Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1856 Page 6
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IHMUMUHl Eiwyp Bttt IIT. trvJuu. nurnja*. A IX PRB80N8 WHO igt I* THK HABIT OF AD A <fiiil?| letter* pub'trailou* ?nd do ti u> hi* Majesty ictaptrtirol MuuA or t > the mewberi of ths lupwlei *r?"y -'D-t notified (bet *u?h pereel* will nellhor b? answered cor accepted aula** tner are forwarded lothclr desttaatioe through the Imperial Legafloi j( Hu ni? *1 With mgttm. U. 0. ADDRUM TO MB. HA hCI.AY -SIGlfArU RHS TO THR oompltn.eoi*>v ?ddrr?* to Anthony Ba-e'av h?<i , will be received until 11 u'c ock on IuokHi m raing next. at tha odfteeof JuaitPH KOWI ICA. No. ad Beaver atrwei CAUTION -ALL PEBSCS ARK I1K4KBY OAUTIOM ad against ourroaalc*. or la any way negotiating t?) New York Car tra! if ui. road dabt cer.ittialea or bO'.d*, ot fl.O.U aack, aaa numbered ('? 54b and ha oth?r 2,910, ai thai war* alalaa from my office y?M?rear uuirning, by torelblv braa( log open an Iron tafe which aontAuied them. Any party h*v teg pmchaaed the tame will do we 1 to communicate with ins atoaea, aa the part- wtai committed the then 1* wall kno *n and mat* ire* have bean taken for hta err en. H 'bl'iua 8KAAT8, lti Moora atraat M*w Yokk. June 11, 18W. CAP* OK VBKD I-T,a*W.- THE HUISORBKR OP tern to ok* free vfr.etght at far m Madera, anv dona Ocas for the aoflVrer* of ?ipe de Verd Islands on board the ?ipaur b'.oot Madeira, fcnilnteaHa* to go with her Ma pa* ear gar, he will, ia toat plane, uae aU El* 'o gat thita imeeoreforwarded by any of the steamers thai sell at Madeira and Oape da Yard Itland*, on their war to dra/.ll or Coaat ot Alp's* o% OOUYSA LBaL 139 Peart street New Yong, June 13,1866 fiVRGM TBK NANTUGKKT FNQL'IRZR.?TBLK J&APff JP to Nantucket. 11 la wleb no Htt a tee lag of pi nun tire that wa Inform our taedgrs this morning tint Naniuckei 1* ao>n to be connected with (be main And by mean of the etc;trie wire Our el itena. with the r anal ?pirit of euorprbe, have furnish ed the tepenary mean*, sad the work is alicad/ began Thare are atfll a few remalairg abarea, which *tl!d>ublea* aoon ba lakac np. Meaera. Hrewsr A Badwn. 'ha proprietors of the Cape Cod Una, are he conn-actor* for the Kilenaio i of that line to Nan tooket, aad Mr 8. C Bishop, guw? perdha mauufac turer. 181 broad way. New Yors h -Ida ibe ciiirtct for man ?? nurturing aud lavlrf tha cible. the Una to ba in working ope radon by tha laat o* J ufy. The work of ratting tha polaa will beecm*eneed la about a wan*: tha* are to *e set stadia taneao 1A0 fea< apart, fr-m he foot o' Orange atree' 11 tire*'. Pote'. Tha route 'or the wire through tha town ha* not yet been determined upon. P.-em Great Point, tha ov?le, wkch NMMmI a wire covered wlii gala perchv (kg whole abou' an lech ia diameter, is to be extendedto Uooomoy Point, a dii tance ot twelve mllra. The oahle la to be sunk by msau* of weigh'*, ?na In a sboit time will becone to deeply imbedded la the *?oa at tot to be aifeetid by tha tide*. Ike geot'etneu who hold Uwar eooumaig goarama; 'oour ot'lzeas o place the ta agrarh in their bandit in perfrc otdar. W? are |l?' I > ee? this gr?eten e-n-tar ab"ti to be carried into effect, and regard It Mladic-Uve of the future prosperity of ourialasd. Of tha maay advent*.cno be dallied from thl< me hid of oommuat cation we ueed rot ?p<-ak, tber are tuftlceut y wa.l under stood by aii, aid will doio ies* prove of Imtamw benefit to ouroltlrena. To the gen'lemon through whoie ex-rtlon* thU enterpr ae w?* corpurrm* ed. too much praise cannot ba awarded ihey wtl' ever be held In grateful (amembraace by tha praient and Inure geneiatioaa. 8uc>e??tohe Nau toeket Mailae Te earaph Lice. MA6f)> 10. ?MB. ItDITOB - CNDBR THR HFAD OP ? City ltteingrnoo" m yeaterday'a Herald, I no lee a c ue meat that "ft Joht:'s Oi?.ad Lodge was t. out joining la tha celebraion of 'ba snniveraary ef 8t John'* dir. on ihe 24th, and th*t St. John's Orrsd Loiiga and the (iraaii Locgc reeling at 600 Broadahy dorot bslone to the gre*: bod* of tha Msaone, tboagh m*a<ur *a are now tu prog-nsi ti unite tbam In one 'amity again " Permit me to oorrec. toe hnpreaahn that any euch union I* ever spoksa ot, nor would It for a moment oe listened 'o by anr of the member* uode- 'be jurl?dlvtioa of nt. J he's Grand Lodge Ibe tic ion of 1680 aught them a eaaon not awilv to gott wt: md although each and eviiy member w iuld rejoice to Lee but one Maaocic family in thie Siaie if HUch aa event t:,*uid happen without a -ac.-itlcs of ortne'pla yet tb?y are nit prenared m unite with any bodv of Matons, the fipetiiai ot which are 810,000 oer annum, and out of taa; pgm tha widow* acd orubaca rec t'.ved but SI,0(0; and mtrn partliru *riy when there !? ai aprea1 *r >m t?adooi*ioa of th? Grand M*?ter The member* of et J -fcn'a Orard loige s-e ra ipflrd whare they are and their dior* are op?n ta a:! who can prove U>tm*e v?s Mm-ora Y'oura, re?cectf illy, HrhKY C. Al Wt l 'D, P. G. M.. 46 Ulvtaioo attest. Jace 13 1860. ATBW Y' RK OONSOLTDaTPD 8'AGS OOMPANY.-At it aaeieetim of this Comoary belu thli dav. the follow lag ganUmxen a era elactcn D rectors tor the ro-ilo* rear: ? Jesse A. Mai abaft, Ben.i. h, K tUerardsoa. Vu 1 Paills, aiej?F. Htiiied. Jairea Murphy, John 8. Staey. Wm. >Uden, T1mj:hv Townread, Hugh Syr.i'h. ('heeler Lamb, Chasiee B White, Peter d, Sweeney. Jaoob Camubei, Jr. At a aubaequeat meet'rg of tha Mrector* the 'ollowmg offi cer* were cbcsen: Je?? A. Marshall Presfctea' r t.gfa Sic. h Ytoe Fie*ideat. Wm M. Pullls SecreAr? and Treaanrer, WM M rCiXib, Becre.ary and tre%iaj*r, Niw Yoke, Jooe 9, 10^6 ?\rOTIOK.?A SPLGUL MidTJNO OP JACKHO.e 1" l odge ho t, A. P. a , will be lieid on baturdar oveala* June IA at tbalr lodger.rcm, on bnsit>e*a of uuportandd, at 7y. o'clock. Ibe Bev. Mr. Bight wPl oe lver ao addreaa, Thk pair or TtR chdrgh roa diap mgtks-at Dodworth'a Acaderor, HW d-oauw^v. will clon tbtt evening, ba'oraar. June t' The large number of artie'ea on the lab e* made 11 impoaciale to cljie ua rbcndHj ev*dieg lam. Tammany 8ocrmY, or ooldmbiaw oauits - Bio<her*-A spsuial me*dng a" tae lnid'u'ioa wl I ??> held in the Ccnnol >*erof the Great *1 irtii, oa Mou day evening the ItHh tuat, at ba: ?n hour tae <etfpg'>; I tna mm Genera: and punctual a1 on :a.ce is requested By order. boKKJZa B. -H I.P.- K J, Grand 8aoh?m Sncrnnii C.Dust**, Secretary. id an bat tan, eeaaon oi fruua. 6 h mom, year o' dl-.oav*r/ 361 ot lndtptjcccuee no. nnd of the tnat.tauoo ne Gi.h >110 1H7. EDITOR OP THR HEW YORK KXPAERS. X For upward* of tv. o m mtha I have oeec the vlohm oi your malevolent attack*. So lor g u tiey ware made ?*Un?t my rati perrocaliv or my exhloijuu, I wa* ,-ilen' tor uia? avl dentiy amused * on aa^marjamlv have d .ce me no harm. How, honver, that ytwrMMoa my audlsaee*, chuAcb-riziat them, in ycur paper ef this eves log, m "men about town, half grown boys, and. in general terms, a elta* of osr?o-.s who uaav beiuppowd to have, a* the rabble of Judna had. m~r* sompMskm and rrapaci .or .be thief upoi the croa* than Him wbo w*s mucifiua wi h 'ho thieves." I can no longer he itlenL Your atatrcrut l. fa as, anl only worthy of men who seek to twist and pervert everytlVnr to their own pnrpoaea My pat*ore *re ike elite of new York <ocletr; m* boihook *nu'aln* the oacsea of the ttrst fas'.'oe* of Ait rlty, and the concot rue of ladles wbj nigntly crowd mi nab fully con troverta ? our alatecaect. 