Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1856, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1856 Page 11
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ISTEEB8T1N0 FROM MEXICO. Oai Clljr of Mexico Correspondent*. Mexico, May 19, lbi6. Miemethal Refyrmt of the Government?I Fill they Save the Country??A JVitto and Fret ConUitu turn Expect d?Religioui Education of the People? Their Moral Degradation?Engtitk Minert at Church?Immigration and Toleration ? Cabinet Cnongee, fyc. 1 have had in some of my former letters, to inform yon of the important events in government, and the great changes that have been made in the organic laws of this country. I have had also to give yon several historical sketches, in order that yon might understood the Cannes and necessity for these alter ations of such magnitude The institutions of Mexico have been shaken to ?their very foundations, and those Chat were rotten, nselees, or detrimental, have been overturned. First, the power>of the army was attacked and overthrown, altbongh, heretofore, it has been pow erful enough to rival the Praetorian Guard of Rome, ?r the Jaiiisse-ies of Constantinople?at least, pow erful enough to brood like un incubus on this country, and to blight every generous effort at self government under a liberal con stitution. Next the church was assailed? sot in ilo dogmas?not in its rights and religious ceremonies, but in its exercise of those po litical, judicial and civil powers which this hierarchy had usurped, and which belonged to the government. Its vast wealth, also acquired under the cloak of eharity, which the priests had begged as alms, with which to minister to the sick, clothe the naked, and comfort the afflicted?this vast wealth, hoarded for the purposes of pomp, power and oppression, em bracing two-thirds of all the values of property in this country?has now, in part, been seized, and the remainder will soon also be appropriated. Hitherto the government has felt its right arm powerless for the want of that force sapped from it by the army and the church. It has also suffered all the evils of poverty, while the church has been revelling in its vast treasures, which were useless to the na tion. But now the government begins to feel its nerves braced for vigorous action, while the life blood of nations?the finances?begins to coarse through its veins with all the force of retorning ani mation. Such seems to tie the present position of Mexican affairs. But has not the remedy been ap plied too late? has not the relief come when the pa tient was beyond restoration from medicinal aid? That is the question, and that question is daily ask ed everywhere by those who have been instrumen tal and active in producing these reforms. I do not intend to discuss this subject at this time, for I would have to write an essay instead of a simple letter. Bnt it is well worthy of reflection, as it is of deep meditation in the minds of the best patriots of this country. It is not pretended that ail has yet been done which it is in the power of legislation to do. Much is still uifter consideration, and much more may be expected. The committee of Congress will soon sub mit to that body the rough draft of a new constitu tion. In that instrument yon will find toleration of religion, and liberty given to the free exercise of conscience. This concession?for it is a concession ?is not a grant to a feeble minority in this country, whose belief is not in accordance with the Roman ehnrch, for no such feeble minority ovists. All here are in fall commnnion with that church, or have no religious belief whatever. They have no it owledge of any creed except 'ha', which c aanaUa from Rome; and whenever a p ?: aortal cannot reconcile all its rites apd ccremonic. right, reason and sound morality, he ceases no1. Hyto be a Catholic, but a Christian believer also. The educated classes in Mexico, whose literature la French novels, especially the male portion, have but little respect for religion. If they couform to its ceremonies it is only in obedience to habits, cus toms and fashions. To the truths of Christianity they arent&rly indifferent: for, mixed np as they are with the superstitions of the church of Mexico, they find it difficult to discriminate, even if an at tempt were made, which is not Among the peons in the villages, and other poor, ignorant people, whose numbers are nearly five millions, out of the eight millions of inhabitants, their knowledge of re ligion does not extend beyond the ceremonies and superstitions of the church. Their knowledge never rises to a contemplation of the sublime truths and sound morality of the Christian faith. To keep the festivals of the church comprises nearly the whole religious duty of a peon. It is inculcated by the village curate; he learns it in his cate chism ; he observes it obeyed everywhere. His catechism does not contain the Ten Commandments as laid down in the scriptures; but instead of one of the most important, he learns only, "remember to keep holy the festivals," and to keep holy means to go to muss for an hour in the morn ing, and devote the rest of the festive day to drink ing, gambling, dancing and cock fighting. As these festivals are, on an average, two or three for every week in the year, yon can perceive how much labor is interrupted, so as to keep the poor peon, while he spends ail that he has acquired in dissipation in obe dience to the command, "remember to keep holy the festivals.'' How can such a poor mortal rise from soch a degraded condition ? I remember, a few years ago, meeting in this city a foreign Roman Ca tholic priest, who was officiating at one of the prin cipal chapels in the capital. In conversation with him, I found he had no hopes of reaping any harvest in his vineyard. " There is no religion here," said he; " it is only superstition." Poor man! he Boon despaired; he gave up his flock and returned to Europe. The evils resulting to society from these festivals are so great that the government has often inter fered; but as its power is very limited in religions matters, and as its interference is very unpopular, the effect has been of little importance. But so far as its power extends over public officers it has been exercised. Thus orders have repeatedly been issued prohibiting army officers and all other office hold ers from attending bull fights and gambling on feast days, on pain of dismissal. I perceive the order has been again issued within the last few weeks as regards the great festival at Han Augnstin Tlal pam. On the second Bunday of the month nearly all the population of the capital poured out to this villa, where mass was performed in the morning; and then opened the monte banks some with their piles of gold ounces, often to the value of $60,000, and other similar financial institu tions, with their lesser cash capital In silver; and others, again, with their cash capital in copper. Cock fighting could be seen, and betting in the pit erected by llie government in the lust century; danc ing in all its fondat, and magnificent balls In-the saloons frequented by the city faahio^hles. The leaser dissipations were on the same scaXHttth these public performances. Thus one of the Ten Com mandments was perverted to " remember to keep holy the festivals,' until the whole decalogue was forgotten and ignored in this saternalia. Now, let us turn and look at another picture in the mining districts of Real del Monte, to the north of this city. There the silver mines are under English direction, and many of the workmen are English. They have