Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1856 Page 5
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out, and (lien took (lie variable winds back (a the coast- j ?he object of il.ia was to escape the cruisers i>-i ti,o coast' ' lie Costa wanted ine to tike salt water iu for r. urtU. ' shoulil susj-ect what was up; 1 u-M him the fresli w * was as cheap, and us easy ui take in; I advised S take in the fresh, and lie did; at M. Thomas w' J' .,, L, take iu Irish water; this conversation waste DaCutha was not present, (the leMininny ' TY, objected to ) there were six addition, f J?- . bS and 1 wanted to lend them raitr , . L . ' a would not look well; the !ir*t I hr0I (l , fo, on board in the morning, when .ZHi? was coming after us; tln-y wo' . th ? mim* in!^! n ? OMceak-d ui U.cforecastle, ',0 sailed Monday, sttih June* iK *' '-'??en thii at Mr. Keisenburgh's rart at Card'ner' ? 10 >'"'W M,U " 1 w,w seize'1 iu' port at l.aidiner \ ltly. t)?? siKiied by Mr. Do e^urw JTl'^.1 l',' m?by ltel"enbur8h; <-h"' ??der. Manuii g was that |s?;*r was a inoro cover; they ' ? 1 - E,0,1"1 Saturday, hut 1 couldn't get the regis , ,nl1' 1 '?? told tne to ctwie down; that he had a last aml 1 coulJ E" out without p .pers Iroin the Cua tom jehuse; to ttiis 1 ohjeoted, because, if 1 was seised I wt/rjd bo condemnod wwhout any difficulty; (exhibit 25 4roduced;) it was a mere cover for a charter party, like the letter of In*tractions: (register of the brig (Iranian produced,) I got this at the Custom; Mr. Niebuhr at the Cu: torn House, gave it to me; ho cleared the vessel there was no trouble e.lioiit this, but I made lie UusU be Iteye thai there was a ditticulty iu getting it out, because 1 akin t want to go en Saturday; Mr. Kragar, when 1 saw Mm, resided at 21 Gouverneiir street; I found lam out to be of the lirm nt (Jakes A: Joseph, 486 Water street caulkers, gilders, die. ' District Attorney?Ho has signed the charter party as Manuel Joseph kragar. T5"' '"""'I writing is tho same as that on tho bill of sale, nod on the claim sent In by Manuel Joseph rragar. as owner of the lirig. Adjourned v> 11 o'clock iriduy morning. In cotmetsion with this case, there liai haea placed In orfcteoce by the liistrict Attorney a number of k-it.irs and account*-, wrttton in the Portuguese languor e, I.hiuJ in a boot io ilr. lie C'uuhu's trunk on hoard the il. am ui TUa Jobowmg are eMracU from the letters. The District At torney gives, as the key to them, to interpret Uki word ??carrier, ' when it occurs, as "ship," and tho work ?packages "as moaning "slaves." Hy will be ?ecn Ui&t the parties by whom and to wtuwa the letters are written, and numerous others, aro implicated as be ing engaged in the slave trade:? ? ? . ?? Biwxckia, 18lh Juno, 1854. M. 8. L. 8 MunuiHo. (Havana): IJejr Friend?Sir :?Hy this opportunity goes a carrier, which has taken twelve packages, marked ou IkuIi side (the mark is a triangle, with a cross underneath,) which ara consigned to you; and I ho|ie you will take charge of thoni and disfmse ot them at the best prices you may get frowi respectable persons, and you will retail the net jwooeeds lor mo to Messrs. Widow Tarujo 4: .Sous, sub ject to my orders. 1 hojas you will do your best to fullll the duty of a good correspondent, and you will do me ?ho-favor to tend here a letter informing ine ol the result and If you can answer ine via America it will lie bet ter. 1 wish you good health, Jtc. ? JOHN l'KKEIRA CAKVALHO BRAGA. _ , _ ? Brvzubla, July 15, 1854. Mr. S. J.. S. Mkaciiaibo (Havana). Dear friend and sir?By this goes a carrier, anil takes with him thirty inckages (marked as above on the left), Which arc consigned to you, and 1 hope you will take them under your charge and dispose of them for the best with res pec tat lo persons, and the net proceeds you will remit to L. Manuel Joze Horges Carvatho, and iu his absence to Mr. Anion io B. lie Oiiveira, and in of the absence of both, to Messrs. Widow, Tarajo & Bons. lie very jiarticu lar to sell the packages to particular persons, so as to net the proceeds witliout delay; and you will do me ttie favor to advise by this the (ullilmeat of the above orders to gether with uu account of the tale. I wisli you in good (Signed) JOHN PERE3R0 CAKVALHO BRAGA. ? _ . N*w York, April 22, 1856. ?. Fju*cisco A.vtoxio Moahkiko. Ilear friend and sir? * ? * What puzzles mo is what you say. that XI. bad sold to L. his share In tho schooner, and you may rely on this, that if this is true H will he the moans of losing everything- how ever, J entertain still some hopes in that busi ness. But what I must tell you is, to leave this coun try without delay, as one must he very carefiil, as it docs no* require much to be put in prison, and tho greatest caution is nicetsury. * * * Now, I have only to tell you that it you will do mc the litvor to send me your doings, please to write under cover to Messrs. Figandera Rem ft Co., No. 40 Heaver street. * * * I must teUytiu, also, that if you should want any more money do not be afraid to ask we for it, and I will send you an other order to Mr. Combos, which lie will accept. ? * ? ? ? FKANC1BC0 DCIS DK AI.MKIOA. *, B.?My bnrk has been out now eleven mouths and ?be has not arrived yd, nor do J know when slie will ar rive. ? Ijsiw*, March 28, 1858. M. nusasco Aktoxio Monwubo ; ** * * This is addressed to M. Manuel Hosilli de Ci.ita Keis, through the medium of the l'ortu gueee t-onsul in New York, in order to have this delivered into your hands. law in hopes you may give me some news about the course-of this business, so that I m iy tiii 1U my oi dcis. ALEXANDER J. BEGUEUOA LUPEZ. ? _ BkSZfKLA, Dec. 18, 1855. _**?Frascisho Axtoxjo Momueimi:?On the 18th of June, 4854, 1 th:p)>ed on board the hermaphrodite brig of which Mostein) bad rbarge, thirty packages, (marked as before) ?ml V. r.., one of which die<l on shore, so that only twenty-nine were sent for account of the estate or Manuel dose Barges dc Curvalho; tlie not proceeds to be delivered te lisbon to Mr. Antonio Jacjuin tie Oiiveira. * * * I also send for my individual account twelve packages WW) the tamo mark on both breasts; the not proceeds to ?? delivered in lisbou to Messrs. Widow, Tarajo k Sons. * * * * By a note addressed by you to to the late Jose Ions da Bilva Viaiuia, 1 perceive tliat only eight packages for my account have arrived, whilst thoso for ?oconnt of the estate are more, there being some con Jntion in the brands, or some mistake on tho part of Moriu. who marked them, of which pleaso to take notice ter your goverumeni iu making the account. (Signed) JOHN PEKE1KO DE CAKVALHO BRAGA. ? . , ? Em ima, April 27. MS. 1*. I.oares:?Pear Sir?I am in iKwscission of your tevor of the 12th December last; I was gratified to hear that you are in lio|ns to conclude this business very soon 1 hope it may bo none with all i>ossible despatch so as to Insure better results, uml hojie soon to hear of your re tain) without any trouble. * ? ? (Bigned) LYNARDA YEAXIDOA XAVIER. ? _ . .. Hoc. 17, 1865. Mr. Francisoo Axtomo MosmnRO:? * 1 muioll? tirit you may speedily conclude ?u these transactions, so that I may soon welcome ybo B?re. I have to advise you that the proceeds of tlnf forty packages shipjied in tiie name of the late Jose L. DaSilva viannn. Riust be divided lure between mo and you, for the reason that 1 have to receive from his house my snare ?f two vessels, as you must know. Your daughter mother R?d the wench are all well. (Signed.) ' , , IGNACiO PKREIRA XAVIER. A