Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1856 Page 5
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Mwm yesterday,, which wna deemed ?atisJUctory. Bir ?Mi k Hodges u-c the builders. 70 THE KDITOH OK TUB UKKALD. Nrw York Hospital, Juse 27, I860. TMnotice in your yesterday's paper of Alexander Vu? Mte, a dagucrreotypist, of 423 Broadway, who committed ?trickle, being brought to the New York Hospital, and atM in to day's paper of his deatlt in our institution, and Km Coroner's inquest upc>n the body here, is entirely in ;t. His friends had inado application for his ad to the hospital sixteen or eighteen hours alter he m the poison, at which time I saw him, when he eomatoee, a?d his recovery appeared very doubtful, tied the next day (26th) at his home, 423 Broadway, the Inquest was held, I suppose, and not in the York Hospital. Please make this correction in your ?Mlissue. O. 0. SMITH, M D., Resident Ifeysician New York Hospital. RcOpenlng of the Bowery The?tre. j Pursuant to Invitation, a number of gentlemen assem t>tod at the Bowery theatre lost evening, to witness the rihaoge that has been effected in its appeunance by Ma Mger John Brougham, who opens, for Urn first time, this mhd, on Monday er7eningnext. The work of renovation was commenced some ten days alaoe, and certainly a most marvellous change has been wrought in that time. The interior of tho building bad a illy stale, musty and dingy look, and the cleaners i Incredible quantities of dirt all over the building. 1 broken down benches have been taken away, and sub ntaal seats lave replaced thorn; the old covermga to the b, also, are changed, and the whole interior presents * light and airy appearance, in marked contrast to what it wan two weeks ago. The seats are covered withrei plush ?Bd the pillars and front of tho boxes and tiersare point ed white, with gold colored tracery. The chandeliers are mw, as are also the mouldings and principal decorations. A new and very handsome drop curtain, representing a ?rent view of Niajara Fails, painted by Herer, has also Inb added to tho theatre. Between three and four thousand dollars lias been spent already in repairs. After the guests had noted the improvements in the theatre they wcro invited on tho stage, to partake of a col At the uiDle/specchos were made, and felicita exchanged between Manager Brougham and his lbs painters, cleaners and decorators, and other em ployes ol tho theatre were next entertained, after which the guests took their departure. On Monday evening tlio theutro will be formally opened, when "Macbeth" will be played, and tbe public will have an opportunity of seeing how handsome the Old Bowery looks. There is a line held open in this city for the inauguration of a people's theatre, where effective and stirring dramas, melo dramas and spectacles would bo played, uud there is no question but that the present site ?f the Bowery is just the pluco to try such an experiment. It iB accessible to the eu.t side of tho city, to Williamsburg and Brooklyn, and the opening of Canal street will also M in its favor. Under a manager of tact and judgment the Oid Bowery would agiilu become fragrant with the ?mcli el'peanuts and rcsouaut with tho roar of "b'boys." A Qukkr Tukstrkjai. Efmodi.?At Niblo's Garden, last ?ventog, there was given a benefit t< a lady who is higb ff esteemed by all who have the pleasure to know her, and who has, as the proprietress of a hotel in times put exceedingly popular with actors and actresses, done many kind things for the members of the dramatic pro fcseion. No needy actor over called upon her in vain, ?ad she has acted tLo part of a good Samaritan when the ?terry laugh of poor Yorick was changed to the groan of ?dferiug--whcn Othello found his occupation really gone, or When Macbeth ascerta nod that it was difficult to provide tor this bank und shoal of time, to say nothing of the life to come. Well, misfortunes camo in battalions upon this feed tody's head, and some who knew of hor good deeds teeetood to give her ?id by a night's performance, tor name not to be mentioned, and the corapli toeat&ry gas, now quito played out, not to bo used. II came ofl lost night at Niblo's, and was quite successful, lb. Burton, Mr. G. Jordan, Mr. C. Fisher, Miss G. Ray ?eend, Miss Rosalie Dur&nd and many more good and true ?en and women gave their services, and they have their ?award. But there is an absurd episode in the nfiair, which deserves mention. Some thero were?and artists, too, they are considered?who at first volunteered for the hewcflt, but declined to act because their names were not pit in the bills in as largo letters as that of Mr. Burton tbey were like Mr. Crummies'leading tragedian. "Do you ?eelhatman, cirf" inquired tbc manager. "Yes,"said Ni cholas. "What do you think he is doing?" "Reading the hill, I should suppose." "Nothing of the sort, sir tbmt man is my leading actor. He has got a straw, and he Is measuring the lines on the bill. If anybody else' ?um is in bigger letters than his he'll throw up his en pagemcnt." We think that the matter is a very important one, and some way should be fcund to settle such things in future *o proper gauge to take would be to have each actor weighed, and the size or type should vary according to the ?amber of pounds, averdupols, which the artist footed As an example, take Burton and Walcott. Burton weighs three times as much as Walcott?so Burton's ?nine should be in three times as large type. Wo com mend this suggestion to the managers, and in the mean tone wc ?re glad the affair at Niblo's turned out woll, and totak that thoso w bo measured the bills with the straws WlO yet be heartily ashamed of their foolish jealousies. Naval Intelligence. The United States sloop-of-war John Adams, Comman Bcutwell, arrived at San Francisco on the 21st uJt., ?Tier a passage of eighteen days from Honolulu. The Case of the Brig Hroman. UNITED STATES COMMISSIONER'S COURT. Before Goo. W. Morton, Esq. The examination in this case was to have been resumed yesterday, at 11 A. M. As Mr. Benodict, tho counsel, was engaged in an important criminal case, it was adjourned to Monday, at 11 o'clock. J Supreme Court, Before Hon. Judge Whiting. Dana ctal. vs. Valentine.?Injunction dismissed: co--ts toabWe.the event. Jandus vs. San lerson ? Order of arrest discu arged, tlie proof ofiraud being insufficient to maintain the order. hontdcll vs. Koctie, et al.?Report or referee sot asido ?Oder tho plaintill's oonsenl to .induct the amount reported due, $K(tO, with interest, which, if done, ro|>oit tor the balanco to stand confirmed. Tno order to bo dwacn by the counsel pursuant to tho decision Van Scna.k vs. Seymour?Judgment for the defendant en the demurrer,with leave to plaintiff to answer within twenty days on payment of the costs or the demurrer. Pendleton vs. low and others ?Judgment for tno plain tiff on the demurrer of the defendant Low, with leave to the defendant to answer within twenty days on payment of the costs of the demurrer. In re I'etitiou of Alexander Redmond.?In regard to lha case tho Court expressed very grave doubts whether the relief prayed for on this petition ought to be gruuted In the form of application. Strictly, a suit should have beta brougb^and a decrco should haye been ma le there to ordering the conveyance of tho real estato mentioned to the petition. As it is couQ?dedf .fcwqycr, by all par Uea that tho trusts in tho deod are ail void uuuer lud ?tatute, and that the trustee