11 mon* he required, I can orxine' teller', which I am dni y recrini g. b un peip.e wbrse uamet are konrebo d word* in die Hternture and era of ih'j oonntr . ? thus giving an utter refills: -co to ycur nrepnste.* -ua and ma ligneal a*?eruan I do sot rcoraueot taored tableaux ai suih but eal; aa e-.pla* of hoar great worn* which sua wjuaJy ve cerateo and er.aemed la :ha .n'led ct..*aa* in Euroia; an: ibe Ametloaa public ts 1U eadv apureciafon of my ectarta>a meela, baa mown ltavif ettlrelr advene to oouniehear'og tie dewlgna?eot ibe opialo-A?i f the editor* of the cipreea. ta ihelr Qu'xodo cruiad* again*! the arts fur DOllUonersosa: obiecta LOCI8 RglXSR. hKriKiHau. Jnte 12, 1866. Tax ocMCMioirab? orriob. ?*w otrr mix. a OhubDIIlWM'.-KOCM O JI y??n Tba aeaewmaal rotwot a* aaeeral warda af na oitr of 4sw Tart aiTtjg see, rerarnad oy m# uiwmh to im oOm, we s?reo; gl>? ooctx to *11 to oreatod tax uaiera thto the Kane will >. opened Co examination ami rerlaw from Tneadar, as *Xr day -J May oadi Wedaeeday, tb? J-Vh day of Juna. tiw'uaiTe. All 'hoar interested who are dealrona at ei /nh!t| or eorr*<ctrg H same. are requested to KM applwtaoj to tap tindsriijnK Kiwi toa howa of 9 nth A. SC. and 4 otoioak ?> ft. at toetrotoa* J. WaLcR* 1 W J. FjflfTK. / Tax Omnsalaa'r*. a. J. wimjaMSow. } lit Yoaa, Mar P. IBM. WAKbFlXLD.-THk ATTHHTION CP THU YBMYKB* o( InruatMal Home AMor.iaton, No. a a^d nine *, t< sailed to 'he notion < t the select lota r., "ndar the head of Anctlao NoUoes. dUPa?tTit?tm?aiy wucich, ?1 fillfi ?NTS.D, a PaRTNPR, WITH FIPTARv wl.uUU ? busdre i dollar* :o c*?b, to bare an equal In larart In a wall e-tah btel ell* exprr*? btudnesa, dung ? Kr*r aid profitable cuOntua Apply to a ,vt'th A JO,, 84 ><-wao (treat. fcl lUin - WAJHTKD A JfAP.TO TASK OHRHiLF ln'eret. and tbe entire oontrol of the llqu >> de partmrnt irgar* bowling a.!?? Ac ma arte firat cm bo wl. >6.000 to S< 000 will oe retired per a-.oum ('a! hi the ?tore 4.-8 Broarwar. dtriWt -A PfRSON WaHTKDTO TA1C3TBK p.,acr W>tJ Vf". of a teti. tog partner a a profitable oualtei* srh eh 1* core strictly for nana end pay* a large or-.tit. apply tOAP Jr.KnON A PB a LPr, 2JM Broad #?y ,-iom 4 ? ran -wahthd a map, to jot* thr adver WuUU. itier tn pureoair.-.g tne sole interest of a leitrtag Ky In an old eata'vUn-d permaneot oadi susinese paying ? profit* B'dean t,?- made to tin d ;u !e the businssi 1 ODltrtet 1 be labor t? labt and rery p easant. Ajpllos'.lon moat be wade Immediately, at SSI Broad war, room 14. tKHfl lotLDO.-rARTm waktbi) with tur. VAPv.r\y auonpt In a flr?t clew Ctab butinesf A man wbaae character a* d buai> sta babl a will bear loreitg si'oa, srt'l flno th a a good ehai.ce For pa.-ticiiiar* ea'l on Mr. 4. MoAVOT. 171 Jay ctinet, Brooklyn. Agent# nejd nut aiwwer. *nrn -partjbr WAHrFD xir a BtrnixBSH that VAtlU, will par ll.JOO par year; dotw fo.- oaah, and can be extended through >u the Stewa; !i wt h .nt rWk.and with u aotB;etltlor. Apply to Q. CLABKd A *X>., 142 Chamber* at. A BARK CHAHCB.-WA.4TRD. A PARTNER Iff A burlaeni down tnwn, that p?7i ,'rcm $51) to fhJO a w??k profit, baciera mail prafWred. and one that le wll ing to 'ra rel Dlreel, for three day, M. P. B., Broadway Po?t - flies, ?taOrg where as toternew ntn be had. A100 ca-h re<riirni DI8fiOCCTI?K OF COPARrNHRAUIP.?T3H OOPaRP Bfwablp here olore tt'iUng urd?r 'he oa-ae atd at le of Uppfiao. Jaoobwto A Co.. la by nitittial cm ten' dla>o red 'blr day. All de-it* 4<j? la and by the firm will hi settled oj M Xsippraau A Brother, I t Wllflam a reec MICH?PC LIPPXAN ABR > IXaM JlCOBBtJ*. Few York Jun? 11, 8fid I/JUI8 IJPPMAN DlBBCI.CTIOH-NOTICl 18 BRRKBY OXVBN THAT the emartnnrrhtp h?reto?cre axlating nndsr the name ?ad altle of Wb'.t crk Iteat-.y A Pu.rei boo hae beea tfcli da, dtaaolwed b) mutual eo..>art. All aoo-joi.t* duo to or aga'njt tbe aixire firm wll here l ed b? Hea'y A -tevaoa ic. who will ooatltttw the btu na?e o'bonbbtrsJtDg atd paper ru i"g ;n a'l It* bratcbe', at the od stand. No. 16 Borioa street. I HAsI WntTl.'X It, RUBT PBATty. ,Ia? New York. Jore 9 iflfifi J as. fiTKVgMdON. In retljlug f-om 'he abovo buatoew I wou d reapeot-'uliy be apeak for the new 'rm * eor lnuaoct of Jw larora or my trienda leellng ae-tired ot their wo titty to ezacote, la a oeomp ard aattafaetor; maaner. all order* with whteh the' mar be animated. CHARCIW WdiTC'tCK. DiaadCvrfoX.- tmr oj PARfw*R?HiP ilK Jticru fbre eitating ander'he at-ie aad firm of Cobon A V?e? beta. Hew Yoak, ?n* Abenhetm A Co . St Lonla, la thla day dtaanlaed by mntna! sooaeat The name of the abo?e firm will, from thla day, be used oeiy to liquidation by either one of Ike naaahe-a. Ma 004BH, Hew Yoaa. June 2. 1HM. M. Aft AN BRIM. The,-aimed, in reterrtog to abore oard. Uta? plaaitira le awaounsa to hla friends and the srade generally that be will thelmpvteuon or wtaea. Uqaort and aegare, on bla _ . oat to the old nand, 06 ttoamarota; alr-At 8* LoffW, JuneS, 1864 M. ?fi IH9R1M. L^YAHTRD-WTTH PROM tw.oo? TO $? Otto. ^ d1; vJTMaer^m^he^-IWt.'. aj m of wli.'bsy. AdJ eat rmi FIRM HFRKTOFIIRII RXtHTIHO OHCRR T8R X naeae ewd atyle of UHMMT .lacsbaon A i>?, will tn future be aeavled OA at 116 Wl'dam sreet. aa Importera ar.d joboe-s ta oettoe, eaatomares Ao ta the name ot M LI oam an A Bsq tber who aloee are author iced to aetoe all deble due to and by Ae law firm/ MI IHABL LIPPMA*. h"w Tom. Jane 11, WBfi. IX)UI? LIPPMAl?. ,VB* OOPARTHBBhHIP PRRrfOFcRK kXlStTHO IJH I tweau the aahawlben, nader tha firm of ffolmea. Valan ttae A Rtttlar. la thla day dlaao rad by mu'uat ooMent Alfred a Va entire end Wtilhian H BuPea are tome aathortred to eef e ttw "ffilrs of wld oopartnaraklp aDd to tiae the nama ol .wd fl tn or toe pnrpww. * O- H'"-*R,_. A. A. VAf.KHTIHB. iJU yfilt/HEJltlfiW' W.ASUrua, *1 nnn cn cash in hsnd-to b$ loanbo 5* 1 I i: the >?* tot Ijcu offlM. m Br <*4 wi) aorcer ot Dunn#atrvat, third floor. upon ??ih* yswsrv, diamonda, horses, r striates, wagons, hsrtsis, ui outs- au ekUacecua perncsal property. l'rivete eatreuse for >ks 1*11st. J OH ft GuBRIU.a*, Proprietor. every i for CMk, to Burton's thtetra All trtnirirrtl nt eonfldenrtal $999,500 *0,?**' Jifui, Oiinnf. Ao. On NxHrilNDWl gnOABS Au. fiTHkoau1 ticm BotJOMi. JAMB B MAUDOFr. i fliWi OAU ALWAYB ON a AN O TO MAM f I OU .UUU advances. DtaaanA, wstases Jtnki ?Ilka, piano*. carriage* Ac., bougot and sold HH>e Btww ilHigr office, 41 lisward i?? OHO. BAPS ABU Msaagm. $600,000/ ?U kinds of personal note*. bond*, mortgage*, i ?, ___ _ _ , ? ? nan ai-eat, sonar ?! abb, second d >or. rooms No. 1 Mid 2# THOMPSON A CO.. broker* and aumntastnn narnbanM. ? KQKnnn TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, PLATO JOOO.UUU and ptruwil proNrlr of aM k'od*.?s bought 'ot c* >k; bond, and mortis*** nego'teled, at 486 Broad way, corner o' Broome street. or <59 Broom* street, room 8. fcirrn MIU1 T0 LOAN?ON DIAMONDS. WATTHMl J) I | U.UUv jewelry, tea* a, art goods. and any praa oai propeit-. or bought for cash. Offi ?? bo art from 9 to 6 o'clock. At 3d John street. ourner ot Nus* a. room J, aeooud doer, by J. F. fOadUbi, iinnrWWlTO LOaN.-B. B DM BAB! AD JIUl/.UUU yanoe* money to merohuata, eaotteasara, ireabs-'.ci and bualne.* persona, on a 1 kind* of property, on reasonable term*, or bought for oash, at bla premise*, 66# Bow fry. M. B.??u*1aca? prompt ecd oeafloeetkaL 4/1 '-I C/kfi?TO LOAN, IS SOMA OF ANT AMOUNT, JiO.JUU cn watches. jawo'ry of ait kinds, plan tt, as cars, aad all klnda of oenona pr.oertv. Private mini to ladles MILui A tiURNKY, ?