Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 6, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 6, 1856 Page 2
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?aHwhawrt* Black H? ptaMir mn iu(< ?C fi ve'?tlor? *t WoroCMtr, fl.uf. ?n?mt?i*?ric njiCki i*ion jk hon. iiskkt wit-son ?SCHx'KH'H DKTEitUIN*rIOM TO MAJ?? ANOrjSK WEKI'H. ?b? Hep. bheao Sta e VHive. ' o has d-avn to 'hi* n.y t-iay a !..-g. - n b-seo' pv !?.-:>#? all p.-uct ?V -}ia a, i h, exhi: it a g >lde-i ' (cillauoaiitti Tbe d-i-t pub n cWnic a*r-B? ,n of ' be div -va! the -e ?wpti j of It'a. Jen." Wil^-a. :!p arrived in fba t.r-1 ni a ?? 5i B-wMO, ;ad fit me' a: .be it pit ?y 4* ihie. ml':**? f'tv :? '..-I* "1 if ilCohNjr, ail'. wer> rted to . t m-hi which t-wen p-e[<*r*d lit him. AiIm h ii* hi* +?at a he ca.nsg* h i ves grexwd with n?ar!y she-:h* trcwl, nt-mim ug four or five ban. red p?.? i>? A j josMfcn ?n.? then formed, preoe-ied by the We.'oeste: Comet ia-.d wh et ;>-*ee*CM to the Linoodn House. t > l^e;t an of tpome two viwusanl person* a* ?t ad ed m it jf of the hotel and called for Mr W'ison. Hen. J. 5. C, Knew! on then ntrodu-ed Mr. Wilton to the po.pie, ti>iisg that ao c<*?-e rruw .he s.'-ne of the <laa r.udly assault upon tbe '.bt aonwealth in the p-treon o hoc Miator, woer* he had snowu bumself to pomees* that ?torsi oou-sgw neoesetvry to drfenl her her*, and there and svery where. U:. W.bon tame 'orward aui was re ?erre.1 wtth hearty and e thustostlo sheer*. In reply ts made a brief speecu. fie '.bunked the eitl *an* tor the <xpre*sion of their hindnee* toward* hun, and ftr the kind manse: n w ith they had received the hiL?i word* of t Is friend, hlr. hrowl'.ou. It had been his tortnoe recently tc pa** through tryfeg scenes, an) he bad endeavored to lo ?i.i be believed a sla*sa oneetta man < cght to do. If my conduct meet* your approval, ' aba. i taiurn To my poet wita a - trengtbened resolution to da ?bat I te'iive to he right. 3e alluded to the dae knit'y arsaolt on Mr. Sumner, and said the ast was that art ho slave powe , and not of Br-ok*. As an in<.i>ii ial l>e *t*-a. the ?gntof '.hat power which ha* plunged m' j it 1 war, and ?*i uc ? doing what it *cn to hai'sh.New <T>gl*nj m*n from that i'arritory. tie was rK6 U u} Mr -be ue - wan rising tTom that enact, ?tsipiri nab not been conq&sied. .tner we h?d 6i*ried b'm u> bi. r ime, a. d pi - *u bin fa hi* bed of se^ : ?h, he laid 'Wilson. wn a I rej v>-r 1 will meet them ?gain, ?ni rut it to -hen igaio."' (Toree sheer* we-e gtvf i for Ani If God "pare* his lil'e cis v ooe will cgatn ce he?-d .3 < otenee of tbe people of Kau?*s, amd vr he overt:. w cf 1 a* slave -.owe.- m this repoc 13. b hail-rt-tai e. -h.- '.-al_s cv-: t'je N.^hua Hail, bad amvei ?rh -cine lix -utiLed neleg-cee i.-om Fitehowg, Iwvell, tc , it*. 'hi wee ar nmttit:*d by the Fltchbnrg t)riss l and, litre c*p t 'her Sinned In precession and m<-ehed th?-' -gh r.e straws c? t a c'*y the Cat vt. tinn a 'embled in e 'hty Ea'l at ll o'e!' i. Tbe la se rrxim wa* dll-d t(. ovarii J 7~ Gcodrlcb, ntaa* of >%? > 1 'iorsi to?M|inee tcr Ma-eachoeatte ? a ie< the G nv?n' . i too- er. und explained in regard m 'be fr#in vf he Conven'i 'a. Iff FRKSi-K, cf N'e? >d' -v. moved that the Hon. ?l m ? Brown, af tkm' . d, be chosen temporary Caalrcaaa. e Ht Browv tbarke? 'he 0 rveu'icn for the bonT, and va'd its*, heegh 'ull rf indlgn* I"a ae i* a aut of m?at. hi:! net t >e it do We ha. e fallen mgu upon rvv hn> o*t) times, and cow is -ae for acuon and an* '< r u.i. rtev 11-. BravtXL! of Wore eater, t^ea effe-ei 1 r iver. Jisiee W Bcyd?n of Amnerst, and -"ice a Kirdin. 2d ef Fill K ver, were appintad tfrcpo a-.y Searetariws He tm i n Wi.l*, 01' -kcUn, moved the app >lntm?nf ot a aojarritt'e o'cne each uis; let, to report a perrna o?eauiiatioa. Tbe c cnmi'teo conris.ed of Won. f. Mavie. or P vm u h; denoni i.'a-pea er, of 1'aw nek*'; E. U"e'l. i f Bro k :te; Hamilton M'iLile. o" Boston; Keen id, ??*:? cf reavers: Id: tags dmih, of F^xig'.on; Lather B Hot ?' of Lciwell: E^en Torrey, cf Fiteh'Utw; Gilbert ? if n. of -outa H-dl?y; Cbaries U. iiice, of Conway. Tee t ikiW EC Committee on Ore eot'als w*? appoint nc:?Andrew I* Russell, 0/ Plvmouth; Wo. P. H ,u?t,on, ef B ?tea AfrwCCiepp of Hna ici-'oR: L-vi N". Soaith, ?I isirpistf n: Francir B. H. od, of fill River; H m. Ive-s Pknncs, of Fitchborr; ijamoel D. iMvenport, of Hcpkin Mi; jmian P. Maeoi. of Bos on; Ja'tlo Thayer, of P^WT'bempfB; Dwight 3 K-llogg. of Greenneld, were ?pw'ii *?<) a ' Vunniitc e? oa Fioance. TiO mtnitlse cn l'crmauen.Crwniia'ion reported a* Jb'le*' - President, Hon. Ctarias Hudson, of Lexington, and a ve? ' li ng mt of Vice P e idsnts atxl SecretarleH. T' e resort wis nnanioc usiy accep'ed. Mr. Hidfoft, cn taki..g the ohair, was heartily applaud ed. He said tbi' hao :.e . in-ul'ed ni* personal leekngs he <hot .d have deelirel the p-csition; but as his teiiow elhrens had assigned him thedutT, tnd as It gave him an ?vpirtui.'y to make public his devotion to the cause, he areep'eo it We are here he "emsrked, as a band of freem?n, fbr the purp 're of restoring 'he orinc'plea on which our tree iBxiitntions rest, cf bringing park our government *0 inr a* we may to the ground oocupted in the ea-iy Hay of the repub 1c. We ars he-e f-om all poiltvia. partt-s. Having ,eft our party names behind as with the respective articles of our crtui, to carry ferwerd ke pr'Dciplas vf every party. A* whiga, we are h?re bo protest ssain-t the encroachments cf executive pew,r ; as protectionists, we asa for the prrte:tion of tke ballot hex and freedom of sieech. and remon wtrite against the spread of slavery into free territory. We are here a? dem .crate, renouncing the name but re tauolag :h? rpirft; we are here aa f-oe ?? iisrs. to apply tmi pncefples to a real case, a e are bere as Americana, ta proteet'he in'.ere-ls of America. WoBewe hold that 1 Americans should rn e Amenca we also hold that they ?hetld rule >t so as to ustae It a re'ugefor tbe oppressed ?T Ail iat-jBS. (Great apnlaii-e ) it beoomes us to-day to lay aside all party ptejuticea and utile, hear; and base in this gieal cants', r.teerd.) He wmdd ask qoeeli. ns cf his neighbor in regard to past issuo. are act bow nere to remove sasgs from our riori tui hot bore bnt to r?mcve slavery from our sJt. The issues that now claim our a'teiin --n are the freed im tf speerh, tbe purity of the bwiict box. the protec tion (it our New England men In Benin*, and of onr Senators and repre.-entatives in Cougres*; also the .reekistim of the slave power. Still ?e are here tor no leeiocal purpose?-these questions are ea **?#? tits with the crtnTy. We ihaufd, ?herefore, ad here tc tIt conrti and the Union. Ws claim pro tectioa under the Union, and we auk no mere t:au we ore wil ing to accord to others, 'in -he matter c'sl*v>iry we most s'and s rictiy on our -igbts. He would stand on tte n*vuo*t verge of freedom's soil and say to the hllghtlc; curse of siarsiy, hitherto -bait thou corns and no further, in doing tho. we were simply dtmanding war righ s and earryirg out the prlnoip -5 of the toon Hers ot the oonstitati'-n. The foliowltg worn appointed & Oma;:tee on R-osoln t'ons ? Wi 11 arc. D. Ri gbam, of Bostou, 'tepben H I'lol Mps, of -aleca; Ruber; Carter, of Cambridge; HeoryCaa r d of Worcester; George Bliss of ivp-ingleld F.-aetus H.ipkiss of Northsmoton: Daniel W. Alvord, of Greeu* ?a d, Wn. C. Ptoakotk, of Adsnis Samuel Wamer. of ?Wrentbsm; Patiei.!. T,*ue, of 1'iyr oath; Edmund Rod an. of New Bndf>rd; Z-nas I) Bw-set, of Hyannis; .lobn fcaa*. ot Ntkniueae.. Ihty suose-|uently reported ai |hllow*: ? h*a?'r?d. That 'hi* aanemhly of citizens o' .Maflsajituset-.y, dbaem tr ihe peep's in their primary meetings ind emi ived weird tlx se'egates '-o 3'. me 0:mu?'.a?e*i h in the *&wOLti ''or. vent! i. whi-h 1* > meet I'uiladeluh ? on ihn ?pp-onest?f .nrlTorsarv ofihe catle of -i aktr FTIU, c or eioreere? in conoarr-rce in 'Jin p " vkMh that Ooave jjon h?e been called to rm.n -taie, Im o-indder.'. relitooe sa xefr dial "rlo-sp-i. ?tid 'v diterainttfoa ta ust?i:i wd'itM welch 1: tuty otfcr ic " American people as ".he repretet tatlTe* of tbo-n prljetpiss. kmolved, "i hat the - >uree oi the p-e-ent administratlm refer??ee to the 'ree State tett.emtn Ktcux has ed .n ? ?**? * h rb. for it* fell lerve wd p?reti en: Mrooity 1* in nnrp?f-ed tr the -tst-ory of m Ve - Ctrl) Initio l. rhal the ai taek upon hetUSeo' Va??aHinset*.a la the rerrm y he- -a tetor. the h on Charles Mimne-. is a r?aueote md part ot that -rare end .? onlv the thresh, dnw-og ot other and f?arnl cerelt. which are \o flow from the urcb-cked and emooldened *trtt ?? tet ? are p< wer, acting tbrstigb and by the general ?rtnenl been red. That the administration of Franklin Pleree. 'if He fubacrvlence t? the slave power, by tt/oompdeiV witx Mm ea rage? od Ranse* and -n snancer and b> tie general tnflfeiesraess to tbe piinc'D es of am-rfan freedom, ao only hscwrtd the abbo-ren-e of every patriotic cit'tea, an l mUy awfested ifi itteoBpeicaoy far the Inncttma afcerepacilcsn Merer went keso'ved That three wrong* and 'yranntee no free people aaa be rxpeeted to end ore, *:wl tha' the continuance ofthntn fbrengb en -.romley admi-Is ration would tearfully threaten n? teurrit f ard pease of our oomtry Been fed That ? rlirg wt b onaba'ed atta-bnie?'