Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1856 Page 5
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kmen to cnah> the latter to root from labor daring i warmest portion of the day. The time oould be easily de up by an extra hour morning and evening, and *wkl fro of advantage to both employers and employees. Mooter the terrible cases of death from being sun struck *mU be avoided, and thuse have amounted in one day toafcuty one; the victims, of course, being of tho poorer clovaeo, laborers and others, whose avocations bring them under the intense heat of tho sun. For humanity's sake hdt this be looked to. We have so far heard of only two deaths by snn-stroko, though very many have fallen ia Um street exhausted. Coroner Perry held an inquest yesterday afternoon a*. No. 142 Twentieth street, upon the bbdy of a laborer named John lcker, who died from the effects of the heat. Mm deceased was iu the employment of Alderman Ful mar. Verdict, "heath from sun stroke." Deceased was IB years of age, and was u native of Germany. Coroner Gamble held an inquest yesterday upon the body of a German woman named Wllhelmina Ropf, who died from the effects of the extremo heat of Saturday. Tbe deceased was 19 years of ago, and lived at No. 'At Greenwich street. Verdict, "Death from coup-do soleil." During the continuance of the thunder storm several beauee were struck by lightning. Collins Hotel, at the ?sot of Canal street, received a severe shock, so as to make the house tremble, and the tlagstufl'on too top won shattered to pieces. No other damage was done. Ono or Owo bouses also were struck in the Thirteenth ward. A building occupied as a sugar store, in Cannon street, had ? piece cut right off tho top by lightning, but fortunately bo one was injured. There is one other thing that should demand tho imme diate attention of the authorities, and that is tho disgruce fdl condition of tho streets inhabited by poor people. A reporter from this office iuid occasion to walk in the less frequented portion of the Eighth ward yesterday, and he vrae fairly sickened at the slops and decaying garbage, which sent up a stench grievous to be borno; and it' (bvers and kindred discuses are not generated by this dill of things, it will be indeed a miracle. There would be no garbage in the streets if the polico did their duty. M is their business to compel (ieoplo to kocp the city ordi nances. and they, therefore, are accountable for this ?tale of things. Will Mayor Wood sco to this, and Issue aa order calling the attention of the police force to their remissness. Let us have a clean city by all means. It was reported late last night that a boat upset in the* boy, and that four persons?u father, mother and two ctararen?were dsowucd, hut the names did not transpire, nor did the First ward lxtlice know anything about the It is to be feared that there were many other Another boat, containing two women and one man, was oapaizcd. The women weru drowned, but tho man was saved. They were seen from shore; nutnes not ascer tained. A boat containing tunc persons?among them Hugh McNichols, Thomas Hays ami William Monaghan? to missing, and disastrous consequences aro feared by tbeir friends, as nothing was heard of them np to nine n'elock last evening. Gouts were seut out after the elorm to render assistance where required, and to soorch lor the missing. The bay was literally covered with boats during tho af ternoon and it is feured that more persons are lost than we yet have any account of. THE STORM IN JERSEY CITY. Daring the severe thunder storm yesterday aftornooD, an unfinished three story brick building at the corner cf Erie and North Second streets, Jersey City, was partially Mown down. Four persons had taken refuge in it from Mm storm. Ono of these, a lad about fourteen years of age, son or John Maxwell, rope maker, was instantly killed. Mr. James Broun, a young man who is preparing himself for a Roman Catholic clergyman, was so severely injured about the head that his life is supposed to be in danger. He was taken into the Catholic church in Erie etreet, where Dr. I.utkins attended liim, and he was thence taken heme insensible. Tho others wero slightly hurt. The building belonged to Mr. Mehan. A lad, about six years of age, was crossing Newark avenue, below Hen derson street, und was prostrated under an unmanage able horse by Uio wind, and was run over, and had his hip broken. The frame of a building in course of erection tn Monmouth street, for Peter Hall, was thrown down. A number of trees were blown down, and shrubbery was damaged to a considerable extent. THE STORM IN HOBOKEN. Daring the storm a row boat, in which were four por aons, a young man and three of his sisters, was upset off the Atlantic Gardens, In Hobokcn. Alarmod by the ?term, the young man rowed the boat alongside of a aehooncr, and the young women wero getting on hoard, when the boat capsized. They were rescued by the hands ?a board of the schooner. Three other boats wero upset off the Elys an Fields, but no one was drowned. A num ber of trees were blown down in Hobokcn. A large num ber cf persons in the Elysian Fields were overtaken by the shower, and during the storm, and immediately after tt, BOt less than a thousand persons, thoroughly drChched, made their way to the ferry. In tho city of Hudson some damage was done to houses and shrubbery, but nothing of a serious nature occurred. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HffRALD. The temperature on Friday, 20th inst., at 2 to 4 P. M., m at ninety (90) degrees; Saturday, 21st, at 3 and 4 P. M., ninety-six (96) degrees; Sunday, 22(1, at 4 P. M., ntoety-eight (98) degrees; and at 6:10, seventy two (72) degrees. This is very hot weather for tho summer sola Use. The sun reached its greatest northing Saturday merning. E. MEKLVU. Brooklyn Heights, Monday, 1 A. M., Juno 23, 1860. THE WEATHER AT THE BOOTH. WAsmsaTON, Juno 22, 1860. % baa been very warm here all day. At 6 P. M. tho MMnnomcter varied from 92 degs. to 100 degs., accord ing to position. It new (9 P. M.) stands at 90 degs. Baltimore, June 22, 1856. Tbe mercury to day ran up to 95 degs. in tho shade. ITiilaleu'iim, Jirnc 22, 1856. r Tbe thermometer here indicated 98 degs. in the shade Mall afternoon. The tcmpcraturo was moderated towards evening by a gale of wind, accompanied by a sprinkle of rain. City Intelligence. Okani> Regatta ok tiik Emhrb City Regatta Ciub?The regatta of the Empire City Club which takes place to day on the waters adjacent to the Red House, East river, will be the most magnificent atl'air of the kind that has ever taken place in this country. For some time past the greatest excitement has prevailed in aquatic circles in re gard to the race, and there will no doubt l?e an immense attendance, should the day prove fino. Sixteen fine boats are entered, and will certainly appear; and among those who man them occur the names of our best known pro fessional and amateur oarsmen. Of all sports boatrac ingta the least objectionable and at the same time as ex citing as any other. Thcro is not so much betting, and the scenes incident to a regatta aro not so immoral as at a borne race. It improves the build of our boats, by excit ing a commendable competition among boat builders, and should by all moans bo encouraged. Kor a list ?f the prizes given at this regatta and the boats