Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1856 Page 5
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<?*mfttee ef the Whole on the state of tlM Caloa from the further consideration of the bill for oontinolng the bi?m?Hat of Mobile harbor. Disagreed to?00 against 67?aot two-third*. TBI FINAL ADJOCRNMXNT. Ki. Kbw, (dem.) of 8. C. moved agrospenston of the rnlee, to eoahl* faim to oifer e reeolution for the adjoura ment of Congress on the 6th of August. Negativec?62 against 67. auxvrr or it worm una. Mr. Wukcman (of N. Y.) introduoeo e bill meklog an appropriation for the survey of Harlem nvor. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. Adjourned. Steamer Burned on the Oltla. Chicago, May 17, 1866. The steamer James Parks, from Pittsburg to Hanni bal, Missouri, and a lumber barge la tow, were burned when near Cairo, at the Junction of the Mississippi. The steamer wee loafed with railroed iron and lumber. No bvee were lost, bnt the boat, barge and cargo were to tally lost; partially insu-ed. Maiteui PHILADELPHIA STOCK BOARD. PBiiADKtriDA, May 19, 1866. Blocks heavy. Pennsylvania .State 6'e, 88; Head sag Railroad. 43 ; Long Island, 12>g; Morris Canal, 13X; Pennsylvania Railroad, 4i6\. Albany, May 19,1866. Boats from Syracuse have reached here, but none west Of that point as yet. There have also bten no arrivals bum Oswego. Sales to-day?3,000 bushels white Cana dian wheat, at 91 76, and 4,200 do. Canadian spring, at 9166. ?foreign markets. Gboroltown, (Baroaaoes) May 1.?Prodnoe? Sugar, without east, 94 a $-1 '26 per 100 lbs. Molasses, per gal lon, without cask 17 c s. Fitur, 99 a 99 60; corn meal, 94 60; eraekers. 96 26; idiot bread. 94 26 a 94 60; navy oo, t& '26 per 112 lbs; vellow com, 91 90 per two bushels; black eyed peas, t-'i 12>i a $3 26; Carolina rice, 96 60; last India do., 93 70; coflee, 14)(o.; cocoa, 8i?c.; beef; 16s. a 18c ; family beef, in half bbls., 911; Krk, 920; hams, 16c. al7o ; butter, 23)?o. a 26c.: lard, a ; cheese 16c. a 16a; cod fisb, $4; salmon, 917; mackerel, 98; herrings and alewives, 96 each; common candles, 18c. a 19c. Lua-ber?Pitch piue, 924 ; pitch pine, 926; red oak staves, 930 a $62; suingles, 93 76; oppress do., of 9 inobes, 9460; do., ot 12 lncbes. 97; t> oaoco leaf, nominal; tar, $3 26; pitch, 94; oil meal, 920; epiiits of turpentine, 60c. per gallon; porter, 917 p?r hhd , refined sugar, 12c.; potatoes, 93 per bbl.; coal, 94 per ton, exebange, 94 80 a $4 72. Court Calendar?Tula Day. Svic&iOR CoiRT?Circuit Nos. 46, 892, 104, 422, 33, 636, 640, 644, 646, 661, 662, 663, 656, 667, 668, 666, 671, 974, 681, 688. The Court opens at ten A. M. Pufrrior Court.?N< h. 821, 338, 389, 229, 244, 173. 36, 367, 364. 679, 356, 3. 482, 608, 611, 231, 91, 669, 614, 491, 267, 386, 616, 616, 617, 618, 619, 620, 623, 201, 612, 636, 624 to 646. UirrkD Statib District CorxT.?Nos. 18, 22, 23, 32 to 39. Common Pleas ?Part D?No*. 632, 533, 677, 601, 626, 029, 641, 632, 646, <162, 663, 664. 660. 363. 364. Part 7?164, 100, 178, 472, 602, 619, 661, 629, 69, 636, 089, 640, 641>|, 642, 644. Eipcnschdd Bxblblti Great Taste, Skill and ability m the manufacture of hls-haa. Hie business has been imaaeutely increased by selling tor $3 SO, a better article than can be bought In Broadway for 94. Tne store is 118 Nassau street. Beebs'f Patent Hat.?The Exceeding Llghb Mas of this graceful, becoming and beautiful fabric adapted particularly to summer wear and exclusively as a gentleman's drees Rat, u entirely new in all lta features. The maimer of ventilation la effective and original, and for comfort and du rability this hat has never been equalled In this or any other eotmlry. It is made of every variety of style and oolor; black, ~pearl, drab, brown, or any other shade that the pur er may desire. Bold at the iviual prices. BKKBK, Bade Patentee, 164 Broadway. M. B.^Have also on band the usual assortment of Kooky ' i silvery beavers, French felts, Ac., Ac. Drab, Beaver, Cantor, Panama, Webster, French, toS. and every at] le of nst and cap ror summer wear, can he had at WBlrx'8. Also, a nea'. dress hat, 93. 148 Ful ton street, between Broadway and Naaxau. The Band of Filibusters May be Known by the Algalflcant fact that U.ey all wear homely bats. Men of walmpeactable respectability are mare tuattdloaa. They are more discreet aa to their apparet. They go Invarlaotr to KNOX'*, corcer of Croadnay and Fu'tcn street, and there adapt one ol h's recherche beavere to their head snd couus nance. It makes all the difference in the "?orld In their ap ace ranee. a Knox hat la Invariably considered a guaranty of ft* wearer'* position in society. Seller*' Patent Ventilating lint*.?Gentle men aeslrous of having a oool bat tor summer ean have our patent ventilator Inserted Into but good hst manufactured by ether batten, tb?t they may have on band, at a smalt coat, thus obviating the necessity or throwing them away aito ge'her. Suft Felt Hats?French and American Felt hats for geotlemea, and for all age* of boyhood ana youth, all at the beat make, fully equal to any In this city in extent and variety cf sew shape* sad crloiw. For sale at BaNTA'B Mwhlonahle bat and cap store, U6 Canal street, corner ol Wooster. "Ob! What a Beautiful Boy 1" Exclaimed * lady to bar friend; "and what a soiendld Ldkhorn hat he hai en. Where did you buy It?" At BxnTA'e otruer of Osnsl sad Wcoster streets. B n keeps a most besutlful asaorunsnt of kney straw bate and asps, for children of all agaa Cat. on Hants, the hatter. You can get suited with one at uls hat sto.-e 169 Canal street. 95 and 50 Cent Portrait* Token at Sight, ece thousand da'ly, bv BOLMtcr' maohire prooeis, 789 Broil way. A war with John Bull la at band; so remember the >a dies, and give them your pic urea before the smoke of bait e arise*. Hunter's New Gallery, 4173 Broadway.? Photbgraihs in oil and pastelJe, also amorotype* and da gusirsotypes. Ou? lilends and the public are mvlted to cslL A first claw photovrs'ih and d*gu?rreaa o terator wanted. No. 473 Bioadwav. tbiee donrs above Grand street. Planoftutes and fileiodeona 25 per cent sheager than B-oadway prices The most derided bargains In the city may be round at the warehouse ot -luHn F. W-lKiI A OO., 107 < Anal street, three doors west of Yarick. Several very fine second band pianos, cheap. U leg suit Wedding vuid Vlslllup; Card*, En velopes, Ac , tr tbe latest style; silver door [ lates, (exu-aheavy plates.) U<0 dlOetrnt patterns; conautar. uotary, society and business seen, with p.eases, ooait of arms and o piers on ilea*. BVn.ltDk.LL, 303 Broadway, corner of Duane street, fcswblifbed 1840. Evsn*' Clothing Wanhonsr, Km. 06 and 68 Fu ton street, is crowded from mon lag till night with custo saerv; an poly alter supply or axcellenily ready made c owing vameMs like ore from the golden mines of California. Moral KVaNB tmdtrae'l* all otner olotalers la New York. Brooklyn?Mackett'* Luultea' Trimming*.? Beavt at.k fringes, beautiful selection of crape trlmiuings, Dklton* and taaseta, cord and taasel* The largest aworunem to be tonnd In New York or Brooklyn. Trimming* mad* to order, at 261 Pulton street, brooklvn. Tbe Greatest Bargain* Kvat Offered in Bx eeuent ready made clothing mavbebadat kVaN<4' c othlng warehouae*. 66 and 68 Pultun street. < awl mere buxlaess suits complete, 910. $12, $14 and $16; blauk cloth c mts, taahdonsjly cut and beautifully made, *6 30 $6 97, $$8. $9, $10 to 918; cas slniere panta, $1 60 to $6; nch moire antique veata, beautiful spring vaata, $160, 93 and 92 60. lunxln Curtain*, from Auction? l?A great rush is being made to KBLfY 281 Broadway, to secure some ot the -tain* the? are selling at leas thane let of imports .inn. uo early. Also, the largest stock of wlnoew shades In New York, cheap Clark** Spoul attou?The Genuine Article has me same ot WM. WHITKWR1GHT on erery spool. 37 Hassan street. Ilckob'i Patent Ma Waiter Apparatus.? I ha simplest, chaapeat, rod the moat powerful in uaa, Far mi?by F. B. MiTholh, 71 Pina straet, op atalra. Defiance Salamnnder Safes.?Robert M. ? Pa Thick la the ioie manufacture* in the United Htatea of the above celebrated safe* and patent powder proof deflanoe locks and orosa barn. Depot Mo. 192 Pearl atreet, one door below MaMaa lane. Herring's Patent Champion VIre and Bur lier proof aafe, with HalPa patent oowdw proof lock. Both raeelrad prize medal'* at the World's Fair, London, lffll. and Crystal Palaee, New York. M6.V4. BJLaH 0. HBKRINU A CO., US, 187 and 130 Water atreet. M. T. JouTen's inodorous Praps ration Instantly ateana kid gloves wlthint the a'lal taM amell. Rub with a ulnae of flannel, and the atataa forthwith diaappear. Can be worn Immediately afterward*. One bottle la warranted to Slaanilftr pair. Price SO oanta. A rant* wasted. OuHTItMT, MBAJtT A CO.,SQ8Broadwaj. Uo Dealers in Wild Plgesas.