took no titles under tho deed, and as tho infant has been fully represented in tho pro ceedings before the referee, an order may bo entered au thorizing the trustees to re convev tho property to her grantor. That tho trustees be discharged from tbo por fcrmance of the trusts; and, inasmuch as nothing bag erer been done under the deed In the performance of tho trust, no charges are to be allowed. The costs paid by the petitioner. Tho guardian, cet litem, must bo allowed bis costs. As the estate is small, they must bo toto than his services. ?topenachcld'o Summer Style of Drab Beaver and easstmeres, was no sooner out than It took the lead. (Jom paga these rich, light and highly finished hats with those sold toelve per cent higher In Broadway. It will bo found a hand am, better and finer article. E8PENSCIIEIP, 118 Nassau street. Wbite'a Stock of Summer Hate was Pretty well cleaned out yesterday, but he has filled up again with a new sad fresh stock of lilac cassiraeres, beavers and straw hata, and la all ready for the great rush which he Is sure to nave. Remember his stores, 210 Broadway, corner of Kulton ?treat, and 148 Fulton street. Lampratypca-The New Style Sun Portrait* are aow all the go. Nobody thinks of getllug daguerreotypes aay more, as the lampratypc is more true, lasting, and 100 per cent ahead of all daguerreotypes. Depot, 289 Broadway. Ftonos, Melodeons and Harmoniums at WATERS', No. 338 Broadway, from eight different manufac tories, making the largest assortment in the olty, besides a targe number of second hand pianos, with and without the asollan, and will be sold at prices that defy competition. ?taa?a for rent, and rent allowed on pureham. For sale on monthly payments. Music at reduced prices, The Horace Waters pianos, saya tho New York Evangelist, are known as best. Wo are enabled .5 speak of these " to??il!i.?? !Tr ??. ^agree <>f confidence, from pergonal knowledge of thatr excellent tone iwd durable quality. Church, At Home and Visiting Cards, En wwoptfl, Ac., in the latestfityle;nilv?r door plates?extra hoavv SHfSlinitM* too ?trD1,"' ore,,u- cyphers, Ac., on stoue. MVKHDKLL, 302 Broadway, corner buaue afreet, established Mummer Stock?Our lairge and Eltraut Work of summer clothing Is now ready and for sale. euThron many specadtie* and atylea U. be found nowhere elsw jmlng altogether the largest stock of fashionable anil ded bleaummer clothing we have ever got un. at very moderate 4 toed prices. D. DEVLIN A CO 268, 269 and 260 Broadway, corner of Warren at Notice to Firemen?Price* at which a Fire ?oatand pants can be had at SMITH BROTHERS', 122 and M0 Fulton afreet ?Drab felt beaver coat and pants, il3 drab UJiot, eont aoJ pants, 816; drab kersey beaver, cost and joints 918: blue fell beaver, coat and punts, 813; Mm, pilot, coat and pants. 813 lo 816; blue beaver, coat aad punts, f it tn i|H Aamplra of our Wylts can be seen at our warorooms 122 and 240 FoKon street. Evens' Extensive Clothing Warehouse, No*. 88 and th h uitnn street.?Thin summer suits, 88, black alpaca suits, tfi; wMte duck sulls, Jfi, zephyr casstmere hiiIis 8lb bite duck coats, 82 SO; white Mai tellies vests, 82, white drilling ants, 82, alpara coats ?a "in, -in. fcrowo linen ponta, 76c. white duck coats,. - w, umw mi en,':- nnn, wnucdruiing pants, 82; alpara coats, trliumed with silk and velvet. 82 siP firnain lliuui unnfa 7Si* *??352 Sffi-. ?' I would not change my faith in them nA. all ihrt worUl b?*?Mfo? , , | T was thus, Willi an enthusiast s vote , The young Orlando cried. You think he spoke of ladles fair, Whom he'd been toyuitf wUjh uiU^pohe. sir, of iW Udlors rare. The matchless Brothers bmith. ^ocrbS5SS^,,^?l?lB Compare the* gods with other goods And at the ditferencc smile. ,as wsa'sKv JR. '**c^ York. Head the t?r^?-JlT Ac.,*2to*IO. sum to ?l?;busmesB coats, of cloth, cass j dusters, iner<^al?,of duck, Marseilles, ?J5cj," $ A merlcan .lo., tiXttZZZXtt&sjg-- ?"J&?Z2Xi Ku? USo To^r'Boy^clcthtug, burnishing gotxls, Ac., equally low. ? BOUNDY'8; they are indispensapu.. top?rUu,..-R?sy ?"!l ffirPlSs ot!' "lO llrJl??. ??' """' Evan.' WarchouK Noa. 66 and 66 Fulton street:? j3 00 Thin summer suits ? 00 Black alpaca suits }K I White duck suits? .. 10 (X) Zephyr cassluiero sutls 2 SO 1 White duck coats.... 2 00 White Marseilles vests 2 00 Alpaca'coaufu-humcd with siik and Velvet........ ? ? ? ? ? ?; * ? j Brown linen pants i 267 Broadway, near attention to their uuanualled Hall, New Vork, respectfully oiulaioniioi .jt ^ Bt>1c, I assortment ol paper deco .i , parlors, halls, dining j gg^j&wuEB be fully appreciated. Tnoir w nract?r la Indicated by the a memter of ?}? ?Wg*1>* ever given tor ^"^S^fcWwii'Sa,K.'3! ly With their appearance In Vm ?? ? JKS? K'S^SSS Bargains In Carpetlngk?Smltlk & l.OU NBBURY, 450 VcR of IcVothw'.vT.TxU .?11 ferine their large rt~Ju?t?*Xet clrpets, as low as 1 is. per *SJ ^a^^Jsss^^ as low as*s. per yard; and all other goods equally low. Window SUatlm and Paper Hanging*, Gilt iViaao? Vtnmiii tassel loop9? Ittct and cornices, bands, ptos, bra 1 blte and butt" hol muslin curtains, Uble and hoot onei^ j}roWJj.S 201 Green lands, wholesale and retail, at W.w. r,. a"" wlch street. iro^^e*Vu-a^*sega^,^^?^di^ed^^^Ut<mBaud^ney i frpnh state, byfh.vlll4r all RindB of frutta and vcgeU Full directions for preserving, an auarts, i'2 50 per do^en; hies accompany the cans. J^,c^(lr)Ay po?t or otherwise, half gallons, JJ 50. N. B.?A" or j e t of th(1 clt,. S:?HiP<^lynUV WKt-i^* PRU^O* Proprietors, Mo. 32l , Bearl street, near Frankhn square. I i nsxrt bwlnf MacUnn^Ons Thousand dlngt* ? sw^s ? fUiee rnlngao)fag0odopera ! loflw* ? T?ftf * r improved nlffh speeded ina- i u?r, with one of HtMi-t s ?"'** iiJlnes and other prolitable ?Lines The season f< r I''1'11* m.^lme ? buy themachine. i ?ork .^'^be either for use 1 hi o! in Wri^nsnufacturing establishment n private fhrolhes or ,n ?? ? (ht,r tind, can be proved by | ire vastly ?uPel2?'^ aid is bevond dispute. New machines konsandswhousethem.andlsbcy P lu,,1R.i liberal sachanged lor old ??dMW8e1rNOKB 5 CO., 323 Broadway. | rsVi^-tftSSaJSSsSSaS tockfa?nde cross'iiar^. Depot, llS Pear! street, one door below Maiden lane. I BatehelorsHalr By*, are superior to ^ ^w^arcr natural elegance anSlurabUity. Kfect comfort to the weMer, hgir dye m appUed-in ?-ulvTpriva^ms, a" ^ATCliKLOK a. Z& brcaiway. | jvr?ivfd In the Purchase of the Wioui ?n?. ?n MBp"r7f"" p.ltMi'^nC wh.fa 2JSSKW^s?fesf,SS7J#SS5f any kind of fruit or veg , answer the purpose. S gTnX.?c?ypt^o.eM hi cast letter, on the cap. "SPWELL8 APr'oVQST, Proprietors, No. 321 Pearl street Preuarcd to Meet ApproacWng Disease-? The fervent ^^ j^t>ID^ir^^0J^lgelj)reY'iSent.U%lmse' at ^?^^s^dBffiSSJSSSSiS iheir approach. There Is gene y auJ diatcuslon may heavincKS and obstruction, a k r)n)ach The secretions also be felt at the up w ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ol'lhe bowels will probably ue Beau y t digest. Above Cense to put iuto the ?tomn lhuB rPniuve the cause ol" all, purge out the bM humors, ^ ^ wm remove all disease. A'^^T^oaYeiiieiice. Inattention tothissmiple 'ussssws KS""SS ISSi?"???" ? pain must be endured. Man's body Is, of all things in roul buraJrB?wlUrouder the blood Bold and P.erf?^ P "' rCBidlng in Pcekskill was Cases R??>t.-A genttow attack would last troubled wiih vloleutpaln ; useij various remedies, but for two ori5lS?him-he was recommended to use Brandrcth s ???c bC1."; ,Vu . b,l?A ,,f .we at night on going to bed. He was one bcuehttcd him, ne w?.