Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1856 Page 1
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E NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7229. MORNING EDITION?SATU1DAX, JUNE 14, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. 4 1 ARRIVAL OF THE GEORGE LAW. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. $1,951,721 in Treasure. THE VMLltfCE COMMITTEE REVIVED. Particulars of the Assassination of Mr, James King. Ao.j to,, Ac. Tire etvamsr Geerge I,aw, Lieut. L. Herndac, y. 8. X , commaictr, with the malia, pat.engers and trvasurs brought dova by tho steamer John L. Stephens, ap-lrel last vvswirg. She salted from Aspuwall June 4, V P. M Kxferienesd strong winds, with heavy hoad sea, to the Cenileaneta; from Cape Maizo, light breeze and plea eaut weather. Sloop of-war St. Mark's was e'lU remaining la the Bar Of Panama. The outward bound pasFergen per George Law left PsEanii, per Golden Gate, 011 the night of the 01st ntt. Railroad Is ia good oondiiion, and the health of the IiUutwr-wea never better. H. B. M. a.Miner Hv ruies was lying at Aspinwall when the Geoige I,ew sailed. Tbe felloe Ing is the specie list cf the George Law: ?wjk; ?5'??0 Metropolian Bank.f j0*> 500 5*?'' ?! America... 10,0 >0 Morgan & C> 78 784 n^Sk? r d" 2,tWl Mechanics' Bank... 1200 r 3000 a- kCi .. 2 050 Cary A Co. 20,000 Xewhouso, SpazAl'j 20 000 Colemtn & Co 10 000 Order , 76 470 j!f* & Co........ 300 000 James Patrick 100 010 Ilunean, S, A Co...120,176 Rich A Bro 6 400 Knuttic S: Bro 3.080 Henry S.ryhlig .. "'500 (JoHsm'tl^P?i"' 1" o2-800 Q* W Scheakburg.! 19 500 Goldsmith & Jacobs 20.000 H kolte A- dro*...... 13 234 ?? 128 900 Stria A Cr......::; 10,080 2lf',2,n 2>515 Stone, 3ilsbeeA Co. 14 000 2^? ^ i 4,000 Stxaee, Br s. & 3o.. 10 058 Ven6H IT i'n" J2000 SaiigmanACo 21000 ten Hoffman A Co.. 11,800 lVeidwell A Co 15 ooo Hamburger A Etc., IK.700 Tilton A MoKarlant. s'ooo P'nwiU i9o 115 ltner &l eig?nhau ? 40 000 Jacobs A C, 18 0C0 .1 B.Wler... 10 7C0 ^g?Q? Jv?ily A: Co.. 50.n0i) W(l?j Ac C') li ^60 7.401 From ban I ranciaco $1 942 508 nm,. . ^ FR0M -isr,.N\rALL. ' Williams A Potter ?i soa ?????????? 3 *rti: !:3 Kneel A Brow .m..I.;!i.;;!266 9,165 Tot,i The Pacific Mail Steamship Company's steamer John StepiQaifl daliod from Sail Francisco at 8 P. II., 21st ultimo, wi h the United States mails, passergem, "and $2,08G,1C8 I# in treasure, of which $342 641 67 was des tined for Kugland, and the balanee fcr the Atlantic States; arrived at Acapulco on the 29th nit, at 2 A. if., and snthd same day, at 8:30 A. It. for Panama; arrived at that port at 1:50 A.M., 4ih iast. Mr. E. VT. Hull, purser of the George Law, has oar thanks for fayovs. We are indebted to the California expresses of Freeman & Co., Wells, Fargo A Co., G. H. Wines A Co., and the Pacific Express Company, far the early delivery of files of California paper*, and also to the San Franclseo news depot cf J. w . Sullivan. Immediately afler the departure of the last steamer, efrorte w re made in many parts of the S'ate to organize volunteer companies to go down to Panama, to protect passenger* on the Isthmus, and if necessary to chastise 'he native, of Giarada for the late rlanghter cf Ameri cans. Public meetings we.-e held on the Plaza tu Saa IranciJco. aid many patriotic speeches were male, aad persons enough appeared ready to go on the expefi.ion, but it was finally jtb,.ogfet advisable fie poetpun. any ae Hon until the arrival of the xixt steamer. A ravler cho'y accL'ont ociurre 1 on the 5th May, at the May festival of the Turevcreln Sooloty, by the premature discbarge cf a cannon, wi'h which two men were firing a salute. Both were horribly routlla'ed about tbea-ms, and one of them, ('barlie B. Dugget, died oa the follow' tag day from tie Injuries received. The o:k?r, B. 8. Tabor, a German, had bo h hands amputated near the elbew, and wa> doirg well. TheAawiiliiitlon or .Jntnes King.of William (From the dan Frauchoo Alia, May 15 | 8wi I'riDclaco was throvrn into a tremdtidoui excite ment yttr arc a j afternoon, bjr an Attempt to Msa-uilnAt# James kteg of Wllllsm, editor of the Kreniw/ Bulletin by James P Casey, editor of the Sun'lay Timet. It appears that a eotnmunicxtlon appeared in the Sun <tay rim/? on Sunday Hit, over an anonymous signature which reflected upon the character of Mr. King an 1 his brother who u an attaih,- la the Custom tfouie. It charged upon James King -hat he had avoided to ceiSure Mr. Col.eetor Latham for his ollicic.1 conduct, In ouse ('uenee tT his brother being an appointee ol that olli:er, w hlr ft* the puti ion of Lnlted B.atei Marshal, to till the vycausy oiaafioaed by tlM death ot General Rlcliardson, end his failure to ob tain It was the reason Mr. King had a > violently oppose 1 the appemtmant of MiDufiie. The subetance of this oommumratijn was denied by Mi. King and his frdmds, but nothlcgeonceimrg tho matter wsh published until the followitg, which appended in yesterday's Bulletin. Vi?"i.?' m,"c'1 >ted br "A Pwifier," h. Sis com Friday last, as o^sti oaable appointment! oi House, w.s that or sir. Itagley, who has since called on tu, and by whose re iui? we have mide more oartt SI*-.1 'If ^ m,A* a?:"?t "m c/tlon. day we told Mr. Bagloy ila' v e soulj not feel ju itiflsd la with drawlrg the general charge a/atnit hltn, lor though In the particular eaves met timed we h.?l not bwo sotisfill ii,?, h? ??!nstPhim *T? ihfl w' Lu2.'tn?-'tl1 c|^raater we heard wai w#5? LSuiiuJ^ IrYu1 ,U7*ed th4t our tnfsrmao's ? tft8ni.?i ot bin, wh 03. i > cda seiHti b1 thft urrtri <? ttue, though iher are not the pir.on. hr.Tpnoses a'ou last hitsrvisw with Mr. u. we to:d h'm Uiit If id c mid tirinr P*r,ons. known lo us who would vourli <>r . Im, and explain away what has been told us ws would 'eke ?JfSS1 ? '? dhJioiI ?? much In oor piper. Several su-h have 6uLwh;l'1 are uoactmoas ta .Miag th * Kag ev ttoaves bunte l very well ^.t Dresent let when we esk them for Instance, abiut the fi/bi wl<h oi?sv'th?rn^ sot explain rraiisiac torilv. Our imp-esilon at me'tlms wis ma In the Cawv flght Bagley was tte sggresw.r. it cos*not bicl &min (Jiwy h&l b^cn. no,* hiw miph 'ipty<ari? ;t might be tv the puhlli tohive him ruf Sf tSe w?y we cm fB?,2*?1cillz*1 |JM ri*hl w kill him, or ere! 5e!t ?v ?'U' urovjcaUoa. Www ^ld b*J.nlQ S'Sx Hug orlsmtn v ' 1,0 oleoie egal'iet tbe laws of tb's atate- nor Is "? b'4 ^v,n? ?lnled himself thrjo/b the bsl.ot'liox as 1?^ k Iho B'ard o. 8u erviso s from a district whei s it Is saldke wai noteveujaoanlldkis aov juatmlilion for Mr Big ?r C airy, ho never r L-hl? tho View i^"d0.sriVoV??ehiI si^retclieafor such traudon the people Ta-oe * eaiti gainst'he publ'cgrod colagainf Mr. Heg!.yl0pir*u!s! a!d however ntuch we may dstnt Carey's tormer saarae'er or h? o>nvlnced < r the sha'lowneei o. UU rromieed i erol!j*1'on wS 2uDU,eJMdr^V^',oTTr.':0n by Mf WW rwrtWDj of thi80 w t?m. Thli ciiie of Bturfei 'a hs* oausedtu touch aexlely, and we ttomd have been nleased to f^e8r,1I1,,lr ^ Mrrt from tbe Hit allude 1 to, j!j,V caanot eoeaeientlonsly do mo-e than expteia our gratl ^*1?? *' 'he assuraniee wc go', of bis present coodiic , In ? F, Juk \ h? w1" perrevere Aa to the Oasey tighi we !W;m.*rt\'7,t",y'"sh,e ???*'*?? f>at awa7. n wo ** tor thjt purpom!J *** v* ure of ?'lr c1l'im ' TBE AWSfLT. WMhirltL0.!,1!0^ th?* p*rti" l>1*' earner ot Waehlrgton and Montgomery etrests, anl Casey drev a tZ IZln M?,0t 2,r' K,n?,rbro^h <>? 1*'' kresst near King excleime', "I am shot!" and ran into the Pacific hxoress effiee, snnportvd by som? friends wha apptoaobod b?m. In tfce twlntffng of at ete Mr. 9".