Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 9, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 9, 1856 Page 3
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American National (/wnell. ro TUS NATIONAL CUUMJIL OK TUN AMERICAN PARITY. The uadersigael, delewt ?* to ths Arnthcu Convea" lion tf thi Ntith Congres.icon district of tli* SAtl ol how York, beld at Tartyown, W-etehester eounty, in paid State, ob Taoraday, Key ?2, 1866, for ihs purpose of ?lec I rg a del gate to reprtient tta? American party of said Cozgreaslonal di?tzict in the Natinal CjudcII, to be beld in t ie city of New York, oa the 3 J day of Jane, 1866, det ire. on behalf of the-us# Irak and the Gonad's in good and regular standing which they repress it, to pro test, and they do heresy protea , against the action of your body, In excluding irotn tour o?mlons and mem bership the Hon. Bayard Clerk* he regular and only duly -elec tee delegate from said Ciugt msiouai dla .riot to your Annual loaeion, and for the fmowlbg reason*,: ? 1. Tze I i-uvention which e eetei B.yarj Clarke a dele gate. and Frederick \V. Wmarbury alternate to the Na tional Council, sat regularly ca'led by the duly appoints 1 oominiun) to eell cmven ;o i* of the party, for the Corgre:-stoE*l dtstiiet, and the delegated compoling the Cot vmtiou were r'gular y appointed oy conventions held in the loepeative A>semoly distriot-i, sailed io nee ruatice with the usages of the Atnensan party; ana nt said Cdrgreei-lunal ConTention, a ballot fir delegate being had, Bayard Clarke reieivei nineteen vole*. the whole numHr ot delegates p.-eaent and votes mat being twenty, and the wh.-ze number of delegate* In ci u't- ution being tweat>-6ye. 2. The Hon. BayerdCia<ke enjoys the confidence and esteem t f the entire Am*ric*u parly in his dlstrlet, (with the exception of a few isolated individuals notori ously known as " marketable ") and in tne first choice of the patty in the district, as evidenoei by his election to ? seat in the present Congress by a majority oyer aU other canoi dates?a majorl y unprecedented in the dis trict; and he represent* most fmly the opinions and wishes of the American paity in hie Congressional district. 3. The contestant was eleated at an informal meet lag, Com posed of but four persons, loolusiog himaeif. gotten together without the of authority. He does not eoio? the oontidence or respect of the American party, which he seeks to represent, and was rejected by the regular.y convened Convention for appointing a delegate go the National Council. He received only one vote. 4. Our delegate, on making bis appearance in the Na tional Oonncil, waa informed by the Presldeot of the Cand Ceunoll of the btate of New York, and by the oon itant. that his seat would be contested, and he be ex ?fiiuded from all participation in tha business of the Na tional Council unless be p'edget himaeif to thsm to sup rrt ard Tote for Millard Kilim ire for Preaident, and A. Dooelson for Vioe Pi e>ideni of the United States, an exaction which could oniy oe construed at an insult to our delegate and his constituent*, composing a majority ol the voters in a district haying a representative popu lation of 130,000, at variance witn all party usage, right And jusvee, and totally unauthorised by either the ritual -or constitution of the Order. 6. The act of the National Counoll in rescinding the reeoluiioa adopting the report of the Committee on Cre afeatiiis, recommending tha recognition of Bayerd Clark* -ae our legal delegate to the Council, and in rerualng to adopt the report ofsnch oomml-.teo, when, for the saoond time, they unanimously reported In favor of his admis sion, and the reasons givsu in debate for such aciion proves conclusively that certain parties, now having a woraiog majori'y in tne Na lonal Council, desire only to perpetuate a particular dynasty, irrespective of the rights Of toe masses or the good of tae Order. 0 There is nothing in our antecedents to justify a sus picion ot our integrity or fidelity to the American party, or in that of eur delegates; therefore, the action of the National Council and the cause thereof are at war with tne beat interests of the party the constitution of the Order, and fraught with most disastrous consequences. By cidsr and on behalf of the delegates. LUTHER CALDWELL, Chairman. William C. Brown, decretory, Of the American Convention of the Ninth Congressional ' Convention at the State of New York. June 6,1856. The tfumner affair. TESTIMONIAL TO SENATOR SUMNER. [From the Boston Alias, June 5 ] Several ot oar citteens being desirous of expressing their unqualified appr >oation of the late speech of the Hon. Charles Sumner, in a substantial testimonial, cir culated the following doeumeat for signatures yesterday, In tbis city, and in Worcester, at the convention:? Beiug desirous of expressing to toe Hop. Obarles Sumter, &a- me permanent and appropriate form, our admiration bis spotless public aad private cbarac'er. of our lively gra il luce tor bu dauntless courage in the defence of freedom on the Moor ot Congrats, sod especially of our unqualified appro bation ol h's speech tn bsha f of free Kansas ae.Wared in tne berate ou the 20.h of M*y last -a speech characterized by comprehensive knowledge of the subject, by lo gical Bcu-.eness. and by Hpartan Intrepidity In lis ohas tl-ement of iniquity, tor w-noh be has well nigh lost inn Hie, at ibe brutal and cowardly hands of a ?Tenure for which, thanks io the rarity of tkctr appeiranoe, the Kcirllsta tongue has. as yet. no appropriate name, we dee n It alike a privilege and an honor to parilclpaie in offering him tomeanliabl* token of our sentiments For this purpose we ?u"scribe the eeveral sums set opuosite our names. Among the signalmen to -nls document are those of Joelah Qulncy, Sen., Henry W. Longfellow, F. D. Hun tington, Jared Sparks. R. d. Dana, Jr., Alexander H. Rice. Edward Everett George BiUs, Charles Hudsou, Wm. Brighate, J. Z. Goodrlca, Carlos Pleroe, and a boat eighty ?there. The amouat already anb'srlbefl ia eight hundred dol lars, and the paper will he io circulation to-day. It is projioatd to raise the sum of fifteen hunCrel doliaxs. The crecit of otiglnatlrg this testimonial to Mr. Sumner is -dne main'y io Carlos Pierce, Esq., the talented and effi cient Preaident of the Mercantile Library Association. MR- BROOKS' "SENTIMENTS ON ASSATLT3 AND THE LIBERTY OF SFKBCM. Hon. l'reaton S. Brooks, in a speeoh in the Home, Match 15 1861, delirered himself of the following manly aid honorable sen'iments :? Should eugut of intemperance of laoguage escape me in flie remarks I am abcui to make. I trust that It may he regaidad as directed towards principles and posltloas, bl0 not to the persons from whom they proceed. I have Jived lorg enough to learn, that to do justice to th? opiLions and even prejudices of other* is tne surest way to secure a juft consideration 'or my own. Nor, sir, does It jump with my humor or my appreciation of honor to assail those who. in obeoienee to a local sentiment, are aveise to a resort bat too common in a warmer lati tude. It Is a oheap display ot chivalry to insult where no risk is Incurred; and, for my own part. I would prefer the condition of him who bears the wound thau of him by whom it la, uadar such oircamstanoes, needlessly in flieted. PROPOSITION TO PAY MB- SUMNER'# DOCTOR 8 BILL. In the Massachusetts House ol Representatives, on lite 4th instant, the following message was reoeived trom the {?overnor:? Executive Department. ) Boston, Ju<e4, 1856.1 To the Speaker ov the Hocse