Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1856 Page 3
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KANSAS AFFAIRS. Oar Maiftil CwrreepandcMce. Warn-on, Mo., lUf U, IKS. fiiilk luff the Caphirt yf Lumrmct?%?W'i, I'*-.Jmil, I*. * ?Further //iMtiiii'i Kiptctel?A i'rv-tlar'y I Bow, H/k* kli uU Child, Shot at m #><*?(? /'?>, by M Armed iMKwii Bob, tnlAc St. eaUqf Lawrence.^ How snail at begta* "Napi'lsoo the Nsphs* ol iny L a elr," >aii) ' rt%>?ii?jirl"'j-Vi" end an equthy impuriant (,-TtDl tOULliO* OtifCf I lu thi4 c jinajutiU. TU? Sebe?top.? of l.ei 8iat*i?n?? I swit-oee?has, u we bate already bstely informed you, surrendered without firing a gun. Tba beider ruffians have " ?poi.*l the I'hilu Uars "?their artidery (three pteoes in ail) has fine off tor good, after having dona mora damage to lha Ed. I Ige House, or, aa it uaad to be ca'led, t ree diata Hotel, thaa oaa ha waU repaired, unless, la*tea. thev should begin *t it* tounOeliias. In plain terms, nothing bat smoking rutn? mark the pUoe where it uuo* stool. W hie wa re gret the JeeUua'.ioa ot a por ton of Br. EldriJgs's pro party?whioh there war no ti~e to remirre, ai Br. Eldudge poetttreiy declined to rem ore hie farat tare ?we cannot iya)elklw with the Kutorn Emigrant Aid Mocety, who own the build ng. They hare done 'hail utmost to atif up this war?they have kindled She fire, and ehoutd not complain now that they hare acorohe) their hand... Hut we bare been ridlag all Digit, and must preee Into aa email apace aa pceaible auoU facte aa nay fill up the ontHne in pencil, which we aead you on a lent ot our note book, written literal'? npon the road, and in each Lie ate thai we fear it aaay pan* area the priuers'd??1 to decipher it. Early yeeterday morning the I'nitsd State* Barahal'e poeae took poeaeaaion of the mound In front of I.awreaoe, and betweeo 10 and 11 o'clock the Barshai ?eut hie deputy, W. P. Kaia, Esq., into Lawrence, with a poeae of Wight; thar made four arrente, and returned and dcilrercd their piUoners to the Marshal, who then dismissed hia entire ponce, when Sheriff Jones immediately sum none! them all, end took about twenty with hia to l.awieaos? Jones rod* up in front of the Free State Hotel, and sell ing for General l'omeroy, demanded all the rlitee and ar tilTsry, firing him fire mlau'.aa to decide whether he would aur reader or not. Pomerov ssid he would sur render all be oouid get?fltteon minutes were allowed to atack them in the etreet. Sheriff Joae* then requested Col. Eldridge to more hfa furniture from the Free State Hotel?gincg him two hours to do so?Klirisg* declined, when the pose* entered and remored moat of the furni ture into the street. They then carried the artillery la tront of the Fiee State Hotel, and fired oa it unta the trails began to fall; they then set it on fire, and left it in ruins. The printing materials of the Herald of Freedom and Hans a s tret titate offices, were then thrown into the tiver, a la Register and Luminary. One side of the next issue was worked off, the contents being quits aa complimentary to Hia border ruOitutai usual, affording much amusement to those who had so unceremoniously Interrupted its issue. Robinson's house upon the bluff was burned; this, how fever,was an unauthorized ac\ committed after the posse bad left the ground, by some person or persons unknown. One ot the tree State people who attempted to run, was followed, shot at, and slightly wounded la sush a manner that ha will p-efer standing up to setting down for some few weeks to come. It is to be regretted that a brick or atone, whioh fell from the walls or the Free State Hotel or Eldridge Hou-e, should hare struea a young man be longing to the Marshal's posse, on the head, inilieting a wound of which he has since died. W e are t old that a oertain strong minded woman, a sister ot the man George Washing tin Brown, who edited th* Iitraid if Freedom ? one of the papers destroyed?made an appeal to Sheriff Jones, (the same whom they so receotir attempted to assassinate,) to spare the Emigrant Aid Society's hotel; but though ike damsel was pressing, Jones was firm and simply 8nswered "Yes, Ma'm," and "No, Muia," to all her spirit stirring appeals. Among other matters, she asked Jones if he did not have a wife and child. To this Jones said, "Yes,",and eonfined himself to that answer, although a companion whispered to him to ask the fe male orator what she thought the feelings of his wife and child must have been when the people of Lawrence at tempted to assassinate him. After the Eldridge Ho ape bad been levelled with the ground, which was done by the united application of a keg or two of powder and fire within, assisted by the ar biJery without, the potse disported. The following extra from tee Border Times, published by a pro-slavery gent eman, named King, in this place, eriil g'.ve later intelligence:? Wehtcort, May 21 -lOo'cock A. M. Col. Breve-toa lett Behan's, on the Wakarusa, last night, about 7 o'clock. Copt Pate's command of (hlrtv mea It there. A runner came in from Franklin, who nta'ed that about two hundred abo.itlocLte, armed with Hharpe'a rifles, were col lecilag In Lawrence, and hid attempted to iboot Mr. Cox, who was returning to hia home tn Lawrence, with his wl'eand Chid; be ihinkicg that the war wee over. Col. Brewertan cm yarned with Mr. Ooi, at Behan's. where he had fled for pro tection; be confirmed tte report, and said that as he was enter ing Lawrence with his wlie and child in a buggy, he was at tacked by about two hundred abolition outlaws, armed with Sharpa'a rifle*, which tbey aimed at him; and while be war debating what to do, two young men came to him and begged him for Ood'a aake to save himself and family by flight He turned to leave, when he wsa flrtd noon with a Bharpe'a rifle and a ?U shooter, the balls grazing bis wife's head; te thsa fled to Behan's. lie garrison a1 Frank in is gone -Franklin Is tn Imminent danger, end wis probably attached by the ebolttonists list njgbt. Bee idea a iew citizens, dipt. H. C. Pate's oommaod at Wakaruis, was the only avallab e firce. Col. Cofl-e'seom pany was looked tor. Cap;. Pats was to march to Franklin iuat: ight. Anomer prc-slavery man was shot at Franklin night before las'. He wsa on piequet guard; bis wound Is serious. Dr. Biattoa Is rapidly recovering. . Mr. Behnu Is stfou' to move his family?he thinks it danger ous to remain longer at bis home. Fish's Abolldon Hotel may mee. with an accident. All nu'sancee should be abolished. Iter* should be no mistake In this matter. Our Missouri friends must understand that this is but '* the beginning of the cud." We want you still; and if our cltlzaus are to oe shot at, aitaplv because they are true to Southern prluclplee. In the atreetsof Lawrence, in oceu day-and that, too. wlthia four and twenty hours after the reception of such a bitter lesson aa fhs nro slavery me a of Kansas taught them on the 2l>t lost.? we have but o-.e resource lett, and thai Is ?