letter follows from the same party, dated September 18,1665, to Mr. John I.onres, Informing liira that Monteiro te whom he, Xavier, has made advances and iiaid ox peoses for the Toguctc. lias lied to Bahia, leaving him to collect his debts as best ho may. Then ho hopes that Monteiro will ultimately answer to that favorable idea which he bad formed of him. He continues:?You kuow better than anybody else how liberally I havo always rendered my services in business of this kindiaud how n?ny racrilices 1 made, having spared ''nothing, and atn now the victim of it." He ends by condoling with)Loares me a lellow sufferer in this cause, and begs him,to give him a speedy account of tho ' packages" belonging to him which ho bad shipped. ? . _ ? Havasa, April 16,1856. M. ic.NAoo Ib uHiu Xaviks?Dkam Sir?My last letter woe of tlie 3d instant, and gave you the news of the bad ?access of our business on account of Mr. Lucas. But on the 11th iust. I succeeded in realizing everything, tho nen giving $85,000 for the whole 461 imckagog. I might have got twelve ounces for ours hut for a trick of Lucas, who wished to get a commission of ten per cent, what for 1 don't know, as since our arrival at tho place 1 have done tho most of the "work." "You can disposo of tho ?xim or $3,788 3?, proceeds of your share, and which I am going to place in the hands of Machado, of New York, agreeably to your orders, which 1 have not done before, as 1 intend to go there myself in a few days " * ? ? "It strikes rac tins business is lost altogether on ?Rount of Monteiro, and since my arrival here ho keeps himself shut up in a room and does not go out Into the street." Ha Cunlia writes: I intend to go there in a Tessel that iAioas might pick up, but as I am bound I am trying io arrange business so as to go aud take with mo the casb for half the cargo, as wo agreed." ? * ? ? (Signed,) J. D. DA CUNHA. ? ? Arm 26, 1863. Mr. Momihho Dear sir: I liavo Just been arrested, at tho instance of IRmas, sai ler tlic pretext thut I am owing him $80 and I did not want to pay him; but the real motive was that I should give liim some money or ho would compromise ??; and for this reason, instead of calling on mc at homo ne waited for us with a warrant, and caught mo like a * * * * l'leaso to tell it to S. l'odro, so that ho may put himself in a safe place as said Daman told mo meet boldly that ho knows where he Hves, and Is going *0 do the same to him. * ? ? ? J I Tho accounts found with thoso letters show tho amounts for which cargoes of slaves wore bought and sold and to whose debit and credit they were to be placed. In most ?f the instances they run up to seroral thousands of dollars. Bcbnre w4 ComleaiiwUM ?f the Slave Brig General Fierce. District Attorney McKeon baa received the follow ing communication from tbo Secretary of State at Wash jngtOD I?* Ukheb Statu Goxmbrciai Aorvct, \ Loakua, March 3,I860. j Eta v?On the 1?U> ultimo tbo Portuguese brig of war Bona do Pillar, tinder oommand of Captaiu J. M. d'S. Ro doralbo, captured aa a price an unknown brig, oOT Old Bsnguella. The following are the particulars of itbis clr eu instance, which it becomes me to communicate to you jhr your intelligence >? The brig of war above mentioned, on the morning o fbe above capture, espied a sail close under the land. ZUe ilerra do Pillar immediately stood for her, but very soon after the land brcose tailed them, ami both were l>e cajmt/l. About two hours afterwards a strong bronco spring up; the chase then commenced with vigor to the southward. The suspicious brig then hoisted American colors. The Fnrteguerc brlg-of-wnr proving a faster sailing vessel, in Ihj-nc bouts and a hair was close aboard of her. At this period the brig showing American colors kept oir, and those on b<?rd a) parcntly tried to run the vessel on shore, but did not succeed, as the Serra do Pillar'out her of , and sent a boat on board of her in command of a lieub manl. litis officer wished to sec the papers oi tho versel, to prove her nationality, as tho sai l vessel was v iiinu the boundary lines of the Portuguese possessions. The crew of the vcwi said tliey had 110 |wipers. With this Information the Imidonant returned to the acrra d i |s |ar and In comiiaii)' wit'1 f aptaln Ro ioralho and a ?u iH force, bonrdod the suspicious vessel. Captafn Ro. dorai'io made the same demand 10 ?ee the pliers, but vttb ti /utbw succaipi. ilg 1I190 U?e yt, **c*Ul to be exaunoetb <m<l fouwl a hluvc dock and every other {m iniration made to reo&ve a cargo ol' slaves. He Uwd hrkiA under licit authority they maintained the .Aim.ruan tia^ null hooted; no explanation was given, but jhortly interw^nts it was lowered, and a Portuguese 8 ur hoiated in its |*^r, at %(iicb ('apt. Kodoraibo pronounced I Iter l is priie, end prooceded with her to this port, where i truy arrived at math on ?be 21st ult. On liie a.<kl ultrfiio iii\? Vfijjj Court was assembled !Y?r the pi rjtwe to prcce whetliei ,Uo wa8 a lawfu| prlz<3 0. not. Oti tire 26fb tfie cour t was a^m in Hkl^\ou wllCD j had the ofiMirttu.-iy rthvintf M**?' Uj cum * ?tt!| btr Owifc Judtson, H. B. M.V '0uo ? thecrew, h Brazilian by birth, was broug., to t^u stand and utter g?? ng thiough the usual . utl. , '??. y I1(lUtlll' I but the triiw..'' hssa.d, in answer U> a cumbi ^ ? 1 Hons |nit to timi by the President of that body, i', j, " I and tun utuvuuites were duly -hipp. U at New York; . <>ti a voyage to test, and supposed it was to be on a )>?. one, by one of the shipping Of city, and lb t. | be, iu eonijutiiy witli others, embarked cm board of a sU-amcr uud proceeded down the iiurbor and wua put on board of the vessel, which laid there at anchor. Shortly afterward tlirce other persons came on board, when they weighed anchor ai d put to t-a. Those three i?er sotis proved to be tbe captain, mate and one passenger. Me lurther said that tlie captain . uaiuu w:ts Doa Benito Denzaiiz. Wlicn ahuet ten days out the crew were ordered down to wo.l. in the hold, to build a slave deck, and then lor the first time they discovered the nature of their voyage. In answer to a question if he the owner or owners of the vessel, he said he did not, but uopposed from what b iu. ! heard Hut', ?-lie belonged to a company of Portuguese re. ?i:ng at New York, and who are tlio owe .s of niauy oilier ves -els. During th? voyage every preptrntk'n w.v< io ide to iroriue a foil cargo of slaves. Only once during tbe pas sage tlu y had an oo askm to )ioi.-t a tUg, and ti. n ine American Hag was made use of. riiey arrived on this c a.-d, at the place previously described on tiie 17th ultimo, and on the tblkiwiug morning a s.ul *v dhoover ed seaward, which proved to he the Poruiguct ' V; ig Strrn do Hilar. No oue knt;w on board of tho ves .ui whether she left New York witu r without lo r papers. The witness further stated that during th<) passage her name wus erased from hor tteru. Me did not k:i iw her name, nor any of her crew, iu consequence of none of them knowing how to read or write, and not being fa miliar with the Kuglish language. Me sai l that during the voyage the was called the SUr of New York, hut It was not hor right name. Mo said he tieard h -r leal name wius General l'eipicno, and it is my opinion the wiHicss con/ouudod General Pcqueno witli General i icrce, a vessel tlmt has been susiiected before at Rio < e Janeiro, under the oomnumd of .lacintho Oenzanz, (a well known slave dealer), who was swpeetea ol' p'.alining a further slave trade expedition, and u brother to this Benito Dcnzanz. At Sir George Jackson's o'Hoe J saw a correspondence between Mr. Henry F. Howard, the Kngllsli Minister at Ki<> de Janeiro, uud Mr. Autonio I'nuiitio Simpo d'Abreo, Minister of f oreign Affairs of Brazil, dated April 11, 1W?4, wherein the latter informs the fromer tliat Don tieuito Dodzuhz, in either tho U'terra or Frizano, two slave vessels, liad shipped a cargo of slaves at Novo Rcfondo, and that the said Don K nib) had lone been engaged in the slave trade. His brother, Jacinth? Denxanz, was strongly suspected (a.