Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1856 Page 2
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THE PARISH WILL CASE. Surrogate ? Comrt . Before A. W. Bradford, Ksq. Iht flatter cj At Will cj tke laU Henry J'aruA ? Aims Clark* won c?IW, who, being sworn, Bays ? 1 ?ma coathman for R. W. J affray, 214 Fourteenth strict, aad am wiih bit family in the country at present. Q. Were you at any time employed an nurse or attendant ?a Mr. Henry Parish, deceased? A. Yes, sir; I went ?bere in December, 1&64, anil left the latter end of April, M?45. Q. What were your general duties about Mr. Parish? A. *1 attend. J on h.m in the morning I took b?m out ot bed ? first I got hi* stockings on him, then his drawers, brought him then to Ills chair opposite the window , when 1 had h.ra there 1 went for water U> shave; 1 would say then, before 1 would begin - having, '-Mr. J*ari*h, are you ready to be dressed;" then he would aay, "Neay, neay, neay, neay;" then 1 would commence ?.having him. and would get -ome cold water in a basin, aud bring it and wash bim with it; I would then put on bis shirt and oornb his hair, get his waistcoat aud coat, put it on and bring biin into breakfast then; tliyj I gene rally left him at that time aud went to my ?reakfaat, tben. affr bread Ckst, 1 ? ?ut in, took his napkin oft' that I bad piuned before his breast, and wiped his face with the lowej, then generally 1 brought bun to the watercloset, therflo the Library, set him in his chair, went then aud brought hiui a glass of eoU water; I sat down ?beu and read the newspaper aloud, an hour, ?r one hour and a half , after 1 was done reading the newspaper Mrs. Parish generally caine hi, 1 used to go fur the coachman , there was a signal always for in" to go for the coachman; tfee coachman came in, and said when he came in, "trooij Morning. Mr Parish," well Mr. Parish? "Neay, neay:" then the coachman would say "the horses were all well, and everything in good order, plenty of feed and they don't want for anvthing." Mrs Parish then rame :n after ?>* generally, then there would be a speak, something thorn dinner: Mrs. Parish would say what's going to bo ?tr dinner to day then he would say "Neay, ncay, neay;" tben she would go over so many th.ngs to bim; ask him ?ilft-rent things, if be wanted so and-so; he would say ?e*y, neay; tben it Mr- Parish could not 2nd out what be wanted, he would apply to me by the fingers, raising bid hand and saying, ncay, neay then if I couldn't manage fc, cr Mrs. Parish either, we would have to wait for an boor, may be two hoars, may be we would not find ,t out for that day , if we coold not find out what he want-d, some thing else" would be got then; then I generally left Mrs. Pari h would -?it dowu and -cw or do something; then I Aid out go near him uut.I Mrs. Parish called for me; when 4amer time would come on 1 would bring bim in to (turner, and would stop there with him until, dinner would be ?vtr , Mrs. Parish generally helped him to what was on Ibe table I cut it and gave it to him, and he ate his din bct, helping h.mself with the left hand; after dinner was ???r, 1 brought a ftng"r glass, and he put in his hand and wiped it over b.s fact- then I took tlie napkin and dried bim, then I brought the toothpick and picked his U'eth; Micro was a pair of scissors, and them I would always take and go round hi- nails, and th*-n. when he would see tb<y were uot clean, be would make me cut and cut until aliDoFt I had drawn the blood, ^sometimes I would; he wculd not feci me- Mr-? Parish would conio and say, ?'Mr. Parish, don't have them cutso close," and he would jive her a push, -aying, "Neay. neay." after all would be over, 1 would bring him back sga.n to his chair in the Bbrary. and leav? him there; would stay with him till Mr" Pari-h would ceme, I have said nothing about going ?ot in the carriage > ji nece -ary to ute that:' the car nage used to go out genera". y at oue o'clock Mr. Paj .sh: I went with Lin, Mrs, far <b always went with bim; 1 would ride on the bo\ w,th the coach i..r ,i w*as a general rule understood to go to the store; 1 used to go ip and ask for Mr. Kerno chan or Mr Fowom; I w?:ld go up stairs, and f th-'y ?wore there, 1 would te'.l them Mr. Parish wantod them; 1 knew very well when I went to the store what to be dooe, J they wouldti t be there, and Mr Daniel Parish was there. Mr-* Parish would shake her bead then and aay, "not mind," for me not to mention that. thit Mr. Pur ?b wan there th"C I would come on the b ix: th 'n Mrs, Pansh might do soire shopping; then we came bo me <J. After you left bm m the library, d.nner bo teg over. state how the re-t of the day or evening was rpect to" bed time A. Mrs Parish th^n sat tip w th t m for th" evening an<l I about through the bar. or; if Mr. Parish wanted, I was f-ii hand: then when t x time wo-.ld cemo on, w! was bi\ o'clock, bro iK..t him to hi- chair at the t.-a tahle , then i generally left h.m ; Mrs. Par sh would be there, and J we'll :ato the hal! tea would be br'jugrt n I I .:tVj ton L.s tea always, ar. 1 re ar. lined t.m ll:I tea wa.< over; tl.'n l.? w ild g' iv., ci-.l to me for me to fcrii;,' him t<> the ?<?>r to see Uie e ? n and the star*, three t.m -s a ?? metis*-- tcmet u . ... r i ine- tw ? *, anu so on Mr--. J .1 -I. i ? ra .? !.'? <? m out to the c! . t 'van u.e tii n Mr- Par. !i w id p". it out and show t.m the m'x n and the stars . then, wfaea Mr?. Parish would be jointing tba ?tars and the u oon, h" wouldn t l<y * to where Mr?. Parish wa.J po i.tiup, but 'hj looking uewn Seven te^iitn -tres t. or huteeDin stre. t. a iliiterem way from *ther? th? mnon tu aitogothw ifter toa was over, he w ,1 sit in his < i.r and hard > *\ move, i.r to go kud soe Ibe MOfl; tben be wou'd ? MMh|Ml bs tpiog *?d to tben, when t ? on. ten ?\K>< ? Mrs. Parish would r1'._- bell for me. de'irnifr me to a-*k Mr. Part-b a lie % bed to go to bed: Ibea he would say, "N'-ay, neay, neay," then he s.ight not go to bed at that I: in- , som< time- he W"i.:d act go then. 'Mrs. Par.t'j tlien would come ovr an I ?ay to h m, "Mr. Part'h it is time yeu go to bed,'' Vk d he won, I ay, "Yanae, yanse. yaane. and give ber a push, as .f he was n< t going to go, this waa on y !? ne bines , 1 would take bi'u then, wh n he w< ..d bo ready and bring him to b.s badrooM, undre-i h m ibere and put him into be . tl en I mal' i,.y own bed. I lay on a aefa m the j*r!or, in tlie t?<?lr" rn Mr. farvh. I slept there, y In what rwrt of l*.e bouse did Mr. Par^h sleep while you were there' A. He l-pt in a room oB the i<ar.or, undur the conservatory, y <m what floor was lhai t A On tlie llrstflisir (J For whal y.rpoae waa that i? u??h 1- A. f>r brik:a-t and ?f up- r it (v the diomf room V. Upon what *traet ?lid the window t "f that bedroom open " a. S. ven I. -.11114 (tract on the aqaare Q H' w ?? to bain* r .iUtD?<t t < tli?rwi*e, *ere Ui<*e w od -w< tu .ally kept? A. Tb er w rr>- g?n< rally kept ebut ; there ??r? blibda, *&<! -Lade* or c.rtaan ia-:do. Q. Had roc a! ai.v tmf in* ddfculty with )tr Ii.-.-i. ?boot thoee w Bdow \ Ym, -ir. 1 had y ?uu- t A In the r.iorn.iif. when I VMM h" '!re-?,n|f. he Wtabod tr> hare the wiwtk.w* ?>p- i. wouid ^.jru to m ? to : the Window t !:?'< Ml'! a.'i , he would io?ic that way ?? t. tod I would fay Mr. Par wit it U wrou* ft> r you yauMclfara.urilt.i- w.i .- w- ' h * jiihl -ay then Yatina. yai.i.' y.un.>\ ' r*.*iuj; ku band, it alsould bo open, rLk.i i: < ? i '.?i r. * . U+ cooi-'n't b? ?L i? Mr*. Fartah iMttiaptbcy ?!iouldl*jk? ??b.,t . Mr? l'ari?h Caane aereral mommf-" to <hti'. them !.?.? * Mr t'a'i-u wi'uiil fhat>? b.a tanJ th s way, aal would i.< . l\ara a tbi- inn bm Kit -JLU i and ninving it toward* Uk- window, u if w have it opeti.-d, aa. uj Naay . caay, neny then Sir*. J'armh by ami ty . ..m* ,n ag t.r. anil drew the our ?una b> htn?t Mr l*:i r ,*t. ? V. ??:k o k m? the people from looking in then by mid by Mr I'v^h turn- round fcia b?*d ai.d ??? ? ibo curt* ui down, and Ium ibem opened ..#am a> lb? 'aw' way Vh?n Mr l*ar'?h ? ru?