Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1856 Page 2
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P?(?ttr?J 0>.c d the time of tho nty, ? t \U>j t? l v kv?i.or, ' fc-< - tujej *J b V iXk Ifcr U w*e u popular -ender? ?*, a-jd *'2~af J* ny.tdf ?"> t#'? f r ?: tn* 'iru# evirsa t to ? lalclchi* Jttfi >* Vk i >f tbt> ?.d oi F :'S?'y . ;eMjf? Li*? live. t ?ec f,t." ^iue* :?.%* ?? tuvaeti 10 ( t*i bit vUltrl t*e ,.tae? vow '. i- destoyed by irs. 5i V;nt', te, 4: *? are thai '* Ur* of ira-onir.rt Stock.- n fl*a hi pokltabeo. it ?t ?t<r'une a ih ?ppr.-ar.'? ?** Tfee J>rcy 1. C-'i.t B, .to pi1 it. b? t, to S?ii? Ml>; to 1deleg ft I f tie National ?!? * Ji ut taftg hell. Ih-y may re.J 1*. TheOtucgv tV--?., of the il-1 *'J >* ?? the pioepeeiecf the t<Bo* ^ u ;a ihoo.a u fol it>%k proepect of ?nt<se?e o ?.th rve-j d?y *bat t# added to th? calender of'. me. .n all prvtfcn* of It# ^'ale 'he n't to ire htfied with ?atk it astto ?h j i.od hearty a, pyovala. Itn anti Fillmore Nee YoTk Know Nothing ;U'? Un "?E'io3, *.o sppcfnt delejjb.t?e to the St:i5?*l C uv*tr.sS..:i wtich .4 to le teli .a this r'ty cn the ld-h of .'iie, ?? ?wlied t< Bee' in A Van; to d?y. Tfcr-?? tira l~*+ tod Knc% Notfci who k W t> th? T;'? * : J. .4 Ge-r-sn psper in Cbi'ag), which it one o:'the to^t peemneut in the In in. >a in Wi it C.lcoel .'.So Cfcerlr" Fremont for tte F-esmew :y. The oolor-d Know V 'hings of Ohio ?re ic nrM a iia'.t Gouventon. is - dumbst to day. Tw o'jjrf b?H not keen made ; Hie. The eld iioe rhige t T?cre??e btidt tceetin? 'a Men jArf on the ITta iD?t., on i ?o9pteJ the p'ttfiiio ot the Kentn kj ehig > nc-cxii d wtif.h '??. ira utauB n dis'iaet O'gtn i 'on. Foioe of the blt-e repbhln-Aii -.rnnie re-.nun^al, m ? tfekef fr? *he .'?e I o-der Hon. Trtetrn S. Itro;ke, ifPat'h C*roiij&, ft.* PretMent, enJ H.-n, i'h?t Kant, of.? ?d??b f )-? V.oe Preeideai rtttthiif P?.. b' ew.iaiHl on Morr-?> nod Tie*, day wit' denjxr*ii? (tkftiM e*? -c fc; the Cja. xiLiti Con veu'u a Tie .id toe wh gv ;f the mi idle di-'t-ie' o: FUridb oeld i c ar-t *foc et Te'.lshweee. ct the 17 th .a?t?, And NMivei ii. ou^v'it ^ IIk.'d FLlacre fcr tS' r.*e?idenjj Th? vh wT. s sk.v the Sew Yorkherds, ca '.he -'a^c-y nutation, tre abtvs retrrvseh cn the r-i ori to the:: *?"*? ?c? district etnweii'ioas, sai -> th?ir ro'tj o thtir c?n State Lsgi?Iature. They hkve at ae ?wph; yi * -Ij 'or th-:- - it :its-'"a kud the :.gtte to druth. ti, ' tn icc&uet thrv *.'.i ooraa"-?D l itJ y~jv ttue.j of Sco*'' ^?n men in the Ciesineiti O crentii.n. Thehl*;< 'epuytcena ot C?jni.b6.I ccaa!/, Keji .ty, heM a me?t.Dg on '.h? -i'h irst , -utd eppi'intsl daleg'.'-ei ?o the pm? n *nii '.atiag fcveLioa. C?s til!. f.?j ?n the ruiiog ?pi:ih The Al'r*ay Stultitnc:. {Know hoiking trgkn,) -uj" the inert, an party in a oait in this -it-.'.e, and .'sat -ew York is as f - re to s.t*' her T0*e fcr tho A merit in iisket ae the da; ci" tlestisn in certain ic tcaae. He Detnofratio istoclat'oa of t"i?eliiniti have es Miti Greenwood Ha ! in that sity ah a piaci of "tsdet * cm for den..-crate daring tie s!Itirg of the National Convention. It 16 iep'-'.t.l that 0-1. ^ 17. Faiae cce cf thehi-i detega ei frcm this S^te to Comfnnati, it n favor of slavey The report h?? be a c-ctradioted. Ts? rf Kentucky a-e to hold a ?U'e Convention an the 3d (f J-dy. The Lini villa Journal (Knew Vvihing) Ctu : like it, oe;ai?e Ihe ' straight wh-gc - o: Ikat State have no erinpa'hy with Kit w Nothingiiur. A Knew N -thirg CnnndlU) Onondaga, numbering orer twe Bandied and firy mrmbe.-F, iia e uaaairnruJy le Bolvtd net te stippori ilillari Fiilmore, The Compr miae measnree we-e soaij.oeed of sis bills, m fcil?-ws ?1. Tne acmisston of Calif, rniaa-a free ^ rite. 1 The abolishing of the aicye fTaie in the Diatrict of Cclnmbia. 3. The Fugitive s ai 0 \ iih i and 5. The ?=?( alemect cf uie Territorial goverctrents ci New Mexico and Tifch: and d. The settlement cf tha Tex .n acda and boundary. CrlcBet. KBW YORK AGAINST NEWARK. Thl. match * a<> conoiuded on Tasedey, At BobAec, in fever of the Newark Clnb, with four nek sis to go down, and i? on the drst J?y, there was a larga attendance cu the gr. und cf the friend and bverc ot the gums &ud of thoM tr.ore immediete'.y interested in the result. As mroal, there wee e sprinkling of ledleg, end e number cf the r ':ee Academy student' end other cricketers frurn neighboring clubs. On Monday, the Sew York Club hav.rg won the tcse, went to the wiOkits, end succeeded *> pUting cn the eaore 77 rune, ol whi n 18 sere wljes end byes In their reccnd innings, lroai a cbacgu of bowleg, no wides were made, and but 3 byee, end the inning" closed for 06 rune. The bet log on tie pert of Higoam. who played the bell on bis wicket in the first innings, was rery lice, particularly a line hit to the long lieJd on cne from MalUs, for 4 although the letter took both l..- wickets, Wiley * socre was also made finely. Cuyp, on'./l h* was run oat m the second inning#. ioade some t ne free hits to the off. Ben Wright played very stead: y lor hixsnre. 1 ring more fer.ui.a'.? on the teasing, slow bowling of J. Ei .er.m, whk'. bus been so fatal to some of our first rate cricket era. Preston, in his second inniogs, played with retca-t able spuit, and carried his bet cur. I hare nes so-nr re rj good htliiog on the pert of Newark, end the howling of tiall.'s was (ji a superior order; a!th u<h G. Klrsr on , otow tuwlitg. with a weiiplacea field, p;o*e* rery bother ing to the be- t betters. In the first innirgs of the Newark Cm 8, of 86 runs, 65 were frcm the bit, Foru and tVerd goicg to the wickets, M?e keeping them for a iorg time before .hey were pa -ted ?Warn piti eg a rtmarkaoly safe game on Innings. Johnson played finely in both innings, making r me srpiendid hits off Barker's bowling- Rickirby, who has w-jouied the Newarks, gave a sptcimen ot really line eay, as did Wbeatcrcfr, in the wo nd innings. J. Terson, Bsker, Warner, 3mith, Halls and SeUv'ord who are generally good tor a "core, were not forto aate, although they played yery steadily. Y ou eg Uiiiwh.te was onforiuna'eiy bcw.'ad ny Oayp, before he had a nigat of the ball, aud ha 1 no opportunity of dis'iog liehtrg Himself. IcraUghout, tk? ft -Ming Of the Kew Yorkem was tiist rate, ptr.icaiatly the bowilng ?f Cuyp, wiciet keeping of iiignam, long stop Of FlV.cjer. long leg and long field of Preston and Wright. It was a gouerai remark that Cayp's bowling never was b?: er; and but for the'tiff bats i.i the Newerkers, (~itnj of whom are strikers ', it was likely the g?,ne would have turasd the otter way. We believe this is ;lis first nutah sruioh has beea played in this country where tue strong r club allow their a>.rsrsaries In numbers what they lack ta ?tiergib. >Iu England it is usus.l to play 11 agiias" 18?11 egsiuetSS, ane soon, according to thsstreag.h of nartife.) I'd;-3 ma'eh being between the r rst elfvea fth" Now York and sixteen of N;?a Every thing p*s?e4 very pleasantly, -am W light having the entire charge of the Hobtken cricket grcucd btth for its .Yew York and the St. Gee go's Clubs. new tokk cicr. F(/sl JnmiQt. iif: -m i Innintt. Huns H if. Slur p b. lobr.e> o .. ,... 3 b. 0. Elversan 2 Wilby c faith b. Hell's 10 h. Haliis . 8 J fiigham b Hallis..... 0 b. Hall's .......11 Cuyp b. Johnson 1 ran out 1 B. Wright b. 3- E.verscn. 9 b. t> Elrer-oa U Barker b. H?1 is ... .11 r-n ou' 0 I'le'.eher b.'irea.head b. 6. F..f?n n.b. 3 Elvers:n 0 Ceeties b. U. K'verson.. Iff e. Hailis tt. (i. K've.-sja Free ton c. Baker b. G. Elverfoo 3 not cut .10 Seott b. G. klverssn 3 b. Halils 1 Jtfobsrd* not ont ff ran cut 0 Byee 6; 1. b. 1, widee Iff.18 Bys3 3 Total 77 Total ,,.....,,...56 ?NEWARK CtCB. First Innings. S'.cond Innusgt. Runt. Rim. Ford b. Barker 18 b. Carp ff Ward b. tuyp 1 b. Barker 1 Johnson, run out 9 not oat 17 J. KJveison, run out.... 0 b. Cuyp 0 Kiekerby b Barker 19 b. Barker 2 Baker b. Cuyp 4 run out 2 UlUwkite b. Cayp 0 Smith b. Cuyp 3 b. Barker 0 H. Warner, rua out 0 b. Cuyp 2 Wheat: rof: c. Higham o. Cayp 1 e. I'reston b. < ayp 9 Creatbead o. Higham b. Cuyp 5 Hahis b. Barker 0 not out i KiOd b.Cuyp,, 0 b. Barker 0 Ikrgford b. Ccyp ff b.Cuyp fi G. Kiwreon, not out.... 0 Barber b.Cuyp .. b. Barker 1 Byes 11; L b. i, wides 8.21 Byerl, .v.dcsi,,, ... 