<5 Broad aa., room< 16 and <7 41 a aaa -mobtoagr fob &ai,s. fob cash OR J?JAJ.v/1 'U. hrie or Central Batinad atock. Inquire of > SICK At'KkN, 29 WI.Uaib, near Bearer a reel, al 1 P. M , or by letter. 4 Fi flAn-H 0f0. (3,500. and $1,6(10 TO LOAN ON Ht/.UUU hew York city property. Re'areaee, B. O Mcore A Co , 11 Wall street COUliRW *LL A ANDERSON, 11 Wall a'r**t. CfkA-fl.fiOO. W.roo A-d $1,060 TO LOAN IN OUU Br. oklrn. CcObWklX AaHDFRION. No llWeltstraef. 12. t NT AMOCKT OF MONEY "O LOAN OH DIAMOND? A plate, wa'ebra, jewelry, at d all valuable peraueal pr* rarty or -nerehandix* and nought tor cash B. WOOO, W rnitoa at. eaaned door, cent room. 8 A. M. to I P. M. DIYIDEND-OFFICI OF THE NORTH AMBBIOAM lire Insurance company. No 6 Wall .treat, New Torfc .'uce It, 1B66. t he 8oai-d of IHrec or* of this aompaay hiv? ibis flaw dic'.ared a semi anuria' .Mrldand of tec (10) parte? payable on demand. B if. BUSKOKKR. Ueo1?. IjilNAhCIAL.?THW ADY^RTISRB HAB AN OPPOR r tunlty of etrcu'atinr among me.-btnlx about $1 506 weekly, and wou'd ike to hear from o>untrybauk* who do aire to gire a ROPd eiren!*'.!on u tl Ir bllla. BaU.raotirjr ar rangrn.enu can be made by adates^' g Franklin, box ICf fc ermld office. A f Oft'ET TO LOAN ?CN DXAJIuNDR. NATOdRa. JHf Jj e rr, pi*oob. ity goodt. ec^am, u< awary deaoflpttoB o yAoaola prolans. c bongft f.r eaak Block* bonds, rite* mortgagee, Ac., teg mated #atcbe* mud jewair? 'or tala K lUniKA 3K< droedway, roooia Not, I BJl 2. UMOadfb^r. S/.T. 1ST ATT OPERATORS WfLL FIND IT TO THE, 5 tdvABtrge !C ctl at No. 11 V (.'Is'ieei, bM6m*nt O ';G8tVi-'.LL A AflBd A90N, Aiirllorrers and Seal Estate Broker* It O S PER CFIT APBtiiSMiNT 30NPS -8DALRD FRO 0 poAil* wiv be recatved by the Comptroller, No. 6 Hall e' Eroo.-d*. unit, the ITtbday '.f Ju ?, !S&6 at one o'e'ogk P. U , for a 1cm of (ISO 6C0, to pit Io^r-e-'or* aad a Gee A'rsaKt on wc*k done tor the Corporation, as provided by the ordln t one 01 December to. ihM. Fcr 'hia loan ? aree noot bond* will ?e i/i uid fur twelve mootb*. ?t ?'i per oei t per anrjum in turn' o! (1,100 aad nywanta Pi ,p->**!? to be addrea?c4 to A. O. F.tgg. (.cmptroller. fc 6 Uillol Reco.-dt A. C. FLtQtJ, C>T?ptroUer. ConrTBOLLfR's r rne* Pew York Juca ?, K59 OOVEBKIONN, EftOLIFH STl.VTS, FRANOH, SPAN 1th. ADd all othor 'crelgn gr 'd aa<i ellvrr c*i be boughi sod sold it the bee ite. ?t the fipeale and exci?nste ofllieor JfUHe M. TaYL' R. Oo-rar of 0va br.m syuara aad Jamet ht.-eet. Pew York. X. B.?Dralta (or aaia on RngUnd.Ira'and and Sc^tlatd. TO CAP T tl IBTB $:0.000 to ?<0 0U0.?WANTRD, A i party with this amount ;o liTen' in 'be purcha'eot rea etiat*. on *bicb fltiy pur eer.t can be r aliz?d In one year 816,0 C will be Invented by lb. advertiser, wkl ib shall biar the first leas. It any. Ri.Utact jry rciareacet given. Address Finer c Eerald office. \1:I8T$&N LANDS-rLUNOIR INDIANA, IOWA Tv cr Wiser n>tn lands wan-ed in extnanre for New fork or 3rrokl?r. properly; lowia neaotiated on b'nd and mort**ge. aid approted cotea B. CLAG'iKIT, Wrsiem land office, 29 Broadway. AS A V UWJiJfc, dk'.J, Arnold, constabl* a <xi. abb offfrtno th? nncamae illocfd goods at greatl' reduced prioej:? Drew sbka. at 6s per yard worth 8s. SI k rube*, at $16. wo?th$10 Greosdire re DC" In great varietr. Rsrega roser, at $8 and 16 worth 18 a"d $16. Francs isconet, super qui. lty, at )r 6a per yard. Mantillas, hi Gik aid lac*, tu the ,A*eg-. l'*rts idtie*. Bnusekseo ug go da aa llcrss. daoiaals. diapers, onpklas towel'.iogt, Ac , in large variety ard iow price*. 62 Oaaal street, near Broadway. AT RICHMOND'S, 369 BKOADWAT. A VgRTFINBAB ?or'mrittot eni->nndertea sod lace goods, BaadfeercWM*. rrtiars. blsok tkread capes binoiies potnU. boaitoa goods Sc., si of iruich wt l ba ro e cur usual cheap rales, far r cb goods Prrvc.s to removal to 6e7 Bntadway. /TLARK'b NPDOL OOTfON.- THB jk&dNCT FDR tHi V sals of thb spoo. oot'cu br- removed to No, 32 Day rbcr* a wa'l a'sored rtoek of the gaauta* art si a, ta ?nam vl ml'", own Is always cu band ?ikORttli A. v'LAHX.. 31 Day DB >88 AND MANTITT.A M tKUK>.-LAbIE8 WISH ir(f -he mo* perfect fitting rtj*n?<>9 must e*U at 4.7 drout way fid r?ti the grr?i BUprilurttT of TtYLola'A erea: 1m uro?ri!?Dt Irrsrtw cut and tasted tad pstsmi tor sa e LaJ'fs (o tod est it. IjtMBnOU'EKlPS ritOM AUCTION -JOHN MADDEN j agent 5G7 Hroadway. eoraerot P/l;.?* 'treat, i? tat on.* store wnerw adiea cut gat Butted with ladles' and ebti Irta't baf'ia*s. jackets, ?arts, fpront, An . !rms 13a. to *200 Grbatsalsokmocrpi.ti qoods, at mi broad way, between SprtDa ted Frlnci streett.?The nllorlig seasonable mourn eg grodi, Iron, auction ooujot at an eaor trout tact.Qce, will be sold at a,-mall aiyameoalbe purchase. y'z: ? One case of biaak and wbita lawns per yard. I oe cue of tiea erganfleb la. 3d par da Cue owe of do. da It. 6d oordo Ore ct'e oi Lnpta's beregt# Is. Gd. per do. One rue of pise apple turner la. 6d. par do One ra?e of berrge rotes *<5 per rabe. Together w th a very large and mr#t superior t'ock of mantil isa ai.d bonnet t, all adapted for thd pre .est reason, at greatly 'educed pr.oee W. JACK SOB'8 rew mourning s'ore, Ml Broadwai, beweejSprcg and Prince street*. Pa ?18 MANTILLA KMPOP.1UM, 301 Broadway Ibe vbe a ot tie stock Of Bilk, Moire anuria. has. Guipure aU'1 Chan'.i'iy lace mantilla* Imputed aad own resiiu'aeture Lccg ?nd square brooks And i'alia BSAWLS Are new being nfl-red L. nep"eeedec sdty low prloea. kzteEafre are about t/. He m>de oo -lit abert premiere, which rend art It imsera.lre to effrC an ectlreu'ear acce of tto:k. mkjHUK BCl.Plf. SPRIHH AND 6C'h MJCH TOODfl P. OAS AT AO'jMPAWT, MEHCBAKT TitlOW ADD IMruUttHt 1* Part pl*oe Seeniye by (he tteaoiera aad t t'.byr venae a throughout th Suatoa valoatrjt tvoleec m spring tod summer gooda tor dreTLCtea'a want, Muny ?f which are be comb tied style* and ae'notions *f tb* mnlMht maker.' and destgnera 'mm HAHiiOW. PATH8 A CO.. COLKK13 STKCBT, WXDOH, Com string the tnoartri. with th? sidtninn. The geooi f-jtn this bou*e are too wsii kr.ov o n need Mve> iito., taev save taken die lead of al. o'bext ftw Ore leuat A fears The preeeni selection perhaps ezoela aay previous. j ?a parted. Kvery rariery Instf'e, teats aad make ?f e chine, and fur s'abhif g' jds (AO a.wya be aeea at Lf PanK PLaCA S tmm rr fashions.?mm r DoMokrhi'* kxthncIvr, art site and reliable display of sew and elegant designs fur ladles aid children's apparel, now ready. Artiadc and sciu ra'e plain and basque waL- pattern* cu< to ht the form. P.aln waists, If J? cema; bas.jcrwa.iis 25 oentm. Dressmaking lu all Its branches, at 375 ?'.Ad way, TAB! M CLOTHS, If A PK INS, TOWELLINGS H ANDZF2 ehlrta skirt bosom', Ao. Alwsyat n bawl, of everr rire, qualltr, rtyleand pr1?e, J. C. MtLLiKBH A CO., Livtm Goowi llaaiKRA, 748 Broadway, abure Asu>r plane K I'KOf'K ~AJJV * KT1S F. 3TK .VT8, CUWIWi JOn BMnUOinJMI >*?opr,R h?viwo ) ooncertefAd car hat stamo, ant plaoed It. tosediar with our oaeie In their bats. ?Ui a view u> peas od ibetr own toodt as our maatfawore, and ?sne hatter's "Immlnra deal era hare m the um fkaudaiect and it jrtn-lp Ad marner couotarfetud our bat (temp and an d het 'ningt so nam. ed to bat naar rifro.qerra end several merchant* at home and ahrar.d bartrgam ad nrr a'latulon th?rr-.tu we here-iv gire octtce bat we the., ea'eem it a partirnlar fawor If parties wl. inn.mti to n? sarb ialnraAtiou, with the fall Obr'ttlan a- -1 sor> name ef al. parties ' Oertng such goode. thai we mar be sua hl'd to irDumDrr pr-uoeedufs at 4*. eltiter la our eounebwre or in ike proper courts In our soionles. or aire where, again* a.I parti ?tU may ? ee?