-! aoa receiving dally large c mi Ignmenta of wild ylgeona. Prices 4a. to 6*. par deceit. a. I . 8T1I180N, farmer*' ageat, Franklin street mar ket,'!? atd 141 Franklin street. OatstaOoro'a Wigs, Hair Dye and Toupees ear,He admiration aroons all eonsotaaeurs In art A suit of ?ieg*at,pr1ra'? apartments for eppyto* bis Inimitable dye, the only im.table article of the kind ex ant. Wholesale and rstaflat CBIBTADOBO'gi ft. t> Aster Houte. Oapy the ad Bateheior's Hair Dye, Wlga and Toupees are ewsador to all others. liietrnesr-unpravameut* asoure Elect enmtort to the wearer, natural eleganas ami durability, tut rival lad and only harmless hair dye la applied In twelve private rooms, at BaYdHkIjOR'F, 233 Broadway. Phalao P^phlsn Lotion or arlorai Seantlfler ?>r br asufylng the oomplec.lon mi removing fraMlaa. tan, ats.buro, plat plea, spots, bunts, acalda, attars chapped Hps, fhee, ansa and hand*. For aula by PHAJLoN, and all drag Iks Whlakers or siotiMteeties Pureed to Grow In gt weeks ay my onrmrnt, which will not statu or Injace the igin. II a pottle: aeut to any part of the eoun ry. K. u. ORA Afi. VW Hrosaway: Hays. 178 Pulton street, Brooklyn; Tether, 44 Booth Third street. Philadelph'a. Odrelingh'a filgi una Toupees, with Mm news- Invented skin aeama.?Wig wearer* who study style, ouetor. comfort and economy should call and satisfy them selves that theae wigs are real heads of hair. Paotory 162 F ultoa atreet. corner u' Broadway. Lonta, Why Will Yon Suffer all the Ills Of btgs-of skteiers erawling over you ifben ijotTa meghWIc powoer surety kilts Ail pestilence Inserts that anno you. ftv rtmt' V Is at band. Tor a trifle ton may rid your hours ,f ra^_ mioc and Insects, K. LYoN. iU Uroadway. gasr School or Neiticlne and I'ltannsey.. , ?ic unfc nnfoidteK of >ke art of reeling.?Br dally pram toe srorec that 1 owe conaunptlon, in all If* varied fours, aa raw Ml* a* an* other dtaease ilieret'.re I desire to trest all con jvty as say . , . h-?? ,w-.i .11 mi... ? tunpuve*. hot particularly those who have tried all other phr rnihont reHaf. Mra M.* MABlM, u !?.. No. 37 La ta see flare, .irk strf' '*< '' Broadway. bet west. Fourth %OTr?^5?o'Ar?M ?,1P M .redely for ladle,; tar! 'rvfh J to 1 P.M. tor y>rt.'tme l- ITalDcsdaia wcept-d. i, <t AX ojrtr btun by ippt-tr met*. Bmdrcth'i P1H? Tegttohle BaOn-War* ranted?Assist nature with this all Important medicine to re ar ove SMSbtdhoaMMfrem the blood, aad do not resort to bleed ins or merourj, aad we abell bare a very great acarattj of pereore >01 la;*4 with chreaie malaitlee The feathered tribe, me animal kingdom, orer whiea we are the lorda that are not ?filiated with chronic ma'aoiea, neither ahoald we be. If tt were not ear pride which oocaalooa them. Follow nature Dae the BRaHDREiH |.iu, which harmonlrea pith her, which mildly bat surely renivei all Imporiiiea from the blood, which atreagthei* the feeble, and re*, reducee thoae of too fall a habit tosbea'lhy aland aid. these purely vegetable pl'laareaold at theprlDCital office, 43 Canal street. Brandrelh Bulldtna; at BURH rON'O bookWore# 290 Bowery and 241 Bullion street; by Mrs HAY ha. 170 Pulton street, Brooklyn; by T. W. 1>Y OYT A HOII8, Phredelphla, and by all respectable druggists axd medtdie vanlere in the Onion. Caution ?Allpillsporporttig lobe Brandreth'apills, with "Wo. 841 Broadway "on the aide label, are counterfeit. Marsh 4i Co.'s Htxperlor ? bowlder Braces, lor men. women and children Also at k else Ic stockings, for I varteose retna lnrtromrnta for all ph) rical deformities made ioorder aad warranted, at their truss office. Ho. 2>4 Maiden lane. Hew Tort. The Baron Mpolaeco,M.ih, A. B., (from Lon don, of European Came.)-Ibis *reel and good Hamarltan, It la conceded. Is daily performing more Important aad astounding cores, of every dl.esae, than the whole faculty. St. Nicholas Botel, 98 Spring street. Boiloway'i Olntmeut and Pills.?The Pa mily medicine cheat that U furnished wiih these two powerfu remedies needs nothing more, Eruptions, sores, wounds, ni cer*. tumors ana rill'joints are Infallibly cured ov the ointment, and all allectijns or the bowels, stomach and liver by the plils. Hold at the manufactories, 90 Maiden lane. Hew York, and 244 Strand, London; and by all druggists, at 20 cents, 62>? cents and 81 per pot or box. Caution.?Curnguo, Colds and Affections of the lungs prevail amongst our people to an extent wholly un known in a mope, and if irgle -ted otten;assume a dangerous form. WISTaB'B ba sam of wild cherry Is the remedy In suoh cases. On Monday, May 19 at Trinity church, by the Rev. Dr. Berrien, Btepiien H. Gray to Gbochtia Maris, daughter of Capt. F. B. French, all of thii eity. Op Sunday, May 18. at the reelcence of the bride, by the Rer. E. Barber, of Union Springs, Mr. AhTon Mm to Miss Caboumb Fam.niso. In Brooklyn, on Thursday, May 16, by the Rev. Mr. Buchannan, of Mtlwankie, Mr. John a. F. Douglass, ot New York, to Lizzie M., daughter of Sebbene Chapman, Erq., ot Brooklyn. On fhuisda- evening. May 18, at the Church of the Epiphany, by the Key. Loit Jones, William Hunter to Bars h Frances Ovens, all of this city. * In New York, on Thursday, May 16, by the Rev. Ben jamin Evans, rector of the Cnurch of the Holy Evange list. Joseph B. Fhesdke to Hki-EN Stockton Millrdolkr bi brill, all of Brooklyn. On Thursday, May 1, by the Rev. Stephen Douglass, Mr. Patrick Brophy to Kiss Emily H. Philips, all of Jsreey City, N. J. On Wednesday. May 14, In St. Stephen's ehnreh, by the Rev. Father Comings, Mr. James owksh, grandson to the late James Ogle, of Hansen, County Meatn, Ireland, to Miss IiAiLE Jaenhky, or this eity. lo Brooklyn, on Wednesday, May 14, at the residence of the bride's mother, in Carlton avenue, by the Rev. Henj. Keliey, cf Perth Amboy, John T. Fun, Esq., to MIsh PiiKiLE Gardiner, daughter of the late Charles G. Jeukits, Krq , all of Brooklyn. On Monday evening. May 19, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Geoige Taylor, Mr. Stephen P. Cox to Miss Annie E. Young, the only daughter of David B. Yountr, Esq. ? _ . Wed. months and 18 day?T Kmm* A- aged 9 i 3?"/"1*11? ano friends of the family m r~?~+*.u Inyiied to attend the funeral fmm ??! **? wapectftilly &I=-aj ? BBd frtonde of the family u? icmuiif..n \?o d J? S";Bd ^ funerB1. fr?? i>i? P^d?t?Kf No. 440 Hudson street, thit (Tuesday 1 ????'?**. without itu-tLerinritllion ^ ?fen,oon' " sSrS* sfrfflWsssM His /needs and those of his family are rean~M?u.. : ssviffir&'srs 20 ssag? On Sunday, May 18, after a lini?e rinir illness run.?. A-AtBTur, widow of John V. Awun" ^ jawaa JWSa-gglf'JgaM' ?' ?? ??."? "o"5 Montreal papers please eopy. so?uX^Sl^^'Lihe re,'deoc" of her ^.Vh?e?o?tSrJShWltat m'D"8,ter' *^*5? ?wnSMbJu.:J**,,-, cb?,?, ?SS&??fiX SIMM'S. onu-.t, s?eo a years and 2 men As. Augusta *?*" The relatives and friends ot the fiunily are rMn~tft.ii. of1?. 18 days. 1 ?fi,a * joare, M montns and sss^sK.jsr"'"*"''SS&WfiftSi i??,?TZu1S*?m' "*? '?? into day, (tnelay,) athit? thm> M taken to TMflrfto C^iVtw^ Th* r*?*inJ wUI th?B to *?? "" ?"? ?>? T.??, ^Tne reiaUres and frienus of tha fa mil r are t?.?.> ssj&'Ejs, r^.tt?'r^ withoutErtVertoSUSC1' UhB,orro,r? Bt hiOn^Sunday, May 18, GeoBn. Tame*, in the 82J year or His relatives snd friends, and those of Us r. J?s^fi.?3BiJT5S ?? *5 Wily tovf ed to at^nd hta iSZwi fr? ?'..*7 l"9"1 SS*? * of Conn y TyJonef IreiS" WT' ***' 40 7*M'nBUw iS The friends and relatives of the family are r~n~M?n_ jnvi'ej to attend her tanerai, on Wednwda? 7t 9^ m a7i5LVw# No S? Alton*!!!*' M At Goshen, on Saturday. May 17, Mabt wife of W.UI.m .SS.^NTiS'SiESr.^; J? Tdr" ??a?as??? ??>?- vs-ran ar&srjs SSSSf!S3S5??S On Bnnday, lfay 18, ?' dropsy on the brain fun youngest son of (ieoi*e T. and Sarah M ?f? months and 18 day*. Moore, aged ? ' relatiyes and friends of Urn *??? attend the funeral this ffn?. invited to ADVERTISEMfiJITS REIEWED EVERYDAY. mwosiiuu ' 7 CARFLrJffi^^^^^^v^Tr as sssass'?