or Representatives;?me ofthe senators In the Congress or the Cubed states iron Mas aachwetta having be?n struck do *r wbtleatbis now of duty, In a bru al, murderous and cowardly manner, and suffered se vere It not dangerous woueas, it seems to me eminently pro per'bit ill erpenceeof bis slakreis xhould b* assumed *y the avmmnii wpaita whose soverelgntv be represents 1 therefore ?uvmil >ke ci Qiddrrailvn of tils ques'lon to the Legislature for seek action as they may deem expedient. H*NRY J. GARDNER. On wotion of Mr. Austin, of Boston, the men. age wig ie erred to a committee of five on the part of the Hoase, with such ae the Senate may jo'n. The Turf. MASSACHUSETTS. Bot-ton, June 3.?fio'.ting race between three fast rides, mile heats, best three in five, in harness. i'biilip* named lady Lawrence Ill D. Mace named Little Nell 2 2 dr. <?. feel named Heed Colt 3 3 2 Time, 2:51?2:49-2:67. TENNESSEE. Nashville, May 27.?The ra .ing to day was exciting There were three entries, Nasnvllle, Little Arthur, and ?One Eyed Joe, mile heate, best two in three. Nashville tocL the first and third heats, and Little Arthur the second. The latter horse cramped sadly after the seooDd jieat. Time of two first heats 1:48?l:49Jf. financial and commercial. HON IC T MAKKBT. Sunday, Jane 7?fl P. M. The intelligence that retches us from every quarter of the world is of the most favorable character. Every steamer from Europe brings advices of an ensonrag log and satisfactory nature. In England and on the continent we have indications of a rapid dis appearance of all disasters occasioned by the war. A return to more prospirous times is guar anteed by the improvement already visible in finan cial and commercial affairs. The receipts of gold in I.on don from Aastralia and other sources have reached a vo lume that begins to tell upon the value oi money in the market. The drain for tie continent and for the Esst is more moderate, and it is the belief in best informed cir cle* that an accumulation of specie In the Bank ef Eng land bos commenced. It will, probably, be only to a mo derate extent at first, and occasionally*a week or two may show a relapse, but that the Bank's reserve within the next three months will exhibit a large increase, we hare not the slightest doubt. On this side of the Atlan tlo we look lor similar results. The banks of this city bust gradually accumulate specie. The satisfac tory condition of our export trade, the depletion of the Sub-Treasury, the large and steady receipts from CalifotLia, mast girs the banks of this shy a supply of specie greater than ever brfore known. We have no doubt the csxt returns w'll show an aggregate revenue of nearly sixteen mtlli >ns of dollars. Toe,season of heavy Imports is over, and the payments into the Sub-Treasury will, for a time, be 11ml ed. Tae prospects are good for an active expert trade, up to the close of the commercial year, and the supply of exchange is likely to increase as the reason advances. The weather is most propitious for the growing crops, and the wheet harvest is near at hand. In about thirty days the Southern ani some of the Northern States will have secured their crops of wheat, when we shall be able to anticipate more curreotly the actual reeults. At present the prospect Is favorable for a most abundant yield of all the greet staple pro ducts of the country Wlih full supplies moderate prices will be remunerative, an! the general condition of all dosses ensured. The production of gold In California and Australia has not thus ler caused any serious speculations, either in this ooontry or in Oreat Britain. In oe|Hi*r country has there been any great bubble inflated, or any serious ccdlai -e tn an* great, enterprise since the prolactins of gold in Australia and California reaihed suihanimpir tant extent. It Is true that for two or three years of the seven or eight, th? European war acted a* a regulator and prevented any expansion ct private ora-lits, or the creation o( anj great epeculative mcvemeo'; but before that war oommeneed, there were no indtoa'.irni of an In ilaticn (or a long time. It ia a very extraordinary tart that ail the apeculatlve maciaa whish have from time to time absorbed the publij mind of both countriee, and which have in their results spread desolation and despair far and wide, occurred prevlons to the discovery of gold >n California and Australia. As strange as this may ap [?ear, It la strictly trut. The break down, or rather the contraction in this country during the fall of 1854, cannot be considered a ooL apse. There had not been previous to that time any great or general speculative movement throughont the country. The railroad system reoeived a severe shock from the operations of behayler, and for a time there was a paase and a contraction. A few months' quiet, an Investigation into the oonditioa of affairs and the applications of proper remedies, brought about a healthy stats of things again, and our progress since has been marked with more cars and ean tion. It was a contraction, and not a oollapse. In Great Britain they have been particularly free from all unusual excitements in financial matters. Ths immense amount of gold imported into England from Australia and Califor nia has not added much to the domestic supply. It has been exported faster than Imported. The demand for grid from the Crimea for war purpoeee, and for sliver from the East for commercial purposes, has driven away from Great Britain more than has been received from all sources; and the money market has, therefore, been kept in a condition too atrlngent for the encouragement ot speculators. An aotive and profitable business has bten realised in all departments, and a Round, substantial pros perity exists among all classes. On the continent of Eu rope a different state of things exists. Speculation is progressing, and has already seized hold of the high and the low, the poor as well as the rich. The Innumerable bubbles which have bean expanded to a dangerous point, must sooner or later explode, and ruin thousands who have been duped by the array of large capi talists ss the projectors and managers of the differ ent schemes. The big flih will, as ts invariably the case, eat np the little ones, and then spread their nets for more victims and a bigger haul. It may be some time yet before the movements now going on througrut the continent under the Credit Mobllier reach a proper focus for a oollapse. The system is so perfect in all Its de tails, the public mind and pnblic confidence so completely absorbed, the amount of capital and oredit involved so great and its ran ideations so extensive, that it may re quire years to develops and expose its rottenness and brlDg about a violent conclusion. It must, however, ultimately oome, and the longer it Is delayed the more fatal and disastrous it will be. The banking system and cre'dlt system on the continent is defective in all ite de partments, and it is this that has given auoh an impetus to the Credit Uobiller. In this country and Great Brit ain there Is very little possibility of suoh an institution becoming established. Our banking and credit systems are too stringent?our currency has too substantial a basis?cur people are too cautious. Past experience has not bten without its fruit, and we are at this moment further from a speculative mania than ever before during a psrlod of such profound prosperity. Under an ex panded paper currency we were continually be coming involved in some wild and desperate scheme. The public mind was then rife for any and all