*we, b? y ,r sell these eoun'erfeti goods "'/ohTBOMA8 A F.DMIM4D C3R18TY A CO.. Loadon. 7AJIM MAJtCWaLUJPBBIAL. WINK MIKOHAITT TC ?J her Maaahr Qtraen Vbetorta, .ateppeprtetor of Ihooteoo's reof*f, the firary*. aad the utmdoa Efitiem, aad the Nor*h aad ?J her Maiaa^Oween VTetortn, jMeppepoei/tro'lbooteoo'i reef**, the Orary*. aad the utmdoa HdlBm, and the Nor*h aad 8ouA Ammrteest Or Ob* Bonaa, osga io laCnrta hla Amertwar paauaa aad Hande wkdtiag Pnghad that J. X. la now one a* Be large# wtue us ahai ts at tna Wan Rod of London; MUu saSars sader J. Mfa. varfnoe pHwate bouaaa ia A'hemsrM -treetand the nefgb teahoad PuUta 'diss,for gaaeral ags# 0m aad the wlae aad sprit bnAoesa. No in eunar of Htat lord aad Albemarle abroeba, I'tomvHMy, Lendon. Rafmsme* and hankers Sir Oiaode Aoott, Barf. A OMapaoy, No. 1 Oarea dM< sqaara. Loudaq^ rivxe WAMKtfl^LAr* PKOPRirvot or r*Bori fl son's, H# n *"4 tb* Ivwi loo HutsTaL and AC North aad South nW Ooffh* Hunsa, baga to infinu hi* AmrrVae Tlenda fflBTandat that J. tL la all! laiereaMt In hotalslh hie illUlnJb i I and haw aAuaevera! pr.'vsiefa | it shed houae* alwayaWtrt, In wartmwala. or enttrely, in iqi I the vary bert part ad Loadgo. N. B.?All aopitentinna mbj made dlrwat <wr by letter ? Jlmea Mart -veil general offlee. td. saitier of staffer* aad Alhaaarle atraeta. NaaadUlw. Loaiioa DKimirmt, r\iwi*BTRT.-rooTHAOHi NictBD, T**TH rru.rp, U put In, all within', glwtag aay pals, warranted at my old se'ai at't oothaahn sure and dema. rooms, oomer of Broad ? ?r sod ?nitre atreet. aver Knot'* bet stnra first floor Di. 2Jjt, LkcOat, A war er sorrel horbm. urn t*aR8 old. i?)H?h and bttoh trwvel*,;*"#>, wMfcM ovrl?fs. Th*y wt i t* M d together <* ??f*-? ' T"T..r*Mon?'? ?or\\ L-qutre cr J * Kit* iVj*1" * H*ary ud Pseil. ntroutr. oe*r Houtta foirjr Brooklyn# A TfiOK'DOBi-T TttAlNKD LIMY HTPJN* FO* A ?*!#, v'x '?*? ? ?" b?pd?om?ly oiBr*sd.ea4a-*ui'>m'd iotlwArtyesi bv iid'wui ch'.drca hsvlcfbo ?:?lon 'r?4kj. ^ ? 1-T ?CMW. Wreet HIL. * RlLMOM'o sab'ei, 1W row H ?* Bit ma**. light TOP WaQoii and ham bis fo* m'e.-lhe mare l? !??? ?U.etma* ??* ?ta4'5 bames* or ued?r the a.dd ?; to a frwe *o4Hy)l?h dHrer. yrtlTte Mid ohesp tor .Ml of nm. AfMy at SO Me*M*? street, corner of Bu'iw. CARRIiOE F0B8aL*-A BCCKAWAY OABBIAOl ? jnawASgp; rs&atjshww? Ml.'*. <y>ru?r of lblrty cloth street aid Btkto avmue. rU 8* LB?A BE sUTIFUL BAT KAB*. 1?K 1*1 U fcaafto ttfc klad a.d gent!#. Atom a food travritor fold f?* vHlidWIi pri* IJI. toflil* of BaSMSI tUMl too toreot. ?OI BALB-A GOOD gBOOBD HABD TOP WaION K tto Mrt po. ?nd ? double kMM laqure ?' OSTAABDSA'dwiD.d. No. ? V?*toy ar?i. aaer Tanok mOR BALB-A BPLBNDID. WHX BBBDBORBI J A UN If are ul Abdai ah mock, bright bay. J?K year* oid poribeU. klod aed sowed Md > ftesuwvs.*' mi iioi to ?:S0. lo be MOM dl SOUM' Ahm lu OltMlQC ptooo. . Biob salk?a bboond hang opan oaabiaos, in good or?er Iiiquuo *1 Mo I WmI flfeetlh street. TjtfcR BALB-A NUMBER CP PIN* fOMBS JUS" r fyvmibeoourtrr, two m?'obt*T?, end 0*e Sao mar* Ave year. o? Unhand* high. ?d e%n ????'<? *??*? vnBiUles on th? r^h. Anol* At WOoil is >. LIVmA b ?t*H? Sx> sod ?8 West Tweotj seviath *tr*et, betwdoa Atg htb Mil Moth arenas' 7. OB SALB-ONB OF THB H ANOSOMBMT PlYd TReh r odcolu lo tb# Mty, about IBhsad* . If k; solor eocrel LbUlHi Si dliosltto. UrilrilWA OjWtto^d. KBoth.'8 Urtcy tuola Mooio? streei,mat Mvfcaumw Fno a ALB A HANDSOME HLiCK MlW: 6?VkN jtsrs old. 14X hvdi Wfh, oound sad k?"'" h".b"? ?? l>y a youBg lad*. A)s> o r^ciawa* w?oi, wl bMUinf g.** trout. Apply at Ibanipsot's otib.e, l.d B**t Iblr.e i.Ji a. Fyrm BALE? A VBUT BASDAOSfB AND 8TT1.IAR pa r o imuri*. l^H lis: da bitf*. Can trot tootMrta MJ; aMbsrolibomosn trot i? J:4d "? ?|M nalXiiuarB^o*' Will be told reasonable. Adfliois X Y. X , union square pos cfflce. For ralb-a ba*? bbonk and sivlish obai inaro. I6S bsnd. bi?b and e"aW josrs o d. i ?ou'dsnd bltd tn tto* e or doutls barnwt; ao?'5 oigor. iblf.iog top. made to order, by J aury A \ aoda , ser al'h b?Tne?. olanbeU, Ac. Itqttlrd at HLGANaA | *tao!e, ZS4 ba?t Br^adwsy. i FOB SAtM -A BA Y HORrE S XYEtRS OLD. WAS rail ed srurd a< d kuid In all taieooi; rerr sty tab dHrot Prioe$04. aldrtM box27tf Po.lollla. or spplr at 82 Front sirect ff.OK BALB-A BR'aar BAT HORBS. LORQ TAI'.. 7 " ' i a rt old, IftS hatd* blib; ?eit an ted aoucd and1 Had 1t> cing'e <r dtublo terrest; i? ? f??t travsLer. I< a B v bbdrtvrr; will ttacd withonl t lng. Cm be seta at No V Baisvlattieei, t(. t.torby addreialag r. w. ^CB BALB-A PATH OF PBTNCH POBIBS iB_O0T $ louit-ei hsndn h'orh se-an and year* o d. oound ard ktrd tr hsne.sor wwH'e, ?nd nood trjvo j"M . 'IS usrd with psriect ssfe'y by lao e> or oMtdrex Brqulrs at 87 F ko r<iP. or to <itiderniaeve ABayies stab.oj, fnot tf Brldfn stree'. Brook!' n Fur ialb- ina qbaY tactjisg hobibspbio ato*-* be !? jtiupj. POUtjd and kitd. a p.piaawid double horre; b-s trr ttsd tr. 2:J9. a 'co on? of the lines' oev raarasi to the c ty? <ive *eait old* trots fwi. Apply to !)& OAMlr, 14? ^prirg rcet. VNC3 BALB YKKY CHJAP-A VERY 8TE0?O AND I* iea!]j toll' fot .* wbe?; 3!t* bu-laoss w^0"- ,Ja' ppi- at th? <i?e*3a itwlil. soutk m- e of Tw.ntj tklr. ?09. Apply . tued, t? t seen Fifth and Sixth avsnui* H OBERB rc-B BALK?AT i*ITH A BROWN'S STABLY. JUL 12C Kas* Twenty lourth streF-Twj pair well matched l^y ocach borrea, m e ptl; che?t?ut clor'd ro.iCn hjr?e?. one ri'lr-hrei ut Wilorjd nlddlh g etred tsst bor-es oie sp.ecdid dark b* ? ?,ddl? b-rse Ike above bori?s are lately frotn the o-mivrr, ?cd are vet y fine tor the parpoeee mevijnerf and c( the beet blood. J' K OUBTld. H 0&8E FOR 6ALK-PORR8L fllXIES* HANDS, LOMO , , tan a good and ttjiifh Irfty^'.Ier, eouud aad kind la Bin ale Lt doub t) h?zxie*s, S ycaia old and \in*u'pa?864 aa h boi se (or wbich hi ban bar" u-ied for ike set two years Add (?? box 2.698, Cost offlce. Frfce ?300 LADY'S SADDLE HORSE WANTED-MUST BR KIND very gentle, su e fo'ird, and ao;n?t-?med n ladj'sridlif Adrrtts'bcx 2,588 I'ootidioe doALr'.bisg the bor-ie, and eneie he iraj be seen iQPT TOP WaOON.-ANY ONk HAVING A GOOD ,i yrar n and wi"inr to ir?de (trbrandy, may doao by applylif to taoNPBoN A QQ. 10^ Nmmu strret roomNo.2 I 0 JWNEB WaNIKD?FOR A GRAY HORSS. LIGHT varon Md harness. He may hare the same by eylllng at H. V> sniiamach*r's feed store. No. 229 2bird street, mo pa)It* expenses and movirt property. If notcalledfor soon, ihty will be sold to pa 7 expeares (TtO HAOKMBk.?A BARGAIN.?TWO SBOOND HAND 1 ooaebt* te be a'id. yery chesp s*. the comer ot Twan y seen d mi eel and Ptventh aveuue.ove.- Gould's stabiss. T.P ROADWAGCN.C^BT ?i25. BUILT TO ORDER FOR eiiy ar.d, will be .old tor 8125 cash, owing to lottes snMatted by endorsing fo* a ctty tloenellraan. Apol> at Vi HiTr.'d stable*, northwest oorner of Sraadwai and 3?tt st**eL ViBMONT HQEBKS FOB 8ALB-THABE FINF PA.IR.5 cccb l oi*?A s'x Gccle bmse* two ver? fas; Hsmbmti r'a* burses, at GEO HBNBBA'B s^be,79 UV-Agaton stree' Brocklya. ? Y17ATTKD-H0RSF. TOP WAGON AND HARNESS, IN VY excbsuxe for ttocis, or part stock* and uar' oa?b An' person baTlox a co xt es ah.lshment. and willing to trsde lor the abnye, may add-een, stating where to be reea, box 119 Pf ra'd cflice. YOUkO HORSE FOR BALIC.-A HOB8H blX T?ARH o'd, wi.rrat ted rocnd and kind, good Issai I xdo bar reas atjlith driver, ju*t from the country; au.taste tor a fa mily or doctor. Appiy at 119 k Id ridge street. REWARDS ifrO fTAEWaBD~ I.C8T, ON THURSDAY KVfcJflRG Shoo I2'h lost , a *1 sen skin pocketbnok, with D U. Hua S"M vrl'ten OB the out'ide, tn colrg through the Bowery truin rprlDgw Grtnd rtn ?t to Brotdway, and thenas to Caul street. An* perron teturnlng the wm?. with tha cfotents, to D. G H-dgli?, '/i Centre etree'., will reerive from $36 to MO mwa'd. end no queetiotnia ked. Any REWABD-L08T. ON WED8B8DAY BVEVING. ?Zj n gslrg torn Th .mpaon'* aa con through Broadway and Bleecker street, to Abtn?don square, a small gold leplne wateh and chain; suppo*ed to be !o*t la fllseoker street. Any imrs'ti rttmnlr u the same to William M Gl'es, druggist, 189

