Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1856 Page 7
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IWHffBiaUTB 1BI8TO BVEII BAT. t^n AAA full PAID stock, toobthbr foU.Uuv wltb factory bad machinery compete, me flftrij ol ? Airland maniitasturtog company, disponed of eh tap. Good property taken in part payment. Apply to BCWE8 A 00 , M Hassan itreet. OH AAAACBBSOP TIXABLAWDFORBALiORr.X Aw.UUU etange for etty property; aJeo a valuable tarm, en Btaien Inland, bar tig a floe view olibe ma; also. 1,400 acres ef r.iter county land*: alao. a ooiniMfmni or 2d acres, oa tbe west bank of tbe Hudson river. haTTHfa delightful and ex tm ited view both up and down (be rtver, situated at>oui thir teen mtlea moth of Albany; the boose, barn and carriage bo see are all large and convenient, and on tbe whole a very dcebrablc place lor a oonatry reatdenoe. Tor full parttcolare apply at 107 Broadway, to SYLVESTER LAY, Atttorney at lew and Oemmteiloner for all tbe dtatea. *9 Cftn ?FOB BALE, A PLEASANT OOUN HI VOtUuUt residence, in Jamaica yillage, of nearly two amii, handsomely laid out; lTuitacd ibruboeryof all klodr, wbb nice shade treee aronnd tbe bonce. In the pteaaanteat part Of tbe village; good bain, well, Ae.; p ace In excellent O der, and potbearion out be bad Immeliately. Five minutes' wbk (be depot. Apply toB. J. JOHNSON, 208 Broadway. A1 AAA -FOR SSLB. TAB LB ABB. STOCK AND VX*l/vrVi fixtures of a down town bole), restaurs-! t and HtkKm. Tbta la a rare chance lor a person wishing to engage ha tbta branch. Apply to O. B. U0WEI A CO., 81 Nassau ?u Bonn -FOR BALE. A WELL ESTABLISHED 8f A mvvUi tlonery store. oo one of the principal bnclnaas ave nues, payings profit ol WOO per year; expanses light. Apply tafl/B.HOWhB A CO..84 Nassau street. AfTAA-FOB BALE, A SALOON, R18TAUAANT, hP I vVi bowling al ey and lodging home, a 1 In eonnectlon, adjoining n theatre add a area variety of other amusements. 9TU be told low, in ennaequenoe of ill health. Apply to Bl'WKB A PP.. 84 Ka-snu itreet. fenn -FOB BALE, A FIRST CLASS TRAVRI.LINO qK/vV/i enterprise: something new; can be managed by two peep la. if not aold thli week, n partner wld be taken. Addreea Havana, Herald office. -TBS WEgKLY AMERICAN PRESS IS PUBLISHED every Friday morning, at 91 n year, and in filled with - -? ?? ling matter on all . fit) per hundred. _ ia eaab tat advance. Advertisements, 60 oents per line Send in your ordern to tbe proprietor, oorner of Fulton and Nnaann streets, Mew York. A CHANCE.?AN EXCELLENT BUSINESS, K8 JSt tabltabed teur years, wltb a Jargeeaak eoetom, and profit# SM per cent, reluctantly parted with oa aoeoont ol sickness. Addicts B.. boa 134 Herald office. All ELIGAMT OOUNTRT BEAT FOR 8ALB?BITUfi led at Oreenwtob, Connecticut, adjoining tbe bead of tassenwleb harbor; fine bathing, sailing and fishing: tbebonao la new and eonvenieat, wlib 1% asm of land adjoining tbe water, and only a lew rode from the raUrcad depot; a very de aVMlepJace and location lor any person doing business In tbe city. For Luther particulars inquire of JOHN SfiCKBTT, ? ibe premuea. A COINER GR0CEBT STORE, WITH LIGHT STOCK and fixtures, for eaie ekeap. If applied for soon; well ebuattd to do a good trade. Inquire at tbe corner of Nlntn even oa and Twcnynmih atroeL A BB4UT1FUL COUNTRY BEAT FOR BALB OR EX JS. change tor city oi country property, near New York? Situated cn tbe west hank of Cayuga Lake, elgit miles from Ithaca, icmpkine county, New York?112 acres of the be it land ha the moet bealthv section in tbe State: nil kinds of fruit trees, >9? ere? wood, dwe'llsg and outbuildings, all new, band nomeiy finished ln-lde and out. Price 914 000. Will sell 52 aerea vHb ite building for M.fCO; will sell a I or part of the tarn ture. For lurtber particulars tnquiro Id the paper store. 391 Grard s-.reet, where plan of the piace can be seen, or of THOB. JONES, on tbe premiees. A SPLENDID CORNER GROCERY STORE FOR BALE, situated on n great thoroughfare. In an excellent loca tion, bow doing a good business, and will be aold lor lean than baK lie value- Apply at Tbe United States' Agency, 12 Cbemteret it. Boot and shoe store for sale-corner store; beit lcealkm In tbe eity, established several years, doing A large business: must be aold Immediately; business calls tbe proprietor abroad. Apply to WALTER A CAMPBELL, Ml Broadway, tAloes 24 and 28. -BIBB 8ALB?A TWO STORY BRICK HOUSE, AMD A r two story brick kitchen, adjoining the bouse No. 2 Butler ?Beet, Brooklyn, near tbe railroad, containing ten rooms nod ?arm. and sub-eel nr. and gas and chandeliers; situation plea sant and healthy; will be eoid cheap. Ap|d^ at 218 court UtOB BALE-HUDSON R1YEB PROPERTY ? FINE JP bonding sites and unimproved tracts, In parcels to suit, ?Ranted in ell the towns of Westchester county, bordering oa the Hudson. A'bo for sale and to let, country residences, In j and diagrams farnMbcd gratis to nartlea wishing to pare hose. App y to Westchester County Land Agency, 267 Bseadway, New York. M. K. COUZBN8 A 00. FDR BALB-THE SCHOONER JANE ROSS, OF ABOUT 80 tone burthen; entries 100 tons, and is well nund in every reaped. Apply to MOREaD A PaKKER, 91 Barclay street. -1MB SALE?TBE STOCK AND T1XTURKS OF A Y* tar ey stem. It will be sold a sacrifice. If applied for by wednetday nest, at which time the proprietor leaves tbe city Apply at in Budssn street, above Perry. R SALE-A LtQUCR STORE, FIXTURES AND lease, at M Wcat street. Inquire on Ibe premises. F* F*? jfc BALK?A LOT OF NEW AND SECOND HAND exprero wagons. Apply at BTCDLEY'8,37 Caaat street YDOI^SALB-AT WHITE PLAINS, 2? MILES FROM A JP deee'. a beautiful tarm of 39 scree, large new barn, with cellar, beet qualttv of land, dry, eleva'ed and level, commend ing an (x'en-tve view of Long Island Sound and surrounding country. Tbe location for building purposes le unturpsme?. Per full partleuiarn address K. A. Kaapp, White Plains Pont EOR BALE?ONE NEW FTRBT CLASS FOUR STORY brown itnsehoere, Fo 36 Bast Twenty ninth street one of a row of six jiew bourne, between Fourth and Madison wren nee, finished wltb all tbe modern Improvements. And ?M blta Twentr-iesond street, on tee Sou h side, (list from Ftf.b avenue, west. Inquire of Wm. My er, at 36 East Twen ty-ninth street. PR BALE?i BEAUTIFUL PIECE OP OB0WD, with water right at Ba'h, L. L, containing about nine etty let*, corner ot Franklin avenue and Old Bath road, near the Bath House property, having a clear nand beach In front, note oi the meet dedghtfulbathing placet In the world. ?e promisee are acme See large willow trees, forming a delightful shade. J ecssvble at all honra from New York or Brooklyn. Apply to GEO. J. BYRD, No. 12 Warren street. New York. FIR HALS ? KOO CASH FOR THE $1,000 VALUABLE restaurant, e; iter and lager bier isloon, with pianoforte, aitnated corner cf Trton row and Chatham street, in conse Suenceofthe proprietor going West. Will be sold In three ayg. rR BALE?A 8PLRRDID RUMMER HOTEL. CAPABLE of making (10,000 In one season. Any one having 67 000 cash, and wishing to purchase, may apply at the Harris House, Button street, a few doors from bt John's park. TJIOR BALE?AN EXPRESS LINE, DOING A GOOD JP bus'P'w; feor hones two wsgons. a sleigh, harness, As. W'll be sold very obeap. Rare ehance tcr a man nub a small capital. Apply at 12 Centre street. EIXTURE8 FOB 8ALB?FOURTEEN GLASS DOORS and she'-Tlng. Must be sold to day. Apply early, at 155 Idvialcn afreet. rR BALE AT A BARGAIN-ON SECOND AVENUE, between Forty first and Forty second streets, a lot, with a twe stery frame cottage, in a good and raoidly improving neighborhood. Lot 24 feet 8,'i Incite; by 80 reet. A lot the ?asMstiecan be had cheap. Apply to E. H. BROWN, 71 Wall sireet, frcm 1 to 3 P. M. For balk, or would be exchanged for real estate or vtlv.eble personal property?A light genteel and highly profitable manufacturing business, for Ohio, Pennsylva nia and the Bouthem States Fine opportunity for young men feed of travelling. Apply personally io HALL A AL0KN, 336 Broadway, up si aire. FOR SALE OB EXCHANGE- A BUBINtSSS MANU. factory, In the city ot New York, sow doing a very good bnelneis. For Particulars address A. Oarsvd, real estate agent No. 5 Tryon row, corner ot Chatham street. FOR 8 A LB OB TO LET-A NEW FIRST CLAPS HOUdE land lot tcit side of Second avenue, No 299, between Elgb taeaih and Nineteenth sireets; honse Jfixid, four story and basement, a splendid Iocs-ion. and has ell the modern traprove