Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1856 Page 7
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unmnnn inmra itikt my. on nnn icm n mima i?o* OU.'JUU coua'tae, Kt* T?k MM, Ml S.M Krti M huQliuh. la ?*??- '? preemts. _ CtOlwHl ANP*EBOB~Fo. M WallaWaek *Q film -TO* 811*1, Oil or Til MOAT gPLRN Wv/'vU, Allhone? In Torfcrtlte. m Eighty slaty ami, e^atetntog twenty ? gbt rsoma, axe ndve of third Mary, mi MA Meat, wall an'eu'etad tor a hotel Lo senna uaaorpaaeed. *P?lj t . BOWKS A OO., 84 N??ae ?im aad?kjelsd'd IS,000; terms aaaf. Tor mm arc h?mimi couairy seel. 110 aaraa. S* ml aa from Mm Berth rirer; no incumbrance 040.000. One Oo $6,000-, water bonk Other ten? tar Mle ar ?sfc W. H MclICE, 14 Seventh evenoe, 6to a, altar*. SO frrw| -A DESIRABLE OOU1TRT RESIDENCE wu. I UU . on the Soetoa turapike, ta the town ot a?t caeeter, Weatebeetar oounty, one mile fr-m Meant Vernea d?po?; a sew and roomy boose o mtatelai fourteen rooms asd eauar. a (table and carrUge house. a-d L of an awe of land. Pon?oka Immediately. Apply to M. eToOCZIM * SO., 3$7 Bread way, It. Y. so enn -HOtil for bale.-the liu* for #0.uUU. nlture and Hilar? ot a hotel Mtoaud ta 'he Ivwei part of the elty, and now detag a rood bu ~ p?item?i apply ta BOFM A CO., 84 N?aa e SO Ann -FOB uik. bodii AID LOT IK BAST VU-vvU. Brooklyn;eightrooms, gee marble man'ei' ai d raage; U SOA.nwg * a?h. Apply etbMllH' street. Bast Brooklyn. ?O Qfin ?FOB81LB,8TATSK ISLAND FBOPBBTT. V^.OvU, ?A neat residence, with twelve rooma good water, ei lifts'y sitae ted at Tottenavtlle; let HO hp 181 feel; ebetea ftufte Aa Apply to aHM C. TOTTKN. grocer, 111 Bo?on street. where a plan of the home and lot eat he eaaa. Sanaa ?ay, Aa. tl Qfin -FOB BALK. A HOTEL, BEAUTIFULLY 91 .OuU ? furnished, with restaurant aad ?loon and ereryihtag complete. Sold a bargain to a eaah cnalomar. A; ply toO. B. HOW KB A CO..84 Aa?u rtrvek #1 KAn-FOa BALE. THE THRKB TBABB* LB ABB 9LOUU el a large live story trick honee, dtntng and 3strr saloen, now domg an ?teas!re badnssa; Arnr?aad complete. Apply on the premie?, No. 4 Centre wreak ?1 Onn ?FOR BALB OB EXCHANGE, HOUSE, SliZUU ? (table and lot, 96x308 feet, fruit treae, Aa., In Tenth Stanhope, Morris county, M. J , SO yards tram Morris aad stsex Rai'road, aid near the depot. Apply at SMIPB'S, y? Broadway. senn ?FOB BALB, A OKHT1BL LIGHT TBAV1L VUVUt Mag bustse? hi which a'.terse amount eaa he rmltMd. suitable for two (persons. The p'opertr offered la werth one thousand dollars. Apply to HOW*8 A CO,, 84 Nas ?igi; U, $1,400 merchandise, and 1800 Apply atttMllH'B, SSBioadway, or at 1*2 Booth Ponrth , Bast Brooklyn. senn -FOB BALB, A WBOLSSALB AND RETAIL VkluUi Ik;uovstore, with stock as4 fixtures. well located. Mere ysers' 1??; rent low. Bold on eeeiuut or domh of the proprlotor. Apply to BOWB8 A 00.. 84 hasau street. COAA -A BUSINESS BOMB YBAR8 B8TABLISHBI, lOUv, and now 4olng a good cash trade, will o# sold for masbova amount, tneiudingstoek, fixtureiaid u'esslis. For partteularm, please direct J. W jHerald office. Ho agents need ?piy. A MOD INVESTMENT FOR BIG INTEREST.- FOR Mis, two i ew hens? and one lok tor $10 000. $7,000 can rute on bond and mortgage The property la at 187 arc ana A. li quire of M. J. MaRTIN, 73 Bowery. A BARB OPPOB1 UNITY.?THE STOCK, FIXTURES and goad wilt of a thread, needle and iancy store for sale ah?p a first rate location. Bent low. A good chance for a person with a small espiteL Goods allocs and Crash, inquire m XI Myrtle avenne. Bseeklyn. AlBGiR MORI FOR BALE -IF APPUSD FOR IM mediately, situs ted in the best block en the Btgfeta arenas, aad dateg a good basins? Tfir particulars apply for this wesk snty at i&K Eighth aranne, near Twenty aeventh street, ACS AEOE 10 MAKE A FORTUNE.?PATENT RIGHTS fir sale, of Jacob Dsvoe's improved berel p ans. In wtag thia p'sxe. H will sare time, trounle. life and money, and It will sqoare np stuff wl hout ntlag the square or berel. Ad dre? the tar?lor, Jscob Deroe, No. fi 8>x'h avenue, K. Y. A SPLINT ID FIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSE TO let, for ate months, or longer, at a mtWerate rent; located an Broadway, near Eighth street. Addrem a note to B.B., Broadway Poet office, A ST LET DID HOTEL AND DINING ROOM FOR 8 ALE, sltnaed In the low? part ot the cltr now doing a iturse and rapidly In ere?leg business, is offered for less than h?U' i s va-ne. Apply at 13 Chambers street. DBWIOHT A 00. XFOOT AND 8HON STORE FOR SALE IE BROOKLYN. JD ?'1 he oldest ? tihlbhed stead la the eltr, on a badness thorough tare. Terms reasonable Apply on the premises, 166 Fnlton Street, Brooklyn, or 282 Pearl street. New York, up NTONFEOTIONBKT MORE FOR BALE-DOING A \J laige m?nfiMtnrteg bust?; leeailon good. With mode rate rent; h? also a good wagon rente alresdy established, and hi asdre ereratton. Will he sold on faroraeta terms, n appttod for Immsdtetely, at 102 Els hlh arenue. _* COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOB SALE, OB TO LBT-TN Blag Stag; a neat cottage, suitable for a summer rest dense, acont ten minutes' wait Iron the depot or the Hudson ? Hirer Bat ro*d, run tag to the eftj about every hour; also steamboats routing dally to the city. Rent ,ow. Apply to L. It. HIPP near the depot. SBUG BTORB.?WANTED TO PUBOHA8B FOR CASH, a first eta? drag store la a thoroughfare doing a feet teess Acdresa, with particular*. Drugs, Herald ofllee. | All ?manor tos'tons considered eonfld?ttsL ?R BALE-TWO OF YBAPPM PATENT BABKBL MA ? 1 Shin?, lor pork and floor bsrve's; and. also, one rjsttejksjia^ Appl^ to WM. M. OOOPKR A OO., 69 ttoutb Fob sale the lease and fixtures of a well ?ablhbsd cloth ag sore, to a good tccation to do b ad nata with a small capital. Inquire nt 31 Coenties slip, imme diately. tfiOK BALE-ONE FITS RTORY DOUBLE IIor3B INT) JP lot. i? a good location, and In mod order; pr ee 16 700; nth Tor I960; from $1 MO to I J,300 eatb. balance cm mortgage lie aire of B. WOOD, 31 Ooenlloo dip, from 7 to 9 A. M., or at B6 Amnios treat, from 8 to 9 P. M. rK BALB-A IIW, HANDSOME PHILADELPHIA brtok troat bonee. In Brooklyn. three etotlee and bate veal, wiia inbnslar; hae all the modern tmproyommta, is la a flit alau loeation, aid within teven mtnnteo' walk of the hir?. leraaa easy. Address B. C., Jr , Herald offlae. rB BALB-AT A VERY LOW PRIOR, A FINE A8 aoeiment of srv-.tal wares, from tie Cilcny maau'actory, k> Paris; optical finises, frc m 21 ltnes to 12 Inches. Also, ar tkiie Mcn??, of L apian A Belles, from Pat la Orders rewired andfeod bargains made by A. DUFLAN ACQ., 12 Broadway. VOB IALE?STOCK AND FIXTURES OP A FANCY J1 strre, at 660 Eighth avoone, between Thirty eighth end tblrtj -niLib streeta Apply in the store for eight data F, OILLTSPIB. TO* BALM-A LIQUOR STORE, IN WEST STREET. J* Tbls piece ie orecf the best stands in Mew York for a greear? ;rsntSdOO. The fix-. .res will be so d cheap. IaquLe at the eorrer of fiammond and Washington streets, in the meat ?hop at lamnel Bering. M BALB-THB LEsBB AND FURNITURE OP HOU6B No. 486 Broome street, near Woooier. Apply on the pre Oemb to 12 a. M. If* Fir bale-a nick country rshdrnce, in the rll'ageci Aqnackanock, New Jersey, near the railroad station at Huy'er's The inure is a iwo story and attic trams yi>nl dlrg and kitshei attHched. with about an acre o* ground lor a garden; a desirable si'ua'lon for a pet on doing business b New York H will be sold on reasonable terms Apply to W. B. WILLI AMR, 21 Montgomery street, Jersey City. FOB BALE-MARBLE MANTELS, SIX TO 11'lHf tksasend dollars worth, will be sold en first mortgage, good paper, or exchanged. Apply by letter, or personally, from 8 to IB A. M., to B. M. FOWn.BR, 114 West Thirty- hlrd street. IjHlR BtLM-NO. 66 WR8T WASHINGTON PuAOR. J lot runs throogb to Fourth street; wi'h small stab's on rear. Wat?roio?eu, bath ga<, Ac Prtoe, 18,000. <6 ooo fan remain on mortgage, tf wanted. Inquire of CHAS. PAR 1 >6, 20 oey street SOB BAT R-A DELIGHTFUL RRSIDKNCB IN BROOK lyn, near Fo ton arenue ears, with eight Iog of ground. Hones. 