Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 17, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 17, 1856 Page 2
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IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. umcKf ?r n?t mi Kmw ?f Ipok, iMt, He*) M. ?DM MAVANA COHMSrONPMNCM. 11.1 VAN J, June 10, USA. JfcM from Afosfos What dots Spam Intend to do?Bx ntement amoay Ute Memans. The steamship Philadelphia, McUowan, (n?m*?(W, ?rriMA yesterday mormng from New York, if) tux and a ItX dwys, and left at 5 P. M for New Organs me British Wert India mail steamer Tyne, Valler, com wander, arrived yesterday from Tamptco and Vera Cnia, Wtoe days from the last port. We are advised by this ataaaaer that the struggle m the Assembly agarose the prverament, ae organised by Co moo fort, had terminated to hvor of the government; that General Alvarea had re Signed bis seat and retired from the city in disgust at the of some of the executive rtflciaki, who were i to ose his influence (or selfish personal interests I of the general welfare, that the Spanish Minister, el de lee Santos Alvarea, had reached the (My of Rfcrtro not yet recognised, and inquiry being made ae to toe cause of a Spanish fleet appearing in the waters of the republic, with so much of threatening appearance; that white the fleet remained at Vera Crux the ceremony mf recognition would not take piace. There was inueh excitement and fear that Cemnnfert weald be compelled to receive the Minister, and minister according to the means in the chests of the treasury to flpnoark wants, or Spanish demands, just or not. Changes had Cohen place in the chiefs of the War and Treasury De As the Tyne left Vera Crux several Spanish i of war were entering from the clfing. We are in I health. No improvement in exchanges?laial to us. to VIBh CHVZ COKMtSPONDKNC*. Vera Cncz, June 1, IflM. I of Ute Spanish Minister?His Ikmandi Backed up bp a f teet? Will Couumfort Succumb > " Oar cat has a very long tail," and the arrival or the mast excellent Don Miguel de los Santos Alvarez, Minister Ftsntpotcruary en the part of Ppaia, near our government, ?t the City of Mexico, with a most potent squadron, to himself into our favor or our pockets, has caused no Mile excitement among the tnate Dons The President toes not wish to recognise Mr Alvarez, with all the saints and all the water dogs be brings along, so we are fiun to he looking about, to see where the ammunition and the meney *?the last gives no ringing echo to our tender in WWy. while the soldiers arc few and the magazines to?p?y Yet, if Comodfnrt has the nerve, there will be found the mean* and the tools to work with, if there is no small nhaugc in the treasury. We have new Secretaries of War and Treasury, but tony are too fresh in harness to make either soldiers or ?mwey for the emergency Don Juan tjolo, the first de partment. and Don Miguel Teredo de Tejada, has no "roof" wver his bead for the safety of the republic. ?eneral Alvarea has resigned, because be did not wish to he a tool for the ambition of others, instead of his coun toy. He will, however, be ready, if the Spaniard blows Me war blast, and they will have cause as much as Santa Anna had to dread the panther. Our Spanish friends, mho have advised the Spanish authorities of Cuba of the 'tour so strike, think they have the game in their own toads, and that Comonfort will have to come down from Ms loll determination' that the Minister must be received, Wrdh the armed vessels of Spain filling our port and threat ening our city; thai the money, as Spain counts it. must to aid. or secured, o Spanish satisfaction, or that San won de Ckia and Vera Cruz must lake the consequences; tort we have no power of resistance, he. All this is very fine?but?and if?we shall see. If onlort cob lake care of the capital, we shall have i capital fun here before the Spaniard is done with tow business, and they will witness the spring of the panther JrrWB BY THX WAT OF BFAW?ACTION OF THK COfcTBB?WAK TO M OKCLAHKD. k the Session of the Cortes, held on May 23. M Cerdini. to km own name and that of several other deputies, pre ???ted a motion, declaring that the Cortes offered al their support to the government to exact, by the bes. Means possible, from the Mexican government, the satis Potion necessary lor the til treatment of Spanish sub JmIb The Monster of the Interior, after giving some details on ?he subject, declared that the government had given or ders that all the vessels of war at liberty should proceed to the tiulf of Mexico, to exact at every cost (though be ?aped violent measures would not be necessary) the ?a todhction and refatration due to outraged Spanish dignity Thir declaration drew forth loud applause, and the ino pa was unanimously adopted. A Madrid letter, of 26th of May. says?Several cabine ?auncils have been bekf to decide detinitively what shall be Mane with respect to Mexico There is every reason to be ?awe that war will be declared against that republic, if it ahoukl not give just satisfaction, by retracting what it has daae with regard to the Spanish convention. Mrew the Madrid Correspondence of the Independence Beige. May 23 ) Urn Mdspendmrr has frequently had occasion to ac rnt its readers with the strange conduct pursued by Mexican government towards Spanish subjects res id Pg m MexKO The grievances of the latter are daily be ?aaemg mora intolerable, and the Spanish government has already given orders to the Captain General of Cuba to send all the disposable vessels at his command to Vera Crw Several members of the Spanish Legislature in traduced today a motion to offer to the Cabinet Pa sutport of the Cortes, in order to enable them p enforce raspect to Spam and her subjects on the Cef the Mexicans, and al.-o to obtain a proper mntty for the damages sustained by Spaniards resi dent in that country The Minister of the Interior an Munced that the conduct of the Mexican republic had se rteuily awakened the attention of the Cabinet, and that energetic MMM would be taken immediately to put a ?Sop to those grievances. The motion was taken into consideration, and carried ?nam id? us ly. The same correspondent, under date of the 24th. says wrotet o you yesterday about the support offorod by the Cortes to the government in relation to the measures ?bout to be lukcD the Mexican republic. The Pkunct has to day been busty occupied about that affair, wbiefa f likely to become very serious The Minister of VOrtign Affairs will send to Scnor Miguel dc los Santos Alvarez, the Spnnish Ambassador in Mexico, a categorical Memorandum of grievances for the Mexican government. V the latter refuses to ecmpiy with the claims of the Ppan isb Cabinet, the ambassador is directed to haul down km Bng and leave the Mexican territory The govern Mrnt will then try to obtain by force that which it will ?at have been able to obtain by persuasion fame time ago J wrote to you that the Mexican govern ment denied the rights of its creditors, solemnly ruoog meed by a treaty enured .nto with Spain in 1863. This was already bad enough, but Spain was not In a position to make much noise about the matter. for. up to the present time it has not been in a great hurry to pay its debts ?r even to arknowledge those the legality of which Mhody eaatacta Tlie Mexican republic has gone further ?at satisfied with having broken its treaties, it has forced Fpanirh subjects to refund to the treasury the bonds which had been given to them Most of those hands having been sold at a low price, what has ?