spioulative schemes. It Is very different now, and we can only attribute the revolution to a corresponding revolution in our currency. The addition of so much gold to our circulating medium has given it a value In the eyes of the community it never before possessed. It has created a greater desire for a more steady, as it gua ranteed a much safer accumulation. Capital is now much more equally distributed and the public are more lndepvndent of the banking interest. The banks are com paratively powerless and cannot foster or destroy specu lation at pleasure. We attribute this important change in the public mind, in the poBltionof our financial affairs, in the conservative influence continually at work, in re straining enterprise, in keeping within proper limits all classes, almost entirely to ths great accession of gold to our currency. So long as the circulating medium is formed of such a proportion of gold and silver, we have very little to fear from the banking Interest. It is to that interest that we can attribute all our past financial and commercial disasters and revulsions. Albert H. Nicolay's regular semi-weekly auction Bale of stocks and bonds will take plaoe on Monday, at l'i>? o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. The earnings of the Chicago and Rook Island Railroad, for the month of May, were as follows For passengers $80,856 05 Properly 70,100 00 Mails 1,800 00 Total $162,066 05 Same month last year 128.900 61 Increase $23,066 54 The Comptroller of this city is advertising for a loan of $260,000 to pay Inspectors, and make advances on work done ior the Corporation, for which assessment bonds of $1,000 each will be issued, bearing Interest at the rate of 0 per eent per annum. Proposals will be received until the 17th inst., at 1 P. M. The trustees?Messrs. Chas. Morgan and Geo. A. Hoyt ?of the bondholders of the Nicaragua Transit Co., upon reoeivtng notice from a stockholder forbidding the sale and transfer of the steamships of the company to Mr. Vanderbilt, in conformity to the resolution of the board of directors, refused to sell and transfer the same, as re quested by said resolution, and they have taken ths ne cessary steps to dispose of said ships, according to the terms of the trust, and for the best interests of the stock holders. In our opinion this determination of the trus tees is a most judicious and equitable oae. The present acting beard of directors of the Accessory Transit Com pany have no authority whatever to manage the com pany's affairs or dispose of its property, as on the annul ment of the company's charter by the government of Nicaragua the board of directors then existing became tbe trustees cf the stockholders: consequently all the aots of the present board are as Involved as was the acts of the former board, when they passed a resolution con ferring upon some members of their body power to ma nage the affairs and do such things at the interest of the company might require. We are glad to see that there ate stockholders in this company determined to protect their righis against the lawless set who have managed to get into power. Tbe President of the oompany may com mand the beard of directors to pass certain resolutions, bnt certain stockholders do not intend the resolutions shall be carried into operation, it there is any virtue in injunctions or any other legal process. This fight is not exactly like the handle of a jug. If the trustees do their duty, Mr. Vsnderbilt or any other man does not get steamships worth $100,000 for $124,200. The exports from Richmond, Virginia, to foreign ports from the 1st of September. 1866, to tbe lateet dates this year and for the corresponding period the previoui year, wei e as follows :? Commerce of Richmond?Formign Exports. Pott Latt Tbaeco. month. Previoutly. Total. uaton. Bordeaux, hhds.. ? ? ? 764 Bremen 866 1,186 3,081 2,093 Glasgow ? 857 367 ? lis vie ? 702 702 1,696 liver pool , ? 491 491 398 London ? 664 664 888 Marseilles ? ? ? 449 Rotterdam ? 178 678 ? Venloe ? 1,708 1,708 2,038 Total hhds 8t6 6,67$ 0,441 8,821 flour. Australia ? 19,931 19,931 31,763 Brazil 11,146 61,727 72,872 81,660 Bremen ? 96 93 105 British Provinces. 1,266 4,340 6,606 6,877 Falmouth.... ... ? 4,862 4,862 ? Liverpool ? 1.600 1,600 ? West Indies ? 1,118 1,118 22 Total bVs 12,410 93 664 106,974 71,427 The recelptc of lumber at Chicago thai fer this eeason have been unprecedented. The rcoetpta for the whele month of Mey, laet year, amounted to 37,042,126 feet; while those of the past week clone amounted to 26,092, 778 feet. Even with theae immense receipt# prices are maintained, though it is thought they will have to (all. The Boeton Journal of the 3d (net., say as Copper stocks were lively with larger transactions. The Copper Falls and Toltec Mining companies six months ago raised $40,002 eaehfrom their stockholders, by as sessment* ot $2 per share, to enable them to pay up ar rears and carry on the mining ooeratloae during tbe winter. The $86,000 thus raised on forty tboasaud shares bas been all expended, and both companies are again in debt and nav soon be obliged to call for mora money. The Toltec got out only thirty tons of copper the peat six months, valued nt $12 Off), while Its expebss* amounted to $6,000 per month, or $36,000. In March six tons pro duct was reported, and In April not a singleton. On th* 17tb May the advices ware a little better, hut the general impression is that the Tol'ec will not be able to pay its ? xuenses ard debts without levying soother assessment soon after th# return of the "Committee of Investiga tion," who have gone up to the mine to find out. what cua trouble is, and let the stockholders know the whole story. Th? Chicago Democrat, or the 2d Inst., says : The Imp >rtanoe of the recent rai'rnad grants to Chica go, as well re to the States immediately interest#!, can lot well be over estimated. The grant of Iowa aioue. in sures tbe jrnripletion, at a much earlier day than oou'd otherwise be ecTixnp'.iihed. of over eleven huu Ired miles ?' retimed, ell ia loin?dl?te connection wi.n ta? llat* frim this eity, as follows:? Dubuque lo biouv el'jr 295 mile*. Lyon* to Missouri river :i2i ? I'e-eopjrt to Council Hluli 290 " Burlmn'oo to I'iette river 295 " Total 1,10# The line from Duouque la out a# extension of the G Ue n* an i Illinois Centra'?'.hat from Lyons, of the Dlx.ia Air Line?that irom Davenport, of the It toe Isianl, aal tbattrom Burlington, of the Oniotgo and Birhoftan. Home of thane roads are completed and In operation,troua 25 >o 50 mites. eud Immediate meaoa prtvided far their tuither eitenalcn, independent of the land (rant#, no that their prrg-ess win he uninterrupted, and they will be fiuiabed a* faat aa the population require* their fa cilities. Br a glance at the map the importers of thaee roada to Chicago will at ooce oe eeeo. They open up nearly the whole of Iowa in thin direction And they are no leea Important to that joung and rapidly growing State. She bee no nc*igaVe river* of aur account, except the groat river along her eaatern border, and the whole in terior in far from market, whien eould only be reached by the tedioun and expensive mole resorted to in all new oonntriee?wagoning. But theea roada trarerae tha State from eaat to weat, leaving a atrip of soma fifty milea between each. The next grant in which Chicago ia Interested la the one in nid of tna Wlaoonain and Mithigaa roada, In tne npper peninsula of the Utter. It contemplates aid to tha two roada?one from Madiaon or Columaaa, by way of Portage elty, to a point on Lake St. Crotx, (Hudson, probably) and thenea to Lake Superior; the other, from Fond du Las up the valley of tha Wolf river to the northern boundary of Wisconsin, and there nonnesting with two roads 1? Michigan, one from Marquette and the other from Ontonagon. The hanking movement of Portland, Maine, is exhi bited In the following table:? Circula n. D-po.iti. Specie. Loam. Caaco $412,400 $208,423 $09 406 $1,174,592 Canal 404,901 206,270 88,511 1,195,358 Merchants' .... 