Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1856 Page 3
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ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. A1 BAlJllk *T AtCl'lOi. ^ ~~TLBKRT HTnIOOLAY, aUOTIONKBK -MOCK3ANU .A b< uda at. aurtiou ?hetttlar serai weikl* aa'e ALdBA' ^HI( Ol,AY will fe'JJlhip d?y, May 22 at 12X O'clock. At the Merchant*' hxebaage lor acocunt of wh tin U ma/ c jaw: S31 00' tea'. We-teii> RK first mortgage bond* ILOHJ J ,000 Lake Krto, Yl shark ard hL Loot* H R 2d mtg. uda. K 0 MHwaukteand Uort-oo RK. H per con', bonds' SI 004 Breckeuridge tvnnelCoal eertifics'e* 7 not 37 thar?' Harlem Sk? prelected *'? ck so 20 '? Walerino Woollen Hb?wl M inula during t)o 00 F5 " BP rib Amerlcat Iruat ?na (tanking Oo 100 Ml " bredford Or*, and Iron 0? 100 76 " lulled fetatea Mall Hi*-ani?hip Co 100 40 " ft Mark's Fire ln?uranc" Co V> 4 '? Mcuhantot' and Trader*' Ins iranoe Co *> 30 " Rutgers Fire Ininirai. a Co 25 .A'so. I be twenty one ? ears' of ire valustle property corner ot Broadway sad Howard r reel known M the Olty Hotel. Tnmsof ea e Ten per cent til. da*. ?od 'be baiaoce before S o'clock 'o-morrow. The accrued Internal on ell the bonda will be charged to the purcbaaer. R*xt legudtr ??? on Mo- day. May 26. . Alrert b. Mcolay bo da big regular Mont-weekly auction sale* of stocks end bonda every Monday and < buradav, at the Merchant*' Sxoharge; aim special sales of the same unsay other <sv wbrn ie<iutrcd. At pri?a'.e aale a a real varl.vy of Urate ass railroad, elty end State bond*; back. Insurance and other stocks, of undoubt ed character to' lbveaUoeut Imyo t.nt i otloe. Interest a lo red on all naoelea depoiltei on trust, and securllles bought and sold at ibe Board of Bro kers. aLHkRT 11 MOuJAY. Auc l"ueer at d Bai k<-,r Bo. 4 Broad s'.., S. Y. a LBhBY H. H1COLAY. AUirrioNKtiR.-PHRBMPTO. A ry sale of a valuable 2' .ear*' lease, of the ooroerof Broadwav and Howard street; BOi'OU'est. Albert H. Nlcoiav will sell wlrbout rtservH, on Tburtdav, M >y 22 at IT1* o'o ocs. At the Mer-ha ita' Mch?tige, comer o" rtroadwav ntul Howard nirfini the very dealraole and valuable 21 yrara' leaae of the 6 glory (lie proot building ou the southwest ooroer of btoad ray end Howard s'rert, formerly boon e the itliy Hotel, having A {boot on Broadway oi 60 fee . and 100 feet on Howard atreet. No property has been offered in Broad way tor many seen which ofleraench Induce* en is fr Improvement, belogdiusted lis the Immediate vicinity ol a'l the leading hotels and rat road depots The location icr bas'i res pnronees Is unrurpaa ed, rjcm teg fact that many of our leading merchants are cow doing trustee* tn the nrlghnorhood, aad| thera ooniemolate but ding. She open'ng of Clans 1 atreet will a'ao greatly benefit this pro ?Mitf sad many other imorovwmeuta which are la eonlempla Con murt largely and raj ld'y I. crease the value ol all real es Mite surrounding this Intuition. For the Inveatreant o capital this eale offers gieat Inducement*, and the aueatlan is partem Inrly oa'Ied of all persons sensing to make cermanent Invest ment* who are rtapecunlly requeued to Inspect thepremtase. 3 be irrms oi the stile will be usee unusually Uoeral, and pos mmIoi cad be had witb'n 30 days from the day of sale, or ear Ber. II required, for full particulars apply to ALBSRT H. N1 Co LA*, No 4 Biown street. A" hTBK,ii BRAOO. AUC HON KhR?BOOTH a.SO SHolCH At suction - On Friday. May 23,1866 at 10>i A. Mm at th nalesrnom of A. Bragg A Co. 33 iWttandt street, 600 cum boots, shoes brogats, Ao.; also 23 cases men's brofaus, to be eold on account ol whom It ma. concern. A MTBOKY J BLKK 'KKR, AUCTION KKR?ANTHONY Ji J BI KtCKKR A CO. will sell at public auction, at the Merci buIb' Kxcbsnge, on the '4th ot May lnat., at 12 M., all these two unfinished brown stone dwe'llng bouses, known ai Not. 144 and 140 hast Heventeer th street, opposite StuTresaat square, and ISO teet eaa'.erl? ot Second avetue The lots are 26 fest b? 100. and the home 26 feet by 70. For terms apply to WM. P. LBK, 10 Wall streei Ai m7~cklBTALAR, AUO iTONKkR-BALhSROOMS 23 . bowery, will sell "n Friday, ihe 23d Instant, at 10>i wclcck. a large assortment of spring and summer clothing, oonprihirg cio'ta. cSMim??e ftotl liD6n trook HLd ?ack coatg; Cloth cassimere and linen pant", of various styles ana pit terns; Marseilles. Unen aud satin veals; also sn asaorimentof p'?c? good* iir-d trimiDlDgSs coDni&ttoK of o)otbBt caaaimerUB, linens. Marseilles silks, satins. 1 nlngs. Ac., Ac. UCTION NoflCit.-.I. BOG RT, AUOTmNKER?BY L 8 BOO*-RT, mortgage sale of witch and clock springs. Ac Bj virtue of a mortgage. J will sell at auction, on Thurs day . May 22. at lOS A. a., at 33 Roosevelt street, 2 large show cases, with drawers tl small do.. 1 drilling machine, an assorv meetc! tools. 2 small vices, li puichet, 2 eolUig tools, 2 work tables 1 polishing whrel, 2 steel ou ting scissor* 700 lbs be.t steel. 600 dozen watch sorlngs, tempered; 800 dozen watch nrrings and tn assortment of watch materials. Ac., Ao. S? SHAMjiY, Jr, t ton-table, A Forney tor mortgagee, offloe Ma rine Court. UCTION BCTICE. -j; BCGaRT, AUCTI'.NrCK.A-BY H H BOOARf - Fridav, a' 10>? o'clock, at the aumlun rcoms. corner cf Fr^nk ort and Wiiiitim large Srilc of household furniture. Ac., bv virtue ?f an execution -Mihoga ny so'se. new aud secmd hard bureaus mahogany ceairs. Inrge mirrors; positive sa'e ot gas chaudellers; large assort ment ot' sporting asd fancy engrsvlngs and oil paintings; lounger, bedsteads, arm chatrs one timepiece, look-ngglasses, mahognny French bedstesds, mat ruses, bookcacec, c.oseis, bar/counter. KngUsh o'lelo'h, caste's, Brussols and ingrain carpets, osne seat rccker. marble t p taMe; also, bar Conn er, cabinetmaker's workbench Also at leK o'clock precise y. In front of the store, a bay mare about )? hands high; styilsh driver. MIOH tKt, DODtlR, Coastab e HOTIOW SAL* 0? BPLRNmrTRfiRKWOOn FURNI tuiw. pianoforte, Ac.-H. T LKrfD.s|wlll sell on rridav. May 23, at 10k o'clock, all the rosewood, black walnut ard ttfihojrftn? ftuuitur^ln h>use No, 462Hroome ?tr?et cooaisuog. IB put. cf two ?M XM of BOlia r^iewood piurior f urniture, oover ed in the best of French hi^*e%tel, not sot'ed in pe feet order; xoeewood bureaus, bedstesds and waehstauds, to match; large and smail oU painting* iarge French plate oval wad pier glasses, With slabs sna brackets; cen're aad sidn tables, with elegant marble toos; rUtuary, 1 one wood card and fanc.v labfei, iarge rosewood bookcase and llbrar*- marb e top hall stand ana cbairr, tea and dinner tables, oak extension do., sofa bedsteads, sofas In hairc'o h, tete-a tetes,?hairs, Ac ; best hair mattresses and palliasse*, heaudful tapes'ry, ingrain and velvet carpets; silver ware, cutlery. Dresden w*re, handsome marble and chka parlor ornaments, clocks, oilcloths, glass ware, crockery, china tea sets, with a large lot of furnltuiy ot all kinds- Eer?oca )b wart of good furniture should attend, as the furniture is but little used. Catalogues at the house ou the morning of sale. A UCTION NOTin*.?CONTINUATION OF THB LA.RGB Jl. ard choice atock of new furniture, velvet and Brussels carpeting, refrigerator, oil paintings, gold jewelry and watches, being ccntignmentafrom various persons, and muit be close 1 this da*, commencing at 1CX o'clodl, at the spacious salesroom of XINil MCKHKLI, aucUcnesr, 79 Nassau street. Cata logue* ; c?w read*. Consisttng In part of staple and fancy fur nl'.ure, for lariors, chambers, dining rooms, halls and country bOLsrs also Kng isb ve< vet and Brussels carpeting, to suit re tail buyers. 50 oil pairing*, gilt frames, bronze hail stands hair mattresses, beds. Ac ; clocks, fancy boxes, all wool in train carpets nofa nediteads, 1*0 fancy tables, corner stands Ae. Also, at It o'clock second hand rosewood pianoforte. Th* eale will commence with an invoice ot gold je we-ry, watches, a choice stock, advanced upon bv brokers nnd sold wltbou^ reserve. Alto a fire proof iron safe and a large quantity of desks "XiT'TIOir NOriOB-H. WIL80N, AtJOriONBRB. A Bit nkrupt's sale -Superior custom made rosewood and ma kogany hoceehold fumtturp-two excellent roeewood piano fort* s; three magnificent suits of solid rose wood parlor furniture, ocvered in the mott expensive and desirable paiternsof French earn; eoaUy pier and mantel French plate minora, elegant oil paiminga, rich velvet carpets, large and extensive variety of costly solid silver ware heav? cut g:asa ware of the most ex pensive ktnd, elegant china ware, tea and dinner seta, vaass, Parian ware bronze and ormolu otocks, Ao , Ac The partic ular attention of houskeepers, hotel keepe a and the trade gen erally, is called to the large and extensive catt Jogue sale or the above rich and costly house no! d furniture, detritions Ac , Ac , to be so d at pu jlic auc ion, to the hlgheet bidder, for cash, on tne premises, No ?West Fourteenth street, near Ninth ave uue, afl0>? o*clcck. on FrkJav, May 23, being the rich ard de sirable contents ot the a^ove five story dwelling houne, the -who'eof which will positively le sold ?o elose the eafate of a bankrupt. Catalogue? ready by 8 o'c.ock ou the morning of sale wnen the whale can be examined. Parlors- contain a? out IN) yards of superior ve.ret carpets; three magnificent solid rosewood suits cjvered In maroon, bine and gold and crimson and goid aatlu of th* most expen sive description; Cothls and Turkish easy chairs, iu m iquet and satis brocade; ladles' s?