mente. Inquire on the premises. J. M. DSMNI9. Fob bale, or to let,-thr handsome four s'ory brown ront store, situated at 180 Chestnut street, be tween seventh and tlgbih streets, directly opposite the new Masoolo Temple, Philadelphia. Thle store ie 1 ousted on tbe most fashionable thoroughfare In tbe city, and Is adapted to any staple or fancy business. Tbe front presents a very com mandtng appearance, having two large show windows, with bnadeome French plate flats. Tbe lot is 22 tbe'9 inches in front, by 145 deep ton back street. Store 100 feet deep, whteb can readily he connected with tbe back building, and make It the entire depth. J M. UUMMBY A BON, 76 South Fourth ttreet, Philadelphia. Hotel in Brooklyn fob bale cheap-known as the Apo'lo Shades, No. 26 Myrtle avenue near {the Otty Ball, lr rinding ieare, stock (if required) and flxlu'oe. The proprietor having another place ream ring all h's attention, will aeU tbe above on reasonable terms, it appded tor soon. Onlj on the premise*, ?rat346 Atlantis, near Hoyt street, Brooklyn CUBE FOR RALE?OR EXCHANGE FOR JEWELRY. City property. Inquire at <66 Brondwa?, room No. 8. H House* for p tlb.?inducemrnth to capital teta to DitrcbSFC four very desirable dwelling boKcet in rbevlcliilty t fMadleon and Lexington avenues. Also, a block of five homes on Lexington avenue, will be sol d at a bargain. E. It. KI.NBBIMER, 310 Four haveiue. KOUTE FOR BALE?THE UOBT HXTEN9IVN CAM phene, fluid and a'robol route In ibe rjty, tor ssle wlih or wltlout horse and wagon &s Apply at 393 Pearl stree', op poai'e Oak. Boy wanted in the store. ffTWO DRUG STORES FOR SALE.-ONB UP TuWN. 1 and cue down town. TNi prescrtb'ng wl 1 more'hut Dty expertes. Bold on'y on scc untit the proprietors leaving he luf.i.ns spiv to W. W oDKl.L, <44 Elgb h avenue, near Thirtv iourtb street Ten pin alley, with balls, pinr, ao ; one Iron s'alriase. 17 step", 3 feet wide; three dstks, slxduxsn patent tireclrauers, oneo'd fetbicned m*.h>ff<n7 stdsirarj, one Counter, with drawer*, for sale. Apply at5<9 Pearl si. WJ. 8HA HP, 122 FULTON STREET-IIi! OFFERS * fur ?ale, binlard ro'm aril fixfirss (a I new, oi h the privilege el four vara' n\se; r.ew a d ?c jond hand tabes fo sale, can he purnbnsad cheaper ,hao elsewoere, at his ni tun ii. tr tj, t48 Fulton mrlNEK V, AO r 2C BLEKCKER RIRF.LT, KA4T op BROADW AY1 t) Mrs. a. T .1 a Vli?" "i. Is the a'tenjon o'the laliet u> ho? large and rieganf arror rrert. oi drees o*?s, hssd dreaies, mrnnlnq ffcapes, bseqtiM, Ac APKIIRON. ABOUT LEAVING BlieiNEH, H DR. strous of dispcs'ng of tbe wtme or a pa,ot bis stock of ribbon*. flowers, Ac.. at a MrriAce. tr.e ?.re, whirs lata >tro?dw?T, will be leased, if detired. Address a. II, Sr.isd wsy Foal oil ce. MRR. HUBBARL'B BXTENSIVB ASSORTMENT OF rob ml lir.ery is now orcn at her ??w rooms, ho 7 B >cd street, ,a;w Yors. Fh? 'n ">nstsni'y reo-irtyg the .ateets'yiea, and the most e exant M<eo i u,s firm Par a. <JTO< K OF M1LL1N-RV GOODS AT AOOtION-ON O MoeiHr. Jute 2, a' 1(1^ o'"lork at th? store H-? 71 Ti. ,-d *<nt.r>? r. MOVAR wi.i tr 1 r.s above, the en*!/? stock J' nbitxer. i ',ir cotta teJ 'n the store: tte wloie oj; s >.d ''.r resit ?'./( ii *or??r as T? P hit* if s t Ttg ;bf t or tea. ;>( ) te, to et. it'innssafccva. Hc WMW. OMBUAMI, OB. CARRIAGE FOB BaLB~A BIX ERATED BEET, OR summer camu*, second hand, bot In perfect order. Price enlj UtO; eoel W*0. Apply el the BL stables, Bo. 07 MarceTewset. For sale obbap-a owe top buggy, a pour and 01 Mil rcckaway uirui. one eel of angle borseu, aid one saddle and bridle. Aim. four stai ? u> let, at liable 169 Mcnrt e Inquire at B&ONN'B, 4t Vwj street. ?EH)B BALB-A riVB GRAY T10TTING HORt!?, SIX r years oid; sold on aceoant of hev'.ng so >t -o l<r It. la at H. Harp, coiner of Johnecn and Duffieul streeia, For balb-a pair of blood bat pony built carriage horses, seventeen bands high, thoroughly broke, ?erea years old, ptrfeoUy matched in appearaaoe and temper, oi unsurpassed stile, and can wot toge'her to lees than minutes A responsible guarantee win be gtreu as to tbeir perfect acundness aad blndseea to all barn ess. Apply at Use private stabls 48 Great Jonee street. IJtOR BALB-A MORGAN HORSE, 18 BANDS HUH. 1* very stylish, 8 rears old this spring, and warranted sound and Had in double or siLCle bare ess. also, a light shifting top wagon, and harness, cite buDt; will be acid separately or to gether. Apply at ho. 109 West Fourteenth street, bet seen 9 AM. aid 6 P. M. rlR 8 ALE?TIN SUPERIOR TOUNG HO ASF. ft, PROM Orange county; five of them very (mi and ol the beat slick, the remainder suitable tor buiiceis purposes. All war retted sound and kind. To be so.d very low, at the old stable, 23 Boernm street, Brooklyn. ID0R BALK-A SPRING CART, NEARLY NEW; ALIO P a ret of barrets. WHi be iold cheap. Apply at No. 103 Thompson street. FOR 8ALE-A HAND8CMR IRON GRAY HORSE, abeutlfiX bands high, a fast and stylish driver, seven j ears old, sound and kli>d and of great endurance. Bold as the owi er baa do use for htm. Apply at 31 Weet 42d street, between 5 h and 6 h avenuee. between 2 and 6 o'clock P. M. TO* SALR-A THRRB K8AT BOCKAWAY WAGON; Jj baa been but little used; la capable of oarrytng from 9 to 12 ferrous: would suit a boarding bouse or waterlog place. Inquire of GBO. C. BATH URN, No. 88 West Twenty third street. rORBB AND DOCTOR'S POUR WHEEL GIG FOR L sale.?A gray korse, sti years old, so tud aad kind; the ?Ig cost$240; kas been usedabostt'our mon bs; prise, $160 fir bone, harnesa and gig. Apply at #0 East 20th at., b eft re 9 or after 3 o'clock. Morgan bobber?will arrive this morning, a lot of very eupsrior horses, from Windsor ootiaty, Ver mont. Among them are two magnificent say a, hands high, of extraordinary sty la and beauty, ail years old; and tea fine road aad family horses, warranted In every respect Per aals low, at 11 Boer urn street Brooklyn. QRCOND HAND CARRIAGES,?A ROCKAWAY AND . ? " ?- ) bugglt i street The subscriber offers for sals at his plaoi at Saratoga Springe, a number of very flue horses, con stating of two pairs of very tuperlor carriage horses, fan sin gle boraea. and ladies' and gentlemen's saddle boraee; all young, and warranted perfectly sound and gentle. J. BEBKMAB FINLAY, Saratoga Syringe. COPARTNERSHIP noticbb. a>rr fmn-PASTNiR wanted, in one of the tTu.ul/U greatest tnventiona of the age, where a large and speedy fortune can ba realised in a very abort Mme. These are plain facta. Apply at the United States' Agency, 12 Chamberat ?t. ?1 Knn ? ABSOCIATE WANTED-BY A GENTLE Jl.tlUU. man from the middle oi tblsBAte. haageiteel bnalneta, wbk-h will pay $6 006 thia aummer. No rtak what ever. Call on ANDERSON A PHELPS. 293 Broadway, room No. 4. 41 onn ? PARTNER WANTED, IN A BRANCH OF qpleAiY/U. the lumber business, paring from >1,000 to $7,000 per year. The party ia a man of means,land will re quire a strict y benett man, and one who Is wising to take an active part in the business. Apply to C. B. HO WES A CO., 84 Nassau street. ?nnn -WANTED, A MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT, .VUV. either to join theadvertiaer as equal partner ia a flraticlsta grocery More, or to loan the same and taken e'erk ship, with ample security. Apply to HOWES A CO., 84 Naa tau street. Bonn -WANTED, A PARTNER, WITH GOOD COUU. reference and steady habits, to engage in a safe and well tested enterprise. The business Is pleasant, and will clear bom f 10,1(0 to >12.000 per annum. Thle le a rare chance. Apply eaily, to G. WHEELER A CO., 334 Broad way, room 14. Aonn TO $1,006 ?WANTED, A YOUNG MAN WITH upOVU ihe above amount, as bookkeeper or salesman in a wholesale store. With a competent man a liberal arrange mcnt will be made. Addreee Bookkeeper, Herald otH?e. *7(IA -PARTNER WANTED, All RNTERPRI8ING 451 UU ? map, with the above amount, to lnveet la an es tablished grocery and feed business, on loan, with good securi ty, or with the privilege of joining the advertiser as equal psrt aer. Call at 398 Ninth avenue, corner of Thirty flith stree'. feftftfl -WANTED, A MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT, 4>UUl/s to join the advertiser, who has the tame amount, to purchase the exclusive right of a cub business, which will pay two men >3,000 to >6.000 each per annum. It Is legiti mate, gerteel and perfectly safe. Please call at No. 14 Pine street, cn M N. CROFT A CO. 4AHH -AN ACTIVE MAN WANTED, IMMEDIATE vP"uy ? ly, in a general auction, commission