Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1856 Page 2
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?altod " Filitbunlei." and always ackoew'edged 'be com piaent of the uaute with a wt| ?f ik? tail. When oar W??p? entered <>ranaaa first sight was "FUfibnuter'' *1) ip.rgecur with * whits, or ehamonsta, ribbon on h.? t ecA tad ecins'antly afterward* hs " walked the e?<k ot the walk " in the garrison, and ran tbe pet of all the soldiers. '? Fillitustor " never paft nized any par acuhr company, bu: woaid mess today with one and to-morrow with another. At "guard-mount" be always attended punctually, atd ween the soldiers fired off the ir Ktkke'.e, be testified b^ appreciation by loud barking and genuine ran do applauf-e. Alt the soldiers loved *' Fi'.nbnsler." ard he dteerved their confidence. When ever a party left thta city, " Killibueter" went along, and hie nghi to ma.-h in the ccmptny was never disputed. lant week warn Gen. Goicuriit/s party iai't this city for Vbrnta e? FliUbuater went with it and continued along as'j the tignt of Jugalpha. At that plate, when the troops charged the enemy, ' I-filibuster' neaied the ool citr, and while thus gal'antly charging the town, wae ?b? t down. The cruel shot struck him in the aboulder, ard after a fww re vol itions he tell dead?not a tokiier bat paused to grieve, and a* they saw their fnend, no doubt tteu appetite for war waa greatly whetted : THE FATE OF FILU BUSTER?THE DOQ OF THE A RUT. By CORI ORAL rtFECXAY. Oni little bark had landed her email bat gallant band the r. Arbor of San Juan, ripen ts# promised land : The eoeuy taa vamosed ; their strongholds, too, were ta ec ; <hu troops were bivouacking, despite of wind and ran ; When, by the watch-fire'e flickering tight, down from a mountain trail, A tarnish d hound crept to our mids't?and thoreby hacge a taie. A gauc. and gr'-z'ed creature, with harsh and matted hW7, And eyts like seme firrce menntain woif, jast started from bis lair? N? pet lor ladiee' parlor, nor watch for lonesome ball; Bat, lehm&eiite of canine life, he seemed the scorn of all. Yet strangely, too, he followed us, on march or ia the fray; Be wae cur constant shadow, at midnight or by dey. bespite of kicks and corses, no' few nor far between; respite of wintry Wta'.her, and honker, too, I we'en, the conOutt ever 'aitbiul, agatn and still again, By slew degrees, did pain for h.m the tevor of our men. AM when at Bivss' bloody field he charged our troops among, Bis bark rcee ever loud and clear in the thickest of the throng; And when Granada's plaza charged at early lacrniog's fight, Be seemed the fend incarnate?tbe demon *f tbe fight. At art, ins fight being over, and peace returned again. Be then became the soldier's pride, in pleasure or in pain. V? named him "Filibuster;" ne ijnariered with cs all, Familiar with each company and every dinner call. Fiompt was ae at dress parade, at the tapping ot the drum, Or barking approbation at the fire of a platoon. Be followed each dead soldier in stance to the grave. H':ib qu.ei step appearing to do honor to the breve. And xiiurs ol tr get ribooos. too, we plared about his neck; Bat for siiju gauds and bravery full little did be reck, For they did ?e*m In action his free spirit to eathral; And so be oft would lotettam by bone, or dog, or ball. And so we learned to love him, this gaunt and ehaggy atnui? To !*of B at bis rough gambols, to g-eet his daily round; Acd ne became our penrioner. a a nd of soldier's pet, As yea may see by :111s rough tketch, he's not forgoiUm yet. Bnt ?a?n a unail detachment was to Chontales sent, Twonri a not cf traitors, he with the troopers went, tn Julpalp.v't plaza, rut soldiers met 'he ? ;e, hna a bnLei Com their riflemen full soon did lay hi in lew. Be fell?'twas in the van hi fought; the charge be fear lets led, Aad i.ied stlil bravely llgbting for the cause he'd often lied1 [From El Niearagnecee, May 17 ] Buiitg he absence ol nen. Goicuuila to the Depart ment ot Cbocvales and Juigalpa, they frequently neard of a band of uiaaffecied troops, one hut Ore" ant fitly in ?amber who p traded, the eoan'ry, roboicg and hurraes xg all the quiet people of the district. They took every oeaeripiics 0: property; anl frequently pruned the in ?J?n? into tasir ranis as soldiers Two Frenchmen woo ?eft Ibis city to mine near Libertad weie also fareed t > join tie party Two ?ffierra of tae bandit?one bolciog a first lieutenant's commirsion under Chaanorro, and the second a captain's?were taken an! shot by Gen. Go cou ria. "be country throe g*> which our troops marched was wbtl j deserted by lee inhabitants, through fear cf tbe b%D?i: crowd arrayed in opposition to tne givern ment. Gee. C-oicourfa, with twenty-flvo men, oc&.lenged them to light, butttey always tied: and it is the opinion of tne poo; le that these etraggiers in 'end roboing until they are iMified or cicely chased, when ihey wi'i go invj Hotduras. Msjor Rogers has promised us a fu 1 c?. suiptlvn cf the route. The Popular KlecUooa In \?lctrAgu?i [From LI N'iearagaense, May 3.] Gn Sunday iae', a large table, covereu wi n a red eloth ?bc surrounded by office!*, attracted considerable atten tion tram the American*, ac they walked up and down the ot .icnade of the rcw ot buildings on the w< fit aide of the p.aza Paper* were thrown loose upon the cloth, and every ether while the cleika would *eiz? their pe: - and write The pt uple el the country, tee simple ma; set women, the beggars on the corn era, the leper of the in bnrary. ell knew what it meant, bat we, tee editor of a wewepsper, the grtat factotum of a country town, were ewmpietaly in the lark as to the import of to* red table, iw tfficeir and papers. It was the solemn election of the Republic. TTeoer pie w?e exerc'sing their greatest prerogative of elertirg theeffieers that sha'l rule tbem for another term of cilice. In this ctuntry the elective lranchi*e extends to every male lciabl'i.nt of eigh'esn years [garnet whom there te no criminal prosecut'ori, and who * act charged witn being a diseolu'e and vic'oua man. The voter' e ect delegate*, who assemble in the capitals of the (Liferent departments and elect Rep-wota iv-.a, Senators and a President. A man must be twenty, three ysars old ;o be a delegate, twenty -five tobs a Representa tive, and thiity to be a Senator or President. The e>jtion cm Sunday last, as most pub'll days la the republic come on Sunday, was concluded with r)ths grea'eet deeoram. The candidates for the Presidency were all o? the same political faith,'he only dispute he ng between the a? ulcerate of Leon acd these cf Grana da. Con Patricio R.vas. the present popular President, was "upporied by the people of Granada, sad General Mat .?no Saiizar, a great fav >ri e, by the people of Peon. A lew voies nave been cast for I'on N'otdeaie Ruulrez, of Leon. The etrugg ? Is between Rivas and Sabzar, an .it is inipcsribie to determine at prwent who w. 1 be the next Prevident o' h icaragua. The e.ectien :n Granada pr -deeded by cantons, or _ iay b?W :d ?rtm .a. To tfce goT?rnrr^ctp jeoo!e airoa-1 this; ran: fas: canno: be avoided, that the republic rf K'.oaisgua txprsffss the w.ll cf the reopfe. All its actions ar*t* frcm their silent expression, and ?ve-y moeeu.en' it na? made has oien undertaken by the con eurrenee Of the body cf '.be peiple. L> ignjre thee, the la<" of our absolute irdependence is t. deny to tc*-iBCatitac'e of Nicaisgu* the rigutof icU-givera Currency of .litaragna?!>I(iii-*> Eiclmngf difficult !(*? 'roru EI Nisaragoense, May 3 The principal currency or ,;rapaaa em? 11 'o:n, most Jy'r, ccs. cures sua nali dime-. Thousands of dollars ?re paid frcm hand to hand, acd neve* a higher de.ormi ?atk-n of it ;u than a two franc piece, sju but u? oi them of tve.y hundre: IoP.nis in c rca'ation seventy five h la r wl l'be foucd to c.nei.-t of ? .n. leu of them rues lor % "strong1' dol'ar, while eizh' of then pus lor a oo lar of 'he c untry. A decies o t.te euuat-y, however, makes a dollar in &'1 cases to consist ol ten dimes; etill ?n tradirg, tha "atrong" dol'ar or i->o fuertu l-i (xpretsed to make i. ten Cixel for a d a-. Prance and Mexican '|oarter* a.l pa-a for the -ate amount, Twen'v etnit. and only the United SiVe* tseo.y-fiva cent piece in recognized as of more va.ue tft *s tw ?!c??a. A alagu ar feature in the 1> al ':irr?nc7 is tl-.- - x ?>> sac* cf a '.arte lumber of dimes with holes put hcl io them, ii .a impceaible to pier one of these ofi the tuar itt wvit't in the pints or a native laborer iomesiy chat this repugnance oiigiEa'el a considerable time ag > when a shrewd fellow introduced a great many couiter Isit dimes into the country, acd pataed tl em off: *i 1 arte a the she*', was discovered, g-. v-unmej'. colieotei all the sputiose oom, and made "tcall holes in there, as an advertisement of theiifu c worfhic??s. f);h?rn ?ay 'heod .