Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7218 MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. A ggg|ggjgg| Rfflfmp mu pit. ifTPJWoan wamticb. A FRENCH LADY, or A VERY DISTINGUISHED ,J3L tamlij aad h'gh education, wlahes to take care of children in Ml Amarioan family. or to eve lemon* tn her own tana up. Addreta, (rem 12 to S P. M , 202 9th avenue, he ween 234 -o a 'Htk ate. YOUNG .WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS OH AM berma'dendaetnmress; lit g*>d weaher end Inner; would go* short dlstauce In tneoou-tr ; would here no ob jection to take charge of imatl children. Reference given. Apply et 77 Kaet fM ?u FRENCH PROTU8TANT LADY WI8HBB Tt^fcPFHP the summer, in a prlrate faml'y, as teacher The beet renoea glren if required. Addreea F. A., Uiton equare rcmoRse.M.Y. A OIRL WANTS A SITUATION. TO DO CQAMBRR A woikor waitttg orgeneralhnurowjrk.laasmtJfunity. ttallaH(/8mlth?t, Broklyn. A SITUATION WANT1D-AS OH AM 3EBVAID AND ?eamatrero, or aa oh*mbermnld and la ho Qee waahlng; ana give the beat ?f city reference can be aeen et 196 if ait 13th at, 34 Boor, rear, for two day*. ABTTUATION WANTKD-TO D > OH aMBKBWORK OR waiting, ortoaaalat with the wtahirg and Ironing; baa the heat of reference Cellei the corner of Atlantic ana Boa rum ata , ore* the aiore, Brooklyn. ? ? r? A MIDDLE AOID PROTECTANT WOMAN WANTS A il uattoa aa aeamatreaa, nurse or hourokenpe'. Can be leaat lor two daya at Manning'a offlee. Ho 271 Bowery. A SITUATION WANTED BY aN AMRRICAM OIRL, aa C K>k. wuher and lronrr. Inquire et 637 Green wtch at e YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION. AS CHAM 1 bermald and plain sewer; h?a no objection to go a abort dbtaoce in the country. Good reference. Call al SI Weal 28th at A COMPETE*! DRESSMAKER WTSHI.B TO WORK BT the day or weak. Gnu who thorough'} underatanda her buatnaaa. Pleeae oali or addreaa Dreatmaker, No. 216 Nine teenth it, laterenue. AN EXPERIENCED GIB'. WANTS A SITUATION, AS .chambermaid, and to - eslst In wa hlrg and trcslng. la capable of doing up line mua tna, Ac, Call at her praeent piece, Broadway, between 47th una lath streeta City rate rrnoea glren. A SITUATION AS 8K AM8TRB83 WANTED; UN demands dtea*mak1ng; or a* llrht oham ieim*td Can be wen at ber present employer'*, 167 10 b at, between 3d and 4<h avenues, fcr two day a, AN ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, AS WAI ter acd chambers aid, haa no objection to go a abort dis tance tn the country: good references, inquire a'. 140 37th at, between 2d at d 3d annuel. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ATION AS L1UN diem; haa no objection to go to the country; ht* heit of eit< refaret ce. Please ca 1 at 346 6th avenue, between 21st and g2d tta , rear house. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RE8PECTABLE Wo man, aa chambers* la and nnrae; good city references. Inquire at 271 Nary it., Brooklyn. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS CHAM beimald aid plain sewer; beet of city referenoe. App J at 173 West gU it. . A SITUATION WAN1KD-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A Protectant, tn do general housework; hie good reference, aid i* a good waaber aid lronar. apply at 240 Mott at. A GERMAN GIRL, WHO THOROUGHLY UNDKR stands housewoik, and haa good rrcommendationa from her last place, wnnta a altuati m. Caa ipe?x KnglUh. Appiy at 67 Qieanwleh at. A LADY, CF EDUCATION AND RBFINBM?NT. Dd ?Ires a tit nation, as housekeeper. Addrea* F. W. P. Union square fast oflloe. A BITUATION WANTRD-BY a YOUNG WOMAN, A3 waiter. Good city refer en re. Apply at 464 Atlantic at, Brooklyn, eeoond 11 tor. Can be aeen for two daya. APBCTABTA.NT GIRL WI8HB8 A SITUATION. TO DO getetal homework. Oan be well reoommended from her laet place Pleeee call it >99 7ih avenue, coi ner of 29th eu A 8 LADY 8 MAID?A HIGHLY R8BP AC TABLE YOUNG A perron, who la fully competent In dressmaking, milli ner and hatidrewlnp. haa been iccustomed totrarei, wtihe* for a altnatlOB with a lady going to aurope The highest teat! monln a. Addre*a or apply to a. B., 664 Broadway. A LADY DESIRES A SITUATION, ABYONKRKS, OR it* vicinity, aa govetnees In a school Or private family; she ti ib eicel/ent teacher of the pianoforte aad guitar; beat or ralereneet given. Address Madam Hamilton, Union iquara Pott i fllce, new York. A SITUATION WANTRD?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AB nnrve. Oood reference given. Apply at 267 7th avenue, between 26th ynd 27th ata.. second floor, baok room. ABItO&TGM WANTED-BT A YOUNG WOMAN, AS ccol, wafbet tad Irorer. Good reference. Apply at 8r 94 h it. between 6 h and 7'h avenue*, room ?o. 8. A SITUATION WAN1ED?BY A RK'PNCTABLB ?IX ycuag woman, as chimbermsld and waller; ta a good nlatn rower, heter* to but emp'cyera. Gall at 86 6th avenue, third fltor, back room. AlCUNO MAN WANTS a SITUATION AS HSAD waiter, craaccnd waiter, in a hotel; haa no objection to -go In the pour try, Beat city re'orence given a* to capability end attention to builnees. Can be aeen at the Eastern Pearl Biree> He uro. A MAN AND WIFR, HAVING NO FAMILY, ARB DE slrous of obtainlr g sltuailons, together or separately; the man atderstetda thr care of horses aad vegetable gardening; the woman la a good cork and 'sundress. nave good olty re ference. Apply or direct to 68 East 32d aL ACOAOSMAN'fl BITUATION WaNTEll-BY A SIN g!e man who perfectly understands the treatment or hortea; he can give 'be moat undoubted oltv reference at to character and capability. Address, for two days, X. Y-, 93 Amity et. A SCOTCHMAN WANTS A SITUATION. AS COACH mag or rardener; ro objection to town or country; good reference greet. Apply at 161 Clinton place, 8th it. A YOUNG MAN. A GERMAN, IB DESIROUS OF OB Ulning partial beard In a respectable American private tsmllv; terms sot to exceed S3 60 a week. Address T. K.. box 4 Of A Pott office. A STOUT ACTIVE LAD, ABOUT 17 YBAB9 OF AOS, wishes to get employment; understands the eare and managementof horses; can give good city reference; writss a gord Ear deed Is a good accouniant; has no obje?Joa to the country ; U nothirg otters would wish to apprentice himself to She plumbing trade. Call at or address 38 Crosby si, In the rear COOK'S SITUATION WaNTRD-BY A PB&SON WHO perfectly understands her business In all lis branches. Gocd reterenee. Apply at 124 12th st., between 6th and Cth avseaee. C10AC8MAN.