133,079 99 254 29,312 403,705 Manuf.fc fta... 122,860 89,673 16 128 365,853 Meobanics' 97,497 14,055 16,035 186.259 Bank of Cumb'd 114.961 97,744 15,369 369,909 Total $1,428,288 $835,419 $181,681 $~?6^676 The principal holders of the Texan obligations now In the coarse of payment by the Treasury Department of the United States, are as follows:? Messrs. Corcoran & Riggs and W. W. Corcoran, Washington $600,000 J. k K. Millbank k Co., New York 550,000 Wicker*ham k Son. Pniladelphia 300,000 R'ggs k Co., Washington 200 000 Ohnbb Brothers, Washington 300.000 Dtexel k Co., Philadelphia 160.000 H. Blood. Nashville 120,000 Raid, Sprague & Co., New York 100,009 Fred. Dawson's Claim, Baltimore 600.009 Sehott's do. Philadelphia 500.000 Assignees of United States Bana, Philadelphia.. 730.000 llolford Estate. Kngllsh 319 000 Swenson k Swianer. Austin 220,000 G. B. Lamar, Naw York 100,000 Up to 11 o'clock on the 4th inst. there had bean paid to the areditors of the lata republic of Texas, under the act of Congress of the 28th of February, 1855, $4,359,524 12. The amount appropriated waa $7,750,000. Tha exportation of specie trom the port of Boston duiing the month of May, and for the first five months ol the present and past two yaari, has been as follows:? Shipments of Spkcti fro* mi Port of Boston. To Liverpool? Per Arabia ? American gold coin $230,000 00 American gold bars 100,000 00 Amerioan silver 1,400 00 English silver 97 09 Per America?American gold cc in 160,000 00 Amerioan gold bars 624,092 82 Fast Indies 40,u00 00 Cape Hnyt ten 6,635 42 Jaemel 6,000 00 Cuba 166 00 Total for May $1,727,663 04 Total for April 739,401 62 TcUl for March 656 821 33 Total for February 23,640 60 Total for January none. Total this year $3,147,415 59 Same time 1865 6,282,087 24 dame time 1854 2 229,623 07 The annuel meeting of the stockholders of tha Water* town and Roma Railroad Company was held at Water town on tha 2d inst., nnd the following named gentlemen were elested as directors for the ensuing year:?Wm. C. Pisrrepont, Tiarrepont Manor; Philip Deter, John P. Yel verton, Samuel F. Phelps, Christian Zebriskle, Jr., New York city; Willis l'halps, H. Alexander, Jr., Springfield, Mats.; O. V. Bralnard, Clark Rice, Watertown; Calvert Comstock, Albany; David Utley, Rome; Solon D. Hunger ford, Adams; Wm. Lord, Brownviile. At a meeting of tha directors, held the same day, Wm. C. Plerrepont, Kgq.. was unanimously elected President, and Richard E. Hungerford, Treasurer. As will ha seen by tha annexed figures, the affaire of tha road are in a vary healthy con dltlon :? The capital stock is $1,500,000 and the funded debt, $701,600, which is payable in twenty-tour years, ta meet which a sinking fund Is provided. Cross earnings for year ending May 1, 1856.. .$429,180 83 Operating expense* anl cost of malnUinlng road bed and equipments for same period.. 210,761 35 Net earnings $218,428 98 Interest on f unded debt, aa above $49,105 00 Applicable to dividends 169,323 98 ?making tha net earnings far the year a fraction over 11 per cent. A cash dividend of 3)4 per cent waa paid on the 1st of October last, and on tha 20th of February last a stoek dividend of ten per oent was declared, the latter being made In order that tha net caah earnings, equal to that amount, might be used for the payment of the floating debt of the company, to which purpose the same has been applied. The company are now free of a floating debt, exoept to a limited amount, which is amply provided for by good bills receivable, now due to the oom pany. The directors have just declared a cash dividend of 3)4 per cent, payable on and after the 16th day ot Jnly next. The value of merchandise imported Into this port du ring the week ending and including Fridmy, June 6, 1856, vm $2,930,496 Foreign dry goods 940,874 Total $3,871,370 The exports in the same time were as fol lows :? General mere handles $2,206,677 Specie 162,047 2,368,724 Exeeea of Imports over exports $1,502,646 the following is n comparative statement of the value of exports from the commencement of the year to June 5:? 1865. 1866. Increase. Decrease. Cotton $6,364 423 6 222,106 867,683 ? Flour 1,926,389 6,095,897 4,169,608 ? Corn meal.... 161,206 121,332 ? 39,874 Wheat 67,928 2,289,213 2,221.275 Corn 1,461,678 1,608,253 146,576 Beef 818,463 751,433 ? 67,030 l'oik 1,649,643 1,621,457 ? 28,186 Total $11,449,740 18,709,691 7,896,041 136,090 Net Increase to June 5,1866 7,259,951 The value and quantity of certain articles exported from this port during the week ending nnd including Fri day, June 6, 1856, distinguishing the destination and ex tent of shipments to each place, are as annexed:? Commerce of the Port of Nfw York?Weekly Extorts. LIVERPOOL. Cotton, bas..7,602 $415,121 Peas, 6,263 $6,263 Flour, bba..49,283 309,751 Hams, Iba.. 62,000 6,200 Wheat,bus. 04,640 167,628 Lard 50,000 8,600 Com 120,814 81,513 Tobaeoo... .20,379 3,138 Rosia, bbls..8,340 7,282 Drugs, cs.... 80 789 Sbels, cs.... 16 497 Waste, bales. 14 700 Slui oil, gal 15,094 29,129 Oars 1,699 650 Cheese, lbs.58,697 4 884 Batter, lbs.12,843 1,104 decks, bxs... 639 7,024 Regs, bales.. 11 180 Beef, tee 586 11,314 Bees wax,lbs21,903 654 I'ork, bba.. .1,957 31,407 Thread, cs... 3 464 Bacon,lbs. 377,078 34,909 Steves 22,600 1,945 Total .$1,116,026 LONDON. Floor, bbls..2,449 $16,913 Tobaooe,lbs21,150 $4,663 Beef, trcs.... 141 4,212 Drags, cases.. 8 2,348 W'bone, lb*30,460 17,390 Ivory, esses.. 7 2,607 Tobacco, tree. 16 1,990 F'rsk skins,cs 158 61,118 lee. Cloth, cs 48 6,224 Earth, bbls... 80 24u Bacon, Iba.306,239 29,760 Rotia, bbls... 302 984 Oilcake, tona. 272 18,806 Staves 2,800 962 Hair, hales... 18 500 .. . Total $162,697 OLA* K)W. Cotton, bales. 99 $8,960 Peas, bush. .2,568 $7,783 Flour, bbl#..7,032 40,402 B'kwheat...U,463 16,146 Wheat, bih.21,177 31,153 Bacon, lbs..34,256 2,654 Rosin, bbls... 400 710 Fastio, tons.. 45 1,300 Tobeeee,lbe.l0,893 3,000 Staves 4,000 240 Bark, begs... 318 320 Total $107,867 HAVRE Cotton, has... 396 $20,056 Heme, lbs.. .1,412 $170 Flour, bbl*..4,696 29,757 Potashes, bbls 164 6,355 Wheat, bus..7,187 14,300 Pearlaalin* ... 81 2,564 Cocoa, bags.. 628 8,428 Jewel's ashes. 34 3,760 Drags.cs.... 22 2,422 Lithogrpos, os 1 500 lard, lbs..138,072 16,052 Feather* 2 643 Jewelry, cs... 7 6,418 Bku'ge*k*,kgs 50 600 Furniture.... 18 500 Dry goods, oe. 7 6,967 Machinery.... 2 300 Skint, bas.... 6 648 Wh'ie,lbs.ll7,453 68,961,. 20 200 Tohaion, cs... 16 821 Sponge, bas.. 16 1,440 Paintings.... 3 1,000 Shook* A hhda 2J6 773 Lea. cloth.... 3 317 ?___ Total $190 834 IIREMKX. Cotton, bales. 760 835,466 Sboepeg",bbl. 63 $*165 Hum, pchne.. 150 11,250 Dvestulfs, bxs 610 2,636 Books, cs.... 2 200 Guns, cs 6 2,600 cloth..., 6 540 W. bone.lbs.lo,371 5 911 Tobacco 105 3,426 Cloves, bales. 8 1,026 Rosin, bbls.. 1.034 1.781 Clocks, bxs... ."0 393 Rye. bus....* 000 4 800 Total $70,090 MALACA. Sttvei 47,400 $4,070 GOTTt!N!J!'IIO. Rice, ??? 69 8i,5?0 Spa. t jrp bbla 1T0 63 106 Hum pchiw. lid 6 8C0 Clock*. o?i... 22 212 R tfu, bbU... 266 43T Qa bark, hlid 83 277 Sugars, oe ... 