Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1856 Page 7
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-v?al*| bit The train of that day hrohe do?* on the ro*d krtween Webster and Oxford, whioh eeuaed a ?efey tl several hours. The Connecticut left Allyn a Folat vettrday at & A. II. She left bare again feat evtniog, at eNwit tke udusl hour, wtth puioougdrs und tr^ignt for Btylon via Norwich and Worcester. Police intelligence. Cbaboe op Hmiiiwav Robbk*v.?William Saunders waa arrvrted on Tuesday ntgbt, aboat 12 o'clock, by officer Banker, of the Vlret ward pollc#, on charge of highway ?obbery, preferred againrt him by Frelerlck Huegle, ef Mo. T7 Forayth street. The complainant statei that While be waa walking down Broadway, near Trfcil'y ehaieh, ha waa aiaalled by the prisoner and two other men, ?uo knoc.ed him down and then rifled hia pickets ef *feeir eoatenta. Complainant, aa goon aa ha waa re Jfew.d trom the preaence of the robbers, cried oat' dtop ?lief," and ba'tily followed the retreating highwaymen. Cdtoer Gnerker bearing the noire occasioned by tne at f aok upon complainant, haatened to the apot and g*v J ahaee to tlie fogitlvse. Saunders waa stopped by eome in Temp!*, near Cedar atro it, and waa thereupon taken t" the station house. In the ponesalon of the ao Hutted waa a penknife, which wae iden ided by the com plainant aa a portion of the stolen property. .Saunders waa commuted for trial on the above charge, by Ju tice Osborne, of the Lower Police Court. Havtl Ifewa-blaver Captured. lOerrespondenje of the Phlfedelpuia I/idger.] I ymn Statw Smr Sr. Louie, ) Bt. Paul do Lonndo, ol A rfoa, March S, 1856. j We arid ret here eight dm ye ago from a cruise on the eonat. The Jamestown had left twenty days previous few Tor to Traya. rbe.e ifl aome excitement tn the eaaat, t*er?ral slavers having been seen around the ooait of Upper Guinea. The brig General Pierce, of New York, ie ^ui| here, having been captured by the Portuguese government and condemned aa aeiaver. The captain and eiew are in prison awaiting trial. The place 1* very healthy; we leave here in a few daya for Parto Praya; the squadron are all ordered to meet the Coni.oodore there m April. Our ofliotre aud crew are all well. Court Calendnr-Thli Day. BorMMW eotutT?'liroul .?Noe. ?U4, 046, 047, 048, 500, 000, 407, 60b, 609,610, 611, 612, 610, 491, 276'J, 6bO, 0&3, ???, 007, #72. ?? _ ?? ? . UarrsD Si.tis Ditfrmci Court.?Noe. 33 to 3i, 30 to ytirpinncn ContT.? Noe. 304, 267, 530, 6 f9, 04t, 642,014, #4# 603. 446, 496, 92S, 802, 100, 116, 409, 484, 040, 648, ?49, 061 6?2 650. 650, 658. 659, 661, 226, 221. 10o, 476. It 71, 269, 365, 647 , 66, 501. 669, 602, 633, 362, 490, 46,891. EapeitMheid's flats ace Model a, In which fee most article eye can liou ao OH spring ?tcd ?nmraer stvln la a masterpiece; with the melt o' feoitieas propcrlJeni, it combine*. ligfetaeM, flexibility and the mflbest It tot. Deaier ha'.s may oe h id every where, bnt none so e e HB' ROdt0tiDCU6s BO 8* ftiPCuKbttid 8, It >3 50 . naPHNBCHHID, 118 Nassau street. lcebt's Patent flat ?Tlic Eicerdtng Light - M of th'a rrsM'sl, becoming and beautiful tab: .3 adapt*. MrUeularlv to summer wear and exclusively us gentleman's ife-wv hat, ta entirely ne " in all lta features. T to mwuner o. vwat'iaBon la oCecitve aud original, and tor oomftwt aad au ciMflity this bat. baa never been rxiual'ed la ihie or -any other imaitry. It la made of every variety of style and c-.lor; black, wifetw, pearl, 4rat>, browu, or any other shade that (be pur feurr n it rtnsrr Bold at the usual prices. mmmw umj soes. BE4iBJC> ^ patentee. 154 droadwar jf. B?Have also on hand the usual assortment of Rocky laysilvery beavers, French felts. Ac., Ao. The Beauty that Spring Shines Upon?The ?* d sun o'sprlog Is shining upon clt? and b?v. It looke nv y upon JBroadway ar.d the toesutifbl women who taroixjIt; lot do* here doe* It rail wa brighter glow than upon fi n* Jr ibe h&U mhde by KN*;X. comer of Broad way and Fl a Their taetefXi'giOH8iQi-.ft8 m^chw wall the spriT-i #? 4oe? the continued increase oi Knox'.-i pbpa ariiy. Raglan Hats.?Public Aivprowfel of our Ff Ics-U as batvers to supp'y ihe llgh'eat ueglige hat at a low cost, U 1864 atd 1865, led ui to aoek a^vocgat the Parle fahrisante for (inality and lint iu.><l in our special 3a ea. Iu annuunc.og fee itagl .n hat, we deem It due to ourselves to stale that origi nating with u , we have ronirol of the emtlre Importation, as r<wetve4 per Haroeiona and Futtou The number being l4tcit ?4, lentleuien wtil do veil io make Jieir se ecU-ms early. For ?vie at our o un'.eri only LK AK Y a CO , leaters and tctro- J datcrs ol iaition, Asior House, B:t>?dsay. l 000 Poi fruit* taken Dully?On the Whlen feg et Reade atree'. and of ths picture depot at 289 Jtrcidway, the prcprleloj lnt?vd> opaulig a ncwplacsto fake 2^00 plctnrei daily on the 25o and 5'Jo. syBtem. Piano* and Melodcon*.?The Horace W? fere modern iix proved p'aooa nnd mel ideoai are to be fouid at 33U Broadway, i'lanus to rent, and re..t allowed on pur ahaee; for sale on montbly payments; eocon 1 hand pianos Ircm #30 to 8140; melodeone f. om #40 to $135. Pianoforte* and Melmleem 25 per cent cheaper shin Broadway prioea The moat decided bargalne h the shy may be iouna a. tbe warehnnaeof JOHN P. W vKK h OO., 167 Canal atreet, three doers west of Yarlck. Bevoral PCWJ nae aeeoa.1 harsl planoe, cheap. ?Fa the Lndleu?"lUtliic-ry.?A Large nnd hesiaUfnl a-sortment of ladles' and ml-tos' hoones. stra# Wrtmmlcars. rihbore. flowers, and manthfee, a'. WILLIAM d. iaVhNA'8 No. 112 Canal areeL Summer Clothing Ibr Men and Boy*.?Al* FBItn M17NROK k 00.. 441 Broadway. Inform Ihelr friends feat their prevent aiaortniect of well made clothlig is very ? ap'e'e, and hi at.yiee and ouality never before surpassed. "We invito 'l>'i in want to cab and examlu# our auortmenL So devtatto#to pi tees. Drab, Beaver, Castor, Panama, Webster Fieneh, sof. and every it jle of turt and cap for summer wear, a?u be had a' WClra'B. Alio, a neat drees oat, 93. 143 Ful on (treet, between Broadway and Nassau. Gentlemen may Clothe Themselves at UDGitBs' wa~ehousc, corner of Fulton and Nassau itroots, ? feitbemoe.faeblrnab o aljle, atlhe cost. Thovarlity ?tvpri'-g and rummer oloihmg cann >t he equalled tn the city, feat price and no abatement. Rack Alpaca Suits, Complete, $0, 97 and ?p; ?hlte Marselllea veata, 82; line o*?ilm"e iulm, #10; blark ai..ihcoats, beaiitlfu'ly nude $5 50 $6 #7. #8, #9'o $18 Ac , at y\ ANh' clothing waiehuuie, Ik) aud t>8 Fulton strejL Clor' '* Spool Ooilots?Tho Genuine Article Vutu fee same of WM. WHf TRWRTUHT on every ipool. 37 an atreet. Wlrnfen Shadca?Improvement and Enter aytie ?KKLTY A F.fRGUBOJl, 7JI "midway aud Reade areeL hav. at ftrat expenae. compleled a'-d "patontjd" fhvir Itgeniora apparalug for mauufuciuHtig window abadet, *nda-e now yrepared to supply the whole irado with an un rivalled aaaorttuect luil iblriy per c.-nt leia thn ever before ?old. A a aote are allowed to ir anufa-.'ure and ir our patent, ?one e?n cnipeto wf.h us eliber In ttjlo or pries. Also gilt er.rnieee, hi-cca'WH, de Iftinea, d*ma?ks .ace and muslin cur Jam matwlalv Ae. Astor Place Motel? ^tdlre Stopping at the different botils in ibe *dty. wish.-g their supply of booti and ahoee. for !b?Dw?'ve? aud fain lie*, oan fled iadles boon, ftom 12a. ta 20e ; -llfpera, tve.i and bun Lni 6i. to 10?i po' ?j'vir with bOTB's a*:ci child: eii'a joots Aid tuije-?. Good articles et m^ilerate prlooa, at J. B. MILLNS A Ot) 3., 131 Canal street. _ Pari* Beotn, Share and Gaiters ??.Jast R#" eetvrd cer etoamer Barcelona from celebrated makara -J. Forr Hue Richelieu, and Mo lec ParH. MoJera rtylee, by RBGFNR F1RKI- A 8i\N. bxbnakers, 02 Nana a rreet, third botue abeve Maiden 'arc. The Cincinnati Convention -D-I?g?tei and ?iberafor tbe convention should .erure thel.- f xcurston Ucheu 11..? day at he Oeueral tUllroad oQice, 193 Brotdw<ty, orner ?1 Dej street. Prlco reduced nearly one bi't Ringer'ft Sewing JI?hliKi.-We have great ptftir.nre 1p elating thai the rteam power tor our great mum niotory, Interrupted for a few day* by tbe lire to ui j Now Ha yen depot bul'dtig, '* *X*lu restored and In fu'l opor tt'on. We are erain ttnishlag on- tewing m -chine# fastsr than ever, can te nbjg all tbe admln de hnprovement>. Inferior tearing ma o! other manufacturer* h.kea In exchange a# until I. M. BiNUriA A t.o.i is.11 Broadway. Hie Sen n?nl Riltadv* Hezitar of Fancy ?red* and to;*, juat opened at No. 499 Broadwa*, by H K. in UK Its, who h u removed from hie oid ftand, e .ntalns every ear'* y ol Wle*' fan*, reticle* jet ornament*, dreeilng oase* b-onlu*, combe, perfumery and laney *o?p*. Alio, the most complete aeaortmej.t of toy*, do 1*. fame*. Ac., f ir the uul.-ns H m ai.d amneement ofchndrtn. lste'v Imported, and ror tale a ibelow??t imponera' prior#, by H. 8. ROOKRI, No. 499 Broadway. fiferrlng'a Patent Chaatpion Vlre and Bur (lar proof aafe, with Ma'i'*patent powdvr proof kx-k. Bub peeelvwd prize medal'* at the World'* fair. Loudon. ISil, and Cryna' Balaoe 1R3.V4. STLAB 0. HERRING A Qry., )8tt. 137 and I.19 Water atroet N. Y^ Regarx.?.Re vernl Invoice* of Scgnra can lie bad at much below their market v*lue. a' No. 17 Broadway. Caah advanie* m*d* on *egars of either Havana, domestic yr b?rmanmanufaoiute. O. ''HKBKS, 17 Broadway. fe Wholesale and Country >*K>Kh k PARK,.404 Broadway, eorne-of Pua?e ?'