Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1856, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1856 Page 8
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THE NEW PLATFORM OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, TUI IALTihobi platpobm OF Jtrni, Wo2, riaf , _ _ . PIRMD. 4. Resolved, mi ths AavBu democracy place their J! '?> the Intelligence, the patriotism, and the dleermi ?nfttisg ju?tio? of th? Amenoio ptopl?. . ~ Thftl w? regard this an ft distinotire f i-nit ol ou political creed, which we ere proud to mamtatn before the world ee the groat morel element la e i ib of government ipringtag from eail upheld by tlie popular will; end we contrast It with the creed end practice of federalism, ita ler whatever name or form wblch > eeks to pal.y rbe will ol the Oonnltuent, and which ooucelvea no impcetore too monstrous for the public credulity. 3 Resolved, therefore. That, entertaining these view., the democratic party of thl. I'uion, Lhrouga the.r dele-' gate* assembled in general oouventioa, coming togsthe a X!'P!" ,?I eonooia, ot devotion to the doctrine* and ? feprraentatlve government, and ap^U? to their fellow cittzeo* tor the rectitude of their Intan , "n,w *nd r*A*"?rt before the Ainerionn people the ft?? ? prlnoiplee hp them when on t? rnier occasione, in general convention thev heve' aented their camiida ee for the popular suffrages _ & 'b? ocnauiutltm doee noi confer nuuortty noon the ^?Niev?SHlS?21' ?"?*'?* w?<?iweUj. to as,use tae den,. <w toe several Mates, contracted for looal and inu mm inmr-? a?r W0Uld ?uchUumXi i i"4 *?""* fwhld the federal govern <^Ssr I'12ev riacil o: '"""W M th* detriment of nay r^Lt?r-t0 "byy <b? talereeuof one portion to the injury ol iftotBor portion of our common oouatrr: .nat ever? md every .eciion of thee .sir.. nM a .Jhl to ds^d a.J tn^s nlh* "i" ?*"? ^w^Ke^Ed "'J pMp6rt' ?rom a?*"Uo ? ^bat !t la the duty of ever* branch of the government to ?bU?e?i P?0'10"ewnoat. in ?Jm?u?u2? ot? ^nbUcaj^r.;a.dthmnomore revenue ought ?, b,Xj r^quirwi to a?ri%y the a?c?M&rv axnaDAM of th? jsrsSu *nj ior *e b,u cen^ VvmSs, or ^ 6 That Congress ha'no power to char er a nan ??i ft??v H|*,hwe ^>*ljeT0 such an Ihsatudun carol deadly hostlhif & Jbe beet Interests of tha country. dangerous lo our reuuiiirsi Institu'ioes. and the H-eruee 't Lhe psop" and cakSSud w buameas of the no intr* within the o w?i ofTToi 'i?i'etod naocey powi? ?nd above the laws and the w^ii o the peop.e, and that he re n"sof democratic legitlatio'a <? meaures upon which ?um bivS onti nidfl bfttwaen b? two p illUcfti u^rtiM nf lk? t > randld aiia piacdoaTmeo ol^all paAlesi '?rhT, "?im1- in all bueturea pursulia. J~m banklnl ffit'Se'fw the" ^ ThL^h ?ai -b? n?ht? of the ue-toleT Dail^n<2rf%^ crinc'plaa embodied nv .leirerwon m the UeoUrahoe ol ludependccce. %na sansdoned in the cjnsy.u thtPJT ,J5He our* 'r"<s !,k011 01 liberty and the asrhim / ever? uaocn nave ever 3eeu i-ardin . n;1. Pi? f emocra is tvth and every at'empt to abn Ire he SS2hUa?l^iSSS w* he 0^,0,; ?m in* irngnt to he rests.eo w tc ?e ,a<ae epiru which sweo: the a"a Mc ?.ditton from -?r as urn book a in?31 ??*ar< under the conrJuuian. -o Hit^tl u?Td? fr-s oomeeiic in.Ututiona oi the several otftieft, and hiu such nm ib? ?ol? hb1 ppooer ? SI^^!%fiPn*"sainui',s:^ 11 'c ?l!?tra, not srobnued Dy the oons-l.ud; n; tha. al! evor* o; :he aooUUoalsu and otters made toi .ndnce onf.-wes i Imsrfere with queettoneofaiaver* 2L i .te !Bc pmn', ""P* -o """loo thereto, are caloulaiei 11 (S^tol S.V'tSr. "d danger ur couwsiuanch ?m BSjaKr-sysadiiaeBS^ ?? R?sOl*?d, That the foreg iug propoyition covers, nnu was intended to embrace, the whole subject of slavery ngi'.aUon ia ' oogrrw, nnd, therefore the >lemo L nl,,.n' "r*ndtog on this national Pi^ will abide fy and edhere to a faithful exacn ,,??? f01* tnown at the Compromise measuree set tled bv the last Congress '-the act for reclaiming fog! Uvea from service or la Mr" inolmW; which act betlg designed to cany out ae express provision of the sonsti Ih. ^C*Q?0ti tde'ily 'hereto, be repealed or so changed as to destroy or impair its sffianncv. 6. Reeoiveo, That the democratic party will reslit *11 attempts at renewing, in Ingres, or ont ot it, the agits so?inv?,V?">h.r whatever ehape or eoJor the ftitexnpt m*y be mftd?. ???1T,d- That the proceeds of the public land, !? "Pfr'1 to the national objects epeetuvd in the cooetitntion, and that we aie opposed to ..u, ?,''011 ,jf 'uo11 P !??>??? 1? among the btates, as alike irexpecien: In policy and repu'nant to the constitution. 7. Hesolvsd, That we *re dec! tedly opposed to takiag from the President toe - lalified veto power, bv whleh te ?s enabled, under restri; ions ?nd r??ponsibiuU*a amply sufficient to guaro tte puido interest, to so,pens the paseege of a oO whora merit, eanaot secure the ap proval of two-th-r is ,' Smiti and Dome oi ?epre ^ i-'Bfeut of the people can be obtained thereon, and whicn ha, Ravsdtae Amerisaa ff?P?Ar<2 ,?*rC1,rr^pt- an<1 Vrannical domination of i ,n *te;'' *nd ,,:>m a cornipting system cr general internal improvements. 8. Resolved, Tnat the democratic par:v will faithfully abide by and uphold the principlsa laid down ia the Kentucky and \irgiiu* reaoluti ns of 1738, nnd in the report ct Air. Madisoa to the Virginia Legislature ia 1739. that it adopts those principles as cunstituUeg oae of the main lounonttons cf i e pouti .nl e-eed, and i.i resolved to hai'y then, out in their >bvi >ue meaning .ind impcrt. 0. Heeolved, Toat tbe war with Mexico, upon all the oiinciples ol patriotism and the law, cf nations, wa, a ust and rtce^ary war cn our part, In which ever* American citizen should hav. shown himself on the side hj, country, atd neither mo"*lly nir physically bv voro or used, hare given 'nid and comfort to the - n?m j.' 1?. Rwolrrd. That we rej-ice at the restoration of frieooly relar'ons with our sister republic of Mexico, and earrestiy desire fcr her all th- biessiog* and p-oep?erit? whiah we e jcy under republican institutioos; and we oongoatuia'e the American people upon the results of that war, which cave'o msntfi-st./ justified the policy and cocouct of the demo.'ratio party, nnd iasured 11 t'ie 'cited b rate a -'Indeicxdiy for the past and seeurit/for the future." 11. ResolveJ, Tha*. n view of the eondition of pootf ar institution., in ths uic 'torid, a h'gh and racivi duty i, derolTed with increase J respoasiolllty up ,u the demo cratic party of this cirniry. as ihe parir of the people to uphold and miifjun the rights of evry State and ihereb/ the ubiou of the itales, and to -us'iain ani sdvncc* among as coustitutiocal liberty, by continuing Jo raeist all moncpolirs and sx-.lusivs legislation for th? ben,fit of the few at the expense of the many, aal by a vigilant nnd constant ndhe-enoe to principle, nod compromise, cf the constitution wh ch are broad eaourh and strorg enough to embraco sad upaald the Cnico as it w?s the I nlon as it is. and the t'nion as it she i be in the fall expansion of the energies and cspad'y of gTeat and progresslvs pesp>. THE CINCIKNATI PL.1TF0BM OF JTRE, ISoG, ADDED TO THE ABOVE. AjxI -lnte ;ue foregoing declaration ?n uni form r adopteu by <j .r p.-wleoe*. >r* in National (.'inven tions. an acverse political and religious tea", bM bem *?eraily organized by a par.y claiming to be exclusively Au.erieizs, an l it it troi rr chat Ihe A aieriee3 democra cy should elearlv t ttioe .ia relation* laervti; therefore, 1. Jieeoived, Toat the inundation of tfcia i nion of States lunj Kf en laid in it; pronpsri.y, esparmon an' pre tunlr ent exatnp e ia free government, omit upon entire irardom in matters c f -eligiou.s ooneero, and no respect of persona in tega-d to rank 01 place of bir it, no par ty can jaatly be<l rational, coustltnti mai. or in accordance with Amer'can prlcciplea, witiclt beaea its exc'uj-ivr organization rpon "ellglous opinions and acoi dental birthplace. That ve reiterate w t -anewed energy of parpoeethe * ell con idered declaration* of forta-r C inventions upon lb->ect'onal taeMci domestic slavery, and eoncertleg to# . erred right* ' the - :a'< . arlthat we nay more din mctlymeet tlte Usue oa which a sectional party, aab aiatuj exclueire y 03 'avery eviration n"w relies*to test the iidelity of "he rr op e, North and tiou'li, to the coa atiiutlon and tbe Union ? Kaaoivd. ihct ela'.m'.rg fellowship with and dMirug the co operation of &U wao regard the preservation of the Cnion, under tee constitution, ae the paramount ier.oe, and repuiiiataoT el. -ecuonn' par.iea and .platform* coo *i nice domestic elavi rv, wlucb seek to embroil the States and incite o treaam and arm?i reshtanca to l?w in 'he Territoriea, an i wuo?e avowed purpose-, if cm erm seated, itiust cod ir evil war and disunion, the American derunracy r*uogaize and adopt the principle* contained to e organic lav establishing the Territonei of banaae and Nebraska, u ein'iodring the only aouod and eafe eolu'ioD of tbe slavery qneerim upon wnica th? great nation11 idea of the pa,.pie of 'bin whole country can repose In Ite determine! aoneervaUera of tbe Colon: n'n lnteifereuce hy Cotg.