#eti<n is made fcy the Indians, becau-e by that riaL fioie the vaine if a cunrtillo has been abet acted from theacx.**. We do not pretend to dec!te which of ihess rearrcs is the trne oee; but we do say, and "say it boldiy, t n thatctrmin d ec in our pweeeeeitn have oe?L mdlgcantly r? fused hj ir.e market people, hccaase the money was thus disfigured. The Wharf at Virgin Bay?General Mora'i Opinion of his rruopw. [Fiom El Nicara|nen*e, iliy :).] We onderstand lhat the wharf at viru.n Biy, con s'ruete <3 at so much ?xf*n<-eand abor by the Irunut ee.-trpsny. which the traitcrs !a the cam -> of thoi'ist* R.cen army attempted to destroy by fir?. w?( not Injured rtj roach but that it can be repaired at a "light c >st. As f-esi ent Mora said, it was tru'v an act of vandalism; ana when n* coup cer that tne act #aa the >vk of peo ple who c.a.m Mcaragua as their borne, there is no ;an g i?g? suiticlent to c-iidt-mn It. What plea cm the in <-? otiary urge to ju-t !v tte de?t.uc' .o of u p ?-s of p-pperty which ietiec>o so much e ?di; .->u the st.-'.ef W* eou.d as sasily forg" a ressan irrt he man who wonld rear down r.e irionunient to the Father of hn Cjuulry, siec'cd n Weeh rigton city. Men who do fuch ?c s ar net ra'irnalto themeeive*. t cuif Martial of Colonel Louie Kchlcoelnger GLKKRi OHDKRP?SO. 95. MSAPoruRTERa or f"' Apvt, "1 ArumvT Gxvera; '* '?rt- e V Vmoi.v Pay May J, 18M ) I Before a General Couit Martial, envened by'isn-v ral Ordet ? No "1 sr-l of which Brlgk"! ?r nual - ' ?o - x?, I'epar'.mente ot"'i<eu :ia Genet J - f .?-.1-:i was arraigned and tried CjIobsI i.ouis -aol? 'nre', .'i RiBee .- A , on the following charge-' and ?;? ; dcittou -, Viz. : ? Charge 1 N? fleet cf duty Sec'li la'-JCn 1. in tils, 'hat ' ic'.'? ??'ag?*. N. A., did allow great ec-ufus'on aad dissrd'T to exist la bis Mmaasd cu tiu* march fron Vi ir a B*y - the Costa R'oa frontier*, and did not (X'::!?e p np*r f u trol OTer the> n' t men "f s - >v .a.i A' t fu or abou' the 1C b, lTlh, lf.a I'ltb an 1 -'O h d*y of Marsh, ISC vhargu i. "gnorarse ?: his .i a c -? \ad i| . w. . , _ . SpeelfieaMcn 1. In '.b's. *ba* on his a >iva' a: Saeta Ro?a ra eVCning p'1 v i? to tne "n<? it r ,. aei !. fs t-Hflnger 4i Drgtect to ?0?'? b ' ? ?' ' ? vpec: 'hel/ a.-as and amm ici;i"u. A'l-u sonoraouut 1b* 20"b of Vfareh. HM. .-?pee 1. In -ha: <- U ' ?? ???* ; ' *il tok'ep' s r.eo ' ir-1 h*r and II a low -n i ggu'tvr so "fa .* vi ol 1 r.*ve taken *oi.e t! <M i h. f 11 -o-l them B< In ' 1 * a " ' *hi at -,b'a 1 cr svU the J? of e - spec In "i b* .-b.e -'np"- id i.*r ?'t g> poet j"ijaet g??rc? ar ? rati* fin*", and rea alato the nscemory cWt -f sentinels about the quarter* el his cm.a.meed, Urns lining them opeo to surprise. >11 this on or about the 20'h of March, 1866. hpec. 4 In tiuc, thai Col. 1- Schleesiuger did, upon the epprceeh of the enemy, negect to form any plane of bottle or give the necessary oroers 'or the potluon ->t hie men. All this it Santa Ro-a on or ahoat the 21tt March, me. rpeo. 6. In this, that Col. L. Bchle-singer did neglect to exert himeelf (duricg the retreat) to rally or coReet his fettered command. All thin on or about the 22d, 23d, 24th, 25th and 2?th Mareh, 1866. fpecifica'.ion 6. In thin, that Col. L. Schieseinger did derert hia command on their retreat, and ride on in ad varce, accompanied only by a hw personal attendant*. All thin <n or about the 22d, 23d, 24th, 26th and 20la Match, 1866. Specification 7. In thin, that CoL L. Schleeeioger did neglect, on hie arrival, to mahe any reeeption of hia com* mand, tut cid allow them to arrive naked and huogry. All thle on or about the 26th, 27th, 28ih and 29th March, 1866 Charge 3. Cowardice in prepense of the enemy. Specification 1. In thin, taat Col. L. Schleeeiuger did, wrhont proper resistance or giving eaoonnter to the enemy, deeeruthe held himself, accompanied by a portion ol hie commend, leaving the other portion wltaeut a eon.mane1 ug officer, in the power of the enemy. AU thia at Santa Roea. on or about the 21et Mareh, 1834. Specification 2. In thin, that Col. I- Schieeeioger did neglect to appear during the short engagement on the field, so as to direct or in any way ocntrol the movement of the troop* under hie command. All thin at Santa Roea, on or about the 21*t Mareh, 1866. ^ which the accused pleaded as fdollws W specification 1, charge 1?Not guilty. To the charge?Not gouty. To apecifica'icn 1, & targe 2?Guilty. To epecifidation 2?Not guilty. To eieeifieation 3?Not guil'y. To specification 4?Not guilty. To ipecifieation 6?Net gui'ty. To specification 6?Not guilty. To the specific*.ioa on 22, 23, 24 and 26?Guilty. To epeeifina l:n on 26, *pec.ficnuon 7?Not guilty. To the charge? Not guilty. To epecificati n 1, charge 3?Not guilty. To specification 2?Not guilty. Cba-ge 3?Not guilty. During the progress of the Court, the following addi tional charge and specifications were preferred :? Charge?" Desertion." Opacification, In this, that Ctlonel L. Sahlessinger, Second rifles, N. A., after baring been umaigned and nnder progress of trial before a General Coote Martial of which Brigadier General Goisouria is President, did de sert the service of the Republic of Nicaragua on or abbut the 12th day of Ap; 11, 1866. The accused not being present, the coturt nevertheless prccteded in the case, ana finis|as fellows:? Specification 1, Charge 1? Not Guilty. Charge 1?Not Guilty. Specification 1. charge 2?GuJty. Specification I?Gni:ty. Bpecifisation 3?Guilty. Specification 4?Guilty. Specifica'ion 6?Guilty. Specification 6? Guilty as to 'he 22d, 23d, 24tb and 26tb, and confirms the plea of the accused ae to toe 26th. Charge 2 (unanimous y) Guilty. Speciliiailon 1, Charge3? Gu.l y. Specification 2?Not Guilty. Charge 3?Guilty Specification to additional charge?Guilty Additional cnarge?Guilty. The Court unau.a?cn?Jy passed the following sentence : ?That Col. Louis Schleasicger, 2d Rifles, N. A., be de gr&ci 0 from the rank of Colonel, to be shot for the charges proved sgaiaet him, and tor (insertion while ucdergctcg trial, to pe published by name in the papers throughou the civilized world. 2. The foregctcg proceedings having been laid before the General Commanding in Chief, KG approves of tuem with the followir g remarks The sentence ot the Court cn the specifications and eta: gee pre'eried sgairet Col. Iouis Sch'eseinger, of Second R ties, is approved, and be is there'cie degraded frem the rank of Colonel. wi 1 be shot as a deserter wher ever ft nod, aDd will be published as such throughout the civilized world. 3. The general court martial of which Brigadier Gene ral Golcouria is President is hereby dissolved. By command cf WM. WALKER, General Goansancirg-in Chief. Fn. R. Thompson. Aoju'.ant General. N. A. [from El Xioarscnense, May 10 ] We pubiiib the t ft', fly -etdings ' f the court trar tlal convened under sen-> No. 73 o try Col >ual Louis Sch'eeeirg-r for zer'?ct. incompetence, ignorans# and cowardice in the dl ge o' bis duties, ami deser tion fire in ite army. It is sufficient to say that every opporturl'y w?s given to the prieocer to relieve him?elf of thtre ?' -rges, it possible: that the court martial pro greffni th every delay required by the respondent; and tlu a the end it could come to no other conolueion than U.e - r ict recorded in the proeeediegs. We may also stare that duricg the trial Colonel Sehleesicger was allowed to go at large on hie parole of honor, restricted, however. to" the bounds of ihe city guard. Soon after the ptivilege wae granted, and before the dec eion of the court was known, he fled from town, breaking hie pligh* ed word theiely affording bis own testimony ia favor of the decision ot tne court martial. The remit, therefore, may be considered the just verdict of time . and we have no hesitation ia say ing that the disgrace whi:h must always attach to tie defendant, will never lessen, but Ui'l con tinually increaee rn'il hie narr.e becomes a by-word. In bis connection with this army. Colonel Sch'eesioger never was countenanced by the officers and troops, but adven tiiiots circumstances kept hlat in a position near the C'emirsDder-in-filiief. and when the Secmd Rifle Battalion wm termed?which wae intended to be composed princi pally of Getmane?be was appointed to its command. Deie he might have won an enviable eminence, and re quited the ccrfldence rf the ' ommauder in Chief. To have defeated the eremy at Santa Roea would have es tab isbed kim ae an officer of bravery