> level Lawrence (and, I'necessary, every ober abolition nettle meat In AansatO -with (be gtound. We oity (he women and children, upon whom this unhappy slate o' atfalrs falls heavily, bu' the rs apontlblilty must rest witu the fanatic* who have preached Sharp*'* nflea and armed reaistanoe !o our la wa. Woo now are tha dastards T The mea who c >u!d t ot stay to flgbt when opposed to men. have. It appears, gained c urate to fire upon a single man, when accompanied by his wife and child, but what else la to beer tec'el from fieeStats ruffians I Come, then; we call udmi every truo hearted pro slavery man scd eon ot the Hou'h to come up and be'p as. May 23-8 P. M Weaie In the midst of great excitement; the posse who "bad charge of Robinson have this afternoon returned with Aim to this place. They had got as far as Franklin with bim, (having pasted your correspondent at Behan's, on the Wakaruea, where Captain l'ste's command of 3D men were drawn up in line, with arms ordered and colors Hy ing to receive him.) when an order reached the Knifed States Deputy Marshal, Col. I'reeton, who has Robinson in ehsrgs, ftooi Governor Shannon, informing him that with bis small escort it wculdj be lmpraslb.e to bring Robinson in sa ety to Lecompton, and diree'ing Colonel l'reeton to return with Robinson to Westport without delay, and take hies to Leaven worth City by water. The Colonel,a portion of his posse, and charge, hava actording iy left here for Kansas eity this evening, to take the boat up the Missouri at that place. Colonel Preston informe us that when he left KrsnTlin, (a pro-aUvory town within three miles of Lawrence,) it was gua'dtd ny inly about 50 men, under command of Captain Pate, who was expetticg every moment to be at tacks d shortly after leaving the own with his prisoner. Colonel I'reaiou heard tua report of a gun, and immedia'eiy afterwards a cannon was discharged. Before getting out ;cf hearing the report of the pro-s avery artillery was heard for a second time. It je feared that Franklin was a tacked by an overwhelming free State force, and taken last night. If so, there Is bat Utile probability that any quarter will be given. The great mass ot the pro-slavery army would appear to have gone towards TopeUa to make arrests, and we presume silence cbuoxiou- nre-sts in that unitr'.er. A young KogUrnman, named Harris, who has been Vtoraing in this town as a Jeweller, male h:uisell ob noxious by abusing a young pro-siavery man of small rlimemicns. and moreover lame; and in addition to this, talking sgsiest slavery In a manner which was not to be endured. He wis accordingly favored with the following very short and sweet epis'le : ? 81r-Ton vtll! leave Westport-cerer to return-wlihiu one hour, cr abfee the ocvaequetwea, be tbey what thev mavi MANY Cin/i.VS. The ycucggentlemsn took the hint, and " vamoosed the r&nehe " witbiu ths time specified, without bea . o'druni. It la said tbat aucther individual will receive a similar notice this evening. Tha Investigating Committee are at Leaven worth, working away to teusfi , we fancy, tha printers, and nobody else. It is sail that some ugly facte are coming to light touching the management of the Bos ton F.migtant Aid Societies -such as were coming out to vote trout the beat, and return as soon as their votes wert glveu. It la supposed if the pro slavery men are mush further exasperated, tbat Lawrence will be levelled with the ground. Mr. F.ldridge estimates hi* loss at $10,0C0?$1,800 of which was in groceries, wines, aegar*, Ac?of which he had laid in a year's supply. Hs says that he expected to have made a great deal of money there, and would not have taktn $0,000 a year for his lease. He adds that he nas alteadt nad $25,COO olle rri to build a nee hotel on the luios of the old one. He declines to hav* anything to do wl'h the furniture saved, ae he expects Congress will bav to remuoe nfs him (or the loss? seems probable. INDIAN TRODBLF.8 IN KANSAS. The Topeka (Kansas) 'tnbunr, of tha 12'.b ult., ear*: On Friday ereuiag, a l'ottawa'taxi J ledtao, by the name l1 W I? x wtile uucer the influence of liquor, attacked a ?mall b y, apparently *i%i the Intrn i n of cutting him In pieces, when a large b y came to his assistance with an axe, uuilrg the tight the Iodian was killed. On the preening day, the fath-r of tuu boy who killed the In dian bappsuso to meet HVMll Indians of tb i same tii>e, who imni-oUtely died upcu him. three of their balls takit g disc', in Lit biesst, killing hiu> instantly. Kx-Csowixor Heeder In Clilrago. [!? rum the Democratic l'iess, May 2'.!|. Governor Reefer atrlved In this eity yes erJay m rrn irg and took lodgings at the Bnggs House. He was CAJlsd tn 'TriUghou' the diy by larg* numoors of our ci Dens. The psople ot the fie* States will be glad to learn that Grveruor Keedtr has escape 1 beyond the reach ot the Uw>-s desperados who had plotted his desttuclfoo. The having lit come app.lsnd of the presence of Governor Reader ia town, alarge crowd gathered around the lirlgia House a little aher eight o'clock In tue even ing, eager to see a man who has figured m> cunspl juwusly in tte aflalis of Kansas. ar.d who bad just escaped so rnaiv p?nl?. Tho Governor was In bsd a*. th? time, where he ho 1 not been tor two weeks be'or? hit; the calls weie so rrgeut that his friends thought it best to wske him, au-1, tliougii math exhausted, he cie seated to address III- people. When be came out sbovs the l/out en';arc* of the hotel he was served With iiroCendoue chsei* aod then pi JC?eled t> give an aciount of the ter rib,e etate of things ,o Kansas, not dilVsriog aiatemlly lr<iu th- a* which we have alrraly puMishei. With regard to th* p'ticlertng propensities of tne va gabonds who assisted lo the destruction of l,??;ntn, ?cd who hare besnfo; the last two or three week* roving lawless y orer the Territory, ha full/ ooobrme-l the des pa'cb which we give ia another column On one oocu ticn the ruffians broke open hie trunk, one of th<sm dressed himself in a suit of his clothes, other* po- lesaed themselves of Other port inn* of bU wardrobe, aid whet the/ did not want th?y wautouly burned sj 11 4 frieal Colonel Toptiffe bad bis pockets rifled of 2800 tu regular higbwaymtn fashion, and plueder and robber/ every where prevelled. At Lawrenee, even the shawl* were taken tha fiota shoulders of the women by the vsgabonls there assembled. All there outrage* were allowed to go on without the least interference from Governor Shan uoo; but when, after tha sack of Lawrence, the free Rtale wen, driveu tc deaperatioe, determine 1 to make a stand at Topeka, he called out United States dragoons to prate: ve "law and order." Afier stating that the South had s?nt about four hundred armed emigrants to the Tertl'or/the present spring, who with the Missoaruus had teen chiefly Instrumental in the outrages, murdets and robberies there, Gov. Reader addressed to his au dience the significant question?"It Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina can saud four hundred araiei man to plant slavery in Kansas and trample down tke rights ot the people, cannot the free and glorious North send a thou sand to tverv hundred of them to strike a bio * for free dom?" (" Vie can, we can," cried aeveial voice*, "I'll go for one," cried several more.) One thou mod snob eini giants, con tinned Gov. Rseder, would very soon change <he lace of affaire In Kanaaa. The people were anxious to hear the manner of the Governor's escape; but he said that be could only tell them that ha had been aided in bis escape by man in the Teriitory and by men in Missouri. Regard for their safety, however, would aot permit him to name him. Neither their property nor lives would be safe in tha present state of things if he ahould. He could only thsnk God that he lied escaped from snemiee who had sought hie life with the keea scent of blood hound*. And the people oriel " Amen 1" Gov. Reader also made some very interesting and In structive remarks upon the general bearings of the Kan sas que* ion, and then concluded by thanldng tha poop* for their rympathy. Alter the conclusion of his remarks, a large number of persons hastened up the step* of the hotel to get a sight of the Governor, and to eoogratulate him upon his escape trom the blood-thUaty minions ot slavers propagandlsm. We understand that Governor Seeder left for Bloom ington last evening, to be present at the Convention winch assembles there to. day. HI* presence and voioe in toe Convention cannot tail to add largely to the Interest of the occasion. Nigger Worahlpsfilaiupant. [From the Boston Traveller, May 29 J ANTI-SLAVERY CONVENTION. A third session of the Abolitionists' Convention was held on Wednesday morning, at the Melodeon?Mr. Fran els Jackson (gain in the chair. Njtwithstanding the state of the weather there was a considerable attendance. The Kev. Mr. Nits, of Kansas, was first called upon. He telt that this Union was to completely prostituted to the purposes ot slavery it was no longer worth while to mmke a provision or oondition In our assent to let It perish. (Applause.) The rufliar i?m of whose tyranny h* complained, whose thrents had infringed liberty of speech In Kansas, was not the ruffianism of the men of Missouri, but the ruffianism of tbe city of Boston, He saw hope in toe faot that people were now ditren into an expression