Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1856 Page 5
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ladles expressing terror la reapt-ct to his pr > hable reaptiesrance; 1 near ched the premises f <r htm, and toiuid him to the act of entering the wester y gale from the depot rood ; be ri,U a rough an t rather large clone in one hand; I held the gate against him and spoko to him; ho spoke violently against Hopkins; ] tried to saothe him by saying I had nothing to dn with that, hoping to draw him Into conversation and paoify him; thu> hod no effect ; I expected every moment that he would fling the stone through the opening of the gate; hi same form he deuied my remark, culling uio by name; I held him out. and be wm obliged to pu?4 up the, whore be effected an entrance ut the upper gate, a.s 1 suppose, bo w.ut violent and ungovernable? .-??me he per mitted to si>eak to him? "thers he a truck; at this stage, a BtH, hboriug gentleman said .ie would thoot hitu, and as I sappose, though I tould U"t ceo it, had a pistol in lus baud, 1 used much empluwis i:> attempting to iulimidato him by a warning; it hail no elloct; the geutlemuii tired; U?e pistol took no eltect, and he Instantly gave chase to the gentleman, wtui, however, succeeded in making his eecape ; he continued violently raving and threatening, Ut the great terror or the ladies, Mr. Hopkins remaining at or in the house witn tbeiii; he retired to the northeasterly corner side of llie walk there; at the time 1 was not far from him, on the little mound j at this instant a person ap peared on the giound, coming iu by the northeast corner ?fthe lot; it was, no doubt, young Mr. John Havens, who had eute red from my premise* over the leuce; the uuui Instantly assaulted him; I could not itee wtth what; blows Wore exchanged, and both person* fell ajmrt; at this in *lai.t a tmiiil M/ed du'i, unknown to uie, with a (tick, ?tasted ut deceased ; he aroee, and 1 presume received a blow, loi he i.vw lie.!; the small man, young Mr. Hav-.;s kd my so if, follnwe 1 ; I *nn-t have boon very near him when he was tluully pro. tratod by a blow of a stick, as 1 suppose. though 1 could not hoc it; he did not rise, I found sa his side a stout stick, about throe or three and a half fit* loug; be lay on his back, aud hud very troubled treathittg; at the suggestion of C. 8. Woun, who just then arnvod. he w?- tumeJ over; at this moineut 1 saw young Mr Havens plainly .a the s|?"t; his face was covered wiui bMMid; 1 cannot mid lault with any one for trying to stuu turn with a knock down; neither Mr. John M. Jl/pklns ?or John A. Havens was near at the time he was knocked aft flrst^aii ar*. John M. Hopkins. residing at Fort Wasnington, being ?worn, deputed as follows ?I knew deceased ; he was in my employment as gardener and coachman, for the last rtxtaen mouth* ; he would at times get lxtoxicated ; he wan so j ester lay ; he came upon the premises shortly be fen sunset, went part ot the way to his room, which was to the roucii house; I found him just titer sunset, at the bad of the stairs leading to his room, asleep; I called Mm to got a key, tliat I might attend to some duties hs was unable to perform; he awoke and came down s, not seeming to comprehend what 1 wanted of him and on my repeating the question to him several lie became exasperated and came towards me, in sclng attitude; he followed me In this manner fiom i coach house to my house. 1 bucking all the time talking to him, endeavoring to get him , at this time 1 struck deceased with my tins was in self-defence; he fell, catching hoM of my feet, throwing me do an ; we grappled for some tune on the ground, when our neighbors appeared at the spot where we then were; they afforded ?o assistance: I was sitting, and dtceased's Head was In my Up, he nit my thigh severely; my clothe.s were mach torn ; by my choking him he let go his bold, and Immediately after 1 cleared m, self from him; I took no forthe - part in the matlcr ; deceased lelt the spot where we were; 1 do not know which way he went, as I went Into the souse or within a few feet of the door; during Mm remainder of the fray I saw deceased but once after this, which was wheu be came to the south stoop; I want tout the house, ami afterward* saw him lying ou the Cuid, msv&eible, near Uiv ?wt gate, some 1W feet from hoUAC; this was some fifteen minutes after we were separated; there was shouting and loud taking continu ally; I heard some one say, "Bring a rope;" It was .so dark that I could uot distinguish one from another at the dim nee 1 was off; I went to deceased a few minutes after and found him lying on bis back, breathing very hard; 1 should think that be died in fifteen minutes. Question by a Juror ? Did you hear the report of a pistol 1 Wttneno ? I did; I do not know who tired It; I was in fte house at the time; this was Just after we se|?arat4;d. Jehu Havens, sworn, deposed as follows: ? 1 reside at ? Warerley place, New York; as 1 was returning from O'Connor'* house last evening, about 8>^ o'clock, and ? about twenty feet from the house of Mr. HopUins, I deceased coming towards met he was intoxicated: I stepped aside to let him pass- lie said, '? Is ,hn Mr. and instantly sprang .. words me, striking me With a stone that he hud In h s hand, and at the sumu hmetakiug hold of my coat collar; I clenched, and we Ml together, hut ulmust instantly se|iaratiug, ho falling aae'way and 1 the other; at that moment some mme came round the southeast corner of the house; 1 da not kuow who he was; he made towards M, When deceased jumped up aud ran towards tne aast gate, 1 also ran alter deceased, and tile person who cam** round the corner ran alter him, too, ? dmi "ring1 to head linn off; thj dogs then Jutn|>ed to word* deceased, when he stumbled over them an 1 fell; ha tried to rise agaiu when this person who wis also in parauit struck him with a stick, and at the same tune ex ataimed, '?tie him," and the person ttieu came up, whom 1 don't know, and who had in his hands, I Unuk, tiie leading lines of a harness, aud tied them around his feet; vary soon 1 saw a pulieemau ,-tanuitig by deceased ; I w -ut foto the bouse by request of Mr. UVtuor, leaving a uum har of persons standing by; deceased was breathing heavily at the time, while at Mr. O'Uoaor's I heard the report of a pistol, but 1 k?w nothing of any allray till 1 SMered Mr. Hopkiua' premises. William H. tsmagbe, M. P., being sworn, deposes as follows ? 1 have made a )?K mm u m examination of the hady of Ueorge Holster, lyingsdvud at the police statiou Mt Chrmanviile: ujsra the nose 1 found several smil vaands on the left side of the nose was a vertical wound ?f some half inch in length, which opened into the left no? trll; the wound was incised in character, and inlgot hare fcoea made by a sharp edged instrument; on tbo other aide of the nftsr were two small lacerations, apparently produced by a blow from some* blunt Instrument; the aarttlage of the n<ve was dislocated and loosened; the rn? ' bones we*e also frstiured; these were the only ex toraal marks ot riolenee; upou o|ieniug the crsnium 1 ad tlie brain and lis mtmbran'iS marked by congea l; my or.nwn is that UoUter died of concussion ot the ? ; all the ether organs of the body were hualthy, and i wt re no marks of vUdenco except the wounds of m?e, above described . in my opinion, none of the tads were made by a bullet. The inquest was adjourned at this point till this morn hig, when it will be brought to a cloae. It would be a gruat con von leuce ?o the re|?>rt?'r? if Osrooer Hill would leave his |*qsars In the Coroner's afltoaat the conclusion of each day's investigation. The Bra man Mlarrr. ruiTEP htatu commixsioxbk's corn. Brtore George W. Morton, K?q. Jam to. ? la the matter of th- alleged ?U ve brig ft* BM, Ok plain l'elaoo ?u the Orat witness called, and hla creaa miiiiuuod ?u tnvred upon aa follow* ? I Wv* b?o engaged a* faptnu of the John Putter. run ?tog M?m New York and lv>*U<n; aome on.