.reel, tew York, IbtI e tbe attmnoa ef jobber* and e'ote berer< te etr lauaenaetioek of patent metldaei. by far the larg#*t as ?erUmentlw either bemitphere, ai and below manufacturer*' tiers, by the package, dozen, or 100 grow. Order* ao'Jol ed, A food* -hipped wlib oare, to aay pari of tbe world. 1ARNK8 k PARK, N. Y? Clae'nnaU and ban Praoelaee. Chemical* for the Daguerreotype* and Am brolj pe?, essential ol.r, Sec. e gnac oil, rare met*!*. Drewirk* Isesmnle-*' and electrotype mvertah. at whi eaale prlcei rialebrllr. LOIHH Ktlt.aTUY A.KJ8R, 147 Mai.ea lane Khutoarb? ?IthuOnrb? Kliubnrb**-!Hay be preferred In a perfaouv fre*b ?'4*te, without the uieol *ugar, l?y mean*of fptat 'i patent can No* I* die time wkeu tb? ? *rket I* anppded with thl* celljcloa* vegetable, to prepare a epran'ltv for pie*, do. In 'be winter. Kti 1 d irec'.lon* glr jd w lb the rani, #t,d every oije warranted to ao*tver tte pu*. P'lte Sodby the pioprleutra,' WSLLK k PROVlBr, 431 Pearl t treat, Sand*' Snr*a|iaiAliH,| for Purifying the bleed ?Ibis celebm ed ifmady^rpeedtiy rentlfiej any lrrega I* I'? cl the *t jmarh !he circulsj'fon and the bowel* a'd rg. e*Laahhj anon Pier.arelaudw.ld by a. B a 0. baNnH. HO P?i ton street > So Alcohol -rhf Oxigruatrd Bitter* Claim llelatf rab eaiei rob of tone ttvhoi* prhc'plea fur. il l.e J*e ci * conoJlo ?tlmuiant'i. tmi wfc" koo-vu reai'dy lo-drspep * ?.?nd gscera' debility. le rl.-l* y worth a fair trial. Mllln'ontl arid II A?r>t>|oe it*.?Kygcr, Fll* A C >., proprietor* ol the belt ipia-nwe of Fr tone, teg to lLl'o-m their ri lend* ta*< 'hey l,e i removed .'heir oil. -a to Xi Pearl ai'tei, near Whl'oa", N#w Virfv AnIrhelot"* K'Ufz Dye, Wig# and Toupee* a* foperler !o?'l .vnrr*, fi'lrr** Itnpr.veine i'* sact re p-rtMt c miort to tbd> mearer. sai crai e eg*nco and durability. y ?unrl*al ed and oAly hl-mies# nair dve In applied In tweiv* p tkier'iumf, at IjUKJUaLOiVS, Ail Broadway. P|i*lob Pnpilliin Lotion or kTloiul krsnllflrr h NMltfykl fa * *r>o*piexloa tm Ntovisf f'?r*ie*. tan, *. iburn, pimp *J. up- te, buin*. maid*. ?tir.?? ebaiumd Uoa, kie?., I'D) anil iiaurci r'or sale by PIIALUN, and *11 drug' ' If Von ItrVfr is Falling (Iff, list- HtHarii'* lo -a#v, fsbcl' wl'.l Pf" 1 v,-iy atip I. In forty eight !?!!?? li yet a I*'? I* tf *e. '^ere Is m rem?Jr d|iia't > <*? tare'* *a:/l? ?, r?eJ.-.I jib rlr r.d^sy, be' .Vpeii ?,I^ oy Knd Xr. lcli ~fs Win, Win, Wl?t^.(l?dhnnt A Onl In vlxlhla Win Mid Unpens are the admiration of ell wearere and the eaYV of would-be Imltatoro. Warranted net u shrink or ehn* m eolor. A better artlele for lit) than the extravagant Broadway atoree for 116. Braids, bands, aurb, Ac., at Mo. 71 Thompson's Hair Dye la Warranted Supe rior to anytslDg je' discovered for oclctng the hair. Private rooms lor aupbtiig. For sale wholeoa'e sad retail. Wig naklBR. hair cutting shampooing, ahsvtng Ths ortgtsal ar ramiraouJa lor eradicating dacdrufl. Mo. 18, M*?len lane. In the Might?In the Might, Ch, deer 1 how tbe bogs and skeeters tilte, A td the roaches, how they crawl on tbe floor and wall I 1111 LY->h'b powder's dusted, audit surely kills all. Medals, diplomas, testimonials, frcm all countrtee, Drove be Jotd all cavil, that It kills rats, mica sod Insects. Deont, 121 roadway. E. LYON. Hollaxvap'a Pills?The Cynics tf the Medi cal schools are constrained to admit that HOLLOW ATM pills banish dleeai e (torn the stomach, liver and Down's, without re duc'rg he ptiengih of the pall-inL This la !he greatest medic tl triumph of the nineteenth eenturr. Hold at the manufactories. 80 Maiden lane. New York, and Mi Strand, London, and by all druggists, at 26e., flJtjC and $1 per box. Hew School ot Medicine sand Pharmacy.? Cbs last unfolding of tha art of healing ?My dally practice proves that I cure oonauapikm, in all its varied torma, as rea ?ly as any other disease ibereiore I desire le treat ell eon smnptlvea. bat particularly those who have tried all other phy sicians, without relief. Mra M. J. MaBIN, M. D., No. 37 La layette piece, first street east of Broadway, between Fourth gad Eighth streets, Bew York Office boors' From 10 A. M. to 1 P. M., exclusively tar ladles; lad from 3 to 6 P. M. tor gentlemen, Wednesdays excepted. Ml ether hour* by appointment. Joutcii'i inodorous Pre pot ration Instantly deans kid gloves, without the s'lgtteat smell. Bub with a pteoe of fiance!, and the stains forthwith disappear. Can ba worn Immediately afterwards. One bottle Is warranted to Sisan fifty pair. Price BO cents. A gents wanted. CONTENT. NBABY A PP.. 602Broadway. Potlchomanle,?The New and Beautiful Art of deoorating glass to resemble tbe finest ehua. A fev hours' In teres ting amaaement transforms s simple glass vessel Into a splendid Chinese or Sevres vase. All the materials for sals. Also, boxes containing two vases, and every article required. Price IB. Full Instructions to porchtser free. The traJe sup plied. CONTENT. NmIaHV A CO., BOA Broadway. RlrertxnnUirm, Scrofula, dee.?Hyatt's Life halratn la the most cnrtaln remedy for the severest cases of these aud all diseases arising from great impurity of the blood. It cored Mr John Mcu'ar'.y. ffi avenue D. or sere;e Ir (I immi tory rbenmatbrm. asthma, bronchitis aud kidney complaint, af ter he had been to his house moet of two years aud Els life de spaired of. It cured a lady In the family of F. W. Oilier, E"i., of the Bowery dry goods store, 126-a terrible case of sorofL Ions u'ceration of nice yexri.' standing, a'ter the cave hud been trrav (landabacdot.ed In despair by a me of our mrstemlDent physicians. Irl-ieipal ofittie 34t. Orsnd street. 75 eents per bot'Je. For sale ? by druggists, and by Hri, HAYES, 176 Fulton street, Broaklyn. Trusses, Shoulder Braces, Elastic Stock lugs ?neper(ftry bardsges, ladirs' ne.ts and stinnor'era. In at um*nts for bowlegs and sll de'ormttles o' the body oon atsntly on hatd and made to order, by Dr. GLoViitt, Nu. i Ann street. BXarrlea. At St. Cement's church, on Monday, May 20, by tbe Rev. Mr. Eaton, B. Th08 Bttlbh, E'q., of London, Eng land, to Miss Anne Makia, dangbter of the late William Stephenson, E?q., of Brooklyn, N. Y. On Tnssuay evenlrg, May 27, by the Rev. Dr. Chadn, Mr. J. Hakmy fnoMisuN to Mios U.mtt, both of Eng land. Canada papers please copy. On Saturday, May 25, by the Rev. Chas. J. Jones, n i. tor of the Mariners' church, Mr. Krancih Simonku of Sarcny. to Miss Mart Jane Spkrjieck, of D.ica. At Iloboken, on Tuesday, May 20, by the R?v. Mr Burr, Mr. Anderson Woods to Mit.s Catuakink E. (, civ, of Hobok m. A'. L recht. Netherlands, on Saturday, April 10 Theo dore d Moi.van Otterloo, of the Island of Java, to A,- M'he, daughter of the la^e J. C. Zimmerman, Esq., Cot -l -ieoeral of the Netherlacds for the United 8>ates in hL. city. On 1 ? 'ay May 20. by the Rot. J. B. Wake'y. Mr. Jane; M. N at \ to Miss Saraii J. Rankin, youngest daug : or of ih. >ate William Raukin, all of this olty. Died. On Tuerday trcruing. May 27, of coags-stion of the lungs, WiLLiAU R. Mojito?I, Esq., aged 48 years. The trienun of the amily, also those of Messrs. Frost and For rent, are invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence. No. 140 Lexington avenue, this noon, at five o'clock, without farther notlse. New Orleans, La , and Cincinnati papers please copy. On Tuesday morning, Muy 27, Kajraii, wife of Samuel New by, and daugh'er of the late J. M. Bjllatny. T"e relatives an: triends of the family are respeetfnlly invited to attend the funeral, from the Church of iho H.dy Apostles, eorcer of Ninth avenue and twenty eighth street, this duy, (Thursday,) at two o'clock r. m. On Tuesday, May 27, of consumption, Jakes Divine, in the 6)?t ytar ol his age. The friends and relatives of the family are respect fully to attend his funeral, from his late resi dence, No. 80 West Broadway, this (Thursday) after noon, at two o'clock, without further invitation. On Monday, May 28, Anton Frkdkhiu Mayer, at Wycoff avenue. His remains were Interred in the Cemetery of Ever greens. On Wednesday. May 28. suddenly, at 3 A M., Mary Jane Ha?lknui<-k wife of KishaTd 8. Gray, aged 24 years, 4 months ar.d 6 days. The relatives ana triends ol the family, and the mem bers of Wohster Chapter, No. 88, u. U. A., are Invited to atieod the lunnrol, from the Baptist church, Eighty third street, Dear Second avenue, this day, at two f. II., without further invitation Her remains will be taken to Trinity Cemetery for interment. On Tuesday evening, May 27, of dropsy, George Sa r.'AR, in the 57th year of his age. Th" friends of the family, and thoee of his nephews, Joseph G. and George Feader, are respectfully iavitjd to atL nd his funeral,tlr-im hie late residence, No. 199 Six teerth street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at three o'cl ,ck, without further Invitation. Bts re nains will be taken to Greenwood for interment. lor Jon papers piease c py. On WednesiUy, May 28, afier a short but patiful ill ness, C: i tun Frames W. Nkholb in the 31st year of his age. His remains will be tak6n to Northpwt, L. I., for inter ment. long Iilacd, Illinois and California papers please onpy. On Tnecds.y, May 21, at tea o'c.ocx 1' M , dAii.Y 8., daughter of James H. and Isabella Jenkisson, aged 1 year, 11 montas and 8 days. The friends sud acquaintances of the family are res pectluJly iiiVi ed to a.tend her fnneral, from the resi dence oi n.r grandfather, B. II. Burrows, No. 89 West Thirteenth street, this (Thursday) aftc-rnoon, a*, two o'clcck. On Wednesday, M?y 28, nf-er a short and severe Illness, Mrs. Eliza Leav. rift wi'e of John I/eaycralt, E,q., In the 42d year of her a30. The relatives and friends of the family are ie?pectfu''y Invited to attend her funeral, from her late resldeoee, No. 147 Yarick streot, this day, (Thursday,) at three o'clock P. M., wiinont Inrther lnyitatlou. Her remains will be laken toGreenwood for in ermont. On W'ed>?