*? j- *F?rcr9i& sat ABOUT I while striped shirt, b ack mulae' nanTSSS-. bt?" ""d will's tops and toes, peraed K5^S^* ?,Bo ?>ake with soar aorSTs^^SnmSS, tolSTirSi^H aLroT?Ur<<u<>> fl'st and teoond Jotnta; baa one toomm ^ upper jaw. anj pe rion nrn??7 "twnfpont In the P'"VJ m?d a letter to Ta. BU^ PmnSB^ ^ r^L.TlL1 wonld cooler a Savor on hie parente iKIj.. Ji ? wtUeh also be smtablv mwaried for Setrtr^ufie *d*' "T WDnl<1 ?? toM. hill, PenoaUqaJf. L. 1 l. "<bJifta&;.?a..?,KaLa ??????-. i S^S?"r?'"s he? mother, at the aboveBhce: waakiall, reoelred by M . ?f~lr 1W TO WIS, HSNi) ADnKgflS TO J. ^.^ARI'BEtt WIl.1, FIND A LF7TRR >, lhe ^ " ??wha?i'ATB?V?a' S^,^KH^aOBMOK '^^tit-wo, A LafrKJt IW fU0K PUIsiriCAJL. ~ \TOUMa MKN'g DKMOCRATIO RKCDRMOAlTcOMMrr is ren nested AoiIi&aj^R wfia^n"nftl*,ldBBOe rt'-nnir (ynsRT ) A* B "unoB, Chairman. knwAi.ii liMieop, ( "tcre'arlee. iu COAL. ? (L ulta'We' MdPm? f^TUpr:r^;:^ ?%7irw-""" A??arffti?sfcsr.s _ THE TURK. _ CBHTBBVI1.U OOURSK. L. I TBOTriEQ, ON TCSS day.MayU. at ao-moi P.M. precisely. MatongloOO; mil* heals, beat three In Are, tn herneee. Hiram Woodruff neaea ebeetnut atellkm; Jemea Whelpley aamea grey gelding, the above boraea ball bom Monmouth and Middlesex counties. Mew Jersey, this match Is to eome off without regard to wea ther. JOEL CONKLIN. Proprietor. CiKBThtVIlLK COURSE. L. I.-TROTriWO.?TH0R8 I day. May 22. at.3 o'clock, P M. match $500, mile heats, beat three In five- H. Woodruff names eh g. Trustee, to her ne>e; D. Filter ramcs r. m. Lady Ht'ey. to wagoe. To be a good day and good track. JQaL Con KLIN, Proprietor. VThW YORK KAt'KK?HPKIhO MKlCTlNG THIRD WEEK i.1 In June, 1868, over the Fashion (formerly National) Race Oou/se. hew town, b. I. For Jockey Olub purses aad stakes see Spirit of the Times. PR WITT 0. GRIN NELL, Tiaas'r Fasfrkm Am'oa. UNION COURhK, LONG ISLAND.?TROTrlNU -Off Toeadav, May X), at half-past two o'clock, a match $600, mi.e beats, best three tn five to harness. D. Filler names b. g. Chicago Jack: 8. McLauahm names blk. g. Know Rotblng Can will leave aoutb lorry. Brooilye, for the course st one o'clock, and re,urn as soon si the sport Is ever; fete, to go end return, arty oests; states wtl, leave the Williamsburg terries every twents minutes tor the o >ur?e. bHAW ft WBIfE, Proprtetora N. B ? A fcod day end good track. POST OFFICE NOTICEH. PObT OFFICE NOTICE,?THE MAILS FOR CALIFOH ila, do , per United elates steamer oEOR'Jd LaW, will close at thisifllce on Tuesday, the 20th day ot May, at I o'clock P. M. ISAAC V. FOWLER Postmaster. LOST AND FOUSD. IVOGLOBfrfS WILLIAM8B0RO NhAR THE WA8H t lngton Gardens, on Huadav morning, a halt breed black and white Newfoundland dog $2 re war 1 will be paid to any S arson returning him to Mr. ROBidOM, 388 Carlton avenue, urookhn, or to Mr. Harry Bussed, Main street. Broakl- n. Found-in john street. on hatuhda* hvnn tng, a pair of gold spectacles The ownet can have them onnayligfir this advertisement, by calling at ths office of Cyrus W. Field A Co., 11 Cliff street. O. LI L, Lid. TTIOUND?IN A HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD CAR. X1 at 121. o'clock P. M , a pocket book, containing papers and mote v. The owner can ha >e It, by proving property, bv call ? lry at Pelmonlso's Hotel, eorssr of Chsinners street and Brosdwsv, room No. 20, Row York, or to JOHN EATOe, Pen J. W. Nye's office, ho. 22 William street. U'OUhD- ON THK 15 TH OF MAY, A LARGE, BLACK r Newfoundland dog, which the owner etn have by proving property and paving charges If not called lor In two days, the dog wtl' be rold to pay expenses. Inquire ot (J. W. Smock, 168 Fast Twenty seventh st. OBT-A CHECK, DATED APRIL 13, 1866, FOR $W 60, (o the order of F. G. Bsartean. All persons are cautioned against negotiating the same, payment having ne* n stopped. JOSEPH KKTCHUM EBON. LOhT.-A BLACK THREAD LACK VEIL WAR DROPPED on Sunday after* oon, in Forty-Urit street, between Sixth and Eighth avenues. The fitder will be rewarded by leaving It at 249 Fifth avenue. Lost?a few days dincr. a certificate num ber 9,114, for leventy-ulue shares of rhl'roed stock. auv person returning the same to the holder, er at the office ol the oompany will be literally rewarded. L^BT-YE8TBRd7yTi9uF~INSTANT. IN THeThuD eon River Railroad ears, a pooketbook, eonMinlog about $?0, and a few papers, of no value except to the owner. A 11 beral reward will ne paid for the same at ISO Wei', street. Lost?a black dog, with a little white on his breast, rough curly hair and bushr ta'l, ans wering to tbe name of Watch; was lsat seen at the depot of tee Harlem cirs. In Centre street, on Tuesday last. May 13. Five do'.'art will be paid to any one who will return him to J, R, BaUN ltKKB, 41 Third avenue, corner Tenth street LOBT-A WHITE POINTER DOG. HAVING OR WHEN lost an iron collar, with brass plate, with George W. Jen kins, 29 West Twenty third street, <>n It. Any person returning said dog to W. SCOTT JARVI8, 208 Elm street, will be sutta bly rewarded INBVRAJVGB. i? x8*ij3ob~>~~~ ~ 124 FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Office Mo. 6 Broad street _ , . ?*w Yore, Mays, 1866. The tallowing named sen Demon were alerted Directors at this company, at an election he'd this day:? _ _ DIRECTORS. George B Doughty Geo. B More wood, Augene Plunkett, J. r. B Maxwell. Frecerick Pentz, Abm Van Bantroord, Jacob Little, Boiomon Bsnta, Bishard F. Oarman, Win A. B. Van Duzer. Marshall o. Roberts, Robert Bogaa, Ambrose O. Kingsland, Hiraas Anient on. J no. K. Peters, Waldo Hmehtna, ^"Mej Crooka, Charles B. Hart, Frederick De Peyster, Howard O. Cady, I. K. Collins, WIIP am Ferdon, Allied Plunkett, B. Hovt, ' John Garde, P. J. Boeford Daniel Rlcbarde, Aneon Urtsgtto., G. W. Bnrnhahs, Rosert W. Mead, Mm. H. Johnson. Charles Bagory, Henry L. Boguet Ohaa. B. White. Joannes Oonrt, Augus*e BeimenL LK-Labens, Jo&Birea, Bdward Bcssaaga. ? tor xnsROToas or elbctiors. William Kent David Banks, P. K. Fraud* At a subsequent mMtfng of the Board of Directors, GeeTS. Doughty was elected President, and Mugana PlunkettTlee President ot the eompanv. HENRY QUACKBMBOBS. Beesetary. OFFICE OF THE MAMHATTAM LIFE INSURANCE Company Mo. 14C Broadway, corner Liberty street. New York, May 13,1866.?Notice ?At the annual election for Di rectors, bald this day at the offloe of the oompanv, the folio wing gent emen were unanimously elected Direstora of the eeooud class, vte.:?'SS&JX,.. Jaa Van Norden. Esq., Lewis B Loder, Esq. Bdeard Balght F.sq? John P. Brown, Esq., Wm. O'Brien, Kaq , Albert Cark. Esq, Henry P Morgan, Kaq., Jan. C Bald win, Esq.. and the following gestlemea were eleoted Inspectors ot the next e ection, vis.: - A. W. King, O. W. Loder, and ?. E Quimby, Esqt. At a subsequent meeting bela this dsy, N. D. Morgan, Esq was unanimously re-elected President. Mew York, May id, 1866. C. Y. WEMPLK. Secretary. MUSIC AND DAJtenre. Bn(Jsl)WAY?GKA.NU WOIRkK DAN8ANTK CUU this evening at the dancing academy o'Hae. and M'iie KMMA BAUVs UHAU, 663 Broadway, opposite Bond at, <E?> BANJO, BANJO.?GREAT RUSH TOfBK PROPER ?iPU. ly taught U-e banjo, in six leseoas. by my Improved and easy method, guaranteed by an exnerlenoe ot three years in teaching. 1 ermo 96 in advance. Star ban in always on baad. HaRRY P. Jacobs. 97% Chathamstreet. 2 BEAUTIFUL KOHL WOOD PIANOFORTES left for sale, by parties leaving the city; prices. 9225 and 91B6, worth nearly doub e that; perfect instruments, seven ostave, quite new, splendid tone Can be teea at J. LAUKOTA'S tlano warerooms. No. 6 Meroer street, near Canal, this week. OCOBDSON, AOO.JRDKON, ACOORDBON.?LORD Olamw on and Marcy ore not half so oopular, with their warlike meraages, as I am bv teaching the aooordeon in stx lessens. A perfect rush Is the result ot my success as a teacher. Terms 98 and 96. In advance. Original J. L J Apt) 38. 92X Chatham street. AiCOHIIKtY, BANJO, ACOORDBON.?I WOULD ca-1 the auentl-m of the public to my new lmnrovea aoodan clartonetdnas, which excel in harmony an;' instrument ever Invented; also the premium star banjos, made by D. Jacobs, ^haOism stjeetf*1 JAOOBB, musical lnstrumact depot, 169 fiOOD 7 OCTAVE ROBAWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR 9190, one do. 9100, and thirty second hand pianos, square SP/MEit cent lens than down town; prices, 92-1.92rt, 935,950, 960. 