-WANTED, BY A MIDDLE AORD MAN, J an Englishman, a situation, as oneebmsa or groom, or groom and gardener who perfectly understands bis business; no objection to n ake (himself useful. Address A. 0 , Herald pace, tor two days. EMPLOYX1NT WANTBD-IM THR OITY, BY A YOUNQ married man, who Is willing aid able to work et any kind of laboring work; he is a earefnl aid good hand with h>rne?, and a good penman Constant employment mire aa object ShnnbUh wages. Pleeae adcreaa Robert, Herald office; or call at his residence. 6ZI 2d avenue. HOSIERY.?WANTBD, BY A YOUNQ MAN OF EXPR rlaree, salutation, la a hosterv sad tarnishing store, either in the elty or coax try. Apply for one week to Hosiery, Beraid otlloe. JI1CATION WANTED?AS SEAMSTRESS; CAN OUT / and fit i ?!, and woi eresce. I back room. O and fit ehl'dren's dr asses, and do all kinds of family sew al, and would assist with chl'dren; ean lire the beat of city eresoe. Please call at 194 7th avenue, near 23d at., 4th door, SITUATION WANTED - BY A R KM'10 TABLE GIRL, as none and seamstress; has no objeotloa to the ooun try. Can be sten at bar present employer's 66 West I2d st. -I17ABTRD-BY A RRSPEOTABLR WOMAN. A BIIUA V? tico. as seamstrrse or chambermaid; no objection to the couatry or to travel. Address M. L. M., 143 16th st -|*T ANKD.-A LADY, LEAVING THR COUNTRY, TV wishes to preenrs a situation (or a girt as waitress and chambermaid; the thoroughly understands her business, and will be round willing and obliging. Apply at 34 West 29th st, 1*7 ANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, TV a situation; can do all kinds o( embroidery and take care of children, l ee be eeen tor two days. If not engaged at 384 W est 16th street. WAMBD-BY AN AMERICAN VaRRIRD WOMAN, a child to wet nurse at her own bouse; she has lost her ?wi; rsfererces riven and required; to be seen tbr one week. Rose but respectable parties need apply at No. 96 Morton st. -H/AM1D-A SITUATION, AS COOK. BY A COMPI Nv teat person, or wou'd take charge ot a olty residence for die summer; best city retertnoe given. Apply at 236 KU/a tsethst. "Wf ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION A8 TT chsmbermall aid to assist In the washing and Ironing. Br*t ot city reference given from last place. Call at 40 Attor r.ey street, near Oratd "IVANT1D-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TT situation as chambermaid and waiter; can produce sat lrfSr'ory reference. Can be seen at her present employer's iWj Warn 27th at. "WTAKTED-A SITUATION, AS OH AMB BR If AID, AND TT to assist In washing tnd ironing, or cooking and wv-h legfpr a small family. Has the best ot city references. Call at 34 4tb st? te the beeement. WANTID-BY A YOUNG GIRL, A BHUATION, AS chamber me,a and seamstress, or waiter; one fully com ? stent, and can rive good citv reference. Please cail at the ry gcods store, 321 1st av , between 19!h and 20 ih sir, "T|7 ANTED?A SITUATION. AS COOK OR HOUaE NT leerer; ean do weahlng and Ironing, and can give the best otiy reference; wants a home. Inquire tor two days at 91 West ituh street. fXIANTiD-A BI1UATION, AS COcK AMD TO AS NT slat In the werhtng and troatne; h? five years' city refe rence troo her last place. Call hi 171 7th aveaue, between 27lh ardYitb sta. WANTRD-A SITUATION. AS NUR8K AND SRAM stress; Is wUlicg to make hereelf genera'ly neefu'. Can l>e reee at her present employer's 321 6ih a venae, between 33d ar d ?4th sts. TUT ANTED?BY A FIRST RATE ENGLISH COOK. A NT eU iatton in a private (amliy. Inquire at 166 West JHih et, betwren 7th and 8th evs. Wanted-a situation as cook, and wash and tros. or to do general housework. Please call at 4C?, corner of Kevins and Atlantic sts., Brooklyn, first floor, back room. Good city reference from her lest plaes. UirANYID?A IITUATION, AH WBT NURRR, HT A vT rsspeetablS young woman, who hie Inrt b?r husband. Bar baby la Ore weeks old. Inquire tor Mis. Burns. No. 2 Ftenk'ln avenue Seat Brooklyn. BITOATlOna WAflTB? 11/A*tsD-ATfl^fMPXeiVBorKaseD ooocfa TV an excellent ?a>her Had'tmaen, and#, go id Mt?ri*5?i( ot city leleretces. Call at Mo 36 West 13 in a\, between6th ?ad ttfa avi TXfANTXD?A SITUATION, TO DO OHAMBBRWOBK TV and plain sewltg or to take care of ohtilrea. Call at 141 rait Slat at, for two day*. Cttv refereuoe glvem. WANTKD-A IITUA1ION. BT A TKOTK6T aNT ynurg woman, aa laundres* or chambermaid, can do French flulug. Good reference. < all tor two days at IX) 8 h at , St. Mark's place aecrao tloor, front room WAVT1D?BY A YOUNG MAN, A BIT CATION. A3 barkeeper In a wko'eaa'err retail 1qu-r store. km the beat of oily reference from hla lart place. P.easa atdreaa J. M., box 170 Herald office. w aptid-by a young man. a situation, A3 ooacbman and groom; would wist to naike btmaelf gone ral'T naetul; would prefer going Vn tie counter. Oan be a'i Columbian Boiol, 179 Che-ham