Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 27, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 27, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7211 " MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. mtwi r&OM ZANUB, The Town of Lawrence Bombarded and Reduced to Aahes, FLIGHT OF TDK IH B IB I T I H T 8. Supposed Banging of Sen* Pomeroy* THREATS OF VIOLENCE TO THE FREE STATE LEADERS Non-interference of tbe United States troops. ESCAPE OF GOVERNOR REEDER. Affouots of the State of Affairs in the Territory Ac., &.C., Ac. Chicago, Uiy 26, 1866. Tbe Chicago Trffnntr publishes an ?*n baaed upon Intelligence biought by three men directly from Law rence. They state that a company of mounted inen made their appearance near Lawrence on Wednesday the 2let last., where they halted until reinforcements had increased their numbers to 400 m?n. tney bore flags and burners with various mottoes and devices, but no United States flsf. Curing the forenoon the rommittee of Public Safety of lawrenee despatched a mei>f>ei.ger wit i a note to Marshal J)oi aldson, who headed the I rce, arsuririg him that the ?itlcens would make no resistance to an; prices J he might wish to eerve, and asking protection for thstr lives and property. The Marshal made no reply; hut at 11 o'clock he -nsnt a Deputy Martha! with a poste of ten men into the town. The deputy summoned four of the citizen* to assist in making arrests, and took G. W. Die sler and G. W. Smith prisoner* The Deputy Marshal having thus tested the mdlUngness of the citizens to respeot his authority, went with his posse to the Free S ate Hotel and dined, after whish they removed the prlsiners without molestation. Soon after this, Sheriff Jones made his appearance, with eighteen men, and t'rintabed that aU the public ?sad private srms in the town be given up, giving tbe .people five minutes to accede to his demand, and threat ?enlr g, In case ef refusal, to storm the town- He did not attempt to make any arrests, but said he came for the purpose of obtaining the arms. One field piece was given up in answer to the demand, but tbe citizens refused to surrend?r their private arms. Tones then left, and in half au hour after returned with an overwhelming force and two pieoes of artillery, With which he commenced cannonading the Free State Hotel and the Herald of Freedom printing office. -The inhabitants commenced leaving the town, and the Jnforman.s Of the Chicago Tribune alsd loft before the work of destruction was complete; but the hotel fM humid, and the press and type of the Harold qf Freedom destroyed before their departure, and they had prooeeded ?boat fifteen miles, when (at eight o'clock in the eve ning) they aaw a large volume of smoke and a great flight In the direction of Lawrence, and they have no doubt of the destruction of the torn. Another messenger, who left Leavenworth Just before the departure of the boa', says that several men were killed by Jones' party. It is feared that Gen. Pomeroy has been hung by a mob. Governor Robinson is at be compton, in the eusiody of the authorities. Ex-Governor Seeder is supposed to be in a place of safety, and ie dulij expected in Chicago, by way of Nebraska and Iowa. Threats have been sonde to bang Robinson, B.-owu and Dists'er. The fiee State men will make a stand at Topeka, and i are now gathering at that point Ex Senator A ehison is in the Territory. The Dili'ed States troops are not allowed from their .quarter*, many of the soldiers belcg anxious to protect the settlers. St. Loos, May 26, 1866. The Ltxicgton (Mo.) Expreu publish* on extra, which wm reeslved here to-day, confirming the report of the destruction of Laurence on Wednesday last. The ac count published by the Sxpreu states that after the Mar shal had arrested all the persons he had writs for ho Cursed the posse oxer to Sheriff Jones, whose attempt to - make arrests was resisted by the people, who fired an bis men. Sheriff Jones then cannonaded and set fire to Che hotel and the office of the Herald of freedom, destroy ing both. When the messenger left the artillery was ntlll firing sod the fire spreading to other portions of the town, bat up to the time of his departano bat feir Jfvts had been lost. This is reported as the testimony of Hntehiospn and Jtateltffe, two tree State men. Toe Erprtts Is a pro Rlavsry paper. Washington, May 26,1866. Authentic intelligence from Kansas Is hourly looked -%rt by the President. Preparations are making by the government to pat down the free sollers by foroe. Pro-Slavery Accounts. A SOUTHERN VIEW OP THE TROUBLES IN KANSAS [1 row the G'uariestou Meroury, May 23. | The long gathering storm seems at last abiuc to break Upon this ba'tle field of Southern rights. To those who bare Hatched it with discerning eyes, tbe present poet Clon oi affklrs wld appear to bs simply tke fruit of 1 Heri table causes. From the beginning collision has seemed fie be unavoidable, though postponed by this or that cir pnmstaaoe. What will ba the limits of a war begun under snch ex ?operation it is impossible to foretell. It has In It all tha elsments of a oeep, long nnrsed olvil feud, to which the North and the ttouth are committed parties. The mens of a batt'e In Kansas sill ring throngh the land, molting to exaltation or msntinent, the rnposlcg sections bt tha Union. Blood we know Is a maddening draught, Undblood sallied In Kan>as is likely to feel a flame throughout this Union which blood alone can extinguish. The position which tha South occupies In this matter Mtnnot fail to bs a source of pride to her sons. On the (tide of law, and entrenched in her oonstltutlonal rights, * he has calmly awai ted the oniet of abolition lawless mess. Her sons In Kansas, though stigmatized as " bor der rattans," have acted vlth moder ation and forbear toaee. Every outrage committed against law ban been on the aide rf tbe abolitionists, who, b^ked by the fanati cism cf the North, have sworn to d'lve out or extinguish sdavery in Katasa. Tb?y have rn?he i uaOlj on. in spite mf remonstrance, Executive *?- I.ig and certainty Shut the most Aeey ? '? re*b.> sac ? awaited And now that the l aoe U o-rr, uu 't face to fact 1ha Ihe South cos fronts her cue v.': In lisnsus-now that Violence threatens to swallow uu (- ace *xt the whole gOnntry thill's with arxie'.y as to tse " next news" ?ball be?may we not remember with satisfaction what Month Carolina has done is behalf ot vanaas, and p dntlng go thai hand of gs'Iant spirits who hi vs In keeping her bono? std rights, demand for them not oaiy sympathy, but ret I. practical support? Never was money expended "Sn a wormier esuse, and nevsr more pruden If; for Ktn nas is an lovcuttuent fir posterity?for those who are hereafter to etJoy ihe f'uits of onr real in defence of the Institutions of the South. The changes w&loh break ?round as dally leave to the South no alternative but to /press on or be destroyed. Hoe-drawn speeuUtlons never vet saved a people or a osnse. And so l<t.g v rivalry is ihe law of national lite, her path wlh be onrabvred with ?bstaolcs which can only be surmounted by activity and Qouiaga. Somnuw Emigration to Kansas?A company of twenty-At* young men from Meriwether oounty, Oa., left Atlanta on the 20th Inst, for Kansas. NMOOIATIONS WITH TUB MARSHALS. [Ooneepoadenoe of the St. Louis Demoors'.) LiAvxewonnr, K. T.. Mar 16, i860, I left iAwreaes yestsrdar torenoon on foot, and ar rived In this city at midnight. The read runs throngh tbe India* r.estjrations?the most fetlile, beauU."