^ **" ru? ?o fke SUatloa house and locked np. W* Wi,j"f JMt ?<Woan ; a } h TffS"" tbe k17 ImmsdU-ely fiUtd wi h erics ol "Hang him, hang him," < vVne-e ii kef -'Where la het" "Hon htm up to a lamp p eC' tn tote than three mlnut-s, thy street abou toe earner kbtve mentioned was densely packed wst.h human bs legs, who were In a wild state of excitement, luucing In evvry direetlao, inquiring the cause of the assault the oondiiion of the wounded mao, and the loeatian of ths pt liontr. EXCITE HKNT AT THE STATION HOUSE It eoon became known by 'be waewe that Oi?ey wae la tlia elation bouse, and a ru?b waft made by the cnwl towards the City Hall, wl h cnei of "liana the son of a %? hi" "Take him ont!" "He will get clear if the ofll cere heep bint!'' Tbe erewd separated. about one-half going up Merchant street, and the ot her half up Waih ington, to tbe etatlon bouee. which they f >und strongly guarded and barrioaded by efbnere, and the on'side iron doom were firmly oloeed, leadi g to the ha'l i of the bail 1 icg. kit if cepuleed by the r.flieeri at ttia polat, and in the abaf-new o; an organization, and afier at'erlug carse! end impriea'tone upon the oitieera for protee.log tbe prlsoi 0', tbe crowd egaln dispersed, and repaired to the corner where the firlDg ??cearred, to learu more ot tbe parlicu'*r?, and to oouniel with othere who were aaiea nltng The Tarloue efreate all about the ratal eorner were row completely filled by peraoaw, all of whrni arret!d to Imbibe the excitement elmoat to fceoz?. Crowd* of -inxlous ftierds were seeking admission to the I'ttaMc tixpttea cffiee, to learn the extent of the lejariea of Mr. Klrg, whi:e shouts of "I-et ns rrganlze an 1 bang html" "Hatg ?11 t>*e gamb'tre!" filled tbe air. BfMOVil or CABET TO THE COUNTY J Alt. The rfiirets feeling that greater rafety might be oh. telned ortr tbe perecn oi tbe prisoner in tbe county jail uudittook hie remcwal. Dating the return ol tbe crowd to tbe corner of Montgomery and Waehlogton afreet*, several attempt* wera made to gat bio oat by the Sheriffs end poiiae ofitoere. but there appeared to ho too many people about, and their plane were frn< tm'ed. A'ter a little manaeaertng. a myeterioui ga;. ridgeni ob-ttvEd to t?e ^landing in Washington streit, ?t Bunbat al'ey, that leads IntJ the rear p irtioo of th? City Hail and a ?t!on home. Tte prir aer soon cams out. aupparifd by Marshal North oa one aide, and Caarie.t I\ Lust a upon tlie other, and a large p-nue of Deputy >le; ff? sad policemen la attecdanM. Toe carriage w\d driven up to Kearny street by lh? authority of ta# ofH ctrs, and tus pilscner am the a tendant* followed. S to a as tho crowd beicw raw this movement, acother rash wu msde upV, a&lngtonav eet, with cries and yelis as be'or a Be'r g aoi'j pu sred by 'be tnrorg, ih) offiiur > deemed It prudeiito obi a the carriage, which wai stopped 11 Kearny Biiftt, and the prisoner, who held la each n?n?l a re vo rer, vaa thrust into it, with several officers, and was d;ivsu 7 h great Bpeed off tr the county jail en Brvei wsy, and the {cop e fell iwtig by every poasfb e aveaae that w( u'.d leaa in that direoUoa hlESK AT 1UE .'AIL. Bsvkg the sdvon'sge if the t'sui, th? ofiioers ware ahla to get the prisoner safely liaksd up bCnve any corslterab'e number octill reach tfce spit. Bat soin the inr.hitnde cjnre op, stieaticg through all th? thoitofch'aie* that lead to that section, and in last than tb."e n.iuuieo ihs broad even'. in frost ot tbs ja!i *?" ore solid mass of livlcg huna'ity. A large ocdy cf officers ttati ned tkamidlvo in front of thv >11 r poo the high biuff that rises abort the stree', art war00I the crowd not to app-oarh. Marshal North stood m the rea rs at the hiad of the stsps leidlrg up to the bluff, aad was support*)] on each ii.e by o, eircng fores of police officers and deputy t-l.eriffs. Many amot g the cora were loud in cillig ftr tunicary punishment, and exoretcela readlaws to Irsd Id an sssanlt upon the jail, and bring out the p- lacner. W hen these proposition-) w re nu'? they wars genara'ly rretlved with shouts of ' flood " "'fiat's it"' ? Heig kin," "Let us take the jilt," ' Arrest the officers." An. The excl'eoent seemed to every moment, and scarcely any one was observed that did not euier i xid the wvd en'tusisim that prevailed the masses, and sermed Ce'oim'utd u,.on revenue. SPEECH OF TJ103. KISO Whan the excitement was at its highest pitch, llr. The* Kfrg, brother of James King, appeared upjn the groucd and r ehired to mount the Muff where the officers wsre standing, to address tho er ?wd, but was prtvooted by the officer r; end at the suggestion of aome one of th >ss who desired to bear him, be went ao .oss the street, and got upon tie baieoay of a two story building and after quiet was restored, Mr. King said: ? Qeu Itmen and fellow ottirans?I have but llitle tossy about th'F msiier My oplnir n oi it is. that <t it a cool, uremedl'atel, su d cowarclv nurder. bytbehaud of a d ??d bing Slngcon v:ct. era by apian of theg*mve;s or wan Fraecuico 'ihts d has aroen out ot a vl'?* slander aud ln'smoua lie that va? pnbliiteo in 'he S inula// Than on "u-dsy last. I est el ut on Mr. La* sy reverat tlmnt toootsin tha nsiseof the au'ho-. but he bealied to me 30 mmy ilm<-a that 1 found it impoetiole to get any truth cut of btm and bs finally told me that he would wune tie responsibility, atd a'ited me whit f was soirx to do ntcut it. I to'd Mm that I would bare nothing to ( a man cf his chsrac er-, 'h-it I ex isoted toffulare sr? osib'e m?n *>f a< me giaulitg In the nommnni'v. Ue then eireed to pub'I b a card in the ITrntJ, r?'.rs:tln<r thn ttte mtut, br.t if t? he .led abcut. I met b' n two or th-e* times to day but to fid rot date to lay a worn to ms. but avoided me cn the etreet, evidently recline that he ''marred clusiiaejient. ila wtct It to ibe cflixe of my mother to day and was told logo away About sr> hour ugo I was Id nt o d ratcbes' plitol gal lery, srd ha ta d me (list m ? ero her waj 11 be shot. It be krew t, d<d co'. the gamllers know It and was It not a ore .n dita'fd pl?n, and that by the g?m'ileyi of the city f War did Ibe officers not know it and iMcrteret Osniletnen, we bare got to take that jail, and to da so wc must kill tinfeolliners, unless the* give way to us, and we mu i hang tbat fellow ua. (IrenrsmJcuscleeriEg by tbelliieners) At 'his s'aEf, officer Nugent came down from th? b'uff, artl started ihiougb tbe crowd towards waere Mr. King was start icg, as many though', to arrest him, and he whs prevented by a gathering aboat his person, so that he was c iupelled to re ire to hU stand again anil 1 tbe shouts enu blare* of those in the stree'. Marshal N orth gave orders to his men not to make any reply to what ever might be said by the crowd. Mr. King came down iu'o the street, and. after great persue.iin, entered a carriage piepared ty his friends, which was driven down town. ARRIVAL OF THE MILITARY. It was rumored that a la'ge force was orgtaizi'g aad aiiniog in the loser part of the ci y, to como up and make an iusault upon th6 J Jl, and piesent'y a row of bay on*'i were steu to Urn the corner of Dupentstrtet, end Mfpposikff them to be thoee of the allies, thepsople yelled and oheered In a tremerdors manner, but a* toey Ppptwdchi d. It feemad they wore a company of volunteer toMle.y, wi'h a few of our military la crlzo is' dress, and then the ctee.irg was turned iuto hisses and groaos. The company, which con stated of about tfl persons, under the cniwEsid