>lic rosewood reception and arm chairs, covered in go d, blue, crimson and maroon satia; large and ex pensive rosewood secretsrv bookcase, liDed with silk and satin wood; three solid losewood centre tablet, with rich ststaary marbie tops, expensively carved, rosew-vxl uter, sofa and aide tabes, with marble tope; three c<>suv rose wo *1 etegerei, with marbte tops; plate glass doors, khc.. linpirted CApreisty for the owner; ladlee' rote wood wokub es. 21 day bronze and ormo lu clocks, elegant china va^eB, with the moet chaste and expen sive latdic?pe?, patn red to order lb Franee; magnlncent French plate p'er glam,?i*e 9?xM wi*h rich and bear * gold frame; mantel mirror to ma ch of six eet ^ou^re cost $250; heaw em broidered laoe window aurtains at d co/ulce*. taige and ex'en vlve variety of oil paintings b" naive aniid<, such a* land scapes, winter scenes, marine vie Mcripturnl pieces, supe rior French hthogrsphs gim* piece*. <t, the whole ?err pleasing colleetion; superior rosewood pUnotor e, city mane fu'I seven ociaw, csrved le*", e efsnt case finished all round. Invaid plate and rchiv set wi h oearl. being a valuable asdcostlv tnairurrent, worthy of lintuion, rosewood ?>laao stool, covered tn satin, with sn elegant and coauj embroidered C Ltain, room-Rich relvet tipe*trr csrpet In ?ood order. ,o 11a o?k erer.ion Ubie. open. 18 reet nil p^it-hed in the o?kt manner; m?i ble u>p lai.cj inble*, mlrr: w, rofn, bel*. cUalni In hair c of. roeewooa remo octave olanofpr'e. male ny Lbeva ller of tblacity, an excellent ln?Lrumer.\of enperlor tone aid flnUb, together with all the rn'y and cryatal cut glaak ware, wine, champafne*. tu ubler*. joi'e'.. and decantera to match, rich chloa tea aad dinner ?eta, costly silverware tea *ud dinner aervlM i'4 me, saner*, cake l>a?ket?, caatere, oottee and tea \irna eooiiDa. fork*. ltai?>r siard, gaperior taole cutier). mar hie pitcher*; canary bl/da, Ac. ,,, _ ciatchera atd nursery?Co*t!v sdld rosewood and mxho ?any hecsteads, siamary msrble top bnr?>au., waahstand* arid cmzmooM ?o match; oyer 70 pare hair -ratreanea, from 411to 60 Connda, made to?raer and In excellent condition; teatner beda, olaler* atd ptl owa. counterpane*, siix aud aatlo bed, apieada, linen ahteU, loaraln carpet*, bedroom mirror*, clock*, toilet table*. iowel rack*, mile; *?t* ol.n otha, atalr aaroeu nnd roda, tnahorm- cu?bloned oealra. rocker*, aorm, Iouo?r?, couch b?di. hall stand, tee and dlnlnq lable*. together with a laree nrd de.lrabl* as.irtmeni of b.aement aed hltelieo u enrila, reftlaeraltr Ac Ac. with which the .ale will oommcnie The aaleot the a?cye firnitiue la rendered absolutely neeemary, and will pml'iyelv lake place wltai.u' regard towentacr, un le*a t'opted by aoeclal order of the court. A rc.pouslbls per i??w?ul^n attendance to p*ck and *nlp the artic'sa going out of the e ty. at a rea.onable charge, impcdta .auafa-tory to ibe suctlcreer wi'l he required Irom all purchawirs. Term, ra*h. atd out* mote* batkahieln thlaolty wl I be received In payment ot bill* 1 CflTll B NOTtrK.-FpOMA8 HULL. AU JTIONBKR, Ahy HKLL A Bl'HH -Friday at lft.H o'clock. In the aalea r nme, No, 11 North Whllam street, we will sell a. usual, without -eaerve. ar m usually valuable variety ot eicellent toniSro'd furniture, romortalrg all the arrangement* of two g?ntfel tamDIea ? e ?I1 g've parDcdlan on ibe morning of ai.le. Thla laie will be worthy of attention. A rCtlON NOTICE.?THGMA8 BULL, ATTOriONEER, by hKLI. A BUSH, taturduy, at lflK o'clock, hi the ya eerooma. No. 12 North William atreet, will be eeldaaplen dtd atock o( fancy and d-v goods, and auuimer clothing; also, rich chlia go-da, hatidaercnlef,. rhaw'a laoe*. teas. Ac: a floe Invoice of peculiarly rich Jewelry, dlamocd rlnga, Ghlaese got ga, floe tmndon gun, Ao F nil not'ee In tl me. A UCTION 8ALH OF G&RKNHOUSR A"D HARHY J\ p a-.ta - R.VfTeL OBGOoB AC), auffloneer*. will tell, to morion (Frldav I May 23. at lPJj o'Moek. a'tbeatora, gi Narwii * r,et. a cbolcn-ollectlon of grceohnuae and other plan'* Icowpil.lrg cimc'*-, verhena, m mlhly rosea, muee, pe-petu'I 'nil rontt'n* n^es- dthllut. ho eysnckle*. tube re*** Ac Ac frimth" wsb kt.own nuraery of Mr. Wllaon, We?t Fo> r e?'th arc As orla. ),. J. Ilila will be p,wl ?ivelv tae a?t of the sen >. . UCTION seLK I'i <V4?( N?I? - IN CONSKOUKNCM OF /" tit?vnldaV-le dfiay In getting po.wi.alon of our store? ya'rlltg a:?i?tlo.'* Ac.- ilm unler?l?ned find It neceaear* to nc.tpun' he ta'e ol the de.lran'e stock ol fur-lture, which wan *c*eril'?<) n '*ke plate this d,y. tin'll Tnnwlay, 27th ln*i., a' ]f)i o'e'erk A.M. RA'Ji.KY h 8AVAGR, AuoHoneer*. S2 C?dar ?tree'., hei wren Broad way and Naaaati street. d'HARLMK R MIt.T.NR A CO, AIIOTIONFKRS, WILT, " ae 1 on Tnwulay, June 17. at 12 o'c'ook, Merchant*' lx rl'?rte a ocmn\ dkn,i rntuae hou.e uo north side Monroe *t, Btnoklyn between On?. and Lewi* avettuea ; house Is 3 s'ory at d ba eme'l. con'sinlrg 12 forms. For terms. A>., apply to ?: b. MItI/*R A CO , Auctioneer*, 199 Broadway. IT FOTTOHTON A UCTION KKI.-BT THE MANH AT ?j. tsu Cotrrauv- Wl'l ?el), this day, May 22 a'. 11 o'oloek, at 12 Mn'dt n lane, a )a-gr and rich assortment of gold watches jenr'rv, dlam nd*. Ac.. Ae., comritllng of gold and allver va'rb'S a iar*e assortment of rich gold guard and ve?t tbsfp*: also chatelaine chains, ladlaa' end gentlemen's gold wa ch??, gold bracelets gold earring, go d I toasts and pencils, jrn d psaa rnd studs Ac. The whole lo be sold without reserve, To close cooatgnmsnU. Cat*loansa ready. I9UORN* B. FRANKLIN, AUBTTONiBR.-FRANKLIN 'j A NTOHOLA will aell at the prlyate dwelling house, 17 Macdongal streei, this, Thursday morning, 22d Inat, at 10if w'c ock, a eollsdiOB of well made parlor, chars her. dining room Nnd kltchaa furniture, carpets. Aa, sit.: mahoraav ?of*,, pairs.reefcsra,haietiala. wardrobM. mmira, oarsaod work Mb lea; mNrora enrmiae, NmNS, bedding, waabstande, be pnasa, hltehsN mrnttve, rtcria, ehtaa, glass and eariharn BAimm a? Aconw. Eco*iiFb~fba.iikui(, auctioneer.?by frank 11b a M HOI S. To morrow <Kri?Uy), at 1(?; o'clock, at sale?ru< m a? Ae?aeu stiesi new F ultoi.. eels by order of de puty sheriff. of four roerwooa parlor suits ?wo oookctee*, four carred brd-tnads and lour dressing Kravkhn A Nichols will sell ibe above without reserve Alfa, a quautby of aeoood bsnd lurultura r-umvtd lor convenience oi aa'.e aud large stoek of cabinet made furniture,ol Oral onus ma anlaoture, suits 0 e lor parlora, dmlng rooma, chambers, Uortrle* As., coiuprla ng every arl'cle required In genteel house* A'* t Brussels and ingrain car paid, French plate gilt trams oler viaarea, oval mlrruia oil paiiifngs, Kreoch ana lane mocks, Frcrch cblna v?aea, dinner ana tea setto. ai'ver plated ware, lacle eutlerv, glaatware, latcy gooda painted and enamel'ed ard so ld'hk chamber suit* hair mattraaaea pflllaaaea, ftney gooda Ac. Tbe while < f tb? above will be en'.d wilh-m'. re erve, making ihla >ale worthy tbe attention of the trade and othera. h. B.?Utofb packed on tbe premiaea for ahipaeat. Edward eca*?0K. auctiorekr -RMFAap 8' hrM'K A ou , 33 Nassau atreet, will aelt ihi* Hay Rf 10r,'clock. ro Ri'?o#lve lot of *rltt6R, br*iidl??, fnitta, eordlmvMa Lavanawgar* Ac., Ac.; SOU caaea and 210 daai jobto* cot nr.c, l/oi dm, dock ami champagne brandies; Olard, Hei r eercr, Renault, old O , Ac : Held sick champagne, til Ju lev dare's, Hungarian winea. Hchledom g'n' Scotch. Irish and American whisker; err* ins-. Jamaica rum Ac Every art'c e ottered will poeltlve'y be m store (1 K)RUH COOK AUOTtONEER.-NI?W AND BHCOND T band furpllure gaa flx'uree, Aa, to morrow at 10K i,'c ock at 442 Broadway oommenclng with a lot of aeoond ard furniture, viz superior mahogany dining Uole, 12 ?aet; do. bedstead, costFTS; do. sofa entire gta fixtures of agenteei hnu e in perfec' orcar looking glass, paillasse*, matreaeee* A l*o a atrck of superior new rosewood and mahogany parlor, chamber end dining room furniture, en aulte and in parte; ell ve- p ated ware, table cutlery. Ac. Bale without reserve,and worthy the attention of buyers. _ G?(?ro ^TVnoCKT AnctlOWEER. By COFFIN A HAYCOCK. No 30 Broad atreet, on Thuml* v. Mir 22, nt 10 o'clock, at tlx month* credit French Porcelain and French and American FUnl Glass Ware. ??^ Frenchfl?ntgiam'ware, \ I-P-^of A. Ftorri.r 260 " Plttaburg glaaa. 10 crates earthenwate. APDKN PL A Mi* AT AUCTION.-W. 8. McIDLVaIR will sell thin d*y. ana every day this week, at 11 o'olook, at the seed store, No. 7 Job rireet, ruse*. honeyaneklea, dak dM, ?er^mM. kc., Ac t in btt > variety* trom P. HanderRon a Descriptive ealaloguea. All pi u are sold at private tale at a notion prloea, GILBERT B. Say AGE, AUCTION KB 8?BY BAGLRY A Pa VAGB?At their salesrooms 82 Cedar street, Between Broad wav and Nassau street, Tuesday next 27th Inst., at 10 tj A. M , will eommence the aale, at auction, of a large and wen made ftocA of turnkure, being ihe stock of an extensive man ufacturer retiring from bnaieese. comprising In part, parlsr, bedroom and dining, of rosewood and mahogany; book oases, Arersing bu'eana, bedateada, marble top waahatands, hat aianda, card tables, ehatra. lounges. sofas. lete a teles, marhla tap centre tables. This sale la worthy 'he attenuos of hotel proptietoxs and country dealers. Cataloguee readv on mora le g o? sale. Gooda well packed lor shipping. N. B.?Liberal cash advances made on consignments. HKNRY B. I.ERD8, AUCTIONEER- BY H. H. HEEDS A CO.. Frldav, May 23, at II o'o.ock, In our new gal'ery, 23 hasaau atieei. a beautiful collection of oli paintings, principal part go'd by order of the Executor*, among tketo are some very flee worksol Tempeita, Gu do; Renl, ba'vator Rom. eeye ral coplea of tbe Ita lan acbool; Be g'an and KDgi'sh do.. Wil ltama ? ocper and olhera, Titian sohool; coplea of Van Dyke, French school. Ac. Also a large tnyotee oouiatntns: ?he worka of celebrated martsra viz : Browrlno copv ol Murlllo, thirty painting* of ltal'an costumes In r'cb carved frames; Cor -eglo, copv of Raphael Oreu-e; J.Wilaon, Jr. Breughet Borgouonl. 