Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1856 Page 5
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I tot* of Amherst, Tu't's College asd Union College, Fehsneotady. Bon. B. 8. Donnell deellneo being one of the Know No thing Presidential Kleetora in North Carolina. He says he if en oM fine whig. The Know Nothing! of Obi) have nominated a* their State ticket, for Supreme Jadgee, H. V. Peek and R Moody.; for Commit sloner of Public School*, Aoaon Smith, end ier Board of PnbUc Work*, B. Fgglsston. The democratic oinvention of Lieking county, Ohio, pawned a reeolutfon instructing their delegates to Cincin nati to vote for James Buehanan upon every ballot, so Iwng as hie name should be before them. The most prominent candidates of tho black republi cans are Chase, who ii supported strongly in Ohio; Fre mont, who has a portion of the West to bask him; Seward, with New York and Iowa in his tavor; Beak? and Sumner, who are both popular with their party in the Eastern States; and judge McLean, whose popularity is spread cut rather thin over ths whole North and West. The Know Nothing State Council of New Jersey met at Newark on tba 28th alt, a ad ratified the nominatloas of Fillmore and Donefson, with bat seven dissenting voices. A meeting has been held in Alton, 111., to take into eon sideraticn tho subject of establishing a line of steamers to carry Arte State emigrants into Kancas Territory. The Jane Term of the Law Courts. The rammer vacation is approaching, and every ensrgv will bo made by litigants and lawyers to bring on tbel causes for trial before July or August. In the Supreme Court several hundred causes are called per day, and moat of them referred. This is a good way to lighten tho calendar. We could name many instances of the benefi eial results of this mode of procedure, but one will safflM. An action on a note was on tho calendar for fourteen months and put off from time to time by the defendant; on being reached the Judge (Davits) ordered a reference, npen which the defendant Immediately offered a compro mise. In the Superior Court we may expect the decision rf the General Term on the motion for a new trial in the Forrest divorce case. Amongst the Jury causes is the suit of Fow'es against Bowen and MeNamee, for slander, which was tried onoe be'ore, and resulted in a verdict of 80,(00 for Mr. Fowles. Tho cue is set down by the Chief Jostle* for to-morrow ; and as Mr. Stone, one of the witnesses for tho defendants, and one of their partners have returned to tho city, there will be no further pretext for the postponement of the cause. The mercantile community, both employers and employed, are deeply Interested in the result of this case, as it will prove how far a merchant may trifle with the character of a gent.eman who left his employment with an unsa' lied reputation. In the Common Pleas the Judges will hold two trial terms. Tab trial term of the Marine Court will be held by Judge McCarthy; Judges Thompson and Maynard will hear eases without a jury. Owing to the constant attendance <f the Justices for some months past, the calendars are reduced to a email number of caees. It is now an every day occurrence to have causes tiled on the return of the summons, and no ctse can go ever a fortnight without a hearing, unless at tho instance of the parties concerned. The Usited States Circuit Court is engeged in a patent rait, aid the term of the United States Distriot Court will commence cn Tuesday. On the 8th of this month Judge Strong will give his decision on tte motion of the District Attorney to change the venue in the case of Baker, charged with the mnrder of Poole. The June term of the Court of Sessions commences to day. Re cor ier Smith will occupy the bench to-day and to-morrow, after which Judge (apron will hold the court for the remainder of the teim. There are no eapital eases to be tried this term, and more than half of the calendar, as will he seen by the following list, is made up cf two crimes?grand larceny and burglary. The follow ing is the calendar of all the person? confined in the city prison Attempt to ki 1 1 Kidnap ping 1 Feloi tons asiault and bat. 0 False pretences 1 Mayhem 2 Embezzlement 1 Burglary 18 Robbery 3 Receiving rtalen goods.,. 6 Abandonment 1 Forgery 11 Bastardy 3 Rape 1 Witness 1 Stabbing 1 ? Grand larceny 22 Total 78 June Fesfion op the Common Council.?The Board of Ald?rm?& will hold the first meeting of the Jane session this evening, tad?do nothing. The BcaitVof Councilman also convene this evening The Board meets at fire o'clock P. M. instead of six, as heretcfore, and will continue to sit every evening except Saturday and Sunday until the completion of the eight sections required bylaw. There are no snbjeots of an excl'iag character before this branch of the olty govern ment at prerent; and unless eomethlng should torn up before the final adjournment, the members will have nothing to do but to attend to the ordinary routine smal bills. The comnlttee of investigation into the alleged corruption in the matter of widening Keede street will mate a report, bnt as there has been no evidence elicited which implicates any member of the Board, the matter will prcbably be dropped with the discharge of the com mittee. Police Intelligence. Stabbing Affray.?On Saturday afternoon, a woman named Catharine Cosgrove was stabbed in the leg with a kiife by a boy jet unknown. It appears that the parties are both ragpickers, and beoomlng engaged In a dlapu'e about tome old paper which was thrown out from a score In Water street, the boy was so incensed at the eonduot or Catharine, that he drew from^hia person a pocket knife and plunged It into the leg of the woman. The young scamp then ran off, and has not rsinoe been arrested. The Irjorsd woman was conveyed to the hospital for neditai treatment. Cbajrgb of Tabbing Counterfeit Money.?George Lit zoe and Charles Rolens were taken into custody on Satur day night, by the Tenth ward polloe, on charge of pass irg counterfeit money. The accused, it is alleged, at tempted to pass a counterfeit five dollar bill on ine Put nam Connty Bank, N. Y., and a three dollar bill ou the Mercantile Bank o( Salem, Mass., upon Henry Tods, the proprietor of a saloon near the Essex Market Tollee Court, 'fhe accused were brought before Justice Wood, at tbe Third District Polloe Court, where they were com mitted for trial. #ther counterfeit bills were found in the possession ot the prisoners. The most Exciting Topic of Conversation of lbs day is the extremely low price at which the AMIRICAN Wit BELT PR* SB is furnished to subscribers, ft Is lamed every Friday men tag, and contain all the news of the dav; and all questions < f national interest are oomnsented on in its columns, and tbe prloe Is only $1 a year. Agents supplied at SI 10 per hundred. Terms, cash In advance. Advertisement* inserted at fifty cents per line. Feed la rofhr order* at once to the publisher, corner cf Nassau and Fu ton streets, New York. The Proof that Eipenscheld's Hots ore the favorites of the public this season is exhibited in the nop re cedcnted rapidity and extent of his sales. They are remark able alike for their fineness, elegance and cheapness. Tosy are well made, and are therefore durable; they are be coming, and therefore popular. R8PRNB0HKID, 118 Wamau street Sellers' Potent Ventilating Hots.?This beautiful Improve meal bids lair to become one of the most popular Invent!on* of the day. it having already reseived he most fl sttertng approbation from editors, physicians, phreno logists, e'ty officials and private citizens, who are now wear leg these nets with perfect satisfac im, and whose names, by their kind p? mission, will be published ai the earliest date. BKLI.BRh A COMPANY, Patent Ventilating Hatters, 480 Broadway. 1,000 Portraits Taken on Gloss, Dolly, by HOURS' machine prooeis, furnishing likenesses ot the peo ple for 28 and 10 cents, the most economical and expediiotu system ot art invented. 