entered, tho reader is referred to our advertising columns. Military?The I.iglit Gaurd partook of their anniver sary dinner at tho Astor House on Saturday evening last. Viis corps wns organized on June 21, 1826, and from then until now they have maintained a deservedly high posi tron among our city military. Their claim to bo tho richest and most showy of our r,otn|iatiies is beyond dis pute. Among the invited guests at tiie dinner wero soma of our well knowu citybnilitary characters, most of whom during the course ot tno evening paid merited compli ments to the efficiency and high military character of tho "tigers." After an evenipg spent in felicitating cash other on their past history aud future prospects, tho mem bers separated at a late hour. Tho Fourth company National Guards will celebrate their fiftieth anniversary at tho Broadway House on Wednesday next. This comjmny was organized Juno 25, 1806, and its members garrisoned tho defences of tho city during the last wur witli Great Britain. They also uctod an escort to Jaf'ayetto, in 1S24, Alkbckd Brctai. Ashacit ij? tiik Cbntrai Park.? Patrick Riley was picked up in Chauncy lane, in the Central park, yesterduy morning, and found to be dreadfully cut about the head and hodykby somo persons unknown. On coming to his senses he was interrogated by Captain Bennett, und stated ttiat a man named l'atrick Healey. as sisted liy others, were the perpetrators of the assault on his person. Healey was arrested to auswer tho charge made against him. ?Jersey City News. Fight at tiik Cunard Wharf ?Yesterday afternoon a fight occurred on tho Cuiuird wliarf, between persons he longing to the crew of tho Arabia and others of tho crew of tie Kmcu. Chief of lkilico Furlcy arrived immediately afterwards and arrested three of thy combatants. Others escaped. DwrrRRAffos" iv the Htrkftr ? On Saturday night n row eoeurred in Wayne stroct, near Greene street, between two parties of Irishmen who had somo ill feeling towards each other. During the meloe Patrick Boyle and James Wayland lind their heads badly cut. Tho injured parties would not make complaints, and those arrested were dis missed. A disturbance occurred In Essex stroet, near the house of engine company No. 2, yesterday afternoon, in which several iiersona engaged. A inau residing in the neighborhood wns beaten in a shocking manner, his bead being cut open by a blow from a pitcher tn tho hands of Tims. Corcoran. Tho latter was afterwards found by the police secreted in the engine house, and was locked up in prison. A disturbance occurred lost evening in Newark avenue, between jxirsons suid to be attached to Hose Company No 1 aud members of Engine Company No. 8. The police quelled it before serious harm could bo dona. Police Intelligence. AiiHOB) Iarckxv of JKWKI.KY ?A young man named John I.yons wns taken Into custody on .Saturday after noon on charge of being implicated in a larceny of jewel ry, valued at $116. The complainant in this cam Mrs. Rachel Levi, of 13 Mott street, alleges that as she wns passing along tho above street she had her pocket picked of a gold watch and a number of rmgs, and other pro j*rty, valued in all Ht $115, by a gang of young thieves. In the possession of Lyons was found the stolon Wutcb. In answer to the charge prefer rod against him the prison^ er stated that tho jewelry was sad on by another boy and that the watch was handed to him. Justice Osborne committed Lyons to prison in default of bail. Am Allkgiu) Fcomvs from Jusnco.?Jumes Slater, an alleged fugitive from Ulster county, N. Y , was taken into custody by officer Keefe. of the Chief's office, on rliargo ?W Mealing n mare, valued at $500, from one of tho ctti ?ot.s of the Above county. The accused, it is alleged brought the animal to .Albany and there sold tho samo for Im|o more tlmn half >tt foal value. Muter was ooin wilttcd to tho Tombs, preparatory to being soi l back to Ulster county lor trial. Coroner'! Inquest. Faumo Ot-r or a Window.?An inguost waa bold upon the body of a German woman, named Mina Harris, by Ceroner Connery, who died from the effects oC a severe fad, occasioned by falling out of the third story window of her residence, No. 17 Forsyth street. The deceased was in the habit of sleeping at the open window; and al though cautioned against such a dangerous luxury, still she persisted in having lier way. On Saturday morning, at an early hour, a jioliceman found the deceased tying in a state of insensibility upon the sidewalk. The injurod woman died soon afterwards in grent agony. Verdict ac cordingly. The deceased was 54 years of ago. Mlswent Letters. I Jot of letters advertised in the New York ILcrmj) Friday, June 20, 1806, remaining in New York Post ottlce uncalled for, for Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Albany houses: ? for boston norsKS. for nnLAonysu uocsbh. James A. Abbott. T. W. & M. Brown. Baldwin. Baxter A Curry. Hoses Brown, Jr. Joseph C Bates. Wm. L. Boyd k Co. Charles J. Kvcrett. Burnett, Sexton k Swoariu Gardiner & Thayer. gen. Charles Griffiths k Co. Jeremiah Butler. Haven & Jones. Codo ft Hopper. J. S. Hastings & Sons. Colwoil k Co. E. T. Hastings. Dilworth, Branson A Co Howland k Hickler. Fornham. Kirkhnm k Co. Jewelt, Tlbctts k Co. Fitzgerald A Co. Reed, Austin A Co. Green A Co. Pmith, Henry A Co, Wm. 8. Hanscll A Sons. Webster A Co. Lindsay A Blackiston. Wilkinson, Stetson A Co. Robeson lea. FOR RAI.TWORX HOUSES. Lloyd A CO. M. Lewis A Co. Morris Tusker A Co. Perry A Co. John Reynolds. W. Woodward A Co. Smith, Murphy A (Jo. Albany, n. Y. Doctor Talbot Walts. J. E. A H. N. Parsons. Wilson, Child* A (X). E. C. A J. D. Warner. Wood, Wilson A Wood. The Author of Benny Haven*. TO TUB BD1TOR OF THE HBRALD. Washinoton, June 17,1856. In tbo report of the examination at West Point, pub lished in your edition of 16th inst., while mentioning tho literary pursuits and attainments of tho cadets, n few stanza* of the song, "Benny Havens," aro published, and tho idea conveyed that that song was written by one of their number. I take immediate occasion to correct this error, and to give tho name of the true author, viz:? Lieut. Lucius F. X. O'Brien, Eighth regiment United States infantry. "Old Benny" is still alive, and has soveral copies of this song framed and hung in hi* bar room at West Point. Upon tho death of Ijeut. O'Brien, In 1841. Mr. Kendall, of tho New Orleans Picayune, published these verses, adding, I think, one or two of bis own, with a short memoir of tho author. Lieut. Loadbettcr append ed to the original song some stanzas complimentary to the author, abounding in pathos und feeling, which will probably account for the following paragraph extracted from your report:? From the foregoing specimen it may be seen that the lltcra - Off ' ' ' ' lure of tbe cadets is of a jovial, rolicking, mirth provoking character; but it has patbos, too, and when the death of a com rade awakes lis melancholy strains, its perusal brings unbid den tears to the eyes. You will pardon this Intrusion upon your columns, but justice to my father's memory will not allow mo to re main silent, when the authorship of a song that became popular all over tho country is thus cosily, from want of knowledge of the facts, transferred to the cadet*. Yours very truly, T. M. O'BRIEN. Personal Intelligence. From Liverpool, in Fillmore, Uco Jones, MUsH?vd?m, L hMr(.