??lf-g io A. B. JAN1N, or at 1I<. Heron's sxpress, trot of Wbltsball street. 11 o l.KT- BROAlTw AY-TrTirfiAIRnREHRINO ROOM I on first tloor, at 7t fl Brosdway. Fas been occtioled bs sucti the past six vesrs. B?slrable for any business where llgbT Is rs(|Btred possestiOu the first of Jure. Inquire of 0. fi'OX H a A I), on the premises, or of tbe proprietor ot tbe property, It H MHsh'cgton street, Brooklyn. (I I.i-r-ON ftNK-FLOOR. A PARLOR AND BRtls room, partrley, kltPhen with Oroton water and wasut plpp. snd privilege In a Urge room In tbe attic to dry clothes ln ? nd s vault in the sub cellar. In excellent order, toasmall gen. :eel tsml v, on the ft-ur'h tlocr, 1W Wcoster aureeL Rent, *L3 per month, li quire at #1 Amos street. OT.NT-A FIRST t:r,AfiR HOU8K, WITH ALL TUB rri'tletn Improyt meats, 63 Fast Fortieth street, bet-seen Fourth and I.eilngton avenues, Murray hill. t"'?) yearly rent. I'tssssslon given tmmedtgtely. Inquire of TIIOH. BUI I. KB, 1H? M e?t street, near Vesey. TO I,BT- 1HH SgrOND RTORY. ANI) ON* OR TWO rooms In third story, with front basement, of houre S3 Ka-d Twenty fourb street. Gas and bath In bou?e; neighborhood genteel. Inquire at 63 Fast Twent;-four h street. L?T?THK HOU8R NO. 63 WfPT THIRTKKNTH ? street, between Fifth ?r.d Rlxth av?nu-s; It Is In oomplets rrder, end Is adeetrable house for a small family, and will he let cheap to s good fensnt. Inquire of B F. GOODS PKK I) cmer of Fifih avenue and Nineteenth street. O^'.ltYTwo f)H TIIRNR LARGE ADJOINING rooms, lunAshsd or unfurnished on second floor of a house p);'v iocs sd o? Bradwxs, near fiord street They are sni'ab e Dr a Attar, dentist. dre<smxker, Ac., or an? other skt yc'rr: ousioees. or for a private residence. Applyat 6W lit cad way, near tlitJ r.reet. TKtAtW IlKOIHTKK. To l:;a8k-?hr saloon uppouitk ra?: sraok stab esot the Broadway I'ne ol' stages, o > the south east corner of Ihtrtv otnth *tr?et and Broid?&y. Now in complete order /?ppl?u>K. O PlaRcK, 10 wii,tacn stree.. LH, At CLIFTON BTAfrCM IbLtND-A NEAT cottage ard one of ground, on New Yore even tie, ad jclflog the reMdet.ce of M. X. harmony, Esq. Rent 9800. Apply a'. 101 Broadway, up autre. TO LJIT-85 LFROY hTRSltr, A SECOND 8TORY PROMT room, lurtlt-htd or unfurnished. with bedroun attached, if required: gar. .to Inquire of ?. Weeks, 376 Hudsoa atreeU Hou?e occupied by three peraoiisopiy. TO LBT-PaRT ok A HOUSE, BETWEEN LEXINGTON" and Sbird avenue* - the basement, par NT and third Boor? to a email family, without children. Apply at 49 Vtaey (treat, up stairs. TO L8T-TBH LOWBR l'ABT OF COTTA9E HOUSE 127 East Twenty eighth afreet. In all aevea rcome, j ist painted and papered; flower garden in front; fence* and ollnda to be painted; very desirable for a email family. Rent 991) per month. Only two persons occup'lu* upper park E. B. WlNbHlNHK, S19 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. mo LET?A COUNTRY RURIDKNOE, NRAR THE HUD A eou River Railroad depot, IS 3d street, within one hour of the rity Hal'; house contains ten rooms, well and cistern wa ter. fruit and rha> e trees, gar Jen, Ac. Bent 9460. Apply at 2 West street. a. B. MILLS. TO LET ?A PROFESSIONAL GENTLEMAN, WITH only hla wife, is deatroua of letting part of th* private houae V19 Court street, B-'ulh Brooklyn, between Douglas and De graw, oorststinff of two parlors, tearoom, back basement and aa many bed'ooms s* required. Oas flxturea atra bed Terms moderate. Within five minutes' walk of Hamilton ferry. TO LBT-RhhT 922ft?TWo STORY AND BASEMENT bouse No. 170 Vaoderbllt avenue, a lew doors from Myr tle. Inquire et 191 Carlton avenue, Brooklyn, or