square. at Harrison'i f ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION AS porter In a wholesale or retail grocery store, or to drive a bona and wagon In the city and Ce ivaa goods The neat of ! reteretce given. Please addrear O. M., Box 171, Heraid office. ? GENTS WHO DESIRE TO BE 8UFPLIBD WITH THE ?L AMKBIOAN WAKKLY PR Aba, issued every Friday I morning, wtil ke.d In their orders to the ou niahsr. earner ot Pulton end Nassau ?tree's Prtea ena dollar a year, ? a gents Lopplled at SI BO per hundred. Advertise meats, fifty 1 QIDll MB#a tlMBft, Mfeflfca AD Blio OLF.RK WANTK.T?IN A FIRST CLAiT wholesale and retail crag atore, la New Haven, Oonn. Iba applicant must be between 17 and 21 vaartoi age, and bring references as to moral character and bustuava quailtica tloos. Terms proportiored to ,tba abillT and value of the e'erk. tpph for particular* to Messrs. ohadwlok A Co., cor aer cf President az>d Ocurt aireola, Brooklyn, from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. B ONSET FRAMES, RONNKT FBAVRfi, BONNET frames, ot every deaerlotion. Cash bujart will Sod ra ducad prices at 206 Broadway, up stairs. CANVASSERS WANT1D?*0 SOLICIT OBDEBS FOB a finely illustrated national work, now publishing in r embers. To oompeent men the moat liberal term and sisadv employment guaranteed. Apply to JAMdS SHERRY, 237 Broadway. rtOLOBED COACHMAN WANTKD--MUBT BE AN BY' U pert aid experienced driver and unterstand grooming per er'Jy, Nose othernted apply. Apply to Fernando Wood, mayor's offloe, or at 122 becondavenue. /"1LKBK WANTED?A GOOD PEhMAN. QDIOX AND \J accurate; as the pcsltion Is in some measure cat.fidea lie), it is <ndivpena?ble that the sop ioati -re of unexceptiona ble otaiacter and have firnt rate city references. Adcrest. in own bntidwriticg, atatlng expectations as regard a salary, box 2,161 Pest cfflce. Drug clirk wanted ?a young man intimate ly acquainted with toe retaU drug ' uetnew, and accus toited to oompcundixg prescription, Aadreaa box 130, Herald office. BPOLISH HOUSEKEEPER.? A FIRST CLASS KNGLIBB housekeeper is wanted. In a family residing tn the coun try, a few miles rrcm New York. She must have had a tho rough experience In the management of house ana servant*, and have gocd olty references. Address a. B., box 923 Pest office, stating referevoea. (XTANTED?BY THE 16TH OF JULY, A HEAD M1LL1 f? ner or directress, to go in the country. The h ghest wanes will be paid by the yenr. One who speaks the English and German languages would be preferred. Inquire at Sob Well' a, 468 Grand stropt. ^yXT NURSE WAT WD?A YOUNG AND HEALTHY woman, with a froth breast of milk, may bear ot a goad situation by applying at 38 8th av. No objtc.ioa to giving It out to a respectable person. IXTBT NURSE WANtKD-A YOUNG WOMAN, WITH TT afresh breast of ml.k. The best references required Apply Immediately at 34 East 23d st. W ANTED-AS OOMPANION TO A GENTLEMAN ANB his invalid wife, n w'dow lady not over thirty-five, at pre possessing manners. A da rets Fiwld. Herald offloe. (XTANTED?A GOOD BEAM8TBBSS, FOB ?RII DKEN'S TV c othes, lor a few weeks. Apply at 134 Dennest, be tween Hoy tend Band sta., Brooklyn, WANTED?A WOMAN. FOR GENERAL HGUSE work, to go a short alatamce in the oountrr; ana must be Industrious, a good cook washer and Iroaer, understand milking aid the m Jrlrg ot butter, and willing to mnke kernel! useful. No one need apply who osnnot bring satisfactory tei limoclali as to character acd qualifications, or who is in the habit of keericg much company. On 11 at 84 Lexington av., he ween 9 a. M. and 3 P. It, w ANTED-SIX GIBLS TO STRIP TOBACCO. APPLY at 209 Water street. (XTANTBD?A PERFECT LADY'S MAID, WBO CAN TT apeak Fieneh well. App'y at 236 6th sr., during the hours ot 9 acd 12, tor two days. 1X7ANTED?AN AMERICAN OB ENGLISH GIRL, OR TT mlcdle aged wemtn, to take charge of and do the hbuse woikot a smal family, une who is Meanly and smart sen apply at I o. 27 Barrow at., near Bleacher at. (XTAN1EC-A FIRST CLASS DR#88MAKER, ONE TT wno can take oharge; also, two apprentice* to the trade. Pone but gcod aewers used apply at 366 Broome at. (XTANTED?A SALESMAN. IN A HAT, CAP AND TT straw goods house; one who can influence a first class Western trade. Address L., B. A Oo , Herald offloe. TVTANTKD?A YOUNG MA* WHO HAS A THOROUGH TT knowledge ol the Dew York btate trade. Apply. by let* ter or personalty ati6 o'clock. P. M, at A. T, Stewart A Co1*., Broadway, corner of Chambers street. WANTED?THIB DAY. FIFTEEN YOU WO 1PFH, FOR a short whaling rot age of (Fom a re to ten month t. Outfit o'clcthlLg, Ao furali hed for the voyage. Also, cooper, oarpen ter aid blacksmith. For farther Information apoly o Randall A Bobeon, 1S1 South street, corner of Peekeilp, upstairs. sAT"ANTED?A CLORHD GOAOBMAH, A MVRBIKD TT man. to go a short dlitancein theoountrj. Address J. P. C., Herald office. w AN1ED-A DRUG CLERK?GERMAN, BGOTOH OB hngltth Address 8. P., Herald offioe. 1*7 ANT1D?A GOOD WATTKR, ALSO A RKBPRGfABLE TT boy, to learn the confectionery bmlseei. Applr after 9 A.M. W. HENRY WELLEB, 713 Broadway. 11/ AMI ED?A RUNNER, FOB A SHIP STORK ARD TT llshlo chandlery store, with a view principally to the Ksg. lisb and Fcocb trade. To an Englishman or Oootchtnan. hay leg had experience In the business, aid who is a good aoltcltor ct trade, and oan come well recommtnded, a good salary will be paid. Address Shipping, Hera d office. 2 000 L^B--RKa- TTaNTBD?OH TUB LIMB OP the Union Csaal, between Beading and Lebanon Peons; lvanta. Good wages, cash payments, healthy oosntry Apply to Rookafellow, Eepp A Co., Reading, Pans., 06 mUes by railroad from Philadelphia. Oars ran twice a t 'day. FOR SITUATIONS AND HELP WANTED SEE 7TH PAGE. IIVUBSIOSS. LXGt'RBIORlOTHB F18HIMG BANK6.