. to toe Futon o?t< 'lMbnd !? a epfrl o' erntty br on- fore atiiers and re mrn'od by "heir b ond end that -ve will ever r-nist all boe'.l 1 y to the prmriplei tipon which it In trai led, oom nf from what ?warsr i ma*. <*o lore It, we rhen?h tt and will defend it agstw t a for-lgn end dome-dc agpreeelon*. besoired, that 'he mot ?ho "lstaln the etmiala.riUon In It* swwdwc "owsrd* Karons and the*0u(h In ttl attesp' to a rlke dawn rrsaimn of tho^tfht aal eoeerb are the onemlea of oar mwe issti.nUoos. and merit the etetratlon ot eyery lover of hie eoan-ry keso v*d, That he tr?e of this L'nlen. comprising ?anre thin two htr*l? of the free j up't'at,on o' the country anil ?Miliri e-gs majority of the e'ectn-al 'tare have the puwer and I ? "be'r duty lo red'ree there 'earful eti ? anu to tnatltute ? yorer???ni wbleh eeali restore the reoub la to 1 a 'tn<nal yrrectplee by lnauaura'lrf a peatefnl rrvoiut'on wboee fla d ef aetinn aha I be the po ia, who-r arseiil 'he baU it boxee. wh< ?e weapo ta the badot and *Vn? ra'lxlry cry Xn: in lor ?? sake '? 'reed-im rnoe for the rake of the Onion " Beeolreo That tbta 'looveotloe heirtl y apurovra i the re aaerai yeailmerte, aryumertr and language of the m e a jeerh ea ' harire ^'lmrtfir, roremly deUverau in the Hetia^e ^if tie Satud htatea, eipreaaltif and rebuiiog -he or joe aja.r.a laaaa Hr n. OuK'ry YkuhtB A?xh!> addresseil the Conyettloi. He raid I bat. seen many years he attested rnv-t irge of tki? k'ad H? did not np<-ak V> atimuia'" ex i e aeente, wbicfe are tat tempo-are. T me, who hat been ?tad y tag the matter 'or year a, thin outrage appeared n? tmraJ, it wan an eridrcee that we were aopnatbing the contest in eaintat?ihat the great battle la eotn it yen. He ertntinned epeakirtg of the out-age a' Waahfng*/>n, and aatd that If the power o' tbe North nad been properly exerted years ago we ehonkl not hare come to gatta p-r aha cancel n tbe renate. Speeches were also rned - by iana Wa.ker and Klizur Wr.ght, when the ConrontioB adjourned for dinner. There w ki baa great maae mee fng thla afternoon, when tbe leading men of tne party wlU speak. A doenment in in circulation here exprewing nnjua Mad approbation of tbe sgeaeh of Chariee Sumner, and ?nbaerliilng ton fund 'era ?nitabe teetiaaonial. It hta alreaf y been signed by Id ward Everett, .iaelab (yainry, and oVker*. Knprt me Cenrt-bptclal Term. iiehtre Hon. Jadge Cierte, SfTIT FOR DTTORCK. Jr\r. 5.? rtsytnta A'itxa Jim's m. Walter R Jnv ? This arte a eoit frr diroree, on tbe grannd of vlnitery. Mr. Jones is arnMwhat familiarly known by bia c must In n with the raising of the sunken ship Joseph Walaer Tha parties in tbe present action were married in the year IMS, *Dd tbe defendant subs* inentjjr became ac i|nalnted with a young woman of Itns ei'F, who weaned toe affections of ?be b usbaad from tbe wife Mr?. Junes eaad for a diraroe, and this mornieg the Jndge grant-d ber appbeattoa, ginng her tbe eostody of ona of her cbfidreB, a Mtf.le g . *rd awari'log her an allowanae o! ffl.tOff par ar' nr. tl '?f? tonnsel fea* and the costs of tha ewft. In toe event nf Mm. J nea marrying again, the al c wanes will ha reduced to 9600 a year. 1 tarthem (Unlry ?n a ScartVm Po'rt of Tnwi [Vrom th* Utah noma ?'h a Juna 4 f THE FR0CBES8 OK THE KBVOL.UTIUM. *? lav, this moraicg, be;. t? .he pe pie of \ l-gi *i? ilI ;h? rou h, tue resolutions ar 1 dags*'1'- a? ? oiee jg a N'*v Vevk, saiJ la Iw e?<t,p-.i*<^p ho oh ?<?? apir<'.??. r >11 o&rti?b. W, d*sir* that IheBsulneru people shoo.1 haw the oppo?tuary to ???* what ixate ar? ex orri.-'-d wth Te'e-en--?ts then b? the h ? h'en of f ??* Ncr'h, that ih-sy -as>j be the co'*? : able us ,'lgeof tbe ><? toMttgev and probabilities of " t c<n nulug > un; vd peop e. Trie meeting purport* to ' ??e for it> object 'he ri.?int?D>Hce of tie freedom ot so?ech. These reu tl?n>en cairn 'hat aetnoere f Oiagreas nave 111* rig t as tcetnbc -e, to say any "bin* they eb o 'S* | with rapum y, abiut ahylwiv or anything. Taste I if no lln.i'atb a whatever to the excrcis# ? t' the prl I Tiler*. A. M. C may vlllify end de'ame tndtvi',u*li a.1 Ixtolum- 11 i* hie constitutional rig It. Tne aggrieved Kr y haa BO red'S^a. Suomis-' n le b.goulv ll'erBi'ttl. ie le a ve-y convenient doct ina for ful- won bed das tarcij but i' le one whim h?- no sanjiion in reas? a. in jnatie*, or the macly sauce of rihintiaenT. wnlch animate* he .V boob o'a hliru spirited people f>r. raokiin laid down the true uoctrtae on this surjec' tuany yea's ago. He ?aid that tin freedom of speeen earrt-d with It th* freedom of lb* eadg*U The brave ard honorable man. wbo. hedged about ry privileges, insults an individual, will male reparation or g'?* eatlefaction too or ding to the n*ages i.r gen'lenseo; but the Blackguard, "ho doe* the game ?tunr being io?fnn.ble to the dittoes of honor, can only be reaeh-d ty the'e ? white or bludgeon. Bu . tfl? truth m. there is no qu?anon ab iut the free dom of rpieih in the matter. Mr. Brooks did not deny Mr. Sumner'a right to eharge h>s uncle wi h every pos sible (aJsebocd: Ue only eU'.iued tne Tight o ehas i?e him for 'be !u>l imputation. The affvir was nothing more than one of the tbnu'-and ol personal difficulties which ate al vavs taking place, lite wise men, tbe great ir.en of Soihaa. how*v*r. aff'et to see In it an as sault upon the very citadel of freedom. By 'heir ex travagance. and oivinus psrvarsi n and distorti >n of a p ais ma'ier, they b tray the diskonesty of their mo tavee. Tbe wounds to the public law i* all a pretence? their reel pur pes* is to su jsorve the cause of poll deal abortion. Ttese e?iiUem?in?we are willing to concede that they are That they claim to ha?the loremost characters in N'e v York, -et up to be arM'ers of chivalry and true eoctage. Br their diseou-se- and conduct to?ards others, thet run ish us with tbsir idea of a man of honor and heroism Ih *e hand ed miles from the scene of dan ger bul pr. claiming to tne vorll that th*J repudi ate all per- .id#? reepc osibillty /o* lusu! s. tney denounce Mr G od? in r vard, ac 1 s' gmatlzv the eh .1* popu lation of theSouthas "'ut'.ans," "a?sa-s'.ns." "b*Titev '? mrrderers,'' "icundrela," " oowarda," 4j.. ftj. We eotf'rs ou- inability to appreelve the valor of this pro ceediug. W^er-la its daricg manhood cou'ists we are ooab'e to perceive in all our reading of brave men and hsr it nati< ns, *? have never encountered any who die no' aemn to eotirider ihat ? wiili- gures o mcur some d?g'-'e of rxri.iiai r: k was ?"sential to ih? r.ttrlbnte of c u.r?ire and If ?e were to su'Jfc'the wo-dy hemes of ?mw York to mcse testa, we should say they were desti tute o'the l-at principle ct honor and the least particle of g n?r< u? jinh ?!d. To speak of t.-e.lrg an in-ult as a wo tnd would he r j then an uui i eU'ijfble ii-goa. Kot ose n 'hen ever! espe-ienc"<l tbe sensitou 1 incited In the phrase. Ttuy are dead to III effects?they are udc jimlous of i s existence. Tuat they poeiee^- the i-osg, bru'o ccurage o'" birhariaai, or that which w ward* t"e ive frotr sup-rior numbers, we doubt not. A Mr. R :?g'es, one of the 'i?ry ora'ors, mnpties a lively iihubatio n of the 'act. "Let us al! g) to Washington " be cvclsirred. The v* iau'm?n had no idea of gulng alone ! Mr. Morgan, a M C trom N?w York, aiso Ggnred on *he occasion. He to k it upon hioine.' to pronounce Mr. H-oek-a n(lain. We do not uo that Mr. Margin is a das'ard?ano we ;hall not. there'ere, deuounas him as one. Bat, if, wheD he returns to Washington, Mr. Brooks shall demur d a retraction of the iasuit, or satisfaction f' - it, and he shall refuse the i ns or the other, It trouM be iroposiible for us to the conidcllou that he was describing himself when speaking of Mr. Brooks. Mr. Oal'oun anl mvny other aagsctous and profound thinke-s have contended that the .Vcrihrrn people were ircgpable pf pre-eryitg free inititutlcns. With a popula tion tar f.-cm Cense, compared with Europe, a retort to the military ia no unfrnjuent occurrence among them, eveo at the present time. Their breed of noble men is well nigh extinc*. All their really great men of the rero lntion we bred up under slave institutions: for at that time slavery nietid in all Their greatest man of later days wis Webster. He was de?titate of moral ccnrtge and his sraole character was disfigured by ig noble stains. Of tbe present generation?evoepfirg Mr. Fillmore and Mr. W ntbrop, neither of whom has ming'ed in this wordy foray against ike ^outh? the r pub ic men are meredema g> goes?shallow pretenders?lit only for the stoek-job tlrg department of politics. Under the lead of canting by pom'eg, 'hey affect a mighty deg-es of piety, and their ice oonsclenoes are greatly distressed about the slaves, whom their piratical ancestors kidnapped and brought to this cuuu'ry, and sold to Smthera planters. Probvbiy if the bottom o: their hearts were searched, It would be found that they are e.biefiy anxious to liberate tbe present race of Africans, that they might have the opportunity ?f supplyirg tueir place, by resuming the clo and profitaole traffic fcy which th?y made so much menry in former times. They, however, a* reprefeatei by tbe elite of New York, olatm to he the only ht people to up Nolo free government, and manage the affairs ot a republic The rniy evidence we have of th?ir fitnasa is their late and continued attempt to ?ul vert ?he legal government of Kansas by a mM. o' craven fanatics, who, altar defjr ithe icg oar, eithe- sold or threw away arms, and took to iheir hiel?; and iheir recsut prop. sliion, through the eolamns of the TrO/une, to send a b.nd of bullies to Washington to overawe Congress, which proposition was ceccnded and tmeudei, by the furious Kuggies, to include all, and loudly applouded by the meeting of honorable and courageous gen:'"men of Snr York. Union square. Fifth avenue and Wall at-eet have, by re conrmerdtDg force, put a bail ia motion, which mav can?