('ay afle-noou, May 28, o! frjnsunp'.lju, Jam* Shaw, In the 88 h yea of his age. His friends are re'pecttully invited to attend his fune ra', to morrow (Friday) afternoon, at one o'clock, trom his la'e rtsidaBM, No, 237 East Tweute .h street. Iho futeial arrange me nts will be under the dL actum of Teruplar Lorge, No. 203 and A. Masons. On \V\cnesday, May 28, suddenly, Jaues Nugent ayri 49 ytars and 3 months. The relatives and friends of the family are respect fully requested to attend hi> funeral, from No. 381 Eighth avenue, this afternoon, at four o'clock. On Tuesday, May 27, Harriot S. Avoitswa, eldest darghter of E. W. Aucie vs. aged 18 ye?n?. The friends of tbe family are invited to attend hsr 'uneral, from Christ church, rn Bsd'ord avenue, East Biooklyn, this day, at two o'clock P. M. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. A PKKHONAIa. NMR I. D WILI. FIND A NOTR AT THB USUAL p ace from H. X., INFORMATION WANTED?OF MIBH JaNB McNIVitW, 1 by Hu?h Taylor. Any Information ofher will be taantfut lv received at tin. Uresnwtcb timet. She name la tbe steamship snip hotib.irg, tram Glasgow, on May 3, ltU6. IF JOSEPH BURR.DOR. FORMERLY OF KEPTFORD* Kent, Fngiand, or hie family, the advertlssr, the eon of 8:<phan George Burridge, brother ot the said Joseph, le in tlile country, he wou'd fee! g'ud to bear from them. Addreea Htnry Burrvige, 179 1'earl etreet, Brooklyn, N. Y. IF ANY G F.NTLVMAN WHO WITNiBSKD THE OOLM 1 sum between the Broadway and Forty aeoond F.-eet am nlbns ard a private osrrisge, on Friday last, about 8 P. M , tn Broadway, near the Hospital, will e*l> on Mr. 6 H. Dodge, 169 ( halhtm. before the 31et list., he will confer a particular lavor, and, If desired, a Jnat compensation for hie trouble. IK MRH. VALLENUF. 8ICK HURHE, WILL CALL AT *r send her address to F8 Kast Thirty first street, she may hear o' scme blog to her advantsge. INFORMATION WANTF.[*-OF FELIX AND JOHN 1 Benrete, natives of count- Monegban, parish Dunne mine. Ire'atd, who MR hums four yeass si ass, when last beard of weie In the State of Indiana. Any Information core*rnlng ?hem will be tbankful'y received by their slsur, Cathertoe Heomty at ?69 West Twenty sixth street, New York. Indiana and Wtattrn payers p ease c py. * W1 T?L FIND A LETTER FOR HSR IN MADI son square Poet office. R. L. M M B.WILL HB? R. T. AT THE BAME I'LACI, AT . three o'ctt ck to morrow. I.- ON OR ABOUT Tn* 98, II OF APRIL LAST, two young men name to tbe premises of the undersigned, ard offered for rale a go'd hunting watch, and left with pait pavment, ibe purchaser fearing that the wat'h we* sto'sn Anv person I svlrg lost sueh a watch can see the same by call lig at 373 Pearl street. The above will be disposed of, 1' not oalltt for within sixdos rHR OKNTLLMKN WHO CaLLBD ON MR. J. O. BdSHK, at Ubedc'.l, Plervon A Lake's 471 Broadway, abou' six weeks ago. all fled him At Not. lGard'H Park | laco. TIIB OKNTLKMAN WHO DRB'RRO INFORMATION ctdirorrlnR the heirs of Cephas Mills Is relorred to J. If. Flizgtraid, f sq . IS Wall street. N. ?. 11/ ANT Kf> ?INFORM ATION O* TfTB FOLLOWING SOL TT dlers, orlbelr heirs, that served In the wir of 18il!: - B'ljsmin Dwvre, John Morehouse, Wm. C ark ), Hsinmln Htcwxrt, Wni. gt. Ledger, Lntt Outlier, Abraham A. Hurt, Charles McOsrty, Danlei Wright, Jacoi I'rater, Ellaphalet I oaoody, Win. T.e>*e J hnDu'cher. 8am us! Pterin Stmuel Hsn.dlct, Dedrlck Kagaier, Ruben Wi'ciell, .lamei Piaui. Jostob Palmer, Th "ii*? Turner. ( hii>lophor Hnnd, Adim Parke.* Oeurge Ardsr-on, Dan'el At'ines. B-apsMngto A C MUNROf, 136 Orchard street, It will be to tl e'r advantege. y y.KBlTR.?"OM?, YK KIviSRUg, "OR V fD f 4 aetwy * W. y. tuiira, Re., etc , etc., kid. AM IIVrBlUBflTllVU lARKAflVC. THK 8X0kY OF AM sMIQaAMT.-uNa OF THR FIRdl? ?? h la one ot the worst deter s In the local government o' this vaat fammereiA ms'ropoue which 1* too foids.j briughl beneath the onsermO n of a stranger bom a'roid, la the fin punibf with which un'ortu- sts emigrants ere rob>el and out raged, the prooese, in tone laataneea, conmeoetag long be'ore the vtotim has gained a to tii g t upon our shores Toe po loe repot la tn our city newspapers too planly attest that hordes of souliets Tans yr?s are o-z>ttanily it lug 11 wait ,to entrap the hapless wanderer tmm borne; rat ? ot s tithe ot the eases which occur ere erer bear J of, owlux to the well-tat 1 p a*t of the *U lanous operators, and the utter helpiessuees ot the uniortu ?> e> ? bo fail In otbelr c utches. It la from no tau't of our legls slurs that this sad state of things exists for sur statute books cootstn lass whlrh would be an.ply sufficient lor the protection of the emigrant If ther were only half earrled out Unfortunately. however, those In poeaesstunuf pluoe anl pcwrr do mv-rn* ot them at ie?st? are, tr use a pbrsee mue trite than e aaalosl not In me habit nt ''.nniwlr* awnv kno AhknnAd I" Vnisaa itr? wn-tJl n ?m? of "t*rowlcg iwiv any ehitnoea!" Vo*oa are worth sune thing to them, and that Individual who, by the aid of muscle, ca? ccntr )1 a prlicsr election, and woo be x-m*? t went? times a citizen b; c mtrioidhig a-ctre of ballo.s oa e.ottlon day. Is not io be pnnlshed for so smtllau offiure as the Uasilugo' friendless stranger?be-ce '.he singular manner in which pry if ihe k seditions ot ihe kmc are geLeraily Olspuiel ot. Ihe iaw says that no person shall oe .Ice.'SSd as ati emi grant run-er ur.'esa be Is o!" 'approved good moral charsi ter " how '"tricky Bob" or "-Junn ng Jack"? neither of wtum have ever acquired much fame for either morality or philanthropy cun become emigre.t runner*, aid-.bat tio, wiihout any degrye ol tiouble They may not be ovar-on sete jtlous In a matter ol bustnesi, but ttey are terrible In a fight: and murcle, asthirga go, is lualspanaajle at primary elections, and of some value at bio po. s. The las also cemxads that ever; keeper of an emigrant boardlug house shall nave his te>ms ooc*plcuoa-ly posted In bis esta nlshment, and that he hbail poueu to lien upon any bsggige for any greater sum than ah all be oue In accordance with such terms, under the penalty of a flue >r the revocation of his hoeuse; bad yet tnowthi we know that Patrick O'oklnner, who keepo an emigrant boarding bouse, daily sets thta law at nanxbt, and is nel'he." fined nor broken but st the pi latary election Patrick caa prevent the nomlnatioo of any man ag Jtut whom he raav hold s grusge. to say nothing of his influencing s hundred votes on election d->y, and thta, of course, secures him Immunity from punishment. To gtve ihe reader a slight Idea of tie manner In which bust ones is eonoucted in some of the** p.acei, we will attempt a dcscrlpt on of ibe routine marked out In rauick O'bkinser's establishment, which will answer lor all tao rest oi a like ciass. Patrick does not confine bis operations to emigrants. His victims are drawn from all classes, and the me ins which he adopts to fleece them are as various as they are diabolical. His lltst object is of course to eut-ai them any to effect -his be has facilities whtea render that task perfectly easy Be mat ualoa a who e army ot hired satellites, who sp.easl themselves all over the city,In every section where a stranger Is moat lixe-y to be met with, and lay in wait to the unsuspecting and guileless, at he railroad depot, at atesm -oat la- dings, around the wharves, In the vlalnlty of shipping -fll-ea, at the different brtels, at lute llgeuoe oUi -eiand a' bo -sea of Id tame the ie hu man blood aucktrs may be found cut .ng rat work for Ueir black hear ted muter. Patilck has a perfect understanding with the keerera of the most notorious bagnios, and if a friendless glri is tnrown in bis way he doer not hesitate long what dis.oslt -u to make it her. If she happens to be v- ry bomeiv and unattractive, he will oonleut himcelt with robbing her of wba' lithe money she ma* have: but if she baa the mtsf irioae to be bemu'.i. u. her fate 1b surely sealed, unless by a< m? ml-ac i;>ux lotenereuce oi l'rovldence she is snatched Iroai ihe clutches of her worse than murderers. "his df a sailor just returned from a prosperous voyage, with 1 full pay In bis pccket, Is picked up by one of Patties'* indnta h sail yaj iu uin ^tustk, to (/tvi aa u?r u y uuc ui a ihi ioa a uninia tigables, ar.d satelv delivered a*, the board ng bouse, the first object Is to get possession el his capital, v la no hard mat ter, for ho is in the majority ol casea, vor , care'.s-s, and wil lingly hat ds over his lends to tne keeping of -be '.utdlord, who credits him with the amouut, and ai once op, ?