-THB STEAM er U1RDBBKLLA, Capt. Char es Anderson, will run la the place ot the P.. L. Bteyeas until she is repaired, which will be next Wednesday. Leaves Amos street at 7 o'c lock, Spring street et 1%, Peek slip at 3, Broome street at 8V, pier 3 North river at 9 o'clock. VTO BETTER MEDIUM FOR ADVERTISERS CAN BE 1> found In the com try than the AMSRICaN WEEKLY I'hBPB, published every Friday morning, at the low price of Si a year. Ad veniremen's. fiRaeni* a line. Agents sap. plied with the AMERICAN Pjj&ctftit SI 56 per hundred. Terms, cash in advanoe. Publwattod office corner of fultoa and Psassu streets, Mew York. VTBW YORK AND BBIN RAILROAD.?TICKETS TO JL1 Cincinnati and return will be sold to persons attending the Convention to be hold at OlnetanaU on 2d proximo, fot S3U, at 175.193, 240 and *17 Broadway, and at the RewYovfc and Brie oepot. foot of Dnane street, tickets good till the l*fc proximo, er till after adjournment. D. C. McGALLUM, General Superintendent, STEAMER E AOL*, FOB THE FISHING BANKS.?FARS for the excursion, SO cents. This new and splendid steers ? having been chartered by the undersigned, wUl make her regular dally trips (Hatunlays and Mondays excepted; daring the summer seevos, to the Flaring Banks, commencing cm Monday, June 2, stopplogonnctuallyae follows:-Amos street, 7jO'cock; Spring street, 7& o'elook: Peak slip, S o'clock; Kroeme street, ?? o'clock; Pier No. 3 North river, 9 o'clock. N. B.-Tbe steamer has been fitted up with a view to the oosn tort and convenience ot thoee who may wish to enjoy a trip t* the Basks, the ladies' saloon, befog numi-oamed for senwn. nu daUoea, win be tinder urn charge of an experteooee and obliging itewardeea. The undeiaig&ad will aocompany the steamer on her tripe, and pledge themselves that nel ner pains rorexpeme Mall be spared to render these excursion* the most agreeable and healthful of tha season. AUGUSTUS H., T ltlUBLOW, Engineer, H. B. TEWN, J. 8IIL W ALL, Captain. HVnnXSH ASSORTS. / ILlFFWCOr HOU8K.-THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING IJ leased tha new and splendid hotel, situated at Mamavta, rppoeite Key port New Jsriey, will be prepared to receive Id* suest* on the 20th of June, i.oeatlon unsurpassed. Hplendid groves, nrmerons springs, fine bstning. sailing fishing, gun nlng, An , making It far lupariov as a rummer resort to any IntlieBts'e. The fine steamer Key port, ('apt. srrowsmitb wl l lesve the fact of Murrey street dally, at 4 nVI ink P. 11., making the fir?t landing at tBe above paoe. For terms, apply at 609 Broadway, or at the CHITwood House. ALBERT PORTER, Proprietor. LA KB OEOROR.-THN FORT WILLIAM 1IF.NRY HO te>, si tut ted at Lake George. Warren county. New York, is now open for the reception of rues*. This hotel which was entirely new last year, and whiob was then round to be en tirely Incapable of aoeommodatfogall Its visiters has during the past winter had a wing 117 by 41 feet, oonUlntagft rooms, and also other extensive addition* aad Improvements made to It, so that itoan sow accommodate four hundred persons. The steamer John Jay will leave the hotel every morning for Horn* deroga, connecting with the tfmamers on Lake Cbamplatn, and returning fo the afternoon to the hoteL Stages leave the hotel twice each day, connecting with the oan tor Harstoga, Troy at d Albany. The proprietor is now ready to reoelve ap plications for room* for the ensuing season. Camiwkij, Warren counts, N. Y. DANIEL GALN. Full psrucu'an can he obtained on application to the under afoned, In New York, or to the proprietor, as above ?Thomas 1 nomas, corner cf Broadway and Grand street, over Paclfie Bank; Abraham T. Htllyer, United BUtea Marshal. oorgy College place end Mtirray sire*'; Edward P. Clark. 195 B way Walkar P. Jonea, 143 Water street. WATCHES, JEWELRY, HcO. (lALCFOBNIA DIAMONDS-EQUAL IN BRILLIANCY J to the real genu' pins, 63 to 915: rings. St to 620, ear rings, 66 to6*l; orosses, 67 SO to 670; studs, bracslets. As Any of the above arUcln* sent by mall to any part of the Uni ted States. Wholesale derive supplied. U A J. JACOBS, msnuteeturfogjewellers. 407 Broadway. COMPOSITION AND GOLD VEST CHAINS?A MRW artlc'a, warranted not to taratsh or almost oolnr, er Iks moiey returned. Prices 61 W to g?. Manufactured only by os. These rhatne sent by mall to any part of the United Mates. Whoi seals dealers supplied. L. A .1. JAOOBR, merieeituTng jgwtilert, 407 Broadway. I H'oo'SiMHi swbtaum Island, ha rug a fl?e flow of ha sea; also, 1.40# acres of UiaMeanety bunds: alio, a oounnry mi of IS ae-ot, 01 tha weribdw ofMhe-buBsoe river, having a dsJgtrtfal tdRex RXAS LAND FOBBaLB OS EX ?property; also a valuable Arm, * dm %Wal MR lailMa view Ciith i^auddowa (he river. ikoaM asowtNIr-1 I Ma* miles aonU|Mf A)saav;the honae. barn aad carriage I haaee are all large and aoaveeieet. end oaths wholes very dertmbie-plaoe tons country restdssioe. Dor fall particulars apply al 1ST Bread wsy, to BYLYKNTER JUAY, Attorney at Lair aed Commissioner (or all the States. nnn -FO* SAL* OHRAP, A FABM OF 1*0 aires, with aoeae, bars, orchard, Ac . oa a railroad, and about 180 aaller from New Yore. Lead pied. D. bHltfBC?C,7 Wall etraet, third etery. >1 ?TBK WR9KLY AMVSIOAV PRKBfi IB PUBL'BHBD vL ever; Friday morning, at $1 a year, aad I* Oiled with a laree quantity of varied aaa latere ding rearing matter on all the 'oplet of the day Agnate supplied at 81 50 par hundred. Term*, enrh in a<t vase*. adverts emenu so eeate per lime bend In your eederp to