* ?b?ir palaces '"topple, and cannot be stopped as easily as it w started. The fat nicst part o' the Imposing exhibition was the 'allure of th" effort to coeeai Ite real character by keep ing the avosred aboi'tkmiMts muzzled an] out of view, lint eld K'.?i-cher was on hand, and to tbe horror of the pretended conservatives, appropriately closed the pro ceedings. The George Law men ere gating up a convent: ,n tp weeijat Nee Vork en toe 12th mst. Their programme, as preplanned from Alsaoy, if) uhra abolition. Tne He hau>. from "hama. It may be, at such a developement from its Msgnas ApoUo, intlma'ea lhat it is a devise to take tbe wind oat o' the rei's of .-'ewa-d A: 'Jo., "bo meet in convention at Philadelphia on the 17tb. ' Live Oak George ' retire.) fr-m the li.-tn in peraoo, and > sly aspires to be for tke present " Warwick, the King mat?r.'' lie expects to nrmiiii-te on the 1-th oone OU w ,;.m the nigger worshippers wi 11 bo eoinpel'ed to a-iepton taa 17th. Patber a uabby coine-rt, considering what a great man "l.ive <fak George" ie, and hew many "i jtifducts, railroscs, stoamooets, platforms," he hue bsuit! A 5gbtSug ccck ! "0I<1 Joe Moxie" was the only speaker at the New Vork meeting *ai did not indulge in personal abn?e. -,e in'er frtm that cLrcom?tanse that ? >rd Joe is a fi?h?itg oek. We ree he proposes t ? a?*! hii candidates bat two questions: ' Can yo-i fight '' ' Will yon tight.'" We presume, fron. tbe favorable ooinion we h*v* of Old Joe tbat be dees not mean each lighting as Wilt' n'?, but tie idea is to send sash inen as will rec >g ni.-e and enforce the obligation-, of a gentleman?each as wj.l demand and give sati?'e8?ion fo: inealts. If he will eend tach me" 'here wi.l b? Bmell occasion for the eiee ct their rsh"ing talents; f>r brave and honorable sen can Oilier without iadugmg in la-alt*. Costa Klra AcrtnnU. Tbe following is a trans at ion (rt>m a dah J.>?e (Costa Rica > paper, received in Wasntngton by i? la'e arrival froin Centra Am?"iia. They pre-ec'. tho accounts ad verse top he Nica ayna statements of late events: ? Count) Tint, i .urtto, Sas Jowk, May 5, 1856. We hav ? ju?t received news from Nicaragua and Libe ria. On he 30th ultimo the army wae a mile distant from flan Jnan del for, on ite jonmev to M iracia, iGua nacaate.) Surne cf car woaudwl had beem en: oacked by tbe brig Keiembj and another patty wae rualy to em bark by tho Doe Hermanns.J* hlch was in eight, on tbe - - ? ie 2d of May seventy wounded reached Liberia. The Cholera begaa to make some havoe at Rivas, and mnch at Gracao*. Aa oar troops move from Riras the horrible scourge tarns into a similar oat curable il.nsse. His Ixcehency the President was at Liberia, all right A g-eat nnmbe- of famil'ee of Rlvas have already found shelter In Moracia. It Is con leaned that Gen Martinez at th" head of 900 patriot-, was marching on Granada, and also that the army ct GoatemaU was marching to wards ! iearagae. Ihe rror'ality at Granada counts be twsen twenty and tbiity a day. Only foreigners remain in tha town. Pe?ertion Increases from tte ranks of Walker, snd it Is to be exj -cted tha' notwiths:ending the rdtreat of oar tror ps, iui|>o?ed on them by ine fear fti epidemic only, tbe earn pa gn will oe finished by oar brothers putting an end to the dominion of filibusters. The inhabitants of irmetepe and Chontales hare risen against the oppresses and fired the wood intended for tne set vi e of the late rteamboeU. Some inluiMtan,s have arms and ammunition to figat the enemies of Cen tral Amei ice. A letter from tbe harbor of the "I'niou, ' State ol Sal vador. wiitten by a m-st reliable person, under date of April 1st, ssts:?"In ten or twe've days will be at Gran a a !,C00 men from Coatemaio aid rdeivador. The? msrchtofre? Nicaragua of 'he filibustering yoke, b'o will it be so must it be. The victory will bo complete, ?nd God wtil preserve' ?ntral America.'' Mr Hertsert unilt lie Healing's Fnmlljr. TO TBI. gWITOK OF TUB UKKALD. W'iToN, Jane J, 18}6. A report has been extensively published in the Bos ton J'of. the * Vork Evento# / J press, and copied into other papers, that the Hon. F. Herbert had given to tbe wife of my la'e bother, Thomas Kiaiog, a hand iotn? dweiic g. and raoeey to educate usr children. I! the iBtSBli n ' 1 the author was to crea'e punlic opinion In favi r ol Mr. Herbert, I deeu. it my duty to deny that Mrs. Keating received an? 'ucn lavort from him. There Is no foundation whatever for such a report. And I have never heard any perm n -ay that he has even expressed any re gret for 'be act by which a widow and t?j orphan chtl dren were left aoley dependent on the charity of the worl'U There lute been generously presented to the widow the gum of five biiriired dollar" ($5iX),j subscribe] by the gniste of Wiilarb s Hotel By publishing lb? above yon will confer a great favor and aa ae'of ji sthe on tbs lamentedly family of my late brother. Very reepectfully, eir, your obedient ser vant. !'? M. HKATI.VG. taperlnr Court. Refers Hon. Jtf .t Roosevelt. In lite "if.'/w of 'he appUovim of tht V tyor, <fx , rf A'i'o For* to open Ml" "MA avm?'\ from ft rty ni nth Hreet to 107(4 igrerf.?l*hie was as app 'catian to olsmise he pri -cedinrs on the part of "he n vae-s, under the net of 18 1. from the refpree'a report, it ar peered that the whve er st ef opea'og, for which the ewoers of land had been asseseed asd awarrsd, was |IW 000. Th" owners opp ,s lng represented IMl OOOi of *ha( sum. On mit'on, the prota?'llng was dismissed. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. BU.1KV MtiKII. Tci r..-?*v, June 5?6 P. *? The ?'oc? market is gradually bat steadily in '"h"! spwar-1. F*ery day shows a Might improvement tn price? on 'h<?? cur-ent the day previous. The demand {,,[ abecrptton exlsu to ? moderate extent, and the su f of etc -k oa fhe market ie not so large as a fe ? week* iitce. At the first board, to-day, Vtrghtla 6's atvauoed per eeut; Pennsylvania Goal, )?; Nicaragua Transit, ?,; Erie Kailvoad, y Reading, 1; Cleveland and Toledo, S Delaware and Hudson declined 2 per east; Cleveland end Ihttsburg, Chicago and Rock Island, \, Michigan Southern Railroad, V The bear* find it impisstb ? to stem the torrent, and bare been w ee enough to take in most of their short ft. The rapid aceamnlat on griag en in the money market nut give a greater impetus to ?tocke than they have received yet this eeaeon. The rise has not hardly eimmen-ed. From every direction the dobi i'&vnrahle aceoan'i* reach as. The prospects for a more abundant harvest than ever before kniwn Lathis country never were better. From Europe every s'eainer brings advices of an easier m.ney market, an adiaocs in look veeorities, and an active demand lor a'J oar great staple products, at satisfactory p-ice*. From California eve ry eteamer conies freighted wi h about two millions of gild and favorableaoccunte of miaiog operation*. The re' tarn of peeee in Europe has permitted a return of im me use amounts of gold to the natural channels of trade, and a re-establishment upon a better basis of all the real elements of prosperity. Far several years the legitimate usee of the enormous gold productions of California am Australia have been diverted by the progress of the war in the Crimea, and the world was not benefitted In the least by the annual addition of one hundred million of gold to the currency. It was drawn from its usual chan nels of ciroulatlon and scattered broadcast over a section of the world and among a people where so much specie had never been seen before. Much ef this will never be seen again among commercial nations, hat the sulk of it wil. in time, and in the course of trade, tind its way back again into active circulation, and eld largely to the basis of commercial credits. We shall realize more withta the next two years the actual effect of thv production of gold which has been going on for the past sight years, at the rate of one hundred million per year, than we have yet., ami it will not he difficult to Imagine what that effect wil1 he. The existence of the European war for the time neu tralized a'.! the effect of such an Immense annual increase in our specie currency. Tnere Is nothing now that we can