come , out from home with their families, bringing with them their manners and customs and precepts. Among these they have not forgotten the command ments as tanght them in England. Every Sunday some two hnndred of these, including their wives and children, repair to the school house, where their religious exercises are performed according to the Eng'ish liturgy. Clean, neatly dressed, and with all the decorum of a Cornish village, tbey present a "rfy.l marked contrast to their ragged, dirty, gambling and drinking fellow workmen of this country outside the school house, who are obeying the scriptural in junction according to their instruction. Let the church of Mexico raise but one finger in opposition to if us desecration'of the Sabbath, nnd the numerous festivals to this custom pernicious in its consequences to society, and it will pass away like enchantment, ami with the rapidity of a dream. Hut the clergy have not done it, nor will tliey. Verily they shall have tlieir reward- In the cities it will be perceived that they have lost all hold upon the affections and respect if the people; in the country they have assisted to steep the poor tieon in such poverty and ignoian e that hn aid fc now of no avail. You must perceive that I am not treating this question in a religious, but in a political point of view. I would not have the religion of these people changed, for that would only make fb n renegades; but 1 would have their morals reformed an imnor t ant duty which the priests have ncgh. ted in this country. The Catholic church of Mexico is so un like the same institution as it exists in ihe United Hfates, thot it is difficult to believe its precepts are the same. Yon may ask, what then is the use of toleration of religion in a country where only one form of worship exist?- i ll i? nc*. lor Mexicans that this concession is Bade, bat for immigrants are wanted hi the country. It ia found that colonization cannot take place from abroad Uitil toleration of religion ia granted. While religious freedom waa established ?n oer constitution on comet politieal grounds, hare U fa advocated for the practical benefits it may con Air in its consequences on the country. 1 hope im migration may tukc place, and I hope a large num ber of Roman Catholic priests from the United States will be among the number. The Mexican ideas of colonization are confined to agriculturists, bnt the immigrants would in many instances prefer to reside in the cities, if they were artisans desirous of following their trades. The populations of the cities are so different from the peonage in the country that it is im portant yon t-houid not mistake my remarks made of the one as applying to the other. For social qualities the belter classes in the cities are not much behind the same kind ot people elsewhere. For politeness and refinement they think themselves far superior to our democratic sovereigns, and surely they are equal to them. In morality the cities of Mexico would compare favorably with our own me tropolitan manners and customs. The great defect in the inhabitants of the cities is their want of the practical information so common in the United States. Here theory and book learn ing are abundant; but in the North we add prac tice, which is of as much importance as water to a steam engine. For this reason artisans will flock to the cities as soon as immigration commences in ear nest. Even at this time every foreign artisan is sure to find immediately profitable employment. Yon will perceive by your files of Mexican papers tbc importance given to a leading editorial or your paper of the 19th of April. Your views respecting the present condition or things in this country meet with the hearty approval of the liberal party. P. S There has been some misunderstanding in the cabinet, and Senor Payno, the Minister of Fin ance, has resigned. No one has yet been named to fill his place. Geneml Soto has been appointed Minister of War and Marine. Payno's mission to Berlin has, in consequence of the rupture, been given up; he is, therefore, named as Minister to Brussels and agent for colonization?rather a singu lar mixture of employments. But some things can be done by an agent which would not look well ia print if done by a foreign minister. Our Vera Cruz Correspondence* Vkka Ckcz, May 22, 1856. President Comonfort and the Puebla Bishop? Health of His Lordship?His Age and Appear ance?Disappointment in Sailing?Good Pay for the Captain? The Ministerial Changes. Comonfort is a trump. He is dealing right and left. This steamer takes to yon the news of the ex pulsion and banishment of the Archbishop of Puebla, a man of unbounded inflnence as a prelate and as a man of wealth. His income, it is said, amounts to abont $30,000 a year, and his private fortune is not less than $250, 000. You will say that those who lay hands on such a person rim much risk of being worsted. Still Co monfort has risked iCand no one cries against it. The Bishop, who is aboat forty years of age, ar rived here in excellent health, and was exceedingly pleased in beholding a view of the open sea before him. The steamer Hidalgo (the old Benjamin Franklin, of filibuster renown), got steam ap to take this illustrious Bishop to Havana; but,lo! just on the eve of Btarting, they discovered all the machinery out of order, and she could not go. Then the illus trious Bishop got frightened, appealed to the Gover nor to be transferred to any other ship ready to sail for any foreign port. The French frigate France and Mexico, bound for Bordeaux, then was selected to drop the Bishop at Havana, for which the captain received the handsome sum of $1,000. The snperstitious population bring the recent earthquake in connection with the banishment of the Bishop, and say even heaven and earth are dis pleased with such a measure. Some say already that tkiB ia all show, and that the Bishop is treading again terra firma somewhere in tne neighborhood, and ready to pay those again that are willing to kick up a revolution. But I say, quien sabe. The ex-Minister of Santa Anna, Aguela, has been caught somewhere in Oajaca, and carried on to Mexico to stand a trial. A telegraphic despatch, just received, informs ub that Miguel Lerdo y Tejado is named Minister of Fi nance, in place of M. Payno, who goes out as Minis ter to Brussels Don Juan Soto, a perfect fire-eater, (refer to the American war), is named as Minister of War,and he will be death to all filibusters, if they ever should attempt to peep Into Muxioo. This is all the latest news of the day. I leave for Mexico, and shall write you again. Newspaper Account*. [From the New Orleans Delta, May 26.] The steamship Texea, Capt. Thomas Forbes, from Vera Cruz, 22d iastent, arrived here this morning. The Texan brought 113,769 in ipeele. By thin arrival we have Intelligence from Vera Cruz t> the 21st instant, not of a v?ry important character, how ever. The Bishop of l'uebla, Don Pelegio A. Labastida, ore of the prime moreri in the revolution of Poebla, haa been banished frcm the country by orders of the govern ment. On the day previous to his being made acquainted with this measure of policy he preached a very strong and virulent sermon, in spite of the en treaties and warnings of his fi lends. On the next day, the 12th, the Bishop was Informed that le ihonld leave the republic immediately, and a few hours only were allowed him to mahe his prepara tions. The government, meanwhile, hae received infor mation 1 hat an attempt would be made to rescue him from arreit, and consequently detailed a plcquet of one hundreo dragoons