of Lieu*. Beeae aid among wham we nruad Mesft.i. Kail McAllister, W. L. H'gaios, K. Tjoln, C P. Iicsne, J. E. N'uttn an, J. J. lloff and others, all of whin mctatrdtbe bu ff in front of the prism, aad some of them wect up to the root of the building, and all wsre drawn up in battle array. Tnis ntd act plea te the crowd, whv howled, groaned atd uttered many impteci'.iopt upon the head of those who would Interfere with the ad miclotraii'n ct justice to a cu'pilt The stiee s, as tar a* the eye <k?u11 reash, sceaed to be tilled with persons, eltba r lusbiug to tbe saens or harry ing away en r-oms ertsnd ronnestifl with tbe sffair. Every tuUding in the vioiol'y wis a'.ive with humanity, and the whole prtaen'ecl one of ths most thrilling and excit icg scrnrs we t avo evtr setn; txealiing anything wh'ch transplud a uriug the old VirIUdcs C'omtnUtee times. Occarirna'i.v some e?iiha#i??tfc person would be seen with h'? up ifled hands In ths crowd, earnestly txp'aic ing to those around him that now war the time for ?c tlcn, aud that he was ready to lead. Taese addre.'rea were foiirwtffby burrts if applause and loal cheering, ?cd evrry thing that would teul to k'udle or fan the flame of exotuinent. ABItlVAL OF THE MAYOR About he'fpert six o'o'ock, Hmor 3Iyyor V*n Nem appeared at Ins j ill, atd altar a little oneulta'.tou with the Sberifi end Marshal he supped forward La fro at of he jail ana removed hi* hat aa though he wonldad dre?s hi* constituents. After a long Urns quid was restored, srd be proceeded to eav:? Usatirweu?I desire tr sat to you that you are here crae'leg aii nciieo.ex.t wtu Ji may leal to erne occurrence* ibis night winch will lequ'te years io wlpeout Ton ere new Is ho. Tax tinder a greet excitement, and I advise you to quiet! rdlt perie.aud C can assure you tba'. the prison, r I* safe, and let the .'aw have i'? ccrse, ?cd justice will be done. (Msny voices ) " l ock 11 the sere o( poor Richardson " " How i* it In hi* naiet" "Where 1* Uora bos?" " town with ?ujh ju'tics." " Let ua hang him." The tumult was too much t? allow hie II ?aor to pro ceed, end he retired, leaving the m to rent their feeltDgi as brst soiled their tastes. ruteo.NS AttxmrEn. Two or three parsons who were the moat officious ia f xfl'lcg the people wtre mcured by the oAlters and tsken into the Jail?the very place where they were trying to gft, but they wane J more backers. Dili ser N'ig?nt, while attempting to arrest en* of these parties, bed hie ahull fractured by a brickbat that was throws by n( me party. MORF MHITABT. Afttr the >ap<e of a liaH hour another squad ct oit'zen soldier* came slorg with muske s; and as they were patelrg ihrotgh <he crowd some one threw a p'eoe of dirt as them, and the guard upon the Mart" aioacs It veiled thilr arms, but the office-s promptly checked thtm, and told thi-ia not to firs without the prjper orCen. Ittcrult' lent ecntiDuaily arriving and atatton irg themrelvei ail about tie buildirg, sijytt iv ntosT of moatgojikky iif.of k, From 7 until 8 o'clock Montg mery street, frctn Clay to Washington, waathemcst crowded ouillo thorough -.ere we h*v# rver wttr.evfeS. This was occasioned by addraaies in favor of taking sotr.e rnmnary steps to ponirb the assailant of Mr. King, and that, too. before morning. It was sstimatvd the-, '.here were not less than 10,COO persors with'u the spree above nsmai, and at thf utterance of resttmeuts that pleased them a most powerful rear cf shouts and huzzas wis given. Several speaktrs ipp>:a-ed upon th? balcony, and cn eourvged the prople by (laming aj peals to av*n?.e "lie b'ooiot their fellow wh i has f*l en. The question was finally pat to them as to whether they were ready or not, and one unanimous aye ascended from the vast throng. The speaker then proposed that all should re tire *Ld a.-m tbomselve', and ir.est on the Plazs at nine o'olcok. M1RIIAO OX TIIF. FLA7A. At the appointed bour, the I'laz* and the avenues about it pre eoteJ a thiilliog scete. Men of thought and ac riot?men of nerve and determination?men of families, and of caarac'er?had assent'oiid, and by their presents raid they were reedy for the emergency. There was, however, no oigan'za'lcn there, anil soon some of the military, who were out, earns alorg. and th* psople hlteed acd groaned at than), aod they all scattered oil" without any definite action?most ol' them In the direc ticn of the jail. Tns Fon<a- at the jut. The uailitai j and other ofiicats, bo-i "es a large vo'un tcer force, kept continually gttie ing at the jail until 10 o'cl ck, when about ACO m<n we:o in attendance, fully armed. The Fan Kranrl'C i Blues were the fi st company on the ground, aa a ccmpacy, but seve-al others ware called out, and ve actio.<i Major Rowell ia uniform, reedy to btlrg his force* to bear up a any parties who ehouid attempt to eater the jail. Several offioera of ibe city aid of the federal govjrntceot, and other Lllueutlal gentlemen, were ia couve.-ia ion at the Mey or's office until a late hour, and ail agreed that the most advisable step was to send up sullUieut military tires t > clear the nlitet in front of the gaol, and keep It so during the night. 1I1R MAXSKT. OF TUS A38AI T.T. Verlone aocrunts are given of the shooting, and it Is diffl suit to say how it was doce. Ttero trerereveral cur sons stand'ng about, among whom were ex-Mayor Webb ar.d Gen. Fs'etl. The most authentic account we can get stems to be that Casey raw Mr. King approaching, a*.d at a proper time be started suddenly at him, thre v hi* cloak from his shoulders, acd taklcg a pistol In bis hand deliberately fired at bis oppooeut. It Is said that M ?. Kirg drew a pistol as soon as he saw that he war to be attaoked, bat he did not have time to uie it, and it war taken from hie ta'nda by Wm. Neely Johnson, wbo aided b!m into the boure. There were about a dor,en talented physicians who stocd ever him, and did everything that science, skill and practice could suggest. Amorg those aotive in bis relief were Pre. Gray, Cole, Hauls, Nuttall and Ham mond. Death ol Mr. King. A WONDER MM. 8ENPATION IN TUB COMMUNITY?THE WHOLE CITY OKAYED IN MOtJBHINO. [I ram the Alta California. May 21 j. Yesterday was another eveatfni day ia Han Francisco, and one whose results have serried more real genuine soirew to every true heart in this city and /State than any occurrence ever known ia CaU'arala. We are In the aeidst cf thi tiling and startling evente. and have paesed a wetk marked with a teoord that standi alone and un aqual'ed in the great calendar or the world ot human anli*. We bad wltaeeead the bold attempt at eeaaasinetion in our orondid Itrfets?t? had *rt? U? lhlATl%t?t mast rorb wltdlr iftc the prisoner, with welMMttone^ol 'hang h'm" fillfrgthe air- we >'Sd witnessed the org?i?M-ton -f ?te VUM.nce Commlcl^ to midst with a Hit or ?.000 n.mee?we bad witneMca ttti fe.?Mobto array l? the rtreeU?f -SJl? _.nd we had will ed their ?uot?efa? e?<op?,?? cf resetting the pi boners, Casey and Cera, from tie jsii To iW.y laet, witsou? icrutance front the au boiltleK aH .. ,cet? swore nttec-ied with tne ^r Kia't altalie excitement; but never untitihe deatn or Mr. K ag waouoSneeo jeiwitof, etSkJ? mi ??n aaeh a power'ul and de ana trat.on of ntai true, heartfelt Borrow and mourning as was exhiDuea ? 0 "r people ween the newt of bti Ce ease was the oi?y and nev,r her. we beheld an thai .j completely ehcecsd the purlin nerves and cauaed e y ore v.0 atand aphett like that cf J*? er *?? rur ijtffr hoi 39 op mb kivo. Up to Snnfar tight, the 18th, he oo?