and sagacity. He did nothing, however, and left himseif to be con victed on every charge possible to he framed again-t a military ccmmancer. Tee English language could not tbape another specification to complete his degradation; ana ekouli he ever be thrown in o tne hands of the offi cers of thie c< veTI)Iten, the ilmp'.e fact of h'.? execution wili bsve no otter effect tban to safie'y the soldiers that seme atonement hae been made lor the disg'ate'al affitr ot Santa Roea. CoJ. Wheeler's Ollirlal Troubles?The Wall dcrliig CKikfiirniotis at bia Oflice. [Fr^ai ?. Nlc&raguense, May 10 J The position cf a m niter must always euhjsot him more or less to the importunities of travellers : and we cod really feel sympathy for hie> as be fin lu his time and taleDt ernagec in explaining profound points of in lerB?tlOf#J !tv to oii""TiT>^?heri3iag but persistent V jts. Tin re !" co task more sevef# than trying to en lighten a. triad naturally bewildered ; and if we sbta'd eve' break our religious scruples (gaits*. using profane language, it will be whin cm* genius fails to appreciate the clearness < t cur expositions on subjec's tna; eogMre the ediiorlai attention. Tnue aympv.he'leally afflicted, it air r<asinal/y be eoaclulei that we have lavished an abundance of ?yrapc'hy cn the Minister o> the United States in tbis city. He i? the only "epreeentativo of his sr< VMurcent ber-\ ana all ne nephews of Uncle mb an piy to him for the thousand aad one remedies to aatis y their nap*", Rartkuleriy Lee bis f e.i the 'tee since the California psesmgeri- arr.ved :n : jwa. A few of them ?*6 of a nervous and tumid disposition, and t'tese being wa: times, Ihiy bare no particular d!sj> si'.ion to stay here Tee steamer is expected every day. sad rs ,hey con' get eff nn'il sbe dees come they art constantly appljLu to tte ilic'ster lor 111 rotation. C.I. is on? cf the ir/s' xcscmmolating act urban; gentleman we ha*e ever met with, and it is Me delight to relieve tb? acx'i ties ot a 1 but being unacquainted with the muvimeati of '.he V at, a> a n.?it*r o. course be is ignoran" when she will bt in. No allowance is made for this, but every day the same crowd would go and ask bira '.he sarnie quea'ic n until at last he became somp'e lely w -n oat in tte explarstory rerv oe. A long specimen of i'ike saunt erei irtc his residen.e a J?y or two bctjre he left, es-ly in the moitiicv and looki-p s?ctind, drawlel out: ?MS tuts the tons* rJ Mis-ter tV-b e e l e-r, our Units 1 States Minuter Yf,'1 said the youngest 'On uf the Colonel. "W e 1-1, I ?h;uld like'to know when I'm g <vio3 to g"' away from this 'ere place. 1 want togi to C a.l- i-f o-r n i-a My claim is up on tbe Yu-ba r-1 v e-r, and I orter be tbira tc^s.' "I'll *e 1 yen," -ait 'he rpprfseotativ-1 of 'he Mioiater ' iny father dcea not know wto'D y o will ge" away; bit it ir' my opinion tou are in for 1'., and yon hitl better buy a rancba and f ettle. i he niuarol him eel' unsssily, but he still bad a hop?. ' W e M, if I can't go away to-day nor to-morriw, maybe'be boat will be In Saturday, ani 1 don't mind stopcirg two days. ' '?Yen will not get off for several days, and you had better content yourself." "W e l l, daudern my ekin. If I don', git sway from 'ere. Ull kick up a row 'tween Uncle Sam endtbeai infer nal Costa Ricans. 1 vsnt to know what bis'ness they ve got stopping Arceikaa citizens? An' i'the United States don't woliop her, she kaen't go*, no plnck. It I had my cla m sold cn the Y-u-b-a, I'd ptteh In and help Billy Walker tan their, niggers down thai and if loglinl in terfea.ed, we'd soon ice which was the biggest, her or 'MeHiy.'' fli'ike 'biled ever, at 1 he Is now daily cursing the Pre sident o' C eta Rie* with a double dts .i):e>l viru enoe; an i te pTtnn'ses to wii'e hume to Missouri that there is a splendid chance for a "row" In these quarters. This cus'c bad bar 'ly le". the hou'e be'ore another c ir.e ad ng,acd ?f er asking the earncq leitions, 'he saxrresult, he wanted to be lafetmed where the barber ?hi; wa?. .nl'ghUns on th> piint, be lef' Another wan t to ' where be tould get tn awful hole in his c a. i .-r. '. an ! toe third so ight the shoems-ker. 'me n an want- in interpre er, and he goes to 'he Ml> ister; anoili'T want* thi?, an<. another that, un'.u tb? whole ay i given to best wing ioforma'Joa. a l'Utchi sn r'.i rg en Friday list. 11'ti ju mi's Vflm-hter vat I hears oa dat ptrdecta 'Merlcans ii ith e.e Nica a, ia ' "Ys-, ' ?aii the C'jlcnel, ? bot you talk a O r? man ' ?'do 1 ieh: but yon -?e 1 vasb oirn'.n Heiklair uuoty, Beti.sjlvai y, ani rrs.k*? ire von Ameiisan. Aoi now y u -he I v.ttla m kr-.w if it tet healt.y ia dish town to at orarg ?' You bess de Ni otshter, yen I cime- to ax you di-h nutter, aril -k ;i vaotynu to make rr.e aali fi?d. If you >n ar ?we- me d?t io.-d, I v< :' haeto know ft# de c"beamboat ( for rae and mine v rally sen ? t go to O.llyf'irDy \ .1 ycu maker n.eaqi.-- a fit i?.h he&.ty to eat irmt, anl ; nh c'.ntent." ,! .i Mini '".' w?nt iato an explar.s. i's ?. ?t it w?? healthy toestan 'rargeln 'he morning, tut wa? '1 ?<?.<? '? j w: ng 'o fa' fruit and driak the bal 1. i o this c nntiy at allti r1 .methisg w?^ ?aid .boJ. tte, but the i imn ;.d o -t au .? ?ta:i<:, ftul b- went off irutieriog? ' ailyfirry l?h a vaebt bumpng. I htsb beer 'a p* grd I sl"?VI res * hiarr"* nd nakes n n . j, k d ? n e ? im tie* > htea*s n'r.p ci e?g t 1 is ' i Led a peer t ea oi tS? momHty of * a1: rn'a. ? e"' won s 'nt, Utli at l*?t tkt iiorel p'?'ed up a or.,; s tb ? the etme: would liie- ot e ch a dey, i 'mi" 1 the '"vsr cf the rowd. On . e ,. ?/ h -ii er di ' g i, but whsr tbe f.r vl . - :? -? i - i r i j ay r. ? " ? ? .. ?en.- t t>< ?r I r.rt : is 'i: . y ? ?d it ? fh .1 The ,p y a'/osrt *neg:ea', t.. its., to 'e Mdtirel; am we b?pe cur tri?T da w'H 'ale lh-r f easy. * ''il* wmle. Do no- fret, if ton do ant pet away,the IvlbebacX, Mid jU :<* Uien later,ognto to* cn U>? eubjeet. _____ Tt< e>?t I?<x >? ??*?L *fIW!e,^!r" ?ltlon of I tic m?im mi Portion [FrcmU Nicif?n?M, *V*M ^ The present mo?*n>eni unoee lienerul character toad by a? many namee ae tto*rV.*? tile U of it; bat there ?? only ??? ?"?*, v?V ?Jnlt. General Walker may reap the Urn., V ^ sceiews may enjoy a few of theadvantage*. *?*????? meiwrseretniy personal, and therefore of ?e?e cones re a.n ti "?b',,pmo.pln r-tin, at tk. bot^ isvdnucn. Wo do not, nor n?ed we notion of the eiiatirg government, or ol uio ,s worthy of tto eause or credituW to our ra.e, fo. pritn*# wrongs no only personal, and bnvene.hi?? to do with tht gtvertmant or the revolution. Tt'T ere :to txciaienete upon the bedy politic, nod M ??J? "? to bo found a all o-mrauwlisa and under all pcrerw n tlU Thsy aro tr.oencee of that u.tun.! y wtico u1-*1 tver attach to human excellence. Tbo trua at.! de'-oFe question at otaho is one .0 wh?u the form, and Interval* ol scvtrnment and .90 pvep* are ooneeiurd. la the world to 00 a represent* .ive de mc ci acy or a hereditary aristocracy? A o w. -o ?j era or are wo to to gctertad? Nicaragua aid ttJ a -sree ? are lut i-giR'ta to the .inrtiiog propooltioa tl uoirtranl freedttr, and aefho Ma'omsao pcndere tto uuaiticn tie fate of a airf ? State 10 loo: 10 c^nudera Jon ol , be enure lately of StnWfc Stall tbo wrvid ?'<?*?*' or stall it etimd aiill ao did tto ion ol tid, a. the bid ting of tnrr.nn hraath? H-gh.y years it baa qmeuy ?*a ? nrnertly run the race of fraodcm, and aow iters is a hindrance in the pathway, whlah must at down, or 11 will overwhelm the noaly created P"???* cf popular icvejeigniy. Oentoriao cf timn and the bearded treasures of wrong and sophistry, tare earwd to frame a system of gcvernmeaU in Europe J? wbiie? birth in velvet the right to rule. No matter tha 1 a-cent ruier ha a tool or a fop, ha r*ai ol hirga. and a lord of tha damocrnry- The pace pie have collared under thia stegilar iniUtfiao -oo :crg, and eocn thare must be a oontiiet be .*a*nr-4a and wrong. There in no room fur ouiat in the .aw'"J of God's world. and baring arrived at tha put;* occupy, the :oad lead* forward or back through iJWJ'? bwoc. To .tend ithl i. lnr.pow.ible and b* who P'"? to do so wOl end t imealf opposed to allthelawi'M,l"# I anopkiloaophy. The few, arpoed with or and lor?r itorod wealth, itand oppbsed to the many, e'aimlrg their birthright cf fioedoni and ielf government.. Ttej brike down the indtTldaal doepo'.iem of Md now they leek to uitroin the ootgregatod an.bcmy ol the r-ooplo. They ore the medium between deep?.l?a and iberty. and from their number and w**;1'- '* BU't be a revere etrugglo tooverturn ibechartoruf their pnvi 1?hoh. In a ciitiict againot the autocracy of Bieai"., iruteeracy has jurt gaiaed a hrllUanl .fiWOl cay it i? preparing fcr a hattla the boo ? of dem > eracy. In tb? latter it will Snl tnat the oppiait.on eprincs tri m no eagle deep:t, but fi ? ml' i ?'