see in the way of its full operation. As the two great commercial interests of the world?oreat BH am aul the I'nited States?accumulate this supply, an soon as the effeet of the war passes away and tke ramifications of commerce again extend over the section of the world recency the theatre ot hos lie operations, we shall see an abundance of capital, such as the most sanguine never dreamed of. Money is destined to become very cheap. Lower rates of interest must soon rule than ever before knewn, and the means to engage in any enterfise ot" a feasible character, with promise of ordinary productive ness, can be commanded at a nominal eost. it Is esti mated that the total productions of gold and silver in the world from the beginning of the Christian Era to the present time, amounts 'o twenty thousand millions of dol lars. Of this about eight hundred millions were pro duced in California and Australia within the past eight years. The production Is going on now a thou sand laid faster than previous !o the discovery of gold In California and Australia. This enormous supply must work out a revolution In financial affairs. Money must decrease In value gradually, hut perceptibly. Its value will become more equalized in different parts of tho world. Products of all kinds must become reduced in value through the depreciation of the currency, -via estate will be affected as much as anything else; but landed property?the actual soil?mu?t increase In actusj valoe, from its non production. We cannot create laud; it cannct be increased ia quantity at our pleasure or at an expense, except where it is redeemed from the water. Its value is, therefore, destined to increase under a revo lution In the value of money. The ahandanee and cheap new cf money must Increase the value of land, as it does of diamonds. With the ability which an abundance aud cheapness of money will give a greater number of people, there wiU he a greater demand tor landed property, and as there ts in f??t only a certain supply, its value msst be greatly enhanced. At the second board the market was a fraction or so better. Catena and Chicago advanced per cent; Erie, <4; Readirg, There was not much business djue, hut at the close there was an upward,tendency in prices, aid very little stock effer'ng. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as follows:? Paid on Treasury account Received cn Treasury account jo.-oO ut? Balance cn Treasury account , ? Paid for Assays office Paid on c is carting check* lW,Ma .?? The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington on the 3d instant, were as follows:? For th? redemption ot Texas debt $1,580. 1. 74 For tne ireasury Department - t For the Interior Department 41,. ? >>i From customs ?-T , ^ War warrants received and entered ,o From xniftcellineouN sources ? ? v>v - After tbe idjoorninent f>t tie boart!, the following *a of br.hds and stocks were made at auction by A!lert H. Kleoiay :? M,UOO Indiana State fives, Hat... 81'? 10 COO Miami Co. Ohio 7 s, 1872, int. added j*.i 1,000 Sacramento City Water 10's, 1806, do 5 000 Watertown Corporation 0's, 188.1, do <1 10,000 f hlesgo atd Missistippi Rlt 'Ad mort 5* 14 she Thi-'l Avonne /* 100 do. Erie Railroad '''* 10 do. SUten Island Rai'roid ? 100 do. Pa-.ifio Mail Steamship Co no . a 0} 105 do. United States Mall steamship Co ?I A 10 do. I ni-n Ferrv Co l''J i 66 do. American Express Co ??' 25 do. Enterprise Insurance Co.... ...... 36 do. ijommonwealth Insurance Co ? ? a ? 10 r o. Republic Ftre Insurance Co ?? 25 dr . Hank of America 143 do. Meohanies Bank ot Wiilismsburg <3 At tbe station to day for director* ol the Cant)* Cum paty cf Baltimore, the following gentlemen were etec .ed for the cnsuirg year:?J. Hale Pleasants, J. C. Brewer, Jacob Brondt, P. Henry c'ullivan, W. T. Young, John J. Wight, Henry Tiffany, John W. Randolph, J. W. Patter eon Baltimore, Edmund H. Mailtr, W.B. Travers, Chia. A, Kapallo, .sew York, and J. C. Harris, Philadelphia. In* steamship Niagara at Boaton, from Liverpool, brirgi four daya later litelligence. The news ia unim portant. Consols had advanced a fraction, closing at 94>? per cent. Money ia reported easier, and tbe Bank of England had reduced tha rate of interest from seven to six per cent on bills of more than sixty days. This is a beginning of the reduotion. As the money market lets up, we shall have a gradual reduction in the bank rate of Intereet. The worst of the financial pinch is over. Quotations for eotton were without change, but the ten dency was upward, with an attive business. Breadstuff* nad declined, and the demaud continued limited, except foroorn. We understand that Mr. E Randolph, the Individual who obtained from Sen. Walker the new transit grant in Nicaragua, Is now in thin city, making an effort to ar range a new line of steamers to connect on eaoh ocean. He is prepared to offar the most liberal terms, but thsre 'a not the slightest probability of hia accomplishing anr_ thlrg without the aid and co-oneraticn of the old Ac. ceasory Company. Mr. Charles Morgan has, we learn, no desire V> keep tbe line open, aid Mr. C. K. Harrison has decidedly expressed his determination to bave nothing to do with any new company. These gentlemen will, without doubt, use all their Intlnei'ce with the government oy Nicaragua for the re-estab i-tjmeot of the old company. Mr. Parker H. French has been .n correspondence with tbe Accseory '?"ra- sit Company on the sublect, and we glva below the company's reply .o one if his communis* tiocs:? Onto of rirr. Antx+mY Trassrr Co., f Nsw York, May 18i?i ) Bin?Yonr favor of the "Aid inst.. reia'ive to the sab iect of a lire of s*eani?r be'ween New Yorg and Call t'ortia, via Nlearagna, is received. You express therein your strong desire that the eommnnir.V.ion should be opened, and yen have not ever estimated tb? importance ef tbe subject, both to the g-.iernnient of tha United Stats* and tha. in whose behalf you feel so great an inter* st. In reply I bava to say that the nsculiar relations n which this oompany is placed by tbe action of ihe exUt irg government of Niearagta (now recognized by our owu) subject me to embarrassment a- to the most feasi ble mode of accomplishing the ends you have in view. You sta'e that you are not invested with any official authority by the g? vernment of Nicaragna, but that you present your itqnirles with a vie* t-? ascertain whether I can make any suggestion which w II to likely to lead to the re establishment of the broken communication. I car urw only say that, lnnsmujh as the communica tion via Nicaragua cannot be properly coudu-.ted with out a ?*nt assurance that the passage by that isth mus will be kept free from obstruction, I am prepared to receive an> proposition the aothonties of that government may ree fit to make, and to open the com munication f ir-hwith, ff any arrangement can be made wBh h shall afford the lequistte security to paesengers and property, aud snflieieit governmental protection 'o tbe sevca Interests involved. Yerv r snectfufly, your obedient srvmnt, C. "ANDK'lBIf.r, Pr<-s*t. iios. I'abrKK II FAe.ei ii, Mansion House, '<?? Yo. k. The thareholder* of '-he New Jersey > rank lint's Com tl9-'c- tjje foil- * rg j-Bti*r>?p y, '/a V&? 3d Inii , viz ? Jum-> v Gre/n, D?vid S. Manner*, Jams* H. R< idaie 'Swge W. Bavage, Archer Giffard, Joseph W. Barege. of New Jaraav; Char 1m Thompson. rranote Alger CkMi'ii Darling, John H Blake of B stxn Samuel V. Jcuea, Jam** I. Car it* of New York. And at a'.-s 'j m. ueal wertirgof th? c.rt -tors, Jaavi R flridaiM re* alectsd President, Chwie* itimipeon Vice Trwi lent, and George W. J?ng\, S-'rwtary. The receipt* of timber by ceeel, et Albany during the fourth week in May, in the yearn named, were a* fol lows ? Uoirdl aikl Shingles, AeiVr .'Nwa, ScanUinff. fL Jf. C'. ft. 1850 9 328 1.00 1,215 ? 4,827,600 1831 11,079 610 1220 1,820 3,601070 18?2 12 232134 3 380 2,913 A004 4.70 186 3 14,263,244 1,711 ? A329 280 186 4 19 502 047 3,179 ? 4,760,343 1?5 12.842,-75 4,614 ? 4,546,600 1856 12 053,709 3 920 ? 108,000 The receipte of bear fa and retailing daring the week fell bat little abort of thoi* ot the corresponding pen >d laat year, while the receipt* of uteres exhibit a large diminution. The receipt* by canal, frcwi the opening of navigation to the 1st Instant, In the years named, weie a* follows ? Hoard* and Shingles, Timber, Sluts. Sivruling. ft, if. V. ft. lb*. 186 0 3n,332,2c0 9,067 11,174 14,817,620 186 1 43.898 393 12,230 33 430 11 222 920 1?52 42,610 035 9 695 9,785 11,937 675 18*3 67,335,626 8.077 1,800 7,843,827 1864 40,179,143 6,089 ? 7,475,195 1855 31.116,774 12,580 ? 8,182 042 1868 20,766,640 4,998 ? 1,213,200 The receipt* from the Western States are kept back ly innumerable breaks in the w? stern section of the Erie Canal, and it may be that boat* from Buffalo will not reach this city before the middle of >b* month. We learn from the Cumberland, Md., Miners' Journal, that dorirg the week ending May 31 there wsre shipped from the Krostburgand Western port cal region* 20,616 04 ton* of coal, and for the year 204,171 16 tone. Taero were 64 boat* descended the canal for the w**k ending May 31, carrying 6,804 17 tons of oca!. T'tal amount at'pped by canal since the resumption of nerirttion. 