[overnment of Mexico done? It has attached the s of the creditors to the amount of the nominal value of the titles which had been given to them, offering to the world the spectacle hitherto unknown, of a debtor who. not satisfied with refusing to pay his debts, despoils has creditors and seizes their property. At the last accounts P -nor Alvarez had not as yet ar nved in Mexico. Hw po-ition will be a very difficult one. ? Is possible that he may await in Vera Cruz the ins.truc ttnus of bis government Ceneral Zabaia will iminfcdi atcly despatch a steamer w it despatches to him. [Editorial remarks of Indepetiilance Beige, May 29 ] A serious conflict threatens to arise between the go vernments of Spain and Mexico, on account of property belonging to fjinish subjects attached by the Mexicans to order to compel them to restore in full the bonds which bail formerly been given to them as payment of their ratime agamst the Mexican treasury. This singular way of paying its debts has naturally caused a strong foepng of indignation in Spam. and the Spanwb Cabinet is ?ow determined to enforce full satisfaction for the gricv wooes <f which it has to complain TULBMAPHIC FROM WASHINGTON. Witausof iv. frvriAT Nkibt. June 15 There: s a p'-ani n agitation here among Southern mem Congress o doandon the Central American route F amftc and', a acquire the cession of the. Teuutoite reutcf rem Me**oo,i n exchange' or guaranteeing her ? ry agaicatt ae Rne/i>h hostilities now th'saP-ned understood oat co-one- Routes avorst ne project vemment ueirtg mucn eonoarneat. ne expedition ng out z fpaic ranee and Rng'.ana nave, ne ?M alms to Spaji ntolligofir^root Mciicoi indicates that much alarm la N byt oe government respecting the Spanish expedition, newt foreshadows an application for the protection of the rutted Nates fiootfwrn members of Congress suggeut tU granting of on the condition of a cession to ?a to the Tabuantepec route, with the circungjacent tcrri ?wy Pottos lattlllgiMt. CBAAfiF OF rotoiMT ?James Elliot ww taken into cng tody yesterday by cdBcer CAvanaagh. to the Lower Police Court on charge of forgery preferred against him bj ?William CueIter, to 1*2 East Twenty third Btreet. Th< compia.(oct a, leges that on the 10th instant the accused pari based tome marble Blab* from him, and in pay men i tor the same gave the complainant, as it i? charged, i ?begad not* for flto, drawn by A perion named Wier, ?nd made payabia to the prisoner five months after date Tba accMad was brought before Jatoii Oaborne, at tbe Tombs, where be was hold ia Ml In IM PUD <A fl.MO ???*?? Utoatrrt tow*. TtM Wiling of PwU*'? Mo?f >? Tbe oM building. known as 5183 Broadway, nod which nrno occupied by (to ptdtotun^ Arm of FVnnois fe O). up K) tbe let of May last, fell down about 11 o'clock yester day irr""f with n thundering Omsk. Fortunately, however, It had bwo reported uaaafc %-few days ago, and etory prwaulion van taken to pri1 igg injury to the , fix In lltoim 'O Brood*ay Tbe tfjlk e# the street in ? front was enckmed by a rope, and a force of police stationed there ,to warn tbe passers by and the drivers ol value lee against tbe mapewkng danger. Thai commenda ble display of vigilance on the part of some of our city authorities naturally eaetted the curiosity of the people as acme thing remarkable ; and during ,the last two or three days there were enough assembled on the outside of the eld Museum budding to have made tbe fortune of fade if be could only have persuaded them to tabe ?leek at the inside. But the ca riosities?tbe wonders of earth, sea and air?have long since been removed, ami among the changes of this ever changing city, the site of Peale's Museum was almost for ra, or remembered only among tbe things that were, reached the age of thirty two years, a remarkable instance of longevity for a New York buikiing, and at last fell, not by human hands, but from Hs own infirmities. Those who bad waited tor its fall ax last grew as impa tient as the heirs of an old miser lor bis dissolution, and some predicted that H never would come down without ; some assistance from the pick and crowbar. Hie painter who was engaged in re coloring tbe front of the neighboring store, seemed to think that its fall was for off in the future, atul painted away at the posts, and rigns, and doors, utterly regardless ef the thirty two years' accumulation of dust, which was so soon to be shaken out of the walls, tbe Boors and. the nooks and cronies of the ancient edifice. About the hour of eleven, the south wall was seen to tremble, tbe whole buikiing shook from cellar to attic, and m a few moments the front and side walls fell in, leaving the rear wall and a portion of the Searings still standing, and one half of the roof projecting over the ruins. For two or three ?unulao the dust which arose concealed everything, and the crowd made a hasty retreat, giving it a wide berth. The sign, the poets and doors of the adjoimug house, upon which the painter had exhibited his skill, have all at once chang cd their color, and look as if they had just been exua voted from the mass of rubbish which now occupies the site ef Peak's Museum. Three or four policemen have ascended to tbe lop of tbe next building, and are engaged in pulling down tbe pert of tbe roof that yet remains. After much tugging, poking, and shoving, they at last succ< oil in de taching it from its fastenings, and away it goes, rolling over and over in its descent, till it strikes the ruins, when another cloud of dust is raised, and the crowd again retreats. The old budding is now rapidly deinolisUod, and in the course of a few months more, another and we hope, a better structure will arise upon its site. Tbe Slavs TrwJBc. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURT. More Judge Belts. char6b op rrmva out a slaver. Jrvu 16 The Cmled States vs Rudolph E. Las colas.? Tbe defendant is charged with fitting out the brig Horatio, within tbe port of New York, for the purpose of slave trading, in the year 1864, in violation of an act entitled "An act in addition to an act to prohibit the introduction, or importation, of slaves into any port or place within the jurisdiction of the United States, from and after the first of January, 1808," he. Tbe indictment charges that the accused, as factor, did equip, load and prepare the brig Horatio for the purpose of employing ber in tbe trade of procuring negroes, mulaltocs, and persons of color, from tbe continent of Africa to tbe island of Cuba, or some other foreign place, and transporting them to an other. for the purpose of disposing of them as slaves. Mr. Joachimssen. associated with the United States Dis trict Attorney, opened tbe case for the government. In the month of Nov ember, 1864. the brig left tins port, and en the February the was found adrift at Key West, totally abandoned; on being seised she was found to have been fitted up for tbe slave trade, and tbe prose cutor expected to prove that she had been usod for that purpose on the coast of Africa, and then abandoned. The first witness called was Sidney P. Ingraham. Ttegis ter Clerk in the Custom House. (Produces ledgers.) This is the register oath and bond; Mr. lascalas signed them 11th October, 1864, tbe gentleman sitting there is the same person. Cross-examined by Mr. Gerrard (the bill of sale pro duced)?The register spoken of was issued on this biH of sale. Mr. Gerrard read the bill of sale from John Fairbanks, to Mr. lascalas. loth October, 1664; this was rocorded in the usual public manner, in the Custom House, on the 17th. Mr Gerrard then produced a bill of sale of the Ho ratio from Mr. lascallas to S. T. Van Vasquesc, dated 23d October. 