* ai. ! iy* t" hun. Mr I'ar -h Wjfi i yo ';i li t? he then .ifl I up I ? ?nit fHV ^Bpar h -.Dir. ? N'enjr. lioay. wruy .i- T to fut her away Urm b n. y If tbe Cu.ria.ii* * -- op or a*td?. ant th" blind* opened, cui'd tl;? :nff f???|-?e ?? ? Mr Faruli' A y?* any nne c> !>?: m c ]i m fa<*.nf by g II I anr ?f th"*"- ate mpf* eo hi i ?rt w, have the wm4ow* ?>;?- no>t w< ?r on ? D.Jay" * A. Y ?, ?:r, ? ^ ? .i> ?y in >ri..ii4. S- By ? b< - -? dirccttott iiKt you read th? n?w?tMp?r m the w.oi i trig ? A Mra ? iiimuoo?. g II tw ilxl Mr raimli act or behave wL..*t you wt-re rwklin^ ' A. lie *iw jrei.. r?Jy a-> |? or <*-k,i,g out ol the m .n i oarer lr.iu l?i it. i,. l?;r.Og ttoe I r.f \J'J w re t'*r? 'I. t Mr l%ri?b c?> to n?.?rk?tf A- No, air. Q. I "mJ h* wa.< ?.ut w lb your A. Xo, ?ir unte-? ! b?ip?i| h.m to u.e ear ruatre door. Q I i>l be, m htiA Too wre th.-r", >m? a ?t t*>r rwttli * A. N<\ ?ir y. ll iw i d h" (t?-tal -" t 1 \ I ?' t.t un l r hM left arte an I fte* him u|> by Um lef ,rm * i . *!>co lea\,. f to taka a r de. wa? tber* <ef!er*, y any tk * ?boot Wlier-7 you *?re ?: r/r t Y- i. 4 W .1 to ??.if A Nrt. ni >l> aiii: Mr Par -.i wixild R' rtarally Wax ( Uw Cr?t UiiDf to (to t ? t?i" #tor*. u H":,at 4..J Mr* Fa/.fh nay when ah" U Wed abowt When JKHt wer? futf' a Hi<- wi' ?! auk Mr lar.-h. Wb re a rm y<m g tiif to a< w ? and lie ? '.'4?olwa? *a. MS?ajr r \f, ?eay ' l iid print '*"wn u>Wkr U flr?vl way if Wirt vounl ihe -ay u tiiai* A .^b'' w . iid ?ay, ? r*> y ro Vaiit to go to fee '-if and Be *i?H aay. "X<Mjr, iieay. May. that ta. to f ? af, *? I, m?kin( a n uob of Km W t -town |lrr>viw,ir <) lla-l yno any otti r re.?on for ' ig.rg Uiai be wante-l t<. t' to th? atora, *i?.e|.t th *? riiotiooa a d nound ? that /' ?> hare >wt men t ? i f A ? Mo'lin* wr- t(. W,,?t ardent wi.i.d M- Tar'eh ((ire the oa.i.r>un oa tin *e mot '?? and ar ir .* )>e n< made Which f'?i hav ?jioken of ? A. R waa fnnnrally to rr?e itta fare them eh* would W II m? V> (<> to u.e ?t- re? arid Whoaerar n Mr .idway Kb- wantef w ihi.p. tj When yoa w >r? that ordered at Ur in wfatre v> ft- to the "tore d.lyon al ?afi?o liter*' A N<4 aiway*. U ViU'. t?t you to fn ip and ee ?f Mr gern' I..111 or Mr I1 jmni wi. u' A. Mri. I'ari?h g Who directed y? 1 to aay tLM Mr. l arr. 1 waiite<l to m Mr K< rn x la,, or Mr Mr I o.jotn. at tha r*rr:?p- ? A Mr< I'ai li des r -lm i %t> aay Mr I**. .-h wanted tb in Ml 'be e\ - -net *V! Wi aak Mr tfeoiel Par -h M c me down air: a Iter or h,? hrotkor ' A. >'<?, r y. Wh-nt y.?i rt, 1 It f.r.l M.- and Mr I ? u ad Mr Datti' l 1 ai . -h waa Ctera. bow aod n what kawa did you teli Mr- I'arith thai Mr. DmM I'ar. b wia ther?? A WTht n I *" . >ir?. I'ai ?u I ? | ? tty , I, ti?e way m I ?: ?r?a!l y iutswer I g Wh- .1 yci ilrm u>' ! Ser tbat Mr Iv, r-j far ?Ii ?a< th -?? 1 y ?M ?h? Mud to yoa. au I what nb" 1.-1, d crib at r 'Miivt a 1 ! t<n ?< <>f v ?? A ?j# - I %> r.e, I w|., t. tfb, h'i?b " ra ? z j er h?n I. ft*t<' wliat WW" b!< ta ah >ut h..< in?* ar I r>t . r rrtn^jat a At meal t rwea w^ trou'f ^.'Terally kt- p ? Watch uf?i?> li?m? a r-ry r<rr1 w*tr!i? ;V-r * ?? I M wimid niMke b * . ?r 1 f >r? ] could get him raa>ly ; ???!> ( ? .?w be w. -ild Hi 4 rfu ?r er ic . i' -?.< tl, 1 Banuii-'Ki* y Whet j ik 'urn %r> the wal?r cl'^'d tiOW I'd *h> hetia ef A. He wa? v ry (' ?jle and ?rr*k akd (K.mef'niea I j.4 bla riot*!"* "<T him, h" vmM havft tut pant?i?mi? dtrti?- 1 <) W '*t wae the tb ir indica tion whirh yon r tbhe-i it th?- tabi. ? A I k?pt in ef? *lway* Ml In tS: he wo'ild cartain'y fli.i-h h a d?iin?r !??? for n h?> w ' f" I" the w. 1 rlew' t, and ".hen b to 1 tli* I. i?e i'' nr* r or ? '? it wnt'd be, b w .4 ha-, a hiniaeW W?t b- 1> r?; ' fflWM t I ! tn t" h? w*t r el<> ?H. or dirty, y. Ilow ><"i 1 1 >*. if dm i?r, I hi 1 IM oufbt to i?? taktn 1 ib.? ?* or ' A I w<nl I I tc? . in ;t hi' <ii er m ,'a?t Uut t km * he want k! b? r M- ' 'Wte,iW 1,1 a uarry. (M y <d ?er Mai iai)tbii)( -rl-i- wMI? at whie front which y?w tnjMd tiat lie oucl.t to wiit^ I III aiwclmt' Yea I Wuald hiariWith , I at tit-i liont nf 1. < iainta''wina, an If bj ?i I t ? ;? n tb- o. U W mid lie ? U ?" ll.*n. - m ,*e at y *'-ub.1? ? x^apt Ihit ???Iti-i-f bis ItMl t" i?r.' ???? A l:rf 'I 'ill/ w-u ?! at nt" t! --Vh 4 aa frr me to Uaa h'.?u aw?y <1 In wh t way and w h w'tat 1 ? e did he rat- A Ife v*r very avar.-w* f ' diuaor ). II, d you >.r-<arre ?ny |nt> -*ere-i e with IHm ri t' at lb, ? ? stl A- Y??, Mr*. niri-?h nt -rfere 1 him ahawmM -*y to birr "Mr t%twh jwm haw tai^ wnrt, m4 b* Wou I i My 'n*/, naay. tir*/.-' idiaitin* hi* b' vl. and l?e * Mrtftilt tUii Mii, lAl+ii fvuitl XJ LiS M + > What .lo you mr?ui by saying "bo should have more " Explain yourtseff fully aa to whal usually happened. A. That be should have more dinner, that I should take his plate for more. 1 took his pinto for more, and be had more. Q Bid he ever throw anythiag out cf tun mouth at the table, und If so, why? A Yen, he has 1 don"* know why, unless it was be aU) too much. Q. What did he appear to w nth for the most ' A I think only give him ease asd plej?ly to oat, aud that was all he wanted. Ilo didn't want any trouble, any one to go near him. y. What were your orders in respect to people coming to the bouse ? A there was no |>ersoo saw Mr. Pariah unless Mr. Palafteld or some uj bis tainily, unlew Mrs. Parish whs there my orders were, if any person cause belonging to lfr. Parish, to show them into another room aniens it was Miss Nancy Parish, she could see him. so I was along with theni'm the room together y. What were your orders if any person cane to see Mr. Parish'/ A. My orders were to show them into the parlor or up stairs. Q. And what then to dor A. To let Mrs Parish know. y. Did you always obey there order.-? A. 1 think 1 did. -y. When you thus showed people into the jiarlor or up stairs, where was Mr Parish? A. He was in the library. (J. How many different sounds did you know Mr. Parish to use? A. Jle didn't use only these two sounds ? "Neay, neay, neay," and "Yanne, yanne, yanne.'' y* When Mr I' was out riding, did he ever leave the carriage? A No. he never left the carnage, sir. y. Had he any ^??m* or convulsions while you were there? A. Yes, ? ir, be had. y. Please to de-enbe one of these spasms, ttatmg how It came on aud how long it tasted, and how be looked and acted ? A. It carno on with a trembling and chouking. and frothing and foaming at the mouth; he got black in the face, there was nothing but a constant trembling about his body , I suppose :t lasted about three or four hours; I could uot exactly say. y. When you and Mrs. Parish tried to (ind out what he wanted, how long did you generally spend putting qu>\-lu>us to for that purpiwe 1 A. We might spend an hour sometimes ? sometimes two hours, and we might not get it that day, and we might ? and we might net get it at all trom him. y. When you thought that he rejected a suggestion, did you ever repeat the same suggestion to bun afterwards f A. Yes, sir. y When irou repeated w hat > on had before suggested, what did he do? A. Suppose 1 had asked him whether he wauu-d a glass of water, or anything about dinner, he would say "neay," and 1 would come around to it again and ask hnn U he would have a glass of water; he would tay, "neay, neay, neav," and put his hand down with bis lingers opinting on the table lor a glass of water. (J. Foin what you saw and ol'served of Mr. Parish, what, in j >ur judgment, was the suto of his mind during all the time you were there? A. lu my judgment 1 think his miEd was not right Bring examined by Judge Esmonds, the wanes.