Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 3, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 3, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7248. YORK HERALD. EDITION-THURSDAY, JULY 3, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. fBI IATBIS V1WI, ?V MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. (INTERESTING PROCEEDINGS IN CONGRESS. Exciting Debate in the Senate on the Bill for the Admission of Kausas, Ac., &c., Slc. From the National Capital. DE&tTE IN THE 8KN ATK? DKPAKTUKK OP CON ORB8BMJCN FOR NKW YOKK ? MR. HERBERT COM KITTED TO miSON, ETC. WASinxGTO.v, July 2, 1856. 'Mr. Uorbert was indicted for the murder of Thomas Keating, and has been committed to jail to await his trial. The debate in Senate to day and up to the hour this despatch is dated (12 M.) hit, been exceedingly interest and at times quite bitter and pepsonal. Especially ?o was Senator Toombs' reply to St ward, and I'ugh's re r?y to Wade? so much so that tho presiding officer called i*ugh to order. Douglas and bia friends arc determined to have vote on fcia proposition before they adjourn. 8enator Toombs will leave hero to morrow evening for Kew York, to address tho democracy of Tammany Hall co the evening of the Fourth. A few members of Con gress witl accompany him. Washivotox, July 3?1 A. M. 'Gov. Bun, of Tennessee, has got the Ilnor and in tend* to make a lengthy speech. Mr. Critter den moved to adjourn, but the democrats refused. *Mr. be ward will ?Uow Mr. Bell. THIRTY-FOURTH CONGRE8I. FIRST SESSION. JGkuate. JVASHUOTOir, July 2, 1856. vnwna afouJftox.^ attack Ox thk PRr^nnsr^ tkto. The Chair laid berorethe Semite a communication from Socr<tar.v or State, 'tw.nsmitting the original journal of proceeding of the Board of American Commit, tiers at P?ru, to liquidate and audit the claims of American citi *cna again.' t the French government, being for debu due them and for satisfaction. for which provision w? made by a convention between tUo United sutes and France, April 30, 1803. Mr. Cuvto.v, (K. N.) of Del., said this report was made Us answer to a resolution submitted by him some Umo ?go. He d wired to call attention to the document, became 11 ct,*?PkMy refuted the ground upon which the Presi dent based bis veto of the French Spoliation bill. The ?eto rented on ihe aummed ba*u that tde clalma for tr eat v*^ i 'h , . i8! h i "h m ' " ^ 1 ttUd ?,l0,rcd uu^'r the -L- . ? bul documr iit dUclose* fart tut this, they were e.clud.-i, ,or the'ea^n lull n,.V?V1U,. !!t;r? W5ulJ k?ve nothing to do with itaem Be alluded to the fact that many year* Jince b, ? cxanS fte subject when it was before tb., SuiatVbeiug a Zm of tbi"lP<-lect Committee of which Mr. IMniei W.-lxti-r wuh chafnmn. Mr. Webster took no part iu the in alter ^ ,ng 8ec,,uJ 0" the committoe, luro*tuawd ttiesubject and retried a bill, which, contrary tothj o, many of it* friends, ,?^ed bolh bo'M? ^ . majorities, but unfortunately encouutered th., Z'\?? ^iJ?utl'olk. Afterward* anotwSSS^ to tliat, I'? -'<'d t?ngress, and vetoed by I'reji lent P?WO as tl.? foUmr Vrt0.WMDOt upon the ,.ime . mt'r' ^ ?u> S-nntor who would uke "the paiui to examine the document now before the se Bate would nee that the whole foundation of >|r. IVree t were to ^ H? a ld?"1. his sympathies J5T '?vor ol thi'ic claim mi,, and he bopet Sttzsar? * ajoiuj _ imw PAwitn. It* House bill granting the ri^ht of way to the Ht J" '"1 J""1 J'0'4 Hountnui Kuiirond throigh the ar*"u,? J"Ur"'u tract wa _ , *** AMOMM OF KAXMAM. Tne bii/ for the aiiim -nion of Kun.vwi reported be ?lm Territ.rl,,, wast, ken,,',, b' tlle m, to ?Tr^JHKf*r *Vr?,,|W*r). of Ohio, Raid ho mood 0I? to aurncit'- no am rtoctrln#, bti . tile cr-it tinnrhtin ?<eqw! r1?ht. to .n men bUck anTwhl T fiTwS ;4' 'he lathert of tiki 4 republic. |{,< th.-n ^ ri",f*-c "r ,l"' compromise inea. iin" *W0, which were called rtnai ty measures, an I -tid th<* tieriocrattr ,,,rly had put th- pre.** ad.^ini-traUon Into " . I'1l-,tf,,rm I'^'KIIlg them tj re i-( ?[.u , rv i! ? H1- did kn"w hnw they intended |<> r>--- t <*h..?h*r ? 1,1, l,l?dKeon, or ?therwi-e. liowe'-.V ther 1,1 r^iM ,be ??'"?"y ?ubj-et r?*rt *ln j?f to tliin co\.-mment lie m...| her' to re?i?t ?ii .. cXu.'o, ,to '?'"/* fa" "'' ^'' ""ver "'in. V .. r -If'- bill 111 ler ?Sn rleVl., r,.| t ^ <-"l. tze-l t&,. p^hdcal f?? itu cn.t -agm*. 'JXl'AzS Z;': h,(?Z.Z^ b-1 u^- >?*><?** *Sn "r '? Mr . I I t. h f t I I Mr Watfehal no rl?ht to ehirm fc:m with hrriBg ..'a rery ant hating ht.-rty. He r .uimiie.i at ?m n K 1 ,'",rl'lJr retnrtug u|ton iir. Wade ) ?rN ? ' NM'1 " not be ,11,. C. , . .r* *"* ?" *^i>1?*it forwhadowliif in Mr 5?fi k ??.refn*r * dettrmlnation among the inrtv to Am ^ .* '.""r !rl"nK'",' ,f ih<^ ? ?n""t "Jcciiri}y,hS I^Jt^ hi .?' '"'J I^wn Ul? rnir l,,br,r "r "Uerty coiwe 2, blood and oacriileee of our forefathers Vr /? bl" U*dcr conaideration. mi?* <!. ^ ^ "? flv'" o'clock Maid b" do a' ' '2.*1 k' "ut . ,ld Dot c,r# a,><>ut ?ddrei?*inK only ? ?, rcunuune- ho moved The motion waa negatived, ?.,^qUu """ T" Ulfcn "" Mr Ad*mn' ?"tion to atetke * it the clime giving the right of iuifrage to all per,om ?bo aliall hive 8lcdvUieir ^?rlarati.^i of intention to be mmXEL SJF^1 com'""ac" WIU> "?? No 1WM voting, on m,.tkm of Mr Horn las fdrm , Ce.^C;'fe?eTe3, dl,r'n? Wh*h ^ Mr Haij. (i.alifnal) of Tenn., aeked whether the ae Mr It,1?'? T!i?nuW*!! .?"?! 'inalterable. Mr Ik>t ?.i^a nok<^l whother the decree to break un a * ?"rum was irrevocable. p * Mr. Bw.! -Does the Henalor allude |o mef Mr noM;i-*?--rtoei the iVttaUv allude to met Mr. Otoj ? | do. *?..M/:J*rr,_uyTy* h'*r'' overhoard that It was i' * ' br,l,lt ?r ? quorum. Never baa so ni'irh Ime been given fnr debate ag on the Kansas uurmll. je wait to end the discussion When th?< hill waa m on ?oorfny. not one Senator who la now rrlnV - t'm'' rtiougb allowed for del. ate B*u? I do not ^tantf beto to defend or imlain srr ir,sr-- ?? flie 0?,m said the debate waa out of order Mr. Bun? I have nothing unfair to dtaeuiM i ?ntton* this bill ybotild pass, hot with some modlfloation Mr. !*>'?<? i as, a quorum now being In attendanae anin t f?,P "0 Mr' A,lBn?' *moudme?, whicli waa ft.lopted, the mte being as follows ? . A<Um" W?ywrd, Bell of Tenn . m... Wp_, 5>??i, Hro?n t lay, flarlon, Collsmor, Crltient^n rten. FNtpalrMk, foot, /n?er. Uejer, tlnMer ^ mSJETTB !??} . Mason. HeM. Tho?,s?n e< It/ , Vui?5-5l ? xv"t!r";rr. *}*"? ^'7 i^r.. ? ?J'Htwi of Iowa, Putfh. 8?*wia. J *wt?ib., MT, 'l-r. Wlbsm, W. *ht-l(t **J' * Jfh. Z't'Hn- iUl*Xr wor"h'P>'r) ^ *??, moved to * tl,' ^ I0*" ,'n* 10 the bill .wl In f!?1. If*' p? 1 bT Uh? I eguiature of Kan- is. or . f *" "?eh, be, and the same are h?re "u"1 T ??*<? void and of ih. eireet ' , Cnimtxnrx, (K. N ) of Ky , s.,id It ae-med to him that aome explanation waa reqnirod. Was the mn.,,1. tbr Ih# (h-'tarhinr^ in Khi^a. com^t# ami entire? Mr Wiiw* replied ll, at in his Judgment the bill waa to 5? Knn?,w ? slave Ht*te. The report just made to the Bouae shows th?t there were l.wty nine hundred MM ?nurtana forced on the people ol th,,i Territory and that II waa ithe legislature, whe h |?sse,l Inhuman and un tfliriatian enactment, that <?