975,985 and 960. Melodeons, tor 920 to 976, at 10*2 Twenty-six'h street, near Sixth avenue. B. GONZALEZ ANkW 9J60 ROBAWOOD PIaNO FOR BALK AT 9191; fine woollen cover. 96; planotstool. 92- Seven octave, grand action, made by ose or the 11 rat cit* maker t, warranted Can ba sera at the mahogany yard corner ot Wartiington and Ftanklln street*. Ah JO.?SOMETHING THAT COHOKBN8 EVERY MAW. ?1 teach the oar jo In every style; terms veri male-ate. Banjos, tamborlnes drums, materials for musical inttrnmenls srd rec siring at a reduction of fifty per cent. A set of the finest strings at fifty oenta double lengtfo Professor PRANK BPEKO, 166 Franklin street i"""vY v' atinrw tuitj wMmiiou, priufTv irucu WlOU m 9'60, for Instruments worth (NO to 9400. to eiose the oonsern. The building is to rent; 66 Wa ker street, near Bmadwnv. W. UBBOkBK A CJ. ORGAN ?OR BAI/E-A FTRBT CLASH ORG SN, SUIT A ble for a middle rlzed church or a lodge room; c mtaiui eight steps, two 'keyboards aid independent, pedal, and is in every respect a superior instrument xpp v, for examtnaitrn and further particulars, to J. BIRKNBH, 146 WUltsm i up stairs. t a* reel, Organist.-a lady, who hap mad several years', and can bring tatlsfacto*y testimonials, wishes to obtain a situation as orgatTst, in Brooklyn. Address M.. box 611 hew Yorx Post ofllce. IAMOS.?TWO HkOOND Hand PIANOS FOB BALE cheap, to pay ndranoes. M. DOCUHT T. Auctioneer. T, and 26 centre stieeL ' ~piAhOH, MKLOltKOhb AND HARMONIUMS?FROM X ten dlfiisrent sianufactsrers, making the largest a?aort ment In the city, besides five seounahand pianos, all of wtiioh will be so d at prices that defy competition. Pianos to rent and rent Nliowed on purchase Dealers teachers and sohoois repp led with mukic and mnslcal instnunents at greatly re duced prices To clergyman and churches an extra discount will be made. BOEACB WATKR8. Agent. No. 333 Broadway. EXCUKHOYN. u J BEING Bad KB ABOY-1866.-THS WELL KNOWN P era steamer. MO BERT L BTEVEMtl, Oaptaln Charles Anderson, formerly of the Laura Knapp, will ??fire bar regu ar trips to tbe Fishing Ranks on Thursday, May 22. rutin's erery dsv, rxetpt Bainrdava. Leaving Amos street at 7 A.M.; Hp'lV rtjwet, slip. 8; Broome street, last river, 8)*; pier North rtvsr.9efohtofc. HOUgHi, ROOMg, BML, WAYTEP. A hmaLl tn O BTOEV HOUBM WAMtaii?ifuVr bbTn sa a quiet and genteel seigh lerbood and have tse modern ">'0T8f *??* rug btore.- wanted to pur :h*?r tor cash aflra.olaee drug store in a tkorongatniw doing a gaod business. Adore*#, wlth partlcu'ars. Drugs, Herald office, All oopunanloattons ooasidsrwd confidential. H?0B? WANTKD.-WAhTKD. A GOOD MODERN built house, to hold auction sales of furniture In; rural ture, carpeting, Ac. purchased, if goad. A goad location want* between Tsnth and Twenty fifdi streets. Address box dpi "Mt offloe. SIORRW A M TED-ON EIGHTH OR SIXTH a V INC ft suitable for a fancy gxtds or variety store; or wl'.l trade Long island real eralr, worth 91,200. for stock, fixtures, tivs, Co' MVs^u'^Jelt OP6*,'l,0O' APPlT 10 ?' B-H0WK?* WANTED? A FURN18HR9 HOU'B. FOR BIX MONfHB, or longer. Address J. B., Herald sffiye. tiki ANTED?BY A FAMILY OF lHRSK GROWN P?R Vv sqpalrom three to five rooms, it a fins bouse and good neighborhood, sot above Fifteenth street Best #f referesoes glvtn and required. Addieae, lor three days. O. H. Y.. Herald office 1DO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION. RAkH CBAhCB tOH cbUh'IBR MAKERS, OB ANY person flulng up a store ?Three mahogany top counters, one black wa nut do., also tbs.vtngand drawers, at prlrate salr, and must ba dbposed of this morning, as thev hsvsstl to be rrmovid before one o'clock. ('An be ssen after 8 A. M . at 5! Catherine street. C. F. PuRTKR. WANl?r)-A NURKE: ()NE wiio 18 i 8eo"to"and th'rou jh v UBderstaxds the care ot okl dren. Apply this dsy, irom 10 ui til 2 o'clock, at 90 O.lnton place. WAMRD-A Y<)UNG MAN AND A BJT, 14 VRARq old, in n | rocerv and iced store; rrfireooe from hDU-t sup o'?r. Apptv at tie corngr of Grove and Sod'ord streit*. Also, cctihter for sale. A ot a Situationaa we' nurse In a reepectnb'e private family. Flvam o?ll at 373 West 28th it, where the can ba seen until A wtpatwih wamtor TOCBO LnlitTor OOtli FAMILY AND MDDCA tton, define to to to Eorrpe, an trave bag caaspaaWm ot K23s.?ias:r,r,M*t *^-irr;^5W Am amkhicaji young oibl wishes employment to go oat, bv the aar or wmi. aa ladies' and ohUdran'a drsamaher. inqaiieat 10Flost st., Brooklyn. Ayouno lady is desirous l>r a situation as housekeeper. bone ae?d apply unlaw they ara very wealthy. a southern iltuatlon la ore [arable. Addreia, tor three dais, B. H., Broadway Pist office. AKkBPlOTAHbC MARRIED WOMAN. WITH A fresh braaa> or milk, aod a baby 7 weeke old, I* dealroaa olaatt? * ? *? Firms suited. A BBBPBOTaBLK YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA o. tlon, In a nail private family,Nhffio general h jutework; la a food plain cook and Brat rata wg^K an d troner; would do chambsrwork. Can ba lean for twOW)a at 111 Weal 25ih at. AYOUNO -MBBICAM LADY WISHB4 A SITUATION, to travel with a lady, aa companion, or as laiy'smxld. Inquire at 183 East 17th at., between 1st and 3d averaei. YOUNG WOMAN WI8BKH A SITUATION, It ARB fpee'able bally, aa chambermaid aid aentnatiew, or waiter; thorough); nnderaUnva bar business, and can give moat latlafbe'ory city releience aa u> character and cauabUVy P.eaaeeall at 313 let avenue, between 19in and aotbsti., aaoond Boor, front room. YOUMJ IADY, THOROUGHLY aOQUalNfBD WITH the ri trnch and Qe'man language*, who has been in this rountry fcr several years. filling the place o' governess In Americanifnm won'd like to change her present situation or a simile r ,,r e. ddresa box 4,093 r ew York Post office. A Bill.' -VTAi t mUrISO WOMAN WANTS A an . x. a->, has a fresh breast of milk Goid Si'J ? * . l een I-r two days at the Box House, Neat 26th at , hrtween It' ml llib iv-. AbkbpkctauueTwuu' ~wln't ~ a situation, as . child a nurse Is caps e ot talcing entire charge of a child'rom lis birth, j -ly a 621 Broadway, her preaen place, room 19. A SITUATION wanthd~b/~a~very rkspbota b e woman, as ohatncermaid sad laundress. Can be seen at her present employer's, 281 6th nrenue Ah unguish lady, havincTa few hours daily 10 dinners of, wi hen to> a situation as dally gsvernam; her InatiHcl'tLH combine English, In all lis branches, the rudi ments of the French language, with oruamentil aod useful needlework; terms moderate. Address A. Z., Post office, Brooklyn. YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU 4TION AS 01UM hermsld or waiter. Please eall a'. 211 Wast 19th street first floor, flout room. LAIY OF EDUCATION AND REFINEMENT t?? tires a situation, aa housekeeper. Address J. (I., Union square ?ost office. RE8PKC1ABLK YOUNG WOMeiTwiATH A~SirCA tlon, as good cock; uaderalasdo baking and oavtry: Is willing to assist In the warhlng, if required; good city refer

ence. Please call at 106 Rait 29th sL A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl as nurss and seamatresr; Is fu ly ccmoeteut to take charge of y oung chi dren, and baa served la that capa city ; Is an excellent plain sewer, and Is willing and obliging; would have no objection to do light ohunberwork and sow. Has guod city reference. Please call for two days, at 63 At. autlost., Brookyn. RhPl'EUTANLK PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN wtibes a situation, In a private family, to do cnarabtr work and assist In washing and Ironing; with best ot oi'-y re teicnce. Please sail at 86 hart 16th su. bttween 3d and 4ta avenues, In the tanoy store, for twodays. a NORSK'S SITUATION WANTBD-BY A PROTEB 1 tent woman, wlih unquestionable character,.with some respectable family, to go to Bumps or elsewhere; the adve t'ter has been to sea. and Is accustomed to the care of cell dren; would take charge of an Infant aid do plain sewing; can give good olty references. Apply lor two days at No. 7 11th at,iear Broadway. F.H8PB0TABLB YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU nation, to cook, wath ami Iran, or do the housework of a tmall private lamily; oan come well recommended. Call, oi address 143 Christie at, for two days. a BESPRCf ABLK YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU A A. tlon as chambermaid aid seamstress, or chambermaid and to a*elsi In washing and ironing; hna no objea iou to go by the country; can be recy mm ended from her last