Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 10, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 10, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ' WHOLE NO. 7225 MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. MmnsEMWTi re;ote? cmi biy. iikh wmuumuim. Vf HP. SIEPHEFh' ILLUBlBATGU Jrl new humbly. Will shortly be published ths It 1U&1 Dumber of a new litrrary periodic*!. ?-;th the above title, <X NDCJCT1ID BY MB8. ANN g. 8TKP9HK4, Au'bor ot "Fashion and Famine," "Ike Old Homestead," Ac , Ac., devoted to TAl.r*, B<. ANCKS, ILLUSTRATIONS, ART, AND GRNKRAL MTK.llATUltK Inch onmber beaulltully emueMsbed, la the floei'. ety'.e of . wood lllut'iail n. Hie 8; r: timber fnr July, will te issued about the 19-h of Juue, tn* mil oouialo ihe opeDU a chapters ot a arw nova ?BtU'Sd LOBT J RWELS, By. Mrs. Ann p. tTueneNS Alto, 'ha Irl'lal chapter* of a new ICvolu tonary romttca. _ . , I.OV*. l> '76 By .t>e author cf ?? bUucbe i.eartood." Ac.. &r. In MOitiob to which, various eto/iv, aketchet, Ac., troai dis tlr mse'i-.l pen*. It. rlze. sMb and chancier, nwiiloedts. Uneilve t>< n> any oth'r pertodlcel Tub ot'datSl fO p*r anon u, or ;i,t^?. per number, Meklrg It the ch-ap?et n<o?;l? America Acdre e EoWAKl' HTitPo r,*8, ru-.ressnr to Buace A Bictter. publisher, 120 Nassau sfreel, Ae? Yeik sfyFICR or TROW'a NEW TORE CITY DI*?t'T>Ef, V Orrwpl ed by B. Wl'son, 37'1 -Broad w?r, June o 1AW Due Llreeiorv will be pub l.Ued June 16 Wilsrn'* Hud dee" Bpeoxrv. atd the Copartner-ttlp Llrectorr, whl do pus Baked ewrfcy after. Yhtsr wciks have been eomvtlsl with great ewe and, wa tiust. *1.1 be leucd superior to an? tormer puhlljitleo. kbe sir ten of tsklig subscriptions at here ofore praHivel ha* prow a >o annoying to tbe puailc, that wa hare lakeo do ?obtorlpt'oe* to either of the abov i wrrks. JOHN F. I ROW. Publisher PUBLICITY IS AS MBOIBSi BY TO THB MKRCHA wf. n-ectajiic and tnuleaman a? ell tj machinery. Ths AfRkfl -B WEkKLY FaK8? lurnlthe* an npp>rtuultr bo the "timer** man to make known us ouelne** toroughou taa length ?td bitaoih of the eouatrv. Issued ever. Frllay morris# advertisements sec. to tbe oflfce of the American Pre#, oorihneet corner ot Fulton and haaaau 3 re-u-, New Ycit wl I be inserted for illy can's a lite, subscription to the peperonly tla ;ear. NKWSPAJtMtfftS. &c. A OEMS FlBKISHRDWIlH THE AMEBIC iV WK5S -ft LT t RKtiB, the cheap neavp .per. published every Fri day wetting at |1 CO per huudrec Bubscripdot pries tl per year l-ims cMh CfDce ooithweet corner o>. Fallon And Aetnat'.tae'a. New York Tlifc AMt-BIOAN WKhRLY PRKSfi. A LARGE DOUBLE ?hte: ie-?Hpaper, is Issued evsry Friday morDtu<, from fhe cfli-e ot the prcprletor, rorthwek; ccrcer ot rti'.tna and> et-ee a, New yoik, et the ex'remsly lo * price ot One a )?<t<-. It contain* III the of kote in New York c ti ennngthe week, all p Ha-s matters, reilgiute neva, ?o 1 Jcal <b li g?, In'ereetiDft letters from correepondetiU, boil) 1 hurcte at "1 America, and everything ot Interest through jut tbe roi'Llr* t %'culated to pleace, ina'ruotor amuie tbegeieral reader. ':b.? ow price at which ft It publirhed vuti li within tbe rescb cl every person. Fuieor ptlon price fl a year; fur nlrhed to ecenta at tl SO per huidrad. cash In advance Ad verilfe.oieuti lute-tcd in Ihe American Weekly l're?a at 8fiy cents per it re. All order* must bo add retted to the pro frl'tor, uorihwwt oorner of Fulton and Nawau atreets, New otlt THE LONDON JOURNAL 18 NOW PBTNTEO IN NSW York aud pualiOied week'y by T. SMtrfl, at 60 Nassau elite'., Fries two cents sing e copies. 8ub*cripll)n terms, B1 per ant urn. AH the back rumoers from tbe coiauis io* ?sent 01 <ne new volume ccn be oblaired. mBE NFW YORK CITIZEN. OF TH13 WEEK. CBN 1 talrs tbe following original aitii'es:?"Captain Armdrong, lhelif iiE?r ol '98, a renlaLoence of the famine psrtov' "Fa'l ol'be Brplfh Kmpire-Hlgu" ot Ha appriarh ng tinon Pon ' "riltbua fror f ktbnr?sent Day In Icdl* " "N->mlu? tici. of Mr. Buchanan," "Moralltv and PoUilcs." "Another 'IrLhmin Muideied at W.ttthlDgtm,"' Marcv and Clarendon " *'Ptcie?? <?'. Ihe Know Nothings At-ofUhed " "I?c ere b) Mrs. Ltny on the rtsurts of all Natiots." "I'rcgreiB of ihe A. I. H. A. A " icge'her with letters of ttcesl Jones and Cbar'e* Dickens; iileiiitscr* re'atlog to diat irbarcoi la Kngtml, "Wl'ltum Pit itt O'Brien, and a eoir.plrte digest of Irith, Eng lish tus Atnsiloan news. CHice 16 Spruce street, New York. RELIGIOUS NOTICES. THE Br V. DR H iNNAP. cjm CF THE BBPRF.8tN tAtlve. of the British Wtsle?nu Conference to the general ConfBrttcu of the M. K. Church, will preaib ImhetJreine utr?et M N. church this evening, kervlcts to commenoe at 8)i o'clock INBTUUCTIOR. 1 Q R7-110-BOCKKMPINO, WRITING! Ac ?MR. AOUJ DncBKAlt, 619 Broidway. being assisted by an accen-pl'shed practical bcokkeeper. will quality student t fir buitne.. in a very superior manner. Mr. O. teaches penmut khir In te'ion. kid guarsrt-os. by his selentlflv metnod of hand tra'nir g, to remove ml stillness and trembling from every bm d, A Carl ?the8CB-criser will receive pgPiLS dsty for class or private mstiunion In penmanship, bookke?p1t g Ac Full tucce s guaranteed to all. OLIVER B. QBt.PaMirH.362 Broadway. Aoentlrman. from farie. racbelisr de sc!enc?? living with bit par? nu 88 West 17tk s'.. la 5?b nvri ue. ts ?U . rous of glvb g letsons In Fr?nch, or would take st sftuatl"iT-i a leepeeub'.a family. No objection 10 the ovuu try. Terms moderate. BCOHAKaN and TUB PAKBIDBNOY.-THK ap pnacinne Preaidealia! contest prombes tj be a hsatlag andezcitttg one and every per-on will detbeagood news paper, to be tntcrmed of tee doings of the politic!ids. Ths AMKRIc'aN WkKKl-V PKkPH, a large nsw?pap*r, lade pendent la politics and oonvervatlvo in tone, Is j i?t the pausr wanted, hu-tcrlptlou price only tl per year; furnished to -agent* at SI 9d per hundred. <>riers|tnust be aadretsel to the c lllce of the proprietor, northwest corner cf Fttitoa and Kenan street*, New York. English and bpanibh lrngda'jbj -prof, vin OCT. rf the Hew York Uulvoratr, will give UttruatUu In the above 'angntgei a: his new revldeacs. 61 B eeoser street, sevaa door* f'om Broadway, wnere alio will be found his grammars and other pubUcatlocs WRmNO AND AOOOHNTS.-B. F. FOSTbA' AND HIRaM DIXON give lasaons as usual In writing, book keeping. An Room No. 1 App'e'ou Building, 316 Broadway, where you'h and adults are qna lfled for mereanUle pursuita In an eipedvt ous and superior manner. _ &BWAHD8. <11 nn REWARD.?DROWNED, B* THE CAPSIZING ?Plvv tf a sailboat, during the rquall of luce lay niter no.ii, Newton H. Swassy. t he boat ctpiizsd between Port Hamilton acd the stone monnmet t. in the lower bar. Age 17, blaca hair, tlurld complexion; bleck pantaloons, light veil, err vat n i-.h sma.l white dot*. Tbe rv^ove reward will be paid lor the lecovery of hli tody, elth *r on application to ill. Swaney, 7< Ns.vait a'reet; T. R. Baleer, 182 Water street, N. Y? or B. (1 Murahy, Jr., No. 3 Front street Brooklyn. ? Oik P.FWARD-LOBT OR 8TCLKN. ONR GOLD ipOu h' enamel watch, g ld cap, white dial, aet with dlaroouds, icplxe movement. Ti.e above reward will be pall or de'ltery ol the watch at H. Salisbury A Oo.'a, 171 Broadway <M/? Ft* WARD ?STBAYKO FgOM MR. KNAPP'S ?P LV p ace, near Carmarsvllle, June 3 or 4 a very email black and tan terrier bitch, abnut nix months old, weighs about Ave lbs ?/( the Under will return her to that pace or att'e Port Wsatii'gton Hotel, to h. 8. Ha'den, he will recGre thj above reward. Bad on when loat a bine collar. d>1|l REWARD.?sTOI, 'N, A CLINK Bit BUIbfR'W aPJ-Vf bt?t with apars, tail and oara, oulilde painted white, with g tea ar. 1 b e aree t bottom; the inside painted blve; the aeati and edge oak grained lnbrmatim to be left al tlie fewnd ward Station Home, or at Ingerfoll's, b at builder. 270 South atreet. A. CHaNUKLLOF. ANN 11 RBWARD.?'LOST, A BLACK AND TAN TRR JIBE ?JLlf emt in Greenwich stiert, on Saturday last, wKh <ol lar niarktil R. A O., and two silver bed*. The above reward wllle paid to whoever re urn. Her to 156 Rsade itreet. fl A RFWAED.