ttiith avrnue, wll. re elve the above reward and man; thanks ol the ownen REWABD ? I.OBT, ON THURSDAY. JCNC 12, IN ?O Twettv first street, near Second aveine a land warran' for 100 arres' djawn In (avor of T. Greene, Ntv 13 732 Thy aosve rsward will be pail on returnxg H at 110 Kan Th r tceath stieeU flTf; eeward.-rah away, in Brooklyn, a bi^ ?0 yellow doc. Whwver will return the mau to the eao twin of brig Meutersut Admiral Caliea jury, at Atlantic dock 15;coil)ii, nlil receive the above rsward. ?0 R8WAKD-DCO LOST.-STRAYED AWaY. OV i;-,y kburaray, 12th lost, a hark ardtan terrier dog: h*' rn ciato eo'lar vi'h o?csr'a rame to it Whoever will re tuni wil dog to L. V. Til toe, 690 WashlngVtn *treri, ehsll r? eci'f thearove *ew?rd. LOST AND SVUITO. DOO LCBT?A 8* AM. BLACK A It I) TAN TRRRIJft iTin finder will he ret.aided by returning him 11 '28 We*' lwa.ltb .treat. I71C.CND?ON IE K 9TH IKS!., IN ON* OK THK [, JN i r I'Ltd Rallrori care a pookebo.k. cot tainlng a anno' rom.ej Tl.e owner can recover the uue by oaPIng nt the boute ofOfO. W.Towu*.nd Oyater Bay, L. I .and deac-lblD!. the prnpetty aud paying tor thla advertuemert H. J. T0WNB8KP. LUT-AT 1ME KTABL* 0* TBI 8BB8CRIB1*. BY Yr. V Obeli a brown mare. Notion la hnreby give. tbat Paald mare 'a rot oal'ed for, and herbt|tf*r board *etti*l oo or be lore the 16'b day of June, rte will be anld to Day ex pemea. OKOR'JK W SUIT, Ooruer of Bavard and t.lrabe.h atreat*. LOfiT-A POINT LACK POOKUT BANDKBBCHIKF wt'.h cimbrlo oetitre, on Bro d*ay, while riding or wa.r Irf, beiweae O*Dal and Thirty flPh gtra-H. the Aider will b* be a oil rewarded by leavtag it a: 26 Bridie atree', N. V LOST?THK KOI,LOWING D?3CHINB1> NOTTS OP H P. Blbbard A Co , ot ithaea. New York, endorsed V then: AMIO, dated Tertiary 19, at 8 mnr.tha, and $411 80 dated April 19 at 8 mon'ht Being !o.t, the public are hereby eauitorrd n t to na$-vlate raid notea, aa pavment baa been BlCHlFB. hl'laPD A BttPW, |19IJDerty atreet. Lost- nkab fcpath htrkkt akd sixth avrnck, a geld lodk.t and unlet marked P 9. P. The Under will be rewarded by returning It to No. 126 Fourth atreet. turner ot Amca. LOST-OK MONOAT LA?T, AN ITALIAlt OBtoV boned tawrt color ard white, left lore leg crooked; an rwrtw ,o the came ot ' Pet " Whoever will bidng aaid dog to ITS Rldr'dge atreet aball beMberaily rewarded. I CRT?IK OCTOBKR I.A8T, A BANK BOOK, ON THK J < hair her* Street Hank. Home book* were taken to a bockblndery lor binding, and It 1* auepnand ? i have bean In car of ttarm Anybody returning It to 16 Lalght aOreet will re oeire the tbarka ol ilio owner. LCfef?A LADI'8 blukbilk oroohkt ppmk, with a'eel e aip, contalnlog between twenty and thirty dol'ara meetly In bill* of Rocbwter dty banha. and aooae obange. rnppoacd tube lot on Saturday, between TwenAr-(r*t ktreei. rrer Pttib aveDua. and Fourth ayeoue aad Twamtrtlgbtk atreel, Madleon .quire The floder wlU be aulteblr rewarded by leaving H at 44 Meat Twenty eighth etreea LOST?OK THPB8DAT IVBNINQ, IK OOTKQ TO 1HK oburch cn the Helgb a via Kadlaon avenue rtagea and Wall atreet re?rv. a ma.achite breach, wi'h e<ruacao teMing The Hcder will be eiiltebly rewarded by leaving It at Ko. IP Popth B'i*et, up atalr*. or Ko. 72 Tart Twenty envesth ?>rear. Lost-a pookkt m r mobandum o-y>K, rathhb large, of do va'ue?ldapt to he owner, In going from Ficet atreet to Jeraey 01 *y, on Wodoewlay evening 'art. The fled?r wl l be luitnbly rewarded by leaving it iu 18 Front at LOHT-IK 0B08BIN0 TOMI'KI'8 S^UiNN, OB IT9 viotnl'y, a puree, with about $13; It be on.;* to a o tor itrl. Ibe (Inter will receive a toward and tx? tlenki or tae owner, by eevlng It at 67 weal Tw.att 'hnl atreet STBATfT) OB BTOf.KK?FROM C*NTB?Vff,?.*T? i<"K, on 29th of Kav. a aav brown awt'eouil horwi, hAtdr blgh, lame la nigh 'or ward foil, with a th-ea q ar'ar ah ?? r? and a ntUe Rman rone Whoever retnr- a ?*11 hvje l> fti Sixth atreet wtil iec?ive aaulteb e raward. WM ft rriH. SCPPOiin TO BV BTOI.KN-ON THPIWHAT RVIn' tpg, a black and lanjdrg jbrtwaan Newtyur.d a tfand Murnt fit. Berraid, annwera to the aame of PI ?t Any peraon being Ing him to 29 Booaevelt atreet, will be rt'tab'y ran ?-o?d. CTOI.FN- 1W0 HAVINO BANK B'lOKl, ON THK est ?Trr.en'? Kavtnaa Bank; oon he !W64|, bearing %e name of ( ?djerlr.etMeanin; tb# ntlaar No 86 691. ol lh? i .ml name AI pt iwoa ?te eeuMnted from reeaivloginch bao*.?, aa tha m .neg detO'ited thereon hae been a'oope<l Thee. hortk* woe.d be Iba'b'n ty renalved by the owner widow Kegn|a. at |l( f.iu. l.t.. L .<A, m Mi AT. A AO ItM c, j.iif pa. |M, 8591 "004IHOB be rut *>??"? a'woei dtreetlr on? mi 5|fl4^>'."ti!y?i L In 74 ^T-l^-',TyT?t?9 w*?Ff-A SUIT or d?t?<L ?????on. KtUniM II, k? Mcntj 66 ?^1tLVI o" ^ srsttEr ?'u.^cS^rs fil WHIf KKa| HIOADWaT tv i yl eleiko'.y furvUbedepar'meuU u ^ 1J'. \ ! J>o*fd, ok ike flr?t II >i r?i private lu? eoi ?w.?."i,v mcdia in-pn rwiik a?>ag ad tAe Fifl eabt twmkjy mxyh armur -iluh** (Jt7 tooeaeaiid park rata ? u a l" t V^- .7...!. pocabU t?aiii<, wi k fai: or oaju ! b a>d J?nni?* iJO? U? ttuUMi ,4. * nta 11 '?;? ilA, Fmtt (ufsptnlit ipoiti, *?"?????1^ ?(? f>4- .^*-m ITiiiT, rim oooii wtsr of t-lT Umaden -A r..i'.k ../I. >-.Tr. " " .' reaanapia. hot. eoMand akevar aatSifta?^ Ttr" 4.^ WUITfc BTEitf. A Flf DC OH WIIT or Itf .Tik gdRS^^wsnsaSK QQ P'W J0KI8 I'lliT. A L 11k Rin* ???> OO ujrok. mjotoh,,. furtUbo* or m."rVuhal oi E.? ? tll6 tbOTA til It oi.i90 hftunn do [-,>? tli ,li. , . those a ho wish to be pSiZIZt%? ZZufi.'.JTS ' ?r-t, tow Lahpetis piaw. J mm* 9P0PIw R PTRtAT. BVOtMN 9EI1RT8 -A *i, > iqnwa rcow, ?nh f rd I? >ard. ft v.miM Int t Jo %vi?? pot enm or a c*3ti?irao atd fcu wife Tano?flS ?S? ^ MB LAUD PLAOK, IIOO^D DOQ| KIOV (Itfiri ?**<??????* ? ^iT^fr'.o^v00" w,u ft* *???** AORNTLIMaK Op. TWO OA1 BM FMAH < VTI ? in ca rd lii a .i*etly p-lv.te a.d hVr^ n2? r t'li Jn!inJ?r,ir|11* Cr P'Tfla' li'tri 1b? Ilk, Di^orn lanrnvrmrme aid i? niutlrrf he'wo^j Ki"b aa? %&&"?*- ? *?' lUnaena. *m*. Kw#i5 " A^,R'7b ** family, uthkTTk AH *I,i". Rii-th ore oear Filth avenue vfiuJiklit^i r^uidi wbQ'Fd. Audroeeug J:oi 4:9 I'm "flio " ? A ^?SiT1>pll,VAric t'AM,Lv. ntvibu wirfk li'.u're .i ?'c>5t? ?JSmXSSVUStS AH<2?D8r?MlC SUIT CF fUBisIkHKIl ROOMS ?/ pulor and t?o brarom^t to .01. at .'18 C.Uiton pU.-a w re IHat a vajry irjkceriprke tiooaortrija?t'raa,? A 9r ?Tw^* ( F .S?,0lfS 0H ?** s* '010 ?'Biuithed, tn l?i to a ?(ol e^ttTand'h* r?? hkBilom^j or;o,^r> R,B A FAMILY, HA.VISO VIORK r iom vn a * ?z:'" r; Brradwa-. "?"?