<UttarfM? Kirg Oat euti.fectory to hie phrucbor. acd bopeg wees * ertkiieti tr 9UfTtwiag9 bu: during th# atg it u r n jiatr^ i of ki?l?ft shoulder aod the eta- of th- wound. Ef.i.ya*1. s.i,K&& ?!"??? Fhe woo", take op the arttry. If otoI.kU orout,an?try t . afftt-l relief to so critical a ooodiuoo. hp-rg. were removed, after a'mieUteringohloro'OMa, aod th> wound ex .wived. It we. founttha.thetarje n-'nv did Dot kUt wav. nit rendering it neeetsary to Lka lt uD and little or no blood floveJ. Tne w .uod ??\ dre"?ed a?ln. aul cn the patient', reeoveiog fitin th? ?flbcts ot tb* chloroform, be wn more ooo fwtable and easy, which eonditicn continue! ua * twl^L'tha ?Tf ll)W f?f the 19th) he became rontlese, tie night, ? ,t T"."mlniatra loa oi anodyne., and at dawn hated into a disturbed sleep, after pat Meg a alieplert In the night the pulse entir ely ceased in tits le!t arm, aud commenced to pro* le-b.e in the right. auac U4T womkjis> OP w? srrraMUi. At 6 o'clock this (Tne. lap morningft* ni*in rf tickce*. at the stomach, whicn uniavornute 1 mptom increaeed ag?1oft all ?*,rta to c?UoM. .nd > <??oon alter commence! to vomit. His stomach woaia t rptnin sr. yihTO!?, and he continued gsiting worse, the vtmitir g coiUnulng uuJl Ulf-pu; 1 o'clock, when * **KU?Wew-by WH ?H. throughout .n th... trjii* moments and wa? hoveling over Ulm whan Ub Tound.^mond, liray and Bardette, were in ornitaut attendance from daylight until hi. tost moment. TUB PUBLIC M2M> THE NORMefG. I From 8 until VI o'clock yesterday, it w*s gBBBWOlJ f-arad, firm au'.hentio repitU, that be w ?Pi>' diaiolntiou, and the public-at iaist thi.s wh.?, formes! (f the fact?were an'ieipatlng the rasult. however reirerded the report, of bi. gradual latlnre grcundlees, and continued to nope for a ^ da setter. These rumora, however, begkn to aaeame a de gree of truihfulnaia towards nooa toet gave just caua. tor a.ariu. efpkt op tub ?BW3. At about thirty minute, past one o click the dreaded axnornoemeat of h.s death was mide and th* n?w? went through the city Uke an electric ?bo jk. It pawwo t orn man m man, and .tre.t to .tre.t, until in k tow moment, it was known all over the ciy. The Bret im pi;lae of the maa-es was to rush towa.f" Vtl viTaa im Victlance Committee, on Sacramento e reet, a. an ion nrcs'ton see tree ti that they would at once pro cred to entente the prisoner Caacy, on the reception of 11 AcUcg"uponihii belief, an unusual c l'eetfl in the vicinity of tlie K'ieer, house-top and vacant apot, for Diock. Si sr ?2S .-it rrard keDt tt open* *"? ibat tho.s having tustaesc fc^he foani were ab e to reach then without pawing tl.rough a mas. >.f liring btiiga. gUULEMS OK MOIHMKO. ... _ Aim est as soon as the new. oi tne death of Mr. k-'D8 had tniead thioi gnoat the city emblem, of mouroieg li/imediibtelj i?ut on oy onr cltltons, aa<i tjuojeoa. >h? store, of merchan'.s, the t(H-dr t< tawyeia, OLd'other pieces ot oustne.s, we:e lnmedtaUiy the s'nalflcint gable emblems ware tvirywae b v.tolole, swsjasS P8a?Ee .t<res of Ue-ers. SmUey, Y"rks * C, K.wWl, ry & to , Slrowhrldge k Co., J^C. F.ldy k Wm. <;#^^n.%^^r.dtatg^ o'vered with bl.ok drapery, at,i ^"'fhoawnd JtS'who'^^lheie to drop a tear for th. her ti on Tins Immediately appeared in the .tree .h, el 01nth SfheVTrrtTngreg.tionel Cbu-oh. and .eve raT^ni the e J nc bels, mufl the Holetun kneh un.u a late buur In the afternoon, the uffjjiit {??'?J ^ p njed the colois at ha.f-ma?t, as wall is the nags o "^."1 uissrs? ^gajsnsa I'iLir'a sasMr i wew fiUed" "th Siemptoj^'Terscnrw^ were t^vr:pi "no't^-the ^wncMt ?o-katonce expresfed the f"^f'^t#?"?^Uani Tinly the people w-nt mourning about tha I,7nise rMtea upon the countenance, of a whole com munl'.y. Tn[w w T)|E W)DT A' about 8 o'clock, th. hedy of the deeeMel wa ex Sr? life. A continnal line of pvrsoo. was ttssr ?n-d wJ?SS.?r: H ^5^ tob-y aueet. or two blocks .long Montgomery .tree.. A poet mortrm??iSonwiu ho hsld upun th. hedy'thtomornf-g Ud lo aee the lemain. of the Ueoeaeed. inorrj: from apkoad. Our city ban been the centre of attraction for the peat week, and peop'e iron all parts of tbe S ate have been drawn hither by the ocourrencs of tho paet fee dajs, and at the present tine there are probably more people fr< m abroad In onr midst than was ever kno en here be fore at an) one tiire, and oar atreete are almost laipes ssbls on account of the throng that wa constantly raov i g about the city. Shonll tb'a ex i'ament be kept ue ranch longer, there Is no telling how we iha'.l pro ride for oar v'sitmg f.iecda. ARMY MOVBMKXTB. The armed forced appear to be cally augmenting, and by constant dilllltg are beooroieg familiar with the use of arms and the movements of a soldier. Every man of tbe 3,100 is on duty every day or n'gbt, and each leaves nil business or p'eamre when called upon by his eotn munder. From 300 to 400 are constantly in arme, and a thoussnd others ate at h .mi to fall in at a moment's warning. Ore of the most Important nils to this move ment Is tbe mounted company under oommand of Capt. Cary. Tbey reader very effective wervloe, and are tn important adjunct to tbe o immlttee. Their duties are mostly that ot transmitting orders, giving notlflaatlons, bearlrg despatches, and such other labrrs as maybe rc<] niled of them. They were yesterday employed to clear the ground end keep the street clear at the time of the rush down to the rooms, after the death of Mr. King. TRIAL OP imiWMKR*. It is pretty generally understood, from ootstde Intimi tibcs, that Cora was on trial reiter<lay btfore tie Execu tive Committee, but everything wes conducted so pri vately tbat nothing could be obtained cf a strictly reliab'e nature; but we feet pretty certain that we are not mistaken in our Impression of the pros?ed log i jei terfay. There appears to be considerable anxiety by many of the people to have the prisoners now in emfi ce ment punished for their crimes. Those wbi have the Immediate control of the matter, however, are better prepared to judge tn tha premises, and the citizens sfacnld fsel thet there will he no deity la ac.ion bey oral what is demanded hy the exlgenoies of the eaee. Tha peop'e have very properly repoeed great oonftdenooia this Committee, end there is no reason to btiieve tbat they have done so Improperly. tux febujio tg ran rrrnmioB. Soon after tbe death of Mr. King the news was tele grsjihcd to every part ol the State where thai wires ex tend, and the responses which oome back assure as that the entire State is in mourning. At Sacramento, MarysrlUe, Stockton, Nevada, San Jote and other pleees, the shopa end stxwea were all c.cisd and hung tn mourning, and all was as solemn aa tbe grave. Truly tbe State Is la deep mourning for tha less of cna ct her moat valuable son a. sriRlT OF Till! FjnXMXR. W1 en the solemn knell of death was sounded by thi deep tenet 9( the fkutfc V*? Uie 4W?wnt fii? MtrpaniM Icmervi their flags to ha.f ma*t, and diaasec their ncikfi and houses in deep ui ?r?fniog ttii* Vn s>euM of on? ci iz?n? thai alii not toy eild# ill rm- -i ir' ?V??? "??"'?* end idnjf'e with Ik* ejinpeti u'ag n-u'. liTVie over the loss et one so bimtiLJ; kanwu sue belo7ed. Our tireu,ea iviaeed ibet* Meject fur hi* tcemoTj wt'h ? co nmeudablr?plrit.

