Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1856, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1856 Page 8
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IVmiUHBRTI ftlHEWn ITBI UT1 [CONTOrUlD KIO* BKVKMTH FAQR-] HTVAYAUSilt WYUVO. OITOATICjr WAFTED?BY A RSHrgCfABLM GIRL, O M tfattcteraxaid lid ?Dtror to do plala fffijgjAA print* lac Hp, tea good etty reference. A. up rat X Meat 334 street, be wees. filh end 7th evBauea. roal basataanl cntJAinv wanted?by a germ a* girl. a# at Mk III to Bo houseware, wash and Iron. City I gtrea. Qall at U leoasrd a. CJIT0AIIC8 WAMTED-BY A RFHPRCTABLR YOUNG n woaia (? root tub and Iron, or to do ctoaral hound TinJa^ APP'J *' 289 kTMue' b? O mi AT IPX WANTND- BY A KYSPaCT ABL1 WOMAN. O aa rtu.Jibanasid and plsla it' ?er, or fine washer and trocar. CM fit/ re'ere. ce. Apply at 16 Kant 33d it. TWO IYC.VKG WOMEN WANT SITU ATI0N8; ORE aa Brat rata ooek, the other ?? ihambermald or leaadreta. t aa be una t* two day* at 300 Jd avenue. batwean 23d and SSd itA f|X> PKl HOISTS?A 80BIB, STKAOY YOUNG MAM. A having a good know Ledge oi medicine*. wiehes to serve a liar la et tor a wbt >?.?ia or a Or*, rate retail drug siora. Ad drew B Drttgg; i, I'oat office. TO MFSrP *TS Al?D NTOR-.KMttPKaS.-A SMART, reofldeu: at rtarp man 19 yam ot age wlihee a sltutuon to aasUu I. a store u unir ao.. uo; t-frald to w?-k Refer ?tw? {*71 J it i ulred. t em j address F. F., box 300 Herald office. WAb . . D-A SITCsTlON, AS CHAMBERMAID, AND tc a e'lt in the wubing nud iron ug; go objer'looa to tae eourtry '?rat cf c.iy reteraooe. Caii at C212d ?v between S'ld ard ."4 ?ta.. for 1*1'darn. H'AS ISXI?A SITUATION, WvIfAR AND CH ? M terra* d, ?r toaatlnt a s-whttgand Ironing, by a yuttig wsraa * .h gcod r?feiencea Api.'r hi the store, ?2 . d an. TA" ANTal?a SITUATION Iti i.OO? **RAl, HOC**. YY dark, cr de u> a'Alrn work ard to a-nt,t in viie wa-h'ng ??'.* k g-ml C'y reiorence givea. t'a'.l at 106 l'.kh if , be tv eta < ih and",lb avenue* TA'A>TSl? BY A REM'Mi r*Bi.R WOMAN. A SITU A ? too as cChmstress or ebamb .nnaio; no object nn to the c ualry <?? ?<? travel. AUdrete M. i. vi 145 tVcsi itJ-h st , to t# baaexcei.. ~Vk' AbTr.D - A BITCaTION, AS Pl* t .N COOK. WASHER TT si J ?taae<. can give -??>. J reir-rooce Call for two data at "J frit i i h *t No obecur n t-i go in the country. tl" A-tJSP?bv* A RS9 Kt'T t Hug SL'OtCh WOMAN, A '* wtunU'a. b '.-.neener: :* a grrjd cook. wutb?r and 'rote/, o-01 teterence c*u beg'- en Oaa be won tor tao datt at ... Co urut a si,, in the rear, fourth floor, between !>? lanoaj *td JUi > gtvn at*. Xkf AMI D?A SITUATION. BY A RNSPKCTASt.1': OIR "t txar ; r!. to do ch im erwrt and o aln sewing, or to uue caic jt children. Cab a'. 94 Went 24tU at ., between 0th and Ttk ecu. "1A' ANYPDr A 8ITUATI? iN. BY A RCSPKCTAB' E ~ jot.-* \:uta3, a* good p alD r -.k, nsdera'Andi baking; le a good wuler ano iroaor; beet ol ctly reference, can be aeeafortac 4eyiat?9u M^lenc at. Xjkj ANTED?BY A WRI/. RK"t,MMit>Bit WOMAlf, A *Y I'.tuatlcc. to rook, cub and ."on. she can give eiee: lert te*i;fnrr>!? a* to ?f'tllt/ ?tid rhxrasf*r Leaves nor pre neat enepi,:rcr? or- sescunt of their quit'ing hunnekeepliig. She art' ertnwe* .s at 47 Lexingt/ a aventte "O/A NT Fit?A SITU .41 ION, *R CHAMBERMAID AND ?? wn.Mi- at t rlalc .'eun is well rect mmefided. C*!! at 53 f ait J3 b at wlore nbe bee lived two yeere. WANTRV-EY nit HO "EST, I.-DrSTRIOCS, CaPA b.e gtrl. a a'tnaiion. as ch*r beratald and te do clala cAaVflf c r Aw * ?? G-T ? oar int'fl ffi ri > m fo*. noa I"' *11 ar Mr, " eewlcg cr aa ? aber; car give gtxd ie:eron?e. Cxll at No leebror'oi at. In the ;ear H'FT NHRBE.-A YCO'G, HKALTHT MARRIED WO *? m?; Mtiiiiin towetnuree. l'leaae cut. for two 71 Waet Hit it. third door, back room ^fA>T*D-A. EIYL'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE the <_ ... oitv refeterce. Call at Ro. 9 West nth sc. ycurr fJrl, an ouunberma'd and waiter or to aadat in jftHkfre the eare of etc'kher. no objeed'-n ;o go in the cjuctr/. Beat AitY prf#.'FrrA Call ar ^n 0 W*st 11th at "TtrAjrrit.D a situation, as chambermaid*an^ Yt taaecettn walfitg, cr se tinder uuri*. by a girl, woo refer* to bar prat en; exptoten', with whom she baa lived twoyaara. A p-Ij at 10 9th st. WARTFD-BT A RSSPHCTABt K YOrNO WOMAN. A " eitui.! rr to do ebataberwork ard waiting, or chamber wctk ard rlair se?lrv; ha? the be?t of clt? rele.-ence. Call at 12 Unksn car. near Universl'.y place, between 11th ana 12th at*., far two da.'i. WANT. D-FIIUATiCNS FOB HUSBAND AND WIPE; tie mat as ccaehman or groom; is a pertec* band at working with bornee; the wt ? wou d i-vkr a lituuion aa scan ?crete or eerae. Appl? at 211 Sa?t 13 fc st r ANTED-BT A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TO DO .} chamber irork and plain s-wtnr. Cix>d city referenoc givan. Caiifo-taodrtyaat No. 102 West 12?b rt. TV WAN"!?D A SITUATION, AS CfiOR. BY ONE WHY urdfri'andr- her bntl- et* rerLc'l., understand* bakt' g and pachrr'lo ob.rtftion to awiit with he w* hiug. fan be arrn at 7 j? U'th at., naar avenue B, aec.-nd tloor. | WANTRD-A SITUATION, TO ATTEND A BASIBT or srefeetinaery store, by ao American young !?ci?. tvbo ti aeeestomed to the tuiinesa. Beit of retereaee. Call at 192 NaetjlTth r. w 'ANTID-A SITU ATIttN. BY A RESPRCT tBI,* jr txrt wensat todooooking vraahing and and ironitg. In a wx.aU nrtrata famt.v; would prater iiatot launlrete Call at 210 "ffi aretne, f r two daja WANTED?ST A YOUNG WOMAN A SITCATIOV AH o;.fie and aeanwrea* has lived six yearn in her las; place; beat city reference can be given Can te seen for tw . day a at 31 Corr.slia ai., rear Bleecker st. "TL~ANT?D?A SITUATION. BY A TOCNG WOMAN, A' TT eeatsAreas: ibe usders'^ods cutt'xg and fitting Ivrea' and child/-;.'s scaling ?e?t'emet's sbtrta In the r,e?t stj !e la serusicoied to a'l ktna* of famiiv sewing. Cal. at bcr ore asit amp .oyer's, for one we*k. No. 8 fct C.<orge's place. Bar. 13thM , xssr 2d avenue. "1]L* AKT1D?A SITUATION, BY A VRAY RK6PRITA f f ble yooag Eiglish woman. a Prot-atact, to sew and do chambsrwort. an: would lake rue ofehlldrct. U ?d city itieitty raa to* ?'.vea Call at 13 W. Join it. miKro- a Firr atton, as <o ychman, in a " or.rate family, tb? highest! ern'moalaii, at to capability ard character, from hie lam ea>oo;er. f'.eite call at or ad ieaW H . HSB Broadway, eorcer ut 12th at., unil engaged. TITAJfTKP?EY A YOPN.A Ciar, A SITUATION AS ff lar^dree* 'J ? respee'-ab'e Umllt UnextapU mable ret erecce a tea be seen a'.76 West 2A:h sl. second Moor, front rtom WAPTKP-IY A RESPETABI.I1: PROTEST ANT GURU, a r;ua..t to do raoera. hujewcrfc r ehaatbsrwork. baa gcM city 'tarance. Can te seen at No. 7 Cbrystie st? tc tie Tear. TJLrANT?^-?Y A YOUNG GIP.I. A SITUATION AS " chaoabi taV. and waller Can Be ?cen at her last p'a:e, <6 West Ulb ? YTfANYKO?BY A RKHPiCTABLK YOUNG GIRO, TO fT to oc< eew. rk. Can bring musfartory reference fr. aa aet last tmpk .-er. Call for three aajl at 7fc> lid are., ?crsar of Gth at. TI'ANTI 0 - 3JT A RIHPKCTABOS PROtRS? ANT GIRL, ff a #?, a? coaa bermald or waiter. The OMt of city re'eratae g/ren. tcqcire a, V&o Lud'ow St., lor two day A XJLr AKZKV-BY A TuUXG WOMAN, A SITUATION. AS ?f cook a a reapectab'e raatturant or hotel Good city refeieacr. ease cad, for two day a, at it; Forsyth at, rear, Xo. 6. w ANXUD-A SITUATION, AS WAITRESS, in A PRI rale lautily. Good rttj reference. Oall A W9 lltb at. TT'ARTTD-A ?ITUATION, AS NURSE O* CHAM3ER ff o?l(' t? od ot c) lldres. and la a -rat rate em air.lde-er; getdcfir reference- w'u go it the oouttiy. Call utlTSl^'.h et. ' Mwesa -tfc end Xo avg. TrTANTED-BT A 8TSAHY. ACfTYF. PAOTKSTANf ff anotar. i t itnatkio. a? eook. unrteritaodv all kind-i of ao?ip? made .p f ,sues, psatrlts Jellies, hoeing of tos'ls.itrw rjal.