-aal?red all the trouble llu propoeitioi^Mns designed aa a preUainary to other left* Utlon to protect Ihe pnople in their righta and i.unUh all Violations of the l iws ot the caitry. Ilr W?i,n,/de?.2t,f Cal.? nie proposition Is to re peel all Inws and settle the dlspnte by physl uil force ? . *r" Toouie, (national) of Ua._Tb*t j a good Way Nobody objects to tbat. ' a..MI H"**". (nigger worahlpper) of New York, sai l Be would with Iho greatest pleasure vote for Mr WiUon'n ?mendmenl The present bill can have no other ten a??c) and elTect than to conlirm the success ol theoi,|e<-t ?f the pnssnge of the law abrogaimg the Missouri com pTMUw and Torm ? slave State out of Kansas. There la t *r* no Uw? *1"1 "o legal aocletv in lUni* *b"" *,'?t of the organic act of ISM the g ,Vern tnei.t of that Territory is u esurnatlw and tyranny and Micro are no legal nor moral obligatKms to Ueat II with Jhe' Zlr," \ mi,r? ,ra' ?? tTian <J i i^T : ? comrnl--ion thither, whoa* report e^ ""???Ishes the e facts beyond all question The lar for ?om promises has ended. lueuayior Mr. T<nimi?._| am glad of it. ^sTjo^^t^: ?" ' bMnrXh wt Mr. (it,|errnpting>_(h, the h'gher law. t>Z . ? ? , ' ' : ' """? " -1!" > ? "ten I lh?re ' "'""I" M?rnwai,|i|>rf;wWan,,b. Mr. Toomhs? t think so when you ^ 011 high ?' Uw. Mr. Ckittk>i)kx regretted exceedingly to hew' Mr. Sew ard bay that th*, day of compromise had gone !?'/? The form of the bill might not be altogether sall*fitcw>>/ to the gentleman, but it is offered to him In a liberal Yet he has declared bin intention to aoceptuo am-mdinent to render it more satisfactory and conciliatory, t'he pro IKMiiiou of Mr. Wilson would increase, to a bouudi. -ss ex tent, the exUting evils. He (Mr. Crittendon) would com promise to the last moment or time, provided they could preserve the origiual principles ou which the government whs erected. The present crisis demanded of every Senator serious and solemn consideration. He earnestly up|*alod to gentlemen to come forward iu a liberal s|Mrit, and do justice to all sections of the country. He almost dtc|>airtx] when those from whom ho had expected so much seemed disposed to do so littlo. Mr. CiJtvroN said ho had served long in public, life, but never, from the first day that ho entered this hall, had l.o behoved the country in as much danger as now. His desire was to ofler gentlemen on both sides compro mise. Ala* I this day they had heard a word dear to the Amciicau statesman treated with levity. They liad been told that the time for compromise was passed. If to the period of dnralion of this republic is gone. The constitution of the United States was a compromise. 1- very bill passed Is a compromise. Men could not live in civil society or private life without compromise. If we have arrivel at the determination that we will uever com promise again, we might as well throw our constitution to the winds. In a spirit of compromise he had introduced a bil' t > abrogate all laws In Kansas manlfeitly unjust, ineltHliug those regulating elections, requiring an oath to support the fugitive slave law and abridging the libel t j of 6peeoh and the press. He explained his propo situs, and predicted that if Uie bill now pending should become a 'aw, the application of Kansas for admission as a State into the I'nion next session, would produce au ex citement greatly exceeding the iury and violeuoe of 1820. lie preferred that Kan.- as should undergo pupilage before her admission as a State. Mr. IIalk said, one objection he had to the bill was, that he was not willtng to entrust its execution to the pro sent executive, In whom ho had not the slightest conti dencc. If the Senator from Kentucky bad such a high opinion of compromises ? that they will come with hoal ing on their wings to the whole nation ? if such is his be lief as to what compromise will do, why, it not the lit st dictate of patriotism, prudence and justice to see what the eB'cct will be of restoring the great compromise of lh^o. He believed with Mr. Critteuden, that these were perilous times. Mr. Tooatns believed that Mr. Seward and his coadju tors wanted grievances of discord and nothing but revo lution to obtain |iower. He would olfer to the country the <m ideiice of these facts. When ho (Mr. i'oomos) gun nutted the pure ballot box with all that honor could throw arouud it ? with the Pfitlre military force of this great country to protect it ? lie was met IjV llic tender from Mr Wilson, backed l>y Mr. Sow.ird, of the cartridge box. If he believed they represented the feeUngs of the N'ortli be irouid withdraw bis bill and accept that issue. If he hc!ie\ od the free btiifes were ready for that, he would be content. He had no compromise to oiler, but pi inci|>U ? but he did not believe that these men here re pro- ented the feelings of tho North. He did not know what claim they had to sjfoak for tho North. He had ho '-higher law." He despised the man who had. He looked upon him as a wretch who would steep hU con science iu p' .jury iu order to get ?l\ Milages of place. Mr. Bk.ikk, (ticm.) of Ca ., could scarcely imagine that Mr. Wilson's amendment was to be pressed on the consideration of the Senate, and wa' seriously in tended as a rcmcdj for existing evils. He believed Unit one of the reason^ for offering it was to place those who vote against it in too atlit't le of sanctioning all laws which exist iu Kansas, lie regarded the pending bill as the best measure lor restoring peace and order in Kansas. Mr. Vwu would say to Mr. Crittenden, that If this bill should pass ,t will pot meet the object geu tlctneu profess to have in view. He believed that the bill intended to crown the labors of the last six months, and tiuike Kan.-. as a slave State. The Senator from New York was rudely assailed because he declared his opi?osi tii hi to compromise on the question of slavery, in which tho North iiu.i always been defrauded and cheated. Kree roen Irotu the Norm have bneu driven out ot that Territo ry? have b<en ordered oat by you. Mr. t'nimwMEC ? Not me Mr. Wh-sojs ? I will say the masters of Kan, -as and the ma-tera of this administration ? the border rulllaus ol Missouri, the iu<u wlso conquered I be Territory ? and the men w ho govern at the other end of the avonne of they 110 not govern liero. H ??defended the free State move nient- in re^ari to Kan-a: He -aid, snong otm r things ? Withdiaw tjovereor Shannon, uud reud there an limiest ,,ber lire! cor potent in in to execute the laws What he tnM tie- ?' -n-ite mi the lvtli of January li t had come to | as- tinveraor Shannon has mail ? civil war, .?lid been wandertne up and down th rerfitori , toll ing women If ho eonld lind their husbands he would cut tbeir damned hearts out He defended bun -elf n ud his coadjutor. from the < harga of Mr. Toombs, that they were tr.otoin. enemies to liberty. and ho t.le o tlie institution* i.: the common r< untry. H? then de-c inted on the pr nclp i and fair prospect* of the republic m tarty. Mr. R( ltK wi-hed to kniw what if r Wilson ineint by . ppl\ i l' t<- '.in. the term <>; , ilm nt So i-itorT (l-aughter ) Mr W'ii~>\ explain ??? that h? re'erred to tin '\ultant uise in w In) h Mi Builor ?|>of. ye- ?. y i?: Mr. I! h Ii iii Mil I I I - eii et'-d to 1.1. ? I'M'sid'li W ? ?? be invite,! the M tiiilor Iron k nttK'k) (Ibompac..; !?? into the boat before li ??? full. Mr ? i,- sat - li I with the . \jitnal on. becau?e the ri m?rk w.i 'onflued to a |nit ilari t-e. If Mr. v.'tisi-ii tboiiglit he wns In th i'. li'imor under bi< g|"cech, there was a mi- take. Mr W iim > did not ?up|*j<e that Mr Bi^l ?r would be jubilant alter the Kovetuher election. (laughter.) Ill an-w r to t\" culogum of M. T'sillllw on Presid' 'it 111 roe l?e ?-oo that l.e (Ilerre) ?ti? I b.