39 by 40, tW4nty one rooms, gas la all the rooms gai la stable, jpleaty ol truit and vegetables, cow and carriage hcoee. A large portion ean re no in on morgage, il wanted. Inquire en premises, corner of Putnam and L'lasson avenues For balm-all the fixtures necessary for A barber's shop. Including chairs, was ha lands, An. Apply teMr BALZBaU, 463 Broadway, up stairs FOB BALB-THB RTOCK, F1XT0RR8 AND GOOD will of a liquor store, doing a first rate budnees. Por particulars inquire at toe corner of Goerck and Rlvicglon sis., tise block bun ibe Kast river. -EfOB BALB-LBARR, RTOCK AND FIXTURES OF A X" Honor store, en the eornor of one of the ?e*t avenues. Call early, as it will be sold this day to ibe highest btdler. Bo* partieuiars, apply at 67 Chambers street, third floor, front, Fob balb-amicb and well fitted up porter home doing a toed business, In '.be Hlsth ward, centre drool Fry pariTen'ari irqnlraof JsMKH RKlLLY,36 Madi son street, between 11 and 1 o'clock, any day for ona week. -MOB BALB OHBAP-TWO BETA OF ODD FELLOWS JP regalia, and baauer. Inquire at 127 Btgbth avenue, sere or of tmteenth stroeu Fob balk cheap-one tbm HjRsk upright hotter and ons tour horse engine and pump. Bold separate ?t together, apply at HiGJlMn' soap facory, navy streoL hoiwooa TUl?*i and Juhoson. VON BALI, A BARGaTN-A TWO STORY AND AT jT Uc frsme bouse and lot, 26x11)0 in the village of Msnbtttin yfile. sa iho south aide of 131st street between Sloomlngdtle rted a- d lae'fin avenue, wi.hin iwo minutes' walk of the rail eeaddspoL Will be sold for B1.000; one halt ean remain on mrrtgaee. Apply to W, H. RaYa jr, oorae< of Broadway aid Ikiity fltthstreoL OB BALB, 4T NBWBUBO A BBBIDENO*, COM maadtug aa aitaaslvs Tie w of the B ndsoa, cans)stmt of s dwelt tag stab la. eamago and to* bourn; stx aores nt land. L? |OVB WWB1I b| "NSUiB, WWTWHO BUB HJF WU XI, -SAB BOITW IN 'TNIIU, s*thgardon. shade and fruit traeg; prtoa IB.COO. Address box BI8 Fnai ogee. Baabnrg. ?kWOB BALE OB BXoHaNGE-A VIBY FINB TROTTING JT saddle horse, for gentleman's u?a. Tor sale, or wjgld be siWantod for a Brat rate lady's saddle bone. Apply at 16) Fioat street __ X'OI BALB OB TO LBT-THBEE NEW SOUSCi O* JJ Be son fcerlr aide eft wen tie) b street. near Third avert >te. The homes are 22 fleet wide by 46 feet deep; lots, ?2 feet Teep. Hoarse sot lain all modern finprrvemcnta. Rent 1860 mch Fo* furthar par Oculars Inquire at 180 Tenth Cj-oei, near Third www XiM>BBaLB O* TO LIT?THE TBRnB STORY AND W* biesmeet brick house, la Seventeenth stree . bttwese Third and Fourth aver, ties, opposite Html'ton square with g?4sn hrprovf marts; it oommatds a fins yiow of the r,t? gsd f *rea*ed new of the surrounding eou?try; Is net' th) Central psrk. Apply at the earner of ttevestv sac >nd ? 'ee. and Ihwd avfnoe to J Ual.I. AQ?T AN. A'eo. Iota fo* se n -tr *yrb??ge dcrelt? proper! r, la sere-rty second strost, between 1 bird sad Pour'A svs.tnse Apple si asore. >*| Fob bslb ob to let-thb stone fsont laotn: 14 ?mt Twsoty eUb'h street: lot ftt'J si?e; ho ne 25 t>r fli has a'l the ?w>dam improvements; hss beet newly enlntst B r< ugtrmL nr.d is ts per dipt nsdsr. fnq tbeofa MJgU ,N. >o 3 P?e sL"?L or a; SJO s?urh str?_ PiRBT PTBtt*r.-F.)P* FINE FUILOHO , l ti ?*iirea r'ory brivc biuse?on Iblr-.y ut'td is It n-h.sgifor mercbano.-e, btpd wsrrao's, -I ;?'de At. applytm nefiatcly to .1, J. W JAKg, l .ii . wvtrTgik jmI, mrtaw itrsdt. BOB BALM OB TO UT 0BUI>-1 FOUR IfOST Wt? stoma Mgtoa. ?h? 3 naowfatog will fin i.l phmfaf to, I im m to; mm I circular m >wi>n. ud 2 circular crow to am *? m to ?tor; am 1 ton*, and double aad nliU b food ardor; *'M 1 ton*, *ad double aad MM 2 mabor MM. 1 ttfbt wagon, 1 oart, l ?????tor with *|| i(i*T I* irnrniB to sorry on bo baton*, to all tto bmaehaa. Th? building m bs ^toHntotoaatobHTUitoi^B to tor **> ? tor ma* niamaHaf pwrpam: ar way afthaabore StA-T,T?8?.2rKti^6^T$3s: to, 3*2 #to ton**, *? ? tott^to^ntoMto^Bto^to^to Char*, m Bast fwitott frall ililk drwi; f*. O. Oh***, It* Baatfwaattatt Mto. sale ob to lit At ton?brb.-to let, a ^?i aw thro* awry had a trio mi'ii* house, wttfe every eon vrwtoa ro to akoatt paatnm. garden. too t too**, A*. Th<i toaaa MMMda ? h**o<tful t ow of too Hodao* rfvar and I Rlghtota* tor mitoe. la with to ?*# minute*' walk ot tto Hud-1 mllnr Ballroad fapot. Itquirr ot THOMAS WOOD, 1W Baorao ttrto, Row fork; or ? J. Youmana, Tochers. T on Li or to I K'tal oroportf. They an ai'uatod aaar tto propped ratal, tor whieh tto Rtoto to* ftvao a ehartor. inquire WILLIAM hTUYTIBANT, ft.. Bo. M William street CODA WATKB AFPABATUS-ONLT FOBTT DOLLABB, 5 all ii |lwi WM. in,MFufemMreat, Haw lark, todrd Soar. CODA FOUBTAIN FOB BALB.-A FARTY, OIVIBO O ap knalaiaa. will Mil oa? or Bttoolto pamt aaaabtotto* eade Mnolali ? at a great mcrlAre- It la to perfect ardar. hav ing hara mad only ??? weak. 0** to aaan at Ba U Murray SHU BBOBB LOFO BRANCH.- FOB IALB. OB TO ? nal far tto aaaamar mason. ? bmuMful htm. *f Uaeraa, a eommodlnua taanatoa ouhuildtng*. 0am vn?tab a far da* and oraaard; beautifully altaatad, wllhto half a mils at Bo total* a*4 aa* shot*. Apply UHOMIB MOBOAN, B*. SFtaa ilnel. THO PHYSICIABS.?THE ADVBBTIBBB IS THR ONLY ? physician 1* a fie uriah'ng *tll*c* within two hour*' ride of Baw Tark. and daalna to tail hi* nal mat*, oomtoilajr ot tear am of land, with a ataa eotlaf* ton*, horn.poultry katma aad chtoaa Bait tin thuaoa; valued at SI 000- To a ahytoeto*, wlaktaf * *to eouBtr* prac'toa, * ran opowrtnuRy tto ad**rtov would loan tto olan too***of ?ale. Toram aaay. Apply to H. L. FhBBhM.HU Waahlog to etreat, B. T. r GROCERS.-A OMABOB TO MAEB MONEY. WHIC3 la aaldto adnrtt'ad.?Tto atoak. haw, ftituee aid food will of bu Ho?#r of a sonar grocery afar*, altaatad in a reapro tab'a saigbtortcod and rood baalce** part of too etty. Tba ewner la aompa'lad to ratnra to California oa business of la aortas ee. Add rem. lor tons day*. A. 8.. Herald offlsa. TO PBINTKBB.?JOB PBIBTIN J OFPICK FOB SALE, 2d Hpruee ilrret, rep'ala with erarrthtof oeceasar* to tarry It on. A *>rr adraniagwous opportunity ?#r aay person daalrons of embirbug la the boateaaa. HOLD IBS OF LABOB LAB DID PROPERTY.-TH1 ^?American and TnuanUaaU* Lead *ad Blatof Ooaopaay, to ananaatlon with * me of tto nawly eelabllatod mosey toatira Ikma (Credits MnbUler) of tor-op* and especially ot Garnaney. will atfruat*. enrekaa* aad nil ltada a*l mloas; alaa will amp'ot funds to food premising aaiarprlaa* Dhtmrind any mtotrala or aoala will Sad li fraatly to Ihabr ad van tape to eaU on or addrwa aa at our offlot, 17 a tain itreet, Maw Tark city. B. ABTOB BILL SB, general sgml far 111* United filatos aad Oanadaa. Par T. N. Bam, Secretary. mi A. OOFFIB AND SUGAB STORK FOB 8 A LB-NO J. 681 tttghihannua on aocountof toe owner bivlig three ctorea and not being able to attend n alL Apply aa abon, or at 6fc3, in tto dry go bit atore D. J. DOKOHOB, Proprtotir. TO BXOBANGR?DR8TRABLR IMPBOVBD PBOP8RTY, loBro klyn"r thleoltT. for aim* I farm oavr th- cltT;aooe but prft rlpa e treated with. Apply u> K. HABFOBD, over the Park Bank. w AT1B POWBR FOR BALB?SITUATED 25 MlbIS from New York (ooamunteatinu acreral time* a 4*? by steamboat and a oop*;, cn a aever failleg a*ream of water. IS feat head and fad. Mold to eioae an eataw. Saw mills, lulling mills, pita, Ae , for mtantae tiring oarpoats. rn tto premUee. Term* easy. For partlcu art li qoin Of 80HRNCA AH1AAS, 139 Wett itreet, corner Yeeay. BOUSES, BOOKS, &C? WASTED, Farm wantkd-in ixohabob fob impboykd elty property. Muit be well shaded, and not to exceed two scare' ride from the etty. None bat principal* treated with. Apply to B. HAM FORD, oyer the Park Baak. ProRTANT TO BAXER8.?ANY PRR80N HAYING an established bakery for sale, la th a ??* or neighborhood, may bear of a porchaeer by aridraulng A. W. Ooodeli, Herald office, atottrg p&rtlca'ar*, camber of orens, Ae. ri PRINTERS.?WANTSD TOFUR0YA8B, A SRTOND head li.'tim cylinder pregs. Hoe'* manntact tra. Site of bed mnst ba Adtrsa* Join P. W illams 99 Asa acreet, in the rear, N. T. fXTAFTPD A 8VATL SF70ND HT1WD S?rr, *T isy ftom 12 to Id 'aa'. long: nait be In y jod trier and rigging dump ete. Addreee K. P "Mecell, |Uerald ofllcs, Biaung t> rms and whan It can be teen. w AN1BD TO RENT-WANTED, BY A SMALL f?mUy,tjie flrtlor stoond lot - of a he tie, wl h Sont or back bMemanl, l > & re-'rset. - o 'oi'l',, no io?n, beiwena " * ~ r-e'gbth itreeta; rent nrt to etceed $12 per Tan'b and f wenty-i month. Address Genteel Hit", Herald oBce, for four day*. YA' ANT-D TO PUROBASR-A STB >M BNOIVB, FdOM t? 40 -oWhnrie power, wltb or wl'htat boi'sre and Del' Irg. p p rt cash ai d part ir. real eata'.o. Avp.y to HoWfS A CO., 84Na*mu rtroet F1KEWOHKS. EI IDOk'S FIRST PBBM1UM COLORRD BRILLIANT fireworks. Laboratory, North Potat, Jartay City, N. J. Orders for the abore work* thonld ba addreeaed to J. G. A L ElltiR, Jr , Jaraay Oily, or to THOS. DUNKIN, So!