-ed; 'lie skrertieer Is free fw>m tncnuibratee; fin the best of ct'y ~H renew, Cat be acta far two days, at 2'.4 Katt 2lst at. nj ANThP-A FTTUATirtif, AH CRAMBERKAID ANT) ft wa'.ltr or as chambermaid and .'etrrrew. by a very evperfercrd tut, (KXd oHr reference Call a 2'9 11114 at., at ctOMarcana, flrai floor, back r m. du'tng twodnya 1JIT A NT IV ?UY A MWRUtABI K YOUNG WOMAN. A r* MtoatUn. x a avail prlratefart l'y, to dj general house woe it. Is a fod p n(n oo-.S, wath-r and iroaer. City refer et-e Piea,e c?;, at K'V C'lltt u at WANH'P-A SITUATION, AH OH AMB8RJC A ID, OR to take i are of children and d^ p'alu rawing. Sas fon? i*a k' refareaot. Oil at 137 Wist l'/'i s: , la the Case aunt, trr "wo day* UAJTI7-A PltrAlION, BY A CCMPITKNT Yr y .? r j wnan, as la .ndrre*'a a prh ate *atn'!y fan bo '-eeo t.c *wo t*y? at No. 9 7d avenue. betae?s Hcustoo and let ? *. fx a?t?p-~a situation, as cyambrbm md and vr wa ter,'aa private faivt.y, (n Krwikhn.rir ashor: div isi ce In its :<? in rv, by a re?pec<ab e, idy ttn wV)h??be0B f< rr yeere in her r rceent pla-e. where she ran be aeen for twc <Jeya Anpiy ? 2A4 Uatoa, tea - t'c ut St., South Brooklra. -ir AWEO-A SITUATION, as CHaMBBRRAIU and ft we. of, or reamiitretv. or to in ftr.e washing Ren n ? a'l nt UO East 22i sL bwwern 3d and ?i arse. ce ferae ?e WANYKD-PT AN lVflLUH GIBI. A SITTaTTOY. *i nvrar In a reapectab e laml r, aoCJs wl Un^ ojnaake her.eY jnsicra'iy nsekurtpher tmp' .'W Cat; at 1% Cham hem St., rrtir. G, veend flrrar, between th? hours of 12 M. and IP V. UTANYFU-BY A Yt'UNO WOMAN, A SITUATION, ft 'nfa rhembfWT'k sod ?ew1nv The he?f of re'erearr*. 4pi>lr for tww layiet No. 113 Wevt l!?h sL, la the rear build hag. first St nv TI-ANTRP-bT A RRSPRCTABLN YC-UNO WOMAN. A ft eltvact! it cook or lauadre*?; has 'he teat of city re fertaee ( an at % lMi it . between 3d and 1th treaties, la the tatcy rote TA'AWYNW-t HTTUAYION, tS *UR?E BY A RBSrSU ft us r I'.glisfiwomaii. 'a capable of taking the rharge of an 'cfaal *rom t? birth '1ty rifeidare. Callal ItM 8di are an*, between S9th and 19th streets In ice toy store. *IJ7 ANT HP -BY A RMPECTABT.C MARR1IP T.ADY. A Tf ohjlA to wet n irae. Pleese call ,ai 32 Hester St., lurs* Boor. Beat of rstarence glraa. -A SITUATION, BY AYOUNti WOMAN, AS ? ' ssi give the beat of eltj rete WARTRB- A SITt ATI ft wwaaaad ?eaoivtre_. ?.? _ - rtaaa. Om baasw at harpresaai iuu oyer's. Neobiev'ioo.s So basil with the family Please sad a' r .#> 74 Megoy >il an SoML *fl Air*t0 A HTTTATtON, FOR A TfcUHTWORTUT, ft awatni mi ttmmtom ? wining -n wnrt asnis'ttd, Mir ataiaat of b's smploser; would be f"und rer? useful abotlt ? stove OeainMetwartaneei'er. ran read, write. As. Ap g?!y at m Broadway, In 'be *o-s 11/A*1B?-ST A UjMPIYNNT PAOTNST A NT A Yf Wluatkn as cheetbarmaid at-I seamstress hat a know Mttgeoffmr.r rewlrg ?c all Its nrati'-hes, and tarapslii# uf anallng haras f- "slMi n. nlrt go lo Uia acuotrr. The higher usbieuabair ?? to eha-?cter *- d ca-nH'tt front har last place. t?lrre sia Uved t? > ,eara 0*'1 nt If"' N' usfn St., nam No. fETANrkD-BTA PBOTESTA** YOUNG WDMkW.A W Mtu?tl?l to do chucbet work aad p Ala beat if nftiwe* gives. Pl?*?e oaii m US 2W> at., between tl and 3d areaue*, tor two darn l'ANTID-BTA REbPtCTaBLE axmucan giri., P a situation >1 anno and seamstress. Call at bar pra aent ttnpu'ver'a. '7S Hester au w TV AMI ED- A SITUATION, AB COOK, IN A PRIVATE I! family, la a good waiter and irouer and bnkar. Otj rt tmca Apply at 113 17th al W'ANTED?A 8If CATION. BY A PROTESTANT youae woman, aa uuraa and seimitrees, or to do eham harwcrfc Can ba seen for two daya at No. 191 Pearl ak, , for two daya at No. 191 Pearl ek, Brooklyn. IV* ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A NEAT GIRL, 17 *T years of age, at chambermaid and to do plain tewing or u child's nuraa. will do .IgLt work In a small taml y Baa gi cd olijr reference. Wages tour lo fire doiiare. Oail at 216 WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A TIDY GIR1.. TO DO general house work In a imaU family underatanda oak Ira waiting and ironing. Good retereccet wage* 96, Call at 216 >a*l 234*1., In the store. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS FIRST RATE COOK waiter and Ironer; would do tbe genual h >ui*work ol a sma'l private famiii. Can give good city retereaoe. Pleaaa call, for two daya at 93Cranberry at, two doora irom the cor nrr ot Henry ak, Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION, to do genera housework, in a small family, or to take oa-e of children and do tewing. Good ret'eranoe. Inquire at X9 Hudron at., for two days. \]|,rANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOCNG GIRLS, TT eltuedma. one aj tint ranoiok; la willing to aaMst iu the warh'ug and irooiog rid thoroughly understands her bual neas In all ita branches, tbe other hs en an -torroald. aad la wil ling lo aerial In tbe wesh'ug and iroamg, or aa waiter and plain hrwor, caa prcduee 'be beat tt city reiarauce. Call at 19 < pring it., between El.'rabetn and Koitst*., tor two data. WAN TED-A SIT CAT ION, BY A YOUNG MAN, TO take care of & I lichen gurdrnAud todrirs asing'enorae and ?? agon. Cat be tt*o tor tw o daya. Gait at 217 7th av., betwreti ?4th aad 'dfih *la. TV* ANTHX^-ASIIU ATION, aS COACHMAN, OR GROOM; TT ti->miyb y unde.-VsriN tbe of tint clssi horaes. a no la a good driver; no rSjeetloc to go a abort distance In the oouc>r>; ha* the brH of eitp reietetwie. Call a' Mr. Walter'* aeddlery it ire. 849 Br< sdwuy. \A* ANIED?A SITE ?TIOX, AS PORTER; CAN GIVE TT j>e be?t of citr reference; can be wen f ?? two 1*<?. at No I Alter, atreat. M. B. 8HMKHAN. THE TRADES. ABOV 17 YEARS C F AGE, WIBBKS TO LEARN TBE ship carpenter, marhlnlit or plumbug trade. Call at ?37 Buibrrry at., fcr G. 1. AYCUNG LAD, ABOUT 17 YEARS OF AGS, WANTS to leara a Irate; would w'lh to be bouul to * good boss; bn? no part'eu ar t;ade In view. Addma John Swanton, 62 Mi r tgou-ar) atreet New York, or George swatun, No. 33 Can oil Hints'., Bret It!y o. (VOOPERS WANTED.-A NUMBER OT 0 >OPKRS J wasted, to go to Newburtr. Inquire of K. A. Hopkins, lilt Third street. (YGHFCfclTCBS WANTED?AT i. F TROW'S,377BROAD .' way. GARDkNER.?WANTED. A SITUATION AS GARDEN er, by a leapectab e young Scotcaman. who waa brought ap to Ma buk neei In Europe and bus lived for tbe last 7 yea's In tbe vkitltv of New York, in moat reHp-malMe piocee .be peifectly ucdarstands bis built tee iu all lis braiuhts; not and eo.d araperlei. laying out of tew grouids. hothouse plants, Ac. fboee wbo want a thoroughly honest and Industrious man. w ho w; ! piv* every satlsliction, will plcaee address C. H. jcx 101 Herald tfCce, for one day. rFLAGQEHB.?FITE OR SIX EXPERIENCED FI.AG gets can find permanent emp otntnent and teoelve 'iberai wtgee. by applying Immediately t > Bel&h Sq-.tiraa, 133 Nassau it. corner of Beekmar at., or Michael Brady, 210 East 23d st. TO KXIBRIENCED BOOK. PEDDLERS AND OIHBR8, Tlree or four ean find constant employment to travel West; one German, tor Peonatlvania. (ror three days fr.m 10 to. 2 a. M> Kequiiet capital of T2i. Can clear C300 a year, net. Apply at .'0 Ann t ree;, up atalm. H. H. RANDALL. IPO OrLDERS.-WANTED, BY THE SUB81RIBTR, TWO i. fp ders. Conatsnt employment tor one year guaranteed. It foncd competent, stead ? ana Industrious. Addreis cr apply to S. P. OideiHtaw, 10 t-outb Clark at , t hicigo, IU fro BOOT AND SHOEMAKERS.?WANTED, A MAN ON A ctcut boots and repairing, to g . a shun distsnoeln the oo in trr. tt cod wages and steady eirp'oymect; an oil countryman prtferrsd. Inquire of Mr. Frensb, No. i Bleeoker street. TO PRIKTBRS.