-LO'T, MONDAY AFTERNOON, JUKE 1U 9. a roll of bills, principa ly on'he Importers' Htt necf a higher deaoullnation ihnn Uvea Apply to UeHrr Sirdrtr, 29 Kul ton aueet. FEWARD ?RTRATBD AWAY FROM THK OWNER ?pt) cn Mot day night, 9 h Itst. at o'c'ock, a white setter dog Answers to the name of Start, ihe Under will receive t"e above reward by leaving h'm at No. 4 Brood street, otllcs Jfo 9. MIST AND FOUND. TffCUNr-A FIRE CAP. THK OWNIR CAN HAVE IT P bycAiilrsou Andrew O'Brien, 290 Seventh avenue, ba twsen fian! 7 o'c oek P. M. LOBT- JUNE 8, I860. A LARGE SIZE MOSAIC BREAST, pin black ground wl h a white and green fl iwer In the centre, In parsing from Twenty-flub sirest, near K<gb'.h avenue, to Broadwa ana Fifth avenue stave to r idee nth n'reet, across Virion park to Irving place. A liberal reward will be given by returning Pie urns at No. 17 Itvlug place. Lost?some pay last wrkk, a small i*rivatr account book, left Is a ttage, corner of Broadway and Jc'gh'.h aueet. ss It l< of no n ? to any oae bnt the owaer,|it auuab e sewatd is oil'ered for leaving It at No. 6 fclgh'h strnst, Clinton place. L(8r-LF?T IN TBK ST ATTN ISLAND FKRRY bowe Monday morning, Jrne 9, a silk umbre la. win ivory bsr.dl*, ?n" J T. Shermao cut un the hand ?. rhe Under ?win be suitably rewarded by leaving It at 218 Broadway, u,r guns. XOBT-A BRAIDED HaIR BAAOKLIT. WIT! GOLD olain about one Inch wide supposed tc have tacen lost a Ooltscha k'.t coteer', on sa'nrdav night last, or In one of the Madison ave> tie itage* lbs finder will obli?e by lsxviug i gu HI Union pace or 8? Beaver stiee'. W. W. C aouM IOBT- N MONDAY MORNING. JUNB 9, BETWEEN J 'be Mercan'lle Bank and the offlje cf J. A J. Stuar. A Co , sssau street, two seneptanens of Hhvdev, I'egrani A Oo., <i?'ed Mt Louts, April 7, HM, for U 000 eajh, at C) days' date and payab'e at 'he < fll-e of J. A J. Htuart A Co. Pavment o ihe above drafts I* Mopped. Anv penon finding them wll jpltssere'u u tl em to J A J. Smart A Ho , 33 Na?e?ustrio'., o* to tbe Hank, t f John itrrst and Broad way, and they will he suitably rewarded. LOST-BM.OW CANAL STREET. IN BROADWAY. A plsce r.f o>uibrlc neealaw ric. $& re ward offered to any person ?b> wl'l return It to 3 !2 Bowery. IC8T- YESTERDAY MORNING, IN GOING FROM P(K8 i No. 2 Morh river, through Battnrr p'ace Bnaver, WI II* n, all, Na???u srd Pine streets, to No. 71, oae onoper roller, crverrd wl'hgttnay.nagging, suppoaed to be marked fT. <7 Besoh A IV) New Tor k. The nor er will be suitably rewarded bY laavitg I be snnsa at 71 Flna atrett. Lost?o n slnday. a gold heiastpin, hit with hali , Itifrim of a now; name lu mil on the bank, Five del ar* will be glren toaryore who will leave it a' 80 Cist Twenty flrsl nresl. Lost-a ladvb blue silk csotubet puRst, with h ten clasp, containing between twenty and thirty do.lara, mostly In bl Is of tbe &ocb*>ter city banks, and some change su3posed to be lost on Saturday, between Twenty fltrl sire*',i rar Filth nvrnne, and *omth avenue and Twenty, fdfbth li est. crossing Madison sutiare. The Under will be suitably rewarded by lee vis g It al 41 East Twenty eighth it. Lost or btolrn-a obeck, drawn bt f. f. m ar hury, nth June, for revenly dollars, oa Seventh Ward Batik. New York, o the order of. and endorsed by F Km Pa.."*- t'viag bevn stopped, the pubUt art cau'.loasd against receiving KANSAS XttSBffXNO. Three Thousand Persons Assembled in (he Tabernacle. Governor Keeder Expected but Not Present. Speeches of Judge Culver, Br. Calloway au<l Others. OVER TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS COLLECTED. RESOLUTIONS, DESPATCHES, Ac.. Ac., Ac. * A mseUi/g cf tbe nigger worshippers was hald last evening, at th? Bread waylabernizte, in accordance with tbe following call: ? Vesting for Kansas.?Ihe ohizsna of Hew York win feel en tn'ereet In 'h* pitwe-rvatlon of public tranquillity ana tbe moitPxiA} ol mw ... reiueeied to uieei at tbe Caberaac'.e at r'abtcMotk, tbta (Vo'da)t evening <o ooi rider tbe reient alarming wrote at Karsaa. Gov. Reader and other dlatm tulrbedwl'l address the meeting. J. I. rtMdii gion, MoretB. Orlrnri', ?lamea a. litus, It.ivid L>ud.ey Field, II I., btcne ftamual it Buggies, J. 0. Fre-m int, W. O. Brj aat. Tte appointed lionr was half past seven, but abiut fitlren minutes befote, the doors it the Tabernacle which htd not } ft been opened, were beset by a orowd of four or five hundred persons. Among th>se an itinerant won der of sp?cimens of the fine arts was endeavoring wary bald to pell Borne atrocious IIth-graphs of the assault upon Mr. Samcer. The doors at last were opened, after the people were kept wtl'.ltg for fifteen or twenty ninutes. Whin they got in, however, tbey had to wait for half an hour long'r before the melting was or ganized. By this time the Tabernacle was c-owded, and It was rumored about that the great gun of the evening, tbe nan for whom tbe meeting bad been called, and who was expected to make awfnl revelations in regard to the condition of ihirgs fn Kansai, where he has figured so conspicuously, was nit forthcoming. It was soon after wards ascertained that that distinguished character was amccg the tni'Bing, atd that the audience would proba bly not be grvified with a sight of him, and that the revelations would be postponed till another occasion. This intelligence was confirmed by Mr. Joseph Br.ti.vr, who carre fotwatd and announced that the Committee of AttaigetrenUi had expected Governor Reeder by the afternoon train, but lie bad not yet arrived. Tbey still, however, locked for him, and the Chairman had gone to watch the evening train. If it was tbe pleasure oi the meeting to organize in the me^ptfme, he wou'.d prepare in Chairman Anthony J. Bi.kickfh, Esq. The meeetlog testified very decidedly that such was tbeirgced will and pleasure, and Mr. B'eesaer was un?| nimons'y installed. He returned thanks brielly for the "great and unexpected honor" conferred upon him, not knowing bow he could bavs been selected, if it wera not on account of a life-long service In tne democratic ranks. (Cheers.) Mr. Joseph P. Simpson was appointed Secretary. Mr. Blum?Notw tl;standing Governor Reeder la not her, Mr. at-d Mrs. Boftem, woo have been driven from Kaunas, are ere pent, and will tell you what they have done and witnessed upon the rpot. Oa looking around for Mr. B , hoaever, u was discovered that he hid gone Id search of his brsve little partner, who had so nearly proved a fatal opponent to Sneritf Jones. Here was an other dlrappointment, but Judge Culver, of Brooklyn, coming forwa-d, a?id that be would just stop the gtp tor a Utile while, and occupy a few moments. He was r-joicid to ate suoU a crowd on tuch au occasion?another meeting like that taey held in ilia same builalng bat a lew nlgh.s since, to give rxptetalon to Northern leeiicg on the attack made up n delator Sumner. It vhowed that evtry mao wao re spected tbe liberty 01 speech and the freedom ot the preia wa" an advocate cf the rights of Katzas. (Ap plause.) When eflecte like those were obterved tttrough cut the country tbey would look to the bottom, and seek tbe'eause. It was not long since that tbe people of bis oountrr had keen told mere was an end of agitation, that everything was sett ed by a llnatBy com a to raise, and the ceoiooiatlc party said that it wju d hurl a p >11 tical anathtnn against any man who would renew agna tion upon the surjeot of slavery Althorgh toe baigein was not relished ty maty Northern men, yet tbe gieit masses of the people embarked on board tne "Flcalitj" ship. Toe ocean was smooth and toe wiacs blew a laviting bieize; but suddenly a cry was hs*-d at midnight?there was darger t> the ship, the waters were egein troubled, and the winds of a<ttation ol-w a huri issue? the waves became mountain high about their good "Finality" ship. 8sarce'y ever In the hirtory ot political revolutions was seen such an utheavirg cf the masses. Why? The demccra's hau proved leoreant to their trust on the Nebraska biff, nui had oper.ed a Territory solemnly secured to iwedom to the lnroacs of the slave power. Tail was what had cieated seeh an agits'lm through tbe land as was never ?e?n lelori?wlilcv had aweken>d the Njrtb, and roused men to ac ti n. (Cheers.) I: was this bsse propnsflion to lake up the land marks between slavery and freedom ?to overstep that line of 3(5 ceg. 30 min. wclch bai heeu laid down for years. (Applauie.) Had it ?7eroe cutied to them to consider the amount of territory they were quarrtideg about? it m-amred 485,000 rqm;o miles?equal lo twelve S'.atei tbe size of New York, and forty-two times tbe size of glorious little Massachusetts. (Cheers.) Now. what was ihe proposition ? It was to t?ke this fair land and curse it with slavery?to oenvert it into a d ate (.1 wblskey, rtlles ami bowie knives, lue Mi-souri, ins sad of the farms and railroads of O'dto. (Appiame.) Yea, there was a large stake to con tend f r?the marking out of