of feeling on the right side He had received last night what he took to he assent from that digaifled bedy, tbe Unitarian Society, that he should go back and maintain against the laws of the United Sta'es and the Terrltonal laws of Kansas the liberty of free speech. Even the merchants of St. Louis begin to teal that tbe welfare ot the whole West depends upon tbe overthrow of the slave tyranny. He had been asked bere what can we do for Kansas? He wonl 1 lell them. Join him and go back to Kan sas with him next week, (applause,) or enable somebody to go in their name. If they were going to allow that baud'ul of men there to be thinnfd eff by those out rages, and tbe timid driven from the territory, and the men of Ueoigia and Sonth Carolina to go armed lor tbe battle, sustained by the United State* treasury, and com manded by United States officers, they might take to themselves the condemnation at last i' slavery triumphed in Kansas. In his opinion the crisis demanded this, and If the free States were not fit for that, there was nothing they ecuid do. Mr. Stephen S. F03TER, of Worcester, then took the a'acd. Who wa* Caatles Sumner that the) should es pouse his camo?that the Aoti Slavery Society Bhould take up his controversy with the slave powei? Was he not their accomplice acd abettor? He eonld sit side by side with the cradled kidnappers of South Carolina aud Georgia, bat he had refused to steed on their platform, who had nude the cause of the imbruted alave its own. They felt sympathy lor him ea a man; but the outrage was limply.thii?joining bands with villains, he had got ou'ragtd by those villains. (Hisses, and a voice: "Christ joineo hacds with Juaas." Laughter.) Ife brought no charge against Sumner personally, but bs was one ot a Congress ot tiffanies. (A veice: "He has fallen among thieves.") He nad supposed he went to Wathington ol his own accord. From the senti ment the Anti-Slavery Society was creating, it would not be their fault if every man who went there did not get caned. They were creating such a sentiment that no man could cross Mason ana Dixon's line with safety to his life. He admitted this border ruffianism was the fruit of their labors, because slavery would have been strong enough in Kansas, and the Missouri Compromise would never have been repealed, if there was no anti slavery sentiment at the North. in reply to Mr. Nute's iuvi'ation, be said he had yet to leain that any battle for freedom had been pitched in Kansas, or that there was any one there contending for free Bpeech. What would become of the colored man ii he attempted free speech there? There was not a state in the Union that had paased such bloody laws against the colored man as this young State ot Kansas, for they had prohibited free colored men from dwelling tbeie The str jggle there was only for the white man's liberty?a second edition of the Revolution? [Mr. Wendell I'hillips: " Something less"). Aud were they to abandon their great principles to intervene between two factions of the slave power? Be pitied the fiee State men in Kansas, as he did all wicked men when they suffered the consequence* of their wrotg doing. They should recur to the first principles of their society. Was it not that the oii.y hope tor I he slave was ever the ruins of thi* govern ment ?nd of the American Church? Tbe diwolutiin of the Union was the abolition cf s'avery. Whv not, then, address themselves plainly to their work? Let those who did not want to be cantd, leave at once. Mr. I'hil lips bad reprobated Massachusetts tor not recalling hsr representatives. Bad Mr. Sumner himself counselled tbem to withhold It? Mr. Foster was here suhjert to a a-ivere and amusing cbatecbiiiu tn the opinions which he had expressed. One question was bow the North, rne.ely retiring from tbeUnhn, would lead to lb* abolition of slavery. To tfcls be should produce abundant testimony that It would have thi* effect?as then our neighbor's cattle could not be he'.d, but get over the <n?Inture. Another qcts'lon wa>,'wby, when Mr. Foster recommenced psop'e to come out of the church, he yet persisted is remain irga member himself? Mr. Foster eotmd iatoa face thus explanation. He anted that Mr. Sumnei's duty was to ie*ist voting tbe supplies of givernment. if hie views of the cons liuticu were perverted.)!!* concluded by propos'ra? f esoived, Ibat th? first and most important dn y of Ibis so" clen u tie pteeet l time w?s to convince lha enure commuot ty tbat the sun slaver/ of every politic?1 paily whiab aciiov inlyts a'lexianee and promisee support to the federal govern ireut, le ueceesaMly tainted and spurious: tbat the nearer ita leiemtilsvce to tbe genuine, ihe more Injurious was it to the csu-eot fitedcm. and more like y to deceive the boned and Uue hearted. I>oca'ion? to the Src.'ety were then solici el. Mr. Ciiahieh I. Eemomi,a colored mao, said he was g'ad to see the free coil men befog drivn from Kansas, as it would mane thfm appreciate his tights as well as their own. He laid tbat, lemttnbericg he was a slaveholder, he could sghl upon Washington. ^(Liud bisves and ap plauie.) Tbe hlssers, te said, were slaveholders to spurt, aid every one of them would enslave him if they bad the courage to do it. So near (o h'aneuxl Halt awl liovhr lhll, uas he rot to if jfrmitte-tto nag that that ?(0v.n<ir,l George Washington, had enslaved his jellow men? (Hisses and a;plsu?e.) Mr. Wkmieil Phjlups then took the Door, urgitg llbe tal eonttibutiODs. He then prccieifed to a criticism of Mr. Foster's speech, txprea iug his general approval of it. and adopting the r?solu'.i'u which bad baea propose!, lhi* is wbete he littered. Tbe republican movement waa certainly one cf the great obstacles to tba anti sl*v< y enterprise: but they had to deal with men as they were, and *he> ought to welcome the man who ret his face to wards them In reference to tbe strictures on Mr Sam ter, he said he did net believe In a virtue so treble that i: dared not applaud a true act. in lrowsver imperfect a form It might Ttey ought to give credit to those who ere living up to their 1 ight. tie sh ouW be loth to a f fx lathe name ty Washington the rpiih* tchi'h He. /?<? mend did He renew hi> drfee's? the effert of hu evil era y pie; bat Id v* remember hit timet, his education?let us re no inter the good win? he did oner and again tor the sent ment of liberty. Washington oar a nnnrr. It became an American to' cover kla face when be placed hi a bust anrorg the great men of ibe world, for it waa a*ainej with a great got t of blood. Vet be waa a great man, bad great virtues, and he woull not gx e him the name of HVun<het, because there rvert too man / for tcV.m tinhi should hiep that name. If thef called Washington that, what ivenUd thiy call Pierre (l aughter and applause.) Mr. Bkjiomi?Allow rae to a< k hal vou bren one ol hit slaves, vftuld you not have bren justified In calling bim that? Mr. PbiliiPS said be old not know what be should have dene thru; but they treaded tbat name to desc ibe Pierce, to derctibe Cisllcg, and be was going to say Hrooks; but he olgected to the teem op/dinl to Hashmi'im, asi> w?is not graphic. Let an American say scoundrel, and thenar whed for Webster. Hut that did not follow wi'.li the name cf Washington. The term was n:t desciplive. Hut he was loth to criticise the utterance of a heart that stocd neater to the slave than his. Mr. (Jabj?:?).v atlacked Mr. Kveratt for his lecture oa Washington. Kansas waa not the battle-bald of freedom. Tbe or ntesf was here. While the picture of Daoie! Web ster buig <n Kareuil Hall, or while Nebimlah Altars c- uld pr.sch in Hasten. there was no bops f ir free terri tory In ibe cour-try Tbe taiigim of tbis country was in inhuman, anti Chiistlan aud bloody religion (la applied br I'cs er'a reaolndon as unnecessary. Mr. 1'osifb replied?Hid oat evaiy n an know that he cugbt to be an aholitl riit ?!-. Pint lira?No. Mr. Kistsr? Thin bp must be s natural f ol?