to er.force the order, who stationed ' themselves in front of the Bishop's palace. The agentg - oi the clergy had succeeded in rallying a large crowd around <he building, but upon the first summons they promptly withdrew. Several persons were arraeted in the act of distributing money and inciting the people to revolt, among whom were two priests, a Franoisoaa and a member of the Carmelite Order. On the morning ol the 13tb the house of a German was ce&rched, in which weie found a large quantity of aims, ammunition and soldiers' clothing. A c lei gym an named Munoz. In the disguise of a mendi cant, was arrested preaching in one sf the streets, with a ride in his hands. These priests were claimed by the Bit hep ad interim, Dm At gel Alonzo y Pan'ig*, but the Governor of the ciiy refused, and insisted that they should be tried by the civil authorities. The Bishop was conveyed to Vera Cruz, where he was allowed to remain two days for the purpose of allowing his family to join him, previous to his departure from the country on board the steamer Franklin. The Proyrtt slates that cn the 17th inst., during the dead of nigot, two shocks of an earthquake wers sensibly felt in Vera Caps. At the same time a loud subterranean report, not u?ike the rumbling of distant thunder, was distinctly heard. This, the l'rogrts rays, is the second extraordinary phenomenon whtoh we have perceived during a few days, being on account cf the overheated state of the atmosphere, lor a few nights ago a brilliant a-rollte was teen to cross directly over the el*y, illumi nating our whole city, and bursting with a very loud detonation. Seaor de Brnito Gomez Farias baa been appointed Se cretary of Legation at Brussels. The papers from the capital not only confirm the news of the appointment to the Hit 1strj of War and Navy of General Juan Isto, but bring the intelligence of his'ao eeptance. The Program says that the scarcity of flour is such, that ueleas the government promptly oomes to the reller of the Vera Cruz ins, great destitution will ens^p. It re oommencs a large Importation of the article from abroad. General Almonte haa been appointed to All the im portant position of Minister to England. The Peniamiento announces shortly the publication of a manltbeto by Haro y Tamariz. The news ot the arrest, in a village ot Oaxa, of Igoacio AguUar, ex-Minister ot State, is oonflrmsd. Upon bis per son wss found n diary of his movements. A telegraphic despatch just received, states that Don Miguel Lerdo y Tejada has been named as Minister of Flnanoe, and Don Joan Soto Minister of War. Agullar, the ex Minister of Santa Anna, has been caught somewhere in Oejaco, end is to be taken to Mexico to stand his trial. The Archbishop left this morning in the Frenoh bark France k Mexico, bound tor Bordeaux; but, on paying the captain $1,000, he drops the Illustrious parson at Havana. The steamer Bent. Franklin would not and could not move?with a Bit hop on board?and strange that they should have found that out at the very last moment. Zerman. the Mexlean Admiral, of the Pacific squadron, has been thrown Into prison. The Turf. MARYLAND. Hzrrino Ron CounflS, Baltihorx, May 20.?Purse $500, three mile heats. Lucy Phillips 1 1 Augusta 2 & Sam Letcher 5 2 Rattle 3 4 Bsrry 4 3 Time, 6:48?6:41*. Mat :io.? Jockey Club purse $1,000, four mile heats. T. J. Wootfolks' cn. m. lloride 1 1 Jas. fal.'ey's b. h. Sebaatipol 2 2 TIMS. fir it Heat. Seama Heat First mi'e 1:67 2:03 Second mile 1:63* 1:57 Third mile 1:66)6 1:60 Fourth mils .1:1$ 1 .'62* Total 7:38* 7:43* Const of General Sessions. Before Recorder Smith. A t the owning of the June term of this court, this morning, the clerk tailed over the names of f;-entlimen summoned as Grand .'Jurore, and there re.'ng, as usual, no quorum present, they were dis charged for 1he day. The roll of petty jurors were then called, and a panel found; hut no case 1>eing ready .'or trial, they were also discharged until 11 o'clock ruesday morning. The case of Richard A. Goodwin, indicted lor felonious assault and bjMtery, etarde first <D the cajendar for Tuesday, HISTORY OP MORMOM8AI 48 IT 18. Choice Extract, from Brtgluun Tou|'l BomiOWi The file of the Salt Lake news brought by the last mail from Utah, contains a number of sermons delivered in the Tabernacle at Salt Lake by Go vernor Brig ham Young, from which we have taken the subjoined extracts:? LAWTKH8 AMD TBS 10NO*ACE OP JURORS. Mr. Hovej has referred to several incidents in his experience. I will refer to what I witnessed no longer ago than 3 euterday, in the courtroom. A lawyer rose to make his (ilea before the jury; he itrict a took up the laws of Utah, which are strict and pointed in reference to lawyers making pleas, binding them to fairly array the fucts in the case, whether they are for or against their clients, and he was so serious, so religious, so pious and bo honest, that he appealed to high heaven to witness liia honesty belore the jury. When he had in duced the jury to believe that he was honest, h stood there and misrepresented the merits of th care for half an hour at a stretch, in regular law yer style. Men will portray what is In their heart* when they talk freely, and they cannot keep irom it. This is the way 111 which the Lord will exhibit the hearts of the children of men. Will he take out their hearts and Bhow them to the people ? No, for that would not exhibit the fruit of tneir hearts; but he will draw them into circumstances which tflll compel them to manifest what is in tbem. Let a man rise np here and talk, and freely cxprers his thoughts, and you can judge of what spirit he is. We nave just heard the words which give a manifestation of the spirit of one of our mis sionaries, and 1 say now, as I have Baid before, I wish we had hundreds of such missionaries throughout this Territory preaching to the people, and tiring up their hearts with the spirit of hones ty, bo that they would entirely quit pilfering, ly ing and deceiving, and deal honestly with one another, with themselves and with their God and be industrious and prudent, and pay atten tion to their business, instead of loafing about the streets. I wish we had one hundred Bueh mis* sionaries in this city to get up prayer meetings, preaching meetings, and evening meetings in every ward. What tor? To draw away that filthy, nasty mass which assembles at the eorners of this public square. For a week or two past that court house has been thronged with men, and it is darker than the bowels of hell. If you ask me how I know, I answer, I h*ve baen there and seen for myself; have understood how they felt, and tried the spirits, and I saw who were there. It is a shame for men to be found loafing about in such places, where there is contention, and quarrelling, aud every stratagem that can lie osed to deceive juries and witnesses, and lying before them with all the grace and eanety of a saint, pretending to be one. Such a place is darker to me than midnight darkness. Theie is not a jury which has occupied scat, in that oourt house that comprehends the full scope of truth; they are put there and then their minds are beclouded, dust is thrown into their eyes, and they do not fully know truth from error, light irom darkness, what is of God from what is not of God. As 1 have already said, a lawyer com menced his plea yesterday by appealing to high heaven to witness his honesty before the jury, and this he did to decoy their feelings, to throw them off their guard, and in all this he was true to his client in accordance with the approved mode of the gen tiles. lie has been