--, alter other testimony, said ? Q. When you reported that neither Mr Kernochan nor Mr Folsom was in. but that Mr. Daniel Parish was, state whal Mrs. Pari b aid. A. Mrs .Parish said, "Hush, hush, bush; something to that purpose. Q Was that all tlut thf iitid ? A. Fho said that J' Mr. Daniel Parn'i was there not t? mention it any more when 1 came town, to Mr. H< nry Parish. y Did she say i hat then '' A. Yes, I ibiuk it was at that time she said it. y Did she speak yo that you heard her distinctly and clearly '' A. Yes. y. Was Mrs. Pai ish or your ? if nearer to Mr Parish at that time? A. Mrs. Parish sat next to tko door in the ear r .axe towards me, and Mr. l'ar su sat on the off ?ide, on the same scat with h.s wife. y. When you reported to Mr-' Par. -h did Mr. Parish hear you? A. I don't know, I couldn't say whether he did oi not. y You speak o( Mr Parish working or putting his hand to hi-v-t or pan taloon*, what was be then doing or try. rig t j do ? A. He was want, ug to open them. Q Please state wait were your orders when M;?.' Nai. y Pari b aho'iM come ? A. My orders were to ^iow her int? the llsrary, where Mr. Pariah was, and remain there until Mrs. i'ariah came. Cress examination by Mr. Cutting? Q. v'hen you saw Mr Parish put his ti.ix.ds t?i h.- !?aut.iloousas you "have de scribed, did he unbutton them' A. Ye*, ha li.t- often un buttoned them y Where was he w i en ho did that? A. Bs was n the library, or parlor, or room MM times, y. Whal did you then do? A. 1 brought him to the water clo-et y. Ind you thou underst-.nd, tro.n that mot. ii of Mr. Pariah. that !.o to go tithe water closet? A. Yw ? when I would sec b,m unbutton lug his j?titaloons. Samuel 11 How ard, Secretary of the Man.'.iittia Gas I ight Company , was the next - .tness examinee an I de posed lliat in February, 1850, Mr. aii 1 Mrs. Paris- called at his office; w itness took the re :< ipt book out to ilie ear r a*-, but from d*ab ity \tt Parish was unabre to sign h.a name, 1 refused to p*y the dividend undT the or e. e? an arrangement was subsequently made, iaid ti e diveiend waa j aid on Jlr. Joseph iiernochan-.'s reccipt. The OuttirxaM In Vriinufla?Twro Brltlah Subjnlt Shot. [From the GecrgeU-wn (Bi .u.-h G.,,aiu) Hoyal Oazetto, June 10.) Another outbreak has uken place in Venezuela, and fr' ui n.e i?ait i ular- wh h have r>a lied it appears to be ol rather a lormidable chara?.t' r. The insurgents ..f led a by General^ Hracho M >r ne and the two Fi Ca- i. Tb"y have a ready taken ",'our town* ? Malurtu, Tot tcr> Vraeo and Barrancas. Tb^y are on their way to J'a'U .ar. which ia not iu a state to offer any re^UT", a:: the g i.i.- Ji-mo.,ntod The insurgent-. apj^ ?r t" have .tall their own way, and the Pre- .lent. ?len 'ral Mciagfaan. ' unable lo resist their progra". The i cbala have already involved themselves iu difficulties with ti.e British government by seizing two Eogl. b aehoon era .nd FhiK' two Br.ti-h s .bjei'ts. Tliey will be raii< d to a otic, for tins, and will liave to pay a sharp reeh.t ,ag. \<w Patent* Issued. Jj-t of patent* . from the Unit'd t-'ute-- Paten < 9 Iter Uj ? wvm 'jccIiej; J-uc ?4, ltet>, t.xb i. at" ? A/n Arnold, of W, ?hicfVm, for improve ielf*?tt:i.g tr s" . r-k.i.?: mi* for <*?.. g marhmery. ^ i:iy B?-. h. of Mraliord. for improvement in print .uir i -tr 'in ?*t ' f"r the blind. IfMiier* Worcaater, for inpro% cuvut n MBontti i.R ;ron R. \v !???.? ti, of Mar hAll, Mo., f"r lmpriwemsmt in b?>mp brak*1-1. * I J) ' c beaK of v>w llavcn. fur mprovciifct in are *r?.'\ J i ? Cm ci Ye'!< w -'pr ? g'. O , i ' r impro-eUlarm h--M. W in. C< ?, c. Roytatown. :or improved mode of wour Bj. ?*?>? IT ra?-e R CUlTee. of NVw York. fur improrad vlre. Wb. C.-?a*'tai?. of HartarlHe, J"B. , for iaiprwtrMMM In In ? ml ruwhi *r reader. -amielF. m.d lleary R. Gcrelar.d, of OiU'alo, for im pr i m?tt t r< t rv j i.inp fhr?*:j Dw- -jr. tf Tr leiptua, Md.. for .mpro.^m nt in p*a;*i*. H ii. M Puv of ? arm*;!, >1* , for .mpro ed w.ttrr WltWi J: .*<? A TV- ub. of North Brid<r*vater, Ktw f.?r mpro . en*eiii a rniak?'rs' ??dp?; p- ne?. t r. p? ' -? i 1<" ' ! W port. l'? , for improved me Ui<?l >4 ? .-.ita,- and f rawim? II ud? from *?-. <o ? f M.r.un. of New i'ork, for unproved in-.bod of f? i t u <r< . - hv .ii?. ft Mir ?f Pii^i-h, of IJopk n-v.!le. Ky., for hnprovad ui>-' f ??? tin liitig h"r-?? from voIih ieM. f*i i<l ? I nmu, of Ifcrea, Q for .mprovem it in har.g ill? rili <l?U'ne?. 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Prvitcttd A iiti Sorth Amu iVun Lao/ur amougit tht C athoU. Aintriean RtpuUic*. Since 1 last wrote you I have been on a long journey through the tobacco and quma districts, visiting, during my tour, the famous natural bridge of Pandi, and descend ing the river llagdalena, on rafts and small boats, from its most upper waters navigable for any kind of water craft. It was not until I reached the city of Momp o?, about 120 milee from the coast, that I heard of the fearful out rages at I'anama, and I am giad to say that every one ?poke of them in terms of deep regret and in lignation. They feel that the faith of the nation has been broken, whether through the weakness and incompetency or the ill will of the authorities on the Isthmus is not known, and that its honor has been stained. Judge Bowl.n, our t/in ister at Bogota, will no doubt bring the subject immedi ately and earnestly before the government, and I enter .?in the belief that he will find every disposition on the part el President Mallai ino and his cabinet to do all that is just in the promises. 1 have had tha honor of a personal acquaintance lat?ly with all of these gentlemen, and have found them to be cu'.ightened state?m?u, and exceedingly friendly to the I'nfted Glutei and her political interests and tendencies. President Mallarino has a son now educaung n the vicinity of Kew York. Hon. Uno de Pembo, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, is an exeedingly liberal and enlightened states man. and hw son is the present Secretary ofthe new Granadain Legation at Washington; Gov. Vunez, Secretary of the Treasury, who was formerly Governor of the province of Caribau-ena, is a young man of fine talents and a prominent member of the democratic party here , Hon. Luciano Jaramillo, Secretary of State and Home Department, was lately Senator in Congress for Cart ha gena, and is a gentlemen of great legal acumen, adminis trative ability and sound judgment; JU)d Jlon. Florcolino Gonzales, the Attorney General and President of tho Cabi net, (its constitutional organixat..'ti being somewhat dif fe rent from our own), is not only o;ie of the soundest law yers anil first statesmen of the country, but his great abilities and attainments, with lils fine gill of burning oratory and logtcal reasoning, would place him ,n the fore most rank among men in any country in the world. He is not only personally well acquainted with our own coun try, and the first nations of Kurope, where ho has held iu|?ortant diplomatic stations, but is an ardent admirer of cur institutions, and labors constantly to introduce their principles and method here. To all this may bo added tho very great, and 1 might almost say paramount, inllueuce of Gen. W?si;uera, who is an established merchant and resident of New York, where bis family now resides, and who is now at Bogota attending Congress as Senator fer Savanvilla. lite warm preferences iu fa vor < f the United States are well known, and bis judg ment is much respected hero iu all questions. Besides tlit; he is tlie .ithor ot the present treaty between the two countries, which was made white he w.u Pre sident ot New Granada, and Gen ITerran, ex President and resident Minister at Wa<hui;ton, is his son in law. I'ndc r all these circumstance- I think there is reason to believe that the negotiations for reparati <ti and indemnity will be brought to a favorable conclusion as rapidly as is possible tinder :? repr?~ciitaiive and responsible govern ment. 1 have entered upon these particulars ;n order that ? jurt appreciation of the facts as th y exist here, may be op< ned to your readers. 1 have already told you that a Presidential election takes place herr in July and that there are three candi date* in the field Gen. Mo-quera. who is supported hy the national par; .