- told mo MM toy Uir jitraman warn to tuall Utat an afldavit lied txmn IM in the I'niled State* Marshal's office against tho ??? Ml; I don't know th* peraon who told me, I have never IM him before and have sot *e?n him since; ha did not ?trtec me to tak? carf of mjrxelf. said th? vasel would ta aetacd after leaving the wharf , I told Mr. Krater of the Met, 1 weut to the ft. Nicholas Hotel to wo M. I la CohIa, tat did not Uud him In; I have been on the ?oMt af Africa, once in the .Stephen M. Towosend, once la the bark Jobn N. Coffin, and In the bark John 1'ottcr, a ? cnptoln. they ware all legal voysgxe. 1 wai In th? em ?toy of Mr. Machardo; I ??* tbo Hut with a red ball In IdOi CosM'a room, at the St Nicholas, or the Braman ; ao Mr ?u pr*00*t M Mr ImM?| and I* l appa ' at wa? Ititrodv* ed to J?a Co-la. 1 rooelvd my |U i fi<m Mr. Riwenberg, Which 1 waa u> show, if the ?4 ??< seised off Senuy H<>ok, or at tiardlner'xbay; la* I?aO?U??n the (taper*. the understanding wan (Mot tfcey wi re a rune; Iki Cnata wanted me to go on rta |r. the 7th of June, he wanted me to go without any b, or if they made any difficulty at the Custom l to Wt him know It, I outdo t> lleve 1 I not get away on feturday, because I did not _4to go. I tliotiK li t the voxel would be *ei*ed. Kra _ ? rwtded at No. 21 ?.oeverneur street wlwjn ( aaw him, I am aa bail ax a witueee now ; Captain May M By bail; 1 4m' t know hi* business M preaent, tf bo hex aay , be la an aM eaa ra plain, and to deue going to ?ea; I wm di->? barged from bail oa la?t Wedweoday ; Mr Mevln, one of the I'olted ?Mt** mam hale, eaase over after me , be oald be wan mm t tor me , I bare not been told that tf 1 would testify tare I should be diocherged from jail , no mnaey waa ever afltowd me to MadfV M thM case: I had ao offor of aay ptw *?rt* tn Uie coadoMaaUoa aad (brfeilare of the raaael aad cargo. further ttaa what 1 owned, that wm oa board ; I had oa board a quadrant, aome cbarto and other ?kp; I fc><d Mr. Hug land that I wuatd aave what tone mine oa skip, but m that I waa to make any Mat *?**; Mr l>*Aagelts told Me I Would Mrt My thing* ? the proposition to become a witness tottaaaae was My owa, 1 had get tired af being im prtooned, I wrote a note, makiag the propoaitlon to Mr Do tagaUs; M Mia aoto I staled that I Vas tired of tmprtaoo asset, and ctared, If ! could be retoased, aad get things tank, that I would some forward aad tell all I kuew about fhe Braman aad her deotlnaHan , I told Mr Da OHM the oaaie thing, and bo told Me that I was a d? d tool; he aatd that If tbare wm a proapoot of my beiag iMgrtonaad all niiaarr, that ha would try and get bail tor aa, before this he had tnid mo be could aot gat bail tor Ma; I could hare got ball for myself, from my fethor, tail preferred nn| to, I thought H their dnty, as they tat |?t the leto the arrapa, tn get me oatof dt; Mr Ben* Met aad Mr tta roeUrame?o the >ail together. Mr R aaid MhM fa CooM wanted to bail them all, but h? wmld net tM htm do W; Mr. lis C?taa waa presaat at tMa cnarer^a mm, and the mate ?f the Braman and twoetiiers; Mr "et sh<wrod the tail bond, and said that be would e It, aa there waa no criminal warrant out. an 1 1. be Of no n?c, I MfMMl Mr Mac Im.lo ?- .ny ball, ?r. taaediTt said Mr M?t4m<1g> would not go hall fur tin Wrttoth?r, mwh less for me, I believe their iw nt wm to Use remain In Jail and safer the whole brunt of the Bir and gi t dear IheMeelrM; sueh was my onarrtotioaa Ma Ibeir aetione towards me, 1 Ihought them trying to f me aad .beiiere so ?*; I ?m venous !n UlH nt, Mr Ha?-d*-t llr?t flv I a i t.iim of mgrelf on ?r of the r easel; | ?e w this suteirart in silt, he a-ished me anerWHnl* to fie n ,_j of ?wn< r?hlp tfi the rargo, I refused to deghH. I Mid I knew nothius about tl." earm or IW value, and K ceoeOoos were pit k me touching <he*e facta, f sliuld ?M know bom to answer , Mr. Benedict Mid I need net taafrsid aharit the qu?atloas; t refoa>d to let my nave he used as claimant of dhe cargo, and Jn^lst'sl upvn tki wMtxlrswal as - fir Uiu vessel; Mr. Benedict told Me Atrtbcr, that they had got a good fallow te apprti " ireMol, OIH who knew nil about these thlnit*. ?ud '1 >nt it down low; he promised that everythwiK I ?e< straight, and that lb* brig should b?gnt oil slick aa grtaanr- Mr. Benedict, upan my refusal to bo the olaimant of the vesKsi, ?ub*e<|uaiitl) got some one else to We the claim the fHetrict Attorney here showed the claim of the vetl* ae|, aa llled by Mr. PMgar. Thla Mr. frager, h>- addo |, t*a? no* to be found ex>*pt upon t aper claim for the cargo ax tiled by Mr fk? Orta, was ?ta produced. Tills Mr (la Costa, tHe District Attorney ?dde-i, had ran away ainl c?iuld not be found. Wttiiees, resuming? 1 decline to answer where I board 1 decline beeanse | ,io not car* to let Mr r>? funha km.w' tolMT* I ure, .the*, bay* Nn pvtlp to U>? jail iiuVtt u? proceedings In thin cane commenced; they w ??re there to , I?y tin: board ?t ll.e officers and crew of tho Ikiinin, vir. 1 HuMdtct mnt 1>h Costa were there on Krnlay Ij^t lor t us j purptaie; I know this f.tct from tlie -taUinout of llr. H . - In ml ami a young lima: 1 recogili.-e tlie person prcsunt m Mr. .-oli.ii irk, the captain of tlie Yount; Atuuri;t, I which towed this Hi.umu out; I employed hiin in i?. oroi.iiec with the order o* Mr. Da Costa; I went | right t'r< in Mr. '"a Losu to l"e ( 11-tro, to engage a boal, 1 j rnw the Vouiik America iu tho i-tn aui. uid hailed her at random, afterwards 1 told lie Ca-tia the vessel 1 had n gaged; he Maid he was sorry I had engaged this to ftioit, as. her captain once nearly ruined him; he towed down his ! Ui_r t vessel, and went and told o< the fact; an ho ir or so \ before the vessel was towed out the captain met us iu Wall street and asked me for *- 'Jit, to i>ay for the register; Kraser, who was present, told us not to s|>eak to him, u.-> he did u >i wi>h the captain of the Young America to know that he knew them. J'?hu SchenOk was next sworn, and testified as follovM: ? I am the captain of tho Young America: I started to to. the brig Rraman dowu the harbor; 1 was engaged to tow the brig on the 7th of Juno; I afterw ards got directions to moot ( upturn Delano, ot lite brig, at the Custom House; I went there and saw the captuiu, an 1 got his directions ax to towing out the Urainiin; In Wall street, wliilu going to See Captain Delano, I met Mr. Josephs; ho lives in tiou v erneur street, and doe;' business iu Water street- the tiini is Eokes A: Josephs; I dou't know that J cplis is known by any private name; I don't know of any one by the name of Krager; 1 have been to Josephs' house in Uouvemeur street: I went recently to his place ol busi ness in Water street, and was told that he had gone out of town; my bill for tow 1 ng the iitamau ban not yet boou paid; I have found tioone but Captain Delano to give my bill to; Mr. Josephs is a spai maker; my bill for towing <nt the Uratnati la HI: my custom to charge by the job, and not *0 much un hour. Adjourned till to morrow, at 11 A. M. United State* Co in nils* loner'* Court. Belore Commissioner Hridghatn. JtXK 80 Ihe Unitt'l Stain ui. JvUn hhuiUin ? The defendant is a mate of the Confederation, plying between this port and Havre. Me was examined m*m a charge of cruel and unusual punishment intlieU'd npm Hugh Hamilton, seuman on board the Confederation, and com mitted for trial. EqMnwlwId'i Proverbial Sucecs* In hitting the public taste, has never been 10 triumphantly dcmuiistratnd its iu llie popularity of hi* beautiful summer hats of tic? K icky Mountain tieaver, and cassimeres ol various colors. The mo ment tbe eye rests upon tlistn, the taste Is satisfied. In point of beauty, lightlies*, shape and general appearance, they stand ahead of all competition KSl'KNMCHEID, 118 Nassau street. Two Caeca Extra Fine Pure White Parle Hoft Hats, per steamer North Star, will be open.v.1 this day. at K. M. WatKKH' soft hat warehouse, tl J and 4.1 llru.tdw.iy, one door above Canal street. 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I ita kladre<l allmanta R alwaye trtnmphe In palna Ra* flatulenra, obolcr i morbaa, or atfeer dlatreaa I* the boweta. hi< a perfect antldme To the Invalid, tindejr all elirtuaMancea. 