pace, where she advertlsealrom, 62 last IStb at; oau be rein untilsugared RKhPRCTARLR WUMaN WISHE8 A SITUATION T ' cook, wath and iron; she Is a good plain cook and an ex cellent washer and lroner. Can give tfaa best of refe'euces a to character and capability, Please call at No. 201 West 28th et, first floor. RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION. T > co general housework, (n a small private family; good city reference, inquire at No. 28J? 1st at., near 2d av., In thr rear. Can be seen for two daya. KkSPEHTABLB YCUNG GIRL WISHES A 8IIUA tlon. as chambermaid or plain waah?r and lroner, or as plain rew or. Can be aeen for two days. If ao< engaged, at 138 Mottst., rear building. Best elty reference can be given. RKaPBOTABLE tllHL WANTS A SITUATION, IN A small private fbmllv, to cook, and assist in washing and Ironing; is n first rate taker; good elty reference flrom her last place. Can be aeen fill engaged, at 80 Warren St., between Smith and High. Brooklyn. KESpBOTaBLK YOUNG GIRL WANTS A HIT DA tlon. in a private fkmltv, as chambermaid aod waiter, or chldren's nurre; good reference flrom her last plane. Can be seen till engaged, at 80 Warren st., between Smith and High, Brooklyn. LADY WJ8HB8 TO PROCURE A SITUATION FOR a respectable, worthy girl, aa waiter and to do ohamber work. help witv the washing and Ironing or aaslst n nurse in the care of children; any of the above duties she is fully capa ble to undertake, and will be found a trustworthy girl by a genteel tamlly. Can give the beat city reference. Please ap ply at 30 Greenwich avenue, near Aincg street. SITUATION WANTkD-BT ABK8PHOTABLBYOUNG girl, as chambermaid or to take care of children ; can give city reference, if required. Oan be seen lor thrte lays at 139 W est 19th st, teoona floor, hack room. RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANT8 A SITUA tlon, as chambermaid. In some respectable family; the beet of city reference given. Inquire at 328 Weet 36th st., bo ween 8th and 9th nvennee. RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A situation, aa r.tirseano seamstress; can cut and fit cbtl dien'a dresses, and oan take the entl re charge of a baoy from its birth: beat of references given. Can be seen for two days at SP310th street, between avenues A and B, first floor, back room, In front of the Park. a SITUATI ON WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL " to cook wath and iron; can give ' he best of city reference If required; fans to objection to go ty the country. CaU at 119 19>h at,, first floor. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SHU - tlon, seoock; is capable ol making gcol bread and at, verts of pastry, and understands cooking oysters. Good city reference. Apply at 128 East 22o at. between 2d and 3d aves YOUfO WuMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK. Is a good washer and lrtner. Best of cltv reierenoe; given from her last place Can be seen for two dayA Apply at 4291st sva, between 26th and 26th sis. RRfPioTA Bill ll IBlT"NISHKR A SITUATION, A8 waiter and and ohambermsld; will aaslst la washing and Itonieg Best ot olty referenoe. Please address to No. 3 Franklin at. RK8PBCTAB1.K WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, ?scook, and to assist in washing and Iron lag; or is willing to do chamberwork aid fine Ironing. Best of city reference. Can be aeen for two dnya nt 210 East 21st st, third floor, back room. Actuation wanted?by a young girl, as chum barmaid, waiter, or to do plain sewing. Beat of city reference, apply at 98 Amity at. A YOUNG GlCBMA* KJOIfOMlST WANTS A SITU alien (or hlmaclt and hia wife, aa overseer on a farm, or aa foreman In a factor* or Institute. He la very well ac quatnted with nearly all the technical branches, and can coma h gtal* recommended. For parttcnlara inquire at 232 Church at, near Canal. AS TRAVELLING MUD.- A HIGHLY BKSPRCTABlK O. young person, who hae been aocaetomed t j travel, and thoroughly understands the dutiea of her situation, wishes tor an eoasgeaeat with a lady or family who aregoing to Kuropr. tha highest references. Address G. L? Ml Eoaatou at. Aprottstant yodno woman wishes a MTU A ilon as nurse to children, or to travel with a lady. Can be seen at 281 6th avenue, between 17th and 18th sta., from 9 to 6 o'ciook. ABIT U At MM! WANTKD?BY A GOOD PLAIN OOOk would assist In the washing and ironing; the beet of dt? reference can be bad from ber last plaoe. f lease cell at 17 East 11th it., between 3d and 4th ava., for twadays. PITUaTION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ycung woman, as chambermaid and waiter; is a good - --- * ' lace. nisln tewer; has tl e best of citv reference from har last pi Pleste csl at 71 Waat 16th ?t., for two day s. Atoiibg woman wants a situation ab ciam beimatd and to do sewing; baa no objection to go In the country, oily reference can be given. Please oalt at 128, oar ner ol Atlantic and bearyi streets, Brooklyn, sesond floor, front, ro. m 12, for two days. A GOOD GIRL W1BHE8 A SITUATION, AB CHAM bermald and waltar, la a raapeatable family; la willing to are st In tha washing and lronirg. Call at 614 2d av., corner of .'!2d rt., for two days, if not engaged. RrBPKCTABLN GIRL WIHHKN A PI' UATION. IN A private family, as plain cook, good washer and trocar. Good citv refereneea tan be given frim her last place, where she has lived two years and a half. (Jail at 614 Id av , curatr ot 32c st., for two days. If not engaged. ABKPPnOTABLR YOUNG WOMAN WIHBKS A 8ITUA tlon, tn a respectable private family, aa chambermaid and waiter; is a good plain sewer, and oan produce the beat of olty references trom har last place; no ohleeion to the country, tall at P2 West 20that., third floor, backroom. Oaa be seen lor tno da) a. RMPP.CTABLB OKRMaN GIRL. OF GOOD APPEAR ? sues, wishes a situation as oh am bermald, seamstress ? AJ. ?HWi w aaas.TW. wa bisuisiium ? llBWiNH IIIMU, Ml IBIIIII I U? OT nurse ?*n give the beat oraMy rafareooea. Call at M6 canal it, lata Walker st, la the butcher'sshop. A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS lady'a maid; has no objection to take care ef grewn up ehi'dren ana travel. Good cky references can be given. In quire at 883 Broadway. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RMTKCTABLB YOUNG A girl, aa chambermaid and saaiuHaas. or to take eare of children. Baa ao objection ti ga in the oonntry for the sum mar. Bat tha boat of city reference Oaa bo seen Air two aaya in Oifoad at, botween Fulton aveauo sad Atlantic at., first houte bom Fulti n avenue, Brosklyn. AH RUBPBUTABl.h, YOUNG WOMAN, BROUGHT UP IN this country, wiihea a situational chambermaid nr waltar, or to take oar?L of (children The boat of ottv reference csn be given bom her mat piece. Oa-1 at 1313d avenue, batweeo 14th and Iftih sta , from 10 till 6 o'ciook. A?siiuatioN WaNtbd-by a \oung woman, as sesmatieaa; ondaraiands all kinds of aewlng. No objae lion to do light chamber work or to take care of grown up chil dren. Has three year* reference from ber laitemployer. Oaa be seen lor two days at 98 West 19-h st, third floor, front room. ARE8PBCTABLI WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION; 13 a rood ooek, washer and lronar, and understands alt kinds of baking and pastry. Please call at 10.1 16th street. Good city reference atven. AOOOK'H SITUATION WANTRD-BY m REPPHCTA ble woman; understands ber buslneee In all Its brancnee; Is an eicalltnt baker. Beat city reference. Can be seen for two cays at 129 West 22d street, betwean 6th and 7th atennee, second floor, front room. ARKBPRCTaRLR RMGL1BH GIRL WOULD BE OLAD to bear of a family gvlng abroad; she la a good plain sau ff, and willing to make herself generally useful; baa m ubjeciion to so to any place. Inquire at 73 Ouine. itreat, third Hoar back room. ARkvPhCT?BL? TOUbG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A i'ou, as ohsmoaimatdand trasMMia the waatlag and lioblng. Beat city reference Lorn her lait place. Apply at 4PU Bmiionatrret. no stairs, trontronm A YOUNG WOMAN'WANTS A SITUATION, IN A ?man private taml'.y to c via, wish er.d Iron. Hasgiod city rvferrt ce. Tleaso ca'l at 22ii Puiltviin street, In the rear' fur two da] s. A 81IUA1 ION WaNTRD-BY A YuUsU GIRL, AS seamstress and 'sdi's msld, or as NtaitNM and to take c-reof children no objection to go Into tie e inni ry or t-avel