- i have said before) ut Rio do Janeiro, about May IS, l?nl. of pla ining a slave expedition on board of the Amei an orig General Pierce, of which he was the owner, uud at that p iri'Kl it was the general opinion Hint her destination might b the coastof Africa. Mr. Howard commuhU ated this .suspicion to Mr. Fronsdato, the United States Minister r.t Brazil, who immediately informed the commander of tho United States ships of war, for their guidance. Commodore Salter, commanding United States squadron, r ooivel an offer from Admiral Henderson, of the British squadron, to place at his disposal tho steam vessel Riitotnon. to assist or co-operato witii any United States cruiser Jie might detach, to watch the General Pierce. Commo dore Salter wishing to frustrate any de-igu of iien 7-Hiiz, accepted tho eo o|<erati<m of Admiral Henderson. The General Pierce, it thus seems, was then tho subject of much uUentK n at Rio tie Janeiro, by tho American, F.nglisli, aud Brazilian officials. Another point, which makes me strong!} suspect this vessel to be the General Pierce is, that she answers to the description given of hor, viz:?That she is a full rigged brig of about two hundred tons measurement, and that she was at New York about the time tins vessel is reported to have loll there. The Prize Court assembled again on the 27th ult., and fully condemned her as a legal prize to the Scrra do Pillar, and Iter crew continued to remain iu prison until their trial in the Judiciul Court should take placo, which, I understand, will be as soon as convenient. 1 do not think there arc, from appearances, any true Americans among her crew, for if there had been undoubtedly tlioy would have applied for protection, as tlioy have had abundant opportunity for so doing. Should tliey apply, every exertion of this commercial agency will be used for their protection. Tru.-ting* you will find this suitable to your request, of this morning, 1 remain, your most obedient servant, AUG. ARCHER S1I.VA, Acting United States Commercial Agent. J. W. Ijvinoston, Esq., Com. U. S. ship St. Louis. Eoprnarhrld'n Summer Style of Hats for 1RM5. of the Rocky Mountain beaver and cassimeres of various shades, la the richest fabric we have yet seen. The popularity of the hats emanating from this establishment is manifested In an extensive and rapidly increasing demand. Those of his friends and customers who were disappointed in not obtaining their hats, ordered for last week, may depend upon receiving Ihcm in the course of a few days. N. ESPENSC1IEID, 113 Nassau street Panama Hats?-Tlic Genuine Article, of Un common lineness, at prices tVOSl $10 to $S0 each hut For sale by A. LELAND A CO., ISO Broadway. 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Dfflsitce Snlttir PATRICK IF the a(lie maiS'Icr Sufee?Robert M. above celebrated sale* and ptlurer in tin- United states of ihe ami cross bars. Depot No. Ifet powder proof deltaace locks Kaub ii lauo. struct, ouc door below To bl<iwr Mctciiaiits, Dr typists, daguvrrcotyplsta, druggists, clcUen, Ainbro* err, gl:..?H manufacturers, Ac -Rest Cugobrpsra, Hrework tract, gtn, whiskey, rum end wine flavoringsM, brandy ex riuunpugne, ahsyuthe sud oils ">f juniper berf, colorings; lemon, and wtntergracu, lly paper, platraway, n.ium, bis fundi, laaogiuuHH), esheutoe. Vienna lime, , end paper. while Daman varnlrU, fur sale by Dr. Is FKUug ? WANUKR, 143 Maiden lane Ellinbithnn Air?Pnrc it* (lie Imported, just us ii-1Tul, uimI only half the pries. Excellent for oil who need rom lFl.ntent. and for general family use; made as mild us climate will :u!m'.t. Ofllce 12b Water street. Crlstsuloro's Wigs, Hair Dye and Tonpeea szclts admiration among all connoisseurs In art. A suit of elegant private apartments for supplying his Inimitable dye. the only reliable article <if the kind extant. Wholesale and ratalh at CR.'.STADORO'B, No. 6 Aster House. Copy she address. Slngrr's Sewing Marhlnu?dbie TTtoueaii'I ioliars a yenr ts a fair estimate of the earnings ofa good opera tor, with one of Singer's latest Improved high speeded ma chines. The season for quilting linings and other prutitable work 1, close at hand, and now Is the time to buy the machines and prepare for It. The fact that our machines, either for use n private families or In large manufacturing establishments, we vastly superior lo every other kind, can be proved by ihoosands who use them, and Is beyond dispute. New machines exchanged for old and inferior ones, on the usual liberal terms. I. M. SINGER A OO., it 23 Broadway. strawberries, Cherries, Green Peas, or any rlber fruit or vegetables, may be preserved, In a perfectly fresh stale, by the use of SpraU'S patent self sealing cans. MU Full directions tor preserving all kinds of fruits and vegeta bles hi-company the en lis. i'rice, for quarts, $2 50 per dozen; half gallons, 33 50. N. B.?All orders, by post or otherwise, promptly delivered, free of expense, in any part ol'the ctty or Brooklyn. WELLS A PROVOST, Proprietors, No. 321 iV'jrl street, near Franklin square. Bntehelor's Ifnlr Dye, Wigs and Tonpeea ore superior to at' others. Their new improvements secure perfect comfort U> ilie wearer, natural elegance and durability. Bis unrivalled and only harmless hair dye is applied In twehe private rooms, at BATCH ELOR'8, 283 Broadway. Whiskers or Moustaches Forced to Grow In six weeks by myonguent, which will not stain or injure the skin. 31 a bottle; seat to any part of the country. K. G. GRAHAM, 500% Broadway; Hayes, 175 Fulton street, Brookly u. Hill, the Inimitable Cutter of Ilalr and whiskers, In styles to suit the different shaped heads and faces, st No. 1 Barclay Street. No Interest in any other establish ment. 11 air dye 4 shillings a box. The Public Deceived In tbc Purcli tie nf the various cans, (In iinltntion railed self-sealing.) whicii are made by various parties?solely to sell. Spruit's p.iieiit cans, when used according to directions, are certain lo preserve ell'oclually any kind id' fruit or vegetable, (In a fresh stale,) and are a! ways warranted by the seller to fully answer the purpose. None genuine except those having in cast letters on the cap, "Spratt'a l'atent." WELLS A PROVOST, Proprietors, No. 321 Pearl street. Holloway'i Pills?Public Opinion Is the treat tribunal by which the value of all discoveries is judged, la verdict on this greut alterative, antiseptic and Ionic medi cine, founded on the testimony of rejoicing anil grateful thou sands, la favorable throughout the world. To Nrrvons SuJTerera?A. Retired Clergy man, restored lo health In a few days, after many years of great nervous suffering, is anxious to make known the means of cure. Will send (free) the prescription used. Direct Die Rev. JOHN M. DAUNALL, No. 5!