3 5 0 Kt>r. were c? 1 1,300 (untie, tool. 64 1210 Hp. oil, gel* .4,537 s 024 Lcgwoid 3714 SOU Clothlog ca.. 13 1,000 total 5-'J4 276 OPORTO W l?o?# lb. 14 473 63 899 Sere* 19,700 51,478 1/ gwcod, tots 92 2,100 Boar* S manw 18 300 Tar, bbU 150 291 ? Rc*ir, bbU.. 100 190 Total 513,258 DoaoaacHT. Bye, bswbeU 10,749 59,137 H'lTTKRDAM . Flour, bbU... iao 51589 A-hei, bbla.. 8 5275 Rye, l>u*u.. .1 034 810 Po acn, bbs.. 50 1,676 Cedar, logs... 32 264 Siaecs 5,010 363 Roeio, bb a..2,160 8,607 Tobacco, bUd. 12 1,008 Total 59,364 UaiHTOL. Flour, bb J.. 2,624 516,647 Roain, bbla... 600 5916 Tot*1 517,662 AXTWEKJ-. Cotton, bale...364 518 296 R*?ln, bbs.. .2,915 51,886 Rye.bus....l4 6S2 13,329 1'otasoea, bos. 122 4,165 Beekpcrk.bbs 66 1,<87 Dry goods, ca. 3 809 Coffee. bg? 896 19 941 Mahogany, ea. 100 391 Toaaooo, kha. 63 6,690 Ljgwood, toaa 56 963 Do- <*>? 66 1 201 Fuatlc 46 800 SpermoU, gla. 232 465 Cedar, loga... 96 1,408 Tot*1 564,392 Hainan mouth American colon ma. Flour, bbla.,5,133 532,666 Droga, ca 29 5249 Corn, but.... 200 170 Lara oil, gla.. 444 398 Meal,bbla.... 240 776 Bread, bbla.. 800 2.774 2 0 2,162 Dry gooda, 03. 84 1,550 620 8,980 Cordage, cotla 61 994 Cheeae, lba.. 2 600 280 Leather, aide* 186 1,166 Tobaeoo.... 14,GOO 811 IWpi 6 326 Tee, cheats... 105 1,531 Molaaaea, bba. 10 206 Rica, tea. ... 18 1,486 Brick 10,010 400 Total 556,883 unman vr&n mom. < Floor, bbla... 936 56,128 Hardware, ea. 28 S?95 i Coin, bua... 1,200 856 Indigo 10 294 Beef, bbla.... 1C0 2,000 Tobacco, balea 100 946 1'ork 106 2,128 Carrlagea .... 2 446 | Bniter, lba. 11,838 1,847 Oxan 8 762

Hama 6.910 760 Tobacco, lba.16,220 2,148 Lord 1,367 170 Matohaa, oa... 26 326 Candlea, bxa.. 30 102 Shoe a 17 766 Sugar 6 107 Meal, bbla...1,108 3,324 ?ay, balea.... 246 643 Cbeaae, lba..6,760 676 Alcobol, bbla. 6 120 Peas, bua 800 626 Rum 10 274 Rloe, tea 25 620 Wine, ca 3$ 322 Shookskhhda. 797 797 Bread, bbla... 776 2,604 Horsia 13 1,460 Oil, gaUa 828 704 Total 532,618 PORTO RIOO. Flour, bbla... 26 5117 Breal, bbla.. 275 5 418 Beef 7 160 Rice, tea 36 944 Meal 170 1,377 Tobacco, lbs. 1 029 187 l'ork 101 1.594 I. K. gooda, ca. 5 133 Butter, lba..2,230 ' 490 Gin 2 205 Cheeae 1,721 206 Iloope 10,000 260 Hama 6.6E8 681 HA, bbls.... 20 140 Lard 13,764 631 l'epper, baga. 10 121 Brandy, ca.,.. 12 109 Hardware, ca. 1 *175 Candlea, bxa.. 440 1,336 Codfish, lbs. ..6,925 267 Tob&ooo,hhda 4 699 Boards, ft..65,554 1,378 Potatoes, bbla 60 100 . Total 511,8.8 HAITI. Flour, bbla... 600 54,381 Sugar, bxa... 6 $234 Pork......... 66 1,050 Tobacco, oa... 62 984 Lard, lba....2,648 331 Hp. oil, galls.. 97 203 Flab, bxa 145 464 Prunea, ca.... 6 146 Cod do., lba. 15,460 673 W'dware, doz. 100 125 Glass,bxa.... 600 639 Rice, bbla.... 62 756 Total 59,985 HKXICO. Domes'a, balea 922 $66,850 Per. caps, bxa 3 5874 Furnit'e, bxa. 28 693 Capa 11 1,900 Combs 2 716 ??? RlflesAp's.bxs 44 13,125 Total 574,167 DANISH WERT INDIES. Flour, bbU .. 660 53,781 Dry gooda, ea. 15 5895 Meal 50 184 Billiard table. 1 600 Butter, lbs..2,396 GOO Rice, nierces.. 8 218 Candlea, bxa. 220 827 Bops, coils... 15 136 Tobacco, hbd. 1 143 ? Ale, bbla 10 114 Total 57,378 BRAZIL. Lard, lba.,,.2,744 5222 Domestics, ble 144 Malt 50 320 Dry gooda, oa. 1 Candles, bxa.. 29 372 Saf. fuse, bbla. 25 Coeoa, bags., 11 327 Hardware, ca. 26 Begara, eases. 2 1,337 Total 513,276 ArSTRAUA. Flour, bbla... 20 5180 Dry goods, ca 12 52,216 Butter, lbs. 10,850 2,346 Hardware.... 886 12,370 Cheeae 28,123 3 183 Wood ware.... 468 3,642 F'rniture.bdls 239 2,414 Brandy 105 6.467 Pk. meats,bxa 453 4,820 Domeatica, ba 150 12,265 D. apples,bbla 898 8,220 Rosin, bbla... 676 1,099 Drags, oaaea. 90 466 Waggons, oa.. 7 740 Tobaooo 146 14,379 Clothing 13 2,201 Do. lba..127,274 29,018 Lumber,ft.408,467 11.219 Harness, oaaea 2 268 ?? Bread 800 1,200 Total 5117,717 NEW GRANADA. Flour, bbl.... 749 $6,401 Hardware, oa. 168 52,741 Hama. lba.. .2,791 370 Rosin, bbla... 60 193 Corn,bus,..,2,400 1,686 Candlea,boxes 318 1,104 Buttei, lba...2,919 782 Rioe, tea 118 2,029 Lard 27,296 3,268 Pans, bush... 200 260 Tallow 2,127 234 Bread 200 500 Droga, ca 83 2,662 Shoes, oi 4 220 Rope, coils... 31 300 Powder, kegs. 27 401 Flge, ca 6 141 Dry goods, oa. 9 1,436 Wlcking,bales 12 472 Oakum, balea. 56 253 Tea, cha 18 151 Sugar, bxa... 38 911 Bread, bbla... 10 116 Jawalry, ca... 1 460 Tobacoo.hhds. 14 2,131 - Do. lba.. 1,827 228 Total 528,128 BRITISH GUIANA, Floor, bbla.. 1,810 $11,692 Paper, reams. 600 5140 Corn, bush..2,700 1.439 Pork, bbla.... 600 7,260 Meal, bbla.... 420 1.310 Matches, oa.. 1 690 Beef. 50 1,000 Carriages.... 6 1,600 Lard, lba....6,600 660 Horses 6 1,200 Biead, lbs.... 720 1,980 Cows 4 300 l'eaa, bush... 600 900 Sheep 80 480 Tobaooo, hhda 19 4,036 Total 534,567 AMSTERDAM . Cotton, balsa. 100 54,943 Cedar, logs... 31 $560 Rye. bush.. 16,138 1 2,300 Staves 9,600 702, bbla..1,300 2,284 Total 520,779 Stock Kichange. Rati rdat, Jane 7, 1860. 56000 Vlrg 8 '6s..iGO 96 600 she Erie RR..bl0 67W 10CO0 do 96 V 450 do e 67 V 6000 Mo S 6'a 83 85V 1000 do b60 67 V 2673 Ind State 2V'a. 64 200 do b3 67 V 2300 City 6's'69.... 08V 100 do s30 67 8000 Erie K 2dm ba. 98 100 do s3 67 >2 1000 E RR 3d m b '88 94 V 100 do a60 67 I 4000 do bo 94V 11 Hudson Rim RK 34 1 2000 Erie R Bda 1876 91 200 Harlem RR. ..e3 17 8000 Har RR letm. 84 200 HRRprefal2mos 60 2000 111 Cen RR Bde. 87V 50MiohCentRR..b4 96V 41C00 do.t 87 V 26 do 96 \ 2,000 do eOO 87 800 Reading RR..a4m SO 6000 III F Bda w p., 92 V 400 do 91}.' 2000 Pan R Ba lit is. 101V 1700 do b3 91V 60 she Bk N Am.... 107 200 do a60 90J, 6 Market Bank.... 109 100 do c 91V 16 Bank Amenoa... 120 64 Mich S & N la R H 97 V 100 Bank New York. 119 100 Panama RK..s4m 100 29 Oh L * T Co 92V 100 Ills Central RR.?3 99V 20 do 9;;* 200 CI & Pitts R..b60 64 10 D & H C C..bl2ms 126 200 do 63 V 100Cum CI Co....bOO 22V 58 Gal 4Chic RR... 112 400 do b60 22V 100 Clara 4 Tol RR.. 76},' 2i 0 do s8 22 200 do b30 76',' 500 Brans City CL Co 7* 100 do bl5 76 ICO do b90 8 V 200 Chic 4 R I RR .s3 91V 100 Canton Company. 22 V 60 do slO 91V ICO do b60 22V 60 do b30 91V 100 NY Central RR.e 91V 60 Milw'e 4 Mlia RR 83 V 6 do 91V 80 do 84 100 do slO 91V 20 Cin, Hm 4 D RR. 63 100 do s60 91V 16 Maeon 4 W RR.. 103 100 do *80 01V 30 Sixth Avenue RR 90 100 do s30 91V 60rad'polls4ClnRR 69 3*0 Erie RR a 57',' 100 do bOO 00 60 do b30 67 V SICOND BOARD. 5600 111 Cen RR Bda.. 87 260 shs Erie RR 66 V 6000 do 87 V 100 do *60 50V 10 tba Ohio L 4 T Co 93 V 060 do 60 V 6 do 94 200 do *10 56V 160 N'le Trans Co.... 12V 260 do b3 66V 200 do 12 V 100 do *10 66 S 100 Canton Co 22V 1200 Reading RR..b3 91 fO do b60 22V 100 do b3 91'.' 110 Bran CLOo..blO 7V 800 do 91 50 de blO 1% 200 do ... .bOO 91V 100 Cum Oral Co. 630 22 260lllCenRK b3 100 *0 do 21V 100 Clerk Tol RR... 75 V HON YCen RR...b3 91V 180Ch & R I RR..M0 91V 100 do blO 91V 20 Bud Rtrar RR... 33?a' tO do 91V 60 Mich Cen RR.... 90V CITY CORUUfiKCIAL KKPORT. Satirday, Jane 7?8 P. M. f Acme.?Sales or GO bbls. at (8 Viyt. I ?k tDSTriTSFlour?The private advices received by the Niagara were more favorable than the telegraphic aeeoanta. The market opened with more animation, es pecially for common grades, and eloeed at an advance of about 10 oents per bbl., and In some oases 16o. higher rates were claimed. The sales embraced about 12,000 bbls., at about the following quotations:? Gammon to good State 88 26 a 86 80 Common to good Michigan 8 80 a 6 66 Extra Bute 6 80 a 8 26 Oommon to good Ohio 8 10 a 8 60 Extra Ohio 6 10 a 7 00 Extra Genesee.. 