*!, wall watertd ?nl beavtly timbered section of the Territo ry; but ? journey on foot by thin route, at tnTeeasou ?f Ice year, is far from agreeable. Brat-chei and marshes and muQ holes have to be croaeed, au some ef .he s.ream* aie ko swollen that it li newasary for a trave ler to dij. robe u> an extent that would to ally dlequalry nla froa introceotiob to a ladv. tf the cext man *uo travel* it secape* without a cola, ne will be more lucky than either my 01 uipat Ion or myself. Mr. aiocum, tne lirat free 8 ate mayor of this elty, has jutt arrived riom Leeomption, witn a letter from Gov shannon to Col. Sumner, the nature ef lie ooo ents U unknown. He wan in ibe camp lot Lecump: a yester day, snd nays that there are Irom 800 to 1,200 men there. If CcL Sumner's troop* are ordered out, diftculy at lawrence. The tabid men la Lecompton ha'e the eoldlery. Th?y recently disetvered, to their aatuniehmm?, the. a U-we msjoii.y of them sympathize with- the peopie ot Law rence. They say that the troop* be reilec on. Thl* is the iohh< a why Governor Shmnon psrnltted tao Marshal to c*U out the "law and order" aaa--ki-u. Mr. Oliver i* here. I had a talk with him tale tu,rn inn. He returned from Wentport on Sunday. 1 told him that I had been lnform-d that he voted at Kictapoo on the SOth of March?made five Inflammatory speeches to the la vac era irom Miss >urU He said he hoped son# man would len ity to each state ment* under oath. He would inetautly oauee him to be arrested Lr perju/y, resign his eeat in tha committee, iceist on being sworn as a witness, ana deny tne ckerve in seneial and In detail. He said, on hi* honor as a gentleman, that Us never votrd in Kansas, never offered to vo m, never thjugat of votiig. never advised any man to vote, bnt, on the oon trary, tried tc dissuade men from voting. He made a speech, or several speeches, to the Ulasou.ians: but in stead of being ot aa inflammatory oha-aotsr, he said they were rather ultra oonserntttve tn tone and spirit Ah he will call witnesses to substantiate these state ments, wbieh, however, I am ready to bellere wlthmt any other evidence than bis word, I trill not antioip its the tes.imony on this point by stating the " poia-.a ? he made in his remarks to the Missourians on the U)ch of March. Yesterday afternoon the Congressional Investigating Commission held a secret session. Eye *1 nesses of the cowardly murder of Mr. Brown, of Leavenworth, were examined under oath. The men who murdered him have cover been indicted yet, foi^hey were members of the "jaw and order" party, iia. I went over to Platte county immediately after dinner, in order to aeoertnln whether any companies of armed h en were leaving the Slate to aid in enforcing iheDraoo nian cooe oi the Barons ot Kansas. 1 could ascertain nothing at Weston. I therefore went to the vicinity of Platte City; twk supper at the house oi a pro Slavery man, and directed a. d listened to the cor vcisation oi half a dozen lousgerti who were ooscrre gated around the door. One of them rema-ked that he had been at Platte City in the iorenoon, and had seeu "Old Have" there who said that he-'didn't intend to go over to Kansas again til) there was fighting to be done, and then, by C-^J, he would be rouid." 1 slept In a house near the banks of the Missouri and returned to this oity aoout ten o'clock. I met Mr. John Hutchinson, who left Lawrence on Thursday mornins and arrived here last night. He was sent by the citizens of Lawrence with a note to Col. Suroier, commander of the troops at Fort Leaven worth. requesting him, if he could no astist the citizens in oeleDding tbelr town, at least to station a boJy of troops in the vicinity to prevent the moo which threat ers it Irom proceeding to sanguinary extremities. He declined i'.. The majority of the Investigating Committee also called on Colonel Sumner for the same purpose this morning. He replied, he wished he oouid do something, but he had no power Vs move without orders. Mr. Hutchinson says thai a meeting of the citizens of Lawrence w?- held on Wednesday morning, to see if any peaceable measure* could be taken to prevent the mob which threatened them from coming into town. On Tueeusy sveniog Mr. Cox a pro-slavery citizen of Lawrence, at the request ot Mr. William Hutchinson went up to Lecompton for the purpose of ascertaining irm the Meiahal, I. B. Dona'.ron, if anything eiulJ be done, peaceably, to prevent the monster posse hi had summoned irom entering the oity. Mr. Cox staid wiih Mr. DonaJson till night, and returned to La wren oe on morning. He said that he asked Mr. Donal 60n if he Would ii at~ iO Control those men if they en. tetbd the town? Mr. Donalson rep'ied, "I don't know that I can." He then asked the Marshal if anythicf Ciuld be done on the part of the people ef Lawrence to prevent them from comirg in with so large a foree. Mr. Dotation replied that three demands mnst be com plied with before he would consent not to enter Lawrence Wltsl *11 big forces. These demands are:? Kirflt-That every man against whom a process is lwued shouifl be surrendered. Eeoead?That all the munitions of war In Lawrence should be de.lverSfl up, 'lbird?lhat the citizens off lfl?r?BM Humid pledge them selves impdeitly lo obey the presentenactment* of Kansas, test oaths, taxes at d alt. Upon reoelving this reply, the citizens held a pub.'io meeting, and drew np a letter to the Marshal, the subitanoe of which is thus given by Mr. Hu'chinaon, who was cne of the committee appointed to draw It np:? *e,bave reliable tn'ormetlon that large armed forces have collected. Ja pursuance of your proclamation aroued Law rrnce; and in order that there mav be no mlsund- rttending, we wish lo know what your demands upon this peopie are We any meet truthfully and most earnestly. lhat ihe Marshal and every person acting under htm, will be allowed to execute anv legal proce? against any inhabitant of Lawrence; a ;d it called upen, we are ready to serve as a posse in msktng these arrests. " We farther promise that there wlU not now. nor a* any fa 'ure time, be any resistance to l?w, and we only swell the op. to teauly our fidelity to the Union and the couatttu declaim to be law abiding and order loving citizens, and v r a? k that ihi* aommnnlty be protected by the constituted an tboritica. Mr. Cox returned to Mr. Donalson with this letter, and came back at night. He said the Marshal would reply In the morning. r This letter was sunt on Wednesday forenoon to Mr. Donalson, and on Tnurscay morning Messrs. W. T. Ro berts, C. W. Bab sock and Jokiah MUirr went up to L? cmpton to obtain the Marshal's answer. Mr. Hutchinson left Lawrenss. with a note to Colonel Sumner, at the time the oommittee left tor Lvoomptin. Mr. Whl'ney. a citizen of Lavrenoe, was despatched by the people there last night, about midnight, and rode tc Icavenworth in five hoars, with a note to the Congres sional Investigating, asking them to nse 'heir ex?rtiors to induce Colonel Sumner to protest the city. Mr. Jcsiah Miller was one of the committee appointed to watt on Mr. Donalson for his reply to the note by the people ct Lawrence. He went to Lsoompton with his colleagues, and saw the Marshal. Tha purport of the Marshal's answer was. that he did not believe the promises of tne people oi Lawrenje; that he r<garded them as isbels and traitors, and tnat they should know his demands when he came. When they ware ready to return, the Marshal gave them a written pass. When the committee were a short distunes '-cm l.e r-mpton, they were overtzk -n by an ?.m-4 eouii.iuy of men, who orderea them to bait. Their leader stepped up to Mr, Ml'.lor aoosa want you to go back wi h ue." Messrs Robdrts and Babc-i'-li wither! to te'nra wi'h him, but the compar.y ccmufUtxt uem t i pr ,oeod m lawrence. When srrestcrl, Mr. Miller showed 'ho u t o Marshal's pass. The leader sal-; h-uldn't a datni ab 'ht the Msrrhal; be must go wb him. No writ ol auv kind was produoed. Mr. Jenkins, a merchant of I-aerenc*- was arrested '?