No. 9 War en street, New lcrk. TO L&T-aND FIXTURES FOR BALE, STORE 486 Froadwa* . corner of Broome street, now occupied as a bat store. Apply to a. B. Mil er, Mo. 7 Heokmtn street, base ment Nassau Bank. O 1.ET ? THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK, houre Nr. 143 Reads street, between Greenwich and Hudson st'ee's: noesesslon Immediately; rent tlvj Aoply to A. BNaOH, 163 Fulton street, opposite St. Paul's church. TO LRT^TWO COOLS FROM BROaDWaY, A BPA eloue store, just finished, situated at 70 White street-, would suit a milliner, merchant tailor, or for a piano ware rooms; wants only t-> be seen to be appreciated. Rent mode rate to a suitable party. Iuqulre of Dr. Pape, 4l2)Braadway. O LKT?PART OF AROUSE; 18 IN GOOD ORDER has all the modern improvements. For particulars la quire at Ml! West Twenty-fonr'h stiett. O LnT, POSSESSION IMMsDlATELY-TITE NEAT two story house No. 29 Hubert street, near St John's nark; key next door, at No. 27. Ben' 9690. Apply, be'mocn 12 and 1 o'clock. to N. SNYDER. 67 btone surest. or to A. Williamson, 133 FUth avenue, corner of Twentieth street. fflO LKT FOR A TERM OF V KaRH-THK uigtia A NT) A cnmmodtou* boardipg bouse cnown aa Nou. 127 and 129 Bleecker street. 60 feetf ront by 100' eet deep. \ bia house was bulit expresnly for a flirt class boa/uirg house; baa every coo venlenee ard accommodation required or such an establish, men l. Crotcn water, gas, baths, and a beaoutm tuft of par Icrs ard one of the larges' dining r<* ins aad m.wt conveuien, kl'cheus to be found In die city. About one buvd-ed boarder* can be eccoreiccrtn'ed comforiablv Rent S3 600 per annum. Xor terms apply to BANKS, GOULD A CO , No. 144 Nasmu street. O LK1 oil LKaSK?A FIRST OLa88 LOUSE NBA . Highlit street, wett of Broadway, near New York Hold' va-atetl anlnow readyf or a tenant, complc'elv pointed within < gas throughout; two bahts and butler's pantries; contain* L, rooms aoove the basement: most desirable or a large amiTy' A'so, a lame turnlsbed bouse n same vtoitilry. Apply bv JOHN LLOYD A SONS, 16 Nassau and 129 Eighth street. mo LKtTTr FOR MAUicTcHEAP. ON BROOKLYN A heights?1 he house at the corner ot Columbia and Poplar BtrHt*. three minutes' walk from Fn'ton ferry; prospe-us beautiful; spacious and drv cellar?, and sub-cellar; rent <660. Apply to J. SUCH. 60 hast Fifteenth street. A stable in the rear may be had. If desired. ~0 RENT-A L ARGIL > IKY. PI.EASaNT, FRONT room, on second floi?. wttb gag and grate; a'so, bath room on same floor. The occupants ot the house cans at of a smalt private family, with no children. Room itrnisbed or uufttr nlthed. a* nwv be desired. Terms moderate. Apply at No, 6 Harrison stree'. RENT, FURNISHED- THE FIRST FLOOR OF A house near Union equ?re. heferenc-s exchanged. Ap ply from 6 to 9 P. M. at ISO Fourth avenue. The first floor ofTToube 37s fourth street, to let, with or without board, very suitable for a physi cian; also, a bar or, with bedroom attacned, on secind floor. Gss, bath, Ac. Room* tor single gentlemen. T 'MISCELliANEOVS. A BTHLK'B C'KLKBKAMD PATENT BBLF SEALING A cans and jaw, for press rvipg fresh frult,Ae.