a gentile lawyer for many years before he entered this church, and therefore I do not think that he really merits such severe censure as he otherwise would for taking the gentile shoot so faithfully, as the strong powerof tradition and habit still enfolds him. InBtead of setting before the jury the merits of the case, and nothing else, he never touched upon them, but avoided them at every turn and threw dust in their eyes, that they might give an unrighteous decision. TUB DIKKtUL EFFECTS OF LAW. Elders of Israel also throng snce a place, and that too when no spirit reigns there but the devil's spirit, and niiless enough righteous elders go in to purify the atmosphere and overbalance the power of evil, yon can get nothing from that den but the principles of hell. There is not a righteous person in this com munity who will have difficulties that cannot be set tled by arbitrators, the Bishop's court, the high council, or by the twelve referees, (as provided in resolution No. 4, page 390 of Utah Laws), far better and more satisfactorily than to contend with each other in law courts, which directly tends to destroy the best interests of the community, and to lead scores of men away from their duties as good and in dustrious citizens. Take from one to two hundree men and detain them in a court room week after week, just look at it! How many men have been detained at that court house during the past week ? Will a hundred fill the number? No Will the time of one hundred and fifty men for the past six days indemnify this community for the wasted time that has been spent there in trying to decide one case, that any boy fifteen years old, possessed of good common seuse, and having the spirit of truth within him, could have decided in one hour? I tell you that the time of one hundred and fifty men for six days will not supply the loss to this community which has been incurred to satisfy the lustful, wicked, cursed, hellish appciites of professed breth ren in Btriving to cheat their nnighbore by employ ing lawyers to deceive or lie for them, which are synonimous terms in the eyes of justice, and by bringing in witnesses to screen the guilt and deceive a jury, whereby they are liable to give a wrong verdict. I am making these few remarks for your benefit,if you will be benelitteo by them. 1 tell you that a cricket war, a grasshopper war, or an Indian war, would not begin to be so direful as what you would have to pass through, were it not for your ignorance. If you are wilfully ignorant you will have to feel the fash, but if you are innocently igno rant, and do the best you know how, you may be excused. Does the Lord love your conduct when yon drag each other before the ungodly? When you run after difficulties, contentions, broils and strifes? Do yon think he has fellowship with your condnct in such things? No, you do not. Do you suppose that Jesus Christ has? No. Do yon believe that angels and good men can fellowship your conduct? You do not, for one moment. There is not a man or woman in tnis house, whether saint or sinner, Jew or Gentile, bond or free, black or white, thut can so believe for a moment. Do you believe that your cou sciences can be clear in the day of retribution, if you spend your time for naught, and run after the fllthi ness of the wicked? Do you believe that in so doing yon can stand in the greet day of account with a clear conscience? You cannot. Then why, in the name of common sense, do you tag afser the devil and his imps? ABV1CE TO THOSE WHO SET ON JURIE8. Old gray headed men, wixo ought to be fathers in Israel, were impanncled as a jury on the case I have allnded to, and what were they after? The fog, the froth and spawn of hell?and thev feast upon it Men who do not know their right hand from their left, with regard to the influences of the spirit of God. Might they not have known better? Yes, if they had taken the course which Joseph Hovey has taken. If they wonld walk humbly before God and know his will, thev would go to work and get stone and timber, and woak at repairing their fences pre paratory to raising grain, potatoes and other articles of food, instead of fallowing after courts and the nonsense, wickedness and lying associated with them. Do I say that lying is practised in those places ? Yes, often from beginning to end. Men will take a solemn oath that they will tell the truth, in the name of Israel's God, and nothing but the trnth. and then, if they have a prejudice against Mr. A or B, they will their story to sutt themselves, and if possible crush an Innocent person. The juries are liable to be deceived, where there is mush darkness, and the whole posse will go to hell, and I will say it in the name of Jesus Christ. You men who follow after such a course of things as 1 refer to, I would not give the ashes of a rye straw for the whole of you, jurymen, witnesses, and every other person who countenances such a place. It is a cage of un clean birds, a den and kitchen of the devil prepared for hell, and I am going to warn yon of it. Some of pon wondered why I sent Thomas Bullock to take your names; I wanted to know the men who were coaxing hell into our midst, for I wish to send them to China, to the East Indies, or to where they cannot get back, at least for five years. Who do we wish to stay at home ? Such men as Joseph Hovey, men who will pay atten tion to making fences, tilling the soil and providing for their families, those who will live their religion at home. But we will send off the poor corses on a mission, and then the devil may have them, and we do not care how soon they apostatise, after they get as fai as California. You may think my remarks are severe upon the lawy ers here, but the most of them take a course which is highly ceosurable, and you may see gray beaded men running after them, and asking, "Can you call me up as a witness, or pat me on the jury?" ?in order that they may get a dollar or two. Wonld I go there for money? No. There Is not au honest man in this community who go there merely for money, or would plead law unless it was demand ed at his hands by ihe principles of justice, to pre vent the innocent, from being wronged and abused. No principle would ever lead an honest man into a court room, only to preserve the innocent from being rode down and destroyed. ntUGHAM 18 ASHAMED OF ALL HI8 BRETHREN WHO ARE IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH LAW. To tee prefer sed brethren, old and young, idling away their time in and around court rooms, proves them to have Utile or no love for their religion, and that they care but little about their God. I would like to see a strictly honest community, if we can have one, and then there would be uo aillbrenc v of opinion brought before a Gentile court?never, never ! Every difficulty would be settlad amicably, without ever calling upon a court. 1 am ashamed of n any of yon; it ic i disgrace for men who profess to he it en Of dignity end character??{*d *'"> have been Judges in the Supreme Court of their oountry, to condescend to the mean, low lived celling of a pettifogger, end miserable tools at that. I am ashamed for such persons?their oonduct is a di > , grace to them dud to the name of Mormon. 1 wish we had in our midst thousands and millions of such men as Joseph Hovey?I would then bid defiance to all the powers of darkness. Bat while we have