/ a mob, at Westport or Ksn^as Ci.y, on Wn-nM-'sy M Jenkins Is a free State mto nt has k*- artiken a mvivi part In the movements o, tha squatter p?-ty. So *ar rant, of course, for he wan arrests i us ili.s ,uri. TUB WAR COMMFJiOoD. Tbe following in * copy of no nit/t that wee iMunl at Wanton, Missouri: ? WwrroRT, May 20, 1166 Kamai War Commtnctd?Dr Uranium SM?7wo Aboli tionitU Snot. Wa learn from Mr. Hrewerton, who laft Franklin, K. 1., last r ight, at eight o'alock, that war had ootnmsnsed. As Mr. Cosgrove and Or. Brannon ware on ihelr way to Franklin, K. T., from (ecompion, they wera hilled by a , party of abolitionist*, who inquired of them who they wet* and where they were going Oa being answered, the commander of the party tamed tc his men and asked their motto. Their reply was, ' .Sharp's Rifles," and Immediately they brought their guns to bear on Mesars. Cosgrove and Brannon. The latter was wonnted In the arm, but Coegrove sent a ball whirling through the braia ol their leader. The balance then flsd. Ad abolitionist was shot at Blanton's Bridge yesterday morning. Mr. Brewerton was pursued several milea by armed men, and only escaped by the sneeo of his horse. , Comment is unceteetary. Wa wuit action. Sherman and Howard's war has commenced. Where it will end remains to be seen. Tbe St 1/rals KrpuNican, of the 23d Inst., says:? When the I.neas left Kansas, a report was current that the abolitionists were preparing to evacuate Lawrence, and had called upon Col. Sumner, in comnand at Fort Iieavenworth, to protest their property, Klckapoo, Lea venworth City, Doniphan and Atchison were almost eu tirely desvrted?the men probably having obeyed the call of the Marshal to aid him at Lawrence. The InicUicmctr contains the fallowing:? We learn by a gentleman who toft Lexington, Mo., some days ago. that an ordei l *d f no down to 'hat county for three hundred men to aid ? e Col od nes govern ment in administering the law In Kaos*- Tun move ment is an outside ens entirely, and f>odn? no good for the peaeeof the Territory L?t Cnele Sat. tare h tie own chlliiiwn if need be. it ''net n >' l< ok well to see tee old tinea try to tbraih the young oaee. MIKPARATI0H3 FOB THIS ATTACI OV LAWRKSCK iCtrre-pou'-Wtc# of the St. Louts Iot*l'i*eno?r.] Parxvoijl Mo., May lfl Ibid. Prepare tor an awful shook. Hold a eteedy helm, or tbe eld ship will be wreoked. Armed tr.ea are ru'hing Into tbe Territory. The distraction of Lewven <e Is ntsdl taied. Civil war la Just upon us. Couriers Just from lawrence say they have from 1,000 to 1 600 men. whlh they number from 800 to 1,000 aroued the plaoe. eat in creasing flast. It la thought the destruction of the oom mlttee and evtdenoe is one cause of the outbreak, or at the bottom. We pray the Almighty Sod to avert these dreadful evils. Tbe secret border league are at the bead of this affair. It is expected to result In disunion. The ultras en both sides are dangerous men. Strike boldly for the union of this great eoantry. and may Go bless you I It is said the ladies of lAwrence ce arming. The Piatte City cannon and many men have g>ne over; noun hive yet gece over from PerkvUle. It I" not advised bJ the ugss- sj ui7*t pod oltbeoe eit sgelast it, Woillilpjwrf' Account*. (UxTUaponosaoe of th? B wtua A 1m J Fan km Hoik. ) ? f. Lawumcb Ka<<*a*, May 13, 1846. , Tlie Orgierdnatl committee hue for km two week* been toUlii * seaalon her*. To e mo.ning n?y le't for Leavenworth. General Whitfield and Kr. Oliver loft ? few <1*7* amor, agre log to meet wit i the eomaeittoo at L?hVraworth to-aay. The erilenoo la re atloa to the trouble* la K*n?a* hlresdr on reo <H, and boo a t> ho presented to ike country, U bloody and foal wl h our der. And the people in New England who hero eoubtei the truth-nice ? of the report* or Kansas outrage* pub lished hi the paper*, will be aetocUaed to flulu t tor/ com* far short of he reall-y, which the? wM Hod whoa toe report of this oommi'tas la p<?Mute>l to the o ouatry and read. Mr. Uowetd, c eiraua of this coinini tee, h*? oonenrted thJa inve'Cigai u (a a *u ?r j maouer. tie 1h great on cr.s* examination, and baa got fro -j Vie moat oil willing wuafsees the oolcge, tet oie, hi., of the It ue Lor gee, he. I'r. Hh'rman bee had the eharge ol tha doruincn'a, and ar aiged them la a manner at cmoi readable and easy f >r reference nod the 'eport, whan pre eater, W,U r.fleet ereiit noon htm. Both aeaVlemen are ipt ktn o'. by all who here cues In cont?et arlth them, In the hlg jeit ferma o' c loa nd? ion. Mr Oliver haa meLlfOeted considerable shmwdue * la managing a bad case; and wheu he couul not in be <nuoh out of (ha ttrrtlmcny given, t r himself and trlmae, he nea left, etaticg that he ernaUered It very un?afe tor him to re main in l.ewrrnie. Tsmswony Pooviso Ma. Onvn Ons or ma Invasbu or Kansau ?ih>re are men in Letvenwona arid testify that tie Hon. Mr. Oliver ceme into the ft rt:ory atone of our elections, aid made apeeoher en ouragtog the tUeei art mob to acts of violence, and ?-> 'a*a from the people their cons'Uutl.mal rlgji a, anil' ue b? ame so moeh hhealeated Th*t he couid <ak no mora. Thla fact will be remembered in einoecifen *lih a aoe*ch made by this Ram* Oliver, In Congress, wjere he rt'#? '-tiat he did not know of a Uleaourtau whi c.tne here and Tiled." Akoivai. or Okmoui. I*omrbot.?T >a at ernoon General Pomeroy drove up in fr nt of thoClncmoa t House, where b* was weleomed back ny a crowd jt *1'Jesus, who gave three onaere. The General lx>k* wed, hearty and good ta'ured aa ever. Dbtwition or Liwnrvni Threatr.vrd ?The mob about La omptop, LeaTeoworth and o-i h? oord-rs, oonalstlag of Col. Bnlord'a company, from Alabama an i boa Hi Caro lina, and aiaaonrlana, are threatening the dsstcuotton of our town. Tint I'nimi Statkb Maiuwul Qalia Crow tup Mob.?Tie United State* Dopey Msri-L-.l haa 1 <-u?.l a proclamation, calling up n the people to c ue to L cmpton fsrh wi-h, to assist In enforcing the laws of the Tn-rltory. He states a lie In the beginiing, that armed men hare reais ed and prevrnted hiin 1mm making arrests In Lawrence. Ha came here to a>-re*t exGi.veri.or Rn.dsr, who raised a point of law, iia* he, being on hi* w.y to hlM seat in Con gress, was, aewrdlcg to ihe conati u 1 in privileged r im arrest?a position sua tallied by Messrs. Sherman and Howard, 0' the committee. Ex Governor Kxkdkk'h Coriuwfovdkich wrru Govtbnok Chanson,?Governor Ree.'ar state? in a unto to Governor S.