Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1856 Page 6
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omTBKiim REjnra eier? dat. UTIJA I'lows WAilXICU. AF&ENt H LADY. OF A VERY DISTINOUI8BID htmily tad h Kb education ?t*he* to take t/?r" ot ciii.Jreo to or; Ann ru 'emlly. or to g v? ;m-*)up 1l her own sr.i uage Ado ram from 12 to 3 P. 34 , t?)2 9th avenue, be ween 3.91 u 24U ata. Arraprctable woman WaXTed-as cook in a pttva e *amily; mmt b?v#?jfoo<1 rafereae* iro*n h?r l?*t ? raplo; e. Ceo tiaa i|ul rltua'lon by aelling el 228 5ih eve,, brtwi *o 27'h and >ib it* AYOUNQ BWIIZKft tJIBI.. USED TO LIF|Wl? IN TPS ouuniry. w?m* ? pl*''? wub ?n American termer, lu quirr at 34ii BouaUtc *i . 'b rd sf>ry AS BRAM8TRE"H.-SI C ?TIUN WaNTKO, BT A ycuug penoa, byt>'? y or week. IKiod reierr nee. Ad tlreaa ?. a., bera d office AN IXPWMOSD nr.."I - NURSE AMD 8KAM alre?i wants a al' iston; la h Protestant. Heat city re fere: oe glveu. Apply at hu. 7 Cnlon court rear 12th ?t. ArSRNCH LADY. DRKdfeM * KKK UNORRTTANPI !fli bar proteselon to all lie branche*. i* desirous to tiad a elt ua'i< n address and man till* Aadre-i K. Y. i?uvarney, No I Id ut AWST NURBk'8 SITUATION WaKTRD-BYA YOCNO married woman, with plenty of tni'k, wbo?e baby la six wt-'O old; ?be ran luratah go,<t leierences. Apply at No. 175 3d avenue. coiner of 11th at A WALL KDUCAT% KNULIhHMAN, C0NV8R3ANT wldi accounts. Aa,llAe?laea thorough tdrougnumau, w tubes empiOjccent in some more in town or country . not at'aidct badwork vjd.ees 4 u X s., at Mr. B, Pitta, Ratty it near co.umoia, taR Brooklyn. A YOUNG MAN WlStlaS A 9IUUATION AS CLIRK in a ? bo.male house or Insurance offlc* Can glva g ood reliable reference and aec .ru> 11 required'rook hia preaeni employer. Peace a,ddre*a W.I, M., box 81 Broadway Poat ? immediate y. (30f K-WANTED. BY A flOHLY BK8PRUTABLE J woman, a eltuativn. a* cm:it, understanda cooking In all It* breaches, la an eirei'ert brc . and cake baker and poetry orok , Is willing to arsitl In waning end Ironing Has good city reference. Can be seen at 9b Weit auth at., between bib and ;tk avenoes. CSOCR.?WANTED. BY A 8 RaliY WO* vg, A BIT OA J tlcnaacook. Ban been in the rtr?t tsmllle*, and under etaxda her tunnes. thoroughly app y m the corse:aiore, 134 Clinton p.ate - n at., tor two days. Ik any Family going t~> California should wish a steady eervau' girl, u> wait upon tnem on the pai sage t> esuecal 1 at 71 eaekett st. Brooklyn, sne la willlnj to pay bail her passage. Situation wantrp?by a youngokuman girl, 21 years o' age, as housemaid; U wel' recommended br bar former employer. Please apply at 41 Cotou at., bouta Brrokly a iblra floor. SITUATION WANTED BY A NKaT. HONEsT, SOBER aid tadus'rlone girt, ss chambermaid and attend tocHi rlrec. or wculd go ?Un a (am' who mat be traveliltg during the iun mer month*; tmexeeptlonabte city retereocea given. Can re aeen at 2b 10 h at. Situation wants >?by a collcgk graduate, wbo baa bad two ? eirs'experience to civil engfnrcr'ng, a sitcat'm as assistant < ngluerr upon a railroad or n ?me slmt iar work. Addresa. tor a tew days. A.B., box 124 Herald office TO DEAIiKRS IN Mli.LI*RRY.-WANTKP. BT A ladv wbo ha* bs.: mu-h expsrieucs In thi wh-iiesale and reutti millinery, a aitaaiion la a hi use to aupe'Intend m that dst,ailment Inquire ai Mr. bertn's Dookatore, ISJ Folton at., Brook'yn. TO CAPTAINS AND l WNr.BH OF dTE\MER8.-A blgb y respsetable midd * .ge< woman wishes tooli'aln a Bin-atim aa stewHrdeas; not sunjsct u sea alckn?K?; will ba found very obliging to adiea m caae of sickness; can be highly reinmmrnded. C?m re =e?.i at l~J Pearl ?t. In i ewelr* store. ffio faviliis visumo suropk.-a y?umo mik, l who has travelled over tb* greater p?rt of hug.and ani the Con'asnt, ecd wbo Is a hints when there, oilers to ac company any geitleman or lately who may desire the ser vio?s ot e osetul person, ? b.> can save them a vast deal of trcnole and exnense I'e is corvsrsant with Spanltb anil Krrrch. Address it-cry r". v.rati, care ot Claries Btokea, 29a Market st. rhi ade.phla. TIT ANTED?A 8ITC sTtOV, AS CHAMBERMAID BY vT ayouEgwiman 'n no?seiju?nce of ihe family lenviug the city, and to wh. m she is y.ere ittod to refer. P.ea>y apply et 13 Varick place, bullivan sl, uetween Hleevker acd fiouattn st*. Y1 ANTED?A SITUaTIuN, BY A YOCNO (JIRU. TO "l do cnamberwora w*?h and ir?n, o' ta do general housework in a sma't private tamuv- Be(t o ty reference. CaL at 17l> West 2u h gtreat, aecoad tlxir, front ri-om "T*,'ANTED?A fITDATItib, *.B COOK. W.SU3R AND m t.Tji e:', by * ycurg weman in c nsequeuce ot the urn.'.y with wboir she lived ???' l?a\ ng the cltv and to wbrm she Is primi'. ed to refer Apply at 12 V'ariek place, SuUivxa ai , be tween Bleecker ard Houston TX'a>TFC-BY A BE9FECTaBI.R YOUNO, MARRIED ? ' mar,, a si uat'on. s? cl"rg, in the gr"C?r? or liquor otui nr?s an spent French, 0"iman and Eogiisb aud unds* ?uud? e? Portuguese anguige Cai cme we l recommend ad. Addresa L. B , box 6U. Herald tfflce. ?trrANTED-A SITUATION. TO DO ORNBRAD H0C? ** w ik. la a sin?1 famll; ; I* a rood washer, irouer aad piaicciot. Call at her last place, 192 East istli st, before 3 c clock, on fu urday acd Monday. Tkr ANTED BY A YOCNO WOMaN. A SITUATION AS Tt cnumbeiinaid hp4 se*m*tre?s, or as waiter, is com tetei.t, aid can give anristi sory et'y rttsrence Call at 323 tat t?v , ferween 19th and iora sts. third flour front room. TV AT fRD? BITCATIONS, BY TWO RtSPEjTABI.E ?> yr.ung woaer, as g cd cork wu .per and ironer, and ss cbatnie-mat.1 snd waiter Can bs resn ai tbslr piesent resi dence, 20 West 20th si where four ye?ra re erecce caa be g'.ven Wou'd pre'er he couatrj'. T\'ANT*D-BY A PARISIAN. A SITUATION. AM "T cashier, correesm dent, oookkeeper or travel I'gageot tor a back ug,'Tp-irtnc ir wbolesae bnnse Fas been two yei-stn tbecou^iry, acd soeass, ueaideaihe gngtlsh, of which he has a th'?ough kuoweose. the French Itaiaa. Oermaa anc Itut-b !argu?g*s lhe m At unexcapttonaute city reler encw. 1 be gfver as to character and capablliiles. Addresa D M . herald office. TV A NT* D- RY A MaN OK aCTIYR BUSINESS H ABIT8, " a Seotcl man, sn,,ui m'ddle age h sltnai.on. aa porter or rr ?sseturer. In a baaklrg. laruranee or commission h una; wn es a good hai d. Jteferf-"ce* first c'asa. Balary tecind mr? Address Wl liam. oox 1 T77 Pent office. TVAN?*r-BY A T UVQ MAV A SITUATION AS v? e'erk In agncerv rtire. n well acquainted with the bus'-es*. and can furnish the oert of re'erence troai bis last emp oyer. Address M (t a box 183 Hera d office. T| SNTUD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUHa MAN, AS ?' gereraiorsntrv clerk, wh> unierstards the hardwire b 'in? * heteri to bispres-i t empiover. Ad; re*? bc \ 1,7(>), Peat iffice. TH& TRADKS. AGfOD 'TTTRK WaSTED-IM a OT.OTHIHO AlTD nierrbsnt tailor's sio-ei one wfln u ih woughl* capable M cutiei Ml who Iim eoir.? experience woo d be preferred. Ad drees box 7G2 Putt office. LI1KC GRAPHIC PRIWTF.BE WaMTRD-OICK OR TWO ?kdltul. sclent fic engraving printerj rati tear of kteaiv stt'.ailoes and go d psy oy aaareesnf? B. L. W., box 2,11b. Poet o'Eee, Pb l?uie phua PFIkT CC7TERF. WaMTKD. aT48 MURRAY BTRtKT, immtuistelyr. t -ree or f->ar print cotters '.bote win are "?e'l ?c j'-amied with eoopsrUtg end batting. Pore bat first rs'e workmen teed epp.y, to ? 'nrlsty A 1 tristani. TO FEOBT BBIGKLATlRS WASTED, TWO FIBFT rs e rort workmen. to go o t .vaaoah at extra prices. Iu'in reJmti uarke. 134 I.aureus at. rro at cpfbs.- soo Rtr?i lu borof.aBx asp bo I rhele twlg?, jU?i ar-Wed, for sale at low prices, by J. P. CLP L' A < 0 . 90 e?M?n lane. Yl'ANTPD?ONK OR IWo WiiOf> KSGRAVHR1; AI.sO " * Iran who cut deetsn ornaments aud letter we I, a inho tfriph'e draftsman oreirmi. Aoply between 10 and 12 o'clock, a: Mo. 3 Spru e si PA SWELL, PtJBCBLL A 00. TIf A"TEP?TWO COOPERS AND OSK HEOOND ?? c toper or orper's mve.tor a'bori wha log vo.are o!' fire t teo uioi.tliB. App y hia day t, Randall & Robexra, 151 Po'itb ?? , comer ot Peck r-ilp up eslrs. IhTELI.lGE.MCB OFFICES. 1,'MPLA YFRH WIHHIMii GOOD HELP CAB OBTAIM 'j ;?epec'sble German KngUsh, Soo ch and Irish servants at J OH f P. IMOKBRaflD A CO.'h, 29 Greenwich siraet. Tl'ANTKD-AT 768 BS?a1)FaI TWO CLERKS, TWO rt br-keepers. thres waiters two porters, two ooachmst. and three boys. Places procured for conduct.