289 Broadway. Pianofortes and Mc lorteons '45 per cent cheaper than the Broadway prices.?The most decided bar gains In iheelty may be found at the warehouse of JOHN P. WAKE A CO., 167 Canal street, three doors west of Varick. Several very fine second hand piano* cheap. Alk the Million, nnd they will Tell jron that IVANS' clothing warehouse. No. 66 and 68 Fnlton street, is just the place to buy your clothing. K very one of the million garments sold there la equal la every respect to those made to order elsewhere, and 60 per oent cheaper. Pino Cosstmere Business Salts, Complete, BIO, 113, Sit and $16; elegant blue dress cot's. $8, $9, $10 and $14: eaaahmere pants, $1 60, $3, SS. $f and $5; mot re anUque vests, RS. white vests, $3, Ao , at IVANS' clothing warehouse, 66 and 68 Fulton street Block Alpaca Salts, Complete, $6, ?7 and $8; white Marseilles vesta, $3; fine eamlmere suits, $16; black eloth coats, hesntifully cade. $5 60 $6. $7. $8, $9 to $18, Ao., at BVANB 'clothing warehouse, 66 and 68 Fulton street. For n Genteel Bnslness Coot, Pants or vest, or sn) thing In the clothing and furnishing line, P Uronlae DRUMOOI p A PRoOH, No 120 Fulton street Tber will suit you, at low prloei. Military uniforms got an in the best style, aooording t ? regulation. Lace and Mtuftt Cnrtalns front A action.? Splendid bargains-?A great rush Is being made to R Itl,TV A FKROUSON'6, 291 Broad wa-. to secure some of the lace and muslin curtains; they are eel tag at lens than cost of Importa tion. Qo early. Also, the largest stock of window shades la New Vork. Table, Floor and Nlalr Oilcloth, Cheap.. 1 000 gilt cornices, cheap; 2.000 pairs dark landacanes. lis., ]0?., and upwards. 1,000 gilt shades, cheap; silk bands, braid ed tassel loops, pins and window draperies, cheap; 6 0W) ro ls satin papers, fr >m Is. fid., 2u., 21, fid.,Ills., Ac, 10 000 do blanks, from fd. to Is ? shades ol ever? description mads to order, at VP 11. F. BROWN'S, It'll areenwlch street, between Murray and Robinson, New Vork. Jet Goods?Brncelcte, Brooches, Eirrlngi, s'eeveho' wis. studs, ebateialns. At., Ac. Also, je' and g>d uwe'ry. the fin**' ??d Urged arsur'noent in the oliy, at VinidRNK, BOARr siAN \ TOWNSKND'd, 6/7 BroadVay, s<rner of 8prtngj?trcfl?^ Tens.?The Csntou Tea Com puny Imve on har d ?.-ery vi-lety of teas ?'?irgroiers. tea dealers and private Issni le-?Hon. hong, On..- g and Y'ung Hyson, t'ron 2i)n. tr 40- . u .spender sttd imperial, from 26c. to :,5o ; a<l other qosi iiess , iany lo'v. Also three pound boxes >t good famdy t sa or ire cohar Call and Siamlo# N >. 129 C'hst.i am street, bt\ <k >lf( afc(ip rr??c. T? the Udle?-ltUlnerj.-h Luge and beautiful unrkMet of l?*tas' and mlwei' bonne a. strag trtmmfeigs. ribbons. flowers, and inanillln, at WILLIAM H. IB VI Na'B, Bo. 113 Canal easeL El la. forfeits. CheaMeali for the Pagacrreotypee and !?? brotj pat, esoonilal oil*, beat e (nan oil, rare mata'a. Irewvrka akssmskeia' and aleetrotjpe materials, at wholeaale prices far sale by Dr. LOUIS rtUOHTW ANukR, 113 MaUaalaae Singer's Sewing Manhlnea? tVc hare great pleasure in stating thai the aMam ?ow?r for our great mano meter j, loterrujled tor a few data oy the fire In tae Ne w Ha rm deeot but ding la again If?tore I and In full operation. We ere aratn tinlehli g onr ee stag machmea, faster than ever, containing ail the admlrab e Impruvemecta Inferior ?ewlng mnchlnea of other menufactnreri taken In exchange as uauaL I M bl'OKR A CO , No 323 Broadway. At 43 Ann Street, fifth Door Boat of lt??* eau ttreet, N. Y., Ji HN W oLIVKR la orepared with new ? earn machinery, types. engravings, orpamsnw, An., to ex ecute bll. besets. circular*, handbills, posterg, cards, and every description of fine or common job printing, at short notice, and at the lowest ca?h prices. Defiance Salamander Safe*.?Robert M, fiTBIOK la the sole maaui'seturer tn Uie United Hiatea of the above celebrated safe* and patent powder proof defiance locks and cross bars. Depot No. 182 Pearl street, one door below Kaklea lane. Herring's k*atent Champion fire and Ber flar proof ntfe, with Hall's patent oowdrr proof lock. Both "" " * * "" ' .Lord received prise medal's at the World's Pair. Lordoo, 1851, and Qmtal Palace New York. 1B63~'4. BILaA 0. El It ft BIN (J A CO., 1U, 137 and 138 Water street M. Y. New School ot Medicine and Pharmacy.? the lest unfolding of the art of healing ?My dally praotlos proves that I sure comun prion, In all It* varied forms, as rea fDy aa any other disease therefore I detdre to treat all con rump lives. but particularly those who have tried all other phy deigns. without relief. Mrs. M. J. M - BIN, M. D., No. d7 La fayette place, first street east of Broadway, between Fourth sad Kignth streets. Mew York. Office hours: From 10 A M. to 1 P. M. .exclusively for ladies; tad from 2 to 5 P. M. (or gentlemen. Wednesday! exeepted iQ stkar hours br apoafnUnent. Pare Soda Water?Ttiotr. T. Green, 863 Bioadway, corner of Fourteenth street. Invites at enilonU the new prlnclp'e be has introduced In miking eifa *ato*. wl-h out copper cocdenrers, whereby the po ioncue metal ic lain' It la apt to acquire when manufactured tn the ordinary wit Is avofoed. Green's soda wasrl. a wave pure, cold and ell'er ve-cent, and bis syrups of a superior quality. Hatcheior'e Hair Dye, Wigs and Toapcce in superior to all others. Their newlmpr?vementa seeure aarfcect oomfort to the wearer, natural eleganee and durability. Ufa unrivalled and only harmless hair dve la applied In twelve rrlvete rooms, at HATutH KLOR'8. 233 Broadway. Goarand's Italian Met leafed Soap Poallively cures tan pimples, freckles, eruption*, salt rheum, ho , be sides being tbe very best shaving compound ever used. G OUR AU D'S pr udi e gubtl' e up :o r Is h *lr from lowforebeaus, or any partof the body, sa'e y ai d qu'ckly. warranted. Lily white, rouge, balr dye and restorative at the old depot |<J7 Walker s'reet firtt store from Broad-ay; Bates, 129 \V whir g. ton street. Bosun; C slier iter, corner ot walnut and Third ?treats, Philadelphia. Whiskers oi Moustaches Forced to Grow In six weeks, by my onguent, which will notstitn or injure the ?kin. fl a bottle; tent to an* part of the country. it G. GRaHaM, 5C(j)4 Broadway. Crlstadoro's Wigs, Hair Dye and Toupees excite udmlrs'ion smorg all connoisseurs In art. A suit of etrpant private apsrlmerta forsuani Ing his Inimitable dve. ibe only reliable rrue'.e of the klndex a't. Wholesale aud retail at CBIbTAllOBL'd, No. 6 Actor House. Copy tba ad Cress. II. T. Lovet'a Wahpei.e will restore gray hair to its youthfb' sppesrsnce and cure baldness. Call at 762Broadwav, and see those who bave been gr*? and bald, who now bave as perfect beads of hair as when young. Jouven'l Inodorous Preparation Instantly deans kid gloves, without the sdgt teat smelL Rub with a pees of flannel, and the stains forthwith disappear. Can bi rcrn Immediately afterwards. One bottle W warranted to tlssa fifty pair. Price 60 cents. Agents wanted. CONTENT, NEARY A 00 . 602 Broadway. Potlchomanls.?Th? New and Beautiful Art otdecorating glaaa to resemble the finest china. A few hours' tatereettng amusement transforms a aim pie glass vessel Into a plendld Chinese or Sevres vase. All the materia Zilendld Chinese or Sevres vase. All the materials for sale, lio, boxes oontalnlng two vaies, and every asticle required. Price H. Full Instructions to purchaser free. The trade sup piled. CONTRMT. NiCARY * CO.. 602 Broadway. Lyon's Magnetic Powder all kinds of Insect kll s. And vermin leave their holes to die from Lyon's pills; At 424 Brcsdway, to purchase these jou're aole, But none are good without his sign. B. LYON, on the label. Teeth Removed vrltbout Pain or Danger tl the nervous ? istem, by a a new proofs'; and art'flclai teats lrserted. embracing ad the real improvements ot tae day, by Br. LhVs.1T, dentist, 12 Waverley place,near Broadway, Established In IK'S. Chilly and Dnely Weather.?Brandreth's pills are tn a peculiar manner suitable to diseases of this c't mate. and especially this city. Tbetr prompt and judicious use clear the system of those accumulat'on* often occasioned by suddenly checked perspiration, or great changes in the tern eerature from hot to chilly wea her, such aa has recently een experienced, and bv breathing air filled with dust, as It was In Broadway vesterday. Influenza la