> Kulton street, Brooklyn. To (he Sufferers by Dlae-aM-N?Hoping that this statement may be the means of saving others from the dreadful snllerings which I endured, and hi jttstiou to Dr. Heine, induces me to make this statement public. I have been a great sufferer for several yean. The following emi nent gentlemen had all tried to cure me nf a dreadfut|*ilceru tlon in my throat and most violent pains and swellings in my bones antt joints:?I)r?. Buch, Cochran, J. It. Wood, Chalmers and Grlflitiig. They all failed, when Dr. Heine, 333 Broome street, cured me In a short time. Come and see, at 148 Canal street, (Walker.) SOLOMON GIU80N. Another Evidence of the Great Superi ority of Dr. Heine'* treatment of scrofula.?Since my Infancy 1 have suffered from scrul'ula. To describe my miseries is im possible; my joint*, face, nose, from which large ami uiune rou* bones wefc discharged, was the principal seat of the dis pense For the sake of humanity, I shall lie pleased to have all sufferers from similar comnlaitits to cad and sec me, when I shall with pleasure impart all particulars. Mrs. Rebecca Ohakmiii, :tl7 Third street. Dr. HEINE'S office, 1133 llroome street. Scrofnla, Ulcer*, Klieumatlam, Eruption*, Ac., cured without fall, by Dr. HEINE, 333 Broome street. 1 consider it my duty towards Dr. Heine ami the public to make known to sufferers of diseases where to be cured. I tried Professor Barker, James it. Wood, Dr. Kimhark, to no purpose. It was in lite newrpnpers where I saw Dr. Heine's name, and through the same channel I am happy to state that Dr. Heine has perfectly cured me of the most dreadful and greatest miseries. My whole person was covered with ulcers, ?half my tongue and lips eaten olf. I shall be pleased to im part to suffers ail particulars, by calling to my residence, 082 Fourth Btrcet. Mrs. MARURKT DKAN. Rupture.?Only Prize Medal awarded to MARSH A CO., by the Industrial Exhibition of all nations at the Crystal Palace for their new patent radical cure truss. References as to lis superiority: Professors Valentine Molt, Wlllard Barker and John M. t'arnochan. Open from 7 A. M. till <11'. M. MAltSll A CO., 2}i Maiden lane, New York. 0 At St. IVIcliolna.?The Great Catarrh Doctor has come again. Dr. l\ HOWARD MARSHALL, who always cures catarrh and all coughs, is still at the St. Nicholas Hotel, N. V.,"No. fill, from 9 to 21*. M. Consultation free. Idyebtisemexts renewed eyery bit. NEW PUBLICATIONS. ' AOKNTS, LOOK OUT.?AGENTS WHO DESIRE TO BE furnished wilh copies of the AMERICAN WEEKLY PRESS should he on the qui vlve this morning. The hest paper printed in the country. Price, $1 a year; tt 50 per hundred to agents. Ollice, northwest corner of Pulton and Nassau streets, New York. 11, MAGGIE BELL, THAT FEARFUL NIGHT I God only knows what then I fell, As en the lloor, till morning light, Beside thy couch 1 knelt. Thy lather, with a kindly hand, Lcd-rae adown the Utile lane; We reached the spot where now I stand, With madness in my brain, liis was the footstep on the lloor, 'Twas lie who to the doorway came, And here, where we hud stood before, He told me, Maggie, of thy shame. 11c told me how young Clarence Lee? We had been Irietnls In boyish days Had brought great riches from the sea, And of Ids manly winning ways; And how he talked and sang to thee, While thou wouldst more attention lend, Because he talked so much of me, Because he was my friend; And how, about two years Imforo? For three since parting tffrn had sped? There came a message to your door That I was dead. From Maggie Bell, the beautifully Illustrated poem, In the July number of the "UNITED STATER MAGAZINE." Everybody is delighted with this handsome monthly, which Is embellished with sixty six inugnillcent engravlugs. The true caiiille. Astor Hours, June 23,1816. Fa*'.. FjKsph, Esq.?bis?While in Paris, a year ago, I translated and adapted for my own use, the play of "Camille." A few months since, I published this plAy in < ancinnatt, with notice of copyright attached. On my return North, I am hand ed a copy of It republished by you. By this act I am deprived or the profit which should alone accrue to me. But this 1* not the injury of which I complain, for wliilftj oii retain my text, word for word, untouched, you have dropped my name from the title page, and in lie place inserted a line, (The only correct edition.) which implies that every copy hearing my name, is spurious; Indeed, that I, In claiming its nuthorshtp, have assumed a merit not belonging tome. The false position in which this scries of wrougs has placed me requires redress. Waiting which, 1 remain, your obedient servant, MATILDA HERON. Nrw Tout, Juki 24 lAVi. Miss Matilpa lltROM?Madam?Your favor of the 23d Is at hand, and I reply in all frankness, that sinoe receiving your book I have carefully compared the same with my edition of "Camille," and find, to my surprise, that lu the text there is no material difference. I whr told by the party who prepared my copy for the press that It was dOrerant from the edition then published. I regret I was deceived. My cony has done you great Injustice. I freely admit It, and will cheerfully correct. In my next edition of your play, I will restore the original title page, the name* of characters, and, with your permission, retain the line that so justly belongs to It? Til? OKLT CORRECT COITION. Yours, very respectfully, KAMI- FRENCH, 121 Nassau street THE TRAVELLERS' DBFOT FOR MAPS. OUIDH books, Ac., Ac., Is RANNEY'S, No. 196 Broadway, cor of Pcy street. _ THE TURF.

UNION COURSE. L. I.?TROTTING.?ON MONDAY, June 30. at 3 o'clock. P. M., a match for 92,000, mile heats, bent three In live, In harness. H. Woodruff names b. g. Jack Potter. Wo. Khute names bl. g. Blue Morgan. SUA# A WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COURSE, L. I.-TROTTING.-ON WEDNKS dny, July 2, at 3% o'clock, P. M., a purse and stake for 94,000, mile heals, hest three in five, under saddles. J. 1). Mc Mann names b. g Gen. Scott S. McLaughlin name* 1>|. g. Lancet, (formerly Know Nothing.) I>. r Offer names b. g. Chicago Jack. Pars will leave (he South ferry, Brooklyn, for flic Course, at 2'4 o'clock, and return as soon as the sport is over. Fare, to go and return, fifty cents. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. ? FOR CLAsSnCATION. A P. A.?THE MEMBERS OF JACKSON LODGE NO. ? 6, A. P. A., are requested to attend a special meeting, at llicir lodge rooms, corner of Twenty-ninth street and Eighth avenue, on Saturday evening. June lor (he purpose of making arrangement* fbr celebrating the Fourth of July In Albany. Memberspf tfftar lodge* llttoudlng to go with Jack ?on 1-odge ttuJ pkasd he in ERcuoMtc. J. G?g?N, r, s i BITUATIOXS WASTKD. A French lady, a DRESSMAKER, WELL AO quaiutcd with her trad'-, is desirous to enter a store lo cut dresses au<l mantillas. Address Madame JJuvermy, No. 1 2d at., cnriiiT of Bowery, second Itour. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, A3 < Wnl.i rmaid or children's mum, lu ibe city or country. Please call at 347 4'h at., near Urowrtv.iy. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as good plain cook, in an hotel or aaloon, the beat of city reference*. Impure at No. 27 Croaby street. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A ailiiatlon, an nurae; la a good aewer; flood city reference given. Pleuae call at l'J& Waverley place; would flo to tho country. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN wishes a situation, aa seamstress and lady's maid, In a private family; can cut und lit ladlea' drcaaea; la desirous to flo in the country; prefers golnfl to Newport; has the beat ol refer ence. Pleaae call at No. 99 East 16lli atrcet, near lat avvnue. A COMPETENT FRENCH COOK. WANTS A SITU.Y tkiu, (roiuilry preferred,) and her liuahand to floaa coach Bum or waiter; botii have the highest recommendations from their laat employers; lltey speak French, English and tier man. Addre?