the proprietor, comer of Fnuoa aad Fa<reu aimata. New York. a RARk OHAKCB.?AN EXOgLLKh* BUSINESS, lb A- tabUbod four /ears, with a large cask custom, and profile KOpereont, re lootaeUy period true oe nooount of e'ok ? Adareee A. box 134 Herald office I t BEtUYlFUL COUNTRY BY AY FOR B?L8 OR BX Id. change tor elty or ooutrv property, near Now York? Ktaoaled on the weal bank Of Cayaga Lake. e%H miles treat ?ibacs, toatpktoncounty.Few York ?U2 eoreeef the bed sod to the Boat kealthr aectloata the (Mate; alt kinds of fruit tenet, I 13 aeree wood. dw? ling aad outbulidlrgn all sew, hand I ?ranolp Btoahed la'tde aad oat Mtt Nteei) WlUaetl ? ?eroe wtth the bul'dtsg for 99/99; wtu *o 1 a 1 or pert of the thru tare. For lurther paittonlare inquire in the paper atom 391 Grata arret, where plan of the p too can bo toon, or of IIIOb. JcNKa, on too premises AGOODCUANOB FOR tOOOD BUsI *888 MAN,? For aple. a tpUndld lagerb'or ra'oon with bt Wards; the beet situation In the elty. Apply at No. Ml Broadway, corner wf Walter e rect. R. ban ttOFKB. Boot and *hom stobb fob b alb-oobnbb stork; bto I location In the cfty, established several years, doing a large burioew: arnet be told immed'ately; business call* the proprietor abroad. Apply to WALTER A CAMPBELL. *19 Broadway, offices 24 tnd 25. BIOR 8ALE- TBK SCHOONRR JANB BOBS. OF ABOUT 0C tone burthen; carries 100 toas, and la well (mad la every reeprcl. Apply to AOKKaC A PaRKAB, 91 Barclay street. CtOB BALh?TBR STOCK AND FIXTUBK8 OF A F fat oy store. It will bo ao'd a sacrifice, if applied for by Wednesday next, at which time the proprietor leaves the city. Apply at 66* Hudson street, above Ferry. Fob sale?at white plains, ik kilns fbox a deoo. a beauiiful (to m of 36'crea large new barn, with sellar; boat qnslltv of ltnd. dri. sieve ed and level, commsud ts g an r xten-tve view of Long Island Sound and surrounding eauntrr. 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M.; for P ask skill 4 sad 6:S0P. M. The Poughksepeie, Btng Sing and PeekakUt trains stop at the ways tattoos. Pamsngsn token at Chambers. (lanal, Christopher and Thirty first streets Trains for Haw York leave Troy at 4:35, 8:16 and 10:45 A. M., and 4:36 P. M., and Bast Albany at 6,8JO and 11:16 A.M., and 6 P. M. A. F. SMITH, Bup'L XT1W TOBK AND EMM BAILKOAD.?ON AND AF IX tar Monday, May 19,1855, sad until further nottoe, pee seoger trains will leave pier toot of Punas street, as follows viz .? Dunkirk exprsse, at 6 A. M., for Dunkirk. Buflalo eipr?M, at 6 A. M., for Buffalo. Mail, at 8.16 A. M, for Dunkirk and Buffalo and taiermd dlata station*. Passongm ? by thin train will connect with ex prase trails for Syracuse, Cayuga, Onnandalgua, Rlagan Falls ard Rsebaster,and with the lightning erpreas train, es Lake Bhore Railroad, tor Otaotnrati, Chicago, km.

Rockland pasanngar, SILMF. M., (brom lbet cf Chamber! street > vie Plermoni, for Puffama, and Intermediate stations. Way pawenger, at 4 P. M., tar Mewburg and Mlddletowa and Intermediate stations. Night express at 5 P. M? for Duaklrk and Bnflhlo. Emigrant, at C P. M., tor Dunkirk and Buffalo, sad lnterme die'* ?Tattoo*. The above trains run deny, Ann days exoepted. Oanaudatgua Bingham (on, ?aa trains eoaneet at Elmdrm, with the ffbafra and Niagara Falls BallreeAfoc Niagara Falls; at , with IheByrasusa sad BlaglmmlqelUUroad. for Srracuaa; Oorutng, with Buffalo, Corn tag'and New York all road, for Eoehatoy, at Otsat Bend. wlthDelaware, Lvik awaean and Waotore Railroad, lor Rerantoat at Buffo ? ?r 1 Dunkirk, with tkaLahetoMreTUthnad, Olavalaud. r?w?u ??? Toledo, Ostroft. GhAaego. km. P. 0. MsoaIJ.UN, 0?m?ra, faparui'.Mneu . TOB HUT*. ?r? 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THE SPEECH OF SENATOR BUTLER, OF SOUTH CAROLINA, - AMD REPLY OF SENATOR SUMNER, OF MASSACHUSETTS, *C., *0., *0. SOUTH CSEOLIMA OS HUVtAS. ??urft us Ha*. A. r* Butler, of *m*th C?w, DMl.tndla the Cnlltd MBB 8#*?ti, Match 0, MM. The Senate resumed the consideration of Mr. ^Teller's motion to print ten thousand extra copies of the President's mes&ge of February 18, with the accompanying documents, relative to affairs in the Territory of Kansas. ? Mr. mJMTBit- My friend from South Carolina, who has the floor on this question, is not very well to-day, and therefore I suggest that it should Me nostponed until to-morrow. Several Senators?Say Monday. There is a spe cial order for to-morrow. Mr. Butler said:-Mr. President, I prefer to ?ro on now. When I obtained the floor the other day upon this question, it was with a view to make a ve-j few remarks, in order to relieve the Senate from any impression which might be made on it by the statements made heie ou the responsibility of Senators or by newspaper communications, in ielation to the part which my friend, General Atchison, lias acted in Kansas afliilrs- I intended no more; and I shall endeavor to discharge that duty before 1 conclude the remarks which I propose now to submit. _ .... The debate on this subject, Mr. President, has brought many things within its scope, and has, iu inv opinion, been made the occasion of feariul indi cations for the fnturc. What the developeuaeuts ot the future may disclose 1 know not; but this much l will Bay before I approach the main subject on which I intend to deliver my views, that we are reduaed, bv the issue which has been made in Kansas, to the alternative either of sutl'ering the President, under the message which he has sent to as and the procla mation which he has issued, to exercise hiH high office to preserve the peace which is threatened to be disturbed in Kansas, or subject onree ves to the