atmospherical: It floats In ibe sir it is breathed and t?k*n Into the circulation, poisons our blood, occasions chills, shiver ing, sneezing, run ning at the nose, sore throat, running from the eyes, and. il not speedily cured, lays the foundation f >r consumption. Now, one good dvee of Brandreth's pilis of en cures this com plaint at once: but their couJuutd use for a few days never fall*. They have a'ready cured at least one thousand persons in the last two weeks. Bold at 25 cents rer box, at the princi pal office, 43 Canal street, Brsndreth Bui ding; at Buraton's bookstores, I9t> Bo very and 241 Hudson street; also by Mrs. Uawas 1TR f ?,lin? sikSAl Uv/vaVIbw ? IN T Gaammam Kll ,3/vmIU Bares, 175 Fulton street, Brooklyn; R. J. Horn man, 124 South xth street, Williamsburg; bv T. w g'xth street, Williamsburg: bv T. w Dyo't A Sons. Philadel phia and by all retpertsble druggists and medicine venders In the Union. Caution.?All pill* purporting to be Brandreth's with "No. 241 Broadway" on the side label, are eoun The Exciting Stale of the rimes Makes a sound, national and rellabe newspaper a desideratum to every person. The AMKKIOaN W*RKLY PRESS l? just such a paper and tta low orcle recommends tt to the pu >ilc at large l'ubTsbed every trilay morning at $1 a year, and furnished to agent* at?1 50 per hundred. Advertisements intended for the PRK88 will be charged fifty cents per line Communications must be ad reused to the proprietor, corner ot Fulton and Nassau streets, Sew Tort. Terms cash In ad vance. Hollow ay'a Pills?A Startling Truth?Those who die wl h the mears ot cure at hand commit constructive suicide ai>d ss three wonderful pills eradicate all c tmpialns ol the digestive ard rer-etive organs, sufferer* trom tmie ma ladies, woo neglect to take them, inoura fearlul respongabl.ity. Discuses of the Skin.?Li. V. Newton, M D?, devotes special attention to the treatment it cutaneous affec Hons and scrofma Ofllce No 133 Fourth avenue, near Thir teenth street. Office h mrs before U A M. and after 2 P. H Persons In the oountry may consult him by letter. Rupture,?Only Prize Medal Awarded to Marsh A Co. by the Industrial Exhibition of all Nations at the Or'Btat Palace, for their new patent radical eure truas. Re ferences as to 1U superiority: - Professor Valentine Molt Wll 1" rd Parker and John H. Carnochan. Open from 7 A. M, to 0 P. M. MARSH A CO.. No. 3H Maiden lane, Ne ? York. The Baron Spolaico, M.D., A.B., (from Lon don, of luropean fame) This great and good Samaritan has saved another Itmb from amputation. Mrs foster, mother of Capt. Foster, nf the steamship Warrior, to Charleston, crippled aeventeen years, and twenty -nine doc ore had failed. Marriea. In Boston, on Saturday, May 31, by the Rev. Dr. I/> tbrop, Thomas Barry, lessee of the B tston theatre, to Clara S. Biddleb. Died. On Sunday morning, June 1, after a short illness, Mr. Jamis Burger, New Yoik and Sandy Hook Pilot, in the 61?t year of his age. The relatives sad Meeds cf the family, and the New York Pilots, are respectfully invited to attend the fune ral, from bis late residence, No 115 Forsyth street, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, without further invl tatirn. Philadelphia and Baltimore papers please copy. On Saturday evening, Msy 31, F.liab Aim let, in the 70 h year of his age, a native of Thongebridge, Yorkshire, England. His relatives sad friends, and those of the family, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late reatdenoe, No. 40 Third avenue, to-morrow afternoon, at half past two o'clock. On Sunday, June 1, of dropsy, Julia Foran, relict of Dennis Fcran, formerly of Kilgarvln. county Kerry, Ire land. The friends and acquaintances are respes'/ully Invited , to attend the funeral, from her late reatdenoe, No. 388 Tenth street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Kerry, Ireland, papers please oopy. On Saturday evening, May 81, Mrs. Sarah H. OenrRf, relief of Oclae Osburn, *aq., in the 82d year of her age. Her relatives and ft lead a, and those of the family of her son-in-law, John M. Lodewick, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late resldenee, No. 182 West Thirtieth street, this afternoon, at four o'clock, wlhout further notioe. Her remains will be taken to Westohes ter county for Interment. Pesksklll papers please copy. On Sunday, June 1, after a protracted Illness of five months, arising from di ease of the heart, Mrs. Lucr GiusoN, sged 69 years, wife of John Gtbeon, a native of England, residing at No. 368 Sixth avenue. (In Sunday, Junel, Aijdcandrr S. Herdero son of Oliver B. Hebberd.'Eiq., aged 6 years, 6 months and 12 days. The relatives and frienas of the family art respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his parents, No. 92 East Twenty-fourth street, oorner of Third avenue, to-morrow morning, at ten o'clock, without fur tner invitation. On Bnnday, June 1, Louisa, Infant daughter of George and Cornelia M. Ebrhardt. The frlence and relatives of the fanily are r espectfully invi ed to attend the funera1, .his afternoon, at thrae o'clock, from No. 261 Bowery. On Saturday, May 81, at 12 o'olock M., Margarrt Ann, wife of William Story. Funeral this afternoon, at two o'olock, from No. 66 Piceepple street, Brooklyn. On Sunday morning. Junel, at the resldenoe of Capt. Chas. 11. Sanford, No. 7 First place, South Brooklyn, Lieut. Thou. C. Eaton, U. 8. N., in the 82d year of hts age. His remains were taken to Bangor, M*., for Interment On Sunday evening, June 1, at nine o'clock, William Orpkn, aged 52 years. His friends and relatives are respectfully invited to at tend the fnneral, tomorrow afternoon, at two o'olock, from his late residence, No. 141 Fourth street, Brook lyn. V.. D. The fiiende of Charles W. Mwtorw, who wai drownel, wi'h hts companion. Levi Pawling, onTneeday, 20th ult., are respectfully Invi ed to attend hie funera', this after noon. at five o'clock, from his I ,te residence and the resi dence ol hie mother, Mrs. Lydla M. Minturn, in President street, near Henry street, Brooklyn On Fiidty. Msy 30, Mr. 1'ethr f,. Taylor fsgej 47 years. Funeral this morning, at eleven o'clock, from his lste residence, at Fort Leo, N. J. Philadelphia and New Orleans papers please copy. ADVEETISEMEIITS RENEWED EVERY DAY. THB TURF. NrWTORK RAOKR-flPRINO MEETING TBISn WEK.J in June, 18MS, over the Pasbton (formerly Wa(toual) H?di Course, Rewtown, L. I. For Joekev (Hub partes staka w* Spirit of thej'mes ffin C. frc.. ; .tMi'ita. mew rDBUUATIMB, NEWS AGMN1H WHO DlflJKB TO BE BUPPLHD wl'h the aMKRIaN W-CFKI.Y PRBHB, Is.ued every Friday naming. i hould lead hi their order* early In the week, to the propria or, cot er of Fu too and Nassau street*. Sow To-k Pi tor fl per ysar tl 60 per hundred to agents, cash fa advanoe. Advsr.lsameuts so cant* per line. THE FEW YORK 011Y ftUBINKSB DIRECTORY, FOE l"S6-7. wt 1 be reaiy for delivery ou Tuesday, 3d Instant Kt*p"iisf<<le saeote wanted, to de'lrer the aune. Apply to WfBT, LEE ? B AKILKIT, Publishers, 335 Broadway. UB17HD STATUS 1 KMOCRATIO REVIEW.? Jane 1866, vol 6, No. 6. PtJBLlHHKD KOSTHLV, t',0?TahTH : lit The Union; the Democratic Parti; the Administrate#; 2d. Death aid Bl?ep. 3d Sunlight aid Shadow. 4th. Afrl cultoia aid icucntton. StH love's ( 6th. the Philosophy of Life. 7th Peelt'nee 8th the Chronicles of Perrcpoiia. 9th. Eoratlo he. mour on the Topograph? and History of New York. 10th. Krow No' ilth. Battle of the Boohs a De'erce o: Webster's Dictionary. 12th. Oaro nlole of the Month?to reign and domestic 13th. Book Notice#, Ac Ac. Terms three dnl'ars prr ' ear, In advance. BlngL numbers twenty flveoen'a. LLOY D A OO 310 Broadway. New York. PEK8U1IAL. IF WILLUM CHARLES BrXrWR, FOKMBBLT OF 1 ambelh, near Istrdor'ard, Is still alive and wlllap pit to Messrs a. Bell's son# ot New York, be may bear of aomaibingto bis s i-an sire, or if an? one oar five itnthende in orniHitor. oonsernlt.f William C. Baiter, ha may obtain a trilling n numeration IF MIB8 C. MAU LARD FORMERLY OF SO JTLAND, will address L.. Herald cfH te. she wl'l oblige a friend. INFORM (HON WANT&D F WiLLIaM fttAVdRS and William McAnultv. shy arrived In sew Yarkcly nearly tli years ?go fron Oreenosk, oojtlsnJ: heard thev hod been in Chicago, lllnoL; he 'id loth were in hew York a >out Iwo years stsee. apt prreon k o.viag tkeir whereanm'e v ili greatly oblige and confer a favor udo:i an ifllined mother by leaving word, or a no's seareesed to Bargarrt Iraverd, Lovsjoy Houte, 1Gb Greenwich street. New font cltr. MAHOAHST THaVRRS. J08KPB LUND8KSU WHO I,F FT 1> A BL9LAMB, bweden, sometUtset years ago, la renue ted toeailoa Baylor a Co., 99 John street, where he can bear ao nothing to bisadvas tage. SAMUEL F N WILL FIND ROMSTHING OF IN torert to him In next Fr day'? edition of iht "American WcelD Press ? (oO'R OF MALT A.