TKHt'TK of v? Hnrrmw. ?son after the n?e eae of Mr. kicg, ye?ter<.ay, the inwMri of Hown-d Erg'ne Company No. . , cei-eL' the fulfil g ioserip f?x, painted open ? i* go itzed oi?tv u hedUptayen tores* M#rche?i strati. et <iudiug worn Moetg. Brer. Blue* to <b? office o' the ??ftle Glee', -.he Gi o3 is deed.'' "Who r.J not noun?" "Howard;!." ThU wa< aieo ba-g with sppro'iriei* einoiemt or j mournu ?. at .1 * as an oijeetcf great aitraitloa thro Jjh- , out the sf.sincct and tveiicg. I r? aing'# FAMILT. Iir, KUglewve * very iau?.e'ii?.$ family a wi'e ani sixebiditr. ell ot shorn are ic*# than fmrtten years i,I ago, Mrs. Kttg bes breti by b'.a si*e almost constaatty ?<??* bo was lr jcied, and ?*# wi'h hiin at nnii?e. h. ohetarb ?n u,ipi csrthttgntat bat cava wit witinoor <ieary forUtod'i t>c? caiur i >wu last evening at tight o'clock to vie* tee co.-p-? egtic, aud ib? irordado leaamthat w. s pretaicg towards tb? room was itpprd tn thepoltor, -till -"be hpeo'. * f-v raomraU over the rerpeo, alter r.u oh the w?i Ir.g multitude wore ag-.lii admitted to the :.Uau.tor ct ceaili A etrious udtrHral. wno stood at tte eo t) the buildiog *IM' the rebels were gong it, coui.tid those wli > w?t-t ia until re got Mxtnocssi-d and taUna'elthat ther,, mutt Law be** not lew teu thousand pooeoiiH wao eaw thu c.tpre alter five o'elrck lam evening. OH". effect upon i.vaKT. It la eald that *bm tne news ol the deeth o! Mr. King wo* announced to Caeey, he was de?ply aitcC ed, mid tretnhlnl runt, ttau t a any prerlaue o^asioo. 1? he leer ery hopes ofn-espe before, tb?y must have Tacisbed at'the Unowie tge or th's iute!ii(fe&j? He wa? called upon je-lerjay bp Chailei liallarhcr, with wnoin he will tioallv arrar s?a bis ?u.iine-i at;'t lie. H a is p is - ies=id of some valuaote toal sstate he-o, bJhiieio n?r Interest#, which will probably be ,r?csferred to 41c. Gtllaghrr. Cssey ea'P or eitepe hut iiltle, but wa he Uis room almost constant y and keept, up bis ourage most trmarkeb y. He is pueseaeed of a powerful cerv ?j ivetnc, and capable ot great endurance. He is just such a roan as would oatora'ly ge to the gallows with a litm step. TESTt HON.AI TO MR KING. It is well known that Mr. Hieg has not left a compe tticy for kU7 mlly. as he stsrtel the /iuihiiit upon b ?r rowed capl al ?id "1 course, at the low price at woiab it has been sff j.ko, hs ecuiii not have accumulated a for tune. In cons nueace of the stlaa'lon of his laaaily, a mie log of citizens was held Iwst evening a: lhs rooiui ol the Vig lance Committee, to rake enm? uiion in a pro posed testimonial to his lueuioiy and relief to bii tetany, at which we iearn that Messrs.T. IV. t*aik, t. itecpa draj aid Csna-ie P. Patterson were app.lneed a commit with power to Add to their number, to f?uo6*iii'?0ua he plan and leceiva aubicriptions aud donations of all who desire to contrioute to tide food. One object ol lb#propoeiiion is to erect a suitable monument to the deoeaseo?such a one a# will be worthy of the important ciliis which his death he# produced, as well as tne m?u. it is expected that suc-c.mml tees will be apn,in'.ed throBghout the Slate, whereter the people (eel lire alii irg in this movement, and tcey will communicate with tbe committee at th s place. We are informed that th # will announce to-morrow the plan of their pi opioid action. movements ot the Vlgilmtice Committee. TWO THOUSAND SIX Ill'SDKKD CITIZENS IN ARMS TAKING OF THE PRISONERS CASEY AND CORA WITHOUT RESISTANCE. rF.omtne Alt* California, May 19.1 We are called upon to d?v to chronio'e events and cc curiaeoes of no ordinary' charaoter. Our pen falters when we eoesider he momentous occasion which we ate compelled to portray to ihe wor d. We have witnessed a day euch a# never was beheld be'ore in our cJnntxy; aud while we lament tbe necessities that have lorce 1 upon us a demcnslia.lon like that of yesterday, we a-e most hap py to ieeoid the ftct that n lining occurred through all tne preliminaries of this mcvement and the consumma tion of the pr< j?c' which ihoee undertaking it will ever bave canse to point to with he letai regret. This action was undertaken by the people in their povrrel|>n ctpssily, as an impeiauve duty to themselves, the eimmnnttv and tte country, and thsy e nersd upon i'e petforncaioe after ctoy oa.culatlng all the responsi bilities which les'.td upou ihem. l'be f >rmidable array ci sirength and arms th?y were oomtel'ei to mske was tcioed upon them by tne swocn ottic-rs of the law, when, ot cruris, yielded into perfect luooii. sion when their d. termination wai fully manifest, rhia com pliant e, howtver, to ihe aimoat united voice ot tbe people came tools e tieviaoe a wilougoees of the <flioeis to iee 'he results ihai bave been secured ihe work ol yesterday was aicomplished so quietly, ?no jet so tff#ctua'ly, ihat it may be regarded ae a mo del m'.itsrv opt ratlin. Toranphout the entire day in? m'?t petfhctf tcornin waa maaifeated by the troopiand the thousands ot sjictalore, and the ilisiipiioe maiutaiu ed in the laths would have done creolt to a regular aiiur Iher# w?o no outbreak?no rowdyich c nduet?no in erferenoe wiih th? companies and no indication of s men or riot. There was no rlrg'ng of belle or otaer pub he ttf"? for ihe essemblingiof me 'orces, bat all was ao cimplisbtd by tfce same quiet maoa-urcrlog thst has cliaiactenzed ihe undertaking from the beginning. TUB .-.URKSGTU OF THE ORGANIZATION. The commttiee tumter twenty-iix hundred men, who were felec.ed from the most rrl'Abiecf the citv, all ol whom were vouched for by some wsH known oiitzea to the original Ylgiiance Commit ee. IfHn iniuation they were organized into companies of sw^uudred men each, and cf couise there were twenty six companies, hash company elected its captain ard f.ur lieu enanls, and each had a regular drill room, where they were made ?familiar wl'h tre use of the arms and miiuary wot? mints by almost cocstatt drill, night and day. TU?y had a stand of iwo thousand muikste, bzs'dis a large number t( lihes, lowling pieces and other arms, beloog inn to piivnte citizens, as welt as an innamerable nnm ber of kiives and revolvers, and one fieldpiece beioog iOK to tie California Guaide. TUB ORGANIZAIION^TKJTKRDAT MORNING. The intention cf the ocmml .tee wss not known bsyonil tbe circle of the Executive Committee, which is the con tri liii K power of the whole operation, an 1 white or-era a.e impel? ive. Tbe entire lore# it subj ct to be ctiled into imroeliate action. At an early hoar ordera were aires to the dlffeient oommam'.ers to appear with their oompai iee at the general heaoquarters of the oom mittee. at 41 Bacramento atree*, ready for duty, at 9 ? Bv^W o'Cock all the cimptnies had aeseabled as d rected, and were plno. d in ohaige of field eilicere who had been chosen, and all subject to the direction ol C ilef Marshal Chailts Hoane. Duiiog the gathering or the forces a very Urge number ol upectatore aesenbled la the vicinity cf the toains, and the greatest anxiety was felt to knew what waa to te done A thousand inqviriea were mace, but none o:ul l give an answer either InJor out ol the janka. But the ptooess of organiza.i in rapui 1* went forward. In the meaniline a d-taebment was rent to the store of Messrs Macondray & Co. to take puiseai ion of the fieldplece t fVie 11 .at Oallfornla Guard, end prepare it for une. Tnis was soon ar.jompiUhed and tbey stocd guard ever the piece to awaii further ordorB. A though nothing definite was known, even among the Pokier#, of what was ab. u; to be uudertekeo, yet it w?