usurpation of squatter sovereignty and the discre tion of an uncalculating fanaticism; raisinga whirlwind on which it may not be able to ride. This is the issue which is presented to us. For if the President does not interpose his authority to preserve peace, 1 have no reason to conclude but that the conflict between the two parties in Kansas may result in the shedding of blood; and, sir, my word for it, one drop of blood shed in civil strife iu this country, in which parties have been arrayed, so far as they can be arrayed by their advo cates will have more effect on civilization and on society than all the blood shed in all the battles of antiquity, or in the struggle at Borodino and tne battles which followed it. Sir, I aaa eutirely per suaded that if we are to approach what hiai been threatened?a ruptuie of this Union?or if we are I to preserve the Union, it is the duty of every man, as far as he can, to throw his influence mto thc pub Uc Sim which will justify the course of the Pre sident, so as to be iree from the consequences which mav otherwise grow out of this tearful issue, \es, bir it thc South is forced to take her destiny in her t-enarate keeping, let us do all we can to justify our I conduct before the tribunal of history ; let we can in the way of explanation to dispel delusion and rebuke the mad spirit whicli lias infused Itself into the public minu in a portion of this c?nfede racy. Danger may speak with a loud trumpet to f ho oar of Keaaou ana Justice. . It may be said that I have passed through the ordeal of experience, and perhaps of time, and that thev have had their influence on my temper; but, sir, I look on anything like a rupture in civil go vernment, and especially such a one: as would throw us into the horrors ot anarch), with not tue same view as others who may be more intrepid, and who may think they can come out of it with out hazard to themselves. There is nothing so mis chievous to society as any movemeut nJRctmg1 stability, uncontrolled by responsibility and UQr?f?J" , lated by intelligence. Bigotry,fanaticism and pre- I iudice are fatal counsellors; and under the rifle in fluence they have exercised their influence on the lteNow!,b?lore8iy approach the main point dispose of some of the remarks made bv the Senator from New Hampshire, (Mr. Hale.) I reply to his remarks because he has been in this Chamber for a longer period than the Sector from Massachusetts (Mr. Wilson), and hashadI ?mmw tions here which 1 think ought at least to have tem pered Bome of his expressions. I do not iintend to use the language of asperity in this debate, if .can avoid it; but allow me to say to the Senator from New Hampshire that I think, when he used some expressions, not only in relation to the President of the United States, the chief magistrate of this con federacy, but in relation to the Supreme Court and other departments of this government; and when he allowed himself to read from a newspaper, under the signature of an anonymous writer, statements in re ference to a distinguished gentleman with whom he bad been associated here?I wfll do him toe justice to say that I hardly think he consulted the dictates of his own nature; for I believe that generallyhe lias rather shown a temper that would lift him above such things, except when he acts as the com mitted archer pulling the arrow under the behests ot liia urging huntsmen. The Senator from New Hampshire is a committed advocate to a sectional, fanatical organization ; and, perhaps^ he is not at liberty to deny the authority unaer which he has entered the Senate. Sir, wliat did I hear him s?.v ? That the Supreme Court of the United States was the citadel of slave ry. He did not know when he made that remark how far it extended and what it might not embrace, Is he not associated with a class of politicians in this country who have said that the constitution of the United States?the fundamental law of their coun try?was the citadel of slavery ? Yes, sir. I have had pamphlets within the last week laid on my desk, maintaining that the constitution of the United States itself is the citadel of slavery: and that, unless it is feqlfcen down, and the institution of slavery thereby reMhed in all the States, it is a constitution which ought to hare no validity and oh {igation. I think I have seen the same statements in a paper called the Radical AbolitionitU When the Benalor speaks of the Supreme Court as the citadel of the institution of slavery, he might better have designated them as opposed to those who have called the constitution of their country the citadel of slavery. Sir, I would prefer regarding the Judges of the Supreme Court, as far us I know anything of their decisions, as the sentinels and de fenders of the coustitution-a constitution recognizing the equality of the States, and at least imposing on them such obligations as that they are not permitted to transfer their judgments into another jurisdiction, prescribed, I suppose, by what is technically called tiro higher law?a jurisdiction of discretion and pre Ji dice. They have not gone down or up?as gentlemen may choose to consider it?to the higher law. As far as I know the court?and I have had intercourse with its venerated and venerable Chief Justice,from my official position as Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary?I do not believe I have ever known a body of men more honestly disposed to do their duty under the obligations of the power which gave them the right to discharge jndioial functions, i be lieve, when our first parents were driven out of Para dise, it was under the suggestions