-rt, bookkeeper., bagvag 'W. brak?men, Iremen, men on steamers and nil ro?'U, boy (for trades, and girl" ot everv descrlpuoa. LOIIiB K A L'F.Vf A Jf, A rent WaSTRD-AT 8 PAST HRDsPWAV, A TOCMO RAN to drive an expre*" wagon ; 1 crockery parsers 2 ones to learn t.ades Pla-es procured 'or c erts jchooi teachers Sorters for stores and rase s men us drive hones and earls, o<utekeeners aad c.nain vermaidr. GiGLSM A CO, LOST AMD FOI MD. D( sou loft ?nvE dollars r'.ward i,oft, os _? a'tern-m n Hr<iad ?*y o<?w Ktgh h and IStntli s rrete. a ?rnall yellow terrier ans?ers lothen?menf Ssucho The above r?wa d will be rlv.n -n returning hltjj in Mr Walke, 7M Broadway, or to 19 Wekt Twenty-sixth street. Li .HT-JL'SE 5, 1856. * I, ABO A HiZs, MOSall BRkAST ptn black ground wi h a wnlte and greed liwrw'utlie centre, tn parsing from twenty ti" b stre-t. near r.tgh-- ev?n<? to droadwa* ann Klftn avenue stage to r I teenih reel, ae'oss I Lion park tn Irvlrg oiace A line:a' reward Win *6 flven bv rwtnrnlng the *?me at Js ITIrvln.-p s Lost?A Oo'vO PlSNOlL as- dkM Ac. *n H r-iK osner s name In to! on need r Any one rett.raltig the t?me to H K. M , 1123 Kroailway, - d receive a iloer ., re wsrj, acd no 'inesiMins naked. I(dlT?P* THK t'.TH |N;T. WhlC* OGIStl Pn j Bo seveit street to Maiden !*oe, in Front street, h go'o ?watch lev In sbaoe ol a cross 1*e liodwr wi I be eri.tao > rewsrdrd bv leasdt g the ?ma at pjl rb?nt ktrse1 < ?ree' ot Booeerelt street LOsT-CM TBUKFPaT, 51 H INsf., A SKabb w,uir; poed'e slut, wfh Slack niwe and cyea, and hwik etrs: was c ippfldabon'a no nth ag - ana to 'he name Jenny If the g" trie man and lady woo were ohservel to pt"k per up %t the comer ot Libert' s'reet snd Bfo?dway, abon' in A. VI.. will return brrlo the iwn.r Mr a. Vigns*. 107 Broslwsy, they wt . be bands tune y rewarde?l LOBT.-f.M THt'Rr-.t.Y APTRRNtlOM :,rrf lltsT. dt .re a ride fror. F rt?~~ 'h "tree to Woodlawn an etaatic list' brace'.r , ol no- mn 'b intrlas'c val'te. ho' blehiy pr red sa a retnem iran-? .)f * letw?Ked state' The ihsnke of Hi-owner and a rewi-d of ten dol ars wl'I he glre-i f,r Its r ? t.tra'lon to D. R. 8uydam, DA) \West Twenty-second street, o 107 Weet street. | ofcT-ON PRIN< F. 8TBBK.T OR BROADWAY, ftlf Ihoreday evening. -Dine 5 s tnotr? antlo t- aid m >? b.rrk maetola. 7be Under will be sni-ahly rewa-ded bf It. ring Bat 107 Irtnee sigeet. LJTCTF.M - FROM TITRTPFlfTHI HrHltrfT MUtR Feventb avert ti , ? ba; boTa. ed how,, attached toadje Ice's waifnti, together wph n rain c'oth, a woollen toot hian k t an a case o1 ptsrket in trnmcnta. ?..rsonr re cantt ined ?> alas buying or har oerlns said ntmai, e d ar ? reqnes e<l io a*nd Inlorasab' n to Dr Bbimerttbal, 401 t mrtx etres', or to the dice of the ClJef Ol Police. HUTKL.9. HOI DREDOrS HOTKU 759 FROADWAT.-Ft PERIOR soaiSRMRU for lamllles or ir-.d'vid .als ear be o' talne I, yvltb or wlthn* boa/d, by the ar'l or week, at reOEW I price*. /*?-us tree. Bin ?urn T"" **" r r w. mmm ^, A OIPI. WANTED-Tti DC? THk 0<k'x*"'.AL HOD"* wort, in ? tmt'I priv?> t?m. v Ir.qv'rw ? tv Powers SUret, Hrcoki'n. Nosw out Protrnuji'e k >pl? AyRbSi H PROfshTANT Wl.MAN, I SPRST?Km?? fcigihb i* wanU d an c-hLd's ru.-?e. '>e*t of rec mmend ?npnrti|u red uto her fonune** f ?: c'lildres, OMiaN* fill tai'kfuleeea. A gccd ?-am sire-a. or ~uo *an a.i? ?rrvsdta the < f ndj'a maid, prvtern;.! Note eK-eot those *bc have these qua Itfia it us. ana who would be wU lug t > travel ta hurone, nw apply. Call a tlramrrcv i**rk Bou-e, par or 19T. in the afternoon, between " and 5 o'clock. ARKsPi( TAM(.F! WO V AS WANTED-CAPABLE OF keeping house and takti g charg- ot twc obtldren-, oae w bo can r'n e well re intromited w|t'. have a r 'Bf'otsble aud pe-mam-m home; must be ?a i-fled with *tnali wages Call upon Mrs Fisher, this aud to n*ww evening, between 5 and T o clock. Between 16 h and 47th its. a RFRPfcOTABI.F 1.A0 WANTED FOR A TERM OF years, in a merchant's office where he wi'l learn tlie burlneea. One who It well educated and ire* writ ht.s parents preferred. Address, in owu handsrrttlng. hex 3,529 Post edits ACiRRMANDR BWII8 GIRL, SPEAKING FSFNOB, watt'd?to sew and take care of children at .'5 I. todra lerraoe. ?'d at., between 9 h aa? 10th avenues. AGNN18 WANIRD-AT ROOM 16. NO. 301 BIO AO way: ibree or tjar men. ot go d addrew, 11 eouott orders 'or cne of the most valuante sad sales 'i? tuveotionaof the dav; no ooBipedtion, ju?t out and Hreral mduoemeuts prude red Apply from 9lj a M to 9 P. M. B AR TENDER WAMTED-aT THE ? RANKLIN H'USg, Yonkera. l> C. DSNS I'D*. Proprietor. Both ladi?s and ohntlemkn wantbd-to 'earn a beautiful art ih?: parr a: least $25 a week andta ? n'tahle tar am town Is the Union It t? wight low, kyS'e vena A Co , 336 Greenw ich it. Capital ot #2 re.) rre-l. CTANY A88PRS WANTRD-SO SOLICIT ORDKRH FOR J a final; Uluatratad nations' w>rk. now publishing In cumbers. To competent man the most liberal tarns and steads emp'oymeni guaranteed, apply to JaMaS SHEEUY, 23" Broadway. CIOAT HANDS WAN fFD?TO MAKE WINTER 03ATS, J from five to twelve abiU'nea. Good reterenoee required Apply to J M. Kdney, 90 John at. DRUG Cl.KRK WANTED-ONE WHO Hs8 GOON T?8 timon'aln, and in thoroughly competent. Apply at 997 Third avenue. Dry goods salesman.?wanted, a dry goods salesman, to go to a flourishing manutse urtng place; one well rec* mmeuded mav apply m Sunday morning, at Lind heitn'i Hotel, 415 Grand ah, from 8 to U A .W A. WIMPFHBIMBR. Entry clerk wanted?in a dry goods jobbing house. Address, In handwrtttng ot apDlicsnt. giving reierences and namitg amount ot salary radii trad, M. tt. 8., box 985 Poet office. y-iRiyan, waiter, bull boy and chamber " maid wanted. Appiv immediately at the i.ffioe o'H>l dredge's Hotel, 757 and 759 Bread way, corner of Clbiten place. ("3COP FHIRT HANDS WANTED. RONS NEED AP T p y except three capab'e to do g >od buttoahol ;s aad good work, appiy to J. Nenvllie, 641 Broadway Help wanted-want?d a respectable wo mac. be chamhermbid and laundress for a unal private family; mum uirferstand washing and ironing ptrleetlV well, aud have good city raterence. rote (.tiers need 'pply. Cstl odav, between 11 and 1 o'clock, at So. 2 Hanover square, Hanover Building, in stem, room so. t>. MA NULLA SAI E?N OMAN WANTED -A FI ASIJRATS baud; cne with a knowledge of ikces pre erred. Address i umeciate.y, saiirg referencee and qua ideations, box 25 ltrutdsray Post office. Mrs. smith. 72 east twelfth 8tr(cei\ ckrnee cf Focr.h avenue, will have a vacancy 'or twoasprea tices to lesrn dretsmeklitg Rrsiecabie young girii (aea: h werr) woo reside with their parsnta, maj apply on Saturday and Mcr.Cay, before 12 o'c.ock. Salesman wantkd-in a retail pry goods etore. t ne thai unceritands the city trade Apply cor n -r of Carroll aid Columbia eta . South Brooklyn. CAl.EfcM.AN WANTEP-TN A WHCLSfALR OROIRRT h? huuie lully c.impetenit,t take care of tie liquor and wine detarlment To . ae ?ho uoderstandi the bu-lu--io and has a pocu c untry acquamtatcefsou hsrn pretvrred). a .tbera1 aala ry will be given. Cl * raterence required. Address R. A Co , J ureal of Commerce office. TWO DRY OOODS 8Al.fc.SMhN?OF CITY EXPERIENCE axd who undersiand their business, can have g>vl utni torB by applying this mornlrg (oaturdaj J from 9 to 11, at 54 Cedar si. WANTED?THIB DaY. FIFTEEN YOUNG MEN, F?R a short w haling voyage of tram five to tec months outfit #f clothing, A? furnished for the voyage. Also, cooper oar-pea "v. and blaalrmith. For funke ' * - . .. ter. end blaokrmtth. Far further information apply o Randall k Rob son. 151 Sonth street corner of Peek slip an attain. Wf ANTED?YOUNG LADI*8, TO LKaRN TRADES end ether genteel business; none but Americans need epply. reltfences required. Apply at52 6 h avenue. TV' ANTED-G1RL8 TO SEW UMBRkLLAS AND PARA M sols; good and steads hands can secure wore for the yrar rt ucd. aIso, an experienced cutter. Apply at ute am o -eiia factory, 44 Yeney si. TI,"ANTED?A GIEL. TO ACT AS CHAMBERMAID, v f sod one ae waller; a to, a boy to assist In wat'tng?all to go a ihc.i" oistanoe in the oountry. Eng l?h, eco ca or coDrrd ireterret Apjlv alter 5 P. M , or before 10 A.M., at 32 Wssnuigton iiinate, weatahle IT'ANTKr-TFN ?FW SHIRT IRONFRS -APPLY AT ? ? Mrs. Thornton's laundry, r ast 23d St., next house to the terry. rrTANTTD?TBRKE OK FOLK COMPETENT DRkSi *T trakarc, at Mr*. Krundege's dressmaking ronms, ho I 3 Greene street, near Sprlrg; also two or three apprentices. > ore but good sewers Deed apply. WAM1D-A PHOTRPTaNT GIRL, WHO DNDRR atarda cooking, washing ar.d ironing. Beet of city rate rence rtqolrcd. Apply at.'