wilhalsify. Vss 'vr?e lens'retereni-e i ai be yesn a- n<- ? yreteol employer's, f'9 A, 2lsi ?t , near 4<b at., fir t vi days. BfTCATUIMB WAJTTB0. ABISPBCTABLB WOMAN WANT* A SITUATION. AS chambermaid aad laundress. Best of city referencitglvsa. On oeMenat3Id6(bav. ^ OOMPBTBBT YOU*O GIRL WAN18 A SITUATION ? as ladv'? mild Aud ? n rrnlrn? understands halrdreis irg, dressmaking And ail ki.tis of family Miring; would like to travel with A laay or >0 In the ojunlrr tor the euiutner; o?n do up moailna neat y. Beet city reference. Can hereon A1 tele week At be reaMenee of her employers', 81 laat 1Mb at., near be Opera Bou-e ARwSPECTABLK PERSON WISHES A SITUATION, to go travelling with a lad ye or aa bouaekeeoer or eeam stress In a private tanally; la a competent dreaamaker. The sdverilMr havlvg no friends. wiabaa a permanent situation; baa no objection to leare the city; reapectable reference. Ad drera. for two days, M. L. C , box 119 we>?M office. AGENTLIMAN 18 DBMBOUB TO OBTAIN A BITUA tkin lor his oook, a Boo lob wuman, who can be highly recommended Addrera H. 8., box 1.317 Post offiae. A YOUNG MAN Wants A HlTUArluN IN SOME RBS pectable light borineaa, who will be found a treasure to kw employer, at d just to all; . _ would go as barkeeeer in a unlet place. ACdrrae li. 1 K , herald r-ffies, or at the eorner of Columbia av d? oi gieas ala., Brooklyn. A STOUT YOUNG BOY. FOURTEEN YKaRB OP aOtt, wants a .I,nation. Would make a good errand boy. Please call at 189 East 24th at.,for two days. A YOUNG MeN WANTS A SITUATION, AH COaCII man.-He understand the care ol' hortei well, aid can work In a garden; or would make hlmteif generally uiefuu The test ot retereroe can be given tram oil lait two places. Can be seen tor two dara. Irom 9 to 10 o'e ock, at 68 Oak at., coiner of Catherine, third tl icr. A YOUNG MAM WAN 18 A SITUATION AS COAOM A man, who understand a ibe care and muiagemtnt ol borMi; has bote e'gh'. veers io ope place, and inn year lab's laat place; can give the best of ei'y or oountry re'ere ice Call or ardreia R. Campbell A Co., 80 4 b avenue, between 8th and 91b (is. A PIOUS YOUNG MARRIND MAN EARNESTLY 1)5 aires emp'o; ment. aa clerk, ?hlpi'ng or otherwise, ol lector, warebooteman, porter, Au ; Is educated, ,.ud used to manual labor; baa last managed a tea swe; g Kid re'ereoe. ot ten yaara' standing. Pleatsiaddieaa G. L. d . Herald olllee. A MARINE SlTROKoN, OP TRN YEARS' KXPEAI ence, la desirous ot ob alntng toe berth of a ship's sur seen; ample referencM. Addreaa Burgeon, l'ostoffice, Paila dalphla a YOUNG Man IS DBSIBOUB OP OBTAINING A a. situation, in toms good store, aa partner, for wnich he wid give 120 io any person wbe will procure the same (or hi a; be can be well recommended tor honesty and sobriety. Please addreisP. B. P., Herald oflloe A SITUATION WANTED?BY A MARRIED MAN, ov prepossessing sppeararce and 'empera.e habits, to g> In the country, as oachmar; understands the cue and mi*liga ment of horses, > heir dlseacea and cure; has a good ide t of gar dening; but, ll required, understands tarmiug in al Its braicaes; can produce reterenoe as to sobriety, honesty aod eapabl lty; pav tot so mneh an ohjec'.-a hnms arefsrrel Can at. or addreaa James Russell,, 9 West 28th at, between 6'h and 7lh a vs. A GENTLEMAN, LATE MEMBER OP THE UNIVERSITY of Hartford, well resd in the i laaalcf, and wlta g >od tssU monlals, wishes a private tutorship, sdlresa Oxonlenfis, Herald cfilce. tiHAMHRRM AID AND LAUNDRE89.-SITUATIONS 1 wanted, by two respectable aid competent young wo men. Is either of the above capacities; they pen'ectly usde stand elear starching and doing up laces; no objection to tbe country. Can c me well recommended from their pre?eut employer Please apply, between the bourj of 6 and 12 o'clock, at 13 East 28th si. Can be sees for two days. CfOK,?A SITUATION wanted. BY a RESPBOTA ble Englishwoman, in a hotel, restaurant, or first clais bosri'lng bouse; has no objection to go to one of the watering nlaoss for tbeseafon; sue understands baking in all Its branches; best ot oily reference can be given. Pleats call for t wo daj s at No. 166 Orchard street, sec nd lloor. CTOOK-SITUATION WANTED, BY A PERSON WU I J perfectly understands her business in a l its brumes; beit of c'tv relet esce given. Please call at 36 West 13u si , between 5 h and 6th avenues. CI OCK.?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN ) wants a situation as o iok; understands all kinds of paitry; is wi ling to aiaist In wathleg and iroulag; beat oi city refer ence. Can be seen at 130 K. 23d st., rear nd avenue. CioACHMAN ?Wanted, a situation, as coach J man, by a respectable young man, who Is a thorough groom as wel as driver; unCeraUnds working in garden, it required; li competent lnlbls business. Hat good city re oommendationt from his laat employer. A line addressed t i J. C., Coachman, Beraid office, will be promptly a'tended to tor a day or two. CYOAOHMAN.?8ITUATION WANTED, BY A SINGLE. J Protestant mar. In a private farnl'y; is an excellent groom and care'til driver; understandable business per-Vc y, and is civil and obliging; has good city reference fro n bis last employer. Please apply io or address N. W? No. 3 tltb ave nue, for two days. (giARMER'd SITUATION WaN?ED-kY a YOUNG P man, who has a thorough hnowiedgc of bis buiicess and can be highly recommended oy mmn of the most respecable farmers. Address Farmer, box 126 Herald office. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY AN American widow lady, in a plain lamllr; widowers pre ferred. No objection to the country. Call ai 183 39ih st, cor ner ot 8th av. HOUbfc KEEPER.?A HEW ENGLAND l.ADY, OP r.X perlsnou, is desirous of having the supervision of a first class hotel or private bouse, either in e'.ty or country. Ad Ire a Mrs. Cone. Poet offloe. ITU AT ION WANTSD-BT A REMF ifil "TABLE YOUNG 5 woman, as first clam cook; understands her Dueltieie 11 all ?is branches. Can beeeenat her preeeut situ U'.on, 139 Kac dongal ?!., for two days. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and walte \ or wou'd do house ?o, k lor a private family; beat of eity reference* from her lan mace, where ebe lived two years. P'ease call at 121% Went 27th a'.,, near 7tb avenue. None but reepeetable families need app'y. Situations wantsd by two respectable girls, counts s; one to cook, wash and tros, the other as charscermald and eeimstrese. Good city reference. Can be seen tor two daya a; 126 Clinton place, 8?h street, first 11 cor, bask room. CGTUA1ION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O girl, Io do general housework; can cook, wash and irm; is willing torn - ? ? > make hen elf generallv useful; good city reference. PlesBe call at 233 Weat 16th st., for two day a SITUATION WANTKU-1N BROOKLY*, BY A RF?t O peeable young girl, to aasist m laundress and chamber maid; can do g<od olalo tewing. Uocd city reference. Ad dreaa box 131 Herald offloe. Situations wanted?by two rebp sc F*bl? girts; 01 e aa chamber mstd the other aa washer, lrbner (nd plain cook. Good city references given. Apply at their present situations, 265 Bleecker sL SITUATION WANTBD^aTyOUNO AMUR (CAN QtKU wants a situation as waiter. In a gentsel andprivste fami ly only; can fire highest clt* reference for her neatness awl capsctty. Please call at 170 W. 16th at. 81TUATION WaNTHD-BY AN BNOLHH. PRUTiCST ant girl, as waiter, or chambermaid and to do plain see ing, In a small private tamtly; for any ree >m vw.U'ioi re quired oan refer to afiamllv In thlsclt* wi'h whom shs has lived nve yeers and wlx months, ('all at 24 lith at., between Unl vtrslty place and Sth avenue, for two dsye. 11CATICN WANTEL?BY A KHSPKOTABLB OIBi,, ?? good oook; she tht roughls understands her Business in ail Its branches; would engage with a family gcing to a wate* It g plaee; baa excellent oliy reference. Oaa be seen a* 1U Wen 19th at., between 6th and 7th aves., third Hot.', front room. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RRsPKOTABUR GIRt, TO O do ahamberwcrk, and to assist In w -*hlog and ironing cr to do the general wo k of a small tamlly. Giod city refe rence, if required. Can be seen for two days at No. 10 Csrta topkerit. hJITUAlION WANTED-BY AN KXPERIRNtlRit HRAIf Cj stress, who thorough y understands bmrtuatnea*. Oan get un lsces, embroideries. French fluting, crlmoing, Ac . and a'l kinds or lice washing In superior style. No objertlon to a pri vate boarding bouse Can be seen at Mrs. Manning's agency, 3(5 8th avenue, near 7Hth at. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YdCNG WOMAN, AS waiter snd chambermaid, or fine wa?her or ir-ner Can be seen at hsrpresent emp,oyer's until eagaged, 74 <Vast 20 b st, bet seen Bin and 7 th ava SITUATION W^NTBD.-A YOUNG MAN. WHO HAS five years' experience es salesman. In tae wholesale and retail thnoy and drr goods business, wishes a similar engage meet Beet city references given. Apply at 333 urand si. v it cation wantrd?a smart, aottv* man, U 30 jears of ags. wants a situation, lu some good hotel, ?s c trk or bartender; la an American Can be soen at 42 ttsccett street, Brooklyn, and will give all the relerunee that Is require! of any one. S~ ITUATION W? NT BO-IN a forrion commihfion or banking house, by a young man (American) who has had acme expei-lenoe la bu'lneas. He speaks French snd German, and writes boih three languages passably well. Aodreae C. W.M., Herald office. Situation want*d?by a bingl* young man. who la an excellent groom and a good ditrer; wishes a permanent situa'ion; has no objections to travel; ?ah be highly reocmn ended by Ms last employer. Address U. MsK . UeralJ offloe. 'or three days. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A OOACHJf aN, WHO IS A single man, and of atrtetly temperate habits; understands (be care or hones, asd la a rood and oare'u' driver; can pro dure gcod city refo-enoe. Address Coaebman. care ot Mr. Walker, aaddler. 756 Broadway,oae door above 8th at. No ob jections to any part of the oountry. O MIDI INBR8.-A YOUNG LADY WI8HRR TO T.RaRN _ millinery, Ac. Buch aa are doing a first class trade may address P. Hs Herald office, stating terms. WO YOUNG LADIES, 8IBTKRB, DHBTRE AN RNOAGR ment, la a tint class millinery eetsblishmea'; one aa sales wemaa, and the other in the workroom; both ate naturally qualified for the above poshiona. Address W. H. O., Union square Post efflee. O FAMTLIRg GOING ABROAD, OR TO TRAVEL.-A Protestant English women wWhna an engagement a* child ren's nurse and Mainstream or to a lend on an elderly lady. ?o ausualla or California; will give her services la any light oa pactty lor her paasage; no objection to any of the distant mass. Ancle addressed, for two oa>s, to S. C., Nurse. Broadway Post office, will meet Immediate attention. TO BOBS MROBANICR-WaNTKU KMPliOYMKvT, A young men, one that la not afraid <d work, wishes to en gage himself to' tome business man, a machinist carpenter, painter, or any otter trade, where he will have regular em ploy met t. Address J. P., 336 8tb St. DRUG if liTB^A ItCBLI * PHYSICIAN AND apothecary, accustomed for six years in this city Is die penning, retailing nod visiting, wis bee to give advice and st and generally at a drug afore either In sew York or adja cent el lea en mutual terms. Address Malleus, box 152 Here d office. Si'flNU QOVRRNhMI.?a YOUNG taDY. WHO HAS bed long experience la teaching, and who la perfectly competent to Instruct in music, French, and the ordinary h-rigilrli branches, wishes an engagement aa nbore. Stiller la New York or Brooklyn. Ac dress G. B., 153 BeekeU street, Brooklyn WANTRD-Ta 6ITUATIOW, BY A RK8FEOTABLR girl, to do the general housework of a small prlva'e family: le a first rfete washer end irorer, and g.nd plata nook. The bestof rs'erence. Oan seaeea for two days at 13 Watts r'reeu AN'IKD?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A* plain cook, Washar sod Ironer; nsderatanda baking and psairy; is wiling to do general housework In a sma'l fhmllr; good reference give ? Apply al 104 17th at., bstween 6>h and 7lb armnea XStBD?A SITUATION. BY A B IBP El A I! BE young wiimui. as chambermaid and to do tine washing sndtroilrg, orweud do plain sewing; would have no nnjes tion to go a short distance In the country; bee1 of dig retorenoe given. Plntie ceil at 96 Wt?t 20ih st., between ti:h and ;th a vet oca. \k/ ANTKI>?BY A BKBl'KtT AHI,1 PROtMTAMT GIRL, vt a ?ttuMton 11 do general kout*work, or to utenda bekeTv ?.t?*: prod reference given if required. Inquire at No 5 Pi rut it third floor, back room, for tronoa. \\'AN(Hri>--ttV A KRBI'KCl'ABl.s WtlMsN, a SlfU* y y tion t? a flrn n'ari fsmtly at chambermaid, would as ni In wiibtrg and ironlrg; or to >ak* careot children and db plain rewlnp no objection g> out of town In summer months igwg I?iatd pteferrsd; b'?t ircl'\ references given as to hbvcity, ludus'r' sid cspsbllity; was lb tt te:-t'nher ai plict. Jtpp'y a '* Wrr 13a It. T WANTKD-BY a NUT. TIDY OOLOBND YOUNG womu, ? situation. aa ohamb rmuld sod to aseiat In tte waaklag aad ironing or to do Dials sowing; or to travel with ? faml y 8m good mmfilillnu bom her Jaet place. Please apply at 33 Fine it., rear bonding. ___ WANTED?A SITUATION, AS LUNDRESft, BY A raapaetable Protectant woman, or to to chamberwork ai d fine war blag; bail of city re.erei ce glean. uaabeaeen at Bo. SSI S nvaoue, Bret floor, back roon. None but the bmt families aoaa apply. WANTID?A SITUATION, BY A HKBPBCTABLS ABIT ttdy girl, aa ohtld'a nurse, and to do light chamber work or plain sewing (Jan be aeea at her pre wot employer's, SS West Kih alitor twodaym. yyTAJt lKU BY A TOCNG WuMAN, A SITUATION TO to ebamberwork, waiting or aewing, no objectU>a to go In the country; goo? re erence glren. Please apply at 189 itaat 12 ?t., between let and 2d avs. \\j AMID A HIIU4T10N. AS COOK. BY A YOUNG vf air I; Is a good baker, washer and tronar; hse no obyeo lien to New Yore or Breoklio Good re'ere- oe glren. cam bo seen I or two days at 109 Butler at, South Brooklyn. ANTkD-A HIT0ATIONBY A EKflPgCTA8L1 WO man, t j do genera houar work. Good city rateretoas for two years Baa no ocjectiou to go a abort distance In the c run* try. Inquire at 48 Forsyth at, tn the rear. ANTKD BY A RKSPRvTAsLFyOUNO WOMAN, A situation aa oook, washer and tioner; underatanda bak ing; beat of city re.'erenee from bar last plate (Jan be seen lor two oars Pirate Inquire at ITS 22d st, be.ween let and 3d ar?., first flocr, front room tip stairs aNYRD?BY A r B ;>T k?T A N T YOUNG WONAN, with good city ra'erence, a ?i nation to do ebamberwork. and plain tewing, or aaa at tr. tna washing. Plaaie csiljor ad drew, for two days, B. 0. B.. a4 it. 19th efr WaNTKI ? A SITUATION BY A ttsHPKtJTABUaOIlt'j, aa chiiJLbennald and waitrers, or chambermaid and p aba sewer. Gcod reference can be given from her laal place. w chambermaid and waitrers, or chambermaid and p aba Gcod rtferenca can P:eaae call at 198 ?aat 14th at. ANTED B* A KKM Ky'TABi.K YOUNG WOMAN, A alluaiIon. a? cook in a private family; she undersUade cooking and baking prrfectis. and is a good washer aodlrooer. Beat ol le'ereioea. Pieaae call at 193 tvea. 27:h at., front base ment, until engaged. lA'ANTSD^HY A RHPPP.CT A r? "TyOU NG W JM AN, A VY bttuauon. aa aeanxtretas; she underatanda ail kinds of family under o otkea aewrlng ; cut make >he baa', ol sbl-da, and ou embroidery, and wtli astt-t In ch?mberwoik or In walking at d ironing. Can be ieen tor two oayaat 33 lUnalltoaavenue, tirst ticor, Brooklyn. \jjJ~ABTKD?A BIlUATION, Aft CO^K, IN A PBIVaTB It family, aid is wil Ing to assist la washing asd lromag; gts-d reference cau be given from her last nlace. Uao he seen tor two dais at No. 9 Laurens at., opposite the oa'peeler's shop. ANTKD?,.Y A RE8PKCTABLK GIRL, A SITUA tlon as chambermaid or nur e or to do fine washing and. ironing; best of city raiere.oa. t an bo seen at 38 13A at, be twren d'h avenue and Broadway. W"~ ANTkD-A 81IUAlToiT hY^FBSGcISH PROfBS tant, aa butler or valrt G ?J retireoce given at to honesty, lObritiy and cacablllty. t lease ca 1 at33 ICast ldth at., between 10 aud 12 A. M. None but a tirst data family need apply. 4A.AK1KD?A SITUATION, BY A RK3PE ITaBGR vf young woman, to do oliam'.ervtork aud walling or to do the lateral bouaew rk or a in>:. nr.vaLi 'anally. dest of city reference. Understands her dusIabm well. Can be seen tor two days at 13 Forsyth it., room No 5. 