8 total....... 86 Total H I'nyMl?Mr. Tilt, for New York; Mr. lisdge , fir Me vark Jersey Citjr .tens. VUtor's Mur- igi:.?The fifth annual mes-age of Mayor r.noers was read on Tuesday eaeniiv in the Common euuefl, and ordered p.intod. referring to the a ! anfag's of Jsr-sy City for oommsrsia1, manufacturing and general business purposes. th?" Mayer remark I tha: *1] of theee advan'sges tail to meet due appreciation at tie hand* of the city legislators. The recommendations of the ohief magistrate, repeatedly orged, fir the develop ment of thee* advantages, although cautiously received, fail to gain proper attention injthe Common Council, lis nrges eoouomy In finance*, and especially the pr'-servation of the credit of the city. The debt of the city, aside from the ?est of the water works, is about 830,U00, and this debt, although comparatively small. Is annually Increasing, la fbe eonveetion held by authority of the Common Council to amend the ehar>r, progress was effected, but the urork wee not completed in eoaeon for the action of the S ate legislature, and w*e left incomplete. The Council Is urges) to fir ish this work A gsaera)??.?? erne at mtp is leooaamendtd, by which taxes can b? levied uod a?*oss ?vents mads, as a remedy forth# public oom plain ta about the preset)* sye'em. The management of the Almshouse Department is well spoken of, and the erecti m of a work hoe."* in conaestion therewith ie rec immeinled. Tie Muse of eduoatii a has received due attention. Other matters of in teres*, were also referred to at cocstdavable IVhflh. URitn >K Bt :wii OTH Wr-iTrOKT COR&t^fO.TEWCBk WlSTlCST. Ml., hay iO?7 V tf. * .'?/ <? T\"vi~Pr(i i/atfrtt fci .'%< Altai ' Bt?c ..dltu -I nigh. to uTc .Ate the %? ;?i? i > ' ' (? ::.v sei sane-fc. y i.T* mfse i U:e 0 1', V' yes-snAy. A i'6r cati. u. ?o .'.oca ,}?*, nstn-'d ?. t?e ??= be ? s* dArton i V.fgs jer-rrdsy 8?oriUi.g ev i wen. *er ?? the Coiled ; ate i w ?? >, v* p.,, ^ named I'V f.OS 1 . t!t CltOlJU. '/I'd bid bean Olds -id to Tel. iU 't flivel .0 OlC/ El &Nj "SlCoted a P'p'-ol ??* "hit... < shct he *? cudeir.ting o e-s*p& on fto rr-ba.k, '.hi jgb th.-ic? *a.-m-l that be would be C.-el H-oc. ooet;' cannot surr-i j. r..?? t>s.!i ntned his t?o? "??- 'it waJvt, sad posse 1 through its b iwe'e. Yester day ilhrusK'fi, utt Pochi H< C. in, of Biwliog t? 'kb, Ky>i * ?'<>slavery man, e:-?,'hed ta "he Enilvd States MarsDai * ,?()?>? *? peaceably upm the high -md, is ccr>i my w'th Lieu' .osgrcs, a u-mber of the -ecoe posse, ?' am Mart's rc..ltv AAbame,} oa bis wsy tjcm Isvif'cD io Oukl's. he was hxil?4 by a : >ro,i>ny of live fiee 3r*te ruffian*. Their leader asked. "Wnere i.'i'onf-toi ' acil was * jM Ee'O'Ustoa.'' " Where are ?<-agji3av ' 1 rant'.in." ' Biy*.'; gild theE* leader up. ?.-? ro el log '.hisanswer wh?t '.a tear motto ? dhi-p'-i Uiss.w?e ihe regij, aad 1 -nueiiate.'y ths liva levs..ed 1 the rifles wiih which they w-irn lined at B -alton aid C- -trove \cd fired; Briton s nnte w> s wennded; it\ii t ? ?crc-? "be freiet of B.aTfons red fUcasi sairt, ?.ad .anther i i?. 3d ihrojgh bis right arm, jist helbe -h# eibew. Coib.-a*e es.-aicl ont,'.i:t. Eralti^ a-d C:e trrcTt. tto ud also riiiee. foiJ? w.'d. in part, ibe msain c* ' b?t servant of'iod, Brnry tVatd Bse'ler, by giV-Qg !he f'?o ^tata rnf3abb the ?>n'enfi>. Bralf?n mrseei, oct Vugr iv" <itot the would-be aesa->Ui * ao led tbp??nl .'irec'ij ;b:o ugh the forebetd si that be fell de si iron !.;? horse, lie oxpresa with wbi.h ire rode ie , ariusd by f >.? ht.tetnen for some dlituace, ?ho were enable to over'aho ai. The pro-snvery raea at 1 ranil-a are t>i' cce haadred and dfty ic number, or two oundred. and cttt t?Tfsota theli oomaoualtaticas ..bivtu Wuen T !??., Col B* J w*a poictlng a ;;x yonniisi at a party i.dvaic tjpopontbe town, wh' were ?epp~?J be hostile. ' aw'enc^ ?ill j.ri(bab:y bef..k?n u> o?y ur pvcootow. 1bs freor'-ate tmld.sgs will come bt wa ana ih. pipers go iitc the Kiotsii nwer. PhO M.AVFJIY ACC0CSI8. Ct-es- ontrDce ci the Innls l)iini--at ] rorarvA, M?* 8, 18f>l. ni'. e . i-t atp tf e'&oo".. !,u d\4 of ise hta .tii'.l -ad t. n., i..h- 1 use'Oe of ti.peaa o it pr-srhsirjjr at* mark -i'o reroivers. dome etoebsat gfcats were Wide y lheT- Tuey held he *?.?>* na rbs'.'y and ilrod *btra, rf I mo net mista'.-n 1 *t ooit "Ttaking. I ,im iafn - d -? st ? icb IH tf ftlfWd WltUWIlM aove a.:d hlrj:.ay a.m.' of the lai <. ? b*Tt3 t:: me txisl ien* fi.itkscea?or tnarkewt'Ke.i. Oas thlig ia eer:?io, if tt.y 4a??cetes id to etooot it j>y cue. they will m*l.s a iDait*; era it a war hnuis out ' ,teeeu va3 ?e.;l;rs and administration tarty, .he ladite wt. tt, too ad !-:rh :or b.7 thf i<i- r of their ntebards an t brothers In the d?i' < f their iomti, ^ Ibe ie tiers at iapainia, -ecer.'-ly frito rliven, C. -m , . .y? ?ent a c amiuee to 1 aerence. to fee if ?r.< ;e Is to be h tight if ?">, to re urn and let them kn i -v t-a ?e <ii tly li s s-w F rou employ, numbering about one batfrtd, ?re ?!l trued with and ??eout dr. eg n> tri* ttery u?y ?n!li .ie retitrn of teeir o?n Healed to the protection cf Lawrence*, tiey w I start at cnce for Ihe pist of daty and dargsr. About I thest u.. ,,-mSer will rsprrt them .alvee frcm Vianhstlm, said f n? bun '.i?d f'orn rrH v, iDi y, i.i vf aa attack up. n the lity ;t> ei'eted withd?sfmot:cn. ;'.orr?sp .ndecce of the tit. T.ou'.s Dsmr?rst. j ? , LdVREvra, Miy 15, 1856. ' O'.le -de;g"=. Roberts, P.-.bct ci aid Miller were a" ! >? eonp-on. Ml'.ler ngs jgtel by M.jor Clark. Miller rtt'euiled lis hacd tc him. Clark said, "D?nyju;I won : stake hands with yon. 1 belieye you publislcel ?n article n your paper about use. 1 will settle wi h yoa tn-uigbt. ' O.i taeir re-.urn a pa-ty of bornmea cams out ryrti tht"n, atklng for Miter, and It he wis from South ('*roHn? ? Miller sa< 1 t e was. One of the .1 ihen said, " Come with us; 1 am from Soat'a Uar.iliaa and we hire got an aocount to settle with you.'' They then reOed Mrlirr.tad d.-agge l him i.waj?.bat they rniy di with b m we know net. a -Aet iigbt a hi* cf .i-a? was se'red at l'rastYlia; th9 or ver ct the team ras taken prisoner and ?ery baciy tr?eted. This niorniog they let Uiai go. Ttyre are about hve hundred men eccampad areiad ; us It ie the wish of our people 10 get withjit it collif Ion, if pr.siitle; but re csnnot aufcaiit to the out r;.ges h"?p;d open us much longer. The .Yew .Uiiilstry In Canada. [from .he Tr,.cuto Coioiiirt, May 'id. J The .'c.lcwcDg pn gramme of the cew Ministry wie ds c-ded upon cn Ssrardiy, and ie ex.s?:*?d to aspear in an extraoi-cfaary y,?ette th.c mo. ting: ? ;,e?:.rr c: me legislative Council and Fremier?Hon. Ur. Tic'ce. cerpec'-.r-Ceceral?Mr. Ciyley. Attoiuey '.enerai Wegt and Leaier of the Areen.I.'y? Mr. J* A. kk Hruald. C ami-gisnerof Crowx Land*?Mr. Caucbrn. ( cmlaticner of l'ublie Works?Mr. Ijsxieox. fcistmaster <>sncra'.?Mr. Spanes. Rrce;ve? General?Mr. j. C. Morrison. PresiocDt of the Council?Mr. P. M. Vacioughnet. Attorney 'l?ueral Els'?Mr. Cartier. IhOTiucirl becietkry?Mr. Terri 1. Solicitor Geue-al West?Mr. H. Smith. Soil.iter General East?Mr. fbmhar Rnn (doubt'ul.) . t in said tbst it is in*endfe l to 'iiasclre Parliament :? rltwtb, f.r which pa.-pocs the Hiosewill bs fcraally prorrgn-.'i <n Wadneiday cn', cf c-.urse withoo ; c jm. p etitg icy of the business not already disposed of J There are three circumstances connec'.ed with thlinew (cut.dsu.u wuick wiii c??ie great astotisbraeat. Tae nrs' is the reti'ement of Mr. Drummona, who re-ign^d, ?? &*? 'n>i.ra.e<l, a'ter the reccnstrnc'ion was decided up<n ard twau-.e his n?w colleagues preferrea Mr. lf?: dcnald an leader of the loser Houie. Tbe whole of that >ection of ibe French Canadtm memters connic el with Mr. Drrmmr cd w"j at once go into opp;-iiaon. . .,*** s?coDd bicgnlar cireumrtance is, ihe accptaice by Mr. iknk .nglmet of a place In a coalition which hy wis in're vehement in deniuncicg than" almost any o'Jier | conservative ;u Canada, having actaally lefaiec io ku in iu tit g nsncir the hcoois an! emoluments of Cowu ( Coutsel, cn the ground tk?t he would not tir-grace hlm j fed by ;he sn.aile>t eon'ao'. with such a goye:uui?Dt. j We desire torpeak in terms of the g;eaiest respect ; of this gentleman; but h^ truest f.