-.n account with him an account, however, which 1* ?pc : - closed, for the tailor la surprised to learn in about a cou.,- j* weeks, or le-s, prrbaps, that be baa uverd-awu hS mo., seme fifty collars, fur watch amount he stands the la dlord'* dec tor, and tho resell Is that he is shipped as soon as possible ihe landlord securing his wvence wagei an far as he can do ?u. anlm-g nanimonslj agreeirg to "oall it square" I ihe am.)'- it talis a .... ... - of the-kl'r ~" ' ----- tew doll.:rs shott of theai'eged Uiiie iiedness. W hen .' xtrick w fortunate enough o get a oruwd ol thlrtv or forty xuiigrar.ta at one haul beneatd bis roof he re;.us a rich harvest Ihev aro led to tupp .se that ihelr ex lec-es in this model house will be absolutely uohlng: Ju: the/ a e some what surprised ununcalmg tor their Dills, to find mat they have been charged five d .liars per xar?and perhaps more tor sto-sgn alone, whi e the mm total ot their evangas Is ?welled toa frightful amount by all sorts of imaginary Items. But as we nave above Intimated, roboary is the -east of ihe Ills which somotlmes belxli hapless strangers cf the weaksr jex who are 8. unfortunate as to be brought wlihlu ihe bale nl isfiuence of such men as Fatrlok O'oklnner. ?' Deeds to make heaven weep" are hourly transacted in ih-ir pestlleht abodes? crimes of the blackest dye?outrsges of the most horrible de soripiion are perjietrated, which never mye'- the ilrh', ani at which shuddtilng humar dy wou d stand aghast, ifthey wire laid bare In all their d-ftrm'.iy. 7 boy are moral as well as physical Inzar honafs Within their dlemnl walls hearts are broken, braiu-i crazed, sou s lost and spirits crushed - helplen innocenoe is s- -used, and old age Insu.ted and tpat np n-the very atmosphere wlthm them is redoiet:'. ot p6?iifort>m pol-ou*, and upon every annimate ana lnsnima'e thing appei twining to them is written, " CairupUou : oirruptioi-1 corruption I" Among others w.-o have fa'Ion ln'o tbe hands of Ihe" Tricky Bob" and '? o'eklnner" tribe, was a young and beautiful Kag llsli girl, who arrlvtd here just previous to the occupancy of Carle Oiroec by the hmlgrnnt '.'ommlsstnners In search ot her brother. A men'ion of the core wat made In tbe paper j of tha day. aid there the matter ended; but. through the kindness of a friend, we have boon placed In possesion ot the particulars of her lite, which contalo to much ot romance that wc have ds teimtned to weave them into a narrative, without, bo vever, uiukiug ore of proper minus. It was a bright and benuiiful morning when the emigrant ps-'k't ship Terrible entered liie bav ot Mew Yo-k, and. tow ed o> rce of the numerou* sutaintngs which ply upon tha Bast and fiorli rivers, proceeded on hrr way ta a lan toe. L-ho was loaded down human ire'ght Men, women and ebtldien some ot them rooutt sud hosi-hy enough in appear bu*. lie majority emaciated end Hlcklr looking? siu*?red Icgetier ou her gunwales and Uuug there lite bee* around a hive, eater'y directing -heir e>e? lowor-i the great city wlrch lay spread out before them, trying, in advance, to term some idea of Its pecple and Its institutions. Trerewers rew light hearts on board ofthat ship, whl'eth-re wore many, If w e may Judge hearts tr im i&oai, wale's des paired of ever feeling a thrill of Joy aga'n. Borne there wj.-e who atnlclpa ed the crasn of kLuured hands to we cams tkem - str< ng hands whlr.n hHd preceded them to the Mew World to prepare a way for them?end upon ihe faces of theie a ray of satlriaution m ngled with tie melancholy thit had oppreised thcro from the moment thai the lat*. adieu was spoken to "the lovrd ones at home"- then there wtre others who, "'To better their fcrtunes, bad crcts'd (he big sea," without the hope of meetlr-g an ac-juaintancs, mucn lesi a rela tive, on retching the port of their deetina'iou, and It \ ? .. . ? was p tic tul to wtt ess the expression of ufer loue luesi whija ret ed upon the eountenanoes of there. As the vessel p-ooeeded up the toast river a number at sstU boa'.c were seen approaching her from different points, and before she rem-h?d her dock a r score of emigrant runners hail gamed her deck ar.d. oomnoensed their search alter vtc'Jmi. AmoLg the pessengus wa a young girl, who stood leaning agulnut a water cak, apart from the cn>wd, gazing at the scene of tnmu't hcf. re her with a Io- k ot the most InAnse fie lection. Mo expreaslnn of inlet est In her mild blue o~s gave token that she wat mentally awake to wha*. wax pasting arrguul her, nor did she (tart when rough meu brushed rude'.v pell her, and rough voices responded io orannHuds harsh y given ller mind was evldeatly dwelllug upon grasa fields a: d sweet tmelllng Qowcrnand ainglog birds, In aiand now tarotatant, and all the din and oontuilon which surrounded her could not shut out f rom her ears, while her entranoemeni laried, the sound cf ud lamlilar votees. 8he wu apparently about seventeen j ears ot oge, of medium height aud beaml fu'ly formed. Her features were regular and exo odiagly pretty; her hair ot a sunny, ge;aea hue, and her ski a ve-v while and trarsparenl. Traces of tears were visible up :-n her pa n cheeks as she stood there, and a m /n.utu'. sign br. ke lr- m her as her reverie was disturbed by tu individual who, touching ber upon the -b e: der. remarked : "excuse me tor dlcurbtn' you, mncam, but you see I'm agent tor this ore slip, aud as you don't seem to have any >ocy here to look out tor you peroaps 1 can he p you some " h e was a tall, genteelly drassel miu. and but tor an air of h F.uflerable tmpeitlaence and a lo:koi nsxrilefsness, wbl hall his assumed suavity tel ed to hi .'e, he might have besa oabed g- od looking. 113 was evidently ol' Iris i blr b. although one wou d scarcely have gaiberstl thiz from hi* speech, which, se rines belcg almost frcs from brogue, wa* tinged srl h that Idiom which eharsc e izes tbe I!h-:h of New Yo-k. ihe yourg glrlj)?.'?ed a moment. as though i tod ring what reply io make. Fhr did u ,t alioge'her like 'us man's appear acce, stlil, oting pertcc 1. gutleieas hr.roelt, I: never tntcrad her unsuspicious nvnd -hat so respextaule looklig a mau cmll he to lost to uverv sense ot hot or and humanity as to wish <o lake advanUseolau unprutecfec female; hosldsa sbe did not thick he wonla da-e oome on hoard a ship and .-ei reoent Idm se.f as being the ageut, if he wan not suoli m.reality. Tr.e ti ciidhl, also, of her c/mpleie he' jlessuess, came over her. She reflected that she was In a strange Uud, thousands of miles from borne, with uot afri-nd ou ear h to o ut-sel her, acd ste sbudderstl an she gazed tr?im the st ugg'l-g, busy thrmg around her, toward the shore, at tbe thought of being lei alore in tbeciowded rixee ao'lhe great metropolis, su'-jec. to the rebutlb of lbs heartless arddepraved. For ancomrn', th" pM, girl's apptebe jg'.nns we'l nlghovsr came all her resolution, and ?he aim-st wl-li-d tba: shs con d be a lowed to i a train on hoard the shin and return again with out lauding at all This, h--water snekuew was Im-nsoibie, andpreiettly gsltlug aeorect nflilcnoe an bnr naturally strong restoring powers griued the mattery over her tear?, she anowered: "I don't krow that I need any psrltou'ar aosislonee sir, but Jou wilt do tuu a xreaf (aver it yuu wilt pip ne to (he way ot nolng the orauch cf the aur, pea^ firm -Qal.lo, llu.-rit a Co. ?fri m whom I f urobaied my ticket ib,< i.bica-o I u.m'i wish to stay In this city a moment on;;, r 'lieu I can help?I have a bro ker la Chicago, ard I should Like vary mu h toontlcoe my journey to-Light" "u, that's impossible," answered .he genteel runner; "von can't ge on to d y. even If yonr ihket Is a go i one, #bicii I'm rjihrr doubtlul about, tor ibem fi-ms on the other rids of the perd ain't the cheese exac'.iy - they've 'done' a go d many peop e to my knowledge, and I ehouldt'. winder if thsj'd bit yriu However, let me ies the doiumetis, and I ean tell you better. Maybe they sre 'en the square,' arera'l. Ho, produoe the 'papex,' my little gal, and hurry up the oakex?lor time's money with me?time's." The man's ansaaga was somesbat ambigu/na t> the poor girl, l-ut she unoerslnrd enough ol It tigolcer Pia: be wished to exam'ce ber ticket, a: d tae teller to tne firm a zoom a any tag It; to.reaueailng htm to waiia m'uuie, <ae went beiow t> pro cure ibem. lJardti kail she dlsappe-rsd. when a ihl'k set, slovenly iooklcg fel'ow, wi n an anima' bead ard a atpi t?r ex pression of countenance, approached the self styled agent and Inquired, wlih a Qlcgiia-ing-eer, 'I? It all right. Dickr Hare yrugothrr i Mow much stuff has she got? Wot's tue agger, eh, old se.'l" ' I do..'. kLOW yet. Bob," wis the replr. "I haven'- soand ed her. butfr-mabearance 1 don't I'llare we'll make muss just at piesent There's oie ihlag ahou'. It, ih .ugh; it'll be a pretty eaev thing, fr.r she's a.l alone, and we dou't know what we might make outof ber la tbe long ruu. I've mode a hun dred neto-e now outof wuislookln' gala 'en she la" "Weil, old feller," said runna' No Z, "woiever you moke, rome aber 'snacks' is Ike wo.d. fionnelly 'd'a bad her if it haon't -In for me. I had all 1 oould <o to keep blm away while yon was torklt' to her ard t had to break hDe.e before I succeeded, at that 8o, on tbe .quare yon know." "Ail rlsht," answered the U'-l runner; "here she onos viid se ir she'll tme<i a rat." Thus admoLlabed, be stout runner mixed with '.be cro vd at the fcigltsh girl approa-hed, and handrd tbe unprincipled man the envelope oontal.ilug the oapers. "Here ttey are." the raid, 'and I think Ibey must bege n- Ine for my uncle benght tbsm for me, ano he is generally very carefn1 aheut such mat ers." 'InmiLner took the oa-crs 'mm the enve'ope,and after glarr'r.gat them ca-e'u'ly, be sal-l. In atone ot well assumed uidlRt aucn: ' Mow, Is it possible fliere eon be riah Infernal rascals In the worlt as for to want tor to go and te:i a t'oket like that 'ere 'o a pcorglrl, wi.l's a goln'foi to travel alone so fkr a war trom hciser Is It poasio'e I Wh-, slsay, thai 'ere ticket ain't wu n straw*, xnd a* for that'er-latter there ain't no rich firm In Mew York. Wot a pit; 1 If I had thewltiof rich leJsrs as ihrmttatsoM you ihese bugu* documents, vonldx't I knock 'em higher 'u a kiia I But, never mfnd rut litt.e gal," be c >a iltiiud wl h a show of ?' mpalbr, ae Hie b'g tearx storied fr-m