*. or eall on Andrew l.leclue, gardener, 105th St., lilt < mlufldale road. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU.Y Hon, to do liflht chatuberwork, or take care ot children, lias c< ?,d reference. Inquire for two days at 27 Amity street. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, aa good plain cook, washer ami ironer; gisal city reference*. Inquire at 112 West 19th St. Can be aeeti for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITIT atlon, as chambermaid and waller; can do housework; flood reference. Apply at 163 Sands St., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO . man, to do fleneral housework In a small private family. , relerencea. Impure at 245 Mulberry St., for two days. 7r.,lvVnT*Ily, RESPECTABLE married woman ?'1 ' ' *"* situation as wet nurse; best of reference given. A BITUATia,Uth 1 U ""-nt1,uur#*' ' NTED?BY A HEALTHY WOMAN, itiw.sctt.i n. Ijreference given. Apply at No. 11 glveu. Apply RESPECTABLE WOM , kdvi'^'iml c'tVrc'fcrenee"' CaU8,,ES A SITUATION, Clly rt are"c<!- jike bread of all kinds. A YOUNG GIRL, LATELY dBnffav'rlty l'lac'' laud, wishes n ailiiatlon, to do general small private family. Apply at 70>i Yandam a(f?M KNU Jirk In a A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY WISHES A h. lion ns seamatrcaa; bus no objection to seeing to 11 cT7. or helping 111 light work. Inquire of Mrs. Powers, Walloi House, 3116 Pearl it. Actuation wanted?by a respectable girl, to I ike care of children and do plain sewing; 110 ob jection lo the couuu-y. Good reference. Apply at 377 Grand street. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework in a private tumily. lias no objection to the country. Can be seen for three days, at 3C6 3d av., between 26th and 29th sta. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUA tion as nurse <*? chambermaid, and waiter. Best of re lcrenees glveji from her present employer. Call at 60 St. Mark's place, for two days. A A RESPECT A BLR YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA lion. In a small private family, to do general housework; is a good washer and Ironer ami gissl cook. Can be seen lor two duys'ut No. 4 Deun St., Brooklyn. 4 HEALTHY YOUNO WOMAN, WITH A FllE>H A breast ol milk, wishes A situation, us wet nurse, hits ao objection to go In tiie country. Best of reference U required. Apply ut VJ 4th st., front basement A YOUNC. WOMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUA A thin In a sunill private family, to do general housework, ths chambermaid, or to take?r; jt cblllw.! city retorence given il rcuviired. Apply at I-# ?tt>i" 8t- - 4 YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS OHAM A bcrinald or to hike care of chUdrcn ln a respectaMe la mtiv Hits thren yearn'reierence. < all for two tU\* ui j-t tt M? hetwecS sad and 33d at.., third ttaor. front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU A tion to do plain sewing and lake care ol children. No ob jection!" go in the country7 fan be wen for two day. at l>r. Beck's, 229 We.t 26th at., between Htlt and Jth ava. AkPAMSTKESS WANTS A SITUATION; UNDER stu nth! dressmaking and all kind, of MWlnKlhasnoob jectlon to go lit the country, can give city reference. Call at lb? Spring at. ' ?? k RITITATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, AS A coachman, dotal city reference.. Addre*. J. K., bo* lib Herald olbce. i<xrKVVPKR WHO LEARNED HIS BUSINESS 1.1 a hrsd clas. hotel In the South, wlahea employment tor ?UKOII of two or three month., having to retui n In October; salary no object? want, something to k.ll .lme; a ...tnmer hotel preferred. Adilrewa (lilmore, Herald otlh.i. Tk tRKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO B man, who perfectly understands hi. hu.fne.?. B' ati^ chy reference. A line addressed B. 8., Herald otuce, win nicet with attention. ? -rxuiTGTSTS ?WANTED, A SITUATION IN A RETAIL dress W., bo* 118 Heraltl QtUee. ? tivriT ATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO a home.? Call at 173 West 25th at. SITV^ hi'a Mtslnesa? hiia the li'eat of city rc^re^e; ha. ?^UonU>?? Herald X'e.^r So. CA West jstl. at., which will he attended to WANTED?BY A YOUNO SCOTCHMAN, K ??,? a. 'orter or assistant bookkeeper to a i 7 t |Watt seven years In the old country In the W m.sln"?Vltut lived with hi. last employer or three yea?., and can produce a lir.t rate character. Ad nir.". W. B- box 157 Herald otilee. C^TdY 8IN0LK MAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS ?, is'r^Tirassirs;: tsar w t Ml P., llerald clUce, lor two days rood Ttt WHOLESALE GROCERS AND 0T1IERS.-AN ENO llalunan ot lirst rate business habits, agetl 29 years, just donhm^ family? Oood reference from her last place, call at 213 Went 2Kth st.. third lloor, front room. at 49 Alien St., In the rear. ? WtNTED?BY A RESPECTABLE UIRL, A PIYUA Unit to (lo general housework, or as chambermaid and ??,,cr; to wdlhug tomake heraelf generally usetul. Apply at No. lti East 24th at. WaVTFD?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN. a. cook- uiideratands the American and Spattiah and ? Kri nch dlshes. desserv. and baking; U Willing to assist in'iitV wXhlng and ironing, if required; understand* her b.t.l m-ss perfectly can be well recommended by her last eraploy tr Please call for two day., at No. 146 6th ave., between loth and 11th ste., In the fancy store. ANTFD-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl a situation, to do light chamber work or lo take care ol children. Call at 109 ?3th at., near 3d av. W A girl^s^t-nntsosstt'? "a good" Wrt^maESf!umtarstands ^SSgssewsJ^ssntrss, avenues. WANTED BY A OIRL, 16 YEARS OLD, A 8ITUA llott to do light chamlterwork and waiting, or to take care of a baby Gwd chy reference. Call at 341 6th avenue, .Ol two day.. -**r ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W young m?n, about 17 years of age; sign painting pre ferred. Apply at 161 avenue A. Wanted?BY A rROTESTANT WOMAN, A 8ITUA ii?.T t), <tn i hnmbcrwork and plain sewing; ha. lived In ^nlace h.r four yeTrs'Ibeat of reference, can be given. PtoaSseSunt 16 West j?tb St., between 7th and 8th avenuea. 11TANTED IlY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS W cLmb^dAandto assist to . wagtlng and Ironing. City reference. Please call or address 14. C., 1U3 We.t ItHh bctwen 6ih and "th avenues, for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH OIRL, A situation a. rftambermaid and seamstress. No objec tion to lh? ",' untry Best of reference from her last pluoe. Call at 616 Broome it. Can be seen until engaged. tit / NtKD A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE \\ * g J| aTiturse and seantstresa; can cut and tit ladies and ,1,/n , i n s dresse.- has no objecUon to travelling. Good re feti t ce glven l iews* call at 60 Macdoug.l sL * h*?rt u, chsotberwork ?nd tine washing and Ereoch H tiling; haJuimbMt of city r?f?n ^wnuld nm ob>et m go a ahort distance in the country. I'lease call at 600 31?tcor net- of 7th avenue. | WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, a habv to wet nurse, at her own residence. She has just lost her own. Good reiereuco if required. Apply at 140 Mulberry at-, for two day.. WiNTVD?BY A WOMANi A SITUATION, AS PRO feased cook- la an excellent waaber and Ironcr. The best of reference, given. Can be seen at her cmploy er's, B7 West 21at st., for two days, between 6th and 7th av-*. WANTED-BY A YOUNO ENGLISHMAN, A 8ITUA Uon to go a few utiles In the country, to Uke charge of a home and carriage and ?ce to a garden; can drive well, and is n.f.rr.t nfwork Reference given. Can be seen or heard Un engaged lTy addre?l.ig W. Daniels, care ol W. Hades, We.t 29th st., near corner ol 11th aye. ?waranTEI)?A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN, BY A W hlshlv reoontmettded young matt, who uud.