hundreds and thousands of men whom we bold in fellowship?who would rather take off their hats and sci ape their shoes to a servant of the devil and black his boots?I tell you we are in danger. BRIOHAH CURSES TIIE LAWTKR8, THEIR CHILDREN, TllklK LANDS AND THEIR CATTLE. Men who love corruption, contention and broils, and who seek to make them, I curse you in the name of the Isird Jesus Christ; I corse yon, and the fruits of your lands shall be smitten with mildew, your children sh 11 sicken and die, your cattle shall waste away, and I pray God to root you out from the society of the saints. To observe kuc.1i conduct as many lawyers are guilty of, stirring up strife among peaceable men, is an outrage upon the feel ings of every honest, law abiding man. To sit among them is like sitting in the depths of hell, and their hearts are as black as the ace of spades. 1 have known them for years; 1 know where they were begotten and by whom, and how they were brought forth, and the history of their lives. Thoy love sin, and roll it tin der their tongucB as a sweet morsel, and wil creep around like wolves in sheep's clothing, aad till their pockets with the fair earnings of tnelr neighbors, and devise every artifice in their power to reach the property of the honest, and that is what has caused these courts. I say, may God Al mighty curse them from this time henceforth, and let all the saints in this house say, Amen, [a unani mous amen from 3,000 persons resounded through the house], for they area stiukln the nostrils of God and angels, and in the nostrils of every latter day saint in this Territory. We have been driven Irom tne faceoi man iuto the wilderness, and now the poor cevils follow us to stir up strife, and to produce the spawn of hell in which they delight to live and upon which they feed. And simple ones in this community will beg of them, " Cannot I be on the grand jury ? Cannot I get a litt.e to do in the court?" You are fools; God will never pay you; all the pay you will receive will be from the de vil, and it will be miserable pay. This I say to law yers, and to a'l who will run atter strife, and i say it In honesty and soberness before high heaven, before my Father in heaven, and before Jesus Christ his Hon, and before the holy angels. To see lvwyers, as 1 saw them yesterday, strive to make the jury be lieve them honest, and then throw dust in their eyes, who will reward you for this ? The devil, when he gets you in deep suffering and trouble, for there he i will leave you and say that he has no more use for you. You would do better to labor for the Lord, and you would get better pay. And the people of this Territory will make money by paying their honest debts, and gain property and be blessed in their basket and in their store, in their fields and in their crops, in their flocks aud herds, in their wiveB and children, while the withering touch of the Almighty will be upon them, if tbey practise wickedness. NO DECENT HAN WILL 00 TO A COURT HOUSE?A CLOSING ADMONITION. Keep away from coart houses; no de:ent man will go there unless he goes as a witness, or is in some manner compelled to. I know that many are obliged to go, but those who creep around to see what is going on, let me tell jou, the devil has possession of them. I wish such persons to go to California, if they wiBb to. I counsel yon to keep away from courts; we have got the names of thobe who have attended that court room, and we will send those characters on 'ong missions, for we want to get rid of them, and we do notoare whether they aposta tize or not. If the world complain of this, say I, if you have not sense enough to know an honest man from a devil, you must run the risk of it. I could always discern the difference, and if you have not insight enough to know when they tell the truth and when they lie, you have to run the same chance that we have . People abroad may say, " Why don't yon send us all good men?" Do you believe them ? No, you do not, when we send them. We wisn them to stay here, only those whom it is necessary to have go, bnt we have no business for those pour miserable devils. 1 call you miserable because the spirit of the Almighty has no fellowship for you; your names are written with ours here, and also in the Lamb's book of life, as I have often told yon, where they will remain until you Bin against the Holy Ghost. Angels have no fellowship for you, neither have L Now go and prove yourselves, and ifyou desire to be saints you have an opportunity. Were it not for your ignorance, there would be a severing between tne righteous and the wicked. I would not endure what I am obliged to endure, whether I are righteous or not, I would make a scattering amoDg this people end make the wicked leave forthwith. I wanted to give yon this brief exhortation. You may say that I have talked rather hard, but I do not cure what you say about it, not one partisle. I wil tell yon what 1 think about the matter, if you do not stop yonr wickedness we will lay judgment to the line and righteousness to the plummet, and 1 tell yon that the hailstorm that will be aronnd you will sweep away the refuge of lies and all liars. SOME OF THE SAINTS ARK SOFTT SHELLS. I am not afraid of all hell, nor of all the world, in laying judgment to the line when the Lord says so Now then behave yourselves, you old gray-headed knoW-notliings, you are doted; you are, shall I say hard shells ??no yju are poor old soft shell fogies, that a few pounds of tea and sugar will buy. 1 feel as ready as any man to honor gray hairs, but I also believe in the old proverb which reads that "A wise child is better than an old and foolish king/' We do not want any such men to go to courts. When they want you to sit on a jury, tell them to judge the case themselves, and you keep away and mind your own business. Let me ask you, is there a man ob liged to go into a court and sit on a jury ? No. Our law will not oblige him to do it, only on certain con ditions. Yon can get rid of doing so; you arc there because you love to be there. You suck dowu the diink that is there, eat the food that is there, and snp the broth that is there, because it is of hell and you like it better than you do the saints, and the sustenance of the saints. Uay God bless the honest in heart, and separate the wicked and unrighteous from them, and curse the latter class from this time henceforth: Amen. THE BISHOPS ARE OLD ORANIES?BRIO HAM PROMISES TO TRAIN THE 8AINT8. I feel like taking men and women by the hair of their heads, figuratively speaking, and slinging them milQs and miles, and like crying stop, before you ruin yourselves. But 1 have not the power to do this; I can talk to you a little and can beseech you to stop your mad career, and can ask your Father in heaven to give you the light of his Spirit, and when yon receive that you will find every word that I said last Sabbath to be true. There are men here by the score who do not know their right hands from their left, so far as the principle of justice is con cerned. Does our high council? No, for they will let men throw dust in their eyes, until you cannot find the hundredth millionth part of %n ounce of common sense in them. You may go to the bishops' courts, and what are they? A set of old grannies. They cannot judge a case pend ing between two old women, to say nothing of a case between man and man. We have already dropped many of them, and we arc picking up young men. We will train them and tell them to serve God or apostatize. The time is coming when justice will lie laid to the line and righteousness to the plummet; when we shall take the old broud 'swora and ask, "are you for God?" And if you are not heartily on the Lord's side you will be hewn down. I feel like reproving you; you are like a wild ass that rears and