19,276 07 tons. There were 201 boat* descended tbe ear al for last month, carrying 32,010 14 tons of coal. This is 6,000 tens more than for any preceding month since operations hays commenced on the canal. The St. I.ouis ot thu 1st inst. says:? in compliance with the order in that behalf made ou Wednesday last, Joshua II. Afcxanuer on yesterday tthd an inventory of tbe property assigned to him by 1'sge A Bason. This property cnnsi- ed in the note of the Ohio aod Mississippi Railroad, wntcu was secured by deed of trust on the road. The mad being afterwa.-de soM by A '.render, uno?r a deed of trust, for too sum o: $10 000, tin, with the judgment obtained by Alexander as iru-toe. on the dissolu.f jn of the injunction to tue eaee ot 'he c'ty and county sgsinst said Alexander, wh'rh is the rum of $8 600 and nome huidred, ????.* all that he was required to inventory. lis also tiled his b'cd as soch ass'gnee in tae sum of (110.000, with sureties, which were npprovdd yesterday by the eoutt. Among the latest counterfeits arw 10's on the Baul. ot Sew Jersey, New Bruno wick, altered from Is.; vlg. man's bead. I'oor affair. Also, 5's on the Columbian Bank, Boston. Mass.; rig. sp.ead ergle, Indian squaw on right end, "Five" across left end. 10's on the Pac-tic

Bank, N'ew York city, altered from l'a; vlg. tratn of cars. 5's cn the Yates County Bank, Pen Yan, N'. Y., altered fr. m l's; vg a female, oow and log cabin. 2's on the Merohahts' Exchange Bank, New York el'y; Tig. two females? female on r:ght end, sailor on left, figoro 2 on each lower corner. 10'e on the Waver ley Bank, New York; large circular die in the centre. C's on the City Bank, Cleveland, Obi), altered from l's; vig. female, shear of grain, ke ?fenale portrait on the right, and malo on the left of vignette. 3's on the South Rcyaltou Bank, Vermont; Tig. male, female, harvest scene, dtc.? portrait on lower right oorner. The receipts of the <SOTington and Lexington division of the Kentucky Central I'.ailroad for May were ae fol lows:? From freight (14,519 14 From passage aud mail 13.791 7* Total (28,310 89 Increase over May, 1856 11,792 98 Increase over April, 1856 1,703 47 Receipts for the last eight months $237,388 'if Corresponding eight mouths oflast year 149,565 00 Increase ?87.825 58 Stock iCictiagc. TBcnaoaT. June 5, 1858. COCO Vir Sta e 6?e.. 94% M~ 0000 do 94); 5000 do 95 9000 C*1 St 7's '75.. 83 3200 Ohio Si 6'a, '60. 103 7000 Mo Siats 6's... 857* fOOO do 86% 1010 N'Y ten RK6-S. 87;', 1CC0 NY On RK 7's 103'; 2COO Kr R Co B?. '71. 84); 50(0 U RR2J M.... 91 CCOOHRRSd M...C 68 2000 NYfcNH Bs 'bO 79% 100/0 1U Cen RR Be.. 87'; OCOO do 87 lCCOHrr T.R 2d M.. 76* 106 she Bk of Cotn'e*. 108 12 ohio I, & T Co.... 92 50 Metropolitan Bk. 110)4 30 do 110 10 Pel k H (.nasi Co. 1*24 12 I'enna Coal Co.... 101 % 100 CumhC'oal Co.... 22X 500 do bl 22)!; 200 do bOO 22'; 12. 3*1 & Chi Ri ..112" 300 do b3 22>; 50 do bGO 112% 200 do bOO 22% 9?0 CI & Tol RR...,s3 76 ? 50 Nie Transit Co... It1; 200 do S50 7<i% 30 do b50 12', 100 do bdO 76% 10ON Y On RR..b60 92% 20 Chi A R I RR.... 92% 200 do b30 92% 11 MichSkN'IaKK. 97'; ?200 do b60 92); 100 do 97',' 600 Erie IU 57); 60 Mil A Mi us R ft. b39 83 '; SECOND BOARD. (50CO RI C*n RR B*.. 87% 300 shs F-rie P.R..b60 57 100 ths Cum C Co. *30 22); 100 do 57'; 200 do *3 22), 500 do b3 57); 200 Nic Truns Co.... 12)',' 200 Heading RR 91 25Gal.<- ChiRR.... 112 610 do ? 01'; 10 do Ill); 100 do blO 91)4 25 N Y Cen 11R 92.% 200 do b63 91 % 200 Jv is HI'. bC 67), 35 Mich Can RR 97), 200 do r.3 57j; 10 MU 4c Miss RR.... 8, ; 100 do bl6 57); 200 flhs Erie RR . soO 57'; 100 do 67', 60 do 67'; 200 do.... .blO 61', 300 do.. .. 57', 400 do 51 50 do.... 57 100 do , bio 57% 100 Har SR. pref ?l2m 6" 100 Kt*>.ing RR. 90'; 200 do 9o % 1700 do 91 100 do 91 100 dc.... *2$ 91 if 00 do 50 100 do 91% 200 do.. .. , *19 91 ?; 100 do... 91 6 Mich. Cen. RR... 97% 500 do..., . .b:>0 87% f 50 do 9" , roo do.... 97% *oo a. & Pitts. RR... 64 50 do.... 64% CITY CU3UIia(UL RETORT, Thiksday, Jon* 6?6P. M. /mis.? Market quiet Bw. AWHt rr*.?Flu up?Tlie market displayed Increased activity, wiihovt change of moment in qnota'lms. Tue tales footed up in the aggregate about 12,000 a 15,000 bbls., including various descriptions, at aoout the fol lowing quotations:? ( ommon to good tfta'e $5 25 a $5 50 C mmcn to good Mlcnigan 4 75 a 5 50 Extradtate 5 75 a 6 >0 Common to good Ohio 0 00 a d 50 li ra Ohio 6 00 a 7 00 lixtra Genesee 7 00 [a 8 00 Poo them mixed to good brands 6 00 a 6 50 Do. fat ry and extra 7 00 a 8 50 Gacaei&n superfine and extra 5 70 a 8 00 Choice extra Georgetown, Richmond City Mills and St. Louis 7 Oo a 10 00 Callages and Baxall 10 50 a 10 75 The chief sales were made In .State and Western brar Is. Included in the transactions were 600 a 700 bf Is. dian, at the above quotations. In Southern tend* the sales embraced about 1,100 bid*., at price* given above. Wheat?J'rtrce lota were steady, while Inferior and com mon grades were heavy. The sales embrated u^out 25 i;C0 a 20,000 bushels, amorg wnicb were Canadian ooDHm n whire, at 51 51, and prime do., at $t 74. Mil wat'kie Club sold at $1 26, and good Southern white at 91 68. Corn was rather easier, owing to the advance in fre'ghts, while there oontini ed to be a fair demand. The sales embrveed about 20 000 a 40 000 basnets, including distilling lots, at 45c. a 47o., Western mixed at 60c., and sound white and mixed at 66c. Rye?Sales of .i.QOo bushels Northern, at 75c. a 80c. Oats continued dull, at 30c. for Southern, and 36c. a i.tio. for State an1 Ohicsgo. Coma?The market w*s quiet and price" un.usrged; 200 hags Rio sold at 11 )4c., and 600 do. Layugsra, at 10 ?c. andll'nC. Coitus.?'The news by the Niagara was better than dealers had anticipated, and holders ruanl'e'ted more The sales embraced abont 2,900 ba'es, about ?'00 of which were in transitu and the remainder >.n the spot. In some case t an cf J,d was claimed. rxBOTTf.?1 lates for Bri!l.-h ports were firmer. Tha rorm ti hivorpool was red iced. and higber ertns de mrcded. About 30,000 a 40,000 bushels o: grain in l>nlk and isgu were angsged at 6>,c a 6^'C. a 7o ; aud j,l? ut C,00o a 8,0n0 bbie. flour, ci Isliy at 2s. 6d., c.tion was taker at 2 Did. ? Mifl, for compressed and oucotnp.H t ed. ToGlasgow 4 0t0 bushel-' grain, lib?g", were 'n?iged at 7)^o. 1'or Havre Hour wsa at 6oc ; wheat and octton at He. Kates were Arm for I .on ton. with l'.gh* ergsgements. lis', was at 70c. a 75o? with I ight sales. Ixwr.?The market was e*-ier. Sales of 1,200 bbls. com mi n we-e made at 81<c., and 300 do. lump at ?1 12 X Momaskrs.? Sa'es of 150 hhds. clayed at 35c. with enme parcels of Cuba muscovado at about previous quota tions. Naval PTonFP were quiet. Spirits were at about 8 8e.; common at $1 60, and crude tu-peotine at 92 87 >4. Ortfl ?Tranaacli'tis in English iiaseed we. e restricted by the ii, fit stock in firs' usnds. lbe aa'es embraced shoot 15.C00 gallons, fromlstore andse <>n.1 hands, at 8.'.e a 81c.: whale was quiet at 75c., and crude sperm at v 1 70. I ard was steady at H7c. a 811. I ? Pork?I>e market was firmer, with sales of 400 ?'"00 bbls., Including mess at 518 a $18 12X. Prime win at 5' I fi'.'Ji a 514 75 priui?- roe?s wai at 516 50. B?ef was steady, with sales of 200 a 2(0 bbis. at 57 a 58 for country prime and a? 58 60 a 99 60 for an ss do., re packed mess at 98 a 912, and extra at 512 a 913. Other descriptions were unchanged. Bacon was scarce and lirra. Cut meats were steady: small sales of shonlders we-e made at 7!?e.. a 7,\Jc., and 20 h ids. dry sal "1 hams ? t; Jie. Is rd contiaued steady; sales of 3 gj a sod bb'r. fsir to prime were made at J0%r. a lis . and 100 kegs at 12}.' Bntter end ehteae were In fair demand, and prires oni hanged. fci o/RB.?The market wn abont X?. bette?, with sales cf pVwt i|509 WW*- WiujvThl", 8W TrUijU weretn head fo? export. at ?\o. a rtXc., and the re uiafrd'i t? the trade end on speculation Ricw? Sale* of tOO obis., part for export, at 3 >4} a ?*o uvsRYiMtgm RKwm ftery hi. tatdea a* aatwuMt. i LFdBD aiAOO, AnOTlONKKH.-a. BAAGu 4 0> ?i w.i Ml:, at auction, on *nd?r, J me rt. at UF% a. *f . * ftelr ?aieer'tm 33 Gortlaadt itreev. tl -e hund-ed w-s too * shoe*, >f k?U". Ae.. onaapnilue a fresh apj deslra-i'e aU>:c i gcodii d-rc :t m h* maanfaciurers, tads* e tor iheseMtoo AJa? hestoekot a retailor, retiring frott buataeia. Am. cRierxLait, aoctioncir, 33 bowery - ? Pawnbroker's sa e ?a. M O, will Mil, th's da , at :0)j o'r. oek. a Urge 01 of sun rner c cubing ?f every desert jii >a; tl k ore?sr?, capen, manti.lftft shawia, black and faioy alike gibers loo s and etwee, ca-ero a, umbre ms Ac. By trier et Jl BN J. Lk VY. ii dix'h avenue Auction notio*. jiwelry. diamond", on, pa'.utli.gM. Ac? PtTRa I'AitKt, auetimeer By B \V aO? A Pa UK." th ? da* at 10*1 o'clock, atthe'r s*l??'oom, <7 Wa 1 rrret, aep end d tavoice 01 Kng Ink ro d later and kunftag waiear*. -arrt. pa traoe c> ? broociet. Ac. warrar.sod I. be of drat qnalltv, anc to ke pos the1* told. Ca'a ogues a ?ale. Alan, peremptory eale of oil natal ore, atlin'c'osk. le?m? ftaib u. U'y fu da. N. H ? A large title of live add rotted bird* tomoirrw i UCTluN Nfriior.?KXrifhSIVEPdHfc^PrOitY 8*L1 a of bouseho d lurnitu. e French pate ml. rots, carpets g ass ware Ac. Ae. -AAPL'Nt. (joGOUo A C .., aucloneera will >ell, at 81 Nassau etteet, to-marrow, (Saturday ) Juua .', ..t .'I *. M. a large and fine ?2S,?tmeut o' bonsehnld furni 'ure, in wblcb will be tonne Pnesr hp eudid ?