# well nncereiood thAt the object was to gain possession of tbe tierson of Cater, ?n? peibaps othets. Ml'ARTl RE FOR THE JAIL. At 12 o'clock the stv?ral companies were marshalled into the street, rnu formed in'o a solid body hesfiiag tip Saezamenio street, with tho <' guard," coaaUtirg ot ifx y picked men to act as an esrort. This company a as commanded by Captain JaTits N. O.'nsy, amistot by LUn'.eatcts John S. Ellis. Cop. F. iTsteon, Eh If. Thrall andAiaL L tlrg. This company were eeory inch sol dters, at" were well qna'ifiei 'or the p-sitlon .ntigned them. The next c< mpany in tae line was No. 11, com manded ty Cap'? Donneliy and Lieut. Frank Eastman. The thiid was a company of French citizens, under com B and cf Capt. Richard, many of whom gaw? ??Hints of ?n acqoaiatasce with the scenes of tho battle field, rbey weie follcved by aGerman company; and all o'.har e nopaiilcs, which re cannet des'gnate or giro the names of their commanders, followed fn this ra<t throng. It was a strange sight; men ot all classes, ages and nations ?Ken rf weahh anJ pcrerty?tho awo of basiness, tho clerk, ihe porter, t.te a her aid son, the Christian and patiijt, the man ol Ool with a prayer'nl hsa't, were en rolled In this TO'nrleer cwnpany ot oltizen s idiert, and bent cn the accomplishment of a certain object. Ttt>{ WXB or MAUCR, As the troops wltn glistening bayonets marched np Kairtuiento street, the Immense body of speo'a'ors, who weie attxaoted to the spot 1?? the movements of tbn com mittee, pressed along through ihe erowded street with the armed force, end the whole living throng moved forward, with soeroa an audiole voice, save taat of the (Dicers In command, a solemnity and stil.ness pervaded the whole party that wis at once s'goificsnt of the might aid power in these brave hearts and williog hands. Ihrongb alltbo streets where they ptssed, thecoorsard windows of ihs buildings wets Diltd wi h persons whose cuiioelty was excited by the novel rears. As tbe throng moved f rw?rd its numbers were augmented, and perrons veie sten harrying treenail lirections towards tno The main lxdy of the ermy paseen np Sacramento street to Monfgcmery, slot, g Montgomery to Pacific, from thence np to iiaarny, alcag Kearny to Uroadway, to tbe jail grossd*. heveral of tbe companies were ic.otrncted, it reems, to apprcaeh the epot in different directions, and elmnltaneonaiv the bayonets wera seen coining from Stockton, Dupont and Kaarny streets, ami the whole eauir palgx teens to have been so well planned that not a mis ts he was ocmmlMsd. ARRIVAL AT TUB .'AIT.. The whole neighborhood about tbe' block embracing the jail was comp.etely appropriated b?> spectator*!, lorg before the ai lira I of the troops, but ah their approtca roc m was made for tbem, and the a?med farce at once went to work and cleared away tbolookers cn and drew np the different oomptnies, so that they commanded the entire square bounded by Broadssay, Vaiiejo, Kearny aad Dwpont streets, most of ths force being atationed upon Broadway ia froat of the jail, and extending from Kearny tearly to Stockton street. After conailerable ooantermarchlsg, which eeeoesJ necessary to gat ad tbe ocmpanlas in a desirable position to cteleni or ntiaek the building, all tbo honses on the opposite side of the street ircm the jail wore scarabed, in or lex to ascertain who i her or not there was any raatoa to anticipate an attack In the rear. ARMY At OF TH1 VTXU1 I'lKHS. After the proper disposition of tho infontry, the artil lery force came np Kearney rtreet and planted thsir cannon in tbe eontre of the street in front of the Mil, end aiming Its mizzle directly at the front door of the prison, denberadaly loaded It with powder aad ball. HOW-nnSIATAKCB OF TBI MUEIFT. AW)dlP| to tb? stipulations, prcTtqpsiy entemd into the Ylgllsooe Committee had vliMrifra i*? guar<l from wiihtn iha jail beore oiingiog Its forces thsr*, so that tfce ?tfl tal the entire eontrol o' tbe prison. Bat it Waff hood observed thart ha had determine! t") make at resistance to tl e witbee el meh an array asheiawbi fots hfm Theie ?e ? three or fjur yi I'M others and onear tw> deputy aher.ffs on top if he >?ti without arms, who epj>ee ed only an spectators to the gieat scene Woie theui: and tn the >eu wet s Soei'.ff Manuel, Iktpntj'Wat't?oo, and rue or twjotbsr under abeilde, U $?tb*.- with Manbat North and one or t<ro polieemen, ail of wli'w were wa'ehlrg ?i:b considerablebaler eel tae tnoffeiLeul* cutalde, and with no ciuponuloa to thwart th? will cf ti e Hpjil'osnt." for tbo prisoner. Tbehr o iuu t nances wr re a terlnie hi-pact, which plain y evinced that tbi v f-It lh?t the pe p e who clothed tb?in wl h authority, now wer* about to dictate terme wnich they could cot resist. Thty if It c apply on the oicisioa, and well tfpy might, f,r it was a most aolrtnn and event ul moment. :tr? jKticwr of ex3 nr. Aa tfcf nrry approaei ei the jail, 'ha a'nerilT want to the eel! of Casey, end pair, '? .lames, there art two thon B$rti ern e) men coruf-g for y?u. atul 1 hare not thirty icon afco'it tb? j?,ll " C???y re pi id, -'hi-tha'. allI tsn Co v O' peril y Dar li'e tad 'uat ot the oilicei j in deteu lag me. 1 wilt g i with them " ah roaiu of zrrr. ixbcctive committee flta Couimlk>ee ware lornied into a solid nVhT?o' ?-?< -tt*nCeep. directly in front ol the jell, ?id tie Cliatoa' Huaid formed a hollow aqttare stout them and all appeare-t rtidy f r actiio. A deputation of the committee were delsgited to call Ht the door and request the abend to place then in P'ereielon it' the prisoner, Casty. Ou aniring at itae Coor, three rap? were made, upnn wnich Saunff -CitrfU fiom the Incite opened tne wicket, and Mr. WjeTe V. Itnait, on behalf pf the ermmltee, in foimed the oilioers of their errant, ant wished the prisoner handoaflVd and doHrercd to them at the jtU door. Without any bodta'tou the aherUT repnteed to il?? cell of the ptieooer, ant informed him that the Yiglarce Committee were waiting at tha donr and ieirar.Ced his person, hu 1 that be wae compelled to yield him up, and that thsy wished him to m bend oulTed. Caiey perempterlly refused to allow thainti bandeuff Mm. Thi- was reported to the committee, and the Soenff wii requested to again endeavor to per suade him to yleli peairanly to their demauda. ibpu-y Haiiiion then made an effort t: induce him to consent to he ironed, but he Htill ll iutlahad a kni'e which he drew from Uia boacra, and deolared tha- ha would plunge It to his heart sooner than be taken I Wt are iu'crmtd that ihls ktife was leireted wilhtu hii un oerclotbes, and had probably boon passed into hiui as he bad been thoroughly searched by ibe Sheriff when he was locked up.j Another oom.u'tation wae held with the c lmmittee, la which the Bntriff gave theui the privilege ot cimiag in aid securing him ifcemse'vri, but this th?y derliued to do; am', in the meantime Casey said ti Maiuhai North, that if two rtepectsblo cUiztna eriuld aisure him that berhnuld hare a fair trial, s >d not oe dra^gsd tbrovgh the streets, he w:uid go wl h them, klewiri. irnett, Coleman, Ch irnpson and 1-erwoll, on bebalt of the sub coma. 1 tee, then we<-t Into toe pri sm, and held a conversation through the wicket of tbo oeu with Casey, in which tliey assured him that he should be treated like a pentUiman, and should te taXec through the Blieets in a closed carriage, and every op portunity shon d be sfforred him to hare a fair tiiai. CASEY'h rWI-ARTl UE f BOM Tllk JAH.. An arrangement havipg beea tiTec ed as above, the committee retirru wfOumt the outer door, and Mr North, alter placing the iiona upon him, led him to the front door, and delivered blm into the hands of the committee, who weie attended by an armed escort, hy whom he wis eonduo ed to the ooaoh, and at his request Mr. Nor u lock a seat by his side, and Win. T. Coleman and Myers Trnett were also in the i a rue carriage. JiiTurmos Foit ( cons. Another