^."MrNxtliiveaaa. App j ^u.02 K?ssKs'aa;f~3 A PAFTJIIKT8 FOR Q*FTI,*MKIf ? HAbn*f)4fn v ???( U,B S ' ntw ,bB fcct? ? aPP'F ?' Wo 8) i rt05 a?/p?KSMSPsJte Sw5:;s->??'5 ac ' ?? B S , Cnloa nq>i*Te Po?t office. A 8INOL1 OIF7LKMA*~OA^r<mAIv A A PEIYaTK Family WOCLJ LEY A LaXob Ttrr.n [ i,S,r PIM al 171 ^ 8ereate?ath rtrest, a.ujvoMf A *U.RIilsH|I> PaBIjt.R. OR SI IT OF APtiltfivis Aus FDRWT3HBD FRONT ROnvr ^*it\ badioiNn st ached, to let to ?ie*lA M ^WI> sw.?ai5MS i.?SSS3ps I A ^5?TO!54i1a,ffls ,* Prirate f..mii,. Perra?r eEt'T ^l ., ,i?^ 'k^ * ?*M'abte | ' flic-, tor three g??g.7' ,u,led- Addre*. Oiajtjn. b?f^I?r,flIK.0LR ?*NTLBMSir OR OBWT' imv? ai.d tbslr wives, ceo be aooninjdatod wttb b . j ?" I Ca"*r6m 80 ""?tar ?? < ace, apply a "? " BnralK^t7.P.A AP K;Iae"anF^drh.Y ^ ADttlORf. irodeted wl b board and elera-i rr>o'j?- . ?!! o?niin ?" **-**? foUiTnet. Inon're at r.o si Ti, ;?'? oa* or ,W1 '<"*> Twetiit-teverth et.-eet ' ^,n kv#atie, cir^erof TJOARD -A OlfbTI.KMAV AND PIS WIFF A?n tw7, .Pl.ed'kp;,^.,^? .r,?r?T?arlMV" rd T",0 coBveilwit. witb a ! th" m,!d?? .Ji J "r(1i bll"? strvaoa .hXrar:,0fh'^ ue real.zcd'.A^oly^t*273 FooirLh jjOARD.-A FAW OUNri.BM-JI M AY OBTA'W it Fo. 9 Hp,iny."en '"aJST,?; BoUrJ"""*'1 bj ?PP'y'n? ?' doarp.-ofe r.wrwo orrmaw GRNrr^Mtrv .mv H?"iSSHar" B BOaBP.-aT 87 PRINOi SlltKKf. 8EOOND D )GR west of Aioadway cad be >bulce4 a l*rit fiirnmoet roor, pantrlu attacbid, w I h full or partial board. Hour fint c'lui. Re'rrence gtvnn and required. Bo*bd down rows??47 Washington strr?t Roard, with iodsingi. f-nm (4 to Ffi; beard, without Jodg tags, S3; lianslant boarders 11 per day. Board down town-nicn sinqli r iomh, wite (tooob'.ard in a Er?t o'km b >n.e. S4 to f'i. Room<, with cut roeid. Modern improvement*. 103 Franklin street, wen, rear tbe Marble church Board in a private family.?one fuknisbbd ai d two unftiruDbad rooms oa tesond floor, with or with out board, at TM A tat Ihlrvy flrit atreet, near AlghUi arenue. Board in a private Family.-two or thrkk gfnilrueD may be accomm.dated with peasant r05.m with partial board. Apply at 176 Or and atreet. Board in twenty third strbet.?a gentle man and wl'e or two or three ibg e gent'enen can s? scs mmcd&ted with a very pleasant room, on aioond or th'.re floor, with ull or partial board, in a firat ola-s house, a', mo' derate Urmu. H'.use baa all tbe modern luoorovamenta Ap ply at 76 Wet tTwenty.third a'reet. References exchanged. OABD IN BROOKLYN.- HANDSOMELY FURNI8HKL rooms to let to single gentlemen, with or without hoard, m reasonable terms, at Mr*. Moar's, Slid Washington street near City Ball, Brooklyn. Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and wi/r. or two ilrgle gentiemsD. can find dertra tie ro ma. on aeeoedflfor, wlthfnil or partial board, at No 60 Pacific atreet tornar of Henry atreet., Brooklyn, near South and Wall itreet ferries. Board" in"south brookI.yn~a private pami ly. oooapylng a new and sleraatlyfaraWhed bouse. within three minutes' walk ot the South ferry, can accommodate a party of two or three friends with a suit ot handsome and soa ew as rooms. No other boarders takes. Apply at 96 Congress street wi h'n three doors of Bicka. BHOOKLYN HBIDHTB.-ON1 OR TWO GRRTLEMKN oan have rooms and board In a lirst class bouse, In a prl vate family, at No 10 Sidney place, Ave utlnatea' walk from Atlantic aad Wall street Dittos. DfliBP IK TH? OOUNTRT.?MISS LANE WCDT.D BR D apectully inform ber frier ds that her fbsM/siand House ct Clifton, fa now oven for the anoommodSnT of boardese The house Is stunted oa Stmersoa'a avrona Chestnut Grave on an emtoenoe overlooktag tbe harbor and the Narrow*; t> hut tea minutes' walk troas Yanderbllt's landing. Board at gun wood, l. a desirable country dwelling situated near eien Cove vl.lage 8?v? ral families oan be pleasantly accom aiviated. T?rtna mode I ate. Apply to Captain Wo>d, steamer Cratac, Peck a ip. D. McCOUN. B OARD WANThD-IN AN AMBRJOAN OR RNOLMH family, bv a French gent'emap. In emhaoga for Inatrni iton ta French. Rpanlsb, As : at preeeot fetehlag M an aeedemv In tfaia city, Speak* Re pore CastUlan Isngoage. Tbe best references will be given. Ad it rest B. B. Herald tfBce. BMARD WANT'D-IN a private family, by a highly respectable young lsdy, whh urexcep'l mat refer eoces. it must be In a good looetiva. wast of Broadway, a*. Mr sen Car a! srd Franklin streets. Addraas X Y. Z , Hera'd ('Oca. staileg part ou'sra. 1JRARDIHO.-A 3KOONDSTORY FRONT ROOM, BED J room As., ut lurciahed. may be had, with hoard, at 9.1 aodongal street, (81. Clement's plane ) between Nleeckar and Houston streets, on modera'n terms. In a prl rate family. Ame rloana preferred. Modwt; imorovsment*. BOABDINQ.-A NEATLY FURNISHED HALL BID room to let, <o a single gentleman, oa rea?<naaie lerniv also, a rocm on the thl'd floor sultab'e for two gen"e-nan' v t.h partial board In a orlvat# 'amlly whsra there are no other boarder*. Apply at 96 faat Rrosdwhy. HoneeoaUtne ???. BOAROINO.-A FAMILY OA* H? ACOJMgf>nsTKD with a anit of well (nrntfhed rooms, on reeond or third it or; gas bot and eld watsr In sgcb; e'so, a ring e ro >m loja Ion pleasant. Apply at 189 West Fourteenth itreei. TJOARDINO AT 166 OHAMHER8 8TREgr.-FAMtl.rKH JJ or tingle gsnfismen aetommodaiel; bouts new.r furnish id throughout Oaa, bath. Ac. 166 Chambers atraet. BOARDFRN.-TO LET. F URNToHfD ROOM!, TO GEN Ifetnen and thslr wires or alng e gentlstnaa wi'h or wl.lou board In a private family ai 7't Hou'b Third atree' i,s?r irurth. Wlll'amroii'g three minu'sa' walk from ?t'h*r ot U Ln ss. L?tallja pies**.!, UT: jtrdja, As, HR<?& IS.- TWO HINUL1 (JRNTLTMaN OiW HATS iWwl |H?, wt h braaaftp and tav la a pt?4 a '?? N Jo.a!a?t? atrrra, fl't aaicutv oa'k irtu W? I ?'.iwat ?>? ?CO* fain-#. /M *M l> bai 1,M7 ??? lark Port tfltaa tUlUMBl N<>aKD WANTED WITHIN All H tUo'l / itdarf ibaettp b? a l?a?l jr obi: ran. fo?t' raxaa rrjakad *Him L J., boa l.Rfl ta* lark Pnat ufflj* (YOCKTBY HOARD AT N'HW'U. OONN.-OITLY ' Iwa loo ?' rMa par rai ml too a tka ou?, (aid baking. Mlt f >al inc. Aa Boat aa at erar? dai at t o'c ret, frtm P<?* alp Ttr furtbar parJeiiara applp to JOHN BtiAEE. oa the pramiaia. 20tT?ThT NOAWT-AIX WlaHINO TO OBTAIN Dl ?Irak a txrard or beardara, tor oit? or ouotrp, aboa'd ap. al Frnfari* ?? harga. trpv.a'a Bui dm*, 3M Troad ?H torlwi tltiartad gralultoualp raMimlva, lr<-*M:p of remi Ar ?lrra 0 H. 8)11 TH A "0. ??|NB. IfAPltMblia BOOKB, F0RM>IIS ). OBTAIN tea ?aa nAi'.ca ?? roitrral bp bath roam An , to tot, wtf ar ?t'k.) t partial board, la tla nx* and prirata ratArena ft W*at 1 Hoar Ik atrea', bat rrao Pt th and olitb arraoca. katpfarVrj ratoraaaaa aieha> gat rsTBJtnnkD board, for ladies, r dowm loan A64-ma Hale*. Bmalwaj Hoa* oBm. ENBRRIPIIRD BOOM*?ONR OB TITO ORRTLRNBR ~ eaa ar aroom odetri with atallr ' m'abad a. d p oaaaat room.* ?Mh raa, to a'emu p-t ai* Itml'r, oa rarr ro Mutable torma, at Of flraecr ?tr?ai, aaoiad Bo r fr >ro Pnn tk ?"r. or a trw rinf a |?ii>rr. err fee ecvinao diird ?t'? br?anr. ira. Hth li tbe rn..a Applp at Na. Mkaat teeixd atreas a to * d x>ra from Tutu lb araaaa. 1,'tJRN IFHKD BOOTH WlTli TH f USC OF AN FLY r taai t artar, 'o lat ta a ftra* c a* hnu-r, ?'t or attk >ut burnt cr tkr tiraef a Heard attaa.* to a faml j or nog ? gai. llraaa app'.l a' 33 k< Mart'> ? Uoa. Eighth ? r??L. rSPl?H?D B( CM. 710 BROiDWaY, IPP03ITF a a,I.I. gvr plan; a trrrr frara'lr *e#H?uC?, to tot!? ?, It acrU d for Itrmrdtaia p. Itouira ot Dr. Prl-ca f out It) to ?