(laugh ter)?beceuie their creed ia that liberty i? a sell ev lent tiu'b. He del led the honesty of every wan who sup poittd the federal govemmen'. If Cbar es Sumne-, la L's inte. old cot know lie was wrorg, than tbeia wsh 10 hope in their agi ation Ibe Crr.veution aoon afterwards adjouroel, to m?at tgnin In 'he sfiainron, at tba M-i wistn avtsrxoo.v seskio.v. Tiie version io the alteinoou was he'd at the Mei.nsto, whtrh was ernarled. Mr. Oarbisox ofleted a re-.olp.tioa of wele>m?to.Wi. Parker I'illabury. Mr ,1 B. Sv.'.v f.Y. of Nswiutrpirt, than Ink the s! end, and le'erreil to tbe various topic* touched on i j thv < is cwssion ' I that morning. Mr .Iawk." Robinson, orOhio, editor of the Ao'i SI ? ? ? </ Bvgte, text addieaeed the uvatitg. lis ssli ha had fir some time had no hope for the lav, whl ? the n * sot the people waie llviig i.o grra'. prjspeutr. Ho te..'V?d id at lhe s'. tve pos'sr w?? destined to, s s esl i.i fiog-eea as well as in Kansas, and waw ni hops hut (n diss liu'oo ot lii? I aino Rio B*.t, 'p'pgnWM CAJtfUUi tkea spokg at q length. Every year the on* is drsw umra.near and thi "M*"' P?Ui. Re'8rr*tg to the new chJleagai given in the senate, beiald Mr. itu oa th?y kao 4 was a general, and of course Ua ? nj obiictiie to Mat. He cad ^a letter Lombiai teat day. Mr. Perkir then pro oeadad to a disquisition on the poliuul an tl-slavery of HaBracbueet-a. He was very ?..*?:gg^ Governor Gar r''aeu" UlU H. inaa proceeded ia IViL g/r u u. m' i3T ? oiU'*! ?aal/a!e of the char acter if Mr. Humner, whom be warmly enlng'rsd. His iQriUoet.: he said, were ever true to humanity; and great i" ?') 111 ec. wiij. his ph.,?at.lropy ?ti grei'er H'l rLie.d wee porfvotiyunstained when h? want iota the Berate, end he bed Lept It unntsioeil to thie e'er. Ha read a letter whim be bed reo-Ued from Mr. .Sumner be fore be de.ivered hie lete g-?at speech. This sail ? sX IvMiffi Utl'!??teU^^Ul#re"7^rl,* I"UU,Pl,lC t Jki, u'*rl'?u fc',!?t.r#*d> '???* which he bed received from Mr. John 1. U*le. fair stated tbet among North ern.meni there woe e deep end eetUed purpose o moiu ' their poeltton et ell hazards. Hie opinion wet tnet 25?fr in *5* ?NortUrn w ?n?'djTst euoh blown CiihU own head, eip?oiaUj tho<e ctutfotu inaa al VtIL*fciiD? * 048 la? North to de with slavery r Mr. nenry?WilMn'?rk8t< * l#lter W9N 4"J rtt4d .^V-m.?evi!f do!?? w? '? "d hope in e few days to eee h*n ofnn Mka . uP?o l?ibehod e verv narrjw en ? ,*d ,oot been cimibled by the firet blow, be won d ? ? rrepPled wUh Brooke end then wou'd here beeaehot j *i wf! been near, I shou d Umvo grupplei with Brjok* ferld eni & who h?' ?"reetMed mr ff? would hir. ^'. I?'??- 1 ?h*11 never cease to regret I wei rot by the tide or draw h???W^r? ei' VVe ere having stiinag J^5I ??'*? OuirIriencs et home here no idee ot our position bfKdr L^ntt?.ib?8,reWs dMj w,th "?? eoarnuio Iht S tajE.Emlm',ral,on ??' ? *5* l?tt?r ww reeelved with c taeidernhle eppleme. Mr. f h? ^.Vh? (?. h4d threetsaeJ to fl y Mr. WiUoa 2.SWftS.lBr5S*.W Wr?B Mr> wlUjn w?a end dffi Uterfwe g'0gS' KeiU W'41 tiB djor-bBt At e little before sir o'clock the Convention ed leuraed to meet et e feetlrel in Feneuil Hell. J l Canndlntt View ot Mr, Cnunpion'i Disieliuo, _ , , [*'"? the Toronto Globe, Mey 29 I ?fcl i .t?l4|)h ??nouncei to a? yesterder erenlnr tbet J??.}1threatened dbnniaeel ot Mr. Cremptoa eud the nluSid^T"*,1 *tW f0lk> P^W^end Cinota netihedteken piece, end that, ea e oaneaqaenoe, dlnlo inKt?roour?e bet wren the I'nlted Steuii eni Greet i f*?**4 on tble Hide of the Atlantic. We have never thought that thie movement, on the part of the bertw^1hf0twrna,eDft,.WOu!<,e U rup'.ure between the two countries; and, indeed, Mr. Merer'a let ?coouipai.iei the diemiiwal, if laid to hev* specially to avoid the danger of auch an ??nnct be concealed that thla aotim of owr to ^fof^ t? mX? Jeftd i? difli9alnw which wiii ap ,??ti. J? u threatening oharaoUr, even if they are n >t lffiLm. J. i}"m prejudicial effect on int.rna f r thif?-^ . S' Mr- P(frc? muat be held rexpanalhl# htmilif kJ'C?.. w.e ??ubt mocl1 whether he will ttad polfrBi^^"n L 1" Cincinnati Convention by the course which he has taken. Any idea that war will arise out o. the bueinexel can only be mentioned to be ridiculed. ?. i .C*rom the Quebec Mercury, May 29.1 iaterat Wa*lfington'ia atMalfty.WtS,a' ?' ^ BrUi,U Mi'" It is to be hojied that this trausaotion will be reirArde i iaiV,lrue l*?ht in England?simply aa anact of U?p0ynt oflioial insolence and policial clap trap oa the part of a President who tea disgrace to tb? great empire whU 80G^MtthU^nB8idbrra 400lde,t*11^ ????d to administer, urave as una molaeoc mav aooear it hv m ?na,rtJ iZuhf?t>m?it tbJlnr0y,ffi0n,i0oiDBfla ,'or ft hritflP?ri?d till .? i Much will depend on the ga'd aenoeof !?t?? rCQ ,*,ce oa both aides ol the Atlanli:?we f?EdQtDt'y 00 H'? etroog sense of our Yankee '?W?lnV' who we imagine to be Sufficiently ? oaWt tog to c.uat I lie oost of aucli au atHic'iva war ?nd who, we may be sure, wUl not b'e readr msr^fnT^.stQ? imBOrUat interests of ooni merce uniting the two peoples in ?uch close links (or 'b*. P"rP?,8? f furthering the views of a set of unprlu nS? 'i? advenlur?" Nke Pierce, Gushing, &a. h^,, behoves n? to give our " coueins" across the border nnmisUkeacle evidence or our"desire tolive on irieudly terms with them, and we would hail wi'h p'ea opEiT,#P ? *?tiCB 10 e,ioit 'be expression of each ii f/' nXtr*et f'om 'be New York Herald, of yesterday the foUowing, being portion of a leader on'thelubjeot - irgtOQ-?to drive us into collision kntlaiid united with Fran/>? tr. j.* [ir.0m the Quebec Gazette, May 3<).l thl^?n J?'t.J?lV>rlTi?t 'bat Mr. Cramp'ou, CoisuM B.r? ? Mr, i'eD,Pot????ry at Waahlngton and ^ . o t f V' lUtheWi ?nd Rowcrofl were dismUsed cn the 18 h list, by the President of the Lcited ?a<es ?ll ?h,m* h ,"fuwl by 014 British government to re' caiJ them, baa been rfceived here, with the additional elUatTrv k "i fl*t' tbe d?3P?t(-'b for Lord Clarendon ia con ct tatory but firm. We need scarcely say that thla itan ?h?r?JDg R,U 9 of lb,Dffs- rh9 ?cts ^ *rCrampton and thSir ?t? Th 4VOwedby th* nr,tiah government to be * , *?'b"* Tbeee gentlemen, in the matter of enliat ?e,n!f'.bad rot ?*!?eded the instructions given them, thf 'a B? esouse for 'be line of aonduct pursued by mi- l viif,n 8?TerDment t0 ??y that they were Imp ' "bo, ?s being ccn.rarv to international law. If the in "f?. 'bey were apologized tor, and the dismissal of the agents who only carrie i them Into ettect Is virtually a refusal to accspt the apology. ! 18 t0i'fPIl.t0 ?? rne ?*a '?u- Pbat Mr. Daitaa hmL^w .J"? y,t <; BtPiib government is very pos eible , but as he will be oUmtMed, not for any fault ?f,, b" own, but for the evidently nostllo dispo sition of his govtmmsn-, to the Britishgivernment, is i? mcie than protable that the latter will further resent what can only be looked upon as a deliberate insulti.and Bi thh tti'tVs- *';1 0B,y fc? done by r.quiring the '"'7 ' j?i*U8qr0nwt? BSt ?8?iBSt 'be d iit>asters at .^an Juan. No aoubt such action would in itself tead UD?Jd^uie?,U ZJT between Great Britain and the Lnitedhtates. Wakei s government In Nicaragua hai been Kcogn.zed by the Uni'ed States; th? grsat mass of ihe peop.e throughout the L'nion sympathise with VYalk er; the chief oi the Central American filibusters is looked ,uPca ?f the arbiter who Is praotlca-ly to solve the Ciav ^niti" V 1 ?4'y; ftDd 'h? President ol the United Suites wilt therafi re be sustained by the public opinion he eon ?Its in the extreme course which he has pursusd Any mA tlf. ici?'" ' k?tween tlie forcfM of her Mslcsty ivsinlf Nicaraguan pirates wiU be vie we 1 as an offene? ?gainst the gowrnncent. of the United Stales, and thus tb? ?*(c(>nd w*r between the United States and Kag and be virtually begua. By this roundabout way, we re P*?!',hc? >"?es may be ot-mmenced; but assuredly if co 90 l?kn;b?u|d occur in Central America the paaffio r, ? 11 ted B'Ates with Great Britain are iu ai turn inently dargerons atata. While the people aid g iv rnl?a?8?i?? 'i?1! *** W9U dlH/)0'eii towarda tha limit Batata 1 n0 ??u 40 iMl4nt t0 ?e supposed that ?!0vor wi" subrait 10 *n ???utt almost wantonly given to her, even bra country luhabited by people MieikiM English, and, as It were, even yet r? is ?h.geff it " "?"