-ea# w-tb slavery in State* and Territorie*. that tbie was the basis of the compro mise* ot lbSti. confirmed by both the democratic and whig partiee to Na moal Core n'iona, ra'lfied by tbe people in tbe election 'f 1852. and rightly app'iel to tbe organiza tion o'Terrltori"in 18M, ha t hy the un'f >vd applisa tlon of this demo reus pr.ample to "ha organization of Territory* and tbe admission of new Slate*, with or without dom??tic ilaveiy aa itey may alert, tha equal right* of all the Stare* will he preserved Intact the ori ginal compact* of tbe constitution maintained .nviolate, and rba perpernatioa and expansion of th:a Colon ensur ed to it* utmost capacity of *?bracing. In peace an 1 har mony tverj future American State tnat may be con atituted or annexed with a republican t.irm cf govern ment. 4. R*?olv#d, That we reoripiiz* tbe right o' the people of all th* Terrttorie*. Including Kaoeaaand Nebraela act ing tbroxgh tbe fiirly "it pr***ed will of th* majority of ae'nal resident* and whenever tbe number of Ui Br in habitant* Jnstiflc* it, to form a eonafl'utlon with or without domeetic "lavery, and be admitted into the Colon upon tarmi of per'sct e<juality with the o.&er Statea. 6. Renolved, That the democratic party recogn/** the great importaacc, ia a pojftieaI and commercial point o' view of a safe and ape?dy communication within ou cwn Territory between the Atlantic and Pacific e.>a*?? of tb< i Union, and u .a the duty of tbe federal g ivern ment to excreta# promptly all its proper oona'.i tntional pove-> for the attainment of that object. ?> Ile*olv#4 finally, 'batthe condition of ponular loati ton ns In the Old world and 'he dangaroua tendenelea to seciiot.a! agitation ci mhioed with tbe attempt to #u f. roe civil and religion* dieabliitiee agtioat the rights of ecqnl/i'-r aDd enjoy Df clllzemhip in oar own land, a high an<* ?-ored duty" ha* dtvoivel, with i ncreased re ep n*i I -pon the democratic party of th'.a eountry, t* th* , ,/ of tb* Union, to uphold and maintain the right* ot every Stat# and thereby the Union of the but ee. and to sustain tbe advance amxif o* of bonstlto tlooal liberty, by continuing to reelat all monopolies atd srxcluRive itgisUMon f r tbe benefit of tbe few at th* ex penne of tbe many, and by vigi'ant and c-nitaot adoer gace to Ulnae principle* and eomprnmiae* of vbe constltu ?? in which are broad and strong *a?ugn to embrace and uphold Union aa it wa* aad tha tnion ae it ahell hn in the full exranaioo ot tb# energies and capacity of thla grei< and iT< g "teive people. 7. Reiored, TV at tbe quaatlons connected with the f iii-ign policy of 'he -pantry are inferior to no domeetic Ineetloa whet >vi r. Th# time baa com# Ibr th# people of ?h? Unfed At?'#e to d.clare themael?ee In flavor of free 1..- ?r* pr?>?re?eiv fr.e t-ade tbronghout the world, #n h? soieirv rrsn fe*taUoc?, place their moral indu in. .. * h- ??!* id* f 'V v ?oc-es*fal example. * H. dived (be nr j-rc ap-ilcsl and p lltlcal poei .. P.use o' ler -ta'a* on thla contlnaat, BO J?.Z tha* '.t- 1 Mt of "01 coaua*r?e, eavetopenttat of oar growing P?**' bold sacred the principle# involved ]***? trio* and th?lr binding import, whleh admit* af no mla ccnavuotion, and shoSd M applied with unbsadiag rlfi Resolved, That which tha gr**1 a. wall ai tha assent of the States moat immadlaUly la^ ura-ted in ita m*intan*no# hmu marked oat tor a? commcnication batwaan tha Atlantic ^nd constitutes one of tha moat important aohlercmanU realized by the cpirit of modem time*, and tha ???*? qnarabla energy of our paople-that tamU ehould b* Soared by timely, efficient axarUoa and control with the governments of the State* within whoae dom - lonx it Ike We can. under ne circumstances, *Brr,?d^ our preponderance in the adjustment of all questions That in view of such com man ling inte rest the people of the United State, cannot hut eympa thiae with tha effort* which are being made hy the pie of Central America to regenerate that p <rti(>n o. the rr ntinent which covers a passage across the oaaanio ML* Resolved, That the democratic P^^madsCsu' the next adminiatratlon tl at evsry effort oe made to en -ure an ascendancy in the Golf of Mexico?to maintain a permanent protection ot the great ontlcta through which pf emptied into ita water, the prod not* raised upon oar soil and the commodities created by the ?i?"ryo- tna people in < ur Western valleys and the Union at large. Col. Benton fer Bnrhanan. ...... The followiig letter from C>1 Benton *? pnbUshed !? the St. i.ouis urmocrat or the ad inat ,a . Broadway Hotkl, < wniiSATt. May ... 1856. 1 arrived here last nigb', and go on y> LoniaTiUe to ds v and return io this place at the end of tne week, to fee hew ihmgs are done in the Contention. I never ?? In ore, nor ever intended to he, hut wish to he near enough to this me to see how thine* are maneg* ?nor what is done, btC how?having reasou to bausve tha the business has long been fixed in the small conventions attend'd bv the old managers at Washington iif thus Buchanan would be the safest for tha P?*ca and harmony of the cooDtry. both at home and abroad but b'*a?roeciihe<i far not having '? the ?mok? of tha Kansas i.rWon h< eklrte."' Toere will be much joskev ?otrng done to >ati fy the peop-e that all was fair, andI ator that the combinations wUl be developed wh.oh have been agreed apon by the managers, and the happy result will b? received in tumultuous acclamation. f do not know vet whether I will be a candidate a .? I get to Missouri, ' The qunstion will .lepend enttredy upoo the effect to be produced?wbetner it wall b*'for_ the peace and harmony of the country; for I would .eke no office which was to add to the pressnt excusd and agi tated state of things. Theatrical. Musical. Ac. Amorgst the departures by the Bal io to-day are the Irish comedian. Barney Williams, and his clever little wife The firmer seeks fame amongst tha audiences which still have a vivid reaeaabrance of the inimitable acting of Tyrone Power, and Mrs. Williams mean to give the o'ccbneys ?n idea of that smartest being in creation, a Yankee Girl. We have no doubt that they wiU each, in their line, bear away laurels, with some thing more substantial, to terve as a souvenir of their Kuiopean trip. Broadway Theatre?Mr. Boo'hroyd Kairelough a voung American actor, who appearsi to' be kreauy es teemcd by a large circle of meods, will this evening Pj*. :he arduous cbaracter of Sir Giles Overreach, in 'A New War to l'ay Old D?bts." The amusementsi wind up with tbe favorite comicality entit-ed 'Poor 1 nlle<K-dy. Niblo's Garden.?'The Ravels ara to perform la two of ?heir most popular pieces this evening?the aigbable nantcmpme of "Godenaki" and the pictorial taUtaux in ranff call"d tbe "Italian Brigand.-." The ballet corps are to execute various beautiful dances, and young Hengl.r gee^ through bit* uxiTiYfcllfcd on tight rop&. BoWERT Theatre ?Mr. H. A. Perry, who has b?oome a decided f.vorile the frequentersof this en.abLsk ment. takes his benefit and mak-s bis last apiwerenee tbi- evening? playing tbe rart ot Edward Mi .dleton. in the moral drama entitled ?'The Droniiard ***' cellent characfer of Gpasamer, in "Laugh When You Cat" BnaOJi' Theatre -ThU is to be the last night of the reason, and the receipts will be for the benefit of the pleasing actress and vocalist. Mr?. C. Howard, who haa provided a fane bilL and who will no doubt M gtse'ed by an overtlowrng house. See tender. the "Folliea ?f * Night," "That Biessed Baby," "The llanlac, and the ??Rcogh Idamcnd." Wiuaov's?Tbe dashing ol? eomedv styled "Wild t-ats ' is to be rendered to night by a cast embracing the names of Messrs. Lester, Brougham, Holland, Norton and Stewart. Mes latces Hoey, Stephens. Sylvester, and other 'avor'es. Mr. and Mrs. Wallot afterwards perform in the iaughabla fares called "KU1 or Cure.' i ? ra KEE.vx s.-Mr T B. Johnston, the veif popular soub? comedian, who nightly aff ud- a great deal of met rirrent to ihe audience, tenders the favorite play^of the ??I.rve Cbase," and tbe capital farce called tbe ? School torTiae-s," for his benefit this evening. Miss Keene. Mr. Jordan, and all o her promlcen: ruemoera ot the company appear, and the beneficiary may rely on having a tuU hiure. Broadway Vabotes.?'The frtnu'Wers of thw Uvotrtte litile theatre hsveot late been hl?hly exlraoraioerv comic adlities displeyd by the Wood aad M*r-b jcveti es. paritenlarly little George, the Momus .. ?he corps, as in ihe plays of Tee /oodles" and ?