-i ,?re the (' n. in r ,11 I one. i , ? i? will, I lie blood of 1. . .(.irdered JVople ? if ,1 . I] , hi - lino .. . but irt rrtoliK slavery's wo. k !??? w ?? '.i.i r, like i worthier thing, awav Me ? hi not w .ft at n. re of that in ill's contr a In Kau-ai, the j. im'.i^; Cu n?"to?eU. Mr ? i.? . o v d that the Mi-'.'ir: nimpr???iii W?- III I I t't'itionil fra -ion or:. M l > . and q '1 the a eili< my of Madison, m t heretofore pr- -. nted !?? the Senate Mr 1st ?nr-i. fnlnrer wnr>l.;pi>er) ol III. ?n I tad> ?.?atiircf . tt? bib met I ..ppro!- ?ti"n. It ron ta i, t'd a mi ir | S tor, of |?ower. thai t'oiign'sa bs.l the right t" fOvern tbe TeTltorus. and repudiated aquatter ovireignty liierewa< no such t! ;ug m soveronrntjr anr eell goierntn. i.l In ti.e Territ?i>, and In' was glad the I ommlttee on I ? r ? it>?r i? < had at I.l - 1 com.' to tliH eonelil i'on. In coi.iK niii'ng the allalrs of Kansas, he said there was no stu b tint., as constructive treason, and ye? the lead#-" of the fre -tat. parly are in prison un ler this tromped uprbnrg". Ti e ofllc rs th' re are acting out the d. -Igris of th.- men who invadi .l the Territory lie then ga\<* hi- ol'j-' lioua to Ji" I II, saying if It should j a.s? it wocld not glre p nre in Kansas. lie h- 'ped hi to i> i" nn ht el. av. to the roof of Ins th and his rig!. i hand forgi l .'s ctmiiiiu- if he ever \. I. il 'IT til.' a I I, .Ol II.*.. II . I 11" 'I M S .-'I .l ' UI?. I. whe h -lavon Inn! be?-n lurced by fr:?- I and MOlence N" vrr. "o help h oi ( ? ?I and lie did not believe llie ?><.ple of the c. untry would Two thm rs ntu?t he dona t.'giie I?ace ? r< , uie -lavi-ry Irni Km -a- while i Ter rttory end give the p op.e .? fair iv ? and If they es t.i!' -h -!s\. ry the,.- a'mi mn as ? Mate might be a .. tiii .l in ami then *ImiII?Ii all odiou- and inlmuous laws. It was now mhlui(tit. Mr Itai i id inn, wnd every gentleman who had |.? k<d ititotl.e t|ii.~t'"n must k . ."w t.i-it this agitation will i ? ntinue to , ? on nntlt Anally ???>?' by the ail mi -.s ion nf K.II-K- I- *' .Iitothetrm II he had the power he W'M'I.I i r ? : - 1 1 tins hpira lien!, d ne.n t. r at oie e, ?o it phould not gi. nto the Pre- lential e'.rtion The bill p. p ' i ? ? m"t- the ease t<s> pri mptty Th" time M too o t (,. * tnr Its eTm ntfai Ihiru I' I)., tii'loilenes <s th^ I'r. ? dot ii. I ek ? Hon the m> i ore was ted hk.dy to giv? sati-t.ietion to the e. mtrv He did led believe tbat njr mea-ure eo'll.l i I. t.-.l that wool. I r ve ?ntire satia faction He preferred Mr Clayf*'' bill leaving out the f. leral rat of representation. Ah..!i*h ait abrogate the un'nat ninl ol'r.mlous Isws. aid let the people goon un.l' r th ,>r . siona of thai bill to estabh-h a Hm* go vert, m.tit, anJ, m<unwhile, elect a new legislative as - sembly _ Two n'Ciont, A. M. At halt pn-t t welve o'clork Mr. t>rrT?*o*s move.1 for an idioiirmii' nt. but Mr Isnifiias and <^hers on Ins side of the qiK -n m. who bad b ? n recahnu In prlvste r>s'ms. came in and voted down the motion, t>; ?> -s 9, noee 39, anil then retlre.1 Ai' ut two .'.i 7en tiersnns ire In th- galleries, some of them asleep A few of the "Vnatars sre sfiooxlng In the lobby on safas. ami other* In their chairs In the meuniime Vr Urn dlarusamt the admi<-mn of Ftatea Into the I'm n In connection with the slavery question . Tiiinrv nv* Misrtw" Pssr Two o'Ctor* A. M. Mr. .lon>-?>s ^?id It was a late hour, and the same might have been -ml two hours ago (laughter) If they ei":Id h ive m m> d of sll.-m . .midst this pro found rifbiiig > i.i eo t<r" Uhmg (laughter) he trusted the Senate would rotti, to a vote. Mr Sswssn -aid, k- n illy * sesdon last. . I three or f?,,r Imt the -? Id ?e?sion ha I already occupied ,1 |t. w< "'14 "ay to Mr Crittenden he was not irei -i all'. but iifain-t a compromise in % "Ivii'g ii oral right, political Jnstlee, or high political r,, .. , x Hy no act of his should any man be Iiel4 or hep* in slavery ?m this he could not compromise. Mr Seward Is still speaking The pro poets are that Ihe se-alon will continue till dai ight. ns the majority are evidently determined to vote on the bill before adjonmment. Ftmcic* Misrms rs?t For* A M Mr SSWARP ailvoented his hill for the admission ot Ksn sa> with the TojH-ha constitution. \. H ii, r. plied to Mr Seward'^ remarks relative to ',g when a majority of the people of the North boi . ir propsn ?'? to enforce the doctrine declared by Mr. Seward, thin Union cannot last one hour longer. [There Is no prospcct at present far a vote on the bill for hour* to come. J Ilow of RrprMentNtlre*. WaHMSTC*, July a, 1*56. mMt *woriuriiKTf. Mr. CA*PMni, of Ohm, Mk??l leave to off.T ? resolution changlnc tho daily hour of mccliDK of the Uou?c from 12 to 11 o'ctork. Mr. of Ti-nn., o1>j*rto?t, nnl?s the lime for the ?fUo'Ttimrnt of Co?igr?*? *** first Ixed. Mr. Oirrw*? No b*re*ln*. ? Mr. . ( l.m.)o Al . morcd to tukr ?p the Cfiuu'i adjuu nu. ( tit mulatto*. Mr. tUmsox and other* obj..^1** TIIK HAJOKITT KAKtU M J ?" _ The rending of the roport or the J Committee was resumed, and ou iw ?2>iL22af U?s Mr. Cakpbiu., of Ohio, moved lust furU. reading or the documents l>e dispensed with. v u.^u.,, Messrs. Florence, Houston, Craigs, A. - >v Quitman and Bowie, at difterent times severs*. ? on the reading of the documents. , t The Si'k>k*h decided tliut any member had a *v , Iir have read documents which were to be referred printed. ? Mr. Cons, (dcm.) of Ga.. appealed to his friends do* I* insist upon that, an several days would thus bo consumed, and no good purpose accomplished, liis appeal was suc cessful. On motion of Mr. tWAsuvrnst, (nigger worshipper) of Maine, the report was referred to the Committee on Elee- , tlons and ordered to be printed. On motion of Mr. Ij*k authority was given the mino rity to report at any time within ten days and Uke addi tional testimony, which, when submitted, shall be re ferred to the Committee on Election* and The understanding is that all the paper*, including the rejiort of the minority, shall be printed as one document. Adjourned. Troubles In Italy? Danish Sound Due* Paid I'ndtr Protest? The R mud an American Pot ? ?eailmi, &r. Halifax, July 2, 1866. The steamship Cacada left hen at XI o'clock last night for Boeton, where she will be due about 8 o'clock ou Thursday morning. She may possibly reach there in season for her mails to be in New York by 6 P. M. ou that day. The following is a continuation of the European new* : ? a vara a. The Mcrnivg fost'i correspondent writes from Vienna that Marshal Rudetzky has communicated from Lombardy with his government, stating that if certain symptoms of excitement continued in the Iximbardo-Venetian provinces he should de.'naed an increase of 30,000 Austrian troops. On reeeky't or this despatch a council was summoned, at which (ho Empertr presided, when it was agreed that the Increased force should be accorded if necessary. The same writer saya:r-u I understand a note lias been re ceived by the Frenolft government, which U very haughty and independert." (to the 15th the King of Sardinia dis tributed the English Crimean medal to his troop at Turin with military ceremonies DENMARK. The treaty Of commerce between Denmark and the United States expired on the 14th of Jute. On the 17 1 the American vessel, Sarah Bryaat, Capt. Jefferson, ar rived, bound f rom Cronstadt to New York, with a cargo of Russian produce. She paid the Sound dues, but under protest. RUSSIA. The Russian government Is turning attention to its American territory. An is perlal decree notifies that, to aintet Uie developement of the Russian naval power, the administration of fleets and lurbors therein is to be placed under the independent control of the government or bmtern Siberia. An expedition Is fitting at Hamburg by a Russian American Company, to sail next montli for the Russian American territory The expedition is of the nature of a new colony, numbering five hundred porsons, including artificer* ot alt kinds. Ths Russian ship* (Jzrowitch and Constantino, and a Hamburg steamer, will convey the expedition. Hie I apart say that it appears now settled that no Krain, to speak of, will be obtained from Russia Uiw sea son, and hundreds of vessel* in the Black Sea. which liud gone there In anticipation of meeting cargoes, may have to return empty. Prince Menschikoll has been summoned from retire ment by the Emperor, to consult respectiug tho rumored military exi>edition in Asia. The latat-t advices from St. Petersburg state that In consequence of tbe-dearne&s of provision ?