7 10 a 8 00 Southern mixed to good brands 8 10 a 8 60 Do. Mncy aud extra 7 00 a 8 50 Canadian superOua and extra 8 00 a I 00 Choice extra Georgetown, Richmond City Mills and bt. Louis 7 00 a 10 00 Ooliegoe and Haxall 10 60 a 10 76 Included In the above sales were about 1,000 bbls. Ca nadian and 800 a BOO bbls. Southern, at prices given shove. Rye (lour was unchanged- Corn meal was in good demand, with sales of 800 a 800 bbls. Jersey at S3, and 88 18 a 83 26 for Brandywlne. Wheat was from 2c. to 3a. higher1, with sales of about SO,000 bushels, Included In whim was a cargo of Virginia red on p. t., supposed lo be at 81 CO. A cargo of prime Southern white sold at 81 79. The eale of 3,800 bushels Southern red made yesterday on p. t. brought 81 64. A cargo of poor Cana dian red and white sold at 81 60 all round, and 81 80 was re'nscd for prime white do. Mil van tie spring brought 81 40. Core?The sal ?-i embraced about 26,009 a SO,000 bashels, loot >4iog poor (for distilling) to g>od We-q.-rn nuxt.l ftt 14b 4 51e -nf (J: >1 to prime Anthem jetlow at 57c ? 68? , wr-i l,8?i<? o.u'-fl? prnc? N'nrth Ci while at 6A" Fjs?^*l*? of ?!> >ut 7.UOO 4 8 0C0 bet-he's Northern were m?> at 78e h8Ci, -exieh hetiec Oat* were Htialf 3 u'.hern cniji'J8c 4 ~0e , aad Sut? ac-i Weatem 34c. 4 36c Com??The market wis hotter, 40*1 i np'-jved full S'C- The ssle? embraced 2,JM> btg* flsti* et l\3.t 1 HCO 'it 10c 4 11 Si'C., 360 mats Java at 14%?. a ll'j'o., 4U<i ICO oars Luguajra lie. 0 tto*.?The sals* eabrsced abaot 1 000 bile* base 1 tijua g->od inidoilog New Orleans at 11%, aul atriet ind dliogdo at 11'^e. on ths spot; and sale* of NevOrleaa" low milclfrg weie male iu transitu 4t lOv^e , with freight 4t 6 i(?d. Freights were quite steady. For Liverpool 4b?ut 30 ? 000 bushels of W>sat were engaged in bag*, 4t 7d.f 4h'l 10,000 buHbel* of cire, in built, were repartel et 61* d ; 6,000 4 0.000 bbls of tl >ur. part ahead, at 2*. 6d., aid thi remainder at 2s 6d ; 1,700 bait* cinpre**ed anl uncomprss.ed cotton at 3 16d. a 7 32d., and 130 package* baeon a . 36*. To Harre Hour wa* at 62c. aaied; aetie* engaged at $7; gr*in at 12%c, and cott n at He. Ka'ee to Oanfornia were at 36c. a 30c., and to Australia at 33c. a 35o. Bar?waa quiet at 70s. per 100 lb*. ijiATUMt.?Receipts were light, and the demand mode rate without change in price* Oak were in staedy de mand. French calf and English sheep skins were ateady, at unchanged priori. The receipt sabs and etook on hand, compared with the corresponding week laet year, aa follows , 1855 , 1850 Hemlock. Oak. Hemlock. Oak. Receipt* 63.0J0 6,400 64,200 4.100 r?i*e 48.400 7,400 58 600 4,000 Stick 63,600 19,600 36,300 6,700 Hidm.?The market wa* quiet, and eale* lunited, and price* depressed. The receipt* hare been large, and ?took* hare accumulated. Sales of 30,000 wet salted California, on private terms, 20,000 Carthagsna, 34 lbs., 14c. a 15c , resisting water. 8toek on hand 162,600, as follows: 61,(00 dry Buenos Ayrea, Ac , 17,000 Rio (irande, 21 600 Angostura, 14,000 Porto Cabello and La guAyra, 6 600 Barcelona, 4 300 Maracaibo, 16.000 Mexi can, 4.600 St. Domingo and Port au Platte, 800 African, 700 California, 340 Minos, 360 Honduras, 16,000 West In dia, &o , 2,4(0 salted Sandwich Islands, 1,000 salted Mar anliam, 8,000 salted Buenos Ayrea, 600 dry salted Rio Grande and Buenos Ayre* horse. Limb.?The market was heavy. Sale# 3,000 bbls., In cluding oommon at 85c., and lump at 8112 He. Molasses.?312 hhds., 210. tierces Xibarla syrup at 1 p. t.; 90 hbds. Cuba muxcorado molasses at 40e.; 180 do. at 38c.: 175 hhds. olayed at 36c., and 70 bbls. Texas at 44c. at 46e. Natal Storm were quiet, and price* were unchanged. Oil.?Unseed, afloat, was firmly beM at 82c. a 83c. Bales from store ,were reported at 83o. a 84c.; Crude whale and sperm was unchanged. Provisions.?Pork?Tne market opened dull, but ral lied, and dosed firm, with sales of 1,000 a 1,200 bbla,, in cluding mess at 818 06% a 818 26, closing at ths latter figure, prime was at 814 62% a $14 76. Bales 200 bbl*. beef were made at 87 a 88 for oountry prime, and at 88 a 89 50 for mess do. Other description* were unchanged. Cut meats were qniet, at old prices. Bacon was scarce and nominal. Lard was steady, at 10% t. a llo., with sales of 200 bbls. Keg* were held at 12%c. Butter and chreae wsra unchanged. Si'CAit ?The week closed with an airaooe of about %4. per lb., one-eighth of wblch wa* realized to-day. Tbe sales embraced abont 1,000 hhds. Cuba musoorado at "He. a 8%c?the latter figute for lots of prime quality, and 600 boxes were sold at 7%?- a 9%o. Rice?Sales of 2iiO casks were made at 8%c. a 4%c., the market closing steady. Honey.?63 tierces and 4 bbla. were sold, in bond, for expert, at 57o. cash. Whiskey firm; 100 bbls. Ohio and priion were sold at 25%o. a 26c. Trade of the New York Canals. The following statement shows the quantity of the seve ral articles first cleared on the oanais at, and the quen tity left at New York during the first week in June, 1856 :? CLEARED. Articles. Kris. Total. Sugar, pounds 895,239 896,239 384.817 384,317 Coffee 209,697 209,697 Nails, spikes and horse shoes 78.725 78,725 Iron and steel 156 808 166,808 Railroad Iron 1,374 200 1,374,200 All other merchandise at 4 mills.. .3,672,276 3,672,276 Hides 6,360 6,300 Cotton 41,600 41,600 Pig Iron 877,000 377,000 Casting* and iron waro 50,600 50 600 Foreign salt 39,900 39,900 Flint orockcry and glass ware 294,876 294,870 titone, lime and clay 93,300 93.300 Mineral ooal 402 000 402,000 Sundries 489,400 489,400 Total 8,566,138 ARRIVED. Erie. Chain plain. TbtaT. Flour, bbla 39,000 ? 39,000 1 Wheat, bushels 186,200 ? 136,200 Corn... 61 500 ? 61,600 Barley 1,100 ? 1,100 Rye 14 500 ? 14,600 Oata 196,000 8,000 199 006 Bran and ship stuff, lbs 254,200 ? 264,200 Ashes, barrels 36,200 ? 86,200 Beef 300 ? 300 l'ork 2.400 ? 2,400 Bam* and bacon, lbs 173,900 ? 173,900 Butter 30.800 ? 30 300 Lard, tallow and lard oil 210,600 ? 210,500 Cheese 9,200 ? 9,200 Wool 4,500 ? 4,600 Domestic spirits, gallons 23.700 ? 23,700 Beards and scantling, feet....606,600 ? 506,600 Staves, lbs 170,000 ? 170,000 I .either 104,600 06,400 170,900 I lomestic cotton 14,300 ? 14,300 Merchandise at 4 mills .,248,000 ? 248,000 anndries 582,900 148,200 731 100 Potatoes, bushels 2,300 700 3,000 Stone, lime and clay, lbs 11,800 266,000 276,800 Total 8,306,500 Cash receipts, $6,966 62. CHARLES J. HOLDER, Colleotor. Weekly Beport ef Death* In the elty and oounty of New York, from the 31st day cf May to the 7th day of June, 1856. Men, 69; women, SO: boys, 116; girl*. 102?Total, 337. Adults, 119; children, 218; males, 186; females, 162 oo lored persons, G. DDOAHXS. Abeoess, lumber 1 fever 2 Absoese of the nsck 1 Fever, b.llous 1 Albuminuria, and Bright'* Fever, hectic 2 disease of kidneys 2 Fever, intermittent 1 Aneurism, of th* aorta.. 1 Fever, puerperal 2 At gin a 1 fever, scarlet 16 Apoplexy 2 fever, typhoid 1 Asthma 1 fever, typhus 4 Bleeding, from lungs 2 Fracture of skull from a Bleeding, from navel 1 fall 1 Bowels, strangulation of. 1 Heart, disease of 7 Bronchitis 2 Heart,disease of, valvular 1 Burned or scalded 6 Hooping cough 1 Cancer 1 Inflammation of bowels... 6 Cancer of the breast 1 Inflammation of brain.... 7 Cancer of the lungs 1 Inflammation of chest... 1 Cancer of the mesentery.. 1 Inflammation of heert... 2 Cancer of the stomach... 2 Inflammation of liver.... 1 Chneer of the womb 1 Inflammation of lungs... 8 Casualty, from Injury.... 1 Inflammation of stomaoh. 3 Casualty, from a tall 1 Inflammation of womb... 1 Casualty, by the head bo- Jaundioe 1 ing pierced by a shaft of Kidneys, disease of 1 machinery 1 Lockjaw 1 Casualty, by being run- Lnes venerea 1 over 1 Marasmus, Infantile ....14 Casuelty, by throwing Measles 7 himself out of a win- Mortifloation 1 dow 1 Mortifloation, o( the head Cholera, infantum 2 and spine 1 Cholera, morbus 1 Old age 8 Congestion of the brain.. 