1U trleadiy Intluencea are alwaya appreciatad Tb* tontlag and |>raato|ie by heat or tola ne It revlvra and atipporta. Te the iratJHPrli ? (ireeloaa, emiMlng aad never Catling To the ae.lentary and la ig'iid It glvaa comfort and (nod cheer At ibe laiartona ami high It ver it aaalep nature *aa l a^anthra llai'pKy tor all. l a "<Mt !? rxi barrtar, while iu dally uaa laaaiaa a roaaaaabie ?h?r? nf gnnl b*aJ#. Price R r. o?? per battle. Held by Harne* k I'ark, .bit Broadway C. T (JWrbawe, al Harelay atraat. J. ? I llaan*. 71b Broadway, and Mra ll^yaa. Hnakv> ?aiehilat'i Made Oft, Wlft and Twipoe* are (iipertoe to aJt <i*rn Tbeur aew taprnvemema ear are perfect ? ??wifon waaear, aainralel^nceaaddiirahlHtp Hi* u*iivallad and o^y fcacaJaa. balr tee la appllad I* twele* private rontna, at Hat t MRI.nR'M. Mkioadtray. WMibm or ll**i??dif lirni to Onw I* Ml week* bf aapongaeai. whkO OKI not atain or Iniiao the *kln 91 a b^Oa, aaat U aoy part -af the coaatry . R Q. QRAHAM. MOH Reiatway . Haywa, i;? rulto* atreet. Rmoblya. Hair Dp* aad Tift aaanoOaenra I* art. A aatl at dagaat private apanaaeata for enmilrtng Ma Inimitable dya, S* only reUable arttebe ef the kind eitant. Wboleaale aad ectol at OKIRTAOOSOt, Ha. ? AeHv Bona* Uopy tb* Wig*, Wlga, Wlat ? I.H9Q of theae InvlalMe wlje and toupee* at MKIHll'IITI T, Maiden Un?. made tba beat material* warrantwl not to ?IHnk or chtinge color. Beware of r?tiaea?aiit Urawdway prii.<?. HrxiiU. banda. eurla. Re. Hill, tike IrdinltaMe (aUrr of tfalr and whlrkere. In atylea to a*lt the different akapod head* and fa<-ee. at Ho I Barclay ?t met. Ko iarered le any othi? enubllah ment. Hair dye, 4 (killing* alni. black er brown. Splendid Aaaortmrnt o# Ifalr Br n ah ea. Tooth hn.?be(, nail hrttabea. French and Kngliab eaara. tleruian cn 10* t> 1 . juet rtcehcd at IIO. H. IRtlRR A OOk a, fai*Vr efce inlet" ;!W Broadway, ?noreaaora to T. T. Urea a. depot ,tf In ?er'? t (Bteleea eaator oil. M IR ferer wna Known to rail." LYON'S magnetic powder apaedll y kill* Machea. m>? |iilto a. aata and tliea. And hie nilla tor rate and mice Need but a trial to prov* them nlcr> Try R? buy It Prlca Bcenta ner flask or t>o?. Bay *on* from pedla re: bewgre 'f oounter*elter?, and l<?ik I'or R I. y mi it (Qtnniurc on the urauiier, Depot*, til ilr>n tway, aud llo, tl Poutb IWfbtll dtW, rVJAd*lp?A 1 Four? Faua.- Arrived by the I.ont Steamer, of newest ami mo it a hlouatde patterns. Silk, linen, elegant pesrl I Tidal fans ? itb set ornaments '/f the most (iutii. ' viiMn, HlMla i i cm Pari* for ROGKIUi' new and eat '0 slv? bazaar, mm! will be sold at Importer1* prlees, wllfc every ! kind of fancy go its, tov?, Ac . as Kit'* and present*. 11 8. itoUKKS, BM Broadway. | Hollowty'n I'll 1m. ? I'roiupt lteller.? No nuon ?T do ihese searching Pill* Influence the system, through the fluids form their duties vigorously, the appetite returns, a i l I new ?ldcb pervade it than the alomaeli and bowels begin to per- ' life seems infused into the patient. Sold at the manufactories, ! No. H) Maiden lane, New York, and No. 241 Strand Isjudon i j and by all druggists, at 26e., 02)jC., and $1 per box. We Heard of but few Case* of Coup tie ssliel yesterday, says the editor of the Herald, although 'he hi at was '.IK in our office. We are happy to hear it, we told no manv of our patent ventilating lutU on Saturday, we have no duutit but that wan the reason, as they are the coolest hat.s in the world, and every variety can he had at SlthLKK A t'O.'S, paii nt ventilating hatters, 430 it roadway. Married. In Brooklyn, K. P., on Monday, Juno 30, at tho resi dence of the bride's lather, by the Key. l?r. Bilker, Mr. Jonathan Edwin Ivks to Misb I'ujjik Atfjf tonuVM, all of Brooklyn, K. I>. In Brook ly n, E. P., at the residence Of R. Crowley, K iq., on Monday, June 30, by tho Rev. K. S. I'ortcr, Ubohui H. Hopkins to Catiikrinb K. Kumkvtt, all of Brooklyn. At New Kochello, on Monday, June 23, by tho R >v. L. J. Coulant, Bknjamin E. RjiN'Oi t> to Saiuh A, Bitowx, both of New Rochclle. At Edlnburg, Scotland, on Hatordoy, May 10, by the Rev. Jonutliun Witxm, Mr. William Bi-aok, bookseller, to Jan*, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Robert Lindsay, type founder, of this city. Bird. On Sunday evening, June 29, alter a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian resignation, Kuza w.tii Tiri-rr, widow of the late Janus George, of Cornwall, England, and mother of Janics and John Uoorge, of thu city. The funeral will take place from her l&to residence, No. 80 Grow street, this afternoon, at three o'clock. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attcud. On Monday, June 30, after a lingering illness, Hkvky Myxkh, late of the city of Cork, Ireland, aged 35 years. The funeral will take place this afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of his brother, William Myers, Twenty-eighth street, between Sixth "and Seventh ave nues, to which the friends and acquaintances are invited. On Monday, June 30, Kvandkr L>. Ahhott, aged 28 years. The friends of the family are mvited to attend tho fune ral, from his late residence, No. 102 Division street, to morrow morning, at ten o'clock. On Monday morning, June 30, after a short illness, A_nn Jakk, daughter of John and Ann Jane McAulitte, aged 8 months and 3 days. The (Tieuds of the family are respectfully invited to at tend the luneral, tins afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of her parents, in Thirty fourth street, between Second and Third avenues. On Monday, June 30, Drauv, wife of James Dun can, aged 84 years. The friends and relatives of the family are respe (fully Invited to attend the Itinera!, this afternoon, at throe o'clock, from her late residence, No. 1?2 West Thirty-first street. Her remains wi'i "?e taken to Greenwood. (in Monday, June ?0, Bft.'aaicr Cavavauh. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to stu ad the 1'uneial, from ber late residence, 107th street an.1 Bloomingdale road, this afternoon, at half past one o'clock. Very suddenly, on Monday, June 30, Martha Ryim, wife of Thouia s Kyle, of No. 528 Weal street, agud 33 years. The friends and acquaintances, autl the members of Washington Lodge No. 2, A. P. A., are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock. On Monday, June 30, Sarah Maria, the beloved wire of George Henry Summers, and last surviving daughter of K. T. Sambrook, F*q., all of Ioudon, England, a^ed '25 years and II months, deservedly aud deeply lamented. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from h< r late residence, No. 4 Thompson street. Her p mains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for in terment. London, Eng., papers please copy. Ou Monday afternoon, June 30, after a lingering illness, of consumption. WlLl iam Lkwis JacKSOX, aged 20 years, 10 months and IV days. Tlie funeral will take place to morrow afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of his father, Wl:ii?m Jackson, No. 232 Clinton i-treet. The friends and relatives are invited to attend without further notice. Ou Monday, June at), Aij-kko, only child of John and Luanda Thompson, aged 1 year, 11 months aud 21 days. Our child is gone; he is free from pain; On earth he was cur joy, But yet we hope to meet again In heaven our darling boy. Tho riUnive* and fri nils of tlie lamily aro respectfully Invited to. att' nd the funeial. this after nooo. at two o'clock, from the r? til? CH of his |a?reuts, No. 193 West >'otty thii >i strett. His remains will be taken to Green wood for inlet went. <>ii Monday morning, 30, at >ix o'clock, A.vxre. daughter of William II. and Hannah E. Oris wold, agedfi in' nth i, 3 weeks and 5 days On Monday, June 30, at the residence of Mr. Jama* Titier, Vo. 23 York strei t, Brooklyn, Mrs. M?k<> irkt, formerly Mrs. Margaret Lynch, aged 39 yiars, The friends of the family are Invited to attend the fune ral, from her late residence. No. 23 ^ <>rk street, this af t< rn< on, at three o'clock. Her