1664. Witness continued?Tliat bill of sole was registered; Mr. Myers, a Custom House broker, or Mr. Vosquesc brought it to be registered; thinks they were both there; the register was delivered to Capta.n Magi.ire. who was made master of tbe vessel after she was cleared. Edward Brown, examined by tbe District Attorney?I am a carpenter. Mr. Gerard said, in order to shorten the rase, be would oumit that ibis vessel, after ber voyage, did go to tbe coast of Africa and take in a cargo of slaves, and he would consent to have Brown's testimony rood. Th* District Attorney had not bis testimony in writing. Witness then continued?1 found tbe Horabo off Castle Garden: 1 was engaged by a shipping master on ftiii'luy morning: the vessel hod lumber and water ixt-ks on board: the mate was thin in command; sbe hod a crew of eight or ten; (.apt. Magu re was the master; 1 don't know the name of the place we went to. but it woe some where on the coast of Africa: a blue and white signal was hoisted up, and a chief came onboard; we afterwards took on hoard some 330 or 340 slaves; a British man-of war lay a short distance off. our vessel sailed to the coast of Cuba; some of the slaves died on the voyage, and we landed all that were left: T do not know how many died; after landing them we went to sea; our vessel was in a sinking condition, and we hailed another ship, winch took us en board, wc Lad rice, peas, beans and water on board. Henry Wehb deposed that he supplied the Horatio in this fiirt with 14,000 gallons of water. Jos. F Turner deposed that Mr Iascalos paid him for the water supplied to the Horatio in October, ls54; the the defendant asked Captain Martin if the bill for water was right, and be said it was. Mr. Las oa las then paid tbe bill. John B Phillips, deposed that he was employed on board, and Mr Lascalus paid him 860 by a check. Henry M Barnes furnished the Ho'rntio with water casks, which were paid for by a person in the defendant's olfee Wm S Martin deposed that be had interviews with Iascalos before the Horatio sailed: hod some conversa tion w th hint after that: he paid me 845; I received no instructions trem him as to the destination of the Horatio, except that a steamboat was to take ber to sea from tbe Battery. The District Attorney read a letter from Iascalas to tbe witness in reply to a message that the vessel was ready to haul out. Mr Gerrard opened the ease for the defence, and the case stands adjourned. CCITED FTATEP DISTRICT COURT. Before Judge Belts. THE PTPTOFED PLATE BRIO BRAMAN. Jt.NK 16 ? The United States vs. bruj Brainan.?In this ease (the supposed slaver.) a motion was made by Mr Benedict for the appointment of an appraiser. It was op posed cl the part of the United States, on the ground that an exception had been filed against the claim The Court raid at* it wa? a contested rase he would n"t interrupt the proceedings of the day. but would hear the motion to morrow at his chambers, at ten A. M. The Turf. FASHION COCR8E? FIRST BAT. The meeting of the Fashion Jockey Club commences to day under the most brilliant auspices. It is to con tinue four days. The ball opens with the " Fashion Flakes'' for three year olds, mile heats, for which there are five nominations. The gentlemen engaged in this stake are the pr.ncipals in getting up the Fa-h.on Jockey Club, and it :s to their energy and devotion to the turf that the public are mainly 'indebted for the present pro mised sport, and for the strenuous effort to restore the falien fortunes of the Northern turf. Three cf the nomi nations in the stake are upon the gmund ard in excellent condition, ai.d each of the nags has its warm friends and admirers. We hope to record an exciting contest The second race, for the Club purse $650, two m.le beats, brings together Berry, the winner of the fastest two mile race ever run; Adelgisa, a Southern crack; Au gusta, well known to fame and Mr Clay's Balloon, the winner of the Association stakes at Lexington, Ky Four such " two milers"' have probably never met. The race comes c.fl at 2 o'clock. I' M look to the advertisement for the various modes of reaching the course. Tire Stthmmcf Fjtifsnov ?The following correspondence has taken place between Captain Lowbcr and bis passcn gers ? Livtneoon. Mav 26. Hfid. ALrstnTt Town**. Commander of the united States Mai fteamship F.ri'weon ?We the unden?ign?o, passenger* on board, he United h'taies mall steamship Knesnon on ner as rip serosa the Atlantic from Hew Tort o I.iverporf. cannot, now?the passage has been so successfully accomplished?se pence w tbout expressing to you our warm personal regards our high sense of your nautical skill and untiring vigilance and gentlemanly conduct to all around yon. W? would also bear our united testimony to the public of the splendid and perfect *' eommodanons of this noble vessel, as well as her admirable qualities as a sea boat in rough weather, and for the conve nience and Comfort of passengers; also of the kind attentions of the officers and the quick and orderly manner your ship ia conducted As a slight token of our esteem, we beg of you to accept the accompanying pieeee of piste O. FAIR, F RRAAHOH. K (i KIRKPATRTCR, Being the committee appointed by the passengers. I.trxsroon. May 27. thfifi OlFTUtatF?In reply ta jrotir letter of yesterday, allow me to rfler mv grateful arknowledgemenui for the kino sentiments eipreseed therein. It gives me great pleasure to know that my conduct, snd 'hal of my ofllcera, me' with the general ap probation of my passengers; st the ssme time allow me to say T feel proud to find that the accommodations and g'?*1 qualities of my ship hive been dnlv appreeiated. The substantia! token of your esteem 1 aerept with much pleasure and believe me rmr reeem trip across the Atlantic will Jong dwell in my memory w.ih many pleasing recollections. With great ires pe??, I remain, youra, ilnccrely, HIJRf.fl R LOWBER The Er tehees, under th< command of Oaptain Low her, haa fcbly won her way to public eatimauon, by the re f&lurtty of bee tripe Big gccd|>td$ tie piece Of Ibf FMiSo The OtrwM g?m?ih?(. A MONHTCT PJC NIC AND OONCBBT AT MUJm MAm. DBND?THIKT* TBOC8AND TffMONfl ON Til ?aOT7ND -mm GBUIANY IN TBI TIBLD, KTC. Our G wnii pfUpUUou was in a stole i KM'Ul jr.9torsi*y>frev ring out of tbe Ann > Festival the ^Rgorbtind, which vue GaHfcDs, at the fool of Eighi river. The Bahgerbund is a ml clubs, who cultivate music throughout the year, and every June have a grand demonstration in some public ground in the vieinMjr ef the city, to show their proficiency iu both accompUahnaento. Tnese re mmom are always very pleasant and barathea, for though immense quantities of bier are drank, M la hut seldom a drunken man m seen. During all day yesterday not a single disorderly person was to be sees, and though the participants ware eauberantly joyous, these was no riotous disposition manifested, and the crowds of peitoo men who were present had nothing to do but imhthfi vast potations of bier. It is a question whether any ether na tionality could have had ho large a demonstration, hating se long, without at least one hundred persons hssanilng latex tested. The weather was charming, cool, sunny and exhila rating; jus I the day for a pleasant out-door celebration. The crowd was tremendous: throe steamboats and extra ears on the Second and Third Avenue Railroads nauM wot begin to adequately supply suffletent means of tratopor lation lor the Bombers who wished to partiiiipnh in the ' festival. ' }t was estimated that over thirty Ihsaasad per sons must have been present ip the gardens during the day. The scene was air animated one. The Turners, several ' German military companies and an engine company were ? n the ground, and their uniforms contrasted pleasantly with the gay attire of the pretty /reaWrns, who were get up in immense style for the occasion. On every side was to be sees groups of happy family par ties discussing the contents of mysterious baskets, and devouring with great unetieo sausages, herrings, lim burger cheese and other savory luxuries, mixed wKh copious draughts of the inevitable lager bier. The grassy banks on the river side, which run sloping to tb<Water's edge, were covered with Just such groups, who ate, laughed, .