- S nor .Murillo, by the ultra republi .icans, who affiliate much with tin? pr nciple* of the KieLch red republicans; and I>r. Ouplna. the candidate of the advocates of the Church and State union and tic sup pression of the heretic*. The contest w.ll probably be between Mosquera and Murillo, for the ranks of the ' hurth militant teem to be rery ihiu in numbers, Ka<:h party ? onfident of succe-s, but I bavo uo rae.u. of csti mating the probable result. During my late tour thro'igh the country lying u jmiii the "u|p'r waf rs Of the Mafdalena river 1 hn\e been everywhere mo-t hospitably received, the imp'e fact that I w.i- an American ( toying a pa-sport lo the good w ai ar.d k.nd attentions of a, I classes. The p'r tiou of count: y thro'igh which I pa- ? .! is the prmcipw "?eat of u.e t- l>a? ' o i lilt .re. ail' 1 n|.e . the . lll' l pi ' ?? I u ei-s of quma or Peruvian bark, ["he trade .n th?-<e two ar t ;e- has re ei\ec( great impulse here within the ??.-t few years, and is rapidly increasing. The mountains, lr'.h- r'o ,.i. ti e. i..|i by the foot ef n .11, ure b-.i.g ttavi r- ed in every direction by the searchers for bark, and every eligible I. cation is being entered, w hile the vales are a- an lied. tni. evi ry favorable spot for tho cultivation of tobacco >s la- jig brought tinder tillage. The ocl *. -e beads shake tie r pates, and s.iy that the country is qiiu.a or tobacco tuad, as tl case may be; I'M .U It.' II ?? ill,:. till l v? out I* .1! WMlUi .;<?? -i, the price of labor advance*, D"W want* crow up with n?-w meant to proM c fur thorn, *?Iit mean* of en (,>tn(ct or ?? ijii.-ition are nroupht * thin the reach of the | <n .c. I do Lot think it a fa<t.t:om pro-|?'nty. b'.t I ? ! .1 v that t ;? founded ii|?>c .1 x re ba-i- Unit : w -ay. upon ? ? 1 | lability j-t prolu. 1 1* t> and III- ne, ? ? tu* 1! lli> < world. W.lh greater exi' 11 Uie prod., lion and ,iurca.-<j f.e ilti. * "I out tho t -t of thi-o ante leg may be -en.'d, atid ttie increase of supply may bring a reduction <u pri?-w n for- *-n mat "le h it tin i" -tit ov ii n- > w h vary g'?-at. and nf!- I il.f uftl. lent m i fciufi"- ?i y reduction that . .?? y tu t.ik '* pU'f in pr ? * Tli" 1'ei uvmi bark of ?w i.rarnda will always find .1 profitable outlet, and It lota, co tandi Hit to thai of ll ivaini in Kuropean mar k't>. Ij itTiino a ! jjuod acfara uc not tlucal -ned over | nxlurt ?* Tin- quma tree i* found only upon the *;de? of the m<>uLU u*. at a greater elevation than I^HIMlkM th< le Vi*l of the -? a The liar* gailo rera go ,n freni two to - ? day*' yourntjr fri.m th" Inhali" J ilt-lrict*. and, re far die-* uf 1 ger?, adder* mod iU'wU , all of whteh abound, In. ild tt," * - " h a*, and pi,? .cd to -trip the tram. II 1* a d upon -irir.|t? ra, under cuv~r. u> dry. and m ready lor packilg 11 from fi!l-< n t<> th:rt' day. aceording to the ?*a-on and the weather. WhU ary .1 1- pa. *"d in hide*. h l#ii> ?. gh iff ah., it b- ., and . tl? 1, oureyed > ii muie? to il," u ire.-t -h.ppiug I'.'.nt. Tbo demand I T bid". ha u.' Tf.L i?l th? :r pnee b'tlt n the !? lui. n -?nd ? lu.ra 1! ur t-, fron - dollar t!.r"o at. d the \ alue of jack mule* h?,* 1 ? arlv doubled. The t- ??'> culture ? carrt-d on with a different *y*t"m ft .I, 111 rt'ii-r ???..nir- ? Th" ''ounlry nwlly ' 'it up tut' ? larfi- e?i 1? wlm li have I'nrmoi y b? en 1 1 - "d fur Kia/11 if eatile. Vh *?i a proprn tur Mi ll M ?u.d- ,''l" lartli' t:\il "II "ft Ikc 1 ?? h- either r<-nt? ?1 I" '"m- a|'lb I t f,r. If h?' li . ' i| ?al, lie t-irni it into ifit.<? - t: 1, 'i .1. T" ?? 1 tli.- 1 ? in1 -t hr 1 a v H a. n u y cii tivat'.r- aa he 'an procure Ti *- ?? come w 'I, th< r i' - and b i l l t -ir I. it/, and ??a- h, or two or ti r ?- b.(('ther ? drying ho ;?<? and t.-n'.i hp t< i'?n I-, pi-rli p< two f|?'id? in tob.i :<o. W'li ;? the crop Iff ?tH or .1 I', a. htm wUI I. r- ? tl," ? .pi ? rt ??: !?. r..'i ly or i1.' ? vat "ii o! ? . M .1 a- f <? MtlM-t * tlie |. and drii'? ,t In- de .. - ,t to t ? ? "r at,'! i? a tliel |? f |?'r th ? ?? r t. Th< maiiiirr of tin op an ? -tut ? p" ? ?r Tli*' wt'er re? <-ivf a* rent a ti*''d pri ??. munlly ? lit) . ? ? b* for 1 ai h nrrobe <1 lo'.a. o _,"wu t-n 1 ? .ii,'. I" t >? f?iW' r a l v : rale < a ., p? . hut t' - vnr "? unicli With ttie h-. allty, quality "f the land aiid otb i-r .nJvarta,-es or <l.-ad\ amaze- of th" e-p\t<'. It var > from fl W) to f'2 40 per arrobe. Alt. r thi* the to i'ii < ??'!? I |h. ked and - nt to market for acco .nt of the nwrr or l?f>e?., a* the ? ai luay l>?. li,? i?tt<r Tiality "f Aml>ii! m* b ti-cu-.-o eallrl from the chtnf t"wn and commnri ul cntre of the tobic e?. ?; >f t? a ft'-l nrtl< !? r-r ?m"k)?u' but i- w?ntt?j[ t. lb | tar an :i ? I a\ ? ? th" V 1 Li <1 A >t ? V ? ? ( 'ib* It ? a 1 r, < f lb' ^tr .ii?' and rank Uf I- and ?ii.ill of th** American leaf, and there f '-re taken a k.'h rank nwtig tho.? eta ??.iifbt for to trake an lmui."n Havana ?<*jrar, ar d a* it <.lns? ly apf.rov he* the Cuba tobacco .1, "?'ft, t ' well ada|4ed for tl, ? p irpo?s. The thief irwtraet, f.,r it* ?ai? are I idon and Ibocnen. In th<? pr*r? f e? ?.n the eoa th' i- a varjr food leaf It al?i t> ?r a d 'arllat *na and "abirrllla are khiii; Urfly it tl,, bueiiie** of toba. ? o r a. or The aupply of th.-i ar ? f'i"tt .V- '* <.rar-...'a w. . r ? .)ot. t rat '? it" r?.. ? the only km. 1 to ti pro>ii ? n u tao lupply of u .or U at may 1 turned t*. It. M' Ti'ittothn bri!r? Of ''indi W ue of unalloyed d* . it Be*id<? tin li' 1 I 1. la-nd mountain ?renrry during two d?<?i ? f' . .1 ? the front rent b?tw "ii tiie I. ainl th' 1 ..." ??: . J e amply r? i-m tl. it j'.' ? ti.' ,ri. I r. .rnl w .nder a -t- "I ? 1 ? t< w tl. J- r i ? a. ? . .*. b. . f w n l? In ? ettet, ? i fur ? t.' t' m-tre tUati a nn 11 r g> m b nt tl.. ??.tt i 1 mail rr.. r r .-. II ? .1 I t ' ?> 1 <11. \ U ? "li o! ' . irt ??'< ? :rf r t! ? - ti 1. 1 .?!?' ?!? aw ? . a ;r 1, >. h ? on .g mi mn. '.?? era.. ??? 1 then at. . : 1. 1 I,.,. I 1 ?!'" ? I " * ?i 1 ? r.?l ,*r >t n. ^ aitl" t i. e I.ji' ?.' t' 1 her and f' rn,"d u, ? ?luf' 1 1 an llif "o I ' dr. d f. ? I al' e t? e torrent a I '. I I" I tt . h r 1 1 1 ? . ? r -ti* ?i w . ? w. ?> , ? *. r lb" t? ? a 1* al'O e. Tli" tr , a , ?' 1. < . ne. aii ' vi-itera ut-ually creep in botw.'.'it th in. a* I I 11 ? t a .. ti r t jew l?-i A'", t thirty I -. t ? "T d' ?i .1 the hi ' at the rui { ? 1 1 , t' ll M'Ver: 1 Ilk" ??"!" 1 .IV" '( K II '? a Will, ? rv ai?l ,r. e ?u adn t . ily ?? '.ure p' i' ? fr- >n wh i i p.- .<? Infai tl.' dej til-', and a ittii -? I- U" ' t *?>?! w.i ejiH1' .- tli.'i" who have t> j ly lu ad- t>. wa ? 1 n..: th> t ??* | 1 id/ f* "I I p ? k ? d "'it a f * 1 .?? ?r a, t- "II I at ll' III" and ral ' 1 ? few w 1 em m 1 lb" r1,. h art' ve |.<p4 ?he?f |t< y a< '( l.l a I ' fr tie plan w U? retret. lor I roiild hav" at-nd fi?r hoi,, art... ? >Ji | a [?.ii ll I r?f 1 I mi t cili i.t riv r. and th ? ..)? K v> ti IK ft. I< arlil lb l'..r< ii lion oldt -t-?t? ? t?i bridge lo be .112 f? ? ji-te t . water '< th ol nataral ar h 4i (? ?* a... I Width 4o fe" W- 1, ? jl.i ? ti," |e- .a , !?>- aea u aA^ I Win..' M l"ai .!i I tt -linwn "ome ii i|? rt - f " < t'tat li > I lateh li" t f> ii d. w.lh *onie Indian u a" ? 1 liui lliey wi re of 1 ttl?' ,-n'ue fh" people n tbia *i< ln,ty ato very |ioor. ha uitr no pro-l m t* to -?ll. nor any n - vr ri.i.k'i to id'iee them to pro luee. I viry f.n "?(* grow-i pp?.nli?! "Oi,-ly I. re and al l'ii?;ja' i?, half wav to ii" "ta "it th' ? >iit of ro.??la and th" a ' ti m o< 1 l?. to cIh .ato pre vent lla cyatcmaii '. i nltnm. Wjk' 1 my le.e "> W. re bro' ?ht np from tho p i- ttiro hero In t i. morning I t d tl. it 'taih 'if them had Ii en Urn j h'aj i- t? ti. , k by the rampyr* bat d ir ig tne aj.t an l 1 I .'ay. aa I rod" alon ?, la , .1 * . to fi "d monkey* nliaii reil ?#me from tli" tr"e? ,n the fiad-. !e. A - 1 1 r.t of iwjtilry n dative to thn ir dd r lloM of thi'. rout. try hna lieen a#ak"ned to the I'dtif I taltt, atl f ? ; lad If I "iuW 'ay anyihu g ll anti /it. II u I laxeii' *, >1- i d the gold bea, inif, ai l "an only ,1. yj\i * aa. i ..Mm Um >uert. aaai ?cry rich in minerals there cm b? no doubt H if the most wealthy portion of the couutry, and th? quantity of Cold annually exjwirted from there is v u,o?n.!j?.ttmatcd at etwcen three and hi millions of dollar*, tho greater por tion of which come* from washings. The ragged nature of the country almost precludes the Introduction of ma chine ry lor working veins, although very rich ones no doubt exist and it is the general remark here that the rwhefct districts are the most sickly Tue river Ponce, for instance, tty led hy Colonel Acosui, tiie historian of New