- - t0 bcd !le w.;g ,111s, and took a dose, of hve ?'?aU,,^ ou me this after niircly cured by th.^? ?>ne h) ^ rRlurn of h|B oilUction, but SS3S7SSKSS'?ssS335 w >f three boxes. nffiicted with abscess of the A. gentleman for j ? . nhvmcians to die. Ah a In^t Iver, and was given u... by ^.^^SSding to the printed ?esource, Brandt eihspil ^ m,e,,n pills at a single dose. Sn h8jx^rol/'"???'rrl I"- and heavy adhcUon, restoring bun to perfect health. New Yosk, June 7. woo. Oorl0e, 43 Canal street, - ibr by M- ,? No., us Sixth street, Medicine venders in the Union, phia; and by al drugglMs and Bran.lreih's pills, wRhCNo? 2? Broi^way on So sltle label, are counterfeit. Emit #nd "West, during tlie Late War In Europe, the surgeons of the allied armies found 'he greatest benefit from ihe uso of the cordial bitters of M. Leroux, parti cularly amongst cholera and fever patients. During the preva lence of the yellow fever at Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va., im mense good w?a effected by these same bitters, which are invaluable In ail such cases, as well as in curing indigestion and bilious attacks. These bitters may be obtained, wholesale and retail, of the importer, S. HTKINKELD, 70 Nassau street, N. Y ? t <)T sale by all the respectable furs, grocers and drug gists. Hollow ay's Pills The Functional Derange ments imlldeut to females ar^eniircly prevented by a resort to these pills, at the periods when they usually occur. They have a most happy effect on all complaints peculiar to the sex. Hold at the manufactories, no Maiden lone, New York, and 244 Strand, London; and by ail druggists, at 25c , C2>tC- and 61 per box. a It Never wan Known to Fall." LYON'S magnetic powder speedily kills Knar-hen, mosquito's, ante and flies, Aud his pills for rata and mice Need but a trial to prove them nice. Try it?buy it. Price 25 cents per tlask or box. Buy none from pedlars; beware of counterfeiters, and look for E. Lyon's signature on the wrapper. Depots, 424 Broadway, and No. 0 South Eighth street, Philadelphia. Married. Oil Monday, May 6, by the Kcv. Charles Shelley, Wil liam L. Grien to Cornelia M. Yale, only daughter oi J. M. Pinkncy, Ebq., all of this city. On Wednesday evening, June 25, by the Rev. Joseph McKee, Mr. William T. WiLirre, of Brooklyn, to Miss Ki BKCCA C'ALLXNDBH, Of this city. On Thursday. Juno 20, at St. John's church, Clifton, Stateu Island, l>y tlie Rev. Samuel Cooke, of this city, Chavncet i lark to Carrie M., eldest daughter of Frede rick flooded. Esq., ofStaten Island. On Thursday, June 20, at Villa Monte Christo, Clifton, Slaten Island, by the Rev. Samusl Cooke, of ttiis city, J. Henry Goodeli to Miss Annie E., daughter of Edmund B. MiXbSll, Esq., of Boston, Pa. Died. On Friday morning June 27, after a lingering Illness, which ho bore with Christian resignation, Edward Burk, In tlie 48th year of his age. The friends and acquaintances are respectfu ly invited to attend the Itinera), this afternoon, at one o'clock, from his late residence, No. 813 Delaucey street, without fur ther notice. On Saturday, June 28, Mrs. Catherine Smith, in the 4?th year of her ago. Her friends and relatives are requested to attend the fu neral, from her late residence, No. 26 Vaudowater Rtroot, this afternoon, at two o'clock. After a severe illness, Mktmel Urffsman, of Liscarroll, couuty Cork, Ireland, aged 21 years. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully invitod to atteDd tho fUucral, this afternoon, at two o clock, from his lato residence, No. 171 Elisabeth street. On Saturday, June 28, Cokmack MoKkon, son of tho lato Cornelius and Jano Mciveon. The friends and acquaintances of tlie family, and those of his brother in Law, John Kelly, aro respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this ufteruoon, at two o'clock, from his mother'! residence, No. 291 East Eleventh street. In Brooklyn, on Friday, .Jnne 27, Adkii.v* Matiij-a, on'y child of Isauc anil Colherino H. Halsteud, aged 4 inomlw ami 14 days. The friends and relatives of the familv, and those of her grandfather, John Cot, are respectfully avited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at half pa?t ona o'clock, from No. 279 Cold street, between Myrtlo avcutte aud Wiliough by street pn Friday evening, Juno 27, after a short but sovere nines* t NiTUAvie., only acn cf John and EIua Frodell, aged 10 months and 22 days. The relative* and friends Are respectfully invited to At tend the funeral, from the WHMm>0> at li? father, No. 33d Hicks street Htooklyn, thia morning, At half pa-u. nine ?'?lock. 8ai< in and Albany papers plcaso copy. On Saturday, June '38, Clara Vam N'kmh, daughter of Cornelius and Anna Van Ness, aged 9 mouths and 38 days The friends and relatives are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, to morrow morning, at ten o'clock, from the residence of her parents, No. 93 North Third street, Williamsburg. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY PAY. PERSONAL. A WIDOW, UNABLE TO SUPPORT HER INFANT, 18 desirous of having some good .Samaritan adopt it fhe child is a handsome, interesting girl, live months old. Please call at 190 Prince at., where her mother :a now employed. a DOPTION.?A MOTHER, DEPENDANT UPON EM J\ ployuient for her living, desires to have her infant adopt ed by soinn lady who will take care of it as her own. It Is a fine healthy girl, six weeks old. Address Mrs. N. A., Herald office. AB. INITIO.?YOUR LETTER WAS RECEIVED. YOU can communicate confidentially at my otllce, on .Monday morning, at U o'clock, or at any other place you may de signate. CASE OP DROWNING.?A YOUNG MAN, NAMED Edward J. Hardy, reluming from the regatta at llaricm with his friends, was drowned In consequence of their boat being swamped by the surf from a passing steamer, near the foot of Sixty first street, East river. Ha was about 3d years of age, 5 feet 4 inches high, dark complexion; hail on a cotton cheek shirt, brown Kentucky jean pants and heavy boots; his initials, " K. J. H., Live Oak, 41," were inscribed on his arm. and Mar* on his neek. Any person finding his body will please give notice at 92 Houston street, to James Garry. IF ANY RELATIVE OP A. D. GOVE WILL LEAVE their address tor H. II , Herald olllce, they wdl learn some thltig to their ad vantage. ' INFORMATION WANTED?OP ELLEN CORCORAN, wife of Patrick Corcoran, of Btrokestown, county Roscom mon, Ireland, who arrived In New York, In ship Robert Kel lelt, in April l?M Address Patrick Igo, Savannah, Oa, or A. T. C., Herald otllce. Fort Wayne, Indiana, papers plcaso copy. Left her home-on sunday. ist op June, Jo hanna Brasll; had on a brown calico dress and a green gingham apron; hair close cut; tigalvo years old. Any lull tr unnion of lier wiU be thankfully received by Mr. TONER, 70 Bayard street. DKRICO I.IZY 18 IN THE CITY. COME SOON. Robert moran. esq . will find a letter in 'he New York Post cilice, to which an answer Is re quested. SHOULD THIS MEET THE EYE 0* MR. GEORGE Meek, he is requested to communicate with his friends at Bath, England, or at Geneva, HwlUerland. gpKCIAL NOTICEg> American coterie.?the members of the shove are requested to attend the monthly meeting to be held at the Crystal, 228 Grand street, on Wednesday evening, J uly 2, at b o'clock, to elect officers for the ensuing year. W. HANSON GWYN, President. Theo. Peu. Wheeler, Secretary. AB. AND C. GO TO STRYKER'3 BAY TO DAY, BY . steamer Laura Knapp. See advertisement. FA. M.?THE MEMBERS OF