!! Irving place. TL A'ToH-a KIRST CL*KS KNGLIaH SERVANT AS * T cbnmtennald and Btamstreea bone tut competent peiionu need apply at ho. 7 West 31it at , oe'.weeu 10 and 2 o'clock. TIT"ANTED?A GIRL, TO DO T3R GIlNKRaL UOCSF. II work of a emah famLv. Uoe wti i e*a cone wed rec >na needed a-d is c*pan e cf :ak(og go .si care rf a hiute In the atrence ct lbs lad*, may fiio a p.ea'ant and permanent sUn* tier, ? be re the will recede a sa lalaetorv eom ensaUon lor her services. ADp.y on Monday,Oik mat., from 10 tit3 o'clock, ta tke atoie 45* B aad way. tE'ANTFD?A FARMER AND HIS WTFK, TO TaKS TT charge ot a larro and dairy about 20 nxi ea trom tola city; in American or Scotchman owferrd. Rone need apple ur eea luily competent, at iVj Front a:, berore 0 o'olnrk lata 'ay. ANTED-TWO OR TBRRK CQMPaTKNTSKIBT SSW ere. Inquire at 706 Bread*ay. w TV'ANTED?A GERMAN, Bi OTCH OR WKL3H GIRL TT In a email tamt.y; must un'erstand plain cooking, and wa-h arc iron well, w?ge? f<> per month. Apply at <43 Ue ingaton at., Brooklyn, for two tiaya. TV' ANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS ' OOK. TO "e go a abort distance la the c-mtttrv: one who understands b*k ng and will arriet in ha w?.->hiag ar.d Iraolng Apply at 47 Fast 24th st., before one o'clock. *1'anisd-a lady. TO TAKE, change of a gen tT tltmar's furni hing s-orc: non* but a eompeteat person and one wan Las a knowledge ot the business need apply. Call at 1142 6th avenue. VI'ANTED-A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN MUST BE A IT good cook, washer and ironer. aLd wiling o make bar sell tiselu. warn required. Nonene?d c*l! wltanutsatitfac'ory refcrtneea. Apply fur 3 or 4d*ya at 111 Hicka at.. Bnok,yn. tE'ANTFD-A O.'KL, NOT OVER 15 YEARS OF AGE. tt In a confctioier, atore, and willing to assist In house work: she moat know how to wiut a good hand: one fl jm the cctn'ry preferred. Adores# W Z Y., ilaraid ?.fllce. TVANTFD-A HOUSE K MP KR, COMPETENT TO TAKE vv the entire charge r ( a rummer bo'idirg bouse c-m ?(Q ing three or four lamlilee a short distance trom the city, fhs beat ot city reference# will be reqtHred A lac, a flr.i ra.a rook and for wasbiDg snd to do tf e genera; wc?k ef a houae. ACdreast H. W., b< 112} de.-a d cilice ANTSD-8LPHBIOII SHIBT HANDS, to wore in etore. Apply to L tebfle d A Brady, 07 Willi six. at. w ' A?T> D? GOOD DRESSMAKERS AT 4u7 BROAD way, a'.aa apprentices, mmtClately TIT ANTED?A WOMAN, To COOK, WASH AND IBOK, TT with geod referauee. Apply e 2.-Wo?t 37th a:. TV'ANTkP-AN AMRB.CAN Wo MAN, TO TAKE TT charge ot an Irlant and aasiat in the genera! housework of s "msl tpmiiy one wb can come well recommer.ded, coop other need apply. ( ali at 18i ortlandt at , up stairs. TV' ANTFr?A WOMAN TO DO GlNKRAL HOUSE. TT Work, she must do plam cooking, aad he a good waahar sndlrcner opplvat 97 Wee143d at., near 6fb ?v fXTAMTKD'A MIDI LY A OR II WOMAW, Atf\>"?01> TT plam cook, and who can ??sn anc iron; we la permanent, good r-t'erences required; bench or P.ngJsb pre [tried. Afldreas L. I. H.. b-1195 Haraia < tS '. ANTF.D?AOfSL, TO DO OKSF.RAL HOCriRW RK n tad. ai'.h ft. TI'ANTKD?A Of 1L, To DO GKVF.RAL HOCSEW RK it must be a go-d p'ain cook, washer and trouer. a.*> wanted, a girl, to ukc care o children. App.y at J' Wcat Slth it. IJITANl Kit-IMMEDIATELY. AN AYMIMaN WJEIS, TT lo 4m ike ?? ,rk '3 A small fam ly and talc charge of a vcurg nbl d, which bae lost i,a tnci ier. da.! at ltd vTe*' 1'Jth it lor Mrs..I Lie Grange. ti'st kvisi Wanted.?a healthy yolng wo TT ira i. wutba good breaetot milk may applv at No. 3d K?stl4ih?t Lo on rqttare. between 3 and ii o'c'txik. a. M Aeifrenres ;'-quired. U'ANIkD?A TOUTO WOMAN, AETTTEkf TWENYY irl ; irlr ?ear* of age, t'laefistlna qentlenan a fur ntabIng bounces. n.e fu'tlDK will And s permanent situation dv applyug at i*i; Hower;. iceterenew r" |Ulred. \V A N ' ? - A IPX ~1DY GIRT., TO DO THE. WORK TT <u ? ?ma i piiva e tscdiv a Protestant preicrred Iu jure at 76 Adams itreet, Mrcc'tlyn. ?/ ANTTD-S Tot NO MAN, tp ANS1ET IV A LIQDOB TT item, and goo' errarc'; ao'r? , a ? ;u:ig m\a recently irotx Ire-ant Innum -ha c,?y ax J Monday a' AG 7 h avenue, o( tianu Hnaiy |V aNTKD-A Hov. H's:"iK?ii A ' RKi. WloRa. Ap TT ply at 216 nasi 14?b *? , .r t I lo 6 p M, 4A ANTED a rMAKT SOflVKRoV A* W?HER IN TT a diniigaaJron. one who co-rid m?se too - gexar*l!? aefnl. Apply, with g ?"l rwen-nena . . .? to- n-.neats an 1 sobriety at the Shades Hole . Thames vriet, .n'cre 11 o'c'ock this day. IV' A 1*1 s D I MM* DIaTcLY si Tfla PUIi.a t.ELPHI A TT Houee 13h and I.'W 4tn , M i 'lsm* > ir - a c ?npaten man to'ak? csargw ol a bl . iard room live ''"mg a go >1 buriress. He t sn either hire the rjOW or oe e n doted. W A NT K I'. ho itl'I ? Ik \ \ *1,1,1 NO 'I- so - y\ eelewr.on, abont traver.itg tor-wdet' .4c ta- * * r"#t tc an;e as rt profliahle egene? roi In'erfe ir c .v ;jel? Rfitlmne- uriress n? calling tor I l-rlritci ? Clos'ng s'lrcjo -m a A. Hi,IN A Oft., vfl Mroadway. ANYID - rOMPNIHNT Ilk, fU ukbtTM THE .Isys krr* olt' Bntlacss I lory spp y at thn ofiioe, <5 Hr'-adssas from 7 A? tili h ; i ,M. an<l from 0 tut 7 P M Www Le# * Ran en. ANTED?A YOUWG MAN, Ah BAaKEK/V.ti AND r e k, In s 6rri c!a?? hot" . nci c br th ss well re.i >m DtPbdec need at ply. Inquire *t tM Am?n ir> Hotel, Jeraay ( t.y, liotw oe-.s ngtw esn lire'i/? rs in | IS. 2 0lU? 1 A RfiRKRH WaNI K;?UN I H 4 LINE OF ,t"v\; tit % 1J 4 anai.retsesp P.sad'r* Add Isr'.ax ei pet-r i. iTur'a r ><d ws nash p?r~ s r n-a , <?--? '-y A p.ily so R.s kaf> ,* * Iteeb 1 P?s ?? pj nMfVtti '"<*? PaUr'waw -en rue ;w .-a Jar w vv 19 m/iHDtno Af*t? muouio, ^/T(? BROAPWa Y, <V3Jf*<dKVtCNTP-ltSTH ?T t*Ff. i vltTlnii.ri vquere furalil>M house u> ?t ?> ?i uoi p m* to ? ie eci <usi. j, or g *i,'..e witb i r w th -it i ?n "?ir?iK table, bam mm at J gas. Botes Col gb: u.if a '.tatei. lookug on lie fut mK'GH'H STREET, OPPOSITE CLINTON HALL ? f uitm furn.ibei rooms to let, wtta or wltboutboard. Airo, a Uce ai.-i baaeu ent. ?ui abw lor a pbyel :lan. "IOC llOlIlH STREET.- 8U ITS O f BOOMS, OOTSIHT J.Ot.) 'or 01 an entire record floor, with all the m>lers tin piovaaaruls. Alsosing'.* r< oms for?*i>'lean, with or w.ta out board. Apply opposite the Mercantile Library (11 TWELFTH bllKKT ?A MKUKHaMDaOMlLTKCf t"1 nlibed rcom snd bedroom au.?rhed. with full or partial to?ri a ro eevrrai other rocm* In ln? same bou<e Hol'h ainerewt find tbem large and airy. Few door* above Sixth aveo to hclereore exchanged. HA WLST TWENTY THIRD STREET?TWO YlBY t E I r airable vulta ot ro< ma, on wo*4 anil tbird floors suite hie far gentlemen and ttslr tamliiea, mar be chain**. with full or uarttai bond Location four doom trow Blxth avenue. 7H franklin street, ifikst house wehst or I U Broertwa , par'ore en liri* floor. aepara e or together au'te* and aingV n oota, on s-c nd and third floirs. neatiy fur i irred tor gnn t-irer to et tor a short period if required, firms Irrm two to tan dollars per week. Y??a WERT TWELFTH 8TKBBT.?GENTLEMEN TAN DO obtain elegantly furnished rooms, with or wliliout par Unl board, at the s bore number: conveoteat to oars and stages CiA WF8T FOURTEENTH STBFET, BETWEEN FIFTH Ot and Sixth sver.ues?Gentlemen ana Ihelr wivet. and sin r e genllemec, can cr srcmiuodVed with full orDartial boa-d. acd p essant rt> m> Ths house has all the modern Improve menta Mage* pa a the door. -Q 8-*ST TWKNTY SIXTH WREST.?ELEGANT U O rooms and narlora to l?t, in a atrietly private and res pec able family, with 'uli or partial board, if required. Loot* Hon uniurpasied. with ?li the modern improvements. Aug lUh, French, auo Apaulsh apobea. CI WALES RBTRF.KT. FIVE DOOR8 WEST OF BB04D i?T way?A quiet and genteel private boardln{ house, 'or sinfi'e gentlemen and gent emen acd theL* wives. Terms rea e< Ml able. Hot, celd and shower baths tree. OA JONKfi SIRE FT.