-Poor Uii.icodHy, " are to be repea.ed to-night. Killer's Tableaitx, at Empire tiall, still constitute one ot the 1-MM-g toplis of conversation wnoeg the Vends tbe fin* arts. Toe songs, music, ventriloquial m.nish-d by Mae. lAamy, Herr Stoepeiiud It. Va eniins. between the pictures, are popular aajuncU totbetnais entertait ment. Me. Gottfohalk's Earxwxll ? Mr. I.. M. Gottscha^k, the distinguished pianist, "ill bid Unwell tne New York rnb.tcat his concert, to take place at MWe s 3a loor. (hi' ever log. He isto be favored with the eer vices ot Mme La Gr?Dge and olhec disUbgu ihe- art.sta. \Vo ?ThU is the last night cf the 'terew burlesque called ' The Uiichi.vous M.nxey, wtteh has proved tbe most suvces-'ul of anything pro du'ird by the Minstrels this season. It will be preceded bv sokgs, Ac , as usual. VcuLEY'a Hall-It Is pleaslrg to learn that law ment-..e'kef are btgirning to more appreciate ine meHts of the dioraias at his hall That of "Banker hill" -honid be eem by all wao take an interest in tne hutorv of our country. Ov Bits ?Mr Blake is to play 3ir Pete-" 7e?7deatth9 B'oalway. on Monday. Miss Susan Benin and Mr. a. J Arnold commence at <fce Bowsry en the sams evsn ng, in tlie great turral drama of "Caiullle. Personal Intelligence. W# zee by 'he p??etger list of the Canada that Mr Bsiclay, late British CjlpuI at this port has gone te Halifax, and not to England, Mr, Crampton tiia gone to England. Col. (el' and his accomplished bride sails for Europe in the nteamtr Baltic to day. InUlligence has been received that ex i're'ident Van Baren was thrown lrom his nor.e on Wednesday morning, while ridir r through the village of Kinlerhook. He ii said to be cnnrideraoly lnjarel, but not dangetously so. Toe Presir.ett of the I'oited S.a'ei has recognized N or lo Rtggio as Vice Consul cf the Two hieilies, at B01. t< n Werrer r>reseh Consul cf l'rns?ia, at Baltimore, aud !'ru''f-eclo Margci, Consul for ihe repuhlio of Uru guay. at Baltimore. AFRIVAL". A' tb? ~v,re? House - W. C Hcnnry, Pltub :rr: M. te Ma<*sm, Gaol. Mr. Ihorr, chid and nur?e, J, P. Thorn, leu lis: k. h btewor cud ad? Ba'Umcre; Janes T Carueil, New Vortt; Geo h. bleiton Miss Metaoo, Boston; F. 8. tiler b', T r .iiio, C, W.; B W. Gt'.r Hew York; C. 8 Adams aid !?Ijr, Aafsac'.usstt Denrv l,ee Reynold!, Mobile; H. O. <'ot i*?w Y -k H. &oee, char'eeton, IP. C.; Col Huiusl Co t old lady, Hartford. Miss Hetty JstvIs, Richard W. H. J arris, Kev v\, .larvts, NHd etovu; J. i?. alden Hartford; Mr. and .Mrs. George. HalUraore; M Joslln, K. K. Root it. D. Huh ha ?. Hartford; dir. Krdewo.d, M. Rodewold, Uos. C. Ikea, Bremen. ARRIVALS. From So'i'nan.pton and tire lie a. In th? steamship Washing ton- Mr Ba^dt aid family, Mesne Hall in cox. SnapUis, Rlgtntbat, Paregii Wellington, Miss A M Im '.h, Mrs Jane Hit r> le. (apt Tresa weh, oflae ship FG lag arrow. Mrs Tread We:.. M..? Luein M and Master John J freadwell. Caut Bur. ge?s o' t,_ip Cha'ierger; Mrnand Miss Burgess, Cap'.an Ray mond. ot !a'? ortg -lamuel and tU. ward a-d Mrs its> mot'1, < kj,-t Dai.leir, la e of ship Seaman a Bride; MrtJobp, Mrs Cobb, infant and nurse; Messrs Tieguomeo. 8r ible, Martin, inia nunc. dn^wiri j i^yuoTneo n~ iqiBi ntriin, Colen-sr, Garthwaue Wm Rmtlb and 'amilv, Jas Willis, Ch*s T.arwm and wife. Adam Siephanl and (wtnl'v. Ken Hchnelds nrann. ' frlinlz an 1 tamlly. John e'tff m. ad Palm and wlfs, K'sirad i Ken, Jadisohn, Goldstein. Lideuthal lamer, Ha cter. Mis? Partons, Mrs Fanny L-rech, Mrs Thomas, kllxs 8el er and intat t, Rosa Bar Win, Mathilda K-?c?; to, Kemofr.rt (2/ Picker' Donnao, nomme'efet, llchardt, Mrs Ade.lie.d nelnberger ard famtl; Baoette Hoffmann. Bstbvr Kiel act nmr,n kliseGo amano, Messrs Olive. Osmond, Parilib, Marie Her Ae rarah feeler, Htun and sls'er: Mes.n Pterc, Long. Grill.a and wile; G'arjolie, Andre. Rot so/.'., M nas Jsmbci. t arcs' Krlsse*. Im'U Jag agseiti, Deo. P and i Tim mer Hchcrer, Walters FrltMch. fenk. L'ii.lsder and v.fw; Walter, ssniiar. Lsthans, Rsla^h Kamu, aod fam'i?, Bu ch and wile Pausban. Lindner and famili. Knar and wue; < Is ss, Horning, GrslF, Btuplckf a;d (hmi.y; M -SOS Anns Mrsler. H> phle Iujchiw, I.suiw Duffllng. Riiee Groo-meyn, Ar.ra r , set, rl.a Docker Bsi/or, Hopals Flisrh ssr.s, Baneelll lltas. ? 'i*ra Hesrbsrg. <i?r rude Menmann, yargare* F'.rvier PriUle G'lemer, Tsssunslcr aid sister, Cs -He v < helhantu Kibe liattrlger. Marie Kudler aad sis er, < h- s lan Knrh rjid fsmliy, i nris 'Vie/arm?r,n aad fatndv, M -??? W ia, Koch, Roeffs '.nd wue, Rclcaer, Kemoer. i.nps it.oltmllv, P^ihr Wenx iah Ncw.mry Laws A White, Mrs fan re Mrodv and child fy,dge and chl'iL Regfna Waste-nsanl, An^a lutr^rad'. I>r "Vjplrc. M??es Silberi'elo and Mins Her, **-a? arist mice, Mr hem B^rg?Toial HaiiMt, Gn Wednesday, Jnne i, by the Iter. W. H. Ten Evck. of Astoria, t. I, Gwmo* w-ikinhon to* B., daug'ater of John A. May, all of this city. On W?dn?eday. Jane 4, by the Ttsv. J. J. Lyons, at the ?eaidencc of the bme'i brother in law, L. 8. Levy, fruj , Bf'Pnr. e'deet daughter of lbs la'.e P I, Tooia', to Mr. Job.* J. I fvt, ail of this eity. On Thursday, June f> at 'he Chu*eb of the Aicensloi by tb* Rev Thomas GalUudrt, B. Rmr.voijrs Bcno of ibi city, and Kai?, 'laughter of the late Wm Q. D'WoM, ,f Trfrtol, it. I. On Saturday. May 2J bv the Rev. D. Birebtrd, IJ io;\7/i T Hikkr to Ml/s LusBOaaM B Shaw, all of tui> cl'y. F'biladelphla p pert p.sase c pv. In d-ooblyn, on Thursday, .lane 5. bv Rev. Willis Lo*,l, !? Ii . Mr. Oox APAMS, ol this ?ty, lo tfsBV l?, da igl'.er of*. MchLiliip, Ksj., of Roeheetsr, M. V. Kocbenter pape.s please o^py fin Wsdneaiay. June 4. by tho Lev. (}. V Woodriff Mr. WAimni Khtvb to Miss Ajjci M. forpmr., youagest dauirhier of the latw N*l? m H. Topping, ail ur rito iklya. In Biouklyn, on Thursday nvwoiog. juoe 6. at the re l deuce of the bride's father, by the R*v. O. W. Brljgt, Cham H vt right to Amelia, laugh'er of Jaa. Juhueon, Us')., til of the former place In East New York, on Tlinrsday. June t. by Rev. Mr Behaum, Mr. Chakliv J Hunt, o' chis city, "> Miss M. At'fiiTTA Ha'kvia**, daughter of Mr. Jacob H. -scktnann, of Bui New York, On Thursday moraine, Juna 6. of consumption, AjtoksW H Trunin, if?d 60 T>*rs and 5 months. The relauvws and friends of the family am rsspsotfuUy In riled to attend the funeral, from hie late residence, No. 132 Suffolk street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. His re mains will be taken to Greenwood for interment Albany papers please copy. On Wednesday, Jane 4, H irrist If G wife of Geo. A. Wessoa, and daughter ol WUiiam H. Belt The triends of the family are invited to attend the fane ral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from the Church of the Annunciation, West Fourteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues im Thursday, Juns 5, Gsorgi W-isimaTox Rnio, son of Philip and Elizabeth Retd, aged 4 years, 10 months ani llr days. The friends and acquaintances are respectfally invite 1 to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'olock, without further invitation, from his lite residence, No. 16;, Essex street. On Tbi .tday, Jane 5, after a lingering illness, Mart Croxall Nrrr, ihe faithful and attached domestic of Mrs. Phalen, No. 40 last Fourteenth street, in whose family ehe resided thirteen years, and by whom she is siacerely regretted. On Friday, June 6, WaUAM McDkrmoti, aged SO years. Bis relet:res and friends are respectfully invited to at teed the funeral, to-morrow mc.ning, at nine o'clock, from the reaicence of Acraham Brown, Esq , No. 215 Wtst Thirty fourth street, wi hout further invitation I'hilailriphls papers please copy. At Evergreen Farm, heartdale, Westchester oounty. on Friday, June 6, Abraham Ocmix UtTLSR, only son of Charles and Eliza A. But or, in the 24 ih year of his age. His relatives and friends, and those of his parents, are invited to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at flv* o'clock, from the residence of bit father, No. 13 East Fonrteeath sure', without further notice. Ou Friday, June 6, William Francis only child of Francis and Mary Parkerson Lewis, aged 2 year:, 3 mon'bs and 23 days. The relatives and friends cf the family, and ths aem bsre of Continental Lodge No 287, K. and A. M., are re spectfully inviteu to attend the fuueral, to-morrow u'ter noon, at one o'clock, from the reeifence of his p?-enti, No. lot Cstncn street, coiner of titan ton street The re mains will be taken to Greenwood for interment. At Harlem, on Thursday, June 6 kits. Mast A. F. 103, daughter of Peter Raudaii. In the 41sc year of her age. The relatives and friend : f the family are Invited to at tend the funeral, to morrow af ernoon, at three o'clock, from her late residence, svanue A and 119th ftreet. 