STAR OP BETHLEHEM . lodge,323, F. A. M., are hereby notified to meet at the lodge room, coi ner of Court and Joralemon streets, Brook lyn, on Sunday, June 29, at one o'clock, for the purpose of attending the 'funeral of our deceased brother, John Ward. The members of sister lodges are respectfully invited to unite with us. ARTHUR UOYOE, W. M. A. C. Pace, Secretary. VTOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.?WATER C0MMIS8I0N _LN er's office. Jersey City, June 27, 1866.?Sealed proposals will be received at this office, corner ol' Washington and Mer cer streets, Jersey City, until Friday, July 11, at 5 o'clock, P. M., for the materials for, and the work of constructing about 5,000 l'eet of main sewer in Wayne street. Railroad avenue, Newark avcuue and South Seventh street; and also about 9,900 feet of lateral,, firs connecting therewith, in the streets ad jacent; toger?rc *ith the accessary culverts and receiving basins, llushli-leart!es a"d temporary canal, according to the general plan oue ajuvige. Plans and specifications may be seen at the EnguV office *""* ' ie o \l l after this date. G. H. BAILEY, Engineer. NOTICE.-TO WUK PUBLIC.?THE CLOCK IN SPER ry's Building, No. 338 Broadway, will be stopped for a lew days, to enable us to substitute one of greater dimensions and superior finish, that we^liave just completed.. Wo expect to have the new one in operation at the end oj the week, wfieu wc invite our friends and the public to call and examine It. IX. 8PERRY & CO. OU. A.?AN ADJOURNED SESSION OP THE ? Chancery will be held at American IlaU, No. 207 Bowery, on Monday evening, Junc 30, at 8 o'clock. P. C. WAGNER, G. 8. H. 8. Ba.vckeh, G. C. of the C. OFFICE RECEIVER OF TAXES, NO. 32 CHAMBERS street, (new Court House,) New York, J une 28, 1856.? Public notice.?To avoid the risks that must iuevilably occur from the crowd of tax payers who put oil' to the latest day the payment of their taxes, I have determined to adopt the follow itig rule, which will be rigidly adhered to during my term of office:?I shall receive no money after 2 o'clock P. M. Every officer in this Department is strictly prohibited from receiving envelopes containing money or checks for the payment of taxes. By order, 1IENRY II. HOWARD, Receiver. ' THE CORNER STONE OF THE SUMMERFIELD ME thodist Episcopal church, at the corner of Washington and Green avenues, Brooklyn, will be laid, with appropriate services, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock P.M., (or, if it should storm, on the next fair day). Bishop Junes, Kcv. Abel Ste vens and Rev. Dr. Foster are expected to perform thosorvices. UNITED STATES NAVY.?AT A MEETING OF SEA men, held on thokSth June, at the Shskspere Iloml, pre paratory to calling a meeting at said hotel on Thursday, the 2d July, for (be purpose of petitioning Congress for the pas rage ul a bill grunting extra pay to those officers, seamen aud murines who served in the Uulf of Mexico during the Mexlcau war, It was unanimously Resolved, That we hereby invite the co operation of the ortl cers who commanded us in the Gulf of Mexico, aud all others interested, to be present at said meeting. PHILIP J. DAWNEY, Chairman. Aloneo Gotiekez, Secretary. THE LECTURE SEASON. A LECTURE WILL BE GIVEN BY PROFESSOR J. R. White, at Knickerbocker Ilall, corner of Twenty third street and Eighth avenue. Subject?" Human Nature and Universal Republic." To commence at 8 o'clock In the eve ning. Tickets 12)a cents each. POLITICAL. ATI ST WARD-BUCHANAN AND BRECK EN RIDGE Club.?A meeting of this club was hold In Washington Hull, Thirty-third street, between First and Second avenues, on Friday evening last, for the purpose of completing the organization. Mr. John K. Feeney occupied the chair, Mr. J. <'rowly was chosen Vice President, Mr. Charles Fitzgerald was elected Treasurer, and Mr. W. I). Lucy and Mr. Michael Hlgney acted as Secretaries. The nature of the meeting being explained about three hundted persons enrolled their names as members of the club. Mr. W-. H. Woods and Jolm Julein presented, a roll containing about a hundred names, aud moved that they be accepted as members. Mr. Woods stated l list those persons intended forming a Buchanan Club them selves; but having seen the call of the meeting, they deter mined to unite with them. The announcement was received v, ith hearty cheers for Buchanan and Breckenridgc. A com mittee wus appointed to draft a code of laws to govern the elitl>, to be presented at the next meeting, to be held at the same place, on Tin sday evening, July 1, 1856. Headquarters, joi Nassau street, next to Herald office.?Political notice.?The friends of Fillmore, Buchanan, Fremont and Stockton are requested to meet at the ubovc place, lor the purpose of arranging the banners for the coming contest. JAMES ACKEK.M AN, President. Edwakd A. Miller, Treasurer. Young MEN'S democratic union club?the Annual meeting and election of the Club will bo bold on Monday evening, Jnue 30, IrtSd, at trio Mercer House, foils open from b till B o'clock. 8PBNC1R W. CONK, President. D. J. Chain, fieervturv. QUHTAVU8 BACH, i 1IKNKY GAINES, J Inspectors of Election. GEORGE PEARSON, ) THE TURK. Union" course, l. i ?trotting-on Monday, June 90, at 3 o'clock, P. M., a match for $2,U0U, mile beats, best three in tive, tu harness. II. Woodruff mtrnes b. g. Jackl'ottcr. Win. Shute uames bl. g. Blue Morgan. ! S1IAW A WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING.?ON WKDNE8 day, July 2, at 3>i o'clock, P. M., a purse and stake for | Iti.UOO, mile beuts, best three in live, under saddles. J. I). Mo Mann names b. g. Gen. Scott. S. McLaughlin uames bl. g. I.ancet, (formerly Know Nothing.) D. rflffer names b. g. Chicago Juck. cars will leave the South ferry, Brooklyn, for the Course, at2'4 o'clock, and return us soon as the sport is over. Pure, to go and return, fifty cents. 8IIAW A WHITE, Proprietors. LITERATURE. Blackwood% kihnbukg magazine, for junk, and the North British Review, for the quarter ending July, are now ready. Price of each, $3 a year; tb for both; ilU 101 Blackwood and fuur British Reviews. LEONARD SCOTT A CO., Publishers, 64 Gobi street, corner of Fulton. REGATTAS. EOATTA.?A REGATTA WILL TAKE PLACE AT Point Breeze, SX miles from Jersey City ferry, York Kay, on Tuesday afternoon, July 1, at 1 o'clock, for a purse of Idly dollars, free for all boats under 30 feet. Entrance t5. Seven boats or no race. JOHN. H. Ml DMEK. OCULISTS AND AURISTS. Artificial eyes.?just received by steamer, a very Inrge supply from Paris; more than (WO, In plaids, to suit nil cases, at L. LEHOY'8 drug store, 771 Broadway, corner of Ninth street. w HOUSES, ROOMS. AC., WANTED. ANTED?A FIVE HORSE POWER HORIZONTAL second hand engine. Address Engine, Herald office. Dentistry ?w. Rai.rymplk, late associate of I)r. J. Pnrmly In ftie practice of dentistry, has, removed from No. 3 to 19 lioudstreet, New York. TOO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION. CI RAN I) CONCERT TO ME GIVEN AT THE CITY A8 I scatbly Rooms, by the friends of the late Jamas Shelton, Esq., assisted by Hhelton's American brass bund, on the even ing of Monday. Juno 30, the proceeds of which are to bo appro printed towards the erection of a monument In Greenwood t emi'ter* to his memory. The committee, feeling a desire to gralll v the public, a? well as to carry out the object nf the con cert, have made arrangements with the follow ing artists, who have willingly come forward and tendered their services, vo junlarlly, to the commlliee:?Mr. GcoituB BittsTow, Signer I,a Man MA, Mr. Fokiti., Mr. Heuti.eii and Mr. F. G. It la to be hoped that the public at large will sympathize with Mm committee In their endeavim to make the concert a lucra tive one, and that they will express It by a large attendance. Honrs ojieri at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence nt a o'clock. Price of admission, utt eeuls. Tickets to be had of the com mtttee, or at the door on the evening of tlio concert, CAPT. J. t . HBLME, Chairman. Grnnusi P. ft mice, HecreMry. H. CAJljPKNTIB, Treasurer. DB? GOODS, AC. $10,000 krO* AUCTION, worthe* V?j n u? "??