-ancoasad Judge Lecomote, tha' he w ulci appear be fore bin c urt, i' t ey would an- w hi n ol protection from a mob, which ' he? w iuld u.*t ro '1'iik Ttrkitorul Miutia OKDUtxi) Opt.-Tee militia of the Territory sre ordered w met In L?comptin forh with, to aeslst lu the enf>-eement of law tn Lav.ence. The KickapooRsngere ate at Leeompion, waiting orcera to oome down npon this city. Col BrvoRD'e Mks Oo**ip>?o*in> us Aavnro bt Gov. Sba?nob?Toe i^eo mt f >n?n" ' atli with Col. Bntor.i bee- be?n coidouss ?> ??'. au i u.<p .-<1 wt arm-' by the G ivo n >e T .y are d- lr us o. <1 smnij log ? r n l.aVTbCO* N i tree S ate ra?? o '? get ua* arvua Shaan n, he giver rtv?ii el. ?. pn? n i-ry mea. Tie Bltustioa Of uur pe-p'e Is ;:il'"el, ,rd - Tory . ?y au at tsck is expsc eJ. Ou'irlsad* in 4hs Las1, ma.t all nj In anpp'ying arm- aod mrn, ano iaU*ting upon the tu rned u e aomii rtioo ? f Kan?as into the linaia Si?te. Tin: 1-iJJ 'He op nr* OiMtrifeior:. ? The Kansas cojuiub elou air pursuing their labors with 'he utmost des patch. They entered the State on the 18th of April, passed through Lawrence to Leoompton, the Territo rial capital, where they were in aesal n four days, .... copying the poll books and oensus returns, all of which are taken in full, and the names of the border ruffians, real and b gna, and su*h of th* settlers as voted. Gen. Whitfield declined tha Invitation, ex-end id to tim by the coin mission, to examine wi.nesaea at Leccmpton. With the txoeption ol three day* spent at Tecum:eh, the eGmmlssion have held their sitting at thi-e place. The examination of wltnesaes has b?en pa?^ *ith th* kifcepf^r thcsjc who teatlttfi lailse to the D >w. Barber, Burn, and o'hir mardara, aod thote living In pro-slavery nrigboorhoods, who were afraid to testify In public. The teport C being tnorouga lv analyted aad indexed by Mr. S. P. Htano-m, ofyoar S ate, eo that Itwlil be (n Wittp'.C^ PW?t to *nd be prln'ed, for ihe nfld of the e-ian'rf, og their return to tbe capital. M??srs Fogg of N'ew Hsrdo thire, Bowen of l*eonRylvania, Hugh's and .fomev of Mis aonri. have been cooRtaatlv engaged in making duplicate copies of tbe teatimony tor the printer. Mr. Lord, of Morvland, is the official report or of the tee Vm-'ny. Mr. Towrsend, of Ohio, Is the flnanc'al 3ergaant at-arms, and Mr. Upt n, of New Yor*, is th* tergeaat at arma upon the Mttlrga of the Commissioners' Court. Tha above named gentlemen are officers of the o >mmission all occupying eqoal positions, and will re-civs an equal per diem. Mr. Samuel F. Tappan of this p'?o\ formerly of Boston, an-istan* elerk of th* Kansas Legislature, has been appointed speslal elerk to enny :h? j . ircai of the General Assembly of the State of Kansas, and .hid fferont re'urns of he election ol Reecer as delegate, and officers of ihe General Assembly. Iuh committer tUREATRNRD.?loforma'.ion has bean re ceived this afcernoon from a reliable so pro*, that the aub jtct ef mobbing ihe eemmittea and stealing ue maon sctipt testimony, was ciaeuased in the border ruffian camp at Fi anktln, last olghl?dedaioc not known, in ease of any such attack upon th* commission, tbey have th* power to deputise every man in the fciate as aergeaats at-arma, to protest them, and they will su-ely do tt. Messrs. Howard acd Sherman hare exhibited the ''hack brne" obeady, indicative of their future action la th# event of an aaiealt Contlni*ation of Omucffl.?It la an extraordinary f*o! that so many new outrages are being c-mmi ted fr>m day to day, upon the free state men, by horde* of oorder ruffians, that the Commission might well be kept here the year round, with their present efficient eorpi of oUrka and sergeant at arma, and hare enough to do. When will the people come to onr rollerr Waeu will Congress act r Relief to the free State men of Kansas ntuet soon come, or the hattle tor freedom trill be lost. [Trcm the Cleveland Oally Herald, Hay 22. ] We hare had an interview with Mr W. P. faft, of Br.oklyn, who on yesterday (Wednesday) resetted 'his city, having left lawrence, in Kaunas, on Saturday morn ing last, (the 17th,) being two days later than the letter In tc-dav'a paper, and which Mr. Taft also had the kind nces to bring to ua. the news by Mr. T., tnerefore. is tbe very latest, at he had a very quick run of lees than two days from Kansas to St. Louis. Mr. T. left Kansas City, in Meinour!, on Sunday. We hare heard enough from Mr. Taft to convlnoe ua that the cense of the free State party la desperate. Ba sinets is entirely suspended ia the Territory, and men wi'hoot means most leave or starve Governor Shannon hsa ealled out what he terms the militia, which Is entire ly complied of Missourlans, Alabamiana, Soutn Carolini ans ai,c Georgians, who, being enrolled, are under pay, aud hu? nearij 2 000 of tho vilest, of humanity are en fiu jieo sloi.g tt.e river for the ex press pnrpose of thrust ing juo Tem'otUl laws oowu Uxa throats of the oUiz*u* of lawrince, or murder them, or drive toem fro a he territory. the troops of the federal governme-1 are not relied ' p?i. by S annuo ano hts Knav-s, in- Having some hnma l'.ij aoi u' them, they will not do tho bidding el the i ulimns Col Sumner and bis officers and men are itig metiret as '"d?d aboil ioalits." r ,?o the altempttd arrest of Reedar on the writ of at tachnKnt Lsued by iecompte, Reader was prevailed on to fly, sad thus save bis own life anC tbar of the people of I-awreaoe?tor tbe vengeance sworn against Lawrenae la beeanse Reeder there refused to be arrested, and because tbat ia a strong free State town. Up to last Saturday, Reeder had not floen heard from. A camp of South Carolinians and Missourians near La eompton numbers 800, and's dailv receiving aieitlonom. Another eamp of 126 are abont a mi.e and a half from iawrcnoe. The camp on Friday last arreateroevea men, nine of whom, after being warned to leave tne Territory, a ere released; bat two are still retainsd. Every man passing up or do vn by land is arrested and searched. Even letters are broken open and read. Senses are pillaged, provisions are stolen and every kind of de predation committed. When Mr. I. left on Saturday, an attack was hourly erp?cted on Lawrence, but on the boat Mr. f. was told by Mtsecorians that Tuesday was the day, and it is pro bable the town Is laid low before this. The citizens of Lawrence were not in a posture for de fence, a though they had soms arms and ammunition. Another package of testimony was brought down by the same beat by Mr. Hronion, who. by tae aid of Mr. Taft and Mr. John Hawse, of S'.. Johns bury, Vt. (who bad accompanied Mr. Taft all thrnigb K%n>as) wan ah'e to keep it away from ruffian hands; se that, before tf i.i. it is aalely in Washington. The story of Kansas, in short, is Just this: Every mean* to make it a slave Htat* seeming f> be fruitless, except oy driving free S ate wen from the l'erii ory, Shannon ana Miurhal Donah son have, on the strength of Boeder's re fnaal to waive bis avempfirn from arrest, enrolled all the ruffians from tbe ilave, as a? much militia under pay. There assa.isln soldiery boa*t tbat fourteen days' service entitles them to 160 acres of land, betides their pay and rations. Thus an army of |pro-alavsry mm <* quartered upon Kansas to eat oat Its suostanne, destroy business, .and fiee .the Territory irom free State men. This, too, when a foroe of govern-nent troops, sufficient tor every purpose of arrest and protection, is within call. Tbe w >rld efforts no case wnhh has its parallel in vile Not a man has rssisted, sven to tbe waving of his hand, the acts of Col. Pumnet's troops; and yat these troops are not called upon, but cut thrrtt robbers and murder ere are armed by Shannon with U jited States guns, and