-ienl cinnot RVtid telucg h'.m that his pod iia Is mar , vellcusly darusgirg, and very mjch to ba regretted. We ace not mrpiised at Mr. Mtoionald'a desire to destroy a'd ; rrstlges Of toryism, especially after bis speech of the I otatr tTenirg, forevhaJcwirg tho formation of a g-e?t ccnfftitu lotal rofjrm psrty, "e<iuiily opp0eej to c8t:. t.' 'nary rneai'ires rn tnecto band, and to republican de mocracy on the other;" b we confess r-ursrlves rathsr bewlknrs.1 at Mr. Vankoughnst'a onJcrstog so charntioe i a etate of psidtical teoicgy. 1 Tbe third lexnarkab.e ;eature of the minhteria! sr. rergemeats is Mr. Tertid's namination 11 tie Provinciil H*c-etsry.-hip, wtfch we suppose is Intended to meet the c?inacd for a repre-enUtive In the Cabinet of tha B-lti b pop; liUion of I.cwerUm5?. If M-. Te-rUl really corn a -'.i'f tie scoSdecce of ary ooae'.derabls nutnber >f ucubire' rim the eastern townships be may be of sorns vaiuo to the nc? Cabinet; bat we very ruu.h uoabt his Pt'f f J? the eenUceuce of anybody whatever. what scrt cf a populir c-y \hi ue.v Minis ters hope to raiss acicrgst the ciHitUueoc'en tardy guees. Tbis we do knew, h.w ever?that taa te-m "c iiit.;on" fa'dy stinks to the nostrils cf the whole of Cioafa West: that n >ti!ny but tn a rude nmtnt aod "epudlation theveof wl'l bs hstesei to amtngst the great maes of the eieetors; and that I' ll - .ute in v?infor Henstt. Ma .dontid, Vaikroari V srdc mpany to h ps to divis: tbeajssJves o! tae o r.cs ippellaticn of rr.a.i imats. We ,aui ini'g'ce so more glirlnus opp-,rtun-'y To: the .eorm opi siti n ih?n to go te'ore the e'ei its as opi. iieuVi < i such a Miuletry as that utw preirnted to 'h'. woiderbg s<'? of tbe 11-g <. of Camds. lat North Hhore Hsilrcad. the "Cayley OmuTuus," the poor MUlion }41.j T1 rut? th4 T.owsf Cacala .luCational bil..t?the uo'air C* ig . I ? gainst .-ir AT.n McN'ab-ail C- - care xcsU-r.; i for ?a eiention eanvaas. aid no doubt will be vrch p. .- dby tno member for l.i nbtoa. Hil Mr. VanioagQ .?t Himself to roik with g .ci w!U fo help t> rer.n stiuct the c.nservfctiTe pha'ar.x, be would have earn*-! the respect of both friends rod foes: but to commence a parliamentary career without a politicil cree 1 or a alia tie friend, (strikes uj as a smgularly me'aaoholy positun. Colored Copulation cf Phliadrlphln. (From the Philadelphia Bulletin. May 27.] There in an old society hue, called "Tub I'eiin<y!v*. ma ociety T;>r i'reniotiDg the Abbli Ion of .S'avery,' Out entirely dutinot from the raoderu ann violent abolition ifm ol the present day. It was organized before aboli tionism became rampant and raging again it the eon-ti tulion and tbe law? For nuny year* It has not ex:eud ed ita labors into toe slare States, but has devoted its er.-igies to the improvement or the colored race in our re?ident population. A pimphlet has just been pab'ish ed by'hie society, containing some statistics collected by IVrjatnin C. Eaeon, giving much interesting lafor u.ation in regard to tbe "cucds for colored children in Philadelphia. It appears that there are eight public schools, seven charity schools, three stbools ecnnec'.eu with reformatory institutions, and thirteen'e schools. Tbe total number?! pupils in these schools is 2 1121. Is addition to tb -se tbete ar? tweuty three San da} schcols. By personal inquiry throughout the city the gaol asoeii.< eel the fallowing Tacts in regard to tue 'durationalcondition of It,001 eilored adatts .? Kta I wr :? md cypher in simple rules 1,710 i'.rad an'! write legs jly 1,482 Readonly l,f>88 Cannot rua1 4,123 total 9,001 It appears, moreover. that of these t?,001 colored adult.', I -1_ >?.-? avs b/-n. an 1 .".,:i71 were free born in * are States?total, 4,f 8'1 who were b .rn in lave ^''a'.es, w'ie*e th?re i? eery little opportn.iity for ac<-(tiirlr.g a'-y M id of ednea'ioo.' Th? pamphlet ,?i,. four libraries fcr colored p pie, yft. one tn the Inetitate fir Colored Y .??b containing I ,00 vol mes; the Phfla delpMw library, with 20; toP m?s the t'nl'y I.iyrvry, with '00 woUin rs, and a it bra y eonne-el with ths Banneker Institute. In '.he fir t namel lijrery there wire i 088 books loaned during ?us y??r pij an , p, >1 in tbe reading room. A list < f o dorod people engsg-ri in mechanical Uad"s Is also gran. Tory number 1/i;"' and Included among thsm arc to be found reprs-entaMves of every variety of ocinpetiou followed by tbe whites. The pampolet is altogether a rery interesting and valu able one. Np ahaoha Meeting in New Orleans?A meet li g ot the fi lends of N.carsgua was cal ed by aovirtise ye terday, and met las' night at Bvots'A-CV !e. '' w?' resided over by Col. ffm Christy, the hero ol i crt Meiggf, who explained In an ab.e address the diras t ous results to NewOrleuniof a failure of tbe present movement in Mcarsgue He was. or rather if th? pro gramme had not been otherwise, be would have been followed by ttr. Krazler. who was ctllsd out by ths ec tbusiistie audlen-? before bd time. I is tend of his speech, patriotic and commendable resolo'ions were pns.e ! ano more less pjr n-y eollet'ed ? CVurur, Moy el. Tt>? P-kbltc BtalUi. COMMON CGCNCIi, COMM .TWS Oif Prfcl.lO HEALTH? TBE LEtilRI-a *IVt JOHMITTEH ON TEr-AHT HOrSK* ? ABATEMENT OP N018ANCB8. A mieimg of tfce Curici'tees on Public H-altb of tM Aidercien '.ad Cooacitaea, "M t?M yeiterd-.y, at threa P.M., at tM Gitv Inspector's oft A m'.j l-ily of the ermsci.tees v are prs-eut. By previous nrrangemrots, Mtstrs. Ougmne a*d Brevoort, of the Is dilative Commit tee en Tenant Hoares, were also present, to coaler with the comniiiteee ae to a join* vigRatfoa with themselves of the test meat houses of the city. Thii subject >m talked ovr at 9>ue length, when ft wee finally agreed upen by *.ha chairmen respectively, of theOoLarson Coun cil Cimmitteee, to ecoompaoy the members of the Lejis tive Committee in their farmer i aspect iou of the tenant house* ot Vew York, and rrutuaUy as to the pro Tbiocs to to incorporated In the bill for presentation to the legislature, regulating the iutnre construction of teLCBtnt house*. 'I ne legislative Oommittieannounced that they would resume tbei' tenant house eitlta uns iu the early part of stzt week. Tat City Insp actor. Mr. Morton, subsequent to the above, addressed bur. alf, at some length, to the Cocitmt.ees on Pubiie Heaith. calling their attention to the importance of mere p-unpt and epeedy action In the Common Council hoar is In passing up>n recjuon-'a dati ns submitted troai bie department fir the aba'ement of specified public nuicaccet. At present, he stated, from the delay of japc-e in ihe binds of committees mouths wouio some limes ensue before public action was leo'ated upon u nu'sarco greatly prejudicial to public health. His expendlturst it sucn casus were United to 1-50, a .d whenever an outlay exce?dingt,his amount was > equired, he wis obl'ged to sot through the Co nn on Council. He re ommet-ded that the Committees on Pah Ic Health of both toe 'J.romon Couacil boards meet at bin office, at his uo-iicattn, aud inform >hamselves ia advance ot the charaoter or public vuisaco-s he might have to suggest thr aba.emtnc of, that whenever a mat ter upon which tley had thus posted themselves war sent in either board it might be pissed upon at once, wilt.out t;e customary rsfereuoe to themselves as a com mittee. The refereoc. he urgtd[ia such oiess would be oncecet&ary. Prompt action could be taken, aud the ci.itanec-, whatever it might b?, bs speoilly removed. Epidemic* would frequently be prevented. The committees approved the sugges t ms, and said they woiud embody the fame in a report to their reepec T. re boards tor their action. City Intclligtmei I'm Si Mbvit -v*ir;. i .i.'