the eves of (he ii fortunate young eiea'ure and rolle'down her checks,' never mind; I kin send ton to your brother very reasons!- e. Wot's your brnther'o name, xlsiri"' ?' Charles Hnntord," replied Iks girl, wllh choking u'lor ance. "Chfr'es Bran'.ford!" exclaimed tbe ruagar, wiUi well feigned emprise;''well, now If that'ere aim uckt! Wbr.T kmw ? hurley like a book. He sial<! ai the hute -vhtra I a op when he wx* hare, and he told me to keep a looksti for you. Yonr name It Mauds, Im.'i 111" A ray of p ea. lire struge ed through the girl's tears, as sin ? towered in theatlirrsaiive "Well, now ain't lhat ucky:"isxc nimr.d ihe soulless vrnteh, In a tone of auch well ouunier.'alied dlnn'eioate Iner* as lo en tlie.y quel] ih* lears which had at first t?ken pusss*sio.i of tbn girl sb'Fom 'Why, 1 mow jlst wnere vour broiliai- la, and tbn .., and 1 can send tou lo him without s bit of iron tie. Ilow in ich hi c- bsve /ou g. t, Mi** nrribifurdr" "I have Inn saver nigra In u-y ti nok '' was lie moly," i. hich ray hiohnr ser.t i ver and si-ove whst would pay for my uAet. Ihatl m gbt have a-n.r mousy wl h m* In ca?e oi aczl ilenl" ' Ju.t Ike him." cxc nimi-! ,he runner, sdmiriogly; "ke wa* a"way* rich a c> rstu' young ie! er, ?nd he win so very of yen ' Mh , b? u rd Uiril a d talk lo me about you for hours at a I'm*. ! e *n? 'hp uvlngeri iro'her - over -a <- in my Uf> m ? I lie ?o ?ee a U.*t) I ? g of bin 9or If b# dop'ttov* her, be won't lor* nobody. Toor brother waathefleest young ? ulmrluwiBoy ttfe. Didn't ac mw write te you about Biff' kvery trace of aorrow had now rttoanpeared from *.ke ooaa tei-Arce of the Itgoeoue, trusting Maude, for lb* eulogr njoo b*r brother's character bed .ouched a ekord la her heir whlah ?Ttr] douof Us er win tolly comprehend. The runner ?n awnieof thin s-e hsd me with just eueh eeaee before In hu experience and 1 e knew exact ? bow to operate. '? Why," arswered Maude, with abrlfhl smile, in answer to hta last tat?rngi.nrv. "jnu have not toll me yet what you name t?, and It w old be hard for me to say whether he ever meattoaed >cu In hU le'iers or not." . ?'Ihat'e jo," aj rwercd the runner, pleasantly, "* I am slcb a forgetlul fei er! bl-k Dusher to mv name. Didn't be never say anyihttg ir his letters about Dick Dasberf' ?' 1 don't thlik be ever did " answered Mtade, K he did I don't rtmtuuer I." '? Well, we 1 " returned Dick, apologetic illy. " 1 soppoee the poor fellow had so r u sh else to wilie about?beln' la a strange e ul try, and having so mint things to a'tend to. We wasvery closet friends, th-n*h, ,vry o ? ant -I savel hit life once by pulllh' him oot of t:? rl'er, and another time I stopped a cou ple of le lers from : obcm' turn. I thought as much of that 'Sre yonna man at 11 be was my o ?n brother." "0,1 am so g;ad ; ou ike m- br . bchr !" exilalmei Maude, with real p eature,'" "very b-dy ought to like bin?he 1)to generous! so noh e !" ? Be ain't set thing eltel" returned D?*her, "I never saw his eiiuai for ientru<4i;-iha;'r his bane, h?'. U1 He's all the time a rulrln' htmie!* br be pit,' otters! tte'd five h's as' Siuuy anr time to hop a 'e'ler rrssturv In dUtresi I Why, one st short y arter he l?nde<l here, be wa'ooed over a poor 'e' ler wh i had the fm\ll pox, ti t he got alik hi nselt wltn tatlgue, at d after* ards, when he man died, he spent his las', dollar to b'try bus." "Ocd bleashttn!" ri'inlra'd Mauds, wl.h fe'vo-. ? God will bless him P' hypocritical y rep led Dick. " Hot a don?'i of It I But cow to business: Mow mush oaggage have you g t Mies Brat-it rdl" " Hot much," replied the girl; " brother said I would not need much, because 1 wouid go direct to him, and I only bV 'isb one trui < with me " ?? lbs 'sail right " mM olek, In a tone of sattifaetl >n. ' Then you get jourrett lu readiness, and in the course f a fe v mi notes I will ea 1 tor you, end take you on noard .etug 1 hs.egolab ul thirty others to tale care of and whe l we get tlilagv all arrsrg d we'd oe oil I'.l lake you 'e a house where ; ou"l get the be : acormmnd-ttluna which cm be fo ind in lbs city- a reg'lar batg tip e-tab Dhmen -one o' the kind you read about. Don't give yourselt any further uneaainess. I'll have you fiied all right et "ugu, and on your wsy to your bro, ther oy ibis time to mot row " Tbonk you sir," sslrt Maude, as the nnorlnctpVd fe'low tuned from her, to prosecute his nefarious bu-taess. "1 shall ne-er 'orgel jour kindne?s." ocoe more lett alone, the routs g'rl to >k bee war towurd tbe Htearage and, seating herae f u ion her truuk, she for a little wble yielded herself up to pleas tut an iekeattoss of a speedy meeting w h ber broiher. and tbe ?o'? tsrmina tionor all her allB.iuMea. In her art'.eee oonfiieuce she full evedence to all that Dick Dusner said, ahe did sot once doubt tbe truth ?l the st >ry trit In hid been Intimately aeon toted wt'b hrr brother, for bt M given a verr true de scr'pti'u of his carac'er; he bad, uestues, ca"ed her t?> her fi-st name bsfec* she had revealed it ip him , and how oou'd h< '.ovc knrtwn that unlets the knowledge hud been Im parled fo l'lm bv .one one fimlltar with her? Poor gtrll Wbatr.D illicit she wax in hrr krowledge of hum in nature: A sis el's love won d at any time rerog'.lze a tlaiteruig outline of a toother's charac-er even though that brother were more than fan t>, em* the aiiprrsorlpitoa on a i envelops CPOliitUng property tel. ogtig 'o the bolder is ser -.Inly pretty good proof of the bsare; a name. Abr.ut hair in boar passed br, during wM.'h time Maude employed bersslf In geiung ready ?o 's-ve th'Thlp. asd she was not at all sorry when hick Da her returned, ateo-npinltd by hit Irlend HoL-, a i llglude-c.-iption ot M uotn've have a.ready ailar. pbd to lake hrr ?wsy. " ( ome along n, little lid 1" he exclaimed, " everythi >g t? refdi row " iher loos'ngt iward Hoi heoeotinu A. ' fhu Is my trier. \ Bob Whalm rs her a ro.igb -uaVuito* t->liok ht. but) u'll tit d ta'.ir a'rump -he knew your bro her dnariev. too. Here, Bon, seize a holt o' tue end o! tsat trunk," and lift ing the article mentlire-1, tliey bore It tosud the ship's aide, -?d clot el? by Maude. An 'it usual scene of hustle sad eonfnilon met her view ah tike dlrtc ud her gaze toward the deass tug lying al'Vjg'Ide. 1' of bagKi-ge tay sea' e ed arotit-t upon the decx, seated up.-n dill, rent portloie ol which w?re men, worn in and children, who were about treadlnz tor die first time, a tnre.lgu shore - uccrr ill as to the re?ult of their Winderlngi, but tirrn'v trii?t log that the golden dietms in which tnev h",l indu'ged might not prm e entirely vialcuart. Men were tthju.log, rwearl g, and pn -leg dlllereui moveable articles rudely about?women, In rbrll tor en. were aigtting with theb- bu-ioan-ls an iotne pro prlctvuf acme cor.temp a'ad movement, and children were ollrglci lo the skirts ot" their mothers, ut-.erlng heir wants In on&vshltig oris- of p?evlnhne?B and Imn v'ience. In toe midst ot ail this hurbub, Maude was handed on hoard, berticel war passed over the side, and shorllr atforward he iBftcniuis which held the tug were cast loose, asd the little stesi.ierpadd'ed hxvsrd tue shore >rrired at tbe dock, the pr-teess of dlremha-katlon O'm menccd. Carta were otlfd uy wi h old chests ans other ltm beitoni",artlc!es. on the top of whloU olam ;red, or ware llf.rd up, in inne Instaicss, who'e fsmlllee lo whom they bs n-gzd. It war apsinlu' sight lo Maude, and she could net help shud dering ai -he Idea of riding tbrouth the noptilous city In ro Sub lie a way look possession of her. Uer uu I'eisnjt red re i n" wire disturbed by Dick Dasher, who having jumped a.-bore as ioon as tbe vee.e! reueheu the dock, hid now re turned wt'b a earn .ge. ' Bore vm are, Ml-s Bradford," he exc'*tm<d, "hereina carriage lor ton- tbe ils'e.