tbstr paid with United States money. This lasi scheme, concocted by the agents of this ad minlstrutlo.' for the purpose of fastening slavery npon E a-JMS, will probably be successful. United States Circuit Courts Before Hon. Judgs Betts. THE NICARAGUA FILIBUSTERS DISCHARGED. Mat 20.?The United Statu vt. AdiitM farntuxrrth, Choi. H. Walters, Wm. S. Letter, Andrew J. Morriton, John Crnyhtnn and Otorgt B. Hall.?Mr. A. A. ChlUIpa, crnnMl for tbs defendants, moved that they be dis charged from their recogniianoee, as tbe government had fall?d to bring tbem to iriaL The Dlitriot Attorney did not oppose I he ra .tion, as he was enable to procure the att at dance of the necessary w'.taesae. Thi deftnteatS we;e theietot discharged, *HB LATEST VSWI. V toGNETiC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. KB. MA^vVTtnK fr?M Waehlnspfn. ! BKhiTLr 70 "-?KB CL AitRNDON? ?!(? 1 w m L?/w'88 Msns.? ??? . . Washixjton, May J?, 1866. 1 AEd he. ^ u *** '* l*Mio" b..BT, thie morning, I. i. r*D,;r t0 r**6. It ?T1,Ut?ry *ith ^'P??cb th? .polofy offers M perfectly satlsfa,:to?, "-V ?' M?""" * ? ???"?. A Z ?..I ? v __ Orimotor, M th# representative of toe u not ?*????.?? iuP.-?Jtle kU pUc? 10u7 b" Q?*<bby another. A copyofthu docu?..twl)l bp fainWhed MrXT;^ ^noL\\Zi\^'b:T ** ui#i ??*?"""? wU1u *?no ??tbp PM a,., ?join. A r - ?'r0Ul't8 frODa N,,r Yurt At work to. . Wh?"f Pt?D ln th' erunt^- The esr. rt p.orei ? fidlure.of cnurto. There Is co..*id.ieble ,.*** Pr?8n0etJeAt?j. No*, whet say. Wall .tree: f ' to tb? tl.cinn.'i Co. v.rtton .re .*>1 pouring l?, .nd w? .r. #bout h.Wtg , regular rehearsal 0 the fwtse here prerioua to th. pi.y In the Qu-en city deU*au" h-? "Port th. 8-ate di ? h* w? Dwf? "d Buchanan after Pi,roe U set *.7" New y,>rk ^ <H><? soft d.Jega ?r .r. be.e la ?trogth coquetting for Met. In the Convention The hards I think, an ? trifle .heed Both .ay 'he, .re willing rot. for u . comtromise. Th. California delegate. ire for Douglas nf.r the first U iot, so .re the Ohio delegates, Boh houses Of Congress adjourn for tho treek aft* r edtesday, ostensibly to put on th. summer dn-gs, but in feet nothing is to bo done un 11 .'tor th. Couv?ntt>n The Hon. J?m.g L Oir, of 8. C., wu suddetir attacked this morning with neu-.lgle in the bsek, .nd ho severe was the p?!n, tb.t he loll upon the floor, from which be was taken up by seve-tl gent emen who happened to be in hU room. Be is much better this evening, aal hopes are entertained that he will be out again ln a few i.,B. The ipeeoh of Senator Pngh to-da.r waa a brilliant effort. * Col. Colt ard hie ag-cte are here preying an extension of his patent. Tne, depend greatly on J*meg' oul B, a diciaUn of the Cabinet no obstacles are to be placed in the way of venue's or men sailing for Nicaragua. The Sumner and flrtwlu Affray GEN. J. WATBoN WKBB IN TEOUuLa?AN ARKAIH OP 5"^ ?N THH TaPIB-THN INVBSTXGAmt 5oi *EZbv?SUiU,KR'3 VKMI0K ?* THlt W.isHDKiTON, Ma, 2d, 185ti. A tumor wm widel, dreulated to-da,, that Mr. Bi ok* o) f utb Carolina, had challenged fien. Jamer Watson Wrbb. but the tota are as follaws:-Gen. Quitman to-day w* ihe bearer of a not. from Mr. Brooks to Gen. Webb, aaking whether he was th. author of the article ln the Lour%tr and Enquirer on Saturca, relative to the aaeiult on Br. Sumter, to whioh Gen. W.ob replied he hao ab stained from writing on this subject till Saturday and that the Courier of Tueaday wculd contain a long letter over hi. signature, from which Mr. Brooks might learn lull, his opinions relative to the affair. The House Committee of loves ligation waited on Mr Sumner to-day, and took hia testimony in regard to the assault. H. was also cross examined. He was in bed ^Mhniinh'lon, and bag sat up but U ti? since uietlMhlt. He Is itili very weak, and the phy.icUns C05b**1 him cot to go out of the ho on, during 'his veek. The following is tbe statement oi Kr. Sumner, unde' 2? v assault upon hia by Mr. Brookr 1 attended the Senate as usual on Thursday, thu 2-'d o* "'f' ATer son.e formal buiineis, a macsags #a? petv?fl L-cjn th. Bouaeof teprMeotat/vM, ann .uuo'ug ta? drain of a member of tbat body from Missouri. ihTs ?-a < lol owad by a brief tribute to the dooeaaed from Mr t^il, aowdici ?, tuage and oat o' xcfpcct tc the detffAiMo, the 8ene*? ^jouraed at once. | Ibf'tad cf ItaTiig tie Staato eham^r wita the rest ot | th# reoators on the ar journoient, I oontinued in my seat, occupied wi'b my p?n; and whl e thus intent, in older to be in season for tht mall, which was aeon to cli*e 1 was approached by several per so;* who derlrrd to o-nvene with me; but I answered tbem promp'i, and orlefly excoslrg myself for the rea son that 1 wa? much enKaged. When the last of 'bese pot sona left me, I d:ew Br arm chair oloee to my de?k and with my legs under he reek continued writing. Mr attention at this lime waa ao entirely drawn froai ?u other subjects, thai 'hough there must been many persons in the Perm's. I saw nobody. Waiie thus lntsnt, with my head bent oyer my writing, 1 was addressed by a person, who auproiched the frout of my desk, so ec ^oob5erTe<1 ,'h*t 1 ? n?t ?y?re of his present# until I heard my name pronounced as I looksd up, with pen lu hand, 1 saw a tali man, whose countenance was not familiar, rtandlrg directly ever me, and at the same moment caught theee words: ?? I hare read your speech twice ov?r, csrefab. It is a libel on "outb Carol.aa eat Mr. Bu'ler, who Is a relative of mine." While these word, were siilJ pamfrg from his lips, be oommenced a sucwrsion or blows, wlih a heavy cane, on my bare hsad, dj 'he nrst or which 1 was stunned so as to lose my sight. I raw no lunger my assailant, nor any other per sun or oiject la tbe room. What I utd afterwards was dune almost unconsciously, acting under the it sttnets of self detenoe. With head a ready cent down, I rise from J?*1' wreccbing up my tfrsk, which waa sorewed to the floor, and then pressing forward, while my assailant continued his blows. I had no other coasdons n?ee until I found myeelf ton feet forward, in frent of m, desk, lying on tne floor of the Senate, with my bleeding head supported on the knee of a gentleman waom I re*cgnl>ed1 by Vulce .nd manner as Mr. Borgao, of Vew York. Other person. 'h?r. were about me, offertug me frienrly ae.iktance, but I did not recognise any of them. Others (here weie at a distance, looking on aad offering no atslstacce, of whom I recognised ouiy Mr. Douglas, of Illinois. Mr. Toombs. ofG,u.