.tb to MoT : 1 Tin Takers cut? To morrow (l' idsy) evening a rreeUag is to be held j-> ibe B'oadway Taborcacle in reference to the attack m*-5e by Preston 11. Br.its . n Charles Sumuer, on the door oi the Senate. The eai i ;Jt the meeii -g was actively circa Is'ed jestcrfay do-vn towc, and elTir.s were b--iog made to men cf all political pa'tlaa to sign It. Tbe Harem? CosontsfiosKRi resume 1 their labors yes terday, and, s^compaaie 1 ty I raf. Bathe, examined seve ral sitps that she eld be d.-e5gel cd tae East river above Canal street. It is found that deposits cf mod -tvaform ed, ew tgtotbe crn'iuual dumjiag of dirt into them, that will require inmen.e iabor and expeoee to remove at seme 'uture time. An exatriuati tnof Kviif/o-x utreeb and *?"j iuing sl'ps wl-1 hiv ihat ve-?eels cf "gatdr?ugut evennovdeda difficulty in euterirg at a tr.aieraijlr Ut'f. Uaiiss socaathirg ie done, the *c3.\lts will he uio.j' dissdvantsgeor.i to etmmvree on the hast rive.-. Oa l'uerdsy, the grant of the I.'giela.d'e fo Richins It C:. to cctstruct two baatns tel-.w tbe At'antic dock wan v'. Med. Theso ha6lis'.re to be named the Pacific and Erie, and nil be Etnpendous workn, aud nil! require a vast amount it excavation and fillirg. The C ers h?ve power to revose the gran', should they a'rive at tr.e concuslcn it w.uli ce-troy oui noble hirosr. Ihe result th?y arr vsd at is, of enurse, as ye", a sects'. Firr in Centrs Strei.t.?Bstwe.'n 1 and 2 o'olcck yes terdny moriiiDg, a tire was dlscove'ed in the -esond story cf bv'. 3'rig 211 Centre street, occupied by J. Y. Smith, roachi. int. The firemen were promptly on the g'om d, and in a short time extinguished the flames. The Are ev Idenfjy orlg au'el from a furnace or foigo. The burning e\ 'endeJ between the floor joist across the room, and sl?o burnt tie ceilltg slightly. Tlis nuildiag belong! to the Van Rensselaer es ate. it is damaged about $50, and fnllv ireurtd. J. Y. .-'mith esthuaies his lose >.t about fSOO. he it insured in the Ilainlltcn Inouranre C.xupiny for $i.200. The first floor is occupied by Ayoule & fan Amtinae, dttiers in whi e lead, cheaiicsls, <t- ; their damage ia by water. Insured l'or $1,000 la the and ifechan.cs' Insurance'J. ic,.any, cf Philadelphia, foe third floor Is occupied as a brush manufactory, and the fourth as a printing < ffiee. They escaped damage. Mill ctr Gorman, of ffca Fourteenth w^rd p;ll-:e, dis5ev<rei the fiie and gave the alarm, which called the prompt ac tion of the firemen. Tfn: Ykarit Mh-tivc, or ti e H'< rsitr Qi xorrs eoa icenced on hlonday in the meeUcg-house in Rase eteeet, and will be continued through th e week at the same place. Tue de iberatlons of the Friends are nit open ta the public. Yesterday morning a public raeetiig was held, and addresses were made by Gcrrge Had Jon, George Tt ueiQan and_J. Is tick, r.nd others of the IMendi. The tii at rat ical" doetrlees In religion ant p were ar rived at and received an apparently hearty rtsp -nie. F-xir.VLra Beerkx.V streit throuoh the Park.?The Councilrren Committee on Streets met yesterday, and heard final arguments of parties for and against the ex tecilon cf Betkraan sireit through the Mark, to intersect with Park place. On both sidoa tbe arguments were re petit it ts of thrse urged at previope meeting] of tie Com mittee upon this subject. It was aunouuci-d by th?tCjm mittee that they would report early upon the ruaUsr. Pergonal Intelligence. Marrmcs or A Vocalist.?Miss l.oulra HeDslsr. ote cf otir p'.eaeirg B?Con vocalists, snl sister of Fuse H<m."Ier, cf the Italian opera, wag married last evening to Mr. Da niel D. Slade. one of out well known and 'itltientiil citi zen". lbs sei-emory took place at Stone Chapel at 6 o'clock, and was wilr essed by an immense audience, em bracing the beanty and fashion of Boe'on. In the ab sence of Dr. Teab-jdy, Key. Dr. Cannot' cffisie'.ed. As tbe btidsl party entered and left the church a tine valuu tary was perf< rraed on the organ by Mr. Howard, orga nist. The bride was exquisitely at irtd tad io.ked lore Darirg the exercises a bat entered the church, and cans- i td fjni'.ea cmraoilcn by dying ttrc-agh the ga lo ves, mnca to tbe terror of the timid and tbe amasemrnt of others.?hoticn Ret, May '.'8. last week the legislature of Concei'ieut nnanimons'j pe n<d a resolution lnvitiig tbe Hob. Edward Eve.-et, to ?e liver his oration on Washington in New Haven. Toe mad of Monday brought tbe tnformctfcn that Eiward Everett had refused to participate io the meeting held in Boston cn Saturday, to isprees the popular Indignation upon tbe attack o' Brooke upon ctnator Sumner; and Hoo. Mr. Ferry, in the Ccnnfctlcut Senate, moved a re couid it-ration of'h? :evolution inviting M-. Everett to Mi w Haveo, on the ground that no man *ho declined to aid In 'naintatning tbe dijuHy of the Stua'e, and the right of tree speech, was tit to be heard ay a Connecticut audience open the character of General Washington. The reholution va^econEi-itred by a lirge majority, and hid cn tbe table. Mis. Smith O'Brien and finally,-ays a Limerick tlie iacd) paptr of 1-th imtanr, a-e at present sojourning in hflsee. Smith O'brUn, alorg with bis eldest son, i tra veilirg in lireeee. He infenr'ed, in the course of the yiar. to vbit Arneiicd. lie m*y be expcc'td in L'lnsriik m 'he course of a fortnigM. T e resfgta I n of A-sh-taot Surgeon l'rkoeii Sorre', Ms< ,oal Department. U. S. A.. has been ascep'ed by the President cl'the United S'ates, to take effect June '2.1, 1850. B^rcn Bruck left Vienna May 8, frr T'iiste, to iu'p'et the railr aai wai- h is now being construe ed b tveen tha' c!,y in i I.%Ib?:h. Be' .re hi returns the UiO'ster Ol 1 'c.t.ce will also take a trip t? Venice. arrivals. At the Ever*." n use?Jam is Gordon 3evtnctt, Janies N.. fcu-n.Jos I- Wll'e and fsmitr, Mr. and Mrs. F. 9njd its, a.d J.'n H irc'.and, JDwYork; Mrs. I.lLdi ey, Tean ; tt. Bar rera Ve*a? '/'urates. Major n ibert anitenco, L. K. A ; T. K. Lee, i room Fads; Mra. E. Franklin, and A. B. Mo .'rarv, I sr. .vor, Virginia; I). Pearsa 1 and lady, Westchester; M-. ai'l Mrs. a. S Izard, Miss I/.ard, t*o children aid :wo anrrei. Ctaiieii n.w.D.; T. P But'er, B.C.; Dr. sua Mrs .Storor, M.'s Merer, and Mies Ellis, Bosto*; Mrs J. Tremali Rwiaihg, Hhititi; Frank 8. >l?ke, Nesr Hampshire; 8. 0. Parsons and k.,?e Burks, to'joke; Waier7ri.iker.ham. froy. From Liverpool. In be steam Jilp Africa-Mrs Bo'kir.g, Miss Peiib, Mrs Fanny Kemblo atii H?rvai'., Miss IUtl, Miss Wll mn Mas Ricraon, Mr Scbrosder, Jady and servant; Mrs an ) .Miss 1 ay, Mrs and Misa Fergnscn, Mr, Mrs and MiasKaaroler, M- Lawrtnee a-d lady; Mr Jones, lady and two da>gb e*s; ( has hca'e. Wm harms, Albert Bergsr, Root Knox, Mr lien fa. Lbas Vosv Mr Phillips, Mr Mathleson and lady, Mr rcmero and lady, Mr WeL'a, kdwln fmlth, Davd Smith, Mr J Weal and lady. Jas Coanor, O fl Parte, Mr Magee and lady, Mr Rocktre. Mr Cumberland, Mr Phl'llos and friend, Wm M chatlll.A H Bible, A j ton to Pllada. F Hacher, MriOaloo, tbree bildren and nurre, Mrs tntson, Mr Ete'vartand lady, T flllle Die, Jr, R? v A B Ballion, Robert Ihomai, Mr Yard, <i P Downing, Mr Bonlecer, Mr Borrls, D Ames, Mr RltTon. Joo EUbracht, IJ C Emltb. P L Pre ran, Mr Bonchies, (ItistaveMar cars, L. Jelly, Mr Dilbeii, lady and fonrcilldren, A McTavUh, Mi n K W lndeait, Mr Orr ana !*dv, Mr J orr, A'm Orr, Mrs K i/aheth orr and child, J Oiraad, Mr WJllaws, W Q Toplls, W, Richards. Total, 77. DEPARTCRER. For Liverpool. In st?am?hlo Asia-Mr and M-i Ody, two chidren ai.d maid serrant; Mi?s rt Mardce Mii.i (iani*e 8a vsntah. Mr and Mrs Harry Von-jd Pbiia/le oua; r K Donrad. Phil?del|ibia; J B W K iw.ia, Mr axd Mrs <Yigg, Itt'ant and inise, Pew Yo/S. R osddes, ft !J Al'en, ffe-e ?f.'teau*; M'si Oowie Few r ik; *lla? Ajmle do; Mr and Mrs ifsr dee, Savannab: Hon J H Oauiari n w fie, three ebiidrc t an 1 maid. Canada, Mr and M-s Plow den Wcs cc and maid. Mrsnd Mr* Tv"H R'iters, Jr, and c'llld, Nt'V orlfiw P i: Megjct and 1 friend, Ch'r rs'o.i; kHoWb ant, Her.ry Barve M-aol Mrs f;*w t?raar.ti M'si ' .owsfer, Mr Uawibra, Hon Earn, It Apex tegurn.v Mexico; E Canino. Mr and Mrs J C fislnei, few Or leans: or be haran and lady. K<1 lobar*; Wm Ritchie 'lies gow; O h D>es, Br-mer; Dr Prsncls Sj.r.l, H*vAnnah; Mr tri'rt P.Uiott S??ar.n?h, Mr \alkman, C'ncisna'.i; Mr tie Uan. Mr. BroJi. N 7; Mr and Mr? I isac Ea-nl irif fnhs, Ar Jacob, New Orlears; Mrs Harri-or. ?Y; Mrsflol nrs, k "glair; H in Mdney NaoltS, W ft rimitb. Dmatc; .u?n? Mills, Mr -ytbtner, Mr S'?ts'?k, Vr l.u'i >g, Mr Hei.u e A Roo, Now Or'ttts; Kugene Munoo. <1.