Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1856 Page 5
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ibie?i Ut b.s lorhieea wad malignant mmuII upon hie otha/ Senators, and of Mr. Brook* that be should h*v? an induced to enter within the walla of a cbamber therto regarded a* snored and lmpenatxebla to violence, id thaie strike to the flier with a eane er bludgeon as iaimed Sraa'or, The nigger worthippe-a' Convention in the Kirs'. Con eoeional dietrict of Massachusetts, bare instructed their legatee to vote for Charles So tuner in the Philadelphia invention. Three OLaee men and ? ne Fremont man were selected the nigger worshippers' itata Cinvention in Ohio, as legatee to the National Convention of that party. The n'gger worshippers of Illinois held their State Con ation* at Bloomiagton, on the 20th nit, and nominated r Gevenot Wm. H. BucslI; for Lieutenant Governor, aneii A. Huffman; for Secretarv of 9tate, O. M. Hatoh; T Treasurer, James Killer; for Auditor, Jesse N. Dahoie; r State Superintendent, Wm. Po veil. Pierce's penny organ In Washington says it 1* absurd ?oppose that the sitting of the Cincinnati Coavsntion fluenoed the President in hastening the dismissal of Mr. rampton. rerhapa it waa a coincidence. Lite's fitful fever it orer with the Richmond Daily Na mal J merit:an, and It sleep* well?passed all waking. Cel. Benton arrived in Cincinnati on Tuesday last, aid opa at the Broadway house. In the car* a Mend ao lated him with, '?Well, Colonel, bound to the Cineinnat invention?" "Yea, sir, yes; like the wild hog, sir; he m he tolled up to eat corn, air, but he can't be coaxed ito the pen, sir?can't be coaxed in, air." Senator Wilson, cf Mas sacs uselts, 1b to address a nig w worshippers' meeting at Newburg, N. Y., on his way erth. The Washlagton oorreeptadent of the Charleston (S. ) Mercury says that Senator Sumner was duly informed r Mr. Brooha that it waa his Intention to administer the laatlsement. The Richmond Enquirer unreservedly approves the aa iuK eommitted by Mr. Brooks upon Senator Sumner, id considers the ao! good in conception, better In exe rtion, snd best of ell in consequence. The Enquirer to recommends others of the Southern ehivalry to fol w the example of Mr. Brooka, and If need be have a ?sing and oowhlding every day. The Augusta (6a.) Chronicle says it has no sympathy :Ah Mr. Sumner, and thinks he richly deserved ehes ?ement for so grots an attack upon an absent Senator ; it it regards Mr. Brooka a* very eenaurable for making ie attack in the Senate Chamber, and while the Senator ae still in his seat. Hon. D. B. Wright, who presided at the Know Nothing luneil at Albany, belongs to Washington county, and ot Westchester, as reported. Brnok La MiNXi's Benefit.?The benefit of thia gentle man takes place to- night, at Wallak's, and the eompre snsive and brilliant character of ths arangementa made It will ensure him an overflowing house. "Poea tmtas" and several other favorite pieces will be perform S, en this occasion, by the ex salient troupe of the thea e, in addition to whom quite an array of eminent voce ?ta snd dancers have voluntered their seivices. This il^be the strongest east and the most attractive benefit iat will have taken place thia season. Mishent Letter.".? List of letters advartiaed in Public tiger, Philadelphia, June 2, 1866, for New York Fetridge b Co. Holdane k Co. R. K. H ildane. City Intelligence. Irkwtion cv Miu-abd Knj.more,?The joint oommlttees If the Aldermen and Coxmcilmen met yesterday at tour [ekttk P. M., to make arrangements for the reception [ Millard Fillmore. Messrs. B.-fggs, Hunt and Merritt ere appointed a cammittee so select the hotel at which Jr. Fi,Wre should be quartered during his sojourn in pecityasita guest Councilman Merritt in tins con fection, stated that the proprietor of the I.sfarge House J ad offered to pro nt e a buU of rot ma at his hotel for Mr. Rilhnore free of expense, and also furnish feed on similar lurnB. to the Common Council oommittoo?, if thoy would "boose his hotel for the headquarters of the coming ex ?eident Mr. Merritt stated that this was only a ?ug niou, hut added that a proposition admitting o! re s?td drafts on the eity treasury was, in his mind, wor se of disilcgmahed consideration. Messrs. Steers, Fox ad Taylor were chosen a committee to inquire into the (pence of ehaitaring a steamboat to recalve Mr. Fill ore at Etaten Island. The oommittee was made but a pmmittee of inquiry, as it was feared, with the limited ppropriation of the Common Couneil, the expense of a learn ho at for this purpose could not b# allowed. Ap rol.utuent cl a oommittee, consisting oi Messrs. Brigga I at lan and Collyer, to see about the murio and flrlog o Votes, followed, when the meeting adj ourned to hea porta of the vartme committees appointed, to rriday ternoon, at 3 o'clock. Ths Wkatiu?.?Yesteaday was the hottest day of the iatos. People walked the streets awelterlngly, expe enclng undoubted conTiction of the fact that summer eat had at length set tn in earns at. In the afternoon a Doling storm passed orertheelty, ginog grateful, though smpcrary, re ief. During the evening It was showery, rtth thunder and lighting, but the warmth abated but ittle Toe ioUc wing Is a record of how the ? C6 deg. 81 deg. 8b deg. 80 deg. 72 deg. This i" the hottest third of June for the past eight ears. On the 3d of June, 1848, the heat inoicated by the bermoceter was as fellows: "i A. M. 12 M. 3 p. M. 6 P. M 63 deg- 82 deg. 85 deg. 80 deg. QVARANTUIX RCLES?Tux TRADBRS ON EMIGRANT SHIPS. leans- S. Vanderzre and F. M. Echaraz, boatmen at fooaranttne, who have the privilege of b mi ding newly ar ived emigrant ships for the purpose of selling bread, to >aceo, frtsit, he. to the passengers, have written ui to lenv. tn the strorgest terms, the allegations made by ames Holmes, In a eard published in our paper a few lays since, ihe boatmen deny that they sell. or ever lid sell, ardent spirits to the passengers, or that they iver bought rags from them, except in one Jtastance, and hea the Health Officer was about to dismiss them for he offence. They also allege that the parties lately ar ?ceted by the Health Officer went over to an infected hie, and endeavored to take two passengers from off the renal. Officers I.eebaoh, Nolan and Swackhamer, depuUd ?y the Mayor to da duty at Quarantine, endorse the de nial* referred to above Comet Calendar?This Day. 8sram Cocrt?Circuit.?Nos. 268,168, 672, 731, <12, <45 614 691. 