-THIS EVENING, AT 73a O'CLOCK O preclcely. T1IIR IS TO INFORM fakny blanby, who was msrrled to W1 ILm O'Harro, May 1851. in Troy, that her husband Is dangerously HI at hcrcouein's and anxiously wishes to see her; or any one knowlngof hrr whereabouts wl 1 please in term her of this. WANTRD-BY AN OLD l,ADY OF RK8P&CT ABILITY, bcng tnflrm and urable to labor, and destitute of all means of support, some relief from the oha ttab'e and benevo lent. 8he maybecaled upon at Mrs. Van Buret'a, 38 8th ave . when she will satiety any one that she it a worthy object of cbarlty. ______ ?>1/\ U?W RD.-A STEAMBOAT YAWL LOST FROM BLU eteambrat Oswego, while going ir.rm Whitehall slip, East river, to Cortlsndt street, North rtver, on the nigh' or May 30. Any one returniig said yawl to U. .Smith 16 South a reet. ?111 receive the aoove reward H. 8MITH, Agent, S?r RRWARD ?LOST YESTERDAY FORENOON, A BsJ small black and whi'e d >g, answering to the name or Flora; his ears were p'eroed, and a ye.low ribbon ruind his neck. The finder wtil receive the above reward by leaving h<m at 94 Duane street, base meat. POLIT1CAJL. " 1NDT<PRNDKNT 1* UHaRAOTtR. BUT OPPOSED TO all the disorganizing ard demoralizing ' isms" ot the times, the AMhKIOAn WahKLY PKRS8 should be taken by every family in the cnuntrr. Its deletion to the principles of tne constitution &i d the Union will make it popu'ar with all c'asaes of the cpmmnDltr. It costs but one dollar a year. ?nd Is sop piled to agents at ft 50 per hundred. Advertisement# inserted at fifty cents per line Tcrme: eaab In advance. Invariably, Orders and letters must be addreraed totha A nerlcan Week ly Press, corner ot Fultau and Nassau streets,rffew York. SEVHNTH WARD FILLMORE AND DONET.80N CLUB. ?Ihis club will meet at No. 68 East Broadway, on Tues day evening, June 3, at 8 o'c'ock All persons in favor of the election of Fillmore and Donelaon to the oflloes of Pretlfent and Vice President of the United States, are eirdlally invited to attend. 1 he fo.lowing eminent speakers will address the msetlrg:? Hon. krastus Brooks, R. O. Perrin, Era , of Tenn., Hoc. S. B. Cusbing, A tt'y Oen'l. Hon Joseph B. Petty, and Hon, Charles T. Mills ZDPHAR MILLS, President. Oto. W. Warmer, ) Joseph H. Gray, S 8??etaries. FINE AUTB. BONP.AU'S GORGEOUS PAINTINOS-ILLURTRANYB of a tour on toot throngh the Interior of Australia and China, together with a magnificent view or the american fleet'saving Japan will be -<n exhibition at the Apollo Rooms. 410 Broad ? ay, cn and after Monday evening. June 2; also every Wed ne.rdsy and Saturday af'ernoon, at 3 o'clock, for the *a?eo'.al acoemmodation ot families and aihoo'a. Admission 26 cents. Liberal deductkma for schools and Institutions. The cheapest And moat interesting Newspaper printed la THE AMERICAN weikly press, Cortatnlngall the news Of the day, and costs Only f 1 tor a year's subscription. Issued every Friday morning. Agents supplied at fl 80 per hundred Advertisements In serted at 30 oeats a line, caah in advaoce Advertisements or MibicrlpUons must be sent to the publication office, cor ner of Nassau and Fulton streets, New York. WK"W BiMJKBKS. TBE AMERICAN WEEKLY PRESS-THE BEST AND cheapest paper In the world is pub tshod at the north vm' cor. ero( Felton and Naarau streets. New York, ere y Friday morning, at 11 per year. A gen .a supplied at fl 60 ?er hundred. Adverdiementa Inserted at SO cents per line, erms.etsh In adyares. REGATTAS. Empire ciit regatta club.-a special mbet trg will be held Ibis evening, to perfect arrangements for the grand National Regatta on (he 93d of June. Persons des'rous of becoming members of the club can da so at this meettrg Rooms at No. 19 Catherine si'p. NRW YORK YACET CLUR-THE ANNUAL REO AT ta will take place on Thursday. June fith. Thj s'eambiat Kejp' rt, engaged for the exclusive use of the club will leave the tcotot t prtr.g street. N. K. at 10 o'clock A. M Members who have cot received their tickets may procure them at the ollleeol the Treasurer, No 79 Wall strtet. CE AR1.88 H. H AS WELL, 1 J. WINTHCP B. OH \NLKR, > Regatta Committees. JOHN E. PaVaDBON, S THB AMERICAN WEEKLY PRESS IS PUBLISHED every Friday morning, at $1 per year, SI SO per hundred to agents c?sb In advance. Advertisements SO cents per line Published at the corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, New York. BIPRBH8ES. ~~ Freeman a oo.'s express?for California, Oregon. China, Sandwich Islands and Pacific on sat of Sou'b America via Panama, will he dlspa chel hence per United States matt tteamer ILLINOIS, on Thti-sday June 6 at 2 o'clock r M. Freight taken, at reduced rates until 10 o'clock A M. Small parcels, letters ic , received until 1 P. M. on day or sailing. FREEMAN \ CO., 69 Broadway. ? PORTING. ~ A8HOOTING MATCH WILL TAKE PLACE AT THB house of Mr. Oscar Sanfnrd, half-way houie between Newark and Jersey City, on Thursday, Juoe 8, at 2 o'clock P M., between Mr. SaDforJ and Mr. Bldrldge, of Trenton, for >200. ' F'OR BALI?ORE OF THE MOST SUPERIOR NBW foucdland dogs In Amerloa (youngJ. Apply at 14 Marlon ?treet. CLOTHING, AC. " ?n nnn WORTH OF NSW AND CAST OFF U.UUU clothing wanted for the Western market - tiemon having any to dispone of will reoelve the highest grlce by calling at the (tore or addressing John Murray, 79 nnn WOBTH OF NEW AND OAST OFF CLOTH tng wanted.?Gentlemen having any to dispose er will reoelve the highest nrlee psid by calling at tbs store or addressing THOMAS D. CONROY, 491 Pearl street. 49 nnn WORTH OF CAST OFF CLOTHING WANT iPiii.UUu ed.- The higher t price given and oaehpaid In current money. 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Trim ?tings of tha first qaallty for mis. O'CONNOR * OOLLRMDIR, 69 Ann St. WORTBLR8S ARTICLES IN IMITATION OF MY COM blr.aiton cue"Ions, is being offered far sate. I warn the fubllo tbat my model billiard tables and cilAUona, patented eb. 19.1866. are for sale only at 39 Chamber* street, up stairs. MICHAEL PHELAN. RRMUVALB. DR. F. D. PAPE, LATE OF 41T BROAOWAY. WOULD Inform his Irlerd. that he has removed to 70 White street, and continues to devote his attention to tbs chronic diseaus of women And children. INTEUIflGNCB OFFICES. IfMPLOTKRR WISHING GOOD IIALP?CAN OBTAIN J reaper'able tie man, Kngllth, Crotch at d Irish servant* a1 MORRlB COHNKKT A Cu.'S, 287 Broadway, oorner el Resde street; alto, farm-re laborers, Ac , at this <r the branch t lllce 1211 Greenwtoh street. WANTF.D-AT 766 BROADWAY, IMMEDIATELY. FOUR lautidresfes, four glr.s for housework, three boys as waiters Fifties procured for conductors bookkeepers, school tcohere. clerks, barkeepers, wai'ers. porters coachmen, tire men, men on steamers and railroads at?rf >n, a tor trade., LOUIS KAUFMAN, Atrsnt. " I'REscn adveiririskm knts. / VN DFSTRK AVOIR UNB JIUNE FIT L* FRANC Air 10 I r on "ulsae. prur apprendre ? *ra-i>f rer It brod . (n frn t rstge ft de , ,,nt syec PRlglxe, fcVr??rf.\ IV, 1 . . . pic. ue ts e,a.c i ue. wroATiom wAinvb. M LADY. OY A VERY E nd b'gb adUCSt'OD, WllbM lota] In an American 'andgLcr to give laikon* In 1 nddreie, worn 12 to IF. m , 202 9tb Avenue. 241k ate. mioH lady, or a very distinguished family And h'gh educator), wtabea to take care of chl drea , ^ 0>TB tnagoajB. be ween 231 ^ ?