these States in the futuie. Who was it that sprung this measure? Wno tailed for it? He was glad to say that it wis cot the people who hai called for it?no, nei'her of the North, ncr yet of the South. They evcu did not cicam to ask for such a thing. Who did? Why. If they weie to collect all the papers, all the petitions praying for that infamous measure they could be put iuto a laf ?'s portfolio: but turn to the pi e ot remonstrances, ecu tliey mruuted np high as a haystack. (Cheers.) And wh?n Ihe memorial nom three thousand New Bog laid clergTnen?ths embodiment of tbe g'eat moral aid lel'g'oos sentiment cf tbe North?was p esented, it male thsrenator who origin?ted that measure cry oat liks tie Gadaieres of old, "Why bast thin cime to torment us before our t!in>?" Wno we s tbe three political ds megogues, then, who had origioa'ei this measure? He did not wish to name them in so pjbli? a plvss? it wouli not, perhaps, be polite?but he w >ul t lodicite tb ir whereabouts. (Laughter.) One came from the siu'h side cri.ake Ede?a clever, wheezing old horse, woo was ?arly sent bank to his pasture, foe second from toe pUinsoi'New Hampshire, where ha was vety soon to be sent tack lgain, and was not ths otiy one recorded who had taken into toim seven devila worse than ths lirs . Tie third was a man botn near the f tot of the Green Moun tains; and lest they should not clearly recv"'*' him, it might bo aided that one of bis names was identical (as was tbe owner in heart and soui; wi'.b tbetraitm who in our early struggles had offo.od to betray his country. (Applause and biuret). Ah! well! wbe.e are they now ? <> when shall we three meetag?.'.n?" They are a'l crowded oft, and a new man pot upon tbe track, whose only great rtss corsists in,bis negative qualities?who, like one of tbe btatheu felt let, is worshipped as a great bundle of negations. (Chaers and la.rga'er.) Yes, they had an uted a spnlt too strong for them. They had brok-n a compromise eoliclttd by tha diut'n, and reluctantly grant ed by tbe North, bnt which, when c nee entered mtj.they bad sti od by faithfully. Judge (f. concluded by drawtug what be called a parallel eate, in wnl-h he reverssd the sta'e of things existing, putting Missouri in the situs tion or Kansas, with an abolition Gov.-rnor and I.rgistv lure fotoed upon her by armed men led os, irom othor States. bjJUoyd|(;arrlncn, Seward and Fred D luglass, aid asked if, under ench circnmetance', Missiunans and Southerners geuerally would bs em'eat tj obey 1 quietly their authority anu the laws they coasted ? Mr. and Mrs. BurFi'M, (or rather Mrs. Butfuin and ho: husband ) a ?mart, testlers 'active little pair, the one ra-a surlng about 6 feet 4, end the olh?r 4 feet 6, wh ne ap??A - nnee did col report favorab y for tin ' fa: of the lam," were here introduced, and reoriv- 1 with loud oeujonslre t'ons of applause and laughter. Mr Ti . bating :je k?d'' i.ii thanks a-the aedteeaw. tirat prrceeaed to t?ilhis*xps litcoe. fie began by saying the.: hs was cot actnsto n<d to public ipeaUiug, (a fact that beiarne very evden be f ie he h .C p:oce?dtd much lurtb?r), but still he won ? give them Lis rtcry. lUvipg, mid he, bt<n lu Kau'as fcr two yeata in the first settlement, I will g've you as near as I can ths tr&nsacticns tout I 'aosptred ths.*e. Here he wss Invited to speak 1 udsr, but liailog it dilii cult to "pitch Lis key" to tbe required heigttt, hi he thought Llm that his wile, who hvd bef >ie c one t > tte teu'iie might literpoee her vjiee, as sh? had heretofore her aim, in his behalf, so he intrcdneed h?r as the hero ir e of Kansas, who haa frifhtenei Sheriff Jone*. Mrs B was leeeivtd wi'lt prolonged rounds tf aoplanae tha would have gladdened the heart of Lucy Stone he.ser. ac c-ni bailed, it is true, by one or two ungalUn- retnarkt, for which those who uttered them were toreaUned w'.tb sux n-aiv txpulsion. Her husband had said that although not aft aid to lace any Mlssoutiao, ye his wife felt timer oua in appearing before such an rtssault. She did not juitlfy his rears, however, but stood quite undaunted be fote the " augnst presence," and wheu her eelcime bad subsided said: I will try a* far as 1 can to give you a HtHOltren of my experience out there [Bute it w?h found that tbe brate little woman's voloecoaid not retch aa far as her pistol, so Judge Culver volunteered to repeat her words, and she continue!] We went to Kansas aod arrived there In August, 18M, and went on tiour claim in Sep emher following. When we ware there about three months we were disturbed by the border ruffians, tbe Araba they were called. (Cheers.) [Toe Judge got a little uneasy In Ms pesl Ion as spetaklog trumpet, at this juncture, and suggested that as "the lafly warmed tip, if they gave her a chatoe, she would makeherse f heard.] I uicd to wj y myself (purgued Mr*. 8,) **? ttr*' inaklrg hi/, and othir ra/iOjnmtf. [ffUHogM she oar tainly was, every oo? seemed u> th'.ak it moat htTTbwva bard work and but small amusement fo* the littla bnf-J ftut aeon at er D*we wn shot the ran ^ere ordered out to protect the city of Lawrence, which tht 7 ?? did. le#v lag their fimillett to protect themselves. [' Which yo?# pr ven *"ery capable of doing," aald a vo'cv, *?d the aeo* tintnt was loud y coiioorrel In ] They want there to 4'g trenches, and made ten or forta. The man were ft.lined into companies; we had also a company a" ladle*. We ware there for about three weaka, and mads'up all the powder we could get into cartridges. (Cheers.) One half of the audienca hero deo'arvd that they ooald not hear Mm. B , so her huaband came forward again anl ? aid that be would try and his Toloa; he bad laced tr.e MK-our.ent and wou'd rcew up hi* courage to moo a eorgrelation like that before htm. I went (aai 1 he) t Kansas for the pnrpcce cf making a homo, and I wld glv ? you a dusenptio-u from the time 1 went there up to the preiant, li >ou will hear me [? Say If weoen bear you," taid an Irascible o d gentleman, far hack, who had baa stieichtrg his neci in adranee of hie body for soma time. Two yearn ago we started from Be ton, under Oan. Pome rcrj; wo probed enr tenia and laid out earn pa for outsells* At-er wo bad bean there four week# more, up cam* eighty of the border rattans, armed to the loath with bowle knives, rides,[pistols and dtrka, and they to'd ut If we old net go. tbey would thro# every ote of os Into the liver, Dr. Robinson, who was afterward* 0 jvernor, .aid, although 1 am aorry to aay that he la now in the bauds of th? A Vain?AiaM. Orator?Ye*. Aiab*. (I.oud applause.) A n?au hav Irp the same natuie as the villain Brooks, who attached Sumner. (Loud cheer* ) And had I been by the sida of tfumner, wneu he was I'llcken down I would hav* pit a bullet through that Brooks' head. (Langbtsr and cheers.) Well, l)r. Kobloson aafd, while uttlng on a log, as oool at a cucumber. (Laughter.) Yea. I tell you I have seen pistol* put t? hia breast, and be never viikid. (Renewed menimant, and a voice, ''Go on with the encumber.") Well. Dr. Kobfnaon wrote a note, sua ta'd h* would not go. Well, wo went over to resine Branson, that never killed a man, aa they said he had. He would not ba*m a sheep. We thougot to reaoue him Irora ihs grasp of that infernal scamp, .lone*. (Hisses atd applause.) Orator (resuming)?I wish to God that my w lib's pistol had gone eff when shs snappon it at him. (Hisses.) Well, we met Jones. Now, there are not so many ladl<N here, and so I will tell you what Jobs* said. (Ix)ud hlssei ) Jones said that he would like to m-et (if een of the God damned Yankees, and k? would take e-ery one of ihelr rcalp>. (HIssib ) He aald that he would kill men, w? men and obfldren .n the Kansas Terri tory (Locd cries lor ''Bryant, B-yant.") That gentle man approached the orator and whispered in his ear, whereupon he (the orator) resumed his seat, much to the relief of the audience and his own dlseomflura. It was then annouamd that a ts:egraphio despatch hau been received from Governor Rkbdkr, stetiag his inability to be present. . Hon. Mr. Galiowat, of Ohio, was then in'reduced and received with loun ebeers. He said?1 did not expeor to rddress you this evenlDg, fellow citizens 1 oame as any of you did, or most of yon partly from motives of ourlosl ly, but principally from sympathy with the great cause. Ciies of' Louder, loader." Mr. Galloway? I wilt get loud enough dlroctly. (I,at ghter.) I expected to near (1 jvernor Reader, ant I know that you have been disapp j.nted as well as myself, lie bas