-gl?, and, I ihousht, auo my ?eaaUsat, standing between them. I was helped from the floor, and oocduc'ed in*, the lobby of the Senate, Where I was pluosd upen . so'a. Of Uioie who helped me beis I have no reo jliection. As I entered the loooy. I recghiied Mr. Slideli.of L ulplaca, who retreated, but I reergLised no one fine until I folt a friendly grasp of ths hand, whioh seemed tp cm* from M'. Campbell, of Oblj. I have a ysgue impreeslon that Mr. Bright, I' resident of the Senate, spoke to me while I was nn the floor of the Btnate or in the lobby. I make this statement In answer to tbe lntei rogatory of the committee, and offer it w-i presentlLg ci mp'eteiy all my reoollectlons of ihe sihau t and of the attending circumstances, whether lmmeolate-y before or ImmelUtely after. I oeslra to add, that, besides thu words which 1 hare given, as uttersd by my assailant, I have an indistinct recollection of the words " old man;" but these are so en veioped In the mist which ensued from the first blow, Si *m DOf" iur* whether they were ut ered or not. On the cross examination of Mr. Summer ha sta ed that be was entirely without arms of any sind and that be bad no notioe or warning of any kind, direct or iudi reet, of this assault. In answer to a oruM-qu'stlon, Mr. Sumner replied that what he had seld ef Mr. Butler was strictly rospomivs to Mr. Butter's speeobes, and aocording to the usage* of parliamentary debate. ^ ACTION OP TUB MABflACHOBETTa LKOISLATtlHE IN llBOAkl) TO TBB ATTACK ON MR. SUMNKK. Bonos, May 96, 1856. The ?enAte to-fey parsed the following resolves, by a unanimous vote:? Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth < f Mas*achuseitH, That we hare received with deep concern Information of the recent vio lent eaeanlt committed in ihwSenate chamoer at Wash irgton, upcn the person of the Hon. Cnarlee Sumn?r, one of our representatives in Congress, by l'reaton S. Brooke, a member of the Home of Representatives, Irom South Carolina?an aaeanlt which no proroeatioa oout * justify ?brutal and cowardly in i'self? a great breach of par liamentary privilege?a ruthless attack upon the Iioer y of ape?cb? an outrage of the decencies of civilised life, and on indignity to the Commonwealth of Massachasst's. Re> olved, That the Legislature of Macrae isect*, in the name of the tree and enlightened peo p-e, demands for her repreeentatiree in he national Legislature entire freedom of speech, and will uphold tt em in the proper exercise of the eeeoniial right of American citizens. Resolved, That we approve of Mr. Sumner's earnest and tearless declaration of free principles, and his mahly pplence oi human rights and free terri ory. Resolved, That 'he log is I a ore of Massachusetts is 1m rcra'i?ety oaLed by the plainest cictatM of doty, from a decent r. gard of the rights ? f her cltleens and respeot for ber character as a sovereign Seats to demand, and 'be legislature of Massachusetts hereby does demand, of the caticnad Cor.greee a prompt and a riot investigation into the resent a< eanlt np< n Mr. Sumner, and tne expulsion by the House of Mr. Brooks or South Carolina, and any ether members ounce inert with him in said assault. Rssolved, That His Excellency the iicvernor be re a nested to trauemit a copy of tne kiregoieg resolves to He President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Represents ives, and to each of'he Senators and mem bers of the Bouse ot Repreeen'a'ivee from this Common wealth In the Congress of the United States. After the adoption of the foiego'ng resolutions, they were transmitted to the House for the action of that body upon them. In the House the resclotlons exoited an animated de bate, but, after a alight amendment to the third, they were adopted by 187 against 23. MR.BROOKS1 CONDUCT ENDORSED IN SOUTH CAROLINA. Colcwma, (J. C.) May 96, 18 >6. Contributions are being made in Charleston and Colum bia for the pnrpoie of getting up a testimonial for tueeea U'ion to Preston S Brooks, whose course M very g<u? i?U; Pfjmed la this locality. flUttT) "VUVHTtl VOBOHJB**. riw ijuui o* ?mm*. W/uat.vGTOW, Ma/ 26, 1666. IniH li-rAti i ox mr. emum Mr. Piuar* (national; of Md., smut that the .poet*! eomm*tee to Investigate the assaclt committed on Mr. Sumner* found it impossible to pursue the investigation pr~perly. without power to send for persons end papern, end asked that such power he given. Agreed to. wioo.e road to to* r.anvrc. Mr. Wwijm, (d*m ) of Cal., pre.-ented a petition iron T5.P0C el tiger. of Caligula, eaklag fj* a wagon road to oonoec' Call orrda wi.h the A iantio State*. The eigne. t-,f4 w*r? bound In two large volume*. Mr. WeUn urged the Impor'ooce of the measure. MILITARY ROASW AfKoee TIIH RUCKS, I Mr. Weilkr aleo introduied a bill for the constrnoti.m fr ,in western boundary of Mia ^ ar,?^ ?n h . l,uo,ht:r for lt>? contraction 0. a military road I rum E? f'aeo to Port Yuica. Mr tw? /a ?!f 10? o" Kansas bl llo rn a '' ,0uij- tdorfc *0?. the deaa'e on the O U for tii? AOlXUKHiOU of KjLZlMiM. ij*| o^iflCl?d Ui thai nrrt vosilion of Mr. Seward to aonUt Ra ..C or ner fr^ ' J*'? ?*?*tltution, (not exoeoomg :,4,i'00,) nod b?c*use the Inpeka aestivation wss m iuj Dy on,-7l0 ToUg 1.nMrtu*d* of a!*u,n?"t ? ui'iar to ihat or tie M.pportere of Mr. Douglas bio, sou *u v?rv never* in hie i "marks on tbe KmigTaut Aid tioei-tie*. He gave rea son* why ha ooukl mot obey the Inairuationaoi lie Ohhi legislature, ana replied to the argument* ot Meter*. See hrd anc Sumner. JHoTKCTnN *<>![ CfA.NO I> CroiRJUtRH. Mr. SrwABD intrtduoed a bill to autbo-iz* that protec t on be given to the oitiaecs of he Coliei- State* who may rSSTflSuR'hind 40 *e tou?"Ulee on Aoj'urnod. "euM ml ItipteMntaUrM, WaraiKftToy, May 06, 1858. in* CAriTot kxtxxsion?morr corrittiok. Mr. Ball, ol Ohio, rnovod fur a easpeaaion of the rule*, to enable blm to Introduce a re?oln ion railing for ?pe clflo information connected with all the branches of work on tbe Capitol and Post Offloo extension. Ha said ha wanted the coontry to see the manner In which the law d 111111 '"^e public xmnvy wasted. The ruJee we/e eue^oded. lir. Ball pr* cteoed to Mi;?w that tha Secret*ry of the Tmeury uunecewarily expeoced Urjjpe eomi of monej, t0 in*'"ad the lowest bidders, wi h a lues of more ?han 8100,060 on one of ?n, or ??*??te?n thousand dolors bal been spent u.r majhinery u> raise stone on he treasury enlld ^"7 ? ^e fact that hoi. ing and setting f?ld * r-arformed by contract. He made n . charge of W if. iouf Ctp/ Mbi8" or 'he Superintendent. , . ,rP?Dd"1,f money 0'necessarily on 'he Capitol a ad Poet Office extension, by making the worn too naavy ana floe. B WJIK Ihe resolution was passed. ? _ ?*w YORK POUTtrs. * ?Jr" } ?