'ANTED- A bilUATION. BY A BtrPltOrAHLB woman, as very good oook: Is willing tout.1st in the washing at.d Ironing. Would not object to go tr 'hi country for the summer. Good city reference. Plea-- call at 84 7th avenue. ANTKD?A SITUATIOnT"BY AN KXPKRUNCWS oook, who understands her bueineaa In all Its brancbaa; understands toup. jel.lea, jlanch marge and lie creams; un 'l erf lot as game; good city references given. Apply At 101 18th sL, at at 7th avenue, tor two days. ANTED-el SITUATION, FoX A PIR8T RATI cbamh^pMd and nurse, whose employer la about breaking up boureAeeptng; ib ; la a Protestant Can be seen at d recommended at the bouse where she la now employed, to Wert 2>th st. AHTBD-BY A YOUNG Wi MAN, A SITUATION, to do coking, washing and Ironing; has the nest city reference*, ss a good cook, washer and tronar; la a gold baker, and Is kind to chllarwn; Is ruling to make kernel! use ful In the farnllr; livea tl e y ears in one plaoe; the be v. of olty reference PletreraUatlSl Water at., between nudsoa ave nue and Gold at, Br.okln. ANTKD?BY jTV8KY RbSPkOtABuK YOU KG WO man. a situation, to do general housework, In a ansa 1 private family, or to do chamber wo<k aud assist In the wash ing end Ironing; goad cltr reference from her last emp'oyer. Can Deaeen for two days at 138 4th St., satween Varisk and J or cs, third floor. ANTKD-A HOUBKKBKPICB'S BIIUATION, BY A. micdle aged American led*, either In a small private family or to take charge ot a gentleman's house; has had many years' exper.eeoe. Good given. Can be seen for two deya at 30 Horatio st. ABTND-IN AN AMRBIUAN' FaMILY, A GERMAN girl, lor rsneralhousework; one t ot aira'd of work will And a roc d home, where aba wi 1 be kindiy treated. Apply - Immediately, at 108-Crosby st. ANTS A SITUATION?A RKbPKCTaBLK WOMAN. as oook, wa'her and troner, la a respectable family. Can give the beat city reference. App y th'a day, at 126 Sanaa street, Brooklyn. OI1UATIOB WANTKD?fib A RKBPffOTABLl WOMAN, CI as good oook, washer ana irooer, or as laundreas, In a private famll*; bast of cl y reference. Can bs aeeu fir t?o says at 238 8th avenue, between 16th and 16th sta . In the book store. ANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A RdkPROTASI.JC woman, as cook, washer and lrouer, la a priva e Ihmtlr.. The beat of city referen ae given. Icq aire at 569 3d avenue, be tween 39th and 40th ats, for two day a ANTRD-A SITUATION, BY I RKiPE'lTAULY girl, aa first rate nook, cr aa wastry eook; speaks Prenek and English, and undarstacda cooking tu all r.i branches. Gc< d references given. Cail for t wo days, If net engaged, at 20 Wcoster su AHTKD-a BIIUaTION, BY a BUSPECrablb young woman, aa ook. and to as sis: In washing and ronlng; ia an axeellent cool;; nnderstands all klndaot meats, pooltrv and pastry: la willing io make he-iolf gene-ally u?e tu'. Baa the neat of city reference troan bar laatplaje. Gail at i9 West Sflth at., second floor, Iron*, room, for two days. TITANTED-BY A KKbPi-CTABLB TOURG OIRU, f T v. ith go. <J c'ty re'rrrure, ? situation, aa chambermaid or waiter er children's nurse. Please ca'l at 257 lOthavenie, between 2ith and Wh eta. WAR TBI)?A 8 IT P All R, AS CI1 aMBKRM a ID, BT A jeung girl, who can give the mo?t unqua'tflsd and satis factory reference, as to honest* and capabut>; she bai lived five yean and a half 11 one place: abe wo a d also be willing to assist In washing ana Ironing. Call at l>r. burns' drag (tore, St 2 8th avenue, between 81st and 33d at*. lat ANTSD- A SITUATION, BY A R&RPKCFAB'-iK vr young woman, aanurao and plain sewer; gooi rtty re ference can be liven fiomber last sl'tiaUon, during t year end 9 months. Please call at 62 Pnuoe at, second floor. Can be seen far three days. ARlhD-A SlfUATIOH, BY A YOUNG PBOT38T ant girl, about 14 or 13 years of age to tike care of cblldrtn, wait on the door or run errands and maks beraett generally nseful; has no objection to go a short distance In tbe country. Can give good relaienoe if required. P.esae call at, or address fi. T , 160 Thompacn street, first floor. ARlhD-A SITUATION, BY A M1DD..K AOKD WO man, as nurse and pials seamstress. or to take cars of a middle aged lady. The vest reter*aces given frcai where she bee lived for years. Call at 203 7th avenue, two doors I mm 24th street. artbd?a situation, ab ?kaji8trrs4, by an experienced d>etsmsber;can make shirts and do all sorts of fhmtly sewing. Best city reference given. Call at 77 Wtst 19th street, aeccnt tloor. W~ " ARTKD?A SITUATION, BY A REaPACfA HUB yourg gtrl, aa seamstreca and dreasmtker, yr lady's maid; can out and fit ladles' and children's dresses, and do all klnda of family sewing Can be seen Ibr tnrve days at 166 bast 14th at, wht re ahe is at present employed. Til/aRTRL?BY A KhBPltCTAiu K YoURG WuXAR. A TV sltnatlon, as chambermaid and waiter, or as child's nurse Beat referenoe from her last place. Can be teen for two days at 131 3e ave., third fl or, lack loom ARtkb-a , bituaTi^r, by a Rssricnrablb young girl, to do ohambe.wcrk and plain sewing, or grnnral housework, for a small private family. Raa good city re'arenoe, If required. Can be seen for two days a*. 124 West 1Mb ?t. ANTSD-A fellUA1 ION. BY A RK8PK young girl, aa cook, waster and lroner. tu a private fkmLy; Is wlutng to assist In bouaewotk. he best ot cttyrw tersnce given. Can be seen for two daya at No. 160 West Broadway. ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A 8ITUA tlcn. aa cook waaber end loner, in a private ramlly, or would have no objection to a novate boarding house Beat of city rafeienre gives trom her last place. Please sail at 224 BulUvaa at, in the tear. AKTBD-BY~A RK8PROTABLE YOu1^WOMA*7a situation, aa chambermaid and wstter. or to do chamber work and plain sewing. Has the best of elty refereuos. v-ac. be teen for two day ? at 12 Union court, oft linJve-slty place, between 11th and 12th ate. ANT*D-a 8ITUATI -N, BY A MlDl'LC A USD WO msn, as cook, in a gentl.meu's family. Tba beat of city references ean be given. Inquire at 41 Main ft, Brooklyn. Csa be seen for two days. AbTBD?BY AN hLiPBKLY PROfRSTAKr WO man, a ittuadon aa cook; sbe thoroughly understands her bnalnsae, and la an exoelleet biker: has no objection to go a shot tdtstanoe in the country. Can be seen for two dare. V 134 8th st, sear ?ih avenue, seeond tloor, flront room. ARTED-BY A MOST RsePRCTABLB, CAPABtB woman, a situation, as first class ayok; perfectly tmder surds h?r business In every way. Bert of city referents. SruVHrnV"-OBK 8 do"e,ao Ul ARTRD-A HITUaT OR, BY A BPANIfcH LAOY. A8 TV a erk or bookkeeper, in a ?erar. tat.ey, dry goods or grocery store; by one who rpeaka tbe French and """A lan gusge* fluently. ami translate either; sbe baa bees rTcaWosneil to bookkeeping. Best reterenora given aa regards revpeetaM efflcef faP*01''- Addreee, for two daya, Oamellta, Here d ARTRD-A SHUaIICR. BY a Y. U .<0 WOMAN AB . co???in_ * 'mA" private feast y Goid ally reference. Apply at 133 East 24th st., near 2d avenue. Can be aeea unul ARTkU-a* H*B OWN HOURB, A CHILD TO nurse, by a young heUBr woman who Ion; her own ''ft 1 ? '?*< Brooklyn. Reference ?Dr. Murphy '.'66 Myrt'e av. VLl AMRlS A hit V ATI ON BY A RMPRflTABLH YY jouif woman to do rhvanberwr rk and p'atn eewl g or ?o take eve of cbi men and pcw Has tbe most aatlafhotorr city as to hon?aly end cvpabtD'y. Can be sesn tor 'wo osya at 362 Id avenue, .et rvsr 23d at., fourth tloor, flront, room 16. Th/ARTkP-A HTTUATIOW. BY A RRRPRCTABLE Tf young girl, as cook, washer an* lroner; has no objection to so general loiiseworr Is a -wall l?-Mly. Baa good flttv 'aererce Can be eaen at 111 28th at , near 3d avenue, first floor, front room. WAHTKD?BY A RIUPgCT A BLB PROTK8T ART girl, a situation sa 000k nu<t to aaslst with tbe washing ana 1 coring In a respectable km-rtear, family. The best ot elty reform oe trom her present piece, 84 West 23d at. Cms be seen fcrtwo daya. t\ AbTirt?a sriUAiioR, by a r*8?rctXbdb wo TV man lo do pensral hou-e v..rk. for a smalt thmlty; eo ob jection 10 r> a short distance la tt e country. Apply at Us Bat st, between 1st and 2d avenues, to. twoday?rPP * "Za,t ?|fANTI>n-A Bl i UATIOfl, BY A ~8R41IT. TIDY J*. y?"n4man, aas good o:?tt, crok; she is an eieeUeat wa?bsr anc Irct er. snd first ra'e taker, a-ul Is wiling anal "I f'oo 10 "BUI 4 o'ciick, at 196 Madl'on at, flrat tltor, Irr nt room W A N1 F.U-BY A* AMERICA* PBofi;5f*HT~Wth mut. a sltuatt in, as ?-ei rurse with a frevh ""wvit of roll>. Boat oi citv Hi d o untry rct?ronoe given . tor two rtsvs hi l.t; hast330 st . letwten istsr.dMavetuas. Va aBTRD-A -8111'ATIf Pf, BY a RRBPRCrABMC V* young w man ?a rlamhern aid and seamstrsse <,|v wsl'er Apply st tir present pl.c, ?7 l.exlngon avsnne tear J.ult ts * H'Id ^c. ?'??