-ang, flirted, or lay gazing at the flashing water beneath them, which was covered with gay boats and dashing little pleasure yachts. In another part of the field the Turners were amusing their friends with gymnastic exercises, in many of which they fhiled; but then a failure was vastly more funny than a success, and the discom fited gymnast was put in a good humor by the laughter and braves of the crowd. Scattered through the Held were military bands discoursing music, which sounded very well at a distance?the further off the better?and a number of enterprising young Dutchmen endeavored to dance the polka and schollish with their maJeAtm in the thick gra;s?a performance that had more of work than pleasure in it, but then was just as highly relisbod by the parties engaged in it. But the fiat lire of the whole affair was the lager bier, ? which was omnipresent. It was rye bread and lager I bier, cheese and lager bier, sausages and lager bier, dancing and lager bier, flirting and lager bier, music and lager bier, walking and lager bier, talking and lager bier; inside the garden was lager bier, outside in tbe rood was lager bier: lager bier in barrels, kegs, cups and glasses; old and young drank it, and children sipped it, until everything in the celebration and about it was intimately associated with this fascinating beverage. At noon tbe procession entered the grounds, beaded by the grand Marshall, Captain Diehl, assisted by officer Semlcr. Among the companies present, were the follow ing ? lAfayette Rifles, Captain Simmon, 2d Regiment. Compuuy B. Captain Diehl, 4th Regiment Hoboken Rifles. German Hussars, Captain Hieft, 3d Regiment. Ragle Hook and Ladder Company, from Stratton Point, near Flushing. The Turners, 600 strong, and the following named sing ing societies;?The Aran, Germania, Harmonia. fHobo ken), Harmonia, (New Jersey), Brooklyn Lieucrkranz, Orph eus, Khemiscner Sangerbnnd Williamsburg Sanger bund, bungerrunde. Social Reform Gosongrerien, Schil lerbund, Tcutoma Manner Clior and I'bland Bund. At three o'clack, Mr. Feldner, of Hoboken, addressed the assemblage iD German, and was loudly cheered when he got through. This was followed by a concert, under the direction of Carl Bergmann, as follows:? Overture?Allessandro Stradolla Flotow Jsgcrsluet?Grand chorus Astholx' Pilgrim chorus?From "Tunnbauscr," with or chestra R. Wagner Rbrinweiniied?Grand chorus F. Mendelssohn Fucke tanz?Orchestra Meyerbeer Rarkett bong?Grand chorus, with orchestra Stuns Scbotliseher Eardensang?Grand chorus .Silcher F>? ihcibmarsch?Gra'nd chorus, with orchestra... .Slunx The different choral.rocietics followed, and closed the ringing exorcises. The music was superb, and splendidly rendered in the parts requiring a Dumber of voices. At five o'clock the assemblage began to disperse for home, delighted with the pleasant festival they bad participat ed in. Narrow Escape on Um Harlem Railroad. TO THE EDITOR IT THE HERALD. ) have been requested by (several of the- passengers over the Harlem road on Saturday last, to give you the particulars of a wonderful escape from a dread ful catastrophe on that road. The tram leaving New York at 15 minutes past 2 o'clock en Saturday afternoon, consisting of lour large passenger ears, with the usual apparatus, was approaching the Har 'em bridge at its usual speed, the flagman displayed the ? white flag," signifying that the "draw" was closed and all was right, the engineer drove on. as was right on bis part, when he. fkitl.ful to the responsibilities of his poeitioo, kept lus rye on the lookout, and behold! be discovers the draw w ide open. Instant and utter destruction seemed ready to swallow up lnmsell and all of bis two hundred and more passengers. But be was equal to the emer gency ; sounded the alarm to man the brakes, and with engine reversed, succeeded in stopping at the very brink cf the gulf which yawned beneath them. Wh<n the lasscngcrs discovered the miraculous es cape which tl.ey had made, and the imminent dan ger that threatened them. Uiey were enraged at the and careless management of the road, and the wicked carelessness cf this reckless flagman. He is still retained in the service of the com pany. and allowed to jeopardize the lives of thousands passing over that bridge daily. The individual holding a position of this nature. aDd guilty of such gross?almost willul?neglect, not only de serves to be driven from a post he has disgraced, but should he driven from the community which he htt so basely betrayed by his Doglcct. The flarlem Kailrcad Company is becoming more and more notorious for the utter inefficiency which pervades every department of the read. The end is not far off. A PASSENGER IN THE FIRST CAR. Court of General Session*. Before Judge Capron. PRESENTMENT OF THE GRAND JTRT?CONDITION OF ELDKIDGS PTHEET JAIL. Jrvx 16 ?At the opening of the Court this morning the Grand Jury came in and made the following presentment: To TT.T HoVORAFLF THK ClTT ? The Grand inquest of the city and county of New York, for the June term of the Court of Sessions, respectfully beg leave to present: That in addition to the performance of the ordinary duties devolved upon them by the Court, they visited ,n a body, under the piolile guidance of Go vernor Tieman. the ruvcral charitable and municipal in stitutions on Biackwell's Island, and the nursery and school on Randall's Island, and found in every depart meet evidence of good order, thorough discipline and wise supervision. That they also visited the city prison and Eldridgo street jail, or debtor's prison. Of the Eldridge street jail and its management the Inquest hog leave to present their unlimited corn' .nation. In striking con trast with the liberal and enlightened provision for the other departments of the government, tins jail is a stain and reproach upon the city, and in defiance of the humane spirit of the age. The editice is wholly un.suited for a prison it stands in an unsuitable place, and is sur rounded and pient up by oilier buildings. A portion of the cells are constructed in the attic, they are narrow, dingy, filthy and without vcntiliation, and with a summer sun rh miig on the roof right over them, must be almost intolerable. The prisoners confined there?and the num ber averages about twenty five?seem Pi have no adequate provision lor their subsistence. The keeper's table, for which they are informed the bills arc paid by the cily, is accessible to such only of the prisoners as are able to pay for that privilege. The others are fed in their cells, with the coarsest food (and even this is purely voluntary, and not called for by any requirement upon the keeper.) in limited quantities. Altogether, the inmates of the jail are immeasurably worse oil than the convicts in the city prison or penitent,ary. A condition of things so shocking to human:ty. and so much in opposition to the spirit of modern legislation, that they feel it to be their duty to ex pose and denounce it. Respectfully submitted. JAH. B NI' HOLFON, Foreman. The jury were then discharged, and the court adjourned for the term. Brooklyn City Intelligence. Tit* Sti-arkr Hemky Clay?Stka-x.k Vauakiw of a Jikt *as ?in the Circuit Court of Kings county, before Judge Rockwell, the jury in this case having been directed cn Saturday, in case they agreed, to bring in a scaled ver cict. were discharged that afternoon by the constable in charge, they stated that they had come toaunani moug decision. Yesterday morning, however, having been polled, one of the jurors, named Thomas Booth, said the verdict was not in accordance with his opinion and the Jury were sent back to resume their deliberations. In the afternoon they again came into court, being unable to agree, and Judge Rockwell having asked Booth the reason why he could not conoe to a similar decision with the others, he replied that he hAd been persuaded against h.s will, and haviDg talked with a lawyer since he discharged, he had crime to the conclusion that the ver dict he had signed was wrong. Judge Rockwell said he hardly knew what to do. as such a case had never oc curred before during bis experience. Whether Booth ought to be committed for contempt of court or sent before the Grand Jury was difficult to determine. Ho decided, however, to send him before tbc Grand Jury Miliary Tarsi* axt> Rkvifw ?The 14th Regiment, Htete Mil.tie, under the command of Colonel Jesse C. .wmith, had their annual parade yesterday, and presented a fine appearance in thc.r summer uniform. All the com panies have adopted the conical hat, some of them here tofore laving worn the old fashioned bell crown The uniformity m other reelect* li also general. The Brook lyn band accompanied the regiment, which was reviewed in the City Hall park by M* Gen. Duryea and staff They passed through a number of evolutions in ffjceUent pty le, after ffliiffc liey pa/aded U* Itfffffc. Pint Antral of Mmhiii. OiFTU OAKTIN FILLED WITH LATTB* DAT SAINTS ?A RUNAWAY WITH AND A HABEAS CORPUS, ETC.