-SUITS OF H AN DBOMKLYl/I' B OU Dished rocmt on first and second floor?; also room < for single nertltmen, with foil or partial board. Referencea ex changed. AND A 21 JAY STREET.?GENTLEMEN WISHING the eomtorta and pleasure ef a bom*, should eaU early ai d engage the few remaining rooms. Booms light and airy. A COMFORTABLE SUMMER HOD SB, HAVING THE verr beat of rooms, water, scenery, loc.uon. edlblee, fi l i's. e< pears; no cholera ever and everything right See circulars at Mid Rroadwar. Personal interview* every Finer. A SUIT fF ROOMS, ON SECOND FLOOR.?1 PARTY ot gentlemen. desiring three elegantly furnithel rooms, with aterdeoce, at moceiat* price, $20 r>?r week, mvy obtain them at 42 University pl?ce. Also, an office inimble for a phy sician. A YOUNO LALY WISHES TO BE ACCOMMODATED A wl'h board, in a pr.vate family, where aha cei bave the rem torts of a home. Terms reasonable Address J. J. 8., Heua'd office FEW FAMILIES CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH .1 hoard at the kocae uf Wm H idob e, in btsunt >r L. Con reciteut. P.t-D'v o' t'ru" nflk an? vvgelab'ea on til* p*emi >e* F or par'.tcu ar* lsquue of G tl. hblilH A CO., No. 546 art ad way. a PRIVATE FAMILY WiTLD DISPORB of OXEOB rX t *-o pleasant mom wuh board Tee bouse conta'ns gas, b?tb,Ac Apcly at 126 Wee' Twentv second St., between 6th and 7 th avenues. Beterenees required. AFUBBI8KSD KOCM TO LET-IN A PBrVATE family, wi'hout board, would he let to one or two gen tlaruen oi resoeetabillty on moderate terms. References ex changed. App.y at 38 Lextngtrn avenue. AO F N TLE MAN AND WIFE. OR TWO SINGLE QE". tlemen can have very pleasant rooms, with hoard in a private family. at 3t l.exiaitoa avenue, corner Twenty tbnrtb street The hot se has the modern unpn vemen'.s, and is con ven'.ect to Fo rib aver ue stages acd cars. Termsmederate: trom $3 to l.i per wee*. A VERY DFFI4ABLF ROOM TO LET. WITH BOARD, ra. in s hou-e with a private famUv, in First place, Brong Ijn, a tew steps from the rat;road, lead ug to Fultsn and Ha mliicn feme*. To aslrgie gentleman, desiring tie comforts of a bom*, scd who Is wiling to pay liberally br ths same. id's spot offers advm'sges that cannot be surpassed in tbe city. Acdies* Heme. Brooklyn Post office. AFUBNISHF.D THIRD STORY BOOM 10 LET-IO t so rkgie gent'eraen. with partial board. Alao, a second a orv hall bedro- m, to let to a single gentleman, Family prl vate. with ro otter boarders. House coatains gai Inquire a' 06 . it- ? Bread way. A WIDOW L4PY HAVING MORE BOOM THAN SHE ifquires wcr.'d ie' nie cr two pleasat' attic rooms v fh ?r without board. Tetms moderate. Inquire at No. hi 1 hompton street. AFURNHHED 81'IT < F RC.0M3 TO UT, WITH OR vl'hout beard. crua-*irc ot the ectire second floor, witn a! the modern improvement-; will be let t/jgult paries. Ca'l t' t.'i' hrtstoober street, and see them. Pareas can have one two, three or four room*. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE AOOOMMO dated with t leasast rtwins and beard in a private family, hi 131 Hester atreet, one b'ocktrcm Boweiy. i r-PLF.NDTD LABG* FRCNT BOOM TT LET TO A J\ gent'eman, fuTLtrhcd. wl h iioard. or wl'hi ut, asdesu-ed He* all m^lem improvr ct* aid lae iccatiintiua App.y at 12 Vestry tiree:. ses' St. Ichnspsrk. Boabp-in scuth Brooklyn, about three mi nu e> walk 'rom tbe Hamilton lerrv; can aaeomm date two crthree vrung g"ni emen. cr s gentleman and wife It is in the beau) ie*t rei<oborhood In brook!} n, Between Luquecr and Henry streets st 103 Hau-flton averue Board -persons of respectability wishing board can be well supplied, in city or country, by apt)'.v lng at 712 Broadway. Informat.onlree. From long experience we know and can ceretuliy dircc' to all good tousea taking boai-rees. R. L. GOODWIN, PrmdpaU Board-to let, with board, the second s ory front room, with bedroom and pantry attached, of bru*e 87 East Broadway; gas bet and Oold water; also a tin g;egentleman can beac*mmcdatetf. Relerencieichanged, Board.?a gentleman and his wife, ob two ittgle xert erasn, car be acccmmoiated witb a handsome i. cm fttrr tsbedor cnfurrlebed, In Brooklyn, within five m' notes' walk of Wall street ferry, by applying at 141 Montague p'aca. Boabd.-a widow Lady, wuh ut family, oc cupying a 'S.-ge bouse In Nicety first street. between Third aid Fourth avenues, would like to Accommodate a. lady and gentleman wirh board; also one or two singV gentlsmsii vi'h full or psrtial board. 1h? locatioa ti p'eisant nod bea,tby, ?td mvenlent to the cars Those wishing a p'entnt ?cd retire' tope m?* apply at the elith house fr.m 11 lrd avenue. Nirety tiisi itreeL Boarp.-a gentleman and wife. OR TWO OF. three geatl?treo, can e srcornmoda'ed at 101 Prine* street. wi fctna tiuuin's walk of oruadwa; ; gas and bath in the house. BOARD-A LaPY WOCLD LET A NEATLY FUR u shed fr ,nt room to a gentleman and wife, with pal lia' brsrd. or would vr-ooimodatean invalid lady, who would ?e<iuire attention Applj at 217 West 21ih at , near Stharenue. Board in twfnty third strbbt.-a plbasant ri t of rroms, cw second floer; alio on fourth lloor, suita ble for a gentleman and hie wife; also moms for single gen tie men; bouse has all the mooera improvements; location very peasant. References exchanged. Apply at 76 Weat Twenty third street. Board in ohblbfa.-a gentleman and his wite, or two sir ale cectietnec. can be aecommo dated wd'h lull orpar-lai bi-ara a' 119 West Twentieth atreel, opposite the ftpieocpal church. Rt-erenoeexchaageti. Terms moderate. Board in a private family -twosinglegf.n. tlsweo can be ace anmrdatea with partial board at 2 j Cottage place, be-ween Houston and n. seeks r streets. .Sour but tilLgie gent s men need apply. Board, and elegant Bot-'Mt, for two or tbrbm single gei'-lemeo. in a first c aaa house, on Brooklyn ?wtgh a with a wdal American private fami.y. Apply at 49 i'?i.uritu , wreet, Brooklyn Br AND IN BROf KLYN.-WaSTF.D, bv a married sdv. whose hmbasa is about going to Europe a com (iir-a-. j furnished loom, with board, tn a private, tamily, who taie r' o'her h at.Uru Tsrwsmust be moderate Address, wt'h It'll particulars ?nd terms M. A O . Herildqtllce. Board i* brooklyn-a widow lady in drrir cus taking two or three gent emen or a gentleman and h.? wife to brsrd Parior, e.egan-iv furnished.*at 330 Hicks a'reet five minutes' walk from south ferry Terms reasons blr. OaRD IN BROf KLYN?WITHIN FIVN MINUTES' aa.k of Wall and Fu ton ferries. A gmt.eman and bis ? e. or ?even, singie sent'emeD. caa be acrommrdated with .- arge at.d pleasant fror ; room with bedroom attached. Ap :? 130 Btn.-y - :eet. between Pierreprmt and Clark streets. Board in brookiyn-a oeittlrman anpwifb, o- a *ew single gentiemem can obtain baard, fu I or par us.'. wlUi o earant enonta at In) Hicks street, Broeklyn, be (tr.i rniu a sru Wail street fairies. Board in no Br ken.?three or four gentle mei can be sccmm dated with break fas ?r.d tea. in a pr v-.te family, tn a plessmsnt location. Apply at 19 Irving place. B< ARI> AT HOBOKEN ?HANDwOMRi.Y FURNIFHED ro- m? with full or panla: board,for ladies or gentlemen. In a pt vat* family bail) do A tew in'r. ore* waia iron the >r-,e- A4cre?, or cad at, 23 Washington terrace Board on statin ihland.-a ofntt.eman and apt v if-, or two or three single geni emen. can be for -iated w-Ub p.e.vaaat rooms and partial board in a o .ttage rew'? furop' er, within a abort dpaance of the fbrry. AopU > wttort? ad-Lrns'ted A O Herald offlce, srtll have prosspt aiien ttoc. TJOaBD WANTED?A PLMASTaNT furnished 1} io m wpb board, is wanted, by a "oung aiy ot unlet habits, withatamiiy ? other hoarders preferred. Ad orer with terms A< , whith must be tuolerate. 0. W. M., Rroacway P'st 'Flee. Board wanted-in Brooklyn near fultom r Mottsigue te-rles, by a tingle gentleman, Fiea-e ad dress c. i> Hsts'1 tflce. tjoard wanted.?a gentleman wishes board J J lor t imaelf. wile and su er, either on Lrog tslaad r,r Sta ten "<t convenient to fet rlea '<r stage route vb-re leading. f a*, rei rctable peraon who will take no other boarders ran ?tr-wer ihis Beard wanted till October. Address tl , Herald B * Jfl A n a Hf)\?[l WANTED IN THE OOUNTRY-FOR FAMILIES atd strg e gentlemen All wishing genteel boardersshould Spp.y at t.'S It arda.-ft exchange, 3W, Broadway Aputeioaig r ]t t|rg where man- aresall.v appivluglor baard. ->ri j yJr t Boarders directed gra.uMoualy.