^erry D McKen Cane ami lady. Mr19ll,t'R' -JiV aml la'i y R Ward, J McKensie, Me, MissHlKKluB, Mr Barrettand lady. *? ?T H 0rel? Mr Lour, Kev houdouel, E Ll?'ment, K ? ireoom, Mr Felaman, Mr ^tovmaei and JMr'ltrunner amf ludy, Mr Jewell, Mr Kenrtall,*- d'lady M,?a Stottaudlrlend, Towuseud, Mrs DavlibMr Stall ana y,Block, Dr Mr Kunstawe, Mr Wheelock. Mr Jona Larrla, Allen Wilson, Mr Needles, Mr Mid Mrs t er i ? ' M Asburner. Ebbs, M D Benjamin, T'? Attains. J ? Rngus^ ? t pi 11 Tall, J Henderson, Mra and Mlsa bbmmy an }lowe Coming and family, Mr* Mows^ Mra ncwd J'j U Al^rd t HrOme?^ F Ornl Mr ilumpbrey, (J Batterthwalta J^iffiZiJSUSLSVffiKSViw.1 ? ?? rCF;0m HCaWvre?rui ahlp Middlesci-A Peyrollaz, ofSwlucr lnn(1' DOTARTCEE8. _ For Ll"bT' mTs?SVSt "e fSrW !o*A&P*r ^Welra, Jose Duarte, John TeUcira, J L Cordciro, J J Da Sllva. ?MsSSSiSsP.f?S T4ter?2eUno. Judgmcut af vs.Hawley C. 01ms toad.-Judgment ^RcmptS^.^ al.?Judgment reversed, W.Ut C?AU'?honBe Chanson vs. Michael Myera -^udpnent af Aipnou . rjudiro Thompson dissenting.) SSira BoSirS. ?'ia.5w KoK~.?iuai!">"? ??'?? "'l v.. ?* Bcpro?Judgment .mrmeJ, Will, Cl llirlin Olson, ctal., vs. Edward Macombcr.-Judgmcnt CVAUt-thc eases submitted to tho General Term have now been disposed of fKrom the Cincimiatl Gazette, dune 19 ] witnesses aro very ^ly ,illK wituc8808 Uvo so far K!u?, IS S5S ?'a?. XXJXSE, ffS s??r??W?sr *****m Wmimm Marraial s niiict, introduced into tho ^VyZ"importedWo' seUoolmaeters, who all lcurued^n tonnoeheiit, Is?though better than non^not comidiTcd un<,gcUier satih aUoi, D tmcilt wo give bXratw^tmonS^opW faithfiuy from the or 1 fctates coin, begun and held at CinciuiioU, Get. 35, 18o&, and ending Nov- 3, 1&"& ?? mu Am't. Eugenia Reynolds, Columbus.... |W 90 t lmucey Couth, (xlunibus -40 37 .20 Geo. IV. Weaver,Marietta _ at 00 lieo. Harries, Burlington, Iowa.. V 00 ^ ^ John Ellis, Columbus ^ 5l 30 Levi 1'arlcer, Bulla.o. N Y J8 Q0 Pat. Flaunory, Columbus........ 18 q,. Ceo. W. Rose, Franklin county .. 340 fil ^ John Vanenr, Pittsburg (i8 V. W. Keut, Iowa .. 30 &0 ^bllvf lHt wo havo 'nothing now to say of the In the abot?% iw* Ju *n..mHCa for whick she lady. EugeniaReynolds,no^ ^ Ellu was brought here, but CI J p t plannery, Ooorgo were the Mure .^udc of this crty^?Jt'tui of'nncltuHdl^GeoW Har?iM?lW^^ a*t stead of 1,J0? m l(?^ t. ? t . ( a mtotoko jn tho e'ervfivt On the first day Chaunccy Couch is set down every list. ??i t ?r ^ ? lnlleilg0 ror miles ; on n? residing, at Colu , ^ ^ liviu(? ut MalU. withmilo Xc foMfi mdes :on_tliC fourth day he Is still from Malto, '''ihe witnes?f"!' fees in thllTsingle enso of preliminary The witness" commissioner Warden, amounted to r2mn46 awoCU ousrd ono ^ndred and twelve dol ?3,"- 46, ttwouiou ond (f th. #i p84 05 (Ono thousand nine hundred anil'eighty-lour tiollars and twen lyi^oefccs oAho?two in this Single case, rsutayr- b present. Court Calesdar?Tldl Day. ,rs ??&, >% ?< iS'WiWw*, "?? *"? 11kA Copn-SP^i.1 Two,.?Son. 145, 13. M, 144. nu< hsiian Dcmocrata, Keep Cool t?Thcrs la Broadway, and " keep eool I . Panama Hats?The CH-nnlwc ArtJelc, ol ommon flnc.newt i by A* LKLAKi uncommon i\nm?** at prlco,* from $101? $60 ?ach twit. Foi tiJ A CO., 180 Broadway. What a Pretty Hatl-Of Conns It l?. It Was made by WHITF,, tho fashion hatter of the day, and could aot be anything ehe but pr-tty. HI. Rta, r? aro at 210 Broad Way, corner ofTultan atreet. and at 148 Fulton atreet. Foil at Penle'a Muaeura?Mherwood, who ?coupled the baMntent of the old Peale^fiiseum, m about to dig out his futures from the ruins. KNOT, the tatter, with his ftU fgIt, M M Hi Brpgdway. Eqwrndirld Invites Attention to Ml I?w and ch-gsm style of extra light gray beaver hat for sitmm t wear, manufactured from a rare an<l beautiful selection of for of exceeding richness of color and fineness of texture. Also the pure Kooky Mountain silvery beaver hats, together with several choice styles uf straw. Panama and senneut, adapted to the season, ('entlemen desirous of a tine article In the hat wuy should call at KhPKMBCHKID'H, lib Nassau street. Rocky Mountain Silvery Beaver Hats.? Contrary to the riiRtom long prevailing with us, viz: that of using a portion of the beaver selections for making black soft bats In the manufacture of Kooky Mountain silvery beaver hats for nnr retail sales, wo have this season caused the same to be made Into summer hats, to be sold at& lower price. These hats for quality awl durability will compare with the higher grade? their lint and color only placing Uiem lower In the scale of prices. LEAKY A CO., Introducers and leaders of fashion, Astor House, Broadway. Sellers' Patent Ventilator Is now Applied to nil kinds of dress hats, soft hats, straw hats, police caps, army and navy caps, and gives perfect satisfaction to all who wear them. HELLKKK A COMPANY, patent ventilating hat ters, 440 Broadway. Pianos and Melodeons, from Eight Different manufacturers, making the largest assortment in the city, be sides 14 second hand pianos?all of which will be sold at prices -hat defy competition. Pianos to rent, and rent allowed on for chase. WATBRH, Agent, 333 Broadway. Summer Stork?Our Large and Elegant stock of summer clothing is now ready and for sale, embrac ing many specialities and styles to be found nowhere else, forming altogether the largest stock of fashionable and desi rable summer clothing we have ever got up, at very moderate end toed prices. D. DEVLIN A CO., 368, 209 and 260 Broadway, corner of Warren at The Rocky Mountains?The Discoveries at Fremont on the Rocky Mountains developed nothing more Interesting than the peculiar tribe of beavm-s, from which K NOX, 212 Broadway, makes Rocky Mouutain beavers. Thin Summer Suits, $3; Black Alpstca Suite, J6; zephyr cassfmere suits, $10; white Marseilles vests, $2, at KvANB' clothing warehouse 66 and 68 Fulton street. 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Wild" Summer Hat-The Adherents Of Fillmore should imitate the distinguished Horatio N. Wild, snd buy one of the Knox bats, en'ltled by their manufacturer the " Wild" hat. KNOX Is at 212Broadway. Buchanan la the Candidate of Cincinnati nomination, But LYON ts elected to drive rats from creation. Cockroaches, skeeters, all, his powders drive away; Aud hla well known store Is found at 424 Broadway. perfect comfort to the wearer, natural elcganci His unrivalled and only harmless hair d/ twelve private rooms, at BATCHELOR'8, 283 Batrhelor'a Hair Dye, Win and Toupees are superior to aH other*. Their new lmprovementa secure perfect comfort to the wearer, natural elegance and durability. d/e Is applied in 283 Broadway. The Rise In the Beef Market?The Efifrrta of Interested spectators have produced the late sudden rise in the beef market. Fortunately the hat tarltf is not affected, aud KNOX, 212 Broadway, ts selling as low as ever. Whiskers and Moustaches Foroed to Grow In six weeks, by my onguent, which will not stain or Injure the skin. $1 a bottle, sent to any part of the country. R. O. GRAHAM, 600,'a Broadway; Brlggs, 37 titate street, Albany. Crlstadoro'a Wigs, Hair Dye and Toupees excite admiration among all connoisseurs in art. A suit of alegant private apartments for supplying hla Inimitable dye, the only reliable article of the klad extant. Wholesale and retail at UBIBTAJDORO'S, No. C Aster House. Copy the xddrete. r Straws, Straws, Straws-The old Straw mnn never sold aa great a quantity of the raw material as KNOX has the past week, of his straw fabrics. Call in at No. 212 Broadway. Scrofula, Ulcers, Rheumatism, Eruptions, Ac., cored without fall, by Dr. HEINE, 333 Broome street. 