3 Palsy 3 Congestion of the lungs.. 8 Parte rition, difficult.... 1 Consumption 40 Pleurisy 1 Convulsions, adult 1 Premature birth 2 Convulsions, infantile....29 Scrofula. 1 . Croup 7 Smallpox 17 Debility, Infantile 2 Soft* ning of the brain.... 2 Diarrhoea 6 Bprne 1 Dropsy 4 Stillborn 40 Dropsy In the ehest 1 Strangulation, by pro Dropsy in the head 18 traded parturition.... 1 Drowned 2 Bulolde, by landanura.... 1 Dysentery 2 Teething 2 Enlargement of the heart. 1 Tumor, malignant 1 Enlargement of the liver. 1 Ulceration of bowels 2 Epilepsy 1 Unknown to the jury.... 1 , Erysipelas 4 ? Total 837 MCAmrLATIOK?DMAS* CLASHED. Bones, joints, Ac 1 Stillborn and premature Brain and nerves 70 birth 48 Generative organs 7 Stomach, bowels and other Heart and blood vessels.. 12 digestive organs 43 Longs, throat, Ae 76 Uncertain seat and gene Old age 3 ml fevers 86 Skin, Ac., and eruptive Urinary organ 3 fevers 43 ? Total 387 ?Of which 14 were from violent causes. WABM. TU. 0 M ? ....18 ? 14 13 $ 3 16 ?. 4 4 11 16 16 $ (inoludesCity Ho#p'l).10 IT ..? ....82 0 . ..80 18 28 7.... | 20 19 Vincludee Blki's island 8 14 Hospitals) 9 9 20 20 32 1 0 20 21 (includes B'vne Hos'l) .13 1 1 32 22 8 12 (Includes K. and W. ? Island Hospitals) 13 Total 387 rcauo mrmmoaa. Almshouse, BlkwlP* 1*1.. 1 I)*af and Dumb Instit'a.. 1 Bellevue Hospital 6 Randall's Isl Nan Hasp.. 2 City Hospital 4 Ward's IsL fenlg't Hosp.. 9 Colored Home Hospital.. 1 ? Total 23 AO*. Uaderlyear 121 80to40years .....26 1 to 2 yearn 41 40 to 50 years 21 2 to ? years 38 60 to AO years......... 20 ? to 10 years 12 60 to 70 years - 10 10 to 16 years 4 70 to 80 years 7 16 to 20 year* 6 80 to 90 years - 8 20 to 28 years 11 Unknown 2 26 to 80 years 1? Total ?37 ?ATivra. British America 1 I'rnssla 1 England ...1$ Beotlaucl *?????? 8 ir? 3 United States 260 France. Germany. .17 Walee 1 Ireland.... .....?* Total Ulty iQspsitax'a 0l0*i New lock, Jqae GKORGI W. MORTON, City Inspector. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ITER! llf. roiilTtOAk IIXTH WARD IS THR FIELD.? A LAdO- AS *<? U thusiatc masting of ta? dozens of tae iwjlth Ward, he'd at the b >use ot Mr. Jaau.s IadsIso. corner if f bird era mil nco ll?h street, on r rider. June 6. liy tor tin purpoM of orgsulnng e 1'ein -crt' c acuocI* ior to promote thi eleeu m ot the Hon Jium i:u ihsnm Itr President, bad the II >? John 0. r>re? *?n.-ii ge, tor Vice President. tin motion the I pent (mn were un*n:mruly ej oo.Dtr.1 officers ot tee Association : -For Preslrent Mr. Ji>nn Hart; Vice PirxJilra', Mlchsei Mu'rene, Merretiries. l>b\!M Gallagner, Jauiaz McEro- ireeiurer, Mlohael Murrej; Ser geant ot A.'tnr, Jamee MCbuier. On moth n tie foi oeing get t.emcn were appointed a csb mine* en rtao utloi Oher.ei Uanno", Michael Murray, md Timothy Whereon the oommlt ee reported the to .?*? Ins reso'.u tone, whick were unaiilmout'y aSoptel : ? Whereas ?he tiro* bit no? birirjd thbt ev-ri doaa-e-at hi bt hie post bud buckle on hie armor, bod be reel/ for mae Feat stile of leaaocrbo/. Therefore belt Resolved, That we do now f >rm ourselves inte b DemocratU Assentation. to be known be the Twelfth A brd B icbenen eat Breokerr.ilxe Association and that we pledge ours-lves o uee bll hoooru: le s>eat>s In our power to eecare their eleottoo by b terse and triumphant majorttr of the citlzena ot the Twelfth Wa.-d . ad oe It further Keeolved, That In the nomination of the lion. Jamee Bucks nan and 'be Boa. J. C. Hroekenridge, we eee the proepect ef peece and unity to ihe whole oountry, North bad nouth. bbat and Weet, and hope the trou ited watere ot aeoUoaadam will be for e> er eet at rea< Kea lved, That tide Aeerctation !? opposed to ad secret peb tlcal ercletlee bnd believe them Injurlone to our com rasa oountry, and dangerous 10 the institutions thereat. Keeolved. That the platform ol lids aieoclailiu lie the! great and t'orloue oonsnution ot our oommoo countrv. which gua rantees civil and reilgloux liberty to all. aid la large and oread enough for every man that lovee hie country stand upon. Kewilved 'that the proceeding]of thla aeeoclatloo, be pah llehed In the New York Herald. "I QTH WARD.?AT A MhBTINO OF THI DXIIOCRA It' tie republlcau electors of the Ninetaenti ward, held aa Saturday evening, June 7. at Starrs' Five Mile House Mr Thomas Pearson was called to .be ohalr, and Richard J. Oiark appointed Secretary, the Chair sated that the call ot the met ting was for th? pur pose of organizing tor the Presidential campaign, to support James Buchanan fer President, aad John U Broczenrllga Mr Vice President. cu motion of That. K. towning, a oommlttse of firs was appointed by the Chair, to wait opoo and cm fer wits all de mocratic organizations la the Nineteenth ward, wlih a view sf forming one organization in the Ninleenth ward io support the nomkeesof the Cincinnati Convention In the ensuing cam paign. And the Chair named the to lowing gentlemen such comml tse- Denis McCarthy, William Wordsworth, Thomas K. Downing. Crandall Rich, Julius Jobnaen. On motion the Chairman and Secretary were added to the committee On motion ot Mr. Thomas MeSpeddoa, seconded by Mr. Orandail Rich, the folio wing resolutions were unanimously adopted.? Resolved, That the democrats of the Niaeteenth ward esa gratulate the democracy of the coustry on the nomlaation ef the Ben. Jamee Buchanan as their candidate tor President of the United Siaes, and also, on ths nomination of Kentucky's favorite eon, the Ron. Johu C. Brsckenridre for Vies Presi dent, n sure guarantee of the auccaee of the democracy in the coming contest. Resolved, That the democracy of the Nineteenth ward pre sents a united party in eupport of the foregoing nominatlsas, and will u?e every honorable exertion to secure the sua mas er the democratic ticket presented tor cur support at the coming else ios. Resolved. That the demieracy of this ward yield to bobs hi their enthusiasm for the election of Buohsnsn end Breckin ridge. In thetormer wa recognize no expediency candidate, but an old statesman, woo fir forty yearn has been dsvotad ts his country's ?et vice, both at home and abroad, enjoying dm confidence of Andrew Jnokaon; the premier of President l'olk's cabinet, and was of nil others dtemed by President Pierce as toe most suitable representative ot ruroountry's in terests at the Court of Ru James, where he upheld ths tama and dignity of the American people. Keeolycd, That In the nomination of John C. Breckenridge for Vice President, we bare presented to us one of Kentucky's chivalrous statesmen: though a young man. he has mads fete mark on the page of his country'" history, and will soon pre side over the deliberations of tbn people's representatives in the I enate of the United States, if we are true to ourselves ami our country's cause. It was than moved and adopted that these proceedings he nubili-he i In the Herald and atlas, and that this meeting ad journ to meet on the call of the committee. THOB. PKA.R80N, Chairman. Richard J. Clark, Secretary. OfVTH WARP.?ATTENTION, PIOSHRUB.?THE MEM aiv bersof the Buchanan Cinb are requested to mset at the house ot Hugh Moosey, corner ot Thirty-lourth streit and Eighth oven us, on Monday evening 9th Instant, at eight o'c'.oafc, to make arrangements for n ratification meeting C ha li lis Reei>, Secretary. WM. MKNCK, President. AM ABB RATIFICATION MEETING OF THR NA tlonal Democratic Krcelslor Ulub.?"Buchanan aad Breckenridge "?A mass meeting of thin club will he held in the large room of academy llall, 663 Broadway, op podia Bond street, on Tuesdny evening, the 10th instant, at 8 o'clock, to respond to and ratify the nominations of the Rational demo cracy. of James Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, and John C. Rreckenridge, of Kentucky, for President and Tics President. The following gentlemen have been invited and nreexonoted ts address the meetisg: -Charles O'Connor, Kaq.; James T. Brady, ksq.; Boa. Daniel X Sickles: Richard Busteed, Esq.; Ron. .tomes M. Smith, Jr.; Boo. Gilbert Dean, Charles Oarri gan, Kiq., of Pa.jLyman Tremalne Kaq. or Albany: Robert J. Dillon Kaq.; William J. Rose, Riq.; George G. Bernard, Esq., and John T. Hoffman JOHN B. HAS KIN, P real lent. George G. Bahhabd, ) ? P. Gallagher, j secretaries. ? ATA MRETING OF THE ORIGINAL BUOHANAM O. Club, of the nineteenth ward, orgaolzed December 1. 