341a 741. 746, 747. 748, 749. 753. grrm'oR Court.?No?. 302.106,116, 648, 646,i0# il 632 683, 362, 490. 463, 464. 505 338, 547, 98, 366, 416, 664, 566, 621, 163, 643 378. 493. Ukiied States District Cocrt.?Nos. 4, 6, 6, 7, ?, n. ^Common Pexas?Part 1.?Noe. 466, 621, 629, 352, 665, 138 634 348 709, 710, 711, 712, 713, 714, 716. Part 2.? Noe. 16^, 160, lid, 67], 134, 703, 704, 709, 707, 214, 716, 719, 720, 721, 722. Si'prxmk Court? Special Term.?Nos. 1 to 16. The most Exciting Topic of Conversation of he ear Is the extremely low price at which the AMERICAN WBEKI.Y PR ess is famished to subscrlberi. It Is issued ?verv Friday morning, and contalae all the news of the da., and all queetloM of national Interest are eommented on In Its solemn*, and the price 1* only 81 a year. Agents supplied at 1110 per hundred! Terms, cash In advance. Adreriiiemen Li inserted at tlfty cenU per ltne. -se*d la your ordersi at wee io the publisher, eoruer of Meemu and 5 u.ton streete, New fork. Rgpenecbeld Pnderslandi how to give (he ftniehlng graee to the appearanoe of a gentleman. Hie Rooky Mnontmi bearer for this eemon Is an Tmprovement ufoa all hal have preceded It. It changes he whole permnal M>P?*r_ anm of the wearer, eadowlng h'e taee and figure Willi en ^umgrajtc gaace which eilcit admlrlng remarks from geitle g^ffttsta BBPOSOHhTu, 118 Neeaau aireet. cool and Dellghtftal are those Hats M*nu" ?>Mnrad bv LRA9K, at the old stand, corner of Chatham and pf2f!l?em where can be found hla naual assortment of sutn Thedrabbearer, Panama and straw hats a-ejest Se style*'fer ttege hot days. Neatness, elegance, and eeoue n? U the motto. Call .adjudge tor yourselves. Haalan Hats.?Pmbllc Approval of our a. batter* to supply the tghieat negUge hat at a low aost, toWiU*lMhM us to eeakemonget the Parle fabriomtefor inijur mud tint suttdd to our vpectnl tilet. In nnpouncUif lb# qnniny ??? i* a,x* nnrMivAi tn atiti that, ortjcinii - _*s will do well to miK6 inoir lewoiwu* V ? ffou^conntere only. UHaRY* CO., leader. a.dVntrodooere elf fashion, A*lor Ho'tea, Broadway. White the flatter. Haw Just Received 76 _see Chapultepee ha's, for tubing and hot weather ^Prlce 12 ?Mb,-4g pmten aire*. between Broadway and Nassau efreet. Another Change of the Weather,?The wMth.r which during the first part of the week changed ncr^denly fromextre?e heat to shivering cold, ^changed again, end summer hate are the greet demand. ?f Vj*re?so TsOR. corner or Broadway and I ulton '*LP2PJ?~JS lunlih every variety of Panama, sennette. fine etraw ana light beaver ha'A, that will make the summer sun a hundred Umee more endurable-and at very low prices. Straw Hate and Cape at Banta'e Old Stand, nnm.r of Canal and Wooater We eta.-I hsve eow In storea S^we stock of straw, Legtrorn and braid hats f ir'boya; braid, lifhorn and straw hats tor girls; Neapolitan split straw and fine Lriborn hats lor Inlatta; fancy straw end light summer for boys; eofr felt bats for gentleman, an* forallagse ot SSShrSd and youth; Panama, Canton, Leghoni, Dunstable, ?ntnSnd braid and fcwUs straw ha's - light, c jol ar d ecanoml s coverings for the approaching hot weather, cal head coverings h\tm. B ACTA, 106 Can*l street. * t (mi Portraits of the People Taken Dally, ''V.p.?ral aatlafac.lon. at the coat of 26 and 50 oenU.Mli. of mTSlne portral'ure, 2S9 Itroadw.y, on Hie wldmlng corner of Reads street. pianne, Melodeone and Harnionlisme from |JT;7 mannfsciurefe-making fhe largest asaori * * ilVhipiit b?*We UlUien perood hind piano?-?aH of ment In he cl J, h Htf oomiietitron. Pianos to i? 5 raw Broadway. ? 0,.?nfortrs and Melodeone per cent -v",,k' Several very f.r.e sec md nand ylsnoa c e*p. W'llann'a Ilsialii'g* Dnvctory for ISM-'T la W ilson a " ? .n,i-iu shortly b? published. Pries 79 ilmeparJ iP MutlOiiad to ail Dlreotorloi nrr.'r Whit- <? 6i?n Turtle Soup, Krah To-day, at the Washington Hsstaurani, No. 1 Hiotdvw. X. R?T ?HD. e? terer. N. a -vij be erea for o few aero a very fine ope:l men of the taxCe-actual weight, four hundred end Cfiyfjur poinds. To the Ladles?tMllllnery.? A. Luge end beautiful n?Bor'.ice?t of Indies' end mis sen' bonnes, dm 4 trmuntngs, risbono. fl-wer*. end uenilllee, el WILLIAM a. IhVJMa'B. So. 112Canal erect. ?crring'i Potent Chsunsjpion for proof oefh, with Hell's peienf oowi Thin Hammer Suit*, 93; Black Alpocn salts. >5; zephvr I'eto suits 910; et bVa.VS' clob'.ng ware home, 04 sad ?8 Pulton street. Boots. Shoes and Gutters.? Lor lit Brooks, noerutbot'L-er of fine diets boots, shies end ge'ters, ofi'ers to ths paMie, et very reasonable priots, e large suoruueat of the above articles, e'so, ladles' end children's shoes. 188 Fu' ton sheet, west of Broidway. ?Vet Oeodt-Mrscel?f?, Brooches, Ksrrlngt, sleeve but cos, studs, ehateloinr, A*., Ac. Also, let snd g?>>d ewe ry, the finest and tersest assofmrnt in the ally, et CNBoRNjs, Bo Aft DM AN A lOWhBaNL'd, 4/7 Broadway, scrner of Spring street. The Smithsonian House, Broadway ?ft 75 per dey for gool to mi and board, or room* only, es he-e'.> fore, with mesls as ordered; having all the sppotstments of the highest priced hoteli, invites the aiuntim ol u*vell?rs: BIDNKY KOPMAlf. 