??? British ia .heir origin. Terrible effmts o. a war would be upon commerce?af Ijcttngas tfcey would be to the people of bith countries? Am?('A 8ri r^e*r woul1 be to 'be peop'e of tbe North American Colonies, we are afraid that when reason can rolorger be appealed to there will he no alternative but the employment if f,ioe. lhat leason has already oeased to irlluence the conduct of the American government Is but too, from tbe fa;t that th? iostrameuts of the But ah govert ment have been puotshsd for deads in." n?f. 40e?ULl M,the British gtvercmen'. Whatever I?'i i?" m#y i( 8tnict?(1 to aey regard to the satnfaeth n of 1 reaideat Pierce at the friendlv assuran ces of Great BrttalD, and of hisdesire toraciproja.etheiu, toiAStt- n*?w?i.Ju?.Ufy the <1i8tEiM-11' 01 Mr ton and the British Consuls on the ground ot person ? "i8' Tb? objections made are uot objso Ions to thim as incividua's, but as the sgents of that Kff. i* 1 tb*1rT ,'ePre*?nt' Tr.e B it'sh Minisrer ai? /.? ?. ? i*,gn * r* "J? 'o the American Secre tary ol S.ate: I gave certain orders, believing that I was "u!iWr^ei l" b,vlf8 gi'ca them; ths.seorders were car ltd cut; but the momtnt I faund they were offeDsivc to tte peopi e ol America, other orders were given, and I T ? b,d b"n done br ?y ?K-mts. Presi m,?*'r.tu4,|y s*y'tbat an offince cannot be c >ra mlt td without some punisbmeet following It, and he punishea the Bii'ish government in the persons of its t1l|nKDal?ri s gliU ? H,"bn!,t t0 b" ,b,H bastinadood t i ? ? crouch to President Pierce for mercy?wiii Foglend entreat to be allowed to renew diplomatic rela ih.t" v ! i H Sta,9s:' "mnrbsso. it mav be that Ki fie E.I, powerdii as she Is. will ha-e her bock to Arcencen etiipes, seeing In the atar spangled banner a reetiny which is to make It yet wave tv#r thew iole of this vast and boundless Continent. Bit we doubt it. Nay, H seams to us that even within the time stated bv na tu nioutbs ego, w.ll a war ba eommecned, to the ? tests ana itsults er whleh !? Is imposiib'.e lor as to be ll*C)utlf Bt* Mum Meeting In to.umbl?, 8. CJt) on lite Sum* ner mm tfruott* affair. [Krrm tli* Columbia Sooth Carolinian, Xlaj *9 ] a 'ar** And enlhu*iaetie nite leg of tli? citizen* of Kioh 'Ht'l Oim list convened on 'he eTeuiogct the 27th, in the (i'j Hull, when t'ol R II. (aotdwyn *?< celled to the i htlr, mod ('<>]. A. (1. Hummer appointed isejrrtery. Tht Chairmen btieil* < (pained the ob,ie?t of the meet lug to be to teke into c n?Jd?rteton tlie recent event* K'oaios out ot thech*kli?em*Dt ol the Hid. CUerlesSum i er. a .-euetor from Me??scliunett*, by the Hon. Pr?Aton t* Brr.iha, ? HepreMB'etlve from this State, inll'oted f <t irmlui g ?r j rv *??tnrjr rp-'hets applied to Siutn Ca to.ioahi d cue it an Senator* In the .senate of the United R'a m uu moth n of W S. Wood, Km|., a enemittee of seen we* epfx lot* 1 to oteper* buatoe-e for the meeting tbe t'he'r appoint! d M*"st?. W. H Wood, i{ >n. W. F. MeSaus ?ur?, hor . .If nn 1'im'ub, Dr. Wd, Reynold*, Kit Kll lien, Ja? V. I.*lea, and tfej 8. 8. McCnllj Dutirg the absent* of the ecnimlttee, Prof. If. Uabirde,

ot the R.uth Cerohaa Col'?ge, we* called upon, ana ero?e ami 1st #n huriesto obcrr*, aulteeeiog the crow I at lee|tb. and gave an ae on mot (lie all ilr In moe'. g aphic e'.yle. Capteln ivkh I) Tiia'.>kwkii w** called upin en-I elo fpieuCy ?n'?iUited the ai dienee i.o'il tbe committee re in ?i io; whereupon 'lie Hon. tV f, i>k *a'-firRv preiuut td the tollnniig laaolutioa": ? Rem.Tid Ilia' werr.rei*!!* ?odor** ihaesndnotof tbe H< n if- i N i k? A the donee o# RepreeMiair.m ?' llM United * a r lap ip teaaior kumaar. of Heeea ftmetle, Itie (in lekuent he hi rrVrearnrl ?y hie ilhello'ie ? "lit .on leMjeot ecu h Cuoin* anl our Utl'h ut Rea alor n i i i' ui "be enure Roftl re o.vfo 1U?t 'he a' aea uwi our e>>*eai Menator *>< a* ta ie ?? : w?? e -warbli . *ne *r*? gai anil* nei br hi-, ttu* intl h ?e UTtumanaad'reid o :ae *?n?:o rtb?m -sr which ? re iho I lot let had d?ifi-r*.eo or htl TOWi a ice Hec ved lb*'. it i.ieefi* i wbica t* usou u? I'laeipeetel nt?TM, *?? i - 'f tia d itr *cd e??er,?ii t'n-we m wtnai'iir public .1 tr tela are e ? f.r ?d a- 1 tha' ott- (*l ant envrrm in b*? rhown a r.i I> f and JiW ap^ffc at oa ol tUa eo.etm duty, Hue. W F I'F eA? ?? ei H ?n .looir je IVtsriv F > nv?? ButtiM.?o .It l*i ?u11 a,-t .liinn Tnaoiirru tbe a9*?tug in ?'ipsort et tb? re!nlnti-jt?, pb'jlt f ?tt gqeoun-'-u y ad ftr^, FaoM tub BRrrnii P*OYtKCl8.?We have re ceived Bt. John. N. U., papers ti ttin 'J'.'ta, and Hi.iUi to the 24 tb ult. The Xn? lii-umwiJeer ot Ui? 2k; h an.? It given u greet p tuore to state that a?w arrangements tore been moio for the (urination of e new govst oment ca ? brood bad ee'ls ectory bu:'. So diffsreniee of rpinion MfJt among those who havs bma called upju to a-rtst ia the ot en ealireij usw administra tion, end the delay in swearing ia the new ei?raUv? eoleiy isHses from the uecMiity ot awaiting toe gentlemen who hbvebeeu BLunnued from b distance. financial ano commercial . no Ml If MA BKiCT. Sunday, June 1?3 I*. M. The stock market was quite buoyeut bt the close yes terday. An active demand existed for bll the leading railroad docks, bt the Improvement In prices, bni there were strong indications of a speculative movement in ee cutitiee, where there wee b margin for b rise. The decid ed improvement in financial affairs, coupled writli an ai juetment of the Crampton enlistment business, are the operating cause* of the advance In price*. The despatch of Mr. Mercy to Mr. Dallas, on the dismissal of Crampton, bas completely reinstated public cvaSdsnee, and des troyed all those absurd feare which a fsw days since were so generally entertained. There is very little doubt now but that the British government would hare recalled Or amp ton had all the eviieace in the case been laid be fore Lord Clarendon. There is no doubt but that Mr. Crampton deceived his own government. This will be shown by the doeument* accompanying Mr. Marcy's des patch to Mr. Dallas. If so, Mr. Crampton will not be re ceived with utuch favor upon his return to London. So far as our local affairs are concerned, every thing bears a satisfactory aspect. The mouey market is abundantly supplied with capital. The rates of interest are tending downward, the speete receive of Uie banks increasing, cooBdauee rapidly returning, and the harvest approaching. All these elements are being developed to their fallnst ex'eat, and the effect cannot be otherwise than of the moet favorable character. The banks are more desirous ct making call loans than they have been for months, and ns their discount linn is likely to fall off by payments of matured paper and the absenie of papar to surply its place, they will be forced into stock opera tions, acd wbete they -o not directly bee rate pu"chasers, will be *?ge buyers on hypothecation The Secretary of the Treasury commences to-morrow (MooUy) to pay oil the Texas debt, aad the disbursements wid be large on that aeecuit. During the week more than three millions of dollars w41 be drawn out of tho tub- treasury and dis tributed to e?!mants; most of this will Hnd its way into the banks, ant supply to this exUut the channels of com merce. The mercantile classes have no more heavy pay ments until September, aud their accumulations must find temporary employ meat in scmettleg. Stocks are the moat attiac'lve, tangtcle investment! of the day, and we lock lot au ac ive demand before the 1st of August frrtn this (lata of operators. We shall, without doubt, have a plethora of capital on the market, and low rates of interest must rule. The exportation of s;ejie trout this port last week was aa follows SHITOKNTS 01 !>I'EC'K FROM TIIK PORT OK NKW YORK. Br'g Charlotte. Ambrey?American gold.... 210,780 90 Sohr. I.. Robinsvn. Naison?Amrucan gold. 6,000 00 Baik Pi tie of tfci Sea, Trinidad?doubloons. 2,476 00 Steamship Asia, Liverpool?gold bars 410,095 99 Do. do. ?Am gold coin.. 050,000 00 Do. do. ?English silver.. 1,258 40 S eanmbip Fulton, Havre?Am gddcoln... 