< in the Crimea, and the sickness which prevails there, a decree ha* been issued prohibiting all persons not iuhabitauU, trom land ing there. THE EAST. #* ^ Accounts from the Crimea to the 7th state that pre vious to that day, Lord Cough invested Marshal Wlwlsr and the Kuglixh general.* with the Order of the Ualli. H.o ceremony took placo In a shed crocted at head quarters, which was decorated with the national flags. The evai nation of the Crimea proceede 1 rapidly. Ba laklava would be cl< urcd b> the l&th of June. People's .Nominations In Vermont. Whit*: Rivkh Jrxcnos (Vt ). July J, IS54. At the nv.i Mate Couveutiou of the jK-ople of Vermont, hold to day, the following nominations were made: ? Kor Governor, Ryland Pletrher. of Cavendish for Lieutenant (iinernor, James M. SUolo, of ItidiMeburi : for Treasurer, Ilenry M. Rites, of North field. Tho above namud gentle men w<*re all put In nomination for tho same office* at the Convention of the Amerii ?<" party, at Montpeller, a few weeks ago W'm. C. I trs- of We?tmln-ter, aod law rente Brainaril. M. At!?ans, wore chixon Elert<?rs at Isrge. A Stiite Kxecnl . e I 'ouini:ttee ?a< al-o appointed, and rerolutioc a !?pteC m<nriuiii! VreBiiSil ?t?i llayton. The Contention was h'glil re* pet table la number." and material. Arm limit Maae Mntlng at I<oulsi Illc. lstrnivii i.r, July t, IHM An American KUM> meeting was hold here last nl/ht. Great enthusiasm was manifested. The mooting wm the largest of the kind ever held hero. (iarrett Davis wo* the principal speaker. The American Organ In Boston . Bow..*, July 2, 19M. The Vmitj Ber the Breton orgao heretofore of the Pill mere ? ing of the American party, will to morrow bead tt.' to'.rnins with the l aoim of Printout aod Johusoa? ignoring Fillmore and Dooelsoa. The Itrslght Whig a of NsaaaehaM-tU. Bourn*, July a. ISM. Tlie Whig Stilt" Central Coanlttre, in sesekw at the American Ho??.e to day, v<*ed lo call a Kate Convention of the ahlgi of MassschnsoU*, lo be held in Buxton, on the *4 of September next, and IB tho meaatlma to Issue an address lo the people H?a. R. C. Winthrop, Geo. ft. Milliard, Esq.. Judge Warren. Hon. Srth dpragne, George F. Curtis, Esq., Hon. Geo Loot sad others spoke before the commit to* all urging the necessity of keeping the whi? party intact in the present crisis, and advising a "masterly inactivity" la regard to the Presidential cam paign, so for as the expressloa of any prefermoe for can didatea la concerned. II 1 1 snore Ratllrallsa Meeting In Philadel phia. PmjtMti.PRM, July S ? 10 P. M. A very large and enthnstastio Fill mors ratlflrstlon meet ing wa# hold on Independence square to night. Pour stands were ereeted for speakers, at the principal of which Henry White. Esq.. presided, and John P. Sander son, Pnvld Paul Brow a, and John Carlisle, of Virginia, addreecoil the multitude. George W. Read, William power*. and other*, spoke at the other stands. I.srge Fire at (Smhrldgr port, Mate. ?unto*, July 2, ItM. Ahoi.t midnight a Are broke out In fhmbrldgoport, des troy trig the wharf of Gale, Dudley A Co., with a large quantity of lumber. Hieir lorn is about 940,000. Th ?table* of J. J. Bright, the grocery of J. Bnrrafe, and tho iM-gar factory of Mr Hewlett, were also destroyed. Two (Ire engines were burned. All of the firemen escaped with difP' ulty, some of them being drives overboard. No lives *ere lost. H ratal Assaalt on Use Dtstrtrt Attorney o New Orleans. Nsw Ohjum, July 1. 1*56. The late Postmaster Kendall yesterday committed an assault on Mr. McKay, the District Attorney, for some thing connected with the recent trial f Kendall for ma. I rubbery. The assault waa particularly brutal, and the it\Jurics of Mr. McKay are serious. Mr. Kendall has been arrestod. Bsilon Weeklp Bank Statement. Bourn*. July 1. 18.VI The following are the footing* of ou, ww'.ly bank slat, ment for the past week, compared with thoxe of the week previous >? .Tvnr 2ft Jirrv 30. Capital stock 9S1.9fW.0M $.11,000,000 loans an 1 discounts .000 M, PIT, 099 ppecie 8.7*o,5oo AMI, 999 Amctint due from other bank*.. 4,977,000 0 0(11,000 Amount due to other banks ? MW.1**) Deposit* 1#,TC2>? 1ft, 499,499 ctr' illation 0.M9.000 9,?tt,999 Depart a re of the Amerlea. B?wv?. Js'y t, 1*!M1. Tl - I onard ? team-hip America sailed at noon to .lay, ?"i i e hundred snd twtity fmir pui'^nger* ft., Utref. ? ",-?ntem Air Halifax. Am take* otit |l,Oio,i '0 Burning of Ute Hte.vme. Aiinwan. _ . July 2, 18 .8. Tbe steamer Anawim, with a cargs of one Ik " wenty tons of freight, was burned at Wheeling * U" Saturday night. Movements of Nonthcrn Steamer** ARRIVAL Or THE JAMES ADOER AT CHARLESTON. Cuaruoton, July 1, 1800. The United States mail steamship James Adgor, from New York, mrrived here Tuesday morning, at 0 o'clock. AKKIVAL or THE ENOXVILLK AT SAVANNAH. SaVA>XAH July I, 1866. The Ci. I,ed Plat0R steamship Knoxville, from New York, arri>.0<* 'lore t'"* morning. MarUrti. rattASCL"BIA BTOVK BOARD. lluLAiiunfu, July 2, 1864. Mocks firm. Pennsylvania Fiven, W I; Heading K*il road, 4?>i; I.oag Maud, 14; Morru Canal, 14^; Penn sylvania Railroad, 47. Bikfaio, July 2?8 P. M.

Floor ? Market firmer, with a good deuiaud for ^kxI grades. Sale# 2,000 bbls. at 84 60 for common Michigan; 85 75 for extra sound do. ; 86 76 a $U for choke southern Ohio; 86 12 a M 50 for extra do. and OinwllaD, and 8(1 !<>r extra Wlscuasin. Wheat want"d. Good (wrcula in light supply. Suies 0,000 bushels at 81 for iuterior red Indiana; 81 37 for white Canadian; 81 20 bid for Mllwau kie club, and $1 12 for Cbi--ago spring. Corn opened ac tively. Sales 66,000 bushels at 41c. a 41 y,c., in store, and 42c. delivered. Prices closed after receipt of Canada's news, at 46c. Oats firm at 33c. Kye dull. Whiskey 20c. Canal freights unchanged. Receipts for the 24 hours up to noon to day 3,072 bbls. Hour; 36,325 bushels corn. Canal ex|K>rts, 42,881 bushels wheat, 26,100 bushels corn. Ohwkkio, July 2 ? 6 P. M. Wheat ? Market steady, with a good speculative and milling demand. Sal-'s 24,000 bushels white Canadian at $1 50 lor fair descriptions. Corn dull. Sales 3.000 . bu>liels si 43c. Lake imports to day ? 600 bbls. Hour; 4,MM) bushels wheat. Canal exports ? 1,200 l>bl*. Hour. C2.600 butheis wheat; 22,000 bushels corn; 3,100 bushels rye. Chicago, July 2, 1866. Wheat firm, with an upward tendency. Sales at 81 05. Shipments to Ogdensburg. 