'Window Shades?Improvements and ?n* terprlse - KHl.TY & PrtROlJ30"f, No. 191 Hrosdwov snd Urate I tree t. here St greet expense, completed end " p? entee" their Ingenious eppsmtusfor msnu eot iriag w'.sdtw ?hades, sua are now prepared to supply the who's trade with an unrivalled assortment, fnlly 30per cent less than ever befire sold. As none are a'lowed to manufacture uadsr our patent, nose can compete with us either in style or price. Also, gtlt cornier*, biocste! de lalnes, damasks, iooe and muslin cur lains, Ao. Binder's Sewing Machines.?We have great pleasure In stating that the steam power for our great manu factory, interrupted for a few days by the fire in the New Ho yen depot but ding, is again restore! and in fall opemdon. Wears araln finiabh g our ae sing machines, faster than ever, containing all the admlrsb'e Improvements Inferior sewing machines of other msnufnetnxers taken 11 exchange as usual. I M. Els OIB k Co.. No. 8J3 Broadway. Vbs and Bur _ oowdtr proof lock. Both rpoeivad prize medal's at the World's Voir, London. IBM, and Arm! Pokee, New York. ;863-'4. SILAS 0. HBRBIlJo A 0O? 1?. 137 and 130 Water street. N. T. Defiance .Salamander Safes,?Robert M. PATRICK is tbs sole mannfaotnrer In the United States of the above celebrated safes snd pateptjpowder proof defiance locks and cross bars. Depot No. 192 Pearl strrel, one door below Maiden lane. Awnings and Tsnts of Every Style Made to order at the shortem notice. Orders through the post attexd ed to with promptness and despatch. at the awning] and teut lsc'ory 26 Kast Broadway. C. H.TYfiRK. N. B.?A chemi cal preparation applied to all hinds of canvas*, and warrant ed to prevent mildew. The Wise Hon of Old Stud there " Wat nothirg sew under the sun." bat It certainly is both new and aovel to see so excellent n paper as the aMK-KIO AN W K1KLY PKltSE furnished to subscribers for 91 a year. How tbe thing is done is the wonder. 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Oanbe wcrn Immediately afterwords. One bottle Is warranted to clean fifty pair. Price 60 cents. Agent) wonted. CCNTBMT. NBA BY A PP.. 5< 2 Broadway. Pol It-horn on !c.?Tlic New and Beautiful Art of decorating glass to reiemb'e the finest china. A few hours. Interesting amusement transforms a simple glass vessel into a splendid Chinese or Sevres vase. All the materials for sale Alto, boxes containing two vasee, and every artiste required. Price 96. Full lnsL-uitijn to purchaser free. Tbe troae sup plied. CONTBNT, NBABY A CO., 602 Broad way. To Wholesale and Country Druggists.? BARNES A PARK. 30t Broadway, corner of Tluane street, P ew York, tnvl'e the attention of jobbers and dose buyers to their Immense stcck of patent medicines, by far the largeet as - ?ortmeni in either hemisphere, at and below manufacturers' Pfcee, by the pail age, dozen or 100 gross. Orders solioiteL and goods shipped wltheare, to any part of ths world. BaBNKB A PABK, N. Y., Clnoinnati and Ban Francisco. 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Hastetter.?Three Bottles of Hostetter's Ve setob'e stomach bitters will cure the dyspepsia; one bottle creates an appetite, forces ot tbe Impure bile, purifies the blood snd Invigorates the system; two bottles wlu care the womt form cf Uver complaint, one bottle will dissipate that weulw at the pit of the stomach, will give color to the coun ffiffifoee, Import tone and strength to toe system, and lend cheerfulness to tie mtna. No article la so peeu lavlr adapted to tbe depressing lofluutei of spring wea'hsr. livery tamtl r should bsvs It Bold wall grocers, hotels and druggist* H08TKTTKR, SMITH A CO., Cincinnati; Barnes A Park, 304 Btosdway, wholesale agents for New York; Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn. On Tuesday morning, June 3, at tha Sullivan street If. F.. cfcurch, by the Rev. Mr. Ferris, Wilijam P. Lawrence to Sarah Lothse Warren, both of this elty. On Monday, June 2, at the residence of the bride'* father, by the Rev. Dr. Henry Miller, C. Carroll Reed to Mabt E., only daughter of Justus D. HImox, all of this city. on Tuesday, June 3, by the Rev. Thos. C Smith, Mr. Francis S. Strict to Miss scsan F. Potts. On Monday, dune 2, at No. 82 Kighth arenas, by the Rev. J. H. Hoilingsworth, Wesleyan M. minister, of Twenty-four)h street ehnrob, Joseph Ninrit, of Chisago, to Mart Dixon, of this city. Cincinnati papers please espy. On Saturday, May 31, by the Rev. James Mtllett, at his residence, No. 122 Fast Twelfth street, near Third avenue, Mr. George Wilkinson, of Darien, Conn , to Miss Eliza Maria Mortoe, of this city. On Thursday, May 29, at tha Church of the Holy Trini ty, Brooklyn, by the Rev. Dr. Lewis, rector, Mr. Oris H, Draper, of A'.tleboroogh, Mass., to Miss Mary E,, daugh ter of B. F. WardwelL Fen., of Brooklyn. In Jersey City, on Tuesday, Jane 3, by the Rev. Gilbert Beebee, of Middletown, N. J., SiniF.r R. Bktans, of the tirm of Hoyt k Bevans, to Mist Farm* S., daughter of Nelson W. Hoyt, Esq., of the former place. At Lake Mahopac, on Suaday, Jane 1, Miss Josephine Monk, of Lake Mabopao, to IJr. W. H. Btrono, of Now York. Putnam county papers please eopy. On Sunday evening, June 1, In tbe Methodist EpUsopal church, Monnt Yernon, N. Y., by the Kt v. Seneca How land, Mr. Ja.mfh D, Ackermaw, of Mount Vernon, to Miss Bisan G. Billings, of Cazanavia. N. Y. DledU On Monday, June 2, at noon, Jon* Chariton Clakksoy, in the 82(1 year of his age. Thefriencs and relatives of tlie fan. ily are invite 1 to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at four o'clock, from Trinity church, Broadway,{without further invitation. On Tuesday, June 8, Fannv, wife of Peter Mabie. The friends and reiatlvee of the fatLily are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to-moirotr afternoon, at two o'clock, from No. 170 We-1 Forty-third street. On Taeniaj morning, June 8. at his residence, No. 168 Mott straei, H. if a\ ward, age! 20 years, b ninmhs and 27 days. His remains will betaken loCambri'ge, N Y this morning, lor iBterm?Rt. Albany and I'tic* ptf .?!?? jde.,e? eopy. On Tnetr!*i, June 2, af?*r a Lngrring Xoe??, Mr. Joue HjKriN, year o( tin age. The ti^^Baud acquaintance* of the I'anlly are Invited to attenoBM funeral, to morrow miroijg, at ten o'clock, trim the Norfolk rrt?