remains will be taken to Flatbiwa for interment. In Brioklyn, on Sunday, June 2!), Martin ^h.ystpbb, son of Martin and Catherine Slmeider, aged T years, 11 months and 22 days. Tlie friends sn.i anqMtatancos, and tho members of Nasrau lAMlge No 3'.', 1. O. of O. r., are respectfully invit ed to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from the roidetice ot Ins father, No. 143 Concord street. In Brooklyn, ?t Monday, lune ;?i, of dysentery, Wilijam Ijvntamix, only > hild of ^cott aud Sirali Burlinganx1, aged 10 months and ~f< days. Tlie friends of the family are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from th< reaidmceof In* parenwt, Ko. 122 Prospect street, h>-merrow after no m, at half yast two o't i>N'k. O-wego |st|iers please copy. On Sunday. June 2U, at Morrisanla, of disease of the heart, Thomas Kiiwam*. of l>ublin, aged .17 years. His friends are requested to attend Ute funeral servicea, at St. Thon. is' t hurt h. this afteruoon, at half past three o'clock, without further imitation. On Wednesday, June 2ft. in the town of Warwick, Orange connty, N. V., Mi?s M \RiA.t Yot mans, only ilaugh ter of Samuel Youmans, deccwscd, of Warwick, in the 2uth year of Iter age. At Washington, on Thur?Jay, June 2ft, M-vor J. J. B. Kmunmrr, of the I'Md MaU's army. His re ma. i is will Ue iuterred at Waterbury, CL ia.- tern and Western papers please copy. ADYEETBBUWTC RKlfBWKi ETEIY DAI. ?????? iDRADY H (IAIXKRIRH? 13 SW) Alii I ItrnAllWAT. Will he open to til* public July i. PorlrnlM o t lacbtnu, frenwnt, Fillmore, iirvckanrblfff, Daylon, Mid DmmImb On ><ihibUtott. No gallery In Europe or rrwnU ?n varied And intr reeling a r?lkcttua Of Ulu'trxiua por'rait* Tbo*e attracted in the city hv the oration* or <h? enauinc an nlrrrtary may find u to look uium J>e portrait* of ibo** who have aldrd In auatauung the principle* whkh gave lb< Foutth of July It* Mgiilhcance C1TIXKN* ANI> RTRANGF.Krf Are cordially InvRed. Every rmirtea* Will he amended To ihoee who ?WI . _ A**pnrtat?r? merelv The amhrotypo la made awcceMfulIy only at Brady'* *alu-rv. It Ir a iraneparen' giaaa pk lure, ?uperior la quality and mar ranted More durable than any *tyla of portrait known. Political rjata WMlni portrait* Of any of the randldatea fan obtain them At HRlllT'D Gallery fifUndkl life aiaaa, Framed arwl complete, Will beaent hy eipr. ??. On rer elpt of (W. Smaller *??* at A proportionate reduction In prtre VHra arrangement* have been mud' to mjpply purchaser* promptly on the 4lh 1 be ambrtrtype la inheu and completed in t few MtaWM. 3W? Hr.w.lnay, coraw Fulton itroot; 3N Broadway, OVtr TWm>y? a* Bafooa ENGRAVINGS ? KTF.Et. PI.ATK AND OTHKR YARIK tie*, on national. htatortcal and arrlpturaJ *ubje<U. want ed,,by|lhe quantity, or U>e plate* ? .11 he purrbaawl. \.ldre*a, wttli full particular*. P. H Ilarrta, bint H5 Broadway I'om nMOSAL. A NNII U-KINOI POVR l.RAP. P1ND TURKIC WHY Mtl II X. A? INITIO? YOl R COMMUNICATION WAR RKt'll VKD and *n*wered In iln- Herald, a a directed Yon did w* sail. !<?* hear from y? again. You oan rely on me. IF MIRR Jl'I.IA 1.RICRHTKR.WIIO BORIC VIC ARM AOO hoarded with Mr* pey. W v?aey *trect, and ha* atnce travelled In Karaite. wUl romnaalcate her present addreaa to H II II . Broadway Poet nffloe ahe will learn anmaCbuvg Ui her advantage INFORMATION WANTHD-OF WII.LIAM J D. RMll.RY 1 a lunatic, who. when laat heard from, wrote Ik* ?uhnerlber. hi* father, from Weatcheater Bounty, New York, laet (letrt lier, to which place a rrmluance of MO wan tor warded to him He w*adl*< barfed IV.?i ihe I. una > AavloM. at Wnr center, n year ago laet December, aa near a* I can recollact, and "lni* that time ha* been wandering round from place to place. Any one who ha* knowledge of hi* Where a born, or wheraever he may have bee?, alnee laat October at 1 1 con!* t ? iree?t In r o m- hy 4ror>p|n? ? Un<- a tji.' K?ll U* of the Geo r?la Teh-?raph. at Macm. R. 1. HMTI.RY TRPORMATIOW WANTKIV-OP RUZABRTH CARtllY. 1 Marnaret Qntn, and Catherlnn Quln The/ have heen i Scar* In thl* #ooiitry, Ihm the rariah of rfword*, county ?d>lln. Irelan.t An? tpl.^rm^Mon e<utearnhu( 'hejn will he thankfully received by Mr* Anon Calne, No. SI WaaMnKton M. R-THM APTVRROON. AT i O'CLOCK, AT THK corner of Chamber! atroet and Nrondway. K. T.

VfX WARD RT JOHN. f.ATR or THR KUCHA NIC"' if I ln(uran< e t ompany, will confer a fernr hy leacint bla addrea* al the llcrald ofllco ,fnr H R W. i>h YHicf a n? box air VRIon wiVarn pwt orn- B. X You wll And n letter th?re lor yon. cimrtn nir* rrkt thr ktr or mr otnaoi O Re?k. he la ffejiieMed Hi rnmmnnlcat* With hta frlenda at Halh, Ku?lan/l. or at Genera, ftwlUerbuid. WflMJAM llXXf N - N ?PRAY WRfTK TO YOP't wife, or I cannot agewer fir Mie ^ If y.m obJr*t to wrilo, !???? know Uiroiiab tk? iJerald, when r?tl i rrt'ira. W U. ?PATIOHI WASTED. A YOUNO and healthy woman, who has lost ber child, wishes a child to nurae at Iter owu residence, timid reference given. Apply lit Spencer st, botween Myrtle j ai.d l'ui k avts., uear the corner of Park use , Brooklyn. Asm moi WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL ] ol industrious halms, to do liatUt ili.onberwork aud sew | lug, or to take care ol children who are not very young ; has 1 >iu objection to go .1 ihori iWniiTit in ike country, uoodrifi r ! cuve iau be given from Iter last place, where she has tl v. ? I over four years. CalJ for two days ut her lute employers, 121 WmnW] | ? I A I. Am WTKIIKK TO SECURE A OOOD PLACE FOE u faithful servant. who bug lod plain cook, Washer and irouer. Apply at 324 West 22d st. ARF8PECTAILR PROTESTANT tilKL WISHES A situation. as good plain cook, unit excelb nt washer ami irouer, can give two yearn' city rtfarenco. laubeseeu tor two days nt 225 West ?Sib at. ASITUATION WANTED? BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS? one. as cook; the other, us chambermaid ami waller, or to do general housework', best city rtfereuoei given; reason Mr leaving, folks gning In the country. Can bo seen for three day* at '.M 7th avenue, between &tli aud 2Ulh at*., second floor, back room. A sni'ATlON WANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED WO J\ man, iih a good cook. City references. Inquire at 8 Knat 26th st., in the rear. ASITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN To do ehambcrwurk, or waiting In a .small private family; good city reference!. Inquire at No. 2 Bleecker at., near the Bow ery. ASITUATION WANTED, BY A OOOD COOK, WHO understand* her bualneaa; ia a flrit rate washer and iron er; rau prod uce the best of city reference. Can be seen for two days, at 127 West 19th st., coruer of "Ut avenue. AVOL'NO GERMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A mercantile house, where be would have a chance to learn bookkeeping; sneaks English fluently. Address it. H. heruld oiiice. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO ?nan as nurse, aud to do tine washing and ironing; has no objection to go to the country. Can be seen for two days at 168 Kast 22d st. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A HEALTHY WOMAN, Mwetniuie. Good reference given. Apply at No. 11 Roosevelt *t. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, WISHES a xiiuatlon, as good plain cook, or would do the general housework of a small private family. Call at Mti Houston st? A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN AS chambermaid and seamstress. Good references given. Apply at 112 Charlton street, between limison aud Urucn wich streets. * A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cook, washer and irouer, or U> do housework. Good reference. Apply at No. 98 19th st., between bth and 7th ave BUM. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECT KBI.R WO man, a* uur?e and to do plain sewing; gtiod references, inquire at 266 East 14th street, fourth floor room No. 4. AYOONO GIRL, HAVING SERVED SOME TIME AT the millinery business, wishes to bind herself in a rospscta bie establishment where she would receive Hie proper Instruc i ions t? complete her profession; the time that wouM M re quired to serve, not so much an object wiKi the proper parties Address Miss Elizabeth Kelly, Union square Post otllce, N". Y. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH PROTESTANT GIRL want* a situation, in a private family, to dochantberwork, flue washing and ironing. If required, or n> travel with a Udy; bus the best of reference front Iter last place, ('an he seen for two days at 29 Warren St., near Columbia, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tion as I'.rst class plain cook; understands all kinds of baking, pastry and soups; would like Slateu lslant for the summer. Apply at (13 Kast 14th St., first floor, front room. A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO DO COPYING FOR gentlemen. Recent circumstance* oblige her to seek such employment, and she will call at any place designated, or send a specimen of her handwriting. Also, wanted, a comfortable apartment and board. In Brooklyn or lloboken. Adlreas Miss K. Stewart, Union square Post oQlce. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, ?? housemaid and waitress; three years refe*. Can be seen for two days at ?6) luth av., betw een 24ih and 2Mb sts A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU, alien; is a cood cook and baker, and ia willing to do washing and Ironing, beat of city rel'ereuce. Can be seen for wo day s at IM* Kast Wih St., near 2d av. * RESPECT A IILE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A . V private fan illy, to sook, w ?sh, and iron; is a lirst rate l aker. Call at ix Warren st., Brooklyn, between Smith and Ho) t sis. liood city r< Terence*. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Mimau./ii plain cook; is a goisl washer attd Ironer, and has a recommend at tou from her last employer. Can be s> en for tw o days, it uot engaged, at 3UU 31st St. , between >Jth sod 10th av*. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS ASITUATION AS NURSE and plain *c?er. nr to do cbamberwork. Has good city reference. No objection to the country. Can be seen for two days at H Warren st., between West Broadway and Green w lch st. ASITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS laundress or chambermaid, and to assist In (he washing aud Ironing. Ootid reference. Apply at Prince st. ASITUATION WANTED? 11Y A SMART AND ACTIVE young man, of gotsi, stctdy habits, In any capacity In wbl< h he can make himxelf useful, can write a fa r harnl, ,tn ' is corn ct at figures; good references given, if required. Ad dress ll.< mas Bui ke, IHil East .')4th st. V RESPECT A RLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION ss Nurse; she Is competent to take charge it an lulani from its blrih; is a go<*l plain sewer, would go to the country luquite st 194 7th avenue, between 23<1 aud ittli sts. AREH'EtT.MILE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA | lion to do geiieral housework In a private family; L'<s>d relerepce given. Pleaae call for two days at <7 West likli st ASITUATION WANTED-HY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid aud fine w aaher and Ironer, or to d . housework In a small pnvsie family; best of city rcftueuc given. 1 1. quire ai ISA Amity St. ABJttPKCTABI.B PBoTBBTAMT TO(J NO OIRI, M IN want of :i aMaattae aa aeamatreita or childran'a nurw In it jii ivao- family . n?i objection ??> i a abort 4Mue* In the rmitiv try, Ve*t of nt> reference given from bar laat place C<ui bSV MMk lor llirtt- il?y? Ml 121 IMli at. A MOST KKSPKt TAHI.H PBOTJWTANT OIRI. WANTS (i aliualioii aa nurte and chambermaid. or to do pUUi ?owing; In willing and obliging Hot of city reference I'lrtre rait at 31 Kirington it . in the rear, tirat (tour. A SITUATION wakteK- iiy a okrman <;ihi., ah general ??k. ia a good wa?h< r and lrouer. or would tak" i are of ilnklicii, would like <o trot I. Apply at JU Mourue atraat. A SITUATION WANTV.n-ltY A YOl'NO WOMAN, AS plain rook. * tuAcr aad lroncr, or to do (eneml bouaa ?ark; I* ? K?? >d l aker. flood city refereU' ?. Apply at .It Wealed at , UlWtrn 9th ai.d 10th irtlucl. AP KIRKT UATK COOK, AND TO ASSIST IN WASH lug an! In nln^iii a inuill private famlllv. No objection to the country. llM city reference May be seen at M (Ireenwlrh at., noar chamber. AmOTEKTANM tMRI. WANTS A SITUATION, AS < Imoif ??rnmld and waller, or mi run and ?"*m?tr>'"? la willing lo mak> MfMV generally uacful. Heat re. oiiiiiimii dail?n? given l'leaee <Mii at the unuae of her priemii em ployer, It Madlaon av. AN ACTIVK MAN. WISHES EMPLOYMENT AS POR ler, lu a respectable bouae, and would depoaii In Ik*; bond* of hla employer two or three hundred dollar*, aa ?ecurltv for hla aoliriety . integrity and falthtulne**. Reference* given. Ad dree* P. T. Kelly, I MM *<ni?rt: Poet office Amarrirp man, o r ktbapy habiti, who tan -peak and write French and RagBp mm !? wtale a a altnatfon, tti *?rtie eetaMiebnent where he r+n make htmaeff generally u**ful, I* out afraid of work Haa *<??! refereara hoin bie present p lace. Pleaaa call at HI Foraylfc at., top fkior, lor two day* A YOl'NO MAN WAMTH A SITUATION AS OOAOH man ami unma. bee no objection to go In the rwuitry I uy rrfere aca can be given, If raqulrad. Pleaae rail at Mr. KitipairWk'* greea boa**, earner of flkfc ?t. and Itroadway. AN EXPERIENCED PRIVATE WAITRR, WITH OOOD city reference want* a *lt?a<inn In a private rentleman ? ? I* lii? ? mine** thorough y makeelatJMM *nd "iber fa my lee* In a *uperv>r manner Addr >ea? fame*. 03 <th aveuue. in the ?"reiich bakery, for two day*. Alai>. seventeen ye \rk or aob, wum a si tuation. wrtte*agood hand, know* the rlty well, and would make hRnarll geae rally uaefol. Addreaa B. P., l.TJ ka?t JPth *1. BY A RKSPKtrrAltl.K (^OLORBD OIKU AS t il AXIIICR termald ami child ? aar*e No objection to the no'mtry , or to travel. t;?id city reference. < aa be wen at I3S Weal Utli wreet. h>r two ?!*)*. By two bbsi'WTari.m yopno women onk as ciK'k. perlbcily timler*u>ti<l* her bu?Hie?a; tlK Other aa ch*niberm*id and to aealat with the ??>btng and Ironing, or would do Ito II Rework The beat o( leatlaumiala given, ran be ?een lor two day* ai ?t)6th ar . room No. >. HY A BKHPXCTABLB Si -t ITCH IIIRL, AM PLAIN ?eaBwir- ??. the liiiderniasda all kind* offaml^ aewlng perlertiy, or to travel with a family Call at IN MM., ba iwrcn rh and ItKh avenue a HY A RKRPBCTABI.B4 YOCNO WOMkN. A RITITA Hon, an chambermaid, or *eam?tr*a?. would like to take care of children. No objection to tke country. Apply at 157 Bldrklge *t , aeeond Boor, room No. T. llty reference. C'OPYIST? A YOl'NO I.AHY, WKL1. AfQUAINTRO / with the t.ermaD, Kraneh and Rngliah language*, la de wrouaof (d.laltilog n ?Uu*ll?iii. ?* coprlat or a ?lmtlar oer ip* Hon, ai her own home, l'leaee addra**, for otfa week, Janny Herald ofOee. OOACHMAN'B SITUATION WANTBD ? BY A RINOI.K yiutng man. a German, wboaweak* Kagliah well, hae no objmtno to the country Tha^at of city reference gleen. Pleaee call nt Itroadway, foa^ydaya. COA? IIMAN 1 PITUATION WANTBD-RT A YOU NO man, who perfeatly underalam!* hi* bualneaa. and nan ba hUhly rMWnnrnM by bl? ta*t e- oployer. Ha* no olijeetloa to go in lh> rmiiitry or lo take charge of a amall garden l'leaee call *t J "A H linden a awddlery atore. 79 llleecker M near Mroa.lway, for two daya Vorrilto HRUOOISTS -THBSCHSt RlltKK WISHRM ll toobtaln a aituatloii In a ratail drw? atore In I'aHfnrni*. ? i e gtvea a* lo coaraotcr ggg aMiity. Adilreaa kot I.W llerald oil'1 ce CnUATION WtNTKD? HT A YOU MO WOMAN. IN A n reepectable private family, lo do chamberwork and plain *< whig, or waiting on table, 'an produce the beat of wfe reuse* a? to capability. Be. Call at 147 Jay at., Brooklyn, for i w o daya. ctkwabubiw sjti ation wantbo-bv t rk O apectable *tewarde*e,the b??t of refkn-Lce given; ateamer prcferrad. Apply al II Rooaevell at. C1TI ATION WANTBP-RY A RKSPRt-TABIJ? 