8,000 bushel's, Corn advanced lc. Miles Ht 43c Shipment* to Uutt.ilo, 72.600 bushels, and to Kuigfton, 13,600 bushels. l'ork firm. | Our Wublngton CorrNpoudtntf. j Wajuiixqiox, Judo DO, 1850. ? I'olicy of the New Tork Hard. s and Softs? Great Anxiety as to the Buchanan Vote in A'fic York ? Colonel Forney's ladies tut Very Successful ? A Stuffing Ball- A Box Mad/ tu Order fur Xc\o York ? Rrminxscences of a City Carpenter ? JTasthe " Little Juker" Used? ? The Patent IhV. ? S<mnd Dues ? Cabinet Making Already. Since the adjournment of the Cincinnati Convention several of thMiroraiuent leaders of the New York bofu have visited flv city; and tome are here now, trying to tint) out how <&r they may expect support, should they continue to throw embarratsraents in tlie way of a union of the democratic party. Ex Governor Seymour will re turn to New York, wHh hU ttlud HatinUi-t on this |<oint, lias i ii)r been assured that the democracy of the Union will hold responsible the softs, should Now York be lost to Mr. Buchanan. Rut the blame of the continued divi sion in the ranks of the New York democracy Ls not sole ly the fault of the softs, as they were advised to the cour e adopted by them recently, through John \V. Forney, who being supposed to r-jieak for Mr nu'-Uauaii. 1 bis experiment to drive into *ubiuU*iou the hards was finally put into practice . The truth i la, that the Custom Howe and government factions of your (*tate bave lost all sympathy with the da-, niocracy of tlie Union, since their true character was shown up by the Cfnclunati Convention. They were shown to be free sotier*, und unbound on the Nebraska question up to January but, and their refusal to vote fir Mr. ui.t.i their ballots were of no coaae qui ore, ore way or the other, while the hards from the start went in for lit* nomination, bus taken away from this fact ion "tte little support and confidence which it formerly hid in this city. Hiouid Mr. lluehanati lose New York, which Is now altno t reduced to a oertalaty, he can charge its loss to the lnter'erenee of John W. Forney, who commands the movements of the aofto, from Governor Seymuar down to the men at ihe Pewter Mag. There is u New York carjienter In this city win .uter!-. having made a box Inst October answering to the de scrtpUon of the one used in California for illegal el ec tk'iicerlng purpose*. The persou whoorderel It to ene of the lower wards of your city. Is a fl (tiling eha r? tei . *..d always li the employ of ,-<?ne partf d " iii. an i lactkiU. The carpenter has no doubt now of the |.erp"-es lor which this box ww>to be -i. e.!. tUoiuh ..;no rail of the tact until riiilui( llie u..?ra "ft; r.-. .-lit ilei ti. fra*"is iti Cal Niruu A < v ? r i itr.ii of loo lt? ..t 1" ana more attention I II . i> ler or ?|,f |? r. . li l.!o whu?? li..nd- tb>' ime jr. ..tru-.t Id-ir lig ? !. i f it " ? . might .'tu ate tna'.y (..r'trult e-s which I i, ? ? -u'Ufflf of fraud ti> ?; roul p. ?v I'he eitraor i i.. \ i v *i. ? . .i .. i.. i ??? ? * i?t- .?*?? .tin i ?: ? t?-> i ? ii r i .? j . where oil' ward bold back Its re tun.'' unt:f t... ? ? a': the Ml, or- ounpn-ing the dis tin t ||.I i 1 I. 1: .i. : II -111 an I to elect ihe person now l olu.i g li'c sea! 'H .-iMt'.r, it * is uecj-ary UtU i re i;t?i< Il . ?..:?! : . us l?.n k ?! Mb- had. i h - w ;i- ai <v, m 'v i cr" . but th?r* -'lit not proving fa.' lory, a ti.ud I.*.* p'. ice, wlieo the required tm^JTity was . ! i . I .1 ll.i- w, II kn,>?. i ??'?'? .iin-Uace would almost induce belief llml a duplicate ol the Ctllfornia box hid I um d ru that oeeasion. The same ward had openly d? < lill I it Ita atilllty to give all) majority which would be lot i d I.e. n,iiij lo elect 11* uiitu, and tUi s was altei w.irdt i'ii. i- I'" been shown Was tle> b..v mule by this w \oik i ai | .-liter used on that occasion'' The qti."tion <ib?va csn ilo no barm. Wheu fraud- <if sUrtling mignt tui.e are il.nly ending their way before tlie public, a nr.p'e fL'.-tion or inquiry may produce Its benellts when mane for the good of the community. Ilo latent bill i- dead lor this action, aa there Is no ?li?|.-iii'.i. li. ii'.iise to mi ddle with It. A new bill i*. talked of, win li Will remove the .1 ;lti ulti-. that -.Uiu-1 in the ?a> and threaten def.wl to the ?. Ii.-nei of tl. ? .-s-nate, as re|s.iteU by Ueueial .limes Kr?.m a .l.'-: ?Uh r.Tive.1, the ll?i -.h governm Dt haa I I.nie to the , >|N l'i.-11'U that the I'mted >tlte- afl. ; >11 (II ? inly In fun with her. an I tint no dli'iculti. - r^n by p? .it- uty tak pi. ..i u Ihe eri.?.|. Our I a| tains protest they are willing to re. etve, and doubt les would lun i-h itie piper to write th 'in u,?n li asked to Co SO. i.e. W law'.- rail'! late for Ibe \ > ?? I'r.-<- i l.-u.-f, Mr JohD'lon. I? about to be beset by a {formidable fri m the K*M< ru ^t?t.<?, who eipresa a determination to lid blm to w t iraw froai tbe President' .1 conhwt before ?My I- are Mm, The promise of a seat in J'rem-.ut I Cabinet would d?ubtlesa do tbe buslnaas. C ttyr Intelll|fn?ce. to rn* ?irri!RKitii win thk tvcantrinN IN r*AMK? VKKTINW OF TH K AMKRICAN COM VlTTltK. Tbe Am' rican Committee appointed at a meeting of the Fretcb reelc eubi on s^atorday but, toco ofierate wi'h them In extaiidmg relief lo the sufferers (Vom tbe inun.Utioa In France, met at the Mayor's office yetter.lay afternoon Kei nan.lo Woo?l was appointed rb urman or tbe commit tee, and Josepa fowler, l?acretary TTie commitiac was increased by p|K.uitnie?te by the Chairman ol about thirty tnemucr*. and ? resolution was paaeed inviting tbeihamber of Commerce to act In concert wl h said coirmlttee. It was also decided to send a member of tlie < onmiitte* to Saratoga and another to New|H?rt, to so licit sub*crt|Kk>ns The committee meet again to day, in conjunction with a nomnutie* from the Chamber of Commerce, when delWiiln aiea-oires will be adapted to carry out tbe objects contemplated CuirmisTio* nrrne For mi of Jl*lT? A final meeting of tbe committees of tbe Aldermen and Councilman, ap l*iinted to arrange for the celebration of the Fourth of July, was held yesterday afternoon. As at prevtou* meeting*, but one Alderman was preeent. The committee appointed at the eat meeting to engage music for tbe diOcrmt Parks in which H lir l been agreed to have lire work*, and the erection of platforms for the mask-lane, r?i >?! having engaged an adequate number of bands, auu uegotlate?l for ihe ereeti >n ol platforms for,thejr oc capemy. It was ?tste.| thai now everything waa in re?'iim^s to commemorate In a heeoming th? city the Fourth. Tlier e wa- some la igliiiig at the keeping ahwf i< the majority of the Aldermen eommltti^, and ex pression of convk tlon that th" r<?fcet explosions, eanno i booming nnd general firework gyrations that would ia%(? place on the evening of the Fourth In the leading parks of tbe i lly, would convince the members of the Alderm n committee that they coal I not postpone the Fourth. The Aldermen meanwhile i a. Ciey will not -ign the bills to pay Hie expense of the c> .< bration. fjkiioaa in tub M*xi< a."? Wan.? A meeting Is to be ho d In the Shskspere Hotel tbia evening, for the purpose of petitioning Congreaa lo make the -arne donation to the sailora who aervis. In tbe Gulf during the Mexican war aa those who fought on the I'acitlc coast receiveil fi?r their aervleea, which waa, we believe, 1A0 acres ef land and thrrr months' pxy. AH tlie hard fighting during that war * as done by the resaati in the Gulf of Mnico, an I tlie bounty I* ti.ore deserved in this case than in that of the I a. fi? coast saib.ra. If Congress should pais the b ?untr, rare sl.onld be lak 'n Uint poor Jack ia not sa udlo>l by tbe land sj*. blatant. Ti r. Forstn or Jt iv os ma Rrtmi Rivr i Rsimoin ? tl" alii bt e\ ? i a I exeor.