*. U E. ehurcb. Hi* rem alas will be taken to Rye f >r in .erment. On Monday, Jane 2, Stiykes C. Gikueb, aged 30 year*. Hia remains were taken to fhiladelphia for interment. On Tuetday, June 3, at bte residence. No. 38 Elizabeth street, af:?r a lone and lingering illness, of conaamp'.ija, Patrick Goff. aged 28 year*. The it iends and relative* of the family are requested to attend the funeral, this altemocn, a*, two o'clock, with out furlbe- notice. Hie remaint will be taken to the Cemetrrv of the Holy Croee for in'erment. On Tuesday, Jane 3. J. Al'Gier.ts 4mitu aged 0 months, 2 wtekn and 8 day*, the beloved child of I'nilip anl Mary T.8. SiriA. The f; lends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend the foneral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of bla parents, No. 134 East Twenty second street. The remain* will b* talien to Calvary Ce metery. On Tuesday, June 3, at Nj. 713 Water street, Philip Bickvit, in the 65th y?ar o! hi* age. rb? relatives and friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence ef bis nephew. Joseph Churchill, Forty-eighth stree: and Broad way, this afternoon, at lour o'clock. In Brooklyn, on Tnesdav, Jane 8, Fm.hh Mart Frances Wallace, sgel 21 J ears, 8 months and 10 days, daughter of George and EUen Wallace, deceased. The fries de of the family, and ihrse of b?r brother-in law, Thomas Wallace, are lnvitad to attend the funeral, to-monow afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late reel dence.No. t9 Myrtle avenne, Brooklyn. On Tuwday, JuoeS, after a short Illness, Mr. George W. Bonn, in ths 24th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to atf.nd the funeral, this afternoon, at t so o'clock, from the residence of hie mother. Mrs. E. A. Bohn, in Ainslie street, near Smith street, Williamsburg. Bis remains will be taken to Greenwood for interment. At Franklin. New Jersey, on Tuesday, Jane 3, Mart Ann Staxshk- d, daughter of the late George Stansfleld, and adopted danghter of Wm Entwistle, Esq. Her friends, those of her lister. Alice, and of her bro ther in-law, Oliver Green, are ioylted to attend ths fune ral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from the M. K. church, at Franklin. Boston, Plymouth, Mass.. and English papers please eopy. At Monroe, Orange eonnty, N. Y , on Friday, May 30, Miss Attn ih, in the 631 year of her age, daugnter of the late Abraham L Smith, Esq., of this city. APVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. may ppbucatiohs. 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AMBPK-TABt.B WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS wet nuraa; hasi lost her baby, two weeks old. Uood re rera nee. Apply at 74 West 34th at. A 611 CATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE yoniig woman, at oook, in a private family; the beat of city refer en co can bo gl rev. Inquire at 367 7 h av. A SITU AXON WANTED - TO DO CHAMBERWORK and plala sewing. or lo take care o' a child. Ap < y at 258 4,h av.. where an Interview can be bad and reference given. A SITUATION_ WARTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A8 chambermaid and waller. Good cltv raterert iea can be given. Inquire at 13 W. 18th at., between 8th and 6h ava. ARi-HPKCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A tlon as good plain cook; la wILlnat to assist In washing and ironing In a respectable prtvato (aally; can give good cltv referenoe. Pleaae call at 66 W. 18th at A YOUNG IWOMAN WI8HEB A SITUATION, AS laundress; haa the beat oi city reference. Can baseen tor two darn nt 36 West I3that., second floor, between v. a and 6th avennea. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WI8HN8 A 81 O. tuat'onaaa competent aeamatreaa; can cut and fitobtl dran'a dr race and do all ktndiof fimtly sewlag; will a*?lst with child, en or docbamberwork. Call at 30 Week 13th at. APROTRHTANf WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION. A8 r take charge of a baby; baa the beat cltv referesoes from her la>t place; no otjectton to the oountry. Can be acei for two da; a by calling tt 273 lit avenue, between 16th and 17th its. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 81TUA tloa. aa good plain ecok, washer and lroner; baa no osjeo ttcn fo the country, or to travel with a lady. Can be aeen fortwodaya. Pleaae call at 200 Atlantis at., Brooklyn, tlr-t floor, from room. A PROTESTANT GIIL WISSHS A SITUATION, AS a. chambermaid, or te take oare ot ch'.ldrea; has no ooj na tion to go a ihort distaboetn the oountry. Can be aeen tor two day a at 2S1 Plymouth ah, Brookl] n. A STEADY WOMAN FISHES A SITUATION, AS PR ) fewed cook, In a private family. Good reference. Apply at 162 Waverley place, a tew doors above 6th avenue, for two da??. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOM AN, AH nurae In a private family. Would like te go in the ooun try. The beat of elty referenoe can be given. Inquire at 104 Mott at A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MARRIED man, lately arrived fromScotland as cca'hman, la ft pri vate family. Good e'tv reference can be given. Addresa Coachman, box 180 Herald office. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS wafer; baa no objection to do cuamberwork. Best of o'ty reference. Cad at 219 latavenue lor two day?. ABItUATION WANTED?1Y A PROFESSED COOK; understands cooking In all its branches. Good elty re lertnee. Ac dress A. B .box la, Herald office. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION, TO ATTEND aiegar it ore or a dagtterreaa gallery; li every Suaiffled for the bnslaesa. (tell on, or addresa Mies M? 192 ait 12th at. A YOUNG WOMAN WANT8 A SITUATION. AS OHaM bermald, and to a?aist in waiting and Ironing, or to d > homework.Kfali for three days, at 173 East 12th at.; bet wee i let abd 2d avennee. BailgftuVoiy referenoe A LADY, HAVING NO FURTHER USE FOR A VERY good girl, woe id like ti procure a situation for her. to d i geiera 1 homework; has livid two years tn hi r present place Please sppiy at 113 Esat 33f at, for Minnie Gaines. AMONTBLY NURSE FISHES TO GO IN TUB OOUN try, for the summer months, with an invalid lady, or a lady about to be ooaflned. Apply at 117 3d avenue. A SITUATION WANT BE-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do general homework and to fake e&reof children. In quire at 81 West 17th st. A RESPECTABLE MAI BIRD WOMAN WIBHRB A a situation, as wet nunr; ber bsby la three mm tin old Can be seen at 138 West 16th st, between 7th and S-.b avenues. A YCUMG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS NURSF, I A end aeamatresa, or chambermaid and aeamiueae. G rod reference. Apply at 71 13th at, between 5th and 2.6th ave nues, for two days. A YOUNG I.AEY, AN AMATEUR TEACHER OF music, would like an engages eat la a school, as an again ant; would not object to go a abort dlatanoe from new Yjrk Salary not to much an ofisot as a permanent ait iatl in, A ?! dreas Muaio Teacher, 15 Hudson place, West 34 h at. A8I1UAHON WANTBD-BT A SUSPECT ABLE W ) man, as chambermaid and nurae; good oily" reference! Inquire at 157 Navy at., Brooklyn. A PROTESTANT SCOTCH GIRL WANTS A SITU A tlon aa chambermaid, or to do general housework; g tod city referenoe given. Can be seen at 34 Hlcka at.. Brookl; n. ABITUATION WANTRD BT A PROTESTANT YOUNG woman, aa chambermaid or waiter, or to take care o' ohi'dren. Good elty references. Inquire at 53 last 11th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and aeanulreia. Good reference. Apply at No. 2}4 Monroe st. A MIDDLE AGED WIDOW WOMAN WISHES A SHU i\. at loo. to take care of a ba iy, or u hiutekeeper, whi-h rhe Is capable to undertake. Good cttv reference riven. C*ii at 325 6th avenue, between 20th and 2Ut its., in the fancy atoie. A BESPKCTABLR GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS u. or ok, waaberaad kroner Bait of referenoe givey from ber last p ace. Pleaae call for two days at 566 Greenwich at, third floor, front room. A WELL EDUCATED GERMAN LADY, WHO HAS BX perfeoce in teaching French. German and the piano dp. aires to obtain a situation aa resident governess, either la a orl va e famfly or in an lnatltntion teaching in those branch**, from September next. Address J. 8. G., Herald office. Referen ces exchanged. A MIDDLE AGED LADY, WITHOUT INCRTMB % (NCR la dealrouaofa situation in a private famfV to Imtrnct a few imall children and aew; would have no obyeot'on to g > a short dlatanoe in the country has had great exp erience wl h children, and understand* the management of them; a g>cd home la more the object than remuneration; such a family wi'l find a willing ar.d obllglrg perron; the best references given and required. Address for two days, M. R C , Union equare Peat oflice. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, Iff A priva'e ; in a good plain cook, wa?her and Inner. or 10 do general housework: good re'erence from her 1?? place. Call at 36 Spring et? for two days. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 8ITUATION. TO DO GENE ral homework. No objection to go a short dlitanee In ths ccuntry. Can be aeen fo ? two day* at 116 West 17 th at., be tween fith and 7tb avenue*. ARB8PE0TABLE GERMAN GIRL, WITH GOOD CITY re'erence, wlfbes a situation at lady'* maid, or to take care ot children; 1* a good plain ae wer. Please call at 261 Wtl .lam it. APIIUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO do general housework, In a small turntly. Good reference Apply at 81 West 23ih it. A SITUATION WANTED ?AS COOK BY A VERY re'peotable woman; Is capable of taking the entire charge of the kitchen; has good elty reference. Oau at 62 Charles it, rear house. A YOUNG WOMAN WI8HE8 A SITUATION AS CHAM bermafd and seamitrsas Can b* Men at her last place, <24 Brorme at, tor three day*. AnKereoWADnn rnoraMAer 111 hi, w I MHStS A tHua'lon, as eeamstress, and to do up stair* work; h is no objection to take care ot children. Inquire at 99 2Id at., be twain 3d and 4th avenues. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION. TO DO dumber or bjus*work; Is a gcad wither and Inner, an I p'aln cook; baa good city re'erence. Can be seen at 76 Allen at., rear tome seoord floor. A RESPECTABLE PERSON WISHES TO OBTAIN A situation, a* hcuaekeeptr, in a private family; Is a go'd searatlre**; ha* good elty reference. Inquire at 120'j West 26th itreet, f->r two day*. ARI8PSCTA8LE YOUNG MAN WISHES A S'TUA tion, to drlv* a borie and w*g~n or make himself gene rally u*efnl about a* ore. P ease call at 126 Grand street. The best city reference given, If required. ^ GENTLEMAN, UNMARRIED, WHO SPEAKS ENG. A ltib, French and German, would like to engine as tra veller for a wholeea'e business home, flat traveled the moat part ot the Union, to the eatlifhctlon of eeveral flrmeof thin olty. Best of ref*rencee| can be given. Address p. p. r , Herald rflloe. A SCOTCHMAN WANT8 A SITUATION, AS OOACH man or gardener; no oh lectio i to to ivn or country; good reference given. Apply at 182 Clinton place, S'h it. WA IT EE.- A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT AND some _ wants a ettuation. at waiter. Reference* unexceptionable, for highly recommended young man, who he* lived with some ot the first faml'ie* In this city for'he last nine years, e a situation, ae waiter. Reference* unexceptionable, s< brtety. capability, Ac. Address B. B., hadlaoa square i'osi cfflce, which will be attended to until engaged. A SMART, RESPECTABLE TOUNQ MAN WISHES A sliuatlon to attend bar, In tome respectable saloon or por ter house. I'lease address P., box 118 Herald oflloe. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, AS olerk, In a elothlig store. Call at 171 26th at,, In the rear. QC OK'8SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN; _ can produce the highest elty reference; has no objee.ton to go a short distance In the country. Can he seen pereonallv, or eddres* by note, for two days, ai 120 12th it , between Mb and 6th avenue*. /ROOK'S SITUATION WANTRD-BY A PROTESTANT \j : ottng weman; understands baking, and la a g'>od washer ard lioner; re'erence given. Apply at 138 Has. 23d it, tor two days. CXOAOnMAN'fl SITUATION WANTID-AY A MAN OF J long nxpeiieiire, every way qnebfled, and of good man uers; r.o objection to the cnintry; s\iisfa;'orv relkrencis. Ad dress Edward, care of box 2,076, Post office. / If) A' HM t N.?W * NTKD, A SITUATION, AS OOAOE \ J man, by a singe young man, or ateadr, sobe* hnhlti who mderetaude Itls business thoroughly, and c in brinigv* refe.sece tr m Lis last emplover. No ot>i?o ion 'u c ty oi pqnntrj. AdiresyP. F., coachman, fl^rald "fli^ ?'TCA1TOM W41TKD. ! H muLKnr*2* " _ ?A MIDDLE AGRD WO wissstSsSa^ ?H"?*AT. oona a by double mtA- wrluui '' "n<!e"'?o<l'f ?i g'tO-T.O.^^aj ?,????? ??. ?' given. CM at 16 Leon?rT^t.' ron* Clt> reference S7?ttZid0"^J^^?l.*.T0Plf0 OIRL. AB OH411 tt# best of city reference ftomfcteEi plJ^n *?wer- Km S'^ohSto^S*?^* t4/1"" RATB WA!T*W^ ^oasn^&fgaagr&y'' Earah, Herald office fortwodn?S. ' rcjjired, Addren S"^^,,,T^'PpBYL A YOU N/1 OIRL, AS Jewnee Klr?n Apply ?t 'la w^H?S 01 ^dreo Ro Oolunrbla, Brooklyn. Warron it, between Hieka in J S"<S^hT2^Y/*^^rBY A PROTISTANT GIRL. AS Sn?"KlwJ.fHE:;? ?iT~?i oousTsr. .77 | i ^^VEKsujaffi 0TABLE PRDTE8 I 'TmTlr&W I S1T?o?"?l?";onY?NeIf^.JW0 RMPiCTABLR is a, fort^odgf a. *PPlJ at i2l Boerum at, Brook YCDNQ ~? m mn* A-'ftSSSB ?Ka*. ,J? w serASste I W^Stam^uSL0"'..^ CHAMBERMAID. OR pears'reierenoe. Call at 137 Weefislh ? T*1?*' Hm four for two days. 137 Wert 13lh at, In the basement, w "Sr.5 * ???? W- *? EoteL J r.eaie eall at room 7* Me ropoll'aa WAtoT.K^ ^,AgTIinMDffOH^MB'R,IAIO- AND t?E for a small family, lfw ihe be.i ni %S *!?"* *nd W1*h" at 34 4 th ,t.. tn the basaawlt. C"T refer"*?- Call KSarS11 Bgiis?g W1 cnnHgDw0m.D8M UAuii??; Jl ARSSPKCTABLE sst^Mssaasuasar8,^ ,W a*Ruet boomS" wan an, Ironer Good relereaee can be^eiv??^ nl??k.and * M?er an? SM?sr^~? s.'mkxs? W^JSSJ-dLilil'SSr-JJLV (MsrK?lAi^H??|aai s dUlance In the country ? wa^o? mlrJji ?2m?^ ?t3 8? a 6^ort Pl?ce, Call at 93 llUi gt ^etw^n i?kT?/S^?y60tM* ^ floor, front room, for two dayS avanueg, tbird PSiS W"^^tra^J^SorB? A, *?8PECrABLE to the country; refer* '.o her Dre??nt^?m?i,ire,?: nJ, ObWrt'on imdk. "S^srraftri. 7u sst A aillJATIQN. AS LAUNDRESS OR CR k M. email private fa'ml"; b*?%at'^efg,eaBo?rapitou*e*<^k 10 a Weet f9.h *. betw^n^hanTU^f-f; ^ TI7ANIFD?A SITUATION, BY A YOU WO w.imv coon try* If'reqtflrrtL ^ttabSIftt !*???? "the call at 162 Warerlry p-aos. ' referenoei. Please duct. Pleate addresa "r clu? "n aod g0"" ""? W^A?^SD?^4 SIIUATION, AS COOK BY A Mlnnr w ore o'clorfc a. WTANTID?A SITUATION, TO DO CHAlfRlRwont.* fnl n!lrS*?r " r*10 'ew#r and willlnn to make hen^f ful. flood city reference. Call at 66 Pitt street? lf e IV ?AJTBD?A 8.T0ATION, BY A RESPR^taiiiv KUS5f&JMtS-u SMT^iiSrJTTWSJKSffl and Who are oapaMe and wllUnc <Sd i!t-'8?1an ?r Irish, ?App y at 78 Adams et., Brooklyn * r?fl"'enoee. Il^ain WANTKD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do general t casework or mind ohl'dreu. Good re'er mce (Wild tier last piece. Call at 125 West 24th it., near 7th av. WANTKD-A SITUATION, AS OOOK, IN A PAIVATR femlly, by a compete ayroung woman; haa good oily re fererce irom her laet place, Can ba eeen at 113 11th tt, o >rner Wi femlly, by a comieteayoung woman; haa good city re 'O Irom b at litaveiue. 'ANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A PR9TR8TANT WO ., man, an lady'? maid and seamstress; la a thorough drew maker ard plain fewer, also aiderrands dreifleg ladles' tu r. Apply at the Metropo.itun Hotel, room 136. The beat of city reference. WANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A REBPRCTABLK ytung woman, aa chambermaid and laundraaa. In a sma'l. private faml y; good city reference. Apply at 114 Neat 19th ft., third fflrr, back room. WANTRD?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GrRU AS chambermaid and wafer, or to take core ot children; wonld live in ibe oouiiry. Pleaae call at 53 Atlantic at., Bomb Brooklyn, tor two days. WIMTl'P?a BITPATTOW, RV 1 niJIMTBir JIBf., aa laundreaa and chambermaid; or aa lanndreu In all Ita branrber; can to ap gentlemea'a linen and atao fluttag. la a thill ul manner; will go with a family to the country for the summer; can glre the beat of eity reference; wages 17 to 28. Call at 21(1 Sam 73d it., In Ute store. WANTKD-BY A RKKPF.OT ABI.B YOUNG WOMAN, A situation, In a fmall private family, to do general tnuuv work; beat olt.v referecte. Can be seen at 163 lot av., flrat floor, hack roetr. WANTID- A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO 01 SI,, AS chambermaid, and in do lice washing, or av waiter; no ohjectloa to ge In the country; the bent ot etty reference. Can be seen for two da's from II till 4 o'clock, at 281 6th avenue, between l'th and 18th tit. Til ANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A KNC f Y Iteh woman, aa pr feveed cook Can give good city re ferenee. App'yat?48 61 h avenue, between 2lat and 22d ate, In the bakery. WANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A RRSPHCTABI.E WO man, aa an experienced eo-kt; baa no ejection t-> go a fbort distance In ibecountry. Apply at G9 Weat 25th it., to ihe retr. WANTKD-A SITUATION. BY AN AMBRICAN PRO tenant girl, at nurse and teaaslreas. The brat of ellr reference given. Inquire at No. 7 Second av , In the rear for < wo days. WANTID-A SITUATION, R* A RESPECTABLE youne w. man, aaoook. waaber and kroner; gvd oltv reference Rlvcn. Apply at 193 Uih at., near avenue B, third Hcor, rear rocm, for two days. WANTKD-A SITUATION, AS KlftSTRATN DRK89 maker, or to wait on a lady; is a neat sewer; city ra'er enoe given; understand a clear strobing. Can be fecu for I no days at 310 3d av., bet we an lOtb and 70th at 1. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMiN, aa aeumatreia, chambermaid or laundreaa; tindevrivnla doing up line muaUna; la willing to go In ihe country. Can be recn at 175 West 34th at. \A> ANTKD-A SITUATION, TO DO OKNERAL HOUSE VI wrr* In a small family. Can give the beat of refe ' rrrre Irom her last plaoe. Call at 33 wed Washing. >n place, f. r two days. 1 Xtr AN1KD?A SITUATION. BY A RKSPKCTA 111,1 1 Tf young woman, aa laundreaa; hav no objection to do I en king lor a -mall la ml 1 y. flood city reference. Pleaae call at 490 Greenwich street, between t-'inlogana Canal. Tlr ANTKD?BT A RKSfHCT ABLE Yi UNO GIRT,, A it aitua'inn. oa gcod plain roOk, or to do general house work. Haa he beat of oltv reference. Can t e aesn foriwo daye, at 133 Molt at., near Orand. YX7 AN'tKD- BY A RTSPgOTA HLH YOUNG WOMAN, A Vt mtim ion. to do gMisral housework and lake charge of a ?bIra n be country > r city. Beat of city reference. App'yat jjfP Stanton at. BTCAWU? WAaT?. WANTED-A MIUATION, BT A FIRST OLAM 000K; Las the Mil o' ctt? reference. Can be imo At 133 Ke?t lltb it, iwr tat avenue, lor iwo rtiys Waetid-by a rbvpmjtablegirl, a situation In a mall private 'amll j aa chambermaid and waitress; em do tine waibtpg >nd l-onlng and i a go-d p ain H*ir. Otnbeieto for two days at prevent employer'*, No. W Weal 13th rtreat between Sib A 7? avrouea. Wanted?i stication, by a respectable girl, to do chsmberwork or ml* d ohl'drea; no objection to the country. Pi- aae cell at 116 27ih at XtrAKTRD-A SITUATION, BT A STEADY, ZXPK TT rented woman, a? conk 7b bert or reference given. No objedtloke to a private boarding nouie. Fleam ca 1 a*, lib Sib av.t In the etore. WANTED?BY A RICBPgCTABLE YOUNG OIRL, A situation, a* chambermaid ind * alt r, or to tAke care of cbl'dmo ana aesut to washing ana (renin/. ArplJ at 44 Caat 74th street TV ANTED-BY AN ENGLISH PROTEST ANT GIRL, A TT at'nation at chambermaid and Fieaee call at 1CJ 1st avenue, itr two i ays. T* ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A WILLING GIRL. TT whole abte to undertake general homework, would have to cbjeeUon to go to be e <untri; best of reference given. Address or oall at 218 West 2b h at, 1st ttocr. WANTRP-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE lugilih wemnu, as cook; fctst of references gives Can be seen for two days,at No 64 Leuieas si., between Spring and Broome sis. WANTRP-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as (cans' Lresa; bss no objection to do light clatnher work, or to take ante ot oatldren . has the best of ety re'e recces. Can be seen at 128 Bt Mark's plaoe, 8:h at., uortb Door. WANTED?BY A MAN WITH A THOROUGH AND favorable acquaintance Wra' ant Southwest an aedve situation In a grocery commission, iranaiortelimi, or sine business where bis efilolenoy w^l make blm available. Ad die air win, olllce. WANTED?A SITUATTON, FOB A TRUSTWORTHY, earel'ii and Indaairlooa man vrtlilog to Wdrk, sod a udy the Interest of h'a emploer, w. uld be found very useful about * etore Capsule to act as oor<er. Can read, write. As. Ap ply at C99 Broadway, lr the etore. MT ANTED-A B1TU t-TlON, RY A EhttPEOTkBLI TT young mm, aa coachman and groom; perfectly under stsnds his business and Urn proper tiesttaent of horsea; wou d mace b m'eif usetu in otbnr ws- a No obj vat km t> the eocn try. the best cf city and country references for the last ell years. Han baaten at 378 brtadway uiUl engaged - WANTRD-A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN AND gardener, by a sober seedr men; uoder<tands both branches thoroughly; hsa no objection to country or cttr, bat both country and eity reference, address H. M? box 136 Herald ofllce. for three d>js. Under* audi grooming of horses perfectly well. WANTRD-A BI1UATI0N, BY AN HNOLI3HM4N. AS coachman Country preferred. Good reference given. AdlressU B., box 144 Herald office. XETAETRD?A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN, BY A TV steady, active mm, who thoroughly understands his bnafnesa In eyery respect, and Is also wlillrg to make h'tntelf use ul in other reapeota. Cm be highly reo immeaded from bl? Inst employer. Fleam call on or sddiem W. B., 90 West 14th st, nasi 0th avenue. re-tr bui ding. WANTED?BY AN INDUSTRIOUS, 8TRADY LAD, A eituailon to learn the plumbing, ga? fitting or machinist trades. Good relarence given. Apply to John Corley, 242 East 13th it. _ WANTRD-RY A BOY, RKVENTRRN YHAR8 0F AGE. a situation io learn the printing business Best of city refer en 5e. Flease address F. A.. Herald office, for two d.tys. WANTED?BY A YCUNG MAN, JUST ARRIVED FROM Phi ade phia, a situation as bar tender la arme 3m clara hotel or restaurant or would take charge o' a goad hotel at aome watering place; has Ived in nis last employment for ever three years; good reereuce given. Addree, B., Herald (fflce. FRENCH ADYRRT18EMEST8. ON DRMANDR?UNK FRANCAIRR OU 8U18BR FOUR faire le menage d'nne petite tamliie. Rile dolt ttre mini de bona rtnselgntments. b'adremer lit Hicks at, Brooklyn. ON DRMANDE?AU FO. 67 19MK RUR, AU COIN DE la 6ms avenue, pluslenrs person dm piur tcavsll er dan* lea robe*. On demands a nasi deux apprentice. UN J RUHR HOMME SUISSE DffelRR SB PLACER ccmm* garde magasin au dure autre choaea. 8'alre tier Mo- 4 1 aureus it,, pension frsn-.-al-ia. UNR FILL8 FRANOAISK DRRfRF RE Pf. 4C?R DANS nte riuallle Americutue, poor ureudre sola dei enfant; sechaut r. ud ot repass or. Peul tctimh- de bonneirec>m macdat <>n*. Ire-eer 128 3me aveuue, ontre la I time at 17me rue?. 'J UK TRADES. A GOOD HOUBE PAINTER IS D181R0U8 OF GET ting employment in the eo inlrv Any person watting er.rh will tlna an advantage by addressing J. li., box '.C'j, Herald tflice. AN INDUSTRIOUS, STRaDY BOY WISHER TO LEARN the machinist pumblns. gas fining, carpenter, or any re spectable trade. Apply at 139 2Wb at, near 2d avenua, m (he store. AYCUNO MAN, ABOUT 81XVREN YEARS OF AGE. wishes to apprentice blmaalf to either a carpenter or up holBterer, or suy other respectable trade. He U very honest, at dot respec'nb e parents; Is aotl.-e, and willing to work. Cm bring good reference Please call fur two days at Re. 74 20th st. near 6th are.. In the rear. SOOPRRB WANTRD.