*;?* -Good Plaid silk*. from 3s. tW. "o e? .irtfi f S" d?- k<?,, W;?U. *1.. iiu piece* do JJJJ'JK11? 300 crape *hawla, trom to to til. Theabove ST , Vsv w i^-morrow, and [?,? following -lay*. at &pro?He?"r ' J32 H?Yierj' nW,r "ood street/EG AN A fif)/) l,BR')^,I)wAY.?GENTLEMEN'S FASHIONABLE A SKAl'iiHii'i f Bazaar?Spring fashions for 1?M.?LEWIS eompSura.1" 01 pr'nted ?kUttog*. French bosoms, wltiout A 8H1U NEKS' SALE OF EMBROIDERIES? v.?,ii. . . , "B3 llkoanwav. ?Needle worked band*. Do- do. Collar*.

n2' j?" Collar* and sleeves, in set*. do. do. Cambric breakl'aat sets, iiiir.i. ?do' ? Handkerchief*, Ac., Ac. more of* J E ran? w*Ud NHmy minufucture, for which the feredSnMonmfl "?? ?oJU'dly celebrated, will be of bee to ?1^h ar uU'S ?? weck. *l ?"> cuortnous sacri lice, to cloa., Block. By order of Aaaignncs. '.at Broadway. A PARISIAN challiks, pure wool in now oder for6A%**UU?1 * ti8" 7"' *nd *'?> wu By order of Assignee*. 709 Broad way. ALh,.??yR CO''OREO ORGANDIE ROBES T1IAT toVwandto scU?kat!*W?aod $11. we now oiler for ' an 1 $b. By order oi Assignee*, 7u3 Broadway. \ LL OUR CHINA SUMMER SILKS, ~ ' iter for tiraMl^1 ,haver M"lntf atfl*., we now y order ot Assignees, 703 Broadway. A ''ALL OP THE LADIES' BEFORE LEAVING FOR price Cambric seta, a little soiled, at hall prlCe' I'KTKR ROBERTS A CO A'iliTt to ?9 m,d Mm ROBEK ?IAT HAVE BEEN SELL _CA Hit at to, $9 and $10, we now oiler for $t SO, $5 and $6 By order of Assignees, 703 Broadway. A LI* OL R MARSEILLES, TOILET LANCASTER ivn c4t,r;^err ftdSJSfoff this sto^."^' fu"y 25 per uuul By order of Assignee*, 703 Broadway. A ??"5&78U!Uf SSSf 3f asyasawi^ ?? &: L. Q. HOOK, No. .180 Bowery. Anew stock of French bareges. At 1*. (id. per yard. Beady jd Monday, June 30. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets. ALL OUR BARAQB ROBES THAT HAVE BEEN SET T nig at $13, $14 and $15, we now offer for $7, $8 and $9 By order of Assignees. 703 Broadway. ? A SUPERB ASSORTMENT OF EMBROIDERIES sett ing at a great reduction, conalatlng of French emKerJd .hklr CaPPrt' co|l??. handkerchief", Ac Swissan 1 soi.ln crape,'ifeaXffi0^ beauUful MILLER A GRANT, 371 Broadway. "BLACK SILK ~ " AJ a?D MOIRE ASTHPB Shawl shape a, , , MANTILLAS, At very low price*, to cltso the season, at the Mastilca Emporium, 3CI Broadway. GEO. BULPIN. 1 BAXE.Ke ne^de^^'^^e^^ serap^ath^price6"611 ato'1,0KKliKrelM I 25 Bleecker street, east of Broadway. "BEAUTIFUL BARAGIS, tVssUES, Ac , ~ Jen . , ,. At half price. Ch ntz colored barages lot. per vard worth 2* Cd By order of Assignees, 703 Broadway. Beautiful lawns, New Patterjs, Will bo opened on Monday, June 30.'?"'' n . A. T. STEWART A CO., "roAdway, Chambers and Reiule streets. "BREAKFAST DRESSES IN TRENCH JACONETS 10 rtMnyaarV<toto,tSe8dreSs? ** ea?b' WB 00 w 0,iBr at U?-! By urd'r of Awelgnees, 703 Broadway. ^L-8at$7Ato^d$Vv^owTofferTat,IAVE UEEN SEU" $4, $i and to. By order of Assignee*, 703 Broadway. "R'^JiTIFUL FRENCH MUSLINS, IN RICH COLORd "? "? - By order of Assignee*, 703 Broadway. XJARBHH, COIFFEURES, CAPS?IN BLACK THtit.Mii ...W^r7mjut!a?,u"rheap9' P?tot-d'aPP?flue and blonde, a PtiTJBH ROBERTS A CO., 375 Broadway. b .assss.???. 1 hTKIi KOHhK i 8 & CO., 375 Broadway. "DRUXELLES POINT, POINT D'APPLIQUE IIONITON fcnPfttp^ -d ,n Vu; cage*, af'owpjfS8' fe0C e^I c \iir i*PD t /t n i VrXr v!"iv;u "rtsoiiere 311J jL Eli A ft RANT, 371 Broadway. ILOS1SU OUT OP MANTILLAS, rue subrtcrit^r 8 Htock of Imported and own manufacture BTt,? 'T" If" ''urU'rr roo\>o?Jln'pJloo. m-'fcoVip^r \o'i;a;ia[^ lli,! wb"lu Btrl* Mantilla Empcrlnui. 3a1I Broadway C111EAP LINEN GOODS. - ?.. Vadl?" 8ro fhat the whole of our linen deunrt uient has been reduced full^ ?>? n?, ' depart 12-4 linen feheetinir .. ,.. , _ All Muen napkin* '' ''i8-od English longcloths ja' ,, , ? 10-4 tablecloth* ? ? ? dd Maraeiile*, i'Jt Brilliant*, j Swiss I At the same rate of prices. Cambrics, AO., ! By ?r?ler of Assiguee*, ,t)3 Broadway C1HEAP MOURNING GOODS? > Boml'.izine*, grenadiueH, Alpaca*, lustre*, Drape de Marat, Crape de Paris, M ttslins, jaconet*, barege* ti*suc* _ Crape*, Ac. nli.^mJITiui*er.ftt8n onormou* aaeriQce, in order to effectu ajiy close lid* stock. By order of Assignee*, 703 Broatlway /CORSETS, CORSETS, CORSETS AND SKIRTsZtTIB OAVvAn"i" "rK"',t """"rimenl in the eitv, at Mr* TeA7h *?ieeL and ,eUl11' 46 cThird "venue, ucar inn wii et, ami 3t'J slxlh avenue, near Seventeenth street. CLARK 8 SPOOL COTTON.? For its strength, MnuothneB* ar.d elaapsitv obtained a prize tnrdaJ at tlie great Parla exposition ofraw. All number* and fcaaortmenld received regularly, and for aulo by _ ^iORGE A. CLARK. 32 Ueyatrcot CLAKK.'B 8POOL COTTON'. D I 4RA1'HRY MUSLINS and LACE CURTAINS, XS k igiired Incc, by the yard, Ac., Ac., arc now offered at an Immense reduction, In order to close the stock. border of Assignees, 703 Broadway. DRY GOODS.?A FIRST RATH CHANCE FOR A AIAN of business to locate himself in a store, established 14 years; theaiuek anil lease for sale ami the store to rent. A tirst rate man wtil be treated with liberality. Apply to C. G. HOOK, Hn) Bowery, Dress goodr-dresh gcods.?still oreater reduction In prices. Lawns, l'rora Os. to Is. W., worth Is. to 3s.; cballies, from 6d. to as., well worth Is. tots.; Merrlmnc and other prints, of tho best quality. 9d. per yard. Other goods equally low. 0. G. HOOK, 380 Uowcry, T7NGL1HH MERINOS AND PARAMATTAS -IN ORDER lj 1q cigar out tuts stock as speedily as possible, 1 have mark en it down full 50 per cent below former BrieM. C. <?. HOOK, 380 Bowery. F OUBTII OF JULY MANTILLAS. Ready on and after Monday, June 30. (SOU BEAUTIFUL SHAWL SHAPES, Manufactured expressly for the 4lh July, of MOIRE ANTIQUE AND LACE, With rich trimmings, at FIVE DOLLARS EACH. LORD A TAYLOR, 255, 257, 25*J and 261 Grand street. And new numbers 47 and 49Catharine street. Linen hall, 332 bowery.-egan a co.?e. a 00. respectfully Invite the public In general to examine their stock of Irish linenr. Splendid shirting linen, from 2s. to 3s. 6d. per yard; linen sheeting, from 4s. to (1 per yard, damask table linens, from 3s. to 92 per yard; napkins CI 60 per dozen; also, a splendid assortment of all kinds of dry goods. We In vite equal attention to our large stock of silks. We ask but one price, and force no one to buy. We have no damaged goods or bankrupt stock; none of those humbugs. We have good fresh goods, and will warrant them as they are adver tised. Linen hall,ms bowery.-egan a co. will open to morrow and the following days two pieces of French . was. just received from auction. The above will be sold to c ear out the stock, at Is. and la. 6d. per yard; they were orl g nally sold at la. tid. and 2s. tkl. per yard. M ANTEAUZ DE VOYAGE; or, VUVILUIKl CLOAK. A full assortment Just received b; GEORGE A. HEARN, 426 Broadway. Mourning goods from auction, At half cost of Importation. 