120,900 00 Dc. <o. ?geld bars 366,238 49 Total for the wiek SI 268,149 78 Previously repcrhi 10 689,182 2" Total, 1856 811,967,332 05 Same time in 1616 13,212.402 00 The receipts it th's port in the same time were pro bably deub.'e thai amount. Last week th? California re mittance was about $1,800,000. from other sources our weekly receipts ire large, of which wa have no account. Albert H. Sitjluj'e regular aemi-we?kly auction sale of stocks acd bonds will take place on Monday, at 12>? o'clock, at the Xercbauts' Exchange. ||l'he Shoe and Leather Bank has decided to increase the capital stock to one tndllon of dollars. It has now be come the depci it bank of the corporation funds. The receipts of the Erie Railroad Company tor the mcntb of May. an the eveulug of the 30th, amounted tn $6(8,000. This it at the rats ot $26,000 per day. Add one day to the abeve, and we have an aggregate of re ceipts for the month of $68 : 000. The gross earnings will not be no must, below the receipts as usual, on ac count of the great increase In local traffic. The earnings of tbeicadin May wate larger than in any one month before within the history of the road. B Us of the Mount Vernon Bank, of Provideocs, are paid In specie on prevent*, ion at their c ounter, and are also redeemed at the Bank of North America, Providence, tbe enlybank with which ths Mount Vernon has made any ar racgrment for the redemption cf their bills for the last two years. Tie earning* of the Michigan Central Railroad fir th third week in Mar weie an follows:? 1865. 1856 Paiseogers....$37,347 66 837,111 37 Dm ....$236 29 Freight, 24,886 97 30,979 01 luc ....6,099 04 Tola!a $67,236 03 $68 090 38 Nat lae.$5,853 76 The anthratile coal trade Ihla week shows a handsome advance on tha tonnage repor ad last week bp the three principal lines:? Las' w/ek. Thil W't Staton. Ubigh Canal 18,184 39,314 168,078 8:huy)kill Canal....26,76$ 36,934 248 462 Rtaurg Railroad....46,572 48,133 794,248 Total tons 101,519 123,381 1,200 788 By thia exhibit it will be seen that the Reading Rill road ia now but 128,134 behind lta tonnage to tne same t'me lest year, and the Schuylkill Navigation 68,924 tone. This, it ie believed, will be gradually overcome in the course of a (ear months. The Assistant Treasurer of this port gives the annexed exhibit of receipts and disbnrsments of his office during the month of May, 1856:? Office of the Assistant Treasiher?KErvtrT- avd Dis Bl'MMKCIU. May 1, 1866, By balance ... #9,517,871 66 ffcertpts durirg the mcith: - On account of customs $3,627,378 62 " Patent Fees.... 6.611 00 ? P. O. Deparl't.. 456,887 38 '' Transfers ...... 200,000 00 " Miscellaneous., 60,176 61 ? ? 4 240 964 11 Total $13,758,826 *,7 Payments? Treasury Dratts $3 366 003 09 Post Office Drafts 300.896 94 ? ? 3,726,898 09 May 31, 1856, Balance $10 031,928 78 By Bab, Cr., D'sb'ing ica ts..$1,353,414 83 By Rec'ta during the w rth.. 1,441,702:2) ? 2,795,117 13 To Pajmen's 1 424,927 46 Balance $1,370,189 67 B> Ba'arce Cr. Interest Acrount* 45,970 18 To Payments 18,845 00 L'a'ance $47,125 18 By Receipts for Customs In May, 1856 $3,547,378 62 By Receipts lor Customs in May, 1856 2,582,043 83 Increase in May, 1856 $940,384 79 By Bal.Cr. BuLstnd Fx. Ac. for AseayOfiire . $1,579,201 34 Rt Coin ree'ddorieg month.. $28 23 l)y Flee Bars do. gold k 'liver 1 240 093 33 To Payments in coin $49,0(7 07 To do. fine bars, gclo k silver. 1,402,0 8 89 - 1,240,721 56 $2,819,945 88 1,611,085 87 Balance $1 308,840 ill By eoin in hand, in Assistant Treasurer's Office $il,429,241 63 By do. In Arsay Offlos 799 855 09 12,229,096 72 By Fioe Bars in Aesay Office, gold and Hlver 608.984 92 By Unpa'ed Bui. in As. Offl je 941,800 29 B> Bui. at Mint for coinage.. 1,334 26 - ? . 1,152,123 46 Total $13,681,220*18 JTATSMKNT OK Bl'Hi.VKM ST THK UKITED STATES A.RS4T OF fick at New Yohk, for the Month Ending Mat 31,1851 Depot its of gold $1,725 009 00 Foreign oolns $5,000 Foreign bullion 16,000 1*. S. biillien, (including Cal. br. mint, bars $55,000) 1,704,000 Deposi'sof stiver 44,060 00 Foreign coins 8,000 I ore'gn bullion 2L5C0 U. P. huUlon, (oouieii.od iu golo) 12 400 Do. Lake Supetior 2,1C0 Total dtp' ?!'?, pavaMe In hat*.. ,$1,730 00" Do. Co. dr. coins,, 30 000 ?51,761,000 00 Cold bars stamped 1 212 428 48 Tiancmitted to0.8. Mint, Phils., lor cMnige. 237,252 35 By arrival of tl.e Illinois Tetters have been received from the agent o! the Cbitifjul Company at Boca* delForo \(e4sn. Manro*!. k Bonner, with the men who went out from kers, had attived rafet.r and in good health They ome to etmrcence their work at once. The additional iliscotiiiea ol coai ma^, f3J"p,to these last sroounUadd jrtest'y to the weriJ ,t'ersni o .7'.he property ot the sow pa ry. The tarn c.1 MMroadir^ h?K "J which ,e a Bi?S"?t>6 97*1'? -i ? , U?vt j r;.,m -i) ^ eent of inn The quality of the from these pew reus is be':?r, eves at the eurfeoe, tuio waat had been , pievi Uolf funuJ. The ceil htermer wit!, douotitsea, brugtnfemeltoii of the ezMt point wu.ou the worn* will he p*i raauentiy hied, and we may look forward (or | aa early shipment of eoal. The feeling in Chirtqwi (? 1 greatly favorable to this enterprise, and from the first ' authority down are anilooe 10 promote iU success. 1 Tlreie never was aa enterprise which oommeacel under such favorable auspices, and this company will eooa take a permanent hold on tba public mind, lor Ite real vaUe mutt, ere long, become known. Tae geat resources of j these coal Delia are not, by any means, the sole thing tie company baa to look to ; but it la the Drst point that I has beau taken up, aa being the one moat likely t* give the quickest positive results. Very litt'e, in teed, bee been said of this undsrtakirg in coinpariaon to ita real me rits, and we predict that all our prognosUsa'.ioas, from 1 hs first day we no iced the eiiatenoe of the Chlriqul Com pany, will be lutly realized. The locality of their opera tione^so very interesting now to all people tu the Culled S ates, baa long been overlooked, and the magnideeat harbors of the Province of Chirlqui are ia themselves quite enough to attract the conoid oration of all believers In tbe extension of liberal principles and free institution* en this continent. Tbe value of general merchandise imported into this port during the weak ending aid iuoludicg Friday, May 30, 1866 was $2,897,985 Dry goods, 918,100 Total importation $3,816,085 The exportation In tbe same time was aa fol lows:? Cetera! merchandise $1,476,6*23 Specie 1,208,149 2,713,77T Fxeers of imports over exports $1,072,306 The following U a comparative statement ot tbe value of exports from tlie commencement ef the year to Miy 29: ~ 1855 1856. Increau De'jrcas Cotton $5 098,131 6,678.638 580,407 Flour 1,872,922 6,(>16,612 3,715,590 ? Cornmeai.... 114.926 114 481 ? 40,414 Wheat 67,938 2,031,276 1 963,838 Corn 1,386,635 1,516,140 129,005 Beef 813,449 737,108 ? 75,711 l'ork 1,634,786 1,669,091 ? 65,695 Total $11,026,656 17,263,746 6,418,9W 181,850 Net inert a*e to May 29,1866 $8,237,090 Stock Bxchange. liATPitDiV. May 31, 1866. $5000 Ind State 5'r,. 83% 60 sha NYCeu RR.. 90,1% 166C0Va Stats 0's... 93% 400 do b60 91 2000 Mo State 6's... 84% 100 do c 90% 1(K0 Ind State 2%.. 65 200 do 90% 1000 N Y Ceu R 7's. 103 760 Harlem RR.,b60 17 tOOON YCen K6'g. 87 116 do 17 1000 Hud RivR 1st m 99 60 Wis Lake Sh'e R. 70% 20000 111 Ceo K he.sGO 80% 50 do 70 1000 do 86% 6Clev, CfcCin RR. 101% 32000 do 86% 36 Catena &CniP.R. 111% 10000 do ?30 86% 1500 Reading RR.... 89% 1000 do c 86% 100 do ?60 89% 1(000 do s39 86% 100 do U20 84% 40 she Nassau Bank 103% 200 do slO 89% 20 l'aik Uauk 97 500 do 1)60 90 U Mer Kx Bank.... 109% 250 do 89% SOON Am Trust Co... 10 100 do t?00 89% 60 NicTr&nCo...hl0 12% 100 do b6? 89% 160 do b00 12% 200 do ?15 89% 100 do 12% 106 Mich Central RR. 96% 60 do c 12% 106 Mich 8o 4 N (a R. 97 300 do 63 12% 100 do s3J 97 100 Del & H C Co ?4m 133 100 do c 97% 10 do 136 100 do b30 97% 160 Penn CI Co... b60 100% 150 do s4m 93 100Cumb CI Co...opg 21% 100 do.....'.b3 97% lOOE.ieRR s60 58 % 500Clev & P RR.sl2m 60 300 do ?30 56% 100 do s4m 03 200 do a60 66% 250 do 63 1050 de 56% 100 do b30 63% 100 do b30 66% 100 di b45 63% ?00 do..;. ,b30 56% 1200 Cleve A Tol RP.. 75 pr,0 do 66% 100 do ?30 75 100 do slO 66% 200 do 75% ICO do b3 66% 200 do b60 75% 700 do s30 56% 160 do 630 75% 450 do b'iO 56% 72 Chi 4 U Island R. 91% 100 do b90 57 SEOOND BOARD. 