-A BUYBKR OF CJOPSRB wanted, to go to Newburg. Inquire of K. A. Hopkins, Third street rBRK WAS AN EXCITING SHIRK AT REV. HENRY Ward Rcecher's cnurch last Sunday 6700*01. viz : the purchase of a ileve-a fall and interesting scooant or which will be given In Friday's issue ul" the AMRKICAN WNHK LY PRESS BubscrtpiIon price only El: furnlrhed to agents at II20 per hundred. Orders addressed to the prosrieter't rfflce ne.-tbweit corner of Fu ton and Natsau streets New York, t rfvertlwments Inserted for fifty cents a llse. Term, cash In as vsnce. rFLAGGNRE.?FIVE OR SIX RXPERIF.NOED FLAG gers eea find permanent amp oymrat, and rseelre liberal wages, by applying Immediately t >Beleh Squires, 132 Eavsan st, corner of Beehinan st, or Michael Brady, 216 East 13d st TO GILL ERR-WANTED, BY THE SUBSCRIBER, TWO gl ders. Constant employment tor one year guaranteed. It fnnnd competent, steady ana lndnstrtous. Address or apply to 8. P. Oldnrsbaw, 10 Houth Ciark at, Chicago, 111. TO BCOT AND 6H"*MAKRRS.?WANTRD, A MAN ON stout boots and repairing, to gta short distance In the reen try; gend wages end steady employment; aa o d eoastrymtD preferred Inquire ol Mr. French, No. 4 Bleecker i'-ett, TO WHEELEIOB18-WANTED, A MAN, WITH A family, ins village In New Jerrev, to do thn ran of j.j bmg, and who can make himseU handy In making box's, Ac., about tliuplace. To a sober, revpec able man one'nnt em ploy mrnt will be given. Apply ta David Felt A Co., 14 Kail en lane. TO*1 GRAVERS, JEWELLERS AND SILVERSMITHS. Watted, Immediately, a good jobbing jeweler, to go South; an engraver on silver, |aud a butter knl'e maker, apply to Mclntreb A Co.. formerly Traev A Mcintosh, artli'.v' and me cbsnles' general agerc*. 34'a Pine tL rBOOT AND SHOEMAKERS.-WANTED, A MAN ON ?tout boots and repairing, to go s short distance In the country; good wages sad steady eaipbymen': an old eoun'ry man preferred. Inquire of Mr. French, No. 4 Ble? her sL TO TAILORS.?WANTED THREE FIRST RATE COAT bands, at Olbb A Comnaay's, Monireul; no others need apply. Ihe largest custom establishment In Canada. 7ANTED-A GOOD 8HKKT IRON WORKER AND A bey. Apply at 48 and 20 Dunne street, aeeo id ttonr. K. R. BKRNR1*. TV ?fX.rANTED?A HOUSE CARrENTKR TO MAKE AN TT estimtte on en alteration and seditions to rear of No 23 Bowery. Apply a? above. TAT"ANTED- A OOOD AMBROTTPI8T, ONE WHO THO Ty rough y understands hie buil en. Alii a boy, to oleaa plates and g air. Apply to Jones, 73 Bawery. TXTANTID?BY A FIR6T RATE WATCHMAKER AND TT gmesul repairer, a aiiuatloc; is fu'ly ompe'eat ti 9.1 sny rnch Pleave address B. ?? box 114 Hertld office. YX7 ANTED?AN ENGLISH OARDENRR, Ac, WITH OR TT without wife, (no children), em a gentleman's place, of three acres, in garden nnd lawns; would have the mre of two horse* mil one cow; not to drive. The wife must be a good ccck, washer sad troi er, and disposed to make herself uie'ul In the vnrtrua hotue duties. Unquevhoaeb e reretenoeves to capacity, integrity and sobrlnty requ'red. Will be hired until 1st of Merch ntxt, and probably the following year. Addresf, listing where can be leer, box 43 Post office, Fair hold, Jonn. TIIJC Tl'RF. CINTHP.VILL* COCR8K. L. I.-TROTTIN?-WRDNKR day, June 4. at :t o'clock, P. M ; match for 1600, pay or play, three ml * bMi. Hiram Woodruff names eh. g. Trustee, to harness. Daniel i'flfor aamea no. m. Lad/ Riley. to wagoa. JOtl. OONKMN, Proprietor. Fashion jockry c^cb-qrntlimry desirous of Jnlnlr.g the Faat ion Jockey C ob are Informed that a rule ef the c'.uh require* application to be made ky a member, aid the name of the ewdtdatefor admtaalon land the member propomg htm *ent to the Kearettry, to be br h.m submitted to the club. GentU men wishing to bseeme mem ber* ell) nleaee observe tbi* rule, and apply to the unaeralin ed. Aator Bonee. between 1 and 3 P. M. J. A. VALlMTHsl, Secretary Fashion Jockey cinb. LOOK CUT FOR FRIDAY'S EDITOR OF TUB aMK RIO AN WRKKLY PRKM. foil of leterWRIeg and use ? tul reading?'he rheapet pater In Ue Union. Suorcrtp ton enly Si per year, caah in adverse Send tout ordera to the SroprleUr, northareat corner of Fulton aad Naaaau s'-reea, lewYoik. AdreMUementsSO oemaper line. RACES-FASHION COURSE, REWTOWN. L. I,?ins Orel meeting of the Farhlau Jockey Club w'iloom rat ore on Tuesday, the 17th of June, and ooetlnne four days. Fir*t Pat?Tueafev, 17th Jure, "Feeblen stakes," ano terlptlOD, $M0; fotfelt, <100; mile beata?closed latoJ January, with five nominations. Bwonp Rat is.-Purse 18(0. If two atar', and for sack addi tional borne <75 will be added, wM-h, with the entrance morej, <26, wtd go to Hie second berseln the r:ee. Two mile hM^li Srt'ottn Pat-Wednesday, 18th June, "Jookey Club ?takes," rub. crlpilon. <200; forfeit. <100; four mile beata Tbe Jockey Clnb to add <l,M0, If three Mart, Yha nomlnatlma to this stake are Florida, Argutte and Pryor. If all (tart, the irennd fn the race to receive back the emouat of hie e'aker. Tuino Pav-lburiday, libhJnie; puree ItOO, If twistart, and for etch additional heme <9(1 will be added, which, wt h tbeentrrrre mrney, will go to the seond horse in the race. Mile bsati, 3 in 5. Srrowp Rare.?"Asaoclallo o stikea." subscription, <I0J. forfeit, <100?<300 added by the c'ub. Mile bee's, rioied wi h lour nomination*. Las-t Pat?Ftllav, h'th Jane; purse<700. if two steit, em) for rash additional bone $100 will be added, which, with the ent ance money. I.i6, wlil go to the serond hirae in the rrte. Ywenty tones are now at the FaMti m (lourse la prepara lion lor the approaching ooriests anil two arable* mure are hourly etpecifil. J. A. VALENTIN*. Secretary Faahlon Jookey Ciiib. UNION COURSE. L, I ?TROTTT TO?ON THURSDAY, June 6, at .7 o'olook P. M , a match for <1,000; two kii I repeat to wagons. H. Woodrntl trames br s. in rka'iL.n wKgrn. \Vm. Fhelao nrmee b. f Jefe Oek>j, 10 wagon anil driyer to weigh !?Bo pojin.l* SHAW A WHIT*, Priprratora. UNP'N COVUHF, L I.-TROTTINO. ON F It I Pa Y, Jnr.e 0. at Ko'r'ock P M,; a ita'lh I >r <1 000; i?t'r beat*: bee ikree I" five to harness H. Woodruff same* b g. Jack Pober. Wm. Pknta names nl. r. Blue Morgan. SUAYf R WHITE, Proprltwrfc