? ?'. Vn/**; It will no. war alcna wi'.h lore.go cations, bn< wi.h th. hearts ol i s own tubjoMs. ... . ... . The iieue, tntn, emb.dio* tha freedom of Cro.ral America and the Integrity ol tha N'.rth Am- lcin son tment. Tha demccratic aliment has long etruggla l or tui in the-e S'.a'ea. and 11. s'rugg.n have bseo oppoeed by Eoglieh and French .nliuencs. Gradaa lf, but eurely, the power of the lortner ?as oricg mam ?''tol and to u?y her itrength in Coeta R ca direcui ,h* *f'T* goTomment. In Nioarigaa and Bonlunm she hai quietly claimed a footii g oy neiug and htlding ttto . er rjtenet ol there FUtee. !n (inatomaia, 1! anythrrg b-i_ the brute derio isin ot Correra has force, it tsa s-length of Etglith inirigna. The reyoluti >n? ol this state were constantly fomented to bring the cau.e of prpolar covrrnment into dlireputa. Too force ot B-iti.n Cip.o macy his cierted Head ia these -tatos to obtain advan tages for K?g;?nd;and tha siightrei grcund cf awump tlcn w?a mttii 't'nt to lead to the aw-ertion of im it in probahie rights. In Mexico the same chirge 1" male, and Lstcry sntetanUates its accuracy. No rood was "ought to lie conferred by there intrigues but they were an toe result of a mischievous policy, detericnedly cpjjeed to the principle cf free government. With all these historical antece.enta, it i? not strange that Ksgland opp-res the present movement ?o Nica rsaua. The acts of the revolution she cares nothing tor, but limply the principle involved di?urhs her. Toe spread ci republican institutions threatens the exirtrog order cf her government, and therefore ahe opposes the indrpsnd.nce of Nicaragua. Whatever diplomat^ex cuses rhe may urge? wna evir reastn she may give in morehty?there is one grand principle 1: the bene, and it was as spparent in the rtv ilutionol Texan inde pendence as it Is to-day. No poliucian will or can shut Ms eves to ihsre vital issues, .'et -he snrfate opposition appear what it may. Kurope opposss the progress 0. ccmoe-'*^ ,or America to de'naice what pari she will play in this important s-ruggle. The Russian wkt > eisg CICBW', European fOTerBDQOnfH wi*l bow tarn ihtir attention to this goveriment, and in iheir attempt to eolve the difficulty a ecnfllct must euiue with the de mocrats of Nicaragua, and then with ike republican e.e ment of the United Statee. ..... It is not difficult to determine wnat the ultimate reiult will he, but it i. important to know in what condiUm thsse Central Amert ran republice will emerge -roso the strutgle. Will they coalesce with Europe or the Lmted G'atee' Wiil the democratij element lorget l.s eld struegles and glorious fame, and J .in the ranks ol legi 1 mary against tne forces o! popular freedom ? St me cf the democra's, we know, and a large per.r.n et the hetvilee, lock uj cu the Amei leans with untsvura hie eyes: but ibis feelirg ie gradually weaiirg awry, and ai they come to understand us better, bitterness will en tiie'y subside We are but a portion of the people, and what the goverrinant ie hrmly established, and the army bee mea a leeotdary e'.emsnt in the ?.ate. th?y w.ll find that the revolution has but resulted in h'ingr.g the real pr.wor of the Stere into the hands of the people, i-je de mocracy will rule th'cugh tre ballot-box, and wl.l be the fatinae-ion to know that the?e benefi's re-ulted frcm their eniuiirg fatiiotiim. BOn the other hand, If they jo'n with Diropian arts tcc*atB. the political result will te the tame, for Central America wUl emerge .'rom the atruggle still a repcblio. Tti? fijcht of Luxntn fi??dom nJuit mwwd, and lo out can eeumate ar|nresent when its sue-ess will termlcate. For three hundred years the lorce of education r.?.i >een crawiig the world towart- the goal of l.a repem.iion, and it is abtur-i to suppose that in this enlrghiensd day the rr-asses are prepared to give up those liberties and go back to feudalism and daiknese When the bflle c mass, it will be one of great forces, but as it has done a all tights, tie rigot mu6t triumph. The peop e and th?ix cavse led on nvtheardent patriots who ate now tbnk ng and prsathing liberty in every kingdom, malt sucteed and thin it will be a melsncholy eight to 1-ok uncn Sica ragua a tree State sga nst ita will Snail this Is so ' Will 'he dsmoearts ot th e repa'odc allow the tm? ;;ans to fight the battle of their licerty alone / The sea'ion ant of the State, as it comte to us, oiftinc-ly a7jvs Its loy alty to frseccrn. and tk? people are prepared to ma atan tie priLC'p ee they have foogh". so many Baltles in 'avar of. Internal Ctnvnlsion in Costa Rli w%p pio?(h!ng Fall of Fsctidtnt Mum, [From El Nl:aragu*ute, May 17. J Tbe ct ncurrence of rep^rte flora Costa, Rita, That the country :s attuatsd by internal c immo ionB, rat that the Presidency of General ilc.-a is la danger of over h-ow, induces or. to attach ?' me impjrtatc" to the sit em?nN Pefote "reridert Mora lert Virgin, h? believed biaoseit '.bat ri p we- wee unpopular at; and be did aet stake himself 'eater by deserting so iagkrrously the expedition te ccai-enenl with auch vvn and tretc&an proclama tions. El Auaraguetur acviied in the b-gianiir.g that hie ccnrte wr uld bticg down upen h-m untold evi ?: but he disregarded tfce sdmcni icn, and the result ha proved the assertion. Th.e?-reu'?s have conrpired to brisg Geceal Mara in ii.r-at diirepute at hctae. Ice v?r ily wuich or .impted Liu: to undertake, individually, the enppreeiion of tbe preeent xepab.ican gov ol Nicaragua was suffl elent to condemn him iu tbe es-fnw, loa ot the vurld. but in Coat a Ri a, where ti e people might ivc'Uhly s'au' their eves to the probability of each an undertaking, they ocuid tot avoid oteervicg tne cieastroue chain cf clrctimr'atcee that commerced wl b and have Ca iinued to follow tbe expedition o'" invasion. 3 .it there is no I?wrn to svppas* that tbe people of Cost* Rita ap proved of the wet, and if *e are to ere lit toe advice: from that S ate, it i- altogether probi ibable hoe ilitias were .meneed wholly without the "ooasent and again"', the wishes of the rrajrrity. We will not assert that the people ci Costa Rica ajtroTe o.' the preeenvs of Americas tclcieit in Nicaragua; out they did not wish any coal)lot wi'h them unless a le.gue oi offensive operations eruld be termed amen; the four adj in'cg Central Acneri csq states agsinst th s reaub'ic. Failing to perfect tore eombinati* n. they chose to live in peace and accept what dee iny might be held in store for them under 4he course of piegrenive event* that now threaten tr disenthrall tbe world. But tbe real and targible grounds of <;?n. Mora's re ten' unpopularity at home ;e to te fennd, first, in b's !a> prudent attack on tbisF ste without e&'ctt ug the ab ve cumbicatlcn: second, for having sacrifie-1 so many vie time, both by war and chrlera, a an uDprcv.ked outrage npen this republic and, third, lor having introduced the cholera into Coeia I Lea, where .t ie ; ea'Scg -al de vt station. It is also etstsd tbat the republican", or 1bo?e discon tented wi'h tbe ex'sting authority in Coeta Xiea, h?T8 org'nated a revolt in tbe city 01 A.ajuela, where the people have alwsye opp .sad toe servile admini-'.ra'ion of iflna In tons-i;uence o'these untoward ciicumi? \n c??, eeye our Spanish suitor. Genera! Mora is uo:er tain ot Lie continuation in poser, or u: his own personal eecurity. Thus the false steps of po'i I; ar< contia sally j?op? - d'letle rational welfare and undermine the staoliity of ptate snd ; regress, tt h biin temerity Mineral K" . involved himi?lf :u a w wi.L Nicaragua, and to-day the prospect cf ruin to hitneel' an-, evij : > lis c unfry I the prominent conilogtLcy ot toe times. Of thithre> thoutati'l mm brought with hiu , ? \i.\ <\rl?'' c fnariort. .? ore'' ttotlve htmd/-"' ??n i ?? < t.r ?? rj of 'hHr <>?*.? fut ayid fhi d'ttrudi'' <1 /? ffi-r, n , W .r with all it" her e > ha" visi ed them, and yet tbe ebe'a of diss? tic c'csequenoee ha? nut cee?e1 t.> ai tt the su vl vcrr. 7he men are c' sod tbe f ft. sers re-'gnlng? all > o^pke "ly dlsgnst*d Wit > "ra imtrrv .sees th?v tune ?!??? th plrngfff tbe fjunttv into ? . -h a *? /rr-h of mistor ?tnej. And still, we rntj add. the ea t te art yet. Th? Preen of C oetr. ICrn? IraAVi Itlnga ??i I is.elr Effei t. [From E1 Nibuigceaee fity l" ; <? war nowex's'ing between tfcit State and C.??ta I'.lca, with all its p-e>'-nt terrioi* d*?a "'s aod fat:> c nssqneares to the g Tsrnwent eat ? p ? ,f -he .alter, ., ;6* j as mediate and d.r"rt result if a cs1i'ut?d ser tile pre?? n that 3 * e J' n rg the ?? - s mon'hs. w* p.<sre care'n'ly pe?n??d tee journM" f; m -an Jfi- wni-e have 'uiien Into ?ui her Is, i d re hat- nev??r yet !*'?<> i op a slrgle nr.taber of tbe BcW ru or tit Alj un > la I'c\ n whi-b We bate not f'urd in a1?o*t evry ccluihl, falsehoods wiih-ut number, eal i'.<s t>r and a4 use *' e r '* rbiwere arid tr,? , ting *o r.? pe. pie ef Ni *r?c ? v eretsr affaire in tbl? -'ste were the suhjsct ?? discues'os. Tbe A ' can ;' ; e gette ?l,y. and <.eu.