-ot Chsrley Brasttord sho-ild never ride In snv less reapi ctable vehic e than ih?l ore ~eo jump In. and .null And yourrelf In tie Weary Wanderer's llotel tbe first thug' you know. Ihsre you'l; i'e surrounded by all the cnnuorti o a heme, and more friends than you can sh*ke a stl.'kat.' Saving which hehaudelher in. closed the door, std thei.ext moment ihev were over the cobsle stone osvrinmta toward the "Weary Wanderer's Hotel " at emcrrut boardtof home nt the lowest deecri jtlon, kept hi one of the lower wards by the Patrick G'aklnner above alluded to. Poor girl she lltt'e dreamed of the miiery In store for he*. For a cont'iiuatlon of this Interesting narrstlve sea NSW TOBK DISPATCH for June 1, In wfclih paper the wlole story will appear. Those of enr readers who desire to get an Ins'ght Inio uie '? modus operar di" of -he emigrant bu-niem In addt lion fo the lortusesot Maud Brantford, wi 1 do well to rot the balance sf this revelation, the DiSPaTJH is publishsd at 22 Be*kmuv i tresi. ffew York, at $! a year, or four csnta a ooay, aid Is sod by alt respectable sews sealers In the Caltud HUtes. NKW FIIBIilCJCniMS. AOr.KATM.OK TO 8BLL IN CARS AND SritANi bolts is tbe GRKAT WRST IN 18.V,. MILLER, OKTON A MULLIGAN, PuKIMm -s, 2f? 1'ark row, New York, or 107 Geneis 'e stree', * n'jurn. HtSTuRY OF lH?t AMERICAN FUIVATRMRS AN!) Letters ' I Marque, during our war with kugiaud iu I8'2, lli am* H. Inlerwpersed with several naval battle i between Amer. 'Ml end British shi, s of war, 07 George OogglshalL One lraiti) ruri- 80 0 volume, Illustrated with elgut e-Jtrravl igs 22. ? .RL28 T. EViNH, 321 Broad war. (u j stair*) Agents ar ? wonted to sell this and several othes important workr. Llbeiwl onmmlsMon given. IN Phl'HS, / NO WILL BK PUBLISHED M\1 31 LINDA, TRE YOU>G PILjT OK THE BELLS ORsOLA. By Mrs. Caroline Lee Dbutz author ot "Ernest LHwood." "(to arts hip and Marriage," "The Itob Cat," Ac Oomola a Id ore 1"rge vo'ume, bound In cloth, for $t, or in two volumes, paper cover, 7ft certs. Xteadwhat the Philadelphia Saturday Courier says of it: - Lie da is one ol Mrs. Hentz's mos poottlar works, and, like all her vrivitgs, H Is Intensely Interesting. The story to beauti fully and tousaingly told; ard the bsroina is one of 'be liveliest creatkuistf the novelis.'s peu. The interest. It kept up III tb a very end. It elielts a thrill of deep and exquisite pleasure, even exceeding that accompanied toe Mob Cap, whi m was generally admitted to be the brst story ever published. That was certainly hlgb pratre but Linda takes prec-den-oa even of lis prsdecesa both Mrs. Lee Hentr htsacbier ed a triumph of no crdkarv kind. It Is not that old assoclv ilcrt b!a? out jud.ment for ih .ugh from ihe appea'snoe years since, of the famous Moo Cap tn the Courier, we formed an exalted eptilon of the womanly and lite'v* excelloooe of thewrlter. our feeiicgo have, la >he Interim had quite until cient lei u e to cool; yet, after the lap-,# of j ears, ?e li-ivt con Urued to maintain the pane It trnrv devotion to this heat ofonr fetmle writers Thi< ast production of Mrs. Lee Heni/. now fully confirms our previously formed npln'ou, and we unheal taLingly pronounce Linda now published iu 000k form, lu beeutllul style, by T. B Peterson, wnether Id refeienre to Its chjstecese af style. purity oT morals, or Intensl 7 of interest, tbe best oite'ual star, ever put-Halted. *nd s> s story which, In ns varied, deep and thrilling Interest, Lai no supar'or. We ad vise tU to pur base at d read it. i.ones of either sill.ion of toe tvork will be sent to air one 1 any pari of the United Slates, Lee of pottage, on remitting the price of the edlt'on they ma7 wish to the pubMiher, In a letter. Published and lor ?aie at the ch sap bo'k nul publishing es iAb'Mbmentof T. B. PATSRsO", No. 102 Chest:,u'. street, Phl.ada'ph.a. 1BRARY IF LOVE.- T (I K MO IT RXQITINt FiCLY amo'ous rttiisiins ever pociird Turee voluaies pp 800, Illustrated $1.1u. 1 Bus's: The Kisses ?>* Seoiadut and Boa nelons; II. Ovid's Art ot Love Remrdy o* Love, Amnuts, le.t III Dry-den's Fables firom Mooctc-lo aud Chaucer, Sent by nodi, postage free C. BLAMCSTaRD, 7(1 Nassau street. LD YIRGIflA,? ' lhc i.legfuvHv written historical romance, entitled THE YGCTH OF THE OLD DOMfKI >N, Isnow e -Anoleted and ready for sale. No one ear: road this most graph!" picture of the early days of Vtrgiiia, without feel lr>g that t'apt. dohn Bmlth, and nil pattv, were made of stem ?tuft: and cleo that the sons and daughters of the fcrw-twitb atom they came hi contact among whom wars Po*h*ttan. Pccsboctse, Optcbasoaiough, and many others b( great cele brlty, were no mean representations of the red tnau. To the student o( bUtorv the early days of the Ir.tant republic will ever be days of marked Interest; a'd when to the staple On lefts of kls'orleal feats are added 'he flrw'ng drapery with whlsh the elegant and classic die i *1 of Mr. Hopt'os has In vested them, history becomes as faaokiaflng as the mostbrl! Uant romance. Psblishsd in one elegant 12mn. volnoir, price fl, hv JOHN P JkwKPt A CO., U7 Washington street, Bostoa. For sale by all bookse'lers. THREE Bf OKS PUBLISHED TdlS DAY BY PHII.U.-'fl, SAMPSON A CO. yarn all mortis. S NOVEL, BT rilANCIS rjUIUKAX. Au hor of "Tbe Oonrptraoy of Poetiac," Ac.. Ac The reputat'r.n of Mr. Parkman as a vtforoiii and elogaat w>ite., is a suIDc'ent guaranty for the Interest and va us ol his last work. In 01 e vo'ume, l'lmo, Pri< e Fl 26. ?OMAls-R'B LIFE AND ADVENTURES This new Or usoe tells his story with a fascination that no one can re?isl Bis ship wreck with a charming young lady atimi a liuplesl u'ard - a new Adam and hve in a new Keen?U a hold ttioheif invmtton; and everybody win be anxious 10 know how the young eoupla aped lo tselr wooing and la their house ie< plrg In one volume, 12mo. Price fl 26. ?11 A NKW LI PL OF JUP90N. BY NHS B. C CONSNT. A reliable memoir o: tbe great missionary, spirited in style, oimoeet l i form, embelltstef wid> a ti- e por rait and title p> ge. Tbe oopt rig11 is held for Ibe benefit of tbe ohlldres o he su-jerl In one volume, I2me. Price fl. 13 Winter street, Boston. rK LIKE OF COM. ROBERT F. 8rOCKTON-3H cnrreipcndencs with the Raw Department respecting his oorque t of California; and extrae'ti from the Defence of Col. J. 0 t reui< ut. in re'aUon to the same subject; together with hie spf tchse In the Senate of the Un ted Bates, and his po'l ilcat'eliera I ne neat octavo, with steel portrait. Price fl 60. Just pubilsbsd ard for sa e by DERBY A JnCKSuN, 119 Nas?n street, New York. WHO WILL WANT THE GREAT WftBT IN 18M v The gei nral render will want I't The pleasure trare-ler! Ho dertof Weste-n stock*! < w ers ot Western lar ds ! Tbo ewh . are seeking the',.- fortunes ! *n eiprisli g young men ! Lhdtrs wa'.eh'rg lor he instn chance ' Capl altrts with surplus fundi! 7 h, -e who love to go ah'a,'' Men * HI: rising Ian.I'ie, 1 1 ho e who tavn children out Sure 1 h vart body thai likes a ussfui an,! good book, will uo. only wsr.i. but will bit snd and read Tils GaiAT WEST TN> 1 Inclnd r.g Cbl 1, Indiara Il'lnols Missouri MIohLan, Wis rorrlr. Mlnnesols, fowa Kansas and hebrn?ks, wiih a re v ai d aronra'e map embracing esch of the above htatesand Trrrlior'es, end numerous II us'.rstlons Pries fl 26. Fit sale h? al' book eel ers ano news ag-.nis MILLKK. ORT..N t MOLTIOaN, Publishers, 25 Perk row. New York, or 107 Genesee siree , Aubu-o IXRIIITVRK. f ;HAR.VM R OG.*448 PKARl, SrtKKT, BBfWEk Y x. ? JOJi RL iw oiiwrittf lii* c k ol mtUrfR-ef. hf dfctifla and hedcitiir at. ffie%t'T r?1n-!i ?"}P \er.a* n *nd ppw* ho.iRPk*er>c all! ?>uci> tceir iaiay?fi by lnnkirjr tbrmigh m? atnrk. |l ujy*Kr ?Ai?^hXvmo al'i or part c 10 uuptPiC Oi fl ** *r"f ft i rrV" iii.i i . ? a , ^ a by spplylLg W M. DOOOHfl', 27 ''ertre nre?'. TPATKWHWAJITM. A Y>rtS!L0.?S*B',l,X*A.ADT DiBIBIW A SITU1TT0* rVi _Tr ^ ,h# 2*? l*Hoh be* na'lee language. mm Franc b If? "|tfe bnrsa.f uaemi - Ith har Deed e. loe beet ef refer Kqaiie it A2H ttooi oo at, new Brtndwij, A rl??T--A.LK ?OOK ,W A!,T* * SITUATION?UNDB l ' ??0kl0*; b0*' A ?/ifiPa't'TA BLK YoUNO WOMAN DK8IRK8 A 8ITU4 ?ewin^,n<!lli!! p,'Vitlf fto do cnamherwork end plain oMtartfi T rtff \ ? ?' "h'ldr-o; la wl Hng and CMh?t.n I., ? . idren and can be areil rec .mm-idel. mt u ?. *lk*r orfiiantemolovar's 108 WlJo v ?t t Broofcjy n, where sh?hiu lived six yean.* ' ** J0 V A8f,Ta^.#?^lA^'NTK|?" BV a Y<?UHO WOMAN, AS witter; (nod eltv reference, apj'y fortwo daje^ ?t-. between 5th and 6 h aveaues. Oan be eeea A Ih?Pa<^F/ 81,11 Y0DN'J "AN?PHOT ICS T A NT, Wl TH i "7?- Wfcnt* * situation at wal er la a private C4Q? ARkwFSOTAIM! GJRl$ WHfIKH A 81TU\TIOV AS tfc.mbermaid and waiter, or a. eh.ld.-.u'i ou"e.V? reitre' or Pas no abjec'l^n to so to the con t'.ry. Oan be ZZZlr ' pre lent place, rieue call at 81 Eas' A 'J7.^7ION WA?*W> BT A Y >UNG PaKSOY, AS eJ"1 "V L? *n' kL,t ?f "*bt W" k, .0 objec'i .0 !???? i ? n reference. Apply at 121 8?.b *t , Obntcn P'ace, tu Ac grocery itore. ' A RJ?TKOT BLK Y'jCNQ WOMsN WISHBg A SI TP Atlon. ?? waiter and chambermaid, hi a private fami'v; Ilt?a ? jeo V' 1? ' "bort distance o the conntrv. Refer enee g.vea. Apply f.Jr two days, at to9 Sank it. A BITL'ATION WANTKD?BY A KE*tPKOTABr,# WO u-t,? KMnr"1' onuaeworfc. Gcod oily references. lrqu re at U3' arrnil rtrset. Hr.oHin. A* RATION W,NTK - AH COOK BY A RESPECT a! ,e v un* Ttmin. i Prntesant, v.ho ncd-rsla-ds her brtt fiTor "* Annhee. Plena- call ai ltt Writ 26th at, A PROFHPSBD COOK WaNTS A 8I1U ATION IN A A f.8,JTK0TA?T Y'iu?0 GIRL WISHES A tTTl'A. ii^.? Cbamberina . und wait? na ch.m ve-mi d and ? urie or ..a pialn ?? *er; would go ?? 