A young woman, with a fresh breast or ml.k. wiahea a ntuatlon, aa wet nuree Sbe oan be me at 77 Adelphl M.. Brocelyn. None but firet claaa lemlUeeaaed epyly. ARIRPBOTABLK YOUNG WOMAN WWM A BITU atton, aa ebea^ermaid aad waiter Good city reference given, 1'lease call for two daya at 225 Court at, Sou k Brooklyn. AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A ? toattja, aa a wet none. Apply at 29 Centre iL, for two daya A MIDDLE AGES La DY WITHOUT INCUMBRANCE, iadealroua tf a altuatl n in a private fam'lv, to instruct a few (mall children, end lew; would have no objection to go aeh rtdliteroe In tbe c.untrv; baa ha. groat experience with children,aid undeiaiand? tbe menage nent of them; a goad hue la sore tha object than remuneration: eu-b a 'emlly will fled a wlllleg and obllttng oereon; the beat of rofarencea giv en and raqnlred. Addreta icr two daya M. K. C.. Union fqnare Po?tcfljce. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8110.vTIO*. A9 aenmatrcae; can do all kinds of family sew rg and dresv naklng, or would go as chamber rna'd Wood g> to tbe roon'r1 for tha aumaer. Beferenoe from bar latt piece Call ?t 301 WaatlSth I'. A YOUNG w. MAN WANTS A hlfUsTION, TO DO chamber work, waiting or (awing; oo objection to tbe coun'ry- Apply at fc9 Oth av., between bib n~ and Waver ley p ace, icr two days. A WELL BDt'C4TEI> GERMAN LADY, WHO HAS lomeexper.eace in teaching Kreioh, Oernan a?d tie pluno dealrea to obtain a altuatlon ae re Idei t governess, el her In a prlvs'e family rr In an Institute teaching la those branches, trom September rexL Addreso J. 8 O., Gerald office. References exchanged. A R ASPIC TABLE ENGLISH WOMAN. ACCUSTOMED to travel ard not sea thk wbbea a eitastiin aa waiting meld or ehl.dL oune, to travel vt'li a lady to Europe. Beat of reference given. Apply a. 232 7th avenue. In the store. A VKRY RB8FK3TABT E GIRL 111 HUB TO GIT A got d situation, en cook and l&undrma. Please Inquire at southwest corner ct 22d at and 4th avenno. A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITER'S BITUATfON wsnted, bv a respectable young woman, with three j ens' city reNrence; le a neat flae wa mc aud inner; wou'd go as nurse ard seametreea; ? 11 be found wlUicgacd abljgiag. La'i at 196 7tt> avenue, neir 23d et, for two days A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BITUATION, AS CHAM berma'dandaetmairess; la a gvd washer end Ironer; would go a shirt distance In tbe nou itr<; would have no ob jcctlcn to take charge of small children. Reference given. Apply at 77 Hut 23d sL A YOUNG WVM AN: WANTS A 8ITUATION-TO GO travelling lortbe reason na nurse or lady's maid; la a on lored woman. Apylyat 127 Suffolk at. ANEaT AND TIDY GIRL WISHES A SITUATION,TO do chamberwort and watting, aud assUtln washing and Irotlrg; Is a lirst rate washer and ironer; good referenoe. Ap ply at 169 Hester it, tt'rd floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YWNQ GIRL WISHES A SITUA' t;cr. is chambermaid and laundress; noo-jectlnn to take care ol children. Can be seen et btr last plsci, lt>2 Lextng ton av. ? A BFbPKO'fABLE MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTS A .? (ituatl-n, ne houe?keeper iu a private family; she under stands tbe care of children, and would m?k? herself geaerallv useful. Nest ol re'erences giver. Address M. M? box 114 Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man. aa chambermaid aad wai>er in a private family. Qccd city reference given. Inquire at 223 Weot 32dst. A SITUATION WAbTED-BY A YOUN3 WOMAN, TO I r\. do homework Grod city reference given. Ano'y a* 63 Mulberry street, third loor, back roam. Can ba seen for two dayr. APBOTBSTANI GIRL WANTS A BITUATION. IN A small family, ssp an cok. washer a-.d Ironer, and to d) yet oral bouaework. P.tase call at 250 Monroe at., in tbe segtr store. A SITUATION WAFTED?BY A PROTRSTANT GIRL as chambermaid and waiter. Gcod references given Apply at 40 West 13th at, between 5th and 6th ays. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN DESIRES A 811U I atlon as good cook, wather and Ironer, In a private family. Good cltv references given. P.ease call at 128 3}lh at., between 2d and 3d avr. A. RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS chambermaid, or to do the general housework of a small family, fclty referecres given. Please call at 306 2d av. A MIDDLE AGED EXPERIENCED NURSE WANTS A situation In a geat'em tn's family. Can give the beat city reierencea. Apply at 111 Third av. A SITUATION WAETED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS cook; good reference from ber last p'aoe Apply at 417 6th av? between 25th and 26th its., for two daya ATOUnO WOMAH WANTS A SITUATION. TO COOK* wash and Iron, In i amdl private family; cltv reference given from last place. Call at 291 Weat 17th it, fourth atory, for two day a ADRE6SMAKIR, WHO CAN GIVE FIRST CLASS reference aa to cutting and flltlug drear ev, bavquts. and children's clothes, desires towork out by tbe day. Addren M W.. 21326'h xL A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, WANTS A 8ITCA ticn. as nurse and seamstreFS. or as chambermaid and stiunrtreev. Please apply at 119 29ih et, near 3d av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WA.BT8 A 8ITUA f\ lion a* ??1 re's or chambermaid. In a private family. City reierere? given. Call, tor three days, at 126 5h av., one door tixin Igth st. ARKr.PECT ABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A private family, an cook. wa?h*r and City refer ence. Call a' 227 knlberry sL Can be aeon tor two daye. A FRENCH PROTESTANT LADY WITHES TO SPEND the ruram'r, In a private family, at teacher The bett reference* given if required. Addreta F. A., Union square Post office, 8. Y, AhlTUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A8 firrt rate ccok; ba* no objection to aeiiat with tha wath lrg Md Ironing. Gcoi references. Apply at 126 Clinton place t ??r t> h avenue, 'or two day*. Abiiuation wantrd-by a young woman, as chambermaid and to assist with the waahlng, or aa cham bermaid and waltrea*. Goo* reference. Apply at 126 Clint m place, near Cth avenue, toi two days. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, to do chamberwork or to take care ot children. Wages no object. Call at 230 2d at. between ava B ana O. A YOUNG MARRIED M'.N EARNESTLY DESIRES employment, an clerk, ah'pplngor otherwlae; collectir. warebou'eman. porter, Ac.; la educate* and used to manual labor; has laat managed a ten store; good referenaea of ten yearn' standing. Please address T., box 1 '3 Herald office. Arebpictabli young man. OF INDUSTRIOUS habits and good character, ds-lres a situation fas! porter In a store; in a boot and shoe store pre'erred, as he under, stand* leather cutting and repairs. Please ea'l, or address A, H , 140 West 18th St., fourth Boor. Good city re'erence gtven_ A8 COACHMAN?AN ENGLISHMAN,WHO THOROUGH )y understands bis business In all its branches, wants a situation, as cnachman; is a single man; do objection to any part or the country. Has the best ct'y reference. Adlresa HQ Canal it. CALIFORNIA.?A YOUNG LADY. S8 YEARS OF AGE. who speaks French and English. Is a good seamstress and diersmaker, end Is never sick at sea; wou-d wlih to go to Oall fomla with a tamlly. Address Oallfirnia, Broadway Post office, for two days. COOR'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT widow, wbofuilv undents ml* her business; no object! ,n to the country. Reference from her last place. Call at 32b Monroe si, second floor, tkont room COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-RY A MAN WHO perfectly unden'ands taking charge of h usee, and who Is a careful driver. Call at 177 Walker st., or addrese T. H., lie raid cflice. HOUSEKEEPER. ? AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY wishes a situation as housekeeper, tn a small private fa it lit; for a widower preferred. Address A. H? box 120 He rald office. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS.?8ITU ATION W ANTE"), as farmer, by a strong, healthy Protestant man, who under. staoffiMlarmlng in all Its branches: also by bis wife, to manage a d?Jrf; understands all about milk and butter, and the care of poultrv. inquire, for two or three days, at the dry goods store of W. Q. Camp bull, 266 3dav.,aear22d at. SEAMSTRESS' SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG w< man of experience; would take a permanant situation, or by the day, week or month. Can be seen for two days, a*. 