1 consider It my duty Inwards Dr. Heine aud tho public to make known to sufferers of diseases where to be cured. I tried Professor Parker, James R. Wood, Dr. Klmbark. to no purpose. It was In the ncwepapers where I saw Dr. Heine's name, and through the aame channel I am happy to state that Dr. llelnc has perfectly cured me of tho most dreadful aud greatest miseries. My whole person was covered with ulcers, ?half my tongue and Hps eaten off. I shall be pleased to im part to auffera all particulars, by calling to my resilience. 682 Fourth street. Mrs. MAKURET DEAN. Holloway's Ointment?Abaceaaea and Puru lent ulcers of many years standing are readily cured by this 8owerful antl-putreacent aud healing preparation. It purges te sore of Its poisonous virus, and imparls sufficient vigor to the surrounding vessels to produce new and healthy flesh. Married. On Friday, Juno 20, at the Church of the Holy Apostles, by the Rev. Mr. llowlnod, Wkntwokth FTjkokr, Eoq., to Anns Warkham, (laughter of tho lato John W. Morris, of Halifax, Nova f-cotia. On Monday, June lfl, by tho Rev. J. Crane, John Ram hay, of Binbrook, C. W., to Miss II. McKay, of this city. Hamilton, C. W., papers please oopy. At Christ church. Williamsburg, on Wednesday morn ing, June 18, l>y the Rev. Mr. Partridge, Mr. Garment T. Eva.nh to Miss Euzahkth A. Jackson, all or Williamsburg. Died. On Saturday, Juno 21, Jou.n Brady, aged 43 years. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this morning, at eleven o'clock, from his late residence. No. 10 Caroline street. On Saturday, June 21, after a brief lllnoss, Joshua Makmi. In the 4fth year ofliw ago. His friends, nnd the members or tho police department, arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his Into result nee, No. 265 Seventh street, tills morning, at seven o'clock. Ills remains will bo taken to llempstoad, L. I., for interment. On haturdajr evening, June 21, nt hall past 7 o'clock, PrtH Willjstcn, youngest son of Otis B. and Eliza Wattles, in tho 19th year of his ago. The !ilends of (he liinnly, and those of Wliliatn Bush nntl 8. Whttthsej Johnson, arc respectfully invited to at tend tho funeral, from No. 24 Deabrasos street, on Wed nesday afternoon, at half (not two o'clock, without fhr tiier invitation. Ills remains will be intcrrod in Urocn wood Cemetery. On Saturday night, Juno 21, after a long and severe ill ness, Mauy, wife of John Redmond, aged 47 years. The funeral will take place from her lato residence, N'o. 446 Third avenue, corner of Thirty third street, this after noon. at two o'clock. Her remains will he taken to Green wood for interment. The friends and relatives are re spectfully invited to attend, without further notice. Boston papers copy . On Sunday, June 22, TUfOIfry I ally, aged 28 years, a native of the parish of Kallycroue, county Wulw.iy, Ire land. His friends und acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his lata residence. No. 100 ?Worth street, this afternoon, nt two o clock. James F. Johnson, in the 60th year of his age. On Saturday, June 21. J.imkn M.. infant hcu of Thomas B. Smith, N'o. 176 Fast Twonty sixtii street. His remains will be taken to Middlctown, Ct, tor inter ment, this morning, at eight o'clock. On Sunday, June 22, after a short anil painful illness, John Rruer, son ?r James and Roe ana Riley, aged 1 year, 2 months and 23 days. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from No. 463 Washington street, tills af ternoon, at two o'clock. His remains will he interred In Calvary Cemetery. On Bunduy morning, June 22, at 8 o'clock, Nicnor.w Brew, eldest son cf the late Walter Brew, in the 20th year of his age. The friends and relatives of the firmly are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his mother. No. 67 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, tins afternoon, at three o'clock. In Charleston, P. C., on Saturday, June 21, after a te dious and severe illness, Robert UcCkkkky, of the linn of

Bliephard, McCrcery & Co., of that place. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. PERSON All. Alma.-name a when and a where, and your correspondent will not fall to meet you. Ho has written three times to Memphis. ptIIILD LOST.?MY SON. CHARLES TWEELE, A OElt man boy, eight years old, living corner of thirty-eiguih Ninth avenue. He street and Nrntb avenue. He wa.. dressed in black oap, spaded trousers and vnsi. Any information left at any of the ration houses, or at Henry Tweole's, corner of Thirty-eigUlli street and Nintli avenue, will be lhaiikl'iilly received. CORN COLORED ENVELOPE DOES ME A WRONO. Plesse state your grievance. Your annoyances may in jure an iiiuocent party, Give me an opportunity to make reparation or defence. H. E -WRITE THE RESULT? D. IE MR. ALEXANDER MANN WHO LATELY ARRIVE? from I,ondoii, in the ship Northumberland, will call at Mrs. Johnson's, 42 Cherry street, or on board the burk Ottawa, foot of Warren street, he will oblige Ids brother, James Mann. [F THE BOY WHO BROUGHT THE LETTER TO 477 A. t licrry street, on Thursday, Juno 19, will address a note to M. D. O., Chatham square Post office, staling from w _ whom he received the said letter, or if he can give any information that would lead to the detection of said person, he will be handsomely rewarded by the advertiser. Missing.?wandered from iiis home under an aberration of mind, on Friday, June 20, a middle aged mun, about 5 feet 9 inches in height, rather thick set, of dark complexion, black hair anil whiskers; has a purple look ing scar upon the left part of his forehead; nose uc eyes thick mid rather flat. When last seen lie hud on a light lead colored woollen frock coal, pants two shades darker In color, bluek satin vest with red stripes, black neck h milker chtef; usually wears bis collar turned down; black hat; had upon his person a gold chain uud silver watch. Whoever may come across such n person, by restraining him and imme diately communicating with James G. Lawrence, 12 und 14 Spruce street, N. Y., will confer a great favor upon Ids .lill.ct eu relatives, and be remunerated for their trouble. SHOULD THIS MEET THE EYE OF MR. OEOROE Meek, he is requested to communicate with his friends at Bath, England, or at Geneva, Switzerland. WANTED?TO ADOrT, A FEMALE INFANT, FROM one year and a half to two years old. Address A. ti , Broadway Post office. POLITICAL. 