of the higher law. The devil went in and suggested to Eve that there was a higher law; and, disregarding the law under widen she was placed in Paradise, she and her pos terity have suffered the penalties of disobedience : transgression is sin. I wish to recognize no tribunal and no set of opinions which will attempt to rule the country except by some prescribed law and a con stitution laid down for them by those who give them their official existence. I believe that the Supreme Court has committed errors, though not intention ally. I believe their decision in the case of Prigg and Pennsylvania has led to mischievous conse quences not intended by the Court. When the Court undertook to say that tne States themselves might be absolved from the duty imposed on them by the fe deral compact of retnrniug fugitives from labor, I think they made a decision tending to absolve the States from the honor of compacts. They did not say it in so many words, nor do l think their decision w of that Import, but the non slaveholdlng States have i-o construed i*. Tns'rtil of that decision being I I- I .'V Ml ? ''del it ?? I very, it bis r .i nl,- . i f COOK i'U'JiW t< t<te it ?? slaveholding fltatos of this Union; or rather to let their accommodating morality take '? it?to excuse them for disregarding the obligation < imposed upon them as co-operative agencies, AO. 1 would rather tegaid that high tribunal as one which could look abroad upon the vast and besuti ful horizon of ti uth and justice. I should not*** to see them governed by that popular agttattaa which is threatening to undermine the institution# of the country, and to destroy, not only the present form of our Union, but to wash away the very land marks of our forefathers. In such a case I would be glad to rce the Supreme Court, like the proud pro moutrry in the deep? 1* t I he fretful ?cean ?urg* unon Hs b?^n, Let atoroM sacaii i'n Kuaunit. 1 wish it to stand firm at least as tl?e type of the duration of the institutions of this country, and as an emblem of eternal justice. 1 at leash wish that, amidst the agitation of the time, it whall maintain its identity, Let not the Senator from New Hampshire suppose that he can assail or touch that promontorv by any shaft that he may aim at it. The hand that shoots the arrow may belong to one more willing to wound than it can be able to hurt. It has certainly been discharged by an archer occupying too great a distance from his object to do harm. Let me hope that there m more of the hand than tne heart that has been exhibited in the shot. The weapon has fallen barm lets. ? " j '*+* After the Senator from New Hampshire had dis posed of the Supreme Court under this denunciatory epithet, he approached the President. I am not one of those who undertake to defend the President sn all occasions; but, sir, he is the chief magistral* of this confederacy, and whilst I am in the confedera cy, I will see at least that a neighbor's hand, mowed, perhaps, by resentful rivalry, shall not wound the chief magistracy of the whole country. The Senator from New Hampshire took exception to the coarse which the President has taken, by saying that he bud committed himself to a different judgment and a different course of conduct by receiving Derr when he was a refugee from justice from Rhode . Island, and then sustained him by resolutions which were passed while he was chairman, 1 think, of some democratic association. Mr. Pierce is ar rayed against President Pierce. Does the Senator suppose that the chief magistrate of this confed eracv, after he has attained the high position which he now occupies, is to administer his trust as a con mon trustee for all the people of the United States according to any opinions which he may have en tertained on any'former occasion, when he was chair in an of ademocratii society? Why, sir, you might as well say that one ascending a mountain should stop half way and consult the vision which he thou had, rather than the certnnty of the more extern wl vision which he would have after attaining the sum mit, where the horizon would be more distinct, ami where he would have a larger and more extended view. The chief magistrate ofthe United States is the trustee ol the wholeUnioa. He is not the organ of any portion of New Hampshire ; nor is he subject to any latitude. With the .igilance and even solioitadc oi a guardian, he must protect the interest and rights of all who are committed to his care. Wfe is not now a party in the controversies of a former day, but a judge of all parties before him. Sir, the last thing to which i can ever consent is, that any man who goes abroad shall wound the home of his residence. 1 am not specially interested in the history of New Hampshire, nut I say that this is not the place to expose her infirmities, nor is tua the place to take occasion, because a gentleman gela a seat on this floor, to bring under proscription the conduct of one of his fellow citizens, who is now the chief magistrate of the confederacy. I shall not justify Mr. Pierce for receiving Dorr at the time, but 1 will say in relation to him, that he was thou com paratively a young man, aud that having cultivated the lessons of liberty which his ancestor had_taught bim, much, in the language of Mr. Burke, is to bo pardoned to the spirit of liberty. Another thing ? to he said, that the judgment in relation to Dorr bad not then lieen formed. It was then passing through the ordeal of trial, and I know that that deluded young man had many distinguished sympathiser*. Mr. Pievce gave Dorr Bhclter; this is the head and front of his