(iianaila, "the IWUilus of .America," yields gold with great abundance. but no white man con resist the climate, and even the negroes living there are subject to a must malignant fever. There are several i mall jtaruou of Atne ncaiw in the southern part of Anti...juia, most of whom came out last December. Alter diligent iu.tuiry of people from Uiat port on of the country ] can only learn that thev iiave gone .a? the lull mines, ai.d Q*m none of litem have died. The province of Choco is aLso said to be very rich, and the hie wry of its gold washings, worked by slaves in tho tune of the Spaniards, coiitiruis the fact. This district lies between Antioquia and tl?i Pacific ?>cean, and embraces the lower portion of the Isthmus, between the Atrato and the sea. Several parties have gone up the AtruU) into this district, and from one of the men, who lately returned on hi.- way home. 1 heard the following particulars jj,, was from Indianapolis, and is rcturiiiug there, for he said that with cne half of the labor in the United States he could earn twice us much maney as he could 111 hunting tor gold. From him 1 learn that tho whole country. lor many miles is one continued swamp. the greater ttoitiou of it being under water, that the only way of prospect ing is in a cauoe, and from the constant rains a man never i an be dry. He found the best plan was to follow the custom of the black*, and work naked, but th s exposed lum to Uie sun and numerous inse. is. Farther in tho in terior w?.re mountains, many ol winch liad not been visited. and all then-streams contaiui ?.! some gold, but tin: difficulties of getting at them were very great, and the danger of sickness imminent. A party, under Mr. Cameron, of Now York, were there but qll had been down with lever and ague, and most of the men Ft. II had it on them. Mr. C. is expected here soon, as he had met with little succe --. A small party of threw or four from Philadelphia i- Mild to have broken up and a gent:< man by the name of Mathews, from Sew Or-' leans, who brought some machinery for the purpose, has given up his enterprise and gone to California. Such arc I the tidings I can gather m to tho gold fields and the gold hunters. Carthngena I have rpeken (if in a letter during my for mer visit, but my stay wan so short and my observations ?-o cursory that a few remarks new may bo of interest Th-s city was formerly the cluerseat of .Spanish |iowcr on th" Main and still glories in its fine harbor and strong walls lie houses, which were very strongly built, are mostly in fuir condition, and a Email outlay would bring the greater |>art or them .lito a perfect state. Here was ibe scat of trade up the Maglalena river am! an ess the mountains to Quito; up the Atrato and across the isthmus of San Juan to I.ima, and some portion of the tr.illio with .Vcaj u! ? and fhe west coast of Mexico went from here but now the storehouses are unoccupied, the harbor is' nearly deserted, and tho canal that couneoted .t v. th tlie Magdalen* riv r is stagnant with mud and water grasses. The trade ofl'eru and Mexico have gene into oth. r i hon "els, and even that of the Magdalenu, < nee tributary here l?a round an outlet through the marshes of Savaniila and Sojiia Marta. The outlet, it is true, has been a laborious and an expensive one. but it ha.* sufficed in some measure lor the limited c.iinmeree of tlie country, ari l it has only been witluh ft few years that the increasing want of an easy tccess to the river has drawn the cuOl.o attention here to the subject. It is found that the delay ami expense attending the introduction of poods to the navigable waters ol" the in terior, and the export of products, w Inch when the trade was small was of little account, low amounts, with the in< reuse or common e, to a very serious burden and va rious plans are un ler consideration to relieve it. ? I irst nmong these is the Pique of Carthagena, which tsan artificial canal, ten miles lor.g, connecting a serie ol" lakes and natural channels will) the bay of this city, it combines tho advantages of a good j?ort, a tine city a; hand for the accommodation of trade, and an entranco into the Magdale-ia mer. some l.fty miles above tho marshes that surround the mouth. Tlie Pique can be permanently opened at a comparatively small exjiendi ture, and the contract for this pur|iose, and privilege of nav igfttion, is now held by a New York company. Second in importance is the Canal de la l'ina. connect ing the )*>rt ol Savaniila with the river, of the bars that ir.f'et its month. This canal is simply an 0|>en chan nel of tlie river, ami is kept open only by a con^unt watchfulness aud expenditure of m mey. At present the 1 a-siige of small b<.ats through it is 'much impeded by accumulations of sand and mud in the channel and shell near the sea. Tlie )ort of Savaniila is not consider ed a good one: and the lAwu itself is a collection merely i f mud huts, the seat of the population being the town of Karanqu.Ha. inside the bars, and utuate on the bank of ihe river. The government is now advertising fui pro jsi-itlons for cleaning out the Canal do la Piua. There is a route eastward, through a large salt lake wh?.b .? connected with the river by several channels one of which, though narrow, I navigable. This is called the Santa Marta route, as it is intended to facilitate ' i mmunication *tth that city. Sunta Msrta lies on the ?eab. ard, some twenty mileg from tho mouth of the nr.r and is the port of entry for nearly all the goods for the .nterior, Savat.illa ill adapt.' I lor this trade, through t-s bail l.arl r and want of net ?< mniodatton !<.:? good*. Alt. i etitiy at Silit.i V.uta tie' , are U. -n tip li 'a (jii.Ka by boats tl at ruu through the breaker* on the bar ' r . .>? go thtough tl .? -hallow H . a Viej.i" (oil mo<uli) .nto th. .-alt j.i ke? above m< ntione I l'i.. < hannel. ho -a evtr Hipt. Ml. w .. ? pre- ..t the .! t|? .;lue, ol . . '?.ice t the mcuth m the rlv> r. and the iiece-sitv of '! It - id- but a. the mer. ! I' Sanu M.irU w.-,i 'I " ' till. I'', til' > h.iv a ]'! oj. i: uii< ;? i' Con. lei all <a ? liipK Il,<- !o 1: ?? "? (I.e.. nr.' S. veril t i!- t> G-ib^-tia f i i 1 1 ? M. . n.i iiii'! ? r. \ ntri). ? - aro oi. "? t n i. a ..i" d b , rival nil- to pr.-.ent hr ' ' 1 W r ?'??? '??' ? t .ui|Hirta: ? ? H i ' '? ?'?' i re '? t Moi ^ treti'i." and :t :?> t . ?... I ? t t t i. .or w.,i . d .n ih<> pres. i t ?'?ir. 1 1 ? tia.. .b'.a i,.-.! from ?'? . res tl. a. t n. ik.i g h- r lr? . | ? rt ?.l : entrj ; but ail. tr. s upon the < pet, ' ? lli' I ep" I . . . i s I ail . . Ii. . t. it .it fa '. ;t ' '? ' ''' - i 1 i> .ii .... r a' and le r fw*i ' ' ' ?- a l.'.o -ail ' ,!,t.,_-. - tl TV. S " I n .- ' :i I: . I - - Iirroui. . I by the . , i, " '? 1 I ? " ? di . a-, s ol ...1 k i. .re t.nii'.wu le ?e it d I ? r : i.. I art ? r, . ; . a--y | ? ,t. ... . ...r ? I l ib" r ( tl 11 ?? Atiat.1 . . I t I.; the r p ? ; '1,:. V that w I .-Tl I ;...,|t .|S,1: the . I at C U.V.I. . - ? i . . ? i t t' 1 1, -tat ol <!, . > I ) . t -rna t : ? . ? . ; ? ? antit-t I. .? :?? .a I v. "it!. < .tv -rt. .v i r i her rt<- late ti. #t ! I. .ok w V her. l.o..*:,.l|y to the ' . f i : ????. i-'iit.-r I .in . ' ' ' t h ?!.. . . r tw i > fo- tl,. I.thrr i?, vi ie rvn J n- i ' '? t- -ay ai.. it ti... :,it .- :.i; ,;tl, . ' ? ? I la d forg. tten to m?i.ti? n that shortly before I ? t I'- I ? I s I w Vii -terf. in ( .. arr ,i , - .? at! 't.gotl "r I .o;e, t, tho prof. sit .Of. t>. !- .4 ,-r. ? ? ?<k' '' 'i ' ' ii |,,. ?. rn.e.l ??. .i . . H' ' ? at. M-1 '. ? - tor the p rp...e l ?f | : r - ?'* ?? r :r. gre-.o! tl.-l i?|.dS' u-: ?? > ""?> 1 ' ' ' ambit as is- ben . < g i. -? t a. th- tl ? ... r and leader oi South America. Tlie Chilian was a* to cs-l.ed v l.ei, |r tie of the lead i.g m. n o! \. w Grat.vl i 'or hir Il.t'ti. tl t th- I nited States wa-i too slow, i,. I ' ii her southward march. Our P?ii?mi (orrripoiKlrnrr. t'Nirrn Mnr Manr'a, 1 1'auii^, J<!te IV, l^M. J Muxvj r'j Ta' 'V for tJi< rroUttivn th> Itlhmtu J'tu <"l g*rt ? 