40 Kant 18th st.. near Broadway. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG gfr'. as chambermaid acd plain seamstress, or to aa-la'. In the washing ard Ironing; gocd elty reference. Can be teen for two aayn at 146 3d av., between 16th and 16th ste , in the rear, second floor, room No. 3. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as good plain cook and flrnt rate wanber and Ironer; good reference from her last place Can be seen fir two days at 146 3d av.. between 16th and 16th sU , tn the rear, seoond floor, room No 3. IIUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG J girl, at chambermaid and waiter, or ti take care of chil dren, In a private family; good elty reference given. Can be ceen for two days at 146 3d av., between! 16th and 16'h ste., to tke tear, second floor, room No. 3. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do general housework in a small family. Apply at ICO 9th av., In the rear. SITUATION AS LAUVDRE88 WANTED. BY A RE ?pcctakle young woman. Ban no objeetloa to nook, or to go Into tha emntry. Beet of city reference. Please app'y at 174 Twelfth st. SITUATION WANTBD-AR CHAMBERMAID AND laucdreis or lo do the housework of a small familr; ally reference Its objection to go a short distance In the country. Call at 769 1st av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETKNT WOMAN, Mcoek and lsundrsss; understands cooking and baking in nil Its tranches. Has good references No objection to a boarding hrnse or hotel. Call at 213d avenue, near 9th at. TO DRUGGI8T8.-WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN, OF the higher t ohs<-scter, a situation, tn a wholesale drug store or any business where be will have hit evenings ana Finders. Be t of re'erences glvee. Apply at Dr. Hitter's, 104 Cherry St., N. Y. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation, as chambermaid. In a prlva'e family; can sestet In washing sn<1 Ironing. Good elty references given. Csn he recn at her Isst place, No. 9 Elm p aoe, Brooklyn, Tl'AMED-BITUATTONB, BY TWO PROTESTANT TT glFs; one as flrs' ratecrok, andean do all kinds of.|e'de->, or to do housework; the mher as nurse, or to dr plain sewing orrbHm1 erwork, Br s> of references given. Call st 34 Green with avenue Can be seen for two da*a WANTED-A SITUATION, TO TAKE CHARGE OF A bar or rcsfrurant or to travel with a gentleman, bv a rrsn of thirteen yearn' experience, aid who can 1'nrt.lsh Ihe morn respeclab'e referenc-o from bli n es?n' e nn'overs; has ro nhjeailOD to the country t an be seen for three days st <he pirclfld restaurant, 600 itroadway. s \v ? NTFD?A SITUATION,BY A RE-tl'g"TA RLE GIRT s* ebambermsid, s d fo take rare of children, tn a b > rd h<g heme or prlva'e family; Is willing to mnl* b?-self ??? . era u**fU', has go d rcc mxteadaieu Apply eibc/premct Ila.e, ltd Spring st., tor two dsyi. WfPAWOlW WMWH. TlJ AFTID-BIlUATIONf. BT TWO RSSPETABLB, 'I welt recommended ui efficient girls; ote u soot. vmA ?r Md ironer, or tvcerol houteworkar; the other aa Cham vsr ?Mid ltd traitor, or aa nurae and aeemstresa Thar mar ba ?eon. until tolled, at Wallace's office, Mo. 4 Seeds airee', Brooklyn. WANTBD? A SITUATION, BT A RR8PCCTABLR WO man, aa chambermaid aid waiter to a raapectab.e ram' Ij; can do Baa washing aid lion lag. Reference given. Apply at <8 3d avenue, tor two days, WANTED-A COOK'S SITUATION, BY a RE8PCOTA bla woman; la willing to do plain waahing aad Ironing. Bait of reference Arcm her laat place, apply at 96 Beat lti'h at., near lit avenue, (or two daya. WANTBD?A SITUATIOM, BT A young woman, aa nnrie and eeamitreai; aha moroughiy undarataaca taking care of aa infant, and la capable or doing all kind* 01 family Rawing; la a good embroiderer. The beat of aity reference liom her lait place. Can be ?een for tw> daya, at 132 7ih avenue,between 26th and 26th ata . In theatore WANTED-A SITUATIOM. BT A NBAT GIRL. 17 years ol age, aa chambermaid and to do plain sawing or as child's curve: wlil do light wirk la aaaaall family. Baa good ul'y reference. Wages tour to five dollars. Call at 216 a sal 33d at. WANTED-A 81IU A1I0W, AS LAUNDRK3B OR chambermaid, by a respeotab e yoeng woman Qo>d nieretce. Apoiy at 198 last 14th at., aeoond floor, front roim. WAMTRD-A SITUATIOM, BT A BKBPSOTABLB Protestant g rl, as nurse and aeamstreea; la wlUlug to make beiself generally uaeiul or to go in the country. Call at 198 Wavcrley place, Bank at. WANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT *3 mae, a attua.ion, sa cook and to assist la within* aad rrnhig in a respectable family. Reference given. Call a'. 30 Monroe it. WAKTBD-BT A RB'PECTAHLK WOMAN, A SITUA tlon, aa aeamatrrrs or chambermaid; no objection o the com try or to travel. Addre?e H. L. M., 143 16th it. WAMTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as seamatreaa and to take care of chil dren. Ha? three y ears' inference from bar last pluo-v Can be eeen lor two da- ? at 177 ran 24th at. third floor bach ro >m. WANTBD?A 8ITUATIOM. BY A RESPRCTABLR youag woman, aa eook; ana understands Amerlc in and French cooking. Can give nnexcep'-lsuable citv reform's from bar lea* p ace. Can be seen for two days at 626 6.1 ave ane, between 31st sad 32d eta. M/ANTJD-A SITUATION, BY A 10UNG WOMAN. AS TV nurseand aeamnresa, or chambermaid and waiter; baa ihh beat of citv reference from her last place. Call (Or two davaal626 6ih avenue, between Slat end 32d ia WANTHD?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT (URL, as chambermaid, and to aastat in the washing and iron ing; baa the beat of city reference from bar last place. Call a 133 11th at., between 1st avenue and avenue A. WANTBD?IMMEDIATELY, IN A SMALL AMERICAN tamilv, a good girl, to dogeueral housework, must be willing, and not a!'r?la to work; a Protestant; ihta la a good chance for one who wants a home; wsgei 16 a month. Call at -8 Bhecler at TBI ANTED.?A LADY, LEAVING TEN COUNTRY, v v wishes to procure a situation f ir a girl ea waitress and chambermaid; ine thoroughly understands her business, and will be fouud willing and obliging. Apply at 34 West 26 b ?t. WANTBD-BY A YOUNG LADY, OP THB HIGH EST reipehtebilltv, a situation aa teacher, in ihe Easliih branches, in a private tamlly or seminary, either In New York or its vicinity; salary mc derate; references of the highest re spectability given end required. Address B. L.a Herald ifllce WANTRD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE your ft woman as chambermaid or waiter; would assist in washing and Ironing. Reterenoe given. Apply at 119 Hast 11th at., third floor, front room. WANTBD-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRLS, altuatlcns; one ea cook and to assist In the wavhtng and ironing, the other ea chambermaid and watter; is willing to assist in the washing and Ironteg. Have best of citv reference. Call at 61 8th ave, between 13th and Horatio eta. Can be seen for two daya WAMTBD-BY A RBSPBTTAULB PROTKSTANT GIRL, a situation; can do all kinds of embroidery and take care of chi'dren. Can be eeen for two day* If not engaged at 284 West 16th street WANTBD?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE frma'e, aa chambermaid and plain aewer. or would aa. sist In general housework, If required. No objection to the country Beat of rtierences given. Call or address M. A., 267 West 30th at. WANTED-A BITUATION, ARNURSF.IN AGENTLR man's family; she Is a good nurie, ana can raise a baby from birth. Cit v reterenoe can be given. Apply at 236 Hud aon avenue. Brooklyn. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A situation, aa cook, washer and Ironer, in a email family; gocd city reference. Apply at ber laat place, 67 2d av. Can be se;n lor three daya. WASHING AND IRONING.