The packet ftxp Thornton, from Liverpool, arrived on Saturday bringing 760 Mormons, Ujie mo I ?f whom are hound for Bait LukB- The passjuflers were landed at Cbstlc harden, where they renEn until this morning, - when th?y Start p a body fo^jbuh. Among tbem are WO Swedes and Danes, and the Wtnainder are composed of English and Scotch, Uio larger portion being English. They come from all parte of England, from the extreme north to the tslfe of Jersey, and consist of farmers, me chanics and laborers. Among the mechanics are wearers, carpenters, best and shoe makers, joiners, miners, pot ters, Ac. The Swedes are mostly farmers, with a few blacksmiths. Our reporter, who visited Castle Garden yesterday, was told by one of the Elders who came out with them, that they wore mostly old con verts, of ten or fifteen years standing, and wore brought out at the expense of the Mormon Emigration fend. A good many, however, be stated, came out on their own expense, feme of them intend stopping here, but the majority are going direct to Utah. They are mostly families, and appear to belong to the better class of emigrants. There seemed to be a preponderance of females among them; so, indeed, there ougbt to be, to sustain tbe system of polygamy which prevails at Bait hake. IX Brigham Young should he in want ef some fresh wives, we can premise him at least a desen from this party whom be will not find it bad to take. The num ber ? of children, too, Is very large, there being nearly one hundred under six years of age. Those were three births on board tbe vessel during the voyage. The party id accompanied by several priests and elders, who are returning front their foreign mission. The chief of them is Elder James G.Willey, who has s|i nt the last three or four years in tag Laud collect ug this Dork together, and who now returns to conduct them to the promised land. Tbe captain of the Thornton speaks very highly of Mr. Wiliey's management of the saints during tbe voyage. Be divided the ship into seven wards, and appointed as elder ever each ward to attend to the temporal and spiritual wants of the brethren, and sec that they did tbeir praying and got their rations at regmar hours. The lower deck was divided into three wards?the first ward being occupied by the Swedes and haaes, tbe second ward by Uie Scotch, and the third by Uio single men of all nations. Tbe ?p per deck consisted of four wards, and was oc cupied by English families. Under this arrangement everything went on like clockwork, and the passengers were kept clean, orderly and pious. The only accident thai happened was the throe births aforesaid, and this the elders state resulted from causes above and beyond their control. Among tbe passengers was a Mrs. Jervts, from Here fordshire. England, who, it appears, left ber husband at borne, and taking her two children with her, embarked in company with the saints for the promised land. The husband, however, took the steamer and arrived here ?bead of her. Yesterday be entered a complaint before one of our court*. and a writ of habeas corpus was iwued to bring up the children, and investigate the merits ?the t*Chir reporter was informed by several of the saints who knew Jervis in the old country that be was utterly unfit to have the guardianship of his children: that he treated his wife in the most brutal manner, and that tteWM the cause of her having bim, Ac., Ac., all or which be re cefved with seme grains of allowance, although the saints averred their willingness to swear to the same in court. Political Gossip. Tbe Philadelphia Monk American of the 18tb instant, says : The adjourned meeting to elect the duplicate dele gates to the Republican National Convention, which took place on Saturday evening, at the Wetherhill House, re sulted in the election of persons who are said to be pledged Fillmore men, some of whom announced them selves as such before being chosen. One of the parties engaged in the movement accidentally informed an oppo ncnt of Mr. Fillmore of the purpose of the affair. He said that it was intended to break up the Republican Con vention. It is anticipated that persons of the same stripe will poet themselves in tbe galleries to effect the same end, hut a police force has been ctgagod to prevent it. Mr Favid A F ma 1 Icy, chairman of tbe democratic national committee, is preparing an official copy of the proceed ings of tbe late Cincinnati Convention, which will soon be published. The Democratic National Committee, who have held half a dozen sessions in Washington, have selected from among their number, as an executive committee, the fol lowing gentlemen, viz:?Messrs. Ward, of Pennsylvania, Vallandingbam, or Ohio, Cottman, of Pennsylvania, Pot ter, of Rhode bland, Manning, of South Carolina, Clark, of Virginia, and Smalley, of Vermont, ? officio. At a meeting of this executive committee, Mr. Ward was cho sen to be its chairman, and Mr. Vallandingbam its secre tary. Mr Smalley has been elected the permanent chair man of the National Committee, and Messrs. J. H. George, ef New Hampshire, Julius Hesse, of Alabama, and C. H. Vallandingbam, of Ohio, as permanent secretaries. Hen. Lot. M. Morrill, of Augusta, Me., has renounced his connection with the democratic party, having written :o the State Committee, of which be is a member, his re pudiation of the platform adopted at Cincinnati. The headquarters of the Massachusetts delegation to the Philadelphia Republican 'National Convention is at the Girard House. The Mississippi papers are showing up one of their members of Congress, Hon. H. S. Bcnnct, in a style rthat makes him took, and no doubt will make him feci, very foolish. That gentleman lately delivered a speech in Con gross, which was nearly a literal transcript of one deli vered seme years ago in tbe same body, by that gifted orator, S. S. ITcutiss. Tl.e Northern .Kansas Aid Societies will bold a Conven tion at Cleveland, Ohio, on the 20th inst. The Fa'em (Ohio) Republican nominates Casrius M. Clay for the Presidency, subject to the decision of tbe Philadelphia Republican Convention. Under the head of "Important News'' the St. Louis Dtmccrai (Benton) publishes the following:? We call attention to the very important news received bv telegraph this morning of the probable withdrawal or Mr. Fillmore'm favor of a Northern conservative candi date. if such a one shall be nominated at Philadelphia. TtPs taken in connection with the movement of Mr. Crit tenden in the Senate, demanded the Bending of General Scott to Kansas to suppress and prevent the maraudings that have lately disgraced that Territory, and co.luted also w th the fierce onslaught of the Nkw York Hkrald urrti the ultra secession spirit which has so nearly impe riled the whole country?these things, we say. if correctly telegraphed, threaten to change very materially the aspect of the approaching political canvass for the Presidency. The Cincinnati Enquirer