>: 'bus Cava*ne. d >. VI-and Mrs W?odt, goveriieas aid th-escai'dr'-n: Mr prH Mr Hulctlneon, -Avscnab; A H.z/.l, Havana; Mr Ja? Am, If (Ictleson, Ras Franclseo; John rtacor, <> Bsmoonrl Btrar.n; Wm A (lass, N Y, MrWeymou h. Bcnelber. Toronto; dr i T, rr.esai dseivint, N Y; Brigania Vlrgials aid two ,oo* do; i) IJeb.g, Dsrmsny; M halin N Y, Dr Kdwar Is, England; Jos fin, b V; '7 evader Bengl, frlen<) and servant, 8trdh.D; Mr and Mrs 0') Dumont, New Orleans; M A Doheo, N Y Master Kd R.aser, New ( rlrsas; Mr Devlin, Few To-k; Mrs L,u!? Man N V; M<wsrs A P Ptarrs, A P Pet'as, lJarlfnd; Mr ( harles Odin and friend, n Wm llirke'.t, Panada; J R Padnali, N York; Zayas, Armli goi Medter, A L Smith, .1 Kitchen, i anu'la. bonis Btrauss. I* Y; Thso N I,.i r. da, uhwa Rooms l.oii'.urle, heart r of dopa'che*. Pra.oe; J is a Mo Masters, ' anada; Romsln lllllon, NYork: lolasn, N-'lrleans; hr.tenshon, BY: Mr and Mrs John Wolff, Ht Louts; MrandM's J O Ocorlrtch. VOrleans; Mlsa timflslhaot. NY; Leans'i kexl CO Df. Kecdal. Boston; Rev J Wl'iwn, Canada; Wm iticsov, fnglard. F Wllllaaa. NDrleans; Wm Brown, Oanaii. Mil II gfon, Few Turk; Rnhtnson, Kaglard; F Duyster, 8/o-k fir t Bakvr, R York, Mr and Mrs Rovsre, Italv; H F Cnopsr, Ri.-lsrd Rursell. C BsnrBH^m'n and Hr.n tl Rnse'man I .'in Hrelg Wo.fe and abild, Wm R Jsne?, krihcnv a mei, Mathe v J jce, A ;*r,?t King, F-?dert?k Vogsl, Wm Nlcklesnn, Deirge

Matn srd'adv, Ottawa, 11): J Peecoek, Roakroid, rtf; Jacob F'hratn, Isdlaca, Mr and Mr?lh.a Cadwnllader, Dhi r; John R-a'dy, Hartford, f.on; John O'.^otror, Ireland. Andrew R rmiib; Mr Ha'casbcn Md eervact, Charles Rite gtd p.bsrs S9?) 170. Thcntrk?], Mmltnl. Ac. I&wadwat Therut?Mr. aud .M e. Ba-aCy WHIUum are to appear m two of their most popular piocae this ?r?n)ng? ir?l&t i *s it V?.ml the "Iiieh Ijoa. 1 The ,'arev called "A l-ian of a l-ovar" will vI?o be pe:fo?B?od. On St'r.rfay, Mr. ,?nd Urn. Williams take their fcen?fit and uut tbelr rarevell appr.ranee prici to leaving for Europe. Niblo's Gam**.?No ?etiWi8hcj4'?t in the eity pre sstie a greater variety of plea'-icg novelties than are nighty offered at this house. This eveaisg we are to have the wrnisr'ul Hecgier in hie tambourine act on the tight rope. Mile Robert and other dieting ;.-hed dan gers ia the ballet, ' Lee Abeifies, ' and the famous IUve.1*, in the spectacle of "Mazulm." Bowkbi The the ?Mr. E. F~dy, the great favorite with the patrons of this Utce honored drema'ie temp's, will. tbi? bvectog, render his much admired character of "Belpbegor," in the intensely Interesting romance of that same. The legtadury dranaa of tte "DivIFii Elixir" will likewise be produced. Such a combination of at tractions is rarely afforded, even at the old Bowery. Bibtom's Theatre.?It is understood that the engige rrsnt it' Mlsa Agnes Robertson and Br. Dion Biurcitsull will positively close this week, toe benelt of the former, and farewell appearance of both, being unde-lintd f >r Saturday. This evening they appear In Mr. B.'s last and most spirited drama, "The I.i'? of an Actress." Wallack's Thkitiu: ?Mr. Stewert, who has oontribu. ted his full 9.hare towards flu'ertaining the public during the season, tenders for bis benefit, wbich takes place this evening, l'laneho'a the act comedy, celled the " Knights of the Round Table," and Mr. Brougham's faraom ext-a Tegauza, " Fo-ca-hon-tas." Both places are out to the ei liie strength of the talented company. I~ai ri Kebab's V,turn en.?Mr. Brougham's drama, called "Jane Eyre." and Mr. Wllllns' Utile'cemedv, siy'-d- " My Wife's Mirror," seem destined to have quite as long rnn-JiH any of themauy popular and highly pro St able pieces hitherto produced at this elegant theatre. The former wil' be periormed for the fourth and the lat ter for the twelfth time this evening. Bboadway Varieties.?The farce ca'led "A Loan of a Hover," and the comical play entitled "The Tcodlee." will be performed by the Weed and March lav .miles this evenlrg. Those who want to laugh hertlly sbou d see lfttle George la his excellent characters of Deter Ppyke and Timothy Toodlen. Matt, 1-ooise, and others of iha troupe, are also decidedly clevor in tbeca pieces. Empire Bali?M. Keller's beautiful living i.lustrations cf the finest paintings that, were ever predaced. still at tract refined and Ihabioeasls audiences to his nail, 690 Broadway. The music furnirhed by Mtrn Lovarny, the (lermanta Quartette Club. Berr Btoepel, &e., invariably . lie its a coalmenst rate eha. e cf approbation. Wonn'8 Minstrels.?Tte lame of rhese ooraieal icfliv - ?n-tin has become so fully establifhed that it would be a U'?'era task to do more than refer to their programme t"h?y tender sings, jokes, danoes, and the now fares ?Urd the "Mitchievoai Meckey" for to night. "OA1 est ?M'rae E. IVauia presents a guttering array . r musical gem* for her cor cert at Nib'.o's Salcon thtn evenirg. trt.e i? to be asriAled by Mr. Gottschalk. Signer Brigno i at I Bedfali, Mr. Carl Wels and others dist'n gcished for their musical abill'lea. Bt ckiey'9 Hale?In uddBiia to the historical diorama cfthe ?'Battle of Bunker Hill ?ad Conflagration of Cbarlestcwn," which is alone worth treb'e the price ?ikcd lor admission, the pepuiar Pete Morris nightly entertains the audience with a ijodac' of cmioal ana national singe. Mr. Fra/sr ia to give a vocal ant literary enteri*!.. mer.t at the Brooklyn Polytechnic In.-ti'ate to-night. As It wl.l bo a very pleasirg aid instructive affair, a Krga audience may be expected. COLONKL PABKER H. FRENCH IN COFRT AGAIN. ? Mr. E M. Kipg, a lawyer from Port Byron, Ceyoc. cc-nnty. made a mo'lon before hie Honor Judge Smith, at tte special teim, in ibn city, jeaterd*y. for judgment in beb&lf cf Rufua Tillon agr.irsi P?rk3r H. French, '.'he rcction wssgr&nied, when Mr. King, on asklcg for an ud dltional allOA-tnce as rests under tbe Code, ihe Judge o-'kodwh ,t 'extraordinary" circumstances there were in the case to bare such an cppdcition upon. Mr. King cpliid there wt-rs many such clrcamstinces, which he would proceed to relate:?Col. French made an agree ment in New York in the spring of 1810 to transport or convey Rome 250 rassengers?the plain! iff being one ol tbe number?to (.aiiforn'a via New Mexico. Onarvvu-g at Pert Lavacca, in tbe State of Texa?, he professed to have boecme thoit cf funds, and borrowed of Mr. King's client, Til-'on, several hundrei dollars, which be piomi inl to refund on aritvicg at a certain pi ice in tte last namel E'a'.e; but before getting there Colonel French ti'curded his par.eng-rs, flisbnxioed the company?ions of the members weie sheh others robbed, and the balance left to ream over the piafcsof Texas and New Mexico, anil t? got to their destina ion as best they could. Toe Judge Cere stopped Mr. Kirg, and raid if the plaintiff escaped with his I'a he was fortunate. Tte motion was g-actol, m-Koduit r Vr,ion, it ay 27. Destructive Fire in Sr. Pacl, Minnesota.? Oten tte most cfestrimtive fires that ever occurrea io St. Paul broke out on tna 21st inst., in the frame block on St. Anthony : treet, rear the Feat Office. Tne foliovlng ircspituU'.iou gives the ioarcs of theuiffarrntindlvidualf, ai d the total Jose, which It will be been amounts to ?^4,COO:? Greenlff.f & Chsppel, lew airy, watches, variety goads aid nr-ney, $25,000 Dr. J H. Stewart, interest in building, surgical lofetruments, books and fnrnifare, io,500; Paists McCiuig, iuiorest ia baildirg, $3,600; il B I'attirscm. dintis'8'matniats, furniture, .vc,, $2,{>00; Jcbn KJmuxdson. Tnercbstdiss, $8,000; lle-sre. Bradford, Dunn, Miller, bcoks and cothing, il 000; James Amidco. narblc ibop, $1,500. To'al, $44,000. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. nOMBY HABKIff. M'ED.TEFDiY, May 26?0 P. U. T"i e rtuck as aiket this morning was quits steaiy. The actual <:ismi?saJ of Cranspton has had no filer: cae way ct the ether. There was considerable activity la certain jeadiEj? railroad stocks, and the demand lor Erie in creased towards the close. The receipts of this company, up to Taesday n'gkt, the 27th inst., were sulfideat to guaranty ansggrsgate for the mooth of nearly $700,000 ?gainst $460,000 fcr the same month last year. There was a great deal ot inquiry for the stock to day from bor rowers, and it appears to be scaroe. New Fork Central Railroad, on the other hand, is plenty, and new sellers eppear in the market daily. It is eontiiered a good sale at current The same parties are selling Central and bnyitg Erie, which, in oar opinion, is a vary sensi ble movement. The former is dally running into arrears, while the latter Is daily gaining largely. We nndera.and that the buik of the inereaee in the Erie's receipts this month is from local business. All the Western railroad stocks were well sustained to day. At the first board, Mcaragna Transit advanced per cent; Michigan South I etn, )i; Galena and Chi-ago, New Fork Centra [ Rtilrrad declined per cent; Panama, X; Cleveland I end Pittsbnrg, Xi Cleveland and Toledo, X- It Is a very | -.ori'.UN fact that daring the recent depression in the dock ma ke4., few rail.oad brndn were offered, and thoie .eld b rutglit full price*. Fir H c!&*h railroad l)jn<3 are iow considered a firat class security. They have settled toan into strorg hards, aid are daily imprcvitg in mar let and reel value. The e is no better investment in the narket than fi-st mortgage railroad bonds, is-jed by ?trorg compame-; and when their payment Is provided fcr at ma-uiity by r. sinking fund, so mach the better. At the ? econd board there was no change of conse ruerce in prices, compared with the morning board, the principal bciness was in Erie, and the market dcted wltn an upward tendency. After the board prices a fraction better were current. The money market is itesdily work id ^ easier. The steamship Asia, from this sort for I.ivirpool to-day, carried out ouly $760 398 in ipvie, atd Stirling exchao?e closed heavy at 9,'ji 9X per cent premium. It was estimated that ore: a million would go out in the Ada. The shipment in the same wetk last year was upwards of one and three quarters of a tr illlon. The steamship Illinois I.i on her way to this port from Asplnwall, with $1,8C0,000 in gold, aud will no doubt ar rive in time for part of it to go into the back state nent made up on fatorday morning. If so, we shall have a h'gher average in the specie department than in the week previous. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as follows:? Paid on Treasury account $2'-31138 Received on Treasury account 165,544 79 Balance on Treasury aotount ..10,012,674 )?& Paid for Assay office 2.434 47 Paid cd disbursing checks 46,371 : l The earnings ot the Rome and Waiertown Railroad t r April, 1660, weraas follows;? 1'eseecgers $13,733 45 Freight 16.096 07 . Olher sources 1,626 08 Total $32,074 98 For 1856:? Passengers $13,060 83 Fielgnt 14 767 71 Other sources 942 81 28,723 36 Ircreaee $3,361 63 We understand that the Hlowiog resolutions will be offered at the annual meeting ol the stocbhol leis of the Galena and C hies go Railroad Company, to be held In Chi sago on the 4th of June next:? Whereas. further dividends in stock are deemed Inja rl .us and inexpedient, and whereas the net proli's )>a loti;ing to the stockholder- bevc, to a very la gc amount ?(X'vedlrg $2,COO,HO1) In all?been dive-tel and applied to the c onrtruslion of ?, second ?.iad, be it, therefore, Fesclved. That'he Board <?; liirecto's be and a^a here by ? xpressly instructed u declare and pay a dividend of ten per cent in cath oo .tie 1st of August n?xi, an! to set! Kueh amount of due second mortgage bonds (prrvi oasiy ordered tois ued for oonstruciou purpose-, as may be necs" jry ito replaee $1,000,090 ot the pn-ffts heretofo e diverted to cunitraclion account. Acer '-. eg to an exhibit, made a few days since, of the finances of this company, for the ysar ending May 1, 1816, there will be a necessity for making the issue of bonds referred to above, to provide fands to pay ten par cent dividend on tbe stock on the 1st ef August. In that exhibit It was shown that on the lit of Aogn-t, 1856, the company would have in band a surplus of $1,094,129. A ten per cent cista dividend, payable on that day, would only take about $569,000, whiah would leave a balance of $544,129 for centlcgencles. !-'ucb ignortneeaad folly as the directors of his company bav? exhibited in the man agement of its finances would dlegraes any e'erk of m wca>b? exferienee, la e?y city i? ypbn. Wo MS ft little er.i.orie to see thi tor.he* aacaft) ?f pert. Tbe di "et'ors Save got to figure pretty ihxrp to d.rpos* of tbe g?e?? sconce of Lest year, ?o te not to show, after psy r< expenses, dividends and ill, ft net lurpms oa the ltt of Mis, I860, of saves hundrel thcr lend ccHirs, wh'ch, wi'h the net rutins of Hay 1,18J3, (8315,754.) mate* is aggregate of on? million 'n rouul tijrui ft. Ctr ca en ft'lor s, based on official returns, show surh resulta, ind we t hail ciretally oicih?i:l and auily ?? the'e report when it comes to hind. It strikes bm th?t theie is ft nigg*r in the fence somewhere, md we mean to pall h<m out. The steamship Africa, at this port from Liverpool, brirge three day slater news from Europe. The advices do not differ materially from those received by the Biltic. Quotations for consols show an advance of a par cent, totton and breadstuffe were uncharge 1. The London monay market rema ned the itmeu previously reported. A better demand existed for American securi ties, at better prices. The returns of the Bank of Eng land khew a decrease In bullion, of ?28,000. The arri vals of gold from Australia had been arge Console closed at 93^ for each, and 04 for aceount. The Houie of Representatives pissed yesterday, by a vote of 78 to 58, a bill appropriating about oue and a half million acres of public land in Hich<gm ti aid in the construction of railroads in that State. This makes np an aggregate of about eight midions of acrer of pa >Uc land appropriated from government lauds In the Sta'es of Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin to aid railroads in these States. At thla rate it will not take long to use up all the public lands, and cut oft from the actual settler de sirable lands at moderate prices. The above grants of land for railroad purposes not only take about eight million of acres out of the market, but double the cost of the government lands In tbelr immediate vicinity, and cloie all the land offices in each citato for at least one year. This laet is the worst feature of all. For one year, and perhaps lorger, not an acre ofpubllo land can be purchased in those States by emigrants at any price. The land offices will be kept closed until all the lauds granted to railroad companies are selected and lo j eated. It may be (or a year, and It may be two and three, and during that time emigrants will be compelled i to purchase of speculators, or squat on lands, to , secure pre-emption rights. The law granting lands to railroad companies gives alternate sections, the government rei eying alternate sections, which are raised to the minimum price of two dollars and a half per acre, or doable the present price. t\e do net complain of this, for the construction of rail reads through the public laada open mirke'.s aad of ecur-e increase the actual value, but actual settlers get hold of very few r.f these alternate sections without pay ing ae high as 'en and twelve dol are per acre. Specu lators connected with these railroads, knowing at the earliest moment what las2s ilorg the line are aad are rot fleeted by the company, manage, without much difficulty, to get hold of all the good land the railroads do act take, at the government price, and completely shut out the actual settler who cannot aff.ird to pay eight and ten dollars per acre. It Is a question whether such enormous grants of lend to aid in the construction of railroads actually accelerate the