Q. H. BMITH v ro. aBDING -TWO fiR THREN 8INGLE OKNTl.EgRN ay finii p easant i'txtmr, with hrrarti, at No, 9 -ujri.ia street seer the Bowery. bMH tSRfif KLYN TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN MAY *IYr> J) *''.d. a.ry r??.me, with partial r"sr i in a novate house. K-er-O'-s's.|uires. Apply at lb <1 nton strset, Br -?ktyu. fTOtBTRT BOARD WANTED- BT A FAMILY OF \J e gbt perso* s In a ?nia'l prtva'e family or f.. -n b use, i< Grt#awi U, f oeseetictbL whu Sake do otaer roarderi; nave ?rv" . y tfi 'us aid re de uOt more than % tpi arte* 'f%,niie frr'- the ds(- Address stating : sme, tysttor., terms .kc. F. W ft . fx t ',f#l hew fork Fust M M fILINTF.Y It /A hl>.?EXCELLENT A' t tVkui,t S fTiT* t If'T *}:r ? rnrrer r r rb'S' he-tl'.ilt'' S-id fi-a ft,, o see, I I 'r is city ti- etrrrejs ivpil snvlat t i", \n ? ri a = litT1' Oil j "OT ? ? ?%a4 ifi-; -j s?iU?ni-(f a. l ess if oof 4 44, I' s 411 ? ?uuimna ijutiuuitt. flO'.'STBT FfMBD <'-.N UK OBTblMfcD I* .? FLU V' if. 1 ??.' t?sl h* loratTj.. Bali- n'?tT bah'rg t- now ILflmod, rev J arte J, rie??r?,>fH ??. 3M or 34n tto?ery. JobhrB I* Alius Propria to*. C1CUXTRT BO A hi' ? A FKW B kARDKRB WILL BE / tskenfn a privet* (ami1' 1a * ve*> heaithy geniou a-.d p em?nt lccntl. c. situated within ou? uule ilrai ofthe prlu olpe depi.tscq ?wll<m Hulnv! so* wi'ht% tw > and b?'f touts' ride o' llilh rite Fur ttriciuars Lggi/t of M, W. Bill I.MAN, dtdohn nil eel COUNtKf BOaRD WAN'Ei-F.jR A PaMILY CH eight p'mti oit?e DuUoi river within twealy mi ?* Ot New Icik, where ibere ere no o her bou-ders p-eferred Rtferwics exchanged. a tdress, stating term* Ac. X. A., Prre'd office flOrNT&V BOA K r> AT P RT R i HBO AD, Sf 4 fKN * ' Ulerd. The aew hner<firg anise o'?h? Misses B eud M. DI8Pi>8WAY. ple-HAL'.It situated ou Uie Perk ead within three mindes' w-lk ot tbsferiya Po:t Klelni'md, U aim ?racy to.- b erilrn* F.erir anpii-atlon ieilral> * For di rections app x to ?'o lectors at ibe Msw Brighton terry oatt, fool of It .tiebail ?.? reet BlINk. HaMESCMK ROOMB FURM-tHED C >MTA1K P tos gee, Oro'uo, closets, connected hi belb room, Ac , to mi. villi or without partial hoard. In the rfw end privets renWrcce, 4' Wm street, betweeu fifth and Sixth avenues. aethtfactory .-eferevcai etchings*!. Jj CBNIhHKI) BOOMH TO .KT-TO A BtNULK UKW1LR P war la a privae feauly, where (here are no board ere; a back room arc bedroom on eecond flo ir, with gas; a vsf pleasant end convenient loce'Lun apple at tit bad thir teenth street, between Dried war and l/ni'entt' pieoe. |DURNI3H?D ROCK.?A NEWLY FURMHH1D ROOM V to let without board, In a private family, no one else In the b> Ure; loeatiUL very p easant; lath aid gee; In elcra vi cinity to car* at d eagre, retereucea required. Address W. it. b.. Hers d office. EDUBNlfcHKD ROt MB -8k.VF.RAL URaTLHRSM CAN " be ecrommodatea with nicely tarnished aod pleasant rnrira. with gas, m a fined private family, at 212 Oreene etreet, teennd door from Fourth. FI RMBBRI. ROOMS TO LlKT?WITHOUT HOARD. TO single ger-Uemer, down tow-n, and ?ithla one minute's walk of Broad way; bath In ibe bouse; famiiv mull Refer wrceeeicharged Price *1 5o and 12per week. App.y at 38.1 Broadway, cilice Mo 18 tPURNIBBBD ROOMS TO L*T -WITH OR WITHOUT T toard suitable for a gentleman and hia wife; a'eo rooms for a few single gentlemen; home has all the modern improvements, and Is situated oce block irons Union square. Apply at 21 Irvingp ace. IftL'RNlSBBD ROOMS ? ONB OR TWO ROOMS WI*H r btdrooms ar joining, newly furnished, in the first e ais browti ?tone heme 38 Oreat Jonei street. to let. wl'n or with out partial board. Bet and cold water and gas In every room; t h hi Ac FCRMISBRD R< OM WaNTRD-FOR TWO 81 NIL* gentlemen, with or without. beard. Address S. Ml., box (9 Metropolitan Poet office, Klghth etrcet. Hotel lodging -?omk of the brst VF.iTiLk ted and well fu/tu-hed rccms for single gentlemen to oc cupy. are to be found In that large bulging, the Uloie Hotel, ootner of Frankfort and William streets, tor 25 cents per night, or Cl BO per week VJ"EWLY FURNISH HO ROOMS T > RRNT, WITH BBKAK Ax fast If desired. at No. "o Irving place; re terenoe requires. Terms made known on application. (kfOTICE ?A G1NTLRMAM AND HIS WTFE, WHO Ax are detdreu* ol residing In the country duriug the turn mer season, may obtain bosrd in a private family, at a very tctderate price, provfdlig the lady boarder wou d be willing, in the abtenceof the lad? ot the house to take a little eupervi fticn i vrr ibe domestic affairs. 'J he loeaioi is very pleasant and convenient aid access! ile to the city at all times. Go id retererces required A note addmsed to B. W., Broadway Poet cfilce, will prompt attentlou. CCM *0 LET TO OK* GENTLKMaM, 89 0HRY8TIK etieet. mccnd story. $10 per month. R Rooms nkar Broadway.- furnished or un luxntsbed rccms, either or the first or a?coud floor, to let, tueirgie goLt'emen only, in a cHvate family Also, a ba.e tuei t toots, suitable for an cflioe. App.jr at 536 Houston street, near Crcsby street Rooms to lrt-fcrnishkd or unfurnishfd. wl h cr withi ut par iat hoard. In the p'eaaant houn 250,'<i Ter.ffi street, witn'he modern ' rvro FUR* ISHKD ROOMS TO LET-FOR SINGLE gertlemen in a private French laml y in South Br ;okiyu; five minutes'walk from the ferry. Apply at No. L56 hejraw street lour doors from Hicks street TO LET?FURSIbHrD ROC'MS, WITH OR WITHOUT board, in a private family. Apply at 26 Greece street TO LET WITH BOARD, A FROlfT PARLOR AMD bedroom ar joining with pantries, for a gentleman and wife; and a tew sing legem emencan also he accommodated, at 80 East Broadway. Ucuse contains bath, gas, Ac. WANTEP-BY A GEN ILEMAN, A FURSI3HEf> ROOM, in a private famll?, with the puvlieg- < f partis'. Doard locution above kigcth street and wast of 1 avenue. Ad dress Watson, Herald office. mSCELLAHBOPB, Tim CHINA TEA BET", 100 W. 0 110 , 50 WHITE?. lUU B.and decora'eddlnnerMetr.pii'.hers jars, toilftsets. cups, paucert, prescrvcx. and aflne astortment ot richly cut glass ware asid chandelier*. A H. OOCOH, A (est. 257 Bowery. AN EFFICACIOUS CURB FOR CORNS, BUNION*, OAl lost ties, naUa (rowing into the flesh, and every disorder ? the feet, by a new and peculiar method, without cutting, m without causing the slightest pain. Monsieur LEVI, ot No. 50 Bis Rue da BItoU. Paris, aaE We, 3 Conduit street. Regent street, London, Surgeon Chiropodist patronized by the Emperor of France and the Royal family ? Brigand. may be consulted daily, Sanders excepted, from f till 5 o'clock, at his office. 91 West Beyenth street, betweca Ftflh end Sixth avenues. copies or testimonials. [From bis Imperial Msjesty Napoleon III., Emperor ? France.] Je cert'ftt que M. Lev! enlere toe eon avec una extreme ha illete. Lotus Naeolkon Bo> aa-aht*. IT mm James Baker, Esq.] I eertlfy that Dr. Levi has cured me some months ago or se vere troublesome bunions without the lesst pain, and wtitot nave annoyrd me fur many years, i walk at present wtU r-at eomxort, and cheerfully recommend Dr. Lavt to my blends and publlo. James Baker, New Yoke , March 24, '.856. 22 East Seventeenth street. [From H. J. Feltus, Esq J Unsolicited by Mr. Levi, I beg leave to testify to aiesuueum ful fkl'l In having perleotly removed a large bnalon of loaf ?tending, witnout causing aay pals. B. J. Fei.tds, Philadelphia, July 27, lb5S No. 4 Boston raw. In addition to the above authenticated testimonials, raaaj -houiatds more in his possession (among which are severs trom ladies of the highest rank) can be sees by favoring hln with a call at his offioe, 91 West Eleventh street, between FlfM and Sixth avennea. New York. N. B ? No professlottal connection with any person. BOWLINu AND SHOOTING-A RARE OPPORTUNITY is offered to a person or persons t j erect a ten pin a liy orrhootlrg join, at a'ashiosabe watering to?