Wa.lrs- and b'? v-i? ? . i?.a ir pa- c i'ar, e.ave fce.-a the "'ei?e cf ti'upe * n, n? I epitk"'? si 11, ..gaum, a .atr.e '? ?? ,u act fruitful ?' in, !?-..rg, ?sv ? and ef. ?. f'o fa'st-h >t ? .h too grees -ed a a'.tg tj - ,,ga;n-. .e ? i v . ser? to r s-sj'tiei? mi : ?> *?.?(.?<! t I ?-.e t ;tt aft; o. Arr.ei r.c? h?j? a- I evwy W"? ? fl *'<?, ?j< aa epiihe t loo inihrnous to apply to tbo patriots as 1 ?t Meaeaerna ike are ud woe WUiag with hand and brad to rale* up car baievtd Mtat* from Itr "al?ea |?*v > a tad 'Mklekti to aeeurr# a prod aod bxraBae ^e'. o* among tbo aaiioaa ot tb* eer*.a. Wl?- be** Vr?a Meoo*e.|o*oe." ?'? tkii, d.e twautth c and m.**vou* e rursn c( (imdklt / Fire:, It 'traced cb* miod*?I tb* people of Co.ta Kite against W?Il?r eed he aituy, cad aga.c?tthe en Jre iee l tan (?< |>o, :ou-ed tb* r??ecintent .x .bee* *M v*r* the direct <?ip*c:? Iwi'iek ob? ut.y eel hbun*; opened a I:??<!? oar ul e ternb y dictrxu ramyuigry io which hare iirr.kut) "be !iv*e aad property it ieeosut seur.a> aad plated that "ta> o a position in which ebe nut a-'W ar?<e b?g bi.miliatii fly for proposition for peace. Mew must her ?taWsmos, soldi* re and leading titl /en* new i?*l at boirg that *udd*Lly brought Jowa iroea tfcnir "pr ute ef fiigbt," aad ocmpeUed to rppplieatnatavor from wbrm they hare horatcforo represented aa Ceeutn'e of every ncbi* quali'y, and waaittg ia ererj rui; wtrtaa I Aad to what rititar otoswity tor hl>e bocAe are the** writer* now pnthed to ovpio n away the eaicpopa juet dosed ao tisae'rcusly 10 *.b*ir ciuntry, ah" bar* torn ao *fiie>*nlly intiiua*oUI in ronriag the wtr 'rwt tbrr*, and eo pr lifle ot boosting aod promt*** of * iot? i ??? aad tl'tr' Tts movJs, ir ladle.* iBrt.galo-* of public rileordsr* and catlrnal pr*ja V.e?a, bewwor. are n*r*r at a lore for raajataiiaaa at dtnetWO and nofeat* anJ we pre. inwe that tb* witt*r* for tc?*a R?oa puruala will maite a thfft to r.ill I-oger hoodwink aad deceive tha maae of the poop'.* ot that Slate, and in the vary teeth of over throw aa I di*gr*ec, cam a glorious victory and a triumphant campaign But the p**e* cat not bo always chaneo, end ita satuscipal. >u trcm iMM and the h rel-rg rf tbo ie.i.| and biyonst 1* rare !o ake place irrn <n (*<* Rira. The "raggot, Utterde mslun ' aiiry, eibl'ber ly trailer* aad cowardly rcoe gtoeo from Nicaragua, will dc much more effectual eer vico at homo for ue than they did for Greta Rica whiio ttey were ui?o our w it. and w* ehaJ no* be f I the nux ber ol tfc?.ee who may envy the honor* o ntferrod open tba mieie aad leadirt men of that Stats by their Intimate MK?tatisaa wlih'ttoeo treason dysd pirri iiei wbo be trajed their aativo land to enjoy the temporary honors won by the Coetn Rica army when it butchered tbo Santa Rosa prisoner*, and slaughtered io eoid blood the unarm ed men at Virgin. We rejoice heartily, bewerer, at the eigne of returning peace; and while wo claim for Nicaragua tb* boa ore ot a triumph, wo eonaot but r*gr*l that car vfetory and Coo ts Sirs'* Umi isttoa bars tbetr origio In tbo eaeee nuice, and wo certainly hop* thatftb* ecvera laseoa langbt b*r by Uue campaign may result io tha libera tion tf the pr**e. and Itii aaeva'KB in lone and abeli'y ecir.meniurate with Its high ai.rmoo aad vast respond b'.ntiee. Amotion Kntcrprtan In Klearagna-Thc Contrast. [Frrm El Ntcaragoen-a, May IT ] Wherever wn look about ue la this state -he glaoce it occupied with contrasts. Hero ao improvement, and there *jd an. ient ''-Tin berc a MM MtlH *.aihinn, and there a labor wasting piaon of furultur*. Tba decaocratic p??y. impelled I y the prcgreeeiva eptrit ot the age. ba* e ugbt to latroduea the wcike ot modern nt.lity, out tbe arlktocratic feh u ent .e contjiualiy ehut them out, frar tul leetthe people might bocetae eniigh'ened and coo ?M i.ntly powtrfnl. A eltgnlar >ature ot these enterprieee conr.?tn io tie prcprietoraUp. Atncrl>ane have introducerl and carried put all the grend entnrpr eee that hav prcmiHtd benefit to the State. Wharves at I IMMlMM are tbe woik of tb*ir hands; and !u meat p'acce, er*n tie rotary pump has walled if 'orefgn energy to a^apt 11 to tbe unhandy wells of tb i country. S^ice native democrat* have engaged to Im Erove their place*, but they have alweys found It a fruit >re fTort in the face of tbe de-erminc 1 epp titiou ma'.-, by their rieigbbore. Tto simple nu'iveehuve been 'aigl.t to avoid learning tfcfhs new ma< hiae?, a* they thereby Injure tbemrelvee, and pave tha way to doprivo them eelvee rf work. But the time ie ctacgieg and an Vfearegoa will raon leain that modern science and AmeriMn enter| ti*o ha* dene nr thing to injure tbo human reee ; but tha'. ra her every labor saving macbiee m but tha gradual develops ment ot the day when all men shall live mure cjiwor'.Bl.'y than at. preeent, on lei* reeonrcee. Work it money . and wbro labor is saved, ail elaaee* ot workmen ar* nearer their redempti;a from toil MJaaellaneon* Incidents. El Airaiapiunre, cf April 36. has toe following sews rumor having obtained circulation that Col Parker H. French i'd been entrusted 1/ tte government with lte business nogotla'ions in No* Or leans, we think it bn' justioe to tie publis at large to 6*nj the sta'ement u alUgeiber groundless. Col Freaeb has no connection whatever with thi* govern cent; end, ?e an evidence of thte, we are war ranted in aajiig that he !a at present engaged la doing the republic cf Nicaragua all the injur y hia genie* ie capable of. lie at leeat aine thi* intention, and pence ccilier frcm Nan Juan del Nort* ray be ie not allowing lis de'ermination to reet quiet. Fortunately, he can do no sca'erial damage. Co). Wheeler. United 9!ntee Mizierer, left fcr Leon on or day last, and haa not yet returned. Granada is now more healtny than nt any period aince tbc &dT6ut of lb* Americans. C< mnodorea 91ocum and De Brieott nre both ruetl eating m thi* city at prevent. Campbe.l, who >hct Meoney en "he day of thede;ar'nre ol cur mope for Rives, waa fried by conn mart ?I or Tuesday, and condemned todea'h He wae ?*?5u'?d on the p'aui on Thursday mtrnirg, in the pretence of th' who e aimy and a large eoneourte cf peop e. The Preeidcnt and lie Cabinet in rtlll in U a, nod will remain un il clrcumr.aac?s allow ol hi* return to G.-a nada. Levi ttoodbury Wheeler, tbe yorrgest son ?* the A?ne ricen IL'cliter, who wae eo ead y wounded f>y a g io?b ? weeed, accicentaliy given on We read to l ean, he* he<n brought to thie city, aid i* faat recove.-tair Ibe little fellow ie around in gcod rpiiita, aid promiiea to eu Jer no material damage frim hia [From EH Niearagr.eare. May 27 I Don Kent an Ferrer, M'nieter ol Hacienda, !r now in tie city. Tie anneal election haa jest pvred off with a-eV in teres*, and quietude. Ivn Patricio Kivas md Genera: Mariano Saliras were the oppoelrg candide'ei fcr the Pre-ideccy, aid we-e tctb democrats. It Is ictoiiriole to ccr jecture at preaett who la e:e:ted. Several priiocera cf n*e now in tbe grard h.u"-e. hat what their ultima.e dianoel.ion will he we are un* hie to de'ermne. ? Br'gid'.er General Fry will command ia the Depart mint the garilacn consisting of tae Second 'lav In fantry Satalion. The family cf Cclcntl tVbe?2er. United State# ff'nlaier will leave fcr the Atlantic States in the ".learner th.s morning. C.Intel Whteisr accompanies h.s t*ra\ j ij San Juan del Norte, "rem wtceje he will return ; nine diate.'y. We iav# every rexson to bil'eve that the re--'el :e call cf Colonel Whteitr, United Sietei Minuter to iais ,-e pnbiio, and the appoin metit of Al/. J.iei ;c till hit lIaa is alt geiher Without foundation. [From El Niciragueuee, Mar 10 A :ate number of the Aliuni d> La I'<u, of -'an Joe.j, urges upon tbe government 'be propriety of iotrod icing Chinese laborers into that Sta-e, ' r the p.rp< so o wcrkirg the haciendas of ctffee, sagar, rlceatd cvcai If asserts that *.te Chinese are peculiarly clap-el :o the c'imatecf Cent.a'. America, and tnat their saetenanis would be a matter of great economy. Notice ?The ouiicei# affair* of the late Judge J Ct leh Sai'h, hav ng been entrusted to tba undersign"' nt? -fiends from abroad may dealro, v be furniahtd, cc applicallon. J. A Rt'OCLEi, Ag'nt cf W.oes it C?., 'tranvi* [From El Nica. sgueuse, May 17 J We with pleasure the ?r;lv*l in ihir ei'.y of Fadre 8aiaisno, Curate of Ac( japa. Ue cfilciaicd j-ver day at the funeral *er?ice ol f.4pv. Walker, end astrw. efl much a'.'