1866. and represented by their ollloers at She msedngi of Buchanan Clubs, at 163 Bowery. May 16, and to appoint dele gates t > the Cincinnati Convention, Mav 82, to forward ths nomination ot James Buchanan, held at the Buchanan Olnh House, corner ot Eighty sixth street and Fourth avenue. Jus 7, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted :? Resolved, That in the Domination ot James Buchanan. Ot Pennsylvania, for President of the United Btstea, we reoognlxe a stern and ur compromising democrat, who has been honored by bis native Btate In b'ghest and most Important trusts in her gtfL enjoyed the confiieuce ot the Immortal Jackson. Premier of President Polh's administration, and, above all others, se lected by President Pierce to represent the American republic at the Court of 8t. James. Resolved, That In the nomination of John O. Breckenridge. or Kentucky, for Vice President, we recognize a young and true demrcrat of the old school; and j udgtag from Ihe manner is which be bts represented his native Btate in the last Coogrem, we believe he will ably discbarge the duties of the ofiloe. Beiotved. That we units with the Twelfth ward Buchsass dub to ratify the above nominations on Monday evening, June 9 Resolved, That the democrats of this ward, without regard is any previous orgnalzations, are oordially invited to join with us in the procession. WILLIAM McMANUS. President. JKRKMIAH TOUMT, Vice-Prea ideal. Thomas Ferguson, > K. D. McCabe. f Beoretailea. Buchanan and thb prbbidxnct.-thx af pronehlng Presidential contest promlass to be a besting and exciting one, and every perion will desire n good news paper, to he informed of the doing* of the politicians. The AMERICAN WkKKLT PBBSS, n large newspaper, lade pendent in politics and conservative in tone, is just the paper wanted. Subscription price only Si per year; furnished te agents at SI 60 per hundred. Order* muit be addremedt# the cfflce of the proprietor, northwest corner of Pulton and Nassau streets, New Pork. Democratic rrpublican general committee. ?A meeting of thin Committee wlU be held at their rooms. 669 Broadway, on Monday evening, Ihe 9th Instant, at 7)4 o'clock. The members will please be pnaotual In their atten dance, an business of importance will be transacted. HORACE P. CLARKE, Chairman. John T. Savage, Jr? ) o?-r?,.,iM Peter B. Sweeny, $ Secretaries. Eleventh ward.-a meeting of the bleventk Ward National Democratic Republican Committee will be held at Union Hall, oorncr ot avenue C aad Fourth street, on Monday evening, June 9.1866. Punctual attendance U re queued. ANDREW R. JACKMAN, Chairman. R. H. Bishop, > Terence P. Smith, J B*cretR"?? Eleventh ward democratic Buchanan and Brecaenbrldge Club. The democracy of this Ward are hereby requested to meet at the Continental, 116 Columbia street, on Monday evening, June 9th. at half past 7 o'clock, for the purpoee ot organizing a club for the purpose of pro moting the election of the demorcatic nominees for Presi dent and Vice President of the United Btstea HENRY MUNH, Chairman, pro tern. Mahlon Clark, Secretary, pro tern. Fifth ward buchanan club.-the dempo raoy ol thin ward are hereby requested to meet at (he Fifth Ward Hotel, on the evening of Monday, the 9th day eC June lust., at 7,1? o'eloek, for ibe purpose of organizing a slab, for the purpoee ol promoting the election of the demewetio nominees tor President and Vioe President of the Cnttad. Its tea. Henry Hotlmtre. James L. Waugh, Win. Hall, fames Lawrence, James D. Welch, Edward P. We lob, John H. Whitaore, Christian B. Woodruff and others, Fifth ward democratic republican union Association.?A meeting of the above Association will take place at the Fifth Ward Hotel, corner of Franklin aad West Broadway, on Monday evening, June 9, 1866, at eight o'clock P. M. Other aitiznnt or the ward, who are fhvorable io ths nominees of the Cincinnati Convention, are respectfully invited to attend. EMANUEL B. HART. President. PIONEER FILLMORE AND DONELRON AB80CIA tlon. No. 1. Eighth ward, city ot New York. A meeting of the above association will be held oa Mon day evening. 9th Instant, at their headquarters. 186 Hp ring street. Hou. M. A. Baling, or Ohio: g. P. Norton, Olnematu; D. T. Blsby, Virginia; P. cantlne, Ulster county, N. T.; OoL J. C. Perrfn. Tennessee, will iddrsse tie meeting. Memhera of the different elubs, aad all persona favorable to the election ot Millard Fillmore and Andrew Jeekson Donelson, are re quested to attend. By order ot DAVID J. OAKLEY, President. J as OksoRN, Secretary, SPECIAL MEBTIEG.-THB YOUNG MEN'g URMOCEA. tie Republican Committee will meet at Taanmasy HslL on Tuesday evening, June 10, at 7X o'oiock, to hear the report ot the Cincinnati delegates aad to arrange for responding pub. Uelv to the nomination. BOL. rTNOBLB, Chairman. g Robert Grant, i - ... i hnwiRD Ttmfson,) eecretarien. ..i?. KICPRdlOM. Excursions?per steamer eagle. oaptaIW j. Htillwell.?1Te the Fishing Banks daily, (Baturdayn end Bund ays excepted,) stopping to receive passengers an follows : Amos street, 7 o'otook; Bprimg street. 7* o'eloek; Peak slip, 8 e'atock: Broome street, o'eloek; pier No 8 North rtvsr, 9 o'oiock. Fare for the excursion, 60s, N.B.?This stssmw will be tor charter every Raturday to exaorsion parties. Far particulars Inquire of the Captain, on board. UMBO BANKB, AHOY!?THE STBAMBE B. T RTEVSN8, Captain Charles Anderson, will resume hsr regular trips to the Fishing Banks on Monday, June 9,1866, and continue every day (exoent Sunday) landing at the toUow tog places Amos street, 7 o'clock; Bprtog street. 7M; Peak sly, 8; Broome street Rest river, 8<<; Plsr 3 North rtvsr. 9. Grand axnuReioN to thb bra bars bank-on Tuesday, June 10, oa board Ihe sea steamer AJ AX, Onpt. Imvid Bard, for the enjoyment of the sea breexe. fishing ami other nleaeurst. Refreshmente of beet quality will ba furnish ed oa board; also, lines, bait, Ae., to all who may destra thsna. Tickets, one dollar. The beet will leave the foot of Jackson street at 7 o'clock precisely; Hudson avenue, Brooklyn, at 7*4; fost of Pike street, at 7Hi Pier 3 North rtvm^ntJX. _ CHARLES HEATrf. YORK AND ERIR RAILROAD.?TIOKBTS TO siwusoiim. M^MATRIMONIAL.-THE BUBBORTHKR, WHO. 18 H years of sge. aad only passable in appearance, form the acquaintance of a lad v. not over ma own age^^^^^N log an totellllent nod amiable disposition, with mann^^^^B Is 111 tent and amiable disposition, with manners of rw PIn view of mstrhnony, deeming e dlvWos of hie m and oompetsncy no reel dlminiahmesju^|^j|^_ the poaslble return of an affecttooste ?r will return any cnmmmaieatton^|^^^^^H ddress H, F, Johnson, Bostop, Ma*.