0IRU n aa clwunl>ei maul and waiter, or lilain acwar. at lo d i Hie le.uaewi'rk lor a amall lamlly. Apply for two day* at XI Ain ty p lace, where ?l>e haa baea employed. UMrATTo ,- \ N'l Kf?? BY AN MPRRrB V('MO t'OOK; lient ot . nee glveti Plcn*e call it No. 7 n.rwto m., near Oi. enwkh arenua. SITUATION WANTRH-BY A RRSPBt'TARUB YOUNO 11 woman, lo wait tm ehlhlren. or lo do cliam>>erwork aod pleln eewlog; kaa no objection to go lo the tnwnitry with * ^i i? ilemaa'a IkmHy. PIeat<* call M w Harrkam ?? , wharf an In law m*) be bud. ?rrVATMMI WANTED. I SITUATION WANTED-BY A BIOHI.V accomplish- ! td French young lady, who speaks Herman asi tutder stand* (ode Kt k ..*1i. as governess, m a private family, la very skilful In tine needlework. and desires to set a good home, best of eity refererenoe*. Plaaae call or address No. , W Walker sireet, upptrtiory, front room. I SITUATION WANTED? BY AN ENGLISHMAN, AS ' coachman; ha understands the care of borse* thoroughly; has i,o objection io the country, and would be willing to m ik? him- elf generally useful. Uood reference. Call at No 3 Milll gim place, '.ill avenue, between llXli and lltb st*. fllO DO MOJJT CAAMIJERWORK AND WtlTINO OR X cramberwork ami take care of children; heat of* city reference* Uubowin lor iwv days at iKJ 7 Bru t ween 21*t and 2?d k'rctf'a. The sea.? a besfkcjuablk enolisu woman. wif lien to aeoouipiuy a family going to Europe, a* nurse; not subject to sea sickuess. Can be weR recommend <mI. I'iease astdress M A., Mr. Heath's paper store, 131 Myrtle avei.ue, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, AN SEAMSTRESS; UNDER ? lands dressmaking and alt kinds of family sowing; would have no objection to have the core of one child; would goiotlie country if required. Call at 04 10th at., between 5th and tith a vs. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general homework io a small pri vate family, or cooking; has no objection to a abort d:st a nee in the country; wan four years in her last place lu'tuira at i24 Ut avenue, et ween 13th and 14th at*. Can bo .-jeuu for two day*. TXTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A UKSPKCTAHi.E VT girl, at cook, In a private family; is wlUug to astdst In the w ashing and ironing. ( an ue ?eeu lor two days at her present place, No. 3 West J 1st it. WASTED? A SITUATION, BY A KKSPKOTARLE voting woman, a* tiist;ra? cook; will assist ?rtth ihe washing and ironing. Ooud oity relcrtmce. Please oallfer two dajs at 1 W West iiutli hi., I) civ. ? en 8th and 9th avenues. WANTED? BY A H?SPE< TABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A situation to do general housework. No objection ti> the coantry. Please call at 44 neater street. TENANTED ? BY A RESPRCTARLE YOUNG WOMAN, A Vi situation, a* chamliermald and ?e unstress, or nurse and seamstress. The beet of city referenoe oan be given. Please call at 310 1st avenue, l>etweeu IHth and 19th ?w. WANTED? BY TWO PROTESTANT OIRLS, SITUA lions; one as cook, washer and Ironer, and the oilier as cbumbeimMd and waiter, or to do general housework for a small family, in the country. Can be seen at 237 3d avenue, between 20ih and 21st ate. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the general housework of a small private* family; is a good plain cook, aud a good washer and Ironer. Uood reference* given. Apply at 144 Weat ltith *t. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, as chambermaid, nr to do general housework In a small family; can come well recommended. Apply at her present employer'*, 117 Broome afreet. WANTK!>? A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AUKD woman, to wait upon an invalid lady, or to make herself useful in attending chile reu, or in doing any light work, Can do plain sew ing and make up line laces and muslins. Wages low, a* a home is needed. < tin be seen until suited at 368 10th St., between avenues B and C. TPANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT (1ER TT man girl, to do general housework In ? small ori.' Ue family; undi- rstands eooking, and is a good waalicr ami Ironer; has city reference. Apply at 101 Laurens street, In the base ment. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO OIRL, TO take rare of children ami to do plain Hewing; no objec tion toihc country; cat. be seen at her preseut employer's, 142 Dufllcld St., ltrooklyn. to-day. WANTED? BY A WIDOW WOMAN, A SITUATION, as tirst rate cook; fully understands her bu-'in?ss in all Its ditleri nt branches; Is a !;r.<t rate baker and pastry eook; would like to go a short distance in 'lie country. < nil nlve city and country reference. Plesae okii for tw o days at 2H0 East 15th St., 3d Door. Wanted? hy a mwiwaim tooro vovai, a situation, to do gsncral housework, for a small faintly: l.est of city reference. Can be seen for two days, at 00 West Washington place, room No. 6, second tloor. TETANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, to do plain cooking, washing and ironing, In a private family; Is a good baker, or to do houaewort- Best o! reference given, t all at 2S7 Went 17th st. In the rear. "11' ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A BE8PBCTABLR TV young woman, as seamstress and to assist in chaml<er work. Can be seen at her last place, 35 Henry street, Brook - hu, for two days. Is well recommended. WANTEI*-a SITUATION, AS COOK, WASHER AN!) ironer. Oood reference, fall at iW JLKli st. , between <Mh and "tb avenues. WANTED? BY A YOUNO OERMAN LADY, A SITIJA v v Hiton. as housekeeper, or to attend a store. Ro ni.jec tion n> the country. Heat of reference from her last employer. Apply for two da> s, at ?H'hr)?tie st., room No. 9. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, as drat rate laundresa and t'rench tinier; would go to a pr.vate family or hotel; no objection to fo a short distance In the country. be*t nty reference given. < an be seen for two day* at "04 Houston St., front nsun, up atalr*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A OERMAN OIRI., AS cliiuiihermaid and fine washer, in a small American (sillily. Please call for two days at her employer's, 30 West ICth st. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOI'NO OIRL*. situations? one to do chamberwork nr to take care of children, or do plain sewing; the >ther as waller. Is willing to walat ill the washing and tronlnit. has the best of city refe. reuoe, no objection to go a short ilUtance in ihe country . Caa be seen lor one day at o4 Wi st Washington place. TIT A NTKD ? A SITUATION, BY A RKSPJM7T4BLE TT girl, as < hauibermatd, or to do general hi i i rework in a small l.iiiuly ; no niije.-tl.Ml to go a short distsuce tu the coun'ry liest of city references from last phice. 1'luaae call at si King at. WA NTKD ? A SITl ATION AK COOK, AND TO WASH Hti.l Iron. In ? prl?aU' family, by an eMM-rlcnc'l Kill with go<?l city reference. Call ai 164 Weal 13th at., between jth ami Mb a**., In ih?' Iroiil baaimcut. _ _ __ YJL'ANl Kl>? HY AN KXPKRIKNfKD TODNO WOMAN, TT a Klliiatlon, tu ifo the homework of a amall private f.uiit ly ; la a good rook. waaher and troner; iIip Iwl reference given. Inquire .. t Ml Kant 1 1th i'iwI, 3d door, front room. W A NTKD? A SITUATION, AH f HAMHKRMAID AND to ilo fin. KiwIiiBg. or aa l.uuidreaa, tin* beat of elty re fefMM given. Apply at 166 Ninth it., 1 door from 3.1 avenue. X\T ANTKI)? A SITUATION, TO DO HOUSEWORK. PINK TT ? H-llllig ami irunlag, not wailing; good i-ity referem >?. ran b?