describes an enthusiastic ratifi cation meeting at Newport, Ky. Major Ilenry Clay Harvie opened the meeting with one of Lis telling addresses. He was follow ed by Col. George B. Hodge, the same gentle man who, as the whig candidate, ran ColODel Stanton so closely in the Congressional canvass?the canvass before the last. Col. Hodge, with many other old whigs, joined the Know Nothings, and discovering the unrepublican character of that Order, was among the first in Kentucky to denounce ami repudiate it, and has ever since opposed its principles and designs with great vigor [and earnest ness. In his speech on Saturday, which was received by the Colonel's neighbors with great applause and joyful ness, he declared bis unconditional adherence to the de mocratic party?platform, principles, candidates and all? and his belief that the old line whigs of Kentucky?those who were raithful to the memory and principles of the great man or Ashland?would find that, in its present po sition, the democracy was the only part of tbe constitu tion and the Union. The nomination of Buchanan fell coldly upon most of the South Carolina democratic journals. The Yorkvillc gnquirer acquiesscs in tbe nomination, but expresses dis appointment and regret, and says that of all the promi nent aspirants, Buchanan was the least acceptable. There is sigri.ficance about the following sentence quoted from an article it the gnquirer.?"The contest will be 'deter, mined between black republicanism on the one hand, and on the other the democratic party with Buchanan as its standard boarer. In such an emergency the South can have to choice." financial and commercial. MONEY MARKET. Moxdav, June 16?6 P M The stock market has not at all improved since Satur day. Tbe feeling is one of doubt and despondency. Tbe most serious apprehensions arc entertained, and the public mind is particularly'scnsitive. Tbe steamers, now nearly due from Europe! are looked for with tbe most iDtcnse anxiety It will be some days yet before advices are re ceived of tbe effect In England of Crampton's dismissal, and in the meantime the imagination will have full acoi* for operation. It is our impression that the whole affair baa been discounted; that tbe public mind is prepared for tbe worst; that the suspense is much worse than the reality, and that the actual |facts will, when known, have 'an effect fust contrary to that generally anticipated. At the first board today stocks were tower. With large sales, the market fell off form tbe opening. Illinois Central Bonds de clined one per cent; Nicaragua Transit, M, Cumberland, K New York Central Railroad, Ml Erie, %; Harlem, niinota Central Railroad, Ml Reading, Ml Michigan Cen tral Railroad, *; Michigan Southern, Ml Galena and Chi cago, M; Cleveland and Toledo, M At the scoond board pricee ruled all round. The disposition to ecll was not so strong but lower boldere were anxioua to clear out and wait the result. Brie fell off * per cent; Illinois Central Honda X. Cleveland and Toledo, Mi Beading Railroad, X- Michigan Bouibera, M Tosk Central Railroad waa the neadle* fi*U ?I** iftrr Ibc adjournment of the Board tbe following sales of bonds and stocks were mode at auction, by A. H. KVolay?k $25,000 California Sevens. 1870 Int. added. 75 SH. Y. City Central rark Hvoh. ... do. 92 do. Water Ptork 9's, 1*70. do. 85 Hartford Oty $??, 187# do. 9614 'N. Y A N. Haven KR let ml $>8. do. 77>4 Mil. It Water's. RR 1st mort8's. do. 79 lJt. fcr, Wab. BSt. L. RR. 3d m.. do. 50 12.000 Flushing RR do. 43 4,000 Clevc. a Tot. RR., Incomes do. 73 #70 Pun Mutual Ins. scrip, 1852 53 815 she Fnterprise Insurance Co 20 4 Oty Fire Insurance Co 201)4 80 AMor Fire Insurance Co 101 % $8 North American Gotta Tercba Ca 32 13 U. S. Mail Steamshrp Co 27 100 Merchants' Exchange Bank 106)4 101'ark Bank 97)4 200 Oswego It Syracuse RR 60 )4 50 N. York & Washington Printing Telegraph Co.. 27 221 Marble It Stone Carving Co., per share of 810.. SI Simeon Proper's regular weekly sate of bonds and tocks will lake place to-morrow, Tweed ay, at half post twelve o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. Judge Clerke, of tho Supreme Court of the State of K?w York, sitting in Chambers granted to-day, an In junction against tbe Preeiident and Directors of tbe Acces sory Transit Company of Nicaragua, restraining them fkeaa parting wHh the property of the Company, and an ordes was issued to show cause on Saturday the 21st inst., why a receiver should not be appointed to take charge of tbe effects of the Company and wind np Ha aflkirs. The earnings of the La Crosse and Milwaukie Railroad Company for the ft ret week in June amounted to 818,314. This is equal to fifty thousand dollars for the month. If his rood goes on increasing at this rote, (Tom month to month, the estimate of tbe management will be largely exceeded. The Assistant Treasurer reports to day as follows:-* Paid on Treasury account 8177,807 86 Received on Treasury account 137,188 00 Balance on Treasury account 6,034,590 44 Paid for Assay Office 10,140 29 Paid on dtsbursingc beck* 12,333 18 Tbe warrants entered at tbe Treasury Department, Washington, on the 13th inst., were as follows:? For the redemption of Texas debt $133,753 42 For the redemption of stocks 5,580 60 For the Treasury Department 26,357 27 For tbe Interior Department 10,305 49 For Customs 17,9#6 42 From Customs 1,602,290 04 From miscellaneous sources 4,850 13 The Norwich and Worcester Railroad Company earned $29,592 in May, against $27,942 for the same month last year, sbowing'an increase of $1,650 fortoc month this year. The receipts or the Illinois Central Railroad Company in May amounted to $214,600 against $121,400 for tho same month lust year, showing and increase of $93,200, equal to about eighty per cent. The earnings in Hay of the Catawissa, Wiiliamsport and Eric Railroad Company, were larger than they have been in any previous month, viz:? From passengers $10,378 84 Freight, 4c 12,800 97 Total $23,179 81 The earnings for Hay, 1855 20,748 77 Increase $2,431 14 An effort is now being made by means of a chattel mortgage loan, to increase the rolling stock of the com pany, whereby a targe addition to the receipts is confi dently expected by the President and managers?the pre sent equipment of the road being found quite insufficient to transact the business offered. The annexed statement exhibits tbe average daily movement in the leading departments or tbe banks of this city during tbe week preceding Saturday morning, June 14, 1866:? N'icw York Cm Baxics. Loam. Specie. OirtukU'n. DepoiiU. New York $3,1148.889 442,278 284,512 2,981,888 I Manhattan 4,889.690 808,991 328.884 3,467.628 Mere turn Ik' 4,188,196 1,986,317 194,773 6,976,844 Mechanics'......4,080,923 791,317 389,964 3,681,426 Cnton 2,843,483 355,023 200,527 2,887,215 . America... 4.964.834 2,366.997 67,730 6,388,164 I'henis 2,271.704 318,320 113.948 1,976,811 City 1,790,241 299,380 38,588 1,610,576 North River 983.412 89.366 169.100 785,883 Tradesmcns'... .1.436.728 176,708 813.888 935,981 Kulton 1.762.661 303,420 130,249 1,613,302 Chemical 1,496.567 284.686 261,667 1,268,089 Merchants'Ex...2:454.348 393,773 116.291 1,964,902 National 1.679.273 188,063 178,664 1,128,787 Butcher?' 1.388,281 116,782 86,796 999,605 Mech. and Trad's 781.306 63.608 126.842 647,938 Greenwich 626.288 31,043 39,804 692,699 Leather 2.008.844 166,066 240,623 1,505,123 Seventh Ward.. .1.223.440 132,207 262.427 671,763 State 3.681.113 687.242 637,541 3,124,870 American Kx .. .6,137.449 651.282 283,010 6,343,278 Arrociution 1,166.010 78,161 219,687 831,702 Commerce 8.377.815 1,708.679 2,095 6,491,863 Bowery 1.017,900 100.968 174,122 863,038 - ? .,wo l.U A OS OOft AHAl 1 0?7 CQfi Br'idway.V.'. 1' 491!313 126:425 230,466 1,267,898 (vlan .1.687.127 108.883 165,692 1,110,013 Mercantile 2,156.736 272.264 101.639 1,550,046 Pacific 940,709 66,219 119,155 653,417 Republic 3,366.341 1,024,273 92.532 4,376,032 ChLthamV....:.. 