ofiending. Bir, I have always regarded it as one of the mo* most odious acts or the British government, when Napoleon Bonaparte went on board the Bellero phon, claiming the rights of hospitality, that they changed his condition into that of a prisoner of war. His reputation and position in the world entitled him to the rights and honors awarded to Thentist* cles. If Dorr, instead of going to New Hampshire, bad gone to South Carolina, perhaps at that time, L myfelf, to this deluded young man, would have been the last to have seen him sacrificed to his delusion*; and 1 believe much may be pardoned to the spirit ot liberty, guided by the ardm- of youth. I come now to another personage in this affair, a distinguished friend of mine, General Atchison, who has also received the notice both ol the Senator from New Hampshire and the Senator from Maaaacuu. chufetts. I have known General Atchison long and well. They have attributed to him a ferocity and vulgar indifference and recklessness in re lation to the affairs in Kansas, which is refuted by every confidential letter which he lias written to me. and which is not in conformity to the truth. 1 will not say that General Atchison is the enemy of any one. I will not say that he is the enemy of the emigrants in Kansas who have been sent there by the aid societies; hut I say that I know of no man within the range of my acquaintance who could be invested more effectually with the attributes of the conqueror of that class of people. And how do yon suppose lie would exercise that high power ? Let those who now asperse him settle around him as ncighliors, and it their houses were burned down and assistance were required, he would be the first man to render them assistance, and lie would con quer them by his kindness, by his justice, by hia good sense and by his generosity. There never was * better illustration of his character than the conduct he displayed in the expected tragedy at Lawrenc*. 1 know the fact, and I state It on my authority, a* u troth not to be disputed, (because I have his let ters in my drawer), that, when that controversy aioae, General Atchison was absolutely called upon to attend General Richardson's command, and he went, with a positive pledge on the pact of those with whom he was associated that he should rather be the Mentor than the leader; and he lias written to me that but for his mediatorial offices, the house* ' of the people of Lawrence would have been burnt and the streets drenched in blood. An appeal wa* mode to him under circumstances which his mag nanimous nature could not resist. He had th* imuuuvun unvuiv vvuw , , ? courage to do a duty which in its performance might even offend his comrades and associates?a courage much higher than that of meeting an open enemy in the field. He effectually exerted his in . J . 1 ,1? Mm aam> fMM tluence, under the appeal made to him. to save from fire and sword the village of Lawrence, the strong hold of the aid society emigrants. But tor the gen tle advice, and, perhaiw. controlling influence of Atchison, the houses of the settlement would have been burnt and its highways drenched with blood. When these people were suppliants, how different tlioy felt then from what their calumnies hare evinced since! The generous person who saved them is to he converted into their ferocious persecu tor. Atchison is to be immolated ob the altar of fanatical vengeance ; and that, too, through the medium of anonymous writers in newspapers, un der the sanction of speeches made In this Chamber. Well, sir, is this to be his requital ? Are asper sion and misrepresentation to pervert the trutn of history ? Gentlemen have attributed to him a fe rocity of unexampled character?ae attribute that cannot assimilate to his nature. Throughout the whole contest he has always said that he waB in iavorof?to use his own expression?" the compe tition of pre-emption settlers. He believed that if that competition had l>een left to itself, and if there had been no hostile demonstration on the part of the Northern societies, Kansas would hare Wen set tled by neighbors knowing each other, and who would have less objection because they did know each other; and that in the end, perhaps, there might be a few negroes, probably an " old mammy,' or some favorite servants for household par poxes, or some field laborers, contented in. and and bettered bv their condition. He supposed ttiat there might have been a population of that sort, and such as the masters would not alike to desert, and such as they would not commit to the abolitionists. It would have been, in technics phrase, perhaps, a population with some masters but with some servants, and scarcely any slaves. Those called masters would have been more like guardians, and those called slaves would have been better off for their protection. In this relation they become objectionable to the abolitionists, who are willing to set them free that they may become vsga Ijonds and be destroyed under the philanthropy of proscription and rivalry. Under the current* of this settlement, Kansn* would likely have become a qvait community, with many white men and few negroes?with labor capa ble of being useftally and profitably employed?? community of farmers, using labor as they thought proper. In this way, by secretion, Kansas might haw become a State. Sir, I am not going to put on an equalitv, or no thing like an equality, the movement! a'.d oou.i t. of those who have gone to Kansas with > ? , rifles in their bauds, and the Missouri "Nov Im i . a* ">ev bnve been termed. They are mr j p.i, fbc vli.'v'A^ebetwitu loop p.i.a.i a