-ie, uear 'his City, which is a grna< thoroughfare. Ina bnildi' g or builktigs will be taker. ?? a substitute or rent, fur s term h u may be seretd upon. Address H 8. Summer House, broad say Po?t i ffice BfiUSHM f F EVERY DESCRIPTION?AT THE BRlne iaittry No 337 Pearl street, Franklin square. All arti cier eold a' the lowest factory prices Paint brushes of a su _>e rior quality cotstantiy on hand; machine brushes made ts order. JOHN K. HOPPEL. Bridgewater paint-the best article krown fcr roofs ol houses, decks and bouoms of ve-sels. and ou'side work generally, being ? perfect protection against the action of the atmosphere For sale a: the company's de pot 90 Water street Draught, vf.ntila t ion and heat.?tor sale rights tor the Plate of New York of the following new inventions:?a fire proof draught snd ventilating chimney; t Irion ventilator, which curea smoky chimneys; a shin and cat siphon ventUalor; a tabular furnace or heater, (interior to any ?hlng In nae. ModWs can be seen at the offiss of WM. C. War ( EE, 98 Broad way, n\> stain. DON'T PAY *1 FOR A BOTTLE OF H \TR RRifORA tire, when yon can get a receipt to make lac best aalr ret lorativs ever Invented lor oolv 25 cenis Address box 161 i ha ham iquare Post cfflce. New Tork. eareot Aaron 8wartt Ij1>GRAVING AND FBI sTING?HALF PRICK-WED ti ding, at home cards, address and autograph cards, wed dli g stationery. Ac . business cards bill bends, note?, checks, drafts labels. Ac., at KKOLY's, 61 Faltonstren', New York ECGINIA TOLLANTK WILL UPON THE RECEIPT of 26 cents, or Its equ'vaient In stamps, ssnd a delineation ol character, pas', preeen'., ard future dentin>, from spec! men of writing, describe the future partner eucce.s in law suits journeys, Ac. Address, with return postage, New York Pot tt dice. /^CNU. RIP LIS AND PlSTOLS.-ONION A WHI4R IT LOCK 99 Maiden lane, nutntifsctiirent and Importers ol biugie and coubie guns,sporting and target titles, revolvers sing e and dnusle pisto's. in great variety, powder flanh*. sbt?i bens and pouches, dram flasks, bo?ie knivea. percu'siun gun materiel and sporting apparatus of all descriptions. C1 OOPS (CITABLE To THE 8KAS0N. r Heir Iterators, wster coolers, rlates and brt aonla ice pitchers. Meet s.t'es and garcen tools. Ladles' baokets and reticules. Far s In treat vsrteiv. Wine and cutter cooler*, .Market, flower and fmll basket, Hip, sposgn and shower balls, Patent tee cream freezers, t'ene and Iron ware. The shove goods sre ? tiered at the very lowest marks rates as aire the Immense and varied assortment ot reltaile house lurnlsbtot (oods ROBERT DAY IB, Nos 644 and 646 Broadway, Northeast corner of bleeder. Havana hegaks by hieambhiph BlaOK war rlcr end Uahawba.? Cabanas, Figaros, regalia del revs l orcbas Loodrse. ooeras. do . ('Unas CalargM, Ac., by Uu lu< or 1 It'll, ten per cent below market prices. A. P. ROGER* 164 Maiden lane, second story. Liquid gllb.-a new and very bupkrioe ar Ucle, warranted not to eyaporate or sour; always ready fbr use and admirably suited to the wants of every household Manufactured and for saia by LIGGETT A MAROCB, AS Pearl street. New York. Recipe?by mkanb or which any farmer, mer chant mechanic or r erk can clear 12 per day, without ibtri faring with regular business Kent ('Wtpaid) to all who enc ore one dime u> J. MILLKit, Goshen, t urn. CPOARB ?CASH PUR HAHKrtM Ca.Y l'HOUUR* BaR AT gains from a stock of over a mlllton Havana, d imestlr an German t ormai, 13 60; operas $3 Caeh advarres made o segars. O. CKWIKB, 17 Broadway. SODA WaTKR APPA tATUq-ONLY (45 AND $60. ALL tcmplele. WM. OAK Fulton street, New York, third flcor. 55*5M>KRSIGN KD, H * NO JBPMIUQR IN UN _ gal and comnrerclal all- this city, will, assisted by ffinlen: alas, at'ei d t.i the tr? don ol ag?nsy hn.ln*?s la general, a'uoh as purchase an I of real aid person*! pro perty, rale lanos, h uses so ? hotels, restaurants: obtain money on bond and mortgage s> -lerchanillen, and dlstonnl notes, drew deeds. mortg?gts. ? -"acts *c , Ac , at very ebo*t n?,ilce, and extents with s" "id d.*patch such other commissions its may he ex;e- Ml transactoss ihat mar be desired will receive * ? eat attention ami be promptly and SonOdentlsllj ei" ? >RKH OAMARD, No. 6 Tryon row, comer of Oban . ?* ??reel, room tin. 2. RK (?Kl AT MAOir cUMMSR lio 8TOVR WILL bike, boll, try, slew, roast or bn ? m lets time and with lest troubleand expense, and '? Pert.-etly, tb*n si y mher tnefhtd. Prices fto xi f4 t , Universally ar Wrov q.f'lhemos! useful and cm ? r. apparatus tor n a to,, r < kuig t ver known, t.'all ?n<i . VI ? DFMf'KkBI, i stentee 376 Br y, up si Jr> f \ ? K,lsON*8' gLK'TRO <)H"MIt:Ai. tTlta ?uu \ PKIN'R Of Hrr, kJyn, propnet.^ u . TKRUNRf rts ?e af'etidance at 710 Rroadw*-. Tb?y ? beet,ears rralliun neuralgia, and a'.'1 dJeease^ arlt pi of en l use of ms-mry or cJiSr osiu Isin'iyv ,;m ?, oAa, dep ' ? men lor lAdiga. MaaAlIf JUUutifl AJk LinMo,! "*!. opfi oir* i?n bt biiiolab < *J ?t h.tal ?lo iet. ?i ?rt cr ice while it 're tlrs' ll ? embracing .'lit >o nj?. ?s*iu a<?.red so sa t.i mftte en el?*sal u.t liuery cuie.'.aouer.. or i?llr.itt| e?t?. i-hnei.', or e'tl'-of r . u':. f.?- ?tuiii genteei. f??kt'T *M ft r?w furu ihsd I ?dg It * :< tax A gofv rastgera' t to the buemeni A HOTEL TO LKT-ON HROlDWftV, C'ONTaJNIWO J\ 112 i x to* rewly I'Triiliw. ttr 4 with all tee modern 111 proven;-' ts, e?p*b .* .11 accoir mine tie g I*" bucnred per?oni the )oc*U it,??inr| b8 HU'^aaaeili u?lll be 1 x< tor or a ?r tl re >r?n to ago .d t?o?i)t ror terms aoply no'be "remises, to OKt'bOfc W. RAKl'il. proprletur, Pl>Mouth Home AFUP-MRHKtr FIRST C'L iSB RAliLIBH BftBRMttNT h. use fife nlO'Uft h<fh, i r* iture all new scd lu ail piet"o:dnr, to let. this house has all ids mid ere iini>r"Vtv mtnis, In toe very he?i ad I* It "111 he t?>. as a first claw hi arcing bourn or <-? a private familv, il It ftlau a sulendM el' nalloc lor a physician. II agreea"le part of the root will be taken lu lioard. Apply tot' II BOIVKB f* CO . ?4 Mumi a! BWC KT T W-10 LK.T, THK THRKkl STORY R K1 IK bouse JP6 llrhlge 1-tTot* uss, lo'dtng lairs, iiiilo. ce - la- Ac ; ?'i*btn three minutes' wait from the ferry. Ken 6H7J. Apply at f 9 Jtbusin street, Urotklvn. (AC L'M RY'SKAT TO I.KT -7HIR1 Y AC *"h, BRf VFKIN letth avec je aril Hudson rivjr. known ?* Woodland, adjoin eg If 2d ctree railway Station. The ?p v ou-mftnsirb Is equally sdapied laiummer anl winter, tor a private i -h; deuce oj h "e1 purposes terms in?de eaay n a reapotante tenait. Alio, twj stnrea under the hotel, a at*, ft lie for get.Ua men'a furnishing thread and needlea or any fancy outness. ACdreaa H. T .Hotel Bt. Oermatn. LM-RNI8B*n HOirsF TO LET.-aTHRKE BTDBT and F basement brick house, in new and be?u!l'ul order, wi'h a 1 the modern Improvement? ver? nomp'.e'elv and handsome ly unlisted, In first claw ne ghhortaood; rout with lurniture, H.OtiO. A da real L B.. fleraid office. (NCRNIBBRD HOUBKTO LRT.-A GOOD HOUSE, WP.Lb P lrca>ed on Broadway, ooni lining nearly fifty rooms, well furnished and full ot boarders, whl be let on rets untile terms 7 be above Is s rare opporturity, where three or foil- thousand dollara per year mav be made Addresa B B , Herald ollloe Ft.'KNISBFD BOU8S, ENGL'StI BA3KMCNT. TO BR let lu tSd street; at a it dea'rad the rent taken tn hoard Address M a. , bet 131 Herald office. pKKMA* FKBTIVAB.?BARROOM *0 LKT FOK TUK V I s:.!e of ager bier. Ac , also the counter room 'or tbe tale cf ti uiia and flowers. The I estiva! to be held on 16th June. AtrlyUiMr. fl. Wa#D, Bellevue groundt, toot Klgn.leth ante;, herder of East river, for two days. Hcubb to LIT.-TBK thru rtort BRICK HODBR bo. lib! Orsna street comer of Orotby street, cintatulng fi ifiiri) m. well adapted for a boarding boose, being only oif b cok trcm Broadway. Immediate posaemlon given, ap p'i st 332 Brrome street. door from Wall street; very desirable for lawers. ageuta hiokera Ac. jUsi pained, papered, and now in good ?nier. h ? at low. Inquire at the law ollloe of UOVaLLA UdAHK, ho. 5 New tireeu OFPI'JB TO LET FURblSHID Willi DE1K8, OAK pets. Ac , over the t-bos and i eather Bank. 271 Broftdwa*, correr ot Chamber* street Apply today, between 1C a.M. ard 5 o'clock P. M , on the premitea, room 33. OEHCRTOBRT-ALARGR PLR ABA NT OFFIOB TO let, on sanond r.f buf ding 167 Broadway. Apply t? JllHN FCLBl, gold pen msbutaotui 'r PORTKR HOUSE TO LET, AND THE FIXTURES FOR sale ?This la a gw.d stand, and the tin urea will be sold cheap. Inquire at the correr of Hammond and (Test streets Room to lkt on broadway-a front room on second story, 7(17 Broadway, suitable for tight bmtnesa purposes Apply on the premises, aeoond .story, .between U o'clock A. M. ana 6 P. M. JTORE TO Lit.?APPLY AT NO. 62 DIVISION 5 street. 