settlement of the oountry. In our opinion it docs not, to the extant anti cipated. Railroads will, under the old system of con struction, be extended as Cast as the res.1 wants of tbe country reqnr-e. Population *111 not extend uor the cul tivation of land increase as tost as railroads can be built. We find along the Hue of some of the most reoently constructed railroads In Illinois, tVisjansin and Iowa a very sparse population, and It will be many years be.'oro tbe local bus!nets on some of them I will be remunerative. Tbe extension of a railroad throe hundred miles across tbe S?ateoflowa opens to market at once millions of acres of land, but It will be scores of years before that land is covered with a population capa ble of furnishing business eiough to pay anything to the railroad stockholders. If the stock of these roads re mained for all time in the hands of those who received the grants of land, all would be well enough in the way of profits; but as the stock will change hand*, and fall into there who must look to dividends, the roads must prjve productive, or the investment proves a failure. Railroads must look to their local travel for profit; and it will be a great many years before roads stretched across Icwa can command enough business of that kind to pay. UmpacicH had been organized, surveys made, and, in seme Instances, oontracts had been entered Into for tba construction cf railroads In Icwa long before these grants of land were obtained, and they would have bsen ex tended across the State as fast, If not faster, than the aetusl cettlsment of the country required. The railroad system cf Iowa would have been developed as rapidly as tbe wants of the people required, by private and indi vidual enterprise, without the grants or land just trade, and without the withdrawal for one, two or three years of all the publie lands In th? State from raxr ket. There Is no dinger but that railroads will progress fastsnough. Tbe difficulty heretofore has been in the other extreme. If Congress bad let railroad companies take care cf themselves, emigrants would not have been deprived of publio lands at one dollar and a quarter per acre. The poor man would have been able to locate his family at a price per acre which, npto this time, has been tbe fixed price, and be would have enjoyed advantages which ro many have before him. Now he stands no chance, and must give way for those who can submit to the extortionate terms of the speculator and the railroad monopolies. Theie Is, so far as we can see, but one real benefit likely to be derived from this wholesale plunder of the pub'ic domain, and that is the construction of the railroads in conlemplaticn wi.hout flooding the market with un.-ecored bonds. If the lands will build the roads, there will be only a temporary Issue of bonds, and they will te safe enough If secured by the pie Ige of lands. Fears have been entertained by holders of stock in tall reads of Illinois termlnatlrg on the east bank of the Mis si.-sippi river, that these companies would lend their credit to lines beyond, to aid in their construction, for the pur pose cf fornitg favorable connections. These Ian 1 grantn remove nil such apprehensions. Itallr >ai cotnpxnies went of'be Mississippi river have now the means to build ;h?ir own toads, tut it is at the expense of the emigrant and actual settler. Although it relieves all the companies '.Ms side, ard makes the Mississippi a distinct dividing dr.*, we doubt if the country at large will net be more injured th?n benefitted by the course Congress has par tntd in ditpesirg of the publlo binds in surh immense slices. The legislative report on the .savings banks of this Stale gives tbe following facts:? Pavings Hanks or tub State of New York. Amount of deposit* made in New York and Broohljn in 1854, was J13 411,535 92 Amount withdrawn in 1854, was u':34Ml 68 Recreate $2,32T,5i3 75 Arronnt of dsposite made in same cities in 1855, was 13 746 326 32 Amount withdrawn in 1866, was 13*140 fue 46 ! Increase 8005,409 87 Throughout the whole State, amount of de posits made In 1856 19 158,215 12 Amcunt withdrawn 18,217,508 34 Increaie 8938.806 78 The total number of those who have 'If poults appeared to be 176,121, and the average amount ot each depositor is 8 210 72. The aggregate amount cf deposits in all the savings baika in ibe State ia upwards of thirty six millions of dollars, and is invested a* follows:-? In bonds and mortgages upon productive property worth at least double the amount loaned there to 817,026,005 87 In steels of the character authorized by their charters,,,. 14,663,100 66 In cash and other available lotne on secu rities 5,083,081 32 Total 36,783,087 85 The total amount of interest earned on the above amount is 2,117,370 13 Less the total txpenccs of management 160,237 96 Net amount of interest earned ,,,.,81 048,141 17 This sum of 836,000 000, gnrnerea up from the labor, the industry and the self-denial or nearly 200,000 people ?this preeious fund, relied open by tens cf tbonsan-ls for f upport in sickness, and for the stay of old agv, ought to le r'garded by the State as a sacred trust, and should have thrown around it eTery safeguard which legislation eau properly app'y. Itoek Kxchnngei Wrusrsdst, Mar 28, 1856. 81 COO Vlr Sate 6's.. 93% 100 sbs Er e Kit..bOO 5< % ; 000 N I: state 6'?.. 07 100 do s30 55% f COO Tnd State ft's.. 83% 100 do *60 65 % If 00 City 5's '60.... 96 100 do b.J 56 (GC0 Erie Rb1s 1875 90% 280 do blO 66% 1CC0 lfer R 2d m'ge 76% 200 do b30 56 15500 ill Cen KRbds. 87 500 do s,30 65% 10(00 do b30 87 200 do b30 56 10500 do ? 86% 660 do 65% 40 shs Mer Ex Bk... 109% 100 do b?0 56% 6 Am ExBank 116% 100 do C 55% 26Phenlx Bank.... 114 14 Harlem RR pief 54 10 Bk of N America. 100 6oO Reading RR.80)/ 26 O Lire k Trust Co 92 1200 do 80 400 Nlc Transit Co,.. 13% 1400 do s4m 89 200 to b3 13% 1C0 Mich ten RR..b3 95% 100 do b30 14% 350 do s90 95 lC'i Canton Co.. ..b?0 22% 50 do b'10 95% 5 Del ft H Canal Co. 130% 100 do..., ,b60 96 60CumbCoal Co... 21% 360 Mleh Hi N IaK s3 95% 700 N Y Cen RR.s4m 80 177 I'anama RR 100 300 do 90% 50 do boo 100% 460 do 90% 200 do b'iO 100% ?109 do.,.....s5 90% '/) Uo,,.,,,bi,9 J9Q JO do ... *10 90 160 do -I0'4' 1C0 tic, 91 160 do 90 100 do b60 91 >? 660 Rail; utd.... 66 1(0 Jj <60 55 fj 250 CO, 66 X 650 <lo -3 63 <? tOO Clev & Tol RR... 74*2 100 <K> gl5 74 3'0 do 74 HOC Cai l*U.t.b30 91V 14 Gal & Col RR ... 112 FKCOSD BOARD. 81400 City 6'?'59.... 97 50*hs Erie RR..s60 65Jf 10C0 Mo S?a4a 6'b.. 84 ? 100 do 130 5?' 400shs NlcTr ?'o.b30 14',; 100M So & S 7 R. WO 96.'. 200 Clev &Tol K..t:,0 71 200 Reading RR.. i-30 89V ICO Mich c'eu RE.. >30 95 200 do a4m 89 2fi0 Erie RR W 5L% 160 do b3 89t? 210 do ?3 56# 200 do 894? 250 do ?.?0 6J# 60 Chi &F. 1R,. .030 91# JO ao bCO 56 25 do 91' 200 do 65# 60 do 630 91# CITY COH.Uf?KOU(. RlSPOKTi (VKiiNisruY, May 28?6 P. SI. Amiit.?The sales embraced abeut 80 bbls. pot*, at 86 12#; cart were Canadian, while peirls were at 87. ItRhADSTVKKX.?Klour? The market continued firm for mtdiim and h'gter grade*, wbi'e the In!Vri:r and com mon qoali-ie* wore less taUab.'e. Prices, as a general thing, however, we-e without quotable change in price*. The tales embraced 7.OdO a 8,COO bbls., at abac', the fol low eg quota-lone:? Common to good State 86 76 a 86 18# Common to good Michigan 6 12# a 6 00 Extra $tate 0 26 a 6 60 Common to good Chic 0 12 a 6 62 Extra Ohio 3 37)* ? 7 76 fcxtra Genceee.. 7 00 a 8 60 Southern mixed tc good brand* 0 60 a 7 12# Do. tancy and extra 7 62 a 9 00 Canacian superfine and extra 6 26 a 8 37# Choloe extra Georgetown, Richmond City Mills and St. Louis 7 CO t 10 N Gallegoe and Haxal 10 60 a 10 78 CaDa-. lam waa in better supply and easier for common grades. The -ale* embraced about 1 600 a 2,000 bbls., at quotations. Son hern was ra her easier for common brant a. wulie 'aucy and extra grades were quite steady. The sales em.b:a.