-rstands tho 1 treatment of horses, will make hlili.eltlt.elul to hi. -m ^cr beTt of c .y reference. Call at 157 Macdougal St., cositer of 4th st ?or a??40 Broadway, lor J. T. WAITER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A SINGLE vottliB matt, who has a thorough knowledge of Ids busi ness In ali Its branches, no objection to travel to any part of IhTwJtrld. Can be hlgKly reeotnnended by some ot the most "eipectsble families In the cltv. Can be seen at -72 Broadway, tor two day.. 1,rANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN, TO V? work oil a farm or garden; can uke care of all kin Is of stock llits good reference from where be has lived three years". Call at 12 Ami')' j'lwoto. lor two days. WANTED?A SITUATION. AS ENTRY CLERK OR assistant b.s.kk! cyer. from July 1. w,tJi good city refer e ce. Addrese J. 0- bo* 3,14b I'MM Uhvb. K situations wasted. , "lITAirrS A SITUATION? All KIPUIUCKD HICK OR VV monthly mirac, either In city or country. Unexceptlon iable relereiiee* gneuuiNo. 1(4 Fulton street, or 117 Kecoud avenue. | "WANTED, A 11A11Y TO NTKSK?A WOMAN, WITH A I VV freili breast of milk, who has lost her baby, will take I one to nurse at her residence, No. XA, avenue 11. "WANTED?A SITUATION, AS WET NURKK, IN A yy respectable lanilly, hy one who has a fresh breast of I milk and ha* just lost her baby. ('all at I'M avenue C, in (he j eating aalot n, lor two days WANTED?A SITUATION, AH NURSE AND TO DO plain sewing; can give the boat of city reference from her last place, w here idie has been fur the last two years Please call ul 64 Orove St., between lllcecker and 4th at*-, in tin rear. WANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, tut clininberiiuiid or seamstress; for reference ap ply at her pn sent employer's, 13 Kaat U'tb at., where she can lit-i man, who rclers to bla present SITUATION, AS PORTER, BY A STRONG and healthy young t employers, ut CI \\ a tec at, WANTKD?A SITUATION, AS CO OK, AND To WASH and Iron, hy a very respectable young woman, who hat the 11 st of recommendations from where she lias lived for live yeair. Can be seen al lier present employer's, Zi Kast Zld st. "11TANTKD?ItY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A VV situation, as cook, good baker of bread and pasiry; is w illing to assist with the washing ami troniiitf t 'an be seen for two days at kit) Wen 23d st., betweett eih and 'Jlh avenues, nt lier present employers. TYTANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A VV J'roleelant, (o do the housework of a small private fami ly. if a good plain rook, washer and troiier. Can be seen ut Ml Prince St., Brooklyn, front baseiuept. Tt''ANTED?ltY A IIKA1.TIIY ENGLISH WOMAN, AT VV her own house, nn infant to wet nurse; has one of her own, two weeks old. Apply ut RJO East Ilih ?(., nrst tloer. WANTKI) IMMEDIATELY?BY AN EXPERIENCED rook, ? situation, In private family. Sh" understands her business in nil I'a relations, 1 at can give the best of refer ences. Address Mary, Herald oilier. \\rANTKP?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, VV to do general housework and plain sewing; is a good washer and Ironer. tioort reference Iroia her last place, (.'ull at 1J AmltJT place, tins day. WANTKD.?A YOUNO GERMAN, OF GOOD AP penranre and family, lairing the best of reference, and who has been engaged tor ten year* as clerk in a tvboletus* ? tobacco business. in Germany, wlfhes b) ootulu employe; i * Address Kbesh Taber, Esq., 133 William St. THE AMERICAN WEEKLY PRKSS. FuCUY. Into. The AMERICAN WEEKLY PR HAS, ?ay. la idled with a variety of And is the licet nevUtinlng, All occurrences of i. And useful reading, ticed in its columns; as umibhshed in the country. Political, city during the week are no Theatrical ' doings in ihu and Religious . Its correspondents in Europe and country are able and Industrious^ wry readers of the AMERICAN l'RK.-> with nans of Oils importance In the section from which they n i a*-"ornlsh the Published every Friday morning, at tlf uoriltwes. Fulton and Nassau streets, New fork. I rice, Si a #1 ?? per hundred to ageu cash in advance, for wiht the, and by all news ageuts. Advertisements w ill b Inserted in the paper lor fifty cents a line. NEWSPAPERS. AC. A BUCHANAN PENNY PAPER.-'THB DA* BOOK, which i? the recognized organ of the united ilnmocracy, ami has a larger weekly circulation than any other tlemocrauo paper in the union, will he served until alter the election every afternoon, to subscribers In this city and Brooklyn, at 6 cent* a week. Orders lor it may be loll at 17 Ann street. Extra sheet of tiie new York si n. Owing to the great d< mand for the back utuuhcra of THE SUN, Containing the ho much talked of story of FREAKS AND FROLICS or a VENTRILOQUIST; And the supply having been entirely exhausted, an K X T R A, Containing the whole of it as tar as published, Will be. issued This day, (Friday), at 12 o'clock. CHICK TWO CENTS KACtl. Thus, those who have been unable to get the back numbers will be enabled to have the story as far as published. TO DAY. The AMERICAN WEEKLY PRESS, Published to day, is tilled with a variety of Interesting, Entertaining, And useful reading. And is the best ucwspnper published In the country. Alt occurrences of note la the city during the week are no ticed In Its columns; as are also alt doings In the Political, Theatrical and Religious world. Its'correspondents in Europe unddlderent paris o'lhts coun try are abl<- and industrious writers, and furnish the renders ol the AMERICAN FKKSS with all occurrences of import ance tn the section from which they write. Published every Friday morning, at the northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, New York. Price, #1 a y?? ir; SI M per hundred to sgents, cash In advance. For sal.- iu the utiles, and by all news agents. Advertisement* w.ll bo inserted tu the paper for fifty cents a line. EXTRA SHEET OF THE NEW YORK SUN. Owing to the. great demand for the back numbers of THE RUN, Containing the so much talked of story of FREAKS AND FROLICS or A VENTRILOQUIST; And the supply having been entirely exhausted, au EXTRA, Containing the whole of it as far as published, Will lie issued This day, (Friday), at 12 o'clock. KKICK TWO CENTS KACH. Thus, those who have been unable to get the hack numbers will be enabled to have^ie story as far as published. PERSON All Adoption.?a mother having lost her Hus band, and being In straightened circumstances, is under the necessity of set-king for the adoption of her child; It is a line healthy boy, aged eight weeks. He la spoon fed. Ad dress Mrs. M., 112 Eighth avenue. CAFE OF DROWNING.?A YOUNG MAN, NAMED Edward J. Hardy, returning from the regatta at Harlem with his friends, was drowned in consequence of their boat being swamped by the turf from a passing steamer, near the foot of Sixty-first street. East river. He was about 2t> years of ace, 5 feet 4 inches high, dark complexion; had on a cotton check shirt, brown Kentucky jean pants and heavy boots; hit Initials, " K. J. H., Live Oak, 44," were Inscribed on his arm. and sears on his neck. Any person finding his body will please give notice at 1)2 Houston street, to James Garry. Drowned-while bathing in the hvckkn sack river, on the evening of Friday, the 21st Inst.. Ileard ley Cooper, a tad about 14 years of age. The body has not vet been recovered. Any person giving nny information concern ing It to Mrs. Cooper, Bergen Four Corners, will receive Die thanks of his aflllctud mother; or addroas T. W. Strong. 