8er v.ce-atJthe Reformed Dutch church, at half past three o'clock Suddenly, on Wednesday evening, June 4, Napolsox TtatzTK. His friends are respectfully invited to attend the fune ral, this after neon, at torse o'clock, from No. 65 West Bailie street, Brooklyn. ? On Tuesday, June 3, after a short iHneu, at tha resi dence of his son in-law. in Brooklyn, E, D., Mr. Zacha nun Rock ITT, aged 79 years. His retr ains were Interred in the Cypress Htlls Ceme tery. In Berirsn, New Jersey, 'on Friday. Jane 6, o' typhoid fever, Brmiv B. Moa?. M. D. late of tue New York hos fltal, only eon of Rev Dr. Mills, of Actum N. Y., aged 0 yeare." At Harkensaek. N. J., en Friday, June C, of consump tion Ganhfvoobt Van Vrahkin is the 36'h Tcar of hb ac?, son ol Ilev. Dr. Van Vranken, of New Brunswick. Tne friends of the deceased are respectfully invited to attend the funsral. witneut further lotioe, from hie late resiaence, in Hackenaac'-. on Monday afternoon, at ore o'clock. Stages leava Hobokcn ferry at 8% o'clock A. M. lu Philadelphia, on Wpdnearp,, June 4. Clara Victoibe, dacgh'er of Clara A. and Francis W. MeLizst, aged 7 years and 1 month. MARITIME 1NJE LLJGENCE._ Mjy? J't pnrici-iet and lat-rt tnlwilri Aw tlu Maw Yok* IKAS should b- mM. iutaBAO go*. rn tob*??<ns pat. see smts 4 23 noon sew,-.... e^? ? ? 13* arm..., 7 28 ' ?8H wars* mora Port ?t S'e?T Vert, June 8, 1350, if! fTrfji. Btramslip Baltic, Gosr.gtoc*, L.verpooi -E K roUlnk. Ship Alt iaacrta, Opto# Valparaiso?Iwt Randeli A Co, hhio Compromise <ih.'!d. T-Jvupool?Zere/a A Oo. Bark Mary '-ee, Norton, B Iktol?J B sardur Brig Abbr Francis. Gardner, Aiplnwall Geo Oiney. BrigLsrk. Unas. Bermuda-W A F Davenport. Brig A Pe'era. McFari&n. MwiTianllia-C A K J *e . Brig i, K Palmer, HerriiLAu. Wilmington? Walrh, Carver A t'l>a<ie. _ ? . , . ? Rchr Certee, Towotend Monrovia -B A Mumfprd A ?'?_ Bctr Aba-el Kader. ueroeltni. Kavanaah - J MQ.Ioiore A Oo. Sobr Kl; ing a now. Dafget Oardlner-Becner * Deike. &ch- fo?. Crosby, Wsrebar*. Ma?ier. Sloop Faahion, Bailey. Fr. vtdence?L Kenny. Siooo Oregon. Bhofee, F re*: .'hace?Under Propeller lottec, Her ey, Baltimore?LromweJ a Line. aKKIVIOJ. Btsnar-it ^aabinftop. Csverdy, Bremen rig Bouthnteptoa, May 21. with mate and passe; gers, to c H Baal?: crossed Beroisa Bar at 6L4 t*M. ftd at 2:l(rVH, Wj( esP? ei Porta Star, fteering KeK; iamu day, ?l?aallW<MMr'Am c'ln rur, rbo* in* a white ting with black erofn; 14ib.tnMk*A a Br latD, btv.nd K, 260i lat *9 25 Ion Si ?*. prwsefl a qusndlf el nine pl?rk anideok tea? of a ?hjp, 27tii, iat'irtfj9 Is. Ion ?8 61 W paraed an am ship bound W, ebow.og a red llsz with i 1 lack Clues: June2, 4 t*M, lat 12 11 N, lea kb 9? W Raised ship "Latkarl," l.ound W, lie. 2 "M. l*t 42 05 K. loa 56 13 VI", oaaeed an Am ab:o by the wind, b," und ff, ulvmr'ntfH bltteT) if ?e? with J K F tr. the centre; 6th. at C AM, ensued oaady bookl??: Magds.ena eteuhaul died on boa'C 21'tb tilt aged N> KSip WentPolLt, Hard'ag, l.iveroool, V, dare, with endee and 445 passer ?er3 to t' Oarow. 14th nit lat 4? 16, lor 46 1. vtib arded by at oat fro? the Urchin Steuben Heath. t.-nra Port Philip Auetraia, lor tn .don, 94 days out, with two -in* atd a tail of gold atut. std lnf rmed na of havtnr hal' ttf cew in iron* lor mullny m attrmp'.lpg 4o take the ship, ffce W P U< ceen lOcev* Weit ol the I lack i, witn light wtnda Ship Confederation Cortln* Havre, 40 r.ayi, with mlt# astd I Mil Tiaearngm, to Lace M>?? A Co. , bark fcrwa (Ola), Bags. Hamburg. 40 days, in tm iagt, wl' . | Sis p?act3geri> to K ! A KumarcU. 2uth u,t kM42, ion 50. ijv a large cum tar of lotbergs _ Bark / ifxlna, Love,!.. Karen 27, with fruit, U> Ceos by A Crocker. frig Rcver (Pr), Btklrg S John, RB, 1C days, wiih lutn'uaa to J bickard. .jwk loooll the L!. bt nh'o thla tnominti 1 at mt 3 o'eiock. rat run into by ac unknown aoUr. bound one tl'ia'ng ur In the atirocjird quarter oarivingawav auionard irrttu >'wy^K ?icveg?i eysut'pieces carried a?*v part-oi the sterr, c mtrtug thr rudder, aiartct hou?e on.deck, (<t wteel of raoear, and Ok', boat. Con.d sot aaoertaiu what ua tnnue the sehr reee ved. , . Sohr L. yen'.u fBn t*r*kam O'.brklta.-, 54 d?y? with fruit, Ao, to Giro t rascia I Cc, So hi Sir Hag (Br), . W.'ndior, v?ith y,a ?tar, tc O r. Be < ^KchrTruranii (Pr), Pop er, Ft Jotc, JfE 13 da;k. with dst, to bully A Vali#nce. ecbr Patner, Hunt. Calais Sehr ln">er oke bmi'h. Raa'.pert. Schr ( baopell W a?s. Mllbr e. S?hr Kt i?ht leary .Pangor Propeller Werit teeter, '".a ?e, Pror'druca. t'jocelle-Qtti' eva g, Iloi.nm Aorwfk. ?he >i'p Henry P.eed. arrivef veeiar lay trota A '-?e,p re for J. May 14 la* 471)0. on 23.3') sroke ahlp Moon-'gnt, Pec dieteo, trtn. e* Or'w.e fcr aiMaerp. 20-b. lat4* lon 'O.sae b-prer. bark bauuago stoertng P: .'lat, iat4"8' ioo49 4t oa ifce<i-??il 'tarnka saw several loeberga some of whicb wore ; ibfir i-od grrur rd 2S lae Binks. Ihe H P. hae I'd hi ?tcth'. our'Jtg the pake age BELOW Stu J B Kee'er, A"ea, from Liverpool. Wind during '.he d*' f-om IMk. Telr^rru'ltlc Hlnrlnr Hrjairt. ,'uc.'*? vrrsnips He-slo o( te Uorui-g. Lot dot Sleiben Glover, Caiouita. lAUd Hi., with a hold rain tt. rm Herein Slarlne ( nrrtapondenca PRTLADEI PBIa. Jt-te f?Arr attamer t'elaware, Corer, KYi rk: sch* .*???? Williamson. \V'nemo-e. J-rveyCltr. t' dsteamer Boston tuarke, hV rk b, g Ula Ueito, Buroh, Bar Bad era; "srhra W L Cogswell, lihseitp Bavaua; Mar na Wrightlngtu Wrigh;tngto?, Fail Blver, Jesce Wtll)<uns.-m, Wlnrttote, F stou. miHt cUabtona and Dlgaatcra. Bark YotJ.-t Turk, Bei ry, o: ann from B.jptm for Phed'ac. Is reprrteu cy a ttiegraphlr df spateh received at Bcr-on 6th to Dive struct on a rest near Cape Bret' n, no date, acdsuaK, Cri* lavfi. Bchr Ptrra B'ch'.rd-on, arrived at Poston 5th lral from Ma rl:',no was o enact 'uea ay 'Ighl, at 11) o'ciock. offlueCaa i!e, vri'i, thin rtooance of'.be 8ea in to?, ot steamer R I. Korbrs. lor * rw vort The lost bowsprit tore yard, and had now t ove hbe anchored octi tiller, with water The ship receivec to aanrsqe. The seer a as su'uaequerily tiwad up oy ?> Pilot roar Josiah jTCRnis cf Holmet' Ho'e, went ashore crev to I'dlmt it f ert Poto Bay. 5 mi as ae?. of Montana, hbe bad t til 2 pile's on beard at the lime, who were making e Hurts ,o get her oH lars Bpov Adrut-Capt Ccot or brigC C Bllltpga, al Wew Pavsn frcmPcrto Bico,resorts: -June I. iat 3605, ion 72 13, fell In wllh r ,arge iron can busy, wlrfc Hgure 5 painted ?n two njssofiu It beir g near calm and ycy ibmmu at the time, : < rk"f on and took it on board, and (ound 15 fathoms chain cable attached to It Notice to Morinera. Dfitb ot Watt.* ostbi Bans ahd ISLyr" Or Tap* Fran. Jtc?hepnrt of nasa Wo 4 ot PnOts of tb? depth of on the Lars ??o tnlrta of Cape Fear, Ma/ 31, It'* Meaau'e 'aken at low water viz: Western ht?. 3 fe?t 6 neb'", Wea'ern hip. 8taet;O'd Ear Sir. 5 reel8 ltcht.s; Sew lniet Bar h teet: Sew Inlet RV, 7 leetfi incier T.eti're en from 4 to (> f?et, which, adoed to the above, will show the depth at high water. Wtuiicmeu. Arr at Pew Bedf ,rd 5 h ship Msaaaehusei'.s. N-rth PariQs Ccsu. ra lesfod, with o'.l, Ac as oefore teport d. Mid trom do5'h tarks 8?h Flower Cie*ve!?,sd, i ??<H?Ctceau; Re r.h do. aid Indian Ozean. hidfrtm hew Umdoo 4 n ship Pe uviau, Chbdwlck, Bortth ?ntic ai.d Indian ticeans. t^if t'ajta April 30 Be-met C;ea"?land KB. no f '. on board; tab shipped 130 sp by tta Ocurler, a.Ta'cahnano Spoken, Ac Bark B f; Wiiioe from Pht'ad?lphta .'or h'irl ana, waaslg* rahzed May 27, 'a1 26 32. lcn 8). Batk Andes, cf Harps sell, bounds, was seen Mav 29, lat 31 51# Ion To. Brig May tiuren. from Phllade'phla fur NOrlcana, wusslg r allzed Mar 2d. lal 25 02, Ion 79 41 Bi g A.ilitdge, ol Boatos, botir.d c, was .?en May lat, Ac Brig J-wsph A Altlon, of and from BoFon 13 days f?r H? Ja go May 26, fat 21 30 Ion 65 15. bchr Angeilne, Irom Portland for Trlntdal, May 26, lat 27 40 kn f8 26. ? . rortign Porta. CaoftsTAPT. 3tay 21-Arr bark faarmh L Bryant, Jai erson ViAiiim., May 4?In port brig Geo W Joroa. turn for a eyward port to load fur Mar'inlqne, to tail in 10 dayi. l-relgKCR May 22 Arr ship Vol**. Hotna, 2', days ? May 30-Bid bark Boot Perns'), Ravfnrd, Muriel c load molasses, brigs u'at una. Ford, hlefa Moreua m load ft f hods mo ssees for Portland a: M1, prr hhd: Almoro, Par a> ns, Batia Ilor.da. to ioad molasses lor a Bcrthsra port, sjhr ti Pendleton, Rogers, Boston. , ?? t MAaAr.iso Mar 17?ln port bark Inna, Boirs, lur KYirt; trig Add? Hwift, Foster, do (not as before) Ma v?! about May 28?In port brig Wm Bkloner, hones met ary, and probably othera. t r Ov is, aW; May #t-Ko Am vassal in port. Br Tic?