-eu about 700 a 900 bbls., at prices given in the ?l.cve table. Corn meal?Sales of 700 a 800 bbls., chiefly Bran ly wine at 83 25; Jersey was at 83 a 83 12M. Wheat?Inferior and common grades were heavy, while strictly pnm? la's ver? firm. The sales were confined to abrot6,0C0 a 7.020 tusbels, included in which were 3.000 a 4.000 bu> neis Canada reported, at 81 50 for infe rior t? 8186 for p'irae white; 81'tf0 a 8175 for common to fair white ana 81 55 for fair Western red. Corn waa In larger supj, y, 'bough pricta were s'eudy. The Bales em breed about 20 000 bu-hets, including mite', at 58'4c. a 60c; r-outbim yellow at COc. a Cl|?c; .Southern white61o. a 660 Tn? latter only for choice No; .a Carolica white and round. Yellow at 61c. Rye was scarce. A sale of 3,000 bushels prime Northern* as reported at 89'?r. Oats were elfgh'ly fcetier. Southern were at 30c. state and West ern at 34c. a J5a. Comae?Tho market was quie', o-rkg to the public sale to erne clT to morrow. Sale-) of 800 r-ats 01 Java were mace at lt),c a 14J(c. Cotton.?The market was quiet, a* dealers were dis posed to wait for the Africa's news. The tales were con fined to 100 ? f 00tales. Krkgiit=>.?Rate* were luac'ive, wbde quotations wera steady. To lirerpooi, about 11,000 bushels wheat, in V?..~ ? 8 fc A . tt,j . ?n /wv/a - . * * 1 ** bags, at bi. % 5,'4d.; ana 2,000 a .1,000 bbls. tioar, at 2s. I'rc visions were nn .barged. To the Continent, esgage ments were light, ard more irregular, some 130 tales of cotton was taken lor Bremen, at '4e. A three-raaste? rcbconerwa -i taker, up for Australia at private terms. Rates were at about 32c. a 36c. per foot, and 25* a 30c do. f r California. Kieu ?ITy cod were dull, with sales at 83 62# a 84; mackerel wur* low, wi'h sales of 600 bbls. at $.0 for No.l, 811 to $15 tor large No. 2's, and $5 a $7 for No. 3's. Pickled herring were at 81 a 84 72; boxes wera quiet at 20c. Bav.?rales ci 1,030 bales, for shipping, weoe made fit 76c. Honfv ?Salee of 60 tierces were made at 67c., eish, in bond. lusfE.?The market was uncbangtd, with tales of com mon at 86c., and lump at $1 12>?. Logwood.?150 tens St. Domingo were sold at $21, In bond, for export. llo'.ASrES?Sales of 80 hhds. Cuba muscovado ward made at 38a. N aval Stomp?The market was firmer. Spirits opened at 57c. a 38c., and closed at 38o. a 39c.. with sa'es of 400 a 6G0 bbls. 1,100 bbls. crude sold at 82 87 '4 a 83. Rosin was Mild at 81 62.', a 81 66, on usual condi Jons. On9,?Sales of linseed were checked for the want of stock. Crude whale and sperm were unchanged. Provisions ? l'ork was lower, with soles of 400 a 50O bblB., at $18 "0 for mess, with some retail lots at $18 75. closing, however, at the first quotation. Prime wad at $14 76 a 815, and prime mess at $10 50. Beef con tinued steady, with sales of 160 bbls. country prime at $7 a $8. ana of country mess do., 88 50 a $9 60; re packed W- stern at $8 a $12. and extra do. at $17 a $13. Beef wes nominal at $13 a $16. Bacon waa rearce, and firm at[9 ',.e. a 13 ,c. Cut meats were ateaiy, with tale* of 2C0 a 300 packager at 7>4c. a. 7#e. lot shoulders and 9#c a 10c. f-: hams. Lard was firm, with sales of 600 a 180 bb'a for good to prime quality, part on the stock, at It ;;c. a 10J?o., and imall lots from store (prime) as lie. But'er was steady and in good demand at 18c. a21e. lor ?-a'eand 17c a 20c. fur Ohio. New cheese waa in fair demand a 6c a 9c. Rnx was quiet and prices unchanged. StUARS.- The market was quite steady, with sales of about 1,000 hbds. Cub* muscovado, 375 of wh'cb were at p. t.. and the remainder ranged chiefiy at, 7c. a 8c., with a lot choice 1'orto R co at 8#c. Wbisklt?dales of 200 a 300 hols. Ohio andr urison. were made at 26 #0. a 26 J.'c. ^ ^ \?W YORK C trfLK MARKET. WrovsHD-tv, May 28. There was a better supply of beef cattle at AUerton'a to-fiay, but with an Improved demand the market was m ?hade firmer, say an average of #0. per pound. We no ticed come very poor beeves, but the quality generally* waa fair to goad. The receipts were principally from Ohio and Illinois. The highest price realized was 10#e. Cr lb., and the average ah ut 9),c. The sa'es were brUlc te in the d*y, and the indications weie that the yards would be nearly cleared. Supply for the week, 2,693 head. In other stock no material change was noticeable. Swine wete scarce, onlv 636 having been received daring the we-k, and although the demand was not very lively sellers had the advantage. Cows and calv?s in small sap. ply, and brought full prices. Veal calves were abundant, and prices ranged from 4e. to 7e., a* In quality. Sheep and lambs scarce and firm. The number "on -ale was as follow:?2.693 beef cattle, $8 a $10 60 ; 37 sows and calve*, $26 a $C0. 957 veal calves, 4c. a 6),c.; 162 sheep and lambs, $2 a 88. rrica. Beef cattle, extra quality, per 100 lbs ..... $10 00 a 10 60 " good quality 9 00 a 9 5Q " ccnmon 8 00 a 8 5Q " inferior .... 7 60 * 8 50 Cows and calves, extra f-0 00 a 65 00 " good 45 00 a 66 00 14 common 20 CO a 36 OG' Veal* 3?a 9 41 extra.... 6tj a X Sheep and lambs 2 00 a 8 0(7 Seine, gross 6 a 6'? 44 net 7}i a 8 The followirg table s'iows from what part of the ooun try, ard ly what conveyance, the supplies came:? Ohio, beeves 1,102 Hudson KB.? Beeves,. 94? I Imois 1,126 Swine 9? ln(i,'*L* 144 Erie RR?B*e?er 1,289 Kentucky..,,. 164 ?wioe... 364 HaHeui RR N. R. boat:? 3esves.. 254 Ccws and Calves... 37 Swine 74 Teal calves 937 On foot?Beeves 160 -neep and lambs.... 162 Tne market at B.-own'ng's was pretty weil supplied with all kinds i f stock thin morning, an l a good demand prevailed at a little above last week's prices. The -aleii were as fellows:?323 beef cattle, $8 a $9 60; 4-7 cows and ciilvss, $25 a $66; 60 val calves. 4c. a 6\c. a To.; 2,589 ebeon and lambs, average about$5. r'slen by .Samuel Mcf lraw, at Browning'*, for the week etdiug M?y -.8, 1866:? 4 -beep $28 t>0 ?0 sheep $80 00 125 do 760 00 24 do 88 00 4 do 20 00 40 do 120 001 1 60 5 00 8 lamb* 42 00 3 do 14 00 12 00 62 60 20 do 91 CO 5 do 36 00 17 do... 77 25 .. , 283 $1,415 75 Average perffaead qq Sold by James McCarty, at Browning's, for ths week ecdlrginay J8, 1866;? 16 cheep and lambs.878 40 25 sbeepand lambs $117 7? 20 do 475 00 31 do 155 CO 50 do 266 60 14 do 56 25 36 do 206 00 44 do 235 50 22 do 120 00 29 do: 146 OO 40 do #.240 00 39 do 211 12 30 do 150 00 66 do 401 7S 37 do 118 76 60 do 300 OO 77 do 349 50 8 do 31 5Q 36 do 147 00 Total 773 $3,830 62 Average per head $1 90 The i-upply of beeves at Chamberlain's was moderate, ar.d with a good demand for ehoics qualities. Sales wera made a shade above last week's figures. Other stock wi:hout change. The following are the salev:?112 beef cattle, $8 50 a $10; 68 cows and calves, $25 a 860 : 72 sheep snd lamb-, $2' a 88; 2,268 veal calves (live weight), 3)ic. afiXe. p?r lf>. Tte lec-ipts at OTHcn's were very light, with a -teady ilemstil at about last week's prices. Tfie sales wero ad follows: ?102 beeves, $7 60 a $9 60, 94 gjivs and calves, 825 a $60; 36 veal calves, 4c. a 0>4c. KEo'Ai'irtrLATrov. Cows and TVol Shf'p an J Bf-xet, Calm, Calm. La ml*. Allerton'* 2,693 37 937 152 BrorwiDc'if 323 46 50 1 790 Cbaoabmain's .... 112 68 72 2250 O'Brien's., 102 94 :i? Total 3,230 246 1,095 4, lea I'iiilmli Ipiiiu Cattle Mmket. Phiiadku'itia, May 28, 1838. The markets were well attended veiterJay and to-day, and sales were quite brisk, the cattle generally being (food. Run Oattm.?The eaIrs reached 1,050 head: most efi which were disponed of at W'm. J? Torb?n'n Av?nuo Drove Vard. at price* ranging from $8 60 a $10 50 per 100 lb*. A few prime gold at $11. Of the nnmber aoWl 60 were owned by Foreman. 10 by Zarman, 80 by Ken nedy, and like numbers by Micger, Allen and others. Flo.i r.?Thin market wan quite actlre. and li.HOO change*! bancs, at from $2 50 to $4 50 per head, and from $1 50 to $2 i acn for store *h?ep. Deitrick sola of the number, 800, Alcorn, 700; (Irube, 800; liuso, 3J0, and lota of sarna size by Kennedy and others. Ho<;- ?The bog market was rather mora set vs, and 1,500 head wore nold, at from $7 50 to $8 60 per 100 lbs. ( own am) Cai vkh.?Buyers are more plenty than falt ers, and 126 were scon disposed of. at from $46 tj $76, a few extra cues bringing a r. iglr?r figure. lb 140hcrs?? arr>T?d at lo/bort's, and wtr* >o!?l at good prices.