1ST WARD ON DECK FOR BUCHANAN AND BRECK enrtdge.?There wan a large and enthusiastic gather ing of the First ward democracy, nt the democratic headquar tcrs, 110 Greenwich street, on Saturday afternoon, June 21, 1866, assembled for the purpose of raising a magnificent ban ncr, on which were inscribed the names of the nominees of the Cincinnati Convention. At precisely four o'clock the beau tiful banner was flung to the breeze, amid the shouts and ac clamations of the unterrifled democracy of the First ward, as sisted by many distinguished democrats from other sections of the city. After the banner was raised the meeting was or ganized by the selection of ffra. N. Brown, Esq., Chairman, and John Wilson and Michael Burns, Secretarial. Speeches were made by ihefollowlng gentlemen:?Hon. William Miner, ("apt. Isaiah ftyndcrs. Col. John Orr, J. J. Riiley, Esq., Presi dent of the Thirteenth Ward Buchanan Association; Captain Wm. Wilson, ("apt. Michael Murray, Capt. John Crelghton, lute of tbc army of Nicaragua; and General Richard Drake, of Virginia, Copt. Ryndera proposed tlie name of the Mayor lion. Fernando Wood?which was received with throe times three. Wm. 11. Cooke, Esq., was called upon to respond, which he did in an appropriate manner. The whole arrange ments, under the management ot the indefatigable proprietor, Michael Murray, Esq., reflect great cred t upon him, and the festivities oi the occasion will long be remembered by those who participated In them. Anew Empire Club song, com posed expressly for this jubilee by Captain Ryndera, was sung, timid great applause, by John Wilson, Esq., President of the Pioneer Buchanan Association. The meeting adjourned at 7 P. M., w ith nine hearty cheers and a tiger for Buchanan and Breckenridge, the First warders pledging themselves to poll up 1,000 majortly for their noble standard bearers. TATHWARJ) FILLMORE AND DONELSON CLITH ? J1/ The citizens of the Tenth ward favorable to th? above ticket are Invited to participate in the reception of Hon. Mil ard Fillmore. The club will meet at the corner of Essex and (?rand streets, at tbc time designated by the Committee of Ar rnngements. WM. VAN I1UYER, President. Thos. 0. Hall, Secretary. Q1 ST WARD.?THE DEMOCRACY UNITED FOR BU a- A chunan and Ureckenrldge.?The democratic electors of the Twenty-first ward and all others favorable to the nomi nations of Buchanan and Ureckenrldge, mu> requested to assemble In mass meeting at llibbard and McCoy's, corner of Fourth avenue and Thirty-second street, un Monday evening, the 23d Inst., at half past 7 o'clock, to respond to the nomina tions made by the Cincinnati Convention. The following gentlemen are expeoted to be present and a<l dress ihe meeting:? Lorenzo B. Sncpard, Horace F. Clark, James T. Brady, Ambrose L' Pliiuey, Daniel It. Taylor, Richard Bustecd, James M. Smith, Jr., Horatio P. Carr. By order of the committee of arrangements of the respective democratic committees of Twenty-first ward, Andre Froment, Josiah Sutherland, A. L. Plnney, John F. Broderick, Thos McCoy, Barnard McCabe, Bernard Devlin, John King. ALEX. F. VACHB, Chairman. Pakibl W. Clarke, Secretary. QOND WARD-UNION OF THE DEMOCRACY? Buchanan and Breckenrldge?Grand ratification meet ing.?The democracy of the Twenty-second ward will assem hie In mass convention on Monday evening, June 23, 1866, at the bouse of James Hughes, corner of Forty ninth street and Eighth avenue, to respond to the nominations of the Cincin nati! Convention. The following gentlemen have been invited to address Ihe meeting:?Lorenzo U. Shepard, Esq., Horace P. Clark, Esq., James T. Brady, Esq., Hon. D. B. Taylor, lion. Conrad Schwackhamer, Hon. K. B. Cutting, G. ft. Stryker, Jr., Esq., Hon. D. O'Kecfe, Colonel Dohcuy, aud several others. A baud of music will be in attendance. At a large and enthusiastic meeting of tub Central Committee of the FUlmorc and Douelson Clubs of the City of New York, convened at Academy Halt on Fri day evening, June 20, the following resolution was unani mously adopted:? Resolved, That this Central Committee hereby requests the presidents of the various clubs of the city to call meetings of the. clubs iu their respective wards to make Immediate ar rangements for the reception of Mr. Fillmore; and that they also be respectfully requested to extend, through the public press, general Invitations to all citizens disposed to honor the occasion, to join in procession with the clubs In this demon slraiion of respect and welcome to our distinguished fellow citizen, lion. Millard FUlmorc, on his return to his ca'.ivo land. L. A. COHEN, President. .'Tai"-* Rally? rally! rally-thirteenth ward Buchanen and Breckenridgc?In union there Is strength. ?The undersigned request the democratic republican ejec tors of the Thirteenth ward, and all others in favor of the election of that pure statesman and patriot, James Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, to the Presidency, and the "Young Eagle'1 of Kentucky, John C. Breckenrldge, to tho Vice Presidency, to meet at the headquarters, Llmihclm's Hotel, 416 Grand street, on Monday evening, June 23, at 8 o'clock, for the pur pose oj organizing a democratic club, for the coming cam Paueorge H. Covert, Dr. Milcholnf, II. Hllcrunyhausen, Wm. Hut-on, R. M Ratacher, F. W. Stupeheyor, Charles Doty, U, J! Cohen, Bernard Wormly, John Orr, H. Klmmclstiel, JltttM Cunningham, Jacob Schbacker, J. L. Llndheim, John McOon nell, John Kerrigan, Henry Kling, Peter Mitchell, Charles M. Smith, Henry Lewis, Isaac Dtirlaeh, Charles Rosier, Wm. K. Weeks, Wm. Bableln, Henry Walters, Anthony Hhohl, fsaae Cnhn, Isaac Seimer, Isaac Kosenbourgb, J. Hmltb, L. Loweu good, John McConneM, Jr. Rally, kali*, kally?the democrats of the seventh ward are requested to moet at tho Seventh Ward Hotel on Monday evening, June 23, at 8 o'clock, to complete the organization of the club. THOMAS 8. WOODWARD, Chairman pro. tern. amis Clark, Secretary pro. tcm. ri HE SEVENTH WARD FILLMORE AND DONELSON I Club Will meet at No. 68 East Broadway, niton the an 11 uncement, by the first gun, of the arrival of Hon. MUlard 1 Umore, to join In the reception upon his landing. ZOP11AK MILLS, President. JossrB H. Ok at, Secretary. THE TRADES) A GARDENER AND FARMER,OF FIRSTCLAHS ABILI tles. wishes a situation; understands laying out grounds, raising all kinds of vegetables, flowers, greenhouses, grape ries. fish ponds, Ac. Address B. O., at Mr. Smith's seed store, 64 White siieet. An ambrotyper and photographer desires constant or partial employment, In a g.Otery, on a salary or shares; or would copy, on an Increased scale, from dacuer reoi)pcs, at hisowu home. Address C. E., Post offlse, Grand street. A YOUNG FRENCHMAN. THIRTY YEARS OF AGE, upholsterer hy trade, and knowing how to repair furni ture. wants a situation in any trade whatever. Address Petit, 22 Greenwich at. Gardener and coachman-wanted, a man with a small family, to occupy a gate house near this oily. Must be qualified to take charge of horses anil assist In the garden. Inquire at 26 Ueekman St., between 1 ami 3 o'clock, on Tuesday. TO SHOEMAKERS?WANTED IMMEDIATELY. A foreman, who is competent to take charge of a business, and w filing to make himself gonernlly useful, lie must come w ell recommended from his last place. Apply at 106 Nassau st., corner of Ann st. TO TAILORS-WANTED, AT NO. 639 BROADWAY, a first rate pantaloons and vest cutter. HRUNDAGE A 00. O CO AI II TRIMMERS-WANTED, IMMEDIATELY, stitcher. Apply at Pago's express office, Peck ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED PACKER. AI.HO, A " ?" "" 'teen " - U? good stock keeper, for our jobbing department. " fsDKI.L, PEIRHON, LAKE, A CO., 471 Broadway. WANTED?BY A WATCH CASE MRLTRR, A 8ITUA tlon. fie understands thoroughly his bikilness. No ob jection to leave the city Best city references. Apply at 94 Rende st., second floor. \IIANTRD?A PICTURE FRAME MAKER, TO GO TO YY the western part of this State. Ono used to the work of rin niar ?aws. Inquire flits day, between 9 and 3 o'clock, at Sb Esat 19<h at. wtcaitohs wasted. A COMPETENT PROTESTANT WOMAN IK DESIROUS of going to Parts, in the etfjmer, about August