<> u> ml parlor enba s verod In bine and ,0 a, crime >a and green, green and gold, cr'ineon rnora-n k rencH satin brocVei'e, ftieo lb plush aDo balrc'ith; soias anf anla b? dsteads. mahngaiv and oak ex en?V)D dining tan en tv-okea es wardroieH. bed steads, marnle lop eU-yeres, parr, hair aad >prlng mi' roaewo d ? d niaboy*ny trte a tele , oil ieUttu|s gdurame Fetch m'rrora, pa orebalrs cmube* in halre'o'h Ac , rook ln? ftnd armchairs. rou'WHKi and manogan* marble too oenire, aide and rota tan es; pll e<l were. chip*, croccnrv, glsaa warn, euUer-, A a. Alio, ft lot of second h?nd fnrnl ure Bn'sseiti, vel*et and Ir-graln carpe's, bracing, Ac. bale neremptir-. Goods to be paid tcr ou day ot attie. Partljulara in catalogue*. Auction notic*. -tuos. b?i.l, adcvionbbr-3t Fell A Barb- Ibis di> at 101% o'clock, In the -alefooini, a valuable r eoi '.meot m bouarhulc lurulture 10 French bed ?leadr, bureau 1, ooking giftaeee; aooilec Ion of Une ocgraviuga and pfttatlnga. Ao ; aao. 'be cut Ire arrangement* o' a large Importing bouse, who are rem vl-g lo their new ttire-t Nu mrroua diakH ard wrbtag tables buokcieea. oouotere, railing, eaow cure*, iftrre ouuter wltr CO drawers; also. 100 drawers, siiliible tor ?? unterr and rhe ve'. At ll>i o'clock, frm .br deek, a c*?e ot watebrr atd jeweljv. By virtue of an evict: don aJeo two recudhaud pianoforte*. AUOTION NOlICB.-TBOF. dld.I,, aUOTIONPER-BT Bel' A Busb. B tu -day at 10)1 o'clock, in the si syo <u>* 12 Nor lb Wlillam street will be ?o;ii a beautiful stock of d-y roods ml finery, norlery, eiotbitg, tmbrjidorie?, ri.ks. At. Particulars day ot rale A COITION NOTIOB.-J BOOsRT, AUCTIONBEK, BY Jt\ B Rt.GAKr ? ? bis day. at ln>? s'clock at the a iitina rooms crner of Fronkfor'ard Wl li?m etrwets, mortaaite s*lc ot boui ebo d furnl'ure co .s'i'.irg ui mabnginy sohi 1 dt, ebalre bureau* bookcaees. large p'er g a-*ek, minngiav French bndrlead Bruoe'a and Ingrain carpets, ornnk ry and g'ser e k t<ne*> fu'irimra; ata), a lot 01' wtado v bhnJ* Also, by ytriue 01 anexceu.tou. two ', ploet firet quality dark brandy. M. otlA vi.EY. Jr., ConrUtsle BY F. OCiLT'lF, ACOIICNKKR. GBIfTEEIj FUR Ml ture. ;wo pl?noi-.?r es. Frei op piate mirrors. A:?*. ( oitrn will rell, to morrow IRatu-da ) june7 at 10)j o'c 00k, at the Mtic loi ro nrs, M Beesi m 'ir?fl . a very Mr^e MeOl - oentoi pwid h u?r.h>d furniture, ol ever* kind and desir.i) dun, cmprlslng ta p*rt of three oitnof >riea, t so si tbem arc In wwewoort ana ote lo mehogauy; the- are under suc'ictr cumsta.cee ba they ma It be I ->d to pa\ adv.tncee 1 id charges, alio a general assorinenl par or fc -ul orc, taclullug note rftl large French pia'e m rrnrs, 1I1-0 or fo-.r boekOMM lecre tary. rr?eeing burean*. marb'e top centre, card ind other tab es; French an l ruber bed-Wad' oa. pi * and o'lclotbs twenty curled b&i- ma irees-s, < nice desks, cot .age betudeacs, oak, mahogany and curl maple coairg, Ac. Sale peremptory. BYJO"Sl'n HRGCMAN, AUCflONHKR.?Sf'CRDAY, Jure 7 a'.'J o'clock a. M precise y, at ut I'ineaprie be tween li cks ard HeLrvstrees. Brooklyn.? idmlui?trat >r's Sale. - the eot're furniture of a neat two stsry attic and 011. ment cotuge bouse ouaprirlug mibuginr parlor and tha-u ber luniture, three-ply and Ingrain carpets. oUe.otb, bo>k ease, handsome mahogany uiaito. by Gale A Go.; ia'r ui it treeres teatoer bees coves cr Ktk'-rv ?nd kltehee furn'ture N. K.?The bouse to lc't porseselr.u tmmetHa'eb aiVrthe si 9. Same day at 2 c'c'ocs r. M. precl-ely. at 7M Bactett, betwesu Icurt ar.d Oluiton stree's *r jok yn. a general uss. rtmeu'of mabogary parlor and lohamber furniture. Auboeson and la grain carpets ollelotbs. mat"esses, bedding, looking r'ass-i, crocker* atd kitchen furniture. Ata) oue solenlld miboratiy (Kb g'* patent) er enelon eelf-adju?tti>g easy cbalr. ta moo^cu. per*ecUy new, sad c>s* <66 This furniture Is all in "ice lent order, ffatalogues at the salesroum' on Friday a'te no in BUOFMK B. FRANKI.IN. AUCTIONBER-BY FRANK LIN, NU IIOLS A CO.- bale of newwod secosd baud fujullure carpnis. rich French plate mirrors, oil patattag*, Aj. Ibis (F>lds?) moraitg *t 10)? o'..-'oak. a*, salesrujm bJ Naerau strrel, near Fu ton a qu-nilt) 01 second hud furni ture removed fur convenience of eale; alsi, four suits solid earred rosewood pirlor lurn'ture In French gat'n, brocatel, p Ufh aid hair c-oth; parlor, recltaf g, easy rocking and side caai/s, nttemans, lounge*, secret'ry, bureaus ltnrary and lerrtitsry ookcaaes. wardrobes eteceres; oak roeewooi, nut hogany and scaetelled cbam- er furniture; drets'ng and plan bureaus and wa?b"and* with and without marble 'oes bel stead*. French p.ate gl.t frimo mirrors and pier g!as?e?. sups rlor orlgTil and raprv oil |ialnungs French china aa J cat crystal ware, hair mauresses. paiiiAMes, futcy gods, Ac., Ac. "TIDWARn 8C7HEVCK, AUC1 IONEER.?LARGE BALE .1 i of line oil palntir gs iuoet*y Iramcd. in the newe-t and riches'style - Howard Srdiutick A i.'o will soe: at ajctl.;n, on tfoidny snd Tuesday. Ju.'e'J and 10. a: eleven o'oiockeich day, at their sales room, Xi wa'svn streot, oppos'te trie Post rfllce a line co lection 01 Due*e d'>rr. Be gian. French and Aatsrlcin oil nslntlnis. or anctan' i-.d modem ar'ls n Ever* ainaic-ur shuu d extmloe U.Ih ?>i',ec." u, a? huod an opnorm- ity Is rarely 'tiered the Rbc e are n*w on evblpluon, wi b cata logues Featn p'ovlded i u toe d? orf ita as the rale i? p j*i ti re, a doco'll wLl be required from ovrv purchaser. IjtDWAR? CCHBNOK, AUOTMKKER. EDWARD 'J S' bn,N''..'K A i'O, will s< .1, a. auction, ibis da7. at 1 o'"lcc.k, at their sale, rot,re, ?3 Fas^iu s reot a fine r.iati mare, lb 1 bases blsb, eight yeari old kmd and gun'.ic in al harness; i<id as '.be owner Lnunime for her. r so, a beautltul four se&trbaeicp ard se't-rAl now road wagon* Ijt FuUOHT'iN AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, ON 8A J . turdav, Jm e 7, a a-ge ar.d rich invoice 01" go d aud ?limoid jewelr'. vw ; gold pstent let' r. duplex and hunting w?cbrtr, ?!so, il'v-r i'O. alln ladles' n gcbes, diamond phis aad ritg?, earr ttgn stuns, gold vac', and /nard cb .Ins. s oeve cuttois. real rings snd keys, test ?? brewit pin*, b-ignr rirgs fracelet*. Jc A'so, an tcvolce 01 snver plated ware a*dcut ler* . By o der of assignee. |THJBNITFtiB-CONTINUATION HALE OF THB EhK r gent slock of Jsmes B. Cook, Ksq , tiM Broadway, near Hood street, this day, at lptj o'onek. The stock tuba r >ld cm>VR. m romp of the rlobeal and res'., vis.: Solid ro-,; wood parlor milt* In green and maroon, crimson and ma roon, tro d acd ireen. blue erd ma'oon. and green and black French brocatel with upholstered back chairs; oihers ia Dluab flkureO damask Ac ' aodd ru, a ismy sul a In various e?v-rin>!?; rosewood acd mahoiceLy bo-ikcssea, vers super. tr wardrobes, bureaus bsdsteads, weshstandi, centre tablet, side do , erter.f ion dicing tables sideboards, hatsttnds. comer do., paillasses, maUre<rc>>. bolsters and p..lows, In leeda arg? sad wel assorted stock Those in wan' of cood furniture will tied tbrlr interest in atteudiig tula saic. Cata'ogoes reaiy and sale positive, GEOBO'C COOK, Auctioneer. ^lEFD WAGON^ AT ACTION.?THIS DAT, AT 11 o'clock, at 57 Pry etreot corner of Greenwich, a superior bu'lt feed w ngr n platform spring, high wheels, but 'ittle used; a'so two pb;? ions to pat advances, ro. kH .vay top buggy, Ac. WaLuIHGION A. (, auctioneer /1II B1RT H B.iVAGF, AlCTJONRBB -LAROB AND vif per'iuplor' I a e of over 100 aieaant carriages bvBar-l"v ,k ravage, a. 5'j-i Bruadwav, cnmn.etjciog on Wedne-day litis Inst., at 10 o'crok A. M For full particulars, tee advertise ments In tie Ilerald to morrow. / <IlB*BT 8. SAVAGE AUCTIONEWR.-LARGE AND aj peremptory sale ot elegant carriages.?DAGbBV A ha YeOk, ot (pi Cedar street, wid ic I a ane.tim, at 694 Hros 1 way. ifartie Metnpoltau li > el. an extensive an-44 spie.vl I assormect ot.carnages, for the purpose of closing ou; the svtct of a mswufr.ctnrer, commencing tfce 'ale on Wednesday, ilts 11th ins'.., at 10 o'clock, and continuing It from day to dar. Pin lloattsnuon M snsclaJ invttnj t/j ibe sac of this stock, which consists ot over 409 new and beautiful cvrluses, buggies, As., imtirHcing whatetcr Is cesirable lor eitganv; and con venience, llgit'Leas aid durabidtT; all ef which will be soM. A'sc, stock, h?rre-? fit nets, ih'l'Ung poles, Ac. Bills tinder $150 eisb; over SU0 and under f'00 nlnetv da*s; over S300 acd under 1500, fotir months: over $.100, six months?ou aw proved paper, fart lages will t e narked for "hipping, and all recotametdec by the auctioneer will have the warrantee of the maker Catalogues at eV re ol auctiOLeer, t>2 Cedar stront, previous to sale. HB. LB1D8, ATCTTON vWB ? BT 11. n. LBBOS A ? CO.