-WaNTEO, A YOUNG MAN OR A boy who understands working on joibing presses Apply s*. the comer of Broac way sxd Fulton street. mo HOTEL KREPER8 -WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A a baker, who his had many rears' expsrlenee in the ab we capacity, and can farn'-h satu?act-)<-j re wmmeaditioas; under stands pastry. Address A. B , Herald ofilce. TX"ARTED?BY AN INDUSTRIOUS. STBADY LAD, TT one ot the toUo wing t rad as: - pi umber, gasfitter. tlnimith, wag-n maker, or any other retpoctable trade. Apply any day this week at M Spring st., room I& w ANTED IMMEDIATELY-A FIRST SATE SATINET printer, capable of rnnrlsg a two or three colored I chine. None but sxperieoced buds need apply at the Empire Print Works, 173 and 137 Weal 36th st, H. WANTKP-A BLACKSMITH AND M ACHIM'ST. NONE btu best workmen need apply, at the New York Metallic Car Spring < cicpaay, If. t'at zie.'en. foreman, 316 Weat 26th *', w [7ANTED, IMMPJDIATRLY A FIRST RATK BLACK r emltl; a man acrus'- med to light and tuny v work will hare coi stag: employment and eood wages. Also, a good 1 armse painter wsnlei. Apply at John C. Parker'a carriage maiufaclory. Third ayenus, nmer of Blghiv-tslrd atreet. w ANTED-A GOOD SHEET IRON WORKER AND A boy. Apply at fs aad 50 Ihiiue street aecoid flw r. E. R. BKNNBT. Vi A NTED?BLACKS MlTHS. AT 283 3D A V. NONE BUT competent men need a jpiy. ANTED-A GOOD COMPOSITOR. AT 126 WILLIAM DtTELLIUE.VCfi OFFICES. F3MPLOYER8 WISHING GCOD HFJ.P CAwTiBTaJn !i resptclable German English, Sco'ch sad Irish servants si Jon* P. INGRBR A ;? D 4 CO.'S, 29 Green wish street. Employers wishing good help can obtain German And Irish servants at MORRIS COHNRRT 4 CO *8, 287 Broad way, corner of Reads; alts, farmew, labor ers 4c , at this or the branch office, 1?C Greenwich ah TXTANTRD ATT'lfi RBOADWaY.-PLACES PROCURED II fcr condnc ors, bookkeepers school teachers, e'erks, bar keepers, wafers, porters, coachmen firemen, men on steamer, and railroads, boys for trades, and girls of every descriptions LoUIH KAUFMAN, A rent. Wanted?at no.g hast bboadwat, two sots to learn first clam trades, two porters for it res men to ditTe lior?e? and carta tor suirts. Places procu-ed fcr e'erks. men on steamers, barkeepers, housekeepers, 4c. A ?p!r to OILLKB 4 CO. W ANT1D?AT MPS GREEN'S DOMESTIC AOBNGT, It C.34 Broadway, a man to travel, and reliable help tor every a.ust'on; oroki, cook and laundress, gens.-at work, nurses, waitresses, and smalt girls. Rates Co certs I hive he ber of help sr.d good places for ee*m?trea?.\ nursen aad a on dresses LOST AND IW'ND. FOUND-ON THE tTTH ultimo, a lady's STRAW bonnet. It will he retorted, by calling at 41 Bedru-d crrxeroX Leroy, and pat > ? expeneee TP YOU DESIRE TO MANN YOrR Bt"SINtSS KNOWN 1 to the people through u' ;be length and breadth of the land, advertise ;a lite AMERICAN W5HM.V PHElH, tee cheapest paper !l the we d. $1 a jear. Alvertlseajeu'ji, 5" cene a ine, Crdvs must be aiHreseed t> the nor Invest corner of Fulton and Nassau -trsc ?. New Tork. LOFT-$20 RKWAP.D?ON MONDAY I9TH MAT, A while pointer doc. stout, ful cheat, ra' tai. act nose and lira alm-s*. bare ot|b*>r; avs?ers to the Ds-ac ol D n. The re ward will be pad toe. in'orrn'tlon tead-i.g to Lis recovery. RaJjoad aril 'tsgrage meters :o>k on'. U TA.J F.NKIHS, 29 Wet- Twenty ttird ?. LC6T-A BEAWLjON MONDAY MOBMNG, NEaP. THE cf tsrk row aril Tteehma^ Wheever wilt hand | It irto he hummer sin! A1 vi-rtUtr f floe, 4G IVe s, raet, wlU be si.:1 ib y rewarded. vnd; enaive 'Jit '1 Juki o'- a lytj. If ; T-A MFMOIUSDUM POoK WITH SOME BILLS j c: the K?nk of t rantte ?m:u y. lhe under can retain the n rater, but will eoa'er a j,'"?nt favor by sending the bonk to 45 Dttane street. List-on last Saturday, a bgac;: la j v*il, gt..rg Mie'eert li treet to k ^u.h avcjne, ap Twfn.y : .Ih s'reet o rere- th .venue and roan to rwen'leth street The finder by leav e* it at 119 We.* Twer tie I: street, will receive a suitablereward asd the Uiacks of Lbs ? ? v? er LOFT-ON MgVDAT, 2D TNKr.TN CANAL STRtCET, t.esr Wmater, a turn'. lew Sr.- re ! file, coMaiolag a erne! -'itn ire >. ev ar..i a oitva <?' rtbbuB. The Eruler will be stilt'bly rewarded by 'eaviag it at 117 Biosd vav. T ChT-GN MONT AT, JUNE 2, INBsO.ADW.iY A MO I j r?co port mcnn??e, 6-n a rr.-.r.e'. ihsfi.Uermil! be suitably rewarded by retttrt'jtg t at the rUlce ra die 8t. MBi- lee TloOi. I OFT-A.N ACCOUNT BOOK, ABOUT 15 INCHES j v,ng and t inc .es In wtdt'u, it ha.1 la It s letter directed to Wn>. S. < netiitier'.in. and a card of the Farmers' Hotel. The i,r >er w r.l c.nfer a fiTtr acd be rewarded by learlng l> at tlif Wasl.iggtrNt at. T fipT- YE>TRRDAY AfrERKOlN, T3E EOUyOWIVO 1J notes i re fraws bv Messrs. J. U. Lyen 4 Brothers, daedLMayd, sthiv months, forRJT 4J. sod one drawn br .lobn K. 4o|r;mon, rUfert May II. far till 13, to the order of I'aw tt.r tret Crrlage t.w, patafc'e a-the flroeert' Bank. The pub te n-e rautlr-oef agatau nea. tlatmg said notes, as payment ha? bt*n stopped. i?e flauer willl please lemra them W Gc rve w. Beed, Agent, S8 fey street. 1 Jm e .3, 1-55. I IOST-ON FItl DAT LAST, BET HERN K AST THIR J teet-th F'rcet and I^ringti n svesue a small catnoo pts. 3be fir der wit', receive f3 upon rssomlng it t> lfG Kas- ITilr '?ecih s'j-ee*. Also, an eyeg sea, wtth assail mtn'iAture locket a:;*cb?d. toet hstween I.onfun 'errace and Thirteenth street, tor which an e<,nal reward ts oit'ered. HUlARDsi A LA RGB ANNORTMT.MT OP BILLIARD TAHLXR J\ its bast 'tualitp sod at low prices, will ba found w sir rvasuXwiogy. the largest and most smnpleta Is the stty. Trim , ertnga of the first rt?*Jto for sa ? 6'OONMOR 4 COCLRNDtR, A3 Ann A iT V'OC DESfNE A 'SNAP NEWMPaPBR, TH? aMK I P.IhAN WEkKLT PP.fRB WH1 just suit, gl a ve?r. tn ? gsnts fl 50 per bundrC'I. Ad; e.-'.laemepte Inserted a llWy cent, per lite OfHoe, cwthweet corner of Fulton and Naasat; street., Nee- York JFORTOLMR ARTI' LRS IN rMfTATKiN or MT < >M Tt hlna Ana ctirMoos, ts being oft ored for saia. I warn the 1 p ilille t! at my modbl bilitatrd tables and cushions, patented i ?'eb. l>, lig?; are lor ?Aleo<iIyat?Cl?mbers^?t^u| stairs. ti r K k.Tr NaLR A SPLENDID HTOCK. WITH i VI o nr rrw ini er ed cushions, w! b slate and m*r jie beds, ? ba!lr,c'.*' and cue tlpe. Twog ,id?cc md tables tor sale cheap. GilliritM A DKI K PH. 90 Ann Street l\ kff' I'f 12? ECLTON 8TREKT.?TIN 7)EEE?B II lor ha'e. hllhaiil to rn and futures all new. with the pl.t I'i.M r fir yea. ?>' l?aae, aew an<1 leeocd hand tables to* ' -s'e I in SI ? ?,S^ 1 ' l,esr?r-Im-t c'ses liers, a! his cudou I Iseory,!,; 1 itonstirs' AHOIUBUIUIt WAHIlD-fO iHUI UV.'B ton aas roetag; elU fe?ra-,? reqml-sd til tc we U MO WretTtofst. b?f"-i B mt ir?*t <|P n ea>S gOV WAITID~IV A LAW OfFKJE, AGED AB CT ^ U. moat write weil Apply krtweee 4 aad ? e?jicck, T. 10 *eteau ei. cAe ? ?? emggUe A Baldwin. pUBllB WANTED?TO OE* Vt A BOC'E ?\>S A V7 week'y piper; not? need apaly but ikes, wbi are fsuni liar wltt ttebust- midm bring goodretsrenaee. Appip a: 113 Names e'reet, offlee or t e Criterion. (TOOK WAJfTBD- AW ENGLISH. SCOTCH OB WELSH J w.macjoce who thoroughly undarsttass hsrbudasm. Aj.plj at SB Watt 2d ?L City rstereceee request. pCOK ?WANTFD, A OIBl, TO DO COOKING, WASH ? 'i leg. Ac.; maat g* re ant rate relincce. Apply aarly at 156 Dean at., Brooklyn. rtOOK WANTED.?OF* WHO CaNIBKINO OOOO 0I1T V' reterrace and la ecmjMtoat aad willing to cook, we*h at <1 Iras. Ibr a anal! family, aaay apply at tti Watt 4?'A it, third bouae west rf6tb evecct Cock wantbd-ib a shall fa hilt, win ebt'dien Urtaf a abort dlaiaaaa m tta ooantry; mi the wMhirg aad Lrocicg. aad be wilting and oollgmg WITHOUT inn ao waahlrg aad tracing, ktd bo wllltag and od Using Ll*a ral wages ncdn very food home, Bolaraaoe from taat p'eee requiem. Call, aftar 10 o'clock in tta meraipg, at 91 Liearty at., up stake. CvHAMBEB AMD WAITING GIRc, WANTED?ON8 t wha la Beat, tide. wllileg. and who naderatanda hir burlre>a; Pre estaat prefcrted; fooa referencerequired. Ap ply at 194 Weat 34th at, near 7th or. TYRT'G '"I.BBK WANYED-OHH WITH A KNOWLEDGE i ' ot German preferred. Apply at Dr. Foy's oBloa, 109 avenue B, career d Ttk street, from 7 to 9 A. M., or (torn 1 ty 3 P.* DRUG C I.ERK-WANTFD. A TOCNQ MAN, H ATI NO a knowledge oi the ptevcripUon business, and acquaint ed with c.ty trulr. ai d wkedcan c ma wall recommondod. ap ply at 3S6 l'h avecno, comer o'2S'b et LAUNDRF.IfB WANTKD-FOR A PRIVATE FAMILY. Muat undeiatand tluUcy, an1* be a good ironer. Applv, between 11 and I o'clock, at Bo. 13 Mat Twenty-filth street. Reference required. LAIiT'3 MAID.