* tMay 12?Ar* oark Lawrence ijark, Cayenne, and sid | oh ft r Otiaiamt. lo load 'ocNew lork i-T.l')iirt, MB, June < (by tel)-Hld ahlp Bruares, H.ocksy, 'Tocum, Msy 10 -Arr ?hlp Union, Wiley, It York. I P?.a Ptka* Hir Wamuisotos.1 AATWI HP, May 14?Hid Iroro Fi'uhlng Roads Cathkr ee, ?4 "itLLri-T Ma/19?Arr Crania, Hopne, JtYork: 17th, Carba. Mfta, Wvlnwrlgbt, Norfb'k, Va. Bid 14tb Carouae RJema, ?1 'e^LLk'l-Lk,"*MK/ 1 -Arr Morning Glory, rtobbk, Calcutta for ^BjfklrvitnAVEK, May 16?Arr John Wlillatn Bpohn, Philadel phu Maryland, He mess NOrleans; KJ, Jo actios, V-m Trlt ren Baiiimore' '/Are tan. Robins in, Charssicn, lutein A Wsteker home. Itoyleane. Bid l?th Orlterton. Harding, ?n? '"cAampr May 16-Arr 8J win, Klye, Harre. Bid 15th John Richard'. Ohtirohlll. MTort. ?vp Qxr^l, T'B 3'. 7?to. ffu, 13 4hT. v:'T7l j? Boada received ar&tn tor Gloucester (u< lefl this day In tow ot the ateimer Marqula; aince revonad peaaed by PU1) Crrra, May IS?Air Baple*. KeUy. N fork. Cowan Mm/19?Put In, Sir ahio Montroae Aheltm, trio K Orleanefor ordere Bid Martha Whlimorn, Whltmore, St Pe tersburg. Cuxhatui. Kar It?Arr Traomt, Street, Boaton; 16th, At lantic, Ihlder; Doaau, Trautmano, Kllae &?lu>ke, rto??eu, Ouardiaaa. Mepbenaou, and NRjatfen Pe*L Vuwr, NYork, Beraard, Oroc* NOrlaana; John H Jarvls, Collier. Havana, 17th, Samuel, Baker, do. Deal,May 1,? ArrGalatea, Barber. Canton (and aid for London); St LouU, Pavia. London for Galoutta (and anchored); Ala, PariaoB, Philadelphia, and Windsor Foreu, GralTam Cal lao (aid both aid for London i; 19ih Am aclir , Punta A rrnaa (and aid for lx>ndon). Sid 16th Sumter, Humphrays, Boaton. Dotes, Met lft-Paaaed by. <.m bark KxseUlor, Long, from Santa'ftuz. Cuba 'or London 51 data out. Off 16th ship Catharine, Kdwanla. from Antwerp tor HYoik. Kaieootii May 17?Arr Thoi Perkins, Hlggins, NOneana for LiTeroooL OEiTKSEKo Met jo-Arr Ala, Darl?, Philadelphia. Glasgow Ma* 19?Arr Mowna, Oltney. NO*i*ana. Okienock Maris?Arr Kobert Leonard M'Mlllan. Savan nah, 16th. I'aatde, Wa ker, go, 17tn, John al'Kcnzle, Blanuer haaaet, NOrleaita. Gothenburg May 10-Arr Trriugham. Howes, Apalachloo la; Solide Wr, tt. and Clara Andersom. Charleston. OoaBK. April 14 -Arr Arxto Saxon, Freeman, Boaioa; 25.ii, T G rewnaend, Ke'.aev, 8i' nn. Boi.vheai, May 16?did ttuia'.ria, Harrison (from Liverpool), KOrleans. Havre,Bay 14?Arr Havre, Baiter, NYork. Alma, Saun ders Charleston; 16th Araco fsi. Liter, NYork; 17th. Alma (a). Bccardi, do Old 17th Vsncluse Uoerei, NYork. old 16th orphan, Kempton, KYork. 17th, 1-tdlan Hunter Mvricfc. aud Mackinaw, BobitLaon, NOrleana; Geo uobb, Htahell, Car J13 and U State?. Hamburg,Mav 14?Arr ?lectrie, Gates. NYork- 17ib, Kllta betfc Leavttt LaokAiatf end catharlna, Stehr, A York; 8; Pe tersburg, Lene, BOrleana. Heiaoet Mav ?Arr M Livingston, Fuarn, NYork. Livihiool, Mar 17 Arr Bmloe, Winder, NOr'esna; flsg Inne, Watson. Mobile; Columbine, Borland, Glasrow; lstn. Arabia (?), Stone, Koaton, 19th, Geornia. M't.ooi, Sa??nnaa; New York, id'Klnnon. NYork (reported off'; Geo A Hjpley, Malouev. Cbariaaton; Janet Kios'.on Henry, Mo vile. Cld 16ta tmeu (a), Small. Havre and NYork; 17th, St mod a, Kason, Bmtoa; Pictatcr, Shaw, aYo.-k; Deltaa-an, Lovtt, Pal ladelptita; 19tt. Umpire, Zerega, ironsides, Caleb, at-d VYan drier Ryder. NYn k. Bid IStnLaev Prankilo, Jordan, NYrrk; ) -h Andrew Fm. ter,, lTlla Senator, oine'alr, and Oaraatt!, Stalker. It Petersburg; North'and Flitter, Philadelphia; 18th, John Fra

*er, Berbeet, itharleat' n. Knt out 16 h. Kate Dyer. Gyer. NOr'oans; Calhoun, Trn man: Pbl'ade'prla, Poo e. and Isaac Wright, Aoeei, NYork; Salem, Cole and Bhepberi eei Rogera, Quibeo; 17th, Knxlne, Wilder, Bomber; Kxpreta, Burdlci OalouMa; Kxcelnor, Had ley, acd Ina Rnaaeil. WiiUama NYork; lOts.O Putnam, Smith, Calcutta; Geo > Hop'e). Baloney. Charier on. Progress, Chaae NYork; 6cio:c Sawyer, Portland; V Pollock, Crude aback Quebec. Lom.on. May IS?Bat inwards Join Fernandez Given: Re gulator, Wallace, and Samuel Lawrence Pa; en. Calcutta; Radiant, Bfurse. Manila; St John, Biyth, Savannah. 17th, St Mary '*, Mililkea. B-ieaos Ayres; G B Lamer, Maybe w, and OorreHua Grime)), Wlnoheiter, riYork, 19 h, Suttan, Abbott, KOrleaua; Galatea, Barber, Cantor Cld 17'h. Hwall- w. Tucker, Hbaaghae (ami aid for Deal 10th); Jcatjc. Ibempsoo, Brwto-.. Kct cut 16th, Kaa e, Farrea, Shanghaa; l'ih, OB Lamar, Ma>hew, NYork. QDtxjwowi, M*t 17? Arr Geo A Hop'ey. Maloney, Charles ton, W h Dealt, Hilton, Ralbmo.a Buif.lm, Mav 16 Arr Rhine Jel'eraon, Havre; Hero. Staf ford,do 17tb' AracUn, IborndJ'e, do; 19b. K ying Cook; Cairo. Joaea. end Leonldaa, Watt, do, bid 17lh, Gravloa, Spragua B?rrelrr.a 8rjHPERiji.sB. May 16-Arr Wm Thompson, Hr.tchlnaon, Havre. To'ichoss. Kay 17?03" fcremsa ahip Ansa, from NYork for Bremer, Texei. Mav 14?Arr Loriey, Scholteaa, KYork; Hoop, Han sea, Sevamah Tereriffe. April 19?Arr KlTarla, Lspuoa, Barcelona (And aid 23d fot NOr rata;. Yesicf., Ma 13- C d Lombard, I.otrbard Uediterranaan. Watuiu-o.-.d. May 17?Arr Lee. Welch, Baltimore. AtiTwiar. Wh" IS?The Amerioan aVp Sir Eobcl Peal, frcmNevYort wui e coating uiio the rovle in low of the Bteamtuc, cure in colliitou with the Kngdeh echoiner Kllza beth, at anchor, acc dlematted her 19th?The Ameriean ahlpa Pyramid (with WO paseenwa) acd Miltoa ( with 100' are expeoted to tail the 2Jd laa; tor New York. FtCAMr, Bay 14 -The American ahlp Woodcock, wateriog red. ban bs-u teen m.ietoQ Antretat. Goihenbdrg Mav 16?About 2 400 tale* cot on fcave been leaded fere d.-?. and about 10U balea damaged have been land ed here to day trom the 8 C lhwlcg, .tiokeraon, (ron New Or leans. Hit-re May 19-The Imperafrfae Fu'-jnia has landed here aqnsatity of Tree ted kid i-vo barrel* of flour, which she p!ek? I up aiottt three leagues Nff c: La Here. '>re oa.-rei fcrlcamaged kuc on tv-e other eod iraj "G A " pkit-ted 1l red letters, and "it H" In b aek. The o'.her H-.-rei wn marke* on one ond. with red ' ixtra super :ice, 136 Angle Kilts Or.sans co, ? Y, K 8 Beach " n the other end was a '.czecge with black letter*, llleglole. Lite: ; ool, M?y Id?The Champion, arrived from Ht Vta cent pasted r mewiectof a T?ssrl April 20. 1st 35 N long 43 W; or the 22i, in lat 36, long 47. picked up a ba e of cotton; and o-t the 24tu spr!1, la'. 3;, long 31, pfist-d a rar/large lower bocin painted black. 19th?From 30 to 40 .a'.ee cfgoods have been got out of the Kacrr, AJnpworth. o! find for New York froco hence, whloh wenf ""shore ru Arhlow Bank night ot 6th il?v. TbeJuverna for Rati*, aid the Rmp'rr, lor New Yark. v> err- fa co lls'on in the rirer tt li morning the 'er-ncr had her eiern c nniagvd. los. rudder and mizenmast. and lite latter had cutwater coated. Lotdon, MayfiC1?The hesvr equal1" from the 8W which prevailed od Su- day night, i cca-ioned some damage in the r'ver. The *btp ig'.e, Ft .-ran. from Vnpa-ua-. moored tn the Victoria ocu was driver: ?*ay from her m .'ring*. and Fwitgicr roui <-. care auiwa't tie ship* Hurricane. Verv, from > alcut'* and tne.f* elide', Wiaslow. fr _t rtaicmta. The JCagle has ler torerrJd hnd back ma'Uagale stay carried away, and her naina.ait is i eprrted to be sp-ung. Newcastlx, Mav 17 C'd Urn Tavlo.'. Ba ion. Port .and. Goodac ed. I aye and Pioneer, Trundr, NYork; Lotus, M.l.a. Copenhagen Texel. Bar it ArrivecI.crlev. "rUoUect from New York wi'h Iras ct rai1' ji iboom ard bulwarks cantd awa,, and other (is ma re as prev oualj reported. Pr.a ST- AMSffrr Niagara at Bosto* AoTw M?y 10? y r/ Harrisi Wade Slmp-or, Callso; 221, A ran e-!f- m ow. Ua-der ria.t.itore. S.d 22d, sldistj, Kenarick, Bcstcs; Mine,-, B-iaafjrd. NYork. aiicavtj' Hay iu-aai Fl';ng Eagle, Coaant, M'erk. Bny.atr..v May 16 -Arr itz-ieini Weleke-, 8.-,see, NOrleana; Atnf seddcr.Ol-en. to. 17th amaranth. Probst. NYork; lbth, free Trade Osteri erg, do, 20 b, Anna, K*scb:n oo . George, Hokon-t. M rears, ft or. of. ?.Mar '9?Arr Glory, Robbt, Oa'r tta. blr be .leads 15th, Mary a Kimball M'Leiir.n. Rrnrk. Baltic Mar 12-Ait barai L Bryant, Jed arson. Bos ton. Barcelona, May 3?Arr yiciorla, Mat *, Charleston; 4ih, .TACirfa, notch. do.Tti:, FlorejtLie arno Nor eaus; 12ih, Cot ttan' Bait e Jo; I4.h Salvador, Kl'e*v, do1, KloI'io, Bus, do. 1 AROiir, May AJ fid Ma", apsn, Collier eorlesas 1-ovRK May ju-Cff, St.; c'oluaihia, Boa'.lie, from Charles ton for Bremen. P.,.;., .'car 23 Arr Peutter BRbv-p. Lnncfot for Calcutta 'and at chore i) ; ruve Yansce Thbrtklte Calculator London istd prt .eeced ir. tow). B d 'tt th, ftt lo-m lYavia, Calcutta I sfsv 17- Arr I?r Knlep I.o'sar Nlork. F-ttgorrj, Jisj 21 Paased by. Canton, from NOrleais for Etcrkhnm t>'At i'ar 22 61dChallenge Kcm. . H ng Korg G:bka:.ta"< Yayfi?Arr N G iS'oi e. *slt Trapanl fans eld frr N Yc.ri), 7ih, sapid PItw. Cette (act eld for d> ,;b h, Pride cl "ba Be a bnrEeiiter, Messica: bigginson. Joiit. Lrghorn; t a Ylcir>-' B'tiny da*?