been connected with ihs proceedings In Kansas. H-bas been a witness of the outrages upon the ballot bvx and the r'gh is of the people?not upon the rigits oi the people of Katzs-, but upn those of the psople of t> e ITnlteo States. (Loud cheers.) For I do not know where laiguags of Saiipiure is more applicable than in this case: ''Where one member snffirs all ths memoers suffer with It, and where It rejoices all r'joloe with it." I leel as deep an lcterest this even'ng In the welfare of the people of Kansas a* 1 do in tae welfare of the people ot Ohio, anl al hough I am called a sectlona' man. thank Gcd; I have a national heart (Chiers ) 1 have always admired a sentence or ths Latia poet, Terence? (Symptoms of uneasiness among tbs attclence.) Den't be afraid; I am not going to quote Latin. But Terence said.?"I am a man, and 1 tnlak notbirg human foreign trom myself" It 1* jaet as good a sentiment ihia eveciog as It was In his time; fori know ol no better way of judging of the integrity of a man, of the philanthropy ot a man, and of the patriot inn of a man, than to hoc hitt sympathising with the ncUtortures, wan's and woes ot others, extending a helping hand, and having an opeu heart, ever ready t > contriou'o to the fallen and depressed My falla# oltl 7.?us, astbat youcg mart. ,.lth his lady, strod up upon the platform, I thought what a lamentable spec a oetbat van in a free oountry; lor here our old city people have gone out from thtif old homes? p# n, nd duogtrerf*, pwlMpv, of tbo row whj ahtd their blood for the defence of your liberties and ot nine. Talk atout Americans ruling America. Why, you have an exsmpiltioatloa here that others than Americans are rnlii g Ameiiaa this very hour. A ah .r. time ago wo helled Kossuth, driven from Hungary by the ocpteeMon of Auetila, and dellgh'ei to sympathies with him in his sufferlrgs?a man who has devoted his z?al end energy to the promulgation of lijeral principles; end yet becau.e he loved liberty too well, he was drtvea fiom the he use r f his father aod hia mothir, and oam> to this land of ihe tree and the home of the brave to receive sympathy end councli,and he got It. Bit here (pointing to Mr. Buffum and lady ) are exiles from the United States, (applause.) driven from its soli. A man ana a woman diiven from the soil purchased by the best blood of the bee' men ever made, tor it is recorded by histo rians that God in getting iced for this new continent gleaned all the other lands, and grt tke best seed aod put it in here, that Le might raise a better genera ion than the word had ever seen. (Laughter and applause.) and yet here in ths land, wet with tae blood ot tnese men-a laid sonucrated by the toil and struggles of those noble men who achieved our independence-many men i?d<1 wcmen nere diiven from their homes, Bflpiritw from their children. We talk of the tyranny ot Great Bri'ein on our Fourth of July occasions, and some of tber.e men who are now sympathizing with the Missouri invaders tslk abcut this great and free country, and about their sympathies with the flown trodden and oppressed people of the earth; bnt where, to-day, can there be found a strcrger instance of tyranny exbiofted cri the lace of toe earth than is exhibited upon tho soil of Kansas, and that, too, on tho part of men professing to be Americans/ While the Tre-tdent Is talking aod writing about Nicaragua, and ueoitiog the queitlon whether Fairs VJll sha l ho reaeived as a mbassidar or not. and ibe papers all nv.r tho country aie discussing tbe subject of Walker's tnovemen's, the wail cf the unfortunate is borne to our ears upon the breize trom Kansas; and while teen aod women are driven trom her border by tbe relentless hand of tyranny, and coming here to ask for our warm sympathies, here is o d General Cash, who p-ol'sHses to be a d?mo crat and fats been a a distinguished maa in times past, irettira excited abjut old Crampton, the B.'itlih Minister; (iaugnter and applause) aad this, too, wttlle ths piteous cries 3t txi'el n;en and women are itogi?g In his ears. I ve if tbe i U msn were to expire even to night, aa-i esr giving his latt kick, he would want to kick old C.tmptcn. (Great 'eugb'er.) You hive heard, fellow citizens, thAt Nero ti -died while Rime was baroiog. aal ycu fell kcow the ?xhibi'ei by tien. C'jhs tiio Mhw cemccra'R t)r the wron^d and outraged peo pie ?f Kansas. The people o'the waole country aro ikttafed liom centre to c'JCum'erenoe, agltatel not npon a iiuestion i f political economy; not upon a question of ?hetfcer there should be free trade or tariff; not upoa a outatli.-n whether the Niaaraguan gownment is a pro per me rr net; not upon a questloo whether the duty shall be taken oil or U i 1 np n wool, but upon a question?? the lunflamerjtal qnosiloe of fieedom or slavery the , uextitn of prlitioal life or deaih-the ?|U?s'.ion of the salvation or camnatton o* halt a oiatlnent. (Applause ) Aid yet he?e ir?-irAeu who iguore xhii quenuon entirely; men. too, wto ohU themselves democrats, Re spondents of old TDomas .loffsrsm. What mioora tle oeicMirtanis! (laughter) no more resembling Them as J-tlarson than the mtsorafclc luzzaroxl and beg xarfl of bemgh ed ltalv are like ths o <1 Romans who used 0 ra k 'he foram. and whoso vcioss shook Senabts in dei nnoiation of outrages upon the tights and itbirties ot tt sir iel)w(tltizens. (Applause.) If I had 'h? power ? hat Jui'ae Edmonds c aunt, or smioof those splntuaasts, 1 wen id invoke old Fathvr jeAsrson. brlogbim here upon the plo'f:rm (laugher), and 1 w mid give Gan. Cass a rtat here. After gcicg through tbe formality of mtro oiiclig these two worth!'s to each o.her, ljr It wjuld be B?vdr<l (laughter), 1 saou'U vipeol ??> bear old To muss Jt-ilrrsf-n tay, " Is this Gen. C'asir I dou ; know him. (Lsuah'er ) In answer; t? my inquiry, way Is thlsf I s'M-,u?d ixpeet to hssr the futher answer, " I'or tns vary b, iPfoa in tho world-thai ho has nit the image and tupeiscriptlr n of a dtmicrat wrlfea a,.on ntrn. fl.aughter.) Jiffers n wonid not know him. My follow ,i izem, In this da) tf trouble aid dlsas .er, when men s hi arts a.e fal'irg, when many of our peop.o are to ana fro when our own brothers and sis-era, bine ot our bone and flet-b of our llesh, are dri??n tf"m Kama., aid t-tced to cw.e to ?a?hirgton atd this gieat metropolis f.r rellat, there a^a to be loucd old men vrhJ call tkemre.vao patri >M and demccrats, at d would have ue behave they are, wni s;i troubling vher-celres about this queition of Ntea reg"a and Ciampton. and oiher qusittjns t la. are of but Hti ? internet, and bat# no heart to feel for the waits and w, ,s tl bl.edirg humanity. This is not ? a-ggsr .j te-i ticn. (Applflui'a.) It is a question t ir white men. (Ac t-'aure ) 'it is not a question whether this or that man fhstlhave 1(0 or Vt'O slaves? vhotbsr the Siuth shall have ir Kansss a roaiket for their slaves-alls tb ti whether such confnot Is consistent or inaotsUren. with the g'eat oonBtituHonal piintip whloa Bodarlis cur liberties? no, to; but the question is wheJher you and 1 shall rvtain that noblo heritage ohlob has bjsn be fiue,. bed to us by ihe fathers ot the Kovol ltloa. (Ap Piauie.) Tbe question is whether thlslaly (oojoting to Mr-. Buffom) ?nd her young huscand ihah iivs tree ia a lie# country. (Applause.) Tbe 'day lor al11 hiu^h aa that of n!gger worshipping baa passied by,, an:1 th? quertirn now Is whether you and 1 snajl tread thl.. sol", and feel aid act ss freemen? (app ause)? or whv tber we ^UaU bite tbe duet. I do not lownd, fe low ci i/tns, to diecu.s these fundamental P'"L .idea of r'pht. 1 take It Tor oranted that you ?it feel ard alveolate them. If you d> no'- jour- | ,elves iDstlnetively paure and embrao* the ia?.?e ol the*e -orr<>rimt I)?0ple ot oar o*n Uod, your *r? if- i WVrcaWj gone. I .aid, a monumt since that Ui 1 no Intend at th's time tv disaaasathe graa. tunlaaenjal principles of light. (Crws or '"Go on,' ''g> on.) are some thine, to ba taken tor grantel. and U is <obo presumed that you are already Irad-jotrlaatedln ihote grf at lundamsntal principles teat underlie all tree ,q m. The topic to which 1 wieh to invl e your p.rilau ler attention ia thle-that all fbo allegations that ware pre'erwd Vho Mlsaonrl invaders hare twea tally snttalned by the evidence which ba* hssn takes by ihe O mmlsaloo of the House. Have you read that e vile act/ (Giles of "Yea," "yes") I aak vou, la all eiioeilty