-km tralna on IMl root >n Terrible Calamity and Lou of FALLINO IN OF KKED HTKKKT WHARF? THIRTY LIVXS | Hl'rrosi-:!) TO BK LOttT ? TKKRIBLK KXGITKIUNT ? NAMK8 OK bOMK OF THE KM,'OVKKXD AMD HWtt INO. [From the Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2.] One or tb# most awful and heurt rending calamities bavoever beeu cal'ed upon to record, occurred >a*t evening, ?bout 8 o'clock, at Reed street wharf. a h'Uidred persons, men women and children, bad, <Jr,*r eariy .\our In the evening, gathered together U|>on ** *H * t0 en*oy tlie cool and refreshing breezes from tli* wbj? ^ %rmre thai congregated the pier ana Oie r*tanrat rcll wil^ a tremendous crash, which taluuig (be irk. ^rJ al the j^taoce of several squares, wag distinctly fct nian a hundred persons wore pre In an mutant Met k. others were otherwise serioa.-ily cipttatedtnlotfte*** in conie(,U()ncc 0l- thu ^ loured. It U betide* > , twonly or thirty ?V(W hltve nienUtble^atlair, ??!?*?????. oad with great rapidity been lost! lbe iwws ? n which tho persons who throughout the neighborhood v it placo reside. Thou are in tl>e tiablt oT tr#?iu#ntimf V he scene of the disixs sandH of people soon repaired txy v -all?d up to the hour ter, and the utmost cxcitoment p'.f*v iscertaiu the body of going to press. As far us we couTVS . Twenty live of ol but < ne person had been recover??*. . water were thote who bad been preci|iitated Into1 fe. \ crew from rescued by boats manned by the olHcor* m. t the Nary on board tho receiving ship Union, *tftU<ul(?tt a lg ^ Yard. Fo Sar as we could learn the list of thm . follows LIST or TBS WRHUIfl. . w in. ISicliobi, residing iu LMicaulor strcefe tee< w children. Edward McNeal, front street, below Rood, low *w child. 1 I Nebcin inb Bells, residing in Marian street, near Prone I lost one child. ' I Police officer Short lost a sister and one cnild. Mifw Short, residing iu Lancaster street, beiow Plain was lout A small child, daughter of Mrs. Woodward, residing in thusume vicinity, was drowned. Hannah Kliuedoliar and two children, 1-u.caoter street near l'lain, lout. ' Two children by the name of llarru, residing in the wtiiK* vicinity . were lost. Miss Mary McMann, daughter of Edward McMann, la also loot. Mr McMann, iu his cltorts to save bw own child and several others, had several of his ribs broken A boy, residing in Jar vis street, whose name we could not learn, Lb alio auionj; tlw missing. Jt will thus be seen that the names of fifleen persons are reported awing the missing, audotliers, whose u.imes we could uot learn, are supposed to be loot. Frederick Presenter, residing m Kye street, was seri ously, if not fatally, inured. A young lady residing in Heed street, near tat iccno of the disaster, was taken from the w atcr 111 an unconscious condition. John 1*. Owens and Henry Sharpieigh rescued Jacob I alias and two ladlos from the water in a state of- in sensibility. Samuel Cook, it Is said, had a small child seated upon the wharf at the time of tbi , melancholy occurrence Tliey were both precipitated into the water an I through his own manly exertions he not only saved tu_- life of hi.-, own child, but that of another's. It is beyond doubt that this U oue of the most serious " lamities that lias ever occurred within the houu of our city, il, perhaps, we except iho burning oi t.,i> iil fcted ct' a in boat William I'eun, which occurred but a short iii; lance in Uio river Delaware IVom tins very spot, a fsw years mihv, or the burning of tlie New Jersiy. 'lhe -< ? ne ( 1 1 the calamity was ote of -ad aHlicta >n to the relatives ol those who had been lost, and who are au* iously uwaitii g the reception of their remains. Every thoroughfare leaning to tba sceue or the occur rcnco was thronged, uot oujy with au eicltod populace but with anxious inquirers alter dear and kindred friends. Scarcely any light was placed upou the dock, and it was diuigerous toi persons to au>ve towards tlo? water Mem hers ot ilit bhiiller llose Coi&|*uiy came upou the ground Willi ton III f, ami projio-ed to render everv ^ uj their power to those engaged in the la., lab I e usk of re OOVeriUg the bodies ot Hit titourliuaU' Mm A number ol Mllictc! mothers weeping in the bitter MVS Of tin ir heart-., thronged the strn Is, ,ud ,t w.i> iu 111 ed, i I. : -pc Li. ie to nuiirw the uiau.:estat.ou , of their * > ?'?i beuavenieiit. Then t-obn lent anguish t-; ail In arte, and the etturu ol sou:" to com. or t Hum by a -jur " * U;<-m tin! their tli.ldr i would i -r t nu:. b*?- lo -ad, luoved not only usele- - hut seemed to tnureaae rather thai diminish sonuw. Many rumors are illicit a.- Ij the probable cause of this act :d. 1 1? the tno-t reii.i ... w;..ib, ;> o-i,- which Hltrihntes it In the %i-uvy w I ^ht of a tr,,tss;ve pair ol M.. in s, pi.n ci upon the w li.ii t tli.> pnrp.i.. raising vc.--eL-, to undergo ie;.?:rs. The wharf u ka*od by Mt - >r?. iliiiick ?\ .-on LATKK. The excitement at tlie scene o' til-' d .a-t ,->r ? :p t. this time, Jui lock A. M . i una:. at J The p! . ? ? i, in al lnost t? lal i.arkness, while tu.jii" uids ,u-y eudeavoriiiit to lucw the bodies. Mr liui ton and child re. .-le ia Jarv.i street? father bat ly injured ai.out the head. n.iee more bodies have J Us t hoot recovered? nuia.'r eus boats iu.d | rt es are still engaged In gra;ij !ii g. ?IKroni tlie Uulletiu. July 'i.J At ?n early hoto la-t evening the ol I dl*tri< t of Mh w ark was thrown into an Int. u-c -tateol esci-enivnt 1 y ,-ui si i id. nt thr.t bspiM'Uiil at Keed strei-t wharf, by wU. h a si i at ni.mber of |H-ra .us were prec p.uu a tut<> uie wj t?r. M'veral were drnwnsd. 'lb. " eie ol ibe disaster w >? at P?>#l atr.vt wharf the flrst bt low the Navy Yard. ThU wbart esteuded i>ut ? Uoiii two hundred tft^lrom ih. Dia.u land, and it was built Ik three s?> turns. Tae-e se, in. Wire Joined ID Siller b) budges tliat S|*ntiel tue sloiees bctweel Um dincrebt di\isious. 11m- tbu? lortned, running so fs* into the r\.T was Ver; i.lei in: h a pi ice .? re ?orl af ter rundown and it was a a.onte lounge for ti e people miiiiug in the VK inity tnspeus the cver.ngi duriug the hot wi-slher we lk.\ejMsl i>a?se<i Ihrou. h A' ont sla o'elisk la.-t evening, oue of the br? ?i of th?- ]<,'( .iv e wa> , aud tt wu secured with ro;iM, no timu urnr. hvi'ig thought about it at the tirn?. About ti \vu sn>l n hu t u'cks k the outer and the centre section* ?nd tin- bridge that connected tltem gave w#?> together wiih a n i*t ti i meiiilous i raeh, precipitating a groat number of |s rsons into the river and forming a sceno that hntlh s divert iitli'B. About one hundred f. . t of the pier ?i< involved In the crash, and it Is belie, ed Hut bc'irly, il n< t nuit.', two hundred |s rsons, princi|miiy women and children, were upou the portion* that gavo nay. * To add to ih- terrible character of the disaster ? re*y large snd heavy pair of sheers that wore used for hoist lii^ heavy weights, aud t.'iat stood upon the outer sec tion, fell over among the struggling mass of p?oplc, but we are assured that no pc(son was struck br them Tlie sei bona wire tilled In with coal ashes and o'iier rub blsh. and w lieu the mass gave way tlioxc to tlie mi. 1st of the wmk were n? t only entangled w ith the crashing timbers, but they were buried beneath the mass of ruh bi-li that (asired into the diasm Into which they were pre< ipiiati d. The tide waa dow n at the time, but not witlistxiiiling tliti fact there were twenty seven f? t of water at the extremity of the pier. We give below descriptions of the scene taken down fn m the lips of thoec who were eye witne- .