.eniion by his lice apper.ranra and chri.t-.n bearing I adre ^altiano is one of the strong ?'em u-a's ci this ti'.ate, a man ct education, and one whi, with ! adie V jil, is capable and willing to do gre*' gjo<l :o tne country, A courier arrived la ibis city y?'ter."sy, from Leon, ca-rylrg despatches To <.en. W'a ker. and also bringing Inbipa'icu of the dsngeroni and pronaNe fatal idpe of Edrnuud Ksndolpb, !>q. Mr. Randolph lor.g ven labcrirg under a pulmcnary aliiijticn bat bis :ri?odrf had hoped, from recent acrounts, that toe c Ima'.e of tue northern por'fen oi this Mate ha<l resus-itate<l hia sys tem oeyoad the reach of danger. We tb? l?w? with a sorrowful heart, and with a hop* that be mcy jet recover. No man under the general etuld be ao iily spared at present. A lettar from Lan Juan del Norte ?ay- that Fri3C?=e. sister of tbe negro King of Mosquito, .a dow a servco*. in tbebsuse of a colored preacher at uut place, named imitb. Col. Mecdsz who 'eft this ci'y in cimpiny w!:h o;eo Goicouria, isagiin ;n town, after a pre'.ty eitemive trip through ChccTales. NfTi'X.?E.mployaaent will be g'v?n to shoemakers, tailors and ee-.rrinre?sss, (at good wages, by applying :> Thos. F. Fisher, Colonel aed First Assistant lateaixnt Her,era), Grtna'la; or Ira liunson, Mtssaya. Grenada, May 14, IMC. The enemy, before 1'teirg Fivas, fil'ed all the wells wi'h dead biaiss, and otherwise injured ihs to vn tin b an extent tba-it will herea: er be aluacet impo-eMe to ive there. The g-eateet evil th is dens iall? on ti e op. p< neots of tbe [re?ent ol Nicaragua ? ad is a just poaisbment inflie-ed (n'liepeor'e wr. i Tted heir ' ?c soil to unite wi.a a foreign f.e to nvvleth* S ale Pro taxation ?Juan Fe ael Mors, the taogncary Free,deat ot Cf>?-.a ll beinp, (aeacrd.rg tu b: owu st.tercent) st>' .t ti tv^rc.ina.e tue democracy cf Nice xsgua i de.-rn t j'ap^r toanmunce fir tie 'jeu eol ? ufferieghumani-y''that I a to use, and e> ntinue ?? ad lines, reedy (ur.'.fi th* grta* event comes ff,j io"rlo:ri* <he B.-ked'1 ax>l "uaor< ve the ijjea-aoc* of tkeouv c an.': Hivitg cine'aMiy ia my e.Aw! jjofnt an eili .?n to ps of workmen, J am ;ba? er.ahied to tapp y my ? ? tiooe with ds spite*, having .jest c nc n led err?ugsm?n ? with an e\ enslvo lii port'CK n use id N- v ..cans 1* I je ecn>. an'.r in reciip* cf tro lati ?t stylaA and -t is pnved 'abtite. I meet respectfully ?"ciisit '.Be llicus cf tbeaiii'.j and ciUz-as in genezal, wren :a ?*vv o'any. th'Dg m the clotbir.g line, to call at ts.e i T#r ?hsnt Tailor.og ss'abiisbr en'.''of James "I Aieao*, aid I will g igiao*'?.? to afford them every sa '-'oc n 'rar ticnlarly ibie/va my store, sign cf tbe < IJeo (. jo ? Not:<r.?Sl XkaroQutme will sublUbcd herex'.er s very .-atnrdty at the rate ot e.ght ooi,*:> j ?.r. ...a. Tb? ja;er ? now on* of tbf handf mss. ?*???;.(* , . ,2 : out cf be 1 n 'ed Ftstes. sod is ettue y r evoted tj th ? matters p<r'alnirg to Nice-agra; it ??n br be a ruost iesiratle ccmpaiiKn to svsjy dmsricar. ar. l ,V .a. scu tt In the rejubd:. As a ere mm of . vertlsing . >.s'ev Urlsar.s and New Wk rcerctsnt', tbe :r?a: it .s w!<fe y cirtulate"1 thr.jpo u; whole of S* a-?gai ,s the b#s: re- rriirco'??:< s. /I I'd.' , '? ~er 17, eajs?**> a-? wr dly Wi'h'ut fowl I.e.,* u . wr>(. *34 we ? .? >. 1 a? to IblSIS *ttB Its sp u?.l J e e We line "'A*C'J. ti .u sse-y St'* run a- ?v? :y kI a ,t r.w -re -cu.'d we nero i ?, Ft' ghiett approaco .0 - ipb M the fl<p* cf this efty weie ill killed off. there would net be nffioeat annoyance to keep ue awake. While we ere id e peek of trouble about the saarci'y of aewe, the Postmaster informs us that great pilse ol our papers are boxed up in hie offije, awaiting the steamer* for New York and California- These papers would be a perfect pod send to editors abroad, ana yet boats foil to come and take them where they are so much wanted. Daring the week we hare been visited br frequent and plentiful showers, to the great delight of the people and the sweet refreshment of the earth. With the season of rata and verdure the health of the city returns. The town cf Granada is remarkably lonesome at pre sent. The streets look deserted, and the market place has fallen away in the number of merchant women at least one-half. Considerable siekness prevails at present among the native population. We have heard of two eases of smallpox. Last week a party of eerviles connected with the Creta Kiean army went aerose the lake to the island of 0ins teps, and destroyed a large quantity of wood belonging to private individuals, whieb had been out for the steam ers. They alto killed one white man, whose name we could not learn. Don Sraor Max. Tboman, of Gotham notoriety, has fa vored as with a specimen of Cognao equal to the best drank In tbs locality where brandy Is made. We are au thorized to state that be has a few more left at his insti tution en Hospital street, fronting the San Francisco Convent. Mr. etas. Warreman has been appointed Consul of the King of Prussia for Granada Ci'y. The government of Hondnraa has published a decree ordering the Minister of Hacienda to receive francs at the bate of five for 87 X cents. The earn* paper addsWines & Co. Inform us that at least l,tCC issues of JCl Nicaragua^ were sent to the I astern States by the last express. Pretty good circula tion fsr a new paper. Besides these. 1,000 copies were fcrvaided to different parts of the republic and tne neigh boring Ftatee. Wires & Co. forwarded by the eteamer of Friday 800 letters .'or the Eastern Stales. Obituary. Fl Wicarafitietut of April 20, say*IJent. Joeit S. Joans died on Thursday night. He deserved to live for the good of his adopted country. On Thursday, Capt. ? Cook, who was wovnded in tne left breast at ihe battle of Rlvae, while headisg a charge seaine*. the enemy, died from the effect of the wonnd. Be was bnrritd at twelve o'clock that night, with the honors of war. The American brass band played the funeral march, and the ceremonies were otherwise eon dusted tn a manner to pay the utmost respect to a lion hearted . thee. The memory of Sir John Moore's burial in tbs lecmiolar war, was strongly beougbt to mind on tie oeeai ion. Judge J. Czixn Swith, well known In California and Vt-g'na, died n Granada on Friday, 21>tb of April, alter a short attack cf faver. The best of medical advise and a tent Ion waa rendered to Judge Smith, but the disease ernld tot be stayed, and another gallant and hooorable gentleman has given his life to. make memorable the grave jard ot Granada. fl A'i'-arogutnre of May 2, uys:?Lieutenant Colonel Bre wrier. ot the First Ritie Battalion, died in this city on Tiisrday Light, after a short illness of three days. His sick bed was soothed by a lady's kindness and his fune ral honored as a soldiers should be. T ied at Granada, April 27, Natbaniel Parker Potter, eged .7 J tars, First Lisntenant of Company D, First Rifle natlalion. Lieutenant Pottnr was n native of A'.bxny, N. Y. He emigrated to California In 1848, joined Gmeral Y/aiker in the Lower California expedition, was among the Bret to ollew him to Nicaragua, was an active participa te in the eaptnre of Granada, and received the wound from which Le died, while gallantly charging the enemy in the eeoend Settle of Rtvaa, It will be some consola tion to his many friends at home and in California, to learn that all the ear/sorrowing companion* and a bro ther's unremitting attention eould give; he received. Lied at Granada, on the 28:b int., Griffith Gray, of Kentucky, aged 27. (From Kl Nienreguenee, May 17.] On Thursday afternoon, at '2 o'clock, Capt. James Walk en. of ccmptny A, eeeond light infantry battallion, died at Mas*aya, and waa bariei in tbfe city y?at?rday. (Apt. Walker seas the youngest brother of ((moral Win. Walker, and inly arrived in thin city about three week* ago. Owing to an txpofure in the eertice of the dta>, he waa seizsd with inflammatory rheuxaatiam, whnh *ui? lusntly reauited in hi* uoiimely death. Daring hie illnese, (.apt. Wa ker wa* attended with all the care that ccold to bestowed; and mnch eredit le foe to Cant. John MoCbrdle, who attended him at hie bed daring hi* entire eiehneo. Senor Francises Bravo, Governor of Maaaaya^a gentleman whoee feeling* anl ability alwaya prompt him to acta of klndteta towards Americana?I* aieo rpoken of by the attendant* of Capt. Walker a* meet unremitting and eollcitoux in kit care. Before bia death Capt. Walker ern?o**ed him ?e't and received the holy aacrnment administered by the Cathelie Chnrcb, and hie laat wiah waa to be barred te a troe ieilevwr ia that religion. Alter hi* death, a party ol sixteen nail re* waa detailed to bring the corps# totbiaci'y. Thi* morning, ur.ier the charge of Capt. Wlliacsoo, Qoartenreeter, a ml'ible coffin was pro vided, and at U o'c'otk the taneral picvuion formea on Heine etree:, aid, ncermpanted by the heat* of the civil department, the garti*cn soldier*, and n large and anl airay of native and American officer*, together with the American ti Iztna In town, proceeded tc-oas the place, and to the cathedral, where nigh ma** wa* par lore td m the presence of a large attendance cf the pop n'aticn. After wauls the fnneral cortege mrvtd en to lbe cameiery, and the body wan interred with the vciemn eertnicnles ol the Catholie rtl'gion. A brave tree, an arc mplishel grnilexan and a gene-el fhvo.