68 Nassau street. INFORMATION WANTED?OF THOMAS HCULLEN, who left Patersnn on the lflfh of June, and has not been heard from slnee. His height Is 0 feet 8 Inches, dark brown hair; is il linker by trade. Any person giving information of him Will he thankfully rewarded by his brother, James Scul len, West Farms, Westchester county, New York. INFORMATION WANTED?OF PETER AND JANE Mulligan, children, aged 14 and It) years, who arrived here 22d lust, tu ship Andrew Foster, to Tapscoll A Co., who sent them to 42 Spruce street. They have not been seen, and any new * of tbem will be thankfully received at Wm. Puleu's, 42 Spruce street. J AH. F. PITKIN WILL LEARN SOMETHING TO HIS advantage by calling nt 271 Broadway. Any one know ing his present address will pltase leave the flame in the cx rlange office, and oblige, Ac. MR. BEERS IS REQUESTED TO CALL, ON THURSDAY, (lilts day), 'June 26, at S P. N., at the gallery last pro Iioai d, but w hich Illness prevented hla Virginia friend from looping. M. D. C., Alexandria, Va. MRS. ROBERTSON, WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, is sincerelv request ed to stale the number of her house, as I am In possession of a letter nud pic;uro lor her. Pie ? sc send a few lines tuldressixl Mr. B. B., Herald oflice. MRS. ELLEN FLOOD, FORMERLY OF PHILADEL phifl, may hear of her children, by calling at 154 Front street, corner of Msiden lane, up stairs. MS.?DO NOT DISAPPOINT THIS MORNING, AT ? 16 o'clock, at the corner of Broadway and Chamber* street. R. T. NOTICE TO THE HEIRS OF MARYNEAL, DECEASED. ?If any of the relatives of Mary Neat, deceased, are now living tn Philadelphia, or elsewhere, thev will hear of some thing to their ad vantage by sending their address to C'apry Ilurua, Port Richmond, Staten Island, N. Y. R M ?FAILED YESTERDAY. WILL TRY TO DAY , again; 11 11112. MAURICE. Richard elford. lately from cuba, and now tn Brooklyn, will confer a favor by calling on Mrs. Geo. Murk, Pavilion Hill, turnpike road, Quaruntlu* lauding Staten Island. Robert moran. esq., will find a letter in the New York Post oflice, to width an answer I* re quested. OHDULD THIS MEET THE EYE OF MR. GEOROB O Meek, he la requested to communicate with hi* friend* at Bath, England, or at Ucnesa, BwtWerland. SHOULD THIS MEET THE EYE OF MR. ABRAHAM 11. See, late publisher of Graham's Magazine, the under signed would be glad to hear from him, in reply to several litters. WM. DO WE, West Hobokcn. Theobald hhrfeldt, of Hamburg, is particu larly requested W> call at lfll Fllf Weet, Second floor, New York, where he will only hear totags from home to hla best advantage. VANTED?TO ADOPT, BY AN AMERICAN LADY, A girl, from 12 to 14 years of age; she will be kindly treat " well provided for; an orphan preferred. Apply at 11 veil street, near Chatham. ed and Roosevelt TUBS SOLITARY. VETERAN CORP8 OF 1812.-AN ADJOURNED MEET lng of the corps will be held at H. K. Riell's, star Hotel, S2 Ltspenard street, on Friday evening, June 27, at 7s i.'clock, to make arrangements for celebrating the Fourth of Punctual attendance la roqueated. By oriler. Tart oh, Adjutant. II. RAYMOND, Colonel. uly. W*. ' HELP WANTOD. Young men wantid-three or four young men, of gtssl character and inldre**, to canvnag the coun try for the sale of aome popular artlelea that will remuneraUi a ell. For particulars, apply nt W7 4th st., near Bowery. "I Aft CANAL LABORERS WANTED FOR THIS STATE lull ?Wage# 9 ahll lings per day; guaranteed by the utatc Pasaage money advanced. Also, out; family to keen boarder* Will start Friday, the 27th Inst., accompanied l,y M Cohnert. Apply Immediately at MORRIS COIINEHT A CO.'et 126 Greenwich street, near Cedar street. RA THIN COAT AND VEST HANDS WANTED TO kJU make tine work, at SMITH DKOTHKKd', 122 Fulton sweet. HELP WANTED. AGENTS WANTED?FOR THE CITY.AND COUNTRY, tn aell a patent article nf utility, iiso l ,*ity in every family, hotel, realaurant, Ac. A gissl chance tor a,; au. Apply to W. Hough, 212 Broadway, ruoui 23. AGENTS WANTED?MALE ASI> FEMALE, M > > address, lor this city and tin c.i t itry, to sod .1 p ita,?t ,u tide. Good chance to make tnn.iey. at Ait H >?! way, room 17, ltoin it till 6 o'clock. Agents wanted?to sum. brother junv tlutn'H lirat premium champion furniture poiVa, w, ranted Hie test now In use or cleaning an I polls tin 1 new u, /?li! ! ni'tiifin'o I'.all .if *>19 Hpf, tilt.i'iiv rnnin ?**? old luruilure. Call at 213 Broadway room 22. A. )! U lilt v It It Assistant bookkeeper w vntro-omk wi > ? writes a rapid and hurls, one lent I, an I it correct at fill urea; aalary moderate. Apply, after 3 o'clo ?'*. I*. M. at I.ord A Taylor's, 265 Orand si reel A MAN WANTED?1TO OPEN OYSTERS IN A It MS tauruit; he tnuat perfectly understand Ida business. lie quire ulGui Broadway, in the basement. BOY WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, ONE Wild II VSSOd1 knowledge of the pick line buslutss. Call at 251 Washing tou street, In the baa, it,em. BOY WANTED?A SMART BOY WANTED, TO ATTES'IV bar at 722 Sixth avenue; one who la ready and quirk at nn king change. None other need apply at Rogers' Hotel. (TOOK, COACHMAN AND GARDENER WANTED?TIE J go a ahort distance in the country. A male cook, tier map, Efenrh or colored; single man preferred. An English or colored coaeiiman. None need apply except those having ithel ? ? ? the beat of reeouimviubttioii* from tCnlr laat eiuployera; aud a ?Ingle man as gardener: one who has expnleneo. Addrcaa K., box 122 Herald office. T COOK WANTED?t)NE WILLING TO GO IN THE. ootmlry during the hot weather, aud having good refer ?iices. Apply Immediately at It Weal 21at at. COOK WANTED?A COMPETENT FRENCH, GERMAN or Swlaa woman, of respectable reference, to do the cook ing of a small family, In the country, near New York. App nl i>66 Houatnu al.. comer of Croatty. on Saturday, the 2.stii Inat.. between tiie Iioura of 12 and 2"o'clock P. M. DRY GOODS SALESMAN WANTED?THOSE ACCCS torncd to the city trade muy apply to C. G, Hook, Sat* Broadway. D RUO CLERK 'WANTED ?APPLY AT 50 HUDSON avenue, Brooklyn. Drug clerk wanted?one who has good ten tlmotilala and la thoroughly competent. Apply al it07 yd av for two days. riOUR GOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED; ALSO. A J1 lady competent to cut and lit In the beat style Apply at 241 Greenwich street, near Barclay, this day and ito ,day. (URL WANTED.?WANTED, A GOOD COOK, WAssKR X and Ironer, In a prlvale family. Must have the beat of reference*. Apply in llcdlord avenue, near Rosa at.. Brook lyn, E. 1). H EAl) WAITER WANTED?A FIRST CLASS HEAD waller wanted at a watering place, for which No. 1 price he paid. Apply lo Willis & Cunkllng. No. 2 Murray at. TTODPEKEEPER WANTED.?ONE THAT IS WELL Jl disposed tow ards children, of educated maimers, and a pn nsant character, not over 36 years of age, may address W. A Letang, Union square Post otllce. Nurse wanted?for two boys, five ani> seven years old; an intelligent French or English woman; luuat understand fully the management