'he c nou-v for ta- met. Good dtj relerence. (la 1 at li> u ud. ?n at. In the re_r AYOD vq woman, with a pbrhit brsast >f mim: wtihei a ntuallou aa wet none. Shecas be sea i at 7* Anelpht at .BrooAlyn. None but lira: class families need apply. ABIBPIKJTABI.a BCOTOH WOMAN WANTS A 8ITI7 r. in w^teTi1 indC,',t"df her buOneTs; nJ?.bjAecSoIua Z~a S tarblng ncd irunlug; alto.n girl to Uj o'umberwork irb'o^iaL/' crJ" nure- . ^ tl'jr re'-rence given. Aujlr conntrjr? "TC ' " "^'b "00 271a ate. No objection to tlo nativb op switzbrt.and, wants iiAt^ ?? ? P a ie"weotabl- fami'y, as gouvernan'e or ""j'ced r. fame; U a ported tester of tbe Preach and Oer niuL lajjsa .gea also ol Uie plain; noobjeoi'on to go In the 3?* em". 2M "C C4J" " *t0048' l8t ?veaas/heuvocn AFROTESTA\T YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU A Uon as nurre end eeamstteaa; li%sg>.*l reference jj.. o jection to go <o ihe oounlry. Please call at 1PJ \Y 2"th ?? Pter bth avecut, lor two dajg. ' * - A }l0uA!f? CV MANY y*ARS' PXPKKIItgOIC, WsNTfl ? J ' 148 "ed.eatress. ?n''>0 ?'att or an elderly ,adv ? do nn '?? MH,HJ with chamber work, if re., ulreZ O u do up ladlea mut line ,r he aeatfut maoner, an I u well re ? ,m. msboed. Apply at No. 7 Union court, near m. si A !LInT?U?,0N ^ANriO-BY A RMPKOrABLS WO Pr'V V-e U^d A WIDOW LADY, FROM PHILADILPHIA WfSHes a . fl1' Globtt iadei?lU,Bkeeper 111 * 'amlly or uoie,. Address ABkfcPAOTABi.K YOU-'Q OiCRMAN WOMAN Will Bne sewtug work wlabea a situation as reemc rers or to wait 011 ladles, In a genteel hoose. O.i k1 city references given. Call a. 1.007 Btondway, llrjtllo'or. A ?IIU-,T1<^N WANTRD-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS &tnthy.%ete."..AaenoM ?"en-CiUAt 101 ARR3.PRCTABLR GIRL WISHES A SITCTATIOV TO dogeueia housework In a small private lamli lriol tor\J?o dTyfc8 * F.eaae call at 28 Prmca^h ABBSPEeiABLB PROTlttTANT GIRL WANTS A nit^il'.U' general bituework, In a prlva'd family ? .wd city telereticee. Inquire at 204 Mottst. "i oiaiQiiy. A YoUNWOMAN WANTS A Hiri'A V. ? l"*6 And 0Am?tr6SA. LIrs no objection ibortdtelante In the c untry g?d Iib av jlues. 81 WmI ti'b and ARBPPhCrABLE GKRMANjLAOY IS DESIROUS n> II. a fc'-u<?Uou as houstkeejer lu an Amsr.ctn lauill) , she is a perfect cook, and we, K'qualn'.ed with domes Sigtonll^e.B1 In,lulfe al 10U ?' 2 "S55w ? 25: A TvlF/.aHW0M/1!,WAIT.T.* A~BIT U ATION ah OH am. en/'fS ,dd? pAln, "ktog Good city re'o.eucc avcnn'ea. ln^he :wr. ' lS* " 6th <t?d Tte AYtF.*? WCMAN WISHES A SITUATION T3 AS ?>nti!*w ta?MAl bco'ework. or to take cire of chldren-' to ufjecik n to tbe oonntry. Apply at <Ji Ws-t 24;b st. A r^k^spS'<y'"loCkV^m *'er p'"oe- i ;e0S9 , ili sl 13 A GIRL FOR GKbKRAL H(>USEWO.riK; MU?T iK A good Plain0.0k and an c.xoelicnt washer ami iron or a itii s<h d reconimendailong. App;y at Hid Prince st. AYT1UNG WOMAN DRPIREB A SirUAl 'O.V. 'SO )^T) corA, n.tkoi excellent b eadsttd naatrv and is a oral ^?^'berrnrtlrou-r. be., ot tl'y teR.Oa' ni 2*1 A MTOAIIOIC WANTED-BY A YflllNG ''WISS (IIHI Ai,rc;~''8' f.'^ermVd at.d plain cetv-r in a" u? ? <hres days t-baap ers s . soc nd tloat, room D, lor A WoMAN WI H?S a S :IU ATION enx-a \ 7 1 Am"y 10 00 Keitikl hois- rr.: ? good c'w e'*, r^Mn lO.4" b' for Uo " ?Jn the A FRBNOH GIRL WI8BBS A I'l i>ri7 i b TiTTT can family. Sue Is 1H yea? of 1 ro ? ?r o . iVah . uid'anfi'tV"03 APPlrAli ?:.rl7AU'n ,n V1,6 r^fienS, Sl^ a Ttt best -'1 at., r ear 2d averue. lor two da r. ssasrsiisa^"" "" wssws A T F*? klfIRTCaN GiRL WlihiJS A SITUATION. J? pf'vale *'ully, to do light ehan sr *ork and re wing womd like to take charge of a cal.d. Address L. B., Herald A ,^la!!,7!, a'*8,1,6 ..S!sOUISH GIRL WANTS A 81 TP A \ u?" lo do tbaraberwork and rewlag, or ch imber w >rk tel. X7y Li 73P{j'uiDef!rlir iU ,0Wa ?f CUU<Ury; w :uld *'? AIL?LRrI"1.0Briu>0K A 8iruATION, I* XV. a rrtvate family; ban no object on to aidgt in wa^hltir ilhLtl*ftltnCM ,,Tea C*U At iil 30 ?v . l"X ?;Lre rear gf 4 RRbPiCfABI.R BOY. IIGHTEEN YRARt tF AGE. ?dve Srlwl H 8 (%l ? a" la u hotel or saloon. Cat) berrytt^ relwtseea can be seen this day a'lM.Mui A SITUATION WANTED HY A VERY '.'MANLY AND respectable g'ri, as co- k. w&?hrr mid lron?r. Hhr hM dvtdten yea's lit her last p'm e, Beet of relet eaces. Gall or aldrtna 131) Bowery. A YOUNG AMKHICaN dial. WISHKS A BITUATTON, A as lad;, 'a tut id ar.i la a private faml.y ; no objection to Ibe country. Good coy reference 0*11 at 43 Bond it , lor one week. A GOOD 00( K FIRHT BATE WARPER AND ironer, xnd who Is wil'lug to m>iko ho so T uselul-Ger man pteleired- oai Hid a p'ace at 167 Teeth ku, at U) o'clock A. M. AblTUATION WAMBD?BY A RESPECTABLE >0111 g woman, r? ebambenuaui and waltsr. or (o assist In washing and ironing. Five years'ref rence from her last employer. Can be teen, til1 suited at 3d Warren at, oe, ween Blcka aid ( olurrbt*. rmoklyn. 4 OFRMAN, TWENTY FIVE YEARS Of AG I, WHO A. knows the Knglrh. Bpanl A and French languages, whhes a eltuaii m in a shlppi-g ard r immlaelou house. Has ?10objection to go South. Hei'ereaoe (men. Please addre* A. 11., box M9 r-eraid office. ABTRADY. MIDD7JI AGED GfcRMAN, WHO PBJtf fect'j umterstards English, and can furoleh the tee' ot reftrtnr?( In every respect, wishes to end a cliuat-oo, ?s nigh or day watchman, or wnuld accept a iitus'ion, as porter, In a store. Cau he teen at 404 3d uvetit.e, or a lefer addpetaed J. U.K.. Herald office, wt 1 be Immediately attended to. A0KRV4N OF.NTLEMaN. 25 YEARS OP AGE, Wt .1. acquainted with :he ombre: a ard parasol bu tineas, h* ring a tcurougb k no * led go or si k roods as also au ex enslre oci neclion with tbe I'B.t and flr?i msnuraeturers In lb >?? lines, both in Germany and France, Is dc droits or erterln* lnio an etgexement with a manufacturer or the former arti?iee,aa get era: bt.stre. s man cr won d take a aimI'ar situation lit a wholesale tl'k importing house Adtrrss R. L , box 1st! He ?aid office. A YOUNG MARRIED MAN EARNESTLY DWIRKR tmpimmeat, as cork, sh.pp eg or otherwise, oolfcotor. eerebi useman. porter, Ac ; is eduoated and used to manna! labor: hes la t msimged a tea store; (pod refereaoee ot tea year*' (landing. Please address P, box 199 Herald rflioe. AYOUNO MARRIED MAN WANTS A BITUATTON, as po-ier or entry dork: writes a rapid hand and le well acquainted with shipping t naluess; can give ths heal of refer ence Please addr-ts a. h. C . box 190 iter aid odlie. A FRENCHMAN. WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH, ITALI AN aal Hpanlah, wa its a aUaatios, as servant, or in a com nerrlal house. Innu'reot Ran oo| at the trior Him-** where he is it rresent employed. Can give references as to his grod conduct. fYOACHMAN.?WANTED. BY A MIDDLE AGED MAN, \J a? a? gllshman n situation us coacmean or groom iU* as groooi and gardener, who perleotlv understands nls business; no objection to make hunted n lehil; good re'o. enoe Address A B , Mcllvaln k Young's sie<l store, No. 7 J bn si., for two days. ItAMILIFH IN WANT OF A GOOD SEA MSTRFFR. BY the d%y, will purase c?tl at 104 ct. Ma*k's place, tap^oor. Hardware mercha-to.-a young 8T>' thorough y act| d wi h the hardware t," branches and fanudar Willi iho manuthoture* Krarce, Germany a?d America wishes a ft" n.aii, it- a wbolca'e house r.ny where In he I 'or ot llgi ies got d perman and rprnk Pre C.liehugh, Ink Full ti rt corcer ot BrpW OTlUsTION WoNIRD-IN A F' kt lit > rid.t b.r afte. ih jOtuig w ii e-s If art Hffti'd office, f r on' CI I CATION ?a?rFI> . C5 a ot k. "iut:r at.d ' 1 Ril-reiicegven, App* PTTaTIOMI waitm. SITUATION WAKTRD- BIT A BK8PKCTABIM TOONS WB*B. MCkUiNlM dtlK IMuAMM. >0 ObMCtlM k? the rem.i' j. Reference given. Apjly at 121 Wan 9th ?U for two day# (>HUAT10N8 WaF1KU-BY A GYRKAN MAW AND O wilt; the Ban a* ooachrrae ard yardener, or to make bin ?elf geieiai.y me'ul <he w> mat. fur bornework ao children. But tefareree given. Ca.1 at >t7 Broadway,bsettmaat. SITUATION WAKTfcD- BY A COMPETENT WOMaW, aa rook, wee'er and Inner, or would do |?miI henee work, Presbyterian iauLy preferred. It quae at 3*9 Green wleb at SITUATION WANTED-TO DO CH AN .tBKWOMK AND aamat tn wa?blrg and Ironing or to d? general hnarework, u. a -mail 'am tl>, goo* city retereooe. Ca.1 at 9* Bridge at,, hi the rear. SITUATION WAlTiD BY A K Phl'S'IT A BUS YOUNQ woman. aa etaHm-'erm'tld and aalter and a?MMt la washing ard Ironing. Rufareoce glvru. App y at le9 Aaat 12th ft, Mr two day*. SITU All ON WANTKD-BY A ?JK3P1CTAB2N TDUNG "tmrn, aa Oi-itciat* 1* und rews. In a private Mnl'f. Be frretire glveo. (Apply at 139 Weal 13b at, between 7tk and (t>h av-nnea. onUAlIOK WrNfED-BY a ReTE'TABLE T^U -.0 O, a* oook ard to a-aiivt In waabtrg; ao objection t# a rr?rfctaoie lamt y tn the onoo'r-. Gal at 66 .NorA Moore at. CHI'ATION WANThD-AB ? Il aMrRBM ilD AND PI8B C waabar and lroner. or a> wafer ard chambermaid. Ceo give exotllebi eliy re'ertnee; i*o year* in her left place, apniy at her employer*. 80 West 22d at., *ooib A 'e. eear fch avenue. OltUaT'OB WANTED- BY a RHHP.,i'raBLB M'DDUB O atrd n an ashrobkte er r*?l tan (to , or la aay ot er ?A pae'iy ot l'ke character: ean-fwctwT martnoe given. P.?ae4 a< Cem X. Y. Z., hoi 106. Uerald nffl'te SITUATION WANTED ?aB BOOKKREPKBOB CLERK, by a ? ouug man, At lv c mpe'en ' >? " ? e.aier oi p ? r"'y ; lr a rap d pc man ard quick udc >r. ect at accruals; hat bean engaged In an ex'emive metres* in b lb i-u a-ore eat ad tea; cart ot r< terenrta given rrum tortner sm.iryer. Address A. M., box 111) Be a d .'til -a. SITUATION WANTED.