- Friday, dune (I, al 11 o'c'ock, at our store, No. 2.1 Neman s reel, large sale of va'uxble wises, brandies cigars, Ac., In packages, Our oht * and houles part ot wh'eb are in bond?being the balance of an Importer's stock, declining business?emitting ot line old da. k and pae C-'gnac bran dies, In outlier and e'guth casks, vtn? ge 1Mb; old Holland gin. In r'oes. In bono'; anfl London cordial do , lu cases: extra old Jamaica rum twenty years, ISO cases St. Ju'len elaret: 100 do. Marseaux, in bono; also, for account of executors superior albert "berry In demijohes; do. 1'emartln A Hrowu, lu sasse; pure jutce pert and Urabam'H, In oases haul Hauterna soil champagne; evnroi dewfjohns line Gtard and Henn?sse? braid es old Bourbes whiskey, very superior,la battles; 79 bottles Meiiesn gtn. U dr/en bottles Si aulsh olives. HH. I,KIDS ACCTIONKRB-BY H. H. LFF.GH A CO. . Saturday, June 7, at 10}, o'c'ock, at iht No. 21 Nassau street, elegant sale ol household iurnltiue, rem >. nd lor convenience of stile, eousta ing ol carvea rosewo,tti and mahogany eul s of so'as, atni chairs p-irlor cha'.rg fau'eulls, Ac., c verod In brocatel, pluah end hair cloth; rosewood and mafiogasy marhle top centre tables, bureaus wssh.taud .-., do. bookcases esereiolre, dlnlr.g ttmlrs and centre tables. Also bedroom turn l nte. ern?lsP f ol bedsteass in rosewtod and mahogany, < h Pre, waehitai as and bsreaus, painted; stug e anc dottb'e bnir mi.ttressre, soring do , bolsters, ptllos-s. and a lot of bedding, also Brussels, veive* imd Ingrain carp ts; sistr do.; cbatde isrs, KBs fixtures anu kitchen furniture Also aiabogsuT and rosewsod leveii is; are plan'm, upright and square. Also at 12 o'clock, a large invoice ol Inlaid ?tnw goods HOV'S BALK?H. WILSON, AOCTIONBBR. MA i citiccni -firewiod anu raabnguey househo d fursllu e, pienn'rrie pia'e pi.,r ai d mantel mirrors vdvei c.<s H pe 0 >r oer. 9. ul fell, o. eanegus. Uus (k, ulai J mnrmrg a: Id's o'clnok ibeemire supert oo.ji?cts o' die residence 7 o ffsat gourteetth r.:'eet,eonslsUrieol three eon I' so It roaewued par l<r sulm, cM?,red In sat. and upestrv, ol various sty lei; ms^woi d cirr. sofa i nd centre lab es ot the mom exquslte car vings ; rose *ro4 ctegere, large rosewood secreUrj, tnnoy w hles. Inisid Willi pearl; elegant rreebtbu) chairs, in satin: Turk Irh Hii> rhaire, in mcquet and tatm-try, large Frenek p ale plersni1 mantel mitrore, brceatei acd aoe window curtains ?legsn' la'.'Sfare shades, rich chins and marble vaeet; mag nill eni n?ew,,(uFeveeootaTe pl-nofo to. Unished all muni one of the best Irs run,eel fcr use e'er mantifaciured, co-it $475; veivef carpets, e'oose, rich and costly Parian orsumer is: eti pair.ilL ss. usunprMof afreet variety ol subjsots, by ctaitieni o>reIgc hi "sis superior sfcgliu canary I irus and oagc i, solid '?k olntrg room l irniture, osversd in plu'b; eitenslon tsbie. Joarteen tytt: (Unicg and arm cfisi -s, eleg?nt and cistis china tea ard dinnt.r sets, crystal atrt rtioycqi r'ass wera. tnagulll cert silver tsia s?t, cc> > baskets,casterasp sins, torks gotiints. mngs, ral'er?. lv ry ..hUtm hsnd e eu'ier-, rosewood and mah gany bed,teriis boreatis acd nasbtiardn <n match, es suli: French extra fillet sets, pure hsfr truer esses hi ? geese feather beds, t-oldtrs st.d ptfiov : i,wew??l chamber suit; mshogaiiy eusb-ned chairs, rockers, snfae, wsrdrobes, K.isges. couch bed; also three enamslled fotiage frndrooui softs, Ingrsln caroe's mfr-ers, hap g'..,nd, velvet vt<;r carpets, -. ver plated stslr roes, olleioih*. Ao EENRYT I.KKDS, AUrriGNEgr.-HY WKRK ^ A CO ? No 109 Ftilten and No. 62 Ann slreet. qhe large and peremp'OTt ss'e.-f rosewood, tiif.iiog .n y and wslnut parlor, oharnnrr nod d'n ng rcon fnr;ltnre si mie'ton. F.-ldar, June 6. at 10K o'clork, wtthont reserve on. ilst.lng In wart ot r. -e woott pa 'or t.ttlts ro-errd ;n r h ? |g hcocate', gttf ftvme mantel, p'er asd oval glt ssr-"- aupot 'or mah.ganv.oak ar.d walnut eyiensjoo tabic.; a d ssalnut parlor d rl.atnbsr do., cl Mrs. stirli g "eat ?. carved matogaoy i ickeie ard scfss in ham cloth, m-hcgwnv marble tnp Iresdnghu. ? san s and wa*h'tards, nakogsny and rosrwnol eb-ca-c, ir.lrrcr fronts; o Jt sclebnar.", a.grb e tor; K-nnr.h and klll/a" be ban bsdsUads, msbre.aes, nalllssses. Ae : rrarv,. ,,p r-..n ke pud ales lAh.cs, 0i> p?liilngs and tsauy, Ae, I uudM at tnonm. HSNBY 8 Hf*'*. in. . eUOilONBKIl.-RBGPLA? nJl jf r.kets" pwwires kn? Henry 8 Hevla. Jr., wti'se-l staaso i* ?? P>' <U ?, JunsG at I0|? o'clock, at tba ?alesroem Ma. 6UP'ne >teei mm jri.tnj while irew.t and oroj>b?<l mgwr?: a tf Oonrg nod voting hvaoa tsae, pickles, rplp-srrrv., perm m o'rt aid adamantine otsdlMi ouva 'jl mace vp1 wtoes luu Tv.andn a*m lot of Havaa* and 'l"r?n s-ss's. Term? ossh in ell* foods. JAMCS Co LB. AOOTI il.KK HALIC OP VALUABLE Ion fuimtrg rae mure bloek la the Seventh ward aC Brooklyn C L? .? will Mil ?tauction, an Wed ineday.Jcne >' iWri *t \l o'clock at the Merchants' Ki ihesge i-r? Y >r* waive valnah a bul ding lots. I'nrnstngrnm entire b ar k. ntuai'd I th* sventh ward of .he city of Brook lyn, on Su'top avenue mrr nrlng on Urand avenue and Dow ling street. and rw lot ihr. ngk n Putnam avenoe, formerly jeloupiop t> h? e?tuts ot "corse W Piue deceased. Title par feet, v t i ll warrast seer? wl l be given. Wit v par cent of ibapi.'diaaa m-c?- m* i-Amain on bond and mortgage for ihroe yaws. at 7 per cert tm? rest, payable ba r yearly. For a ape aid fr.riher paro-mars a ply to the auctioneer* (To. 45 Na-sanstrret be* York a'd to J.COxB a HON, No. 360 Pulton street, Brink v?; r 'o Wtf. P. POWSRB, Ztq., coun sel or at law. No 106 *roarwa?, or to RICHARD TKN BBOBPK, 1H axehe ge pi'iuo. Maw York. J OHM I. VA/UrWA'Hh AUC < I'lNKRR?WILL SELL on Friday. Jo i? 0, a' half pan ten uVt'ock a', the sa eoro >rn Ma 06 Nauru i rtreet >1 b b ueeuo d, e insisting ot ro>e<*ood u.ii mabfyiai y ruur In bio aiei, plush and hair cloth; traiutguDy sofas, mahogany and roaawood teiea-tsies, m hairoloth, bioca'e! ?nd dm b; t-wewod and mihorapy marb o top lentretablet rrck'ng oh airs eaay do., roaawood and no nog: ny m r j a 'op hu eaus wathslands. Ao.; roie wood maroie v p etegrrws- velve , Krussele and Ingrain ear* nets, stair do , also roscwo ?? aoo mahogany bedsteads, mit irassos pa l.v*n b i<*rs Mid pi 1 wn toilet gala. Ac ; a so a line of cbita wnre. dli oer, tea and deaaert sent, uj'O-s te'e sat* do. JBOGART AOCTICiNkhR. BY 8 BOG ART-ON 8A ? tarda*, June7 at10>i 'c >ck at Mo 143 Wmi street, between Veae and Barn av g reeta will gel' the large stook of a v/hoiriaie tirovbiu a-d tl d estso i-hment. embracing nar rein ot mack'ie' ? baa ?u'm n wh'te and blue dab, eodflaat. alga, a li ra* anamit. of rr c dfirh; alio a large quantity of smoked metis, hams, shoulders pork; also, checta of greea and blank tae, tr x>sor *"><p oano'es atarch, raisins, lemoni, vitl'ee nu t? r, ttli.a dried app ea aid patches, plat'orm ?oe es iliturta Ac >. R - 1 h* nnilre stook to ho said with out reserve tor eauh ai the o *per fa dec lning htMinm* MORTilAiia S.ALi? OF HUK8B8 AND WAGONS.? MAVtilKI. OSGOOD A CO., Muctlonearg, wt_i sell. In frrntol ihrir st.irer Si Nats* u BPeet on Saturlay, June 7, at it o'clock M . three b rin two barouche wagoug. By order ot J Randolph mortgagee. PEBBBPTORY SaLC t F VALUABLE MAOHIN'ERY, t'.ole. Ac., at auctiOD 1 he ?u.i?crlber will Mil at pub.ic Tapdoe. u>?h* lushes. oHder at the star Kill, In Broadway, ir the city of IJaie.'?oc fl. .1 or Wndnesdty. the 11th day*of Jure, oummeniJng at 10 >'c'ock In the forenoon, a large and valuaule gMorimeut ot lathng. wire ving muihlaeg, planlcjc maeblcM. drills, t&pa, ties vineA benehet. puldea, whee's, h?lt< ano other too ? aid tii'u ea anltab e for manhtalgta aud '.nil'wrlghtg; a so, a p aokgiii h'g shop, tooiaand flitures; a small cilice ! ul'dlrg aid 'be uoeip' ed least lor part of the ha-eiaest of > a l null, i re tools aod machinery are nearly ue ?, la good condition and w >rlhj the at* mi on pf millwrights and otberp WM. GLeDHILL, Att'y. Paterson N J , Jane 4. 1866. RUtHBLL W WAdT'lOTT AUCTION BER.?HOUSE, to d Itirrl'u.e. on ra'u (lay June 7, at 10H o'eloai. A N. Nesiro t *' i s- l iy catn.o. ue the eitlre rich and oottiy forn n. e i orta ied b hou-e *o 152 A art t wanty flrp'. strest, aea.* Sevejih av*tue h- fur 1 urc ot wolch was made by boiciirgt, par others o' the 'W make's tn the etty, and la to be ueren pton y sod. oonslstli g m part of splendid roaesoud plaE*fO'le 7 octaves wit a 1 ihe modern tmpr ivementg a .id used butali mon.L; r,oh veivetaid W lion car pete on every ro< n> In ihe house, suit solid sos* wnod par or furniture, 2sofas, 12 arm eialrs am medai'ion k oarior chslra, with sdp cov ers assd" !