Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7205 MORNING EDITION?WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1856. PT?rrw Twn nw^rrcr APfBRTKEMEHTg RENEWED EYERY PAY. FOLinCAL! K' inokil DEMOCRATIC EXCELSIOR OLUB-"OP posed to the enemies of the demooratte party, end In Uror ot the nominees or the next DemocisUo lfeuonsl Coaven Hon." A meeting of this club wl 1 be held 'et their room, (Herd Shell Oenerel Committee room.) 60S Broadway, oppo ?tee Bond street, on Thursday evening next. Her 21, el 8 o'clock, to enrol members end trinsect gsoerel business. By order of JOHN B. HaBKIm, Ohelrmtn pre tern. *atha*i?l Jiavis Jr., Qtonoe O. Baks abd. } TOO LATE FOB. CLASSIFICATION. AO U)A 1MTKBBBT IN uwii or THB M08T>ALtr able Inventions of ths der, to be sold st es Im mense sacrifice. Reference given to eeguieers of the highest stendlng end respeo'eblllty, who ell sey that U surpesses eny xhlagta existence for making a speedy and immense (brtune. It will yield BOO per cent the first three months It require* m ly to be seen to be appreciated. Bone but respectsole per ties treeted with. Ho agents need epply. Addrsm. with reel nsme eud residence, 8. M., box 981 Post office. focn -TO MONEY LKNDKR8.-THI8 8CM 18 WAHT. sd for our business; mortgege of velueble leess, flit'ire* end slock, worth over hi 609, es security. Uood lute rest end e bonus will be pekL Addrets V. A It., Hersld offl te. l?A Q BROADWAY.?HIKE PARLORS AHD BHD llxO rooms, on second end third floors, handsomely fur rtikrd. may be had by families or gentlemen, with or without full or petttal board. Also, dsslreble rcoms for single geatle tnoa. House has e'l modern improvements, freoactent boarders eeoommodeted. t-no BROADWAY.-THB UNDKB8IOMBD HAS 8E?W DUO en article celled "Combination," which is merely en evasion of the original patent composition cushion. Bee Franklin Journal, 1832, page 40, vol. 9. The public ere liable ,to be misled by pretesslous of the us9 ot cork, whloh has bean thiown aside years ago. as it Is not darable Oembtneiton cushions, of superior quality, made te order; atoe ear new tie so ir* edged, forty cn?s per hour leathered by a new method. Tables and trimmings for saA. TT Bs 88FOBD. Jr., Excelsior Billiard Table Manufactory, 603 Broadway. ?Ul|l -WILL BUY A QOoD LOCATED PORTRR, q)uv/U. bouse, in Hasmu street, now doing agoodcaih lb urines*; will be sold for the above prior, as the owner has to go to bavnnnah. Call Immediately at 223 Bowery. H. POPE. CO GREAT JONES STREBT.?TO LET, TWO HAND . some rooms, on the second Hour, neatly furnished, with bath and all convenience! adjoining, suitable for one or two gentlemen, or a gent.emen and his wile, with board If deehed. for -A OH AN'S FOR A BUSINESS WITH A SHALL capital. For rale cheap, the whole apparatus for msLU'netur'ng rouge, Including lurnaoe, tuba, Ac. Rent of premise very low, and the busluera done entire y for oaah. For p?ri cu-a.-s, rpply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. fto UNFVBRtJITY PLACE.-TO LET. a H VNDBOMtCLY ZtLi luralrhed "utt of rooms, on the eeoond floor, tr a small private family, where there are no hoarders, to one or two al g'e gentlemen, wlih or wlinout partial board. The house ha? all the mod err. imp.ovemrnts. Alto etc ring's room. Re ference! exohargsd RKWARdT-LOJT, OH TUkSOAY, MaT 13, A ipu black and tan terrier dog; has a long head, cropped ears an 1 tan spots over the eyes and on each side of his face; bad on, when lo?t, a brass collar; answers to the name of Jack. Ibe above reward will be paid to the finder by returning him to C36 Broadway. fiC REWARD.-LOST, A BREASTPIN, MADE OF A dpO natural scerlmtn of California sold, either in a Broad way stage or grlrg from the corner of Broadway and Broome a'reet to ihe Masonic Tenple. Inquire at 439 Broadway. W. J. BARKER. AM. CRISTAL AR, AUCTIONEER, BALR8 ROOMS, . 23 Bowery.?A. H. C. will sell, this day, at 10K o'clock, at No. 702 Greenwich street, corner Amos street, the whole and tntlre stock of groorrtes contained in the above store, ocmprlslng everything thst ean be found in a first e ass gro cery store-prime butter, sugars, teas, coflees, pickles, flour, molasses, sweet oil. spices, lamp oil. cand es, rat una, oounters. s- a es. weights, barrels, shelving and store fixtures, casings, Ac , Ac.. together with burte aid wagon, and five years' letse or premises. . 1TEHTIOH.- MU8. BARKER REsPECTFOLLY AH it ncunces tu all her Mends that she otn be oonaalted about lavaults mariDges.buslnem. tbe color of the hair and ohnrac ter ol the husband, Ac., at 35}? Llepennrd street, rear. FURNISHED HOUHBFOR BALK.?A FIVE 8TORY n honre, fturlsbed In the best style, together a th a ssvau ysart'ream, will be sold on reasonable terms. TtofUrnlur* coet 8 6 900 but a short time ago. Inquire of JOcllf W. BURLKY, 181 Canal street. ~A NICRLY FURNISHED HOU8E TO I.BT-W ITH ?f.L A the mcdern Improvements, west of and convenient u> Broadway, below Ninth street. Rent 81C0 per mouth, i p Sv to B. ff. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Also room? on first nor, 67 Crosby street. Apply on the premises, or at 114 iVa vrrley place. A" HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FROHT ROOM, A YD one or two bedrooms attached, to let, to single gentlemen, in a private bouse, with all the modern Improvements: a par tv of thiee persons will find this a rare chance. Apply at 96 Prince street, a ftw dyors west of Brosdway. BOY WANTkD?WHO HAS BOMB KNOWLEDGE OF electre plating, to go a short dlstanoe In the country; a > e mareut sttuvtlou tor one who ean give good referenoe. Ap [li to H. F.Johns n.c inter yf Beach and Oreenwleh eta. ?^-osK, Of ambto^^rtoF^lj'dnguerreot.'P*^ Broad**'* ycuaiweverjcngu^ed^h#TJnbodBi^ttlon. lbe only 8*^ew 'or^ere perfectton. / lOUNTRT AIR.?A LADY INVALID, UEHIRfHO " ) home attention, a few miles in the country, where every care end convenience can be enjoyed, may address, wi'b particular*, Mrs Custcdia Caldwell, care ot A. 8warts, htq., Chatham square l'ostofflee, few York. OR BALE?A BAY FONY. FODRTE1H HANDS high, of beautiful itvleand action; can trot In three minutes; warranted sound and kind In all haroeaa; six years old. Apply wi the etablea cl B. RICE,404 Fourth street. AjlOR BALK?A HANDSOME PAIR OF 80RREL r hoteet. suitable tor a gentleman's carriage; a litt'e over It! bands high, ot luperlcr action, six and seven years old, warranted aourd anil kind In single or double harness. In qu re of BBRM08E A fiSAICH, JSO City Hall place. Grind apollinea. 73 blbrckeb btrcet, cor nerof Broadway.?Professor BARsCCO, owing to tin gt > v emwd attending his tash'onahle soclVs. and by partlcula rrquret. will give the same dur'ng tbe summer season ever' M'nday, Wednerdey aid Saturday evening, at 8>? o'olosk with fphor'e lull brass band Entrance 81. Important to all.