* (and al thieec d for aYrrki, ,a... Gior. Corse 0, Pa e-rtr (and eld tor C.j . Bera,dina, dpo a*g> .Vr'.'irr. "and c.ic. for Philadelphia ; Hfsrmkr.c, 13idler-, ILsi el; ee; J? nrer Trcr.mb l/'aa '> . (and both eld for Nt r ear-s': Jarealle, Raaiaa Maiag? (and t ? tnr Boston' Havfu, i'ay 1* air 1 avalier. Jo.'dau. NOrlsau-; 19m, tho ant C*aroh Merrill, Mefcf e, Arliag on, -.orioii, uharlcdon. bid W.c M'dd est t Parmaeo, BYork. James H ivt-y, Ro bjrsc .u Bt -ids ? Ct lied s ates; Camberlaid, Merr.H. fiardld snd rni'ed otates: K Coo?er, f.apiam, tic uo. 2Ut. tanr.U'O Bowes. NTort; Agree Se>tt fi?'dl6f and Ccited btetst Carack. Stilrhen, Bn' at.i United btate* HiNnv/tr,,K*T 1.? At Berntrd. Grovcr, rffiriean-; Gua 'aif. rte-jtenr' r > Tork; Trank,;, Btrt l, B vjoc ; 18th, At 'arttc, 8r K feel Yister; iOocsu lrsutiann, and Biitt'i-.c: 1 -u'.-"L. NYo/k; Hlcdoo, Bendiien (long Koug; 19th, ke Rsbecke, B,-r?er BY'ork. 3 c illh. Anc Wash oum iUn-j", NVori- SClh Howard. Niemaut, do. " lvL'seooi Vxy ?i).?Arr Adept, Bnn ? Mebfld Ne e Yo-k Vrhicior: N York: J'readmught Bamuele, Co:Ltnwr-od Mar tit. Es'dtocre: 91rt. C?o<ice?t, Beers, ?- < rlfiios, kJI Wult sei saiut, estsri sb. Laura kacw. Ka'iar fri-.ldad; Hi, M*-v i- nalcb, Wtvdbnry; Ccesr Petri, (hi dle-; Clara ?*b"?'er, I'elano Wm Nfteon, Cheever; 3f J VTard, 7rc"; Golfvrdp. K?rr; Garilrk. Foster; Ilarr- o' thi Ve-i Adam*; Martin t tier. Bncderror, and aBftlmhall, l'ay!",. tl'ir esne; ?ii?*i, Hoalaid, sdami Boston; 2.H, Peril* (?) Jud kiss, N York; Carnstip, L'evsreM, &aC tJockaAsy, Good Tin, N Crleais. Cla 2?.!, r elicsn, Gooding H York Bid Juth, W'.oderer. Hyde- snd Ironeldes, Caleb, NYork Peifihaven, l ovett. Pni,ad? phla; t'ioUtor. shaw, N York; fltmr-ds, n vol, tfrnton; Balem, Cole, Queoe?; !W, Kninlre, 7tateg%, and t reat Western, r'nrber, NYork; West Indian, eeetcn, fcanFra-clsoo; Lencothev Corn, Bos/m. Jae Nesmtih, wat s, do- Kmina <iard. 'VL'iir.l*: 224, Bur oi the Wsai, Woodwaid, NYork; 23d. Albert Gallatin, LeiAuu, and era smier, htcb dr; Oal'.ensar. l let man. Cuarltstoc. Mti?oong'i?, < orter PnilK'e'phl".. shepherd.?a. Holers, and Msrgt Pollock, trulk.hunks, Quebec. In the i iver 22d, J P Morse, f'wece, for Phlid"'ph!a RO WlLthrnp. Worvelle, for Ha .ns'jre, Topeks, CUi-ob. fjr Katsrzas: Y'argnard, Norton, ftr NYork; fiTizon. Kwed, tor boston: Imperial, M- ran. lor bi John. N B fcrtcut 2mh. YVes'^rn Kmpire, Boale, Boetoo; '?"? Lew rinee, 1 rew, Calcutta: Oracle, Ranlelt, Bong Kong; May (Cieeii. f-ko-fien1,and t.e'ervald, .larris, Ma'ta; RBei.mier, I.ver N< rlesnc John Bright. Cut'lng. acil UtcwJoe, 8D>een. N York:21st, Vesuer, Vesrer Nfcri- OieidO'-ugh- fismue s, dc;Jrbi? J Bovd, B o'ee-'nrjr, do; Troyte: Nows'l, do- lid, TraJi'juehar. Hsrwsrd. ?ei:lin"re, Clnwor.-a, F.irtiu di; be* York, M'Kennon. NYork, Barkis M'lstye. tcishe"! auxins. Waii'-.n. dr; Adv ce Hick, do; Ina R; Jtssli, Wlli^ms, ROrleacs, i?*L'.s?ed 17:h Mnv fcr NYrrk ) laiBDOM. May 29?bnt towards K'ebtr, Crowe.U luul '-e; As, I avis. Philadelphia: lift, Victor*, champl-h, N York, Perthefire, l-'lerme-y, NcrlesLP: 22d, Windsor Fores'., Grat fam. Ce .so cid 'J' :n Linda, Melcbsr, Calcatts: 22d. Bosphorus, Pend.e ton, do rr.t out 2?d Cortellus Grlunell, Fletchsr. NYork; t3d, Vic tor la. Cba?pioD,do MaF"-ciu4c?, Msv 2C?Kid *u anta, Montell NYork. Newport. May2f"? B d t aroltne Nesml h, Kenny, and W S Lii ds?r (,rar. A S'ork. PoF-rfkocTH Mar 2" An Va-garet Xvans., Lon don for ? York (and proceeded 21so bniFij>- May 22?arr Ir.-itan Hi jfer, Patk'.ol Havre F'd ?)th Republic. Bawyer NYork: ?ec lavior Burton, Pluia calpbia: 22d, Kxac* Prievy. NTork, bouToAfroA War 23 arr Worth Blar (s). Hunter, NYork. Trik.-tv, May 13?Arr Western bea Taylsr, Malta. Home TorU. AI,I XANDR7A Ju^e i ? Arr sort J Biicvsn. Ma'dea. N Yori iro. ilo, R W< od, Boefin bid schrs L F Pharo, Bi'Sfon: Brvvzb tit; a Fa'lehbiirg. NYo-k. ALBANY JnnsS Arr scbr Alvi-a Brantn. Mi'ivii'e, WJ; slot OS 4 ft Or well. L,yeb. Rje: Merit ?'.v, ti-oier. Bru >kh* v?o, ABtecedi-ut, Nc-t"n. "-lonltgicn. Cltl srbrs BratJrwtne, WhceVr. Ba t tore Md. ?lobe f onder, Dowdy bhrerssury, iO'p Westfc'iry, Blcla, Ro a D. RaLTIMOKF, Juie 5 ? Arr si earner Henry LO?* Her, PhiladslFbA; brfg J A C J ft (Kn, Potter, fit Kteiatla a'. Quarantine harkHt*h Bpcfloid, >Mm Havaca, schr Miien.a, fc.ifgan, urn. Vtesi led!"". CM erlge Ma'g' v Htovsne Aim yens, Curscoa: Zesfth Ihifld. Portsmouth, KB scnri Urii?na. i isr ,mb, LilghUGen Grant (Br?, Ht I, Bermuda. 811 ah.p B iv'a hvuri uveroool. brtgs -folio A Tarior Farnham lutut Rova-ston, R< bin*':,, VVAet fndlsa, sclus May Quian. Puts Lsguyra and Porto Cabello, Gen Urant, fltu, Be mar era BubTON, JureS?Ajt barks fndun Que?n Pepper, Magna; & A Allan, f 'arleton. bavtotsh. OanMl Web?*er, aydsr, Haiti m-re via rta'iem; bilga S Tho-s'nn. Bea a Malar/an Ang' ine Aicrw, kaskel, ' ardena* via Porifand Rouad t-ond. Cud worth Pbiladeiphla; Z"ne Thomas, do, ?<-hr? r ,l Camming", Psrk. Ge ugetowT EC: John P Ober. ?'arfl? <1, Norfok: f -ar tbsintiiv Grant, Alexandria; A W Perry, Aainr n, (iron Mar, N'rkervo"; Mary Mirer. Laws, ens Anna 81 mere, 8< n*r?, Philadelphia, Perieverance, Rogers. Tro?; A -guita. biLksr sor. Albany. fte'ene llg,ernxKgir, NYork, btgnal '< re bark. I Id ship* Merrhnac. Bray, St John, SB, ?o l<ad for L-rermo"; ,f I, Warner Thomas. Nf r'eans. brtgi Mauha WortMugton P ?-rr?, Burl:am. Jerom" ft -light, if "ddnrd. Jeremli; It W Packer Poo'e, ("soe B art ten: Xsbac Carver, Partridg*. "li.rde eas- nebs slliot, P'relval. Hi Abb/Whitman; Gilford Ba ilmorn, Plntn T^atbam PblladelphtB. Phu ?i.r Glad ding NYork Sid. wied US* to EHE mi-dertte, hark Kale Wheeler; brig a Hlancbard, erhre f-aura Grri. tide Cerit" Hhtp Romenneof 'n# sea eld lart ?resieg ;n towof tne R B Korbee. tor NYork. Ship KU/i A Klia, and sclioyner Spnag Mill s d ? n Tuoedav. BANGOR, atise 3-Arr brtg E mir, French NYork. BaTH, JlM 4-Arr echr Iinnmaik, Oroweil ( hoptank Ri ver R d Sd, ship Kaeon (new), Adams. Bi Stephen. KB fHARLKHTOff. June 3?Arr sGamshlp Tam-c Adger, Turner NYork; shir. MlcmaeJW). Mc-Nutt, Giaagow na Had tax- ichr Frances H?kc-ly. Ortfflnf laYork. <1d steanuhip Isabel RC,!1I ? Pacana na Ker Weal; Sb.p Mtmolalo Wave, B-trCtuev Havre, fur* JMper Berne':. NYork. Hid snip j?e 71 utg, La .-t, yA;i *Wi toon; acars ? C Ho*u4, Baker. a Northern per*; B K Haw kins. GruBn, NYork. DAN VERS, Juae 3 -Arr sohr Gee trior. Jomi, NYork. DAMARISOOYf a, June 1?Ajt brig Sarah ftllxaseth,Tooth aker. Virginia KAMI MAO a I AS, Mar ? -814 aohr TaaUe. NYork. FALL K1VKH, June 4?An schrs J V Lindsay, OUrk' I'hl aceiphia: Slh, Naiad Queen, II also, do. 81d 4th, aohra M 0 Durtee, James and i-anlel Brown, Heald. Alexandria; Richard Borden, Arnold, Baltimore; Bath an lei Holmei, Fow ler Pbiadelpbla; Bib <-axoo. Randall, NYurk. HIGHLAND LIGHT,CaPK COD, June 5 8AW-Paaeing by ship Romance of the Sea, from Boston (or New York, In tow of steamer B B Forties. 1 PM? Passing In, bark Tom Corwtn, from Oieafuegos tor Boston. HaRTFOBD. June 4-Arr steam tchr Dnoaa, Batei. HYork Bchr Hart'ori, Grisaold, Phtiade phis. Sid steam schra Sene ca. ChaJker. (aYork; J 0 Baldwin Clark, Philadelphia. MAt BIAS, Jons 2 -in port brlga Mary Lowell, Huntley, lor Kemedioi; Bonaparte, Steele, for NYork; aohr* dahwa, fcur.tlej; Mary * Gage. Crowley. New York Paoket, Sanborn, and A C M'Keaz-e, Bradford tor <10. NEW ORLBANd, Mar 30, PM?Below commit up, shtpa Ooean Star. Blmaonds. from Liverpool; Molhome stilphen, from Havre; Wurterunurx Wllner, from do; Lugaa, Taylor, from Sutton; Harry Bluff, Redman, trom Boston, Memphis, Da> 'J trom li York; Isaac AHerioa, Sears, from do. Old snips John t'oule, Hallo well, Liverpool, Adams, Avery, Bremen; brig Brothers, Abbott, Matauzas. NORFOLK. June l -Arr steamship Roanoke Skinner, New York Old echr kllza Ann Steele, Bcarte, Barnstable. KtW LONDON, Jure 4-Arr prorslier Decu'-ur, Gear, NoraIch for NYork, schrs Jane Sally Francei, 8ytl*man. do; har?h,H Bird, Brown, Norfolk; sloop Nearckua, Grifttn, Loan Island NSW BSDFORD, June 5?Arr scbr Eliza A Nancy. Baker. NYork. Sid brig Ormus. Rater, Pn'lada phla. sob re Oaths rlar (3 aiasleci. Luster. Rewbern N J; Cvcloue. daudy, Phut; Hesoy ,'laj. De ano and Alexander, B aokwell, A banv (not previous!?); M H Read. Keller, do; Klletr Rodman, Osgood, NYoik; T.eater, Goc-dspeed do; Notui. Garnev do. ?BWPoRT JuneS, 8 AM?In port, brig Vermont; scbr Henry Oast'oif Gardner, trom Havana via Charleston, (arr 4th) hid last n'-gh- and this AM, bark \V d Brodle; brig F tt Peck Glands H*las; schrs Iram Smith N B dor-ten, and all others. Went to *? from Dutch Island harbor this AM, schrs Sen Gull, htar. Mary 0 Teroeh and Atmlra-all from Provi dence NaW HAVKN, June S-Arr brigs B L Rwan, Prladle, St Orolx; heuvltaa, Neisoo. Mayagttez; 0 0 Hillings, Coot, Porto Rico; schrs Sarah huzabeth Smith, NYork; Miry A Morgan. Morgan Albany; Geo Dummer, Jr Chambers, Va; Nag'e, Met: rath, Phtiade phta: X Anderson, Mll'er, do Sarah A Jonti, Baltimore. bid suhrs J Buckalew, Phlacelphla; Hunter, do; Panther Va. PORTLAND, June4 -Old barks Gambia, Drlnkwater. Cien. fuegot; O K Hamilton, '''hare, Havana; <iov Parrls. Musang, Cuba: Vivid Light, Man chard, I'd tor. M'lu. Ga, brig Moonlight, Smatl, PORISMOL'l'H. June 4 ? Arr schrs Seth Keith, Nlckerson, Poton-ac Hi'er; Madagascar, Hsllatt, Philadelphia; StaUra, Lopaua, NYork, PittlYTDh-NOK, Juae 5?Arr steam?hip Petrel. Arey, ? York; echrs W> rceater Rhodes, Philadelphia; Moselle. Bur Mugsme, Trov SM brie ocean Wave, Shaw Phllaie'ohia; sshrs Wm B sanford, ?' ?ulver. Norto'k; Marv Clark- Small,do; h W Prat? Smith; Dltdsm Uiack; Mogul, Lowe; BM Price, Chsmbers; Sophia Ano emith; Reladeor, Robolni; Almeda, Dtokins'di; J S Dlckinaoo. Corson, John Maiee. Magee; Gi - bert Green, Weaver; Cicero, Doughty, and Martha Jane, Cox, Pblladelthla; Salmon Washouru, 'hj-Asher; Rose in Bloom, Coleman; Cadem. Higbee. and Fire Fly, Hoyt, New York; Monsoon. Woi.d, do; sloop I N Seymour, Rondout. bit 'HMONi', June 4?Arr bark J J Coob, Howe. NYork; erVrc Westnver, Rogers Bolton; Miry Ellen. Mathewi, Shrop shire, Ad any Sid schra liellen, Loug, Boston; J Darling, Henens. Pernambuco. BOCKLaND. Mav .