1 enters, Paul Brill. Wouvermana; large lot of modern oil phintingR, representing scenes in South jimerloi; paintings on glass b? f'hambeaux, Coupanltl, Vanachetdu Uordini, La Jole ar d others, of equal celebrity. Can be examined a* above one dav before tbe rale. Also, a superb pastel reoresenttng the guardian angel, ad original, by Rochart. It was painted to order find la undoubtedly the most splendid picture In the rutted H'ates. by toat celebrated ari'at. Its'lan Peasant* by 1 hoinas BIckB. Flower Girl, by Pasamora, o! Loudon Also, worka of a high order, bv Lewis, oi LoDdon; Pe Beam. Leo tard. Pcartees and a superb autumn scene by R. Olquont, painted to order. KNRY B. BERTS. JR., AUCTIONEER. WILD 8BLL on Ihnrsday, May 22. at 10>i o'clock, at tha *a!earoom, No. Shi Pine street a large and valuable stock of watches, jew elrv. dlamoida. silver and stlv?r plated ware, fancv goods, Ac , being the entire slock of a dealer declining business, oomoiIc ing m part elegant diamond cluster and single 'stone rings, plu* earili gs Ac ; large .ine of valuable gold watches, ohro rr meters, doub e time keepers, eight day watchei. patent and skeleton lever, detached lever, Duplex, verge and ether wa-ctiea. bv Joeepb Johnston. Arnold, Adsms A Co . Bewell, Brrneng Freres, Jnergenson, T. F. Cooper, Dent, French, and otlier celebrated makers; also, a lot of diamond back, enamel led and olher ladles' watches; gold ve*t. fob, neck and chate laire chain*; gold pins, rings, brooches, earrings, studs, sleeve buttons, Ac.. In every variety ol at' le and setting Also, a large lot of French and German fancy goods, acoordeons, bronzes s'atueties. vases, studs, oi era glasses, fans, sleeve buttons, slides jet goods, head dresses, Ac , Ao., to be poittive'y i old without reserve, and we'l worthy the attention of the trade ard private purchasers. Catalogue* at sale. Terms csi-b, io current funds. Horse and carriage to be sold at one o'clrck P. M AhllWARK, GUNS. DK8KB ?AUCTION FRIDAY, (lo-mr-rrow ) at l?>i o'clock, at 67 Day street, corner of Orveiwlth, tancy work boxes, portable writing desks, mincing knives, coor latches, mounted KngUth doable barrelled guns, percussion caps, axes, spades, shovels, saws, chisels, hammers knives, canes, clicks,penciis, paper, liquors, segars, tobeoco, Ac, WltLURQTON A. Carter. Auctioneer. J I.. Va"nI)FWAT?r7~AUOTIONEKR, 66 MASJAU . atreet, near Maiden lane, will sell at auction, on Thurs d?v. May 22. the finest collection of English engravings ever ottered is this city. This stock comes direct from a Londoo .publisher, and comprises all the principal pictures published Tn kngland for the past four years. A varietv of parlor sub jects. lnclnnlDg?Golr g with and against the stream; Farmeria home; Morning nt the chase; Frank Stone's; Mated and Impend ing mate A fine portfulo of cholca sacred subjects: John Krox. Joba Wesley, First Retormera; Presentation of Magna Charta, Tria' of Charles the Flrit and Stafford; ail of Martin's neiebrated Scriptural aubjecte. An elegant variety of sporting pictures, all orLandsecr's dogs and norse; Herring's great farm vard scenes; Ansfell'e shooting plates on the moor, with 2UU olher subjects, the whole comprising the moat elegant as* sr rtmem of pictures ever offered at auction. OeolUmen fur nishing their houses and libraries are requested to attend thla sale. F1ue barroom pletures. bunts, Ac , Ao , on view this day and catalogues now readv. Sale positive, Thursday. 22d mat, 10'1 o'clock. J. L. VaNDBWAtRK. Ancttoneer, 66 Nassau atreet. JCHN L. VANI?*W*tKR. AUCTIONRRg.-JOHN L. VANDRWaTKR wlil sell, on Frldav, May 23, at 10J7 o'clock at the sales room 66 Nassau street, a large variety of lipw and pe^nd hand furniture, removad for convenience oi sals, constitiDg ot Brusaela. three-pl* and Ingram carpets, oil clollts, rosewood parlor suits covered hi brocatel. gaa fixtures, rc-ewooe marble top e egrree. rosewood and mahogany mar Me top eener. pier and side tables, corner standi, book rai-ks, elegant French chtca gilt band dinner set, glass ware, rose wood and mabrgany bedsteads, do. marble top dressing bu reaus. wash-lanes, toilet sets, hair mattresse* paliaaters lounges, mahogany chairs sofas, Ac . together with a general assortment of basement and kitchen furniture JOHN LLOYD, AUOTIOR B* R^-J OHNLLOY DA BONN will sell, on 'Thursday, Mav 22. at 10K o'clock, at tke dwei'Ug bouse 100 W a verier piece, tke entire furniture, oon* si >Ung in part cf elegant Brussels and three ply carpets, bre cat el end mahogany sofas and arm chairs, looking glasses, mar hie top bureaus and waeb'tands, glass, china and stiver ware- and the nsnal variety of kitchen utensils, with which the sale will commanoe. J08KPH HRGFMAN, AUCTIONEER?FRIDAY, MAY 23 st IP o'c'ook, A. M.. at the central sales rooms, cor ner of Wtlloughby and Pearl streets. Brooklyn Regular weekly sales ol household furniture, carpets, matUng, otlslolh, mahogany and case seat chairs, mahogany aotas, tables, bu reaus, wasbstands. china tea set, plated castors, clocks, Ac., Ac.; also 8 school desks. Large balk of huphrior household furni ture, rich cbandeUvrs. Ac., on Saturday, May 24, at lnlS o'clock.?R. W. WK8TCOTT. auctioneer, will sell on the above dav ihe entire splendid furniture contained In Ihe five story dwelling. 162 Went Twenty first street, near Seventh nvsoue, cotsletlegorpar or, dining room, lloraiv and chamber furnl tuie all first c'a*?, having been In use but tow months. The ati*niton of a'l In want ot rosewood furniture such as can only be obtained of our best makers, is called to this sale. The en tire furniture of the house will he sold unreservedly, and a de posit ol 10 p? r cext will be required on a'l purchases; the goods to be removed bv Monday, at 12 o'clock. Descriptive catalogues can he obtained at the house. Ibe furnl'ure constats tu part or rich velvrt parlor, chamber and statr cirpet*. splendid seven octave rr?e ?,o*j4 pianofort?, u^ed but four months, rich c%rved ense; double tuit foild rosewood parlor furniiure, Is French *a ir vuh covers, one mtt di.. made to order two months rk?. In embroidered brrcsde with richly cirved solid rosewood Train*,, lnctmson and gold; one do , nine piese*. In crlmain and majocn with covars; all iheee suits are of the moat elegant descituiloe;two r sewrod marble top etegsres. French ulate fronts- French cscre olre, lined with sal'n wood; two French secretaries and bookesaea, lined wl h *1 k and satin wood; mo saic ard statuary roar-de top centre an* nler tables, two mitg ntfirettplermirrcra, withslabs and brackets, eleven rsetlong; two spleiidla mantei mirror-, Turkish revolving cb?tra. Insulin; rosewocd recep Inn and revMng cbalrs. in medalliontape*irv; very rich Etruscan and Dresden vaeea, with a lar({e variety of unique parlor sdormnenta Also a eo'lsction oi suoerb Ml patsltngs. among which are tbe series of Coles' voyage of life, richly trameo; lace curtains, * old bordered shades. Ac.; antique marble top ball stand, wl'h chairs In moquettu ma'ob; spieaold rotewcod bedsteads, dressing bureaus commodes ana wash stands, all made to order, to match throughout; ch na toilet ware, rciewood wsrdrohe. rosewood suit In halvo'oth; cottage end bedroom cbalrs, cheval glasses eighteen superb hair mat tnasee, beds and bedding. French oval and square mirrors ormolu and bronze e'ocks ?ith a large and elegant variety ot ah lor room furniture; aolenrild mahogany extension tibia. OP?ns sixteen !eel ;critly china dinner set. tea do., ruby and crystal cut glass ware of every aeeorioMon; stiver ware, pearl atd silver cutler', Ac , with a large quantity ol mahoganv fur niture. all ot the best kind. Sate will be poatttre, without re gard to wea'her Parties oomlng from a dls'ance are assured that they will not he disappointed In the turnltnre atlhl* asm, aa 'he guail'y ard quantity are fntiy equal to tbe description. RW. W18TCOTT, AUCTIONEER,?ORNTBRL HOU8M . bo'd furnPure, ntanotorte. fine oil painting*. French plate mProra, rich velvet carpet*. Ae? this day. (Tueeday,) at 1fl? o'clock, at house 808 Broome atreet. near Thompson R. W. WB8TOOTT will sell as above the entire contest* of the house, eonstnOog. to part, of a auperlor roeewood piano lorie. In perfect order; aoui^tpaewood parlor suit, tn satin brq catel- etiwereo. etcretolre TftnsIc cabinet, marble top centre, pier and sofa tables; eard tables, flue oil paintings, French ptate pier gla*see. shacet and flxtnrea French o-ock, vasea and mantel ontamento. Ac. Dining room fumtture?Oak axten rion table, oak chairs, oak lounge, dining and tea seta, china, glass and silver ware, floe table cutlery Ac. Chamber furni ture?Mahoganv and roeewood bedsteads, marble ton bureaus and wasbnUnde, balr mattresses, beds and bedding' toilet seta, mahogany sofas, arm chatri rockers, An. Also a varietv of kitchen articles, with which the aale will commence. Cata logues on tbe roorzlng ot *a<e. rTI BOYI.K, AUCTION HER, WILL 8Ef,L ON FRIDAY. I . 