and real estate business; a smart man, wltn from >100 to >600. Tbts is an excellent oppcr'.nnlty to moke money. Address 8. L. Y., Herald office, giving late occupation. Ij two seat pbteU>n:alao a lot of open and top bug(iee fa ?ale. Inquire c! R. P. DBN1BON, n? Elizabeth ? OiQnn -WANTED, A PARTNER, TO ATTBRD THB door ud (hire equal in a new ud pleaaant, gen teel travelling exhibition. T10 000 can be realized tbe present rear on. Eucfi a chance seldom offers. Apply at 334 Broadway, room Id. fl>OCn -WANTED, A PARTNER. TO TAKI TBE tPAuU? money of a popular travelling exhibition. Thit )? a fine chance to we the country aad make moae*. Security tor the Inveetment. Irqu're for MOOR, at the office of Tam many Hotel. COPARTNERSHIP.?NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the nnderilgced, having purchased the Interest of Lucre, Einck A Co., in the fliur business. No. 303 Washington itreet, have formed a copartnership, under tbe C-m. name and style ct Kau h, Krapp A Co.. is said business, to be con ducted and carried on at No. 303 Washington street. PETER KAUTH, JOHN KRrPP CORD MAHNKKN, Nxw Yohe. June 2, IBS6. PRSD. MICHEL. DIP80LUY10N.?NOTI3B IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT tbe corartnerrblp heretofore ex'-tUng under tbe came and stj'e cf Lr.ers, Flnck A Co has been ibis day .dissolved ny mutual eenrect, and all aotounts due to or aratnst :be under rimed will t>e settled by tbcm, at tne store. No. 303 Washing ton itreet. BRNRY LUfiRS, JACOB FINOS, CLADS JDNGaRS, New York, June 2,1SS6. PETER KAUT3. SPECIAL PARTN1R-.WANTFD, AN ACYIVB BUSI aessmsD, with some capital, in a resoectable, profitable business. of long standing. Apply at tbe oflice of Florence's hotel, to C. P. Wood worth, between 9 and 10 o'clock. A. M., or ? and 6 o'clock, P. M. THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BE tween tbe undersigned, under the firm of A. Wohlrabe A Co., la this day dissolved bv mutual consent Andrew Wohl rabe >? alone authorized to settle the claims of the firm. ANDREW WOHLRABE, Rtipletoh. S. I, May 3L I860. GOTTFRIED WINTdR. (iottfried Winter will continue (or tin own account, thellrur and terd bml*eir, In tbe old store of A. Wohlrabe A Co., at 8tap!eton, S. 1. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED. ACOTTAG*. with COACH HOUSE OR GARDSN, IB warned In Brooklyn, for one or two rears. Nocbjeo ion to take It turslebed or not. The property must be In complete order. If kc'Xon Mttltdhftiry, a Uoeral rent would be paid. Addrcia hex. 3,110 Post oflice. ClOAL YARD.-WANTED, A SMALL BIZTD YARD, ) mltable for a coal ;ard. Address bor 1.2K) Poet office,i Rooms want?d.-a parlor and bedroom, or a front parlor, on the fir it floor, turnisked or unfurnished, by a gent'emau, wbo desires quiet. Terms must be very mo derate lie ground floor of a bai emen'bouse preferred. Ad dieta PETKR PARSLoW, Colon square Post offise. WANTED- FORPRODUCT1VEPROPERTY ANDCA81, a (took of go* ds scitab'e for A Western marke', A fair exobarge will be made. Apply to P. J. THOMAS, 39 William Meet. (MSTHllCTIOII. ?BOOKKEEPING, WRITING AND ARITHMR JOtJ I ? fir.?Mr. DOLBEAR, (09 Broadwav, will receive arplieanla this day or evening, for penmanshlo or bookkeep ing. and guarantee tbem good place lu bonks, office* or (tores. An accomplished, practical bookkeeper is employed to qualify gent'emeu for held bookkeeping. fcl f\ ?BOOKKEEPING. WRITING AND ARITHMETIC, wlv. Time unlimited ?Young men in want of commer cial Instruction, thoud make immediate application at PAIN Be' new academies, (12 Bowery, N Y.; 283 Fulton slreet, Brooklyn. Now open, day and evening. Ladles' writing c eases, (2; twelve Iesaonr, all found. BOOKKEEPING, ARTUMETIC, WRITING. RT'. Tangbt upon very favorable terms by W. J. RENVILLE, 302 Broadway, Tbe Instruction is separately imjwed, tbcurotigbly and readily available in practice. Open day and even'ng. French langdage, ac.-e. tfllbring, 483 Broadway, established 1862. eintlouen to give private in ?trncti-n In French and German; also, teaches tfnglnn branches ard c'attice to yonng gentlemen, day scholars. Pasted ex aminations on tbe ooniinect of Europe. CEDOWICK'H metropolitan ACADEMY and gym " avenue, neat 8. J. O Lntlt.m, V., ard 96 Ptx'.h avenue, near Wasntng on square. " * -"UiaWirK, A. M., Prin CFANIBH LANGUAGE.?PI OFRBfcMR GJB&iN OO.i ij Urnes Ms .estruetloiss in the above 'angbfge. Alio a fur ruled room to let, with partial borrd, to a single gentleman. Apply to die aforesaid, at 1.34 fE'gbth street near Brsadway. BITING AND AOCOPNM.-H. r. FOS1'*R~~aWD III BAM DIXON give let'oes a* isualin writing, boh keeping, Ac Room No. 1 App eton Building. 348 Broadwav, ehrre youth and adults are qualified I t merc?n!')4 pursuit* la an eipedttlo'is and superior manner, W11VB8 AND UftlOHR ~ A^HDVHRTIFERB WILL FIND THE AMERICAN WEEKLY PRFBH one of tbe beu me!.urns in tbe wor.d tor m ik ng thc;rw!ites known to ihe public. Prl -e, i.'tv ceatg pe- line, cwh In advance. Adverinement* rece.ved at the offi'#, north west ecrter of Fulton and Nassau stiee's. Ne v York. A^m lAlt'll A?8<tRTMFNT or tXAKETS BY 'HB tieel er d*7cn: wtnee of all 4eserl(,'Jont; brandies, gins. Ja r.a'ca rum, old Vonongake'.? ardBonrbsn wmrt e?; Lindas ar.d Dublin Porter, Hootch ales. Ac., for sale at 0NOVRHILI A MATTER8LN P. 4'A Kioutne street, near Broadway. fiKIONETTR BRANDY FOR HALF-." ROM BOVDF.I1 . warehouse. In bait p'pes. onar err.a*ks and octaves, la quantities to suit, by SIMPSON BROTHERS. 10 Btaver it. Cm laret wine. *2 a psr dozen-scprrior Scotch, Fast India, pale and Phtlsdelplll a'?s; London Iiuilla and Philadelphia and bronn etoni hrandi-s, wines, Ac., at riERBOlh'B, 18 Biee.-k-i street, eornerof tt.l iAhe-.h, and 621 Hudson street, comer ot Jane. l^OR BALK-A PTOCK OF FINE WTNFB AND BR~N X dies, segars ard evfrytblrgsdaDfed to the liquor buslu'-ss. w'.tb hardwire (Ixtnres, tad an e'egant e.ore to lease; is dni ig a goi.d I usineir; sa'tifajtgrv retsons wHl be ? ven :or offert g thesbove. Address II. S., box 197, Be -aid office FJ'i.IB TLTRA PDRB SFTRIfS H4VI.VG FI3E flaTKtf Krtrch Irandtee.eii'l'A Of cognac, kir fltvor r.e ps ii to fifty gallnns. bv irevelv m vt- g o tbe am< e fe rc'r.'.*, n ??es a good imttatif.n ?f Frensh cigzat; "o'er l r t ja: f .?? rid w m?*, pure sr.r ts. ai tuner.'ra'" For * -v Ht.VjfcifA CO, C's C'frs ittit ItfrT!?rs, 4C4 Jreco. b ft'tet. N RmppiNo. Tf-?? UVS&POOL.-UN1T2D BTATIB MAIL 8TNAM r ship BALTIC, Job. J. Comrtoek, commander, will de part with the United States rnai.i .or lu ope, posiuselv, on Saturday, J-jne J, >t U a., treat itr berth fojt at Canal UssC ice thine ef itie line have Improved water ugbt eempart men'r, and to avoM darger from toe, will not area* the Banks north or 42 degree* until nAer the let of August. For freight or passage, having unequalled arwmmotsttens, apply ,10 ID WARD K. OOLURq, a6 Well stree . All tetterw most pate through the Poet office; any other* trflE he returned. Pnnengere will pleaee be en board at 11 o'clock A. K. The Ericsson, Captain Lowber, will succeed the Battle, and nail Saturday, June 21. Notice.?The ta'e or freight from Liverpool to new York ie reduced to ?4 per ton measurement, anUl farther notice. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMRBIOAH ROYAL MAIL rleemihtpe FROM !?rW TORS TO UTSRPOOL. Chief cabin passage t (133 Second cabin passage 75 suom BObTON to uvehtool. Chief eabin passage (110 Second cabin passage 60 lb* ihip*from Boston eel)at Halifax. PKmPIa, Capt Jndkins. CANADA, Oapt Lang. ARABIA, Capt J. Stone. AMRRlCA, Capt. Wicxman. ASIA, Capt I. Q. Litt. NIAGARA, Capt. Ryrie. AFRICA, Capt. Sbtnnoa. KUBOPA, Caot. J. Leltsh. Theee vessels carry a clear white light at maelbeatl; green on eterbo&rd bow; red on port bow. Cenada, lang. leave Canton. Wednesday, Jane 4, IBM Africa, Bhannon, " N. Yon, Wednesday, J ana 11. 