I, and wichr* lo engage to take rare of rhIMren or wan on a ludy on the voyage, as compensation for her passage Any one dent roue of securing her services ran apply to Edward Hclkfi .it, 62 Wall st., for further Inlon n. A REP PI TABLE GIRL WANTS a SITUATION, in A family, lo do general housework; good reference. Pleaae cull for two days at 11-4 Johnson et., corner of Hold, Brooklyn. Arekpectarle young WOMAN wants a hitu anon; la an experienced laundress; lias no objection to doing chamhrrwork and tine washing, la a small family; the best of city reference. Please call at 147 West, 'Aid st., between ?lh and Kin ava., in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS child's nurse and to do plain sewing, or chamberwork and assist In the washing and Ironing; city reference given. Please call at DOS Houston St., in the store. A YOUNO PARISIAN LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A situation, in a Hint' class house, us cln.i hcrmnid or ns huirdreser; she can dress hair In tint l?t. ?t Parisian style. Address Mine. Michel, No. 11.1 Leonard at., second lloor. A DRESSMAKER WISHES TO SEW OUT BY THE day. Can be seen at No. 224 "Hi av., lirat lloor, buck room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO OIHL, TO do liglil chamberwork, or as seamairess and to take cure of grown children. Haa good reference, (,'an be aeeu lor two day a at 121 20th st. A SITUATION WANTED?AS NURSE AND CHAM bermald, or aa plain sewer. Willing to go in the country or travel with a lady. Best of reference. Please call for two days at Mr. Molloy's grocery store, corner of Hoyt and Baltic sts., South Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU A lion aa chambermaid and waiter, or to do general house work tn a small family. Good reference from her lust place No. 30S Mott st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PROTESTANT LADY wants a situation, a* nurse and chambermaid In n respect able family. The best of city reference can be given. In quire at 10s Weal 2titli at. Cuu he seen for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO 1)0 chamlierwork and plain sewing, or would travel with a family. Please call, for two days, at 107 York street, Brook 1) n; best <1 city reference. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE W0 mnn, aa chambermaid, and to usslst In the washing and Ironing. Inquire at 28>a Atlantic si., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as wet nurse; has her lirst baby, three weeks old. Please call at 266 E. 13th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa laundress In a private family. Good oily re ference. Inquire at 180 York at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FRENCH LADY, TO lnatruct young children In music, French and German; she has no obJeetiou to needlework. For references call be fore Wednesday, at 46 Irving place. The family with whom she resides la leaving the city. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO GIRL, AS waiter or chambermaid, or to take care of children. No objection to the country. Inquire at 106 Mott at., N. k. A SITUATION WANTKI)?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. UVV children, do llght housework, or wait on the uuur or lable. Can be seen for two days at H2 King st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION: IS A Rood plain cook; would do the housework of a small pri rJtTJn' ??' M ? Ht r",,a wu?her and irouer; lntx good city rn rooni tW? yB' at st-, lirst lloor, back A SITUATION WANTED-TO DO WASHING AND JX. ironing: would wiali to go to the country; has three years' fwceTavcnucs ll and". ?lh 8t" ?ecuu" Uwr- A CHAMBERMAID WANTED?WHO UNDERSTANDS her business, and is a first rate laundress. Apply with city reference, at 179 East litli at., ucar 2d avc., for two days. A YOUNG CTRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CILAMHKR H1?! ,?r '"i'se. The heat ot city reference given. Please can at 37 Grand at., ucar Thompson, for two day t. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN SOME respectable establishment as oystoriuan, or to hike charge 01 a saloon, or as assistant clerk, or to write in an otlioe Good Herald office'? y n,ld 8obrlc,> - Addrcsa I'. P., box 194 A YOUNG FRENCHMAN, TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF i^h^UrcenwichUHhUOn ttDy tr*de whalcvcr' Address COOK'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT middle aged woman; one who lata a thorough knowledge Ul.mtla S 1- c" 1,8 t'tt'tchea. Can be highly recom mended by some of ihe moat respectable families In the city hall for two days at 4U Eust Ifih st. y /^OACHMAN.?SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNG V7 single man, who has lived with some of the beat families '' oFnv^' ,T 'e bwl tjcfcreucc will ho given from his present lfltji st l ltase ca"> or address a note lo D. F., & Eust /""ICAOnMAN.?WANTED, A SITUATION AS COACH V-, T,0"' .i*1! ft r**peclable young man; is a thorough groom us well as driver; perfectly understands the proper treatment ot horses, will make himselt uaelul to his employer; has good gfekeV's" b? U" -?.'.gcl, Vthesahl^ SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GERMAN PRO ?mfc* 2* 0 Bern#*U' uneful ti\ millinery, embroidery and laney sewing. Beat or reference given. Clio at No. 6 Ludlow St., for two days. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO COMPETENT YOUNG O from?, in city or country ; one an good men', and uastrv S"*?! to in the washing and ironing; the other as neat So^ry" ",gh,y rocom?meded Situations wanted.?a family leaving tup city are desirous of procuring situations for a giio-i plain cook, washer and Irouer: also, for a neat young a" waiter and housemaid, who is a good seamstress. Apply on Monday or 1 nosday, Iron, 6 to 12 o\-lock, at 171 West ljth st rro DENTISTS.?A YOUNG MAN, OF EXPERIENCE IN boxT^H'el^offlc^' AMr? T? WHOLESALE OROGERS AND OTHERS.?AN ENG Kahmsn, of Orst rate business habits, aged 29, just arrived ir toJii wishes to meet with a situation, as salesman, or in Mini capacity where his business qualifications would a Hrst ?sie*inU aCOUr' 0r hrH w1holp,al<! "hire; has travelled for a lirst rate London lieusn for six yearn. Addivsg s R \'?? i?i Honey b L iiion Hotel, Liberty street, FnlUm street,' Brooklyn? TO AOTEL KEEPERS.?AN EXPERIENCED AND COM arJ^or" ^^oL'"*? ?""?Hon '? Ibe office, or to hike N jlcrald dfllce' e T clty or ??uiltry- Address A. M. TyANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vf young woman, as chanibermsid and waiter- would J'," .''" objection todo the work of a small private 'family Good city reference it required. Please call at 99 4th st hi f a front basement. Can be seen for two days. ' WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE g'IRL, A HITUA T T lion as chambermaid and to assist in washing and iron ng, or to do general housework in a private family Can be g-en for two (fays at 57 East 23d st. 1 WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as nurse; in capable of taking care of an infant where aha Hm.ln?tr?'y referePr* ?lv,"n f'om her last place, ? !ms no objection to go a short AmosVt country. C'au be seen lor one day at 23 "WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS cook, washer and irouer, or to do general housework in a small private family. Good city referent giVen Trom he? Uved lwo yearH- ? WANTED?A 8ITUATION, BY A RE8PE0TARIP girl, to do efcamberwork and waiting, or chamherwork aim assist in the washing and ironing. Has no Objection to the couutry. Can be seen tor two days at No. ^ Beach st. T^"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA ? i u l' v8 a private family; she thoroughly under stands her business, mid has the best city references. Is a I roicstant. Tosave trouble, none need apply who wants wash ro?