23d Inst., at 10J, o'clock, at his sa'earooma, 228 Hudson street, a general aaaeriment of household furniture, trom families breaking up housekeeping. oon*lailng of sofas, sofa beosteads. French mahogany bedsteads, dressing bureaus, wsshstsnds, wardrobes, pier glasses chandeliers, vasaa; one large sboweaie, fit lor a mtlHner's use, c*sl 140; also stands tor bonnets, made of Iron: one pressing machine, for pressing hats snd bonnets; also block* and all ihe apparatus belonging to toe trade. Velvet, Brussels and three-ply carpets; chair*, tables and mattresses fine elegant billiard ubls, large ?re 'n good order and complete, will be sold at private aale. Sit e positive, rain or shire. W8 MEl.LOR, AUCTIONRRR?BY HOUGIITON A . MM.LOR.?This day. lhursday. May 22, at 10H o'clock, at 113 Raman street, large and peremptory aale Of rich and coatly cnafm made rabbet furniture; two aoltd carved rosewood 7\ octave planoforfss ooat $6?) eaeh made by Win. Llndeman A Son; ten hsavv thick Frsooh plate oval mirror*, twenty Freach plate pier do , one large msatol do., ccst 9276: Freach ehlna dlnaer and tea ware. knhres, fbrkg, spoons, silver plated ea*ters, clocks, and rid) fancv goods; na btret fuinltme consists ot a desirable stouk, suitable tor fur nlrtiirg find c'asa dwelllrgs; parlor suite In great variety, In m it taihtonaMe coverings, viz , brecatel, pi**h. halro oth, moqnet, Ac ; solid rosewood bookease* wardrobes, writing dssks: oak. mahogany and rosewood chamber furniture tn suits to match: enamelled cottage do.; ball ohatrs, exivrskm dining table*, a largd.aseortmgat ot diwtrshia arM cles In ll-e housekswplng fine; palltn'se*. Ac. Also, at 12' 'elock. will be sold two line toned , U oc sve nUnoforUa made by I.mdssnan, and ccalRVto each. A'ao. tsur second hand do . of vartoua makers Tbe whole toimtng a fine sol lee. ton oi desirable goods, eo'thv the at ?nation of cHv ana oomm-v merchant* - rtlcle* csn be boxed on the premises for shipping at a mnderstecharg*. EXCCRHOH H. EXCUR8IONB.?FISHING BANKB, AHOY-IM.-THg rnvrr FOB FRY In BTEVkNH. Osntaln Uhsrle* Ander son. will make regular trip* wiw Kwcing Battk*e?A.| dayhi the week, except ptardafy tgvtng Amoa ?trest.atTA. M.; b* HOEM8, CARIUtCH, JbC. ttl I tfW) *oa "ALB. A BAT HORSE, H.UUu Sight ;ean aid toe 14th iif at next J all, U bund* S tnohss high, weigh# i.INN pounds ?>uu4 and Mod la all harness and warranted to trot lastd* of three miuuiea. The mm* for selling. the owaar te going to garopd. Inquire of T. B. CROCKER. 9% Pulton nark*. A SUPERIOR FAMILY B0E8K. MIX TEAKS OLD, lg hands high, black; warranted kind and good. Apply te H, B. Lb RDM A CO., 23 haaseu street. Ch aRHIAtiKM FOR bALK.-AGOODTWOBBAT WAGON, J without too a platform body, a wagoo autiable for a lead store or grocery; also a good txpreae wagon with top. As., Ac , at 89 kldrtdge street, setween Broome and Grand. FHJK BALK-A CLOBBLk MATCHKD PAlB OP CAB Huge b raes 16 bauds high, good trmrs'lera, and very even gait, long tatli, bar color and warranted sound and kind, the Piujert) ot n prtaate geutlsmaa, and sold ror wart ol use. Ran be seen at PLYNh'S stable, Thirteenth street, between Ktiih end blith avenues. |i<OR SALB-A HaNDBOMK uLACK MARE. ABOUT F 19 hands high, and seren years old. perfectly sound and gentle; is a beau ii'ul saddle mare anda good traveller in har ness: also a new litht ehlptlng ton buggy and a set oi harness. Apply at the stables of Oeo. Murray, .IS Katf Thirteenthidreei U~0~R HTLE-AnaoiujT WaQOIt AMD HARNtDS TO ? tether or separate; the aragea and harness new; been In use about two mouths. suitable for ktadllng wood or bog bu-tnrss Price $275- For particulars Inquire at 430 Broome stxeel front office, aecon floor. JfOB hAI-K? A SHALL BLACK PONY. KIND AND 1 gnotls in either aadd e or harneaa. To ba seen at the earner of Myrtle end Carlton avenues Brooklyn. L'ORBALK-A PAIR OF LABUB HOH8K8. TRUCK AND F harness; will be sold separately, If required; one of the hor-re la a splendid tsmlir h wee, well aulied for n barouche. Inquire of A. COBT.94 Greenwich avenue. u>uu baLB- a pair or bat hoRbbs, is bauds C bigh, kind In single and double harness. iong tails. One travellers, just from the country; will se'l them together or separate. Can be seen at Lent'a table, junction ot Green wish and 8eventh avenues, or by calling on it. ti. KBRR, 122 West bixteeuth street.* GSUR BALK?A HANDSOME PAIR OF B'lRRCL P bottes suitable tor a gentleman'* csrrlage; a litl e ever 16 hands high of superior action, six and seven years old, wsrraiueu sound and kind In single or double harness. In quire of BKJtMOBK A t HAICH, Jr? SO City Hall place. FLKSALH-A SUPkBIOB BADDLTTmARB-Ib"Kill) a?d gentle In all harness and can trot^ln three mlnuies; for us e, as the owner has no use fbr her. Price SUO Can be Bee a a; Wl ? -60N rKO '8 stable, in Tenth street, netween Uni versity place and Filth ?venus LK BALK A FULL BLOODED FRKNOH CANADIAN entire berre, seven years old, black, aoout fourteen hands, perfectly sound, kind and gentle, eanters, trots or walks last under saddle and has fair speed in harness; will be sold low, lor want of use. Can be seen at MORRIB' stable, Hovt street between Wvckofl and Warren streets, 8outn Brooklyn; or inquire or F-UullKKBON CHK8NY, 26 Water street, New York. TOOK 8ALB?A BEAUTIFUL 80RRRL TBU8TBB M ARB, r six years old this spring, HI teen bands high, warranted sound and kind; a square trotter and very fast Anyone wish ing to get the right kind of stook may have an opportunity by calling at the stable, corner ot Second avenue aad Filth street For~~balb-a BROWN MARX, 15% hands high, fast sourd and kinp; a1 so, a business box wagon, pole and shafts, shifting seals, tn fine order: also, one set ot single stiver mounted harness. Apply at Wilson A Bro.'s stable, corner of Bleecker and Crosby streeets. OR HA1.R-A BLOOD BaT HO KB It, 16% HAND8, eight years old, sonndandklnd every way, a very flue at d fast traveller, and tie handsomest horse in New York. Pries B509, and no less. An? one wanting the best animal In this city can address box 3 091 Post office, which will meet with attention. OR BALB-AN ENAMELLED LEATHER SHIFTING top wagon, with Mde curtains, built by Miner A Stevens, and ooet $225; has just been put in ooinnlete order for tbe o v ner's ow a use, at an expense ot over thirty dollars. To be seen at 368 Broadway. Price $140. H-OR BALK,-A SLIDING BBAiKD CARRIAGE, Al most new. Also, a set of silver mounted barnesa. It will be so d reasonable. If applied for lmmadlately, at 16 Aolngdon plaee, alter 3 o'clock. litOR HaLK- AN excellent pair of very fine r gray ca rtage horses. For particulars apply at No. 52 hxehauge place OR BALF?A SPLENDID PAIR OF BAY MARKS, eight - e?r? o'd, well matched, sixteen hands high, all sound and klrd In single or double harness; can trot In 3:20, and show eight miles in thirty minutes, or flft-en miles In one hour. Price low To be seen at Hathorn's stables. No 56 West Twenty-third street, near Sixth avenue. Also, several other One pairs and single h tr&es. Inquire for J. CONE. (DOR 8aIE?A BAY PONY, OF BEAUTIFUL STYLE r and action, fourteen bands high; warranted sound and kind mall harueas; can trot a ml'e In three minutes. Apply at the stables ol K. KICK, 204 Fourth street. KlOB MA1.K TWO MEXICAN SADDLES, BRIDLES, Ac , oemplete handsomely embossed and embroidered, and meunied in gold and silver. Wt'l be sold tor c?*h at less thsu hair their cost. Apply to J. A. BaKKK, 162 Fulton street. (ilOB Sal.K-ONE DARK BAY HOR8E, 16% HANDS r high, eeven years o d, sound and kind; sold ror want of use; suitable tor a cart or express business; has a noble walk. Price $175. Apply at 436 Tenth street, near avenue D. For sale cheap-onk light shiftingTtop wa" gon. in perfect order; has run one season. Also, one let tingle harness silver mounted. Will be bold very cneap. Apply at 236 Washington street. HAY MESSENGER.-THIS CELEBRATED FAST trotting stallion stands 16% hands high, color gray, anda tbiee quarters bred. Messenger, through the solicitation of a number ot gentlemen, will cover a limited number of mares, by applying to Mr. Simeon Hosgland, Bast New York, L. f ; or to Mr Samuel Davis, at S. P. Damon's, (formerly John J. hnedeker's). near Union Course, where the horse is now standing. Terms, $26 the reaaen, to be paid at the time of ser vice. Good pasture, feed, care, Ac., but no liability for aool dent, in case one should possibly oeour. It la useless to expati ate on the qualities of this horse; suffice It to lay that, for flna actios, speed, strength, durability, and docility of disposition, ke cannot be surpassed by anv other stallion In the oountrv; and I ihe proprietor, in offering his servloes to the puollc, feels satis fied. that when his stock is seen, no more will be required to s Amp Mm as an A No. 1 stallion, and is not afraid to match bim against any other stallion tn this State; and will further add, that any get tlemssi having a mare that can out-trot him to har neaa, can nave his services fbr nothing. Farmers and oreeders tn general are requested to call and examine tbe horse, previ ous to putting their mares to any other horse, (or be has all the requisite qualities that can be combined to pie sac the most fastidious connoisseur in horse flash. SIMEON HOAQLANP. Horse and light kockaway for salb.-a One family horse, pony butit, stylish, sound and kind; rookaway but little used, good as new; will be sold separately or together, at a bargain- Apply at WaDE'S stable, corner Hicks and Pacific streets, Brooklyn. Horbks for sale.?one span of matched OAR rlage bones 16}; hands high, chess at; took the first pre mium at the State fair at tclmlra, last fall; a'so one span ot dark browu, 15}; hands high: also slngls carriage and saddle bones, may be found at HATHORN'S stables, ou T - enty-third street, near Sixth avenue. Inquire for Rose ft Bennett. ORGAN HORSES.?FIFTRF.N SUPERIOR YOUNG horses purchased last week In Orleans and Caledonia ooustiea, Vermont. Among them are several bavs. blacks, grays, Ac., and a bay hone six years old. 15% hands high, for splendid style and action, and great beauty, not to be excelled. Apply at No. 11 Boerum street, Brooklyn. 0range county horses for bale-a number of superior young hones, jus. from Orange county, N. Y., five of them very last, can trot Inside of th-ee minutes; othen cf them are flue road, carriage or business ho see; all of which will be warranted sound and kind, and sold at low prlcea. Ap ply at 23 Boeram street, Brooklyn. S~ addle bor8t.?a handsome cbemhut sorrel horse, fifteen hands high, stylish antion. sound and gentle, | also kind In harness. Apply at Mr. WALTER'S stables, 222 Mercer street, S~TAQE8. ?A NUMBER OF SECOND HAND STAGES, some in good order, (Stephenson maker,) for sale, by lUDI.oW ft 8TNKY, corner ot avenue B and Twelfth street Pry Dock. Houses, rooms, dWLY~w ante d7" gentlbman and bis wife desire to hire a part of a bouse, or an entire small one, on the wsst side, t '? lumber than Tenth street; gas anil batb absolutely neces u*ry. a permanent tenant may be orocured, If suited. Bent moderate Address Permanency, Broadway Post office, po it paid to meet atteation. A (iEN rLb MAN AND WIFE, AMERICANS, WANT TO hire a room and bedroom, or one room and two closets, we?