-th?iee oaa? differ frotmaii others, and arogfce onir reliable eans yet ietro duoed. h earl y two hundred thousand were used latt j <ar by fhmidee and hotel keet.eni.wltn the moM complete sueoess. Let those that failed with other cam try only Arthur's tor the future. The Blxee, one pint, one qnart, two quarts and o?e cation, ana nest snugly, tn'nrlng a ereat eartnc tn freight. The trade supplied by K. P. TURKEY, the maaefheturer's agent, ho. 6 Piatt street, hew York. X kJFIOA'flOUB CD KB FOB OOKEB. BDNIOH8, CAL ionlUea, calla growing Into the flesh, and every disorder ot the fret, by a new and peculiar method, without tutting, or "8ssss?iwiSffif!i? " ???. S Conduit wrest, r egeut etreeL LocJon, Surgeon Chlropod-st. patronized by the Kt perur of Fracce and the royal family of Borland may be consulted dally, Sundays excepted, from 9 till 5 o'clock, at blc office. #1 Went Eleventh afreet, betwese Fifth and SUA avenues. copies or tistmowiau. . rFrom his 1 imperial Majesty Napoleon III.. Emperor at France.] Je cortifie que M. Levi enleve lo? nora at ec one extreme he triita. Lout? HjiPOi.ron Boxirjcra. [From James Baker, Esq,] I certify Jul Dr. Levi baa cured n.e some moathe ago of aa vere troublesome bunions, without toe lsaat pain, and whtah bavr ancoved me for many yean. T walk a* preoept with great comfort, and sheer-fully reoommend Dr Levi .to my n itud ? and public. Jub Btna 1 13 Kaet Bevaateeath afreet. Few Youa, March H IMS. IFrom the Iter. J. Ryan.] This certifies that I?r. Levi hue ex.raoied without the align tow pain. ?evcn? corns which pained and annoyed me very much, N.w Y.)HK. April 29.1848. J- Kta?, 243 Kast 14th at. IB ram Robert Ferguson. Esq.. M. O., i-h.nclan tn Ordinary I# her Maier.ty ofOreat Britain.] V- Lev! has most skilfu fy rx'.rmcied two eorns from myseec without rivuk ?. the lightest palm^ M. Mo. 9 Queen street, May Fair, Londor,. March 2.18.18. [Frum H. J Feltua, Esq ] Unsolicited by Mr. Le*l, I beg leave to lesttfv to hie ?t . fttl skill In having perfectly removed a large bumon of long standing, without causing any pain. _H. J. Feitus, Philadelphia, July 27,1862. t Mo. 4 Boston row. In addition to the above anthentleated testimonials, many thousands more fr his possession (among which are several from ladies of ue highest rank) can be seen by favoring jum with a call at hlr office. 91 West Eleventh street, bstWMa Ftftb and Sixth avenues, Hew York. jj . b ?h* profefiftfnnal connection with my p^mQWe R LAMAMO'8 ~FBlt8CO PAINTING ESTABLIBH ment 468 Broadway. Decorations In fresco or oils; re. ler'Eces given, Scenery, panoramas, banners, Ao., painted; also choice styles of winxow shades pait^sd toowgr^ ^ TJLkCTRU UBHM1CAL BATHS, NO. 75 WEffi THI1V Jj t?en;h street, nesr Buth avenue.?Dr. HahKINHOl* cures permsventy aed speedily the following dlacasep: ?Mar voup and sptnal aflectlnns, rheumatism, goal, Darajystc, cob traction of 'hubs, swelling of joints, dropped hands, and all eruptions ot u c iki". also guarantees 10 extract all minerals fr> m the system. Instructions and batteries given to students. Prion <60. ?? C1UIDO MANCINI liKSPiCTFULLY INFORMS HI8 JT friends and the public generally that be removed on the bra day rf May t on the corner ot Broadway and Bleecker ?t:e?' to6'3 Broadway, one door above Amity street. Onus ftil for pas' favors, fie eolkslts the continuation of his former patrons, si with the promise of endeavoring to slve general satisfaction to all who may require his services. Be intends to k?ro a g, nera' assortment of every article for geottemeu a tune., ai'd will g've bis attention to the dyeing of wkiskers and hair tn the most approved manner. C~10VT JT and BBXPUAiaX CCBED . ... Bpeedlly and permauen'ly by Wyatt'a gout pil.s .ind Mltfrr. Pterared bv H YATT A JuHMBON. cruggtse, No. 6. Lanal sjeet, New York. Ftlce t.O cents each. A) 8, HATS, BATB.?AT K1NZK.YH lace and embroidery store, five case# chew hats, at? ctl_ tlree vases rich lace bats, at "a. snd2a.6d.; 150 vases of hats at d bloomers, frum auction, vheaper than ever before offered. The ribbon department is well stocked with all