* Agent, ?to, N. T., No. 10 Maldan lane, 1 wbere asm pie* af axhlbttkm ptoeea, alao every variety ofaala work, tnltod to atorakeeparg' sales, aueh ae crackers, torpe Aqaa, rochets, candles Ac., Ac., Ac, may to found. Good* delivered to any part of the elty, or at any of tba rail road or staamboat ato'toaa, free of aapanaa. Firework drpot isi Chatham btbsrt, oppo glta tto NaUonal theatre.? feb ipkeeper* aad all who wish toreleetanaMcrtmeatof goad fireworks, cheap will da well to call on W.B.FRCT, at tha old stand, 131 Chatham dtteoL w WATCHKB, JEWMJtT, AO. CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS -BQUAL IM BRXLLIAN01 to Ike real plus. g3to?15; rings, 14 to ??; w rlnca, to lotto; tnaM, 91 BO to fiO; studs, bracelets, An Any at *to ibon articles Ml by nail to iu part of llto Vat ?d States. Wholesale daalara supplied. L. A J. JACOBS, mmnfttsturtogjcwefleru. <07 Broadway. COMPOSITION AND GOLD VEST CHI INS-A MBit arUc'e, warranted aot to tars lab or change eolor, or ihi money returned. ! .-loos 12 80 to to. Manufactured only by as. Those chains ant by mall to any part of lbs United Statoa Wboiaaala dealers supplied. L. A J. JACOBS, maufasturiiur Jewelleri. 407 Broadway. WILLI Anns. THE KINO 07 BILLIARD LRATHKRlrW TO TIB rescue ? Keeklaaa and unscrupulous as??rtt>gs having wll'ed no, when put to the proof, the king of bull trd lfisthere. s rurhes to the resene. A few words wt l do for this velWnt w*r lor. Be no longer requests a *'suspension of opinion " on hie " tube " or wirdv cushions. But, reet'.g bow runs the current ot, he announces to an admiring con munl'y his ' original'op e .salon ofiSHt." I da-e him to the proof. If he shuikr behind some o her of the bind, abcse envy at the superior merit cf m? mole' tare* with pa tent cmbtnatlon ru blips Is their onl> bond of union, t he pub lic will brrnd his flippant asrrrtion with its real name. Let uj have the pro it MlcH aEL PHKL AN, 39 Chambers street. S 077KR FOR 8ALB, A SPLENDID SIOOK, WITH onrnrar Invent'd cuthions, sod not the c, men comb! nation whieh wss Invtn'ed over twenty tears ago, which prov ed to be worthless and are now being offers d nrsa'a. GRIFFITH A D&CKSR, 90 Ann street WJ M J. SHARP. 148 PULTON STREET, KEEPS ON fr hand billiard tahlrs, with his new style o' cushion, sn pernor '? ?nv other in use. He has la'ely opst.ed a billiard room at 113 Fulton street, which he offers fbr sale. WM. Kbbosrns oils ? nor explosive. Secured by patrols. tUPMISATtSO OIL. The tdvantoge possessed by th's oil are: ? 1. "he tntensl v of the light produced. 2. It is not explosive. 3. It will remain lluid when the best sperm oU ha* oig gte'ed. 4. Its unrivalled ee-.ncmy.P4 19 worth of kerosene giving as much light a* 99 of r? peered oil, 913 of whale, 926 4* or ?perm oil or 929 of boning Sold. This oil burns in ell the Argand button top lamps. Inclu ding nampheee and syivic oil lamps, without the usual ten dency to smoke. K eroseee I PMiCATiwa Oil - The effect of this oil on mi shtnerv 1* found to be nerfectlv magical; It removes the gum easeel by the use of Impure ol's, wears eqaal to the nest sperm oil, and does not eon goal at a low temperrture. It burn* msgalfloentty tn all the solar, meefcanloal, btnaac'e and hard lamps; also, hi signal and bowsprit lanterne. The atten tion of engineers, ship owners ship oaptaint, sh'p su.iply men aid others Is parttculady rerouted to the eerttOeatoa- to be set a at the office or AU81 AN8, Agents .'or the Kerosene Oil Company, No. 60 Beaver street, Hew York. CAaPgnWON AJTP UTHOUTKIty. Abcpsbior stock OF BKAtTlKUL ENGLISH CI ASPEIB, Bnper velve's, lis. per yard. F tgai t Brnsesis. If. 6d per ya*d. BeauiMui ingrelue, 3s. Od. per ynrd. Bopernr ingrains, 6s. per yard. BIAaM ANDEgSON. 99 Bowery. SPRING IMPORTATION, I860. SOLOMON A BART, No 343 Broad wsy, Op npel e the Park, Are now reoe'vtng fmro France _ DECQBATIYB PAPBRN, or itsv art aicH dlsiors, la panel, gold, satin, velvet end w.xx) Imitations, with horde-? to. to correspond. Also. CHAMBER AND OTONB PAPRR8, n EVERT VAi'lETT OF STYLE ARB f ATTEHE, Their Stock of WINDOW HHADFP 07 THEIR OWN MANUFACTD.OR, API) DrmOLSTEPT OOOt*. OPRTAIE MATERIALS ARB TVHW1TVSJ cover mag. Of (he STirtr.g's tmportatlon. Is also full and oompieie, Whieh they rffbr wbotoea'e and retail at such prices as to vf sent on usual mdaseasant to pm to am t. m snip enow. OAKD.?THB BrBf.CRIdKR WILL RECEIVE P JPIL# dally tor elars or private mstiusthri In penmanship boohkeeplpg, to Full suene s guaranteed to all. OLIVER B. OuLP9MirH,?g Broadway TIOAFD AND TUITION.?THREE OR FOUR LtTTLH It gir (, urder ten veers of age will be token to boara and to be educated b? a Widow lady and rtanah'ev. resiling In D?n bnrr, Conn. Every cere, will be paid to their oomiort and in s'ni i ?on The location is bea thv. The MghSet 'es'im mlsls will -e given. Apply at 41 Vaodaaa street, on Saturday and Monday. ' '' - ^ NAtl'RaL MAQIO AND VXNTRTLOQUlHIf.-THH Fek'r of fllsm bavins retired frunhl? profession, wl'l now send tBStruettons by mail to at v pers in desirous it learn tig the aiove wonderful are. Term< very low. oddcms Fakir t,f Blam, cars ol Professor Vhllb, {ki U j-ker ?t?e,-t Phl Ueleipkln, Pa QFTiONIOF'N .META'-PnUTA* dOtDfHV AND OVM IO nasiulO, 93 ?u1 Cf> p*x It nvenue, n-er '"s-hlnfl oo >nnt-e, u. J dKDu /yi ,'K, A, dM PrlsslpAl. loc qamal btrrnt, 11a v ari*k -W. * it v am lOO ? OTB.-We ton a large assortment Of ?? la's* >tiiwMt(intMia<bi<?n.kttcMN(Mb nmcimm and itoTH. far?aie on reasonable Mm. Gretas, raageeanA stoves set,ltoe4 and repaired. PA DINNER SETS, 100 TEA im. MO DOB. BI3SLY OUeat tnmblers, goblets Mid wises. fi"g?r bawl Mnr<!>' ?, deouilars. to., 10 ttylee ef sheen re, m a fufi -eat Of ere*.^. Q0D aH ^ w Baw<ryj 4 * RPFIUAOIOCB CURB POR OPENS, BUMIOMR. PAL Aa?rsrapja?afcrtsassr: -SSL,S?WKTJft..?. 8 Qpadalt MrSS*. iejteal rtr?1. Lcnami. ??Tg? CM?J> palrweUed bj the Itowjrw Sad (to toll Mglfr 0 [Fran Ui Imperial 1?jW Napoleon HI, tod to Mr. tort. I tog lesrttofatofr to Miaaet 1 having ntIint removed a l?rw>*?k? et IbmSuSm to tto aieve amhcattsatad teattmaalab. man; thcinanda bon Ib hla poaaamfcm (among wMah.aen .?'?* from ladies of tto highest rank) can to seen brfcvcrif Jig with a call at bio office, 91 Wo* Eleventh rtreet, batweto PM? and Sixth avenues. Mew Task. .? M. B.-Mo prsffisMnnel ooaneetton wtth any psraan. 4 HTIMONY.-FIVK CASKS BB8T FRRNC8 STAR KB 31 Day etrcel. 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For sale at the ?ompeny a da pot. 90 Water street. pANTON CHINA-PLATES, DISHK3 QOV Ij dl?he*. aonp and gravy toreme, Ac.. by tto dozen, at leaa <*.?? eoat; also, pain white Freaehohlna dining aala. or to tto dozen, very reduced prleea; chamfer set*. }0 please, for $3. a'ro, kitchen crock err, eupa and aanoere, da par vozen (U oleoea) Keoaomleal rami) tea will find at tto china ha'l, 813 Mwa^SS^te^rtrtot. many artlctosof okln.and glass, at half the prleea uanaUy charged J. K KMRB. CAST IRON PIPE ?TWO AND \% INCH CA8T IBON pipe. In Are feet lengthe. for conducting water or ?team, to warm toltalrge; ch eaperandnaore durable than {ffQ (f tefcde Apply to E< BIuEARBBON A CO.? 52 Bouui bwan FBCITS YHBOUOHOOT TH1 TBAB?THIt M (M. lnrnrr aan to enjoyed by netng Arthnr'a aak ?ealtn ?a anTjarr, dm dmpleat aad moat reliable In mar Ml ififfartng In eaeentlal potnie from ^1 ettore. Ttoaeare tto only eeae ihal teal for ahlpptoy. Tto >re are_P?*" game made only hy Arlhwr. ftade ? applied by M, P. loBBRY. > Piatt ?treat. New York. IMPORT INT IN F 3BMATION BKNT TO KABBIBD BEN I ?Addreea, with four pottage etampe. !>?? L J- IhurdeU. New York. IMPORT A NT INFORMATION SENT TO MARRIED MEN. 1 Addreie, with fourpoetaga ttampt. Dr. A. J. Thnrdell, Few York T I QUID GLUB.-A NEW AND YBBY ?UPBBIOB AM; ?w^Srtd^2d to mJAby UMMBTT A MABODi. W Pearl eteaet. Naw York. 0 BIMOYAI-.?WI1XARD. H AAV BY A CO., AT TH AS eld itaad, 84 Maiden lane and 17 Oeeer Mreet New York, paper, twine and cordate manufacturer! end dealere. N XT0 TBI LOW FEVER, NO CB OLIBA.