-WA?TED. 7A FRENCH OB AKEBI caa W' mar. a4 lad'yi mold and fine tc unstress; ore t-ho c?o i reduce the beat references. Apply at No. 3 Madisat avenue PRf TWIT ANT OIE1.H WANTED - ONE A8 OH AKBKS maid, waauar and lrccer. for Westerly. R. I ; twocooha, waster- and Irocers, tor hiiorlugtou I 'ci o.: ns for 'range, N J.; and oihers for L? rlty. inquire at li e old Protestant hmp.'n-nieol otliee, No. 7 Carmine *<r*"t JOHN TOrXG, Manager: lint?3?ra, t ii'tnn hole and bodr makers warned. Iba hlgheri prices paid for gi c< neetllo work. Apply without do el. to Jaohron A Pcnly, 45'.' t read way, second door below Grand *L TO >1 * NULLA MAKERS.?WASTED, A FORB Wi-MA f < t tet- << and erperlerry; one capable of taking oha-Re of a workro'. m whf re 3('0 jrlr A are emofo; ed will meet wiih a pet - nianec.; eicagrtneof, by applying Immediately at 41 Cedar sL TIB AND BIOCK MAKKRS WATtTm-TO WORK IN the ebcp mi weekly work, at Gieea'a fuyn'abiog atore. Ko 1 Agtrr Ilruie- Ncce but the neat?ut or sewera and best ot tie ard rtrck tnakere need at ply tc these oocatant employ ment hl J tte blgbeet waget paid. y\ fANTFIi TMMFDIATF.'.T-AT 979 CTH AVKNCT, bar t's to work cn Udiet acd at: '.lemec'a liner TV 7 AJ1KD?NF-VKRAL DREIFMAK EES. NONE BUT gmi bands need aj ply, at 33C l'h il. TVAN15.D-A OiBL. FCR GENKHAL HOUSEWORK "? 'ne who usderitacde her bualuMg thoroughly, with KcoJ city referer ce, cat get a atesdy home with a imall fasaLy by calllrg at Ko 114 Moth avenue, ft at No. Ill We?t at Tg'AKTED-IN A PBIVAtE FAMILY, A RElPE'lT ?? able glr1. to lake cbarrecf three ebbdren. cne of them an infant from tie m:r u She muat he a Prctestart acd bare gtcd cltv refe- rtae. Noct others reed aoply, this day, from I to 3 c'clrck, al 225 West lith si., betaean Hth and 9ih avenues. "TVAKTFD-AN JMFBICAN GIRL, AS 8SAM8rRK93, V? tn a private (ami y. one who alfo underataeds tte makkg ct boy a' clothes would be r referred. Apply at No. 23 Amity st. T*7AMhD-A YOUNG LADT, TO ATTEND A CON T r fectlorery riorc; cue ><ut an A merle, n reel apply; one wiihgord city reierei cea may apply at S7 Bleecker atreat. New vcrk. ^ ANTED?A MI DDLS AGZD GERMAN, PRKNCH OR Ergllrh Prrtertant woman, as curse; one who is fulfy Cf-mpetentto tale charge o' an Intact; beat of city re te re ncas required. Apply at 20 Dcugta-a street, South Brooklyn WANTED?A GOFHRNBSB. TO GO SOUTH. CAP ABU o? lnstructlcg lour rtr a tn the osnal English bracehs% i Freceha'..dmaate. A member of the Episcopal Church pre let red. app y at 2t9 West 24th st., between tte hours of ) . M. scd 1 P. M. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL, FROM IS TO 16 years cf age. to take care of children, and make herself generally uwfn ; ?ouc be willing to go in the cocntrr for the summer aoh hu. Apply at 665 Pacific st., near 4th avenue, Brooklyn. VF ANTED-4 SEA MS TREES, TO WOOK BY THE WEEK. Apply at 23 West 37h St.,between 64h and s zth avs. X\fANTED?A SKASfSTBUSS; ONE WHO HAS HAD seme exserienee In house keeping, and who would be wUlicg, In the absence of the lady to take a supar7hdon over the household affair*, wsuid be preferred, nuch a parson may fmd a pleasant st .uaaon, and a desirable home, by ad die-alag a nolo to V a'ter W. Lee, Broatway Poet office. Good rettrente wf'l be requ'red. WANTED-AS LABNDBIB? AND CHAMBERMAID, a prrtoc who fuliy orders*and* both; also as waller girl and seamrtrtsa. a rsrscn who tullv uoderitaads both. Apply at i>2 St. Mark's place. WANTED-A PCLOBED COOK. TO GO A SHORT DIS tance from the city for three or four months. Apply at No. ^Barrow st. Y\rAKTEP- IMMEDIATELY?IK A SMALL FAMILY, A yv good girl, to do general house cork; must be willing acd dm strata to work; a Protestant; this Is a good okanee tor one wb-4 wants a borne: wages f6 a mouth. Call, ty-day, lrom ?J to 1 r." elect, at 573 Bread arty. WANTBP-IN A PRIVATE FAMTLT MKaR THE CITT, ? neat, capable cook, who fullr understands baking, wsAitrg and ironreg. and la willing to make beraait generally iieetui. Bern a snpNlied|with range, hot and eo'd water, ata U< cary waafc toba and gat. Apply (hit day at Wo. 2?West 1 hir'Jtih street, between >9 and 12 o jloefc. ANTKD-A WART. WEAT AMD TIDY GIRL, TO do genera! honaewark; die mutt baa good plain cook and a goad Weaker and troner; Rngllih, Scotch, German or Itlnbtf Protestants, and caa gire good reference*, mar apply at Si: Penry at., Brooklyn. TITANTFE?TWENTY-FIVE LADIR8, TO WORK OR ft pints, res a, Ac.; from AG to 96 per week paid to those wid rail, American preferred; rooms light and airy. Apply at DC Beekn an at., fourth floor, until tupp.ied. WANTICP-THRBH 0* FOUR GOOD DRF8?MARERR. Also, apprentices and improvers. Apply at 6'?> Broad way, near Honatoc it. I17ANTJiI>-AT .MP FCUBTH ATIWCE, Iff a SHALL ? private family a good, faithful woman, as nurse and seatnsireae; cue who ean make children's clothe*. YM ANTED?AT KIWZFVP CHEAP T.ACB AND KM vf bidders store. 22S K'ghth avenue, a voaog man and twoboja. Reference re'jn'red. Apply befcre ten In the irornlrg. cr arte* air In the evening. WAWTJP-A SKPFfriABLB BOY, FOR A PUBLISH lrg cfilee: one about t'.lteen years of age, who ecu wrl a a gr<d free b?iui, and etme recommended by lila former tcaeber, for gocd >r and diligent habits, will be prefer red; be .nun' reside with bis perects Or guttdiana: should be p ear-e, a ea.ary cfiLIO per annum will be given t'-r the first year B*i.d vpectmer. r.f handwriting along wist references. Addret? Pullither. bci 193 JIeral<: office. TI7 ATTTltp-A WAITTR; WORK BUT THOSE WHO ?v perfectly anderatard theirbusinesi need apply, between '. and 10 o'clock A. J! , at 239 Broadway. Y\T ANTF.D?A fiCOP, FMART BOY, FROM 11 TO 15 TV Jeart> lf age, to att*M tar. Mi st c .me wall reoom metded from bla fi rmer place. None others need apply. In on re at r*9 .nth avenue, from " o'clock A. M. to 12 K. YX'ANTID -TWILYR BOYS, WHO UNDERSTAND V V keet ,?g tbe game of tUilarls. Apply ? t Keefe'a billiard rrom. 5(H Broadway. YKJANTRr?A BOS', AB'.UT If, YEARS OF AGS, TO VV lean tteronfecilc-iery bualteaa. Lall Ircm 0 to 11 A.M. A' !>KB>eadway. WAMKH?THRF K tlACKMlN A>T> TWO RIABLV tnen; thev iien bar, iodmtrlona wen. At ply to I) W. 11 ori is, 565 Houston at ; t TTPB W * WTf-'D ?APPLY AT TAYLOR'S BALOJN, litis bf adway between P ?oi 11 n'jlock In the morning y\ EXPASSSK4. fiVRFFMAN d CC.'S EXPRESS?FOR CALIFORNIA, r Oregon. China, Sandwich Islaadi and I'acUic coast el fb'i'li Am?r,ca via Pasaaia, will te dlapvched hencr per I a.ted Plate* trail tlenmsr ILLINOIS, ot, Tantday .lute 5. at 2 o'cioek P. M Freight takes, at reduced rat** unti' 11 o'c'ock A M Bum!', parrel*, la'tore #0,, received until 1 p. M. on day of rain*. FJstlMAN A CO., 5!' Brovlway. 18f>7 iNSTRircnoa. -BOOKKEEPING, WRITING AND ARITRMF . tic-Mr. l^ LBtAR, 60S Mrcftdwav, wl! revive apolicactathlidayor everting, for petunarahlp or bo-.kkeeri ir.v ai d .uinnuitee them good place# 1n backs, o9i?e? or tore'*, en ? rT mpliebed, practical brokkeepar la emphyed to qijaiify gent etnas for kead bookkeepirg. tpRKNCH LANGUAOF., *e.-R. T f LI.RRI NG, 4-J r Brradway. eaULllahcd IS51, c utlnuea to glre prlra'o a atmeti n tr French atd uertnan-aleo teaches Kniliat, hruw.kei aadelaaalea to yontg gant'eeaer, day acbolara. Pasvd ex am natlos* oa the coat'rent of Kitrope. TNSTECtTtOI GIVEN IN AMDBOTYPING AND I'll ) J tofpaphir z a? m ifroadeny, up ua're Wacurt. a ('ear vrut g wen. to learnatnbrotyplsg and take an 'uteres*, ia atra vei'lnc ea'ab IMrnent. L-PAN1SH LAWOUAOF.-PfOFBMOB GLRRIM 00*. n thinea hi* laatrueMoiii (n tit# above language. Also a hir niahetl erjun te let, with board, to a Mng'e gtwi leman. Apply tn the atovesald, at B4 Rlgbth a'reat near Braatiway. fR'PrTTNG AND ACIOUNTS. -B, F. FC-rfR A If ft VT HLBaM PIXON give le'?on. as usual In writing, b ok keiepirg Ac B' No. 1 App atr.r. Bulldli g, 340 Br..adwe.v, where yo'ifh and adults are iftn.Iliad frr tnercac'ile purntta Ir an erpeditlora ar. l aupertc: ic.annar. WIMBM and lkauoka. A D' BftTIFRBS WILL FIND THB AMK8IC4N WKEKLT A I'MRfP re a rf the te?l me iluats in the word for mak'ng tl etr wtebea knowr to the public. Price, lifty cent* ye.- 'me, ea?hia advatice. Artvertl-rmect. received at the r,-fflnorth wae'everof Fu.tot. and Nassau atieeta, New York. ANFTGNBTTR BRAN! Y Ff R SALR-rROM BONDED . w*retru*e ta r.a'ij' pee. usar ?r casks and oeAva*. la rjaastltlea to ?*iit, by FiMrotiN BROTHKBS IS Heaver at. A LA ROM AMOBTMMTGF CY.aBMTa BY THB '!AltA sr dose*.,. wtae* of all daaarlpUona; braadlea, gtna Sa maloa rasa, o.d Mrtsawgahala aart Bowrb? wbiaklea, lewrtaa and Duhln Poalar, BaoAeh area, A*., far aalaatCNDnHIUb A MaTTRBBOVB. dig Hrooasa airast, aear Brand way. IEOR BAI.B-A IVTCfK OF FINB WINFfi AND BRAN r ?lc?. sefrarsard ereryihlt r adaoted fc the buelnet*. w1rt hKTrtarrr.e Cttorea, ar.rt an e'egar t store to leaee. ta rtolcg