4!'ci'A rn tht t'rmch Curu.ii?An'tkrr Ormmvitra turn of thf fflmciti rramfi and Enrr^tie Artion nf Cajtair J>ai'ty? Attack m Aiat >-y !h* Oomrnmmt Or pa*. if' . 4 c. In your *?ue of Hay 2*. 1 ?ee my communication of the 1.' th. t < matter* and t h,i>f? on hoard tin* ?hip. Mtrr wrttuigt tl?a letter, there ha/> b?en a length; aorr< ?pond?'n:e l*twcett Ci|U oT Bailey, of thj'ip ari't b;? KTr?ll<n j- th<* Governor c( l'at.a,,a which, a? thf ramc Ium h< *a j 'ihliahad twin no repetition here. That < upta.u Biiicjr hat puraued a hue of c<>odiet pr.>i? r ly Juatitiahle ar. i ,e ae< ordai ? e with our *ti>rk>'i* t,it;tu tl<r.r ' cannot tail to ?lr>k? the ohaerver at once. Frcr "tare our! her* on the oceae <m of re*?eW arriv at either Urn.r.v with pa??engera to nuke tli? tran*..l Ui ? ehip ha- been immediately put la a ?lat" of actiTe preparation t<r any aggre?ei?n? that the nAtirea may in proper U> make upon o?ir unarmed citiaeaa. aud Captain B ha* at all timet 'feme! aaii-m* to aftord every e\ .denrc 'n hi? piwer that b?' ? ?> th able and willing to pr..t?* t Amrr 'in life aod property . A rath' r amueing li'tlc ep-odo off rrcl here on the eT. tung of th* '/ ull , on the o.-?-a? .iu <?f a ball fiv^a Jyr <.ur very able and efficient i?>n.?ul, II mv W ilinm W ird Mq" the fact* of which a* far a* I am ablet" Imrr. ?reihc e ? A 'trunks -at 'or called u|?m th" liar k<et? rof a drtn' ;n,g ?alo<m for more wtm-h birfceopr requited t? *upply him in con-fjuenoe of wh ch i! ? ?ilor made an attack ?V,n th# harkcejier, ?n:ipp njf hkj t ? olrer at him two or thrrc tim"?, an?l tli^n eaiApiug ?t til. tirft win ro hapfwtlinff to m-^t with the I < ? i ul. tount Xolant. heattAck'^l bim ia thw howerrr. h? an.' on rr, on<1 hcM. The Con ul. who, hy tlie way, although rather 'he mernl^n of life. t? ii?errtliel(^< a p> wcriully ir.-iti"! man. "inMulM anl etr^ngly ku.t jrored too ?uch for tl.e pugna< iou^ -'mite m II" -arB'il and thr-w him upon the gr<>?txt, ? it e .-<a i.p Mraa iecurcl b> the an<l Ukcn to pei ?. _ .. ... 7o ? l.i * h' w inflatrim^li!'' the inha' tart* of th',* place ar> it will only b?' nc, r-sary to -tate tlut "?%r: c.y tea i Mr had etapicrt when the ?Jei?i!. n? of ? V ?>r?ga ho r .ii into the ? ,ty. vowinp imtn li.-ite .?ni ? | ? I n i^ner* of all dietiactloM. Th < pre. .liberie, I - (f ii T\( re ina<le h> the Uon?ul of the I'nited Ct?te? to the 1 .-'i Viry '*of ' troul'le on ?bore,'1 w)?ereopoa the tifua! . m at i f ftimmonlrig ' all hamla to nuart^rs ' w> re re l, <) tito-N*t< minno.l andarmc.l. ,i mm r, f n p,i? . I "j. ai.d everything eot in rea<) n??s >>r?an ram. .twin i * ipnntneiity t apt* n lla / Comin imlcd the !>??( ? I ?? ?. on iii jtr ii with IJenw natbt ll.?y? li-ii' l an 1 l> i l..?m a "telinf. ieavlag I j?ut> i mt J M Frailey 'n - . nd r ftli. -hip Aft'r pu.lirp in a ?off .Ai k-i 'm <c to 'itpiern obiiw Hon shore, tl <? i i m dou- I, 1 I- < IV chain to tr..ike a ret.onno.e we, . h ?< > r ? ?raa ??.!>- ei|iedlt;f?i?lj" |>erf..r>- /??? ? t'? it officer, awl re--. If. ?d ' tlie fhete a? "latcd? tlie druak . il< >r v?>r?c? l>.?rko> i r in'i I fi B' h Con?i I There are varki' 4 rer- of t!i? af ?a. i the "native*" t king it ra'l i a? an ln<lgn It* offered to ?hi i ? t '? ; t.?" .m-! i. ii? mt <t-it?of I'm, ar ia luvinifaea l? mh ii* i . > i. ot I t it, lienli im and an arm>'4 l??at -' r?w Ada) or No f nMe^rient to th? afiair, tlM /'attn i .-no fovirii' < lit < (Im ,al oriran. ap|<earod n an art , |n in, oriiig it tii" nevercat mauoer the ooir-e p r- ?-?! l?/ f'< n-nl an l ''m-tun Ilillcy i 1 ?? ?. l ? n fit I - t.t nl.' II (,.? i i- I .?in ii.tne to draw ? "ir own itarfw ona. That anvca , ?> i . id I cn ? i;|*. u Captain W. Icy I i n v-i'y In-, i, a he Wa* ?ln.p(f in ..'."die-,.-* t> ngM^fii ? hlrh l ad her preeoneerM Hi eaaaaf iii?culiy b"<w^en ti.e inlml iun'" mil I'Teignerr, k- . Tic ft Mary* ? timi ? .i thi* ?tai' ? ah t ip. hut a* ft I hat*' en no Ye??e| apiiolat. '.i to r'lieVe her. "Hi* I ilth'f ftw offiet ami \n ct> w si '.??<l a? the rare il |iei ii.ii-ndeiii ? of ?.ur yoaar, th> ah ????ry c*. .'ll.-nt, ( ?!fn c. It. I. I Itrayt' l. an r ,,< ? r t, ha\ ni' ,n L.fc U./ iMt.vkti uaU iUi?r iu.u.1 v. 4 ? I ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. KPBt lAL AOTH K8. C1AKD.? TO THE EDITOR OF TUB HERALD? AN ) advertisement w your paper of y??UTj?y, beaded "To the Public," recording the proceedings of ..n informal meet trip to sympathize wi'K the Vigilance Committee of San t'nui csco, my name i* sirued to the um? as Secretary, which, I desire to sta'e, was entirely unauthorized by. and unknown to me, having had 110 connection with the 111 uuestion. GEO. W. PRA V, Broadway. Detective*?. a meeting of the chief dele gntesof the P. O. I>. will be held at 61 Whitehall stre.-t, on Wednesday, July 2, at iJ.J o'clock, to take Immediate mea sures for holding a grand mai* meeting in the Fifteenth ward, In opposition to the intended nomination 01 Sam Hoteling for Mayor of the city. N. M. Neuson, Fifth ward. A. MoKlwain, Eighteenth ward; P. lirace, Twenty first wai d; W. II. Hens, Fourteenth ward: Joe. liort, First ward, Rieeulive Com mit tee. J. NAOLS, Secretary. Notice to contractors -water commission er'? office. Jersey City, June Zi , MM. ImM nro will be rcoelved at thia sttice, cm n?r of Washington aiu eer streets, Jersey City, unu) Friday, July 11, at A o'clocl M., for the material* for, and the work of constructing at fi, 000 feet of main sewer in Wayne street, Itailroa<l avenue, Newark avenue and South Seventh street; ami also about 9,000 feet ol lateral sewers eonnecliug therewith, in the streets ad jacent; together whh the neoesaary culverto and receiving basins. Hushing gates and temporary canal, according to the general plan of sewerage. l'l. ins and specifications may be seen at the Engineer's office after thin dale. G. H. BAILEY, Engineer. New vork lodge, no. m? the regular com mumcation of this lodge will commence thU day, July 1, ?t three o'clock. Punctual attendance is requested Uv order f CHAS. 1). BKOW.V, W. M. PmriL A. Ross, Secretary. OFFICE RECEIVER OF TAXES, NO. 32 CHAMBERS street, (new Court House,) New York, June 8< 1HS6.? Public notice. ? To avoid the l is* s that must Inevitably occur from the crowd of tax pavers who put off to the latest day the payment of their taxes, I have determined to adopt the follow fug rule, which will be rigidly adhered to during my term of office ?I shall receive no money after 2 o'clock P. M. Every officer In this Department Is strictly prohibited from receiving envelopes containing money or checks for the payment of tuxes. By order, HENRY H. HOWARD, Receiver. OFFICE OF THE CH.I F OF POLICE, JUNE 30, IS66.? An owner is wanted at the First District Court (Tombs, Centre street), for 19 pair India rubber shoes. GEO. \\. MATSELL, Chief of Police. LITERATI' RK. CtOL. FREMONT'S WORK -D APPLETON A CO., 440 1 and 34b llroadwav. wtllliublish on Wednes<Liy COL. FREMONT' S NARRATIVE of the MiGC.i 1.1c caufoiiyu ExreBino*. Narrative of the exploring eM"'dttlon to the Rocky Moun tains in the year 1842, and to Oregon and North California m the yeara IM3-4. By Brevet ? ap* . J. C. Fremont. Reprint ed from the. official report ordered to be published by the tinted States Senate. One volume. Svo., paper cover, Zficta. " Col. Fremont ta not only one of the most courageous and intelligent travellers of the day, but one ol' the most graphic aid admirable writers of the country ; and his work has been universally and justly welcomed as deeply Interesting, an I containing an Immense amount cf novil information not else where accessible. LIBRARY OF LOVE.? THE MOisT RECHERCHE AND anion us effusions e .er penned. Throe volumes, 800 pages, Illustrated tl AO I. Basin ilie Kiss. s of Secundum ami Bonueloiis. 2. Ovid '* Art ?>!' Love, Remedy of Uve, Amour*. Ac. 3. Dryden's Fables, from Boecaclo and Chau cer. " Boccaccio's Decameron, or Ten Davs' Entertainment." One beautiful volume, .mm pages, with eighteen steel 11 istratiens. The most gall mt tmd piquant book ever written: {I. Ail sent by mail, postage free, by C. BLANc'HARD, 76 Nassau street. FCTORIAL CLIPPER? 