-PBIYATE ^1 dwcUlngt. prhlle ImltatlooB. hotel a etake eew. ere, ctwpothf, fid "' mt'i.hT loca Idee purlft*d with Prltz. leO^i Dl&ierU, t tiuld. the generation and propagaUan o? ma trauet ei>i'> ie imp, csU le uncer It* lnflueooa. The followlog '?>. im > la a aala H wl.l .orva to etoa the eetlma tier in wfc ?? tin a; 'tola la be J t'i 'Aoae who h*^e given It a ~ City nsraoron's Orrica N. Y.. Juna 3,1883. Metwre. Mt w e * ' to ?Otnto. -1 have tto pleasure of inform tag you that the oflleer under whoae o6*ervallon your expert mnnlo' lemovUg the cOenelv? i-er? ot tto aewapoel Ouana itreetwa. trtec.aiates hie entire s*ttsf?cUoji whh ^ rMu't lour^ retpaclluilj, Atton Wererc Myen A Co. -GfntlrTsen-Havlig ueed PF*i ofl ? rle'nfvc tag tiu'd ler tome time on ' ur pramifca with ?ULceet. ?e cheerfully ieo.mmc .d It to Un DUblC V,9M ?' oti. pnrlfima we have ever need. Youre reeoeotftti Y. Colbhan A diETSOW. 314 Sbpapwat 25'h April, 1856 TVs f? to eertl'y that I ha'? a*ed PrlizlotPe cfr'nteeltol Raid on my rremUca and lound it to ne the on y efllaaclou* remedy ever brought before my nottoe 1 have, unfortunate I*, lot maay y*ara been *ahjtcted to unpleasantame'lanrlakig Tvm lata and other oanaca ana h*vo much plenrara to reoym mend your'le tlukl to the pu-l!o. I am. Qentlemea, yoare, ve?y re?pectfutly. W. B. Raotood. ' CsBoasd nnir James Baikm. Pinn IS^ortb mvab, | Meesra Myers A Co.?GenUemea-Havtn* need with greed irtlt faction your disinfecting fluid, I deem It my duty, not >nly to youreelvee, but to the public. In pronoundni It th? greatea remedy for destroying the offmelva eatol on board snipe I am. Gentlemen, yours moat reppeC.fuUy W. H. Oomdaht, Commander or ship Jamee Bslnee. Foreale,at wholesale by MYERS[A Cu., sole agents,4? Baaver sweat New York, and retail by avery reepeotasie druggist In the city. Price 50 cents per bottle. VTBW8PAPRB PUBLISHERS WISHING TO HATH J> work done In A 1 style, and at moderate rates, by a per ?on of experience, will address Rodolph, box 2,074, new York Post office. PUBI.I01TY IS UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED TO be the mates jrtog ot buslnets. Mot only are tto leading jcumsle reid with svlolty. hut the various placards poa ed to the highways e?d byways a-e parueed wlh the greatest la tereeiey mul'ltudas of pedestrians, who thn? be some Informed and interested with regard to many mat ers concerning which they were be ore lotalTy igrorant or todlflerenu Having added yaricus new and splm did founts ef type to the H*rald job ofllo*. we are thoroughly preoared to execote every deecno tlcn c.l printing, from the most con?pteuone poster 'o tto finest card or circular, at short notice, atd on reasonab e terms. Book pub lsbers, shipping and rallrotd agento aueUoneere, merchants, hole" keeoers. As., would flxd It to Ihetr interest to tend their orders totht tolrd story. Herald Buildings. IT. 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The parties oompoeing the new firm have all been mr ployed to this branch ot our establi'hment fr '?n eighteen to fcfty two years, resptctlvely. and or a fewvesrs pa?t have htoe'mort the exc rutTe managemaatot this department or onr husitere. We have every confidence In recommending them to Ihe publle. believing that they wUl continue to man nUetnre canny of a ouaUty fnlly equal to that heretofore sold h? iia ft* lis a A* dIUaKI* > ew York, Bey 31.1656. The magic atmospheric summer stove com hints all -hat can be deaiied for summer rooking. No ?mcike. no dirt, no heat radiated to the room; lighted and ex tlt kulshed lnitant y; ecuomlral and reliable, rrlce from 84 ** 0ff'te3:6fefOtdW,y^.y'SRM0BE8T, Patentee. VBEGNBh' ELECTRO CHEMICAL BATHS?DR FHiNCR,of Brooklyn, proprietor, and I'rof. VERONKP a<e In atteidawre. at 710 Biradway. Thev guarantee to cure ibeuwatiite. n*ura gl?, and al'd sc*?as anung frrsm the tot pi t n?f B6KV17 or olbtrm^tAlllc fubiuuieei. Bpesl^l tit par(m?ut *or (ULLMKltV, d?C. DRKB? CAPS AND &KADDRK88K8.?MR& A. T. JAKES emit the at eniioo >f tba tadlee >o bar large and a.ayaal trtrrtmeta el ri-aaa oap? and eeaddroiwaa m"ornio# aata, bvqnn Ac., at 26 ilaccker .treet, mm of Broadway. giuvBiijuur anna. ALBA.1T DAT BOAT.-TE* FAST AND FAVORTTB ?teamrr aLJOa, CapL Boa 'aavca tba ft*u of> au: end Spring tUMK an Toerdij., Tbuiedata and na'urdb". at 7 A M . laadli g at Wait Polll, Cornwall, bewbnrf, Wilton, ?? ugt.ho.pOa, Ktagtum Point, BrUtol, Cataklll, Uudamand fraaekte. ouao* aivba aajoAoad.-Faom Bat 16 jm. tba will laave Cfcanbars atraet atattoa aa fbliowr ?xpreaa. 6 A. M. aad 6 P. mall, VAN,: ibrongb we; rata, UN.i emigrant, 7 P. If ; kg Poiwrhkaaaeta,7 A. M. aw I pTm.; tar StagStag 1030 A. N aad l lll, W ; thla trafe aaTea ararr Friday avaotogatu P M.; tar Hndaoa.SJf P d.; tar PaaiakOl 4 aad 6 30F. M. Tba P> n*t*a*p*ta, ftta, tan| aad Paabakll! train. atop at tba way Mattona rawaaaar akan at < "ham hen. Canal, ard 7>,iAy flrwt strweta frataa tar Raw Tcrk 'aara T-oj at a JB. 1U aad 10 4d A. ?. aad 436 P. M.. aad taw A than r at ?. 8 SO aad 11.16 A. ?. aad6P.ll. A. F AM ITU, Rapt \*?W 10RK AS7? CONkT IB A* IiTTa*""! AO AT ti Pott tt.nilttcn each way,- ?''ha inbrtaaita1 il/RWalK. Cupt. il. t. Redman, wpl ojameac* bar raaalar rtpa lor tar reanor (Nom'aia ice n'el, p on ao<l after Ma u-ia 14, a* followc-Lravivf tooi ot Aiooa cwaet, C'? A. M , aad 3'? P. X; foot ol Nprti.g rrrat, 214 A M , LS "ft 3>i r. M ; Pt?r J. bnrtb r rer, ?(> A M . 1 and 4 P. M. leanagC) rey I r laid laai trp at P,'a P. M. Pare for tka Uly ta 'tee* filctd, Port Bami tin arduacr to lew lorktaant. ur??<i ?? 'or wbiek a rrtu. n uckal wlU bo |i'n, R<> nil arla.i, children. C. J. IHOiR, Ag.ut. V'lk *AABY TO wTrsTwkIr QB'TvA A>.? II Po.lock's Part.ton- Fare 6'. oaaia. -Tba fa?.?rl> .taeca. K OR1FP1P, Cap! l and Polit/at, wllllaara dell*. un'l tar her nottee, landfnf loot of . rtww .treat, each war, M of Bench (tract, 9 lotf, 14, lid, 3 and 4* P'ob ek Foot of Port Uti detrre JH It, 12>4 ? 1J, 6 aad 6* o'oloeb. Uarlr. iho Oroie, .an trip, at tin e'c.ock BICW AT MALL AW, A earn NSW TURK AND BAta &AILRO.D?ON AND A; tar Monday, May 19,196(1, aid natll further a-idea. pi, ?enger tiataa win lean p'.ar toot of Daana ma an W ?la.? naaklrk rrprenf at I A. M lor Daaktrfe. Boftale riprew at 6 A. M. tar Ik.aaio. Vah, at 8.16 A. ? , tar Oaaklrft aad fenSUa aad MHvNa iiata itattoaa Paawmni by 'Mg trata will anwvaw wna n ire*, trait.? tor Byraooaa, Oayaaa, 'taaaadaitus Ntaaan Wm* ami Raobaetar. and etb 'ba llrbtttlr* anrwa trata m

alt Shore Railroad, tar OfceiaeatT< 'hteamx la. b ck And paawene*. ?i 8 T" P M Ur-m W >d "hiaaiiw d/nel) rta PieraumL ht P .Cnaa and dr'artaedAie ruim Way paawiyer. at 4 P V.. So- Raw* a* and Mkddlaiawn ml \it*rn .d!?t? .tali ua Flfht axprae* el 6 P. M.. f.w Dnnbt-k aad Tnflhio, Cmlcraat, at 1 r. M., ta/ Do-nn at d m n?- .9, aa? tun 'le-e .taUoar. The abo*a tra'ey ron da'ly n.r.faja .aeap.M TS.?aeM,im? t-al..e tcn'ieel nt R1m'?? ?*!* ki taoaadrttna ??o *'drir* *?lia taf!r<?ad,4T 1 ..are Pa ? j Itoyhantton liai'irTirn mil %nyVe-*ta- lafriad bi lyiur:ur; ?t fsrs'rf, ?1ta Rsiftata iVir?nr M?d a.? frr' 1*1'road far IfldwWfiF ;ee< laid, .ir^v . ate Lack uwira# ? d taeram ial'ynad for 9r-*r?to-: ?? ' Jft.11 ?r , ttprWrt, wttb tie U>ttair> laHn n ,?*..?.