1856 Niagara, Eyrie, " Boeton. Wednesday, June 18, 1808 Arabia, Stone, " N. York, Wednesday, Jane (5, 1856 America, Wlekmai," Boeton, Wednesday July 1,1808 Alia, Lott, " N. York, Wednesday, July 9, 1856 Cicada. Lang, " Boeton. Wednesday, July 16,1806 Africa Shannon. " H. York, Wednesday, July 23, 1806 Bertha not secured until paid (or. An experienced surgeon on hoard. The owneri of these ships will sot be eeoounlable lor gold. ?Brer, bullion, specie, jewelry, preoloua stones or meta l, on lose bills et lacing are signed {heritor end the value there? therein expremeC For freight or psamge apply to B. CUNaRD, Ho. 4 Bowling Owes. SILLED WITH USEFUL AND INTIKB8T1NG READ leg, the AMERICAN W EKKlY PRE 18 la one of the b?t ily papers In the country. The extremely low prise at which It la published puts It tn the power of every person In the country to subscribe. Is> ned every Friday morning, at (1 ajear.Sl 50 per hundred to agents. All orders must be ad dressed to the proprietor, corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. New York- Advertisements Inserted In the Press at 80 cent* per line. Terms, cash in advance. FOB LIVERPOOL?THB CILEBRATKD CLIPPER ship CITY OF NEW YORK, Capt. Salter, wlU positively milt o-morrow, at 12 o'clock. For passage appiv ou board, pier No. 8 North river, or to I> 'Ma HJC8X A JONES, 60 Buuth street and 36 Old slip. FOR LIVBHPOOL, JUNE 2-OLD black star line. ?1 be noble packet ship CITY OF MOBILE, Captain Mar ?hall, will salt positively on Monday, Id June. Her aorommo datlons for cabin and second cabin passengers csneot be our paned. App'von board,pier 48, Eastriver, or IJ WILLIAMS A UU10IT, 40 Fulton street. YPOR LIVERPOOL,?PATRIOTIC LINB.-TO BAIL P08I JP lively June 3, the favorite parket ship HENRY CLAY, Capt. Caulkms, will certainly sail ae above, having superior aooonuncdatlona for all oleisea of passengers. Appiv on board, pier 5 North river, or to 0. A. TEN hYUK, 67 South st Notice.-tapboott'b line of Liverpool pack eta- Packet of June A?Ibe new oiipper ship 19 A AO BELL, Capt. Johnson, will sail as above. For passage In cabin, second cabin and steerage having unsurpassed asoomnoda tions, app y on board, pier 36 East river,or to TAPBOOTT ? Co., 86 Booth street. YDOR HAVRE. DIRECT?THE FRENCH SCREW P ateamabtp BABCELONE, 2,300 -one burthen, will leave for the above port on Tuesday, June A at I o'clock precisely; price of passage first eabln .(100 Second cabin 80 We beg to call the attention ot shippers to the dtSerenceet duties InFranoeon foreign produce per French vessels. Far freight or passage apply to the agents. _ IM. A ID. POIKIEB A CO., 33 Broad street. The Alma will guested the Bmreelooe, ana sell Thursday, July 3. The vawdebbil* European bteambhip linb for Southampton. Havre and Bremen.?The first e'aaa steamship NORTH STAR, 2,800 tons, T. T. Hunter, O. 8. N., master, will leave New York bar Southampton and Bremen on Wednesday, July 2, at noon, prcoassly. Price of passage, firs*. cabin. flOO; seoond cabin, 960. Passes sere and malls Tor Havre will be sent on, on arrival at Southampton in a first elans steamship tat connection with the Una. The North Star will then proceed Immediately for Bremen. The North ri ar Is constructed with six solid permanent water tight bulkheads, and In safety, eomlort end appointments la second to no ship Afloat The North Stat will leave Bremen for New York on Angost 2, and Southampton on August A Hopping at South ampton each way, this line makes a saving In time sad money to paatsngers over all other routes. Persons desiring to bring oui their friends, ean obtain eertlflcatra of passage. For pas sage or freight apply te D. TORRANCE, agent. No, g Bowling Green, New York. Notice to passengers and importrrk-the Liverpool and Philadelphia Steamship Company's splen did and powerful steamships CITY OF BALT1MORK. 2.464 tons. Oapt. Robert Lelcb; CITY OF WA8HING10N, 2380 tons, Capt Wm. Wylie;l CITY OF MANCHESTER. 2,109 tons. Oapt P. C. Petrle; KANGAROO, 1.974 tons, Oapt R. Ewtng. Are Intended to sail? FROM LIVERrOOt. City ot Baltimore. Wednesday, 16th July. rSOU FBltADELrBIA. City of Baltimore Thursday, 36'J> June, RATER or PABSAOR. Ba'oon, (90,966 aid (88. arcordlrg to staterooms. A limited number of third class passengers will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in provisions. From Philadelphia. (30 I From Liverpool <40 Tbese ? earners are constructed with Improved water tight compartments, sad each vessel carries an expertsioed surgeon. Parties wishing to bring out ihetr frtei ds can obtain certifl ea-es of passage and drafts on Liverpool, In sums of ?1 sterling and upwards. Apply to JOHN G. DALE, agent, 17 Walnut st, Philadelphia, or 8ABRL A CORTiS, 177 Broadway. New York. FROM NEW TOBK TO BRBMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON and Havre.?The United State* mall steamship WASH INGTON, K. Cavendy, commander, will tail for Bremen, Kmebtng at Southampton to land the mails and passengers for Erglasa and Franoe, on Saturday, Jane 14, at 12 o'clock M? trcm pier Bo. 37, Worth river. PRICE or P1MAGE PROM SEW TORE TO SOUTHAKTTOK OB BREMEN. In flret eabln, main saloon fISO In first eabln,lower saloon Jit) la secord cabin 60 An experienced surgeon Is attached to each steamer, "oecte delivered in Bavreor London. Bo parcels received on tbe day Of ratling. All letters must pass through tbe Poet oflloe. For passage or freight apply to C. H. BAND, agent. 11 Houtb street. The steamer Hermann will sueoeed the Washington, and sail J oly 12. STKAM BETWEEN NBW TOBK AND GLASGOW. - Edinbarg, 3,600 tent, W lib am Gumming. commander; New York, 2,160 tone, Robert Craig, commander; Glasgow, LU6J tons, John Dunoan, eommander. The Glasgow and New Tor* Steamship Company Intend eatting their Dew and power ful steamerefrcm New York for Glasgow direct, as under: Idtnburg. Satnrday, 19th July, at 12 o'clock noon; New York, Saturday, , at 12o'clock noon; Glasgow, Saturday, ?. RATES OP PASSAGE. First class 178 Third elaee, ibnad with cooked previsions 30 An experlanoed surgeon attached to each steamer. For freight or passage apply to JOHN McBYMON, No. 17 Broad way. New York slty bills or geld only received for par ?age. FOB HAVRE DIRBCT,?ST9AM8B1P BMF.U, THOMAS Small, oommander. Ibis new and powerfnl eteuner wilt sail from tbe British and Norh American Royal Mail N'enm Packet Company's dock, at .Utter City, on'Thursday, the 10th June. Passage m mey tor first class passengers only, lor whom there Is excellent accommodating, I'.OO, including provisions and Steward's fee, but without wines or li<i tors, which can he obtained on board. The staterooms are nousu ally large, and well ventilated. Any one wishing to take pie rage is invited to visit tbe ship. Freight taken at reasonable ties. Applv to E. OtTNABl), >o. 4 Bowling Oeeea. REDUCED BR1CK8-6TH JUNN.?UNITED STATES Mail I.lne. -60 pounds baggage free, 10 cents ner pound on excess. Four hours frnca ocean v> ocean, by Panama Railroad. Through for Calitornia via Panama Railroad. Tbe United States Mall StMmehlp Company will diapxtch for As Rinwail on Thursday, June S, at 2 o'clock P. M , precisely, cm pier foot of Warrea street, Norh river, tbe well known end feet steamship ILLINOIS, Captain Charles 3. Boggs U. 8. N. Passengers and mails will be forwarded by Panema Railroad, and connect at Panama with the Pacific Mall Steam ship Company's magnificent steamship John L. Stevens. Wm. I.appidge, commander, which will be In readiness and leave lmrr.eelately for San Francisco. The pnblicare Informed that the Pacific Mall Steamship Co. always baye one or more extra steamers lying at Panama, ready for oca, to avoid anv p-snblc detention or passengers or mails. For passage apply to I. W. BAT MONO, at the only office of the companies. No. 177 West street, of Warren, New Torn. Freight t# Asptnw all 70 eents per cubic foot, or one and a half cents per found, prepaid; and no freight received after 12 o'clock on the day oi sailing. A U STB ALIA.?PIONEER LINK, CARRYING TBH A United States mail.?lbs beautiful A 1 slipper ship MON SOON, 1,260 tone burthen/ or Melbourne will alio receive relight for 8ydney, is now loading at pier 10 Koat river; has a targe portion of her cargo engaged, and will be dispatched abeut the VOth Jure. Has accommodations Air passengers un surpassed for comfort by any ether ship. Freight at lowest rates. Shippers and passengers apply on board, or to B. W. CAMERON. No. 6 Bowling Green. Australia.?pass it ngrrb pbr rhip queen of THE HEAP, for Melbourne, will please have '.belr bag gage on board on Monday morning. June 2. a', pier 12. Kast river, in the ship will sail on that day. Can aeo.niimTdate a lew mare pastergere, in first or se end cabuu, it apc'Ud f ir earlv on Mender, on board, or to (/OODKVtC, ARKHLL A earlv on Monday, en boaj ELLIOT, 8b Pearl street. UHBlTin STATES MAIL 8TRANPH1P COMPAKT.