<a of the dnadful ev< nt, and we will not duplicate their thrilling accounts. 1 ls?c who were not so much involved in the w risk as to be helpless, exerted themselves to the utrnoet or the i? -.r creature* who were struggling tn the water Hoats were put out from the -hore as u -ulile, 'iTn 1 the Is sits of til.- I mtiil htit.-l re ic.ving nhip t i i n. that lay within a few rods of th<* scene, were spo'uiiy iiiiuined, and i-erform-o good service ir. the wirrk of lu n aulty A g-eat numh.-r of persona were rescued in tin- way, and it is believed that none were lost exce-it such as were entangled In the timbers, or, to use tho w nls of an actor In the scene, "who were swallowed up :h tin earth" with %. hich the wharvna were ftlled in lhe excitement that foUcwod ibe dreadful event can scat r ely be i!cm rihed Tlie news of the disa-ter which ? . no., Il . xagperated, few like w .Mllre thro '^h tlie low ? r | ,.rt of tie I .ty and tbousanits H |?r?.ns thronged toli line The wailing ot those wbose frtends were mi. ng was heart rending, while the anxious mquirlM "I'd snxuUhed rac. * of |iersoas who were searching for those whose late was still uncertain, excited the liveliest ?) inpatliy among the spectators The first reports tnat were circulated greatly exagge rated the real tacts of tne cnee Krom Ulrty to 9(ty live* wi re re|? rteil lost, but after the m<Mt careflil in quiry we can lesri. the names of but ten |>-rsons wuo are cvrlaluly dead The na i are as follow , ? mwiisii. I'irr'rl Rhlneiiollar, si;isl 17 y art John Hills, aged 10 years Fa rah Jane Nickles, aged 10 yearn. Ann f Nickks, sged * year* Mary M< Mam., ared 6 years. J' hn Harrison, aged 8 years. H wbeih Harrison, sged ft year*. Wilson Wolverti n sgul (I veers. lle?t?-r fhort, aged in years .Uiiriih K iraheth W'is?i.-rs, aged ysare (t above, two bodica have lieeo recovered m fbl lows ? nowns iwwmD. Harriet 1. hire dollar. Mils on WolverUm. rmt rtnan ^ .Mm Tills was the son of Jeremiah trie, living at No ' ? M inn, w a* t\o daughter of Mwird M- Mann n" o.r i I- 1 111 I r..|.t -ir. -et III low Wharton Mr W " ?' ' ' ? ? 1 -"ii ami ''in. liter with him on the pter at the tin e <?< Ih- i ra?h II mselt and son were both badly her! and the daughter w .is |o?t Hester ^hort was a -Ister of police offleer Short she had h. IT Sick lot seine time, ami h ? I left her home at lAi>ca-tcr street, for the purpose of get tin: fresh air ?I w V- .. m (mi ne. I t,j h r I . h e Sarah WisitiTs lloth ol them were drowned. M - HI .i-.edollar was the i'rui;l,i r .! -v?tiue! Hi, nn,)nt lar, lit if* nt No so I SI 1-ter ireet She was a mem h?r ot the Wharton street V. !??'? 1 1 I- p'?co|s?| church The Harrbon children were n Miss Rhm--.; >'iae Tin ir 'utlier is at pi . . nt at S-.r'. where he t? eng i -e.) n i flu mm on hoard the I mle ! surveying vessel W alV . r Mrs Harrison. u|>on hearing the dr.-.i II ,i < t. i lilt, nee <1 tho less ot her children an I her sister ?*.s drendmily ag'tttrd, and stie cave birth to twins soon af terwnnls. Kt n ally esc tin- m rning and strone fear- are entertained for her '"covery There are tH" | < rsr.r h -t from the two adjoining houses, Noe. 2* and an laneaster rtrer t TTie fei int of yenng Wolrerton re'l-le in Jarvl? atreet I bf 'wei r f< -ord i r stnei4 ' ' Wi' Nieh'es', Vi. V ?t." , an "f Personal Intelligence. Mr. E. K. Collins oiul family, of tUw city, were m Cleve land on tlie 30th ult. Jl RRIVA Lfl. At the Clartnden-MJ H Cuminlng. Mrs O B Camming. tw? children and two slrrunta, Savannah; Mr and Mrs Alfred liirt jmcad, Waahihgtoh lMIss Berrien, Mis* Kate Hunirr Ber.-irn, Savannah; Mr sn/1 Ir* Satlerihwalt-, I/ondon Kllia Baker. A1 bany; Marshal Wood. John M KeaJv, Jr, Provldeuce, L Mas tera. Mik? Irving, Virginia. At the Steven* Home ? E C Doran and lady, DRN;C>10 I-ooniia, L' 8 A: Col J I. Smith, Old Point Comfort; Hon .1 A Thomas, New OrUsna, Dr K Williamson, Philadelphia; K ;? U Moroteau, Rev P Roaire, Toronto. From Liverpool, |>er steamship Canada, a t Halifax ? Dr Warren, lady, two children and nurse; Mr and Mr* Ere vena, Miaa liennan. Mr* Hamilton, child and servant; M II U1a*>-, Mica Flnley, Miaa HUwarl M'lle Fleury, M'lle Ne veti, Mi* Milledge, Mra Robertson, Miss Itobertaon, Dr Be mia, Miaa Holland, Mr Stock*. Cnpt Bohemian, Mra Holland. Mr Stocks. Capt Kobtuaon. I)r Stone. M.ij Kobinson, MrSctuucz and lady, Asst t'omay, Turner and lady, l)r Tucker, Dr Mif Din, Mis* Johnston, Miaa Kiverr, Or Bcrryuian, l>r Paulding lady and live children; Kav W T Williams, three childreu u?i servant; Rev G Lansing, lidy, two children and serv.iot.Mrs Rooiuett, Rev J McGregor, Mr* Johnston, Meaara Tiffany, Boolt, Stone. Newman. Deports, FaeaHer, llohn, Valors/, Ilughea, Washburn, Hoyt, Nichols, Ilarnwell, "uller, Donald, Brown, Seehveger, Deiuie, yuincy. Kembell. J P (putney. Warn ii, Clark, Plctiiaiu, Holer, l'uuald, Isine, Grafton, Bow mun. Cohen, lehael, D Mackay, Newlanrts. Applelon, tiiluvorn, l alrb More. Dsrling. Jessop, Murphy Webster, kavanagh Stephenson, Kelly, Prlchard. MrNab. lira v. Beta, Miliar, Mc tJregor, Allen, Uivitt. Joseoh Auu i. I I I: .'..iu?oa, .lohas'on. Bat' man, Tiffany, Hardy, Fabio. From London and Portsmouth, in Pseket ship Southampton ?Miaa Jane Buttock, of Brighton (Kng); Mlsa .lannett McOlune Miss Rebec< a Hyde, Mrt Blenkertn, Wclliug Sti n kUnd, try do, Walter A Chainlet a, Walter J Jackson, Alired Thew, all of London. Krom Matanzas, in bark F A Per>? Henry Elkin, lady and child, Thoa Scales. Jaat'aine, Hiram 11 Havens, .1 no B Saline ro and ton. Raiael Kudmiuv Lcandro do. From Bermuda. In brig tjokien KuW? It S Wood, Geo Focto, F 11 Leestard. W Light! ouru, C l'e&latou, Mrs Bent A Wtl 'iama and daughter. From Charleston, !n the aieamahip Naahville? W SteveuaoiL. HutrhiMon Mimm V. 1 1 ! ha-., > Stewart K Ik , 4 v,n,,uu- ^ wn?>in*nn ?iIpi ?u'm?. a . u"nlni{h*m mi. I Hcrvunt: J Z Meara H'rv-'nt1 MU.' Wl. Wl'"k" ?"<? child. Cfljt ? "i HOI I II U Chart rand, .1 I.amh, Ml*. ' ~SJ, V Shi" Mr* Chart r? ad, 2 childmi and p T' u 2**! 1 h Poyu. W J IU1U.I J siotb. * 1?0,".,t' I4? M umm*m Y.uirl. K M CuAMbkfhilk ? Lf'J. #, U W Cooper, O it II outer, M M.u>iuug- *nd 80 ">r ateerasc: F'rom tavaniialt, tu ataanwhlp Au*, *1?? Miaa S J Leigh, Mr* Hurbank, I) W Miller. J C Hum, K J ' ??*u*r- {,w Aarash' J M Hall, Ueo Miller,/. UayDM, WO PrV r-'r- Mra Infant and child; J llowmnn, Komi and Mow man, Nn and MIho Haynea, Mr* Slmller and infant. . ?