-up6TT the rkoeipt oi I flftetn cents. Dr. 8. D. LARRluORk will send t any person tlree recipes, by which a good llve'lboyd may bi oHaired. Address, with relnrn postage, Dr. 8. D Larrtmore Broadway Pd*t office, New York. L~AN1 A PORTER WILL OFFER FOR BALE T8I8 morning, a isrg* aaaortment ol mantillas, at 86 60 and $6. f Alto, an e.rgant stoik of the better qualities, at eqnatly low prices 7'i Canal street. TiflT YR8TKKDAY, IN KAbT BROADWAY, A CHECK on the F.set Kb er Bank for ore hundred and forty nine do'lsrs, drawn by Daniel J. Mac arlane to the order of. and endorsed by, Mary Carlisle. Ibe Order will oe rewarded by Uavteg It at 127 las'. Broadway Ihe payment cf the deck has been stopped at the bank. AN TILL AH 96 I0" Mantilla* 86 60. Mimtl'aa 86. This morning, al LANE A PORTER'S, 72 Canal street. Em kBTAUEANT WAITERS WANIED-TWO LAD8, AC > customed to ths business: must be well reoommended Apply at the Weehlngton Restaurant, No. 1 Broadway, before 10 o'c cck. QINOLE MAN WANTBD-TO TAKE CHARGE OF A O farm, ga/drn and horse; alar a Art' rate wins*, who can work and do grneral hf una work fcr a small family ml'es from tbe letr; first class reforsn* required. Apply ta H. F. Johntou, tb8 Oreenwleh st. T~ HE CRANDALL PL ICR, I8LIP. L I.- GENTLEMEN ard their fanil lee, desirous of ffcurtng rcoms for the eum rmen, win please app'.r at the cfllne of Mr. E. A Johusoa. 30 B-ewdway. A B. BTKT.LRWWKRF. WANTED-BIX (MO 1 PAPEE HANGERS, IVMEDI ately, at J. W ; oste*' paper hanging and painting es tkbUfhrrcnt, 314 and 316 Hudson st ANTKD^TWfrTfidT TiTaBS SALOON WAITERS nnd ote :ey. Irqu're at 16 Bsekaaa at., before tea cFolrck A M. ANTED?SEVERAL OIRLB, TO FINISH PANT A loons alter sewing macblDaa; constant emp'oyment and good wages. Apply for on* week at 361 7th avenne, next door io S.'d et tATANTED?AN OYoTERM AN. WHO THOROUOHLY Fv ukderttands 'be o>ster cooking department In all Ita brarefces. None other need apnly. Apply at the Orapre Ho *1 17 Crosby ?t , alter 12 o'clock, M. ANTED-A COMPETENT DRKH8MAKKrT TO JOIN a milliner In bustnee, or to work by tbe week; most un derstand cutting *rd fitting perfectly. Also, an orphan girl of about twelve year*, who will be treated aaeneof the family. Apply at 492 fltb av., to Mre. Percey. ANTED-A BOY, ABOUT 14 YEARS OF AOB, FOR anoffioe. One who nam come weH rtoommended may apply at 180 and 182 Centre street, corner of Heeler, ta J. A rt.T(. Walker. VI' ANTED-A FIR9T RATE COOK; OOOD WAGER W will be given. Inquire al 660 nouMon et. near Breed way, ANTID-AT 1W DIVISION STREET, A WET NtJRHE for a baby ot three mouth* old; ova with e treeh breast of milk, and w he can remain ta 1*i boe're; good wages will be t vea. M ARRIVAL OP THE CANADA AT HALIFAX. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. Opposition in ParliUMii to tho New HaritUne Code. BRILLIANT PEACE FESTIVITIES IN ENGLAND. A General Pardon Granted to Political Offenders. Debate la the Belgian ChaWben en the Frecdea ef the Pre*. LOSS OF THE CLIPPER SHIP RACER. Console 9i 1-4 a 94 3-8. Advance in Breadstiffs?No Change in Cotton, ft?., Ac., *0. Halifax, Ma/ 20,1860. the royal mall steamship Canada, Captain Lang, from Liverpool on the afternoon of Saturday, May 10, arrived here at 8:30 this evening. The Canada sailed at 10 P. M. with a light southwest wind anl thick fog, tor Boston, where she will be due about 8 A. M. on Thursday. The steamship Washington arrived at Southampton on the moi riLug ol the 4th Inst, lhe steamship Cambria arrived at Liverpool a little I,;fore 1 A. M. on Thursday, the 8th, and the Colllni steamer Baltic arrived at 6 P. M. same day. The Fulton sailed from Southampton for New York on Wednesday, the 7th, with about 160 passengers and a" full cargo. The sorew steamer Canadian sailed irom Liverpool on the same day tor Quebec, with seventy passengers, a mall and laige cargo. Mr. Dallas, with his family, and Secretaries ol Legation, also assisted at the Queon's State ball and levee. May 20th is to be a holiday throughout Great Britain to celebrate the peace. < The clipper ship Racer had gone ashore on Arklow | Bank, and would probably prove a total wreck. All her paseergers and crew, amounting to over Ave hundred, were saved. The mate of the Racer reported to the Liverpool agent of the Associated Press, just before the departure of the Canada, that the ship was fast sinking in the sand, being then np to her spar deck. There was no ohanoe of sav ing the vessel, but divers might recover part of the cargo GREAT BRITAIN. PEACE ADDRESSES TO THE QUEEN?THANKS OF FAB L LAMENT TO THE ARMY AND NAVY?HONORS TO GEN. WILL'AMP, THE DEFENDER OF EARS?INQUI RY BL9FFCTING TBOOF8 ORDERED TO CANADA? MOTION IN PARLIAMENT DISAPPROVING OF THE NEW MARATIMB COPE, ETC. TteQ .ieen held a court at Buckingham Palace on Thurs day, the 7thinsfor tha purpose of reoelving the address es on tv>e peace train '.he House of Lords, the Hi use of C nua na, and the city of London. The deputai.ous csme in great state, and numbered nearly a hundred persons. The Queen briefly acknowledged the addresses, and ex pressed her satisfaction that peace was re established on a basis that affords security for its permanence. Both houses cf Parliament have recorded a vote of thanks to tho army and navy. Lord Panmure moved the resolution, and was secondad by Earl Derby in the Lords. In the Commons, Lord Palmerston made the motion and Mr. Disraeli seconded it. Loid Granville announoed that a pension of one thou sand pounds sterling, for life, would be settled on Gen. Williams, who is also created a baronet, by the title of Sir Wm. F. Williams, of Kars. Lord FJgin postponed his motion of Inquiry respecting the troops ordered to North America until after the bolt days. Lord Colchester gave notioe of a motion requiring Par liament to express its disapproval of the policy of aban doning the maritime rights so long held, as the Congress of Paris bad pledged Great Britain to do. To celebrate the peace the Queen has granted amnesty to all political cfiendtrs, consequently Smith O'Brien, Frost, Jones, and others may return home. Special ex ception, however, is made against these who escaped to the United S'ates. Lord Wodehetue, Uuder Secretary for Foreign Affairs, is appointed Envoy Extraordinary to St. Petersburg. The appointment is generally applauded. The Lord Mayor of London had given the onstomary banquet to the Ministry. The whole tone of the speeches on the occasion was congratulatory respecting the peace. Count Persigsy, the French Ambassador, said nothing oould sever the alliance of France and England. Lord Palmerston replied, reeiproeating the sen timent and complimenting the Ministers piecent of Sardi nia andTurkey. Lord Clarendon then spoke, glorifying the peace, and compliment'ng Russia. The usual toasts fol lowed, and the company separated early. The American Minister was not present, being