a grind b-atneee, natlifAe'zry veaaona will be fuss for oTerlig tkeabom H B , boa m, Herald rftee ?bub. *n CA/i I* CABH WILL PURCHASE 0*B HALF So^jU'l taleawat U 4 breach otjtke lumber buRaaas to It a cln. tea ft* cwfe outv. a d under toreumatoaoea <h?t will ir WON par ??* Farttewia-e tarnished at aa ta?r> etowTby atete-gLuintcr, Beew-d offloe an AAA ?FOB BALE, TWO MBW FAlBHT MEDI VO.UWi rtaas, at toeatlmebto value This U a grit rata oaeceturtj ftfr aa eutorprtitoi buttoeea men to to"he a ?ctoa/u (onaaa Far parttoulirs. please address 0. U.8., SSbaa 1986, Hawtort Pot office. an nnn ?FOB HALE-AN RXPRR88 ROUTS WELL SZ.VV'U. atoabihhcd, to full openloe; h<rae? wegms, berates all ecmptote, acta a a large and profitable business. HOWtt B CO., U Nassau efracC al *rn/l - FOB BALE. A FtBT BAILING YACHT, 46 Sl.DUU. feat 1 cog alxbtr'kainara* eablo, wetoreloaet, ?ark room, tack pantries end even tklng coraple e for a club o' 19 or 16. Falla atd rlggtog arc new. She ?U1 carry about !M tons For partlcul?rii callow TUOS. B. WILSON, 23 Cjen tltaallp. ___ nPAn -FOB BALK IK BROOKLTK, A H,' BTOBT .OUlr. cottage, flva rooms; tot 90 by 99 teat; coarjjyd ; in front, with oto'.oa fruit acd ffinabbery. ?1 be aoMfor II fOO WOO er mora cut remit*, ljtto U a bargain worth I laoktog altar ot once. Iauufre,nana'the prMstaos, of J *. ! paTBNPCBT. coraar of Oxfwd atraat aad Fal?on avenue. AO C. A -FOB BALK, THB 8TOBB KO. 909 GRAND $650. afreet, corner rf Mott afreet; wbo'aaale and retaU ? liquor store- reran j cart a?tab'lahud; leaae, atoek and fixtures lor ml^ aplendld ataad tor W'cerlM and Hquw terms cub Call at tie p rem.see,or on O.B. HOOXKB, Wo 11 John afreet. I A A t?l\ ?TOR BALE. THE LRABK, 8TOCK AND FIX 14 OH. turea ot a grccerr and liquor tore. in a first rata Iceetlou, now doing a gool bualaeaa: large store and back room, rent only B * per mr nth SaUa/actary .reaaoca for tell ; leg. Inquire tm the atore 148 WeeHovouteenth street. aonn -FOB gALF. A Eg8TAira\FT, DIKING-ABB $200. oyatar saloon. wtfh fiaturaa, ?nsl*e. located; taraa jaara' lease; rant law. Apply to C. B. HOwwS t CO.. 84 haaaaa efraet. Al PA -FOR SALE. A I.tQHT. OEWTBKT. RC8INBBS, $10U. from which k ycunp man f^ makea fortune , without rtok. For perHruiar*, apply to HoWEB A CO., No. 84 ? Nassau afreet | ABEdUTlFCL COD WIST SEAT FOB BALE OR TO j 1st, fire- minutes' walk from the depot at Wale JPlaiina. I frcm 0 to 18 area, with fine ne w bouto. wtth 12 Jr'0?* outbuilt .oga. 1 acuta easy. Apply tmmeclatelj to a. BniSBt, ' 195 bread war. | 1 A BARE OH AW CR?FOR SALE. THE LEABB. BToCK A and flxtnrm cf a bock, stationery aad aegnr etore esta> J limed tour years, situated In cue of the beat locations In it oc.khn and now dcixg a tionrtehtng trade kuy oersiAk * I,hire to em:ark in this alnd of business will find tola a do J&b?c?p5rtunity, 1enn?earn' alK? At.acUo afreet,c* to Mr. H. T. SS1J...M ner af.. w. x. CTIFAF t 4 RM?6f ACBE9, DBLIOHTFCLLT I.OCAT ed ?8 from Hew Tork per rallroaiL l ullling.larce atd gord ricit soil, heave woid, two apple^chanto atd oth<* j irult flue waicr, prliegl.diO. appif to W- J-BRUWOBRO A CO., 15 Maseaa a~iee'., commonwealth Building. DBVG 8TCKR FOB BALE?EBTAF-LIBHEB MAfT reaia. In a prcsprroua re'gb'oibcod; a good chance for a iciing phyictan. Bill be sold aheap. Apply to C. V. CIlcm.MF? A C" , 81 Barclay ifra?L ____ For sale-a bulk boute fioo quarto, wuh j-Qfe and wager. 1 all at 95 West Tae.'ty eighth al i For BALE?THE MOST desirable locatJOff on ; the line cfral.rcad bwween hew Torh and ^1 kdelpbl*. There are twecty acres of land coder fine cul.lvatjon oo an W tome seventy feet overlooking ?e"ourisWng town of Kxhwav and some e'gat or ten mllei of beautiful cout try within fi teen minutes' walk cf the depot and of pnb;lie And cfVct scfcoo'8 ii;o of c*iu^k6i of all d?nomin%Uons, if !? bj Idlte New York. Cars pMeo tlaaa | esrb way cally (double trace) For further particulars appiy to KM. ECKFHY, 75 Warren atreet For balf,?a laboe retail olothiko store, in r ultra atr-et, fitted up lab^c'yle.A'ocg lecae. Will be acid arlth the atora Adtrcas X. f t., Herald on) e. FOR BALE?A BOTTLING BBTABLIBHMBKT, 648 Pearl street, for bctClcg London porter, Scotch ale, aoda water. Be, loncarly owned by Ixraev. * pp.7 to w. B. BhOCKWAY, 86 atd 88 Fact Eleventh atreet. Fcr 8ALK-TBE btock. fixtures and three >ear? lease of the old established boot and shoe store, lh8 Caaaf street, inqrdre on the premises. OB BALK-TUB HOUSE AND LOT 208 TWENTY fourth atreet near Kast ilver: pMoe ?S.OOO, lcqulire or If. T. PHILLIPS. 164 Broooeatreet, between Attorney and Ridge atresia; ? IDOR BALE C'HEAP-A COUNTRY RB8IDEK0E IN H ndrmou-' twe've miles Iroa tlie city and near the rn 1 Sad^^imS?^ a view cf the Rorth^rd Htm river. Fine garden trult, gra ea. Ac. Lot 100 by 900 teet. Apply to B. B. BMITH, 77 Lara' street. SALK CHEAP-AIIYE TOW B>n. BOAT. 23 PERT * Iodk of#et bewn. ingoetl orferaaul wi.i ?oid cheap. In (iSre* cf tf OHKBK W N kY, at Aoboken, where It can ue seen, or at 3)3 HwUon atreet, near Bprlng. XPOR8AI.F. IK NEW ARK-TWO CHOI IE BUILOI *G F lots. 25x100 teet, tra the llneol the rUlraal, four m nu_es walk of Cbeatnnt street depoL A ptano would be taken in , part pay men'.. Pr.ce F7QL ^ RICH^Bps,a07 Broslway. ?-,(is l ii q OR TO LET?OR EXCHANGED FOR PRO F ucrtTlcor fear bei Tork, toe Orange Lake House. , fuiulShfd.on the east bank of Onarge Lake, wjth nutbn'Jdlcee rote basts and 90 acres of lacd, crop In the p^dAtfdrersJas. Cenderror.ZtT Broadway, to tm 1L Fob balk or to li-t-a foub story and basb meat houre. 06x25, and lour story and nasement shop. 45x25 lha ehop kaabfea uaed as astiaw hat msnu'actorj, and to weii adapted to that or anyo.her msnutactunng busl ne*s o'o^tdd be made into a dWelltag. Apply cn the premi tea. 119 Claries street vmrrir ANFSUE. CK MCRRAT Hit L.-FOR BALE, A F uSelot M by 100. in centre of clock betwwn Thirty Atventhatd lhlrtv elabh afreets. ^Ibe owner, dewrioz to leave town lmmedbitely, will sell below the market pn-e. Also, two iota, all on time, if Improved. 145 reel weal of Finh avenue, by B. O. PIERCE, 15 William street. LP ABE AK1> STEAM ENGINE FOB BALB.-FIVB veers' unexpired eeaeof a new five story brick building, about 96*86 Lorati n central, and well Ifgbtwl; team engine and b'.-Uer cf twenty horse power, now running, and tn perfect order. Shafting, Ac , will be aold with it tf denied. An evo?! lent location for coffee snrt rpbe mllto, teed^mlUa. patot mllto, i cas fitting or any ether bualneia. Inquire ol J. BL AN8, ea gltsarandeoniractor. 1W Broadway, (bird floor. I CTBAM EkGIHK ABD BOILERS FOR.BALE.-FOR ^ Fale a steam englto, 95 horae power, and three botlera, to complete order. Forsa'e, by A.'THOMPSON, No. 991 Adams a'reet. Brooklyn, opposite City Ball. S~ ?A SHORE, LONG BRANCH. N. J.-FOR BAU! or, to .1. |OV rent a commodious manstonbou?e, beautlfuL 1. Bl'uaaed wbhfrf halt a n.Ue ol the hotels and sea shore. There arc iome bedroom lurnltuie, a large ice bouae and atabling ?Api>l* to A. W, BOWx kK, Chia. a oitlce. New York, or 119 white street. TO DRUGGISTS AND PHY8ICXANF.?TO BE BOLD, tmmedlat' y, a ieFtrable sblp'a medicine cheat btta.neas. It tooW tebUa&Kl, and tteckednd aupp'tod rrtib every ac ilc'e neceatery for the buaineea. Inquire of F. HaLB, No 41 Beckmaa street. fix) BUTTER. OBBE8K AND LARD DEALERS.?FOR J. talc, one of the t eat ftends in c-c of the principal mirke a iTTtheciv Adfiw?a a. D? Herald oflice, atatlng where an ?nietvlt w can be bad. 1-H.LA KITES, AT FLUBHING. FOR BALE?IN PLOTB, V from 5 to 20 acres, an Whlteatona avenne. telng a part of ti.e Unwland tarm. ooznmardlnga fine rtaw of the has. rver; rrmmnnicatton with New Toik by ?teamb'-at and railroad, communloamou ^ K IIANFOaD over Park Bank, Eeekmsn it or of Ai C. UNDhP.HiLL k CO., on the prem'aea. tcur CAILPKTXIhOS A.TTD UPIIOLSTKKY. DIYOTBU TO THE B18T Irterextn of oar country. Interesting in reading, Cheap in price, >1 per year. THF AMERICAN WEEKLY PRKSS Commeads flee f to the Great reading community an4 All perrons Interes'ed la the Welfare or this great republic. Tte AMERICAN WRKKL.T PRESS ia published every Fr'day morning, at the north meet oorcer of Fulton end Nas sau streets, Hew York. Iertni: tl peryear. Agenta furnish ed at f < w par hundred Advertisements will he charged iiftv can's per line. Cash In advance. EIKGANCR AND ECOHOMY. I buperb Kngltr', carpets al the tbwrsT run r. Velvets 11*. W yerd 1-tvatry Itruaeela 7a lid. " h tlhi! ingrain .'is. Cd. " Superior ingrain a 5a. " III BAM AHDhSbt N, No. !