>m?"e' Caubc#ceu at * West 13th st., third floor, back "tyANTED?BY A WOMAN, A SITUATION IN A ..I.i.i m'?ilfcl2liy; "? "Kjevtlon to do chamherwork or to 3.1^ Aptilyat 'W^13th st., near tyANTED?BT AN EXPERIENCED YOUNG WOM VN ?i hkltuation its good rook, washer and Irouer- has the best of city reference Cau ba aeen at her lust 'place, 06 Columbia street, Brooklyn. 1 ' WANTED?A SITUATION, AS WAITER, IN \ RE spertable private boarding house; no object (on to the fferencc, If required. Can be seen for t^o dajs at 231 Bowery, in the rear. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE FE malc, to attend In a confectionery or bread csuiblishmem Most respectable city reference will be given. Address K F ' care of Mi s. Weldcmuller, 22 (1th av. 8 " R' *'' WANTED?A SITUATION. BY AN EXPERIENCED cook, who understands meat and paatry of all kinds would go a short distance In the emintry. Ih-st of cltv refer' enee. c an be seen for two .lays. If not engaged, at the south east corner of 24th st. and 4th avenue. WANTED?RY A RESPECTABLE GTRL, \ SITUATION to cook, wash Slid Iron Best of City reference can he given. Call nt 130 East 26!h st., for two days. "WANTED?RY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN A TT situation to take charge or children, and do light house aork. Inquire at Gie residence of her present employer No 75 Amos itreet. J 1 *tyANTED?A SITUATION, AS GOOD COOK W tSITFR <,n" W' S.a!th s,? be w ANTED?A SITUATION, RY A RESPECT A HI P young girt, to do general housework, or aa chamberm aid V'i aaa1 *" *)T,!vC"y r''''retire, and has no objection to go a short distance In the country. Can be aeen fcr two dav. at 237 bih avc., 2d floor, front room, between ??d and 23,1 Hts WANTED?A SITUATION, IIY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework and wash and Iron. Good reierenec. Can be seen two days at IS2 Madison st. WANTED A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRI TO Uke care of children, and t? assist in chamherwork. A1'^ to 3^ M emplo>?r, 177 Hudson ?|? this day, from 11 WANTED?A SITUATION, IIY A RKSPKCTAHI.E young girl, In a small family. Is a good washer and ironer, and a g.asl baker. No objection lo the country Best city reference given. Apply at 4t? East 32d st., for two days WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWOtlIRI?S, WITH Ex cellent city references ; one as regular laundress and chambermaid ; does up linens in style, nnd understands fluting and linei-y; wages #s. The oilier as waitress and chamber maid, or as nurse and seamstress , wages ffl. Will go In ih<. country. CaB at 316 Rast 23d st go in urn WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN A SITU atlon, to lake rare of a ehlld and assist In doing ihe work Of a email Tamlly Would Ilk" to go a short distance In the Country. Apply to Mrs. Gates, Ifitt West 19th st. TANTED-A fBITUATION BY A HEBPECTAb7f .. young woman to wash and Iron, or to do house' work, g'Msl rtfereace given. Please .-all 93 West at 19th st. WANTKD-A HITITATION, BY A REHPECTa RLE young wosnan, to do genersl housework bi a stnah nrt .. (lamily Apply for two dajs at 149 Mllatbeth st P SITUATION# WANTED. IV 4fTKr?BY A KKSPK* T \ Is! i: YOUNU WOMAN VV gRuafion, to d? washing, ironing .ind plain ce-iking; demands baking i can ft'*1' the best (if city refer , ? i be s?!* ti fur two day? at BU4 Atlantic ?t. Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION HY A KKSI'Rt TABLE CTRL to ilo geueral housework, or as chambermaid ami waiter. <.'(??! city reference, fall at 70 K. Warren at., South Brooklyn, between Smtih and llnyt ata. WANTED?A SITUATION AS WAITER, IN A PRI t ate family, by a man who thoroughly understands his business, and can com", well recommended. Apply at 109 Naraan st. . WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A situation In n .mall private family to do general house work, is a ttrst rate washer and ironer. Can be seen for two day* at I2S West 2Jth St., between Tlh and Bth a v.. ...y rdnreuee ^ 11 *u. \r ANTED?BY A STEADY AND RESPKCTAB14! TT ?*(imitni a alfttallon aa i-onkj u.fderstande her busbies* tit all its branehes; i iui inanacc .t iluiry If required. Best re ference. No objection to go in the country. Call at 125 I2lh at., for I wo days, if not engaged. WANTED?A SITUATION, HY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do general huuacwork and plain sowing, is a good waaher and ironer. Has good reference from her laat place. Call at 12 Amity place, this day. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A SITUATION AS chambermaid mid tine washer, or as nurse iu>d tonra stress; would take charge of a baby. City reference. Can bo seen until engaged at Hit) Warcrlcy place. WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN OF 16 YEARS' EXPB rleuce In teaching the English and mathematical branch pa of education, and who Is characterized by the highest cer tificates from the Commissioners of National Education, Dub lin, and who defies the moat rigorous examination on above, a all uatlon in a school, where his lecture* or Instructions may meet with fair remuneration. Pour youra expo, muoi'm shove subjects, In New York, give peculiar lMClluiee. Ad. I res# Simpson, New Brighton I'osl, Stolen Island. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN AND OAR den.-r, by a sober, steady man; understand* both branch, a thoroughly, ami has no objection to the country or city. Vmlerslandagroomtng liorsea well, ai.d has both coun try slid city reference. Address U. M., box 142 Herald office, for three days. "WAITER.?SITUATION W ANTED, BY A KINOLR it young man, one who has a thorough knowledge of his business In every way. Speaks Spanish and English. Has no objections to any part or the world. Can be highly recom mended. Can be seen for two days at 40 East lgth at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN, TO work on a farm or garden. Can take care of all ktnds of stock. Has good reference from where he has lived three years. Address T. B., Herald olllce, this day. <kO(\r\ -A YOUNO MAN. FROM OHIO, SOLICITS A. iTuUU. situation in a wholesale house; will deposit the above as security, and give undoubted reference. Address Influence, Herald office. HELP WANTED. Agents wanted?to bell broth mi jon vtmant* flnit premiumfurniture polish, warranted the best article now in u-e tor tiouulug ami polishing new or oltl furniture, .apply at 212 Broadway, room 22. trom 9 till 4 o'clock A. Hubbard. ("II.OAK HANDS WANTED.?GOOD WORKERS CAN J have constant employment and the highest wages paid. Apply to Geo. ijulptu, Paris Mantilla Emporium, 361 Broad way. (TOOK WANTED?A TKOTESTANT, TO GO IN THE J country, she must uiniorataiid her business, at.d bring pond recommendations. Gall, from 9 till 12 o'clock, at 100 Front at. TARESSM A K MRS WANTED-\T 707 BROVDWVY. J ' Those who understand their business perfectly, and cats bring reference to that effect, may apply Ibis morning, from T to 10 o'clock. Dress maker wanted?for