engaged at the annual dinner of the Literary Fund, where he made a speech. The Crimean Board of Engineers continue its sessions, but they have lost all their Interest, Colonel Tullooh being sick. A regiment of German Jsgers at Plymouth had muli oied. The riigleadere were attested. They complained that the drill was too severe, and that they only anbsted till the end of the war. The five regiments in the Crimea under orders for Canada are the 7th, 9th, 39th, 62d and 63d Infantry, under the command of General Eyre. PRANCE. A Mil was introduced into the Legislature granting Our hundred thousand francs for the baptism of the Imperial Prince In June. The McmUeur publishes the monthly account of the Bank cf France, and the balance was satisfactory. A eon of the King of Sweden, the King of Wurtemburg, and Maximllhan, brother of the Emperor of Austria, are visiting Ix>uls Napoleon. Count Edgar Ney Is to be the bearer of Napoleon's 1st ttr in reply to the Czar's notifioatlcn of his accession to the throne of Russia. C^untMorney has been appointed Minister to St. Pe tersburg, and Count Orloff has taken for him the Weron zoff Palace on a three years' lease. Speculation on the Pari* Bourse had reached a great belghtb, and FngUsh commercial papers were warning Diiiisb capitalists against it. The weather in France tor several days previous to the sailing of lhe steamer bad been very severe. BELGIUM. The Senate was convoceted for Wednesday, the 14th lust. Count Walewskl's demand to muzzle the press of Belgium caused intense excitemont. A d? spateh from Brussels says:? lu tho Chambers on Wednesday, the Foreign M nInter, to answering an Interrogatory in regard to the recent speech of Count Walewskl on the press of Begtum, re plied that that speech bad not been officially communi c?t> d to the government. When that communication should he made the answer would be ready, and would be c mmunieated to all the governments, and would flimly maintain the tights of a constitutional and inde* pendent country. It was asked further whether any Power had askad for any modification of tha laws relating to the presi in Bel* glum. The Minister said he would answer in one word never. The meeting broke up amidst immepae cheering and enthusiasm. ITALY. It is staled that a collective note of the Powers that signed the treaty of peace is about ready to be forwgpded to the governments of Rome and Naples, recommending the reforms by Italian people. It is also said that the Pope's legatee at Paris has formally protested against Count Walewskl's 'anguage In the Congress, and that tha Papal government Is preparing a detailed reply thereto. It Is still further rumored that Naples will anticipate the Powers' remonstrance by granrlng an amnesty ou an ex tensive sea e. SARDINIA. Questions relative to the Coafeieneei have been put to Count Cavonr in the Sardinian Chambers. He replied that penfirg tb" nfgrUa'Ions c-jreralng Italy he eould net speak ral'y. With rsapee'. to the treaty of peee. he believed it would curare great moral and material ad vantage*. The Sardinian vtew of the Na'lan question vaa adopted, whilat that of Austria waa rejected. Henoe the question of Italy i* and must continue to be a Euro peanmatter. He added that the relations of Austria and Piedmont are not ameliorated by anything that haa ooaorred, and that the Sardinian government may rely on the people to meet every emergeney. A diapateh from Turin eeya the memorandum pceeent ed by Count do Cavour and the Marqula de WUllnmnrlne te the Chamber*, shown that Auetria having at the Con fereuoe refuse 1 to dtaouaa the oondltion of Ithly, Sardinia 1* the only State which offer* a barrier to revolution, and demands the oo-ep*ration ot Bogland and Franoa in car rying out reforms. It ahow* that the Auatrian occupa tion is oppoeed to the interests of Italy and Europe, and contrary to the treaty, to humanity and juatioe. Final ly, the memorandum ealla on England and France to unite with Sardinia in the application of an effloacioua remedy. Naplee permits tha export of breadatuffa until Jane 16, at half the previous export duty, namely, at five earhni. Breed etuis moderate. SPAIN. Arreata of a us pec ted persons continued at Bersslnne The conscription had passed off quietly throughout the HOLLAND. A treaty of commerce and navigation, baaed on princi ples of reciprocity, has been oonclnded between Auetria and Holland. DENMARK. The Hanse towns hava re used to adhere to the capitali sation forced by Denmark on the question of the duo*. Considerable excitement waa oaurad by an announoament that our American Heat eras on tha way to Copenhagen. AUSTRIA. The Synod of Austrian Bishops held at Vienna is about adjourning, without having accomplished its objects. THE CRIMEA. The correspondence from the Crimea is up to April 26. It merely records the preparations for the departure, with the drilling and the furnishing of the men with clothes, to make a good appearance on their return. Two regiments of English cavalry have already embarked at Scutari for homo. TURKEY. DistuTbanoee continued in Turkish Asiatio territory, and there had been some exoesses near Sumatra. There was nothing additional aa to the trouble* at Nasreth. THE VERY LATEST. Liverpool, Saturday?1 P. M. Tbo new British loan haa boon announoed. It is to be for five million pounds starling, and the bidding entirely in consols. Parliament haa adjourned until the 19th of May. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. LONDON MONET MARKET. Messrs. Bering, Brothers & Co. report tha money mar. ket wit: t change. Cornels closed at 92a 92J? for money, "d 92* a 92* for account. The bullion In the Hani England has increased ?83,760. AMERICAN SECURITIES. Messrs. Ball h Co. report American stocks unchanged' with a moderate business doing. Baring Brothers aay the business was limited at former rates. The following are Messrs. Bells' quotations:? U. S. Sixes, (bonds and stocks) 105 a 106 Pennsylvania Fives 80 a 82 Maryland Fives 55^* Massachusetts Fives...?? 22 * 22 Illinois Central JJ ? ?? Illinois 84)<a 8&K N. Y. Central Savon a 94 N. Y. Central Sixes 7? ? 80 Erie First Mortgage 100 a ? Erie Third Mortgage 84 a 86 Erie Convertibles 70?? 