*< Bowery. FCKNITVRK COV1RINGH ? Rich curtail materials Lacggurtajw, Corniest, ehadea, Ac., Ac.. Ac. N. B.- Scientific workmen alwavsoa hand. A. t BrKWRRT A CO.. Broad way, Chambers and Reutlti a'.reeta. TH8 CARPhT TRADR.-THK IMMRNSF RTO.'K OF every description ot carpets kept by the snbsortoe-s, ena iilta tliCm (notwithstanding the recent ndranee) to ofcr Superior Frslivb velvets st fl 87>.j Do. tapestry Brute's tl (Woven, not printed./ ,-operflr.e three-ply fl Do. is grain "fie. Oilcloths, druggets, mate, Ooo'iua India matti.ig, made ex press'y for our retail trade. Ac , Ac A. T. BTRWARf A CT , Rrnadwiy, Chambers end Tleadc ftreets. r) BOCBIKKgPllRB.-VRT.VKT. BRC85FT.S AND SC. ; perfu e ssrpete and China matting f< r sale at relu-.ed prices. Carpels and ars'.'lag laid down Is asy part n: the ci(7. DORaWu8 A NIXON, 3* Park place. FRENCH A DYK HTISEMK NTS. On DEMANDS?CNE I'RANCA IRE CU SCI88E POUR fslrn le menage d'ure petite fhmille. Kile dolt i tre mint de rone rscretgnrmetls. B'adrcsser lit Hlcka St., Brooklyn. HOI'IEB, ROUMS, AC., WANTED. CIOAL TARD.-WANTED, A SMALL 8I/-TD YARD, ) suitable It icA yard. Aildrwaboi 1,280 Post office. Mili, wantkd.-a good pewnd hand prrnttsm A Pag" will with sifter, ecrnp e'e. Addrees, stating size and f r'.co, N If. 0., box 3,330 r wt office. OOOMB WANTSD.-A I'ART,OR AND 1IIDROOM, OR It a front parlor, on tlir iirs' floor, lurnlsksil or unfurnished, bv a gen' (Dirt, who desires unlet Terms must be very mn deruc He ground flor oi ? baiement house preferred. Ad dress PFlhit PAR?I.oW, Union equare Past office. ORCOND HAND CGt'NTsRH AND A T.tHGRJKVKT. ?5 lei's Iron safe wartei, at 2r7 Broadway, up its:/*, ^y'ANTID TO P C Rl'HAfiE?H0U8R AR1) T.OT, IN >. Heer.nd svenue. fcefween Third and Rne eertli ttreets, < rln Fourth etreet, between fienoEd avenue tnd Broad tray, i'riee nft to exceed ft'. 50. Address Cutis. Herald eibcs. WAMTED-A TWKl.VK ( R PIT TEEN HOB BR POWifTt second hand engine, with tubular sr llus b< iler. Ad drees 3 W., box 138 Herald office. WANTKD-A HOCBF, WTtH ALL TOR MODI RN IM prr vemente. In the upper part of the eltv. In ige (br a dirtdard raj'.ngelty stock. Address or apply to HOW&B A CO., 84 Baas%i. street xtr ABTF.'I A OOCB KlerND HAN D DRAW BENCH, fy will dies complete, also a pair of coppersmith's ever ?i ears eve f' . i lever, *nrw>yd y t.'-g Address C. 8., UersM ' fire. 0 HI FBI F*AT*RXI<T. -THE ANNIYRB9 ART OF (he atoye named fkateretty wt'l he t?4? Wedaeedav evtwlng at Bop* vlepel a 7K 0'c.ock, what aralloe wU be ce lvtrtd by w. t C Whiting, of Baffalo- * poem to? Mar Umar W. Thamsoc, (Q K. Philander Ooestlckj.) of th'd otty, JjIMMET MUtUaL BCNEPIf BOCI ?TT ?THi MRM 'J ban of ttU society are hereby notified lot atiean the next regu'er meeting, o* Wednesday evenlrg. >ht ith inat, M bu-tDe-w of Imptr'anoe ? U. be submitted to the meatlaf. Jobs J. Oatrp, Re-. Sao. OeO&OK TOBIAS. Pree't HANCOCK LODGE. MO. 49, I. O. OF O F.-THB ssembers of Haeocck Lodge are hereby eottfied to meat at the lodge room. Odd Fel <owx' Hall, this afternoon, at 2 o'cock, to attend tb* lucent or oar l*t? brother, M A Lewis. W. W. L. VOOaHlB, B*or*Ury. ?ALDSM HIGHLANDS OOMP A NY ?THE A UN UAL meeting ot this eompaoy will be bald at the offioe of the Edgnworih ttcmpaaj. Bo*m. M l, on Tanftay, June 3,1846, at 11 o'oloek . tTbpbsku, JKNUKg. Clet*. MABOWIC?BT JOHN'S GRAND LODGE.-A RIOULAE oommur isatlon of thl* Grand Lodge wt 1 be he'd at 8L John's Ball, corner of th* Bowery ana Delanoey street, on 1 net day evening, June .1. at IH&'o ook. By order. UdAfl. wfwlLLitTB, Grand Bacretary. VIABGNIC.?THE A Kit UAL COMMUNICATION OF THE AVI M. W. Grand Lodge of Ihe aaclen t and honorable frater nity of Free and Accepted Mason* of the state ot her fork, (aeoordir ? to the old constitutional will be held at Free Ma eon'e ball Mo 600 Broadway on Tuesday evening. June 3, at 7K. o'clock. Masters, Fart Masters, aid Wardens ar* re. quested tostieafL JAME8 HdBAIHO. Od. nee. MAYOR'S OFFICE. MEW TOBE. MAT 23, 1956.?NO tl** la hereby giver, that the Complaint Book, opened at this cffloe en the let of January, lsM, Is still open fsr the re ception cf eomp alow of munistpal anuses of all kinds- Bo far a* th* Mayer baa the power, he will oooUaue to exercise t' for the abatement of any such evtla, when brought to his attention through the Pomp lain Bock, or otherwise The Meyer Invites all persons to take thin me hod of reporting to htm all violations ot corporation ordlcaeoes, cuiaanoes, or dereliction of duty upon tee past of die offlsers of the Corporation and he will, as heretofore, una all the legal mean* at his command to see the laws enlbrtwd. and the Interests of the public protected. By order of the Mayor. ALEXANDER MIHO. Chief Clerk. VTOT1CEIB HEREBY OIYKN THAT I SHAM. APPLY X> to the Manhattan Gae Light Company Ot the city of New York, et the exolrnUcn ot 30 days from da'e. for a certificate of stock to be tseced by them tn substitution of a certain certifi cate Mo. 37. lamed to James Voter oa the 23d da? of October. 1910. fbr 30 shares of slock ol said company, which Is e aimed to bare been lost durlag the lire'imeot said Voley, and which baa not oometo my hands. Dated Mew York, Ma> 3,1850. FhTKR B. BWKriMT. Public Administrator and Administrator of Jamea Voley, de ceased. NEW YORK LCDGE NO. V0, F. A- M , WILL MEET at tbrlr rocms, ( crlntulaiit corter of Gracd and Centre streets. tb!s (Tuesday! eveting, June 3. et 8 o'c ook. Punctual at'ecdauceot tie members la reque ued H. A. hoat, tec'y. O. I). BROWN, W. M. OFFICB OF RKONIVRR CF TAX ?8?NEW CITY HAI.L, Park, May 19. ldfO ? Pub lo notioe la hereby given that there is no sucli office at Collector of Arrearages on Personal Taxes, and ihat no pcrsca but the under timed, or Henry B. Venn. hsq.. appointed for ibai purpese, to be lound at thia of lice, Is authorized to receive any moneys due for arrears oa personal taxes. HENRY H HOWARD receiver or Taxes. THE EXTREMELY LOW PRICK AT WHIJH TAB AMR RIUAN WBFKLY FREES Is furnished to subscribers proses that it must circulate throughout all portions of tba coon ry. and !?? uallonal character makes b a favorite w th all classes o: people. It Is published every Friday morning, at one dollar a < ear, to agent* 91 Ml per hundred. Advertise ments inserted at 53 centa per tine, a It orders asoomoanied with the cash, must be directed to the proorletor, northwest corner of Fulton and Massau streets, Mew York. THE AMERICA* NATIONAL COUKCIL.