681.325 38,190 129.613 461,096 Peoples 708.941 44,816 157.908 493,208 North America.. 1.666,602 226.687 82,979 1,391,290 Harrver ...'..1.374,426 66.901 119,077 780,185 Irvnrg 671 263 43.800 113,612 602,877 II > 1II|C . . a.aa.wt ?/v* IM Ol '4 AC^l Metropolitan.4,760.729 807.461 213.464 6 800.802 Citizens' 724.901 69,432 196, ,38 605.826 Grocers' 670.178 108.783 87,582 585,907 v ",, .1,213,914 1 32.286 116,731 903.846 to f.AO aitlAO AOH OQA Ea?t RiVer W.282 68.003 92.742 428,996 Market 1 467 944 125,367 124,325 1,271,925 .uim m ino ji:a ka St Niehiiaa697.081 68.119 91,102 460,486 She* It Leather' .1,601.176 230.575 106,434 1,410,197 Corn Ex chance l! 603.043 240.869 84.874 1,562.092 Con" nenut g. ? .2.908.936 383.045 79,898 2,410,577 CVininier'w ealth'. 1,17 6,622 187.090 91 048 1,206,662 Oriental 687,146 44'298 113.541 374,588 Marine 116,644 98.471 762,019 Atlantic ..... . 649,463 68.423 98.193 301,105 AllUUUV.. . . .. ? ??? ? IOC jlfl 1 I'll! loll Imp ? anil" Trad'sl,718'oitt 108,441 136,419 1,136,863 !ldo" ? 41,744 94 810 275.181 JMUJ1U V Jijr TU,1W|1> Dry IKX'K 424.822 22.212 82i639 92 848 N. Y. Exchange.. 191 369 10.899 129.203 147 ifi? N. Y. Bull's Head 2971139 21.248 122.829 201.5M ,, n,? ar, jjo i7n'<79? N Y County . 338,430 11.910 90,449 173,226 rark.2,394,967 196,910 115,599 1,343,184 Total 104,168.88117.414,680 8,360,73591,602,245 Clearing? tor week ending June 9 8141.463.209 " " " 16 132.098.301 Balances for week ending June 9 7.529,931 " " " 16 6,769,721 The annexed statement exhibits a comparison of the lading depaitmccU! of tlie banks of Ibis city for several weeks Nxw York Citt B-*xks. Ix-ans SptcU. Circul'n. Deposits. July 7.'66..897,862,491 16,481,093 7,743,069 85,647,248 July 14 . 65.. 98.415.432 16.663,756 7,616,724 85,616,636 Julv 21, '66.. 99,029.147 16,918,999 7,407,086 82,079,590 July ?8. 56.. 99.083,799 16.920.976 7,409.498 81,625,780 Acg. 4 '66.. 100,118,569 16,298,858 7,642,963 83,279,890 Aug 11, 54..100,774.209 15.280.669 7.714,401 83;i41,320 Aug. 18, '55. . 101.164,060 14,649.246 7.610.106 81,948,673 Aug. 26. '66.. 100.604.604 13.326.378 7.582.095 81,178,558 Sept 1. -56.. 100,436.970 12,852,823 7,620,178 81,057,210 Sept. 8, '66..100,273,733 12.006,626 7,861.143 80,442,478 Sept. 15, -66.. 99.397.009 12.213,240 7,721,826 80,610,306 Sept. 22,'56.. 98,681,734 11,666,391 7,716,492 80,105,141 Sept. 29,'66.. 97,385.225 9.919,124 7.724,970 70,818,109 (kt 6,' '65.. 96,616,021 11.110.687 7,868.217 77:582:626 Oct 13. '66.. 95.059,420 11.138.87 8 7.840,114 70,616,807 (i.l, 20, 55.. 95 103,376 12,481,723 7.888,164 77:852.651 Oct. 27, -66.. 94.210.372 11.103.521 7,828,489 76.974,850 NOT 3, '56.. 93 309,079 11,106.298 8,071.608 77,787.570 Nov 10, '55.. 92.454.290 10.855.526 8,088,608 76.762.403 Nov. 17, '55.. 92,029.920 11,302,917 7:041,579 75,326,301 Nov 24, '65.. 92.312,408 11,716,239 7,779,567 74,675,154 Dec. 1, '66.. 92,620,921 11.227,134 7,841.654 79,047,983 Dec. 8. 66.. 93.189.806 11,844.626 7.861.741 78.000.110 Dec 15. '66.. 93.800.038 11.684,075 7.761.062 70,820.517 Dec 22, -66.. 94,386.487 12.088,359 7.778,893 77,241.<8)0 ..... .... .o, nan -cn OAA ?11 CIS H.-1J Jan. 26, '66.. 96.887.221 12,7iHJ.oo? i,*un.von io,njo,oiu Feb. 2. '56. 97,970,611 13,640,437 7.622.827 82 269.001 Feb. 9, '66.. 98,344.077 14,233,329 7,819,122 82,838,152 lib 10, '60 . 99.401,316 15 678,736 7.693.441 88,086.944 Feb. 23. '66.. 100.746 447 15.835.674 7,064.688 67.680.478 Marchl, '66. 102.632.235 16.640,686 7,754.382 88,604,377 M'ch 8, '60.. 103.909.688 15 170,946 7.888.1;,} u8,749.'626 M'ch 16, '66.. 104.528.298 14.046.024 7,863.148 88.021.170 M'ch22, '56. . 104.633,676 14.369.556 7,912,581 89,390,201 M eh29, '66.. 104.745,307 14,216,841 7,943,263 88,180,648 April 6. '66 .106.962.018 13.381,454 8.347.498 91,008 408 Aprill2, '66 .107.840,436 12.626.094 8.281,625 91,081 75 Apri!19, ' 5,086 12,958,132 8,221,518 90.876,737 Aprtl26, '66.. 105,61 8,864 13,102.867 8,240,120 89.627,280 May 3, '66.. 106,326,962 12.860,227 8.716,163 9*2,816,003 May 10, '66. 103.803 793 13.317.365 8 662.486 89,476.262 *y 17, '66.. 103 002.320 12.796.541 8 488.152 88,720,415 y 24, '66. 162.207,767 13.860.333 8.335.097 87.094,300 May 31, '66. 102,461,276 14.021.289 8.269.161 86;775,313 June 7, '66. .103.474,921 16,166,180 8,4710.262 90,009,243 June 14, '66. .104.168,881 17,414,680 8,360,735 91,602,245 The last returns com|iarud with those of the previous week, shew an Increase in leans and discounts of 8693,960 Inc rease in specie of 1,248.500 Decrease in circulation of 69,517 Increase in deposits, nominally, of 993,002 Increase in deposits, actually, of 2,662,987 The movement Is towards an expansion. The line of discounts Is steadily enlarging, while the iDcrcaso ol specie is at a very rapid rate. The deposits are larger r.ew than they have been before this year, and the entire movement*! on a sralc in proportion to the wants and expectations of the community. With such an enormous specie basis, an expansion could not well be prevented. Tbe increase in loans must be for the purposes of stock speculation, arid not for legitimate mercantile operations. The money market never was more abundantly supplied than at Una moment. The actualgroee earnings of the Irle Railroad Company Inrthe month of May, 1866, amounted to....8617 f64 07 fame month last year 476,127 86 1 Decease ? This increase to equal to about thirty three and ? third per rent, and the aggregate earning* for the month aro greater than in any previous month within the history of the road. It is most extraordinary that a stock showing' sueh'earnings should he selling at M aW per cent, wbiia thai of a company Opi ning no more ie proportion to ita capital is aofrng 440 a 91 per eeat. This cannoti contiooe much linger. The real merits ol the Erie musk soon place it along side the New York Central id marked value. The circular of Messrs. De Coppet & Co., prepared for transmission by the steamship Niagara, from. Boston tor Liverpool, on Wednesday, gives the following review of the bond and stock market daring the past week. StatrStaks.?Missouri 6's have been active okwMg, at a< decline"of % per cent. Virginia fl's have been deoe to a> limited amount at % per eent decline, and Tonasssee 6'e at a % percent advance. California 7's redeemable ic< 1876, (new loan! having been pressed for sate in large" amounts, they nuvc fallen several per cent) selling ait 76 a 76. The first interest coupon on those, for eight, months Interest, is due January 1, 1867; otter that the on potts are semi-annual. Indiana 6'a aro qaeted oa. nterest July 1. City and County Bonds?We notice a few.retail transac iens in St. Ixniis C's. Chicago 6's and 7's, Detroit 7's, . Milwaukie 7's, WheelingC'sfMunicijial), and in Peoria 7'e he latter at a reduction of pnoe. Railroad Bonds?At the Stock Exchange the anty tran actions of some importance havo been in Erie 7's ot: 876, at a rise of % per rent, and in Illinois Central Coo tructions at a decline of 1 % per cent. At' private sale - ome Memphis and Charleston 1st mortgage, and Michi an Southern and North Indlana(sinking fund), have been > ('one, without material alterations in prices. Railroad Shares.?During the early part of the week < transactions were limited, with weakness in prices, 1b ? or, with more activity, the tendency is downward. Monty abundant, from 6 per cent and 7 per eent-'for" toans on rail, principally at 6 per cent. Paper 7 per e6Dt>' and 9 per cent. IxcAcngei. with moderate business; are look leg ops London IMJi and 109%, Paris 6.10% and 5.1T%'. Stock Knell aw go. ? Mo.viuv, June* 1A, 1866. $3000 Tenn St 6's, '90 96% 860 shs Erie RR! ...b3> 66% 6000 Mo State 6's... 86 60 dot.... blO 66% 6000 de 84% 600 do b60 66% 4000N YCenRRO's 68% 400 do b60 66% 9000 do 89 250 do sl? 66% 2000 Erie RR bs,'76 91% 400 do s30 66% 6000 K RRConbs,'71 84% 100 do sl6 66% 1000 NlalmtgGnxhln 86 260 Harlem RR....s3 16% 16000 111 Cent RR bs. 88 200 111 Ccn RR 99% 4000 do 86% 26 do 99% 2000 Chic 4 R M bs 08 106 Reading RR 89% 22 shs Am Ex Rank 116% 100 do e 89% 10 Commonw'hh Bk 98 360 do b3 89% 300 Nic Transit Co..s3 11 400 do 89% 60 Del 4 II Canal Co 123 100 do 860 89% 100 Brims City Ld Co. 7 200 Mich Ccn RR.... 96% 100 Cumb Coal Co... 21% 60rMicb S 4 N Ia.b3 96 160 do 21% 10 do s3 96 1486 N Y Ccn RR. .b3 90% 260 do 96% 60 do c 90% 100 do 96% 100 do S3 90% 10 CT Col 4 Cin RR.. 106 276 do s3 90% 36 Gal 4 Chi RR.... 110 300 do bOO 91 140 do 110% 100 Erie RR 55% 1800 Clove 4 Tol RR. 73% 60 do b3 56% 100 do s30 73% 200 do s3 55 % 100 do 860 73%, 300 do 55% 100 do 73% 1260 do 65% 100 do s4d 73% 300 do s3 5.r% 37 Chi A Rk lsl KR. 91 400 do c 56% 30 Mil & Miss RR... 83 0BCOND BOARD. 