-FAMILIES AND GEN tlamen wishing their cloths* wasb.d can have them neatly done by applying to Mrs. Marony, 435 Hudson at., 24 floor, In the rear. WANTBD?A SITUATION, TO DO HOUSEWORK; 18 a g od plain cook, washer and Ironer, or would cook for a snail family. City reference*. Call at 43 6ih av. WAMTBD-BY AW AMERICAN MARRIED WOMAN, a cbl'd to wet noise et her own house; she has loit her owl; refererces alven end required; to be teen for one week. Noce but reepectsble parties need apply at No. 95 Morton si. WANTBP-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAM, AS gardener or farmer; understands the raising of vege tables, and care ei bcrseaand all kinds of caitie; It nit afraid of bard work. Address T. B., Herald office. WAR TED-A SITUATION, BY A RH8PBCTABL4 jourgglri, m cook-, washer and lroner. Good city re ere ncee given. C all at 121 20th m , Let wee a 6tb aud 7tb av* , d the resr, fcr two dsjs. WARTYI)?A SITUATION, TO DO Ol NERAL BOUSf wrrk. for s small private family, or as chambsrinaid and teamttress, Can be cenniat 98 Bameraley St., secmd floor, cr two eaye. Good cltj referenoe given. WAMTEU-A SITUATION, TO DO CHAMBER WORK, washirg and Ironing. Referenoe good. Call for two data at 768 etantan at. WANTED?A SITUATION, A8 COOK, IN A PRIVATE family; la a good washer and lroner and baker. Olty re feierce. Apply at 164 "th av., near 21?> at WAKtTF.D?A SITUATION, AB COOK AND TO ASSIST in he watliing and ironing in a am til private family. City rsferetce. No objection to the country. Caliat 75 17tb at. near 6 h av. WAKTKD-A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN, BY A Protectant man, who understands hit bualnen thorough lv. Best of city references given. Plea'e o&ll or address T. W. K ., 151 3d avenue, between 15th and 16th sta. WARTKD-A SITUATIQN, BY A BBSPECFABLE vouog woman, as plain cook, washer and iroaer. (iood city reference. Call at 89 11th at, between 5th and OA avenuea, In the rear. WANTRD-A SITUATK N, AS COOK. UNDERSTANDS all kinds of oooklng or good baking. Is willing to assltt In the washing and Ironing, and make herself tue'ul. City re ference given. Apply at ho 71 Mulberry st, over the liquor store. YI7AB1RD?A SITUATION, AS COOK. WASHER AND TT lroner, or to do genetal housework; retereicegiven. Can be iecu at No. 60 West Washington place room 5, second floor. WANTED?A BI1UATION. AB CHAMBERMAID AND laundress. City referenoe given. Apply at 47 East 26Ui St., lu lbs rear, Drat tlxr, front room, WANTED-A SITUATION, AS A FIRST RATE COOK. City reference given. Apply st 47 East 25th st, In the rear, first floor, frcnt room, WANTBD-BY A HEALTHY, RESPECTABLE MAR rled woman, a situation, a? wet nurse. Best of referenoe can be given. Apply at No. 46 3d avenu ?, between 10th and 11th sts. WANTED-A SITUATION, TO DO GENERAL HOUSE-, work, or to wash and Iron, city referenoe given. Apply for two days at 66 4th av., between 9th and 10th its. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RE8PE0T A BLE GIRL, as chambermaid, and to asaiat In the washing and Iron* ing; or as chambermaid azd seamit ess. Address M. K., Olty market, corner ct Bleeoker su and Broadway. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yousg woman, In a private tamlly. Is a gcol crok. a d an excellent washer and lroner. Oood ciy reference giver. Call at >12 3d avenue, between 19th and 20th eta. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT situa'lons; one as good plain cook and laundress; Ike other as ohiru term aid, and la s good plain sewer. Best or olty reference. dsn be seen a! 447 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN. AS coachman and groom; understands the proper treatm*nt ot bones; wl 1 devote the whole of his time to his employer; six years reference. Apply at 79 Sleeeker St.,In the store WANTRD-A 8ITUATIOW, AS LIGHT PORTER. OR to drive a wagon, deliver goods, Ac.; understands the csre of horses. City referenoe given. Address W. A. Z., Bersld plllce, tor three days. TEfANTED?A SITUATION. A8 COACHMAN AND TV grrotr; he thoroughly understands the proper treatment ot horses; wools make himself otherwise use'ul. Has good ? ity reference. Can be scan at the bimess maker's, 378 Broadway, on U engaged, THE TRADES, " A TRADE WANTED-BY A STOUT BOY, 17 YEARS OF age who 11 cot afraid of work; plumbing, bookbinding, or any respestahie trade-the former preferred. Please eail or *dd-ess Wn lam Vsll. 94Cherry street. A TINSMITH WANTED.?A FIRST RATE WORKMAN can have sletdy emplovmeni, at high wages, by apply ing at 81 Ootntlcts.lp. third floor. (1 ABlNF.r MAKER WANTED-AT 638 SIXTH AVENUE J Nono but? first rate workman need apply. (1 ABDBRER WANTED.?A GOOD VEGETABLE GAR IT doner; a so. an assistant gardener and farmer, who can tskeoireof a horse and carriage. Ae. They must be single men. and oome well recommended. Apply before 10, or be tween 3 and 4 o'ulock. at 88 '0th st. WARTED-A SITUATION, A8 GARDENER, BY A thorough, practical mas, who perfectly understands his business In all Us various department*; the advertiser Is tho roughly conven ant with the laying ont of new grounds, and the building of glass structures, anil the thorough routine of gardci Ing, to which his reference will amply testify to gentle men r? quiring his services that they win find In the advert!* ar a person fully competent to carry out their busme.s with satis faction to bis employer end credit to himself. Address P. J. M'C.. at A. Bridgeaian's seed stoic, orner of Eighteenth at. and Broadway. JklbELLKRH WANTHD-A GOOD CAMEO SETTER and a chain maker siro a gW ss polisher. None but good hands need apply at 58 Keade street ___ TIM) FLAGQRB1.?FIVE OR SIX IXPSBIlNOHD FLAG i sere oat, find per nanen' emp oyrnent, sn.l reietv" liberal wsies. by airpljing 'mmeJlatelv tiBelahSq tires, 132 Ea.sau st, vomer ol BeekntukB St., or Michael Brady, 216 Last 23d st. DO GAflDERKiW.?A THOB >tTGHT V C0MPSTINT I ??rden*r Is wanted to ts*e charge of a gentleman's rj decce si a short dl?ta?se from the cf r References, wT h Birr ol last employer, required. Address W F., box IJ0 e-s'd cfllce vv ANTED-tWO WIEELWRIOHTS AND ONE PAINT sr. for 'Ifhi and ?? * irk "oes sc ?r'j; n a?d g oo wssee >? .i ee ?mn, to go 14 tniHs onLoug I ilajd. ..fVij u, Ait-'-ai-t-ei Bantu, 25 Cuenilusl-p. A grits who nrniBK to r$ supplied wits tub AMERICAN WKhKLY J*kfc?? Issued erury KrHa? morning, will ser<l In tbeir urrtrr* M the pitnisher. c inter of Fulton and Nassau stream Frlse on* dollar a je+r. Agenta supplied Mil W par hundred. Advertisements, fifty cmu per lute. Terms. ca*. A PKOTEBTAIT GIRL WJ NT ID TO OOOK, Win A end Iron for a imtll lirallT. Those with and'mbvee ret?, renee for heatsty, neatness end g^od dtspoelUos, may apply at 418 Broome it. AG KITS WAITED.?GOOD IRK. WITH PICK $10 TO $60 capital, lor every county and State. Can realise oyer $40 a week Address with sum or apply personally to A. A. Blln, 293 Br adwity, New lork. A MIDDLE AORDWOV aV WANTED?TO TAKE OASI ct IW'> chi'dren. end do light wort. City rafaranaea re quired. Inquire at 48 Hamilton street ABPLKNDID AID AGREEABLE LADY WANTRO to go to St. Louis, to at'end a S at cleat dagu'rretn gal lery: toed wagea, and txpsnses oald. Addrsa. with confi dence, hnierpilae, Broadway Poat office, or Herald office, for three days. COOK WANTID.?V GOOD, PAlTHPUL COOK. WHO will go a few mil's into the country, can find steely f m plojment. Apply to-day, at 346 Broadway, room B. Canvassers wantrd-*o solicit orders for a finely Illustrated nations ,w >rk, now publlsblag In enmbera to competent men the moel liberal terms and steadv rmp'oymeat guaranteed, t pply to J AHiS 8 HE BUT, 237 Broadway. RT GOODS SALESMEN W < NTftD-EXPRRIENCID bands. Apply to O. O Hook .*80 Bowery. DET GOODS SALtSMH N *WaATKD.