}e,T. f"[*"er a4t aervant. Rev I! A Karlay, K K Khaekelford, " Hrlgham, Mia Itrigham, Mlm king, I 'apt Haiiey, lady and <U "Khter, K Krt clllie, I. Mura, A () lil.x kiu.ui. Jr; J S Wo '??bridge, 0 tT Warren, V> U Foray th, J A Hruwn, I) A WUcft.x> "r II Vaor Yoorhlea. C K K.mmell, O llara Kox. I H WUeeler. ? H lltli honae, (' J Chun-lull, .1 I, llarber. K Parker. <1 K NIC. u*l*. Ml* NicIkiU. two children luid aerrant . Muxler lirtgham ?nu aer vant, Mr.. li'Hrlen. Miaa I'adatlnril and aer* tut, Mra K turd and aervaut, Mwa AI>orn. Mxa Henry, Mra Iieonara, Mia T Clark, Mim Fuller. MraHrailh wi.i lUu^laor, h I'adeifor* and servant, Mi' mid Mra .1 It Suua, Mi-aaud Mr .1 Sum., Mra Him#, <} H Ciiinmlnga and ladv, two Mlanee Camming* and twa sen aula, |> Hov.l, Muw M M iiiahop, Mra J <>.unm?u. A ? Clark. J Kerry. It Van Warner, l.uly and iiifiut, .1 Mender anil, C K KoLi'nuan. J Ihtlpe. K J lairenmW. Mra I'oater uM three children. Mia* LaciiUaon, Mra Uiiuikeuafc:;>, H hauabury. K Keaznro* Mr* Para na. Maria and John Parsona, Jr; Inim 1'araona, IJeiit n I) Kienchnrd, J Kllawo -th. I.iirjria y.iul Mia 1 1 af tier. .Mm K KliUii. Mi a W Crmt dep. a<?t ami aeraaut, U N Style, W Croivder, M S Raixdye. t'apt J It Mlikor, K A Ki?her J lliiehea K || llaneia-k, Mr- Manronk. Warren, Of and Lucy llinrnek. K lloppeler 1* Tbomjaamt. ** *-'rn Ul aud tUfy cifbt in tbe steerage. DKrARTTRn. For Hamburg, In tl? mrauialitp Hornaala ? Sfra Hrln. rhlM aud a?i vant . OUiia Mailar. Min? Wo t. Mr J K?rd iiidea bura, MrWoldeuiar Oelfrkiti, Mra Harria. Mra llaveL Mr lturk and la4> . Mm <lrou>, K K T Kr1'7.e. Mra lt<H>eiie llafea and iulnnt, Mr- lierl<?rt. Mr May. ladv aud nU^nt Mr UaaA Uig lady and daughter; 8 I' Wludmuller. Mr Il' indaidt, l'ba? llovet. i apt W <lr Kiihalntr. l"rof A I. Klppon, I.0111 i Sebwart^ K Muntu-r. lady nnd infant: I, K'>Ken?<eln Jia SiMaMh, Ur W after, Willi Vut[eUaa4', K?v C Haaiuier, ieyer < o4um. J N m' rk e; I' caleie \ Wall. Philadelphia Prof ! .1 . l> r, Mlaa IMtr, Mta ilah?n. Amnht J V i t ? ?? n .' if l; ?k Mua la < k, A Haug. , larl Roar. I.tnlMi* Mailer. V< - HwWi krankenliagen, .Tarfili I>yei>M Mra Dnrmh.- , Wi- nn- n Jithm raaa, Mra PrK? ?ih1 infant, Mra llartfiaatid cbtl I Mr av-tn, h l'<u littal?T Naliiaii Kl?cma?t, Martui t- kn<aii?, i liettor. Otto Jawiower. (" Platli, Carl . Met/ur. Uaiiru l Kiuwirirr aa>l lady, ,fi>haiin<ii Prledrtchi, Ml?a Cath SoKUner, Mr. I. (VieaulM^ Pkillpn >an'1n<*k, Clm Th I >>li. 1 r Khlm i-k It at It June. Knk" 11 N-lrater <rt?uM str,.?l?utu Vathl*. N? i'er Mephen J ;/? I iur I r, Kei . Maie' i t.' . unrfc, Tl III) ii i nn Mr<l ? Mra llominn 1 an Markeri. Mra Har der. Mi . h'ophle Strau?? Million lt<?? jbauiu, i. iteuaeiv, .l<,Miph Norrr. At rabam Wlmdlek MiaT WiMitkli, Wm itariver, A Mem ?, d lAtmlier, ,1 II I ??ii?rn Un i laily, M larael, I, HeUA^ A Kriinr i?d int. ??? far I' ..?dermann Mt"? Itei. h.- r;.T, Caapar i*cln-ai:er, I'rti . r.rli. U;i,g and ladv II Wei'-kv, l/Oiiia **? j I udM 1^ llai'.i', J< -. pb i L.tu 1; n i l, ami ? Mi,? KtaoiM? Kiatnir, O T Petfm.11 Kii / Lara Hoe Jamb Wm/, E If i'aal e. J I nm, bulv an>' iflfant ; K /iiiinierinann. Fr Hraaa, lady and twoaau^hu-r >. Curl Sebinke, W Unrtnii, l.ewia law man Mi la-ile!' oj/. ladj an I lwi> ai*tta, t'briat Ki iir, ii Hchul^ J. Wartera II M.makHb 1> Gutter and tan ohli Iren. I 1 1 inner Mil Uao Hert-ert, Tbua Williama P O Yhnnnaon A Ncbmu, W < i|a< der, Mi ? liaii!. Ki>r 1 hailealon, in the ?team?h:p Na -liviile? ,'nhti P Ken redr. |i I' (Vpp Joaepli W fral*h I't H I I'bin', r, 1 unit t-enrr, ItooatMi H um, Jr, Jam*. W Tb->mp>*>ti, .1 W iiim* 1 h< m.'i H Pvrtar, lit tiry Smith aud Ud> . Maia t Union ?and j In the p eerage. Mi?ar*T lamtw ? T ill of leMer* adrertisail in lh? l1tt!*il?!|>Ma pMfcUr J 'tia 30, l*?6, for New Yoffe, |k ?ion aud lU liou-.e- ? no doubt all uim liroei eJ ? N.? York ? Arr,.-lniiK k ."ticb, C*ark, CoiuqUui t>h; Ft er?d> A Co , Cod'Yev K Soita, tlmaar I *t Swn, I-vaj Mini A Co.. Mulfor i A Car-r, Mcllrido A llrmher, K<mmI A I k.lli |'a?tnn ? lYory Fatrlinnk-. Pa'titnoto ? Oamp'.tt A Beg itW. I) ' mil. F! ? tit? A Co., Plutuiuer, Kemp A Il'uwn, Wm.,l A Oo HartT id^-Right Ret. IP. -hop Urt>*tiHl. A Goon IrrA ? S me of the munic*! fexip!.' a'.mut Iowa nrc getting up a bonctlt cuMort (or Pa!tut>, who limit tha flot Italian ujiera Uotwe iu ttio I'l ito l Statot, and tort A tar^r fortuna by *0 doing. Palmo ? ?? one* ? relet. mia# rook, and hu rr^ti'trant wat Ui*1 D?!tnoulco'? of otiiav day*. H'.< old age Ii embittered by poverty, and Ik* concert adrertlael elsewhere I' for the p .r; +? of g r'ag Ii m material ail. It outfit! to be eminent' s-jecxiafbi The beuffii lary fci ? tniuentiy de<.>rvin< The Affair Hi Ckamhm Htrrrk TO THK KPITOR Or THK IIKK4r.ll. Tour paper of yo?W rday morning loo tain 1 aatatemaol tT an aflray la whicb I am alieged u> have been a iwruotpaal The al'efalion t? faL?e in every pa>Ucular, and t rely <ipaa j our aenae of Jo?tlt# for a puilicat on ot Itui d'icialOMr. IVrmtt me to aUte the facts a* they occurred. AIM early h?>ur on Monday wornmp I railed at the t>irar4 ll"U?e in company with eereral fri?nda, to ha*e brnafe fa?t WMI?t there a (Vacaa en?'w*l between it man tntaltj uiK-ennert'-i with na, and aeveral |?t?i?k< who were I act dentally de?:<mated aa "returned CaUfomian*. " WMk t oat quarrel nn perroo ta my ciiapaay inaer farad, aad the mention < f Mr Mt.lligan'a name in Ctal ronnactiia ? Iticorrert Thta can he certified by afTVHrtt I itn la rltned to believe thai yonr reporker hare b.n-n mated tof ao*M "would be martyr*. " but i dechiedly > bjeat ta thalr attainment of an a|Mhenat4 at my e*>>eoje. Yoa fitati d, a<lditinnally, that I aaa expelled from CalilbnlA I y tha Vlgllaace Committee of Man rrane.-co A- 1 ban n?H hi-en 1a that city for aeveral yaara, I reoixvt. yoa wtB g'ant mo the benefit of aa atu* R?<|w>ctrully jAMKf< itrunm national ? ont entlon of Rrgar Maham. A National Convention of aegar maker* wm en Head upon jeaterday. at 10 A. M , at Uulon llall. N*o. 169 ftiwery. There waa a Urge aud re?prrtabl? a Men laaca, rotnpriaini delegate* from eight Htatea Mr Joba O. Woodruff waa chosen temporary Chairman, and to laklag the chair briefly announced the objeeta of the Con v eaaoa, which he declared lo be |o aquallte prieea nmtmf tha trade, and effect a change In tba praeent ratea of tariff, and particularly to op]<opc the bill of Senator Jonea, offered in the Senate of tho I'nilcd Sutea He adde<l trial thta waa the flrrt National Convention they had ever heM. A Mate Convention ot New York had been held la Kyra cuae in Ma> . IBM. A Committee on Organiaation waa appointed, and ra tiorted aa the permanent ofltcera ol Uie C mv.ntxm ? Tm !*reeident, tieorge 7.iinm>rmio. of Maryland. Vloi> I'T?! ?lent*. (>e<>r|e Vallle, ot New York, and H. Kirby. of Wa terft rd, New Jetaey, Si^retari" ??, lavld UtUera, ot Peaa aylvania, and Ceorge ltr>a?, of lx>uUlana. TTie meeti. g, aiu r some mUceHaneona bnaineaa, ad Jovme?l lo Una morning, at 10 A M . at the name plana, when it wai- mm um cd thai the aabject ul larria up?a tobacco wotild be dtrcuaaed. The Tnrf. W?.p*?t'iT. July 2 ?Match 91,000; mi'e hoata, bait three m Ave, In barneiw J. I> McM.uin numed b. m. Flora Temple; received Rirfe't. 8 Mclaaghltn named Mk g laincet . paid forfeit. >*u me day? Tro? for tbe p,*a reed a of tbe track . mile beat<; beat tbree ta Are, la bar lieaa. .1 l> Mi Mann named b. m Flora Tempi# Ill P Mcloimhlib named h!k ( lancet 2 9 9 Time, 2 30>,? 9 90? a i?. ThFl Rranaan Klave Caae. cNrntn ktatm comiiMno?am'8 COCRT. Reforc tieorge W Morton. Faq. Jt it 2 ? In tbe mailer of the I'mted state* v*. Jnaeph t'r-dro 1* Cunha. ? Tl the .Ittdgmi nt of the Oommiaaioaar, there H pri bahle cau^e rh< wn to In Here that the defend - ant, M ?vpercarffo of tbe Hraman. ailed or abetted tha < wneM of the l.rig in fitting f"il or olherwlae repawn? Ibe veaael with it tent lo employ the aaid veaael hi tha a'uve ?ra. or I u? neaa contrary to tha trne intetit ami 1. eMii'ftoMh ' ' < ..r, reaa alhreaekU MDierefbre, t 11 1 1 ||n iteftf 1 lit to be ron ??iltted na W?ld 1 barge, ia to ?M 1 ta too I a?^