-FOR Havaia and New Orleans.?On Monday, June 2, at 2 P.M., from pier loot of Warren street. North river,'.be fas' and favorite steamship PHILADKLPHI A. ("apt. J. KcGowen, will sail as above. Passage can be secured at the campanv's office. Freight to New Orleans, 30 rents per enbio foot. Blip pers will be supplied with black pule of .'admg of the form signed 1)7 the company, on upphcaiion at tbeircHi*e. No other terms signed, and no bill of lading will oe signed after tbe hour jf nal h-.g For freight or passage apply at the office of the company, 177 Weit street, comer of Warren. M. O. ROBSRTF. FU OH NEW ORLEANS AND ff A YANA.?THM U. P. Ma'1 steamer BLACK WARRIOR, ('apt'id J. W. H.T'tb, m, crmmenre receiving freight on Vorday. June 0, and sail tor 'be above perls on ihuracaj, Jur.e 12. at 2 P. M., precisely, from her pier, 27 North river, foot of Robinson street. Freight for St. Louis goes through by 'his line tn suteendv*. LIVINGSTON, CROOHRR'.hN A GO., Agen'e, 12 Park plaje. Notice.?No bills ef lading s'gned a iter, steamer satis. FU OR HAVANA AND MOBIL*?. >N MONDAY, JUKI 2 R 12o'elock, n. on, from berpier, 44 North river, oil of Pcring street, tbe fine U. a, mail s earner QUaKEr olTY. B. w. Bonfe'.dt, Ccmmander. Freight taken tor New ?'rlexus and forwarded (from Mobile free of oommlsrione. The Lira pany's bills lading ean he procured at the of :h??g?ot? oron board. No others signed. For trrlgh or passage spa.r to SMITH A PA TRIG*. agests. II Wsll street OR HAVANNA1I AND FLORIDA.?UNITRI) 8TATPS Mail line.?The ap.sndid steamer * UOU8TA. ''apt. Thot Lyon, wiil leave on Saturday, Juno 7. fr"m p'er No. 4 Nor.hi river, at 4 o'clock P. M. Bll'e of lading slrned on board. For freight (r paw age aeplytoR. L. MITCll ILL, 13 Broadway. Ihrongb tickets ;rom New York to Jacksonvilla. $31; to Pi'at ka Li'i Steamers for Flor.da conneot a! Barannah with lb: tietmerft from New York on Tneeday* and ba'unlays. FHOR NORFOLK AND PRTRRRRURG.-THK UNITED States mail steamship ROANC'K B.Oeot. Th-mvs Sx n i er, wi'i leave for the above places, .is Wednmday, 4th Inst., s' 4 o'clock, P. M., from pier 13 Nrrth river. Bhe wi J arrive at Norfolk the next after neon, and at Petersburg the fo I uring n orclng. Passengers for the Fnuth will proceed dim ly on ' y the great Bontbern mall line to <"harlesion, Augus'v.Ra vatnah, Ac. Those lor Rich word will arrive at '.heir d?sdne fen early Friday morning. Travellers wtll find ths the aVv 'it, p'eseantest, and meet exnedit'ous route. Faasage and are, with stateroom, to Norfolk, 98; ts Petersburg an t ft a n.ond, 110. Apply to LUDLAM A"LEABANT8 32nm^w*r. KRATAURA XTB. MBP. RUIRTOW'R WEIPB BIER SALOON. V) R0*? is/vet,?Mrs. Rueslow begs e?v? to eoqutinf ir?r (rteidf ?bat rhe has removed brr is in n -b? abtte tamed bipj wbgig ifcf ffiii fef bhkj t^ ixff t fbem. Ml awn, M, 1 A CAbKB MO UK OF J.V riilNltD M0C8EL1WB DB LUINrS, >sw patterns, aI lk. per yard. Will be opened on Monday, Jane 1 A. T. 8TRWART A CO., Brokdwar, Chamber# and ReMe sires'* ABHOLD, COIBIAPLB A CO. BEING OB WED TO retake premises Coring ibe eroc'Jca of tbalr new store, arse tlertag ibeir spring drrsw gcois at greatly reamed (now, end id some caeeabe.ow the cost ?f lisp irJttioa. ?1 Canal street, near Broad way. ANEW ARPOSTMKNT OF BLACK THREAD LACB

?hawla, mantilla*, cars*, collar*, eoideorea and veils, trtm 96 upwards; ?;lk laoa; diuo la great variety, just received per eteamer Betas, at PETER ROBERTS A CO.'8, 37S Broadway. A NEW 8TYLE FIGURED BLACK KMT FOR BASQUE*, <X received by eteamer Balds; also, P ack '.bread and French lama, all wld hs. point a'l'aiguiUa, Brunei* app.iqus, Vaieo ctttaee, Kagllah thread, Bool ton and Onlpure oellare and sleeves, blick thread veil*, ooill urea, Ac., As, Oar Dew Farle ?Oeeof In farts' caps are new ready. BaILAY, FARR1NOTOM ALWUI, 623 Broadway. CONTIMUAVION OF THB BALI OF DRIBS OOOBB . ? at reduced prices; alio, throe cases new end rich pat terns silks, Ac., received per late steamers, at the same low A. J AKOB1 A CO , 767 Broadway, tecoad door be low ytlnth street A LABOR VARIETY OF RICH LA OR GOODS AND embroideries now oa band, mantillas, petals aad Oouoeea, capes, ooflares, collars and aieeves, bandkerchlela, Ac., wltn ^ J"egt b?Aotiful Paris embroideries ever brought to this martsL MILLER A ORANT, 371 Broadway.. "QIAUTIFCL FRENCH B ARBORS, Ji?,? (From aucitonj Will he opened on Monday, June I, At la. fid, per yard. A. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Reade (treats. BARGAINS IN EMBROIDIRIRB. D 910,000 worth worth of Freaeb embroideries, reeelved per steamer Baltic, consisting of collars, bands Ac.; also, 1,000 French worked, 8wise and cambric sets, varying In prtoe from 91 to 92s, and warranted to be 60 per cent nelow ibelr regular value, will he op*Md J^mcsy^ Juuwi, by 707 Broadway. Id door below Ninth si ret'. T5BPIELLK8 POINT, POINT L>AQU1LLB, HONITON, i) Valenciennes, Honlton. ootnt d'aopliqne, aad medallion se e. ooiflenro, capon, mantillas, bridal seat lb, laoeaol every width, just received per Baltic, at PETER ROBERTS A CO.'fl, 370 Broadway. TJLACY GUIPURE. BBU8SRLS AND CHAB TILLY If iaces, all widths; 8-6 figured nets tar basques, variety of mantilla kiiapea for bounces, Infant robes and waists, at PETER ROBERTS A ' CO.'S, 375 Broadway. T> AREOB, GRENADINE AND BILK ROBES.? JJ A good assortment still on band, And for sale by i RNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO.. 62 Canal street. CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS, EMBRO DEBED. PROM auetlon, from 91 20, hdwards, great bargains; hemotlcbed, at 93 60 per doz., worth 96; figured must ton, far baainea and dresses, entirely new patterns, at PETBR ROBHKT8 A CO.'S, 370 Broadway. CONTINUATION OF BALE Of auction barege robsa.? BEEKMAN A COMPANY, 473 Broadway, Still continue the sale of These beautiful barege robes. At 94 the robe. Alio at 15. flLARK'S SPOOL OOTTON.?THB AGHNCY FOR *H1 sale of Ibis spool soUtm has removed to No. 32 Dey street, where a wall.assorted stock of the g*nuloe_ertic!s, fee smarted 39 Dej street. i end solid number*, is always on band. aibRGE A. CLARK. TbSLAlNES, DELAINES? U (00 pitssa Kngilsb barege d elatees, at l?;?c, per yard, Coat to import 19 cents. Will be opened on Monday, J use 2. G. B. WILLIAMS, 347 Broadway, late Leadbeater's. Embroideries?received per steamrr baltio, French embroidered basques, capes, mantillas, collars end sleeves, hatdkerebisfk, edgings. Insertions. Ac. Our ns ?ortment of mourning eels, veils, handkerchiefs. Ac , t? now complete, end Is lbs largest end choicest to be fonad in the city, BAILEY. TARH1NGTOH A LESLIE. C23 Broadway. Excellent summer bilks? Bought at auetlon. At 0s. per yard. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Rett to streets. Families commencing housekeeping.or about to replenish, are reminded that our sloe* of ilneos, sheet tigs, tableolotba, napkins, doylies, quilts, blankets, Ac, Is uxsurnaaisd by that of any other bouse, and alwaysattbe lowest prices ARNOLD, CONST ABLE A CO., C2 Cans' street. Fashions.?the cbubtal palace first prize ?liver medal emporium of fashions. ?Madame DEMO REST. 376 Broadway, luformathe public ihit her branch store. 79>4 Canal street, opposite Greene, o on tains the most elegant and artistic designs of patterns ever offered, under the super intendence of G RBAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICES OF R1CB SILK FLOUNCED BOBCS. A. T. STEW ART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets. G BEAT BARGAINS In linen bandksrchisls, Purcbssed at auction, And will be sold By BEEKMAN A COMPANY, 473 Broadway. At half the cost to import. Kid gloves, kid gloves? 600 dazes best kid g'ovea, at SB. a pair. Just rsottved. at G. B, WILLIAMS., 347 Broadway, late Lobe tier'a LIKEN HALL.-EOAN A CO., 333 BOWERY.?A NEW store? Fresh goods from auction.?000 Stella shawls, Gram f2 to 112, 60 piece* plaid silk, Aa fid per yard, worth 6s.; 600 piece* of French lawn*, from la. to 2$. par yard; 600 pieces of baerge delaine*, at la. per yard. The above good* will be opened tomorrow and the following day*. So *eo and price. LIKBN HALL, 392 BO W1RV.?EG AN A CO.-OIIRAP eilka. from anction.?Filty pieces of plaid silk, warrantee ret damaged, at 4a. fid. per yard; 30 pistes of plaids. 6s., worth II, will be opened to-morrow and on the following days. Moras ANTIQUE MAM TILL AS FOB 13, BLACK SILK tor II, and all other style* at reduced price*. Brooche. Stella,and other aprfag shawls, from auction, at very low prices. Also mantilla* and ahawla, damaged by the iate die, at 50 per cent below coat (at wbnlesa e only). E. 8. MILLS, 60 and 82 Chambers atreet. up stairs. MABTILLAS-IN MOIRB AMD LACE Richly trimmed, For 110. BEIKMAN A COMPANY, 473 Broadway, Will open this morning An invoice of the above Beautiful mantillas, And Invite the attention Cf the lad lea thareta. NOT1CH.?BARTHOLOMEW KELLY. 