8JM Erie Fund the LAiserr. London, May 9?Evening. The minimum bank rate of interest Is 6 per cent. The arrivals of specie during the week foot up ?160,000, and the exports ?100,000. Bar silver quoted at 6s. lj?'d.; dollars, 6s. 0}{d.; eagles, 76s. 2Rd. LIVERFOOL COTTON MARKET. The Broken' Circular reports prloes rather easier, but not qnotably lower, atd the demand moderate. The sales for the week amounted to 46,500 ba'es, of which speculators took 12,750 and exporters 4,700. The sales on Friday were about 6,000 bales, the market oloeing steady at the following quotations, which are official priC#6:_ Jbir. Middling. New Orleans 7 5.?,'*? Mobile 6? Uplands 6>? Ordinary to good, 6}?c. a 6^c.; inferior, 4^0. a 5)?e. Some circulars quote Mobile middling at 6>fe. a 6%e., and Uplands middling at 6>^e. The stock In port was es timated at 532,000 bales, of which 380,000 were Ameri can. LIVERPOOL BREAD8TCFF8 MARKET. The Brokers' Circular reports an advance of 11 a 2d. per bushel la wheat, but the quotations are so various that prices were quite unsettled White, aooordlng to the above authority, was at 9s. Od. a Us. 8d., and red, 8s. 9d. a 10s. 3d. Flour had advanoed 6d. a Is. per bbl. A fair business was transacted, but buyers were generally holding back for lower prloes. Western Canal is quoted 32s. a 34s. 6d.; Philadelphia, Baltimore and Ohio, 3fs. 6d. a 37s. Cd.; Canadian, 36s a 37s.; swftg 30s. a 32s. Corn advanced 6d. White scaroe, aod in moderately active demand tor export. Southern white Is quote at 30s., prime Northern, 31s.; yellow and mixed in limited demand at 29s. a 29a. 6d. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET. k Measts. Richardson, Spenoe & Co. report largo transac tions in beef, but at lo eer prices. Quotations were kept quiet, but the market was firm at the close. Pork, firm and wanted. Sales of Western at 87s. 6d. lard?Firm, at 64s. for leaning, and 66s. for extraeulinary. Bacon? In active speculative demand; sales at auciion at 64s. 6d. a 66s. Some new arrivals were reported. Cheese, at auction, sold at a decline of 2s. par out. Tallow s.oady; North American at 48*. a 48s. 6o. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET. [From the Brokers' Circular ] Common rosin?Prloes weak and transactions smell; sales at 4s. 9d. a 4s. 7d., closing at 4s. 6d. Floe rosin, 8s. Crude turpentine,nothing doing. Spirits of turpen l.ine dull, with a declining tendency; sales st 32s. 6d. a 33s. American tar?Sales of 2,000 barrels, at 18s. a 13s. 64. Ofis Linseed unchanged; business moderate; no thing doing in sperm. Dyewoods uncharged; In modu late demand. Sugar active, at an ndvanos of 6d.: Cuba, duty paid, sold at 42s. 6d. a 46s. Coffee firm. Kloe un cbange, and in moderate request. Ashes Arm, with an upward tendanoy; pots quoted at 38s.; pearl 40a LONDON MARKETS. Messrs. Baijfg Brothers report the market tor Iron dull; rails affiled at ?8 7*. 8d.; oars, ?8 2s. 6d. a ?8 6s.; Scotch pig, 76s. Breadstuff* unchanged, and the demand moderate? Flour. 33s. a 37s.; white wheat, 68s. a 72s.; red, 04s. a 68s. Sugar had fluctuated, but closed at an advance of 8d. Coffee quiet. Crude turpentine seld at Ps. Spirits dull, at 82a. a 81s. 6d. Rise dulL Lard un changed, quoted at 66s. a 68s. Tallow 6rm at 46s. HAVRB MARKETS. The salee of cotton for the week ending 6th May In clusive amounted to 3,300 bales. Market dull, but quo tations unchanged. New Orleans tree ordinaire, 95..; Mobile, 93f.; uplands, 9.5*f. STATE OF TRARE IN MANCHESTER. The Manebester marked waa without any material change, and the business waa to a moderate exteat. THE LATEST MARKETS. Liverpool, May 10?1 P. M. Cotton unebanged; but the market eloaed Arm and the tendency spwsid. The sales of the day will be 8,000 or 10,000 bales. Breedstiiffs Arm, but transactions moder ate. White Indian corn wanted at 30s. rrovislotie Arm at Friday's quotations. PatMntMS by the Canada. Mr Hooper and lady, fire Anbury and attendant. Mr Mo TV) netl and lady, Mr Desllater and lady, Mfaa Forsyth. Mnstar for syth. Mrs Forsjth, Mrs Blrt and child, Mr 8tnrgia and lady, Mr Whitehead and lady, Mr and Mrs McOurdy, Mr and Mrs Strickland, Mr and Mca Todd, Mr Kellard and two children. Mr and Mrs Replay, Mrs and Mr* Brown, Ml" Brown. Mr?nd Mrs Haama, Mir* H Drown, Mr and Mr* W Ind. Miss Mill*, Mr atd Mn Walton and two ohildren, Messrs Bhaw, Douglas, t'ortman. Bulla, AnPelrman, ffulbord, Arklav, PftlsDury, Kvats. Vanghan,Sinclair, Jensen, castondlcke, Duckett. Visa, Par*, Lawrent, PeUaquire, Elves, Wei?*, Rosa, Tocke, B'llson, Morrison, Lagenteir, Weeks, Barker, Thompson, Marsh, Ja oobs, Falcon, Sherwood, Davis, Rorerww, Po.crx'V Aaob, Oirmdy, Haywood, Plokferd, Walker, Young, Watson, Hngkes, Cluck, Peorbldy. Ahlpplng Intelligence. A rr from RYork May 3, Republic, at Bremen: Rate hard. 4'h, Dmtchlaad, at Hamburg; 7th, Kirelsinr, K U Reran'on, Bticymon, (aHghtly damaged ny a collision) at Llverpo >1: Alice Ti riton, at Antwerp; Feb 17th, Artel, at Hong Kong; May 8, Oiddtaca, tor Bamhu-g, i.i Falkalone. Arr Iron* Fhfladelaua May .3, It ham, at Hamburg; Tanar ro, at Belvoet. Air from Baldaaore 4lh, Jullna, off Rrrmsn; 8ih, Avoodale, at Liverpool. A it from Vlksrl*stor 28th, V R Inskln al Stockholm. At*fif,.0 RCrtWtM, Boith Carolina, at Trieste; C Ber sard^ off Dover; Mb, Martha Ltvtnfston pawed Dnngenns? ?M tor SVert Mb, Rudolph; Mh, Tueco, from B remaohar*a; bU.Ocile. Bm Oaxhaven; izry KtmbelLfromr ? DeWRt ato&liw^btoo^tr?r?Ml; 7th, PilkTlm. from Oocnetla, trom Liverpool: Maimopa, from Glasgow; Sea Flower, hw* . *~r ORy FataTpib^CW^Hand^from Cardiff; 8th, Mee, r Orleana 8th, 1 stria from Liverpool. . aaeher ofl I>eaU, Amerlraa ships Hurricane mm "tKW remains on Ark low Baak. . , The Aaertoan ship 8 T Hen-tag, with 6 000 bales of cotton, to totegmSed as totally wrerkediu Leasoo. OapT WlBtoma on A his second oflcer, Mr Hewrlos ot the rntp American Congress, are to hare an nokno w segment from the BrittoA government tor rescuing-flve persons from the wreck ol he British ship Boomer log. Acadrmy or Mesne.?Verdi's grand tragte opera o. "Lnlsa Miller" will be produced to night, Madame Iaj grange and Madame D'Ormy anatainlng the principal to( male parte. The dramatis Interest of Cammaraao's 11 bretto, and the rigorous and efleetive character of the mute of this piece, coutitnte features of attraetion whieh ought to render it popular hare. With the grow ing taste whieh is manifested for Verdi's compositions, we