( ot Broadway, and not above Kttteenth street; rent paid mopihly In advance. Adoresa J. W? Herald office, stating rrnt and location. References given, if required. Asm all" fu?nisbedrhousk wanted-i * the couatry Immediately; wlita a few acres of land would be preferred; must be easy ot access b> railroad or steamboat, tn a good neighborhood, within SO mile* of the city. Addreis or apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 30 Broadway. A P A RTMhNTH WANTRD-BY A FAMILY, CONSISTING a of a man and wife, and one child; eecond floor preferred; tent not to exceed $200 per annum; location between Spring and Chambers its., ana west of Broadway. Address A. M., Herald office. Land wanikd-in texas. or ant of the n W. States. Address box 140, Post offioe, Philadelphia, Pa kbchamdise wanted - fob an unincumbered country house la lbs, at Peeksklil, one mPe from the vll age. F.vsrv train on tbe Hudson Elver Rai road a topi there. It la a fine house tor a country residence, and a bargain will be given for staple goods. Inquire at 267 Bswery. PPF.R PART OF A HOUSE - AN KLDBRLY WIDOW Isdy wants to rent a part of a bouse, (tipper part pre ferred.) with kitchen separate, where tbere Is but one family, without children; location between Fourth street and sixteenth nueec weit or Broadway. Would give the preference to a r.mi y owning tbe bouse. Unexoeptloaable reference given aad required a ddress box 518 Pest office. ANTED-IN BROOKLYN, OR WILLIAMSBURG, A small bonne, with a dry celiar, suitable for storing liquors. The house must be 'ocated within a short distance from a terry. Address, stating tarirs, box 2048 Post office E^ XCBLfclOR ~ FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Office No. 6 Broad street saw Yonx, May 5, 1886. i were elected Directors of The following named gentlemen Ibis oompany, at an election he'd this da; DlKIOTOKS Oeorge 8. Doughty Geo. R More wood, Eugene Plunkett, J. T. B Maxwell. Frederick Pent/., Abra Van Hantvoord, Jacob Utile, Soiomou Bant*,

Richard F. Carman, Wm A. 8. Van Duzar, Marshall O. Roberta. Robert Hngan, Ambrose C. Kiugslaud, Hiram Anderson, Jno. K. Peters, Waldo Haw,bins, ksmsey Crooks. Charles B. Hart, Frederick De Peyster. Unwart 0. Cady, b. K '.Oiliu, Wlli'am Feraon, Allied Plubkett, E. Hovt, John Garcia, F. J. H( It inlet Richards, Anson Llvihgatoa, tl. W. Burnhabn, Robert W. Mead, Wm. H. Johnson, Charles Sagory, Herty I,. tloguei Chas. B White, Jot nner. Gourd, Augnate Belmont, L. K. 1 ahena, John Kwen, I. J Pardeasus, Edward Bossange. Aad the following von nwriCToas or xlsctjox.i. A'Ullair Kept David Hanks, P. R. Fran Ola At a subsequent meeting of the Buard of Dlreeiors, (|en. 8. Doughty was elected President, aad Eugene Plunkett VIM President ot the eompany. _ HENRY QUACKBNEOfW. Sesrefary OFFICE OF THE MANHATTAN LIF1 INSURANCE Company, No. 146 Broadway, comer l.lberty street, New York, May 13 1.85?.-Nolloe-At the annual election for Dt rectors, held this day at the office of the companv.the following gent amen were unanimously elested Directors of the second {'luflp viz. '~m~ Wm. k. Strong, Esq, D. Henry Height, Esq., Wm. J. Valentine, Kaq., A A. Alvord. esq , Jas Vau Nor den, KVq , Lewis R Loder, hW|. Fdward Height F.oq., John P. Brown, Esq., Wm. O'Brien. Fsq , Albert Clark. Ksq , Haiiry P Morgan, Esq., Jas. C Baldwin, Rtq.. ard the following gentlemen were denied Inspectors of the next a action, vta.: A. W. Klrg. 0 W Tvxle- and W. F O'limbv. K?q?. At a subsequent meeting naid Uila day, N. U. ssorgen, *eq., | yras unaslmonaly re elected Prwfhlent, I Xois, Mr li, UM, ?. I. wjltftf,?$9r#?$rr. BOAKDlfTO and LODeOiO. _ n-tO Broadway-a labor fabloub and bkb I ll/ wen to let, famished, suitable tor two gentleman, over M'eller*' fealoon. UA Q hbokdwat.-fine parlors and bed OrtO ro?n? oo ?sr- nd ut third floors. handsomely tor uULbd. bat be had by Uuiillns :>r gint.emeu, writs or without full or peiOAl toArd. Alio. dsslraole room* tor single gentle men. Hons* bM al modern Improvements. Trausdonl boArderi aerummodAted COO- ?J4 BR0ADW A Y.-GRIWNBLL HOUSE?A PAB V)Zj? tor AAd bedroom end separate bedroom to let. EaVt rWRRTT TTlRD STREET, SOUTH SIDE - Gentlemen, or a went emen And wile, can save large Airy room*. In a pleasant healths locoUon, with lull or partial board, in a well furrtahrd b?use. eontAlnine all the modem tna roTeasenle- Famllr private , oar* and stages pass th* door, tone but pernu ol the Bret respectabi ttT need apply. AIQBTB STRKICT. OPPOSITE LINTON HALT,. Room* to let. with or without board, alio, a fine airy it, hultable tor a phvaloian's office. K 141 lil HINTB BTKMMT THIRD DOOR BAST OP BROAD ItI way.- Furnished raoesA. In suite or separAtoiy. to rw Semen. with brush MM tf reqstosd Flret etose bouse, wtih At Iks mnlmi tmprofsmimto. 32 Q| TWhLFTH BtKEEt.- RUOMt, FUBNIBHK1VO A UN 01 farnltked, with or witbou* ful or pe'tlel board; bou-e fl'?t olass. wltb all the modern Improvements; family private, Reference excharged; also a room, suitable tor a pnysiclan's effice. ggl PRINtiK BTRtikT, ruUR DOOR* ~WE-*T Of B*OAD UL way- A well furnished parlor and bedroom,on lecon 1 tloor, with board. Also, a lew ssiall bedrooms, for single gen ( emeu. Bouse flrst clam; location very pleasant and costs ntenl n A FART TWENTY TBiRD STREET.?THREE ROOMS I T oi the seeond floor, baodsomelr furn'ahed mav be bad with board. The bowse Is pleasantly located between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Of* W F.8T VWK1.FTH 8TRKET. - OWNTLEMKN CAN OU obtain elegantly lurnlabed rromt with or without par tial board, at the above number, convenient to ears and atagee. Yq MURRAY STRUCT UO ah I>.-F'lUR I, A ROM tu front and back third stxry rooms, with gasandCrotoo water In them and some pleasant single roam? to let. wl h board; also a larse back parlor, ana some single tarnished rooms, to let, without board, and board by the day or week A O MURRAY 8TBKRT.-TBAN8IENT BOARDER* AC eontmodated at 49 Murray street at one dol ar per day. Furnished rooms to let by the day or week. ? lVj ORKAT JONB8~8TRBBT.-?PUBNI8NR1) BOOM8, OU ?l'hout board. tor gantlemeo; two parlors, with bed rooms adjoining and one single room, newly furnished, and kent in order. Bot and eold water and gas In every room. Term* very reasonable. GKltRc W1CH AYRRUB.-Plt)ll FURNlHdED rooms to let. __ 4)f)~UNIYRBB1TY PLACE.-TO LET. A HANDSOMELY jUZ. furelrhed suit of rooms, on the aeoono tlior. in a small ?private family, where there are no boarders, to one or two sing's gentlemen. with or without partial board. The house bss all the modern improvements. Alto one tingle room Re ference* exchanged A FEW BINQLK GENTLEMEN and gentlemen ?nd tbeir wives, can be accommodated with board at 90 Madi son street, Reference required. privaTk family hah a back Parlor, fur nlshrd compete with gas *c. to let to one or two gen tlemeo; breakfast will be furnished it desired. Apply at 203 Fourth street, near Washington parade ground. FURNISHED PARLOR. ON F1 AST FlsOlR. OF 44 Lcrov at- er t to let, to a lady or gentleman, or gentlaman and his wife; rent moferale. Apply aa abrve. Wit OW LADY, OCCUPYING A LARGE AND KLE g?rt bouse In a f shtonabie and beautiful square uo town, wouis be witling io accommodate two or three gentlemen, or a gentleman ana his wife, with deltghito rooms with or with cat brenktssi and tea. Address Minnie Herald office. ~I SUIT OF NEATLY FURMBHKb PARLORS, ON f??K A first floor, wltb bedrooms attacked; als , single and double rooms, will be let to single gen lemen of high respects bliity, a? lodgings. Breakfast If required. Cleanliness a rlct Iv observed. Inquire at 70 Franklin street, flrst house west of Broadway. A SMALL PRIVATE ENGLISH FAMILY ARK DR slrotts of letting two or three nine arge rooms, comfortably 1 furnished, with or without board. Inrespectaole partle> Re fe etces exchanged. For particulars apply al 191 Madison street near Jhutgera SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LST TO a GEN tlerr an and his wile a well furnlehed front room wl h boaro. ?? 97 per week. Aleo. two or three single gentlemen cam have 'arge airy rooms, and good plain board, at $3 SU each. Those seeking a quiet, permanent home preterrel. Apply at 37 Hester street, near Norfolk BACK PARLOR TO LIT?IO TWO SINGLE GEN t.emen, or a gent'eman and his wife with full or partial bearf. In a small private family, where they can enjoy the c nefnrte of a home: terms moderate. Apply at 71 Pitt street. a so one young lacy. SINGLE Gh.NTT.RMAN, OK A OHCNTlKMaN AND wife pieasantand agreeable, can ve aocmn odatad with a comloriabie room Ira cot age In Twenty lounh street, be twesn Ninth and Tenth avenues; where the ladv can make he-self ai home. Terms moderate. Address K. H., Herald office^ A OENTl.KMAN AND HIS WIFE AND ONE OR TWO A single gentlemen, can be accommodated with furnished apsrtments, with or without board, lo a quiet snd genteel bcuse, on reatonable terms; ho* co d and shower baths free. Inquire at 54 Walker street, nve doors west of Sroadwa v. bMALL FAMILY having mTjRK ROOM than they require, would let a tumlibed front room, wtth or wlUmut breakfast and tea. Inquire at No. 34 Klghth avenue, second fl< or, over toe stoie. A PLEASANT SKCOND STORY ROOM, WITH BOARD, A tor a gentleman and his wife or two tingle gentlemen, may be obtained by applying at 173 Kast Feventf entk aireet, | Dear Btuyvesant park. Convenient to Second and intra ave nue cms. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CaN OBTAIN A FURNISHED A room, containing grate and gas, with privilege of bath tn a small private tamiiy. with or without partial board, location p essant. c nveoUnt to sixth avenue cars or Broadway stages, call at 100 West 1 wenty seventh street. t LADY. HAVING TAKEN A PLEASANTLY 8ITU V ated bonse, with all the modern Improvements, at 263 F< urh awnue, would be happy to accommodate a few gen tlrmen with room sna partial board OOMPLaTELY Ft RNIBBBD HOU8F, WltH ALL mcdern improvemeniA in perfect order, with fine yard, ah rnbberv, Ac .will be retted lor tour or five months. Ad dress X. Y. Z , Herald offlca. , FRW 8IMJLR GENTLEMEN OR A GENT .KMAN A and his wife, csa secure neatly toralrhed room, wl h board, down town, convenient to business. Is ahouse newly tilt id up. with all the modern Improvements, gas and bath. Apply al 112 Leonard street, a few doors east ol Broadway. EUIT OF BAND80MK KOOMH IN WEST TWENTY third strvst, tarnished or unfurnished, for a family, and single rooms for gentlemen, with Doerd;tbe house fr fl/st claes lb every respect, srd In a pleasant w?d unexoeptloaabje neigbborboud. Dinner at 0. Apply to B. W, RICHARDS. 3C7fit adw ay. a WIDOW LADY, LIVING ENTIRELY ALONE, I* A the upper pert of the city, wishes to let tw? suites of moms on third floor, furnished, as siting room and bedroom, with cIosqUi and modem improvement); terms- per week, with partial board, tor two gentlemen, from ten to twelve dollars. Cars and stages within na fa block. Please apply at 113 mast Thlrty-ihL d street. LARGE FRONT ROOM. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, on the second lloor. to ist to a ladv and gentleman; board tor the lady only tw - blocks from Broadway, and near Bleach er street. Address Fanny, Broadway Post offloe. FURNIbHRD PARLOR AND BEDROOM WANfED, tor a ladv and gentleman, with bf srd tor the ladv, where no board era are taken. Location below Walker street, and we?t of Broadway Address B. A. 8., Herald office. OARD.-TO LET, WITH BOARD, AT 104 PRINCE street, near Broadwav, a front room on seeond. and one on third floor, turn Lb ed or uniurnlshed; also two single rooms. Gas ana balk in the house. OARP.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. AND TWO single gentlemen, who are deslrou? of having a per rranontend pleasant home, can be accommodated wtih very plearant rooms. In a fine house, containing all the modem tat nrnvemeats, situated tn Bast kdgbtsenta street. Th.iee de siring sueb,asa who can give good references, will please ad dress W. W? Herald office. OARD.-A PR1VATB FAMILY WOULD LET TO A. ladv and gentleman, a suite ot rooms on the^d floor, either together or eeparate. Apply at 15 Warren place, Cbarles street, convenient to stage and car route. HARD. A RMal.L FAMILY, WITHOUT CHILDREN' residing In Fourteenth sireet, would let one or two destra blercoms, ti a gent'eman and his wife, cr one or two single gentlemen. T hla L a rare opportunity tor parties wishing an agreeable home. Address L. A. M , Union square Post office. . OARD - A GENTLEMAN AND LADY. OR A SINGLE r gent'emsn oen be accommodated w th a handeomelv tur nlabed room on second floor, with adjoining bedroom If re quired. Terms pee weeka, len dollars; the hou-e contains all the modern Imrrovementg; location unexceptionable. Please call at 173 Rast Fifteenth street, near Stuyveeant square. OOaRD~?A~WIDOW LADY, LIVING UP 'OWN It A I" retired neighborhood, wl 1 accommodate two gen*'emen and their wives, with full or partial bo srd for the ladles or Wf u d let a room to n gentleman without board; tho-e wishing to live quiet, ard who would be permanent, will have a good opportunity Terms reasonable to such parlies. Address Mrs Worthlngton, Union square Poet office, for three day*. Refer ences exchanged. OaKD -ONK LARGE FRONT ROOM. WITH BK0gf!8 and closet, on second floor, and one roem on third floor to !e' wltb or without board to gentlemen. In a private American lamtly. Inquire at 179 West 16th at, near 8th avenue. BC)> RP - TWO B AND80M? PARLORS TO LET, ON the II * floor; one bandaome front mom and bed mom on the ser-onf lloor; also, tour very pleasant rooms on the third floor; two large and two small rooms, atiHabla tor single geo lis men or families. Bath and gas tn the house Those wishing a pleasant home for the summer womd do well to call flume dtateiv at 54 and 55 bammond street, between Bleecker and Fourth streets The Sixth and Eighth avenue earn, and B eeck nr and Fourth street stages pass within one mlaute'e walk of the bonse; convenient for gentlemen doing business anywhere down town. Board?persons peeking a quiet home, on moderate terms can be accommodated wltb a he\utttullv furnished front parlor and bedroom, adjoining, or a suit of the same unturnlshed; also a large baek room, adjoining hath room. Apply at 171 East 17ib st, Blnyvwsant sqture. o7rd-a frw young men oan be AOOOMMO dated with board, at 69 Third avenue. Alvo a gentleman and bis wife; gns and hatha tn the house Terms moderate. Convenient to tiecosd. Third, and Fourth avenue cars. LvCaRP IN TWENTYTHIBD STREST.-A GENTLE |) man and wife, or two or three stogie gentlemen can be Hcc imatodated with pleasant rooms, on sec <n? or tourth lloor, with mil or psrtlal hoard, in a flrst elans linns, with all the mcf ern Improvements; bath, gas, Aa. Apply at No, 79 "e,t Twenty third street. References exehacgrd. OaBD IN IROOKLYE.-PLBABANT ROOM.B suit ab'.e for famlllea end single gentlemen, a' reavonable ckarges. Good table and comfortable home- Brard. without -o mi or rooms without board. Applr to THOMAM TOYM BF.E, Toynbee's Hotel. Mnntawne pises. Rmdtlv. TJOARD I* BROOKLYN.-ONE OR TWOBIN'H.R O vN D tlemen can be acoommolated with partial hoard, within afew mlnuten' walk from Fulton ferry. References exchanged. Address R. H. B., Herald offloe. . OARD IN BROOKLYN.?A LARGE HALL BEDROOM lo let, wife ful'. or Daniel board, to a Mngle geu'lynan, In r modern bouse, within Ave minutes of the douth Kerry. Hefetenees required. Inquire at 148 Henry street, corner of Congress. TjOABD IN RROOILYN.-A LARGE AIRY ROOM, .!> olessantly locate 1. sutiahle for two single gen lemen. can be hed, wlih partial bourn at No. 2 (Tieever p ace, within a f mivnifih' Aft k <1 he f* tHHRrfMiow* r? , llred. ^OA? D IN BRO( kLYN-^rONVENlFINT To 90UTH OR I) wall street ferry; desire Me locn'.tim, end Hue room tor a man and wife, or two Rentlpmen. Apply at .22 Henry street, between Plate and At actlc^ Board in br'ioklt* ?a small family, having n ore ro?m then necevoarv for themselyss, wouto like to take two gentlemen ard their wires, or tonr single gen: emeu, to board. Apply at 126 Hands st . Kr ok yn B^oKLYS.- aaNlLEMAN AND TSEIH WIVU3, Oh. tingle gentlemen, can obtain pleusast rooma, with board, |v gppiftoi w 94 Bmn (mil (**" 9'AaHi UK UJIMMM, T>OASD I.N HH<> ELY*. "a W4lTOVTl7u)i~Y u'ij llM ehr raqoi/e,. U desirous of'tak, * on "r 8 ??"???*- a.od h* wtfs to boa. no aven ue i #r rtas!00 m*auuv "11 ,rom e1^ vv* ' ^ DOARD IK BROOKLYN GKNTl.itMFM oil fe5f?S?HS#!i! ?to-*! >?"??*; ?11c ?1 bo ptJJTa?!^' 0 e?' OO'RD IK gOt'TH iiooiZririT fulVATm P.Wr V-^doLe^' ft,rttab-1 ^ s&fefflsssiFsgsas ~R?1?,D A* H BOURN,?-HAMDSOVK ROOVtr"wiTH gfiSS^Wfcsgrgfeffl! H 7^* ?oDNTAY?OK tdvHl! 8JM itlVKR mow !u "" rG8d or ?'MmlMJU, in ? u rivals ra mi.!, lbsmost has th? lecat'oa on the river cuh ih* out of "8D!2 of trail 8ad ,h88?. with sabltn* for ^Ep,^r-AjdrMi- m-? *? *?. && OOaRO At WORTH OR*/(lg, R. J-PLB,S%lfT mUnt??l.8?nJ**. ^<mlurA ,B 8 Pfvate fAwilf. within live ? * i1#8 rtiofflw ?Uroa4 depot F* terms, address R?AJ?>**K H-B1 A Yi.UKGLaD1.IW A PRIV ti HzJ&mjL'J" c JD "V? ?*? comforts ot a home; tor i v .u ci ju uir cuiworta oi a Qooe: tor qh ^^naii?#u,|ia^ *? M? advai Cff ^ ne-*w?arr. Addrcu Rogers, Hit ad way Poet office, for tnree days Hoard wamkd-by a okntlhnan -nd wife, a par or and bedroom. with full board (diiner at six ) la A hb al-family or gt-nieal private boarding house; will b? per maceiit if pleased I arm. not to exceed >%. References ex changed Address, with partlcuara, Qulgley, Union square Post office, for one week B 'OARD WAUThD ?BY A YOUNG MAN" T*r a dor ?O vaie family, between Uleewker aud Fourieeuih a-ree'. veiled onPunday Prise not e receding (t 60 Hei'e* eencea glvea Addr<*? i... box 2,3?S Poet office DOARD COUNTRY PeRwONH ariuii i u.. 2Sm? * OA1!! and judge for wTv ?? < UOAhD lbiWaMlEO FOR A REflPKCTABLM WIDOW ladv aged ,tfi ot pteaafng appearance and moat amiable hi? W c^Vr*? w^ki" "fl0rd "?**. hut it is believed AddieM MrI. iL JhS& ^uiafti.n to any mdy. ?PLAARAWr PROh'l >tOOV8 UWFUR IMtli^^an'd'fheil * **?<' f*mUv of?dnlta or tw* io^JTTSf^ ot ?ir T?f' OB "todwate teriu at 98 Mao nougat et* eat, Bt. Olement'e p-aee. Private tamtlr w...f-1 knr rovemanla. Wo other boarder. aoaerr R?-*?.^y???^?. <.'? TWO BE8PRCT ABLR BIROLR 1^11, obtain board In a small private fanHy Sim B"W1> ?'4" Vhudam Hreet BOaBDINO.-A Ii?EY, WH09* F.MtLY IB SMALL and private, residing lr a beantltul boune. near Ma^iaon square went ?loe and a perfect m <lel tor c ear lines* and the ci :i I. rut of a home wou d engage uro or three room, verf p eavai t and atr*. io some gentlemen of itnezce rtlonahle poet Hon and aAudipg. or a tuna 1 family. coDai.tlng of a lady aud per email, with a eomesdc Address Z? Madlsm square Post t ffiee. BOARDIhG DOWK T"WN. A FltW PKRMANKNT boarders, with or without lodging, can be aommods'en hoard with lodging S3 60 lo $5; wiltout lodging S3 per week. Apply at 247 Washlngta*. street Boardiwo at no. uoTwrmt rig\trkkth strkrT, near Kfgbtb averue ?Genlleuien and their wives or .lag e get t emrn eLsh'ng the oomiorts of a quiet genteel home In a tine alr? houie. with the modem Improvement* can be aooom modnted on moderate terms Reference! exebae cel. ROf KI.YB- 328 HBKRY ~HTRHIt r. OWI-Y WIGHT minutes from the ferries and lonaiton unaurpaaed; can oe had very desirable furutsbed or nnfurnt.bM ?ui a or single ro< ins, ana board. In a tint c am bouse, where but tew wlli be taken, lerma moderate Reference glvsn and required. Apply or address as above for one weak. CtOUN'RY AIR?A LADY INVALID, DKs RIWG > home ettenilon. a few miles In the country, where ever; car* ens convenience can be enjoyed, may add.