_rB IjtVliniaiB RIH.B9 To I.RT~AT NO, B!H II >U*T,)N r* atrrr1. tf ar Hicadaap ri b a'l tba molr'b'mpra*i<a?r>l; a'ao two argaat pa/loo Wu or al.boii baatl. Tnrtoi raawa aria. AN " Ft HT rt;RN)R?lRD OR C**t.'BNI?H?D BOO MB ? Wltk cr altaout boa d at II Wkl'aatraat H No. j w*;.t WAHB'tt ir. * flaob. rtksp doob brat taa p*rada ai mad K e<ant lonmr *?.! fimirhad to la', u. al?A n Rau'irata or ptrttoa at tao'icmta. ?uh par ial toard PI> AflakT BtOMA AM) OOOO BOARD IB A PRl v?u l,a..j, fir two nr Otra rmtir (ai.i'raen Tr-ii to daia a AcpIj at No 3M Bivoao a root o<wr Mot', ?.rent Ma'trtt raa ri4itn{*d. DtlTaTB BfiAlin IB BrtOORbTW.?LABOR AWT J p'rata't ru nt arllb ba nrriu ,pd prutnrt attaakad, au tAb'? lot Kt.Uap.aL an) Uit.i alvaa. or wag a tafi.'ntnoo. App ) at lit Aati'} turn, Uataaaa Henrj Rad lrotoa COMB TfR 1*0 OKBTTilW B. AT NO, U LXROY [ ?..? B* rkar lOert Dlna at 6 ?V >ek. H ocm if HuNrBOMKI Y rORl.IRHFD R0nM8 10 i7 at, to li atat.d arcoid Utora. at IfiU Ka?t II.a atrer^ TO Lit- WITH TtBriAL. BOARD, A P^RaBABT v* 1 rural* rd toom, roeir d II nr, wl-.b naa t ditakto !nr ? t e tf t ?o alt ('a ?rm rniai; if q?.?i liabna. I ?n int>tulaa' aa k Koui r uuoti nkil xuan (nriaa. kl d ? I >w di.r, troai IXml tuart aara Applp at AlAcanioa-hjTi.i art, Urooklpa TO Ml IN Y'lkKtKA. A RllIT OT HnOM*. HAND x.oixj ru-u tb-d, wt'h ? r wlUi-r.t board, tiutaita f>r a lao ltd in iuian. fur parUmlara app.) at SI Sr.rnti art: ut. TO 1.RT A fl'Rklkf fc' BtOKOOM IT A RkoPl.fA blab u'a u >r i.b itkrtu rqu ua Poat. HI :r For part.;. lap* irqnur at Ul Kotl a* irt. LKT, POWT TOWN?A HANDHOHB kURKISHdi ? rr top taro .? ?i *lh ba ranlad l> daartb ? ocnt) aptt. at haul boatd ?Uo. aatufanoga. Applp a 9r M luiar xtrcat. | O IS /OFT) OB IkTal.lD OFVPLSIIAN -A T' R I rlacro paror a d dorra*t)rp will ba xi wlta board, h-naa ?i ?ntion nod ux bin ot rata 1 he bnb*? la i rp r'? Hitb ramp amirra coaviulaarr FaOii'y ran aara'i an rludnuor ' nafdaia Atd-cvr Mra. darland, No. 1ST War' ttrtc, N. Y. Tr IBtrMHRH UICWHI#. rum wood hocil-ihi tiDiiwnoitTiit l. I1TIT1 lbs new red ai-lerdli b tel. situated at Mai^rea, oupoatte Kr-ptr , Pew Jtree*. will be p.W'^to^seetve oVvmiiU oi. um A-tb olJuiit Locn'tou umuroued, sp.endkt ?r f^TQ^T.-.irt... dee eOW fimt*g. g? Ltrf Ac , o?hirg 11 far aupartor *# ? summer rwodt tojao ia the .ta-A. fb? flue ?tean?r Ke-pwt, Oapl. Are i wsmUb U wg-' ,?,a, ii /10VMU BOARD. AT BIAttOHABI.B iv P JOHaBuN, propitetor of the American ?(*?'. At ftc\ field fprings r??pec?tu 1j'eodeiw b'e Mt^erl^Beeie W W trier da end Mttreae I * past lamia, assuring them that bav.ui autobur b*th?, a jd ma*y otier ekuvan'eoeea, to bla m ub 1th nam. be ia now be"er pre tared ?oa?5.i?mo4ate*l?t^? than heretofore, and to ie ider the <*y r-f bis guaau b? J1? foiuble aud Bgrtftibfe oal? ultlT w''?? weeiof A1 baa on the Great Western turnpike and lA-rleaa mils* a uih*ot Herkimer, on the Central Rallrotd. and lmm? d'aie vclU y < f the beautiful token cf iDLe,go which abound with a great aid super! w rariet/ of flak, and actrrur d'd hy a de'lghtfu! e i inT/ and purtureaqua aca?er-, be njpne'or fee a coattdect no p aee ta the ewte ew eif* (renter Inducement? to Invklldlfo." the reitoretioo of beelto, or o 'ami tea aee hi. * a pleasant rttort d-irttgthr months, than tbe qu'et a-d delightful vt Inge of lleUed Her nga. The elimate an one the hill# at ote*w> l? proverbl* to health-, ard eeper'alir adapted fir ibo?e wboaeeh a from the mine etmo'pbaie of the eea-oard. Peh'iyier a leka la but one ml'e dO an. and tola Tfcmv well an up lied whh roeveu'eccat lor ti?Mn( and ael tag. Thar' *m to 'raa than fire 'afcee "Ithln an bo'tr a rd?of the .marl ?a el way. be had at the numerate UCD, ted thi re ta a dally toe ot stage. -wnve)l<t| a d I y m it,, ard <te irrrlrg Hew Tcrk m wring cetera toa ram# aftersore. Ttepr pita or baa permbAloc Jo refer to 'hafrinowtng tmtla mrni-Jainre Con?*r, l?q , Dew York el?, Hon. Levi H < haiBe d. do ; Harvey Pari. Keq.. do: U'fw *"7' ? do ;Wt liam B. Peek. Frq.. do.; Bon. M Mjarm. kchenec ady GKT1Y BCUell, TOHKRBi, W1STCHBHTBB OODNT1. H. T.?ihe above weil known 'amli/ hotal, on tbe Hud eon river, eevectrera trtiee froei tbertf, where oomiwioiea-JOb Is had hourly by railroad and ateaenboata, offrre'M lidea to aer Ilea aotrg bu*lre?m tn iha c ty, aeoond to nona. Thadilvaeart beautiful, and l:a repuiattoa tor health and beauty 01 wener la not aurpawed. Hevrrai atiiiee of roome to ,et on reasonable terms hatha, gitnaaatum, bl hards, la Terros moderua THnrer and mpuw paries, hall oomujleea, Ac., ttbaraitr ieadt with. BOB1HT U BCJfKLl-*. Prop.-lfor. LaX? QBOBUD?tHD POBT WILLIAM HtHBTHO tei situated at lake George. Warren county, new Tork w now open forlbe reoepdo. fr-? ThUbotoL whtob wm gtirely new.laetynar. a^ ^ ^ toen^f^^ y w arrr'iniitTiaUie iV aunenmndadngaTI in idsliera baa naiU wiiitarhad awire 117 by 41 teat, eontalntng fd row ir.daleoothereirenwveadditions aad tmrnnvemena "adev it to that It ean eow aeootnmodate four ftradred wtrewa. Tto steamer Joha Jay wUl leave the hotel every seo'ninjrtorTtoan deroga, nonnesting wit* toe aieacaera on Lake Chemplalt. and raiurntng to tne afternoon >o toe hotel. Biagwa leave toi vital iwipe each day. eonuesdng with the ear* or Beratoga Troy aid Albany. 4he pronrtetor ta now ready to reeelve ar plieatlonstor rooms fotr toeezciuing season . - Ciidwsix, Warren eoanlr, ?. T. DAWIRL OAUI. Full partlouiaraean he obtained on appHrailon to toe nndm atoned. In Hew Tork, or lotoe propr.eor, aa above;-fhoata Tkornae eoruar of Proa 1 war and Grand strew ovar PartIV Bank^Abrttoam T. HI'lver. Cniied States wartoa'. onrne Oollege place and Murray street; Bdward P. Clark, 1M Breed nay walkar P. .fonae. ;d8_Wator_atoeet. LHBaHON BPBIBQB, BBW TOBK-THIS FtSHIOK. able watrrfng plaee, Cn umiU Hall, ar.d tie ov-vtr eapah'e of aeeommi aatleg f 0 peraoaa. are no ? o jen and rea ai far the trav'lllrg public and famlllei r'Srtl board for toe simmer. 1'?? " * "uu ANSlOB HOCSK. KETPOBT, H. J., IB DOW OJKA fcr the reeeptl"ii ol oevmaretit aad trie at eat bsirdrra Por particulars apply at Wjckoff'k note), 68 ibarren toraet. Hew York oradcreaa BDllUMD BKGKOOT. Proprietor. iteamer Kryport leaves loot of Murray streM every after noon at 3 e'clork P. M. Ol MMkR BOARD-AH A HBALTHT, COOI. QUIBT Rk ^ reel and for aea ba'hlnr it a not aurpaaied. Balers t. mibdrtrW. Isq^eore er of WUUam and Plneatreati. He. y, rk .I"hn l/artln Blvaraead. Ii 1 ; or by letter to taesuh Nilbtt. at Quoiue. Bnffolk eonnty. 1,.^ ^ (>>,pF[y CIA BAT PI HO At LONG BRANCH, ltd* JBEMT- I i5 the pioprir'ora of he llnropo'l'an Hotel oeg leave in Inform to,irrt tnrr in friends end patrons, tot* toe'r hon wt 1 be open fo-tbere-epilon rf vlaltera on thr 26*h of .fu-e. Ho pairs will be "pared by the proprietor# tr raaka a ) c ire I r'ab e abo favor bam with a call. Faml lea who wish t nrrcure rooms can do ?o by m?IL which ^ll be prompt yat tecdMl to. J> H. A T. Wa CUOFiKi PfOpnUnri. U?o gn.tHCH, May .10, lBfiti. OFA BATHING AT IOHO BRAHCH.