1 case black and white French organdies?12Wo , worth 31c. lease " " lawns 12VJc., worth 26o. 1 case " tissues and bareges.. .18y?c., worth 31c. Take Notice.?A superior quality of black Canton crape for dresses, at a very low price. Merchants supplied on the most liberal terms. W. JACKSON'S new mourning store, 561 Broadway, between Spring and Prtoce streets, MRS. RHODES WISHES TO INFORM THE LADIES that she still continues dressmaking in tho most insliionahle styles, and on tho most reasonable terms. An ladies that wish work done, by addressing a note to her an ? will call on them and take orders. Mra. Rhodes, (form'),?!> Mrs. Fomeroy), has had many yearA eiperionc; in dressmaking. 66 West Fifteenth street, one door west of SI <ili avenue. "PARIS EMBROIDERIES, J Rccaivin by tub Atuno, w I be opened on Monday, June 3)1. A. T. STEWART A (X)., Broadway, Chambers and Rcudo streets. CJ FECIAL NOTICE ? O COLUMBIAN HALL. I lie great sale of dry goods will commence at the above es tubllshment on Monday. .1 one 30. and will continue until thi 15th of August next. 1 bis presents a rare opportunity for ih) ladles of New York and vicinity of obialning BARGAINS IN' DRY GOODS, as the whole of this stock has been marked down fully 33U per MRt from regular prices. COLUMBIAN HALL, " 281 Grand aovoL R DRY GOODS, SC. It'll GUIPURE AND CUAMTIU V LACK MANTLES, TALMAS, At greatly reduce J price*. GEO. BULPIN, Paris Mantilla Emporium, Ml Broadway. SKELETON WII ALE BONK 8KIRTH. ? CRINOLINE. to corded, haircloth, whalebone, dimity, embroidered, and Marseilles ?kirts, for ladles and children. Embroidered basques, French woven corsets, bands, French collars and sleeves, iuccs, Ac. For sale at 70S Broadway. Travelling cloaks. JAMES A. 1IEARN, No. 776 Broadway, Above Ninth street. The richest and largest stock of genuine black thread, ClLANTIIXY AND UCII'CRE I.ACE8 EVEIt lMPOKTKD, (Received by the Arabia), Comprising Point and carre shawls, (With or without flounces,) Mantillas, fanchons, barbes, flounces, and Edgings, all widths, Ac., Ac., Ac. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Keade streets. MILUJIERV. disc. A CASE OF SUMMER French bonnets, .! >wt received At Mme. HARRIS A SON'S, 671 Broadway. CARPETUVGS A Nil UPHOLSTERY. CARPETS. A superior and extensive stock of English medallion velvets, Tapestry, Brussels, three.ply and ingrains, AT ASTONISHING LOW PRICE!!. Floor oilcloths, rugs, mats, piano and Table covers, window shades, Ac. II1RAM ANDERSON, 99 Bowery. T1IE CARPET TRADE. Tho immense stock of every description of carpets kept l>y the subscribers enables them (notwithstanding the recent large additional advance received per last steamer) to coutluuu to offer Superior English velvets St 37>j Superior English tapestry Brussels 1 Ou (Woven, not printed.) Superfine three ply 1 00 Superfine iugruln .. 76 Oilcloths, druggets, mats, Gowqua matting, tmadc expressly for our retail trade,) Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac. A. T STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Keade streets. FINANCIAL $999,500 Dm Jewelry, Diamonds, AO., On Msrcsakpisi, Kegahn, Ac. Pawmbhureks' Tickets Bought. JAMES B. MACDUFF, 396 Broadway. <fc7 ? K nnn T0 LOAN-ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES ? I Ot/.UUU and jewelry, or bought for cash, by JOS. E. ISAAC, 11 Chamber* street, basement office. Business prompt and confidential, from 9 till 6. N. B.?No business tr ansae led on Saturdays. $750 QQQ CASH ALWAVS ON HAND TO MAKB u/i vu.uuu advances. Diamonds, watchea,jewelry, silks, planes, carriages, AC., bought and sold at the Howard loan and estate agency office, 41 Howard, street. GEO. RAPHAEL, Manager. <!i?Q? nnn T0 LOAN ON DIAMONDS, PLATE vPUOcr.V/UU and personal property of all kind*, or bought for cash; bonds and mortgages negotiated, at 48s Broadway, corner of Broome street, or 439 Broome street, room No. b. &17 F\ nnn -CASH ADVANCES ON ALL KINDS qfO | u.UUU, of mercliau'lise, negotiable paper, stock, bonds and mortgages, diamonds, jewelry, segars, Ac., or bought for cash, at 86 Nassau street, room No. 1. Office hours from 9 A. M. till 5 O'clock P. M. J. H. BARRINGER. ?-inn nnn T? loan.-b. b. de barb advan IplU UiUUU ees moneo to merchants, auctioneers, me chanics and business persons, on all kinds of property, on reasonable terms, or bought for cash, at his premises, 06>? Bowery. N. B.?Business prompt and confidential. ffllfiO OOO ~??.ND.? AND MORTOAtlES for sale. ! f ?Vhm, i j ' Sixty thousand dollars of unexceptionable Hist bond* and mortgages in sums of from $pjo to <6,00i) for sale at a discount of 5 per oeut. *0,000, ior M. L. SHELDON, 85 Nassau street. ??1 3 0007T!1 L0A N, ON n?)ND AND MORTGAGE, . 1 ,r V ?f three or four different sums, on pitxluctive real estate in New York or Brooklyn, worth double amourit of loans. Apply to L. H. SCOTT, 27 Wall street. 01 A NJ,AM^NJ OFMONT5Y TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS. "fjT" P ft, ' Wf*'f Ites.^meiry, and all valuable personal seen rJwii,5^o or bought for cash. K. WOOD, 50 Fulton street, second floor, front room, 8 A. M. to 5 1'. M. EMIGRANT INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS BANK.?NEW AB York, June 30, 1866.?Dividend Notice.?Depositors are hereby notified that a semi-annual dividend, at the rate of six per cent per annum on all sums of 9000 and under, and fivo per cent per annum on ell sums of over $600, which shall have been deposited at leert three months on the 1st day of July Tni.ia?'# ''ft a1? a"d after Monday, July il Interest not called for vsfl be carried to the credit ordeposltors ft" principal. 1 he ban^ la open for busiuess daily from 10, A. M and from 9 to 7 P. M., at No. 51 ChambersStreet east of Broadway. JOSEPH STUART BresldeuL John Manning, Comptroller. esiuenu JUNE 27 1866.?MANHATTAN SAVINGS INRTITU oti# \ Broadway. Dividend. The trustees of this In stitution have ordered a semi-annual dividend to be paid on all deposits entitled thereto, at the rale of 6 per ceutner an num, on sums of $600 and under, and 5 per cent on all sums over hut i.mount, jiuyublo 011 anil alter Monday, tho 21st day of July next. Usisdeuds not called for will bo credited and draw Interest same as principal. E. J. BROWN, President. A. A. Alvokp, Secretary. Money to loan-on diamonds, watches, jkw k',rt pianos, dry goods, scgars, horses, carriages, uuighs, harness and every dcstrlptlon of valuablo propertr or bought for cash; stocks, bonds, notes, mortcagcs Ac ni #ot4*tad. Watches and jewelry for Bale tL thavrk \aa Broadway, rooms 1 and 2. second story. ' ^ "VfONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED, TO ANY AMOUNT uKKN8TEIv0li,?',J?weIry '"V1 handlso generally, by l\ Broome^treet. " tom"U8slon Merchant, No. 419 MARINERS' SAVINGS BANK, CORNER OP THIRD avenue and Ninth street -Divide"1.1a semi annual i*n? ?r,slx P<r ccnt on sums of $501) and under dennsti^Jh 0 on ft." sums ov,'r *60"> vvhifh Shall have been and baiurday evenings from 5 to 8 o'clock. weanesaay PWMENGS STIU;MAN' President. - ?? CHARLES MILES, (Vloe Preskleuts. iSAso T, Smith, Recretary. MECHANICS' AND TRADERS' SAVINGS TNSTITIT. tion, 482 Grand Hti eet, corner of Willet.?All moneys de pointed on or before the 7Ui Julv, will date from U e 1st Ita .k caw J as. 1'. Haiuiit, SccrcuV.y CONKLIN, 1 resident. J MECHANICS' AND TRADERS' SAVINGS INSTITU- 1 tion, corner of Grand and Willet street*.?ntiA,t?,,i 4 el dividend, at thTr.Ue of six ue^,^at on ?,:,n7,o' liticiaiid under, and five per cent ou all sums over $500 which shallI have been deposited three months prior to the 1st Julv v. he payable on and after July 21. Interest not tailed & will be carried to the credit or depositors, and dr.uv t, , t us principal. Bank open on Mondays, Wednesdays Thi J days and Saturdays, from 5 to7 1'. M y ' lliu'* ALFRED T. CON KLIN, President moses^m rnil'1wKVic1ePre?sti?msi<l0,rt VTOT1CE IS HEREBT GIVEN THAT AN INST tl UPVT i.