* Y- ? obtained permission to print a sp^ch which he had no opportunity to d*!iyer. main talnlng .hat the '?ofie compose tho true democratic narty of New York, and are superior in numbers and naMon allty to the haids, who, in hie opinion are mostly Know Nothings. He avowed his belief thai ue eof. delegates theVar^'***0'**1*1 10 the t*oiusl?n of CAUFORXIA LAND Cl-AIMF. Ht MPHRKT Marshall (K. N.) Ky , from the Judloiary mm it tee. reported a bill to authorize tbe patents issued on the final a 'judication of Culiforn'au land Claims, prior to January, 18MI. .' * IdjouroJd 0n ?f tb6 blU W*" two weeks. Mewa from New Mexico, St." Loris, May 26,1858. The Banta I"e mall arrlyed at Westporr, Mo., on th* 21st. Mr. Dow, Secretary of the Territory of New Mexico, was among the passenger*. The m?U was stopped by a party of thirty In^lacs? Ktowah warriors?who demanded pro visions, but offered no injury to 'he party. A large num ber of Camanobes, entirely peaceabe were seen on the Arkansas river. The herds of buffaloes encountered on the prairie were very numerous. Thert Is nothing new In N?w Mexico. Gen. Merrlweather arrived at Santa Fe on the 27th of April, in good healti. Affhlialn Bwatoiu AUNTVKMAAY OF TH* SOUTIIfcRN AIE SOCIETY??B3 TKCCTlVii FIRE, Boston, May 26, 1866. The anniversary of the Southern Aid docie'y was held at the Park street ohuroh last evening. The soeiety was established three years ago for the purpoie of providing the slave State* with minister* and misslosgile*. B3f. Jrr. Biagden opened the meeting with pr&yar. The Saore tary, Rev. Mr. StUsr, gire an aecount of the object* and operation* of th* society. Tne first year tbey raised abrut 64,000, the second about 110,000, this year only about 60,000. but the financial year Is not yst closed. They have this year sent a missi inary to Texaa to explore that Stat*. The society spends 6800 per annum tn New Orleans in supporting trait missiona ries. It has also contributed toward supporting a ml* siouary in Mobile, also missionaries to th* slaves in se veral Southern States. Th* meeting was addressed by Rev. Harvey Woods, of MishUsippi, acd Rev. Dr. Parker of New York. About 12 o'clock last nlglit the four story briek bnild iigin Federal street, formerly 8ea street, near South Buston btlcge, was deetroyed by fire, together with a block of snail dvelllrgB in tne Tear. The main building, occupied by the Boiton Piantag and Moulding Company, containsd valuable machinery and a ltrgs amount op stark. The dwelllcg* were occupied by twenty or tbir'y 'ii*h families, who have been rendered houseless. Loss about 660,000?about one-half covered by insurance. The Democratic National Convention* Cimcwnati May 26, I860. The city la befog rapidly filled with strangers. There are numerous arrivals from Vliginia, Louisiana, Texas are Tmnea?e?, and a full delegation from Mississippi, to the Democratic Conwotion. Fire at Fayette, Me* Portland, May 20, 1866. The Korth Wayne Sjythe Fastory, together with grist end saw mills, and a tannery and machine Bhop tn Fay ette, Kennebec oounty, were destroyed by Ore on Satur day. Loss about $40,000. Steamer Bnrntd at St. Lonla St. Lorn, May 24,1850. The steamer Nebraska, bound for New Orleans, with 800 ton* of produoe, caught fire this morning while lying at the leree, and boat aad cargo were heavily damaged. 1 he fiT? eomD'enoed in the hold. The boat was owa?d at llttMburg. and eost $86,000 one year agi. Injured for abcu: hail that amount. The loss is not yet estimated. The Caee of the Fostmaster of ifew Orlesnt Nrw urlxanh, May 26, 1856. The cane of the United States vs. Kendall, he., was eon rinded last night. The jury, after half an hour's de liberation, returning a verdict or uot guilty. Markets. rniLADiLmiA stock board. IhnLAiixu'iaA, Mar 26. 1866. Stocks are heavy. Pennsylvania 6'h, 83; Reading R*il rrad, 44W; long Island, llrif; Morris Canal, 13#'; Penn sylvania Railroad, 4fi#. New Orixans, May 24,1866. The i airs of cotton were restricted to 610 bales, at 10.',c. a 10# o., for middling. The lower grades are feeble. Freights to Ltvercool, #d. On* l*smcMter Correspondence. Lamqahtxr, Pa., May 24, I860. Mr. Bvchanan at Bmt? Viti'.ed by Distinffuuhei Politi cian*?DtlrgaiM at Wheatland. Ever sinee the return of Mr. Buchanan from I'ng'and, our town has assumed quite a lively aspect. A'most every train bring* to it a number of "distinguished strargers," on their way to Wheatlaad to pay their respects to "Pennsylvania's fhvorlte son," now a promi nent candidate tor the Presidency. Among the number who wrre here lately, I was pleased to ses the How. Bovell Cobb, of Geotgia, Bev. Tucker, of the Washington Smtinel, Geo. Bandera, late Consul to London, ex-Uov. Porter, J. Glancy Jones, M. C., and others. Mr. Buchanan's fiiends consider his ohaness for the Presidency as above par, and are freely betting that he will he nominated before the aixth ballot. I have the very beet authority for sating that en the first ballot he will receive one hundred and fifteen votes, the calcu lation In your paper of the other day to the oontrary notwithstanding. Y s'erOay Mr. Bnebanan entertained quite a large num ber of frisnds? delegates aod others en route for Clnetn nsti? smorg whom were four Belegstes from Maine. He a us at lured that the whole delegation from that State would oast their votee for him after the first ballot. Harbor and Riykr Convention*?All will re eolltct the influence which the harbor aad river ooaven Hon held in tbis city In the summer * 1847 exerted neon the sentiment of the country. The time has arrived when, in our judgment, another gathering of a similar kind should be held. What say our co temporaries along tb? gr#at lakss and rivers f Shall we have another ex pression of the people on this vital question T-w(AKajo AamunK, May ?. Our Washington Corri^epondenee, W AtmMiV**, May ib, IBM. TV Cincinnati Qm-m'ii n?fhtt cKat in fte Capihu?TTid (riiiijton Affair?VitHfrmn a Suuitn Squadron. fi.*8 rtun to this ci'y by politicians from varlowd parts sf the I clou is g.eater than I have ? **r beforw known &*. eey one time. This, It would seem, U te be place for soaking* the nomination, end not OlncdenwM. While Mr. .? herd >1 work on Use answer tw Lcrd Clarendon, PreaUkect Pierce Cm himself eurrownd ed by bU c< nfMentla! ntLeeert, wbo eeeare him eucoeew en the first be :*??<, II uotbiDg utoreeeew bet win now and tde fcenid el Jme luier^'id to pteieirt it. Sewetny Darts will hear of on other came* than these at lie re- er JDot.giss while umlnting that tb? Ksnses figfet, which eomruuced here in the We >c>.ing do rw af -luraaer, should goon, and live uo in'orruptkin, until the <|mw tion of r'pje iem is mttied nan war o? the .vther. TVs Secretary '* \ lews he?e thousands of trpnr ivewe In and about this ci'j. The remainder*Cemet HVd them selves but little t oublrd, as tboir nplrliiak are In nogrmd demand. The Southern delegates bold uo cominiiiillw with thine of the North. Th-y rea'oo that the North W split up, and that the South may Hod it nesowsnry, at the proper time, to lni?rpoite as arbiter. Senator I single* har openly sta'ed that H- would hw urn as to ncmlva'e Mr lluc km nan, if the Rentes princi ple {is of any internet to- the damooraay and ooantxy. This blow was hcneciS'ary, as Mr. Ru wil not throw bin self In the ?ay of any aspirant at the Ctnctn natf O iiTexiUon. l'ethap-. it is to be legrettod; yet tins fas' stares ua In the faoa that Mr Buchanan will not he tfce nominee. The hards are pre*?tug the Sou'.h In sup port of Daniels. Dickinson, the aotu?and tbey aro numa rou?, ail office holders?insU; upon fit r.