-TBK ANNU al tessi no: ibe f dtlontl Council meets In this cltv, tils lorecoon. Jure 3 in Knickerbocker Hall, corner ot Twsnty ihlrd street end KJthfh a. enue The session will commence at 10 o'clock A.M. Its Eighth avenue ears and Knicker bocker lire of stages will take delegates to the door of the hall. TAX COMMI8MIONBR8' OFFICE, NEW CITY HALL, U Chambers street.?Motto# to tax payers. The assessment rot's of th* several wards of the city of New York having been returned by the AjMssors to this office, we hereby (Ire uotioe to all Interested tax eaters that the asms will be opened fbr examination and. review from Tuesday, the M/th day of May, until Wednesday, the 26th day of June, inclusive. All thorn Interested who are desirous ef examining or correcting tbe same, are requested to make application to the undersigned, between the hmua of 9 o*e ocks A. M., and 4 o'oloek P. 3L at their offiea. J. W.aI.LEB ) W. J. FECK, > Tax Cnsmalas'ra. A. J. WILLLaMSON, S Nr.w Toss, May 21, IstC. Tbe pcacbed egg c3CB meet next Friday evening. June 6,1866, et the usual hour and nlace. ESOOKLTO, June S, IMC. 1NQUI8IDOS. The creditorb of joseph crawpobd, by apply lug at ihe Office of itiohard E Lewis, No 71 Nassau si reel, cen rtceive important Information in relation to his asUgn rcem t. TO 1HK STOCK AND BONDHOLDER* OF THE OHIO and Pennsylvaiiia Railroad Company.?A meeting will fce he'd at relmontco'e. corner of Beaver aad South Wflllam htieets, on the 25th Inst, at 3>J o'c ock. to take ln>o considera tion the proposed oonsollc&tion of the chto A Pennsylvania, (ffiio A Icd'ana and Fort Wayne A Chicago Railroad 'omi% olea. The propceed measure being ot' great Importance to the interest of both the s ock and tend holders cf the Ohio A Penn sylvania Railroad Company,a:nit attendance Is requested. L. VON HOFFMAN A CO. MGRAM BROTHERS. BaLLIN > BANDER. WABBINOTON AND NEW ORLEANS TELEGRAPH C mpaav ?Tbe annua! meeting of the xt-clchoiders of the Washington and Paw Orleans Te.ocraph Ccmpany ni 1 he hsld at the office cl '.he President, In the elty of Washing ion. July 2 1856. DaNIEL F. DLARKB, Secretary. 0HI WMM, ?u. 5.000 THR9E FLr.UNCl RICH LAWN R0BR8 IT yards (or $2; also, an tm-nerse stock of printed itwiir srd orgatdr mus'!n?. fiat co or* and ne? goods, at Is.; !? yards Mtnlmsc print ior 91; Fret eh cbambray, la fid ; dot ted Swiss, Is,; paia*ols ard summer stuli for men and boys' wear, very cheep. Commercial Heme. 147 Sprlnr street. J. H. I.lPSKTf. rroprletor. 6 CASKS OF 7BF. RICHEST AND BEST RNQLISH challls barege, from ar.oUor, at la per vard, worth 25 cent*, will be opcucc on Monday morning, at the Commercial House, 147 Spring street J. H. UPSKTT, Proprietor. AT C. BFLL A CO'S, NO. 3 HATHaRINE STREET, Paris adliinery ? Fine dress silk bonnets. 93 to 95; rtehly f immed straws, 93 to 94; lawn ronnata only 10 shilling*. N. B.? basque waist and mantilla patterns out in the latest style. ABUPRRB ASSORTMENT OF MILLINBBY, JUST BE eolved. comprising crepe, lace, fancy Neapolitan and straw bonne**, rich French flowers blondes, ribbons, bonnst trsmea Ac.. Ac. Ibe lattice are respectfuly turned to call and eranlne the * me. M. L. KlfiO, No. )b0 Canal st., ntsur Vaj'.ek, late ho. 71 Canal sU nunri cheap lac* and embroidery u. store 223 K'gitb avenue. 1.100 tbread lacs vel's, 9s. and S< ; 1 COO rich brocade ard (.attn panuo *, at 6?.: t SCO moire antique do., at 8a ; 500 children's do., at 2s.; 0,000Spanish, P ronoh ard irory tans. rer? eliesp. NKW ASSORTMENT OF BLACK THRRAD LACE shawls. tnanUIJar, cape*, collars. coliTenres and yells, trcm 95 upwards; silk lace: dluo In great variety, iust received per steamer Baltic, at Phi KB ROBERTS A CO.'S, 375 Broadway. Another lot or rich plaid and siripkd ckene silks at ,*?, re* ly worth 10s.Cd ; also, a large lot of piatd aaehlrg Cblra sllkB. a*. 4a. Just received from ano tu n, at the t'omruer da; House, 147 Sprtnc street J. H. LIPSRTT, Proprietor. At kin/ay? cheap lace and fmbro'dkrt at're, 223 5 ighth avenue, 3,000 rich and large sire lace <-o'lars,lf . 2.000 d ub.'e lace bands, I* fid ; 9.toe oalrs si k mils, st Gc and la., >15 00U yds nth ribDons, in whites and co ors Is; 14 000straw hats and Blouners; frcm 6c. to 2fi?., ihe oheacert goods In the city. 223 Eighth avenue, between Twenty first and Twenty -second streets. width, jost received per Baltic, at FITTER ROBERTS A CO.'?, 971 Broadway. l'KTER BOBKttia A CO.'S, 375 Broadway. BRFXELLRB POINT, POINT L'AQCILLB, HONITON, VaiercJonoM, Monltcn, nolct d'aop.Uque, and medallion ses. coiffeurs. cares, mantillas, bridal scar Is, laces cterery Black carton crapr and granadikk shawls '.rem auction at W. JACKSON'S new mourning store, 551 Broadway, between bprlng and Prince streets. JJbACK qUIPORF. BRUSSELS AND CHAN TILLY ^ laces, all widths; 8 4 figured nets for bisques, variety of mantilla shapes for fl r.ttcea infant robes and waist*, at C'BEAP SILKS. CHKAP SILKS. / A tew more oi lhoee rich striped and pla'd silks left, at .'is. 6d. per yard. Also 'hose rich tuiumer silks, at is., worth Gs. Klch y ard wide >llks, to splendid colors, ai 12*. worth 12. At the aMigneee' sa.'e el the la?c bankrupt, J. France A Co., ' fill B?rsow ay. CAMBBIC HANDKERCHIEFS, EHRRO'DKBRD. FROM auction, from 91 25, upwards, sieit bargains; uetnjUched, a '2 50 per dr>7., wortli 96; tigwt-U mns>ln% for nasruee and I'csce*. en Lire! * new p litems, at w PATRR ROBERTS A RCd'S. 375 Broadway. CAHEAr MrSLIN, LAWN AND JACONET ROBES. 1 i.adies are remlcded there are a few more of those jaco net robes lett, at 15a. Also splscdid style*, in rich qualities, at Is. fid., worth By order oi nrtlgnees, 703 Bruadway. 1[*M BROIDERIES CHEAP. j Hands edgings inserliirg*, co lars s >ta, sleeves, Ac., Ac., are now rtiered al twenty five per cent lew than cost of impor tation. At ihe assignees' sale, 703 Broadway. HCSrEBr. HOSIERY, HOSIERY ?600 DO?.. LADIES' white and nnb'eached r .boa ho*e, at Is. 6d. per pair; SCO do*, do. do, extra fine and heavy, 2s. per pair; 300 dor ladles' Liile tbread hoae, white and unbleached, St. and 2s. 6<L per pair; SCO do*. men's unbleached cotton sock*. Is. per pair, IDs per dor ; 1,600 dor do., do., regular mule, 9150 per dor., very cbean. also the most complete assortment of ladlev and children'* hfe'ery ard under eannenls to be round In the city, at RICHARD ORKRN'S, 130 Canal street, apposite West Broadway. Linen prills and docks for men and boy's srew.?A fire a?*or'meu row open. J. C. MILi.IKRN A CO.. Linen goods dealers. 74? Broad way, above Altor place. SHIFTS, SHIRTS,?SIR ANGERS VJ8ITINO THT CITY, in want of the above nt'ele, will find the *t,>k of M. WILSON, Ulsey Building, c >roer of Broadway and Cortlandt street, well worthy of Inapecllsn. A half do/en splendid shins i an he purebred for 99. X'iiDBR GARMRN7P. UNDER GABMR9TS,?LADIES' J Bummer gau/e '?piiyra, I com 6r. esoh; merino veal*, gent'eirif.h's do., do., altove*, from 6* each;do. long and Short do , do anoertor ousllty, fir. earl. Also, li'k, won iamb*' wool and rani o underskirts and*, lu great variety, at P.IOIIARD ORKKN'n one price hoaJoi y andgerrle.wen's luir.lshiig store, lit) Cana mree>. IIOT'NII.H. Holdrrdor'B noTn,, 759 bboadwat.-superior apsrlments for Camillas or Individua l can be obtained, with or without hoard by the meal or week, at reduced prises. Ba'hsfiee. ft'etai rent from 9? to 950par wesk UDMf WM. HOLdIlHBGN. Proprietor. "I A PIF.tRR HOUBB. 9T9 AND ?81 BROAU? AY.-THI8 13 eleiar.: hi lei l* tow e .ndnrted it the American plan. Break'art firm .' to It), lurrt. al 1, and dlntw al 6 Fawllisn vl'l bp ?'t derigniBf to speod tke summertn the rPr win find Mir ~ tbi* 'he coolest asd beat ventilated house In New York. Unit rJ rc, w?. e egastly fnrnbl.ed, or Mug * roopis for pmllauo, W r, >>ad a1 reWTWifc'e price* $999,500 wfcwlji9u.xostm.*o., On KnouoM, Baaaad ?? MrA /in ft CASH ALVilB OK 1AKO TO BAU $750.000 tdrMMfc DtauffO. sfSSJSSSt 2uk?, pianos, carriages, Ac., Uewssd loin and etoato TOT o?ca. Managw. W?Cf T <|AA TO LOAN?Oil DIAMONDS. 'IJ?'' $557,000 and jewelry, or bought for cato. by JO** ISAAC 11 Ohambar* Street .ba??i?at ofltoe Biiff?wmyl and oonfldendal, from 9 tld A *? B-?No b oo Batnroa.a, Al wfi n/Wl TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATUIB. $170,000 jewelry, aegare, <r? ?? *???"* ?"fJ5!rc sona' property, orbougnt foi coth. OSiol bwi'i frjil fill o'c ock, at No. 36 J<A? li^Sn?TurT,UT c1>*m No. 3, aooocdflcr. by J. F. NOHBuRT. ainn nnn TO LOAN.?B. B DE BASE AO* JblUU.UUU ranees money to merch into, auctoneers, iM0ha:le. and business penton* on % 1 kinds ? "J? reasonable term*, or bougfrl for cash, at his premises. 69A. Bowery. H. B.?Hu?lata? prompt and cotOdentlal. ro /\l\A ?THCflK WHO DWIKB TO MAKE KNOWN 50.000. their ?tsbes to the country at large will Itod iho aMkriCam V#jtKKLY P&a88 ft deatrftbta ftiit ftvaiiftiift It to publfibed every Irlriaf morning, at uui ea* ^meTtow prVct Bl per year, and clrculstoi to ever* por tion J the ocuotry. AtWertlaemeoU InsertedI at Sfty Mature Hoe. Eupscrlptlou prloe. li p* year, gl 60 py hnadredje agents. cub in advance. Letters must be .