501 NINTH AVE nue, between Fortieth and Forty first streets, coaamis sicn dealer in every description rf dry goods. I menu fantly receiving from the Importers and from auction all t ha latest ard mcst desirable styles of shaw oaml drearies, which I am prepared to sell at least 26 per cent under retail price. PRINTED JAOCONET AND LAWN? G. B. WILLIAMS, Having purchased n large invoice of printed jaccret and lawra under very advantagtntu elrcumatances, wl'l effj,- be ladies great fcargalnR, this w??k. in the above good*. 347 Broadway. Late Leadbetter'e. Window rechiyrd, six oases Dull' and while Holland, 37 to 70 Inches wi Is For sale by DOieJfLS A NIXON, 21 Park place, MliciLLAaF.Ol'B. (bBOCKERT. GLASS AND CaiNA-BTOOK OF A RS J taller, at auction. J. J. WALDRJN. auitiooeer. Henry G. Evans, No. 6 Liberty etrtet, Tuesday, June 3, atteno'j'.ock, will sell to the trade. In lota, to suit, in addition to 'he usual a* Mirimtnt of white granite and common ware; altrge stock of a re'ailer declining business, and removed lor convenience ot sale, crnslating of whits granite, light blue, c. a , dipped and yellow ware, and a large variety of glass ware; c'.ooks, tea ti ays, knives sod forks, vases, chin* t?a rets, of every var'ety. Bale prsltive, to close the concern. Goods well packet for ehlpp'pg. (3HTNA AND OLA88.-TBE SDBiiCRlSER WOULD RE i apeclfuUy taiorm his former pa trot b and the public in ge neral that he has removed from 694 Broadway, and baa soeoed the store 699 Broadway, where they will find a large and splendid assortment of rich cut, moulded and plan >lass, French aid English china, rice brorze eandelabrss, rench mechanical lamps, fancy articles, Ac., at low price*. Olat* end china matched to any pattern. Tbeglam 1* from the manufactory of Messrs. 3. Htouvenel A Co., 203 centre street. CHARLES BTOUVRNEL, 899 Bread gay, near Twentieth street. PRKBJ1 FRUITS THROUGHOUT THE TEAR?THIS great Injury can be enjoyed bv using Arthur's self ?ealiua cans and jarr, the aimpiest aid most reliable in mar ket, differing In essential coins from all others. The** are the only cans that rest for shipping. The iar* are perfect gems and made only by Arthur. Trade supplied by B, V. TOBREY, C Plait street, New York. GENIM'S BAZAAR.?THE ATTENTION OF BUYERS t* retpecttully called to cur assortment ot embrodered and lace let*, of every style, in ar'a vancv. QBNIN'B Bazaar, At. Nicholas Hotel. 613 Broadway. TnCRNF.'S SEWING MACHINES.?THEIR MACHINES are simple m their construction, not Dahle to get out cf order, never mlra a stitch, simple '? learn to operate upon, oh?ap in price, and are capable cf dolnir all kinds of seeing. Toailihose having **wln* to do, I would kindly solicit tnau ktlenticn to call and examine far themselves. JOSEPH THORNS. 555 Broadway, TO GILHKR8 AND BCOKHINDRRS.-uOLD LEAF, deep, pale and usual, of the heat qualify, always ra hand, al D. tt KBHT '.R A OO.'f, ,V><< Hud sea door fr.m Sprlrg. Gold cnucra warded. THE NORTH AMERICAN GtTTA PXB'"HA COMPA nj, 102 Broadway, mimr'kcture every description of water pre of fabrics, of vulcanized gtitta pf-ta, pameestr.g all he desirable quallttes of India rubber, btit tree from objection to that article. Ikrse goods have no oC'enivo tonsil, and will eot get soft and sticky. In any climate. The highest tanl'mont als in regard to tbem, from ottjer* of the armv a?d navy, and numerous o hers, aay be seen at uie office of the O.impaay, where all interested are tnv ted to call and eramine tbem. The fortablr magio atmosphhsm summer stove, oookbg and at a vrrv imt.1 expense; nu kindling tiree, no trouble, no smoke, no dirt, no bev racist *d .n the room, and the emu nt of hest regti'ateda p.eiiur*. and ,erf?ctly iafe. W. J. DEMORKST, Paten to*. 3"5 .fraadwsy, up stairs. rTASTEl.PFS CANTOR OIL-THE MOST A3Rt;;i A3 ,B, .1 spc-dlest and sateat aperient in tns wurld. So fum v sbcii d be without It. This new and Important preparation .( saccharine castor oil eierts no o'ber aetlsu but that cf .i mild, yet fffheual laxative. It sm?etex'tnalvelr etna oyed in all ctrcunifiancca where It i* detirab.e :o move :bo bove's gen'ly. It will be tonnd a favnrin purgative with fern ilea In proynan ry, m Inflammatory sfl'ec'lon* of <hn bowels. in diseases f tee rectum, as piles. In strlc.nres, In hahltusl eonstlpsti m, at.i internal worms. For inlart* and children, en agreeaVe ape* rlstt. Ihe saccharic* tasteless cantor oil is perfectly si.'-<a ( in wster. Rec*mm? by the Faculty. P*inc paI ftp-. .'?(i Fr"?rtway, corr*r of WVker ?fr?et. GYORGt 8. JN (?E* A i'O., auccsee'rsto T. T. Green. v KM) NT*' ELECTRO OHFMIOAL 3 A TUB _ , V PHiNFE.of Bm-kivn. proprietor kt.d f-.; vai.? ( a.-* In avendanre al710 prasds-s'', t^ev r twsu'ee t( , , * tic u at em, nsnra'pln and all urease* sris> g t?~ o g,8 ,.n ttUcnl i mo( mevurj t o bgr x ' ?? r aiceA dp ?>%' ptf ra?Eifg*?(l)??. ajTOBBMiurnb BROADWAY *BKaTRX.-B. A. MARSHALL, BOLB ) mi se; V a. blake, Plage ttauia. Dosrs om M I Vcioofc. per#ORUINte nommeix? at 7)4 (r?M|. mooUy rung, Jute LOVE. fluou, ? serf Mr. Marcus Km are <Hts kret appear?Le* 'n New York.) Duke of Caritth'e Mr. Whiung Pncce Frederick of Mi.jd Mr. Orosrennr The Ocutlese of zipper.* em Mies JullaOaiiey (Eer lire'. appearance on ear stage.) THE rwo BUZZARDS. Mr. B. Buzzard... Mr. Whlilug | Jubn Small....Mr. i humm Miss L. B-jzxard....>lm. Henry I Belly Mlu J. Manner* BOWERY THEATER. PROPRIETOR AMD MANAGER; 1. ?? Wald/on; Acting Manager. Q. H. QrtOiJie.? Doors apen el tiiV. ocnui.enc* at 7)4. Monday, June 2? OIHELLu. C'bello Mr. H. A. Perry lego Mr. Prtor | Deedemcma Mrs. Prior LRU I) MR FIVK SHILLING*. Mr.GollgliUy Mr. Oilflilh* : Dept. Phobbs Mr. Keene BURTON'S, CHAMBERS STREET. Aknuai. BrncriT or Mr. Barret, TocASORr.n. Monday eveLiEE, June t-Tae oomedte.ut. first time here, at OAK HOOK. ?wiftlv. Mr. J. L. Baker; O'Leery, Mr. Feichell; J nils Dal ton (withe song), Mrs 0. Howard; llrs. BevC, Mrt. Hughes. PARIS AMD L'JA DON. Viscount Voletll en a tour of pleasure Mr. Holmtn Ledy Voleil , bis wife, watching htm to disguise of s tiger, r teem best runner, oebin boy, Ac Mrs Houth Ben. Frederick froth, s men ebout town Mr. 8etcbel| Jean Jacques Frsnoole Anton# Srpollte de Frizec, operator cn heir end peruquler en chief to the French Opers Mr. Moore II antes Trot, eomebman to Lord Volelil Mr. Burton Pel y Trot, hie wife Mis Bnghes Rose, e French meid, beloved of Frizao Mrs. O. Howard In which eherse'er the will Introduce the fevorlte bal lad. "H by don't the men propose!" and "I want s Peau." Mr. Beekltt, en American actor in Paris Mr. Bradley Mew icecrry, by Hellge. Act 1.- The stage ot the Opera House, with orchestra, stage Igbts, act drops and audience. Act II.?Pusorama : Picturesque vsyage te London front Palate, as seen from the deck or a steamer. The Pier?The Quay?'The Cuilcm Bouse? Fort Bongo? Boats sad Shipping tn tfcc Cbsnnol?Tho Steamship?A Fresh Gaie-A Ship on Ptre?A Wreck and a Salt?A storm at Boa?A Vessel on her Beam Kids?An American Packet Ship?Dover Heights sad Cast e?The Oabto of the Steamboat?View of London. Act 111.?Masquerade at the Helen Opera House, support ed by the whole strength of the company. BROADWAY VARIETIES, no. 473 BBOADWAT? (Laic Mechanics' Ball, between Grand and Broome staj B. Wood Leasee and Bnetnsas Manager R. 0, Marsh Stage Manager ADMISSION, TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The oelebrated WOOD A MARSH JUVP.NILE& Grand and entire change Monday evening. The successful drama of THE TOODLES. With the farce of POOH PILLIOODDY. Doors open at 6)4; otmmeaoes at 8 o'clock; end concludes at 10 o'clock. GBO. TWISTY a WOOD'S MINBTRJELB, KBW BALL, *44 Broadway, below Grand street. OPEN EVERY EVRNIMQ. Bnittoese 'jrarsaeted by Henry Wood 8'ege Manager. Geo. Christy ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELSY. Fourth and last week el' ran mischievous monkey. With that Eleased Baby. Phe Monkey by Gee. Christy Notice.?The curtain will rise at 8 precisely. Admktak n tfi cents A OA DEMY OP MC810.-ADMISSION, ONE DOLLAR. ik. Reocod etarele SO 60 I Amphitheatre ..99 SI Secured seats, 60 cents extra, at Han A Son's- No. 238 Broad way, and at the Academy. Doore open at 7 M o'clock; eommenetor a* * "'clock. BENEFIT OF MAX MARKTZSK. Madame EE UGRaNus, Btgnorl BRIGNOLI. 