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Inwn hi Tl-i. llii|ie tlVi,, No. for f'< I I n .?!>!<? I. hi' inlar of R. WarJrop, at tb *? r haul* Knhint'' Hunk St* York im ninety <i,i>? AU par I ? ?f Ittiby <aill;oiii"| ret In mKo'.il# M I na.r. M p.l\ no tit him i>? t-n . Th* llmlrr will plraaa InaV" it with i i.i ?!,??? II") ? A ' u. or "ii >rt ill" utmw Catalonia. foot of Warren afreet. I rwT-MAT I WIlll.K i.OiSfi TO A KIRK IN Tl % \j Fourth ilixri'.t ? l,r?rn?n'? ti?.]r?* lea*. tb<: CtiA-r * li < nftr a furor < y h *.Dg it at 17 Vuita ?ir?wt. IOHT? VF.-1 KKI'AY. Iff XAWKff LAMB. YAM AC j tr?, ?<!..?<? it b*-. ??? ijnl't ?!???*- '.ink * lib ??><? l*tt?r* W P. H. ? l f r?T"I 'f Th- Irf ?I ba ?ii.iti)y ruw.u il ?l Ij rvturulni It to w, Mai'ltn I?, up atau-*. In?T-YF.#TFItIMY MORMtMO. TRiiM THIRTY 4 fnwrtl ? " t .,ii I N in h ... ihk-. 'I wn Eiuhib avaona ?' ni' nod Thirty flftn ?*r a t Thirty aaron-l ttreeC W*?n 9 and II o r!.* b. a lauy'a aom *.ttca. markfit t' V. ?m lb'* h*rk. % li> I < il r> ?iN ? I t?- kiran to Ibi< I 4er bf l-.mug itat 23t 11 ir'j tonrti. itnwl, r? ?r Mir.ili u .<? IOf T -ON KUWAT RVF.fflVO OOIJOi FROM El-ft. 4 iwlfr i ? Rri > '* ? "?r tb * g iM ti. i -|?1 I h< Iff a III"' , : ? r ,i v r?'? ?: <-l by .caving It ?t "v> RMrMgr ?tre? tf nift, liratrr kil l <>r.-i d IfifT OK fcTOt KM? IN HH? K)KI.YK. A MRAWHF.R'IT J p hli .<? n U v.b I. ? * Manlm? ? .(? r?K*k? ?<j. i *iMtnJ oarb an, I <1 ,? c ..,i- Tb?ji w*r? >ft aut. ' u k In I'itt, ) ? r. ? i ? .ii i.i.'' i. Br Hiblvn, aoiwerp i?t ?<< ii by 'h* ritw r yfiafrdajr mornteif ai II A M Th? fta kf vrill be Mtt*bly rr wartfxi <M r tarMi '?>* ??m?t?l?r. Kia a. id ?'?n ^r Mr ll'nrj a?d iwilWKHi atraata, hw> lyn NffiTir* -|,f>?T <KKT FIKP<HIC< K S<> 2 <U r?lR %'.t 3b, ij -lfd Mar' h i t na Ai|.ir.;ir liauk. 4ra? i ? . I ? ii i. *? a ? ?: flavor ..f Harrla A Harr ? Tb? r??ii>iJ'~ ar? i au'i'fiM *g* i at in ?? ' uc iu? p?vn ?nt having b"?Hi Hifprt IIARRl' A HARRIf. liallawn Ml? \ym \I?ltIFT? FRO* rHK HTKAMHOAT 4\IRRI<>{ vv nn T irvlay. Mtb inautii. ?hil? i-mnin* drum Yonk> r , on ih? ? >cur?ii n tor Kulitk ? rwl CmIki .?* Aunb, a rww b<M ('tUmt [ tin"! wli.ic. ? i I ofiai'lNnl black; tb- n%m>i f tl i i'?H Ri'iJm^it of iwb mrtri. lor4 b Hw, Mttnt^i m i ' bark 'marl. W imvvr wili rtsMrn tb? ntupwi b?iNl<> TMO0. KUAN ?WI alrr''i, Xorih river wUI !>?? ? nuhlj, ri'vrariM FIRRHUKKR, 'KMTRAI. FIRM -FOtTRIH ?>K M I.Y. lM*-< I I Ui *i rk flT'*. I* nivni'in ?*rc?> Ibr iindri - iitimI b n| ii i a>|ll an rnUr-o how aKvk of 1r?work? i f 'Ji" atMt . ? . , itton *r,d tb? f|ii%lliy. h? h?a wi b? ?Hi ?'?n if aatrfUiii timl for Wan * of r lat ? awl m.i?m Artnrn of >ty,e tbr/ ?Faud ;nriva.,?u am mf pyruk'uintie fnni,afa' tur?. Hr Uirn f> ra bapa Viva to eah *ba *l'?Btmn nf b'-f-lanla aini il>? | mi I ' f'? ally to tb? f?.i< wir.* ?or* i ? ?ith ibi uitran" that m pit: rh ,?lnc Ui,'m 'liry wi.l obbtlii a a iprrtor ?rt>f > ?i ih? "Waai , aat. prfi ?? ? iMm kniii'i'i, "kyM'keta, Mv ii! fir *a, Tr uuiaa. Bra-aoojiptra, Tn, i **'|ih a, kH?. Tin wi. .'la, hrir wh ??*?. T)nw?r p?4% PniliM rracb^ra, F,r? erwkt ra, Hi *i n H|tw Tkmlila bcailara, < nr. V'-i TZ : - t ? i v , j ? . i '.i,' r ' h uham i if?. fj* iO!T? FIRST fMMnp 0M 09HB >BtU4A>1 Ii f ? , - : jib,?B',>riri >"or* rrmil r i i'jr N. I 0r> -? i . i ..?? a, '*? ?li?ntu bo ??' it ??? 1 U? J. si. t I ki>t?V it imt+.j lit/, or ? > fUOMAR PI'VKI!*, *ali- V *??t Mo. 10 M m "n kia Jl y.. wb'Tf :*.'[>* if#?!?'v-t^ri f "a \!-o ?r?Ty r.-r if of ? ? a ?\ -, i -.1 ? ? r< *?? i ?ra aal?-a. an. n %a <T^r?ara, ?mi J!t. ?. . k"H "ar.ilfcn Aa . Ai--, m*y b<> f i?o ' til, -ta di jlr"""! *ny fan ?f rtrr jr M ?'ij at tb4 f tU aajl , r rmri a' ktaitii t a, fra" - f at pot iriir.K tronv<" -nrw yurk t.a roratort no i? I' | r nt air ? ? ?? I v- ?.n i > ? -i. < i 1 , rs joa? ?'ick' ?iwl ? mmp ???? ia>.,rtmi'iit >?! (ir'w.rrka, * ir r la-i of 'ha i t >i<i?iltr. I Vmn i ry maibb? iW uJ iJitalfr- n li w?i ? ii f ?? Ml ib-' iot* . '.i < ic tn in? V HP. M H Kir, Mo. 1M Front ?woo.. i i n>rn he. ?WAVtsfi \ .-rt ' F n?>Tf *<};?; i!Rf>RooX fnrt i ? r na *r. ' ? >? t rl r ?>?. Any l ? i ? .ao: -''i.iig ?t?. ti ,-b ip, i>ui mi ? r, I : 1 1- "a,- I ' till a ,KAMi F.Ma.VFI BO rr.l.VITrWF -I p., \!?r . it ? . |j| i i aint. lb<- ii, if , "?< i?,rv CSt i - r IMfi ' kar ? r> "t: tviib m<?. h a i a ?!? Ion ?? }-?ft. ?}*i ?.itt t -.a ? ?" |-*??itif i. jot ? ? go a ai* 0. ( li.$f. FINAHCIAIi. $999,500 'oh'jewki ht, mnO!?M, *??. G? kaaCUiNUIS*, 8kUaKS. *?? PaWaBBOKfcHS' Tic* urn BNHt' JAMES B. MACDUFt , 396 Bro?ffw?I. <4 7 K n AHA tu LOAN? ON DIAMONDS, W ATCLEB ?7 0').UUU and jewelry, />r bou?bt for caab, by J - 1?. ISAAC, II Chambers street, ib'iscinent ""2222 prompt m.d eoafctnll?l, from 9 4tll &? *? ?? " transacted on Ki-turdays. l ( nnn -honey TO loan ON WATOHEfl. ?PWV.VVV. diamonds, jewelry, segars-dry goods a?T , all kinds of personal property; or bought and sold for caan: 1 1 Wot**, bonds, mortgage*, stocks. Ac., negotiated. No. 103 Nas-I sau street, comer or Ann, second Boor, rooms No. 2 and 2%. THOMPSON A CO., broken and oonqplsslon merchants. An/1 ? CASU ADVANCES ON ALL KINI ? VVV. of merchandise, negotiable paper, stock,"1 $375 bonds and mortgages, diamonds, jewelry, sugars, Ae., or bought for ratih. at 86 Nassau street, room No. 1. Office hour* from ? A. M. till 5 o'clock P. M. J. 11. B ARWINOKR. <tn7fi nnn ?oloan-oh diamonds, watches. 'PI I UiUUU jewslrv, segars, dry goods, ami auy kind of personal property, or bought for rash. Office hours from it till 6 o'clock, at 38 John street, corner of Nassau, rot m No. 3, second Boor, by J. F. NORBt'RY. Ainn nnn TO LOAN.? b. b. db barb advan ipiUUiUUU cea moneo to merchants, auctioneers, mo chanlcs and business persona, on all kinds of property, on reasonable terms, or bought for cash, at his premises, S6X Bowery. N. B. ? Business prompt and confidential. TO LEND ON BOND AND MORTOAOE, in Hums to suit applicants, on first class productive real estate in llilg city. Also, several imall sanu U) lend on Brooklyn property. Apply to 8. 8. BROAD, No. 13 Wall street, second story, $80,000 if 'I $ ^5 000 ~T0 L0Ali ON BONn AND mortoaq?. on first clan* city property, lu suma to suit;. Also a few good lots to sell, with a loan to build. Apply Ui 0. W. OREEN, No 29 Ann ktreet, corner of Nassau. nnn-TO LOAN on bond and mobtgaob iJjIu.vUU In three or four different sums, on productlv real estate In New York or Brooklyn, worth double amount o loans. Apply to L. 8. SCOTT. 27 Wall street. nnn WANTED? ON bond and mortoaoe\ ?J)O.VVV on estate in the city of Detroit, Michigan* mortgage bearing interest 10 percent per annum, legal inte" rest. Address M. C. T , Herald office. ^ to $i,m wanted.? tub above amount tJSU" IV is desired by a young man for four or eight months. Security given on aicrchiiudlae worth treble the amount I'nnclpalH only need apply. Address Homeward, box 1W" Herald office. BROADWAY? MONEY ADVANCED. TO ANY OOt aiiioimt, o i (diamonds, watches, jewelry, pianos, dry goods, segars, horses, carriages, harness, anu every de scription of property , or bought lor cash. Stocks, mortgagti, Ac., negotiated Watches and jewelry for sale. K. THAYER, rooms Nos. 1 and 2, sc.-ond story. A LADY, WHO MAS MET WITH A REVERSE OP fort .ne. would like to meet with a geutlemau who would loan her t ? ti good security and eight per ccut interest. Address Miss M. A. Taylor, Post office. Ant amount of money to loan on diamonds, plate, watches, jewelry, and all valuable Personal secu rities and merchandize, or bought for c.tsh. R. WOOD, 60 >'u!'on street, second Boor, front room, 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. Broadway 8a vinos' institution, no. 237 uroad way. entrance nu l'ark place. Dividend notice. Depo alters are hereby notii.ed that the usual semi annual dividend os all sums entitled thereto, at the rate of 6 per ccut per an num on sums not exceeding $500. and 5 per cent on sums over Sunt, will toe paid on and aft r Monday, July 121. Interest not called for will be credited as principal. Deposits made on or before July 7 will draw Interefe from the 1st. Bank open daily from 10 to 2 o'clock, and Monday, Wcducsday and Satur day evenings, from S to 7 O'clock. FRANCIS P. SHOALS, President. Want: P. WoFRau.. Secretary. ? 