-PRB"JNd DVMI i oca o" t prndioR the summer tew a at Idtng B-an<to tolw1"' ore f boarding tliemreives,ean have fnruleked apartments ?? a touaep oaaantly allonted. within alswinlmtat' all o' ? CcMmf 1 ieLarn addreaatd P.anhlin. Long Brand. H o will meet lmmedtate atten'lon. Betereooea eschang.d. rR WABBAfC TBMPKRAHCB HOC8K I? HOW (iPltN for toe reeepUoa of summer hoarders. The aeeoaoran .a Uoea. ousnblned wllh ktod etteittona. are all that the moat f*a. dwilaw^d dSrire. There la no beaSitor looation in Aeaer^re having a large ttrt ut brook within a tow yard* sf the hntaa. and also a very flue batotog hoeje, grove, Jo., few the eneommt<U Uo. of tbe tcarders. Ike Waeenle Houre ta totua^id ta toe moat healthy part of Lutohess aounty, Hew Tort, on toe lto, ad the Hkrlrwi Railroad, e'gbtv tones Hew Tork. There are tero dal y tretoa from the ott?. Conveynnene kejt to osre. passenger* to any part of A BCCK ? aRTKR. K B.-A small h use to let for the eumimkreanaoa, faralabnd ir nnforalahed, to ault parties. Dent modaeata. 1X1 flEITAl'RAHTB. Ol t\ OOIAWBBUM. WILLIAM BTRMB, DO. 1WB Z 1U pioprletorot the aboveeetabUrtmisiennownew to Urn Dublin to genmal that ke has a oonoevt re dry evaatog. free o? HilDitseton, and that be reMne totod legerbie, ?a mw be bad anywhere e.aa. H. B. - The fameua ortobaal Frre- Hs^mv wia ling to night and every Mght tola week. H. BMtoTBAH LIG1BB HOTML, 74 FRAHKLIHHTRBMI. HRABBMOAD I(^, _"tran?irii v1aiUng Haw Totk wllfiid In toteetoah llehmmit opm ed sines thiflrel of Mar. and newly finished, eemfortable ro ma, aad a good table served to IM toirep-m style, all at reasonable term*. The house I* peovded with I aabatk room a Ac. Its post i toe In the buatoeee pert of toe rtre end i ear the landtog* of the prtnetuat eteamera end toe rmfroad depotelmnkee It a moet desirable reddrnw terira veDvte OLD fcTAB HOfEL, M AND <* LlBPBHiMD tTRBHI Meochditer men'* dinner pvty on Moedny jvewlaw fuoe tit at 7 o'clock P M Ticket* oae dol aresok. R. Matone fUymond tn th# oba'r. Joeaph Brooke, all the way from Wsn cheater, Iiq. proprietor^ CLUTHllitt. DO. EVAH8' CI.OTPIHG WABKHOtldH ftoc. 66 aod W ru ?? ^ LINIH COATB-gt, fl M.B?.? and ??. ? WH1TB DUCK OOATd?ft BS. >t avl h, 11HRH PAHTALOOdtls-Bl. Bl W, M and II MABBEILI.IB VMTB-tl il *, II 50 IT, ?. and ?' W. FHfK ALPACA OOaTS-H ?? It ard IT.. BLACK CLOTH OOATa-B6 5Q.fci.f7. Br.F to Hi. GINTLBMKH'B HUMMHR C[/)THrNG.-A l.illll wo Ik tn our itnapproschAb'.e at- Ire. at nan*' m -derate prteee, now on sand, at VTM T. .lEHHIHO'B A OO.'B, ?l Broad'wav, UpRHDHP.Mn D PLEDGES.? MEN S WEAR f RDM AU I Mot.-Frock ceat# clo h and aipaea; oaaabnere pa.ta and fhney veata all new, neh, e'eganl and ohesp. at UH Wwt jjrcnd.iAr. sprar J'TfiaVlf*. 0. LSfti. $700 141 **?-"?! BRowir"aioinrr*oi^HTri7i " ' vU cori?f ettkttt nlutb otreet ?> 4 jr-...?!!. ?wimmm W; a..." iJT *u ted f r it bo?rdli>r (ioim it* Hir im ?ni i5^!L * ?' c?r?rtpp i? noillo. ujj 1 8 a*r^m?o4 No* d*r.o A S?J,PL|,T|LY PU*M*BKD BOUoB. in PooaTTi ifciee ern n r ?0l1 cooyeale-1 ? MiuHJod, ?rl!l rel*u!S jp,i, x o ii w>iWStToo?i?^y A PA.B HUNTS tO LIT?P1KHT KL<0OS AT Hani A. ^*ri?rH?,^/lB0,riJl8TC['lfl8 9O08B TO KBtrr A a; "t" ? >???. loft for o*> rlaioCo'Ul OM&t C^SSfl> Thw^'?T# ,root OH^AOWaY, HCD8TOM. LAIOHP, UtJDStW AN! 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WITH MOOMftW a&ra&s dT,/tepM ^^tT ?SdtsJfeL,l"^""p *' ^ ? iiitjii l,j n^i'V^ ***" br ?np ip'iulr. (to tfeo rnwHjio. y*Pd- fMMw tnamedlaleif, ks;: S|; S?Kr"'B?1 pb,**.., ft. K lA-JfT. iftSSPlJS? B T?. JZ7" ~i_PA"?^ THI H008I NO. 194 rnir^Tw witb .ich r> ""s) r' toe fmot and bark wlor dSiiri poalalntaf hi*/. baib r<K m. Me , wl^k all the i0fwl ^edroona '? (tee lent ordiioiL rorfnJRi^lL and i? m., buck Est! K2i"i ? E>.i -vr i5Y?j Sl'SJJS k?y K ?t tte ?roc?i^o^r *d??TS? ?L ,fc* P y to H. n mini, ;u JiSdon n?aS! Ap T?i5Liw?,Ab2!toB'LZI**-?' L?0" ak? rxprwtiy tor * tint e!u. kn. Jii!fi ?"? hot?o inw reol.Dc. ?con?mr<l*tlo r?autr?^ L.u'*: Mrm-f ? ni o tet Ootoo w?t? *?r ,ac,) ? ?*>?*. I'rr, tod oo? of 'be dtuln. roJlii. "e ,a'1 *" kttMeo. to bo toned In it e d?r ikl?I 1 ?xreotoat c?o l? 4'cotr.nuxteieJ ?vm/bri.bA ,K*M? *?J" xPI'ly to H \? KH OOOI.D A no Vj^2 P#r Alan, Ike :?rgo flee Mar, h, n^U^? *."V.. M'. *?-?o ? roM. ^ss~"?? ? S7irA a?acras?! r&'JS&vK: RjrrB ? TO RKKT-THR NODbRN TBRRI 8TORT HOUBN, with Ml Um modem UsproTF-aeits, |M hot and mid waor: the r*rp- r, otic o h led m rrore to rout with house ton grud iwu'. term* reudib't. Would to ml the house tar three jssis. App.y A' S< Jese ttieet, on the premises, TV) RBNT?A VRRT DUIEaBLH OFFIOE, IN RLWH. 1 or etreet. near Broedeay recently oaeupled by a Dkyel cian tn arc# practice It le In good order, and well st titled lor cffloe or other porpoaoa. Apply D FAnDIRt )K W. AKh 1>, 60 Broad street. TWO KURNISHBg) ROOMR. IN A PBIVATB WO0e?. 120 usee lueet nl.l be rented loe to gentlemen, with M board. TTPPbR F1A>4)R<I. *.i?6 IN THR BOWRHT-diV:*. L trcii'h teerd. 1te? are ury sod we 1 hthted. ead ?oit sbla (.j odea room* drill room*, or for utsaiifee una* bi/et. net#. Inquire |o 2*7 howery. KB I'll KM I ON*. FfXt'CBfION.? tHR RTRaBBOAT AMRdtOA CAN ?? 'j chtrtered ft.rricu ilooe, wl h or wtiboht bargee, by ep. pijUy on hoard tbe -oat,foci ol V-etrr street, oral RIMtr VAN VhLBOR'B, comer of Jsy ead wastatreele. ri RAND FXCCRMON TO TUB FISBIVO BANKS X Sunday, June IS, |t.a new ead spleiuM ? eeasr JO'IN 11 ART. t apt J'dia B Meier., win tesie ae f.?ilo?r-: ? A-noe str?e\ 7 o's.oek; kprtrg etreet 7'? o'clock; Broeme street B o'rlork: Pack t.lp, *'* o'e'ock; pier No S work rirer ? o'clock Care tor ae ncu-sloa, M eeale. Reireahmeois. rsahig tackle and bate oa board. (x IOIaAM, ''apt. I*o ice. on hnr.dty. June 16 IMA. tkrou,'k It it r lgate to Hr?tent>ort. ihtou's beck. Fort bekur'er aad Cltt lriaed. Fare f<r ih* trip, 17H eeste Leare F.wty se cond ttieat. Penh iirer, at *\ Am<m street, uoar er past 8t sprirg tweev at half pset M; oter Fa. ?, North ritrer, a qoar tier fe'ore SI; Celbarlte ferry, a V; tlrasd street, at qusrler paet 9. brand wee:. Wtl lain?vurf. hall paw 9; Tealh street, ktat ilree, a quarter before 10. Cs retorainy el'.l make all the landings. O. DOt.TON. VI1WTOU ANI> RR1R B AjLLROAIV-TlOtBTB TO aX ffrrdr.nad and rwam will KB sold la P erases sR?dtiR WeOaarnatina to be hetd at OlaMaeaM as M ptuWu. toe HO, at 170 !?, M and FT broad tray, aed at Me New VosW tad Beta deeol toot of Dnaae street listen food MR tbe IMM ?socmen. ?w tff after sdAxtramcal. ? 0 nci. aU.i.'M. aeaerai leebalat. SMNDaT MORNINO BOAT FOR NIMBLE'! 00*. aietriDf Puedey. Juaeld.?Ibe rew steamer eaT'.M'J R 4, Cepl. Wm. Perrr. win ieere New Tork frnn pier fsot at Jay i raet, erory buttles m raiag at 7 o'clock leading * Tonlers. Bsstirga, Oobha' fw r. lam to we Bloc nla* Barerstraw. Tsrp'aaetor. CsldweV. West Point, ?'?!a Mpri g aid ' orawali; aadtrs at A mm st-ert each way. Puseag'rw cr Psebiklll wffl lead at Verp'etek'i Point tfcagae wtti bw b trad la ass to coerry paeeoagere to Paekaki 1. past iaiunib eaa be ckare-e4 nable aa> has r .ixl i pernaC SCNPAT BX< CRHIoN TO KtTPORT. RONDlT, JONS IB, IhSd.?lbs see asd spleudld steamer Kt IIA J Ntfl well, commander, will, ta g u>g utaus tr >? Kay sort a?te U?a ctrcult of Bta or Iilaod, learlag Nee Tork as fo to?s; Amis street. 7 W o'oloefc: BpHng stres*'oek pier Re.! North rlrer. 9o'alo-k Win learsKerpct fa- New Tart at St'c'ock P. M. Fare for tbe ?teuWoa Met I S ed :sets Tit stsre boat rent to tbe PUbtng Ranks srory dsydortag the werfe, Malttrday and Monday ai vpled. The rtbambb r. l btxtrnr, cap?, i'marlrb a? drraoa. a akee a krlp to the FtsMog Boeka eeery mt. ee oept busdays, toartag IM swosm at 7. Bprteg ?-reM, 7l?t Peek slip, M; RreoweeWeet, Raa? rlrer St., ydsrXNann rtrer. 9 o'clock. AH pereoea are lerfciddaa le gire credM oa aoeeun* of Ihlq boat . IAR1RR FOR BXtTORBIOWR-TRR WffU. R**WI?