-ens, wt'fc particulars, Mrs lustr.dla Caldwell, care of A. Hwarts, ssq., Chatham square Post office. -? aw Ycrk. tlttCbTBY BUaR1?-MaY ?R HAD aT A D?8IRAHLK ) re.idence, srveL miles from Brooklyn; fine house exten sive lawn wilaebade trees, plentv it f-ul, and milk, wiibln one mile of s ft water fishing, Ac ; easy acoessbr Long Island Railroad. Inquire at 74 KasifI wemy third street. C1CUNTRY BOARD?^THE ADVJtR^br;R H sVIWU~K J bouse sl'nated In the most beautiful par' of olateti Island, two minutes' walk from VanderbUt's lacdlng and oniv fifty yards fVnm iha water car accommotwt. four geotlemeo ot two gentlemen aad th-lr wives hxcsl'ent acommoiatlonr and ? i?as'D*hle terms. Famllv small and no ?'oa-d tr* For further partloulati address L. 8.. box 80 Post offlou, or room 02 UPse; Bui dtt g. f-IOprTRY BOARD aT NRW BRnilTON BTATKN ~,rtv" ?,r ?'* gentlemen can be accommodated with 5 "ugpct^ffls^1 h001114' lor the ?"b-?"?ef- A it areas F. ( ^?CBTRY BOARD IK NKW .HCRSicY. TWKNTY-FODR V. 'r0tt ,h? f't', for about e gbt or ten person.- flue high ground, near depot; fruits abundant: accommodations altesti *ewiSt'posiofflSr cel e,cUEg#i:- Addr8? (lOUNTRY BOARD WANTED RY A UKBTLSMAN J and wlte. tn a plain fsmby, en moderate terms; .ocatton within nie knur', rice f'be City Ha l. F irm house prefsrrcd. Aodre s, with tull particulars, for one veek, W., box 2,384 A. k. Post office. rvOWK TOWN- TO LET, ONE LARGE AIRY FRONT ?U tES; S !P?1. -l^'wjy pahrtsd Ihroughout. Contains every eon re SiSSU'Sf iSSSkJI^taSfto keep aou* wlthout 0,8Add FIBBT CLASS BOARD.?TO SOUTHERlf F AMI iuh' ar Py!"8* Cdqtlrtog hrard In a Out c ass home A uwy, living trtthln live mlnuDe' walk of Wall s-reet and ^T"7.' ?r?fA,,n- c" eneommndate a lady and gentle ?klT! ??b'lemen, wiih handsome rooms fur nlfhed. Tbe liouse h beautifully lonwted, and only reauires to be men to be eppreefated. Addrees box 4 137 New York Port IpURBIsaRD ROOMS TO LET-BACK ROOM aND bedroom, to a sing e gentleman In a small twmilv wltk ,?.rT8d, ,D r If tn- end washing If desired; mcit ex oe lent location for a bustneea man. Apply at 4S Thi? teenthstreet, between Broadway and University piaeA |j'URN IBP ED ROi'MS, FOiFoENTlRMKN, MAY RR r oWatoed. io soils or separately, In the house 233 West IIW''v^.DAm,!Hm!'? ??:P,l,ed ?y 8 8rlT,lt'1 family, lbs rooms ie.'.,0?tton oonventenl to the ears and stages, lem. from $2 80toS4per week, including gas. Appiyiu UiCRBISBEI) ROOSP-NRaR TP K NEW TORE HOTEL ' let. to atngle gentlemen, consisting of a parlor and bed room, on the reooDd floor, and two par'ors. uo stairs, nowk Walerlev nuZes^""00 wMr' 4c" ta 018 "*>**? Apply atffl H,L'knismed room, with board for a lady". uir stainl* 8re 80 oth8r kOMdsra, at 201 Wooater street' L'URNIBRF.D ROOMB-WlTP THE^USR-OF AN BLR . KMi.vP8r lj',0 l8tc10 8 ft,fl bla?* bouse, ta a suit or ssna ^!kiU!#8n- Apply 4t 33 Mt t?CBKI8BRP BOOMS TO HT WITS OR WfTHf-Ur , board, ln the large boaee, newly tumlsliea. No. 23 White street, suitable 'or parties wishing to room together ^URNiBHED ROOMS V < RY PLAa8,NT FRONT SiT? ?Hl uee. ,lff""lemeB or 8 geolleman w?uTK wiih or wt'boiit partial board. Apply at Mo 170 Frscklhi street, near Huds n "u Fl'BNISWED AND UNFURNIeHlCP ROOMS TO LIT !l j fl " A aman genice tamily, b.vmg mora room man they wish to ocoutrv won d >e- two or three large rooms on ycond aid third lli/ors. ennveniet t to stage aad railroad sssr?S:?i,percmaM *pp,y#t K?-8Fi"t ?8^ ^ URKISRED BOOMS?A LARGE ROOM, FURNISH * fd of unfnrotfthed alsoAiingip fo m nav be hAf* ?t hm K ,tr0et' nr" blook west " Bro ?way, on moderate ff.URNKHED ROOMS?TWO OR THBIB NEATLY r furrlrhed rooms to let. In a private 1 .mliv, at No 6 Pitt street, near Grand, or they would ne let partly unfurnished Taims moderate, hetereaces required. rj-ENTMjMEN CAN BE ACOOMMODA t RD WITH FC A VX niched rooms In on# ef the pleas mte^t locations In the city, In the rlctulty of Washington square, convenient lo cars and several lines of stages. Gas, emfaJ thsmodero Impy^. ge^tk.07TBw^d^yn'rv" al ?8?f HR ??g FURN18HKI) APABTMKNTS TO |,*T TO gert cmen.| Parlorsand bednom., with bathing reran f nton p we. ? " m0d,rn ,mprnT?m?''?8- Inquire Behf"-OMR FURNIhHAD HUtt i>F ROOM4 CON ^ 8? t.e modern im krtcg O "?r;thebMtWto "r" whh??"Br" 8JKl stages pi" ^{su '? "" wy 2,^'^?"' roa,d, P'y at H4 Ch,Pffi^hr.UCe h,,Ur8d 78^i? of tLe'tef ^ HAKDPOMFLT FTRWIHHED B04M8 TO LBT-fMA .Jl^L ? ,?nr,*tory hou?? with gas, bath ro^ms, Ac In ? small private family with ft.II beard or breakfas end tea none need apply wb? cannot afford to p?\v % fair price for drcadway*' furBW>ed, at No. 18 Walker street weal of JH.RBRY CUT ?ONE OE TWO SINOtE GENTLEMEN can obtain bandso i ely fnrr.Dhed apartment*, with partial board In a first ola.s bouse, wl'hl < five mmute.' wa'k of the ferry References r.qulred Addrew B., boi 3,037 Post office LOADINGS WANTED,-TWO YOrNO GERMAN LA. diet wish two rooms. "Iihor wiihout board- rav in aA vancc Addrena K M.,Broadway Postofflee P 7 M D- 1 ALBlOe P' A?'R?FANILI<b OR GE .TT.hWRW can be actyunmndaird with delighthC room., with or with 400 Fourth ?%rCtl *lV8n aa<! re t 1x8,1 Tbe "'1 ?"mber, V-O 3 LEBOY PLACE.- FAMILikS AND bIaGI.E Or] IN Demon wtsblng lo obtain board, ettner oermansnt tmnsleci w.ll p eaee apply at No ft i eror place liwk tmnrleci will p eye apply at No s'l eeov place. It'e wl etreet. near Broadway. A parlor with bivtsnom a? t.c*ed m'ybebad Immediately. The honae e unalna all'i mode* n lm proven en's, aad js kept l? the best ma ner VO. Mi lART FIFTEENTH BTKEET NEAR UNI V *1"8Mr A b *h''' r?spectable French family bar# na asKRaar^ to learn French r*LKA8ANT BOOMS AND Bf>ARG FOR THE 8T7V i-aaSHMTSStAJrJfK *ndjLfit!*d thf bonse known"as*ffis l'". Ser1 A fowVeZ^^^^^r1^ ,jr 'b8 RlVATR BOARD IN RBOOKLTV A SINGLE GEN P ?.8 s,l8elT furnished parlor and bedroom, I* . .f* *l!h PjW18! board In a small private f? mtly, two minutes' walk from Wall street ->r ttotph forrv: house contains gas. Call at No 4 Willow place. References fiXOIA||M. PARKATH WISHING TO BKND THEIR DAUGHfEtS in the cour try to feotrd diirlnf the warm neaa n pan hear ot % gord place where they win oe lautrh hx cal'.inK on J C Pls'Xkl.^VH^ad^y W V0rt 088llh8A?^ P ARTIAL BOARD - A GKNT1.KM AN REQUIRES WN ? n" 8nd '?8. '? ? P'tvaie faoi 1?; i .call n cUveeo Hon. ion and Ninth street*, ami c nttguoiti to Broadway. Addreu <4 T. R., iji.ion square Post olll e. PalVATa BOARD?A 1.ADY, OCCUPYING a i'OZKY house, near iba Meirnpolltsn and S' Nlohoiaa Ho-p,., ri? ? " , ,"w " nawisi r*T} luiilt aa^ a !..%.> kUd gt ntlevN?t|?j <, ae,.|,. fUTT ?h?"l taVWfrSff r*p*m | soAiiimio akb uhwiho. Booms and board -wanted. f >b a bkbpkta bl? gtwUemen, wile, kid dauxhtdr 19 re*r? ?i u?,tn onruT.I b?d tedmou* largo arc small, xdjotomg wiUi eotm r the tut t??. in a respe-taue funny. prlva-e or w to a widow ud> preferred. terms mod arm* Address U. X. I W He-aid otic*, tor three cays. Rooms to i ft?furnished or unkurnhhkd suitable tor two atog e get flemna. Inquire at 104 K**t ^ tetetnih suset. Ke'eronrer required. * TBKRNF-F aSTD GTHEK8 WISHING OAR OB n genteai board anr rooms. In boarding b "ises or prl A7 u ilirs. la tliis or the adjr.lntog cities or ooeilry. Fug v..te iaa . graialtOMlj. All wishing can obtain gsnleet isrtiewla, sy applying at tie Boarders' Kxrtiange O. H. BUITu\ ti ? ? "?-* dppietOB'e Bui.dlng. 346 rtroadway, nvvrsWi 'ABD -JFO GENTLEMEN CAM HAT! t^r.yiciiiTB \ ?nicely turnisbed rooms, with partial board, r 0D' ?r , b . residing la a quiet and pleasant locstijn, l! *n^ "b*1 Broaa way. Those who really d<otre?cd cuapytv *c:*t* * fcome' tddr9a* 'Hxxliiaee, Ha raid offlc* W ail atreet ferrito Kor **fv ^m^Lwih ?vrtet, bet w am Obiift um4 Olfra ttroofclym, rjnv? C? DAROfCMK P'ftLOnA I down u>wi , tfar BioadwK/. k li? '^^oun. hem moderate Address M. A., boa * '19 Foe: office. TWO~ Yoiso urn CAN HM XL OMMCDATtCD trtTH fu'l or partial board at 63 Waltotth,*?1' uenr the juncfiom of B udaon and C? ral atraets. . IkTlKT, WITH BOABD-TW" BOOM* ft "II Abt *Toi single gen iemen ; hsus* conveniently *!t\ ?'*<! tor Stoat way etages and 1'our.h aver.ue care Ho 4M Fourth street, Albion p ace, O I.KT-IO ONE OR two HI HULK -qnK'TLSMMN, without b-wrd la aflntc aes h'use. (oopoxreLondon tar rare.) room* plaiui) furbished with a family of two peisrwe, lennr moderate; foreigners preferred. Apply on Hie preawsee. 282 West 7 weuty third street. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. <11 I null ?PABTNHR WrNTBD, QUALIFIED Tt? ?J5J."?U*/U ? take charge of a first class fev fork otty huts', and my est from BIO CWH? to $16.lXX) against *40 IXX) slrea. c j tnvetsd with the privilege to purchase, on ?,Mf terms the tvrnlture and seven yean* lease. Address box 3,155 Mew York Post office. ?0 (WW, Til $6,000.?WaMED, A P ART 8 KK. WITH U.UUV Ihls amiiimtol capbal, hi join the advertiser, who u a practical Cisti ler of London cordial gin. a thorough b???triMs man wou'il flrd this s goad chance to make a t irtune. Address, with reel nsme audresidtrcb, Distiller, Herald affile. (li)/) ?PABTNKB WANTED^ WITH TUB ?? tA.vrVf \/? amount ot cspitai, to jsl- in a very lucrative ar.d p'aasar t manufacturing business. It Is already aatablkh e? and being with>nt much competition, it mar be mads to Say $101 tx) per annum, as will be clearly shown. Address , W , Uroadway Feat effiee. to iinn to ?s,oou"-WAiiTKn, aTmart and km U.OUO tsrprtsing msn, to take an Interest In a steam boat buHlnsss where, with the aftovr amiunt. he can rea ls* I rem fie t,0(i to $20,000 per annum. Theea are plain facta, which wt l be shown ratUtactors on an luterview. Apply at the Cni ed State* agency. 