-i e has thu* ptesed away, aed ia to-day exalte) am' ng the ? spirite that inhibit eternity." Llet of Arrlwafa at Gianada on May 10. Br g'r Gen. Horns oy and Janiee R. Ilekccuk, N.York. staff, si h four cotnpa- 'dward C noor Jo ct?* cf recruit* for the Ho'land 1'. Gate*,... do army. L. P. Dnnton do Henry Gafcel Ohio. George H. Sxi.n dy Wm.'H. Clark do Join Gerry tad two 1'atrick Fharfceey ... do laoiee do .1. W. Ga'e* ni'.ncle. Mr*. G. K. AMen ... do J. G. Scott do Alsx'r B. Jarkaon... Teen. Jtraea MtC cub do rid ward L. Cralen... do George H Cu?bitg .. do Wm. Rc*braw Indiana. I'ria* iatz*i do Daniel llerlsy Peon. John Yore do Wm. McD-iugal do llazrie A. Pst plee... do T.mothy Hoilonan.Georgia. Jams* A Peck do John M. Medina Mich. U< msr (,'uirck do A. A. Usher anl lady do (., (i Nu n N'.Yorb. Jw. Clifford and ledy.N. H. - ha-. G.Smith do M. II. Sealer ltel'gen decrge R. Cock do teine Switzerland. Jtln'sB .sn do Ja*. G. Robin*:n..Missouri. Rett. II. ( herdo Llet of Letters REMAINING AT THE rOPT OFFICE IN ORANADA, MAY 5, 1?5?. A Api'ey ??a M Aply Mrrscal-2 AppiSjJM Aiasucxg J Glenn B Bor.rke M?r in Beiiey Tbsx 1. Brow# B P Ko.:cn.)ai<' J'.rs*re<<M Hsrkrr i>?R IF B?ebe ie^M I'raJey Hvazn Bean Dr Alex W hkyley Capt n K (torebona* Chie C B yle Jchn U Ba-ewln Capt lhn boskneli Wm Brown ?,eo it Cutler Chae T- 3 niw'on PeWIt Gmeellt Davtj Olun J*u.?? Coii,In Or A T Go-mmm B P?2 Cocj er 7b .* I'aroofcel) Geo H--2 ? brin-alar Dsvll crummy G W (Victim derj B < sieey l b <* Cwte' 1 ar.!ei Cujle Henry Coulter Fred F-2 (Jc.oy Adwtc IT U Pusetbnry Alfred8 D .-wm Or S M DVh lr.m*e -2 O'riey Samuel P-2 id licghiai Uarldsnn Guiisvuh H H L I?*va i Iho* C ? 2 Duzuih,* toaijcg Cbs* Li.-ksoo Mtr.rj JC Ketrg. ?beoF rlvan* Tr Wm Kldred^e Ja* r Ticub Farlicr II P*ii'Kd*aid P her W;. arj 8?2 F?'ix Hsrry Pcrr*?l D C F>?ld Gre?n R Felk.we Th e " FerrereChuJ Fi?b?r 0 W F crey John H Fie d G H O Ourdicf JF-J Gr'm** Mr* (liarieta Oray*-* P- *? W UacCretu Gustave Gaiee ' (iron MoirA U Haley. Geo Moestrk Aiei Hirree Wveon G Merry Jro EiI'-dBc Mopplrg ? has h'ftrbccme R Halt A L Harrltgon r* Or W R Bazkice Feu Modsihu ber.j L Jotnson I bn N?2 Jcsee Alex Dr-4 Juhiewi Ar bur-2 Jtn..e*a I.t J C K Kirelard R W?2 KitreyOe II Ke'pp Heib W I* 1 *r rsky By S L iiher Fiiw'c B l.amb fleo W Ijib.' rret.x Geo A lorlrg l.ocme lao e Henry Leveilyn F L hiegu J?>? N Li.ce -2 91 Morn* I eul Ww Ifn trarer* Irnee' MeOoil M.wt asr XjirCt Mem* Wrm T- 2 M?rphr Wm Madw>n 'at Mttila Capt Wa*? 3 Ma>er Insepi Mi'.erWmL MrK'x key Win Masro ia Arn W Mrtlptn Nam* I W M.irr em C?pt A J Mar .alLriW MjCooa.l Cbk* If Nk'zr.csf Me* A Jtrric?W? B.;k< l*ai Wm 0, Jr P Fettsrte Joeejb ^ Prior vu*ey B Htjf'it F'kict* H S If Id * t A Hilar *-tJ'nW--j KridWrr '? b k* Srvipt dse'd?2 Hk, ier I he M Hi ik de ecL?2 R'.therTM 9 Fweery 'a* W kvott Wan R Frj i rt? W-n g M.intri. *i:t sj h'l Haeitoeh 11 2 Stkr.t. <1 Wm *..xm>r*.I W e^rr ttaya r l T Fm C bierben "si'Opr'ks* f*..i ?p'. IK Fk. 1 err :Sk 'I ctieder Or Hnr*V?2 ba iy Jr > 2 Fie.s. c Geo J hw fi < '?,>? .for) r Irii.yeTB-2 ? Trsek W n f-2 V Ykk Butte Tk> ma% VtoljaCag C V( kite Gee W w km* J If Wi.e *?'%? ;n*? d -I w . tit Illjd W .? A W rdell, C its Ikr I r.o stien.r'Aii ard >1 M?I W r bmg )* II <? W.,.1 1 i T..I H *kil! 1 * m * K iwuin-2 Wa-r a 1> W?1 Vt .kit* b *te J Wi.iaiee'er Wtj.erc Geo M- 2 . Whuebead I L J. A iro<IL(F, F^s'tnwi'sr Cisr Coli.mtssi* CorreepoiiWer < e. Cot; Mpfe, Ohio, Mty 27, \*V SicU Cent!'/ tk? r.Um'Ti J'artf?. < y?/ ?>,, Ki AY'JMrp Ordr' fa OHin? .1 P. C'Caseaf //?*.?. You are aware *.bk'. t.e - ? ? Kta'e Co ell, under it* bo'tleg >*>r- the ??* ? lows ; Ford, I .(entente' Gov rner ' he Sfa'e ar 1 P?. den tie Know N'o' 9tat? ot. I aniT' n -' v. t# ? <f-he f'iniirnaii enurte anl ex Pre* -lent f -h? 1 Crcpc 1 (both score Harrbo 'ban -am)???*;* **?*? *i net and re; utiaie.'. '.be Bote cati o of ) d'reed the b'Iiirg >f spencer end FMH frun *ke I h <e'|b!aftr*'W'? tr. g 'ta lonel t .etii ;? . "i ? |.*i ?t-.'if wa* f?.Iiwvd ky a I II ef ex-larn ;a si'?) 1?; i cf CvV-ngtse hy ,nel/ dent cf the American Order. la abort, the two Tome and their followers were read out of the Order officially, end a new Slate tour oil wae organized, with T. C. Ware, of Cincinnati, as 1'resldent. The adherents of the aew or ganization are the Fillmore (oiks, aad nobody else, and these have a few lodge* in Cincinnati, aad oae hare and there in the little towns throughout the Stat*. For some time the project oi having a station of thif Ware State Council In this city, the capital of the State, has been duly agitated, end to-day wae fixed for the gatherirg of the clans. About one hunared persons col lected, a msjoiity of the active of whom were from Cin cinnati. it wae a small crowd of small potatoes, and there was no pith cr pluck nor spirit fa them. They accomplished one great thing, however. The drat thing after organizing, was to vote to exclude from tin ball all persons not members of the Order. Consequent ly the reporters fcr the independent press left. Two or three of them, who were membars in 'good steading, left Indignantly; and 1 have heard of one thing that the Connoil perpetrated since, i. e. appointed a special eona mittee to make a report of the business. The objeet ot calling the Council was to endorse the nomination of Fill more, and elect a set of Fillmore delegates and put in nomination a State ticket for the fall election, all er which is sheer foolishness, "vanity of vanities," and must re sult in "vexation or spirit;" for there is no bottom nor breath te, nor life in the Order in Ohio. It is not of the slightest significance who are nominated for F.iector* cr for State candidates. If. after incessant drumming tor weeks, only one hundred delegates could be produced, what 1a the use of wasting breath about it? The stagnation or dulnees in this town between ses sions of the Legislature, has hatdly been milled to-day. A crowd Is expected here on Thursday, the 28th inst.J however, the Chase republican convention being called for that day, to select Senatorial delegates to the Phila delphia Convention, and to nominate a State tioket for the October eontest. The friends of Gov. Chase here are very confident of his nomination at Philadelphia. Methodist General Conference at Indian* a polls. The following Is a oopy of the minority report read be fore the Conferei ce by Rev. J. A. Col.ins and tignedbj sixteen members of the Commutes on Slsvery. The committee numbered thirty three members:? 