490 sbs Cum CI Co b60 21% 300 sba Reading R.s30 89% 10 Del 4 Hud Can Co 135 100 do bl5 89% 1C0 Nic Tran Co..s60 12 100 do.. ?3 89% 100 do slO 12 100 Harlsm RR 17% ( 50 do ?3 12 300 Clev 4 Tol RH.s3Q 75 100 do 12% 100 do b60 75% S06 N Y Cen RR..b60 91 1C0 do sOO 75 160 Erie RR 66% 100 do b30 75% 100 do bl5 56% 200 do 75 400 do s3 56% 150 do b60 75% 100 do blO 56% 100 do b60 75% 360 doe b30 68% 100 do *10 74J{ 400 <o a30 66 % 80 Clev 4 Pitts'g 3. 03 1 50 Reading RR 89% CITY CUNHBRCUL REPORT, Saturday, May 31?? P. M. Ashes ?The market continued firm for pots, with small ?alee of pearls, at $0 25 for American, and $6 50 for Ca nadian; stock of both sorts, 6,197 bbls., against 8,174 last} ear. Briadstuekb ?Flour?The market was easier. The trassaotioos were rather more limited. The sales en biaecd about 7,0C0 a 8 000 bbls., at about the toUowlog (| notations: 'JommoD to good State .....96 f,8,V a 85 9'.% Com moo to good Michigan 5 00 a 575 Extra State... 8 19% ? ? 37 Oommoo to good Ohio 6 00 a 8 CO1,' Extra Ohio 8 37tfa 7 76 Extra Onsttee 7 00 a 8 50 Southern mixed to good brands 8 37 a 7 00 Do. fisncy and extra 7 12% a 9 oo Canadian superfine and extra 0 00 a 8 25 Choice extra Georgetown, Richmond City Mills and St. l.ouis 7 00 10 On Gal egos and Haxall 10 50 a 10 75 Iccl tiled tn the sales were about 500 a 600 bbls. Cana dian at quotations. .Southern was heavy fir cimrnon brands, and quite steady fur the higher qualitita. The sales embraced about 10,000 a 12.000 bbls at quotations g Yen ab ve. Rye Hour was quiet at $3 a $4 70; meal was at 82 94 a 83 for X'e w Jersey, and $3 25 for Brandy wii.e. Wheat.?Prime lots were scarce and firm, while inferior parcels were heavy. The sales embraied about 15 000 a 20,0(0 bushels, including poor to whiteCiaada, at $1 40 a 81 80 a 81 50 a 81 80, to fair to prime Western Canadian club at SI 52, ana snpeitor to good while Southern at $1 CO a $1 70, and Chicago spring at 81 45 a 81 47. The sales of corn embraced about CO,CO) bushels at 59c. a 82c. for goc.l to prims yellow, 60c. for Southern white; 14c. for Wts'eru mixel, and 48c. a 50c. tor distill tig. Much of the Western c.rn arriving reaches the marks', out ol order. Bye was easier, with sales of Northern at 8C.c. a 85:. per bushel. Oats ware steady at 30c. a ?8c. fot S'a'e, aud at 38c. a (0:. for Western and Cbfcigo Cor ike.?Sales of 400 bags Maracaibo were made on terms not stated; ISO do. I.aguyra on private terms, and 100 mats Java at 14c.; Rio was quiet and prices uu cbargsd. O'Ito.n.?The sales embraced from 1,600 a 2 000 bales, wltbiut change in prices. Frbcuto.? fhe improvsl feeling in rates for British pcrts was maintained, with engagements to Liveroool of about 15,000 bushels ot wheat in hags at 5>,d , and a iout 3,000 bbls. fliur at Is. lO^d. a 2s. and 150 bob*, pork at 3s. fcd. To London 2C0 bbls. pork were taken at 3s. Kates to Uavie were unchanged. T) California they wete inaet'.ve at 25s. a 20e. per foot measurement. It at.?Sales of 400 a 500 bales were made at 70c a 75c. per 100 lbs. Iron ?Scotch |dg was quie' at $32 50. 1 irk ?The was quiet at 90). .'or eomtnoa, and $1 12Ji for lump. Moi asw*.?Sales of 06 hh<'?. Cuba muscovado were nadeat39c. Tte stock in the meiket to day stood as follows;?3.100 libds Cuba ir.uscovaio, 1,150 do olayed. and 1,730 bbls. N?tk Orleans and Texas. Leather ?The lectipis iuilog the past week h ive been laiger, tspec'ally cfh-mlork, whiih is some easier, while ibe demand is nr derate. (>ak is In fair request at sieiiv prices Sales ?,I Buenos An#' hemlock, lights and mid dle we-ghis, at 25e. a 25j?c., and of oak at 30). a 31c /hmlo'J.. (AM. 1855. 1858 1855 1858 Receipts 04,800 48,200 10,400 6,700 Sale- i)0 mo 40 000 7,000 .'1,900 Stocks 40.7C0 59 000 20.6<0 9 500 Hides ? Trauiaodons were limited and the market dull. Tte receipts and sa'es have been on a light rca'e daring the pmt week. 1.000 New Orleans country brought 16'4 as they run; 1,000 do. Southern sold et 15s. a 16c., rt months, and 2,000 Iaguayra. 28 lbs., at pr.vate terms, aod 500 ciiy slaughter fresh, et 8e cash. ijOllS.?I.ic-eed c< n'inued firm, with moderate sale- at 8ic. from seeocd bards. aod fron store 8)c a 8lc. Naval Sjorbi.?Spirits sold 'o the extent ef 400 t 500 bbls , e'.os'ng at 37)?e. a.8e. Sslss of 1,600 e 2,000 bbls. common rosin were made at 81 t0. lUovwioNri ? J'ork Tbe market ws? unsettled, with taes of tOO e 600 Ms wess in lots at $18 2-5 * 818 60. Piime eras at $14 75 ; and priaw mess was unshangel. Beef was stesuv. with sales of about 280 bbls. oonntrv ptime at $7 a 88. aad mess do. at $8 60 a $9 60, and re packed Western at 88 a $12, ami extra do at $12 a $13 Bacon was firm at 9,Tic. a lO.c. Cut mea's war# la good demand, with rales of about 100 packages et 7*4c. a 7??). for -boulders, and at 9>,o. a 10c. (cr barns. Lard was firm with rales of abeut 500a?K0 bbls. at 11c. a 11',) , and tor prime a kegs 12c was refuwd. Batter aod clieese wete uncharged. froARA.?Ihs merief continued firm; the sales em braced about 800 a 1,000 hhds. Cuba mussovado at 7b. a 8'4c. with 'dttte bsfiow 7>^e. a 7>?e 3tu( w ix New Vowk Jra* 1, 1858. Cuba muscovado, hhda 24,643 Porto IGco... 6,829 New Orleans 1,774 Texas 1.23S English islands 680 To'al 36,01# Mole do I 000 Brxes 4,606 Begs 486 fiuiAC(X?. ? The market continues firm, The stuok ot Spanish, on the 1st June appears as follows : ? Xtotk ok BcAMsn Toiucro Ihrona. Cui'O. Native. Vara Cien'i. in.ft Hales. Haiti. HiUs Hitn. Stock < n hsn I If.i v 1. 1B56 4.724 ? 162 7?o 117 Received iinee.,....2,846 fM ? ? ? Total 7(80 M0 162 781 147 Pales to May 31.1856.2,50# ? WJ 1?> 147 Slockcohsn t Jons I, 8"l' m - OL) - Week Jy rVpart of IWM In the airy enJ oonn'y of New Tor* from 'n 14 to ley * Hay to ths 31st daj o' May, li-M Men 4"*, women, 41: ooys, 115, girts, Si?Tot* , ??' A iaili, 00, ettid.-en, 107; males, ifii; um:.v>" 111 d/* #4 persons 8 nauu. Absoeea, lumber 1 1 eV*:, rsm .out 1 A'mcmh ol tlias'.oeaeck.. 1 f erei, acetiCi H Amputation o; the leg... 1 fere;, i?pan 1 Apoplexy 3 Irsct rri or ths skn't..... 1 Deeding 1 Heart, <1 usees of 4 Bleeding, from stomach,. 1 Haai'^d sease nf, vslvutor I Bleeding, from womb.... 1 Hooping cough 9 Bronchitis 2 Inflammationof bjws.-'... 4 Burned or scalded....... 2 Inflammation of 'ores.. . 4 Cenoer of tl?e krred 1 Inflammation of ensst.., 1 Cenoer of the colon 1 inlUTnaia'.i a of heart... I Casualty, b/ e tell 1 Inflammation ol liver.,., t Cent*Hy, by the falling of Inflammation of Ixug*... 8 e well 1 Inflammation of B'.osuMd. 1 Cholera, infantum....... 1 Iallammalloa of womb .. 1 Cholera, morbtia 1 Intemperance 1 Congestion of the brain.. 1 Killed or minlerel 1 Congestion of the lungt.. 4 Mallormatlon of heart... 1 Con. u motion f>l Malformation of heal.... I Convulsions, infantile... ,27 Malformation of spiae... I Convubioai, puerperal.. 1 Marasmus, infantile ... .it Croap 16 Measles 4 Debility, Infantile 4 Old age 1 Diarrhoea 3 Pleurisy 1 Dropsy 4 Premature b.rtii T Dropsy In the cheat 1 Rheumatism 1 Dropsy in the head 14 Rapture of the right eun Drcpey in the hrart 1 c:e of the heart 1 Drowned S Derofilt 1 Dysentery 4 Smallpox 4 Enlargement of the heart. 1 Stillborn 2fc Epilepsy 1 Buloide, by erseutc 1 Erysipelas 3 Hulotde, by pistol shot... I Eerer 1 Unknown to the jury ... t Fever, puerperal 1 ? ? ToUu 181 nnoamcLarion? dlssassb ataatw Bones, joints, Ac 2 Stillborn nod premature Brain and nerves 61 birth It Generative organs 6 Stomach, bowels and ofMi Heart and blood vessels.. 10 digestive organs ......64 Longs, throat, Ac 84 Uncertain sent and gene Old age 1 rat fevers it Skin. Ac., and eruptive Uuknown 1 (levers.... 29 ? Total g8T ?Of which IS were from violent causae MM. Coder 1 yesr 104 to to 60 rears 11 1 to 2 years 31 60 to 60 years 11 2 to 6 years 30 60 to 70 years ?. 6 6 to 10 yean 12 70 to 80 years 4 10 to 16 years 8 80 to 00 years 2 16 to 20yean.... 5 00 to 100 years. 1 20 to 26 years 13 Unknown 4 26 to 30 years 12 ? BO to 40 years 15 Total 58? eaiivrms British America .. 1 Sweden 1 England 6 Switzerland 1 Germany 13 United States 231 Ireland 42 Wei; ladiss 1 Beotlsnd 2 ? Tot*. l?T I'crauo mammons. Almshouse. BlkwU's Isl.. 3 St. Vincent's li wpl'.a, .. 