of children, be a good aewer uud have undoubted recommendations. Liberal wages will be paid to a person in every respect suitable. Address | !?., So. 2 Ilanovcr square, or Herald ollice. ' ' 0Ye*T 11. NEW HWKX. JUNE 24. KVi.? TU^CI ly. ii good housekeeper. Address as 'of IlSHf 't a ?.ta gentleman residing out -J ILL a thoroughly c<iuc*ite?l gen TWO MM \ I T AND ActllVltj5" sMIJren. Ad be well ? mumeiided, and ft ??ik. iitl'.unlin.ii'- corner of ('anal uud Bis evening (Friday). "AM ED.?MUST _ :? irs old. Apply J ANTED.?A FRENCH PROTEST ANT p'clock this . F understands all kinds of sewing and can dress Well, Will hear of n good sit u at ion by apply Ins lnim-dm. 229 W. 24th at. Ileal of references required, and good wn\ given. WANTED?BY A FANCY GOODS IMPORTING HOUSE, an experienced inlcnmun, who is well acquainted with ?Ida brunch of bualiiesK; nunc other need apply. Address bos 4,til'S Post otlice, stating particulars. WANTED?A SINGLE MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS farming, gardening and the culture of l'rult. A Scotch man preferred. Inquire at 6S Water at. WANTED?A STOUT 1IOY, OR YOUNG MAN, IN A retail grocery store. One well acquainted with the business may apply at 73 Catherine si., corner of Ilumdtotf, to i: A A Martin. WANTED?TWO SERVANTS; ONE AS LAUNDRESS, and the other as chambermaid and waiter. Call, from 3 to 5 o'clock, at 122 Ninth ft. w ANTED?TWO DRESSMAKERS; ALSO ONE SEAM* stress, to work by lite week. Apply at 28 W est 37th at WANTED?A TIDY, STEADY OIRL, FIFTEEN OR sixteen years of age. as waiter and to assist in chamber work. Apply at 1U0 Franklin street, betwetai 9 and It) o'clock A. M. W ANTED?IN AN AMERICAN FAMILY OF TWO PER sons and one child, a respectable young woman, who ta a good sewer, to work or. vests and assist in doing the house work, (no washing), and willing to go to East Brooklyn; wages. 85 per month. Address T. U., Herald otlice, or apply to Thos. (Isyton, ft) John st., seeond tloor. for two days, between 12 and 1 o'clock. WANTED?A OIRL, WHO THOROUGHLY L'NDER stnnds housework, lo go a short distance tit the country. Eight dollars a month will be paid to a girl who can come well recommit tided. Also wanted, a small girl, to take care of children. Address A. B., Herald ofllce. WANTED?GOOD OPERATORS ON GROVKR. BAKER A Co.'s and Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machines; also, first rate coat nnd vest hands. Apply to Datum, Uilinour A Co., <05 Broadway. N. Y. ?WANTED?A GOOD TEMPERED OIRL, ABOUT 15 OR T Y 16 years of age. to lake care of children, and lie aide t?? do plain sewing; a Protestant preferred; wages >1 a month. Apply at 35 King St., near Varies. WANTED?100 GIRLS AND BOYS, FOR STRIPPING tobacco. Apply at the New York Tobacco Works, 326 Grccnwlchst. "11* ANTED?A "WlOD PLAIN COOK, WASHER AND IT troner, in a small family. Apply at 286 Pat onta place, n!?<o e Jersey avenue,Jersey City. w ANTED-A NEAT, TIDY GIRL. TO DO THE HOUSE* V? work of a small family; must be a good washer and ironcr. Apply in the stops 432 8th avenue. WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL. TO TAKE ('ARB of children; she must be tidy, cheerful aud intelligent, and willing to go in the country during the summer. Apply at 63 East 17tn St. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO THE GENERAL HOUSE work of a small family; must lie a good washer and iron cr, and understand plaltt cooking; Scotch or German pre ferred. Call at 32 Poplar St., near Hicks, Brooklyn. WANTED?AT 04 WEST S1ST ST., A MIDDLE AGED woman; must be a good washer and ironer and a good plain rook. Best city recommendation required. None but a Protestant need apply, between the hours of 9 and 1. WANTED?A GOOD SEAMSTRESS. WHO UNDER stalitis dressmaking and taking care of children. Must come well recommended. Apply at 125 Bust 13th st., between yd and 3d avenues. Preference will bo given to a French person. Wanted?a young lady, of good address, to attend a first oluss bakery. Good reference required. Apply at 236 8th av. WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO DO GEN KRAI* housework, to go a tew miles up the. North river. Apply at 109 West 11th St.. near 6lh avenue, this day, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. WANTF.D-A GERMAN GIRD, A GOOD COOK, WASH* Vl er and ironer. Apply at 177 East 21st st. WANTED?A NEAT, TIDY GIRL. TO TAKECAREOF ait iufattt. three months old;one who will go tn the country part of the summer may find a pleasant situation, by calling at 121) East 18'h st. ANTED?AN INTELLIGENT GIRL. ABOUT FOUR leeu years of age, lo atteud In a confectionery store; on? from the country prelerred; goes I home and permanent situa tion. Address It. L., box fit) Herald office, fur one week. WANTHD-A CLERK IN A LAW OFFICE; ONE WHO intends to study the law preferred. Addrem O., Herald. office. WANTED?IN THIS CITY, AND IN EVERY TOWN" ' In Ihe Called states, agents to sell a new article. J. CALVIN JONES, office of the Free State Advocate, 13b Nas sau at., N. Y. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN, WHO HAS EXPERIENCE tn the hosiery and fancy goods business. One having good recommendations, aud of undoubted character. Also, a smart, Intcllig' ut boy. Apply to F. E. Smith, 727 Broadway. ANTED?A YOUNG MAN. WHO UNDERSTANDS the care and management of horses, and who ta willing lo make himself generally useful. Inquire, between It) and 12 o'clock, at 83 Gold street, oorner of Spruce. WANTED?A STEADY MAN, MARRIED OR SINGLE, with good city reference, to aUeml a liquor store. Ap ply to P. Cull', corner of 25th st. and 8th ave., for two I tys. W ANTED-AN HOTEL CLERK, A STEADY, INTKLLI geut middle aged man. Apply to, or address Robert L. Buckltn, Getty House, Yonkers. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN. 18 TO 20 YEARS OF age. as clerk tn abot44. Apply between II and 12 o'clock at the Bancroft House, corner of AAh st. and Itroadvvay. rANTED?TWO YOUNG MEN, ONE TO ASSIST IN a liquor store; the other to attend to the tea business; irt'ist perfectly tmdsrstand it; no other need apply, inqiilro of ?'. Hsydun. No. 3 Centre market place. rANTED? A YOUNG MAN, COMPETENT TO INTRO dtice to manufacturers, mechanics, merchants, drtig flsts, Ac., a valuable work, Just published by D. Applrton Jfc '<). To a roiupeleut man a liberal engagement will be otlernd. Apply to J. Jf. Ford, No. 9 Appletos s Building, 346 ami 348 Broadway. WANTED-ONE OR TWO MEN, TO ENG AGE IN A light business. Also wanted one tnau to travel with Ihe advertiser on salary. Men from the comHry preferred. A entail capital required. Apply at No. 50 Ann St., third tloor. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN. OF GOOD ADDRESS AND genteel appearance, who ha* Ita I some experience irx the retail line, about eighteen years of age Wage* low at lirsl. Address X. A., Herald OUloe, with real nam 1 and un doubted references. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?AT J. M HOLDER'S NAVY market, a smart, active young man, a hu'eber and a good salesman. N. It.?None other titan the above ting I apply. An Englishman preferred. Apply at J M Holder'* Navv market, in York at. corner ot t harlea, Brooklyn. WANTED?A FIRST RATE CARPET HAl.ESM IN. Nouc but those alio are well ac ( tainted with the busi ness need npply. Inquire of l'erkln* A Brother, 432 I'ear) at. ?tlTANTED?TWO COLORED BOYS, NOT OVER 1? II years old, to wait In a saloon and g trdeti In the evening* is*l \\ ;m* ? w,11 lie paid. Apply a. 21s and Mj Bljeeker - w w w