1. The chspter proposed by the majority, in lien of the one now in the XHsolfllne on Slavery, is manifestly in conflict with the constitution of the church, la the first answer|to the question "what shall be done for the ex tirpation of the evil of slavery?" it is provided that no slaveholder shall be eligible to membership in our church hereafter where emancipation can be effected without injury to the Blave; which creates a condition ol member ship unknown to the Discipline, and which cannot be enacted under the General Rule as it now stands in rela tion to slavery. The feature is intended to bear upon ap plicants for admistion into our societies. The second an swer reaches members now in the church who by any means may become the owners of slaves,and also those who are at present slaveholders, if they rhould come into pos session of more. In either ot these cases, the party is to be brought before a oommittee to "determine he time id which the slaves shall be freed," sued in the event of re fusal or neglect to comply with the decision of the oom mittee, he is to be dealt with as in case of immorality, thus clearly making emancipation, and in effect non slaveholding, a term of communion or chnich fellowship with us. iiefore this provision can be engraf:ed upon the Discipline constitutionally, the general rule with res pect to slavery must be essentially altered, which caw only be done by compliance with the proviso t? the sixth restriction which says?Provided, nevertheless. | that upon the concurrent recommendation of three-fourths cf all the members of the several annual conferences who shall be present and vote on such recommendations, then a majority of two-thirds of the General Conference sue ceectcg shall suffice to alter any of the above restrictions excepting the first article; and also, whenever such alter ation or alterations shall have been first recommended by two-thirds of the general conference, so soon as three fourtbs of the members of allgthe Annual Conferences shall have concurred as aforesaid, such alteration or alterations shall take effect. It is not proposal in the report of the majority cf the committee to submit their action to the operations of this eonsti utlonai method, but to carry it by a mere majority of this General Con ference, lea vfog the General Rule as it is, which, if suc ees'fal, and the proposed chapter to be nlaced In the Discipline, will be a palpable violation of the constitn ticn. 2. Because cur Discipline, as we understand It, 14 probably now as strorglj opposed to slavery as the state and circumstances of the case will allow. 3. Because we are clearly understood to be, add are accepted and treated as a church opposed to slavery, yet, having due regard to the authority of the State. 4. Btcacse our practice under the Discipline is fruitful of good, restraining the Uaffict and working the cheerful ana voluntary emancipation of many slaves. 6. Because we are deeply convtr'.ed that any increased stringency of the Discipline on the subject of i lavery will greatly weaken, if not des-roy, our church in the slave* holding States, and along the border. 6. Because this reduction of our influenoe as a ehuroh, instead of promoting what the majority desire, will verw much re'ard the came of individual and ul.imate eta an* eipatlon, and much endanger and diminish the welfare ol the slaves, for as regards the slave, wc are the only church wnlch exercises any permanent minietry and watch care over the colored population within tbeee con ference* which are to bs effected by the proposed mea sures of the majority. We have xaany and populous churches arrorg the colored people, aod our access to tkem depends upon the gcod will of their masters. By he adoption of the measures proposed we shall be, toi great extent, forbidden to pieach to tb? slaves. 7. The reasons alleged ab-vo are founded on the uni versal testimony without any variation of our brethren who labor In the border work, and It Is in accordauet with current information; and we respectfully submit that such testimony ought to be admitted, and be conclu sive, in the absence of all rebulticg testimony. And we believe it the church generally were rightly laformed as to the tr ue state of the case, she would not only be satis fltd, bet would approve of letting the discipline remain as it is. And we suggest that the best way to Inform the ehureh is to publish the alleged (hots under the author!. y 11 this General Conference. We are happy to perceive bat tbe report of the majority agrees with the position i etcin assumed. 8. We respectfully suggest, alar that hi 1818 ws re pudiated tbe "plan of separation" to cnasle us logo to our brethren in the border work, and tbey received ue expressly on the ground of the discipline as it is, and because they were opposed to the policy of tbe Hethodisl Kpiscopal Church, South, on the subject of slavery. Aod It dots not seem to us expedient, or indeed just, now to force upon them further measures, which in their judg ment, will very seriously cripple, if not extinguish the work amorg them. 6. Be?au>e we understand that our brethren of the majority report do not expect that the measures they propose will aid in our border work, to assist us in ame liorating the condition of the slave population; but w< judge that they must feel eonvinced from the testimony >0 committee, that their propesed measures wi 1 embar ras it much. We cheerfully do them the justlcs to saj that they sincerely believe the measures they propose art right, and that therefore the border work ought tc beer the embarrassments that may follow. It is 'or thii Central Conference to judge and prouonnee In the case, 10 Pecace ws believe thatalliight-mindcd men who bavi had favorable oi<portunitles to observe, or to become re sponsible pastors in our border work, have come to tn? est:elusions expressed above; and htnee, we respeatfullj submit that our brethren who sympathise with the ma jmity report should accept such testimony. 11. because, finally, we are of opinion that the oourci it(11 rated above Is the propter way to exercise a healthfu. and legitima'e Influence on the question of slavery, and, indeed tbe only way In which It can be done. By takioj th:b course, we do not repudiate or assault the authority ol tie State, but Instil ate a course of moral duciplinr wbicb. acting wtth the legitimate of ths gospel will confer tbe greateet benefit upon both mti'.er am stave. Therefore, Resnlvtd, That we non ernenr In the action of tbe n?a Jcrlty. VOTE ON TUB SLAVERY QUESTION, i On tbe 19th alt., tne vote was '.aken on the first rekc luMon. wbica proposed to alter the the clause m the Uii clpliLe wticb forbids the buying and sellitfR or hn-nju I beings as property, Intbuying, selling atd ho:di|n hue an befogs ' Tne resi lution was lost by a vote cf eyes 121. nays th (t< mi than twc-tblria, which is ropuirel fu.' an al'.eratlo of ibe Discipline ) A number o' members voted under protest. Latest News from Wort Laramie. [Ku-rn tbe St. I.-mls Democrat, May -'ft.J Tlsre seems to be a siigbt prospect of the renewal* Incise bodil iles In the vtctni'.y of Fort i.aramie. Th latest it ferine' ion from that p int gives Intelligencer reoent depreda'ions on the part of tbe Obeyeonss. I n-gard to 'his ma'.ier we have been kindly permitted t make trom two letters rec.tived by a gentlema c.f this city. The first is as follows:? Platte Bkiihie, Anril 28, 1858. I took possession of tbe bridge on the Btn inst. Cap Henry Heath wtth his company Is camped near by. c had a difficulty on the 19th with the Cheyenne*, owlc to the non-delivery of a horse belonging to a white mat and on that account the Indians killed one of my men o h.? way fr<-m the mountains. I hope matters may j settled without dlflii ul'y. I believe the i'latte will l ' gh this year, as there is plenty of scow In tb^rmui Fort I.ARxwir, May 2, 1850 ? apt IDs h is a', the I'Kite b-idge with one eompan Tbe ic?y?nnes killed a white man at that place a te dai" -lace?au old trapper named (1'inier, woo has bar :n"tt? u.o\i4'?ir a thirty year* and upwards. Tbediftloc ty 1- > c eneei a'?.u. some horses lh*t belonged to one ts fenyr-en at that place. the !nolens 'ojnd tfc. hones, wbithbad teen lost on afswdavs, ntd refu-.d to give tbeoj up. Tne own r ui^f cusp a at toCVpt. Hoitlii led ii6 Hfiit lor th? i u sr. -1 '. t- !<t inni that the i nner would p-.y Lin ur k Double, and that be would have lo give them up. 1 t-V tn- is. and at night, wbnn -'iD'o.: up his herd, t < ? i . ?, r- ? be Ii 'ian alter h horses, bat ibe indi ? as onwiiHtg to return item a<l, and ini ioted on kee ,rp < i - i ' '? t. Cap'. IJtath th?n sent up a err p and . l utensu. D irtier, with instructions i 'if :le >-? <? .-ril the Indian to his camp- Cp ?.| 1...1>V* g ug uto the lodge, the 'ndlsn drew 1 we, it ' was seized immediately and taken tot n i thett ?*? no Mife piece to keep b'ra, bo w i . ? ' ?. ' e red Ml il* rbe b'ar.kmiith was makl :l ? r-,t e Iliad iiiade bis escape. A whole Toll ? ? ? d rep-rt rsis he was badly w mndi . , 1 ?> ,t ??> tight 1 lie Indians - v i ??.. n io.'ges sn-1 some of their camp#(|n ii hi, , ?.? < xt -lay ttey killed "i.noier ' wl'l a ? i i.-t ci- AM e ( thebri'ge. lam qui'* aneai-y ao< ? i ? ? ,o i- nil'- I i-eyenne ylllsgr lomewhere rr.b-i1, <1 of the Arkansas rlr?r. I think t ,. ? Vi; With 'tern ,nlte l et'erng. AU ? , ? -... r- '..??? ?? V -it it waging *" rx;i*e-s I k( |W he ?ill give the rvscais a dr ibbu for 'bey rlcf ty deserve ID NavsI InielilygenrWACs ? i , ?' -,i-? i a V i ki-i \'P " ' < ' , -f t . 'r.-n?JamesHwD (fiig-hl , h; g I siipr.m, are here. No i ?ne?s . .. , I . r ... r ?? ? > > " I'S -t he * a ' , , .. . .n ti.-f- ? i - u 'be '''b h- g t< Maciire tlie Jar e?t?sra I* also lonal 9 r'.h, d? -a ir C snary Is'at's A day or two "nee Dewrae V Penssm wae de'aehsd rrom 'h- Dilpbi it to Ue 'tee h-, So Cthsr cbar.gsi I