- A GERMAN LAD, OP BE ?pre'.able piurentage, la d al-ona ol annratiUclag hlm-alf tn an engraver In word or e p .er tie read* and erilaa Bag lleh and Ueriu n and would no'., fee tb? a-et vesr, "rpee com pensation. Aodrnai James ansa. , 61 A e-c. at. rVO YOUNG WoMBN WltH BlrUATIONB-ONB AB oe k w.ishr ard lroner. and la willing Uj nako herself frnerail- uielul: urne-surd* ter iru?ir?*? in all it* irarebea. be otLer .as obtmCprmald, ano la el Hi g t > a>*'s; la wa*vtag at (t Ironing, or wall's* aln e; g ad city reference from 'hctr la.-places. Can be -ten for '*j dam a. 19 Spring nf., be'weed Elizabeth and Mot *ta TO DBY QTOD9 MCH07A*T8. -A HI02 ly ei'.r.caud O-rman, 36 yeire of age. for ati'eea yean acquainted wfh tra-iuartnrtnj r It, wov.e >uid eoAra go <1* Having lived u> the prat nouaei or thu bluu In (lemtay ana for elgbt vettrn It ikl? country, wou.d like to He employed la a wboleanle tllk or vnollun store when be w. I make b mself useful in every wav. The uesiol.yreference*r'ven Addict* Rlcertbid, Here d ofllor. TO BC^B MA8CNR Ao.-TnB RUBRCttTRUl Tt'*Tfl A ?Uue'i tt, e? foreman o- su;eript-nc!-nt; las bad great experience In ?-err brarrh of the build'ig cepanme t Ad dreea box 190 lc.x d cdlce WAUTSD?A SITUATION, BY A R2BPKOTUILB young woiuan, as teanirtreKS or cbambertu?M. or dotb. Hsa been over two reanr In the pinco wheresbe now Uvea, nad on y leave* eu account ol tee lami'v g 'lng to Knrepe la a good shirt maker and la evrrv ra'pect a verv snparlo/ person, and will be reeemmeuded as sucb by the lady she Is w! h. Call at 29 Wet. 27th rt. YV'ANTH?-A BITUATION, BY A =1 ASP ACT ~ Bl.B Yv you g woman, a* wsl'e. and 9Pambn<-iualdi g^od eliy relerenee irom her laat place, kpplv at 2.1 Pint avenue. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RdSPKCrABLB yum g wrmau. aa ianndross cr ohtmhe.-naatd and laundress. Two veers' telereuen rut be gnen from her laat piaee. Inquire at 168 6tb arenoa, eomer ot u.b it Can bg seen for two da' * YV'ANT3D?BY A BRSPF.CTABI.R YOUNG WOMAN, A vv ill us'ton an obiimbtvn.atd and water, or a* ebam^er matd ai d to aasis'with the w?'hlngn.nd Ironing. Oao tlie best ol city rvi'erence. Apply at 181 Has1 23<l at., between tat are lid avenues. YVT ANTED- A SITUATION. A8 UUOK, IN 4 PHlVaTB vT family; sbf thorougbly utders'sudc her ouslneei la all Its branches; c^.n he well reeommei.dtd trom nor la*' plaiA Csn be aeen for :wo da, * at 1*6 Wed 28th si, be1 wetn 7th and sth avetu' *. WANThD-BYA YOUNG WOMAN A SITUATION, AM chamncrmald, tinders and< doing up m isTns and Pre&oh ttui're; w< n'a go In ibe coun'rj; ratlefi?c,ory refer case given. Apply at 68 Mctt et. WAHTKD?A SITUATION, BY A GIRL, AM CHaM bermsld ard waiter, or as latndrss* arid It like care of ebllcren Anply a*. No. * 3 an Brumal, of Mr*. Fe-re'.l, be tween Sarke l and Degraw ets., Bo - clyu. Goo* refareoeee. WANTED?A FITU ATION. AS OOt'K; BHB UN DTK stan Is making all binds o'va-tr-, je .lev and eryams; gocd nftv retoreuce. Inquire for two dtj a a*. 2b;i Catharlae st? 3d tloor. WANTED?A HITUATION. TO TRaVsL WITH AF*U IIv to Europe, by a young girl; Is accustomed to travel, and la Lever set sk-t: bay the bed nf reti re,uo*i. Addreae I. B. 1., 336 lib avuDue. oomer ol 26th a:., tjr three d*?e. Y\rANTED?BY A YOUNG PBOl EXTANT GIRL, A TT situation, as nurse , r>d av suikIi e-.?; no objection to the courtry; can be teeu at t3* Broadway, uattl engaged. WANTED-A SITUATION, TO COOK, WASH AND Iron, In a aura 1 private lamby; wou'd go a short dlraaee In the country Good ?e'erences. OaU at 1*7 West 27th .L, be tween Tih ar.dH'h ..venues. IJSIANTKD-BY A v. !, a kKNTI-BMaN, of aRYB vt rai iears' txpe lene. ai.l'uauon, ai tescher, in af'ber or all ot tie following:?Latin, Ores*, lower and higher T?ir Huh and u.xihcmslice. Beat ol Auireei T?Mber. lle.-ai' (lire, immediately. ll'ANTllD BY A KfCPPKCTABLB GI-I^ A STTUv *T t.on. a? r.urae or :o tr*Te , or to Mtist generally. Cell at 63 Cnlumb'a rt tn the rear. TTfANTED-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO W >M N. 4.8 tt waiter an.t chktnbenna.d, or to do Ut:e Oan ?? for tw i dayr at bet prvremt tnp.o-er's.7* Wnl36h itrret, betw esc 6th and 7tb xvenuer YVf ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO MAN, AS vv ooaohmen, who und^'sia..d* thnetre %od mar,a*f-meal o* horse*, and la a gone driver; live been e'ght Tears ht ens place, and one j ear lo his last Rett cI.t a d oountry refer enee; I* wl'ilr g lo makeblot-is fgenera.)y u-e'ui Cap, erad dreis. At Hlrha d (lau.,,bell's .w' *th av , between 8u ard Sin st*. WANTEI>?A EirUVTION, BV \ RStPE'TfABLR M\B rtsd woman,*, wa-.nur-e, Anp;7 at 293 9,j * ..near 2d avenue, for Ihrt* data. IA'ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RMSFeOTAB R TT ; ouug wornaj, ar co. k ws>btr aud l-.oer; hu? be '*?' of c'tv reViencs r.-m her an place. I'iiawe efc'J at 2ft7 7U> avenue, bote ecu anto and 27ib gia. YA'ANIKU?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT aa regu ar seamslreas; uudervia -1* r uing and filing ladles' dreeei. Can be seen f.-i lw* .U,s at 21* Wet 26 a St., between Nk and 9th a venue a C|7 ANTED?BY A YOL'.aO VYvM up. a 8HU4TION, tl TV ntirre and to dn plain ro?lng. H.iv ao o-jw/joe ?o city cr eont try. Can be seen at her present employer'*, 86 Irving plv-e. VkTANTBD?BY A TCCNO GUI'. A SITUATION, 48 TT chatobermald nnd se?m? re??, or w; ta cm petont; good city references. Ca.i at 3 J lit av , be'wedD I'.th and 20th sta TK/ANTKD A SITUATION, BY * H6*P!T4I>LF VT Proiestai t man, a* ooaonman a.d g?rde. e-; h m be beat of reiarmces trom where be has .tved far the lar Ave jeers; no cbyecilon 'o go In the eooat-y; would make himself g? nerall) useful. Address U. 8 , ilera,d otn-e. \\J AbTHD- A SITUATION, A2 OUAMBRKMA1D, B* A TT go.j glri. Can be seen lor tlive* *wv? iu hsr present place, Oxioru third d<or, ilEht hand, from A'.laotie at, Brooklyn. TITANIED? A BIIUAIION.TO l><) URNKRAl, HOOaR f 7 work for n nn.ill tend j. ? *u f1"3 god .??!?,e oe. Apply at 103 West 2d,h at, betwtun 6'h Mid "13 ivn , A th boor ftr two da; r. a-ANUP BV ATu'JJiO VOVAK.A SlIUATION TO TT do abnoj. erermk Ki.rt pieiu RbWlug;oraa nurse and p aln sewer Be> t ol reCerstac given. On; at 16i -iiih ?t, t>e twren 2d and 3d avea TV" ANTRP?E.MPS,OYMSNT, BY TWO OiRl.d; OKI TO V* eook, ? n and iron, ibe n-.aer ai chambermaid and nurse; ih?y leave their preaevt place only lo e inoeq'iaaw :f the family mourn into the cjuctri l >r th- dimmer, at whose renderce the eiplleania ran be eoca tkfi day. at Afe?; 13 th at TirAKTSD- A SITUATION, BY A YOUYG WOW IK, T ? aa chambermaid and wafer, or will ?o ganaral honae work; g? cd re'eience fr.m b?r latt place; Uth rate waaber ard trunrr. fall at aft Wet Washington p ace. WANT8D-A 8'TCATrON, BY A RK-iPKCTABlR young w< man. aRonamiermad 1l3 Mam, tress or tado the watLlng aid ucnlng. Apply atiUT 3t> atenoe *tomd Sow, back item. WANTED-BY A RKSPKlT.vBLK OIRl., A MTU rT.OK, aa cook, waabrr and troeer. flood elly referenda Oka be see* in Dekalb are., third door from Navy at., Brooklyn. \\l ANTED?BY A BRhPIOTAttL'l Y iL'.NO WOMAJI, ? TT situation, aa chambermaid, or w> do aenari' k uaewerk lo a rmall family. Apply at T.H Atlantic it., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION TO DO CM r MB A* WOE* aid waiting and to aaalat lo the wa.blng and ixmlag. Reference cm be given. fed at K'9 "th avs., bv vein 19h and 2tv.h lis., Ont lloor, front room. WANTRD?A SITUATION, AS NUR8* AND PLAIN te*er;lac. mpeenn trkeoare of eindren; i?> o jec tlon to travel with a . ady for the rummer; good ct'y refira&M Call at US Wt*t 12th at, between 5th and b.h avenue*, front TIT"ANTED- A SITUATION, BY AN mPRRlK.* .'^n TT co k one who can give good city referaaoo. Aoplya. 444 3d ?' , second door eb >ve 31 at WANTND-A RITUATF'tN. BY A R*BF?Cf AB.'.R young w man, ta a prirate fir' y; I* a good aoik, and an ei-e' em wa-h-r ana froD?'; g.iod u'tv rei -renoe Call at 212 3d avenue, between lVtb ard .wh aid , fyr two days. Wanted-a fiTrATioN, by a woman, as cot k tri a private latri y; li ag->od biker; wou'd av air tin w firing ai a iron ng; gooc ci y re ? rtnee tin be aeon lor two days at 242 611) avenue. kjk, AHTBD--A SITUATION, BY A Rr.SPSC fABLK TT young w nan. u cotlCren's maid, an l ti do p aiaaaw Inr; '? wfiid to cht d.-on. I lea*?. call at 104 Wo ater at., for taro dajr. flood c ty reft-reece glvrn. TVANTRD-A BTTU*T1()V, BY A OEBKlK GIRL, AB TT aeamrtrefid: iuk era ai ds all kinds offamlls sewing; aim, cutting and tl'ilng nhl'di eu'? drea ee. Hiano objeetio > to do llgbt cbam'iet work Heat o! olD re'rrent.'. glvsn I con ire at 1W Out at., nrar atenue B. Ill ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RSSPBCrABtB "T yonrg rromnn Hacoik wa?h*r and t-oaer; understands brr btialters we.l. O" d referenyea given. Oatl at M East Ji-ti r;.. ?tlefcrn 3d and l eilngton %r?. ? ANTbD?BY a NVART, AOIIVA WOM IN,' A SITU a' on to ?"ok o- I > a* I t w,i ? tve warh u* fooe ce a'vti ; i.o o' jrcMon to the conn ry. Pleaae ckU fee < at 2t> l'l at. en?A aiHTATTON. BY A EESPkCTABLS eixnao na Diirw, or to do cJitin ec vork <? pla*!! "itj rrfe'eticc l' eave ci.!' tiwti ?. ka ' days. t K-iP, &C.? SilkhiL.