1'Xiih CruNiMu, Accountant. C11IICAGO, 8T. PAUL AND FON DU LAO RAILROAD / Company, No. 12 Wall street. New York, June 2ft, Idfifi. The Interest upon the bonds of this company, duS July 1st., will be paid on and alter that date, on prwtenuiuon of cou pons at this office. J. W. CUKRIEK, Secretary. Dividend notice.? office p\nama railroad Company, New York, June 30, 1*40. The Hoard of Di rt e"vs ol the !'ainima Ra';roi,rt Company has U.H day de i' d a dividend of six per c-nt on the capital stook of the totupnny, out of the earnings of the road for the current six months . ynyahle on and after the 13th July n^xt. The trans fer ... Kh Will he closed a; ter three o -lock this day, until the mt.oiiig of the ljth July. Tbn interest oil the bonds 01 the trir.p. nv lulling due ou tne 1st of July, w ill be paid on pre sentation of the coupons, on an 1 after that date, a*, the offica of Ihe company, 88 Wa'l street. By oi ler of tto Board of Di t Ian, I RANCIW HP1ES, Secretary. Dividend.? island city bank, 150 broadway. New York, June 3", IN*;.? The President and directors luitethis day declared ft semi annual dividend of three and one hall per cent, payable on and after the 10th July, proximo. The transfer books will be closed until that date. WM. STKBB1NS, Cashier. TOMIURANT INDl>THItl. SAVINGS BANK, NF.WV, Pj York, June* !*.'? ? Niglee? Depositors are informed that deposits made .,n or before Monday, J'tly 7. will boar tn tert t : from l?t Ju ? lank open uatty, from 10 A M.,to2P M and Imiu a to 7 1*. M.. at 61 Ctamlj"is street, eaal of Broad JQKEPII STUART, President. Jou.n Si.iMM,, Ccmpircl!er. CtRiM'F.BV hank ?dividend.? the groorrn* I Hunk. New York, fca-t thin day declared a ami ivd< nd of li?r per -nt. .m<l no ci'ra dividend if iiy? per coot, A) able on and afUr Wednesday. Jul/ 2, iMtf Hy order of h. Beard. H. D. WILLI AMS, Caahtar. Nf* York, June 38, 1M86. Jl'NK 27, l^M? MANHATTAN SAVINOH INSTITl? tkdi, 6H Broadway. Dividend. Tbe MhIcm o( U,.*ki rtftuttoabaTe ordered a acmi animal dividend to be paid oo all depotlta entitled t h< ?l ihe rate of 0 per coul tier ail mini, oti Kuma ? 1 fSWt and under, and 5 per eeot on all nun* orer that amount, payable on ana ?f?' r Monday, the .'I at day of July ml. lH>id?nd? not called ft>r will be Uiaw uucreat tame .u principal. L. J. BKUWN, Hrnuku A. A. Alt pan, iwnWy. , MONKY LIllKB ALLY ADVAN< kd, to any amount, on j?w. lry and men handle* generally. by Z. HKRNsTKlN, Am wcer aad CoMllMlM M'.cbaut, No. Hi Hroouie IWWt Mariners- iavinob bank. <"Ornkr or third aveaM abd Ninlb arwt-wWwd . -A ???tni annual dl\ idi Ml at lb" me of *11 per rent mi auni* of louO .uvl under, and lite per rent on all intm owr |W?, wblob -hall has a b*"0 deposited three month* pi lar to the lat July, w< 11 be paya ble on and alter Jely 21. I atari u wot oiled lor will be mr ried >o the credit uf 'le|>< ailtora, and Ira* interval a* principal. H*iik < | . ii dally from ? A M. to 2 P IT , aoU on Wedue?d-y ? :.d Saiurday etreuin?t* from Mo H o'clock. TlluMAH it STILUS AW, Pr> -idect. !ri* RUH MILBS, 1 Vk'* ^ewiaaio. Imt T. >?ifa. Secretary. MK< HANit s- AND TRADERS' PAVINOS INSTITC Uon, lnj tirajid street, corner o< Wiltd?All money* de pt. it-sl on or 1 1 f>rr ihe lib Julyi will date from the lut Bank open on Mi nda\?, W idm ? lav*. Tbwr* lay* ami Kalur lay* !r m f> in 7 r M. ALKRSD T. CONKLl*, Picaolcut. Jan. 1*. 11 an ht, flecrewry. MK< HANK'S' AMI TRADERS' HAVINOI1 INSTJTU i en ? < rnrr< t til md and Wtllet *?rocu ? Dividend.? A ?mil annual dividend, nt the r at* of all | ?w iient on mini* ol tl,ue and uud< r. iiud Bvo per > rot i n all turn* orer wbicb aliAll hare been di po*M"'l three month* pror to 'he l?t .lily, will b? payable m an I aper July ill. Inierent not railed tor will be carried lo ib? ci. lit of dejioiitori, and dra* inivraat ae pin. Iptl Hankop non Meudayt, Wodueiday*, Tburt day* A?d Satuxdaye, uora i e?7 I' M Al.l KfcD T CONKLIN, Proaklent. m mr.M I VTTH: i< V,re l're?id?ot. MOSKK SMI 1 11 X VI e Preo'bmt. CTKPH KM IIArr, Id Vice I'rtiideuL J*?t? P ItalOMT. Secretary. XJOTH.-K nv.KPllY OITKN II* AT AN ISSTALMRNT ll of two Uid a half r er ^ei.i will be pa i. m ?> omit of inta reat < n tbe ?u? Im <?! iho Hlav of lUlante, ?? and .fter M >n<l?y, Uie7tli lay of Ja.y at the a?!-i."y of tb? Hlate iu thi eiiy o: New Vurk Tbe i > !a!no nt wUI be *<ainped .(? a Uie otm pi-tl <4 Jul) , 1M4, To n I. i.o I M. 'a?ial bond* JOHN Mt'OHE, Trea*ur?rof TlllaotL N'iw tv-tmnt* rirr, ijf?rRAN<n m. nkw York. J me ?V |*M ? Dl*i lend.? A " aii annual alTidnr.l of *li per *?"' )??? b?-la? 1 '???n rfeeierad, pay.?ble o?. and after tM TUi d >y of Jaly belt. Ibe u-ar-f-r Book 4 wnl tie c.or4d in. H tba dai. W II. DganxBRBRT, frwrwtary. / vi'f t< R <r rAK'.o a ro. n nkw york V" and t'abl'.rnta Mpr> ?? and Kicb.mee Compnny H3 llro?d wn. ? Y >ik. Jtifle W>, lv>L? Tbe uiter?*t coupon* of the Sa< rattii n?o <"??> I "ml*, die in tin* epy July 1, I AM, wi.l bo pab. on and af\? r ih ?t ?late, on are*, atation at our oU-? We are Inforno <1 by lb?- Ma tor <>f u>e c.iy of Sacramento tbu the b- n>l? matirni on li.r 1 i of July, IsM, will not be paid, b?t that they w,,l be repaired to lie forwarded Ui th-- c,ly of Pacramen'o, wbere rr* iioWila wtBbo bwood in lieu there?if, at par. paynhle twenty years fWMn dale, w ib inlereat at ten per "nt pei annum, p.yable wml annually. I,?,th urereal ??.d priii . pal beiac payaldo In N. w York H N HARNRY, Prealdewi. I|*mxT or coocoiii-Tiii ;oly onvronn or the hoi'da of Iowa e?ei'.i?, WH?co?ialn. i?i?edu 'ba Mineral Poiiit Ratlro*d i ompany. wtilbe paid on tba lat protuno. it the Ocean Hank, e# ib? fl'y of Noj? Y" >rb Alon, 'he roati'wo l?f ib? I r?; at.'l *e< nr.d m rtcire honoe of the Vlneral Point Railroad t ompauy will be paid at tbe aaai" itme and plaeo. Tir IBTF.D? fS.f*? ON riRr?T MORTOAOR, ON A FIRST M rla?? tbr< c atoryb<.it?e and lot, near Jeraey eity. Per p riictilHr* l?. ,u,re ol R I" Seaman lSJaiM Mraot. IMKi ~fl tin W t NTRD ON WFj<fKKV NWTRITY, A. Nn I n I II ('??? ttmea the aWQltllt. Ibf on - or two pan. '-r ? '? e|? IWoIri per oe? win bOftreo. Addr<M 11. 1* . llerald ..?ee. 1 1Tb TFRX VERMONT RAILROAD FIBNT MORTttAOR Tf H..n.'.' ? I'oupnn No ?, due lan iary I, ISA^. amotin'lna Ol, ihe H.iaiu heeda, ?r b iotere*lhereon, to ih i n eigh' d'iT lara and forty eonta He to' ?* b, al?o eonnon N > 9, du? J'i'y I, IsAA alnoil itirof. wltb ui tloi'f ar^en d .llare arol ten rcme 10) . ?cb? WIU br paid al ihe Machantna' llailk, New Y< I k, ' -n preoei.i.. cui, Ofi ?, I *f cr lbel?? .Fu!r, Dfl?i There, upon froB tbi |5"' hoi, da will ba one half 'be al rear nii'imh MYRON t L ARK, I MM. J-in- 77 I -Ml. w KKWAR1M. Ao* n w wm> T? i i n. FR"M nt ??: Doon nr dr ? raod- st ? lark atrcei I." kl) n. . ? ?.'i I iy .H.m ?' mortt't f. a b?v bo?a< ? rem bend* bi*h, l..o? Ull, *n|) i . i etit idl. one hind M Wlilte: * In ii o l eoodition, and .i fiat dMter; leather top ? 'ifon, Cti^lilowa <t;d IlnlnifM le?t|ier, "busr vmiitite l harne**, with tbe l ater (1 on 'lie w nker C,l(k iirwutn i" i "n PATf RDAY, . 1 t t. IU I rlpbt yellow oanary tilr*l with black ap-?t: i?i leiavn*. I),.. nb? ? i'W ird Will i i paid to an> OB? linfe^ia UMi ? Mr. t otner, M Rnt^er* atree'. ? / - pvWMtlt Lo-T. FROW CORN'KR OF f^TRLl ill ?. ?) . ii ? e: an I I rorer- y Plec?, a "i ill blfo k and tan *lut .'t ti e 9( lii^r ' bm le* ? , i nree : ahi t* o| ii * - 1 In any one t ut br owner ?l.e b*4 no pups. Apply to <?. F. llortly. CffC t: kw a RD -w?: r <>h t.N run Kfll ? ? I t ?'lo b*rf II whi. Ii I|"I a,. , , . S' ikmiI il b- pud and I. k' . ill II. It. et . .r, ? M 1. mmaini7 ~ t.-OBF.AT I \rtOAlVft / |iF. I A DIN It I <!owie*tle an^Dt mian *efar*. Noro.?? W "" ? i ' Optra*. 91 4<i f'?tb ?. lt!M?/e.| f n oe .,r , in or out V t. JIISKKK if III M IWA,