and candor, do yon know lo the hiatoty of a?? clvl.izsd ernntiy upon the lace of the globe an exam; le of anck ir.'imlty, oinotodby men proles irg tobg c .Uzi',ujJo rifhtaof property and tbe penmil rights of tb?i! eaaflipMrs and their associate* f (fYlw of "N's MM^" ?'?ever.") There ia not a single (natane < Of the kind to be found ia all Dietary. 1 aub*or,l>? Jto ths sentiment already uttered by the rmkiK to nigh', that the aggregated wracks i heap id wpon the people of Kansas are more enormthH ia | principle, or rather want of principle, Uian t oe w.'iug* which s fried up the blood of tho men of the Revotu> SI n. and crtlid upon them to resolve that, by the oI?m Hg- of O'ld, they wwald thwov oh the power that ea oeo??h?d upon tnelr Daerlitw, and deprive J theui of tho iaajiutabls iigbw vhiah Hod bad given tcr aver/ nun tbafna had crented in 3Ms imaye. (Applause,) Woat ever fly be your partialities or poHUsal association*. If yeti <ytm!y and dikpasetanatsly fook at the evidence ot the HMi in Kacwas, a* ITyou ware swcrn jurors in the fJ l?*i will eom* U the ennclurtoa that there ivrffcae teen a parallel in the history of auy oiriiizad eo?a%y <fthe g oLW to tbr iniquity perpetrated by tfceeahliaerAi invader*. (CrMa of '?tJever!' "n?Vor I havh been, and we alfhave been, delated by the file* preieweee ai l vhaui pleewot men prof-eidng to be Union ?MB. democr?**, navionvs of tto LUion. (Laugbtir.) I atnfeia that i^hiye been eo deluded, and I an surprised that I have boe-mdeluded rwlong. ha an instance ol the ?tanner in whlotr tbo people ot' tl_v> country htve b?u Aluded, take, fir example*, tho deetrine of popular nevere'gnty, pith wbich the populor ear haa beeu eo nueh tickled by UHueral Cm* and otter political U skiers cf tble country ti*jet<H ttieee men say in regard to it? To oover up the enoruiitteeof thia kianaal and No breeka outrage, and Vlep the people from earutlnlzlrg earw'nlly that act, lM?y >ald tL?t it w*i/ an experiment riroilar to that which bad boen made b.* the fa there of the Revolution, and tfrkt it war Oo enlarge the powers of the frop'e, give the).- eapabiiitiJ* a wider range and oerry out more fully tire great p-srpoeas and principle* of ewr government. A great many peop'e believed it, for they did not inppcee that mm prufessieg to be > honest) would eland up i.o the Hena'.ccf tha United dtalei and before popular assemblage* and nwiert a <Vctrine ao vital to the welfare and harmony of the people, and at the Mine tluie no', belie re the doctrine to be true; and yet, my {fellow oltiztne, to-day the doatrine la fully ex? ploded, and ecou'Kl out of the democratic continuous and meted aa a humbug. Men from the South are con Icy up and telileg them that their doctrine, ttaab they {nnelaimed In toe 'Senate (JLtlmber [and npon the Bump before theffpecple ia all a delusion, and theie popular sovereignty men Maud lamely; cringiogly and meanly, and every way but an American war, before them These professed patriots and democratic lovers ot the people endure the insults heaped upon them by ths South, atd see from tbe'Capitol windowe American clrizent lice log from their homes to Hud protection else share, X they can. Taere *sn he no daubt at to tha wrongs par. petra'.cd in Ktnnas. It there any maa that needs evi dence of the enormities that have been perpe rwed uson the people ot Korea** bv the invading radians V Ths Northern man who will shout for fames liuohanaa and JcbnC Breckeniicge, and tanely look upan tho suffer' :ngs of Kansas, .9 inaurably and hopelc-aly gone. (Laughter.) Such a man loves darkness rather than l ghi, for the vary reauun the i-'crirbutes give, because hfs deec's are evil. (Laughter.) Ofc," the democratic party doubts? Pierce doubts, in his meisige, you will recollect, in spaakiog of ths com promise ol 18?0, he aa'd tfcnt the constitutionality of tnat ret was very much doubted. Such a man as Franklin Pierce doubt 1 (Laughter ) Why, my fellow nitizens, I suppose t hot a great men?John Qui icy Adams, John 13. Calhoun, WKtam H. Crawford, Smith Thompson and Wm. Wirt?read ihe Missouri act and examiaed It with thalr legal intellects, and they oarne to the salemn ocn.'loshin that ths restiiotlve cl?u*e ia that act was constitutional But here-comes this Franklin Pierce, of New Hampshire, and sons "I doubt." (Laughter.) What a sprotaole is here presented! It is just an if I were to go into the r. rest at night, and see a man with a la rue telescope scanning t ie heavens, and after hearing him say that some placet he was observiog has sue a and Huoh dtmenkious, 1 rb uld stop, and after gazing with my little prfciiog eje, should say, '-I doubt what yoa say altogether." (Laughter.) You all admit that the Mis souri restriction was a conetilu'.ionai act, and ye vFrank lin 1 lerre does not know it, although it was a settle ment made by ineu ot enlarged minds for the pur pa e of settling a vsx-fl queetion. when the-e was not seciional ism and when slavery was not considered an element of oar tree inelitutions. A VoiCK?What about Douglas ? Mr. ti.?The.e is an old I.t'Jn maxim which says, ''Ko'hiug encerning tLe (lead,"' aud he lsdead. (Laugh ter ) Retribution follows sometimes hard nppn the Leels cf eia. The men of the South required large stcri brta, and he gave himself. (Jwughter.) Yes, he sold hiirself. (Keiewed laughter.). As Jeremiah said to Jth' r*kim. the KUg of Judah, "he shall be biried with burial of an e?r." (More laughter.) If ( read the signe ol the times correctly, l here are yet to be other bat tie lipids, upon-which are t > bleaou tha heneiof some ot the pr< sen'generation, tallirg, and lighting at they fall fir the same great pilnolplts that nerved the arms and heart I of cur Revrn utionary fathers; and all I cay to you is?to your duiy? be up and dolcg?pet on the whole armor, end go out to the baitla, aud foet that ths great question now btfbie the people Is not ths omanclpa ion or the ne on es. but the emancipation ot thewhite men. (Apploase.) Ve to day are bound in the bauds of savery?we art gcggeo, we are prevented from tailing upoa those doc liues of 1770. The oriels has come; the two antigo nl'.tlc principles cf freedom and slavery have met, and the question is now, wbich will recede? Which do you love best? (CiIf s of " Freedom.") Then labor as best yen tor/, and wait for frredoin. (Applause.) A the clore of the forrgoirg, the following resolu'loni wi re reed by Joseph Biuot, and ad >pted leparale'y by by tLe meeting: ? I eso'wed, Tkal we have watched wnb paloful Interesi the prrarcea of eventa in Karsiv.', ana thai ?e evroedlv eutr?#t the Preaidert in interpose b!? eutbority for the pritectlin of ths free Male teltlsrs Mom ths lawless n-jtrages of the lnvvhnf Ml'ioiut it of) and their aunillarles, recently collecioi by M>j >r Bufoid to the soulbern sieve mates. ? Resolved, lhat, should tb* governuieut persist io I's refwexl to protect the peaceful pioneers of Kansas xgaiasi taelr op pressors nnd p'uederers, they wl'l be ir?ll? jas lllsd In protoet ttrf snl defending iharaveives; but we entreat them U fo-bear to tbo last poeslbie mom est ana only stand on ilieir ds'ence when ro choice la left ibein between resuutuoe and enslave msnt Kesolvrd, Thst It Is lie dutr of Cmcfesa at ones to nyss a law ? hlch will prevent the packing ot Orend Juries by L utfed mates Martbalt bent on Indicting Innocent c.tlz-cs for high fressr n ana on Ibe doet: ustlonof prlvwie property under prw ''S^siolved, 1 h-'.t we proceed *o manifest o'tr sympathv f ir 'he iullwriog freemen o: Kinras br furulshlDg thsm with material al:,aidtbat Hamuel 11. Hugg'oa, Theodore SfcNamea,Thad ceusHyat, Boe Lockwccd and 0. H. Frsncis be ap^jlnied iv oommitrre to receive and apply fund* oontrlculed lot tha. pur pose. 7' .->Mon lo the last, resolution, let m? add. sail VLr. Bu t. mat a fow cays since, at Chicago, $19,000. were effected at a mretiug for the puipocs of aiding those who require aid a Kau as, and I- hops that New Ybrk won't be bebihd hsr gister o.itUs. There were loud oails be.e lor Fremont, but the amil nice were ioformcd tbai be was wot pie-ent. Mr. Biant moved llat a ool esll-n be now taken up. and as it met 'ta approval of the mee'iag, a uuuiber of gyntfomeu were appun sd to go round witn the b xss aod recsivc-sub tcripllors. About Ibis tiros a mmdrterable numbsr left, bu: the amount ooliecied, we were infoimed, was over t'l 0C0. ibe President read the following dispatch from Chl riHH'AOO. June 9-72 M. To luEOPORE Dwiuht, Preiiden.