>0 - Arr echrs Harmony, and Irene, .Lies River; Etere'.'., -n? Ellen, New York, June 21. Ceylon, NYork; AJamcou. do Sd Mav 80, schrs Hiawatha, Mel bourne, and R BPitts NYork. John Hell, Richmond; Lagrange, h'York; June I, Htira NVork i-Al-aM. June 3? Sid brtt Herricr, Par*. WICKFOfcD June4?Bid echr Arton, McLaughlin, (from Providence) Norfolk iHmTlSEltiin* RKflfiWBP EYKKI DAh FOLITXCAL. "I *)TU WARP-A* A MEETING OK THE N4TIEN1D JLO Democratic Ward committa* of the 13-h Ward, held pur*UA?t to ? call of the chair on Friday evening, June Oth, 1356. Mr. David H Hempated tn the onalr rea.lved, That a committee o' tbrje be appointed to dratt .-aaolntsons expressive oi the sentiments of this committee, with regarl to tue na tional candidates. The folowdnggemleaien were appointed on ihe ooma ittee.?Mr. William W Fream John MaConnell, Mr btepbsn H iker; to wb. -b (Be rnamoera of the Ger.ara Corn mitte were adred:?Mr. t harlea M- nmtth. Wiu P. Mo lor mack. ?m the committee retiring taej adopted the following resolution Kesoied, That In the selectlor ot James Buchanan for Prondei.t. and John C. itreckenindge for tire Pre.ndent, bv the Matir.nal Ccnvent'cn held at I'incinna'-t, Jane 2d, 1356. we recognise statesmen ot I lie beat stamp-three la winee nanda the constitution will be aate; taratioirin at none, aidoppres bice from ab:oad careful;}- watched aodjuatif pualahtd. Resolved That we r<? affirm our adherence to the plat form as la'd rcvrn by the National ( onven'lons ot 1348 and '52. re aurerted at Cincinnati, the Kansas Nebraska Ac, and P edge ourselves to use ail honerahle means to secure the eiecuoa cl Ike above candidates, DAVID H. HKXFeTKAD, Chairman. Etcbaud Evams, Pecretary. ?J QTn WARD.?THE DFMOCBATI0 REPUBLICAN i. O tlpc'ors of the Nineteen >h ward, in favor of the election ot the nemlcer* "? the Cincinnati Convention?Jamea rfu chanan for Prealfent, sad J. V. Hre.nlcenrl lge for Vice President are reqvieeed to meet on Simula- evening, atS o'clock, at ?iarr> Five Ml"e House, tor the of or ganizing tor the Preolcentlai campaign At the request if Thomas K. t-ownlng. Dennis McCarth?, John Pagan Thomas Fears.n, John l<. Brown, Samuel Aden. Wot, Uoodhevt, Thomas siarr, John O. K'pp, Jeremiah Towle. 3reiiur/ Corn por Ju'lui Johustn. Robert far!, Iaaas Edwards. R P. Biker, James Gallagher, Henry Arculnriua. D B. Morreil. Fnoclt Rupert. John Ual'ahan. Freeerick Ihellman, Wm Henry I.. M H Manny, Jeremiah Twomy. -uihony Matthews, Wm. Altar. John A. Towle. Wm MePevtit, James Starr, J a job Mentgea, and two hundred others. all ST WARD. RTCHaNaK aRD BRKOKKNBIDGK. m 1 At a large nrd enthuslaatio meeting ol the rittrhanaa t"uh or the Twenty li.-st ward. helQ a? Ihetr headquarters, Pibfcard A McCoy's, co'narol third avenue and Tblrt'-eerood s'reet. on Friday evening. Juue 6, Ambrose I/. Finney in tha rf nr. and Meiers. 1 Somas McCov and ao'tglass Tat lor acting an Seerstsrlei, 'he to lowing preamble andgre orations. oif-rod by Andre Fremont Keq , were unanimously adipted - Whereas, .he Democratic Convention at Ctnctnnad has. In accttdanee wi h the general wish of the Cemutracy of this f- Uitry com .hated ihe lion James Burbtaan as their randi dale tor Pri?id?nt of he Cni-ed states, and as a httlrg associ ate frr " Pennsylvania's favorite sou " tha Hon. John 0. brecbeurldge, ot Kentucky, for Vice PrewUent therefore. Resolved. Thai the nmlualfons of Buchanan and Bremen r dge hm wtm our c rdlal and unqualified approbation; that In .cent wereoogmzester'.tug pairtotsand ried at iter.nan. why villi a'wayebe tound resdy to ac' for ihe inieiegts of the pes pie. rrgaidletaof all sec i- naldtstincdons Resoived. Thatasmemliartof this cub. and as member* cl the great dtmrcratlc family, we wih use every honorable en?tion tc eeeurc the iriu-apoan', election of the nominees. Ke-olved Tha; the demooratlc republic an electors ol the Twenty first ward. ?r.i all > ther< fsvorayle lo the elect) /a of R.clianan and fsreckeci-idie aod ihj regular organization of the pariy. n-r reeoeotfully invlten to eo- -peat* with the mem bers of this ciub In carryUg out;he objects of the rew lu 'ona. in mftlen. the ciub then ad.iourr-d to meet on Raturdsv everirg. .'une i4 wh-.n the i fflc-r? foi the ensuing rear will be e'.ec ed ana o her impcriant buslruiss uarstctei aMBRijer. 1, 1'lNNh.Y, u. airman pro tem. Tnoaas MeCov. f Dupblas t atoor. ? F^IITE WSBD BCftHsKAN CLrB.-THE DKMOC racv ot this ward are tereny roqust'.ad to mes; at Uie J lith Ward Hot?l. t n theeveulrgit Monday, the 9th da7 of June UiAt., at o'clock, tor ihe ourrcse of i rgatuzlng a olub, loj th? pur, ess o; promoting the election of the detnoeratlc nor nett lor President and Vice President of the United fctntes. Henry Hcffuilre. Jarnej U Weugb. Wm. Hall Jimea fs-wierce, -lames 1>. Welch, Rdward P. Welch, John H. Whitmcre. Chruiiau P Wcoorufl and others. N'IM/.FoNTB ward BUDH 4NA1T 48SOCr4TIOIf. Puttuati .0 arijourLmenl, the Democratic Repuo'ican As. potiiiirt. > t ihe Mne'renih ward, nie' at ihe Four Mils House, Third avenue, on Friday evening, June li 1856. Ihe Presi dent ot the association acnoun-.-ed the gratifyl-g iivsillgeoee t':;at Jgmer Buchanan, of Penney lvanla, hid received ihe nomt natlor of the Sa'ioral Demccrstu; (iouvenflon f-,r 'hs office of President of tha Cntted Matea, and tha' J. 0. Breckenrldga. of Kentucky, had been nominated for Vtc? Pre?tdea': where upon >t v. as res.uved tha'thts ase?<atlon shall be hereaf'er known ?.? ths " Buchanan aasuclHUon of the Alceiesnth V ari " ard that all eiMzens of ihe ward trlendlf to the alec ti.m of James duchaaan to the Presidency, and -I. C, Breck emVge i0 be oQ.ce of Vice Pi es dent of tfce United -tales, shall or eligible to mnm-ershlp on comply log with the require mentsr' its constitution and bylaws Ttielollosligresolti'lont.otlered by Alderman Anion Her ilc*. were aBKnimi.usly adeptsd, viz : ? f-'se'ved. That this association hall-, with the utmost sa'ti f'-euon the ncinluKlon of James Bucuanan. the dltUnguished and uperteiiced natesmin, of Psnm-lvat H, as the democra tic repna-lcar carilldatc tor the Preeldeniy, belie ring that It cam.ov f.?r. to secure the complete ualoc and the harmoni us set-nor the gteat demoerw'lc oariv <( the Union in tbeag P'OfcMng eiecMua. which i. oal? tiwessary ti, ensure its e t r-eoiaci. and ihe pn-pcuation cf 1J qra-v princlp.esin the luttire admirV.rVfimor cttrnational government. Resolved, That in the rumination oi Jame< Bnchanac the Na'.orai Cobvni -ion baa manifested due regard to the popular will of the nolle q. tor whlcn tha delegates sa.m id receive the 'hfcoki <f :he crop e wli'sesuQrages will unquestionably e'e vate b!m to the high pr.sttloa tor which he Isactadldite. Mrs.ired, That in view of the glorious pro.pects of triumph Diet cow < pen upon the democratic party uf lie t'mou, au.f In obe- enne to the spirit of hs>'mon? and geaernl goc-d feeling w! leli ooBAiimmsted ihe high y tatLslactorr nominetiins of Jsmrs Bttehnnsn and-f. 0. hreckenridge. at Clrelnnad It he I crrues the droK-tiecy everyweere t" acju't all 1 tea' an 1 per 1 ?cna' diilirwrce- that may have h'theno distracted the a aid ' to unite In <ie common and enthusiastic ettbri to nee urn the 1 triumphant election ot' Buchanan and Breekenrldee. Kesuireu, That the deo ociata ot iha Muieteeatb w'rd, wl h out regard loans p/evl-ui local organizitionaor any dU'lnci.'ins that may have ti.herio existed among them, tie requested to <u tie wuhtnis atauciatloiu and to ro-operatr- witnit in such local j as tray be dtslgced fur the jdvai-cetcent ot ihs dem i raUccA'iseand ihe eTeiticc of Buchanan and Bracken rtcge heseived. Thai a comalltee o' five he appointed by the rh'dr tc irate 'he necessary arrtngementsf-rbDlduiga mass b--' ug i I the democracy of the ward, at the Four Mile House, on 1' eilav evening nerf, to reap' nd to the nominations of the Nati< n?! t'onveo ton. t n muuon. the proceed.egs of this mee'.'ng were ordered to te puV.lrhed in ihe Heralil and Sunday Atlas, OKOftOlc WKIti Presldsnt D. B. i cCULLOUGH, Vioe President. flro. L Br.Mm* Secretary. Sixth ward pionrkr club.