(?. i *- w TORdo, DF.rot'-.C taaaa .. Ac. b.T,^ MdOALI til. daaw. ?a,4 -R, THE PRESIDENCY. iBli-VUlMre Antrtean lOMlaattag fOITCDtlOBi fwyoilttoi from the lepnbUcu Committee. CHEERS AND HISSES ON ITS PRESENTATION Ci?m4? ifaiMt F*p?ry? lUvcry ui BUCHANAN'S BACHELORHOOD ISSUE. Spoechet of Main. Join, of N. J.; Ptimer, of N. Y.j Colby, of N. H.; Bllmore, of lau.; Ford, of Ohio; Parry, of luuai; Schteffer, of N. T.; Btlitead, of N. J., aid Others. lunimtmi pkm bubmm iiiui lacvilon .f ?ataMers?P#l)e? (?M In (? PreHrie frier* Informal Ballot for Candidate?Colonel Fremont the Choice. COMPLETE LIST OP DELEGATEH, AO, AC., AO. BBCOND BIT*. TROCnDOMW. Th* Convention aititlt o'clock y#sterd?y morning, at the Apollo Rooms, Broadway, ox-Mayor Conrad, of Phila delphia, in the sbabr. The attendano* wa* q alto auaereas. "LIto Oak" George Law waa amongst lb# earliest in the nob. It waa whlaparod wound, and gloomily haltered, that at a aort of extempore oaacna of th* Now York dele gates, hold Ibnraday evening, aooaamit'.M waa appointed to wait on OoL Frtmont, to ascertain hia Tiara in mint ton to the probable contingency of hia being nominated by the ConTOntion. Copie* of an abolitionist paper were circulated through out the room, and plao*d on the reata of delegates. It* title la the Fret State Advocate, and ita motto that text ol St. Paul:?"Remember the** in bond* aa booed with them." The Convention waa called to order at half paat tan o'clock. The Secretary read the lift of officers of the Convention, and each aa were in the room eclveneed and took their Mat* on the platform. Th* President repeated the request that gentlemen in addressing the Convention would announce their name* and States. Governor Colbt, of New Hampshire, stated that ho bad In hia hand a eommunioatloa from the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the republican party, whioh he waa requested to have read for their Information. At thia announcement there was considerable applause and a good deal mom hissing. The CuAjBHAM?Ara the parties oouoerned In that ocn duet (the hissing) members of the C invention f Sivxral Voices?"No I No I they are outsiders." The Chjumax?I shall permit no such outrage as that; while I preside I shall prei#rve order. (Applause.) If I cannot do so, I will send for n detachment of p->liM. Gentleman do not know ma, or they would know that 1 am not n man to bo trifled with. (Cheers.) Mr. Ghavxcr Scaanxx, of N. Y., moved that Brother J. G. Havilaad, of this city, be appointed Sergeant-at Arms. The President stated that a Sergeant-at-Arms had already been appointed. The ocmmttoieatlctt frcm the President of the Com mittee of the repablican party was then road, as fol lows:? New Yobe, June IS, I860. Box. Robert Cowan, President Natioxal ajobucan Co.v YEKTIOX? kin?The National Executive Con rait lee, appointed at the Pittsburg Convention, on tb? teWd 01 tebruary, 1846, in calling a Convention to meet at PLiiaiel^hla, on the 17th Juno inst., to present oaodidats* to bo supported for the Presidency and Vloe Presidency of tho United State*. intended to embraee the members of all parties who feel the question promoted to be the dominant issue which should control tha election, to meet at tha same time and Bice, to con'sr with tae People's Convention aa to tha it course to crown their oommon wishes with sujosss. I beg leavs respectfully to submit to von, and through you to the Convention over which yon have the honor to preside, the following ex'raot from a circular of said committee, issued on the 28th of Mareh last.-? CIBCPLAR OK THE XATIORAL COMMITTEE?ATPOIXTED AT PITTS BURG OX THE 22D Or FEBhCART, 1(106. We solicit jour auenUon to the call which h*a preceded this paper. It is sot only to recommend to the pecpie tie Imae t late selection of delegate* from the several Sates, equal in number to three times the represena'ion tn Congress to wblea each State la entitled, to meet on th* 17th J one. at Phil tee phi*, to prevent such indivtluals a* they may think n*.t suited to upho d the cause to wheh they are devotf d a* oaudldates for tie Presidency ard Vioe Preaideney, but also t? lnvit* the members of all parties, wbo fevl It to be the dominant lisne which should control the election, to meet at the lame time and place, to confer with the Convection a* to the b**t course to crown their oommon wishes with success One of th* partial which will be repreienied at Phil delphia baa t*k*a the name of republic*!), b?c*o*e It was given to that founded by Mr. embrace all who love the republic. There 1* no democrat who does not love th* republic. There Is no whig who dees art love 'he republic. There I* no American who dove not love the republic, and we fondly hope there I* no naturalized citizen who doe* not love the repu jllo. hut it fa not so important that the rrest movement which we " rsiet" " " " desire to ice succe tfullj lntugursted shall be detlsnated br any particular rime, as that if shall be strong, unl'ai and ef fecttve. Why may not a') those daises who arc hosthe to the Introduction ol a'avery Into free territory nr.lte at this crisis of Impending dang?r to vote for a common ticket, which will be nominated, o assent nc grand prlnoip'e of repressing th* sz tor slot) of slaveboldlng monopoly aod to vindicate the rights of the (eople In ail section* ofthe Union who labor with thetr own bands? - a ticket wbtch will not agitate with a view to de fact from the right* ot the fta'es to dispose of the subject within their limits according to their sovereign will, yat bold Its ulicence to ccstroy the freedom of white laborers a fit sub ject ot investigation wi'h a view to repress theaggr***lre power la every constitutional way. The ciicnmstancea which indueed this appeal to al] patriotic citizens, on the 28th of March, have Men great ly augmented by aggressions since perpetrate! in Kansas, and in the Senate or the United Steles. The central power at Cincinnati having decided to elon ga'e substantially the present administration, and to per petuate its policy, we can oniy hepe to arrest then? ag gressions and to avenge these outrages by installing a new and jnst national administration. Nor oan this ob ject te acoorrpliihed unices ail who spres in sentiment can be brought to act for a common oojaet Impressed deeply with a tense of our responsibilities in regard to the approaching e'ee'lon, I have deemed it proper, at the sar'.lset moment aft* r Its permanent organization, to invite the attention of the Amerioaa Convention to the senti ments and object* of the National Committee, as expressed In their circular at the pericd of their calling a People's Ccnvsntion the wisdom ana importance of which Ming In no sense diminished at this Ume. Very respss fuPy, your obedient servant, E. D. MORGAN, Chairman of the Natioral Executive Cem-ait!ee. Thf CnamneN?This etmmunlcaMon ?u handel to me sealed. Its contents were unknown to me. Whet in the will of the Convention In reepeet to It? Mr. Onvom, of Pa., moved that it be referred to a octrmlttee of one from each Qtate represented here, with Instructions to report to this convention. Mr. Jo>B>, of New Jersey, said that be had understood, when be came to this Convention, that it war an American (Xuvtution. (Applause.) While willing that that oom aui i eat (on should be reepeetfaily received, he contended that it bad no hnatneee to he referred to a committee of this Convention. (App'anse ) They had ecme here for a speeiflc pnrpoie? to place before the country an Ame 'ican candidate fcr the office of President? and thei' :uty would not be discharged till they placed ra h ? man be'ore the country? n nm whose known ? u'eeeaenta ? aid [ rove eresptahV. This Crn rentlcn would go aa far a* the farthest in doing .siiee to Kansas, and establishing the principle f In the North. (Cheers.) rhat com<nnuloa< von admit* the Convention to be held at Phi adelpble to i? n republican one, with which ao American Cnnven ion emld properly affiliate. He represented a free soil ilstffct, but yet it was aa American district. They met the (juss'lon there not ea free sellers, not as rspnblicans, .at ts Aw. si leans and they would m?et it nnder no other neaaer. ('"beers ) New Jersey was a unit on that point. He b'pd that some of their over-tealous frit ad* who are r?rw H'sd to play "Dandy Jim from CaroUre" wo a id per ait 'hem to nlay "Hail Columbia," atd p'ratt them slso to pley "Yankee IViedls." (laughter and applau?a.) Mr. Psiait of New York, dtemsd the C"1 Jirouoication is t j is sin ted as the pivot on which the "access of the ,.arty in the N< rth depends. Thty. as a national admin stra'h a perty had bnt a portion of the States of ;b? North. If 'tars were two Amsrlee.0 parties?a Southern tateiiren perry aad a Nortaern American party?then i?ir duty would be elear ; hut If 'bey treated the corn tin? nica'ica with neflee'. tbey would have feu- parties in the tM, a*d of eeeree ensure thereb? tb? election of tbe ?ere alio esiu e*a'e The rowu-iiicaa b?rty *u>od upon ? p'etir ? of .is own Tb'y -Mi I ro a fUs/brwi of their WM| bet the repnWtean r >redittos, in prerenting this 'OBir.aalcatirn to tbewi. made greet ?anceeslia*. It is en imrerfest point toe ihrro ?v?a t.i prss, nt suoh a o >m mm halloa to tb's Convention (< hears 1 It is sa? iui ?story st'p to a No there ens! nati's. wb-*h, II carried ctrt wen'd '?? tbe world ?n*'? that the * ??? a par-y da lofWtMd to pre<e,?o tk' eonitl'n'ionsl sptsi', of the (li! i. (sat irpls isa) lis gr.a?tlt .