-of the new York Kaucas 8o w'e'bave morn men thau rronoy. To not send men wl^out merry We could sir.rt flvs bandied within a weak, fr we b>d the means We shall tend zone but aotual sctt'osw. Can we get aid lr< m New York? V. H. URkY, bee rotary. Mr Eli Thatkk was now iuircduced as the pryntieoian who eBiabilsbed that,tenlele ttlng, the l'.miirraat Atdyj cr.y. Mr. Thayer came forward, on ths heels of tbis in troduction, and trade an addrssa ia favor of sending mi 'fcilalald to Kanfas. Synnpalhy in words, be salo, w?s nothing. It it did not take a more praottcal Jirm. IbiH was not a matter that acn:erned the freedom of Hurgcry or (hetce. but a question of ihs fundamental, comittu ilcrai freecom tcr Koalas; end If New. Ybraralsela hundred thouiand dcliars, it could not be comper ed to the sacrifices wuich the frea State men In Kenias had made. This was a quosiion that con earned not only the present but tao future cin ditlon cf a Herritcry large enough to mako many cropirea ol. And the men who wete eoaravorlhg out there to se cure Its freedom should receive the hear:y and material rupriori ?/T Ike freemsn of the country. Tb'e mattor sbcu'd be decided not only bv the ntfi elec'.ion, but would oe hoivad by an army o( ecoupa'ioo. (Applause.) 1?0 trusted thsy would have piiy fir thcxe pior vlc'.lrctiot popular sovereignly; anil poouiar sjvsrelgnty wavaoraj tbirg like bell an dsactibed in the old text baok 1's.rt (list was hell, anil part sesond was hell cantirjwd. (lAsghier.) A motlsn was adcptid in favor of tb? aopolnt A.'a. of a ccmnoltfee of twenty live to attend on lbs alt .vns gsnerallvifand noliclt subscrlptt-ns lar Kansas. Che meet ing then adjourned after rsoolvlcg to a?aemb!a agiiin on the uf Uavernor Reader. Political Uosetp. 7ho united her 1 and soft Deroocra lo Stale Convention wllbehrlJat Syracuse, in Vlerket Hill, nr. .laly 10, when an eiegtoral ti.ket favtrabJe tj the elraioa of j James Buchanan to the Presidency and of J. C. Bracken ridge to tho Vice Prenilenoy fwl.ll be ohosea, ami S'nt?. iHieera, Including Governlr, pnt In nojjt oh'.ion for tt* e ultra gee of the doenocrajy Tae arrangement to m jte this call wan mace on the leaf day of the s??sfon of the Clnsiouatl Cofive.V.i ?in. R*!>*een ilie morning and evening eo-<don, the intte, earful that the hatda would not <v?re to te.-nv when thay returned home, sent a propciittlon for a c j-nmitiee of conference to call a State Convert'?oo. The bard* noo ? eenUd, aa they taaw the a?f.a w- jM dtnouriee them to the convention aa traitor* if tboy d'd not a<v'lie-to*. f? H. Shtperd, Nicholas Hill and ? Tallnmra war* ap pointed cn behalf or the aofta, andGto If. Clinton, Au gustus SelivU ard let! W. Beardaley no the pa/t of the hard*. The eammilUe* met and Anally agree ! upon '.he time and plana as above mentioned The Ameilcan Convention will rue it at the Aptllo Kooma, No. 410 Broad way, at 10. o'clock A. M., oa the 12'h. Several of the d?l?g\?e? have arrived. Governor Ford and ax Governor Jo\??ou are at the A?tor Home. The ?? Know Somethings." a nigger worshipping eexrat poll'leal order In th<3 emplry and neder the guldenoi if Wm. H Seward, will liold a c.nvenllon to morrow, la HalTalo. John W. Stehblne, cf Rochester, ie the I'red dent of the order. The deraoeigtioi the State frill hold their s-a'e "on r?ntlcn to nominate an electoral t'eket *?? 10lh of Jul; next. The nigger worshipper* oi Now Hampshire l?M their State CoLrentlon at Concord, to-day. Toe Selma (Ala ) Scn'trul, Know Nothing, seye, /ffhll mere ie to he run ee a whig for the Presidency, it cat the Stnlinel oat of all chaneee to eappoTt hi at, and " tronld, in that erent, he foreed back to the support of thr democrat Is nominee. A cumber of gentlemen of Columbus, On., hare caused to be prepare ! a curled hickory cane, mounted with mas stye gold, to be presented to Mr. Brooks. On the heal Is a thlkd e'erprnt, etelrc'ed wlthtbe Inscription "ToPres ton it. Brooks, from many //lends in Columbus, (>a?ite rllen, Bewaee." Ooone side is the coat o* arm* of the Statr of South Carolina, and en the other the coat of arms ?* the fatrrte of Georgia. I City PoUtki. MEETINOOP THE BARD 'HELL GENERA 1, OOTftttfYZ* ? DNICefWITH TBS SOFTS FGH A RATI FIXATION MF.ETIN1, UUr REFUSAL TO ENTTB THE WIOWA*. The Hud tdudl Central Coitutdttte Lrld a mc*ting<i6the l?vture room' of the Btuyveunat institute lurt evening It Vtng the first meyticg of the con-relttse since Hie arml-aation, 3?eie wax a very fall abteud&ate. IV Chairman, Horcfts V. Claiht, stated that wcjui jaUtee o tevtn >rcm Tminry Hal had called upon him on Satur \i day moraine act: proponed to unite with the hart! she'll coiu s iltee in niching arrrrogemebts for a rauhcotlou meeting to b? he1* at Tsr-Wnany HAD on We lneeclay iiett. L'? stated tc-them that while ha was Willing, and he had co doubt tit comm.'let which he it presented \ytre willi.13, to liritTwfth 1hi'*wia the object nropioed, yet he did sot fuel at iteerty to commit the booy which bc'tepreeehtod. nor irtwld he commit himself to city con tention with Feminity Hall rt present. Hurts then proposed thrt the metrirg be held in the Dark, to whfeb he sbnreuted-and as leva's sect-rmry that a cimdrtttoe froct this b-oy should l* Immediately formed to act with the Tammany, ne had token the llbarty, after cont-uliallon witb the Sewetary, to appoint the fojloirfng gem lemon to confer with the committee from Tarau taj Hali and make evratgemotts for the proposed rneetln Louts P. Clover, M. Ujau, It. 0 Mclcifre, This. J. Beer, 11. S. If'irt Chailcs M. fchnUIFhnd JdhrMJiitVrfson. Mr. Run* moved that the aciion of the Chaiiman t-w* confirmed. This notion gavo-i ise to seme discussions* to the regularity cf the chairman's action, and laoiiens tally si to other snhjscts. Oa? member pr'otested that the softt had stolen a march upon the haids. and the whole arrangements of the ratification meeting had be?n cut and dried by Tarvmany Hill, and that l'eriando tie First was to be the choh-mhu of the meeting. J'or his part, he never wou'l bo seen as sociating with the rotten barn-burners, on any terms. ThO' general sentiment of the members, howevar, seemed to be in tavor 0' union an 1 harmony, and orlettinj " b)gonea" be '?bygones." Theharis, it was urged, having been such large gainers by the Cincinnati Convention In matters of principle could ?Ford to te generous in practice. The action of the chair was dually approved onantraoitfy. Oa mnticn, a committee ot threa was then appointed bjtheChuir, to draft retolu'ions expressing the senti ments of the committee upon the Clcoinnati nomination. Af er a short a finance tbb committee returned, and the cuairman, Mr. George F. Thompson, read the following, wh'cfc were adopted Vihi reas, a General Convention of the democratic party of ihe, as at CicrtnnaU on t|?8?c uidi.-.y of June JbbG, lor the nurpove of haiminizlrg the various Jn'ereeti of the parte, end romlnttiag candidates to . fe supported Tor fre sltfent and Vice President of the United States; and v. bceer, the said < 'ouve.-.tuin have performed tns Jutle < tor v. hioli they were called toga-ber, &Dd H.become* ourtiulyjto express cur sexHmenls in regsrd to their ac.lov. 1 hareiore, Betolved, ihat the J'emnera'lc General ''omtniltce of the city aed county <f Hew York cordially and heard1 v approve of ibe course pursued by 'liedsmoora'ia members of '.tie Con vent'on frt m tnls (State, ti the entire action of said Convention, including the platform adootsd and the Candida es nominated. Kewtaved. Ihat we hall wish plesrure the ro*o|nr.Hi>j> of James orTenmiylvatila. and John0. Kreckewrtdge, ofKvntsckjr. as the sancldates for Trodden*, and Vice Preal dent of the Trl'id States-, and we hereby picture omwohres, one to >be other, to use as one effort*, individually and Collec tively to tenure tbetr triumphant election. bosolvrd, 1 hat feeling the necessity for union and tarmeny In the ranks of tbe centorratio party, we here In general com mlttes, plrdge ourveives ?j*aof hi unison with all uuodwrr.o rrata who will In good faith support the platform ot the party as It now mar da, and tbe t osamees of said Got van tea, ana to Lund in hand with them for tbeanoeess ot llio tleket* ttoml sated heto'vvd, Tha' we aporcve of oa'Iirg, through-lha Uemo crat'c General Committee, o3 Stniveoant institute, n.wt the Cotrw It tee < 1 Tsmmany Bail, a grand rattflaation ?meeting, to be held In the Turk on Wednetdav. at Co'c 00k P * . to radfy ?s'd nt mlDaUons, and to ceweot the bonds ot good 'fellowsclo, wirteh should from henceforth anlat: and we are reads toutrite In anv jn?t and fair ac' on tvafch will ten d to secure union ard hatmcny In our ranks aid vVrery to our party. Instructions were then 30.7-0 to the c >mmitteo?n the latiQeation mtetig as to-whom they shouu-urge noon tbe tiof's for officers of tbe meeting. The members were called by wards, and each-ward ntmed lta tnt-.a f >r Frest dont. The names cf'JktnM Tv Brady and For ace F. Ciark received the highest number of Votes, one mem ber named Fernando Wood and was told thai he n?'ght with* tbe same propriety name Joe Hcxte. Mr.