1 Bellevue Hospital 1 Ward's Isl. Bralg't Hosp. li City Hospital 3 ? Colored Hume Hospital., 3 Total.................22 WABDB. 1 12 13..,.. ........10 2 ? 14 12 3 ? 15 t 4 8 18 90 6 (includes City Hosi>'l).U IT 22 6 lti 18 13 7 22 19 (includes Bikl's Island 8 18 Hospitals) 12 9 9 20 ,..1? 10,. 13 21 (Includes B'vue Hos'l).13 1 1 20 22 ? 12 (includes R. and W. ? Island Hospitals) IT Total 2IT GEORGE W. MORTON, City inspector. City Intpeetor's offlee. New York. May 31.1354. IDTEftTISBMEOTS REEEWEP PERT PIT. WOMOlAla ? fill/1 flftl) TO LOAN OM DIAMONDS. WATOHML .UUU.f/UU jewelry, pianos, dry goods, soger*, and every desciiption of valuable property, or the same bought fcr cash, at TAYLOR A CO.'8, MS Chambers s reel, next deer to Burton's llita're. All transactions coaitdociaU $999,500 On Jswrrxr, Diamonds Ac., Ore Mebch.vdwe, Hf.oahs Ac Partishoevhs' Tickcis Bouou.. J AM KB B. MACDifrr. 33S Brsedwaf. ?7Kn nnn 04*H ALWAYS ON HAND TO ma KB *> I U\J .\J\J\j advances. Diamonds, watchee. jewelry, silks, plants carriages. Ac , bought and sold at ths Howard loan and estate agency ofllce.41 lisward street UKO. RAPHAEL, Manager. $557,000 wdj tcmt (1(1(1 -MONEY to loan, or watobm. (PovU.uul'i diamotda. jewe'ry, ngiri, dry foods aod All kinds ot personal property,or bought and sold foreman, notes, bonds, mortgages, soaks, Ac , negotiated. t*o li)2 Nas sau street. corner ef Ann, second tlaor, rooms No. 2 and 'IK THOMPSON & CO., broker* and commission insrobante. *^Qnnn ? loan-on diamonds, platb VoOoiUvU ard personal property of all kinds, or bought tor ouh; bonds and mortgages negotiated, at No. AM Biotdway, correr or Broome at., or 4?9 Broome at., room 8. LOAN-ON DIAMONDS, WATCH >8 d jewelry, or bought for cash, by JOH. I. ISAAC It Chambers street basement office Business prompt and con'idea tlal, from 9U 15, B.B.? Robustness tranaaoted ob Satoroa- a *17/1 nn/1 TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, W1T0HR3, fl I V/ ? V l/l' jewel.'ry, segsr*. drr gcodi, and any per sonal property ; or bought f rcarh. C Sloe hour* From 9 ill S o'clock, at No. :<S Joint street,corner of Nassau street, tojm No. 3. tec nd lloor, by J. F- NOKBLRT. Pi\ n/\H -*HCS1 WHO DKSIRR TO MaKR KNOWN Ol/.uUvi thrlr wlrhes to the country at large trill floi tfce AMERICAN WRHKLY PRHSS a desirable and aval able uiedltim It 1s published every Friday morning, at tne es remer low price ot 81 per year, and circulate! in evarr por iion of tbe country. Adver isetnentsinserted at fifty cents her line. Snpscrlptlon price, 81 per year, 81 BO per huadred t-j ageo'H cisb In advrDce. Letters niw be atdressed t> tbe proprietor comer of Eniton and Nassau streets, New York. JOC QQQ TO LOAN ON WATCHBE. DIAMOND*, jewelry, and Merchandise tn general, or bought for cash. B'lStnera prompt and ooafldeatia'.. Private rooms for lariiei. Ofllce hours from 9 Uil 5. Baaement oflloe. til Bom atrMt, near 1'eari street THOS. U. KKItSINQ, Qenwral Broker. ?() nnn wantbd-on bird and mo&toadr dP<to?UUU oa Brooklyn eitv property, that is worth 85,609. Address H. U. L., Bera'd ifllcs. Any amount of money to loan on diamonds plate, watolirs, jewelry, and all rsluab-a personal pre party or merchandise, and bought for cash R. WOOD. 69 2 til ton sU. second tloor, front room, 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. C9ASH LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON W ATCBEB, JBW J elrv. silver ware, firearms, horses, wagons, harness, dry goods, hardware, liquors, groceries, furniture and personal property ot every description, by MoOAPFRAY k WAL TERS, 26 Catherine street. Monet to loan-or diamondb, watcher jew elry, plsnoa, dry goods, segars, and evary description ot va riable property, or bought for oaah. Stocks, bonds, awes, mortgages, Ac , negotiated. Watches and jewelry for sale. M TUAYkR, 334 Broadway, rooms Not. 1 a-.d 2.teoondstorr. NOIICE.?P1R80NS HAVINO?lo;KSOR PERSONAL property ot any kind, and who desire to pu: soma cash wits it to invest it In real estate in l?e city, ssA do to by applying to P. J THOMAS, 39 William street. THAVELLKKS-UIIUR. AOINTS. TAKE NOTICE.-THRM.M8RICAN WHEKLr t'KKfiS Is published every Itrtday morning, an.1 win oa supplied to agant* at 81 SO par hundred. Bubsartptton price, flsjosr. edvnitlsetnents Ituer'ed at fif'y cents per line. Terms, cash In advance. Orders must be directed to tae pri pilelor, coiner of Pultnn and Nassau streals, New York. CDBON RIVER RAILROAD.?PROM MAY If. 1888. tbe trains will leave Chambers street a>aiioa as fellows; H ? kipress. 6 A. M. and 5 P. M.t mall, 9 A. M,; through war train, 12 M ; emigrant, 7 P. M ; fur Poughkeeoeio, 7 A. M ?4 1P.M ; for Sing Sing 10:30 A. M. and 9 45 P. M ; thla traia leaves every Friday evening at 11 P SC.; for H ideoo,3:10 P. M.; for PeeVsklll 4 and S:'<0 P. M. Tbe Poughkeepsie, Hin* Sing aad Peek.Idll trains mop at the way statioae. Pas* taken at Chambera. Canat. Christopher and Thirty firsts Tratas for New York leave Troy at 4:38, 8:18 aad 10 46 A. M., and 4.18 P.M., aad Eaet Albany at 8,980 and 11:18 A. M., and 8 P. M. A. P. SMITH, Bup'l. New voek and erir railroad.-or and ap* tar Monday, May 19, 1958. aid until further notice,??? senger trains wid leave pier toot of Duaoe street, as follewe, vU .? Sunkirk eiprese. at 6 A. M., for Dunkirk, uttsin n press, at 6 A. M? for Buffalo. Man, si 8.16 A. M , for Dunkirk and Bnflklo aad fnterma dlste station*. Fasneogero by this train will oonueetwtth K> press trait t for Syracuse, Uayuga, oanaadaigua, Niagara Pal's and R sob ester, and wftk the lightning eipreae traia, oa Lake Shore Railroad, for Cincinnati, Chicago, km. Rockland passenger, at 8 30 P. M., (from (bet of Ohambesa ?tree: ) m Plermont, for Sufferns, and intermediate statin?. Way paeseoger, at 4 P. M., for Hewfturg and Mldd?owa, Mid intermediate stations. Night sipreea at 8 P. M? tor Duaklrk and Buffalo. Emigrant, at 6 P. M., for Dunkirk and Buffalo, aad fntermfr Us e stations. The above trains ran delly, Holidays excepted, These express trains eoaneot at Elmtra, with Che KmCrm, Censadstgua aad Niagara Ealla Railroad, tor Niagara Palls; *a Btnghamuxi. with the Syracuse sad Btaghamtoo Railroad. Co* Evraeuae; at Coming, with Buffalo, Oornlog'and New York Railroad, for Rochester , at Oiest Bend, with Delaware, Leak ewanreead Western Railroad, for Berantoa: at Buffalo aaR Dunkirk, with the Lake Shore Railroad, O level aad, OteekmelC IMS. 4??>b?X&LD,. imwm. ' HW ABKANORMKRT-A0CCMMODAT1ON lire POK Norse'k and Rocky Neck.?The steamer NORWALK, _ . George T Nodmao, wflI leeve pter eeat elds ef Catherine slip. East river dilly, bundays eroepted, at 8 o'olook P. M., leaving Ponih Nor walk at 7 o'clock A. M. Psro. 80 seats. 1 eevtrg Rorkv Neck at ?K Pare, H-t rente. Fre'eht tOcen at reasonable rates and forwarded to destisau ?n. payable Oa deli very of Uie g< nds. All "arsons are forbid t'ustin* anv pare? or persons on acenuot Of said boa'. CHAf. J. POOQs, Agent. RVMNKH RESORTS, Capt. I I A KB OIOROl?THB FORT WILLI AM HENRY HO J le , slltiateit at I*k? ileorge Warrea oun'.v New York. D now open for the reception ot gtteeie. This hvtel, which wav eniiie'.y new 'asf yesr, sod whiah was then found to be ei tire.y inrspao'e oi auoeamodaUogali I s visiters has during the past winier bad a wtsg 117 by 41 feet, eanUiahig -4 r>wns, ai dalso nther ag emlve aadhions aid Imp ?ovemealn made to It. in that liean tow sooouatnivcate four hundred person* The sleamtr.lnha ,'sy will laave the hotel every morning for Tic tie der>ga <w nee tog wrt.k the s eatnern oa I ?ke t;':sinp".a'T, ard re'uidkJB fo tUealerroon r> toe hotel. fi:ag<w leave tae hole1 twice cacti <fey. eonneeUng witk lh? ca-s tor tura'oga, Trov ai d .ilbauy. the u.opneto.' is now ready to rdaa ve 'W pll-a'u is f..t roriut lor thee,-wutnf season ( si owkt t. War res roun'*, N. 5 lUMSli 9 ALB ?,i ptrilcn'arscaaheob'.Alued on ap;Ileal!>? to hd nod* stg ,-d lu New V >'k. or to U? peepte or, as a'uvj:?Thomas Tfromek wit t' Broadwev sr.d "iraoi strew' over Psci?e B*<k A lu Shane T, tP'Irer Pnl'?<l St UW* Itershal wvroee <>, piece snf Murwav .'.-.e1 Ed sir. P. CI?ftk, lift Rated R " U' Witorsnri'.