two or three weeks. Must have good recommendations. Apply at 16ft W. flhth ?t., between "Broadway und 8th avenue. Eighth ave nue cars para 50th st. Eight or nine good seamstresses wanted? Immediately, for the outlining. Apply at the Misses d? Young's, 254 ltowery, between Houston and Prince streets. French lady.?wanted, in a female bf.mi nary at the South, of respectability and long standing, a French lady, to teach music, French and drawing. Add res* W. .MoHer, Principal Columbia Female Academy, Colum bia, 8. C. Fifty laborers wanted?at lumber yard foot ol 30th street. North river. Those accustomed to handling Umber und lumber will Und steady employment. GIRI.H WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, FOR GOOD sitiiattons in the city and country. We require 100 every day to supply the demand: also men and hoys wanted for brick yards, furma and other places. Apply at 14 6th av., or 145 Bowery. C. MASON. Housekeeper.?wanted, an American lady, as housekeeper; to one who Is thoroughly competent a good situation is ottered; fandly -mall. Aihirer s Confidential, ltroedway Post nllire. stating whore au Interview can be had, w hie h w ill be Immediately attendM to. Hay and harvest.?wanted, at coi.eman'b, Flatlauds. L. I., six good men, to cut and get ill about 3ft acres of grass and 6 or 7 of wheat, for w hich liberal pay will be given, by the day or acre. WANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A FIRST rate cook, washer nod Ironcr. She must be either French, German, Scotch or Welsh , must come well recommended. Apply at No. 8 West tllh street, a few doors from Broadway. WANTED?TO DO UENKRAL HOUSEWORK, IN A small family, a tidy, respectable young woman, who te a good plain cook, aa excellent washer and ironer, of obliging and willing disposition, and can have a good recommendation from her laat stiualiou; none other need apply, and do written reference accepted. Apply at No. 2 Clarke street, corner of Broome. WANTED?A GIRL, FROM 12 TO 14 YEARS OF AGE, I t to take cure of children and do plain sewing. American, preferred. Apply at 1811 Kust 20lh St., near 2d avenue. "WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL, A8 CHAMBER TV maid and waiter. Inquire of E. J. Brown, 140 Broad way, between 8 A.M. and 3 P. M. WANTKD-A WOMAN OR GIRL, WHO 18 A GOOD TT cook, w asher and Ironer, to go a short distance In the country, in a small private family; must bring good recom mcmluUouH. Must be a Protestant. Inquire alio East 18th at "WANTED-IN a small private FAMILY. TWO RE TT snectable girls; oue for general housework?must be nn ' xcellent washer and Ironcr?and one aa nurse and seam stress. Good recommendations required. Apply at 244 Dean at., near Kevins St., Brooklyn, before 1 o'clock, to day. ?WANTED?A NURSE, TO TAKE CARE OF TWO TT young children aud assist in washing. Apply at 264 5lh ave., from 8 to 12 A. M. WANTED?A COOK, WASHER AND IRONER, IN A small private family, living three miles in the country? an English, .Scotch or Welsh woman. Apply ok 64 and 66 Broadway. WANTED?A CHAMBERMAID, NURSE, 8EAM stress, laundress, waiter girl and cook. The very beat w ages w ill be given to tdt her colored or white. Apply at No. 7 11th at., a few doors from Broadway. "WANTED-TWO GOOD PROTESTANT GIRLS, IN A TT small, private family, In Williamsburg: one as cook and to do g neral housework, the other aa housemaid. Apply at No. 3 Washington place. Best city reference required. ?WANTED-AT 24 THIRD AVENUE, THIS MORNING, TT a cook and chambermaid: the conk to do washing ana ironing, ihe chambermaid will be required to wait on table, bring references. w ANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS SEAM stress, and to take charge of a cldld two years old. She must understand cutting aadTlUUig children's clothing. Apply at No. 5 Washington Place, between il and 2 o'clock. "117'ANTED?AT 319FOURTH AVENUE, IN A PRIVATE TT family, a tidy young woman, aa nurse and aeamatraas; one who is a good sewer uud can come well rerommended. WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, COMPETENT to nurse a lady during her confinement. Americans onfy need apply. Apply Immediately at 23 Hulllvan Street, corner d Grand street, N. V. r TIT ANTED?A FIRST RATE DRK88MAKRR. NONE TT but a good IihikI need apply. Call at No. 3 Catherine at. TT-ANTF.n-A GIRL, WHO CAN BRING GOOD RE. vv commendations, and w ho is willing to co into the coun try for the summer to take charge of children, and Is a good washer, Ironer and seamstress. No others need apply. Call at ttbi Waver/ey place, bet* ecu 8 and Id o'clock, Monday and T ueadoy mornugo. TIT ANTED?A FRENCH OR GERMAN WOMAN, TO TV take care of children; one who understands dressing hair ntul sewing will hear of a good situation by applying at 229 V I ft 341 b -( I lie best g re'.eivtices required. WANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY, AN ACTIVE, TIDY girl, to do generul housework. Apply at No. 70 Cliff at., from Id to 2 o'clock. ?tTTANTED-TWO YOUNG LADIES. OF GENTEEL AP TT pearance, to attend s confectionery and segar store; American ov English preferred. Apply at 143 Canal street, after ki a, m. \\TANTED?A GIRL, TO COOK, WASH AND IRON: TV one who can come well recommended can have a good pluce liy inquiring at 32 Greenwich St., for three days. WANTED?FOR VOYAGES OF ALL KINDE, ACCOR dtug to capacity. Young men wishing to go to sea, aa landsmen, carpenters, coopers or blacksmiths, will apply to Randall 4 Kobaon, 151 south street, corner of Peck slip, up ata' rs. WANTED-TWO OR THREE MEN, OF ENERGY, TO canvass for some of the beat selling books published. We have men now In the Held making from 82 to fk per day. Apply at lite Entpiie publishing depot, SO.Ann ft, third Ooor, upstairs. A sntn II capital required. WANTED?A SMART, ACTIVE HOY, TO LEARN THR retail dry goods business. One from the country pre* fcrred. Apply at 263 Greenwich st. Waiter wanted?in a restaurant; one that perfectly understands his buaiuusi. Apply at 608 Broad way, lit the basement. "117"A NTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN OF TV good habits, as porter in a store. Talks three langua ges, besides knowing the city throughout. Apply at 57 Fulton at., In the basement. WANTKD-A YOUTH, ABOUT 12 OR 14 YEARS OF age, to assist In the bar and saloon of a first claas shad eg. Apply from 9 to It o'clock A. M., or from 3 to 6 P. M., corner ol Johnson and Washington streets, Brooklyn, oppogfte Dr. Johnson's church. Closed on Sundays. TirANTED?IN A SHIP CHANDLER'S STORE, A TV young roan, about 18 or 20 years of age, of Industrious habits', and willing to make himself generally useful, one hav ing a knowledge of the business, and residing on thef * of the cliv, preferred. For further particulars address. In the handwriting of the applicant, with name, residence and refer ence, Excelsior, Herald office. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN, IN THt shoe store, 377 Broadway. Also, a young lady, to a " tend; one that la used to the business would be preferred. I" Cahtll, 377 Broadway. TENANTED?A YOUNG MAN, TO ATTEND BAR, IN A TT hotel, kept on Uie European plan: one who Is acquainted with such business can address B. 0., Herald office. A single man preferred. 1 nn I A BORERS WANTKD-TO OO A SHORT DIR. lUYf tnnre In Uw country. Apply to A. Biiilller, No. t Beekmar sf , bascmenl office, unttorltaamu Book.