'O LET?THE FOUR STORY BCILDINO ON fill tor sale. Apply on tie ptetalieg CHILD, BOO BETA Co. QlATB.B ISLAND?TO LET. A NEAT HOUSE ry a Ttal?E?^HlROi'T ?*rl0?. ? AP^LITOWS BUILD. r?'e Kea'm0dc rro LET-SUPERIOR SDITS OF BOOMS in C'MHI crK Arp:> on'the^em^'-%O?r^^vl098!a' *C ? - OA89AK, BROTHERS. T? VEBT ""K FTORER, RUITaBLI FOR Harrison erretst, of h. JACOT? vp4U?? ?c* ^ppiy at Xo. 2 T? LRT?TI1RKR PARLORS, OVER J B MfLl RR *v FLCOR OF HOUSE, OPPOSITE THE E'm eirtr, *' w* k lrcm depot. Inquire at so; ^gasrsmia^SS ss&gg TO LET?PART OF AK EXCELLENT TUREF htorv baS?' aL?5?/6ii1,hiMt ?^on? ia "e oh? & gP **ir.,vs utmb8" T? LET-A STOBE, WELL LOCATED ON THE TWTRn ^B:orDrnV^bVS^,n?^ApC^7 & ihlrd avenue, corner of Thirty foth street. 4S4 JIO LET-BR8T ACCOMMODATION AND 8TALI eor ciZtfcZ App" 111 ?"? ci?T"Aiu?.?na T(>wcSl~J5iIBD ELOOR' c^nsisiino of four TO LET-PART OF THE STORE NO 141 v a ao att itreet. mailable lor an office ,,r counting room. rilO LET?THE FIRST OLAHfi BAKERY 114 FIRST .VP oob.'aagyiasL?good bu,ine?fi- AppiytorHos. wA" apHiSl ! N1."; 3fA|,iljn IU "od 11 "'"lock, to A B. HCtCH s, i's r?Ji c?(-pfo?",Rdj?lrlng: closets uantrr and Hi Umlliw ' Ren- *2o"Ja^UR.^t of Mra V^Vf TAm<""'e4C "I^O LFT- 1HE PR81RABmK THREE 8Ti)RY DWftr < mmmmm rro LET?UPPER PART OF BOUSE MS WiTRKtiv w&u&msgig ? M. WRaY. p? LET OR UKASE?THE STORK AND HOUSN ftm i Euoecn street. Apply in W. WEST, ll? Hud.ou -TO F.kNT-ltIB aPAPIOUN STORE NO UsT^ntTR L a^ruS'u, A^tST'A, ??. PI?KCK. lsw'itiin ure^t. a ?e:ured. By K DO RJNT OR LBA8E rOR FfRRM~7F~YEAR?~nv every "n,e ?**n! '"fobbed tn.nrlon houte w"h l#*'VltuAU?ntiMun^ePo2^,u|jSd'^V^m*n*l^ itfefrtk Pwt HlcbmSd? HOMER MORUaM, No. 3 Pine street. T*"P" MaNIEA' TUKKRS. TrjlcETTTHE BaSB .?5T SKft' etreu, comer of Barclay. ^ 4 UO'.*>l Greenwich KLHOPE A NADVRRTI8E JIKNT'A. /IACTION-SOME UNPRISCIPLHD piopr K n.v,*/. V7 counterfeited our hat s'amp, and olaeed it Li7"!" o? name m tbeli hate, wlih a view tone?IS ,h.Z b?s>is ai our mannfantnie a* d nom? Aeir o snt em hay. |? tb8 ?^^a,Z^^'^r'' aeal ?nuHerfett?rt our hat itemp. and eoA hat bat mamiian urera and ??- ."""igs eo s'amoed 10 abroad bavlrEtal ed our attention th?H^ a* ho,n* and notice 'bat we Aaileetaam lt^ D*rUon??fw? iJ***" ! transmit ton?iueh Information wUbtnehin CnH^i?***1*? w1il 1 nama of all parte. 0ire,inf ^ob .oX thu ' bUd tit oommence prooondmii* at iaV.!.w i be ena jOBi. THOMAS A EDMUND CHRISTY A CO., Loedoa FfoE.^eTL?N F0B AMERICAN TRAvFLLRRToOUro Hotel Mew ice THE HOTELS. Hotel dea Itallem Parti. Hotel <1ei I'rlnres 1 * H? Hotel de RtiiUe. kept by M. Youni da ? ^ Hnte d' l'Arglet?'re Baden Baden. Hotel de Feder... Fmnk'bru Hotel de Feder Turin. Hotel del'Kuroje Oeneva botel de Vlile. Oi be opened In'AuytirVL-illttTJll'' . fcOTRLS? ?Cr NOT OOoD ONira ,, A " 'he boteli in London are bad. Hotel de Klvoll p.w Hotel de Bade Hole; dee Trol- Kcli ,J*?- ? , Afd rnaiy otbera wkleb *lii beglV^ hei^r8wl';'',r'*nd DAtmni and frlendi ylilttni Kneiane tw.i ! ^ . Amerloai m?>b^1*," "* 7"' Ej"i <* titejtoiyi ! ?tree and the ' ortt" ten^^E aja ?twaurtEs: * USifrft'CT JaMfH MAKKWNLL. IcATI PKOPNisrVtia or !' *"* "? ? the 'Jr?ft< r and the ifot.1. Nortii ird South Amsrloar 'loftee Home hen to In'orii? i?i Amenoen trleridi ytittlng l^tneoa that. J M Is ?hii u.Y. . ? In botjis in bin n^lnhDorhrvrf, u>4 bus niflowne.; ? mshed 1.0'ise. alataya to let. in i th^frir b?wt part of Idondon. IT H.-AH cr by Ifltrer to .r*men Msir1t*??l irrLS^ m ?J f Stad-j.-d and A'hemarM T^ VICTetRIA HOTEL. BADEN HADE* OkBtusy" ? > A I h HBObHdLZ. ownere, \ kVc ? A,TYTE Irsveller write* from this plaer: VV Ve! I v ?iT5 Amer '"" t eller l The mo-1 elegant ot all ih nl , . ,ll,jTn ??? Ihen sty ft her, < < the Vlrt. rta gen * *1 * "2" "J^rei er.d I h Off-eholr, h^.the,,? f.T F Importers In Phlladelohla. Tl ?y n?i ki^iu ^'""r the,,- I ,rf t? e tth th-ee esn,ta?tl^ ItmXL, %Z??7 ' car, el y i >.t eir.rhlten' r?tM In tr\ 1 eonnfer'* whleh ur k l?Tt.h With a pioUto band at OtramVrkw. "hloh U,r" b'" * ?FBVl&L HUVIC9L*. Am. or mki/mcationb foh oh aklks h. oklatan, curl'* IiIh *h?fne? lr iin'Opp BIT he sedreised tb* care ci ihMt un t>eiavMi. 1)0 ba-sau s'me' or 102 We#t lupily urn, q rear Bix'.h avenue iTIcftlluk, T P.O. A MhhTiNti Oh T?* *#OVH #V c us wll beheld ihii Paturda' eraratig, Jim# 7, at # Of*!, Punc;i a'a'lendmoa u teque* ei. J. O Pabukli , deersuiry. H t' B1JUN3, PTexlleot. TO Wi:Y*?i.ttpiiurAr ldLkVKMH LAND INUUdtRlAL CONORKSh wtll fi Co't une lis rewlora at no 1 li>?arv, Vale's H*lq ihia {-eiutdajt a<d Sunday eveutrg. ui >, o'clock K?uc.' L Towasrnd, Jean end other* wl 'eddi-ne the meniyk* Officii or bkcuyik or yaxits-nkwoity bam#, J erk.llBT 1W 18M--Pub.b* notice la hereby g1veu tu*. thi re Is no tucb oilioe at Collector ol a rre?ea*?.i on eersinai Him, end thai no pur"on but the underdaued. or Henry rf Venn > eq . appointed (or lhal purpose, to oe touad at thin of tic*. ? authorized ti receive ao? moneys due for vera ere on pereonal taxes DI'kY U HOWaSI) hec#iver ej' tax** OFPiCK or 1HK aCilKKBORY TRANHIT C >MP?f*Y. New YnrS, Juoe 6, 18f6.?Nouo?* U hereby given th*t a relnis pr inlssory cate, iteued by the eald company on tod lib December. Idf5 (or 96.000, payable on damaoa to Joienh N. roou wilh Intere't, has bfec pvd b.v tats company, bu u >' tab#n up. aIi pernors are therefore hereby warned again* pvrchaainr o? negotiating if.ld ho p. Jutef.lrM ISAAC C LB A. Becee'ary PLUm'SRS' OUARD.-A MSHTIfill Or T IK Plumbers' Guard will be he'd on Sunday Juae 8. a' > o'clock P. M , at their headquar'ers. Hit! H-oadway By 'rl?r. J a MhO OH .MBKK3,Aeoc?tary Tax ookkiwiowsmp officii, *sw otrr ball it Chamber* street.? Nottee to tax payers The assess.mec robi of the several ward* of tha ctt? of New Tort havuia beet, returned by the Assessor* to thin office, we hereby girt notion to all Interested tax rater* that the same will ie opened (Or examination and revle* from Tuesday, the 20th day of May, until Wulnesday, the 25tb day of June Inclusive. All thnee Interested who are deairoua of exaniinlng or oorreotiag >oe ami, are requested to make applleauon to the under*trued, benr?a tha hoars of 9 o'tioek, a. M., and 1 o#?iook p. bl at ffiatr offlaa J. W. aLLRJT J W. j. PECK, > Tax OocnmWi'ra. A'. J. W/iJ.r aMSON, S Pkw Tors. May SI, 1H6A. THK PATBBSON AND KilW PORK PLANK ROaO, extending from Hobckea to Peterson, juat continued, will be throe n ooen ?<> the (Tee use of the uub'lc on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Ma 6th end 7th of June. Tho?e who are tone cf btatitttul scenery and a quiet ride are Invited to visit 1>. Natr York June 6 1866 THR HIOHLAbDS 8OI IAB .8 AND BO tT CLUB WILL bo d their regular week.y meet1 agu no Ihursdav e'suing, at dfO erradsey, club house. Pereon* dejtr iu?ol joining eta do yn by applying personally, or by letter, poxipaid, to J. a. hurts, 4r0 hroaaxrsy. aUIUS&A, l/AAautUlllS, *>v A Bargain.-fok rai.k a jenny MND oar ft tini?*, nearly new; fen;* for four persona, co?t $:W0; will be fold lor >2b(> Also ? set of ill vet v ated carnage taroaje, nearly Lew; coat >176, tor >100 eppiv imnadtsioly at 76 Baal Kitvt*.lh street, near Second aveiiua of UKO. 7, lAKtHOLK ABORSK WaWTIsD-ABOUT 16.^ BANDS HIOG hkd in single aud doutle harness a good finally hwsw and last troter App y at 4d Marion street Also, tor aaie, a good secondhand coach A Carriage and ligbt Wagon, in good ?a der. for >ale tan be ?"en at fassldy'a stable,ta Twent* fourth street, near N'ath avenue, for sale byJUdN POTTS bK'. WR, 148 Pearl street ABE AUTLFUL HORSE. 