know not how it u that " Lnlsa Miller" has not been made a more prominent feature la the repertoire of the iinugpa "* Properly sustained, as it will he to-night, IB might he made one of the moot profitable cards in it* hands. Harney Williams' new buries ijme at the Broadway the tre is plentifully sploed with sharp hit# at Nicaragua, Crampton and other town topics. They are hugely re lished by the audlenoe. United States Circuit Coast. Before Hon. Judge Betts. Mat 20.?The Owe of the Filitouttrt ?The ease of Dept. Lyster, Fernsworth and Hall, charged with aiding In a filibustering eipedition to Nicaragua, was again called en. The defendants were reedy for trial, but the United Stales District Attorney wished the cam postponed, and it was accordingly laid oyer. It is generally understood that the defendants will not be tiled. ... Fkntknceb.?John Woods, convirtrd of an assault with a dangerous weapon on the mete of the Assyria, was sentenced to three years' imprisonment, with hard labor. John Sense, Portuguese, who was somewhat implicated In the same affair, was sentenced to hard labor for tO days, and a fine of six cents, and to be afterwards delivered to the Portuguese Consul, to be sent out of the United States. City PoUt^f. YOUNG MRN's SOFT SHELL OOHBITTM. The young soft shells were out in full force last night, at Tammany Hall, Sol. B. Ncble in the chair, and Ed. Timpson acting as secretary. The following namel gen tlemen were appointed to proceed to Cincinnati, as dele gates, to do what they oould for the democratic cause :? Jacob L. Smith, Flrat ward; R. 0. Montgomery, Secmd ward; Joseph Harrison, Third ward; JohnBaulch, Fourth ward H. Da Fream, Fifth ward; W. H. Robblns, Sixth ward; BenJ. Wlnne, Seventh ward; Jaa. Armstrong, rigtatL ward; Wo. Spauldlng, Ninth ward; S. C. Dou glass. Tenth ward; Geo. White, Eleventh ward: J. Mc Aithur, Jr., Twelfth ward; F. F. Miller, Thlrtoento ward; P. McDernfott, Fourteenth ward; M. Campbell, Fifteenth werd; John Geffrey, Slxeenth werd; Jno. Dlemond. Se venteenth ward; John Ven Pelt, Eighteenth ward- Thoe. Peareoy, Nineteenth werd; J. J. Mooney, Twentieth werd; H. P. Cerr, Twenty first werd; Edw. Timpson, Twenty seoond ward. The chairman of the oommlttee (S. B. Noble,) wes then eleoted delegate at targe. Mr. Djoglas Taylor, Chairman of the Committee on Organization, re ported the delegations from eaeh ward complete, with tfie exception of the First, Seoond, Fifth Seventh end Twelfth ward*. Committee on Bye Lews reported in AtU. The announced the standing committees for the ensuing year, of which the following named gentlemen were ap pointed chairmen:?H. P. Cerr, Chairman of Committee on Addreaa and Beaolntions; Henry C. Hope, Chairman Committee on Ejections; Stephen H. Feeka.Finanoe Com mittee; H. S. Lincoln, Chairman Corresponding Commit tee ; and Douglas Taylor, Printing Committee. The oommlttee then adjourned, to meet the first Toes day after the Cincinnati Convention. City Intelligence. The Cape de Verde Islands Relief Committee.-?'This oommlttee were to have met at the Corn Exchange yester day, hut as a majority of the did net appear no basiceas was transacted. We understand that those mer chants who were appealed to responded most liberally, and if a targe sum is not raised it is because personal ap plications have not been made to them. From the best light the portion of the committee had who met, it ap pears there 1s about $6,800 subscribed, about one-third of which is in the form of gmln, flour end other provi sions. This sum will doubtless be swelled to $8,000 be fore the end of the week. A letter has been resolved from Alexandria, Vs., promlsiig five hundred bushels of grain from a mercantile house there. It is to he trans ? mitt ad Immediately to Theodore Perry. Secretary of the Corn Exchange, who will receive all simitar cons'gnments from any part of the coun'ry. and the freight will be | paid therefor. The grain will be sent unground, as there are plenty of taclliUes in the De Verde islands for grinding it. The oommlttee have reoelved a number of anony mous inscriptions, one of $100 from a "Poor Man," be sides a number ot $10, $6 and $2. The first vessel laden with provisions will be despatched during the first week in June. Chibch for the Deaf Mites.?A number of our olt'z'M are zealously aiding the Rer. T. Galtandet in his efforts to establish a church fcr the deaf mutes, end a grand concert will he given at the Academy of Music to-morrow evening, 22d Inst, to increase the fond. Were it bat a measure of municipal economy, all educational views lor the deaf and blind should be liberally forwarded; hut in this particular Instance the claim on benevolence Is ot the strongest possible kind. The blind oan enjoy the benefits of divine worship at any church, bnt the deaf can reeeive them enly through the "sign language." And what fomi'y Is there into which some immortal sonl may not be born to need the instructions of the chnroh which this concert is intended to aldf M'lle Eliza Valen tin!, to whom belongs the credit or originating the son cert, will be agisted by two of her pupils, Mrs. Sheebau and Madame De Lussan, who are said to have voices of remaikably fine power. Mies H. Fanning Read, the lady who has so etien delighted New York audiences with her renderings of Shakepere, will recite the last scene from the "Meaea,'- a tragedy, of which she Is the authoress. Moris. Halma, a violinist of note, and Max Mareizek, aa conductor of tha orchestra, will add greatly to the sue cess of this occasion. Eiection op Officers of the Mercantile Library As sociation.?The lecture room attached to Clinton Hall was the scene of no little riot and confusion last night, among the junior members of the Mercantile Library Association. The eleotlon for officer* was held daring the day, and the members repaired in the evening te the lecture room to hear the result announced. As the counting of the ballot* took nearly two hours, the inter val was occupied by the representatives of Young Ame rica who weie pteeent, in shouting, screaming, roaring, ard making all kinds of hideens noises. Tin pans were introduced, penny whistles brought into ptar, with vio lent stamping by way of variety. At length the cuahiona were taken from the seats anu hurled about the room in every direction, putting out the lights and raising a cloud ol deal. The cushions were taken from the armchairs in a neighboring room, and for a time were kept flying about i be air in a moat aatontohng manner. At length the light* wete pat out. and the young gentlemen were compelled to reilre. There waa no fighting or hard words used?*11 were in a good humor, though the fun waa of a very rough character. For officers there were about 660 votes tbiown. The following named gentlemen were an no d net d,aa being the officers elect for the ensuing year? tb# deposition polling bat few vo es:? President?John Crerar. Vice J'resident?Rowland H. Timpson. Corretzonding Secretary? Floyd Ciarkson. i Recording Secretary?Joseph F. Hanford. 