it?lei, cbeap. A tine lot ol ?renoh flowers at KIhZeY'8,223 Klgbth>venne, between 21st scd 22d streets J' lVe?New York and Brooklyn Ice Company are now prw pared to serve the public with a aupertor (|uallty ot ioe. All ordets frit at the office of, the company. Noe. 171 andlTj t' street, formerly Peopu ? hank, will meet with prompt attiintlon. - 1 R1BH PtiTaTORB ?1,000 BAGB OF IRISH POT ATOM, J per ba-k Bamuel Moxlev, trom Belfast, tn prime eondl tlcn, adapted for family use $1 P?r bag ror FailHhlJ., 198 Broadway, up stairs, and at BflMBOW A KWIFT8.162 Fulton street, and 3 Broadway, opposite Bowling Ore?n. _____ LaROK BBKaD. LAROR BREAD ?THE UNDERBTON ed ant ounces to the c likens of .YorkJlII?J**tJ*. tentUn to supply them with bread made from tbe cbolcss brands m (lour, as large aa when ?ou^^y oy less price than at present, from his bakery, on the south aide of Right,-atath Mreet, near Third avenue.^ paRRILL. IOVJID OLCh.?A NEW AND VKRY SUPERIOR ABr Ucle, warranted not to evaporate or tour; always read" for use and admirably suited to the wanfr of every boueenold_ Manuinctured and tor sale by LKQGKTT A MARCUB, 29C I'earl street, New York. fJRIC BO DA WATKR, FREK OF CHARGE.?THE 8T| I/mil Refrigerant feoda Fountain Company respect ully nvlte dealers In soda fountotns, and all ot*8"?6'' desue: or tbe first lime tn their lives to partake of a drtok of pure soda water, free from toe poisonous carbonic acM ?^J. now sold as soda water at the tashlonable fountains through out the city ; o eeil et 168 William strest, neer Am street, where one ot the Robins' simple and invaluable fountains is new In werKtlon. Dr. Robind ? ortahle refrigerant rada fountain ^spatentedfithb.* Msroh, 1866. R. s fa.t ?persed ng all oViert ountatns usedlnt he Buitn and West Itla oneorthe most economical use nl and sanitary Inventions or the present see. 1 he Bt. lzrola Befrleerant Hoda Fountain Company have isksn (Ms means to enlist the attention of the sttlttens or New York toan examination of the properties of lie construction, and a practical test of the delicto us and healthful pure soda wnut r it produces. A1NT-FOR BUILDINGS. ROOFS. Ac, 1 CtCNT PER netted: boiled oil, for br,tidings roofs Ao? 50 cent# a gal lon. By J. HENRY ShllU. 113 Ma'den lane, New York. S" i^uVflNRL'B STOCK OF CHINA. CUT GLASS AMD gaa futures, lute af594 Broadway, has been purchased tty tbe nrdfrtlyned, wbolbas added fresh Importations, and has opened tbem at 267 Bowery, nevr Houston street Crockery and cutth#nwarn. In large uuar.tlties, on hand. Gaa fixtures put nit. Glass cut to order. p ' A. H. OOUGH, Agent, 257 Bowery. CHOWOANKK.-HCbMtnr A HROTHKB'd MANUFAC O tory ai.d warercoms, No 6 North William street, near Frankfort. New l?rk; and 77 West Third street, Cincinnati, Ohio. A isrge assortment constantly on hand. Old showcases taken In e?i hutige. Orders promptly executed. enow OABRB.-HOFFMAN A FFRHH HAVE OPENED I? thplt nee wareroWns at U Chatham afreet, near CRy Hall, where pnrahssers will flndt arte aasortmenl of >Uver plated braes, rore and sella wood, black walnut, mahogany, As , al the lowest cash prices. Also at their old Mend, V7 Bowery. Miow oases made to order yiROARB-CABH PURCHABRRB CAN PROCURE 8M O gars si much less than their market value, from a stock or over a million?Havana.domes ktand German. Nonnae,M 60, upward* Operas, $8, do. Oart^van^ on eegmlnhond or otherwise. O. OHKEKB, 17 Broadway. TIIORNk'8 SEWING machinkb.-thebi machineb gariiiBai *? "j'Ai."i?s?Tgiai?g..r ? A BILL A BEANfl.-A leTbtT^TfofmSi V can vanilla beans, packed in cans of Iglbe. ee.b, ror sain by J. r. CUEU A CO,, No. 90 Naldgn lM,e