86000 111 Cen RR bs.. 85% 300 shs Nic Trans Co. 11 5000 do 86% 250 Clov 4 To RR.... 73% 1000 do 85% 400 do BlO 73% 1000 N Y Cen RR6's 89 200 do bl6 73% 100 shs Cumb Coal.b3 21% 100 do s30 78% 100 do s4m 21 100 Reading RR 89% 10 Hud River RR... 32% 400 do s3 89% 60 do 32 100 do....'..b7 89% 400 Erie RR sl5 66% 300 do 89% 460 do 66% 690 do sl6 89% 100 do s30 56% 60 Mich So AN la RR 96% 200 do b3 65% 100 N Y Cent RR.... 90% 200 do S3 56% 100 do b30 90% 100 do bl5 65% 50 do blO 90% 300 do b3 56% 100 do b3 90% 100 do.... .".s30 55% 10 do 90% 200 do s3 66% CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Mo.vdat, June 10?0 P. M. Asms.?The market was firm for pots, at $0 06* ? $6 12*. rearls were dull, at $7. BRiuDm-yre.?Flour?Pricee were heavy tor the com mon jrrades, with greater activity in tales. The transac tions footed up about 12,000 a 16,000 bbls., including par cels tor export. The larger sales included State and Wee* 'tern brands. Quotations for all kinds were about as fbl lows :? Common to good State $4 00 a $6 40 Common to good Michigan 4 40 a 6 10 Extra State 6 60 a 0 00 < emmon to good Ohio 660 a 600 Extra Ohio 6 26 a 100 Extra Geneseo 6 76 a 7 00 Southern mixed to good brands 6 00 a 6 76 Po. rancy and extra 6 80 a 8 60 Canadian superfine and extra 6 00 a 7 76 ( hoice extra Georgetown, Richmond City I Mills and St. Louis 8 W4 ? 9 87* Gallegoe and Haxall 10 26r a 10 76 .Among the sales were 400 a 500 bbls. Canadian, at about he quotations given above. Tlio receipts of Southern our were light, but the market exhibited no change of moment. The sales embraced about 800 a 1,000 bbls. 11 the above quotations. Wheat?The market waa active, with sales of about 60,000 a 60,000 bushels, included in which was Southern red, at fl 46 a 91 62; Canadian, fair to good white, at 91 60 a 91 66; prime white Southern, at 91 77: Milwaukie winter, at 9130. I'pper lake spring was nominal. Corn was steady, witta sales of about 30,000 a 40.000 bushels, including Western mixed, for distilling and of sound quality, at 43e. a 62e. and for good to prime Southern yellow, at 67e. a 68e. Rya was firm, at 80c. a 81c. for Northern. Oats ranged at from 36c. a 36c. for State and Western, and closed dull. Coma.?Soles of 2.000 baga Rio were made at 10*:. a lie.; lOOdc. at 11*.: and J00 mats Java, at 14*. The following telegraphic despatch was handed to us by a highly respectable house in this city:? New Orleans, June 13, 1866. Sales of Rio coffee for the week, 12,000 bags, firm at 10e a 11c. Market brisk. Stock. 30,000 bags. Cotton.?Tlic market was active, with sales of about 6,000 bales, included in which were 2.600 in transitu, and tlic remainder on the t]>ol, at about the following quota tions for the latter:? C/land. Mobil*. IT. O. Ordinary.,.., 9* 9* 9% Middling 11* 11* 11* Middling fair 12 12* 12* Fair 12* 12 V 13* Transit cotton was quoted at *d. freight-, New Orleans ordinary, 9*.; good ordinary, 10c.; low middling, 10*.; middling, 10*.; strict middling, 11c.; Mobile and Apola chicola, *c. less. Hay.?The tendency of the market was towards lower rates. The sales embraced about 400 a 500 bales, for ship ment, at 66c. a 63c. I son.?Sales of about 40 a 60 tons Scotch were made, at 932, 6 months. Ijsx ?The market was heavy, at 80c. for common and 91 12* for lump. Mousses.?Sales of 200 hhds. Cuba muscovado were made, at 38c. Naval (-tores were steady, but sales limited, without change of moment in quotations. Transactions were to a fair extent. Provisions.?rork?The market was rather fiat to-dav foe mess on the spot, sales being checked by the high views of holders. The sales embraced 500 a 600 bbls., tBClading mess, at 919 25, and prime at 116 50. It woe stntcd that $19 was ottered for 1,000 bbls. mess, to arrive, and declined. Reef was steady, with sales of 206 bbls., at $7 a $8 for country prime, and 98 60 a 99 50 for r mess do. Repacked Western was at 98 50 a 912, and i beef hnrns at $15. Prime mess was dull, at $16 a 918. Cut meats were scarce, and firm, ttales of 66 a IOC packages were made at 7*c. a 7*. for shoulders, and at i 9*c. a 9*c. for hams. A sale of hams was made, to arrive, at 9*. Iitrd was firm, with sales of 550 bbls. at i 11c. a ll*c., and kegs were held firm; 1,500kegs wera sold at 12*. Butter sold at 16c. a 18c. for Ohio, and 18c. a 20c. for State. Cheese ranged from Ce. a 9c , with i sales of good quality at 8*c. Rice?Sales of about 200 casks, for export, at 3*. a 4*c. Si oars were firm and active, the sales embraced about ? 1.600 a 1,660 hhds., Cuba monoovado chiefly, at 7*. a . 8*c. for common to fuir and good qualities, and 65C i boxes handsome yellow and white Huvana, at 9*c., and 120 do., do., at 9*.: 500 bags of Manila, the balance oi the cargo to arrive, sold at 8 cts. 4 months. Whiskey ?The market was firmer and more active w:th sales of 100 bbls. Ohio and prison, at 26*. a 27c. Freiuuts.?Rates opened rutlicr dull, but were firmer nt the close for British ports. To Liverpool, about 4,000 > bushels of gram were engaged in bulk and bags, at 6d. in bulk, and 6*d. a 6*d. In age; 1,500 bbls. flour, at 2s. 1*., and 4,000 9 6,000 bbls. Cour. mostly on vessels at up town wharves, at 2s. 3d.; for down vessels, 2s. 6d. was asked, otton was at 3-16d. a 7-32d. for compressed and uncom rossed. Iondon. 3.000 a 4,000 bbls. flour at 2s. 9d.,and bout 10.000 bushel* wheat, at 9d. To Bremen, 10,000 Ut-hcls rye, at 10c. A vessel was also engaged to take n rye for cither Hamburg or Bremen, at 9d. A vessel was engaged to load with deals at St. Stephens for Lon on, at 90s. Real. Estate?House and lot No. 75 Greene street, 26 s.. 90, 94,700; house and lot In Amity lane, acar Mercer street, 93,076. In Brooklyn?One lot corner of Qrmond street and Fulton avenue, 91,700; three tots adjoining on. Fulton avenue, each I960. $2,860; one lot adjoining ob< Fulton avenue, 91,000; one lot corner of Fulton and' Franklin avenues. 91,476; one lot adjoining on Fulton ave nue, $1,150; ono lot adjoining on Fulton avenue, 91,376;. three lots In rear of above, on Franklin avenue, each 9760. 92,260; threo lots on Jeflerson street, between Ormonai street and Franklin avenue, each 9560, 91,660; two loU>< adjoining, each 9600, 91,000: three lots on Ormond street, between Fulton avenue and Jefferson street, each 91,210, 93,630; two lots adjoining, each 91,300, 92,600; one lo&i adjoining, 9960; country residence at Gravesead, 910,600. Foretapi Markets. , June 1, GrAYAHA, Porto Rico, .Mine l, ]866.?The erop is notr fast drawing to a rlose, and the little produce that re mains to he made bos already been contracted for. Su gars, 4*. a 6*., as per quality, molasses, Ike a.19c. per gallon; copper, 12*. a I3<j, ThM is usually the height of our rainy season, bubthuiv far we have been favored by but few light showers, mucto to the injury of the growing ranee. Our Import market Is well supplied with most doae?tp ti?ns of American provisions, lumber and eoeperag* stock. . H Fmukht? ? last rates paid tor United State! WC- *90* tor sogarc mid f9 76 tor jpolaeaea.