-ate, knowing that tbe North MMvtdrd would boas* n spit up >n again stamped upon, we# d?sfo??.! ti merge to a r-eiiala ?x eul the Wmw MtltkMtfrg bets eon part** tn hp N rth. ? mi |t**j bad been brut for a speelfle purpcse?to fwtkN* foreign influeoee. Bat the rtcna party bad not only be?a jwtled at tha poll* by levators a borne, bat their homes bad been violated and tbelr Urea uteriAesd, and the eUiaea* of thle oeaa try were now engaged in civil war. It wae, therefore, time to Berge tbelr ciffereueee and to inaugurate a per nan eat party that will not die with thle genera tun or With the next. (Load ehwers.) Tne democratic party, bowerer glorious it sight once have been, however greet under the rale at Jackson, yet nil that glory la peeeed. There wae a Use when the democratic party governed the country wiaely end wall; bat nil that ban changed. What vraa democratic then bee become au tocratic aow. The title of the democratic party la aot nationality, bat section allty. They nut have n party to meet it oa ite own ground. If the ezieeelon of aiavery wae to be tbelr only Irene, let them be met on that ground. (Katburiaeuo cheers.) He hoped the commu nication weald be respectfully referred, end that a re port, eeaeelved in e spirit of liberality, would be made to this Convection. Bow. Court, of New Ham pa hire, stated that bo had pre sented the communication, and bad no regrets about It. (Applause.) He wished to bare it treated with proper respect. He stood here as a tree State man and an Ame rican in principle. Theie were three things which be most ebcmiaebty bated?one thing is popery, the other ' slavery, end the ether is roan. (Laughter and loud ap plause.) The first attempts to do the work of Almightr God, and one cot do that. (Laughter.) The next thing lowers end debases the human reee. (Applause.) The last males a per fee" brute of every men it coatrels. (laughter.) He went against all these three, and in op position to the Presidential administration which has grown on these three things, which united, make e com plete bell op>n edrth. (Applause and laughter.) He went tor breaklig up the whole thing. He was not much of e speaker. (Applause, end cries of "bold on.") Hr. Colby?I'd go it (laughter), end I hope I shell not destroy the prosperity of any candidate. (Laughter.) I They were here he eontlnued, as American citizens. Thry had an object before them. How were they to succeed in it? By uniting the oppoeitlon to the preeont reign of terror in this country, and break it down. (Applause.) Be held that it was perfectly honorable for the republican party to present n communication to them; and if they rejected it they would be beaten ont and oat. He wanted to see the reins of government held by en upright, honest men from the tree State#, er alee by en upright Southern men. He did net went any twopenny stuff about it. (Laugh ter and applause.) He wanted the rains to be in the heads of e men who feared God, in whom they lived end mowed end had their being. (Applause.) He held himself eeeonntable to the Infinite God wno made him, end without His blearing on tbelr action they can't Una bope for e land of liber .y. He went for the welfare of the country and for the union of all elements which would promote that end, end destroy those demagogues In whom i here was no mere heart than there wee in e brick. (Laugh er.) A voias?" You're a right old brick." (Continued teeghtar.) Mr. O'lst continued?He was satisfied with Mr. Bueha ean as a candidate for the Presidenoy, but there wee one thing which he (Mr. Buchanan) oould not overcome. The Lad its would sot sustain a man who would not sus tain a mdy. (Roars of laughter.) it was the easiest thing in the world for them to beat Mr. Buchanan, even on that bene. (Laughter and enthusiastic cheers.) Mr. Elusoee, of Massachusetts, honed the document would be res peotfoUy received. If he understood the object ef this convention, it was not to prevent the dee traction er to perpetuate the oontlnuanee of any party. Tb*y had a specific object before them, namely, to put down this tyrannical dynasty, to vindicate the rights of the North and the rights of freedom?(applause)?des troy this tyrannical dynasty In that trinity of die bellam In wnieh it has been Just said it exists?popery, slavery, and rum. (Applause.) They should forego every other oejsct for this one objeet, or they might as well go home, lfcis democratic party ha" endorsed such outrages that If there bo e North she sen etaad it no longer; end abe will not stand It any longer. (Applause.) He was en Amerlsan. and earns hereto do no work Inconsistent with Americanism. If it was the honest purpose to resist the attempts of foreigners to control the government, it was certainly n legitimate object with them to take the go vernment out of its present hands: end this they would do, God helping them to unite. (Greet applause.) He had no ftais for the American party. God end truth end the right wou'd sustain it. Let them beware how they uttered e word to distract the Northern forees In this pe eullar crista. There never had been e time when it wee so easy toaeeompliah en object by taking right measures end sinking petty end personal prejudices. The question before them wee whether they should so sink their pre ju<lcee or not? If not, what were they here tor? They wanted to say to this Bonthern instl totlon, with its arrogance end assumption, "Hi ther shall yen some, but no further." They wanted to speak this with such e voice as would be understood. What rights? as their present Cnairman had said yesterday?had not been cloven down in Kinase and elsewhere by this dynasty? What more was there left for the slaveholder to do? Noth ing but to be allowed to fetch his human cattle to this toed toil ami wor* (hem here, end also to reopen the elewe trade; and as surd V tfie Cincin nati party snaeeeds, they would do so. Now Or neror was. therefore, the word for them. He hoped that the wliai m of the managers of the democratic party would not go nil the time with the party. Pieroe, Bougies & Co. had gone too far (hisset), and the objeet of the demo cratic party wee bow to present n responsible man, and thus to deceive the North again. But stHl the sentiments of the par y are the tame. The temocratie party was too wily to put up theee tel le vs egeln. But the North would not bite at the naked hcck. There was aot n particle of national bait eu the hock of thia Cincinnati piatform. There was one princi ple which slaveholder* alwaji abide by. Taey never pay their slave*. They turned off fierce, Douglas tt Co.. wlth-.nt pay. When their work is don* they just lead them to the alaoghter house. (Laughter.) And if they allowed thle dynasty ( 'nasty "enough,! to retain power, they would aot pay or thank them tor it. He (Mr. Ell more,) tad be> n, through the honored Senator of bin State, openly insulted. Mr t_ told n good story about n parson giving e good ticking to n prond bully, who when he cime to tell his experience in ehnrih, said that be wae pro be - b.y the only eonvert who had the grace of Gjd pounded into him. (Laughter and applause.) So he (Mr. E ) had had the grace of God beaten Into htm. (Referring to the Pnmner outrtfge.) And he did not think they ceold get It out oT him before November, (Lang ate r and epriease.) I.ieut. Governor Kono, of Ohio, next took the fl tar. He raid to his frieed from New Jersey, he was as good an American aa he (Mr. Jones) dare be. He wea (lir E.) six feet three inches, end eu American nil ot it. (laugh ter.) He wee en Amertean (or the right end net for the wrong. (Applause ) Thle communication from the Re publican Committee was the Bret incipient attempt to curry that wild end fractious team hitched up for free dom. They had thus commsnoed to curry ibe outside bone and soothe him down a II'.tie. (laughter.) let those having this fractious teem be cautious; they had a great work to aeeomp.i.xh, and they ought to lock carefully to that letter?It speak* of whigs, of democrat', of republicans, and has not fal'ed to xpeak of Americans. (Applause.) ibe republicans iavtud them to act with them in this great contort for freedom. And should they re'use t (Cries of "No, no.") there wss