>s Hu-hi ??; 1 do 9 pieeeg, solid rosevood, bo kt tulta covered n rich *utn >rovade 'deeiant rosawoode'e gsrra mi-ior fronts; rosrw.ioc receutloo and Turkish chairs, rt?0'. con Bta uA? t p ceitre ard oler Ar ies; 2 magnificent pler?ars?., 12feet oog with sabs ?nd bracken: lc-stly snantel do , mar* e an > nbl< a va<es with an unique and value nevarlet i:i' pa la- r uamrptc ormolu c oHk, emhsotdered Ate enrtalu" acr -aa< en rose vood corner rtegeres, with mir ror backs; oil paiut ngs, rl<hly framed; rose vood divan shalrs, tn rich tapestry; Fr-usb o'le ? th imported ehaedeiiera aid gaa tlxtiiH'?;e.fea*t rose-ood u tmiier tumtum, bedsteads, dress I s bureaus wvsh ou iti, comu "des all to match and made to erder, of tne best desc tpttoi ; 'rosewood anit in hair eloth, chevai mirrors, ro-e* od waroroue 20 onre hair mattresses, hens, h.arl etr, Ac., w tb s .arve and elegant variety of library and dining rcor-i urnlturn of-ver dp-C'i )llon; supers ex tensko tab e. rich runy aod rrysal cut glass ware to match throughout with srve-a r-oma lurntshet through jut la rose w<cd and mabogssv Ths turtutu e has bees used but at hurt time and wl 1 fui's rea ize the expcciatlona of pnrckaiers, the bouse betcg sp rn'i v furuisbeo throughout. No pnscpirite ire '. on a' co"at of eenher. Catalogues can be obtained at tht- house. SH It BIFF'S Sa I *?C (>T .1RU, PERSONAL BFFE3P8, *o.?SaMU.1- L OSGOOD A CO., auctioneers, will sell at their salsaroms 81 'ats.a s reet. to morrow. Prtdav, at lOltp A. M. a large onset".' of or* ard nee end baud clothing, per sonal fft'-e s .to , bv virtue ot several executiea*. Terme ??ash. Goodt to he remo*?d Immediately. Bike above rale U postponed tl t Morday, June 9. The cheap tot Aud west hite resting lit wrpapor printed Is 1Hn AXKR CAN WEEKLY PRStSS, 0?imlDtng all tne news Cf the aa?. and costs Only (1 :o? a "car's suhscriptioa. Ismed war Frldt' tnnntiDg Agent* supplied at *t 80 per otradred. Advertisements in Mr*?d at ftu -e?ig s line, cash io advance AdverMaemcnlw or subrortpii-tcs must oe sent to the puitieatkm office, cor ner o? Nassau aau Fnlhwt streets, f ew York. TBLB. VBITfJQ, A UCIIOMEMIi?8TORB NO. 16 8PAUCB ?'reei Wo-ig'ge sale of s ste-mboat, on Tnecday, June 10 if.'ii. at 11 a M., a> ins Mrrnhanut' dmhaoge.?The sieam boattYm Yur-tg ncwea ed .he da; her engines, raach: cry. hoi e-s, arpsre 'xck'e ?dJ firuiture. xbe boat now Una at ihe loot of JacrfTP r'-ee JOFN T -IKWAST, Attorney for Mortgagee THOMA* VallCB AUU < IONrCEA ?8TO AE NO. IB Hprucs -tr-e" HbenflTs i a e o hats. cans, fixtures, Ac. On PHturtav. Jut e 7 ihM at 1 A M , at No. 141 West street, a irrga lo; of hats, cans fixture-. Ac , Ac. JoBh T. 8vkWaRT, Denu^Sheriff. TEAb PIi?KP F1PH *ND fcOAf AT AUCPItlN.-THfS dAv, at ]( ' . n'cio k, at r7 Hei nrcM. corner of Greenwich, ft^ty Chests tea. tiff boiss ioap a bund red boxes s'-es, ten i arre's markoro rixt reams wr'ttrg paper; also hardware, c ouery, segars, lluror An WELLINGTON A OARTtOR, Auctioneer. IX/M. WTriEK* aCOTIoNKKB, WI L 81ILL ON FBI ' V divJuit'O at 10% n'clocs lit 808 Broadway, aJl tha Oleid'.l r->a-w 'J muogtnt. oak and bla-fc ws'ant furni ture, .to. In vba ehovn e*'ah list mat t, oouslatlag of several suit* Id brocade brosatel mus'in. Bo.; etecerea, bookctuMa, neoretarlc, sideboard* dinl g room -utta oik ud mahogany ocntrn, tidr and aversion tab -i; ssrdrobaw, rosewood aad matrgkoy beds <r?d?, drtwslrg bureaus and washRtsnda side board, b<vkca?* bureaus to , *n h cross linen extension bed ?Mad auaeb?d; also spring and ha'r mattresso*. t>ol*.era and &li)owsoflb* iob qiis'lts and wn-kmvuhtp. Everything In io above h-nsrt are flmt c an roods. Pnrobssera eaolettbeir got da remain on tha nrammaa for thirty days, freeor eharg". Ca'a o/uea raadv on the day orfTlona to the rale when the |ooda can be examined. Deposit* required from all purr baser*. Mao. the unSnlabed a osk of hair and' feathers, hi bag and bats. WB. MIT.LOB, AUCTIONCER?BY HOUGHTON A ? VIELI OH?This da , June 6 at the Gilo red Hmse. 691 and G24 o-uadway, mor'g-peoV sale of the end'* furniture oonia*ned In the above first ciata b mrdlngho ias, having beta In use but a tew months oonsisitgln part of twenty solid rorewo< d parlor su covemu 'o two, three and four colored brocade pln?b and liatroio'b; uiasoforte, Frenchp^atemirrors, ?0 Frsacb charde terr. in ?i?el,etti order; royal Wlltos, tapss try and Ingrain carper; rosewood, mahogany and walntS chau^ertorslture plain a d with rnarn e tops rosewood sod mahogany 'ah ea 50ro-e?o <d ce? tre taMos.curtains, cornices, hair mat j-Rifea, pai'lasses on a 1 ihs bedsteads odeloth cu ten hal's. wsnJrobfc! e'ererra corr e' stands boikeaaee. 100 howle arrf plichers, or >cker? In great varitiv, dlLlng tab'et, 100 oak dln'ngtoom artrehaira *Dd fare* ditto, mahogany rocking chain rradi u n> ?? ha I s'aa s and ohair*, bedding, Ao.; ki rl -n and taurine t furul ure, wrtatatbtcb toe tat win com mence The whole for abso.u'a sa* ?r order of the no-tga gee. Teraiu rarh, city turds. * rrposit required from all purchasers. Goods ti bo removed Immediately, .also, ulna yosrr' onewlrrd term of the eare of >he premises. WB. It'LT/OR. AUCriO*IC*R -Iff* UNDBB9IGN , ed have the p'e.'mre to announee that they are autair ires to olfar V r sa'e. at a- ctlon 00 1 ttesday ant Weduefdar, Jnre lit ant) ]1 a'the extensive wa-eriom? of Messrs. F. A, Vrtde A Ho , !>?.18 Broad ?uy a 'aw doors snore Rib n's and the Motto, o'iusn Hotel, th-ir eiti'rn. va nable stock of first clam cablretfnccl'.urt. vvectn from fo-tv to Uftv thocaai dollars, all oi which la to be so'd witboir 'fserve. on eroouat of ex'enelva altersHui s to bo made In the building This sal# Is parties lariy woFby of tbe utter Hon of h oi-skeeners aa IAI clock of turnilore s siuered one of the la-goal and heat aseer.ed stocks on Lro * and will be f?und noon -tiimiiw'.l,n to t>a of tie go ,r | ., oh aov made In toe ettv. Pnl par leu are hereafter. .1 . GilToR A KKLLOR, auctioneers, 113 ftaa sart s.reau W8. MKLT.Ra, AUOTIONRRR-BT HOUOaTOH A . MBI.t oa-lhn day. (Friday,) at 19 o'clock?Elegant hotweho tl lurni'urn, at the 'louse tP22and424 'J road way ?Ro>ew mi plsnnfor'cs Dnhesy, Fteneh pistandoval mlrrora olllce fun l'.ure 110 rose ? ood psr or silts, j ch chande Hers snd a>l the ga* flx'ures tnr xigh the hmea; kitchen and basement furniture heater, co?t ?loo, po-tab e rasge, bel'a. As., worthy the a'.'e-'.ton ot -ealert and others; the whole for positive sa'e. by order of mo-'cagre Also, aboat SO Brtunsbs ami tag rain carpets, hair maitiea*es Ac. WILLIAM IRVINO, AHOIIONEAR. AVWfUR'l tale.-Fine 11 d brandies,, champagne claret, Ac. WI' LIAM IhViND A UO wll nml at auction, on Sa turday, June 7 at 10% o'oloch. a' the sale* rooms No. 8 Fin* ?trcei Hue old sberr es p >rta. Madeiras, 100 b rake's One champagne*, various brands A an, a c oice lot of prs serves, Ravsi a s'gsrs, Ac. ro'd b ? order of THOMAS H SURLY At'ornsy fcr Mortgagee, Also, for no.'otu tol whom it n ay concern, tr close a 00oart nersblp lU'i rate* ht Ju'ter M> d. c claret, Ltcausead; fsl taaea bt. Jnlleo Me' oc A. H*ron 5ii cm** chateau, Leoville; 40 case .Margari Ved-c c.arci, piuU 100 very superior time. St. Jean, Margotii; two hall and two quarter pipes rognar: brardy, 1t> boml drty pal l; 100 b.sketa sweet oil; 10 easee sardines, halves and qi.atleri; 75 banketa Champagne-caal ni go tamraa, WILLIAM TOI'PIAO A UCflONBd R ? LAACHt ANO peremptory win! French p*uer uaugbiga, oorderti and lirebnards for oceottn'of it .dcreuliera. W. fOPFtft'l ,t flO, will se.l, on ba'trday, 7th Inst r.t 11 o'clock, at their auction, room, ho 02 Broadway, 5IHK) p eeea lat?s'P%-1? style and mariifpcture of pno-r g- -o-dere. Ac .slightly damag-d a the voyage < ' Importation. I he who e to be sold without eserve IM'F.LMHEAI IC OFb lbRN. AT NO. 6 KaHT BROAl)t.,Y- P1.AOK-) FROCURBD for school ten-hrr* men for s'ores ands osmere, oiudue tor* and bsygsgimee Itarkeei ers, boss 'o learn trades tad for Stores, fovernearts housekeepers and shambernalds, and girls for house*01 k ll'LLEN A HO. IfiMPLOTRBB WISHING) HOOD HELP CAW OBTAUf It respecable German Hnalish, Sec.. h and Irish servaata' at JoHR P. INGhlitiAhD A DO b, ?9 Greenwich s'raet, Help.?kobbir cohnkrt a no., as: broajjwat, eorner of Hesde street and lit! Greenwich rtree' near c edar. supply wl'h hfflo ?.f every descintinn, a* domtstle female and male servants, ftrmara, lab iter* Ate., brorn a a* oountry desu od. PARTY VIOLRNUB RAOKH THROUGHOUT THE length and bread'h Of tbe c iUDtry, bnt tha AMrtRIG AlC WBRKT.Y PRKhg, the cbeaoest newspanerlatbe world take* blgb national ground, and dlscu>.ses the slotting questions ot the day in a truly national point ol vie v. free from aU .he seo tlcns.l-in cow too prevalent Subscription price only (I a year-, lurnl bed to agents al II Mi per hundred, cask, In ad vnnee. AJvortlsemen's ln*ert*d In tha Atne-lcaa Pre** at AO cert* per lire Office mr'hwest eorner of Fnltoa and dasMix ytree's. hew York, where all icders mnst be addressed. TO FAM'LIB" IN BROOK 1,1 N.- LAPIBfl BB?UIRINGT servai.'* are lDVlt*d in call and leave heir ords.a it 200 ruiten Htr*et. center ot Pineapple. Wh?a prac loable. two or threo da s' nottrn sb. u d be g ven. *0 that no dlsapp nntmoot ira\ oer.ttr In pul hi* aeecrdlng tudlrrn I to* Glr a out of p'a<^ will lipd n rr.mfot "ah;e waiting room, and emp.oyment pro video, U.l tulied. TXFkRTHn AT 7OH BROADWAY TVA*) (7I.ERK \ TWO 17 bark-ot er* thiee waiter*. '? 1 po- or*, two eoxckmeui snil thru* b..jrs. Plans* procrcil I, r c iidiict r.', hookko- .*r<, hrfgvsgcmer. brak*men, l-*m.m. mm on s'esoiers snd r?l!? """rM"'"" Am,