7VroiMtvr?William Henderson. Director/?Win. H. Wiokbam, Alex. 1\ Flake, I. L. S. C1 caiman, James H. Holiister, Alfred Lockwood, Charles T. Alee, Philip B. Bowne. Fire in a Printing Ink Factory?Between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock, on Monday afternoon, a fire took place in the pilnting Irk manufactory of Mr. Jcbn J f/ghtbedy, situated In Sixty-first street, between the Flret and Second avenues. The fire Is said to have been caused by the bursting of a flue. Damage estimated at about $300; the loss covered by Insurance in two of the city Insuranee companies. Missing?Catherine Pembroke left her home, 107 West Thirteenth street, on Frldey, 16th Inst., at 10 o'clock A. M. She was seen in Hudson street at 3 o'clock in the af ternoon of the same day. She was dressed In a calico dress, with short sleeves, and wore a hood. Any Infor mation respecting her will he thankfully received by her mother, at the above place. The Brick Church.?The task of disinterring the bones from the graveyard of this church commenced yeater day. The stabs were first removed from the corner of i Nassau and Beekman streets, when the workmen pro ceeded to build a trench, eight fleet wide and six deep. It waa found impossible to distinguish even one toll formed skeleton, as tne Integuments holding the bones together bad rotted and the bones themselves bad became dUin tr grated. The few remains were thrown in a box, and will be deposited in one of the city cemeteries. The fence around the yard has been up but one day, and It is al ready covered with placards. TO TT1K EDITOR OF Till HERALD. New York, May 21, 185?v. In yonr morning paper of yesterday, under the head of ' '01 ty Intelligence,"' you say that a passenger died from the effeete of smallpox, and was burled at sea, (rom the snip Webster. Now, I hew leave to say that such was not the case. The only death during the passage took place vh* day previous to the ship's arrival, whloh waa an infant, six months ef age, and not of smallpox, bnt from in flammation of the chest. JOSEPH J. LAWRENCE, Commander of Hhlp Webster, Th? Tirfi WHOlf OOUBBKf L. I--*?TROTTING* firt^i "*leb for W00> ml* ***,*? ttaWi. " ' n h*ra#e"' *" annonnoed to ootneoff yeatercla.T af ternoon, between blk. g. Know Nothing nod b. g. Chicnwo Jack. Toe own or of Know Nothing forfeK on tb* match, oa account of the lameness of hie hone, bat af terward* trotted him for a puree, the proceeds of the t?k> wW?b wan offered bp the proprietors. All bete were drawn on the match, and new one* made on the puree taoe, two te one being ataked bp the financiers on Chicago Jack. The trot was mile heats, Knew Nothing | winning the race in fine style, matin* capital time for a lame horte. The following ie a summary :? ?hlST&jE 2^S!tU,f "*tCh mile beeta, beat ft Pflfor named b. g. Chicago Jack Reoeieed forfoit. b,k' ?? Know Nothk*.-Paid forfeit, sans Day?Trotting puree, miie heats, In harness. n 5?V*"*hJln ent,rwJ blk. g. Know Nothing 1 1 D. Pilfer entered b. a. Chicago Jack 7^ 2 2 Time, 2:$T?2:32. CENTRKVJtLB CMTBSR, L. I.?TI10TTIN0-. A trotting match also came off jeetcrdap afternoon at the Oentrerille Course, between two horses belonging to New Jersey, for $?,ce<t aaide, mile heats, beat three In Ave, la harness. Fire heats were cloeelp oontested before ? declsien was arrived at. Hiram Woodruff drove one of I the horses, and Jamee Whalplep the other. Hiram's I horse won. The following Is 0 nummary : bJu^.^t2H2fmfttch ,2'000- h9*"> ^'.raStW,0<i<Jr,lff Mm8d ot>eenut stallion.. 12 2 11 Wheljpley named grey gelding 2 1 1 2 2 lime, 2:47 2 *7 X?2:46?2:4?>^_2 Breaking Ground on the Harltan and Dela ware Bay Railroad. Our readers will remember that bp some uaezplaiuable means, winter before last, a charter for a road that In noma degree would rival the Cemdem and Amboy Una was granted bp the legislature of New Jersey. No one could understand what motive Induced that bodp to do any tbing so apparentlp contrary to the wishes of their pet institution; but so it was. The charter was granted for a railroad from the Raritan Bap to De1 aware Bay run ning nearly lengthwise of the State, and oapalta of accnnection with the Camden and Aksecum Koa-1 for Philadelphia. The ultimate object of the charter wis to CniM|V,? Norfolk, Virginia, and the Southern cities. During iho ysar which has elapsed, Ihere has been some controversy as to the termlnWu'pon RarttwBty It iwulf"* ,u w !rcekH 8in0B 11 was decided to locate Sf hi PortmM ' * llV" from Sandy Hook, the site of the Port Monmouth House, Duilt a year or two ago Aoooidlagly, yesterday the ceremony of breaking ground .?r0p0Be,li *5? to?k,P,a06 with considerabio parade. ?'?emerEsgle carried down a bodp of our citi DSw?tb'ielifl),r?S!i!di,,the V** woo?P*uIed bp i Some four M five thousand of the East were ambled, and a general interest was H,f2ZTi.a pJ?^Ahour *nd ? balPs rl.le they landed at d*d M<1 tfMohed in fine, prece tite y arrived ?' ?*8 ground where tne railroad was to commence. W ?l' 3?TJ'** b8baIf ?f thB Pr*eldcnt of the road made ulw?. i,rWBa*. ' ,kBn lBt*oduced the Rev. Mr. Roberts, who made an appropriate prayer. whiUFE?,*1?1? WM lhen 10 break ths ground TJb* present were then appealed to, whon Misses qmuStpn<5 dw7 responded and threw Into the barrow a tb?nfLlh# **e,cJMB} * dinner given bp the directors of tne new company to tbour guests was served at the Port were miiii K atnwhJch *ft?r-dlnner responses Of the importance of this line of railway, when flnlsh t?'JA*? 00 dcubt- Bf 11 th? communication be B.lvad?tbU cttf would be reduced one half, and that with New Orleans nearly one-third- it befog estimated that transit to New Orleans can be effect mii? ?*?? ^B- lt- wfll also?running within a few "Y",?f V". (ile~7 * mo8t important fa olll 'y to the ? f.P 5 iuterest, in permitting the furnishing of relief noaaVw?1 *T#Meitj Yi 1#Bgth of time now almost im poioible. Ab i third matter of importano*, it m&v be waS.??w V" tun wiU 8lTW> c?r citizens to the watering places of the eastern shore of New Jersey? ,, Tb*/'?0*t **?gulnc expectations seem to be entertained. iJfh P?rtlon of the road will be pro ^ 7' Md thtt no oonsiderable nuadrance will be met in running through the entire ch*r!ffBb?VBbeenaIre*dy passed bp the States of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, for the connections; and we do not doubt that through it the great chain of communication between the North and T be eventually made far more enduring. BvJ?? ^rmfous, Port Monmouth, has been ,b/ tbe *B?B pi the past winter, to bo the only J MfB a?a,n8t " bp ice; a "? Bn?bled to run from that point without difficulty, when even Aciboy was obstructed. The work on the western portion of the route Is aireadv being progressed with, the labor beginning on that day. Coroners' Lnquests. Thr Lit i Fatal Accident iw Thompson Snarr The Inquest upon the bedy of the boy, Gustave Lang, who was suffocated by fallirg into the sink in the rear of tv CoroMr"!^!-" ?V ?" <5ay" I??- w*? conoluded i-yt/oroner Cgmble vesterday morning. The jury, in this case, took occasfon to censure the landlord of the premises, Mr. Lodswiok, for allowing the privy to be in !"5ban ,n,W* ^te.aswiU be e'en from th. following verdlot.?? reatn bv inhaling sulphurated hydrogen gee and ammonia, while in the back house of house No. 98 Thompson street, on the 16th of Mey, 1856. Farther we ensure the owners and agents of said property for aUowlng it to remain in such an unsafoand dargernus to?e''0n *" UBBi nP?n minute examination, proved Suicide by Ha.nuinc?Ccroner HUls held an inquest at Ward's Island, upon the body of e man named Henry Br/\wL? B??m,"Bd cuicide by hanging himself In the f?l^8| ?P a to worKhonse on the above men tioned Island. The deceaesd, It appeared, had for a long tune past been a pauper on the Island, and was of lato quite low spirited. He was onee very well off, and was *ome valuable real estate in the oity of Dublin, Ireland, but became onlte poor on coming to this country, and waa deeply affected at hii poverty. Hie Jury in this case rendered a verdict of "duloiac by the^of freland!