-BXPKR1BICRD bands may apply at 380 Bowery. Alio a smart, .act'ye boy wtnted. BMGLI8H H0U9EK IKPRR?A FIRST CLASS ENGLISH booeekeecer la wanted, in a 'amUy residing In the noun try. a few mllsa (rem New ? ork She most have had a tho rough experieace Is the management of house and servants, and have goidcltv reterencea. AUdraaa a. B., box 93 Post office, stating reterencea. Hands wastrd-on i inks coats, apply im mcdia'.ely. at D. Devel'n A Co a c rner Broadway and Masssuat AITILLA VAK3RH W ?. NT SO IMMSOlAf fiLY ? Apply at 146 Chrystle a'., during the week. D M Nurse wanted-to take c*rk op a child, ten mnntba o'd. She must understand her bu'tneaa, and come we I recjmmezdea. apply at 188 West 30th at. between 8th and 9th avenues. PORTER WANTED-AN AOTIVN YOUNG MAN; BIN g'.e preferred. Apply immtdtately at 61 Caoal s'.. SEVERAL GOOD DRFBSMtKKRB WANTED?GOOD wages given and steady work spslv at 16 East 18i at., between Broad ray and 6'h avenue, In the morning, and come prepared to work. SAL1BMAN WANTID - A FIRST RATE SALESMAN, acquainted wi h the cltv trsde Note others need apply. Best salary. Appl}, car.y this morning, to W, K. Pe ton, 2143 a Bowery. TO BOOKFOLPBB8 ?W iNTKD TWO GIRLS AC0U8 tomed to lay on gold for stampers bv James SjmerrUle, 20 North William at.; also, an extra finisher wanted. \X7ANTBD?A LAUNDRKN8, TO TAKE CHARGE OF A Tv laundry In a large, llr<t cJttaa hotel An American, Rag lab or Bootch woman preferred, hone need apply without food recommendations aa to oaoaelty, Ac. Address box 1,70$ 'oat office. WANTED?BY THE 16TH OF JULY, A HEAD M1LLI ner or directress, to go in the oountry. The b ghost wares will be paid by the year. One * ho speaks the English and German languages would be preferred. Inquire at Sol. Well's, 468 Grand itreet. WANTRD-A DOMESTIC WHO CAN WA9H AND Iron, and who dees not require to be out more than three days and three nights in tte week. Apply at 60 Til ary at., Brcoklj n. WANTED?AS LAUNDRESS AID CHAMBERMAID. A person who lully understanis both. Apply at 02 St. Marks' p'ace. XAi ANTED IMMEDIATELY, AT NO. 621 BROADWAY, It 6 chsmbenn&ids. 1 washer and ironer, and 6 pantry girlf. None but persona weti recommended neet apply, ST NURSE WANTED?WHOSE MILK 18 HOT OYER three months old. Apply at 26 Weit 13th st. w WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FIRST CLASS COOK, for a private lamlly; one who understands made dishes, ?oup* jellies, pastry, do. bore need atpb but those who can furalih the beat city reference. Wages $8 or $9 Apply at No. 4 Isat 37th at., between 6th and Madison avenues. WANTED-IN A FAMILY LIVING IN THR COUNTRY, acock, ate who thoroughly undent%nda htr burliest. Apply at 12 last 2fth st.,from 10 to 12 A. M. WANTED-A YOUNG WO MAW, TO DO OHNRRAL housework in a prtva'e family; must be a good washer, lroner end plain oook. Wages 60 per month. Apply to C. B. Howe* A Co., 84 laisttii st. WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER AMD IRONER, in a small private family. Ca'l at 133 Msrcer at, Jer sey city. Good refersnoe required. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, BIX FIRST RATE DRIES makers. Hone but thore knowtag tkelr business need apply. Alio, two apprentices. Aoply, lor twodaya, at 60 lRh it . between Broadway aid 4th ave. ET NURSE WATTED?A Y tUNG AND HEALTHY woman, with a troth breast o' milk, may bear or a good situation by applying at ?8 8th av. NooMtclon tr giving It out to a respcc'able person 117KT NURSE WANTRD-A YOUNG WOMiW, WITH V v afresh breast of mt.k The beat references required. A pply lmmedfa'ely at 34 East 23d st. TirAHTF I)?A CHAMBERMAID AMD WAITER, TO AS TT list In tie watbing and Ironing. An acjve and willing girl, capable of tahtrpt charge of lier business, miy app y, wi:h references. at 171 East 17eh at., near 2d av. EErANTED-48 POMP A 1*101? TO A GENTLEMAN A*l> TT hie invalid wife, a w'dow l?dy not over thirty-Are, ?! pre possessing msrtet t. Address Field, Herald offloe. WARTED-A GOOD GIRL, TO FINISH PARTALOORd at the machine. Inquire at 3GC Houston St., third tloor, front room. 7ANTED?TOURO LADIES, TO WORK AT A GKN tetl buslneer; good sewers Indispensable. To sich per manent employment guaranteed, aid libera: par. Address or apply at 79 Wbheat. r WANTBD-A SMART GIRL, TO DO THE GENERAL housework ot a small fhmlly; she mutt be a good plain cook and a flint raie ws her and Ironer; 97 per month G.iod c;ty relerewet required irom her last place. Iuqulre from 10 to 2, at 170 Canal at. WARTED?A SMART, TIDY OIRL.iTlOHKlT AND TN dustrlcus, to do general housework. Apply at 199 West 19 b it., corner of 9th avenue, alter 8 o'clock. WANTED-A YODKG GIRL. TO DO THE OR FERAL hou m sork of a small private family. Apply at 109 Pearl at. In the drug store. WANTED-A YOUNG LADY OF GOOD ADDRESS, TO atteud a first class bakerv. in Brooklyn. One thai under stands the btn Iness required, aid can come well recom needed may apply at R. P. vatlch's bakery, No 65 Myrt e avenue, Brooklyn. WAKTKD-A THOROUGH CHAMBERMAID AND W*IT ? er, one who underatstias washing and Ironing, apply, between the hours ol 10 and 12, at 172 hast 13tb at. Must ham 'he best of city reference. WTANTRD?A COOK; ONE WHO IS CAPABLE OF FILL *T Irg the siluatlcn and wil ing to make Herself generally useful; noon oilier need app ? Call, between the Dcu-e or 10 amdllA. 11.1 Wesi.ath st. (old No. 107). Amirfcan, Is ng Ish or Scotch preferred WANT1D-A YOUNG GIRL, OB WIOOW WITHOUT Incumbrance, te do general housework Tor two persons; must be acquainted a little with Frenoh cooking; or a lad* of tdnca'lcn could he engaged to oversee In the sama capacity and do some light work In a store. Address 0. K. D. Herall cfllre. WANTED?A B1AMHTRKS8-. ONI WHO II AOOU8 itmed to work on Unen, will And employment by ctll ing at 165 10th st. between 3d and 1th avenues. WANTED- AT THE ORIENTAL ROOMS 536 BROAD way, a female vccal'st snd a pianoforte playtr. Oa'l at 11 o'clock A. M. WANTED?A FRENCH WOMAN, AS CHILD'! NURSE; one who can sew, and be well recommesded may ap ply at 16 West 17 th ?t., between the hours of 12 and 2 P. M. WARTRD-A GOOD PLAIN OOOK. WASHER AND lroner. who understands bar business, tor a select boarding scbrol in the country, near the Hudson Elver Rell rosd. wages, 18 a mrnth. applr, between the hrursof 12 and 1, at 212 3d ave., lor two days. TBTANTED?A LAW CLERK WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH TT drawing and preparing papers, snd with the general business <t! an office. Salary 65 per week. A direst Lew, Herald cfflce WANTBD-A SALESMAN. IN A HAT, CAP ARB straw goods house; one who ean influence a first alias Western trade. Addre*s L., B. A Co , Herald offloe. WARTED-A rv'AlTKR, WHO CAR ALIO IRIYI A wagon. Apply to Mr. Jones, 17 Will lam street, office on third floor. WARTED-A YOURO MAR WHO HAS A THOROUGH knowledge ot the New York State trade. Anni* s* lau ter or E roadway w "" ewv/11 v? ? rats U U no ?%. 1 av ffivUtf knowledge ot the New York State trade. Apply, by le r personally 'a'lf. o'clock. P. M., at A. T. Stewart A Wo dway, corner ot Chambers street. ANTED?A THOROUGH SALESMAN, III g. BODOERS' dry good i store, 110 Bowery. VI7 ANTED?THIS DAT. FIFTEIR YOUNG MEN, FSB TT a short wba:tng votage of fromflro te ten month u Outfit of eli thing, Ae I until hea for the voyage. Also, cooper carpen ter at d blacksmith. For further Information apply 10 Mandfill A Eobton. 151 Bnnih street, corner of Peeka'lp, npVdaira. ?TAEThD-lWO MEN, WHO CAN DEVOTE THE ' who's of their lime In soliciting orders f highly lllns trate.d works now turning from the press. Wl'l be engaged sooordltrg to qoaiidoeUoo. Apply to Josepb Prtoe, 60 Chat ham et. w ANTED A MIDDLE AGED MAN, WHO HAS BEEN occoitrmed to store keep'sg. end wan can keep aooounta. Cce that le wllllrg to go for low iregee. ard who wakee a p te rn teen home, Apply between 10 and 11 o'oloek,? 98 Brad 1'Tttt. WARTPD-A HEAD WAITER, FOR A HOT1L A* Stor Irg'on. Conn.: a stcwardesi for a river steamboat twe Amerlcm boys to 'earn respectable trades. Itaoaa pro cured tor rlerks porters, men on steamers and railroads bar keepers, Ao. Ayply at Ho. 6 last Rroedway. OILLEN A OO. WANTF.D-A DRY GCODS SAI.E-MAN, 60 MANTILLA msk-rs, r.* and a good rlmmor to alt-nd store. Mr. Young Till pieess nail. If In tberlty, Aoplyo Robert r v atn, 270 Fulton tt, Brooklyn. ASTKD^ A WAITER. IN A DINING SA Iron. One who I* acquainted with Uro bnstness may ap. ply at Tammany Ha t title day. \r AMUt-A >?ART. ACTIVK M l N, AS SALESMAN, ?? In ihe who o(?'e liiju'rhudn*tr; otte a ltula acquainted with booklf ept.ig. Call at KM Or'etjir'fb at. \\ ARTED-A BM ART, ACTIYP BDT, ABOUT FIFTHS Y TT 'fats old, 'n ?n agricultural store; one who write* a good hard can maka himself g?n-rallT useful and roaldn w! h bit parents, "alary first yeir, 960. Andreas igrteu: tui f, Pera d offloe, whb real uame andt 2.000 U?a Us ton Canal between leading and Lrhinoii p.. ? " itn'a Qrvd war*, "eeh pi ire-"? h-a'ihy ?v> Ao"'T tpeSarei <..w EtlHw g rttl dew ing Fhww. 53 oj .*..tokd Lorn P-Adelpal*. Ca.. ru? teiow a say.