30LC10NI. BADLALI, AMODIO, COLETTT the ORCHESTRA, CHORES sad EMPLOYKFH having groe re uxly tendered their servleea to Max Maretzek for a benefit, he haa the honor to announee that on MONDAY. JUNE 2. 1856, will be preaented, by special request. Xa SONNaMBULA, with the third and fourth ac e of ERNANI. A NY PERSON WISHING TO BE POSTED UP ON THE O. events cf the day, and matters and th'ngs in all parts of the world, will do well to subscribe to the AMERICAN WEEKLY PRKfcS, issued every Friday morning. atSI per year. The large and lncrsarlng circulation of the AMKRICaNPRRSB makes it a destrive medium for thoae desirous of advertising their business. Advertisements inserted at fifty cents per line. The price of the paper Is only 31 per year. Agents Supplied at II 60 per buxdrcd, cub in advance. Orders must be sent to the proprietor, corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. New York. Extra advertisement.? LAURA. KEENE'8 VARIKTIH8. EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION- GLORIOUS TRIUMPH Of JOHN BROUGHAM'S newplay, PANS EYRK. First right of an original American oamedy, A TAKRB TWO TO MAKB A BARGAIN. MCkDxx Xvening, June 2, jane eyre. New seensry?Powerful cast. To conclude with IT TAKES TWO TO MAKE A BARGAIN. INK WEEK MORE.?BUNKER HILL DIORAMA.? t The htatorlcal moving dtcramaof the Battle as Bunker Bill and ConfiagraUon of Ch&rieetowrn Is for exhibi tion tor this week at tie Chinese Museum Building, no. 683 Broadway. la addition to whMh will be added a dloramle scene, ea titled Ike FAIRY LAND, and Palace of the Falrlea. Doors spec at 7)4 o'clock; perfortnaeees com menee at Bo'eloek. On Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 3 e'eleck. Tickets, 36 seats; children, 12)4 cents. O1 Brooklyn athkk.ecm. Las'. appear knee of MMB. ISIDORE CLARK, who will give bar second and LAST GRAND OPERATIC COKCBRT, with tie following artists of ibe Academy of Music, who app&u* tcr Me first time in Buoklxn:? fig. BR1GNOLI, First Tenor, Big. aMODIO, First Baritone I . Stg. MaNZOOCHI, Big. ALBITEF, and Mr. A. SIDGWICK, On Thursday Evening, Jure 8.185S. T'cketa, one dollar- at tie Athenwum; Ranford's, 23 Court street; Rax Braun'r, 213 Fu'fcm street, Brooklyn; and Wm. Hall A Pen's, New York. Doors open at 7>6; Conoert to son* mence at 8 o'clock. ACARD.-MI88 JULIA OATLBY BESP1CTFULLT announces to her friends aed the public that she will make her first appearance on any stage at the Broadway theatre, cn Monday evening. Jure 2, as the Countess; la Knowles' celebrated play of LOVK. Brooklyn athrn.-eum. Second AND Posititelt Last GRAND VOCAL AND INSTaOMKNTAL COKCBRT, by Madame ANNA DE LA GRANGB, (First Prima Donna of the Academy of Musie, N, Y.J and L. MORBAU G0TT8CHALK, with the see'.stance of Signer BKRNARDT, and CANDIDO BRRTI," Or Tuesday Kreriro, Jure 3, 1886. Tickets One Dollar. No e?ra charge for reservedseats. Tickets oan be obtained at the Atberrcnm, Wm. Ball A Bon's, 239 Broadway, N. Y, and at Max Brar.n's music store. 213 Fulton street. Brooklyn. Doors open at 7 o'clock; Concert to commence at 8. Grand concert at dodwortiub academy, eca Broadway?First appearance In this country of Stgror An tonio A'sjnso, tenor, assisted by Md'lle AldlnL S'gnor Moreill, ft. Hofi'mau and Alcites? at 8 o'clock on Tuesday, June 3,1880. Admission, 81. Brooklyn muskum. Grand Covwjrentary Testirdniai. TO JNROME 11. GHRSEBROUGH, BY Shakspere Drama lc AssooiatioD. P1ZARRO. Foils Jerome B. I'btsehrou.'h Atari s A. K Milobl'I A'o. zo P. Fraukl'u Pittarre J. B.Connor K.vira Miss Kale Hunter Cora Miss Madison DUTCH READINGS, By I. A. Brookes?bis la twoyenre. Madame wartok's living gallery of beauty is cpmed every afternoon and evening, at the Franklin Museum, 127 Orsod street. The daguerreotypes c?n oe seen tree. Ladies con have their daguerreotypes taken free of exptnse by applying as above. Tbe oijginal moeel artistes, every after rccn SLd cvenlrg, at tie Franklin Museum, 127 Grand street In a ter es of living statuary, (fourteen pictures to-dav,) Including Sappho, the Three Graces, Temptation, Venus de Medici, be Battle of tic Amazons, Faith, Hope, Charity, Ac. BUCKLEY'S KEREN A DEBS-WHO ARB NOW ON A tour through the West?will open their new and b*autl fnl hall. 638 Brtcdway. opposite Nlblo's, atom the 1st of Au gust. Ibe old ball, 539 Broadway, to let. Apply to JaS. BUCKLEY, 186 Laurens street. Franklin museum, no. w grand street, onr door Irom Broadway.?Performances commence every afternoon at 3, and every evening at 8, by Madame Warton's original troupe of model artistes, (twenty-seven In number,) comprising a company ot the finest formed women In the world, with other original entertainments. ONR THOUSAND DOLLARS WILL BE GIVEN TO any person that can produce a more pe-feat gallery of fsma e beautj (living* than can be sees at Madame Warton's Franklin Museum, 127 Grand street. Any quantity of manu factured daguener types can be seen free. Beautiful womkn.-maonificknt picture*, at Franklin Matcum, 127 Grand street, every afternoon and nigbt. by Madatne Warton's ircttpeof model artistes. Singing, dascicg, bur esque lectures, testa of actiitylby ths Arab Girls, Ac., tie whole forming a diversified bin ot amusement. After noon at 3, evening at 6. GURNET'? FALACE OF ART. 349 BROADWAY-CON laics tbe lamest svhtbi'ion of finely finished photographs and daguerreotypes in the world, and Is always apm fortka free Inspection of the puhlle. Theatric il,-an arrangement will bbmaor ?with a first el??a lady actress, to visit the Western cities sndrcvd 'Hiawatha" AUrstsAcromplWhmeale, Broiler./ Post ofilte, for three dsys. TO THEATRICALS. An.-A YOUNG Msg, WKI.u RDU caedend of irod addrees wuljleg for tbe stage. Is de e roi.s of ecrr.s Hgni em .dnvment in some ret prctable theatre. 8a try no reject. Audress C. R., Brooks' Old Star, Ll? ptnnrd street. HOTELS. Hknky e rirll, thank eui, to ths provi tkat as sptred him in a reuer.t and serious 111 nete, wh'ch forbade bis being present to his many friends and c istomers, wou'd mw motf -sspect'ul'y say to'hev, thatbe 1 lf restored tobea'th, he Is rcadv to welcome item at bite tar Hctel, the "real" Biar, in Leonard stree' Tie care and at tention psldlia'l ahawirg th?lr gvod wl'l by their pres-nce he trusts may meet appro at'on. Twke a week (Tiiertdavs and Fridays) will be devoted to Joilltv and c lnvtriiltg. M is'c nil then be found, aid the crderiof h s friends a:'ended to prcmptly. "\ttctoria norr.L, badbn bade*, Germany.-f. V A PB. OROSHOLS,owners. A well known American traveller wtltes from this place:?The hotels of Msdvn we ex cellint. The most elegant of all, thiughnot a whit dearer than any other. Is the VTcU rla, kept and owned by Messrs F. and Pk, Orosbolz, brothers to Me>ers. Louts A Pb. Orosbtls, im.'Orters in rhlladelphia. They oast know how to fur,i;*h their a nests with hose substantial Vaglish cvtrfwl* wblah one car enjoy at exorbitant ratss In Erg'and a..d which 'hey here "aeleb with t. profsw band at German Driest. DKRTISTmr. DR. * A POLS'" N PRRTHRRK'8 NEW INCORRUPT! R* R erih are '.rucrlod from . ns V> a full set, *nth or without extfMth g he roots. Tee h a e eviraoiel witbrnt ntln, by it rare >' a bencmbiDg eppdeedeo to the mm Prlcts yen ^fta'wkj porefii cf Howard i-ireeu RJTBLOf GaRP** - jl* r-efccpes Ml; to oommeaoe at 8 o'clock. Tiekeia FiP.y cents. M 6.x EAT Kvlniko, Jokm 1, 1*86, A Great BUI I THY WONDkKFUL 11A V PL FAMILY. YCUNG HKSGLBB. THE DAhCICR OF TUB AIR, Id hu erirnordloort r.i>ntiwi u< evoluu io? CD -be TlOUT ROPK. Lui n)gfct but two or MaZULM, THB NIOBT OWL. Anolce, Frsjacele ?td Jerome In their original -horoctem. Jt.cae's beautiful b?Jiet? THE xLOPkM*ST. WALLACE'* THBAtRM. Monday even In f, June 2, 1886, will be prtsanted th1 comedietta of A MOBNIMO CALL. Fir Pdwerd Ardent, Mr. Letter; Mrs ( hllUrg'one, Mrs. Hoey Wi-h PO-CA-HON-TAB. Powhatan Mr. Brougbaee Fmith Mr. Walont I Xro?n Mr Phillips Ec.f Mr. Patera ) Pooahomam ViafOsusoa Pootvpet Mrs. Stephens I P'unu dt..'