12 ''lumbers street, up s'alrs. XQ fWWl TO ?8/Xm7.-~WAbTHI), A PKRaON OF BU8I W .Ul/U nesa habits, with the above amount, to take aa Ipterrst In a ratenl medicine btts'ness, he succe'? of waioh is beyord doubt as it is the onlr aruc eof the kind in the market, and from which a large fortune will undoubtedly be realized Address, with real tame itnd reference, wnnh will be ex changed. hpterpilse. Uera'.d (fllce, stating where an later view can be obtained. t') ruin iMTkR^HT IN OMg of TH~K MOst"?ALU d.iJIMI able Inventions of th? day, to be sold ?t ao Im ntmre eaciilice. Reference given tc epgluctvs of the hlghaet suudiug and respecahlltty, who all say that It surpasses a?j thiig in erittence for mastng a speedy and imiueuso fortune. It will yield 600 per eon' the first three months It requires oaly to be seen te be appreciated None but respects -le par Uee Deated with, tio igebM i eed apply Address, with real name and residence. 6. M , box 991 Post office. djo ZwTll ~A PARTNER WANTKn, WITlT tHIB 0DsO.I amount to a very pleasunt cish bus neas, In a beautiful part of this state. 16 000 will be realized tals sum mer. It Is perlecily safe ard sure The party c iming in wrlll be more thsi twe ty tin es over indemnified tor hia money. Please call at 54 Walker street, near Broadway. <kl 9? in - pARTHUR-WaVIKPrFf^A BRANCH OF OX-^Afl/. the 'urn er buslie-s to lake the place of oae about to i-e'tre the propr etors have insde a large amount la thebualhtss. The pari* to be associated with responsible. ReV-enoep exe'ranged ' Can clea - *6,000 per ye?r. Apply to C. B. HOW hH A OO., 84 Massiiu street Acq A ?Fa BT'KR WA NVBD, Of AN KBTAlTtd 83 KD O t)u vf. cash business, which will pay the party Investlar il.000 cer atirum A though no more capital ts necessary at present, yet additional capita' could be used advantageously in exipodlug tie business which is mnroantlie and downtown. Kor aa interview address X. B. X , Heraid office. - P A It T N K rT 'WaNTK n, ]N A PROFITABLB i cash bneiuess. lie wl:l be required to travel. Ad drers Dollar, herald . fflce. TurtrwHo wiLh'liivK REFEanxsKF as to t\ competencv Inkenplng an elegant pr vate boarding as tibllahmett, wishes a partner, (silent or not ) with about fire hundred dollars. Good txterest for the money, and a home ef the first respectability, secured by addressing a note to Mrs. baton, New York Boat office 1460." A PARTNER WANTED?WITH A SMALL CASH OA pttsl In a clo'hlcg manufacturing business, now doing a first rate cash business, with large orasra Th- man t< wanted M more than the money. A first rate opening tor a young i who wants to make m<eey. Afdre-s J. W., Herald offioe, with real came. ARBLK OUtTKRA-A MA~RfU.k. CBTTHR, OF RByX apeetabi Hy, and *10 TOO evptut ca- tuibii an arraage men'wl b the proprteoraot a vat-able marole quarry, sek alile for city building, tor a constant supply. Addieas Tern kins, Berakl offioe NOTHT..?bfi'lICK 18 HIfBF.BY 01VKN THAT TON copartnership heretofore existing under tie ffirm of L. J. l.indemsnu A < o. is this day dissolved. The busmeas will ha carried on as usnal by William meaner. WM. BICK.YKR 254 Third avenue. New York, May 15, 1866 VToTH'E 18 HrlAXBY GIVEN-THAT TBH OOP ABT - Xy cerakln heremfora existing between the undersigned, nn oer the name end fl-m cf Henrv 'iomes A Co., has been this day dissolved by mutnal ooasenu HKNRY TOMB8, JAMKB EATON. New Yohk. May It. 1866 "HaRLEs FOLBOK. The unseit'ed business of the'.ate firm of Benry Tomaa A Co will be closed by the snbacriaers. who have this day Harm ed a copartnership under the name and firm of Eaton A Fol sotn for the Importation and sale ot guns and sporting ware. Having taken the stock ot the late firm of H. Tomes A Oa. tbey will continue in thebustnees at the old stand. 203 Broad wav. JAMES EATON, OH aRLES FOLflOM. ABTNKR WANTED-AN IMTHLT1GKNT BUSt?B8$ man, who can It rest $8 (M0 to $10 000, In a manufacturing business already In suocessfu operatl m. The business is the most extensive in the Union, and verv profitable. Ib's Is a rare rhscce to those having the above amount. Address Woreester. Herald office. ARTNIR WANTED?IN A MANI F tUTURINO BU3I reus, long eslab.lsbed protected ?y p stent right; demand a'm>st unlimited; profits large. Address iir. Ailea, Herald i fflce. OPKOIAL PARTNXB /T~FIRM, MOW KNUAOKD IN A l ' cash nuslners. to which the profit* are very large and the sales of which are capable of being extended to a greater ex tent throughout the couulr*. desire to mec w*th a seutlemaa cf cspltal, who would contribute from ;$2 tXW to $5,000 a* spe cial partner. Address S. P., box 4,561 New York l'osl offioe. -ft' aNTMI-A PARTNER WITH FROmThREH TO Y* five tbOi.sar.d dollars caoitsl. In a wholesale liquor house, already eitsilttbed. and doing a good lustneax Address box M,S26 Poat office, with real name, and where aa enterviewmay he had. V* aNTRI)?A PAKTNKR. KI1HK8 SI'KOIaL or A?f Tv live tn thellght and heavs carriage buxtneex Capital fronr. f;rxi to $1 UOO Go d location, and mouey f be made. Address L. M . Herald office, for two days. INSTRUCTION. 1QK7 -BO' KKKRPING. WRITING, xRirnkTETIO.? LOyJf. Mr. UdLBk AB, 609B-oadway makes e'^aat b? s( ess wrllers and practical bookkneperx. to tie rfairtast pia stble time. Students entering now will have the benefit at epectsl private instruction, From an accomplished practical bookkeeper, without extra charge. 1 -WRIT NG AGaPkMY RUMCTaL. AX -MB. lOuU. PAINE having removed his aeademv to new snd edgible rooms. No 61 Bower*, N Y, and 283 Fuitoa street, Brooklyn, and secured fatthfnl Hs*i?tantH, b now prepared to qualify young men for commercial pursuits In an exoedltfort* manner. lAdtns' day and evening writing clasaes, $2, twelve lessons, all fount. N ENGLISH LADY, WITH OONHIHKKAHLH KXFB rieree, with references highly eRttsfantory from England and fr-m this country. Is deetrous of meeting with an engage ment for the country; her plea of instruction has heeamuek approved of. Address B 8. box 3,634 Post office. A"~ LADY. OF tinU8U XL CAPAfITY, AND WHO OAN furnish the highest testini mlals to that effiact. desires te takes few young ladies Into bar family, whose entire eduse t;on she will superintend. Hhe wfll also give lessen by the hour tn the various English branches: an J those ladles whose education baa beea neglected while ysung would find this est eice leu opportunity for Improving theaaseives. Apply at U$ West I6th it A FRBNCH PROFNHBOR DEHtRtCB TO EEC RANG* J\ lessens to French tor English, from 10 A. M. to 6 P. Ml. Addrets622 Broadway, room 29,before 10 A.M. LAPY 18 DtmlROUB OF OBTAINING A TIAOHRR for two daughters. They wtU go to the revidaace ot thalr preceptress a few hours a day to rseelve InstrucUon. Addraaa a B . Post office, Brock lvn. A LADT. OMPkTENT TO G1VH INSTRUCTION IN ?Ci KnglJ h. writing, Frenob and music, wishes to obtain a few pupil" at her own reticence, tn the upper part ef the city. To voting persons whose educati m ba< been neglected, a first; rate opp'itnnity will be affsrded of Improving tkemaelrea. Ttt ma dm rate. Address Teacher, Herald office. FRRNt it LaF)Y_(TNATivT oF PABia.^AND AT prrsest tn charge of the higher e'asees tn the Freeeb lan gu?ge and literature to one of the largest French schools lor young ladles tn New York, desires to form % similar engage ment from September next. Has no objection to any parfof the United Sir ex. Address G. B S Urlon square Post office. New York statlnr part!ru!an and salary OOKkRrPibG. ARITHMETIC, WKITING, AO ?MR. RENVILLE, for the oa?t elqht rears ai 289 Brnedwav ba? removed to the sp*ctotis and e egant rooms. No 362 Broad wav.eorrerof 'ravkln ?lreet Student* received day and ever Ing ano thoroughly fitted tor the counting rcom upon very tav irahie terms. D"'rawing and p*ivrnvG. jambb a. Watbrsto* b 'Tins just returned from Bnrope, begs to latlmate that he will resume hi* clauses for drawing and painting to nil aoA water colors, at his ro ma. 809 Hmadvay, on Wednesday, (let tost,; he would refisr more particularly to hia etyle at water rotor painting and method rfl nstructlon. being dlfllsreni frees any other teacher. Specimens seen at bis rooms, or at T. J. ? rowen's bookstore, ?P9 Broadway, and Mr Weet, frame ma ker 765 Brosd way. J R W, has taught tor many years la some of the first academies tn Few York and vicinity. /Thame bargier'a French and EFniiftn bcardlrg and dav ach-ol tor young ladles, No. 132 Madl s< n evet tie. bet ivsen thirty-first and Thlrtr second streets. A stage Is attached to the institution tor pupils pt a distance. OP AN IBP t.A NGUAG P 8GF E880R~GOBRI V COW O imnea Ids instruction in the above language. Also a fur* M'brd roots to le', with partial hoard, to aslntle gentleman, wlete 'he advantage of dally conversation tr Hoanlsh m?y be erio'ed Apply to Ute atoreaald, at 134 htghth street, ad jo nlngite Mercanll e t.lbiarv. kA'btTtNO AND ACCOUNTS? B. F. FOkTRM V* and HIRaM DIXtiN, give leaaons as u-nal In vrrlttowt. b-okkreplns, .le Room No 1 Aopieton toi'lalug. 346 Broal way, wliere youth and adults are qualified for pursuits In an expeditious and superior manner. Terms. Aa, ?n application. HOTELS. The wall house, eabtnn distriot, rbooklyn (f-rtt'erly Wllllsmebura). crner ol Fourth and fiou tv *'(Uh ?treet. 1 his raw xrd eleg*et'v turnlshed bul'dtn ( tx now i pen lor lherec*P'ion ot ramole* and tingleD-rsort*. it is .iu tutnav-fd ttsu "WW" re er-?. a-.I in .o ntv the .. *** ^ mm1 w?u 9;