a great reepossibility rtstlig en the American party here represented, laws bad been passed is Kansas, and enforced there wita the bayonet and bowie knife, wblcb no antoernt in Europe would dare to pars. (Applause.) And that l'errlt iry, where they had expected to bear tbe voice of treedom end of freemen, ha* been made red wttn the blood ef slaughtered brethren.' Why. then, stand Idle? Whv not join with every party trying to overthrew ti.le toeotoco pro-slavery administration t (Caoere.) That was the work they bad to accomplish. I,*t them, then, go at the work like men. (Loud cusers.) They bed btld out* to the Conventi n now **s-aMed tbe oi've branch cf peace, end the refiponxlbili'y now dtvilved upon them of sooeptlng or refusing it. Were they readv to go hotre to rhtlr c. nstitu-ms and srculdtr it? They should act like men, and say to tke Philadelphia Convention, through their chairman, that tbey were ready to co operate with them. (Applause) They had tried in every possible shspe is get rid of the Irene cf slavery now forced upon tnem in 18fid. but to no purpose. The crisis wae upon them, an 1 they must meet it. He heard an old man mee tellisg about his expe rience in trying to get rid ot a skunk, wbch visited his premi ex, and which annoyed him very much. He tried in every poeaible way to kill it, but without snocess, until finally he found out th? bole where it burrowed, and having seen the animal go I a he eksed it up with etouee, making np bis mind that it might remain there and Blink itself to death. His plat form uj>< n the slavery question was, let It alone wnere it now exists, but clcse the doors against nay more alave Stati c, so that it m'ght stlzk ttaeU to death at home Col. IUkrt, or Kansas, was than introduced by tbe President to tbe audience, and waa received with greet applause. He f aid he did not intend to make a long speech, for gentlemen who wore aooustomed to speech making could entertain them better. He stood here as tbe representative of bleeding Ranees (tremendvus ap pear*) ;?e the only delegate ot that far off xte ien ofth rr beloved country. Kansas would be excused for not Mucins a fuller representation from the fact that she needed ail her men to protect the live* of her citizen*. He bad a utle objeet in coming here. One wax to represent Ear see in this Convention, and the other wa* to take MO nen back there with him at the close ot their deilbera tier*. (Applause.) Tbe citizen* of Kansas were native American*. (Applause) Though tbe fi-vrder ruffians beast ef subduing tbesa and hanging Charles Robinson, ccw imprisoned, if he were to bang, the citizen* of Kama* would hang with him. (Applause.) The Missouri invaders were enforcing their law* up on tbe houses, horses, goods and atl else the? eould steal that belonged to the citizens of Kao*ax: b they were not enforcing them npon the m*n themielw ?or tfcey have told the officers sent to execute these la that tbsy would never submit to them. (Great applause He came here to say that Kansas wanted eonoentratl of effort and aot ion in her behalf, on the part of ail tux rtsnds of freedom who would oppose the power and d*e po le tyranny that slavery was attempting to establish n that Territory. He hoped that the eommuuioetton new under dieeussion would be referred to a committee. Re waa well aware that there wtre men attending th Convention whose on j aim and objeet waa to rule c ruin. Who were they? They were enemies, who hei jotnsd bands wi'h the black power of aiavery to prevent anion amoig the Irlsnda of freedom. Kansas would stand or foil by the action of this Convention. He bed never yet been h'enriflei with tbe republican party; he we* e native born ritl/en, had been educated in "demo cratic principles, and had alweve maintained them until Kranklla Pierce sold them ont shamefully; but from that time forward, he had, worked regularly in the Amerioan inks. (Applause.) ' The speaker, after narrating soese of the incident* that attended the late attack upon Law re nee, said thai he thought when the firs: cannon ba.l was thrown at th* hotel tcere, the [ue-tion who should rule America sank into significance compared with tne question of what kind of Americans should rule?(ap plan**)? for in '.hat attack upon Inwrenoe, theie we.-e nam engaged who profeseeo to be f -Bowers and adbe rem* to biUmore and Ponelfon. If they were tmerioane, be was not. It depended upon tbe notion of this C >rv?n iku wbs'her Kansas would' bs a free Mats or not. for he ?<'i>*{r ered that they held tke balance of power, and ifier*,'r re In tbi* ei 1st* hey should net like cusn. II* wee ready to shake hatd* with th* blaokest kiod of a republican to order to wipe cot s'avery in Kinase. (Ap plies* ) Ged help them to stand up like men. a >d sbcotder So sbeuk'er in tbe great work before then, and U their otuneels were wise cod pradeet, victory fiaM bos*tmnflf sMtai their efforts. (Applause.) Mr. fiountt, of Nov York. d*strw? to NT a wry k? won ? imb th* qMiikm of tbe reseptiou of Ikin reeslu tloo. Ha had beta associated with th* imrhtv party ever ainoa the tlaca whan It oawhorad only thirteen members. la weal or wot in the boo * of dafoat or triumph ha had ?v*r Ihlt a devotion to the p*r?y, because it* be ttered that epoa tta sueeees oaa pre loatel the future welfare ef their oobbod country. those this party was orgaalaad it had bean wras od from tta legitimate pur poses, which ware the r*eogrtti"o of thegita'. doeir'o* of naloa, harmony and flda.lty to >c* oonititu i>n act 1 exact jostle* to alt Undid thalawf, ard e<inal and ?*??? j? -??? ~ .u. v ura w. mean the part* here awensbied, but tbo liue'liaa party aa It waa on "2<* day of he*i F*?ru?ry, wear it wea ehaio ad aa a tawire to tba triumphal ohariot of-tho alaro powar. la looking at what the? war* pleased to loooau ? ate the republlosa party, he eoald aot reckon a pen tea political Meads aad hardly a personal friend eea ;ng them all, bat ha saw at a flans*, If tha troa ? in arise* party, the North Aaaariean party that beat rte gaao to wards tba North Star aad a para ataaoepbere, ware to achieve anythlag in tba eaaaa of A met loan hoertt, f would have to unite it* forces with tboaa with when they had beea aeouatomed to differ. (Applau *.) So P1"1/ h*ld psramount tha gireet principle of ireadcB aad the abridgment of the slave power, If ho did not ilka them, ha would work with them, aot that be loved them much, bat that ha hated atevarw ?tare. (Applesee.) As long aa they would moot with him upon that great point, their people ahoold bo hte people, their God hi* God, aad where tbey died there would he be buried. (Great applause.) They ehnuld re calve tha reapeelfol imitation which bad tina te a dated to them aa gtntlemen, aa patriot*, and mm bob who de alrad to bare aome little credit f r easily. They Boat reacua tba corptitutton from tha h" *"11 of tha oruai alaro poeer. The North had always been faithful to tha oea alituticn and it* oompromiaaa. Tha North had built up nor* cam promi>#? than the South, aad they had ??**/" obtwr^d them. They had fteea th Florida aad Louisiana, ana tbey had pouaod tbeir Wood and treaaure to pnrehaao pvrt of mexleo: but tha South bad violated bar faith aad rapudlatad a compromize solemnly made with tba North, in order that nui riot upon the bicody of Kes ?**? By the help of God, however, that should never be. fGreat applauia. 