conterence was hela wl .h the Sheriff at the door, after Casiy was fcated In the carriage In which it was said a demand was made for tha person of Charts* Cora, the murderer o' General ltlcbardson. If such a re quest was made- it was declined, and time wis asked to consider it. The committee gate blm one hour ti oome to a conoiusion, and at the same time warned him that no perron must be allowed to pass the door either way, ixeept the Sheriff or Lit deputies. AR EVIDENCE OF OPDKItLT CONDECT Aa Ihe guard came down the steps from the j*U with Casey a burst of applause aiose lovolun artly f.ora maty ' f the vast assemblage, and by a wave of the up li'teo bards of the commit Ae, who were standing on tbe bluff in front of the j .it, silence was lostantsneois'y res Ured, notwlthstamiing many who joined in the applause weie two or lh>ee blocks aw?v, and fsr heyuud the ieach oi a human voice. HiTCBN TO THE It00BIS V.1T1I OASET. Scon aa prtpara i ns were mace to movs towards the con mi ue rooms, the large bu y of spsotators sought the neaiest rnu'.e to th? p a:e through all the strests and alle>s thai led la that dunaiiun. Abuu. oue half of tbe armed force weie It ft to guard the j?ll, and the test served as a guard and escort to the prisoaer. Th? same etraets were traversed refurntrg Irom as when going ?o the piiiou, acd all along the line ot march the utreets were tetany packed with hviig beings, who,a curiosity ed tbem to get the nearest p amble Iocs ion to the carriage enclcsltg the doomed man. Vet with all tbis rn.-li and interest there tves not the least disoodtlon to make a Ciaturbatce, ncitcer nas there a drunken men to be teen. ira FouaiRtrv. ? It was a no'iceable I'sot that tliiqmovementjciimmend od the rehpeot <?! the ci'iz?cs antot!lu-<rs tof ths dignity at d cecorum obseiTtd, and tbe a ngienees of purpose that marked the conduce of every man engaged ia tbe under tskiog. T o precaution was at solemn as a tuners! ccrtege, and when it passed thro o^h Montgomery stresu there were very many who uncoveitd tte'r hards out of respcet to the men who 6.1a t tbe ranks. AKBIYAI. AT THE ROOAtt. The committee reached the rooms in Stcramanfo street at about two o'clock, and Casey was conducted to tha upper room and jlac?d under a sttcug guard. Tue gathering shout the alrg was I crntnis attbfstima. hvery street g to thst l calitf pro-ented a most ani mated appearance, and it was almost impossible to move about, ex oept by the presrure of the crowd. milCIE RECITATIONS. It was said thai tie enmmctee bad men stationed on every b'.cckofgrcu- d in ihe thickly r.etthd p .rtton of tbi town to prevent, or guard agsinsr, that opportunity be Irg taken by tbiavis and bouneburnsrs to carry en tbiir oretati if. Meun'ed couriers ware also reen cou'.iaoally rlciDgfrom ])elnt'o point, probably under the initrue tlcns <f tbe Kxecutive Comml'.teo. Ae tbeir movement-i were tnly km wn to themselves, and by secret instrac tlons, we oould only Infer their motives. Rncrs OF CORA. In accordance with their determination, and notifica tion to tbe Sheriff taat ih*y would return for the p-rnn ol Cera in an hour, the oomnlttee proci>edsd hack to the jail and renewed their demand tor the prlaonsr. Tne Sheriff etiU deollced to deliver the prisoner up. and sited for thirty minutes longer, which was granted him, aid then be Htill i'oc 'tied, saying tbat thee aad the power: they could take the whole jail if tbey wished. They Infointel him that tboy regarded him as Sheriff, and they would hold blm responsible for Iho sn'e keeping el the rest of the prisoners. They culy ask-,! lor the pirsonef Cbarles Cora, and they must havs it. Their reqntBta were finally complied with, end he was deliver ed up, and was >? moved to tbe rooms in the same man ner and with quite as large a crowd as attended Casey. DMNUSSAL OP THE moors. The wcrk of the day being accomplished In tbe reco very of the prleocers snd their safe l' dgment at toe ot intuitu a rocuts, tbe various companies or divisions, except those on guard, were as quietly dispersed ias they were orgauizt-d. Bach company marched out separately ar.d afterwards ? out down to the ends ef tbe different wharves and dlschar?ed tlioir arms, t-o prevent accidents, and to have them fresh loaded *hen titey shall l>e waut cdrgaln. It wae a little amustrg to see these men, many ol whom possessed no knowledge of the use of a'Tux, except what they bad gained during th's drill, re spot dao promptly and cunectly to the orders ot thi (dicers. They went through the firing oxerclso well, and discharged Into the water. us'i-isavn. We ere toll that co the approch of the committee to the 1*1), rovtial conspiauoua and not the most respeited individuals were thought to be aeon upon tbe jiil. Or deis were given to station a oertatn number of men cn the honse of Mt. Butler, with instructions to Are upin any of them who should attempt to leave the premies. It proved, however, that the persons lefeired to, and who were known to ltave been on guard there dutlig the late excitement, had le't and made thornM-lva* icaiee. RkWttW 'hat there bss been a sttai ge g.'tQg of guards there most ofthsilm*. It does teem that th>re wss no necsesitr for this when good citizens shown! so mush willingness to volunteers* they did at the Fourth district court room one day last wesk. Most we a ways be held in terror by euch guards as were etailoned In snd about the jail during the past we?k? Is 'here no one who will do his duty bu: such m?n as Yan kte SnlHvan, J. Buika, alia* Activity, Liverpool Jack, Martin tiailaghar. and a host of others, whoee only rsccmmendstfon is an abilitv to fight? We were told again last night, most positively, tbat Bill Levis was there. notwlthstandirg ha came to us and denied It. Our informants aia both men of vsrasitv, aal their Dsmes can be given, and they are certain they saw him. o.n tit'ami). About three hundred men weie kept on guard la and about the o- mmivUe rooms all night, and an e<iual num ber will be detailed during the present state ol a IT tire. Thirc are one kundrsd ol the CammUtee eta ion?U at the jail, for what purpose we oannot learn. Other guards are sta'ionad at different parts of town, to keep matters all light. sua iTFjo n moors. Vtaorg those of our Krenob citizens who wsrt In the ranks jestsiday, it waa said were sours whi have been ln;>cssral battles under Napoleon on the Continent, and at the battle of the 1'jramics. Their soldier-like tear ing ard noble con dint was an object of very gensral rtrosrk. Their prrmp'teis to rMpond to this call of car oiiitera Jscl el 1 in a glorious work evlooes a spirit among thtin truly commendable. ARRKRT Or A SI'V. It was rumored last evening that a parson was arrest id yesterday by the emmittee, who Is suppose! to be a spy. Re is said to be atill in the custody of the cam . mlttoe. it i? reported that suspicions are resting up Ja several other parlies who era si mar under arrest or 4rC constantly watchfd. mi at. o* nir rawoN run . Various ami contradictory minora were In oir sulatioa relative to tue prlaoners. Pome say Casey was tried last svealrg, but tne opinion abtalns tnat they wflj batb ^ trlsd to day. HU rumored that Casey 14 engaged la writing up some important dlieloenre^ implioat ne ?"""1 * *? wive i ?Uch)H ' ORE WEEK LATS1 FRO* EUROPE* A1BIVAL OF THE EBftSSOJI AM IBMIi. Important Speech of Lord Clareadoo o? ocr Relations with England. Spffial Amfiirnn Ambassador to Lomfi* Saueested. Another Proposal for the ftettlemeaA of cur Difficulties. PALMER, THE POISONER. SENTENCED