- ?. rn in .lohnaoo *irect, two door* from the grocery, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A VOl'NW t'RKNfll WOMAN, SI'KVK lug tome Kngltah and spaniab, a altuaiton an child ran* nu rae: rood reference. Inquire for Roaaiie, at a Weal Broadway. roam I. WANTEP-A SITUATION, BY A RESPKfTABLE WO " man. aa ctxik In a Ural claaa hotel or dining xaloon. No otd<rtl< u to tho couutry. Good city reference. Apply at No. * Khrabcth St. WANTKD-A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT ? TT rcotch girl, *? chambermaid, or to do general h. . nae work, in a ?inall tamtly. Apply at 36 Writ Uth at., lu the rear. ?flf A NTKD? BY A PROTESTANT OIRL, A SITUATION, ft a* chambermaid or waller; can wnah and Iron, will l*? , foiitil willing and agreeable, linn gnul reference, If required. ' mi lia mtii ai .V.2 UNk M , ihlrd tl.n.r I "ljLr ANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE PROTEST ANT TT Mf 'cti girl, a alttiatlofi. ax tiurae an.l ae irnxtreaa, in a getitlt man a family. No objection to go la the country for ihe Minmirr KM nl rrlrrc?r<? glvi n. fan he xeeu for two day* at M Knlum at , Brooklyn, third atory, back room. lumllv Tt'"n, Y,???NO I ^Jiitara. thiM n,?r "th aod JNh tjy ANTKI>? A BIYUATION, HY A RKSPRCTAHI.B TT yotiii* woman. a? afwamtreaa. no objection b> aaxtxt n chamber* nrk or take care of children. orto goto the entintry. tiiod reference Apply at 1A Kaat Stt at, fur two day*. TIT A NTKI) ? BT A RESPECTABLE HEALTHY YOU BO TT w< man, n baby to wet nurae at her own plan*. Noob jecttona to go out. tan be aeeu for two daya ai M llu it, betw era lat and At avenuca. flrat floor. Wr ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YKRY RESPECTABLE TT compcupt woman, aa cook. underatondx paxlrv. aoupx andjelllea II ax ih. beat of retrrenoea. Apjily at ItM Nlntii ?t., owa door from 3d arenne. ^ * WANTKD-MY a RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A attuailon to do general h laework. M a g>xxl plain enok, and excellent ? a?tier and irooer Haa ike beat nt etijr refer eaee. fall at 33 Hamilton aveiria, Brooklyn, third Boor. Iroot r?6L YIr A NTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNtl WOMAN, TT an chambermaid and to aaaM la wn.hlng Mid ironing Uraxl letereaee alven I all at K Weat ItMh >l . between 6ta and jth avenui a, IW?il roxai, ?I I aad atory. t'ac ha ae?u for two day*. \LT ANTKD? BY A RRM'Kt TABLE YOUNO WOM ?N, 4 TT aliiiaUon aa ebambermald or cMMren'a uae??. for refi renee apply at her last employer'*. X 3d at. t lan be aeen t<* iwo ilay*. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RKSPEtTABLE young wr man. a* flrxt rate enok, wanher and Irtmer. fan gl*e fnuryeara referenee fWwn her laat place P|e?ae eal 1 at IN hMruigr atreet, rix? IE fan b> aeen for Iwo day* TL* ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RK>PKt TABLE TT girl, to do geaeral kottaewoik. In a xmall private fa Wily. Wood elty refereaee. Apply at 1>? Eldrblge at. r.xim lt4 WANTKD? ItY A RKHPE4TAHLE YnUNO WOMAN, A altuallon to do general houaawork In a amall i.rivaut larnllT, la a good plain -ewer. t?u be ae?n tor two day* at IOA M> ae , ' orner of inh at. XJLT ANTEI> ? HY A RKSI'EtTAlir.E AMERICAN WIDOW YT Woman, a a'Miatimi a? nnrx.' tor the Ma* or chlU'en a , urae, or aa houaekeeper . no ohjecttoa to do Die b?<ixe? .rk of *tnall reap e.-ta hie faintly. Plaaae call at 216 Dala? y at , t car Pitt, tup floor, for two day*. WANTKIt? A SITUATION, AS PRt>rRN?*1> t'(H)K, IN a private family, or In a hoK I, by a re^ie. i*ble woman. rT*n h?ve r in Uem t-Ity rt feremaa txtn be aeen for two daya *1 MM Hnwl? a* ? tolfcar? r. WANTED-BY A RESPEtT \ W.K PROTESTANT young woman, a aitnxtWun aa chamlo rmald. or would do <he general VonacWork (if a amall private f.imlly, fan give iKxirfty 1 1 ferenee from her laat placo Pb?aa call at 1M (liangi atreel, Hrixiklyn, tinder the Star ofB-e W ANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A MAN OK NOB KM TT ami Induatrtoiia bahlta, woald prefer a porier a attuauon, . n atvixiani m a ?..xe n, 'hlx city or Itmotthn The be.i of referencea gtven Addreaa .f . M . Brooklyn poat office, bog IM for three daya. Tl' A NTKD- A SITCATION, BY A PEOTESTANT OIRI., TT to do bsht I'xp.i . i >v .,i k >? I ? diig In a private ItollJ InNewHat en f mn fan be aeen for iwo >Uy? ni liar pr t' xent altnatlc ii. No JM W.'?t .Hth at., between Wli an I I'W. avx VVrr NURNB.? A YOlMl WOMAN IS DESlROtTS or YT obtaining a xtmaiton aa wet mirae 'n a re?;>?cf .hi? t , 1 1 * I'tewae call ai I6S I4tb xi o."?r I-' xr . i m , front room. \lf ANTED- \ PIT!' ATION, BY A RESPECT ABLE TT voting wrnxn, a* nmae and aeamxtroxx, Wlmtft >ro-i?h ly underxtanda taking care Id an Infant. Ix ak>o nhle in do all kind* of family aewM flood e|fy refarenr* ???? h,r plaee Plenae eall at "7 W#at?i-h at, betne.-n ?-li an I ;tli ?it a. i an b? a?ca ftn two ? tj a. w SITUATIONS WARTCD, WANTED? A SITUATION, AS COOK, AND TO AMCTST iu ? miliar and Ironing. r<i] be atcu tor two days at Tii Yaiick ttreol liood city reference. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A BESPEiTAULB young wuui.ui, a* chambermaid; will assist lu washting und Ironing; has uo objection to lite country. Call at 14 K mt letli -i reel. "IIT ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YUCNO MAN, OF* T T good address and business habit*, at altuauou as clerk or salesman in mi establishment where a thorough knowledge of llu- Spanish language would be considered it deaideraium. Omni reference ami the t cat of security given. No objection to go abroad. Adilresa F, (?., Lovejoy House, Oreenwlch at. ANTED? A SITUATION, AS HEAD WAITER, BY l mail who can Jiff the bc>( of reference for the last tivij years iu llitaclty. The advertiser it it good accountant, ami capable of keeping all accounts connected with his aituauuu. Address lli ad Waiter, box 160 Herald ofliCO. Wanted? a situation, by a protectant umn, aa rOMkaHS, In a private family; who thoroughly understands hi* business, baa no objectiou to go ia the ooun try. Csn be aeen at hl? present emyloyera, 14 Weat 21*tst.? tiood cliy reference*. WANTRD-A SITUATION, FOB A YOUTH, 17 YRAB4 of age, aa tinder salesman and to make himself general ly useful in a clothing eatabliahment ; having been in a cloth ing store the lust three yeara; good recomiuendatious from Idn late employer. A Uuc add ceased to A. K, B., Herald office, will meet with prompt attention. Wanted? by a y ou no man, a situation in a wholesale gri* cry or !t |itor s'ore, or to drive an express ?. i,ou Apply at 110 Wi at i.lli at., near 6th avenue. WANTED? BY AN ENGLISHMAN* A SITUATION, AM coachman; he perfectly uttder-tan la ihe <? ire, manage, meat and drivui*; ui liorses. .So objection to itic country, (i'c >d city reference irout lite ptrty hi now la living with. V noli addreaaed J. Coopey, HersM olBce, * .11 bo iin ae lla'- ij attended to. IK1K1.L10ENCE UKKICKN. EMPI.OYhllS WlSJilNO (1(1(111 SKKVV.VTrt WILT. t.:.d respectable help at MOP. It IS COHNEBT A ? O.'S, Sb7 Broadway, corner of Read* afreet; aim farmers, laborers, Ac., at tb'H rir the branch office, 1'Jb Ueenwich street, m ar Cedar ttreet. "TITANTKD? AT NO. (1 EAST BROADWAY, TWO V? crockery *nd glassware packer*, none but experienced men need apply; two sab ?uteii lor a dry jobbing goods houae .it Philadelphia, salary W?W in $f(X) per annum, Place* procured for conductors, baggage men und brakemen, clerka, boys to learn trade*, two waiter glrla for a maimer hotel in Connec ticut, four cotton weavers, housekeepers, seamstresses, Ac. (? 11.1. EN * CO., Agents. WANTED- AT BROADWAY. TWO COXDUCTOB 8, two bookkeeper*, tlin ?? clerka, two barkeepers, four waller*, two porter*, two llrcmen, two brakemen, Tour boys for tisdi a anil for ?l ore*, men on steamers and railroads. LOUIS KAUFMAN, AganL POLITICAL. 1 CTH WARD FREMONT AND DAYTON CLUB. -A. 1(J meeting will be held at Wadrmy Hull, iifi't liroa 1 way, Wednesday, Julv -. at m Mock .Measr*. Ch.trle* A liana, K. lie la field Smith, l.owry. Secret try of tiovernor Header, and J Wilson Green, will apeak. Singing. My order uf Committee. 1QTII WARD? HUC1I A N AN AND BRBCK US IllDUB Xt7 Banner Club.? Thla club, forme.1 for 'lie purpoM of tor w arding the eieethm o( ihe above named nominee* of ?be de ?nocratic party, and itot to cirry out lite view* and Wahea o| any clique i>r faction, but Ui act lu oone^rt with ill ?e'iei* cluba or?nnl/.ed for like objivta, will in-el for the atoeUou of ufflcera on Wedneaday eveniug, July IH5?