1 Be would rather aee tba bona* of el sat rotated aspirants for tbo Praaldoaey piled up Uko "* p,llom' than that tha North should ha dia giaeed by each yielding to tha alaro power. (Applauoa.) What vu tha azeuaa offered by the apologist* or ?larery to oorar up tha outrage* and justify the afcughter pf bob, woman and hiplaw children, and tha burning ef villages aad towns in Kansas f It was atopta that New Ervland man had ?" * *? ,,,nt0 Hukt Territory with ritW* la their hands?that all aattlara la a new Territory needed la the pursuit of game. The act of carrying a rifle to shoot a squirrel was considered aa an net of taaur against tba slave power. Ho rejoiced that tha republican party bed taken tha step they had la sending this communi ation to the convention now assembled. Ho was not afrad ef thttenn ' republican." Who BBdar stood the language of th* call which had con vened them here together, it waa for a meeting of fro* Americans. What would {>? the bar as la the nemo of 1 American republican*?" (Applause.) He could see no reason tor refusing to unit* and oo-cpera'e with th* republicans, when the principles which tbey wished to cany out wore the same. Hid they desire to go into the contest with four candidatas?Buchanan, who would ooa eeatrate the strength of the democratic park/; Fillmore. Dd!d*t* (Steal applause on th* part of the outsider*.) The Puridkkt?I will not permit any Interruption bv those outside of tbe Convention. Mr. Scium?, resuming, sold?fiuo* tbe name or tbis gentleman era a mentioned, he would simply eafc If ne waa aot a foreigner, (laughter,) and if he was to be travelling all ab ut la Europe while ??? battles of liberty at homo? u tne friends of frescom were not united In tbe eouiag con Wit, and they should be unable to present a candidate who should command the confidence of all, thedemoeraev JKttw I**?1. ***7'fetory, for tbay well understood the fsct tb&t & division in iht nokB of thdr opponoots wouid ensure them a vtotory. He was for s union with the re aUSMS^JWs is&iwasrai. jxs common school education and an boncat heart. (Ao plsuse.) The question to be settled was, whether or not this Union was to be held together by the laws or eternal justice, or whether its mighty machinery should be broken into a thousand fragm-nts. if the republieaa principle triumphed, the South had nothing to tmr. The sooner that qneetioa was definitely settled, the sooner would peaoe prevail throughout the whole country, and those who were to follow them In the events of lite would rice up and call them blessed. (Applause.) ?*? Wimuwog, of Pa., said that no question tine* their meeting together bad been pr seen ted of greater importance than the oommnnlca'ion now under dteous sion. Be would tell them that Pennsylvania stood as tbs *r**t principles of Amerieanism a* any otate in the Union: aad ahe stood, too, aa unalterable fixed upon the mighty principles of ropabUcanlea. (Ap PjuuAup There was a time in a courtship when parties aid not like each other at osce. He had bad experience in that way himself (laughter); aqd after ho had shown some c: _s good qttauties tne other side began to eome around a little. (Great laughter.) And so It would bo in th* union hero proposed. Without it tho two partiw would tall an easy prey >? A Voiin? Unite upon Fidmore, Cries of "Put him out," '"Put him oat." The Prsrdknt?The doorkeeper will arrest any man who interfere* with the order of the Convention. Order being restored, Mr. Wiluambon r sea seed and closed his remans by sajing, that Pennsylvania de nial a ea that tbe Convention now assemcied should give thorn a ticket upon which they could all anlta? American* ?< well as republioacs. with sacn a ticket, tbey would sweep the S at* of Pennsylvania by 80 000 majority. (Applause) JZ PVr? * N> J > **l(5 th?' he came from th* battlefields of Trenton, and be represented a Stat* that would go as for for liberty as any other State la th* Uticn. He endorsed the sentiments of th* gentlemen who bad preceded htm In everything they had said la re gard to ?Tavery. He wou'd unite with them moat cor dially in putting down this administration, and b* was prepared to make a union of men of all parlies for the purpose of prostrating Franklin Pierce and his administration. (Applause.) He thought that hie colleague frees Nsw Jersey had been misunderstood In rsgeid to th* matter now under consideration. It ap peared to him, after listening to this debate, that then wm vwj little difference* ol opinion upon tbo question ke'.wseu bis colleague and the ether gentlemen who bad spoken. It waa more a diffsitncs of form *h-" anytbirg else. Tha only question of dfffsrenoc waa as to the manner in which this commuolca.ion should here c*iv*d. Had tbey sMm any authority from tba Oonvea w? I' P'ttfburg given to its standiog eommltte* by which th ay were au'horizsd to mtks this communication to tbe Convinti u here assembled ? II there was no such power delegated, then was the ecnuuutioattcn ef any mote importance than that o' any xeipeotable tftlsen? n* was one of these who wcu'd receive respectfully tbe ec niiiiunication of tbe buinbisvt f eeman. It appeared to him, as be said before, that the que* ion now ?ub mltied was merely one of form. He would lender to the communication all tbe respect It deserved, and be would say to tbe genteaen sending It, "Bs yeu called lepnblican or by any other name, we will nnii* wiib you la carrrtng oat tbe ?.rf . w* 8,11 h*TP ,n *l?w." Bat how was iLi* ro aorts? ^appof? tbo ctm mo mention bo ro oelTCd nnd rcferrrd to n emmirtre, nai the commit too report that this Coovsntlon ourhtto defer any action until after tbe mse*tng of the Kepubliean Ojnventlon, were they prpared for tbat ? (Cries of ",1o, no.") Then he eonsiaerio It wae a mere mst'er of fur at mm to the manner In which the two Convent i^ns rhould eouomnal cat* to each other; that they were willing to uoite in band In oarrj lug out their common object, So far as Nsw Jersey was concerned, she woull c irdtaily unite in 'hs support of any man whom this Convention should ecw nominate. (Applause.) Tbsy should nominate a uuc for the purpose of wiunlug, an 1 he did not oare who tbe man was. The Ame:ioacs of Nee Jsrsey had their preleuneos. It was true, but all tbvy asfced "Give u* a unn tbat will lead u* on to vut ty." (Applause. 1 Cries of "Que* ije, question." TJs Convention declared itself ready for the quetUon. Tbe qusstiou was tsken, and the motion was as read to bo the eommuuiea ion from th* Chairman of the Re publican Committee was referred to a oommiUe* or one from each Stat*. A motion wes made and agreed to that eaeh State ap point Its own member of tbat commits*. The following are the aaaes of the committee so elected:? Jio. A. Brlnf, Ohio; John A. Cored#, Penary Irani*, O. S l'trry, u>n*#cMe?t W. A. Howard, California; (Mann law, New York: Jno. I/>ehwood, Wlaoomln, Tboaoa A. Jetcke*, Kb*d* Island. Wo. K Bull*, Mlihigaaj R. W*b oier, Mlnmoaotn. A. M. Rokinett, Delnwnr*; flimnnl J. ItTin], Km .!?!??;; Gor. Colby, Now I!*crp?hi.-#;;J. S. Ru>ortl, Main*. K. C. Baker, Mae?I n**tta, C. Brown, (h< (ton. W hUn th? delegat** worn appointing tbpcommit!**, the ouWidti* pare three e.b**r* tor Ktltmor* nod lor Brooha, end war* again threatened to l>* turned ou . Mr C. K I nm mcred n rnoana Uil4 o'nloak. (Oiaa o' "ThrMbVlMk.") Mr. I iyim? W# won Id not ban tint to got dinner bo for* 4 o'c'ocb. A ldaiUAi* mo**d that member* b* admitted by pan Word*, an aa tok??p oat tb* Hllmor* man. Mr. Iri'w'd m<xlon wna agraoa to, a d th*('onr*n!oa, at half part 12 o'alook, took ? ran*** Mil 4 v'oloah. WhUa they nor* break tig up tb* nwtaknr* omnand tletrr*!*** by tiring ?bn*r? tor FiUmoro and irntai tyr tb* black rt (ub.iMoa. Ia :*ct, ti *y kiekal np, to nan ? heir own e*p-*M.-n, "parti iui?r boil," monk to tb* OM not one* etc dlagnei if tb* legitimate aaaban of tbn U'BTtB'.tni. (MB An < u reporter Wft, tb*ro wna a aort of axtnapom lad* pendent oppoaltion man ttg being bald at tb* farther *nd of tb* Ball, wbicb waa b*ing ml Ire?d by aa anthualo* tic Fil'mcrrltn. arrnNOON rbmion. Tb* Conor rtlon r* o-wmSW at 4 n'olock. A larg crowd of the on told* Hllmore d*l*fn.loa wnr* (a attend one*, and, to k**p tbom la ebnsk, tb?n waa atao a now Mdorabl* body at polio*. It la aadnratood that Mm Una MehnMtti delegation w*r* aatlrnly oppoted to tb* prop'| i.lticn emulating from tb* Ki-eat'r# Committee of tlM republican party, and tbat tb*y war* prepared, ratkar than b* dragged at Mia tall of tba rnpub.laaa party, bo rc-Morda, and, if nc?da ba, anpport Buchanan. Tb?n ara arident eymptomi of a g?aarai amaab up, aa w*il 'rem the elantenta wl hia aa without tba Contention Tn'Mne*, and w* "hall ana. Tb* Contention w?? ea"?d to order at twmty fir* minute* pant 4 I'. M. The rnwipRM, In opening the peoroottnge, ?aid?Fterlag tb* morning noin* oonfaalon nnd dlordar aroae la lb* hall. II tba' cam* from member* of the ConTentlon, or fr >m itr?r\ger? In New York, they certainly fo-g-t themealve* end the dntlee which nhould haTagornriOd tb* u. !? It cam* frem el'lnene of New Tork, they forgot e*e-y du y of boepltallty and ?rerything wkleh belonged t> r* rpectabtllty. 1 ba**, tor*v*r, though I trwa; tb*r* U n? n*ea.?ltj (?i U, MgfM |gg|