-rai llarae, TTr glrla is claimed for blm, and 1 know of Interests at woefc wbiob are to secure 1'enusyivauta, should Mr. Bucha nan's chanoes be found of r.a avail. Probably Mr. Camp boll, the f'oa mas er General, ttie friend of Mr. Bueha nan, might give particulars, if disposed to do so, fiu any friend of ids ex Mini* er'ssere Me. John Uuney. An incident latere* jug and reserving of tuuc* bee boeu lurumhed me. Yes'erdey a caucus of the frierds of General Pierce, was called at too rooms of e m?oiner of the Senate, and the parties imiu*-' by name. An office holder, be'org!Eg to you ay, but not levied, presented himself, and quletiy took his chair, waltiig tui orgsuizati'n. The ro> m war full. aE wbo had reetlv- d osrns were there. The office Holder tried the agreeable; went about, sp k* to the geatleasM assembled, hutreca'vng nothing more than a cool aa awsr, again took his seat?when oue o( the persona oro seut ar. *t> and obeerTsd that the meeting wu pdraw; and if any w. re present who haa cot received written in vitation*, such persons would please withdraw. The office bold, r took the bint, and the meeting was oigtnlsed. The grnt'eman ailudrd t ? has lorg figured io your cay an ti e immediate representative ol the Pre>t< ent, but hia sincerity has been shown to consist only io words, t would menu n his name, but it will be announced la m few weeks among others, whose services arc to be 4m peused with by the President, The farther the Cratupton affair p* ogre a. as the despee does tbi* gentleman *?eu? to involve bi neeK, and >o ren der his cisr ipsal more pressing upon the government. Since the publication, in April las', of the papers in the possesslrnof the L" ni'eo <t*Us government relative to Urn neutrality d'fficul'y, I am assured that Mr. Marey haa received several lette-s o' undoubted charsc'er from Oa ?ada end pa<tsof tbe United Wtates, proving a well or ganized system, on ibe part of Mr. Crampton, for the carrying out of his ends, which tare not yet been madw public They will, I under*.and, be submitted to Uu Senate st an early day. New Tbrfc and our principal seaports will b? visltet dutlng the ?ummer by a large Kuislan naval firce tfaw object of which, In the main, is to make as acknowledg ment ot the friendly sent intents which have been ex pressed at all times towards Russia by the people of hVa United States. It is supposed they will teach New Tetk in J me, wfcsn a round of entertainments will be given am board of their principal ships, to the eitlrecs of the Um pire City. A joiat resolution will be rff-'red oa Thursday aML for an adj* u-nmeut of Congrats for ten days, to malm snob <ir sngeitcnts in both houses as may be repaired for e ? i kui i session. Political boulp. for. A. 11. Coleman, ot the Burnett House, Cincinnati, bw aant us a telegraphic despatch, requesting u to fat. form the democrat I ? delegates that he will not ralee th price* during the holding of the Convention, all report* to the contrary notwithstanding. The Washington Know Nothing Organ think* that if Sevard it nominated by the nigger worshiper! the ana cess of KlUmore will be rendered my re oertsia, as Bishop Hughes woul-i Iheo ttij Ui? field In person for hut friend Stearc, and draw off a large number of the Irish rote frrm the democratic party, General Thomas D. Arnold, an old lice whig, and for merly member of Congress from Tennessee, haa anMei with the democratic patty In that Stale. The daily Ohio Clevtlander does not care who U nor-fi nated at Cir.cinna'i, but ventures the prediction '.had Stephen A. Douglas will be the next democratic oa.idb data for fho Presidency. Thi A hens, Ga., Suuihrrn Banner, speaking of the New York delegates to Cincinnati, says:?We trust that A* " Georgia platform" test will rule out the softs, for am faith in them is very little larger tban a grain of mortar* ?eed, and that the hards be admitted, for they have stood ?>7 onr rights, while black republican and Know Nothing janizaries bare shot down onr friends. Thomas L. Anderson has been nominated for Cong raw by the Know Nothings it the S-eond atitrlot of Missouri. The speeches ot Senator Douglas on Kansas TerritowM affairs have been printed in pamphlet form, and large numbers are now laying in Washington, ready to be dee patehed throughout the country on the opening of taa Presidential campaign. The large Southern steamers now lying at Clneinaat will be converted into lodging houses during the sitting of the democratic national convention. The nigger woi shippers of New Hampshire are to bedt a State convention at Concord on the 10th of June, (be the purpose of appointing delegates to attend the Phila delphia convention. All tbe Western railroad lines have advertised to oarig the delegates and their friends to and from Cincinnati at half the usual rates of fore. Kegnttn of Ihe Metropolitan Club of WU? llamnburg* UThe Metropolitan Begat'a Club of Wi'dlauuburg gave a very fine regatta yesterday from the Washington Gar den, which dt ew forth a very large concourse of epew tators. The day was fine, and the waters adjacent to tie Garden were literally oovered with row boats of eveay description and size, and the banks of the East river, la tbe vicinity, tcoommodeled from three to four bd isaad people, all anxious to witness the sports of the regatta, Thiee races were given, consisting of a teraity M shell boat race, one for nineteen feet working baits, aad another for seventeen feet boats, with two fain of souUag the prltet for each of which was a hands' a*]/ wrought sliver goblet. For tbo first race the following boats wan entered:? Ifamtt. Rowers. America Willi am Seller*. Astoria Belle James Carey. Jenny Borne Vn. Wood. Flying Dutcnman Thomas Sellers. American Boy P. Collins. They all started well, bat soon came Into a single Me line as ihay sped on towards the stake boat, whua ww placed abont naif a mi:e from tie Garden down towards tbe Navy Yard deck. The course wu to be rowed over four times, making the distance four miles. The Ame rican Boy got the lead, and was folio -red oloae by tbe America, but the forme- succeeded in winning the raoe, performing the distance la 41 minutes and 65 eeoonds. For the nineteen feet working boat raoe there were only two entrances, and one of the boats gave ont on tbe second turn. The day for this description of raoe ie about over, and we should not be surprl<?d If this laet attempt to revive It has gtVrn It the i i.-ulog stroke. New and lieet shell boats have sprung u' i, tim places of the old working boats, aod have si. e id ,r. log ot all the excitement frnr -h? ->id C isc f.l ng Tbe last race wss l;u.- j ey S ?/?, n ? venteeu feed boats, two pairs ot sculls. Toeie-" i the8a Yates, tbe James WerseU, and the Fat it >y. This vae a vi v exciting race, and eli:lted the che-t.i ot the multi tude at every tv ot the eiake. On fl'-t jomtug rcund tbe Yatee w?? >< sngtb ahead of the W'**eU; at the se c.nd ture ?. ir j.oMtl- ns were revereed; on the third turn th-y tiic in In a ut the saute manner ae on tha prevo ". end when they came back to tbe judge#* boa t r 'be la. time, the' bows eeie within four leet of each otnei?the Wetsels etuning the race. There was at no time during t.e eoa'Cst two boats' lengths differsnee between them. Time 47m. Oft. Personal Intelligence, Mlse Sareb 1'ellet Is delirerirg tec ures 'n -<?v?r.nah up-e Nicaragua, Its society, manners, en*'?as, end a complete description ol? the IUras and Walker govern ments. ARIUVAL9. From Portnlk. Ae , in tbesieemship ftnaoeke. ?Col WH Har rison, Beorv Ludlow. Id win James, Dhse Medwan, J H Bast. letLdimnefLLvie Mr 0 Milarke and child, kdwsrtl Raraet. J Y Patrick. H 0 McDonald. J .1 ' elano, R A Hamueon, Wm t Gem try, J M Marohle. H M Ulcbardson, Josenh Gentry, J T Pratt. J Molatosh, Iawrenoe Rmlev, H B Weetwurth, A ? OotdaU, B T MU le-and 23 In die steerage | Fretn Nesaac NF, In schr John J Ftnlayeoa?Mr T Dssdjaa. lady ard laally. Jc-setone Kirby, a ? Klrhwced, Macau, n?r?, i i ft heU, fcTtosftoo.