-thk demodbatic ret uhllcan e'ec.ors t-f Ibe Hlltb warn In favor of sustain ing the jomiuatu-ms for President and Vice 1'reel Cant of the 1 n'td sta.s? made by theCincinra'l Convention, are request > d to meet at Motros Ha'l, corner o' Oentre and Pas-1 au-seta, cn J eturday evetuny tlie 7th cf June, at f o'clock for the pur pose of organIzlng a ward aasoctaii -i tu twin In t?e e'ectlun i,l -lames Bucnanae and J. O. H.-eekenrtage to the office of 1 rsalcen'. ana Vice l'res'dent of the United Btates, at the ap I preaching contest. John Clancy Mati-sw T. Brsnnaa. i henry H Howard. Itdwstd Rows. I Open Kinney. Walter Roche. I Tiumaa a; ar . Hen-y Hughes. I Atthonv OUJen. Patrick Mcf.sughha. David uf Man Andrew rieab!'. Ttr.mss I'larke Patrick KPz-'i-rald. 1 .l?ines McGowan WllUsm t inclsrlt. I Ft. Meyiuskey. John H. Wetgen. Jraeph Dowting. Patrick Wade THIP.D WARD-/T A MRKT1BO OF THE F.UOll aN aN AaacKieUon, ol the Third ward held v the tiommoian Fhedes. No 1 St. Peter's place, bet ween Barclay nnl Vevey s'rsete. "b HrldaT evening. June 6, urt motion, a, J. Moiiar'.y I was rta* im-nsly s ewed President, and H - Mi?/gsn I,. Hsrns to i. Keniamtn Rsv Janns Hsaxei , Jobs ri -oro, I D. ch Sml'h Ht d P-ter I.arkin. Vice Prestle its. ttdwat! B, Hesiusnd Jch" Ijee Peon arias. Ho-i, Bei.iamin R?. o'l'sr | e'. t[>e lollowU-g r, tolutlona, Which were 'tnanimomly j Ke'ilvtd, That recogr'ring the long noutinued and ein nant srrv'o-s lf,? ofly pens-iial character 'he distinguished aolll tv ardthetried and unitlnehlcg patrtoTsmrif James Rnohouan, tf Penrevivutila, we the Pucbanan Aasoclatlon, or the fhir.l ward i! the city uf Mew Turk, do hall his nnanimuus nomlna Hon b* the Natloaal Demo-radc Uunvectlon at cm -noa'l and as the candidate of their choice t- r President of the Utd ed ritaiee, w"h profound and sincere ce t gat, and do enaorse the same wvhall ow heart*, and furthcrn ore, be It Rsso ved. That In the ccmhlned vo'e of 'he dem-cra'lc dele gstli na of the Male of New Vork. In h a behalf, we greet tne return ol that union and harmony lo our party which wh e.u sure the triumphBf our principles acf the safety, stability and glorr of this great nation. Keao'ved That, Inrgetful rf oast differences, we will use a'J honorable eodeavori U> p'ace our no .la standard nearer In Ihe Preaiden'ial chair oa the 4th of M-rh 1857. and oiedge "up. ae'vea to unite hand ;n hand f rthu aoc>tnpT?'j-nent ot auth R|vf{tu wor*' ? >/ iiUAlB | " ???? * lag them, for sale by all bookseller*. Dealers snsptlsd by iTBIHOBEATONHflKMD aud HIGQINB A KRLLoGO, GIFT BOOK HMTIB PRI8R.?MYANi A 00, THH originators o< tha gilt book enterprise, judging fron tee dully attandanoa of visitors, aaam to hsvs dlstanosd all com petitors in the bnslnaa*. Tha tact that poop I o will go whsra they gat tha bast bargains leads us to bellave that their* la the tairest antarprla* yet atari ad The* have been tha means of disseminating much knowledge by thatr book salaa, and bta drads of patrons hav* been pleased by tempting the flakle Goddess of fortune. Give them a call, at 469 Broadway, all you who wish to gat a good book, with a oh ansa of obtaining a valuable present. 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Contributor*?Fa a no is haltf.s, M. D. Due*** of the Rye Rail Ear; Va. Benky Tucker, M P., Diseases of theBtoeatck acd Liver; L. Vandebvexr Newton, M. D., fiueiM of the Shin. CONTENTS. DlMMeect the Lungs T'ue Carbon Iheory < f Consumption 146 7hr Inhalation Controversy IV InhalaMon tn Diseases of the Lunc* - Latter from Dr. Hun ter to the Medical Faculty of New York '*8 On Yenfl allon Ids The Heart and l'? I Peases ]W Cn the l it ot Artfhgtal Atmospheres Ut What are the Diseases of the Lungs and Air Passages lit Itlseaaee of the Stomach and Liver Dyspepsia- Indigestion 163 The Liver 15* Diseases of the bye and Ear? Practical I tema-Discharge of Matter from the lar 1*4 The Cure of tPjulatirg 14* Diseases of the Conjunctive 154 Nervous Deainess?Diseases of th* Auditory Nerve o! Hearing 155 Anatomy of the Kye Ut? Dlseareeof the Skin Are, or "Face Grub" 146 Psoriasis, or Drv Tetter .' Uf The PIvLs'oi.s ol D.scares of the Skin US M'sceljaaerua Items? f'evouru to Science 14S Distorted Tees 146 (m Soepbrlam 1*6 Muriate of Morphia and Colfee In Neuralgia Ut Acid Beef Tea U* Nut Vomica as an Acertsnt Uf Aperient PUla lit Purgative Meelelnes 15* Is luMinet a Sate Guide In Se'ecting our Food and Drinks.'36 Cur F.xcht ngea. '-W Putnam's Monthly. Graham's Magazine. The United Mates insurance Oezet'a and Magaz'ns. Paddock's United States Bank Mirror. Tne Wt stern Journal and Civilian. lb? GaEesee Farmer. The Agriculturist. 7 he Chi i man hvangellnt. The American Veterinary Jour-al. The C iter'.rn. The lAdiea' WreAihand Parlor Annua.. The Cental News Letter. Returns of Deaths from Affeetlctis of th? Respiratory Or Bans in New Vork I'rf Publ'siiet by tiHKRM AN A CO., Astur Houae. eud tor seie br ad bcokstl ets. Price '0 cents. PRCPI.E FROM NRW YORK AND OTHER oniF'S ?tstunr Newport, R. I., the coming season, wll' Uttti the NcwYotk oaily Herald and other newspapers, with a good es?ortirtr.t of stationery; a to. the London Illustrated News and Punch. Harper's and Putnam's magazines, 1 ltteil's Living Are Ac . Ar at B J. TIi/LKY'h newspaoer and pedodlmu depot, 12S Ihnmaa strert d'reetly opposite the PotloOoe. CYDNEY SMITH. po Published ibis morning. WIT AND WlHbOM OF (31 REV. bfDNK.Y HMITii, Bring Seloctiona irom his Writings and Passagae of tpe Letters and Table Talk With Notes asd a Biographical Memoir, by Evert A. Uutckipck a Portrait on Steel after u. Stuart Newton, and an Autograph Letter. 12tnu.. cloth, il 25. 1 he mo?t important of Sydney Smith's wrlttrg* wlu here be found gtvrn entire; wbl'ethe relrcdcn generally ntesents the moat characteristic passages of ets 'wit and wisdom" Irom 'he while, f timerous m'.Mcsl'aoies ot much lnteres' \r? luc aded which are not to be met within ar.y previous cat. ecllon ol the autbot's worts. CONTENTS. Bloi rapb'.cal Memoir. by the Idltor jsrtic'e* trnm the Edlnburg Review, (including the Papwe on female Education, Proiesslonal Education, Notices of Ame rica, <W.) Sketches of M' rs! Philosophy. (including the Easaya on U>b Coodnct ofth# Understanding, on Witanrt Ilunaor, Ae.) '1 he Peter Plymley t ettera. Pas'tves tri m Sermons. Ni eecheson the Reform Bill. The Ballot. I ettera on Awerlcsn Debts. Peesagea trom i etiers on the Fccleslsatlcat Com on lesion. a Fragment on the Irish human oaihollc Church. Letters on Railway Managcmet t Character r f Rir Jamei Mackintosh and of Fraatla Horner. Frac'ital Fsaavs, Ac Paaaageariom l etters YableTalk, Personal, An J. 8. BRDF [ELD, 34 Beekm%n street, If. Y. KKLieiOUM NOTICE!*. ROMANI8M AND CHRIfiTIAMTY.-THR RKV. ~DH. MacMecamv, formerly ot the Irish Home Mission in the (Pens ot Antrim, ana recently or 'he Inch Missions of Bcotlsad, will ([>. V ,) continuants Sabbath evening services la Broad war Hall, 1 104 Broadway, h at ween Tltirtv seeon4 and Thirty - bird attaels, to morro w evening, at V/. o'clock. All are re ptctful'y InVtad in intend. REUATTAb. DR. t. D. PAPE, LATH < F 412 "ROADWAY. WOULD ? to'or n Ills triends that lis has w wed to 70 White street, a d cc-itm "es lo devote hit eitentlr j cLr onic dueama of wctoen aril children K^HRKUVaL.-HRNRY, LA lit WITH F. PFIAI.AN. HAB I rot removed a* run .rted but has fitted up am' enia'gwd bis saio< c In the moat approved style, apt sllbrds evety fact ltty (or hair rutting and shav'tig. No gentleman In dela'ned, but is waited or instantly Oa'T and try it IIKMRY (JOT US, hair dressing snlcon, 205 Broadway, TOO LATlTihlJK CI,A NSIHC \TlOM. ^ K Ttt HONnilOI.DRRB.?OFFlCR OF TUB WBW Yor* a?id New baven Railroad Company, No 1 Heao ver street ?Notloe to bor dhollers ?bolrtemot seven per rent b inds of this compan* arc hersbr notified thtt in pursuance of an Act of the General Aasembly ot the Hir.te if i'out esUeul, paaaed at its last May session, the Treasurer Is authorized and prepared In exchange tor the outstanding bonds bearirg sevsn per cent Interest, and not secured hv mortgage, bonds autho rized by the hsf re mentioned act besrinf nil per cent lo'e reel, and secured by an only mortgage oa the oamnev's road, fratiehtsea Ac sad ex 'ba->ge win he mads at this oIlea uail further nrties. By vrcerofine IMra'tors. i juir xvra. 'J.U'4. t*. 3mist. rjui--*.