*0*18"^ M 7?*" ?f a?8' "d a ^ Found Dbowned.?Yesterday, an unknown man was found drowned in a pond of water, situated at the coraer wenne and HInely. eighth street. The de ceased, it appears, had been in the water about three months, was five feet eight inches in height, about thirtv flve years of age; bad black hair but red whiskers. The dictated, irrm external appearance#, was a laborer or mechanic. Verdict, "Death from unknown causes, sup posed to be drowning." v An unknown man, about thirty. Bve years of age, was found drowned, yeeterday afternoon, at the Hamilton avenue ferry site. Coroner Hills held an inqneet upon the bedy of the deoeased, when a verdict of "Death from I .I003* e?n(M "uknown to the jury" was rendered. The b8e" tbe water about three months, ps body was much decomposed; all the flesh about the ?b! a* ? ain>B hM hT? WMhBd off. ?"> * description of the ftaturee could not be given by the Coroner. Prreottal Intelligence. Cesiins M. Clay, in response to a request from the oitf zens of that plece wfll speaa in Alexandria, Ky., on 8? turday, the 24th Inst., npon "the politioal questions which are now egitating the public mind." >?!gg8r Worshippers State Convention, on the 28th inst., will oe addressed by Hon. Henry Wilson of Meseachusetts, and Gen. Jamea W. Nye, of New York who have positively agreed to be present. ' Yeeterday evening, says the Philadelphia rmtuylra nian of the 201b instant, an inters*ting meeting occurred at ihn Merchants' Hotel ,n this oity, between John Bigler, fx-Govenor of Uailfornia, and hie younger bro ther, ox Governor Wm. Bigler, of our own State after a separation of ten years. The 12th of Jone beiDg the eeml-oentennial annirsrur. of the foundation ol the Nashville Dnlverrity Ml ow has been selected by the Literary SocleUee of the institution to deliver an oration appropriate to the -- sion, and bas accepted the Invitation. AHRIVALN. At the El. Denis Hotel?Mra. Kmlly Gasen' and fmnti* Or ?ani; Mra Brook, New York; A. T pJrkC. nISs.' iS I AJ ,bf8 Dion Bonrciceult, wife and ierrant Knm land ; J. Appleton, Maine; O. F hhennar-t S* OrwelL psland; John French, Maaw^iw- ^ li' Cempbel), loglaad; Mies Perrter IrsiiJr'. servant, Albanv^J.MHner, England; Mr atdTfrv tSTS riala: 1 A. Mrbredy, wlfi and dMrtUr NewTL^Snk- w Ki2dWaU.M"r' t5bteRt?: ^ rStflt & ionA;' nor Don Antonio Hari. Tamarii; Venof^ Mexico: Er. John 0. Merrelh R' ^frDr Bloro? bSSS Major ie wis Clark, 8C Leuls; i. K. Teff. From Favarath, In tteemafeip A'ahtma?D O F Hard**, v Howard,Mr Browa. II Harrfe, H Umtertand^Nr^klZ nliter, alatar and eon: J K Ell.. <1 ie nJL_ ?*?L1""'?" nennam, m rteisiiap, w naekeu. R O t.'rooherin Mia. n * Lfc Toureite. Mrs 1 B Honrmsn, fe Dfiord, Rev Mr S3r if? T'olmee Mies Mary Fmlib, MintA M Heeafchi Mrs ? yriivf , K Tefit, Mr? Tefft; 0 A I.tone, Isdy and child; Miss F rJIl eon; Mrs Hnnliaiton, Itfant and toi-: John Parkhnrot Biros, Mr* Pimpaon, lir Werkg and ladv, N A Hardee'Mm Hardee, Mt.a If A Pardee, Mia? M I Hardee J M Rev WM Imvlbe. Mira Hmy the, Mra Wakxrt Mr Ka. Galloway, W A Dieklnaon, R1 Collins, and 45 la ike eUwae? From I-r?don. In aklp Amazon G R 0 led den ladv hi ? Mrs I aureooe and family H Griffin an4 ladv K ro^i??^5' D GuareC. J fml'ti and 'ad v ' * wl??*JOd. THE PRESIDENCY. THE CINCINNATI CONVENTION# Arrangement# ?f the OmmcimT fcr the ??? rood of June?Prewtdentlnl Caleol#tt#1 Speech of the Virginia Delegate, <M>, At. OUR W ABH1N9TON COHRBWOW DRUPE. WawuNtiTOK, May V, 186* J he Chances of the. Three TalkeA of Candidate?, an Oonet drred in Washington. Theme who imagine the! a telaci ion wH> not be mil at Cincinnati from the three Northern candidate# name* are prowlxentiy mentioned?Plerte, Baa and Douglas? are either not au fait with the (acta, or they ham not considered the subject carefully. A her aote and a moment's reflection will demonstrate that at the approaching Contention there eaa he no- recurrence at the scenes enacted at Baltimore tour year* age. In the flret place we assume It a# a position which tan not be controverted, that although Mr Mere* will obtain a complimentary vote from the South, and Judge Don### 1?really the ohoioe of a large majority of the Southern delegates, yet that Mr. Buchanan would also be accept able to them. The South, no matter what their indi vidual preferences, are so little wedded to them at this time, that they nlll accept either of the gentlemen named, Ww hold that whenever a sufficient number #C Northern votes can be obtained by any one of these can didates, the houth will in a body go for that man. Bar Instance, Governor Howell Cobb, of Georgia, la strongly for Mr. Buchanan as his first choice, bat he do#r not hesitate to awow that Judge Douglas would b# acceptab.e to bis State. Prominent men In Virginia have made the same remark. South Carolina ooeupl## the same ground as between Fierce and Douglas, though Mr. Keitt, one of the most chivalrous sons of that chivalrous State, Is for Douglas, as his flret and lant ohoioe. We merely mention names to show that we have Investigated the subjeot, and are giving tho result of ac tual observation and inquiry. Tho South, therefore, with its ISO electoral votes, being prepared to suppost any man the North vail present, with sufficient strength, the important inquiry arises as te the relative strength ot the three gentlemen named in the North. For it the premises are correctly tsken, we main tain that the candidate who oan present the largest num ber of votes?if added to tho South, sufficient to make op the two-thirds, or 19S electoral votes, must and inevita bly will receive the nomination. Mr. Buchanan's friends claim for him Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Hichlgsn, California and New York. We need not enter into any argument as to Nov York, be cause there ia no probability that any compromise will be effected between the two sets of delegates. And. etna if Is evident upon the best showing. Kr. Bu chanan could not get more than a third of the vole#. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan and California, re present forty-four Electoral votes. Mr. Pierce's friend* claim Massachusetts, New Hamp shire, Connecticut, Maine, Khode Island, representing thirty-six electoral votes. Judge Douglas' friends claim Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Vermont and Wtsooaaia, all doubt as te the latter State having been removed. These States represent sixty two electoral votes. Mr. Bright answers for Indiana going for Douglas, a#A Mersrs. Medary, Pugh, he., give the same guarantee aw to Ohio. If these figures are eomctly stated, and their accuracy cannot be controverted over any responsible signature, it follows that it would require but a small portion of Pierce's Northern strength to be thrown for Douglas I# insure his nomination; whilst, 'on the other hand, Mr. Buchanan or Mr. Pieroe would require nearly two-third# of Jodge Douglas' support to be transferred to them In enable the South to decide the question in their favor. We do not dee ire to Indicate the result, but simply I# state the facts ?? they now present themselves. Thee* who ealoulate upon a general row, and th# substitution if a Southern candidate, will he disappointed?that's all. Washington, May 1th MM. ^ Narrowing Down the Platform. / The Union is hard at work narrowing down tho damn- 1 eratie platform. It sticks to the task daily with great pertinacity. The first thing to be done ie te horn offi "Old Buck," ard the next to make the Kansas and Ns brasska bill In all Its stages a test. It woald be a curl to# proposition for the Union vo aaswer, whether, after suc ceeding in getting rid of Buchanan because hs was not te tho Nebraska fight, it could prevent the same rule front being applied to hundreds of thousands of people wha occupied precisely the same predicament. Or does ths Union intend forclrg its favorite upon the democracy, knowing that he oannot he elected but simply that hn may be endorsed by a ranominatlon, a luxury for Whioh the democracy will have to pay the oost In a grand smash up from one end of the Union to the other? W# notice that the Portland Argvi, a qnlet Yankee newspa per, published away off la Maine, payB its respects to ten Union after this fashion:? If under the amnesty once proclaimed by the Onim any Northern democrat ever doubted as to the policy ef introducing the Nebraska bill Into the last Congress, w# are sure there are no members of tho party now ia it# organisation who do not cordially endorse its prtn eiple and who do not denounce all thought of agitating for its repeal. * ? * e e e e The repeal of the Nebraska bill Is not an issue whisk the opposition dare present. Its great prinoiple is almo#> beyond attaek; but whatever creiit there is in sustaining U, is not a monopoly for tho personal benefit of any man. We protest against any snob narrow and selfish dootrto# as that, whether in office or out of office, whether dis tinguished or obscure, whether living at the South ar North; any man who honestly and faithfully maintain# the principles of th# party Is as good a domojrat, and a# mush entitled to regard and consideration as each, an any other man in ths Union. That is what we oall hard sense; bit it will have very little effect upon the Washington Union. That] seems to know as much of the public opinion of the t try sb it does oi the public opinion In some distant pla net, or of the ruling party in Japan. While complaining that Old Buck's friends are attacking the President, it keeps Its sharp knife constantly at work, attacking htm under the fifth rib, by pretending to bo friendly to him. The Boaton Port joins in the hue and ory, and ale# wants to narrow down the platform. That ia a business at whioh the Boston Port Is proficient. Tho party la key# small in Massachusetts, se tbat the offioss may never g#t out of a single circle; and if only the Port, oan tote# l'isros upon the track, and get the 8outh to help it In the work, Greene and his coadjutors think they oan hold em to the offices, because Pennsylvania, the old Ooneetoga team horse, will do the work, shoulder the responsibility, and elect the nominee, whoever he la. Bow tho ontatdera langh at these attempts to capture the Bnohanan fortress, with ths pop-guns and small arm# of tho administration! There will be rare sport la th# Democratic National Convention. Speech of On# of the Virginia Delegation .SPECIAL REPORT FOR THE NEW TORE HKEAI.I). Richmond, V#., May 17,18M. Richmond Democratic District Convention?Appointment ef Dtlryates to Cincinnati?Speech of the Bon Jamee A. Sidiicn, formerly Member of Congress from this DietrieL The Democratic Convention for thia (Sixth) distrtol met here yeaterday to appoint two delegate* and tw# alternate* te the Cincinnati Convention. The atteada### was very large, and so far aa 1 oould glean, from th* tone of the Convention, tho eentlment seemed strongly In favor of Buehanan. The chief managers, however, by adroit planning and preeoneerted arrangements, m> seeded in seeming the election of one delegate in fkvwr of Hunter; bnt I oan safely my, notwithstanding, thai the feeling of tho district is with Buobanan. Th* Convention assembled about 12 o'elook M., and organised by appointing Dr Abner Crump, of Powhatan, to the chair, and Win. F. Rltohia and R. W. Hughes, of the Enquirer and tnaminer, secretaries. Ths usual preliminary of calling over th* several counties composing the district, with a view to issirtain the number of d?legatee present from each, having beam gone through, a resolution was offered by Mr. Roam A. Pavon, editor of the Enquirer, authorising th* Chair Is appoint a committee of one from each county to draft resolutions for the consideration of tho Con von I tow. It was adopted after considerable debate, some preferring that the delegates from each oounty should ohooee from among their number th* individual who wne to rawrnamt tbat particular county In the committee. Th* prifenuem of the Chair were understood to bo for Hunter, and heaaa this effort on the part ot Buehanan'e friends to mnke ay the committ*a la the form juat indicated. Th* following ie the remit of their deliberations, whteh show a tbat the whole thing waa nothing more than a "tempest In a tee pot":? Resolved, Ibat ibis Convention re-affirm the bodied ta the reeoiuttons ot the late democratic tion. Resolved, Tbat the prtnetp'ea heretofore acted upon, oi ra quliing a two third vol* t* make a nomination by lb* Rational tit nventiou it Juat and wtaa, and should not be departed fauna on any pretext whatever. Rcto.ved, That It la th# sense or this Oonventkm, thai te# vote ot the fetal# ebali be east at the Ctactonati OonveoMon In accordance vrtth past usages. Th* Convention adopted thee* resolution*. Mr. R. B. Hutu, a lawyer ol this city, offered a resolu tion to the i (feet that th* Convention offer an expression of tta choice as between th* leading candidate* for thn Presidency, without giving any instruction# lo the dele gate#. A kng sad animated debate arose apen this resolution, bnt It waa ultimately lost. Th' election of delegate* waa than gone tat). Four candidate# were In nomination, to wit: -H m. Jamee A. Pedfon, of Goochland; Hmry L. Hopbine, of Powhatan.