. Mrs. Phtlitpe Aid HEW WAR'S U*Y. Kdrnond Quirk... Mr. Holland | Domywag Mr.Ht?wnri Saliy J oh neon Mas tlannoa Tuft-day, benefit of Mr. Dyntt?BOB ROY sad FAINT bbabt beaut never wciSr faib lady. Laura kernes yaribtibb. Doer* open st 7; performances commence st TSfpre Mseiy. Monday evening. June 2? ir TAKR8 TWO TO MA KB A B ABO AIM. Deacon Uartle.xh. Mr. Johr ?ton I M rs Blythe.. Jilu L. Keen# JAHK EIRE. TUB ORPUaH OF LOWQOR. Pxirflas Rochester Mr. Geo. Jordea Lord Theodore Ingram Mr. O. K. Dtektnaem Colonel Dent Mr. H. HsB Mr. Brooblehunt, s ptendo phUsnlbroplst .Mr. Baca John Doimar. servant to Rooheeter Mr. T, B. Johnatos Jane Eyre, tie Orphan af Lowood MMsLsorsKe ' KELLER'S EMPIRE HALL, Great Attractiow. TABLEAUX AMD MUSICAL SOIREES. First week of DOCTOR VALKHTIHE and MR. A. BTOEPBL. Third week of MADAMR LOVARBY and MR. F. 8TORPEL liutsr. >iw grand Tableaux Every aleht ibts week. WEDNESDAY and Bayurday AnaRNOON!!. BIBLICAL PI0TURM8. YYTALLACH'S THEATRE,? ff BEBEFIT OF SIO. LA MAMMA, WKDNKBDA T, J ano 4,1686, Cn whieb occasion the following eminent artistes bSTO kindly voltuitesicd tbelr valuable aid;? MMB. PAXIANA. Prima donaa from the Acsdemv of Marie. MMB. ZOf W1KTHOPF, Premier,r dantcuie, her first sppesranoe since ber return from the Foutb. M'Lt E DUOY BARRR. premier dsn Muse. MOHB. BTPCLIT1 WIETHOFF, his first sppesrsaoe In America. MOHP. FULIX WIRTHOOFP. MR. O. W. BM11H and si] the talented artistes attached te the theatre. In a variety of popular entertainments. C1ABI. BKROMAHN'S DP.NP.PIT. AND LAST ORAN0 J SACRED CONCERT, On Sunday. June 1, at the Citt Assembly Rooms. The wkoie of this magnificent establishment will be thrown eeen for 'be first Urns ns s oonoert room, on which occasion the united choral societies. SABNGKBBUKD, consisUng of 280 vocalists, together with THE GRAND ORCIiWTRA. will perform the grand Dramat'c Tone Picture, by Tsofclrcb, A HIOHT ON THE SNA. The solos n ill be sustained by MR. BEUILFR, Tetter. MR. ORHRLBIN, Reese. PbOoramme-Part First. 1. Overture t'rrm tbe Opers * Taunhtousar" .Rlehord Wagner 2. Chorus?1"O. Isle and Osiris," from the Opera, "Magic Flute" Mozart Perlorntsd by the Saengerbund. 3. German 8oog Peso* Sung by a member of the Artan. 4. Adsg'o, for four French Horns (by pnrUotfinr re quest) C. M. v. Weber Performed by Messrs. H. Sebmttz G. Schmitz, La Crolp and Prahl. 6. Overturn characterist'que, "La Carnival Roma to," (by request) Rector Berliox Fart Second. A NIGHT ON THB SEA. Grand Piasrstlo Tone Picture, for solo, chorus and orebestrn TscMreb 1. Chorus?"The Hymn of Night " 2. Duet for Tenor and Bass (the Parting). Sung by Messi?. Beutler and C ehrlein. 3. Chorus of tbe Snip's Crew. 4. ReettaUve and Ononis (Oa'm). 5. Song for Tenor (Home and Love). 6. Recitative. "y Mr. Beu'ler. 7. Ross Colo snd Chorus (Mariner*' Joys). Tbe Sole Bung by Mr. oenrlein. ft. Cborus and Solo (Storm). 9. Recitative and Chorus (Storm Abatis g). 10. Cborus of the t hip's Crew (the Rescue). Condncor Carl Berg nana. 1 Inader Theodore Thomafe Tickets 80 ct nte. Door a open ai 7; to commenes at 8 o'clock. SURTON'B THEATRE.?EXTRA NOTICE.-MR. AND Mrs. HuLMAN beg leave to announce tbelr annual bene or Wednesday evening next, June 4, when Mr. BURTON, supported by the entire i trength of hie company, will appear. Ceased j, Extravaganza, end Force. TBK SERIOUS FAMILY. FOBTTNIO, THE SEYCM GIFTED FAVORITES V and THAT BLIBBRD BABY. Singing and Dancing, Hen laiental and Cami sal . Forming one of the mot t pleasing and varied entertainment* ?f tbe reason. Box book now open. R. TIMOTHY TOOSLT8 Will be at heme every evening. At No. 4f2 Broad war. Also, the frirnds ot POOR PILUCODDY Csa see him as above. M Bowiry thnatrk.-bkhkfit of jib. c. dunn, Tneiday e veotns, June 3. when will be presented a most attractive entertainment, eomprising tragedy. oomedy, fmrern, music And danclr g. In addtt'oa to lbs excellent etoek company of tbe theatre, Mr. H. A. PKRRY, the young American actor, end e boat of volunteer talent, will appear. Box book now open. STRA NGSR8?AN AFTERNOON FRRFORMANCM taken place every day at the Frank In Museum, 127 Grand street, eemmenclng at 3 o'clock, when Madame War ton's troupe of model artistes (twenty seven hi number) will ap pear In fourteen megs ttlcent living pictures. M. B.?Always concluded by half past 4. The orkon theater, fifth street, williams burr, will <men tor tke sumtner reason en Monday even ing, June 2. 1 rased let, comedies, meiodramea, borlettas. farms, Ac., Ac , wll be produced b? a talented eompany, in a manner worthy of tbe patrcnage ot the public. Directress LaUe'lo Adams Single tickets 2S cents Tickets admitting a gentleman and two ladles BO eenta T E9TURR OH NATIONAL DANCES AND GRANS Jj concert, given by Mrs. LUBY. en j the celebrated prima dent a and composer, ELIZA VALKNTIXI, os Mcnday.even Inn, June 2, at the Greenwich Hall. 275 R'eeeker street. Sub ject of lerture-The history of denotes from the earliest ages: Its trfluence cn the mind and body: snoient dances oi the Jews, Greeks, R< mans, Ac. Mre. Lub) 'i pupils will illustrate seve ral national dat cee. Part n. M'lleTalentInt ardrupUs wtll sing several beva'.lful airs. Grinding "Kathleen Mavonrnsmi " iha "Glance of Love," "dontag's Prize Porg,'? "11 placre " lta tan cavwtna, duettr. "Maria PsdlUa." Hondo, "Rlsel;" cava'.ina, "Sonnntnbula," Brlndiri, "Lncrezla BorBla." Grand solo on tbe violin, by Monsieur Halma. Lecture to c-mence at etghto'coek. ACARD.-WALLAPK'S THRaTSF.-MR. oeorg' HOLLAND respectfully inlorms hi* friends and the pub 11c that his ben*fit will take p'ace on Friday, June 6, when a variety of entertainments will bo presented. In wb'ch tbe whole oi the company a 111 appear. Hoi Book ooen. YD 0 I OODLD NOT HELP IT, FOR MASTER O SO. W. MARSH'S Toodles Is so very fanny. You ean rem by ihelr advertisement that the TOOPf, <8 is announced for all th's week, at the Brordway Varieties. Don't know Mr. Barton offlbe itsge. Tell me lbe reason you atk Y. TO VOCALISTS.? A YOUNG MISS, FROM SIGHT ? twelve vears of age?with a superior volaear* capable of strslrg ballses?may find a good ri u-ii-n wi'h 'be Wood and Marsh Children, at tke Broadway Varieties. North need apply untese possessing extraordinary ability. < Notice to theatrical.?w. r. fish, thkatri eal wig maker, removed to 67 Franklin street, three doom from Broadway, and opposite Tai lor's toloon. IJOWERT THEATRE PROPERTY POB MALI.?THB AJ whole or one-half ot the Bowery theatre psbperty, com prising rtx and a halt full krts of ground, tognW with the building, and ail the wardrobe, scenery, protowWec. flx turns, Ac., Ac., co.'amed therein. Terms liberal 160,000 can re> main on mortgage. Tbe property wtll rent readily tor fia.oui per annum. Apply .to m. A. 0HED8HY, No, I Hp Hall place, rpo LHT?THE NEW TORE ACADEMY ON MX HTO, FOB 1 one year, from toe first day of (Motor next, wtto toe prfrilegwof snother year, tor OrBRAB. OONClRTV LECTURES ANH BALLS. the Academy Is well stocked with ~rr 'glials! by At* ttorl; also, the ball room floor; and tmlendte eeenistlone tor balls, to which will be added k new taiooa, eat kmadrad aato ten (set long, lor bell suppers. . To an eniernrlrtng Bmpreemrto (hie bono (dfcre great M. dncemeote. It ean he tmmoutrated, by of the. present leasee, thtt the house ean be let for Mils, Concerto endLectnres, on the nights when there is no ptofis titmice of Open tor at least one naif of toe amount of the poorly met re qvlred by toe Directors. Tor termm apply, ha. lefter lo the subscriber, 47 Wall street JAM ad PHA^flf Prctolcat HEDlCAIe # ?? .u ? fTDRE FOR SCROFULA,~AND NO QtrACt^RY.-Pn' " J sobs affected with scrofulous affections, In any form, to to requested to call on M. 8M.TH, No. 121 Cherry street, Neva Tsrk. 1 DHR. LARMONT'H PARIS AND l/)MDOH MEDICAL Adviser end Marriage Guide 20th edUkm,d00 pages; 100 electro'yped Illustrations; cloth $1. JU styes (lys adverted remedies, nod shows Ike superiority of tke apibor's Paris and Lot don treatment ot oerialn dUoaabe. AWb aerrmis debt ? Itty, local and general, from exceanee anrltndk creel on, Ac. E e cures all tuch dlseeies at 82 Morwer strsss, COW or of Spring, opposite St. Nicholas Hotel, from 10 A.M. OHOH the evening. Treatment by letter and express, we roqemmend Dr. Lar mcnt to tbe stilteted. Oettrier dee Ktgls liais, H(ggte Zeltung. RW MEDICAL BOOKS -"A.PR KOTW^L WORK OM tbe nature and trtetmen' of ftsea>ee caused by Improper habits by HOMER HOHTWICK, M ft. Ylils WtSleot Isofxuurt importance to xoung men abeuttb marry. Tbe4 Doctor's new n.etbo.1 of cauterizing the seminal #u?wn wttkml pain it one Of the modern improvements In surwetI ."- Pmns the Boston Medical Jnuma'. For rule M tbe author's elli ??, 3d Bast TwelHh street, six doors w est offfroadvvay. Price 91. PRIVATE COM&UI.T AT%r*. 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