almost breaks his neck be fore he will be tamed. It is so with this people. Have we not given you salt enough to season you? You have been sweetened with velvet lips until you do not know salt from anything else, will you hear now? If I have strength and continue to feel like it, I will c ome here and train you every Sabbath, and I wish my sermons to be like the raining of pitchforks point foremost, until you awake out of your sleep and find out whether you are saints or not. We have a great many gars, sharks, sheepheads, tamper eels and every other kind of fish that Is to be found in the pond, tne gospel net has gathered them np, and what may you expect from snch a mess? You may expect the best and worst of all God's creation mingled here together. The foolish will torn from correct principles, go over to the wicked and cease to be righteous, so that they can go to hell with the fools. I wish to have every man who rises to speak from thiB stand, lay aside the smooth tongue and velvet lips and let his words be like melted lead, that they may sink iuto the hearts of the people. Now, do von think that I have cast you off; you aie my brethren, if I have any. If there are any saints on the face of the earth, they arc here, i am one with yon, and if you turn round and say "brother Brighom ought to live according to hi ETeaching," I answer, I live bo now that you canuo eep up with me. Do not tret yourselves, I am reaoy to be weighed in the balance in all my ways with any of you. Learn to live your religion day by day, ana do right all the time. Lot us strive to get more light, more of the grace and power of God, that we may increase therein, which Is my prayer continually. May God bless you : Amen. MONET-MAEINO PAUPERS? BEOflARfl IN 8ALP LAKE. Hr. Woolcy has reported the circumstance of a bishop's finding a woman who had liecn living upon the charity her neighbors, and who at the same timo had valuable property and money bid up. F can re fer you to scores of like circumstances, and what is more, to some of the elder*, these who are supposed to be atnoug the best of our elders, who have been preaching abroad ami brought their hundreds into the church, who come here with a lie in their he irta and on their tongues with regird to their means, and declare emphat ically that they have no means to help themselves with, neither ok amy nor goods. We have bronglit them here and they are -till Q.vtng the Perpetual Emigration Fund for their passage, and they have gold if they have no silver, and have the richest kind of clothing. This brings to my mind the circumstance of a family in Nauvoo, who were in the habit of travelling from h>oae to house begging their living, and aaid that they were poor ana destitute. When the time came for os to leave that city, and that family was start ing to Bt. Louis, the woman loosed her dress and showed one of the sisters her stays, and said, " I have my mouey sewed up in these stays, and the chureh won't get it." This woman togged her liv ing and stayed in N&uvoo almost two years, and would rather be damned than to part with the s> vcreigiw sewed up in her stays. Such people will be damned, and tbe sooner they leave us the better. Were 1 a bishop, 1 would know, to a reasonable de free of accuracy, the value of the clothing owned y those in my ward who were calling upon me tor assistance, and I would to familiar with every nosk and habitation, and watch carefully that money was not secreted and the owners begging from those pcoter than themselves. I would know whether they hud money hoarded, or hid away. A score of years ago the elders had to be very watchful, and I do not suppose that for many years i slept so soundly but what the slightest tap would wake me up. If any person should say " Biigbam," J am ready at once to ask, " what is wonted ?" I am ready to jump, at a moment's warn ing. No person could stir ubout without our know ing it. 1 lie bishops should be equally wide awake, and set those whom they have confidence in, those whom they know to be honest, to be watchmen on the lower, and let them find out who arc suffering Doubtless there are many who are suffering through want of food; but there is no necessity or any fami lies suffering in this city, and when this city is sup plied the remainder of the Territory may be c insi de red independent. I presume that we have one fourth less provisions in this city, to the number of the inhabitants, than has any other portion of the Terrisoiy, and yet we need not Butter. Here we need not be ashamed to tog, when stern necessity has closed around us. I do not expect to sec the | day when 1 am perfectly independent, until 1 am crowned in the celestial kingdom of my Father, and mane as independent as my Father in heaven. I have not yet received my inheritance as my own, and I expect to to depeuden untilt I do, for all that I have is lent to me. If a man comes to me and says he is out of food, what of that'! He is out of food, that is all. If a man comes along and says, "My family is destitute of food and clothing," what of that? Simply,that they are destitute of food and clothing; and still they may be gentlemen and ladies for ail that, and be honoring their tabernacles and being on the earth. The customs of the world have made it degrading to ask for food, but it is not when a person cannot honestly procure it iu any other way. The man who is hungry anl destitute has as good a right to my food as any other persou, and I should feel as happy in associating with him, il' he hod a good heart, as with those who hive an abundance, or with the princes of the earth. They are all esteemed by me, not according to the wealth and position they nold, but accoruing to the charac ter tliey have. Tint iniquitous to be provided for. You say, "that man ought to die for transgressing the law of God." Let me suppose a case:?Suppose you found your brother in tod with your wife, aud put a javelin through both of them, you would be justified, and they would atone for their sins and be received into the kingdom of God. I would at once do so in snch a case; and nnder such circum stances I have no wife whom I love so well that I would not put a javelin through her heart, and I would do it with clean hands. Bat you who trifle with your covenants, be careful lest in judging you will le judged. Evorv man und woman has got to have clean bands and a pure heart to execute judg ment, else they had better let the matter alone. Again, suppose the parties are not caught in their iniquity, and it passes along nnnoticed, shall 1 have compassion on them? Yes, I will have compassion on them for transgressions of the na ture already named, or for those of any other description. If the Lord bo order it that they are not caught in the act of their iniquity, it is prelty good proof that he is willing for them to live, and I say let them live and sutler in the flesh for their sins, for they will have it to do. There is not a man or womun who violates the covenants made with their God, that will not to required to pay the debt. The blood of Christ will never wipe that out, your own blood must atone for it; and the judg ments of the Almighty will come, sooner or later, and every man and woman will have to atone for breaking their covenant1*. To what degree ? Will they have to go to hell ? They are in hell enough now. I do not wish them in a greater hell, when their consciences condemn them all tbe time, tot compassion reign in our bosoms. Try to compre hend how weak we are, how we are organized; how the spirit and the flesh are continually at