^dr'seid to prt^rlbior. coidw ot Fulton ftnl Wiwfiftu ?ti6?t8i lift if lof*. ?OK OQQTO LOAN ON WATCHEE, BIAKMIBIh $.40,999 toweiry. and toarehandMo to bb..Sh fur cask. fcuytaess prompt and ponl^t^ fnreto iooma (or Udtoi. Office hourt from 9 Ull 6, Hnaomftnt QllMft A NT AMOUNT OF MONET TO IAJAM ON DIAMOND# A plat*, watoiws, jewelry, and all Talaable verio?tai pea party ormarofaandlae, and bought .or cajb. B. W j?? 9. gk yultoa at., esoond floor, froat roam. 8 A. Ai. to 6 P. At. Ttfig, 86 Catharine street. ASH ADVANCED UPON UEBOHAWDIBB Of'ITTRY V I description, Intended torpobl.'e lals?BRODH R aD* CO., auctioneers and eommkahw marctantoJO m*** *? mont atreei. Boston. advenes UbwreUv ? them for aale. 1mmediate talaa, and prompt retiujjgweren taad. Refer, by pemMMon, to a. Jouruaer,Jr., ATJu., Haw. J R Brodhaad, United Btatas Naval Ofllosr, New tvt; wti* tier, Tenno A do.. How. Oharlaa 8. Faaalaa. Oolleeto* df Dn port, Beaton. T?0R BALK-OOBPOBATIOBJOKnt>J6 8 slL' ^ CttSlTO. T a?0?0 E*<W W** ?era. Will ee soie at par. Oak Hall, Bi Fulton streak. Money to loan?on di amondb, w atohks, jsw* jswskw? 4*d road way, rooma Noa. 1 aid J,eaweldwy* jpgciiijiiiiocB. Tw?FI<U<TOOTOTM FOB OQENB.. BPBIOBE. 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OnaollcUad by Mr. I^vb I beg leave to tetoify to kla M? f.;l .kill in haying perteWlr removed a large teuton * Mag In addition to the above Mthantlealad teatlaaoelala. ataa liooaanda more In kto pomaaa*? *** ?? rom lad let of the hlgbaat i^k with a call at hla oflloe, 91 Wan and Sixth avannaa. New Totk. N. B.? No prefaaatonal oonnactlon with any Peraon. tie store w "7' t -jJL. ar.d apie'did awoltmant of rich cut moulded and, flag rlaas, French and BrglHh china, rtob i-rorze candaUhrae. French mechanical lampa. fan^a^lei to^at low erteeA Olaia and china matched to any pattern _lheglaa? tofreaa tM -aoufac.oxy of hemra. J. 899 Broad vsiy, near TweeUed'street. Dbahsht, yentilation and hkat.?fob Walk, rlghufbrtha Stole ef New York of the following e^ tnyaatlona:?A fire proof draught and ventilattngrtlmaepin irtoa rantllator, which curee smoky cbimnaya; a anto ana ear H phon veutUntor: a tubu"ar furnace or h^t*v?5M,12r S-W" Mng in nae. Mcdela can be reen at thaofbea of W1L O. WAN* ? KB. 98 Broad ray, cp rtalra. CtlNB Of?LD BtUPB AND 8LI?YB BCITOS8, OF ALL r deecrlpUooa, from *3 50 per aet to*85. tor aale ai ?#? than usual itwr. by G. C. ALLEN, importer cr watckea and ;?"?ry, wbo'alale aad retail. No. U Wall atrea'. weondftaor. rear Broadway. OllRRWORK 1)1 POT, 138 CHATHAM STREET. OFPD* " al'e the theatre.?Sltookeaoeca wih find a great aeavtmaal .f ftreworku, tcrpedoe? aid etackera cheap. at the wholansto store, list tliatham atreet. uj stalre, W. H. FRET. Guns, bifi.ns and pibtols.-orion t wa? LOCK, 99 Maiden lane, manufac'nrers aod Importers af single and double guns,eportlac and target tUles, /evuivw*. single and double pistols. In great variety, powder Hifka, shot belts and pouches, dram flasks, bowieknlvea. perenwionoapg. gun material and aportlng apparatus of all descriptions. UIOO NANOINI RBBPBOTFHU.T INFORMB BOB trtenda and this public generally that ha raaaqved ou toa nrsi day of May from the corner of Broadway and Blaaakan streei to 685 Broadway, one dnor a Sore Amity street. Grata ?ul for paS htvnra. teaalioito the eenUnualtoa af his tormnr patrons, wd with the promise cf andeavcrtaf to^regentowj satisfaction to all wbo may require hla sersleea. Be Intoada to kean a general asaorunent of every arttala tor gentleman's tcliftt, ftcd will pivo hit ftUanUoo to Uie djftteff ol weaken bftir tft the moct approved mftaftftr. Havana skoars bt htkAMHinrs black was, Hrr and Cahawba.?Cabanas, Figaro*, rega'2a dal rara < orohai. Londrss, oaeres. do , Tunas Cabar|as, Ac., by Use 110 or 1 COO. ten yer rent below market price*- I. T. AOGKR8, 104 Maiden lane, second story. INGERSOLL'8 1MPBCVKD HAY AMD COITON PERM 1 ?Tte cheanest end teat press In the country; neanutac* lured and sold by Uie Farmers' and fcechaalos" Manulacturtag Company, Greenpoint, L. I. Alao. tor sale a ten bane power engine at d boiler, nearly new. Apply as afcorc. Liquid olcm.-a new and vhby -bupbrior ab Ucle, warranted not to evaporate or sour; always ready Tor use and admirably sailed to the win's of every household. Msnnractured and ter sale by laHGGBTT A MARCUS, M Pearl street. Mew York. N OTIC*.-ANY OKB WT?H A KM ALL CAPITAL OAK make money 'a selling an article desirable end hearteg It rge profile, by cnllbtgat ao. 199 Canal street- A. L.IK JO. SPECIAL NOTICE.-BROTHER JONATHAN fl FIRST premium furniture polish la warrauled the beat art!tie now In use. More agents wanted. oocrt salesmen make frene 15 to l!U per day. Call at 212 Broadway, room (to 21 BAABYK A HUBBARD. SOMKTHINO NSW FOB EVERY BUMNF.M MAN.?A poeke. copying prera rent to any parted the United Mates *n<t t'anedas. postage paid, on reoeipt of tte price. $2. agente v. acted In all parta of the country. Address I,. B. RAMrtOM, I o. 11 lteb'sssan street, New York. ^ |VBB NORTH AMERICAN OU1TA PKHt H v WMP* ny, 102 Broadway, manufacture every deterlu'loo of "angel sop and sticky, la any climate The Ugh eat t*?timooi Ala in regard to them, from ofBeers of the army and carp, and uaeeroua others, may be e??n at the office oi the Pumpaey, where all Interested are tarlted to call and examine them. Y FRONTS' BLRCtRO CHEMICAL BATHB.-DR. PRINCB, of Brooklyn, proprietor, and Prof. VIRGNKR are in attendance, at 710 Broadway. Th? y euerar.tse te rare rheumatism, neuralgia, and all diseases ari?inr from 'he Im prudent use of mercury or other metallic substances. 8 pouted dspartmeal for ladles. WNOLKNALK - 100 HI'SHEId- BONgPUBT. 80 CKNTC thabosheU n. CaRN, 100 Walker street, fifth doer, back room. onLaT" ~ HZZT Ir crcbknb otl IV nor ixetoeiTa. B1CUBKJ) BY PaTIKTB. Importaat to heads of department?, trustees ef hospitals, asylums, prisons, schools, colleges, churches, railroad oom pastes, factories, ship owners, sli p supply men, owners ef country residences, proprietors of watering places, and hotel keepers. the undersigned bays the honor to enaonnee that the Kero sene Oil company, by great labor end expense have tanned sd la aetlrely removing the unpleasant odor from heroaene off. wlibeol Injury to Its Illuminating qualities. The tilliiMres poeeeesed by the kerosene oil art? let. The Intensity of UMl.ghtprodueed. 2d. It Is net explosive. Sd. It will remain fluid when e best sperm oO has see gealed. 4th. Its nnrtralled eeooomy?Ml# worth kerneeueoil gtrtmr as ? neb light as K of repeseadi.! -#13 ef whale-IB IT el sperm oil?or #29 of burning IreM. Insurance companies alio wit ? be used wtthoat adiWoaal premium. 1 be keroeeas bnrner. wtth rise and IB'.! wish. can beadenttd at a sight erpcuse, io tlie mecham-al carrel, solar, astral, rosin oil, aampbeae, and Webb's paten' lamps, or to ar.y orna mental, vara, candlestick and chandelier, enabling the am rimer to use kerosene oil, at #1 per gallon, affording Somm die amount of light to be obtained ftvm ragetoed etl, at W M, or ftr.m sperm oil, at $2 28 Rarotsne lnhriratlr.g oil, equal In fluidity to the beet sperm oil, possessing tte great adran'age of not emgealtng ate low tern per* i ure. This nil car alao ha burned ts all the ordinary, wtecraiilee!, v>lar and liand laiepe, Including bowiuirlt and siitnsl tenters, and first more light than sperm. Whale or lap# at!. ABA.7BMS, Agents ior the Keroaetd OB ffiampany, Io Beaver tinea, New York. MATBlNOhlXlt, A FRENCH I'BCPRBBICNAL GIHTLVMAN, OR Tin* ? highest retprctablUty, thirty years ol sgo well etteb Ushed, wishes to furre'cond with "a young lastly. net or or twenty-eight rears of nge wtth a view fo matrimony. Am'% blllty aed a r refect eduMMan more deelrabis than sxret p^ efe.ti heady. Ko objection to a y, org widow lady honor of a gentleman pledged a* to secrecy Address, 'rem any where. Of IT#"#*1* V?Voe to'tare r^et ;<fl?e.