TO OEATH. THE ITALIAN QLESIION MILL TIIBEATEMH6 "Jlh?le<ale Dc?ertiou ?f American itisiy in the Tyne* European Policy with Respect to the Sonaatl Dues. ARRIVAL OF A GOLD MEOAl TO OOCTOR KANE. The Effccl of the HrrcpiLoa of Father *o., Ac., *o. The UnJ'.rd SAtei mail steamer Ericmon, CapfoM Lowber, Liverpool afternoon of Weinseday, May 2S, arrived ye.iter day morning. The Canard steamsh'p Arabia, Captain S'on*, Oro* Liverpool at I o'clojk in the afternoon of Saturday, Stay 31, arrived at this pert at 6 o'clock last evening. The Persia li to be withfrawn for a short rime, to have oertain alterations made, with a view to incmae* her arced. The steamship City of Raltlm-ore, from Philadelphia, arrived at Liverpool on the afternoon of Wednesday, the 28tb, with later tews than jecrived per Persia. Th? leg of the City of Baltimore reports havicg left her wharf at 9:l'0 A. If. cf Thursday, May 15, and arrived at Be* Buoy, off the port of Liverpool, at 22/15 P. M. Wedaee Oay, the 28th. the steemship Olargrw arrived in the Clyde on the 30* h of Mej. The cows by the City 0f BUUmoreJof the reeognittam of Fatl er Vlj J a-JMir-ister from Nicaragua, ha* no!tended to clmioith the sarxiaty w tb wet'oet to the re'atfoos bm tween ihe Cri ed State* and Croat f)?i etn. On May 30 there was a rumor that Lord Elgin wae to ha sent as plenipotentiary to Washington, to endeavor to ar range matter*. Another rumor says that *'lr II. L Brf wer wi 1 be the envoy. The London 1'oit of May 27, puWie'jas the following la large type:? Acordirg to the latest information from Wa:htngt'*. Mr. M&roy, tie Secretary of State, baa refaaed to giro the American shipping any instructions respecting the payment o! the Siuno dues, leaving it to the dlcocaUo* of '* very master pausing the Sound, cs the Bells, to pay the doss or not. A letter from Boms states that the rasult of the Paris Conferences had produoed a great impression in the Ooi ltgt of Cardinals. The Tope, it appears, was preparing a vindication rf hit ac's, said to he drawn up ia ener getic terms, and ex remsly aggressive towards Piedmont. On May 28tb, the lord Mayor of Iondoa entertained the Judges, with other distinguished personages, at din ner. After dirnor, the Lord Mayor gave the health of Mr. Dallas, the A sea nce n Mlciettexprtsstng his regret that that geatwmam was pr?vrniea from beiag piossut in ooureq uenoe of hie hexing been (np^d in an interview wito Lo,d Claren don until 'a'e in tiedsy, although .he (the Lord Mayocf had the plednnr*of eat tog that Mrs. lUl.&s was a noog his guest*. (11-ar.) lis was f u-e thove whwn hv waa ardrisellg would deep y r giet any Sntsrrop'lm of the good unuerstancieg which , ad hitherto existed between this o ULtry and ihe State* on the oppoelte e'.de of th At'antie. (Uo?r, hear) He was eoovlnoed it wae the wish of every Kogi stim^n that sty dltVo.-ence whlvb now existed between ihe two Da i .us might speedily be ar ranged. and that a thoroughly .good understand iogahouM be established. (ffier.) The toast, which was cordially received, wss btieily acknowledged by Mr. Dallas, Jr. Tfce closing prios of consols oa the a'ternoou of thi 31st tlL was 04/, a 94 >f for ra ney, and 95 a 96 la July account. A! the anneal meeting ot the Royal Gecjrapbleal to do y, held at London, Admiral B<other, the ohatrman. ani.ounoed that the royal prem.utn (the founder's goM mtc'al) had beeuawarded to Dr. I fane for his dMoJVSHea in the Polar regions. Mr. Dailt'^accepted the metal on behalf of Dr. Kene, of whose lrr?pre?slole eplilt of en ter prise be spoke warmly, and promised to convey th* medal to Dr. Kane with the lead possible de'ay. Iieut. Maviy has been elected a corresponding member of tho Society. . A le ter fiom Hamburg mentions the circumatanoe ef two cargoes of rye baiing arrived at thst port from the Unl et States for Prussian account end consumption, an* adds that the oircumaisnce will no doubt cause soraeaau mtion in the corn districts of Unrope. Tee srracgements for the 3,-Irish depu'atian to th* Czar's coronation at Mcscow, ars now complete. Bad Granville is to go ss head of the embassy, in piece of th* Duke of Cambridge, who has declined the mission. Lor? Granville takes with him sevoral seioxs of the nobility 1* the capacity of attaches, atd Is accompanied by Sir Robert and Lady Peel, Marquis and Marchicnesi of Staf ford; and othor aristce.atto eonaectlon*. Dr. Sandwith, of Kaxs, is appointed mo ileal attache. The vo e forth* of the mission is ?10,000; the French misefoo, ^ under Connt de Moray, is to cost lour times that sum?-g a million of francs. The British Admiralty's new invitation for tenders JU? the Australian mail ssrvise is little more than a xev Ml of the old route formerly undertaken by th# l'enlar nhr and Oriental Company. 8c:ew Tetsela of not leas 2.CC0 tons each are to run between Suez and MelV call rg at Point da dalle. The contractors a< .% slst to itate the additional amount they will require , it" th* service be extended to Sydney. The contract is t ?be foe five years. The Suiday music question continues to excite London. Several aescciatioas have been formed "for p roraoUng Sunday music in the parks," and delegate! fr m.ceoh of thcte associations waited on Lord Pilmerston, # nad asked him to give an order for the bands to resu as plsving. Lord l'almersten declined to give orders, an J sis ted that the government foucd Itself Involved In a i nl'giout ques tion in consequence of the bands play! sg. He had, therefore, aoeeded to the request of the Archbishop of CenUrhnry te stop the music, end oo jfg holdout no hope to lbs people of its being resumed. The deputation* then asked it private bands would be t omitted to play In the parks on Sundays. To this o uevttan Lord Pal me: n too oculd give no reply, bat r /errel them to Sir George Urey. On Sunday last crow assembled (n the various narks, and a private ban y performed In aaoh. No attempt was mafe to stop then , by the puliee. As th* crowds were too large to ba add ?M*d by any vaiSe, * H*g was hoisted ae a sigaal for A show of hands In Csver oi continuing vue agitation for .s,lnday recreation. Thw rot* wan almost unanimous ^ ?(tor whiih the people quietly di?per?fd. The Arg^-Swim Legion ^ Sibe'ea'adt *11 b. log dis banded, and the wen pror with fe-ull't iU rouit to re turn to Srttiirlacd. TV .? At gltv German legion bad em harked from Heligoland for England. ?">en. William* and ' jj, bad quitted St. retarabarg for Eeglaad, aia T .erlln and Pari*. The (lateral waa treated with high . conaidere'icn tn St. Petersburg and throughout Ruar + generally. A pioapeotiii 0f a jtiot stock eompaty, entitled "the Coale Rica Rt jarey Company," he* been laautd ia Livar pool, and rV jirea are already taken to the extent of ?2,000. A Mr. Far /Vr claim* to have the exelualve right of rail. *?7 c0' jatmolion in Coata Rtoa for 09 year*, and thia (V'"t y art of hit line ia from Punta Arenac ti the river Bai-^nca. A* the aeaaon ad ranee* emigration from Ireland ' readily increase*, and the depaituree from Dublin vim liter pool were not muoh below thl average of yean rob. arqnrot to the famine. The Btiliah government ia about to preaant to 8wedem era or two of th* recently oonatrueted gunboate, a* mo del* for tbebuikirg of a SwedUh tlotlll* of th* aaao defoliation. * A atreag maater of the members of th* Carlton Club took place on the 28th, to consider Lord Baoelegh** mo tion to expel all member* not belonging to the to*w party. After some debaU, tbe motion waa allowed tm if op; hit It jl? *>F?4Uftwlo* 9t U* Ntttmatg