- Ha t offbred a resolution for the appointment of c.>comn?it'.ee ot 9vs to oocfvr wi'.u Tammany IU11 and auiortsia the Dtoeitrabl i y of ffleeting a -nni ed o-g*n s-Uijn ot ths fwto r mmitcfe?. Toe resolufinn appeared tcmeof with fs-.vsr, bat was laid over until tire next regular moelicg of ths oonrmittee. The commi tee on resolu.Ioos submitted tLa foUo-wiug, which was adopted:? Hrrolred, That we have heanl with profound rerret of ths f oai'e-of beoiy M. Dowt ts our cilleague troxtshe Vourth ward 10 this ccmctlUee; that we cherish hie memory as at tin devtailng and lalihfal dt-mi-crai, and In all the rela ittns.ef life an nprlgn*. sid honorable msn and that we oiler mt huveaved Isicti) cur slnnereit sympathy and condolence. The commlt'ee then adjourned. eOFr SHELL GLIKKAL COMMITTER-'. This bif y held an Informal me?t<ng Isst night at Tarn many Hail. It was thinly- aUcndel. and the only buei near IrentacteJ was some details respeoliug the grand mass ratification meeting la-the I'ark. YOUNG UBNlS DEMOCRATIC UN ?N CLV.B. Th's association met last night in ths Mercer House, Spencer H. Cone In the chair. There was a large at tendance, as ths object was understood to be tbe getting up tbe needful preparations for the Itrand rakificstion mreUng to be fceld in the Bark on Wednesday evening next, Notntrg.of specie! importance waa done, with the vzceplion that they c-stne 10 the conclusion of assembling in a body on the nonclUBlcn.Cl the tnaet meeting, and in company with other doaocratio clubs call up> n the dut tirguiaoed democrats ia town and gi(ea them .t serenade. T. A. Glover is to ait ne grand marshal on that occasion. Afttr ooUfcling a considerable sum of rry/ney, nine sb?ers were given for the caudidetae, and lite club ad journed. YG9NQ MEN"? DEMOCRAT * ASSOCIATION. A meo'lng cf the "Joung Men's democratic Association was hell last even'rg. at titui-wsant Institute, Broa t way, to" reeoond to the rresiilsnii il nomination The TmtJoet. Byron V. Daniels, Col. Gillts and Mtjor Wortb addressed the mse'Jng, and a sestet of a [.propriabe reso lutionj were adoptad. Another Alleged f'l?v?r Captured. Iiascicrilanoe wt h directloaa from United state ?Mar shai Hltlyer, .y-wterdny, Deputy Mar hah N'eviso, I>? AngeliH and He! as, ? scorn pamied by * detach me at d man fri m the ipyenne cutter Washington, proceeded down the bay in the atPamboat Coly Son, a *1 capture "?i'ae brig thrower, susypoted of being bound to the coastiif Africa for the putpoae of engage in. the slay# trade. Upon examination, tho tshkbUs cargo wai found to oon eiet prlncii ally of water, together aith abuc Vtnt supplies ? such provisions as are usually found on board of sharers, and timber Wt the construction of a stare deck. ? ' comaany consisted of a captain, two crtes and thir teen mm. a supercargo and two other persons. Taeir R nee are as lollor*A. Delaao, Jr., captain; Michael J. Q /land, first met'*; Wihiam Pent, sec-sod mate: Josefa Pedro Ha Cuslia, supercargo-, I'iacsdo *)9 Castro and An tor lo 3snrj(juo, passergers- Tbomaa ! 4ira, J oaeph Mary, Thomas John, John- Hueou, Cecil Aciolne, I.ouii H-owa, .John Williams, John fedsio, Antor./o KaiHnuel, A'irella I'into, liacois Motrin, Atigelo Mali OJht an I Kraak i-'rey, it?:*ieo. Man>of these ruames ore, *?> doubt, fie iiloa^. Ihe U emer was cleared at tin ^uitom Hoaei in tola city, on Saturday last, lo: St. T-umaa, ty H. Da Csstv Intnswer to inquiries ol the officers as ux'.ne deitiaat-gn 01 the v?s-?i. the captain and n vp*i carp... guv# very con ttacisuty and unsaii?t?i-,lory '.apjiee?-jus aeyi-jg that id i- was bo.tnd for St. lhomes and a i Market, ahtio the ctni-r s'atad she world proceed to St. iconics and thpuoe to China the |iHrt?njar b-.t-ioess o? iSi Cos'a an1! lleu ryijuo c<?ld not bs ascertaind, and neither of the crew C uid o" won d iropart, any, ioicrmatton coneenvug the oijeciatfthe v-^sgp ttaat'wasc n tdered riyieble. there wu- nu rot it.leei on boar t, ami ueveral oth ?; prpert in citp'tsabie to Iha bote*'.! n ad* i cere not produtui wl citp'isAbie to laa note*'.! n ad* i cere not producal whan caned ror. AJttr leiaisg and ittcrehing the vase*', she wa.1 taken u> tow and bruaght up lo the \i ?n if. dock, Brooklyn, n.aere she tow lies i<edei ttvsguns ot the rtrosue cu-ie# Washirgtvo, Captain Faunae. The is a jrol raasel, of hatweert une hunted, and eight) ami two hundred tens, *nd vgiot recently yj. ciiatettln this ni'j lot ih* sum of nine thousand dolors, by of the yariies abore. ?i ,$ atlsgqii., Cat t. Delano is an Aopnoau, and la said to b.< a ton of th* United Slate.i Natal Cona'rue tor tu that napWi huh in toe troth of this we so net sou.tb.. Th.i lirss ma' e i.s au hist ova* ana the sec-mi mala is en Italian. few jrfw ncUjacei mm ol v?iious net! usalitle-i. Contention ot- Ha-hkrs in Cino^;nati. ?Tlw N?tt< net Coevenitce o? I letter*, met in V* Me Jewniu.V Itetvlttl* ot tfcla ??ty jeaterdej, la ncc>ro*uce (jnh th? tc collision ruopteu in the CJETUfllloo in PhfieJelphU Juoe, 1W4. Mr. Welker of New York, oellad the O.jii vtnt'oa to or-ler, *?<J the toll awing s*ntiei?-,nw?rweH,wieii itn<ei?, Ji? TJ' -ept' 8. WV'Aema of PhUedelphle, Wi; fwt _ uf Or#denti*>? ^ei eppoiuteJ, *<?t uomniltUe of el* fretn the or Olii >, Kentucky, Huwtsau New T.etfer, Ptnceylvenle end New York, to noml note p?rr ,nent rflleer*. The t en rwnMon tb?n wdjouroej to n *??, ,ljl? in ?.?ring *? fiolAemtth'e Uhtel, et 0 o'c!>bk. ? C,v . r.ra't f, N'fy 8 m<eirf, )in (tie. to-epr. s. w\.unj* ol PliHedelphi*, l'?e l'.ilwln WaoO'j.en of leston. Vlcj lTee'denf Willhm U. WeVtr of New York, tWeUry; .Hun* twddi# tf New Yoi k, PenjcRtrtet-Atwi". A Committee MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Board of Aldermen. M ISCSLLANE0U8 MATT KB--* A petition w?? received from theAmeilsaa lactltaie for the use of Hamilton square, in which to hoid their eettle ehow, la October next; adopted. The petition of the Hamburg end American 1'acket Ooapsny for the of elusive use of pier 21 m referred. Aldermen Tucker offer ed a resolution to the (fleet that the subjeet of depoei'ing ti'e city futds be leferred to the Committee rn Finance anil that they report whether it ie nejecary or not to take action in irUthn to the sarse; and if so. thi*. they repot t the tank or bsnin where each deposits eaail ho made: adopted. That joint comuittsas oa acjoint* make tfe umai loT.ititatloa of account. in tire vtriou* departrnvVatr, as provided in the ordiarvnees, adopted. r *KK A*? ( ARTMKV. Aldermair Jfmcghen pir rented a petition, si/nod by csrtmen en.' others, eimp'oiniog of the present ordi nate# relating*to the ?'rartaaod cert men ' being ilaE'rieni in rtgsrd to ib* Might of iron 'o go to wload? tans fre quently causing iiopntee. Keferrod. wok** llni-TBD. Concnrrirg to txnend the e*cioaoee to pef"? st-ee With De'glan' pavcawot, by nvovrcug that it be done ie accordance with cettein sfiecAJflaxiOas. To pay the claim oi'Ctarbs Vanierv ort. $6b'J, br eeiftera as Inspector in the erection of l'ublir?*ii!( In.",* To remove the shade on the easterly aide of 'V.htrln* market. To repair N'en atrcrt from fVall ?iiet* to kxehsCT* place. An effort waa made t> bring' WptheOityHal mittor, lent it was .defeated, and the Hoard eoon atier assumed to TuetAay evening, at 5 Veloeu. Ban id oi'1etui'.ll?ni. TiiO sisflli fusion of tits "ward, for >tn?.' Hi- held at tlrb tVunc.l rcoin, City Hall yesterday aftarswa i'rset dedt Pinckc*7lS the chair. Several *btions end re mc .-I3t?&nee.i iciet'eg to the open log of rtreats vera pre - ffntsfl and icTorred. A resolution was adopted granting the na? of Hamifion iquare t? the American Institute, lor h Attic g a eattlafalr in Oetohrf text. Tbrr^ort of the committee o~ The Boar f >f Alaerme? in favfJh of leVhKtnr Hamilton square, and Vpprrprieting ' t'J.OOO therefor, waa ooneurrsd In. The Af}?ort ofihb special c?r=t?ittee on the Worth monomt, in tavbr cFidTDrtisln?"