war. CBASTI8IKO TBK HIGH PRIESTS. There are many in this kingdom who are as fool ish as men and women can well be; so mucb bo, that it would seem as though they never had received moral instruction. They give way to wickedness, and outrage the feelings of those who are truly mo ral, yet to their hearts they go all lengths for the kingdom of God on the earth. They are willing to stand in the front of the battle, to go to the ends of the earth to preach the gospel, or to do anything they are called upon to perform; yet when you exa mine their morality, it highly outrages the feeliugs of those who are strictly moral and honest in all their ways. Do you believe this? Yes, and many of you know it. Many of our boys who play in the streets, and use prolane language, know not what they are doing; but there are old men, members of the High Priests' Quorum and of the High Council, who, when they get into a difficulty in tne kauyon and are perplexed, will get angry, and swear at and curse every tiling around them. I will insnrc that I could tind High Priests who conduet in this manner. But on their way home their feelings become mollified, and they wish to plead with the Lord to forgive them. Could pou place yourself in Bomc of our kanyons, or in some other difficult places, out of sight but within hear ing, and hear some of the brethren curse and swear at their cattle and horses, you would not have the least idea that they had ever known anything about "Mornionism;" but follow them home and you may find them pleading with the Lord for pardon. There are just snch characters in our midst. Do you think they should be cut off trom the church? I think that if the presidents of qnoroms would chastise them it might be bcnflci&l?at any rate it would not hurt them?and if that will not do, disfellowship them, and let them know that they must observe the laws of this kingdom, or eventually be cut off. If you do not wish to disfellowship them, you who are without sin, take such men into the kauyon, where they may bellow end bellow in vain, and give them a good cowhidtog, until they will remember and be ashamed of themselves when they take the name of God in vain, or lie. You may take tliis counsel spiritually or tempo rally, just as you please. Such characters ought to he whipped so that they would remember it to the day of their death; and if they do not then stop their lying, swearing, cursing and pilfering, I will tell them that sooner or later they will be cut off from the church and go to hell. BRIG 11 AM TALKS TO TBOSB WHO TALK OF DESERTING TUB FAITH. Quite a number of mon came here the first season besides the pioneers. Brother Frost was one of the pioneers, and probably one of the first who hammer ed iron in this region since the dayB of the Nephites. He has travelled through the Territory north, south, east and west, wherever he has been sent. He has also crossed the Pacific ocean, and is again right here on hand, not yet dead yet. There are many others who have held on in the same way, who have not turned aside but have remained here, or gone where they have been sent. As I was observing last Sabbat 1), such persona are Die characters who are not so generally known throughout our community as are the drunkards and men who go to law, those are the men of notoriety, but the others are men of sense, men who mind their own business. Still, do not go to cutting off twigs before they ought to be cut off. but if they prefer it, let them go to Califor nia and put their gold and silver into the hands of the devil, for I ask no odds of them, and expect I could buy the whole of tl.em,so far as property is concerned. However, be merciful to them. I say to those men and women who cannot Btay here because famine threatens the land, because we are threatened with being distressed, and through fear that we shall die, just go, won't you? for you arc nothing but hindrances. We have Lifted you up ns wc do poor horses that arc down, and cannot help themselves, and we have nursed you, year after year, and as soon as you can stand alone yon kick at your benefactors. As soon as you get a hundred dollars in money, and two or three yoke of cattle yon are ready to say, "I wont to go to the devi now," and 1 say, go, but as the Lord Almighty lives you will meet soro chastcnings, and pass through 'much more sorrow than if you were to continue saints, and remain with the saints. And after you are bandied by the devil until you arc willing to do as the Lord wishes you to, then you will be glad to come here and black the 1 toots iind shots of such men as brother Frost, and will have to do the drudgery to all otcrnity, or as long as the faitbfid have a mind to keep you. The poor miserable curses?1 cnll them so because they are enrsed, will prowl around and serve the pevil, will run back and forth, and go to Califor n:a one to the State*, and here and there, and at the same time pretend they wish to Ire saints. What will be done with such people ? God Almighty will make them our servants. You had better stuy here and die, if die it is. California is not the gathering place tor the saints; here is the gathering place, and lu re we will gather and stay until God stys, ?' go some win iooi-e.'! If that is hack to Jackson county do not be scared, for ns the l.ord live, this people wi'i go hark and build a great, temple there. Do not be frightened lieeause a few rotten, corrupt scoundrels in our mbW ry on , ' t>, the troops are comiu? and tb-'t will bo tin; cud ol Moratonmm,' " In order to deceive the weak-mind female*. Should you ?ee little boys playing with pebbles and small stick*, and bear tham say, get out of the way, we are going to bnild a great, big structure, that we nay climb to the suu and pull it down," their words and conduct would be iust as sensible as it is for the world to tell us that" MonnoniHm is going to be de stroyed. If we do right we need care no more about tbern than we do about mosquitoes, for this people will surely go back to Jackson county. How soon that maybe, or when it may be, I do not care; but that in not now the gatneriug place for this people. TBS GOVERNOR SNAPS HIS FINGERS AT PRESIDENT FIERCE. The world, and those of us who are destitute of the spirit of the gospel, will say, "oh it happened so-"' Two years ago mere was a hue and cry, from east to west, from north to south, and it was her alded forth in the papers throughout the States and all Europe, that "Governor Young says he is Gov ernor oi Utah and will be, and that President Frank lin Pierce cannot remove him from the gubernatorial chair." 1 a<-k am I removed? Is not Bringham yet in the chair? God has ruled in all these things, though wc may not know it. 1 said then, ana I shall always ray, that I shall be Governor as long as the I.ord Almighty wishes me to govern this people. Do you suppose that it is in the power of any mun to thwart the doings of the Almighty? They may as well undertake t > blri <mt the s -a. 1 am in the hands of that God, s* is the Pre- dent of our nation, and so are king*, and emperors, an.! all rulers. He controls the destiny of all, and wbat are you and I going to do snout it? Let us submit to him that we may share in this invisible, almighty, God-like power, which is the everlasting priesthood. We cannot thwart, the plans and pur poses of the Almighty. Do the world comprehend that if this people are faithful to G >d they will be come a mighty jieojpic ? No. It has been leaked out to a few individuals that the government of the United States is going til send troops here to drive out the Mormons. 