\ of two and a half per cent will be paid on account of 00 J JOHN MOOKE, Treasurer of Illlnoi* NF0"r.LAySTFo?^ft^ ?IRK INSURANCE CO.. NEW ' 1886.?Dividend.?A semi-annual dividncd Jfimif'k 'i # l1?"' t""cn declared, payable 011 an! closed untif thaf date." Th? , w H. Pl'SRNHKRRY, Secretary. rkFFICE OP THE DELAWARE, LACKAWANNA AND V Western Railroad ( o., 51 Wnll street, New York June 2A '^?-Id^d -The President and Boird of ManHieM hu?e declared the usual semf.aiiiiusl interest dividend of three ill per rent upon the capital work of this company for iha siIs months ending ityth June in.isnt, payable in 'he en dtal sPwk Gels RafrMd ^P^rWiW ,W?, o f and Xr lee i'? Ju,y Proximo, at this office. Incases where tho divl fhern nrV f ft"401"1! to a .share of said stock (fifty dollars) or ' ?r" fractious, ccmtticatr* wUI be issued, ^uuUlng tho holders to full shares, when presented in sulflcletil amoiium or they cad, at thfir option, make up tho diil'ercuce bv l nav njnount. The tranter txiok will be closod torn thii date uniil the 15th July proximo. Hy order. -K. WAKHEN, Treasurer. 2'^TTP01fS?IITK JtTT'Y OOUPONfl OF VntntS 4? T*'^ rf>U'?ty; Wieootmln, Untied u> Uie Hiueral Point Railroad Company wili be paid on the ImI nrovimn at the U??an Bank, of the lily of New York. Also llie Jonnor. of the first and second mortgnge bonds of the Mineral ^atat RaHroed Company will be paid at the tame lime atid pUce. TH^ I^THlt??T .COUPONS DUB JULY 1, 18S6 ON Oie city of Wheeling bonds issued to the Hcmntleld Rail road Company, will be paid at the offlco of tho uh'oIJfelu surance (yompAny, New \ ork, uu and after that date New York, June 25, 1*55. WFi??!S?'N ,yERU0;>*T railroad pirst mortgage Bonds.?Coupon No. 8, due January 1 IS55 amntinil,,., on the $1,0U<) bonds, with Inferesl thereon, to lliiriv eiehi dol \vynd forty ctnu, ,93a #>, each; also, coupon Na V due July 1,1869, amounting, with tnterest, io thirty seven dollars V.VZeeal"V7 10) ^h-wllt be'paid atthe Mcchaiiic? Ism The.W ' ?? Prp,?n(ft"oii. on and after tho 1st July i!?- Jhe coupons from the $Wt> bonds will be one half the above amounts each. KVRiin rtiav i . June 27, 1866. ?*KUN CLARK, I^hhco. LOST AND POUBD. Lost-at the meetino, city nTiX^tROOKrvv on Friday evening, a silver English lever watch ?i,V ,,i I [ vest chain. No. 1,406, T. Scwell | v. rp,K.I A 5,wlth ?ol,J i LOFT?ON FRIDAY AKTERNOO?f BBTWPFW seven and eight o'clock, a lady 's gold and ioral liracidrt m I (tiling from Great Jones street to Nlblo's Garifrn s n.po^d m Tfc^o ba':n 'ft?f n "w?c 31 ? "roadway and Fourth avenueUnA The finder ^\ill bR stiltably rRWftrdcd bv loAvinif if m tn? A,,i * of Smith A Uaxcwcll, No. 29 WHluS SfrcS' No?L 0alc,, LOST-ON SATURDAY, JUNE 28, ON GOING Pltnvr LI 10 691 Broadway, a black portemonnale, conlatnlng SOI In hills and some small siber. The finder will he liberal ? rewarded by leaving it with Messrs. Ubsdell, 1'torsou Uke I Co., ?71 Broadway. , '?e ? OWNER WAN TED?FOR A DIAMOND CROHN BREAST pin, found by a lad, wldch is supposed to have heeu 1,'i.i some time. Any person having hist a pin of the abo?e dT son marketf' "Pl y 'he S'"c,','d J,1',tr,c, Rolice ?ourt, JotTw. y TO I.EN- PROM THE DESK OP CUTTER TOWKRA.o kJ 104 M illlsm street, pocket book and eontenl*-5&lt-V&a in btllR, $14,500 In noli44* If tho nhovo rioted and phdomi returned by mall, they will confer a fcvor. aP| ESSTw m e cstttloned sga.nst taking the notes drawn In favor of H * lower, as the payment of the notes is slopped v,ror "? A. CUTTER, TOWER A Cw\ 1 SITUATIONS WANTED. A SITUATION WANTED? BV A UKANUY WOMAN, mi wet uuine. Good reference given, Wpply At No. 11 Roosevelt at. An m. d., a graduate ok two institution*. de.-ircs a suitable locality for practice; would not object to a foreigu country. Address II. J. II., Herald office. A FRENCH GENTI.EMAN, GRADUATED AT TUB University of Literature, in Ntuner, ex Professor of th? Conservatory at Paris, front which he has sertilicates, wishes a situation in a school or privat.- family, as professor of musia and the French language. Best relereuces given. Address E. G., 288?a Tenth street, S. Y. A YOUNG MAN, WRITING AND TALKING FRENCH, English ABd German, wishes a situation in any WSpBClA ble business. Apply at No. 30 Vandewater street, room 7. TO SHOE BOSSES ? AN EXPERIENCED 8ALF.8MAM and foreman, having an experience of nearly 15 years in a Broadway shoe store, and can command some good retail trade, wishes a situation. Good reference given. Apply to Gazlay A Co.. stationers, 54 Canal street, near Broadway, be tween 12 and 1 o'clock. TO COLOR MANUFACTURERS.?A SITUATION I? wanted, as foreman in a color factory, by a practical che mist. Can make the best quality of Paris green, chenise blue, a new chrome green, and all other kinds of colors and chemi cals at a lower price than any in uiarknt. Samples can he seen at the drug store, AMI William street, oorner of Frank fort. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, h situation, as housekeeper, or to attend a store; would prefer going to the country; good references given. Please address B. M., Herald office. ANTED?BY A FRENCH DRESSMAKER AND linen seamstress, some employment In private families, either by the day, week or month; sue takes also any kind of sewing at her residence. lis I 6th avenue, between 154th and 25th streets, where she is to be found every day. w HELP WASTED. Any one wishing to learn to braid hair necklaces, bracelets, eardrops, Ac., can hear sf an oppor tunity for doing so. on very reasonable terms, by addressing Ornamental Hair Work, Herald office. BOOKKEEPER WANTED, IMMEDIATELY?IN A wholesale grocery and commission house; one competent to take charge of Ihe nooks and do a portion of ihe correspond ence, of thorough business habits, may ttud a situation, with plenty to do, and a good salary, by addressing, wliij reference, G. A Co., Courier and Enquirer office. Ladies, attention.?wanted, one or two ladies, of good address and respectaidllty. Those Inning an extensive acquaintance with rhnriublc institutions and the managers of same preferred. A fair remuneration for ser vices. Address Directress, box -I Nil) Post nillee. Salesman wanted.?one having a good trade, which lie can influence Iii druggists', fancy goods umi toilet articles, will be liberally dealt with, by addressing, wl U real name, Fancy Goods, box 210 llerald office. Teacher wanted.?a gentleman residing out of ihe city desires to employ a thoroughly educated gra in man to take charge of the education of ids children. Ad ii essE. F. B., box 3,571) Post office, New York. W ANTED?FOR AN EPISCOPAL CHARITABLE IN TT stitution, near the city, a middle aged tailorcss, who un deri lands the management of girls, to teach the trade. Apply si I 28 6th avenue, between 1U and 12 or la nd 3 o'clock. WANTED?A NEAT, TIDY OIKL, TO DO GENERAL housework. In a small genteel family; must wash, iron and cook well. A German Protestant preferred. Apply at .73 Henrys!., Brooklyn. WANTED?AN ENGLISH OR GERMAN GIRL; ONE who is a grant cook, washer and irouer; wages $7 a