?l>rpropjsiAr for boild ii g R.vid bM human?, wan adopted. A cunwnaioaticn was received frv? the Cnmp'roUar, (in snSVCTto a reeohrtton of Inqul.h from tb:h Board,) mating that ttre Fina of ftJ.r.00 had 1 caw paid to ex Alder man Hair t on the crntract entered .rdn totweea him and the Mayor for remr vi^y tire snow and toetrom EVaalway ?that the-same (won paid under ar protem ,V-?m tae ConrnrfsihJ-*ar ot Streets ivod lamps, i.'lW qaee'Joatd the legality <4 Ihi contract. Ibe Boa 4 then we.t Into camm.ttbrr of the- whole, CMiroilmjti Mwnn in the chair, and too tip the r-pgular onlrndsr. Wler some time spent thercisg, the cacanitcea ;oee and th< eCbar.1 adjourned. letting c H!m Centrnt Parle Ct-wMkUatto'aeM* The Comm hriooera of thr Central Pari-, with several members of hS-Cainultinc Hoard, bald r.nctoher meotlag yesterday aft vnoofi at their roome, oorncr-of Broadway and. Chambe t street. Tho object of the tweeting waa understood to Vs-tho in?pec?'on of such vlhus as might ha awbtottUd ?t?4he Commissioners for l-.plag out tha propeted park hut an-the mewltog was pihrafe, our rs repo.ter is unal to to state what occurred. About half pa. honu o'clock tho Mayor entered, and waa follovred soon by Wsshtopten Irviog, t^eorge Bid. croft, tnd ore or '.?? others of ihe OoMnltUgsIlbird, all ot whom retired to a pri-mte room and cKied the daor. While our reporter WEWwittiDg/ot a tsble in thr-adjoining room, willing a tmdtog to hie report, and* wondering what cmM be the ot ie?t of so m-acti secrecy on ihe pan of tha CCmoisaione-a, with regard to a great publio im provement, in whicVail tho citiisns ot Naw York arw intererested, he rves approached by Mr. Towle, the alert of the OimmOstoncro, when the lollowing conversation ensued ? Mr. Towik?The Mayor doslrea me to aay that the meetings ot the Connaiai-l aers, at-present, are- strictly privaie, ard he does Lot wish them rep irted. Fntrtras?Yds, I not .ceu that no facilities wore afforded reoortern it was 'he s>-ne at the uaeeting tha otter day. I don't see why thete should be so muon sec oaynbont the matt?-. Mr. TU'ViB-k-Well, I den't e;thor-, but these are-merety neeiioge for consultation. The last is, the uwmmia > loners baTdly kiow jet-what they are about. Wham tbey get fairly to work they will be willing to hare tbotr procsrdlcw*. re ported. Kupoimk?Veiy well; I am glad 1 hare got held of one fact, and teat I suppose I am to uoderatand it ?/ aovho rlty: The Mayor uob't vrb-h to have any rep mere here, that is tha amount tf h. Tho Mayor told you t? .lay that, c id ha noir Mr. t^vus-Wrtl, rot t iittlj- ha Rspo-mr (interrupting W-Aa, but I knew Us did, tor I beard him tell you so ?rsen je llrst cave in Mr. Tawik-aWeiJ, you-can meiely state that Ilie aaeet ? ing was private. ltKeoscahv. Kxsctlv ; I shall state just what oc-arrod. Ocr r? porter bsiore be left obtained a rJew of a fair Ot the most prominent features r.f a plaa (.{Tired by Mr. Samuel J., (iustiu and kin J. ;H.. Baamaun, lau-i .oope gar deners. In tho e'ut-hern part, It is piopond to locata the bo tanical a>d zoological *iens, being of convaaieot oa e<rs to-those who may wMh to report there tor pleasuro or emissemeut. Nenh of these st'.-nti'ir gardeos is o large oval shaped paraJeground, surrounded by sersrol shaded arenoes. Farttwr onto tha nenh, and on tho most alevated part of the ground, ts a site for a mcaa ment. The proposed new renevr ir is formed in too shapx 7 a natural lab ay in whieh thera ore ssveaol pratlg little lalanr s. lnJoad, tba whole I ark is a nuoeesalon of beautiful piecss cf landsaapa uwnery. Oraasy lawns, playgrounds for chl'dren; groups, bolts and siog'e trees; fountains. Itkas, wa'etlills, groeatully cut yn< carriaj o roads and was for pedesirians, all arranged so as to harmonise, but not to iuteiirto. with each other. If thla plaa ahoa'dbe carried out New .YeiU would have lh? 11 neat I ark in tha world, acd.all that hsc citizens could J eel re. Tbwo wonld not iratotiaUy change the natural features ci 'the ground, and would not be very expensive. itriepUea of Billiard Flilr?T*? The joint committees of the Aldermen and'Council men hanitg In arrangements for tha - reeep ion of HrJiard Filirnora mat yesterday, at 3 O'clock P. M.; pie sent a full attendance ct tho com-dbtee*. There was a slight re rkrel of the dispute as to t! 'oohairmaaship of the comaiHeo. which occupied the entire tims of tha oonmlttaaa at iltelr last aa>slon. ? Ono or two of the t ObnaottoM showed a urspcaltlon to enforao tha election of cue frc j> tboir comrrH'ie as chairman^ as suggested at the lau nrootirg. I bo- adrlqe of more cods , rrata numbers of ibe ccmmi'tses counsel:>3 harmony, In oonslderslion of the ohjso* for whlo'..>th?y were aalo gated, at length prevailed orw tactiovg deling, and Al Aairuts was made parmanect ohairman. Thta setthd, tha-reports of cc eorittee* appointed at previous meMingf, wore ctiled for. Tha roBHi jtlee on the Selectlm tb a Hotel roportsd bavirg made selsction of-the St. NW+'JU Hrtcl. eud on gtkod ihrea rooms at ridyer day. The Uuiuiralttee on Ohtaialpg a ?:jhmboat to owe*, the ex-l'r?.iider?t at tttaten Jnond repc-.-vw- having oundi toa ai v ncgrUwted for ha steam boa'. Troy, for tha aum of t'ii0. fhuy did cot Ceoide ncaltlxaly as to snpyglng the sles ohi at nntil po- iUsa. inntmathn, cculd b? tecaivad whether Mr. Fillmore would arr', 4 b-< the Atlantic, or in the *.|*go, of the Cawre lice. Tha <ioa.mi'.tee on Mneie and l'irlvg Salutes were una ble, to repor*. TLurvportsgi\ ihecJK witUeswa^a scopui d, when an sojournmor.t took placets Wednesday, afi?s a vote to is^dve the Major then lo be present ta gl ,+ih'n views a proper nsuaicipal reoaption of the rXiHrealdent. Ittttcnliiff 4 Bxtentloa of L*-||fni Street. TWO I'KOJKC;* FOB THK RvTKNSION- ?NK TO OOM >w;t wit* fifth ysxiK, thi^oiuku wpa SIXTH A' ttSJJJ!. The Ccmr.Mltae on SutAiA, of lb* of CounctlnM, Mr. Van Rigor, Chair mux, we', yes i.vlay, At 4 P. M., la the Chamber of, the "^erd to hear vgumenta of par ties iclB'ive tj the ur.tMu'on of Aixlh avenue mod wideilr^oi Laurens treet. TMre **a Urge at'oniance vf pait'.w Irtexejtei In the Hubjscr^udsr consideration. Teo i H* of petition* -were before, the s)nim:VM. One aiked '?i?<?wideninr.;<j* 1-auren* stwot through Sve feet on the **'*); tide, x.?i,?a?al *tej?t to Amity sio#t, and exte'ijuon through to Fourth *rript, and these* by a oar tisuaaay cf tor'/ itet wtde thwiugh Wanhljgtoa equate to fABuret willy fifth avenue. 1'be other petl i n a?ked t'.w <. xtensicn of Sixth avenue from Its pi.u*n* terminus at Wartnlce wreet. across ?o the corner cf nrojm* and './Wt.rees streets, and to wldoq the 'atter.-atreet'loriy ;?et tr<i?n BroowsitrteltoCataVfUiset. the ; cautionersIn h<ul? jsmk agrttl in the junction "t lAureuvstreet v, dh West flrted'vey, and the proposition to exto.?J Codoge p'nieto lhe Battery, aid thus nalt I oomouous and brral tVoror t' Ihte from the Uw'ery, qi**ide of B^oadera*, up ton a Toe point of iiffererre ?*? only M to the conuMVIon with Fifth or Sixth Hiett*. My. Tiikopckk Rovuvf* first a;y>*ired befone tha com n-itr?e in oppceiiftn lo the pri jysRf.n to sxiend dix'fi ?,T?oi'e t3 'uterpict mith Lauren.; at Broerje sires'.. fie tvrjed that the peiBioems f r-thly mpaiuro wire out owners of jroperty direo ly v? o ej bp. the extension r-cpotad. The peM'l ners wrje those resident In mx"} | .'venue, who ox;co'?d thua tc, enhance,the value ci lliAr [ property, ?f cf parti*) in Fit'Uy?veu ie, who wore . nutciih that aiynue shonli remain ?* It was. Alt pat I ties vhire properly was directly afT/eted, te clftla a\ a. o oppo'eo ro 'be mei i*r?. Th'atntinaion and wYioc lr g r t 1-autsn* s'rret to h'nshinc^Vao --q'la-oVae c urilusnsd a veiy disable public improvtrjeut, oau Csl'ed atte^ tico io the fact mat such Btfeniog, in order to fjrrn ? (oatttxious flute*. v.l'h tV'ia* llt'ieltay, w?a cqi^eqg* plat?<l In the * den'ug of West firoaJsajt. a? ppopc^ tv ownita on f.anicai stt'at, were laiga'y a*?e/?ed,iatiB wldcnirg ct Wee'. Broait.way. Mr. Wm, Ci ma< Nir;ia B?xt e.ogeartd k?f>ra the ni> tilt**, fie said he repreiervid the owctraot tMr'" reven lots wli'ch would be out by the extension of Six u i vsLue to the juivtion of uiarens and Ptroorae atrs.t-. Those lots wcvld be all badly cut. The road its' rieianted as obJcetiODable, from having three x'fneg' "t (t, a piopoaadto he extended. II* urged that u w >i 1 he no tel'el to Ilroaaway. m it was <*iu*eoipWt-u a charge the prereut rou'e of the Flxth ax:nu? oarg. The eooiiLittee ai j iuruail to meet on Mnqigv ppg.. b u (i|{the> ? g i- *iitg u^ou Uhd *k