1 say to such threatening*, cease your folly, for you can only do as God per mits you. VF.RY BEVF.RR ON THF. Ol.r TERRITORIAL .TVDOES. When certain immaculate judges went from here, they were going to obliterate "Mormouisui." What did they accomplish? They did all they could, and, like an empty sound, their vuperings passed away, and are known no more; neither are those judges known. Where is Mr. Brandenbury? Is he seated in the President's chair, under the wings which shadow this nation ? Does he control the strength nnd power of any part of the American Union ? Where is he ? The last we heard of him he was in Washington doing a little writing for this, that and the other lawyer, when lie could get any to do, and attending to cases of a lawyer, when he could get a few dollars for trasacting a little busi ness of that kind for this or that man; running froui office to office, and from pillar to post to obtain a living. He is a tolerably good man, after all; and if he had done as I counseled him he would have stayed here, and let that other judge go. Mr. Brandon* bury was a good sort of a man, be never bad any difficulty with mc, and wonld have done well, if be had only bad sense enough to know that he could not obliterate "Mormon ism." Bathe thought that his associate was going to blow the advocates of truth out of existence, when lie might as well blow towards the sun to puff it out. BARD TIMES IN SALT LAKE. Those of you who have come here without break fast this morning, do not go more than five days without eating. When you have gone that long without food, make your wants known to your neigh bors, and tell them that yon need something to eat, and if you come to me 1 will feed you. I have sus tained my family comfortably with eight ounces of breadstuff a day to each iudividuul. 1 nave had my children come to mc and ask, "shall I give away my rations to-day We have plenty of potatoes, and I presume that my family does not consume, on an averave, more than five ounces of breadstuff a day to each perse n. We have had plenty, ever since the first year we came here. Be mindful, and do not go too long without eat ing. Notwithstanding the scarcity, I say to those who send their children to beg from house to house, and who are lugging home a dozen loads a day, atop that. There are families now in this city, who pro fess to be oat of provisions, sending their children out to beg, and selling floor and meat for money to carry them to the devil. Now, stop that. I say to jou, bishops, appoint assistants to visit every bouse in your wards, and instruct them to take the liberty of lifting up the chest lids, and of looking under the floors and under the beds, for I tell you that some will hide their provision! and lie to yon, and tell you that they have nothing, while they are getting money for the flour, Ac., which their chil dren beg from this community, to carry them to hell, or back to the States, or to England. I say to such as are compelled to beg, when you have re ceived a sufficiency to supply your wants, stop. When the month of June arrives, and the fields are teeming with their golden fruits, there will he plenty of wheat and flour for sale in these streets, for there is a reasonable supply of those articles of food. There is a word of encouragement, therefore do not go too long without eating; and, if you are now brought to the pass which compels you to call upon the Lord, saying, " Lord, feed us, for unless thou feedst us we cannot be fvd: my Father, open the way, that 1 may get a little 'bread to feed mysel and children, or I shall not be able to get it." 1 say, good, glory, hallelujah, that you are brought to your knees to confess his power, and to acknowledge his hand. That you may be faithful is my prayer, all the day long, in the name of Jcsub Christ. Amen. Opening of the Dally normal School. A formal opening of the Daily Normal School will take place on Monday next, at three o'clock, in the rooms of the School Hall, Board of Education. The occasion is one of no ordinary importance to the inte rests of public education in New York,as the success of our free school system depends mainly upon the ac quirements and qualifications of the teachers for the responsible positionswhich they occupy. It is not enough that they should be thoroughly conversant with the various branches which are taught in the different departments.of our ward schools, but they should also possess that experience and tact in im paiting knowledge, without which no teacher can hope to achieve success. We are pleased, therefore, to see that the public will be presented with an op portunity of judging the merits of those who are to occnpy the important position of teachers in our public schools; and from what wc have heard, we have no doubt that they will realize the expectations that have been formed in regard to the institu tion of which they are pupils. The daily normal school was organized about three months ago. for the preparation of teachers to fill the vacancies which occur from time to time in the different ward schools throughout the city. It has an attendance at present of from one hundred and fifty to two hundred young ladies, and a large number have already, we understand, been appoint ed to situations. On the occassiou of the opening the members of the Board of Education, the School Trustees and Inspectors, and President and Faculty of the Free Academy, will be present, besides the principals and vice principals of the female gram mar schools. An address is to be made, explanatory of our system of public education, and it is hoped that the exhibition will have a good and salutary effect on the interests which it is intended to pro mote. Prealdent King and Antl Slavery IHoltl*. TO TOX KDITOH Or THE HERALD. Noticing in your issue 01 June 1, an editorial with a query concerning Columbia College, I offer the following reply:?Yon ask if President King pre sents Messrs. Greeley and Webb as models for his pnpils. He does not. By a wise provision in the statutes of Columbia College, all religions and po litical subjects are expressly forbid to be mentioned within her walls. Daring the present session seme two or three students delivered anti-slavery ad dresses, but (whether from the dissatisfaction of the classes or not) President King formally forbade their repetition. Annexed you will find the political views of the different societies of Columbia, as far as I can judge from observation and fiom personal acquaintance with their members. I will enumerate the societies accoiding to their respective merits:? Delta Phi Fraternity, unanimously conservative. Psi Uphilon Fraternity, about three-fourths con servative. Delta Psi Fraternity, about three-fourths con servative. Clin Psi Fraternity, conservative, l'hl Kappa Sigma Society, about three-fourths corseivntive. Philolcxtau Society, with one exception, conser vative. I'eithologcan Society, almost entirely anti slavery. By giving this note insertion you will oblige A SCBPCRIBER AND STCDRHT OP COLUMBlX. New Tori, June 2, le*5G. Important Decision.?Apkionable Band War bants.?A circular has juBt l>een issued bv the Gene ral Band Office, stating that by the act of" March 22, D52. land warrants and locations, not pre-emptive, arc assignable; but it is the decision oi the Depart ment, that where locations are made by pre-emiAors of their rights under the act of September 4, i841, such pre emotion locations are not assignable, for the reason that there is an express inhibition hi tl,o said act of 484? sgafnst the transfer of pre-erap t', r''