mouth. Cull early on Monday morning at ltd Greene st. WANTED?A SMART, ACTIVE GIRL TO DO GENE ral housework; one who is a good washer and Ironer. Apply at 32 Dunne st. WANTED ?A HIGHLY EDUCATED ENGLISH LADY is desirous ul'a nil nation as housekeeper, for a middle aged gentleman, either widower or buchulor. Address Mrs. Beverly Huflhlo, N. Y. TITAN i Ki ?YOUNG MEN WITH A SMALL CAPITAL, VV , lete u military ertTnp.uiy to travel with a drama tic company. Remuneration liberul. Also, a saloon-keeper wlili *50. A; ply lo Mr. Huntington, Rainbow Hotel, 77 Ham ilton aver.ui Brooklyn. WANTED?AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT BOY, FROM f V twelve to fourteen years old, who is somewhat acquaint ed v Kb ihe retail dry goods business and can give good refer enot a. Apply to J. P. Browner A Co., 467 6th avenue. WANTED?AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT BOY, FROM 12 to 15 years of age, to make himself generally useful n n fancy goods store. Apply lo F. E. Bu^jh, 727 Broadway. WANTED-A WAITER, WHO UNDERSTANDS HIS business thoroughly. Willi best of city recommendations. None others need apply, at No. 1 Washington square. 1 nil LABORERS WANTED?FOR CANAL WORK, IN JLU" the Slate of New York ; wages nine shillings per day, guurunteed by the State ; passage, money advanced. Also, one family to keep boarders. Will start Tuesday, July 1, ac companied by M. Cohnert. Apply Immediately at MORRIS COHNERT A CO.'S, 126 Greenwich street, near Cedar. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS. ON DKMANDK UNE JKUNB DAME FBANCAI8K, pour bouiic et coutourlerc dans une petite fumllle. Kilo devrn ' avoir 1'Anglais, se tenir propremeut et bein travalller. S'addresscr 79 Clinton place, a deux portes do la 5e av. THE TRADES) C1ARDF.NER S SITUATION WANTED-BY A OOMPR X tent man, thoroughly understanding his business. No objection to rlty or country. Can take charge of cows ami horses. References given. Apply at 4 Liberty street, or ad dress box 2,'167 l'osl office. PLUMBER WANTED?TO GO TO SPRINGFIELD, Mass. The situation will be permanent. None wanted but a thorough practical workman, and of good character. Apply to Haydcn A Sanders, 3Utf Pearl st. TO JAPANNKRS.?WANTED, AT .1. O SMITH'*, NO. 81 Fulton st.. one good striper and loiterer. None others need apply. Call from 4 lb 6 o'clock P. M. TO HARNESS MAKERS.?WANTED, A GOOD HAND, Immediately. Apply to Samuel Lourry, 06 J 2 I nlverslty place. ' WANTED?A WROUGHT IRON ANVIL M AKER; OVB who understands his business thoroughly can hear of a Sood situation and steady employment, by Inquiring of Peter lay lor, "6 Broad St., between 10 aud 2 o'clock. INTBLMGBNCB OFFICES. EMPLOYERS wishing good servants will find respectable b.!l|> at MOKKI8 COHNERT A CO.'S, ibi Up isdwuy, corner ot' Hcude street; also farmers, laborers. Ac., at tbls or tbe branch oUlcc, 120 Ueenwlch street, near Cedar street. REL.IOIOCS NOTICES. JKWISll CEREMONIES.-MR. ABRAHAMS, ARRIVED from Europe, will deliver a lecture, in the Stuy vesant In stitute, 019 Broadway, on Tuesday, July 1. Subject?"Pray ers for the Dead, Tradition, Ac." Tickets, 50 utnl 25 cents, may be bud at the Institute. Notice.?professor orson pratt, of tub Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of I-ailer liny buiuts, and oth> rs, from Salt Lake City, will address tha public at Krookes' Assembly Rooms, No. 301 Broome street, at lt-ji o'clock A. M. and and 7 1*. M. this day. SHAKERS' MEETING.?A COMPANY OF NINE NilA kers, Including F. W. Evans, will hold a meeting at thrco o'clock this aftcrnoor, at the Military Hall. Bowery, and Ig kin at hall past seven In the evening. Musing and speaking. INSTRUCTION. 1QC7 ? BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, ARITHMETIC. AO?_J 1 . ?Mr. DOLUKAR, formerly of New Orleans, will be pleased to see Ins friends front the Snulli at tkfj Broadway. All stillness and trembling removed from every hand In a few lessons. FOI K HEALTHY CHILDREN W ANTED (ROYS PRE ferrcd),' to spend the summer at an ol<l farm house, In Ialrtiold county, Conn. An abundance of plain, wholesome fere, llie \ aried and pleasing amusements oi a large farm, and the most kind and careful attention ut all times. Inquire lo day, after I o'clock, at 271 Sixth avenue, where the highest re feterces will Le offered. Their regular lessons taught, if dc slrable. MV.ES. CHAR RENTIER, PROFESSOR OF FRENCH language, pupil diplomat* of the University ot Paris, having been teaching three year* In Connecticut, front where she has the best recommendations, wishes lo teach in New Aorkor Brooklyn. In a school, or giveprivale leaaons. Ad dress at lil Atlantic street, Brooklyn. REWARDS. t&r A TIKWARP-LOST. ON THE 19TII INST., BE iftlv' twceil Flushing and the National Course, a leather poekctbook, enntulnlng the loilowlug .?One note of $325, pay able 10th of May; oue of tilth, payable It Ml of July; one of f list, payable bth of June; one ot $114, payable loth of July; one ofAlio, payable loth of July; all made payable to order of Edward Mallenoui; a gold pencil, several papers ami other notes, moauUng to fhMt The notes sad papers are of no service to any person but the owner. The above reward will be promptly paid, and no 'pieatlons asked, on their return to .Mr. Bwcecey, corner of Harrison and West streets. i>t)A REWARD?LOST, ON SATURDAY EVENING, X VS-V7 gold bracelet, with the giver a and receiver'* name inside. Apply at Emmery's. Hill) Bowery. rfj"I A REWARD.?LOST, ON FRIDAY, 27TII INST., IN ip Lo Hudstia street, between Barrow and Grove streets, a roll of bank Mils, containing a 500 Mil on the Freehold Bunk ing < ntnpauy, the balance in tens, Ares, and lulls of smaller denominations on diflerent banks, mustly city money, sup posed to amount in all to between one hundred and one hun dred and Idus-ii dollars. By leaving the name with Dr. K. L'nrlow, 471 Hudson street, the tinder will receive the abovj reward and thanks of the owner. AlA REWARD WILL BE PAID TO ANY PERSON ?P I U who will leave (he books and papers belonging l? t wen Keeuen, that were taken from his store 110 Nasaaii street, on the night ot the 27th Inst., at 163 avenue A and no quest fm s asked. 8VUK11MU. For sale, for ralb?soo young mocking birds and 12 old inorktng birds, good singers, just received from Mew Orleans. Inquire at H2 Coles street, Jersey City, or at No. 3 Albany street. New York. (treat PIGEON SHOOTING MATCH FOR $2,000, AT 7 the Red House pleasure grsunds, Harlem, on Wednes day, July 2, lbSO, st 100 pigeons. Twenty five double and tti'ty einglc birds to be shot by Mr King, the celebrated double shot. As several thousand dollars are depending on this match, no outside shooting will be allowed. Shooting commences at 1 P. M. lhe Second avenue cars pass the door. "VACHTFOR HALE?A BRAUTTFUL YACHT OF 18 A Ions, nearly new, and built In a very superior manner. Is" sailer, and furnished with everything appertaining to is yacht. Apply to ABRAHAM BARKER, Allauttq Hotel, llo bofcen. Yacht for salk.-tiik sloop yacht kffib. twenty one Ions, coppered to above water line, well found and turnished In every respect; a last sailer, and of light draft, with centre board. Apply at 92 West street. WINES AND LKiCORM. PUKE FRENCH WINE AND BRANDY-tMPORTKD BY F. VINCENT, 15 North WUllam strejt. Rest French brandy. $4 per gallon, French claret wine, $2 and $9 50, $9, $4. $5, $11 and $1) per dozen? whnlaaale aud retail. Madeira, sherry, port wine, Ac.. Ac., 30 percent cheaper than any othee bouse In the. city.