15J4 BANDS HIGH. 6 YKAB3 old. of fine style and a.tlon. #eh broke to saddle and bar nets, of Iiuroc stock Warranted in every raipeo'. Pr'ee WOt'. Can be tern at PI .'liicOWd riding academy fifth avc nre, corner of Thirty-nln h street. Blooded horbe for balr-a splincid four year old colt (grandroa ot old Eclipse ) raised nolo* Huladelobia, 14,'i bsLd? h'gh ard warranted In every parti cular; promises to be very fast; l? the hsaciomeit cot U the &ta>e, having taken several premiums, and Is orobahiy the purest blood In he c'.nniry. Lowest prlee ItUO. Address He Ipse, box its Herald otiioe. tVARBIAUK POR 8aLR-A BIX RRaTKD JBBKT, OB J summer carriage, second hand, but In perfect order. Pnoe cnlj >260; cost >660. Apply at the St. Mlcho.aa stables. No. ST Mercer sueet. ("1HEAP WAGON'S.?HBIETING TOP BUGGY, FiRsT J rate order, >76; two dout/e seat wagcus. >7U eaob; naw irottiig buggy, >80; grocer's wagon, He; large teed wmtoo, very cheap, at WalUoGTOn a. CARTER'S, bo. 67 Dey Btieet, corner of Greenwich street. FOR 8ALB-A TH3KK 8KAT KOGKAWAY WaGON; has been but little used, Is capable of carrying from 9 te 12 persons: wculdsulta boarding house or watering pi vita, inquire of G*o. C. HATUuBft, No. 68 West TwaOli third street. IflOB BaLK?A SORREL HOUSE, 7 YKaR* OLD. 15 1 hands high, sound and kind In slDgle or double harases, aud a very stylish driver; can Dot a mile c ose to thrsemiru'es. Atso, a light road wagon and ret of light single htruce* To he Sj'd cheap, as the owner has no farther use lor them Can be sort >t 248 Hcuston street. FOR 8ALE-A TAPT TAOTIINQ MARE, 15.S HINDS high, very hatdsr me, eight jears o'.d this sprlaig: ban now trot In leas thau I'.P'to wagon; Is eioeilent to po'e; has never bten trained, and Is one ot the moot promising youog mares cn the island. Will ne sold very reasonable, or exchanged for a large stylish pair of horses Csn be seen at IaAaO WCODKL'FF'B, near Union course. Long Island. For bale a bay mark, sevbn years old, ux hands high, warranted round and gent'e in all name is. a otTiish driver, will trot m 2:40, and withynt a taul'; aisooae hgbt ? hit ting top road wagou and harness, noarl't-i-ew; like wire tne horse, cart *nd harness. Fur further lafi nnatson la quire at 6>9 Water street POR SAI.E-a BPANCFBUPKRIOK HORSES. ABLAOK atd bar, five tears Aid, lb,'-4 bauds high, lrog cat's, stylish, Inst travellers weu broke, ana perfectly au ad Price >700. < an he seen at Powell's stables, 37 HeDry street, near Fuiioo, Erotkljn. ffOK BALK?AFISE PAIS OF CARRIAGE HOR9I8, P six aid (even years old, sound aud kind In a'.i harness, excellent saddle horses, csn t-o: In three minutes; srietNiid etytc end action, r.ppli to JaMiCb CoYNA, elnh stable, c?r ner of State atd Bcerum streets Brooklyn. j OR BALK-A PAIR OF CHK8NUT BROWN CaH r rtage horses; gay and very, eight years oid, eoucdand per'ectiy gea'le. For terms, As . mantra of GEO. R -.MbkN, at his stable. Livings on street, uear Boerum street, Brooklyn, where the horses can ne seen. Fob balk?one bat horsr, lot* banih high, very fMt walker, seven yeara old. suitable tor a oart or express wagon. Prioe>I73. apply at 436 TeLth street. ? POR BALE-A GRAY HORBH, WITH OR WltHOUT barcesa; csn go i?. three frlnu es; ver? atyllah warrant ed sound and kind; I5.S hands high, right year* old. apply at Pine street, from 9 to 12 o'ciuck. ^ OB 8AIE?A BAY HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH. EIGHT years old; just trom the couhtj ; warranted sound and kind In all harness, and a stylish driver. Can oe seen at W*. ul'JsK'S, 81 Third avenue. GIOR BALK?A DARK BORRRL HORSR, BR VAN YEARS a old, 16,'9 bands aigh, very st/ltsb suitable for a carriage f r barrens horae. Can be seen at Glcesple's livery stable, 127 f ast Broadway, for two days. (NOR BALK-A FIN* BAY IinRgK. SIXl'gES HANDS r high, eight years old. sound and kind tn all harness, wi'h asplendu new rrckawai carrisgeuod harnrsi, built toirder ot'he best material: sold Lecause the owner is going West. They ran be seen at JKf'OKK'H stable, corner of Hi ski and Uarrlfoa streets, South Prooklj n, for three days. FOR BALE-A FAST TROTTING Ms RE 15'*' HafDg b'gh, very handsome and stylish, pony unlit, e'ght ?'ears ok , can trot in lsss than 2:10 to tinmen, and in 2:45 O pole, end run beet anything on the road to wag in. Address A. fiat cilice. -j>OR BALB?SEVKBAL FINE HOR8E9. JGST FRO* 1 'hecoun'rj. One fire tiottiug bone, aud one very fine cart bone end a number of road hones. Also a cumcer ot tto udband light wsgois, for sale, cheap. App y at 206 and ^ . ? OLIVE 2(8 West Twenty seventh etreet. VTOOl>iA OLIVER'S livery Btable. IjSOB 8ALB, CBRAP-A LIGHT TOP BOX WAGON, J with a moveable eeat tor ck lulren; tt le is tirst rata order atd condition, and aa good ai new, aud only beea used a tew tew limes, and sbld tor want o< use. Alan a good set of single harness Apply at Norrle's s able, 11 -s Clinton plase, 8th st., near 6th avenne. For salk-a sadplk horbk, buitaBlk for a lady or children he Is a dark rbeanut coot, 14',' hen's h'gb, six years old ambies, tr.ta and cauters, klud in ilagle and donb'e harneas. and very <ju'et In dispoduon; in act, he only chjnctlcn the present owner has to bun. Is inet be ha? sot ruflicieut spirii for him. Warranted in every reaneot Price >125. To be seen at Disbrow's, t ifth avenue, corner of Thir ty- ninth si reel. Ij^OR BALB-A BKAUTIKUL LKATHRR TOP BUGGY " wagon, mace to orcer by a good cltv maker, uaed a few times, original paint scarcelv sored; will be sold low, one third the money taken in hardware. Apply in hardware store 546 Kighlh avenue. r OR BALE?TUB CELEBR4TED TROTTING STaLLION loung Almark. He Is a beautiful bay culor, over tlztee* bsres high, and Is prouabW unsurpaased ny any oihar atalllon i. 'be connDy; a bo trotting wagon and harness. Inquire tor .hreedays at the rid leg school, from 11) to II o'cloek, a. *., In Third atree', between Booth Fourth and Fifth streets, Wil liamsburg, L. 1. J, FOGAL.lJr. IJ'OR SALE?A BPLRNLID PAIR OF OOACH H ORB KB, r dapple gray, long tally, good style and action, six and >-even years old, well and souDd, and perfectly gea'le; about sixteen bancs high, owted by a prtvme'amllr and sold for want ol u?e; have never b?en In dea ers' hands. Gan be seen at 114 Franklin itreet, 9 a. M. to 4 P. *. For balk.?horsf, brick C4RT and H.RNE9B, tcgetbrr or separate: the horse Is Id good order, can oe seen till Monday mornirg. Apply at 73 Mulberry street, In the basement. Hc rORBRS FOR BALK.?JI7BT ARRIVF.D FRfiW WKST. L era New York, twentv-flve homes, eou?lstlng of ma shed pairs, family aud road hones. Fcrlnritie psrtieaiars tsauire or WM. H. VsNCOlT. Rod House. 105th aDeet. Ibc -ie-rod avenus cars pais lha door every ubeen minutes. Horse for bale-a handsome bright ray horse, eight yeare o'd, sound and gsnt.le ?ut rbie lor a track or family norse welgb ng over l.fittOlba Pricntlto Can be seen at 65 and 67 Dey street. Inquire of CONKi.lN HORBB FOB BALK.?VERY npnusu FOR A ?A miiy horee, eight years old 16 hands, sorrel co'or ion* tall; a gotd traveller ard stylish <lrive?; siund and without b.emlsh; kind and gentle tn e|tner gin* e or double barrings. Price $.'00. Address box 2,5148 Post oflice. naraese. H( rt'RSlfl kOR BAI.K ? A PAIR OF MATCBtD SOB L ret hor?*s. Csn usvel in :>:lo. Price *400 The owner bevnig no nee for them. Inquire for 8oi,OM"N, at DKhK'.-i ttfkli.PB Mtrr??r itrtf. nnfir H ARNRKB-A pouBLR RKT OF SILVER ROP ?bo??tea light batness for isle; also, one nay Horse, I hands high, and one single harness undone buerv wegut suitable tar a doctor. Inquire of K, aYBRB 101 Nassau at. PAIR OF ( ARRIAHH HORHRH AMI) HAROUCHK FOB sale.-A very elvlleh spau oi bla. k horse*, lull 10 hands nigh, last travellers, six yea-sod together with a barouche. Tri* Anrve will nft prtn At A rcn??iTiabTo jrl^e an thanfrnarfcl . a. ?a_ - yirloe M thA OWD0T U going to 4urope The? can be teen at 331 West ki*h eentb SL PAIR OF MORGAN ?'A RRIAGR HOKBRS FOR BALK ? ibsy are r vsr sixteen hands high, last travellers, so and levex j ears o d, 'he property of a private ge'.tleaian wha will Jive s re-pn sable gusraiity for tnelr so'incnsa, Prior t OOD. ai v tn sM I"? ll'ri i,tabic, North Moore Hieet, near V irl :S. K' tO( KAWAY, WITH POI.K AMD 8HAFTN, FOR BALK. L bee: in npc ore year; tne i mining garu bulltbyone of ire best city builders Wilt be sold chain, m the owrerhas no fnrtlor ore for It. Price $228 Apply at ROHKRTKoVd -tsbles, ilate sin e', lln.rj sveet. ffp'oklyn. VAN1RB A PAIR OF ROUND AND OF" "fil ' fatniiv terse* ?"bor wl'fcout bsrrese au' Cirriags, i' s t Hir t. hex 1 737 t'-.iet tDiie. J'ca e/? need t,y; apniy.