>. at I*. II. Va it Brunt'a, corner of Third avenue and Forty nUtUi atr>?'t, at s o'clock. S M. 1)KKW, i 'ii?tim<n oro teiu. Wn. H. Rich, Secretary pro b in. _ tl-lST WARD BUCHANAN CLUB.? UNION VM? IIAR ?t\. miiiiy ? The democratic elector* of the Twenty -Ural ward, and all others favorable, to Buchanan and BreekenMdge* are res'ieated to meet at Hibbard A McCoy * Manaltut Ihmae, comer of Fourth avenne and Thirty fecund etreet, on Wed neaday evening, July 2, at half paai seven o'clock, tor the pur* poae of permanently organising a Huchaiiau club. Daniel h. Taylor, Juaiali Sutherland, Cha*. It. IIa<we'l, Andre Kronient, Stephen D., John Lynch, John K. Broderlek, Abm. K. l'ttitisou, David W. Clarke, Ambroae L.l'iuncy, Jolui Kinsley. John King, Timothy Italy, Edwd. H. fellow*, II. P. fair, Walter Hi ?vclt, Tbomaa MeCoy, Coll N. Oantphell, IlOUfl** Taj iOT, Jasoe* Mahnttey, M aaliiiigtoit Kyer. Pati u kDee, Bernard Derhn, Mich'l lieraghly, Wilbur II. Leonard, John Anderson, C. L Pnrrty, Stephen Cornell, Geo. Mcl'onaid. (let. W. UiiBt, Theodore Hunt, Sltluey Oak-mlth, John II. Myera, Hugh McParlen, Jamea Murphy, Ben. II. iiaittht, Jamea Devlin, Joaeph D. Wuart, Robert Foster, And one hundred and twenty seven other*. Empire cm'h rooms, .*?th junk, ism? tub fol lowlng resolution was paa*ed u aiilmmialy at the ratifi cation meeting held on Friday, the 17 lit mat ? Keaolved, '1 hat we deeply regret that tAe two commltteeo rspreaenltM thedlvtabms of the democrat in party In tbia Sta.'S have aignaliy tailed to unite In calling a Stale I .invention '?? nominate an eleetoral ticket and a ticket fot- Mate otheer' a ?Irict aoconlance with the recommendation ? 4 the Ihnsocratiq National Convention held at t'lnc.iuuati. and we feel that tlin Imporlant criaia baa arrived when the democratic tiLaa*. * will no It^fper submit to the dictation of a few selnab ieiuier*. hut. will ffilti*!. at all ha?t da, on the union of the democracy of tli.? Slate for the aakc of the Union; and unleaa the two State Coin, mltlec* on whom Uii* duty ilcvolvea inimcltately adopt atea" sure* to ?c< ure a single state < 'onvcutioii. we rnaftectlully re commend to the democracy throughout the Stale to coll meet ing* in every Assembly district, and elect dr legate* to a ,-t un Convention lor the purpoaea herein mentiooed. and we pledil* ourseltea to assist iu auc.h action ol the people, Oelievin : a necessary lo the success of the nomine* a ot Utc Cincinnati Convention In the present conte-t. In of :hc?i views, th? Kmplre Club will bold n mass uie< ting in ihe Park on 1 noaday evening, sth of July, U> obtain an evnresskifi from the democracy of thla c i v a* to tlin in eeselty anu propriety of adopting the course auggested .t* ihe res' lu' km. Every Buchanan orgstilnlion in the city will be Invited to co-operate with the Kmplre Club m ihia demon itrallon. DiatigiKiilshed speakers lutvc rlreidy co'iaente<l us sddn as the met ling on this and other tunjert* o?nn*< t*d * ill* the present political contest. ISAIAH RVNDfcRM, President. Isaac Sriqa*. >- - ? Euwakp Mmsar Notice.? nm vitamcr? vitamcr o* i?eck ? M> mlim of Clayton (lull, xnd IgrMd aiii-Kt* at it knnkjr notified to br mi bonr'l of itif Iwiet on Thur? lay nlc la J ul) 3, at M f. 11., i<?>t ni I eilar ntrrf. 8 A M'L WILLI VMS, 3err?"?ry NIGOF.K WORSHIPPER* A NI> OTHKKH IM KKCT. rd in the pulling down of "llu! in ?nd lltwk a 1 1<?" burner* , err reuiiretrd to tn> on hitml Tin e-Uy, I *< of July, at MARTIX s W ? li 1 1 1 if ' < 1 11 llou?r, Hoonkan i- ih< i~?i wlllbe a new end largf-r bennt-r to ttfbet Ihitl alnlfli n* Kf t unlay night. Kthik tr> e, ami a warm i i-eepUon gtiar^n ml, SEVENTEENTH WARII.-TWK MKMllKKri Ok" TUB Ifcveutoeiith Ward llm haiian t lul. are re0M*U>d to nun thle (T ur*dey) evening, at lt',7 Hr*i avriiue, ?t ? u cioofc. Tli? young anrn of the Ward friendly to the r|. .mm of llu hanan. are Invited 'ojoln MALAC1II HHK.NN aN 1' U. McIkiKAUi, h'rrreto ry. TITHE MEMHREs OF THK NATIONAL AMKHli'A JF Club.? 1 he Member* of .he National Awrkui Club uf iLe nijr and MM of Nr* Vnrk. ?re taoet rrepootfully re ?!fnted not to notfc-r any rail for a Meeting, ttaU ?? ?4ned Uy ui Ptokley, Brat Vk-r Pn elilmi |!? orilei at WILLIAM RTOKLEY, let Vice rrca. Hw?y Raaaoa, Rc< 'y. TOrWO MEN f DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN WlM TalUee ? A mrrtlng of thr Young Men * l>ri...?-ratt<- Re publican Committee will be held al Taim.tany Uall on Tuce aay evening, July I, al halt ue*t eaten ovl,?k I'un.tual attendance la requeued. ttol.t iMON II. NOBLE, chairman Roe Ear Uiunt > Kbwabp TwnoH. J THK TVaW. UHIOM COI'RRE, L I? TROTTIN'l. ? WHO WW OAT, July M. The great aaddlr matrh for H.IMU, wWrii w?t? to eotue off on the abovr djgp. forfeit haa b. eo emi t i.jr Hen. Scott and Chicago Jack to Lapert. formerly Know Nmbin? BHAW A WlflTR, ProprWtar. UNION OOl'RME, U I.? TROTTWa.? OM WKDIKI. day. July I, al At* o'clnek I". M . a matrh Pw ftLfgM. mtto heata, Iml thrre in III* to haruree Mr J. I' Mr Maim uanv e b. m Flora Temple: Mr M Mclaughlin aataea lilh. ? l?n ert, fnmrrly Kimiw N..t'iiu? Car? a ill !? a?? Ike Smwli ferry, Hroeklyn. fur thr tourer at 2'4 o'rlork. ait I rrtmrn aa aann ?a the eport la oyer. Fare, to (<> and rnarn m rrnia. HUu a wtll alao leare the Feck alif< Irrry. WUUauiaburg, err t taemy mtautne. Entrain Ml all pan> trark. oni- doliaix KM A* * WIIITR. fnnrirw. KI ROne&R ADTUTllBNKrn. INFORMATION FOR AMERICAN TRA VKI4.KUS UOl >? lo Ka(<if>e ? , T1IR HKKT HOTELR. Hotel fenrW. Parte. Iio<i I dra Ilaltene fto llotel dri Fllf ee m Hotel de Ku?le. kept by M Younf Hvt. ii R..|e? Hotel de PAaglrtrrrr FraokfiaX Hetrlde Fedrr , Tarl?. Hotrl de Feder <>?nera Hotel de I Rnrnne , Fb#eee*L Motel de Vlllr rfo he <nwne.| t? Aug nan Ftorearta noTRMt-mW NOT t?Ot?I? OVIPI. All the hotel* la Ix<a?ter are had lintel de Rlrall. ferla Hotel de tlade On Hotel dee Treta Ret* Ita*l<- PwUferlainV And Many other*. Whtrh will he ftvea hereafter J A ME* MARKWFI.I, FFRtlAI. WI?iE MERCHANT TO her Majrety guri n Victoria late tnufwtw of lbt~4ann eu l.nnf 'e, the tiraflou and the l.nadeti V mid th< North antl South Americas Cotter Houee bef* hi I Motto ho> tmerVait patron* antl frleo<l? vleit.n? Kojlaml that J. M I* mow mm- at the largeal wine m err hart* at thi Weet Kn-I of l^akloa having rrllara audrr J. ?.'* yttrtou* priyate h- m AlbrmarW rtrrtt and Ihr netghborhond. PebHr oRtr<- for i'-n-r*l afn etrn and the wlae and eptrll beaMfae. 1i> <0, c?irnrr ef iMafordl and A lb* marie etreete. rieeadftry, l^imlon R,-f ??? nee >a4 l ankere, Kir Claude. Hcoti, Bart . A t oiapany. Re I cayendiek ?>inare, T AMFH MARKWFI.I,, LATR PNOrRIKTOR OF ItUtoT. *| ain't. Lone'*, the Grtfflun and tb< Lnn-tun Hotele ea-t iKa North and Couth Atnertcen CoT^c lieeae. be?* ui mrnm Mf Amertren frletwle ytetttac l?e<lon that J M I* ?tli to'er^ateat In hoo-1* in Me neighborhood aad he* aleo aereral prtrale far ni*hrd bnuaei ajwayi to let, to apet uaeeu t entirely, to thto thr yrry br*t part of l^mdon Wj?AU appHealieaa to b? made direct or by letter to Jewee Mart wall geaeral eflee. M. ro Stafford and Alt f ?rl? MreMi, FVadllly " * D Ofl FOR HALR? A ORJfl'IWR RNOUftH TRRRIRR, Trice *30 Can he wen at WW With arenue rcoR HALR, FOR R ALB? MB TOVWQ BOOR I NO RfRlMg r ?>"' 1* old tnorklng hlr-la *nod ?tnr?re. <?-' re^eire.! i ????i )r. ? ? I ?! lean* Imjalre at ftt i nto* Mreet, Jeraet City, or ai No S Albany ett eel. Mew York. FMtlR KAI.R-FRICF. CMn. A SMALL YACHT, M FRRT Ion* lt> feet heam. fit II Hgje-1. t*o ?att* ?"?* '- bot|? new laat ?ummer Thle boat wae batlt to order, by Flah % Morton. In Ma;, 1*M. and ka a*e of the faateet l.oato alhiat. Addre** Ihh **l Poet ofllre. /1RRAT PItlRON WIOOTIKO MATCH FOR RLOt*. KT \I the Rrd Hnme pieaaare (r*ii ivt* tlartem ??, W? Iiim. ilny. ,lni> 2 l<WI. at l?l ptgedhe Twenty tire double ami ?Inr 'e btnla to be ?hot by Mr. K tag. the rrlobrated doable ?b?t? \? ?, V eral Ihowan'l Ilare are lependlnf on Hue mateh. ne niilmdr *b?>ttng will be allowed, footing eotatnewcee at h F. M. 1 he Mecottd aretiee earn paaa the deor rSPt>RT?MVV - FOR SAI.R. POIJfTRR A NO SRTTRH Hdngi. '.token 'inbrokea tporiauien will do well to rail at flo ?? Ma.lle.?. M. Tiir tacht, it tonh. a faat sailrr ano i^ ? coMtplete order, for aale. Addrae* No. I ftetd etraaL V ACMT FOR BAIJ-THR RI^XIT TAOOT VFTM X twenty one tone, coppered to above water ltne wi*M foaid aad furakhed hi every reapect, a 1?et ??ller, and of Ight 4m with cwW hoard. Aypl/ at i ti